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,a -His Q W' 3 N -if new M Nw s .C ' 55 " Q' 51 J 1ixI5AQ'5M Q Wlhxx 4 S 5' Q yr V ,WN 9 Q .nf K E E 5 I s ? E n E 9 5 5 5 i E 3 5 2 I . s 5 5 i , P 3 2 5 P .1 x Q-1.',,,, 1" ' ' - .-1. zwg. " F pr P M wir-:Q 5. 1, . N-as x gr? "T, .U , , , . . , T. , -,s W . X .' H- :kwa 5 ' .V . , -...y . 4,5-1 'ay-.. -: , . -- .L-'L A .fig ' .Q -' . " Q -, Ig. .7 A. -.. I ., -, J - . -- ,fw- 'A 7 wiv' 11- .-"il -ffsqqlg-ggi 3? F313-P, J.L61'M L.. ..- ' l:f',.f.-f,- WT:-" mg .Q ' 'ifcit L-ff-"FT"-",, HQ? f 31 ... , -1-5 K':f:q,2Ji1- fr-., '- -' 1 -Q., , Wm, .. . ,. 'gafm zw-. 3.4 :ra sfwgggy 155553-,ffffg-igf --, - ggv-?.'safi-5-..:. .J ' if'r!f.Tf,t:v:.f,'A'A ' " ' A x ' ' wif' + ,V + gf?- 'R -21 ., 6 A in . 5 5-1.7 W- so .- ,L9 1 is .- ,,. J.. .-'- f -- Aff, '- ...,. ' va ',.,. . ..4.5- - ,- "5?:f " --if. fw l5:'.'. ' V- '-' ' ff Q Q - fait. 3 1. 7', '-1-iff-1 '-. .'a?1'?' 1" ..'l"'1N"."' 'iff ,air -QW - '14 4 an-. fa L fy-1 .A V. , 1'- . - ,y -Q if-l-'-T-gc . ,,1 :UW 5 -.J Z., ,. --yy-s.,,,,j,g .I--N, ' . Xe 1 -.vvm Q- .. 5 :fi-L. .. - 'Y ' q A"i?'!" - 1,.,,5,v " 2 : T xv " ' "' . , ...sffu,.. - 1 " '- ' X . :'1i:i'vf':r, -2--M L , 6 - jim.. .yu -, il, .s-, 3-p?.5:,.,'w,...-.,,11 ,g H3 . 4 . rm- 1 ...YQ-.IL x,.,g'L4 -1,-,wg -5 - , x. - '- 1 -e ,Q -fu QI?-1""xQk,,fJ wif -- wg. ' -- ,.. S, ' Q 99 -if----12. " ' -.QP "Wg" ,QP-b -- spa-'iff 1' W: M- - . H91 Ugg ,T 53' 2 ' : - ' w swffw . ,, M . k.,. ,. uv. Qwyi- L .,1g. ,W---' fg ', ,g-'g. '.-gn . 3--nf.,-L .-. ffff,f,.- gg, , AT, nfs . ,.. .-Y"-ff ' Efii ,xwpiewfff " V 5' ' " "VV" - '. J VII' :f-.f'?f-1Z"- . f , ':"f A A V ' - 1, V '. I A 5 N :'p5i-.f'ibW'l"f"'f- Q .,.,,, fi. x,.- ' -,.. .'. L-.. 1 , . ,,., ,K 1 16. . - ix ,eg -Q xt 14, 4 ,g,.,..u ,.". . -,344 - .:.,4: ".. , -'9'f',..fM -L 1 - ' - if . ,fp wigs ' .Q VE... - f. -v: A 'f Q, Vznp X ' PT? N' VI ' ,.,f,,. . 'K , . I V f. - '- ., pa, .N ,, , "Q4'f2f'.-Ti , ' ' 1. -.,. L ' F 5 ' ., - .. -,M xbxr JH .J , . ......,......L , . V. , ,...,,,,.,,,, -.- -1 ' - new 5 . ' , ,g f-,N L v.-3--3 -. -, A -' ' ' Y-ilu' Q .L 5. . ' 1 -. 4' "H " . Jiliiexf, , . 1 1 , U. 1 . 5',5'1'f7- -, , F: -- "Q ,. - - fi - 1 :+P ' 'fi'-ff' ifskfi 4, A ' J' 'gr an 15 + .ku S.. f ,:.'A :.,, -w .,..,,m.H , y . ., f .14 at mr, ,fAz.w,, e ...v.,. . nf. -- Q - 3' , . 'Wu' ..-'f - 47.7 .fm .:' .,-. 3 g X, . L, ' -ri. ? 1 ff. W, Q ,rw A T H E 1941 VOLUME IV PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS Of STEPHEN F. HUSTIN HIGH SCHOOL HOUSTON, TEXHS BETTY LOU IHRRELL Business Manager DICK STEINBERGER DOROTHY DEQTHERQGE Poll Editor Spring Editor 4: X W sp 1f I '2m 1 X x, as x X x gm 2 S' Q rf has K Q ar 64 xii J 3 ,Q A fi sl 3,5 5 X 2 Q51 4 X S 1 N air Y , Agikwfv 1 I ff' 12" x- vu 'Z ,sex 1 'uw , 521. uf, if - s HUSTIN HFTER DARK Qlthough it isn't often thot We see our building like this, the occosions when We do ore so memoroble thdt the picture is indeli- bly stomped on our memories .... In the toll there were those lote Fridoy night returns of the footboll teom ofter oi hord-fought gome in d steody drizzle ot Buff Stoldium .... Then Christmds with the ddded beouty ond se- renity of the simuloted stoined gloss Win- dows over the moin entronce .... Lostly We remember the spring donces when the gym Wos transposed into C1 dreomy l-Iowoiion isle, o rustic country born, d romontic summer gorden .... Hll to be recolled with o sigh for the hoppy, core- free doys of 1940- -treat our young people TO HUSTIN' Fl MESSHGE "I shall take it for granted that de- beyond our fondest wishes. fense, like charity, begins at home. . . Let us publish abroad to the Little use it would be to defend de- youth of the land that success will mocracy abroad and lose it in not longer be a signal for misrepre- Hmerica. What this -defense should sentation, abuse, and persecution, be depends our definition that on the our richest democracy. Nature al- tuity, it is the failure rest given, it and fathers, upon worked f e her method . . . How present The law of been im- law of love not those for initia- those for youth would gratitude loyalty. loyalty. has made . . If we was because , initiative, spirit to sub- to make it bring ssom, that we were ourselves. It is this so characteristic which found its culmination demand of ism, for then we divine in them with their last ounce their last drop of and and spineless and they 'will respond in kind, but government .... We demand and expect of them . . Democracy is our most valued of free, energetic, and independent trust and I could safely place it in citizenship, they'll not fail us but go your care,-I know you'd defend it." From THE ROLE OF YOUTH IN NHTIONRL DEFENSE By George Barton Cutten President of Colgate University Published in VITHL SPEECHES OF THE DRY Ianuary 15, 1941 S .O.T. C. 1937-1941 The R.O.T.C. of Stephen F. Hustin High School is a junior unit of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps as provided by the National Defense Flct of 1920. This act provides that junior units that senior and that sions as high schools uation. The teach and to peace or general The basic ior units such provides instr mentals of close order drill, tion, rifle marksm courtesy and c der drill, etc. The Hustin R.O.T.C. 1 leadership of Lieutenant is organized as a battalion of companies, designated as H, B, C. The enrollment this year of 216 cadets is the largest in the history of the school. Flbout 100 cadets formed the first unit when Hustin opened in 1937. In the four years of its exist- ence the Hustin cadets have re- ceived their share of honors. ln 1939 the Houston Reserve Officers' Hs- sociation Trophy for the outstanding tion was best drilled arms has cadets and won Two or 'been se- team. T each year just the theme of respect for at Federal in the ll the cadets Defense .1 22. Federal In- at Hermann Park, Officers' Dance, I. B. Wise, was and the Sub-Deb- May 10. Several re- parades were held on the field during the year. The R.O.T.C. was commanded this year by Cadet Major Victor Henkell during the fall term and by Cadet Major, Iohn Narciso during the spring term. FCDREWORD One day in the distant future when you are rummaging about among old books and papers, The 1941 Corral will appear before you. Hfter brushing away the accumulation of dust and cobwebs you will glance once more over its pages, we hope, to smile over the Whimsical gaiety that has made this year different from all others . . . a gaiety which you have managed to maintain in a World where laughter is no longer the order of things . . . a gai- ety which We have attempted to record faithfully by Word and picture. THE STHFF. CCDNTENTS DEDICHTION HDNHNISTRHTION CLHSSES PERSONHLVNES SPORTS CLUBS HDSHNDSNQPS "lt is the honorable tradition of schools that they are places where ob- jective science and Wisdom may live and grow unmolested .... We faculty people, amidst our private dismay, are groping to keep intelligence free and to hold its focus on the spots on which it is direly needed. We must stand to- gether, faculty and students, as we Work to build a better World for the time after this War." ROBT. S. LYND Professor of Sociology at Columb1a Un1vers1ty VITHL SPEECHES OF THE DHY December l, 1939 0150 L. E. FREEMHN Hssistant Principal Public Schools X1 .1 G. H. LOESCHER Principal MRS. PHULINE CROUCH Dean THE EXECUTIVES E. E. OBERHOLTZER Superintendent, Houston f, MRS, MQXINE BHQNQRD Secretary MRSNORH E. KEYSER Clerk MRS. HELEN HPPLEBY Registrar THE FHCULTY THE DEPQRTMENT of INDUSTRIHL QRTS MR. I. P. CORNELIUS MR. IOE R. BRUNDHGE MR H, D. PERVY MR, C. H. SHERMHN MR. H. B. LESLIE THE DEPHRTMENT OT MHTHEMQTICS MISS JESSLE BERTHH ROY MR. C. L. RHWSON MR, W. E. FQRBER MRS. ELIZRBETH PUNCHESS Mrss BERTHH L. DOERING MISS LUCY E. ULMER MRS. VERNELL CRQVLNS MRS. HILDH BRQDSHHW THE DEPHRTMENT Of CULTURQL QRTS MRS. QLICE WOODRUFE MR. MICHQEL SPRMPINQTO MISS BEHTRICE HQRRISON MR. HRRLRN G. QNDREWS A QE? 5 fi f?Y1 g?i ,www si . sg 5. f 5 mm., .M v fi ' ' ma' W ggi- ASX 17f'wi:411 Www R . xg! 4. ii M ,Y bv sr i X E? v 3? fc e 3 Q X M as nys , -W X! W- x 59 ' N15 J 1 +5 M 'W if ix, ' ' 1 - J N'-if Agg l gf?-X .A A'Vxma?A:Amw -,YA T4 Eg? mlfm my 3 . 4 ,S hr if f 3 'Q Mpw H , 1 W, , ? f?11"tZ Pg, ,539 A 5. A 'H A 3 ' 5 ' N? i-K Q Rv' BETWEEN EELLC HBELLS, BELLS, BELLS ..... . What a tale of terror now their turbulency tells!" Well, maybe not terror exactly, but Poe Was pretty close. Ht the 8:lU bell, we flock into the building trying to think up a good alibi for not having that geometry assignment. Still at a loss for anything like an acceptable one, We arrive at homeroom in the nick of time and spend the next ten minutes comparing notes with classmates. Hnother bell starts the first round of hectic happenings. Science! Be it physics, chemistry, or biology, it's a swell class so long as it doesn't happen to be the day you're on the spot for a demon- stration. In one or another of the history courses we squirm for fifty-five minutes under a barrage of questions that would make Professor Quiz green with envy. Oh, for the quick come-backs of the Quiz Kids! Fortunately, we get the gong at exactly the right moment and leave the impression that we could have answered if time had permitted. We jump to action as if it Were an air raid Warning. Thank Heavens, it's nothing Worse than a summons to Brigadeeor geometry. Brigades all right if you don't mind Wearing your T S I feet off to the ankles. Pls for geometryeit would be fine if you were an Einstein, but if you have the mentality of Mortimer Snerd it's best to steer clear of it. Some days we wake with a start to find were in the midst of a trial. However, it turns out to be civics class. Find speaking of civics, we really learn about life in Civics ll! Somewhere in here we should stop off for lunch. Remember those first weeks as a sophomore when you couldnt get those three lunch periods straightened out? Plfter mastering the time element, we had to learn the art f?l of eating in the blitzkrieg of shouting and rattling dishes. Occasionally theres a lull while soft music floats to our ears from the loud-speaker overhead, lt is quite impossible to go through the whole list of subjects offered at Hustin--the length of it is positively appalling. fLook it over some time.J Perhaps the accompanying pictures will enable you to recall some of the more familiar scenes' of l94l. Sofafter some six hours of obeying the whims of various peo- ple, including one's own, we hastily evacuate our last position at the 3 o'clock bell for final hob-nobbing at the hall lockers before taking off for home'--fin somebodys convertible, with luck! lvl" '54 "The citizens of 1941 are the trustees of the future of these United States. We shall be rightly condemned by poster- ity if We needlessly become involved in War and squander life and treasure. But We shall be yet more guilty in the eyes of our descendants if We fail to preserve our heritage of freedom-if we fail because of timidity or lack of far-sighted resolution. The decision is momentous. Those who feel as I do be- lieve the future of human liberty is at stake." H. W. PRENTIS, TR. President, National Plssociation of Manufacturers VITHL SPEECI-IES OF THE DHY December 15, 1940 fS Tl-IE SENIOR CLHSS OF 1941 Getting ready to bring to a close three years of work and fun, the senior class organized in February. For their motto they chose "Out of School Life into Life's School." The class officers for LEONFIRD THOMPSON .... the year were as follows: . . . , . . . .President MHRGRRET STHRLING ,.... ..... V ice-President NFINCY SHNDERLIN ..,. ,..... S ecretary NIXON SHRHDER ..... ..., T reasurer DRLE SWHRTZ ....,...... ..,.. L awyer THELMH LYNNE IRWIN ,,... .........,... P oet MRRTIN MQTHIS ....... .... S ergeant-at-Firms COMMITTEES DHNCE PICNIC Pete Kousakis, Chmn. Phyllis Hmrine Bruce Bond Claire Born Marjorie Butler Betty Hnne Evans Marshall Gatton Margaret Grover Harry Hutson Yvonne Lee Lester Mayes Pat Morcom Patsy Morcom Gene Padon Virginia Shudde Betty Lou Iarrell, Co-Chmn. Bobby Gunter, co-chmn. Phyllis Hmrine Clarence Barlow Howard Brown Edward Clarac Thelma Lynne Irwin Margaret King Martin Mathis Robert McCarty Iack Parker Betty Iean Pearson Nixon Shrader Virginia Shudde Ruth Stewart Irene White BRNQUET Margaret Starling, Chmn. Maxine Bish Elizabeth Corley Iames Ezell Doris lean Flynn Thelma Gregg Virginia Herren Mary Rae Mauzy Mary McDavid Mary Iane Murray Betty lean Outterside Gene Padon Earline Priest Walterine Tabb Betty Wylder MOTTO Mary Maclaine, Chmn. Clarence Barlow Henrietta Beatty Bill Condon Granville Dutton Hleta Griffith Ernest Howell Betty Iacobs Betty Ioe Lackey Eugene McLachlan Pat Morcom Virginia Ratliff Ieanne Solmon Charline Tew Peggy Tisinger FLOWER Phyllis Hmrine, Chmn. Elaine Byrd Mildred Fellows Iimmy Hill Betty Iean Outterside Gordon Presswood Marjorie Quinn Virginia Shudde Iune Surles Bobby Iane Trautwein Irwin, Shrader, Starling, Swartz, Mathis, Sanderlin, Thompson CLHSS MORNING Martha Reynolds, Chmn. Ella Brunson P Mary Gurley Erma Ruth Iohnson Mable Margaret Tierney CLHSS NIGHT Margaret Storm, Co-Chrnn lack Iones, Co-Chmn. Dorothy Deatherage Leon Hahn Elsie Iohnson Bernice Koy Tommy Mahr Patsy Morcom Miriam Redhorst Ioyce Ripoenhagen Ieanne Solmon Bob Stephens Peggy Tisinger Mary Fldele Villee BFICCFILHUREQTE Edwin Dunnam, Chmn. Claire Born Iames Ezell Yvonne Gidden Yvonne Lee Gordon Presswood Lynn Smith COMMENCEMENT Mildred Peschka, Chmn. Isabelle Iames ' Leah Hnn Iohnson Rosemary Iones Byron Kelly Gordon Presswood Earline Priest Henry Stallworth TOP HOW lams, Rlice Ftlpha: 'l'en O'Clock rholars, Students' Pan-Flm, Lea ue, 1ncy's Nitty Nuts, Com'l dub, istin Hdv. Flces, Forum Latinum lee. Mary Margaret: Com'l Club, irl: Greenhills Happy Hour, Nat'l Jnor Soc'y, Scottish Brigade Corp, lstin Parliamentarians '38-09. len, Elaine: Nat'l Honor Soc'y, :ottish Brigade. nmons. Victor: Flustin Hospitality ub ll Sgt -at-Qrms '41, G1nty's ooty Gov't Cwang, Lall1er's 'l'exas story Club, Hustin Parliamentori- is. nrine. Phyllis lean: Scottish Bri- ide Lt -Col '40-'41, Mustang Mount- s V.-Pres. '40-'41, Sub-Deb Sec'y 3, Pres '40, Historian '41, Coed- quire Hostess '40, Sec'y '41, norm Club Sec'y '40, V,-Pres. '41, . Lite Fed'n Sec'y '40, Nat'l Hon- Soc'y Sec'y '40, Students' Pan- n. League '33-'39, The Mustang rosters, iderson. lean: Nat'l Honor Soc'y, zrna S's lcky Blicks SECOND HOW Hnderson. Owen: The Mustang Band, Four-H Club, Lall1er's Lads and Lassies. Hndrus, Iames: Houston Miniature Flircratt, Httra. Marian: Greenh1ll's Tribe '41, The Mustang Boosters '39, Potter's Civics Club Sec'y '39, Greenhill's Greenies '39, Qustin Hospitality Club lQdChmn '40, Modern Dance Club Hveryt. Charles: Dailey's Dopes '41, Football '39 B Team, Football Let- terman '40, Ho an's Happy Fifth '41, Salesmanship Club '40 Bailey, Henry: Plustin Hospitality Club, Hall Monitor '39-'40, olley- ball Team Ball, Betty lean: Hobby Club, Par- liamentary Philosophers, Modern Dance Club, The Mustang Boosters, Students' Pan-Flm, League, Verna S's lcky Blicks, Qustin Rep. Inter. League Typ Contest '39 THIRD HOW Ballew, lack. Balshaw, Maurice Christy: Coedells- quire, Track Team, Barfoot. Edwin: Occupations Club, Greenhill's One O'Clock Gang. Barlow. Clarence: H.O.'l'.C. '39-'40, Sophisticated Soclolltes '40, Hobby Club '40, Hustin Hospitality Club '41, Hustin Fldv. Flces '41, Green- hil1's One O'Clock Gang '41, Stu- dents' Pan-I-lmerican League '38-'39, Hall Monitor '41, Barnes. Mary Kathryn: G-reenhill's Happy Hour, The Mustang Boosters, Greenhill's Cwooty Grunts, Students' Pan-Plm League. Barrett, Emily Mary: Students' Pan- Hmerican League '39-'40, Scottish Bri- gade '38-'39, Corp. '40-'41, The Mus- tang Mounties '40-'41, The Mustang Boosters '39-'41, Parliamentary Philosophers, Flustin Hospitality Club Cwreenhills Guys and Gals BOTTOM HOW Battle. Mary Margaret: Greenhills Tribe '41, Los Yanquis '39, Nat'l Honor Soc'y '4l. Beaty, Henrietta Louise: Cvreenlnll's Tribe '41, Greenhtll's Happy Hour '41, Nat'l Honor Soc' '40-'41, Los Yanquis '30-'39, The lvliistang Boost- ers '40'-41, Parliamentary Philoso- phers '40, Verna S's lcky Blicks '4l. Beck, Laverne: The Mustang Boost- ers '39-'40, Scottish Brigade '39, C1reenh1ll's Happy Hour '40-'41, Stu- dents' Pan-Flm, League '39-'40, Flus- tin Hospitality Club '41, Runner-Up Girls' 'lennis Champion '39. Bell Dorothy. Bender. Lucille: St. Council '38-41, 'l'reas '39-'40, Sec'y '40-41. Bercalr. Marcella: 'l'he Mustang Boosters '40-'41, Sub-Deb '40-'41, Greenhill's Tribe V.-Pres '40, Plus- tin Hospitality Club 'l'reas '41, Charm Club '40, HaZel's Hens' Club, '41, TOP ROW Bevis, Ieanne Hortense: Greenhill's l'r1be, Senior Council '41, Greenh1ll's Happy Hour, St, Council, Hobby Club, The Mustang Boosters, Sales- manship Club Bish, Lois Maxine: Sub-Deb '40-'41, Students' Pan-Flm League, Charlme's Children Pres '40-'41, Helping Hand '39-'41, 'l'he Mustang Boosters '41, Senior Council '41, Scottish Brigade Bass Drummer '39-'41, Com'l Club'41. Bissonnett. Ross. Blair, Maigorie: The Mustang Boost- ers, Tlie reat McGint , Sims' Syn- copated Swmgsters, gustin Hospi- tality Club Se-c'y. Blau, Robert Dean. Bond, Bruce MacGregor: The Mus- tang Boosters '39-'41, Coed-Esquire '41, Hall Monitor Capt. '40-'41, Hus- tin Hospitality Club Llb'n '40, Senior Dance Com '41, Duke Spring Festi- val '40. SECOND ROW Boney, Frank Newton: McG1nty's Cwallopmg Cwoons '39, C1reenhill's Ten O'Clock Scholars ludge, The Mus- tang Band Corp '39-'41, Qustin Hdv. Qces '41. Bonham. Geraldine: Qustin Hospital- ity Club '40-'41, Com'l Club '40-'41, The Corral Typist '41, Speedy Spe- cial Speakers '39-'4l, Radio Club, Best lflll-Flround Club '39, Born, Claire: Los Yanquis Parl, '38- Treas, '39, Charm Club Treas, '40- '4l, The Mustang Boosters, Scot- tish Brigade '39-'41, Bugle Corp. '40-'41, Senior Dance Com. '41, Hustin Hospitality Club Lib'n '41, Court lester '41 Bowers, lean Kay: Nat'l Honor Soc'y, Quill and Scroll, Scottish Brigade '39-'41 Bugle Corp, Sen- EJS Council '41, Bound-Up Feature Bowman. I-lnnie: Scottish Brigade '38, The Mustang Boosters, Chorus '40, Brauner, Walter: Greenh1ll's One O - Clock Gang, THIRD ROW Brocato, Rngeline: Sub-Deb '40-'41, Modern Dance Club '40-'41, Com'l Club '39-'41, Qustin Hospitality Club Hostess '40-'41, Office P1ss't, Swim- ming Club '39, Bound-Up '40-'4l. Broussard, Ondina: The Mustang Boosters '41, Nowl1n's Hobby Club '40, Forum Latinum, Hound-Up '39, I-'lL.C. '39. Brown, Calvin: Flustin Hospitality Club '41, Music Club, Football Letter '39, Diving Medal. Brown, Howard: The Mustang Boost- ers, Ftustin Hdv Qces, Students' Pan-Qmerican League, Ftustin Hos- pitality Club, Swimming, Volleyball. Brunson, Ella: Ruthie's Boughhouse Bowdies '40-'41, Scottish Brigade Bu- gle Corp. '40-'41. Buehner, Bettie: Glee Club, The Great McGinty. BOTTOM ROW Burt, Francis: Orchestra, The Mus tang Boosters, Students Pan-Hm League '38-'39, Hustin Hospitalitj Club. Butler, Marjorie: The Mustang Boost ers, Sub-Deb Students' Pan-Flm League '39, Bound-Up, Cvreenhill' Tribe, Hustin Hospitality Club Champion Volleyball Team Capt '40 Byrum, Doris Gene: Lallier's Lad and Lassies, Cvreenhrll's Tribe, Stu dents' Pan-Rm. League, Nat'l Hon or Soc'y, H l.,C Byrd, Elaine: Coed-Esquire, '40-'41 Greenh1ll's l'l.B.B. '40, The Mus tang Boosters '40-'41, Scottish Bri gade Drummer '33-'40, Le Cercl Francais Bouncer '40-'41, Green hill's Tribe, Sub-Deb Sec'y '41 Bound-Up '40-'4l. Cagle, Ioe. Calloway, W. Fl., Ir.: The Mustant Band, B.O.T,C, Orchestra. fer' i Al . so s. S3 TOP ROW Dewey, Gladys: Greenhill's Happy Hour '41, Hustin Hospitality Club '40-'41, The Mustang Boosters '41, Tennis Club, "Hs You Like lt" '39, S. O. S. Club, '39, Greenhill's Goofy Grunts '40, Dillard, Norma Ruth: Modern Dance Club, Greenhill's Guys and Gals, Parliamentary Philosophers, Qustin Hospitality Club, Students' Pan- Hmerican League, The Mustang Boosters. Dorsey, Welborn. Douhrava, Lundell. Driscoll, Tom: Greenhill's Ten O'- Clock Scholars, Hall Monitor, Service Club, Dramatic Club '40-'41, Ftustin Hospitality Club. Dumas, Preston: Greer1hill's Ten O'- Clock Scholars, McGinty's Civics Club V.-Pres SECOND ROW Duren, Mildred. Dunnam, Edwin Earl: The Mustang Boosters Bouncer '40-'41, S.O.S., Nat'l Honor Soc'y, St Life Fed'n, Students' Pan-Rm, League, The Mustang Band, Track Team, Parliamentary Philoso- phers Pres. '40, Basketball Letter- rnan, Inter. League Spanish Winner '39 Dutton, Granville Orr: Hi-Y, Green- hill's One O'Clock Gang. Eclcerman, Mary Louise: Greenhill's Guys and Gals, Students' Pan-Flm. League, Buthie's Refugees, Dailey's Dopes, Edwards, Bobbie Lee: Los Yanquis Qustin Parliamentarians, Scottish Bri- gade '39-'40, Com'l Club, Charline's Children. Elkins. Curtis: Coed-Esquire, The Mustang Boosters, Verna S's lcky Blicks. THIRD ROW Ellis, Ouida Kathleen: The Mustang Band, Orchestra, Bustin Hospitality Club Reporter. Eminian, Lillian: Bertie and Her Worms, Girls' Chorus, The Hobby Club, Scottish Brigade Top Sgt. '41. Eppler, Billie Frances: Scottish Bri- gade '40-'4l Corp., Dramatic Club, S. Council, Students' Pan-Qmerican League, Hustin Hospitality Club '41, Bound-Up '41, Racket Club '39. Evans, Betty Flnne: Charm Club '40- '4l Students' Pan-Hmerican League, Coed-Esquire '40-'41, The Mustang Boosters '38-'41, Hustin Hospitality Club Sec'y, Scottish Brigade Capt. '40-'41, Most Popular Girl '41, Prin- cess Spr. Festival, Court Iester '41, Evans, 'Hussell. Ezell, Iames: The Mustang Boosters, Coed-Esquire, Hustin Hospitality Club, Sound-Up, B.O.T.C, Senior Banquet om. BOTTOM ROW Font. Peggy: Sub-Deb, Ptustin Hot pitality Club, Music Club. Fellows, Mildred Elaine: Scottish Br gade '38-'39, Coed-Esquire '41, Tl' Mustang Boosters '41, Choral Clul Bound-Up, Flustin Hospitality Clu '39, Charline's Children '41, Files, Betty: Sub-Deb, Modern Danc Club, The Mustang Boosters, Greer hill's Guys and Gals, Lallier's Lac and Lassies. Finney, Mary Kathleen: Com'l Clu '40-'41, Hogan's English Club '41 Tennis Club '39-'40, Hustin Hosp tality Club '40, Charline's Childrei Fitch, Robert Wiseman: Hi-Y, Sti dent's Pan-Rm. League, The Mustan Boosters, Flustin Hospitality Clul Texas Historians, Hall Monitor, O4 cupations Club, Camera Club, Pul lic Speaking Club. Fitzgerald, Margie: The M ustan Boosters, Greenhill's Guys and Gal: 5 TOP ROW SECOND ROW THIRD ROW BOTTOM HOW lynn. Doris lean: Scottish Brigade, 8-'41 Bugle Sgt., Sub-Deb Soc'l imn. '40, V. Pres. '41, Charm Club 1, The Corral Circ'n Mgr. '40-'41, ustm lnlospttallty Club, Hustm-Milby enior Dance Representative reund. Louise: RO TC, Flward for eatness and Flppearance and pro- ciency rn Drill, Forum Latrnum '40, ustrn l-los italrty Club, Charlrne's hrldren 130341. Patton. Marshall: Students' Paneflm. eague '38, The Mustang Boosters 19-'41, Ht-Y '41, Coed-Esgutre '40-'41, t Council '40, Hall Monitor. Pause, Leonard: Students' Pon-Qm eague, BO 'l'.C. Corp. eary. Mildred: lclobb Club '40, he Mustang Boosters, austin Hospi- rllty Club. idden. Yvonne: Greenhtll's Happy our Sec'y, Scottish Brigade '38-'40, we Mustang Boosters '38-'41, Coed- squrre, Charm Club, Flustin Parha- entartans, Spring Festival Duchess 1, Yell Leader '40"4l, Gilpin, Don Ir.: Students' Pan-Rm League '39 Gillson, Mary Fldair: Nat'l Honor Soc'y, Buthie's Howdy Fifth V.-Pres Ginn. Barbara lane: Scottish Brigade '37-'38, Girls' Chorus '40-'41, Bertie and Her Worms '41, Ruthie-'s Bough- house Flowdres '39, Photoploy Club, Plustm Hospitality Club. Gleitz. Hllan: Orchestra, Football '37-'39, The lst Lt, of Mustang Band, Brass Quartet '40. Goebel. Wilburn: The Mustang Band 2nd Lt, R O,T.C. Corp. '40, Sgt. '41 Goldapp, William Hllen: D e b a t e Club, Chem Club Goldberg. Milton: Camera Club, Salesmanshtp Club, 'l'he Mustang Boosters, Qustm Qdv. Flces, B O.'l'.C, Round-Up, Forum Latrnum ' -'4. Gonzales, Reynaldo: Students' Pan- Qmerlcan League '39-'40, Bound-Up, The Mustang Boosters '39, Da1ley's Dopes, B,O.T.C. '39-'40, FlL.C. Graefl. Karyl Ellen: St Council '41, Buthie's Boughhouse Bowdles '41, Orchestra '41, Senior Council, Hound- Up. Graham. Hlec: Orchestra, 'l'he Mus- tang Band Graves. Estelle: Modern Dance Club, Greenhill's Guys and Gals, The Mustang Boosters, Tennis Club '39, SOS. Club '39, "Hs You Like 1t" '40, Lytle's Lads and Lassres Greco. Lucy Frances: The Mustanq Boosters '40-'41, St, Council '40-'41, Charm Club, '40-'41, Sims' Synco- pated Swrngsters '41 Gregg. Thelma Bee: Students' Pan- Qm League V -Pres, lloundsllp l3lss't Ed. '40, Yell Leader '38-'39, 'l'he Mus- tang Band Drum Mayor '39-'40. Grover. Margaret L.: 'l'lre Mustang Boosters, 'l'ennrs Club '40-'41, Mod- ern Dance Club, '40-'41, SubfDeb '40-'41, Dramatrc Club, '40-'41, Swim- ming Club '40, Guillet. Robert Leroy: The Mustang Booster Bouncer '40-'41, Yell Leader '40-'41, Sprlng Festival Dulce '38, Prince '41, Nat'l Honor Soc'y, St Lve Fed'n Pres '40-'41, Coed-Esquire - Pres '40-'41, Best P111-Qround Senior Boy '41, Football, Volleyball Gurley. Mary: Qustrn Flrchers '40-'41, 'l'he Mustang Boosters '40-'41, Mod- ern Dance Club, Students' Panllm League '39, Nat'l llonor Soc'y '41, Hustrn Parlramentarrans '40, Les Ca- vales Sec'v, Hahn. Leon: Football B 'l'eam '38, Q l'eam, '39-'40, Haley. Kathyrn Barbara: Qustrn Hos- pitality Club, Greenhills One O'- Clock Gang. 1. 2 -.f.. :lt X Q wx i,Q5 ?A S 1 . 1 5529 f zagssggw K kig3?i xfgmk TOP ROW tson. Harry E.: Qusttn Parliamen- ans Pres: '40, Krnq Spr Festival 'l'lu: Mustang Caslr Booster '40 Yell Leader '41, Students' Pan' erlcari Leaque-, H0'l'C Lt, Co l' qurrr ' ' fi 2 '40 4l, Football Squa in, Thelma Lynne: Scottrslt Hrra glt- C orp, '3'f'4l, Husttn Parlta rrtartans, ltound Up '40, Drarnatrc tb "tl'4l S r la Pot '41 L - , .error C ss e , urt lmator Star Vestrval '41, Quiz rb, Greerrlrrllla 'l'lrree H's kson. Harriet: Students' Pan-Flm. iquu, Hustrn llosprtalrty Club, Q C obs. Betty: Nat'l llonor Soc'y '40- Qurll and Scroll '40-'4l, Scotttslr Lqadc '38-'4l, Qui.: Club, Hound-Up 'tl ,n. Oran. -res, Dorothy: Scottish Brraade, :enlrrll's Happy Hour, Students' 1-Flm mans, Leaque, Qustrn Parlramenf Com'l Club, lloaans Par- nentarv Plrrlosorrbers, Brtaht and ly Clulf: ' nv' ' s r V tl if WB ff ' 0.4 SECOND ROW Iames, Isabelle: Nat'l llonor Soc'y larrell. Betty Lou: Sub-Deb Pres '4l, Coed-Esquire 'l'reas '4l, St Ltie Fed'n V Pres 40-'41, Qurll and Scroll V v Pres '40 '41, Nat'l llonor Sooy Sec'y '4l, 'l'lre Mustanq Boosters, Charm Club, Students' Pan-Flrner League, Scotttslt Brigade Cap '40-'4l, Hound- Up Feature lid. '40f'4l, 'l'lte Corral Rus Mar, '40-'41, Iefferies, Edith Mae: Greenlulls One O'Clock Gang, Com'l Club, Hustrn parliamentarians lohnson. Doris Mae: Los Yanquts '38s '39, St Council '39-'40, Parliamentary Ptulosoplters '39-'40, Qustrn Hosprtal- tty Club '40-'4l, Modern Dance Club Iohnson, Elsie Elaine: St Council, Cwreenlrrlls Guys and Gals, Com'l Club, Nat'l Honor Soc'y, Forum Lat, Qusttn Parlromentartans lahnson. Erma Ruth: Sub-Deb '40- '4l, Swrmmrna Club '38-39, Modern Dance Club '40-'41 Students' Pan- Qmerrcan Leaauo '30-'39, C-trls' Chor THIRD ROW Iohnson, Leah Hnn: Greenlulls 'l'en O'Clock Scholars '4l, Qustrn llospr- tality Club Lib'n '40, The Mustanll Boosters '39, Volleyball '39, lyrrrrna Club '40, Commencement Ffxor ,om Iohnson, William: llt-Y '30-'40, Foot ball Mar '39 '40, Dealy's llarly Dopes '4l, Baseball Letter '41 Iohnston, Louise Bama: Qustrn Net! ters '39-'41, Swtmmtnq Team '40, Modern Dance Club, '40-'4l, Nat'l Honor Soc'y '40-'4l 'l'reas '4l, St. Councrl, lonnts Letter '40, City 'l'on Doubles, Cltampron '40, Badmrnton Cup '39, Volleyball Letter '4l, Green lr1ll's Guys and Gals Ionas. Edward Charles: Natl llonor Sooy, Chem Club Iones, lack: Football Squad Mar, 'l'he Mustang Boosters, Hall Monitor, Hustrn Hospitality Club, Class Ntqlit Com,, Election Com Sec'y, Green- h1ll's Happy Hour, Brtqht and lfarly Club, Grnty's Gov't Goofs lones, Iohn Calvin. BOTTOM ROW Iones. Rosemary: Clrarm Club '4l, 'l'lre Mustanq Boosters, C1r'eenlull's 'I'en 0'ClOCk Scliolars '41, Chorus '4l, Srms' Syncrotrated Swrnqsters, Valley ball 'l'earn '40, llaLtvl's llf'rt:a' Club '4 Kelly, Byron: Bmtrt-'s Worms llrvs '4l, flustrrt llostrltallty Club '40-'41 Kelly. Halen: Sub-Deb '40-'4l, Hound- US '40-'4l, Qustrn Hospitality Club '4 -'4 King. Frank E.: Students' Pan-Qmer Leaque. ' King. Margaret Elizabeth: Sub-Deb, Clrarrn Club, 'l'lre Mustana Boosters, ltutluo's l-touqlrltousu Howdres, Music Club '38 '40, l:tound'Ugr, St Council Kirkpatrick. Margaret: H u t lt r e 's Houqhltouse Howdres, Orchestra, Lal- lror's Lads and Lasstes, Coed-l'fsq're, Scottish firraade 'l'orv Sat '4l, Rustrn Hospitality Club 'l'reas 'Q .1 TOP ROW Klirna. Eva leannette: Greenhill's Ten O'Clock Scholars '41, Sims' Music Murderers '40, Sims' Syncopated Swingsters, Ptustin Hospitality Club '41 Klima, Lillian Irene: Ruthie's Rowdy Filth, The Mustang Boosters. Knodel, Maxine: Greenhill's Guys and Gals Sec'y '41, Scottish Brigade Bugle Corps '38-'4l, Hustin Parlia- mentarians Sec'y '40-'41, Los Yanquis '39, Hustm Hospitality Club Treas. Korff, Hal. Kousakis, Pete: The Mustang Boost- ers, St, Life Fed'n, Chorus, Coed- Esquire, Hi-Y, Radio Club, 'Track '37- '39, Hss't Fire Chief '40-'4l. Koy, Bernice: Greenh1ll's Happy Hour '40-'4l, Buthie's Refugees '40- '4l, Hustin Hospitality Club '40-'4l, Scottish Brigade '39-'40, The Mustang Bgoostgrs, '40-'41, Sims' Music Club ' 9-'4 SECOND ROW Krause, Helen: Students' Pan-Qmer. League, St. Council, Helping Hand, Scottish Brigade Tenor Drum Sgt., National Honor Society, Com'l Club, l-gogan's Parliamentary Philosophers ' 9 Kruemcke, Paul Melvin: The Mustang Boosters, Greenh1ll's Happy Hour, Verna S's Icky Blicks, Students' Pan- Flmerican League, Chorus. Kuhn. Evelyn: Qustin Netters '40-'41, Hrchery '39-'40, Buthie's Boughhouse Rowldlbes '40-'4l, Sims' Music Murder- ers . Kuntz, Richards Lewis: Hustin Qdv. Flces. Lackey, Betty Io: Nat'l Honor Soc'y, St. Life Fed'n, Lambda Sigma Hlpha Modern Dance Club, Hogan's Happy Fifth, Students' Pan-Qmerican League '39-'4l, Baseball Letter '40. LaVanda, Everett: Greenhill's Guys and Gals '40-'41, THIRD ROW Lawrence, Iohnnie Mae: I-lustin Hos- pitality Club, Occupations Club, Chorus, Civics Club. Lee, Yvonne: The Mustang Boosters '38-'40, Scottish Brigade '38-'39, Stu- dents' Pan-Hrnerican League '38-'41, Buthie's Boughhouse Rowdies '40-'41, Hustin Parliamentarians '38-'39, Flus- tin Hospitality Club '40, Hogan's Happy Hour '41, Yell Leader '40-'41, Leinweber, Hulen: Students' Pan-Rm. League. Lemke, O. D.: Lallier's Lads and Lassies. Lernke, Verna. Leonardt. Bruno: Qustin Hdv. Flces Soc'l Chmn., The Mustang Boosters, The Band '38-'39, English Club Pres., Students' Pan-Hmerican League '38, Hall Monitor '40, Texas History Club '39, Civics Club '39, Football Letter- man. BOTTOM ROW Lewis. George Iohn: Greenhill's Hc py Hour '41, Qndrew's Soap B Orators '4l, The Mustang Boosts '45, gtudents' Pan-Flmerican Leag '4 1 . Litherland, Esthermae: Scottish Br: ade '38-41, Nat'l Honor Soc'v '40-'- Quill and Scroll '39-'41, Studen Pan-Hmerican League, Hustin Bac ers '3?, Round-Up Ed. and St. Spc sor '4 , Lloyd, Mary lane. Loughridge, Inez: Scottish Briga Bagpipes '39, Sub-Deb '40, Coed-I quire '40. Loving, Billy: St. Council. Lowrey, Patsey: Qustin Fldv. Plc '41, Com'l Club '41, Hustin I-lrche Club '40-'41, The Mustang Booste Students' Pan-Flmerican League '1 Flustin Netters '40, Pailiamenta Philosophers, E E E i 3 TOP ROW dwig, Raymond. iclaine, Mary Elizabeth: National tnor Soc'y, Quill and Scroll, St tuncil Pres. '40-'41, Greenhill's One Clock Gang, Dailey's Dopes, Gin- s Guys and Gals Pres, Students' D-QXTXGTICDH League, Qustin Hospi- ity Club, Round-Up News Ed., De- te Letter '39-'41, lournalism Letter. xdden, Clara Mae. lhr. Thomas C.: Round-Up, Foot- ll Team, Track Team, Flustin Pldv. 'es Pres, Dailey's Dopes, Football tterman '40, iior, Thelma: Quill and Scroll '40A , Com'l Club '41, St. Council, SO. '40, Swimming Club, Round-Up, st Q11-Flround Team '40-'41, Cham' Jnslup Baseball and Volleyball ams. irling, I. W.: St Life Fed'n '40, Or- estra, The Great McG1nty, Hogan's ippy Fifth, The Mustang Band '39A , State and Nat'l winner Cornet lo sEcoNn ROWJH' Martin, Bobbie lean: THQ' Mustang Boosters, Charm Club, St. Council, Hazel's Hens' Club Treas., University of Houston Reception Qustin Repre- sentative, Mateiek, Melva Ioyce: Students' Pan- Qm. League, The Mustang Boost- ers, Dailey's Dopes, Los Yanquis '38, Camera Club '39-'4U. Mathis. Martin: Verna S's lcky Blicks V -Pres. '41, Coed-Esquire '40-'41, The Mustang Boosters '40, Hustin Hospitality Club '41, Students' Pan- Flmerican League '39, Speech Club '40-'41, Swimming Club, Senior Class Sgt.-at-arms '41, Mauzy. Mary Rae: Greenh1ll's Happy Hour '41, Nat'l Honor Soc'y Hogan's Happy Filth, Latin Club '39, Parlia- mentary Philosophers '39-'41, Mayr. lean Evelyn: Scottish Brigade '38-'40, Students' Pan-Rm. League '39, Squatty Watson's Shysters '40, McGinty's Guys and Gals '4O. McCarty, Robert O.: Dailey's Dopes, Huth1e's Houghhouse ROWd1GS,Q LC., Football Reserve Letterman '40, FLH S , Los Yanguis '38 THIRD ROW McDavid. Mary: Nat'l Honor Soc'y, Scottish Brigade, Sub-Deb, Com'l Club, Hogan's Ha py Fifth, The Mustang Boosters, 5reenh1ll's Guys and Gals, Office Qss't, Senior Coun- cil, Senior Banquet Com '41 McDessey, Dorothy lean: Students' Panellmerican League, Nat'l Honor Soc'y, "Hs You Like It" '40, Verna S's lcky Blicks, Dailey's Dopes, St Council, Parliamentary Philosophers Treas, '38 Sec'y '39, Qusttn llospital- ity Club Treas. 139 McKinnis, Ha rold Edwa rd. McLachlan, Eugene: Hi-Y, Nat'l Hon- or Soc'y Senior Council, Texas His- tory Club, Cwreenhill's One O'Cloclc Gang, Gtnty's Gov't Goofs McMillen. Helen. McNichols, Shirley: C1reenh1ll's Guys and Gals, Hustin Hospitality Club, Students' Pan-Hmerican League '39, The Mustang Boosters BOTTOM ROW Meyer. R. B.: R.O,'I',C,, Nat'l Honor Soc'y '41, English Quiz Club '4l. Mikesky. Mary Louise: Flustin Hos- pitality Club Heporter, Cwreenl'ull's Guys and C-als, Students' Pan-Hmer- icon League '38-'39, Miller, Magdalen: Lall1er's Lads and Lassies, Bertie and Her Worms, Mc! G1nty's Civics I Mitchell. Mary Flileen: Mustang Mounttes, Modern Dance Club, Swim- ming Letter Mitchell. Richard. Moody, Dorothy Iean: C1reenlull's'l'en O'Clock Scholars '41, "Qs You Like lt" Pres '40, Dailev's Drapes Sec'y- 'l'reas '40f'4l, Hobby Club '40, Com'l Club '4l. ll R i TOP ROW Moore, Iohn: 1'-lustiri Hospitality Club '41, Hall Monitor '40-'41, The Mus- tang Boosters '41, Football Team '39-'40 Moore, Gladys Mildred: Greenhill's Ten O'Clock Scholars, Students' Pan- Hmerican League, Stamp Club, The Mustang Boosters, Qustin Hospitality Club, Com'l Club, RoundfUp. Morcom, Pat: Coed-Esquire, Stamp Club '39, The Mustang Boosters, Hall Monitors, Hi-Y '39, Students' Pan- Flmerican League, Hustin Hospitality Club, Debate Club Pres, '38-40, HO. T. C Lt '40 Capt. '41, Yell Leader '40-'41, Gentleman-in-Waiting Spr. Festival. Morcom, Patsy: Scottish Brigade Corp Texas Flag and Drill Major, Charm Club Pres., Girls' Chorus, The Mustang Boosters '41, Coed-Esquire Sub-Deb, The Corral, Morris. Frances: Scottish Brigade, Nat'l Honor Soc'y Prog. Chmn. '40, Com'l Club Sec'y '40-'41, Hustin Hos- pitality Club. Muller, Frank G.: McG1nty 2nd Per. Civics Club, SECOND ROW Munhausen, Ioe: Dailey's Dopes '41, G1nty's Gov't Goofs '40, Murdock, Marguerite Marie: The Mus- tang Boosters '39-'4l, Nat'l Honor Soc'y '40-'41, Ruthie's Roughhouse Rowdies '40-'41, Senior Council '41, Hound-Up. Murphy, Robert Lee: 17i.O.T.C, 2nd Lt., Students' Pan-Qmerican League, Dailey's Dopes, English Quiz Club Murray, Mary lane: National Honor Soc'y, SubADeb Club, Lambda Sigma Hlpha, The Mustang Boosters, Stu- dents' Pan-Flmerican League, St. Life Fed'n, Charm Club, Chem. Club, Scottish Brigade Lt.-Col, '39-'41, St. Council, Senior Council, Myatt, Barney. Narciso, Iohn Carmine: Nat'l Honor Soc'y, R,O.T.C Major, Good Citizen- ship lllward '39, Lallier's Lads and Lassies. THIRD ROW Neal, Doris. Needham, Grover: The Great Mc- Ginty, Dailey's Dopes Pres, Nelson, Sander N.: Nat'l Honor Soc'y, Greenhill's Ten O'Clock Scholars, Dailey's Dopes, Flndrew's Doodlers '40, Students' Pan-Flmerican League. Neveu, Calvin: Greenhill's Civics Club, H.O.T,C. Sgt, '39, Hi-Y, Plustin Qdv. Hoes, Flustin Hospitality Club, Tennis Letterman Capt. '40-'4l. Nicholson, Sue: Nat'l Honor Soc'y '40-'41, Com'l Club '41, Hustin Hos- pitality Club '41, St Council, Short- hand Certiticates '4O. Nicols. Edwina: Qrchery Club, Swim- ming Club, Music Club, Greenhill's gfiyfjs and Gals, Hustin Hospitality u . BOTTOM ROW Niland, Dorothy: Forum Lattni. Treas, '38-'39, Scottish Brigade ' '41, Quiz Club '40f'4l, Flustin Has tality Club '40-'41, Ofield, William Iames: Hall Monit Plebeians, Orchestra Concert Mas '38-'41, Fill-City '40-'41, Q11-State ' Roy's Morning Nuisance. Olsen, Robert: Students' Pan-H League '39-'40, Stamp Cluh, Roi Morning Nuisance. Outterside, Betty lean: Hustin Parl' meritary Hostess '38-'39, Coedflisqu '40-'41, Charm Club '41, Scottish B Jade Drummer, Nat'l Honor Soc'y '1 Lallier's Lads and Lassies. Padon, Gene: St. Lite Fed n, Scotti Brigade '39-'41, V F W I-lward '- Charm Club, Mustang Mountit Round-Up Typist '41, The Musta Boosters, Students' Pan-Flin. Leagi Citizenship Qward, Sophomore Duc ess Spr. Festival '39, Parker, Iack: The Mustang Booste Students' Pan-Hm, League, HOT. Sgt. '38-'39, Football Team '38, H Monitor '38-'40, TOP ROW tterson, Pat: Scottish Brigade, '39- , Top Sgt, Flags '41, Salesmanship ib Sec'y, Hobby Club, Music Club, 2 Mustang Boosters '40A'41, Green- 's Guys and Gals, Girls Chorus '41 yne. Seddie: Mustang Mounties, gan's Parliamentary Philosophers, 2 Mustan Boosters, Bound-Up '40- , Music Club Reporter. arson, Betty Ioan: Charm Club '41, Life Fed'n '41, Coed-Esquire, The stang Boosters, Scottish Brigade 1. '40-'41, Flustin Hospitality Club, nner-Up for Sophomore Beauty '39, uor Beauty '40, Senior Beauty '41, Jnd-Up Soc'l lfditor. arson. Robert. st. Iohn P.: Three B's, Quiz Club, finish Club, '39, Perrodil, Iris: Four Star Club Pres. '39, '1'he Swinging Socialites , The Mustang Boosters, Students' n-Qmerican League SECOND ROW Peschka. Mildred: The Mustang Boost: ers '39, Occu ations Club '39, Mod- ern Dance CTub '40, Parliamentary Philosophers '40, Hogan's Happy Fifth '41, Nat'1 Honor Soc'y '41, Bustin lrllospitality Club '41, Volleyball Team Peterson. Mattie Rogers: Students' Pan-Bmerican League, The Mustang Boosters, Mustang Mounties '41, Par- liamentary Philosophers '40, Hogan's lclgappy Filth '41, Nat'l Honor Soc'y Pontello. Tony: Greenh1ll's Happy Hour, Hall Monitor, Ruthie's Refugees. Post. Ella Mae. Presswood. Gordon Lee: C a m e r a Club, The Mustang Boosters, Ruthie's Houghhouse Howdies, Hogan's Happy Filth Pres, Forum Latinum, Qustin Hospitality Club, Fl.O.T.C. Flag Sgt., Quill and Scroll, Bound-Up Headline Ed. '40-'41, Rifle Team '39-'41. Price. Marynel: Plustin Hrchers '41, Civics Club '41, Plustin Boolcers '40, Oftice Hss't '40-'41. THIRD ROW Priest, Earline: C oe d - E sq ui r e '41, Bound-Up, Hustm Hospitality Club, The Mustang Boosters, '38-'39, Green- hi11's Happy Hour, Hogan's Parliamentary Philosophers ' 3 9 - ' 4 0, McGmty's Guys and Gals '40, Mus- tang Keeper '4O. Poxon. Raymond. Putnam, Frank: CoedfEsqu1re, BO.- T.C, Flustin Fldv. Flces. Quinn. Mariorie: Scottish Brigade '33- '39, Modern Dance Club, Students' Pan-Qmerican League, The Mustang Boosters, Com'l Club, Ruthie's Boughhouse Bowdies, 1'Jailey's Dopes, Hanft. Gillian Mae: St. Council '39-'41, S t u d e n t s' Pan - Qmerican League, Com'l Club, The Mustang Boosters, S i m s' Syncopated Swingcopaters, Forum Latinum '39, Three H's, La lunta '40, Choral Club '39-'40, Latin Patricians, Rao. Frank Paul: Hobby Club, Flustin Hospitality Club . -.V , BOTTOM ROW Ratlilf. Nina: Hustin Hozitalily Club. Occupations Club, Mc intys GUYS and Gals Ratliff. Virginia: Nat'l Honor Soc'y '39-'40, Quill and Scroll '41, Students Pan - Qmerican LBGGUG. Hound ' U91 Scottish Brigade Top Sgt , Rss t Mus- tang Pd Reed. F. B. Redhorst, Miriam Charlotte: Students' Pan-Qmerlcan League, The Mustang Boosters, Qustin Flrchers, l1ounc'14Up, McGinty's Civics 11 Club Reynolds, Martha Lorraine: Scottish Brigade Capt '40- '41, Nat'l Honor Soc'y, Rustin Parliamentarians, St Lite Fed'n Sec'y '41, Quill and Scroll, Hound-Up News lid '40, Verna Ss lcky Bliclcs Hostess '41, Plebeians Pres. '41, Patricians Sec'y '41, Coed- Esguire Pies. '40 Sec'y 41. Richter, Betty Ieanne: Nat'l Honor Soc'y, TOP ROW Ring, Holalielfrances: Mustang Mounties, The Mustang Boosters, Ten O'Clock Scholars, Students' Pan-Bm. League, Dramatic Club, Round-Up, English Quiz Club '40-'41, Waggie's Witless Wits '39. liippenhagen, Ioyce: Com'l Club '38- 39, Qustin Ptrchers '39-'41, Sims' Syn- copated Swingsters '41, Flustin Hospi- tality Club '41, Ten O'Cloclc Scholars Music Murderers '40, Hobby Club Robertson. Betty lane: The Mustang Band, Orchestra, t'-lustin Hospitality Club, Greenhill's One O'Clock Gang. Robertson, Iimmye: T H 1 Club 41, Civics ll citiifos 'S my Robinson, Robert: Nat'l Honor Soc' '39-'40, Swimming Team '41, Coed? Esquire '40 - '41, Students' Pan - Ptm. I-909119 39 - '40, B. O. T. C. Officers Club, Robinson, Billie: The Scottish Bri ad '38-'39, Nat'l Honor Soc'y '39?'4lT Quill and Scroll '39-'40, Forum Latin- um, The Mustang Boosters, Flustin Bookers, Round-Up, Ruth1e's Rowdy Fifth '40. SECOND ROW Roll, lane Carleen: Greenhill's Ten O'C1ock Scholars, Howard's Bright and Early Club, Roll, Mary Lois: Greenhill's Ten O'- Cloclc Scholars, 1'1oward's Bright and Early Club. Roper, Ettabelle Ruth: Dramatic Club '39-'41, The Mustang Boosters '40-'41, McGinty's Civics 1 '39, Greenhill's Civics 11, Students' Pan-Hmerican League '38 - '39, Qustin Hospitality Club '38-'39, Greenhill's Tribe, Pot- ter's History Club '39, Gym Hss't. Rosenfelder, Hrthur: Coed-Esquire. Ross, Hlice Mayes: Scottish Brigade '38-'41, Nat'l Honor Soc'y, Com'l Club Soc'l Chmn. '40-'41, Charm Club, Sub-Deb '40, Coed-Esquire, The Mus- tang Boosters, Music Club, Ruthie's Roughhouse Rowdies '40. Samperi. Ciro: I-lustin Hdv. 1'-lces, H o b b y C 1 u b '40, Haggy's Happy Hour, Greenhills Civics 1 '40, Lal- lier's Lads and Lassies '4l. THIRD ROW Sanderlin. Nancy lane: Orchestra '39- '4l, The Mustang Band Sec'y '41, Sub-Deb, Coed-Esquire V.-Pres. '41, Dramatic Club '41, Bustin Parliamen- tarians Sec'y '38-'39, Qustin I-'lrchers '39-'40, The Mustang Boosters '39-'40, Scribe Booster '41, St. Council, Charm Club, St, Life Fed'n, Hustin Hospitality Club, The Corral, Quill and Scroll, Bound-Up, DJ-LR. Good Citizen Flward, Cheer Leader, Senior Class Sec'y '41, Runner-Up for Most Popular Senior Girl, St, Council. Sander, Or Nell: Hustin Hospitality Club. Sanford, Paul: Daugherty's Occupa- tions Club, R.O.T.C. Top Sgt. Scardino, Mariorie: T h e M u s t a n g Boosters, Greenhill's Guys and Gals. Schwenke, lames Robert: Orchestra, Students' Pan-1-lmerican League, Soap Box Orators, Verna S's lclcy Blicks, Parliamentary Philosophers, Scott, Mildred. BOTTOM ROW Showers, Rllan Iames: Qustin Fld Flces Rep., Salesmanshkp Clu Daugherty's Occupations lub '4 Hustin Hospitality Club '40. Shrader, Nixon Byron: The Mustar Boosters Plsst. Chief Booster '41, HC Monitor, B,O.T.C. Sgt. '39-'40, St' dents' Pan-I-lmerican League '38-'Il St. Life Fed'n, Post Master '41, Senii Class Treas. '41, Sbudde, Virginia Lee: Scottish Bi gade Corp. '38 Sgt. '39 Capt. '40-'4 Sub-Deb Treas. '40 Sec'y '41, Na' Honor Soc'y Pres. '40, Charm Clu Treas. '40-'41, Coed-Esquire '41, Tl' Corral Senior Class Ed. '40-'41, I-lu: tin Hospitality Club Sec'y '41, Be F111-Hround Girl '41, Lady-in-Watin Spr. Festival '40. Simons, Vernon: The Mustang Bar '38-'41, Bound-Up '39, The Corral '3 '40, Swimming Team '38, Track '3 Football '39, Basketball Letter '3 University of Houston Beceptic Escort '4l. Smith, Doris Elaine: Verna S's lcli Blicks, S.O.S., The Mustang Band. Smith, Fred. 1 .i ss A 1 , 3, Q' .5 fx . si . L' . Q ' aj if wif-iiigt .": 4 N w x. 1 . se- . . Jw ikiw-vsfi 4. ' . N' .' . is el- I L... - in f' F . Ili-KP TOP ROW iith, Lynn: Hi-Y, Hustrn Hospitality ub, Soap Box Orators, Pres, Fire 'pt Capt, Volleyball '41, Basket- ll Letterman. lman. Elizabeth Ieanne: Students' n-Qmerican League '40-'41, Qustin mspitality Club '40, Plustln Parlia- zntarians '39- '40, Dramatics Club l-'41, "Pls You Like 1t" Pres '39, :Gint 's Civics Club '40, Class ght Cbm. '41 encer. Kenneth: C1reenlull's One Clock Gang, ROTC 7nd Lt. mllworth, Henry. xrlinq. Margaret: Hound-Up '40, The irral Bus. Staff '41, The Mustang rosters '40, Natl Honor Soc'y -Pres '41, Com'l Club Pres, '40, warm Club '41, Forum Latrnum Sec'y 1, Students' Pan-Qrnerican League. b-Deb, St. Life Federation, Coed- quire, Scottish Brigade Lt '38-'41, phamore Duchess '39, Senior Class -Pres, '4l. aphens, Robert: Nat'1 Honor Soc'y, e Mustang Boosters, St Council eas, Fl O.'l'.C. Lt, Chem Club, tqan's llappy llour SECOND ROW Stewart, Dorothy Corine: Rustin Hos- pitality Club '41, Hogan's English Club, 3rd place in Inter-Scholastic League Typing. Stewart. L. D. Stewart. Ruth: The Mustang Boosters '30-'40, Sub-Deb '40-'41, Greenhill's Tribe '39-'41, Los YGHQUIS '39, Texas History Club Pres '40-'41, Senior Class Com, Sims' Music Club. Stickney, Ruth Frances: Sub-Deb, St. Lite Fed'n '40-'41, Sl Council '38-'39, Charm Club '40-'41, Students' Pan- Hmerican League '40, Nat'l Honor Soc'y, City Council Rep '40-'41. Stiers, Ianie: The Mustang Boosters '40-'41, Pearson's Foods Club, Occu- gatigns Club '40, Hustm Hospitality ll Stelwagen. Iohn: R OTC Capt. '40- '4l, Honorary Major, Officers Club, Hrfle Team '39-'41, Hall Monitor '40- '41, Plustin Fire Dept, Capt. '40-'41, Greenhills Civic Club, Qustin Hospi- tality Club Treas. '40, The Mustang Boosters THIRD ROW Storm, Margaret: The Mustang Boost- ers '38-'41, The Corral Bus. Staff '41, 1-logan's Happy Hour '41, Greenhi1l's Happy Fifth '41, St Life Fed'n, Le Cercle Francais '40, Sophomore Beauty, Runner-Up Senior Beauty. Stovell. Paul Ieffrey: G r e e nh 111' s Tribe, Hustin Fldv, I-lces, Salesman- ship Club, P.W Q, Surles. Elinor Iune: The M ustang Boosters, Charm Club, Com'1 Club, Coed-Esquire Sec'y and Bound-Up Reporter '40-'41, Scottish Brigade, Lallier's Lads and Lassies Pres. '40, Round-Up Reporter Swann, Roy Lee: Qustin Fldv, Flces, Cwreenhil1's One O'Clock Gong. Swartz, Dale F.: Nat'1 Honor Soc'y, Lambda Sigma Hlpha '38-'41, Coed- Esquire, Hall Monitor, Flustin Parlia- mentarians, Les Cavales, Senior Class Lawyer. Swope, Mary Finn: Greenh1ll's Ten O'Clock Scholars, Scottish Brigade, Flustin Hospitality Club Treas, Les Cavales, BOTTOM HOW Tabb. Walterine: Students' Pan-Bm. League '38-'39, Quill and Scroll '40- '4l, The Mustang Boosters '40-'41, Scottish Brigade, Greenhill's Guys and Gals '40-'41, Bound-Up Ed '41 Tajan. Maxine. Taylor, Dorothy Louise: The Mustanq Boosters '38-'41, Huthie's Refugees, Buthie's lloughhouse Rowdies '40, St. Cguncil '38, Flustin Hospitality Club '4 Teague, Ingres Geraldine: Scottish Brigade Bugler, '40-'41, Qustin Hospi- tality Club, Coed-Esguire Club, Oc- cupations Club. Tew. Marian Charliene: Scottish Bri- gade Bugler '40-'41, Coed-Esquire, gccupations Club, Charl1ne's Cliil- ren. Tholen. Frances: St Council '40-'41, Orchestra '38-'41, Qustin Hospitalitg Club ,41' Four Star Phatoplay Clu '39, Qustin Parliamentarians '39, Gu-ity's Gov't Goofs '40, Briaht and Early Club. TOP Thompson, Betty Margaret: F1 u s t i n Parliamentarxans Prog Chmn , Round- Up Exchange Ed. '40, The Mustang B o o s t e r s, Ptustln Hospitality Club, Round-Up, Bright and Early Club. Thompson, Leonard Funston: Basket- ball Letterman '39-'40 Capt. '41, St, Life Eed'n '40-'41, Hall Monitor '41, Greenhills Happy Hour '41, Ginty's C1ov't Goats, Senior Class Pres '41, Most Popular Boy '41. Thompson, Nancy Pearl: One O'Clock Gang, Sims' Syncopated Swtngsters, Plustin Hospitality Club ROW Tierney, Mable Margaret: '1'he Mus- tang Boosters, Corn'1 Club '40, Quill and Scroll, Plustm Plrchers '39-'41, Round - Up, Students' Pan - Hmertcan League '38-'40, St. Counctl, National Honor Soc'y for High School lournal- ists. Tisinger, Peggy: The Mustang Boost- ers, Nat'1 Honor Soc'y, Quill and Scroll, Greenhills Happy Hour, Round-Up, Se-mor Council, Round-Up News Ed. Townsend, Mary Louise: The Mus- tang Band, Flustin Qclv Hoes, Haze1's Hens' Club, Bright and Early Club. wrw r- 1 itll! i SPRING 1940 QI-,QI-If Trautwein, Bobby lane: "Qs You Like lt" '39f'4U, The Mustang Boosters '38- '41, Charm Club '40-'41, Scottish Bri- gade '4U-'41, Helping Hand '38-'39, St, Council '38-'39, Choral Club '33- '41, Bookroom, Bright and Early Club Sec'y-Treas. Trawek, Glynn. Traylor, I. C.: Gmtys Gov't Goofs, Students' Panellmerican League '39- '4O, Football '4U. Triola, Bernard: Forum Latinum, H tin Hospitality Club. Tucker, Helen Lou: Scottish Brio: Bugler '39-'40, Dramattcs Club ' Debate '40-'41, Hustin Qdv. Flces P1 '41, Parliamentary Stooges '39, I-1u: Hospitality Club, Office Flss't, Smit Dumble Street Dummies '59, Letter Declamatton '4U. Ulrich, Pauline. '3 J X -O I s 1 at s N? r Nl it 3 QQWlN N It, W x 1 .gf J, , ,Q 211111, KNEW? 'f ' : 11 ,L .N H H131 R13 '. A 5 x ,Q - I an L ,M 4 7 ,, ,A A K ,- f W, n Ig Q ,ff,1'?3f,,, .WS , - -- ZS. 4' 1 if-1 Qmx fl '14 K, .. 3 w-J 4 , , 'ik ASX? Q' f V.. , p M, .. 2 M sg' Wk 'Sl ug x , ., E . ... if , 1332. ' ' if-' 1" K H ,M.wf9l'f Q' if ga? , twin , 4,312 , 55, ' ff? , A M? . ii m ,fa 7 X r M Zu f X W H ,+ -,Ju ,. ., Va nfwcuza 5 x X v Z 5 fi 1 5 A hu ax, wil? A li -1711! 5' 'NPN K 4 fr. S- TOP ROW Watson. Eleanor: Buthie's Refugees. Waycott. Ioyce Elizabeth: Nat'l Honor Soc'y '40-'4l, Sub-Deb '40-'41, Quill and Scroll '40-'41, Round-Up '40-'41, Forum Latinurn '39-'41, Qustin Netters '39-'40, Ftustin Parliamentarians, Ho- gan's Happy Hour. Weaver. Walter William: The Mus- tang Boosters. Weisinger. Hnna Marie: St ude nts' Pan-Hmerican League, The Mustang Boosters, The Mustang Band, Orches- tra, Dramatics Club, G r e e n h i l l' s Goofy Grunts, Music Club, Hustin Hospitality Club, Bound-Up, Wells, Bob: Open Forum, Salesman- ship Club, Flustin Hospitality Club, Collectors' Club, Fire Dep't, R.O.T.C., St. Council. Werner. Ieanne: Forum Latinum '40, Ruth1e's Rowdy Fifth, Hustin Bookers, Quill and Scroll, Nat'l Honor Soc'y '41, Round-Up. SECOND ROW Whatley. Mary Hlice: Scottish Brigade '39-'41, Los Yanquis '38-'39, Qustin Host and Hostess Club '39-'40, Qustin Parliamentarians, Greenhill's One O'- Clock Gang '40-'41, Verna S's lcky Blicks '4U-'4l. Wheaton. Nina. White. Irene: The Mustang Boosters '40-'41, Greenhill's Happy Hour, Office '40-'41, Girls' Chorus, Sims' S y ri c a p at e d Swingsters, Masten's leflfxslterminds '39-'40, Bright and Early ll . Whitmore. Frances. Wiesenthal. Blanche: Greenhill's Guys and Gals '40-'41, Salesmanship Club '39-'40, The Mustang Boosters '39-'40, Sims' Synco ated Swingsters, Pin- drew's Doodibrs, Hustin Hdv. Flces, Students' Pan-Qmerican League, Bright and Early Club, Wilkerson. Iuanita. THIRD ROW Williams. I. O.: Greenhill's One O'- Clock Gang, Football Team, Cross Country Running, Track Team. Wilson. Rosa Bell: The Mustang Boosters, Plustin Hrchers, Hustin Hos- pitality Club, Swimming Club. Wilson. Walterine: Scottish Brigade, Students' Pan-Flmerican League, "Hs You Like lt," Modern Dance Club, Hustin Bookers. Woodard. George: St u d e n t s' P a n- Hmerican League. Woods, Virginia Laverne: Hobby Club '40, Flustin Hospitality Club, Flustin I-ldv. Hces, Ruthie's Rough- house Rowdies. Wylder. Betty Louise: Mustang Mounties '40-'41, Greenhill's Happy Hour, Swimming Club, Scottish Bri- gade '38-'39, Hustin Hospitality Club, Bright and Early Club, BOTTOM ROW Young. Peggy: Sub-Deb, The Mi tang Boosters, Greenhill's Guys a Gals, Music Club, Flustin Hospital: Club. Zapp. Herbert Don: The Mustar '39-'40, R.O.T,C. Capt '40-'1 Band Students' Pan-Flmerican League 'C '39, Lambda Sigma Pllpha '38-'41, I Life Fed'n '39-'41, The Mustang Boo ers, St. Council '39-'41, Debate Cl' '39, Chem. Club '40-'41, Bright a Early. Butler. Donald. THE SENIORS TPIKE TIME-OUT THE MOST PHOTOGRHPHED PEOPLE QT HUSTIN The Welleknown "niggerin'." Pure sweetness! Lull before the storrn. Whot are you doing, Shroder? How did this ever corne olbout? Storry-eyed Collowoy. Could this be beoch-combing? .... Could be! The origin of oomph. Putnorn exhibits the Pon-Qrnericon trend. Henkell ond Houston store it owoy. The photogropher osl-:ed for inforrnolity- Spomp got it! Those inseporobles4Stickney ond Murroy. Slop it together fostfonly three more minutes to go. lt couldn't hove been thot funny. Where's the fourth horsernon? South of the Border. l-lrn-n-n-n ..... some sdilor! Sweet Leiloni. Eenie, Meenie, Miniefwhe-re's Moe? Whot hoppened to the curls, Wolterine? HIGH SENIORS lsn't this a crazy classfMRS. VERNPI S. HOGHNS H4fl2? Don't be misjudged by their ap- pearance, it's purely accidental. Believe it or noteonce in awhile you'll find among them some of Hustin's top-flight intelligentsia, lst row: Walter Weaver, Frances Morris, President, Qlice Mayes Ross, Vice-President, Phyllis Hmrine, Siddy Shudde, Mattie Rogers Peterson, leanne Werner, Hulen Leinweber. 2nd row: Martin Mathis, Treasurer, Moon- een Craven, Hostess, Ruth Stickney, Mary lrane Murray, Virginia Ratliffi Betty Iacobs, Esthermae Litherland, Mrs. Verna S. Hogan. 3rd row: Hllan Showers, Ross Bissonnett, Louise Iohnston, Thelma Gregg, Mary Hdair Gillson, Secretary, Patsy Morcom, Ouida Ellis, Sue Nicholson, Billie Robinson. Say, Ioe, did you know that MISS NHOMI EKMPlN'S H4-5 is the best reg- istration? . . . that is, whenever "Teach- er" isn't hollering about turning off the water or Watching the two doors. Warning to sophomores: She knows all the excuses and answers . . . it's use- less. lst row: Iohn Narciso, Rosemary Iones, Eva Klima, Margaret Kin , Marguerite Murdock, Betty Io Lackey, Paucl Kruemcke. 2nd rowi Billy Loving, Mary lane Lloyd, Elsie Iohnson, Miss Ekman, Erma Ruth Iohn- son, Harold McKinnis, Raymond Poxon. 3rd row: Verna Lemke, Edith Mae Ieffries, Maxine Knodel, Helen Kelly, O. D. Lemke, ltllirgaret Kirkpatrick, Everett La Vanda, Oran a n. Not in picture: Edward Ionas, Yvonne Lee. -'1 Even though our "pans" don't look as intelligent as they might, weeTHE BRIGHT HND EQRLY CLUB of MlSS HOWHRDfliave several members among Hustin's social big-wigs. That's Leonard Thompson, for instance, on the front rowfSenior Class Presie dent! lst row: Don Zapp, Vice-President, Mary Pllice Whatley, Bobbie lane Trautwein, lrene White, Walterine Tabb, Secretary and 'l'reas- urer, Betty Thompson, Soc'l Sec'y, Thelma Van Hntwerp, Mable Tierney, Leonard Thompe son, President. 2nd row: Herbert Taylor, Dorothy lames, Frances Tholen, Shirley Ward, Virginia Hnn Warhol, lack lones, l. C. Traylor, Miss Haw- ard, Rnna Marie Weisinger. 3rd row: Carleen Roll, Mary Lois Boll, loyce Waycott, Peggy Tisinger, Round-Up Reporter, Mary Louise Townsend, Blanche Wiescnthal, luanita Wilkerson, Billie Louise Tuggle lack Warriner The Bonnie Bairns of Beatrice "Bee" Lytle QH4 to youl hae bin a bonny bunch of galla ole Scot lads and Scot lassies. We bairns, after three years, hae reached an advanced stage of maturity, we think, and will go out courageously to face life's little woes. lst row: Leonard Cause, Wilburn Goebbels, Yvonne Gidden, Harry Hutson, Doris Harper lean Bowers, Buck Gilpin, President 2nd row: Billy Goldapp, Harriett lackson, Mary Gurley, Virginia Herren, Fllrnajean Hay- ley, Flora Ruth Hayden, Beatrice Lytle, Bobby Guillet. 3rd row: Walterine Head, Helen Ioyce Hughes, Oscar Hoffman, Eleanor Hampton, Estelle Graves, Mildred GearVI l. L. Hull, Lois Hill. Not in picture: Hleta Griffith. were invited ta fain the Nat'l Honor Soc'y. H section that began its career rather ignobly in the cafeteria is MB. BBUNDHGBS L4-4. However, they soon moved to more or less comfortable quarters in the temporary building- shack to you. It is a registration of good workers and has representatives lst raw lnaree Peterson, Winrfred Still, Brllie Suggs, Rosalie Saverino, Patricia Simp- son, Sec'y-'l'reas, OrNell Sander, Eleanor Griffith, Dorothy Preston 2nd row: Dan Buehner, Mr Brundage, Billy Matthews, Iames Hobinette, Bailey Simmons, Hlton Smith, Doug Brley 3rd raw, H D Batliff, Hldy Quinn, Francis Martin, Bert Stokey, Pres, fack fames, G W ltogers, lack Hollins, Hay Needham in almost every student activity. MBS. BBHDSHHWS L4-5 assures us that they are rust an average group of average people. Hn outstanding Hustinite in their midst, however, is Howard King of the football team and gentleman-in- waiting at the Spring Festival Court. lst row, Howard King, limmie Lassen, Basa- he 'l'aylar, Hnna lanes, Laverne Kohl, Buth lnman, Betty Lau 'l'odd, Lester Toler, H H Knox 2nd raw. Pauline 'l'aylor, Mrs Bradshaw, Lorraine O'Neill, Mary lane Leverett, Marilyn lohnson, lay lean Letney, Virginia Olsen, Geraldine Olson 3rd raw: George Lucas, foe lurnage, Ben 'l'owler, lil F Kornmayer, Don McM1llen, Han- dall Lawler. Not in picture, Norma hams, llveritt Lang, Nelda Kohl, Shirley Trammell, llerloert Crump LOW SENIORS Of the six low :senior :sections at Hus- tin, four pooled their funds so that they might have permanent records of their smiling faces in the annual. Hmong these far-seeing groups MR BHW- SONS L4-l had the honor of furnish- ing both the prince and the princess of lst row: Balph Baker, George Offenhouser, Boy Clark, larnes Brown, lean Colson, Doris Buys, Wyatt Crawford, Billy Clark, llabert Hbbatt 2nd row: Lester Mayes, Herman llayley, Hubert Narthcut, Boy Tinsley, Calvin Brown, Newton Crawford, Brenner Beverly, llenry Callahan 3rd row. Claude Hndler, lfdgar Clark, Le- nora Buck, Mary Nell Chapman, Bernice Hn' thany, Cynthia Bird, Belo Baird, 'l'reas, Hoy Crass, pres, Clyde Owens. Nat in picture: Pauline Becker, Hdeline Berg, St Coun Hep, Dick Brownlee, David George, George Frederick the low senior class at the Spring Fese tival--Hdeline Berg and Boy Clark. The lady-in-waiting at this traditional scene was one of MISS HHBBlSON'S L4A2 lavelies, lean Katherine Winner. They also boast an outstanding foot- ball player of last season and six who lst raw: Hlrce lean Forrester, Doris Gehr- hardt, lay Wright, lay Norton, lean Katherine Winner, Mildred Steede 2nd row. Iuanna Dreyer, Daphne Daven- port, Mignon Welsinaer, Doris Batke, Lois Elaine lfldrett, Doris Vance, Miss llarrison, Hnna Denny. 3rd raw. lohn Isaacson, Billy Iackson, Mat- thew Daura, Wendell Durham, lldward Faire hurst, Harold Gaudrn, Stuart Gordon, Norman Freeman, I no Q. I -'Z' . IUNIGBS The fourteen junior registration sec- tions are well-represented here by the eleven who chose to occupy space ir this year's Corral. First is MISS Mc- GINTY'S H3-8 which was organized tc act as a unit in relation to other class- rooms and to serve as a means of de- veloping good citizenship. The mem- bers have taken great joy in Hmerican, lst row: Floyd North, Ierry Iohnson, Loi: Husmann, Miss McGinty, Eloise Moore, Doro thy Storm, Charles Brown, Ernst Maas., Znd row: Rutherford Moore, Lester Sorsby Mildred Henderson, Marjorie Caywood, Plnitc Coter, layne Davis, Sam Moreland, Harrj Moore. 3rd row: Lewy Evans, Pllvin De Lanev Eleanor Schultz, Betty Io Rusk, Iimrnv Dowell Howard Turner, Billy Williamson, Iohn Turner Not in picture: Simeon Iohnson, Lowry Love Buddy Quaid, lean Wood, Maxine Flynn Bonita Worsharn izing their European newcomer, Erns' Maas, and point with pride to his ac, quisition of slang expressions. MRS. FUNCHESS' I-I3-4 represents c good crossfsection of the school be- cause of the variety of their activities It is composed of members of the foot- ball, baseball, and basketball teams the Brigade, Band and R.O.T.C. lst row: Mary Ola Thomasson, Harolr Leonard, Lenora Thompson, Gloria Hope, Er line Ewald, Dorothy Lackey, West Toole Edna Rae Hendricks, Sec' . 2nd row: Lois Iames, llean Taylor, Dori Humbert, Louis Heinze. 3rd row: Mrs. Funchess: Iune Loveless Betty Laughlin, Louise Hale, Mariorie Mel Houston, Pres., Theresa Hanks, Dewey Price Edna Lockhart, lean Plustin. 4th row: Garvin Smith, Billy Tyler, lame Lollar, lack Hays, Floyd Hutcheson, Dewej Helmcamp, Harvin Lewis, Billy Hastings V.-Pres., Howard Tong, N. W. Hopper. Members of MISS SMITH'S H3-6 anc MISS PHILLIPS' H3-3 banded together for their picture. In these two home rooms there are representatives of prac- tically every phase of student life a Plustin. Betty Lou Bates of H3-3 was runner-up for junior beauty and Bil Walker of I-I3-6 is secretary of the Pan-Plm. League. lst row: Ray Walton, Sec'y, Charles Hart man, Bella Mae Boudreaux, St. Coun, Rep. Plnnie Lee Buchanan, Eugenia Burris, Helei Burris, Mary Bristol, Charles Barley, Mar' Louis Green, Charles Bovee, Sec'y. 2nd row: Barbara Burge, Treas., Miss Phil lips, Dorothy Hnn Franz, Ruby Lee Baer Bagan Collinsworth, Willie May Green George West, V.-Pres., Charlie lean Faris Mae Ruth Brunson, Miss Smith. 3rd row: Billy Baylor, V.-Pres., Irving Gur ley, St. Coun. Rep., Betty Lou Bates, Pres. Edith Mae Ferguson, Beulah Mae Wunder lich, Frank Lucas, Frank Geraci, Phyllis Fos ter, lack Wier. Several of the students in MISS DOERING'S H3-7 have made names for themselves around Qustin. George Madeley and Leo Wasek are well known for their football playing. Ther there's golden-voiced Libbie Palla Margaret Young and others of the group have contributed to our dramatic entertainment throughout the year. lst row: Gloria Schleier, Norene Stewart Harry Sims, Dorothy Sykora, Dorothea Newby Margaret Young, Iohn Swenson, Libbie Pallo Shirley Strickland. 2nd row: Evelyn Lowrie, Bebe Mae Nichols Ellen Ulrich, Tena Samperi, Mariorie Saxton Billy Charles Small, Patricia Ienningss, France Stephens, Kathryn Hunt. 3rd row: Gwendolyn Zedlitz, Bill Leonard lacqueline Randolph, Iohn Hardy, Sam Sloan Marilyn Crowley, Margaret Schaub, Bill Tyler Not in picture: Dorothy Niland, Leo Wosek Peggy Gibson, George Madeley, lerrv Tierney IUNIORS For the past two years the high jun- Jr duchess has been elected from HSS WQGGFIMRNS H3-2. This year it ras Ioyce Patterson. Hnother of their otables is R. E. Iames, who won sec- nd place in the state clarinet contest. lst row: Billie Marie Minorp Ray Merle Ionesg auline Pontellog Hnnie Laurie Iocksong Bar- ara Iohnsony Vivian Matthewsg Ioyce Pattere Jn: loy Massy. 2nd raw: Billy Deang Miss Waggamang Flora nn lonesg Florine Duncang Eleanor Panellyg Iildred Stobbep Merrel Iohnsonp Iohn Dibrellg C. Phelps. 3rd raw: Don Duhong Iohn Caruthersg R. E. nmesg Harold Ionesg Kenneth Palmerp Edward ee Perryg Brooks Harris: Charles Pizzitolag 'larence Dildyg William Perkins. MR. SHEFtlvlFlN'S L3-2 is a typical ,ustin registration. Its members con- 'ibute their time and talent to many :hool activities. Most recently a num- er of them sang in the chorus of the pring Festival. lst row: Victor Hampyg Dorothy Gerstemonp lildred Daugheryg Patricia Druskeg LaVerne Ieesling Horace rankil. 2nd row: Iames Tyleeg Raymond Daultg 'atheryn Bamseyg Wil iam Daulleyg Mr. Sher- tang Carl Fink. 3rd row: lohn Hllen Guynesg Bill Fteedp larjorie Dujagy Mildred Gregoryg Carolyn eatsg Gayle eatherageg Hmott DeLange. it umm -E xg v ff.- 'mf MISS DlCK'S L3-4's contribution to Qustin's Hall of Fame is Elizabeth Marsh. Though not a bit flighty, she makes music float from her flute well enough to be offered a scholarship to Mary Hardin Baylor College. Many members of the Brigade and the Band have found a roost in this homeroom. By the time graduation rolls around they hope to add many achievements for Plustin to their growing list. lst row: Bror Petersong Dorothy Pickettg Iimmy Pickeramanusg Melba Marinig Frankie Lou Pasterg Dorothy McClearyp Iacqueline Parking Doris McCullorg R. H. Mountg David Moncrill. 2nd row: Lynn Maughmerp Miss Dickg Bill McClelleng Thelma lean Carrg Dick Pearsong Bobby Mashlyeg Barbara Yarringtonp Bobby Mashlumg Geraldine Prenzlerg Elizabeth Marsh. 3rd row: Glenn Hillg Gloria Reilerg Katherine Yantsg R. L. Youngbloodp Donald Mooreg Pat McBrideg Margaret Molaerg Mardie Moneyg Mildred Meyerg Gertrude Pucfurstg Harry Morey. Q its Q' N Q Q , , . fm. , j g--, mf X A 'F if 1,5 A - . isnmnlgg Qgjgfi 1 . Rf! RR. bfi s. 5 ww-4 awww ,A Gm .av Q: 3 fikr .. J 'KB' gms gf Q Q45 JK J? V J, 9, Y I .. . , ' ' 'Yi ,-,ar-. ' - - P- ..,,.... K N Q 11 . . K1--,. Q. X, .M 555 , ..,.. vf-? ig I' Q a fa QI- ,. , li 7595? 'W' During the spring semester of l94l the activities Where such cooperation was needed sophomore class was divided into twelve sec We wish them every success in their next tions. Qlthough the class was not organized two years and when their graduation time as a single unit, the various registrations co comes may they have accumulated many operated with each other in any and all school honors for themselves and for Hustiri First to represent the sopho- rnore class is MlSS HENDER- SON'S H2-2. The notables are Winifred Baylor, duchess for high sophomores, and Herman Bregis, judged the best-drilled cadet in B.O.T.C. Federal lnspection. lst row. Howard Brightman, Bobby Blair, Qdabelle Brady, Fred Brittain, Leonard Black- well, Samps Bell, Hozelle Boegler, Doris Brotherton, Wilbur Broussard Qnd row: Hlbert Bristol, Kathryn Branard, Bobbie Ioe Menefee, Doris Barrow, Glenn Bar- net: Marjorie Beck, Carey Box, Frances Bur- ton, Miss Henderson, I. L Brooks. 3rd row: Hubert Burger, Iohnny Battle, Bob Broomhead, Betty Io Oberholz, Mignonette Berg, Pres., Mitchel Baird, Sec'y, Winnifred Baylor, Treas, Harlan Brockrnan, Dorothy Burtord: Clarence Ogilvie, Not in picture: Fdward Berry, William Owens Nearly all the members of MISS IPICKSONS H2-4 entered Hustin in September, Members of the group quickly adjusted them- selves to Hustin ways and became loyal supporters of the school and its traditions. lst row. lack Lalanne, Violet Vrazel, Ioy Hchwecke, Dorothy Quinn, V.-Pres, Fretchen Vosloh, Pludrey Pusch, Iimmy Poet, Hlice Earle Landers, 2nd row: Richard Peavy, Caroline Peterson, Cliltord Lohse, Susie Ellis, Brian Moses, Mar- vin Patterson, Pres, Imogene Weatherspoon, Bobby Crownover, Lilly Valentino. 3rd row :Carl Leonardt, Mariorie Leamone, lack Lagrone, Lloyd Platzer, Hnnie Lee, Billy lean Llckettg Bay Lemmon, Ioyce Lanktord, Miss lackson, David Peterson. Not in picture: Virginia Parr, Betty Lou Voizlet, Betty lean Estes, Ioy Pratt, Bobbv Perkins, Ioanna Lytton, Enid Sitton. Hmong the bevy of beautiful girls of the sophomore class loanna Miller of MBS. GHTES' H2-5 was elected Corral beauty. This group can also boast of Bay- mond McCauley's feats as a member of the track team. lst row: Lorraine Fleissner, loanria Miller, V-Pres., Bobby lean McNeese, Rntoinette Morales, Bennie Meador, Patricia McMurtry, Betty lean ljams, lean Massey, W. C, Miner. 2nd row: Myrtle Morris, Mrs, Gates, Ioy Miller, Betty lo Burns, Bessie McCambridge, Iohnnie Mcllveen. 3rd row: Norma lean McFerrin, Helen Mc- Kinnis, Ernest Mauk, Pres., William McDaniel, Dorothy Moody, Virginia Miller, Sec'y, Charles Yates, Hugh McMillan, Billy Fisher, Charles Bretzke, Philip Miroca, Edwin Burnett, Bobby Murray SOPHCDMORES MRS. CBHVENS' L2-4 was first introduced to I-lustin and its crowded condition by regis- tering in the lunchroom for several weeks un- der the guidance of Mr. Hartung. So far their contribution to Hustin's Hall of Fame is limited to the two sophomore representatives to the Spring Festival-Duchess Elizabeth Plnne Sterling and Duke Paul Vahldick. Time has not permitted their making much of a showing yet, but give them time. You'll be hearing about these people in the next two years. lst row: lack Williams, Ernest Stokey, Pina- lyce Sprecker, Hudrey Stein, Evelyn Seitz, Betty Sue Wimberley, Ruth Warner, Elizabeth Hnn Sterlin , Marie Spiller, Betty White, Eugene WeiTl, Weldon Shannon. 2nd row: Charles Woods, George lones, Betty lane Williford, Fred Toler, Ruth Turner, Virginia Secwick, Zoe Fern Wilcox, lvan Tuck- er, Mrs. Cravens, Don Sawyer, Ioe Saravia, 3rd row: Walter Ruthstrom, Iimmy Woods, lames Rogers, lane Wilson, Enid Mae Scott, Elliott Tennison, Barbara Steward, Richard gtraubg Marjorie Wignall, Paul Vahldick, Billy reat. Both scholastic and athletic achievements are represented in the activities of MB. WHTSONS H2-3. Carl Gillinthin is a scholar- ship student who considers an all "H" card the usual thing. Bill Cook is a most promising mem- ber of the football team. lst row: fohn Gress, Carl Hightower, Bob- ert Callahan, Bonnie Greco, Beryl Cox, Patri- cia Converse, Helen Gutierrez, Millicent Carl- malt, Treas., Geraldine Crepeau, Catherine Chronister, Margaret Church. Znd row: Ioy Carroll, Mr. Watson, Charles Coull, Mary Iayne Craig, Beverly Burke, Lo- vera Cooper, Margaret Minturn, Iane Gilles- pie, I.aVerne Pain, Ieanette Cowart, Betty Cash. 3rd row: Dan Condon, limmie Griffith, Carl Gillinthin, Pres., Bill Cook, Leroy Gray, Mer- win Gaskill, Margaret Catsinas, Louise Geary, gosamond Caufield, Florene Calloway, Vernon ross. Many members of MR. SUM- MERS' H2-6 were scholastic and activity leaders in junior high school. They are continuing their leadership in such organizations as ROTC, orchestra, football, de- bate, and numerous others. lst row: Christian Hansen, Wanda Kersh, George Hays, V.-Pres., Elizabeth Kettering- ham, Dorothy Ylitalo, Elender Mae Hickey, Mary Hicks, Roland Hill, Paul Haymes, Sec'y, Ida Mae Kerr, Bill King. 2nd row: Harley Tanner, Wilbur Head, Ted- dy Knox, Gladys Hanna, Minna Belle Haw- kins, Pauline Marino, Iackie Hooper, Mr. Summers, Lloyd Haywood, lim Harper, Bay Hauser. 3rd row: Richard Hall, Tommy Hoffman, Roy Kelly, Ir., Kathleen Kelly, Billy Hansen, Vir- ginia Rhodes, Raymond Harvey, Ioseph Hill. Not in picture: Finn Hendrick, Evelyn Hooper, Norman Sherman, Boots Hansen, Treas. Sw SOPI-IOMORES MISS DRUGHERTYS H2-7 in- sists that it is just a group of plain people with one exception, Melvin Stratton who represented them as High Sophomore Duke in the Spring Festival. Were ex- pecting to hear more from them in the next two years. lst row: lack Smith, Sam Sengelmann, Host, Melvin Stratton, Chmn., Geneva Tipps, Mary Lee Surles, Oma Louis Scheidementel, Herbert Taylor, Elizabeth Sims, Gloria Simonton, V.-Chmn. 2nd row: Milton Miller, Donald McPherson, Stanley Shuman, Miss Daugherty, I. B. Tarter, Iames Speckles, Donald Thompson, St. Coun. Rep., Sherrill Shelton, Byfield Taylor. 3rd row: Otis Smith, Rhea Mae McKeeby, Marfrey Vetrano, Ioan Mathews, Ruth Snod- grass, Betty Lou Teague, Sec'y, Ioyce Sho- walter, Iames Shaffner, Iohnnie Schwing, Treas., Nournry Stroter. Lenora Chivonne of MISS DIL- WORTHS L2-l came out just a few votes behind Ioanna Miller in the sophomore election for Corral beauty. Included in the group are several vagabonds whose wanderings have covered territories from New York to Cal- ifornia and Old Mexico. lst row: Ftrthur Boyd, Ruth Ptldridge, Flnita Coff, Lenora Chivonne, Pres., Kathryn Davis, Blossom Ezzel, Peggy Cole, Billie lean Butler, V.-Pres., Millie Bennen, Shelia Broomhead, Mary Lew Cargill, Dean Flrnold, Lynn Baliey. Znd row: lack Cocijper, Ruby Duckett, Sec'y and St. Coun. Rep., atsy Cross, Robert Cade, Iames Beasley, Marie Dorster, Billy Hndrews, Gloria Bolen, Bernard Fldams, Evelyn Qllen, Rita Frances De Priest, Fran Flllen. 3rd row: Iames Butler, Miss Dilworth, Rollie Cunningham, Monty Cearnal, Wayne Calla- way, sther D'Hmico, Treas., Doris Dietz- scholce, Richard Brown, Claude Brannon, Bobby Briggs, Helen Cook, Helen Custard, Iohn Eggers. Not in picture: Iames Dupree, Curtis Everett. 1 This L2-3 Class of MISS SIMS has an enrollment of thirty-nine making it one of the largest in Hustin. Pill of them, with one ex- ception, have been together for three years and are looking for- ward to three more years to- gether here at Stephen F. lst row: Harold Parkison, Itmmie Perez, Don Marchant, Louise Mitchell, Melba Pelkinqhorn, Billy Martin, Charleen Organ, David McBride, Bessie Russo, lacqueline Richey, Bobby Mar- tin, Richard Rogers, Iohn Musachia. 2nd row: Thurman Phelps, limmy Mccreary, Gladys Parker, Edwin Parkerson, Glen Mc- Ilwain, Gene Reed, Betty Hnn Poynter, Betty Iane Reynolds, Perry Richard, Mary Rhodes, Dick Reynolds. 3rd row: Bill Robertson: Travis McDonald, Virginia Radabaugh, Dorris Ross, Phillip Rip- penhagen, Phyllis Petry, Florie Medlenka, Ethel Randolph, Ouida McConaughey, lack Maples, Isabel Robertson, Iames Robinson, Paul Montes. IN MEMORIHM ROYHL WHEELER Iune 12, 1923 - Hpril 21, 1941 His radiant smile and ever-faith- ful Willingness to help will not soon be forgotten by those Who knew him. IQMES HHNNER October 11, 1923 - Iuly 3, 1940 His enthusiasm, his fun-loving disposition Will' always be remem- bered by his many friends. In retro- spect We can but smile at those antics of his. Tl-IE SPRING FESTIVHL Qmid a Pan-Flmerican setting, Elizabeth Corley and Harry Hutson were crowned Queen and King of the an- nual Spring Festival held on the campus Plpril 17. Carry- ing out the Pan-Flmerican theme, the dancers from the P. E. Classes entertained with a tango and a Spanish waltz in typical South Hmerican dress and the orchestra and chorus gave selections reflecting the same trend. The jesters, Betty Ftnne Evans and Thelma Lynne Irwin's substitute, Claire Born, greatly amused the court and the throng of on-lookers with their antics in the Mexican man- ner. Thelma Lynne, with her incapacitated foot com- fortably propped, watched from the sidelines. Class representatives at the court were: HIGH SENIOR HIGH SOPI-IOMORE LOW IUNIOR Princess Betty lean Outterside Duchess Winnifred Baylor Duchess' Hnnette Smith Prince Bobby Guillet Duke Melvin Stratton Duke Richard Conkling LCldY'i1'1'WC1lTif1g Mflfgflfef STOFIIUQ LOW SENIOR LOW SOPHOMORE Gent1emCm'm'WQmng Pct Morcom Princess Hdeline Berg Duchess Elizabeth Finn Sterling HIGH IUNIOR Prince Roy Clark Duke Paul Vahldick Duchess Ioyce Patterson Lady-in-Waiting lean Katherine Winner Duke Kenneth Palmer Gentleman-in-Waiting Howard King VISITING ROYQLTY FLOWER GIRLS TRHINBEHRERS Ieanne Grove and Owen Walker Ramon Dean Hintz Donnie Burson From Iackson Iunior High Caroline Horton Kay Colvin Bobby Lee Dowdy and Ernest Shockly CROWNBEQRER From Edison Iunior High Floyd B. Spencer, Ir. nt.,,,4 ' QiSiS .JLSYXM-Gian an A- -' ' ' I 1 I T "Liberty is a trinity. lt is the truth that makes men free-the truth in a three-fold relation. lt first endows men with a sense of spiritual freedom-the truth concerning man as a living soul -Without which it is idle to speak of or hope for any other form of freedom. Spiritual freemen cannot long remain political bondmen-they are bound to discover and apply the truth concern- ing the life politic. Hnd having at- tained these, and living in a manner not too unworthy of them, men begin to enter into economic liberty-the truth concerning things: for things are made to subserve the higher and per manent values of life. Surrender any element of this tri-unity of truth, and a blow is dealt to all." W. I. Cameron. VITHL SPEECHES OF THE DRY December 15, l94O. .-A 0 Mrginia .SJILMIJQ 5044, guifdf guy ,dm cf' UCLIIJ CDZZOIICQPCI 34 0l'l'll050I'l 4 if 35 3 r N K gnu I 05' f E W .. 7 X 5 - .ATQJQQTSQ L. ILQ Ll. ' X 5 Q ... . , , f f 1. E T? R M f ei gggk ' Q i :sw Y 1- ' . 5,2 Q 93 'Agfa ,. X .Q -' af '-E Q .vga if' fb i ,i 1.1 is , Q ffff Ziff, jay Affdon Eff, :lou ga fea you W Cl' CMU ell "P1merica yearns for peace in the world. The freedom of men comes only in peace. It diminishes in war. The abolition of poverty and want comes only in peace. Poverty and want in- crease in war. "Yet the world does not know, and we do not know, how world peace can be made and maintained. The world does not know, and we do not know, how in the face of steady world im- poverishment we are to abolish want. "We do not see our way. Tod over these questions, we are frustrated, confused, unhappy and fearful. "Our unity of ideas extends only to a resolve to defend ourselves and a fervent wish that the struggling de- mocracies shall win. "Now is the time to think hard and think fast. We cannot wait until the appointments with destiny are upon ll LIS. Herbert Hoover. VITHL SPEECHES OF THE DHY Hpril 15, 1941. 'K THE EOOTBHLL SEHSON PHSSING IN REVIEW Through the four-year period of its existence, Mustang morale has been knocked about but never bruised. The Mustangs have earned a reputation for being scrappers from the first. The '40-'4l team was no exception, fight- ing through with the same old battle cries. Hlthough the '40 Mustangs were not quite the team of '39, they were right in there fighting all the way through the entire schedule-winning three, losing three, and tying four. Even though the Ponies were not up to their usual par, they still placed four men for honorable mention on the mythical Hll-District Team. The four boys who worked hard for these deserved positions were: Stewart Gordon, glue-fingered end, Ed Clarac, hard-charging guard, George Ma- deley, ace ball-toter, Vernon Hooper, rugged defensive tackle. The Mustangs got off to a slightly slow start in their two inaugural tests, however, the boys ended up with a strong punch to tie the district cham- pion. Lacking a good scoring punch the Ponies could not get started with the Ball High Tornadoes and could only keep the Tors from scoring and tie for their first game of the season. Hrriving here in Houston to tame the Mustangs, Thomas lefferson of San "H" SQUHD Kneeling: Cleburne Stokes, Rodger Cannon, Billy Dodson, George Madeley, Bill Scruggs, Gene Wasek, Bruno Leonardt, Ed tGusJ Clarac, Harold Leonard, Cyril Leonard, Bill Hveryt, Stewart Gordon. Standing: Robert McCarthy, Harlan Tanner, Hubert Burger, Bill Cade, I. O. Williams, Iohn Moore, Leon Hahn, Herman Haley, Vernon Hooper, Ed Henderson, Frank Shown, Iohn Cypert, George Frederick, I. C. Traylor, Howard King. Yell Leaders: Yvonne Gidden, Pat Morcom, Nancy Sander- Managers: Lefty lohnson lin, Harry Hutson, Yvonne Lee, Bobby Guillet. lack Iones. '5 rs an Q l rf,-M, N Plntonio was slightly surprised by Hustin's mighty forward wall which bat- tled them to a 6-6 tie with a vengeance that can't be overlooked. Then came the big crash of the season when Beaumont knocked Plustin over to the tune of 20-U in a hard-fought battle, which the score does not in- dicate, for the first defeat of the year. In the first district game of the city race, the Ponies toppled over the Milby Buffaloes in a rough and rugged game of football. From the first gun to the end of the game the ever-ready Mustangs were on their toes and fighting all the way. Outstanding in this game against Milby were George Madeley, a sixty-minute, hard-charging fullback, Stewart Gordon, sticky-fingered end who hardly ever missed a pass, and Vernon Hooper, a rugged tackle who couldn't be blocked. Playing St. Thomas for the first time, the Mustangs upheld the city tradi- tion of beating the Toms by the score of 7 to 6. St. Thomas was the first to tal- ly, missing the try for extra point. Ht the beginning of the second half, Coach Iohn Scott sent in the first string, starting a gallant march down the field ending in an Rustin touchdown. Rt the crucial moment, Clarac kicked the extra point which won the game. ln Rustin's fourth meeting with their chief rival, Mirabeau B. Lamar, the Mustangs played one of the closest games of the year in a 6-6 deadlock which was a moral victory for the hard-fighting Ponies. Statistics showed that in nearly every department the two teams were evenly matched. Madeley in the backfield and Clarac in the line were the outstanding players for this Fiustin juggernaut. Raymond Borneman starred for the Redskins. ln a battle of dog-eat-dog, the Reagan Bulldogs emerged victorious in a l3-O win over a thoroughly whipped Mustang team. Rrthur Snow was the Lettermen on this page: George Madeley- Hard ramming fullback, smooth run- ning, good forward passer, sensational punter, good line backer and fine plunger. Harold Leonard-Fl good offensive. Demon on defense. Started late in the season, but had a bang-up finish. Tommy Mahr-Because of his expe- rience received on the "B" Team he was one of l3lustin's fastest runners, and made a great back for the team. "B" SQUHD Coach Hartung, Kneelingi Floyd Hutchinson, Wilford Cook, David George, Rlbert Glynn, I. W. Rogers, Bobby Bush, Bill Cook, Iuddy Helcamp, Dewey Folly, Bob Rid- ley, lohnny McLaughlin, Lee Tipton, Don Buehner. Standing: I. C. Haver, Melvin Strat- ton, Ben Tolar, Iames Brown, Rlford Beefield, Tommy Iamail, George Wood- ard, Billy Matthews, Eugen Hartman, Ralph Baker, QBilly WQls9xr3,,Wendell Durham, Leo Wasel?"Rex Iohnson, Ed- ward Phelps, Mustang Keeperi Earline Priest. X powerhouse for the Bulldogs, plowing through the Mustang line almost at will. Meeting San Iacinto for the fourth time, the Plustinites were still unable to beat the Bears who are the only team in the city which the Mustangs have not been able to throw. Gene Simpson, scoring the only touchdown for the Bruins, caused the scrappy Mustangs most of their worries. The high-lights of the game were brought on by the brilliant play of Gene Wasek and George Frederick. The Mustangs were on the short end of a 7 to O score. For the first time in the history of gridiron battles between the Rustin Mus- tangs and the Sam Houston Tigers, Hustin bowed to the Tigers due to a 39 to 6 trouncing handed them by the Bengals. The highlights in this game were showered upon a one-man team composed of Ralph Porter, a Bengal FOOTBHLL Q-Bruno Leonardt-Right Guard, could open up a hole in any line, a rugged guard, will be hard to replace. Roger "Lard" Cannon-Pl great guard, did ex- ceptionally well for his Iunior year. Billy "Skillet" Dodson-R good guard, but need- ed experience. P. S. He'll be back next year with the experience. Edward "Gus" Clarac-165-pound guard full of fire and fight. Good offensive player, worked for the good of the team. Inset: Bill "Lady Killer" Plveryt-Rarely made headlines, but was one of the reasons Hustin clicked. lWhen they didl Herman Hayley-Got his start toward the end of the season, but was big, rough and hustling, always played a fine game. Iohn Cypert-160 pounds of vim, vigor and vi- tality for the line. George Frederick-Speedy block back, very dan- gerous, with or without ball. Returning letterman for next year. Coach Scott has high hopes for him in the coming season, Hubert Berger-Fl new comer to the squad, but made a good quarterback. Edward Henderson-P1 big, long, lanky lad. Got off to poor start because of lack of experience, but finished well, Stewart Gordon-Long, lanky boy, Tallied the winning points by his ability to intercept passes. Tiger who couldn't be stopped. ln the best game of the season the Stephen F. Qustin Mustangs made a superb come-back to make a prevari- cator of every sports predictor Who dared give an opinion of the game un- der the conditions as they were. The Ponies played brilliantly and untiring- ly to knock the Panthers back on their haunches and took some of that well- known wind out of their sails. The LETTERMEN Bill Scruggs-Good blocker, did exceptionally well. Cleburne Stokes-Followed in the tracks of all great centers at Flustin, usually at the bottom of every playp always hustled, starting every game. Received honorable mention in Qll-City team. Gene Wasek-Excellent forward passer, speedy runner. Sly as a fox. Billy Davis-Speedy halfback, nifty ball lugger, game itself was a high-light that de- fies description. The Davis "ice line" was melted down as if a hot torch had been turned full blast on the Panthers' powerful forward wall as Hustin bat- tled its Way through to a U-U moral victory. Players of both teams were thoroughly outstanding in their fine playing throughout the entire game. The sportsmanship shown by these fighting Mustangs and all the other contenders sets a standard for all fu- ture Hustinites to strive toward. The boys with a pigskin oval for a brain endured the sour taste of defeat with the same enthusiasm and sporting blood that they did the pleasant taste of victory. With this attitude, win or lose, Hustins honor will never die. 4 wi' and good forward passer. Vernon "Red" Hooper-Heaviest boy on team. Main peg in Hustin line-up because of offense as well as defense. One of Flustin's best tackle products. if BHSKETBHLL There have been four years of basketball at Hustin and the Ponies in those four years have yet to hoe the row. However, last season was the loudest of the lot, with Coach Lefkowitz's lads showing a real will- to-win, even though they took only three tilts and lost nine, tying San lacinto for fifth place in the city. Ieff Davis won the championship, but, in all honesty, the Northsiders didn't hi-jack their way to the top, for six other schools made it rather rough on the Panthers from start un- til stop. Hlthough it might be hard to give any good alibis about how the East- enders had 68 points, the year's highest score, hurled through their hoops by Lamar last February 21, they lost most of their games by minute margins. One of Houston's worst epidemics of influenza had something to do with several of the Ponies' set-backs, too, because at one or another time during the season nearly every Mus- tang was playing tag with the flu, leaving some of the boys unavail- able at crucial moments. Reagan, the Redskins, and the Panthers were the only guints to check Plustin twice. However, only Lamar, a team that tallied over l3O counters in two bouts with the guys from Dumble Street, made it really embarrassing for the fellows. Sam Houston, San lacinto, and Milby "H" SQUHD Standing: Cleburne Stokes, Coach Sam Lefkowitz, Bobby Guillet, Lynn Smith, Billy McFarland, Tommy Iohnson. Seated: George Madeley, Dewey Helcamp, Edwin Dunnam, Harold Leonard, Leonard Thompson, Capt., Bill Scruggs, 5 could win only one apiece from Illus- tin, as the Ponies squeezed their three victories out of them. The standings and scores may be a little different next year though, for Cleburne Stokes, Harold Leon- ard, Billy MacFarland, and Bill Scruggs will be back, which doesn't make Mr. Lefkowitz unhappy at all. Bobby Cfuarino, Boy Hope, Norman Gilbert, Paul Vahldick, the Hel- camps, Dewey and luddy, also have some more time on their hands. Leonard Thompson, Bobby Guil- let, Edwin Dunham, and Lynn Smith are all wearing graduation rings now, and it will be a hard job to replace them. The only consolation is that a few other pentagons in District l3 may also have the same task. "B" SQUQD Seatedi Bobby Guarino, fuddy Hel- camp, Cyril Leonard, Forest Dudley, Boy Hope, Clarence Taylor. Standing: Vernon Simons, Mgr., Dorian Duckett, Norman Gilbert, fohnny McLaughlin, Kenneth Gree, Hrnott De Lange, Donald Stoutenger, Bobby Landis, Claude McDonald, E. F. Kornmayer. Top: Stokes goes for a tip-in against San Iacinto as Smith and McFarland stand by for a rebound. Bottom: Guillet takes a long one-hand :shot in the Sam Houston game, First row: Blair, Hllen, Gilbert, Perry. On Diving MINCR Hustin's minor sports have played a very important part in our athletic activities, not only in city but also in district and even state competition. Hbove at the top left can be seen two of our Pony speedsters pounding the cinders in a daily workout on the Hustin track. Smith is handing the "old baton" to Griffin. These boys and other members of the track team coached by Lt. Willis have worked hard throughout the school year to make a good showing without the services of their captain, Bill Cade, who was ineligible this year. Bill will be back next year and ready to "hit the track." Other standouts this year were: Lee Tipton, who was pretty good at flying over the bar in the pole vault, Dewey Helcamp, who wasn't a slouch in the 100-yard dash: Tommy Mahr, quite a kick in the half-mile run. Hnother department of our athletics which shouldn't be snickered at is our swimming team which is under Coach I-lartung. Hustin is expected to be represented in the state meet by a few of the boys since we have two who are bettering last year's state time. Iimmy Koch who can swim the lOO-yard free style in very nice time has already made a nice showing in a meet with San Iacinto. THE "HHS-BEEN" TERM Kneeling: Holmes, Berger, Raub, Newman, Robin- son, Thorp, McWhorter, Stringfellow, Traylor, Coach Summers. Standing: Stockbridge fWaterboylg Gordon, Hooper, Currie, Dimond, Isaacson, Bryon, Brown, Peet, Hahn. Flbernathy, Line Coach Spampinato. RELHY Smith and Griffin SWIMMING TERM Board: Berger, Tyles, Koch, Brown, Ridley, Decker, Duckett. Standing: Pearson, Cross. BROHD IUMP Valentino l T I SPCBTS Bob Bidley, who won first place last year in the back stroke, has im- proved his time by bettering his winning time last year. lack Decker and Howard Brown should not be over-looked as they may wind-up "in the money" also. Qustin old-aged Mustangs, necessarily out of the Corral for some time, re- turned this Spring to saddle the younger Ponies but were set for a bundle of surprises when the Ponies kicked a little too much and a little too hard to spill the "exes" and kick them out into the range again. However, the old flabbies will return to the corral again and again, and sometimes they will saddle their baby ponies and sometimes they won't. Perhaps the most outstanding of Hustin's minor sports is volleyball. For the fourth straight year the Ponies have emerged as victorious contenders. Under the able direction of Coach l-lartung they entered the Y. M. C. Pl. tournament to emerge undefeated. The Ponies were never seriously threat- ened during the entire series. The volleyball teams at Plustin have won more trophies than all the other sports put together. Don't slack up, boys, go right on and fight for dear old Hustinl VOLLEYBQLL TEHM: Lynn Smith, Tommy Iohnson, Coach Hartung, Stewart Gordon, Vernon Klopp, Bobby Guillet Edwn TRQCK: Clyde Owens Dunnam, Howard Brown, Henry Bailey, Dean Blau, Edwin Cook POLE VHULT: Lee Tipton HURDLES: Dorian Duckett, Raymond McCauley HLL-ROUND GYM TEHMS The final Winners ot all-round rating in Miss Grace Hornaday's gym classes Were, as pictured above: Mary Bristol Evelyn Kuhn Dorothy Nell Lackey Thelma Major Bonnie Muckleroy Hudrey Pusch Eleanor Schultz Elizabeth Sims Plileen Watson Gwendolyn Zedlitz ln Miss Susanna Garrison's classes the final play-offs netted these girls the honors as top-flight physical specimens: Merle Yates Margaret Grover Rosemary Manly Marjorie Butler Louise lohnson Billie Louise Tuggle Mignon Harrington Daphne Davenport ml WE, , J. w Ui. KX! J' I Q! n VIE ---:hu gmgnrnii. .1 M ,, ia ,WY ..,,- , fav--an i"'-K' , ff f ,,. .Lv U , Q- L, .....-an 3? ,X W. M X- --1-.f.mawl2W'1W in M3 kv"t4,.,,5 Volleyball still seems to be a popular sport to open the activities in the fall. This year rnodern dance was presented in the program for the first time. Some of the girls Were disillusioned to find that modern dance didn't mean the nigger shuffle or jitterbug, but at the end of twelve Weeks there were about five hundred potential threats to the throne of Martha Graham and Hanya Holm. Basketball brightens the gleam in every gal's eyes. ludging from the nurn- ber of penalties inflicted, one would suspect that this sport gives ample op- portunity to let off steam. The players certainly don't pull their punches for each other's hairl, but no casualties have been recorded to date. Speaking of casualties, the only thing that really suffers from the P. E. pro- gram is long finger-nails. Everyone gradually discovers that she can't snare the hide-bound pellet on the end of one of those ten-inch nails, and finally, when nails are all broken down to mere stubs of an inch or two, the playf ers settle down to serious baseball. Eventually the Winners of class tourna- ments receive letters for their superiority. Spring calls for more dancing-folk and ballroom. Interest in dances for the Spring Festival was keen. South Qmerican themes proved popular with the boys as well as the girls. The last six Weeks are given over to tournaments in individual sports, and then it's every girl for herself. Hwards in ping pong, badminton and tennis were Won by the girls Who gained the top in each of these. Many a hard-fought game determines the final Winners. Qrchery, horse-shoe and shuffle-board round out the list of individual activities-then summer comes along with plenty of time to practice some of these skills. XSL, yygg r, Q N' -25913 53, c,,v i Q W .,', i Q 4 3 or , 1 1 yy X xi liyigr. N Q rw g ' 'N f xx vi "Only by the triumph of the idea of freedom, of the idea of international democracy are happiness, peace and order to be Won for Europe-in the place of that anarchy which is the downfall of civilization. The insistence on the unrestrained sovereignty of na- tional states that is the anarchy, that is the unbridled individualism which has become impossible and is Eu- rope's ruin. The egotism of the nation- alistic states must make sacrifices, so cial sacrifices, which mean a limitation of the idea of national sovereignty, yes, of the national idea itself. That is the goal of this War. Its fruit must be a community of free peoples responsible to one another, a democracy of states, in which Freedom and Equality have reached a new creative balance." Thomas Mann, Fluthor. VITHL SPEECHES OF,,Tl-IE DRY Marchl, 1941. 'fl' STI up STUDENT COUNCIL Each year the Student Council, composed of representatives from each home room, has a pow-wow at which time they slap together the most cherished book of Hustin's Bomeos, HThe Stu- dent Directory." The music which soothes our spirits amid the din of cafeteria lunching and effectively helps us digest is a product of this pow- Wow Cand your pocketsl. The club sends get-Well-quick cards to our invalid classmates, and in many other Ways helps to spread friendship thruout Qustin High. Mary Maclaine, President, Bob Stephens, Treasurer, Richard Conkling, Corresponding Secretary, Ioe Hollingsworth, VicesPre-sident, Lucille Bender, Secretary CRecordinQlz Ella Marie Hughes, Parliamentarian. Top row: Billy Harding, Mitchell Baird, William Perkins. Second row: Donald Thompson, Ernst Maas, Ruth Warner, Mildred Daugherty, Mrs, Dailey, Daphne Davenport, Hoyt Sheffield, Virginia Olsen, Iames Robinette, Lorraine Cook, Mary Rae Mauzy. Third row: Bill Robinson, Elsie lohnson, Hdeline Berg, Mildred Reed, Martha Harrell, Thelma Major, Mary Bristol, Betty I. liams, Gillian Mae Ranft, Charlotte Watt, leanne Bevis. Fourth row: Billy Hastings, Mattie Peterson, Norma Iahn, Patricia Iennings, Karl Ellen Graell, Billie Io Hamilton, Bobbie lean Martin, La Vane Kite, Mary Ellen Goebel, Dorothy Deatherage, Betty lean Estes. Bottom row: Lucille Bender, Richard Conkling, Mary Maclaine, foe Hollingsworth, Ella Marie Hughen, Bob Stephens. in S al -1141: X f n-up ,K-gig 5 ' .V WL 3 jx i XJ H r :I f li K YSS51 I . sir, Q Wi 2 ax ,gf Q, 1 in .... M ,,,. mf- K K? Jef- 2 A I ,g Wk , f .. ul- , X K has n , ' A. , sk, iff W .Mi .f .-vs g. ...Q ' e ,, Mvqg 'HY 53 ff : 'w er ft.. ,ff It f . f Aww Q' pg - W c N 'Wt " J ' ie ,-21 :x'g1S,e,:,+- "sys, F i A .b N' " '11 Ray a V 'J 'K I , A V , , K figxggxgi .i , r all A xx W? X ' v 'ff ' ' M55 'T A f 'L XV A 'M ix ' "'fSSf2F'Q4."." ' ' I W A 4 Q 5' 'I ,..-ff ,ge-N . " 'X , N, A - A A 1? . Qfki, .1 I I F W ,N sam". TQ fb , 5 A . I M H b. . gi -1,-Q, 5 j an 4' ' ' 'ui 3 , , Y ' x an - A A M 'J . L, K . ,' QQ 9 I as , X v " L 'N L , ia if .MQ . as fra mf ,A .fa-as :mb X 'U vi whos: wspwnnpn EH S 1 my L V ES.. N A gm 1 L .,. ,yn W. Agri w K 9 f QQ. Aoi T4 5 r .4 J a x... 'YQ X 5 gif! 2555 1 I is 'iff f V Pg wg' K .4 11 :ff X Mya fs. mi Q U ,ax 3' ..-.. Q -S' 3. ,l.. 4 W 4 v ,I AQ ,gm Avg, QA A win Ag .55 9.- 1 5 x . K N X Ri X 'N ' we Q QQ ,.i? , 41 Nixon Shrader A A Nancy Sanderlin ..,. Harry Hutson, A A THE MUSTHNG BOOSTERS Pete Kousakis, Chief Booster APlss't Chief Booster Pat Morcom .,,. A A A A A A A Scribe Booster Bobby Guillet A A A A , , .Cash Booster Edwin Dunnam A A A A A A ROSTER Qllen, Beatrice Flrnrine, Phyllis Rnderson, Iune Flnthony, Bernice Flrnold, Ray Flrrington, Iohn Baird, Beb Barrett, Emily Baylor, Billy Baylor, Winnifred Beatty, Henrietta Bercak, Marcella Bevis, Ieanne Bilsback, Eileen Bish, Maxine Blair, Marjorie Bond, Bruce Born, Claire Bristol, Mary Broussard, Ondina Burford, Dorothy Burge, Barbara Butcher, Milton Butler, Marjorie Byrd, Elaine Carmena, Vera Clarac, Ed Click Mary Io Conlon, Ruth Lee Conkling, Richard Corley, Elizabeth Cox, Leigh Crump, Herbert Davenport, Daphne De Perrodil, Iris Dewey, Gladys Dreyer, Iuana Dillard, Norma Ruth Dunnam, Edwin Elkins, Curtis Evans, Betty Plnne Ewald, Rrline Ezell, james Files, Betty Fitch, Bob Fitzgerald, Margie Gardner, Ola Gatton, Marshall Geary, Mildred Gidden, Yvonne Goldberg, Milton Graves, Estelle Greco, Lucy Guillet, Bobby Gurley, Mary Hansen, Christian Harper, Doris Hayley, Hlmajean Herren, Virginia Howard, Mary Hunt, Iohn Husman, Lois Iarrell, Betty Lou johnson, Tommie King, Margaret Klirna, Lillian Irene Kline, Barbara Knodel, Maxine Kousakis, Pete Koy, Bernice Kruemacky, Paul Lackey, Dorothy Nell Laughlin, Betty Lawson, Virginia Lee,Yvonne Lowrey, Pat Ly Hon, Ioanna Mahr, lean Martin, Bobby lean Matejek, Melva Ioyce Mayes, Bubba McDavid, Mary McKinney, Ramond McNichols, Shirley Miller, Ioanna Mitchell, Fred Mitchell, Mary Morcom, Pat Morcom, Patsy Murdock, Marguerite Murray, Mary lane Padon, Gene Parker, lack Patterson, Pat Pearson, Betty lean Peevy, Richard Petherioles, Rngelo Presswood, Gordon Quinn, Marjorie Ranft, Gillian Mae Redhorst, Miriane Reynolds, Martha Ring, Rosalie Robinson, Billie Ronan, Iohnnie Leigh Roper, Ettabelle Ross, Hlice Mayes Sanderlin, Nancy Scardino, Marjorie Schultz, Nona Shelton, Ieanne Shrader, Nixon Kousakis, Sanderlin, Dunham, Hutson, Morcom, Shrader. ,Lawyer Booster Bouncer Booster Bouncer Booster Shudde, Virginia Simons, Vernon Sloan, William Starling, Margaret Stelwagen, Iohn Stephens, Bobby Stewert, Ruth Stiers, Ianie Suggs, Billie Surles, lune Swartz, Dale Tabb, Walterine Taylor, Dorothy Tierney, Mable Tisinger, Peggy Trautwein, Bobby lane Van Ptntwerp, Thelma Vezien, Betty Lee Vokes, Vera Walker, Bill Ward, Shirley Weaver, Walter White, Irene Wiesenthal, Blanche Wilson, Rosa Bell Wright, Ioy Young, Peggy I4 5 W ,,. 1 W W7 . xx N. , - it I ll A Q 'F' ., W 2 3 ma lm 4.1 24' 1W4Yi 5 .Q 2 wg ' xp f 5' ww, . .A if . 4 VR? 3 ,L ' G E' 5 If 2 i i 1 ff . 'Fifi W R, . W .QR 'Qi' COED-ESQUIRE Creep into the library any Tuesday morning at 7:45 and you will catch the Coed-Esquire Club in action---if they aren't all still asleep. When the coeds and their sguires are dozing, they are probably dreaming of the picnics, hay- rides and dances that they have had since that first meeting in the early fall of l94U. Mrs. Helen Tackett, "Tookit" as she has been dubbed by her fond admirers, is the much-heclcled sponsor. lf the membership of the club weren't limited to forty-four, "Tookit" would probably be off her nut by now. However, she stands up under the strain wonderfully and between club meet- ings most efficiently runs the library. During the fall term the officers were: Betty lean Outterside, President, Bobby Guillet, Vice- presidentg Iune Surles, Secretary, Betty Lou lar- rell, Treasurer. For the spring term they were Martha Reynolds, Presi- dent, Nancy Sanderlin, Vice-President, Phyllis Qmrine, Secretary and Betty Lou larrell, Treas- urer. First row: Betty Lou Iarrell, Lester Mayes, Virginia Shudde, Iimmie Hill, Margaret Starling, Pat Morcom, Patsy Morcom, Betty Qnne Evans. Second row: Martha Rey- nolds, Bobby Guillet, Gene Padon, lune Surles, Betty lean Outterside, Iimmie Bell, Bar- bara Burge, Billy Dodson, Bet- ty Iean Pearson, Bruce Bond, Marshall Gatton. Third row: Phyllis Rmrine, Milton Butcher, Yvonne Gid- den, Rodger Cannon, Marjorie Crump, Mildred Fellows, foe Turnage, Robert Robinson, Mrs, Taclcett, Dale Swartz, loe Hollingsworth. "Hu, THE Cl-IQRM CLUB The Charm Club, as the name would indicate, at- tempts to make glamour gals of its members by the acquisition of good manners and personality. This spring, after a winter of trying to be ladies, we really let down our hair at our Barn Dance and had a wonderful time. . - is NW! 3 Didn't you? ' First row: Virginia Shudde, Nancy Sanderlin, Peggy Fall Officers Spring Officers Clark, Thelma Gregg, Barbara Burge, Betty Finne- Patsy Morcom President Virginia Shudde Evans. Betty Iean Pearson Vice-President Phyllis Flmrine Second row: Yvonne Gidden, Dorothy Deatherage, Phyllis Flmrine Secretary Betty Lou Iarrell Phyllis Rmrine, Margaret King, Gene Padon. Virginia Shudde Treasurer Claire Born Third row: Hlice Mayes Ross, Bobbie lean Martin, Gene Padon Soc'l Ch'm'n Dorothy Deatherage Betty Lou Iarrell, Martha Reynolds, Patsy Morcom, Margaret King Round-Up Reporter Margaret King Betty lean Pearson, lune Surles, Betty lean Outterside. 4? 4 R. C. T. C. COMPQNY Q lst PLQTOON Lt Barney Myatt lst row, lst squad: Corp. Roy Cross, Sgt, Iames Har- rell, Corp Ernest Howell, Pvts, Burton Stokes, Raywood Coffey, Hugh McMillan, Merlin Flbraham Znd row, 2nd squad: Corp. lack Mahoney, Pvts. Nor- man Tofte, Billie Cypert, Mitchell Baird, Lynn Maughmer, 3rd row, 3rd squad: Corp. Billy Baylor, Pvts. Carroll Brunson, Billy Harding, Charles Bretzke, Sqt Ioe Turn- Qnd PLRTOON Lt Bobby Clampitt lst row, lst squad: Sgt Glenn Maley, Corp Bill Cade, Pvts Myron Dickey, Elton Gregory, George Vance, Iohn Dibrell, Fl C. Marguies, Iames Robinette Znd row, 2nd squad: Corp Odell Ellis, Pvts. Iohn Lind, R L. Youngblood, Victor Rampy, Robert Weyrich, Fred Brittaln, Robert McGrew. 3rd row, 3rd Squad. Corp. Ioe Hollingsworth, Pvts. Charles Bovee, William Daulley, Hoyt Sheffield, William McDaniel, Lloyd Platzer, Sgt. Billy Clark. age 3rd PLHTOON Lt. William Boy lst row, lst squad. Sgt.Bert Stokey Corp. Dale Swartz, Pvts Billy Hastings, Ray Schedler, Billy Kirk- patrick, G. L. Woods, Louis Heinze. Znd row, 2nd squad: Corp. Bailey Simmons, Pvts, Bert Heitman, Iohn Guynes, Hardin Lewis, Donald Boyd, Harold Gaudin. 3rd row, 3rd squad: Corp. Ben Towler, Pvts. Bob Flhrens, Leigh Cox, Donald Schwartz, Rav Walton, L L Gulledge, Sgt Nixon Shrader. COMPQNY B lst PLHTOON Lt Ramon MCKIHDQV lst row, lst squad: Sgt H. Fl Knox, Corp William Perkins, Pvts. I B. Tarter, Carl Fink, Som Moreland Charles Stokes, Carter Hubbard, Freddie Helmcamp Znd row, 2nd squad: Corp. Thomas Clancy, Pvts, Iohn Latham, Billy Davis, Iames Taylor, Raymond Harvey, Billy Vllilliamson, Tony Hernandez. 3rd row, 3rd squad. Pvts. Iohn Hrrington, Herman Briggs, Garvey Smith, Carl Gellinthin, Don Condon Carl Leonard, Platoon Sgt. Osborn Bennett, Rear Lt. Bob Stephens. 2nd PLQTOON Lt. L. D, Stewart lst row, lst squad: Corp. Royce Cook, Sgt. Roy Tins ley, Corp, Iames Wilson, Pvts, Bennie Dyer, Maurice Thomas, Warren Holmes, Teddy Knox, Sgt. Kenneth Spencer. Znd row, Znd squad: Corp Gerald Vogler, Pvts. Lee Bennett, Billy Dean, Richard Peevy, Marvin Teague Walter Smith. Grd row, 3rd squad: Corp. Leroy Sterling, Pvts. Harlan Brockman, Sam Sengleman, Wilbur Head, David Peter' son, Sgt. Hewitt Custard, First Sgt. Donald Butler FLHGS Corp, Harry Sims Sgt. Gordon Presswood Sgt. Raymond Poxon Corp. Kenneth Palmer Lt. Iesse Willis COM PH N Y C 1stPLQTOON Lt. Harry Hutson lst row, lst squad: Corp Simeon Iohnson, Sgt Howard King, Corp. Frank Goff, Pvts. Glynn Rogers, Robert Bran- non, Iohn Hrcher, Horance Frankie, Sgt. Louis Freund Znd. row, 2nd squad: Corp. Richard Conklin, Pvts Richard Ringer, Glenn Hallett, Sherrill Shelton, Richard Wyatt, 3rd row, 3rd squad, Corp. Hubert Wolf, Pvts Glenn Barnet, Ernest Mauk, Ray Houser, Bobby Harris, First Sgt, Iames Ezell Znd PLHTOON Lt. Bobby Murphy lst row, lst squad: Sgt. Iames Murph, Corp. Ted Man- ning, Pvts. Byfield Taylor, Plugust Walla, Roy Kelly, Eugene Manly, Bill Curry. Znd row, 2nd squad: Corp. Newton Crawford, Pvts Kenneth Huer, Clarence Oqilyie, Christian Hansen. Donald Thompson. 3rd row, 3rd squad: Corp, Grover Needham, Pvts. Bill Charles Coull, I. L. Brooks, Ray Lemmon, ard PLr11TooN J Lt. Billy Needham lst row, lst squad: Sgt R. B. Meyer, Pvts. Robert Callahan, Iim Harper, Iimmie Griffith, Milton Miller, Ioy Carroll, Iack Lalanne, Billy Iones. 2nd row, 2nd squad: Corp Iack Wier, Pvts. Howard Brightman, Bob Coston, Roland Hill, Phillip Miroca. Robert Rudy. 3rd row, 3rd squad: Corp Ernest Williams, Pvts. Billy Fisher, George Hays, Iohnnie Schwing, Leonard Black- well, Iack Lagrone, Sgt Louis Panella. New Cadets lst row: Gilford Harrison, David McBride, Eugene Weill, Bobby Martin, Richard Straub, Billy Treat, Edwin Kasper, Charles Hill, Derwood Harrison, Buck Greene, Billy Martin, Ray Mount, Dick Reynolds, Iimmy McCreary, Iack Cooper, Znd row: Hooper Haygood, W. C. Miner, Earl Livesoy, Clifton Hill, Bernard Hdams, Phillip Rippenhaqen, Iames Butler, Iimmy Woods, Iack Maples, Ernest Stokey, Florie Medlenka, Carrey Box, Iames Robinson, Iohnny Battle, 3rd row: I. W. Iackson, Lynn Bailey, Weldon Shan- non, Edwin Parkerson, Bob Lyons, Ptrthur Boyd, Bill Robertson, William Hutchinson, Edward Berry, Iohn Eggers, Ioe Sarabia, Ernest Cherry. Major Victor Henkellg Captains I. L. McCoy, Don Zapp, Iohn Narcisop lst Lts. Iack Warriner, I. L Hull, and Pat Morcom. Lts. Harry Hutson, William Boy, Bobby Clampitt, Barney Myatt, Bobby Murphy, Billy Needham, Bob Stephens, Ramon McKinney, L. D. Steward. ,I Q U u 4 l E 9' In Q xg P S V , S -rf-mil' - 4. AK" .Ie 5-.. I A lm 149 --su- H , ae. fm 1 ww we li W3 - F' ,,5 ,f xy:- ' eg-9? .-.W 'S' Nw Y X 51? E fm! A32 'R ,, I il-uf 5 R F SWK: 3 , ? 1 V qi! , if - 5- M if 3 r .L 5 ii X ,X Q S .lux V55 .1-f Sui-ww hiw :ix . L gf? . A - L A ffif mu Y? 'N f?.. W X gig A sw ix? .lf is WSW SZ 522 Q Ai - J J 6' a ,, lining 14 gg ' ' 9 ' su Ti gi g i's Q R Xxx X x ., .nf .da 1-A 'f --Q -fl 'W "" A mf ! g5g ,, ii i 2 ae .4 I f-bf g Q i If ll xl ll ll tl xi UN 'x Q' L""' X N 5x ?Q, If-X 'Aw V . WN fx W , ali naw' 'L Y, K w q g has SW lf fy l , Q 3 is 11 , ' V xx 'sg Q :H x K' , ' l Ruth Qldridge Mary Hllee Beatrice Plllen Elaine Qllen Phyllis Rmrine Iune Hnderson Frances Flveryt Emily Barrett Betty Lou Bates Madeline Baxter Pauline Becker Millie Bennen Maxine Bish Betty Boekelmann Sheila Broomhead Claire Born Bella Mae Boudreaux Iean Bowers Edna Earl Brandon Ella Brunson Mae Ruth Brunson Barbara Burge Billie lean Butler Elaine Byrd Thelma lean Carr Mary Nell Chapman Lenora Chivonne Margaret Church Mary Io Click Hnita Cobb Emogene Coers Peggy Cole ' Betty Constance Patricia Converse Elizabeth Corley Betty Iane Crahan Marjorie Crump Helen Custard Elaine Daigle Kathryn Davis Carolyn Deats Hnna Denny Rita Frances de Priest Doris Dietzschold Iimmy Dowell Mary Duke Bobbie Lee Edwards Lois Elaine Eldrett Billie Frances Eppler Betty Hnne Evans Blossom Ezzell Mildred Fellows Pllice lean Forrester BRIGHDE ROSTER Phyllis Foster Dorothy Franz Tyba Lee Freid Lorraine Fleissner Doris lean Flynn Evelyn Foroi Marilyn Gillespie Willie May Green Beatrice Griffin Marilyn Iohnson Marjorie lohnson Margaret Kirkpatrick Maxine Knodel Helen Krause Mary lane Leverett Esthermae Litherland Ioyce Litherland Virginia Lawson Eleanor Griffith Virginia Handley Edna Lois Hansen Doris Harper loy Harris Erika Hausenstein loyce Hawley Elsie lane Head Edna Rae Hendricks Winnelle Henkell Gloria Holland Lois Husmann Thelma Lynn Irwin Betty Iacobs Dorothy Iames Betty Lou Iarrell Barbara Iohnson Billie Ieanne Lockett Iune Loveless Colleen Maley Vivian Matthews Ioy Miller Billie Marie Minor Margaret Molder Eloise Moore Patsy Morcorn Frances Morris Myrtle Morris Mary lane Murray Pat McBride Dorothy McCleary Mary McDavid Dorothy Niland Betty Io Oberholz Vivian Oliver Betty lean Outterside Gene Padon Eleanor Panella Iacquelyn Parkin loyce Patterson Betty lean Pearson Dorothy Pickett Dorothy Preston Catheryne Ramsey Pat Rapp Virginia Ratliff Martha Reynolds Iacqueline Richey Billie Robinson Hlice Mayes Ross Betty Io Rusk Nancy Io Russell Fern Sanderlin Margaret Schaub Gloria Schleier Nona Schultz Ioy Schwecke Virginia Shuclde Enid Mae Scott Enid Sitton Gloria Simonton Flnnette Smith Margaret Starling Barbara Stewart Shirley Strickland Iune Surles Iacquelyn Seuberth Mary Plnn Swope Walterine Tabb Betty Lou Teague Shirley Trammell Bobby lane Trautwein Betty Lee Vezien Dorothy Wallace Shirley Ward Belle Welsh Shirley Wensky Beverly Werner Leora Whatley Mary Hlice Whatley Betty Iune White Erma Williams lane Wilson Betty Sue Wlnilzerly Betty lean Winlaorn lean Katherine Winner Beulah Mae Wunderlich Margaret Young A A A A Mm, an 1' v :L , r 9 3533, yi- 5 , fu 1' ,Wxfk 1 ,fri 55, 37X'F'3 4' 'x Aw? fufuii' 5, e Q P ' ', gi F. H. fx, - L sxbkin' 'I' fN v ? x " . K s7 621TipM3 ,w' M M Q A, 'M 595933511 'RdWWWE- ,A A 5562:- V X 6,8 is gg .. wars-an sing XA 3 ' "::- 5 it l w ,, K 5 is M WP T 9 V . -- kwlx 15,59 Q20 Y. 'K 55' gf, 5 wyfpf 121 W xiii ., Ax gm? 1, Fw. Q .gf , X W., W A if Zig .. uf-iii? Alix. QP 'rr if N319 if sw, 10 Q- af K , ,ff xh-L . qkkh A A R if .Q F' f L .4 :fly i Q N A 11 'ZW W, W,.., , ,K X ,, ' ww 1 . .A Ng? AX Ji" V I KKWJ W4 F, K is Aff In ll, F , I 1 f - , L' ie Q, H' uf - " if .- 1' . my K L ,,,-, . My . A qw. M 1 ,, A W. K . M wgvfaw' QE? g im V M, H, 9 Qivggpgvgfi Svffw W ?mmmmm N wM gg , wwwvfwxwf fig-,Q , M bb, L mA 39 L g'?'5ii'A'!4 f ' 1 X BQ i f , 3 l x ax., if S. . R HE ' is 4 3 9 S 7 .-... Q 'lil ' ,,' . F, Q,?'5- V 9538 -Q ' 13 4 . i W .K E 'L g, 5 5 'f' 1, . Y , W ' X fr I 5 ' 3' . 'K 514Q1 N13 fa, nf. K .. L 1' 'fi' V7 7 1," .ij Q N, X, K! -K wh I X' X fi? wg W" A 'WET Q? 1 Qg iwggkg ff 1 .ff xx .- is , 5 4 .4 -Q -A Q. , , Ef +-'Rf was-'I-U 3' an 3 A , sv - . fx? .W W -as SF ! Q Qs- VN Q x if gg se- a r -. fik Nifzfgw gfffgfffz X k i-53511 ggi 3155 fm SM .141 . .ev A Q kgiggi 33, AQ: W . , X S Mfg, . - 4 . ,dw ,fa t R 3 Sai K xiw' Q , Q .X 3 Q Nw ,F , I 95 i 1 , kk is,t2ts..f..u..-1.-v.n.,.,...,... V . , , First rowi Betty Cash, lune Loveless, loanna DeLacey, Mitchell Baird, Betty Io Oberholz, I. B. Tarter, Elizabeth Sterling, Carl Leonard, Doris Brotherton, Christen Hansen, Mary Louise lackson, Mrs. Dawson. Second row: Bert Stokey, Charles Bretzke, Beverly Burk, Leonard Black- well, Bess McCambridge, Bessy Meitzner, Earnest Mauk, Elizabeth Marsh, Paul Hines, Patsy Cross, Bill Robertson, William McDaniel. Third row: Martha Wing, Donald Stougenter, Carolyn Peterson, Ida Mae Curr, Hlbert Bristol, lacqueline Bichey, Iudson lerome, Shirley Broomhead, Don Leva, Richard Bogers, Edwin Parkinson, Wayne Callaway. Top row: Mr. Sparnpinato, Barbara fo Taylor, lean Hustin, Bella Mae Boudreaux, Billy Williamson, Mrs. H. Schweke, Second row: Dale Swartz, Charliene Tew, Qnita Corley, Mary Hnn Swope, Maxine Geeslin, Elaine Flllen, Bernard Triola. First row: Mary Gurley, Mary lo Click, Betty lean Outterside, Betty Rusk, lean Bowers. -A .2 AA Tl-lE IUNIOB CLQSSICQL LEQGUE Hfter struggling through the amazing adventures of Hercules, lason, and Caesar, this club tosses off Superman and Flash Gordon as mere pikers. Hlthough not in the least in- clined towards the classics, this year, we formed a chapter of the funior Classical League, a na- tional organization, and received membership cards and pins. Pts the social event of the year, the Patricians mingled demo- cratically with the Plebeians on a picnic at Clear Lake. Mrs. Nellie Dawson, sponsor, will send two members to Hustin to a conference in lune. LES CQVQLES Les Cavales, the French equiv- alent of Mustangs, was formed by the French IV classes of 1940- 41. Their purpose has been to make French verb conjugations and the like a bit more lively. They complete their high school French courses with a smattering of information about the lan- guage and a French phrase or two which they can slip resonant- ly from their tongues. More valu- able even than this is the feeling for the smooth beauty of French sounds and a deeper understand- ing of the French people and their literary expression, which they have acquired under Mr. Spampinatas leadership. Late this spring the classes received the added inspiration of Mrs. Schweke, a student teacher. STUDENT'S PRN-HMERICHN LEHGUE SPONSORS Miss Vernon Dilworth Mrs. julia Leonard Mrs. Mauryne Dailey The clack of castanets, the strum of guitars, tropical moonlight, beautiful senoritas and gallant caballerosesuch comprise the visicn at once evoked when we think of our southern neighbors. The Pan-Hmerican Club seeks also to acquaint its members with the serious trends in inter-Qmerican relations, vitally important to hemisphere defense. Of course, along with this its members retain undiminished enthusiasm for the tamales and leche quemada served at our annual Mexican suppers, which were attended by about two hundred seventy-five persons, and at which the consuls for El Ecuador and El Salvador were guests of honor. Likewise the members admire the pictures of los otros americanos, charming, young, and very modern, with whom they correspond under Rotary Club spone sorship. lt's interesting to hear of their schools, fiestas, business training, and so on. Our school movies, victrola recordings, and spring picnics are of course memorable. The club, besides enjoying gay flag-waving for twenty-one republics, also actively supports Pan- Plmerican activities. Ht the Student Life Federation regional meeting held in Beaumont this year, our club conducted the first Pan-Rmerican section held by the Federation. Then, too, our president was mistress of ceremonies at a Pan-Hmerican high school program given by the Rotary Club, and also presided at an auditorium program. We sent to schools in El Salvadora, Colombia, and El Ecuador subscriptions to the "Readers Digest" in Spanish and received in turn interesting juvenile magazines. Our club has received a student charter in the Pan-Flmerican League, a national organization. Marjorie Nell Hous- ton and Leigh Cox were appointed entrants in the Rotary contest for the good will trip to South Hmerica. Definitely there's a swing to Pan-Hmericanism fno pun intendedl. Young Rmericans are enjoying getting acquainted, and great will be the day when we north of the border, are able to say that one meaning of the three R's is "Rolling down to Rio on Rubber." No longer do we say "How far is it to South l3lmerica?" but "How Close?" By means of the press, radio, goodwill tours, the theatre, art exhibits, letters our Ran-Ptmerican League is learning of all the Hmericas. Vivan Las Americas! Todd, Simpson, Daigle, james Kennedy. Yarrington, Zedlrtz. Gellenthin, Haver, Cross. er, Gillespie, Young, Crahan Fleissner. Small Thompson First row: Burton, Morales, Con verse, Solman, McDessey, Clark Ratliff, Tinsley, Haley, Matejek Second row: Bristol, Showalter Ketteringham, Redhorst, Buford Stewart, Iohnson, Shelton, Gregory Hawley, Gersteman, Holland, Blair Third row: Iennings, Hawkins Fourth row. Gaskill, Quinn, May er, Flrnold, Craig, Stark, Spervkels Helcarnp, Lively, Ringer, Moncrlef Knight, Maley, Bennett, Brown First row: Strickland, Ewald Crump, Hope, Riesenberg, Murray Taylor, Saxton, Bailey, Hale, Drey Second row: Flrnold, Doak, Crown over, Marini, Berstedt, Poster, Pic ramenos, Barron, Youngblood Daugherty, Guarino, Kornmayer Third row: Hays, Harper, lftildy l'oole, McCleary, King, Bu.lock Fourth row: Turner, Kruemcke Wiese, McCullar, Miller, Vetrono McFerrin, Calloway, liams, Turner McMurtry, Ring, Estes, Medbery Fifth row. Hicks, Coselli, Vick Geeslin, Hardy, Ferguson, Love Mariorie Nell Houston President, Both Terms Bill Walker Vice-President, Fall Term Secretary, Spring Term Leigh Cox Treasurer, Both Terms Billy Harding Vice-President, Spring Term Billy Hastings Secretary, Fall Term IUNTH MEMBERS First row: Hastings, Walker, Houston Harding, Cox. Second row: Taylor, Schwenke, Stick- ney, Miller, Sawyer, White, Lohse, Bey nolds, Davis. Third row: Steede, Kelley, Bristol Miller, Schwartz, Strickland, Maas, Duf- fy, Salman, Goode, Bates, Bish. Fourth row: Hoovestal, Harrison, Iohn- son, Sirnonton, Bapp, King, Pratt, lanes Lewis, Banfft, Brandon. Fitth row: Doak, Moore, Welsh, Lith- erland, Conkling, Deatherage, lohnson Palmer, Lewis, Laningharn, Vahldick. First row: Medlenka, McPherson, Lyt- ton, Greene, Quinn, Havens, Haver Harrison. Second row: Sherman, Sirns, Leon- ard, Hickey, Gray, Wilson, Fitch, Wal- ters, Whitt, Moncriet, De Priest. Third rowi Tyer, Wood, Cearnal, Gil- lespie, Stroter, Barbour, Shuman, Down- ward, Peet, Lee, Haygood. Fourth row. Nettles, Taylor, Maley Sengelmann, Iohnson, Sprecher, Davis Organ, Hamilton, Butler, Wimberley. First row, Lankford, Hllen, Kasper Cole, McBride, Martin, Henkell, Grif- lin, Iohnson Second row, Stokey, Turner, Vance Bennen, Maples, Montes, Guidroz, Pe- rez, Dorster, Weill, Third row: Taylor, Bussell, Marchant Sedwick, Robinson, Blevins, Haygood Goldberg, Rogers, Coers. Fourth row: Parkinson, Unangst Unangst, Hndrews, Sitton, Beed, Mrs Dailey, Walla, Iohnson, Hdams, Sarabia Not in pictures due to absence: Mar- tin, Dumoit Treat She ield Stone , V tt , Buehner, George, Cargill, Moore, Bow- ser, Butler, Dean, Kier, Madeley, So- renson, Walker, Lawrence, Woodard Hrcher, Gibson, Hall, Howell, Hskew Blackburn, Edwards, Rosencranz, Will liams, Berg, Peavey, Peevy, Bobinette Wiggins, Gerhart, Crurrip, Butcher Schecller, Schwing, Standiford, Barney Hdarns, Kelly, McNeese, Meador, Wat- son, Deats, Hhrens, Landes, Crepeau i SMlTH'S SCINTILLQTING SEVENS This English Vll Club organized with the very original idea to occupy space in The Corral. Ot course, with only one purpose our club would indeed be a ship without a guiding star, a table without legs, a tire without heat, in short--a ship without a guiding star. But we have another pur- pose that ably prevents us from being a ship without a star, etc., etc. We intend to make our English class a most pleasant relaxation period. lf we succeed, this pe- Wfx... riod will be an oasis. Miss Smith can stop trying to teach anything to us, we can stop trying to learn, and everybody will be happy. First row: Thomas Compton, W. R Parker, Floyd Love, Phyl Qmrine, Siddy Shudde, Fllice lean Forrester, Treas- urer, Betty Lou Todd, Rosalie Savaririo, Doris Harper, Frances Burt. Second row: Bill Matthews, Frank King, Doris Hoffines, Marilyn Iohnson, Patricia Simpson, lngree Peterson, Doris lo Vance, Lorene Murphy, Harold Gaudin, Thomas Kelly, Third row: David George, Pauline Becker, Norma liams, Iuana Dreyer, Bernice Finthony, Mary Howard, Elaine Daigle, Geraldine Olsen, Gillian May Rantt, Newton Crawford, Kenneth Spenser. Fourth row: G. W. Rogers, Edwin Cook, Frank Shown, Fldeline Berg, Qllan Har- ris, Cynthia Bird, Iames Brown, Ser- geant-at-arms, George Lucas, Cather- ine Hunt, Bert Stokeley, Vice-President Fifth row: I. C. Traylor, President Ioy Wright, Secretary, Lowery Love HHZELS HENS' CLUB H hen club is Cas you might guessl Qnother name for gossip tests, Plnd so we strive to keep our tame By making black another's name. -- Horsefeathers. First rowi Peggy Clark, Dorothy Death- erage, Round-Up Representative, Bob- bie Iean Martin, Treasurer, Claire Born, President, Ioyce Patterson, Vice-Presi- dent, Yvonne Gidden, Secretary, Ruth Lee Conlon, Miss Hazel Henderson, Sponsor. Second rowi Rosemary Iones, Plnnie Bowman, Marcella Bercak, Pauline Clancy, Catherine Clinton, Henrietta Beatty, Frankie Lou Paster, Emma Mae Hilmers. Third row: Mary Iane Lloyd, Hnnette Smith, Shirley Ward, Marie Petitt, La- verne Geeslin, Mary Louise Townsend, Doris Mae Iohnson, Louise Iohnston, Iosephine Webber. Members of this OCCUPQ- TIONS CLUB have high hopes of landing one of those mythical jobs they've been hearing so much about. First row: Mary Louise Eckerinan, Nina Ratliff, Eleanor Watson, Margie Fitzgerald, Dorothy Taylor, Irene White, Iosephine Collura, Betty Iane Davis Second row: Mary Kathryn Barnes, Miss Daugherty, Leonard Gause, Lor- raine O'Neil, Stanley Guitierrez, Ber- nice Koy, Dorothy Preston, Emily Bar- rett, Norma Ruth Dillard, Marjorie Scar- dino, Bill Henderson, Ruth Lee Conlon. Third rowi Edward Fairhurst, Edwin Barfoot, Roy Cross, Lucille Bender, Iimmy Bell, Peggy Clark: Tony Pontello. - Not in picture: lack Rollins. ENGLISH CLUBS HOGHNS HHPPY EIFTH seems to it the class perfectly for this screwy inch of seniors even though it is se- iusly enaaqed in the study of English erature. Under the 's. Verna S. Hogan, qanized. sponsorship of this club was st row: Patil Stovall, lfunrce Dildy, Claire rn, Yvonne Gidden, 'l'reas, Betty Qnne ans, Yvonne Lee, Soc Chmn, Edwin Dun- n, Parl , Margaret Storm, Margaret Starlrnqr 'ty Io Lackey, lack Warrrner Ind raw: Bill Hveryt, Mrs Hogan, Bonnie ickleroy, Mattie Rogers Peterson, Billie Bob- on, Mary McDavrd, Qlmajean Hayley: rma Ruth Dillard, Mary Hoe Mauzy, Sec'y, irly Barrett, Gordon Presswood, Pres. lrd row. Ioefce Waycott, Bob Stephens, W, Mailing, .leanor Griffith, William Boy, Pres, Pat Lowrey, Eleanor Hampton, Vic- Hmmons, Billy Davis, Raymond Poxon These third period thingarnabobs of Jrri 313, under the sponsorship of s Verna S, Hogan, have had as air object from English HI, correct rliamentary procedure at all their zetincjs. Nevertheless their enthu- ism over such activities as a Mex- in supper, a bay party, Valentine ry, Washingtons Birthday, Hallow- cn, Christmas, and miscellaneous cel- rations, overcame their idea of cor- :t parliamentary procedure, so they carrie VEBNQ S's ICKY BLICKS, rich is more suitable for them after st row lid Clarac, Host, Martha Heynolds, stess, Betty jean Outtersrde, Barney Myatt, ldred Moore, Hound-Up Hep, Doris Byrumi iras Blevins, Curtis Elkins, Betty Lou larrell, iq. Chmn, Harry Hutson .Fear 2nd row: Mrs. Verna S. Hogan, Parl., Bob- by Guillet, Pres., Mary Gurley, Sec'y and Treas, Billy Ofield, Vrr tnra Herren, Dorothy James, Edith Mae lef?er1es, Helen joyce Hughes, Iimmy Schwenke, Elsie Iohnson, Walterine Head, Henrietta Beaty, 3rd row: Mary Flllee, Martin Mathis, V -Pres , lean Hnderson, Bern Collum, Ieanne Salman, Edwin Barfoot, Mary Hhce Whatley, Paul grulemcke, Vera Vokes, tflarne Smith, Betty a it we'll never know. Lelra Mae Hardrna, Harold Venable. Manning n- Head dope in this qroup called DEFlLY'S DHILY DOPES is Marjorie Crump. Vice-Head-Dope is Marjorie Blaire, Secretary to the Dopes, Calvin Brown, treasurer to the non-paying dopes, Virainia Warhol, Hostess Bever- ly Moran, Host, Lester Mayes, The rest of us are just plain dopes. lt's a class in Enalish Vl, but how we made lst row: Leroy Sterling, Marjorie Blair, Vir- ginia Warhol, Doris Oxford, Dorothy Sykora, 2nd row: Boyce Cook, Marjorie Crump, Lester Mayes, Lefty lohnson, Mary Bristol, Billie Charles Small, Ioy Massey, Iohn Sween- . son EQ 3rd row: Howard 'l'onq, Beverly Moran, lil- len Ulrich, Hutheriord Moore, Cv. W. Hoaers, Mary Louise Stewart, Prentrse Conrad, 'I'ed DEHLY'S lO:25-29 is rather an un- usual narne, but as for that we are a most unusual club. Our very clever name is derived from the fact that our screwy session starts at 1025 and Mrs. Dealy has 29 of us to contend with. lst row: Rnqelo Petherrotes, LaVane Kite, loyce Patterson, Pres, john Turner, V,-Pres, Barbara Iohnson, Sec'y, Marie Pettit, Hewitt Custard, Frances Stephens, Harland Doak, Sat -at-Firms. 2nd row: Bernice Koy, Raymond Shack, Blau, Hep johnnie Valentine Martha Fay Harris, Louise Stedman, lacque- lrne Handolph, Hazel 'l'ullas, 'l'ena Samperi. 3rd row: jimmy Koch, Charles Pizzatola, 'l'reas.g Hoyt Sheffield, Host, Bebe Mae Nichols, Hostess, Lucy McC1ary, Lester Sorsby, Dean Not in picture Merle Yates, joy Norton, 2 K iw N s N . A L X .g 5 ki S ' v J we :Liza SX nf Q A .. - Y' Q L ,:, GX-WQTE Q - 'Sim x W - , ,, fwsigu. .. . . i:fff+fif f--mfs: --':'..e-af' -masrfs.:-.. ,A v :Q K ii ' SE S xinfq K. 753.55 A Q Q . U1 2' 5? Yiigw, f e Q 4 - x , , N A f M J , 1.A.E, , A, ag 3 f , M A S X es, . - i lv x .K Qgnsmxi ir Q 'nk .vw xf' K x . s , W., u f .: 5? i - I gr. I wg , s Riga 4515122-" A-iff A .Q f2?' 1.1 gf 5 , Q AQ , ,HV lug, ' A LQMBDH SIGMFI QLPHH In spite of the tact that LPIMBDQ SIGMQ QLPI-IFt'S membership is composed solely of Qmerican Legion medal winners, they have the same trouble as the rest of us in having Texas liquid sunshine spoil their long-anticipated picnics, Qustin's Einsteins should be able to make better arrangements. lst row' Victor Henkell, Betty Io Lackey, Mildred Daugh- erty, Verna Mae Felts, Don Zapp. 2nd row. Marjorie Iohnson, Virginia Miller, Mrs. Crouch, Mary Iane Murray, Mariorie Nell Houston, Tyba Lee Freid. 3rd row: Bill Robinson, Dale Swartz, Christian Hansen, Bror Peterson, Leigh Cox, Melvin Stratton HI-Y The HI-Y CLUBS chief aim is to show Hustinites why the "Y" is I-Ii. With Mr. Farber's talents and personality for a model they do quite well. lst row: Tommy Iohnson, Marshall Gatton, Pete Kousakis, Edwin Dunnam, Lynn Smith, Sec'y-Treas. 2nd row: Calvin Neveu, Eugene McLachlan, Devotional Chairman, Mr. Farber, Billy McFarland, Reagan Collinsf worth 3rd row: Decker, Pres, William Iohnson, Tommy Qual- trough, Henry Waring, Prog. Chmn., Granville Dutton. INTERSCHOLQSTIC LEQGUE WINNERS lst row: Track-Lee Tipton, third pole vault, Tennisflack Decker, Semi Finals doubles, Tennisfloy Wright, Semi Finals singles. Tennis-Louise Iohnston, Finals doubles, Marilyn Crowley, Finals Doubles Tennis, Tennis-Calvin Neveu, Singles, semi! finals, TennisfOdell Ellis, Semi Finals doubles 2nd row: Debate-Herbert Taylor, Second, Debatefl-Ielen Tucker, Third, DebatefMary Maclaine, Third, Extemp -Virf ginia Handley, Third, Debate-William McDaniel, Second, Sp iVera Vokes, Second, Sp.-Ella Marie Islughen, Second. 3rd row: Play-Tom Driscoll, Iune Flnderson, Nixon Shrader, Bobbie Iean Martin, Bobby Pearson. WINNERS IN STQTE BHND CONTEST Fore-ground: Catherine Hnne Ogilvie, Piano Solo, lst, lst row: It E. Iames, Clarinet Sola, lst, Trio, lst, Walter Broussard, Clarinet Solo, 2nd, Quart., Znd, Bill McClellan, Clarinet Quar., 2nd, Iohn Swenson, Cornet Solo, lst, Edwin gafideigsa Flute Solo, lst, Clarence Ogilvie, French Horn oo, .n , 2nd row: Frank Geraci, Saxophone Solo, lst, Howard Tong, Bassoon Trio, lst, Iack McKenzie, Clarinet Solo, lst, xtfai Trio., lst, Elizabeth Marsh, Flute Solo, Znd, Trio, lst, Owen Qnderson, Cornet Solo, Znd. 3rd row. George West, Piano Solo, lst, Quart, lst, Ftllen Gleitz, Cornet Solo, lst, Quart., lst, I W. Marling, Cornet Solo, lst, Quart, lst, Iimmy Rollette, French Horn Solo, lst " 'r ww, ,wx A -. N- .,g,st.i, '-- f --K .. . . nf w e zz: K O Y :Wa c,,3'iiR11stf':fw+" 91 .s.SQi.,l1 F"' l TOP PHOTO Front row: Peggy Guidreaux, Ioy Wright, Betty Ball, Virginia Herren. Back rowg Daphne Davenport, Bonnie Muckleroy, Estelle Graves. CENTER PHOTO Front row: Betty Files, Dorothy Deatherage, Erma Ruth Iohnson, lris Hill. Back row: Doris May Iohnson, Margaret Grover, Mary Gurley, Barbara Yarrington, Bose- mary Manly. LOWER PHOTO The entire club in a movement from their original number in the Hll-City Dance Pageant. They represented, in the modern abstract manner, the motions of machinery in an auto- mobile manufacturing plant. Early in the fall it became evident that there were enough enthusiasts of modern dancingf the newest activity in the girls' P. E. departf mente-eto form a club. Their activities since that time have been numerous and varied. Demonstrations for Girls' Sports Day, Student Life Federation, Sam Houston High and The University of Houston were presented in col- laboration with the clubs from Beagan and Davis. The club composed and presented its own dance at the annual Hll-City Senior High Dance Pageant, "See Plmerica First." THE MODERN DHNCE CLUB K. 1 se' 35 ...- ,ip ,w' 9 6 -P-'i""' 4 .- M .3 X V Z 55: , ,, S , 1 gy Q . ' -Q Q 3 fx , , .., uw N , .J M .rw i y A ia V A in TA? . X 4 . H M A Q5 - L3 J .Q , . ... 53? Q", , It in 4, J 1 'Mu' 4 , 1' ' .. f if -N ' ' "' . pzggx 'Q 5353- 1' .Q ' ' ' Wg.h1f"ff,,,.1sA.fz ' ba .J YTWQQ:-Pfsu f ., wg. -K 7 W.f+wex -' ., k, 4, I Q, ur - In et ,.:Q . " . ,, 51:14. F' A 5 3 A X IQ Q33 449'vnn-cd-g .' V . A -i W wa 'mk- gm A 'L-4 . ' 42225 . ' " . m W' ,fb 1. " ' . 7 , 1' 2 Xa , ' K' ' 41 W '- f 3'-0 W " - ff wtj-34 ' 6 X . . ' . QE ' 53535. A 3' j 1' W L : Su' A I+' 1.x W 6 w . i 3 X. 2 si First row: L. E. Gulledge, Louis Cutropia, Dorothy Storm, Mildred Steede, Margaret Young, Lois Husmann, Shirley Trammell, Libbie Palla, Willie Mae Green, Frank Riesenberg, Billy Dean. Second row: Owen Plnderson, Pauline Pontello, Gloria Utter, Glenn Maley, Beulah Mae Wun- derlich, E. F. Kornmayer, Barbara Burge, Betty Lou Bates, Kay Hall, Mrs. Hagler, Bruce Bond. Third row: Bob Ridley, Norma Davidson, Gloria Schleier, Kenneth Green, Norma Reagan, Rosalie Taylor, ferry Tierney, Louise Hale, lrving Gurley, Pretty Green, George West. Fourth row: Pl. D. Radliff, W. H. Callaway, foy Harris, Iune Loveless, Betty Bockelrnan, Edna Lock- hart, Laverne Kohl, Pauline Taylor, Marilyn Crowley, Billy Baylor, Garvey Smith. HQGGYS HETERCDGENGUS HODGE-PODGE of I-IHRLEQUINS The fourth and fifth period English VI classes of our dearly beloved teacher, Willavie l-lagler, whom we affectionately refer to in informal and supposedly private conversation as "The Battleaxef' have banded together in anything- but-insoluble bonds to form the club to be hereinafter termed simply the Four-H Club. The high and noble purpose of our organi- zation is three-fold: first, to make it possible to get our picture in the Corral, second, to pro- mote more parties and picnics, and third, last, and most noble, to think of an alliterative title to end all alliterative titles. ln our opinion, our efforts have been crowned with success,-if only we could crown our success with a few efforts, sighs our sponsor wearily between pic- tures. The name is exceedingly suitable. ln case you were never intrigued with the idea of delv- ing into a dictionary, the word heterogeneous is interpreted as meaning mixed, hodge-podge is a derivative of the Patagonian word hodge, meaning podge, and from the Zerxian word podge meaning hodge, combined to give a type of stew, and the fourth H, standing for Harlequins, means buffoons or clowns. What with Betty Lou Bates' love of poetry read aloud under the trees, our illustrious President Bruce Bond's brilliant orthography, who, incidentally checked over the speling of this composition, the able doing-of-nothing by Vice-President Bob Ridley, the competent treas- uring of Secretary-Treasurer Iimmy Hill, the able bouncing of Bouncer lrving Gurley, mor- ally supported by Co-bouncer Shirley Tram- mell, and the quite clever remarks and acts by all, we really live up to our name-H Mixed Stew of Clowns. First row: Giminy P1 Hillbilly, Siddy, Bobby Galootz, Bouncer. Second row: House Butler, lsh Bish, Galveston Murdock, Margaret Queen, Ruth Stew, Moving Van Qntwerp, Mlat Reynolds, President, Blatt Iarrell, Margaret Cleopatrick. Third row: Woo Woo Wilson, 'Possum Kuhn, Bubbagooska Mayes, Vice-President, Rain Cook, Steady Bean Pearson, Phyl Submarine, Treasurer, Murryhill Murray, Plat Lowery, Stella Brunson, Virgil Gatton, "Red" Graeff. Fourth row: Murt Tierney, Blondie Edwards, San Quentin Quinn, Stilts Presswood, Stub Mc- Carty, Tell-Me Moore, Uce Bond, Ruthie Greenberger, Parliamentarian, Steburn Clokes, Bouncer, Gunner Carrnena, Genie Stiers, Gurtle Lee. RUTI-HES RQUGHHQUSE RQWDIES Tanquibum Merringee. In other Words, there are clubs of all descriptions, but there never was a club like "Ruthie's Roughhouse Row- dies," alias the Three R's. Composed of thirty-five of the craziest kids at Hustin, the Rowdies go in for Civics H in a big Way. Every other Monday, when the meet- ings are held, these goof-boxes give forth with songs, hot discussions, andigleac frickilu, which is French for igleac frickilu. . This super-solicitated sorry excuse for an organization is sponsored by none other than the renowned Miss Ruthie Greenberger, who consented to our election of such ruffians as: Pres. Mat Reynolds, who shakes a mean gavel, Vice-Pres. Lubba Mayes, who fills his position of doing nothing quite ably, Sec'y Siddy Shudde, big as the minutes she Writes, Treas. Phyl Submarine, better known as "Silly Sally," the girl who Was left holding the fmoneyl bag, and bouncers Bobby Galoot, and Steburn Clokes who, with characteristic competence, maintain noise and disruption continuously. 4 . ' R 'N S i f Ham Y L My , . , -Q f nv- '91 Q - mr N .1 -Maxx any Q ,S -M 5 N105 !3 M M1 -M S vel- M' s. Y P si S J xg'fg, yeg3w W A Lg, 1 'aiwif wg - NT 5 'X . X- A . A S -L X vi -5' 4 I if QD S3 win 'S .TNTEWE gy .3 Q Qs-f if pm , F1 5 5 s .V 1:9 'NT 'Wg "ff R LX M., 5 L N z an-iw' ,4 A K1 if fvQx 'PK ,Q- ua,,. ? 5 J, ini? M. ,W wx 5 K 'WSWS ax , ,S-g.fffXQ,Q,,xx.f Q -.535 K IL, J Q X Q 1 Q -X - X iw -if f+'i12s+ Q . ., ,N QS. 53,54 Q.. ummm: 1 . is P Ag ri 'TZ 'x. ' x 1-1- , we by at K 5 .. -?Q. k gl: '99 ,Q ,swf In Q- g: i., . wx Mm. is A at 'Mx Xxx x ,K-5 - I 6 -X K ' U L 'fm 1 V xx X - 'li 1 bu 3 7 uw 'V' 1 .4 Q E -'uf' V X ae 1 'f ff-1 E f . 1 ,Y V71 A Q FTF Lkigti gl Q 'f -3 -by -. ' ff ' ' . K 6 Q nf ,,-15, " t V M xvfr Wialkg ,N Vg kk ,Q s L i. A 'M '5 A, "Q N'.fff ff'? 1' lk' .xi up W .-' ,,,.A 1--Q ,f 'T mg ' -if ffm. f 5 Wiw ' A my :Q ,F :M fd' swf' V IL wgtalw m L L 98,515 in m A K Q24 ww 5. Si iw., xg X gi --Lyn Q: was 1 i M, ' V -k'L F A Q- is 1.l.......... ,jfjv-or COMMEBCIPIL CLUB The purpose ot the Commercial Club is to promote interest in the business World and in the study of commercial subjects, social contact, and to become familiar with mod- ern progressive business methods and sys- tems, endeavoring by such means to raise and maintain a higher standard of training for business. THE SYNCOPHTIN' STEVIES We may be small in number, but o music and efforts make up for it tMi Sims said so herselfj. lst row: Virginia Hnn Warhol, Student Direct Frances Hveryt, V.-Pres., Belle Welsh, Sec'y, 2 Fern Wilcox, Treas., Blossom Ezell, Iacquel Randolph, Everett Curtis. 2nd row: Pat Wheeler, Williford Cook, Shirl Smith, R. H. Mount, Iames Lollar, Librarian, Iol nie Leigh Ronan, Pres., Fllgred Befeld, Librari Sl'-ILESMHNSHIP CLUB The biggest sales project of the ye was selling Miss Howard on the idea a picnic at Clear Lake! lst row: Bill Hveryt, Pres., Virginia Warl V.-Pres., Miss Howard, Blanche Wiesenthal, l ginia Helms, Prog. Chmn., Hazel Tulles, Lib Palla, Ruth Skeeters, Bob Ridley, Paul Stovall. Znd row: Io Ed Carrol, Russel Evans, Repor Qllan Showers, Shirley Ward, Milton Goldbe Billy Baylor, Fred Mitchell. Not in picture: Richard Kuntz, Pat Potters Sec'y. lst row: lngre Teague, lune Surles, Int Peterson, Thelma Major, Geraldine Bonham, P cia Druske, Mable Margaret Tierney, Miss 1 crant, Edith Mae lefferies, Lorraine Cook, Elaine Eldrett, Erika Hausenstein, Phyllis Fo: 2nd row: Sue Nicholson Margaret Starling, Baird, Hdeline Berg, Mary McDavid, Ruby Baer, Bella Mae Boudreoux, Kathleen Fini Irene Elseribraich, Mary Qllee, Elsie Iohn Helen loyce Hughes. 3rd row: Dorothy Pickett,Walterine Head, F cis Morris, Fllice Mayes Ross, Betty Laug' Edna Rad Hendricks, Bobby LeeEdwards, Dor Moody, Helen Krause, Pat Lowry, Marjorie Qt Maxine Bish. ,l Z .. ,K Majorette Van Qntwerp, Sgt. McKenzie, Majorette Humbert, Capt, Marling, lst Lt. Gleitz, 2nd Lt. Goebels, Sgts. Rolette, Weisinger, Tong, and West. THE MUSTHNG BHND For the four years of its existence, the Mustang Band has been striving steadily under the excellent direction of Mr. Michael Spampinato. The members get along with "Spamp's" artistic temperament very well. When they aren't playing they are either faking excuses or helping Spamp hunt his keys which he has a well-developed apti- tude for losing. The band plays a colorful part at the football games, especially with its 1940 ver' sion of "The Beer Barrel Polka." The pep rallies were always enlivened with "The Ferry Boat Serenade" and "Some of These Days," I-lt the benefit concert they wowed the audience with their dramattic playing of the storm scene from "Stormy Weather." The lights were most excellently operated by David Moncrief, a member of the drum section. Other appear- ances through the year were made at parades and regular assembly programs. Hustin points with pride to their winning first division in the State Contest at Hlvin this spring. lt was a brilliant climax to a lot of hard work, night practices, and long afternoons of drilling. The Mustangs literally walked off with the first places. Of the fourteen offered, including solos, trios, and quartets, they captured ten firsts and four seconds. Their drilling won them second place. Fit the time that these words are being thrown together we are all hoping that history will repeat itself in the on-coming National Contest to be held at Waca, May IO, l94l. WOODWINDS: Ralph Bates, Clarinet Iimmy Bell, Clarinet Walter Broussard, Clarinet Vernon Cross, Clarinet Eugenia Dildy, Clarinet Eunice Dildy, Flute Ioel Hoovestal, Oboe R. E. Iames, Clarinet fames Kennedy, Clarinet Elizabeth Marsh, Flute Bill McClellan, Clarinet Glenn Hlan Mcllwain, Flute lack McKenzie, Clarinet Billy Ramsey, Clarinet Mary Rhodes, Clarinet Mary Louise Townsend, Clarinet PERCUSSIONS: David Moncrief Ftdele Raiford Betty lane Robertson F-lnna Marie Weisinger Catherine Hnn Ogilvie BRHSSES: Owen Flnderson, Cornet William Boy, Trombone W. Fl. Callaway, Brass Horn Wyatt Crawford, Baritone Bill Curry, Fueglehorn Odell Ellis, Trumpet Frank Geraci, Saxophone Wilbur Goebel, Cornet Qllan Harris, French Horn Bill Leonard, Bass I. W. Marling, Cornet Ernest Mauk, Saxophone Travis McDonald, Bass W. C. Miner, Bass Mary Morey, Baritone Clarence Ogilvie, French Horn Kenneth Palmer, Cornet C. B. Bader, French Horn Iohn Swenson, Cornet George West, Trombone Don Zapp, Trombone BEBTIE HND HER WORMS TI-IE ORCHESTBH During a brilliant 1940-4l season under the direction of Mr. Michael Spampinato, the Plustin Orchestra scored many a hit on various programs and entertainments. This spring at the annual band and or- chestra concert, the familiar and always beautiful "Blue Danube" and "Tannhau- ser" were played. The Spring Festival Court made its entrance to the orchestras majestic strains, Beatrice Ellen, Violin Edith Hskew, Violin Dorothy Mae Flnderson Dorras Qnderson, Cello Billy Bierman, Violin William Boy, Trombone Fldabelle Brady, Violin Edna Earl Brandon, Sax Francis Burt, Violin Prentice Conrad, Trombone Norma Davidson, Violin Carolyn Deats, Piano Eunice Dildy, Flute Ouida Ellis, Drum Frank Geraci, Sax Hllan Gleitz, Trumpet Karl Ellen Graet, Drums Willie Mae Green, Violin Conley Harling, Violin Edna Bae Hendricks, Violin Margaret Kirkpatrick, Bass Violin Billie lean Lackett, Violin I. W. Marling, Cornet Dorothy Mccleary, Violin lack McKenzie, Clarinet Billy O'Field, Violin Caroline Peterson, Viola Mattie Rogers Peterson, Marimba Qrthur Petry, Cornet Billy Ramsey, Clarinet Iimmy Bolette, French Horn Edwin Sanders, Flute Harry Sims, Violin Mary Ola Thornasson, Violin Howard Tong, Bassoon Margaret Vetrano, Violin First row: Marjorie Caywood, Brin Hendrick, Norma Iean Iahn, Nona Schultz, Lorene Veniresco, Geneva Tipps. Second rowi Mildred Geary, Magdalen Miller, Lillian Eminian, Barbara Ginn, Rosalie Webber, Margaret Catsinos, Betty Files, Edwina Nichols, Erma Ruth Iohnson. Third row: Hletha Clark, Mildred Meier, Virginia Rhodes, Evelyn Kuhn, Iames Shatner, Edwin Qyers, G L Woods, latin! re-ss Fourth row: I, I.. Brooks, lack Doubrava, Harold Venable. SIMS' SYNCOPHTED SWINGSTERS The idea of having a club and social events was enticing enough to persuade each member of the fifth period music class to part with five of his welleearned pennies each week as dues. Maybe they haven't had as niany of those entertainments as they'd like but they have certainly done their bit at entertaining in another way. In collaboration with the other music classes, the Swingsters have enter- tained the Qustin audience many times through the year. First row' Maxine Knodelg Vivian Matthewsg Doris Harperg Sammie Petersg Winnifred Bayloig Constance Beyeistedtg Peggy Clark. Second row. Miss Simsp Tyba Lee Freid, Secretaryg Lela Leslieg Lawrence Ftrmstrongg Iohn Robert Moore, 'l'reasurer3 Patsy Morcom, Presidentp Marion Carmichaelg Patsy Roush. Third row: Theresa Hanksg Eva Klimap Mariorie Blairg Helen Burris: Mercer Engelhorny M. C. Balsliawg Melba Carling Norene Stewart, losephine Vlfebberg loyce Rippenhagen. Fourth row' Plnnie Bowmang Rosalie Taylorg Merle Yatesy Qrnold Deckery Iohn Isacicsong Tommie Qualtrougli, Vice- Plesidenty Odell Mattizag Frances Stephensg Leah Flnn Iohnsong Irene Searls. Tl-IE SYNCOPPITED SWING-CQPHTERS This sixth period music class ot Miss Bertie Sims may give the appearance ot being a dead crowd but actually they are a bunch of live Wires. If you look closely you will observe among thein some of the most popular soloists for this year. First row, Doris Oxford, Blanche Wiesenthalg Lucy Cviecog Miss Sirnsg Louise Glddeng Lavaine Kiteg Libbie Falla Second row Ruth lnmang Eloise Moareg Catherine Ramseyg Mildred Fellowsg Flame Daigleg Seddie Payne, Virginia llelrenp Lenora Buck Third row Doris Mae lensenp Bobby lane 'Irautweing Rosemary lonesg Dorothy Unangstg Pete Kousakis, W1lllriinSlatin, Lynn Wellsg Mary, Nell Ctiaprnan, Ieanne Bevisp Gillian Mae Ranttp Mignon Weisingei Fourth raw Lynn Haileyg Buster Ccarleyg Vernon Kloppg Paul Kiiiemcke. SlM'S HOUR OF Cl-IHBM QUSTIN HRCHERS "l shot an arrow in the air It came to earth I know not where." -Longfellow. The Hustin Hrchers have an answer. One of the members is eating all her meals from the mantel piece this week. lst row: Pauline Taylorg Bobby Crownoverg Shirley Smithg Billy Suggsg Miriam Redhorstg Bonnie Muckleroy, Managerg Marynel Priceg Pat Lowreyg Edwina Nickolsg Martha Wing. 2nd row: Nancy lane Sanderlin, Vice-Presidentg Ioyce Rippenhageng Fin- nie Fern Plrnoldg Gloria Reilerg loy Wright, Secretaryg Betty lean Humeg Mary Gurleyg Miss Hornadayg Rosa Bell Wilsong Ioanna Millerg Beryl Coxg Bessie Meitznerg Virginia Herreng Mable Tierneyg Rosalie Savarinog Marilyn Crowley. HUSTIN NETTERS What sort of racquet is this? Looks like a love-ly game. Evelyn Kuhn, Presidentg loy Wright, Secretary-Treasurerp Miss Hornadoyp Bonnie Muckleroy, Managerg Louise Iohnsonp Marilyn Crowlyg Rosalie Sava- rino, Vice-Presidentg Margaret Groverg Eleanor Hamptong Billie Suggs. Not in picturei Helen Hughesp Doro- thy Sykorag Virginia Herreng Catherine Clintong Louise Giddeng Ptnita Corleyg lean Flnderson. lst row: Marjorie Scardinog Yvonne Giddeng Billie Marie Minorg Peggy Guidrozg Peggy Youngg Conley Harlingg Laverne Beckg lean Katherine Winner. 2nd row: Billy Suttong Dorothy Nell Lackeyg leanne Bevisg Qlice Mayes Bossg Billie Louise Tuggleg Billy Mclparlandg Hnna Marie Weisingerg Verna Lemkeg Peggy Fant. 3rd row: Byron Kellyg Karl Ellen Graeff: Ouida Ellisg Emma Hilmersg Doris Humbert. Pls our name implies it has been our pleasant duty to charm the student body at assemblies into blissful slumber. CDid l hear someone mention spring ever'PJ Well anyway, the Hour of Charm charms us, it we must be modest. THE MUSTHNG MOUNTIES Despite any falls and soreness they might suffer all Week-end after Sat- urday morning rides, The Mustang Mounties bravely carry on under the sponsorship of Mrs. Gates with cries of "Hi-Ho Greenies" and "The Mus- tang Mounties Bide Hgainf' Upper Left-First row: Betty Lee Vezien, Elaine Lower left: Dorothy Wallace, Secretary-Treasurer Daigle, Seddie Payne. Fall Term, Gene Padon, Emily Barrett, Marilou Car- Second rowi Peggy Clark, Gretchen Vosloh, Lor- mu' President First Termt Rosalie Ring' raine Fleissner, Emily Barrett, Beryl Cox, President Spring Term, Icy Miller Lower right: Betty Boekelmann, Norma Iiams, Marilyn Iohnson, Betty Io Oberholz, Colleen Maley, Virginia Miller, Vera Carmena, Edna Willis, Ioanna Upper right: Virginia Shuclde, Shirley Strickland, Miller' SGCVGTCIFYJTYGOSUYGT Spring Tefm- Phyllis Plmrine, Vice-President Spring Term, Betty Louis Wylder. Center: Mrs. Gates. ,Odds- QUILL QND SCROLL To be a member of the Quill and is so exclusive that there are only Scroll is the culmination of all the twenty-seven members in all of Hus- ambitions of those shockingly intel- tin High. Miss Hrdis Phillips is the ligent students who do such out- faculty member who sponsors these standing work on the Bound-Up. lt intellectual Wizards. Seated: Mable Tier- neyg Walterine T a b bg Betty Iacobs, Secretaryg Esthermae Litherland, Presidentg lean Bowersg Elizabeth Corleyg leanne Wermerg Billie Robinrson. Standing: Peggy Tis- ingerg Miss P h i I l i p sg Ioyce Waycottg Betty Lou Iarrell, Vic e-Presidentg Martha Reynoldsg Mary Maclaineg Virginia Bat- liff: Gordon Presswood, The staffs of Qustins two publications may be seen here during their rnost hectic moments just before a deadline, Top: The Round-Up Left: The Corral Busi- ness Staff Right: The Corral Edi- torial and Business Staffs in collabcration. THE ROUND-UP STHEF News about people and happen- ings in Flustin High School are the chief concern of the Bound-Up staff members lf you happen to see a suspicious looking character snooping around in other peoples private affairs with a worried look on his face, a note- book in his hand, and a deadline on his mind you can be sure that it is one of those perverted people look- ing for a story. The faculty member in charge of this organization of snoops is Miss Plrdis Phillips, who, despite the influence of environment, still remains sweet and uncynical. 7 1 ESTHEBMHE LITHEBLQND IOYCE WHYCOTT WHLTERINE THBB Fall Editor Business Manager Spring Editor On floor: Ieanne Werner, Gene Padon, Miriam Bedhorst, Beverly Werner, Mable M. Tierney, Seated' Martha Reynolds, Tommy Mahr, Elizabeth Corley, Betty lacobs, Betty Lou Iarrell. Standing: Gordon Presswood, Mary Maclaine, Margaret Starling, Virginia Batliff, Ernest Howell, lean Bowers, Billie Robinson. Inset: Bruno Leonardt, Betty lean Pearson, Iames Ezell, Peggy Tisinger. K s :.t ' "YW "fi Betty Lou Dorothy Deatherage Business Manager Spring Editor Maxine Geeslin Donald Schwartz Doris lean Flynn Hdvertising Manager Hssociate Editor Circulation Manager Tl-IE CORRHL Feeling gay and slap-happy, the 1941 Corral staff began to compile its brain- child early in the school year. Working long and- late, both the business and lit- erary staffs have endeavored to bring to the student body and faculty a reasonable facsimile of Hustin's fourth year. These yearbook Yehudis, under the constant goading of Mrs. Vernell Cravens and Mrs. Willavie Hagler, business and editorial sponsors respectively, present you with the result of these toils and tribulations, mod- estly pointing out that it's not such a bad book-not bad a-tall! The staff list would not be complete With- out special mention of those who came to our rescue just before we went to press: Iune Loveless editing class and club write- upsg Mary Hdele Villee, typing, Bonnie Muckleroy, cutting rubber blocks for the seals and division page titles, and that group of sports journalists including Bobby Guillet, Edward Clarac, Tommy Mahr, Iim- my Hill, and Howard Brown. THE STAFF PHYLLIS HMRINE-Co-Club Editor GERHLDINE BONHHM-Qssistont Typist CHRSON CHMPBELL-Boys' Sports Editor EDWHRD CLQRHC-Fldvertiser MHRY LOUIS GREEN-Hdvertiser GLORIPI HHRBUCK-Co-Class Editor IIMMY HILL-Commercial Ftrtist NORMH IIPIMS-Co-Class Editor BHRBHRR IOHNSON-Hdvertiser HRRVIN LEWIS-Librarian ERNST MQHS-Flssistcmt to Photographer IEHN MEHH-Fldvertiser PHTSY MORCOM-Plssistcmt Literary Editor WILLIHM PERKINS--Ftssistcmt to Pho- tographer MHRTHQ REYNOLDS-Fldvertiser NRNCY IRNE SHNDERLIN-Girls' Sports Editor VIRGINIQ SHUDDE-Senior Class Editor MHRGQRET STQRLING-Qdvertiser MQRGQRET STORM--Fldvertiser BETTY LOU TODD-Hdvertiser THELMH VHN HNTWERP-Snapshot Editor BETTY LEE VEZIEN-Co-Club Editor IEHN KF-ITHERINE WINNER-Flssistcmt Club Editor hiv ,, L A A S wwf iii F "Over across the ocean a battle of life and death is being fought-in the field, in the air and in the shop. Over here, thank God, we have only the battle of the shop, but it is just as se- rious, just as important, just as indis- pensable, that we may not be in a bad position here We must plan and Work to help the men who are fighting for their liberty and when We do that with all our might, We are getting in shape to protect ourselves for what might come later if it becomes necessary." WILLIHM S. KNUDSEN, Director-General, Office of Production Management. VITHL SPEECHES OF THE DHY Hpril 15, 1941. XX 130 'S ic. S' Ni ,L og 16 Congratulations to the STEPHEN E. HUSTIN HIGH SCHOOL EHCULTY FIND STUDENTS Hnd Thanks To The FOURTH SENIOR OLRSS for the privilege of designing d f turing your Commencement Invitations LINDSEY BLQYNEY, IR. representing ST!-IH ENBHIIVIING IIIJIVIP!-INY H Houston Manufacturer of CLHSS RINGS I INVITHTIONS O DIPLOMHS Compliments from the patrons of STEPHEN F. HUSTIN HIGH SCHOOL EHST END SHOE SHOP BILL WILLIHMS CHICKEN IN THE ROUGH HLYCE'S DRESS HND GIFT SHOP BROHDWHY FOOD MHRKET YOUNG, THE IEWELER WHYSIDE FURNITURE COMPHNY TELEPHONE LHUNDRY HND CLEHNERS LUKE MEDLEY SERVICE STHTION WHLD TRHNSFER COMPHNY RICHEY'S BEHUTY SHLON PHLHCE STHBLES IHCOBSON FOOD MHRKET No. 2 KENG'S BHRBER HND BEHUTY SHOP HERBERT L. PECH LUMBER COMPHNY BROHDMOOR SERVICE STHTION SU THEH E GH!-WI I3 IIUMPA Y Iewelers and Engravers Official Iewelers For The Senior Classes Of STEPHEN F. EHUSTIN HIGH SCHCGL Factory and Office: 1116 Prairie Qvenue Houston, Texas A I. R. Iones, Sales Representative Telephone C. 6176 Q.. f. - .fn-""" ,L L? Q 1 if -1 -:pig .-My gf 1- 55' sv X Mg, i if:-A -, i - -2: -,x ,Q . .f my i . F 3 ff, . 1 Q1 9, M L-W 1 gn-if 1 , A., ,HE uvvwx 1 ff x Vim -F". 5, L. xi' N 88,3 HB ,, . xl 5. N 0 I QW M U Ha , W,,, 4.41 9 wf',6 2 3 Graduate To Better Living . Q I U B' Use Home Electrical Qppliances Freely! df et vi , i r"e ff !5 1 i ee i e Compliments Of PEDE IHU ll STEEL EIDSUN STUUIU Photograph, Of THE HUUSTUN ELEETHIE EUMPANY Best Wishes to . . Stephen F. Hustin Graduates Q , WILSON STHTIONERY 5 PRINTING co. Prairie at Fannin Compliments of EHSTWCDOD THEHTER F m I-IOUSTCDN WHTCH CO. 911 Franklin Hvenue Watches - Diamonds Easy Terms R. I. Slagle, Pres. Compliments of EN1OY T ' 9 HOUSTON LUMBER ' ' COMPQNY -nvc.- PURECREAM H. C. Gersteman, Manager 5 IC E CR EAN1 ' 3120 Washington Taylor 8118 Hlways the Leader Thank You For Rounding Us Up Into Your Corra1 O 1n Iunior Fashions M Good Luck Hlways, Houston Owned THE ROUND-UP STHFF Houston Minded Three minds: Einstein, Bierdenstien, Finklestein. Everything happens to me. lust for the cameraman. Look at the letterman's lady, We're in the army now! What, again? Yehudi! The one in green is George!! We three' We're all alone??? Saps in the Family Tree!! The morning after the night before, Walk out! Sky Blues. Not impressed. Theres that cute convertible again. Crump and her gag-pipe ltypographical errorl, Hdmiral Byrd. Fugitives. gf . rg bi - M . Compliments of Houston Texas Capitol 2831 1iua6kyl'3ro5 SUUTH TEXAS STUNE EU. "Stone-The Qristocrat of Building Materials" Since 1907 gowitz THE HUMBL13 ILUMPANY Houston's Greatest Store For Men Women Rnd Children In the Gulf Building H Texas Institution extends to the class of '41 its hearty congratulations. May you find in your 1ife's Work both happiness and success. Massey Business Enlleqe "The Course to Success" Massey Gurantees Satisfaction or Money Refunded 1217 Capitol Hve. F. 3533 NNW AIXS1 tlMmNEle MI' Vw ffux Ulhwmlrl I I- S1 1 I 626 Main Street MHSURY PRINT HND RESPECTHBILITY H well-painted house is no guarantee of respectability, but it goes a long way toward establishing a good impression. IAMES BUTE COMPANY Caroline and McKinney Fairfax 9371 For Seventy Years Dependable Service to the People of Houston Compliments H-B-C FOOD STORE and HENKE and PILLOT Homemakers to Thousands Of Texans -SYN lv tt VVELM 41 vmes omus s sea HESTERS Sheet Metal Works Flnything in Sheet Metal 3316 Polk B. 3-0058 Largest and Most Complete Stock in the South! 1 l P MUSIC C0 INC S 1 ARKER Ig: my QGN, ' ' F R 916 CAPITOL AVENUE - FX. 9124 Famous HOLTON Band Instruments and LUDWIG DRUMS E. I. SHCI-INIK Grocery and Market Groceries and Meats Fruits and Vegetables Dry Goods and Notions SLRTHPER SERVICE STHTION Magnolia Products Road Service - Batteries Repairs 2503 Telephone Road W. 0170 CEMENT CONTRHCTORS P. 2982 curbs, sidewalks, gutters THOS. GOGGRN Compliments ci BROS. of MUSIC HOUSE MRRY MHRGRRET Est. 1886 Pianos - Radios - Music Band Instruments Gnd PiPe Organs "The Danceretts" H11 New Records Q REHL THILORS 315 Milby B. 3-1254 l20l Main Street F. l36l 420 Milam F. 2404 Best Wishes Compliments Of 2332125 Compliments of 1oYcE BEHUTY 5. SHIP HHOY BHRBER SUPPLY co COLLEGE ll09 San Iacinto 3708 Main St. Lehigh 0589 H t T Compliments Compliments of of Compliments EHSTWOOD of CROSS LUMBER COMPRNY H MR. ND MRS. ll04 Telephone Road 4205 Rusk B. 3-25l2 WOODCREST 6-2448 DRINK C IN BOTTLES BOULEVHRD FUNERFIL HOME "The Home of Sympathetic Service" 6929 Harrisburg Blvd. Houston Phone W. 4111-2 I. LEE BRHDF ORD CONTRRCTOR HND BUILDER "BETTER BUILT HOMES" Houston, Texas Bus. Phone W. 2222 Res. Phone W. 8142 Office - 1510 Telephone Road Compliments of D.O.K.K. HHLL Plan Your Dance With Us DEPPIRTMENT L. Green STORE Mgr. 2807 Telephone Road 315 Milby B 3-1254 Houston, Texas We give S6-H Green Stamps WOODLEIGH HRROW PHHRMQCY Cleaners and Dyers 20 Years Dependable "The Friegidly Store of as n Service S. N. D'Hmico, Prop. 6715 Harrisburg Wayside 2121 ICE SKFITING 1t's a great sport and fine exercise POLHR WHVE ICE PPILPICE McGowen and Hutchins Established in 1887 LEVY'S Levy Bros. Dry Goods Co. LENOX PHPIRMPICY Registered Pharmacist on Duty Hgency Pangburn's and Whitman's Candies 5321 Harrisburg Boulevard Wayside 7153 C. H. Ralston, PROP. 4201 McKinney P. 3324-3325 Compliments of SHKS SHOE STORE Shoes for the Entire Family CFIPITOL at TRHVIS Compliments of PHRK VIEW HOSPITHL Harrisburg at 75th v w fl I ' N "fx 1 'wg " i w ' ' V 4--" ' --A' ' iv lhll ' Il ' Mp img X W 4 WU ' J' !, !, ' - K X - " R Y i .MP arg A ii ' E 14 X dggl ,ff ' 1f'AW'l1il?,'! 111,35 ll 5 H' 1' :Y If ff E ' O : U Z 4 gm!f' f5 1 ' ' ' 'o ' C M2 ' he V X 1,3 THE HD THE xf WN IQ E II N K coMIANY COMPANY Idvffm Af'W?'fffi'1g .1 Q 5'I'rMV3 'S P"mf"'1g , xl A f ,Z , ,yi x. 1 ,gif Wx X N.: Iii- Y W 13 K - E A, 9 .f-1 , - 2 I l X? 5 . S' fT'i'f'i 1 f E' ii 4 2 Miiwlk-lb! 1 A' ' 'W 4 'Y R " f '. l 5'fu'7' 3 l E X E 5 ' I I wf 9 M3 'fl' I i' I 7' all v 1 fl X in A 3 !1 I tg? J L' 3 L Lk x f W3 4 1 E 5 ll W '5 'FW L' A 'hy - I wi! Ju-if 'i xxm' . , gy l ,' , 5 , gf. 1, 1 I . 15' J I L' xzr N lnfrxfbgb ii- ' iq .fu -vw 0 -1 tl . Q - I 'E 9 , - ' Q- - 2: ..- reb 1 1L"s-:fn as . -'-- "',,A- - n. .. . . - ll' ,u .... c,,.v .- an Ann- I, - ll I' Q .. . ' 1 ' - .. I uv . ,- 54' 1' 'ff' .. NQWH QL nz- u-'."-- I ,Q 9. ' ef ' 5: Lo, . xg "' 'R 424 li 433 ffiwfl, -1 - -Q - .. .'S-.I-T.-V?"'?4, O Q RAL POST OFFICE DRHLUER 2051 - HOUSTON, TEXFlS .K-fp, U K e5 , ' jk ur V ' I l ,, 'fy ' V' 1 -Y I' JV " 2 . 1 . 'I l V ' Ury .,' . , , -- K ' 2 , X , 4 'K f , 3N,'1, jf.. Jef :,,j. 4 2065 U .. AUTOGRAPHS MQ-Q-f A 5 C 2. wx MJ' JQQQWKQ, ' ' W7' ff , WM' ' gif? WU"'g33'55f5QfiiL-.mpi W f M' MM QW MM b1 sW M Q fm Q WQ'y'f 2 W5 iid, KM W ! - fV7fw4MoL1vigQ ,Y ' " sibf EVM 52,499 . ' ' L K ,. 1,1 ,,-. 'lf , ,I 'L 1 ,fm - CK . '.r'A!,.Z.,fz,7Ax1 fkkff y 1 11:5 5 .-1,. . 'v"fr: ,4' vy . .. , , W N. U -. , A 4,., . nik v HU'FiG RQPHs 5 ' ' Q I f , A W. ii f W Qffw 7100 A' . L :Z A b 1" 'V 0 , - S gg!! "5 , 2 di Q. Qf 65 5 . Pryx Ex B01 V N- ' v a 'N G N s A i - 0. -f , 1 nf l 2 k A. up -' ., -1 , , . ' "-- 1 ,uf , L ' ,L ,X ,fi ffm- A 55 V -V-E. . ,.,g!,q5g3:L,'ff-Qkgl r ' 1, . 1 ,Q-ff . ,.,. -:a5:.?,!:,f,: 3. I '-N:-Q.: , J J 'MM9 M59g'5E5aEiHNiim zEfQ5iniZ'Jviifi'Exf f"Hir.A' iw W ' 1? w lf 2 ! s i 2 3 i . S 1 Z Q 2 E 1 -4 -i wwf ASQ LRY.

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