Stephen F Austin High School - Bronco Yearbook (Bryan, TX)

 - Class of 1952

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'Elm 'ZEN BRYAN TEXAS E -f . . N " :- - Q44 ""fTZ3m1Lf'QW1,1G4 Y' V- .. ' up 17:5 W. , ' -' 4 ' "i 'X iff " fr-A-fur "4 f-Milt: . w2E'?5U??3!f:fgf1Aif?5Qt .. isimw if 'k' "U 'W 'if ' '2 '- I'Z::' I " -.-:,.. 51" . '-21,. "1- f ' f. f- , " -1: : , ' -Liisl kill' 775i C A-.. V"' :' .f,f' --g f' ."ff1'sv,'f-Lg-Jef 31742 ?' lf1!5'1f.1'--Q..l. - 'Y ' .1- '-gil' g m ' . . 4 -V' 1 1 V-- gw5 1154ff35f 5w i im ' ,. -N 1 1 - A -Jw F' ax.: WF 3 f 51 'fs'f1'1'f 2,1261 V31 7ff:X:???Tf5N,s1:'S'vi1Jf Ji?ffl'f75i-lfap'-Liriiv FEM 9 ,iff , ,Qr f 'J ' A s ' . f Q .V ' ' . , " H '1 36, .ff if uf'-'X .NVQ if" f,sf.1,'f!Lgm - ' 2"'iififN55-ir-5-'zagzxivfg 1,,it:j X' 1 fy ,V sir. 2- ' k g ' . , ' ,Q A 5 ,, Y!:'q,L,,, ,. K ,JE ,f :mga ,L L 3 I , V K A K K ,M f5',"ff ,'w.vW,Y k' 'f, .bv ,:. ,z,-wfiillf . f , k - 'nf ' ' k ,. ,,m, , , m . , , 4 4 4 'lr I FAQS Af u Bmw I I 4 - 'Wai' U g . X 1 1 ,,, , ,, :af--L .1 T ir. rf'-QV' T . 5,11-. sf-fry. hw, ggzr, 1-1 F wx A, 4. H.: ,,,.. url .W Av, . ,. 2 f vu L 5, .. , g ,X-uf H F' ik,-, xfQ.,.2 573' ' af, ' , , Q ,Y Y ,, E 2 ,, V ...QT 1 -Ax TAYLO I PUBLISHING COMPANY DALLAS. X TEXAS 7061-and uuniimsu vmuooxs BRONC Sylvia Rankin Robert Barmore JHCQIICIIIIC Reese Mary Ellen Fussell Rc-ta Stltelel f u g rv 254 1 .. . SL Q T ir ' - it 4 I fyufs I f 'Ill ? s l.v STEPHEN F. AUSTIN K ff Published MCMLII by Stu-dents of STEPHEN F. AUSTIN HIGH SCHOOL BRYAN, TEXAS F0112 word OUR THEME IS MUSIC . . . COME SING WITH US THE SONGS OF S F A d M f v 5 of Table of .Contents ,4d1t1i14i5trtztiv14 ,find Realty 6145555 f!0140r5 Orgtzlfizzztiaw ,4cti1fiti55 ,4tl1l5tit'5 ,4tt1f5rti551t1514t5 1 . . , Q Xu ' . , 13- f H 'Z K 1- H 5 in N Dedication Fred L. Sloop "To Mn Fred L.sn00p,whO dedicafed has life Jco us, we dedicate qeaws book of memories." Q Mr. Sloop has fauglwl' Hisforq fo 28 classes UF Broncofi, since H232 ' 5 'I- aw Admiuisfrafivn Hail to the chiefs who in tri- . . . Salma! 150 rd Seated: Mr. Gibson, Mr. Vincent, Mr. Newton, Mr. Donaho. Standing: Mr. Car- michael, Mr. Jarrot, Mr. Howell. Not shown: Mr. R. V. Armstrong. Mr. Joe Vincent President Mr. G. G. Gibson Mr. J. H. Jarrot Vice President Member Mr. Pat Newton Mr. Otis Donaho Secretary Member Mr. R. V. Armstrong Mr. W. R. Carmichael Member Member Our school board has spent this year trying to develop the proposed building im- provements which are--a new elementary school and additional rooms at Lamar Junior High and Crockett Elementary. The board each year employs personnel, studies the financial report, reviews the operation of the school program, establishes the policies of the school program, and plans for future needs. Superintendent ..h.,.-up-no-uv""' ,....4-nnsuvug-.un-'lil ,.,, "' 117- Cx M, Prineipnl PATRICIA BATCHLER B.S.. University of Texas Ziaculfy ENGLISH Hyman Coodlet Parsons McDonald JOURNALISM Lindley SPEECH Chambers MRS. DORIS BENNETT CARL J. BEST MARY HELEN BURDEN MARTHA CHAMBERS B.A., Mary Hardin Baylor B.M., M. Ed., North Texas B.S., Texas Tech. B.A., Mary Hardin Baylor State ' WARREN B. DAVIS B.S., Sul Ross J. C. DOOLEY B.S:, M. Ed., A8zM MATHEMATICS Orr Young Bennett SCIENCE Goodman Davis Pruett BOOKKEEPING Griffin 'O -I ' . in ., .1 MAE COODLETT B.A., Trinity University M.A., Texas University MRS. DOROTHY GOODMAN B.A., Texas University M.A., Sul Ross is ' .-.JM -wx. E.: JAMES W. GRIFFEN MARY HYMAN B.A., M.A., Baylor M.Ed., Texas University 'fi E ,Q MRS. DOROTHY INABINET B.S., T. S. C. W. REX KATHCART B.A., Baylor M. Ed., A8zM 9 HOME ECONOMICS Klimitchek Inabinet Reynolds INDUSTRIAL ARTS McLarty Pearce SECRETARIAL TRAINING McCown PATRICIA KLIMICHEK VICK LINDLEY MRS. MARIE MCDONALD C. B. MCGOWN, JR. B.S., T. S. C. W. B.A., Texas A8zM B.A., North Texas State B.S., S. H. S. T. C. M.S., Oklahoma ASKM M. Ed., A8zM if 9 ff In X 'sr Q '4 5 'f MRS. JEANE McGOWN B.S., T. S. C. W. E. C. MCLARTY B.S., M. Ed., A8rM HISTORY Sloop Wilcox FOREIGN LANGUAGE Vincent Muehleisen MUSIC McGown Best MRS. MILDRED CARL E. ORR SABRA PARSONS STEPHEN D. PEARCE MUEHLEISEN B.S., S. H. S. T. C. B.A., M. Ed.. North Texas B.S., A8zM B.A., T. S. C. W. B.S., A8zM State GEORGE R. PRUETT B.A.. A8zM Zzculfy PHYSICAL EDUCATION Vass Batchler Burden VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE Y Q Dooley 6 A LIBRARY Walker ART Kathcart PATTIE JEAN REYNOLDS B.A.. B.S.. T. S. C. W. 8851646 FRED L. SLOOP CLAUD P. VASS MRS. MARY ELLEN DONNA JOYCE WALKER BS., Missouri University BS., M. Ed., A8zM VINCENT B.S., S. H. S. T. C. B.A., M.Ed.. T. S. C. W. i-Q X -3.- 1 -X' CS 3 6 LOIS WILCOX B.S., Texas University 1 3 HOWARD YOUNG B.S., Texas Wesleyan b d 5 al of 1 4 JT Therefs no teachers like our teachers LEON HAYES MARGARET OFCZARZAK MRS. MADGE STEWART DOLORES NOTO B.S., Trinity University Sec. to Supt. Sec. to Bus. Mgr. Sec. to Prin. 7 'I 'Sf M S A8zM Busmess Manager HT ZMTS 4. Sloof siuis QUCQK1 H'-ing A Gimls .I Gly!-,5 iw fee, 'n10j'5 own J imma' H ,AMP lt, Going' fo Bud f'u.u.1-ice Clcxwie,Ne's Plum lovQ! Y 4 ff? 9 ' The oqQ'JS ' 3 5 3, Q JL . L 'Er VLA: 'iff 2 Own Glyn mu. P1LesfJEn'f 3 what o.. mafvxf? gf .ge rlv, mV"'V 'yfz X Lauek Bal, studying, Enqlisk Q QS ULSULOJ, JQLM? ' Zlasscs O S 4 ' gb'+QlJ"I.9l9f-LQ-l"wJ'e Scuiars ,find juuiars ?rcsl1u4er1 Ami Soplzamorcs ,S- Smlars Wegre so happy, oh! so happy! Bobby Robison President Fred Moehleman Vice President Ernestine Smith Secretary Camille Walton Treasurer Gene Shillings Reporter If Q " BILL ACRES Whatever his ambitions may be, he lceeps them to himself. JACK ALLEN l work or play as I think best, when weary I sit d-own and rest. BETTY BAIN Her friendly smile and gracious ways are a credit to our school. ROBERT BARMORE He'll give the world the best he has, may the best come back to him. DOUGLAS BLACK He says life's a joke, we should laugh it along. GEORGE BLAZEK A dreamer lives forever, and a toiler dies in a day. CHARLES BLONDEAU Oh, what a grand world if it were not for work. JOHN SIDNEY BORISKIE At last,-a dignified Senior! RONALD BRITTON A true sportsrnan, on and off the field. JOANNIE RUTH BROWN Her 'heart is warm with the friends she makes. Though ill, very much a part of our class. CLARIECE BURNEY With a smile on her lzps, and a baton in her hand. ANDREW CANNON Come what come may, time and the hour runs through the roughest day. JULIAN CARSEY His day is filled with work but he finds time for pleasure. OTHOR CLARK He may not have wealth, he may not be great, but we know he will always be true. CORA ANN DARLING Always happy and always neat shels just as jolly as she is sweet. CYNTHIA DELAPLANE Thou shalt be served thyself by every sense of service rendered. J OE DOBROVOLNY I want to travel along a road where there's many a laugh and never a load. VIVIAN EDENBURGH I love the life I live. NANCY EMOLA It isn't by size you win or fail, be the best of whatever you are. KATHERINE FAZZINO This dark-eyed maid is small 'tis true but as a friend she's e'er true blue. EVELYN FORSTOFF She who can have patience can have what she will. JANE FRAME Her snriling eyes reveal the sweetness within. MARY ELLEN FUSSELL Thy voice is sweet as if it took its music from thy face. MAIJALEEN GEBAUER A number one source of mischief she, wherever she is we all like to be. JOYCE GOODMAN She's one of those who hoard their own thoughts carefully. MARY LEE HALL Here is a poet with tender blue eyes, sincere, industrious, witty, and wise. Z f 3 5 i7 ' gf Z' Z '4 5' 1 5 fo, E 3- .e in CLYDE HARcRovE Take my advice, let not education interfere with anything important. SHIRLEY HAYs Here,s a girl who cheers luslily for the green and white. JOYCELYN HEIMAN A pair of mischievous eyes Behind which wisdom lies. MARCELLE HENsoN There's too much mirth in her eyes- cnough for one twice her size. MANUEL HERRERA You say it's English, but I say it's Creek. PAT HICKSON With no time to worry or to fret, he gets all the joys life has to let. BILLY HILL To love life through work is to be intimate with life's inrnost secret. GENE HOLLIGAN Not too slow and not too fast, he makes friendships that will last. NELL JONES ls it the boy or the car? ,L ffm? MAX LOGAN The smile that is worth the praises of earth. MARTHA MANNING Exposed to Latin, addicted to gigles. -K, Bf in WELDON MARRIOTT Easy to like, hard to forget. JANE MCALILEY Pleasing smile and many pleasing ways. JOHNNIE MCDOUGAL Silence is golden, Johnnie is priceless. JEANETTE MEADS Much mirth and no madness, All good and no badness. GLADYS MERKA Like a daisy, she won't tell. FRED MOEHLMAN III For that eye is so modestly beaming, you never think of what mischief he's dreaming. PETE MoNTEL0Nco JR. A little guy with a big grin. LEO M0oN Let not tomorrow mar my rest with dreams of coming work. DAYTON MosEs III I sleep and dream that life is beauty I wake and find that life is duty. s DONA MORILLE Her smiling eyes reveal the sweetness within. SYLVESTER MUNOZ The young man with a horn. GEORGE NEDBALEK l am. with little well content, to be a steadfast friend. JERRY NELSON l stay my haste, I make delays, for whot avails this eager pace. JERRY NOVASOD All things come to those who wait, -so why hurry? WALTER PARSONS III He fills each minute with sixty sec- onds of distance run. JOHN PATE A mind at peace with all below. JANIE PIRAINO A brunette af unusual talkitiveness- in fact, once started, no stopping. GENE PLOCH Silence is more eloquent than words JOHNNY PONz10 It takes no chain to hold his friend- ship. LINNY QUINTERO Those eyes, that hair, is it a wonder all the girls stare! SYLVIA RANKIN Something attempted, something done, has earned a night's repose. R. JACQUELINE REESE Her ready smile and rheery "bellow will gain her friends where'er she may go. J OHANN REESI: 0 Lady! Such a tease thou art, one may not half believe thee. BOBBY ROBISON His hand upon your shoulder in a friendly sort o'way. BONNIE ROBISON For thy smiles can make summer where darkness else would be. SIDNEY SANDERS A merrier laugh cannot be found. MAURINE SAXON Her little deeds of kindness help to make the world happy. NANCY SAXON Friendly and charming in her own quiet way. JOHN SCHMID Yet look on me, take not thine eyes away. JACQUELYN SCOTT She's as fair as a rose in May. GEORGE SHEARER There was a naugh? boy, a naughty boy was he, for not ing would he do but scribble poetry. MARY SHELTON In her absence she was needed, so she returned. GENE SHILLINGS School is a place where I see my friendsg therefore, I endure it. I never GENE SIEGERT Little known but well liked. J AMES SIEGERT think of the future, it comes soon enough. ERNESTINE SMITH The smile that is worth the praises of earth. BETTY STACY Her wit is a fuse to small bombs of laughter. JOHN HENRY STOCKTON Mighty Casey' with a bat: Billy Tid- well with 11 ball. DIANNE SWARTSFAGER The smiles that win, the tints that glow, and tell of days in goodness spent. ONA LEE TAYLOR A truer heart would be hard to find. BEVERLY TODD Life is so short, so fast the lone hours fly, we ought to be together, you and I. BILLIE SUE TODD Always ready for a good time. SANDRA TREMONT Not bold, not shy, not short, not tall, but a very sweet mingling of them all. HENRY TUCK With such a comrade, such a friend, we fain would journey to life's end. CAMILLE WALTON She makes all life one grand sweet song. JENNY WATTINGER Our .lenny is rnost content when in the midst of Merriment. HENRY WEDEL His good nature is liked by all. MARIE WEIDO Her quiet manner does not hide her pleasing disposition. ROSE MARIE WHALEY Whatever skeptic could inquire for every why she has a wherefore. FRANCIS WILSON A fair young maiden with dark hair, never a worry, never a care. J. B. W0iTON The rule of my life is to make busi- ness a pleasure and pleasure a busi- ness. ROGER YOUNG Few friends are as honest and sincere. Iam happy go lucky - F 1 X P? f ff GM' QMMQ' gy i7-'gnyf ,2 fffggydiflagfiig? W of Qlfifd if W Q,,,g Qwidgqfa fa-?M,,,Q 2 V . Wd. u n's 9? 3 0 20 46 SE nw MMQLQ, wg Fi CT Q? kivfil gxififxiiff Q3 Q Eh awww 44,4 . 2 Q RP Qfif E is R WW ,JQKZPZ 10. P M14 'Rb WmfbL,.9z,22i-Z! LMMW 7724401 N 5 U42 49 ,W 4ffM"' ff ww 3 Yiigfw fm iffff Mgkfwwff? My Q2 l - N I 'food' D H ' Center 1 I f-- Best in Bryam '-- Y I 200 E. 'Z4'-" ST. - FRIE DEllYfkY ' PHONES 2-8735 ' 2-IG! ' is XNXIG-,,A,0-ik X0-JYQAJ bf JWTWW fx Q29 6453? Of gf Aff' ,fe iaigwy WW mr35Q w L WWWQg,P 'xy N M ff!-WU 'SQZQQQJZAYQ ww Ngfgiejwk junior -Q., . XL,,,N j .r yi 4' Billy Guy Hugghins Prrsirlvnl Peggy Taylor Vin' Prvsillffrli Charlene We-rhman Secrvrnry "Skeeter" Wilsfwll Trmsurvr Peggy Taylor Rf'1I0l'N'f 6' Roy Abbott Martha Ann Akin -:rw Cldlldell Arnet Barngg Brevard Boatwright Clara Bomnskie 4 '9:1"" Nelda Bruns Billy Buffington Kathleen Allphin Elizabeth Ann Anderson Billy Arhos Joe Barnett Margaret Batten Ruth Bell George Boriskie George Boyett Q -g,... L Bobby Burley Curtis Burlin All Charles Brewer ,t tl, Q Shirley Campbell B ley V W R 'Bm Allen Chisholm Patsy Clark ,f Shirley Casey Martha Chamblesa -- J. M. Closs ,1 Frank Conklin David Cooper Mattie Lou Crouch Allidena Dearmond Charles Dishman ,wr -'FY' Virginia DuBose Herschel! Duncan Searcy Eden Mary Katherine Eldred Bill Elliott Morris Endler Sandra Ferguson Naomi Foster Oquilla Franklin 1 -if Edward Fry ' 1 Donald Garrett ff' XM Margaret Gibson Grady Gilkey .lack Gilmore Barbara Godwin 'W G ri . fv vi i a a VI Z" . 44, -',.,,.f ig 11 LaVerne Goessler Gary Goodwin Anne Graham Pat Gregg Donald Grelen Pat Harrison Martin Hermann Luella Haupt Orin llelvey Tommy Hensarling Judith Herdener ,hw Rudy Hernandez John Hicks Orville Hickson Jimmy Higgs dK"!'i,',xX 1?""-Q fiflii ,. V- 31:--.. Fannie Mae Hobson Ken Holleman Bobby Holliday Peggy Jean Holligan Charles Ray Horn ta 'P W f , ,, 1 Billy Hotard Robert Hotard Billy Guy Hugghans ffvunkm' Johnson June 10111-y 91 'Q YT" Og A 5 Rex Katllcart. Jr. ,lean Kirby Billy W. Kopetsky Annie Kosh Joe Kuciemlia 'ff Q27 n.. X' . fl if - ' ,g Loretta Laflidlek Natalie Lero Karen Lewis Jimmy Lloyd ,lean Locke Anton Luza Mary MacGregor Dorothy Mahle Mary Lee Marin Ethel Martin Jeanne McDonald Nancy McDonald Beth Meads Ray Melasky Nancy Merrell mah' y V l Ethel Metzer Barbara Miller Lillian Moncivais Martha Montgomery Bobby Mooney Jim Moore Anna Morgan Mary Francis Morris Dick Munday Billie Murphy Jimmy Murphy Shelly P. Myers Madleline Nedhalek Frankie J. Nemec, Jr. Nita Newberry ' Jimmy Nuche Eugene Operstiny Joyce Operstiny 13 Mary Beth Patterson David Parsons Eddie Payne Irene Plagens Elton Powers Henry Presnll N-15 Frank Otoupalik Annie Paholek -diybsv hw , gy-..,, u sm Wally Pemberthy Frank Petroskie Neville Purgeson Margaret Rahnert N ..4"i'S. Beverly Raupe Tommy Reed Milton Risinger Ozzie Robison Fred Rodriquez 'H Richard Rodriquez Billy Frank Ross Sam Rosser Juanita Russell Ray Rychlik Katherine Saculla August Scherff Charlene Schram Fred Schram Ray Nell Seay Mary Kay Seeman Melha Sheffield Mary Beth Smith Sylvia Sosolik Reta Stiteler We 604 . . l. I -W - -.... K Robert Storemski Jeanette Streetman Norma Taylor Peggy Taylor Shirley Thames Bennett Tibbs Totsye Tobias Bonnie Tullis Dorothea Varisco Jesse Vivero lk 4 3 Hazel Wallin Lois Wallin Duane Walton Shirley Warren Margaret Weatherford L- Q, i .lf 'gg Curtis Webb Jeannine Webb Charlene Wehrman Margaret West William White Walter Wilcox Virginia Williams Allen "Skeeter" Wilson Celia Womack Patricia Young Royce Ann Zalenski Joe Zemanek Pat Zvnianvk I THE JUNIOR CLASS Presents Inner Willy Willie ,,,, Inner Willie ,,,,, Aunt Hester ...,,, Aunt Louise ,.,... Aunt Ol a g ,.,,,... Stanley Clark ....,V Mike ......,,,,.,,,.........,,,,. Marybelle Turner TrurlyMarshall ., Janet Marshall ,,,,,,,. Carol Martin ,,,. .. Directors ,,,.........., Student Directors Prom pter .,l..ll,.,i....7 Business Manager CAST Bobby Burley Charles Dishman Shirley Camphell Gene Klrby Shirle Warren George Boyett Billy Hotard Nelda Bruns 7, . Roberta .lohnson Martha Chambless Nancy Merrell Mae Coodlett Martha Chambers Luella Haupt Royce Ann Zalenski Mary McGregor , Karen Lewis Li... M-.-...M 1 Tet CLS weed km, A., 1 Leek Cd' Nl-IAQ sDG.,vxC!v.QQ The Ja. Class woulduh be eomyhh- f' Q Q A 5 1 he FQSJ Juvxiek A x 'L M? kk . Qs .v 'l'nZnsh1 ,Ckaulei Thcq send 'Hmm wean bwqg kd!! ,Q .V ,Q . jaw A f. V, gesES55mM' ' P053 ng! Ts-.OLVS Gow ? V I Ta-- f,.,Ll-.-'IL -+...... gf ll "ran -- L.... ,4...- Pnnrnhm ? Soplzamares Sid Perry ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, President Tommy Mainer , Vice President Ann Corbusier , , ,,,, Secretary Barbara Hall ,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,, Reporter ff 3 2 t 5 ' Q e 'H It r 9 4 Floyd Abbott Marjorie Ball Charles Barnes Ralph Batten Carolyn Beckham if B V... sf 5 E a f V., A 'K gi J im Bennett Sid Berger, Severine Bevers Edward Bledsoe Nolan Bolton 'rw-M.. Jimmy Boswell Willie Boxley Kenneth Bradberry Robert Britton Thomas Britton --.M ht I fs Glenn Brown Judy Brown Betty Bryant Bobby Buffihgton Avon Burkhalter 'Hr Peggie Burleson Morris Burlin Hugh Caddess Elizabeth Caldwell Josette Campbell Q3 New rx-'N Martha Campbell Samuel Campise Janie Cannon Bobby Cargill Earlene Carlton -11 eg Shirley Carter Rodger Chambers Alan Colgin Dorothy Collier Barrie Sue Colson L W I I Huell Connor Betsy Coon Ann Copeland Ann Corbusier Charles Lynn Courtney 'NW N0 Quang: Warner Dalberg Mary Jane Davis Patsy Dean Kenneth Downard Andrew Duron Noble Eden Gail Edge Carolyn Falgeall Marie Fazzino Leroy Fletcher 4, W' .. A We fix? as Alois Fridel Betty May Fry Charles Galloway Tommy George Sylvia Gilmore hiv' Y-tv" . , af Y T ., o f e . , ,1,- Wesley Glantz if Rosemary Gomez Gordon Graham Ann Gray Nina Jo Crelen Suhr S-Q-. M7 'X A 'X 1" Carl Crissett Barbara Gustavas James Hahn Antone Hajek Barbara Hall '!"" 1, rv .QR .A ""' Norman Hall Edward Hannah Donald Henderson Billy Henry Burton Herman . Y ,'., H, 'L n va Q m' 9 0 1' 0 Isabel Hernandez Rosa Hernandez Leatha Hill Nicky Hopkins Royce Hudson A Barbara Hulett if Eugene J eske Audrie Johnson Joyce Jolley Billy Jones ' to 1.1233 ,Q 1 , M jig Z1 Skeeter Jones WNY .K Joyce Jones Roy Hal Jones Margaret Kalinec Shirley Kalmec Sandra Kelley Josephine Kickirillo Riba Kinsey Joan Konecny Donald Krause !f""""" Alvm Kucera Mary Leonard .1 ft 'Neg i Margaret Kucera Helen Kuciemba Joyce Lee Rosemary Lenert 'E' gg if .f 4 Kimi x 'Qggn f Bernice Lewis Franklin Loehr Jennie Luella Lovell Carole Lynch S . Q1 .4 A., Q, -' Xsgfx 5 A -' M- H an Tgmmy Mainer Janet Maly Billy Maniord Margaret Marin Anna Marie Marino x lllxlx 'F Nw , Q22 f rf! A Selma Mauldin Dona Mayhew Charles McAdams Douglas McBride Christene McCoy lht 'T' nl 'Q up-4 Qi' VH!" Robert McGee Eugene McWhorter Patti Minkert John Moehlman Margradell Moore Naomi Munday Mary .lane Nedbalek Albert Nemec Mary Elizabeth Newcomb Leo Nitch ii Munn Jimmy Nolen Frank Palasota Kay Parnell Patsy Pate Frank Patranella X L... Wayne Pegues Jean Pemberthy Marco Perrone Sid Perry Richard Pigg iq.,-up Jerry Pittman Sharon Pope Barbara Rahnert Barbara Regmund Don Rench U lg Sally Ann Robertson Charlotte Roper JoAnn Rosier Benny Salvato Ottis Sanders pw 1:2 5, V, at kt X Wwluem ...e A .lathes Svallllvll. .lr. Delores Schaedel Charles Se-hr-stu Molly Slim-ffiehl Ralph Shuffle-r -.1J.'?Qr1ij?l5i5f1i N , Q 47 2 . 5 'sfzijgxfg 3 M.. , - -.- Christine Sikorski Frank Sikorski Pat Sims James Smith ,lohn lioln-rt Smith 't -:m1e',j,, -f ' i'k'i 1" V ,ii y A ' . -A f x - f 1 1. 5 ,ff . . Q-.if 1 X -J 1 is V.. f t 72 fi, f f , - 'Q .5 in i X A" iv, Tommy Smith Wanda Smith Warren "Sleepy" Smith Hurry Stiteler ,Iennie l.ou Storm , L fc' Q Q K, at " -f Larry Stroup .lune "Punie" Taylor Henry Thomason Shirley Thompson Coralyn 'l'hurmun Joyce Tubbs Gloria Upchurch Cleatus Urick Idalia Velasco Betty Jo Visoslci Shirley Ann Wager Q Q I Q, it r Sm 3,91 Nell Way Glen White Q 4 , ..viL2Qif??E1lf l Y M!! 'tl f ,A it it Gerald Winters John T. "Woody" Woodyard Jack Yardley We ?m 1 .,,: Q Z J ,.. aaa Kenneth Whitmore Margie "Fuzz" Wiley 1 l Bobbie ,lean Yates .lohnny Lou Zweifel Weslzmcu Bobby Wilkin, Presizlent Victor Canavespi Vice' Presirlenl Fannie Lou 'Nlainer Sw'1'fftf1ry K Clara Adams Pauline Akins Carolyn Allphin Moss Antony Francis Barron l Barry Belcher Sue Anna Binney Rose Marie Boateallie .lack Bradshaw Jo Ann Brannon Marguerite Britton Nita Broadway Daphene Br0WI1 Hope Annette Bllellgef Robert T. Canales Victor Canavespi Claire Cardwell Alice Carroll A, J. Carroll Mary Chambers . f W, Martha Chisholm Norman Cobb Milton Contella Carol Conway Bobby Coody ,uw-1 ' I, SS A-1 ,lo Ann Coody Billie ,lean Corley Albert Cortez Alfred Cortez Billy Courtney ,fa ... A aaroi Sarah Creed Boyd Crouch Tony Cruz John C. Culpepper Charlene Davis ,,.,.i l HOWHrd Dellarl R0bCrl Dial Luke Samuel Dileo John Dockery Martha jane Dockery u it e if M1 ., :lvl S ,Q , Hartley Duncan ii , .wv .V L as 42 - . Vi? Hope Duron Lola Mae Eastep Kerstin Ekfelt Pat Ellis Dan Fairman Bennie Fazzino Paul Emola Martha Evans Helen Ann Fagan X' ima 1 Carolyn Fazzino Johnny Fazzino Dorothy Ferreri Jolene Fickey Janet Foster Ben Franklin Faye Franklin Margaret Fuqua Madelyn Gaines Glid Galloway R ai Ester George Joyce George Barbara Gilkey Nancy Griffin Janette Hair Nancy Hale Dianne Harris Ann Hawks Pat Heiman Barbara ,lean Henderson ff, 1. Sr Mike Hernandez Carolyn Ann Herndon Carolyn Holick Morris Holliday Danny Hood and lib! iq: Eugene Hood Nancy Hoppess Sam House Josephine Howell Tin Hubacek N Bobby Huffaker Howard Hughes John J. Irvin Dorothy Kay Ish Myra Jackson Bobby ,larrott Melba Jarvis Margie johnson Peggy johnson Dianne .lones Carol Kelley Lane Kelley Sylvia Kelley Camille Kennedy Jerry Konecny Estelle Lawless Tommy Leighman Chris Lero Fred Luther. JF- J0llIlI1y LYON "UND ..-Z , Jean Maddox Fannie Lou Mainer Jennie Lou Maniard Bobby Manning Horace Manning 1553? '.f. V' 'xi 'M ., ii ' 1 Q A 9:3 ? ff! 'lb' Y V X , Q , ' x t' 5 Q vw .i K ir r YL- lv W Q M ew R 'NV if i'ii Robert Marriott joe Martin Ronald Martin Billie Dell Mathis Kathryn Mathis Wanda Mayfield Margaret Ann Maxwell Ida Belle McAlily Billy Van McCellan Mary Ann McClure Carol McCullough Bill McDonald Richard MacGregor ,lean McQueen Grace Melasky 1-sv - Wu. 1 A if i 5 Bobby Merka Meredith Mitchell Donnie Mize .lohn Moore Josephine Morella Y no Wanda Morgan Tony Morille Helen Murphy Pat Murphy Bill Myers Hill Nail Wayman Nvdlwulek Nancy Nevill Beverly Norcross Priscilla Norton Carol Oliver Milton Pack Donald Palermo Mary Palermo Richard Palermo GN- P-'K' ' 47' rv 4 Charles Paradowski Shirley Lawrence Parks - "" - gi, 4 '7"'l James Peuriloy it 4 1 Fig! ' .. ' 3 if 3 xXn A Q v , Donald Parsons Hampton Patterson ,lop William Penicka Allie Joyce Peyton Pat Paxton Pippin Evelyn Plagens Nellie .Ivan Plocll """' tv In -mm: Lynn Porter sp s w-ft Ln.,-I Tommy Price Kent Potts Edna Powers Annie Laurie Presnal Annie Price its YY vit. 1 oo 0 . gl- b:o:0v 'X ova 5 'fi X 6400! ...Q gi' 5,4 quo ,,:, .opp it Paul Quintero Annie Mae Regmund Madine Riggs Virginia Risinger Donald Robb Jackie Robison Rita Rodriquez Edith Roper Glen Rosier John Ruiz Billy Russell Imogene Russell .l0 Ann Ryan Dorothy Sausage in Y , 5 . S Lew' 'A S Nw, Lowell Saxon Pearl Scamardo h Ann Schlesselman Dora Ann Schultz Randy Scott G m t 1 rw 7 S ff Charles Siegert Teresa Sikorski Eugene Sims Delores Smith Milton Smith be Richard Smith Frank Sosolik Sonia Stadelmann Henry Stailings Elizabeth Steele x Rx fs Z Joe Steen Albert Stevens Cherry Stevenson Angelina Marie Stratta Viillfy Slfilllli L- QS? A... Yvonne Streetnlan Martha Ann Stuart Patsy Taylor Carole Thompson Claranve Todd 3gxX ,lean Triola Ben Trotter Darlene Tuck David Tuck Peter A. Turner Frank John Urbanovski Richard Vance Linda Vaughn Bernice Vaughn Peggy Ann Vaughn Eustacio Villareal Hubert Vykukal Robert Walker Donna Faye Wallace Andrew Wallin EGU! "Noll:-...,,,A ,,, K Rosemary Wallin Dorothv Walton Beverly Wehrman Josephine Weido Charles Wheeless --f I I 'QPR Donald B. White Janet White Edgar Whitley Pat Wilcox Bobby Wilkins wl"' S-ova-P J. B. Wilson Charlotte Winter Gene Wortham Bobby Wright Grace Yeager Dx P sr- Q Q ., if-Q 'B Z 2 Z A 28 - ' I 1 500 'L H, f V 4 Us i ggfxi ,A ,,. E 'ii 13 ll a Bill Yeager 'fn Louis Zemanek S p 5 in Efenhal fi Iomqle. Lafe Bouts , Whss Yeqno! 5 The lone' 4 5h0""t AHF. Someikmq new has been added! Mfg. Sloof' Cod wx fgymw befou ang Q Stomm A+ least She Kdkelf is SWIULSQA 7 mofdrk dose-J I Q Enqffsln lesson, Eggs ? f-- Q 4 4 i Sisteis flavors QU n L L SCROLL g sz J J o Hats off to you NATIONAL Hdnon SOCIETY 3 '2 'E rl 5' WW 'Sl or-'UCOZ7-4 fHESpIANS 'PU Wim is' Wim . V, mx CHARLES DISHMAN GORDON GRAHAM BILLY BOUN C1615 AV' NT FULLOM :Hn W SHIRLEY WARREN wg A , wE7fAR'5 E 55? 5.85 THE A Q , MARY LEE HALL 99701: AHL 799' Yak? 'iw "M J. B. WOITON WALTER PARSONS Piclured elsewhere CHARLENE WEHRMAN PEGGY TAYLOR R ITA STITELER BUBBA TUCK A FJ' JJI ,-.iw1Ku,,W, JULIAN CARSEY MARTHA CHAMBLES SYLVIA S0bOLIK FRED MOELHMAN YM? MARY ELLEN FUSSELL .Quill ,find Sm!!! CHARTER MEMBERS Julian Carsey Editor, THE CORRAL Jacqueline Reese Editor, THE BRONCO Sylvia Rankin Business Manager, THE BRONCO Although QUILL and SCROLL SOCIETY and student publications at Stephen F. Austin have cooperated in past projects, no chapter of Quill and Scroll has existed at the school until this year. Three charter members were named according to national rules of eligibility, junior standing, in upper third of class scholastically, and doing superior work in student publications such as THE CORRAL and THE BRONCO. Quill and Scroll was founded in 1926 as an international society of high school ' l' t It onsors contests on the national level, conducts research and publishes journa IS s. sp an important magazine. On the local level, chapters. undertake to better the cause of journalism in their own schools. . i 0 an f-I Uzvspian 61116 Martha Manning President Troupe 1034- of the NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY, Stephen F. Austin High School, Bryan, Texas, was installed the thirteenth of February, 1950. The installation of the troupe marked an achievement in the dramatic arts for our high school. At the Initiation Ceremony this year fifteen members were installed, bringing the membership E total to twenty-four. M. B. Dowling, B. Stacy, C. Walton, M. E. Fussell, N. L. Taylor, S. Rankin, C. Dishman. P. Young. NEWT MEMBERS 1. J' 3 i my :rs - W 'Q . , ,. Y , .. . , ,W X my 1 x A. Graham, A. Dearmond, O. Franklin, B. Mooney, S. Berger, C. Falgeau, A. Corbusier, B. Robison, N. Bruns, M. Henson, S. Hays, S. Campbell, S. Warren, J. McDonald, D ll.-J... Nairn al ffauor S0 iffy Cora Ann Darling President TWO YEAR MEMBERS Jacqueline Reese Cora Ann Darling Johann Reese Julian Carsey J. B. Woiton The NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY is composed of SW of the Junior class and 15W of the Senior class. The students are nominated by their grades and elected by the faculty on the basis of leadership, service, and character. The new members are initiated and receive their pins each year before the student body. The program is conducted by the second year members. Each year a project is carried out by the members in order to assist in advancing the progress of S. E. A. Seniors Bill Acres Mary Ellen Fussell Mary Lee Hall Jane McAliley Martha Manning Gladys Merka Dona Morille Jacqueline Scott Sandra Tremont Camille Walton NEW MEMBERS Juniors Martha Chambless Charles Dishman Luella Haupt Robert Hotard Billy Guy Hugghins Jean Kirby Reta Stiteler Shirley Warren flonars ' lla is lootbvll queentlds' , - x y snide? Cigfegbb and Sh" 6 l eafmme nked bl' pr incesses Julian Carsey receives first KORA band award from L'Casey" Jones, station manager. Surrounded by trophies and dates are "Bubba" Tuck, John Schmid and Walter Parsons at football dinner. "Bubba" and john won Lions' Club awards as best lineman and backg Walter received Norman Dansby sportsman award. Dr. R. Henry Harrison be he presents the Harrison award in football to "his boy," Dick Mun- day. 4'Doc', brought Dick i world. ams as nto the Dayton Moses and Mary Ellen Fussell were crowned King and Queen of Hearts. Special 15' ranca ,4 Ward Every once in awhile the staff of The Bronco sees a special type of achievement, not broken down into customary divisions such as athletic, scholastic, or leadership, but combining all three. This was unusually exemplified in the case of the Parsons family, where these qualities were not only shown, but multiplied three times by three brothers! Therefore, the first BRONCO AWARD is made to Walter, David, and Donald Parsons, now with their soldier father in Germany, but Broncos forever! x H D' iiil2'5"'-54? F 1: is it'WE".g.: wg, if Y 5 f, Y Donald David Walter L Q Q ,. e "" e ",V '5 I K K MARCELLE HENSON Secretary of the F.H.A., Yell Leader. Member of the Thespian Society, Member of the Footlights Club, Manager of the Volleyball Team. qfvwr-Mt, W, , -,,.- V r 5 W, U W., N A 11 92 -1 gc,3,x.:,y I i LQ' zf 2l'fS?'aw,.v ,'-:Q-Q - .. I K f V fn,-fQ1':'..3 nu' 'uggvill --55:61. f, ' A D . V 9,5 r E . .17 zv. - e1,'a:,."r', 1 .Nm -Aff 1 .' A- Q1 f ff 1-. Wa P ,. 4 . fj- , nf- f 4 G4-. K . L Y . n"', af. Y '- 7-x AAA A 7 A t - -1- 'ifz 5 .Q '5"'1k' , ' J' Q' .Q g1Z'Y.',.v V ' " , 4 - V ,. f f f .- tfbu' Lf - ' a' 53,1 A K , . gf, kr s . K5 .'- ' . 1 'W' Q Q' ' ' K-., ,. h. X X . . , . if-f if 5 ' , - V ' A 'L x ' "2" . z"t'."., ' I .ia fr ' ff. at 1' I , ,K xr '. 1. lx ffuk jd ,I- f , ,, A Q ' - - N, if 1-4 ' t A H ."1 .Pgrg -,.g,. f ' S' ",f.:A .r'. lyinfgvrrd' :I . . , G' X lfiqf' W 'kt.Y'?:v'xf" 1 - 'ff'-nz Suu-.., . Q AM1 L l A 2 ' ' 'rf' JA' lip. t' A K 4 V ,, . .Y Xb V 1- ,L , V ,AL .44 ,l V fi V if f ,LJ f: , - . . ", gf 4 4 ' . az-A ,. .W t fx 9 , 1, 2 .. 1 f 'wi A e...- "', . S -M 1 if J .vw fgfr ., 2 v ,ir 5 if .M ' I L , rf P" ,. I V. f 4 f yiaswff M4 naw e aw -- ., -'wwxawsyfx - 'L-U'Q ffiga - Y-ff' 1' P' '... I '. DAYTON MOSES '50 President Homeroom, '50, '51 Class Favorite. '51 Class Vice President. '52 President of Student Body. Wimw. BONNIE ROBISON President Pan-Am Club, Treasurer of Thespians, Senior Play Cast BOBBY ROBISON '50 Class President. '52 Class President. Track Letterman. Senior Play Cast SHIRLEY CASEY Yell Leader, Homecoming Queen, Cor- responding Secretary for the Student Council, Member of the Tri-Hi-Y and the F.H.A. BILLY GUY HUCGHINS '48, '49, '50, '51, '52 Class Favorite, Two year Football Letterman. Basketball Let terman, '51, '52 Class President. A avr va SOPHOMORE FAVORITES ANN CORBUSUQR sm PERRY FRESHMAN FAVORITES PAT WILCOX BOBBY WILKIN5 3 fx 3, ,VV,. ., K ,.i,. I A , ,. b 1 , ' Wig K Q f i cw K S- ' x gi ,gig .59 Q , 1 pg .L ' Q Q k A . ,, It V Y W "6 ' A as gf, K X . XA si . f ,?W"i' . L V? X . . 536' m U . xg., vga .',f.qn M5 N I A.h. 4 3 V' .f-.I ' z M ,glg Q m L ' WA i Cancun slug? Y N 'um . 5A ., 1 aff? Is than Q uosovx , 'Bwe-dx, ? E Husker, Manuel T955 URN' Tmaqf 'l'hq1"S fu nn W ? i am! 'W' A0511 9 . chu, , wha 9 Hn. Cacn, cord Mn. Ohm mecca! ? x " A 6 of .,s"t""" pahshhe monutu, ' 'lklb 15 0'-259-' dlhwq 'Use clk! walk X. Organizations Q Student Eazzmfil The STUDENT COUNCIL is the democratic representative body composed of officers of the student body. and representatives from the four classes in high school. There are two representatives from the senior homerooms and one representative from each other room. The Council works to establish better understanding between students and faculty. Effort is also made to bring about a better feeling of sportsmanship between the schools in our district. Student activities are planned and student problems dealt with in the weekly meetings. 'Q Sr 1, I la Av x' S 0' X I l ST - UUE col-lNC'illlr Dayton Moses President Clyde Hargrove Vice President Camille Walton Recording Secretary Shirley Casey Corresponding Secretary Julian Carsey Reporter Mr. Carl Orr Sponsor Q!" Hand The 70-piece STEPHEN F. AUSTIN BAND presented a drill at seven football games, played for the yell practices, participated in the marching contest at Houston where they received second, marched in numerous pa- rades -at Bryan, and attended the Houston Fat Stock show. The Bronco band also presented two con- certsg one for the open house and the annual spring concert. They also sponsored the con- cert by the Sam Houston State College band and entered the contests at Houston in the spring. Julian Carsey President Mr. C. B. McCown Director Julian Carsey President Mary Lee Hall Vice President Mary Katherine Eldrid Secretary Madaleen Gebauer Reporter Wally Penberthy Librarian Benny Franklin Uniform Technician Gary Goodwin Instrument Technicia 71 ,tmppella Klmir The A CAPPELLA CHOIR is in its eleventh year as an unaccompanied singing group. This year's activities have included two performances. the first an appearance at the First Methodist Church as the choir for the Texas Conference of the Women's division of the church. The second performance was the presenta- tion of the Christmas section of the oratorio, the Messiah, by C. F. Handel. We hope to make this an annual presentation. Plans for the remainder of the school year included participation in the Texas Gulf Sulphur Con- test, the state interscholastic contest, an Easter service in the city hour services, and tentative plans for a festival and tour. Mary Ellen Fussell President Mr. Carl J. Best Director Mary Ellen Fussell President Johann Reese Vice President Betty Bain Secretary Clyde Hargrove Treasurer Bill Acres Librarian Martha Manning Librarian Sylvia Rankin Publicity Chairman ,Iacq ueline Reese Reporter ' S S .559 Q xx 555- s- its' msg ss 3 gs 5 os s , '. Le. o , ' su 1 I I O Q N O Q I qu-. Q 1 ...X 11494. . Q I .1 . Q g.. 4 00 1'e. -O. 'Q 3... '. 0 .' '. iz.. .1 I. Q Q an . 2 . Qoou Q .QIQ Q 0 0 Alu - 45: ' I alla I 9' ,IA 'fl ' 1 5 5 1 'A . A 4 -NL' ' ' M,'no:. t,. : 2 O . . 4.. 1 5 I 3. i.. . su f :Z 5,1 1" 0 C ,f '-,' 0... " 'Q "1 Y v ..f 0... y: 'uf Q ' g, v 1. 1 ' ' 'fu '. . 14, 3 2 0. "':a 'v' I 5. tt. ' ljl fa. M A A BRASS SECTION WOODWIND SECTION PERCUSSION SECTION ER GBE AU M AD PWEEN gi WW? LLXE WE GENE SHIRLEY WARREN Drum Major KIR C' esgxccv' L Q 772 Q M' r 8 ww Cx M2109 10 we W 2 2 9 C5 , 6,0 Zo Z 0067 Jf rail, 0 0,0 We Everytime Ah Feel the Spirit t Girl ' Kim r This year marks the largest GIRLS' CHOIR in the history of S.F.A. Another first was the formal concert of Christmas music presented immediately before the holidays. An appearance at the Bryan Rotary Club was also a part of the year's work. In the Spring, another formal concert was to be presented. Joan Konecny Preszdent Joan Konecny President Sandra Kelley Vice President Margie Ball Secretary Ethel Morton i Treasurer Nancy Hale Librarian Mary .lane Nedbalek Reporter Mr. Carl J . Best Director Og-QQ loa- z 204,65 Q. e 30060 is as Q, U9 fi fo 5' ! GN ow S 'Q So X2 Qu' 65129 fb 'Q we ZQJ, :Iggy M: MQ' No Com rngvd The i.B'1ovm? mi would Looking if-"L .somefluinq Ubud' 0. face! x ff I L 1+ 1 ! ? , one CL 5601: 'les Jokvwng , qw, ubggf -if-f F A l AA . , L 4..,. I .1 .. . -L " AL4 1 x vi Q Q A U .V ' gp ,A ,W , . . - M Fiaiibe he cm-. kkzk Q 1-ke-se exha aoinfyf 'ful'-IB ii., Los P1 uclsc. dm: .' Q5 Activities -3 5x6 52' JJ N l Ji rx P- Thegfre busy doin' 1 v 3 ., 5 :.,, ,:.,,. M Q ., if? . fin 4 H 1 4, 1 is , X 3 ' 'WI 5 wg fi S! 1 f 1 , J Q A 6 'S .M A x " 3 ,. .. -- ff 2 l . , li ij I. : Q5 IL Vkyrik Y 2 f, 2 , 5 ff i ii N. x A' X ..iff1'f"? fi .1 I in 5 f u ' , y. 4. il , A Qarzzlrz Meeting once each month, but separately, the BOYS, and GIRLS' FORUMS have heard a num- ber of worthy speakers. These two organizations between them include all members of the SFA student body. One of the highlights of their activity this year was staging the annual Christmas program in the auditorium. .linny Wattinger Walter Parsons President President Girls, Forum Boys, Forum Walter' Parsons . ..,, ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,r P resident Fred Moehleman , ...,. ..,.... V 'ice President Billy Arhos ,,ttt,ttt,,., ...t ,.,,t,,t, S e cretary Sid Berger .........a.... aoa,,..,. T reasurer Robert Barmore .,r.,. . ,,,,eo, Reporter Mr. McLarty ....vo, ,.,....,, S ponsor ,linny Wattinger ..,...V.,. ,.,.. I Jresident Johann Reese H ,,,, ,,,,,,. ,,,,, V 1 'ce President Peggy Taylor oottt,oo. o.,. . 2nd Vice President Sue Anna Binney ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,t.,, . ,. Secretary Elizabeth Anderson s .t.,,. , ,,,t,, . Reporter Miss Wilcox .s ssss,, a,aaaos S ponsor Miss Parsons ,.s.,,,.,,,..,s,.,........,.,.,.....,. Sponsor s17 Criffi- Hi- J f l Billy :Xrluus 77 Bubba Tuck 77 Gene Shillings ,,,,,, Freddy ltloelman John Sclnnifl Clyde Hargrove Mr. Pruitt 7 7 L 7A 7 President Vice President 77 ,,,,,, Secretary Treasurer 77 77 Reporter Sergeant-at-Arms 7 Sponsor Bettie Baine 7 .,,. 7 Luella Haupt 7 77 Reta Stiteler 77777 7777 Presifient lwi Billy Arhos President Bettie Baine Presifient ce l'resi1lenI 77 77 Secremry ,loan lxonecny 77 777777 77 77777 7 Treasurer Charlene Wehrlnan Nancy Merrill 7 7 Miss Walker 7 77 77 Miss McDonald ,7,. M 7 Reporter 77 7 Chaplain 7 77 Sponsor Sponsor M x!,7,... f i iw! www .ff SRMMN N gufurrf H0 cmak er nf America The FHA is an organization open to any girls who have had or are taking homemaking. This year these girls had an exhibit at the county fair, gave a Hallowe'en party, prepared a decoration for the bank window, and with the FFA gave a Christmas party. One of the high points of their year is the annual banquet given for the school board. Mary Lee Hall President Mary Lee Hall President Billie Marie Murphy Vice President' Marcclle Henson Secretary ,Ianie Piraino Treasurer Larry Stroup Sweetheart Miss Klimichelc Sponsor Mrs. lnabinet Sponsor Miss Reynolds Sponsor Quin c Sfzzrmcrs af ,fwzerim Wv..,, The Stephen F. Austin Chapter of the FUTURE FARMERS of AMERICA had a big year in 1951- 52. The chapter was particularly distinguished in winning contests. At the Houston Fat Stock Show the dairy judging team and the grass judging team both took second place honors. Seven boys took either first or second places in the district contest at Hearne and went on to compete in the Area Meet at Bellville. The F. F. A. also won a television set and nu- merous individual prizes in a magazine subscription contest. Money and prizes totalled 31.179, L2 T-1 1 Ph- 'Y AQHA lb 'bfi L1 ef lpn! o o -' '. ' .. - In 'o' of --... FUTUP- . FARM RS OF J Q E J...- M vrhr MW Eamera 61116 g VLUG Maw r, P' K Henry Thomason President Peggy Ann Johnson Secretary-Treasurer Organized to fill a need at S. F. A. that has often been expressed, the CAMERA CLUB passed through its first year as a small but aggressive organization. The club work was divided into two sectionsg exhibiting pictures and competing in contests on the one handg developing and printing pictures on the other. w. .. Julian Carsey , ,, Elizabeth Anderson ,,,,,7 Royce Ann Zalenskif 77,,,7 Gene Kirby ,,,7,,,Y,7,,7,,,7, Margaret'Cibson ,,,77 Shirley Warren ,,,,.r7. Mary Shelton ,,,, ,,,,7,,,, George Nedbalek ..r,.o77 Nelda Bruns ,,,,.,,,.,,, Mr. Vick Lindley ,,7,.r.,. Publishing weekly for the first time in many years, the CORRAL editors put out a record number of copies of a record number of issues. Some in color! 3. id' M 4 f. 'izhrt f Q , we . 'i +. YP! Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Assistant Editor Feature Editor . News Editor Social News Editor Art Editor ,. .i,.,i ,,i, S ports Editor ,, ii,i,, Exchange Editor Sponsor E... lm Jacqueline Reese ,,A.. ,,,.. 7 ,,7,., 7 7 7 Editor Reta Stiteler ..,7e,,e,,A.. e7,e, A ssistant Editor George Nedbalek .... 7. 77 77 7 Sporfs Editor Sylvia Rankin 777777.... Business Managers Robert Barmore Mary Ellen Fussell .7 ...7 7777 7 Asst. Business Manager Mr. Vick Lindley ..7..7..7 ..77.777..77777.77777777777777 S ponsor With more than 200 extra faces to get before the camera, the BRONCO editors had to put out an annual "bigger than ever be- fore." ' ex ees ee ee E-ee pill! - ,Jim lub i' Bonnie Robison President The PAN-AMERICAN CLUB is open to any student of Spanish or Latin. Its purpose is to learn more about the peoples of the Spanish speaking countries so as to understand them better. The Pan-Am Club has 14-0 members this year. The local club is a mem- ber of the Pan-American Student Forum of Texas. 1 Bonnie Robison President Sylvia Sosolik Vice Presiden Shirley Warren Secretary "Skeeter" Wilson Treasurer Cordon Graham Reporter Mrs. Vincent Sponsor Mrs. Muehleisen Sponsor Zrvliglzis 61116 The FOOTLIGHTS CLUB is open to all students with the desire and ability to act. They meet twice a month with different groups presenting a play or skit. OFFICERS Mary Lee Hall ., .o7,,....rr.., ,e,.,.,. . V Bettie Balne ..,,,,,. .....,,, Jinny Wattinger Nancy Hale .,.,t,e, Miss Coocllett .,,.,..., President Vice President Secretary Reporter Sponsor SYLVIA SOSOLIK J. B. WOITON CHARLES DISHMAN SHIRLEY CASEY MARCELLE HENSON JPY? Sita ,. -4:34 KW... A WEN: Q! 1' ,,.,., Q ,, 1 Y fi-Emi' ' 1 ssisfanfs These are the girl students. s who help you find These are the girls w books. ho help you find Selma! Smploy es Matous Shrimpton Seay in-ras 3 s SE L jones L E '25 Mr. Taylor Mrs. Nall -oG"J"g-'N-H Tupton Whitmore Nash Oh, w 9 Love Q benJA'fl'il-g Tnaffaq P,,g,'t,,,wn ., 111:33 ifggg, we QQREIN leg any X if 'S must be In -Lkg K K W ..,Ag ,A Qi F qcm baqe mn. M155 uni,-qq his Lfdf-fidklrxa I 'N Thumbnq Galena Pa-Jc . cos i-mme f'WoblQ, Lfou tank 5161, K MAQV5 IVIQM1 gaqlqhq? Z 1 1 0,6 Raw , 90.5-m, Lina., Unk ,' ,rlfhlvfics Sx FJ .2 Fight on You, Broncos, wefll win h X I - .- 6. iT' "'f "JS , 1 f 'N 60 clzcs 4 MR.DAVE MR.KATHCART MR.YOUNG MR.GRHW1N Assistant C oach Head Coach Assistant Coach Assistant Coach 60-Kap aiu H. TUCK R. HOTARD G. BOYETTE G. GRAHAM D. C. JONES N. C. HIELSCHER 24 ' 5211111 Z 3 ' wt 3. The Broncos opened their '51-,52 season by tieing Ball Hall of Galveston 0-0. The next game saw the Broncos over Kerrville 6-0. The Broncos took their first loss of the season from Conroe 22-6. Conroe later won its district title, lost to Temple in bi-district. The Broncos piled up Henderson. 18-0, and defeated Kilgore 24--0 in the last two non-district games. During their district play the Broncos had two wins and three losses, ending up a strong third. The Broncos beat Nacogdoches 25-0. The mighty Palestine team took the next game by a two-point margin with the final score 14-12. The Broncos came out victorious 19-14 over the Corsicana Tigers after a 60-yard last minute pass. The Broncos dropped the next game to Lufkin 19-7. The Broncos played their best game of the year against the state-leading Temple team, only to lose 12-10. if S, 2'74:."74-,E H S-.1?4152sl64 x 5 ff.-Q. kk,.. , . A K JNZAJMS'-. 4 'aa 5 ,N fi 2 f Y :Q ,aww X' M wx V, ,Q X V . af LL iq? gr 5 Q' fi 'K Q arf? 'J'w9ffLlL 3 , Wofball Summary FINAL SEASON STATISTICS Here is the individual scoring for the Broncos First Downs 7 7 77 77 7 7 110-102 through the SCHSOHI Yards Gained Rushin 7 ,,,,Y,Y,,,,,7,77 1396-1393 , Yards Gained Passingg 77 77 7 77 ,7,, e,,7,,ee 6 08-308 TD S Ex' Pts' Total Passes Completed 77 ,Y,,, ,Y,,,,.7,s,,, 4- 5 of 127-25 of 86 Hargrove .V,wV,, 7 7. . 5 1 31 Passing Average 77 77 ,,,,,,ee,e,,,,e,,e ,,,,. 3 54.-.288 Bradberry ,,e,,, 7 ,,,, 7 4- 0 24- Net Yardage 7 ,,,,,,,, ,,,e,, ,ee,,,,e,e,e,,e, 2 0 04'-1701 Stockton 77 ,,,e ,,,,, 3 1 19 Passes Intercepted 7 77 7 7 77 7,777, 10-9 Helvy 777777 3 O 18 Fumbles Lost 77 7 77 777777 77713-22 Hugghins 77 77 1 0 6 Punting Average 77777 77 733.6Y30.9 Mcllougald 777777 7. 1 0 6 Pate 777.. .7 ..,. 777777 1 O 6 Schmid 77777 7 77 1 O 6 Arhos 7777 7..,77, . 0 1 1 19 3 117 ,Ccffcrmm HENRY TUCK JOHNNY MCDOUGAL JIMMY BOSWELL KEN BRADBERRY RONALD BRITTON CLYDE HARGROVE ORIN HELVEY TOMMY HENSARLING ,Ceffcrmm BOBBY HOLLIDAY BILLY GUY HUCCHINS HSKEETER' JONES FRED MOEHLMAN JOHN MOEHLMAN DICK NIUNDAY JOHN PATE WALTER PARSONS JOHN SCHMID GENE SHILLINGS JOHN STOCKTON RICHARD RODRICUES '76"' Squad wjVi14!l1 Grade Gam if gill Q ! QE! 27 M I Ka kffb ll '24 1' Umm 1-,Sv A -W ,M A Y X 7 LM ,W 4 W, 5 . , Q-vt., ,..,..,.,1.....,. ...........,,,,,, ... ,4- ,.w.........,......T.. ,-,., .,W,, .M-Q,---L' 5 R-.+..,,, .W ,I M FM EEQQESLP' I . 1,., I ',:: 'jf in 1 ' Q 'Q -Q-1... M 'lg-gf' f . T 1 iw 'Y gh 5 I S E I . . 1. e. . .. -- ,i5:Y'3iiP'N-93"-i '- ig ,. : ,.., . ,, .g , ' A"-i Lfcffcrm Ifl RONALD ISHITTON DICK MUNDAY BOBBY HOLIDAY JOHN SCHMID BILLY ARHOS BILLY GUY HUGCHINS If JJ If JJ Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bry an Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Squad Keczfrd V' lb ICI Cillllllfi 23 llry .15 Nzu'og4lm'lu lvl Callclwm-ll ll! llry 50 ll31'lllIPlt' 39 Wan-u 112 llfyllll ALO l':xl1'slim- 25 Cvnlcr 20 llryun bl illll'Sl1'illlil 38 Cushing 20 llry -L9 l,ulkin 30 Lamar fll Bryan Oli Cursivzllm 311 Big Szlncly 30 llry 57 N1u'ugmlm'll1 30 lllg Sanfly 11.6 llry 39 'l's'mplc- 30 Huntsville lT Bry 53 l'ule-slinv 35 llunlsvillc ,Li llryun 50 llulvslinv -1-3 Lulkin 3l BU' 60 I'uIm-slinc 167 ID ' I ' I Zlzalmf COACHES MR. C. P. VASS --"A" Squad MR. JAMES GRIFFIN -- "Ii" Squad I I 9 I l5,d56'5llff Z' am l f ,M Consolidated 3- 9-51 Brenham 3-29-51 Allen , 3-21-51 Navasota 3-15-51 Navasota. , ,, 3-13-51 Temple , , 3-30-51 Houston Y , 4- 3-51 Houston , , 4- 6-51 Austin -1-10-51 Letterman 3-3 0-1 0 9-2 12-1 11-4 4--3 4-0 3-9 Austin Pasaflona Conroe 'F , , Palestine Temple Conroe 1' Palestine 1' t,,, -59 Tyler , ,,,, , Tyler , , 1, 1, " District games 4-13-51 4-14-Sl 4-20-51 4-24-51 4--26-51 5- 1-51 5- 4-51 5- 18-51 5-18-51 fl--11 24. 1 23. 1 -9- 0 23- 5 -7- za -9- 3 Yi. o -zz. :s B. ARHOS M. BARRON C. BROACH B. CASEY 6'ff6'l'lll6'I1 1 35 O. HELVEY D. HOWELL D. HOLLIDAY, D. MILLER M. MUNOZ if il, 'KM D. MUNDAY B. PETERS L. QUINTERO L. ROCHA 5. pa " Q .Lx u 5 B. ROSS J. STOCKTON S. WILSON B. BUFFINGTON CUT . J, I 9 I Crank Gam Eeffcrm 11 880 yd. run CHARLES BLONDEU ....,......., 220 yd. dash BILLY BULLOCK .....,....... ..,......,............. 44 0 yd. run BOBBY CALDWELL .,,..... .....,.. 2 00 yd. low hurdles JAMES LAWSON ...,..,....... .....A..,..,.......,,. 1 mile run JONNIE MCDOUGAL ....,, ..... ...... 4-4 0 yd. relay FRED MOEHLMAN .....,.,, ......,...... S hot put DICK MUNDAY ,.........,,. ........ H igh jump MARTIN MUNOZ .....7,,..l... ...,...., 1 mile run WALTER PARSONS ..,...,. ....... 44-0 yd. run FRANK PETROSKI ,.....,,....., .Y............,. 8 80 yd. run ANTHIONY RESTIVO ......,......., 880 yd. run BOBBY ROBINSON ,,,......, ....,. 1 20 yd. high hurdles CURTIS WEBB .,,,........I, .. ..........,....i..,. Mile relay PHILIP BUCHANAN ,,..... .................,rrr..,,., M anager A 3 , " " Swain! 2711 The "B" Association dedicates this page to the memory of James Harry Chambless, former football coach. whose death during the year left us all with a sense of bereavement. The "B" ASSOCIATION consists of all athletes who have won their letters at Stephen F. Austin in the four major sports at any time. Membership is for life. and the staunchest supporters of SFA athletics are the lettermen who graduated from here many years ago. Active membership consists of letter-winners still in school. I gm-M -i .ra wink Q lc-vel 4 '1 mug G oppvx rw. New Nknfl- Fffem Japan Sffll leaking fem an exf-fa Fold kigkeil gi J DL'LLkV 5 Tkqf becxufxxwx ' ' V i G 'V ,None de. Kn!1m1's beem heme . WEP? P 11 M the oaqff ." E gk ff-'H . l X I , Im. I 1 X f 734 fe . I I Awful, mavli' H' f? Gow P504 Pknioqworl-.ex 1 Su'll?hC,G'L Advert! emerzfs 5 F' A 2 -f Be cause of you ?--1 -- - fb , jg . -.,. e 2, L 31 ., , W., .v . w 4 l . H --fairy 3 5' Q x 55,35 mf K " J -A-ff ,mu ,, f w- ,-- 1 1 f ,1 f---V .Lx 11. . vi"-:. ' ' - WV, .W X .., 1,Q.,. .1 2 -A -, w ,m v- . :Q-... . .V ' un f , :f:s w42v ,:' .4g '5 1 . . 2 5 i 3 X 4 3 ' i .. 'if ' tw '15 - ,W U Q, , 'fi H ig, .Q ig, Q vii x- ' , ' ' -555' W, .M Qin' wma . A ' .i V ' f J, 2, gf :,., f P,-E 505: ff? fi - a Q fi, ff , . . J H , . 1 'if 5 if C , 1 4? ,, as ,,.. ,ik 3 233' 'Sr f f e i IS, 'y i -f.. . , it -. ,,. 1 i.,,QQ34gf 2.M1.. ff fx 5 ffw ' 1 i4 S 3 ' .V . x , 1A 1 ff Q - ., A ,A .Li ,H Ji Simi. ffiw-id , 'v L15 'il f 1 ., 1. . ft ' 1 - ' ,:g,v,?E4i-- 1 . , L URE M935 PROUJ . Tl'lA+ SUV? CAME 'FROM 0ba9d1wps.Co. M5943 CLOTHING SINCE 1395 X 1 TRAVIS B. BRYAN, President Travls B Bryan, President Travis B. Bryan, Jr , Cashier S L Boatwright, vice president J. Howard Todd, Assistant Cashier N F Lockers, Assistant Cashier C- A- Nish. Assistant Cashier Melvin C Joy, Assistant Cashier Raymend Stanford, Asslstant Cashier YOUR BANK We would have you feel that THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK is your bank. We would have you feel at home in your bank. What- ever your problem or need you are invited to call and discuss it with us any time with the assurance you will be treated with iveiiy courtesy and consideration at your an . We would have you feel that above every- thing else in this institution there is a real desire to serve you well. We value, ap- preciate and shall ever strive to deserve and maintain your friendship, good will and busi- ness. It shall be our purpose to serve you so acceptably that when opportunity presents itself, you will, as many customers do, bring or send your friends to your bank. Stockholders provide the capital. Officials provide the management. In the final analysis customers make the bank. We are grateful for and proud of the loyalty of the customers of . . . THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK-during the past seventy-five years of its history. We want you to feel that you have a real part in this your bank. If you are not now a customer, we extend you a cordial invitation to become one on the basis expressed above so that you may also feel that this is your bank. qv lfmnsm' Hr!-IQTDNAL n.32."?'-1-QL.. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION e ..l, WXQQ jfafcofza-' pl-IAl'2NTACV C A 4: E Drugs, Cosmerics Prescripfions A 2l7 Norfh Main A YAN, TEXAS Corner Bryan 81 Zbfh 2-I345 BR L A 1 C OMPLIMENTS ICE CREAM Co. CENTRAL TEXAS HARDWARE COMPANY 202 SOUTH BRYAN AVENUE Phone 2-7085 Complete Line of: Complete Line of: Gifts Hardware Chinaware Acorn Gas Ranges Crystal P't b gh Paints HARDWARE KORA I 1a CONGRATS SENIOR BRONCOS 7 For 'Complete Home Decorations cmd Artist's Materials 'I I it's 'rvnwf-rzyzviiaia 1 Bryan, Texas 'E " YY I I W I Y- I Next to P. O Bryan T SANKEY PARK Jewelry SILVER DIAMONDS WATCHES W, , w S0 I cmmisens ILA- SHOES fr HOSI EPsY FOR WOMEN Er CMILUKEN L G.S.PARK6R Lumnen. co. BRYAN TEXAS Phone 2-5325 ..,'..- +1 Pofzha-412 I3DyAN PHARHACY ITUIDIU 104 S. VOLLEGE -Y ---Vw V ' Q ' iv- -f-' Conuna 81 Co. 3, ' te 'gs AN.ENEl?6Y UET- e5 M627 Smurf Shop i .Sakai A BITE TO :Ar N, Jn D UDCEIVE Wear f x w d Ch ld HOME UV NNE SHOES DR. PEPPER BUTTLING CO. 302 W. 28th St. Phone 2-8605 B yan, Texas -A nr, Complimenfs of Zuqene Zci'7eancfSan 1 i Compliments of onecll. l PHARMACY - Drugs and Cosmetics wget PHAR M ACN 306 VVes+ 28th S+. Ph. 2-I426 Bryan, Texas ..w1mQ5QQEmi -'--- 5- I I M +4 2 ' P I . -. EL , '11 sg 1 il-2 -11. 5 .. ,fi V? r' is :ff -,ififg --'. 5f..f'z,l.,i.. 2?ffi.5:n"' :ff iq,- : 2 T3 " ? I 522 '-A. .5142 "-" Q ...,..,.- """ " A' M -- --'-' ""' t '2:454:,2:4f:f:2::1,:1g -Y . , ..... . . s sh.. SERVING THIS COMMUNITY SINCE 1909 W. J. Coulter, President W. S. Higgs, Vice President J. N. Dulaney, Vice President Pat Newton, Cashier O. W. Kelley, Assistant Cashier Curtis Mathis, Assistant Cashier L. E. Nedbalek, Assistant Cashier Willard E. Williams. Assistant Cashier ,Wil J 'i "' A Compliments of ROMAN PHARMACY HY - LINE CHICKS Bred Lille Hybrid Corn mai 2-1383 PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY jhteief -gdeiilff BRYAN, TEXAS ' l f Y T J ' -" V' N 0 RTO N- E W Woolworth NEXVNIAN C0 . glzinfaza 211 SOUTH MAIN lx Hint-xx KMSD C L a TH I ERS efmnf rams Shop Ar The A an M PHOTO SHOP uafzanfie gffwie STUDIO Qualiiy Merchandise EVERY PHOTOGRAPHIC '04 N- Main BRYAN 1 ,lu , gm!! M Zia owe i Furniture C1 Upholstering SHCI: Company Ph. 2-I387 I004 S. Couller F 1, M C Dictaphone Electronic Dictating Machines and Sl',sriIds"Dl' , E E R5 U5'G 0- i::::,2,,g Cas: 1::::::e,, and Supplies, Sales and Service Evsnflliiug in Music Guy H. Deaton Typewriter Exchange 116 South Main St. Bryan, Te BRYAN , .-lE,Xl'5 DIAL 2-5254 Wh Y Pt g i Appreciated Most Compliments BRYAN, TEXAS "A HOME-OWNED INSTITUTION" Dial 2-1559 239 E. 29th St. ' g 'il , , 1 Y ' CHINA GIFTS CRYSTAL SPORTING GOODS HARDWARE fifziefz - 54754, HARDWARE COMPANY we 2fl'Zg6'52!Z COMPLIMENTS OF Insurance Agency 91452 WJ 69839 ALL Poms OF INSURANCE I N C. Ageni' Sou'l'hwesI'ern Life Sc to Store 202 Varisco Bldg. Bryan I I A xmxxmmwwxxxwxxms City National Bank Bryan, Texas o?5':I57!'a 1 X A A x I3 QQ- 4,5258 gh v ' + - fr!?:Qf, V' Q fzfazgggf X 1 r ' Irfu, Ng 15 . f' QI 91 i "HIV ' , v -,gf v , 5 .Md W IPBVW M A 3 B -I-WM f X . I If a I 9 lg Ne5g4? . N 1 I- I B T' I Q' Q. GNP! Sa I if 4-0-f 0 T nmw .IL ' f, Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation C Qullo ohfD 9 G. E. APPLIANCE DEALERS -Friendly- Q SINCE 1888 A SMART SCHOOL SUPPLIES GRADUATION GIFTS 8 1 13 N. MAIN BRYAN. TEXAS mwwai We solicit your inspection of our fine stock Youn wEsTlNeHousE DEALER FRANKS-VINCENT 'S "" msURANcR SERVICE 7625 R. c. Franks Joe E. vincent FURNITURE CO. Bryan' Tem 'RYAN INSURANCE COUNSELORS 5Hl1rrm5' E o o K S 7064? mu W9 2? ' ' A R' QAO- SMART WEARING APPAREL for SMART DRESSERS Dash and Spur Sport Clothes 303 W. 26 2-28I9 Timely and Collegian Clothes A Sh' t F man Shoes l E me agen Q 4 E Qffzbgfqfyjpe S T LJ D91 8 Your Exclusive Fabric Cenier pQRTRAl1-5 - CANDIDS WEDDINGS Phone 2-l645 IO5 Main BRYAN zos s. Main Ph. 2-27:5 Barium Ailipp " YOUR SIL' FR' EN DLY :Rsaouh gift: E ii' DEALER BRYAN DAILY NEWS Z5 'Egan ' MGTOI2 co. COMPLIMENTS OF Midway Cleaners 4l5 N. Main 2 1 ' in l ' pzdimmz Wm Zfzde fa SALES - SERVICE GMC TRUCKS - PONTIAC Zbfh 8: Parker I H1006 24534 fpafdweffi JEVVE l.l2Y STCDR E BRYAN HIGH SCHOOL JEWELERS DIAMONDS WATCHES SILVERWARE OLEN Q! pam 50 -1 Hagel! Motor Co M Your Dodge Dealer Since' l922N DODGE 8: PLYMOUTH CARS 8: TRUCKS Dial 2-1551 C,omp!z'monM of ' WA? 24 hr. Service 2- I 400 Bryan .Po TTS ..TEw5Lff?S IN ER HHN 7lniz'eJ 44014150446 A K I N 'S CROSS FRQPEQ T HOU EHNGS BRYAN, AS C301rL,Cz-kzm Q n?5 ,5fi"Jf?nfgju5Te'm swf' FLEXHXUDER FZZQZU INiUiF7fl!:E D,X,E Complefe Floral service C Q fv7pL,,1q5-,V7-5 25 'ff Seo? UF Quan U21 h.,..E-31.05, mE mQZ Cgggnfgfg LIH1 T53 UHKISUNEMISS Agfa iillfy FILIW as fd!! E mar .1 wffrms 64 new l., ,, K1 f uh t 'Y - f 'Nl 3 7of5Ye'S IIHIB ff 1 i. .,h,, , 'Bmofkem 5feadje5 Jammu' Jokes W 5 Q 9 . ,td -V - F i , S ' t W L - fl? yi' rink! v X . T10 ci lr 'EJ , .pcuflovw ? Cow-Of'-S FQ.Sf2'l bo n nei- t Ps v.V W , f M 'H Q' . W . A t K, A A -,.. ' , - . K. 3 if is K Thosfu beomdkgkul :smilesf all , Cocowcolgw qdvefdisemenf Thai AllAmew'cfw'1eam Inilioukiovw Days Lowlq 5oPlwS. Casanova Caxmiqkeal :yy uylgh f.,,,,N YQQ Gaul-1, G:.,l,,l , 1 I-Clcfq's man -, wow., ldkm kind of wake-up do qw ure? I R 3 Pmaiae AIIQA ! WK, M 6445 Q . - - V- L If Smnlf few We A' 'E - 1 b'4"4"e' L M11 L cf F-'mst gem. lelffeammf qs ea' ew U15 End 5 L1 lg- If J el J J I 3 J 6 The Lord Bless You and Keep You, the f , za: H -la A Ffggil? -1.5 if". fi I 7 1 , 'V V - ,L z' in 1 .1 ' -f - fyf.-:,,alf T1ierinx-z+,Lzf'3Q3,,gfg,g,m,fMm .s 2 L ' s1gg:1j5'.?vU,iKf:5,fg3 Q f M wgzfg aff- nw My w K af K M,,1N3f5f,:3' w .nf Q , ff - , ' xx ' , 'S V -Q qUfy'w" 2, ,, . , ,. N..,4,, ,,:Lg.3 w H fwwfe, mix - 1. 'Mm W. . R ,M ,,1.,fg ,+2fQ,,A,,w,ev - 'S f' -M'-v gf, X ,K jx., 'K N'HiV- rl, "YW5l54wF5','. 'P f!?fF5 jiigef' ff 'jf' aaslqg gig 1 . "-- 34: ,LCE 'egg j., 02533:-in - f W f q 'K A -.1xffa2,L,L f .QQ V -i ,QM J qs-Q-rm,f"i.?,' W I' 351 1 H fx :F H f 1 ? ' Wfwwf' WH- . ., 5 ' ,X if? rw M W ww 5' 3 Q - xzfiw,-,f ' -1 fi fm ff X Q .,fM., sinh' fr, 1 LW :M :Q ?liQf1sE

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