Stephen F Austin High School - Bronco Yearbook (Bryan, TX)

 - Class of 1941

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Stephen F Austin High School - Bronco Yearbook (Bryan, TX) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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wl Wm" k.?"5f'3 f5i we 5' A, ' 4 ' z 'f' ...,?'xe5'1 gfxlvpx ' 4 . ..... ., FV W -' , - , ,- 5.1 n ,LQ ' " 14,AN::'.s ' ' A - it 'IA ' 5 I .dw , 1 Y"'jx f If , ' Pvwge XV? 'r 1 . ' f '-W g A'--iw f x N -"f',:.:'s' Q -x -1 V ' :CW ,vp N , 1- Q . 'K'-QL :L ' 'Q X Q: J- I ak 1 M I I x my "' ' as 1' 4' N?" rf: I D W g 1 4 KG R . -1 'Y I F ,Aw Nw, f Q, f , M T Q ' 1 f q ' -M ' I N ' 'M " 0624! f wr- M W 0' , ' X' A- - f ' 5 -' . x I . 21 - -M- ' " ' ' - 1 QW-41 pgx. VV N ' fi ,, I . fi 4. TH,E.BRUN CU 5Tepl'1er1 F AUSTIN Hugh Schocl LD-' l BRYAN TEXAS of 91 i . is 3 Y 1 r 3 2 4 3 5 5 E H vm a W Q ' 1 ,QWQWW 1, ., u , ,, ! . M Q "wiv 31 as 0' , ,ww 39- mn' f- - Qi hx nl I X ' G N Q "' ' 5-.' jg Q , GGG ooo 4 TQ VC WW M Q In Toese QQQOS We Bronco S STQFY of 1941 P105 Tr1edTo copiuw The fool purpose ofour chook To prepore Us men Olly phy :cally find Soclolly To bocome the best possxble cmzems ofihe b61ST L unify In NWO worid C? NX - fx X JBC CD Q Q CD QQ F x TBB VUSKSSEQ e meh te express, edr 'aepreesetnem fe We members We Beef ddcd som P V e erte an prom f LJ me Oppe tumstiee ex + e deveiepefwem ef eil Leee dueftree uf mmd 5-md whach will help us to appre- cxate and defend our democ- TGC X 1. af Mr. Wilkerson ' 1 ,Q ,S : A A , 1 I ,-fwewwt , 1. , ..-uf ' .' A ' 4 v V1.5 -5 1 W , 1?-52455353 Superintendent 'TQ' cha31engc to you is this: prepare yourselves to Fo citizens in a democracy tomorrow practicing goof citizenship today,N .iii liss lesa leddington, Principal nConf1nue to prepare yourself for ever increasing respons1bi1ity.n , fixfxxffvfw S 1 T-Ki L X ,N'- , f! X' xxx 'X 'LYNX IP I fxj W giiiil y V3 4 X E?N!jff! XX! fm!! Y-ffxre-he xg , , ! X, O Hugh Emerson 4 ,, , '-fi if U Margaret Graham Theodore Mahler Dorothy Burt xanga!-A Clara Calhoun Wlnnie Carter Sunshine Cole v-v"I f Z X I . S wo Dorothy Rooke A. E. Jones J Mary Hyman Mae Goodlett Malcolm Mclnnis Fred L. Sloop Cyrene Bell MCL Ilene Brown H. W. Cook Euell Porter David Bunting , fl, f-' If-X :,, I LT. Y 1 x.f.. RW 5 M, iff- Lg' I4 fn 'T 2 , f'f 1 , 55? -x 5 5 gf fy iid-L., ,:Y ,Q 'V .K fn L5 V CT YA D' 'N 4. .f f if' X ix x AJ 'M V' fl' fy' 74 fp , s , " '- JkJJ V L, Z: If fl 4-'Q Doris Andrews Doris Batten Dot loves to go to dances. K Don Angonia Has lots of pep for a little boy. ow- A 1 Bob Armstrong Is a popular clean c t type of boy. 1 'f F fi. j i-f - NA,1I rv ' fx Bill Andrew Bill can do anything he wants whenever he wants. Billy is a --3 mischievous, bashful boy. Billy Andrews V A , 4 J rw Doris is serious and sincere. ln 'Y' I J giioiff get , I ' 1 JA, , ,eo M7 Helen Barak Her quiet ways and her friendly smiles have won her mazi friends. NBubbaN is an asset on any- body's team. Bubba Barron Peggy Bordine Peg is an at tractive girl ,- 1 A 13,5-,1 dw' f EEA 'Qwf QLLJJ. x - V4 i ' Q it or Buck Black Susie Boriskie Every one is attracted by Susie's everlasting smile. Buck has lots of fun and plenty of talent Melvin Bowman person. an Ann Brachek An unusuai vcrion who liles everyone ani every thing, anyvhorn at any time. Russie Faye Britton nTobyH is interested in sports and has many friends in S. F. A. ,ii Eloise Brocksmith ' Is a girl whom you would lile for your friend 'il Marguerite She will ma'e some man good wife A quiet convervative Hilton Bucfuavlts HBuchH i ambition Anna Bulzowsl i A gir1 with a pleasing pei sonalit Y 10 Frances Carl y1 e NFrannieH is full of life and is Hup and doingn. Cleota Ann Bullock A very busy rnd popular mem ber of our class. - I ef9f'4LJ X f ,Lf f Ll f ifflrfiff I x ' y '!ZLf1f Rosie Lee Carrabba Rosie Lee has the admiration of her friends. 43,14 All 651, Q Edwin Cloud Is an important person in the af- fairs of S. F. A, 'ZS Anthonette Collette Anthonette has a Winsome personrlity '39 Bonnie Cash A sleek friendly gentleman. 'SC on 0 flgkl "si SWL 3 1' Dahn Clary Dahn is active in many phases of our school life. Henry Canavespe Henry has cul- tural tastes and an ambiu tion for a Opal Clary profession. Opal is studious and ambitious. 2 E Beatrice Cook nBean creates hap- piness with her fun. l A-'R' Bill Conrad Bill is tall, ener- getic, and friendly. AX .V A ,L f X., Wallace Cowart A Iaomi E. Crain of fun and vivacity. N X x Mary Lou Cramer Mary Lou quietly wins the admiration of her friends. Roland Crenshaw A tall, congenial fellow. Kaomi is always full Has a keen sense of humor. s fi -it '41, June Cook June is a smart girl and an A-1 annual member. Margie Cullen Margie is an ar tist of no sm ability. Ruby Curik Ruby is a small girl with a big heart. 1 nche DOJYUQ Yor1 scalante Fay Drew Wsrlan theridge natural person and fun lover . ' ff in 1 pf' ' . 'v ' A friendly and W TL Speedy' is a sport f1aFLfu- V Q A Donald Dreyfus Slatsn has a cheer- ful nature and witty tactics. -wr Hazel Dean Faulkner "5'x,,Kx 'ig I Xxx M Margaret Fox Allen Foster NDeanie Maen is pretty with yen for sophistication. Allen has a winning personality. fnic Jack Goodloe A very nice sort of chap, Hilton Gossett Ripu is one of the biggest teasers in S.F.A. "aw V74 ,4 X ,, Isaias Gonzales He is a quiet type, always willing to be of help. To know her is to like her. - -' hr 4 Madeline Gandy Madeline is blessed with fascinating dimples. x. w XQARQ ffxxx x x I xg by K ke s- if " gy Q X- F Es x X R X XX ' 4- B Y X ,XX X X X . , X X . x 'x xx .s I, 1 Xx 'ez J a A xx? X-il xi Sarah Graham K An attractive XM . blond with accompanying personality. Dell Griesser A sweet girl well thought of by every- one. y'iiN 5336 f HChu'Hy Duchu Djfhlf J ,WX Thomas Ffa I o 5fVy har executive ability, W iv? '7 A,' A . Bart Halton A sociable, attractive fellow, . . Q! Mfg F N f yi --.-1 James Griffin Killeru pos- sesses enviable masculine characteristics Lorene Griffin Lorene has fun to spare. M N as fx M39 K J ,,5r :X gi a.v9A!'H' ,ZAJ-,V1 val Jfllw James Henry Wd nBrut0 Dogu is a wholesome de- sirable pal, Doris Haltom Has that un- usual and attractive combination- blue eyes and black hair. a be- le and Hazel a favorite Hazel with her classmates and an outstanding student. ,X Myrtle Myrt le li Hicks is capable of going far. jf! J' 1 gfl gf f fcww WM ,Il fWdZ?bA K. i AL 1 .gs Odessa Hi1tOH Alma Igliday A determlned girl Alma has the Joel Kogan Has many interests and friends. x who wants to make good. qualities for her chosen is profession. fi a nurse. Wilma Komola A quiet. stidious h- girl. rp m I 7 A r I f K x 1 ' . A EIN ' Qu" 'ff J - John Hugghins A John is a leader or f U Cl x 355 James Jackson 53' nRosyH is straight forward xx SJ and "a natural". P 3 skx X x. a Ns , 5 Alice Kalinec 'S Alice has ability and l. a nice disposition. unquestionable ability. I 'J 'Nui Jack :ery A mischievous. nice mannered boy. Tom Kingsbery A capable and dependable Dorothy Kosarek HDottyH is a cute blond with beautiful hands. 'W' Helen Klintworth Helen is unas- suming and sweet She is active in athletics. Alice Martha Klintworth Alice is a girl worth knowing , we jk Q 4? Cecilia Krolczyk Cecilia is gen- erous with her smile. 5 4 X A ' 5 rf' Marie Lewis Marie possesses qualities to suc- ceed. A. ills hw ' I - Q 0 ' t Us , , . vb' ionnie Locke Progressive and well liked by fellow students and teachers. I Llildred xiurten . A Mildred is depend able and sincere in her friendship. Josephine Lampo HJobieH is full of pep and makes it contagious. Jack Lawless Jack is a peppy boy who lik!! to eat. 1 ,f ,ffl r, as -9 Lou i S 7.1.1521 Louis is quiet and a good sport. sl ,MW ,ff Martha ' Looneyn has personality plus. i 'W Ina Louise Martin She is a cheerful Martha Martin Martha 11kes C0OklDQ member of our class 1' Ora Leone M2 Is a jolly bry person who is full of fun. 4 . ,,. x. T 15' ,. George Nachos Shortu is a fun make ing, agreeable chap. ---up I? and other homemaking arts. Nelwyn Martin Nelwyn has determinatlon and the spunk to keep it going. Is very much Genita UcDon Jeannieu is popular with everyone. -eymond VcCa11um in evidence at S.T ald A -4 Lynn Hullins Ruth Aileen Nicks I quiet sociable was made many boy. friends in a wisfflf Earl Merrell srl is a deter- mined young man. Seth Morrell Seth is busi ness like short time, 66 Aja' ofa! 2 no ,QW A f I dp 'Q Lug!! La Tiue Ifurphy La Due makes friends with her slow drawl. .A I-n I? -A .ans Tillie Marie Hash Pleasant person- ality and strives to please. J W ft? liz ihyllis Frlasotn P cute little brunette with an ambition to be a housewife. Helen Uavles A happy disposi- tion and a light heart. Rose Marie Hemec Rose Mae is known for her sweetness and pleasant laugh fr ,H 4-if X 9 lyiw M Qi 95' 'U' Neal Helen Fate Joanna Terrone Black hair and cute dimples. -'z e BN.NQb,+x .O E, ,Taft ktrkll E321 , xi V 1 i QF'A 'X Ng: E3 Y l :R S 'ex' 1 ,Lf on . -rf ,Q L N 25 .Q ig, A sweet nrtured person. ,K - . X S ' ' 7 ni, L' 'V il l - Q- sf, 2, N F or K. , f 'Q, 5 ' W. NNN 'IU' XT. .ef f 7 " 1 S Stephen Pearce . x,Q,, kql Gertrude Flagens Steve" is a RtUT 1wGer-tv' active comedian' ' u ' club work and an attractive asset ' to her class. Af e,,, 'vs , r X' r .,' X M : H42 - - at rV?: r an nf uf M i D I Emory ifullen 0 3 'K-...- A friend indeed Eleanor Putz to all. lil 'VT' A very sincere person. Lollis A. Ramsey Hollis is an excel lent worker in the agricultral field. '23 Gloria Wea A lively person and U jitterbug. Rena Restivo A girl who likes music and fun. ,Wa i . int R T3 ' . , If f . -ag ', . ., w iv i ,. ' . Q , Vf.,x f?5m" as 4 5 -:fel F a 1 f +'- f5ff9ng 51 John Riley Josephine Salvato HJohnnieH likes A wide awake hillbilly music and people. It 'wi I if . f , Rosie Restivo An elert active girl. Josie Ribardo A calm, gracious of person. ' tn. i laughable person. W? Wayne Robinson Gets along with everyone. Marjorie Louise Rosprim A real friend of Cupid's. 's A Jean Ruchti A nice friend to have. Mary Salideno A girl with a composed nature. Mamie Salvato A cheerful person who creates an atmosphere of fun . 5. iq Marjorie Scardino A girl possessing 137' John Schram A potential a sweet nature leader' ,U1lQj5,, A , awfjlaw -f , x be ' Billi Jeanne Scheihagen Frances Sghultg A COY flirt- Frances is a poised I -It I f'5 Valtom Sikes Always smiling and ready to do his part. 'Ss Lillie Mae Skubal A capable individual. beauty. Addie Mary Sledge An amiable classmate. Willie Skubal Willie has a likeable Nannie V. Smith One of S.F.A.'s disposition, peppiest. r :ll A. C. Steele is a long, tall, hard work ing person. I Anton Stevener He is a good sport and a music lover. ff: N mx Lois Toon Parrott She says she is a good housekeeper! faq., Z?-5. 1' , 2 B. B. Trant If you watch care fully you might see B. B.'s coat tail going around the corner. Ray Tarver Ray 1S a newcomer who takes an ac- tive part in our school. Donald Sramek June Terry Studlous and congenial. Rosie Lee Stabler She has Hcurly eyes and laugh- ing hairn. 15 An efficient girl with a charming air. 7dLr4AQ ck l Q Robert Thurmond NJugn plays ball with us all. Q25 M W ' W W 1 X. 1.3 ,WV l W of Jack Tumlinson A potential artist and a valuable friend. 98.5 0 Y' 6 fi' 13 r - L n ake ri ds an ve ' f erat e . , ' Kenneth Urick Serious minded and neat in dress. -35 Walter H. Vance Samn is new here but is becoming popular fast. Q 'UU' Curtis Turner Curtieu is out- standing among his fellow students. Robert Turek HChee-Cheeu is a go-getter. ff ' . jf 'K' 11441. ...ff QU tfa? 1 ku If I ' .ivai-ixfffwlq, . f ' I! f' -J? . f Peggy Vasbinder -4 Peggy is talkative and gigglesome 119 Olene Walker HPee-Ween is S.F.A.'s co- quette. W. J. Ware A jolly good fellow. IWW f 2' 1 MAJ A '- N A u X. 1 f , - Pauline Webster , Jimmy Wilson A serious. pendable girl. Malcolm Warner Ducku is always full of fun and pep. Marion Watson A sweet girl with beautiful eyes. 0 'N X - 1" 'NX ' F4 X ,ff X ,ir I VJ W ' V, de -- A Businesslike and a perfect gentle- man. Van Wehmeyer Ila Lorene Wilson Van's humor matches his red hair. 7. E. Whitley Wh1t is a happy go-luckyn boy. .bo AWN! o'-I4 Jwy-' v70uJ,.'A' www- N '- I3 X Ila is quiet and unassuming. 1, Sarah Edna Wilkerson Sarah has intel- ligent direction in her thoughts and actions. Bob Williamson Bob is a practi- cal minded boy with success ahead .f f If , 1, ,A ,, 'f-gr,-M! f, X f ,Af fc 1 mfg Bair OK. +G Maw 'Elf ,U-w an me uuJ 19' la Uary Gladys Wilson vivian Wofsham A girl you like to be around. She is a very pleasant girl. f M 01930095 1 Dj Har aret Winn g James Yarnol? 'X' A business-like , I girl. HJeepH 1S exceptlonal and we like him, l I If sp NY f ,lk jf XJ A U . iill Zak . Hgekeu is an excellent 3 J entertainer and a hard worker. L Albina Zemanek Cameron Fodson One of those Hcuten Cameron is f blonds. thoughtful and unselfish person. Seniors Not In Pictures Den Mahler lee Piraino , - . xo-oth no! 1 Buster Mancuso Mlldred Slama H r Y ' De 10 A reserved per son who is well liked. If Lg. , r 5 T - . I Q f. .- 4 ' f L4 1 nf 1 ,Vfq 'ff W ff' Q! ,Q 'f x . X X KYNH xx x., ' X x 'M' 4 gr' ll . -f-1' . W Qf f X A by ,, " fy x is .5 N xf b , YV MJ 1572" "' 8 Sigh, X! fp R' if P f X X La, ? A4 ,Q ,flzt-if , , jk ' I V P, -1.1 ' ...EU CTA ,-- lf! -'v3 , rm: ,LIZ f 5:.f.A 7-'Ay 13 X , , I 1fL "M Y if . X, -Blond Z....,' liwhfg Uv ., L' hi efvfgv dl flu Wt. IV JK 'V f f liiiea f M 71 1 H i"f 'g9 Vff6 112441 if ' i XX' :Li ' A Doris uae A ' H V Bowman A Qfibg. e Ar J I . A 2 Q' , Lb' :A gijkglx M' 5 VA L f-'Wm' 'if 3-1, I ' V' e gk-Dx Sue Cecilia LN Bethany Brachek ax- , .LM r .sm :pg ,,. , ,I M, ,rl 1 ,X ' fuff- hwy, .HJ Q ' , .1354 '45 . 'Z .+L .-1'-, - 3.541 M., Elqgqor 4 hfgf M QBaker ., ,Mtg .4513 fx I if 1 '1' V., .A 'ev iam .zy ffff bf vi. .e - 1 flg 9 'ft H 4' Meri. , 5' -J X 11 fi? , 7, 2 Mary Barak Jackie Adams Elwood Beverly rl..-Jie! for Dorothy Dienski T,V 1 John Blasienz 4 Dorothy U H -, Batten ,' 1,4 , .. o 3 Jessie Lee H111 ..:eCkeI' Alice May . Brewer .gl 1' , MJoyce -4 'A Brooksmith Botting I ! 0 P J Q rs O NU, ,J AX f Jw? MMM? ML' ai ,5- ,4- C.rnen dna Uyron Burtxn 1 3 Jour Carx lf C mvv' C H .W,. 'inf it Qi HI 0 rl dl, 6 -OE "9 i Q. alt' , ,. Pete Cangelosi Harold Conrad al' Y, ,rtt, Jn omg no Jane Clngp Karjorin Davidson Leroy ConneLY Mary Degelia Bertha Dishman jqLe,z,c0l0""V'U g 5 gf a Lanai :ik ,F ' 5 Q0 U Z f CQK, aL' I' l if JK3ZZjf', H 4Vbff':i9 , g5g?VLlF14J' 05 1 , ,'! 97 K,xlft,,+f' vogeaster V 3 Wayne Franks 'A Q! y S 4 Q X H.-,Nor 5 -fl ff 3 .S-y i W HGH Alene Foster Cullen Frazie , My riff 25595 MAS ef! f I X gf Pansy Foster gp g Alferd Free Q F . ra an J A' 3gg!IIIIlI:ii 5X 1 112118119 Rgsemary Ellis Fountain A we ' '1 Janie Emola Mary Belle I 1' Bill Eads Frances Fazzino Frame Nathan Franklin Cecil Gelber 3 W X352 M Nina Ruth Franklin Phena Fazzino v h Harl an Uo .jg fl ul CE owelf PLE -vlf Ll A-'Af' .CJV3fLf , 51 J KN-15 fx N Joyce Goldsmifh ik Sp xGibS PMMZM Effgggiilw , fxma ' X X X Melba G adick Tom Holland 2 .5 I '1 Norman Sam Hopkins Tom Jenkins Janet Johnson cnfford Kelley Walter Jones 54 1? ,A . 1 24 ', 7 , 1, 'fn 'Z 72 rt, ,X .. " Qefkni .f 14 k"',7 John Harino Jin-'f 1504! www W f like Mattie " ' Lampo wifi-1+-iff' Roy Liles 3 J U LL Lena Grace Lisenbe f r-. 5QfU'fOf5 .xl jumeiiw GU 9 Dennis Martin Frank Mauro lac od athryn Doretta Annie Kohler ' Luper Laurie ' .a ,' 5: X A 1 X f X K X 1 Anna Dell Koontz 6 Aline Kubin fd- 1 1 Billie Majors Kofi 1 K X v I , fl' f L ,. Verna Maniord Kurt Manthei McDonald E, ' Lucy Belle King Johnny Lampo raw V, C' 'I -V x r J " - Q ' , ,W 'XJXS ,R ox, ., 1 lnfxyd fy S we M ,Q Jf ' L. J. l!cGee Eugenia 1- Anne ' Hiller 'R +9 A- TJ J. M. f J X Hfs- 1 ' 2 ,f 233 5 X A ffm. jj! xp I 114, f ' if Gloria L1cGinty 1i1tche11,j1'f wk X0 Cox Clara Lierka Alice Nether Oscar Murphy Dill Uoehlmon Qkqgwgsqo Q:-V' Y 40 Paul Montoya v C X fe 1 Joh Zoore Doris Uevill SC. X . 5 , id 'vgr x 'X 4 n e Nancy Moss ,Albert fevak XX-of La Verne Heveuzz 19 I J Lucille Opersteny I Mildred Novosad 4 H7 , f 'Y X V I z gffxx "wX f fl x K K 'ki V X . A 1 -wr I X l ni X xx if f", ' , ' I iq Y y L X X A 1 K, HX :W J Qdfixxi A ifg-l, Luke James K. X.. X P ,N Datranella Presnal ,fgfxwx foo 5 2? . Xi , JFBUX A Xxx KJ H J . 54 , J U , Minnie Ann Yvlon Ruth 'KL Patrauella Rahuort r ,Q , - - fl Anna Marie Walormo :J N Q ll A Francvs Marie Palermo -6 Mary Louis Opersteny 1 Wajnilonf' f4'Z1ff?'1l" Della Parker Josephine Patranella e I . Dorothy Ramsey I l ITIL l11u Marvin D. Ramsey Joe Piccolo I f 1, Hilton A. Plagens Dolores D01 nn:-1-'v - -,-o-w , LA n X f lg?-N-f 1 -f 265 f 4 I V f N N25 fx X uw C J ul J A . ' Q 5 .4 , iv' P V Hina Rawls RSX Morris T. Reese jails! L: L Frank Ribardo WJ? we 'L H24 Douglas Regenbrecht Dorothy Restemeyer 1: Nellie Ray Bill Roman Rosier Raymond Rychlik Clara Sue Shepherd n if - ,nn 35. .6 , . , X , W 5 f -V, - i A 5, I Lucille Salvato Mary Frances Soape Frances Margaret Sousares Robert Sowers 9WN13we,, Jack Restivo Annie Mae Schulz If 2' AL 1li.ff K 1.P gg' ij N ff I Ls X' KYLK xxx' fe 7 ly I X 7 I 1 V, X A X Florence 'fx 5 enn 'J Walkovak . x f 9 Terry b S .X X ix Y' fyn ei, -,Ai X' V dw fi rw !- Qk5lQ:LS Z x ev IQ., x In 'V .aiu o- Norris Glorir Thompson Warren HsEE',f 5 42' r 1,V A ' . k QV. , Q wx Q 1 A , b . - , 1 by . M XSL, liaoma I' Rf DOFOUIY . b'211Q Timmons Warwxck , 4- ' 5 31 .- . - AV I I I 'V 7 fyfvu 57,9 12.166 Bobby Webb Spence X U ff- L, Q i J ! ' X ' 'flax L A , ' A f", 7 ' If 2' f Lf Cecilia Antionette Stetz Varisco -er Wesley Dorothy. ,X Summers V?T1SCO 0 r A T7 f Helen Walker K Nm X A 'ff' is Irg 'pk Q 5, X rw , I X.. Lf XX x, gl' s. P I x I I 1 ,M E ,J 'mv fq Q WV jx lu, M Q' .BW A W f" , 41. 1 it ' H f N' Freri Helen , Q--ll li f WZ x qs! 0+ QL . V A '-7' 5 We A fwqljxil 3 yy! Q , if-r if AA 11-A .j'.4A, ' , I' 1 Wayne West Betty ' ' Francis W , Wiley " , W 'I f 2 , C dj xy 7 - wf 'M W W m X! Q f" A muddy Cade A W Q Betty Belvin Cathron Wilson Worth 'fa' Elizabeth mrszafet Eugene White Wilson ,fxfgv WYUIOIQ- X '11 K J' , X ,if ' -5 any . ,- s . ws , 1 Imogene Winn F-Uiiflfl .2 - Zikes A FN 3 I I en-QD ,S A A if'Q7wXZmJfx'.f Q A QT Nj t X M I xx.-. lx lA ti- 14 ' e 15. 5 f . Z i all ,x ka gi x 2 , '1- 1' ' ' Tn, '. 1 wx, 02 'lizabeth ,,1111c IJ? V ' Q1 in Wolfe Zweifel 4,519 3 A 1- "2 if henry e 1 L Gomez - J ,Z - f6""' fx ,ALA w" -5 X hr ?'iQx'g Q5 7 ffl may Y , Qfgxsf gf? I an W g.:'u:-C: , . .. ., X H , 1 W , H . i- , Q WMM f W0 CE ff W et Sue Mildred LOUISE Benbow b Becker A tif r Q .. 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' n n guy George Davin 46 f. ,f- Dnuglas Conlec Margres Lynn La Verne Connell Dunn Allcla like ,H mf or W 11- ,UQ gf' ff I A ' d 7 or A af. Oyce Fuqua Keith Haines -Z Ezekiel x Esther Ruth Cleveland afwn Godley Halliburton Q' 3 .4 e I6 y K -I e 14.1 Lucille Gomez Swcefhcart Buddy Halto 5? s gy f 2? 2 Raymond Thomas Gomez Henry Hanover 45 , L - wg , . J Mary Ann Meredith X Fazzino Goodson Martha Franks Tommie Jo Graham Mildred Griffin Silmon Etheridge Dorothy Fuller 1 . X. A ,N N Vw ft- Q n , f" ,,- - .1 ,X ' f ng KMX xx , J y M X xox ,Zn X NX xy. ix x- lf llary Iiaveron at . Q if 'x",6f J, If v H Amber Hilton Ur M K ff ' i' ri A Sfudiymfi AXJJ ' ' June H 'ij' kkj, James Hogan wwwvf bl Q ff -3? V 5' . . F X i A uae Byrd Chrrlie Hohn Hensarling ix v. 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Q Charlie Tommy Lyon -ve ' .ou 1 Kosarek I iv Dorothy Lynn Weldon Lyon Krenek 3 Louise Mahaffey ' "0 fin Apple ov Teacher--W Mary Frances Merka Alta Fay an Patsy Hisbet Dora Eliaabeth Noto Je' .1 CBR xy E 'ff YQ x X .ow 7 M f 2 ff fx U .- .f 1 H A !! WW W7 .51 KR J Q 55? X 1 Jzdf' ln' Lou . I ' fr 1,15 iw Rigby X Tr w Aura TIM x u T 1 1 LW .yr-r l 2 of HLB1' X f".,P gy af iff . .fri VX' A Alicv F. ,..,q John Poinde:-:t er Martha Jane Porter Luke Patrenella ,. f.. -' DO.l'J.f1 lnfzfi D 311117 1 P' Lois Sample 'W N . mx W Y H:llqo.'f15.1 Jfnhqpna Ruchtiu . 9 ' ., '31 ' Pauline Ann Ruchti Rena Rui f ino LS S' QSWWENSSJ V-V, . N 1 , J 2 ev W N XX my N .4 . ,. .fa fy" T A V A ,ff Oleta Sample Perry Shirley A 4 X Ugg ,,,,,. n M Margaret Sca' Lillian Skubal Jeb -S 1,4 k ,. S ' W ' XM - ' P' ,dba lbw vb , 1 75 ,. ..x 01-4 ' W . J' ,H 5 6 WK: W .A . . U M -N ' P K., , R? Q . A I ' I Qfi, u I 9 5 1 St, Sl a Anthonette Scardino eve am 1. 1 ,O I ly 1 1 'xv' -" '7 , S ffl .' 1 X I' x K5 Ai Emm J Dorothy Schwalm George SleCge Sgelian 13 w" f Enoch Smith Florence Spell Qfbbd-X23-J lary Gene Smith Morris Smith ' Q Brooke Stevenson JG wwf Nina Stuckey Eldon Sutton 1' Josepnlnv Tucker .-v. I .U 'TPB I iicnwrv i, U . X-n - 'x.f 'Q J an CD X :ig NNQJA: A LU- ,- , S.: ...- 'J Huff .,, Q, -Nl.-tiki!" 1' Ltirig . if . -f - 17" , V A A Y KJ, fh '44j f Y f' T15 ' f A .v W ff ' 5 L9C1i9 E. Traviv e my Vernon i? ' 4f .4 h, A viz? N ' lc f Davy vivm-0 13111 Wfwfi 4 V ,, it ' -' ,aj if ,.X j' f 1 A h X J Y Elizabntk Doris Wallin Melba White Thd' ' J- , f 1 ' 5 'Y' 1 mx ' R I s w 1 Ji,'4 1 5 D y A X CSF -1 1 Julws Toliver W. S Wd"Hr X cl 4 . ' K7 KX I M5 X Ra?nond Winnieblie ,' Tomlinson . pxwrax IM Mary Jo Tobias Bobby Tumlinson 05,21 ,KD 0JWanda Warren im Bob Wilson ' l , 1 IW' "ILT , , 'I 't' 42' X" , f 1 Dorothy Wilson ' ivy K , Nf'f222w? Helen Lorain WI son' I o o ow px? N' W9 .1 N J , .-1 X L' Q 1 A, 1 John ' 1, , U' 1 -fn!! , Robert Garza f iff ,L1 f Margery Iigington Jr. gy- Ur .x yv .i A Q g wipprecht V VHJL f1..r Nfjkjzfi J X l lf W W 3 of ff N H X gg 3 9 ' TF 7 xv gl, v" "Jw ff , "N Nl. I 'us Ml. ' :C-:ULN xx u ,, :auf gt57f5Qs:E5x m, f' R, X :ii N 'EEE Q ggsi yagij:?Ei5 i SW '9":'h-ff 0 x, " s A QC? A U' R s -X Ut. ' f7": ip --4"-"" - .Y--2:2-fir? N y C' T' T o o y Sy Q glzpbx 1 0 A " 5 " 14 bi Z- X Q x-. A- . o Ei 1 . QQ 9 in Q X 1-1 I W Ea ' ' f X - H il -4' .155 , 67, ... 'sf 7 k K 1 A X 4, I o V x .- 7 N v , Z J -O v u , , fl X XJ S if at ,.,r it ' . f - 2? 'r' ' v - , NL-4 do ,Q ,A Nmfiiilegi- ggi ,rf ...H .. K . A , ,. ' 1'-' 'Wi-umweem ,'L, J , 'ltr President-Nelwyn Karting Vice-president-Cathron Wilsong Secretary-Helen Iiavlesg Treasurer- Tillie Marie Nashglleporter-Phyllis Palasotag Historian-Mary Hester Ilarrisong Asst. Historian La Vergne Neveuxg Song LeaderNC1eota Ann Bullockg Pianist-Lucille Salvatog Parliamentarian- Dorothy Vnrisco i-Y--i . , . W, KAW, 7 fMM,- X N -. , . ,M ,AH -,.?,-,-, V ,AA, A A ,,w-Yv,M,w,l-,Q ,vw K -1--11 vu-Y- X N , x N o f ' 1 w 1 4099 o CC QCA .,.,,., , P R I CLEDTA ANN BULLUCK 91, N, , L1 f, L .wi '17 I, ,I V f -,af A g ,, ,,-sir, ,',,-- V , 4 ' 4 If Af ,fx I ,af f C' f 4 f JUH HUGGHI S ELVYN MARTI EDWIN CLOUD gm 92 Sl Ut 'x . D J vw xx .V l x 1 H .J ' f x . i X ,x. xx x f, Wv IHJFFDRU KELLEY DELLA PARKER ' 5 ' 1 v' -2,5 I T NATIONAL NOR SOCIE wnB 31 f it 4 5 ln' I 'N - 'H 'Q I . 12 if N A it ' -i:?i-' 5 1 'V W A A A Aw' Ei 53 iii A A ,v 1 -IRQ CAD 1 s 6 Av, M.C. A A ANNUAL STAFF ff AP- .zu QL 42,5 9 C , M, G. M' "V v '. J' w BA '-' -- yifll 4 I , '3- ' ik . hx -.lx x 55 1 s Q ,x . X Q 5- Wa 'B' A532 Ne, ' X -P ecard DA' K ms. vw- 1 . ERI' A Cf Q' A 'Q " lf , X x1 al E V r y Ai T E j ff X f,f X ',f,f - 'J X X fl 1 , 1- H 1, X , 'fl 1 f r BRONCO Q35 e9 0 c is TO PRESS A.M.B. Q ur Q-Q5 l - I ,36- ? iii' Y K- xii... THE CCDRRAL THE STAFF Plditoi'-in-fliivl' , , , H. B. 'frsinl Managing liflitor .limmy XYilwuI1 Assistant lirlitoi' LZLV0l'll0 Nvwiix Featurn liclitm' Szirzilz Willa--iwfn Sports liclitm' Furl Pllillills Assistant Sports liclitoi' Hill Anrlrvw Club Editor' ,.,,, Milflrcrl Novosurl Alumni liclitor Dnmtliy 'N':u'isc0 Exchange Eilitoi' Wilma Louisv Brnyln' Humor Editor - Jean Um'1,ir Circulation Blanagoi' ., ,lim Morrin i- rf P 1 7 G? fix!!! ff A 4 "'f!aQ". fl .. 444 1 'X i 'M w I M ,MP L. ,., fl S X, Sf . L f X j x r I 1, 4 3 O 1 V fed?- Or v df 1.4 Nm: Q .wana-www a..-w,..,:, wr wx 3- gm.. fm. Y,--Aqyaww .Q SM gg? gk W 1 I ' ll 5 H I Isl' A Y? K K 5 G La n Q 1 ,J ln:-1 ,,..,,..qunmmnww UW mfiiv g . K x wa '-31 ix' xi: 4, V .........-- X if Y ., , 1 Al hun lik ll . vc .ah M 65 ' . , ,- A Q , ' ' . ',.. . x fl! 1' .4 N Q 7. 434 .- kj as I. ' f 'M " x A I 1 A i v ,,1.'!--- - -" 4 Q o S.-Q ? mm. A ' - . v u, ll'-H15-vu I ..l ul ' 7? ' 1 4 9 ,.---"X , ,si 2 an 1 ,O .' "f, ,A Tx ?-.-frQ.-?- M-. 1 - f '. .pn :GA A? ,fuk alwk l . i frf' "' ,, iififiyif FY fQ1',-3' 3 A5 315' , 452, 95 'ff9wfY ! 'If' W f fa aa. J. 1+ 2,2 15- 7-1lf'9. .sv 92 , 3 z1 f?3- 'A.f'1w.'v4'f'2':4'9x'911+ Y-fff M- 1 5 1 3 1 0 , , M fn '41 - -.5 Q -lm wk 'f i Q ' La Q fw fagxqll, F0511 Zifulf ig J ' i f 5' v .193 ' 4 1 V1 1 2 Q xi U f' N 'H X3 i, , . ' - future Farmers M332 1 . . R S . Of SFA Wm Trip snin is 22 as Q F Q r .rm 131195 ig razos C75 Q T0 ffffas Fifi' 1 . ,m qN lv vi lftanklni. llrini-, tona' 'E DH . galore, - 0 Waite get 71 . X Yfiib -itil". Austn' high svhool, ltift verage For 24 Calv- tSP0l1n up i . i iii i Xl!'.ll -f .i it 0l1Sl'gq CDL ill'ff:,ff'i1l,ff'2QQf'ifjQQf?L,"Q.Jf In Auction Is ff ytyoklkii ', ' . ' vilgaj tg., -,,,,., , f, 4,.i ,t T,y5i4 to g,min,'y Cents Pound K WA any Swarm Exhibits Saying Fair Best Yet Held Yhen Future Faiiiitir- .md L-li ll boys of Blixliis i'ii"'i1y i':i'- se or buy hee! ttiivef. it-.-il them and afl.l'l' ti izin' ifxixtliit get rage of pi-viiizitatily HH vent. ' pounil lim 'iw 24 fait Caivis d, this t- iw making loin: nies tin xi itat p-isitifin in tlw tlut-tif-:z ni lit-tif cattle. in thi- nionofiii.ii.j.'jinlQt-s.Tl1- burn it calvt-s sifltl fiitlay aftt-i'nt.ioii s the ht-st seen at any county. r this yt-ar, accorditig to a nun - of stock experts who hart- xg d several uf the leailinir cunni- expositioiis. Wtifit-i' Britton, ed hy Multi Sam-, lxgiiiilli-l tit tion. While thi' iiiijtiiity of thi- Plxlti re hoiitfht hy Ht'j.'ii:i husit' n, theiv wi-rv Init-t' lliittfii-it s on the giotniil. who cnulil i. figurirtl as having any p:ir"' :wtitinu-1111.1inttirt-Stillth- -. t they li' tight s--vt-n of ti ves andpaiifizni:wt-1-gig:--ii' ll.--5 is per pouiztl. Champ Brings 22 Centn Satin Pauli-inin, -.tho rpm-:iw - 4 Sli Mutlu-t :nil limi' iff. sv! wi' buy tl. irwd c'i'ziiiipwiri. at irefoi'tl tail' siiiiggi liy Nation: 'U'l'l'RE FARMERS MEET WITH HOMEMAKERS The future farmers held a ree- ilar meeting Monday, Nov 18. ir he S.F.A. auditorium with the ryrin Chapter of Future Home- izikers as their guests. The meet- iiif was called to order hy Bill 't-nmd, junior Future Farm.-v' resident. Talks nn the Kansas City Con- 'erition wr-re given ns ii The trip tu Kansas C' 'onawayz Pnhlic Speak: "onvention. Lonnie Lfi lirfiuizh the Swift Paoli ohn Scliram. banquet h- inure Farmers. Nathan Then the Future Far hc f,pr-ning and closing -iid liiisinex-4 prort-dui'c ict-tings. Tu l"' -it i a 'cw fur niziih- fit-1 , twirl- pw' jfiiitiil fi' ,tlylr ',i'i- sifi 'ii T' iii-iI'-p:i1":1i-r.'.iL Ti'- , tiollili' fm' tri: it I-ii, ti f'i lt- --. i ln- Li Uri-21' slr-1 :Z iwii--wi 1:1 giving th- Euily Beat Fair PON SELLS AT S7 fl, .,t -. - X Zim- xh' F-gl "'?':':'7.. - , Q ..,, , -'4r :i H 1 Q1 4511 ret' .-- . -: s f f"z ..'-.i-" .- , 1"vh Xzimtiigil l4'.F.A. Conven- -in Km: i lktgx. i .iwtircled on a con- eztile possible hy thc' fis County Chznnber this Bryan Rotary .4-:il vliaptvr of the 'Nt i ' i. oi' Anivrica. l. Y if i '- -tits, tvavlie-r of wi- 'ii .-ii..' "int in the Stephen I' Xue: i r siliotil, ii.tpoiii,p:iiiii-.I ' i 'i 1-it Wi-rth. Lighzsey, u Future Farmer .is Steplwn F, Austin high school. 1 f: 41 i , ' if 4 'FS-. fhfw- "": L .vfafgir ' .ea ... if-. .1 -N , . pf ...Q-su-g . s-Q ,,-'- I' atv 4 " wx ' i. f. t eu grain-l chanipitinship honors t-. th hi- Alter-iles-n Angus steer at rht- Hluebcinnet Festival Fat Calf show heh! Fritlay and Saturilayl it Niiviisota. This honor carrie-di .wth it prizes of S20 and ii trophyq Floyd Lucite and Buster Mancusol ,tier shovsiwl twu Angus calves that i-lit i-il ftnirth anal sixth respertive- ff. Other hriys showing calves were! Winn llenszirling :incl Luke Man iso. .i 4-ll chili tiny. Thi- Brazos calves were shown in: Xi-nipefition with 24 cult-tw from E2 ii-is-wit, tiriines :intl Brazos coun- lngfht-vy. H-fetitly shlnw-il :i llrrv- ii fl :it thi- lloustfin l-'ut Stock ". .ai-tl will hi- in tht- 1-miipetiel 'in at thi' .-hiwi-it-.iii Liifiin l-'uir 'HH full with tht- Angiis milf mon- 'ioizi'-l aliove :intl at lli-:iifrirtl pur' "fist-ti i't't'1fl1tly. Uthf-i' lfuturr- l":ii-niers who nrt' f-ii-iiiig fi-i' tht- full show ure Dal- '-in Vlos-. Milton Floss ltnyiiiornl I . ltr-y, l-Iilssin Rychlik, John Pitt- i ii't4!l.i, loin' Si-liinmi, llll'lt'I' Blan- i l"l-'pil l..rltv, Willie Lurkt-,i r fini'-l Kelley, Nathan Fmiikliii ' infix ' '. Future Farmers Attend Convention On Nov 10. Lonnie Locke. John i 2' liizini, Henry Conway and Nathan i-:inklin left Bryan for Kansas City. 'hose boys were outstanding in the ei imlture class and therefore izirnt-rl ri trip to the National EEA. Torivenviun in Kansas City, Mo. "1:il'::,-A .Lf .V .H On Monday, Nov 4. they attend- Q fi f- ---f- fir the National Fu- if America Conven- pal Auditorium. At iere was music by State Band, roll call and some speethes. y attended a public st. which was won k of North Dakota. 'ning they attended ial FFA. meeting, eard more speeches Some prizes were afternoon they went i Royal Horse Show, av horses and cattle hey looked at some ick. and visited the Power Plant. That it to the Municipal ere there was a hog After that the con- motton picture show en Hand .orning they attend- I HMM 1 1 f uv: 'fur v ,.. N- :Nf- I ,I .YQ 5...-Q. 0:1 . W fe .r 1 larjoric Wipprechf OFFICERS Jrvf, Jame: UH 3 .-?icemPreS. ,vyn Martin W 'IOM I' W ' 3 D ,M , .,f -'N xi ' ' , Lili Y v J x f X fl If . -4 ' ,g 5 fe Beverely Anne Della Sparks f ' Parker L, .xf .J -1 TP r I 1 v'3 11, 1 6 ,S N Q . 5 ck.,- 4' w A 1 ilu-3 Rosemary Fountain A -.m,y, Hugh Emerson Director Swing Orchemt , 'x A!L , v f. ' f g :. A. h 8 EQ u .. I ' , f Q A i.-sr S K X X 4 ,MQ Betty Jo Cook 'jwmum-w:i' x xiv ., . ' ,Q . , in 9 ' 3 v' . 'Ea' 8 2, ' O 3 A G 3 EAJUH4 35555 ?'i,!g 5 GX :g iLj,'1i fmt! 41" I . ' , 4 LV 9 'Q I I y XX . -1 Q X fm x ,Wa Q 'IV' A .-ff . f ilb 5 Q Q KJ N! A XX 4' :fg?3f3',-.., -4 ,... La r 5, 4' vgrlkfi ' if -,',,,-V8 . 35 szgza U 1 '43 , -2 U- . 5 3 G' 549' I "z'f45'nf4'f Q u- . WL 4, , . up ,M -Q16-M bfygii' PAN AMEREAN BLUE! Last row: Hr. Hahlerg Lena Canavespeg Betty Nancy Cole: Haoma Timmonsg Dorothy Ramseyg Mary Louise Operstenyg Wilma Homola: qanelle Ellis: John Blasienz Second row: Dorothy Warwickg Betty Westbrookg Jimmy Wilsong Bob Williamson: George Spence: Janet Johnson: Morris T. Reese First row: Cecil Gelber: Wayne West: Roy Liles: Spunky Gibsong Paul Montoyag Meredith Goodson Dorothy Schwalm, A.C. Steele W.S. Walker, Herbert Ezekiel, Jimmy Morris, Billy Adair, Joe Kerns, Eldon Sutton, Tommie Jo Graham, Kiss Rooke, La Nell Davis ff Q R fl ? 4 Y A CZ ix aff KN Aj 'MIX Z pf? Xl! fi .ni A Q- Q, ' GQ il' Q D DQ Q Q QQ if 'U an Qu-, ,. f F 'R be Q WHTCQ 1 VDO P Q T50 C u E l dvd seal QporhS WGUSTMD I -I 27? M L LM.m.Q1M1 I i-l'f1 !2?,ff' 4b x N wHx5gJ1x4H',Oj SCLHC 1 5: gy :S+ r- v,+ie dbqkx TQ iecd CJ QQHQM r q5Y 13?Qf11 cgi S+gm5mfb 7f33e 1TlJU QW ire upposfe page fx ,.!GQQ Chosen H3VGpVfjfff ih, Swmfg f S.fP,5eg!uSQ Ki' Clb'lMy, P 'f J eFc:?o+k?c3iS S.. vw MW HW Cook Track fl W --un! Wea '-'H dw 3' 147 160 D HNSQRO ke VVDB T 4.4-if Gdux..4.L!d-170 Wm gf 0 if i 3 M ,Ma L CJ x M9 Gmti 5 3 I 5 v5Qm, .5 Qu 'Au a., X Nm Ro KS t . ,Q va , 0.1 .mm F DUT fl AL- lv NAA5 0 201 Q 6 J f +592 QQ Af Q94 466262 as , 6 QQ 0' Coaches Thomas, Cook and Jones. Dick Holmgreen, Stephen Pierce, Calvin Tucker, Raymond Gomez, Charles Murray, Charles Saxon, James Griffin, Van Wehmeyer, Bill Eads, Weldon Lyons, Leroy Connell, Wayne Franks, Jack Goodlow, Bob Williamson, Lewis Luza, Thomas Hale, Bob Whitely, Robert Garza, James Jackson, Bill Zak, Earl Merrell, Clifford Kelley, Edwin Cloud, Harold Conrad, A Robert Thurmond, Morris Smith, Ray Carson, Glen Terry, Stewart ' Barron, Bob Txunlinson, G. M. Nevill, Fred Wehmeyer, Henry Gomez, Milton 3 Buckholts, Curtis Turner, George Machos, Wallace Cowart, Bart Haltom, E Johnnie Lampo, John Hugghins, Anthony Cangelosi, Jack Restivo, Ivan Langford, Paul Montoya, John Blrsienf, and Bill Roman. BRYAN- BRUNGS AND WAXANAGHIE INDIANS T0 PLAY TONIGHT SCHE ULE Winner Favored For District Championship X B 1 fur h O FA Q ryan no Bren am Q SQ Bryan 21 Hearne 2 'fowc -,ISQQ -QQ Bryan G Corsicana O 6f?f0,,C Us B gx KQSIQX Bryan Zz Mexia 6 Qrsgbg 80' 01314, Bryan l.. Temple 0 Grape 00, 36157: are 0004? SAX Bryan O Waxahachie 2 ,gr wo rye awp nq, 008 X, o '7 I1 . 'X xQX Bryan O Waco O CQ,-000, 01100, Bron , Bryan 13 Hillsboro 7 ,,f73'1,fi S,,ofry,,,, e'g,,,fZ4: ,f gYQQQ, Bryan 6 Cleburne 14 Gros 40,61 9,33 .,,,d8Z,,,7o0 . Xe- WY Q Q 'ff leaf? was an , arm I , y S 0 X55 Q 9? of S-Cb 59' xx OJVLLS C49 ay "farm g"s:o"C'0q XXX NW' wk' we Q-0 x9 6' 0 'fo '14 or cj Q' .AV . 9 9 W 0 6 ni, GJ' Pa, . -- dx Q X1 1 g Q F . '91 6 K-A 369 cs gflb QCD 6w7v 0 X45 Cllr "is, ' 969109 46' fi ' Q 1 30600 ,.,,- ':f'f:'. X' V13 so 01527 " . , if ,- James nKillern Griffin: The onl three year letterman on the team, this 5 foot 11 inch 135 pound back, was a truly great blocker in spite of the injury to his knee, and was co-captain of this year's team. Curtis Turner: Standing 5 foot L5 inches tall, this blocking hack, although the lightest man on the team, weighing only 130 pounds, prved the way for many yards end oayed no attention to the sine of his opposition, he was also coicaptrin of this yoar's souad. Janes Jfckson: This G foot 1 inch 132 pound back was placed on drastically every All-Disn trict team. fad was proclaimed the ?ost newer back in the dis- trict in scoring honors, and was truly Dryan's most valuable T112 .IX . ggi- 5-i e, Robert Thurmond: A five foot nine inch substitute end, who played only prrt of the time, proved himself capable of first string on any mnn's team. John Hugghins: This G foot 2 inch, 193 pound end was placed on zany every All District team, and was M Bryan's strongest crndidate for All-Strte honors, as he yielded very few yards defensively, and wfs among the top scorers of the district offensively. Clifford Kelley: Six foot one end one half inches t'1l, and weigh ing 160 pounds, this end rerlly showed the old fight in stopping many yards around his post. 'ith injuries along the first of the season, played his post as only the best can do, and turned out to be one of the most valu- ble men on the team. Morris Smith: 5 foot 10 inches tall and weighing 165 pounds, this substitute guard played goo Jail the whole year, and proved to be r guard of the highest cal iber, Bob Williamson: Although he plry e6 very little, this 6 foot 1 inch one year lettermnn, was con sidered by his team mates as a tackle of the very best. Stuart HBubbaH Barron: This 5 foot ll inch tackle, although out Thomas Hale: This 6 foot 1 inch 180 pound tackle saw very much service in substituting for Barron, and proved himself very capable of the Job. Earl Ierrel: This 5 foot 11 inch 155 pommd back was P18006 011 GVCPY All-District team, and was one of the most outstanding passers in the state due to the fact that he seldom missed his mark. Glenn CBottleJ Terry: Standing 5 feet 8 112 inches tall and weigh- ing 150 pounds, this guard was said by his team-mates to be the best man on the team at leading interference and was placed on the second team of several All- District selections. HBottleN will be back next season, and should make a great guard. Johnny Lampo: This boy had one of the most responsible jobs of all in keeping the equipment straight, which is more of a job than most people think. Johnny was a truly great manager, loved and respected by the whole team, ?"M?"w541F Bill Zak: This 6 foot 1 inch 172 'L q pound tackle was .y placed on the string of several All-District teams, ' along with Terry, g and really deservedll it as he was tackle of the very best. :W George Hachos: This 5 foot 10 inch 155 pound two year letterman after receiving an injury to his arm in spring training, was shifted from his backfield post to guard and showed that he was just as capable of playing one place as he was another. Edwin CRedD Cloud: With his G feet 2 inches tipping the scale at 175 pounds this center was placed on several All-District squads, and was said by l0St sports critics to be the best defensive center in the district as well as an outs standing star offensively. Bart Halton: This 5 foot 10 inch 157 pound substitute really turnedg SA?- in some splendid football in hi outstanding passing and punting. Cm-'hs Turner Johnny .4 5 , , H1 J Q Jiuwx John H SEBXMW Kim CMSTNQT center Blasienz-Asst. Mgr., Bobby Bowers, Jack Goodloe, Wayne Robinson, Charles Saxon, Stuart F Barron, Curtis Turner-Mgr., Earl Merrell, J Bobby Whitley, Bart Haltom, B111 Moehlman, Leroy Con- nell, George Nachos, Edwin Cloud, John Wigginton, Ray Carson, Raymond Gomez, Wallace Cowart, Harold Conrad, Wayne Franks, John Hugghins James J k R b 5 , ac son, o ert Thurmond, Mr. O. P. Thomas, coach. P150 TS, Mqasowxxe 22-M299 Nuvusojfu 27- 54 Madisonville 23- I8 Temfnle 37- id Normcmgee M- 22 xleburne 2845 ,emele 23-Z5 Clovsmccmo 49-3l Hecwnel, 37- 7 gjcfnsol Kiel ed 37- 2 7 is eburnc 37-25 cxco 274 34 W - Cgovsicand 34-31 f ' XVCIQO I9-51 vi Q, onsoildd To A 26-25 ' I-l ecvrne 29-32 ' Modisonvdxe 43-32 Waller 31-26 4, AAJRLKS 24-34, 1 u J ? Okh BXQSXQYTL QMQRQSQQ JUXSSR. Manu ss J J s gum-d X95 Wh He QF Q? M QNYOA .xxx Awfvxd 80" wav W Fra-1K5 A or Ou dssfnd' Forum E Men-ex C1-Nachos BLIQYA e QKOLLA forv-C A Cenfer vv Lowcwf guard MW Con ei guard ur-J-, 0 0 Dennis lartin, Tommy Jenkins, Bart Halton, Roland Nunn, Leroy Connell, Donald Dreyfus, Malcolm Warner, Joe Kerns, Charles Kohn, Dorothy Varisco, B. B. Trant, Della Parker, Mary Gene Smith, Ray Copus, Anthoinette Varisco K , 1 fi: Q93 O .1 s.-X Eloise Brocksmith, Lillie lae Zweifel, Dorothy Batten, Doris Batten, Miss Rooke, Marjorie Harrison, Rose Mae Nenec, Kathryn Carter, Alice Klintworth, Vivian Worsham C 59,9 3 'X Cleveland Halliburton, James Hogan, Dick Holmgreen, Tommie Lyon, Steve Hughs, Sam Cangelose, Eugene Foster, George Davis, Charles Hohn, Douglas Coulee, Donald Conlee, Tony Brcelona, Bill West, Charles Kosarek, Ivan Lanford, Keith Haines, Mr. Buntinz mr ,Z W on AY Wehmeyer, Bobby Sowers, James Jackson, Joe Hugghins, Charles Hohn Merrell, Jack Goodloe, Van Wehmeyer, Back Row Buster Brown, Fred Middle Row James Griff1n, Wayne Franks, Ear Front Row Morris Smith, Lynn Mullins, Bill Roman, CAD T-AW Morris Thompson, Charles Saxon, Ray Carson, Edvun Crm, CJ oud, Curtis Turner me' .1 440 L MUNI DASHY S VV Pro YS WEKSH S E Novi A40 DXSTANCE C VXI Q F ex., DKSTAN CE V Wehmeg WEEGH T Q J Grxff DISTANC E J JQCKSOA : ' 1 K , 1 ,J A KX V- ' W Ag Own , . 'HS J- K ll. 5 I YX X 'H . ' an ! S .I J x di. D. ' 7 h s ' V C X-Urvxln' , s , y . .k r ? ' al 5' N W." ' ' , v."4 x 7 ' 1 . it bs ' U I 5, V1 VIL . H f 5 -mx QV . er Football Champs INTRA- MURALS Basketball Champs CHAMPS QQ v ,-p - 'R' H0 I gp ,, y 4 , ' 1 7, Volleyball Champs PQ 1-up ,Q-I hfpq fy? CChubbyD Hale 4 , A REVIEW OF THE BRONCO FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL SEASON The 1940 football season proved to be the most successful season for the Bryan Broncos since their return to Class AA in the strong Central Texas district. From the time the Broncs trampled the Brenham Cubs in the first game, until they were defeated in the final game, by the Cleburne Yellow-Jackets, they never let their supporters down. Finishing in third place with a 5005 average, the Broncos first lost a 2sO heartbreaker to the Waxahachie Indians, then playing Waco to a scoreless tie, a district meeting was necessary to determine the winner. The next loss came in the final game when the Cleburne Yellow-Jackets nosed them out. This season the Bryanites piled up 110 points to their opponents' 31, and did not have a touchdown scored against them in district competition until the next to last game when Cannon, of Hillsboro, completed a pass and raced across the goal-line for the initial talley against the Broncos in their District 10-AA campaign. With only seven lettermen returning, Bryan fans had little hope for the Broncs at the first of the season. However this light but spirited team, although out- weighed in every game, came through with flying colors to lose only three games, with one of these being a scoreless tie, and also to lead the teams into the most scrambled chase for district honors, in the history of the district. The 1941 basketball season also was very successful for the Broncos, losing only five games for the whole season. The Bronco cagers succeeded in winning the District 17 title for the third straight time. The Broncs lost only four games in the newly formed Central Texas League, composed of Waco, Temple, Corsicana, Cleburne and Bryan, in finishing in second place, and two of these losses were to the undefeated champions, the Waco Tigers, the other loss for the Broncs was in the Regional 5 meet at Huntsville, when they were defeated by the Addicks Steers. Although the Bryanites did not go very far in the Interscholastic League playoffs, Hugghins, Conrad, and Franks were all placed on the All-District 17 team, which is something for any school to be proud of. DDQQQQQQQQ ,..,f W7' xj il. J gory, QPVV f 1 UC E 1 O10 nf 7 A C 06763 T ff, P' CSCf 16 UWEFGFOGG .1...f- !1FU VK 0063 F F A F715 Lfq X6 VC i f ,r -M 3 3 r , , I I , ' F I K . V. ,. I MV , I 1 X W f ! t 1 I 1 , L-H 1 V L . , ix-, - -W LN. W L-, --,... 1 'KA 'ff-, A W Y f A in Wi f H nn M-lf' Addfwm --H "fl-WWF' ff I V. -x I 1.1 .V NX, , ' 'x , ' f X 1 I I 'XM-vf,,.,' ' X-M!,' K.-fly' A'XJf! nl I uk. EX , ,f ' ' Q 1 1 I ' 5 ,. N' 'C' ffjifl 'NPQM ' k X Op ,, C, -, iff -QL. fl x .X-'V ffiiix K' "!!"2 C7 i P , 45- v - , , "Ql. A-. , 7 4 f- X ,j Ljlflfr, x',L41l,6jM!- by X 'fQJ,f fb WL, Lrg, W ,, , , i g ,- fr 'X 'N' ' '3 X, '- f' V! N A 'V' ,K rf l vi Y1 ', , W . ,fn,C6LQ1?wy, ' W 'N ' ' ' 'N f' "'A .. , - , X -, ' X f ,- ,f fx E Lf - ,4. , ' C0-3 U, f 757 gl? bf 3 - 5 Cf W J. 5 - i ff' XXXX fx f- fx 1- ff- .- , , , ' 1 , 4 , ,- iv ,1 , V , - if Xi CQ Q17 J-Us ,xp ff! If ' Of X U if 7? 774j'.'7 fa l J , fy! 'If yq' , -, 5 A J. 9 , k K , O 1 ' , yf Ln Ljqj 1, ,' C, ,111 XUU' f,1,,. -If x f! J . ' ' I , , 5, ,, F ,5 tif. ,V 1 ,X , ,Z 7.7 ,N ,UC ,7. 15,, bfp Y '5 4' Ziff, 17 .Y , ' x'v' l'1,.'l A-4 K Q. , -A I I G .'L,,. in ff, , 4 'ij . f 1 ' ' I 1.' i I. .fr , 2 , ,. , fxf' gg FN 'ff ,"f ' ' 'rfffx ,"f f x.ff LJ-. ,f ' If plz' ll J 'I pf 1' ' ., ' .-'W 'X f ' ", 'ft V ' rr' '3 'N f W,j fx .' Y 1' 4, Y -A 1 iff 1' K, D11 1, Lx- N ' . ' ' Cx . ' C 1 ll 4 .' ,J Q W. R. McCullough FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Funeral Service McCartney Pharmacy Dial 24234 Dial 2-1345 '-r WE DELIVER Rellable Prescrlptlon Servlce R T DCHIIISQCO Inc Congratulates the Senlors of 1941 1701! X ff Miss Bell Why does a clock run? B B Trant You would too 1f you had ticks mm mn When you lift an we cold bottle of 3:4655 feel zts 76f76Sll7lZ67Zf So ulzen you pause tlzvmlqlzmft the clay male zt the pause that MM S6 ' li Qefzeslzes uztlz ice cold 659165 BRYAN MM BOTTLING CO INC QW e 511 If 77 I I C O, O , ' 'I , :X . fs . I 4,4 U J"-:, 525 1 : vv n j -f--1:-L . . : " ' -" f fl t X Y x 1 li 1 req rj 5' , , gl W to your lips you can taste its quality and I ' 'X . . - . 1' lx -'1'fo21:':fM:f2? - 1- ,. .- . -, . 11:':0::'::,'z'GP?ff-ll' I . Q I ' " s 1 M ki bmw V., 1 7 Q, o li. 1 4 TRAVIS B BRYAN VRESNDEN UVAN LANGFORD J wess Howztt wc . N F LOCKERD. s L aoArwmoHr 1 M M ERSMNEV Your Ban We would have you feel that above everythrng else rn thrs 1nst1tut1on there IS a real desrre to serve you well We value apprecrate and shall ever str1ve to deserve and marntarn your tnendshrp good w1ll and busrness It shall be our purpose to serve you so acceptably that when opportunlty pre sents rtself you w1ll as many cu tomers do brrng or send your frrends to your bank Stockholders provrde the capxtal Ofhcrals pro Vlde the management In the frnal analysrs custo mers make the bank We are grateful for and proud of the loyalty of the customers ot 'll-its MHST NAT IONAL dunng the past srxty four years of rls hrs tory We want you to feel that you have a real part ln th1s your bank If you are not now a customer we extend you a cordlal 1nv1tat1on to become one on the basrs expressed above WmsmNA'1rmr6NA1r, OF BRYAN IE BLR EDERA EPOmTl :,UD.A V' ORDORATION v 1 1 I . 1 -8 ' 1 I I 1 9 1 r -. - I ' I ESTABLISHED n 73 pg M " F L D 'I JI' . HC.. C . . QUALITY GRGCERY 8,2 MARKET Whme Coznfcszf Qzlalzfzf and QKIIIKU 11111 Fresh I'ru1ts and Vegetables Fancy and Staple Grocerles U S Inspected Branded Meats Phone 9 1555 O2 No1th lllfun Stleet F E E D E L I I E I Y Q C Klum Ihlmoon Tnoxusox I4 or Dellclous Steaks w nth I1 rench In rled Potatoes Lunches and Best Hamburgers Drne Out to SIX POINT CAFE Jw .gp--" ,pl F Traffic cop Say you, get going what's the matter with you? XX Donald C I m Just fine, thank you, but I think my engine's f QCA-"' dead 'N X if Thls bank thlougrh the xeus h IQ offeled 1 type ol bankmg sen ICQ uhlch It loehex cs ls one ol Q1 eatest use fulness to 1tS custome1 s and to the commumtx Mo1e than foul thou and LLIQLOINGIS axe non u mg the I?lCllItlQN ?lXdll1lJl9 he1e l'lRbl blAlb BANK 61 1KUb1 bU Bry an Texas Member Federal D6lJOSlt Insurance Corporatlon I ' 1 - I v '. , 1 f . ' , .. A 7 1 , ' 1 ' v I 1. Y , . ' n . . I L 0 -J Y . ' . -' 1 'J A A C, I ' J R f x v Y - v iw v , . . , V. , , . I . ' v Y W v- - V , .. fr . . e. . . 61' C OR , uc , . 6,3 QL! S of O V, K T ! I W I , . .. My . , -- l , 1 44- JWM D : ' . 122' . has ' 1X ,Q Q i f I dh "hp'?'S X 1 :pi f 4 :egg-.Q , X: -I , 'f,,', , J, gr I .' ' '. ' , 'V'2'l,, Q., X' 2 LVA ' . - v' v ' ' ' rx '- ' - . - . - . g .. - ' -1 . , ' v Q 1 1 S -, by - 1 v Cx' ' ' ' ' -. vf ' 1 ,- . .L C . , ,, , nf T-, - .---v A ....v.vvnrf- ,NA . 7 7 . , . P. K. TRANT FLOWERS FOR GRADUATION General Contractor Bulldmg and Repau, Bouquets For the Graduate Corsagee For Dances and Phone Rural 852oF3 FeSt'V't'eS Bryan Texas Bryan FOR Floral Sz Nursery Co Eye Exammatlon and Glasqes 89 J W PAYNE Doctor of Optometry 506 S0 College Ave 109 so Mam D131 2 6325 Afflhated wlth the F T D Next to Palace Theater VV IN Kiss Hyman John tell me where the Red Sea. is John H In the 3rd line on my report card A T BALL WHOLESALE LUMBER RINGS INVITATIONS J B BAKER SCHMIDT ENGRAVING CO Waco Texas DIPLOMAS CAPS AND GOWNS 9 L U S , O U Q . X I it - Na 5 Xe. . .- : ' l 1.5,-:f:""" Y' ll! "Je 1'.'.N' l U . Q Q J 1111-A E. 28th and Haswell Drive D I L L A R D PRINTING CO. Commercial Job Printing Dial 2-6609 Compliments of Cash Market and Grocery SAM PALERMO Ouner EAT THE BEST FOR LESS We Give Cherry Vouchers Dial 2 6785 516 North Main Joyce Goldsmith had Just crashed into a telegraph pole Wire pole and everything came down around her ears They found her unconscious in the wreckage, but as they were untangling her 9 V' she reached out feebly, fingered the wires, and murmured Thank Heaven I lived clean they've given me a harp ff Q bi Goodyear Service Store 26th St and Tabor Ave GO P Goodyear Tires, Tubes and Batteries B 7071505 RCA Victor Radios Phone 2 1200 Ex ly ml d I Complzments of ifwlzim SWWZZL mwllodi S0099 Dovuua mc: casa cLo1HlfRs FOR MLN. AND BOYS BRYAN TEXAS , Y E if Kd , x 1 f as f ff - if H ea .. H ' 1 fb ' A V A fig: A I-fi QQ if. fi? . . ,, ,V 1 . J I si . . cc ,, . . 1 r A IN ' if . Q , Q T C If . elusive e Of rx nn rl fs , 1 : -I - b i t D Q U g KZWAMPUS CMHEAHRE 8 X, KK Lv, Avjk kv jXv, Q 'ELIIESI u A RED-LETTER DAY IN YOUR LIFE . . . GRADUATION! A time when youll want to look your best. Parties galore. Pick a party-any party, where the girls are glamorous, the music mellow and gou'll .rind Griffon Smart Clothes "among those present." If you insist on wearing springs swankiest clothes, just come in and take a look, then you'll get what we mean. GRIFFON SPRING SUITS GRIFFON SPORTS SUITS LA-PLAYA SPORTSWEAR ARROW SHIRTS and NECKWEAR MANSFIELD SPORT OXFORDS HICKOK SPORT BELTS HICKOK SPORT JEWELRY '9i""?. ,sw S: ju .ik 1 x+l- l.,.1I" f I f ' Ti a sf' n , r U K ISQIOSS INTERWOVEN SPORT SOCKS B. V. D. SPORTSWEAR B, V, D, UNDERWEAR ' "CORRECT MEN'S WEAR" B. V. D. PAJAMAS . J . X 1 , f I I I An enthusiast was yelling the home team to victory But suddenly he became silent Turning to his pal he whispered I ve lost my voice The reply came back Don t worry you'11 find it in my right Bal' fa 4 10.320, 0 McKenz1e Baldwm A MONTH GUAPANTEED Busmess College FOMOYEARS 702 S Washington St Success begins where Baldwin ,un THEN S1 000 S2 000 or S3 000 IN CASH You Name the Amount IN A SOUTHWESTERN LIFE FAMILY INCOME PLAN W C Mltchell Insurance Agency Representing T,.ammg ends SOUTHVVESTERN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY W Q . 0 i , , 'I' XT' S , N O Bryan, Texas ' ' ' ' aualzlufi Gafe Hamburgers an Ba1becued Beef Sandwxches Steaks Chlcken Dmners SSEJ Dorothy J ones Hatchery Baby Chlcks Custom H3tCh1Hg and Pullets DIAL 2 1283 1508 SO MAIN suis e MILTON FRANKLIN DISTRIBUTOR N W 3 W M' n Riley You look sweet enough X 9 W7f"gLf75ig to eat he wh1spered C7-N, fff ,N soft and low I Margaret Fox I am she said quite hungrily where do you want to go? H.,-k X xl Conqratulatwns a W W HALL 81 CO Best Wwhes Plamng Mzll TO THE CLASS OF 1941 KITCHEN CABINETS Mgntggnjery Ward DOORS Sz WINDOW FRAMES Bryan s Buszest Store CLEANING DYEING Sz W E Shorty Halbrooks ALTERATIONS C L E A N E R S 206 East 26th Street D1al 2 5585 1 F d g G Y.-Ji:-2I1?r,Ij T T -,,1,-...,.. W.- ,JW , to -,- , , I, -1 J, I . ff X, fflmfff g f gf 5 'NM : " . 5 'f1'frf9" . K W 6 X .', Q' lj jf SV xvuw . u n ' ' - ., I o 7 , H 1. Tn V vv + , 6 I L X' 9' 'rv V 4 nd n Q o O GC 79 1, 3 ' 1 ' 'l X MASSECQ. 0 L D S M 0 B 1 L E PH SALES AND SERVICE BR7AN'S Dnooisreaisr mzuo 910115 SANKEY PARK M R E jewelry AL ' , , DI MOEJISVEQATCHES PR SCRSPTIONS CAREFULLY FlLLED sv A Rsonsvfkfo Pnmmcnsr FOR ALL SPORTS AND ALL OCCASIONS I l l A 1- M4 o.n6R"f""' ,. Mews, s., .,Q1a'AsqX 'D' 39 C A XR Mr Warren So my daughter has consented to marry you N J! Young man you re the second Y happiest man in the world 5 AN SOUTHWEST TELEDHDNE BRYAN CAI'-E COMPANY or Smartest umm' Styles WW fm n n'r rn n OL ! IIH'II'iI IHOP C, , C400 W 1 s E kr ' . H , ' ky ' Nh 9 ' ' ' A 1 ll' - X 4 - ff V jf Y - R -l I ' 7 It S ,V ' "W 1 :IL 0, NIEDALS, TROPHIES AND AWARDS A K. E. B. DYER FIRESTONE TIRES - TUBES - BATTERIES CO' AND ACCESSORIES LUMBER GAVE PHONE 2-6565 -.f1 USE OUR BUDGET PLAN - 5 BIONTHS TO PAY - Barber UQ Shop Conway Tlre Co J R BL LLARD BRYAN AND 27TH PHONE 2 6159 N James Jackson Cdeparting at last! Good bye Hope I haven t kept 1: f b d you ou o e Hazel Hearn That s quite all right We would have been get ting up soon in any case GG HQME BUILDERS n umbev T nd MURRAY CHEVRGLET C0 Inc E SALES GENUINE I II SERVICE CHEXIETISET PHOIN E 2 1376 Q . T ' 4 , I U 1- I KI N . if ii i ' ' f Q f ,ix I . ' ' ff X . - X 7 ' , If sl -3' ' - - - - Y A '1- O I I 7 . -A I PAOFIC' 2-60.f.r 1106 S.COLLEGE AVE. ' ' 0, o ! jbr conomical Transportation L Y V1 0' " , , F B 1-- S B W V f City Nenliinnanl Bank Bryan, Texas Member Federal Deposzlt Insurance Corporamon CIP Uncle "Well, Thomas, if you c X ask me a question I can't answer 1 give you a quarter Thomas H "You're on Where does music go after it's been p1ayed?" CHICKEN GRILL TEXACO H me of Good FIRE CHIFF GASOLIMQ INSULATED MOTOR OILS HANIBURGERS There 5 None Better FRIED CHICKEN SAIN DVVICHEQ E B ELLIOTT 24TH Axn COLLEGE COINSIGNEE ROMAN 85 VICK Drunm III OO PRESCRIPTIONS A SPECI LILTY 0 DIAL Z 1333 0 0 jwherl do 'L UIQ G FUND j 5 L' ...J ' J - an f ' A H" vp Ill .n '. .: . I Y V I A I X ' V V EAT AT THE E TEX CAFE REAL HAT B W WILEY Speczalzzmg an Home Cookmg HATS AND ACCESSORIES MEXICAN FOODS FOR ALL OCCASIONS EUGE E EDGE 81 S DU! Goods QUALITY GOODS FOR OVER OINE THIRD CENTURY A Home Owned Instztutzon They were giving a prospective applicant for a commission a verbal examination at headquarters 'Can you tell me what strategy is?" ask Sure, You see h well, say when you're in a battle, and h suppose you run out of ammunition and you don want the enemy to find out, well t' good strategy to keep on firing " GN? HSIYQPQLN SINCLAIR GENERAL INSURANCE ABSTRACTS TO LAND TITLES A REAL ESTATE C E GRIESSER ANYTHING ELECTRICAL FORREST JONES FRIGIDAIRE AGENT Dealer Smce 1925 i l: 1' 1 . I Y Y A ,E f Xa 1-"H 4 Q +' J me 6' 0' . U IL' V - ' ed one of the examiners. " Ollu ill . X 't lflli S 1 ' I ""' 1' ' ' " O I O O V I HIIIQMYII-M5 1300K STDR SCHOOL SUPPLIES - GRADUATION GIFTS GIFT SI OI3 V cffor an o Q A, ang YODAK9 IMQI' I rd PCA Ifxcfor Record em' QI IDI A 5 Q GCOF 5 WQII Papccgzmrs I3a1rFI's pd IQ X ' Charlie Hohn Did you make these biscuits with your own little hands? Wilma Brayton Yes Why? Iii S Charlie Hohn 1 just wondered who lifted ,f 12. X I them off the stove for you If W If-f'-img Compllments of BRXAN AIND BRMXZOS COLINTY CHAMBER OIF COMMERCE 1 om man OF Pnomuessnn C mums OF BRAZOS COLNTY Bums C oumy 1 buur place 111 whxch Lo hu 'md to do busmess BAKER TIRE CO FIRFS SOID ow ILAQY Tunis Sm1DouxARD P7012 D m 9 8159 Wxu Ann NIAIN 402 AORTH M-ux BRYAN TEXAS I Trade For Anythzng BRX mx TEXAS DIAL 2 6145 N Q Boker Q I II .1 , ' I3 I e V Z I I X - 0 IQ ' X J P e ' 'I u 0 ' N ,A I ff X Q f ' E -5 . M 2 N '2 -' : " . " X' . vv - 1 1 N --:figs X D I 'fx'-sf ' I ' , i f Si 2- f 1h V 4 ,, A V. I - t 7 v y N Y 1 I I I . : IVC arc giving constant thought and labor to the matter of making - -z--9 - lL---- f-- --uf -- -' -' ' --A ' Y H ' - Y - -'-V ,.. "" 'f ' 'W I I - I I f W . 1 . I 1 ' Y V I --. L 4 ' ' If I -uoxrgf -- Y , l I ' A . A 1 41 3 ' JJ X 7 T A , , PARKER ASTIN HARDWARE CO ANYTHING IN HARDWARE and me can save you money BRYAN Phone 2 1541 TEX AS The Bryan News NEHI The Only Newspaper Servlng All Brazos County C0 John Riley You look sweet enough to eat h e whispered soft and low Margaret Fox I am she said quite hungrily where do Hy T Schovajsa Top and Body Works 011120 Rebuzlders of Wrecks 1 I i Wheel Ahgnment On Maehlne Auto Reflnlshlng FRESH STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM You ll Lzke It Better ' o 1 . n N . , , I N , ' 1 X X X " you want to go?" X 1' , x if I 0 0 L6 ' 7? . . . cc 2 ' H -N t - J , -ll R0 ERY CO WHOLESALE CJROCERS CCT TON FACTCDRS lr Conlee Aden C I JW' f Mr Conlee Z' Aden C Caldwell S Did you mail my letter, Aden? It was most important, you know Yes, sir, I did ' Then why did you bring back the three cents I gave you for the t ? s amp I d1dn't have to use it, sir I just slipped the letter in the box when no one was looking MCCULLOCH QWERTY DANSBY C0 Store DIAMONDS W ATCHES SILVER EVE GRADUATION GIFTS OF ALL KINDS FURNITURE ogg NN E 1 URN YOUR noun J S CALDWVELL Optometrzst INTOA HOME' N V L L , . N . . I A . n v . . 'x 14, 'J' . n - . . X 1' "9 SQ " Z N vv If . n . . '2i':-- 1 Y:-1 ii ' n , -V -5-j , . -7--.KW -gf.-P 7 ' ' if Y .7 77 ,,.,vn - Li N o , w v , 4 , Y , -- L . A . . , -.- H. I ,, ,, Q k L . . 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I 1 I X 0 BRAZOS MOTOR COMPANY STUDEBAKER HLWh1tley THE Wallace Pfllltlllg Co Commerclal Prmters P t St t nd Sipilffflya KRAFT FURNITURE no Wallace Book Shop PHILCORADIOS Rental Llbrary New and Used Books fox Sale Miss Rooke You say in this paper that you . Q54 and vegetable kingdoms What is it? Earl P Stew Af sQi" f Tappan H ol m e S Meg-5,4 G'-4 Brothers 'Wi' CONFECTIONERY AND DRUGS We Dellver Dual 2 6109 Strlkmgly Modern ln Appearance and Steps Ahead Western Auto Assoclate Store Phone 2 1214 Bryan Street O -A' , M7 P 2 Q 'nf K 7' so X N4 know the connecting link between the animal Q ' 1 rv l ,r 1 ' Ml DRUGS Q 12 R EMMEL img TOILET GOODS AND KODAK5 H STATIONERX fx LA For Better Clearzzrzg The Model Cleaners SHOES fr HOSIEFHY DIAL 2 1480 Fora women E:-CHILDREN 112 SO NI AIN STREET PHONE 2 5749 as Miss Brown Did you kill the Janet J HY yes I ran it 'Q through the meat chopper Q f twice rx' tl! X Q3 'gftf 92,-5 by jqq sf 0urServ1ce Halsell NIOUJI' Co Department IS the Heart of DODGE S. 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Clifford K No, but the farmer who owned them certainly was Say It Wzth Flowers Adams Franks Insurance Agency R c FRANKS Wjldff J' Florzft Every Form of Insurance Flowers For Every Occaszon FIRE LIFE AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT BONDS Repfesmg De Luxe Cafe Seaboard Llfe Insurance Co wa D Ir 2 5 SERVICE AND QUALITY 207 SOUTH MAIN STREET mm Our Przce zs Always Rzght . O A I f I I 4 ' ' .1 1 3 , o Including DIAL 2-2400 26 Sc MAIN ST. I -l26 BI? COMPANY HOWELL LUMBER COMPANY BRYAN TEXAS en A Home Owned Imfzfufzon QXB DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIALS 203 E. 29th St. 'Dwi 2-E559 , rl- To Stephen F Austm Htgh Faculty and Students Greetmgs and Best WISLICS for a most successjqtl and happy It e J C PENNEY CCMPANY Inc BRYAN TEXAS Dell G Daddy hy d 6- 0 fire histle bl f a, fi e? C it d es DF-LS L 'Z o fra itblosfo t th Y dy t CENTRAL TEXAS AUTO CO DL SOTOSNPLYNIOUTH S-XLES SERVICE DIALZ 7095 DYERS HATTEDS AMERICAN STEAM A U N D I2 Y SEND IT TO THE LAUNDRY DRY C LEANEDS DIAL 2 1585 B RYAN ii I 0 , X f S Qfz. V M.f"X ttf th , of A I 0 C ff J G e' D 11 S :A T watw' f X "' h eff 1 g AZN? O O O O 5I5.scly7oum Cfoilws PACLIIAKERS FOR SMART AMERIQ You cant blame Bzll for wantzng to wear a mask untzl he gets hzs new Varszty Toun once you te worn one of these style makers you ll never alter your ajfectzous Thezr casualness ease thezr model dzsttnctzon and pattern omqznalzty have put them way ahead Come on rn and let us show you the new Varszty Towns Iniildrop fxfof 1 anim' '-'-'::::':. fb 1 sv' "" "W row' gpfln g V Ann' J' W gf ,gui tu v v Y . - A P - r- 5 . - . , e e ee fr . - . . . ' - X . , - I ' it I ' - . - r r . - . I ' ' AIV' 55 ,..Ml ...,4f iw - 4.,. , 1., ,,. . it ,....,, 2. ' f I C I ID On looking backward ue hope you haue enjoyed reading this annual as much as we the members of the Staff, have enjoyed making it for you. It is our sincere desire that you think this year's,record representative of the hours spent in its preparation. We wish to express our appreciation for the cooperation shown by the faculty, student body, and the merchants of Bryan. THE STAFF PHOTO EDITORS: Della Parker Bob Williamson SNAPSHOT EDITORS: Bill Andrew Joyce Goldsmith Ann Howell Ann Cade LAYOUT EDITORS: Hazel Hearn Phyllis Palesota June Cook Eugenia Ann Miller Alice Mae Brewer Edwin Cloud EDITOR: Cleota Ann Bullock JUNIOR EDITOR: Betty Jo Cook ' BUSINESS MANAGERS: Tom Kingsbery Jimmy Wilson ART EDITORS: LaVe1-ne Neveux Margie Cullen Sarah Wilkerson Beverly Sparks Mary Hester Harrison LETTERS: Jack Tumlinson Henry Gomez Emmett Trant Morris T. Reese JOKE EDITORS: Sue Bethany Bob Armstrong SPORTS EDITORS: James Grifhn Earl Philips TYPISTS: June Terry Lorene Griffin CHECKERS: Dorothy Varisco Anthoinette Varisco Dorothy Ramsey SPONSORS: Malcolm Mclnnis David Bunting : Z F' V Igawsafrf I

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