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 - Class of 1959

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3,.. 14 2 -M. x, 'Y 1: A ,f- ,f, 3 12 E, . ,fix lg Q 'J' H. X x 4, 4. '32 -'AQ 1 ' A W .vf fr 'fate ix 'R1..R xx .4 N: ' P ,r . Q, . . v' V., fn fi K J cvs! K X , , .vp 'I' , Fax W K +541 'QA M, Q H- 4 'ff ini Vs -fir Xi NM. W' in 4 .X Mer fr naw www f 99 vb A 'tm Xpax J, ,-. 'Q AK 1 -gf A 1 .f i'7 Q," 1 if W 5' ,fm rp f W nn., -'ilu hw W .42 ' 2 W4 P, ,ww ,L X. 'V nv, -v if , , V" U " .1 1 bww M. ,Q L! ,Viv , 4 I V1 'if 'fi'ff'-fc 4, 4 A ,i'4 , ' , 4' 6 14 1 ffl ff V' f,., 7i?0j lfifxnfis WM M' . f', 41. f , 1' ' I '14 rqffffi ' f A , ,W .N X 4 K , Q 'Wi Q' ,w-gfmw H A yay, H? 1 my-1: az: "gr f gwwm ,m-M fedw 14 ,123 im .. ,,. Bz' xt. h? mf, 7. One score and Tive years ago our Tounders broughT To This communiTy a new ediTice oT learning conceived in wisdom and dedicaTed To The propagaTion oT equal educaTional opporTuniTies. Now we are engaged in celebraTing iTs 25Th anniversary, rejoicing ThaT This school, so conceived and so dedicaTed has long endured. We are The producTs oT ThaT school. IT is our duTy To dedicaTe ourselves Toward The TurTher propagaTion oT such knowledge so ThaT This pillar oT educaTion mighT live. IT is alTogeTher appropriaTe and correcT ThaT we should do This. BuT in a deeper sense. we cannoT dedicaTe our lives To The expansion oT The knowledge. Our Tounders, living and dead, have devoTed Their souls To This purpose giving us The impeTus To TurTher noT reTracT Their ideals. The communiTy will liTTle noTe nor long remember whaT is being wriTTen here, buT iT can never TorgeT whaT has been done here. lT is Tor us, The sTudenTs, raTher To be devoTed To The unTinished work which They who inauguraTed iTs beginning have so nobly insTiTuTed. IT is Tor us here To be dedicaTed To The prodigious chore remaining beTore us-ThaT Trom These pioneers we Take The spiriT oT advenTure Tor our cause Tor which They gave Their Time and eTTorT,-ThaT we, The younger generaTion, re- solve ThaT Their inTenTions shall be conTinuously Tollowed,- ThaT This school, under iTs Tine TaculTy, shall have a renewed spiriT and enThusiasm Tor learning,-and ThaT This Type oT educaTion, OF The communiTy, BY The Teachers, and FOR The sTudenTs shall noT vanish Trom The neighborhood. Wifh due apologies To The GreaT EmancipaTor Tor desecraTing his immorTal words. , 1 "Ea , ' - ,. 'fix ' 1 Vx la ' 1 K Nh 'JT W A . X 1 T , if? .9 , . V . - V - I i I 735, Q ., . . fr , , 'I , , H, ,F ' 35331 Q, f via 5 I V ' , ' is H ' Jalfffh' w H .1 - f ' -' 4 T X 'fp ' ' R' 3- , . .' '. ,,,' I . f, 'i'-- A1 " ,1 Y' -., V+ X X91 N "Z , w V. .. A A ' ,,'5, V 1. '41 55751 . ' 9- 4 '4 W' ' H .' 15' Qi N H . H . 1 f ,grin in . ' 7 . V 4 V if 1 A ,if-in I 'ge 49 " 9. . ' 3' .' T4-1: TH 21 Q fi 1 3. 1 "Af,iQf2f'f --- V' -' 15' -' ' A ' ,, A ajff V Q ' - 51 . ' , - - if-'., . ' '11 . . If H A f q J J ' 3'f'4 '4 "-7 ' 4- "' ' " ,J ' : -5 ,. .13 fl ' 'ffifff A f 373 gf., + ." "A" -np ,Jf'1"1 k'-. NP" 1" 'w rw, ,K 4, 1' ff fiefi . ,4 '4 14- V .' .f .ff .' f."3?7- 7"gi":5"' -5135559-45'f? H A ' 3 I 1141. WT- :?Af""?giQ A' "'L,.Z"F5'.f'f?"a1--+- .4 4 fi f 919' ,L , . -, 4 , 1' 'Y . 4, aT2?'q45y+H,y 5. , 1 ,V ,QQ Qi... ,A ,,.,!,- , Hi. H,-F.-Q -V 4.1, ,, ,, Yqv 1 ' -A F ' ' ' ' ,a.,.- ff 39 1,51 'f . L -'ff Dui WH " .,-wg.fzfj. . , 5. wi'-ffl' Y . - f .J ffw X ', 1:-V. L . 'L , Z ,. ' ff I 12.5, J ,, wi, ze W- 'f 1+ .56 f . ff , ,, , 2931 ' M 2.-15 ,, w,1,wN,, My T , , ,V . . 1.1, , . , ww, A , ,, Mun. fu. , QM: . , 1 N - uh? 1-il.-VU ',.+f'L" 2 V, 1g.!"'s' "mfff.'... rip: , W? -'M' J. 21 5, Pi' ', '3 ' jf. 1' ., " '2 ,,'f "Qin sy 5 "4 Q 2: N :gt -,H V: Pri ar ,ith Y , ...iv MJ: 1 L M 'wg ,. yi, .' fivci ,. E 4 ,-,L .rig 4,f,,.1 v , , J, IVHVN, I,.V .i.,!..0 N., fb .. 4" gyigifif ' ""'sTx ' N v""? " 4 . . ' v .ff 3.14, It -vw., 513' .545 I M3 .-,1g9b:u.'2 2341 4 A 'ff.A-,5:5,,. -ti. Zvi X f ff 457'-. g ,A S, f ' iv I 5 ' f Q W -, '. 45, f, Q - ?f' '- iw- .- ufff . ,U ,. Y '.'.m .. , ,M-' "'IL,,,ff 'v,5.,k ' gig f:.'.-'rel f , .- ,ff QM! ,, ,.,-. if - 4 f'1?'1 I ' -mefw s. " 'L-5, msg, V f 'U . . -- .1 A 57- KL--, Q,-YV .- W 5. i J,,, F ' . f 11, -V yfh . Q.. ,..1jQx,y.- -: -M w ,fr gi gn.. fi ff: ww .L .. , ,. Am V, . , .b , k ,, .A , ,t - . 4. .., , ,gs- 1 f ' .Hz H L -sr fx rf .-41? y, 2 V 'Tiff .. ' K ' Y 2, Ha.. ff: wr.- . "' ' - gf -2 'tb y . giyer. iifsf' fiflew 1-K 'f " x gk- 3-!t',.f' iii-iffy.: f-vi-F ' A Qfhg. " ,fy f ' '-1 , , ' I M ,Q X HA4, pf' N T !,-",,- ,Yi w ' "",A A ', A 1 4 " ' A as Q li Q ' W- 2 f . 1 -v gf 3 ' A W v:ff'i,v my Q A 5.4 H , 7? I., i V V I , 1 H 'L 'mf-.'f' ', " ?,m...M, T .R ' 1 - 'V iigblv . 1, , V H l, L, 9 , , 1 ni , '. if-r ff 2 H :A A If ' -- 1' 2.21 ' 1 - o 0 Y ' f A ' g A f. A , i -- . 1 ' . .,' f' cl A ,gg J , i ,Q . . 4 Lon hi: f : ,L 1. - r 4. V Y f , . 5 ' I' . 'R ' KVA f 1' Wu . n 'ki T A 1 , Q urn 1 ' ' . , . 4, , J fig ,Jw-1 sf 1 ii t ,I A A I I V ' I Vt f .K . x 4 I.-WEN l.Y -FIVE YEARS 0F PR QQ. ' I , , 4 AND GRCWTH AT STEINMETZ HIGH SCHOOL IN CHICAGC, ILLIN '-X The principals who have guided Sieinmeh of an cenfury- Mr. O'Hearn Mr. Fihgerald Mr. wx Y .X x',.i,.., k ,p QL ws. - Q 4 M ,mf ,. ,.,wv,yk,b,, ' HM :ff H xi ' F ' ,ginffmr Ji: Y Q-js? W .H ' N N' ' kr ' .I X nf 'Q3f',, J if ,F . ' wk ' , ,W M' ,fffmivw 3 " ' . ,Vg . fh 1 'Q y Steinmetz High School opened September 17, 1934, with 40 teachers, selected and transferred from other high schools, under the leadership of yylilliam Bogan, Superintendent, ylohn NV. Bell, District Super- intendent, Daniel F. O'Hearn, Principal, Grover C. Ramsey, Assistant to the Principal, and yylilliam E. McBride, Administrative Assistant. In mid-October, Elma E. Boughton was appointed Administrative As- sistant of Girls and Room 124.-X and B and 104A became the co-ordinating centers of student activities and student problems for the next seven years. By the close of the first day of school we had en- rolled 2,200 pupils anel had 57 pupils who were deter- mined to be our first graduates in February, 1935. VVe began in a new three and one-half million dollar building not yet completely equipped, but beautiful, with a student body from several other high schools, a faculty capable, but strange to each other with few exceptions, a top-rate engineer who had been here 4 years during the construction, a fast-growing connnunity that knew nothing yet of a high school life in its midst, borrowed text books, and a muddy cam- pus which was said to have been the one-time beach and shore of Lake Michigan fcalled Lake Chicago by the Indiansj. It was a period of economic depression and unem- ployment, of shifting values, still reflecting the fears engendered by loss of life-time savings, and a time of the initialed experiments of Franklin D. Roos:velt's first administration as President of the United States tXV.P..-X., C.C.C., etca. Pupils had plenty' of time on their hands for school. Business men in the community had sought to harness the energies of the more adventuresome youth by sponsoring athletic clubs. There were many such groups when Steinmetz opened, some of them present- ing us with strong rivalries for a tinre, both wholesome and disturbing. He soon lgarned that there was also a substantial percentage of our student body and conrnntnity which was delighted, at long last, to have its own high school. They' accepted with enthusiasm, the challenge to build a new school. Student activities had been increasing in high school for several years, their various merits as contributions to the development of the whole personality were being strongly advocated, and standardized testing, guidance, and counseling ideas were fineling favor every year as means of enabling the pupil to enjoy learning while he made satisfactory adjustment to social and economic life. This was the soil in which Steinrnetz High School was planted, and otit of which it grew, and tlrrivecl, sometimes choked with weeds for brief periods, but occasionally flowering proudly in scholarship, and more often in music, art, drama, athletics, generous service, school spirit, sportsmanship, and lasting friendships, through times of peace and war, storrrr and sunshine. l'.ac:h of our principals contributed sornc-thing lcr Steinmetf that has lrelpczcf tts to corne of age as a school. Many devoted pupils and tcachers lraye ntaclc- significant contributions that cannot he nreasured itr words. Mr. U'flc'arn was sunnnarifirrg Irotlr the Iriglr school emphasis during ottr frrst two years, and his own philosophy when he wrote his ctrmcot report in lurre, l9fl0: 'if believe that a school isa great social irrstitutiou. lt rs fasctrratrrrg to watch thc rrrtc rcst of pupils in each other, their pleasttrc- at rnc-eting. flonlac ts and lrierrcl- ships are busy daily in rnolclitrg the thoughts and actions of our thousarrcls ol pupils. l endeavor corr- tinuously through the daily bulletin, at teachers meet- ings, and through hundreds of conferences with teach- ers to wean teachers away from pre-occupatlon Wllh subject matter and pupil grades, into a realization that school is a place where character is made, and that the socialization opportunities are the chemical agentS that transform the social being." Xyle grew steadily for the first seven years IH S123 and as an educational and social center in the com- munity. In numbers we reached our peak of more than 4200 pupils and a tripled faculty in 1939, and did not drop much below 4,000 until 1941. 'About 300 Of LIS overflowed into Sayre Branch early in 1936. Mr. Mc- Bride had become administrative assistant of boys and assemblies, with the addition of John A. Sheehan HS attendance administrative assistant. The adjustment service was initiated as a separate department in 1940 uneler Miss Helen Brindl. remedial reading under the English Dept.-Miss Margaret Cahill, Chairman., and the vocational guidance set up as a separate service IU 1940 under Mr. -lackson. Then came Pearl Harbor of yyorlcl Yyar Il with all of its disrupting and sobering influences. Between 1941 and 1943, 2300 Steinrnetzers in Uncle Sam's service signed our Guest Book when visting on leave. Under the leadership of our Servicernen's Committee, the Hld of these visitors, and the whole cornmunrty, and the stuelent groups. we learneel of the service of more than 3.000 of our students. As school went on, yy'e held per- petual open house for those in uniform, and many. of ottr pupils and teachers spent hottrs each week writing cheering letters. Through it all we learneel that there wottlel always be a Steinmetf in the hearts of our students, Ori the whole, they reflected credit on Stein- metf around the worlel in their faithful service and leadership. In 1944, before the war was brought to a fearful halt at Hiroshima. Nfr. O'l-learn retireel and Mathew L. 1'-1UQ,L'l'1lltl became ottr leader for the next six anel one hall years, ln some ways, they were reconstruction years, the aftermath of war. Unusually large wages proffered to youth eluring the war years. and the re- sponse ol our young people to the need for their help to take the places of those who had gone into service had reduced school life to a bare class rnininrurn. lt foreshacloweel permanent change in high school life. Few resisted the lure of the dollar. student actiyities virtually disappeared unless they could he done in class tinre, school rnernbership began to decline. and scholarship suffered. New devices had to he Iottncl to stirnulate interest in atrcl support of school. The Cliy ic liiclsel clfl lfrl to clate and the lfall lfestiyal tlflclti Btn hcgan in these years to consolidate and reyiew otrr fund raising worls. and for a time the lfaculty tlouncil was a clearing house lor organization prolrlerns, ll was in these areas that Mr. l'IllQt'l'lllfl Irelreyecl th.rt te.tchets should lraye an crpptrltllltlly to lcatrr hy actttal expertttretrt and ex- perierrce what yy.ts practical cn about their ideas. Hur eighth grade coutrselots. now rnorc' experi- encecl, corrtr'ihutc'cl rnttch in unifying and co-ordinat- ing the now decc-ntralifecl counseling Icrnc tion. During this perrocl a lac rrlty cornnrittec- rrracle a thorough study ol organization needs, and the daily telephone calls to the lronres of all absentees lregan under the leadership ol Mrs, l.y'clia lfausel and Nliss fic-rtruclc' U'C1orrnor. lhe Sl'lIlt'Sfl'l' cletnotiorr teclrrricptcs now used were' hecotnirrg necessary, attcl llre nrore aclecluatc' adyiust- rnetrt offices were rernodelecl and began to lurrction under' thc' leaclership of Miss Margaret Boller tcltlr adiustrnetrt teac'lrc'rl. Some activitic-s revivecl crnder new sponsors: the Student Council was rebuilt by Mr. llenry Xyeayer tj-Aware Always ge 494 Sfeinmefz Steinmvetz, 21 beautiful building. but barren of trees and land- scapmg. The people of the coimnunity, appreciative of their new high school building, attend its dedication ceremmiy. iarge iff janitor i.e.p1r.g tie manman 'o loaf' 'ke paffaqes ning wr: 'o 'ff 5rf:1r.rrm'1 Mn.- O'-612655. xffdff ff f ,. f , 1 Al, 1,'r,,r', 1 ff -N fmiball Ifgam af 5'f:ir.rm:'f.f1r1fif:r :Mg -5,f,r:wrJ.1y uf NI: H Ir.or1V and KIM. Exhfrl Slmbm, ru in pl'--f-111 IJHNIIIUII J- mx dfgutrfm1'f1i11z1rin2 llfllllf lfn nI1ff11fIi'', pw! ILIIII. H11 flfilllilxllll '-'flfll flu- !'jl1!l1"IN nm! LH1IIllIIlNUL1Il'r',' Nm fhf' NIf1"'l'f"bLli1f1fll"'rl S11-inmftffm rhf hui of 11- pmt no mfgfgl IIN nf-'.'.' INJNT-'.'.L1I' fIlllH','Il2'1 In IW W gmri l'4 fl. ':.hff11 lv' gp gilmur rw burffzw: 'ful IJl'U'1lf 5UIJf.jl'lIllf'Ilf1"l1l. uv I'L1ll!'jfl vlmx 11,1 IJ1. Puf- Elgltnlfl. mn. ilu'-ng '.wlL1lrl g1l'n..v.- bf,-11 SI'-llnlngtf. Inf: il'12llQ1lL,4jI'1ll1ls1 lfglnlilrlillg '-fglzfx fl" f'X.1Jl",-N111 111! , U 01,1 Q11 win 'I l'M'v rvnuI11'I1fNl1x1w'l1111Ih1N','g1I1 H , li nf 1""HI'i1l'f11ll'PIl"'lt flu fmf Nr Nrlwffl- in bn iuund 4 A , , , , MII'-'-'-ll'I',, XY-, hfffvs 'mu 2-.ill flw 'VULII' -hang Uv.-.'z11'fl kfgqnrng ll 11 pl' nvunl place IH '.1.'1'11c,h nw ll'-CZ1,Y'lf1 wud Sf, ilu '.f.1,11' ff.-.11 wkfg, 2'-I f1w:.'1'1 U1 bllxillfiw Y , . 1HlYH':f1i .1r'l' Q1I14!U1',I1IHIHIIIUUf'lL1I1IJI'- '.uu1'-fglt.XwL1fQ1111'1f1I Igfhxlill' Nll!r"1l lkI1l'NN um m11L+gL1 Nl.1'lQ1jIYl'fCifftf'l1l,-V hu' rn fhun, '.-.zu 'ffm nur 'FUJI' Im' 5f'jiI'1I'I'1'jIl pupilx U7 E-.f 1' in Km' 14. Sxlcllliwllllli-Ii1I1'j.Q1l'.'-'f1'- i1!l1.'P1fmgmIl1I FHIILlil5ff,'l!1lH"jT!.IlI'.I'lY!2'fl fb' U I,f.z- UNL Uliwlhi'5l"1Il!I1"jI!fZ1IHi1'- in Ulf: f.?:!1XU1m.,1N Xml N Iliff-,syfjl IPM- 'alll bf :H M -141f!FiI1'f1fN. rhfg L1'w':.1f:rIQcLhfmffm mm gan: ':l1'4:4gfgfi in :1 flfjNIJP'lI1Uj Nrrugglc zfgnirm 1fK,1,,,' "IV kl1f1lllf!I1I1'.'.I1L'Il all ul IIN iw 1' V1.1 1' KIMYMII1 mlvri 511111'.'.fH'UlI1Q.e1'v 1l'FUQ!kI"!Yll' N J ll' ,ill 'Nr1r'1'f' lpirit. in I1 flu m- F11 Ilrllx X .1 HT- m .1i1x.111fm Illl"llQ!l rhf wlfrlfvffvwlfnlr fIH'Nl ufmurgxavn. l'r-1112111111 'mm ph -fzfruhlfl WITH' mn .umm Il.1'1'II1Hl 131' 119 II"ffwH1rlgifllxwwlx .41uf41Llw',-.Iwfgr U .M INN lf' f1'411l"H ,u rvvtlllll' .ix Inv .411 II H '.-.111 rw!XIfg1l,ffI.mflIwrruinfiiv, Ny11xm1.1ln.11 1 1 flw- Alu! '.v m-'Rini . 14 X .I 1A'.l HY. N IIHINIIIJVIN rfgllfvnl- ulw imwu Vf1iI1x1Il4'v1 -'11 "V-4N,'lillIll1lll!N, null?-wrun1g?:I'.1a.1Iz-'.fZf'1I.x'f1:1- l?11N'f.I1 mlm 1Iw,n1n'wz lx .1 mmf Iw1!i:.1l1kNg1x111N' I1l.l"l .xml YH'lll!,!ll"ll X42 IMI IH llY!Qr!.lfw! IIN: 1,1114 '.'.'I1.:If.l3'n,,U.N in 41 Nlflllllwlf III lllx l.lI".',f 'lnfH,lgr lvl IPM Nlllwfllilx lll I.IlllI.Il' l'4Ul In Im! Il nlnllfrhvv '.-.unix IM Vxwylf., fl'IIIll11'l'-llllfrlll' If--wmwlwlfll1gl1N?ww1ll1x11n' Nulnrllrlflulllul A.Ill1f :iw-nl Ingllv lIll4l1lQlll!I1 Null' pull '-'Ill gm' sw lI11x-fl' .ulnxnlv Ill H-.!u14l1 I uw um' I' ww! linlrmg lfx' fwl lumix '-',llX"'ll?l.1XV In.1IIlll Eur'-I mln lump-lx IH: IIINIIIQ xrwxww IH1 fllgullx lllll l'VIVIIN Ifll IH ILIII4! nwllllnlrllwlv HI IIN wlxlmmlllllx 'll'Ili'III.lI .lllli lvl: 1fnli1IivM1.ll.4y Illlljlx H,,lH,!H,: l'lI"N YH! III' Allfrll '.'- IIlilIN!I'r!II11lI1 4IVi1'XlI1I!x1ply1I llww m,:lf1l,1I.uluxfmm-1nIx,m .,tx.nIl1f .ml- lv 1 .mv Yllfi 1'lllfllllllI4li I1w'.llIII xlllllllmf Hlflrml Hum! 11111, lnfrlmlgurl-.nlln.nlu1I Xmllfullsg Xnrlllx11l1I,1,11.,gl, HI IIN lmllllk .HMI Kllllllllllllllx- 1ll.u!l llrmv Iitikxl' 1111 III'Nf ,mul uyllllllfu wlllfl Lllllqlhxxtx yl,,,,L G . N-111 411 N1 You have made the years I have spent here very happy.' By 1951, we were especially in need of the talents of our third principal, Mr. Clarence Richardson. In the all-too-brief three years he was permitted to remain with us, fl95l-545, the most thorough and intelligent study of the educational and leadership abilities of our faculty, our need for new teachers, administrators, sponsors, and evaluation of our traditions was made. Respect for scholarship as the foundation from which human progress springs was being established. Mr. Wfalter Herrick, our Assistant Principal with his long Steinmetz experience, was an invaluable team! mate for Mr. Richardson. Those who had served here through our pioneering days and adolescence realized that Steinmetz was now grown-up, and IHLISL assume the more serious and difficult responsibilities that test its maturity in a post-turmoil period. We were fortun- ate indeed to have a courteous, fair-minded, tireless, intelligent faculty and the dignity of the division room teacher as the heart of the school tone which was as nearly ideal in this period through the leadership of Mr. Richardson and Mr. Herrick as it has ever been. The corridors became the orderly trailways of a school going about its daily business, and something of stu- dent co-operation spirit was manifest. Mr. Carl Wfelin came from the classroom at the branch to take Mr. Herrick's place in the attendance office, and boy's coun- seling and activity night supervision as a full-time administrative assistant. Miss Marie Haley was added to the administrative staff in HMA as registrar. Mr. Beck continued as head of the Branch, where he had served since McBride was appointed an elementary principal. Our depleted membership soon made the branch no longer necessary, for a few years. By 1952, Mr. Richardson, with first-hand knowledge of the complex total that is Steinmetz, challenged our freshmen: "The school is full of opportunities for you, opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills both interesting and useful, to mingle with hundreds of boys and girls, and to engage in a wide variety of student activities. The extent to which you profit by these opportunities, the extent to which your high school life is rich and satisfying depends largely on you. If you wish to get much out of high school, you must be willing to put a great deal into it." Mr. Richardson's counsel to both teachers and pupils, repeatedly convinced us of his total grasp of the educational process and his vision for the Stein- metz yet to be. He reminded the graduates -june l8, l952: "Up to now you have greeted each passing birth- day with pleasure. You have been eager to grow up, to become emancipated from the do's and don't's, the requirements and limitations placed upon you by parents and teachers. It is good that you are eager to assume responsibility, to make your own decisions, and govern your own lives. To think that you can do just as you please without consideration of the effect of your acts upon others, upon your family and friends, later upon your wife, or husband and children, or the community and society in which you live, is one of the misunderstandings you must put away if you would lead a useful, happy life. This, lilll sure, you will do." l'Ve regretted, with Mr. Richardson, that he could not remain with us long enough to see the fruition of some of the improvements begun in his three years. Perhaps we have weathered better, than we might have, the tremendous international and national changes that the last five years have brought to us all in education, had we not recognized fbefore Mr. Clax- ton or Mr. VVilliams became our new leadersj that scholarship in the ability to think not only could, but must, be our major emphasis. Our falling membership and diminishing faculty had reached bottom C2350 average through l95+l455j, and began to increase again since Mr. Claxton became our principal in 1954. Mrs. Elizabeth .leffords was ap- pointed by him to the vacancy in the Adjustment Office, when Miss Boller left Steinmetz. Nile are now 3156 flfebruary ll, l959j pupils and l29 teachers, with our freshmen scattered in two small branches at Sayre freopened in l958j and O. A. Thorpe fl958j. Mr. VVelin, our newest assistant to the principal fl958j, with experience at Sayre, is aiding in the supervision of the branches with Mr. Conlin and Mr. Luebker in charge at each main building. In the late afternoon, he returns to the main building to help Mr. Claxton after 3 p.m. With plaguing problems of teacher short- age, Mr. Claxton has always had the now expert help of Mr. Charles Temple, who has, since I946, made the school programs fthat most difficult of all school jobsj. Big and large Charley Temple is a wonder to us all. Wfe battle, resist, refuse, and finally capitulate, both teachers and pupils, but l1Ot one of us would want anyone else in his place. The best of Charley has flowered with Steinmetz. No matter how he barks, bites, or nudges us into running order each semester, we know that soft heart, and that Charley and Stein- metz are inseparable. Mr. Claxton is our first principal who lives in the school community, and whose previous principalship was very near our district. Our P.T.A. has continued as a unified and active part of our school with his gracious support. The ideal of Steinmetz Beautiful receives his encouragement, and interruption of the class session has been well limited since Mr. Claxton arrived. He knew us better from the outside, and has learned us from within in his own way. The balance between men and women teachers has been improved in the past few years, and several younger teachers have been appointed by Mr. Claxton to sponsor activi- ties. The pupils know their principal is interested in how they behave away from home, and attends their activities. VVill there always be a Steinmetz? Mfe stand at our quarter century cross-roads, with the beginnings of an aroused public opinion that may help to remove some stubborn road blocks that will not only enable us to see ahead more clearly, but to move in the best direction to educate our young people of the second quarter century at Steinmetz. just now, the new group receiving special attention is our group of most able learners in each year. Wle now have 25 classes especially centered on helping these pupils to reach more nearly their maximum of ability. Yale must also kindle in them faith, hope, and courage to undertake the larger tasks. Our more than l5,fJ00 graduates are scattered around the world. They are the young parents of today's school children, some of whom already are with us in high school. That which gives our school continuity and value becomes more complex each year, farther beyond the power of any one of us to write its history completely or accurately. Most of us will agree, however, that in the pioneer days there was a quality of enthusiasm to learn and serve that we do not now have. At present, the pioneering enthusiasm is "out of this world" and "fear driven," but our hope is in our young people, and Steinmetz young people have always re- sponded admirably in a crisis. It is they who will answer the question: "lN'ill there always be a Steinmetz?" Prepared by Miss Elma Boughton www- f A W0 'ha ,W W M f. mfwwW" ww, ,W M HW M' ,W'fW N .W f ,WWW WWW .V f Mr. Herrick A man, dedicaled +o luis profession, respecled by bis colleagues, and loved by l'iis sludenls and friends-llwis was Our beloved Mr. l-lerrick. l-lis unlimely deallw lell a deep sorrow in Jrlwe liearls ol all wlwo lcnew lwim. No doubl be was sullering inlense pain as lwe conlinued lo fulfill llie numerous dulies associaled willw luis posi- lion, bul in spile ol lliis, be never failed lo accepl willingly addilional responsibiliries. lvlr. l'lerriclc loved beauly and expressed llwis feeling llrirougli bis allraclion lor flowers. ln liis ol'Fice lrie bad a colleclion of unusual specimens ol lavori+e planls and pul lorlli muclw erlorl in caring for llwem. l-le lell in our garden ol memories a lasling remembrance of friendliness, in- legriry, laillwlulness, and sincerily llmal will long be clierislwed. As il by acl ol Providence, llie social science library lwad nor been previously dedicaled. Since Mr. l-lerriclc bad Jrauglwl social science before lalcing on lbe re- sponsibililies ol boys' counselor and llwen assislanl principalslnip, il was only filling lo dedicale il lo lwis memory, ll is a perlecl lribule lo a man wl1o enioyed exlensive reading and lrraveling and slimulaled llwe inleresls ol ollwers inlo llwe same clwannels. 5300! Searching groping for somefhing new, Finding i'r prizing if, sharing if foo. Twenfy-five years of which fo boasf, All fhese years will be cherished mos+ mr. Cfaxfon, lgrinciiaa A-Amicable B, Benevolemk C-Conscienfious D-Dlgnified E-Erudife F-Friendly G-Gracious H-Helpful l- 'Is Everybody Happy?" J-Jusi' K-Kind L-Laudable M-Maqnanimous N-Nhbry O-Gbliging P-Philosophical Q-Qualified R-Responsible S-Sagacious T-Tacfful U-Undersfandinq M-VJQQIW W-WorTh'y X-Xcellenf f-Young a+ hear? Z-Zealous This is Mr. Ci afrom, from A +0 IT summarizes H5 persondify. Tfe as fre. Med in f . an ,zfif p'r'fay mf, Clfg1+f,r! 3 per',','.0iify QlJf,Hf:fxf. 39.6 f J d ffm, Gy ,J 1,11 Pflffj 'Im Qr. HQM ryhlgrn ,md ff 'J'f: V ', fx 72 Yfzfiff ZW: '7, BPW W ww 'fff .fb j W' Z Z Mr. Welin Al lhe beginning ol This school year Mr. Welin, who had formerly been boys' counselor, was appcirifes as assislanl principal. Being The lalher al a larriily la helped him giye sound counselling To many ceripze boys in maling The necessary adiuerrnerra 'Q fire :er- plexiries ol adolescence. This baclground Serve: ai a delinile adyanlage re his efeceling The defies el aizg rr principal, l-liz debonnaire rnanner lion ol zrudenre who hafe has won rhe love and adrnira, learned fo rezpecl him hr h ,farm perzonaliry, and corgeniai lily. wel acqearifed wiih hirn beiaaie fairness, gehrilily. They hafe became ol his presence a' ever, regardless oi hear ar place. Wilh lhfs zea. ard afrfa To achiefe grea' F . r fffg r .4 T'r .J J i fir ,ffffl ,J f F ahar ard ach my perz, f, -ff CC 'tzwf W' ff!! if ff K f 4 Mrs. E. Jeffords f ,, f ja! Miss H. Haley r!,,,,, Q lf i Mrs. E. Boughion f,!,,A,,,ifJ, Miss E. McNamara Z if I fl if Wes ' Y ali+ he iz para ,. i X 4 4. A 254 f .cf ,P ff-f' 1 47321 ff 2 Z fi if X I I 'si sky. www 91 ks 4? 2 I 'Y 3 , 'W jig I I f I 5' . I s 1 , ff 3 Z iw 2 sy? mill.--m..-.l1I aculfcy ,rf E Mr. Joseph Cinquino Language: llalian Club Mr. George Conlin Head Teacher of Thorpe: Science Miss Nancy R. Dechenl English: Sfar Sponsor Miss Colelfe M. Deignan Commercial: Dardanelles Sponsor mfiuz x.,G,e r49f"1Zf3q" K Ch Mrs. Marcella K. Alverson Social Sludies Mrs. Florence S. Armilage English Mrs. Jean Barileaux Malhemalics Mrs. lsabelle F. Beach airman of Commercial Depf Mrs. Grace T. Berlling Science Miss Elizabefh C. Blylhe Arl Miss Berlha Braddock English Mrs. Mary P. Brennoclm Social Sfudies Mr. Marvin Bro++man Science Mr. Theodore J. Buczynslri Language: Social Sfudies: Polish Club Mrs. Lucille L. Byrne Commercial Mrs. Yvonne Childs Social Sfudies i wk, 4 .....- -.N Q1 NBAETZ STAR -r - I5 .gimme Miss Lucille J. DiBona Commercial Miss Pearl B. Dierks Scienceg ZA Counselor Mr. Rolaerl Duffy Social Sfudies Mr. Clyde C, Eclrielbarger Teclinical aculfcy 'sv- 'iv' ,...e NL F gin lu l"",I-" 5.1 M417 -.f '-Wifi, I 6 1 4' Mrs. Gel-rrude Exarlios Science Miss Josephine D. Farr Music' Jr. Cl-icir Sponsor Mrs. Lydia Fausel Chairman cl Language Deo' German Cubs Soonscr Mr. Ivan VJ. Feldman Music' Concerr Band' Campus Crew' Maiorerres Mr. Jacob C Ferdfvian Clwairrnan ol' Science Dock lxlrg, lrcno Fil or Phys. Ed Mrs. Gawain C. Fisher English Miss Aqarha Fosse Chairman oi Engwgln De-pr, Mrs, Mary Ellen Golwanl Chairman ol Social Srudies Depf. Miss Lucille- H. Golden Home Economics lvlr. Arllmr J. Golub Commvrcial Mr. WiIl.1ri'l L. Groom MusicgOrcl1oslr.w, Smrlvtlm aculfty Wan? 'X 9 'QW .gum iii' iv Z 4 Miss Maxine Hoffman Phys. Ed. Mr. Fred T. Holm Technical: Boys' Bowling Mrs. Lucille HyaH Phys. Ed. Miss E+hel L. Jacobelr Social S+udies Mr. Eugene Kaide English Mrs. Alein Kampf Technical Miss Demelra Karalrourlis Social Sfudies Mrs. Ellen W. Kelly Malhemafics Miss Sylvia G-ruener Scienceg N. H. S. Mrs. Lorraine B. Haas English Mrs. Lillian R. Hadley Language: Lalin Club Mr. Harold W. Haggard Science Miss Lucy E. Hainbecker Chairman of Mafhemalics Dept: Language Mr. Lawrence W. Hanclschu Science Mrs. Erna 6. Hege Commercial Mr. Cornelius F. Henze Scienceg 4A Counselor 1 "Why aqfmn. I7 if Z I f Z My ' Q X f f ' 45' Q 5 H E 2 L 1 ww!! . -1-L-. ' ,Q . Miss Marie H. Kelly English Miss Mary Keougln Commercial Miss Ru+I-1 Kilgour Chairman of Music De Mixed Choir Miss Eflwel Kinderman Social Sludies Mrs. Efelyn Lloyd flfiairnman ol Ho ie co Dept Mr. James Longman JCIEUCE Mr. James P. Leublrr lllf,i'rl'1errif,liczj , f Henri Teaclwfr ul .-up Mizz I- licr: lAnGrr.qor 2m,i'il2luflif1c P+-: in-an aculfcy Mrs. Doris Klalin English Mr. Elmer B. Kosrlra Clriairrnan ol Technical Depf Sfage Crew Mr. Donald La Bonle Commercial Mr. Julius Lakin Pl1ys.Ecl.:Cl1eerl-eaders' Tumblers: Baskerball Mr, Melvin Langfim Phys. Ed. Mr. George E. Lawley Commercial: Disf. Edu Key Club Sponsor Mrs. Mary Leahy Enqlislrw Mr. Dominick Lonrini Commercial is nw aculfcy ft , 5- ,,,i. sh' ' 1' 1 Y s N 5 4 Miss Anne+'re Ornslein Science: IA Counselorg Pre-Med Sponsor Miss Cafherine O'Rourlre English: Fufure Teachers Sponsor Miss Harrie? Onechowslci Commercial Miss Judi+h Pape Marhemarics Miss Ka+hryn L. Perry Home Economics Miss Agnes M. Polka Marhemaficsg IB Counselor Mrs. Ella G. Proufy Science Mrs. lonia J. Rehm Maihemaficsp 3B Counselor 1 Mr. John R. McNeela Commercial Miss Marion B. Meyers Commercial Miss Marjorie Moore English Mrs. Wane-ra Murano English Miss Marie Muscarello Science Mr. Sranley Nalecz Technical Miss Ger+rude O'Connor English: Jr. Recl Cross Mrs. Olympia C. Ones+o English QW? 'ii .Y1 ,J N! Miss Gloria Rigoni Ari Mr. Harold Rifier Mafhemaiics Miss Anne 6. Rolence Phys. Ed.g Adv. Swim Miss Orpha Rompf Commercial Mr. Fred Rosch Phys. Ed.: Fooiballg Boys' Swim Mr. Edward E. Ruziclxa Phys. Ed. Miss Mamie R. Saleffa Language Miss Marcia Sandahl Music: Sr. Choir M i ,ff M1 aculfry if X ji H fw f f 1 1 EP' Mrs. Eleanor M. Schwarh Commercial Miss lrone Scchler Lanquageg French Club Sponsor Miss Regina Salinger Phys. Ed. Mr, Anrhony Serrilella Science Mrs. Ethel K. Shabaf Scienceg Si. Council Sponsor Mr. William Siegel Technical Mrs. Riia Sislio Home Economics Mrs. Flora'-ncv N. Sodvrbvrg Chairman ol Phys. Ed. Dvpig Lvndi-rs' Sponsor Mr. Joseph Sonlag Ma+hema+ics Mrs. Elisaloe+h l.. Sorens n Science Miss Audrey Sparks English Mrs. Anas+asia Springer Ma+hema+ics Mrs. RulhO.S+eveI'1SOn English Mrs. Alice B. Suess English Miss l.ore++a H. Sullivan English Mr. Alber+ M. Sweig Commercial Mrs. Sanla Taglia Language: 4A Counselor Miss Eunice Thompson Science Mr. Herberf O. Thompson Phys. Ed.g Traclr Miss Evelyn H. Thorson Language: 3A Counselorq Spanish Club Sponsor Miss Anna H.U1-Lig Ma+hema+ics Mr. Fred H. Vesel Chairman of Phys. Ed. Depl- Mrs. Helen J. Vesley Chairman of Arl Dept. Mrs. Jessie W. Wa+son Phys. Ed.: Sp. Dance Mr. Edward T. Wes+ergreen Technical: 2B Counselor: Social Cenler Vi Q' FS.C5'1"E'?"E G. Zaciar Er-QIISF V's. Ve'3'yn ZEE7 A.-+ Sgt M' 'cf VELLFEV Asst MA Very 1's'ru:'cr Sgt Vfave D. S""'H M' "ew lfs'ru:'cr V-, A'---' fl'::"sr' ff-ss ri g:'-'P' 'Iss 3--' Tc- 2 Q: ay C e'r '!'s.?'1e e' :. 2 L':'e"a' J-5, '!a'ga'e' 'f'. Neve , ,. p - :'e'. -., ar '!':. 'Jan -. --:': f-:'-. :-,.- .., -1 -:- '!':. -ei' ' f f-:L-,. . ,, - 1-1 ,r,. :,,.- ... -' f-:Jn ., V - 1 1 , ff-1. v Sense, 'linen '-an Cx: e-'e'e'. uf.:v 2 5- "-:-3 f": , .... -.I v 7 'J-A , r r e '!':: "Ui: 1 -.'C " 'f5'i '!':.f, ,'e 1 , 1 : . X1 0 ,sg X X ,W.X..,, W . ,, fee, , , ,, W , XX.XX.Xi!aZ ,Z W, Wk ., W, ,, x X X Q X X xx X f s Q X A 21 ffrmfyfmxwx Kafka s Q f QW , , f , W! , WW WW -f a: f .g zz aw. -.H-,4 - 'f W' s W,N N: X 525,1 1 'Egg N arf 5 if me f , M W .Q .Z 5 3 K . V., I7 Q li 'X xx J ,M M f PM fmmgx ee fAe rlflforlal qzrouglz liferafure Members of an English 7 class, H. S+oeffhaas, R. SeriHela, J. Carolla, S. Mili+elIo, sfudying +he world fhrough liierafure, examining an Indian mask from Soufh America and a 'roque from Russia, before a background decorafion from an Egypiian fomb. 23 wuz- I Mrs Shko,P4ome Economics +eachen h 0- . A 'fn it -xim ,,,, ,,,, A Wulfz vw Mal! I., qv me ern gMefAoJs Cuimo e many 2615l'll'?Wlenf5 Home Economics sfudenfs, B. Hopkins and L. Ar- quilla demons+ra+e Hue advantage of using Ready- Mixes. 'WMM ff,,, .. wfmwfw X X xfhf QSQZSY 'WN' Q' Wh-f Wfs' K nw l Tawxgvu-W wwf' ,M-QQWW 'mu WM 45101 ff CZ'VlcqlflQcqCS Q W ' ,,,,,4.. X , K 1 , X A mu, , W. yy X :-1" rf'I r fr "wa-1"V' wr, f f!"ff,wb F J 1 0 THF' Y . K evfi focfmu 'nf M b':cvr,c',rd- f E. Zexnzv E C' fnff romofe rienolsAilo Spanish s+uden+s swdying pozfers of Spain-S. Johnson S. Hoffman, D. Miller, S. Riesch-e, K. Jano++a. French s+uden+s admiring pain+lng-J. Kuffubic K. Los- iumo, A. SchuH'L, D. A3+Ieri. Lafin s+uden+s disphaylr-g Roman femohes-M. Falci, R. Basaiay, S. Neland, L. Pasie+a I-J, Greco. 2' 4. .'vx1.l,', 1 Mahan afndfgniu dfr'nLna9r.aMnq :clk Jmqvfp Sqvyng j- Qin-pmfelxo G. Blanco, L. Co-dw: Nxxvmxm 4 Y 4 - Gy' Sak w L 4, L ey, fif 1 , E xx: 5 Q lv x JB Q , Qt: QS' X S is 1 .- S, ' Si , :Nu X ' . xx , NK: ' - mx 1 . "Nu, fm:-""4P. NK X Xmwx 1-:wig mix ' 1 .P f 1 ,W AIM. F ---' W x G av . 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X Six Qx,.,,ff f - i Mgfn .s -y -S..X-Nw. x xg ' Rs. 1 Q' ,IW Fw XW 4 K! me Cyp? W ff Q I J f 14 H eaclbnes Y 5 r 1 I J 1 4 Top, lofi-M. Bafiaqfla, mum-g inkj R. M.iF+iHIWI1i, fvvdinq press' R, Perll, fwvdinq prossg W. Opfcr wk mg press f Zm.,,,.,.,,,w .fy fM.,W,..,m..,M.,,m,.vW Lnnlvr-VA Svmfm shkhinq das day UOQLS. 1 Riqhfii Bvch-r and G. Hariwig, runvwinq prvssvs, Boifum-T, Tonrwson, R. Sioqfor, G. Lnnqw, B. Lohn, s0Hing fypo, Jgxrmff 2 19 ff . f, y , 1 W If .1 Ijzai ma ,Q l Q ,f Ng f -N Qw- 7: X 1 .QQ ' V 2 W "H, V. Scene a+ Chrisimas Assembly, puf on by Hue Ari' Deparfmenf. Pmniinq buclrdrops ,af-mbly. 4...-Z 'f ,M ,,,, 12,4 1 NM rfisiicalgy ggncbneal Posfer made for 'fl1e PTA Sale C Har+man, J. Zifella, J. McKeougl'l M6DIPUl5+INQ puppefs Miss Rigonl N. Sfrangberg, B. Siandislw, D. fi" Wifh weaving apparafus-P. Kelly, S. Feinbaclr, Mrs. X X 'V 7 vp., ' Z 4 f Vesley, L. Marshall myffs, ff W f 'X A ,Y , , ' 'AFV I ,f , QW. ' Examining self-por+rai+s--J. Zankl, D, Cacgavaril K- Seky,-5 L SALES ADV WORTHY HOME A 5 memmansnav ifllkciency is Q7-Leif offo Picfure af right S+uden+s of fha Office Pradice Class illusfrafing fhe operafion of swikhboard +e'e- phone and eYec+rical cakulaiors. Pidure af left S+uden+s in ine calculahng class busy af work. S+uden+s in Hue Sales Class using +ape recordings in order fo improve iheir Technique, RTISING sooo , crrlzENSHlP 4 3Q'?1'9?ff5"ff"-JW", :f 'f A. MMG. . MMM X I H , f t x 554 gi f w la . ,Hz My :Z 7'f5 ifZfW ,Q px 4 ae- Q j S- , K A ,:2'g. I f sy' X ' 'ff XG? ' .e vi 0 Us lww ' ew .W , V a x -S - 5, -'iigwzg was N 5 . 'Q -w.'Nf x V ,,, . Q fm AM 35 ,wg DQ 'K 4? X fqyx M 5' 2 5, it , xx' Q 4 f s -FX . ,sy .X A , gp W ,, A 41,559 4 "K V , Q- " nl. 1 1 6 A-.. vs, Na' , 7 fr ,A 74, f r 7-QM Qfflqn Ma 8 , Af! in ""- glc 19 if - w. 1. I ,v ,.Q. l'r'K x Q as 3 4 W., 4 M f Uv' .1 e ving info fAe cysferies ofagillo Biology s'ruden+s s+udying 'rhe sfruc- +ure of various animals. Sfudenfs comparing ver+ebrae of large animal wi+l'1 +l1a'r of human being, 35 ' mf 4.4.f ,LL ,.,. ,,,,,,.,..,,,..'.,.-,--.-,.--., , ,A ,,. , Science s'ruden+s sfudy ing fhe propedies o chemical solu+?cms. Inves'rigafing fhe conducforabilhy of fa chemicai solu+ion. 37 1 fmw fy! A W , :W A, .. .V 2 K a Z X V 4 Z 1 - W Sfudying flwe par+s of 'rhe ear nquir Leads fo Cerfain icy 4 M455 2 ,f ' fi 4' Qi V7 f WW? , 'Wx ww, ,, , MI ,M f 2' 3- 47 4 wmwf ,- f f"""" 5 , .iyifzgeraffl 336166116 f, 'WU' ' 'fe 1 :Ce .'f' 76. A we!!-Lrxzvw' 45Lfi'!Cf f f f f f age fevpef' Lucille Rosefmheim, " 'whec +5 Te! e QfCVfl fffffpf- fp ,,f 'Lf ,-fn f-,L I f ff- ,fan - rffpy ', H -C J... To Cover fe oroademfmq horizons in .,d-.WC V, .,. A Vb g ., I I' o Gy, f,r,,, ,e rar, no .onger rewes Complefely on primed meferiak. Much ,gig-da+e 'mgormeicw can be found in recordlngs. mofom pidures, and filmsfrips, aw! of WHCH are now cad of We Hbrary collecilom. eWicA oggrary if .L xerciziing ijizeir Hglzffi Boys' Gym class, running The Hack. U . .,,... Gym dass-playing base- ball. - Z. V Ay 5 .df Mr. Vesel-hiking af- W 5 Jrendance. f ! I9 ' V ff' W h ,A., W Q.. 'if' if f 7 1' ,VV X466 ffsynp mg? f 'W f f 1 ff N f if 3 K MQ" V 1 , Y s ix 'J Q 4, ! A g'l'f V "7 K , f ij, w www A? - WM S , Fvfgk N A.,AA A X gf 7 , Q -:I-5: 4-,.g:g.,. K ' Q' -.I-Q... "-jsffiiiitffa . 1-'Q Leaders in 79 fysica qlfness Jumping Rope Row I: C. Kramper, M. Po++er, B. Josepluson. Row 2: J. Hoclrspiel, H. Versesllas, B. Rofizza. S+all Bars l.ef+ fo Rigl-I+: S. Bosivick, P. Val- enfino, P. Muzylra, E. Wulf, J. Caudle, B. Trapp, D. Rouson. ll.eadersl Baseball A+ bel: J. Cuban. Calcl1ingZM.D'lrr1pori0. Rigl-Q fo Loll: M. Purmnl, R. Marons, U, Holi- grvlv, N Sarrwclm, K, Drdvull.-ns. Ell'l'l,lSK'5 Row l' E. Wlall, M. Swoc, L, Kalsclxlw, J. Gwnh-man. Ruw Y L, Pri:-sl, J. Berggren, D. Roulson, P. Dnnnr-r. Row 3: H, V1-rgnslnas, C. Fe-usls-l, M. Polfer, M. l-lullnus. Row 4: B. Trapp, D. Wiederin, B. Jogeplwson, L. P1-arson. 42 gin ing Ljjilaeir ace in flue His+ory s+uden+s, L. Abraham, J. Krajer, and P. Wisher, locaiing Hue imporfani' ci+ies of Hue world. NIJ A-rrrf- ,,,. AW' .f 15 , ,uf--Mu QQ. my .1 wg 4? QA 33 Y X wx x 51, , X TQ K X EW 'Q -s gig R is g Sim .x, if-ik is M6685 Graduarion Time ai' lasf, Four long years have gone so fast We'll long remember our Alma Ma+er For H' has made us somewhaf smarfer. fr 4 M' -by gy... n -an-M -.f 4, ,, , 1 ,' ff I. 1 e' , - , ' . 'zur x f , 4, pw , r 'K fi' M. g f g egruar CJALH 1'u'l'S 46 J.S fc-, gf ifhga h Ji" lfllfle CFCIA55 OACQIAJ Nrz, SGCJ M. Par 51, Pres.: C. Bzgezad-La, Tv'19a5.5 B. Newlfe. Vwe Pfe. 7 'N 'Q' ,W fl 11? Vu fw',fW""w'W tl Y' gf' -ou- if +3 V -of" ' lv, , its IYAG Class O jL'DX' ABBATE . . . "Rabbit", who enjoys making everyone hfippy llsCs ber' spare tirrre dancing . . . Her great personality will make rrrarriage rt success . . . the days as a 4A will be a continual re- trretnlrrztttce. JERRY ADAMS .i.k Ierrr. at future pediatrician, plans to attend the Lrritersity of Chicago . . . he tries to live by the Ten Com- rrrarrclrrrerrts and when asked. rated H. S. Truman as his ideal lrersotr . . . R.O.T.C., Star Stall. HELEN AGASTRITIS . . . Friendly and energetic Helen always has tirrre for Jim. Xliss Roletrce and Mr. Lawley are really speciali- ties . . . f,,.X..X. cororratiorr atrcl football games are some of her sparkling rrrorrrerrts . . . Clheerleader KCapt.j. ROBERT ALOISIO . , . Biology with Mr. Handschu was a me- morable subject . . . slrorts help pass the time for this lad. but college is his rrrfxt stop . . . Xlt. Rttlicka rates high. WARREN ANDERSON . . , "C1r'af5." sais "Andi" when going out with lric-rrtls . . . girls who srrrolte clorr't rate with this chemist . . . class with Xlt, Htprrfcr :trrcl Xlt. Harrrlschtt will neter be forgotten. EVELXN ANIJRAE . . . "Ex" says, "Oh, gc-ef" while eating pizza. watching ttflczxisiort. :ttrtl worltirrg tit lic'rr's . . , tltis ftttttre secretary will tic-ter forget hrrr ltrst flat as :r "lreshic:" . , . Xlrs, I-'ausel rates lfilis ort ht-t list . . . f.tX.X,. frrtrtrztrt Clttlr. NIERRX .XNTAXS . . . llris ltrtttrc' rrtttse s2tXs. "Big Dealii to show'- olls .,.. Xctixitt rrights qrrrtl thc ltrtrllrgtll gzrtrrvs are rrrost rrretrrotable . . . c-zttitrg Irina witlt llfrtrtrzt :rtttl thtg lsitls is great . . , Sec. Netrior l'ttrttt Corrrttt. LEON XRD ,XNZELIJE . "lin" l'IIlllXs srrctrtlirtg his tirrte with tht st-grstilltll lrgrll gatrrt-s Iootlhrll, lr.rst-lr.tlI. :trrcl lrowlirrg . . . XX'tight Ir. Ktrllcsgt- .rrrtl tlqttls lrllsllltgss is wgrittrrg lor t'tis irrtlttstriotts iottng ttt.ttt . . . Hgtllgthrttl GEORGE ARNOLD . , Lcrotgc- tstirrrzrtc-s wright jr. College al- rrrost .ts high .ts ltrhtrrrx liosro . . . No loolrttg football and baseball with lltls lc'lltvw rs lttrt . . . l-otrtlrttll. littsclrztll YXLENTINE IIXCCHI . , , "Xml" rrlttrts to go to beattticiarr school ttrrtl thctr trt.tttX . . , clttlr .trrtl tlttrrtirrg occupy her spare time . . . slit' wishcts "lots til lurk" to Xliss lztrt ztrrtl jim. who realli' rate. lt. 1 hott Num Rittg Korrtttt.. f..X.,X. BEXERLX BALDWIN , . . "l'rcsx" slits. "How about that" to clttb girls , . this lutttrct atitlirrc stc-warcless appreciates Hrs. ,Xlverson , . . thc g.trtrct att soltlic-rs l-ic'ltl will always be ri golden nternors . . . lt.flrtrit,Nlr.lDtttttt'.f1c'tttrzttrK.lttlit5CC,t, K XNTHI X DOLORES B.-XR,-XNOXYSKI . . . "C irrtlw' will Seite fvcifl tttrtl hir lttllow rrrttrr :ts at strc-tialifc-tl rttttsc' . . , ttrttil the time ttttllts rt. go In Xorthwt-stc-rrr . , . lrlzrtitrg the rrittrto atwl ltorselrack tidiitg will I-.t-t-ri hctr Irttsx , . . X.H,N.. lbttttlttrrctllt-s, Ifatlcfts Cum. LOl'lS BXSTI XX . . . 'lrritrx what iotttc- tloirrg. tio rttgtttctt what it is sLtXs "". "ls tigltt"' ltrtt ltttrrcrs to wtitc' .t book stllllk' tlatt , . lhis lttttlt1vtttttslt'll.t rrrloxs lrtrwlitrg with Xl.wlc'littt ttt his lcfisttrcf tirrrt, RXREN L. BXXTER lx.ttt-rr .tlw.rxs lr.ts .t clttwtlttl "l-twirl ttwrttr- rttg lor trtorrt .rrttl tl.wl, XXtttrrrg ltr llttlr wikis rrrr trtost 'rt Irtrr srwrrc- trtttc' wlrtlt' wtrtltttg .tl tht- lnlllls Nltc .tlw.txs lltlltfs lct ltptcl .t plcxrstttg lrlt- ttr Iltt' tus til tht lortl l.ttlsi Nt lltt-it jlhl BEC lxER 'Xts ttrtltctl .t trt.ttthtttg lic- will go straight tu tlrr t.tll ol l tttlc N.tttt llr ttltrtt lltttrlts til lrctttg .t Itltlllrl sttttt' ltcs rrrtlx xtrtttrg other lttrt ttrrrtxs .rll slwttts lwltttc' lic' lttts trltl .tht VIQNNX lll7llRl'N5 l'tttttx wtll .tlw.txs ttitttc'tttlw't Xlt llt'ttlt' .ttrtl Xlts Xttrtttatgt wlrth tatrotttrg tlowtr .t slttxtttt X tttttstttg t.ttc't't Is rtr tht Ittltttt lttt tltts sttr.ttt 'l trolstr' who ltixrtl ltr git ltr l'rc-'Xlt-tl .rtrtl Xltxtrl l hott llttl llt.rtl 1 lttlr ,Ring ttrrrrrrrrrrt-tg RI! Il Xlllb Ill-'I I l'OXlINl lttttst rwtttxt- "Ruth" will ttt.tlttr tt rrtarwl sl.tttr .tl lh' l'.ttrl tl lrt tttttttttttrs tri thi his lrc'st. lltis sllmrg srhttt trrw htrlrts to Hsllllst' ttlr .t t.tttrt rtt lrttsttrt-ss ttt.ttt1tgt'tttt'ttl with It tsttrt ltr NI.il1' lor lrttwlttro .trttl lr.tst'lt.lll . . .'tl. XIXRX Ill Xlxlt lltts girl XXIllI tht- trtrtltt rrvtsotwtlilx lttrltvs ttrrt tl.tx ltr .tllttttl Xlrrtght lt tttlltgtt , , , Nbr will rrttxc-r lttt11t'lltc't Ittst .tt Ntvttttrrtitf .ttttl Xlrss Xltthltttt-rr .tt XX XNLIIU IHNKIIIIRI 'llotrt wottx ,tlwtttt it." "Xrtgt-" will oIrtt.ttt his owrr Irttsttttss llt' ltxts lot thc- lttttttc: Xl.tx lltil lttwl tttrrt Itt ttrrlttt wtllt t.tts .tlttt r4t.ttltt.rlrotr lot tht- svtxwt' lwwktttts lhtrtt wottx Xttgtx tort ll .rIw.rts lit trr .t gootl ttrtrtwl. RQPSI' 'HN' XRIll'S xUllll'lsllItlllllL.UI1UllINL'lH. ."Rtw"' will time-t lotgt-I ht't t-tortotttrts tl.rss wtllt Xlt l.twlt'x .ttwl tltt' ltttslt.t trort ol tht' ttirts tr-sts Nht- .tsrrttt-s to In-rtttrrt' .t tt-tvrittotttst, .ttwl t-it'ttttt.tllx .r gtttttl wilt' .ttrtl trrotltrr ,.l. XX ISXRIKXRX IHDXIX . ltrllowtttg tht' t.tthlt-it Rttlc: "ll.ttlti' will lrtt-tilt' lhtotrglt rttttsvs' tt.ttrtttrr,g .rtrtl orr to ttr,tttt.tgtt , . lrtvlvts to swttrr tit tl.rtrtt- ttt ltt't lvtstttt' llttltl .ttttl oltrtt tvllrtts .tit lwtttu ttt.ttil til lrtrtrtrt ,tl Iltt-1-.X X tottrthrtttttr , ll.tss Xttt- l'tr's1tlc'ttt, r fjstmwy, 7959 ROBERTA ELENORE BROUDE . . . "Robhi" says, "Oh, Golly!" to sketclting wltile cruising oit Lake Michigan . . . This girl. wlto wants to draw like Jon Wltitcomh, fondly' remembers Mrs. Armitage, and tlte Quill attcl Scroll initiatiott . . . Star Stall' tCo-Editorj. Quill attcl Scroll. BRUCE BROWVN . . . "Why worry." says Brownie, "we'll see wlten tlte tittte comes" . . . plans to attend college to study' transportaticm attcl wlto knows lte may even be a world trayeller . . . Mr. I-lerrick attcl Mrs. Taglia are cream of the crop. LINDA LOU BROIVN . . . "That's tlte way' it goes." says "l,in." a future airline slewardess. while horsehack riding . . , Slte will not forget tlte state law test. Eddy, Mrs. Beach, attcl Mrs. Artttitage . . . Secretarial work and Ty'right Jr. College are in tlte future. CHARLES BUSCHEK . . . "Are yott crazy?" anticahle "Chuck" ltas tio tiitte for girls while working in a drug store . . . Being elected as Yice-President of tlte Student Council was a most tnentorahle experience . . . Student Council tYice l'res.l. Ring Committee. LEO CALABRESE . . . Xy'ork attd stucly in college come next for Leo . . . Volunteer work attcl music lesscms ltelp ltittt in learning to get aloitg with others . . . Carried ltis good personality attd am- bitions to Mixed Choir. JOANNE CATTELINO . . . "Jo" is undecided ahout lter future. but lter good humor will make lter tlte success in life that she ltopes to be . . . l'ntil then. skatittg and eatiitg pi11a utilile spare ltottrs . . . Always remembered will he tltat lirst clay at Steinmetz. CAROL JEANNE CAVENDER . . . "Oh Brother!" Carols late again . . . Slte will always hear in tttincl tlte time spent with Miss Rolettce attd the water pageant . , . The Colden Rule will he taught to lter future family . . . Sr. Pront Committee. C..X.A.. Acly. Swim. JACK CHANA . . . "Jackson", at future Illinois Medical student, will rentettther graduation as a tnost unforgettahle day ...' liltere's always time to go horsehack riding and lishing . . . Has a ltiglt esteem for Mr. yyestergreen. JUDY CHARBONNEAL' . . . " l'hat's ridiculous!" says Judy, if one can't follow the Good Book . . . Her willingness to help people will make her a good psychiatrist . . . Has futt eating pina with Patil and going Utll with the girls . . . Looks ahead to marriage . . . Mr. Ruzicka 1'1tlCS high. OLGA CHOLOD . . . "Real cool . . . that's Monrs cooking." says . . . Tltis gal would like a nursing career attcl congenial "Ollie" eyentually' get married. hut at tlte present. slte will attend Wright C' Jr. College . . . Colden Rule. DALE CHRASTKA . . . "l don't know". hut it sectns tltat heittg honest and ltaying a pleasant personality has won Dale a trip to tlte altar witlt Lonnie . . . ltalking on crutches in school will neyer be forgotten . . . Cranclmotlter is lter ideal person. BONNIE LEE CHRISTENSEN . . . "Do you kitow what?" 'ABon" is going to nursing college attd considers marriage with Joe Kasuha . , . Playing tlte accordion. dancing. skating. attcl swimming keep Ben hopping . . . Doing tlte hest she could. she succeeded in school. The guiding principle by which she liyes is the c c . WJ 'En iv 'Tc' f' ,, 'W' "C," mums.. as-'M' ac, I v TJ" ,,V.., I 9' QW' W? EN CHUNN . . . "Xy'hat d'ya say. A'Chunky". to loahng or going oitt with the guy?" ...' This congenial glly has dreams of hecoming a retired hachelor after Nayal Air has been completed . . . Cozy. and little Jim are at tlte top of his list . . . I-'roslt-Soph, Football. MARSHA JEAN CHUNN . . . Friendly "Matt" looks forward to Ronnie's cottting home on leaye attcl tltett marriage to him . . . She wants to remain friends with Ollie. Jossie. and Gail . . . Her little ltrother is rated high . . . Student Council. Finance Cioinntittee, EONNY CORONA . . . Sonny, tlte hoy with the keen sense of humor. oh yott kttow. tlte "con artist". answers l3onna's call to the howling alley . . . l'rogram changes from Mr. Temple will proyicle laughs in tlte army . , . Bowling. BILL CURRAN . . . "tough liouncef' when Iy'illie's ntincl isn't occn. pied witlt girls and cars . . . Sis Sltaron agrees tltat one should liye "today, today and tontorrow. tontorrow'." CAROL A. CYCHNER . . . "Tiny" says. "Trait a minute." while eating mother's cooking .,.' This honest attcl warnt girl has a secretarial ioly in sight for her . . . Pay is tops . . . CAHX.. Silyer Streak Representatiye. ROBERT DE STEFANO . . . Future eyecutiye 'tliolf' whiles away spare time with records and howling. until its time for college , . . 'lo hitn. Mr. l,:twley heads ltis list ol' fayorites . . . Craduation will lie a ntentorahle occasion . . . French tlluh. BARBARA DETLEFSEN . . . "Ski Jump" loyes to go swimming and ltorseltack riding. "Oh Yeah" her amltition to loal' won't last long when she gets marriecl. Mr, Ruficka w ill always he rc-memlterecl as she looks hack to her ltiglt school days, JAMES DI NANNO . . . "Oh. no." says lim to thcsc- who haye ttot mc-t Mr. Rlllltlsll . . . Ifislting. howling. and hunting ate fayorite pastimes . . . lio hecome ltappy. ltealtlty. and wealthy are ltis hopes alter he Iinishcs leaclters' College. FRANK D. DINI . . , t'l3tntny" takes eyc-rything in ltis stride . . lltis future hatrtstc-r dislikes girls who smoke. hut Rolanne is con- sidered special . . . College is ltis ucyt slcp 49 1 .ff Y ,ik is c::y72gG? CZZIEZICZEEE? CD PAMELA DOBBERTIN . . . "Pam" hopes to make good use of her time as a wife and mother . . . Letting no advantage slip, she passes her hours dancing or roller skating . . . Dardenelles . . . N.H.S. ' PENNY DOBBERTIN . . . "Penny" enjoys dancing and roller skat- ing .,.t A fter college marriage will be her next step . . . Grandma is considered as one of her favorite persons . . . Teachers Secretary . . . N.H.S. ELAINE M. DOBOSZ . . . Day by day, Elaine will- try to. do her best as a future secretary. Until then, she enjoys dancing, swimming, and movies . . . Rock Hudson is her favorite. CAROL ANN DOERRER . . . Carol looks forward to nursing school with memories of helpful Mesdames Sorensen, Exharos, and Mona- han . . . Bowling antl reading are favorite pastimes . . . Honesty is her hest policx . . . N.H.S .... Pre-Bled. ANNETTE DIJCHAY . . . "Nettie" will never say. "Oh beans," to goili horsehatk riding or dancing . . . This gal's ambition iS IO become a teacher as her ideal. Mrs. Armitage . . . Sr. Girls' Choir . . . Boxxlirig. -R' Q if SHERYVOUD FINLEY . Nltvit.-.ttntl xxill :ilxxaxs In: tittthlul :intl fair . . , Ht: fifflllfls of rullrgt .intl txt nltt.illx txill get to the Intillt of berorning Ii hainl il'll1if'l Sligtit tnntt ls uttlift-tl hx plztxing the steel guitar :intl ilslilllg Ulltttt flnh . liitl. Drill Nttnatl KEN DIICKNIANN . . . "Duck," a future commertial artist, has a gift of gah and a line personality . . . Outside of school. cars. girls. and food are his rnain interests . , . Nlr. Holms and Miss Farr will remain in his memory . . . lloxxling . . . Red Cross. RON EDWARDS , . . 'Alle good." saxs Ed. "for Someone is watth- ing oxer xou" . . . tollege hetlsons . . . Hell nexer forget his xictory in the Stntlt-nt Conntil t-lettion . . , Xlrs. Shahat and Mr. Xxester- grtfen are snpreine . . , i'lL'NltiUlll ol St. Lountil and the Chicago illsllitl. NED ELLEFSUN . . . lhis tliemistix major, who prattites the Cioltlen Rule. enioxs till sports . . . he'tl gladlx plax the Sax for Nliss Ornstein . . . his sense nf htnnrn xxins nianx friends . . . Band ..,C.nnpns C rexx ,.,N.H.S. BRLCE ERLING . . . Ulnttgli it till." gttlxises Brute. xxho tx ill attend tnllege gtntl then tour Xiltsiml . . . 'lhe three semesters xxith Mr, lYt'slt'lglt'tIu xxill nexei he totgtttten . . . Ihis fella enjoxs roller skirting gtntl htixxllng, CONNTANC E LEE ESSENIANN . . . "Oli lnother" xou better watch ont lot Rttstx xxhen she puts on those skates . . . this future secre- t.nx Is till ttt tttllege lint xxill ttlxxttxs remember the Junior Prom . . . ll.ts xxontlellul peisttnalitx. RONALD EWERT . . . x good joh after college is Roirs immediate goal . llt- tloesn t seein to hzixe an oxer ahundante of words for ns . . xh. lint the hall httnntes that xxax at times . . , German ilttli, .lltillgutnd HOW XRD FEINBERG . . . "Hottie" aims to stutlx engineering in tt-llt-ge . , . ills philosophx ol peisexeiante is the Lex to success , , , t.ns .intl lttnnexxtnls txill pass the time xthile it-tztlling xxhen he plant-tl in the top hxt- trattls hurtllers in "ft, . . . Latin Chili. BEVERLY FISKE . litrxtrtlx insists that lntntlnilitx intl ttnnstl H ,, entiousnr-s is Vllllflillll to lit tziott ziliout lislenntg to T' . 15.41 '- retortls and tlanting pt t tht tnnt lot this ltntnt- st-tttftnx S.-77 lliss lint txill :ilttaxs Ining llifflwiilli nirnioiit RUHERTN EDITH FROST ftt lxhlf lntl liohhtt- xxill next! forget tht- Ilztx out lfntllntll It.llIl Iilitxttl it Soltllti lit-hi Xtorl- and tht-n rnznriztgr- lw hopttl lot in this gal lilt I txt txetx fmt' 21 fhzintf' Io Inuit' liiinevll siixs linlilnt RUSS G. f,.XHl'.L . lttttnt- ,into tlt'-ignti Ross l:l.tlns In .tlltntl Wright f,ollr-ge x-thvttr A i tt . , . Nlf-rnoyif'-. of tho-I ht will fflllllllll Illtlltlln- tht' fniltltn Rttlt S ln tliilltn ill tl mx nail-t t lxlnt rlztx bright, i1f"wlfiY"w girls' . xlzt he for xon lixr' tnlttlt as hr: tlitl tn Sutlrlltt lio .IDE IJQILI-.R l..i pill Hlifnl . Nils." ilt' SLI! Slnli 'l'J1gt' lztl, S NIA R YA N ,N Hi R ISA R plolrtl ztpprottttl ln. X RIIII' X. .I hint 1 tt :intl llll',IIlHi4'I',lLIllliIlIQ RAY In f,Ul,llS'l LIN Vtillllftliiilii1'll1i1llii1Q1 t,t,tnrl'. lt l4.t', Iilnlft HI Sl fountll fnnilttt I l'HYl,I,lS l.llll'.I l.tIl rl.uil Iylit living' ligntlltt lttltli .intl Xl: lvl trillfpt f,rltll.tlt nekitn y oxexso ffii il,Il tlt tlti xtnn Ihtnl til xln' rfrllrv '-lftltng ti LIIIIIIIIIII, flllliti A st Q ...val 4--0 '74 '.l1II1.IIl l ltn ltr nmlt tttttttl lt: ttvllt t J lillfll nigh it tli tt llt t I nt -,l tlnn tin ltr stnnt ren! 1' I :li ltlltinmtu l..nstl:.iII lt.ttn K hllili 1 n n fnntt llttlton Itnnin Itx lin Iti tit UN xltltn Inllt .isttl ll.l'x'vx I t A tinl llnlt I livin lnll xt: tn Iltt httltltn ill ltt II :tt ill l Il lu llnlt xtIIitIvi1.Is-lllt ti- Inl on 1'-tllt tin til Xt ll tit 4 :nl IxI.ix ll l.llt Il s.txs Ilt ltnlnt Itttiltlt Itx Iittll tltttl Iltl tlnn ,lit ffl Itl flu.. l'iv. lnitnl ilttitt slll vit' Nils Ntlxii lltl f.til f Ita llixl t.lx. It tiI.lIIL'l It lht .nl .ill tn nttlnt. .intl ltvlstnitlilx lltnft 1, it that Ihr. .nltsl txtll v-.ttn itslntl llttlt 50 .V ff ..'?. be r w Ijegruary, JUDITH GRON ...A L Xfter postgraduate work Judy's title will be Dr. Gron . . . Mrs. Alverson and Mr. Henze will never he forgotten . . . She gets the most Olll of life through Dardanelles. Pin and Ring Committee. DONNA M. GROTE . . . "Oh get serious!" "Pete" on the honor roll! . . . Marriage is next in her book because after all. she is very' friendly . . . Meanwhile. she'll continue to roller skate and paint . . . GAA. SHIRLEY HAEMKER . . . Secretary' "Shirl" won't "forget it" when it comes to the N.H.S. Initiation or club meeting and danc- ing. This friendly' gal. admires Mrs. Soderberg. her Aunt Elsie. and those who practice the Golden Rule. ROBERT LEE HANLON . . . This witty' athlete fondly recalls the day' of the N.H.S. Initiation, The service of the Lord will keep "Bob" busy' after college. Having parents and Miss Farr near-by' sounds great. N.H.S. tPres.j. DONNA HANN . . . Conceited people don't rate very' high on Donna's list. Stair is something special in her life. Spare time is taken up by eating pizza with the gllllg. GAA. KENT HANSEN . . . "Red" says. "'l'hal's the way the hall bounces" while practicing on the trombone. College is in sight for this future musician. He thinks Miss Moore is great. Ollicers Club, Hallguard. Fireguard CAROLE HENDLE . . . Carole thinks it would be real sharp to work in an olhce . . . Her lirm belief in living by the ten com- mandments has always helped her he cheerful and kind. Horseback riding is fun. i NANCY HENRY . . . "Holy Cowfu Hank is planning to be a phar' macist. Her favorite prescription is listening to records with Hilda and Barb. N.H.S. lTreas.l. Adv. Swim. Ring committee. Darcla- nelles. Senior Prom Committee. Orchestra. SHIELA HERRON . . . 'lil-re cards rev eal "Browns" desire to be a success in life. Truthfulness with herself and others is one of hen virtures. Larry and the friends she made at Steinmetz will always be favorite attachments. ERIKA HOEDE . . . "Gee Dad" swimming. bowling and horseback riding are favorite pastimes. The stars foretell college. a job and then marriage for "Ricki" . . . GAA. CLIFFORD JENSEN . . . This care-free lad has very few intentions for his after school hours beside work or television . . . his one- track mind finds these chemistry' experiments in class hard to blot out. GILBERT JENSEN .... A good joke and the hi-fi will put Gil in the mood to try' his luck as aeronautical engineer . . . the best is none too good for Mr. Henze . . . XVill and Prophecy' Committee. DAIVN JOHNSON . . . "Pardon!" but the dead beats. especially conceited ones. should stay away from this future gym teacher . . . Miss Rolence and Miss Farr have made a fine impression on this girl .... Adv. Swim. LOIS JUZSKO . . . "Louie" "crazy and full of fibs" believes in having fun and being a good sport . . . when she isn't eating ham- burgers or fruit. dancing and howling keep her occupied most of the time . . . Junior Choir. JOHN L. KAVANAGH . . . "Lets went. and be healthy". says friendly' "Larrv." IYhile bowling, hes planning for the army and college . . . Coaches Lakin and Rosch have been an inspiration to him in competitive sports. BARBARA RUTH KEARNEY .... Although "Butch" asks. "Do I have to?" she lives by the rules. and is planning to work at the bank. Has a soft place in her heart for Mr. Haggard and Mrs. Schwartz . . . Eventually' hopes to become a good housewife. BARBARA KEESSEE . . . "Oh. well!" teachers may not be able to water-ski or display great equestrian skill, but Barb must admit that thev are human . , . Her marriage and secretarial work will ht- as successful as her work in the Student Council. ANNA EVA KIRSCHENBAUER . . . "Forgot it" for "Firsch" is con- centrating on being a good wife and mother . . . with her friend- liness and character, she hopes to be a success as an office worker while Miss Farr assures her of a job well clone as Junior Choir president. BOB KLOSOWVSKI . . . "lVow" you can depend on this lad to be a success in life , , . of course, there was that time that he got lost in the halls, but we'll disregard it .... A spendthrift is he. especially for pizza after rifle practice. JOAN KNOLL . . . "Oh Gee" Mrs. Schwartz. "Squirt" loves to bake and cook while she isn't working . . . When she's happy' and success' ful, she will always remember the friends she has made during her high school days. JUDY KOSTYCZ . . . Of the many friends "Squirt" has made. Mrs. Schwartz is the apple of her eye . . . Gee Whiz! Will she be popular at work with her homemade pastries? 51 ml ,'f', 'fu if . gf , v. fl if Wu? 'ln-r Q X - 1 we aff! Nl IR I ' J as - .131 -'57 Y' ?""7' wif 4 ha ESQ .-.-ft. . 1 me Class O RONALD KOT , . , "Ron" gays, "You're nuts!" when anything wrong is said about golf , . . I,I.T. and engineering are ahead of this man , . . Miss Farr and the N.H.S. initiation will always he remem- herecl by this true and honest fellow. N.H.S., Class Day Com. CAROL KOZYRA . . . This future accountant figures that helping others and being natural are her goals. but knows that listening to stereophonic sound aclds tip to great fun . . . Polish Club, Bowling, Hallguarcl. PATRICIA KRAFT . . . "Get out of here," the explosion in chem- istrv was not Nlr. Henzes temper and certainly. not Pats fault . . . Off' to Nam' Pier for this P.E. major before the wedding bells chime. Leaders' cryfll. German Club, Hallguard. JUNE NI. KRYGL . . . "Crab" gets a "large charge" by going out with lion. Being a doctors receptionist and a happy housewife will help her to oxertome her shyness. FRED KL'KI.A . . . Hunting and fishing appeals to "Kuk". a future printing exeiutixe . . . Will tarri his sense of humor and friend- liness to college . . . Olrlei hiotbei, Stan, tan't be heat . . , Cernian C,ltth tl'res.i. l'itkerl Platoon. DIANNE KUROYVSKI . . . llusx. huss. busx tlai for liappi-go-lucky lliainie . . . she'll train in hetoiriiiig an olhte worker and in home- uizikiiig ziiirl iollei skating ..., Xpplietl the gohlen rttle on the ltzishington tiip. JAMES LAIJEGAARIJ , . . Iiui. tht- Itttuit- husiuess atlniinistratcir. is kept httppx hx helping otht-is . . , his hoiit-stx tuitl seitse of humor will inakt- hiiii suctt-sslul 4 . . Ht' tziii ht- fouiitl howling. reading histoix oi non-httioii liteizituit- oi Lil, the hatst-hall gaiues. j0YCE LARSON . . , lox, "Hou know" is looking forward to tollt-ge to ht-tonne :i l-rt-iith tt-:ttht-r , . . fllllfhs ilanring. choir. piano. :intl working giltei stliool . . . lhe tiip to ll ashirigton and Ntutlt-nt Couiwil lilettioit tainptiigii will next-i he forgotten . . , l-titttie ltguhtis. XNITA LEWY . . . Nloppx people just iloirt iztte with A'Xida" . . . oh get-I tltuiting with lion is supieine . . , llecoinniiig a set- it-igiix will not lie1ilt.tltl t.tsk loi this sotigthle gal . . , marriage in tht' nt-.u ltituit- is pretlittt-il . . . Npetiztl Ilainte. Xlixetl Choir. CAA. BETTY NI. LINDNER . . . "No lsitltliiigf' is a hig sinootll for I'ooth' Xt.ikts .intl kt-eps liientls with her loxgilti and honesti . .. Rtth .intl tht- Ituiioi l'ioiu shtirt- it spetiul place in hex -l0lf: ot tiit-tuoiit-s .ttitl thoughts, RU' LISS . . . College zuitl the tXii l'VfIItC1llClll the future tot this hiight xottiig ttithitett-to-he . . . "Look out" this tliainpion swun- iiw-t .intl loztlt-i on tht- piowl . . . Xliss Patti is gt line tgiiwlitltitt- for llls li.ill ol tttiiit-. RUCLO ROBERT LONIBARIJO . . . 'illtilil' will wt-ik loi his ltlsl iiiilltoii :intl tht-ii sit hatk ztnil it-st while waiting lot' his lust inil- ltoii to Qittttuittlutt- . . . C-olt tintl tooth.tll will t.tkt' up ltls spait liouis while he atliiiiit-s peoplt: who know what thtw lx.tltl gititl get it. RICHARD Ll'ClxSIN'f1l-ZR . . . 'Al-Kult" s.ixs, Hit s Ll.IlN. tt- g.tttlt'ti- ing :intl wtitttitiig hgist-h.ill . . . lht' liitxeisttx ol lllutots .uwl wt-gilth giit- tht- wgtiitltiiiig lltttltgltls til .i tttltet gut . , Xlts, flllititllltt' ttiitl thi- lttslilttg ol tht- lllst st'ttistt't will lit' ittost tt'- tiit-iiilii-itil. HXRHXRX Ll'lx0N'SlxI . "Uh pooli' lkitlt tlotsiiit w.iiit tttuth. ltist .i iitli li.itiilsotiit IllIlll1ll.lIIt' txttttttxt' lust out' Ilttllt' tpit-stioit "Whos l'ittx?' lit-.tts txt-txt-tit' wttli ltieiitlltiittss t.tttst s wli.tI slit' ltlsts Tlfll LllX l l will look ttpt-ti intssitig tht- ll? tixits trsl .ts .ut ott.istoti lo ttItlu.ttt llotkiiig .it lt'wt'l t.tkt-s up lits slnttt' tttiit lltll sttitlx tiigittttiittg .tt tht' l ttlXt'lsllX ot llltttots. SKNDR X NI Xl ll' 'Xiiwli is .i tiit-iwllx iuiltlt'..1tttlttlttsltls gill who litts hx t-oils l.iws Nlatotttig ui otg.ttttt tltrtitisttx .llltl wtills oi .t l.itioi.itoii is tit tht tuttiit liitil tht-it it-l.tx.ttioul I ilti.iix tltih X ll N ltituii lt'.ttltt'Is NIKIIQIURII- NIXIDKY "lint ol tottist-"' Xlttlgt' looks lttlltkllrll lu .ittritiltttg Nt xlllll s Ntttsttig Ntliotll lltls tllttlt'lsl.llltllltg Xtglitiiitwtlt- t'tti1tXsil,ttitlttg lltttst' tl.isst-s wttli Xlt. l.twlt'X gut' llltrst tlltIIl1Il.llllt Ill' l'l1 NI XR I I N5 "l'.ittltttt' th-ttx is working iiow. .uwl ztltel stlwtol sh- will t-ittei lit-.iiitwi.ui stlttttil so th.u iii lutuit- wats slit' i.tti owii lui owti shop lltilirs to settle' tlowlt. lll.lllX t'Nt'tlltl' .tllx .itwl hit- lu tht- 1-oliltii Rult- Xlis, lit-lit' l,llt's high ou lit-i list ol l.tioitti-s. 'IERRY Nltl-'KIllDliN . "I igttitwl tltll ut.tkt-s tht' gills tltls it-t, 'Wltltttttglt-f' . . l'iit'titls .ttitl t-spt-tt.iIli tht' so Nti's .tlt' iu lltll' .i lol ol It-gtstiig . . llis loiuitil.i tot sttttvss tlt'tu.ttuls ht' stan .tw.tx lioiu HlIlN. hut it'1ti.titi to lits ttuih ',.. l-tiotlwill. 'NNI Nll-',RIxl.l-l . . Xlw.ixs .i tittt' Ittvtitl .uwl .t, Nlrtk lwl vw! tti tht' t-ohlwti Rtih -.,, Xltei sthool lu' lttlrtttls to t.tkt' up .1 tttttll' so lhatt lit' t.iii sl.lll toiiswlriittg llI.Illl.lgt' . , "'s ltltf' s.tNS this t-xprtitiitttl iollt'i sls.ttt'i who li.ts .i hugh tt'g.tttl lot lits liiotht't'. Illlllhl..-KS Mll.l,l'lR . , . llu' ottlx wottl ol ilestttptioii tin lhittgl.tS is Uszitiguuii-" . . . lit- woiwlt-t' Ks .i s.ih'stu.ui ol thi- t-oltlrti Rttltk ht-'ll ltiwl lUll1',jxt'Llhllllllillllil 52 QYQAVMW, 1959 KATHY MOBERG . . . "Dward." says Kathy when she thinks of the lirst day at Steimnetz . . . To he a secretary is in her future . . . A visit to Hawaii would be a dream come true . . . She believes in following the Golden Rule . . . Mrs. Alverson rates high. RICHARD MORGAN . . . Rich does not dottht his going to Alaska and attending school in September . . . This future architectural engineer enjoys football and dating . . . Rich. having a good sense of humor and being congenial. is always ready to compromise . . . Football. CARL MORTENSEN . . . jovial "Morty" whiles away his spare time with the boys in bowling. golf, football, and baseball . . . Oll to college he will go with the hope of someday becoming owner of a chain of bowling alleys . . . N.H.S. tVeepl. Bowling. CYNTHIA MROZEK . . . Moser Business College is in sight for "Cindy" . . . ".-Xin't it wonderful," says this future private secretary when thinking of Mrs. Byrnes . . . Civic Ticket Rep.. GAA.. Spanish Club. JIM MULLANY . . . The fellas are always amused when A'Big jim" is around . . . treasures that "olIicial document" bestowed on him at ccmimencement . . . Fun-hlled jim plans on going to night school and on getting an opportune job. RUTH A. MYHRA . . . '1Gee man!" writing to jack is great . . . Bowling with the girls is fun . . . This friendly gal will make a good practicing surgical doctor by following the Good Book , . . Sr. Prom Comm.. Dance. Latin Club. Mixed Choir. HILDEGARD MARIE NAEGELE . . . "Oh gads!" says "Hilda" as she recalls her first clay at Steinmetz ..., -Xn otlice job after school and marriage in the future is her wish . . . Favorite pastimes are sewing. L.P. records. HELEN NEBERGALL . . . 'tOh gee." exclainrs Helen when a date with Denny is unexpectedly' called off . . . Night school and day work will present quite a tight schedule for a gal with every- thing . . . The GAA. coronation is a stickler in this gals mind. DAVE NEUTZ . . . Disk jockey. i'FIAXl'lllll,u enjoys all types of records and sports . . . getting out of life what he puts into it . . . will help him as he goes to Radio and 'l'.Y. School . . , French Club. LINDA NIELSEN . . . "l'll never tell." exclaims Lynn when asked what she likes to do . . . She really' enjoys club meetings and dates with Perry' . . . College at Illinois and marriage shine bright in the future . Mrs. Alverson rates high . . . French Club. BONNIE PEARL NORRIS . . . Good natured and soft hearted "Bon" would enjoy' having a beauticians career . . . "Your kidding," she will go horseback riding as long as you smile , . . She'll never forget Mr. Golub or that tiist day at Steinmetz. NANCY NOSEK . . . "Oh. poppy' cock." says this future othce worker . . . Marriage is in sight for uNan" . . , She will always remember our football games . . . Hallguard. ,KF-5 fun 451' kwa? V47 an-argl WW f 'WDW ff SUE-AN LEE OBITTS . . . "lJon't bug me while I'm dancing the Boi. workin as a beautician, or studyin' for missionary work," l g . 3 , says "Oats" . . . This gal hopes to help the less fortunate outside of the l'nitecl States for she lives by the "Golden Rule". ROBERT OKUN . . . "Bob" says. "All right." to model railroading and photography ..., It I.I.'l'. his hopes for a Doctorship in Elec- trical Engineering will be fulfilled . . . This stubborn guy will never forget the Science I-'air and the prize his exhibit won. JIM O'LEAR . . . jim goes into the Army after graduation with blessings of brother . . . Honest and sincere work in 9th semester in football and Spanish Club was memorable. IRENE OLINYK . . . "Oh crumb". working and listening to records go together with "Iodine" . . . College. marriage, and helpful hints from Uncle Nick and Sis will brighten her future . . . But nothing will get this gal down . . . Choir. Latin Club. I WARREN NV. OLSON . . . lvarren enjoys bowling . . . Plans to go to college after high school . . . His grade school gym teacher Mr, Coarlas is tops . . . Book Room Clerk. if IVALLY OPFER . . . "Yes indeed." Wally' loves going out with llillltt' - . . "You only liye once." says this good liumored future tlraltsman. so your the Navy. jUDY ORR . . . Grandniother is loved best along with dreams of college and the airyvays . . . "Tough Luck." and easy' to o-et alone with describe yludy . , . She enjoys sports. listeningito niiusic and tries to be untlerstantling of other people A , A yy-L-1, of 51-y c3h,f,j1-- ANDIREIV OZOLS . . . t'Oh Boy" Andy' goes all ottt for sports specially basketball . . . He will enter Navy' Pier to stucly Conf incite and he hopes to be a successful business executive . Hell never forget that lust day at Steinnietz when he was lost in the halls. ANGIE PATTI .,.' 'How's my Nlaiua-doll?i' says "Gi Gi" who likes dancing and Hi-Fi . . . Shell move to San Dleocyy lutw 3 PM-K time job. and then devote herself to lst-coming! gt miaiclcle I A UK, guiding principles by which she lives are in the Bible. l 53 'HOF' in "UW-rf ,ln AIOSEPHINE RINI sIIIIlII. III IIICYI III IIII II.I I.I,II!II IIII'I.IIII.II IIs fIIx1:I "sIII'II.Ill'. III 'III- IIIII-In-III II X.'I. SI. fIIIIs fIII.I l'IIs ROBERT ROSE III. Il.lII IIII IIIlllIlI1'l1I IIII' IMI- IIIIIIIIIIIII- , IlzIIIgII,IIIl II.II'II.IIl NIIIIIIIII I'IoIII IIIIIIIIIIIIII RON XLII C.. ROSSELLI I RIIIIIIII- II-IIIIIIIg 'II QIIIIII II,I. Imssrs IIII' lllllf .I.'.I. XXIII 'III II , IIII- Illllll' I.I-II.Ix 'I'.III.II IIIII I , II.IsI-IIIIII LORINNE SIKPORITO . slgigf -I IIJIIIII' III IIQIII IIII .I IIII,IIII III.IIIIIII llflflII1'lIIQl'If"IlIlIIII-- IIIII IIIII .III I 0-A Q-Q' I IIIII. XIIIII III NI-III IIIII-II II I IIIIIIIIIIII I II I 'I II- QIIIII II II I II lI.I IIIIIIIX XI l IIIIIIIIII RIIIII I IsII I -..I- .I Illlll II Il IIIIIsII wlIIlI .IIIlII-III- wIIIlI II lllle IIII- III Xs- IIIIIIIQ wI:III Il II IIIIIIII II-, IIIIII I s f.xIII III Ii I.IIlIII II RIPNIII IN Illllx IIIIIIIIIIIIII SI IUIIIIIII' s.IXN IJIIIIQV IIIIIII I IIII Xl.IIIlII's IIIII.Ill Il.lll Irs III si. llll IIIII IIIIIIIIII IIIII lI.IIIIIII'I XXIIIII IIIIIIIII IIIQIII IIIIIlIIIIIIIIsIII IIII SIIIII I:Il II'IIIII I IIII,IIx IIIf'Il If"PlI IILI III,I- HIIIQ fI.III SIII "R,I1Nf.l'.3 5f.'xRXNfJ II.III III'. QIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIQV IIIII II-III-Il IIIIIIIII- IIIIIII III' IIIIIIIIII' l.III.IIIII ll.IIII I'IIlI II,IxI III IIIIJIIII IIIIIII QVLIIIIIIIIQ II III ".IIII 'II III IIIIIIIIIIII I'IIII IIIII l.f'I'sf'fI'.'.lIIl1"IVIIlIj1IIII 'IIII III IIII ".I1II IIIgI.IIII II,IIl .I IIIIII sI'II-.I III IIIIIIIIII III IIIIIIIIIIIIQ XII' N' IIII Ifllfx Sf.fflXVfINf', IIIIIIIII' I' III II'.I'. IIIII IIIIIIIII IIII III gIII'.IIIIII'. I-.IIIII IIIJIII IIIIIIQI IIIIII-'-III I IIIIIQ .I Il'II.llll.lIlI .4"!II. III III- III IIIII IIII IIII QII' IIIIIIII.III .IIIII II IIII Il.IIII's IIIII IIsI IIIIIIIII2 II.IIIgII.IIIl I'IIIIII IIIIII 'YIIIII I IIII IIIIIIII.IIl XRI.l'.'Nf'. 5f,llNIl',IS'5I'.R 'XIIIIII I .IlII.III IIIIIIIIIIII .I IIIII III Ilflllllll lII.II 'IIIIIIII III .I I.III'.IIIIIII II .I IIIII IN.IlIIII1'IIIII IIIII SIII .IlI'.,I'.' IIIIIIIIII III fIIIIII.III I IIIII I. XX .IIIII Il.IIII'!II,lIII l',l.l,lI.N Sf.lIOI,l lmIIII IIIIIIIIQ .III' II NIIIIIIJII .I IIIIIIIII 'IJII III 'IXIIIII IIIIIIIII .IIIII .I IIIIIIII IIIIIIIII III XIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIII. I IIII,II'.II'. IIIIIIIQIII IIIIIII III II.IIIIIII1I IIIIII I III II.IxI III IIII- IIII I','II IIII IIII .I ,III .IIIIIIII III'.IIIII XII IIIIIIIIII .IIIII III I'IIII IIII .III IIIIIIIIII INlI.l.lXXl 'wl,l.l'x X IIIII I IXIIII IIIw IIII l1Ill .IIIII Ifl.IIllI .IIIIIII IIIIIIIIIII IIIIII-I IIII III'I.Il IIIIIII.. III IIII IIIIII II.Is III IHII II IIIIII'I ,I I.III I II- II IIIIII II IIIIIIIIIII' III. IIIIIlI". .III- II I III'I III .III III ,IIIIIIII III II EIII IC IjAG Class O CAROL PAULSEN . . . Carol will always look back on the wontler IIII trip to Washington, D.C .... Secretarial work and then marriage will follow . . . She enjoys going to club meetings and sharing pina 'th jim. ROSE PECORA . . . "lVait a minute" while Rosie talks to Carol and Iniishes moms pizza . . . This future office worker holds XII. Ruzitlsa in high esteem . . . Though marriage is in the Ilais to come, football games, and graduation will be fondls Ineiiibererl. JACQUELINE PERAINO . . , "Bonnie" speaks frankly and freeli of being a rlental assistant . . . Dating Don brings happy hours to the girl who liies by the Golrlen Rule . . . Passing the state IIIiIs Iest on Friday the l3tl'I is llllfOI'gCf2ll'JlC. RONALD PERIK . . , "Youre brealsing IIII heart." sais 4'Ron wlIilI. Illllllllllg III Ililff Xaxy . . . Illlilslllg ll million dollars as a printer IS his zIII'IlIiIioII . , . loxes Io swim unrl liunt. ROBERT PETERSEN . . , M Xiin IIII IIII: staisf' sais Bob who hop s IU learl a ban II IIII: at rolls: e :Inrl :It liome ..., Xbe Lincoln rates ll H high. lllll, lIis sr-IIIIII Ieai in Nfllllfbl is LI Ilosc serond . . , eniois bowling. Ioolball, aIIIl IIII-ss . . . Kei CIIIII. ROY PIER DONIINICI . . . Xillllllllll one slIrIIIlIl do his best. b as :III QIIIIIIIIII Rox will l1ilX4,'llfIAlJII'lH . . .IIIIIIpI-Iitoismust aIli IlI:II s IIII: XXIIglII KIIIIIQI' Is III lIis Illllllf' . , , HrIIIlIall. B.XRH.XR5. PLIWINIER . . . Hlil1lII's.' sIIXs I'lIIIIIi wlieii she tl'1iI'Ils iII life III tlI1II groin- :Ig:IiIIsI XIII:IIIIIII.Il . . SIII' slI1Ill III.' a sIIIet'ss ' sIIIIt: Nlll III-liI'xI-s Ill ILIIIIIIIIIIII lI.IppIIII-ss III :Ill III:IIII.iIIIl . . . fXIt'iTIfI llI's III Nliss I":III will gIlw.Ixs III IIII Is:IIII. JOSIE NI UUE POLLINX . , IIIis ggil will I'IIII'I le:IIlIei's Iollege III'IIIIIII IIIII LIIIII It'IIIIu RI'l1IIIlI' "f IIIIlsiI"' will l1l'X'.'li IIIIQCL th IIIX XIII ll'It'lNf'Il III'I Il.INN lIlI,,, . , I'IIIIIxs bowliiig sailing, and IIIIIIQ IIiff.I wiIlI IIII' giils . IIIIIIII lI'gIIlII'I l'II:s. HXNTO PORRO , I'lI'sIIIIIIsIIIlI- HSQIIIIIV luis lXI:sI I'oiIII in Ihr I A I -I I ' II IIIII II ,IIIIIIIII-II III Illt' "wt 'IQII . Illlllll III Il IIIIIII IIIIN IIII- IIIIMIIII llll XIIIIX . . .f1lllS.IJl1 IIIII NIIIII IINIII' l'lL,sH 'I IIIst' IIIII II IxI'IIL L1 IIILIIIIIQ wIIlI Iliis Iaflfgt NOREEN PRESNEIREISBERGS ,. "CIt't' Vliizfil stixs XIIICIQII wlifii IIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIII- lJl.IXlllg ttIIIIis IIIIIIIII4 lIeI lIalI-xeai' III hard wt CI-IIIQI Is .IlIl'.IIl IIII IlIis IIIIIII sIIitIl I.IIniIiIcrcial artist . RIIIIIIIIIIIIs IIII4 III IIIIII RINIII. Xlicliigxin. HOU KRD RXSNIISSEN . . RCll'llCQlflL'I.l "Howie" eiiioxs woI'IiIIJ XKIIII IIIIII IIIII IIII .I gIIIIII night III Illll . . . He hopes to IIIBIOT III IIgIIIIIIIIIg .II IIIQ "l'it-I' '.., XVIII alwms iemeinbei the time nt I I IIIII IIIIIIIIIIII IIII sIIIIltIII gmt-Ixiiiieiit Ilan. lutltx IIN ELNIE RICCI . "IIIIII'I Iinlgt- :I IIIIIIIK In ils r.oxI.-iii sLIX5 "Al" . IIII- IIIIIIII l'l' It-.IIlIt'I will .Ilw.Ixs i'I'ineinIII.'I IlL1lllll'IQ III "XIII ll-IIIIII IIIIIII' XIII'-N III Iollegc' . . Nliss l't'Ir:IsI-II QIIIII IIIIIIIIM :III IIIII lIIIIIIls NIJIIIIII l'IIIIII CIIIIIIIIQIIII. sI'IIi.Il c1'llIL'l Nui lII1.I-. 110' C' vw' Sul' fyedruarty, I 9 VALERIE SERAFIN . . . "For goodness sakef' Val enjoys listening to Liberace's albums . . . She plans to continue her education at Northwestern and then own the world's best newspaper building . . . Star Staff, French Club and Orchestra. LE ROY A. SERPE . . . College shouldnt be too clillicult for Le Roy, better known as the boy with the blank questionnaire . . . We'll have to stop now since the material has run out. RONALD SIEGLER . . . To inquisitive people "Zig" responds "Chalk it up to experience" . . . Playing baseball and working on his car are favorite diversions . . . Printers' College is ahead for this considerate young man. BERNADETTE SINGER . . . "To thine own self be true" advises this future lab technician . . . "Gee XVhiz," that Steinmetz-Voca tional game will never be forgotten, says "Bernie" . . . Mrs. O'Rourke and Allen are supreme . . . Mixed Choir QSecy.j, Student Council, German Club. PATRICIA ANN SITTNER . . . Talkative "Patty" doesnt get panicky when she remembers the state law test, but does a flip when she goes to club . . . Miss Farr is tops with this future secre- tary . . . Senior Choir. GA.,-X.. Hallguard. EILEEN SMITH . . . "You know" it's going to be loads of fun when she goes out with johnny . . . Sociology is yery interesting to "Lyn" who rates Mr. Ruzicka as the greatest . . . Latin Club, Jr. Girls' Choir. Hallguard. JOY SMITH . . . "Sis" will always remember the happy riots with Vic, Rog. Broches. Joe. and Karen in the star ofhce . . . Northern Illinois is in the future where she will study physical education . . . Star Staff. Leaders. Quill and Scroll. Spanish Club. N.H.S. CHRISTINE STEERS . . . College and then a job as a music teacher are in the future . . . Her ideal is Mr. Feldman . . . Active in Future Teachers. Concert Band, Orchestra. PHYLLIS STUNTZ . . . "Guess what!" this fture stenographer plans a second career-marriage . . . an antiprocrastinating duo in bowling are Phyl and Chuck . . . Civic Ticket Rep., Mixed Choir, Student Council, Pep Club, Bowling. Latin Club. ANNE SWVANSON . . . Everytime "Annie" takes a break she thinks of getting married . . . This friendly future housewife will slam the door on conceited people . . . Recollections of the junior Prom and Mr. lVelin will always be welcome . . . Hallguard. HAROLD SIVANSON . . . "Oh Yeah" Swede is a marvelous dancer and has a great personality . . . This pool player who will enter XYright College to become a distinguished businessman . . . idolizes L'ncle Gus. SHIRLEY JO TELTZ . . . Shirley doesnt say "Oh horse feathers" to going out with joe and listening to LP's . . . Marriage is in this shoppers future . . . The Jr. Prom will be one of her fondest memories at Steinmetz . . . Prom Com., Hallguard. MARY LOU THURBER . . . This gal's good sense of humor will aid her in teaching mathematics . . . Hes and Miss Peterson are grand . . . IYill and Prophecy Com. t'Chairmanj, Civic Ticket, Latin Club, 4A Class Day r'Sec'yy, Jr. Prom fCo-Chairmanj, Library Club. ANNETTE TRUNK ..., A nnie's sparkling personality comes in handy while working at the Jewel . . . Until marriage to her Prince Charming occurs memories of football games and the state civics test fill her thoughts . . . Ma johnson is her ideal. NICHOLAS A. VANGEL . . . Who are we going to beat? Certainly not Carolee or Mrs. Onesto . . . Nick was successful in Football fCapt.y, Star Staff r'Editory, Class Day, Hallguard. Football Banquet fChairmang, M'restling. BARBARA VELEK . . . "Know what I mean? says Barb when she speaks of the fun working on the Star Staff . . . Wright College opens its doors to this admirer of Mrs. O'Rourke . . . Star Staff. Streak Staff, Latin Club, Senior Girls' Choir. JANICE VELEK . . . "Hey Kiddiesn do you know of any millionaire jan could marry . . . thinks Mrs. O'Rourke is tops . . . the football games at Soldiers' Field will always be remembered . . . Star Staff, Choir, Latin Club, Library, Will and Prophesy Com. JANICE VENZON . . . "Oh beans," says jan but eats johns home- made coffee cakes . . . The future holds Northern Illinois University for this prospective journalism teacher who now is on jewels pay- roll . . . Concert Band, Latin Club, Star Staff. RUTH VIKANIS . , . "Oh come on, gabbing on the phone is fun," says "Babe," who wants to teach dynamically like Mr. Henze . . . Hallguard, German Club, Sr. Girls' Choir, N.H.S. QSec'yy. KENNETH VOJTA . . . Ya! "Vodka" helps others to have a good time . . . Standing up to what he believes in is always practiced by Ken . . . The Air Force is going to have a new member after Ken graduates. DOLORES WAGNER . . . "Snowball" accepts and likes people for what they are . . . this artistic cook will be an architect after college . . . Her everlasting smile wins many friends . . . Student Council, jr. Red Cross QTreas.j, Library Club, Latin Club. 55 inn-naw' ge ruarly, BRIAN WINTERBERG . . . Listening to records in his spare time is fun for Brian . . . Next?-College, of course, but don't laugh so hard, success will come soon after that . . . Weather Club, Inventors' Science, Pre-Med. Star Reporter, Bowling. MARY LOUISE WOODWARD . . . "just a minute!" says "Shorty'l while talking to Mom, or laughing with Rose or Carol . . . C.T.C, is in the future for this promising English teacher . . . Flashed her pleasant smile at the meetings of the Future Teachers. PHILIP WRIGHT . . . This amateur radio ham listens to music with Judy when he's not with the R.O.T.C. riHe team . . . He aims to attend the college of his own name in order to become a chemical engineer. RONALD C. ZIENIER . . . "You fool!" says Ron to people who don't know what they want . . . Ron wants to be a machinist or go into the food business , . . Working and playing baseball are en- joyable . . . Mr. Ruzicka is tops. Lef+-af +opl Group of gradua+es warching The class-day program a+ The Luncheon. Cenferl Members of The faculfy who aHended ihe Luncheon. lBo'r+oml Class Day Comrniffee. Righi-lopl Group of sludenfs bidding farewell fo Their Counsellor. Cenlerl Mr. Claxlon presenling awards. Boiroml Ano+her group of s+uden+s enioying a friendly aimosphere. rlfljhzn Classmafes el' qogef er As a prelude 'io fhe aciual graduaiion, rhe Seniors a+'rend a ceremony known as Class Day Luncheon. This January i+ was held a+ 'rhe Furniiure Mar+. This is fhe +ime 'rhar ihe deparfmeni awards are pre- senfed, scholarships are given, rhe Will and Prophecy is read, a program symbolizing The four years of rhe group a+ S'l'einme'rz is presenied and of course, a hearry meal is enjoyed. This is +he las+ gaihering of all +he Seniors as a group for when fhey meef again, on +he following day, They will be gradua+es. ' 2 gg ,f A N Clflfdjg K, , "f -f .1 ,Q ', 4 ' , , :,,,, ,,M,,,, fflfff. 3 ,,,,-'ff' J, ,,--"J", Q , .1 gl 4? roof r , J -,,,ffff, ,,,,,, ,J 3, -l ,!,,,,,,f, -f, -Y ffm ' f f 5 . . -f I , ,f Q, ,ff ,, f fr r C f, , 1, , ff, f, , .r, ,!,.! K Nz, ,, , KQV: ., , fff, f+ Hg, f rf' ff r ,V !A, W, ,J , , ,,1,' ,,I , I ,,, ,,, ,, .f f ,f f -f 'A f , ,N U ,Cf xl fl ,W C, ,ff ffg f 1 . f Y. V ,,, fy, I ,V ff f, f A 1 Ir, ,,!,.,,,,j , ,. ,- , H fflfrlrrfj "fy 1, Calf: fx f", 1 ,' 1 , I ,4 ,,,, l 58 ,-1 Q . 'gr ag 9 J C79 1 MLW! QWU s WV' , wflg Nw wmx f ,af 7 vga 9 ff 3 X2 707 KZ7' f 4 , W 7 V 147 , 6, f W M W1 4 , Z I I A af in K , f f 'l , , f ?Zi f, Qmx.,wm N m W f -1 1 i V , ,W - ski ? , C f Q 'fir ' Ani, 4 I, r if ,kk Q f 3 ! Mr. Hr:ffiCL and Sf-'ff-ml Cldnn Pr-milfrrs 4 2 f ' M ff 1 if 4 4 60 X Nw XNN SX wf N x w..wN i Presenfafion of Class Giff wx ug- ,f f , , W 5 A Q 1 QQ 5 xi , Q if ' ' xf 6 521, ZZ MXQNK ., O omp and C1rcuWlSf0fW uf wfx .S I S 515 if 5 Vi' 'VP cf A' 'fi W, WD' 'L-.Q 'lt-.f GYM' fjze Class O LUCEMAY ADAMS . . . Future airline hostess, Lu, advises that kindness is something for which one should strive . . . Yvright junior College will be her next step up the ladder . . . Mrs. Shabat will forever he remembered . . . Student Council. CHARLOTTE ADAMSON . . . Practicing what she preaches will make "Char" the best nurse ever . . . Mrs. Shabat and her years at Steinmetz can't he forgotten . . . Dardanelles, N.H.S., Leaders' Student Council. jOYCE AFFOLTER . . . "joy" the future airline hostess says there's no better philosophy than "live and let live." Sister Marlene, and Mrs. Onesta are rated above average . . . Reading and taking long walks are fatorite pastimes. JAMES ALBRECHT ...A lim will always recall fondly Activity Nights and those howling scores . . . This future lawyer will work at Hillrnans until the right opportunity comes knocking . . . "I'l1 do it tomorrow" is his motto for et ery one except Mrs. O'ROllflsC- IRENE ALLAMIAN . . . ".Xrses's daughter" plans to be a beautician . . . Xlis. Howe. who has a wonderful way with people, will long he iemeniliered , . . "Oh, Iirotherf" dating that certain someone is a great pastime. LINDA ALLISON . . . Lots of link to "Se1xessia" us a secretary and wile , . . not that she will need it , , . With her sense of humor and piolound consideration . . . XX'ill ulwziys ieinemlier CIAHX. and Ring t,onnnittee ineetings. DELLA MARIE .XLTIERE . . . "Like wow!" htning gym with XX'ni11.Srhwilk,zind lone is tilnnist its great as listening to jazz , .. XXill enpix exiting pina in uillc-ge . . . "Dell" did what she thought iight in lienfh Ilnh. 8.8. Rep.. 'stan Stall. and I..,X.,X. SHARON ,XXIBROSE . . . "I guess" the flist tinies in Steinnietz were the inost inenioitihle NLlXs "slieiix" who ttikes each day as it comes , . Xliss I.i1int. itxnling. tind thoughts ot XX'right jr. College keep this lntine st-tret.nx hnsx , . . Olhte Help, 'I eacht-i's Secretary. CXTHERINE ANDERSON , . . "C':ttl'ix" will neier foiget the trip lu Xhisliingtnn. ll.t .... .i tnllege degree is this telephone talkers goal . . , Ilei two sisIL'ts tile ltips . . . Starlettes, Student Council, Nennii fli11il,fi,.X.gX. KENNETH XNDERSON . .. lhis inagzuine illustrator finishes what ln- sl.tIls . . . lsen will it-ineinliei' heating Lane li-O in '55 . . .Draw- ing .ind t-.ning pingi tit links will passithe time until he has that tiillegt- tlL'L1Il'X'. ROBERT XNDERSON , . " Xntlw' will alwaxs reniehers getting llls tl.iss ting when studxing to lie an engineer . , . "XX'hat a Hopf" s.ixs this spoils elitlitlslttst while thinking of going into the serxice. Rl'TH ,XNDRES . . . "loots" always has a problem on het' mind lint lllts In "linger it" In going to dances with the girls . . . lhis Intuit' lieantititni enims eating XIoin's chitlsen ...NIi1I.awlex gnnl Xlis sodeiln-ig liilllf high . . . Student Council, Nlixed Choir. XI XRX' ELLEN .XNSELNIO . , . Xt the mention of danting .ind swinnning Xluix is iziiin' to go . . . Slit- hopes lu lw-ctnne .1 dress designer lint lllsl slltf will :ittt-ntl tolli-ge . . . I-.X,X.. Pep Club. .XNNETTE XNTINARELLI . . "I dnn't know .ilwint intwrited people." s.lXs Xitneltt- . , X gmnl sense til litttnnl will gn with het' to stlitilil , Sletting .intl going to slllli tiieetitigs Like up It-isnir' tinn' IRENE IIXLSXXIX ,Ulu ltnttls tlit't'ls llI.lIltllIIll lltlltlt .IIIXI Nl.tll.l Uh' lioxf lhiinnnig .i peppx .ind gm Htlll't'lIl'.ltll'lH is otllx one t'xpt'tn'int dttixtwl liinn l1IlluwttigI.ultlt'lt Rllll' in Retltioss,tlit-eta liynltiig .intl I. X X Xl XRI.l-fNI', IIXRI ll Is Xl.ii s.ixs. "l tl--n't know," tu ll0Xs who swi.n lint shi tlttts know th.n ln' stlnwil is tni lici llainiiig swniininigf, .intl gtiitig will with Xlrl .ltr ttltkll. X IVR X IIXRUN XlI.I is IDI.IlllIIllg tu .lllt'lltl tollt-ge .tllt'l' gldtllt- .itnvn .ind then slit litilw's to h.itt- tnillnitis .it het left . .. IllCl'C is .ilw.ixs linn' Itlll lin .IIlltQlll1lItl.IIlllIlRUl .i lt'w tutiking lessons . .. ll.tllgit.itil Xllkl' IIXI I Xt.l IX 'Xlnnse ' likes to pl.ix and football wln-n not ilitnniiiiipl .ilnnit pinning the XI.ttnit's . . . lli.itit' SLIXS l1C'S i.tsx lu --rt .iliing with ln't.tnsi- In- i-npits ltttng it up rs I . ' I' X I'IlIK I X Il XR I I'HI XIX Xiins to lit' at littyei' for t'tisllll'llCS . .. 'Xin nnpit-ss.-df s.txs l'.it . XXniking :ind night sthnol :it XX'1'igl1t tnllt-gi' .nv ni tht- lnlnit- lin this gail . . . Ilrl' "ltCsliie" Neill' :ll 5lt'IIIlIll'll will ln- .tn t-xpt-iietitt' llttl soon llllgtillfll. Q RIIIIIXRII Iiliilk . Xll iight? Xll iighll. Rithtiitl will tix liattd tn lw- .i sintt ss, lint's tht- nnist .inx one tain do ..., X lntntin' lw' will go with Insult Rosth . . . lwwillittll. R.XX' Illilllxlill . . . Rzix idolm-s spoils , , . llt' enpws w.ttihing them .is well tis lqntitipailing in tlirtn . . . llis sights .ite .tinted .tt tln' Nitty . . . led XX'illi:inis, ol li.lst'li.lll lainie. lllllIll'lltl'S this "gttX"s" tIi.ii:i'It'i . . I.t'itn:in Illltli tw 1.4 une, 1959 CAROLYN-BEHRENDT . . . This spenclthrift will always remem- ber the Steinhmetz football games. but especially. Miss Kilgour . . . Io get married and become a housewife will climax her dreams. JUDITH BEIER . . . Professional roller skating and a lot of work face "Judy"' after school . . . M'orking and dating Don are the living end . . . G.A.A. ANNETTE BEJDA . . . "Oh Boy!" exclaims "Annie", as she thinks of her friends and the football games she has attended . . . This secretary' and housewife-to-be is rated as easy to talk to , . . G..X.A.. Teacher's Secretary. ' NORMAN BELSSNER . . . "Norm" savs. "Take it easy." while thinking of the service . . . The boy with the fastest dancing feet will always look back to the days when he was a "freshie" . . . German Club. Hallguard RAYMOND BERG . . . "Go away' boy: you bother me," says this future sailor . . . Roller skating and playing pool with Norm and Glen are worthwhile diversions ..., Xu empty' wallet characterizes this hard worker. JAMES BETTS . . . It's hard to believe it. bitt "Jay" wants to go to Alaska after graduation to become. of all things. a "millionaire" . . . Miss Farr will always be welcome in this adventurous fellas igloo . . . Dreamed up these ideas during hallguard. ELLEN BIEDAR . . . "Oh. You're kidding." says 'tSis." a future free lance artist who enjoys going to the movies . . . This gal will be working after graduation . . . French Club. GUXA. JIM BINDER . . . Going ottt with Dottie fills up this future princi' pal's time . . . The Golden Rule stands true for Jim . . . Football, Mixed Choir. ROBERT BIRD . . . Bob hopes for "Go Man, Go" when wanting to see a good show or to go on a fishing trip ..,' l'his dependable and helpful lad desires to obtain his ultimate ambition as a farmer . . . Miss McGregor tops his list. as his ideal. PATRICIA ANN BIRMAN . . . Pat usually queries. "Now Joy. is that nice?" This friendly and generous gal likes to eat pina at Joys and play ping-pong with Chuck .... Xfter attending comp- tometry' school and working. she plans to be a housewife. BONNIE BLACK . . . "How 'bout that Junior Prom." says Bonnie . . . going out with a certain somebody' seems to take up time left after work . . . Sociable Bonnie will make everyone her friend at Beauticiau School. for no one can resist her. RALPH BLASKO . . . "Gentlemen of the jurv. Mr. Handschu and Mr. Lawler should be acclaimed ideal." pleads this future barrister . . . Ralph's pleasant personality is sure to win him many' friends in college. wav xg-:af M 5-an 'IWW W., if N-wi' THOMAS BLAUL . . . Tom usually' says. "Dont get your boiler pressure up" . . . This aggressive boy' enjoys railroacling. but looks forward to college or steady' work . . . His first day' at Steinmetz was filled with confusion. ALLAN li. BLUTHARDT . . . College is the hopes of this God fearing man . . . Dating and hunting are Al's favorite pastimes . . . He intends to have a large house and family . . . Helen and that big night at Spargas are 'among his golden memories. LUELLYN BOEHM . . . "Lu" has faith in God that her spring wedding will be a most memorable event. She thinks "it's ridicu- lous" if she is considered inconsiderate of others . . . Miss Farr is IOIJS. MARILYN BOETTCHER . , . "Maru says. "CQolly!" while playing yolleyball with the girls ...' This future comptometrist belieyes if yotl do not succeed. try, try, again . . . Mill always remember Mrs. IVatsou . . . Div. Sec'y'. Library Club. GAA. MARJORIE M. BOLENDER . . . "Do unto others". says this future housewife to people who start arguments . . . Swimming and jazz will keep Marge busy while attending Wright . . . Sister Joanna rates an "Oh Yeah." French Club. GAA.. Hallguard. Volleyball. JIM BONDER . . . Jim plans to follow the Golden Rule all through college . . . Baseball and Miss Kilgour rate high with this loyal. hard-working lad ..,. Xb! money. lots of money. thats the best. JOANN BOUCHONVILLE ..,, Xtnid tcst tubes. microscopes and slides. one will eventually hnd Joan . . . She plans to attend Nlf . . . Dancing and listening to music take up leisure time . . . Nliss Kilgour is supreme . . . N.H.S.. Mixed Choir. JUDY IRENE BOIVER . . . "Honey" will dance and sew her way through college . . . This future pedagogue will always remember her first day' at Steintnetz . . . The Goldcn Rule is the root of het life . . . Latin Club. lfuture Teachers. l'ep Club. CAA. PATRICIA BOYLE . . . "l'at" takcs things as they come . . . Hopes that bowling. tennis. and dancing will be helpful when she marries a millionaire . . . NlllLiC'l'llX and thoughtfulncss reflect on Mrs. O'Rourke and Mrs. Springer. 63 if We-ey X' s milf' 'Nr' .ag O -'K LHRIST cxifiu fiai ' ' p. , ilx . Li' li CARL RILH XRD I. KRLSUN Nur' R 'Q lu' txill In Xll1lll"1 thi lltltiit ,iiihiltrlniiil tngnnii txill :ilnnxs itintnuliri Ili' llfsli sfl li I i-E-t'Il1.ill tr.iin tht Il,tsslllXt1s lllllll'-lk liunioi insinnwi - HARHXR X L. LXRTNLY l lull will ,ili.x.ix itnninlni tttnif- sl'll'fIl'l lin Ihr f. X l. lif..:ifl llilil s Ihr ti.ix Il pills slit wits ishrn -lirnfliiig hfi llillllf iinvtl llllillfl llllsllllss tolli at i. sliinniff lni"liI in llir lnrnii l'wclinp m r, 'ACK f,,XRUl.LU ll: fs ini lou lil: -,iss Ihi- Iuliiii int lliiggjer A , , lniilrix- to ifgnl ,intl If I ,intl Iliinl- Xlis ll Rotnlt is tht' girfzilfwt ,,lX1,il lnifl wnfl in 2' ill iuili ititnitl x hi Illlvllll .Km fltili lit.-uifi MARILYN f,,X'5f,lU Xl,iiili.n Ilii git :inn ixtix llittnilni lsitijglis izilli Rrirlirllr ,ilnuit lui itfiml- in tliil gnllilils ni.innti :I lift' .1i4i1'iiIii,iI1'il Iliv In, itil: .intl rllinniiliil Ilii IHQIIIK4 in Slrwil Sljill 51.11 Stull ,intl Quill .intl Saitill Nlvlfl lltw I1l'.Il NIARYl,0lff,A'l,1.I,XN.tJ Xl,ii s -rn: 1 I linintu inl lui to igilv thingy- .i thru :flint Slit inlfft r,iIni-f 'fini nliili Ii Ianni' tri llir' lli l'l lXinl i:ill1"' ntl ni.iliiio: i 44 llllllll lull I ltx tlii'- gal Xli I,igyli.i '- ill If ng' ln itinrinl i rl H,fKRH,XRX f,i',R'N4If H l i 1 ,iinl lvl I ix: ix lltllilrlt ttllilf iollri lniniy ,intl 4l,in ni lhi it llww Iitiiiiul il null long if-nnnilni Iifi innhiliv n Illl tin Il .intl Stioll lllllltlll flul, sm, spill lriylif fl flnill .iinl 'itil-ll f ,KRUI f,I,RNl Slxl lmn ii :nil iv.nliin' it.illx ,miss 4 .iitvl s lig,iii4 tinn .1 lllll' ,il..,t. li., I.ittil .il ntnl .ititl nill tthll Iliitia lllllllllllllll lufi lI',IIIl.Il f liClH,fHl'4lfi i'f.Il-' xiixiiin llnitx t,iiiil tin lit-.1 f. ,,l Ig 'Wi t+i.illi1iivl II'lllIII .iinl ln II ,iltt.ix. vllllll Iliu i if II'tii1iiitiivr4l,l.tIlllltflil til 2 me Cfass 0 EDXVARD BRAND . . . This ham radio fiend said. "'lhat's the was the hall houncesf' while he was learning the husiness . . . Joli- hunting Ed hopes to buy 21 car . . . After graduation, he will settle down with a million dollars. j0E BRANDO , . . "lt's a terrible thing," says "NIai'lon'i . . . Surxiwil of the fittest will come in handy in college, at work, and when he finds the right one .... Xdmires his sister, Stella, and Miss Kelly' . . . Hallguard. PATRICIA BRENS . . . When opportunity knocks. Pat will keep alert for its advantages . . . Special cliversions include dating jim and dancing ...i X unt Helen can sit for her six future children 'cause she's tops. CAROLE BRESADOLA . . . "'l he foothall gaines and water pag- eanis hzixe really heen a 'lilastf' says Carole , . . XVhile she's in Xurscs' lraining. theie ison't he much time to loaf . . . Swimming and slsziting keep her lnisi . , . Class 'l reusurer. X.H.S. JERRY BRUCKMEYER . , . College hound Jer' hopes one day to he ahle to lean hack und put his feet on his desk ..., Xfter golf- ing. his ieniznls is. "I dunno?" . . . Will long reniemlier his ftllll xezns an Slljlllllllfll . . , t.oll teznn. Fiosli-Sopli llltslsfjtlilill. -IEANETTE Nl. BRUIJA , . . Hlieliexe it oi' not." Jeanette dates Rich :ind mites to Ions . . . ln talking zihont Nurses' 'I raining itith ,Xrlene :intl Yiig. she sins. Won get out of lile uhzit sou Plll into n . . . lhzn lninoi l'ioinY . , . Mon? the l'olish Llnh. THEU BRONIARCZYK . . . Mlottie nulsfu if xon tlon't think that exiting nina nnh Xl is sriinnlitious . .. X sense of hunior mas he a help ni hetonnng zu niotlel . . . lheo inns he quiet nhen she ls ziionntl strangers, lint with liienils. "Mimi" XLFRED BYRKHARIDT . , . Xl Iilzins to noilt lor his father aftel struggling lou thin tollegt- tlililonhi . . . l'1uctitetl his luonesti and goetl sense ol liunnn nliile lieing nt-itstnei' ol the Senior Cferniail Cluli. RONALD BXNES . . , "tit-t ollf Ron tiies . . . Sticlss to exerxthing he si.nts. inthitling his Iintniit' spstilts . .. Xslilltts to attend Wriglit jnnioi ttllegt' .intl euntii1illx.oixn :intl 1IlJCl11ll,'2l iestziuiunt , ,. , . sit lllIlIl'll llottlnig legigtte, 'IU XXX CKLDXRELLI 4 , , "lo enjoxs exiting liilfa nith Xic . .. llontstf sllt"ll tltvgtituldsllli l1llltL'NC'LlCl211'l ,.. lust cunt foiget tht' cstiteiiiciit ot tht' lootlnill gznnes und the clztss iings . . . l'i.nlnt1l t.oltlen Rule :lining Xollexluill lfllll'lllll1lClllN. Nlf.TfJR X. . . . Xllllllitlll. ltr litj E1 stlctess ii gill Xit tx.i1ils . . . ln the nic-xfiiitiine. hell continue norkiiig on tins. linnling .intl snnnining . . . teitiiinlx tollege is Lilltl' giuitltititioii. C KRL LXNIPU , , .f..i1l stnslxliell dllgl'lL'll,"l,lllIl Lg!! llx xtnii Litt- l in .nniilici ionntt ...llhen he ixill lie in the Xn' I-one he nill .ilti.ixs xeiiill the tlux ln' stziitetl high school :it Nlt'llllllL'll , . . lliis iz ti tluiiitzil ioiitiaultn tliltixs tunlsing. .Za 'vu Y' s ,al -E une, 7959 EILEEN CHAZINSKI , . . likes Don's company and NIoin's good cooking . . . This future wife and mother always has a friendly smile . .. . Mrs. Hlatson and Don really rate high with this girl . , . Her philosophy of life is "A smile is nothing unless you give it." IRENE P. CHIAPPETTA . . . This good natured future beautician enjoys playing the piano and eating pizza . . . Irene would like to beyhelpful to humanity, and a 'respectable woman . . . Her philosophy of life is to keep up with religious duties. JOY CHRISTOPHERSEN . . . Ollice work is in the future lor "Chris'.' . . . She will always remember the day' she received her class. ring . . . Miss Farr is the apple of her eve . . . Ir. Choir lSocial Chairmanj, French Club. Red Heads. i N PATRICIA CLAUSEN . . . "Pat" and honesty go together . . . Skating and the hopes of travel and a successful career keep this gal pretty busy . . . Sister Donna and Mr. Lawley are tlitist bcstowecl with her happy disposition. CATHERINE COGLIANESE . . . lf Cathy can't say something good about you, she won't say' anything at all . . . Business college and then a private secretary? . . . "Well that's all right!" with this gal. Dancing. skating, and GAA. take up leisure time. PATRICIA COLLINS . . , "Thanks a lot" to people vyho make "Patty joys' life happy . . . This cheerful college bound gal thinks that Bill is tops. but she'll never forget the junior l'rom. TODI CORLETT . . . Iyhen out with the boys. Tom still brags about the he received in Nliss l't1ig's class . . . He who really wants something gets it. despite mistakes. even in college. CRIST COSTA . . . "Never do today what you can do tomorrow." proclaims this college-bound wit who has fancy' designs on acquiring a great deal of money and living to spend it . . . His parents are his favorite people. SUSAN CRANDALL . . . Bowling with the girls and Nlom's cooking brings Sue arunning , . . Nlr. Layvley l'1ltCS with this congenial kid . . , The Colden Rule. the day she was chosen SB attendant at the GAA.. and the junior Prom will never be forgotten CONNIE MARIE CRAWVFORD . . . "Pudgy" says. "Why do I have to go to work?" . . . Hopes one day to settle down and raise a family . . . You will always see her with a smile on her face . . . G.fX..X.. Red Cross. JOYCE CUBON . . . "Guess what" joyce will always remember her lirst try' at leading a gym class . , . Everything proved satisfactory because she treated everyone as her equal . . . GAA.. Leaders' Gym. Bowling. CAROL D'ANIORE . . . Humilitv is Carols guiding principle , . . "Oh. boy," says she. when thinking of the friends she has made . . . ,Xs a secretary and housewife. her friendliness will make her out- standing . . . GAA. GEORGIANN BI. DANIELS . , "Gee Gee" says. 'fThat's the brakes," to Rose while rollar skating or bowling . . . Her good sense of humor and use of the "Golden Rule" will help her both as a housewife and in her ollice . . , Sr. Choir. Bowling. CAROL DAUM . . . Her sincerity and pleasing personality will help when she becomes a private secretary . . . College awaits her . . . N.H.S.. Special Dance. G..X..X., Senior Prom Com. tTreas.j. CAROL DEASY . . , i'I'll never tell." says 'iIJ.C." who is always smil- ing . . . Hants to join the Xyaves and eventually marry . . . Enjoys driving with the club and has respect for parents. Nlrs. Boughton and other motorists . . . G..y..X.. Nlixed Choir. Hallguard. JEANETTE DE BELLA . . . "Obi for crying out loud!" clon't he too forward or conceited . . . A'kIean" will always remember hook- keeping with Bliss Di Bona . . . this honest gal enjoys skating and dancing . . . GAA- NANCY DE GRAZIA . . . yyith a pleasant outlook on life Nancy will go into office work . . . Going to the movies with Dick are alwavs looked forward to. The proms at school will forcver he in her memory' . . . G..-XA., Spanish Club. BARBARA DELVE . . . Barb's honesty, integrity, and good scnse ol' humor will aid this fixture legal secretary' after business college . . . Steno with Bliss Orzechowski will be remembered . . . In her Iree time. Barb enjoys listening to good music. and reading. CAROL DESECKI . . . "Oh Shocks" says Carol to people who don't have a sense of humor . . . Shell dance her way to Wright to study accounting . . . G..-XA.. Hallguard, Polish Club. IUDITH DEVITT . . . Judy will always remember the -lr. I'rom . . . says "Really Now" to kids that dont like television, shows, or listening to Hi-Fi .... A fter high school she will go to work until she meets someone special . . . Mixed Choir, SUSAN CAROL DE CRISTOFARO . . . Sue believes. "Be sure you know a thing is right before you say it" ...' Iihis depenclahle. courteous miss plans to attend Wright jr. College whcre she will take a secretarial course . . . Pep Club KPTLS-D. L1lN'ilT3. 65 if few .. Um If f ffl!! fr, -ff' av ,Aff Y' WM" fu-k Z QM? f! iv Ai i 'hav' HW WW! I f7Ae Class O MARY ANN DIDIER ...' Phe Golden Rule is what this future yyife liyes hy .... - X trip to California will be enjoyable . . . Skating. shoyys. driving. and eating Morn's spice cake are her pastimes . . . Motu. joyce, Ellen, and Mr. Layvley rate high . . . Mixed Choir, I-Iallgtrard. MARTHA D'IMPERIO . . . "Yot1're going to get yours," if you call Martha inhospitable . . . She'd take something like that or Leaders' Gym initiation in her' stride. but don't cross Miss Farr or Miss Polka . . Reflects on the Washington trip of 1958. LEO DITEXVIG . . . "Spook", yy'ho's "sharp as a tack" when it tornes to pool and hunting, thinks Janice is ideal . , . This ma- thinist-to-lre driyes like a maniac arrtl yery likely. loyes eyery nrintrte of it as long as he's aliye. STANLEY DOLCE . . . Stan enjoys watching TX' with Donna . . . Xfter college. he intends to lrecome a business man . . . Donna and IICUI people rate high on this lioy's list . . . Dislikes conceited people, PATRICIA DOMANICO ,.., Xgainst a lrackgrottnd of guitar music. I'at tlantes antl tlreurns of those yyetltling chirnes . . . "Oh. Okay!" ont: has to utlrnit that she really kneyt' hoyy' to do it ttp in the Sr. Cirls' Choir' . . . N,H,.S.. .Xrlyantetl Dante. Silyer' Streak Rep. AURORA DOMINGUEZ . . . ".Xster" is gilyyays smiling and foreyer late . . , "Hun alront that?" . , . Clnnth :intl yyorking in the floyyer shop alter stliool takes np rnosr ol her tirne altlrongh setting or thzryying ottnpits her lttisnrt' honrs. JOSEPH DONOFRIO . . . Hlot' szrys, "yyh:it ti lrarrrlitttgerfi ythile lroyyling yyith his tlzttl, lhis lntnrt- l4rytyt'r yyill rt'rnt'rnher the ftirr he lrtrtl ytorking trn tht' lr. l'rorn I HIIIIIIIIICL' its ti rt'prt'serrtatiye from his tlIXINlt.ll KATHERINE IJRAYILLAS . . , "lit-tier lgitt' than neyern says ttrllege-lrtrtrntl Kathy . , . Io nrrtlersttirnl is to forgiye . , , 'Ihe pnnttn.rlity ol this Nilyt'r Ntrtxrk I-Qtlitor yyill neyt-r ht- forgotten in N l,t-.rtlt-rs' t.ynr. Qtnll .intl Stroll, X.II.S.. Ilartlanelle. I'rent,h Chill ROBERT XXI DRESMAL , . . "Hey, C,lrarlt'y." ytotrlti tatclring a llinth rrnrskt'y t'yt'r ht' gttunf . , . Ilris atlyenttiresome felloyy' is knnl to .tll. t-spt-ti.tlly Irshing errtlrnsittsts . . , "Iles" lielieyes things tonltl ht' yyorstz str tlon't tlnilrlylt' ttlrottt the present . . . Baseball, Stage Ircyy. LENORE IIENIIOXICH . . . Ihis lnttrre ttuither says "Uh rrrercyn ro singing .intl tlrnning . . , "I.t't-'A znlrnires Xlr. Laysley , . . She Il.ttts to .nrt-ntl toIlt'gt' .rlter grzrtlttation ..,, Xlyyays rernernhers sing- ing ytnlr tht- torlsi C hon in the tity choral tonrpetition. XIII HXEL Ill'RNIL . . , "It shall torne to pass" that l'NIike" he- ttrnn's .r strt-ntt' tt-.nht-r tnnl t-yentttally rntrrry ...' This friendly guy ytrll .rlyy.iys rtrnt'nrht'r thoosing his tlttss ring . . . Xliss Rolctrtc' atntl I-rs Lr.nnlrnotht'r got- ltrlis in his hook . , . I'in arnl Ring Cotnnrittcta IO XX ELLINGSEN . . . "lo lo" says "Rottthy" to going to lolfs lhntglrtt-is nrt't'tings antl tlcrittil yyork , . . Ihis gootl ntittnctl stt'yy.ntlt.s ltrliks to larolyn. sistcrs. ttntl hrothet tis ht'r itlcutls . . slatrztl lltrrntx f..X.X.. St-nror flron tl'rt-s.r. Nttnlt-ts. I'Xl'LIlTTE ELLINGSEN . , . "Ilon't tt'll rnt'." Ml'trlly" pl.rns to Irtvtonn- .tn tltnrtntgny stllt.trl tt'.nht'r :tlttr sht' nntts tht' llt'tt'NN.llX rttittrrvrrrerrts Atl Xorllrtwn Illnrors I ntyt'rstty .. Xtttyt' nr 1- X.X.. Irt'nth flnlr. Ntatrlcttcs, gnnl tht' Nt.n Nt.rIl RONALD ERIKSEN . . Inn loying Hllng Ron" yyrll lly .tnytlytng ontt' . . XXiltlIilt' tonst'ry.rtron .intl trllltltnll spoils ytrll nt'yt't :ct tln till 'Irtt lnnth" lrtrn hint Xlr XX ltn nnl lin ytill shnt ' I ' " . l' . . t ' rrrt-nrtnn-s ol Mtrtrtl lttnts LINUX FXNTINI "I nu' yytll slllyt' tnrlrl ht't gty.tlltiltt'. .I In lls yytltx ls .tlt.itrn'tl 'lltotlrcr lint sht' ll .tln.rys ll'llll'IIllK'l nnttlt ling slltrils t'n st.rgt' Nhcll go lyoytlnrg .intl tl.inting yyith lnr slsltl tlnrtng llt'l ltnnh lnt.rk lion: lrtt st'ttt't.ttr.rl loh . . I. X X I' X IARIK IX If XXI I I I 'I .rnnt yy.rnts to stntly lIllt'Ilt'l tlt'tot- .ning .tt 'Xognt' XXh.rt .r lr.nnt it ls yyhcn yon .tIyy.tys try In tlo yt-ni lrtsl XXIII tnyri It-:get tln' tl.iy sht' got lIl'l tl.tss ring NI.irlrttts Nvnnn ttnls thorn rxl.lIl.lglX'll. llttln'sIi.t. II XRRX I' XSIUXX' "XXho Xlt'? ' s.lXs lI.nty til tttnst' I yyatnl ltr tio ltr tt lltgt- .nnl gt: .r yolr yynh .r high . "llis l.tytnitt' '.tsIIttlts .nv Iroyylrng 1'.IllIll,1, going ltr tlyt' onltltyot. .intl NI trtls . ., lt.ttk RON XIII I"l"Rl-INON 'Nttlnty yyrll try .tnylhing Olllt' tlnrrng Ins yonlh lollvgt- in tln' lnttnt' .intl rt'titt'tnt'nl tis gt nnlhon.tnt- .nt' his .nnlntnyns XXrll .ilyy.tys rttnt'rnlrt'r Xlt. Illlg' tg.ntl's tl.rss ntth I.ryorit,snr , Xlrs. R.nnt'y tlt'st'tyt's .ill his ptxiisti IBXRIIXR X l'I"'I I' . XX.ttt'r skiing .intl thop snt'y stnnnl gootl tty 'lktrl-t"' .ts long .ts Io.nnn' .intl lltrtnnt' .nt' tln'tt '... Nht' sriys. l'XX'lyo. nrt' " yyht'nt'yt'r y.n.itnrn yyilh tht' girls is sy nkt'n ol . . . Xl ttyllvgt' sln' Il ,tlyynys lrt' yytllnrg ltr ht'lp sorncont' staintl tip ltn yyh.rt s right, 1.XIKUl.lC I"I'll'S'I'lCl ,.., tt'llt'gt' honntl t ztrolt' yyill tn'yt'i lotgvt tht' yyonth'rInl Ilnn' sln' htttl on tht' xkllNllllll,llOlI llilr . , . XXith lltt' lr'-lp t-l ht'r lxntnts ht'Itintl ht't. sln' yyill .rlyy.tys try to nr.tkt' tht'nr lrrtnnl ol ln'r :intl to ht' rr snttt'ss , , , Notiztl t't'ntt't ltyin-I N-HS. I'.X'I1RIflIrX Fllllx . . . l'.ll tltrt'stt'l likt' tolnt'ltt'tl lyt'trlrlt', lyttt slit' tlots enjoy listrnitrg to tt'tottls . . . Slit' lyl.nrs to .lllt'llll ytyllrup ,ilit-1 high sthool . . . Ilt'r tltit'I .nnhilion is to ln' .tn itttvtltn tlt'ttyl.ttot . . . Xltnn. Ilznl, znnl lltann' rqilt' high yytlh lllls gal fili une, 7959 MAUREEN FITZGERALD . . . "Mic'key"' says "Jiggers" to having at good titne . . . Bonnie and the lVashington trip will never he forgohtten . . . a friendly' personality' may' help her to meet that certain person . . . G..-XA., Hallguard. JOYCE FITZPATRICK ...' l'his future "grammar school teacher" plans to attend IVright Jr. College and then go to Northern . . . Miss Ornstein ancl Miss Farr are rated high with this gal . . . G.A..X., Future Teachers, Pep Cluh. Jr. Choir accompaniest. JUDY FLAMM . . . Bowling and listening to records really Ville with this future stenographer . . . This considerate lass can not stay' quiet for long when hungry' . . . "l'ractice what you preach" is her only' answer to snohs . . . Lihrary' Worker. G..-X..-X. DAVE FLAX . . . This witty. stuclious, and conscientious young man is determined to he happy' and successful in whatey er he does. Though college hound. he'll still lincl time to howl. play' golf. ping pong. and tennis . , . Bowling. Student Council. DAVE FRANCZYK . . . Happy' go lucky' "Franny"' wants to retire at twenty'-one with a mere millicm . . . Really' goes for eating pina and riding around with the fellows , . . Brother rates high . . . Hallguarcl. FELICIA FRANKS . . . 'llietter helieye it" says Felicia while eating pizla with Lee ,... -X sparkling personality' will aid her in hecoming a secretary' and marriage will make a fast follow' up , . . Mrs. Soder- herg "adds up" . . , Senior Girls' Choir, G..X.A. MICHAEL FRIEDMAN . . . "Hello, Fans." says "Freecly." while pai- ticipating or watching any sport . . . He hopes to he sttcccssful in whatever he undertakes after college ..., X goocl disposition along with honesty and rcspectfulness to others will accompany him. ANTHONY FRIGO . . . Honest "Ant" liycs a good clean life which will aid him in college days studying architecture . . . He enjoys roller skating and playing chess while Carl and Mrs. O'Rourke are there for moral support. PATRICIA GADACZ . . . "Oh shuc-ks." says Pat when she can't find time for reading . . . Becoming an airline stewarcless will realize a goal . . . Shes "up in the air" when she hcars Patricia Munzels yoice .... Xlways friendly and sincere. WVILLIAM GEEVER . . . If "Geey" hopes to he a success he'cl hetter he ready for opportunity when it knocks . . . lVhile not husy in college. he will indulge in eating and hunting . . . Girls will he welcome to go with him. LEONARD GEORGIAN ..., -Xttencling college to hecome and elece trical engineer won't giye I.eonarcl much time for howling . . . His philosophy of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." will help him through life . , . He will laughingly' recall his freshman year. ELAINE GIAMPAOLI . . . Oh, go en! you must know' that Elaine's going to Rosary with Miss Dechent's hest wishes . . . lN'hy' sure. and with a pleasant outlook shes going to teach music' in the gram- mar school . . . Benefittecl from I-'uture leachers. Star Stall W--,V sl,-ff "f:::" intl' 27 'V 0 W , 'JW W' Iii? NW A-" 4 ,ygsv-41" DONALD GIANNINI . . . "The Kid' plans to attend Wright amuses himself at Lion's Junior College . . . 'lhis future playhoy Ballroom . . . He likes to go tlttt and meet strange people. but will always rememher Mrs. 'l aglia with kindness . . . Poothall. VALERIE GORNY . . . "Val" is always smiling and trying to do hcr hcst . . . lt's a great life to write letters to Chet while shes at Nursing school . . . 'l he Junior Prom and picinc will always linger in her memory . . . Star Stall. Polish Cltlh. JERRY GRABEK . . . "Down with the Rock and Roll" and up with that heat in his political circle . . . Getting rich quickly' is a superh idea . . . he will always rememher his lirst football games in which we were yictoriczus oyer .Xmunclsetr BONNIE GRALIN . . . 'l'his goocl-naturecl girl plans to go Olll to the salt mines after her years at school . . . A'Mommy' No. 2" rates high with her . . . Shell always rememher the time that she ripped her skirt while running clown the hall. VINCENT M. GRAMAROSSA . . . Sports minded "Gram" says "How 'hout that" to the Lane game of '57 . . . hopes to become an electrician . . . Brother. Nick, is aclmirecl . . . College or the Nayy is in the future . . . Foothall. Basehall. ROBERTA GREENLEAF . . . North l'ark College. here comes "lSohhie" and "all that jan!" ...' l'his future music' teacher enjoys acconnganying the choir especially at the Spring Music Festival . . . she neycr judges people hefore kncawing them wcll. MILDRED GRESCH . . . Because of a husy schedule. "Milli" may seldom find time to go horsehack riding while studying to he an English teacher . . . Big hrother is a jcwel . . . hrings hier sense of humor whereyer she goes . . . German Cluh tYeepy. N.H,S, JANICE GRIPPANDO . . . "Good grief" said Janice when told she was to he a memher of the accelerated senior class . . . College a il g ic a teaching career will follow graduation. She enjoys talking with fricnds and reading . . . Miss Grant and Aunt Lucy' are super. GIVENDOLYN GROSS . . . Gwen shows a certain smile when she she thinks of her t'freshie" days . . . Working at Win. A. Lewis and eating moms chicken is just grand . . . perceiyes marriage in her future . . . Mt. Lawley is her ideal. 67 ,AS Q' '9- NI' 1? sl", X 1, L-I WH,-Xkfix Xi XHIE H X'STERUf lx NI .IIIIII - Ili II' I' 'I -JIII' "III, Ir' ' , I. -- 'Ing l'II III III I XIIIIII- IIl'Ii IIIIII NII II.II,s III 'I.IIII IIIIIII .II.IIII I. ILII2 . li' .1 IIIIII' .IIIII III .- 'I 'I'. tII'I- f1EfJRf1IX Pl XSTINGS f,II: I 'I III li' , IIIIIIIIIIQ .I:,f I'..II,:,g II I'.l I' I I.:-'IIIIII I ' EI, :II 'I.III.I:- I l'I- LII III'-IIII, IIII1 '- 2' I tlil, IIlI'i .I. I'III'I" Xl -- XIIf,I I Rflx XLI1 FIEHXE l' II I' .I 'IIIIIIII' I li' 2 'fIII' 'I' II' l' 'II ,'I':IT I' ifg HI ll I-I,III,III'. 'I'r I-IN' IMI I III I. ..:III. I I,I I1 I GLENN FIEIXIHI fff lII' 'I II III, 'LII IIIQ 5I.Ill'- "I If.II,II IX' I IIIIII III II II I Xa". IIIZI Xl,II ' II: I I,II .f'IIIIIII..:I. lC:IIf R13 fflLLSTRfJNl IIIf' '.II,I I II 'IfI!TIII'- III II',I.Q ,I I III I .. I,I"I' IIII IfII'.I IIIIIII IIIIIQI III XI .IIA I . II III III-I 'III' III IIIIIII Irfl :I 'I' IIIIIIIITIII IRYI IA l'fflI,ffIRl.fl. XI' 1 ,II I III 'II 'fl KIIIII 'II II' IIIIII .Ig,I,I, I ,I 'III I I I 'I Il N fI't'I III IIIIII l'II IIIIIIIIIII lII'II IIIIII , NII PII' I II l'I' II I f.KRfH. HflIN 'ILD II ', QII 'II II,lIIQI ,II'f III , III 'I.IIIII I IIIII' IIIII III 'III 'I.IfIII .I Xl 'II I III II,I I'IIIIII.III Q.IIIII I"III f'II', XIIRUIRLVI HIIINIS I-l LI IIIIII III III 'II' I.II, I" ,I III,I' .II' .' IIII III NI IIIIIIIII I'II fIIIII'.:IIII II.I' I II III IC.IIII' lIIII'IIIIIII IIIIIII II IIIIII .II I I,1 II,III I I .III II 'I II' -I lX,'III-IIII llllllll HI Nl I' ' I' III' 'I' I III 'I ,II IIIIIIII II I." I',II'I IIIIIII I IIIIII III II IIWIII III IIIII IIII III II t,IIII I I II II IIIIII 'III UH -6 ff? me Cfass O JACQUELYN GROSS . . . It's off to business college for prixate secretary "jackie" . . . XN'orking. reading. and swimming are this gals faxorite pastimes .... -Xdmires Miss C,-rant I:ll'lCl tries to lixe hy the Golden Rule, N.H.S, WVILLIAN1 GIIERRA . . . "SuIteh and soda for Willy please" he- foie he's late to college . . . This Uplayhof' admires Frank Sinatra and dances to his latest hits . . . He's Four-If: Food. Females. Fun. aIId Finance. ARLENE GULDAN . . . Bowling and going to the mmies helps pass .Xrlenes spare time . , . Clmnptometer sthool and marriage are in the future . , . Graduation Day uill always he remernhered. DARLENE GEL.-KN . . ,HISTIYI tlIat terrific." saxs Dar when l'1OM'lIIlg with the girls . . . Her first GAA, f,0T0II2iAliOIl txill always he rerneI'rIIIe1eIl by this XI.lJ.'s or lI.II.S.'s assistant . . . She heliexes in the fIIIlIlcrI Rule ZIICI lists her Ill'f1IlICl, Frank. as her ideal. ROSE NIARIE GUNIINO . . , "Haw fllll nhile Iffll can." adxi-es R0-I: . . . lhis fIiIgIIrllI IIIIIIII: set.tetaIy enjoys listening to records and liles III IXIQI: . . . !I,X.,X.. fixif, 'I ReIII'esIgIItaIixe, KATHLEEN HALLORAN . . . 4'RaIIII" siIIIeII,lx Iugliexcs in the fIIIlIlI:II RIIII: and plans III I'xIIIisIg II III IIIIII,-gf: . . , "Really noni" IIrIIIIliIIg is Illll Iflll lI1,I 'll-ltl-si IIIIIIIA III IIZIIIFIIIZ . ,. lliis I.lCBNE1I1l lIit:IIIIlx III-IIIIII ls IIIIIIIIII III Xliss s:IlIIII:I. B.XRB.XR.X ANN HXNIXI KNO . 'III III' IIIIII' III gfjl LIIIIIIQ I-IiIlI all IIIIICIIIII lIIIIIls 'II III-IIIIII: Is HIIIIIIIIII s 21,IIl . ,. llL1X4,l Inartiagtz :IIIII IIILII II IIIIIIIII' I,I IIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIII .III- IIIII,III IIII Ill the IIIIIIII- , l':IxIIIs Xliss l'.III ROBERT L. HXWPLENIAN , . IIIIII I-.III I.IIII Illllfj IIIII IIIIIII IIIIIIIIIQ 'Ill III- IQII III gn III IIIIII-gr llltll IIII- XIIIIX ,. HfJI,fg- III :II .I QIIIIII IIQIIIIIQ IIIII -IIIIII' Il.I'I . XIIIIIIII- fiilfl ,NIIIII.Ic-s',- a IIIIIIIII '.'.I.I'lI IIIIIIIIIIQ III- IIIHI IIIIX .II NtI.:IIIIIII-If XII'-,I-If CIVIIII, ROBERT HXPXCR . IZIII lslI'I IILIIIIIIIIQ ll llIII' '.'. IICII IIC --H'Is II .II II-I IIIQ ,- IIIsI1III,IIII I.IXllIIItj . . XIIIIIIIIIIQ III :III IIIIIQIIIIII- IIIIIII Il,tIt I-III IIIIIIII IIIIII III I-.IIII Ill ,. XIIIIQIIIX II-I.x IIII-IIIt,s-, fHlPll.LI HXRINC fIIXI,s 'I-.LIII's III II'g LI IIIIllifIIIaII'3s '.'IIIl5 s-- II,.II sIII I.III Il.IIIII, .Ill Illlr I.I.Ix QIIIIIIIIII l,II I,alaIII . Xleelznq I:I'-I Illtlllir ls .IlI.I.Ix- III.IIls III IIIII I.-.IIIII 'III' lists III II.Ig fIIlIlIgII RIIII TERRX L. HXRSTXD, .t,I,IIIl II.IIIIII:Il If,ll'I l.I,II 'ull alvxaxs IIIIIIIIIIIII II I, IIIIIIIIN XIII' IIIIIIIII at NtIgiIIIIIL'If . . Nl'I': Infxlsc- t'I MII- IIIII I.-. I.1lI 'IIIIIII' XIIIIIZ , . IXIIIIIIIQ III an IIHIII' fs III "ng III'III- XII- XXtII.IIII Iiilts IIIQII . . I.lIIlI1IX IIIIII lilirfliuiil, GER XLD P. HXRTYYIG l'IIIsx III sms CII IIIQII gn I.-.I,,II Is' ll,j .IIIIf III I.-IIIIQ '.II:lI III' gitfs . . tII'IIIIg .IIIIIIIIZIII III I '-I I II,'I's III. Il III I.t,sI IgIIIsI III gAlII.,Ix- IIIIIN I-,IIIQ II . IIIIII I,II III' Ii".'i.II2. 6 i 3. -' 'VJ- une, 7959 KATHLEEN H. HUNYADY . . . "Kathy" wants to become a won- derful cook like Mom . . . College and secretarial work are in store for her . . . Going to club with Helen is fun . . . Thinks Miss Selinger is just great . . . Hallguard. MYRNA HURWITZ . . . That "fantabulous" Washington trip of just can't be forgotten by "Myrn" . . . Education courses in col- lege awaits . . . Special Dance, Jr. Choir, Star Staff. Future Teacher. French Club tTreas.j. Ring Com.. Quill and Scroll. MARY HUTTNER . . . "Do your best and be yourself," says Mary to Judy . . . 1'Twas nothing" to go to the football games and the GA..-X. Board meetings . . . Plans to be a grammar school teacher . . . Leaders' Gym, Dardanelles, Pep Club. Spanish Club tPres.j. N.H.S. CHARMAINE IELER . . . Future secretary. Char. says "you know what I mean." when she speaks of Mrs. O'Rourke as cream of the crop . . . This friendly gal neyer puts anything off that can be dcne today . . . Playing the Hi-Fi passes the time. STEPHEN INTERDONATE . . . "How're things?" asl-'s Steyerino as he crawls out from under his car ..., After graduation hard work and a try at "boss of the Business" will keep this guy iumrin' . . . The drums and bass are always a good introduction for Mr. l.awley. BARABARA ANN JANIA . . . Barb will read her books and play her piano 'til college comes .... ls a famous writer she will sing the praises of Miss Grant . . . It's not "C'est la Vie" but "to thine own self be true" that will giye Barb the ambition to go far. ANN MARY JAROSZEWVSKI . . . "Watch your language" and "honesty is the best policy" "Annie's" life . . . This kind an oliice and passes her time GEORGENE JOHNSEN . , says "forget" but she helieyes ability . . . In her leisure are the two most prominent rules in and generous friend plans working in with embroidering and knitting. . I-Iospitable and witty "Red" often in doing eyerything to the best of her she en'oys dancing and listenin' to . - ,I L V - 3 crooner "Sinatra" . . . F.T.,fX.. Jr. Prom Com.. Mixed Choir. LUCILLE JOHNSON . . . Oh well! Lucy can't get serious when relating the tale of the snake in the girl's locker room to the GAA. and Ring Committee . . . Secretarial training will precede marriage. SUSAN JOHNSON . . . "Oh well" eyen if she is always fooling around. "Sue" has time for swimming and dancing ..., by think- ing of others first. she hopes to make a good wife. but first comes two years of college. JOHN JORGENSEN . . . John enjoys passing his leisure time working on automobiles . . "billboard paintern. . after graduation he plans to be a JACK JOYNT . . . L'Athletic" Jack is willing to giye up bowling, swimming and water skiing to deyote all of his time to becoming an attorney . . . De Patil will prepare him for a law career. BETTY KALINSKY . . . Bett driyes around in a conyertible and works at the Jewel to take up her leisure time . . . this future typist hopes to become a good wife . . . Miss Rompf rates high. CHARLES KARNEFI-'EL . . . K'Did we haye a riot with our motion picture camera." says Charles . . . this record collector "Views" college ahead . . . has a flair for picking unusually styled glasses . . . looks up to Jerry PHILIP KATZ . . , Model Kings" in his spare time . Lewis . . . Hallguard. railroader Phil enjoys the "game of . , an engineering course in I.I.T. awaits him . . . will remember participating in the City Science Fair. N.H.S.. Band. Star Staff. JOYCE KAVAJEC . . . Cheerful Joy says "Hi, How are you"? to her ideals Mrs. O'Rourke and Maryann , . . to attend Busi- ness College and tOI.11' Europe and the I'.S. are in the future . . . Relaxation is achieyed by dancing, and swimming. PATRICIA KELLY . . . f'To thine own self be true" is Pat's phi- losophy while bowling, swimming. and being with Mike . . .Memo- ries of the Jr. Prom and Miss Jacobek's history class will be with her whether she becomes a secretary or is married. DONALD KENDALL , . . If you eyer need any help with your car. Don will be glad to aclyise you . . . M'orking on cars pleasantly passes his leisure hours . . . Dreams of owning his own auto-repair shop creep into his reyerie. CAROLYN KESTIAN . . . mls that so?" asks Carolyn while eating pizza with her friends . . . Night school at Wright is in line for this gal . . . She plans to become a secretary and then settle down and raise a family . . . Mixed Choir. MARILYN KESTIAN . . . "Oh gosh." says Mar. because she won't be able to go to Club while she's attending night school at Mlright . . . Has hopes of becoming a secretary . . . Miss Farr is O.K. . . . Jr. Choir. Polish Club, and Hallguard. JAQUELINE KIRISUK . . . "Jackie" wants to work as a secretary until she can afford modeling school . . . She intends to "liye her life to its fullest" . . . the day she fractured her knee in Miss Rolence's gym class is unforgetable , . . Pep Club. 69 ZIWW 'Nl' ef--.avr 'nav' yy-ww if 'Wi 'fb-amen y AY 110- N-...Y me Class O GLORIA JO KLEIN 4 . . It will take "plenty of perseierenceh to liecome a successful Commercial artist . . . Gloria plans to attend Wright jr. and the Art Institute . . 4 Remembers the art awards she won at Steinmetz. CAROL KLEMENZ . , . "Aw gee, kids." Susie wants to be a house- frau and raise a family . . . No. her dancing and sense of humor won't lie wasted . . . Shell see her fr iencls. and they'll bowl as they clicl with the GA..-X. MICHAEL KOLODZIEJ . . . "Doe Kalodf' prescribes. "Help others and youll get help when you need it." . . . Helping others is exactly what "Kalocl5" intends to practice as a cloctor . . . Student Council, l'refNlecl. Latin Club rpresy. KEN KONECNIK .... Xlong with collecting cleep and darls secrets. nrnsieal Kerr struggles explaining rules of competitise sports to his lrorn . . . Iloes his liest preparing for the future jazz band at Larnptts Crew meetings. Band. and N.H.S. HELEN KOPITAR . . , Renremliers irrst clay at Steinnretz when lrer pritle of a junior' was otttragecl at rrrrlair accusations of lieing Z1 freshie . . . Marriage arrcl rrrotlrerlroocl follow with tlre help of God. D.-ARLENE KOPKE . . 4 "lJarts'i enjoys singing sacred rrrttsic 4 . . Slre rlocsnt szix "How slrorrlfl l lsrrow ' wlrerr it corrres to r'ernen'rlier- ing tlre Spring C,lrrrr'zil llestixzil . . , llelietirrg irr prater arrcl trxing ro lie lic-lplrrl to rrrrrrrlsirrcl will rrrzilse lrer zi success in zirrttlring. ALLEN KOZINSKI .. t,c-rn-rcrrrs Xllcrrr clrezirns ol rrrzilsirrg a million . . , He heliexc-s tlrere is scrrrre gclcrcl in etc-rxcrrre 4 . , Decorating the tgttrrs fcrr tlrc- clzirrccrs will :rlwtits lie rerrrc-rrrlrerc-cl . , , Social Center' C,crrnrrr.4 lxex Clnll. DON IxOZ1 RA . , 4 l-rrttrre tc-terirrxrrltrrr lirrrr. lreliexes "tri lraxe a lrierrtl urn rrrrrsl llc' orrc '," , 4 , His gcrcrcl seltse ol lrttrrror rnacle a Irir witlr ls.rrlrx Lis rr will at tlre l rrixersirx oflllirrois,,.X0teI'nl1Cr !Ttlr is .1 rc-tl letter lor tlris zrclrrrirer tri Xliss Rornpl4 DIANE KRLPP . . . hlrrrlrttrst fcrllege is rrralsing roorrr for this "Rumi rrrttclrirrc' popttlttrlx Lrrtrwrr :ts "Krttpptalse" 4 . . Betts and lltml .agree tlrgrt 'lsnriwleclge is at persons lrest tool." . . 4 Pan- Cltrlr4 ll.rrcl4rrrt-lles. Hallgrrzrrcl. leaclrers secretary ROBERT kl'HEl'SS . . 4 Holi sttrtc-s tlrzrt three years in shop was at ltIL'l'lk' wlrerr lre goes with tlrc- gtrxs . , , His lretrotlred IUUSL hate Xlr. l-.clrc-llrrrrgers trpprcwal lic-lore lre lezites for the Coast Guard . . . Hzrllgrtarcl. jANlES KLHR 4 . . "XXcrr'L arrcl more worls thats the wax to be a slltcessi, stirs lznnc-s . . . "O lrecls with it" be happy exerx das of rnnr lttc' zrrrcl xonll hate rnacle it a success .4 .Bowling and eating tlrrclcen :ire ltncrrite pastimes. DIANE KURDZIEL . . , "lon lrctter' lreliexe it." sometlas Diane will trarxc-l :cr South Arnc-rica . 4 . Being neat and lsind will carrs rlris tntrrrc- sterrographer tlrrcrnglr lnrsinc-ss college . . . 4'Rc'alls" Nlrs. tic-lrarrt ls tlre greatest 4 . . Hallgtrtirtl JUAN Kl,'RUAVSKl . . . fmocl sport "lcv" will 4lUlDlf'Nllk'3lf' l00 .ililef grzrcltratrorr . . . "l'll nexer tell" saxs she ccrncerrrirrg the tlrrill ul re- cc-ixing an trrt award . . . Ycrllcwlrgrll nralses a clirect scrxe into the lrlc- oi tlrrs lntrrre clerls rn a crrrrnlr ciisllch jEAN kL'TRl'BIS . . . howl hc-:irtc-cl 'ltrgc' is alw.rxs lnll of fnn . . , Hating lnrr toclzix. lcrrgc-ttrrrg tcnrrorrcrw is .rpplrecl when getting in Htrotilllc- willr fzrrnillc' . . . lreirng llre onlx gill in plrxsrcs with ., ,4 , c -'l ft'll.r s c,rrrt lie lcrrgcrttc-rr, SANDRA LAJKA . . . "Non lsrrcrwh lerri's ull to college lu slttclx' lcrr rlrgit ,ill rrrrprrrtgrrrt .rppcrrntrrrcrrt .rs .r l.rlr tc-tlrtrwr.rrr . "lrxe grrrcl let ling" s.rxs tlrrs striking lrcrwlcr . . . Nletnnties ul tlrc' I'rcrrrr .ire Irlcsc nt wlrrle rl.rttcrrrg , Allssl.1,tllli5lc'slsHl'll'l1l.llll- lc.isl ls lllflilll LANIII. "l..rrrr .r lrrentl g.rrrr new lsrrcrwleclgc' . . . 'Lrrcrtl nrrclf' "lc-r wrll llc' tlre snr.rrlc-st lrc-s nr rcrllegc' , . lennis. lrarwlrrrg .rrrrl gctll t.rLc' up lrrs lllllc' rwrw EIANIICS l XXL "lint rrnlx strrxcs lor tlrrrrgs lrc' corrsiclers ini- Ircrrt.rtrt Nlr lXc'stergtr'r'tr .ttrcl Nlt lc'tclrtr.trt .tt'c' ttrpi . . . AAlI.ll Xle wrrrrx s.rxs tlrrs lllllllt' gtrttlcwl trrrsstlc' c'trgitrc'c'l . . . X ll N .l'rrsi lsex lllllvrAl'l'Irl,NI.ll.1l'lIt'h.Sl.ll Ntttll, 1.ll Illllil YY, l ANI-l', VIR. 'Nlrrlsru is Iltbl Qtailrg ltr pill ull 'lil tcrrrrorrcrw wlr.rt ln- c.rrr -lo tircl.rx 4 , . Xlrc-.nlx lre lrqrs lrcrpes nl being .r printer rlril lrt' lr-.nn .rnxtlrnrg .rlrnnt tilting lu-ing the onlv lrtrx rrr rl.rss , "Ilrc'trr tlll' tlrc' lrtcurl-cs" RUN tl.Il l K I'UR'lA . Ron s.rts "Nou wlren tlre grrxs srrggrest srrrrretlrrrrg rrtlrr-r rlr.rrr grilling .rnrl Inrwlrrrg . , , llris lntnie nreclicnl strnlerrl puts rrrtcr pr.tctrcc' tlrc- Irlrrlcrsoplrx ol. "lite Qrncl let lixef' . .. Xlrs l.rglr.r ll4'.ltls lrrs lrsr ol rcle.rls .rlnrrg wrtlr Slranon . . 4 lnnnw l'rrnrr, llowltrrg, IlkRl l'1NlC NIAIC LARSIAQN . . . "Min Iretf' "ll,rr'i stile lrxes ln tlrc' "t.nlclc'rr Rule." . . 4 lhrrrcrrrg lret w.rx crll In innirn usllc-ge with Rnrrrrr is gcnrrg to Ire nrcrrc- Inn Ilrrrn nrrrlsing tlre lrnrwsr rnll in lrer' st'llicrl sc-:rr . . . Recl llcnrtl llnlr. ll.rllgrr.rrcl. Real floss. -IIM LARSON . . . "XYlrgrl else rs new?" lint s.txs . , . "ron get ont ol lilc: wlrgrl urn lint into il" 4 . . llris lc'll.r will .rttettcl urllrgx' .tml nrrtrrrarllx strixes lcrr success wlrile plrnlsitrg un tlrc' rxnries , . . will rrc-ser lunge! lris lrrst strrgc' .rlrpc'ttrgrtrcc' . . , Nlixecl flwrit Xucrmlmrrist, 70 une, 7959 ROGER LARSON ...' l'o help others is Rog's wish . . . Baseball and bowling take tip leisttre hotirs until inveigled to the L'. of Illinois for an engineering course . . . Old "Rog" now sauters through the halls of Steinmetz, but as a freshie "It t'was't so" . . . N.H.S. TERRY LEE . . . Terry' does good and avoids evil . . . "How 'bout that?" . . . llonna's auto mechanic dreams of Navy' "blues" . . . welll that's the way' the "soda cracker" crumbles. TOM LENBERG . . . "First work and then play"' with that blue- eyed blond interests this sports-minded future engineer ...' l'om. a staunch advocate of the honesty policy. will never quite forget his first day' at Steinmetz . . . Bowling. IOANNE LERRO . . . "Gee whiz!" says "Io" when dancing and bowling with the girls . . . Uncle Phil and .Xunt Iflem are proud of Jos motto, "Do unto others as you want others to do unto you." She desires to dabble in the art of modeling . . . Bowling. STUART LETWAT . . . "Stu" says. "Whose driving tonight. guys?" when going bowling or ottt with the girls . . . going to college to scout the finer things of life and that thought of CZ.ll..X. really perks this guy up . . . Bowling. SHEILA LEVINE . . . "She" indttlges in swimming. horseback riding. and reading .... X college education shows bright in this girl's eyes . , . the hrst day of high scared her a little. bitt she soon got into the swing and finds laughcr anywhere she goes. ANN LIBERIO . . . Haight jr. College. heie comes "llabe." who loves to make friends and keep them . . . this future secretary says A'You'd better believe it" when she explains abotit het thrilling elevator ride in school . . . I-Iallguard. PATRICIA LILJEBERG . . . "Really" Pat thinks otlice work and marriage are for her. with of course ample leisure time for skating. swimming. and howling . . . the trip to Xvashington will be among her fondest memories. SHARON LIPPERT . . . "Hell I'll be darned." exclaims Sharon to people who clon't finish what they start . . . she hopes to work in an ollice . . . that auspicious occasion when she received her class ring won't be clil-hcult to remember . . . Silver Streak Rep. SHARON LIPPO . . . "Well it is better to try' to be yourself at all times." replies Sharon . . . still undecided about becoming a nurse . . . however listening to Hi Fi with Barry' or shopping remains . . . Nlrs. Onesto and Barry rate high . . . Streak Stall. Nlixed Choir. CHARLES L. LODING . . . "It will never fly"' is a favorite remark of "Chuck's" . . . he's the type who prefers to play' football and go swimming . . . "Now hear this." the Navy' beckons Chuck before he becomes a structural engineer . . . Bev' and Miss Rolence are tops. JEANNETTE LOFTIS . . . College bound "tIenny"' will always re- member her first water ballet here at Steinmetz . . . this personable and sincere mademoiselle enjoys dancing. swimming. and chatting with Barb. Nancy. and joanie . . . her sisters are ideal. 'WF' 'Q W it ff f f M,M.,1,.w , 'lm f g jg ff We .. gpm V. envy www-rf 'Vs PE' 357 gif . iff ..... . A Z M if jOANNE LOFTIS . . "jo" says. "whats wrong with a nursing career?" . . . this friendly dependable girl always does her best in everything . . . skating. and talking with jenny' and Eileen occupy' her spare time . . . Red Cross. BERNIE LOHAN . . . "Butch" says, "Citing Ho", to dating and eating . . . College and teaching face this real swell guy' . . . the 'BH Austin game will stick for a while. but thoughts of Irene will stick longer . . . Football. PAUL LOMAX . . . 'fl3ud" doesnt think hunting and fishing is a lot of balonev . . . will work himself tip the ladder of success to a position as a contractor from a carpenter's apprenticeship . . . Karen, his guiding angcl. will be there to help him. ANTHONY LOMBARDI . . . 'l'rustw'orthy' "'liony"' enjoys taking Chris Ulll . . . as a printer at "Wallace Press" he'll show his ingness to succeed . . . ylunior year and Nlrs. 'liaglia were swell. will- DOROTHY LUCZAK . . . to be stire. ullottieu w'on't forget those fascinatin' lane football gamcs . . . for the future. success as a beau- tician will sullice . . . however. dancing and bowling will never be excluded from her fun activities .... X smart cookie to be remem- bered by Bliss Rompf. ROY LUNDBERG . . . Roy says "thats the breaks" if you do something tomorrow which can be clone today . . . be a success will fulilll the wants of his sotil . . . that "D" in English is hard to forget . . . Nlrs. O'Rourke is a jewel . . . Basketball. Qocial Center. LANA LYNCH . Tyw. cut it out!" . . . Keep smiling and you can t help becoming a success says "Min" who aims to follow- il footsteps of her icieal. Mrs. laglia. and become a teacher. 1 the BEVERLX MADEEN . . . t'l5c'v'." says "Oh. my gosh!" when going fllll with Nlike and eating Nlom's fried chicken . . . this ptmctual girl livcs bv the golden rtile . . . will remember becoming captain of the iuayioiettes when she does oilicc work. DOLORES NIAGELLAN . . . Being honest and able to laugh will carry' Dolores through college and well on her wav to a teaching career . . . talking on the phone to .Xl or ice skating is alwavs a pleasant cliversion . . . French club. Star Stati. l7.l'..Xf. Streak 71 Rep. f"7 23. fm X .4-up iw' if Z4 iff' me C4155 O KAREN MAGNET . . . School rnarrn Karen is going places-today, Nitty Pier, and torrrorrow the world . . . Sp. dance. majorettes to-captain. French Clluh. Ring Committee and Student Council . . . Nlichigan was a memorable experience. NANCY MAGNONE . . . "Oh! I forgot" says Nancy while swimming oll to college under praiseworthy Bliss Rolencek supervision . . . She will spend her Spare time water skiing, dating, and talking to mlezrunette .... Xdt. swim, Future Teachers. ANITA NIAISOLD . . . "Nia" who is considerate of otherb. lives hy the "Golden Rule" . . . Working at the hospital and eating pizza pqfythe time. Grantlrnother is tops . . . Red Cross. Senior birls . ron. EILEEN NIAISS . . . "Lite and let lite." says "Iii" . . . Being a rereptiorrist soundw enjoyable . . . She sees nrarriage in the future . .. Xlrt, I-Qxarhox will zrlwuxs he reruerrrliered . . . GAA.. Silxer Streak Rep.. fiirlx Choir. ELAINE ,NIAISS . . . "E", who stands for rricenexs and rreutnew tloesrrt put things oll 'til tornnrrow . . . "lJar'u it" il she can't hit those pruw . , . Ciettrug out ol xrhnnl ezrrlt, wax appreciated . . . Cierurau Club. CHX. X. JACQUELINE NIAITLAND . . . Izukie mu i'HrilX row" while xkating or tlaruiug . . . Slit: plzinx ltr11tlt'rltl Wright junior College :rnrl later ou litztorru- it xtr-wrrrtlt-xx , . , lrieruls Nat xlre is kind turd gertetottx . . . Xlrx. lzxztrltm Qrntl Xlikt- taut- high, GERALIJ NI.KNCl'S0 ...' 'Strt-ith" lwliettw thztt nothing ix irri- pfwilile lor tlrmt: who will .unl tluwt- who wzutt llrix luture rru-tlurnitgtl t'rtgtru't'r mu Xlrx. Uruxttt ix .1 lewel . . . "How 'litutt tlr.u?" llzrxketlutll .tntl halting .ue parxtirtrtw. NANCY WARC , . . l'tit'utllt Nquut plains tn work in zur olhte ttrrtil Slit' wgrlkx tltrwrt tlrt' .ttwltx Her leixtrrt- llllll' lx Nperrl ln going to Nltowx, w.ttthtug l X .uul Irxtt-nutg In rt-ttirtlx. C..X.X. NIICHEXL L NI XRIXNI IR .... Xtirh 'Alike' thc-re'll he "no Nw:.rt in working ur .ur trllut' with gr xetretgut , . . lhe Iillli' he won ru tltxrxrtiu Itvr allowing the num irupruterueul will Lilwau kg-ep ltrru lwippx RUSENIXRY NIXRONE , . . X rt-.rl xk.ttt' ou ite. Roxerrrart ix her wurx I-wr .it partrtw with the kills ..,, Hill lie ture to Show trlltrgtr xluelwkrtr .tt tht' teunit tourt . . . 'I he Hawlringtnu lrip w.tN .t ttirrxttxttiorr plete irt l'rt'ruh Cluli. RUN XLIJ ,L NIXRTINELLI . . . Hlllrqttgt tu waruui do touiglrtiv 949 . Ut-ll . . "Xlgrrtt" wgtntx to print mute ruilliorr tlfrllztr liillx 1 .intl tlu-n rt tut ',.. ltxpltuiug the rcalru ol gootl rnuxit ix an extel- tug' Q, lt rtt wax to pau tlu' Iirrrtx 6' ef ROSE NIXSENGO . . I-uuut liut Nertxilrlt' "Sapphire" lreliexu in Q' ltilltrwing tlu' fmltlerr Kult '...' Wltt. I llL'l'tl urine- nunrc-xfi .ire lrer k fgc it-:unitrit-tllttttittlpIllu-lorlt' taking tlqulx riir lor gt xpru . . . llrtx luturt' 1 ywgg xorr.t win .t'r n ti txt-N twin. 'f ,f f . RUY W,-XTTHES Riu- tr ill lit git ing .tri Qrtttrttlrl .rt rt.Ilt gt wlrtfrr ltr- start- ftilltirlrrrg twine ll Ill .flew lttp all tr uit ruturt it til ,, ' i 'N - Sr. fmrrnsrn flul, :lull ln. '.-. ling " JANICE XWY Nl KZUY lik I un lo'-tug Xl.txt rnl tt lltiu I get r-4-,titrtl '-.lltlt pl.rurrtrtg lfti .r lt,itllllIQ r.rtttt XII tllrriuglr V ' lilt' rrrerrrririt- ol r.rli tgrlirng tn llit' wporte lnltl utl Xlr lit-tht ut -' Q will lrrilrl prvirrrtrrerrtt' i ,' QC RONALD Nl XZZIU Spit it rut Rott 'VIII lrurw rt txrr I .rllciwt tl V 7 , t, --. :it rlillrgf f,ilil1,trlr.rli1urrul l'XtIIf'll .rutl Il. fmltlt rr Rttlt .rrt- in 4 his Utltwlgritrrg tntntl fort ul' r.rtrtin t' .rx t'Xr 't ul rl Ilu St nun fwrrnzrn 1 lull rnrbr-ling-. l ' I, DIANE. NIrf.Il.l,IYR.XY If lt' it IIt"'l'l lr l"" ' l"""' ""' , f lfiol , . lining tlu- l,f .t In rtrr r-tll liturgy lui hm t.l lutl l':i'-.wx Ilrt' lunr' platirrg tlit pt.irut Hill .tlxurw lit ltuul til Nlrx ,QW Stitlttliftg. Shir Sl.lll Slrrltllt filtl- Nt fltttll ' ' p LYNN WIILXI f,Hl.lN Xt tr gtzt rrp .rx iluttlul ltrrrt , A Hbirttw tri litrrnnt l'lt'.-u,rl lrltrtnlnnr tt,nIur lil: lui nl-il Xlrn , it Rrilerur- . l',tilft'f.1'fl tzorltrr fn Ili: lurrtttr lilfrlll ltuururlltt .uul ,aaa '7 .' llr1tl'tt'ritlr flult R141 tt tri lui tI.r ring t- .t- un tutir.tlrlt was 5 Z W 5 Hflxxlf, VILKN WlfNlXlfAN f,1i lt Il.ttIt l ll .rtrrltllltttt I 7 V ffm' tr, lit' Jr tttrr H, In-r tvili ,trrrl ltr ru.rrrt.tgt lrtrrru Itlt In tlu 'V X H 5 lull'-.t txitlr tllIll'l1'llUll1 t' ,intl ,t tn: til lturntrr Ill lr It Iur to ' I S j,,tl,,.W, t,,f, WMI Km, I ,I Ing :tri g'r,tI,t .tltrlrg tttllt p.trttrl-- X f,l,Ukl,k HA N Nl l',l,l'. It run li' tlu lttr fttIlIlII.IIltlIII4lIlx It tit' glut., l.,,,,,l,,,g gill nuntr, Xltrrtngt tt, ktn Irl rn wrtlt I-ltr 'lux N uit lttltlut lit t t lrl ult I t tl fill Ilrt' ltttutt' ' tt Ilrt' llrflrtn Xlfirrg ll.rrut f. X X l' . . N , A t it x fNANf.Y Nllkk Ilntr .tt.rlnirl tu llttrrlt wttlt Ill .llll gtritI:r,II1gt',Ilt 4 ,,l,f,rtl lin '-,.trr l'rt'.rtt t r trrttl tt tl .trul ' ltr Urn r Ilrt 'ntl Illlfllllll lltt wtlultlltll wttt-.t 24-rtrtlttrrg lin I Ht l,,,,,,,,, lnly, In, tntprptx nttllrrut littvllltj' .llltl llllllll YI I'I'IlI.N NHl.llll,lll Uttultl xtitr uit truut II S. tttrlt p,,H,',,, l,, , ,, ,,-, Str at ti --lu, t .lpn ,r ntitul I.tut,lr .trul .tttxvun X. t,,, ,f l,,,.l ,Intl tint it 'rtutlt ut tttururl ttxn lultl lift lrtt-,li t',,I,p ltr, lttl,,tIl It l'rtttn t ttttrrrtttt tl.i., r-v, ' , . . l M A W 4- 4:5 I , 1 lt fl . fgrruaie, I une, 7959 JANICE MILLER . . . One may often hear Jan saying "Who, XVhen, IVhy. How?" She will enter college and then strive to be a success in life. The ctreanr of the crop in Jan's estimation is Mrs. Orresto. Silver Streak Stall, Special Dance. Student Council. JERRY MILLER . . . College is in the futrrre for Jerry. whose am- brtrorr is to join the U.S. Foreign Service. Mr. Westergreerr will always be rerirernbered. Key Club, Sr. German Cltrb tVeepj. PAT MINELLA . . . "Patty"' you're going to get it-a rrorrrral life. teaching, I mean, if you keep that sense of humor. Yes! We all know you never rrrslred to Bowling. GAA., Jr. Prom Committee, Hall- guarcl. F.'l'.A., Pep Club. Student Council. and Polish Clrrb. JOANNE JUNE MORAWVSKI . . . "Joannie" nrakes her life enjoy- able by practicing the Colden Rule and daucirrg with Eddie. Wed- ding hells will soon be ringing for this gal. Her friendly personality will make her a good secretary. C..X..X., Polish Club. JACLYNN MORRIS . . . Future stenographer, Jackie thinks NIom's cooking is something special. Dating Dick takes up leisure time. 'lhat night of nights-Junior Prom-will never be forgotten. C. MX.. Hall- guard. NANCY MOSCINSKI . . . "Nan" lor es to help around the house so she can prepare for her future lrrrsbarrd . . . But before she can do that, college is a must . . . 'Cee Whiz." Nlrs. Springer-'s the great- est . . . Experience in boy's health room tan never be forgotten. THOMAS G. MOTTRAM . . . "Notts" will never forget his fresh- man year on the baseball team . . . this friendly fella hopes to nrake a success of himself by beconring a doctor . . . t'Stan the man" rates a home rrrrr from this ardent admirer. PATRICIA MUDRA . . . "lo do good and avoid evil" is "Pat's" philosophy of life .... After brrsirress college, Pat hopes to marry a nrilliorraire. Her charming personality will bring her success . . . Those meetings at J. l'.'s recall fond thoughts. LOUISE BIULLINS . . . "Lou" listens and tries to understand the purpose for certain occurrences . . . Great! After' traveling she'll marry and raise a large family who'll hear of her antics in Dardan- elles rtreas.r. St. Corrrrcil. 1.eader's Cym. N.H.S. ROBERT JOHN MLNK . . . "Bob" will always renrernber his high school years because "You only live once" . . . The admirer of his Pastor hopes to become a hard working engineer . . . R.O.T.C.. I-'ire Marshall. KATHLEEN MURRAY . . . "lYouldu't you know it." Kathy hopes one day' to tour Europe . . . Class Ring day' brought theibiggest smile eyer. to this gals lips . . . Mrs. O'Rourke is the apple of her eye . . . I-Iallguard. CAUX. KATHERINE NIUSCARI . . . "Kay will promptly' attend college with hopes of becoming a teacher . . . She can strike it rich if a penny saved. is a penny earned . . . Shes no square now that shes passed geometrv. ARLENE NAGLE . . . "Heavens to Betsy"' says "Sis" to people who dont like to dance or bowl . . . 'I his future cornptornetrist. who liyes by the Colden Rrle. can always be found smiling . . . G.A..X., Librarian. JAMES NAGORSEN . . . "Healthy" Jim will share the hi-fi with his grandparents . . . The freshy' semester will always bring to mind memorable events while he plays the organ and lrshes. ROBERT NAY . . . "All right. all right." says this future physical education instructor . . . Miss Rorrrpf and Nlr. I,akin are tops . . . "Bob" will neyer forget his lrrst basketball game against Schurl when he scored I0 points . . . Basketball. PAUL NELSON . . . "Isu't that a killer?" Paul's :r hard working fella . . . College is in his plans as he striy es toward his goal . . . 'l he lVashington trip was his main topic of gossip in Band and Track. BARBARA NEVILLE . . . "No kiddin"' Barb looks forward to attending Nlundelein College and being zr reservationist at the air- litres . . . Going out with the girls and talking to Jenny and Joanne take up rrrany pleasant hours . . . Class Yc-ep, Jr. Prom. DANIEL NIELSON . . . 'lihis talkative fellow says. Ures Babe." to college and then medicine. Nlr. Welin. Coach Rosch, and Anita rate high on "A.B.'s" list of ideals. Hard working and clean living are in store for this lad who can't forget the Lane game . . . lfootball. ELIZABETH NOCEK . . . 'lo be a successful comptonreter operator is "Betty's" anrbitiorr . . . 'fReally' now" swinnning, boating, and dancing the Polish Hop are terrific . . . Fun was always found in Polish Club. Adv. Swim. ROSALIE NOTARDONATO . . . "Ro," a frrtrrre pediatric nurse, looks ahead towards having a wonderful life." "Oh no," are her favorite words, during those division talks with 'ferry . . . G..-LX., Library. PATRICIA NOVAK . . . "Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think." says "Novacirre" . . . This fun loving kid says "What say?" while at club meetings . . . will never forget the day' she rrrade advanced swim . . . Latin Club .... ldv. Swim, Distributive Education. W JM. mia fwwwl f1,""' l' J QW' wiv" , fm.,-K vw? 2 45" Wy jf fl L r' "tu Q-1Jf44lil' . J y 4' , fsx in in Q """1:av --I iq L-av i 9 me Class O ROBERT NOVELLE . . . You cant take life too easy' if Val! want to play' football in college. Btrt making money? Well. thats some- thing that comes easy' for Bob . . . The Austin game will neyer be forgotten by' this letterrnan and Football player. DIANE NYSTROM . . . "Di" claims "You're a dog" if you lsY10Ck Xliss Xioore or Great Books . . . Conversations with the "Quadruple ,Xllianceu proye to her that to help ones fellow' man is man's most rtoble work . . . N.H.S., Dardanelles. G.,-XA.. Future Teachers. GRANTLEY KENNETH OBERG, IR ..,. "CLorky"' claims it wasn't easy when queried about his introduction to Karen. especi- zrlly on roller skates! Although hes a playboy. will strive to do better at art college. RONALD OCHOTNICRI .... Xgreeable "Ron" says "Get lost!" to people who condemn others and lose faith in Crod . . . the iiCld of rflertrortics should be waiting for him after his years in the Nayy. BARBARA OCHWAT . , 4 "Hobby" with the personality plus re- rric'tnbers Lane football games with a 'AHoly Cow," Marriage will be based on the len Clornrrrarnlrnerrts she practiced in C,.,X.,X. and l'filisl'i C lltlr DONALD OLENECQ . . . X' Itnntin' lion will go for succcss that grows and grows .,,. Xltei tollcgt- ht- plans to "liye while he can" :intl be a real Hprrrty boy." CAROL OLSON ,"f,ootl grill. sgiys "C gnolf- ' tluring gab sessions witlt Nitls . . . Xliss l-:tri lLlltAs high with this ltrturty nurse . . . the Xytishington trip will ncfttrr bt- lorgottcrn . . . lrzitne Class. Cheer- lt.ttlc-rs. llgittlgirnlltrs. N.H.S.. Nilycr Nlreailu RENT OLSCJN . . . 'il till lll.tI." slrys i'xClll lo petrlile yylitv Ltsk kilifiul gttll and swirnrning . . 4 l,iying by the Cioltlen Rule bas always ltclputl this tollcgct botttnl "lc-ll.tlt' ..., X liss Kelly, Baseball. and l1.tskc'lbttll will trvytyt be ltirgotttgrr, ED OSlhA 4 . . t.nll .intl Howling trtlsc up rnost ol this fellas extra tirnc whcrn ht-'s not out with lout' , 4 . Hating lun out of life fan bt- tlottc il yotttc- going ltr worls Fil. DENNIS PAIGE 4 , . lirtginc'ciiirig's "all rightf' but to be riclt is bt-st . , Lxlsy going and illXyLiXs smiling. Dennis will continue to liyt' .intl let litt' while looking forward to graduation and particia p.iting rn ttrllegc' sports . . . ltltlllles Xlrs, O'Rourke. XlIC.K PANARALE . . . Harying Xlrs. 'Iliornpson for English 3 will nvyi-I bc- lorgottt-n by "I'inncAr" . . . College or trade school is next in linc' lor this athlete . . . lrootball and Track learns. DIANE PANOS . . . "Dim enjoys listening to Iony Pc-rkin's records , to be a tltvss tlcisigner is her' zrrnbition . . . "ls he a yo-yo?" shc' s.tys to the girls . 4 , Mr. Ciroorn ratc-s high . . . Ntzrrlettes. Nr. C-irls Choir lle.ts.i.Cly1t ttclset rcptc-sc-rttrttrye. XIARX' PAPA . . . run loying "Oliyc-" tlc'sirc's position .is pt'ttn.nrt'nt hottscwile lor a terrain patty . . . "Oh No?" tlisrtcltoti bt- tw,-is XyfIIlsC'1l-HXXllU tgtn it be?" 4 . Ctrtititily not Xliss Xlootc but .t lvllow jtlsl as nirt- . . . Huh? XPHRODITE PAPPAS . . "llon't giyt' up ttnlil you get Xtlll wasnt." is tht' tty ol 'illt-t-" .ts sbt' sltrycs lot .t pttlctl sttytti tn tunnis :intl bowling . , , "Cllr tto"' in Collcgt' shell trttss . . Xliyctl Clwiir, l'tt'rnlr Cltrb4 l't'p C ltrb .intl C-,X X 4 , Xlls Ntttllillyt-rg is ith-,tl, XllC.H,XEL PARINI Xott ll nvytt t4tItlt "Xltkt"' , Pltnl.lslll1- .tllllg in .tttln-ty .intl ltslttttg 4 Xktslttttgtott lttp will bt' .t tort- tt ls.tlltvlt putt- nt tollvgt t.llllts lttttttllrttcss to C-cttn,tn Club, .intl on tltt I'rtotb.tll It'.ttn ll.tss l'tts XIXRX XNN l'XRl.X 'Xyt-ll's ltltf' "XXlt.tlc"s" going to X4rul1c'NtlItnll ltvlttttllllt .t ltr.ttttttt.ttt no lt'ss Ullt' lllllll' you till! ls lot lttt, sln ttttwl btt lust to tltt tt ttgltl tn C- X X. .llltl. nl tt1tlI'sC, .tl Ibn' ltrtttttt l'tttttr HXRIKXRX VXNNXN XXII' Hlllt IIIX gttslt' llltyst' tlllly p.llllL'S ttbttt vstotlttl by "tttl.t1n gilt svtttls litttlt Ct'l'l.rillly yytynil svntl Xlts l.tglt.t ot Xlts Notlrtbt tg to Ntlit-tt.ttt s.tlt tnint's . . 4 C-.,X..X, XNIV l'l'lll'lCNl'N "lotto tlt- X IXlt'li' ltr yytrllslltg ltrl l . N, l'Ult'lgll Nt ttttt' .tbto.ttl .tit NHS tttll bt' st'ltl tttilttlt'pt'lItlt'l1l yllltlX Atl .Ill tolli-ge t nn-tgt tn its sbt' w.ts .t lttrtnl ol t'tt'ty ont- in ll.tttl.rlrt'llt's. N N 5l,lll Sp ll4ttttt' N HN C XRI l'l'RXI XNI XN , "l't'tnttt- " tht- wrt. will go tl.tttttttg ull to tttllvtrt' bt-lotv optrttntg his own tottstttrtlttnt ltttrt. Xliss Rolvtttt' is tltt- "git-.tlt'st"' to lltrs sb.ttp tltrssvt . , , ll.lNlsl'Ily.lll. Ill XN X Xl Xli l'l'fRRX . . , Xyttb willingntiss lo ltvlp otltvts. "Ili" t.tkt-s lrlt- .ts II tonn-s, Slit- tlvytttt-s In-t ltvt' tttnt- ltr slntwsi tt-.ttlittg .intl tl.tnttng Ilt'.ttttiti.ttt school .ttnl ttt.ttti.ngt- lotnn ttt tltt' lttlttrt' ltitkt-ttoottt .tItt'ntl.tnt, lvzttlrvt s st't , 4- X X YIRCQINIA ANN l'lCTlTTl . . . "C.intty" wltilt's .tw.ty ltt't ltt't' lllllt' ttt lbt' sttttn. Imxtttng ptl1.t wtllt ltvt tt'tl.lttt sotttvtyttt' will pttll ltt't llttotrglt ttnltl tttattttgtgt' ttt,tlst's ltt't ltlt' lt.tppy t'yvt .tltrt 7 l une, 7959 SANDRA PETRONELLA . . . "Oh well" listening to Hilfi with John is living, and easy going Sandy believes in "live and let live." Oflice job and marriage are imminent . . . G..-X.,-X. BOB PETTEREC . . . The axle grease on this future mechanic's hands will not smear the idea of leading a clean life . . . Plans to attend Greer Automotive School where he will think of Mrs. Schwartl and remember the Senior Prom . . . Hallguarcl. CONSTANCE PIETRASZEK . . . "Speedy" was crowned "Miss Mis- chief" by her friends. Eileen and Barb. If possible she plans on college with marriage and a family' soon after. JANICE PIETRINI . . . "Jan" knows it will be a "great day" when she will be able to serve the Lord by being a missionary teacher. She plans to attend college when she isn't taking a course 'on the Bible. Student council. CLA..-X. TRADDEUS S. PIOREK . . . '4Oil he goes into the wide blue yonder." straight into the lT.S. ,yir Force . . . Will speak highly of Mr. Holm to the other cadets . . . "Thats life." Ted. especially' on the night of the Junior Prom ...' Track. Bowling. CONNIE PITTS . . . Connie. living by the Golden Rule. hopes to become a C.P.A .... "Golly'. gee whiz!" Wright Junior College will have a helping hand and a my stery' reader among the student body. RONALD PLACKO . . . "Get lost" says "Ron" when friends inter- rupt his visits with Pat. The .yrmed Forces are beckoning him to sit behind a big desk so he can show off some of that terrific personality to Mr. Buczynski. Polish Club. JEAN PLATTOS . . . Talking to Ida about the time she rode in the Mardi Gras parade keeps Jean busy. Jean plans on an ecluca- tional course in college with lots of piano music intermingled. Strived to get along with others in Fflf.-X.. Council. Pep Club. MARY ANN POLISCHUK . . . 'AHow about being yourself" re- marks "Mare." the future stenographer. while playing records. Gram will advise her in matters on marriage so hers will be as happy as her parents' . . . Dance Class. French Club rPres.j. FRANK POLLACCI . . . Frank believes that God helps those who help themselves. "Just a minute" Frank wants to talk with his ideal. Terry . . . Baseball and football take up spare moments of this adv ertising major . . . hallguard. CORINE PROZANSKI . . . "Really now" that Dream along Dance was super . . . "Connie" will never forget Mrs. Hadley while prac- ticing nursing . . . people with a sunny smile rate high . . . Latin Club. Pep Club. MARTHE PURMAL . . . "Marcy"' says. "Thats not cricket" while thinking of future pitfalls as a barrister. yy'ill always remember with a chuckle the time when initiated into Leaders' . . . band. Leaders' Gym. Library Club. Dardanelles. French Club. W ' I ty., ' 'QW' 'K V IWW ' M guy wi WW CONNIE RAIMONDI . . . passing the time dancing is "all right" with Connie . . . faith in God will make her vocation and marriage last . . . those celebrated talks of Mrs. Taglia's will be worth retrospection . , . Pep Club. SHARON RAMEY . . . A'Oh my heavens." says Sherry to travelling around the world with Miss Farr . . . will be sincere dental as- sistant who loves eating French fried shrimp after swimming . . , Junior Choir Pres.. Hallguard. G.,'y..X.. Dance Class. DIANNE RANALLO . . . "Hi ho there gang." says "Deedle" while atop a nag . . . this future airline stewarcless has a terrilie personal- ity ancl sense of Innnor . . . Marge can always share a room with her for sbe's a pal. COZETTA REDDING . . . "Co1y"' seriously plans to attend Moody' Bible Institute to study missionary work in the Far East . . . mean- while shell continue Bible quining at the church . . . many thanks to Miss Rolence for help in the Water Ballet Shows. LENORA JAMIE REED . . . "Lenny" shyly' replies. "that depends on Bob" when asked what happens in the future . . . writing to Bob is a favorite wound healer . . . Jake and lunch will never be forgotten. with the memory of "'l'hat's life in the big city." BARBARA JEAN RENK . . . "Thats the way it goes." are Barbaras famous words during a telephone conversation . . . practicing pa- tience will help her as a registered nurse . . . brother. Tom. is tops! NORMA JEAN RICRERT . . . 'tNorm" says. "Reallv!" when skiing. skating oi out with Tom . . . "Do the best you can in what- ever you clof' quotes Norm . . . this reliable future comptometer operator looks forward to marriage . . . Mrs. Hege and Gloria rate high. RENATA RIEDEL . . . "Blondie" loves to take long rides to the country or just loaf . . . brother. Ron, and Miss Meyers help her to do whatever she believes is right . . . yvright College is heating the water for pleasant showering. LORNA ELLEN RITTHALER . . . Lorna is always trying to bet- ter herself in skating and tennis . . . she will take a Physical Ed. course in college . , . remembers the clay' she received ber class ring . . . she bugged the Jr. Girls Choir and G..-XA. ' 75 me Class O -6 ,,-df ARLEEN MARY ROEDER ..., A rleen enjoys things in the musical line and hopes someday she will he connected with it, but at the present she will attend Bloody . . . Miss Farr rates high with tl1iS gal . . . "The Word of God" is the guiding light by which Arleen lixes. NIARALYN S. ROSENBERG . . . "Can I hate some money. IJacl?". College is expensite . . . uses her good humor while writing to Phil , , . receixing class ring was a tale to tell her brothers . . . carried tlte Golclen Rule to Dance Class . . . French Club fSec'3't. N-H5 ANNA MARIE ROTELLA , . . "Nana" cries. "Hi fans." to all who saw her in Mardi Gras , . . off to work shell go until marriage rotnes her way . . . eating pizza with Jeanne is great . . . CLAA. Presitlen t. MARY ANN ROTELLA . . . mm ies antl singing are enjoted ht Hlitttchiei' anrl represent future plans in show busintss . . . while tlatrlreantittg. she looks hack on cheerleaclittg at football games . . . 'Vt ,ngu- f-uf Ciolrlen Rttle anti Kim are guifling light. BERNARD ROTERNIIIND . . . "Hate ftttt while you tan." especi- allx at XYtight next fall 4 . , lou can he tout own hoss while plat- ing hasrghztll anrl football , . . XYill always tetnenihet Nlrs. Home utttl that ptogtattt change. BETTY ROTHAQKER . . , "lou hig rlttttttttxu of totttse I'ttt going to he a tttttsef' fgxflaitns livttt. She sttttttxttcs het ntitttl with gootl ttztttttcstl thoughts ol lltftst: thtptttisttx capers . . 4 het petsistettte in ttlltltgtits ts sttolt,-tl with ltttttutt ... Xtlx, Sttittt. RAREN RUTIZZX . . . tltis lttttttt' tltess tlesigttct will Ullxllts te- ttttgtnltet tht: ttnttg slut: wits t-hgttt-tl f..X,X. uttt-tttlgtttt . . , lgtlsllljf gt lttttttlt ls .1 slllt' thtttg ltu fhgttlte t1.1lIstJl1L'I tttttltlttlttc-ss slttttes lttigltt itt ht-t exes. K nz' sfx,.Tf' HEDYYIG RUDOLF ., Mll1'llNNlltlllllNI,ClJllL'lN-frllll Nils het lltflsl ttttltuQt'tt.tltlc tttt-ttu-ttt ,, lltls up .ttttl ttutttttg high stltool tc-.tcltet l T7 ltcltetes ttt Nlittttg .ttttl ttotltttg, lot ttttthittg is gaittc-tt ltw lt-gthttg' , . Xlts lrtglttt .ttttl Xltss l'ollsLt .ttc het ttlcttls. RICHARD Rl'NQl'lST . . . 'Hutt tt tttitttttef ltesltit: Ritlt te- ptttttwllt tttttl wht-tt tcstttt-tl ltottt tltc'UiIls"1XIIt . . , Xlt, Haggattls Pt n tx.ttttplt' gttitlt-s tltis ttsittg xttttttg tttetltuttital engittugt in stiettce llttlt, .ttttl H.tllgtt.tttl. I l'X SXN XLITRO V' ' 4' 'xt' L1 Q1-ur 3 l L ROBERT SAYNXERS ,. li' tpttlt' .t ttfttttt.tI tttttl .ttttt ultttt it forntfs to u-.otlittg tttt tttts tttxtt put oil ttll ttttttottt tt htt xtttt fall tlfl l0flJ.1'- xl'lflIls Ht lu ltl- IIlttlIlt.i- l14'4'lIltls1tllt"'t' l'tt Xlerlit Clttli. IUHN SBARH.XRfJ. ltttt I tlttt llttl ptwplt' tt llt"t' .lllfl tltett zttcltitr-tttttttl ',-.tttl- ,tt-,att tttutttxlttlt' lu- t-ttll t.ttst' ltts howlittg awtagt . , . Xlt Ittl het :ctr-iuirtg hts flass ttttg ROBERT SCXNLON St :tml zttltttitrgr of Xlt H,tg:.tttl liftlts .ttttlfilifttt , . 1l.ts- tttt NORXIA EILEEN SCHXDT Nfttlttlt plittts tttt ttlhtr- a-.t,tl- it Il'llltIIT", tttuttigtgt :ttttl fl ztttrl tttztlt' tt ttttttplt-It ft KATHRYN SLH XEFLLR ltlatl llttttl lllllltlllllttte- tztttztl lol, ttttltl l:t't ttt.tttt.tgt l.tht:tt'.. t., . 1, ,I ' -I.. ttt tt.tll. t.ttts tntll .Il'.'.tI'-K tt'tttt'ttt lt tt sgtxs Iltts lttltttt' tlt' sllltlt ttt ttlttfss tit lt,tstIt.tll ttlttl tttllt"t- Is -s lt tll .tl',x.t.s lu .t ltttttl ttttttttttx 5','.1'I'l lttmtl .ttttl sol! ltnttlttl tttt lu ttllt 4 .tlttt stltttttl tttst , .,,. tlltttt tll ttttttt lttltr lttt ltlt I,tttt All It' flttttt l'tp f Ittlt 1. t, , at t l-st tttptns tluttttg lttt ttt ltts lug tttt' tttt ttt tll tt lt t tlttt tt t nl f XX l,tfttt tlttlt Il,tll-ttttl t.t LYNIJX Sf,l"lI'.l,kP.R Htlfl tll .tl','.tt,- lu Itttttttltl .t .t ltls totx tutfltft , ftttll ,ttttl l ltt -lt.ttttf .ttl I,tttttl, .ttul llttlt tttsilv' up lttglt fttttl- ttf st ttt tt tt f tttlltut ll.ttt!.tttt ll: s tltrwt-t., Sp lltttttt NHS ltttttlt flttl. Stlxtt Nttotl ,XRTHPR X. SCHNIIID ltlttttt Itttft :ttttl gftttlt lt.ttttl -ttlt Rt Xll t.t lltttttl"lt ltt ltttttltlt tatllt tllt ,tl lit-- tl ltr tpttt tltl tl .t tlttltt tttt t tttt,ttt .tlttt m . t . Xlltfftfltlrll th ttttt tttttl tttllttw ttl tt-ttt t LXRIH, Sflfxllllil f,tt-tl 'ItI't', tttllttt lltt lttt' ltlttl lt,tll fl.lIlfllIQ ,ttttl .ttltttg ftvt tl.f ltlttt ,tttztl ut tt-t stt st-ttt,tI trttttrtttlt ,,,It,ttg ytIIItt'g lt t ttA.t, ttttttl ttttt' ttttt 1-l lttt ttt.ttt', lttjgltltgltt lt,ttffl ttlt I tt lift ftttt .ttttl ttttl 'NURNIX SfHNlllHll lltttt tt t tl.ttttt Nt-tttt ttltttttttt ttttttfttftl ttlltft '.ttt ltuttttltgt ttt l'tt1ttt lttlltut t-tll lu tltt tI,t,tt1 Ittt lttltttt tt t Xlt l.rtl :lt tt. lttt lrltll lttt ttttl' ttt,tlt ltt tilt 1.1 Iltt ttottl lllt tltlt "Ill T41 ,T Q X J t latttt in t 1 ent x ct N XT XLIE SARNECRI tt ttut tt xt t e it J lf' ll r l IL l XX SXTTLER s t tt t .1 gn., 'L sr-" sb-1 5' Ld Wir tw 1 'N 44, 1, W L, une, XVALTE life as he can . . . plans to go to college and from there ittto the Navy'-. . . this hutnorous fellow says, "l-li kid" while going oy'er to ltts friends' houses. R SCHNEIDER . . . "Duke" tries to get as much Olll of WVERNER SCHNEIDER . . . this fttture jet mechanic says "Oh, boy' -while going ottt with the fellows . . . you will never see this boy' tn trouble . . . he will always retnemher' trying to get an early schedule . , . Hallguard. ' ' ' C can listen to good tttttsic or swim . , . her friends testify' to the tact that she is honest. friendly. and good natttrecl , , , has fond memories of Mashtngton '58 and also Miss Kelly . . . Future 'l'each- ers. ECILIA SCHONER .... "That's great." exclaitns Ceil whett she CLARENCE SCHUHRKE . . . "Schurk." this fttture electrical en- gineer loy'es to play' golf attd tennis . . . hard work is his ont- standing characteristic . . . Stage Crew tcaptainl. GARY N. SCI-IULTZ . . . college is a prerequisite to becoming an astronatttical engineer for this yottng tnan who deyotes his leisure to reading. art. classical music, weightliftiug and the study' of air- craft design. PAUL SCHULTZ . . . "the hum?" likes sports and reading . . . l'. of I.. and a life of dentistry is facing this kid . . . l'nclc lacks the tnost and tries to giye a few helpful hints . . . the Lake View game of '55 was terrilic . . . Latin Clnh. ELAINE SCHIVILK . . . Elaine enjoys listening to "all that ian" on lter hi-h . . . this future otlice-noiket has no time for snohs . . . IICIIXC in C.X..y. and Student tfotunil . . . Miss Watson rates high. SHEILA SCIMECA . . . "Oh. crumb! What will I wear?" exclaims Sheila before she goes dancing . . . business college and marriage are in this miss' future . . . she has a sense of humor. is considerate of others. and helieycs in the Colden Rule . . . her attnt rates high. DON WV. SCOTT . . . 'lyll right. let's go," says "Scotty" to people who think nothings itnpossihle . . . playittg in a combo and eating interests this At'tny-houticl fella . . . Polish Club, R.O.'l'.C.. Band. TED SEBIERAL' . . . "M'hitey" replies. "Ieh!" to throwing. kick- ing. or swatting the hall of the season . . . joan and Miss Rompf top the cake for this say ory fellow ...' l'rack. Bowling. Swimming Teatn. and Messenger. ROCHELLE ANNE SERRITELLA .,.. Xrtistic minded i'Rocky" says college and then heing an art teacher sound good . . . ahility' to get along with others won her the crown of the football queen . . . St. Council. Streak Staff. Red Cross. JANET SHELDON . . . jan will always retnetnher the M'ashington trip . . . swimming and playing records takes up the leisttre time . . . secretarial work attd marriage are in the future . . . I-iuture Teachers. CYAA.. special Datice. ALICE SHILVOCK ,... Xl is going to attend college for a teach- ing career and then trayel . . . adyises "Do ey'ery'thing to the best of your ability" . . . junior Prom and Class Ring day' hring pleasant memories . . . Future Teachers. C..y.A.. Pep Club. Bowl- ing. DIANE SINGER . . . uCertainly'!" says Diane to marriage . . . going Ollt with 'lint and club meetings keep her pretty husy' ...K lim and Mrs. O'Rourke are tops along with the memory' of Miss Collopy's freshman English cle-s . . . G.A..X.. Certnan Club. JOAN SITZ . . . Being C..X..X. Coronation attendant and the Mash- ington trip are fond memories . . . "he natural and understanclingf' is her motto which will help her succeed in college . . . Red Cross. Social Center. Dardanelles. Tttmblers. Lihrarian. BARBARA SKLENEY . . . "Psalms" certainly enjoys spending ltcr cy c'- nings with Rich . . . "Ha." nursing seems to he her chosen calc-ct . . . eating lunch with the girls sure is a mc-tnoralile expcticnce . . . G..X.A.. Special Dance. NOEL E. SHIALEK . . . "Cirantps" thinks il's hysterical being with friends . . . this fttture housewife dislikes two-lacecl people . . . rates her brother. Lee. high . . . will often recall her trip to Waslt- ington and looks forward to trayel . . . lfrcnch Ciluh. Red Cross. KAREN SMITH . , . Friendly' and understancling "Smitty" neyei plll off till tomoltoty' what catt he done today . . . Miss Rolcnce really' rates in this future secretarys hook . . . The football gamcs were a lot of fun. SANDRA SMITH . . . "Sanclie." "O. cotnc now." you can't possibly go to hen parties with the fraternity' . . . sister and brother may come to the rescue . . . always friendly and stniling. she'll tttake a good stewarcless . . . Sp. Dance. Sr. Choir. MARK SOBEY, JR .... Thats right, eating is a fayorite pastime with Mark . . . this handsome attcl dehcmair guy will otte day he- come an architectural engineer . . . ratcs Mrs.'O'Rourke asitops . . . Key' Club. St. Cottncil. Mixed Choir. NIARILYN LOUISE SODOMA . . . "'l'ootics" says. "Hot Dog!" when ice-skating . . . this personable fttture airline hostess acltnires Miss Kilgour and Mrs. Soderberg . . . will long remember competi- tion for football queen . . . Mixed Choir. Leaders' Gym. 77 Q: J nanny 9 uqw f Ii 4 ' Z. wqcaadff' -mx, I 5 'WU -Weil ' nga? 4' ip-.7 W-09' 97 fjlle Lffass O LARRY SPENCE . . . Listening to his hi-ii, A'Lar" reminisces the clay' he broke his leg . . . this loyal and generous lad will someday' use his talents in the practice of law . . . "living modern" with Ches and joe is terrific. JACKIE SPIKE . . . "Oh My!" working as a receptionist and later at coinptometry school will please this hard working girl . . . smil- ingly, jackie does unto others as she wishes others to do unto hei , . . Special Dance Class. BONNIE LEE SPRINGER . . . "Better your old friendships and try' to make new ones," says friendly Bon who is hoping for hap' piness . . . attending college will take up most of this gals time after high school . . . Band, Sadcllehouncers. LIV STANGENES . , , This future secretary. who idolizes Bob. enjoys painting and dancing . . . "quit it out," for she's off to work . . . Silver Streak Representative, German Cluh, Hallguard. GRIFF STANGREN . . . To he a millionaire is "Louie'sl' dream . . . this casual clown believes in "having a hlast every' day' . . . talking to the hoys at Skips is enjoyable . . . that early' dismissal will alyyays be remembered. EDNA MAY ST. CLAIR . . . 'I his personable ancl marriage minded young girl says. "No kiclclirigf' eyen in her letters to her idol. jim . . . she aclyocates honesty, unclerstanfling. and helpfulness as her philosophy oi liie . . . Nliyecl Clhoir. PATRICIA STEFANSKI 4 . . 'iI'ut" alyyays intencls to do her best anti hopes that it yyill take her through beauty culture school , . . Iiaibaiu anti Luiiy rule high . . . Hyon saicl it." she really enjoys circling the iink. DANNY ST. JACQUES . . . llztnny belieyes in getting along with eyeryone . . . nicist oi his sparc- time hncls hiin working on his rare stainp collection or his yast aiiiuy oi coins . . . Sacldle Bouncers. Nlixecl C hoir. 8.5. Rep. KEN STOBART . . . Ken yyill go to college hoping to become a inilliongiire like Hlllllllklll 'Iaylor . . . his ability to study hard ysilh it ininiinnni oi eilort is not "impossible" . . . sports of the svltstili llllss liis tinic' . , . Boyyling, llaseball. HIZEL STOEI-'FHAAS . . . "Dont get spasticlf "judy" says to Rnih. Xlargc-, :incl Pat yyhile out water skiing . . .her ambition of bccoining ll photographic inoclel can easily be achieyecl with her icriilic pc-isonulity . . . Student t,ouncil. N.H.S. JUICE STOKLOS.-X . . . t'Really?" . . . joyce is planning on at- lt'll4lIl1! collc-gc' no better her education to he a success . . . dancing .incl siciinniing lltkes up niost ot her free time . . . the guiding pinniplc- is thc' "C,olclen Rule" , . . Star Staff-Ed-in-Chief. R H E. STRAUBE . . . N111 Straube ayyaits the career of a leather nc-ck . . "Xyh:it's the cliiierence?" . . . going out with the hoys is .iltsoliitcly git-at . . . Xlrs. fJiR4JLll'kC 'iianksu ...V I unior Prom picnic ls .i lgiyniitc- conyeisation piece. NIARY ANN STROSNIK . . . Cfigglin' Xlary .Xnn yyill be II goocl- ngcltiietl nnise ycho liyes eyeiy clay as it comes . . . she certainly clichtt yyoiiy about the iuttire yyhen in l.iln'1iiy. Niixecl Choir cl'ics,,. Ntiencc Club. I-.l.,X.. Nilyc-i Streak. Y.H.S. N XNCY SLNSTEDT . . . l'Nance" says "Ill nc-yc'i tell" yyl1ilc'llslt'll ing to the hi-it uncl Nllltllillg i'lL'lllll , . . college anti ni.i1ii.igci sonncl pootl . . . enjoys ilttiniiiig anti iicling .iioninl yyith thc' clnly . . . lhll ents tilt: thc niost , . . Sticgik Stall. li thon. C-.X.X HELEN .XNN SLTTER ..ilil.nyyilllilpllic"'liit"'i.itil.tst1c yyith Xllzin. lllllltlllllllllll ingitii.igc- iyith liopc- ol' bc-ting .is goocl .1 iiyotlici is hcl :noni ily iys lolloyyccl lhc tolclcii Rnl in l ll is 1 ' . 4 . . y. - - V ' c- ninic' I. X X., Social tc-nic-i. Npcicml ll.nicc'. Rrcl llczicls tlnb. .HSI SXVIZIZNIIY "Mi cltiliil s.ty" slccpnig in college .incl in N.iyy coiilcl bc- pioIit.tblc' "Nnc'c'n" clmigcs rlcctiicity .is goal ol lilc' , clgiy in thc- syynnining pool- , yyc' yyonclet .llltilll thc' lt'sI ol Iln- I.tlc' Iolcl in I-oollmll, Xlicstling Rlfll SWIfl'l' " I yycwtci ' s.iys. "lint tgnys. l yy.llll to go n.itiyc' in thc- Hunks" Nyc-nlcl likc- Iii gc-i .in ciitginc-c-iiiip, tlc'gl'c'c'.1l the liiiyc-istty ol yylirn lic' ilvcnlcs to stop loaling . . . lhc' cl.iy .t pipc-on yy.ts loiiiiil in llic' locket lmelcnc' loollmll Itglctitt' yyill .tlyy.iys ln' Il'lllllIlllN'll'll ly X l'Ill.lf.l-'N S1l'l-lyUN'Shl l.iinily Inn i.ilt's yyilh lyzisliiiiglon tiip .ncoiclintg to lllls .cnthoiity . . pl.ins tntnic' cotnsc' in bcainty tllllllli' yyith lin-ncis in ll.incc' I l.iss. t-.X.X.. .incl Ciyic lickvt Rep lllhits this, ly.ithyi Xoyt-inlwi UT. yyonclc-i yyhgil lnippviiecl. l".llNl'fS'l' ll. 'IWYLUR . . "l.ooil sliol. lqitksoiif' . . .' lflll" ls calll llllllllllll .itpiiii . . . Uni ol the pziyges ol hislcny of North c'.istc-in lloliym coint's Hinton lioliyaii. his heio . . . llc'lic'yc's that ls born Itiil1t', so inn' shotilcl tn.ikc' tht' inost ol life. RUN 'l'liNlJILRl'IN . . . '4lYliilc'y" laughs oil eyeiytliiiig Init thc' lcncls pic'st'ncc- . . . this spoil neyt-i yyill loiget thc' tnnc' lic' yyns in lin' super Inntoi toll . . I goocl yyoikl . . . Xlts. kelly yygis piollcl ol Iinn Iliail st'int'sIc'l. III,-I MAY TIQRESI . . . "lic-c'c' gznlk' lhqit snic- .i long cycling tiip . . . cwlnczilion conisc- in collc-gc' aiyyqiits . . , playing the lcn tht- tL,.y.X. tloionzilion was cpiitc' ai tlnill . . . I-fl .X, csc-ciy tic-,iq St. tlonncil, I'c'p tllnb tlic-gis.l. tL,X..X. Ring t'onnnitlc'c' 78 une, 7959 MARIE THOLL . . . f'Gee Whiz! conceited people should be left alone. says this friendly gal . . . f'Moe" enjoys eating pina with Rich . . . the Snoyv Ball Dance and Mrs. Vesley will never be lor- gotten . . . G.A.A.. Civic Representatives, Hallguard DAVID TIEDEMANN . . . The President of the United States re- ceives Dave's admiration . . . this future millionaire always does the best he can . . . while swimming and playing baseball he will remember the senior year as most memorable. NANCY TIMMRECK . . . Dependable Nan looks forward to being a secretary' then to marriage . . . most of her spare time is spent going to club and bowling . . . ln her estimation her sister is ideal. . . . C...-LA. PAUL TOMCZAK . , . "Suit," says Paul while playing pool . . . soft ball and eating will always be his fayorites .... Xir Force and drafting School are ahead for' this good natured guy . . . 'Albee is all the way! . . . Patil will neyer take advantage of anyone, RICH TOMOLEONI . . . Rich lives a good. clean. healthy and happy life . . . he enjoys playing baseball and someday he hopes to make a career of it. if not. there will always be an architectural career open to him . . . Baseball, Track. I TERRY LEE TONNESEN . . . Terry says "Huh?" when making messes . . . his friends agree on his nice personality and friendli- ness . . . Terry will succeed in the field of construction . . . He will neyer forget becoming president of Key' Club . . . Key tilub. CAROL S. TREUTELAAR . . , Carol. the sales promotion execu- tiye. will remember always the choir assemblies. junior Achieve- ment. and of course her talks with l'at . . . she will practice the Colden Rule and hold Nliss Farr in esteem while at Wright. THERESA TUFANO . . . "Terry" doesnt let little things get her down . . . with a smile on her face. she is always willing to hear anyones problems . . . this will aid her in being a success in life . . . Dardanelles tl'res.B. Silyer Str. Stall. N.H.S.. jr. Prom fSec'yj. FRANK TUOZZO . . . "Dino" says, "Go cat go." to people who are honest and respectful . . . this easy' going fella hopes to achieye his ambition of becoming a doctor . . . Baseball and Football till his leisure time. CHRISTINE TLRRISI . . . Crabby people just clon't rate with this steak eater . . . "Cl1ris" will always laugh at a good joke es- pecially if it's from Tony . . . Xliss Rolence is tops .... Advanced Swim. GAA. JOSEPH H. YALGHN . . . The 'tCoyernor" won't mind taking along Karen. Mike and Larry when he travels to the moon . . . in the meantime. he'll jerk sodas at XValgreens . . . being loyal on the Baseball Team dey eloped a witmer that never quit, BILL VINCENT . . . Willie loves to sleep late but riscs early' for baseball , . . as a future draftsman. and a student of Wright jr. Col- lege he hopes to be a teal success . . . Mr. Holmes rates high with Xyillie. ,wffmw CLAITDIA VIRGIL . . . "Cookie" belieyes in always doing her best . . . writing letters to Anthony' is what she likes to do most . . . after getting that office job, she will marry her Miami football hero . . , CQUXA., Hallguard. Teacher's Sec-'yy EDIVARD A. WVALLACE . . , Friendly "Eddy"' likes to listen to jan . . . talking to Mr. Rosch about football gets an "oh yah" from this college bound student . . . will always remember his good grades . . . Hallguard. GEORGE WVALLMAN . . . "Wally" enjoys playing football and seeing Karen . . . college is in his future plans. but "them's the breaks" . . . his good sense of htunor and high character will al- ways be remembered on the baseball team. JOHN WVARICK . . . The nayy' ollers "jack" a successful future . . . Track and Cross Country always gaye him a chance to look at the girls on the campus . . . punctuality is something that rates as "tough toenails" from this rugged fella. LINDA IVATT . . . Certainly "Lin" will be an interior decorator for her sibblings . . . she was the "best possible" in G..-X.,-X., Pan- .ynieritan tllub, Hallguard and Silver Streak . . . can she ever for- get Nlrs. 'I'hotnpson's English class? No. not yery' easily. ARTHUR IVEBER . . . 'AThat's life." says i'Art" while eating pina and watching teleyision with his brother-inelaw . . . this future draftstnan thinks the world is too serious . . . he'll neyer forget the R.O.'I'.t1. target practice when he shot that l5l. STEVE WVEBER . . . i'Brute" relishes the thought of hockey and fishing . . . architectural college is the leading light in this guy 's life . . . Hthrough God all things are possible." eyen his graduation . . . to this boy, Sable is an elegant animal . . . Basketball . . . Foot- ball. 1 EILEEN IVEED . . . Cousin "lYeedy" says. "That's life." yyheu talking on the phone to KjoAnn or Barb . . . this stenographcr and housewife to be plans on business college and follows the Golden Rule , . . this dependable gal goes for roller skating and bowling. RUTH YVEGNER . . . "XYhat's your trouble, little bubble?" . . . "Oh, well." Ruthie doesnt worry about tomorrow. for she lives today. especially with Hazel. Sue and Ron . . . was her sweet and cute sell' in Special Dance, Pep Cllub. Ciltcirs, l't'om Cornm. 79 f 7 New A fl., 'i mf jflSEPHINE lx. Z.XC.HXRI.X lilll 139 lll "Il t lll l.lIll llll iillfl lliilrl lxllll-. lll ploltl lllllll lnl lllllls Illllllflllls lll ll.llt: Rn, 21IIIJf'HI wllilr: I"i1llllIQ cl .lllllllllllgg f. X X .lsslllllllns . lll: llllrl lllis llllllll' -l-lll-l.llx gllnlgllllt .ll .lll lllllts, ARLENE ZXCK . Xllllll' 'XXllll.llx lllp lll tl.IlIllIILQ .llltl lilIlXlllg Xrlllrfsllzlll .. slit llrllfxl- lIl.lI llllllIXXIIIQ lllt- fnllllrll Rltll lllQll'f's lllf' lllflll' pllxlwllll , In .llllllvl XXllj4lll Il folllgt' ,llnl lll llllllf' sl pllxzill' 'l'lI1llllX ls lI4l flI1'lIlII ff X X LETITIX ZHYLET l.sll llvllvllrs lll -Itlllllg Io llfl Il llull ll llrfrllllsw Il follsolr- llll lll .lllx flllllfllllx lllle Nllfllllllljj lIll'Ii4l lol Illr plilll-, lll :lltlllll .l Illlsllllss lllllcgl llllfl l.lltl lo llltllllll .lll illllsl . , . 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HELEN XVETTWER . . , Helen, the prixate secretary. will soon he healing werlrling hells . . . skating and going to the show with IOllIlIIX are her laxorite lJl4SllllIC'5 . . . the night of the junior Prom w ill IIVXCI Ile forgotten . . . Stnllent Council. DORIS XVIEDERIN . . . llolis sais. UXCIX gflfllli when worltillg at l't:lli's QIUKCIX stole Zlllfl talking lo lllC gills . . . this sincere girl lisls f.leli as llfjl illrg.ll . . . tlle XXlasllillgtoll. ILC.. trip will lle re- lllt-lllllt-llgcl , . . hllltltlll f.f,llIl!ll. I.CllflCl s Klllll, llLllitl2iI1CllCN. l,.X..X. ROGER XVILLAS . . . lo llo loin llesl lltllll llzlx to clax is lllfl pllilrlsopllx 'tXXillx" will llllsif willl llilll XXllL'll lle goes to college , . . lllis llllllll' llH'IIllNl4's IlflilX2JllI1ll is :ltltlillt-rl In reallillg :incl gllltlflllllg . . . Xlls. Ollolllkt- IN lllC llust . . . llllhllllg. ELAINE XVITTER . . . 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Picskc. llaugherly Uixisiun l02 Rim I: X.N1.CIni1. R. Lieggi. L. SL. cIl1lI.S. Iuiiiex. IJ. Zack Rim 2: N. Szmka. A. Yalleri. B. Kgatluivlln. I.. .X1'on.C1, Smith Rim Ai: Y. XIUIN. B. NIcCla1'en. GI. Hmciuznnci. IJ. Slaiuzxk. I. Hasan- uuci. S. I'clml1ella I L Run I: Heal. IJ. Rospli. 9. Mai- I1mL.S. RflKIlflClxl.x. Cvllllgllllfklll. R. Culliu. IJ. KlllLIlCll Run 'ii C-. LLIIHYLILIIIIIH. N. Nlulll. D. I.:-izlig. XIIN. Ilmll. E. Xhiillziml R. l.X1vllN.l.l11w.17A, IANIUI Rim I.: I. IICIIX. R. Bum, R, ww. Iwuxki. R li.IIIlLN. R. RAL. 1, NIwl1IcII1.111w. R Hin K-. If.1Im1 . ry r r. ' , 4 , K i iv' ' ' -tl? ' ' Q, 47491 xgmiwc W . .T ' I 4' f ,Qt "ri . f In , 1" " :ff I. . If .W few A-I ffm, f I If e' I I I My L fgfiff . I in A-1' Q f iw .. V, Y Z? 1 ,W M I . ! I if f in . 4 in J I, lo W I . fw ,Q . mg . I I1 1 If .fv A ' if 11 W, f I . If, f..f . f ff . .I I V. fling: I fa' I i 4- . ,H . Wx I ,. X v fi, I' .f' I I . I.. Q .. 4 I ' I x ' , A A 2 ,gy X J W, QQ xx 1 R X Hel B. H11I1111'a. u Mum R. Kuklu xxx 1 1 M. Mans. 1111111111 I ll 0110. G. Ebert xx 4 oxx 111. N. l'cl1i1l.1. k R , NI. Nx'1igl1l ll oxx 4 B dko. 1's. S11f,-ss. 1111x111 S llllli. WI. 1311111-x. 5OlllhCl lx Xan xx o I Lelzmo. D. 1.1 C 1111 Xl l'111'1'11lu11c. D. c11k1 D Rc-1x l. I-'ull xx lm 1 R l,illlCl'. l1DtlfI D llxdlwh, L. .XIILICIF 1 3 R 64111161 R. lipp. Tx. xx 1 LL QIJLIICILU. R L11 L Ro111111oxx'sLi. R, F1111- oxx TZILL B. Rg1x1111'. xx jx mx du I. I'c1e1'w11. li. cqud X R11 11111, P. xxiexike xx 4 P 1 ull. XIu111'41c. R Xzlloxek E Edcuk. F.. Theme. xx L 1 . Allmlfnllt. 5. c11c1.1 11051 D. Xx'11c1111ci. U11 rw R 1116110 Bculwxx. XI. 1111111 IL 11111. F. Rlukfrl nz R 11 L11 C. l'111111al W , 1, W ,WW am W , ' 'W T Division l06 Ruxx' 1: S. 1.11 Coste. .-X. Gz11'11,n. X. B1'11ga11. Cl. K1111to11, E. Rucker Ruxx' 2: 'l. f1u1111cl1x'. G. Xx'cdi11. C. Nl111e1lo11c. B. I'I11sp011 Roxx' 3: bl. Luflis. E. Ifce11Cx'. NI. Mc- Rux. ID. 1'iccl111z1. K. I'111x Roxx' 1: S. Pz11l:1. ID. Xxilk. R. Rodsn xx. G1'il1pc. P. NI1,xx1i11QlNi. XI. C1111 1111171 l R0xx'5: C.Clll1SllIl.5. I'c1'ik.R. Cllli- kwxvski. R. S11-1111111-in-1', R. N1l111llz C-. Hmm Rxrxx' Iii fvrglf. R. fvxllmlll. C. Klglx' I. llimlicxxxki. S. Nx'11ldc11s11111111. R XXV.lldk'llNIlUlll. K . Ixnrg S5 7 ' A . Jw 'A . X 1-HX I MQW?- ff' I 4 A ,I 1 'll Z 'my if WX f"" lg 91 Division 107 Row 1: B. Malinski. C. IJornhuSch NI. Colleran. BI. Kraft, Peidle Row 2: A. Peluso. S. Norsrrom, V Groves, C. Corw Row 3: P. Finley. Ruhl, D. Fran ken. P. Karl. C. Porro Row 4: R. Budzynski. E. Slm ak, M Conrad. R. Schmuldt, D. Becker M. Vega Row 5: 5. Xfyszkrmski. NI. Samuel son. D. Keough. R. Pauarclla, L Castello Row 6: L. Coeller. M. Marro. J Haynes MI. Rio. C. Thompson, C Burzlulf. C. Hinehclifie Dix ision 108 Rem I: I. Ixwllf. P. klofel. L. Bu- xflnck, R, Siem. L. Polak Run 21 I. Kolluxuki. R. Xlujfim, K, Srlxzulmv. I. flIIiNlfiIlNCIl Rrvh Q11 fl. IJiXliLl'1clC. I. Irrl1u1'r.f1. Halle. L. l'1f:mf,mNLi. R. R111- IHZHIIN Run 1: C..C,eI11mmNk1.IJ. RIINKIHI. X. Xen. C.g1rlw1u. XI. I.uNI:mng4. D, Oban Rrm 7: 'I'1al1a11i. CL Blwmfclnll. ff. Illhfrlwki. ll. f-Y1ilL1lmlllLLi. I Iufzmu. Ii. IHNLIHU Rrm li: XI. Lllllglllill. X. Xtnlvmw-11 l.. Xlmhcll XII. Hamlwlm. X XlHllL'XK'N. luunu. I. K-.nik Q 5 .014 ,-Z , I g.. al f , Mn, . ,af any Wo 5 Ka.: M' 4' 'fn l Uivisicn II.I Row I: .L l'1UI'IIIIClI. G. Ii11l1Ir1111. N SIIl'l1g1II, G. Nlugellzm, NI. PIICKIII Cl. B11sl1c111i D Row L: KI. 1.11 I'111-111. G. IE1'011'11. I Rcd Ixcl 1Ii11glo11. R. YZ1IIIIIxC. -I. Wi11: Rmv 3: .X. I,CSCIIIxC. K. N:1I111I1cnI11111 I-Imnk. NI. 5111110113 II. Schulll. NI. NIil1111z1s Rim' -I: G. 'IIw111'ck. Y. II'rlllIIIJI'L'llI. I.. CIII'ISIUlJIIL'I'. IJ. Xovclli, NI N1'LI1c1' Row 5: A. Sz1111lc1s, I.. NIIIIIUI, R Meyers. I.. I.:111gc. R. II'111'Ic-1. I.. 'I'o111z11'x1s I Dix iiion I I I sv , I R1111 I: E. SLIIIICIIIIIIIQIII. D. RLAIIIlIL'. I. Dn1i1Iw1111. R. II111111I1i11. R. 15:11- Iilu. 'If I'1'ag11N R1111' 2: C. 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I .1 11. R. IILIIIII. I. XL11111, ll n'11I1u1g. X Run IJ IIimIx ll IIIIIII. I.. lilly-NI111' , 1 1 . . . . 1 I . I.111I1II11. lx XX11f1111k I mf g IINIIII XIHIUII 2 f I ,uvfw W enum- fm '41 W W IZ 11 mwhm ,gmlvffllll .wyflwff ,412 I ,951 f'w . .W w , 1 .. fn 49, 5111. 1... 1 111111 1' 1."11111l' 11 11111111 1 11111111 1 1 811' .11 1. 111111111 I 1111 51111111 1.1.111111 I 11 11.1211 1 11.111111 11 811111 1 11111111 1. 1. 1111.11 S 112111 1 1 1' 111.1111.111 11 X 711 1 1 1 .111..11 1 X111 1.11.1 11 1 1' 1111111 1 1 1211111111111 X1 111111111 1 111111 1 11111.1111 1' 111111 I Division 114 Row 1: M. V1CNI2i. R. Meslling. G. Segreli, J. Slaxich. j. Knudson. A. Posejpal R11w2: I.. 1161111611 1. Poetsch. T. H1'i11kley. D. Kasperson. BI. Hud- son R1111 K. Nickaolson. B. Virgil. S. Hcllinu. Cf. Jozwiuk. C. Jan- krmski. C.. Fielder R1111' 1: P. Bluorc. I.. Broski. 1. Smiulek. F. JU11Il9f:Il. S. Snhulei. R. Warzecha R1111' .31 I. G1'ab0w514i. R. Knop. P. KCliCXk1f11. T. Rudolph. P. Beren- gm. 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Heltll. ll. Boettchel' Row 4: R. .-Xlaspu. D. Jzliuik. R. SCl1HllllJlll'gCl'. R. Geisler. P. Goe- hrig. li. Kempehe. l'. Schlosslnunn Row 5: S. Bernstein. 'II G1'chenz11'. K. Lasline. K. Lintluhl. L. Nluel- ler. T. Dzunato Row 6: L. Nicholson. W. Cielie. R. Konecnik. B. Bohizlrl. T. Gunp- hell, H. Strom Row 7: Nl. Konwinski. E. XYulle1'. B. Tuttle. J. Knutlsen. R. Blu- menthal. P. Spina. J. liingcl. NY, Schultz Division 152 Row lz E. Cverali. NI. Frank. J, Thurber. L. Heath. S. Sthnltz Row 2: A. Zuccugnini. A. Ygtinisi. N. Grzinzin. S. Nelson. E. Nlcutl Row 3: J. Yunker. B, Nlzihlcr. S. Kleniz. P. Faklia. E. Oleluxn. E. Lasalle Row 4: H. Nilllflill. B. Polisthuk. B.Zl11gSllCllU. E. Knnzler. 'll Bun- tield Row 3: A. DiYilo. R. Olsen. R, Mols. D. Hoellen. J. Eitlnlxzu. J. Schacht Row 6: L, Blocker. K. Rapetlq. J. Fraser. J. Bratluc. D. Fc-l-ke. E. 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I M f Www f' I ' 3 I I , ' If 5 , f I. ' . ,I . I I I Row l: S. Nlrmranl. A. Blaslick, K. I. Division 158 Row 1: J. Rasmussen. S. Novak, F. Leone A. Gaudio. M. Eisenhise Row 2: E. Kruml, A. Blocker, F. Whitcomb, R. Bielecki Row 3: D. Pontarelli. P. Bertolino, A. Camarano, J. Reiker. J. Petruz- zclli, Flodstrom Row 4: Mr. Kaide. B. Karwoski, R. Zack, XV. Hansen Row 5: R, Zincoris. E. Pawelko. C. ' Tortorice, Maxson, Boyle ,Lf I7 E Division 159 Row 1: 12. Turner. Coslnen. G Yodicka. L. Towers. J. Kohnke Row 2: E. Sobin. F. Pahr. S. Giarn 111H1Yfl, T. Buccieri Row 3: N. 1Vines. Miss Muscurello. R. Marzigliano. E. Myhra. L Trapz Row +1 XY. Hermann. Donato H. Pletcher. D. King. Moritz F. Ciri11o R gg . X , ...Fx 1 o v 2 J u iz .V f X ex f.: Q. ' f 32 2 7417 ww- 'ff' 3-wf,,.y +1 if N' M 1' . ,X J - Sdfr' " -f f if fam W f ,,f , . y X 1 f .- Q, f I f 71 A '41 . .QQ Q" Q X J in 91 fa if 42 AW 'i W f W f 7 'if We wi.. f N, X WWW Z , 5, ,Q W 'A ' V4 Wf -S N .. , gi . 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Dalleria. K. Halverson. P. Krueger. A. Broud. P. XYiora. M. Kramz. D. Nzislund Row 5: P. Wierzba. D. Lagoria. J. Johnston. R. Koelm. Deli-artolo. T. Kyxig. J. Sullivan, C. Pasek Division 212 Row l: I.. Larson. S. Hageman. C. Hill. D. Hjort. J. Janikowslgi Row 2: S. Sher. l'. Mz1jszok,5. Colo. Krontz Row 3: S. Rydcll. S. Kolman. Lipniski. J. Pierce Row -1: V. Mele. C. Jzuiiak, B. Men- . zik. R. Lorenzo. E. De Simini. P. Gorski Row 5: L. Laing. R. Keas, R. Fallao, C. Massuci. Iacope. E. Junk- nowski Row G: B. Gundersen. R. Bublilz, L. Compo. S. Alongi, N. Cala- lirese. B. Tempel. R. Johnson 97 rw A -J M f V X f .. V, 004 6 4'-1 if , I 2 f 7 1 . w 4 .AMW I. A N 3-J A , '-..,f . A W 1 W W Z ? 5 - 5 2 Division 210 Row li I'. Liliiey. IJ. Di fommziso J. Smfwliclli. D. G1'u1'1l1ci'g. A. Pe min Row 2: Cl. Hzuiglzmnl. Miller. D llolnosz. E. Fleet Row il: D. Kzinpizrk. E. Hess. Cf Kzirce. J. Jnlinwn. A. Llmll Row l: ll. l.Cpl'lllllx2l. D. Surplis M. Nlillirmslxl. ll.xl2ITlx.lJ.fJ1'Hl1I K. 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R111 lx II.111111g11111 Ix II.lI ' "I 1- I X11I111II1 I I111R1I11 l II11 ' s I l.llllII If f . ' ,Q i Run II XI IIIIlIlIIIx N II-1x11-l111.11111 W fy f V ff' , Wfl """ I I I' I' X I Z al , ,I , , XI XXII II I11l1x1111111f11 .INI f V if inning A I ' W I XII1-11 , M I I Rem I I Il11111111mII111-1 N l.1111I I I 7,1 lmxhff ' C, N III.Ill N II1II Xl lI1111v111g Il I I I I 46 3 I.lIINlHl, lx lM111lx.1x Z f R4111 H I II.ll.llI I II.111x-111.1 If I If 9 .1 ' I-llIllIlll1IlI XI Kl.1I1I1 lx II1II 1 fa' 4,9 7 . vsxll' I i.1n1sx111.111, Ix IIIQIIX1 I I4'Il1 IIS Nl' II X IIlI1lIII.IIIt 11 N f....Z Division 217 Row 1: D. Nlarulwiu. NI. Bohrangcr. N. Hnrdxs. J. Mrkcough. P. jur- oszexvski. J. Porrle Row 2: BI. Yapelli. NI. Nlulxicu. P. SIHXIII. Mrs. Filler. B. gl11l1UXx'iixi. D. Peters. J. LZ1Il'l7IliL1l Row 3: X. Nedlacck. R. Blarrgann. D. Piclrzlvek. B. Rm. CQ. Com, S. Kruger Row 47: B. Rnmel. A. Miller. P. Sul' livin. B. Noxak. F. SCIHIIQDSCI' C. Flnich. Gale Row 3: NI. Larsen. I-Q Cluonzo. S. Herhsl. Cf. Kulbiedzr. B. Grockc Row 6: IJ. Faulk. R. Bzrsalay. B Schncm. R. Petrin. B. Freexc. f-. Kilberl. R. Ciern Division 251 Row 1: V, Kuezin. S. Bilek. l'. Testa, S. Walsrm. NI. Nlclfudclcn Row 2: Howe. R. Perkmwki. Mrs. Bcarh. llc Cfracio. A. Monteleone Row 3: R. Mcfiuirc. P, Kay. R. J I Loparclo, NI. Icllcglino. R. Icar- son, M. Vullmar Row 4: C. Iovzm. R. zrwm. S. Stalin. .I S. Pelros, F. Foss. B. Snider. NI. Walsh Row 5: I.. Rickert. IJ. Sander. C. XVoodwarcI. G. Miles. CL. Gojclzns. R. Chile, F. Bllgllj, B. fleln ' 99 Division 216 Row 1: L. flinrlllinm. flllli. K. Iizrtlzlglia. I.. Illllidfjiitil. S. Iiiflel Row 2: K. Muller, C. lhrllclx. D. Ilupek, R. fiZllll2i9lll Row 3: R. Flclclrcr. S. Ilcxulcll. Bmw. X. Ciupcfio. IJ. Ihmlu. ul. Ncri Rrm' I: R. Ii2IllL'li. IJ. Sclnrucck. .'X. Mznckowizrk. Y. Clclelmrrnr. IJ. Fuer- - ' 1 , IW JI 1.. Ill. . . ii . J. - slcr. IR-lI'c:l'rl Rc r C XII NI Fil L I' Ira 1 kcr. I. Dill, Ii. Xcri. C.. Kzrszrllix. IJ. Hulsbzml Row fi: L. Behrens. NI. llczun. Holm, C. Frost. R. Kznplinski M W -ml Q 52,2 2 fag. EV N464 in ...., xr A ...., N 5 N. V 'VP' zzzlz 1..E i12b N 'i:..:E: I -If' iii' I 1 Division 252 Row l: R. Miller. S. Boswick. li. Russo, M. Nlaxen. NI. Rinu Row 2: T. Gngliarcli. D. Smolik. .X. Calnluzlraln. R. fllulgcnli. bl. Rui- fes Row 3: li, Xlzusolll. Xin. Salman!! G. Adochio. R. Limlquisl. j ClLllllCl', 5. l'-Cl'Cllll Ron -1: G. l'clersrm. I.. Yam limi' len. M. Paul. IZ. Xnmcnlnno, Li Miloch, K. Kunz, j Neroy Row 53 fl. Hipp. R Runxwmlx Bali-red, M. Retzer E. Strom Gilles 5. Poulnkm Row lj: R. Miller, H Crlilllllllll, R. Nomk Bush, l'. llCSlL'l 5lIlllll'ISL'Il, C, H. Rout f' ' ff ,Al lcv fy' . fM, flu? 1 ' , . 7 f A V! A 5 W W ,, ff' AN ' f My wr' , av' I X 9 'V 4 U g A .wf f i i' i V 2 ' a f V TA , . p 1 0 .y Division 253 Rmv l: S, Cics. L. Stevan. B. Olga, K . jumbnui. NI. Bordcnaro Rim 2: P. Harrigan. B. Smvnoff, NI. Struck. S. lX'all Run 3: NI. De Giacomo. D. Harac- lxicwigz. Parise. Kulzawinski, I-1. RfJlOHKlO Row 1: D. Skiera. E. Yallero. G. P1'ed1'icLs. K. Fruehling. C. iauler Row 3: K. Dailgherlv. B. Elliot. L. Icmscn. S. Halx orscn. I. kr'-apple. If B1'c-xzulrllxa lhusmn Tal Ram I lx NI. Nxuolm. D ll.lK'gl'l. 1. ll.llIl.llU, l. Ulwu. 'll l'ulllu Rum 2' I Rllnlmlu-1. lv. llzulck. ll Ill-wir ll, l.m11-11. I. Xmu Rum fl, I. lxmglxl. R. lllill.llll. R li.llll'l, X fll.llIl.lll'N, R. l'.lIk'l. llIllNllL. ll ll.lllm Run lj l'. lllcull. l, llull. ll llmuk.uvl.m, R. lknlkm-1.l., Nl.ll mlllmmn. Il Irull. Inlmsun 100 Z Division 256 Row 1: KI. Hudson. C. Behrens. F Cardone. NI. Koester. D. Siller Row 2: C, Chapp. R. Heldl. G. Bien. S. Anderson. R. Hugi Row 3: D. Rasr. T. Massuci. P. ' Knop. F. Lindalil. D. Ediger Row -1: N. Jaeger. R. Surrer. R. Gibbon. J. Erickson. D. Ernest. A. Sondler. G. De Leonardi Division 257 Row 1: H. Pergler, J. De Maueo. L. Pearson, L. Yavra, E, Sand Row 2: C. Knabel, N. Cipriani. N. Beeeroft, XVartell, L. Marshall Row 3: R. Frink, S. Noxak, R. Eriek- son, M. Ross, C. Johnson Row 4: G. Maggio, R. Grassl, M. Anzelde. J. Murphy, J. Holm Row 5: Kania, P. .-Xnderberg. L. Bagladi. D. Renaud. C. Merkner. T. Metallo 101 ,M Division 255 Ron' l: B. Iloheng. Nl. Rolewicz. K l.llllfl5lI'fllll. Cl. I.211ser'l. P. Phil lips. D. Mucina Row 2: B. Mittel, J. liizzlek. D. Gaz du. C. Lulleclge. K. Rini. BI Schultz Row 3: T. Sliziuglineasi, R. Dujmo- vie, F. Junkins. Orzixee, S. Fos- suxn. Burns Row 4: R. Steinberg. li. Sign ehs, D Jensen, L. Tuglus, G. Hzisler, R. Kolaczewski. S. Bagrowe aw S 700 , Z , ' ff QW J i .W f ff A QQQH . J xy,-' if .1.: i X Y re-W ' Division 258 Row l: K. Krueger. C. Cozii. C. Richardson, KI. XVendl. D. Hahn. C. Leno Row 2: C. Krclnner. R. Hzunillun. R. Scurit. Y. Oleluyn. KI. Krajec. K. Foley Row 3: R. Trcllcns, T. Fumsallki. A. Valentine. Y. Landis. Nl. Hulk land. D. Oprian Row 4: Y. Kamlzer. XVCIHICIU, K. Ruscn. 'IQ Kccgan. B. Rullin-ga. j. Bagley. G. Fcdunm' 'mf- fin 1 f - f ' . ' M' A ' 1 l V,.h.4n., . , M A 4 V! , ,.. ,W V' f f " ' f ' -' ,W J ,, Y' ' 'Y ."' n ff' ,' f . 41 l. Q Q I .X X' ,fy ' A Z Wy V' . f gvivf' f 7 r .. I W .1 ,V ,. N I , . 1 'W v A . .1 tu H , M- A , M l 1 . ff I J 1 , ,, .f f . , . iff .. f .f ':5 ' -, Q l. , vi -. . -5 . . Z 1 0 X W .My fr A f D b: llgajrl 4 4, l . A f . . Y 9. N f . 'lv l , R ' f , ' fb aww. 1. - . f 1 ff . :LU 'X ' ,Y ' I ' . Q W 1 , A . .:,Qnf4nW 23.3-15, . ' 1 W ' . . 4 Q. -. -- - - L... ,.,-.1.... .. , 4-fififfffi' Q 5-"R-'sgzrzf . 'f . 1 ' ,,.'h.,,' n,'. , ls V ,,f'g'f,.. any-:I ., x',Q:4,.4gV',.. Q., .-V, X h1.,a:,ax4.da .'f " M. Q15 1.,,4:,,,f,n'o, 1 X, ff V 'Ali' ' Arm, Y V fl 7 " 'H ff, ll , I I V . fa f I V , V ,f ,X 7 : f V 0 7 2 "my .f J I 1 ' "" 47 -' 'V 'Z ., . 'vff if f. Ai,A 5 iam ZW Q-P 4 , w I1 Dis ision 259 Rmx 1: IJ. Pilar. NI. Paul. J. Dileo- nardi. j. C-uagliardo, C. Bcrnardi Run' 2: XI. Lucherinc. L. Coduli, XI. Nlickei. S. Rxan Row 3: 'If Trippicdi. Yojta. P- Rram. S. Nielsen. D. Ladegaard Row 4: R. Olson. P. Siavelis. H. Gonlxi. CJ. Hosren. P. jenkins. S. Skuarek Row 5: J. Andrusyk. B. Piiche. A. Hallihan. C.. Foislmerg. B. Con- nery. NI. Clampanaro INN ixiun flill Run l Xl X liulla. X.B.lul1i.Nl IM-1n.l1ll, N. Nlullllx, I. lhmn. G. Hlllllllfllll I I lmllx. ll. Mglgllcl. R llllllm-. I Xlli nllu. if Ll.1ll:n'cllo K lamlu Run 'li Nl. Ixukulxki. R. liggvll. Xvull S. I'ulrln'll. ll, Ntllllflpg. R Run Lulllull Run li lvimlvgg. ll. lupus, R ntlllnll. R 5lli'llX. X. lflilkyun l'. ll: XI'lll'll' 1021 Sfrafegy qzroug ures Mrs. Springer supervising Hue use of spherical iriangles in navigafion, as illusfra'-"ed by N. Elifson, D. Flax, J. Brock- meyer, M. Hurwirz, C. Ofson. Www X K X I T' i W , , , IAAAEA 4' 26 2, - "M 42,495 gg ' f , - we ::xzgffy'g.,, ' , ' -,, AQIAQII Q A 5' f. " gk I ., ,. 3, -, ff Xjmf y, M fm I V f W fmfwg- , f- ! ff f ' wwunwf- V: Z W 'Q 7 M sf W, , hm . ' Q f . 5, 4 1 I M f 4 X v f ' ' f f f 4 4 52' .v X X , f 'K fr X A , 4 I f f f f 'ff f 7 W-ww..,Wfwfr-Wvwww w Z u mm A851 ,Qv L Nw Z3 K .g f -,,..x fu VV- L! 'fir l 22 2 Qi 'B N .Lf W f , X f f if f 3? 1 2 yi 32 I lf V 72,1 "nga fc S 1722. .W . R 5 , ,W I sm Q N W b T if V ,. A im M T' v ' , 1. -w :Wg 1 VI Fi 4 Q" .W M .m x .I X fm ,Q W X MW Q f A X fm ,. f H' f , . 1:5 , ' 1, X 5 , f - 21, J, " X , ' f f f 'U 1 e W 4 0 hmmm we ,. ,. S: X X 1 fi V , V ,,VV Q , I A ' ,H - ' ,: fQ,Q1f-gg' X V551 X 'N ..-.: , v ida 2 ""' -V H ,,.,,,,,........ , 195:51 ge, 'V 'Fai' .,.. " 9 Q31 : - CK , ' ,ff l V- H ,K rf .e ,,,..,. fx : jwilgyf , Q 152' 1, ' , '44 ' 'ITL'-. r ' ,Q I ,.., , ,I ,gg mm f f N ' ' ' ' 5 h e ' 1 .. -s iii, S, ' d .. A RA --'-' W Q, x Wgsezg-.:11-...zu .N -:zz 1 -ff ff:-" f f XMYW 'Ai X , " " 1 ,,M4.!' WW uniors Up fhe ladder go, Knowledge now begins +o show. A fime 'For work, a Hme for play, Has+ens +he "impor'l'an'I"' day. l .. J' 1 .45 X 1, , .. 4, .1 W WA f X f f Q. I WNW . mg! zz ' I 3 . IMI I . Q Q f.. -W W ., " 1 . :Exif . 5 Division 301 Row l: I. Gwarlncy. C. Nlclieough L. Priest, L. Cording. G. Pro kopuk. Row 2: L. Hciuckamp. SlaldCf D. Samesla. V. Werlkc. Row 35 C, Caesella. NI. Andersen D. Schultz. BI. Ruiso. T. Podraza N. Bloom. Row 4: AI. Romano. F. Miller. M Tciryon. D. Nelson. XY. Macler K. Korner. Row 3: D. Lcxerenz. H. Neuhaus B. Tictz. R. 'l'l'HIJI'J. B. McGregor B. Iiudstrom. P. Siamples. Dis ision 302 m li XI. Xlllllllll. X. llroml-xii. P fg1xiio,S. XlCIlllllZ1Il.l.. Hucl. Run 2: H. Yer-Luka-. A. l'Lll'llNll. L Xlicllulck. .X. l'lCcl. Rim FS: li. Anllxnglirlli. IJ. Zaflmga C.. llclccl. l'. RlCllUl'llNf.lIl. CQ. 'bi lllmllbtll. Run li K. Bi.:-Lo. B. Holm. R. but lilo. H. Hllrlmpk. C. Broun. .X Xlocllcr. lllx isiull fillii Rum I K llmlnnrllmnxl Nlvu'1xx.I Nl.unll.1 l Nl.ulu11k.l'.lxlInIu1mN . 1 . . u Rim - Xl l.lIIlklllIkI K loklxlkl N lmlllnuk I NlI.lll1l Ron 'H I lalullv. II llupkllxx ll I . llollumlm, Il Xlullvu. XI. llltlllli Ron I Il Inwlvluwu. I' l'.rul, X XlIll1'llN'lI,: C XVINIIH. ll Q.lNlKl Lum, I l1llllINlNl1'll.l. ll1vxx'1' X lxul.ul.n R 'Nll'lllIl'lllu uni. I , Il.11um-11. l. Xl-1.ul1.rm.Q l.1l.l1n1.1 Ron U lim-llllu-1. NI. lxlll. ll Nlolnmx ll Iulmwu IX tunxululk lllti Division 304 Row l: A. Boccizl. E. Zolezzi. D Dznitlson. D. Repinc. NI. Fierro. Row 2: D. Johnson, A. Brcckler. Y Miles. S. Knapick, Kraft. Row 3: C. Sztllmego, R. Dil'ictro. N Kztrner, R. Halter. NI. C2liliCI'EllH A. Sykes. Row -l: D. Gilbert. N. Miller. B Winters, K. Davey. S. Battista. Row 5: B. Krclle. G. Frontzztk. G Kzisallis. S. Cadomski. R. Cort M. Plastinei. Hanh. Division 305 Ron' l: 5. Innes. S. Betlaer. R. Xa watja. D.kNillllt1llCX. R. YlY1'UllllTlllO. Ron 2: P. Nlomn. D. Diemccke. H. Ennnrich. R, Nlatthans, Row 3: B. Yoko. P. Ttlcsek. N Lelnnann. K. Lznnolscli. .X, Zinki Rant 4: L. Kurtz. C. Grote. Di heatano. E. Kozil. Y. Yunt. J Majewski. Division 306 Row l: L. Bloniarz. S. Bztaclc. E. Sokolowski, A. jordan, D. Clzicca- Yari. Row 2: C. Samlmv. P. Hztnlte, D. Altier. C. Stance. F. Kline. Ron 3: K. I,0lifl. L. YX'ztgl1C1'. Giznnetti. N. Stlinltz. NI. Strznige- lancl. Row -1: L. Schlcser. B. qjonex, XV Kohl. Sorentino. D. licrni. R barely. Ron 3: A. .xl1tllCWS. Ilttnninond. 0. Hassler. B. Engelter, lj. Elms, F. H'estbeI'g'. 107 ..,,, iff. . . .M , li., in Q QM 552 4 Mr, Za. 7 few ,WZ w Q . alfg? M ,ff we M 0. X7 1 'V ,Z J, 7 f W WW 4, 6 S ' fs Wifi "' 'F' ' ' ' ww. gf SSW? WX. .0sV' Qfavwi -jp' 5 1 w QKW A QS Q - 5 ' Q. M, Wg l I . mi KN 'E f z Q ' -um Q. yt gif ' AQ, '14 L ? 1 I QC Jllff Q -6? I' W' QQ . B MN -' 1 9 ,f fa. gym? ffvw, 417' 4 W' 529 Z-,.,f . ' ' ' ,ff- ! lv Z A ,Vw 41 1 v I V f 2, I gay 2 Q y M ' in , t UO aa DC' f: -gl? an 49.4 M idk' 2 Q9 4 Z. B i f 4: 4 V iw . . fi M I, 4 J a " K 4 dr B in ill? 'W' f - W igfx " QU ,ei ,,, .ggi W 'IP ww . fl Z O9 Q U6 fa 6 ,,,,,, , 141' al' 99 6 21" 4' "" 40 ' 1 WW' 00' Division 307 Row 1: A. Romano, L. Lohn, L. Stahlecker, Bennett, V. Fern- bach Row 2: R. Reynolds, J. Ostby, D. Hlosch. S. Eckerly Row 3: B. Ratsch, R. Sbarbaro, C. Woodward, C. Kosla, K. Kania Row 4: C. Hfalczak, B. Parke, S. XVoodrich, P. YVisher Row 5: R. Cowgn, R. Dunsmuir, L. Berquist, H. Wyszkowjki, A. Dahl, J. Ratzel Diwision 308 Row 1: BI. Svcc. C. Augcllo. D. Cer- nok, J. Hockspeil. C. Predericks Row 2: B. XViLL. P. Vedner. K. Berg, J. Ylillex, D. Thorscn Rmv 3: NI. Hansen, R. Cengr, A. Niemiec, C. Alelasiewicz, J. Grant Row -1: D. Belmome. J. Geisler, B. Sowinski, J. Yesper, P. Janis, Berggren Row 5: R. Hagan, K. Njaastad. M. Arquilla. Mr. La Bonne. J. Blus. NI. xlCCllfCl'lCOIl. R. Teucrle Ui! isiun 309 Rim Llbuum-. l-. lMl.ul1ul.x. Al. lun. I' Nl Nl.uulum'. X. xgUl.lll.lS ' 1 Run' 2' I1 km-xml. R. Nllllcr. C Yuglvl. Xl. illllg.Ill, .X. l'il'L1llCl3lx Kms Il: ll lk-.m. R. 1111-710. A. Bilf xl.ul, Y llllqixik, lQ01'Ski, lxullvkv Rmv l: R. KQ1hll.llllU. C. lillingson ly Krups-1Lx.lQ. l1u.mv1..l.Srln1ll1 ll km-wir, X. lxuulmymki IOS . '. X 7 f fffr , W , aw. if if-w, I Division 310 Row 1: P. Norris, B. Barberis, M. Zizzo, C. Falbo, A. Kahn, V. Scr afin Row 2: N. Bissonnctte. C. Vander Hayden. A. Guarino, G. Henkc A. Schwartz Q? V f ZW 1' V H 4 Q 9 7 X f . v 4. . w wi g. fi X 4 W V 1 iw.. X 1154, , Row 3: B. Berlizmt, R. Gattone. M Goulden. G. Peterson, S. Nc Blaine, T. Pappone Row 4: R. Aumauu, XV. Strentz. J Tragos. D. Langfoss, J. Sparks. C. 1VCsl Division 311 Row 1: B. O'Dare. S. Fandrc. P Scorza. R. Scarpelli Row 2: L. Quaver. T. Savagc. 'I' Salvione. R. Salerno. 1-'. Pnsfuu Row 3: BI. Scavo. E. Saualitro. Lee. Y. Jaukowski. L. Adams K Row 4: B. Kohnke. H. Adams. 5 Yaqel B Riiko Buck ROW 5: G. Sewer. Y. Jaskol. J. Rm- mussen. E. Sciavo. XY. Nygrcn, I. Kulik Division 312 Row 1: P. Renzi, M. Soccorso, B i we M' J gf 15 2 ww' f f 5 . ffax , 1 Magnorme, C. Lomacz, P. Calda' relli , 4 J Row 2: P. Krieger, M. Hibbard, J. 1' Raia, C. Malinowski, S. Sullixrm I ff 1 g Row 3: T. Zundeil, S. C0rey, A. i.: W Lamz, C. Matzuka Row 4: T. Colucci, Miss Moore. L. Johnson, L. Hardell. M. Porter Row 5: L. Sviontek, XV. Stuhe, D. Rundblad, 1Va1thCr, A. In- gram, E. XVu1f Row 6: R. Haseltine, YV. Byrne, J, Kulik, J. D'Agostir1o, R. Reikcn. R. Rovin, E. Bleeden 109 ,..,v f' Wi WVUQ ,ff F Y. 1 'S' 'Q -ff . M6 1fr"'U YE . W' iixy L. 3 W! W X ' f ff ff W f MW f, . , f nf 4, , J 1 If f MY , fw I If Af' b ffw if 4 ff f My 4' Wir 2 is , 9'l i 9' U19 Q 19 Division 314 Row 1: Strong, Cleary, D. Shul- gan, Harold, D. Alluri Row 2: M. Swzmck. Cl. Kachians. Sell, D. Gicscl, A. Krupa Row 3: E. R0llllfllfCC, R. Nm ak. NI. johnson. K. Minctz, Schnesc. L. Smith Row 4: Olsen. K. Lowe. G. Hig- ner. F. Forte. C. Freitag. Sta- nck. A. Carbo Row 5: R. Sdnramm. 'If Cirniak. R. Aumann, I. I-'iorrla lliwision 317 vu 1: ff, l1L'L. K.. Imgcnicn. B l'CI'lI. Nl. X. Succllm. li. fllllllfs lin Run 2: ll. Nmilcx. I. ll'.XglINllIIf1 I. .XIlkIL'lNlrll. I'. 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XX I1 null: X ln'IuL II IXH1'I'IdI,I Num QI X Division 319 Row l: C. Idler, K. Sekyra. D. Routson. J. Shully. V. Moncgato Row 2: D. Parker. G. Mrozinski, B. Trapp, K. Peschke. G. Piszczck Row 3: C. Herron, D. 1Vawak. R. Gallzlclorn. E. Ziclinski. K. No- varro Row 4: C. Olson, R. Lu Nasa. R. Horwuth, N. Jcschke, B. Rotizm, I.. KZIISCDKC Row 5: R. Klfbllll, XV. Y.Vemlcl. G. Lass. T. Vaid Division 351 Row 1: N. Cilker. L. Fnhnrich. S. Yockel. KI. Baldi, P. NIcGlolhlin Row 2: B. Krou, P. Tainburivo. D, Campauziro. B. Mujewski Row 3: D. Kirktou. A. Garhe. A. LaSalle. K. Adains. X. T-Iorris, S. Kohukc Row 1: D. Mecko. J. Franz. P. Dc- Fraucisno. XI. Fitzpatrick, xl. La- Czilamila Row 3: F. Yoelkner. C. Zeschke. N. Fischer. J. Cr11Xl1l'l11li. H. Mkigley. J. lYE'LlliI1ll Division 352 Row l: B, DeNIichele. NI. I-Ioppc. K. Bcnsellcr, 41. Bellus. Cl. Sor- remmo Row 2: Mrs. Yesley. D. Mohr, XV Horn, G. Klimck, NI. Kennedy Row 3: S. Semi, B. Bacher, K. Los- tuno. j. Kzuzilizigll. C.. Hzirlmfm Cl, Moretli Row 4: C. Buck, l". Dal'ralo, D 'I'eLLlail. J, lYhiLlle, KI. Din- graudo, D. Pfeifer, C. Koch Row 5: D. Bialek. F. Schierhorn, 'I' Dueumer, R. Sl4ZlI'Z1llSlil, C. Fill- gcralrl, Gillis 111 'ii9 59.1 f z 'Ir an I Wiki ' 1 M, o z . 5 , . 0 s ' , f , s K' 0 ' Q, Q 5 a Y I , 2 5 Zz' 2 J 'BV W W 1 :W WG wi M Division 353 .-X. Miele. N. IJ'Annz1 Row 2: R. Bics. Campbell. N Lyon. A. Liuna, B. Lumb Row 3: Herl, Ii. Genlile, C.. Cass man, I. Scalziuli. L. Ollcr. L Olson Row 4: Ii. RfJlCI'lI'lLlllii. H. Fullcu I. Xilwm. D. Kwienicn. A. Pischl G. L'rl11ub, K. Krerowicz Row 5: I. XX'ollsd11acgcr. R. Xeu hamcl. XI. Dude. R. Kajmowicz K... Summers. R. f,.Qr,1c1 DixiSion 35-1 Run I' X, H1-ulxingcl P. B1.'lII'lCll X. Nlilklill R. Hfnnwln. I. Iilfvriff Rem 2: Ii. Ruhlfs Xiu. Hoge Hxngucz I. Yukutf Run J. I. Cuul. xxdililllll I. f:LlHt'lll1lIl. R. Hrmlgnmi. I.. Yiltk Rim L: R. In-wk. X. Xillliiiklf P Xmlruu. I. li-nkx I. Klum-1 B I'urcrem1 Run I: R. Xm1.1. I.. XXKUIHILH C. iillli1ll1.lHlI.X, VIIHINHH C 1,11- if nk. R C.un'gv R I'wk1'xuL.l wsu 'fit ,- I J,-. 'V I I 1 fi .4 1 , J ' . " in .vf ' ' Y., 4 . ' I .MW f , . 5 Q ' ' ' l,lXlNl1lIl iVv'v ,I I ,W .QW fs 'V g . fl, ' I , my .1 iff' V. lin-xx l X lklmu R ll.1x1b,n-k.kl. f ' T - If , 41 A ' 4 XXIIIIQ I5 I :Alum 1, l l.1xlul X , iv 4 Vi: V . ji A3 I 1 I Run Q lx Nun Ll 1 Vuxu ll ffl? I M M , if ' Nlllllll l ln-Il I ii 4,2 vp' I Q ' A3 I RUM 'C l ll.lllm l Xlmwu. Nllw if V W4 , f ' 'ML' ',,'. QQ ' NIVNVIN I ll.mL l. Nlnlxlm ' f I I gif I 'Ir W ta' V Il--xx I Q limuumx X tvllNA1'Xix.l' 9 iff f M I ' ,. iiil'lII.IN! IR NUIl'I1N1lll.ii ixlvllwl, ' ' I A fi W ll I-.nllulx R ll.11ml1 f I I 4. 'f um '- I xl..1.,x..1. na lamlg.. WI I 45,4 I M G IW lulnlxxki. R Nvlllnm K lmuw, c '., 1 M' - ,H -- 4 lhmx l Inu .I , I 1 4. I ., I. I fz - . 1 'a ' faq.. ' " X ' , 'W f 'Ya f ' , i w , ,u -' . IR I 'f f vb 1' " -I, 1 . 73 . -U ' Vw '. ,, 2 , , ' I Q A 1. 47,1 I ll:-I , , if W ,f Q 'V 1 ' , i W, ' . f lu' .. Af ,Q 1 iw MV Row 1: Daxis. Y. Tcsak. I'. Ross Division 356 Row 1: NI. Caliri. P. Kawalkicwic7. -I. Pahl. I. .'Xllan1ian. R. DC Nli- chel Row 2: D. Danielson. Miss Rmnpf. B. Hutton. P. Ochler Row 3: K. YVestphz1l. M. Carlson. C. Dravillas. B. Pells-rec. NI. Tuuzzo. T. Ruffalo Row 4: L. NICKCOI1, II. Klein, B. NIC' Gee. A. Unliedt. D. NILCZITIIIQ. R. SlllCiX'1l Division 357 Row 1: S. Borzewski. G. Hastings. T, Ashby. R. Pahr. Lippo Row 2: E. Taylor. Miss Rignni. D. Bozek. K. Gornv Row gf P. Lomax. NI. A. Cirxcs. BI. Cefalu. C. Hazzuca. M. Grippe Row 4: H. RICH. F. Cvambinn. XI. Christensen. R. Hapack. C. Lo- pardo. F. Pioi-ek , f W 1 , 1-.ig ,YQ ff I gg i :ez H .... I V... f- WZ ' in f Zz' Vw- ff rg' 4' 'TQ 7 1 ju WWWWWWWWM ,..,, ff eniors Reach fheir firs'r plafeau, Realizing +l1ere's much +o know. If They plan 'I'l1eir fuiure well, Greal' success if will spell. W Division 401 Row I: N. SIIIINICXI R Smith. K I. . 'l'u1-risi. P. Collins. II. KoI1Ixc. Row 2: T. BIKOIIIZITLIXIQ. IJ. Xlngcl- Inu. XI. HIIIIIIIIS. IX. I'L'lI. iZuIu'm. Row 3: XI. Hullncr. R. lI1:1XiII:u. Xml!- I..I'zmIm1.i-.kII1ImNI1n. I'. X' ' II:uLL-I. ,X. Bcjdu. Row I: P. XXVCIIICI. I. XXICIIICI. RIIIQIILI. C. Ilucski. Xl. fXXIL'l' IXIIRI. Ram 3: CQ PCIIIILIIIILIII. R. l.umI- Immg. R. Succl. lI.Su1lI. X. 1.1-I1 IlI.Ill. R. l.1xx, Rrm Ii: R. HiIIxllmI111.i. I.u1Img. K.. R1IIncIIcI. H. IJIIILIII. II. Ulrmm. XI. lIu1II1I.f .C.a1IwII. Disisiun 402 RUR Ig IR Hmxlr' 5IIl R.Nf1lm KIUIIHIU. INIIIUXXNII X, l.III. Run 2: Hum S. Rzmwx. XI Hz11rfXI. I'. I.1IIrVI1f-Ig.f1.IJz1mr'IN Ron 'GZ I. I'IIIN I . IIIIJIIII1 XI I'f1IiNrIIIIl1 X X1II.11I:I1I'III I IIQIII- 1J.RuII:1IIf1. Rum I: R. XIQIIIIIIIIII I. X-IJIIIWII XI. Run-IIQI f IIl'IlI1I.I.II R Xlarmml' I'. SIIIQIIIXII Rvws, '11 I IGIQIIII II IILI'-, l I XXIIUI- I I.g1IIf,I1f II Ix.mlI1fxI- ,, . 1 I.. . 1 1 I R1 I, I IIIIIIIII ll II XI: f111"'fl II NIIIIIII X XXIIIII I XIIIII R I III I IIIIIII 1. . I :U1 Q11 1 1 a'9?: I4 4 I flex 'VX is Nam C0 I I 1 X' -def I I YM 5' I' 0 ff 'W 1 2 ov' 4' I . I 79 X10 QW ' A ,,.,.,. ag I ff 6'1 55 Q f W 4z ' Q'f -mf V .1 I 1 5 I , 1 4. 1, Ig I l f ww HX 4' 'll' 4. ff, If X ,V I X I fy ',f 'fo , I' ' 1 I 3 I If I fe f L9 I 4 I P" J 41 f"'?"' IDIXIN Run X Ilnu I RI-II IxI Iluxx Ixl I, Run II IL Run II nv lun III., 1 .1 I X I.Il-vIxIxIxn I NI XIIII I III I I XII-IIIII I1 IIIIXI " II Ixll lIltI Xl I LIIIIIII I I II I II--um I' XIIIIVIII Ix IQIIIIII XI X I'IIII K III III I l.IllL I XX.n11IsIx I I IIIIIIIIIIII I I1I1m.II1 I IIIII I Xl.If1-XML I XX XX fum xxxI1 I I IZIIIIN XI NIIINIIIL Xl mlm I IIIIIIIIM II XIllI1I1II RIIIIAIIXII I XX.lll II I NIIIIIII I X.IllNII.III Ix llIIII1IIl.IIl X NIIIIIIII I I II I K.nmIIII X IXIIl1II.I1.II III3 U9 ,EW QE Division 407 Row lt C. Feustel. l'. Kelly K. Melliye. Kavajet. L. Boehm. Rom 2: L. Adamw. S. Lajka. NI. Sodoma. Grippando. lfitl- patrick. Row 3: 5. .XmlJi'ose. N. Smialek, B. Gralin, Miss BI. Kelly, P. Xoxztk. B. lkmaiiaiite. Row 4: F. Tuozzo, XI. P-l'lCLllIl2lll, A. Suzireo. G. Heimliuck. Bum- clo. 'IQ Xiottram, S. Dolce. Row 5: H. Fastow. W. Geever, K. Olson, C. Costa. NI. Sobey. R. Nlauio. L. Ditewig. 117 V1 wi' n 'At CQ wav M Wi! C' Y ff , ..,,f l I W1 ' ,Pw- , yo i 1 ,WW .lf M Z? W 'O ry! AW.. W x Z f an-Q .i W yr 4 A , f . f 4 V M J A X , ,e . If 5 I N 5: A If ef N: , .z X. .. p .431 U , Division 404 Ron I: B. Black. H. Sutter. IJ. Yhwlilgeiiititli. BI. Ziegler, S. PC tronella. Row 2: .X. Dominguez. B. Nocek. NI. Iiolemler, X. Schneider. B. Nidiznlian. Row fl: S. Iohmon. P. Domanico. R. Nlzisengo, NI. lflmperio. B. Nexillt.-. IJ. Wagner. Row -4: 'I. Col-lette, IJ. Blonclu, XY. Opfur, I. Iorgenseii. B. YYorteste1'. R. Hultin. Row 3: K. .Xnde1'so11. .X. Frigo. R. Blzxsko, QI. Miller. R. Novelli. KI. Kulii. Division 405 Row l: K.. Mele. I. Czildzirelli, S DlCl1'iilfJf21l'O, Loftis, J. Loftis Row 2: Ni. Zydlo. Al. Lerro, N. Rick ert. R. Andres D. Singer. Row 3: ll. Everett. li. Chazinski. S Clmiiilzill, xl. Dexitt. li. Biedar. E Weed. Row 4: X. Nagle. S. Intcitlouuto. KI Sir Douofiio, CL. Brciztdola. N. . iiecki. KI. Clll'lSlOPllCINCll. Rim' 3: NI. Diclier, Y. Lztiiipuiiaiw Y. L1l'L1lllI1l'OSSCl. Mr. Lawlev, P Schultz. G. Sitiiztlitro. I.. Duntlo xicli. I . MW e Division 408 Row I: C. Daum. N. Mika. I. Mm riQ. A. Liberia. B. SIJI'II'lgl'I. Row 2: P. C-adau. NI. HIIIIXKIII. X' I'6lIlII.B.fJlI1Xx2lI. R. C-umino. Row 3: D. I.uc1:1k. X. 5KII1lLIl. I' liIIingsen. K. Nlunnx. KX Rui- momli. B. Ianin. A Row -11 F. l'oII11Lci. R. Hcikc. I5 Ralinwky. I'. Ifimk. NI. fvIL'NLIl. 1. Cfeorgian. Rom 1. IJ. Ixolwn. I.. Mulliuc. R Nay, I. 1.1-Illmclg, NI. Billlllgligl. Row Ii: .XIb1'c'cI1t. NI. Kuludlicj R. ISL-ck,I1.Bxmm.I-.IiuI1,I1ou' Disision 409 Rgw Ig IJ, I'rgIu. XI faI,1II11w Ix Ill. 7 fn M ,f f Zyf Q' I Q 1- 36' I . 5152. " RUIIIZZI. IX. I'I21IIf11I1Is I fI1'xIlI5 I Rmv Z1 IJ. IXir'fIr'111z I UINIIII I IICIIIIX 5. 1. 5,1 III I Q IIC'-. ,G fy Rum "Ii 33' . ' -I I HlIII'w' I . I. if 'H A ,fffy " Up, 'Q I I -I I I - I - , , 1 . G .mv . I A 1 ' IQ' -1 -1 I . Rom 13 I' XMI-11 R I'I!'v"I, I 8 HIIIIQII R I'I.:fIfI K I'1wI I5 f,l1v11.1 19 YD , .. I fi QC .0 . Av' . M -.IW , 1 f . by WI? V If 4' .-1 5 LAM.. a,..,Ng, If A I 6 Q 4 ig I C Ihx num IIII Iluul I Ixmlx I Ixullulux R Nn111uII.: I I'Il'IIIIII X I-lwulu Il--xx Q I IIILIIII-Ill.: I- IxIn1l1.l I'ul1.IvIk I' lI.u1lu1N1.1k I' XXII IIII Ibm 'I' k XI.ugml K kuglmmv XIINN II.llllIn1Iu'I. X IXLIIN II Xwlunn I Xlullmx Rn-xx In I II.m1m K. II'XImw1r I Rmul II XI1IwIIIIXI.IN. II II.m1 lll.lIlI1. R 5II.IIIIN' Rum 'I I 5IUIQIux.I II In' N XIIIIIVIIU I Ml.lIuq'I,, Q, N1,1u gun, II fwI.IIIlIIIlI Q. I.1mgI IIS Q w f x Division 413 Row l: C. Haring, 1. Terisi. L. Ril thaler. A. Shilx oak, Spike. Row 2: M. Fitzgerald. J. 1'Ci1Cl'SCll Mrs. Springer, S. Hasterock, 1' Fanucci, R. Greenleaf. Row 3: Y. Baron, P. Clausen. N Marc, D. Kendall, S. Lexine. R Dresmal. Row -l: D. Larson. joint. Slizu boro. E. Schwilk. R. 1YCgI1C1', H Stoeffaus, B. Skleney. Row 3: P. Tomczak, B. Scanlon. NI Panarale. B. Vincent. R. Ochot- nicki, G. Schultz. Row 6: B. Sawyers. B. Bird, wat. P. Katz. 119 Dixision 411 Row l: H. Rudolf. I,leBella. C Howaltl. S. Scimeca. N. Deffralia Row 2: 'l. Harstad. NI. .Xmelmo Mrs. Nlurana. K. Nlustari. A Xlnisolcl. Y. Corin. Ron' 3: C. Ieler. Hiller. S. Sat- tler. C. Virgil, B. Renk, G. Gross, H. Wettwer. Row 4: N. Timlnreck. XI. Buuclion- xille. XI. Keslian. C.. 1'l'OlEll'ISl'i1 CZ. Kcstizm. Nl. Zienizin. R. YVillasi Rem' 3: S. Rlioclei. R. Larson. A Kozimki. R. I,al'o1'ta. R. Eiiksen D.St.jz1cqueS. R. X1l.l1lli,E.C,5llx2l 2 ' Dix ision 412 5 wil. is Row l: N. Nlagnone. xl. Ztuliaria. K 4 XI. Cuscio. H. Kopitaii XI. Papa. f', Run' 2: I. Plnttos. J. Cross. C. Red- '1A'. 1. Bzilsaxia. R m Iv: E. .Xltie1'e. Nliw Suletta, Xl. osenluerg. Lf Holzgrefe, S. Smith. K. Szpekmvski. vu' el: I. Camllo, K. Knnecnik. M. . ariani. X. Belssneix 'If Lee. L. A UllllSl,ll1. V rm .v. D. Luge. R. Bug. Nl. Pa- ng? JR ' ' . ' . 11.1. R. Runquiat, R. lenggiun, . tlrklmrclt. 1 ? ilu fi 4. . 1 R ,Jf , Rc Q C 457 X11 f I DIWISIOI1 411 W 4 L llfl I P111 47" r- , lX ? M ,,Q 1 FX ,, f A! X iw, v X 5 U V ff 1 al' .Lf 4 1 9 W li' W -if r' 3 4 x I bf K , L , . N 'K I M Q U S 'V 3 , y ,V 7 E, 33 f I ' W 1. if Q21 zlz ' 'M M 1 lu?4WtNfkfyQ G' ,W 1 Z X iffy: W V4 ,... 1' y W! 4 X an an Q ff Q' Q f llix isiun Run I K ,urn Run I lugmx Nalulll Run '1 lwvlln l' ku Num l I l I1 R X14 H V V fr ..,... 3 Division -155 Row I: Cl, Cwclmci, R. Pemin. xl. C.lia1'bu1111eui1. C.. Szipmim. XI. Xiboduunl. Row 2: Hrmedc. E. gilllilil. I'. Slumz. IJ. Grote. I., jmszkn. Run' 3: I.. Serpe. R, Aloisiw. W. Axiclersnii. H. Fciiilierg. B. Ilcll- lefxen. R. XIIIITZI. Row 4: Mr, Ruziqkzi. R. Rosxclli, S, I'or1'o, R. Ziemer. If, Kuklzi. ,X. Bucchicri. R. Pelclscn, Rrm13: B. I.oubsk5. QI. O'I.cui. nj, llc XHIIIIU, Insulin, G. Alllfbili. S. QUIUIIZI, R, Ewen, Cl, jcnscn. 121 'ff Q 'IW E S 1. fa - I, 77, U, Q . X, .. W , X ,,f, .4121 ,Y ' .. 'YW Z I my . ,fp . f ,V X NVQ P. -' 5 '2- F' Y Iiiw ision 453 Ron I: Rini 5. lcllf. KUNIXLI j, Xlilmlc, K. XIol:ci'g. Rim 2: X. Nowak, XI. C.i1um1. H, l.i1f kuuslxi. ml. YCIILUII. AX. Srhmciwci. Rmx fl: I.. Lailgibrcxc. NIH. Hzirllci R, Picl' llrmiinici. R. ffulflxlciin. I. f..1IfCiilIU. limi I: Il. H1il111,fI, Iiairzixirmski. l'r.ilinLi. Smith. O. Clhulmi. I Rmx 3: N. Yxingel. I. llolilncrlin. R. Lllfi-iSillgC1'. A, fJlUiN. W. O14 vm, I. .Xlifclcle Division 454 Run I: Y. Bzicchi. D. Clirastku. B fiill'I5iClNL'II. E. Ricci. R. Bogar lillS. Rim 2: Nlisx lJiBon:1. B. Plummci' CZ. Kozwu. ll, Perziino, C, Paulsen ID. Iolmwn. Ron' 3: B. Bind. C. Nfrozek, 5 Herron. S. Obitts, FinIcy. C Nloiitensen, Rmx I: S. Huciuker. R. Himirm. A Hmei. R. Enlwards. I'. Dobbcilin IV breif. Rem 5: B. Ruse, R. Rot. Nlul lam. K. Ciliuiin. K. Dllckmnn. I , . lic-I ker. , . - '- V' ., f 3 -- -- - f J' . V W X W : 4 .,, --FV r -V Aj.g2:nX , , .I . 4 gm 'Wi W 'f.v, Z I W Division 456 Rrm li B. xlClClx, Crmi. B. lilul' nor, D. Kurowski, Cl. liuciu-1. Ron 2: Y. Scmlin. E. Ihmlwv. X. Hemi. R. Frost. ml. Ruiz n1.1f'l1. H Rrm fl: Xll'S.SUl'C1l'1Cll. X. iuquiwii. R. limlulc. I.. NlL'lSL'll. gclc. B. lfie H. XM Rim li X. lflltlxuli. Pm. l'xlnx4mNlxi. ' I. l.lltlL'Lf4lLllLl R. Prllxlvl. ll. Xl.n ICHN. Rum v: XX. Ncllx. R. llgrllulxi. ll xXl1llL'YliL'l'U' K Iuiiwn. I 1.11311 ri M ..,., ,. 1 .Z fs H., Z , Vi 7,0 if ci sew X 3 Q, x as v-fu .., "'5:u-5 :gd H 49 U Z f . ,f V 5 fUM81f 4 5 1 MA, my QQ' Q Q., Ji, 1 l e if ' Z 5 2 .5 L 4 I .,. xllcml C ,vcr xiliwfg WHA CnfLu9in5n1 TUMBLERS TUMBLERS H . V. xhvb-+ Luff io righf: H. Suifer, J. Janilmowslmi, These girls, who are Iifordlly "l'1Cdd ow-r lv-f-ls wiili un iusldf-m. C ' ' Scdmno. snappy acrobafics 0+ mos? f1ll'Ilf2liC 'fVffnl5- ln Ofdpf lf?-qU"lllY for mem' bership in 'flnig group, Huff girls musf poggcss mnluml fngulliy. The deqree.Of mmf wierd ig Hmm iudqpd ,md dulcrminffcl dl nnniml iryouis. Prachge sessions willw Ivlr. Lulvin lu-lp the girls mdinlfiin fhf- lirqlw slandards sei In fha p.-nf. IBB , ww'- 5 Z 'Q is Q5 X , ri asficafe, onsumafe, ssimilafe LUNCHROOM The mosr popular par+ of +he s+uden+s' program is usually 'rheir lunch period when They can enjoy 'fhe company of fheir friends, F-M music, and delicious food of our school cafe+eria. The slaff wi+h i1's epicurean +alen+ supplies a wide variefy of nourish- ing food for everyone's sa+isfac+ion a+ budgel' price. Wise s+uden+s 'lake advanrage of lhe many fine feafures pro- vided in our school cafeleria which is a non-profir en+erprise 'For 'lheir benefil' and assures 'lhem of a wholesome, well-bal- anced meal wirh pleasani' and ridy surroundings. xg ff f X ? -X. o or Saorfd Throughoui' fhe years we've had reporfs, Thaf make us proud of our school spor+s Sfudenfs cheer wifh much acclaim, Our feams 'rhai' have broughf us fame. 1 , L QW' 'FQ 'Z vm, 4339 Q ?, X k 'Q 2- 41 ,f X ,MA 1' " A ,A 1, ,gn 1 A 4' -5... 'SL 5 Z wwf' IW? W 335 1 jfzey SCLCLA j!ceir 4906 Var5+y Foo+baH "iw 'f ' "5 ' '. ' V4 ' ' M ' ' J H 1 J 5 f ,ue . Eff, L 2 E '.' 'T'-. 1 ATT: A Z. 5 De 1 'if 33 , Q, , " 2 Q 3 'li ,' '. ' 7' E." Nr S X'Neoef H B C1 L 1 I-' if 'V ' J ' 'A' Viv! 'J -14 f 1 .:. 'f , 1 lelref F fa 1 3 k f Q ' ' 3- f J ii" "Q Mgf. an 'nv' on of ii GQ PG 66" oth VarsiTy Foolrball AlThough The I958 TooTball season was noT one oT our mosT successTul, we did however, have one miTigaTing encounTer. This was our scoreless Tie wiTh AusTin, The school which laTer wenT on To win The ciTy championship. ln This game we saw ThaT our Team had a Truly Tine deicensive line which was inpeneTral3le by The opposing Teamis mighTy oTTense. This was The TirsT Time in TiTTeen years ThaT AusTin did noT score a single poinT againsT us. Even Though our I958 season was noT as good as we had anTicipaTed, we Teel sure ThaT our Team in The coming season will bring home a record ThaT will long be echoed Through The halls oT STeinmeTz. r C ,ww MM WWW WW WW QM " It-. ,WH ,fn we 2 4 qi fx 5 Q 2 4 ? 2 Z Z 3 V E Z Y f , , f 3 54, f gg, wr, V f Q 1 r i 7, fun 1 Q W gh., ,i sf! in ll U i ff L , KM' : E v nix I , 4. F, Q - , 15, A 4 wh f an i .hwy J 5:1 fl R .fe ' . we, 113 ,..., 5 tu, i f as V .. K . , 2 4 .f 1 f 1, . , . 40 Q Q , ya, L .. Ax, . . , X , T T , 'W '- JDVQTVVI V' X I i we ' Q if f is f' 'Q . .. lm Wt , x I yi . V ll Y N . J ' W . V. s 1 l T 4 V f' i 'v fray! A A . ,V K' ,f 341 I ,. ogy, .s h Q ,g K t ug, .. L., I X Qi V! Hglrfg yy 1, r ,, ' H . 'W f.7Zecy ealdy ave cz H ine n FPOSH-SOPH FOOTBALL pow I: D. Simple, l-l, Greengard, J. Mari B. Haubold. no V, Ermoian, R. Pelrin, Row 2: W. Schroeder, NN. Purlgroslri, T. Grillin, T. Pornano M. Carn- panaro, T. Friedman. Pow 3: D. Bane: L. Behrens, D. Chookozlan, R, Blecka G. De Leonards, J. Erichori. Po 4: D. Ediger, R. Leonard, W, Johnson, L. Beclr, G. Frosl, D. V 9 ,M ,, , w Nelson, G. Ellinger, J. l-lendrilzsen, L. Hurwih. vw? FROSH-SOPH FOOTBALL The F-rosh-Soph 'ream consisls of alhlelic boys of +he fresh- man and sophomore classes who are inl'eres+ed and willing 'ro learn lhe +echniques of playing 'loolball lhrough diligenl lraining. Wilh lhe coaching of Mr. Larlrin, 'lhey are able +o elirninale 'rheir shorlcomings by conslanl and rigorous praclice 'ro which fhey devole so much of 'lheir lime and energy a+ lhe end of +heir school day. Compe+i+ion wilh olher schools helps fhem lo pul inlo use +he principles which lhey are learning and which lhey will some day need +o ulilize in varsi+y conlesls. Um '41 041 ij? lm new ff Tvifisn- Z 2, f W' X X 1 , , Ek' ,W ftvyilglf rr ff 4' Z ' ' I K M ' y ww OM QCl,l'l'l BOYS SWIM Though The aTmosphere in The na- TaTorium is damp, The spiriT oT The Boys' Swim Team is as reireshing as an ocean breeze. The nippy Temper- aTure oT The waTer, invigoraTing ex- ercise, and a Teeling oT Tellowship are all conducive To an air oT ex- hileraTion. Since a varieTy oT slcills is necessary To have a winning Team, each boy is Trained by Mr. Rosch To conTribuTe his own special sTrol4e To The varied eTTorTs ThaT make a swim meeT. Besides being able To observe The lceen compeTiTion during The meeTs, The specTaTors can Thrill To The exciTe- menT oT waTching These TasTfmoving youThs. Boy's Swim Team Dive: WalTer Purigrosli In WaTe': P. 'lre5Ter, A.. STrul:le, P O'Rourlce. Along Edge: R. Koeb, R. Jawcr, B Bush, D. Jensen, S, STann, R. BOT Tazzi, L, Beclr. STanding: lvlr. Rosch, W. Purigrcski D. Russell, J. Sowizrol, S, l-lalvarsen On Board: R, HinT1e,G. Ellinger asbefgall- arsifly mi X X W www-Q22 lid THEY HAVE BASKETS FULL OF FUN w' f w R, Lund- Row 2: W. Blum, G. Mancu ,I M. Volodzieu. son, A. Un+ied+, Q liernii J. Cfsrlander, B. G, Romano, H. Budruilr, K. Ol. hd Mr. Laiun dizcuczing ficforf willu managers, M. Ffuedrfuafu and l., Hurwuffi. Tilles alone do no? necessarily reprezr,-nl flue rnosl oulslarudinq loam. As wi'rl'u our own baslffflball forum, sluowmfunslwip is display llurouglu Qaclu bo-fa basl' Qllorfz and luis will +0 win. Br-cfuusf: Hun lmam had onc- Of flue mod Qxcifing and colorful afwusons, llwr: Spf-clnfors nf-vvr liriid ol flue lad acficun 'rlml lool pliucr- during i-fuclu qfumi-. Tlurouqlu lluiu diligence ol Mr. Lfulfm. fluff boyz ,urf- lur-lpf-d in clfuvvlopiruq slrfulfuqy and flue arf of sporlnmfmaluip. l3O S+anding: M. Carnpanaro fcapizl, Foreground: M. Deam. Row I: R. Morfenson, R. Renk, R. Dorais, R. Hinfze. Row 2: G. Kreuher, A. Piazza, B. SiHner, B. Hau- bold, Coach Lang+im. Row 3: G. Gojdas, R. Bleclra. I3I ,lgaskzfgall f 7205A-5019A I ,lf 2' 12 we leaf, my jke f 1 9 92 f f 1 nf -f C ' D ' V ' , , Y f ,f 1 , .,, f,, my-V, W1 Q-,xx BASEBALL TEAM X ' , w v w 1vV'1 l"11 rg!!-:X vw- W- 5-wx' :vw M1 1'1 v I fr 11 rw 1'v' v x ' 'w,' '-'V mv:-Nl' Ylnum fm Mm' X1 H ll rm 1 'I 'ff 5, T 'iw' yv, Huy- ,uv rv-xx mm' xx X r , 'W xwglx W ww 'IP 'rl M 'XM-X .1 xxmrmesl pm: R UW M V 4 1 'mV' 'H f- V-, wrvxrvwwllvlfwx,iw'1lIHxf'14l1+rwluYr1HIUH1Hw V111 1 .N li fx W ' ' ' 'Fw V 1w.N H1 "VVl,",N1N"Vl vvlm11 Hu-3 WWI 1 rw 41111111 u fmrmq Un , V ff V1 " pwx, Lrvwlwnw ww-wlw, -wr1I1rlvHY uf mmfe-',', lu llfl 1 flwc , w , ,, lxv' wr' I MMIII! Nfwuvwzqllw A recenTly reorganized aThleTic group aT STeinmeTz is The golT Team direcTed by Mr. Rosch. This sporT oT The eliTe gives The boys The opporTuniTy oT being ouT in The open and enioy- ing a relaxing game. ln conTrasT To mosT sporTs, golT requires more "brain Than brawn," because iT requires a greaT deal oT coordinaTion and analysis. IT is The one game in which a low score is To be desired and ThaT can only be aT- Tained Through much prac- Tice in muscular conTrol. Golf Players Kneeling: T. Semerau, R. CarTwrighT. STanding: D. KirkTon, l-T. Johnson, J. Broclarneyer, J. Rasmussen. Lgpaorfing Sfeinmefz ...giluvlenfd The Bowling Team is one oT The mosT acTive aThleTic organizaTions aT STeinmeTz because iT plays a year-round game. These boys conscienTiously aTTend Their weekly session aT STraTTord Bowling Alley in order To improve Their averages. Mr. l-lolm awards Trophies To The TirsT Tour place winners, buT everyone proTiTs Trom The Tough and consTanT compeTiTion which promoTes good sporTsmanship. Row l: B, Dresmal, J. Alongi, R. SchulTz, R. l-lalTer, T. Ciernialc. Row 2: R. Tenggren, L. Marshall, E, Osilca, L. Temple, J. Landl, J. Kraiec. Rau 3: l-T. Johnson, C. l-lealy, L. MaTTioli, D. ST. Jacques, B. Neuhaus, C. CosTa. Row 4: T. Semerau, B. STieryberg, J. Rosenberg, R. Gable, J. Sparks, G. Lange, M. Sobey. Row 5: R. EggerT, R. CarTwrighT, H. Wyszlcowski, F. Voellcner. Raw : . LaPorTa, K. Duckmann, R. Larson, D. Moline, R, Jones, C. Linlcowsld. WV Company A - Fcf-aground: 1Czn'paf,'S'e5, C. xNZCUff5'1 VJ. F oft' 5. 'Gif 5. Ce" Dow I: P, Sberry, V. We:+c?cN T, F91 P. Gfgg T. M7 TZe1ec", P. lfje D. Ernie P511 2: P. Baia af, G, Laez. J, Hee. J. M,zAe T. 'ficeze ff. '4e"'e ' 5 'ew-2. P91132 S. J. PWTQSW, 9, Leo?-er' V. Uefwe N. 'f eiz ' 5. 'fi 1 Y f.. pow 4: W. Pabkca, V. C-ergf V. Eva' ff D. 355' "' Ee' , L E':'JfE Bmz,f.sV, D,Wilson. P511 5: J. fvfnfuipf, P. Qfeevfczo J. Eezfmg' v 1' C. f-'g':.'.' P. C1 " F. P' L Diff 6: P. Han'fT+cr. D. Quiet J. E, 'ue ' f G iff' Q. ff' Cf. V :ei 'Q' F L P- 'J-ez P. Prz,o,'. jecleraf ,gnfilaecfion ,f if Company C- C-ff 1 T QW of N 2 ' -f 1 ' ' , fn- f V E':'f' C C' "A ' . ,, 7 f f, ,, ' g.,:,., L Q., qv ,, 1 rw,'.,1 5 ,, ,, L C ' ' ' C " ,v "' f 5 " - ' ' ' " 1 5' A '1 1-M,-QLQ .H yff,,,- M- P P + W '- " '-1-. ,f-, , ' '11 'fJ"41" VX- 1' J"'l " J"".' ,, 1, f. f WI- , A P' ZX' V, VAL. Company B- , , , , L rul 1 X, 1.- . ,N v. rf vw., 'V mn, xx r4,,4.-My r.,.!,.f,,.,.,,.+'i 1 I Roll , , y ',, 4, M '. 1 LN I Im"---, I Ilmm l-i aww., , ,f ' Q.. . , p 4.' ,L , ., L1 l'M'!,, f I. J ,,-, J , ,1 f Q . M iw yy' 'N ',- wyn'J'w K Ll'-Ll Hllvwgmvlfy 12 AJJ.1M',. 3 . . V. L J s sm. L A I-Nu.. fx Amy.-X-. .J , 4- rf M lf..4,J Color Guard- W. Giezie, D. WykeN, R. Pfaszynslci, W. Fudala. Sfaff Members- O J. Lang, Col.: D. Pfiefer, L+. Col. o ' . o us, af: . a asa, Ca pofenfzaf leknclem 0 ur afzon P Sai, znff C+, E. M.. M LF J. Olsen, Maj.: P. Kafz, 2nd L+. C Summers, Capf. ,..' ag' :gm ,, 43, , 111: ,151 MH .P-urn, -,.,,,.X ,. ,rr , , ,...A...f.LMf,,,,, nag, ,wh V In V jwir edourced ,Are pagan! Circle on Floor: D, Filski, 5. Skwarek, K, Kees?-er, R, HUG, E' C6 e D- Hayes. M. Frank, R. Miner, v,,,M.M,-...4f., m,,.,,0t -,WJ,.,f,f,?-?,,,,,,,J,,a f 3 ,,,. .,,, ,, I X 4 I UWM S , ,, , - 2 X f a --f ,QI ,gn ,.. bu, ,yi ,bu .'f' -nw .-3j,A,.,. Q Q 0 o 36 0 it 00' O' -0 ,. A 'X 'HH S0090 O i--Q9ee09e 0 Qt 0 nittitu 0 'O 030-0 D Aw.. w my ,QQ Q uf", Q-W'H":L. -'I-.' "fW:.'1 11,0 "Q-"' 4 ""Z.'f.M, "W MQ- -,--, ..,.w,m' QQ ' 3,0 mv. f wv9-,,,o.9xs- 0 WW Q9 mliw' , wo'-4' I it 0- '10 ' on -0 Qwzt -Q hu- -0 than of .6 us tlottglq QQ 0-in -' f, lb U' 1 1, wg f"""' -uhm """ 21-two X MW 11, s ,A V-qu E 1 'MX-'1".3fwr .J w1,v.,, x,,,, 1 VFX I" E Tx1,m'x':w-, C 9 f-hm mM ,011 Edge of Pool: Sillingt M. Budnilc, J. Swanson, S. Greenberg, P. Kraalc, S. Meyer, L. Ferguson, N. Sheldon, E. Johnson. Siandinqz L. Pizzolalo, J. Linden, J. Duclcmann, D. Shafer, C, Earlels, J. Miller, L, Zacharias. On Pool Rail: B. Siandish. ADVANCED SWIM The Derleclion of synchronized swimming is ihe aim of The advanced swim class. Under The welcomed guidance of Miss Rolence 'rhey per- iecl iheir aquaiic arf To fhe 'riming oi a musical airnosphere. Tryouis are held each semesler, and ihe highesi scoring performers are preorogrammed for lhe class where lhey spend many hours and weelcs of sirenuous oraclice creaiing and periecring rouiines io music. These performances are presenied al numerous exhibitions a+ Sfeinmeiz and orher pools around Chicago. Allende ance a+ +heir annual wa+er pageant is a must For al who enioy walching 'rhe smoofh and rhyrhmical srrolres of fhese graceful swimmers 'GM W Adv. Swim n Diving Board: V. Pefllfi Silz, C. Redding, J. Loiiis N Magnone. n Pool Edge: B. Nocelc, C Bresadola, B. Rolhaclcer. F 3-12 gf LEADERS' GYM W 214+ 6 lJL7EE'!"i emo if ,' fEV'UE!'f'QEf'5U are Wree me+erEaN ?i'jwQg fmli Ffne ', 'f 'E'E 'BME VVTEV, M rg, N, fy- A-fc 'Ge' C'i'6"+Ef Fflerddfeii, NU1i"G'E'1' fi cle "em efc Coffee, afe -'I-'-CQ 'z 're , .,L,L -felt ,Era Qlfer crfriefn- Tr ,. :L+-aff, ff, 'LV M, 6 ,..'.'1'-fG',,TJ ,z'3, ff ,1 1',CAEC ei we ei feicffffefieff 1, i Q. fffz. Fcfvie fzzefcefc "ef Vw Cm- e v-E'3CE' 1 'fe 'ee fc ffl- -rn' 'Q "G f, ,'f .glf-f-Lf A f ff- :. -L' 'L fgfrffy Tfg, rx J, ,i., J, ,,,--...!, .M . ,, -1 1,5 ,J , ,. UU- W, fyfi ,cj 'aw ,f,""' f.:' :'Lfc,, 3ee'fe': " ,'!i"','f" Leaders Gym f - 1 ' , ,, -f f 1 1 'fn 'I , 1' , , f LA I , ,. 1, , f , L , , 3 f , , 4 .F+ f- .,.. -.- . -ff- Y, ,. W -, if, 1 f"'1O'K.':. .15'J.LfI 67 ,, Dj,:L,.A ,i- -:,f--+ .emi LM3' ff +P,-V-,Lf ...rg L' f +.,-Lf!-P if- -+ fg r,g'L L "Lf zu' -'N rm: n.- rf. 1 QE' lfm L- f 3 L:-'Lf J Q. fu ff ,, Y ff:,, -1-' ':.:,gpf ff f - ff:.,:' "L L"'f' f., if ,Y 4, img 5 , f ff, if ff 61151585 Ifl c3Q0i6U"6!5 SPECIAL DANCE Adding culTure To The physical educaTion program is The obiecTiye oT This group oT dancers. Gracehillness, coordinaTion, balance, sense oT rhyThrn and agiliTy are The gualiTies by which These girls were chosen Tor This special class. Mrs. WaTson has graciously Talcen charge oT The group during Miss PeTerson's sabloaTical leave, so as To lceep Them "ship shape". Their parTicipaTion in a varieTy oT school eyenTs has demonsTraTed The aTTainmenT oT Their obiecTive. Special Dance Row I: B, WiTT, J. Sheldon, S. SmiTh, K. LosTurno, A. Thornla, S, Kohnle, L. Dediclc, C. Daurn, Row 2: M. Polischulr, E. Ricci, M. Gresch, B. Slcleney, F, Kline, L. Schellcer J. Ellingsen, M. Thurber, C. SaporiTo. Row 3: l-l. SuTTer, C. Clson, J. Miller, S. Wodrich, M, l-lurwiTz, M. Woodward. , Row 4: J. KuTrubis, B. Barberis, D. Wosch R. DuTTy, M. STrange land, M. Pucillo, K Kurnro, Y. Tesalc, M Cascio, R. Serrifella A. Lewy, Roy. 5: C. Brown, K Davey, l-l. SToe-Tfhaas R, Wegner. Row 6: P. Domanico, B. Cernoclc, E. Scholz, K. Magnet K, De freche, J. Kulielre. Po-N 7: R, My"fa, C, Zeifsk' M. Xenia' B. Ba CH- ". 447 W GTC .JD PlQ+Ul' Fcreoround: P. Drgnnanfq QF. . TTT i, , J 9 I.-ee,PVVerrR egner M. l-lumirg, gi V'l. SpTT':i XX R--. 3' E Currnf. M ,xgcfiuifiefi Each club is engaged in ac'rivH'y Celebra'Hng our silver iubilee. Frivolous, happy an'ricipa+ion Spurs us fo co-operafion. ,A ,1....A.. 3 Q.. uziicaf Mncbfion 9 I W ' f , X H 1 V f f Q IX f 1 A 2 Y' fr A A . rx 7 A I ' A Y A 5 A W 1 ' . ' 1 , , , 74 . . iz X my 'ty' , A 7' A , Q ,, , fl 1 4 Q Ja" A 1- 2' 'av F 1 1 f X X ,,, Q , H I, ZX ,, 1 5 I A I, 5 cf' Q Li" Q w i f x -, ' W 7 ,- 1 9 Q I If - , V ' g . A J 1 H A Ya? Junior Choir V eyon jncwhfion 'J es- -'N fi ,.,. Qs 9:1 A 'I i7 . WP R, T79 4 41 K F P R R R 7 I lx fx Junior Choir lj F, Vifgrn C, Kerrie' G. Maggie B. Russo J. Serafid 2: R. Lzfenzo R I-lugf R. Falbs. P. I-larfigan C. Maasuci. 3A B, Rgggry J. Bia el. II. Lehmann, N, Morris, Genli E' . 4. J. Lyrcn, I-I. BI I. Coduf oem, IC. Pezchle. B. I-laflfa i. K. Krueoer. 5-J Por+le G. Blorn'-elc1'. A. Roeda Baiihi R. Se-Tyra. I' JUNIOR GIRLS' CHOIR These music-loving chorislers "give and lake" much pleasure by displaying Iheir musical abililies a+ various assemblies. Their aclmirarion and cooperarion wilh Miss Farr is shown in Iheir oulslandinq performance ancl willingness Io conlriloule Their Ialenl To enhance Ihe numerous alzlairs boih in and our OT school. The epilome ol Iheir successful year is shown al Ihe annual Music llesliyal when music permeales The almosphere ol our school. 7 4--W., ww Z L Z f f , 1 . I M uni gf 1 H fy, eir 1 F. ,H 2. 6, f, 3: E. ,. . Q 'fn G 1, 4, D. ,. . 3 f im Mixed Choir frighij 5:5 :ya E. Fesfa, F. Kuqiwn, J, Rand, N. S+. CYaur, Qbefg, T. Carina R, Hempkman, K. BlumemHwaN, A, Sender, M, Sfrosni Megtfe H, Vefadhe D. Pefers, J, SQH'ese, M. Kozblv, M, Ludwesime, T B.S'-e"qU'1'. Qicbcf' P, Eeiefaf, M. Mieezala, DA Wise, J, Sf-einer, D. ST, Jacques, G, 1- -f-fL NEJG Vlxie Jtffezr D, Dwmeche, P, Gorclfv, R, Perkonsizw, D, Gram, D. Re 1 P, PBQVQC, WF f 4 V Lefl Side Row 1: E. Miller, A. Niemiec lVeepl, D. Smolek, J, Rio, D, Abbafo, A Tl-vomla, S. Hold, A. 5clawar1'1,C. Heidenreicl-1. Row 2: D. Slmfer, N.Sl1eldor-1. A. Ladegaard, l.. Jonsson, 5. Dalke, L, Wag ner,..l.Bucl,A.Mof2ller,P.Rucl1ards0n. Pow 3' P. Knop, S. Poppwrl, S. Ryan, D. Parlor, J, Rm: lPros.l, L. Schmid? N. A+-ml, D. Sl1ulqan,A. Kalwn. Pow 4: L. Olelrsyry C. Brxlwrvrws, B, Wllwllv A. Jordan, L, ,lacoby G. Mrox nnsln lS0cl. l-url-, rn Cap.--. ll-rw I lvl. M.-IVIL.-l J Grnnl,E.Cf1rll'r,L.Olr'luyn. R--w I D. P.lfkI'I, S. Ryan, B. Whilv-, L. Smlllw, S. Hlll l w 1 Lv, Palm-1, P. Knop, C, Bvl1r:-ns, 5. Poppnrl, M. Hawlninx. WW gs-nur 'Mu ,Qin ,gg T7 usical gn ferva 5 Righ+ Side Row I: C. Pokryflra, G. Willas, D. Harfley, M. Smoley, M. Rolewicz, P. Callhan. Row 2: A. Parrish, J. Caudle, N. Anderberg, R. Greenleaf, N. Granzin, L, Bluf hafdf, L. Gollnicll, J. Wifczalr. Row 3: S. Blahuf, J. Bauer, M. Malvica, S. Hill, E. Carfer, J. Granf, G. Faber M. Hawkins, L. Smifh. Row 4: J. Bellavia, L. Bloniari, D. Panose lTreas.l, S. Moorad, J, Cleary, A Kozyra, R. Novak. Many changes have been broughf abouf af Sfeinmefz in fhe course of fime. Among fhese are fhe changes in name and managemenf of fhe Treble Clef Choir. Under fhe direcfion of Mr. Groom, if was formerly called fhe Senior Girls Choir, now Miss Sandahl is capably main- faining fhe sfandards esfablished fhrough fhe years. Beside fulfilling fheir aim of enferfain- ing fhe sfudenf body and faculfy, fhe members learn fo use fheir singing voices fhrough fhe sfucly of good choral liferafure. X ,f Y W Y F V : Treble Clef Choir Officers January l959 A. Niemiec, Vice Pres., J. Rini, Pres., D. Panos, TreaS.3 G. Mrozinslci, Sec. June l959 L. Wagner, Pres., A. Niemiec, Vice Pres.: M. Hawkins, Trees., S. Hill, Aff. Sec.g J. Granf, Soc. Chairman. ,,. A H A, .g , ,, . 'lf iff. 53 f' :" , - is if .. 1 s. ,g --1: . If 0:12 ., Q . 7 , 5 'sc X as , X PM A i . A is ,fl I fl .7 W .s.....W..w NXQ'N'X"Ni33"xYX'kX'?S Y- NSYSSQNIQ . A. ,gy .. S QSTLNQ .mx , 4 MM, 'MVK . X S X-1:1 w 4 wx ... .. Y ,Nw .X ww N NNW NYxN RMA WV Ky. . . X au 1SfriLe e an Concerf Band Le? side fo cenfer-Row I: B. Janie, B. Paolinelli, L. Olson, G. Eberf, S. Greenberg. Row 2: L, Moore, P. Tresfer, L. Kurh, L. Leidig, N. Thorson. R T Morasd M Purmal J Mayer J Bellus Row 3: F. Kopec y, . , . , . , . . Row 4: J. Haub, R, Gunderson, R. Bleidl, G, Smolen, C, Overland, C, Peferscn, B, Simmons, W, Purigroslri, C. Schuller, F. Cuonzo. Row 5: J. Janis, D, SQOH, B. Neuhaus, 6. Aichele, J, Allen, L. Ternplo, T. Anihony, D, Kalb, N, LuPesilr, M. Blycher, D. Slezalr. Righf aide-Row I: J. Zrflcr, M. Svcs, J. Wfaldron, G, Marcanfoni, C. Domanaco, J. Fmnx. Pow 2: J. Linden, K. Slezalr, P. Harfrnann, P. Krauss, B. Wf'gn1'r, D. Kirkion. Row 3: K, Konecnil, J, Picclonc-, S. Poulaskoa, C. M:-rim-r, T. Podruxa, R, Yvsko, S. Edu-fly, B. olijd, B. Gabel, D, Fosco. ' ' 'H M Drum K, P4-fn-rson, R. Johnson, K. J.1nr.0Ha, Pow 4: L. Kulik, E. Roiondo, R. Ruffuno, R. Kun:-cm , . , D. Langfosz. 1 ..... . r r X 4 V u I f f . 7 , Q in ,, X M Q y f if 1 .MQ if f. ,, ... . CONCERT BAND The concerf band is 'rhe advanced insfrumenfal group af Sfeinmeh which meefs daily in Room 4-OI during fhe second and fhird periods. Diligenfly fhese sfudenfs pracfice under fhe skillful guidance of Mr. lvan Feldman for fhe various performances which fhey feafure during fhe year. They parficipafe in such school acfivifies as assemblies, graduafion, and foofball games as well as communify affairs. The music fesfival, which is fheir highlighf of fhe year, gives fhem fhe occasion fo display fheir fine falenfs, achieve-menfs, and an ex- fensive reperfoire of bofh classical and semi-classical music. A mas- ferful performance gives evidence of much hard work and whole- hearfed cooperafion of fhe group wifh fheir insfrucfor and is sure 'ro be enjoyed by fhe audience. 2922, Q? . ' " I ""' ' "" af y d ' I ZZ T177 i W " " Jlorif me 6201706 FRENCH CLUB Parlez-vous lrancais? This is a requirernenl eesenrial lor French club membership. Since lhese rneelinqa are cendecled in French, only eludenls who have had Jrwo years ol lhe language are accepled, Al lheir rneelings, which are Linder 'rhe supervision ol Miss Sechler, lhey diacues cualornz ard cullife ol rhe French people and plan Their charilable proiecls. French lerlerz lrcrn pen-pal: along wifh elif: and songs, all ani- rnale lhe business ol The Gay. Their anual banquer is a lezrlfe cccazicr lor al rnernoere To eniof an evenings Tele-a-'rele lollowed by cornmunirf zingrg ol :ech eongs at Dire-rnoi Frere Jacquegi and ll.a lvlarseillaisef' ',-A. if gene 'Seii ll Mage r X F 'X 53 i F' Yfeai i. E Vgruoii. Fzf. 2 D.All'-er ?l.E"'a QV 'X lkzzr V. ' fee' P F Eein 3611 2: L Qccficr E Fla acre . Sc" E f"1'ff ,fri ' H I Q, 21 2 F. Efee' ea: Fc f-,' 4:2 -i"J2"i"' J ' - " 'Q ' "- V'::'g 'f C,i'ZE"i'E' 1,5 c fee 1 A ,Q if F1115 . Ee 1' 5 Ea:-" L 'ifficz F Lf-ff ' ' S .0 15,5 J wr" . W, Z Z f 4 ,, .1 2 w , fy ' N fi., WWW T .4 Z x ,ww J C L. C Treas. -A SOL .Sjlfll0,00lf'iQl".'5 of we goof l+alian Club Officers gmpawella, VP., L. Coduli, Pres., ifqairq, Seq., lf, TrombaTore, Halian Club Row I1 lseaTedl R. Salerno lPres.l, S. BaTTisTa lSec.l, L. CoduTi lVice Presl, A. Mclinaro lilreasl, Mr. Cinquino lsponsorl. Row 2: D. Colavincenzo, L. Chiaro, R, Belluomini, D. Cfiannini, T. Coiucci, J. Vena, J. lacapi, G. Maggio. Row 3: J. Rosi, J. Sgueo, R. Falbo, J. ScalziTTi, P. DaPraTo, J. Parochelli, M. Locherine. B. Brandel, G. Lozzara, S. Coppola, M. Anzelde. Row 4: E. RoTando, C. Rairnodi, M. Anselmo, V. Mele, J. Fio RiTo, J, ComposTella, P. ValenTino, C. Massuci, M. A. Russo, F. Bianchi. Row 5: M, Soccors, R. Borghese, J. Renzi, E. FesTa, J. Dil.eonardi, C. Young, F. Cardone, G. WhiTe, A. l-loulsinger, N. Cipriana. Row 6: J. Rini, lf. lran1baTore, J. Arcuri, D. Macina, R. Renzi, D. Sconza, l. Teresi, L. Cinguino. ITALIAN CLUB The lTalian Club which promoTes a beTTer undersTanding oT The language and cusTorns oT lTaly is a recreaTional as well as educaTional organizaTion. Mr. Cinguino has revived This club which had been in exisTence during The earlier years oT The school. Their social acTiviTies oT The year include a sumpTuous ChrisTmas parTy and aTTendance aT an lTalian opera presenTed aT Kungsholm. All sTudenTs oT lTalian are eligible Tor membership provided ThaT They also mainTain a G average in all of Their subieclrs. Row Row Row So Row Row Row ieszcyje a Sredny jugileusz POLISH I I: L. Trapp, J. Czeowonlca, D. Janowicz, J. Gale, J. Naika. 2: I. Tonoff, K. Pills, W. Celmer, B. Treifens, J. Cyhner, H. Wi+I. 3: J. Ochwal, J. Sicacln, S. Cies, P. Moscinslci, D. Heldl, M. Plocinslri, T. Sulari, D, Noga, B. bieslri. 4: D. Kaspraclx, S. Rochoclci, D. Zelenlxa, B. Mahler, B. Dallle, G. Bein, B. Wines. 5: B. Sowinslxi, B. Wallrowialr, P, Miguf, M. Mieszala, N. Olenec, G. Laulterl, D. Tellens, G. Miles, G. Cefnar. 6: Mr. Buczynslxi. I I i. HV Z., K I if L. POLISH CLUB The Polish Club is open 'Io all sIuden'I's who are in+eres'I'ed in 'Ihe songs, dances, cus'I'oms and I'radi'rions of Polish origin. Knowledge of +he language is no+ essenfial 'I'o member- ship in I'his organiza+ion since i+ is based on 'rhe idea of promofing good fellowship among sI'uden'rs of similar in+eresI's. The highlighi' of 'Ihe year comes in +he 'Form of +he Chrisimas par-'ry which Mr. Buczynski sponsors wifh greal' enfhusiasm. Members, parenfs, and oiher inviied guesis are sure 'ro have a delighiliul af+ernoon enioying Ihe program which consisis of Polish dances, songs, and reireshmenfs. This brings aboul' a beHer unders+anding and appreciafion of fhe culiural accomplishmenis which +he polish people have coniribuled +0 our way of life. POLISH CLUB 2 Row I: A. Kozyra, D. Kolman, C. Lewandowslri, D. Broda, P. Lipsey, J. Wifczalr. Row 2: D. Dobasz, B. Zembawslri, L, Dolawslri, B. Olga, A. Chall, M. Slruck. Row 3: J. Kohl, G. Smolen, D. Renaud, J. Sowlzrol, Joseph, Mr. Nalecz. Row 4: S. Wuszowslci, C, Kula, D. Jarczylr, R. Bidzynslri. Row 5: A. Zieman, B. Habura, J. Pendle, I.. Ra- mownski. Dancers: G, Kulilr, D. I-Iarachiewecl. POLISH CLUB 4 Row I: A. Korchynslri, A. Niemic, S. Baarowe, Row 2: J. Morowslni, B. Ochwal, G, Bioneaz, 6. Lass, B, Madura, H. Wy51lnow'slni. Row 3: D. Kowal, K. Vopla, V. Janlowslni, C, Ma- linowslni, M. Gibbon, C, Kozyra, J. Slanili. Row 4: T. Vaud, R. Hapvcli. Row S D. Slrnmnqlio, P. VVishrr B. Noceli, E. Zmlmrm-.LL Row 6' D. Korowsli, J. Broda, C. Hov-aid, B. Ma- , - . ,. . . Dnncnrs: K. Calvin, C. Slachnili, C. Lie-linslu, L. M.1f'-i1-Ill. POLISH CLUB 3 Ri-w I, D. Scofl, D. Haraclivwicl, K. Gleba. C. Zi'-Iinmki, G. Kulilc, M. Zic-man, L. Marshall, C. Slachnulm. Row 2: D. Woxch, D. Zbylul. JVM W MRHEEUS FACILLIME CQMAMWWQVI H F ABER EST QUISOUE X162 Nec rr' up. use ri H? 5 fi, M Wm 'Q UTM? an X M I, ..-xi X smmswwmw ng!! jim? ire mn erin? 0 aedar wkaf E95 Cgaedarb LaTin Club EronT: J. Brauer, R. Bush lPres.l. Row 23 G. Eaber, P. Williams, S. Leeman, J. Boe, R. Kulcla. R0w31A. STruble, K. BlumenThal, B, Brandel, R. Duimovic, E. Bugai, C. Buschelf. R. Ralc. Row 43 Mrs. Hadley, S. BernsT-ein, P. Ealclis, G. Nero, R. Greenwood, S. Neland, S, Blaze, P. Murphy. Row 5: B. Josephson, J. Kurlo, C. Anderson, L, Grabner, C. Hansen, C. Waschbusch, J. Bower, S, l-lolT, N. Murawsli. LasT Row: M. Zieman, C, Proznslci, A. Fleischifresser. E. Eeeney, D. Kupiczew- shi, l.. PasiTea, M. Devlin. LATIN CLUB l.aTin is The language oT Ancie-nT l.aTium and oT Rome, and unTil modern Times, The dominanT language oT school, church, and sTaTe in WesTern Europe. l-lere aT STeinmeTz, The members oT The LaTin Club consider The language To be neiTher 'lde-ad nor dying", buT very much alive. Every Thursday morning beTore TirsT period, They meeT wiTh Mrs. l-ladley and discuss The hisTorical and social baclcground oT The Roman Empire and Caesarls Gallic Wars. LiTe is added To The proTound sTudy by means oT enacTing plays which show how I.aTin can be applied in our daily lives. mf l T T 1 40, Wg fp 7 KJV gm, ik um wi IW TW ulv'l""" 1-X TN .Q - l.aTin Club OlTicers: cl. Evans lVPl Q lfu LP l T T T i . 5 Mrs. l-ladley A. Zieman lSec.l. i-,ue 4 ., A -- A. -N i ff? m 'x 25 a fzriged Ze Junior German Club f L . JUNIOR GERMAN CLUB V' flf 'r 1' Yf1!'lHx'1' 1 V' ' , 'J V 'f 1Ll",'f" 11 X 11.4 1 lx!" + ymv I l, rx , , MH, nw, V 'w"w,'m grxkf I v Y N4 ' KMH 1 " 1 li' 1 1 'v 1 H wllzg v'm1 Q . 1 'w 'VW IV! XWLV 1 V' I mW. +-'nw ad' Mgr Wi SMQPHP The German Club sponsors many inleresling and unusual aclivilies. Wifh The proceeds from dues and gum-chewing penalries and various olher colleclions, lhe club senl a checlc To a Winnerlca school for Jrhe blind. These good samarilans, accompanied by Mrs. Fausel, Jrheir sponsor, also Trealed a group of orphans lo a luncheon and a sighlseeinq lour of Jrhe Loop. f iff, My ! 6512, Senior German Club Pow lr N. Presse-Reisberq lpregl. l-l. Pudcli fx. Jaroszewslci. Row 23 J. Macella, J. Bellis S, lfncpricl, C. hleinrich. Row 3: P. Knop, M. Knebl, M Eudnilr, J. Genlemary A, Syles, T. Abrahamser. Row 4:Iv1. Anderson, M. Carlsen, S. Anlcisil, Q. Wargnei', R. lvlarlhes. P, Tu:.el. Row 5: A. Burlhardl, R. lvlazzi-3, F Schierhcirh, R. Teueile, .l.M1ler. Row og R. Beclier, B lsfobus, l-l. l3owe. C, lvlerlxner I P - ff . l. 'C 0 . 4- " We Ro, C Slgefne eier Sfalag 226 German Club On Table, lei? ro righlc E. Diamond, M. Frank, E. Kempclre, R. Bauer, Row 2: J. Billavia, M. Mal- fhes, S. Goehrig, C. Sfeinhofel, C. Heiden- reich. Row 3: S. Schulh, S. Keilh- ly, P. Rospond, B. Giezie, B. Krelle, A. Mueller. Row 4: D. Kamlah, E. Wol- Ter, F, Barley, R. Caspari, B. Ewerf, R. Henlce. S. Novak. Row 5: D. O'Brian, T. Greb- ener, K. Hopeclry, J. Bra- dac, E. Meyer, B. B. Kil- ber+. Alrhough lhe club is humorously referred +o as a prison, +he mem- bers find if as being far from confinement This is evidenl' by fhe fun +hey have in con- ducfinq 'rheir mee+ings and Mrs, Fausel's well- known humor. A+ fhe mee+ings +hey have compared The educa- 'fional syslem of Amer- ica wifh +ha+ of Ger- many. Besides discus- sions and deba+es on curren+ ropics and cus- +oms in Germany, +he club sponsors worfh- while profecrs and sends each semes+er's dues +o a school for fhe blind. eefleaflefi' s 3 ? Q9 3 5 i 36 ' ll JI 5. l Lv f . X - , , "A NA' . M , L L s - Q., a ,, f W W ,4 -V, . . ,, 5 . , .911 .ime of M8804 jrienclfi .gnvleecl Row I: lboy wilh pamphlell M. Durnil, P. Nelson, O, Kourakis, M. Fierro, J. Zasadil, N. Magnone R. Serriiella, E. Zolezzi, A. Nierniec, G. Bien. Row 2: B, Anfognoli, K. Fruehling, A. Molinaro, J. Silz, J. Reid, M. Frank, S. Nelson, L. Grabner, G. Lohn, R. Greenleaf. Row 3: Miss O'Connor, J, Roslan, B. Krelle, l., Palculslci, B. Waldron, G. Willas, M, Malvica, S. Hill, E. l-lousman, V. Jaslcol, B. Lindslrom, N. Schullz, M. Topps, J. Eidukas, D. Doloberiin, M. Cirves, D. Grossman, S. Leeman, Junior Red Cross Officers: llower piciurel D. l-lahn, J. Waldron, B. Miller, U. l-lolzgrefe, J. Lolfic THE JUNIOR RED CROSS The Junior Red Cross, wirh rhe help of Miss Q'Connor, aims al sharing ilrs abundance wilh Those who face privalion and rnisioriune. They expend much eliori in preparing paclcages for The Junior American Red Cross headguarlers which in +urn are dislribuled lo hospilalized veierans and children. This overwhelming enlerprise could noi be under- Jralcen wilhoul The gracious co-operaiion of Jrhe en' lire siudenl body and Jrhe aciive parlicipaiion of The various deparimenis. C. ,,,,L.,, cn, f I Jf4' -A f rf E Q l00l'l:f0l"ff 0 puggc mfafiond Key Club iv 'Hr 'Y W' " ' ' .E'eien1 1 V ' ' . Ce' ,wh , ww , rf , +A Y f',r7'f-'Q f H1 " V1 ,M '52 KEY CLUB Thu Vg! Cin, fwg..4u,f-ff fm: 'vim IQ 'mu Hun, 3:-.ul ,nm-An"v.lL1Hx Malin-J Ou? .iw wfx mmf ypuiff ' 'HV v '.1MMr' 'uf .I vm,.uN WHIJ It-ull -.pwulf-v HX ,Mum ww Hu- Mwglw l'QomNw. If rr,f,Qr'?,Urv, y,UHM :f'l,!lQ-Nm iluwwylx M. .1x'w+i.nliwr1 xMHn Hu- l.u,1l ixivnxrwi-, .lub and rmfrfg' 1' rV,'m1l1ff"f1VllL fm ',A,f1JVM"41I, 'Xu HIVM1: IIMWI ,wv Ill! X .eI1'I1kI.lI ww. b01fAZZ!QCJ bf mf if ww M ,Mi ,g1,.'.Mi .-vm M-vrlmf wf.ur1w:', llu- YIM-flu-ul wluiflm ww., MDVIHIIW Pxlonqf IA. f,.p.1!f Mg. Mmm-fi V., .xlplnwruuwfl-, Wuxi.-r, mmf '.1'HlHl I-my: Whw Have? af fem? .,f,,,,1f,,,, P, ,V 1!f'L'Hl4"N .uvf-vw'N:1'r11w .u, VUI'f11lWF'f',. CAMPUS CREW Chances are ThaT The mosT harmonious conTu- sion in Town is To be Tound in The bandroom when The Campus Crew is brewing one oT iTs own specialTy arrangemenTs. Under The slcilled supervision of lvlr. Feldman, These campus "cuT-ups presenT Their wares To The sTudenT body and TaculTy aT assemblies. music TesTivals. and oTher school TuncTions. Accord- ing To laTesT Oil'learn l-lall TemperaTure read- ings aTTer a Typical per- Tormance, These iazzmen beaT cenTral heaTing any- day. Row l' lf, Konecnih N. EIQT- sor. F. C.znzo. Pow 2: lf. JannoTTa C. Mer?- ner, S. Poulahs. J. Piccione. Row 3: D. Langioss, l"l. Rowe C, Domanico, G. lvlarcanTon. J. Franz, J, ViTulli, Row 4: P. l?i,TTino, J. Larson D. Kalb. R. GaTely. Lwica! 60 -orchnafion Main Office Helpers l.eTT T Pow . . uof 5 21' . ff' oRighT I'MPr'hlf VT! Row 2: M, Malyica. P211 3: lf. lfunz. CJ-dam C. Nzilf. Row 4: V. Janhowsli, A llierriei. Rolf 5: l.. Afquilia, S. A-n'zs'? 5. 'le 1: Row 6: C. Carnppell C. l-lanaen Row 7: L. 0 gon. Row 8: C. l3iTTs. Rolf 9: S. WarTel, Pow lO: J. BelTord, lf. FHTT5. Row ll' R. Cllrum, A. Agoran OFFICE HELPERS "Girl Fridays" To our execuTiye sTaTl are The main oTTice secre- Taries. Their duTies include sorTing mail, running errands, disTribuTing supplies and Tiling Teacher and sTudenT program cards. 'lo gualiTy Tor This posiTion, a sTudenT musT possess a pleasanT personaliTy in addiTion To mainTaining a WG" or beTTer average. The TaculTy and sTudenT body agree ThaT They malce a greaT conTribuTion To The eTTiciency oT The oTTice mechanics. eef fie N255 S-..f ,,, nr 5'xt1mYxt'L'a Zvhu' -Q' L 6 'Wrvri c' , W ev ,?"'m Q s,N, J Geigeft NA Vamp' am mxxfxi 'v ff 4,5 QMUJ 'N-4 Top lelirl: C. Saporilo, J. Venzon. Top cen'rer: R. Broude, J. Srnifh. Top righf: Miss Dechenf, J. Sfoclxlosa ledifor-in-chiefl. Side: Top, P. Wurhbacher, J. Mazovickg cenfer, R. Walker lphofographerlg bo++om, M. Hurwih, M. Zieman. Bo++om leff: V. Kamber, J. Vaughn. Bo++om righf: E. Giampaoli, B. Gernoch. 4 M Zig ni if ff f 2' STAR STAFF The acfiviries of any school are +he lifeline of Hs newspaper: 'Phe Sfeinmeh Sfar is a shining example of fhis. H records +he murmurs and pulsalions of our life wifhin our educafional edifice. Composed of li'l'erally dozens of juniors and seniors. l'he sfaff in+erpre+s news-worfhy i+ems, brings +o +he s+uden+ body fea- fures of school-wide inleresl, and lranslales confroversial sub- iec+s in+o +he form of edilorials. Guided by Miss Dechen+, 'rhe endeavors of +he sraff are re- warded by fhe salisfacfion +ha+ fhe final produc+, +he Sleinmeiz S+ar, brings 'ro il's readers. Mvmvir fl .,.. i . ... J wg , Scriged 0 dw Q5f!z ear reap, Q f Q F fx X 'ffQ-- rr r 4 ff-r for "'e'z X-'f S+reak, wil Q 196' 6 1 A C' DW' c .1 . .1-is . wiv? 1 ,-'wp X. 'W gl . of Mx ,N 1 ...,f , QJT'-. -+- ,... f ff, '54, "--A . NCS if:- , , 1:14245 ,M ,,,. IIS VFNH ,, CQVS on ara 2 Y l959 edrfor and assis+an+s looking over Hun Issues of H1 Szlver S+I'6Sk during Hwe pas+ fwenfy 'five years. J .SQ fke KOOL THE SILVER STREAK REPRESENTATIVES Tlwe Silver Slrealf Represenlalive 3fVV1bOliZ6S diligence and responsiloilily lo luis division l-le is in realily llne businesa agenl ol Jrlne enlerprise for lwe lwandles all lrans- eclions in The sale of llne boole. Earl! in flwe fear, lne premoles llwe sale and solicils pledges wliicli lielp lo delernnine flue apprefirnale nurnleer of annualz To lee prinled. 'llirougln lnis persislenl ellorle he ieez lo il llial lne pledges are fulfilled, buf Tlie Culrninalion ol lwis duliee Comes willi The dielribuficw of We Annual in June. Y L? P1 71 ' 1 W? V7 4, . X , MM lv1aioreTTes Now l: M. Milkowslci, K. Molbeck, L. Ferguson, J. Row 3: l.. Zaeharias. J- Millef. S. SCBVYW whims, K. Lamorsch, Sffandberq. WMM: gafon in .jvlancg THE STEINMETZ MAJORETTES Our animaTed STeinmeTz maioreTTes can be seen Twirling Their baTons and sTepping high To The lively marching music oT The band. WheTher iT be aT pep assemblies, TooTball games, or parades, The girls are always ready wiTh rouTines ThaT capTivaTe The aTTenTion OT The specTaTors. However, diligenT pracTice is involved in order To acquire The desired perTec- Tion. They work in accordance wiTh The old adage, "PracTice makes perTecT," and under The sponsorship oT Mr. Feldman and The direcTion oT Their capTain, The girls Try To pracTice aT leasT once or Twice a weelc during The busy TooTball season. STeinmeT1 can well be proud OT iTs marching maioreTTes who always come up To expecTaTion aT The numerous evenTs. Row 4: B. Modeen lcapT.l, M. Svec lmanagerl, K. MagneT lco-caphl. Row 2: G. DeviTo, B. Barberis, K. Berg, M. STangeland Q ', 'f XX - X .. 1 f-5 ' sz wrigk X X 'N NH "N X 4. 5, I i f f f ' , f f X Z fi'-izftxxflff f is W if 3 ' as X Q27 QP!! 3 ff' 2 Way 4 YI 3 f 71 k , M f , ,, , Q ' 4 ' I T E I. Q I ur olkfi QWQIQIJQYL5 xv Q nc! AON! N my Jo PPP CLUR 7 1 1"f.f H 11:2 'f"'fA'f1Vfw"i 1 "1",' l'1 11 1 I ll r '1 r "1 V1 L L 1 f"l'f1 rrmwfw 5'if ' 'r H Xlvf,rr1mM1 bf M! 1 1 'rf' ,v ,fl M T vvu,nwT.1nu 1 Y' ,I VI-IX11 Wm! 4 ru 1 v ' f fx 'N' 'mf A7 . I s In. ff , fy . fi., .0 ' .,,4,A.,.w,,f C Pep Club S, Gnfifg, M, Pierre. View 2: P. Banew, D. Karrneh, S. Jcroszewski, C. SfefnnofeN, C. H Ross, P. Parker. naw, A. Pabren. LW'-w,,,..... SJJCV, D. Samfela, L. Hemel. 3,3 5 I My X Rgw 4: U. Len-abowslm, D. Onlund, D. Za Rev I: S. Mmorad, D. Hayes, S. Sfoke, C. Jan- lzowslcy. N. Greco. L. Schmidt J. Mcl4eouqn, Anderson, P. edenreicn. M. Row 3: J. NVOFCGR, J. SCHUHZ. A. Benghon, S. maze, S. HHN, D. Sclnroeck, S. Snwark, J. Duck- d, D. liens, J, Reid. A. Mofinaro, D. Pawjicki, D. .W V I f - J A . . vvmw f x NX X a N 5 XXX Q X awww ,xx RX Q f 7 ' -Q fag. ..., f 1.17" ff 4 1 , ff v W,-"'Mf . N, V X f . gfgf.. MZ , f A , V ' 34, ' W f . ' f ,zz f x 1 pw I fx V! 1 'fy I , I. . .... 14 f .Wg- .4 If ,J ,- If 3 i F 4 ... Z ' -Z . . X A J ,: Q 2 f ' z f f .. .,22::f:f""551LLT:51 in .... W S Y . ul ,.,., , I 5 , VI 5 -3. N . Q , .. . .7 . y I ' W ,yn 3' K . . - 4 V M fi..-4 Rolf W: P. Seaaffeyef. S, Kerrhwy, B. Jonneon, - f ' - '4'2i7i2-in f - 2' . S ""' paw 2: P. 6'EE'iE5F. P. GUSH. V. Ru.-. J. PJrHe I :WV Q P911 33 A. 'fenffec V, Birr, S. Nefson. VJ. Grenzin. 4 7 I up r I ii. J ,V i A I N I-5 ' R311 4. D. IAA er, D. Fzfresier, S. Reddmg, D. Pefere. ,.- . D Q, ' 1 .E.3fL"f fy' , ,Q V' P911 5: S. Gaudi J. Jund la. C. Kessner, K, Eonander. g f " fn 76. M f- S N ..... Q S, p Wg 2 J-X 'V ,f .. t v 4 fy. .,-.-...,,,,f . '6....,- - J - Officers Q W' 2 ff Zi? -. W, . ,.,, . U W 5 3 ' PM . V ju, .,.'s.,,,.,.wA ,N - Q V ' A I. S. MQCMMQCR. Sec. W9 , 5 , 5 ' l AV 2. S. Dfcriyrofaro, Pres. L ' 7 i Y , 3. M. Kneo1.Tr-ees. .f ,. x J, Y , - -1 ' '-'frvdi if .3 ' ' ffm - . ? S if f' . ..,, Q '-ni" 4 3, H-of A-nr? fi 5248! vu 9, 3f'Z-','1'5 'PJw1vf.1P.,4Q. ,554 U ,, 4 PA lj.,-, f A,,, vm J rw- ff l VNV .. k uA.4xAuJ.k1 I A,lA4,,,,,,r..,11,!x,,,WLY PRE MED Tfff f,'w1", ff fm-fiuf.J Hwnifrry Hlwly wlvrw- Wm, iw Univ Hn- rmme'--. uf :www pf Qw- g,ff,',fy' Pvfg MW-'I fwwff rvvf-:HH-fn, wlw ,ww HHW lv:-:mg nvmfrmlluf-X4 fn HN-. M14 ,K-Opp of mfffifff f-ff' MM' C,7Vf1',.f'l'N lvv,ur1111-4, Ii-'H lisp, ,uni lm-w-.puixuf fwurv M1 fmfhpr fyrqumff Wm- Mwlfwf' wiifx ' -wwf lfuwfw-gr: nl .mul-rw Yu -vi .n pu' VNOCHCA, fmurgg ,wfj ,r - "'f'Vf"., HI ll1.I!fIraf-Jinx, f"1,f,f.f- NM, ,rlL"'. Hr Mr. LM-ru lsiwl1w1y am 1-llqifwlo' for r'm1'mbGr'.hip. , X fl L. 1 A N X L eruice id Our Wadi mlyorfanf lgroclucf DARDANELLES D-is for dishes so clean and brighl A-is lor aprons so crisp and while R-for relreshmenls which are always in demand D-lor Miss Deignan who gives a guiding hand A-lor assisrance in all school alilairs N-is lor nearness which is ever Jrheirs E-is for energy lhey always display L-is lor loyally shown in every way L-is for lace on Their fashionable lable E-is for eliliciency, Jrheir mosr valuable label S-is for Sleinmelz, rheir wonderful school To serve her iairhlully is rheir primary rule. Pur rhem all rogerher, and you'll find rhal spells The service group al Sreinmefz, lcnown as Dardanelles. Row I: lholding calcel J. Gron, N. Milca, U. l-lolzgreie. Row 2: I-l. Rudolf, T. Tulano, Row 3: W. Horn, N. Wells, J, Loflis. Row 4: B. Cernoch, C. Feuslel, L. Mullins, L. Schellaer P. Dobberfin. Row 5: C. Adamson, M. l-lurlnus, M. l-lurwilz, N. Gusczylc M. D'lr-nperio. Row 6: D. Wiederin, J. Silz, B. Jania, L. Vifelc, B. Boyd Row 7: C. Bresadola, N. I'-lenry, J, Grippando, R Marone, J. Franlc. Row 8: C. Baranowski, M. Cirves, N. Morris, J. Pedersen M. Slrosnik. Row 9: P. Dobberlin, K. Dravillas, C. Treufelaar, M l-lullner, M. Purmal. OFFicers L. Mullins l"'lreas.l, J. Sifz lsec'y.l, U. Holzgrele lveepl B. Boyd lpres.l. ll Ei ., W f 1 M ,f ,ff-W4 W ,ff W' ' WW w f :Q ff' MWW4 'VL I ,QW ,, MW? W K W, Vi N A M f W? M., J X 4 ffl 14 ,sfo 2 IAUJI' ll 7l'l'J Hnllquards II VW -V1 W 'lwfklmwx ' P . Vw u 1' rv M V1 '!"'Ii'HL1!! lg, MCL fA05Q HALLGUARDS Our school's near appearance rellecrs rhe confranl alrenriveness of The hallguards who slrive lo lceep The halls Tree oi any liirer. lr is one of Jrhe acrivilies lor which The srudenls receive service poinrs To be applied Jroward The school awards. lr is also one of The recognized services which are acceprable by The Nafional l-lonor Sociery as Their non-academic requiremenlrs Tor admission. The hallguards' main concern is +o defer srudenls from culling class and wandering alaoul The school, lo lceep our unwelcome visilors, and To guide bewildered newcomers and parenis ro Jrheir poinr ol deslinaricn. 7' 4 42 CLIUQIW5 Hallguarcls lll Fofojruundg D. Qairiz, R. l-lalvorsen Rom I: J. Peide. C E G, Blornieldl. usiagna, S. Fanare, L. Pr Row 2: C. Polryllna, S. Knapiclf, R. Flercher, J. l-l J l D. lvlcglolhlin, A. hliliihan. Row31 S. Redding, C. Sieinholel, M. Brogan Fliclman, M. Berla, R. lirinl. Row 4: L, Marshall, C. Rini, S. Mall, J. Candi Pelrifis, A, Zinlne, Row 5: R, Ballazzi, T. Thompson, T, Grebenar l-lanlxe, P. Werner, A. Cosiorl. Row 6: lf, l-lildehrand, T. Famcezlszili, cl. Nielsen Sl5VVGl'Elf. Rcw 7: R, Meyer, C. R, Aumann. Youngquisi, P. Arima'n Row 8: D, Jewen. G. Gracone 1 'Y yr' i E orric or a frof f 4 ffwfw n H 1 sfvw 1 1, L VI f mi vi 'lu sf iw i :wi N ... in vw 'M ui vY ' LI 'y nr " f ff lim NUM WUI! Pulp, ' ' 'A M rm I mr M Lil My Y MMU Ki lUw.1.w C Q O A Hallguards I fa! -Xg5,,,. K X N 5m M. 9,.. NN xg' Ll ,-, H ,- 'X r .1 ' "WY ,K Sv ua R R. ,o. V., , " F T1 LW L Pvt' C DAM, F lim I 'w!'1w-wwwmvi A Mx Ln-1.14 F S. H nf I,-M, ,,,' ,W 15'rmAu Y Rvmlmgl lww11f-I' N Siqjlvn .!l,, LN Q,-fyw, Univ r U Tw'-fwrwmvvvw R fX4Ar'-1.11, AN 4' Twfxw fl .i-Fu-.W lx Nwwwvw R yu! R l 'l WM:-r F TUUW R 5fl'x'lNXx .1 it My IWHEQQ ui ,MJ llluslraling various diversions of aclivily nighl if-ezzrourdz F. Foss. M. Tomasit. I- Mr Wellergreen l-l Suller J. Waldron, L. lvl Cf. . . -s, V-. . , gn, J, -. J. 2: J. Tlurper, B. Clalcl, D. Jensen, P. Valenlino, lvl, BUO'llf, C. Feuelel, J. Kaglee. D. C:l'7COlfOZldP. 3: FN. lfczinsli P. Lundberg FN. Blulliardl. ocia ixem SOCIAL CENTER When mosl sludenls are lool4- ing lorward lo a week-end ol relaxalion, llie Social Cenler Commillee is busy malcing prep- aralions lor our Friday niglnl enioymenl. The llmouglll ol lmard worlf does nol de-ler lllem lrom pulling lorllw wlwoleeliearled el- lorls in llne planning ol a diver- silied program. Provisions are made lor roller slcaling, swim- ming, dancing, lable games, apparalus, volleyball, and bos- lcelpall lo meel llwe various inleresls. 1 . x.....,.,,,g, -W f x gf 73 7 I5 I Z f -.-Nw-v - , f i 4 5 ' , 5 ff Q L ' Q 4 Z ,c f T f 1 f , cf, , , V 1? ff f , '04 ,VZ v an 'Y f, A ,Jai ., 11 u-. wild .495 Q' 's if W5 ,KL VA f up UVLQIAJ O! gil? J WQLFAAOP! UACQII f PAN AMERICAN CLUB fl,,l Aiff' L ,ffl fy 5, f Ifff , ' f, , 1-fr!! ' ff f44'fd' f E I f 1 ,f " f , ' , fx, , Q A A 1 191 c ff r f ff 'f ,v-1 3 'pw ,y 1 gy, f, , f 1 Algv Nuevo, rlfglf r, fffgf, ff " 7 ' f X!! ' ' ,+ ,,f ,f , , , , L1 ff ff ,,,f'g I v 1 " ,J ,,, ,lf , , , , f1','JU fffl. ,J ,V 51 r 1 1, I 'f V f 1 'f ' 15 : 1 w ygp, olefferzl, 'ML .IAQ ellffm FuTure STeno. Foregromdg M'ss Me,-era. Row I: S. Leifne J. Fiamm V.R,g L. WaTT, Trees: l. Bal saviay D. Wiede'in, Prez. Row 2: R. STunTz, A. Maiscld L. Johnson, E. Maiss. Boehm, R. Gumiwo, J. Ca' Clarelli, I-I. KopiTar. Row 3: P, WurTzbacher, L. I-:anTini, C. leler, D, Largea D. Panos, J. Kurowslri. Row 4: P. Domenico, S Am brose, L. RiTThaler, C Kes Tian, R. Greenleaf M, Po Iischulc, D, Ranallo, L. Adams, C. Raimondi, R. Redel, L Allison. L. ' -.2 Q - Q sg x, in ,IRQ ' sz ADJUSTMENT OFFICE SECRETARIES STudenTs Trom IB Through 4A are selecTecl Tor secreTaries in Room IZO Tor worl4 in The school AdiusTmenT Qiffce. These young ladies are selecTed on The basis oT Their desire To give service To Their school and Their scholasTic abiliTy, efficiency, cooperaTion, courTesy, and pleasing appearance. Many Types oT slcills are needed or developed in adiusTmenT worlc. The girls Tile, Type, record TesT resulTs, Take Telephone messages, malse lisTs Tor programs, and many odd jobs. Mrs. Jeirorcls, AcliusTmenT and Guidance Counselor, Teels 'ihaT Tneso sTudenTs acquire some very desirable TreiTs which will be invaluable To Them in college and laTer liTe. They learn how To meeT The public graciously, To perTorm all Taslcs elTicienTly, and To use Their own iniTfaTive in perTormance oT daily reguiremenTs. AdiusTmenT Office SecreTaries STanding: M. Maxen, R. I-lugi, D, I-larackiewicz, G. Bien, D. Zadroga, M. Knebl, M. I-lurwiTz, J. KaiTes, K. GaiTis, D. I-Iayes, D, I-lahn, C. Kessner, J. Oravec, J. McKeough. SeaTed: G. Wedin, Mrs. Jeiqords, L. ViTelf, J. I-Iarold, T. Salvione, R. Wegner, S. Leeman, L. Gollnicl, P, Kipping, J, RorTle. FUTURE STENOGRAPI-IERS' CLUB The FuTure STenographers' Club recenTly was organized by Miss Marion Meyers wiTh The inTenT oT helping TuTure sTenographers learn beTTer business procedures, business eTigueTTe, and eTTiciency. Through The club They become beTTer prepared To accepT a sTenographic iob upon graduaTion wiTh The lcnowledge ThaT They will be compeTenT aT Their worlc. Q06 STUDENT COUNCIL Table: Mrs. SI'vaba+, S. Mie'Ire. J, Waldron, P. SaIerno, M. Huffnus C. BuscI1eIr. I: D. Cnvonoszian, B. Bolas. D. McGregor, F. VaIen+i, R. Anfinori, Rudolf, N. Magnon-e. G. KroII, E. Crawford, R. S+andisI'n. 2: M. Hurwifz, P. HauscI'1, A. Molenaro, W. Schro'r+, E. Bleedin, S. Jones, K. Lundsfrorn, L. Codu+i, K. I?o+izza, R. Seri+elIa, J. DI Levnardi, D. Fosco. 3. R. HiIIs+ror'n, K. BIurnenII1aI, R. Dorals, J, Holm, G. KuIbeIda, V. Mols L. Vi+eIr, C. MoreI-+I, C. Janiak, J. Flo Pho, L. Zacharias, J. Osfby, Side: S. Senn, C. Sfachnik, N. Sfrandberg, E. SIowaIr, J. Larson. 4 T S I P V I L L I1 : . avione, . aen+Ino, . o rn, M, G-rippe, J. Giame++i, J, Kaih-s, K. MuIIer, D. Vlagner. 5: B. Krelle, D. Zadroga, M. Maffnes, V. Kamber, B. Rosengard, M Grippe, R. Johnson, C. KosIa, K. Linda 6: T, Hansen, E. Hansen, C. Adam , . D. Rash N. Bissonnefn. son J Eidukas, J. Lang, K. Ro+iz1a, I-II. 7: B. NeviIIe, M. Grescn, C. Feusfel, C. Anderson, G. G-regors n Nah:-gIe, S. Pefros, L. Georgian. 8: J. D'Agos+ino, G. EIIinger, P. Bush, 6. Jannusan, R. Rose, T. Kyvig, J. Iacopi, B. Jones, L. Kur+1, R. Larson. 9: L. Adam-na, G. Keeber, D. BoeHcI1er, S. McBIaine, H. Greengard N, Henry, P. Edwards, B, MCC-regor, D. Wiederin, N. Thorson. zyamU26mwm5mnE P. Ed Po Pow STUDENT COUNCIL COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN wards-LQII. Pow I: N. MGQHODFI K. ROIIUA, L. Vihvk, L. Ad-wma, C. MorvIIu. Pow 2. N. Inorzon, J. Larnon, N, Hnnry, M, Hurwih, Il. Hnu-.cIn, B. N1-ville, M, G-rippo, V. Karnbrr. w3JD SEI d onJ I1 SBU Bun 3 , 'Agicfina . Iingr-r,C.A .urns ,, M. Grv--c ,A. c ro ,B. I . 4. R. Lfxrton, N, Bussonnf-II1'. LI aCH0H3..Lg4 IIIL1 WILL ' .,.. L.-. .,.. .... - ..., ,..., n0HQB.w,f-f--'f"f VQLDRUNLL GNN .4 V QNIJIIU, 4.- UYEU I kg 6 or fAe Sfudenfs, By fine ggfualenfs, lliflze SfuJenfs STUDENT COUNCIL A fine example of school governmen+ is found in Ihe Sfeinmeiz Sfudenf Council, sponsored by Mrs. Shabalz This organizaiion con- sisfs of Iwo represenfafives from each division who meel' daily fo plan and discuss ways and means of improving fhe school. In Council I'hey voice I'he opinion of 'rhe enI'ire s'rudenI' body since Ihese represen'I'a'Iives bring +o Irhe mee'I'ings 'rhe ideas and suggesfions of fheir respecfive divisions. This is iusl' one of I'he many ways of pre- paring us 'For an acfive role in a democra+ic way of life. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS . Huffnus, Pres.g R. Salerno, Sec.g J. Waldron, AH. Sec C. Buschel, V.P.g S. Miellre, Treas. A AWE' . ., .J-I I. 5 1 5 'W I -3 143, Pidure: Talren During fhe Evening Business Meefing. The Parenf Teacher Associafion is an organizafion which funcfions fo promole a closer relafionship belween fhe home and lhe school. Each year fheir program is cenfc-red around a lheme. Their rheme for fhe year l958- l959 is "ln These Things We Believe." The sfudenfs of Sloinmoh benefit from lhe work of lhese loyal parenfs and reachers in various ways. Each year lhoir scholarship program enables a worfhy sfudeni fo affend college, The success of rhoir annual balre sale and laffy apple sales is eviden? by rho number of sfudenls who lake advanfage of fhe "goodies" fhey offer for sale. afience + ime I ccomPhsAmen is Exec. Board R. Snider, M. Berna+l1, N. Benseiler, E. A. Erickson, L. McKeon, H. Vesley, M. Singer. P.T.A. Board Members Row I: R. Hugi, D, Bloom, T. W, Blum, D. Weren, W. Frih. Row 2: F. Lundsfrom, A. Sekyra, E. Sand, M. Nygren, J. Backhend, W. F. Maas, A. Thompson. P,T.A. Members af Founder's Day Program. if f, ll lm filo I i , 4 'Vw . ,- LL!! l,A STEINMETZ ALUMNI ASSOCIATION On fhis, The 25'rh anniversary of Sleinmeh, le+ us acquaini you wifh I'he S+einme+z Alumni Associa+ion. ln Ihe spring of I946 fhe ball began 'Io roII for 'I'he Sieinmeh Alumni Associalion. Assem- bled were a group of class leaders, who were addressed by Mr. Henze. Mr. Henze made a 'Few commenfs designed +o show Jrhis group I'he greal possibililies of an Alumni Associa- lion, which would consoliclaie all gradualing classes inI'o one body. Officers were Ihen eIec+ed. By-laws for l'he organizalion were wriHen by a commiHee and lafer, amended and approved by Ihe group. Represenlalrives Ihen had 'ro be localed from each class. ln I949 work was accomplished on membership, and class Iisfs were brough+ up +o dale. In I95O a large newsleifer was planned, and sen+ io Ihe alumni members. Today +he Ie++er is published Ihree 'limes a year, and mailed Io all alumni members. ln l952 lhe library af Sieinmeh was named "FITZGERALD HALL," afier Mr. Fihgerald, 'lhe former principal. The Alumni logefher wifh several ofher organizafions purchased a placque for I'he library. Through Ihe years, +he Alumni has grown, and Ioday 'rwo annual 'funciions are held, fhe fam- ily picnic in June, and a dance in November. We have an aciive bowling league, and en- courage reunions by +he various classes. Graduales, Ihis is your organizaiiong i+ will be whal you make if, and conlinued suppor+ is needed. Upon graduafion, ioin Irhe Alumni As- socia'I'ion, and conlinue Ihe friendships de- veloped while undergradua+es a+ Sleinmefz. As members of 'rhe Alumni Associa+ion, we will be proud Io have you a member of 'rhis grear organizalion. :PFI ' 'U ,gm 'B ' 5 So Long, ,Emi mf good-By I Sfars in rj-ll eir yes S+arleHe: P. Paul, Prem. P. Ellingsen, Sec. Row I: J. Ellingsen Treezg E. Giampaoli, Accor- panisf. Row 2: B. Hamrnang, P. floral, S. McBlaine-, P, Mqgingo. X Row 3: G. Ca?-ania, D. Mcgillifray. Slnrlvls Tlwcsc fulurrr cf-lc-brilios firn lwinlilinq willw vxporicncc- wlwilo dazzling ofbers by llweir perlormancos for orplianagf-s and vols-rans' organizalions. Those "heavenly bodies" were colleclod by Mr. Groom for flw solo purpose of bringing cnjoymenf +0 all con- cerned. The vc-rsalilify of llwr- Shirlcfs is porlrayod flwrouqli personal appearances ai loop liofols find innumf-rablo limos horn af school. Audifion malerial, cosrumes, and new skits arf: pul up for discussion al llwoir Wednesday nigbl mcelings. 4 WW Officers: R. Sherry, M. Purrnal, B. Johnson, J Grippando. Row I: L. S+. Clair, P. Erilcson, N. Speropulos, D. Di Gregorio, S. Pelronella. Row 2: B. Beclrer, M. Guarino, G. Bai-Iosovic D. Kouralxis, C. Gerardi, N. Schoepe. Row 3: C. Carlson, D. Reis, C. Karg, S. Haggis, D. Keough, B. Madura. Row 4: J. Miele, C. Waschbusch, M. DeGia como, C. Maag, M. Vega, S. Schull-1. Row 5: A. Paloian, M. Miclcina, S. Schweinsberg N. Johnson, L, Budde, P. Loralik, L. Mar+ineIIi Row 6: M. Falclr, L. Nordeen, D. Macina, C Burzloff, C. Purmal, M. Smobey, C. Dunns. Row 7: Passarella, L. Goeller, G. Smiih, V Guaghardo, J. Mele, B. Haslra, R. Falbo, L Arguilla. Row 8: B. Jania, S. Porro, J. Miller, W. G-ilberf E. Meyer, K. Kopeclry, R. Runquisl, R. Pol: rywlra, S. Berns+ein. Row 9: M. Chunn. S. Quihrrneyer, S, Warfell, K M Bonander, C. Anderson, A. Guarino, P. Kar nuih, J. Juniilla, M. Koesfer, C, Fihpairiclr. Row IO: B. Maginnis, M. Maifhes, M. Senger P. Migul, P. Drumke, B. Kulrlewicz, C. Sanchez J. Schulh, P. Knop. ou ever Cnfgrow our eeo! C?-or ,EQQLS The Library Club is made up of all sI'uden+s who help wi+h 'rhe many jobs which go inlo 'rhe running of +he library. Library assisfanis earn service poin'rs as well as service ceriificaies. Eagerly sough+ are Ihe beaufiful sierling silver and green pins which are also awarded a+ a special eveni Io 'rhe workers wi'Ih four or more semeslers of service. Perhaps Ihe greaiesl' reward is I'I1e safisfaciion of conlribuling Io Ihe smoofh funciioning of The Iargesl service organizaiion of +he school-'rhe library. 1-7 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Membership in 'rhe Nafional Honor Socie+y is Ihe highesl honor +ha+ can be besI'owed upon a high school sludenl. I+ is +he recogni+ion given Io s'ruden+s who for four years have mainfained a high scho- Iaslic record, have given service Io 'the school, and are ou+s+anding in leadership and characler. The organizalion is sponsored by Miss Sylvia Gruener. The members of fhe Sleinmelz chap+er of Ihe Nalional Honor Socie+y can be recognized by Their glowing laces on I'ha+ wonderful day in +heir senior year when 'rhey are inilialed by candlelighl or by +heir dislinclive 'rassels 'rhey wear on gradualion nighl. QWQV MCQSS 742 S NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 4B'S Tow row: C. Adamson, J. Bouchonville C. Bresadola, B. Cernoclw, C, Cos+a C. Daurn, M. D'Imperio, P. Domanico, K. Dravillas, C. Feus+eI, R. Greenleaf. Second row: M. Gresclw, J. Grippando, J. Gross, U. Holzgrefe, M. Huffnus M. Hurwil-L, M. Hu+'rner, B. Janie, P Kafz, K. Konecnik, A. Kozinski. Third row: J. Lang, R. LaPor+a, R. Larsen J. Loffis, N. Magnone, N. Milla, L Mullins, D. Nys+rom, C. Olsen, M Parisi, J. Pedersen, Four+I1 row: J. Piefrini, C. Piffrs, M. Pur rnal, M. Rosenberg, K. Roiina, H. Ru dol'F, R. Runquis+, N. Sarneclri, L. Sclwel lrer, S. Scirneo, J. SiI'z. Fif+l1 row: H. Sfoeffhaas, M. Sfrosnik, C. Treufelaar, T, Tufano, N. Wells, D Weiderin, R. Willas, M. Zieman. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 4A'S Tow row: C. Baranowslri, B. Boyd, C. Doerrer, N. Elifson, R. Goldsrein, J. Gron, S. Haemlrer. Second row: R. Hanlon, N. Henry, R. Kar, J. Ladegaard, B. Lulrowslci, S. Macie, C. Morlenson. Third row: R. Olrun, J. Smillw, R. Vi- Iranis, R. Belluomini, P. Dobberlin, P. Dobberfin, R. Luclrsinger. ,JA- l. 1 ' "flf"- s """'-"F- f, ...Jima , . ,if . ,21sfsa'1m'HrmzwL9', M sly- iS Z I .. Iv. awww' qiwibgff fjime Heavenly shades of nigl'1+ are fallingg i+'s Twiliglwl' Time. A+ las+ 'the mos+ an+icipa+ed evening of +l1e year has become a realify for +l1e Junior Class. Mrs. Vesley and her commi+- +ee waved a magic wand and +ransformed a barren gym in+o an ecs+asy of s+ar dus+. The s+uden+s fhemselves, affeded by +l1is magic, donned flwe air of e+hereal splen- dor. l+ is an evening +l1a+ long will be remembered as a culmina+ion of 'Hweir Junior year. r iff' ,A Row Row earning fhe 5 O age ing I: D. Hadley, J. Por+Ie, I. Teresi. 2: R. Serrifella, P. Kipping, D, Samgelal M, Maxen' Row 3: J. Janilrowslni, M. Carpenlier, J. Zalroff, G. Johnson A Molinaro. ' Row 4: B. I-Iammang, S. Johnson, R. Niemiec, B. Miller, S, War+eII B. Pe+ersen. Row 5: D. Nysfrom, B. KIe'IDe, G. Ad h' S M CI' If Schulh, J. Berggren. I r OC IO' I C 'MOC ' N Row 6: J. S+oIrIose, S. Leeman, R. Goffardo, Row I: D. Macina, B. Maiewslri, N. Magnone. Row 2: J. PIa1'+os, H. Rudolf, J. Gwenney, A, Shilvocyh Row 3: A. Pappas, K. Bonander, S. Cies, L. McLaughlin, P, Minellg, ROW 4: U' HOIIQVQIEI K. Lur1ds+rom, L. Marshall, L. Schellrer, M M Row Row Row iclcina, J. Bower. 5: D. Shafer, E. Car+er, Mrs. O'RourIre, J. Genleman, J. Oraveg, 6: L. John, H. Versashas, D. Gilbert G, Bien, 7: L. Fergeson, M. Topps, P. Knop, J. Pollina, A. Fischl, , K ,i 4 .f ' K Q 5 5 "Ml I 5 Z 0 fk s Our Fufure Teachers' Associafion, an affiliafe of fhe Illinois EducaI'ionaI Associafion, and sponsored by Mrs. O'Rourlre, aims af recruiiing siudenfs who mighf possibly consider 'reaching as a career. The ob- ieciive of fhis organizafion is Io acquainf sfudenfs wi+h dufies, acfiviries, and advanfaqes of Ihe leach- ing profession. They gef a preliminary leaching experience when fhey faire on 'rhe responsibilify of caring for Ihr: chil- dren of mofhers affending Ihe P.'I.A. merffings and also when 'rhey acl as Ieachers' secrfffarics, or help adminisfer M.E. 'resI. Members are invifed Io dH0nd fhe annual convenfions which arf: hf:IcI fhrouqhoul Ihe sfale, fhereby geffinq fl buffer undr-rsfnndinq of +I-,Q problems and sifufaiions. fficinq the If-dchurs of Iomorrow. Ulllf FI", 'seal'-ri I Pnllinfs II"rf".I Iron. rvhl I I'I.-Ilff Il- I I., Il Ilffllqrvli- Iliff I Ivinff I 1s...i1ir..,,- I M 2 W wyy xx f -,NW W' 5 555112 NN X 1 s Q f Q I W 5 ARK JM' ' DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Row I: J. Lo'H'is, S. Tel+1, J. DeBeIIa, R. Andres, D. Evereff, P. Barmsiak, D. Perry. Row 2: S. Lipperf, E. Brand, C. Cernuska, M. Cbunn, G. Cross, M, Zudlo, T. Lombardi. Row 3: S. lnferdonefo, S. Has+erock, T. Harsfad, P. Wozniewski, S. Johnson, A. Beida, E. Clwazinski. Row 4: M. Gibbon, C. D'Amore, P. Clausen, C. Hendle, M. Maday, M. Didier, C. Desecki. Row 5: P. Novak, G. Dravillas, B. Kubfuss, K. Chunn, D. Pe-+ers, R. Bird. Row 6: R. Piacko, J. insoiia, H. Kroli. Pic+ures Showing S+uden+s a+ Their Places of Employment m 1' . ff QQ f fs' ,f ' fx! r p K ' JZ 1 M' J .V ,bi ff ,M , jg, , f,,'SW ms SQ' esf eac er DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION 'V f f fWA 1, ,, 'bunk 242 f ,4 M19 WV znlwgu hi 3,4 WW? gifs xloerience is IFA CIVIC TICKET Row I: R. Gurnino, J. Wil- son, G. Blomfeldf, J Wozniewski, D. S+ Jacques. Row 2: J. S+ar1ce, P. Barlen L. S+arfield, V. Werllre. Row 3: S. Merriman, N Wells, S. Grofi, L. Krause, C. Waschbusch. Row 4: K, Lenz, E. Feeney S. Fe-rnbaclr, O. Kouralris A. Breckler, C. Nicosia. Row 5: B. Bacher, S. Nel son, A. Lanh, L. Lohrn D. Dean, C. Norman. Row 6: l.. Arguilla, P. Brandi L. Dundovich, C. PHYS, S. Johnson, G. Blomfeldf, E. Car+er. Pow 7: R. Hugl. L. Vavra C. Olson, K. Szpelowslri, G. Johnson, W. Johnson, R. Passarella. Pow 8: P. Sullivan, D. Har adiewiu, K. Pefshow, J Berggren, A. Broad, P Murphy, J, Oravec, Pow 9: D. Choolasllan, G. Ellinqer G. Fedorow. X I CIVIC TICKET REPRESENTATIVES The subscripfion +o I'he school newspaper, confribulion +o vari- ous charifies, and fhe expense of Iwo assemblies is covered by 'rhe cos+ of Ihe civic 'ficke+ which is +he small amounf of one dollar and I'wen+y-five cenfs. The civic Iiclxel' represen+a+ive from each division encourages fhe sI'udenI's in fhe purchase of These ficlcefs in order +o be spared +he annoyance of having several individual colleclions. A large number of s+udenI's have responded whole-hearledly Io 'rhis convenienl' plan of a single appeal for The various underlalxings, As a climax +o +he '58 lioolball season, we held our annual dance, al which fhe a++ending s+uden+s elecled +heir ioo+ball queen, Helen Agasfrilis. Affer fhe eleciion of lhe queen, 'rhe loolball Team announced +ha+ +hey had selecled Bob Rose as fheir king. The lcing and queen cul- minaled +he ac+ivi+ies of 'rhe evening by leading +he las+ dance. lA+ fopj Mr. Claxlon congra+ula+ing fhe newly elecied queen lA'r cenlerl Queen Helen Agas+ri'ris and King Bob Rose lA'r bolloml Queen and her Courl'-J. Sloklosa, B. Boyd ueen H Agaslrilis, King B. Rose, former queen, R. Serri+ela and Olson. X? f I 1 W in ,,,, 5 ff in 7. f K I ,Q W l ff K, Q X , , Z ' 1 yi 'v f I 0 l 14 7 l , ,il 1 iw P A f 1 Z ,X .1 4 ZZ? X , ,ff ,, tiff, A I , 3212! yy 1 M A ,A 'gf W , y X x S., 1 l 1 ' I XX. nnli in llmnul Innnurni'-. I'.r.lix Nlnili lm ll11'i.ilwlixi':l in llu- Ixmln-Iiimul W1 '1, fg -fix-I .K L ,W v sy ,Rf mmmwwm , , :f'.,,wj ' V5.1 J- , . ,,,a, 11.1-A-4' 1 Q1 1445: " jiiifkfw' 53. W 1 ' 'fialwgvrilfl 9 . iii.. ' LL , ,,.?x.1.!. .: fjiif f aymwgf Fifi? ' ' Tw ,,., M-f,,.,E"'3' if ' 1 1 . Q1+f.,yH , +f?WW FWESMQ V :::,1,.g'? , - L? , N-., ., fm, ww'.:.1:f: ft ,,,J Qgfwf V 14 'Jig gf" .5 ,,f,,,5j.4-if-fag? , ig ' Elvjiykg,-X .--,v 1 is-1 ' eu-f, aw,Qww ' :e,,e,XTgf,m-Aff 3,4 'f., '1.l5g0..g-,f ffl? 'J ' fu 115' ' f,'w'ffQsZGQg' Mftfffv ' J' Mi ggi: 4 fx, j, iqzkjzili, 1, f f' -K Zfezzq- f -a'1'?'.fr? Xif gf 1-wi WY .li wma .gvxsua -1- u' --r" ?Q?lI E. - ,... X ff-any fu' ,, 1 L, - , Hi: f fglmgf' -Fw ,Q , 2414. , ..'. ' ""' ' ' 25 ' -w '-'fx , fn 5,14 , v '55'!h,f- ' Biff? df EW , ,, xv-" 'fm L- V , J. 1 . if, E f X ty ff, C.. .-N , X, .Lgqaf ' 1 , , J X J, ., 7 wg V ' A v J' V f .. uf' A 1 aff , W , 36? f x J gs, 147 W ., 4 ' . 1 J sf 6 a K mi, W 4 Hg. - Acfkl -QN4gM,, - ' ilu' if 'V Q. Q wx x gift., 'f4.,Q2. '54 M A 1 . vi X ' v Y AY' Agn. A i. fc, , J, an W ,affix n mfg 0 s av' " ws? !xvX QW, bf M f M bw VW Y- W gy ,rn f .Q wwf X, M' ff V,

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