Stephen F Austin High School - Bronco Yearbook (Bryan, TX)

 - Class of 1951

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Stephen F Austin High School - Bronco Yearbook (Bryan, TX) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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an -:s-1 Q 3 . A K7 4 il K, , f H ' ,A , 'E A 'fQfL2'hxwu N 1" 3 'I 1 1 ' 1 + f ff I 4 f ff", 1, ,J - IVXX 1 'anim I 'J 'A 6, 5 1 ,fl,fU?E UQ, lfQff'f'5,i D? 4 5' df, ' ' ' , A If , ' ,. if-,1 R, 1"'f . 1 1 . 1, fi F' , 5 A .Q fy , 9 f, J ff' 1, f' rf f-,QA 4 1 ' " ' " A if F' 1- , Q, y fx. QL -nv -.,, , , , f. T f A M1 ff E'f1'J ,h,lf,7!'YX,i we . + f k , 2, . , ' . .H I x xf f A 1 -P ur iv W I I Q if J 3 K , , if if f 'A 0 4 M, f ff M - fN Aff 5 ' f ,,.- Nyyk 2 ' , 1 K :MQ A ' J ,Ag 5, , fa cr fx. M tl AQ ffl , fav , .f'gf'X1,, , Q if ,, . ,, fi-' f 'fp Vg' f ' ' ' M 1 f 'X ' ' w ,"i-"'v35fT! i'f2f'M. if KA X J X J 1 U W ' V- fx A. f' K' 5 5 fs ' ' ff? 'jfvf 'N fl PF. V L A F X , f L1 , AQ ,N V '-Q W, 4 " a ', rx - M r, A f , 4 T m V .4 , V1 ,- ,w.s,.f 1, 3 me s., , x, ? V I rl , , 3 31, 53 I, 5.104 Q Q'-73 I, Ll fa, 1 fm, v , NW, i' 'W' Mu- f S 1 .Ll IT " i J ,f ,lc V.-Wfig, 'N' ff 7 4 S' V- f ' ' V ,AJ X 4 . y X - f A. X , E XL Y R 3 K ,ww V - --1 df 'fx-Q 'V Eff ,,,. X. 'A-f-v.J,,-N J P' -- f' fri- , nf-, If ks E YQ., Q3 it V ,MAJ I f 1 ,fax L Y Fr Q i 5 4 X " V Xl' L wt 7fQ2Li5f3f?7'?55i2:'?f':ilf 'ff l Wig' "'f'7"g1J275'5:SWw ' 1 , J A l,gV'ff.l7, An 'Q :Ai h . l F Y f - ., .. ..,,. ,. ,N If I, - C-.j. , nr Q ,J . ,KL- f,.-1, x ,. wg.-X ,,. A , ' ff,,..,, , X f , MMAWMW .. V 1 M -Q 1 N , ,'5vj,- , , , 4 , . cg - - , C 'L :ffL..J' ,,, ,, Y. . .ff ,y .- . P - ff' , ,, r. Vg LK" ,. r 1 x , Q I 1' ' L "" Q?" ' Qi R fi, V 1 f fu? J 4.5-"-,L-..d " 1 f-.. 1 2 , A H1714 1757 ,QWUQA QQZLQJC' .44 A'zd-446,420 Awgggaalnww . -5,4445 4,f,4..6:ff444!5f99a4fQl,.a4-Lezczzfjg kw4,egf,.:Wa2,26efL44,Q,z-Ag 224.54-24-ith s4.4f,,2,M-44632444141 09'56,,,,,ev7,-,,.,j1Mf I QMWMMMAWAQDQQQ7 vmwzwbw fha. M ,ffm yz,aJvfu4a', 6770121 J,f4?ZgdZfb14:4,.44zwUfGQ,5,!..u44,A EMM- d'4w7w-564652 -!,'40,.,.L., pwff ,O47dwu0,c:Q-viL,.Qx 'W 7"-4'ff-24-we-fa-fa'..4.w,x.5Q, Wffbaam 24261 vdfauae ac...-eacz JDEQJ 51.74 .me Sfiaue, gglaggwgddeag J ,cha-f1,fd5a-QLQL, c2'a,-71041 4Qm,mQW4,4buZ!aQ af 444596 ,VlL,fafe6 Qld-1412 Wu-ff N gf-gf, ,cwjba lfzpdwpafhwvxwwegmwg 7544 '7444,!-2?4,a.-fL-vzz- 4.a,,4,7,M,, ga ,dm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Mf +2 5.w? . 2 4f4.+f4,fa+nf9Zva,f"Qz4,, Q1-:'1Af,,f7", c:?45c4ea4,.:4,,.L,f4,2wL..,-wfeeau...4.1ea,fX .,effe4,ffoQ7-acziwm, Aiff,aQ.Q.2,,LZfM 4aJ+ CQ' cz4wQ'Muf0-f..a2Qu,g.4? a.4!.7wLf ' 792aau6L.Q 'Nw gwaca Stephecc 5? Jiaairlu, 3-ufaw, 7mm f,, 1 , 1 il: t so U. I K X y '-wt The theme ofthe 1951 BRONCO is school life- liy a period of fun and laughter in our lives that when 7. id once gone can never be relived. It is our hope that this book preserves for the years to come the fg memory of what was once a vivid and exciting ,Qi reality. ,if THE STAFF 1? is if ff xx fn T""x- , , p y V T l,'l'lf'l' E f 1' ' wli ' ff ll' - 1 -- f-,f - 1 N344 f f- .. N TE- - ei Fizz.. J-j - ff ,M :it I , l fu' 1 1 pf I ir V . 'H X I - f lllll - N l T T T Y f ,N QI lx X", l X I" llv li 1 "lg i ' '- .s WT, ' f 1, , iii-E 4 T s- - 1, - "fe 'hill ,- T T X ,S TT 'll -Te T' ,-Pl1r'i1l:i T ll' ly Q Flw.'!'wXxx-,: X l ilxilnxh f llilll H N ll ,fl . A T :Mamma .46 74666 af emma Amammmn 7441519 efcwaea Www Uzgwagaawa Awww f-ifzdzma fi"daeu'cbemeaz'4 XY' su- p Y 41 A Q 5 Q Q , , Q I f if as U ,. 4384 X ML ' Mn ,.3s,Q' A :if f fm.. 1 ,QQ V Q31 M39 ,S ..,. QL 5 ,.,,.. , .. ?'.,.3. 2. k '-ff 'blk .F 5 W: X r gm x 9 , K . 2. gi ,- :ff - as sffgfifsvi :iii 3 A 2222555 iv' 3 1 :Engl , . .u... . . 4 .J M. Wgi, gf U ef R Q--.-I.. X A gaafwl Mr. Gibson, Mr. Armstrong, Mr. Vincent, Mr. Howell, Mr. Newton, and' Mr. Car- michael. Not shown: lVlr. Jarrot. Mr. ,lack Howell President Mr. ,loc Vincent lVlr. C. G. Gibson Vice President Member Mr. Pat Newton Mr. J. H. Jarrot Secretary Member Mr. R. V. Armstrong lVlr. W. R. Carmichael Member Member Our School Board is the governing body of the Bryan School District. This year, 'besides giving consideration to numerous details involved in the management of a school system, the Board was responsible for the re-sodding of the football field, repainting the inside of our school, and the complete equipment of the Lamar gym. Although each of these men spends much of his time and energy for the schools during his two-year term, they receive no pay and little recognition. We owe them our respect for the many advantages they have made possible for us to enjoy. ' Q " 1+ apadwleadeal X it :K ' 2 F5 D D' DU E O 'CE 'P E11 IT' L ,.,,.-,..-,.,,-.a-.ww-'?f2' -. 3 ,.f M A 4 M, J- I O 5 i I K 5?-:ax."ffQ-Qffnwmvwaggwm 'PH I N I1 G. SAM CRENSHAW gg-...-i...,,.,,, 1, , ,Q .Es I K, W .Xxx mx I A I MISS AKERS MISS BATCHLER Algebra Physical Education MR. DOOLEY MISS GOODLETT MRS. GOODMAN MR. HARDIE Vocational Agriculture English Biology Choir W if , , , ' X , . 2x 1' 1 t' J gl MISS KLIMITCKEK MR. MCGOWAN MISS MCINNIS MR. McLARTY Homemaking Band English Shop MISS CARTER MISS CHAMBERS English Speech MISS HENRY MISS HYMAN MR. KATHCART MISS KILLEN Commercial English Art-Economics Homemaking .NSICA pff' Jb ' MR. ORR MR. SLOOP MR. VASS :SH XA VINCENT Geometry-Physics History Physical Educatioh A Langutcg 0 f 'lil'-I hfr C' 1'1" W 'Wi 0, MRS. WI-IITLEY MISS WILCOX MR. YOUNG MR. HAYES Librarian History Chemistry-Trigonometry Business Manager MISS BOATCALLIE MISS OFCZARZAK MRS. STEWART Secretary to Principal Secretary to Superintendent Secretary to Superintendent 7 Q? 07g ' ww ':':5,- ' E E M IY 8 I F9 Ti Q. x, 0 K R I N 9 5 4 , , s x 'mt . .MH R , pRA+icg H nn d La., 033 li? Suzanne did -Ridley pass i'XX, Why nas you hidmq Chmdes? WhsTs to Nxiu' OFF! Look Pn.e.'Hy! Q 'J fktf 'I .. .as , ds .I -,:,'..' , N 4 A , Goss:p ? Hump H- boys Who has "Mein, Shoes QW? 1 I , 'wi X w f? ai XXX, iposmcj The G in.Ls What t. have been AMR 7 7 ,.,-fr-W ,-ev ,,..-4-F""'T""' 4 K ..'ov-"""ef' T if ,--W" X ,ffm efddcee ,-1 'ffm-S Jean Walton President U!! ' ,lean Walton President PhiliplBuchanan Vice President Mary Jane Akin Secretary Billy Wheeless Treasurer Eddie Teer Reporter Miss Hyman Miss Killen Sponsors Mr. Kathcart Mr. Young Sponsors Jean, Mary Jane, Eddie, Philip and Billy MARY JANE AKIN Hair of spun gold, contagious smileg to know her is worth your while. . . CLYDE ARMSTRONG It matters not how long l live, but how. . . MYRL BAKER Neat ns ll pin, she's pretty sharp. . Jon. DONALD JOE ANDERSON Those who from studies flee, live long and merrily. . . TERRY BAILEY Lovely to look at, delightful to know. . . DONALD BAl.I.ARn . . . A - When jun mul stmly flush, 1- -yi 5 Q l , 5 'I 4 b J if 1 le! slznly gn to smash. . . Photo not A V AHL.-KBLE I l l'A'1'Rlc:l.-x lg.-KIRIGUN A Sh .' 1' has we rulmit, II rlzfwr lnrnin rum' rvmly zvit. . . NIIKE BARRUN Geo, I wish l'1l been horn rirh insteafl of goorl look- ing. . . W DOROTHY ANN BECKER What other maiden can you find so young, delicate, and kind? HERMAN BENTKE Every inch a gentleman. . . BARBARA BIRDWELL The on hat anc d a tho n q'p. 3 Myra? X in N MARY BLANTON Arab. . . ff M fond of dats as an W I Cb 5 6 MARIE BONANO She does all in a quiet way. . . . . I K ,r lr JOHNNY BORISKIE He plays the game. . . I ALTA JEAN BRADLEY Happy-go-lucky, devil may careg were there's fun she's sure to be there. . . DOROTHY BRAVENEC Like gravity, she has the power of attraction. . . CHARLES BROACH That Innocent look will never die, but I tell you girls, it's all a lie. . . PHILIP BUCHANAN The midnight oil he burns is S'Phill1'ps 66". . . DAN BRYANT llo1'cthel1fell11'e... TOMMIE BUNTINO NIAHVIN BUKOWSKI A regular fellow. . , Here's a girl with a heart and a smile, who makes this bub- ble of life worthwhile. . . BOBBY CALDWELL When he stands up, all the girls stare. . . LAMAR CARROLL of women. . . A A O W Q? ,XXL BOBBY CASEY Sigh no more, no more sigh- ing do, he's just as nice to all the girls as he is nice to you. . . IX A leader of men, a follower V OX J J' Aw K, 1 NORMAN COE W e grant although he has much wit, he's very shy of using it. . . MARGARET CONLEE If you ever need a friend, J 6, HL ggi? here I am. . . ani. I0 PHOTO AVMLABK-5 BARBARA COURTNEY Heaven lent an angel's beauty to her face. . . BILLY CULLEN SARAH CRAWFORD Shels sweet and neat from her head to her feet. . . When I consider how my nights were spent. . . DAVID DALE REGINA DAHSE One girl who works and gets ahead. . . l'm the patient typeg will you be the nurse? ANN DANSBY Full of blith and full of glee, who dares to laugh out loud and free. . . CATHERINE DILLMAN Although she rloesn't shock you, she's a live wire. . . TOMMY DYAL Don't you tearhers know about the child labor laws? NIARY ALICE DYESS Quiet and unassuming, hut always on the fob . . . BUGENE EDGE WANDA EDEN 99 4-4fl00 per rent perfect. . . As quiet as a mouse, as deep as Il well, what he will do you never can tell. . . RALPH Fl LIOTT He has no sense of coming woes: as trouble romes so trouble goes, . . ROBERT FOLWEILER lf I dont tell them, who will9 LVELYN P ORSTHOFF Always ready to smile out loud. . . 5? Photo not i AVAILABLE F RITZ HAIIN The more you know, the more you forget-so why study? RUBY FAB HARDING She who laughs, lasts. . . DONALD HARRIS Who wants to be out of this world when it's so darn much fun? JIMMY HERNANDEZ On the sunny side of the street. . . ANN HICKBRSON Generally speaking, a woman is-generally speaking. . . eiteczepif ,AP M' mvx LYNN HOLICK Why hurry? the tortoise got there. . . ffi svrbuw eww BOBBY HICKS A big, easy-going man. . . MAvIs HOLIDAY So sweet and fair and on the square. . . B. B. HOLLAND Im not so quiet as I seem. . . SIDNEY HOWELL DOUGLAE How ELL If theres nothzng to be said, he'll sav it. . . Brains and beauty-4zh.' what wr' f":v a combination. . . .1 ,X , 0-,4.,1f-ff 7Lf,.f '4' f ,f Z ' Lf A,-vf 'J' . fY,..1f , I I BETTY JO KELLETT THELMA HURLEY One loolf and you know she's a larly. . . Ever so sweet and twice as neat. . . JUNE KOPETSKY PATSY KELT What a fine world this would be if everyone were as friend- ly as she. . . A winning way, a pleasant smile, she has a word for all. . . DORIS LANDER She enters into work and play in the same good-na- lured way. . . CHARLES LANICEK What care I for worry, work, or trouble? DANIEL LATTERMAN I get a bang out of life. . . JAMES LAWSON His only labor is to kill time. . . BARBARA LEWIS GUY LEIGHMAN He's our "guy". . . lf she will, she will, and you may depend on i. . . JOYCE LOKE A very peppy girl is she, and just as nice as she could be... CAMILLE LUCAS ovely to look at, delightful o know. . . JEAN MCCULLOUGH When asked her favorite fruit to relate, she softly murmured, "O, a date" U f EETi Qu BEssIE MCDONALD Always ready to laugh and extend a helping hand . . , VIRGINIA MELASKY Always happy and gayg why aren't we all that way . . . FLORENCE METZER Sweet and smiling are her ways . . . Sf O FRANK METZER A Q Eoerything CQIIECS if a man j wzll only watt . . . fi f a ll X 50000 PHOTO BETTY MILBERGER Happy as the day is long . . . VIRGINIA MILLER This is one "Cin" that really puts you in a whirl . . . DEAN MILLER Out with the b00k5j let's be merry . . . ROBERT MONTGOMERY To work or not to work, that is the question . . . JAMES MORRIS There's a little bit of bad in every good little boy . . . LILLIE MORRIS A quiet lass, intent upon her work . . . MARTIN MUNOZ From 8 to 4 my luck is bad, but after that-mmm . . . NANCY NAYLOR A big wide grin full of mis- chief within . . . KEITH NICKLE Greater men than I have liv- ed, but they are all dead . . . MARY SUE NOTO GRACE NORMAN She twirls a wicked baton . .. Full of mischief, wit, and glee, as ever human form could be . . . ANNABELLE PERRY High school days have their delights, but Can't compare to high school nights . . . JOYCE PETERS Gentle and retired, a girl be admired . . . MARSHALL PETERS When bigger laughs are made, l'll be there to top llm... DARRELL PHILP Whafs the rush? BETTY POWERS Smiling both day and night, even if things aren't right . , . FAE RAINS She likes fun and jokes, just the same as other folks . LUCILLE RESTIVO ANTHONY RESTIVO Everyone's wrong but me . . As pleasant as the morning and refreshing as the rain . .. CHARLES RHODES Class periods should be ten minutes long, five to come and five to go . . . EARLENE RICE A cheerful heart is a good machine . . . LALO ROCHA He's harder to catch than a waiter's eye . . . PAUL RODRIGUEZ He's a quiet youth - at times . . . CHARLES SALPETRO I paddle my own canoe . . EMMA Ruiz A fine girl to know , . SAM SANDERS Work won't get the best of me if I have my say . . . BARBARA SAWYER A quiet gal, who knows the way to keep cheerful fro day to day . . . Ill EUGENE SIKES Work is a good way to show one's talents . . . ANITA SIMS Cute and happy, small and snappy . . . RAY SMITH A grin or a smile you can see a mile . . . CORA ANN SMITH The name is common, but not the girl . . . JERRY STANLEY Always laughing, never sad, the truest friend one ever had . . . JACK SPELI, A gentleman and a scholar . . . NANCY STEVENS .lust being happy is lots of fun . . . EDDIE TEER What l rlon't know I'sn't worth knowing . . . DOUGLAS THURMAN Ambition is a wonderful thing-for some people . . . BARBARA TUCKI-:R She doesn't miss a single thing . . . JEAN WALTON A pleasing smile and a brain worthwhile . . . NITA TULLIS She's our gal . . . SUZANNE WALTON Sing away sorrow, sing away care, lim off for a good time, come if you dare . . . BEVERLY WATSON She often burns the mid- night oil, but many times 'tis not for toil , . . HALLOWAY WHALEY Once they caught me study ing... BILLY WIIEELESS Brunettes are bothersome, but I like to be bothered . . . CLAUDE WILLIAMSON These walls do not a prison make-are you kidding? MARY WILSON 'Twould take an adding ma- chine to count the friends she's made . . . ELZABETH WORSHAM Getting some fun out of life . . . VICKY ZUBIK What's better than a pleasant smile . . . JIMMY BOYCE It may be English to you but it's Greek to me . . . JOAN STALL Her voice is like a silver bell . . . JOANNIE BROWN Be glad and your friends are many . . . BETYY JO IRBY Never too busy to be friend JIMMY ROGERS Never talfe things too serie ously . . . Xfw?C5W,,,,,a:,,TQ MM K1 ff li 2533 ff Ev m zhwfwill gf . 6: '2Q,..2'a,b,g,.Q2C.g1j-U'1jBM420'4f i . dm 04115 SSTL Wfxwf W 9 Wd Dnrrs ,e w al A . ug my 2 QMKMMJZZZZZQEE dw 5,44 -M . ES 44,6 X 3,525 MW X if ffm 5 ' ' ' QQ J9m,a-SU?-4 Hoo-fbmmv fuffvf- 0017 idk.: -Q'f"55 V A ugh, 539W Nnkdson 613 QMS .Q of 1 my 22125 ff ffLf79wiiLu.w 595441 . 1245251 :2!2izn?,,,L24,.f47 maiyf 3552 9' Em!-ww-Mfw BWMW pw a+.-ng, 25 Q9 i wi 25 QfZxKgA WMQM4? cf' fw iii. RX Qffw 427044. 25Heu,47Mffff'711AWo 77704-FAA, W gfnwmw 1g1,,Z5"'L7 777.494-aw 777LZWmL., ff Mkfmk feksfy 'XE J 'P wifi? Q 4 5 .5 ,f ng , ,, :GQ f 5 Q.. .Q Z: .V 1 L, V ,. P , K?,Klf7,-45, ow youwe cHANseo,J.B-Q f'K,i7 I 3.7 N49 No! AIOICLOCK IN THE Manning now B-no ,ggi .fx S2 5, uh ' Z., ! an w g if v 10 if 4 W.,........-...... if w i .M Z fa 0,4 Saenta SEPTEMBER 8 s 15 ' me 21 Visitors from Waco Night yell practice 22 Waco game 28 Senior rings! 29 lst home game-Kerrville OCTOBER 4 ASM Anniversary 6 e 11 e 12 Visitors from Temple 13 14- Band marches at V.M.I. game 20 Nacogdoches game 21 Band marches at Tex-Arkansas game 26 Yell leaders go to Lufkin 27 e 31 Choir hayride! NOVEMBER 3 Conrsiggne 10 e 24 Junionplay 29 Thanksgiving Holidays DECEMBER 5 lst Basketball game-Caldwell 8 Basketball Tournament 10 Choir sang at Navasota 12 Band Banquet 13 F.H.A. skating party 14- ' ' 15 Christmas Holidays 30 New Year's Eve Dance JANUARY 9 lst d' ' in 11 Football Banquet 16 Football sweaters arrive 24- Mid-term exams!-" ! C? 30 School closed 4- days-Ice and snow FEBRUARY 15 Holiday again! Snow and ice, YEA 16 ' ce 23 Amateur ligur ,,-f-M.-- .., MARCH 9 ' s 15 F.F.A. Banquet 16 Highlander Music Fwtival Student Council Con., in Dallas 23 Easter Holidays 31 Palestine Track Meet APRIL 6 Mother-Daughter Banquet 7 District Meet 20 Senior play MAY 4 Spring elections! 4-.Eif-.ld.Dgy 11 Junior-Senior Banquet 27 Baccalaureate Sermon 28 Final Exams! J UNE 1 Graduation! 1 f., Johann Reese President I if 1 U!! ' Johann Reese President Dayton Moses Vice President Mary Dunlap Secretary Mildred McWhorter Treasurer Camille Walton Reporter Mr. McLarly Mr. Vass Sponsors Miss Chambers Miss Klimitckelg Sponsors Camille, Dayton, Johann, Mildred and Mary Billy Acres ,lack Allen Bettie Bain Robert Barmore I. R. Batten ""'H. W' h 'ii Ar - 4 Howard Berrv Douglas Black George Blazek Charles Blondeau John Boriskie , Ronald Britton Donald Brogdon Cynthia Delaplane Billy Bullock Clariece Burney nfl rs . .. , ' + a .tv - ,V g::xi,g5gg3g:gg,,, V ,,-M, ' fl? .EQWEESEEEEE I X Martha Sue Burney Andrew Cannon Julian Carsey Othor Clark Cora Ann Darling , 5 S V l 1253? ' ' fi Margie Denman Joseph Dobrovolny Mary Dunlap Vivian Edenburgh Nancy Em0la Morris Endler Jane Frame Madaleen Gebauer .l0yCe Goodman Bernice Graham XFN Mary Lee Hall Clyde Hargrove Shirley Hays ,loycelyn Heiman Marcelle Henson Rudolph Hernandez Manuel Herrera Pat Hickson Billy Hill Gene Holligan I Q J Anita Hood Elva Jane Hudetts Nell Jones Shirley Kellett James Konecnv Charles Kosh John Kosh David Latterman Richard Lovell Steve McCommas Johnnie McDougald Mildrid McWhorter Russell Mahaffey Martha Manning Weldon Marriott Jeanette Meads Raymond Melassky Gladys Merka f a Callie Messina Charles Moehlrnan Pete Montelongo Leo Moon FlOyd Moore Pete Moreno Daytgn M0595 Sylvester Munoz Irene Murphy George Nedbalek Jerry Nelson l Regina Nelnec Walter Parggns John Pate Janie Piraino Marshall Pitner Gene Ploch Johnnie Ponzig Sylvia Rankin Tommy Reed Clarence Reese F' ,lacquelyn Reese Johann Reese John Riley Bobby Robison Bonnie Robison Sidney Sanders Maurine Saxon Nancy Saxon John Schmid Jacquelyn Scott fe ima-uv' IJ nl 1 Jo Ann Seay George Shearer Gene Shillings Gerald Siegert James Siegert T- Ernestine Smith Betty Stacy Ruth Stewart John H. Stockton Dianne Swartsfager Q 42 B no I A 1 loer T E . Ona Lee Taylor Beverly Todd Billy Sue Todd Sandra Tremont Henry Tuck Camille Walton Jinny Wattinger Henry Wedel Marie Wiedo Rose Whaley J. B. Woiton Roger Young Stephen Carroll Jerry Novosad Margaret Gibson a me Billy Guy Hugghins President Margaret Rahnert Secretary Bobby Holliday Treasurer Billy Guy Hugghins President Skeeter Wilson Reporter Mr. McGowan Mr. Hardie Sponsors Mrs. Vincent Miss Akers Sponsors .' 2 1-Q., 5 'gy if-J1-f .311-'I 3' ff pf Q M , f , ,, 4 M 'f rere e A" M. ., - -N .4 f"'.f-' 'fe' " , .4 --L. --1 . f - ,girl .. .J T f 'figaflqg,,Ws-4e.?Tfig, Lge"-in , ww P - ' 1 Q 'iw Margaret, Skeeter, Bobby and Billy Guy H Roy Abbott Tommy Adcock Martha Akin Kathleen Allphin Elizabeth Anderson Billy Arhos Claudelle Arnett Billy Barnes J oe Barnett Hazel Batten ii , Zin f V S . Margaret Batten Ruth Bell Ann Boatwright Clara Bomnskie George Boriskie Ronald Boswell George Boyett Charles Brewer Nelda Bruns Billy Buffington fvf Robert Burley Curtist Burlin Roy Byer Shirley Campbell Bobby Carroll Shirley Casey Martha Chambless James Chastum James Cheshire Allen Chisholm ll M ul! ' I, M, Clogs Frank Conklin Wilmer Cook David Cooper Mattie Crouch Viola Dana Nadara Dawn Allidena Dearmonu Charles Dishman Mary Dowling mi-rr Virginia DuB0se Herschell Duncan Searcy Eden Catherine Eldred Billy Elliott W. J. Everett Sandra Ferguson Naomi Foster Oquilla Franklin Edward Fry l l ' X , A , 1' G , 'Z ' x. L , 'H so A . W GJ V to tl ri in L in K it fi ,lf Mary Ellen Fussell Paul Garcia Donald Garrett Jimmy Nuche Grady Gilkey ,lack Gilmore Barbara Godwin Gary Goodwin LaVerne Goessler Ann Graham l Patricia Gregg Donald Grelen Luella Haupt Edmond Havel Orin Helvey Tommy Hensarling Marvin Herrmann John Hicks Orville Hickson James Higgs Fannie Hobson Kendrick Holleman Bobby Holliday Peggy H0llig8rl Charles Horn Nm., Robert Hotard William Hotard Billy Hugghins Roberta Johnson June Jolley Betty jones Rex Kathcart " wwf . 7, George Kelt Jean Kirby Billy Kopetsky L L L L 5' .L , ar- 1 . K Annie Kosh Adolph Kucera Karen Lewis jimmy Lloyd Elaine McCormick Wilber McDaniel li Joe Kuciemba Loretta Lanicek Natalie Lero ,lean Locke Anton Luza Ernest McBride Jean McDonald Nancy McDonald Mary McGregor 1 ilfll Dorothy Mahle Mary Lee Marin Ethel Martin Francis Martin Laura Meads Nancy Merrell Ethel Metzer Barbara Miller Shirley Moffett Lillian Moncivais Martha Montgomery Bobbie Mooney Jimmy Moore Anna Morgan Dona '?5"""'- 45" Delbert Morris Mary Morris Richard Munday Billie Murphy Jimmie Murphy , , o Shelley Myers Madeline Nedbalek Frankie Nemec Nita Newberry Eugene Opersteny Joyce Opersteny Annie Paholek Don Parish William Parsons Eddie Payne Walter Penberthy Frank Petroski Irene Plagens Edward Powell John Powers Henry Presnal Neville Purgerson Margaret Rahnert Beverly Raupe Bobby Rhodes Dorothy Rice x Lee Risinger Fred Marshall Pitner Frances Rodriguez Fred Rodiglguez Richard Rodriguez Billy Ross I Sam Rosser Juanita Russell if www Ray Rychlilc Catherine Saculla August Scherff Charlene Schram Fred Schram Frances Schultz "i if 'F Ray Nell Seay Mary Seeman Melba Sheffield Mary Smith Sylvia Sosolik Noel Stanley Rita Stiteler Robert Storemski Norma Taylor vi 1 S Q oryt T . T ' ,I f - S Y S S 6 in Peggy Taylor Shirley Thames Totsye Tobias Sara Tremont Bonnie Tullis Dorothea Varisco Jesse Vivero Hazel Wallin Margaret Wallin Morris Walton Shirley Warren Margaret WCaIh6rf0rd Jeannie Webb Charlene Wehrman Margaret West of Wm Pamela Wilson William White Walter Wilcox Ann Wilder Allen Wilson 5 P'-6 Celia WOITlaClC .l0SCPl'l Wright Winifred Wynn Patricia Young Ruby Young Curtis Webb Frank Otoupalik Ann Zalenski Pat Zemanek Joseph Zemanek Sfendfe s Us Thprl- Joke' st 3. 370 COMM, .p,,,,,, English in 7-h,,+ ,,,,,4:o,,9sf,,b,-E choig, hnyrzide! Fon youu. Sefvion. P"C"""1'i7 DUN Is This ous. Sfudsuf B041 'Pgesids a+ ? I N0 as-N'f K aacvuflea eadafz J EAN 1VIcCULLOUGH BOBBY CALDWELL Q4 QI 1: SIDNEY HOWELL CHARLES BROACH y SIDNEY HOWELL President of Student Body, Who's Who, Sec'y Nat. H. S., Sec'y Thes- pian Soc., Jr. Play Cast, Nat. H. S. -2 yrs., Ass't Editor BRONCO '50. CHARLES BROACH Best Lineman '51, Football Letter man--2 yrs., Football Capt. '51 Basketball- Letterman-2 yrs., Jr Favorite, FFA Pres. '50. JEAN MCCULLOUGH President Girls' Forum, Class Fa- vorite '50, Class Sec'y '50, Sec'y Footlights Club, Rep. Student Coun- cil-2 yrs. BOBBY CALDWELL FAA President, Football Letterman -3 yrs., Track Letterman, Foot- ball Co-Captain '51, Baseball Letter- man, Best Back '51. I 466605 BONNIE ROBISON DAYTON MOSES 0 BILLY GUY HUGGHINS 74aa'uIt'e4 SYLVIA SOSOLIK .KU 0525? ' X mix .v ei 5' Q 7 .4 Q ,,I'S,l 1 Q. ,mm,5--fggf. .mf M, 1 psf 'Y :,If:3v'i I:'ffM:' i QKQQ X Q5 , .Qu , A . . E' ,sv 'Elf-4 fifiw ffm 3? 57. 7.555 ,. ,R ,iff ww 'Fr Ja r f img wfigii?T3?'?L , Wi, NATIONAL HONDR SOCIETY 3 A S I I.. S '3 ? " 5 W S OFFICERS Mary Jane Akin President Tommie Bunting Vice President Jean Walton Secretary Miss Carter Sponsor Second Year Members-J. Walton, E. Teer, E. Edge, S. Howell, Miss Carter-Sponsor, T. Bunting, B. Courtney, , A 1 and M. Akin. Q Nw X ff if x- ii ,. First row: V. Melasky, T. Bunting, C. Deauquier, S. Howell, J. Walton, M. Akin B. Courtney. Second row: M. Barron, C. Darling, T. Bailey, D. Lander, J. Reese, N. Stevens, .l McCullough, Miss Carter. Third row: J. Carsey, P. Buchanan, I. Woiton, E. Edge, M. Baker, R. Folweiler, E Teer, J. Reese, J. Spell. ff? L: da VJWQA 4 at 4? M . I , bp' i"' Sidney Howell President of the Student Body T- ,. :awry OFFICERS Sidney Howell President Ann Dansby Vice President Charles Dishman Secretary Jean Walton Corr. Sec'y Tommie Bunting Reporter Miss Hyman Sponsor U Ann Dansby Tommie, Charles, Sidney, Ann and Jean T. Bunting, M. Dunlap, E. Edge and T. Hurley T. Bailey, R. Boswell and .l- Walton P. Hickson, B. Hugghins, D. Howell, R. Young and J. Murphy The Student Council, whose members are representatives of each home room and certain offices of the student body, seeks to establish and maintain good will between our school and those in other towns, as well as to promote understanding between the students and the faculty. ln their weekly meetings they planned tours to other schools, prepared assembly programs and spon- sored the homecoming festivities. P. Taylor, C. Dishman, I. McCullough and S- Sosolik and G. Norman D. Moses ak' Zaye' AW jaeiiy' . 1' 'sv Doug Howell ,lean McCollough President President OFFICERS Doris Landern, ,. Camille Lucas ,,,,,,7, Barbara Miller., Bessie McDonald ....777 ,,YFirst Vice President Mike Barron, Y... ,Vice President Second Vice President Roger Young., Y, Secretary W Secretary-Treasurer Julian Carsey. , Treasurer Reporter r' X 1 A... 1 F ' W C OFFICERS Pat Barron Billy Arhos PW President Treasurer Eugene Edge Bonnie Robinson Vice President Reporter Charles Dishman Mrs. Vincent Secretary Sponsor The Pan-American Club is an organi- zation for bettering relations between Latin-American countries and our own by learning about their people and their customs. Each year the club goes to the state convention in Austin. The club makes pinatas for the Mexican grammar schools, presents a program on Pan-Am day, sponsors a joint Forum program, and organizes the annual amateur hour. Pat Barron Charles, Pat, Mrs. Vincent, Billy, Eugene and Bonnie Mary Jane Akin President ,-4 64,0 4461 Mary Jane Akin President Annabelle Perry Vice President Barbara Courtney Secretary Mary Sue Noto Treasurer Ann Dansby Publicity L OFFICERS Ray Smith Publicity Myrl Baker Librarian Ann Hickerson Librarian Dorothy Bravenec Librarian Mr. Hardie Director THE A CAPPELLA CHOIR Membership in the A Cappella Choir is gained by audition. Its purpose is to give the students a better appreciation of good music. Besides various pro- grams at home, various out-of-town trips are made: the Highlander Music Festival in Dallas, and the regional contest in Huntsville. This year the choir sang a special program on the Mutual Broad- casting Company on Christmas Eve. THE OCTET Ray, Tommie, Wilber, Mary Ellen, Norma Lois, Keith, Mary ,lane and Annabelle. Not pictured: Bobby Holli- day. Mary ,lane Akin and John Schmid Highlander Fesliwzl Duke aml Duchess Ray, Mary Sue, Ann, Barbara, Dorothy Myrl, Mary Jane, Annabelle, and Ann D L J une Kopetsky President June Kgpetsky Nancy Merril President Vice President Sylvia Sosolik Secretary Barbara, Sylvia, Nancy, June, and Mildred OFFICERS Barbara Miller Librarian Mildred McWhorter Treaszlrer Mr. Hardie Director THE GIRLS' CHOIR amid Ann, Luella, Barbara and Myrl OFFICERS Barbara Tucker Ann Hickerson President Secretary-Treasurer Myrl Baker Luella Haupt Barbara Tucker Vice President Reporter Miss Batchler Sponsor Membership in the Tennis Club is open to any pupil in school. The purpose of this club is to promote interest in tennis and increase tennis skills. THE TENNIS CLUB T e Corral THE CORRAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief .,..,4,. ...... ,.A, , . ,... . Tommie Bunting Assistant Editor ...,...,, ...,...,.,. , , ...,., .....,. M yrl Baker Business Manager ........ , ,.... Frances Kivlehen News Editor ..,..,..,,. ..,. .,.. B etty Ann Powers Exchange Editor ,....... ., .,,........ . ,Anita Sims Sports Editor .......,... , , ............. Julian Carsey Feature Editor ......... ., ,. ,,..., Virginia Melasky Editorial Editor ....... ,...,....i., . . ,. . .. . ,,i..,...., ...,,.,.. B arbara Courtney Sponsor ...........,..,.. .......i.......,..,.o.. . . . .Miss Mattye Pearl Henry STAFF ASSISTANTS Nancy Stevens, Mary Jane Akin, Elizabeth Anderson, Keith Nickle, Alta Jean Bradley, Annabelle Perry, Ann Hickerson, Jean Kirby, Royace Ann Zelenski, Robert Hotard, Bookman Peters, Joan Stall, Ozzie Robinson, Bessie Ann McDonald, Jean Walton, Bonnie Robison, Margaret Gibson, Lucille Restivo. And reporters of organizations. MEMBER OF THE T.I.L.P.C. Tommie Bunting X fn, THE CORRAL STAFF ma Sponsor-Mr. Orr Eugene Edge Editor-in-Chief Art Editor-Suzanne Walton Business Managers - Nancy Stevens, Assistant Editor-,lohann Reese Annabelle Perry and Sylvia Rankin f 1 THE 4'BRONC0" STAFF Lynn Holick President Barbara Tucker Vice President Dot Lander Secretary-Treasurer Mary Wilson Librarian Delbert Morris Uniform Technician Clarioe Burney Alma Jean Kirby Shirley Warren Madaleen Gebauer Twirlers Um Zend Lynn Holick President Ernest McBride Sgt.-at-Arms Mary Kathryn Eldred Student Director Julian Carsey Librarian Totsye Tobias Librarian Mr. McGowan Director Grace Norman Drum Major Alta ,lean Bradley Twirler THE BRONCO BAND xi M igt YQ? I fy r 1 Q Q An af, xvAX ll v ' al 1?-W fn X iz .QQ X 17' W U Clariece, Shirley, Grace, Madaleen, Alma Jean, and Alta Jean. PQ Q If F D 12 1' is .l .. ,,,. 'll' ' Mary, Delbert, Barbara, Ernest, Mary Kathryn, Julian, Totsye, Lynn, and Dot. 5 -5 3 Q Q ' , ' kg X . .8 A' I '2 ' :L fix 'fxfj MA if E7-1.511 159151 f-j 15 Ei 5' 1, ff, x' ""9.R NFS, 3.1 .5w '5Q3' yiig'vN,iv:5 1 f Ax 5 53, 5 53 75" f','Q. 1 , ,, 9m Kgs 523:35 s'23,x',+5.g4,?' we s ,Q sy" ' A Q- w A X - is i . . B S W . V , VJ ?d0fZ'Z5Q4f4 OFFICERS Philip Buchanan Bonnie Robinson President Reporter Alta Jean Bradley Miss Cl1HI11bCl'S Vice President Sponsor Shirley Warren Miss Goodleti Secretary-Treasurer Sponsor Philip, Bonnie, Shirley and Alta Jean Philip Buchanan The Footlights Club is an organiza- tion to further dramatic arts in high school. In its monthly meetings, the club members present dialogues, mono- logues, and one-act plays for the enter- tainment of the club members and visi- tors. Out of this club. members of the Thespian Society are chosen. . F 'f I it A FOOTLIGHTS C.LUB GROUP ,bdmzaedelf 1 rf '1 A B 1 n Eddie Teer OFFICERS Eddie Teer David Dale President Treasurer Alta Jean Bradley Nancy Naylor Vice President Reporter Sidney Howell Ann Hickerson Secretary Clerk Y David, Alta Jean, Eddie, Nancy, Ann and Sidney THE THESPIAN SOCIETY d Keith get last minute instrucuons. Hhtwasa Shirley an 8005 Irish stew " fi W A scene from '4Pride and Prejudifef' 1 .0Ui5. The Direcl0T5 at ny "Oh, how exciling to shave w,7fa,Z ' The Tri-Hi-Y is an organization open to any girl in school The club is sponsored by the Y. M. C. A. The purpose of the club is to lead the girls in maintaining high levels of Christian character. The club motto is: "Pure thoughts, pure words, pure actionsf' fr! Rlta Nancy, Mary, Charlene, Mary Lee and Suzanne Nancy Stevens OFFICERS Nancy Stevens President Charlene Wherman Vice President Mary Dunlap Secretary Suzanne Walton Treasurer, Reporter Mary Lee Hall Parliamentarian Rita Sritler Chaplain ' .Q lt AQ THE TRI-HI-Y CLUB John Schmidt President OFFICERS John Schmidt President Billy Arhos Vice President Ray Smith Secretary 71'-2,2 Hi-Y is a national organization of boys working to promote physical and social development and to create and maintain high standards of Christian character. A training program in good government has been followed which involved a study of public issues and participation in government. Billy, John, a d Ray .1 THE HI-Y mime 065 1-fmezdca O Fl nl " OFFICERS X W6 - - 9 Bobby Caldwell ,fi 5 Q bfi. ' ,dal I lf' X A 0511301 A x , X 7oQ' QQ cunt President Charles Rhodes Bobby Caldwell First Vice President Billy Bullock gi Second Vice President Charles Broach Third Vice President ,lerry Novosad Secretary Frank Metzer Treasurer John Stockton Reporter John Pate Parliamentarian John Riley Historian Doug Thurman Sentinel Bobby, Charles, Jerry, Billy, Frank, John Henry, Doug, John P., John R. and Charles 'N M . ,f Wu NANCY NAYLOR Sweetheart of the F.F.A. 4 fin I Barbara Courtney President Thelma Hurley Vice President Pat Barron Secretary Shirley Casey Treasurer Beverly Watson Reporter Barbara Courtney alia N wi 'td .MWUIIUQ EOE f sy ml -1-0' 1,14 f aaa'r r .0715 3 xl I- 4 K 1? 'f ' 4" A 5-sf Tommie Bunting Song Leader Mary Wilson Parliamentarian Miss Killen Sponsor Miss Klimitckek Sponsor Mrs. lnabinet Sponsor . .'J-,...,,- YJ Wiseman l Housework '11 Baking M0d6Iing -V1 Making a mess? 5 5 A W ' -- mii Prize winners at the Fair The booth at the County Fair Tea for Miss Kiel!! 5 J 4 -Q5 . si? V 04. .3- , ll , Q . . -. i . A W f i-Q1 ,ff 311' J' Fr if y f 2 at fx 'H ,gif P' 5535! mx fikmi ,Qi ,f Hawk, 1 gg 151 ,gm iv F Q cacfzfew CLARICE BURNEY ALTA JEAN BRADLEY Head Twirler SHIRLEY WARREN 3 3 4 l U! A 'hgff JEAN KIRBY GRACE NORMAN M ajorette '11 I dba. ,MN s 3. 34 .124 ' MADALEEN GEBAUER mkfew A 51-Ewen Igwxww 4' af' nn' 1 HHS Herz k EX' .N fiEF5v M ,RC+URE AAAJE 54324 H Y ,rx The baq pnnnds CAR Triou bLE TWIRL 1 R9 Sl-DNSYMNE L-01'-'MX 69955 lun-.- ' 'h h L pw aww F6 N Mswef h .. A L gi, v Q' Shq? f Q 2 x W N X 21,353 3 if K X 2' A gm. R Q .Q N: W 2 my - fgsf f jqffrfialfffif? 1 , , V ,V my A V , - " M , Dr. Haggett , Susan ,,,,,, . ,,,,,,, . Abby .,,, ,,,7 . Mrs. H aggett, ,,,,,, , Ada ,,,7,,,YY,,,,,,A,,,,, Warren, ,, Tallant ,, ,, ,,, ee Rosen ,.4.,..,,A....,.., Davenport ..,. . , Directors w,,,,Y,,,,,, Student Director., Prompter ee,,,e,,,,, 7 Business Manager THE JUNIOR CLASS PRESENTS '74e late 64fz64ta,ala gem: " CAST '.J. B. Woiton .Martha Manning r..,,..Mary Dunlap .,.............,Betty Stacy .,.Bonnie Robison ,,e,,,,,,e.Pat Hickson ,Joe Dobrovolny .,.-.t....-.Julian Carsey ,,,,,,,,Robert Barmore Mae Coodlett Martha Chambers ,, ,, ,.,e. -Jacqueline Reese ,Sandra Tremont .lacquelyn Scott Bonnie. Betty, Martha Mae, Mary and J. B J. B., Julian and Robert Pat, Mary and Martha Mary and Joe Jacqueline and Sandra if Zueaz K' a Nancy Naylor Q Beverly Watson Homecoming Queen Suzanne Walton nwmnaius-U WM -if 14,-, .- 1 Ml, Nadera Dawn Mary Sue Noto Clarice Burney llmllqlwf aw W QE rl Z S I 'X f E me Z."- E J? Vfiff- H Barbara Courtney Alta Jean Bradley 'vqu 'V s fs I 'lb 0? L gef ?Mzd4zl E i ul? Squad Coach-Mr. Vass Head Coaches-Mr. Kathcart and Mr. Young 0 Head ManaSe"'R0g'3l' YUUHS Managers-G. Boyette and N. Purgerson 34" fm 'ze' Sym Z f QSM? grwezw un y A-paw,-...A .Af A SQUAD .. ,:,,A.A Nil F.-.q-n-una---una-s .-, - - Q Q A-B" SQUAD '7mda!! Jazz BOBBY CALDWELL MIKE BARRON 0-Q? ...Nur I X Y 1 .5 CHARLES BROACH JOHN SCHMIDT X BILLY GUY HUGGHINS DICK MUNDAY BILLY WHEELESS FREDDY MOEHLMAN l,,A 11-'XM I 3 E RONALD BRITTON 101-IN HENRY STOCKTON BILLY BULLOCK MARSHALL PETERS 74415466 ettefunea 4,4 14 f A - JOHNNY McDOUGALD JOHN PATE BOBBY CASEY HENRY TUCK DOUG THRUMAN and ROGER YOUNG. fNot Pictured! :wang me Zz llilll Milli lr Munday, Broach, Peters, Moehlman, McDougald, Tuck, Schmidt, Barron, Caldwell. Wheeless, and Pate. Ali- Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan, Bryan., l l Q- BRONCOS DISTRICT RECORD The Bryan Broncos ended their 1950-51 district play with a win, two losses, and two ties . . . The first win came in the first district against Nacogdoches, whom Bryan beat 12-6. Caldwell and Bullock ran 82 and 68 yards, respectively, for the scores . . . Lufkin handed the Broncs their first district loss by a 27,-16 score. The game was tied 14-14 at the half as McDougald and Munday each scored and Barron converted both scores . . . ln possibly their best, and coldest game of the season, the Broncos held the powerful Palestine to a 7-7 tie, and thus averted a triple-tie for title. Palestine was held to their lowest score all season. Bullock scored and Barron converted for the Broncs, who outgained Palestine 32 yards . . . The district winner, Conroe, handed Bryan its second defeat, 21-0. Conr0e's passing is what hurt Bryang they passed for yardage. The Bronco line played an outstanding game, especially on defense . . . The Broncos tied Henderson 20-20 in the last district game as Moel- man, Helvy, and Munday scored for the Broncos, and Barron made 2 out of 3 conversions. grrrgkee 26 Waxahachie Bryan ,,s...,,. ,,,,..., N acogdoches 0 Waco so Bryan,--.--... Lufkin H 0 Kerrville Bryan,,,.,.,.. Palestine 7 Galveston Bryan-------H 0 Conroe gA-VifV7 6 Temple ,,,Vl ,,,.,,, B ryan .,....... ......., 2 0 Henderson Zmwetdall Coach Vass showing boys finer points of ball-handling. Manager Boyette tapes Philip Buchanan's knee. Sf' . .. if if D 4 Mx GT X? 6400 Back row: I. Schmid, D. Howell, B. Tuck, B. Hugghins, D. Munday. Front row -: B. Arhos, P. Buchanan, D. Miller, B. Casey, 0. Clark, B. Ross. awww luxe DOUG HOWELL BILLY ARI-IOS BOBBY CASEY DICK MUNDAYSBILLY I-IUGGHINS BILLY FRANK ROSS JOHN SCHMID DEAN MILLER OTHOR CLARK RONALD BRITTON 2 5 5 l -1 G, 1, :follow 4054 The Bryan Broncos, losing only to Palestine, finished second in District 10-AA basketball for 50-51 with an 8-2 record. Palestine, in first, had a 10-0 record, and third place Nacogdoches, a 5-5 . . . Bryan took two games from Lufkin 51-4-1. ln the first game Arhos was high-point man with 17 points, while Munday garnered 9. Broach was high in the second game with 15, followed by Howell and Munday with 12 and 10 points each . . . The Broncos defeated Conroe 44-30 and 50-32. ln thc first, Schmid dumped in 11 points and Broach scored 10. Howell and Broach were high in the second with 13 and 10 points, respectively. Henderson lost to the Broncos 55-34 in the first game as Howell scored 15 points and Broach 12. The Broncos won their only close game 45-39 in the second bout which went into an overtime, Arhos pounding out the 16 points and Schmid 8 . . . The Broncos burned the baskets over third place Nacogdoches in both games by running away with 58-30 and 69-4-6 victories over them. Broach was high in the first game with 15 points, followed by Miller with 4-1. ln the high-scoring second game. Howell and Broach scorched the nets with 19 and 16 points each. while Miller dumped in 10. ln the closest and best game of the season, Palestine paved their path to the title crown with an overtime 53-52 win over the Broncos. Broach scored 16 points and Arhos 13. The tired Broncos fouled away the second game 4-2-30 as Palestine took an early lead and were never headed. Broach was high with 10 points. ln district play, Bryan scored 507 points to their op- ponents 393. Broach led in scoring with 111 points, fol- lowed by Howell with 97, Arhos 84, Schmid 59, and Miller 54- points. P.E. Basketball Champions-6th Period "?"S Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan ,,,A,, ,,,,, , Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan SCORES 37 Brenham ,, 44 Temple ,,,... 55 Moulton 7,7,,, 27 Crozier Tec. 35 Brenham 31 Big Sandy 40 Gidor ,,,,,,7,,, 37 S.F.A. ,,,,l . 42 Pasedena 59 Moulton .,,7l7 55 Caldwell ,7,,77, 56 Wharton 46 Wharton .,,,, 51 Lufkin .,..,, 55 Henderson .. 56 N aco gdoches 44 Conroe ,,,,,,,.. 52 Palestine .. 53 Lufkin ,,,7.7 50 Conroe ,... 30 Palestine 45 Henderson T. Britton, R. Hernandez, W. McDaniel, A. Wilson, R. Baremore, S. McComus, B. Holiday, G. Boyette, Manager. ' Z .lezzmm 1950 ,A LJ, M gf VO ,Ri 'H N BOBBY CASEY BILL CHAMBERS DOUG HOWELL ROY MARIN , A - 4 , . I R V-J, -19' maxim x-':.3i' I A EE I' N ,-9 WAYNE MILLER MARTIN MUNOZ 3 LOLA ROCHA JOHN HENRY STOCKTON Il MM' , I B, as i H 5' g QW G ' N I I I I1 a , , C 1 CARROLL TAYLOR DAN THOMPSON BILL WILLIAMS PAUL RODRIGUEZ 1 x - K 'sv' L. Valley zwz a 7-mm Q 1 Y rl, A gr AOOO A A A ' L ' AK A -qw , I ' - ., L, - V4 AA.. .A , WAf,,1,,w - ,. 1, , g -1, , . ' K ,Q gf? ,gf Q ,W 1 wk , f Hp , , Q 4 '--' x L if . L. M , 1 A A wa s , , ,- W A 'A x, ' ' ,P 7 QW A ' . - . ink ffiiflm' 5" 'E' ' V ,:f'?Ew.ggQ FLAG FOOTBALL ,bww xjs-Vx wi Volleyball Team Co-Captain.s- Nancy Naylor and Ann Dansby QxU 1,m 5 V ' as. if Sponsor-Miss Batchler VOLLEYBALL TEAM M 3 3, 3 Q -ufifg W D R K S ! nil ru-rn fl a . ' ' Qi ? ' ' '. 5 ' ' ,LH 4 . Q '. 7 13,9 I Q if 4 , 3 u , 'Q ' W X U Q, y S , , Vw ' N X 1 , yEn,"Bnonc.os Le+s Go., OVW KH 'I L S LESS! 4 Ht-:nd i ' ans U C,hoRus Lime Sfuelwpuq Euqhslw CDRXS? Tina TEAM TEAM O C Laude S-ha 'Einuw pf f-"-'-'vvvf-vr,i" W - . ' -,L-:ref-A M K-aww-If-, I I N Mlm milf . .. 'L 2 G fi? 1. I I 5 fi. . 1 ja MN 9 'in Y g . , I A s.', I, ,, k ,L .wx -iff" A N .1 J, xv if-,AA X ,fx sn .Q ,kv I ,,,l -uv'-4 fm, 13" AFV A f , ' A Q RY 4 I 1 4: .1 -'-.ff f . ,-1 1' ' xl 4. Y-- 'I Wh0's Who ? .ff- V .I.,v J'- I :c H F J, X YE' A A 4, Qi If Hwmy ! Ipnun Smkle +H 'fw....1nm 'Those Lani Seniox-A5 I r 'QM r J, Mary 5 ue, 5 k e e-Ver Johann Frcdd 91 9 Nancy 4- D Bobefzdf f""x7b -,sh 4' af' I AZ L Mary Jane, Beckman 4 Nancy E uqene, ' rbm-Q shkY Ann EUBBQ Shirley Billy 4- if Ns K7 , Q v l,,. W 4 . I U Lvvxtk L ,po-Q . A V x vs , Q ' I I ' k . 4 i- E F' f , . V, K I . I" ir V V V. 7'hnffS A snd Sion 5 f gh W A if ""' k v if ',Lg ',1- i W if f x i""l':f" 4 Q l ,- ., NI' Y"'w Go' Th? Mf?NEY 85 Sezvokiflks ? A l'vE Gov THE T' M 5 Vg. ' A 'I YELL PRACT IC E TE Asnpm-.ans ? Don? 'S-rnfqg www "Q"QlM1 1- V A4 ,.. K. ir 'Q . 2 UM IN MAYBE YWR Hmnf SADIE Hxwvmus if Tn.Llf: Tu: 'Fuse gl Q,f ,W g W 3 sf n S 'I U ffdae ILQMLJQK 4 74,z,w4,,ia"Z' TEZZQQU AL ,CQ KLM X'L4'ff lu XALJ ff lx' ,fx-hr,-K I K. wdxh 1 7 xx!! .9777 -445 kd! qtrv Ifthyf .IJ ky f 4 , Lf, , A ugh f wL4,,J Z: cfm Z N ' 'f ' ' 09,1 J, x7!ll-,ti r Lffklz-ffxL, CLA- Efgxy ' . , XQXSS fgsixf no no Nitgiifm X co M R liiii? 'E TRAVIS B BRYAN Presidenf N. F. LOCKERD, Assisfanf Cashler J WEBB HOWELL, Vice Presidenf MELVIN C.. JOY, Assisfanf Cashier S L BOATWRIGHT, Vice Presidenf J. HOWARD TODD, Asslsfanf Cashier M LINTON JONES, Vice Presidenf C. A. NIGH, Assisfanf Cashier TRAVIS B BRYAN JR., Cashier RAYMOND STANFORD Assisfanf Cashier YOUR BANK We would have you feel fhaf THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK is your bank. We would have you feel af home in your bank. Whaf- ever your problem or need you are invifed fo call and discuss if wifh us any fime wifh fhe assurance you will be freafed wifh every courfesy and considerafion af your bank. We would have you feel fhaf above every- fhing else in 'rhis insfifufion fhere is a real desire fo serve you well. We value. ap- preciafe and shall ever sfrive fo deserve and mainfain your friendship, good will and busi- ness. If shall be our purpose fo serve you so accepfably fhaf when opporfunify presenfs ifself, you will, as many cusfomers do, bring or send your friends fo your bank. Sfockholders provide fhe capifal. Officials provide fhe management In fhe final analysis cusfomers make fhe bank. We are grafeful for and proud of fhe Ioyalfy of fhe cusfomers of . . . THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK-during fhe pasf sevenfy-six years of ifs hisfory. We wanf you fo feel fhaf you have a real parf in fhis your bank. If you are nof now a cusfomer, we exfend you a cordial invifafion fo become one on fhe basis expressed above so fhaf you may also feel fhaf fhis is your bank. .pf llI'lIlilS'lP IQQRQQNAL BANK BUYAI, 'l'nxAl MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION ,Z Compliments Dlctaphone Electr D t t g M h d E ERS USIQ Q, S ppres, Stencil d Sp m D pl t Typewriters, Adding Machines, Cash Registers and Supplies, Sales and Service Eveniiiwing in Music I Guy Hi Deaton Typewriter Exchange 116 qouth Main St. Bryan, 'I' ' BRYAN , -EXAS DIAL 2-5254 Vih Y I t g ' App td M t MGMJQMQQLQW gli, G. E. APPLIANCE DEALERS HAL bRook5 CLEANERS 204 5-FARKER f ' ' rzovm. CROWN X fgofffaiag, 0: gf -31' BRYAN, TEXAS A, S H O p 1-or real southern cooki g I AN FN ERGY LlfT- o 'LG PHARMACY 54146 A sn: -T0 EA: Drugs' Cosmencs M fl! li.: Prescriptions ,vw 2 in X i 4 Corner Bryan 8: 26th 2 l345 l C,omfZ1'm Mah of DP.. PEPPER BOTTLING co. SAFE' 'WW 302 W. 28th sr. Phone 2-8605 i , Bryan, Texas 24 hr. Service GRAD or UNDERGRAD W. S. D. Clothiers has clothes styled just for you that are tops in their class as to style . . . fit . . . and finish. Come to W. S. D. Clothiers for the smartest fashions for young men and women. WIMBERLEV - STONE DANSBV CL5Ch1ERS W4 P23 I W .-1.- 1 Q A is ffl? gmgggtitg Q 'ffl P5 -"'? 'P 2-I400 Bryan 6 au yn dlrikiu -:sw J , I f . .s lf. A sxvis. 2: 1 ig itlzfm. .,t wa 4 3:15 1-'ge , ,gg gi,- 4 ' W' Y 3' W F 0 4. 115, mf? 1 PPP I fl' P . . , -'QPF fflzcflzie . Xl.-.JVZ '- I I .IQ- ' , S SM G REL SERS A' I N TVA SMART DRES A! Tmehl and Gnnhsld Rf-F on I + SLA. Cl"""N" suoes Er Moslem' nnow Shinfs - Forth-we Shoes FORWOMEN Ercmwnu Compliments HUWELL LUMBER CDMPANY BRYAN, TEXAS "A HOME-OWNED INSTITUTION" 209 E. 291111 St. Dial Z-1559 Fon soon LooK1No CLOTHING 5,-gg!-9 f ogg? COfl1l7c1 81 Co. 'S 103 North Main I. H. Conway H. A. McClure I. H. Conway, I REMEMBER B 64, 7,,,,,gge4 To Gei' Your Wa+ch Repaired E, Wand zcf9,Qcz ?Q at VVATCP4 Sl-IZD ROBESON ALL WORK GUARANTEED M0305 H4 S. Main 724 N. Main 2-sans 009000600 Qmjzui WW Wagga Radios, Refrigerators, Washing Machines BEYORE-X70 DEUJE RICE AN IJIRIZIE RIJE IN H15 Worzlcis ' Mod MOM' RR I HOME OF 'BEGTQTQYZALUES ' -me A4156 n Mli LEE CO. INC. 212 N th M ' FHone 2.1665 Zrn-4 -BRVHN ":"' """' HIZZ 5, Insurance Aeencv RISCO BUILDING bla! 2-7538 ffdgyfifgf ,ff ff cw ffl, gggj?V, iff iffy rf'-5 'W 'M f-W f MW ' . . QWP OLEN-- pw . ffl' Qixuomnjov FINE SHOES: WW 50 QQWW W , - COMPLIMENTS ICE CREAM Co. Complimenfs of DRY GOODS cgglygfefgqi, q'Whdhf4hMndWMB5 -ross e. -rovs Awww BRYAN, TEXAS ACROSS FROM COURT HOUSE eos S. College 2-2864 BRYAN Compliments YOUR FRIENDLY BRINT Momus Motrons W. DEALER Sales a d S rvice 223 S. Main Bryan CO- "Where Satisfa t y A t mobile Servi 4l5 N. Main G t d LAJIE5 CLo'HuNq UF blS'hUC+l0N e 2? ' af 60 magna STUD I O 303 W, 26 naw EVERY PHOTOGRAPHIC EZZJZUQ ffl JEVVEL.l2Y STCQE BRYAN HIGH SCHOOL JEWELERS DIAMONDS WATCHES SILVERWARE Halsell Motor Co 771665 Qj2fJHOnv6 my I C H Your Dffdge Dealef Since' 1922w ORNEK H'1l1WHy 6 1'-GouJdER DODGE Sc PLYMOUTH Gump'-E-hz ROA CARS sf TRUCKS :DEPt. 5170 me .. f --V H -M -xff"+ ' if Q' f 4' " 2 -Ning , -"I-y' : ' g .,., 3 . M W " ,., . . 1 " T oe :sis .fl .:e"t.'ii53M.i:wtg 2' A gg ' ,,,..sq' I- :' 3 I8 :fy ' P 2 .gl . W i fag-2 ' -ii! 2 ft: if , .w g ,K ,Q in Q, T: W iii- QM? ' .4 .3 . I Rpzsfiffe - V I - -P 4.,. .. iz. 4 X SERVING 'HLILJ Cil.U.TUNTTY SINCE 1909 W. J. Coulter, President O. W. Kelley, Assistant Cashier W. S. Hi s, Vice President Curtis Mathis, Assistant Cashier 88 J. N. Dulaney, Vice President L. E. Nedbalek, Assistant Cashier Pat Newton, Cashier Willard E. Williams. Assistant Cashier IBIQ AN IT IDI 104 S, VOLLEGE PH RH ACY CENTRAL TEXAS HARDWARE COMPANY 202 SOUTH BRYAN AVENUE Phone 2-7085 Complete Line of: Complete Line of: Gifts Chinaware Crystal HARDWARE G.S.PARl-SER Lumnen. co. BRYAN, fe,'Hf:rrAs "ii'i5'i"3fdhTn"S A XMWXXKKWKKXXXKRXXKWS Phone 2- 2 Friendly A SINCE 1888 SMART SCHOOL SUPPLIES GRADUATION GIFTS I d , A 11 1 N 1 I I Bryan Texas MENS CLSJTHING 310 N- Main FURNISHINGS BRYAN' TEXAS Com plele Floral Service VX! I I. SCDIXI afar-'5,a,g 707 Soufh College Ave. Bryan TPI1 - - ONE 31057 BME-3-2675 3-62-65 CONGRATS SENIOR BRONCOS For Complete Home Decorations and Artist's Materials it's Next to the Post Office Bryan, Zlbxas muuhsnn Qllumher Qlnmpfmg HOME BUILDERS - QUALITY SERVICE PHONE 3-6055 1106 COLLEGE AVENUE BRYAN. TEXAS ANW5, 'V udafzamee SERVICE R.C. FRANKS JOE E. VINCENT INSURANCE COUNSELORS Qzlimmz Wm Haze fa SALES - SERVICE GMC TRUCKS - PONTIAC 26+h 8: Parker Phone 2-I684 . c fzmiefx gfzzfidiyapmn COMPANY Furniture Cv Uph0ISl'el'il'lg NEQN PAINTED SIGNS Company Hi-way 6 Soufh Ph. 2-l387 I004 S. Coulier BRYAN Joe FauIk's 1 I 0505? Q',44meza5 Wwe Au+o Paris-Accessories Shelvadors-Freezers Rebuili' Mofors ZI7 S. MAIN PHONE 2-l669 YOUR WESTINGHOUSE DEALER ls The KQR A 70mff FURNITURE CO. Q4 CCG CONSULTING ENGINEERING SERVICE CO. 508 Varisco Building Phone 3-3IbI fam QQZMWZZL I CRAFT SI-IOI3 . Im Highway 6 Upholsterlng Shop PHONE 2-8558 P-0- BOX I6 Phone 2-I232 8I9 S. College Ave BRYAN, TEXAS CHINA GIFTS CRYSTAL SPORTING GOODS HARDWARE 212402 - HARDWARE CGMPANY I file 4' FLOWERS 629476 M GUSTS DRY ooons co. I903 S. College Rd. Phones Firsf in Values 3-I003 BRYAN, TEXAS 3 6 N MAIN PH 2 I939 BRYAN, TEXAS COMPLIMENTS OF Q6 Wanna? QM Qflakfgff COMPLIMENTS or Insurance Agency Eagan! QQ390 ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE I N C ' Ageni' Soufhwesfern Life 5C to .00 Store 202 Varisco Bldg. Bryan BRYAN C2625 BUTTLING C0.. INC. GEORGE STEPHAN, PRESIDENT E. B. SALE, MANAGER Bryan, Texas' Shop At The HY - LINE CHICKS Bred Like Hybrid Corn Qualify Merchandise jnzeief ... '04BF'1A'fn 1-:ATC HERY WWZM -732 Him INC. ROOFING - SHEET METAL -- HEATING Air Conditioning I2l3 S. College Rd. 2-1305 For The Swanky In Jewelry mmefgg- SEE PI-TAT? M ACY 5472639 II4 N. Main MARTHA wAsHuNeroN cmmes Jeweler The REXALL sfore III N. Main' Bryan Phone 2-I566 72 Z Zzdlefz, Qzzczaiynm mia! Sk'II 'i' I - lnfegn y and Responsibiliiy Rigrzgigsrkr ' Bryan, Texas ' 0 df C0225 gee C A 47- E PHAT? M ACY ZI7 Nori-h Main 306 Wesf 28+I1 S+. Ph. 2-I426 BRYAN, TEXAS Bryan. Texas fgefazmczlai " MOTOR CO INC. V 2-2345 2-I93I College Ave. AI' 33rd BRYAN, TEXAS CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH Sales 8: Service Blbawm 55,71 'I MIKE BARRON, sn. "Hrynn's Mum Street Florist" "iw Insurance IL -51 ,TN 51- Q., ancl BR AN TEXAS ' R J Annuifies Ph A1658 2' tm - 5I0 Varisco Building Qlfh 2- I 533 Bryan- Compfsfs gloom .gazuics WHITENER FLUUR EIJMPANY BRYAN, TEXAS FLDDR CDVERINGS SANDING G FINISHING Q' -in "" 'U - --- BJZ, GGQDIQICH RESTIVQ BRCD5. Zap? '9,e HHRST lN RUBBER.. Qualify Merchandise Home 8: AuI'o Supplies For The Eniire Family 32nd 8: N. Main 2-l452 123 E. 25+h 2-me Bryan Texas Nc11ef1'cJAf- Co . CD ' ff iwzfgu SCHooL SUPPLIES an 8 Il me ' 1 1 3 N. MAI N BRYAN, TEXAS We solicit your inspection of our fine stock SUCCESS Begins Where C0mpliI11El1fS of MSKENZIE-BALDWIN , lguddzefd goffefe 0'M'e6-- Training Ends 702 S. Washinghan Ave. Drugs and C0sme+ics Bryan Compliments of 3 L... S ROMAN PHARMACY J M H L Dial 2-1383 jvgfk w fy gg PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY BRYAN, TEXAS KIPB 9,5 nuaiummnar -PHONE 6'Il'l3 Fpggg DQLNQ my 3811, WWBY 6 I I J. A. WILLIAMS 8: SONS visit our Insurance-Real Estate New Dining Room and Lounge Mortgage Loans Phone 2-1574 113 East 26th st. 57 , f gb , xg Bryan, Texas Plan? 2 l'lU2 I'lI'l Dependable Insurance for Every Need . . Q 1 t F d d S Life - Fire - Casualty - Bonds - Loans uc I Y OO Om ervlce Gifts For All Occasions DOT 'T' 5 G 5614? ewegegf Bronco Jewelry loz N MAIN BRYAN 6 I X Z I I Coulter Smith, Florist y 1800 Scgzl-tZuS'oilEj3sAvenue SERVICE STATION C ' NU NUI I f, , , , e , . MEAdoW brwok Bryan We Telegraph Flowers f Qggiefami SERVI CE STATION 92,14 Aggie J h B S T U D I O MAGNOLIA GAS ,, on PORTRAITS - CANDIDS Easi c-sm 4-I las WEDDINGS COLLEGE STATION TEXAS 205 s. Main Ph. 2-2715 Wigan W Business MACHINE Co. 6229 52017229 209 N. Main Ph. 2-I238 ROYAL TYPEWRITERS VICTOR ADDING MACHINES ROYAL - SMITH-CORONA - REMINGTON Your 5 - 25c Store PORTABLES 208-2I0 N. Bryan 513 COMPLIMENTS OF Qfizkgifwve 92212623 Your Exclusive Fabric Cenfer Norfh Gare Phone 2"6"'5 '06 Mm coLLEeE STATION, TEXAS BRYAN COMPLIMENTS OF Zfffgfvfmea Insurance Company GENERAL INSURANCE 305 Varisco Building 3 66U5 P.O. BOX 24I Bryan, Texas ,YQZJJ Eaffjfe Across from Ihe Posr Office Nor+h Gare College Sfaiion E MMM W? My 1VCfmQ5L ki- Q K fjufiliiwi 12132 sw iff ' 1 MV E5 r3'b!K3Qp26y Mi3:23M21Lz::,s yyj 222 My M lwfjjffu 72250 I ,aQg,Z.a-AAQ-vw " I M pd.-A y UICK CO. 2,BoQ?1g,gg1g B 2- 224 iff Quiggjf-51623 J ,rw Y ' J-ig delfwzi-ffm,-Q.: WW ,J fl.. oQ,.,.,2f Xgoigzciaki gamfzag gg E RE 76 20141 8: MAIN The New Q gquiffe Qfeundkygkdiee 300:31 your cloihes +he way you wani' fhem-And quick NEW 24 HOUR SERVICE Y gi 3 CASH and CARR N? sf Jf S 'LG I .2 - N- , 9! - ' V gt s. ' Y .rs 3 . X Yi, .' 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Q, f K . v f 5. 7 . , F F. , is W, fi gr'--, - MW f' I , 5 f 5, ,X ,. if . 1 ff A ' LV f 4, , , fr Q4 V -ff . 2' ,xg Q fm? if cwf 6 f ,XA I., , , H ,JV ,f 1 an -If Y fm '. . ff, KV L.y,gf,.7f I " , K I 1 - !- . 1' ' , , A M3 A ,yy Jyw. R NA11 . ,flwpl ,rj qw, K V' A , I , .ff -,af , J ir kjp ..'L..-. , f 'f . V H, J1. ,.,, 1,-'W pl. Iff',i5Z,g,, , TW-"P--fC..if! LIVF 'DVV 'ff' 7 , . .ffi-'19, A ,LM ,,f'5f' f , gf -he ..f.ff. gifffl- L1 f ,4.Qff,,-4.fx4 ,ff . 0 f fm' ffl 35 L ff?" ,QJQA L jf6'1fr,,4x..,f M Km :, mm,x, X I J, - 'wif ' 3 1 m,N,g.w.w ,M-,J - V M- f,,v,A.-M ,, ff L , . , 1 ' Q' , A A 'MQ ' - ' j -'5,,5,ngMcM-t,gjv, ,,,L91'wii',41nMfi.,1rg4'54'f:cff1-A-w"f,9.'.ff-r:j'?E2"-":' ' - V J A' zz 1 M f .4 L. -mf ,, -i:f"'5,ff-W ig.,- , Q E - 2 M ' :LM-fl! f' A Q 611,-fa..Wh.,iL.f' ,4-? 1 up w xv ,, ' h,....f' . -N ,, , W ., My M .5,,, 1 ffl? i nw rwd' k M N , 4,-fn ' Nw., 'Q x. X. 52.1" f 1 J ", V Qi? .1 ' my ir: S . .V ,

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