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'fi , fx J -sv x , .., 21 ,, I J X. f+ Jffs6' ig.: ,.,V'?!:f:' HI . VTX ifi53Q3Yi fQw 1 f x 'H QW? , C94 J iigtfkggwkgilif Qs fc - 5 Kee K X ' X - 4 .. . M ,. . :gl ai - ' E ,.,u.q-c-A -,, N. RX D01 W M 3 ,MAN 4. N , I Q A lv as X' X V Y.. ' i L M Q 4ff4 11 ,e-if .ew f,,Q',, A M a,Y.f 'f fa gf? 11 ' v In ' 1' .U .., .-, 1 . . ' 1 fgg, 2 Aw 3, -- -- - - .7 I Q I! I f 4.1 .1 A , J . lf f- 1 ff V . , , .4 -Q Q ' f . 3 ,f i 4 gil 1 4 g' z W, . ' -Wit -f 4- 525: .. ' "wiv - t .ii 4, 4,., - .I .. x wi' - .. ' fv- - -V , V. M g' 9 Y uv-Vg, . . 5- It A 1 . . , , .1 Q ., 1 .1 X 25. 2 E fi ' - ,-liqnp, f-' A . I, N. gg-I . . ,. A V. ,Y 3: ' "1 . ' ' l , QT al p ' V X K 4 1, .I gp 'I . , I., , rf A fr . A .-, '1 D . f ' 4-,I. ,. A Q K. X l I S-I1 Q! l-,E X .- , F h , f ,, fe' ,. ' ,t ' I 1 ' 1' r I ' C7 , , 1 t ' .--V5 .- I, . I L' .4 . 'fl C ."' Q ly nn a -Q , df 1 , f LX 1 1 - annul? . . 5 - 0 n jf' . l ? I- N .. K V A ' -. -I , ik ' , ,rv .L ,N 1 ,. 1' - 1, . J . A 1, - V N - ., . jf 1.121 ' ,, . "' -v , ..A 51. "1 . i "up 3- , 4, . ,gg - H - f gh ,. V ., X ,- 1.4-lisa P. 4 ' .- V V NP ' '-. - ', V' P : L' -A 'V' ,I x 4, " ' Y-Y ' A 31 1 2 wi, L' ' V' 3 e A 5 -f F 5.5.35 V .-., p m.ll.Ln.1. fi ,sz an fl' ,,, 5' U iii 1 M A , 1 table foreword . . . dedication .... administration . organizations . . sports ..... personalities . . features .... classes ....... advertisements onfenfs foreword 4 r book of The 1957 Breoivco is you memories-brighT and happy memories of an unforgeTTable year. As you Turn The pages for The firsT Time, you find ThaT many of The Things you see here have changed and, having changed, are gone. So will They conTinue To change and vanish Through The years. Cherish These pleasanT memories, Tor They are as They were picTured, caughT as They slipped Through The narrow Thres- hold of The presenT inTo The fading pasT. Resolve To hold These precious mo- menTs by Turning To This book of golden memories and reliving The days of '57 The sTaff to mr. rex kathcart dedication One who iustly deserves This honor- one who possesses The highest and finest qualities for ins i' l pring eadershipg one whose lite has Touched many as he has quietly and whimsically devoted his versatile genius and his Talents To Ste h ' ' p en F. Austin High School. V I ' ' 1 W. R, CARMICHAEL Superintendent administration SCHOOL BOARD R. I. Bernath President O. B. Donaho Vice President Pat Newton Secretary R. V. Armstrong Jack Howell George E. Adams H. P. Dansby Jr. 'LS A Yr! DOLORES NOTO Secretary H. W. COOK Principal ii i? WESLEY SUMMERS Assistant Principal 7 is--f MRS. R. J. BEAMER B.S. Homemaking CARL J. BEST B.M., M.M. Choral Music faculty ROGER BOND B.S., M.Ed. Distribuiive Education CLYDE C. BOUNDS B.S.: M.Ed. Biology MRS. R. E. BURLESON B.S. Shorthand, Typing WINNIE CARTER B.A., M.A. English JAMES C. DOOLEY B.S., M.S. Vocational Agriculture MAE GOODLETT B.A., M.A. English MRS. J. M. GOODMAN B.A., M.A. Chemistry, Physics JAMES GRIFFIN B.A., M.A. Shop, Civics, P.E. MATTYE PEARL HENRY B.A., M.A. Secretarial Training Typing faculty REX KATHCART B.B,A., M.Ed. Art MARY BELL KIDD B.S. Physical Education JOHN LINNEY B.S.5 M.Ed. American History MRS. F. E. MANN JR. B.S. Homemaking MRS. E. L. MCDONALD B.A.g M.A. English, Latin C. B. MCGOWN B.S.g M.Ed. Band MRS. C, B. MCGOWN B.S. Bookkeeping Business Arithmetic HAROLD T. MOODY B.S.g M.A. American History Commercial Law Economics R. L. NOLEN B.S.p M.Ed. Trig., Algebra MARY HYMAN B.A.g M.Ed. English ELBERT R. JOHNSON B.S. Physical Education 5 E Q 1 it Liang STEPHEN PEARCE B.S.g M.Ed. Mechanical Drawing Shop WAYNE RIDEOUT B.S.g M.Ed. Physical Education Health www if ' AH, 'E E Y fi mg- it g faculty MRS. G. W. SCHLESSELMAN B.A. Algebra MRS. BERNICE SCHNERR B.A. English, Journalism MARTHA LOU SMITH B.A,g B.S. Homemaking MRS. RALPH STEEN B.A.g M.A. English MRS. J. R. VARNELL B.A. Speech CLAUD P. VASS B.S., M.A. P.E., Civics Drivers' Training Texas History MRS. A. J. VICK B.A.g M.A. Plane Geometry MRS. MARY VINCENT B.A.g M.A. Spanish MRS. JOANNE WILCOX B.S,g M.S. Biology Chemistry .N ali- ,..-v' V Sw All 4 M! 'Q 9 B f'lW"t Q 3 Ki J english Senior English, as the final English course, has a two-fold purpose-to prepare the students who are not planning to extend their formal education and to prepare those who will continue their studies in college. Miss Mary Hyman and Miss Winnie Carter are the teachers of this course. Sophomore English lays the foundation for both composition and for appreciation of all forms of literature. The teachers are Mrs. Mary Varnell, Mrs. Bernice Schnerr, and Miss Mae Goodlett. Emphasis is on thinking, reading, speaking, listening, and writing in the iunior English classes, with Mrs. Ralph Steen, Miss Winnie Carter, and Mrs. Marie McDonald as teach- ers. speech The speech course not only includes interpre- tation and debating but also fundamentals of voice production, acquiring poise, and pre- paring students for life'situations. Mrs. Mary Varnell is the teacher of this course. With Mr. Nolen as the instructor, trigonometry can be quite interest- in trigonomefry business arithmetic Business Arithmetic, a prerequisite for bookkeep- ing is taught by Mrs. McGown. geomefry l Plane and solid geometry, under the guidance of Mrs. Vick, teaches students how to solve their many propositions. algebra Students gain a foundation for ad vanced mathematics under Mrs Schlesselman and Mr. Bounds. physics Physics, taught by Mrs. Goodman, is an advanced science that deals with matter and energy and their relationship. t biology Biology, the science of living things, gives a student the opportunity to learn about living things and their habits. This course is taught by Mrs. Wilcox and Mr. Bounds. chemistry Chemistry offers students the possible horizons in the study of nature and composition of matter. Mrs. Goodman and Mrs. Wilcox teach chemistry. economics Economics is concerned with teaching students to make a living. lt is a study of our wants and of the problems that arise in connection with our efforts to satisfy those wants through the use of products and services. Mr. Moody is the instructor. l latin Latin, also a two year elective course, is taught by Mrs. Marie McDonald. Emphasis is on the practical function of Latin and the knowledge ot the history and customs ot the Romans, with subsequent added understanding of our own times. choir The SFA A Cappella Choir, under the di- rection ot Mr. Best, represents our school frequently, singing for the many civic or- ganizations and activities and presenting programs at Easter and Christmas. spanish Students in Spanish classes learn to read and speak the language and become familiar with the customs and history of the Spanish speaking countries. Spanish is taught by Mrs. Mary Ellen Vincent and is a two year elective course. band Football games, the State Fair, parades, other out of town trips, and concerts are memorable occa- sions for the Bronco band members. Mr. C. B. McGown is the director of the Bronco band. 'ima-iss: mfg ,, W ' 1. fzmrxfxt 2 homemaking 'To sew a fine seam" requires hours of fitting, stitching, ripping and pressing these homemaking girls discover. physical education Mr. Johnson teaches the boys the rules of nearly every sport. Baseball, football, volley- ball, and basketball complete a year of P.E. Mr. Rideout is also one ofthe P.E. instructors. typing Typing students learn the various personal and business letter forms, manuscript forms, and the proper use of a typewriter. The teachers are Mrs. Nan Burleson and Miss Mattye Pearl Henry. secretarial training ln the secretarial training course, shorthand, English, and typing are taught as necessary tools for transcription. The teacher of this course is Miss Mattye Pearl Henry. bookkeeping Interpreting and analyzing business transactions as well as recording them and preparing financial statements, are included in the activities in the bookkeeping classes. Mrs. Jeane McGown is the teacher. driver's training All students are encouraged to take driver education. Students learn to be courteous and safe drivers, following laws that in- fluence a moving vehicle. Mr. James Griffin T and C. P. Vass help the students get a better understanding of what makes the automo- bile run. .'ww.2.m. :::1..r:r1:1. viva:-.1-F,-'iiw.n.'.-n'w 'niv.+ 1wil11 History, taught by Mr. Moody and Mr. Linney, is a very interesting study of the story of our country. nest: american history texas history Texas history is the study of the background of our state. lt is an elective course, and taught by Mr. Vass. Mr. Vass, along with Mr. Griffin, teaches civics also. commercial law Commercial law teaches students the every- day problems that they will face in later life, whether or not they go to college. This helpful course is taught by Mr. Moody. journalism Journalism students, under the supervision of Mrs. Schnerr, learn the technique of newspaper writing and how to make lay- outs. The main iob of this class is editing and printing the school paper. i 1 1. mailman .atv-mr an mm mwsm. M iff. A .. , A gk The course in Vocational Agriculture is de- signed to give boys Training in technical agriculture. This course is taught by Mr. Dooley. Study hall is the favorite period of every SFA student. This is where he can get the homework that he didn't get the night before. shop Industrial Arts classes offer a pleasant change from the usual routine of academic classes. Students gain experiences in the use of common tools, machines and materials and develop an understanding of the problems involved in the construction and repair of our industrial products. vocational agriculture distributive education larity since it was first offered several years ago. Students interested in selling as a career attend school a half day and work at assigned training stations during the afternoon. Mrs. Roger Bond serves as the Distributive Education Coordinator. study hall Distributive Education has grown in popu- ,l 1" 22 ' 23 ATHLETIC COMMITTEE Sammy Enloe, Glenn Gregg, Judy McPherson LIBRARY COMMITTEE Knot picturedl Phyllis Grizzaffi, Jean Robert JUNIOR ROTARIAN COMMITTEE Micky Ross, Patsy Hopkins CAFETERIA COMMITTEE Cl Lois Meirs, Manha Barren Brazos Varisco President BILL DOSS Vice President d BILLY vANce Stu enf Recording Secretary JEAN ROBERTS ' I C O U I1 C I Corresponding Secrefary MARCIA WILLIAMSON Treasurer GORDON GREGG Sponsor MR. W. K. SUMMERS RELIGIOUS COMMITTEE COURTESY Roy Carpenter, Ronnie Marshall, Carolyn Norman Dale Porter, silk! .. uk y , .. ttnv at ' Nfl .X- ,U ,.fg rg Q , , sv I I ,I ., A S E li QS I Slll I I 5 I I I . , gi ,R i H ' A ' sy S aala an fa 'VIMITTEE BULLETIN BOARD bb, Marcia Ransom Ellen Howell, Janis Boher ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Marcia Williamson Billy Carr Parrish OUTSIDE TRAFFIC INSIDE TRAFFIC Gordon Gregg, Flo Haupt Johnny Niederauer Sammy Dwyer Charles Burley Mickey Ross VlMlTTEE CHARTER COMMITTEE FIRE DRILL COMMITTEE ene Kubin Jackie Connor, Gale Jones R. H. Schlicker, Bobby Hughes - -iw -ik ..,. , 'Q,w l If-+ i ll Kay Webb, president, Norma Dansby, first vice president, Jane Richmond, second vice president, Kathleen Seale, third vice president, Martha Fletcher, fourth vice president, Barbara Zweifel, secretary-treasurer, Martha Jane Hanus, reader, Carol Jane Seiders, publicity chairman, and Mrs. Nanette Burleson, sponsor. The Girls' Forum is an organization in which all girls of Stephen F. Austin hold membership. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity to consider and discuss mutual interests and problems peculiar to girls. "What hast thou that thou didst not receive?" from l Corinthians 4:7 was chosen as the theme for the year. The forum had various school and civic service proiects. girls' forum - if-xi.. K Sammy Dwyer, president, Malcolm Brewer, vice president, Johnny Niederauer, secretary, Dicky Hickerson, treasurer, Gary Woodard, reporter, Mr. R. L. Nolan, sponsor. The primary function of the Boys' Forum is to give the young men of our school interesting and educational programs throughout the school year. The Forum meets monthly cluring the activity period. Another function of the Boys' Forum is to co-sponsor the annual Career Week. This important week takes months of careful planning to be carried out smoothly and efficiently. -1- boys' forum On March 29, twenty-eight Broncos received the highest honor in S.F.A.- membership in the National Honor Society. These Broncos were chosen by the faculty bn the basis of these four qualities: schol- arship, leadership, service, and character. The officers are: president, Jane Richmond, vice president, Clarke Cook, secretary, Mar- tha Hanus, sponsor, Miss Carter. 0 Y , ,1' lf! . 9 4nwi 1 NEW MEMBERS First row: Janice Beale, Peggy Young, Gail Schlessel- man, Helen Odstrcil, Billie Jean Blazek, Janette Tkac, Myrna McQuire, Kay McDonald. Second row: Marcia Williamson, Dale Porter, Barbara Zweifel, Martha Fletcher, Norma Udashen, Wilma Simmons, Jean Robert, Florence Haupt, Connie Cole, Patsy Eldred, Joyce Horn, Gale Jones. Third row: Billy Carr Parrish, Bill Vance, Joe Brooks Thompson, Bill Carmicheal, Sam Fort, Ray- mond Leighman, Jack Stockton, Robert Carleton. national honor society OLD MEMBERS First row: Martha Hanus, Bobbie Jean Jones, Kay Webb, Norma Dansby, Jane Richmond. Second row: Carl Moelhman, Roy Carpenter, Edward Adams, Gordon Gregg, Clarke Cook. OLD MEMBERS Billie Carr Parrish, Puddin Seale, Lee Falco, Ann Adams, Jackie Mooney, Jane Richmond, Vito Cangelosi. Sponsor: Miss Goodletf. fhespians Thespian Initiation NEW MEMBERS First row: Barbara Holleman, Linda Brady, Beatrice Marin, Lynda Lynch, Nancy Cordell, Beatrice Moncivais. Second row: Charles Davidoff, Dicky Hickerson, Richard Moore, Charles Cole, Richard Reiser, Jack Burns, Barney Blackburn, Clarke Cook, Charles Mauldin. 30 Sponsor .,,,,,,-,AAA, l l debate The Debate Society, under the direction of Mrs. Varnell, began this year with a committee for a constitution and by-laws. During the year the Debate Society held several planned debates. Also, there have been impromptu debates from the members. President ,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,, 7 Vice President .,,,, ,,,,. Scribe ...,c7,7,A4,7, W ,,7fAf7ffAfA M Parliamenfarian ,,,,,., -,-, RICHARD REISER JUDY MCPHERSON ANN PAGE LINDA CARRELL MRS, VARNELL Richard Moore, Ann Page, Jackie Lane, Judy McPherson, David Lynch, Linda Rogers, Sandra Clarke, Judy Oliver, Billy Carr Parrish. wil:-'f fsa z:i ' A g 5 S- fi l Q N X Re t' M . , c,cc J il X ri X " K 2 President WALTER DAHLBERG OFFICERS Janice Beal, Vice President, JoAnna White, porter, Kakey Griffin, Secretary-Treasurer. s tennis club 1' ? Front row: Janice Beal, Betty Bolton, Ann Porter, Elaine Nedbalek, Billie Jean Blazek. Second row: Kakey Griffin, Lorita Donaho, Jackie Lane, JoAnna White. Third row: Raymond Leighman, Frank Benavidez, Charles Burley, Sammy Pate, Walter Dahlberg. lt Re- J. Adams, M. Allred, M. Amis, J. Avila, L. Ball, J. Beal, B. Blackburn, B. Blazek, B. Bolton P. Bolton, J. Botter, B. Brown, E. Cargil, R. Carlton, L. Cobb, C. Cole, G. Collier, B. Cook L. Cothran, M. Creed, D. Crim, J. Delaplane, L. Donaho, B. Duron, P. Duron, C. Dyer, P Eldred, B. Ellison, S. Fleckenstein, M. Fletcher, G. Fort, D. Garcia, D. Garza, N. Godwin G. Gregg, S. Gregg, D. Griesser, K. Griffin, L. Grimaldo, K. Hart, F. Haupt, A. Hernandez L. Hernandez, A. Herrera, J. Horn, E. Howell, A. Hugghins, J. Hurley, E. llschner, J. Jones J. Jones, M. Kerley, J. Kurbin, R. Leighman, E. Lewis, J. Lindley, J. Lopez, L. Lynch, M Mallard, J. Martin, B. Mathis, J. Mathis, D. Medina, R. Miller, C. Moehlman, C. Moehlman D. Morgan, M. Moncivais, C. McDonald, M. McGuire, C. Munoz, E. Nedbalek, B. Nevill, C Norman, H. Odstricil, W. Poehl, D. Porter, R. Reiser, N. Rezoffi, J. Roberts, G. Rocha, P Russell, G. Schlesselman, W. Simmons, B. Smith, J. Smith, J. Stephenson, S. Swafford, W Tate, B. Taylor, M. Thames, D. Treio, E. Trinkman, N. Udashen, J. Williams, M. Williamson D. Winningham, J. Young, P. Young. pan american OFFICERS RICHARD MlLLER President ........ ........................ Vice President ..... ...... C ARL MOEHLMAN FLORENCE HAUPT GORDON GREGG LYNDA LYNCH Sponsor . .. . ...... MRS. MARY ELLEN VINCENT Secretary . . ..... Treasurer . ..... .... . Reporter ..... ................. 1 The annual pan Amercian Chrmmas Banque, Entertainment was provided by dancers from Austin. Martha and Ellen won third place at the Pam Am Conven- tion. Pinatas were taken to the Latin American schools. gm what The Pan American Convention in Austin. Leo, Charlie, and Eugene played for the Latin American schools in 'ws Breaking ofthe Pinata! ...N ,ge M7e'.: V . H-:.,m'-Q yawn-.-J-n-e.,-:-avg. ,v 'CQ' slr wld H--v 'Q-4' 'lf' A. Adams, L. Anderson, J. Ashcraft, J. Beal, M. Boxley, B. Blackburn, B. Blazek, L. Brady, P. Brewster, J. Botter, V. Cangelosi, L. Carroll, L. Cobb, C. Cole, C. Cole, D. Cole, C. Cook, M. Creed, D. Crimm, N. Dansby, S. Dillingham, P. Duree, B. Byer, M. Edge, P. Eldred, A. Elliot, S. Enloe, L. Falco, L. Fouraker, C. Graham, K. Griffin, D. Greisser, K. Hart, F. Haupt, J. Herley, D. Hickerson, B. Holleman, E. Howell, A. Huggins, R. Jackson, S. Jackson, B. Jones, J. Jones, M. Krolczyk, J. Kubin, J. Lane, L. Lynch, B. Marine, J. Massey, C. Mauldin, C. McAlily, C. McDonald, T. McDonald, M. McGuire, J. McPherson, R. Miller, J. Mitchell, J. Mooney, P. Montalbano, M. Muzney, M. Muze, M. Norcross, H. Odstrcil, J. Oliver, B. Orr, J. Pack, A. Page, S. Pate, B. Parrish, J. Peques, P. Plagens, D. Porter, E. Price, M. Ransom, N. Rezzoffi, R. Reizer, N. Robinson, L. Rodgers, E. Rosor, C. Rumfield, C. Ryan, P. Seale, A. Schiller, G. Schlesselman, J. Sledge, J. Small, P. Smith, P. Spell, G. Thomas, P. Vance, K. Webb, B. Wilcox, B. Yeager. fooflights The goal ot the Footlights Club is to interest more students in dramatics-acting, as well as direction and stage management. Many plays, ranging from very humorous to serious melodramas, were presented during the year, much to the delight of the club members. Membership in this club enables those who'are interested in becoming THESPIANS to get the needed experience. President ........... Vice President ...... Secretary ............ ..----ff- Treasurer ........ Reporter ....,........ H Group Captains LEE FALCO KATHLEEN SEALE DALE PORTER VITO CANGELOSI CLARKE COOK MARILYN MALLARD BARNEY BLACKBURN RICHARD REISER auyiixf. WORK!!! Pilgrim Thanksgiving Present Day Thanksgiving - - S 1 Dr. Roll Band Go 10 if, boys! 5 2 A fm., in e plays and assemblies MY, MY, aren'f they Cute!! Behind the scenes 1 Amateur Hour Confesfant .ff . ls . 4. corral Students find working on the school newspaper, the CORRAL, exact- ing and exciting. This training is quite valuable for those iournalistically inclined students who would like to make newspaper work their career. At the beginning of the year Mrs. Millicent Miller and Bobbie Jean Jones, sponsor and editor, respectively, were responsible for the bi- monthly publication, which was printed by the off-set process. Upon the resignation of Mrs. Miller and the graduation of Bobbie Jean, the second semester found a new sponsor, Mrs. Bernice Schnerr, and a new editor, Roy Carpenter, and a reorganized staff. EDITOR ,,-,,,,,,cc,.,.,,,,,. .... R oy Carpenter ASSISTANT EDITOR .....,...... .......... G ale Jones CIRCULATION MANAGER ..,,. ,.,.... D onald Francis HEADLINE WRITER .,........ .,.... B Uddy Luther ART EDITOR ...,,,,.,. .,.,......,.....,..,......,..,.,....... C harlie Mauldin REPORTERS ..... ........... M argaret Carpenter, Robert Carleton Pat Foster, Pat Luza, Mary Louise Zatopek Jim CoVan, Jackie Mooney, Sylvia Velasco bronco The entire BRONCO staff breathes a sigh of relief when the final deadline has been met and the annual is in the hands of the printer. Producing a yearbook is a difficult and demanding iob, the planning and organizing cannot be the work of one person. The cooperation of the entire staff is essential, and the 1957 staff has worked untiringly on a publication which we hope you will like. All of us realize that working on the staff has been rewarding in many ways, such as the feeling of pride as we look through the pages of the finished product and the feeling of ioy as we realize that we have met many wonderful people in the contacts made with each other, with students and teachers, and with businessmen of Bryan. We, the staff, hope that you like your T957 BRONCO! EDITOR ,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ..,,,.,,.,...,........,,,ss,..,..s,..,.. J anis Botter ASSISTANT EDITOR ,,,czz,,zzz. W..,........,,..c,.....,....,.............. D ale Porter BUSINESS MANAGERS ,..,.. ,,.zzzz B ennie Anne Dansby, Clarke Cook Geneva Wehring ORGANIZATIONS ,,,.... ., ,,.,s..,.. Jeanett Martin, Janette Tkac Patsy Smith, Mary Edge ART ,.,z, ,s,..,,.,,.,,, ..a,,,,, J a mes Amis, Charlie Mauldin SPORTS , ,,,,, , z,,,z.,.....,,..,..,a,, Rodney Jackson, Jackie Mooney FEATURES ,,.,,,zz.,,,c,,,..,,..,,. ..,,,,,,,,,,,,..., P hyllis Grazzaffi, Janie Patranella SNAPSHOTS .,.,,,,,,,cz.,,,.,,.Y ,. .,,,,,,,,u,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,.... ,s,....,,a,..,...,, K athleen Seal PHOTOGRAPHERS ,ccz,cz,c,z. Jackie Mooney, Rodney Jackson, Charles Cole Other staff members: Lorita Donaho, Pat Plagens, Marilyn Mallard, Lynda Lynch, Bonnie Nevill, Kaky Griffin, Kay McDonald, Charlene Nixon, Linda Fouraker. SPONSORS ,,f77,,Y. A.,,,,,,,,. .,,zz,,,, M r . H. T. Moody, Mrs. C. B. McGown M. Amis, B. Angus, J. Botter, B. Burleson, L. Carroll, L. Cothran, M. Dehlinger, P. Durre, M. Fletcher, K. Gritten, K. Hart, F. Haupt, P. Hopkins, E. Howell, C. Lee, L. Lynch, J. McCulley, C, McDonald, J. McPherson, M. Muzney, P. Nash, C. Nixon, B. Pack, A. Page, A. Porter, E. Price, M. Ransom, J. Richmond, J. Robert, P. Seale, C. Seiders, B. Smith, V. Smith, P. Spell, B. Taylor, M. Thompson, K. Webb, M. Williamson, J. Young. fri-hi-y The Tri-Hi-Y, sponsored by the Y.M.C.A., sent delegates to the Pre- legislative Conference in San Antonio, and also to the annual Youth and Government Convention in Austin. At Christmas a complete Christmas dinner was given to a needy family. Among the outstanding programs of the year were a talk on "Aims and Ideals of the American Girl" by Mrs. Travis Bryan, a program in which Mrs. Lowell Parrish read a selection of poems by Robert Frost, a traditional Christmas program, and an interesting talk on Texas folklore by Dr. Ralph Steen. President JANE RlCHMOND Vice President JEAN ROBERT Secretary PATSY HOPKINS Treasurer PAT SPELL Chaplain ELLEN HOWELL Historian JULIA MCCULLEY T. Nevill, J. Lester, C. Cole, W. Dahlberg, J. Niederaur, W. Tate, R. Jackson, C. Cook, J. Amis, L. Falco, B. Cartwright, J. Roberts, R. Miller, B. Parrish, G. Whitely, B. Vance, S. Fort, D. Wheelan, S. Helvey, S. Enloe, B. Carmichael, C. Hertel, L. Carter, M. Ross, C. Burley, J. Hudson, T. McDonald, G. Woodward, S. Dwyer, J. Mooney, N. Pritchard, J. Burns, J. Willman, B. Doss. hi-y The Hi-Y Club, one of the outstanding organizations in school, is made up of boys interested in serving God and their country. It is closely connected with the YMCA and is a national organization. This club takes part in the annual Hi-Y Model Legislature in Austin during the month of December each year. It also sends delegates to the other conferences in the state. President TRAVIS NEVILL Vice President JACK LESTER Secretary CHARLES COLE Sergeant-at-Arms WILLIE MAC TATE Chaplain GATES WHITELY M. Bain, M. Bonio, V. Bosquez, M. Creed, M. Evans, W. Guyton, J. Hamburg, M. Hamilton J. Henry, P. Hollinger, M. Hughes, R. Lopez, L. Pena, D. Penicka, W. Poehl, D. Nichols C. Salinas. Included in The numerous acTiviTies of The Library Club this year were Trips To The Carnegie and A8.M libraries, many fund-raising projects, and The scrapbook. Sponsor of The club is The school librarian, Mrs. Marie Pearson. library 'FJ' President, Margo Hamilton, Vice President, Joyce Hamburg, Secretary, Phyllis Hollinger, Treasurer, Mary Francis Evans, Reporter, Lupe Pena. i is J. Arnold, R. Box, M, Byer, C. Cahill, N. Clary, C. Davis, J. Dowling, M. Emshoft, D. Fazzino, L. Free, L. George, B. Harbata, H. Harris, M. Harrison, T. Kennedy, J. Marriott, R. Mathis, L. Meier, C. Moore, G. Officer, P. Romirez, E. Raupe, K. Sinclair, R. Stewart, V. Thiltgen, J. Walker, J. Wheat, O. Williams, J. Wilson, U. Zemanek. Sweetheart NINA RUTH CLARY President . ...... ....... . First Vice President . Second Vice President Secretary . . .. ...... Treasurer . Reporter . The numerous activities of the Distributive Edu- cation Club, with Mr. Bond as sponsor, included planning tor the oncoming year, and the Christmas Card Contest. The winning salesman of the contest attended the San Antonio convention. ln April, the Employer-Employee Banquet was held, and the Outstanding D.E. Student Award was given. Concluding the year's activities the club sponsored its spring picnic. distributive education . MATTIE HARRISON .. CHARLOTTE DUCKETT . . .. ...... JERRY WALKER , .... NINA RUTH CLARY LOIS MEIER JERRY ARNOLD L 4 L . W V. U' . .iq wr..- ,at-erir -f 'hrs-U Mei . -X341 ng- Ffr ' ri' 9. mi aa.-.A ar .t., J. Beal, B. Blazek, J. Botter, B. Burleson, J. Cannon, C. Cole, L. Cothran, D. Crim, M. Edge, K. Griffen, E. Howell, J. Kubin, L. Lynch, C. McDonald, M. Mallard, J. Martin, J. Massey, E. Nedbalek, C. Norman, H. Odstrcil, D. Porter, K. Seale, J. Sledge, A. Stratta, S. Swafford, N. Udashen, K. Hart, S. Jackson, L. Cobb, L. Donaho, M. Muzny, A. Lazarone, L. Carrell, M. Carpenter, J. McClellan. future teachers The Wesa Weddington Future Teachers Association, organized in i954 by Superintendent W. R. Carmichael and Henry, encourages students to enter the teaching It operates as a service club tor local teachers teachers' organizations, which sponsor the club recruitment goals. President LYNDA LYNCH Vice President LOU COTHRAN Secretary NORMA UDASHEN Treasurer CONNIE COLE Historian JEANETTE MARTIN Parliamentarian BILLIE JEAN BLAZEK Song Leader JEANETTE KUBIN Miss Mattye Pearl profession. and for three local as a part of their I 1 1 . 1 if dp-4 M. Bernal, P. Bolton, M. Boxley, M. Dehlinger, J. Delaplane, A. Elliott, S. Jackson, R. Lopez, B. Marin, G. Mayhugh, B. Moncivais, M. Moncivais, C. Rumfield, B. Taylor, J. White. fufure nurses The FuTure Nurses Club, one of the newesf organizafions at SFA, provides a setting in which girls inTeres1'ed in nursing as a career can meei TogeTher To share Thai inierest. A constifuiion, defining The purpose of The club and describing iTs membership, has been written and adopTed. The club meeis semi-monThly To hear speakers and To Take field Trips. President ANN ELLIOTT Vice President BEATRICE MARIN Secretary-Treasurer PEGGY BOLTON Corresponding'Secrefary GAYLE MAYHUGH Sponsors MRS. COVAN, MRS. HUFF MRS. MANN . L. sl-Iii, A. Adams, J. Adams, M. Batten, M. Bingham, J. Birdwell, P. Bolton, J. Bonifozi, D. Boriskie, J. Bradford, B. Brown, J. Bruns, E. Burt, E. Cargill, M. Carpenter, B. Dehart, B. Elliott, F. Fosthoff, J. Faubian, D, Francis, M. Hanus, R. George, N. Gerke, B. Jones, N. Kindt, P. Kirby, D. Kopetsky, A. Lazarone, A. McLewis, E. Mosley, B. Murry, C. Nichols, J. Novasad, B. Pike, J. Potts, J. Potts, O. Ray, R. Wallace, G. Russell, M. Skains, J. Saculla, C. Salvaggio, R. Salvaggio, A. Sodalak, A. Stratta, J. Urso, B. Varisco, J. Wilder, G. Winn, M. White, E. Yeager, B. Yeager, B. Zwiefel. 4-h club The 4-H Club is a youth organization sponsored by land-grant colleges. Its goal is to teach rural and urban youth to become better citizens through methods and result demonstrations in agriculture and home economics. The members of the S.F.A. 4-H Club work on proiects varying from giving demonstrations to iudging cattle and clothing. Presidents JOEL POTTS, MARGARET CARPENTER Vice Presidents CHARLES NICHOLS, BARBARA ZWIEFEL Secretary-Treasurers DONALD FRANCIS, ANN ADAMS Reporter PEGGY YOUNG Conference Delegates JIMMY POTTS, MARLENE WHITE SLE' Xsik NW -N B. Cartwright, H. Batten, R. Miller, J. Amis, M. Chapman, W. Tate, S. Fort, B. Nash, D Holleman, D. Winningham, J. Youngblood, V. Cangelosi, M. Pustak, J. Burt, J. Winn, D Hickerson, C. Cook, B. Carmichael, R. Carlton, D. Hollinger, R. Reiser, A. Hernandez, J McClellan, A. Herrerra, J. Small, R. Jackson, J. Williams, J. Carrier, J. Niederaurer, S. Helvey S. Nemec, B. Doss, B. Vance, S. Dwyer, H. Odom, J. Kidd, J. Allan. barber shop quartet The Barbershop Quartet Society is open to boys interested in music and singing. The purpose of the society is to give boys an opportunity to sing for their own enioyment and to sing in a limited number of performances. The group meets every Monday during activity period. Mr. Best is the director. President JIMMY WILLIAMS First Vice President BILL DOSS Second Vice President BILL CARTWRIGHT Secretary-Treasurer HENRY BATTEN Reporter JOE BURT i ' Wann: 'Sammy , A K. Mgm..,,,, . A.v,A.,,,, ,...,,,,..s,,......,......., . W. Li 'S-. L. Anderson, M. Autrey, M. Batten, B. Bolton, P. Bolton, A. Bomanski, M. Banio, D. Boriskie B. Burleson, M. Boxley, S. Burlin, E. Burt, L. Carroll, L. Catalina, N. Cordell, M. Culler, B Dansby, N. Dansby, B. Dyer, E. Eason, G. Ellis, B. Elliot, W. Elliott, L. Fazzino, B. Finke, M Fletcher, H. Foster, P. Foster, P. Fredel, N. Gerke, S. Grady, C. Graham, P. Grizzaffi, W Guyton, J. Hamburg, M. Hamilton, J. Havel, J. Henry, W. Holliman, P. Hopkins, J. Horn M. Hughes, A. Ilschner, L. Wilson, M. Jandt, N. Kindt, B. Lero, K. Lero, M. Lopez, J. Martin K. Martindale, J. Massie, J. Mayfield, C. McAliey, S. McElfish, A. McLewis, C. McDonald J. McPherson, B. Mehn, B. Metzer, B. Moncivais, J. Morris, M. Muzey, D. Nichols, E Norcross, M. Novac, R. Olexey, J. Pack, R. Pack, A. Page, J. Patranella, D. Penicka, D Philps, P. Plagens, A. Price, M. Ransom, L. Restivo, E. Rosier, P. Rye, B. Scanlin, P. Seale P. Siegert, M. Sikorski, S. Shultz, M. Skains, B. Smith, P. Smith, A. Sodalak, P. Spell, J. Tally A. Taylor, J. Tkac, V. Thiltgen, E. Tratmont, K. Webb, M. White, J. Willard. future homemakers President JANIE PATRANELLA Vice President SUE BURLIN Secretary JOYCE HORN Treasurer JUDY MASSEY Reporter JO ANN HAVEL Parliamentarian BARBARA LERO Sponsors MRS. BEAMER MISS SMITH MRS. MANN fs . Florence Haupt, Dianne Griesser, Judy Cannon, Rebecca Pack, Camelia OfflCe Lee, Sharlene Nixon, Joyce Horn, Patsy Eldred, Marcia Williamson, Mariorie Bain, Gladys Boyett, Judy McPherson, Norma Kindt, Linda helpers Carrell, Jenny Mayfield, Patricia Luza. Janice Schultz, Margo Hamilton, Lou Cothran, Dorothy Penicka, Connie Nash, Mariorie Bain, Joyce Hamburg, Annie Laura McLewis, Mary Locke, . Carolyn Merka, James Moon, Dixie Nichols, Martha Muzny, Mildred Bonio, Ester Norcross, Debrah Boriskie, Mary Ann Stratta, Mary Krolczyk. helpers L N-un G. Baker, J. Beene, R. A. Bell, J. Bomnskie, M. Brewer, G. Cheatham, B. Crockett, R Fergusion, J. Gray, J. Hartsfield, B. Jones, D. Kindt, J. Kindt, G. Kopestsky, P. Lero, L. Locke, D. Lopez, L. Maxwell, P. Montalbano, E. Norcross, E. Northcut, A. Novosad, H. K Odom, J. Opersteny, T. Riley, R. Rosprim, G. Sherrill, H, Weedon, E. White, G. White. future farmers President Treasurer EARL WHITE MALCOLM BREWER Vice President Reporter GENE CHEATHAM GARY SHERRILL Secretary Sentinel ALVIN NOVOSAD H. K. ODOM Second Vice President PHIL MONTALBANO Third Vice President HARDY WEEDON Parliamentarian JACK KINDT Historian GENE KOPETSKY Sweetheart NORMA DANSBY Sponsor MR. J. C. DOOLEY gf 1" 48 4 ALVIN NOVASAD Outstanding Future Farmer NORMA DANSBY, F.F.A. Sweetheart GARY SHERRII.. EARL WHITE HARDY WEEDON Poultry Award Dairy Award First Sfafe Bank Award 49 Y R. Falco, J. Neideraur, S. Dwyer, G. Gregg, T. Nevill, B. Garrison, J. Carrier, J. Stockton, J. Whilman, S. Helvy, B. Cartwright, J. Burt, B. Batten, G. Whitly, C. Davidoff, H. Seale, J. Coe, B. Sheffield, E. Mize, W. Rawls, A. Lara, W. Tate, R. Miller, D. Johnson, J. Krolcyk, D. Hickerson, J. Thompson, J. Akin, C. Hertel, S. Nemec, J. Potts, B. Griffen, M. Brewer, J. Zimmerman. COACHES: James Griffen, John Linney, "Peck" Vass. "b" association The "B" Association consists of all athletes who have earned letters at Stephen F. Austin in any of the sports offered. Membership is for life, and the supporters of the organization are the lettermen who are graduates of SFA. E. Byars, M. DeWay, B. Hughes, T. Jones, J, Moon, S. Morella, J. Mosley, B. Putz, R. Rahnert, R. Rosprim, R. Salvaggio, G. Schlicher, R. Schlicker, D. Schoppe, D. Stallings, E. Thielman, J. Thompson, M. Tuck, Sponsor, Mr. Nolen. radio The main purpose of the radio club is to give the boys who are interested in radio and related fields an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and further their knowledge and interests. President , ,..,... 7,,,, G EORGE HAMILTON Vice President W ,,.,A . .......,.... GALE BURGE Secretary-Treasurer ..... ., ,,,, THOMAS JONES Sponsor ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,s,,,,, M R. R. L. NOLEN 15. - . interscholastic league winners Boys Poetry Reading Third in District HARDY FAULK Read Writers Girls Poetry Reading Third in District PAMELA DURRE Y First in District Second in Regional RICHARD REISER N Ready Writers Vocal Third in District First in Regional CHARLES HERTEL BENNIE ANN DANSBY Boys Debate First in District RICHARD MOORE BILLY CARR PARRISH Girls Declamation Senior ing Extemporaneous Speaking First in District WILLIE MACK TATE First in District LINDA ROGERS 4-of 3 Boys Declamation Senior Girls Declamation Junior Second in District Third in District RODNEY JACKSON JUDY OLIVER -iw. . hw X? M A G Q X 3 U! ,,Iq m ' 2 M an ff 'X ,W 5 .v ,fd 'W gif 2, f 9 . ,au , is .1 A 'v 4 ,5 4 0 Q F . Q A, 9 f ,. , 1, ,E sk 5? 11 3 ,! V R H , 9 1. Q ...W . 1'-,' - jus- ,, . va, Y , bronco band The Bronco Band began tuning up weeks before school started. At the end of this practice period we left for Fort Parker-for swimming, boating, and enioying the sunshine. j5lbLIE:5E!AN BLAZEKA J d,U,,, mio, AN . 7VY,VVV V,V,,, v ice p e 'de r Then school started, and we really got to work. JANis Botrsn aaaaa as as as sgcigfapy Drilling two or three nights a week, we learned WALTER DAHLBERG A mwiclibfaffafv . PATSY ELDRED oaaaaaca raaa g p,eS,de,,, the half-time shows for the football games. We RAY STANFORD Uniformrechnician played and marched for all the home games and JACK'E SUE STEPHENSON.. e e reporter most of the out-of-town ones, including the im- ERQQREECRPEMS' s 5'Udef"IFg'eC'0' . music 1 r portant games at Waco and Nederland. We also SAMMY ENLOE sss.s insrrumem technlfclgrrf played and yelled for the many yell-practices. October found us at the Dallas Fair, where we gave a concert and enioyed ourselves. After football season, our twirlers staged twirling acts between the halves of the home basketball games.- The rest of us, however, secluded ourselves with concert music. ln December we again donned our uniforms and marched in the annual Christmas parade. Also in December the Chamber of Commerce held the annual Bronco Band Banquet. At this banquet Patsy Eldred was awarded the Outstanding Band Member Award, presented by Casey Jones for KORA. . In January some of the band members went to district band tryouts, and then on to region at Alvin. During March the band played for the Green-and-White game. ln April we gave several concerts at the Junior High Schools and Consolidated. Also in April we held our band hay ride. May 3, we presented our Spring Concert, followed by a dance and reception in the school cafeteria. At this concert it was announced that Edward Adams had won the John Philip Sousa Award for musicianship. This was later presented to him by C. E. Gray, of Gray Music Store. May ll, we held our contest for solos and ensembles. May i8, we marched in the Armed Forces Day Parade. And May 27, an ensemble from the Bronco Band played for the Senior Commencement Ceremonies. This ended the activities of our band for this school year. C. B. MCGOWN, JR. F Director 1 Company Front at Nederland CLARINETS l Eugene Cordero, Kay McDonald, Nelda Jopp, Janis Botter, Jim CoVan, Marilyn Mallard, Gayle Mayhugh, Patsy Nevill, Ann Elliott, Florence Haupt, Naomi Montoya, Edgar Thiele- mann, Barbara Hohensee, Mary Todd, Judy Oliver, Beatrice Marin, Norma Kindt, Brenda Brown, Margaret Dehlinger, Earl Holloman, Lanny Burkhalter, Bradford Cook, Alvin Schiller, Jessica Sledge, Bonnie Nevill, Jeanette Martin. FLUTES SAXOPHONES sections Mary Ann Thames, Kay Webb, Margaret Boxley, Patsy Eldred, Billie Jean Blazek, Sara Dillingham, Judy McPherson, Jack Connor, Gail Schlesselman, Billy Carr Parrish, Lupe Hernandez, Linda Restivo, Eddie Daniel, Vito Cangelosi, Jimmy Bruns, Charles Ribardo, Leslie Morello, Charlie Munoz, Chester Bynum, Leo Grimaldo. TROMBONES BARITONES BASSES Tommy Daniel, Sammy Enloe, David McCormick, Robert Shearer, Johnny Garner, Richard Moore, Jimmy Potts, Jackie Stephenson, Frank Bravenec, Dick Scott, Ronnie Allen, Joe Dan Urbanovsky. CORNETS FRENCH HORNS sections Steve Lowry, Walter Dahlberg, Roger Ayers, Ray Stanford, Edward Adams, Robert Moore, Bill Putz, Anthony Boatcallie, Leon Krolczyk, Stephanie Elliott, Doug Stallings, Charles Dyer, Jack Morris, Paula Kirby, Lunette Fazzino, John Allphin, Sammy Pate. PERCUSSION Buddy Luther, Bill Wallace, H. A. Taylor, Betty Dehart, Mary Creed, Tommie Wedel, Ruth Escobedo, David Lynch, Cecilia Salinas. Takmg a dup KORA Band Award PATSY ELDRED Flower girl Dance time Chow lime at Fort Parker Relaxed, Mr. Mac? 5 Y 9 ml ' 4 M. Mg in -Qs ff , , , 9 7 an ' ' . WQQE, X if ' i g ,f.,i.R ' 14 A -feng , Q ,gg sg. K ,Ag W- -.ffm Q ,i 'u , VM ., .vig .. hm fferfi f ,N 1 ,fjsfas 1 L. 145, 1 'J 'P - Y - "Y , -M , t un-41 K' . 4, NWS,-1 wa Fan 1 Wei-22 ,,L Af- G1-7mmg ,ia -E Q -C u E Tw D. D. U u U The choir sang the Messiah on December 16, 1957, at the First Baptist Church of B y A CAPPEL-LA CHOIR The 1956-57 A Cappella Choir performed the following concerts: Recognition Night for Teachers, Dedication Brazos County Court House, Kiwanis Luncheon, College Lion's Luncheon, Bryan Lion's Luncheon, The Bryan Woman's Club, and The Bryan Rotary Luncheon. At Christmas the choir performed sections of Handel's Messiah and at Easter presented two performances of The Song of Easter by Roy Ringwald and Lara Hoggard. The Kiwanis Club banquet for the choir was held on May 13, and the Spring concert was presented May 10. The concluding activity was the presentation of three anthems at the Baccalaureate Service on May 26. On the spring tour, the choir performed at Gonzales Warm Springs Hospital, in Austin, San Antonio, and Giddings. The choir also received a first division rating in'sight singing and concert in the U.l.L. contest at Huntsville. 4f"""+ CARL J. BEST Director Alto section -Q K W M Officers, lefr ro right: Billy Vance, recording secreiaryg Bill Doss, vice presidentg .lorita Donaho, iunior representativeg Gale Jones, corresponding secrefaryp Carl Moehlman, presidenig Elaine Price and Hugh Seale, librarians: and Barney Blackburn, iunior representa1ive. Noi shown: Alta Faye Raack, hisrorian. Tenor section B355 Sechon i lm 5 Aa 1 in rm' l Soprano section choir four Go, man! Go! I . ' Q 1 x.fQ, Qf 3 'S M, fm " ff 3 N -24 Q sf' vf,,M3'1 an N x 4 ' Mk Jw? v QQ, " fi 4? W 2? L MQ New my, H? hh df Q aa, 5 'W elm? ,W was ,af 52? , Lfifiwibw lf. QM A ir x ff yi Agni' W 'align J xii, ff? S4 25531 w Q QQ 3 Z4 f- My fi? Ai? Q E 7 mxjflf is fd? A y aff' v0" 'me 4510! 4 ,Ac 4 'if +4 V5.2 f. K fy ff, 'mx Y' - 2 . w ?s Q Q ' 'iw W - L' - , ff- ' 'f A 'vsp Mgyigg ff , xy 1,2 7, - ,g k R .2 - ' L 4- , , , Q., in SQ Miyagi 3 at 1 'f e 'V K j at .1 wi f W ,, , . w ' I , 1 Q ' ' f 2 A N A L V , ,. x. A -. ' , . - N. 5 ' 1 +3-M 4' vii. ,WW .L l Butch Sheffield, Charles Davidoff, Stuart Helvey, Gordon Gregg, James Coe, Willie Mac Tate, Travis Nevill. The Bryan Broncos placed six on the Houston Chronicle's TO-AAA All-District team, selected by the tive head coaches. Stuart Helvey, guard, was the only unanimous choice. Travis Nevill end, missed by one vote of being selected unanimously. FIRST TEAM TRAVIS NEVILL End Senior LLOYD SHEFFIELD End Junior CHARLES DAVIDOFF Tackle Senior STUART HELVEY Guard Senior SAMMY DWYER Back Senior ROSS FALCO Back Senior SECOND TEAM WILLIE MAC TATE Tackle Senior GORDON GREGG Center Senior JOHN NIEDERAUER Back Senior JAMES COE Guard Senior ca. f .W ,u,, l .., K. an-'A JAMES GRIFFIN JOHNNY LINNEY Head Coach Backfield Coach Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov Nov Dec. Dec. 19. 26 . . 2 77,, 92 7 16,. 1 ccccc 82 football Broncos open district play with a 33-13 victory over Brenham Bryan beats Smiley 28-O Broncos take Aldine 34-12 Bryan wallops Conroe 39-O Broncos crush Huntsville Hornets for District 1OAAA title 41-O Broncos march past University High of Waco 12-0 in bi-district play-oft Nederland Bulldogs batter the Bryan Broncos 35-13 in the Class AAA quarter finals r . l Mft, l wi-xt,-was,mt"u',' S. -1 ELBERT JOHNSON Line Coach Managers MAURICE CHAPMAN GATES WHITELY BENNY GRIFFIN we N . " - gin I sl kbs I fu-mg, a f X3 x ., L, I' ATN xx' -ff ,qi 1 ' zgykt N R g,. , 5 ..-'Mx 7 39 '41 .april 31 .....m""'+..:qf . A BILL CARTWRIGHT L H HENRY BATTEN R H WADE RAWLS F B ANASTACIO HERRERA R G STANLEY NEMEC L T CHARLES HERTEL R T BILLY RAY GARRISON L E HERMAN SEIGERT L E . it . LLOYD SHEFFIELD SAMMY DWYER MALCOLM BREWER R E L H Q B I957b ,.,,,,,.,,..,g . 4 -.Q W 0 I ,, 7' -L Q I j 'I 6 . 'L . h K 25, is .- W E vi ,. ...e 'Q-Q. Bottom row: R. F. Falco, B. Batten, E. Mize, B. Cartwright, M. Brewer, B. Garrison, J. Zimmerman, H. Weedon. Middle row: D. Johnson, B. Carmaichel, G. Walker, S. Dwyer, J. Coe, H. Seigert, S. Helvey, W. Rawls, H. Seal, A. Herrera, J. Stockton. Top row: J. GEORGE HAMILTON GORDON GREGG JACK STOCKTON R H R H Q B wwf- . Q STUART HELVEY ROSS FALCO CHARLES DAVIDOFF JOHNNY NIEDERAUER R G F B R T R H WILLIE MAC TATE . h R T sfrlcf c amps JAMES COE L G w.a,,uAsw ww ww -.f -1w'IV"iuun-rw-ww -f LAA- Lf, wi' f E EDDIE MIZE L G '75-fa U v fn 9 I E ' 'R E, ,35 Id' ' If '- I TRAVIS NEVILL L E Linney, line coach, E. Johnson, G. Gregg, R. Miller, J. Niederauer, L. Sheffield, C. G SEALE Davidoff, W. Tate, G. Hamilton, C. Hayes, S. Nemec, T. Nevill, Head Coach, J. Griffin. HU HC DENNIS JOHNSON R E RICHARD MILLER BOB ALLAN GEORGE WALKER JERRY ZIMMERMAN R E R G R H R G 4 ui .- I wma, :,. 5 fi b b ,.,., ,. Iv , , IFE. 'Nl , - wvww . I I L... me-we 99 nf uf "N qv: 'aft-N 7U 1 S H Mg X. X 9 1 5 -Q' 'Qu Y' MW 'Exe 'X I "sl as R Q , 1. If 17 b team A FIRST DOWN for the BRONCOS Sammy Dwyer makes TD for Bryan an ' ' I A. - 1-Q Top row: E. Northcut, G. Dowling, T. Riley, G. Gregg, P. Thompson, S. Enloe, J. Connor, J. Garner, E. Gomez, N. Burkhalter, L. Griffen. Bottom row: H. Cortez, R. Schlicker, A. Cassans, J. Wilder, B. Phipps, S. Piccalo, J. Syptak, B. Eddington, D. Shultz, R. Marshall. 7I ! l X ,,-. Nxt-,Y ,,ff,, .. W W 244 Top row: Coach Peck Vass, Joe Brooks Thompson, Jimmie Akin, Jimmy Roberts, Dick Hickerson, Don Kopetsky, Travis Nevill. Bottom row: Jack Stockton, Sammy Dwyer, Johnny Niederauer, Ross Falco, Bill Cartwright, Curtis Hayes. Bryan Bryan Bryan ............ Bryan Bryan ............ 72 Aldine Conroe --- Brenham Huntsville Smiley ..........,. basketball DISTRICT GAMES Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan ............ Bryan ............ Aldine ............ Conroe ---- .... --- Brenham Huntsville Smiley ........ --- Qgsllqqc 51111125 Coach PECK VASS T ,tl if .tt t,,t,t,t it ,t,,.,.M,it.t,., t it i- DICKIE HICKERSON TRAVIS NEVILL ..f 1 h ROSS FALCO SAMMY DWYER All-Disiricf " " team Q13 JOE BROOKS THOMPSON All-Disrricr All-Sfate Standing: COACH, Mr. Johnson, Robert Van Winkle, Walter Dahlberg, Louis Griffin, Ray Siandford, Ronnie Marshall, Alwilliam Ginzel, Leburn Herrman, Manager, Jimmy Head. Kneeling: John Mathis, Jackie Connor, Kenneth Patranella, Glenn Dowling, Brazos Varisco, Hugh Seale, ,-...............iW....,,...,,.,,.,,..,i,,,,., ,mr ,J , i ' g Johnny Rocha, Billy Pike. 2 X -. ,,.1.m.....!., J W, .- ..?,.,,,. , M V,,.V Mig, V M A., .r,.. 3 s 3 ...T.,?, K R 74 6 Qu!! il rl, S 33" Q'-' 431' ,I KQV V , .X A lx .Al Nw if su ' ,..p, QWWX W., '- Xwlfw , 1, X, - vm, ,I Wy we x ru! M- 4 X i ---.-.... , ,W Wuqqglilf 1, VH mv Ni! ,yu Wm A uxf ,H ,X 'N yh 1 1 'W 11 iw? W M MW' guw . U 5 Wm u WM M f WW E may .. EWU W af N J ey .65 Q I x ,F ' 39' Q X ,,3'nr'o5 'fs-',q 01.4 5 3 if ,gg Q 5 Lw Q l Left ro right: Charles Sheldon, James Touchstone, Jimmy Reslivo, Donald Hollinger, Jerry Watson, .lim CoVan, Douglas Holloman, Valgene McLean, Wallace Richards. Coach-ART ADAMSON Sponsor-MRS. SCHLESSELMAN swimming feam JIM COVAN-Leiferman Placed Sixth in Stare Meet baseball The Bryan Baseball Team, under The super- vision of Mr. Vass and Mr. Linney, did very well This year by winning Three championships. They won DisTricT, Bi-DisTricT, and Regional. The Team will play during The summer Tor The sTaTe championship. Winning The Regional championship from Bay CiTy qualified The Broncos Tor The sTaTe TournamenT. Coaches JOHNNY LINNEY "PECK" VASS Top row: COACH, John Linney, Roy Carpenter, Richard Miller, Joe Brooks Thompson, Dick Hickerson, Anastacio Herrera, Butch Scheffield, Johnny Niederauer, R. H. Schlieker, COACH, Peck Vass. Bottom row: Jack Stockton, Hugh Seale, Mickey Ross, James Amis, Bill Cartwright, Henry Batten, Joe Burt, Johnny Hudson, Larry Huffman, Johnny Rocha, and manager Ken Halaran. l -ol fi will x x i ' 5 sg . 5,. , dp 3 . '4 Q2 an 34 in 375' 5, X .W w I, N' fgS.Q4i'f x 4 - my ,ff lv X "'- S- . Www? K, MZ :Q .L ,. .W AW H H we . N., - Q Nw ul f u ! f--..,,, E ' Ji if if X ' 5' iff' , Kffxw , ig.. !"""'W o- ,xx M F js,-'MQ' 'WW' - 555353-ev' 6 " gf 1'i?FL,,: "k, R f 7,1 Wk K- ' Mmm.: Lf N. N56 V Q .1 . W. V' w. 4 'J W 3-Q15-Q .Qgggf V W-Mil,-W 'fwfr G, .u ii v ,aw .'-it ,WM -.Me + Hz. Q K, l Q N VL M ,Stk - A - Xi K ' ."- x N " W S -X k Y , , A .. V 5 5 . K 4 N U K ' .3 Fil- 5 Qc if . X 5 qw 1 g 3 I -K ff- Wm ' T 4 . 2--:P if 54 , gl' C x sf N , ,. 2 X T? Q - 1 79 I It WMQSZQ ' I I A l . -12125 1 if or A irei ""': 'I I ' will I L? if? I HUDSON CARPENTER SEALE SCHLIEKER MOONEY infield second base third base outfield center gg. ., Ii i x. . . , Qwfiii :way A gy .333 I -, 'L 'Ziit--f"'gizi., 1 , t news jizz Sf' - ' I 'B-wt f-1'? 5: P" eww V I gf .. I. ,sw1al- ., Q- f tw. at I STOCKTON pitcher SHEFFIELD HERRERA ROSS ROCHA center field catcher outfield third base DISTRICT Bryan II Aldine A,,, ,.d, 0 Bryan ..,.A c....,. 3 Brenham -- 8 Bryan I6 Conroe ....,.d ..,. I Bryan I2 Huntsville ..... .... 0 Bryan 6 Smiley ...... ...C I Bryan 4 Aldine 0 Bryan 5 Brenham ,, I Bryan 8 Conroe ...,..,., uddd 7 Bryan 4 Huntsville ..... .... 3 Bryan II Smiley ,uu,,u ,.,. 0 BI-DISTRICT Bryan I La Vega ..... d,,, 2 Bryan 8 La Vega ..,.. .,.. 4 Bryan ueu,. ,u,. 7 La Vega ....c ..,, 2 AMIS REGIONAL outfield Bryan ..,., .,,u 8 Bay City 0 Bryan ..... .,.. 2 Bay City ..... u.,, 0 v HUFFMAN catcher Q 5 I NIEDERAUER outfield elif Johnny Rocha, third baseman, is put out on first base in ihe Bryan-Brenham game. BRYAN vs. LA VEGA Bi-District Dickie Hickerson, all-district first baseman, puts LaVega player ou! to end the bi-district play-off game 7-2 to win the bi-disirict championship for Bryan. BRYAN vs. BAY CITY Regional Henry "BuIIy" Batien drives full speed ahead to score a run for Bryan in the Regional game with Bay City which Bryan won 8-O, with Joe Brooks Thompson pitching a no-hitier. PITCHING STAFF Bill Cariwright Roy Carpenter Jack Stockton Joe B. Thompson Anastacno Herrera catcher scores a run for Bryan in X Kneeling: Kakey Griffin, Billie Jean Blazek, Janice Beal. Standing: Margaret Chapman, Charles Burley, Elaine Nedbalek, Sammy Pate, Betty Bolton, Raymond Leighman, Ann Porter, Margaret Carpenter, Walter Dahlberg, JoAnna White. Not pictured: Sandra Fleckinstein. Coach: MISS KIDD. tennis team M. CARPENTER A A E. NEDBALEK Jr. District Champs fig. DISTRICT ENTRANTS Kneeling: E. Nedbalek, M. Carpenter, Junior Girls' Doubles. Middle row: K. Griffin, Senior Girls' Singles: B. J. Blazek, J. Beal, Senior Girls' Doubles. Top row: R. Leighman, S. Pate, Senior Boys' Doubles: W. Dahlberg, Senior Boys' Singles. Not pictured: S. Fleckinstein, Junior Girls' Singles. Q J! -.. 5. 36 gh ,f if 1' ...,...,, 1: W. DAHLBERG Sr. District Champ J. BEAL-B. J. BLAZEK Sr. Doubles District Champs Coach: WAYNE RIDEOUT track CHARLES DAVIDOFF shot put fifth straight year for district title Dennis Johnson, Sammy Dywer, Ross Falco, Charles Davidoff, Ronnie Marshall, Joe Bill Krolczyk, Travis Nevill, Tommy McDonald, Jackie Connor, Kenneth Patranella, John Mathis, Jimmy Youngblood, Jerry Zimmerman. JOE BILL KROLCZYK TRAVIS NEVILL discus and shot put high 8- low hurdles, 440 JACKIE CONNOR RONNIE MARSHALL high hurdles high lump TRAVIS NEVILL high hurdles low hurdles 440 relay high iump JACKIE CONNOR SAMMY DYWER broad iump broad iump low hurdles 220 dash ROSS FALCO CHARLES DAVIDOFF shot put shot puff discus JOE BILL KROLCZYK JERRY ZIMMERMAN discus shot put shot put M. ,K ATX 6 .. 82 f IJ? .4 if? , . X 'S was Q1 tw X fi., I ,, ' R F Q, ,-.. -,,-'- v,:: . mr. s. f. a 88 BILL DOSS - 31' .5 Q . , , wr K, .va-.35 .xg-N S '5' Q JF - '. 'vt 9 ' Q is Q:-s f 'f N , . Wsf x f , X3 I t- ,X f " -vl A - M 1' " f w k 'S X- A f Q , , . rf- ' L--SHS ' N- sg K . ,KKK K+. 4,6 4 if Hs.-3 1 lf 1-,,, ' wf,',f,'.f-1 :T SN. -JS v k 4 k .. .g-33, . KK K- KK K K ., N f 13, X533 3.1, ' .K . .L K if Q . iginuk 'C x my -Q '- Qf.',x.f 'f .911 ' if 1 ASK ,,,., . f R M , ,,-.. I 3? Wi' , . if KKKSKK. . L, ,K K, KKK K 4 "'f'Qzg ,X . s L. 4 -' . X"3f.5'M','f' A - ., gf . .,. Q Y., ,I ,Kw flvhk PATSY HOPKINS miss s. f. a 89 NORMA DANSBY senior favorites JIMMIE AKIN . , , K kM,,.,M:,.X.:,,Z,5,5,L,,,,,,,,,W,4,,-.,.:..:-. .f 3 5 MARCIA WILLIAMSON junior BILLY RAY GARRISON favorites :1 V I V' 7 ,U...,.,.Im,x , .,. ,..,,, m5QAg,,IQl In ' izyzssfgf 5 522 I MARTHA AMIS sophomore favorites HUGH SEALE ., ., .L:,:M s, f m7 wrrux1wxxw:maa:1Xx :gewasna-ff: fewnfs s wmomrwsxrmsmcwmzxsx ww ks E ws M i """"'n-o-36 ,,, W L ' few-1 f.. LMA: 1 I 1 4 Homecoming Queen MISS PHYLLIS GRIZZAFFI homecoming Homecoming Queen tor 1956, Phyllis Grizzafti, and her court, Duchesses Norma Dansby and Kay Webb, Princesses Puddin Seale, Carolyn Graham, and Carol Jane Seiders, were presented before the Bryan-Aldine game on November 2. The Queen was crowned by Captain Malcolm Brewer and re- ceived a bouquet of white mums and a gold miniature football in- scribed, "Homecoming Q u e e n l956." Rusty Linney served as the Crown Bearer. HOMECOMING NOMINEES Norma Dansby Kathlene Seale Carol Jane Selders Phyllis Grizzafti Carolyn Graham Kay Webb Malcolm Brewer, captain, presenting "Home- coming Queen" with the miniature football and white mums. Duchesses, Kay Webb and Norma Dansby with escorts James Coe and Stuart Helvey, stand in background. Crown bearer, Rusty Linney, hands the crown to Malcolm. valentine court Chosen by the student body ot Stephen F. Austin High School, "steadies" Patsy Hopkins and Jimmy Akin, reigned as the T957 King and Queen ot Hearts. Princes Bill Doss and Sammy Dwyer and Princesses Norma Dansby and Phyllis Grizzati represented the senior class. Dukes and Duchesses from the iunior and sophomore classes were Billy Ray Garrison and Marcia Williamson, Butch Sheffield and Billie Jean Blazek, Hugh Seal and Martha Amis, and Louis Griffen and Linda Cobb. Crown bearers were Carl Bounds and Richard Pearce. The King and Queen, along with the royal court, were entertained by S.F.A. talent and two ballerinas from Iravis Elementary School. King Jimmy Akin crowns Q u e e n Patsy Hopkins Queen of Hearts. The royal couple made their grand entry through the satin covered heart the ' -A f wr' W fl A sffwt l 2, Q, l l rg K r klki S K ,, .'1,X- fs' Q it 2' NK J M: .Q wgf K f A EDWARD ADAMS JANlS BOTTER CLARKE COOK Band Assistant Director Bronco Editor-in-Chief Bronco Business Manager These students were nominated by the student council and elected by , the faculty on the basis ot their out- S who standing characteristics. They are truly VVho's Who. ROY CARPENTER KAY WEBB BILL Doss Corral Editor-in-Chief Girls' Forum President Student Body President BILL VANCE JEAN ROBERT PATSY HOPKINS Student Body Vice President Sfudenr Body Secretary Senior C1555 President NORMA DANSBY Girls' Forum Vice President JANE RICHMOND L President Tri-Hi-Y I I BILLY CARR PARRISH DALE PORTER BENNIE GRIFFIN Friday Assembly Chairman Bronco Assistant Editor junio, C1555 pfesidenr IN X WA . xt I W "QW is' I . 3 if its , , xc 1 - ,f 'abd X afar ' il ,I is I J Q -gxig .Q EH! I .H 'A . I' I It in C I A gk X was W M 6 A r"f +4 mm- ,gf Q ,fry if I f "-" 1r, II 'X 'I , X X T Fikyy gf, my it it R FOOTBALL AWARDS BEST LINEMAN AWARD-Travis Nevill NORMAN DANSBY AWARD-James Coe BEST BACK AWARD-Sammy Dwyer MOST VALUABLE PLAYER-Johnny Niederauer HARRY CHAMBERS AWARD-R, H. Schlicker POULTRY AWARD-Gary Sherril DAIRY AWARD-Earl White FUTURE FARMERS AWARDS OUTSTANDING FUTURE FARMER-Alvin Novasad FIRST STATE BANK-Hardy Weedon Joe Brooks Thompson OUTSTANDING BASKETBALL PLAYER DAN FORTH AWARD This award was presented at the commencement exercises to Lee Falco and Carol Jane Seiders. They were chosen by the faculty on the basis of distinct qualities of outstanding leadership and character. They re- ceived the book I Dare You. D. A. R. AWARD Presented to Bobby Hughes for his outstanding knowledge in American History. DA. R. GOOD CITIZENSHIP AWARD Jane Richmond Roy Carpenter 99 --11 l00 if a senior play Girls will be girls at slumber parties! Anne W, , Joan ,,,,, ,,,,,,,, , , Betty McDonald . Don McDonald ,,,,, Howard ,,,,,,,,,,,, Roger ,,,, ,,,,,,,, , , Claire Fessenden Claud , ,,,,,,,,,,,, . Mrs. Watson's Harry New-Motor Marvin Lyda ., ,, ,, , Jim ,, . Dotty ,,,,,, Joey Bee Gee Salsie , ,, Kitsie ,, , Leslie Arnold Margo ,, , , Delia Murray , , Phil Murray , Mr. Curtis ,, Mrs. Curtis Miss Garvey ,,,,,,, Sailors , ,, Directors , ,, ANN ADAMS KATHLEEN SEALE JANE RICHMOND ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, BILLY VANCE WILLIE MACK TATE BILLY CARR PARRISH , MARTHA FLETCHER CLARKE COOK LEE FALCO . VITO CANGELOSI LYNDA LYNCH ,, RODNEY JACKSON ,, ,..,. , JEAN ROBERT TONY VARISCO CONNIE COLE CAROL JANE SEIDERS ,,,,, ,. JANIS BOTTER NORMA DANSBY , .. PATSY ELDRED KAY WEBB DICKIE HICKERSON JACKIE MOONEY f .VYYVYVVYV ,,,,,,,,Y,,,Y,,.....,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,.. G ALE JONES - - - .. PATSY HOPKINS JACK BURNS, CHARLES COLE, CHARLES DAVIDOFF ,,,..,,,,,, MAE GOODLETT MRS. MARIE MCDONALD MRS. M. E, VARNELL The play was fun, but backstage was the most fun of all. Living on an island has its dis- advantages, especially when it rains. Get down from there, or else . . . well, get down!!! ' an ' if frm The family at home? am sfi:-I we 'E 6 fee' 2. Q- , , if I nv? V E "You won by a landslide." "GIRL CRAZY" Jake , ., ,,,,,,. RAYMOND LEIGHMAN Danny Churchill , , ,,,Y,,.. RICHARD MOORE Loui V ,V ,,,Y,,, RICHARD REISER Cacfug V ,,,,,., GLEN BAKER Lucky Y,Y,,,, ,, SAM NIGH Pere ,,,,,.. ERNEST LEWIS Lank ,,,,, ROBERT CARLTON Molly Y,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. BETTY ORR Tess ,,,,,, GENEVA WEHRING Rose , ,,,,Y,,,,,,, MYRNA MCGUIRE Berry .,,. NATHLAN REZZOFFII Janet ,,,,,,,,, HELEN ODSTRICIL Laura ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, DALE PORTER Sally ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. MARY EDGE Babs , ,, MARCIA WILLIAMSON Sam Mason ....,.,..,..,,. BENNIE GRIFFIN Eaglerock , ,,,.,,,, ..,,,,, GAIL SCHLESSELMAN Lieufenanr Caddigan .,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, A LVIN SCHILLER Directors ,,,, . , ,,....,, ..,,,, ,,,,, M A E GOODLETT MRS. EDD MCDONALD The entire Junior Play cast. junior play fa , , Backstage before the play. Gee! Look at the people! "These dudes will never make wesfernersf' I03 NW X x ' ' N 11 W EW M EM 1 YW W W MW V WM' ' . , ,,... , X ' W ,wmwww-.M , "" ' " 4 N' ws 1 Q 1- A , X H 'qw ' ry -XM 'X Y. 9 Af-'Q .N M 5 ,Mmwv'M 'W' W. 'fix , M W W 1 Q 'A' qw wk sm m J 1 N A L '-WA M NMWWW N W NW V -W W dim Mwwvmw "II"'a V, " , ' v K .www 1 mm A f ' -Ns' 'M' ' N 5 MMM - fu X 'W ' , ,1 W M. , , M" XM ,www X, , x M' W X wa A W . , JY rw mx an A , , aw , Nxx, VN, W awww?-M , :I A ' j 0 M Wm-,,, M W AJ., M' "" A 'TWV N 'm ,, W M X ' Q sm WWM.W,,,w,,,. I04 5 ? ' Q xi gf ' Vw' nf im J , ,P wx ,maui ii sg ' Q., A S E H Q '-.,: lx 1 s P X v , if' 5 Q t -fgwb We M wmv .,-- m,,..mww -www ,wNM,,4, I ' xy and elections I , 5 f w r Miss Hyman, Miss Henry and Mr Pearce enioying S4 Patsy Hopkins, senior class president, seems to field day. Z I be looking 'Forward to that nose pushing, lemon race. ' x T. GARY WOODARD ,,,,, ,,,,,,.,,,,, B oys' Forum President MICKEY ROSS ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, S tudent Body Vice President BRAZOS VARISCO ,.,...,,,, Junior Class President CHARLES BURLEY ,,,,,, .,,,,., S enior Class President BENNIE GRIFFIN .,,., ,,,,, S tudent Body President DALE PORTER ,,,,.. ,,.,.. G irls' Forum President JANICE BEAL ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Y ell Leader PAT WILLIAMS ,,,,..,...,.. ..... Y ell Leader MARGARET CARPENTER .......,,,,,,,,,.,..........,,,, Yell Leader KAY MCDONALD ..,,,,,,,. BONNIE ANGUS ,..,,,,A,,,,,,,,,, STEPHANIE SWAFFORD ELLEN HOWELL ,,,,,.,,,,, Those Not Pictured: MARTHA AMIS .,,..... LORITA DONAHO ,,,... GENEVA WEHRING BRONCO Business Manager BRONCO Business Manager Assistant BRONCO Business Manager Assistant BRONCO Editor Yell Leader Yell Leader Editor of BRONCO Officers of 1958 Some girls iust can't get enough sun! - L,AE,,f,s Then there are those who can't swim but buy a new suit every summer, sit on the bank, and show how handsome they are. Travis fell in the water. His slacks shrunk, and his socks stretched! .uf , The sun glasses factory made a fortune before this senior trip! I senior trip em ,K ' Q' use-s,2.Q ,w. f 1 There are a few people who are regular ducks when it comes to water! ,g N , k x ff QQ , W mam Braunsfels W5 ,N ,i k s N .U E A if' AE. . ,, H! baccalaureate The Baccalaureate service was held Sunday, May 26, at 8:00 p.m. in the Stephen F. Austin Auditorium. The invocation was given by Bill Vance, vice president of the student body. Music was presented by the A Cappella choir which was followed by the introduction of the speaker, Reverend W. H. Dickinson, Associate Pastor, Highland Park Methodist Church of Dallas. In his inspiring sermon he emphasized the importance of getting along with others. UH Graduation, an experience never forgotten by the graduates, was held in the auditorium, Monday, May 27, at 8:00 p.m. The invocation was given by Patsy Hopkins, president of the senior class, who also presented the school pennant and class gift to Charles Burley and Bennie Griffin, future senior class president and president of the student body. Music for the senior processional and recessional was provided by the Bronco Band. The speaker, Reverend J. W. Lancaster of the First Southern Presbyterian Church, Austin, reminded the seniors to face realities, to select a worth-while goal in life, and to discipline themselves and their minds to achieve that goal. .IEANETTE TKAC Babe Ruth Good Sportsmanship Award BARBARA METZER Business scholarship award presented by the Bryan-College Station chapter of the National Secretaries Association -mmencemenf M9535 . if ROY CARPENTER and EDWARD AD- AMS shared scholastic honors when they both tied for the top honor rating with a 3.98 grade point rating during their four years in high school. The perfect score is 4.0. Babe Ruth Good Sportsmanship Award TRAVIS NEVILL Bryan-College Station B8.PW JO ANN HAVEL JANE RICHMOND and NORMA UDASHEN were close behind Roy and Edward in scholastic standing. Both girls tied with 3.93 grade points. Sue Haswell Safety Award ROY CARPENTER Award I pl 'bfi OFFICERS President eauecaeu C C PATSY HOPKINS Vice President .... eee. R ICHARD MILLER Secretary .ee. .- .- ee., JUDY ADAMS Treasurer eeee JIMMY AKIN Reporter ,,eee, L ee.e DICKIE HICKERSON Project Chairman e.aae, L JANE RICHMOND seniors class of '57 The senior class had a very successful year working hard to earn money for the trip and the class gifts The class went to New Braunfels for a day of fun and laughs, coming home with memories never to be forgotten. At Commencement, Patsy Hopkins presented the gift, two motion picture screens, to Benny Griffin. EDWARD ADAMS JUDY ADAMS Band 55, 56, 57, Choir 55, Student 4-H 55, 56, 575 Tri-Hi-Y 55, 567 Pal Council 56, National Honor Society Am9l'IC3n 55, 56, 57: 5eCf9flf' 57, Sousa Award 57, Band officer Senior Class 57, Girls' Forum Rep 55, 56: Student director of band 57. 56, Homeroom officer 57. MARGARET ANN ADAMS 4-H 55, 56, 57, Thespian 55, 56, 57, Footlights 55, 56, 57, Latin Club 55, 56, 57, A Cappella chair 55, 56, 57, Citizen of the week 57, ADA AKINS secrefafy 4-H 55, vice President 4-H A Cappella Choir 57- 561 Secretary Latin Club 56, Presi- dent Thespian 575 Secretary 4-H 56. ll mfr-1 fa a MMIE AKIN in American 55, 56, "B" Associa- tn 56, 57, Valentine King 57, -nior Favorite 57, Treasurer Senior ass 57, Letter in basketball 57, tter in track 56, 57. AMES AMIS irbershop Quartet 57, Hi-Y 57, "B" ssociation 57, Letter in baseball ', Homeroom officer 57. ERRY WAYNE ARNOLD itirt Club 55, 56, 57, Band 55, 56, E Club 56, 57, Junior Frolics 56, :porter of DE Club 57. ENRY E. BATTEN, JR. 'idiron Club 57, "B" Association S, 57, Barbershop Quartet 57, tizen of the Week 57, Football tter 57, Baseball 55, 56, 57. ANNY BELL 5 Club 56. ROBERT LANE ALLEN Senior Frolics 57, Junior Rotarian we 'viii' f -of Ywi' 'T Kar' 'Zi' 57, Football letter 57. LORETTA ANDERSON Footlights 55, 56, 57, FHA 55, 56, 57, Thespians 57, Tri-Hi-Y 55, 56, Homeroom officer 56, Student Council 55, Girls' Forum Represen' tative 57. JUDY ASHCRAFT Mid-term graduate. RICHARD BATTEN 4-H 55, 56, FFA 55, 56. FRANK BENAVIDEZ FFA 56, 57, Tennis Club 56, 57 Letter in Tennis. ll3 1 MARY OLIVIA BERNAL Pan-American 55, 56, 57, Future Nurses 57. FLOYD CHARLES BORISKIE REBA BOX DE 57. J. R. BRAVENEC MALCOLM BREWER "B" Association 56, 57, FFA 55, 56, 57, Football co-captain 57, Two letters in football 56, 57, Secretary FFA 56, Treasurer FFA 57. II4 MYRNA LOUISE BLACK Pan-American Club 55, 56, A Ca, pella Choir 55, 56, Homerool officer 56, 57, Sophomore repn sentative to A Cappella Choir 54 DEANE JANIS BOTTER Corral Staff 55, 56, Pan-America 55, 56,.57, Footlights 55, 56, 51 Thespians 56, 57, FTA 56, 57, Qui and Scroll 56, 57, Bronco Staff 54 57, FHA 55, Tri-Hi-Y 56, 57, 51 Band 55, 56, 57, Who's Who 51 Senior Frolics, Senior Play, Junic Play, Student Council 57, Citizen c the week 57, Secretary FTA 56, Sew retary Band 57, Editor of Broncc Homeroom officer 55, 56. MARGARET ANN BOXLEY Pan-American 55, 56, 57, FHA 51 56, 57,.FootIights 56, 57, Band 51 56, 57. The last-minute "make-up" for opening night proved to be fun and exciting! ORTON BURKHALTER DE M. BURT " Association 56, 575 Barbershop iartet 56, 575 Gridiron club 55, , 575 Two letters in baseball5 rasurer of Barbershop Quartet 575 strict champs baseball team - 2 ars. ITO CANGELOSI otlights 55, 56, 575 Thespian 575 rbershop Quartet 575 Band 55, i, 57 Junior Play 565 Senior Play '5 Junior Frolics 565 Senior Frolics '5 Secretary of Footlights 57. 'ILLIAM E. CARTWRIGHT i" Association 56, 575 Barbershop Jartet 575 Hi-Y 575 Football 56, 575 seball 55, 56, 575 Basketball 575 esident of Boys' Quartet. ENE CHEATHAM A 55, 56, 575 vice President FFA 5 Homeroom officer 57. 35.1 'N--.. ik., QQ.. Q, . vglf W 'YV5 JACK BURNS Latin Club 55, 56, 575 Footlights 55, 56, 575 Thespians 57, Annual Staff 575 Hi-Y 56, 575 Barbershop Quartet 575 Junior Play 555 Senior Play 565 Junior Rotarian 555 Junior Frolic 565 Senior Forlics 575 Delegate to Hi-Y Youth and Government. CHESTER BYNUM Band 55, 56, 57, 4-H 57. ROY CARPENTER Pan-American 55, 565 Quill and Scroll 56, 575 National Honor So- ciety 575 Student Council 575 Corral staff 56, 575 Three letters in base- ball, DAR Good Citizen Award 575 Editor of Corral 575 Captain of team 575 Student Council Representative 57. MAURICE GENE CHAPMAN Barbershop Quartet 575 Manager basketball 575 Manager football 57. JAMES COE Barbershop Quartet 575 Norman Dansby Memorial Award 575 Cap- tain of football team 575 Homeroom officer 55. Il5 CHARLES COLE Hi-Y 55, 56, 57, Radio Club 55, 56, Barbershop Quartet 56, Footlights 55, 56, 57, Thespians 57, Latin Club 55, 56, 57, Corral Staff 55, 56, Bronco Staff 57, Junior Frolics 56, Senior Frolics 57, Junior Play 56, Senior Play 57, Band 55, Secretary Hi-Y 57, Homeroom Officer 56. CLARKE COOK Hi-Y 55, 56, 57, Footlights 55, 56, 57, Thespians 57, A Cappella Choir 55, 56, 57, whos who 57, National Honor Society 56, Corral Staff 56, Bronco Staff 56, 57, Senior Play, Junior Frolics, Senior Frolics, Vice President National Honor Society 57, Reporter Footlights 57, Reporter Hi-Y 57, Business Manager Bronco 57. DOROTHY CRIM Footlights 56, 57, Tri-Hi-Y 55, 56, Future Teachers 55, 56, 57, A Cappella Choir 55, 56, 57, Thespian 57, Pan-American 55, 56, 57, Junior Frolics, Choir letter. BINNIE ANNE DANSBY Footlights 55, 56, 57, Latin Club 55, 56, 57, Tri-Hi-Y 55, 56, FHA 57, A Cappella Choir 55, 56, 57, Bronco Staff 57, Choir letter, Homeroom officer 55, 56, 57, Business Manager of Bronco, Tri-Hi-Y representative to conference 56. CHARLES DAVIDOFF Footlights 55, 56, 57, Thespians 57, "B" Association 56, 57, Junior Play, Senior Play, Senior Frolics, Two letters in football, Two letters in track, All-District football. Ilb CONNIE COLE Footlights 55, 56, 57, Pan-America 55, 56, 57, Thespians 56, 57, Tri-H Y 55, 56, FTA 57, National Hon: Society 57, Junior Frolics 56, Senic Play student director 57, Homeroom officer 57, Vice President Thespiar 57. KENNETH COUGER Hi-Y 55, Homeroom officer 55, 54 Junior Play committee 56, Senic Play committee 57. CHARLES CUNNINGHAM Mid-term Graduate. NORMA DANSBY Footlights 55, 56, 57: Tri-Hi'Y 53 56, FHA 55, 56, 57, Student Counc 56, A Cappella Choir 55, 56, 51 FFA Sweetheart 57, Senior Favoriti Junior Favorite, Valentine Court 54 57, National Honor Society 54 Homecoming Court 55, 56, 51 Student Council Secretary 56, Cho Council 55, Homeroom officer 51 Girls' Forum Vice President 57. MARGARET DAVIS FHA ss, 56, Tri-Hi-Y 55, 56. 'ENDELL LEE WITHERS ESERN n'American 555 DE 575 Student xuncil 565 DE letter. ILL DOSS irbershop Quartet 575 Hi-Y 56, 575 tin Club 55, 56, 575 Boys' State i5 A Cappella Choir 575 Prince in alentine Court 56, 575 Junior Fa- xrite 565 Junior Play 565 Mr, S.F.A. '5 FHA Sweetheart 565 President rnior Class 565 President Student :dy 575 Vice President Choir 575 ice President Hi'Y 575 Homeroom ificer 55, 56. AMMY DWYER in-American 55, 56, 575 "B" As- ciation 55, 56, 575 Student Coun- 55, 575 Gridiron Club 555 Hi-Y '5 Class Favorite 555 Valentine Jurt 55, 575 Three letters in toot- ill, One baseball letter, All-District otball 575 All-District basketball '5 Two letters in basketball5 Track tter5 Vice President Sopl'1or'no'e 'ass 555 President Boys' Forum 57. ZUTH ESCOBEDA 'an-American 55, 56, 575 Band 55, 6,57 AARVIN EMSHOFF BURTIS RAE DOCKERY JAMES DOWLING DE Club 56, 575 DE Delegate to state convention 575 Reporter of DE Club 56. PATSY ELDRED PanfAmerican 55, 56, 575 FHA 55, TrifHifY 55, 565 Foollights 55, 56 575 Tltespians 56, 575 Band 55, 56 575 National Honor Society 57 Senior Play 575 Junior Play Commit tee 565 Citizen of the week 57 Twirler 56, 575 Junior Frolics 56 Girls' Forum Representative 55, 56 Band President 575 Tltespian Secrc taryflreasurer 575 Homeroom officer 55, 565 Outstanding band award 57 The football games were always exciting! M115 ' 'K 'sms 1 MARY FRANCES EVANS FHA 575 Library Club 56, 575 Treasurer Library Club 57. ROSS CHARLES FALCO Hi-Y 55, 565 Gridiron Club 555 Junior Frolics 565 "B" Association 55, 56, 575 Barbershop Quartet 565 Three letters in football5 Two letters in basketbaIl5 one letter track5 All- District football 565 Student Council 565 Homeroom officer 555 Boys' Forum Reporter 55. BEVERLY FINKE Tri-Hi-Y 565 FHA 56, 575 A Cappella Choir 56, 575 Homeroom officer 575 Girls' Forum Representative 57. SAM FORT, JR. Hi-Y 56, 575 Barbershop Quartet 575 National Honor Society 575 Pan- American 55, 56, 575 Homeroom officer 565 Stage Committee Junior Play 56. DONALD RAY FRANCIS 4-H 55, se, 57, Hi-Y 55, 56, 57, Corral Staff 575 Secretary 4-H 575 Vice President 4-H 555 Homeroom officer 575 Circulation Manager Cor- ral 57. II8 LEE FALCO Footlights 55, 56, 575 Hi-Y 55, 51 575 Thespians 575 Lone Star Boy State 565 Junior Rotarian 575 Pre: dent Footlights 56, 575 Senior Plz 575 Senior Frolics 575 Footligh Reporter 555 Homeroom officer 5. DOROTHY FAZZINO FHA 55, 565 Tri-Hi-Y 55, 565 DE 52 Homeroom officer 55, 565 Girl Forum representative 565 Studer Council 56, 57. MARTHA FLETCHER Tri-Hi-Y 56, 57, FHA 55, 56, 57 Pan-American 55, 56, 575 Senic Play 575 Senior Frolics 575 Nation: Honor Society 575 A Cappella Cho 56, 575 Homeroom officer 51 Fourth Vice President Girls' Forur 575 Girls' Forum Representative 54 LINDA MELISSA FOURAKEI Footlights 56, 575 Pan-American 54 Tri-Hi-Y 565 Girls'Forum represents tive 565 Bronco Staff 57. LYDIA MAE FRANCIS DE 57. DAVID S. GARCIA 'an-American 55, 56, 57. ZAROLYN GRAHAM HA 55, 56, 57, roamghis 55, 56, 7, Tri-Hi-Y 55, 56, Junior Frolics 6, Senior Frolics 57, Homecoming rincess 57, Homeroom officer 56. SORDON GREGG an-American 55, 56, 57, National Ionor Society 56, 57, Barbershop luartet 56, 57, Student Council 55, 7, Gridiron Club 55, .lunior Frolics 6, All-District football 56, Junior otarian 55, 56, 57, Three letters 1 football, Sophomore Class Presi- ent 55, Treasurer Pan-American 6, 57, Treasurer Student Council 7, Vice President Barbershop Quar- et 55, 56. BEORGE S. HAMILTON an-American 55, 56, 57, Barber- hop Quartet 56, 57, Radio Club 7, Junior Frolics 56, One letter in Jotball, President of Radio Club 7, Homeroom officer 57, BILLY HARE LOUISE GLOVER EDWARD GREGG Barbershop Quartet 56, Homeroom officer 57. PHYLLIS MARIE GRIZZAFFI FFA Sweetheart 55, Yell leader 56, 57, Head Yell leader 57, Princess on Valentine Court 57, Junior Fro- lics 56, Senior Frolics 57, FHA 55, 56, 57, Tri-Hi-Y 55, 56, Bronco Staff 67, Library Club 56, Student Council 55, 57, Library helper 55, 56, Usherette Senior Play 57, Citizen of the week 57, Homeroom officer 55, Two letters for yell leader. MARTHA HANUS 4-H 55, 56, 57, Pan-American 55, 56, Girls' Forum Reader 55, 56, 57, National Honor Society 56. MATTIE HARRISON DE 56, 57, Tri-Hi-Y 55, Outstanding DE Student Award 57, Delegate to two state conventions 56, 57, First Vice President DE 56, President DE Club 57. II9 ROLAND HARRISON Hi-Y 55, 565 Barbershop Quartet 565 Track 555 Homeroom officer 55. STUART HELVEY Hi-Y 575 Barbershop Quartet 575 Gridiron 565 "B" Association 55, 56, 575 Three letters football , Co- captain football 575 Most Valuable Player Award 565 All-district 56, 575 All State 575 All Central Texas Squad 575 Homeroom officer 575 Student Council 555 Hi-Y officer 56. LUPE C. HERNANDEZ Pan-American Club 565 FHA 555 Band 56, 575 Girls' Forum Repre- sentative 56, 57. PHYLLIS RAE HOLLINGER Library Club 575 Tri-Hi-Y 555 Secre- tary Library Club 57. PATSY HOPKINS Tri-Hi-Y 55, 56, 575 FHA 56, 575 Footlights 55, 56, 575 Thespians 56, 575 Pan-American 55, 56, 57, msc Delegate 575 Senior Play 575 Valen- tine Queen 575 Miss S.F.A. 575 Junior Frolics 565 Senior Frolics 575 Secretary Junior Class 565 President Senior Class 575 Student Council 55, 56, 575 Tri-Hi-Y5 Vice President, Secretary 57. I20 JO ANN HAVEL Tri-Hi-Y 55, 565 FHA 56, 575 Junio Frolics 565 FHA Historian and Re porter 575 Homeroom officer 55, 57 ANDREW R. HERNANDEZ Pan-American 575 Barbershop Quai tet 575 Delegate for Pan-American Club 57. DICKY HICKERSON Hi-Y 55, 56, 575 Thespians 575 "B' Association 55, 56, 575 Footlight: 55, 56, 575 Barbershop Quartet 55 56, 575 Two letters in baseball5 Om letter basketball5 All-district basebal 565 Hi-Y Delegate 565 Reporte Senior Class 575 Treasurer Boys Forum 575 Secretary Hi'Y 56. Patsy Hopkins, Senior Class President, seems to be a little worried! OYCE HORN 'i4Hi-Y 56, A Cappella Choir 55, 5, 57, Pan-American 55, 56, 57, -IA 55, 56, 57, Secretary of FHA 7, National Honor Society 57, omeroom officer 57, Choir letter 3 years? Girls' Forum Rep, 56. OBBY HUGHES :tin Club 55, 56, 57, Radio Club 5, 56, 57, Student Council 56, 57, aporter-Radio Club 55, 56, OBBIE JEAN JONES iid-term graduate IERRY NELL JONES .ibrary Club 56, Reporter Library :lub 56. 'IM MAX KENNEDY JE Club 57, Homeroom officer 56. .pn-an W? at BARBARA HUDSON Mid-term graduate. RODNEY JACKSON Barbershop Quartet 57, Hi-Y 57, Thespian 57, Bronco Staff 57, Track 57, Senior Play 57, Senior Declama- tion 57, Homeroom officer 57, Sports staff 57, Delegate for Hi-Y to San Antonio 57. GALE JEANINE JONES A Cappella Choir 55, 56, 57, Stu- dent Council 57, National Honor Society 57, Thespians 57, Corral Staff 57, Assistant editor Corral 57, Junior Play 56, Senior Play 57, Junior Frolics 56, Secretary Choir 57, Girls' Forum Rep. 55, 56, Home- room officer 55. THOMAS JONES Radio Club 57, Secretary-Treasurer Radio Club 57. DONALD KOCMAN FFA 55, 56, 57, Junior Farm Skill team 56, Senior Farm Skill team 57, Poultry iudging team 55, 56, Radio Broadcasting team 56, FFA Green- hand secretary 57. l2l JOE BILL KROLCZYK "B" Association 56, 57, Track 'letter- man 56, 57, Homeroom officer 57. ABLE LARA Pan-American 57, Band 55, 56, "B" Association l year basketball letter- man. GEORGE LEIGHMAN ROSA MARY LOPEZ Pan-American 55, 56, 57, FHA 55, 56, 57, Library Club 56, 57, Future Nurses 57. LYNDA LYNCH Pan-American 55, 56, 57, Tri-Hi-Y 55, 56, FHA 55, 56, Future Teacher 57, Footlights Club 55, 56, 57, Thespians 57, Bronco Staff 57, Senior Play 57, Junior Frolics 56, Senior Forlics 57, President Future Teachers 57, Reporter Pan-American 57. l22 JEANETTE KUBIN Future Teachers 56, 57, Songleadr 57, Pan-Am Club 56, 57, Footligh 57, Student Council 57, Homerool officer 56. JIMMY LEFEVRE BARBARA LERO FHA 55, 56, 57, Tri-Hi-Y 55, 56 Girls' Forum Rep. 56, FHA Parlia mentarian 57, Junior Frolics 56 Usherette for Senior Play 57. STEVE LOWRY Band 57, A Cappella Choir 57 Homeroom officer 57. H. C. MANNING Homeroom officer 55. SEATRICE H. MARIN 'an-American 55, 56, 57, Footlights 5, 56, 57, Thespian 57, Future lurses 57, Band 55, 56, 57, FHA 15, 56, Vice President Future Nurses 17. EALPH MATHIS BAYLE MAYHUGH ri-Hi-Y 56, Future Nurses 57, Band 6, 57, Corresponding Secretary uture Nurses 57. .OIS FAY MEIER FE Club 57, Tri-Hi-Y 55, FHA 55, uture Nurses 57, Homeroom officer 5, 57. BARBARA METZER ri-Hi-Y 55, 56, FHA 55, 56, 57, iirls' Forum Representative 57. KATHY MARTINDALE FHA 55, 56, 57, Tri-Hi-Y 55, Class Favorite 55, Duchess Valentine Court 55, Student Council 55, FHA District Recording Secretary 55, Class Secre- tary 55, Senior Frolics 57, Senior Play Committee, Usherette 57, Jun- ior Frolics 56, Homeroom officer 55, 56, 57. CHARLES R. MAULDIN Footlights 55, 56, 57, Thespian 57, Junior Frolics 56, Senior Frolics 57, Bronco Staff 57, Corral Staff 55, 56, 57, Junior Rotarian 57, Home- room officer 55, 56, 57. CAROLINE MCDONALD FHA 56, 57, Future Teachers 57, Tri-Hi-Y 56, 57, Footlights 56, 57, Homeroom officer 57, Treasurer Fu- ture Teachers 56, 57. The Junior-Senior Prom is one activity the Seniors will never forget! RICHARD MILLER Latin Club 55, 56, 57, Pan-American 56, 57, 4-H 55, 56,A Cappella Choir 55, Hi-Y 56, 57, Barbershop Quartet 57, One letter in football 57, Presi- dent Pan-American 57, Student Council 56, Secretary Boys' Forum 56, Vice President Senior Class 57, Homeroom officer 55. CARL MOEHLMAN Pan-American 55, 56, 57, National Honor Society 56, 57, President A Cappella Choir 57, Vice President Pan-American 57, Vice President National Honor Society 57, A Cappella Choir 55, 56, 57, Choir letter K3 yearsl. PHIL MONTALBANO Vice President FFA 56, FFA 55, 56, 57, Outstanding Future Farmer 56, Outstanding FFA Poultry Award 56, Third place Area Dairy .Judging 56, Lone Star Farmers' Degree 56, "B" Team letterman 55, 56, Footlights 57, Vice President FFA District I 56, 57, Gridiron Club 55, Third high individual Dairy Judging at District, Grand Champion Steer at County Fair. JACK MOONEY Footlights 55, 56, 57, Hi-Y 55, 56, 57, Radio Club 56, Thespians 57, A Cappella Choir 55, 56, 57, Swimming Team 55, 56, Corral Staff 56, 57, Junior Play 56, Senior Play 57, Junior Frolics 56, Senior Frolics 57, Co-Sports Editor, Pho- tographer Bronco, Treasurer-Reporter Thespian 57, Sports editor Corral 56, 57. ' JERRY MOSLEY Radio Club 56. it .5 , av-vm. I 24 I' Ii, EDDIE MIZE "B" Association 57, One lteter i football, Homeroom officer 57. OLIVIA BEATRICE MONCIVAIS Pan-American 55, 56, 57, Futurt Nurses 57, FHA 55, 56, 57, Foot lights 55, 56, 57, Thespians 57 Girls' Forum Representative 56. JAMES MOON Library Club 56, Merit Award 54 SAM J. MORELLA DE Club 55, Radio Club 57. SIDNEY MURPHY Junior Frolics 56, Track 56, 57 Barbershop Quartet 56, 57. OYDE RAY NASH arbershop Quartet 575 Homeroom fficer 57. ATSY NEVILL and 55, 56, 57, FHA 55, 56, 'i-Hi-Y 55, 565 Band librarian 575 iirls' Forum Representative 575 icket committee, Senior Play 57. LLOVER L. NICKERSON ne letter in track5 Homeroom ificer57. 'EGGY NORCROSS HA 55, 565 Tri-Hi-Y 555 Homeroom fficer 56. XLVIN L. NOVOSAD FA 55, 56, 575 Outstanding Future armers Award 575 Junior Rotarian 75 Secretary FFA 57. STANLEY J. NEMEC "B" Association 575 Barbershop Quartet 575 Homeroom officer 575 One letter football. TRAVIS NEVILL Pan-American 55, 56, 575 Hi4Y 55, 56, 575 "B" Association 55, 56, 57, Best Linesman Award 56, 575 All- District football 575 Second-team all state football 575 Second team All- District basketball 575 Three letters in football5 Two, basketball, Three, Track5 President Hi-Y 575 Homeroom Officer 55, 56, 57. JOHNNY NIEDERAUER Hi-Y 56, 575 "B" Association 55, 56, 575 Most Valuable player 575 Three football letters5 Three baseball letters5 All-District football 575 All- District baseball 565 One basketball letter5 Student Council 56, 575 Sec- retary Boys' Forum 575 Sergeant-at- arms Hi-Y 57. CAROLYN NORMAN Pan-American 56, 575 Tri-Hi-Y 565 Footlights 56, 575 Future Teachers 575 Sophomore Class President 565 Student Council 575 Homeroom offi- cer 56, 57. REBECCA ANN PACK FHA 56, 575 Footlights 56, 575 Tri- Hi-Y 56, 575 Junior-Senior Banquet Committee 575 Junior Play Com- mittee 575 Homeroom officer 56, 57. I25 MILTON PALASOTA I-ii-Y 55, 56, Radio Club 55, 56, DONALD PARSONS Letter in swimming 555 Homeroom officer 555 Senior Play committee 57. GLENDA PEERY Band 555 Footlights 55, 56, 575 Pan-American 55, 56, 575 FHA 55, 565 Tri-Hi-Y 55, 565 Thespians 575 Junior Frolics 565 Junior Play Com- mittee 565 Homeroom officer 55, 56, 575 Girls' Forum Executive Council 55, 56, 57. PAT PETROSKI FHA 56, 575 Footlights 575 Tri-Hi-Y 55, 565 Library Club 555 Junior Frolics 565 Senior Frolics 575 Usher- ette Senior Play 57. OLEN POPE I26 BILLY CARR PARRISH Footlights 55, 56, 575 Thespian 56, 575 National Honor Society 57 Latin Club 55, 56, 575 Band 55 56, 575 Debate Club 575 Hi-Y 55 56, 575 Junior Play 565 Senior Play 575 Who's Who 575 Boys' State 57 District Debater Champs 575 Studen Council Parliamentarian 575 Uniforn Technician, Band 56. JANIE PATRANELLA FHA 55, 56, 575 Tri-Hi-Y 55, 56 Bronco Staff 575 Junior Frolics 56 Senior Frolics 575 President FHA 57 Treasurer FHA 565 Secretary-Treas urer Tri-Hi-Y 555 Homeroom office 55, 565 Office helper 56. RICHARD PENA Backstage at the Senior play seal as nh DEL POTTS H 55, 56, 57, "B" Association 55, v, 57, President 4-H 56, 57, Three tters in track, Co-Captain of track am 57. ERNANDO V. QUINTERO in-American 55, 56, 57. UDOLPH F. RAHNERT tdio Club 56, 57. IADE RAWLS ack letterman 55, 56, 57, Football 'terman 56, 57, "B" Association t, 57. EAN ROBERT -Hi-Y 57, Footlights 55, Latin ub 55, 56, 57, Pan-American 57, :tional Honor Society 57, Quill d Scroll ,56, Chaplain Girls' Forum , Vice President Junior Class 56, :dent Council 55, Reporter Sopho- :re Class 55, Vice President Tri- -Y 57, Assistant Editor Bronco 56. MARVIN PUSTKA Barbershop Quartet 57, Pan-Ameri- can 55, 56, Hi-Y 55, 56, 57, 4-H 55, Junior Frolics 56, Senior Frolics 57, Secretary Barbershop Quartet 56, Homeroorn officer 57. ALTA FAYE TAYLOR RAACK Tri-Hi-Y 55, 56, FHA 57, Pan- American 55, 56, 57, A Cappella 55, 56, 57, All-State Choir 56, 57, Reporter-Historian, Choir 57, Girls' Forum Representative 56, Choir letter C3 yearsl PETE RAMIREZ Pan-American 55, 56, 57, "B" Asso- ciation 56, 57, One letter baseball. JANE GAIL RICHMOND Footlights 55, 56, 57, Thespians 56, 57, Tri-Hi-Y 55, 56, 57, DAR Citizen- ship Award 57, National Honor Society 56, 57, Who's Who 56, 57, Junior Play 56, Senior Play 57, Citizen of the Week 57, Student Council 55, 56, Secretary Girls' Forum 56, Second Vice President Girls' Forum 57, President Tri-Hi-Y 57, Assistant Business Manager Bronco 56, Project chairman Senior Class 57, Homeroom officer 55, 57. JIMMY ROBERTS Pan-Amercian 55, 56, 57, Hi-Y 56, 57, One letter basketball, Stage manager Junior Play and Senior Play, Junior Frolics 56, Basketball "B" Team 55, 56. l27 GILBERT ROCHA Pan-American 55, 56, 57. PHILIPPA SALCIDO Pan-American 55, 56, 57. CHARLES EUGENE SCHLIEKER Radio Club 56, 57. MELVIN SEAY Junior Frolics 56, Homeroom officer 57. HERMAN SIEGERT Track 567 Football 565 Senior Frolics 57, Homeroom officer 56, 57. I28 JOHNNY RUIZ Pan-American 55, 56, 57. CECILIA SALINAS KATHLEEN SEALE Footlights 55, 56, 57, Thespiaf 56, 57, Pan-American 56: Seni: Play 57, Lafin Club 55, 56, 5f Tri-Hi-Y 55, 56, Future Teachers 5' FHA 575 Bronco Staff 575 Vic Presidem Footlights 571 Homecor ing duchess 57, Delegate Tri-Hi- Convention 57p Photographer Junie Class 56. CAROL JANE SEIDERS Tri-Hi-Y 55, 56, 575 Latin Club 5 56, 57, Vice President 565 Secretai homeroom, Senior Play Cast, Non' nee for Homecoming Queen, Repc ter Girls' Forum, Danforth Found tion Award 57. WILMA SIMMONS Pan-American 55, 56, 57, Nalion Honor Society 57, Homeroom officl 55, 56, 57. BARBARA DYER SMITH HA 55, 56, 57, Footlights 56, 57, ibrary Club 56, 4-H 55, 56, A 'appella Choir 56. lATSY RAIE SMITH ri-Hi-Y 55, 56, FHA 55, 56, 57, ootlights 55, 56, 57, Future Teach- rs 56, Library Club 56, Junior rolics 56, Senior Frolics 57, Senior lay, Usherette 57, Bronco Staff 57, Iomeroom officer 55, 56, Girls' orum Representative 57. JILLIE MAC TATE a-Y 55, 56, 57, Debate Club 57, Cappella Choir 55, 56, 57, Pan- merican Club 55, 56, "B" Associa- Jn 56, 57, Two letters football, rst, Extemporaneous speaking Dis- ict 57, Parliarnentarian Hi-Y 57. IIRGINIA THILTGEN HA 55, 56, DE 57, Tri-Hi-Y 55, 56, .rt Editor Corral 55, Art editor ronco 56, ANETTE ANN TKAC 'i-Hi-Y 55, 56, FHA 55, 56, 57, brary Club 56, Bronco Staff 57, ell leader 56, 57, National Honor :aciety 57, Junior Frolics 56, Senior 'olics 57, Library helper 56, Library lub Vice President 56, Two letters all leader, Usherette, Senior Play 7, Homeroom officer 55, 56. Q' 293 -,575 X an W 1"f'h"1r 'wi' , 4-."' ix wh X BOBBIE JEAN SMITH FHA 55, 56, 57, Tri-Hi-Y 56, 57. Pan-American 55, 56, 57, Girls' Forum Executive Council 57, Junior Play, Usherette 56. JACKIE STEPHENSON Band 55, 56, 57, Tri-Hi-Y 57, Pan- Amercian 55, 56, 57, A Cappella Choir 56, 57, Junior Frolics 56, First Division Band Solo, Ensemble Contest 56, All-Region Band 57, Girls' Forum Representative 57. PATRICIA ANN PLAGENS TAYLOR 4-H 55, FHA 55, 56, 57, Tri-Hi-Y 56, Bronco Staff 57, Footlights 57, Yell Leader 57, Junior Frolics 56, Senior Frolics 57, Secretary-Treasurer Tri-Hi-Y 56, Student Council 55, FHA State Meeting 56. JOE BROOKS THOMPSON "B" Association 56, 57, National Honor Society 57, Three letters baseball, Captain basketball team 57, All-District basketball 57, Two letters basketball, All-District base- ball 56, 57, All-state basketball, Junior Rotarian 57, Homeroom offi- cer 57. NORMA UDASH EN Pan-American 55, 56, 57, Footlights 56, Tri-Hi-Y 55, 56, Future Teachers 57, DAR History Award 56, National Honor Society 57, Secretary Future Teachers 57, Homeroom officer 57. I29 BILLY VANCE Radio Club 565 Hi-Y 565 Barbershop Quartet 56, 575 A Cappella Choir 55, 575 National Honor Society 575 Junior Play 565 Senior Play 575 Who's Who 575 Senior Frolics 575 Junior Frolics 565 Junior Rotarian 575 Student Council 575 Vice Presi- dent Student Body 575 Secretary Choir 575 Junior'Class officer 565 Student Council convention in Hous- ton 575 Delegate to "Youth in Government" 56. TONY VARISCO Senior Frolics 575 Senior Play 57. FRANK WALLIN Homeroom officer 55. JAMES O. WHEAT DE 575 Homeroom officer 55, 56. JAMES WILLARD WILLIAMS Barbershop Quartet 575 President Barbershop Quartet 575 Homeroom officer 55, 56, 57, I30 PAT VA NCE Mid-term graduate JERRY WALKER DE Club 56, 575 Vice President DE Club 575 Delegate to State Convention in DE 565 Homeroom officer 56. KAY WEBB National Honor Society 56, 57, Student Council 565 Thespians 56 575 Pan-American 55, 56, 575 Foot lights 56, 575 FHA 56, 575 Who': Who 575 Twirler 55, 565 Feature Twirler 575 Junior Play 565 Seniot Play 575 Senior Frolics 575 Citizer of the week 575 Homecoming Duch ess 575 Girls' Forum President 57 FHA President 565 Band letter District officer FHA 57. This is what happens to Seniors when they are first-year lettermen as portrayed by James Amis and Stanley Nemec. B. WILSON E Club 56, 575 Sports editor of arral 555 "B" Association 555 Pan- nerican Amateur Hour 565 Toast- aster at DE Banquet 57. LSIE JUNE YEAGER 'IA 55, 56, 575 4-H 55, 565 Tri- i-Y 55, 565 Pan-American 55, 565 'ce President 4-H 55. ARBARA ZWEIFEL in-American 55, 56, 575 Tri-Hi-Y i, 565 National Honor Society 575 irla' Forum Secretary-Treasurer 575 ce President 4-H 575 Homeroom Ificer 55. Pictures Not Available ROBERT CANALES ROBERT DeMOTTIER JOHNNY PAHOLEK DANIEL SHOPPE SYLVIA VELASCO JAMES VERNON JOE WINN Barbershop Quartet 575 Junior Fro- Iics 565 Senior Frolics 575 Student Council 555 Homeroom officer 55, 57. PEGGY JOYCE YOUNG Pan-American 55, 56, 575 4-H 55, 56, 575 Tri-Hi-Y 55, 565 National Honor Society 575 Reporter 4-H 56, 575 Homeroom officer 56, 57. I3I CLASS OFFICERS Back row: Alvin Schiller, Secretary, Bennie Griffin, President, Mickey Ross, Vice President. Front row: Kakey Griffin, Reporter, Charles Burley, Treasurer, Gates Whitley, Chaplain. Bonnie Angus Carolyn Ayers James Ayers Mariorie Bain Glen Ray Baker Janice Beal Barney Blackburn juniors class of '58 Ronnie Allen Charles Andrus Mildred Bonio Jake Boriskie Victoria Bosquez Linda Brady Pauline Brewster John Buffington Charles Burley Sue Burlin Billie Jean Blazek John Bonifazi George Bond ,.., ,iznxzfw " at t i, ii. gy , . . M M Lf? .. ,fm fa f age? , -K - in-'1,i:', 5 , 7 i l 4 X' J 1 U T Y lx, 4 m X . l W I fl sl' Lia, 3 M.. N 5 1 in '- fy ' H J Zig: 'Aw 9 ai U K ttf "-l ' iei, B . s f ifa ara- J i 'N X C I fin., ' ' 1 . I 4' I C if-A 5' - 'Qi ' x K ' l Y fm : A Eigsilil-gy - fi? P ' 10 X Q Q . xx i Q- K . . tif. , Y in ...K ,gi i ,Fry ,. R 'K it C ., .V i ., W gif. . ' X' ' "5 . .. I 'f '1 i r 'P ' iii 9' xv- C N Q .C ' - i in J fgfi A 1 lf ' ,'., C V 'X --r.r as ' Wir. . f- W 1 1 I Gayle Burrage Judy Butler Eugene Byars Melvin Byers Charles Cahill Judy Cannon Robert Carleton Bill Carmichael Lynn Ray Carter Allen Cassens Nina Ruth Clary Phil Collins Manx I33 M Www - 1 ,,,V fn ' Q9 ,. fl' 1 i i 9 3. : QC D ' ' ' .:: Wi . , uw, , ,., it'y2 3 . Q7 y In fe -me ' g -ff- W gl 4 SN' is l Mike DeWey Lorita Donaho Charlotte Duckett Betty Duron Mary Edge Stephanie Elliott Ann Elliott Benny Ellison Sammy Enloe Sudie Flatt Freddie Forstoff George Fort .vi W it 5. , if 'M 5 . ' 1 Tommy Compton . I trrr' Eugene Cordero gf? 1, Lou Cotltran 5 i W' is - :,l mi 4 M l .ww to i,,, A f-my ,, r,. . ..,,..,,,,i y Efif ' It , i F Jim CoVan Mary Creed Donald Crowley Walter Dahlberg Algie Davis Connie Davis Virginia Davis Jane Delaplane ' 'ltgty QW fi K zu l i, dab 'HF lngffff' i t .9152 -'lx vw- Vw in "R'C"Y 7- ' :N -7 ,, . -- V. , 1. I l H ' 4 w-.- 21 igrgj I V ' A 'K , ., ., fu'-rg 5.1 t ' rf: QQ ' V -,':35f,51fj'j is., ' A 3 ' ,". r f -, E Q f I K M ,,,,,,.,,. Q,-k Vryk i , 5 A : K kr 'rar l K 'fig'-ivi lilig Ei' t"t gg ' ' " -- ,gags bt S ,wt li A, Danny Fuschak Johnnie Garner Billy Ray Garrison Lillian Gaston Roy Glover Norman Godwin Loretta Goode Dianne Griesser Pat Foster Louis Free Pat Fridel f Q so ,W J Qy if l 'W , , E g:i.i'a.: 1 1 ,gif .fi,- ' A . T ii , r,, J - J in iifii eiee gig ',. B 8 if lllll J ' J ai Q . A A N. f--2 X 5 7 Lg in ? 'W-s is f My-x W, x 1, Q , im. 22 , 1 .J , K lil 'A f -2 ' - ff. 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' 1-HPV' ,,. -Qi if E W ssss sei qv K- iii .- , V S f J 55 i ,. - ff' s iVa Q '-sq.,-1 3 Arr is Earnest Lewis Julia Lindley Raymond Lieghman Katherine Lero Jack Lester Buddy Luther Pat Luza Catherine McAliley Jimmy McClellan Milton McCoy Carolyn McDonald bg. Q. K I ails? . K .. L ,FK .M 4, , ,cam . K Li. i.,.i.t ,...: G K . . ..., .357 wk.. S k JH :f.Tf?'5fE5l 1: wc. , ,... . . ,, . , Slliiiir Wil L, ,T 55 M. V L F L . Q Ili ig ' iffizzxx' ' 4 1 'S a tc 1 ,li,,7., ,Z 'tk i-it cs' R t 5 X it 2 L Aff? if 3 . N-5,1-V N'21 lj.. I 2 is 3? wi , X Nam. A L . 5J':Q1lI . ' s 1 , :f so - V- L 343 ,. -my Q QXK-ff: fl s X ' Us I-Q-:L ' ..., 1 XSEX Q' Wai xv- Ns L sax xx age 5, ia X x 'S' s Qs? as L l ei W X ii , eyii y 'wif - . , s lt v,- - A L, -V ,ir V rzzxzz- -.s:.q:a..:-1 ' r L J .. e t Q f me I df V 11. .. We-wa Q t 5 L -sf K ,H 9 J I 5 Ng r this '- 2 as ' ix it i' N fl is 9.255 'Q Q Y El' tl? FM up J ,K X bw if L Q as 1 1 X w A 6 1 ,yy 'Q 'vm-. wg., ,nv ' ..,,. nee- 'W x ia. Kay McDonald Tommy McDonald Myrna McGuire Nell McLain Jerry Marriott Judy Massie Jenny Mayfield David Medina Lionel Milberger Louis Milberger Billy Milberger David Mooney nf if 1, D 2 nt A ,i . xg .. .- ,ai Q1 Q,-is 1 F Y 'Nl an l37 'jing Q N., series' 2 - 4' , J ,fjgw Sam Nigh H. K. Odom Helen Odstrcil Glenn Officer Bette Orr Johnny Page Sammy Pate Jeanette Patrick Lupe Pena Dorothy Penicka Darlene Phillips David Phillips I38 'WE Charles Moore George Moore Richard Moore Q Z J J Q s s sm Qs ya yss ?y Leslie Morello Jean Morris Charlie Munoz Johnny Munoz Betty Jo Murry Earl Nash Patsy Nash Dixie Nichols Jhq., , .R 'W 'CN fix.. Q 'M-N- 3' f Dale Porter Norris Pritchard Nancy Rains Elsie Raupe Richard Reiser Nathlan Rezzoffi Charles Ribardo Nancy Robinson 'QQ' Sammy Piccolo Edward Pivonka Wandalena Poehl 5 ar' 'L 0' , I V S l l -'S . L. ':-.', is 2 K 5' W I fis h nb. 3 E5 Q 1- dim s z H' iw .BMW , y 1 f fi N li x 'l Ik I an 'Cf-3' Qi , N K . r ,.:i, i S I S i -Vl, .:k kk . ..c. 4 Iii: ' ' 'sfi' lffiff: V 1 iv- fx, l 1 n I Ronnie Rosprim Johnny Rocha Mickey Ross Carolyn Rumfield Carolyn Ryan Beatrice Scanlin Alvin Schiller Gail Schlesselman James Seay Lloyd Sheffield Gary Sherrill Patsy Siegert l Carla Thomas Pete Thompson Jack Thomsen Mary Todd Bob Turk Robert Van Winkle Mary Alice Velasquez Hardy Weedon Geneva Wehring Jeanell Westmorland Denny Wheelan Earl White Keith Sinclair Anna Jo Slaughter Virginia Smith Pat Spell Ray Stanford Charles Stewart Rosella Stewart Jack Stockton Barbara Taylor Peggy Thames Edgar Thieleman Otis Williams Marcia Williamson Jay Willmann Tommy Wilson Gary Woodard Don Wynn Bobby Yeager Mary Louis Zatopek JoAnna White Gates Whiteley Bobby Wilcox Pictures Not Available Pete Lero Daniel Lopez James Opersteny Pat Powell Bill Putz Doug Stallings Cecilia Zemanek Uldric Zemanek Jerry Zimmerman Gerald Zubic sophomores class of '59 g oooooo Egjfjiig , 1 .Sm K' A .,-, ar, -M , st, 4, 1 ., '- .:- ., J++, . , :fig ' 5 Qt, X " ' W54fi83",.'5-' lg f ,iigfff 2, W 'Q B fr . ' 1 A , . 'V A J' , t ti A 'T 2 , - r 'f l -lbw it-fs 'L- 'W' President, Hugh Seale, Vice President, Ronnie Marshall Secretary Linda Cobb, Treasurer, Brazos Varisco, Reporter, Jonnie Young Parliamentarian, Gene Thomas. James Allen John Allphin Margaret Allred Martha Amis Maxine Autrey Janie Avila Roger Ayers Claudette Baker Marion Baker Lynda Ball Martha Batten Robert Batten R. A. Bell Billy Berry Martha Bingham Joseph Birdwell Beverly Bledsoe Anthony Boatcallie Betty Bolton Patsy Bolton Peggy Bolton Joe Bill Bornnskie Annette Bomnskie Debbie Boriskie Gladys Boyett Frank Bravenec Brenda Brown Jimmy Bruns Eunice Burkbalter Lanny Burkhalter Morris Burkhalter Betty Burleson Elaine Burt Ealine Cargill Pinky Carll Margaret Carpenter Linda Carrell Bobby Carter Billy Don Catalena Lena Catalena Margaret Chapman Sandra Clark Larry Cliff Linda Cobb Donald Cole Gwen Collier za, jp , ug--v-.-.,, 'EVE 'FIT' x .--1' f Hs ,W nukes 'bij :ggi .. - -1 K ,J-15, WG' 1147 K1 lr.: 1 6 M. .QW ' srti C ll A. r 9, 1 . . D 5 tm , 1 V N , i i if an E 9 is. . fl - Q r g7""' 'sl C ' '. A . .K 1-mr-' ,F , . or l g i SN! im. Bill Colson Jackie Connor Freida Contreras Bradford Cook Bill Cooper Nancy Cordell John Cornelius Henry Cortez Lee Courtney Sloan Crim Mary Cueller Eddie Daniel Tommy Daniel Betty Dehart Margaret Dehlinger Sara Dillingham Charles Dobbs Milton Dockery Glenn Dowling Vince Duchmansclo Pauline Duron Pam Durre Corky Dyer Elaine Eason Bill Eddington Barbara Elliott Wanda Elliott Geraldine Ellis John Faubion Hardy Faullc Katherine Fazzino Lunette Fazzino Sudie Flatt Sandra Fleclcenstein Henrietta Foster Dominga Garza Thomas Garrett Nancy Gerke Alwilliam Ginzil Doretta Glover Manuel Gomez Milton Gossett Sandra Grady Jimmy Gray Glenn Gregg Sandra Gregg Louis Griffin Leo Grimaldo Brad Gunnelson Kenneth Hallaran Kay Hart Johnny Hartsfield Jimmy Head Merle Hicks Tommy Holiday Donald Hollinger . .N it 3' T' sat im' AL- X 1 VK an 422' Y fx 1 ' ,I J ll. 9 ,gh . Q I 1 i l 9' ' .- .4uAvlli do Q K 1, f.. in D1 'fx ik .5 Ji Q S - v:x.'f S i F X 7 x all Q i -NW 'Nm ff aw T, W' -J .1 L 1 4 wr 104 K 'S aa i A er? ' -- '7 xiii-Six L an-,ia if W! ii i X ' X Lai 0'-. 'Vx em ' :dass is gl i Q :RE sw '4 E if L M Q, -' E' i n :Al A :...,:, Nl, ls Douglas Hollornan Robert Holub Paul Hofard Ellen Howell Edward Hubacek Donnie Hughes Ann llschner Edgar llschner Ronnie lsham Sheila Jackson Madeline JandT Jane Jones Benny Jones Nelda Jopp Pal Keefer Eugene Kennedy Mike Kerley Juslin Kidd David Kindt Norma Kind? Donnie King Paula Kirby Mary Krolczyk Johnnie Kuder Larry Landry Jackie Lane Angela Lazarone Cam Lee Jimmy Lewis Larry Locke Mary Ann Locke Augustine Lopez JoAnn Lopez James Lumpkin Joseph Luther David Lynch David McCormick Julia McCulley Sue McElfish Johnny McGovern Valgene McLean Annie Laura McLewis Judy McPherson Marilyn Mallard JoAnn Marriot Ronnie Marshall Jeanette Martin Bobby Mathis Donald Mathis John Mathis Lloyd Maxwell Eddie Mayfield Betty Mehn Carolyn Merka Wayne Merrell Carroll Moehlman 3 it if tc hi SEK g m Q Q s o wma a I in-bf" ,Q " QQ, as sms ,sa Q :vagal my X f KW , wx, xg yf, p A rk 1 , 1 3 .. -- ' ax- ' 'Jin : ., 1, '- X 'R f 1, fp! 5 , g ,, .i fn' D -K. 2. -wtf . .4-S' H11 x . 3 fn 'mm Qi mn- 3 is V... fv- vx 1 fy-...,l L NJ V. Magdalena Moncivias Naomi Montoya Sammy Montoya Harvey Moore Robert Moore Jack Morris Evelyn Mosley Martha Muzny Lois Nash Elaine Nedbalek Bonnie Neville Charles Nichols Sharlene Nixon Esther Norcross Earl Northcut Martha Novak Joe Daniel Novasod Rosalie Olexey Judy Oliver Joyce Pack Ann Page Kenneth Patranella Tony Patranella Danny Philip Walter Plagens Ruclell Poehl Ann Porter Jimmy Potts Elaine Price Marcia Ransom Owen Ray Jimmy Restivo Linda Reslivo Wallace Richards Thomas Riley Linda Rodgers Elaine Rosier L. J. Ruffino G. W. Russel Philip Russel Pat Rye Charles Salvaggio JoAnn Saculla R. H. Schlieker Donald Schultz Janice Schuliz Shirley Schultz Dicky Scott Hugh Seale Donald Seay Travis Sellers Charles Sheldon Clyde Sides Marie Sikorski Mary Skains Frankie Skrhak K . -ng. ..-,-wi o r 1- is . I K X me A48 '41 6, 43 2. f' if S' fr' J J" cf:7 . if -,X -5 A, 4 ,fggf-CQ T" fi. av ,av 'N 5. , 0... 1 ..-- 3 3 5 CZ 90 ESQ 'lF""Q ,-..,f if? 'CTI' ,l'.!',s -13 xg 1 Jessica Sledge Jimmy Small Donald Smith John Smith Angelina Sodolak Angelina Stratta Mary Ann Stratta Ann Sullivan Stephanie Swafford John Syptak H. A. Taylor Mary Ann Thames Barbara Thomas Gene Thomas Mary Jo Thompson James Touchstone David Treio Ellen Trenkman Morris Tuck Wanda Tuttle Joe Urbanovsky Albert Vaquero Brazos Varisco Kenneth Vaughn Bobby Vernon Bill Wallace Jerry Watson Windol Weaver Jimmie Youngblood Pictures Not Available Jurrel Beene Roger Canales Earl Leighman Dennis Nixon Joe Urso Robert Shearer Connie Nash Alice Garcia Judy Bishop Ray Belcher Mildred Valenta Rafael Vela Tommie Wedel George White Marlene White Joe Wilder Jo Ann Willard Johnnie Williams Pat Williams Gilbert Wilson LaNell Wilson Gerald Winn David Winningham Jonnie Young 4 l52 l53 If You Don'+ Know C. E. GRIESSER D'AQf1ffDS ELECTRIC co. 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LATH, LUMBER, SHINGLES MOULDINGS, SASH, DOORS LIME, FIRE BRICK, FIRE CLAY CEMENT, BUILDERS' HARDWARE P. O. Box 3I2 PHONE TA 2-I976 PHONE TA 2-5325 DONAHO BUICK COMPANY AKlN'S C + f our esy o 0 6 K. wool.ENs Men s Clofhmg and Furnishings 22l Norih Main Sfreei' 300 N. MAIN BRYAN, TEXAS fffentrzxl Texas Egarhfnare fffnmpang 202 SOUTH BRYAN AVENUE COMPLETE LIN Phone 2-1388 CHINAWARE Brgan, Efrxaa RY Tn 'Tm prophecy of class of '57 Strolling through the fair grounds of the Annual County Fair in Bryan, the "City with a Future," we came across a little fortune-telling tent. Let's stop in and see what happens, shall we? Say! We're in luck! This one is complete with a crystal ball. Wonder if we could really see into the future iust by looking into this piece of glass. Let's try to see 20 years ahead to 1977. Hey, the ball seems to be getting all misty . . . and look, there's a picture inside. We can see pretty clearly now, and well, what' do you know-lT'S US!! ANN ADAMS: Dean of Agriculture at Texas Tech, which is manufacturing mink-lined sports iackets for horses. EDWARD ADAMS: Director of the N.S. Navy Band. JUDY ADAMS: After finally learning to type over 20 words per minute, she has become personal secretary to the President. ADA AKIN: Has lust gone to Reno to divorce her 16th husband after completing her new book "How to Keep Your Husband Happy." JIMMY AKIN: Coach of of the "Harem" Globe Trotters. BOB ALLEN: Heavy-weight Champion of the World. JAMES AMIS: Senator James Amis is winner of the Best Dressed Man Award of 1977. LORETTA ANDERSON: She hasn't been seen for the last 20 years. She's been hidden under all those petticoats. JERRY ARNOLD: Famed brain surgeon. He successfully completes his thousandth brain operation. EVA BAIRD: She is still baking bread for Mrs. Baird. She has invented new rolls that are guaranteed to shrink, not rise. BULLY BATTEN: Water-ski champ of Camp Creek. RICHARD BATTEN: Outstanding English professor and lecturer at Harvard. DANNY BELL: Delivers buttermilk for the Carnation Company. CPrivate ioke?j FRANK BENEVIDEZ: Tired of taking tennis trophies one after another, he tried it under water and he is still champ. MARY BERNAL: Still grateful that she graduated from S. F. A. FLOYD BORISKIE: Shaking his children on his knee while smoking a pipe. JANIS BOTTER: Still sits and wishes for tornadoes. REBA BOX: Is raising little circles. MARGARET BOXLEY: Has taken Imogene Coca's place on TV. J. R. BRAVENEC: Regular third baseman for the Houston Buffs. MALCOLM BREWER: Rodeo Champ of World for ten straight years. NORTON BURKHALTER: Has made a new car out of old tin cans. JACK BURNS: Down houses. All smoke and no fire. JOE BURT: Manager of the New York Yankees. He always wanted to break into the Maior Leagues. CHESTER BYNUM: Now living in the FAR North, he has become a confirmed Yankee. VITO CANGELOSI: Invents a universal solvent, but discovered too late that there was nothing to keep it in. JOE CARLTON: First general the Navy ever had. ROY CARPENTER: Now a plumber instead of a Carpenter. JOHNNY CARRIER: Sets pins in his own bowling alley. BILL CARTWRIGHT: After many years of practice, he has developed a new style of bull fighting. He says he grabs the bull by the tail and flings it across the arena. Yes sir, that boy can really throw the bull. MAURICE CHAPMAN: Scorekeeper for the professional basketball team, "The Detroit Doodlebugs." GENE CHEATHAM: Graduates in 1977 with national F.H.A. honors. JAMES COE: General "fIunkie," but the very best ditch-digger that Bryan has ever seen. CHARLES COLE: Invents a new toothpaste containing gun powder for people who like to shoot off their mouths. CONNIE COLE: Has iust broken the worId's round-the-clock desk run in the office where she works as secretary to a track star. CLARK COOK: Married the bearded lady from the Ringling Circus. They are now raising little Fuller brushes. KENNETH COUGER: Has a iob as an artist's model. He poses for animal crackers. DOROTHY CRIM: First woman to swim the Atlantic Ocean on her back while wearing a lead evening gown. CHARLES CUNNINGHAM: Admiral in the Navy. He is stationed in Hawaii. BINNIE ANN DANSBY: Runs the Bryan chapter of the lonely heart's club. She is corresponding secretary to the local chapter of lonely bachelors. NORMA DANSBY: Bounces her great-great grandchildren on both knees. CHARLES DAVIDOFF: Is now manufacturing a souped-up, cut-down, chopped and chammeled, 350 horse-power baby carriage for parents who want to give their kids a fast start in life. MARGARET DAVIS: She has gradually worked up to number one stewardess for Slobbovian Airlines. ROBERT DEMOTTIER: Got the purple heart for stubbing his toe while going "over the hill." BURTIS DOCKERY: Has iust been named husband of the year for inventing a garbage can with no bottom. BILL DOSS: Etching out his living by his inventions. His latest is a spotlight on the back of a car so people can see where they have been. JAMES DOWLING: Dropped out of the Paratroopers when his chute failed to open. SAMMY DWYER: Voted "Most Likely to Succeed" for the twentieth straight year. CSome day he has to make itlj BARBARA DYER: Still trying to get a hamburger at the Whataburger. PATSY ELDRED and DICKY HICKERSON: Have iust won the international prize for having seventy-five children and are currently living in a shoe. MARVIN EMSHOFF: Cashed in on his good looks. He's in motion pictures doubling for Lassie. RUTH ESCOBEDO: Has finally gotten a iob as number three bare-back rider for Ringling Brothers Circus. MARY FRANCES EVANS: Two hundred twelve pound dietitian whose- latest article is now appearing in the Ladies Home Journal. CDon't miss it: "You Too Can Be Slim."j LEE FALCO: Starring in the I977 remake of "The Wild One." ROSS FALCO: As a result of starring in the remake of "A Cry in the Night," the international playboy, Falco has been voted "Lover of the World." DOROTHY FAZZINO: She is selling cellophane sarongs. She can't see why they don't sell. RICHARD FERGUSON: Old Dick is now a millionaire, thanks to his cornering the grain market with all his corn. BEVERLY FINKE: Honorary Fire Chief. She has received an award for being the only fireman to put her leg in her hose. MARTHA FLETCHER: Private nurse to Fearless Fosdick. SAM FORT: Now stationed at Fort Sam . . . CHouston!j DONALD FRANCIS: Has made history with the invention of his new game "Gnop Gnip." CThat's playing ping pong backwards.D DAVID GARCIA: Now the proud owner of his super-delux "Sweinmartens," where you can get less food for more money. EPHRAIM GARCIA: He iust won the interrfational tic- tac-toe championship by putting invisible ink in his opponent's fountain pen. LYDIA GEORGE FRANCIS: She has a little girl named Mary Jane Susan Marie Sally Anne Judy Diane . . . Francis CBoy, she really likes those first nameslj LOUISE GLOVER: Tough, crusading editor of "The Podunk Gazette." CAROLYN GRAHAM: Has written a new grammar book for Seniors who don't like English. It's perfectly blank all the way through. EDWARD GREGG: Has iust invented a new shorthand which, strangely enough, resembles Morse Code. GORDON GREGG: ls now writing advertisements for that new cereal Bammo that not only snaps, crackles, and pops, and is shot from guns, but It's guaranteed to blow a good-sized hole in your kitchen table. PHYLLIS GRIZZOFFI: Has grown a foot and is now taller than a yardstick. GEORGE HAMILTON: New cook for the county iail. MARTHA JANE HANAS: Has glued her pigtails back on. BILLY HARE: Announces the Bunny Hour because he is Crusader Rabbit's closest friend. HENRY HARRIS: Will be warden at San Quentin, if he ever gets Out. MATTIE and ROLAND HARRISON: Have both married a twin and now their children are double first cousins. JO ANN HAVEL: Helps with Bammo. STUART HELVERY: Fell in love with an African native and hasn't been seen since. CShe was a Mau-Mauj ANDREW HERNANDEZ: Selling fountain pens that write under water. His last satisfied customer had this to say: "Glub, glub, glub." LUPE HERNANDEZ: Has moved to Kansas and is selling kitchen ranges to homesick Texans. PHYLLIS HOLLINGER: Is designing strapless evening gown with no help at all. PATSY HOPKINS: Is running an old ladies' home for young men. JOYCE HORN: Married Sam Trombone and they are now raising little flutes. BARBARA HUDSON: Sells Studebakers. BOBBY HUGHES: Has a really interesting iob as disc jockey at Wake Island. RODNEY JACKSON: After all other attempts have failed, he is trying yeast to make the South rise again. BOBBIE JEAN JONES: Is trying to grow peach trees at the North Pole. GALE JONES: Surveying holes for a miniature golf course, JERRY NELL JONES: Internationally known as the Betty Crocker of 1977. THOMAS JONES: Departed for the moon today. His last words were bold and courageous, but were drowned out by the exhaust. TIM KENNEDY: Is now a star in TV-Movies are better than ever. DONALD KOCMAN: Made his debut at Carnegie Hall with his soul-moving rendition of Chop Sticks. JOE BILL KROLCZYK: Won highest honors in the Olympics for being best tiddly-winks player. ABEL LARA: Is still sitting in Miss Henry's typing class trying to learn the margins for a 50 space line. JIMMY LEFEVRE: Made his fortune selling electric razors to the fuzzy wuzzys. GEORGE LEIGHMAN: Is tutoring Mrs. Vick on the finer points of congruent triangles. BARBARA LERO: Has created the newest in shoes, seven inch heels for those shorties who wish to come up to the shoulders of those famous Texas Aggie football players. ROSA MARY LOPEZ: As President of the International Bird-Watchers Society, she has iust published her latest book entitled, The Care and Feeding of Black-Whiskered Orioles. DANIEL LOPEZ: Selling motor scooters with high-speed bumper-bolts. STEVE LOWRY: Has a novelty drum using dried-up noodles for sticks. LYNDA LYNCH. She is completely flustered! She has invented a new chemical and it is getting bigger by the minute. H. C. MANNING: Takes off for Mars this week in his own invention, a pedal-propelled rocket ship. BEATRICE MARIN: Chief instructor of ancient ritual dances like the mambo at Arthur Murray Studios. KATHY MARTINDALE: Has invented the revolutionary new lipstick which she calls Martindale's Smear-Off, which is guaranteed to come off on everything. RALPH MATHIS: After his first week in office has rewarded his followers by declaring open season on boll weevils. CHARLIE MAULDIN: Head cartoonist for Walt Disney. He has introduced Corkey Copperhead and Oggie Alligator. GAYLE MAYHUGH: Has become chief airline stewardess for the Mayhugh Airlines after passing the "Belt 'em in the Middle" test. LOIS MEIR: Has become number one fashion designer after creating an entirely new "letter style" which she calls the Wow line. BARBARA METZER: Getzer man. RICHARD MILLER: Now an internationally known plastic surgeon, specializing in dimples. EDDIE MIZE: After becoming a multi-millionaire, he has hired a professional dreamer to dream techni- color dreams of beautiful girls for him. CARL MOEHLMAN: Has iust played his first piano concert in Carnegie Hall, but nobody else was there- because it was played late at night when all the other ianitors had gone home. BEATRICE MONCIVALS: Has iust created her own new line of clothes which has revolutionized the world. She calls it "Teenies." PHIL MONTALBANO: Has bought a sugar plantation in Hawaii and settled down to a pleasant life raising cane. JAMES MOON: In 1977 he is the man everyone is going to see. JACKIE MOONEY: Trick photographer for the Bryan Daily Eagle. He takes pictures before they happen. SAM MORELLA: Wanted to maior in law: now has a maior in-law problem. JERRY MOSLEY: Now a professor of English at Oxford University. He works after hours cleaning the English class rooms. SIDNEY MURPHY: Set a new world's mark for horsemanship by taking his favorite fourlegger over the astounding iump of 100 feet. When asked the secret of his success, he disclosed that he had been watering his horse with Mobilgas which, as you remember, has the sign of the flying red horse. BOYDE NASH: Ring leader of a famous delinquent gang, their chief purpose, stealing cars. STANLEY NEMIC: His athletic ability has paid off. He is now in the finals of the Texas State Checker Championship Tournament. PATSY NEVILL: Now owns and operates her own "Curly Girly" Beauty Shop. TRAVIS NEVILL: The Dope Walker of all time. GLOVER NICKERSON: Still lettering in Track. JOHNNY NIEDERAUER: World's greatest professional football player. Don't believe us? Ask him! PEGGY NORCROSS: Went to work for Redcross and Bluecross. She wasn't satisfied with Norcross. ALVIN NOVOSAD: ls still sleeping with his trophy. JOHNNY PAHOLEK: After graduating with honors from Georgia Tech, he has finally become a full-fledged engineer . . . on a San Francisco cable car. MILTON PALASOTA: He's a ding-dong daddy from Dumas and you ought to see him strut his stuff. BILLY CARR PARRISH: Makes his living singing and squeezing his accordion for high school assemblies. DONALD PARSONS: The Elvis Presley of 1977. Two recent headlines read: "DoIIs Drool Over Dashing Donnie," and "Groovy Grasshopper Makes Girls Go Ga-Ga." JANIE PATRA- NELLA: Another Gina Lollabrigida: yes sir, she's really the rage in Hollywood. GLENDA PERRY: A typical American housewife, happy, carefree, and has half-a-dozen little darlings. CThree kids and three coltslj RICHARD PENA: Teaching left-handed salesmanship to all Mr. Bond's left-over students. PAT PETROSKI: First woman President of A8tM. PAT PLAGENS TAYLOR: ls still making all the Texas Aggie football games. OLEN POPE: Has given humanity his greatest great invention the G Cwhizl bomb. JOEL POTTS: ls in business for himself and is manufacturing all kinds of potts and pans out of a new kind of metal he calls Phft. MARVIN PUSTKA: Has taken the entertainment world by storm with his brand new style of singing, which he calls, "Screaming like a mashed cat." FERNANDO QUINTERO: Experimenting with rockets. He was last seen four years ago heading for the moon. RUDOLPH RAHNERT: Idol of millions of teenagers: he's the world's cattiest cat. PETE RAMIREZ: Another Christian Dior. The women are going crazy over his fabulous creations. WADE RAWLS: Has finally gotten his life-long wish. He's finally become a big gust of wind. JANE RICHMOND: ls Presidential candidate in the election of 1976. We think she'll make it. JEAN ROBERT: Is the sole owner of the Robert Company. Their product is Mamcay, the soap of scroungy women. Jean certainly doesn't use it. JIMMY ROBERTS: Star player of the Haren Glub Runners. He iust drops the ball right into the basket. Yes sir! lt's amazing! GILBERT ROCHA: Professional golfer. He's still surveying holes for miniature golf courses. JOHNNY RUIZ: Got a little carried away with the process in the Air Force and has flown 740 missions. PHILIPPA SALCIDO: She's teaching typing in S.F.A. CECILIA SALINAS: ls famous for her world-wide travels. She has been almost everywhere! Holland, Switzerland, France, Germany, Hearne, etc. EUGENE SCHLIEKER: Great lover of Nature and is now writing his third book on insects with eight legs. KATHLEEN CPUDDINU SEALE: Prettiest seale that Ringling Bros. ever had. She does facininating tricks. One of them is balancing balls. MELVIN SEAY: President of the Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company. CAROL JANE SEIDERS: Famous Broadway starlette. Her current smash-hit is "Come Back Little Seiders." HERMAN SIEGERT: Best Batten air conditioning repairman. WILMA SIMMONS: ls still having a ball in college. DANIEL SCHOPPE: ls running "Daniel's Thrifty thrift thrift Schoppe" in New York. BOBBIE JEAN SMITH: Famed woman wrestler. PATSY SMITH: Is married happily . . . and has several darling little darlings. JACKIE SUE STEPHENSON: First woman comedian to have a four hour show on television. Yes, we really know that movies have improved. WILLIE MAC TATE: He's the greatest . . . the greatest . . . Well, ask him sometime when you feel like a long, long story. ALTA FAYE RAACK: Has gone far in the field of music with that golden throat of hers. VIRGINIA THILTGEN: Disheartened millions of teen- age girls with her marriage to Elvis Presley. She's his fifth wife. JOE BROOKS THOMPSON: Star of the Harem Gluve Tooters. His most tantalizing attraction from the women's point of view is his blindfolded shot. He never fails. JEANETTE TKAC: Head cheerleader at A8:M. Oh, yes, it is coed now. NORMA UDASHEN: Famed Professor of Psychology. BILLY VANCE: Best mayor of Bryan. On the side, he tutors E. P. on how to time his guitar strokes while trick playing. TONY VARISCO: Has iust made his fourth million and has a pastel Thunderbird for every day in the week. CBlue on Mondayj SYLVIA VELASCO: Latin lover of the screen. GEORGE WALKER: Owner of the better motels in the whole South. JERRY WALKER: Owns the Fidelity House. He has a new style of operating: he pays you to take his records. FRANK WALLIN: Swimming instructor at the Country Club. He only teaches girls. KAY WEBB. She and Jim are still going happily together to college. They're having a blast. lNo lessons, iust funj. JOE WHEAT: Owns the best cleaners in Bryan. The women like him because he is a regular cat and flirts with them in slang. They eat that up, but then that Joe always was a lover! JIMMY WILLIAMS: ls graduating from Texas with highest honors in how to Party. J. B. WILSON: Broadcasting all the Aggie football games. He's a regular fan. You don't find them no more. JOE WINN: He and Clyde CBarefootj Chesser have a song and dance smash hit show on TV. America goes wild over Joe. WENDELL LEE WITHERS: Happily married. Finally! ELSIE YEAGER: ls on TV advertising Oxydol. It actually works. PEGGY YOUNG: IS 6 beautiful actress on Lux Video Theater. BARBARA ZWEIFEL: Has followed in Miss Hyman's footsteps. SEPTEMBER I4-Port Neches, there 18, T9-Dr. Sutton 21-Nacogdoches, there 28-Cameron, here OCTOBER 4-Killeen, here T2-LaMarque, there 16-Band to Dallas Fair 19-Brenham, here 26-East Mount, there NOVEMBER 2-Aldine 8-Annual pictures taken 9-Conroe, there 12-Open house 12-Huntsville, here 22-Junior Play 24-F.F.A. to Brenham 27-First Basketball game, Madisonville, there DECEMBER 4-McCallum, there 7, 8-Basketball tournament l l-Palestine I2-Band banquet 14-Basketball tournament Temple -A Cappella Choir Messiah -Pan American Banquet T8-Madisonville, here 20-Christmas holidays start 21-Temple, here 22-McCallum, here 28-Belton, there 16 T7 JANUARY 2-Back to school 2-Temple, there 4-Corsicana, here 8-Aldine, there I 1-Conroe, here 15-Corsicana, there I8-Brenham, here 25-Huntsville, here 26-Football banquet 29-East Mount, there FEBRUARY i-Aldine, there 5-Conroe, there 14-Valentine court i5-East Mount, here 16-Valentine dance MARCH I-Tennis Tournament, FHA dance 2-Basketball banquet 8-Senior play il-Green and White game 12-First Baseball game, Waco 15-Latin banquet T6-Choir contest -Tennis meet -University High, there -Cameron Relays, Choir tour -F.F.A. banquet, senior frolics -National Honor Society -J r.-Sr. Prom, track meet 21 22 23 28 29 30 APRIL l-5-Career Week 8-Basketball banquet- 9-Conroe, there I I-Huntsville, there 23-D.E. banquet, Brenham, there 26-Field Day and Elections, Conroe 27-Senior Skating Party 30-Huntsville, here MAY 3-Band concert 3-Smiley, there 4-Jr.-Sr. banquet 10-Choir Concert l l-Band Contest 13-Choir banquet 17-Senior trip 17-Huntsville tournament 26-Baccalaureate 27-Commencement calendar of events I f ir-f,....wa UPER MARKETS Courtesy of JOYC E'S Togs and Toys TRAVIS B. BRYAN, Presidenf TRAVIS B. BRYAN, JR., Vice Presidenf J. HOWARD TODD, Assisfanf Cashier S L. BOATWRIGHT, Vice Presidenf A. L. NOWAK, Assisfanf Cashier C A. NIGH, Cashier JOHN A. DARBY, Assisfanf Cashier YOUR BANK We would have you feel fhaf THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK is your bank. We would have you feel af home in your bank. Whafever your problem or need you are invifed fo call and discuss if wifh us any fime wifh fhe assurance you will be freafed wifh every courfesy and con- siderafion af your bank. We would have you feel fhaf above everyfhing else in fhis insfifufion fhere is a real desire fo serve you well. We value, appreciafe and shall ever sfrive fo deserve and mainfain your friendship, good will, and business. If shall be our purpose fo serve you so accepfably fhaf when opporfunify presenfs ifself, you will, as many cusfomers do, bring or send your friends fo your bank. Sfockholders provide fhe capifal. Officials provide fhe managemenf. In fhe final analysis cusfomers make fhe bank. We are grafeful for and proud of fhe loyalfy of fhe cusfomers of . . . THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK . . . during fhe pasf 84 years of ifs hisfory. We wanf you fo feel fhaf you have a real parf in fhis, your bank. If you are nof now a cusfomer, we exfend you a cordial invifafion fo become one on fhe basis expressed above so fhaf you may be a real parf in fhis, your bank. vw lIIIRST' BAN'K VEIELTEXAS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION S ,y Q X Lf T W 5 X Q V -4 uw iilgggyfdg. 4' f K 31 ln... X ww 53, 25 A fi asgwfi' H523 IIiv'wfm:rvm4-arm , :ai-21 Yllsiliwmwwf Q L 4 4 4. V--f-'f' Fw r 1 M Q6 vw ur-'gif-,gm--vf-S !'T"'r"'?"Y'lt'W"" f"""r"f'i?'rr'--- fs A l. fx, MQW 4334, my W Isa fl-vm 5 .ily if i 1 1 X 'S' ' gm Q if .X .lv -pxxfffaw 5 x 5 S E LS 3 , - . NW- 1 1 x.x. , - : X 5, Q Y was N Y xi'l iw! 'mlm ,mv ,Q LH-fn ,. msm ! X 'BM af viifmmrili 3+ 4, 'N' A-ff 'F If AAA' if fr 3, f j 52 1:3 gg 11,13 Qit.. .fx I 4 5 - Q .I K 4 q ,M r K ., S A W s 4?h"',!QR W . " Q ' 'f H- ""' Ps Wm 3545 W 2 iw gy, wfwwgggqg WW? ww W 1 """"" WW W: 'S- hi if LJ 1 ?9gl ' , W m. NM I A 'il A ,IN ,!3L.v4 , ' ww, - " 'L my N cm H' x 1. mugs' 'an n. -f fm fa fs ww EQ, QL X' RQ ,D 1 i 5, 'H D A KI 04:8 V' 4131 fn. gil! il xi 5 X isis. 'fdiwmx Hail, Bryan High School, Hats off to you. Ever you'll find us Loyal and true. Firm and undaunted Always we'll be. Hail to the Green and White, Here's a toast to thee. To athletes and scholars, Graduates and profs, Seniors and juniors, Freshmen and sophs . . Stephen F. Austin, Always you'll be Dear to the ones you hear Sing a toast to thee. 'S 14 iffy 56,12 WW w J,, YTWM5Qf,9 M H 4if'Q4,,f1L,LibQ"PQ4 My L R" Qwpgf yy vii Nj? W WQ?fip F wg-FLA,-A 3 2 X zg 2 Sf' mALL.L K, .L W K 5 Lykv' fi fi fax Q ff V 1 mf !' ' , xl- is if .tL, nfmxr I W if-,ig-.,,: f 1 QW.-x,,i XE L 3 R v,,,s mfyw, fi i g nj , 'N ' 2-.ff 1? M NQ 4 A fi M J 1 Q fx x, w my - g . A Am f ,. NVJ, rf Kkgjfw ,J . , 2 1-'Y' 'I y ?fF?1 fi? by '- 5 --- ? X kk ...V L Qwf f fx um -,231 1. . 2 F qilffw 7 "-Kiss 4 as Q M . 4 xm' 1 I 4' W, K if s. , . WZ 51 F' 'F' .M pw M, ,. , ww

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