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r ,I un li' Q ,gf 'N S - KHQQE.. U an HV Q N w Wigs ,V if 14 f NSY -A ' K : L -4 Nigga J-in EJ X ,sg 4 .IJ QIZI u X llll gf f A Q -lag , ll , XS , Pei H . 1 1 gp ilagqf -l g-if 'IIN' Iii Sgsgggai' Q Lg N QE? ui' "" 154 t 'X 'I 43 '.5:,g!gi gl A X V N . i , - PQ., p V'.A x Q . , 4224? 7- . Wa I. ,L - 1 'f , l .ix ,Z A I H-. 'YR , 'H'-Q it -231 sf W -ge 141 9: :ill I' ' I 'Q Nn'gf'f', -Y .. .X 0- - XQIBI if f, es- if X' "LE-F-- . 4 k f f X 'xg XA: "mme -rl' l 45? i 9 ft , ' .gm ,g s . itigisiiaigi X lv' af' ' 4 -N li '55 Jun. AQ? , N 8 . U Q f iagggsgl, . A A I q A ' A if' s"'2I 259 Q J N N. I e' A H l QQ' Q 13 I " gm 'K-...t lllll gn? If 7 ,I Nu :af K IQ-, .. 'll ! Al' g . si4Ei"i HE: 2 'N A ' X N 1' -VV Q xg an H52 .3 illf ? M. YF, nw! A V! ,f "k.4::If," iitiwvifa 4 X NINETEEN HUNDRED THIRTY-NINE Gm! PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF STEPHEN F. NUSTIN HIGH SCHOOL HOUSTON, TEXNS O EDITOR-OPNL STNITH TNNNNGER -TON'1 HFHNINOND gif K3 if Sv -si? QW fx THE SHOP mFlID EHTRHHCE In affair ,f Q .ii Gmiliffig Both last year and this, whenever Stephen F. Flustin Senior High School has made a public ap- pearance, whether on a football Field, in the Hrmistice Day Parade, at the Shrine Ball, or any other civic gathering, it has been the Scottish Brigadiers who have set the pace in spirit and color. The bright Scottish plaid of their unique uniforms, the quiclz-stepping precision ol their marching, the snappy musical cadence of their drums and bugles, the added charm ol their bagpipes, and the effectiveness of their drill formations and lollz dances have set every true Hustinite's heart afire with pride and school spirit, and igteezt cr-mi f is .Q fs , ergndetif have won unceasing admiration and acclaim from the public in general. The purposes of the Brigadiers are worthwhile, and their standards high. They truly have pro- moted interest in school activities and civic proj- ects, and they have successfully fostered good fellowship, sportsmanship, and scholarship. Cour- tesy, co-operation, and enthusiasm have been their personal characteristics. To the past and present Scottish Brigadiers, their sponsor, miss Beatrice l.ytle their musical director, mr. michael Spampinato, and their drill assistant, Vice Principal H. H. Johnson, the Staff dedicates this 1939 Corral. awk 32,335 t in Mi .f, as fy 5 K A , fp. ss, k ' ,Q 7 ' V 'V 3' Ml if , "' .MM 'ff ' 'ef T' Whig' gf ik, Sfwu, Lmigej , my Q. ,, tn 55 Y' qi- g my ' 1.,q.,gi ax Q! 1 ef W fu 1-' flffy ii if 'nf M4 We iv. 4,1 ' f A ,ggi 1 , X M, rigs Q, , 39, 243 ny gf. f" sf, if llkiff ex? ,ff 5 yii 4 W' X Qmhf"f'f4i aw' J an N A , X, 2 'V gk Eli' ga wha mad this hukz I Chieftains . . . . II Lads and Lassies . III The Bonnie andthe Braw . . IV Scots Who Hue for Austin Fought V Clans and Clansmen . . . VI For Auld Lang Syne . giefziaini nf' 1 N I l 5 N T 1 sl li' , J , 1 EEQEQUHVES G. H. LOESCHER Principal, DR. E. E. OBERHOLTZER Counselor, Superintendent Ffiend of Public Schools ITTRS. PHULINE CROUCH Deon H. Fl. JOHNSON Vice-Principal f'NRS. EDITH BREEDING Registrar FHCULTY Top row-mrs. E. C. Gates, Science, miss Bertie Sims, music, miss Lucy Ulmer, mathematics, mrs. Stuart maclzay, Clothing, mr. John Scott, Physical Education. middle row-mrs. mauryne Dailey, Spanish, mrs. Hlice llJoodrutf, Hrt, mrs. Verna Hogan, English, miss margaret Pearson, Cooking. Bottom row4mr. Jesse lllillis, R.O.T.C., miss Charline Lallier, History, mr. J. P. Cornelius, manual Flrts, mr. J. LU. llJatson, Commercial, miss Grace l-lornaday, Physical Education. W -47 f an 'R sian x 5, fm .+A V, Z7 , SA Q, Ai fig , X. M, ,Af fm Mk 8 4 Sm I wi S R Nw, we 4 Q f Q. is. 'E any 2 'Q s is 'fx as 5' M , fast? 35 K M WW 5 , ,iw My ZMQ moffaii x x XX , -- XX 1 x X -'wwf' PRESEIWTIIWG TI-IE SEITIORS GF 1939 The senior class ol Stephen F. Hustin Senior High School is composed ol approxi- mately 300 members. This second graduating class was organized early in the spring sem- ester, under the leadership ol Principal G. H. Loescher. Jaclz Cobb was elected President, Diclz Barton, Vice-President, marian Yale, Sec- retary, Charles Flbernathy, Treasurer, Flrcher mcLUhorter, Class Lawyer, George Bichard- son, Sergeant at Firms, and Billy mcBride, Class Poet. The Senior Council, composed ol representatives from each senior registration and aided by the senior officers, selected the rings and invitations. Various committees were appointed to plan and supervise the social affairs of the senior class. The motto, selected by the senior class by ballot, is--- "Lile is a picture, so paint it well." COITIITIITTEES FOR SENIOR RCTIVITIES PICVIIC Diclz Laycoclz, Frances Hail, Chairmen George Hnthony, Elmer Cherry, Doris La Garde, Leonard Hawlains, mary Hathryn matthews, Olan Penrod, mary Evelyn Pritchett, Flnnabelle Schleier, Carolyn Tomelz. RINGS FII"ID IITVITHTIOUS Senior Class Officers Senior Council members COmmEI'ICEmEI'IT Joe Jameson, Chairman Jo Flnne Bates, Billy Blackburn, Flllen Platter, June Rapp, Billy Sherrill, millicent Long. FLOLUERS Tata George, Chairman mary Bowers, Evelyn Calhoun, Helen Daugherty, Darrell Hunt, lJJiIma Swain, Philip Tharp, Billie l.Uade. CLHSS ITIORVIIFIG Ella Burndrett, Chairman Olive Evans, Charles Hargrove, Hurlocla Hrohn, miclaey Rester, Helen Robinson, Clifton Shelton, Ftnna Bell Swale, Philip Vetrano. BHVIQUET Donald Jeppesen, Chairman lUiIIiam Chapman, Elwood Davlin, Hda Gubert, Catherine Junlzer, mariorie Lemmon, Ruby mae Reed, Geneva Sanford, Herman Simons, Ruth Thomas. ITIOTTO Jane Carroll, Chairman Billy mcBride, Frances Hayden, Ursula Heesche, Sally Lou Parish. BHCCFILFIUREHTE SERITIOFI Edwina l,UhitaIzer, Chairman Betty Jane Boysen, Joyce mcClellan, David Holzin- ger, Edith Elsbury, Irene Lueclz, Flnnie Louise Little, mor- ris Rosenbaum. DHFICE . Bonnie Damon, Chairman Charles Hbernathy, Bertha Cherry, J. D. Elledge, Bar- ron Ellis, Jerry Huclzaby, H. UJ. Isbell, Fay Herley, Bus- sell Raiford, Tommy Schleier, marian Yale. CLHSS NIGHT Opal Smith, Chairman Helen Befeld, marian Burt, marjorie Conaway, Lo- riece Daniels, John Chadwiclz, Vernon Ewald, Velma Galny, Lydia Howard, mary Jean U.Jatson, nettie LUiseman. CHFIRLES "BIT" HBERHHTHYH-"Fl" Hssn., Club "39," Treas., Fire Dept., Football: Letterman, '37, '38, Co-Capt., '38, most Valuable Baclzfield man, '38, Traclz, '38, Philanthropists III, Treas., '39, Butl1ie's Rowdy Fifth, Treas., '38, Senior Treas., '39, Student Life Federation. HEFIHETH CLHYTOH HBERHFITHY-Hillbillies, Hall monitor, Capt., H. 4-1, Vice-Pres. LOIS LlLLlHn FILDEBS-Debate, '37, '38, Student Life Federation, Scottish Brigadiers. BOB "HFlPPY" HLEXFIl'lDERMUs of H. BOSE HHTHERIDE FILLED-B. 81 Fl. Civics Club, Boosters, Girl Be- serves, Hillbillies, Pan-Flmerican Club, Student Council. mP1RlHl'l FIHDERSOU-Flustin Boolaers, Commercial Law Club, no- nothing Club, S.S.S., Us of Fl. GEORGE HlTlHOl'lY-B. 81 Fl. Civics. Club, Pres., '39, Booster Bouncer, '38, '39, "400" Club, Treas., '38, Hi-Y, Pres., '38, '39, Ruthie's Brainless l,Uonders, Treas., '38, l.U.ll.l.lU., Vice Pres., '38, '39. LOUIE JOHN FIYO-Choral Club, G.F'1.B., Greenies, Peavy's lron l,Uorl2s, Sgt. at Firms, S.S.S., Sgt. at Hrms, Texas History Club, Sgt. at Firms. Jlmmy SHHl'll'lOl'l BFHLEY-Boosters, Civics Club. LELIFI CLHRH BFlLDlUll'l ClV Club Sec Dramatics "400" 1 -- - 1 Y-I i Club, Secy., H.H.S.P.Fl., Heigh-Ho Silver Club, Hillbillies, Rep., Round-Up Staff, Student Council. LORRHITIE BHLLHRD GHY HFlTHRYl'l BHHHS-Hustin Hrchers, Flustin Boolzers, Club "39", Hillbillies, S.S.S. DICH LEBOY BHRTOH-Boosters, Cheer Leader, '37, "4-OO" Club, Secy., '39, Fire Dept., Heigh-Ho Silver Club, Pres., '38, '39, Student Lite Federation, Festival Prince, '39. rf 51,-P, ji - -s . 'ff'-1 1. ,t-.9 . lr f . '4 1 st V x 52 Q. 1 f J "2 R Y ,ff LLL. L L N- 4 .' :i 5.3 re.. I. ,S g..r:,q 'wi 'x..., 2 L L L.. .,-0' Standing-Jaclz Cobb, President, Diclz Barton, Vice- President, Flrcher mclllhorter, Class Lawyer, Billy mcBride, Class Poet. Seated-George Richardson, Sergeant at Hrms, marian Yale, Secretary, Charles Hbernathy, Treasurer. "JO" Fil'1l'lE BHTES-Fidele's Erudite Hngels, B. 8a Fi. Civics Club, Boosters, Forum Latinum, Scottish Brigadiers, Corp. Co. C, Socialites, Sub-Deb. RICHFIRD lRLUll'l BFIUER DHRCY HFIBOU BEHBD, JB.-Civics Club, Heigh-Ho Silver Club, music Club, Texas History Club. HELEN "JFlHE" BEFELD-B, 8: H. Civics Club, Boosters, Choral Club, Treas., national Honor Society, Ruthie's Brainless U.londers, Volley Ball, Letter, '37. BOBBY "PHll.BERT" BELH-"Fl" Fissn., Boosters, Football mgr., '38, "400" Club, Hillbillies, Bound-Up Staff. JOHN "SHEElER" BELH-Hustin Boolzers, B. 81 H. Civics Club, Boosters, Choral Club, Ruthie's Brainless l.Uonders. HLLEHFIE "LlTTLE BIT" BERRY-Fidele's Eruclite Hngels, Boosters, Dramatics, Philanthropists lll, Us of Fl. mlLTOl'i "TREETGP" BEST-Hdvertising Club, Dictators,Vice-Pres., '39, Football Squad, '37, G.H.B., Sgt. at Hrms, '38, Heigh-Ho Silver Club. mlBll:lm Hl'll'lE BEYERSTED'l'fBoosters, Four Star Club, Secy., '38, Bep., '39, l.Uatson's Shysters. LUILLHRD "ENGLISH" BlLSBHCH-Dictators, fT1.fTl.fTi., Parl., '39, P.LU.H. Club, R.O.T.C.,Sgt.,'38,1stLt., '39. BILLY "PLHYBOY" BLFICHBURD-"Fl" Hssn., "400" Club, Green- ies, Sgt. at Hrms, '38, Round-Up Staff, S.S.S. of S., Sgt. at Hrms, '37, Texas History Club, Treas., Traclz, Football, Baslzetball Letterman, '39, Football High Point man in District, '38. GHYLE LUl'lDELL BLHIR-Boosters, Occupation Club, Pres., '38. LESLIE BOHn4"4OO" Club, G.H.B., Greenies, Heigh-Ho Silver Club, Hobby Lobby. Flnl'lFl "BEBE" BORl'i-Boosters, Club "39", Secy., '38, Pan-Flmeri- can Club, Pres., '37, Student Council, Treas., '37, Vice-Pres., '38, Sub- Deb. JFlfT1ES L. BOTTERH-Civics Club, Hall monitor, Capt., music Club, Swimming Team. Hflnfli BELLE BOUDREFIUX fTlHRY BOt.UEBSABoosters, "400" Club, national Honor Society, mustang mounties, Philanthropists lll, Sub-Deb, l.U.tU.UJ., Festival Lacly-in-waiting. BETTY JFll'iE BOYSEFI-B. 8: Fl. Civics Club, Boosters, English Club, Philanthropists Ill. EVELYVI "FHTTY" BRFll'Tl'lOl"l'-Club "39", Greenies, Scottish Brigadiers. DOROTHY "DOl'llE" BRIGGS-Boosters, Corral Staff, no-nothing Club. CLFlYTOl'l ROBERT BRlSTOU.l-Hillbillies, Sgt. at Hrms, R.O.T.C., Lt., '37, Buthie's Rowdy Fifth. fTlFlDELEll'iE RUTH BRUDERER-Boosters, Choral Club, C.l.V. Club, GRB, ELLFI "STOOGESS" BURFIDRETT-Boosters, national Honor So' ciet - Scottish Brigadiers Lt, Co. B, '37, '38, Capt. of Drill, '38, '39i Yr 1 - Student Lile Federation, Sub-Deb. mFiRlFll'l BURT-Boosters, Us ot H. ROSHLYH l'TlFlRY CHLDUJELL-'Boosters, Greenies, Round-Up Staff, Us of H., Volleyball Letter, LU.l.U.U.l., S.O.S. Club, Pres., '39, EVELYH YTIHRIE CHLHOUTP-Philanthropist lll, S.O.S. Club, Pres., '39. JHfTlES LUHLTER CHl'TiPfR.O.T.C., Spanish Club, Us of H., Young Flmerican Plrgueliers, Vll'lCEl'lT CHRHVELLH-Best Hll Hround Boy, '38, Club "39", Football and Baslzetball Letterman, '37, '38, S.S.S., Pres., Volleyball Team. YTTHRTHH JHFIE CHRROLL-Hustin Flrchers, Boosters, Dolphins, Pres., '38, '39, C5.lq.B., Program Chm., mustang mounties, national Honor Society, Swimming, Letter, '37. PHlLLlP EDlUll'l CHRTER-English Club, Young Hmerican Hrguefiers. THCIFI C9TSll'lHSfFldele's Eruclite Hngels, Hillbillies. JOHN L. CHHDlUlCl'l-l3dele's Erudite Flngels, Civics Club, Speech Club, Parl., '38, l.UlLLlHlTl "LUlLLIE" CHHPfTTHl'l+Hdele's Erudite Hngels, Boosters, Philanthropists lll, Senior Council, Dramatics, Boys' Plcting, Honors, Student Council. DOLORES CHHRLSTOD-Heigh-Ho Silver Club. BERTHH CHERRY-Commercial Club, Secy., '38, '39, Greenies, national Honor Society, Us ol H. ELFTIER LUILBUR CHERRY, JR.-D.O.C., Pres., '39, Texas History Club, Vice-Pres., Us of 9. LOUISE "CHOFlTlE" CHOHTE-Band, Secy., '38, Boosters, D.O.C., Ruthie's Brainless l,Uonders, Scottish Brigadiers, Capt. of Drum 84 Bugle, '38, '39, Socialites, S.S.S., Student Lite Federation. JHCH "ROSY" COBB+"H" Hssn., Heigh-Ho Silver Club, Parl., national Honor Society, Vice-Pres., Runner-Up Best Hll-Firound Boy, '39, Senior Pres., '39, Student Life Federation, fTlFlRY Fllflrl TERESO COLLURH-Hustin Hrchers, Boosters, "4oo" Club, music Club, Raclzeteers. TTTFTRJORIE JFIHE COl'llUFlY-mustang mounties, Trees., '38 '39, Sub-Deb, Young Hmericcm Hrguefiers. ITIHRY FRHYICES CODLIH E. L. COl'll'lOR-C.l.V. Club, "400" Club, GRB., Ice Hoclzey Letterman, '37, '38. LEE E. COOPER-Hrt lnterscholcistic, '37, Boosters, R.O.T.C., Sgt., '38, '39, Young Plmerican Hrguefiers. ELIZHBETH "LIZ" COPE-fictional Honor Society. DOROTHY "DOT" CORLEY+Boosters, Hillbillies, Scottish Brig- adiers, Socialites, S.S.S. LORETIH "CORFlEGFll'T" CRHIG-9.9.9. Club, Boosters, Los Hn- gelitos, Pres., '38, Ruthie's Broinless Ulonders, Scottish Brigadiers, lllahoo lllhoppers. VlRCSll'llH CRFHUFORD-Boosters, Hillbillies, Scottish Brigadiers, S.S.S., Treas., '39. l.UlLLlHfTl CROUCHfB. 84 Pl. Civics Club, Boosters, Hi-Y, Pan- Flmerican Club, R.O.T.C., Ruthie's Broinless Ulonders. F? , Lf", gi 'gf vu. . , 1 Q? 'H if . 4 ,fs f..+.t, J . f fm pu aw ' ,L r Y 3 if 'Ls' . -im.. ts ' ' 1. :' K ' f -is A , if-35 E ' tl E wr SQ i J M- 1-. .v 33, i,,.L....,,,.,, is-3 rss we 'X' t we . 5 ,rr Y.. .W kb NLEX H. CURRY, JR.fBoosters, Club "39", Vice-Pres., Football, Senior Reserve Letter, '38, S.S.S. RRLPH J. DNIGLE ESTHER mHE D'HmlCOfRustin Hrchers, Hustin Boolzers, Pres., Hustin Netters, Band Sweetheart, '38, '39, NNSH D'FlmlCOfBoosters, Hall monitor, Capt., Hillbillies, Pres.,'39. SFifTl D'RfNlCO BONNIE FILICE DRINON-Best Rll-Round Girl, '39, Club "39", D.N.R. Good Citizen, '39, D.O.C., Forum Latinum, Pres., '38, G.H.B., Vice-Pres., '39, Lambda Sigma Filpha, Secy., '38, National Honor Society, Ruthie's Rowdy Fifth, Pres., '38, Scottish Brigadiers, major, '38, '39, Senior Beauty, '38, Student Life Federation, Topper Saddle Club, UJ.l.U.l.U., Secy., '39, Festival Oueen, '39. LORIECE DHl'llELS-Hustin Netters, Boosters, Dolphins, Rep., Hill- billies, mustang mounties, Patricians Club, Plebeians Club, Program Chm., Round-Up Staff, Swimming Letter, Volleyball Letter. HELEN "Tim" DRUGHERTY-Rclvertising Club, Secy., '38, B. 8, R. Civics Club, Secy., '39, Boosters, Choral Club, Rep., '38, L. 8: H. 4-6, Vice-Pres., Ruthie's Brainless UJonders, Rep., '38, Sub-Deb, Volley- ball Letter, '37. LUlLLlHm "l.Ull'lDY" DHVlES-Hustin Service Club, Pres., '38, '39, Booster Bouncer, '38, '39, Club "39", D.O.C., lnterstate Swimming meet, Ruthie's Rowdy Fifth, Student Life Federation, -l'acl2ett's Taclzy Thirteen, Us of H., Vice-Pres., '39, Festival Gentleman-in-Ulaiting. BESSIE EVELYN DRVIS-Club "39", Dictators, music Club, Us of R. ELUJCOD "POTSEY" DRVLIN-"R" Rssn., Boosters, C.I.V. Club, Club "39", Program Chm., '38, Football Letterman, Us of H., Sgt. at Hrms, '39, U.latson's Shysters, Sgt. at Firms. ROBERT LOUIS DEFil'iAPan-Hmerican Club, EmlLE GEORGE DECHER4Football, Senior Reserve Letter, G.R.B., lce Hoclzey, Co-Capt., '38, HELEN "HRTHRlNFi" DELHOmmE-Boosters, Four Star Club, Hillbillies, Scottish Brigadiers, Socialites, Young Flmerican Rrguefiers. mHRGFlRET VlRGll'llFi DIBRELL-Civics Club, Commercial Club, Secy., '37, '38, National Honor Society, S.S.S. of S. ERl'lES'l'll'lE HHTHRYN DONHHOE-Hustin Rrchers, Boosters, music Club, Secy., Philanthropists lll, Sub-Deb, Parl. LUILLNRD DOUJLING-Commercial Law Club, Jr. Hcademy of Science, Chm., '38, '39, m.L.D., National Honor Society, R.O.T.C., 1st Lt., Capt., '39, Socialites. LOUIS DUHOl'ifHillbillies, Occupations Club, Social Relations Club. BOB DUHE4Band, Greenies, Hillbillies, Orchestra, Tumbling Club. JHmES DFll'llEL ELLEDGEfR.O.T.C., 1st Lt., Young Fimerican Rrguefiers, Pres. BNRRON ELLISf"N" Hssn., Treas., F'tll-City, Rll-District Football Team, '38, Football Letterman, '37, '38, Baslzetball, Traclz, Volley- ball Letterman, '38, '39, most Popular Boy, Ruthie's Brcinless U.lon- ders, Pres., '38, Us of R., Pres., '39. tUlLLlRm ELLIS-Rdele's Erudite Flngels, Band, Boosters, Philan- thropists lll, R.O.T.C., Sgt. EDITH mFlE ELSBURYARustin Hrchers, Boosters, Civics Club, S.O.S. Club, Secy., '39, Sub-Deb. VNNRIHN RLBION EFNERSON-B. 8t R. Civics Club, Boosters, "400" Club. OLIVE JOELLR EVFTTTS-Hmerican History Club, Pres., '37, '38, Choral Clinic, Choral Club, Hillbillies, Scottish Brigadiers, Sgt. So- prano Bugler, '39, Socialites. HHTHRYTTE BERl'ilCE EUJHLD-Boosters, Declamation, '38. VERNON U.JlLLlS EUJFILD-Boosters, Dictators, Secy., '39, G.H.B., national Honor Society. ROY FFISLUH-Civics Club. BESSlE lTTFlE FHULHTTER-Fldvertising Club, Vice-Pres., '39, Boosters, Choral Club, Social Chm., '38, Dramatics, Hillbillies, Library Club- Occupations Club, Secy., '39, Ruthie's Brainless Uolonders, Prograni Chm., '38. CHTHF'lRll'TE JUNE FELTER-Boosters, Club "39", Ruthie's Brainless UJonders, The Raclzeteers, Us ol H. fTTHRlE Hl'TTOlTTETTE FISCHER-G.R.B., Greenies, Secy., '38, L. 8: H. 4-6, Treas., '39, national Honor Society, Pan-Flmerican Club, Scottish Brigadiers, Sgt. Tenor Bugler, '37, '38, Lt. Bugler, '38, '39. GERHLDIDE "JERRY" FOSTER-Boosters, Sub-Deb. JOHl'l TTllLTOl'T FREDERICH-G.Fl.B., Occupations Club. JUTTE FTTFIRGHRET FULLER-lT1.m.m.,Socialites, Scottish Brigadiers. CESRRE JOSEPH GHLLI, JR.-B. 84 H. Civics Club, Boosters, Chief, '38, '39, Cheer Leader, Chief, '37, Club "39", Program Chm., Fire Dept., Student Liie Federation. VELmFl ElLEEl"l GFTLTTY-Corral Staff, Flrt. Ed., '39, GFLB., na- tional Honor Society, Ouill 84 Scroll, Round-Up Stalt, Sub-Deb, Hist., '38, '39. FRHTIH ROBERT GFITLID-"H" Hssn., Basketball, mgr., '38, Phi- lanthropists lll, Host, '38. TRTH GEORGE-Boosters, Corral Staff, L. 81 H. 4-5, Pres., mustang mounties, Pres., '39, national Honor Society, Pan Fimerican-Club, Philanthropists lll, Program Chm., '38, '39, Student Council, Secy., '37, '38, Sub-Deb, Treas., '38, UJ.R.G., Secy., '39, Festival Princess. TTTORGFTTT GlLLESPlE-Basketball Letterman, '37, Boosters, Civics Club, Club "39". DOROTHY ELll'lOR GOLD-Civics Club. DOROTHY "POLLY" GOULD. DOROTHY TTTHE GOULDSOTT-Flustin Hrchers, Boosters, Club "39", Greenies, Hillbillies, music Club. GLORlP1 TTTORETTE GRFTY-Boosters, Dolphins, Dramatics, Philan- thropists lll, The Raclzeteers. CLIFFORD GREETT-Heigh-Ho Silver Club, Ruthie's Rowdy Fifth, Us of Fl. HORHCE GROGHTT-Boosters, Ruthie's Rowdy Fifth, Us of Ft. HDR GUBERT3Boosters, Young Hmerican Plrguefiers. DOROTHY JRHE HFiGERfB. 8a H. Civics Club, Boosters, Dolphins, Girl Reserves, Scottish Brigadiers, S.S.S., Young Flmerican Hrguefiers. FRHDCES HHIL-Boosters, Civics Club, Treas., '38, Corral Statl, Four Star Club, Runner-Up most Popular Girl, '39, Socialites, Secy., '39, Student Council, Pres., '38, '39, Sub-Deb, Secy., '39, l.lJ.l.lJ.LU., Treas., '39. ITIILTOH RICHFIRD HHLPHEH. mRRY ELLEl'l HHnSEl'laClub "39", Philanthropists lll, Round-Up Staff, Student Life Ed., '39, The Raclzeteers, Pres., '38, '39, Us of Fl., Secy., '39. CHHRLES THOmFtS HHRGROVE-"Ft" Rssn., Baslzetball, Hon- orary Capt., '38, Boosters, Civics Club, Pres., '38, Football, '37, '38, L. 84 H. 4-8, Pres., P.l.U.H. Club, Rep. '39, ROY HHRTmFtl'lAPublic Spealzing Club, R.O.T.C., Us of Fl. LEODHRD HFlLURll'lS-Boosters, C.l.V. Club, Vice-Pres., '38. FRHDCES HHYDED-Commercial Club, Dolphins, Vice-Pres., '39, G.Ft.B., Greenies, mustang mounties, Volleyball Letter. BERl'llCE HRYlTlEfScottish Brigadiers, Sgt., Socialites, Us ot Fl. BILLY HFIYS-Boosters, "400" Club, Secy., Greenies, Hobby Lobby, R.O.T.C. URSULH HEESCHEf9ustin Ftrchers, Vice-Pres., '38, '39, Hustin netters, Rep., '38, '39, Boosters, Dolphins, Pres., '38, '39, G.H.B., Rep., '39, Greenies, mustang mounties, Pres., '38, '39, Round-Up Staff, Swimming 84 Volleyball Letters. UJHLTER ERVll'l HEFFLERwBar-Nothing Club, Heigh-Ho Silver Club, Pan-Ftmerican Club. FLORENCE "l:LOSSlE" HIGHTOUJER-Hll-State Chorus, Boosters, Four Star Club, Hillbillies. DHVID HOLZIDGER. Jlmmlli LEE HOHHHER. EVELYD HOOP-Boosters, "400" Club, mustang mounties, Phi- lanthropists III, Sub-Deb, HFIRRY "HOPELESS" HOPE-Bar-Nothing Club, Hi-Y, Pres., '38, Tennis Team, Volleyball and Baslzetball Letterman. PEGGY JHHE HOUSE-Boosters, Hillbillies, S.S.S. LYDIH HOUJFIRD-Four Star Club, Pan-Hmerican Club, Student Council. LORHIHE FRRYTCES HRUSRHAB. 8a H. Civics Club, Scottish Briga- diers, Corp. JERHLDYDE "JERRY" HUCRHBY-Boosters, Corral Staff, English Club, no-nothing Club, Round-Up Staff, Scottish Brigadiers, Student Council, Sub-Deb. HLBERT HUDECR-Pan-Hmerican Club, R.O.T.C., Sgt. ELmER DHRRELL HUl"lT-Fire De t. Flsst Chief, Football Senior P 1 - 1 Reserve Letter, Pan-Rmerican Club, R.O.T.C., Cadet major, Honor Cadet Hward, '38, Rifle Team, Student Life Federation. BILLY ROBERTH HUUTER-Rustin Hrchers, Secy., '38, '39, national Honor Society, Secy., '39, Us of H., Young Hmerican Hrguefiers, Treas., '38. JOE JHmESOl'lvFlclvertising Club, Pres., '38, Fire Dept., Capt., "400" Club, Hall monitor, Capt., R.O.T.C., Sgt., '37, Lt., '38, Capt., '39, Round-Up Staff. DOUHLD JEPPESEl'l-B. 84 H. Civics Club, Vice-Pres., Boosters, Club "39", Pres., '38, '39, Occupations Club, Pres., '39, Student Council, Handbook Chairman. DOROTHY JOHI'ISTOI'lfB. 84 H. Civics Club, Choral Club, Green- ies, Hobby Lobby, Socialites, S.S.S. HUBRETTE "FIUBIE" JOI'IES-Fiustin Boolzers, B. 8g FI. Civics Club, Boosters, "400" Club, Vice-Chmn., mustang mounties. DORIS I'IELULEl'IE JOI'IESaHiIIbiIIies. DOROTHY GBHCE JOI'IESiHmerican History Club, Secy., '37, '38, Hillbillies, Scottish Brigadiers, Sgt. Baritone Bugle, '39, Socialites. CFITHERIHE "HFITIE" JUISIHEB-B. 81 H. Civics Club, Program Chmn. '38, '39, Boosters, Scribe, '38, '39, Four Star Club, mustang mounties, national Honor Society, Senior Council, Student Council, Secy., '38, '39, Student Life Federation, Sub-Deb, Treas., '39, I ROSHLIE I'IH'I'ZfBoosters, Commercial Club, Four Star Club. FFIY HERLEY-Boosters, D.O.C., Dramatics, "400" Club, Treas. '39, Hillbillies, Scottish Brigacliers, Lt. Co. C, '37, '38, Lt. Co. B, '38. DFIISY HHH HI'IOllJLTOI'I JOY HLICE HOEFOED-Hillbillies. 1 mFIRYBELL HORFI:-"400" Club, Four Star Club, G.H.B., Philan- thropists III, The Baclzeteers. JHCOUOLULYTI HELEI3 HOBGEAFIustin Inletters, Pres., '38, '39, Choral Club, D.O.C., national Honor Society, Philanthropists Jr., III, Texas History Club, Valley Ball Letter, '38. HUBLOCH HBOHniBoosters, Choral Clinic, Greenies, Philanthro- pists III, DORIS ELFIIYIE LFIGHRDE-B. 8a FI. Civics Club, Boosters, Corral Staff, Circulation mgr., '39, Junior Beauty, '38, mustang mounties, Ruthie's Brainless wonders, Socialites, Treas., '39, Sub-Deb, Hist., '38, Runner-Up, Senior Beauty, '39. JOHI'I CHHRLES LHI'IGiSpanish Club. BERIWICE VERIH LFIUGHLII'IfFIdeIe's Erudite Hngels, m.m.m., Scottish Brigadiers, Sub-Deb. DICH "PROmOTER" LHYCOCH-Boosters, Heigh-I-Io Silver Club, Vice-Pres., '38, Philanthropists III, Vice-Pres., '38, '39, Socialites, Pres., '39, UJ.UJ.UJ., Social Chmn., '39. FLORH mFIRY LHZHBUS-Boosters, Dolphins, Secy. 8s Treas., '37, '38, may Fete, Lady-in-I.Uaiting, '38, Pan-Fimerican Club, Swimming Team, '38, JOHN FIDTHOIIY LEHCH T. J. LEE-Public Spealzing Club, R.O.T.C., Texas History Club, Us of H. mHRJORIE "RED" LEmmOI'I-Boosters, Club "39", Dictators, m.m.m., P.l.U.FI. Club, Secy., '39, Scottish Brigadiers, Corp., '37, '38, '39. OSCHR TUFFLY LIFID HFIVIIE LOUISE LITTLE HELEI1 ROmHII'IE LIVELY Boosters Commercial Club Four Star Club Hillbillies mILLICEI'IT mILLIE LONG Ftdeles Erudrte Hngels Secy 39 Boosters Choral Club Forum Latrnum Four Star Club Treas HrIIblIIles Treas 38 Secy 39 Scottish Brrgadrers Sub Deb Pro gram Chmn 39 rm? .. eg. I . YL S. 'Q' 'iv' "7 ,S 3 A is U ff? at 'V if P In GEREVIEVE TTTRRIE LOOTTTIS-Commercial Club, GR.B., Girl Reserves, Parl., lnterscholastic Spelling, Second Place, '38, national Honor Society, Secy., '38, Ruthie's Rowdy Fifth, TTTRRGRRET LOUISE LOOP-Rdele's Erudite Rngels, Vice-Pres., '39, Four Star Club, fTl.m.lTl., national Honor Society, Pan-Rmerican Club, Vice-Pres., '37, Treas., '38, Pres., '39, GLRDYS EDHH LOVE-Dictators, Pan-Rmerican Club, P.LU.H. Club, Scottish Brigadiers, Texas History Club, Us of Fl. EDIWR "GEHl'lELL" LOYD-Boosters, Club "39", Sub-Deb. JOHl'll'lY "J. P." LUCRS-Boosters, Club "39", Corral Staff, GRB., Hall monitor, Round-Up Staff, Ruthie's Rowdy Fifth, UJahoo U.Jhop- pers, lREi'lE "REl'lE" LUECH-Boosters, G.H.B., Greenies, Treas., '38- Tlational Honor Society, 1 HERBERT FILFORD fTlRRS HELL TTIRTHEUJS-Dictators, Hillbillies, Socialites. TTTRRY HRTHRYR TTTRTTHELUS-Boosters, Rsst. Chief, '38, '39, Four Star Club, Pres., '37, mustang mounties, national Honor Society, Philanthropists III, Treas., '38, Student Life Federation, Sub-Deb, Vice- Pres., '38, Pres., '39, UJILLIRTTT "BILL" lTlcBRlDE-Bar nothing Club, lnterscholastic One- Rct Play, '38, Jr. Rcademy of Science, national Honor Society, Parl., '38, '39, Senior Poet, '39, Speech Club, Stamp Club, Student Life Federation. JOYCE TTTCCLELLRTT-Rdele's Erudite Rngels, B. 8: R. Civics Club, Greenies, Rational Honor Society, Scottish Brigadiers, Sgt. of Flags, '38, '39, FRRTTH B. mcCLElTlSIY-no-nothing Club, Pan-Flmerican Club. mRRl'lEVR JRTTE TTTCCOYA-Rdele's Erudite Flngels, Rmerican His- tory Club, Vice-Pres., '38, Boosters, C.l.V. Club, Heigh-Ho Silver Club. TTIRRGRRET lTlcCREFlRY-'Rustin Rrchers, Commercial Club, Dol- phins, Vice-Pres., '37, '38, mustang mounties, Vice-Pres., '38, '39, national Honor Society, Senior Council, Young Rmerican Rrguefiers. DOROTHY TTTRE TTTCDORRLD-Scottish Brigadiers, Corp. lJJlLLlFlfTl RRLPH fT'lcHll'll'lEY-B. 8: Fl. Civics Club, Boosters, High 4-7, Pres. ISHBEL ROSE lTlcLRUGHLll'l-Boosters, G.Fl.B., Philanthropists III. RRCHER "mRC" lTlcUJHORTERf"R" Rssn., Best Rll-Round Boy, '39, Football, '38, Senior Lawyer. CLYDR ITTRE lTlEDLEl'1HFl-Greenies, mustang mounties, Philan- thropists III, Sub-Deb, EDITH TTTRRIE mElER-Civics Club, Commercial Law Club, Pres., '38, '39, Four Star Club, Rational Honor Society, Treas., '38, S.S.S. ol S. HHTIIE OLLIHE ITIICHEL-Club "39", Greenies. CHHRLOTTE BERl"llCE ITHTCHELL-Philanthropists Jr., lll, Scottish Brigadiers, Corp. ELFlll'lE fTllTCHELL-Boosters, Hillbillies, Socialites, Scottish Briga- diers. FTTUREL STEPHEN fTlORTOl'lwHillbillies, Pan-Rmerican Club, Young Rmerican Flrguefiers. m. C. mUTlLll'l-Bond, Sgt. cat Hrms, Boosters, Philonthropists lll, JO fTlHRlE fT'lUlTLll'l JULIH HELEN mYHTT-G.H.B., notional Honor Society, Scottish Brigcidiers, Top Sgt. of Bugles, ll.l.l.U.llJ. ROBERT "DOE" DHGORHH EDLUHRD "SCOTTlE" l'1FlY RFWTDHLL TTELUBILL-H4-10, Vice Pres., S.S.S., Vice-Pres. SHLLY LOU PFlRlSHwCommerciol Low Club, Dolphins, Trecs., '39, G.R.B., Greenies, Science Club. mHRGUERlTE HLLll1E PFTRHER-Boosters, Hillbillies, Philanthro- pists lll. l'lOl'lH LEE PFIRHS-Boosters, Ruthie's Brciinless l.Uonders, Us of Fl. VlRGll'TlH PEFlRSOTliScottish Brigodiers, Sub-Deb. OLHF1 GEORGE PETTROD-Boosters, D.O.C., lce Hoclaey Teom, S.S.S., Young Hmericcm Hrguefiers. DFILE HRD PERRETT-Co-Ed Club, Girl Reserves, Pon-Hmericcn Club. EVELYF1 PESCHHH-Boosters, C.l.V. Club, Dictcltors, Hillbillies, Sociolites. JOSEPH HUGUST PESCHHH-Boosters, Chorol Club. JFIFTTES GEORGE PETHERIOTES-Club "39", Dictotors, Football, Senior Reserve Letter, Truclz, '39. VHSELEHE PICRFHYTTETTOS-G.H.B., "400" Club, Pon-Hmericczn Club, Ruthie's Brcinless lllonders. HLVll'l PLElTTkBoosters, Civics Club, Forum Lctinum, Vice-Pres. FlLLEl'l "HUNTER" PLFITTER-Boosters, "400" Club, Ouill 8: Scroll, R.O.T.C., Lt., Round-Up Staff, Ed., lnterscholostic lllinner in Journa- lism, '39. DOROTHY ELHll"lE POOLE-Civics Club, Orchestra, Concert master, Pres., Swimming meet, 1st Place. VELmH JUl'lE POOLE-Boosters, Pon-Hmericon Club, Scottish Brigocliers, Ruthie's Broinless wonders, PHULITTE mHE PRESTOniFlustin Elrchers, Boosters,-Civics Club, Pcxn-Hmericcn Club, Rep., '38. EDRH mlqLEl'lE PRlCEfBoosters, Club "39", music Club, Scottish Brigodiers, Corp., '37, '38, Sgt., '39, Sub-Deb. EVELYV1 LOUISE PRlESTfCommercic1l Low Club, English Club, Volley Boll Letter. mHRY EVELYTT PRITCHETT-Boosters, Four Star Club, Choral Club, mustang mounties, notional Honor Society, Perl., Philonthropists lll, Scottish Brigodiers, Sub-Deb, Ii Q i '. 7"" 5 A Q f , aw xg. K, ,, . 4 4' sw? if W 5' fm " -4 'Q' 'R 2 'H' i . 'S -. f eff' 0 'mr ik f as H ' ,-:' . is ls? if 4 rg. ff ug 1, 'f C .a"?12' I 'C mi as fm, ik "2 fTlHURlCE mOBGHI'l BHDEB-wG.H.B., Swimming and Volley Ball Teams. RUSSEL RHlFORDf"Fl" Flssn., Boosters, Football, '38, '39, High Scoring Center of District 13, '38, Philanthropists lll, Pres., '39, Festival Hing, '39. BESSIE fTlFlE BRO-Flustin Boohers. JUDE "PUl"IHll'l" BFlPPfBoosters, Heigh-Ho Silver, Secy., '38, Scottish Brigadiers, Young Hmerican Hrguefiers, Program Chmn., '38, BUBY fT'lHE REED-Debate Class, Secy., '38, national Honor So- ciety, Pres., '38, Speech Club, Pres., '38, Student Council, Student Lite Federation, Sub-Deb, Texas History Club, Pres., '39. HLBERT REESEfBoosters, Hall monitor, Young Hmerican Hrguefiers. GERTRUDETUYRTLE REESE-Club "39", Greenies. GOBDOTT BEESEABand, Boosters, Civics Club, Vice-Pres., '38, G.H.B., Pres., '39, lce Hochey Letterman, '38, '39, Co-Capt., '39, Pan-Hmerican Club, Sgt. at Hrms, '38, Occupations Club, Vice-Pres., '39, Tennis Team, '38. HFIROLD "BUCK" REID-"Fl" Hssn., HHH., Boosters, C.l.V. Club, Football, '37, '38, "400" Club, P.LU.H. Club. lT'llCl'lEY BESTEB4Boosters, Dramatics, Hillbillies, Bound-Up Staff, Bus. mgr., '37, '38, '39, Us ol Fl. GEORGE "G-mFll'l" BlCHF'IBDSOl'lw-"Fl" Hssn., Boosters, Fire Dept., Battalion Chief, Football, '37, '38, Capt., '38, Hll-City Guarcl, '38, most Valuable Linesman, '38, Philanthropists lll, Runner-Up most Popular Boy, Senior Sgt. at Hrms, '39. JUNE FIDELE RIESETTBEBG-Boosters, Dolphins, Secy., '38, '39, national Honor Society, Pan-Flmerican Club, Senior Council, Student Council, Swimming Team, '38, Young Flmerican Hrguefiers, Parl., '38. JOHl'll'llE LUILLIHITT RILEY-fTl.fTl.l'T1.,l,U.P.H. Club. JOE RITCHELL BILLY BOHBH-Flustin Service Club, Boosters. LUILLIHYTI ROBERTS-Boosters, Commercial Law Club, G.H.B,. Greenies, Heigh-Ho Silver Club, Occupations Club. OLLlE TTTHE ROBERTSON-Hustin Boolzers, Treas., '38, Boosters, C.l.V. Club, G.H.B., Heigh-Ho Silver Club. HELEl'l BOBll'lSOl'l-Cheer Leader, '38, Civics Club, Pres., '38, Junior Duchess, '38, Scottish Brigadiers, Sgt. Co. H, '37, Us ofF1. l'lELLlE LOBETIE BOBll'lSOl'liBoosters, L4-4, Secy., Us of Fl, TTlORBlS BOSETTBHUTTT-Orchestra, Pan-Hmerican Club. ITIFIRGFIRET BETH BUSSELLfHeigh-Ho Silver Club, Bound-Up Staff, Tennis Club. FBHTTH "HHl'lH" SHDLEIB-Hustin Service Club, Heigh-Ho Silver Club, Orchestra, Philanthropists lll. GEUEVH SFTTTFOBD-Fldele's Erudite Hngels, Secy., '39, Pan- Hmerican Club, Secy., '37, '38, Scottish Brigadiers, Sgt., Sub-Deb, Us of H., Young Hmerican Flrguefiers. fTllLDRED SHVHGE PHTRICIFT LILLIHTI SCHHTZ-Boosters, Philanthropists Ill. l:1I'II"IFIBELLE "LITTLE BIT" SCHEILER-Boosters, Dictators, Secy., H4-9, Treas., Student Council. TOITTITTY SCHLEIER-R.O.T.C., Lt. HETTRY SCHROERLUHE-Banlz, C.l.V. Club, First Band, Orchestra. LOIS DOROTHEH SCHROERLURE-B. 8g FI. Civics Club, Round- Up Staff, S.S.S. FRHZIER CLIFTOTT SHELTOTI-I-'tndrews' Speechless wonders, Porl., '38. OPIE SHEPHERD-Civics Club, Vice-Pres., Fire Dept., R.O.T.C., Lt. BILLY Sl-IERRILL-I-lillbillies, lTI.L.D., R.O.T.C., Corp. TTIFIRY HGTIES SHIPVTTFITI-Round-Up Stuff. HERITTFTI3 H. SIfTTOI'TSaBand, Capt., Boosters, Corral Staff, Ice Hoclzey Team, Philanthropists III, Traclz Team. BOl'1l'1lE JOYCE SLHUGHTER-Boosters, Civics Club, Scottish Brigcidiers, Corp. FRHITCES CECIL SLEDGE-Boosters, D.O.C., Hillbillies, Socialites. FRFIFICES LHDELLE STTTITH-Hustin Hrchers, ITLTTTTTT., national Honor Society, Pan-Hmerican Club, Socialites. FRHTICES TTIFIRCELLITTE SITTITH-Civics Club, Scottish Brigadiers, Texas History Club. OPHL LFIVOITITE SfTTITHfBoosters, Corral Staff, Flsst. Ed., '38, Ed., '39, Lambda Sigma Hlpha, Hist., '37, '38, L. 8t H. 4-4, Treas., national Honor Society, Pres., '39, Pan-Hmerican Club, Pres., '38, Runner-Up Best HII-Round Girl, '39, Senior Council, Student Council, Vice-Pres., '38, Student Lite Federation, Sub-Deb, Pres., '38, Rep., '39, Us ol FT., Program Chmn., Young Hmerican Hrguefiers, Secy., '38. UJILBUR JULIUS SITTITH-Boosters, R.O.T.C., Lt., Traci: Team. CHIRRLES G. SOTTES-I'TationaI Honor Society, Pan-Fimerican Club. ITIOVITEZ SOI'lI'TEI'T-Boosters, S.S.S., The Raclzeteers, Secy. 81 Treas., '38, '39. HELEN ROSE STEPHETTS-Dolphins, G.FI.B., Greenies, national Honor Society. ELTOI'l LFITTIFTR STEPHEI"lSOIT-R.O.T.C., Sgt. STEVE "STEVIE" STICRITEY-Ice Hockey. UJILTTTH "TUBBY" SUJFTIVI-Boosters, Philanthropists Ill, Ruthie's Brainless wonders, Scottish Brigadiers. FITITTFI BELL SLUFILE-Boosters, Club "39", Hillbillies, Round-Up Staff, Ruthie's Brainless wonders. TTTFTRJORIE TFIYLOR-Hustin Hrchers, Secy., '37, '38, Boosters, Dolphins, G.Fl.B., Greenies, Rep., Sub-Deb, Sgt. at Ftrms, Volley Ball Letter. 3 seg we fi PHILIP "FFlTS" THFIRP-Football, '38, Occupations Club, Philan- thropists Ill, Ruthie's Rowdy Filth, Socialites. BILLY THOmFlS RUTH "RUTHIE" THOmHS-B. 84 H. Civics Club, Commercial Club, Greenies, Scottish Brigadiers, Corp., lU.UJ.l.U. LUHLTER LESTER TOFTE-Plustin Service Club, Sgt. at Firms, Boosters, Swimming Team. CFIROLYD TOmEH-Boosters, Flsst. Scribe, '38, '39, Cheer Leader, '38, Lambda Sigma Fllpha, national Honor Society, Scottish Briga- diers, Student Life Federation, Sub-Deb, Social Chmn., '39, BILLY CHHRLES TRHLUEEH-Boosters, Lawyer, '38, '39, Dramatics, lnterscholastic Play, '38, Senior Council. mFlRlE THRESSH TRIOLH-Boosters. PHILIP HRTHUR VETRHHO-Boosters, Cheer Leader, '38. PHILIP VIOLR-national Honor Society, Vice-Pres., '38, l,U.l,U.U.l., Parl., '39, ESTHER FllLEEl'l VOGLER-Boosters, Girl Reserves, Civics Club, Dolphins, Scottish Brigadiers. ROY VOSLOH BILLIE UJHDE-Club "39", G.Fl.B., Sub-Deb, l,U.llJ.UJ., Young Hmerican Hrguefiers. DICHSOl'l "EDDIE" lUFlLLFlCEM"4OO" Club, Philanthropists Jr., Ill, R.O.T.C., Sgt. FTIHRY JEHH l.UHTSOl'l4Boosters, Corral Staff, Forum Latinum, Latin, Essay 8a Tournament lllinner, '38, national Honor Society, Scottish Brigadiers, Sub-Deb, Us of Fl., Young Flmerican Hrguefiers. THERESH UJEHVER-Boosters, Hillbillies, Secy., '38, Pan-Hmerican Club, Scottish Brigadiers, S.S.S. LLOYD LUEIHBERG-Boosters, Civics Club, Heigh-Ho Silver Club, Forum Latinum. DOROTHY LUEISIIIGER EDLUIFIFI UJHITHRER-Boosters, Forum Latinum, Hillbillies, na- tional Honor Society, Quill 81 Scroll, Round-Up Staff, Ed., '38, Stu- dent Fldviser, '39, Scottish Brigadiers, Student Council, Student Life Federation, Sub-Deb, Vice-Pres., '39, GEORGIH mHE U.lILSOl'l-Flustin Plrchers, Treas., '38, '39, Boosters, G.H.B., Greenies, mustang mounties, Sub-Deb, Sgt. at Hrms, '39. CHHRLES "FLHSH" lUll'll'lER-Football, Senior Reserve Letter, Student Life Federation, Traclz Team. FIETTIE DELL LUISEfTlHfl-G.H.B., Social Chmn., '39, music Club Social Chmn., mustang Heeper, '38, Sub-Deb, Senior Beauty. ITIHRIPIFI YRLE+Boosters, Rep., '38, '39, Corral Staff, '38, '39, Four Star Club, Secy., '38, L. 4-5, Secy., '38, H. 4-5, Vice-Pres., '39, most Popular Girl '39 mustang mounties 'lreas '39 national Honor Society Phrlanthroprsts lll Secy 38 39 Quill 84 Scroll Round Up Staff Senior Secy 39 Socialltes Vice Pres 39 Student Life Fed eration Sub Deb Secy 8 F L YHRBROUGH Hillbillies Parl 39 ITIYRTLE DORIS ZITTLE Boosters Club 39 Greenies Phllan thropists Ill .ww .1 31 j lv . "-' fl ': . sf ,V 3 w1sStifL9V'N'i5ff5' ts' .3 Wg ffff 9 1 wif R if. f f , g25QmY,,.W,.w.g..- "W . 1 , Vf j 2 f' if I K L 'i 12 W 1. Trying to escape? 2. Superman Laycociz 3. The Round-Up Staff in formation 4. Bonnie can tahe it. 5. Phantom Fighter 6. Candid camera shot 7. Hngeis on parade 8. S'matter, June? 9. Oh, to be popular! 10. Little office heiper 11. Sociz it, nettie. 12. YOU name it. 13. Two heads are better than one. 14. "Deep in a dream." P A 1 r W w 1 ITIISS IIHOITII EHITIHITS HIGH 25 Top row-Perdue Heeton, John narcise, m. H. Johnson, Tommy Johnson, Oran Jahn, Ervin Hier, Jimmy Jones, Paul Hruemclae, Everett LaVanda, Vernon Hlopp. middle row-Fred Lesser, Jesse Johnson, O. D. Lemlze, Billy Loving, Yvonne Lee, Betty Lachey, mary Lloyd, Charles Joiner, Harold mcHinnis, Jimmy Hoch. Bottom row-magdalen miller, marguerite mur- doclz, margaret Hirlzpatriclz, Erma Johnson, margaret Hing, Edith Jefferies, Helen Helly, Elsie Johnson, Bose Jones, Eva Hlima, maxine Hnodel. not in picture-Earl Johnson, Edward Jonas, Evelyn Hohn, Jeanette Lee, Verna Lemlze. fTiRS. ITIHURYVIE DHILEYS HIGH 26 Top row-Joe munhausen, Johnnie mcLau3hIin, Billy matthews, Billy lieedham, Ramon mcHinney Lester mayes, L. D. moore, Bobby murphy, Joe mandola, Tommie mahr, James murph, J. C. mc- Dultey. middle row-Franlz muller, Eugene mcLachIan, myles nelson, Beverly moran, rlellie mcmanus, Vira mcRee, mrs. Dailey, Bobert maher, Grover rleedham, Robert mcCarty, Donald moberg. Bottom row-Dorothy moody, mary maughmer, Dorothy mcDessey, Shirley mcnichols, melva mate- jelz, minnie flewton, Edwina liicols, Vivian rleyland, mary maclaine, Virginia miller, mildred moore. not in picture-Sander nelson. K' ,f"'E'W Em' E ffrmqk, VBR- V3 Km. --.- ITIRS. LUILLFIVIE HHGLER'S HIGH 21 Top row-Ray Flrnold, UJiIson Fludish, Edwin Dun- nam, Granville Dutton, Victor Hmmons, lllelborn Dorsey, Owen Hnderson, Jaclz Declzer, Billy Dodson. middle row-merlin Davis, Harry Coolz, lUinnalred Lilly, mary Hllee, Hathlyn mcDonaId, mrs. Hagler, Elizabeth David, UJ. C. UJeIIs, Tom Driscoll, George Gonzales. Bottom row-Eunice Dildy, Gladys Dewey, Doro- thy Deatherage, norma Ruth Dillard, Elaine Hllen norma Davidson, Hlice Hdams, Eugenia Dildy. riot in picture-Betty Davis, maxine mcCuIIar James Hndrus, Donald Bartlett, Billy Davis. IUISS RUTH GREEIIHILL'S HIGH 22 Top row-Henneth Benner, Franlz Betz, Bruce Bond, miss Greenhill, Earl Brown, Flex Johnson, l.UaIter Brauner, Billy mcliarland. middle row-mary Barnes, Laverne Beclz, Doris Byrum, Ondina Broussard, Lovie Belflower, Jeanne Bevis, Hngeline Brocato, mildred Bartell, Ruth Stew- art, Claire Born, Emily Barrett. Bottom row-marjorie Butler, Elaine Byrd, Betty Ball, Dorothy Bell, Eleanor Griffith, Ivalea Benton, Iris I-Iill, marie Brocato, mary Bottle, Henrietta Beaty, mariorie Blair. not in picture-llJanda Bassett, llJilIiam Roy, Hreny Gibson. i ff 1 fi f i it 'um FTIISS HHTIE BOXLEY S HIGH 28 Top row-Edel Stevens, Roy Swann, Clro Samperr, :me Stokes T J Layton Lewis Stephens Jerome Henry Stallworth, Jimmy Schwenke, Bob Horace mcClung, Paul Sanford. middle row-Raymond Slack, June Surles, mary Frances Shannon l,Ualterine LUilson miss lnga Simpson, mary mcDavld, Janie Stlers, Sneed. Bottom row-Dorothy Steward, margaret Starling, Lowrey, margaret Storm, nancy Sanderlin, Peggy oung, Ornell Sander, marjorie Scardino, Jeanne mary Swope. not In picture Elaine Smith, Frank Shown, Doris VERRELL TFILBERT S HIGH 210 Top row Donald UJaggoner, Edwin Barloot, nor Russie, lllilliam Johnson, Bill Flveryt, UJ. J. Hewitt Custard, Odessa Davis, Thelma Sylvia Sigal. middle row-Thomas Helley, Bernard Triola, Dor- Brockman, Hnna Rawlings, Billie Cross, marjorie mary Eckerman, Ruth Dunn, llJillola Stone, Talbert. Bottom row-Dorothy Smith, maxine Leslie, Bar- Flmer, Sammie Peters, Bernice Hoy, Betty Jar- Doris Johnson, nina UJheaton, Helen Hrause, U.Jhitmore. not in picture-Ethel Cherry, Reynaldo Gonzalez. SOPHOYTIORE GROUPS Top row-Flngelo Pethriotes, Flldy Quinn, Edward Owens, Barney myatt, Louis Fruend, Bobby Pearson, Billy Olfield, Robert Foote. middle row-Bobbie Edwards, Joyce Rippenhagen, Seddie Payne, Betty Pearson, Elizabeth Corley, Ruth Conlon, Hathleen Finney, Lucy Graeco, Betty Out- terside. Bottom row-Lorraine Cook, Louise Ellis, Ruth Phillips, Betty Files, Peggy Fant, mamie Faris, Jose- phine Collura, Peggy Clark, Flnita Corley, martha Reynolds. Top row-Fl. D. Radliff, James Robinette, G. LU. Rogers, Jr., LUillie Lang, Jack Jones, Harold Gaudin, Ralph Speich, Douglas Riley, norman Freeman, Uvon Skipper, Stuart Gordon, Randall Lawler. middle row-H. H. Hnox, Pauline Taylor, Billie Suggs, lngree Petersen, norma liams, Dorothy Preston, Rosalie Taylor, Yvetta Sampson, Patricia Simpson, Everett Lang. Bottom row-Josephine Tibbs, Dorris Gerhardt, Betty Todd, Helen Tucker, Daphne Davenport, Fllice Forrester, Tyba Freid, Jean llJinner, nellie Schrader, marilyn Johnson, Lois Eldrett. me is-nnie 1140022 fm X1 1 x rf. 2 K f, . 5 xx , . V 'EQ ix X. 4 1 - , A ., 1,2 4 MN-XS, ,, V '15, ' .' ,P Xe f ff' I +7 ag It f g 7 i ' X 5 R ,fl KN. V . 1, XY xx ..fd,,vV, - :XX ' ,: K -, X1--li.' F XXX 1' f 11 1 Fix , '- .. f 1: iz xx- -K4 --.,-V, ,,-' V A ' 4, 'f f fi j . f1x.L., X' N gf' ' . ih.....'-" - x 2 J 5 V g J' ff' ff Q If . fx ' ,I 1 53. X. .I 4: ,AR .ff ,I M . "K K' ' L-1 ' N N' uf V 'I ff' ,.. -fm' m,,,.:A I. - ff - I vg 1, A . ' X 4 - 1 9: 5' . : ,f 4 .X . 1 , . N 1 if Q K X , Ak Q V7 ' w li " f A ,ff ,"x, ,A ' . , xj l , ,L -xx, M '-'Q-'A -. 61' X 1 5 R , ' x x ' 5 X 1 I E 1 ' Xe. N- , X., ,V 1: '. '-Ki fi, , X A 'L x 1 X X , VE fe 9 jQ ,Q Qi I Y AL..- X X ' 41 1 f 1, 1. V 1 1 f ff , fa f' H-s ' ' -M-ff' 4 A 1 V jst ' . ' ,f 2 , , ei- -- 5 . Q1 75' Nh ' I V, Z 3 M 3 :If ,,.. . ,E , .. I , ,Mfg 1 A f. ,,- f 9 Y- 1 .--"f ' X V 1 N ' Q,-""' . ,x 'X ff xx. I H I ,f , 5 If XX J' XX ' , A , w g f X R ' , f 1 - '. 1 ' wi I : R 53 4 I ' ' , 7 'X ' f ,, , . V X A Hi ' 5 V , , . K ,,,' ' i , X fr ' ' VA x ' 1 f rl' X' ' , A xXx ' W l f N Aff " NM . N ,X W e -X fl 1 X' , I - X I 1 l ' X 1 ' , L 1 ggi, 1 J fffnk flip .sf x fw LMXX 0 x C5 Box x f , ooo GW BESX QXA, 9- Ui 1' S92 A Z9 BEST QL 1 AQTAILQ LJ?OUf7D soy mx Q WOSX VQQ qkmf, b. mm sow Q16 ck ' 212111 ' POPULQQ GIRL H V QAWNLXAX GXVXX, u ' - Umm W QGOSX QSEQOXXYXBX, SYXNXOYR ond VQVVKSEQXQXXVE XO WW WI O? YNCDOSXCYN VXECLVXXGO MXN YRS QSM f 3 wdljfd BFHUUFUI 7 JUIWOR G f-J Rwtonm qxkowiondk vm sowocvowa em QYNOSX YBEPXOXX gum ia .Qa,9u ule SE U IO R Li ' 510,41 11 QLITL 34.111, SOPHOFTIORE X, fl QUQUO SJ3l1f'LfEQfl JUNIOR .qofd M4 Me fo? -Qudfzh 7g+u7Af Tl-TEE" Cl-TEER Tl-TE TTTUSTFTTTGS Standing-Flrthur Snyder, Philip Vetrano. Hneeling-Helen Robinson, Carolyn Tomelz, Thelma Gregg. not in picture-Dale Brown. The 1938-39 "epidemic" of football spirit seized the student body early in the school year with the exciting and enthusiastic election campaign of the many candidates lor the mustang Cheer Leaders and Heeper of Stevie. Rs a result of the school-wide vote, Dale Blown and Carolyn Tcmelz emerged as Chief Cheer Leaders, with such poular students as Helen Robinson, Thelma Gregg, Hrthur Snyder, and Philip Vetrano as able assistants. Tlettie UJiseman won the coveted position as Heeper ol that diminutive but popular mustang mascot, Stevie, who was again generously lent to the school by mr. LU. L. Young. UJith this combination of "pep-er up-ers" to lead the student body in loyal support, the Flustin mustangs stampeded their way to many a victory. DETTIE HDD "STEVIE" "'t3f"' SQUQD Top row-mgr. Bella, Hocurelrz, Pinder, Scruggs, l,Uilliford, Helly, Ulallzer, Blacizburn, Sizidmore, Caravella, Curry. 2nd row-Stamm, Stockbridge, l.Uinner, Decker, Hargrove, Rein, fTlcl.Uhorter, Stringfellow, Hdams, Petheriotes, mgr. Hart. Front row-Thorp, Hawlzins, Davlin, Co-Capt. Hbernathy, Co- Capt. G. Richardson, Pitner, Ellis, Cobb, Raiford, P. Richardson. "B" SCDUHD Top rowfHolm, G a m b re I , Raub, Stoizes, Traylor, George, Jones, Gleitz, Clark, mgr. Camp- bell. 2nd row-Robertson, Hooper, Ciarac, newman, Featherston, Lytton, Smith, Cagle, Davis. Front row-Hudish, Valls, Hill Peet, Showers, Hahn, Jaclz Cagle. i HUSTHTS WUSTHVI. H team that started oft in a thundering stampede, hit a couple of snags, and came baclz stronger than ever tells the story of the 1938 mustang football season. This team turned in some ol the greatest football exhibitions ever shown by a Houston schoolboy team. Driving running plays, long, spectacular, perfectly-executed passes, and almost perfect bloclzing and taclzling made up the games which left the mustangs' opponents shalzen and beaten, or at least with a lasting impression that they had been in a hard-fought game. invading Galveston in their initial game, the mustangs met Ball High's Golden Tors, who, in the previous season, had whipped the Fiustin gridsters. This year the Ponies were not long in hitting their stride, and when the final whistle blew, the Tors found them- selves on the short end oi an 18 to 7 score. One weeh later the mustangs were pitted against another capable out-oi-district team when they I i Flustin 1 Hustin 1 SFIFT1 LEFHOUJITZ HT THE FINHL LUHISTLE 7 Ball High 6 Bracleenridge Hustin 2 7 Jett Davis Hustin Q1 6 Conroe Hustin 21 0 mcHllen Hustin 12 Reagan Hustin 15 7 Lamar Hustin 12 San Jacinto Hustin 31 6 milby Hustin 12 O Sam Houston Coaches J. C. SCOTT W3 i7,.f"w,x Yrs.. , .Bk 'Z ,Fit li , 1 "'2,,,s..f' 1-M... ri t ln... J 1. A. it t U .. 'lbw Lf:-.v Standingfco-Capt. Reese, mitch- ell, Edminster, Penrod, Conner, E. Decizer, Simons, Snyder. Hneeling-Robinson, J. Decizer, Co-Capt. Bryan, Hawkins, mayes. Closing the season withrtwo wins, one tie, and four losses, the mustang lce l'locl2ey team Finished in a tie for fourth place in the city championship race. Opening the season against St. Thomas, Hustin rinlzmen went down in struggling defeat with a score of 3 to O. ln the next two games the icemen fell under the forces of Lamar and milby, losing to Lamar 3 to 1 and tahing a 3 to O liclzzing from milby. Coming baclz with more strength and determination in their fourth game, they over- powered the Davis squad to breeze to a 4 to 1 win. ln the next game the mustangs dropped a hard-fought 1 to 0 decision to the San Jacinto Bears. Then with the season nearly over, the Hustin Six battled the Reagan Shaters to a 1 to 1 tie. Determined to Finish the season in victory, the Hustin Puclzsters trampled Sam Hous- ton's defense to talze a 2 to O win in one of the fastest games of the season. OUT-PLFIYIDG THE TIGER REESE LEHDS ITIUSTHHG HTTHCH "R" SOUHD Standing-Butler, lllilliford Blaclzburn, Isbell, UJilliams. Stockbridge Ellis Co-Capt. Har grove, Thompson. H hustling team with some good material but with the brealzs against them, is a good description of the 1938-39 mustang cage team. 'lying with Sam Houston lor the cellar position, the Pony five failed to brealz into the win column in city championship games until the last game of the season, when they nosed out San .lacinto 25 to 24. Hlthough they were defeated by live city high school teams, the East End boys never once went down without a battle. ln their season opener, the green-clad lads lost a 39 to 21 battle to milby. Sam Houston followed with a Q5 to 20 win, Jeff Davis, 35 to 17, Reagan squeezed in a 16-14 victory, and Lamar breezed to a 34-13 win. ChaH?l"9 u D Qngthers Cor 2 for Hustin HWUSTHUG Hneeling-Byron, Co.-Capt. HSHET ER ' rw . OQUO V2 tn muSlcnq ll lllith the odds against them the Pony Five stepped on the hardwood to write "Finis" to their 1938-39 season in their game against San Jacinto. with the Final gun only 20 seconds away and with the score 24-23 in favor of Flustin, Red Roche, Bear guard, and Barron Ellis clashed for a double foul. Roche sanlz his shot to lznot the count at 24 all. Then Ellis tossed the ball into the baslzet, giving the Flustin team a 25 to 24 win. ln addition to the city championship games the Hustin hardwood gallopers partici- pated in several invitation tournaments, among those being the Livingston tournament, in which they won a third place trophy. The San Jacinto game closed the high school basleetball career for such stars as Fl. LU. lsbell, Charles Hargrove, Barron Ellis, Billy Blaclzburn, and Dwight Butler. These boys are going, but next year such promising players as Roy "woot" l.Uilliams, Eugene UJilli- ford, Harold Stoclzbridge, Leonard Thompson, and Lester Byron will be bacle again ready to Fight For Flustin. "B" SOUHD Standing-Bulluley, Lancaster, LUaggoner, Capt. Boyd, mc Farland, Green, neiman. Hneeling-mahoney, Hier Reaves, Guillet, Gault, Dun nam, Smith. ---N. :fax 2 J. ',J,i ,L Ulinning the title for the second successive year, the mustang Volleyball team gal- loped through the "Y" tournament to talrze the city championship and its accompanying honors. Hlthough failing to win again the Galena Parlz invitation tournament, the Hustin lads entered the "Y" tournament determined to "bring home the bacon," which they did. The rio. 2 team lost out before the Finals, but the hard-worlzing no. 1 squad hustled on to victory. Breezing through the tournament without a single defeat, they robbed Galena Parlz ot the title by downing them 15-11 and 15-6. The cinder pounders labored through several meets but failed to run away with any ot them, although some fine broad jumping was done by Barron Ellis, while John Stringfellow gave the other teams a good race on the low hurdles. There was also some good worla from Ted Scruggs, Charles winner, Charles Pitner, Harold Stoclzbridge, Jesse Sevier, Hndrew Davis, and Billy Blaclzburn. 'ki aw 'fi f A ' 4 UTHER PIIRTS 91 Q, mm ,,. 9 , .. b e, A A . 'f--, Wx hQ,L,i,f GIRLS, SP RTS GIRLS' SPORTS The 1938-39 school year has been a busy one in the girls' gym classes, under the capable direction ol miss Grace l-lornaday and miss Sue Garrison. Hn increased diversity ol games and equipment gave each girl an opportunity to par- ticipate in those activities which she enjoyed most and which added to the all-roundness olherphys- ical education. The fall semester saw the volley ball intra- murals talze the spotlight, with baslzetball, bad- minton, ping pong, and other games sharing the enthusiasm ol the girls. Lilith the spring semester came tennis, swim- ming, archery, baseball, and lollz dancing. mrs. Dorothy Ball provided music lor the study of - BEST HLL-ROUND TEFTTTT rhythrqlcs' l ' I I Top row-Betty Jo Hodges, Lucile Bender, Claire Gros This year lor the First time a silver loving cup mm, Ellen mmrrson, Captain, was given to the Winner of the girls' Singles in Center row-Irene Ramsey, Lucile Ewald, Corinne Si . . d b d . mOh2C1UX. tenmsl pmg pong! an O mmton' e Cups were Bottom rowiFrances Bailey, mary Hatherine matthews presented by miss Garrison and miss l-lornaday. The girls entered the interscholastic tennis contest, the city-wide archery meet, and several interschool tennis and archery meets. ln the volley ball intramurals this year June Sloan's team ol miss l"lornaday's classes and Betty Carroll's team ol miss Garrison's classes won top honors. mary Ellen morrison's team scored the most points during the fall term, thus earning the title of "most outstand- ing team." UJITTDITTG VOLLEYBFTLL TEFITTTS Standing, left to right- Thelma major, marjorie Tay- lor, Flora Ruth Hayden, Rose- mary manly, Ursula Heesche Loriece Daniels, Frances Hay- den, Betty Carroll, margaret mcCreary. Seated, left to rightfmary Grace Edwards, Evelyn Priest, June Sloan,Lena FayeThomas, Dorothy Boegler, Jacquowlyn Horge. gin! an! gin! 144 .,.l ff xx 1 x f L 1 I X RN i -.xr w P , ,f ., 1 k 1 ,, 1 J "" W I X xx , K x 1 1 k ., df 1, 5' 'X-1 1 ' 1 x 1 x 1 " R 7 1 . 1 tv 1 , 1 2 I ' 1: 1' 1 U F, , 1 Q I f E ' lx F 1 1 1 , 1 ' 1 '14, 74,11 - i I xf ' ' i 1 ' K, X 51 1 ' 1 xx V vxx--vi .A , K E , N I , 3 Mlxxj, . ,, . ,V 1. X 1 i f 1 .- 3 , ,- -. 1 1 1 1 e' 1 3 if 3 Q Xtxgblk dj ,fi I . , 1 , 1 1 1 1 X--3.1-' - 1 1 1 3 Q 1 7 1 I xg ' V ' V l 3 K ' X " , K 1 M-,-N., , ,1 ff- 1' J' X ,f If 1 1 RR f, ' 5 ,K 1 N-X, W-, ,., f" "' 1' K! X 'X,,,,.,-55 ' f ' X " ' x ff XS f X-..-,,ig..:..-" .XX ff XXX xii.-Pfviqqxr I I Sf- , 1 :iv '1 J X'kw1'7l" 'mi 514. ' AK. ' ,-159, 1 1 . 1 ' EX ,JNXX E ' Q 41...,W ,7 ' if 3- 1? iw xx J, ' 4' ,. X' 1 t ,,ff,-'4,,xv if 5 . 5 '21, Qfgkwf' 1 2 1 4 1 if ff' b , R- 1 1 5 11 , fig, ,, s ' ' 11. .i f. mu. ,1 1 1, if f1,ffN. vQ 11 ' If .1 ' '-1,,,,A 5 1 : 1: ,lf .1 ,. if X , , -. , W, "- ' 1 f' , RQ W 7,5 , S I , Vw V xx Q 'uf ' N- I 5 45 1 - in 1 A., E... 3 Q , 11,-f 1 , " " H Q 'H t X 4' : 1 1 2- Q , xl, ' , 1! 5 Y' lx ' 1 V l-. 1 1 , 1 - 1 1 1 1 E . 1 X A ff Lx .- , -X A Xxx V, A 5. 1 1 1 1 JSJTUDEW' QIQUYTCIL The Student Council is composed of a representative from each registration of the school. its purpose is to serve as a central section which will enable the principal and the student body to worlz together in a truly democratic fashion. The council seelzs to assist the principal in his effort to maize Hustin High School a place where students may get a sound education, together with a well-rounded social life. One of the most worthwhile projects of the Student Council has been that of publishing the Directory and Handboolz which contains useful information concerning the school's personnel and activities. PRIl'lCIPHL'S COfTifTlITTEE OFFICERS E IE E BERG H Fnnnces Hair, President CEHSCSOH Li mmm' ELLEn moamson, vscepfesadenr ' Tom Hnrnmono Ha CFHTHERIHEJUi'1HER,Secretory TOm HHmmOnD Treasurer DOROTHY UJHLLRCE L-3 ' nnncv snnDERLrn Ha RHLPH SPEICH 1.2 fT1EfT1BERS mary Bates Helen Befelcl Lucille Bender Jeanne Bevis Pearl Britain Dollie Broclzman Jaclz Cagle UJilliam Chapman Sidney Clark Doris Coleman Josephine Collura Rebecca Cool: Dorothy Deatherage Doris Gerhardt Flleta GriFfith Frances Hail Tom Hammond J. C. Haver Lydia Howard Jerry Huclzaby Catherine Junlzer Jimmie Lassen Billy Loving mary maclaine Clinton medberry mary morrison Tom mott m. C. munlin Toledo Parker Betty Platzer Gillian Ranft Ruby Reed June Riesenberg norma Ross Henry Rougagnac nancy Sanderiin Ralph Speich Ruth Sticlzney Harriet Taylor Bobby Trautwein Dorothy l.1Jallace nina UJheaton Roy UJimmer BOTIVIIE DHfT'IOI'I ELLH BURYIDRETT LOUISE CHOHTE PHTSY JO LUILEY BETTY HHRRISOVI FTIFIRIE FISCHER.. . .... ....,... .,.. m a jor . .. ...Captain Drill Corps , .Captain Drum 84 Bugle Corps ........Lieutenant, Flags Lieutenant, Drummer .....,...,.Lieutenant, Bugler LUILLIE DEE HILL ....,. Lieutenant, Company H ITIHRJORIE PFITTERSOVI Lieutenant, Company B JOYCE GILBERT ....... Lieutenant, Company C CHOF7 TE DF1f7-,On TT The Drum and Bugle Corps and Drill units of the Scottish Brigadiers were organized in September, 1937, for the following purposes: to promote interest in school activities, to represent the school at athletic events and civic projects, to foster good Fellowship, scholarship, and good sportsmanship. The coIorIuI Scottish uniforms, designed by the sponsor, miss Beatrice Lytle, the snappy military maneuvers, drilled by mr. I"I. H. Johnson, the splendid musical cadence taught by mr. michael Spampinato, and the Fine spirit of co-operation and loyalty of each Brigadier contributed to the spectacular appearances of the units at the Hrmistice Day Parade, Football games, the Shrine Boll, and all other public performances. The season of 1938 was initiated by the addition of four bagpipes, two chanters, and two squads of bugles. membership in the organization is limited. Prospective members are selected on the basis of scholarship, conduct, personal appearance, health, and character. Before be- coming a member, each girl usually serves a probationary period oi one year. "W ' " ""ww23W'z"M'm""' if,. f'. 'E ii fieiiffkfif? fe 1 fd is Q H if , x I. fiijs , X, w lh N " 1, -J A- V?-Q1 4 5 ' f ,fi . Y ri 3' J, I nf ,in 5 , , . 1 , r . mfg x A Q5 W 'ir , at ,fixhw eww ., Y ,w 'X , x A 'N ww rf ax ,- ., ,V K, S W 331 ' ,f Lf5?d,gi'V'a1gE K 8 w 2 s -. . , 'X nf N sl:gf,T2t4 ST? 1 f we W L2 QS' Q K K i 4 Y K .V JJN Cvx A gy: uw, al 1-ef 'Y' . 4 .1-V, limi' I 9 F H X . fr 94" Yun BUGLERS N0 swwm oO-C, TENOR AND BASS DRUMMERS COMPANY B ROSTER Elaine Hllen, Phyllis Flmrine, mary Hugust, Jo Flnne Bates, marie Brocato, Dorothy Balthrop, Phyllis Barlow, mary Delora Bilbray, Lovie Belflower, Louise Bevil, marguerite Broussard, Ella Brunson, Ella Brundrett, Hnnette Canatella, Louise Choate, Lucille Clarlz, Virginia Clarlzson, Helen Ruth Cochran, Billie Cooter, Dorothy Corley, Lorena Craig, June Crawford, Bonnie Damon, Helen Del- homme, Lillian Eminian, Fay Engel, Betty Hnn Evans, Olive Evans, maxine Francis, Doris Jean Flynn, mildred Fellows, marie Fischer, margaret Fuller, norine Frenzel, Yvonne Gidden, Joyce Gilbert, Hnne Gillespie, Ruth Griffin, lrma Huclz, mary Edythe Horroclzs, Bernice Haynie, mignone Harring- ton, Betty Harrison, marie Heinze, Virginia Helton, Jean Herrington, mary Jane Helton, l.Uillie Dee Hill, Loraine Hruslza, Ruth Hunter, Thelma Lynn lrwin, Dorothy Grace Jones, Betty Jacobs, Doris mae Jones, Dorothy Hennedy, LaVerne Hoy, Ruth Hendall, margaret Hirclzpatriclz, maxine Hnodel, lnez Loughridge, Charline Leverett, Bernice Laughlin, Yvonne Lee, marie Lemlze, mariorie Lemmon, Evelyn Linnenberg, Esthermae Litherland, millicent Long, Gladys Love, Barbara Lytton, Helen Bay mcCloslzey, Joyce mcClellan, mary mcDavid, Jessie murphy, maurine martin, Jean mayr, Virginia metcalf, Bernice mitchell, Elaine mitchell, Patsy marcom, Hda morris, Frances morris, Sarah Lee murphy, mary Jane murray, Julia myatt, Ruth new, Frances noaclz, Betty Jane Pearson, Oma Lee Patterson Gene Padon, Carolyn Peevy, mariorie Patterson, Virginia Pearson, Velma Poole, Edna Price, Roberta Pyle, mariorie Quinn, Huclrey Badgers, June Rapp, Virginia Batlilf, martha Reynolds, Billie Robinson, Hlice mayes Boss, Geneva Sanford, Florma Jean Saunders, Vir- ginia Shudde, Bonnie Slaughter, Frances Sledge, Louise Solomon, Betty mae Spencer, June Surles, LlJilma Swain, Lillian Theophiles, Frances Tremaine, Ruth Thomas,Virginia Thompson, Rose marie Tuffly, mary Louise Valentine, Loraine l.Uard, mary Jean l.1Jatson, Virginia UJallzer, Theresa U.leaver, Helen LUeller, Edwina lllhitalfzer, Eilda UJhitt, Pat lUiley, Joyce llJilson, Helen Jean lllyatt, mary Jemes lJJyatt. A 'iff ff' Front row'-Sgt. Joe Cody, Corp. Bennet Coolz, major Darrell Hunt, Capt. Joe Jameson, Capt. lljil- Iiard Dowling, Sgt. Lee Edward Cooper, Sgt. Laney Reed. Second row-1 st Lt, Billy Hays, 1st Lt. l.Uilliard Bilsbaclz, 1st Lt. George Ulcirriner. Third row-2nd Lt. Thomas Turnage, 1st Lt. Opie Shepherd, Qnd Lt. Tommie Schlier. Top row-Qnd Lt.' norman Speclz, 2nd Lt. J. D. Elledge, 2nd Lt. Hllen Platter. when Stephen F. Hustin opened its doors in September, 1937, the R.O.T.C. Battalion was or- ganized with about 100 cadets. By the close of the second year the enrollment increased to 150. The rifle range, one of the best in the city, was completed last December. Two cadets, major Hunt and Sergeant Henlzell, were placed on the Flll-City Rifle Team, and the Hustin team placed second in the city in the intercollegiate Rifle match. Each cadet is given ample opportunity to learn to shoot. Besides marching in the Hrmistice Day Parade and the Regimental Review at Hermann Parlz on march Q, the cadets held frequent reviews in the mornings on the Hustin Field. Special reviews were held monthly for major mauger, P. m. S. 8a T., and received high Commendation from him forthe Fine showing made in conjunction with the Scot- tish Brigadiers and the Flustin Band. Cadets in parade formation Cadets at rifle practise COTTIPHHY "TTT" FIRST PLHTOOVT Top row-Gordon Presswood, Diclz Steinberger, Leon- ard Gause, Burton Sharp, Richard Baynes, O. P. Gaut. Second row-qYates l,Uilson, James Harrell, Calvin neven, Howard Ring, UJ. H. Calloway, Carl Camp, Donald Butler, Paul Hensley. Third row-Hubert Gray, Reynaldo Gonzales, Hewitt Custard, Barna Condon, Flllan Harrison, Bill Condon, Robert Sneed, Theodore Gottlob. Bottom row-Talmage Heitman, Danny muclzleroy, Robert l.Uaymire, H. Fl. Hnot, Oran John, Don Zapp, John Stelwagen, Roy UJimmer. Hneeling-Thomas Turnage, George UJarriner, Hlbert Hudeclz. COITTPHHY "ITT" SECOND PLHTOOH Top row-J. L. Hull, Donald Bartlett, J. D. Crabb, Clarence Barlow, Louis Freund, Jaclz UJarriner, Osborn Bennett, Curtis Ellzins. Second row-milton Goldberg, Ftllan Getz, Elwood Lawrence, UJilliam Johnson, Henneth Spencer, Bob Stephens, L. D. Stewart, H. C. Lovingloss. Bottom row-llJalton UJatson, Tom Loomis, James murph, Bobby murphy, Charles Petersen, LeRoy Sterling, Ralph Speich, Jaclz Parlzer, Calvin Lee. Hneeling-Fllbert Petersen, lJJilliard Dowling, norman Speclz, E'Von metting. COFTTPHHY "S" FIRST PLHTOOTI Top row-Billie Boyd, Earl Clinlzscales, Joe milton, Jaclu Ballew, James Ezell, Jimmie Foster, l,Uilliam Boy, Bill DeHaas, Tom Graham. middle row-Diclzson l.Uallace, Umphrey mcliinney, Edel Stevens, Thomas Helly, Paul Sanford, Bob U.Jells, Barney myatt, Joe Bush, Opie Shepherd. Bottom row-UJilburn Goebel, Tommie Johnson, Bob- by Clampitt, Ted manning, Eugene Hartman, Harry Hutson, Roy Cross, Harold Robb. StandingfTommie Schleier, Flllen Platter. COTTTPHHY "S" SECOND PLHTOOTI Top row-John l'larciso, newton Crawford, Lloyd Crowell, Billy needham, merlin Davis, Bailey Simmons, Rex Johnson, Y. Fl. Hndres, Ramon mcl'linney, milton Dobey. Second row-James llJilliams, Victor Henlzell, merricla Spencer, Jerome Shaw, Billy Clarlz, Bobby murray, Uvon Shipper, Oscar Hoffman, Roy Tinsley, Dixon Shracler, Jacl: Brodericlz. Third row-Louis Panella, Gerald Vogler, Hubert wolf, Herbert Taylor, Ralph Sorenson, UJyatt Crawford, David George, J. L. mcCoy. Bottom row-Darrell Hunt, Joe Jameson, lJJilliard Bilsbaclz, Billy Hayes, J. D. Elledge. GHLLI, INHTTHELUS, JUHHER, TOfTlEH, YFILE, TRHLUEEH, DHVIES, HFITHODY, GREEIWHILL ,f"wf 5 g f -f- fm fn- final! iiwigir -. .2 r 1., tai Q H 1 a t 'm..J LJ 'inf J ' 2... I 1 .J OFFICERS Chief Booster ......,.., ............ C esare Galli Flssistant Chief Booster .... . . .mary Bathryn matthews Scribe Booster. ......... ...,.,... C atherine Junlzer Hssistant Scribe Booster ..,. .... C arolyn Tomelz Cash Booster ........... .... H ermit Jones Bound-Up Booster .... ..... m Qrian Yale Lawyer Booster ..., .,.. C harles Traweelz Bouncer Boosters ..... . . .william Davies George Flnthony Sponsor .... ..., m iss Buth Greenhill The mustang Boosters, a club which originated last year and continued again this year, was organized to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school a high standard of school spirit and sportsmanship. The 134 members of the club are at all times ready to render service to all school activities. The Boosters reserved a special section for its members at the football games and attired the school mascot "Stevie" in a new costume. One of the most outstanding dances of the year was the second Broncho l.Uhirl, given in December, honoring the lettermen of the football team. The Booster Club rendered service to the community by distrib- uting 26 Thanlzsgiving baslzets and 500 toys to the poor at Christmas, and by contributing to a Christmas party fund for disabled Veterans' children. The club furnished the school with its Christmas tree, and after using it gave it to the poor. Poppies were sold by the girls of the organization on Flrmistice Day. Hs contributions to school activities, the club presented a play, "The Eligible mr. Bangs," during an assembly program, sponsored the Country Store at the Spring Festival, and a "Post Office" at Christmas and Valentine. lts members conducted the sale of school stichers, megaphones, buttons, and football ribbons preceding each game. They sold ticlzets for the Band, Dramatics Club, musical, and Spring Festival. , M 5 , , W. Q af! s , ff' in gf ga 'xx f ' A g-' Q 3 i5f'WJg K' ll w, i v, xl I ,, ,r 5, 1 f. - wt Ns- ,V ww.. fem --,rf . Under the sponsorship ol miss Charline Lallier, the Flustin Sub-Deb Club was or- ganized to develop the cultural and social side ol the girls. its members consist of girls from the junior and senior classes. FHLL SEVTIESTER OPHL SFTIITH .,... . .. VTIHRY H. ITIHTTHEUJS fTlHRlHI'l YFILE ......, THTFI GEORGE ...... . Grace Flldridge Dorothy Balthrop Jo Flnne Bates mary Bates marguerite Broussard Thomasine Brown Firtie Bulloch Ella Burndrett Hnnette Canatella marjorie Conaway Billie Cooter Helen Daugherty Edith Elsbury Velma Galny Tata George Frances Hail Betty Harrison mary Helton Virginia Helton OFFICERS .,4.President. .. . ,.Vice-President.. . .. , . , Secretary. . . . ,,Treasurer. . . lTlEfTlBERS mary Horroclas Jerry Huclzaby Catherine Junlzer Ruth Hendall Doris LaGarde Bernice Laughlin Lanelle Leach millicent Long mary matthews SPRING SEfT1ESTER Clyda medlenha marjorie medlenlrea Carolyn Peevy mary Pritchett June Rapp Ruby Reed Geneva Sanford Opal Smith marilyn Spradley Seen at the Sub-Deb Dance FTIFIRY H. fT1FlTTHEl.US ....EDUJII'1F1 LUHITHHER ..., ....FRHl'lCES HFIIL ,. ..CHTHERIl'lEJUI'1HER marjorie Taylor Geraldine Thompson Carolyn Tomelz Rose Tutfly mary Valentine mary Jean Ulatson Edwina l.Uhitalzer Georgie wilson marian Yale EDLUIHH UJHITHHER L HLLEVI PLHTTER I. . - . . PERRY moRTon in oLR GRRDRER 5 """' rHELmR mRsslnoiLL lg om GRRDRER 5 ""' EVELYT1 SHEIHBERG I JHDE PETERS ii' ' " vELmR c5RLnY 1' LORIECE DFIFIIELS it "" ' HLLEH PLHTTER I RRRRon ELLIS ff' """" ' GEORGE mRcLRlnE r CLHYTOV1 FWDHITIS CHHRLES HHRGROVE ITIHRIHH YHLE HELEN LUELLER 5 URSULH HEESCHE .....,... JHDE CHRROLL I ELIZHBETH CORLEY ,ii "" ' FINFIH BELL SLUHLE ..,... VNICHEY RESTER. ...... . YTIISS FIRDIS PHILLIPS... YNHRY ELLEN HHVISEIW ..... Platter Ulhitaizer .............Editors . . . .managing Editors ...........i'iews Editors . . . . .Flssistant news Editors ....,..Eeature Editors ........Sports Editors Hssistant Sports Editors . . . . .Student Life Editors ......Girls Sports ... , .Society Editors ..........HrtEditoi . ...Business manager . . . . . . . . . . ,SPOHSQY 'H-'QE 5153? BQ lm LITERHRY STHFF ITIEITTBERS ' .,.........Eclitor OPHL SmlTH ....,.... .,....................,.......... . LEON JHfTllSOl'l ..... .... H ssociate Editor ..... ....., C lub Editors VEl.fTlFl GHLHY ...... ......... H rtist FRHDCES l-lFllL. ....... ...... C lass Editor CHHRLES HHDED ...... ....... S ports Editor GEORGE LUHRRIHER ...,.. ...... S nap Shot Editor UTFIBY JEHD LUHTSCFI .... ....... P roof Beacler mlss EDIS SfT1ITI-I. .... ......,...................,...... ......... S p onsor BUSINESS STHFF mEfTlBEBS TOm l'lHmmOl'lD ................,...............,...r...... ..... B usiness manager JERHLDYDE HUCHHBY .... . , ...,. Hdvertising manager DORIS LH GHRDE ......,. ..... C irculation manager l'lEBfTlHl'l SlmOnS ....... ..... C ommercial Hrtist mlSS VERHELL THLBERT ..,. ......,.................. .....,..,......... S p onsor HDVEBTlSll'lG STHFF mary Quinn Flugust 4 John Lucas Helen Buth Cochran Dorothy Briggs Flnna Bell Swale YHLE LUHRRIVIER - HFIIL UJHTSOH HHDEFI GEORGE FIUGUST COCHRFIVI SIfT'lOl'1S LUCHS BRIGGS SUJFILE ,arm-,fa Q f' 4 rw if lim? 3' 5 . i mOUD Tom Ham Business manager Editor JHVTTISOH Hssociale E GHLFIY ditor Hr! Edi HUCHHBY for LF! GHRDE Hdv. manager ' Cir. manager The Student Life Federation is an organization to promote friendship and understanding among high school students ol Houston and to give added emphasis to desirable ideals in student life. It is sponsored by miss Evelyn mcGinty. lts members are representatives ol school activities and are selected by the sponsor of the activity and approved by mr. Loescher. ITIEINBERS Top roww-Tom mott, Edwin Stamm, Tom Hammond, Charles LUinner, Jaclz Cobb, Diclz Barton. middle row-Henry Rougagnac, Bonnie Damon, Carolyn Tomelz, miss lTlcCiinty, mary Hath- erine matthews, marian Yale, Catherine Junber. Bottom row-Hrthur Snyder, Gene Padon, Helen Loomis, Ruby mae Reed, Opal Smith, lllilliam Davies. not in picture-Edwina Ulhitalzer, Diclz Richardson, Charles Hargrove, Darrell Hunt, Ella Burn- drett, Louise Choate, Donald Rial, Joe Hdair. 54. ,til MT... -ff-:,.,,,fX tIv.:"'..: 5 pf,-1-5:5 i.f"'E,e :fern-s-,Ri 'ff J,-xagr jfs. Ei m-?..,EX . i3 1 It 3 firw-P2 ' A tv 11 I 9 fa, fs. Q S5 5 s S 9 LI I D ww! S .s d I rs... r ',..,,,fj J I "i.e,.,2I l l .JI Em, E L... rl I The Stephen F. Hustin Chapter ol the Flational Honor Society, sponsored by miss Charline Lallier, is composed ol seniors who have an average ol "B" or higher. The mem- bers ol this organization are also outstanding in character, leadership, and service. mem- bership is by invitation only. OFFICERS FHLL SPRITIG RUBY ITIHE REED ,..... ....... P resident ...... .......... O PHL SFTIITH PHILIP VIOLH .....,... ..... V ice-President ..... ,. .,.... JHCH COBB GEITEVIEVE LOOITTIS .... ..... S ecretary .,.. ,........... B ILLIE HUFITER EDITH TTTEIER .........., . ..,. Treasurer... ..,... . ..EDL1JII'IH LUHITHHER BILL TTICBRIDE ..... .... P arliamentarian. ...., TTIHRY EVELYFI PRITCHETT ITIEITIBERS Top row-Billy mcBride, Vernon Ewald, Jacquowlyn Horge, mary Louise Valentine, Edith meier, margaret Dibrell, margaret mcCreary, Jane Carroll, Edwina I.UhitaIzer, Bertha Cherry, Ella Burndrett, Jaclz Cobb, Philip Viola. I Second rowfLuciIle Clarlz, Julia myatt, La Delle Smith, margaret Loop, marie Fischer, Evelyn Sheinberg, June Biesenberg, Bonnie Damon, mary Evelyn Pritchett, mary Hathryn matthews, Opal Smith, Ruby mae Beed, mary Jane Helton, Irene Luecla, Billie Hunter, Joyce mcCIeIIan. Third row-Dorothy Balthrop, Carolyn Peevy, Harriet Taylor, Elizabeth Cope, Helen Bose Stephens, Grace Hldridge, Ruth Hendall, Catherine Junlzer, marian Yale, Carolyn Tomelz, Tata George, mary Bowers, Genevieve Loomis, mary Jean LUatson, Velma Galny. Bottom row-Harold Chudleigh, David Lee Boolze, ll.IiIIard Dowling, Ted Scruggs, Bobby Boyd, Joe Jameson, Perry morton, Charles Sones, Carlo Collura, Edwin Stamm. P EL CLUB FHLL SEfTlESTER President,fT1F1RGHRET LOUISE LOOP Vice-President ...,... BUCH BULHLEY Secretory ......... TOm HHfT1fT1OI'lD Treasurer 4..,,...,,.. BERVIICE HOCH Program Chm..,LlLl.lF1n THEOPHILES Reporter ....., ,.., V IRGIFIIH HERREYI Sgt. at Flrms. . .EDUHRDO GUTIERREZ Sponsor. . fT1ISS VERl'1Ol"l DILUJORTH spmne samssren President.mHRGHRET Louise Loop vroo-Prorroorrr .rrrr Eowm Dunnnm Secretory. ....,.. wmron wmson Treasurer .r.,,,.,, BETTY Jo LHCHEY Proororrr crrrrr.r.LnLLmn THEOPHILES Porlrorrrorrrorror. .. HCHHRLES sonEs sor. ot Hrms. . . Eounnoo GUTIERREZ Sponsor. .mass vennon DILLUORTH members of EI Club Panamericano seelz a greater understanding ol the lile and re- lations ol the Hmericas and ol their plans and means For co-operation. Flmong the activities ol the club this year were a mexican supper attended by 114 members and guests, including school officials andthe consul For mexico, a Pan-Flmerican Day radiocast over HTRH, a visit to miss Dora B. Lantrip's museum, during which she gave a lecture on her travels in Guatemala and her collection ol materials from there, a moving picture oi Hrgentina and mexico, a program for the P.T.l:l., attendance at the play, "Tierra Baja," at Scottish Rite Cathedral, a spring picnic, and a playlet, "Un - . ll l.lOI'lZ2Gm2l'ICCJI'1O en m2XICO, on Billy Rdams Clayton Hdams Hatherine Flllen Phyllis Flmrine maudine Hsbeclz mary Hugust Beverly Ba lzer Betty Ball Loraine Ballard Clarence Barlow mary Barnes Laverne Beclz John Beller lva Benton UJilliam Boy Buch Bullzley Laverne Burnett Francis Burt marjorie Butler Carson Campbell Roger Cannon Ruth Cochran Bill Condon Robert Connor l,Uilliam Crouch Faith Davidson merlin Davis norma Davison Jaclz Declzer Floy Derr norma Dillard Oscar Dimond Billy Dodson Edwin Dunnam Loraine Eichenberg Curtis Ellrzins Barron Ellis Betty Evans Janice Fagan mamie Faris Tom Featherstone Jean Felter Betty Files marshall Gatton Leonard Gause Bucle Gilpin Barbara Ginn George Goff Reynaldo Gonzalez Flleta Griffith Claire Gros Bobby Guillet Russell Gunderson Eduardo Gutierrez Tom Hammond Henneth Hawlzins LlJalter Hetfler Victor Henlzell Virginia Herren Jean Herrington LUillie Hill ll. LU. Hopper Bill Howard Lydia Howard an auditorium program. fTiEmBERS Fllbert Hudeclz Darrell Hunt Fl. UJ. lsbell Oran Jahn Dorothy James Jimmy Jarrell Bobby Johnson Erma Johnson Victor Hlos Bernice Roch Betty Laclaey Flora Lazarus Yvonne Lee Hulen Leinweber Helen Loomis margaret Loop Gladys Love Barbara Lytton EII Roy Lytton Rosemary manly maurine martin James mason melva mateielz martin mathis Franlz mcClenny J. L. mcCoy mary mcDavid Harold mcllinnis lhlorma mcllinney Ralph mcHinney Ramon mcldinney Johnnie mcLaughlin Clinton medberry mary milzeshy Gladies moore murel morton Bobby murphy Dorace neill Gene Padon Jaclz Parlzer Clarence Pennington Dale Perrett Bob Perry Pete Peterson mattie Peterson Doris Petry Jaclz Philley Velma Poole Tommy Oualtrough Raye Reed Bob Rial June Riesenberg Bobby Robertson Robert Robinson Ettabelle Roper morris Rosenbaum Hrthur Rosenfelder Henry Rougagnac Joseph Sager Jesse Sevier Jimmie Schwenhe Bill Scruggs Burton Sharp Franlz Shown nixon Shrader Virginia Shudde Bailey Simmons Herschel Small La Delle Smith Jeanne Solmon Charles Sones Henry Stallworth LUalterine Tabb Evelyn Taylor Lillian Theophiles Leonard Thompson mable Tierney Rose Tulfly Thomas Turnage Virginia LlJallzer Billy Wallace Dorothy LUallace Jaclz lllarriner LUaIton LUatson l.Ualter UJeaver Dorothy llJeihrouch Finna llJeisinger Blanche l,Uiesenthal Leslie lUill2ens Joyce l,Uilson Charles LUinner Hubert UJolF Peggy Young Don Zapp . ,J This club is composed of students in miss Boxley's Spanish classes who have an average of "C" or better. There are 83 members in this club, which was organized For recreation. Hmong its activities were two picnics and a play in Spanish. OFFICERS Left to rightfmiss Hatie Boxley, Sponsor, Vira Delljnmcliee, Pro- T gram Chm., Elaine Daigle, Treas., Roy Clarlz, Secy., Elizabeth Corley, Pres., Lloyd Crowell, Vice-Pres., James Lassen, Sgt. at Firms, Claire Born, Parl., mary maclaine, Reporter. Top row-matthew Daura, Ralph Balzer, James Brown, Billy Clarlz. middle row-Doris Byrum, Dorothy Deatherage, Beb Baird, mary rlell Chapman, Lorraine Coolz, Louise Ellis. Bottom row-Juana Dreyer, Henrietta Beaty, Bernice Hnthony, Hnna Denny, Elizabeth David, Bobbie Lee Edwards. Top row-Robert Foote, J. L. Hull, J. C. Haver, Russell Flahie, Hllan Harris, Russell Evans. middle row-Betty Lou Jarrell, Fllmajean Hayley, mary Howard, Elsie Jane Head, Eleanor Hampton, l'lorma liams. Bottom row-Erilza Hausenstein, Doris mae Johnson, Tyba Lee Freid, Hlice Forrester, Hnne Gillespie, Gloria Harbuch. Top row-John Lang, Glenn maley, George Lucas, Johnnie Peet, E. E. Hornmayer, Edward Jonas. middle row-Elwood Lawrence, Harold Hincher, O. D. Lemlze, Billy Loving, maxine Hnodel, Billy needham. Bottom row-Dorothy mcDessey, melva Joyce matejelz, Patsy murphee, Hathlyn mcDonald, Virginia Olson, rlorma Lawrence. Top rowfEugene mcLachlan, Byron Vermillion, LeRoy Sterling, Gerald Vogler, Herbert Taylor, Betty Lou l.lJalter. middle row-Billie Louise Suggs, lngree Peterson, Sammie Peters, mariorie Quinn, Betty Thompson, Patricia Simpson. Bottom row+Shirley Trammell, Betty Lou Todd, Jean Hatherine lllinner, Joy wright, Yvetta Sampson, mary Hlice l.Uhatley. michael Spampinato-Director TRUmPETS: Herman Simons, J. LU. marling, Hlian Gleitz, norman Johansen, Leroy Richardson, Owen Flnderson, Odell Ellis, l.Uilburn Goebel, Hlec Graham. CLP1RII'lETS:TrumQn Edminster, Gordon Reese, Franlz Boney, mary Townsend, Seborn Cowart, Billy Ramsey. SHXOPHODES: Vernon Simons, walter Thompson, Betty Robertson, Vernon rleiman. FRENCH HORTIS: Henry Schroerlulze, Hllan Harris. HLTO: Jane Peters. BHRHOHE: Bob Harvey, Jean Bassett, LUyatt Crawford. TRGmBOnES: mickey Holberg, Otho fowart, Holt Daniels, John C. Jones, william Boy. DRUmS: m. C. munlin, Ruth Griffin, Hnna Llleisinger, Grace Hldridge, Ouida Ellis, Flleta Griffith, Betty Harrison. DRUm mHJOR: Joe Fldair. BHTOH TUJIRLERS: Esther mae D'Hmico, neal Lloyd. SECRETFIRY: Louise Choate. Left picture: mrs. E. C. Gates, Ursula I-leesche, Loriece Daniels. Right picture: mary Rathryn matthews, Doris La Garde, mary Evelyn Pritchett, Cath- erine Junlzer- Left picture: marian Yale, Tata George, Jane Carroll. Right picture: marjorie Conaway, margaret mcCreary, Georgia l,Uilson, June Crawford. .. .. - Q.. n l- ff' ' ij , -' fi :V , l. ,g .. - 7 ,F .f I . l The chief purpose ol the mustang mounties is to develop good horsemanship. Under the sponsorship of mrs. E. C. Gates, the club rides on Saturday mornings. Two weelz end parties at the bay home of mrs. Gates malze up the social activities of the club. One party is given during the fall semester, and one is given during the spring semester. The club presented a style show during an auditorium assembly and sponsored a booth at the spring Festival. OFFICERS FHLL TERm SPRING TERm URSULH HEESCHE ...... ,.. . .... .President .... . .. ..... THTH GEORGE mHRGFlRE'l' mcCREHRY ,...., . ..,.. Vice-President ..... .... B ETTY CHRROLL CHTHERIDE JUHHER .......... . ... ..... Secretary .... .. ...JF1f'lE CHRROLL m9RJORlE JHDE COHHUJHY. ,... ...,. T reasurer. .. .... mHRlHn YHLE mEmBERS BETTY CHRROLL mHRY mFlTTHEUJS mHRlHl'l YHLE JF1l'lE CHRROLL ITIHRGFIRET mcCREHRY DORIS LH GHRDE ml:lRJORlE COHHUJHY VlRGll'llfR mlLLER mRS. GHTES LORIECE DHHIELS mHRY PRITCHETT JUNE CRHLUFORD THTH GEORGE SIBYL UJHISTLER CHTHERINE JUl'1RER FRHUCES HHYDEU GEORGIH l,UlLSOl'l FLORH LHZHRUS URSULR HEESCHE SFQLLY PFIRISH FIRST SEITIESTER OFFICERS DHLLIE BRHCHITIHFI .,,.....,,..,,.. President IRIS DE PERRODIL ..... ...,. V ice-President mlRlHm BEYERSTEDT. ., ,. ..,... Secretary mHRY BHTES ..... ,......... ..... T r easurer GERHLDIITE THOmPSOl'T ...... ...... R eporter SECOND SEmESTER OFFICERS BETTY JHFIE BOYSEIAI 4...,,......... President CORIFIFIH JOHI'lSOI'I ......,... Vice-President IRIS DE PERRCDII. ..., ...,.. S ecretary DFILLIE BRFICHITIHIAI .... ,,... T reasurer mlRlHm BEYERSTEDT ..... ..,.. R eporter ITIEITIBERS Top row-mary Bates, Corinna Johnson, Florence Hightower, Helen Del homme, Helen Lively. middle row-Dallie Braclzmanf Betty Boysen, mary Uclillzesf Rosalie Hatz. Bottom row-Iris de Perrodil, miriam Beyerstedt, Gloria Gray, marybell Horff The Four-Star Club ol Stephen F. Hustin Highschool was organized in January, 1938. The purpose ol the club is to promote better Hmerican moving pictures. This year the mem- bers ol the club have examined the pictures reviewed with this one question in mind: what is the social and ethical value of the production? The club Feels that a picture, to be worthwhile socially and ethically, should establish decent attitudes, create happi- ness, arouse a spirit ol general goodwill, encourage the onloolzers to worthy efforts, and give due praise to high ideals. The club meets twice a month in Room 317. mrs. Frances Van Tuyl is its sponsor. Top row-Dale Perrett, Evelyn Calhoun, Charles Traweek, Finna marie UJeisinger, Billy mcBride, Jimmie Bailey, Bobby Robertson, mickey Holberg, Dick Richardson, Fred Pohl, Richard Huntz, Dick Barton, l.lJilliam Chapman, Jane Peters, Leslie llJilkens, Hnnie Louise Little, Gertrude Lofstrom, John Chadwick, Geneva Sanford. middle row-miriam Beyerstedt, June Rusche, Virginia lJJalton, mary Ellen morrison, Ettabelle Roper, Joyce Gilbert, Fay Rerley, Carolyn Tomek, Doris mae Jones, Lillian Eminian, marguerite Parker, Lois Bisby, Thelma Van Hntwerp. Bottom row-mary Hnne Swope, Jean Solman, Sammie Peters, Lelia Baldwin, Bessie mae Faulkner, Ftlleane Berry, Edwina lJJhitaker, Sibyl UJhistler, Elvira Fredrickson, l.Uilda UJhitt, mickey Rester. Stimulus has been added to dramatic activity at Hustin this year. ln the first place new courses have been added in which students work on such technical problems as light- ing and costuming. lJJith student directors from these advanced courses, more plays have been offered. The interest grew also when "The Princess marries the Page" won first place in the City and District lnterscholastic One-Het Play Tournament. william Chapman's inter- pretation of the Page was considered the best boy's performance in the city, and Sybil LUhistler received acting honors in the district meet for her portrayal of the Princess. The entire cast, which included Perry morton, Bob Robertson, LlJinston Harris, mickey Hol- berg, and Truman Edminster, and the technical staff has set a standard of play production to be emulated by Hustin Thespians in the future. Miss Beatrice Harrison, instructor of dramatics, presented this play in the State meet in Hustinflexas, may 6,after it again won first place in the Regional Contestat Huntsville. Scenes from "The Princess marries the Page " Top row-John Duty, Leslie lllillzens, Glen Thompson, Raymond Ludwig, miclaey Holberg, Charles Sones, Parl., John Chadwicla, Franlz mcClenny, Charles Ulinner, Tom Hnox. middle rowA-Opie Shepherd, Vice-Pres., Edwin Stamm, Pres., Jerry Gutierrez, Edith Buchanan, Ola Gardner, Bay Fife, Herman Singleton, G. H. Galny, John Hoffman. Bottom row-Rebecca Coolaf Helen Jameson, Pat llliley, mary Helton, Secy., Sara Dedman, Frances Smith, marian Hnderson, Jerry Huclzaby, Treas., Dorothy Briggs, Dorothy Swann. The no-nothing Club is composed of miss Evelyn mcGinty's first period Civicsl class, with miss mcGinty as sponsor. The purpose ofthe club is to malze class worlz more interesting. The Philanthropists lll are the successors of the Junior Philanthropists of last year. The group is made up of miss Greenhill's first period Civics Il class, and their project is to support all activities ol the school, especially the Booster activities. Top row4Herman Simons, PhilipTharp, Billy Sherrill, Leonard Hawlzins, Bit Hbernathy, Treas., Hurloch Hrohn, Diclz lllallace, Franl: Sadleir, Joe Ritchel, m. C. munlin, John Leach. middle row-Russell Raiford, Pres., lllilliam Ellis, George Richardson, Evelyn Hoop, mary matthews, Tata George, marian Yale, Secy., Patricia Schatz, Clyda medlenlrza, l.Uilma Swain, Donald Denum, Diclz Laycoclz, Vice-Pres., Diclz Barton. Bottom row-mary Bowers, lUillie Terry, myrtle Zittle, Evelyn Calhoun, Florence Hightower, miss Ruth Greenhill, Sponsor, Evelyn Priest, Bernice mitchell, Bonnie Slaughter, Jacquowlyn Horge, Gloria Gray. i ' H i 2 .X ' i 1 ,- .,,.,.... 5 1 Rx I ' X . lj J f Top rowvBoy Hartman, T. J. Lee, James Camp, Elwood Davlin, Barron Ellis, Pres., Charles Hargrove, lllil- liam Davies, Vice-Pres., Elmer Cherry, George Shiro, norman Speclz, Jaclrz Cagle. middle row!Bob Hlexander, Joe Hdair, Catherine Felter, Helen Robinson, Lorene Robinson, Bernice Haynie, Billie Hunter, Bertha Cherry, marian fqnderson, Bessie Davis, marian Burt, Clifford Green. Bottom rowdfiona Parlzs, mary Hansen, Secy., miclaey Rester, Treas., mary Caldwell, Ptlleane Berry, Billie Cooter, Opal Smith, Gladys Love, Geneva Sanford, mary lllatson, miss Ruth Greenhill. miss Buth Greenhill's Civics II class, Us of Flustin, was organized to discuss modern every day problems, and also to create a spirit of friendliness and helpful- ness to fellow students. miss Buth Greenhill's third period Civics ll class decided to organize, and the Greenhill Hillbillies Club was the result. To promote friendship and fellowship through socials is the purpose of the club. H wiener roast at Hermann Parlz was the first social event of the club for the school semester. Top row'-Robert Shidmore, Bob Dulze, Billy Hays, F. L. Yarbrough, Bobby Bellz, murel morton, Dash D'Fimico, Pres., Henneth Fibernathy, Clayton Bristow, Oscar Lind, Louis Duhon. middle row-Virginia Crawford, miss Ruth Greenhill, Evelyn Peschlza, Helen Delhomme, Bessie Faullzner, Helen Lively, mary Valentine, Vice-Pres., Dorothy Gouldson, Gay Banlrzs, Lelia Baldwin, Jo marie munlin, marguerite Parlzer, Hnna Bell Swale. Bottom row-millicent Long, Secy., Dell matthews, Frances Sledge, Elaine mitchell, Edwina l.Uhital2er, Treas., Theresa Ujeaver, Dorothy Corley, Olive Evans, Fay Herley, mary Edwards, Doris Jones, Loriece Daniels, Tacia Catsinos, L .J v' N I K wi 2 - -M. ,ft- I .fx--Q, W., -L., M' nm. . . ,.., ,, :mf J -,..,.,,,m --', rx Wi... :N .MQ 1 3 3 rl js.. 1 uf J' ' 1 ' i ' A it ...y.f' ,, - I Q 1 't ,V W 3 1 E -' r - . . Top rowwfJaclz Cobb, Darrell Hunt, LUilliam Crouch, Philip Vetrano, Cato myers, Donald Jeppesen, Vice- Pres., Raron Beard, George Flnthony, Pres., Billy Blacbburn. middle row-Charles Traweelz, marilyn Johnson, marion Emerson, Flubrett Jones, miss Ruth Greenhill, Sponsor, Dorothy Hager, Ruth Thomas, Lois Schroerlulze, Betty Boysen, Loraine Hruslza, Dorothy Johnston, UJilliam Chapman. Bottom row4Edith Elsbury, Doris LaGarde, Joan Bella, Helen Befeld, Helen Daugherty, Secy., Catherine Junlzer, Treas., Jo Flnne Bates, Joyce mcClellan, Ella Burndrett, June Rapp. This club was Formed for the purpose of discussing modern problems and how to cope with them. It is also for the purpose ol promoting social activities among the students oi the club. It is composed of students in miss Ruth Greenhill's fourth per- iod Civics ll class. c9oiJ 0eD On January 28 ol this year, miss Greenhill's Fifth period Civics II class organized the G.Fl.B. in order to create and arouse interest in certain social problems. Through open discussions this class obtains a more pleasant relationship between school worlz and school activities. Top row-Georgie l,Uilson, marie Fischer, Isabel mcLaughlin, Robert nagorlza, maurice Rader, LUillam Roberts, Leslie Bohn, George l.Uarriner, Vernon Ewald, milton Best, E. L. Conner, Louie Flyo. middle row-Frances Hayden, Sally Parish, Helen Stephens, Vaselelze Picramenos, Irene Lueclz, Genevieve Loomis, miss Ruth Greenhill, Sponsor, marie Triola, Julia myatt, mariorie Taylor, marybell Horft, madeline Bruderer. Bottom rowAVelma Galny, Ursula Heesche, Jane Carroll, Emile Declzer, Billie l.Uade, Secy., Gordon Reese, Pres., Bonnie Damon, Vice-Pres., John Lucas, Treas., nettie LlJiseman, James Petheriotes, Ollie Robertson. u....av Qty' ik .ir , ' ,ffns , frm- :'H"-- 'F' . f . 'Fw-e f I X fi 1 2 3 .1 if f -M f l 145.3 2 Q 3 it a 'i if 2 11 2 : 'fwuy' x- .: Jac. L H B ' ,- ,J:"TK , 3 'fires ff' it 2 l f 'T 1 Y, -f a ' ' . K ...ttf gl 3 f X K I A 3, x j 'V 1- - '-- ' . " 1 r 1.1.12 -104 'r-,,,j -., ,j '-,., f 1 'S 1 .-' Fe: - .5 5 :Q f l ,: .2 - ,' YQ. 'F ' ll 'Cf ii Top row-Billy Sherrill, John Leach, Phillip Carter, George l.Uarriner, Vice-Pres., miss Fldele Ulaggaman, Gordon Reese, Pres., Leslie lllillzins, Charles Sones, Herschel Small. middle row-Sally Parish, Hda Gubert, Patricia Schatz, Florence Hightower, Joan Bellz, Doris La Garde, Helen Befeld, Olive Evans, Hnnie Little, marjorie Taylor, Betty Boysen, Pauline Gould. Bottom row-madeline Bruclerer, rlettie llliseman, Gloria Gray, marian Yale, Jerry Huclzaby, Tata George, Secy., Louise Choate, Dorothy Corley, Catherine Junlzer, Treas., Helen Daugherty, Dorothy l,Ueisinger, Elizabeth Cope. lUaggaman's Hll-Round Gang is the name of miss Hdele lUaggaman's second period English class, which is composed ol senior students who are talaing English VIII. The club was organized for the purpose of creating a greater interest in the subject. miss Hdele l,Uaggaman's third period English VIII class organized under the name ol lUaggie's U.litless lllizards. The purpose of the club is to create interest in the study of English and to promote fellowship among the students. Top row-Robert Dean, Fi. Ui. lsbell, Pres., John Flicholson, Dichson l,Uallace, Hurloclz Hrohn, Barron Ellis, Dick Laycoclz, Robert Shafer, Jach Cobb, George Flnthony, Vice-Pres. middle row-John Lucas, marian Burt, Velma Poole, Lorene Robinson, Flora Lazarus, Bonnie Damon, Secy., miss Hdele lllaggaman, Julia myatt, Clyda medlenlza, Frances Hayden, Philip Viola. Bottom row-lrene Lueclz, mary Caldwell, June Rapp, Billie l,Uade, Genevieve Loomis, Evelyn Hoop, mary Bowers, mary H. matthews, mary E. Pritchett, Frances Hail, Treas., Ruth Thomas. Top row-Lonnie Beclz, Ralph mcHinney, Pres., Joe Jameson, Tommie Schleir, J. D. Elledge, John Chadwiclz, UJilliam Ellis, L1Jilliam Chapman, Henry Schroerlulze, maurice Rader, morris Rosenbaum. middle row-marneva mcCoy, Bernice Laughlin, Theresa UJeaver, Georgie l.Uilson, marie Fischer, Loraine Hruslza, Joyce mcClellan, margaret Loop, Vice-Pres., Geneva Sanford, Treas., miss Hdele lllaggaman, Sponsor. Bottom row-LaDelle Smith, millicent Long, Secy., Bonnie Slaughter, Tacia Catsinas, Jo Bates, Hlleane Berry, Evelyn Priest, margaret Fuller, Isabel mcLaughlin, marie Edwards. not in picture-Dorothy Grace Jones, Frances Hulsey. Having come to the conclusion that they were sweet of disposition and very learned, the students of miss Hdele UJaggaman's sixth period English class organized into a club and called it "Hdele's Erudite Hngelsf' The club members are students who have been together in school and in English classes all through high school. ' The 2-4 Club is a club composed of members ol miss Edis Smith's second and fourth period English VI classes. Since the majority ol these students have been together since they were in the sixth grade, they decided to form a club to insure their permanent organization. Top row-J. LU. marling, Robert Perry, Jesse Sevier, lllalton UJatson, Hlbert lllade, Pres., Earl Hale, Clinton medbery, TT. llJ. Hopper, Edward Clarac, Bern Collum, Robert Fuller, Glenn Traweelz, Tom Hammond, Bob Harvey. middle row-H. C. Hayley, Truman Edminster, Co-Treas., Joe Reaves, Victor Henlzell, Florma Jean mc- Hinney, Ruth Coffman, Hatherine Hrmstrong, miss Edis Smith, Sponsor, Hline Bland, Co-Treas., Elnna Bell Swale, Herman Hayley, Dwight Butler. Bottom row-Lillian Theophiles, maurine martin, Secy., Sarah murphy, Frances noacla, Helen Cochran, Helen Barrett, Hnna Hennedy, Thomasine Brown, Gloria UJiese, mildred moore, Virginia Lang, Virginia Clarlz- son, Betty Carroll. ...- . 4-M f 1 .X ...M I ,E 17 .1., - fx 'w fs i il Top row-Grace Hldridge, Louise Bevel, mary Valentine, Geneva Sanford, Bernice mitchell, mary Collura, Dorothy Gouldson, Gay Banlzs, Bessie Davis, Ursula Heesche, lrene Luech, madeline Bruderer, Bonnie Damon. Second row-LaVerne Zogg, margaret Loop, LaVern Roy, Virginia Crawford, Dorothy Corley, Louise Choate, Bernice Haynie, Evelyn Peschha, Helen Lively, Rosalie Hatz, mary Conlin, Virginia UJall2er, Betty Boysen. Bottom row!-margaret Clartz, Dorothy Balthrop, Evelyn Scheinberg, Edwina l.Uhitaher, Theresa llJeaver, marguerite Broussard, June miller, Frances Hail, mary E. Pritchett, mary H. matthews, Tata George, millicent Long, marie Triola, Gertrude Lotstrom. The Office Helpers spend one period a day in the otfice of Vice-Principal Johnson, Dean Crouch, or Registrar Breeding. Theirs are the many routine duties of Filing, typing, boolzlzeeping, telephoning, and collecting absentee slips. The Forum Latinum is a club composed of mrs. nelle Dawson's Latin students. They are divided into three groups according to their Latin scholastic rating. The Patricians form the higher group, the Plebeians, First and second ranlzs, form the lower groups. The Patricians are John Briclzer, mary Helton, Ruth Hendall, Percy Loree, Carolyn Peevy, Billie Robinson, norma Saunders, norman Speclz, Jeanne LUerner. First ranlz Plebeians are Ftlice Hdams, Ellaine Hllen, Henry Bender, U.Jilliam Bennett, Peggy Clarlz, Flnita Corley, Loriece Daniels, UJellborn Dorsey, Grandville Dutton, Louis Freund, Bernard Friola, milton Goldberg, George Gonzalez, milton Holphen, Paul Halliburton, James Hanner, Doris Harper, Doris Hoftheinz, Elsie John- son, Jimmie Jones, Frances Ruhlman, Tommy mahr, Schuyler mcneese, Billy Ofield, Betty Outerside, Gordon Presswood, Gillian Ranft, martha Reynolds, Lynn Robinson, lnga Simpson, Raymond Slaclz, Robert Sneed, margaret Starling, Diclz Steinberg, Bob Stephens, UJayne Van de Gean, Joyce l.Uaycott, Virginia llJarhol, Bob lUells. Second ranlz Plebeians are t.Uilson Fiudish, Claud Hudler, Brenner Beverly, Odell Ellis, Ellaine Harris, Lelia Harding, Billy Henderson, Joe Hollinsworth, John Hunter, marylynne Johnson, Bobby murray, Clyde Owen, nellie Schroeder, Ralph Speich, Bert Stolzey. i . er 2 ..Y,,,2' ' ' 1 Top row-Billy Blackburn, Treas., Charles l.Uinner, George Schiro, George Golf, Elmer Cherry, Vice-Pres., Jim Batson, Silas Fltizinson, Percy Lowe, G. H. Galny, Robert Fuller, Louis Flyo. middle row-Dale Perrett, Lanelle Leach, Fiubrette Jones, Patricia Schatz, mary Conlin, Gladys Love, miss Charline Lallier, Ola Gardener, marian Hnderson, marybell Horff, Franh llJilson. Bottom row-Hudrey Rodgers, Lydia Howard, Gloria Gray, Thomasine Brown, Secy., Hlleane Berry, Jimmie Honaher, Ruby Reed, Pres., Frances Smith, Jacquowlyn Horge, marian Emerson, lsabel mcLaughlin. miss Charline Lallier's third period Texas History class was organized to foster a better understanding of the history ol our state. The Dolphin Club, sponsored by miss Sue Garrison, is a swimming club for girls. The purpose ol this organization is to arouse interest and to encourage proli- ciency in the art ol swimming. Each spring they sponsor a water pageant and swim- ming meets with other schools. Standing-Flora Hayden, Sarah Dedman, lnez Loughridge, Sally Parish, Treas.,'Ursula Heesche, Loriece Daniels, margaret mcCreary, Jane Carroll, Pres. Seated-Esther Voegler, Dorothy Hager, Virginia Lang, Dorothy Ulallace, Gloria Gray flzneelingj, Frances Hayden, Vice-Pres., June Reisenberg, Secy., Ruth Griffin, Betty Carroll, Flora Lazarus, Irma Johnson. T""'N JW -- 5 'I 7 i M ii J Left to right-martha Harrell, Jacquowlyn Horge, Pres., Ruth Sticlzney, Esther D'Hmico, Lucile Ewald, Rose- mary manly, Pat lJJiley, margaret mcCreary, Loriece Daniels, Betty Carroll, Secy., Ursula Heesche, Reporter. not in picture-Claire Gross, Vice-Pres. The Hustin netters have succeeded in establishing a worthy name for themselves in tennis. The club is composed of girls who wish to improve their tennis form. with regular practice and by playing interschool games, they achieved their goal. From this club the most advanced players were chosen to compete in the interscholastic tennis tournament. The Hustin Hrchers is a club of girls who organized under the sponsorship of miss Grace Hornaday for the purpose of improving their archery ability. Good aim, good form, and straight shooting are their goals. They are enthusiastic archers and their club has grown in size and popularity. Standing-Bonnie mucbleroy, Pres., Jane Carroll, Reporter, margaret mcfreary, Georgie mae lJJilson, Treas., Ursula Heesche, Vice-Pres., Dorothy Finn mitchell, marjorie Taylor. Seated-LaDelle Smith, Esther D'Hmico, Dorothy Gouldson, nancy Jane Sanderlin, Billie Hunter, Secy., Floy Derr. not in picture4Geraldine Whitfield, Juanita Crabbe, Patti Jean Parkin, Gay Banks. S O S CLUB Top row-Ola Flndrews, Treas., miss Helen Soncrant, Sponsor, mildred Durin, myrtle morgan, mary Horrocks, Raymond metcalf, George Bald- win, nina UJheaton, Thelma Lloyd, Elaine Smith. middle row-Edith Elsbury, Secy., Estelle Graves, Gladys Dewey, Doris Flynn, Frances Shannon, Virginia Pearson, Dorothy Gouldson, Yvonne fdndrades, Ethel Lucas, Ruth Skeeters. Bottom row4mary maughmer, mariorie But- ler, marjorie Fitzgerald, Frances UJhitmore, Thelma major, Helen Liverin, mamie Faris, Pat Heinze, Flnniece Davis, Lois Bisby, Vice-Pres., Evelyn Calhoun, Pres. THE SOCIHLITES Top row-Fllbert Reese, Bob Hlexander, l1Jillard Dowling, Leonard Hawkins, miss Ruth Daugherty, Sponsor, Buck Bulkley, Philip Tharp, Dick Lay- cock, Louis Duhon. middle row-margaret Fuller, La Delle Smith, Bernice Haynie,Helen Delhomme,Elainemitchell, Olive Evans, Billie Cooter, Dorothy Hager, Rose Tuffly, marian Yale, Frances Hail, Dorothy Johnston. Bottom row-Helen Barrett, Dell mothews, Evelyn Peschka, Virginia Crawford, Louise Choate, Tata George, Helen Befeld, Doris La Garde, Helen Daugherty, Dorothy Corley, Frances Sledge, Jo Bates. not in picture-Dennis Joy, Dorothy Jones Robert Skidmore. D. D. D. CLUB Top row-llJalter UJilcox, Henry Hart, Pres., Clinton medbery, Clarence Barlow, Treas,, milton Rimey, Herman Hayley, Jesse Devine, Fred Pohl, Russell Flahie, L. C. Smith. middle row-mary UJilkes, Flnna Schaffer, Beryl Heese, Phyllis Barlow, Vice-Pres., H. C. Hayley, mary Villee, Betty Olson, Jennie Lind. Dorothy Swann, Ruth Coffman, Leonard Perricone, Bottom row-Ruth Skeeters, Ruth neu, Helen mcCloskey, Secy., marguerite Parker, Bette Craig, miss Elizabeth Dick, Sponsor, Virginia Lang, Jeanette Brunson, Johnnie Ronan, Rose Hellerman. S. S. S. CLUB Top row-Cato myers, Pres., Billie mcFanlin, llJilliam Crouch, Jolin moore, Russell Flahie, Brooks Valls, Joe Duhon, Tommy Qualtrough, Ray Fife, Harold Farb. middle row-'marilyn Johnson, Virginia Helms, minnie newton, Loraine Hruska, Bonnie Slaugh- ter, mary Villee, mary Collura, Lenora Buck, Betty Richter, Janie Stiers, Evelyn Sheinberg, Treas., mildred Fellows. Bottom rowglune Crawford, Rose Jones, Floy Derr, lva Benton, Edna Price, Theresa UJeaver, Secy., Flda morris, Helen Robinson, Vice-Pres., Ruth Griffen, Betty Harrison, Billie Tuggle, Frances Zent. not in picture-Joe mandela. new Lo 2 .Af FIRE DEPFlRTl'T1El'lT Top row-Perry morton, Third Floor Captain, George Richardson, First Floor Battalion Chief, Edwin Stamm, Fire Chief, Joe Jameson, Second Floor Battalion Chief, Opie Shepherd, Cadet Lt. Bottom row-Darrell Hunt, Hsst. Chief, Barron Ellis, First Floor Captain, UJilliam Davies, Hsst. Battalion Chief, Elrcher mcl,Uhorter, Second Floor Captain, Jaclz Cobb, Third Floor Battalion Chief. LHfTlBDFl SIGITWH FILPHH Top row-Lewis Turner, Edwin Stamm, Pres., Tom Hammond, Victor Henlzell, Donald Zapp. middle row-mary Jane murray, Vice-Pres., Bonnie Damon, Tiba Lee Freid, Ralph Speich. Bottom rowfCarolyn Tomelz, Opal Smith, Betty Lachey, Secy. Treas., Dorothy Balthrop. HUSTIVI BOOHERS Top row-marneva mcCoy, Bessie Faullzner, Helen Befeld, Helen Daugherty, mary Helton, Ollie Robertson, Gloria Gray, Hubrette Jones. middle rowfUJillola Stone, Bessie Rao, Gay Banks, mrs. L. E. Tacfzett, Helen Dunn, Hathryn Hllen, Patti Parlzin. Bottom row-minnie newton, mary Edwards, Esther D'Hmico, Catherine Clinton, Joan Bellz, Dorothy Swann, Jeanne Hammons. COFTWTTERCIHL CLUB Top rowfVirginia metcalf, Ruth Thomas, Frances lfloach, Sarah murphy, maurine martin, Lillian Theophiles, Helen Cochran, Helen Liverin, Rose Hatz. middle row-Sally Parish, miss Helen Son- crant, Evelyn Sheinberg, Pres., Bertha Cherry, Secy., Joyce Rippenhagen, Ethel Cherry, Elvira Fredrilzson, Edythe meyer. Bottom row-Frances Haden, Gloria llJiese, margaret Dibrell, mildred moore, Evelyn Taylor, Treas, Carolyn Peevy, Vice-Pres., marguerite Broussard, mary Horroclfzs. HHLL fTiOliITORS Top row-Herbert Lee Green, naron Beard, H. C. Hayley, Herman Hayley, Harold Chudleigh, David Roolze, Perry lnorton, norman Freeman, Jimmy Butera, Robert Hawlzins, llJilbur Smith, George GoFl, E. L. Conner, Talmage Heitman, nrthur Snyder. fniddle row-Tom matt, Charles Traweelz, George nnthony, l,Uilliam Davies, Philip Vetrano, Carol Collura, Carson Campbell, James Holder, Philip Tharp, Boy Hartman, J. C. Trailor, Hershel Small, Tom Hammond, Bill Laycock. Bottom rowfnash D'nmico, Johnny Lucas, Earl newman, Hurloclz Hrohn, Elmer Cherry, Philip Viola, Dicl: Barton, Russell Baiford. not in picturef"Bit" nbernathy, Henneth nber- nathy, Perdue Heeton, Fred Lesser. HI-Y CLUB Top row-fnr. Farber, Buclz Bullzley, Pete Richard- son, John mahoney, Edwin Dunnam, Billy ndams, Stanley Gutierez. Second row4Jerry Gutierez, Henry Rougnac, George Flnthony, llJilliam Crouch, Charles Traweelz, Randle Bond, Diclrz l,Uallace. Third rowfGordon Reese, Glenn Traweelz, H. C. Hayley, Jaclz Declaer, Lamar norman, Bobby Fuller, UJilliam Johnson. IHTERSCHOLHSTIC LEHGUE LUIHHERS Top row-Sander nelson and Edwin Dunnam, first place in Spanish, Dorothy Stewart, Elsie Huritza, Harold fncllinnis, Betty Ball, margie Cheatham, third place in Typing lV. Bottom row-lJJilliam Chapman, Sibyl l.Uhistler, Bobby Robertson, Billy l'ncBride, Fred Pohl, first place in One-nct Play, Virginia metcalf, third place in Shorthand ll, nllen Platter, first place in headline writing, and second place in sports writing. ORCHESTRH lop row-nleta Griffith, Ruth Griffin, fn. C. fnun- lin, mr. Spampinato, Bob Dulze, fniclney Holberg, Jimmy Schwenlze, LU. Fl. Callaway, Horace mcClung, Theodore Gottlob. middle row-Billy Goldapp, Peggy Tisinger, nor- ma Davidson, Frances Tholen, Odessa Davis, Flline Bland, Frances Tremaine, Oma Lee Patterson, mar- garet Hirlzpatrich. Bottom row-Billy Ofield, Fldele Baiford, Yvetta Sampson, nancy Sanderlin. 721 wgufvff-M7 -QM My FIM! 'emma 49 Soppy swingsters The three Stooges Close-up "Curry at center" wanna fight, bud? Lunch munchers Sonia's rival Buddies Flny luclz, lady? l.Uatch the birdie. "Come on, and YELLV' Sell out Our Glamour Girl and escort Feet first! Yea Hustin, Fight! Lights! Comercl Hctionl 'Tflcxlze it loud!" Smile forthe camera. Simple and sweet The cream of Flustin's crop "Chinlzo" chunlzs mln va rx fi 5-53 .1 is .. 5 . ., .5 s jr s 1. no sluggin' 2. Personality plus 3. l.Uc1y up 4. l.Uhois crazy? 5. These new hoir styles! 6. Tolrzin' it eosy 7. Fill her upl 8. Oh, you cutiel 9. Lady Esquire 10. "Herr Hitler" 11. Johnny tolfzing the hurdles 12. Food's on 13. Boys will be boys. 14. who ever heard of Scotch indians? a 'Ns 9pm Sf? 1. lUiiiieti1ei1ermit 2. Hnd at a Sub-Deb picnic, too! 3. Fiii dressed up 4. Sec- ond stringers 5. Some men get aii time breaks. 6. "The pause that refreshes" 7. Otiwo Cowart 8. Cupid taizes to the air. 9. l.Ui1en time Brigadiers went to Galveston 10. Stars of tomorrow 11. Emile, you are in putaiic 12. Chariine and her gang. 1. Just a gang 2. The birclmen of Hustin 3. Our Galveston Gal 4. Spealz no evil, l1ear no evil, see no evil. 5. LUo Fwo 6. Doorway to knowledge? 7. Posin' 8. mr. Jim Batson 9. lllhon two hearts beat os one 10. l.Uaiting for her liorse to come in 11. lllliy tennis is popular here 12. "Hold Tight!" SHOULD HULD HCOUHIUTHHCE BE FORGOT J ?O""'JL LL' , cjl,,4,,,eAf"f""4q"""'!" K X CONGRNTULFITIONS TO THE STEPHEN F. NUSTIN HIGH SCHOOL FNCULTY and STUDENTS Rnd TI1onI2sToTI1e SECOND SENIOR CLFISS For time privilege of designing ond monufocturing your Commencement Invitotions 'A' LINDSEY BLNYNEY, JR. representing STAR ENGRAVING COMPANY H Houston monuiocturer OF CLRSS RINGS INVITNTIONS DIPLOITTRS COfTiPLlfTiEl'iTS HELLEY'S akowitz ro IN AT RUS? HOUSTOTTS GRERTEST STORE FOR mEl'i LUOfTiEl'i HND CHILDREN In THE GULF BUILDING Humble Oil 8: Refining Company P1 TEXHS INSTITUTION extends to the Hustin High School Class of 1939 every good wish for success and happiness as they continue their education in college or u versity, or as they choose and follow a caree COTTIPLITTIETITS FROITI THE PFITROTTS OF STEPHEN F. AUSTIN HIGH SCHOOL V SITTIOTTS BROHDVTIOOR FOOD SHCZP ITIRS. RUBY PHRRER THE GHBLES, ITTC. STERLIFIG LHUFIDRY THEG. TTT. BRHDFORD ICE DELIVERY LUHI'IC5ER'S FOOD TTIFIRRET DR. PEPPER BOTTLIDCE CO. TOHIO SERVICE STHTIOFI D'HRCY COFIFECTIOFIERY ISBELL BHRBER SHOP EDGHR'S BFIRBER SHOP LOUISIHTIH BHHERY HHRT 84 TTUSSBHUITI JHCOBSOITS FOOD TTIHRHET Do. Q JHTTTES ORIGIFIFIL COFIEY ISLHTID BROHDITIOOR SERVICE STFITIOI1 HIFIG FLOOR CO. LEOFI PERRICOFIE R. C. RERR SERVICE STHTIOTT H FRIETID CURTIS SERVICE STHTIOTTS CETTTRRL FIUTO SERVICE STRTIOTT fTIcDOI'IHLD'S SERVICE STFITIOTI SOUTHERN EIFIGRFIVIFIG C0 Jswsuans AND ENGRAVERS V OFFICIFIL JELUELERS FOR THE SENIOR CLHSSES OF S-TEPHEII F. HUSTIFI HIGH SCHOOL V FACTORY AND OFFICE: 1116 PRHIRIE HVEFIUE - - HOUSTOFI, TEXHS IEI.EPI'IOI'IE C. 6176 J. R. JOIIES, SoIes Represent t FILLUNYS THE LEFIDER IN JUNIOR FNSHIONS ff Nm 4- . 0' ."'. N .,x. NX,xxXk . ,:: N.,xxx : txztzzqlllg-E if ,. xxx. x.x, 'Q I oo' I 9' MW' HOUSTON OLUNED HOUSTON TNINDED HOUSTON LUNTCH CO. 911 Franklin Hvenue U.Iatches-Diamonds EHSY TERTNS R. J. SLHGLE, Pres. I ENJOY THE F H n UN ND EXERCISE OF . ICE SHFITING Sandwich Shops POLNR Three Locations LUNVE 3018 main 4701 main 6500 Harrisburg fNcGOlUEN FIT HUTCHINS OPEN HLL NIGHT Capitol 1048 0 RMK f If 111 X I W , I UJOODLEIGH PHHRmHcY 5 IR VIN Sr SA M "FIIways Something New, H zzz 'I I "The Friendly Drug Store of East End" Smart, Different I cf- I Doing Real Tailoring at T' I . Reqggnqble Prices 17 PTOP. 420 mmm STREET I Phone Fairfax 2404 i 4201 f'NcHinney P-3324-3325 Smiiin' Irvin, Prop. Sam Spain, fNgr. 'fig'-5' ROSS SERVICE STNTION 3926 POLH BENCON 3-2204 C O TTI P L I TN E N T S Super Lubrication, UJashing, Polishing, Ulaxing OI CNRS CNLLED FOR FIND DELIVERED I G FR I E N D SINCLNIR PRODUCTS l l DRll'lH Compliments of TEE PEE Inn , 0c Compliments of EHSTLUOOD lll BOTTLES LumBER comPnnY Eflll HLBRITTOITS EHTS . 1104 leleplwone Road . 9 n b I' , I A no. 1 , 4120 mcHlnneyfB 3-1230 vuRECREAv4' LUOODCREST 6-2448 no. 2 905 lllauglw Drivefl'l-0042 l Compliments of Compliments of 8' mOODY PHRH VIELU HOSPITHL Hnamssuae at 75th 3502 main-5617 Harrisburg BEHDIX HOfT1E LFIUDDRY HOUSTON DEHLERS SPECIHLIZES Il'l SITIHRT DRESSES FOR SENIOR HCTIVITIES 411 main Street llJEBER'S SUPERIOR ROOT BEER Compliments of , and , , Drive-ln Sandwich Slwop Cleaning and Dye lllorlzs FISH HND OYSTER 1Oc-Hamburgers-1 Oc lil' h F l'1 E' d P t t J. H.I'T1cDOUGHL, Owner lt renc me O G O65 FILL HIISIDS SHISIDLUICHES 28 9 F F I 1 and Your Favorite Drinlzs 17-1 annin airax 5331 6441 SOUTH mmm l c. E.fT1FlDDEl'1,fTlgr.and owner 6820 main St. H. 0272 THE FRBRIC SHOP SILRS lUOOLEI"IS LII'IEI'IS cmd LFICES 1013 main Street GULF BLUE PRll'IT CO. 709 Travis FIRTIST HND SCHOOL SUPPLIES5 LEl'IOX PHRRITIRCY Registered Pharmacist on Duty Hgency YTYHL Family Remedies 5321 Harrisburg Blvd. U.laySide 7153 Compliments LUILSOH Stationery 84 Printing Co. Prairie at Fannin THOS. GOGGFIVI 8x BROS. music House Est. 1866 PlFII'IOSfRHDlOS-ITIUSIC BHTID Il'ISTRUITIEI'TTS PIPE ORGFITIS FILL I'IEllJ RECORDS I C. JIITI STELURRT 84 STEVEVISOTI I For EVERY HUTOITIOBILE SERVICE I I 1719 Preston Hvenue 1201 main Street F. 1361 Phone C-5311 I UJE INVITE HUSTIITS Houston STUDENTS uJnvnE BusEs I 'O nnmonv DumPs I HTTEHD HUSTIFI llIESTERI'I ROFID ITIFICHIVIERY TIP TOP COVIEY ISLRTID uJE CHLL FOR Emp DELIVER FIRROUJ Cl2OI'I2I'S Clnd Dyers is Years Dependable Service s. n. D'HfT1ICO, Prop. 6715 Harrisburg LU. 2121 5 Compliments of SHHS SHOE STORE Shoes lor the Entire Family CHPITOL ct TRHVIS BOULEVFIRD FUVIERRL HOTTTE "The Home of Sympathetic Service" l 6929 Harrisburg Blvd. Houston l I Phones: 4111-2 Compliments of I GRRY TRFIILER CO. LUHICH Toou I THE onE ncr PLFIY TO HUNTSVILLE l 6001 Harrisburg LU. 0374 Gracluate to Better Living . . At diff-f . . Use Home Electrical Hppliances Freely HoUs'roN LIGHTING 55 5 S EEK POWER COMPANY HOmEfTlHHERS Congrutulot d B t to l,Uishes Sen I THOUSHHDS of HENRY STERH TEXFWS PHOTOGRFIPHER OFFICIFIL TO THE CORRHL 229 lllest Bldg. C p 7837 38 Years Dellendable Service ' f Fa I W k Compliments of BILL UJILLIHITTS' - A ,, . , 1L1.L . .-'-11 T "' '4A 411'LAL"" :':A 1-1-1-" u x . A l , A c t wllwge CHICHEI1 in the ROUGH S X Opposite Rice Stadium 626 MAIN STREET Greetin s from EHSTUJOOD THEHTRE 9 cg 'DDDDEIPMAINAT WAIKER KICK' Ol SHOE cennaa OF SOUTH Taxes EHST END s1ncE1aaQ Compliments ol tl1e HOTTTE ROOfTT TTTOTHERS OF TTTRS. H. C. EVHTIS fT1RS. E. C. RHPP FTTRS. G. F. HVTDERSOTI l'T1RS. LU. LU. BLHCHBURD ITTRS. T. H. ITTOTT THE P. T. Fl. ITIRS. FTTRS. fTlRS. TTTRS. JOHTT H. PHDOT1 G. LU. RICHPIRDSOVT H. H. HFIRRIS E. C. ITTHTTHELUS "COTTRILLS" Texczs Photo Supply Co. I 1 I Cqsesesswmssw Complete Photographic Supplies and Fldvlce C.-fa, irixoixl for THE HTTIFITEUR PHOTOGRHPHER 917-19-21 MAIN STREET 8 main Street F'-8000 Compliments The Houston Electric Company Compliments of l"'lenlce 8a Pillot, lnc. l-louston's Leading Super marlzets since 1872 Hlhe Best-Priced Lower" llJHFlT HFTER HIGH SCHOOL? . Let massey introduce you to an office position in lzeeping with your educational baclzground. Ule are receiving constantly more calls from employers for high school graduates with business training than we have available to fill the very desirable office positions open to them. Q Capitol Hve. at Caroline St. Fairfax 3533 Oualily Jewelers in Houston for 64 years. i 1 Compliments H-B-C FOOD STORE fl :W 2 933, 9- 5'.-.- -n5' "Ogg O Q Q 5 Q11 3 911-1 "l U79 'OIT rn sl I 5213 1253. Q, 'T' ff: 3m Ea 3, Ig :r'-f -'nm -4 2 o Qfscm3:1?J'8 I m 'FS -. ., rn , I gf: T QU'-':r mC m Q 3 L: '- oo 3 C: "'O0 'U " -. .4 Q 0 Us 2 -1335 mf O "' MQ 3: HU rn pne 9,-U 54 3 E 'B - FH ow -5' Q Q I 47' QL..- 3 'U O S 0--- - B I P Ig O u:z3 --2, V7 Z l'l'1 2 U' 20- so E 1' 9 '3 I gg- 3 nog .4 g 3 QQ- JJ OH 1: fn "H .' s"' 3 .-., Q. U7 -X4 0 93133 22 5 ' 3 I 2 I3 as 'I6i 7,'5'N4 an W '. N 2 22. 3 :-' W Ez' 3' 0-3 'O I' -' F' ID O- O C FN U0 3 0 E' gi Z' I- 3 'lv " sc Q 253 Q 'Q' 3 om C 0 ,TU NI 32133 3 71 .. Jo' I0 T 'JL m Q. 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X j m X f f NH ,f THE T H E jf IOMPANY CUMLDANY Zplucrlixiig J?fl2ufe.2'!tiSimg N Wfnmvg Cf P"mf""3 I, , 5 ff I A ,Z w'fU Min X , f"' A X' -Lf - : 5 glfwmfafmmmnw ' o'o 0 ' W 34 IT 'rw-Wm 'O Q wuw03'T my I Q 1. M Ab SX-5 I A17 by E W 2 QQQEWQEM iii rfgml aW5WHMQ 6,3 -Q QW,-wx, M, 4 JGIV W -'Y Y!! ! Nl '52 " 9 1 fy- Y y Q N' 'MII E U , XQWH Nm, E QV I A SS mTfggmgW3 K if 1' 1 ' Il LAW QM! 'kk' If , A 1 '- V32 'Bb - E 13 mvxi-N W J 25 fwgifm' Wm" M s H'- Mj'PWA21T5fW3gi"S??g?? ,.,. H NL 'HH4214gi34ffeawfxjQji 'M-f - 1 . fm ., THE RIEIIN COMPANY I :Wg ' na gf um Ii!! N.s'u'fi R Q . A 4 I 'llll Jail' X 'ff' V ' x gifgg I 422. , vu I 44 x.4 1 'Iii : fl . in - 'igff I' , Q Y- A , v RP! ff- - , 1 K A ,gag W ' N lv' rm 'PE' I" gh l i I mr H llit fl S-f J , Q 5..zy,1, gglsw A Qfif' JA, ghggtf g x ljgjia ll Xkjlvvxm ejmlnhl , 1 l"V faijqqraf - 'ISV wsffff if 5, A TEPHE KAUJTIN ixzfzgzff 11 -V-I 1 3 l fa M a ,eff uv lilly , ii X WTI ' in . ' A v.. 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