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x Q , 'B , fur, ,K-'Qgfi ' , ' ' Mg sl K - V, Q , , q ' V-:gli , wg Y ' b .- W,-w.,fg , af V-wglf. -Mg' A A , 1 N H Q ,jf K F45 Y 1'gIg.1',1-iiiKi?e': - ,Q ' , - - H+- 'W Q , '-, X . ,. fxvfn., A M in x5,3gs7y:ef'f?,, QQH fl?-F3125 'lu-'R 'V' , 'bf I1 ' S, '14 Wg-"iid 'ww'-'.1f:'5' f fx X , ,yn 1- '- y. , is , - 2. fu ,F- A s X 'f' :D ,U-W' 5 rf WMA.. K.. 'if-Q "Kb W B55 V' ,nm " ' 1' 6: fi lms my M , ,, k ,J . M., A V H K-9:31 wiv :xg 13 M '...:-1 vw, . ,,,, X 'r' I 9 f ' ' '0'0 A-X0 . wi' -.:,.1Y,r NnQmw 774. if .iwgwwf THE fyfm Zim! '28 fjiw STEPHEN F nusnn - Q HIGH SCHOOL QfL0ZVlJ QM ,v mhwm mwfix JM'-1kQ'fLq?e5fgx' 6 fwwio 95-2-"'f7'T"'UL W .Q Ulww WM? ' HLCZQ sound mimi in G mm! Loclyu Allis ' 5 :yn r Jfuye-33 r 1 726 Q 0?2'fffQ3c9 sruosnrs or TEPHEI7 F. HUSTII7 HIGH SCHOOL HOUSTOFLTEXHS VOL UITIE ODE The 1938 CORRHL marlzs the near end ol the First year ol school lile in Stephen F. Hustin Senior High School. Only as recently as September,1937, there stood on the corner of Dumble and Jefferson streets a large lariclz building, modernly equipped and neatly labeled "school", yet as barren of school spirit, loyalty, pride, and tradition-those qualities which give life and heart to a school-as the muddy expanse of ground upon which it stood was bare ol the beauty of cultivated growing things. It was into this structure of briclz and steel that mr. George H. l.oescher came to assume, for the First time, the duties of principal. Zio- Qui' j"'fiT'!oHCZ,,QQ Surrounded by students and faculty members, the majority of whom had previously lznown the abilities and character of this man, he, who is destined to ranlz at the top of the school's great, in the short period of one year, created a school organization that justly lays claim to high educational ranlz, that reverberates with the enthusiasm and exuberance of varied student activities, that pulsates with pride and school spirit, that finds social and recreational completeness within a well-balanced club program, and that has laid down as a corner stone of tradition such noble ideals as democracy, hon- esty, loyalty, and courage. Only under the leadership of such a man as mr. Loescher could so great accomplish- ment have been attained. l.Uhether through the microphone in his daily broadcastsior over his deslz, personally, all who come into contact' with him Find in him an efficient executive and a practical educator, a democratic idealist, and an enthusiastic booster of school activities, an understanding friend and a sympathetic counsellor, and a genuine believer in the ultimate sincerity of youth. To this man, our Principal, the staff proudly dedicates this first edition of the CORRHL. GB ATTENTION MR. LCESCI-TER We, ihe Gorral Siaif, hy means of a series of brief hroadcasis lhrough your own now familiar microphone, wish io preseni for you a review of ihe firsl year of school life in Slephen F. Husiin High School. may our review, in some small way, help lo slore up in your ireasure house of memories ihose sludeifzis and iheir acliviiies which you have served so well in lhis our muiual year of "firsis" -your firsl year as Husiiiffs i9rincipal, our firsi year as Huslin siuolenis, and Husiizfis firsi year of exislence. Thanh you. GB Eels lake a look ai our execuiives and faculigy. 'l'hegy're a very dignified looking group of ihe ciiy's mosf promising "inielligenlsia" fwhaiever ihal meansj. They have a slring of degrees ihai would pul io shame Roosevelfs alphaheiical adminislraiion. in classes ihey awe I and horej us wiih iheir siaggering siore of knowledge and iheir falhomless philosophy. Bui calch ihem unawares, and you'll he surprised. They acl sillyg ihey munch popcorn in ihe balcony of a Z5-ceni showy ihey go io sleep in faculiy meeiingsg and, hesi of all, ihey make swell pals and undersianding confi- danis. We've concluded- ihey're "kinda" human afier all. We presenf our HDfTWIHISTRHTlwQD gyxa C95-21, E. E. OBERHOLTZER Standing: E. D. Shepherd, Sr., UJ. C. Rogan, George D. lllilson Holger Jeppesen, 9. C. Finn. Seclted1 H. l... mills, Business mgr., mrs. B. F. Coop, Dr. Roy H Daily, Dr. E. E. Oberholtzer, Supl. G. Fl. LOESCHER Principal H. H. JOHNSON fTlRS. PHULIDE CROUCH Vice-Principal Dean Sometimes with comradely laughter, sometimes with disciplinary sternness, but always with laindness and justice do these executives and staff members greet Hustin's thirteen hundred from day to day. . . Theirs is the wisdom to inspire, the power to guide, and the ability to regulate and routi- nize. To them we express our sincere appreciation and our genuine respect. mrs. Edith Breeding, Registrar, mrs. m. V. mcDougal, Secretary, Fllma Bristilz, Ftssistant Secretary QC mv- -.-f FNCULTY FIDITIINISTRHTION G. FI. Loescher, Principal I-I. FI. Johnson, Hsst. Principal mrs. Pauline Crouch, Dean mrs. Edith S. Breeding, Registrar mrs. m. V. mcDougal, Secretary Hlma Bristilz, Flsst. Secretary ENGLISH mrs. Verna S. Hogan, Chairman Lillian Carleton Beatrice Harrison mary Lynn Jones Sadie R. mcLean Hrdis Phillips Edis FI. J. Smith mrs. Frances B. Van Tuyl Ndele UJag9aman JOURNF1LISm Flrdis Phillips SPEECH FIRTS l-I. G. Rndrews ITINTHEINHTICS mrs. F. V. mcDanieI, Chairman mrs. mauryne Dailey Ruth Daugherty mrs. J. B. Funchess C. L. Rawson FFICULTY GROUP Jessie B. Roy Lucy E. Ulmer J. m. llJiIIis HISTORY Charline Lallier, Chairman I-I. G. Plndrews Elizabeth Diclz Ruth Greenhill pq ..,,ll.-.4 F. m. Potter Elsie m. Tribble COfTIfNERCIFIL J. UJ. l.Uatson, Chairman mrs. J. S. Burlz Helen Soncrant SCIENCE mrs. E. C. Gates, Chairman Naomi Elzman CHHIRITIEN OF DEPNRTITIENTS mrs. J. B. Funchess Beatrice Lytle E. LU. Summers FOREIGN LHNGUFIGE Hatie Boxley, Chairman mrs. Nelle B. Dawson Vernon Dilworth michael Spampinato mUSIC Bertie Sims michael Spampinato FIBT mrs. Hlice C. l,Uoodrulf I-IOITIE ECONOINICS mrs. Stuart maclzay margaret Pearson ITINNUFIL HRTS E. B. Zinneclzer, Chairman J. P. Cornelius C. H. Sherman PHYSICFIL EDUCFITION John C. Scott, Chairman Grace I-lornaday Louis Lemay Dorothy maclzay mrs. LU. E. maxwell J. m. UJiIIis J. P. Cornelius LIBRFIRY mrs. L. E. Taclzett Fl friendly debate-or is it? She always talaes the ribbon Time out to be lust Pauline and Char- line Brushin' up on he Spanish So that's Spamp's idea of chivalry- Shcame! I I l f px ' X 1 , we Q, ' K efk' , s Charles blowin' up his girl friend now EVERYBODY singl Sweetness personified Gee, it's tough bc ing Flssistant Principal' H victim of spring fever Frances in her jolnppy Fldele pulling it over Cor trying to, H perfect twosome Two jolly good souls Charming mrs, "lilac" "Chicken"--the home-run lzing Camera shy? Dicla pulling a creep on us Bee tahen for a ride Posin'-Fllice, Sadie, and Otey He's off GB 'ln cap and gown, iwo lzundred and iweniy-five seniors flzis year compleie ilzeir long yel glorious march io imposing "grown-up ness." Following in ilzeir foolsleps are grealer numbers of juniors and soplfzomores, who look wiilz eager, yearning eyes foward llual grey symbol of gradualion. Only yeslerday, if seems, ilfzey were dangling dolls and daslfzing afier dogs, and loday llfzey iurn lo daifes and dances. Here llzey are-seniors, juniors, sophomores-our Thank you. X I bf, -' a 0 fa, J 'fiff-1 64 J MW' Seated G H Loescher, Principal, Farrar Storm, Secretary, Vernon lllilson, Class Lawyer. Standing Helen Brady, Vice-President, Harold Hillman, President, Dorothy Rodgers Treasurer, Lester Richards, Sergeant-at-Hrms, Jaclz Cary, Class Poet. Under the leadership of Principal G. H. Loescher, the first senior class of Stephen F. Hustin High School was organized February 11, in the school auditorium. Hfter a series ol run-off elections Harold Hillman was elected President ol the 1938 Seniors. Other officers elected to carry on class duties were Helen Brady, Vice-President, Farrar Storm, Secretary, Dorothy Rodgers, Treasurer, Vernon lllilson, Class Lawyer, Lester Richards, Sergeant-ab Hrms, and Jaclz Cary, Class Poet. Lee Dell Barlzer, James Gusman, Vivian Pennington, Camille Brown, Lucretia LaGarde, Vernon U.lilson, and Freddie Shepler acted as repre- sentatives of the various registration groups and formed a High 4 Senior Council, which, aided by the senior officers and the sponsor, mr. Loescher, met on call to decide upon matters of interest and importance to the senior class. ln addition to selecting rings and invitations, this group assisted in preparations for the Spring Festival, Hpril 20, and planned a series of social affairs lor Senior llleelz. "Tonight we launch, where shall we anchor?" wr SGUIQPS OF dw-W 19 3 8 LU. C. "DUB" FiDHmS-Hustin Fire Dept., Captain, '37, Bouncer Booster, '37, '38, H4', Pres., '37, '38, most Popular Boy. BLHFTCHE "mICHlE" HLLBRITTOFT-Scottish Brigade, Sergeant, '37, '38, Student Council, Secy., '37, '38, mustang mounties, Sub-Deb, Pres., '38, Boosters, '37, '38, H44, Vice-Pres., '38. VERH "SLlm" HLLED-mustang mounties, '37, '38, Sub-Deb, '37, '38, Philanthropist Jr., '38, Boosters, '37, '38. JOE "JOEY" HHTHOHY-H4A', Pres., Co-Chairman of "Bronco lJJhirl", Cosmopolitan Civics Club, '37, Philanthropist Jr., '38, Boosters, L. B. "SLlm" HTTTHOTTY-Hall monitor, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, Summer School Graduate. Summer School Graduate. i M. x 37 38 x I ll' , i 1 BILLY HRFTEY-Civics Club, Honor Cadet, '37, Boosters, '37, '38, 3' N 44 Bow JHCH "TURN" HTTBH-Choral Club, music Club, Treas., History Club, Pres., R. B. S. V., Summer School Graduate. BOBBY "SHOlU-BOFiT" HYRES-Football Letterman, '37, "H" Hssociation, Philanthropist Jr., '38, Boosters, '37, '38. fT1FiRTHFi ' HFiPPY" BHHEB-Gavel Club, Reporter, Greenhill's Sixth Period Civics Club, Boosters, '37, '38. mHRY mFtRGHBET "BHBE" BHLTHROP-Scottish Brigade, '37, '38, Co. B Sergeant, national Honor Society, '37, '38, Sub-Deb, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. LFIVERTTE "LUHE" BHRBER-Hall monitors, Captain, Library Club, Social Civics Club, Reporter, Dramatics Club, Boosters, '37, '38, Stage manager. LEE DELL "BRBY" BFTBHER--English Club, Pres., H41, Vice-Pres., Scottish Brigade, Capt., Drum major, '37, '38, Yell Leader, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, national Honor Society, '38, 318'ers Civics Club, Vice-Pres., Senior Council member. LOVELLE "VEL" BHRBOFT-Cosmopolitan Civics Club, Treas., '37, Philanthropisr Jr., '38, Commercial Law Club, Vice-Pres., Sub-Deb, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, Summer School Graduate. LEE "LITTLE BlT" BELL-Quill and Scroll, Secy.-Treas., '37, Bar-B- O-Suzie-CD-Fanchers, Pres., national Honor Society, mustang mounties, Pr-zs., '37, Lambda Sigma Hlpha, Pres., '38, Philanthropist Jr., Treas., '38, Bound-Up Editor, '38, Colonial Dames Essay winner, '37, H.H.S.P.H., Pres., '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, Sub-Deb. HTTTTH BETH "BETHlE" BETTZ-Gavel Civics Club, Social Civics Club, Boosters, '37, '38. JHmES"JIfT7I'T1IE" BEDZ-Letterman, '37, "H" Flssociation, '37, '38, LUahoo's llJl1oppers, Pres., Philanthropists, Sergeant-at-Firms, '37, Booster Club, Charter member, Gentleman-in-llJaiting, Spring Festival. HOLUFTRD ' COLUHRDU BERRY-Boosters, '37, '38. J. B. "SUlTCFiSE" BEST-Civics Club, Fire Chief, H45, Program Chairman, Honor Cadet Flward, Boosters, '37, '38. annie mms "BUDDY" BILHO-student Librarian, '31, Cosmopoli- tan Civics CILb, '37, Philanthropist Jr., '38, Student Council, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. HLLED "BLFiCHIE" BLHCH BILLY "l'llGGEB" BLFTCH-Philanthropists, '37, Boosters, Charter member, '37. '38, Football Squad, Summer School Graduate. A FLORENCE "FLOSSlE" BLFTCHUJELL-Hustin Hrchers, Vice-Pres., '37, '38. DOROTHY "DOT" BOLTON-Fl.E.F. History Club, Spif-fy Civics Club, '37, Greenhill's Sixth Period Civics Club, '38, Boosters. DBUCILLH "DRUCIE" BCUCHILLOTT-T.V.H., Before and Fiiter Civics Club, '38. , S FRFIDH "GEORGE" BOllJDEl'l-Social Civics Club. BUCH "GOOl'l" BOYUTOH-Student Council, '37, '38, Cosmopoli- tan Civics Club, '37, Boosters, '37, '38. BILLY "ODE PUNCH" BRHDLEY HELEN "SI'1OOHY" BBHDY-Round-Up, '37, Topper Saddle Club, '37, '38, Corral Snapshot Editor, Hdvertising Staff, '38, llJahoo's UJhoppers, Vice-Pres., '38, Philanthropists Club, Pres., '37, Chief Girl Yell Leader, '37, '38, Chief Booster, '37, '38, Senior Class Vice- Pres., Charter member City lJ.Jide Student Leaders Federation, Vice- Pres., Dramatics Club, '38. JOSIE "JO" BRHDY-Pan-Flmerican Club, 318'ers, '37, Scottish Brigade, national Honor Society, interscholastic Essay UJinner. GLEn "BRECl'f" BRECHEDRIDGE-Dramatics Club, Business mana- ger, Glee Club, Sixth Period Civics Club, Vice-Pres. fTlORRIS "CRIP" BREUJER-Basketball, '38. P. m. "Sl-lORTY" BRIER, JR.-Honor Cadet medal, R.O.T.C., Lieu- tenant, L.S.P. History Club, 318'ers Civics Club, '37. HVIS "ROOHIE" BROOHS-Before and Fifter Civics, '38, Cosmopoli- tan Civics Club, '37, T.V.H. Club, Secy. ,j,ralw-S?-H-'V""""" CFlmlLLE "COTER" BROl.JJl'l-national Honor Society, '37, '38, Sub-Deb, '37, '38, Before and Fifter Civics Club, Secy., '38, Senior Representative, Boosters, '37, '38. LEOLFW mf3E "BLOl'lDlE" BRUl'lSOl'l-Scottish Brigade, '37, '38, Sub-Deb Club, '37, '38, Ruthie's Rowdy Fifth, Program Chairman, Boosters, '37, '38, Summer School Graduate. THELmH "BUTCH" BUCHHHHH-Gavel Civics Club, Treas., '37, Philanthropist Jr., '38, Topper Saddle Club, Reporter, '37, '38, Booster, Summer School Graduate. EDUJHRD "TRIGGER" BURYTDRETT-318'ers Civics Club, '37. mHRlHn "BIT" BURT mHRY HGIWES "HGGlE" CHLLOUJHY-mid-term fgraduate. JOY "CHERRY" CHmPBELL--Orchestra, Secy.-Treas., '37, Philan- thropists, '37, Program Chairman, Sub-Deb, Booster Club. JOE "SLUGGER" CHnl'lOn-mid-term graduate. Jlm "BUTCH" CRRROLL--R.O.T.C., Captain, Dramatics Club, '37, mid-term Graduate. JHCH "BUTCH" CHRY-Boosters, '37, '38, Senior Class Poet. JHmES B. "HFlZOO" CFISEY-R.O.T.C., Captain, Boosters, '37, '38. REBECCH "SF'llLOR" CFlTCHlf'lGS-music ll Club, Secy., '37, music lll Club, Reporter, '38, Commercial Law Club. GEORGETTE "STOOGE" CHTER-Choral Club, '37, English Club, '38, B.F.C., Pres., '38, Scottish Brigade, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. ROBERT "HOTS" CHVHHFIUGH EFFORD "EVlLOFF" CHFlPI'T'lHl'1 EHRL "GO-GETTUm" CHHSE-L.S.P. Club, '37, Cosmopolitan Civics Club, R.O.T.C., Boosters, '37, '38. VlRGll'llH JO "JO" CHRlSTlFll'l-Pan-Flmerican Club, '37, Four Star Club, Reporter, '38, Girls' Gym Captains, Pres., '37, Boosters, '37, '38, Ruthie's Rowdy Fifth Club. JRITTES "JHCH RFlBBlT" CHUDLEIGH-national Honor Society, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. HOUJELL "mR. GFtBLE" CLHRH-Dramatics Club, '38, Summer School Graduate. JHl'1E "RED" CLICH-D.O.C., Social Chairman, Spilfy Civics Club, Social Chairman, '38, Philanthropists, '37, English Club, Social Chair- man, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, Taclaett's Taclzy 13, Treas., '38, Silly Sons of Salesmen, Secy., '38, Bar-B-O and Suzie-O. ELORH "EDlE" CLll'lE-Registration Club, Secy., '37, Press Club, '37, '38, Round-Up, Club Editor '37, '38, Scottish Brigade, Reserve, '37, '38. HFIZEL "BLOl'lDY" COHRHIW-Choral Club, '37, '38. HHRRY "TOl'1Y lTlFlRTll'l" COLLINS-mid-term graduate. CRRRIE "COl'll'llE" COl"ll'l--English Club, Boosters, '37, '38,Student Council. Q42 f'J GLEN "BUDDY" CORDUJELL-318'ers Civics Club, '37, Boosters, '31, '38. DELUEY "CURl.Y" COX-mid-term graduate, Boosters, '37, '38, Sweater Flward for Drawing School Emblem. mFlRY JFlflE "Sl'lFlPPEFl" CRHIG-Dramatics Club, Treas., Social Civics Club, Vice-Pres., Tacl:ett's Taclly 13, Secy., Boosters, '37, '38. REl"lFl BELLE "SUGFl" CROll.ll'lOVER-Boosters, Charter member. LEO "BlTSlE" CRUTTTP-mid-term Graduate. UJFILLHCE "PHT" CURRlE-City Typewriting Contest, '37, '38, Commercial Law Club, '37, '38. mFiUVELYl"lE "fTlHUVlE" CURRlE--Cosmopolitan Civics Club, '37, Philanthropist Jr., '38, Sub-Deb, Social Chairman, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. ITIHRGHRET "DHRBY" DERBY-Student Council, Choral Club, Secy. and Treas., '37, Topper Saddle Club, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. CHESTER "SQUHTLO" DERR-Before and Fllter Civics Club, '38, Cosmopolitan Civics Club, '37, English Club, '38, Daugherty's Occu- pations Club, '38. VERGIE ITTFIE "Sl.UEETS" DOSSER-mid-term Graduate. JEFll'l "STll'lHY" DOUJELL-fTl.L.D. History Club, '37, Flustin Flrchers, '37, '38, Summer School Graduate. DHLTOTT C. "DUKE" DUCLOS-Civics Club, '37, '38, Commercial Law Club, Boosters, '37, '38. BETTY JHYTTE "BET" DUHE-Debating Club, Secy., '37, '38, Latin Club, Vice-Pres., Girls' Baslzetball and Volley-Ball Team, '37, '38. ROBERT "BOB" EDDY-Dramatics Club, Treas. ITIHURICE "SUNNY" EDLUHRDS-national Honor Society, '37, '38, Boosters, '37. . , I , fnl otA,vv"Vff" I 6 LLVQ it BERDICE "SHORTY" EVHNS-Spilfy Civics Club, Reporter, '37, Philanthropist Jr., Social Chairman, '38, Scottish Brigade, Capt., '37, '38, Topper Saddle Club, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, music Club, Vice-Pres. OTHO "O, T." EVFINS-Band, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, Summer School Graduate. .IESSIE "PHUL" FNRRIS-T.V.Fl., Vice-Pres., '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, Scottish Brigade. ROY "SUNSHINE" FNSLUN BUNN BEE "BEE" FERGUSON-Ruthie's Rowdy Filth Civics Club, Social Chairman, '37, Commercial Club, Vice-Pres., music Club, Secy., '37, m. T. "JOCl'l" FERGUSON-Round-Up Staff, '37, '38, Gavel Civics Club, '37, '38, Hi-Y-Club, '37, '38, Sociologists Club, '38, Boosters '37, '38, Corral Staff, Summer School Graduate. LOUIS "Sl.UEETlE PlE" FEUERSCHUTZ-Press Club, Before and Filter Civics Club, Sergeant-at-Nrms, '38. BERTHH ITIHE "TllJlNHLE TOES" FINH-Sub-Deb, Secy., '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. ITIFIRJORIE "fTlNRGE" FISHER-Social Civics Club, Secy., National Honor Society, Pres., '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, Sub-Deb. THELITIFI LOU "FRlTZ" FOSTER-Civics Club, Spanish Club, National Honor Society, '38, Nustin Hrchers. ITIHRJORIE "FOXlE" FOX-Sub-Deb Club, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. JUNE "CUPIE" FREDERICH-mid-term Graduate. l1JFiLTER "HOTSY TOTS" GEBSER-Stamp Club, Vice-Pres., Social Civics Club, Parliamentarian, '38, R.O.T.C., Lieutenant, '37, '38, National Honor Society, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, Corral Staff. HELEN ELHINE "LNlN" GOFF-Social Civics Club, Hostess, '38, Scottish Brigade, Sergeant of Brigade Flag, '37, '38. BILL "l.UlNDY l,UlLLIE" GONZFILES-Dramatics Club, Sergeant-at- Nrms, Gavel Civics Club,SocioIogists Civics Club, '38, Boosters,'37,'38. CHHRLES B. "BUBBH" GREEN-Gavel Civics Club, Sociologists Civics Club, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, Corral Staff. JNITIES "SUCH SLEEVE" GUSITINN-R.O.T.C., Cadet Captain Com- mander, '37, Cadet major, '38, Student Council, Pres., '37, '38, Com- mercial Law Club, Pres., '37, Fire Department, Floor Battalion Chief, Spiffy Civics Club, '37, Social Civics Club, Pres., '38, Senior Council member, Boosters, '37, '38, National Honor Society, '38. JOE "PEE UJEE" HFIRHRIDER-Hoclzey Team, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, Summer School Graduate. BEVERLY "BOOTS" HHRRINGTON-Commercial Club, Geometry Club, m.L.D. Club, Summer School Graduate. FERRIS "HFlRRY" HFIRRIS-R.O.T.C. JNCOUELYN "JNCI-IIE" HFIRT-Student Council, 318'ers Civics Club, Philanthropist Jr., '38, Boosters, '37, '38, Spring Festival Oueen. DORIS "TOOTS" HNRVEY-Sub-deb, '38, Student Council, '37, '38, Stooge Club, '38, Ruthie's Rowdy Filth, Secy., '38, Daugherty's Occupations Club, '38, Sims' music Club, '38, Boosters, '38. FRY I'TlFlRlE "TOPPER" HEND-Summer School Graduate. ROSE ITIHRIE "SLUEETlE" HELTON-Spii-fy Civics Club, '37, Ho- gan's English Club, Booster, '37, '38. FRED "BOO" HEl'ISHFllU--Letterman, Co-Captain, '37, Fire De- partment, Hsst. Chief, Civics Club, Treas.,Summer School Graduate. RUBY BELLE "SHIP" HERRITI-Topper Saddle Club, '37, '38. IOTIE "BOOTS" HIGHTOUJER-Philanthropists Club, '37, Corral Staff, Circulation manager, '37, '38, Boosters, Charter member, '37 .L-P HFIROLD "DUTCHmHn" HlLLmHTT-Letterman, '37, Flll City Second Team, Baclafield, '37, "H" Hssociation, '37, '38, Traci: Team, '38, English Class, Pres., '37, Vice-Pres., '38, Civics Class, Vice-Pres., '37, '38, music Class, Pres., Boosters, '37, '38, Senior Class, Pres., '38, Charter member of City LUide Student Leaders, Corral Staff. HELOFT "PHCE" HITTTOTT-Commercial Law Club, Booster Club, Charter member, '37, '38. HLBERT "SEl'TFiTOR" HUGHES-Shot Putter, Football Team, '37, Philanthropists, '37, Fire Department, '37, '38, Booster Club, Charter member, '37, '38. mHRTHFl JO "JO" HULCY-Scottish Brigade, major, '37, '38, national Honor Society, Corral Staff. LILLIHTT "FLO" l'lUmBERT-Philanthropist Civics Club, '37, Cos- mopolitan Civics Club, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, JOHI1 "JOHI'Il'1Y" IYIGLIS mOODY "JUDY" JFICHSOTI-318'ers Civics Club, Pres., '37, Before and Hfter Civics Club, Pres., '38, notional Honor Society, Treas., '37, '38, Hoclzey Letterman, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. CLEO "FRlEDFI" JELSOTT-Forum Latina, m.L.D. CHFTRLES Fl. HLHDIES' mFIl'l" JOHl'lSOl'l-R.O.T.C., Fldj. Capt., Summer School Graduate. HELEN "JOHI'Tl'IY" JOHTTSOTI-national Honor Society, '37, '38, Topper Saddle Club, Corral Staff, Hdv. manager, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. - ' RUSSELL "RUSH" JonnsflL4,fi .,L. ..j,f'7if,6l41 FRHITCES "PETE" JONES-L.S.P. Club, '37, Cosmopolitan Civics Club, '37, Before and Filter Civics Club, '38, Hound-Up, Society Editor, '37, '38, Scottish Brigade, '37,'38, Sub-Deb, '37,'38, Boosters, '31, '38, mFiRCUS "FLHSH" JOl'lES-Debate Club, Vice-Pres., H44, Treas., Public Speahing Class, Pres., Football Squad, lce Hoclaey Letterman, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. DOROTHY "CURLY" JOFTESOTT-Dramatics Club, '37, Philan- thropist Civics Club, '38, Boosters. DIXIE "DIX" HEILCH-Round-Up Staff. EDl,Ull"I "HID" HELLY HFITHERITIE "HlTTY" HELLY-Dramatics Club, T.H.C. Club- Boosters, '37, '38, Bar nothing Club. LUCILLE l'lEl'll'lEDY-Dramatics Club, Social Chairman, '37. X Q' T. C. "TIGER" HIGEFI-Greenhill's Civics Club, Traclz Team, Summer School Graduate. LESTELLE "HITCH" HITCHETI-Flmerican History Club, '37, Civics Club, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. GETTEVH "BED" HFIOX--Before and Hfter Civics Club, Student Council Representative, Boosters, '37, '38, T.V.Fl., Pres. X 9 ... 4 4' . Y it 'Wi g s!Q3"r' THELITTH "PREClOUS" HRRITTP-Civics Club, '37, '38. BILL "TEFlCHER'S PET" HROG-Ouill and Scroll, '37, '38, Round- Up Staff, Editor, '37, national Honor Society, Vice-Pres., '37, '38, Corral Staff, Sports Editor, '37, '38. LUCBETIFT "LU" LHGFTRDE-Hogan's Sixth Period English Class, Vice-Pres., '37, '38, Sub-Deb, Pres., '37, mustang mounties, Vice- Pres., '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, Senior Beauty Runner-up. CHFIRLES "ERl'llE" LFITTE-Boosters, '37, '38, Summer School Graduate. BILLY "SLUG" LFTYCOCH-Booster Club, Charter fTlember,'37,'38. GHIL "CURLY" LEEDIHEB-Summer School Graduate. BILLY "SPlHE" LEHTTTFTTT-Commercial Law Club, Sergeant-ab Firms, Flmerican History Club, Boosters, '37, '38, Civics Club, Sergeant- at-Hrms. GERHLD "JHCH RHBBIT" LEll'lUJEBER-Civics Club, '37, '38, Texas History Club, Football Squad, '37, Boosters, '37, '38. DOROTHY "DOT" LETTTHE-318'ers Civics Club, '37, Philan- thropist Jr., '38, Sub-Deb, Sergeant-at-Hrms, '37, '38, Scottish Bri- gade, Co. Fl, Lieutenant, '37, '38, School Boolzlzeeper. fTlFlRY HHTHERYYT "Lll'lDY" LITTDSLY-Sodalitas Latina, '37, Hndrews' Third Period Civics Club, '37, '38, Dramatics Club, '37, '38, Four Star Club, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, Summer School Graduate. CHHRLES "LlTlSHY" Lll'lTOl'l-Dramatics Club, Fire Department, Yell Leader, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, Summer School Graduate. BERT "PETE" LLOYD-Civics Club, Pres., '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. NEIL "RUl'lT" LLOYD-Hall monitors, Hsst. Capt., Boosters, '37, '38. RFlYlTlOl'lD "ROUGH-HOUSE" LOOTTTIS-lce-Hockey, Letter- man, '37, '38, Spil'fy Civics Club, Pres., '37, Social Civics Club, '38, Bouncer Booster, '37, '38, Summer School Graduate. TTTHRTHH "LOVlE" LOVE-Civics Forum, Philanthropist Civics Club, Scottish Brigade, Top Sergeant Bugler, '37, '38. fTllROl'l "BUfTllTllT" LOVE-Summer School Graduate. VIRGITTIH "Gll'lGER" TTTFTCGREGOR-Stomp Club, Secy., '37, '38. CF'lTHERll'lE "CFlTHY" fTTFlLlTZ-Hustin Hrchers, '37, '38, 318'ers Civics Club, '37, Silly Sons of Salesmen, Hogan's Sixth Period English Club. CHHRLES "CHFlRLlE" lTTFlLLYl'l-Civics Club, '37, '38, Summer School Graduate. THELTTTH "TEm" lTlFil'lGUl'n-Spiffy Civics Club, Secy., '37, Topper Saddle Club, Vice-Pres., '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, mid-term Grad- uate. fTlHl'lSEL "GEZZlL" fTlFll'lLEY-rlational Honor Society, '37,'38, Before and Filter Civics Club ' - R.O.T.C First Lt., '37, '38. q,.4,,...gQ wwlm-3, "BOB" fTlFll'lLY-Commercial Low Club, Pan-Flmerican Union, Philanthropists, '37. JEl'll'llnGS "JUDGE" m Sll'lGLLL-R. T C., Cokm, Liept ant, '37, '38, Honor Society. JOl'll'llE "SHORTlE" TTTHYES-Sixth Period English Club, Secy.- Treas., Sub-Deb, Reporter, '37, '38, Cosmopolitan Civics Club, '37, Philanthropist Jr., '38, Boosters, '37, '38. FRHYIH "PFIl'lCHO" mCBRlDE-R.O.T.C, Second Lieutenant, '38, Tall Tallzers, '37, Hall monitors, Capt., '38. HVIS "TOPS" mCGUYER-Cosmopolitan Civics Club, '37, Philan- thropist Jr., '38, Stamp Club, '38, mustang mounties, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, national Honor Society, '37, '38. FTIHRJORIE "l'TlEDLEl'lHH" fTlEDLEl1HF1-Social Civics Club, mus- tang mounties, Treas., '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. lUlLLFlRD 'DOmll'lO" mEl'lTOl'l-Social Civics Club, Boosters, '37, '38. EVELYl'l "t.VlE" mllTlER-Scottish Brigade, '37, '38, Before and Filter Civics Club, '38, national Honor Society, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, Sub-Deb Club. ROBERT "lT1lTCH" mlTCHELL-R.O.T.C., Sergeant, '37, Hall monitor, '37, ROm9Yl'lE "SOl'll'lY" mOBERG-Summer School Graduate. CLHREHCE "JO-JO" mOBLEY-medal in Cross Country Race. ROBYD "BIiHTH" mOnCRlEF-Sub-Deb, Program Chairman, '37, '38, mustang mounties, '37, '38, Civics Clubs, Sec., '37, '38, national Honor Society, Pres., '37, '38, Scottish Brigade, Lieutenant Drummer, '37, '38, Best Flll-Round Girl. CHHRLES "SHlFTY" mOODY-Football Letterman, '37, "H" Hssociation, Cosmopolitan Civics Club, Pres., '37, Philanthropist Jr., Pres., '38, Fifth Period music Class, Pres., '37, H42, Secy., '37, '38, Boosters, '37 '38, Corral Staff, Summer School Graduate. TOmmlE "ROmEO" mOORE-Hawaiian String Band, Dramatics Club, Pres., '37, '38, Before and Filter Civics Club, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. BILLY "BILL" mORCOm-Social Civics Club, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. HENRY L. "BUD" mORGHn-m.L.D. Club, Vice-Pres., 318'ers Civics Club, Program Chairman, '37, Philanthropist Jr., '38. VIOLH "BFlBE" mUELLER-D.O.C. Club, Vice-Pres., '38, Dra- matics Club, Vice-Pres., Bar-B-CJ-Suzie-Q-Ranchers, Phllanthropist Jr., Hostess, '38, mustang mounties, Parliamentarian, '37, '38, Sub-Deb, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. BERTHH LOUISE "BERTSlE" mURPH-music Club, '37, '38,Ruthie's Rowdy Fifth, '38, Social Civics Club, Social Chairman, '38, Sub-Deb, Treas, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, Summer School Graduate. l,UlLLlHm "3lLL" l'lEVlLLE-L.S.P. Club, '37, Spiffy Civics Club, '37, Boosters '37, '38. DOROTHY "DOT" NELUBILL-Four Star Club, Secy., '37, '38, Student Council, Reporter, '37, '38, Flndrews' Civics Club, '37, '38, Pan-Hmerican Club, '37, Boosters, '37, '38. mFlRY mFlFlGFlRET "SlSSlE" l'llLFll'lD-Latin Club, Latin Essay Hward, Debate Club, national Honor Society, Secy., '37, '38, Scottish Brigade, Sergeant of Bass Drum, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, Summer School Graduate. JOHN PHUL "LFlDY-HlLLER" OLSEU-Public Speaking Club, Civics Clubs, '37, '38, Commercial Law Club, English Club, Boosters, '37, '38, Summer School Graduate. CLFlREl'lCE ' TOmmY" PHRHER-318'ers Civics Club, '37, Philan- thropist Jr., '38, Lawyer Booster, '37, '38. JFlfTlES L. "SPEEDY" PFIRHER-Ftawson's Hawaiian Club, '37, '38. VlVIF1I'l "JHCHlE" PEl'll'llnGTOn-Cosmopolitan Civics Club, '37, Philanthropist Jr., '38, national Honor Society, '37, '38, Senior Coun- cil member, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, Round-Up Staff. JHHE "TlSH" PETERS-Dramatics Club, '37, '38, History Club, Civics Club, '37, '38, English Club, Orchestra, First Band. l'llCH P. "GREEH" PETHHS-English Club, Sergeant-at-Firms, '38, Philanthropist Jr., '38, Boosters, '37, '38. LOIS LEE "ESOUlRE" OUHLTROUGH-English Club, Secy., '37, '38, 318'ers Civics Club, '37, Philanthropist Jr., '38, national Honor Society, '37, '38, Topper Saddle Club, Pres., '37, '38, Hsst. Scribe Booster, '37, '38, Corral Staff, Club Editor, '37, '38, Spring Festival, H4 Princess. ROSEl'T1FlRY"ROSlE"OUIf'll'l-Boosters, '37, '38. CHHRLIE "IRISH" RHO-Civics Club, Pres., History Club, Pres., '38. LESLIE "COOKIE" RHTLIFF-mid-term Graduate, Philanthropists, Reporter, '37, Bar-B-O-Suzy-O Ranchers, Booster Club, Charter member, '37, '38. YVOl'll'lE "BOl'lTllE" RHUB-Round-Up Staff, Fldvertising manager, '37, Corral Staff, Flrt Editor, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, 318'ers Civics Club, First Prize, Feature lUriting Contest, Dramatics Club. FRFITTR "EIGHT BHLL" RHLULS-Hoclzey Letterman, '37, '38, Before and Hlter Civics Club, Librarian, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. JFITTE "JFlnlE, ll'lC." REESE-Boosters, '37, '38, Bar-B-O-Suzy-O Ranchers, Sub-Deb. J. O. "DUSTY" RHODES-Hall monitors. LESTER "PETE" RICHHRDS--Football Letterman, Co-Captain, '37, 318'ers Civics Club, Sergeant-at-Hrms, '37, Before and Hlter Civics Club, '38, Vice-Pres., Fire Capt., '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. DOROTHY "DOTTlE LELU" RICHHRDSOTT-English Club, '37, '38, 318'ers Civics Club, '37, Social Civics Club, '38, Sub-Deb, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. BERl'llCE "BERnlE" ROBB-Pan-Hmerican Club, Secy.-Treas., '37, Student Council, managing Editor, '37, '38, national Honor Society, '37, '38, Commercial Club, Vice-Pres., '37, '38, Spilfy Civics Club, '37, Corral Staff. UJHTTDH "ll.lHl'l" ROBERSOTT-Spiffy Civics Club, Hostess, '37, Philanthropist Jr., '38, Daugherty's Occupation Class, Treas., '38, Topper Saddle Club, '37, '38, Scottish Brigade, Lt. ol Flags, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. mF1RY FRHTTCES "BLOl'lDlE" ROBITTSOTT-Social Civics Club, Treas., '38, Boosters, '37, '38. DOROTHY "BOOTS" RODGERS-Yell Leader, '37, '38, H451 Pres., '37, '38, Philanthropists Club, Secy., '37, music Club, Secy.- Treas., '37, Dramatics Club, '38, Topper Saddle Club, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, Senior Class Treas., '38, Corral Staff. BOBBlE"RHII'10" ROTH-Letterman, '37, Spilfy Civics Club, Pres., '37, Boosters, '37, "Pl" Hssociation, mid-term Graduate. JOHTT UROUGHDECHH ROUGFTGFTHC-Debate Club, Parliamen- taricm, '37, Speech Class, Vice-Pres., '37, Hi-Y, Pres., '38, Before and Hlter Civics Club, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. l'T'lHRGP1RET"TOTSY" RUSSEL DOROTHY LEE "BOBBlE" SHHDERSOD-318'ers Civics Club, Secy., '37, Sub-Deb, '37, '38, mustang mounties, '37, '38, Scottish Brigade, Top Sergeant Drummer, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. ROBERT "GOT-CHR" SCHRDIDO-Boosters, '37, mid-term Grad- uate. ROBERT "DUTCH" SCHULTZ JFlmES "COl.UBOY" SHHRPLEY-Boosters, '37, '38. HORFlCE"SHORTY"SHEHRlf1 FREDDIE "LITTLE SHEP" SHEPLER-Cosmopolitan Club, Secy., '37, Philanthropist Jr., Secy., '38, Dramatics Club, Stevie's First Reeper, '37, '38, Scribe Booster, '37, '38, Euripides, Secy., most Popular Girl, '38,- Senior Representative. lUFII'lDFl "DREFllT1Y"SLOFll"l HEl'lRlETTFl "HENRY" SPlnl'lER-Topper Saddle Club, '37, '38, Sub-Deb, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, Fil'il"llE LHURIE "LHURlE" STHHFORD-Before and Filter Civics Club, '38, Scottish Brigade, Lieutenant Bugler, '37, '38. THELTTTH DEFll'l "DEFll'i" STIERS-Before and Hlter Civics Club, '38, Daugherty's Occupations Club, '38. ELIZHBETH "BlBBY" STOCHTOTT-Commercial Law Club, Program Chairman, '37, '38, 318'ers Civics Club, '37, Sub-Deb, Vice-Pres., '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. fT1HRGFlRET RUTH "mFlRGlE" STONE-Ruthie's Rowdy Filth, '37, Sociologists Civics Club, '38, Scottish Brigade, Sergeant of Baritone Buglers, '37, '38, Corral Staff. FFIRRHR "STORmY" STORm-English Club, Vice-Pres., '37, Pro- gram Chairman, '38, 318'ers Civics Club, '37, Philanthropist Jr., Re- porter, '38, Round-Up Staff, '37, Corral Staff, Editor, '38, Topper Saddle Club, Secy., '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, Senior Class Secy., '38, Representative to the U. of Houston. ROBERT "BOB" TFTYLOR-mid-term Graduate. ELVIRH ESTELLE "ESTFl" THYLOR-Philanthropists, '37, Boosters, '37, '38, BEI'1 "STUFF" THURlTlFln-Football Letterman, '37, "H" Hssocia- tion, Commercial Law Club, '38, Summer School Graduate. ITTFIRTHH ESTELLE "TOl'T'lmY" TUCHER-Hustin Firchers, '37, '38, Gavel Club, Social Chairman, '37, Sociologists Civics Club, Social Chairman, '38, Topper Saddle Club, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, Summer School Graduate. CHHRLEY TURNER-R.O.T.C., '37, '38, Orchestra. R. J. "HP1G"TURl'1ER-fTlid-term graduate. BILLY "TFlll'lT RIGHT" TLUIFORD-Philanthropists, '37, Boosters, '37, '38. LH VERDE "RED" TUJlLLlGEHR-Sub-Deb, '37, '38, Spil'fy Civics Club, '37, Social Civics Club, Hsst. Social Chairman, '38, Boosters, '37, '3a. ROSEFTIHRY TYTTES-Sub-Deb, '37, '38, Philanthropist Jr. H. LU. "HHPPY" VFtLEl'lTll'lE-national Honor Society. LEIGHTOI1 "HPPLE" LUHLHER-Football Letterman, '37, Green- hiIl's Civics Club, Treas., '37, Flsst. Chief Booster, mid-term Graduate. LUILLIHITT "GORILLFi" UJHLHER-Football Letterman '37, Civics Club, H4", Pres., Second Floor Fire Chief, "H" Hssociation, Boosters, '37, '38. ITTFIRY HELEN "DlfTTPLES" lUEDEfT'lEYER-Dramatics Club, Secy., '38, mustang mounties, Secy., '37, '38, Sub-Deb, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. FRED UJlLLlHm "FREDDlE" UJERTH-national Honor Society, '37, '38, R.O.T.C., '37, '38, Debate Club, English Club, '37, '38, 318'ers Civics Club. EVELYFI "CHlCHlE" LUESLEY-Spiffy Civics Club, '37, Sociologists Civics Club, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. EfTlfT1ETT"LlGHTFOOT" llJEST-manager of Flustin Hockey Team, '37, '38, English Club, Pres., '37, Before and Hlter Civics Club, Social Chairman, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. HEmmlE LOU "BHBY" UJHEELER-Choral Club, Program Chair- man, '37, Ruthie's Rowdy Filth, '38, Scottish Brigade, Soprano Bugler Sergeant, '37, '38, THOTTTHS "TOlTTmY" LUHITHHER-Lambda Sigma Hlpha, na- tional Honor Society, Round-Up Staff, R.O.T.C., Capt., '37, '38, D.Fl.R. Citizenship medal, Civics Club, Vice-Pres, JFlmES "JlmmY" UJHITFIELD-Philanthropists, '37, Corral Stall, Business manager, '37, '38, Cash Booster, Charter member, '37, '38. ROY "SlmS" UJHITLEY-H45, Vice-Pres., Football Squad, '37, lce Hockey Team, '37, '38, 318'ers Civics Club, Sergeant-at-Hrms, '37, Boosters, '37, '38. SFlmUEL "SFlmmY" UJIESEDTHHL-Hustin Debate Club, Capt., '37, '38, Student Council, Flsst. Editor, '37, '38, Tall Talkers Club, Parliamentarian, '37, '38, 318'ers Civics Club, Program Chairman, '37, national Honor Society, Parliamentarian, '37, '38. FlUBFt EVELYl'l "LITTLE HUBlE" LUILCOX--Sub-Deb, '37, '38, Spiffy Civics Club, '37, Social Civics Club, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, mid-term Graduate. QDELE "DELL" l1JlLLlS-Spanish Club, '31, '38, Racquet Club, lnterscholastic League Spelling Contest, '38, 318'ers Civics Club, '37, Boosters, '37, '38. CHRlSTll'lE "TlllG" LUILSOD-Sub-Deb, '37, '38, Choral Club, '37, Philanthropists, '37, Volley Ball Letter, '38, Gym Class monitor, '38, Boosters, '37, '38. J. T. "JIfTlfT1IE" UJILSOH VERl'lOl'l "DHGO" llJlLSOl'l-Student Council, '37, '38, Choral Club, Pres., '37, '38, Spiffy Civics Club, Vice-Pres., '37, Philanthro- pist Jr., '38, Boosters, '37, '38, Senior Class Lawyer. FRHIWH "TEEl'lY" YOUNG-lce Hockey Letterman, '38, Student Council, Sports Editor, '37, '38, Boosters, '37, '38, Spring Festival, H4 Prince. COl'TlfTlITTEES FOR SENIOR HCTIVITIES Rll'lGS HDD ll'lVITFlTlOl'lS Senior Class Officers Senior Council members mOTTO Jimmy l.Uhitfield, Chairman Jennings massingill, morris Brewer, marjorie Fisher, Thelma mangum, nick Petkas. FLOUJERS Jane Click, Chairman martha Tucker, Jackie Hart, mary Helen LUede- meyer, Dorothy Lemke, Vivian Pennington. DHDCE Lee Dell Barker, Chairman mary margaret l'liland, margaret Darby, Emmett l.Uest, Otho Evans, Bernice Evans. BFICCFILHUREHTE SERITWOT1 Hlbert Hughes, Chairman Lois Lee Qualtrough, Roy llJhitley, Buck Boynton, John Rougagnac, Elizabeth Stockton. BHDOUET Lee Bell, Chairman Camille Brown, UJ. C. Fldams, mansel manley, Thelma Buchanan, marcus Jones. COmfTlEi'lCEfTiEf1T Robyn moncrief, Chairman llJanda Roberson, Billy Black, H. llJ. Valentine, Charles Linton, Cesare Galli. CLFISS fTlORI'1lI"lG Helen Johnson, Chairman Bill Hrog, mary Jane Craig, Clarence Parker, Russell Jonas, margaret Stone. CLHSS l'IlGHT Freddie Shepler, Chairman James Gusman, Lucretia LaGarde, martha Baker, Sam lUiesenthal, martha Jo Hulcy. PICHIC Charles moody, Chairman moody Jackson, Jimmy Benz, U.JilIiam llJalker, J. C. Eubanks, Joe Hnthony. ITIISS BEFITRICE LYTLE'S H GH 44 Top row-lTiclz Petlzas, Charles Johnson, Dawid Holzinger, Glen Breclzenridge, Charles Turner, Charles mallynn, David Hoplzins, Lewis Feuerschutz, fTlansel manley, Franlz Bowden. Second row--Joe Ptnthony, Helen Johnson, Bernice Evans, Frances Jones, mauve yne Curry, Ethel Be- leld, Josie Brady, mary Conlin. Third row--miss Lytle, Leola Brunson, Blanche Flllbritton, Vera Flllen, Jackie Hart, Jane Cliclz, martha Balaer, martha Jo Hulcy. Bottom row-Lee Bell, Hazel Cohran,Doris l"larvey,Camille Brown, Helon Hinton, Elaine Golf, Elora Cline, Betty Dulze. not in picture-Lucy Bryant, Lo- velle Barron, Georgette Cater, mar- garet Darby, TTIISS VIHOITTI EHTTIFIITS HIGH 45 Top row-Sam U.Jiesenthal, mar- garet Stone, .l. L. Parluer, Harold Slzains, Lucrelia LaGarde, Robert Schultz, J. B. Best, Howard Berry, Gail Leedilaei, miron Love, Billy Lehman, Elmer Cherry, Second row-martha Love, Lois Schoerlulze, Lestelle Hitchen, mar- jorie medlenlza, Dorothy Rodgers, Thomas lllhitalaer, Ben Thurmond, Roy lJJhitley, Charles Rao, Clara UJellman. Bottom row--Dixie Heilch, llJonda Roberson, Rok-yn moncriel, Frances Robinson, Dorothy Sanderson, Viola mueller, Evelyn l'TTinter, Hatherine Helly, LaVer1e Twilligear, Flnnie Stanford. not in picture-margaret Russell, HdelellJillis,BillieRoarlz,Jaclzlzlttra. OFFICERS HIGH 44 HIGH 45 Joe Hnthony ........ . . . , , ..,. President Dorothy Rodgers .......,...,. .... P resident Blanche Flllbritton. , , .,.. Vice-President Roy UJhitley ...... ,.,. V ice-President Helen Johnson . . ..... Secretary-Treasurer Lucretia LaC5arde . . . ....,... Secretary Roybn moncriel. . . . .,.. Treasurer fTIISS RDELE LUHGGFIITWRITS HIGH 34 Top row-mary Pritchett, Geneva Sanford, Lorene Robinson, Velma Poole, Vernon Ewald, miclaey Rester, maurice Rader, June Riesenberg, Robert Slaid- more, I.UiIma Swain, La Delle Smith, Fllbert Reese, margaret Fuller. middle row-miss U.Iag3aman, Eve- lyn Priest, Peggy Hause, Patricia Schatz, Vaselelze Picramenos, Opal Smith, marian Emerson, Bessie Rao, Frances Sledge. Bottom row--Opie Shepherd, Tommie Schleier, John Fredericlz, Illilliam Ellis, morris Rosenbaum, Hllen Platter. not in picture-Edward Hieton, Ger- ald Huntz, Diclz Richardson, Robert Shafer, Bonnie Slaughter, Charles Sones. fTlISS HELEII SOIlCRFII'IT'S HIGH 36 'lop row-Helen Daugherty, Doris l.aGarde, Dorothy Johnson, Irene Lueclz, miss Soncrant, Pauline Gould, Helen Delhomme, Dorothy Jones, marie Fisch- er. middle row-Helen Beleld, Secy.- Treas., Dorothy Hager, mary Caldwell, Pres., Florence Hightower, Doris Hogan, Olive Evans, Flnnie East, Lelia Baldwin. Bottom row-Bernice Haynie, Bessie Faulkner, Joan Bellz, Fay Herley, melba Bailey, Jeannette Brunson, Ethel Lucas. not in picture--Leslie Bohn, made- Iine Bruderer, Elizabeth Cope, Vice- Pres., Bob Dulze, mary G. Edwards, Jaclz Gray, Billie Hunter, Jacquowlyn Horge, Jules Laird, marie munlin. FI JUNIOR GROUP Top row-marneva mcCoy, Theresa LUeaver, Ralph mcllinney, Ollie Robert- son, Elaine mitchell, Broolzs Volls, Olan Penrod, Barbara Burris, George Golf, Thomas Turnage. middle row--Clyda medlenlza, Ed- wina UJhitaI2er, Jaclz LlJiImeth, Gordon Reese, Phyllis Barlow, Richard Laycoclz, Barbara Clarlz, Frances Smith, margie Letts. Bottom row-Laney Reed, Henry Rougagnac, George Hovey, Hazel Fleal, Gertrude Reese, Oline michael, Gladys Love, Violet mcLennan, Lillie Terry. NIR. ITTICHHEL SPHfTlF'II'lFlTO'S LOLU 31 lop row-Grace Hldridge, Perry mortcn, Ruth Hendall, Edwin Stamm, Evelyn Sheinberg, mary Valentine, mr. Spampinatc. middle row-Dorothy Balthrop, Caro- lyn Tomelz, Carolyn Peevy, marie Jones, mary Helton, Bernice Laughlin, Louise Bevel. Bottom row-norman Speclz, Robert Boyd, David Roolze, Ted Scruggs. not in picture-Herbert Green, 9n- nette Canatella, Edwin needham,Helen Jameson, Carlo Collura, Harold Chud- leigh, Jean Baughman, merian Selle, Elsie l.Uelln'an, Pat UJiley, Harriet Tay- lor, Jesse Davenport. ITIR. J. LU. LUHTSOITS LOlU 36 Top row--Cato myers, Hlbert Htter- hury, Herman Singleton, Franlz Putnam, Bennett Coolz, Earl newman, Otto Hofge. middle row-marie Geary, mary Pringle, Farrny Gerbode, Betty Platzer, Virginia metcall, LaVern Zogg, Bobby Johnson. Bottom ow-mr. llJatson, Helen Robinson, Hnna Schelfer, Hnnie Bow- man, Lois Bisbey, maxine Francis, June miller. not in pi-:ture-Dorothy Cade, James Holder, Raymond Ludwig, Jaclz Ox- ford, Reba Pendarvis, Bill Provenzano, Rhoda walter. H JUNIOR GROUP lop row--Bob marshall, Joe Duhon, Raymond lennison, Renneth Hawlzins, Franla mcflenny, Billy Thomas, norman Johansen. middle row-Jo Flnne Bates, mar- jorie Lemmon, Billie Cooter, Charline Leverett, Gloria Gray, Eldora Faslun. Bottom raw-mary l,Uatson, marie Heinze, Patti Parlzin, Roy l.Uilliams, Joe Holm, George maclaine, Henry Schoer- lulze. ITIISS BERTIE SIITIS' HIGH 21 Top row-Helen Cochran, maurine martin, Helen Barrett, Virginia Clarlz- son, Ruth Coffman, Jean Herrington, mary Flugust, Pres. middle row-Evelyn Taylor, Betty Carroll, Flnne Gillespie, Thelma mas- singill, Irene Ramsey, Frances Bailey, Rosemarie Tuffly, Gertrude Lofstrom, Frances Crabbe. Bottom row-Hlbert l.Uade, Buch Bulbley, Ellie Garrett, Tommy Raub, Joe Bush, Truman Edminster, Tom Ham- mond, Vice-Pres. not in picture-Hatherine Hrmstrong, Thomasine Brown, Robert Connor, Se- born Cowart, Frances noaclz, Lamar norman, Roberta Pyle, Lillian Theophi- les, Sarah murphy. fTIRS. STUHRT ITWHCHHYS HIGH 23 Top row-Charles neyland, Thurman mcmanners, Harold Stockbridge, Eu- gene lJJilliford, Lester Byron, Tom Graham. middle row-Bonnie muclzleroy, Bobby Robertson, Tom Featherston, Donald Rial, Valine Files, Ruth Griffin. Bottom row--Elizabeth Gress, Jewel Creel, Doris Jones, Irma I'IucIu, Doris lJJolff, Virginia Helton, Betty mcCam- bridge, Betty Olson. not in picture-Corinne Simoneaux, Ruth UJiggins, mary Bates, Elizabeth Shown, Virginia Thompson, LU. C. Rob- ertson, Hda Lee morris, Rosemary manly,Edna GidcIen,maxineHuffman. ITIR. HHRLFITI HVIDRELUS' HIGH Q10 Top row-Jay Bissonet, John Hunter, Jacla UJiIIiams, marjorie Patterson, Toledo Parlaer. 2nd row-maxine Taian, Hllene But- Ier, Louise Dodd, norma mcHinney, Betty Harrison, Elsie Huritza. 3rd row-Joyce I-Iolcomb, mary Yerhes,miIdred Balaer, Ruth Heuschele, Jean Daugherty, norine Frenzel. Bottom row-John Stelwagen, Bob Fuller, Jaclz Philley, Bern Collum, Ross mcHlpine, not in picture-LUilliam Bennett, UJade Davidson, Bill de Haas, Russell Evans, Lynn Garner, Bobbie moreland, Betty Oxford, Verner Poffinbarger, VTTRS. VERVIH S. HOGHITS LOLU Q1 Top row--Frances morris, moonyeen Craven, Lcuise Johnston, John Briclzer, Vernon Simons, Jimmie Foster, Secy.- Treas., ma tin mathis, Robert Robinson. Qnd rows-Virginia Batliff, Billie Bob- inson, matiel Hopbins, florma Saunders, Jeanne UJerner, Betty Jacobs, Esther Litherland. 3rd row-Patsy morcom, Dorothy U.Jeihrauch Vice-Pres., Fllice Ross, Johnnie nc yland, Sue lhlicholson. Bottom row-Phyllis F1mrine,Virginia Schudcle, Frances Tremaine, Bernice Lutman, ffary murray, mattie Peterson, Thelma Gregg, mary Ciillson. TlISS GRHCE HORllFtDFlY'S LOLU 29 Top row -Jean Felter, Cfienelle Hines, miss Hornaclay, Dorace rleill. middle row-maxine Geeslin, Doris Flynn, Ettcibelle Roper, Ruby mcHlpin, mildred Follows, Pearl Brittain. Bottom row-Diclz Steinberg, Fllbert Brown, Bil Scruggs, Joe Cagle, Osborn Bennett. not in picture-George Baldwin, Richard Buynes, Eileen Bilsbaclz, Cath- erine Clinton, margie Fitzgerald, mar- shall Galton, Victor Henlzell, Harvey Horne, Jchn Jones, Hal Horff, mary mitchell, Charles Quinn, Lynn Smith, Henry UJciring, Robert UJynne. H SOPHOITIORE GROUP Top row-June Crawford, lnez Lough- ridge, Jessie murphy, Roberta Pyle, Lillian Thzophiles. Qnd row-murl Crenwelge, Frances Diclz, Billie Cross, Bobbie moreland, Frances lhoaclz, Sarah murphy, Ruth new. 3rd rovs--mary Bilbray, Rita Loyd, Ruth Hunter, Barbara Ginn, Betty Evans, marie Lzmlze, Hatherine Flrmstrong, Helen mr:Closl2ey. 4th row-Syble Earl, margaret Car- michael, fnary murray, Loraine Eichen- berg, mcry UJyatt, mary Cross, Bill Ferguson. Bottom row-Raymond metcalf, Glenn Traweeb, Bob Fitch, Harold Baum, Fil Perlwins, Cecil moore, Clinton medberry GB F or weeks pasf, mufed inquiries and confideniial whisperings have buzzed ahouf fhrough class rooms and corridors only fo he losi in a maze of uncerfainfy. Mysiery has consisienily concealed fhe answer fo ihe quesfion: "Who are zqusfizffs Beaufy Winners?" Keen inferesf and open exciiemenf marked fhe series of elecfions hy which fhe sfudenf hody searched for fhe schools "No, Z's" in prominence, popularify, and pulchrifude. Hffer careful official fahulafion, we proudly presenf CUR I-IIT PHRHDE 1 - 'A Af K in LJ '19, r' '-, 1.7 fs "P ,. f 0 , 9 g ml I fn I I I ll f'f' f7?f! v 6Lf7lfl U C'flifl UND BOY BEST FXLL-P-O x- K' .. IVK' ll.,- MA, , ,-1 " kr' if-A-My 3 nf cmifllcf ! BEZT ALL-Hou VID GIRL ff CI f1 1 1 5 'ff . J.-J PULRRBOY WOHPO zffmmf Aff ITIOST POPULHR GIRL U glf C I f ff0l'Il l, X - 6Ll'l'6lfl we TRTNE TO HOU REPRESEU OU BECEP UN EP-SXT Y OF HOUST Jim, W F fl 1940! VNOST BEHU TIF UL SOPHOV77 ORE GIRL gg!! FCZI' jozfia c YUOST BEFXUTWUL JUUXOPX GXBL 231121122 K I 711072 fTlOST B EFIUTIFUL SENIOR GIRL ki SOPHOFOORE yff 7 . .zfffffelia fat-fvwlcfe SENIOR 067171 Mevfnzbe Aygahn an ibn JUNIOR ff M 71 is g ff Zi ,J annie i The favorites oi the initial year of Stephen F. Hustin High School were chosen through student elections, with the exception of the University of Houston Rrepesentative. Candidates for the Best Hll-Round Girl and Best Hil- Round Boy were submitted by faculty members,whose selec- tions were based on leadership, scholarship, character, and sportsmanship. From this group the senior class elected Robyn moncrief and Vincent Caravella. Freddie Shepler and UJ. C. Hdams were elected most Popular Girl and most Popular Boy from a group of stu- dents nominated by the senior class. Fi committee consisting of mrs. Beulah L. Hyres, miss Ethel Littman, miss Helen Byington, and mr. LU S. Dunn selected Farrar Storm to represent Flustin at the University of Houston Reception. Fifter a series of elections by their classes, Toledo Parlzer, Doris LaGarde, and Bonnie Damon were elected Class Beauties of the sophomores, juniors, and seniors, re- spectively. GB "We wanf a foucludowzug we wanf a foucludowzuu were flue cries fluaf, early in flue year, filled flue air from Buff Sfadiumls fluird base fo luome plafe as Hu.sfin's peppy Glueer Eeaders, aided by Freddie and Sfevie, .seruf flze D1'usufang.ssouf .fogallopgflueir wayfo vicforyl i9aced by good sporfsmanshipuand loyal scluool apirif, eager enfluusiasm and keen rivalry, sporf affer sporf fooled fo 'flue field fo "do or die for Elma Wafer." Saclu feam in ifs furn became flue lilasfangs of flue momenf. V Wafclu fluose Masfangq- fluey'll gallop far in flue fufare of Husfinls HTHLETITZSNUS gt 59 Q0 r .9 'O Y Of' 6. f V z 1, , ma X .of , c!'A'R 1 ,- s 5 2 . " 3 1 t 1 5 i l . , ' 1. 4 f Q, J ,... H ,. A .... 5' Standing Cleft to rightj: Diclz Barton, mr. Loescher, Charles Linton, and Cesare Galli. Hneeling Cleft to rightl: Dorothy Rodgers, Lee Dell Barlzer, and Helen Brady The mustang Cheer Leaders formed the first organization of Stephen F. Flustin Senior High School. It came into being in the infant days of the school's history, and its members were elected by popular vote in one of the most exciting of student elections. Until new organizations came into being later to share in his affections, this group was the pro- verbial pride and joy of Principal G. H. Loescher, FREDDIE HDD "STEVIE 1 "Stevie," mustang mascot, was gen- i erously lent to the school by Police Ser- geant U.l. L. Young, an East End neigh- bor. His gay green "uniform" was pur- chased by student contributions under the sponsorship of the Booster Club. Freddie Shepler, popular co-ed, was appointed Stevie's first Heeper. . S Jfgjy 512 if fiil stir LM , , l xhl -k- Er UPCRS RICHHRDS F. HEHSHHUJ o-Captain Co-Captain Opening their first football season after less than two weelzs of practice, the Fiustin Greenies loolaed appropriately named as they dropped a 20-7 decision to the Golden Tors of Ball High. The boys showed flashes of promise, however, 'and were obviously playing under wraps in accordance with early season strategy. The mustangs undoubtedly reached their greatest defensive heights, when, out- weighed and outplayed, they fought the highly favored maroon powerhouse of Reagan to a 6--6 tie. Hal Hillman and Barron Ellis joined hands to spearhead the Hustin offense, with all the players striving valiantly on the defense. Sam Houston's hapless Tigers were on the small end of the fTiustang's largest score, when they were lznoclzed down, trampled, and ground into the dust by a 52-O margin. nearly every Hustin player that handled the ball showed on the offense, and Jalze Hustin VICTORIES HND Ball High 20 Flustin Davis 6 Flustin Conroe 33 Flustin Reagan 6 Flustin Hustin Flustin Hustin Flustin Corpus Christi 33 Lamar O San Jacinto 33 milby O Sam Houston O JOHN C. SCOTT J. P. CORFIELIUS Coaches HBERDFITHY Halt-back STHmm Quarter-bacl: KDQI RICHFIRDS HlLLmHn RICHHRDSOH STOCHBWDGE BOTH Half-baclz Guard End Guard End its ISBELL End HYRES Guard M RHIFORD End REID Guard Eubanlzs and william lllallzer did outstanding worla in bloclzing punts. Hustin piled up its second highest score and inaugu- rated what might, in time, blossom into the city's most heated rivalry, when Hdjerlllillie lsbell came into his own as a pass-snatcher, and won over Lamar 33-0. The mustangs not only got "hot" on several occa- sions, but on two at least, they got "wet," UJhen their running attach was drowned out against the Davis Pan- thers, Hillman loosened up his slingingfarm and pitched them into a 6-6 deadloclz. The wet wind that arrived at Buff Stadium in time for the second half of the Flustin-milby tilt got so violent that the spectators went home, and the subs huddled under the stands, leaving the Ponies to battle the Buffs and the ele- u " austin VUUSWD CHRHVELLH HENSHHUJ BETIZ ELLIS UJHLHER Half-back Quarter-baclz Half-baclz ments for a 7-O win. Fred Henshaw was the man of the hour in this game, and time and again he displayed his ability to punt 35 yards while treading water. Hn otherwise satisfactory season was marred by de- feats ct the hands of the San Jacinto Bears, Corpus Christi Hcademy, nederlands Pups, and the state's semi-finalists, the Conroe lUildcats. These were all hard-fought games, with the decision going to the stronger team. Flfter loolzing baclz over what they had done, and deciding they were happy about the whole season, the boys iamed John Bowers the outstanding player, and Barron Ellis the outstanding baclz. Flnd so the 1937 football season, which gave second place in the city race to the Hustin mustangs, passed into history. Half-back Tackle BOLUERS Center HHRT manager i. "KIN- Q Us HUSTII7 IDUSTQH GSXHB., S OUQD 'i ....r NNXJ, L. LUHLHER Full-back YTIOODY Tackle THURmOnD End EUBHIWHS Tackle Q ICE HOCHEY SPONSOR C. L. RHLUSOH Title contenders for the First half of the season and a fourth place team at its close is the story of Hustin's ice hoclzey team of 1938. Starting with several former Sam Houston lettermen and a large group of inexperi- enced candidates, coach Bill moody developed a well-balanced team, that developed fast to spurt to the top of the league at the start of the season. Fine defensive worlz by Emile Declzer, Franlz Young, and Franlz Rawls paced the puclz chasers to a 2-1 victory over Reagan. marcus Jones and Louis Vallette Found Goalie Declzer looks on as the puck passes behind Fiustin's goal. ICE HOCHEY SOUFID Top Row-Penrod, Young, Loomis, Connor, Harlzrider, Vallette, Synder. Bottom Row-Reese, Jones, Declzer, lUhitley, Rawls, Edminister. not in Picture--Jaclason, lllest. the net for goal to lead the mustangs to a 4-3 win at the expense ol Sam l"louston's defenseless Tigers. The boys reached their heights against milbyls city champions, even though they dropped a hard-fought 4-3 decision. The Hustin defenders turned in some fine worlz, but Helly Dahlgren's brilliant playing gave the Bulls the edge. They lost ground rapidly during the remainder of the season, going clown before Lamar and St. Thomas, and Fighting the San Jacinto Bears to a scoreless cleadlocla. Rawls starts up the ice, with milby's Dahlgren in pursuit. "H" SOUFID Top Row-Barron Ellis, H. lll. lsbell, John Bowers, Harry Hope, merlyn Curry, Per- cy Gatlin Cmanagerj. pie, Vincent Caravella, Charles Har- grove, Harold Stockbridge. "B" SQUHD Top Row-Harry Harvard, Billy Blaclburn, Roy lljilliams, Eugene Ulilliford, Edwin Stomm. Bottom Bow-Bobby Fuller, Joe Reeves, Charles Pitner, Lester Byron, Bobby Gault. Hiter being touted as one ol the strongest quints in the city and featuring a power- ful attaclz centered around Barron Ellis, Charles Hargrove, and H. LU. lsbell, former Sam Houston lettermen, the mustangs completely failed to live up to expectations. Hlthough they lost by only one point to Davis and milby, the Hustin cagers wound up the first half at the season without brealzing into the win column. Hpparently headed for a "win-less" season, the boys rallied unexpectedly to trounce San Jacinto's Golden Bears by a 32-18 count. John Bowers was the outstanding player and high score man for the cellar-bound Pony quint and received all-city honorable mention. Bottom Bow-Sol mintz, morgan Gilles- Top Row-Harry Hope, Russell Jonas, H. lU. Valentine, Vincent Caravella, Herbert Green. Second Row-Harold Stoclzbridge, Billy Lehman, Ell Roy Lytton, Bobby Fuller, morris Brewer. Top Rc-w--Barron Ellis, Jesse Levier, Her- man Simons, Tommy llJallzer, Gerald llJright, Charles Qbernathy, Pete Hou- sialaes. Second Row-Talmage Heitman, T. C. Higei, Lawrence Hocurelz, Bob LUinn, lUilbur Smith, l.Uinston Harris, Charles llJinner. Hustin's first trophy and its First city championship were won by the Volley Ball Team. The team, which was organized by Coach Louis Lemay from the cream of the gym classes, won the Galena Parlz meet, dropping only one match, and thus secured the silver trophy cup. lllith that title under their belts and rated as favorites, the boys swept through the Y tourney to the city crown by downing Beagan, San Jacinto, Galena Parlz, and Sam Houston. handicapped by the laclz of a proper training field, Hustin's Cinder squad placed only two men in the District 19 finals. Coach Jesse UJiIIis opened practice with a large squad of prospects, but the landscaping worh hampered practice considerably. Charles Flbernathy and Barron Ellis were Hustin's lone qualifiers for the district meet. lnterest and enthusiasm marlzed the activities of the girls' physical education department for the past year, with several intramural tour- naments and interscholastic activi- ties high-lighting the year's worh. Volley ball was the First sport studied, and after the fundamen- tals ot the game had been learned, the classes formed teams and played tournaments. The winning team of each class met in the finals, which were played after school, and the champion team of the school was determined. Baslzetball and baseball fol- lowed in turn, and a baseball tourney between classes completed the activities of the department for the year. Swimming classes were held un- der the direction of miss Dorothy machey, and later under mrs. LU. Sceneshom the GMS' Gym S. maxwell, for the girls who pre- ferred swimming to gym. The swimmers worlzed in the pool twice a weelz, and tool: the regular gym worlz two days a weelz. miss Grace l-lornaday teaches the classes that talze no swimming and because the two groups of girls must share the gym, miss l"lornaday's classes spend two days of each weelz in the recreation room. Here, ping-pong and shulifleboard are played, with checleers, dominoes, and other games offered. interscholastic activities of the girls' classes included a swimming meet with Lamar, a tennis and archery meet with Reagan, and representation in the interscholastic League tennis meet. 1 V V-, .,.-, ,-, ,. Nr.. ,M .. ,,,...X,,. 4, .- 11 34' -' f--,r ,i.1.,q-Q, i , rfiw'l1i?l',5 l 21515 K .,f'-,wr r 5 . I .,., L..- 9 fr The First sport to be given consideration by the girls' gym classes during the past year was volley ball. The main points and rules ol the game were first mastered, and then teams were Formed in each of the classes. The girls then competed in a tourna- ment, under the direction of miss Grace Hornaday, and the champion team of each period was deter- mined. The champs then met in the tourney finals, which were held after school, and the team pictured at the it THE LUIHDIHG VOLLEY BHLL TEHfTl , , , Top: Helen Befeld, Christine wilson. ducted baseball tournament and various interscholastic middle, Jackie ,ones Dorothy Bugle, Bottom: Helen Daugherty, mary Caldwell right emerged the victors. This tournament, in addition to a similarly con- meets, aroused a great deal ol interest among the Helen Loomis, girls and caused them to greet their gym worlz with great enthusiasm. ln a further effort to create enthusiasm and team spirit, gym letters were presented to the team which compiled the most points in the school. These points were awarded mainly on the qualifications of participation in class activities, sportsmanship, and teamworlz. The team shown below received the most points during the fall term and received the awards. THE OUTSTHHDIFIG GYITT TEFNT1 Left to Right: mariorie Sullivan, Lucille Ewald, Juanita Crabbe, marie Geary, Thomcsine Brown, Jane Reese, mary Ellen morrison, Fldele l.Uillis. GB af Husfin Higlu reaclues ifs peale nof wiflu flue fluaf occa- sionally grace our cards ffluouglu we readily admif flueir impor- fancej, buf in flue many organizafions info wluiclu our sfudenf body so fervenfly and enfluusiasfically divided ifself early in flue scluool year. zflglow wiflu pride we view flue faulfless drilling and flue snappy cadence of flue Scoffislu Brigadiers, and flue erecf, manly carriage of flue R. O. T. Gu Sagerly we respond fo fbe worfluwluile scluool acfivifies of fluose spirifed Boosfers, and genuinely admire flue inferesf and abilifies of flue more liferary-minded and flue music- minded. Tluese and all ofluer of flue many clubs and acfivifies de- velop leadersluip and personalify, fosfer splendid ideals, and give social recreafion. "Q-Sfepluen F. Husfin Higlu Scluool--our scluool-lef's malee if flue besf in flue cify," flue words fluaf greef eaclu sfudenf as lue enfers flue building, are fasf coming frue largely flurouglu flue medium of our clubs and acfivifies, for fluey form flue mosf cluerislued, flue real QUSTIH Llfyog AW' xx Q9 63 O 3 O FSTAIBLES , ii ,M W 0 1 I iz! 5-ff THE STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is composed of a representative from each registration section of the school. its purpose is to serve as a central registration section which will enable the principal and the student body to worlz together in a truly democratic fashion. The council seelzs to assist the principal in his effort to :maize Hustin School a place where students may get a sound education, together with a well-rounded social life. One of the biggest jobs of the Student Council has been that of publishing the Direc- tory and Handboolz which contains useful information concerning the school's per- sonnel and activities. JFUTTES GUSmHN ..... OPNL SfT1lTH ......, TF1TFt GEORGE ..... FiNNFt BORN ....... CLNYTON HDHTNS HHTHERINE HLLEN FTIILDRED BFIHER LELIFI BNLDlUIN HNNIE FTTNE BILNO BILLY BOYD BUCH BOYNTON PEFTRL RUTH BRITNIN LESTER BYRON ..... . . . .President . . . .Vice-President . . , . .Secretary . .............. Treasurer CFIRSON CNTTTPBELL UJILLIHITT CHNPTTIHN LUCILLE ElUNLD CLFIIRE GROS DORIS JENN HNRVEY TOITT HHFTTITTOND TNICHEY HOLBERG DONFILD JEPPESEN FRHNH YOUNG ..,....... ..,.,. P orliamentarian DOROTH Y NEUJBILL ..... ..... R ound-Up Reporter FTTRS. F. V. mcDHNlEL ....... .. ...... Sponsor TNRS. ITTHURYNE DHILEY ................. Sponsor NORTTTNN JOHHNSEN BERNICE HOCH THELITTH RRNTTIP CHLVIN LEE HERBERT TTTNFIS ITTNRY E. TNORRISON TOTN fT1OTT TTINRY JFTNE YTTURRFIY TTIILDRED NELSON BERNICE ROBB HHROLD ROBB SYLVIFI SIGFIL DOROTHY THYLOR HHRRIET TNYLOR RHODN LUHLTER EDLUINN UJHITHHER SHIT! lUIESENTHNL Tl-IE SCOTTISH BRIGHD6 FTTHRTHH JO HULCY. ................ major BERHICE EVHDS ......,.,.. Captain Drill Corps LEE DELL BFIRHER, Captain Drum 8: Bugle Corps LUHUDR ROBERSOH ........ Lieutenant, Flags ROBYD mOnCRlEF ...... Lieutenant, Drummer HnnlE L. STFIFIFORD .....,. Lieutenant, Bugler DOT LEmHE .......... Lieutenant, Company H ELLH BURTTDRETT ..... Lieutenant, Company B lUEnOi'IO FRY HERLEY, Lieutenant, Company C The Scottish Brigade of Stephen F. Hustin High School was organized in September, 1937, for the following purposes: to promote interest in school activities, to represent the school at athletic events and civic projects, to promote health, to foster good fellow- ship, scholarship, and sportsmanship. with the aid of a citizens' committee, funds were raised to provide the Corps with instruments. Scottish uniforms were designed and executed by miss Beatrice Lytle, spon- sor. mr. H. Fl. Johnson, Hssistant Principal, assisted in training the girls in snappy military maneuvers. mr. michael Spampinato, music director, gave the drummers and buglers a snappy musical cadence. The citizens of East End, the parents of the girls, the Faculty, and mr. George Loescher gave their wholehearted co-operation. These contributions and the fine spirit ofthe girls ofthe organization were responsible for the highly successful appearance of the group in the Flrmistice Day Parade. Their attention was then devoted to the remaining football games. Fit the Shrine Ball, February 22, they presented an innovation in drill activities with the performance of the Highland Fling. next year bagpipes will be added to the musical unit, malzing possible more varied types of drill activities. The Brigade dance at Hrabia Temple was a most enjoyable affair. The social activi- ties for the year were concluded with a Galveston bay party where the new members for the coming year were properly initiated. new officers were installed may 5. Ht this final review, the Best-Hll-Bound Brigade cup was presented to martha Jo Hulcy. EVFIHS HULCY BRRHER trait? FLFIGS FIT FTRTTTISTICE DHY PHRHDE THE FFTTTTOUS BRIGFTDE STHR THE BRIGHDIERS' ITTTERPRETHTIOTT Ol THE HIGHLHVID FLITTG ROSTER Lois Lillian Hlders, Grace Hldridge, Blanche Hllbritton, Hatherine Hrmstrong, mary Quinn Hugust, melba Bailey, Lorraine Ballard, Dcrothy Balthrop, mary margaret Balthrop, Phyllis Barlow, Jo Hnne Bates, Jean Baughmon, Louise Bevel, mary D. Bilbray, Evelyn Brannon, marguerite Broussard, Leola mae Brunson, Ella Burndrett, Hnnette Canotella, Louise Choate, Lucille Clarlz, Virginia Clarlzson, Helen Ruth Cochran, Rebecca Coola, Billie Cooter, June Crawford, Virginia Crawford, Bonnie Damon, Fay Engel, Olive Evans, Jessie Farris, moxine Francis, marie Fischer, Joyce Gilbert, Flnne Gillespie, Elaine Goff, Ruth Griffin, Dorothy Hager, Betty Harrison, Bernice Haynie, marie Heinze, mary Jane Helton, Virginia Helton, Jean Herrington, llJillie Dee Hill, mary Edythe Horroclgs, Ruth Hunter, Loraine Hruslza, Doris mae Jones, Dorothy Grace Jones, Frances Jones, marie Jones, Fay Herley, Ruth Hendall, Dorothy Hennedy, Bernice Laughlin, Dorothy Lemlze, marie Lemlze, marjorie Lemmon, Charline Leverett, Evelyn Linnenberg, Inez Loclz- DRUfTl CORPS P BUGLERS COITIPHHY "Fl" V-whoa COTTIPHTTY "B" is 'Q 2- -' L 'f.,n1it'5'fjf,, an 2 rr 3'S""'s "er W :gl COfTlPFlf'IY "C" 5 . - . .s g.Q ,K ,. .,,,,,mWmMV L6 f Q Wiilfliitwv, , . ROSTER ridge, millucent Long, Gladys Love, martha Love, Geanell Loyd, Rita Loyd, maurine martin, Joyce mcflellan, Helen Ray mcClr:sbey, Dorothy mae fTTcDonald, Violet mcLennan, llJenonah masterson, Virginia metcalf, June miller, Evelyn mirter, Bernice mitchell, Elaine mitchell, Robyn moncrief, Bobbie morland, Jessie murphy, Sarah Lee murphy, Julia fTlya't, mary margaret rliland, Frances noacla, marjorie Patterson, Virginia Patterson, Carolyn Peevy, Velma Poole, Edna Price, Roberta Pyle, June Rapp, llJanda Roberson, Helen Robinson, Fludrey Rodgers, Dorothy Lee Sander- son, Evelyrr Sheinberg, Elizabeth Shown, Bonnie Slaughter, Frances Sledge, Flnnie Laurie Stanford, margaret Stone, lUilma Swcin, Evelyn Taylor, Lillian Theophiles, Betty Thomas, Ruth Thomas, Virginia Thompson, Carolyn Tomelz, Rose marie Tuff y, mary Louise Valentine, Loraine llJard, Theresa UJeaver, Helen lJJeller, Hemmie Lou l,Uheeler, Edwina l.Uhital:er, Uilda LUhitt, Pat lJJiley, Helen Jean UJyatt. Su. 5, Reseiwe OFFICERS 5 mnrnunca CORPS SEVENTH BHTTFILIOH FIUSTID HIGH SCHOOL 1937-1938 BHTTHLIOTI STHFF Cadet major James Gusman Cadet Capt. Fldj. Thomas UJhital2er Cadet First Lt. walter Gebser Cadet Second Lt. UJilliam House COITIPFIDY Um" Cadet Capt. James Casey 3 Zz nf ,Z 12 Cadet First Lt. Clayton Bristow Cadet Second Lt. Jennings massingill Cadet Second Lt. Joe Jameson COITTPHHY "S" Cadet Capt. Elton Bowlin Cadet First Lt. Peter Brier Cadet Second Lt. Frantz mcBride Cadet Second Lt. Henry morgan CHDET DOH-COFNTWISSIOUED OFFICERS COITIPHHY 'TTT' Cadet Top Sgt. Otto Horge Cadet Staff Sgt. Evin House . Bobby Bell: . U.Jillard Bilsbaclz Cadet Sgt Cadet Sgt Cadet Sgt. Earl Chase . Darrell Hunt Cadet Sgt Cadet Sgt. Hlbert Hudeclz Cadet Sgt. UJilbur Smith Cadet Sgt Cadet Cpl. Cadet Cpl. Cadet Cpl. Cadet Cpl. Cadet Cpl. Cadet Cpl. Cadet Cpl. Cadet Cpl. . George LUarrimer John Bunjes James Camp l.lJilliam Crouch Diclzson llJallace George Hovey Tommy Schleier Billy Sherrill Fred UJerth COmPHl'lY "S" Cadet Top Sgt. Opie Shepherd Cadet Sgt. Elton Stephenson Cadet Sgt. Clarence mobley Cadet Sgt. Billy Hays Cadet Sgt. Hlbert Htterbury U.Jillard Dowling Hllen Platter Cadet Sgt. Cadet Sgt. Cadet Sgt. monroe lJJhitfield Cadet Cpl. Hllen Blacla Cadet Cpl. George Goff Cadet Cpl. Joe Cody Cadet Cpl. Herbert maas Cadet Cpl. norman Speclz Cadet Cpl. Thomas Turnage Cadet Cpl. Sydney Love Cadet Cpl. Thomas Hoolzs Cadet Cpl. J. D. Elledge Company 'TTT' First Platoon Company "mu Second Platoon Company "S" First Platoon Company "S" Second Platoon COfTlPHl'lY "ffl" Clarence Barlow Harold Baum Osborn Bennett Fllbert Brown Joe Bush Donald Butler LU. H. Callaway Si-:lney Clarlz Robert Connor Bennett Cool: Lee Cooper Jacl: Diclzens milton Dobey Louis Duhon Curtis Ellzins Jimmie Foster George George Flllen Getz Theodore Gottlob Thomas Graham milton Halphen Flllan Harrison Victor Henlzill Talmage Heitman Bill Howard Jaclz Hramer Calvin Lee George Ling Tom Loomis Pat marcom E. Von metting Jacl: Parlzer Clarence Pennington Franl: Putman Tommy Raub Harold Robb C. L. Robinson J. B. Reed Burton Sharp rlixon Shrader John Stelwagen L. D. Stewart Bob lUells George LUooda'rd COfTlPHl'lY Jaclz Ballew william Bennett Billie Boyd Jaclz Brodericlz Douglas Collins UJade Davidson Bill DeHaas LUilliam Ellis David Forman Ellie Garrett :msn Dee Hallyfield Herman Hayley Paul Henseley mac Johnson Robert Ling Bill Logan J. L. mcCoy Curtis minshew Calvin fleveu Fllbert Peterson Laney Reed Ralph Sorenson Don Stroud Henneth Spencer fnerriclz Spencer Herbert Tiras lUalton watson James UJilliams Roy l.Uimmer ITIUSTRNG BOOSTERS ITIISS RUTH GREENHILL Sponsor LEIGHTON UJFILHER Hsst. Chief Booster JIITTTTTY LUHITFIELD Cash Booster I DOROTHY RODGERS Round-Up Booster UJ. C. HDHITIS Bouncer Booster HELEN BRFIDY Chief Booster FREDDIE SHEPLER Scribe Booster LOIS LEE OUFILTROUGH Hsst. Scribe Booster CLFTRENCE PFIRHER Lawyer Booster RR YTTTOTID LOOITTIS Bouncer Booster in I Originated in the minds of the members of a Civics II class of miss Ruth Greenhill as a class project, the mustang Boosters Club was organ- ized for the purpose of stimulating school spirit and supporting school activities. l,Uith this civics class as charter members, the Boosters began their activities spiritedly by reserving a special rooters' section for the members at the football games, and outfitting the school mascot, "Stevie," Hs its contribution to school activities, the club presented a Variety Show in the auditorium during an assembly program, sponsored a Post Office at Christmas and on St. Valentine's Day, and sponsored a booth at the Spring Festival. The members also conducted the sale of school sticlzers and megaphones. The Boosters Club demonstrated its service by distributing food and toys to the needy at Christmas and Thanlzsgiving. The girls of the club won a thirty-five dollar prize for selling the most poppies on Hrmistice Day. The highlight of the social activities was the Broncho Ulhirl, given in January to honor the football players of Hustin. Climaxing the year's activities, the Boosters led the drive to finance the construction of a barbecue pit on the school campus. CHHRTER ITTEITIBERS JIITTITIIE BENZ BILLY BLFICH OTHO EVFINS HELEN BRFIDY BERTHH FNHE FINH ITIFIRY FIGNES CHLLOUJHY JUNE FREDERICH JOY CFIITIPBELL IONE HIGHTOLUER JNNE CLICH HELON HINTON RENFI BELLE CROUJNOVER HLBERT HUGHES LILLIFIN HUITIBERT DOROTHY JONESON BILLY LHYCOCH FNFIRTHN LOVE LESLIE RHTLIFF DOROTHY RODC-SERS ROBERT SCHRDINO LUFINDFI SLOHN ELVIRFI TFIYLOR BILLY TIUIFORD LEIGHTON LUFILHER JIITITNY LUHITFIELD CHRISTINE IUILSON UJ. C. Hdams Blanche Hllbritton Hatherine Hllen Joe Flnthony Billy Hrney Jimmy Bailey martha Balmer mary margaret Balthrop Lee Dell Barber Jean Baughman Harold Baum Joan Bella Lee Bell J. B. Best Louise Bevel Filnnie mae Bilao Florence Blaclzwell Gayle Blair Dorothy Bolton Flnna Born Hnna Belle Boudreaux Elton Bowlin Betty Boysen marguerite Broussard madeleine Bruderer Jeanette Brunson Thelma Buchanan Ella Burndrett marion Burt mary Caldwell Leta Calloway Joy Campbell Joe Cannon mary Jane Carnes James Casey Elmer Cherry Virginia Jo Christian Lee Cooper Billie Louise Cooter Glen Cornwell U.Jilliam Crouch Fllex Curry Esther mae D'Flmico Sam D'Hmico Hndrew Davis Hrnold Declzer Helen Delhomme Ernestine Donahoe maurice Edwards J. C. Eubanlzs Bernice Evans Lucille Ewald Vernon Ewald melba Fereday m. T. Ferguson Valine Files marie Fischer marjorie Fisher Geraldine Foster marjorie Fox llJalter Gebser George Goff C. B. Green Thelma Gregg James Gusman Doris Harvey Charles Hargrove mary Jane Helton Ruth Heuschele ROSTER Florence Hightower Harold Hillman Joyce Holcomb James Holder Harry Hope martha Jo Hulcy moody Jaclason Donald Jeppesen Charles Johnson Corinna Lou Johnson Russell Jonas Flubrette Jones Eugene Jones Frances Jones Hatherine Helly Ruth Hendall Hurloclz Hrohn Doris La Garde Lucretia La Garde Charles Lane Billy Lehman Gerald Leinweber Evelyn Linnenberg Charles Linton Bert Lloyd neil Lloyd Raymond Loomis Bernice Lutman Thelma mangum Jonnie mayes Hvis mcGuyer Tlorma Jean mcl-linney Clyda mae medlenlza Harold miller Eyelyn minter Olline michel Dorothy mitchell Elaine mitchell Charles moody Tommy moore Frances morris mary Ellen morrison Phyllis monroe Bonnie muclzleroy Viola mueller Dorothy newbill Sue llicholson Clarence Parlzer Patti Jean Parlain marjorie Patterson Vivian Pennington Fil Perlains Ross Perricone Velma Poole Pauline Preston Rosemary Pridgen mary Evelyn Pritchett Lois Lee Oualtrough Bessie Rao Virginia Ratlitf Franla Rawls Fllbert Reese Gertrude Reese Gordon Reese Jane Reese J. O. Rhodes Lester Richards Dorothy Richardson Geroge Richardson June Riesenberg Billy Roarl: llJanda Roberson U.Jilliam Roberts John Rougagnac Dorothy Lee Sanderson Geneva Sanford Patricia Schwartz James Sharpley Freddie Shepler Ruth Shelters l,Uanda Sloan Frances Smith Opal Smith Betty June Stalberg Flnna Bell Swale Elvira Taylor Juanita Teague Ruby Treadwell marie Triola Glenn Traweelz martha Tuclzer La Verne Twilligear H. UJ. Valentine mary Louise Valentine l.Uilliam llJall'zer mary Jean llJatson mary Helen LUedemey Edwina l.Uhitalaer Thomas UJhitalzer Sam lUiesenthal Jacle UJilliams Franla Young uf' CT STORYT1 Lois Lee Quoltrouglw. ., .. . Bill l'lrog.......... Yvonne Rolub. .. . .. Helen Brody. .. . morion Yole. .. . CGRRFHL LITERFWRY STHFF FcirrorStorm..,.. Editor Gpcll Smitlt. ., .. .. .. .gssistclnt Editor . .. .Hustin Lite Editor .. .. .Sports Editor . .. .Hrt Editor .. .. .Snapshot Editor . .. .Class Editor LUolterGebser......... .........Copy Reader mary Quinn Flugust. Victor Hlos, .. .... .. Evelyn Sheinberg. .. Bernice Robb. .. . . . miss Edis Smitl'1..... , . I Ao! 1 ,x v 1 a .Hssistont Class Editor ., .Hssistcnt Hrt Editor .... ....Typist .. .. .Typist ,. .. .Sponsor James lllhitfield ., .. . .. .Business manager Helen Johnson. .. .. .Hdvertising manager lone Hightower.. . . .. .. .Circulation manager HDVERTISIHG STHFF Tom Hammond Charles moody Dorothy Rodgers Harold Hillman C. B. Green m. T. Ferguson martha Jo Hulcy margaret Stone Stacy Carroll f LUHITFIELD BILL HBOG......... LEE BELL............ EDUJINN LUHITFIHER.. THOITIFIS LUHITFIHER. ELORN CLINE.. .. . ... BOB LUINN ..... FRNNCES JONES. .. FNICHEY RESTER. .. . . YVONNE RNUB. .. .. LEE BELL............ EDLUINN IUHITNHER. . FIVIS fTIcGUYER. .. .. . VIVIHN PENNINGTON. .. .. PERRY FNORTON. .. .. YVONNE RNUB. .. .. ELORH CLINE .... . .. . INFIRGFIRET DHRBY. .. FINNH BETH BENZ. .. . BOB lUINN. .. .. .. .. .. FNICHEY RESTER. .. ... ITIISS FIRDIS PHILLIPS. FNLL TERITI STNFF SPRING TERITI STFIFF Liwg. NUSTIN ROUND . .. .. .. .. .. .Editor .. .managing Editor .. .. .. .news Editor .. .. .Feature Editor .. .. .Club Editor .. .. .. .Sports Editor . .. ,. .Society Editor .. .Business manager Hdvertising manager ............Editor .....managingEditor ... .. .. .NewsEditor Hssistant News Editor .. .. .Literary Editor .. .. .Feature Editor .. ,. .Club Editor .. .. .. .Senior Editor . .. .Exchange Editor .. .. .. .Sports Editor .. .Business manager ..........Sponsor f ' " 1' ' . 'J , if ' l 72r.'.u. it,-re' 'JL-Lil 1' The Stephen F. Fiustin Chapter ol the national Honor Society ol Secondary Schools was installed on november 30, 1937. membership in this group is limited to seniors who have an average of "B" or higher and who are outstanding in leader- ship, character, and service. membership is by invitation only. OFFICERS FTDVISORY COTTTITTITTEE ROBYTT ITTOHCRIEF, President BILI- HROC5, Vice-President TTTHRY TTTFTRCSHRET DILHTTD, Secretary TTTCJODY JFTCHSOTT, Treasurer SHUTUEL UJIESEHTHHL, Parliamentarian ITTISS CHRRLIHE LFILLIER, Sponsor Franla Leslie Fildrich Lee Dell Barher Lee Be I Josie Biady Camille Brown mary margaret Balthrop Virginia Jo Christian James Chudleigh Jach Cobb margaret Dibrell ITTR. G. Fi. LOESCHER fTllSS VERI'1Ofl DILLUORTH TTTISS RUTH GREEFTHILL TTTISS BEHTRICE LYTLE OTHER TTIETTTBERS maurice Edwards marjorie Fisher Thelma Lou Foster l.Ualter Gebser James Gusman Thomas Benton Hoohs martha Jo Hulcy Helen Johnson Lucretia La Garde Genevieve Loomis James Loving mansel manley Jennings massingill Billy fTTcBride Hvis fTTcC5uyer Edith meier Evelyn minter Clarence mobley Dorothy newbill Vivian Pennington Lois Lee Oualtrough Ruby mae Reed Bernice Robb H. LU. Valentine Philip Viola Fred llJerth Thomas UJhitaher SPRING TERITI The Four Star Club ol Stephen F. F'lustin Senior l"ligh School was organized in September, 1937. ln January, 1938, the club was affiliated with the national Hssociation ol Four Star Clubs. The object of the club is to promote discrimination in the selection of photo- play programs. membership is based on scholarship, service, leadership, and character. ln its eFlorts to arouse student interest in worthwhile Forthcoming photoplays, the club sponsored mrs. miller Stewart in a review of the popular novel, GOTIE lJ.llTl'l THE UJll'lD by margaret mitchell. FHLL TERYTT mFlRY HHTHRYFI TTTHTTHELUS, President mHRY LOUISE VF1LEI'1TII'IE, Vice-President DOROTHY l'TEllJBlLL, Secretary mlLLlCEl'lT LONG, Treasurer VIRGIIWIH JO CHRISTIHTT, Reporter Jean Baughman Doris mae Jones Catherine Junlzer Ruth Hendall Louise Bevel Dallie Braclzman Virginia Jo Christian Frances Hail millicent Long mary Hatheryn Lindsly Dorothy l'lewbill DOROTHY HELUBILL, President VIRGITIIFI JO CHRISTIHII, Vice-President mHRlFll'l YHLE, Secretary TTTFIRY LOUISE VHLEl'lTlI'lE, Treasurer JEHTT BFIUGl'lmFll'l, Reporter ITTEITTBERS mary Hathryn matthews mary Louise Valentine Edith meier Bonnie muclzleroy Lucille Vermillion mary Jemes lUyatt marian Yale Harriet Taylor The Pan-Flmerican Club is an organization lor the purpose ol promoting a friendly interest toward our Latin-Hmerican neighbors. lts membership is composed of students studying or interested in Spanish. It is sponsored by miss Hatie Boxle miss Vernon Dilworth, and mr. michael Spampinato. The meetings, diversified by Spanish songs, dances, games, motion pictures, and lectures, are held on alternate Fridays. Two socials are given each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. One ofthe club's major activities is the publication oi a Spanish newspaper, "La Reataf' F H L L T E R m FTTITTH, BORTT, President mHRGHRET LOUISE LOOP, Vice-President BERDICE ROBB, Secretary and Treasurer EVELYTT SHEIDBERG, FRHHCES SmlTH, Reporters VERGIE mFiE DOSSER, Parliamentarian GORDON REESE, Sergeant-at-Firms EL-Fl BURHDRETT, Typist Billy Fldams Grace Flldridge Lorraine Ballard Dorotlry Balthrop Helen Barrett Jean Eaughman Louise Bevel mary 3ilbray Randle Bond Edith Brown Edward Clarac Robert Connor Jean Drenwelge Billie mae Cross LUilliam Crouch Faith Davidson Oscar Dimond Louise Dodd John Duty Betty Hnn Evans Lucille Ewald Jean Felter melba Fereday marie Fischer David Forman Ruth Gaffney George George Tata George Barbra Ginn Henry Hart Hlice Hartman H. C. Hayley Talmage Heitman Tl. LU. Hopper Bill Howard Bobby Johnson Doris mae Jones Lanelle Leach Robert Long Raymond Ludwig Yr S P R l Fl G T E R m OPHL SmlTH, President THELmFl GREGG, Vice-President GETTEVFT SHDFORD, Secretary mFlRGFlRET L. LOOP, Treasurer UJELDOD SHUDDE, Parliamentarian BUCH BULHLEY, Sergeant-at-Hrms LUCILLE CLHRH, Typist Frances malitz Rhoda manes Jean mayr Franlz mcClenny Umphrey mcHinney Clinton medberry Hda Lee morris Perry mortan Sara Lee murphy Dorace Tleill Ruth new Charles Tleyland Leonard Perricone Jach Philley Vaselelze Picramenos Betty Platzer Velma Poole Franlz Putnam Russell Raiford Joe Reaves Laney Reed Henry Rougagnac Tlixon Schrader Bill Scruggs Charles Sones Harold Stoclzbridge Harriet Taylor Betty Thomas Geraldine Thompson Thomas Turnage Virginia LUallzer l,Ualton l.Uatson Theresa l.Ueaver Dorothy lJJeihrauch Jaclz llJilliams James U.Jilliams Jaclz l,Uilmeth George UJoodard mary Jemes l,Uyatt J in A l l The development of good horsemanship is the main aim ol the mustang mounties. To accomplish this purpose, the mounties rode throughout the year on an average ol twice a month, under the leadership ol mrs. E. C. Gates, sponsor. The social activities of the club consisted of two weelz-end parties at the bay home ol mrs. Gates, one in the fall term and one in may. Hs a contribution to school activities, the mustang mounties presented a style show during an auditorium assembly and sponsored two booths at the Spring Festival. LEE BELL, President UTFIRJORIE mEDLEnHf:1, Treasurer LUCRETIR LRGHRDE, Vice-President VIOLH ITWUELLER, Parliamentarian fTlFlRY HELEN LUEDEITWEYER, Secretary mRS. E. C. GHTES, Sponsor BLHHCHE HLLBRITTOD DORIS LHGHRDE HVIS mcGUYER VERFI HLLEU LUCRETIH LHGFIRDE ROBYD ITTOUCRIEF LEE BELL CLYDH FUFIE YTWEDLEDHH VIOLH ITIUELLER BETTY CHRROLL mHRJORlE fTlEDLEnHFl DOROTHY LEE SFWTDERSOU URSULH HEESCHE YTIHRY HELEN LUEDEITIEYER The Topper Saddle Club, under the sponsorship ol miss Ruth Daugherty, was organized in September, 1937. membership is limited to sixteen be- cause of the inability to secure a great- er nurnber of horses at one time. The club is open to all girls of Stephen F. Hustin High School who fulfill the following requirements: permission of family physician, a riding master's cer- tificate stating ability to ride, parents' approval, an average ol "H" in con- duct, and the passing of three one-half credit subjects. OFFICERS LOIS LEE OUHLTROUGHH . M. President THELVTI'-1 m9nGUm. . . . ,. Vice-President FHRRHF STORfT1 . , . . , Secretary HELEN JOHNSON . , . . . Treasurer THELFDH BUCHHDHD. .. . . .. .. Reporter WIHRGFIRET DERBY .. . . ,Chairman of Rides YTIISS RUTH DFIUGHERTY ,........, .... S ponsor OTHER fT1EmBEFtS Helen Brady Ulanda Roberson Bonnie Damon Dorothy Rodgers Bc-rnice Evans mildred Savage Ruby Herren Henrietta Spinner martha Tuclzer The wahoo Lllhoppers was the outgrowth ol miss Chorline Lallier's third period Texas History Class. The club has two projects under way, one ol these is to malze a map showing sites ol historical significance, the other is to dramatize the lile ol Stephen F. Hustin. During the course ol the semester, the club has sponsored two picnics. JlfTTmY BEDZ, President HELEF1 BRHDY, Vice-President LEE DELL BFTRHER, Secretary and Treasurer ITWHRCUS JONES, Parliamentarian LaVerne Barber Billy Blaclz Gayle Blair Franlz Bowden Elton Bowlin Elford Chapman Lorena Craig Dalton Duclos fT1. T. FERGUSON, Reporter CESFTRE GHLLI, Social Chairman GEORGE RICHHRDSOD, Program Chairman FILBERT HUGHES, Sergeant-at-Hrms TTTISS CHHRLIDE LHLLIEFI, Sponsor OTHER fTlEfTlBERS Velma Galny Elaine Gott Helon Hinton David Hoplains Cleo Jelson Billy Laycoclz Thomas Lee Gerald Leinweber Raymond Loomis John Lucas Bertha Louise murph UJilliam Deville James Petheriotes J. O. Rhodes John Rougagnac James Sharpley Harold Smith George l.Uade Christine lJJilson Franlz lJJilson J. T. llJilson Top row-Dorothy Richardson, Dorothy Lee Sanderson, Blanche Hllbritton, Pres., '38, Joy Campbell, Viola mueller, mary Helen lUedemeyer, Vera Flllen, Jonnie mayes, Doris Harvey, miss Lallier, Evelyn minter. middle row-mauvelyne Curry, Vice-Pres., '38, Ftuba Evelyn l.Uilcox, Henrietta Spinner, Lucretia LaGarde, Pres., '37, Bertha mae Finlz, Secy., Leola mae Brunson, Rosemary Tynes, Christine Lllilson, Frances Jones. Bottom row-marjorie Fox, LaVerne Twilligear, Bertha Louise murph, Treas., Dot Lemhe, Elizabeth Stockton, Vice-Pres., '37, Camille Brown, Lovelle Barron, mary margaret Balthrop. The Hustin Sub-Deb Club, sponsored by miss Charline Lallier, is a social club composed ol senior and junior girls. The purpose ol this organization is to improve the cultural life ol the members and to promote wholesome social activities. The Junior Philanthropist Club is the successor of the original Philanthropist Club, which consisted of charter Booster members. This group is made up ol miss Greenhill's third period Civics Class, and their project is to support all activities ol the school, especially the Booster activities. Top row-Bobby Hyres, Charles moody, Pres., Joe Hnthony, Russell Jonas, Clarence Parker, John Inglis, morris Brewer, miron Love, Edward Gutierrez, J. C. Eubanlzs, Hal Hillman, Vice-Pres. 2nd row-U.landa Roberson, mauvelyne Curry, Rosemary Tynes, Lucretia LaGarde, Vernon lllilson, Vera Hllen, Jaclzie Hart, nick Petlzas, Freddie Shepler, Secy., Dot Lemlze, Farrar Storm, Lois Lee Qualtrough, Joe Harlarider. 3rd row-Thelma Buchanan, Lovelle Barron, Vivian Pennington, Jonnie mayes, Hnnie mae Bilao, Viola mueller, Lee Bell, Treas., Ftvis mcC5uyer, Geanell Loyd, mary Conlin, Bernice Evans, miss Greenhill. not in picture-Stacy Carroll, Henry morgan. Top row-marcus Jones, David Holzinger, J. B. Best, Lewis Feuerschutz, Lester Richards, Vice-Pres., H. UJ. Valentine, Gerald Leinweber, Edward Burndrett, Treas., Jennings massingill. middle row-Frances Jones, Emmett UJest, Cesare Galli, Harold Smith, Franlz Rawls, Tommie moore, John Rougagnac, moody Jaclzson, Pres., Bill Rrog, Rirlz l,Uilson, Thomas UJhital2er, Chester Derr, Buch Boynton, mansel manley. Bottom row-Charles Traweelz, Evelyn minter, miss Greenhill, Hvis Broolzs, Drucilla Bouchillon, Geneva Rnox, Thelma Dean Stiers, Camille Brown, Secy., Flnnie Laurie Stanford, Horace Shearin. The Before and Hlter Civics Club consists ol members ol miss Ruth Greenhill's lourth period Civics II class which, because ol the divided lunch period, meets belore and alter lunch on alternate Fridays. The meetings talze the lorm ol an open iorum in which everyday problems are discussed under the leadership ol President moody Jaclzson. 0 Q 0 The members ol miss Greenhill's Fifth period Civics l class organized this club in order to bring about a greater feeling ol true citizenship. Through this club the students have not only come to lznow each other better, but they have also learned to cooperate with each other. Hs a truly democratic club, they have learned to discuss intelligently the prob- lems ol a democratic school. Top row-Charles Hbernathy, Treas., Fllex Curry, Vice-Pres., margaret Stone, Bertha Louise murph, Charles Johnson, llJilliam Davies, l.Ualter Toite, Clifford Green, Julius Reed, Louis Duhon, Roy Faslun. middle row-Jane Peters, Buna Ferguson, Jean Dowell, Flora Lazarus, Thelma Foster, Hemmie llJheeler, Ethel Befeld, Dorothy Joneson, Ben Thurmond, Harold matthews, Elmer Cherry, Philip Tharp, Clayton Bristow. Bottom row-Bonnie Damon, Pres., Leola mae Brunson, Jane Reese, Dixie Hielch, Genevieve Loomis, miss Greenhill, Edith Elsbury, Doris Harvey, Secy., Virginia Jo Christian, Horace Grogan, John Lucas, llJindy LUinn. not in picture-Gay Banlzs, Flnna Belle Boudreaux. OFFICERS Lee Bell, President J. massingill, Parliamentarian morris Brewer, Fire Captain Hal Hillman, Vice-President Fliclz Petlzas, Sergeant-at-Hrms Bobby Hyers, Hssistant Lois Lee Qualtrough, Secretary Farrar Storm, Program Chairman Elizabeth Stochton, Reporter Helen Johnson, Treasurer Jaclzie Hart, Social Chairman mrs. Verna S. Hogan, Sponsor Top row-Glen Cornwell, Charles Lane, Harold Slzains, Bob manly, Jennings massingill, H. UJ. Valentine morris Brewer, Leslie Ratliff, Bobby Hyres, Jaclz Cary, Chester Derr, Hal Hillman. I middle row-niclz Petlzas, Jachie Hart, Rosemary Quinn, martha Baller, Elizabeth Stochton, Helen Johnson, Dot Lemlae, maurice Edwards, Dorothy Gold, mary l.lJedemeyer, mrs. Hogan, Viola mueller, Betty Dulne, mary niland, James Casey, Farrar Storm. Bottom row-Camille Brown, Dorothy Joneson, Jane Cliclz, Lorraine Butler, Virginia Christian, mary Balthrop, Lee Bell, Georgette Cater, marjorie Fox, Jane Reese, Lois Clualtrough. not in picture-Fred UJerth, J. T. lJJilson. 0 Q 0 OFFICERS Lee Dell Barlzer, President Ferris Harris, Reporter Catherine mulitz, Program Ch'n Lucretia LaGarde,Vice-President Clarence Parlzer, Parliamentarian James Gusman, Sergeant-at-Firms Jonnie mayes, Secretary-Treas. LaVerne Twilligear, Social Ch'n mrs. Verna S, Hogan, Sponsor Top row-Billy marcom, Thomas lJJhitalzer, Harold Smith, Clarence Parlzer, Harry Hope, LUalter Heffler, Franl: Bowden, Edward Burndrett, James Gusman, P. m. Brier. middle row-Lee Dell Barlzer, Tommie moore, Lucretia LaGarde, Dorothy Richardson, Jane Peters, Billy mcBride, James Sharpley, neil Lloyd, Cesare Galli, Otho Evans, Ferris Harris, Sol mintz. Bottom row-Horace Shearin, marjorie Sullivan, Josie Brady, Jonnie mayes, Catherine malitz, Carrie Conn, Bernice Evans, LaVerne Twilligear, Hatheryn Helly, Rose Helton. not in picture-Robert Corley. SOCIHL CIVICS CLUB Standing-Frank Bowden, James Gus- man, Pres., Billy marcom, T, C. Riger, Clara L1Jellman,Rlvin Platt, marjorie med- lenka, Raymond Loomis, Luke Barber, Billy Hrney, Jacque Daniels, Billy Lehman. Sitting-DorothyRichardson,Elaine Goff, Frank Pizzitola, mary Robinson, Treas., Ferris l-larris,mary Craig,Vice-Pres.,lUalter Gebser, marjorie Fisher, Secy., Robert Cavanaugh, morgan Gillespie, Bertha murph, Hnna Benz, Howard Berry, Huba UJilcox, Lloyd lJJeinberg, La Verne Twilli- gear, J. O. Rhodes, Ruth Greenhill. THE SOCIOLCGISTS Top Row-John Olsen, Bill Gonzales, Dolores Charlston, J. L, Parker, maurice Edwards, margaret Stone, C. B. Green, martha Jo Hulcy, Treas., mary lUede- meyer, Gail Leediker, Fred Henshaw, Louis Ulrick, Jack Barker, Frank Gatlin, Fl. UJ. Isbell, Vice-Pres., Glen Breckenridge. middle Row-Geraldine Foster, Florence Blackwell, martha Tucker, Jean Dowell, m. T. Ferguson, Bert Lloyd, Pres. Bottom Row-miss Greenhill, Robyn moncriel, Secy., Thelma Rramp, montie Sonnen, Cleo Jelson, Evelyn lJJesley, Ruby Herren, martha Baker, Virginia mac- Gregor, Sam D'Flmico. not in Picture-Dorothy Bolton, Tommie moore, margaret Russell. FIUSTID HRCHERS Frances malitz, Bonnie muckleroy, Geor- gie mae LUilson, martha Tucker, marjorie Taylor, Secy., Geraldine l.lJhitfield, Pres., Catherine malitz, Thelma Lou Foster, Ur- sula Heesche, Jane Carroll, Treas., Florence Blackwell, Vice-Pres., Jean Dowell, Gay Banks, Lura mae LlJright. "H" HSSOCIHTIOH Top Row--Lester Richards, John Bowers, Vice-Pres., Harold Hillman, Secy., J. C. Eubanks, George Richardson, Charles Flber- nathy. middle Row-Harold Stockbridge, Charles moody, Vincent Caravella, James Benz, LUilliam UJalker, Russell Raiford, Robert Fuller. Bottom Row-Barron Ellis, Treas., Edwin Stamm, Harold Rein, Fred Henshaw, Leigh- ton llJalker, Pres., Buddy Hart. not in Picture-Fl. UJ, Isbell, Bobby Hyres, Bobbie Roth, Ben Thurmond, 1 , . issm . ,g3l f3r:bdiir ,b 555,15 , , , A , bill: .. I :In 211,35 vw? Mzw, ws, 7 ' i E FQ gf A K, ff lj ff mfr .' ' " "'-' - 1 Q N 3 --0 Q. -M if .Q w i 1 , f , I I b X V iii T, , l HQ. . mn A I N . - 5.92 - Qffsvg as . if 5 . twig, I E is , i 'if Ji K 4, PL ' 55? Q , 2 1' f as 5 COITTFTTERCIHL CLUB Top Row-Bill Howard, Bernice Haynie, Tommie moore. middle Bow-Edith meier, Pres., Sally Lou Parish, Frances Hayden, Dorothy Jones, miss Soncrant, Bottom Row-Bernice Robb, Vice-Pres., Rosalie Hatz, margaret mcCreary, Bertha Cherry, margaret Dibrell, Secy-Treas. not in Picture-Qnnie Little, lllallace Currie, Evelyn Sheinberg, Bernice Boch. ORCHESTRH Top Row-Joy Campbell, m. C. munlin. Second Row-Frances Tremaine, Betty Coolz, Glen Breckenridge. Third Bow-Dorothy Evans, Betty Plai- zer, Hline Bland, Jean Bassett, Jane Peters, Ellie Garrett. Fourth Row-morris Rosenbaum, Theo- dore Gottlob, Clarence Barlow, Charles Turner, DorothyVollmer, Jo marie munlin, J. LU. marling, Flllan Gleitz, LU. H. Callo- way. not in picture-l.Ualter LUeaver. BFIHD Top Row-Hemmie L. lllheeler, m. C. munlin, Bill Logan, Thelma V. massingill, Vice-Pres. Second Row-mickey Holberg, Otho Cowart, John C. Jones, Bruno Leonard. Third Row-Otho Evans, Jean Bassett, mr. Spampinato. Bottom Row-Bob Dulze, Vernon Simons, Herman Simons, norman Johansen, Hnnie L. Stanford, Glen Breckenridge, llJilliam Ellis, Hlec Graham. not in Picture-Leola mae Brunson. DHUGHERTYS OCCUPFITIODS CLFISS Top Row-l,Uilliam Davis, Roy Faslun, Charles Johnson, Douglas Collins, Bob Udil- meth, Charles winner, LUalter Tofte. middle Row-Jane Cliciz, Virginia Craw- ford, Thelma Dean Stiers, Ellen Soland, Hdele UJillis, Jacquowlyn Horge, Louise Choate, Phillip Tharp. Bottom Row-Fay Herley, Elaine Golf, Flnna Born, Secy., Bonnie Damon, Pres., UJanda Roberson, Treas., Viola mueller, Vice-Pres., Doris Harvey, Frances Sledge. not in Picture-Olan Penrod, John Bowers, Chester Derr, Russell Gunderson, Fil Perlzins, Vernon Reid, Jaclz llJeaver, Clara lJJellman. FIRE DEPFlRTmEl'lT Top Row--Donald Jeppesen, Charles Linton, UJilliam LUall2er, mansel manley, LU. C. Hdam-. Bottom Row-Cesare Galli, James Gus- man, George- Richardson, Fred Henshaw, Chief, Lester Richards, Fisst. Chief, Diclz Barton, l-FiTIl'l CLUB Top Row-mary Helton, George Hovey, Donald Rial, lom mott, Tom Graham, Fran- ces Huhlman Robert Cavanaugh, Tommy Raub, norman Speclz, Catherine Junlzer, mary Valen'ine. middle Row-Edwina lllhittalzer, lmo- gene Ferguson, Flrno moore, Bern Collum, Robert Fuller mrs. Dawson, Jeane UJer- ner, norma Saunders, Virginia Clarlzson, Betty Olson, Bottom Row-Jo Finn Bates, June Sloan, Carolyn Pee-fy, mary llJatson, millicent Long, Fannie Gerbode, Secy.-Treas., Fran- ces Crabbe, 'nary Horriclzs, Ruth Hunter, mary Bilbray, Flnne Gillespie, Bettie Harri- son, Lillie Tcrry, Lamar norman. not in Picture-Bonnie Damon, Pres., Hlvin Platt, Vice-Pres. LHFUBDFI SIGNIH HLPHH Top Row-Thomas l1Jhitalzer, Thomas B. Hoolas, Edwin Stamm, Tom Hammond, Victor Hinlzlrz. Bottom Row-Lee Bell, mary Jane mur- ray, Lee Dell Barlzer, Bonnie Damon, Doro- thy Balthrop, Opal Smith, Carolyn Tomelz. THE DOLPHIN CLUB Frances Hayden, marjorie Taylor, Lu- cille Vermilion, Ursula Heesche, Pres., Jane Carroll, margaret mcCreary, Vice- Pres., June Rlrisenberg, Ola mae Flndrews, Rosemary manly, mrs. maxwell, Valine Files, Flora Lazarus, Secy.-Treas., Betty Carroll. ln l,Uater--Dorothy UJallace, mary mitchell. not in Picture-Sally Lou Parish, Loriece Daniels, Lee Dell Barlzer, Bernice Hoch. gj-'11-I-.,'i4 f77CC' T'CL. . IHTERSCHOLHSTIC LEHGUE Flpproximately seventy students entered the lnterscholastic League contests in compe- tition with other senior high schools ol the City. The one-act play, "The Romancers," won third place in the play contest. Included in the cast were: Tommie moore, Sybil UJhist- ler, Bill mcBride, Charles Traweela, Bobby Robinson, Robert Eddy, l.Uilliam lllalluer, and Dorothy Vollmer. ln the spelling contest, Genevieve Loomis and Dell l.Uillis placed second. Typing con- testants Lucille Clarlz, Rose m. Tuffly, marie Fischer, Flrtis F. Bulloch, and Carolyn Peevy won second place. Josie Brady placed third in the essay- writing contest. Tom Hammond and mary Quinn Flugust, entrants in the Spanish contest, also placed third. Clarence Parlaer tied for second place in declamation. Caro- lyn Peevy and mary Jean l.Uatson placed second in Latin Vl, and Bill Hrog was runner- up lor third place in Latin VIII. ln the Journalism division, the Hustin Round-Up was rated third. Yvonne Raub won First place in feature writing and Ed- wina lllhitalzer placed third in news writing. ln athletics, Barron Ellis placed third in the broad jump and Charles Hbernathy won lourth place in the 'ZQO yard dash. o The top picture to the lelt shows the final scene of "The Romancersf' 0 The second picture is the group ol stu- dents who won first, second, or third place in the lnterscholastic League Contests. 0 The third and fourth pictures show the group ol Flustin students who participated in the contests. .ak . , 4 Y, V. , f Ks H i 1 .Q iw' W , ,L , L i , V, wffvfwwww I i i X I 3 X' ,ji WSE W 9 har A 1. E 5 v Me v X' , 1 - V , . aw pf, 51" A w4U,f.L4f , , ' Sw ki 'E ii In .. .,M,v,m.ww,,u, ,.v,:W.M:,x,...xe,,. In , Uni Awwbwpxgvnmwfbqmvwf ,.. .f.wbA,..-n,..,fwunf-M.:-. ,W W. , P .Qu , ,V Z M ,Q FE' 9 5 H fi . . - . ' if A 11 Q 31 X aa g - - Lam ,pw Q flffv-1,93 Mrs- ,,,+'s 1,, .Q I , ,fa f N Q, Q I 1 V. Y ff E 9 I 2 ' k ,A ff m .. .,,. A, W jh gf Q f 584 ' " 0.4 , , A f f gg. 3 ' Q s -5 - ' 4 -- . 6 f f WW . K A in '1k. 1 MQ, '- , 91 ., i Lf' ,A-Q? ie :Mg A wg " is 2 Nyc' ?'Y . . 'T L K - r.. - 'if' ff' K ' I 1 1 51 5' by 5.15 :il ,., fi lunar .--' -Quin? ' T ri ,, K . k 5 1 v I Y Reg' "3 it in ' x :as-uh-ng., v 3 g if E Q , i 1 1 . 31 5, I Qs: 1 'Q- .,- ici XX is ,I YA e ' ...gioy J . ,f . is, ,Q , M. - ' .M w N v ' 7 ' xii!" ..,,. l -udS"'52e" sn iq' "Po1atoes Fire Cheaper, Tomatoes Hre Cheaper" Ulhi-stle while You Uloriz "ln my Little Red Boob" 'Painting the Clouds with Sunshine" If I Had H Girl Like You' GB From lime immemorial each one in his lurn has gone senlimenlal over, "Do-you-remember-when?' Rh me, lhinlse of lhe grins and ihe groans, lhe sweei sighs and ihe genlle lears ihai may escape in lhose yei clisianl years when we, lhoroughly eclucaleol UQ, have passed from ihese halls lo lake our places along lhe palhway of success? Will you remember when cerlain Huslin girls were so angelic lhai lillle halos persisled in hovering over lheir heaols? Will you remember lhose lovely, pearly gems lhal graced lhe sifnile of Tommie?-+ihe hearls ihal fluilered? Will you remember when? Desi you Qforgei, wilh our lilile camera, we have caughi ihese SUHPSI-IOTS I Hustin's awful "angels" "Take my picture" Scottie tries his new paddle on the Pres dent Censored Campbell fiddling They tried so hard to be alone watson pays a compliment Benz gives "Shep" a toss H cute little trich-huh? Tears-or? Flhl-H pinch penny! to the cameri "Dramatically yours-Tommie" Shining Scotties Belles of Flustin Chums Big foot manly what a bunch! Beautiful posture, Bobby Six day bilze contestant Sub-Debs on an outing "Creep"-you would be a wouldn't you? Cute little ground hog Lover Boy Benz-Caught! naughty bor Darby-a little late to maize the Toppi page "Dear mr. Graybillu Storm 81 Evans getting a little suction Perfect specimen Pepsodent Girls Hustin's pride-or are they? Pop drilling his Brigade Jones lzeeping fit Boosters sure throw good shin-digs Slugs just don't worlz in those parlain meters rree ofa hind re mrs. ustin's belles :als Iter 3 p,m. slip :meone has our queen up cl limb Jmorrow's stars 'nauvien at the sc-ashore rree monheys - Don't study - Don't pass - Don't care Jme ofthe boys 'igade going to tc wn Iimbing to fame rettin' together Dots" ofthe houses of Lemlze 8- Joneson ll aboard n easy way to go crazy Ph! For a BB gun! id stuff! etting their daily dozen ome worh ew clean-up force liss Hstor laiting for their horse to come in - .M-ff A vi' Q-if malzing a good job of it Foul ball Our sponsor Off guard One passenger horse Poor chumps-in love with Latin Swing-ing Some of the l,Um. Tell Clan Our major The Chief gets a boost moncrief demonstrating her ability Oueen of the jungles Cesare with our PHL with the spring comes romance Look-moody-Storm Dudley-Evans Hughes-Darby Bisbey-Pitner Stamm-Tremaine lsbel-Roberson Crane-Blondie Linton-Ladylover O'Leary-Hart Loomis-Tynes Hin't it grand! Shirts H slight mistake-mr. Camera l'lermits Spring Fever Horsey-huh? 9 scene we will never forget Fl sent-i-metal-ist Our team goes Ballerina The ole gals of the mountain Ellis and his muchly photographed tongue H bunch of cut-ups Ulallzer sees that Brady is talzen for a ride-Thanks! OUR RD VER TISERS RRG OUR FRIENDS. PRTROVIIZG THEITI. bgmxlfwggw Liv -Wg-4 Qu . f,:: i Q - , I g- T- :- H ,:,.,:--V gf:-,-::,.,,.,,.g5:5: 21.1:2.r:r:':-21I:'fr1IErSrE:E:5:3:5:j:5:,15:5.5:5115r..r:-:A S , L, I 'S "" if ll f lfel rf -: ' . -- ':' fm:-r,:'A:2:j.5:5::'5-511.5-g,:gj,g:.,g.::,:,--1.55-1.-gr:-:j2:155:355:555f5EfQ1E2fFj'f1E5--215f15.g2E5Q, HOUSTON LUHTCH CO. 911 Franlzlin Hve. UJHTCHES-DIHTTTOTTDS Easy Terms R. J. SLHGLE, Pres. compumsnrs OF H I E T T ' S "Old Plantation" Pit Barbecue Stand 714 Telephone Road Sandwiches 1Oc Home Balzed Pies 10c Friends to 0ur School fl.Ue do not sell beerl owitz Stop for Service where You See N AT RUSK HOUSTOITS L ' GREHTEST V STORE FOR HUMBLE. x TTTETT, . ' Luomm ,, ,R I: J fl- CHILDREN THE HUTTTBLE SIGN In THE GULF BUILDING SELF CORRIGHTTS A B C Jewelers FO O D 903 TTTHITT STREET R 708 Telephone Road mR. ERNEST GOFF, mgr. COITIPLIITIENTS FROITI THE PFITRONS OF STEPHEN F. NUSTIN HIGH SCHOOL E. lU. HFIITTFNOND LENOX PHFTRFNFICY PICHETT'S ITIENT ITTFIRHET RELINBLE RNDIO SHOP GRNYSON SHOPS HEYSTONE DRUG lUFlNGER'S FOOD FNNRHET SUJISS CLENNERS TNR. 84 TTTRS. C. B. GREEN HOUSTON CNRBONFITE CO. TOHIO SERVTCE STFTTION PHlLPOT'S GROCERY LUNYSIDE CLENNERS ITTITCHELL'S fNEN'S SHOP RNINBOLU BEHUTY SHOP BRONDFNOOR FOOD SHOPS 1 I ma X Compliments of DRUM 5: BUGLE RPS HEADQUARTERS URN.TunE Largest and Mor! Complete' Stork in Me Srmlh! PA co' , Dependable Home Furnishers F mous HOLTON Band Instruments and LUDWIG DRUMS 916 CAPITOL AVE. O HOUSTON, TEXAS COfTlPLIfT1EI'lTS OF ELVH COCHRELL STUDIO PHOTOGRHPHERS 716 FIHTIOHHLQSTHFIDHRD BLDG. CFIPITOL 5663 PHOTOGRHPHERS FOR CORRHL FTTHSURY PHIHT FIND RESPECTHBILITY H well-painted house is no guarantee of respectability, but it goes a long way toward establishing a good impression. JFIYTIES BUTE COFHPHHY Caroline and mcHinney Fairfax 9371 For Seventy Years Dependable Service to the People of Houston commmsnrs or "F1LLBRITTOI'lS" Chiclzen and Sandwiches Our Specialty 4120 mchlinney B. 31230 SOUTHERN ENGRNVING CO JEWELERS AND ENGRAVERS V OFFICINL JELUELERS FOR THE SENIOR CLNSSES OF STEPHEN F. NUSTIN HIGH SCHOOL V rAcTonv AND OFFICE: 1116 PRRIRIE RVENUE - - HOUSTON, TEXRS TELEPHONE C. 6176 J. R. JONES, Sales Representot Compliments ol BED U.l0l.FlTlllll'5 cvasxlocxx, EvERYTHlnG . ,-15, ll' ' 4 1 In 1, mms wma gm.. .- E Q l I ounurv nno JB!!! connecrness I gi g. :-w,.Q I , Fon za venns I gg II, ill I -y 1,41 ..,g5"i4' NaJlimx'5 SlUEEf'lEY'S is a good store to buy DIHITTOHDS for their mOUnTlnGS are gorgeous- their DlFlmOl'lDS brilliant and prices right lUe would be happy to show them to you J. J. SUJEETIEY JEIUELRY CO voo mmn sr. comer CAPITOL Emov THE fun nno Exencise OF I C E S H FI T I I'I G POLFIR LUFIVE ICE PHLHCE fTlcGOLUEI'I HT HUTCHIDS Capitol 1048 PIG'I'I IUHISTLE SHIWDIUICH SHOP Three Locations OPEN HLL FIIGHT LUHFIT HFTER HIGH SCHOOL? Let massey introduce you to an office position in beeping with your educational baclzground. we are receiving constantly more calls from employers for high school graduates with business training than we have available to fill the very desirable office positions open to them. O mHSSEY BUSINESS COLLEGE Capitol Flve. at Caroline St. Fairfax 3533 Pemovml Camif and Stationery HOUSTON PRIITI' SERVICE "The Home of Choice Printing" 3711 ITIILHIT1 HFIDLEY 0014 VVbether it be the complete preparation and printing of a single subject, or a superline booklet, or a Soo- page school annual, or a merchandising portrayal catalog, or a complete magazine replete with color printing, this organization does the job better because of constant personal supervision, and because it is willing at all times to lend its experience to the solving of printing problems. C Compleie Facilities for LETTERPRESS AND OFFSET PRINTING CASE MAKING AND BINDING Printers and Binders of FIITIE OUTSTFIVIDIDG SCHOOL Fil'1I'IUHLS GULF COHST LUITIBERITIHYI 0 GULF COHST GFIRDENER THE TEXFIS PHRFIDE BUFFALO AND DLXMICO 0 l'. 0. BOX ZOSI 0 HOUSTON, TEXAS PRINTERS AND BINDERS Ol? 'I'HE193S CORR.-Xl, Congratulations to TTT H U S T T Fl Graduates! . For Your . . . 2,6 SOCIFTL STFTTIOTTERY 4 and FOUTTTFTITT PETTS visit STHTIOHERY Housron oLunED TT and PR'm'nG Co' HOUSTQH mmDED PRHRIE nr Fnnnln Housron GET TTT STEP .... uJ1TH THE TTTHRCI-I OF PROGRESS THE TTTODERTT HOTTTE IS HLL-ELECTRIC ' 0 C id HUUSTUN LIGHTING ' W 337 ' 3: PUWER CUMPANY HTTEDD STTTHLLEY COTTTTTTERCIFIL COLLEGE RECORD SHOP "The 20th Century School of Commerce" 1506 Texas Hve. Phone C. 1965 FOR COTTTPLETE BUSINESS TRHIHITTG HOUSTON Day dnigh CI 9th Floormilam Bld T I C 90 1-'C 90 2 CONGRNTULFITIONS TO THE STEPHEN F. NUSTIN HIGH SCHOOL FNCULTY NND STUDENTS HncITI1anIzsToTI1e FIRST SENIOR CLNSS for tI1e priviIege of designing and manufacturing your Commencement Invitations LINDSEY BLHYNEY, JR. representing STNR ENGRNVINC3 COINPNNY H Houston manufacturer OI CLHSS RINGS INVITFITIONS DIPLOTNNS COm"L'mEmSOF rHos. gzggsonn coHEn's BHRBER 8' - 8. RERUTY sHoP SHHS sHoE STORE m U S leg 1516? U S E Shoes For The Entire Family PIFIITOS-RFIDIOS-ITIUSIC BFlI'ID IFISTRUITIETITS PIPE ORGFIFIS 1317 TELEPHONE wayside 0100 "It Pays To Present CFIPITOL at TRFIVIS 1201 main St. F. 1361 a neat Hppearanc " UJE CHLL FOR RFID DELIVER CLHYIS BOULEVFIRD FI R R O UJ FUFIERFIL HOITIE Bart:-ecued Crabs Cleaners and Dyers "The Home of Sympathetic Service' and 18 Years Dependable Service Stuged Fiounders S. n' Dnmlcol Prop. 6929 Harrisburg Blvd. Housto 4290 I-EELFITTD UI- 0553 6711 Harrisburg LU. 2121 Phones: wayside 41113 DRinR woomeioi-i Compumms PHFIRITIHCY , or "THE FRIEFIDLY DRUG STORE H OF EHST EDD." II'I BOTTLES FRIEIID 4201 mCHinn2Y P. 3324-3325 For HII Photographic Supplies P E R F E C T O EXTERTTIIITHTIDG CO. C O T T R I I' I' S Cleaning and Dye IlIorIzs Texas Piiaia suppiy ca. Tefmife COW' 1. H.fT1cDougaI,Owner ROFICHE5-RF'T5'HnTS 2817-19 Fannin Fairfax 5331 1818 mnin P. 8000 l l Contracts Solicited HOUSTOITS QUHLITY DEPHRTITIEHT STORE FOR mORE THFID HFILF Fi CENTURY 'pi' 1 - 2 . . .nil . , hm, . muh r llospiul LEVY BROS. DRY GOODS CO. Structural Steel Erection Harry H. Hedges Peterson Bros. Paving Contractor 1926 milby Street 1910 Runnels Hvenue Southwest Construction Company Biclaley School 8: Church Furniture Co 3802 Calhoun Street 852 m and m Building 1 i F 2 E x if an..-.5 r A 4 Q., fx illm V: , ,4- E, 75 L, : Us ,,.,,A 1-Y. A 13m ,, A 3 v-L94 , K t ' Hi: , .M J, . ,M , dey . P , L. f J- p 04163 V 'Vi' V AF '- is if f n .., 1 v- ars' -' 2 f Many 3, S- in .gl ,png J ui 1 1? . WW, y ffl- , ,,, f , X 5,-. , ,ww M,-1 .1 N f .L M. ,WWw, uf 2 5, r. fp 1 4 1 ,. 4 :Jw Q11 ,., Q ' . ,, ww' .,, f -11" 1 , 4 ,X-,S ,. -"' K' I , X. . -X- iqf' 1 'f' 5 s , F L I I 'iff l A . S12-1-f . . 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