Steinmetz High School - Silver Streak Yearbook (Chicago, IL)

 - Class of 1957

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Steinmetz High School - Silver Streak Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 192 of the 1957 volume:

Am .,,. . ..., 4 ,M :egg-.. , -.r-Wm. Eit1"'I:r"mr ig T , 'li '-N... -::::12'::1:, ., WRX mum.. k --ww,-.., - ,.- .-it Aw ,. 41, Nh.-.. Q:--min. Ah. .-A fav. -:L -, H 11 QE' Q 1 up 1 f .,v,aJl5,f - 5.7 r f .Ig 141-1 - V FIV - vw, .:,:-15,453 1.Qlfffg',1" ' A Lww -mmm 'ff 322' N ' Jie- ' ' :N 'El ,gzzuzzb -Lwa. Sli' 'TL E' -:L-1 ' IEE, ' 5523! ,A tp fu i ,KVI- I . ,Jr - Svj --vin--" M.w V ' Q' 'fe ' M af , , . , fb. W ' A Y ' , , ' ' 'U . 5,3 13' , " f, Q . , , , ,' ga .' ' Q, 1 n ' fr ' ' ' 'im he-s-""" "'f "F'ffiz. v' -' if 'Q' ,M "Tf""'f ff if , f,.. , 1 V. H M VM i fl V g L W v-N I ..4,, Y A u'f?g',,.a,, elf., "M . 2 as ' wi It f ' . y ' ' 'Jiffy 'j' 'MffigQ.g'fI?Q5h 4 Y , W, 6 'ff"f' 3 f ' , XA 'iii ' 1 1' - ' "' L- ,Q MQLV Q ' , Jffirzafi-gk 'W H" ,,. ' in :g,5, ,fs.M..7 ,QIKW M .. H s , ' M- . , V ' r M k '32 ' 'Q - 1' . I , ..,, !fIf'I':f'J....: U y pig? ogvylyg, f 'Mgt 5 ,SW 1, 'aif7'f 4 ' ' .M 1 :J-51 M 5,-.,x' , ,g NPA '. .. JA .' ' A--ar '- " A.. 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I, ,.-, 7 Q: My .fl hs. , 'v ' ' ?.. Sl, Slim! A penny scaved IS cu penny earned Thofs cu lesson weve all learned Right In our own communnty P 8 Q We have every opportunity 4 N C.,.us ' 'Q uqou me Q ""' Q 4: spd' 1 . nc l L.-412 '1-H 4 i '51 K ' aus ' V .I A Q ...Q u ,fun '-guns UQ!!! ill use ss V V 1.-A-'fr f - ' I J , U gtlflei- 3 .,7f.2ffL MR. WALTER B. HERRICK Nlr. VValter B. Herrick, our amiable assistant principal, has numerous duties to perform, hut he is never too busy to stop for a matter that needs attention, or for a pupil who needs counseling. From early morning to the close of the school day and at all extracurricu- lar. athletic, or social activities, Mr. Herrick can he seen keeping up the Steinmetz tradition of A'Best in the VVest." l-lis vitality and good cheer are spread throughout the school and are a never-ending reminder of his devotion to us and of the principles he upholds. Ll'll.'5fQl".4 0 oo! U05 MR. CARL WELIN MRS. ELMA BOUGHTON NHSS MARIE HALEY MRS. ELIZABETH IEFFORDS Xrtviidaiitv Counselor ALlIillIll5li'tlIlX'L' Assistant Crt-d1tCoiiiist-lor Adiustrnvnt T h r Couiisvlor of Boys Cimiiwlor of Cin-ls 523517 Q ,g , 517 V f 91mm f Q . .M -W v my ,fm W KI! QV , ,AU 7 fr," V W, Z, 5 'V ff 4 ...Ni 8 SZ! A. M R VV.A 1 AKPQ 1 g if K , 4 , 1' -M., t x .5 . GN? Y. -kg f 1 yr' ici", ff 2 'f , x,... H' .' Miki i 410 -of ?My'Vf swf-ig ggwlpf, M,Q2,:. L "5 '. :sign ,, n. .:fw:3:':. J' . 'i"gVQ, as Fifi, "1 222-3' ,, I ' I N i- ,glfifahifi , L , ,C fav if NM' iii Ln 4 f-Mi! N ClClfL!Zy Mrs. Nl. Alvvrsoii lVlrs. E Ariiiimgc Miss B. Brsiddogli Mrs. Ll Brviiriogk Miss B. Divrl-is hlrs, C. Euhvllmrgcr HRS. XIARCELLA ALYHRSON Souinl Studics MRS. FLOR ENCE ARIXIITAGE English, School piihligity MISS BERNICE ALISTRHIJM Skiviiu- MRS. ISABELLH BEACH Xlxss B. Aiistrhvim lVlr. T. Biiayiiski lWrs, G. Emirhos Clhllfliiilll of Cgriiiiicrkiizl Depwrtiiiciit MR XK'ALTliR BECK hluhdiiiuiil ljmxxing limi phiw MRS. GRACE l5El2'l'LlNCQ Suviiu' MISS ELIZABETH BLYTHE Art MHS BEl2'l'HA BRADDOCK English, Hunks MRS. MARY BRIQNNOCK tngmplivdi Clhllflliilfl gf Social Stuclivs Uvpiirtiiiciit MR. TIIIQODORE BLICZYNSKI Pnlish, Polish Cluh Mrs. l. Bluuli lYlI'S. xx, in-iiiiiig ., ,, V Mrs. L. Byriiv lVliss l. Falls lVliss Farr Mrs. L. Fiiiiscl MR S. LLICILLE BYR li Comiiicrkiiil MISS NANCY DECHENT English XHSS CULEVLTE DElfiNAN C:QlI'x'l'I'S tiiot pliotugrdplicdl MISS LUCILLli DI BONA Comiiirrcilil MISS B. PEARL DIERKS Suumc. Sponsor of Fuhrimry grndiiiiriiig ll.iss .uid prom Kill. CLYDE-I I-QCHI-II.BARC3liR Shop, Priipcrly Mun MRS. GERTRUDE EXARHUS Sciviicc lXllSS lDA FALLS English. Spuiisor ol Slliiml ljnpcr MISS IOSIiI'IllNIi IQXRIZ lxliisik. liiiiior Climr MRS LYDIA FAUSEL Cvrmziii. Curiiigiii Clulws. Ch.iiriii.m ul Liiiigimgc Dcrmrtizicrit 12 lVliss N. lil-limit lVliss L, Di Pauli. ja Cu fy MR. IVAN FELIDMAN Musip. Band. lXIzijorcttQs MR. IACOB FliRqDMAN C, of Stitrntt' Dt-pnrtrrcnt Primqmin 'Xlnlivr MISS Af QATI-IA FOSSE of lfnglish Dcpnrtincnt MRS. MARY liLLIiN GEHANT Soqinl Studies MISS LUCILLE GOLDEN Hoinc Ifcomvniics MR. ARTHUR CEOLLIH Coinincrcnil MISS LILLIAS GRANT Sintinl Studivs. Tnrdy Ronin MR. XVILLARD GRQUINI Alusit. Girls' Choir MISS SYLYIA GRUENIQR Sticnte. Sponsor of MRS. LORRAINE HAAS lfnglish r I I'tlcin.m j Mr. r XX if ii Mixs S, Grucmr x qu X Mr, C. Hvnzv lXIrs. L, I' lX'Irs, I.. Ilndlcy MRS. LILLIE IIADLHY Ltitin. Latin Club MISS LUCY HAlNI3IiCKlfR Klntlwiiititits. Gcrinnn MR. LAVVRIfNCli IIANDSCHU Sgiviuc MRS. ERNA Hlffllf Comincrgnil MR. CQRNELILIS HlfNZIf Sciontc. Clnss Sponsor KIISS MAXINE HQFITIVIAN Clyin. Sponsor of U.A.A. MR. FRED HOLM Shop. Bowling. Golf R IR S. ESTHER HOVVE lfnglisli. Future rlwtuiuht-rs Sponsor MISS ETHEL IACOBEK Social Studios lVIiss A. Ijossc llxlrs. XI. Gt-lmint Mi Miss M. l' Mr. IT. 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MYR'I'I.Ii IXIQNAHAN COIIIIIIIWIIII lnot plmotogrnplwdl MISS MARIORIE MOORE Ifnolmslu, Sponsor of Innlor Prom MISS MARC3ARI'l'I' IXILII.QUIiIiN llomc lfkonolnrs. Sponsor of Darn MRS.. X'VANliTA MLIRANA Iznglxslx MR. S'IIANI.lfY NALHCZ PFIIIUIIQ MISS GIiR'I'RLIIDI-I CYCONNOR lfnglxslu. Sponsor of RI-d Cross MRS. OLYMPIA UNLQSTO I':IIgIlISl1, Sponsor ol Ycnr Book MISS ANNlfT'IIl'1 ORNSIHIN Snlcnkc. Class Sponsor. Sponsor pllqn' l"I lXIIss IMI IXIIM IX'I1ss IVI lVIomrI Mrs. O Unmstw IVI s A Ornstx 0014? MRS. CATHIiRINIf O ROURKH Ifnglish MISS IIARRIIf'I' ORZHCHOVVSKI Comrm-rui.1I IXIISS KATHRYN RIQRRY I'Iu1nv Iiuuxmrnns IXIISS GRACE PIi'I'IiRSON Clyln, Spcunl Ilnuv IVIISS AGNES ROLKA IX'I.1tI1cm.1tiks. CI.1ss Sponsor IVIR. CHESTER PUXVERS Suxvnw, Fnrnrc TI-.mqhvrs Sponsl IXIISS IiI.I,A PRUUTY Skrlfrlkl' IVIISS IUNIA RHHINI IVI.1thcmntiLs. Clnss Sponsor IXIISS GERALDINH ROLENCH Gym. Adxnnwd Swim IVIrs. C, O'Ronrku IVIxss H. Qrzeclwoxvski IX'Iiss If. PVUIIYX' IVI1ss I. Rehm IX'Iiss NI. 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Leaders MRS. IiI.ISABIiTH SORIENSEN Suiviiuv, Sponsor of XYc.irlivr .ind Sw.-my Clizlw MR. STliXVART SPIKINC LS TXTCATLIIIILJT Drnxxiinq. Sings Crvw Sponsor Chnlr, of TCLTL Dvpt. KTRS. .7XNASTASl.-'X SPRINK ilfR TXT.1fT1L'lNdUkS MRS. AI.IClf SLIESS Tingilish MISS- LOR IiTTA SLIILIYAN Tiniilisli MR. ALBER 1' SXYEIC1 Coinnivrgnil KTRS SANTXX T,f'X4SI.I.-X, Clnss Soviisor MRS. IiX'IiLYN TAYLOR Arr MR., QHARLISS TIQMPLIQ Tvrliiiihxi. Proiyrnitriiiiiiq tnot pnmriwin MR. HERBERT THOMPSON Gym. Track MISS EYELYN THORSSON Spanish. Clnss Sponsor. Sponsor of Rin-A MISS ANNA UTZICS Mritherimtiqs NIR. FRED YESEL of Boys Civni. Sxxiiti Tum TXIRS. HlfLIiN YIfSI.I'1Y Cimirnmn of Art Dcpiirrnicnt KIRS. TESSIE VVATSON Civni. Sponsor of Ciivcrhnuivrs XTR. TQDVYARD XYIiSTIfRCiRIiIiN Muiiiiiiipfil Drawing. Tune Clnss Sponsor Sponsor of Socirxi Cantor HRS FLORENCE YOUNG of XT.1riiviii.irns IUn'rmer'rriw-ri! XTR S. KIARGAR HT ZVVICKY Xigiriieiiinrns Pnqa' lb nwrn.1n C111 E HCM Miss R. Towic Miss A. Vvttcr Mrs. H. VV.iltcr Mrs Ni Vvmrmr rs NI Dxoritghik Mrs 'Ki :rx in ms Miss F. Rigncy Mrs. F. Sziimnarski Sgt. R. Hubble M Bl igixoxxi ik Mrs S X ittcr MISS RUTH TQYYLE Librarian NTISS AGNES YETTER Librarian IVIRS. HELEN Vx'AL'I'ifR Chief Lilirarian MRS. MARGARET XX'iiRNliR Librarian MRS. IVIARY DYORATCHEK Office Secrctziry MRS. IEANNE IVIARYANOVVSKI Officc Sccrmziry MISS FRANCES RICINEY Offiuv Surctary MRS. FLORENCE SZUMNARSKI Ofiicv Surctarg' MASTER SERGEANT RUSSHU- HLIISBLE R,O.T.C. Instruytur XTR. IOHN BLACKONVIAK Chin-f Enginvvr HRS. SUE X'IiT'IiI-QI? iVi.itron C' earning Me Z?u5ine55,7 Picture at Top Members of the Qflice Practice Class in Operation Center Picture Distributive Education students give an illustrated sales talk Picture at Bottom Students in the Sales Class advertise and sell their products KID' .A R, -My 1, x . ,A rv N , Q 34 , ,. ,. , ..,.. , ..., , ., diy, r ADVERTISIN P1318 "'x wife Coffar mr em 0 Olflfl 0I"I"0LU Picture at Top Left Students transcribing shorthand notes Picture at Top Right Bookkeeping Students checking entries Center Picture Students computing on calculating machines Bottom Picture Typing class at work Page 19 g? Page 20 cienfi ic rienfafion Picture at Top Students of the general science class demonstrate the use of balance, the gas flame. and the heating of mercurie oxide Center Picture General science students conducting an experiment with steam Lower Picture These students of the gen- eral science class are study- ing the chart of the heavenly bodies Clzemisfry nfolals Scienfi ic ?Aenomena Upper Picture Chemistry students testing for metal compounds Lower Picture Students Conducting experiment testing for oxygen pxqt' if eecng fle lyk 0 5 mga Conductmq an experlment wuth hqht Phx sxcs students findmq the dens1tV of Q01 ds Fmdmq hor epoxxex m the Phxexce Clin Page 22 C O I 1 l f Q -x ,f , X . X if Y V .553 N f ,Wax V A it ' 'limi .vt r W W W W x 1 1 5 62 5 ' , gf 5 Us E Q .l X2 ' ' .1'QQgk 2. g f ., I fi ' 5 4 1 L gg mvyggk, 1 iq -E 2 5 1, ati -f W EM Q gg , Q 1 Q Nik - A 4, 1 ,S mx 1 5 - j 5 . ' Q . ' 1 ' Q ,Af W? 'vii -A x f ,R s '34 ' iw. Hn . 'V Lf.-I 4 AW- 57555 544, - e -' if-if F55 5 rf up mi , U fx sg ' '5-I 3j, ful' 55. .1 as 1 V gel 4 2 I all ,N ,,QQf.iw?'+'53 if I V ' . I 4, Q, .kw- 8,4 41.1 ff' N W , U ' fwv, -it F 5 E 06. ,- rat 1 ,V w 3 7 4' ' 'WC ' ' 6'Z"i'ZK"n,- 'n .Ji QN Q ' '.,0:. 1 O iff Q . f., 1,11 V Wwffa 1-QQ.. ' 555.51 .ff ll ff v XWQBQK I Q! .5 . , , I ,V ne, fl wggw 4 qfy ff V up Q sw Q , 1 Y y fx M i W: A Q -45 , I , . ----fA e Aifgszwiwv 1 L..'y'3, , ' I, f J, , ' ' J , 4 . f , 4 If M ,QWQMWA W ful A ,, ' I ' ,W .ASX ff4?Qag,, angles cc, ff iguringv owarcl .fdn glclucafion 'WSE MW Picture at Top Students in the Triqo- c VK nometry Class using the Slide Rule Center Picture Advanced Algebra stu- dents using the Quadratic Formula 'Wg Picture at Bottom lllustrating spherical tri- Pagv 25 'W QW K L0 'six FJL,-K M7 gf MQW N Air f I v . 15 QP . I 1 ,,..,-v-.-'- 'u-...W fix , drders and than carrying H'l6!QI"fffCl,l'lAI'lg lil' g0UQl"I'll'l'lQl'lf LQ5 duel' C2fiZQl'l5 Top Picture Getting to know our government Center Picture Appreciating our constitution Picture at Bottom Learning about our flag I'fI"t mf Prom ARE SUHREME cmmzxi of mfcarfo circus ani umnoifg- HI! CMMS Alf SUPREME IN WEIPIHING THE Wm mm If un g If fflf'l7fl U its 1220 1- K . wi J A p 1. . y I 1 fu A Jf' .WV is , kig f? ' dh' JE , swf 2153 S' S9515 'I Q .f 4 UIRQTF, ,mga,.W,. ws u -0 'W , 7,5335 .' MVN 'ff .f , ' , 5 -L if ff- Q , r f . g.. I ' 1 . iw- kt !'! I 2 an Q ll B El' :AQ A 6?- .4 iii? ' J Q N :viva 1 :1 if .fr S I W, 4-vw...-F. mmffi' lash: lil!! aan. f W-A-M..-n-wav. Xf 1 I S HR!B' QWAJAW if , "'f .......-' ix f SEEK 1 S 3 Q Jcfiuify jew 0,95 !9Ag:iica! gfI'lQJ5 OPPOSITE PAGE Upper Left Performing a forward roll Upper Right Traveling on parallel bars Center Left Practicing a knee Circle Center Right Doing a hip circle Lower Left A shoulder stand on bars Lower Right A one-arm lever Back somersault on trampoline HX Xytv 4" , gn g ps. , 1 11 A'fQ?"'l4'l-'IZ A Q f.,2 f ' , . 1, 7 M ,Mus x i fs If sgii' - LW' U X l-15.1 s 4A N 15- ' - r- 2 ' wr ' Q P, -4 Y Fa mah .. . , .5 ig . Hg! x. Q Q nl .A .YV f L'faXUH4.' 4,- , f 5 .4 , 5 .4 A f f f' W 'ffl qggg: I-, 74 '- H I I " W ' . my T9 fi if hx 1 Sbfary W tn R 5: 3fZgQI"Cl!J Ollgfafy Student assistants give service to the school in assisting with the circulation of books and arranging displays to publicize the library. pflqm' W ' , ,pw an Ab' A 0 x pa 4 X QM XX ,if . K , li 3? 33,3 'Q if 6 X - x , ,. ., , , W " VA can -m-,,g:':,ffN HB M mwzeq. ww' f " . 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" '2 all' . . . yo' " tll' vi .. 2 iv. E V 1' "1'.."'z'."tste... ' 'Az 2. . . . ' '.1 z'y4 1 42. asv' 1. . .,.. 'Q zixz 4 ' " .' . z .... I. ' 'Hz . '-1 2 1 2 ICE . ' ' Qz..' v.4 1 . C ' ' " z'y ' "R ..... ' 1' ' 'z 2' K. " liz '. , ... ,, ...z 'z ' 2 .. - ' .... " .'.' . '- 2-.1 at . ." .' . . . " A il ..., ' Q?" 95 1 " .' '.... 2 , ave ' '- " '. Y, '. ' 2 ' , 1. can ,C Aliyls .It ping-pong and Steves company' . . . looks ahead to nursing, then fl 1 . .-- '.z .. . ,. .. " ...Ula ' 'z 'A ,z,z '11 '. ' ' . t'. 2 sz 1 ' t ,. "2 z'z .... Q" It .' 2 ' ' ...,, 'z . ..' . ' ' t . . 2 ' '. ' '. , - 2 t, .,' . j M . I :on L C K C . ooh.. All I ,H cf ' .7-- .v. n . - 1 1 - . - our C K 'A I ave 4 V' , Cyl A A. ' .ao 'z f ' ' ' ' - . .' 2' Q V V. Q C 1 C. K A ... V a ' t 2, 'L ' - , , . ... --L .na lil 1 c '-. ...i.... . 4 4' '- .... 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Mrs.'li, Neliptwitli, lf. B.irtel. R. Fleming. l VVtmlter. A. Kltlitelltw. F. Eppolito. C. Iltmkns. Atsicle: XY. Ventrestn. H. Goldstein. Ci. Fleiseliffesser. T. Allisnxt Pngt- tnrw J 1 W. XM , xf.. P Division 410 Rnxx l' M. Gneller. D. lnreli, Nl. Cnnnino. A. Brwwiie. P. VV.1lsh.G. Szpeknwslqi C. DiSzilvo. Rnxx' 2: l.N.1s1wy. P.Serxx'.utli..i lXl.RtlSI1ll1SSCI1. D. Stelwlvins, Nl. Allnn. A. 'l'ejed.i. Ram' 3t lvlrs. Byrne. Knjlili. P. lVlinter. D. Hull. l. Hull. l. Lids. lNl. Sntinover. B. liartel. l. lfdgnr. Rim' 'li l. VV. Xklittrneli. B. Lietz. VV. Schulze. R, Korgxlik. G. lVleyers. S. lige. Rothsthiller. A. Gilbert. Standing git the side: D. Good. P. Ultis. l, DelW.n'co. P. Heiningwgiy. Sitting .it the sidet R.N.1rdi,C.Mneller, l. Bnrkoozis. R. Droog. 4' 'W' 'Y wg E . f H11 sf' 7 S en iam Division -HI Rnxx I R. XIJIII .. ., B ix .x. . FIIIIIIIIIRII XI 3x'nI. IIAIIII I, I7.1Iu1,I11 H. xIUHI.lxIII- Rnxx 1 XIVX 5II1xx'.1rr:. R Szxxu' II. I'I'I1 I1. R IDI-Iam H H R CIITI5I43IIL'I'NllII Rxwxx s Ii. II1.1II1Im-r I , usl uvr. Y, Swrk.-. I, f'X11dcrsw1x. XY. IIUIIIIOIIIU. R I 1 I. X cr'r1cr' I xidv R. XIv.:Iv. IJ. I rr 'Q 5n..x1.I111q.IrzIu- R. 5I1.IrIcr. 5c.uh'II.ltII1I' sxdv I North. R CJJIAPUIIII Division 453 Rwxx I N. R-I5IIIIIS5l'Il. B. Sxunllsull. I:.1Ivr'u'. IJ. VV1IIvr. 'IWIIOIIISUIL C. SIlI'iI'i0I'N. Ci. I..u1qo.x, IJ. I.u:1r1. XX. C.I1.IrIL-5. Rwxx 2. IXI. I,.1Purt.1, IXI. IUIINUII. VN. VN omIxx.1r1I, , 1 . . x up Ruxx 5. XX. XIUIICV. XI. XI1r1.essII1u. N. I.lxnI Il S Rxthu IM H BKII 111 R IIILIx T. 4 'xx. " D iviaion ii-I Ruxx I If. P R. R. wth' .vi- I'. P IJIWJIU. I.. Ixi-Im II ht Irs. I I'f1 ' I'1' .nx..... max I I .'xIIx.Ix'I'5xJI1. H. XIuIIwx. I1 II XI 'I 1 v NIR xrpu. I II':r::pI:rIuX :xx w I. II.rrI . C I21rI"' N I' K. x ..m. . wil' X' XI Illvr. 5 XX'-ndrkv. Y-aft, QD R. NY ,xx -I 'IR I.x'mI1. ID I.ZIIx'. I1 ISHN' XI I'I.aR1In '::.11z1x1 It Nxdv I I3--III-. R New " xx I-V-I .I xx' rev' .1 I7.I.1-- RIvx eniorri .Ag-ur MJ.- l , ...v .-- Page 68 Division 455 Row 1: M. Fitzgcruld. L, Rzcchula. C. Anderson, S. Stcdtcfcld. G. Stranguritch, NV. Huntlcy. I, Dicicco. Row 2: Mrs. Alvcrson. K. Meier, N. Fitzpatrick, A, Howald. E. Chnddock, E. Gchrkc. C. Eckert. Row 3: Fant, Plalcko. T. Parker, R. Iohnson. R. Oddo. R. Suhimkc' D. Olson. M. Schreiber. ,JIJUPC 2155171012 II Cllfl Loaf sS?Qil'U11QtZ Pictures at right Finding Their Plat-Q on the Niitiontil llonor Society l.1st Aclmiring Lflaiss Rings Preparing for the Civics Test Getting Ready lor Locker lnspection Picturcs at left Signing the Atitogrnpli lloiintl Dog Locating Tl1eirLQlass on the Assembly Bulletin lnitiation Attire Causes Rublwernecking '----i, ' -A ,lf ,,T,.. 4- ' ' ' i , , f-A 4 ,.: YU VVith a steady. forward step. the luniors add to their busy schedules the responsibilities of part time work in the various Helds of OCCUPATIGN. Here they gain the primal knowledge and experience of earning a living. which will be a great help to them in the future. Ptigt' TO i i unzord Division 301 Row l: Hnint-S. L. Krug. C. i:.irin.1. F. Ardinno. Row 2: Domino. Y, Bvtk. C. Peterson. 1. Lcsnmw. Row 3' R. Doll, D. Bnhlilz. Pm. Broun. Ron -ii Roxx 5: Row 6: I.. D I. Bt-rggrvri. C Schroeder. G. Lord. P. Clifford D. Klocckncr. A. Pcrm.ini.1n. Yi. Aukst. B, Cody. C Kretschmcr. D. Loris. A. Foerster. C. Ciorski, Liihinski. Tl.1p.1. . Suhnhlw. CJVIA'-IF. At tht' sidv stnndint: A. Anderson Sitting: 5. .i - 1 Nordqnist, D. i.vx'y. R. Alicn R. Stroschcin. S. Thiel. L. Cith K. Ztiwisltik. Division 302 R ow R ow R ow Row R ow R o xx' A. Svrctis. B. Add.1h.1, K. Bilstri B. Armmonv. D Vvvinhold. D. Ostcrtng, B.'Pt.1szynski. S. Stmtvk. D. Andersen. B. Cordo. P. Condon. P. Drew. S, Scgrcti. Ni. Bieg, P. Valentino. C. Labbt- D , Niorziwski. K. Vaughn, K, Bnrtcuki. M. Poinhi. B. Lung. L. Grudccki, M. Knsuhill. Nirs. Lloyd. C. H.ilI. L, Ptxirson T. Duvall, M, Pofnhl. Standing utsidc: E. Zniivtti. A. Ripn. I, Swanson. P. Richards. I. Morozorf. Sitting .itsidcr A. Sell. Ni. Riloinn. A. Perri. Division 303 ROV' RUXX' Roxx ROXX' RUXX' Fx, Snyder. D. Sodc. Ni. Bocotk C. Plonkn, A. Ray, R. Lupcllii. B. Konus. B, Voscll. I. C.1l.iinii1. P. Coatvs, P. Pt-nio. M. Oicn. P. i:.irht-r. R, Bl'l1CiX'0ilQil. if. Xxhitqiit-r. Y. Bivg. Roman. C. Cmxviord. N. H. Mziruheschi. M. Pcrsino. C Anderson. I.1nnott.i. '. Soinmcrs, N. Topps. Iohnson. A. Smidhurg. C. Siominski. XX K. Stnnding .ltsidcz E, Zvid, R. Corso. C. Vvunncrstrom, Sqhilintz, Sitting .ntsidcz R. Hniiikc, XV. Lqssc PAQL 12 uniorfi Division 30-I R OXK' Rum Rim R ow R mx' R 0 xx' ' 2 -l 5 6 I. lXl.1y. C. like. L. Fontc. L. Nvri. B. Csolkovitz. lf. Springcr. li. lfrlvndson. M. Si-rituwski. A l . lx wr. . Svnlf. ll. Pvtcrstii. lf. lilly. Kvviiv. N. l:.ll1ll-Q. R S. l'icluui.i. B. Cridcr. D. Br.ind.i. R. Rcdini. C. XVcngl.uss. I. Bm l.. Bolling. Bcbout. Ci. Num-ll. lX'lrs. Sncss. C. Twvvt. Kirxlilmnin. F. Hciss. A. Bwuhicfri. L. Rodwny, Blooni. VV. Sicrs. Iiistus. H. Ernst. R. Adniiiowski. R. XXVQIISUH. li.. lxkllliklx. 1. ..,, Division 306 C. Baird. lxl. Lisinl-Q. R. Lakin. B. Ruszkowski. R. Bunsk Rim- l: Rim- 2: Row 3: Rim- -li Row 5: Rim tw I. lirunini. Fillip. Chill. K. Hnnsvn. C. Inumlwseii. A. S. Dust. Nl. Puloinn. Nl. Fuqua. Y. Crawley. Pzinkncn, K. Frccsv. L. Bloom. D. F. Fitzgcrnld. Br.1Cl.ii. lVliss Urzmliowslii. Dnlonq. R. Krzyslio. A. Kiiclin. Nl. Pisuitti. l.. Hulwr. L. Sniizoiic. D. Cuoiiicx. A. l..iY1qiii'. ll Sglmrluxxp R. XN'li.ilv3'. li lfisniiivll R. Cntlicrn. Bomb. Ci. llriunnilcr. C. Biitcr, 'L il. 5 5 S Division 305 Ruw Row lhm' Row Row Ruw l 2 3 4 5 6: L. X, F R. D A V M G N T Bauer. lVl. Brcithniipt. D. Rnesncr. S. Borowigz. . LnCostc. C. Fcltlkirclincr. lVl. Aiiinnnn. P. Houlu. Christophvr. Bolcndcr, P. lVlgBl.nnv.'. C. Cordcllo, C. Hnrdtliv. Block. Ciotams. Floodstrom. I. Olsen, M. Slack. M. Critcs. . Tcichmnn. B. XVind. I. Zcrfass. iss Prouty. G. Conway, G. Matthiiiis. lVl.iniScal:o. Sanders. Peterson. Sylvester. . Redding. B. Bicclir. F. Dvlnicn. R. Post. C. Hnbetlcr Ohler. v'L?kY Division 308 R ow R 0 w Roxx Roxx Roxx Roxx B. Spitalny. D. Murolo. K. Cygan. B. Ettelson. M. Redmond. S. Field. I. Ploeinski. I. Malkowski. P. Nyznick. I. Pertle, B. Bergin.inn. S. Rodolnk, Ni. Ncmeth, D. Altouniun. D. Hartley, M. Neri. I. Gebhurt. R. VVolter. Byars. I. Voelkner. R. Austin. Hamiga. Conroy. R. Camillo, F. Sconzi I. Huspen, K. Miller. F. Brzmdle. A. Schmidt. I. Muttes. B. Benson. uniom Division 307 Row lx D. Fullett. C. Blaekumn. N. Hoekspiel. S. H.ilx orsen. Row Z: Ci. Kowdl, G. Terzo. C. Tr.inkin.i, Ni. Larsen. Ni. Cmivillc. Ram 3: B. lfisenhuth, A. Kalyimvii. B.11rd. D. Rowlelt. P. ifiigeiiiiaii B. Tworek. Row -iz A. Schumacher. I. Hurdt, S. Nelson. K. Liixidsgmird, VV. Schmidt. E. Sobeck. E. Hide. Row 5: T. Bennzirdo. Wizithison. C. Ciroeke. C. C:echowieZ. B. Eden. S. Gabel. A. Brewer. Rowfi: R. Fiivdnsh. C. Peterson. VXI, Sehuhkneeht. L. Ellerlwriieh. Division 309 Row ls Ii. Mull. Cv. Edenhofer. F. Ciiisto. B. I.inkox'sky. R. Bognrdus Row 2: S. Prondzinski. P. Hageli, B. Orsiicci. Y. Scziccin. C. Szostek Row 3: B. Newgnrd. Michzilaik. Peters. D. Olson, VVolters. Row -1: C. H.1rtmnn. R. S.1ntelli. P. iVIeColnb. B. VVulf. C. Schuster. Row 5: R. Snlpietro, If. Thun. E. Ilirgpis. I.. Giaincolzi, Ixiimbile. Stziiiding .al side: C. Lukusik. XYisher. R. Knop. Toknr. Page 7-1 uniom Division 310 Row Row Row Rim- Row Row I 1 3 4 5 6: C. lvlrolvli. lxllllcr. D. Tcmplv. l.. Krult. R. Rogcrs. Nl. Zunipfiiio. l.. Hnmi-ii. B. Mnrtm. I.. Cup M. L. C.irscll.i. I. Miigiiiis. S. Rlrivk. Konm. I. Ciorski. C. Maddy. Fr. Kw.irLi.ii1y. H. Sicvcrs. M. Rupp. C. Krempcls. B. Kruvqer. B. Vcllcux. E. Trnnt. B. Yolpc. Mrs. O'Roiirkc. R. Nclson. R. Fctzncr. H. Pfcifcr. D. Figiirski. Standing ietsidvr D. Norton. S. XX'.ird. K. Clcnrv. C. Divlmld, P. Ghilnrdiiui. B. Rngg. X Sitt1nq.1tsiClc': Miwli. l. Kuhncrt. R. H.is0ltinc. Division 31 I Row l: S. l'..eon.irdx'. R. McAulc-v. P. Kubick. B. Holland., Nliirll. I Ill Row 2: Norris, Minardi. li. Incobson. C. Cimrz. Row 3: VV. Sitar. Ramiconc. D. Zimshcim, .I I. Iohnson. D. Knplinski. Row-1: M. Fnluk. R. Domko. R. lVliCutLlwn. C. Rcmijnn. B. Anderson. Row-1. Mrs. Sodvrlwrg. lfllingvtr. VV. Erickson. R. Olszcwski. I. P.ipp.1s. D. Qiiist. Standing nt side: BOI1HClOlll"lil. F. Rccvcs. T. Zvwi K. Lecdy. I Sitting .lt side: N. Cilfonc. L. Inlifmo. G. Spocrl, VV. Iunkcr, Ci. Ross. C XC' Division 351 Row l. A. lVl.irLus. li. Striinili. K. Ruliliwlf. I. L.iFron:.x. F. Bvlmwnrc. Row 2' A.C.1rlson.Ci.Roxx' I. Cuuppr Y. Michcflotti. Row 3. Schmid. l. Cirzisso. lf. Ornvss. 5. Ollcr. D. Dcdick, K. Hjertstvdl. Rim -lr R. Hdllm. C. Rudlwula. R. Xxviziisilicl. Xl. Nvrii S. Zictz, R. Anclcrson. Row 5. l.. 'lIl'1IL'I'Il1I1g1. R. Bcrrvv. Xxvvslvxt Rim H R. Riizyglii. R Pi-.iuwrla Arvndr. ID.fXI.irr1s. Sitting- B. Hmmm. R. Nirzkv. H. B. Kiilld. Shindinii: VV. Simomini. A. lflwrt. Ki. 'llrvl-uwslci. I. Ru:.ili. D. :Klll5gifF1 PM lt' K . , 5.5, Division 353 N, Iverson. B. Vavr Row 2: lVlz1je'wski, D. Hartjvn, P. Huskn R. Caputo. C. Wzills. Row 3: B. Trcster, Knutson, C. Lucas, E. Row lt L. Adorno. V. Sampson. Horan, ai. A Row -is Katschke. N. Lewis. R. Siinpig. V. Kuropas. Row 5: G. Hall. D. Keough, A. R.1dZviQk.1s. R. Bear, P. Nicholas, F. lN1LlI'Cl1lOI'l, T. Andersen. M. Swvency, R. Pease. x I povtol. Sl-lllLllI1QillSldCI Zicntnrski. D. Pictrim. I.. Fzincszxlszki, D, Day, Sittiinpxtsiclv: R. VVittin.xnn, lf. Hcnkc. uniom Division 352 Row l Row 2: Row 3 Row 'l Row 5' D. Bclmrvnclr. A. Cdrlson. Y, Swxercz. I, R.1olcll1. Esposito. C. Thuering. lvl. Sem: I. Svlml-icrcslv. Koop. C. Roeder, Ridley. I. Cucrri. R. Liss. I. Honscn. Greenberg. M, Bcnson. D. Borkcs. B. Amunclson. Nlixs Iqqolwck. XV. Helsing, R, Kunath, R. Ortugcr. R. lilL'DllLll. T, lnglcsby. B. Childress. R. Nelson. 3 Division 354 Row R on Row R ow RUXK C. Strom, C. Lu-ggi. B. Thornc. I. Ccmrdl. C. Klvwcr. C. Kmuxc. C. Picdlsuulzx. lf. Sogos, C, Ankcrlmlt R. Pvtcrnck Nliross. l.. lxlgxyltklf. C. Kroll. B. Iord.m. I. Ii-nscn. 5. Zingor. C. Mix. P. Neville. Nlrs. Bi-rtlmg. lVl, Klmg. Olligvs, R. Posschl St.1nd1nq.1tsidc Nl. lgvarto. R, lxflclonc. BilT.ll7.lS. R. D.1t:. Page 76 uniom Dlvlsxon 355 Rom Rovx ROXX R1 xx Ron L1Bud1 Dukcr NI Lvrrknr Lrn II, hlllll M lxo uk Bruno Ixuhny L Mlxt P Mursall Umlluf W Westcrbcrq I1 Murphx E Hohnscn lx Walbrxdge Pwton Mm Armxtwgc L MIIOII R Stucbcn A VVo1d1 W Ruuh E C1mpbcll T PXtcll D Dcrr Dlvlslon 337 Rom Rom RUXK Ron RC XX R Xl lqu D Bxdulc-lx P Puron gLhlITlOI'l 'VI Cl irk P B1 h Hood Bcnnctt C lxrvnqcr Tomolcom R Lodxxuk VK VK elcnhofzr D Abraham 411 IXifSlLUll"lI1lK D Lvhm Hummel 'Xflss 'Vlulquun F Rodxx xx U xCkl SLhlT1l C u mo C 1NlCJl'OXKSlxl T Cou oum R Bluhm C Andvrson I 1 'l:B.4 ' ', A '21 P. 1, 1. ' '. . 7 Z '. K. ' . '31 E. ' ', . ax, . QS. .. B, z . . --1. . ,V R, 1 'Dr ,. '. , . ' , , . ' 1: D. NT42 'Z. . X' 1 '. . . skz. '2. R, . ' ,. . z '. . QC . F. . '3: C. , Q. Y A , '-if '. ' ' ', . . . ts 1. CY. 'Q Q . an. I. . 1 A ' .'.' A " . , R I R.R:j .1.-' d.I,3I'. U hz D. 1. . I : IW. uni, ' SUPIIIIRIIIIIES sv- 'tilw' ,. gf Y. 'x xmiwrr' Id 34000 i ly rw ' :"""'f'-.. 4'xffQ'f:-ill' f W :Wm N.: Q' if Hmm - By now the SOPHOMORES have settled to the high school routine and have started their Search for knowledge. ln their quest. the turn to books which Carry them past the imaginarv borders of their Community into the wide. wide world. he the lackaclaisical students they once were. png x No more will thex' i "4 N lv QCA, 'Af Xqixm f X XT X x 4 3' 1 Q f 'gym 5-NB?-'Z Qifxf. in xfj-.ffl 5 p ' L , f A 3 f 4 X , 4,4 4 K1 Ji' dv, 'vi W 1 U .ffs ,ga GP ,4 3' ' W X 'X B bs 'iuwk' ' xxvw Division 203 Rtnw l' ie43XX Rum i RKUXX Dclvc, A. Inrtsszcxxnkz. . Knrdiit-1. Atioltvr. M. Fmvttdwr. P. Kiixiclln. A. Rnppns. B. D M. Strosnik. Ii. Lrrm-11. C. Pu-t H. fX'l.ant'r. M.e:m'1tk. I. XX B. Ruthntkvr. R. 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I. Sitz. M. Barczck. A. Antinnrvlli F. Franks. R. lvluromx L. InrosZ.lVI.Rotc'llz1. C. Adinnxnn C. Trcutclzmr, L. Lcindvtkrr. C, Broukmcycr. H. Stcckvr. D. 1VicGrCg0r. C. Suhnltz. Bindcr R. Becker. St.undint1.1ts1de: H. Xyhytc, D. FY'tll1LiZS'i'i. G. iX1dHCLlSO. A. Xvvlwr. D. Fl.1x Sitting .tt side: G, Landl. R. Nitartinclli. SIU Olflfl 0l"Q5 Division 204 Rmx' ROXK' RUXX' RUNN' RLJXX' I 2 3 -I 5 Ci. Hastings. Kosinslii. P. Klum. B, Bl.1cli. S. Pctroncllu. B. lVlL'lVl.ll141Il, D. XXVAQIIFT, l.. l:r.m:. lf. Nuwk. R. Zivglvr. S. Borzcwski. E.Suhwilk.B.Nm-il1e.N.Sqhm-1dcr.M.Bulendvr D. Vvohlgcmuth. Knvajic. H. Sutter. I. Nliller, R. Num-llv, R. Hzipmk, K. Andcrson, P, DLDm2lHiCil, Nl. Dlmpvrio, S. Iulmson. I. Becker. D. Blunda. Re-nfrow. R. Hnmplemzm. R. Blasko. T. Carle-tt. Kuhr. A. Frigo. Division 205 R QDXY R KPXY Rim' ROXX' Row 5 I. Culdnrclli. I. Amudco. G. Melo. S. lDICFISILJf1lFO, I. Loftis. N, Rickcrt, Brunkc. E. Bicdzir, I. Cirovcs. D. Casik. R. Anclrcs. I. Christophcrscn, lf. Clmzinsl-ii. S., I. Lofris. A. Moricv, D. Singer, N. Snrnccki. I. Devirt, E. VV1-vd. L. Dundoviuh. C. Brcsoclolzl C. Dvimy. C. Clmrlvs. B. C1lFHL'S'. A. Ndglc. K. Schmidt. P. Silmttz. llurinfrinz. S. lntcrClun.ut.i. D. Olcmw. D. lfrigkson. VV. fiiivrm. Y. Grdmrnxxrosza. Nliss Austrhvim, Y. 'x 5 Division -07 I I.,,- R.m2 Xl. Siidi Kim' l. l. lQ3imcl1rt1. Xl. S'.xccm'x' lx Xlcllivc Q li Ill pmrrigk. mm. S. l..ijli.x, P. Nuxnzk. S 'Xi l is l.. .-Ml.1r11X. D. l.. 1?.m'3 'Xl link mx. vi. XI vrmwxlil. li. 1 li. lD.1IlIllL!L11'I'. li. Cmllm. Cjripp ri 'K RLJXX 'l .-l.1IIlU D N .d:vr. Xl. l'l.fsQl1. 'N S 1 lil. l lmnl vrg, Xl. l TMQIINAII. A. fmrli , 4 RMU f1.llv'1z'li'1ilf l Xlfmtrr H H I ml Il ll lll S lil l li ll l xl x v lk! . . li! --u. If wh' Sins XI l'Xm'llX' R XY--NIH' v S F M. SUM lx. cur- in. C Cl 15- : - Q ' 9 ax piigjt' xS70l0A0I'l'l0I"Q5 Division 205 RUKX R UXK' ROKR' Ruxx' Rim Riuxx 2 3. 4. 5 6. B. Springer. R. Giiniiim. D. Kcllvr. I. lxlorris. A. Liberian. R. Lcgones. 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M.iri4ir1i. I. Grubek. D. Kozym, L. VVcndcl. N. Bcissnvr. K, Konunik. Division 71 I Rim Rim Rim R iixx Rim SfilIlLi1IlkI tsidi n 1 uiuu Sittimq ts di R Pi D C imn 1 Rhoux Division Rim' RIN. Rm R .xx Rim R-mx I Sr .iii .iii sittin rs ry N Pmqc 95 SOFA Olflfl 0l"Q5 Division 218 Row ROV' Row ROV' Row R Oxy l 2 3 4 5 6: OWUFTWC II:-oZlj'3v C-If-fm-:x :ily--Po. woffo 'Jmff-1 3' fl . cn' P L- 9 if E 1 S -, 9, :. r' 9, FU Q 5 Q rv 2 3 3 E 5 - 2 C gf. IJ" cn .J ' Z7 P F2 iw :R f-'IJ' '75 :Av-v 'P' 70 .L I7 Sr' Ti 25'- if P. FU f 'I c '1 fr 'J VT FI "1 Iohn. C. Schoner. L. Mclicon, R. Studva, VV. Suhncidcr. I. Fiorda. R. Bynes. Mrs. Exharos. Klein, G. Xvallman. C. Loding, C, Schuhrkc. Standing at side: F. Gambino. Barabas. VV. Schneider. VV. Gee-vcr. I. Ciolii. M. Durnil. I if Division 251 Row lx P. Sukowski, A. Kirschenhaucr, P. Behrens. E. Andrac. Row 2: Rim' 3: Row -iz Row 5: Rim' 6: A. Trunk, Suarano. S. Niaicic, C. Stccrs. B. Baldwin. H. Ncbcrgali. H. Agastritis, A. Duchay. Orr, L. Brownv. C1.Galang. R. Sicgler. B. Kccsee, B. Kcarnry, P. Owens, R. DcStefano. C Busuhck. VV. Libcrio. H, Swanson. M. Muld L. Bastian. R. Micszkoxvski. H. Rasmussen. G. Lvsak. M. Zillman. E. Katsuolias. Sgarpclli Division 252 Rim- l: Row 2: Row 3: Raw -ii Row 7: Row 6: Page Ps-I I. Kroll, A. I.i-wg-. C. C.1x'vmicr. if. SLhol:. B. Singcr, Larson. R. Yikanis. P. Kraft. I. Plough, F. Miloqh. I, Olinyk. NI. Thurhcr. M. Antas. K. Vuyta. B. Norris. B. Lawley. Ni, Gibbon. hi. hiaday. L. Calahrcsc. if. Sciitowski. R. Bclluomini. CQ. Niciraddvii. R. iViwri1.1n, Sloam: Adams. K. Hanscn I. Curunro. T. Nash. Chana. igyartu. D. Rctzkv. vf - ' .,' . pv- -JY 'A Division 255 Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: R iaxx ' -lx Rim' 5' L. Iiiszl-co. S. Bnv. C. Cvchncr. Y C. Snpcrito. lVl. XNOOdXNiilI'd. S. Bvrtrnni. V. Popvjoy. C. Pnulson. P. Stiintz. R. Pcgom. I. Insulin. Ii. Smith. lf. Hoedc. R. Myhrn. B. Dcrlcfscn. R. Zivnicr, R, Russvlli. R. Ewcrt. S. H031-r. R. Pvtcrsun. lxlr. Riiziilm, VV. Oplvr. I. lDin.innu. VV. Ciirmn. Kcrixuin D. lDiil1lk1l1lSl. C. Ii-nson. Smnding up: R. Aluisiu, L. Svrpc. H. Fcirilwrq, F. Kuliln. Sirtinilntsidv. S. Rurro. R. Pukryfl-c.i. Piiigi- P55 CSZIQAOWZ 0I"86 Division 253 Rim' l Ri vxx' 2: R vw 3' Row nl' Rnw 5' R aux fw- I. Rini. S. 'l'.ilt:. H. Hixizli. I. Kustyiz. A. Scliinvixscr. B. Liikowski. Yvnzon. lVl. Chiinn. N, Noick. I. Cntrcliim. Smith, O. Clwlnd. D. H.1nn. Nl. Blnkc. P. Dolwlwrtin. Xlniqi-l. R. Qkiini. Rollinii, C, Hi-ndlc, R. Ciolglstciii. D. Slicplcy, Mrs. Hncllvy. D. Nciitz. Ci. Antinsirvlli. R, Allundorlcr. B. Apfcl. R. Liiclisingcr. P. D1'll:x'X'L'Fc7. R. Ri-rik, A. Uzols. l.. Anzcldv, l.. Zivssoxx Division 25-1 C. Cinqiicpnlmi. I. Vclck, Pernino. D, Chrastkzi C Raw l Row 2 Rim' 3: Rim- 4 Rim' 5 Row 6: . Kozyni. K. Fleming. P. Sitmcr. D. Iohnson. lf, Riiii. Y. Biiuchi. B. Clxristcnscn, C. Paulsen. C. VVilli-r. M. Ainlvrosv. Hcrmn. S, Obitts. B. Plummer, B. Boyd. S. Hziemkvr. B. Stoiklcr. R, Hanlon. P. Dobbvrtin. P. Cvreif. C , Nlrozcli. C. Nlortviisvri. K. Diiclim.inn. R. Crvpns, Ml1llilIlk'S'. R. Koi, T. Rudnick. li . Chiinn. R. Rosc. Onfl 0l"Q5 Dxvlslon 736 Rom Roxx Roux Rom ROXN RAN A Bclek C Docrrnr C, Blondm Gron Broudc L Nlvlscn gyhcurcr Lmdncr Nxcqvln R Frost B flskf. Henry V Qcrlhn Kiefer IK Bxxter B Mlrlclis 'im mson Norxx VV Silk C Lnscn ClI11ldtLl W F mdrn Hoxnc' L mr N Brulw :Mr lx lr x St mdmq xt Slde lx IX un xugh R Ixlosoxx sk: R Lomb irdo IN Pllcfson Slfflllkl 1 su ld n and C HSIOII 5 Dlvxslon 7 Roxx Rom Ron ROXX 58 C mu D fxlmmm Ch lrlmn Molvcrq C ea P Toomlrc lx NILC,1b1 Thllhimmcr A Irlgkson P16-rdomxnlu T Lux F Flto Mcrkle VV Anderson lrlmq B Broun C Arnold IM Ill Page 86 Row UI . M nh nl lk A Crrqq cnncdy. lx. Haxugv, . 1' 5 ' .Shia omoreri in ana! .x4Louf :Ae .SZAOJ Upper Right They keep our halls tidy Upper Left Birthdays call for corsages and locker birthday cards Center Youre not seeing double Twins cause eye trouble Lower Left Fun-seeking boy teases girls with biological specimen Lower Right Serious students discussing results of the 2 A test Page 87 Starting school with that look of wonder and amazement, these freshies have time on their hands which they can devote to their HOBBIES. Being at the playful stage of their development they can be carefree and undisturbed before beginning the pur- suits of life. Page 88 FBESHMEN d. 45 . I v A 'A woo VQQQQ o s - 1111 wwv' .,11zf 445 l 9 M, 1, 2 uh fl X f Mt' w 1 4? K, In H ,fw-,fm gl"Q5AI'l'lQl'l Row ROW' Row Row Row Row Q E. Z. o :s ... o ... EY T' C7 3. 4. 5. 6. Prokupck. C. Mclicuiigih. L. Pricst. L. Cording. D. Nlcrcolino. N. Bloom. li. Ziclinski. lVl. Andcrscii. V. Wcrtkc. M. Anzitra. D Nelson. C. Kuffner, M. Russo. D. Stunscla C. Bcscnhofcr. I. Bollmzinn, I. Nujjzir. Stuldcr. F. Miller. L. Hcinc-k.inip. B. VVclls. D, Sthultz, Romano. C. Cusclln. K. Kornor. Miss Colden. M. Tcstyon, B. Lindstrom. B. Tictz, Pcdzill. Kowalski. B. McGregor. Standing at side: R. Ruffziclli. E Madcr, D, Leverenz, T. Carlin. Bcglcy, H. Neuhaus. Sitting at side: A. Pearson. F. Addzintc, I. Seclull. C. Zorn. I. Riclistins. Division 102 Row 1' A. Parrish. I. Dt'Grazin. Hoffintin. A. Thoinkzi. Cistio Ron 2 Heucl Mortensen S Merriman H Xcrsislms Nl irtiun Ili Qoxxl Cimpimlli C 'iiinonsan W Wniitilir Moditi A lVloc'llcr Rmx -I XVN ik C Broun D Liss P Rithirdson Bitnuk Rmx D l'lliott C lox in M Piul VV Bolis Row 6 Xixirito VV Wcndcl P Nivlstn H Budnilx Dittilo Q iiidinq itsidi C Ttmplc' M Ccfilu R Builit Qittiiiq itsidm H ilur l Alvoltins C Crissmin Division 103 Roxx . .NNtrttpn3 P Urlwiniik P Kipping 'iinthc . . Dwn. Row -3 B. Nlillcr, B. lulollinin. Cv. Stcvvns, C, Pokryflm. . Stichnik. Row .: . Clcmuiuns, K. Christi inscn, . Cwudlc. fl. Cnrpviitivr. M. Hudson. Row : ' lVlullvy, Ps. Hopkins. . 'uinpnstvlli .lVlziucll.i lg.. Kruti. Ruwiz Nl. Gnriiiikcl. C. Nelson. G. Ioscph. B. Ioscplisoii. RQW6: P. Hunnon. L. Alvrxilmrii. P, P.iul. N. Andcrbcrg. VV. Kziinz. Smndin QL1ISldCI S. Fcrnlmck. Nl. Puuillo, K. Scliyrn. R. Cmviirnik. M. Kriz. Sitting .it sidv: D. lVliulim', H. Iohnson. R. Pcrsino T, lNliivllci'. R. lliitnvr. G. Rmiiniiu. Pnqc 03 Division 105 Row l: Nl. Schultz. C. Torti. R. Nawracfij. R ow ROW ROW ROW Row 2. 3 -I 5 6 Tromhino, K. lohnson. Zinkc. R. Mzitthziiis. C. Landis. Sansone. D. Routson. Busuziglizx. Nl. Bzlginski, H. Emmriuh Bnttistzi. D. Dimncclic. C. Harrington. lflifson, P. Tuczck. N. Lehmann. lzlrrimk, lVlurj21nowski. P. lVlor.un. Pvtt-rs, S. Ryan. H. Rotizzzi. Lfinmsuh. lVl:1jcxvsk1. Kuzil. F, Chillzirdncci. V. Vzint. Knrl. C. DiGcz1t.ino. C. Cartwright. Standing zitsidc: L. Poulnkos. Pituione. B. Rolfe. I.H Sitting at side: R. Yvsko. Lvidiq. Licziri. ollzmd, F. Kcrnvr. L. Kurtz. R. Pizzuto. PQJAWQQFL Division 104 Rtuw IQOXX' la OKV R aux l 2 3 -1 ROXK' 5 R OXK' 6 I3. A A S. S. M C R. B. C ii B. S. Tmpp. A. Sykes. D. Rvpinc. . llncciu. Nl. Fivrro. . Hrvtklcr. S. Stnlwlvs. R. Borghese. Knnpitk. li. Zolczzi, Cics. A. Ahrustnto. K. llxvcy , Cotlcr.1t.1. S, Ryan. Kraft. . Snlhcgti. N. Kzlrncr. S. Sofcrv. Dipictm, I. Pctritis. Bvrtict. N. lVlillcr. C. Higgins. Kiiccrn. Hziuh. , Tcsuhlzc. D. Gillicrt. B. Krollc. XVintcrs. P. Tcgtow. D. Lzldegtmrd Gxidornski. St.1n:ling.1tsidc: R. Cort. R. Halter. C. Front: ik Sittng zitsicic: M. Rlzistiiri, R. Bvck, C. Knsollis Division 106 Rim' ROW 1211-.v Rtm' 4 R tmxx 5 Rim 6 2. A. lordnn. L. Bloninrz. D. Criutm tri B. Banner. F. Klinv. C. Stnmv. R Hdnkv. M, Severin. T. i,.1C.lri.i. D. Alticr. K, Frutfhling. M. Stangvlnnd, P. Krnll. L. Schlvscr. S, Ryan. S, Bride. I.. VV.nqIivr. C. Crrlnth. Cinmotti. C. Ottvscn. C. Sniiilow. K. Lord, T. Sulvni. Xxlesthvrgi. R. Innes. R. Mr l. K R. Gate-ly. s. Iiiim-l. C. Angvllctti. T. Loukwoud Lmrnitk. Drummond. F. Yzipclli. SI11IlLl11'iQ.lISlClk'I R. Rcrri. Ci. Sthvndcl. 1. M Sitrimintsidv. R. VVclIs, VV. 'ln.mnl.1iiser. Y Pt Page 91 r ivviiznno. lflms. XV. Engvltcr. gnillt-s. Kiillvr. XV. Kohl. lohnsun Division 108 R ow R ow R ow Rum Raw Raw 1 2 3 -I 5 6: M. Svcs. I. Miller. C. Thus. C. Augcllo. Hiukspicl. M. Hanson. D. Curnok. D. Thorscn. K. Berg. K. Pcsqhkc. B. Halama. I. Yespcr. K. Haus, I. Grant. K. Kirk. A. Nicmicc. R. Scurti. R. Millvr. I. Berggren, A. Rock. B. Sowinski. G. Horcis P. Ianis. M. Langdon, Geislcr. C. Gast. D. Bclmontv. Dubicl. Blus. K. Njaastad. M. MuCutchcon. R. Pctcr, N. Horxvath. R. Hagan. M. Arquilla. W. Schoon. R. Blum, F. Kcrncr. VV. Banks. P. Hcaly. D. Kocpkc. gl"2f5Al'l'lQlfl Division 107 Row I Row 2 Row 3 Rmv -i Raw 5 Raw 6 I. Ratzcl. D. DeVito. M. Reynolds. E. Cassicrs L. Stahlcckcr. S. fickvrly. Adams. S. Becker. D. VVosuh. S. Hapanovich. E. Anderson, K. Navarro. C. VVoodwarcl. Bclwlwctt. I. Ostby. L. Lohn. P. VVishcr. D. Grzybuwski, S. Vklvdrich. B. Ratsgh. C. VVhcc-lcr. C. Kosla. P. Partipilo. B. Parke. R. Sbarlwaro. R. Planz. G. Freclcricks. G. Gregerson. A. Dahl. Andrvn. M. Tomicek. I. Moser, VV.mous. B Katsmvlis. D. XValklvX'. Niiss Ut:iq. Hvrron. Bukhcri. L. Bcrquist. R. Dunsmutxr. H. Vvyszkowski. F. Cuonzo. li. Ncri. R. Kartcl. Division 109 R ow ROXX' R .xxx I2 uxx Roxx R nu 1 2 3 -I 5 W6 . G. Dclaquila. L. Capuzi. C. Dunne. A. Lupclla. D. Coffaro . N. Luhasik. P. Valcntino, P. McCauley. S. Sauer. D. Lutz. A. Agoranos. C. Aimi. R. MCD.lIlit'l. L. Dcdick. Liend, N. Ross. L. Hcrnandvz. C. Iillingsnn. R. Gottardo. P. iK1LCOXX'LlIl. Kulickc. B. Dean. C. Voglcr. L. Kankowskc. A. Bilstad. R. Larson. G. McBcau. R. Tuozzo. B. Sroka, G. Molinari, P. Oddo. I. Alongi. R. Rosland, F. Kuglin, I. Battaglia, G. Maruantoni, E. Lass, A. Korchynski, E. Aiuhcle. G. Graham, G. Drawer. VV. Schlicting. R. Hanrlaxl. VV. Chcsrow. Nir. Golub. Paqc 02 gI'Q5Alfl'lQIfl Division I I0 Row l: Row 2: Row 3' K. Kumro. C. Friedman. M. Zizzo. B. Bnrberis. P. Novak. Kuhn. A. Schwartz. V. Sc-ratin. . Gnzirino. P. Norris, P. Chisholm. A. A Herron. lf. Okrzvsik. K. Pvtskmv, C. P. lkllizvckn. M. Gouldvn. S. lVlcBl.i C IHC. . firm... Klziproth. Pun -lx lcnscn. N. Bissonncttc. R. Aumunn. XV. Strvmz. I. Sparks. C. Pu-ska. lf. Must. A. Tcjcvk. Row 5: S. Rini. R. Horvuth, R. Gnttonc. Zickniuri G. VVQSI. Dubrava. C. Behringer. T. Pnpponc. B. Bcrlianr. Krajec. Mrs. VVarson. Row 6. I. Dusinq. Tmios. Lnndgrzxf. D. Limgfoss. Division lll Row 1: S. Fnndrc. B. Oclzirc. L. Quzxbcr. E. Szinzilitro. A. Mucho. V, Inxikowski, B. Rishl. Cv. Snntclli. Row 2: B. Kuhnkv. H. Anderson. Drlrncl. S. Irvin. Buck. Cudvc, M. Shiva, V, lnskul. C. ldlvr. Row 3: Nnqcl. Stcinmctz. S. Bm'ttcl'1Cr. P. Cnspcrs. G. Scycr. Brzlnnocli. L. Nlznttlnglv. L. Baer. F. Pzrscucci. Row-i: C. C2li'fllFClll. G. Stcinkc. L. lxlElI'Sl"l11ll. L. liulik. C. Linkowski. A. Fotland. B. Bznrrctr, T. lVlCt.lllo. N. Aldrich. VV. Nygrcn. l? UNK' Sf Xlr. lmvbkcr. G. R.1smusScn. N. lvcrsvn l A. Sllwmqcl. lf. Strom. VV. Liqogki. R. ls'llr'03'. Division 112 Rim' l: B. Klum. P. RUIIZI. F. Cnldnrvlli. B. Nlngnono. C. Dyminski. Row 2: C. Lon:.sq:. D. Grove. P. liriciicr. C. XV!-isonbcrgnfr. C. Dcmvrun. A. Smtsncs. Run' 3: Curvy. P. Klein. Xl. Cilcikli. A. L.1nt:. C. Xlnliriowski. lVl. Bcigls. R.11.i. Rim -if L. Iwliiiwri. C. lX' Xl. Potter. L. llirclull. B. Purru. l.. Knrxklikv. P. Hans. Xl. Purvinrm. Nl. Cinrqnl. Run :J A. Plrtru. I..CjUlin.1. VV, Stulvv. R. l'2xJK'lIl li. l.1nLl.1hl. lf. Blcuclvn. R. Ruminc. L. Sxiunfclis. Slim Slourc. R-mx fi U. l2::ndHl..d. R. Hnsulririv. R. Dau. P . . llnrkuiif. IDAgQsr:n-1. lx. Pnrkhvrri. lj:-qvfll Division lil Rim' lx F. Colhxrn. N. Chlkcy. P. Mrlllutlilln. B. lN'i.xjvwski. Rim- 2: P. 'I'.1n1lmrx11o. S. Kohnku. IX'Im'rms. B. Kron. L. Adams. Rim 3: H. Iipplcr. D. Sykvs. K. Ncrxx I.. Ifmlmru I.. Xvlivk. ii. Rom -1. Pmldl. A. i..1S.1llc, ix. Adnlnx. C. 5151x1011 Rmviz H. VV.1qlcy.'nrn1k. Ii. XXX-xtpl1.:l. F. Ywclkncr, Nlr. Swcig. Row 6: T. Sdmrtcl. S. Letwzlt. C. Zusrhkv. St.1ndinq.1tsidv: M. liitzpqtriuk. D. lixrknun. I. I'r.un:. Lullvr. R. lX'lrlwv. Sxttlnq .nlsnlv R I,l'i:i'i1I1LlSLU. XX' Dnin. Ai. Rucirr. 'lv1lN.'I'l. Ci. C.tI'i5k5l1 P. inc CH EIFQZSAWQQFL Division ll 3 Rnw l: Rim 21 Row 3: Raw -li Rnw 5: Row 6i M . D U. Consiglio. M. Mngcdmiv. D. Nocsvn. C. Fri-dcruks, P. Sqorzn. Ci. Pisnzvk. R. Sgnrpclli. M. Smuwrsu. D. Rmntck. R. Snlcrmz. A. Sxclnti. G. Nirozinski, D. Parker, D. Conley. K Bonnndcr. C. Iurgcnscn. Nnuscdn. I. VV.xlth0r. P. Dunnvr. R. Gz1ll.1dnr.1. If. Vvnlf. C. Qlsun. G. Rostnn. L. Anderson. lf. Clrhy. ig. Stvf.111mx'ig:, Congnr. R. Rownnnrd. . Pccucci, E. Congur. A. VVcgnvr. F. Kopvcky R. Ccngr. L. Kopaia. R. Ruffino. R. Tcuerle. K. Cilclm. R. Bcrns. Kiukcrt. Ii. Schiavo. S. Poulnkus. P. Gusqh. . Angus. Division l l-I R OXY R K5 'NK' R ow R ow R ow R VJXK' I 1 3 -1 5 6. I. Harold, D. Alluri. Z.1s.1x'il. Shutty. I. Cleary. S. Strong. D. Shulgnn. I. Dvwinttvd. B. All5lllSIiI1x'. A. Krupn. N. Bvvuroft. D. Gciscl. Sghncsv. I.. Smith. R. Novak, C. Knchinns, K. 541111-tl. B. Hutton. M. lohnson, E. Vnn Dinthvr. if. Rountree. I. Strnnck, E. Freitag. P. Znkrzcwski. N. Ivschkv. D. Xvilllliil. A. Carlin, T. Ciernnk. F. C.1nnut.1ro, F. Forti- R. Rnjski. Olson. Ci. Ryvhlik. R. Aum.1nn. G. XVuqm'r. R. SLhl'flIllIH. A. Schncidcr. Wir. Spikings. QFQLSAHQQFI Division H2 Rxxxx Riixx Ruxx' Ruxx' IQUXY Ci. Kliiiich. II. Us IXIixIwIc. IIi'IIiis. . Sorrviitino. ID. IX'Iohr, IXI. Ki'iim'dx'. II. B.ixI'ivr. XV. Horn. K C. Koxh. S. Semi. C. IX'Iurvlt1. XYIiitrlv I. Clruiin. C . Iiviisctlvr. K. I.uxtic1iiu, C. II.H'IIIIi1IIH P, I3.iRr.utu. IJ. Iliiiiclsxiii. I. Iiiiskii. IJ. 'I'cr:I.iiI, C. Biixk, C. I:lIZgIx'I'.1IuI. K. Kmmcr. IVI. Hoppv. Mrs. Vi-xlcxx C. Ifismiicllvr. Bm'ttcIivr. If. Ariiicntfino R.'iiski. IJ. Pfciivr D. 'I' IDIIIQIT-ILICIU. Cyillis, I. Duiiiiivr. Ihiglgx-im, . RnLIxx'.ix'. A. IIiitin'LII. If. Sxii vfiiurii I. R Division 153 ROW Rim' ROW RUR. Riixx' Roxx' 6 B. I.iimI1. V. Fvriilmyii. IJ. Ross. A. Mich-. N. D Aiiim., A. I-iii::.i. N. I-x'im. I. Davis, Y, Tcsixl-1. If. Gentile, C. C.issm.iii. R. Bivs. I.. Ulson. Cuiiiplwll, A. Iuhiison, Hvrr. II. Iyiiipvropiiloiis. CI. Pi-tvrsoii. Suilzctti. I. Nilsson. ID. Kxvivxiui. A. Irisxiil. K. Kiwruxxkz. C. I.IrI.iiiIv. C. Forsherg, If Anderson. Ci. Korn. Staiidiiig .it side: IVI. Dudv. II. Fiillctt. R. Clxmdvl. R. Nciihiiiiscr. Sitting .it sidv: C. Kulik, C. Siiiiiimrx R. Iiiiciiuik. D ivision Ii-I R :xx I II. pvtvriuii. XI. I3.irI.:. Iliiariu. .-X. SiI::iIl:. ID. Dixiicixixuii, XI. Iimxw I I. Ciirxi Rim 2 R. Kilziim, fiviiiviimii. R. Riuw, I2: fi l.iIxiwII. IU. RxrIiIIx. Kiiiiv. xx I NI I'wi' II.ixiiiv. XV.iIdr-iii II. 5-i.iIx-x. I.x'IlIix. Skiixxnrrs, Rwxx -I Ci.IS.1IIiiu.iiiii.IN. IIix1rxxnii.I5.IIw IJ. Aiixizvxxs. XI. Lzrhm. IX'I.1x'vr. ICI Rixzx 5 R. ix-il wx, Iixaxiixi-rg. IQ' IJ4i1I'iI'X'XKIi 'If fi x-X.-I. IJ. I.: A KIi1vIIx'i'. piiixkxi K fwui'qi'. 5ii:I1uI1IIiI.:INIxIx' R Ami: I2 Iviwl-4 R. II-ixI.:i1LI. Ii C1i1:ik I Rx' Iit fi1xI 5.ttiiiIg.irs1xIi- XV. Blum i. R. Cilniix P. up' IIS Division l 57 R o W l Row 2: Row 3' M. Fitzgerald. Miidry. M. OConnor, D. Striimiiglio, B. McMulliii. D. Larson, A. Olsen. M. Christciiscii. li. Riyiic, K. l.itiiic'r. liiiliili. F. DclVlz1tt0o. R. Fortiii. lVlrs. Taylor. R. Zicnkicxviuz. A. l'l.illil1zin. S. Bdgrovc, li. limiitz, I. Hansen. N. Biissc. A. Suhwcinsbcrg, D. Stovall, S. Pclmrik. Pago Oh I"Q5Al'l'lQl'l Division 155 R ou' Row R ow ROV' R ow R UXX' l: 2: 3: 'li 5: 6: M. A. R. C. L. C. Nicniczcwski. G. VVl'iitc. Peters. D. Lichncr. M. Bordvnaro Rcidcl. C. Doll. K. Bairibzich. Taylor, K. Yockl. Moore. C, Powell. Vnndcrldlcyckri. L. Hallm. I. Frank. Kiss. E. Segal. M. M. lVlzirz'. B. Klcibcr, P. Ochlcr. Giisczyk. B. Sorensen, B. Emsknmp, C. Thomas. R. Hziusch, R. D'AIIl2lIO. C. Daw. C. loncs, R. Brydgcs, R. Dcrkzi. R. Sc-lmzm, D. Lziurcnzzmo. R. Gcrbcrs. K. Molbeck. K. Gilles. D. McCarthy, R. Thomas, VV. Tobey, D. Munson, R. Trapp. G. Marshall. N M56 ,911 .giyirif ana! ufagfy The Long and the Short of It Eager to Learn One Way Trafhc The Helping Hand Keeping up with the News DOWN ONLY 1. 413-IW 535' ,,,a, , T, I4 f .ka nbyfl' ,XM Cfllflileii Swing your portner round ond round See The pleosure you hove found If ns greor fun you see To lrve In our community P 9 2 EW? Q V 2 3 1 ' 1 41 5 5 3 , ia 3 A 'XL' B .du '22 XX, X , udica! Mao! fo oaarning These future peda- gogues are looking ahead to the time when theyll serve our community as the educators of the com- ing generation. They are planning lectures. tours. and social gatherings to stimulate interest and en- thusiasm for teaching. FUTURE TEACHERS Row I: Nlr, Powers. Sponsor Row 2' P, lVl.irs.1l.i. 'l' B, lV.t'5ItIlIl5lil. Pres.. K. Rohlitck. Y. Pres. Row 3 B, Tri-str-r. X. . Kuropas Row -l K. X .uuihrr P: Ciliiliirduttr N. Roiiniii Row 5. B. last rihutl.. I. firm-iiiwrg Nou' 6 li. iluliiisvii. C. Lizlfasilt Ron 7. lf. Uriiuss if. Stigos Page lOl .Ll Front Rou l. Grasso. D. Behrcndt. Horan Ci. Struutli Bark Row: P. Noxuil-4. C. I. lxriuston. Hanscii The Chansonettes are a group of girls who add fun to their music. They present little comedy skits. and are always eager to perform for any occa- sion both in and out of school. They are sponsored by lVIr. Grooms Girls' Choir. gf' M0 I SR. GIRLS' Choir Row 1: D. Magellan. I. Loftis, E. Sagos, T. Cianci, I. Loftis. I. Rini Row 2: B. DeMichele, K. Bensetler, S. Smith, L. Schelker. D. Behrendt Row 3: R. Vikanio, Lenks, S. Cannataro. Knutson, S. Zingor Row 4: K. Freese. B. Wulf. P. Knop, B. Umlauf, M. Lemker Qing , 66000 The beautiful, blending voices ofthe Girls' Choir add effective- ness to each program in which they are called upon to take part. During the seventh period each day the members meet in room 400 and under the direction of their sponsor, Mr. Groom, they train their voices and practice industriously to become skillful song- stresses. Their appearance in the Music Festival is one of their greatest marks of achievement. Page 102 ur CAimin9 M ed I Y im' kv SR. GIRLS' CHOIR IOFFICERSJ Right to Left, Around Piano: P. Novak fart. sec.f, E. Sagos frec. sec.1, G. Strunck ftreas H. Catullo lpresd. S. Cannataro imanagerj. I. Orr fV.P.j Row I: C. Carlson. Y. Tesak. G. Strunck, D. Mcrcolino. S. Fandre Row 2: C. Strom, C. Cavcnder. P. Ellingsen, I. Allamian, Ellingsen, T. Cianci Row 3. H. Catullo, C. Moretti. Hansen. N. Lyon. D. Panos. F. Scarano Row-1: C. Hopsdal, P. Fanucci, R. Frost. V. Kuropus. P. Novak, Orr, Whittle Page ICE 5 A 1 xi Hg 4, 51 Xl Q4 Wy if 8 Qiffliffi-gif? I fy 31,3 , 9 if ff if fy Q, MP ."i WP Q 2' 2 PQ ft fps, 7 ' 1 3. Ev 'S E I I QQ at gf T 'iv w Wu W' 123 Am 1 . fa' If 5 J A 4 . , mi ,ns A76LOLt:5 Here vx e have a qroup of prettv 5onq 5ter5 who l1ke to 51ng for pleasure at var1ou5 school sponsored a55embl1e5 and programs D1reCted bv MISS o5e phme Farr thev SIHQ all tvpes of mu51c from rel1g1ou5 and patr1ot1c songs to l1vely Broadway mu51cal5 Cf1rl5 who have had the pr1v1lege of bemg 111 MISS Farr 5 cho1r w1ll long remember lt as one of the 1oy5 of h1gh 5chool IUNIOR GIRLS CHOIR ROXX M Suee Ron Q qtronq l Bonhm Rovx C S pnkoxxslu lx B1l5t1Cl Ron Lesniu N Sl1I'1SfCClI V B1LLh1 Roxx lrlrr Q Qcqrr t1 Row Oo5zkoxx sk1 lx Hjertsdedt C Mrosml-x Ron 115 lxo Q Struelx G Lord Row 2 . Lwkofl. N, Bloom. P. H 151-C 1, F, Ollcr Row 1 . Nelson. . Lwrson. L. Ritth nlcn. M. Hurwitz Row 1 '. H'15t1r1qS. . Fit..p'1trick. C. Fcusrcl Row : . Frank, . Senkurcsty. L. Mullins, . Christophcrsen Row 12: . Zwicrzynw, . B 'lC'lC, C. Piedise 11-1. . lVlich'1l11k, G. Potter Row ll: K. L1111Cl5g'1'1rd. S. Obitts. P. M'iTS'll'l. S. Ziet Row H: K. VV'1lbridge, C. Mrozck, B. Plummer. R. MCCLllChl'OU, Cl. Grcincr Row 15: . Katschkc, . Cwcioppo. E. Cichy. . Qlscn. P. Nlortenson Page 106 iaaea IUNIOR Row l: Row 2. Row 3: Row -iz Row 5: Row 6: Row 7: Row 8' Row 9. Row IO: Row l I: Row 12' Row I 3' IUNIOR GIRLS' CHOIR K. Kiiiiiro, S. Teltz. C. Bioiidi. L. Ncri K. Sckyrzi, M. Niz'mc:r'wski. C. Blackiiiiin N. XVclls, D. Stebbins. B. Collins C. Thuring, S. Rzimcy, Kvvnc P. Condon. I. Minzirdi. B. Christensen B. Becker P. Fnrbvr, M. Lisink, Pcrtic, D. Altounizin B. Nvwgaird, R. Bvncivcngai, lf. Bally, N. Schzidt C. Kozyrzi. C. Hardtkc. VV. Schmidt E. Gizimpzioli. N. Vvcstcrbcrgi, C. Wcxlski N. Fitzpatrick, E. Gentile. A. Cicero. C. Trmitlzizir P. XVllffZb2lChl'F, Stoklosn, P. VVvnzQl L. Bloom, Koop, lf. Cichy, N. Szirnccki Hncinker, B. Maidvcn, P. Vvvrm-r. S. M. D Impcrio CHOIR OFFICERS C. Thvuring. Trmis.: A. Cicero. V. Prvs.: Ci. Pottvr, Pres.: Olsvn. Svc.: D. Aitoiinizxri, Soc. Chair. pmggx' lil7 49 CONCERT BAND Trumpets and Trombones and French Horna Rmx 11 A, Ycsku. D, Blwrh. T. Smdcr. 1. Huumphruw Run' 2. P, Katz. Ienseu. R. l'.lx'etou. P, Nelson. R. Chmldxtcux Ruw 3: D. Sluvleh. H. F.1yd.nsh. I,. Axldcrsulx. Iidllliglrl. Crum Percussion and Large Brass Raw 1: XV. Ixinxwell, Sobon. C. Buxd, R. Cmllqud. R. Ilrmux Rnxx fc R. Pulse. T. Lvneh. A. Bmwtt. N. Brzuslm Page IOS we Cifeafe armony in ur ommunif The Concert Band under the d1rect1on of Mr lvan Feldman IS often vlewed ln parades w1th1n our communlty lts annual concert provldes muslc for every taste The band partlcxpates 1n manv school act1v1t1es like the football games pep 3SS6mbll6S the lVlus1c Festlval spec1al events of the PTA and the all lmportant graduat1on Among the many awards whlch 1t has recelved are a blue rlbbon from the Dalry Parade a first place trophy from the 1956 Grand Harlem Mardl Gras and excellent ratlngs from the annual band contests Flute Oboe ax Row l Cu er lxruq G Caller M Hullnus 'lhomson Row 7 Corus C Hxuu ll 1 llclron ft rh 1rd Row 3 Pxttnone lx l'XOl'lCLI1llx H lohnson l Bloom Thmrjunq D Derr N lllcfson Row Ttmplt X tn on tht r 'X om xslt frtjcn X icostt RUXX SIINPSDH C S L s 'X o D O s an 1 'N X 1 l P IL ltlq l 252 1 r - - - S M. .Su-ll ,1.. ' , l. 1 sri, . 1 l. B. I: liz, XV. . I. J' I Clarinet Section ' l: D, t 2 l. " : . B.B.1' -..l.T D. H. ' , ',L. 31 '2: D. .M JL , . .lI'CI'.'. T.. .fl orc. . lsr . l. Xl. Zwvvtlc. . Y. lfnqel Row 3: fl. V4 lll. lf. ,l'llllYl. I. l':lllllmIt'I', R. lfzlvrs. A. K nfhn. Xl. lin-rt-r S ,af ii Wafionaf .jvlonor ociefy Qutstanding students who have earned membership in the NHS, spon- sored by Miss Sylvia Gruener, strive to uphold the ideals of character, scholarship, leadership and service. In order to be eligible, they maintain an average throughout six semes- ters at Steinmetz. besides taking a leading part in many activities. Qnly the top fiflteen per cent of a class may attain membership in this national '?f' honor organization. Row A. Stirlund, G. Szpckowski. li. Holm Row Iacobscn. B. Simonsoii. lVl, Govllvr Row C. Brand, K, Bertutci. fi. Nichols Row lVl. Tomiisic, H. Stamos. lf, Catiilcli Row Gidlund, BuVV.ildn, V. 'l'rcmpt'r. C. Zclenka Row Funk, F. Sckyrai. B. Buehlvr. I. Gerhard Row N, lfngel, A, Fitzgerald. A. Sliwomb, S, Karlsson. K. Qlszcwski. K. hloorv Row A. Nvinivcki. P. Szccpziiiik. M. Fit t-mid C, Haut. C. Kozlow, Sobon Row A Militello. Placko. R. Cozzono li, Gilbert, G. Krupa Row 10 S. Hipp, A, Bassett. R. Bcrnardi. G, Neumcr, Nelipovich Miss Gruener with oHiccrs of the National Honor Society - the officers are: R. Szwicc. Honor Roll Sccytz R. Oddo, Vice-Pres.: C. Stikkcrs. Press B. Busch, Sccy.: L. Kedge. 3 uf Q I ' N: z ff 7 EE 1. 1 .,. , 5 X I F 4 fig! 1 R 4 I 55 5 tl A A 4 1 as , W ii ,gf Q Y Z 4,3 Wo ,gn . W, 1 , Q ,, gifs'- I 1' A- , 8 Q x ,X A, .- 'si ' . ff L ' Q figikil A ' . W ,afigfif lf Q X :-' P Egffgfigggifa A 5 3 55351 Q b f if ,:' 2' 4 B If A f as z .::. " 'L' f . '.i::v-K3 ,, A9 V , lvdvv M i :.,, 7 ,... , f 7 W M M . 5' , I ' ,fl ef 5 4 Q ,z 4 E K J SF 1 abr' J' "2 giliz Qi. -1 f aw f if . 1 s J? Q , A , ,f ry nwfu J if 5 Z? as 'Ziyi ,mf .fa 41,i'V 0 G A ' . fe fig A Wu Y ff .pw ur .Service E Q5 Dardanelles Une of the most active service organizations at Steinmetz is the Dardanelles, which is open to lunior and Senior girls with an aver- age. Membership was once limited to twenty-five or thirty students. but with girls striving for higher honors. the attendance has risen to over one hundred. Besides serving for luncheons and teas, the Dar- danelles prepare gift boxes for the "Yanks" overseas. old peoples' DARDANELLES R ow Rohlitvk. C. Carlson Row Klewcr. Fronnn. D. VVvinl'1olcl Row Davidson. Cnspuri. lVl. Cnrsello Row Bauer. D. Hzirtjcii. G. Niuhols R ow Berggren. D. Norton, H. Stninos 'I'rvinpcr Row lluliriv. lf Cliristoplicr. B. Konis. Minordi Row I2 Q iw R o xx' R ow . lx. Brncc. P. Lenz. M. Rupp. E. Orncs l. BnVV.ilCl1i 1 D. lnrck. S. Karlsson. B. Bush. lf. Apostol B. Lung 1 P. Szuzcpnnik. R. Doniko. R. Tortoritt Xl. Szltinover. B. Trcster 1 D. Boulizit. Olsen. Kntsrhkc. D. Bnrlxt OFFICERS I. Friedman ISQQJ. E. Tc-jcvk lTreas.l, R gzwicc lpresl. E. Cntaildi tvcvpl. M. Fitzgcrnld lAtt. Seo! sj K f efie barclane ed Dardanelles homes, and orphanages. At the end of each semester new officers are elected and plans are made for the semi-annual banquet. Laughter and fun are the main objectives come initiation time when the new mem- bers must dress in odd combinations of old clothes and carry a peculiar assortment of miscellaneous para phernalia. Sponsored by Miss Mul- queen, the Dardanelles have accom- plished many worthwhile projects. DARDANELLES Row 1 Freedman, A. Sarlund Row 2 Gcrairdi, B. Simonson, L. Adorno Row 3 B. Roszkowski, K. Holm, C. Strom Row 4 I. Funk. B. Leszczynski, E. Sagos Row 5 G. Rowland, P. Condon, L. Palolan, E. Cntnlci Row 6. I. Nielsen. R. D1-Xgostino. Nl. Lcmkcr. C. Bressing Row 7. E. Baly. S. Oshotnicki. M. Ncmcth, C. Krcmpcls Row 8: K. Vaughn, Meyer. G. Bloomfcldt, I. Gucrri Row 9: S. Zietz. B. Buehlcr. R. Santelli, E. Tejcek, Koop Row IU: C. Lukzxsik. V. Kurops. Murphy. P. Mzxrszxlzl Row ll: R. McCutchcon. R. Szwicc. I. Greenberg, S. Zingor. E. Honsen Row 12: K. Free-sc. P. Knop. M. Fitzgerald. Nl. Slack b- ur elyred en fa H1105 Student Council Student Council. the repre- sentative hody of students at Steinmetz. is a great group, showing students' interest in their school. Nlembers are elec- ted. and sent to Council to rep- resent each division. ln order to he a member of the Student Council one must have good scholastic ratings and loyal school citizenship. Row l: D. Norton. M. l..irscn Row 2: Bcrggrcn. Dlorio Row 3: P. Yvojtns. V. liischrnp F. Christophcr Row-lx li. Cinqnino, C. Sthwilk. C. Ciccro, Kcrt-with Rowii C. Schoncr. H. lVl.irtht-schi, B. Christensen, l.. Nlullcns Row 6: A. Brewer. R. Pearse, Alwrnhznn. l.. Hzinscn Rowfi D. lningfoss, M. Solvcv. B. Drcsnml. D. l:l.ix Row P51 B. Ncvillc. R. linnath. l:. Hood. S, Thiel. R. Liiportii. P. Stunt: B. lzinizi Row Q: l.. Cli.intol.i. VVcslvv. Cl, Arnold. F. Sulllllil. lr. lfppolito. D. flood. D. 'l'icdin.nni Picturc at Bottom F. Ret-ws lsctrct.1r'y1. M. llnllnns Mir tciidniuc scci'cr.uryI. R. Arnold ivitc prvsi dcntl. R. lfdw.n'ds iti'c.isnrcr!. R. S:wic llllinois Asso. Stndcnl Council Svcrctziry Chitngo Districtl. hd. l:ioRito iprcsidcntl ' 4.-4' 1 fi' 4 X cf E c sS?M6!0IfLf 0U0l"I'llfVl0Ifll Student Council Division problems are brought up by the representa- tives and discussed by all, final- ly reaching a form of motion and it is then voted upon. Skat- ing parties. football dances and toy drives are the main projects that are undertaken. M. l:ioRito - with buck facing cnnur Row l Pretrini. B. Thorne Row 2. l. Teresi. R. Andres Row 3 L. Hiiffniis, Plattos Row -l A, Lcber. B. Spitzilny, R. Pvtcriwk Row 5 L. Adams. V. Scziccin, C. lVl. Polischuk Row 6 M, Chunn. N. Henry. B. Kccscc. B. Konis Row 7 l..inq. Drurninond. ll Pfcifcr, I. Fran: Row 8' C. Stikkcrs, C. Adainson. R. Szwitt. M. Sutinover, li. Schwillw Row 9' Nl. Donzitclli. Czirollo, H. Uiiiluiif. C. l.ut4is Row l0: S. liigerstroiii. Nilsson. Nl. ID linpcrio, D. Tctzlnll. Clin-rri Row ll' R. VV.itson. Nl. Kolodzicj. I. P.inkncn. D. Burlics Roxy 17' Sanders. l.. blilott. C. Sniniii r A. lvlllvfvllw I far miferb of jam orrow Iournalism Class The Iournalism classes at Stein- metz help prepare students interested in a journalistic career. Here they are taught the fundamentals of news re- porting, editing. and feature writing. as well as the mechanics involved in the publishing and printing ofa news- paper. The course includes such topics as the art of being a reporter. copyread- ing, proofreading. writing headlines and the financial management of the newspaper. IOURNALISM CLASS Row lz H. Marchcschi. M. Hagnmn Row 2' M. Faklis. Friedman. A. Carlson Row 3: N. Engel. M. Tomasic. M. Larsen Sobon B S itwlnx' C Frwnk Row-Ll.- . . p. A. , . Row 5: T. Snider. I. Nielsen. R, lilveton Row 6: Augustine. li. Cntaldi. A. Gilbert Row 71 R. Morriss. B. Becker. R. Cozzonc' Row 8: Ridley, V. Trempcr. C. Gnbcl. N. Koos. C. Stikkers Row 0: R. Mzixen. S. Hipp. Vctzncr Lower Picture choice of iimtcriul for the Star D2 editor. K? , A X 'S 3 ,. HK 213 Q5 gl I t'H",,l!e41?" ' 9544 QW .af H 1- , 4M2""+.,. Qx "N 'F va. 1 P41510 l loc Sohon. editor-in-chief. lsczitcdxl, discussing with Src-vc Hipp. Sports age editor and Helmut Nleiershofcr. photographic tsim of our lLU.'5lJCll9QI" Star Staff Students who are on the Star Staff get much useful and worthwhile experience in the actual production of a newspaper. The jobs of reporting, editing, and managing prove to be in- valuable even to those who do not intend to go on with writing as a career. Fur- ther more. they can estab- lish many desirable habits, such as punctuality when they must meet deadlines, alertness when they have to keep their eyes open for news, cooperation when they have to work with others on the staff as well as dependability when an assignment has to be done. Page l If jClCt0flfll'VlZ5 of me .SJEAIQP fI"Q6lL Copy writers. proof- readers, typists caption writers, and general assist- ants, all have combined their talents to present to the student body our pres- ent annual. We have tried to maintain the high stand- ards which have been set throughout the years, and hope that the 1957 annual can compare favorably with those of the past. Our sponsor, Mrs. Qlympia Qnesto, has lent a helping hand and kept things moving. Ar the end of the year the staff is rewarded for its work by the knowledge of a job well done. and by seeing its ideas in print. R OXY I2 OXX' R OXX lQllXK' Row Rim RUXX l2L5XX' Borowic. lidgar, lfditor Domko Roliliet-lt, D. VVt'inliold Hohnsoii. S. Nelson. Farlwcr clI'lPl"lL'. ,lwl'l'5lL'l' . Strosnili. XV. Humlcx' l2Otli.1rlit'I'. lj. Lrutli.ii'i.l Lliiilaul. Bllxxyillkld XVcrmcrstroiii. lxitselilat Biirlics. Pmcbour l'lllL'I'lWI'liell. P. lX'lLll'lk'llSOIl. Dravillzis. li. Briitu, . Boyd P..,1.- its .Siafiffa pa aka fe ganl of IQLQWQ Sing, Sing is what they do, Making life pleasant for me and you. They sparkle and shine: They glitter and glow. They make people shout, UGO on with the show!" And so if you're near or far away, Come, hear our starlettes any day. Forcground: F. Smrzmo Row 1: D. Panos. I. Orr :S Row fi P. Fnniiui. D. Olvcrg. H. Catullo Row 3: K. Frcesc. L. Revd. S. Czmrmtziro. C. Thuering Page l I9 79-5 kg! .Sltfmlod Je Jw idlaanoarnericanob The main objective ofthe Pan Amer- ican Club, sponsored by Miss Thorsson. is learning the language and customs ol our neighboring Latin American countries, and putting into practice the knowledge acquired. They impart their information to fellow students through their Spanish pub- lication, Algo Nuevo. This newspaper is one of their main projects in which they include riddles. cartoons, poems, puzzles, various articles, and sports news in Spanish. PAN AMERICAN Row l: Olsen. S. Segreti Row 2: R. Okun Row 3: R. Aloisio. NT. XN'YOOdVN'2l!'d Row -1: Magnus, D. Andersen Row 5: R. Cabal. G, Galzing, E. Ricci Row 6: Smith, B. Kccsec, C. Baird Row 7: D. Hiinn. E. Aposrol. L. Scrpc Row 8: F. Hood. H. Stocker Row Q: N. Lewis. Cuvrri, C. lVlro:ck Row 10: Mortcnson Row ll: P. Mortensen. B. VVintcrbt-rg. B. Lucksinger Row lflz H. Sobczak. Cv. Kzirkzxzis. R. Kunzltb Row l3: lf. Campbell. N. Brubaker, Kcrixxm VVith sombrvro: Vf. Loubslix' Page 120 mfr, mm, ,,. ana mfl'f'1'lr1rfl1f WC: in fa in 7l7fZfn1 A0115 7770111 The Polish Club Under the direetion of Mr. But- zvnski. the polish Cluli ullers in.uix' .ind reere.ition.xI iietiv- ities to its members. Ar their ineetf ings, they learn Polish songs .ind'es. A trip is planned to the Polish Roiuiui Cutholit lVluseuni where it is suid ning' he found the largest collection of historieiil doe- uments. Polish hooks, .ind pumphf lets. Ar the Christinus purty, the nienihers .ind their parents get to- gether to enjoy Polish music. dune- ing und singing of the students. fol- lowed hy refreshments. whieh usu.uIIx' consist of Polish CIUIILRIMIUS, POLISH CLUB In uisriiiiiv, I. R.. L. Iliimiirmslti. XI. Nciitfmski, Ii, Seiitimski. C. lxllblsltl. it giuorfliziii, li. Nlillltllllx Ron I. Xli. Iiuiliiiski, R.l.ini, X. Slut.: I. C.aiulIi-. XI. 5LlIlllIl. C. Iii-i-nliutei. l ilngmiilt, C. XY1'rIz'nkiii Rim I S. flies, Y. Izinkluski. fi. koliiii. Xl. IIIICIIIU, I. lust-ph. I'. hlull. X. Nlusilliskl. Y. I'nii1ii'k Roh 'I k,filn'I:.l.kI.Nlrrignxslti,I'.Ki.i1l:ul. XI luliboii, N. Sgirrivski. I. Nl.uim-It. Iniigrliseii. ll. 1-inlum-Ll. , lYu1Itmuki kim I X. Xiiiiiim, NI. lir'iii.iu. I ki'stl.aii. C.. limi-rkl. XI. Iv-slmii. I Xlnlmuskn. I'. Ilnin. R fwsukr I, f. II Rim I S .XlIlJ,lIslXlI. I. Suiltmulti. XI Iimkuuiil. XII. Nnlul. II Xlignrf. I. Xlnlkrmskr, II. li-s1n1xnskl.l Ixmll Rim J I' Ilriliiiiuunx, II. l'l.ivxu-Ll. I' Ilwulm. Ii knpliiisltl I, Ix.iui.i, Ii I1li.II.Nv1i4'lx.I' lulllislxl. H Iirl1.I'.IXl-I11i.l' XI.1ll. N I'fnI1Il.iL Rim 7, I1 l14'Il,lI,C.v:it. I. XI11Ii.1I.iI. II Xm.iL, X. Iiukwli. II kiups. I. Ilxsllll.II.Iill5lri.ilrI,1v Niknnski. I Xnixs Rim! I Ixli-. II lul1,R lim! I' Umm. X Rmimiu. N mil-iutLi. I Ix.m.iILi1nuf. Il kiilixlrski. It lhirinki, R. XI.irlfi.4, I Ihr. Kim 7 X XMIVIA, 1. Xliuit I' siliifuflii, Il Xiiuil, lIx.ip.iInlxiiskl. I, Itncliuuski R kivmluk. X Iiuilliusl-1, I INIIII. IS I'.iI.:4f. II kul.i, Ix !.iuisl.ilt, I Xliiifflt I-uruiwuiul I Niiilimslti X Ivuili I suui-1 R Nunn 1 I,-'NL I Rn-IiuI.i I fuliu-L. Kit-ull-'Iwi 1. l'ivif.L I Ixli- Km X I' Il Ixiuim lieu. IS lun Prix NI. Iiuifxu-I-I Ir I- I X su.. yif I I' X lin-:i RH-iiiluiux pntli' S ive a Qrance . French Club Bonjour, mesdames et messieursl Parlez vous francais? If not join the French class and learn this beautiful language. The French club. under the sponsorship of Miss lrene Sechler, is open to any French student who has completed four semesters of French. lts meetings are held once every two Weeks. Games, songs, skits. and short sum- maries of French stories are among the entertainment. The French club banquet is an annual affair and is especially en- joyed by the students. Fllrl' Row und, Left to Right: D. Temple. A. Snrliind uw l lVl P.xx'one. C. Strom. N. lverson H Stanios. D. Dunne. H. Hnpert Row . Row C. Steers. lf. Sngos, R. Lakin, V. l..i Cost Row P. Vojtus. A. Carlson. N. Nelson. lf. Bailey ROW' Ron R KTXK Row prlglu' N VVesterbcrg. Nusby, K. Ulrich, S. Stedfeldt H Ponlakos 6: lfsposito. Y. linropns. P. lVlz1rs.1l4x. C. Linus S. Zietz, B. Anderson, Bc-bout 7: R. Goilron. N. Nziggorson. A. Fitzgerald. I. Schillati, S. Zingor. l.. Bloom 55: C. Tweet. N. Topps 122 o 9 earnufz ur cgi fin The Latin Club The Latin Club meets every other Thursday in Room Ill. At each meeting there is a discussion on the history of Rome and the Roman Empire, and a talk is giv- en on some topic of interest. At Christmas time, a program is held to Celebrate the Roman Christ- mas. The club is continually growing, but Mrs. Hadley, the sponsor. always welcomes new members. LATIN CLUB Front: lf Bllkllltlllllli. llnrolcl R Pl Rim' I: . .in:. A. Bilstad, lX'l. Sum Row 2: B. DiXlitl1ele. K, Cygan. C. Thcis Row 3. B. Hollaiid. R. llorxwith. Horan R Qt ll C S Row 4: . . .urpe i. . Qiporito. Kosinslci Rim 5: D. Sariist-l.i, li. ll.illor.1n. lf. Zoleizi I. Cleary Ron 6: C. C.1vt'nd0r. lt. Pnseiuti. l.. Kurt: Row 1. fironn. S. fXl.ind,i. lx. fXlt'llwc. I. X cnzon Row 95. D. Kirkton. S. Corey. H. Cntullo. G. Nithols. lXlrs, ll.idley Roxx 9. S. lxohnkt-. l.. Atlains. B. Hitlivr. I. Row IU' Broda. IX. Ri-rri. lf. Kopvtliy. R. Rt-zdvl. D. Nystroin. S. Bmiciv Rim ll S. liinlev. S. liovrilivr. R Yr-slfo. Xl. Kolirtlzit-1 Rim lf. li. losvpl1sori.lx. lD.ix'ex' li lli't'ivn Nt'Dt'Fm1.:ll. lgrcmelv, 5Il1IIlI. li. Botht-r Row li R, Norris. fXl. Zeriufii. lirxint Ruxx lal Hoiztltixiixalle. XXX XX'.n:nvr. Hztzt l. Pedersen. li. XX xl? Rim 15 N.'1:lf, D. Du-rrti' l' lf lliinsvn. 'lf RU-.x ll' CI'.1n. ll. 'l'f'I1l,Il. lf. lit' :: Xl. Z1ll'IllN Rim lf l X ..n.1lin. U R.i1i:t-. X. X .int 5'r't..rtTt1:x:. R Rol-.r".'u Rim IN I Sloiill.Cl.lXli:lIl1.11is.B.l'lZI1v+!J R. l3t' C1.Roiiz.irm. S. Huigrozr Row fl' C. S:1rt1:::i'r's.C Crist.. XX' liiixlw XXX C':r' P...4v 123 xg P0 10 ,SFQMHC 0 Friendship is promoted among the members of the "happy Friend" club which meets every other week during the regular class period. Une of their proiects was to send gift packages to an orphanage in Germany. Another of their activities was a white ele- phant sale, the proceeds of which were used to defray expenses of a trip to Brookfield zoo by young- sters from a Chicago orphanage. They always try to make new friends by giving a helping hand to those who need it. FROHE FREUNDE Row l: L. Staiigvrws lst-cv. P. VK'urtzb.iuhcr lprog. Chairrnnnf Row 21 Lang R. Ferguson lV.P.' T Ft-irwis lPrcs.l Row 3. A. Lcbcr. N. Presse-Reisbergs. D Singer Row -f. S. Rariivy. Hunt. C. Schonvr. B. Hollinan Row 5' D f,.iss. A. Garbc. Bnralms. A Kozinski Row oi P, Katz. Larson. G. Heimbuch. P. VVL-nzel Row 7' A Burkhardt. R. Hainl-ie. G. lensen B Hanlon, B, Ccrnoch Rowb. lVlillvr. R. lfiidvrs. Nl. Parisi M. 7 Page 1--f Sobcy. Thicriung of ie ,SZ Lmiegd Besides learning the German language. these people have be- come acquainted with the cus- toms. culture, games. and songs of the German people. They have shown their appreciation for being Americans by giving to those less fortunate than them- selves. At Chrismas time. the girls of the group took the children from Lydia's Childrens Home for a sight seeing tour of downtown Chicago which included a view from the new Prudential Building. Then the youngsters had pictures taken with Santa Claus and lunch at Tolfenettis Before returning to the home, the children received Christmas gifts. The whole affair was paid for by the male members of Die Schleimiehle. DIE R OXY Ron 7 . '-. R. SCHLEMIEHLE l: A. Schmeisser lTrcas I Vilmnis 1Sec. I. B. Fiske lprog. Ron 3. B, l..iwlQ-3' lY.P.l, R. lW.ixt'n lprvxl Ron -1: Ci. ffdenhofer, lohnson. G. Heath Ron 5: B. Lindm-r. C. Uovrrcr. lf. Andrric- Roxx 6 C, Du-bold. B. Balclwiii, P Kraft Row 7 A. Hover, Cl, Spot-rl. R. lfwcrt. 1. xx .-time l7.:t1v l 25 JY 'z,, Y . , K QI' Der Blitz. a well-known symbol at Steinmetz. means lightning. Al- though they may not be as keen as a bolt of lightning. the members show a lively interest in fellowship, in Ger- man, and in charitable Contributions. Some even correspond with students in Germany. Row l: C. Hcinriigh. C, l3.1ulson. N. Riekert Row 2: C. Sthroeder. Pvrtle. C. Laindl Row 3' ' Sthwilk. Miller. D. VVohlgeniutli .ly Row -lr B. Rotlmuker. D. VVicderin. lVl. Carlson Row 5: C. lvrisvii. C. Sthwilk. L. Rehlvcrgcr lliiwfwz A. l,4,'lWII1illlI1. B. lVl.iClccn. C. Sehuhrkc Row - XY. Srliinidt. D. Olcnot. B. Stoulclvr I Top Picture Front Row: A. VVinicuki. U. Holzqrvlc. A. Bliirlmrr Rtuirz D. Zirqiilis. C. Clniry Lower Picture - Officers U. liozinski lV.P.I. ll. lniiidlwrii I lri'.is.l. Nl. Gocller lSet.l. 'llolmir ll3rcs.l 32, 3 , 2,-uv" 7' 'nal' ' . , 1 94' , My 5 A y I AC, t 'H .. , sf. .K ' ,. x .4 A :QA X I Q q 1 1- 1 ' 1 g K . . J x ?f Q Ze grew ingzi Goff Senior German Club The Senior German Club is one of the oldest organizations at Steinmetz. Al- ways glad to help others, this group contributed to CARE. The features of their meeting are the panel discussions and reports on German contributions which stimulate further interest in the customs and the culture of the country. SENIOR GERMAN CLUB Sitting: l., Iohiison. S. Ollcr, M. Bivg, R. VVoltvr, fScc.J, F. Hnrtuiig, fprogriiin Chillflilillll, H. Ernst 1Pr+:s.J, C. Schuster 1Trezis.b, B. Miiifhlluiiiicr iV.R.i, L., D. Heirtjen, lVl. Gocllcr Stzindingz M. Fivrcr. R. Lass. B. lohnson. lgyzirto, A. Kuehii, R. Ccrnotk. R. lVl.ixen lxnceling: A. Hoyvr. V. Hivg Every Tuesday, 10th period. the swinging sound heard in Room 400 comes from our dance band. lts appearance at any school assembly gives the pro- gram a solid beat. Their big night. however, is the annual Fall Music Festival. Mr. Feld- man is the sponsor of this enthu- siastic group. Row I K, ixuiivtink, C.. lniurcii. R. Cmllaiid. R Ft-rrcri D . , Row 2 . Di-rr. R. lqhicrixiiiti i , . Rim a R. l.. Aiidtrstii, l.. Bloom. Xl. lrit-rvr. R. lfilvrs. ll.iii:1ti.i P..,,.' 127 Q ' 5 Oil f C155 elfn Wfkouf M4 Radon On guard! These ambitious students volunteer for hallguard duty to help keep the halls clean and to eliminate unneces- sary loitering in the corridors. Their job is to check the passes of students during class periods and to report offenders to the teacher on duty in the hall at that time. HALLGUARDS For-rground: F. Kline. D. Knudsc-n. D. Temple Row li S. Stubbs, C. Augello. Klzlproth, B. Augustine Row 2: Macclla, V. lunkowski Row 3: C. Besenholcr, A. Schwartz, R. Notardonato Row -iz P, Caspers. S. Cies. M. Carsello Row 5: B. Covelli. D. Christiansen, M. Gleich Row 6: C, Koch. Wolters. L, Vitek Row 7: A. Abruscato, R. lnger, K, Lord, Marjnnowski Row 8: Hauh. B. Potrc. P, Beem. A. Pulcanio Row9: C. Frank, A. VVulf. M. Paul. B. VVinters, C, Sbigoli Row 10: M. Kuschill. M. Mirrilccs. L. Vfagner, C. Ritchie D, Zacchzirizis Page lf?- .fd Agdiflg cjwlanc! 4... 1.1.4. sv. WQJQJ Iunior Red Cross Under the helpful leadership of Miss O'Connor, the Iunior Red Cross. composed of representatives from each division, has been successful in making many people happy throughout the years. Their projects include the making and Hlling of Christmas stockings for orphanages and hospitals, and sending school chests containing first aid and school supplies to children of disaster areas. IUNIOR RED CROSS Row F. Buormnno. Kujak. B. Faydnsh Row B. Knrrcl. R. Tortorice Row M. Fierro, S. Borowicz. Loftis Row I. Czzspari. K. Rohlicek. Murll. I. Sanchez R ow R ow R ow R ow R ow Row Row Row B. Miller, M. Hudson. H. Rudolf. R. Serritellii H. Versuskns, P. Vedner. D. Lutz, I. Loftis C. Lieggi. Iudd. VV. Horn. Vesper M. Chunn. A. Lzmtz. S. Alt F. Miller, K. Hjerstedt. Koop. D. VV.ugner, I. Humphries I. Lupella, R. Yesl-co. Guerri. A. Pugliese D. Zachzirias. D. Gilbert. I. Bebout, C. Kosla I. Izmnatta. R. Myhm. I. Gotzms Row G. Fzmelli. P. Bzilentino, VVzildron. C. Gee Row P. C.mniz:o. M. Fziklis. C. Lukzisik. D. Bothzit Row Row ROXN' R. Vvittmzinn. B. Lohan. N. lversen C. Behringer. Greenberg. E. Cirhy. lf. Cichv B. Poland B. Brown, R. Chellierg. G. Krixpa P..r,i- 120 I"0 OU Cll'l6!Ql" lt cannot be denied that any- where you Wander throughout the school. you can readily find a re- sponsible student hallguard on duty. These dependable and alert pupils maintain the neat and orderly ap- pearance in our halls. These hall- guards are Certainly a credit to Steinmetz, HALLGUARDS Forvground: S. Finley. Piccionc. R. Rallncli Row I: Zickmnn. R. Lziiizisa R OXX' R OXK' Row R UXY ROXX' Row ROXX' ROW' Row Row Roxx Riwxx Rim V. Landis, Alongi CJ. lxflkillllqlfy. R. Rovin. Nl. lVltCutt'hcon D. lfpifnnio, Rcnfrow. li. Alliotins. R. Godcl R. Bvlluoinini. P. lVlvnnclln. P. Kintzcl B. Chcsrow. St-dull. B. Burns, R. rl10ll0I'lQ' I. Sloan. H. Plnttos, R. Andrews R. Huzvltine. A. lloyvr, K. Nnjmlstiid. B. DcGr.1:i.1 B. Donsmuir, B. Bolns. R, Hzizclrinc S. Ponlzikos, F. lVlnrchiori, Bnrnlwgis. G. XN'y.lQl1CF. N. Redding VV. lVloltcr, lf. Tliun. Riclcstcins L. Rvhlwrqvr B. Kninz, lf. Strom. H. Budnilf. G. Romano, Plnrko l. Bnrkoozis. Rothsuhillcr. B. lxlllk'll3flUUY' B. l. Kicdrowski. F. Slmlltross. VV. Sivnnn rs Page 130 nag Lgznfriezi .Af Aeir fgoziffi Co-operative and forceful stu- dents. Whether Ufreshiesn. sopho- mores, juniors, or seniors are al- ways in demand for the responsible iob of hallguard. By relinquishing their study periods. they earn serv- ice points which may be accumu- lated toward a school letter. Furthermore. this gives them the feeling of belonging to the school and participating in the school sup- 0 ervision. HALL GUARD Row l: D. Andersen. L. Kraft. Nl. Geyer. C. Zili Row 2: pnldi. V. lvlichclotti. C. Anlwrliolti Row 3: N, Bloom, Knviijes Row -l: D. Bydnlck, lVl.iy Row 5: Domino. Fiduccia. C, Snporito Row 6: M. Scrio. E. Baly. D. Grove Row 7. B. Vossvl, lf. Vvzigner. Cv. Luhlw. E. Springer Row 8. G. Norcll. Ollcr, C. Roedcr. S. Kohnke Row Q: lVl. ZIUIILIII. Nl. Kosuk, S. Lcvnn. C. Row ltl: D. Hultl1t:. C. florski. Y, Baron Row ll: L. Bolling. L.11h.1. B. Sort-nscn Row lf. Xl. Olsen. P. Clifford. L. Fnlinritlc Roxx l3: Xl. Kirkus. VX'iers0in.i. VV. B. Rorlmtlit-r Row l-l N. Lvhni.inn. C. Buch. P. Neville R-nu l5: L. Nl. Anlist. Knutson I. Carlson Rim lfi' Nl. St.:-,la C. Cxthowitz. Xl. Cimiltlvrz pulp' 131 .7 .eg ircufafe Ifl'l0lfLg Q H0045 The Library Club is eligible to students who are willing to partici- pate in making the library a more interesting and attractive place dur- ing and after school hours. Service points and special pins are received by the participants. The meetings are held twice a month at 7:30 A.M. in Room 201 with Miss Agnes Vet- ter as the sponsor. The posters and displays are made possible through the co-operation and willingness of the member of the publicity com- mittee. LIBRARY CLUB Standing: Miss Vetter, B. XVulf lPres.l R O XY l: P. Behrens fV.P.l. H. Vwysykowskx lTrens.l. H. Versnskas lSec,l Row 2: C. Theis, P. Renzi, B. Coniglio. S. Fnndre Row 3: B. DelVlichele. VV. Horn, K. Bilsmd. C. Blackman Row -lx A. Macho, P. Kipping. D. Lietz, P. Boyle Row 5: N. Lukasik. P. Lichner. R. Morzinski. A. Sielzilf Row 6: Nauseda. L. Lohn. D. Vvosch. B. Augustine. B. lVliller, K. Berg Row T: B. Visenhnth, Franz. P. Chisholm, Row ROW' I. Vesper. L. Blonier:, D. Parker 8: Vkfhittlc. S, VVoclrich, C, Olson, D. Huber. D. Nelson. lVl. Potter. N. Morris Q: K. Fruehling. B. Dean. C. Herron, B. Potre C, Treutelaar. P. Pzirtipilo. D. VV.1gner Row Ill: Xvnlther, lVl.iyer, Berggren. K. Aclnms, Andren. A, Rock. B. Sowninski Row ll: Olsen. XVest. l.. Huber. N. lversen. bl. Purnml, Pnnkncn. R. Pokrywk.i. P. VVen:el Row 12: S. Porro, liownlslii Pugh' l i. 57.4. one? Cl sgylflflii Civic Ticket Representatives The Civic Ticket Representa- tives are always ready to take your last dollar and twenty-five cents. But really. that is a bargain! This money pays for a semesters sub- scription to the A'Star", contributes to many charitable organizations, and provides funds for entertain- ment by outside talent at the civic ticket assemblies. These energetic representatives give a great deal of their time to "put overu the motto-'A 'Tis bet- ter to give than to receive." CIVIC TICKET REPRESENTATIVES Row l ' ROW' Row Ron IRKPXK Row 6 Row Borowict K. Yliiscziri. B. Di-Ivo R. Ginnino. H. Anderson I. Intobscn. P. Pctcrs. R. Boyle I. ID:'hI.iIti'u. H. III-.ith ID. Cinsik. Fcrnbnck. I., I'Icink.iinp II. Stnmos. D. Inrck. A. Stzifsncs Row PS Ch.irbonnc.iu. I,t'SI1ilI1 Row A. Brctklcr, N, Iverson Row IO R. Scrrirclln. V. St.itti.i. R. IhTgC4lIIlt'X' Row Bcr.:n. C. Ricdistnlzi. hlnrdry I2 ow R ow R ow N. Koos. R, D Agosnno Ci. Iohnson. NI, rTUIIlilSlk. C. Olson Biiutli-. K, Szpckowski. I-npvll.i Rim N. XYt-stcrlwrg. N. Ilcnry. Y. BIVIIIIQ Row H. Ncbcrg.xll, C. Blonifcldt. N. Ifniivl Roux N. I.c.ihm.inn. IT. 'I'no::o. P. Katz. R. Svlnmn Row I7. Andrvn. R. lklylim. S. Iohnson K. Peterson Row K T,I1IlC.lSg.ji1ilI'Ll. Andrcn. C. flnssnz n Rim C. Xlrozek. R. Iloniko. If. I'Iohnscn I2 I max' I2 4 rw R. Xvoltcr. D, Bnrkvs. C. Schnhrkc I. 'I'wt-t-r. Cl. Andcrson piltlt' l All xx oilx and no plax makes aclx a dull hox Alter spending part of their school dax at xzxoik in the xarious hims in our communltv. these people max' lind pleasuie in the actixities proxided hv the Social Center Committee. The pro- oram consists of participation in the x arious indoor sports The sponsors of these two groups are Mr Lawlex and Mr Westergreen respectively. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Forcground Roxx l: P. Grote. Klr. l..ixxlvx. A. Secondi Roxx' 2. P. Hurlin, R. Cliivrrx lf. Chnddock From front to rear Roxx' l: P. Scor:.1. G. lniiityos. l. Lzunzitsth Roxx' 2: R. Frlflllil. R. Sh.xlli'i'. lx. Cllsivxx ski. Cl. lrnnclli Roxx 3: T. Allison. 'lllwonisori S. Rxuin Roxx' nl: N. Hess. l'l. l'l.ilx'orsen l. Bocltcher Rear Row from left to right fl. Aticlcrsivn. Parke. li. lxurtcl. U. XX ilson. D. l.,.ni l.. N'lotx'l4.i. D. lXl.ui.nl1 SOCIAL CENTER Roxx' lx Funk. D. Kozxnski. L. Mullins, M. Tomusit. Ylr. VVestergrcen, B. Bt-uhlt P. S:t:ep.in1k. B. Umlnuf. ll. Sutter Row 21 K. X,Xvt'lI1llUY'l. A. lxozinslii. lx. Ll1I'ILllH'Tg1. Xl. lriorito. P. P.ixx'l.ik. A. Bliithurdt. H. l' D. Burlws. R. lihert. Xl. Tr'x'lQoxx'sl-ii T mm fzafeah- 0 gqueafrii Saddle Bouncers equestrians go trotting do trail. Those who like the o and all of the excitement th. with riding will enjoy what tl dle bouncers have to offer. over to the vicinity of Montrc 'Tis a MI-Iappy Day" whe Y 1 youll see a crowd of hap care-free people getting read Cumberland on any riding d ' I e long ride on the trail. Next y the club an - FUN. Sgt. Hubble is the s Lower Picture B, Thorne, M. Sntinover, N. Paglia. E. Ci Top Picture Row I' Row 2: Row 3' Werner, P. Oehler, L. Rzech . Thorne, N. Paglia, M. Satin . Taylor, E. Cichy, B. Konis, c Row-l' . Clemmons. C. Buscaglia Row5: Shulker. S, Strong. BuWal4 Row6' . Horeis, E. Cichy, I. Chana. B. Row Serritellw D Retzke Macl R ow R. 1. . , I. e D. Krause, D. DeVeto, D. Mage 4 1 ,',1 Page 135 ' , Q ff- , .. ww- ' .. wlgffqhw d have what the' I ' I W l- f e OlUCll"C UC ICH orizorw Pre-Medics Hello. young doctors. where- eyer you are. If youre interested in the field of medicine and haye reached your sophomore year. we need you. This club takes many interesting lield trips to research buildings: medical institutions and hospitals where they ohserye hospital routines, and on some oc- casions, even surgery. This might prove instrumental in having the students realize their interest in the medical pro- fession. Miss Qrnstein. their sponsor stimulates interest in the lield ol psychology and encourages de- hates on the subject of the human mind. PRE-MED Rim l. lmncl l'mixXY.ild.i lljri-s 1 3 . , . Rim' -' Suri lxarlssuii IX uv Pres I. luiic p.Illlillv.'Il Rom 5. Hi-rn.ird llwiisim. hlilic liiiliitigi.-i Rim -l' lfl.nni- Ciniyiuiio, l'mruiid.i Rosen 1 loxti' l:1l:p.itritl4. liidx C.isp.iri Rim 5. ludx' lysiiiixx, liidx' Rim 6 llosenmrx' l.,ilY.zs.i. l.11iitc Scoiiglitnzi. lid lliiin. lxliss Ornstein Rim f lioniiic Collins. lixdx' Criuzili. lj Xiimzlzs loan llmiiclcr Rim N Iimivrri- Aiiginstiiic, l llor'd.:, Xl. Zzvrniin. Bcluvxzt. A f,icvri' lloxx V' C. fi-lvnlm. C. liresiiiti lf, Svltyix.. l Cfuxlv. A. l7it:i1ur.iltl ffl QPOQJ 3 Ml' "t":J'k s I Lettermen The Lettermen's Club is an organi- zation which consists of boys who have earned athletic letters in the various sports. They promote interest in sports by giving talks to the underclassmen. They also usher forthe basketball games. However, they don't limit their activities to the athletic field, but sponsor various affairs, such as splash parties. picnics, and hayrides. Key Club Members ofthe Key Club feel that the way to un- lock the door of happiness is through service. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Lawley, they strive to make the school and community a better place in which to live and work. Some of their recent projects have been the distribution of waste baskets around the school parking lot, and the cleaning of safety signs. These boys truly hold the key to the future. Row l: l-.1ng, R. Edwards Row 2: A. Brewer. N. Redding Row 3: l,.G1.1ncol4x lscer. R. lprvsl. l.. Cith Row -l: C1.C,omv.iy. ll.ip.i. M. lxolodzivj Row 5' R. FilX'drlSl1. G, Anderson. B. Childress. A. Schmidt. A. Kuohn. H. Knthan Row 6 A. Sanburg. l,, lzllvrbrizth. Sobon. lVlr. Liiwlcv. sponsor Page 137 earfa LETTERMEN Row l: S. Egv 1Prcs.l, P. Frvrlnm tScc.l R. Arnold lV.l3.l. D. Day Row 2: K. Blum. T. Fcinvis. Nl. Fiorito. I. lfllingcr lSgt. .ut Arms? Row 3: lklr. Lakin. XV. Curtis, A. Xvinicc M. Donatelli. D. Virgil Row -lr B. Faydash tTra'z1s.P. D. Kcmigh H. Sobczak. D. Simpson jwingk jwinlfk OEHL jee .Qing rimmec! gy a Ar Left: T. Fcineis, Rothghmllcr Forcground: M. Hagmnn. P. Forst. A. M. Houtsingcr. A. R. Houtsiugcr. I. Abraham Ar Right: lf. Cnmldi. S. Ifqc. A. Ciwro, Nr. Xvvsturgrvvxx. R. D4Aqustmo Page 138 56 Q7 o 4ij7 0 0 0 6l!AQI"il'lg Ae sgbalg PM Cleflil LC e.'fQCll"C I Science Club lnquisitive. adventurous mind- ed students will enjoy becoming members of the Scientific Society of Steinmetz. Their meetings consist of lectures. discussions. debates. and club projects dealing with important aspects in the field of science. The sponsor is Mrs. Sorensen. SCIENCE CLUB Row l: Laing, F. Recvcs. S, Thiel Row 2: VV, Huntley. R, Lang Row 3: Bcllus. I. Lcsnaw, S. Zakoff. I. Hague Row -lr E. Thun. Bradac. N. Thorson. Mrs. Sorensen The Weather Club The Steinmetz Weather' Club. probably the first of its type in Chi- cago high schools, was established last September. under the guidance of Mrs. Elisabeth Sorensen. The club maintains its own weather shel- ter atop our school building which houses its precision weather instru- ments. Each morning members take readings and prepare the current weather report along with the fore- cast forthe day. We are depending on them to give us the "right" fore- cast. The officers of the club are: lack DuLong. president: Ronald Thomas. vice president: Francis Reeves. secretary, and Brian Win- terburg. treasurer. WEATHER CLUB Row l. F. Rt-cvcs. Dufaxng, A. Sanbura Row 2: bl. Fitzpatrick. R, Gatcly Row 3: li. Aboltins. N. Redding, Fran: Row -l: T. Zywicicl. R. Pohrvwka Row 5: Thorson, Klrs. Sorensen. R. Thomas Page l 39 an 45' ' in gfii gill ii A WEATHER ' ,,f, f?" ,-1,1 lille QILQU19 Lunchroom Every day throngs of hungry students crowd the Steinmetz cafeteria to eat. They are greeted hy delicious and wholesome food that is attractively displayed and served by friendly ladies in white. The moderate prices appealing to our students' budgets. The stu- dents then go to one of the two lunchrooms to eat their lunches in a cheerful atmosphere. A teacher is always on hand to supervise the students and make sure that everything is left in order for the next lunch period. The lunchroom is competently managed by Miss Blake and her staff. llagr' l'l0 A09 lien Our .fgcfiuified Majorettes Adding to the spirit of manv a football game. the Majorettes supply the bounce and sparkle needed to provide entertainment for the Crowd during half time. MAIORETTES From left to right: B. lXl.idu-ii. D. Zauharias P. Valentino. l... Kedge. P. Hzlqeli, D. Bochzit B. Rezszkowski. S. Nelson, Krctschmcri bl Pofahl Stage Crew R4 N. These boys deserve a Curtain Call after their hard work at all assemblies. Light, props, and cur- tains are all under their competent Contol. Mr. Stewart Spikings supervises and directs the group. fi Q-Dru .4 4 X -1 l i , l B . STAGE CREXV Rim Rtm 2 Rim 3 lliiiv H1 l. Xvt'IZIIlL'I'. Nlr. Spikzngs. B. Poland. R. Rt-vnortsoii. C. Siiriiinvrs. Krupa l.. lzllvrbriitli. lXl.irhis. Cl. Spiwrl, fl. Anderson fi. l'lt'1slif1'vsst'r. PJ. lirim Xl. 'l'ryl4owsli1. R. Chvllvcwi 36 my " v Y' CL orii ana! goncenfrafion ACCORDION CLUB U, Eiscnhuth, C. Ziclinskl. Vvcrner. S. Karlsson. BuVVzild.u. Director. :md C. Stzlchnik Recently organized. the Accordion Club consists of students who have had extensive experience with the instrument. The Chess and Checker Club. which has just been reorganized. provides its members with partners and tournaments in which they participate. CHESS AND CHECKER CLUB Officers: At table: L. Cinncola 1Tres.l. L. Ella-rbruch 4Prcs.l. Brzidac 4V,P. I. C. Lukasik 1Scc.b Seated: C. Fedorow. R. Roscngard. Cv. Frcdricks. F. Schierhorm, R. Hnusch. Bonadonnai. IVI. Paloizm. C. Vvoodwaird. R. Rcdini. Lcsnuw. C. Blzickmzm, N. Lukasik. D. Grove. K. Bilstad Standing: A. Perri. N. Redding, R. Thomas. Mr. Luebker. E. Mzist. S. Thiel. R. Salman 219. QQ. AOL!! flI" pep. At basketball, baseball and football games you will always be able to see these energetic girls dressed in their green slacks and white Pep Club sweatshirts. With their shakeroos fluttering. they cheer the teams on to victory and promote spirit among the spectators. New flash cards will add a lively note to future games. PEP CLUB Kneeling: Fromm lPres.i Row l: S. Di Cristofaro. L. Cording Row 2' Y. Teszik. I. Teresi. F. Giusto Row 3 Plnttos. S. Knzipich, M. L. Carsello Row -l P. Houle, A. Brechler. R. Salerno Row 5 M. Lisiak, P. Condon, P. Minella. Berggren Row 6. Fitzpatrick, B. Bacher, C. Fuestel. L. Bloniarz Row 7 E. Billy. I. Minardi tV.P.J. M. Hurwitz fSec.l. Row 8 C. I. Pahl, R. Di Pietro Treutelaar, P. Wenzel. B. Kruger. C. Krempels. , E. Chazinski Row 9. L. Dundovich. C. Ellingson, Rostzm. Berggren B. Krelle. N. Bissonnette Row 10: C. Brown. L. Bloom. Panknen. P. Knop. M. Gresch, K. Kramer. R. Frost Page H3 .5-..,. fg Wim' cjvlofvl Wai pow, The privileged girls of Miss Peter- son's special dance class are continually participating in various school activi- ties. Their appearance on stage add color and interest to Christmas pro- grams, music festivals and water pageants. Girls, adept in the art of dancing, en- joy the rhythmic high stepping of this group and also feel that they render a service to the school by providing enter- tainment. Row I I Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Row 5: Row 6: Row 7: Row 8: Row Q: Row lll: Y. Tesak, K. Kumro Iudy Miller. E. Kutruhis, R. Serritellzi A. Sykes. A. Thomka, F. Kline I. Kurowski, Spike, D. Piontek S. Wodrich. K. Lostuno, B. Hoffman. L. Dedick I. Ellingsen, N. Martin, D. Wnisch, C. Friedman lun Miller, C. Pitts, Sheldon, S. Smith, C. Dzivvm M. Rosenberg. M. Hurwitz. C. Zielinski. N. Bissonnette. K. Szpekowski P. Werner. M. Ziemnn, Wiilther, Pedersen L. Reed, L. Schelker R. VV.igner. P. VVenzel, l. Biczek. B. Iziiiia, M. Gresch, C. Brown s. Page 1-H ' 7 ls' Q '+, V if M f M Q 1- ' 4 f7 5 f f gi i 5 it 5 I X38 225 i z' ,Ei 5 9 9' 5, 5 213457 v gbj v Ugg 2. New gf 2 1 if QE , .4 ' . Y ' x 1" E x, gm- g , 4 P I 2 x swf 2' 5 My 'Q v.. I ,H Q , f, ' X . 4 Q 4 9 . X y 'Y ' 9 yi! P.T.A. OFFICERS hlrs. A. Huntley. Cor. Sct.. bliss A. lVlcCirt-gor. lrd Vice Pres.. lWrs. S. Smith. 2nd Vin' Pres.. Mrs. Nl. Singer, Ru. Set.. Mrs. l. Tvrvli. Taxis.. lVlrs. D. Bloom. lst Yitu Pres.. Mrs. C. VV.1tson. Prcs. Standing: Mr. C, Claxton ur mauve .945 eir ain oncern The P.T.A. is an organization which was established to create better and closer relations between parents and teachers so that together. they can co-operate intelligently to train young people. It co-operates with the superintendent. principal. and teachers to promote the best interests of the school and the community. The organization has actively participated in the movement to provide more schools, teacher recruitment, lowering of class loads. and improved health measures. They will continue to work and secure for all young people the highest advantages in physical. mental. social and spiritual care, protection. training. and education. Every VVednesday afternoon. these ladies put aside their other duties. and meet at school. always in the interest of the students. Many continue their membership even alter the graduation ol their sons and daughters. Page l-lt. , 1 vw A 2 f Y Q J jf ,Q Y 1 u 1 -, ' 1. ... it -Eff: 1,8 - Q N. 4 fm ' ..-.Ki f 5..s..4:R4f.-. 'Q , Q .f f-+ 'if E 2 K if 5 as i- ff 1 ,, is . Q ' saggy EM '1i,1'Sgi. 3 , Q. W an-4' S 'W I Y Ea 3' Q ww F, 2, 'QA f , fl E, Zh? 1 img?- 1 12' ' 'I if E t W Q 15 if ff wif my ,ef OL! jmerd Sm1le5 and laughtet prexa1l at the gathemngs of the Stemmet Alumm Assocxauon Thelr choral group and howhng league help to renew old fr1endsh1ps and per hape Create new ones At the1r meetlnqs held Several tlmes a xeax they plan for future act1w1 tles such as a p1cn1c d1nne1 dance cho1alp1e5entat1on or Qome othex foxm of soclal qet toqether Fmendly compet1t1on healthful exerclse and lust pla1n fun all contuhute to makmq memhershlp IH th1s organn at1on a must fOI all qtemmet alumm 'QI' g .!4CflUQ '43 fi Omure. of the Alumni Assouatmn 111 LN JI kk 1 rl rms Uffnnrs of the Bowlnnq League. me r nnu xt and D mn 'Nt s 1 or P1 tur tl 'Vlx than H xxtr 1 1 xtrx Dar llu C6 1 77 0 PQ Qld 1 ,J I ,. A , f U K 'Q' ' K r L, ' Z .. -M 1 1' "' r ".. -me "' Y A X ' . V" ' .X ' " J lf' 1 v lil . x e t ,s . . X tw X1 . xi 2 s Q I V 1 2 b A V ll fi ' L13 A I .h .ls Y A I -4 Q . ., Mil. 'llmnut IV. Pr-.'.I. Barlmra llmv 1 IS' J. Cl .1 csRtwl1l IP lXl.ury lane fllllllllkl Vitale l'llY'L'.IS.l Xlr. . l X1 S. Cv ' Y alt' . Q ."lIO1 N t cz. f' H .':1Y.Pr-xr Nl as Be '- lr' Smith, Chuml V error 3. 5 H1-lb sSZ0lfjJ .XgC7llfl6llIflfCll'lCQ OI" 0 'E wil 'R E Meeting of the Board of Governors Dinner Dance at Elmhurst Country Club Top Picture Svhrvcl Dam Xlfixxlil-lli, l A'.r ull- Rwvlzl lrw-:tv l:w'.kll'r' lin,-r. r ID Cl l l? Xl1l.111 Vllwffihll, l?-w.fl::1el l3,1rZ:. l::'.-:IP lmrlzzlu. .-'Xllvzl lr pl Sfmlldlllg' Rm' Hrvrtzzmrz. lwxc l'S:'vtt::p1:1 Connie Yztnll Xl x I X l Dm N l 1 Hcrlv lnroxelz. Yzrqzzlzw Nvpmlnlzl, XY.,lrur Xyolodkzrx lil I Him: XXX-r1:l'l. lol- Cnlztz-rc. Cvzrl Sur: ,M Lim Tolke us ou'r 'ro The bollgome Well excel m The crowd Our Teom will wm loshng occlolm P l To moke our community proud. jA.eir .goucfzclownzi jouck Ma .gilmof Soirif Varsity Football . . . Finding it understandably difficult to repeat the truly outstanding grid season they experienced in 1955. the 1956 varsity football team nevertheless distinguished itself as one of the most powerladen squads in the entire Chicago area. Coach Fred Vesel's men won a total of three out of a possible seven victories. ln the course of attempting to defend their newly won Red Division championship the Streaks dropped decisions to Austin, Lane, and Harrison. Combining a speed and power attack resembling that of last year's, the gridders only needed a little more luck and they would have had a better season. They suffered some unfortunate breaks. Let s hope that luck is there next season. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Row l: D. Allen. M . Donatelli Row 2: R. Harris, F. Hood. R. Melone Row 3: R. Bylski, B. Eckert, D. Good D. Cvouskos Row -lx B, Belmonte, T. Feineis, E. Fischer. I. Fant. VV. Weleiihofer Row 5: F. Marchiori, K. Leedy, H. Plzittos, F. l-leiss. I. Mzxntos. I. Bosch Row 6: S. Ege. I. Peterson. I. Bzirubas, I. Placko. D. Keough. I. Sanders, B. Kunnth. M. Trykowski Row 7: I. O'Lezir. W. Curtis. R. Post. B. Erickson. W. Raisch. I. Ellinger, P. Watson, S. Rothacker, I. Vetzner Row 8: lVlr. Vessel. Mr. Rosch, I. Blum. M. Schreiber. I. Yzmzm. R. Arnold. M. FioRiro, L. Millot. L. Kennedy. L. Ellerbruch i I Page 152 Picture at Upper Left Mr. Rosch. Bud Eckert, and Mr. Vessel sitting on bench planning the next move Center Left Mike Donatelli. Captain and most valuable player ofthe year Richard Bylski, Halfhack Lower Left Edward Fischer centering hall to Bud Eckert Upper Right Mr. Rosch, Daniel Good, and Mr. Vessel - Giving hnal in- structions on strategx' ' C' , Center Right ' Richard Melone. lim Ellin- ger, Mr. Claxton. Ray Possehl. and Frank Nlarchiori - lVlr. Claxton joins the boys and wishes them well Lower Right l-larry Plattos going to pass Mike EioRito catching the hall 9' 1 N. XQ' Q 'v ln. t x Wax, , t ff.:-t I -eff hm , , , it 92, 4 X, Pictures .ut lvottom of thc page Top Picture Lane game - scrimmage Bottom Picture Foreman game - tackle p-.X jp 2 .sf , ff wr. w..i. x ,E .im " 0 ' - a f. ,nm Q W ,. , ,N sv f' i fgpvvggsf ff zfv' had 'Fjvgy-be ex? ,gwffl-'V Frosh-Soph Football Team The Frosh-Soph team is com- posed of all fighting freshmen and sophomores. This Frosh-Soph team is our team of the future, for they will eventually make up the varsity. Here they learn the rules and rou- tines training them for the varsity. These mighty 'Amitesn are the boys to watch. FR OSH-SOPH FOOTBALL TEAM Row l: R. Sivglcr, W. Rempcrt Row 2: D. Nielson. G, McFadden, T. Lux Row 3: N. Vnngvl. L. VVilliams. R. Gimino. D. Paige Row-lx R. Beck, M. Panurnle, Bnrzihzxs, V. Grzmininrosu Row 3: Rhodes, L. Ellcrhruch lmgr.l. S. VV0hcr lVl. Trykowski lmgr.l. Binder Row 6: Sloan, B. Lohan. R. Nlorgan, A. Bluthurdt G. Arnold Row li Nl. Parisi, B. Apfel. Klein. B. Novelli. R. Bird Row S: D. Kozym. l. Grzibek. B. Rose. K, Chunn Mr. Rosch Page 15-1 N 5' if. it 10 ffl 0 S lfll' Cll'lC Boys' Bowling League The Boys' Bowling League. under the sponsorship of Mr. F. Holm. is made up of sixty-four boys who are divided into sixteen teams. This is a year-around sport, and probably has more activity than any other single sport. This year we have had one of the best balanced leagues. with no one run- ning far ahead of the others. Competi- tion is held with other schools for cham- pionship. At Christmas time. doubles tourney. and two boys get trophies. BOY BOWLING :YPA Row l B. F.1yd.ish tPres.1 Rom 2 B. Brown lS0t.l. Nl. Pofuhl Row 3 VV, Ycritrcsczi. K. lxlillcr Row-1 D. Pictrini. I. Nlercolini R ow R OXK' RLJXX' Row R OXY 5 6 1 S O I. Huspcn. R. Goldstein VV. Sims, R. Rcdinn R. Nutzkc. C. lf. ficlirlcv B. Xyiriterbcrg, K. Diitkrimriii. K. Krmmzch Xl. l..iPort.i. A. Hoycr. H. Iohnson Rim ld. l'lrirx.ith. Nlimbilv. lXl.erlcmvri Ron ll D. 'llL'l'IIZi.l!l. fi. lXl.irsh. l.. Rvlilwrqvii. I. Kirstlilmii Row lf: T. Bvrnrrirdo. L. Anza-ldv, B. lfrlmg. R. Niirdi Ron l3 Xl. Intolmfii. VV. Ritchie, Hnrtuiq. K. liorrvtki, ll. Bt-risuri Rink l'l Nx'IIIx'c, l.L'Ilgg1TL'I1, p.1NIHt'i'. l.t'lRMI Row l'5 N. Busw. T. Rudnick. Ciuigcr. F. Fzrlczzis Rom io T. Snider. ll. Knthiiri. l.. Pinirsoii R.. '.i. if ' R lim? fi Klvu-rs. C. lfrs-iii. XY. C P -.gv l SS amifg ga5Lef6a f Picture at Top VARSITY BASKETBALL Run' l: Ir. Iiuud, R. Bvlxkl. B. Kwrcsiiul lC.1pt.l. X111 Ldkxn Row 2. P. Nlghulqs. Tulmr. YY. Currls. If. Ptmym' lylgqr I Raw 3. K. Blum. AT. TJIURIUH. P, FTXIILIIT. B. Smmlwrs. R. Ar B Pm Lower Picture FROSH-SOPH BASKETBALL RUXK' Rom Row R xnxx' I: Cl. Arnold lC.1pI.I. fi. Pmym' llwgrw. C. Pcrmm 2: XLALIQTNI. Brmkrlwu-r. D. Lipuieky. S. Milit 3: R. Lundlvcrg. A. Unucdt. Tllwori, K. Qlsun -I: M. Solwcy. VV. Blum. C. Carlson, R. Hillstrum ll 111 1110 A I Z? L W W L ! W ' " l l Q ffl? Clif efj. Q Cl Q ffl? Olde The cage crew, while not faring too well in the practice games, sparkled in many league tilts. The Silver and Green hucketgers captured their first three league deci- sions at the expense of Kelvyn Park. Tulev, and Foreman. all by decisive margins. The 1957 squad, under the coaching of lulius Lakin, was one of the hest presented in several years of Noi'th-West section plav. It was indeed an eventful season for the lighting streaks, one long remembered in the annals of Steinmetzs sport. lhiie IST EMMA .,.,. A 3.4.4 Track The trackmen manage to keep Coach Thompson pleased by staying fit for competition. During their long season of meets, they are often seen jog- ging through the third floor halls or sprinting out on campus. TRACK At left: R. Sweet, M. Panarale. R. Bird. D. Bondeson, Larson. V. Vant. E. Fischer, D. Morriss At right: D. McGregor. R. Brydges. I. Donofrio, H. Fastow, C. Carlson, lVl, Sobev, T. Piorek Boys' Swimming Team Our mermen can always be found in the pool on Tuesdays, Thursdays. and Fridays dur- ing the ninth and tenth periods. training for the yearly City meet. If they qualify in the City meet, they earn a letter. BOYS' SWIMMING Top Picture Row l: R, l-lutner, Coach Vessel Row2: I. DiGaetano, G. Romano, Ellinger. B. Dunsmuir Row 3: XV, Erikson. D. Abrahzmiscn, D. Rundlwhld Lower Picture D. Abmhamsen. Ellingcr, VV. liril-:son S. Page liq S eelaing rim Sl.u1din51 on rings I. Gerhard I. Kcrcwich A. Hoursingvx I. Edgar OfH'.r-rs: I. Cdspuri 1Trcr1s.I I. flcrhzmrd fScc'y.I C. Stnkkcrs iVicc P lf. Huffmls Iprcsfb Xkllllllg Stull Bars: P. Forst I. Kutschkv A. Fitzgerald S. Zivti Page 160 1:1 gstzsa G.A.A. Board Careful all Badminton players, watch that pose and catch the birdie. The G,A.A, Board, under the direction of lVliss Hoffman, tries to work out a fair and successful schedule for the numerous activi- ties of the G.A.A. Their weekly meetings held on Tuesday, the tenth period, are to help plan the baseball, ping-pong. volleyball, badminton. and bowling tournaments. The an- nual posture Contest and the semi- annual G.A.A, Coronation always promote much enthusiasm. Standing: Huffnus Row l: H. Stzxmos, Lzmdi, Czispziri Row 2: A. Houtsingcr, Funk, C. Ziclinski Row 3: Kerewich, Gerhard, Edgar. M. Huffnus Row Nl: D. Bochat, S. Zictz, E. Sghwilli. C. Stililcers Row 5: C. Sthwilk, C. Cuuioppo. P. Forst, A. Fitzqcrzild, l. Kfxtsuhkr puqi' 161 g0LUAl'lg 35 G.A.A. Bowling is held at the Stratford Bowling Alley every Thursday at 3:30. It is open to all G.A.A. members and is sponsored by Miss Hoffman. At the end of every semes- ter, perfect attendance trophies are given to those qualifying, and other trophies are awarded to the top three teams and the three highest individual bowlers Row A. Fitzgerald. Pres.. B. Holla Row P. lloiilt-. P. liviiiwtt Row Froniiii, L. Ncri, Cubon Row A. Poliscliuk. lVliss Hlillllltlll Row H. Catullo. S. Pirzyli Row P. Bath, lVlcii.irdi Row lVl. Pziloiam. D. Nlorawski Row K. Schmidt. N. Sariietki Row C. H.ii'tm.m, Pvrtlc Row 10 P. Forst, A. Houtsinger, S. Cllilllllfll Row ll V. lXliit'llt'r. A. St-iiwornli, Pm Picture at left Girls keeping score Picture at right Looking at the team standings 'md indixidual averages M9 ,weird Among other things, howling provides fun. relaxation. and the opportunity to meet and Com- pete with friends. At the end ofthe howling sea- son, there is usually a banquet at which the tro- phies are presented. Arlene Fitzgerald is the howling chairman. and Carol Zielinski is the eo- ehairman and treasurer. Row I: A. Scrt-tis, C. Zivlinski f'l'rt' is P -.. Ron 2: Caspari, laeohsen Row 3: C. Doerrer. D. Norton Row -l: lVl. lVlil-ia. Berggren Row 5: L. lnslko. A. Foerster Row 6: ludd, B. Fvtt Row 7: lVl. Toinasie, D. Bydalck, Bouehonville Row 8: C. Kozyra. V. Bieg. lVl. Bieg Row 9: Clidlund, B. Umlnuf, M. lvnsen. K. VVeindorf Row Ill: S. Vvudtke, C. Crawford, l2.uiiit'oi1t', S. Nelson Row ll: C. Ritchie, D. Boehnt, P. Szezvpnnik, C. Lukusik Picture at left Admiring the trophies to he presented Center picture Top Bowler Picture at right Getting in form J llfllfll jg eir I Cty fo .S?CU"6!0lfl'l Top piuturc Row lx D. Audurmm C. C.lN'l'I1LiK'I. B. Boyd. H. I..m'h-y, N. Hcury RUXX' 2: F. SKIHWLIIIK3. In Nlllmh Center picture C. Zuh-Imlm. F. Sdmru 'r, I. Ks'r'vw,klx A, 1XT41s11lxs. I. lX'1l1dI'.l, I. Cvrh.1rd. I. Inhlwml. A. lDflY1dSOI' Lower picturc Row l: D. Kluvyklltl Row 2: C. Tnmkinzx. R. Pw1nix'v11g1.1 Row 31 D. PQMMTQ, R, I,.ekm. M. Ncrxmuti' Row -5: Y, Bvck. C, VN'vl1Agl.1sN. I. Sxxumnsun, D, Ohm: P.mgqv HH Picture at top Ae? wing ana! unc! JQQIQ in rim Many weeks of hard work and early morning practice were certainly rewarded by the professional performance in the annual water pageant of this year. Under the direction of Miss Rolence. these talented swimmers designed their own costumes and wrote their own numbers. The theme of the pageant was, "Go Now, Pay Later". The show consisted of trips to the various countries of the world. lt is no surprise that the show was such a success because Miss Rolence and the girls had their hearts and souls in the project and everyone put forth every bit of energy possible. B. Thorne. I. Decker. I. Grccnlwrg. A. Carlson. E. Nlurphy. D. Hartjt-n. I. Esposito 'fp' Picture at bottom C. Redding. K. Lord. s -R .yb C. Brcsdola. X js' 1. sie. A ' ' B. Sowinski. :U ' P. Noval-Q. 0 B. Gralin, :' C. Turrisi 00 'Oo ptlflk' l65 , fix, , ,..i ,, A EQJN Ag M Q ,,., K W x 1:- 4' . , 'HE' Q v 4 'fe 'QQ , ,Z V .2 5,3 Wi? .2 if .PK J T le ef Cl Qui of JM, The Girls' Rifle Team, spon- sored by Sgt. Hubble, realizes that girls. as well as boys, should be able to understand the proper use of dan- gerous weapons, These girls be- come skillful in the use of arms through much drill and target prac- tice. Anyone interested is eligible and all members of this club are au- tomatically enrolled into the Na- tional Rifle Association. GIRLS' RIFLE TEAM First ITIJIII B. Thorne. M. Szitinovcr. P. Szczcpzmik Second mast: P. Oehlcr, B. Konis, V. Serafln, l. Klaproth lstzindingl Third mat: li. Murphy, D. Barkes. Pzmknen. V. Popcjoy Standing: D. Lutz, N. Lukzisik, D. Bovning. Nl. Zicmgin. S. Eckcrly Page l67 1 . cv. Picture at Top BATTALION STAFF Forcground: M. Gizmnini lCa1pt.l. R. Oddo llsi Licutl Rear Row: T. laeger 12nd Lic-ut.l E. Gehrke 12nd Licut.l G. Fleishfresscr 4C:ipt,w T. lnglesby l2n'l l',,iQnl.I D. Olson 12nd Licntw A, Bassett llst Lit-iii' I Lower Picture RIFLE TEAM Front: R. Higgins. Kiedrowski Row 2: P, Wrigqht Row 3: A. Bassett. A. Szinhiirg Row -l: W. Loulnsky. N. Klopp. N. BY'lll72llfCY' imin T or R.O.T.C .... It is thrilling to watch our R.O.T.C. boys in full regalia at the various school activities They give an atmosphere of dignity and discipline at the 8A Qpen House and at all awards assemblies. The Color Guard opens every assembly with the presentation of colors and the salute to the flag. Their federal inspection and marches at the various ceremonies together with the competitions of the picked platoons go to make it an exciting experience for all cadets. Page l6?s ,T--. ,,, 'S L 11.55 fin 375' 'Y ff: ir. pus n -way, A ,wi 'Y ffti ffrwyffg fwfwvi ,,,:.. ffffflffi, x f . Q ,, MM gal-v - 'awlwsw' 'K "W ' vw: I ,W ,, " . . Y 41 5 M f f -H-.f . Q ,, S ,ir f ' NI i g , , I ,14lA Q R .. . O Q if S. I. I if A 5 . J a M' -'t'1M+ ff' N' -MH - e. H , M V ...Ig , I Y ! "1."'......-""'f"'f'f'-"ff: M -- A,A.. 3321 ':'A: ,ff .'Q-5,-f'f"""'A'M "MN 'M ,,,,af"W'M-mana. , Z HVKH: V . xy Zl. f i z' lwwmww V 4 ,--t T h 6 j tr if Y' Q 4 . V ff . Nw' ,W . fm fx iw 'Y A ', 5 A 1 A H 3535 A' , ' .5 IL " . I Q , N , X T J if . 2 ., if gg. J ' ' " S2 3 S Ulf Q3Vm'lm,f H ' A 3 . SE Q . " ai ' A M 221, I K., vkh I .5 A I 5 3 N. IQOH u. The Steinrnetz ROTC offers valuable training and background for anyone who sincerely wishes to join. and meets the qualifi- cations. There are about 140 cadets and officers un- der the direction of Cadet Major Mario Giannini, Head of the organization is Master Sergeant Russell Hubble. Each unit marches in parades and undergoes a Federal Inspection where Page 170 R035 oflicials from departments of the Army observe and grade it. Thirty three dif- ferent high schools, com- pete for honors: therefore. taking first place is very hard. A trick drill team per- forms dillicult manoeuvers which are inspiring to watch. Cadets who have worked hard to become ofhcers train new cadets. taking on an important responsibility. PW- 171 unior rom ffm? i :A 56' N1 Each year the members of the lunior class have a prom in the boys' gym. The theme is carried out with decorations put up by the Prom Committee the afternoon before the dance. This is the first formal affair for most of these students and is a prelude to the many other big events that will be scattered throughout their re- maining high school days. A special name band is invited to play the music which will provide the background for many pleasant memories. OPPOSITE PAGE Picture at Top Toast to the evening Center Right Wishing their dreams to come true Center Left Checking bids lor admission to the prom Bottom Picture The lunior Prom Committee with the class sponsor Page l72 ale :downing Uenf of Me .gizadon Football Dance The football dance is the closing affair ofthe season. lt is an annual event held after the final game to which the entire student body is invited. The climax of the evening is the election of the football queen. All those in attendance may cast their votes for the one of their choice from the list of candidates. The players themselves choose the king for the eve- ning. Then comes the all-exciting mo- ment of the crowning. Arlene Davidson and Michael Donatelli were crowned queen and king respectively. At Top Football queen and king with royal court N. Nagorsen. C. Stikkers. A. Davidson. I. Fabrie, Nl. Donatelli. and B. Clovelli .fx pinylgg Center Picture Nlr. Claxton presents bouquet to queen Lower Picture Football Dance Q r X if a 5 AN-of . .... i Q, 1 1 " Q. ' ft W2 f . . 45.42 N A M y f:"4:i"1.", gmk . H Avy . .4 . . . 2.1 'Y we ,454 'I . .Uv yer q ly 'Ely' :J N wir oucAc!own5 N OLLCA My .SZAOOK .gpairif 'Y Pxntun. at Top V arsltx Football Sqn ld 1 rll Nr s m D r K n Lgntgr Puturo. Footb zll Binquet Pu tun at Bottom 'Xlr Ll?-.ton pre ents trophx to Nlnke Dorn M1111 'Vlr Vesel xx itches Pxge 119 . ' ' VV. X' 41" r . S , 9 , V 't . ni .X Asffilldlllxlill. Y.11.m. KI. Skh "l ' . S. Ifqv. R. Afmmld. i PV E. fimkhvr, XV. CIITIIA. XT. FiuR1tQ. Plmkw. H. Pldtms V. V 'Q sKm'v1z11qJ S.R0th.1Lkcr.C. Ifgkvrr. R. BVI km. T. Fc ms. XI. I wrhxtvlli. R. Hd ri.. Ifnnt. D. CLKJIINLWJN. D. Us md if '. N 'w x 1 4 X - 1 5 . . .' W2 1 C4454 CL? June QOH Une ofthe outstanding events in the life of a senior is his Class Day Luncheon. The February '57 luncheon committee under the sponsorship of Mrs. Alverson and leadership of chairman Ianet Fabrie did their best to plan a tempting menu and an interesting program which consisted of presentation of various awards and entertainment. Top Picture Mr. Claxton presents award of American Homemakers to Nelda Koos Center Picture Pat Ferreri entertained the guests with his guitar Picture at Bottom Mrs. Alverson with her luncheon committee Page 176 4' -i Wifllmi X "T!Q. fiat? 'Fil 'W-Sv' A 9- 'J Upper Left I. Fabrie receiving American Legion Award, Upper Right Mr. Claxton congratulating R. Lang, Vzileclictorian. Lower Right S. Fagerstrom receiving English Award from Mr. Claxton. Ar Left Guests enjoy Luncheon and program. Page lff ixing uriinedfi lgdcwure Upper right President of student council Conducts tour of parents through 201 Library Upper left Parents visit the woodshop Center Mr. Claxton with the Dardanelles who served as hostesses for P.T,A. Gpen House Center left Mothers chat over a cup of coffee Center right Getting refreshments sv-if IQ ecaw Nil' ' 9 Lower left MOI'Q refreshments Lower right Dardanelles serving for Freshman Qrientation Tea Page 178 .gleinmefz ,UM comed ommunifg 7Wem4er5 On October 17 at 8:00 p.m. the P.T.A. held an evening meet- ing. The theme of this gathering was "Creating a Better Community with Faith in Qur Youth". A speech on this topic was made by Alderman Alfred Cilella, who is chairman of the Chicago Youth Commission. The Steinmetz Band. under the direction of Mr. Ivan Feldman. and the Cheerleaders, under the sponsorship of Miss Iesse Watson. also contributed to this program. Uppcr lcft Mrs. Smith addressing assembly Right Alderman Cilella, guest speaker Bottom A few additional words by Mr. Claxton P gel79 .- I 1 V , . 1:5 gg. ,rg gm v K 3 , 3 ' Q 1 f f ' ,vvv 724' E f 8 QUEEN XIND HER COURT Left - rig I IAIHLU ll UP Hvlun Kmhlx Il R 1' r Imm I 1 Lmmll P I Rmhxll N rf 1 IQ H.-uw Xlmx' IUIXINIL Top Ixtl f1,A.4X Q21 m.er1lm11 ug II 1 IuXX.Hd lu I I Clx'I1h'!' Hmmm rx-rmdx min Rhlhl RHI. lHfL"'X Bottom Lvtr Pun rm H1 P an X. vu 1 CLK-url-r I'lx1 fr 1 Rxqhl Typ Linux fa rgffi f 3l!l.P Eaeh year there is one special night which is the seniors alone. Prom Night. On Ianuarv l2th. the Evanston VVomens Qlluh was the scene of the Senior prom ofthe Fehruarv class. To all. the atmosphere seemed a tingle with anticipation of that. so coveted. occasion. Yes. this was the occasion that had spurred their K orts. ex en as lowlv Hfreshiesi Thanks to the prom committee this was the glorious peak of their senior year. Now. it is all over. hut it will always remain in their memories. one of lilels special moments. if r'2'1."7"' Y 1 ,,-ai hf'C'g,, A ' L'A' 'I " 447' 'WJ 15? f', Pam' ISI L 2 Q i RW, Q , f .1 H 4' in 2 I 2 2 1 ZZ' 'f ' 199, f ifl5 i'F'3':iiZ if Ziff ,Q :sg N fi' cg 1 f X, f i V I 1 ,W if MQ A Q, 3 Q E 7 A fs . ..a.,,, ,xl A f g 'N gf f 212' is ,Z I I , 4 '- X 1.-r 3 , 1 ' In if 'X my - li? V VI lg. 5 I QI ll: at " ,gm M.,.,..,-W W M -EJ gym. ff? L I 1? AY 'si ' Q 1 x 55:7 'FQ I G' E S ecial dance class p C presented its first range of all types creative aspect of work hard and at under the supervision of Miss Peterson dance festival this spring. This included a full of dances from Ballet to Modern. stressing the movement. This group is made up of girls who the same time have much fun doing it. puilk' lka XII I SM Mr Cl nxton presents dxplomw to Nmq Woodrnclm Ill the prt sence of Mrs Qnlllgm her home texcher MISS Dnerks the tl :ss CWQOYIHMQ ON MARCH 3, 1957, a sad note struclc at the heart of the entlre student body and faculty of Stemmetz, for death clalmed a clearly beloved teacher and frlend, Mr Chester R Powers He had served conscxentlously for nme years We shall miss h1s presence, but h1s mfluence remams wxth us XX L rush to th mk H mx Boscn s Nut xllllx L ostumc f0lIllJiI1N lm CUSllllUl5 used on lemme pagcs y, , if L Q 1, . 1 ' '- . 2 .' . . ' 1 2 ' ' ' ' ' sponsor, Qmcl her classmates, lanet Fabric and Bonnie Busch. kg . . . I - C K - A 4 I A . A A K I . , . . I . . xdwns xtcbfsfnfxqb QYQSEQ agii,fQQ fig? 3 'vw YL Sk gliisiqcgd N? an Timm? C1Ui'wf'jm! if QQ' qt 0 fr- x 53 MQ. fgfi-53.04 3 if Vff f-ffl f4LQffQJ7 JQ11 ir' UC f 'ffb fb? IDA 5 Qi? 3 8.??f?f P5 Wi-'9 Ta' Jada,-LQ, W 'f?we,,lf?t. f'yn..af1.z ,ff LL f,ff bf Jf Lf.. 4 I -Carb MMQZMJ EMM!! rf fi Wi? fkfgws 'gffgp WaJrg1m3QQH TKLWJMVAZ ZMQL ffJflLj3f Q an W Q 9, fu J Z W vw YQ? Vx-7-Lv-Bb yi!! W Ygglf ,aff iPwf yfwf wgggixf xaez MQQEQQ7 Q?Q N KQMN 5 qu 5 XX '+G ,9 E,"'2,fQ,,, , wwf '1 5 ig 51 I L ff? fi gffjd f jf VK wa, ENN Qi F 1 H Q L Y I Vx X 5 AK gy - f 1? ggfw, A v A 1 ith k J g Fix ' ' ' "mn 1 " V. ' Z' ' f ' FH 1 ,f ? df- .3 f 'mx W' A 1 , 1 1 Q 1 - Q 2 f. ' Q5Q12'X qwf, Ex. 'Q f? a 21 z 5 'N 4g MW ffaQ:Q EX qw-,x kK X 2gw g fa E MX fx ag? 1?f ' G, 5 WHE, Q wW Q m,fs '- NIMxNJa ,, ' 2 Q f 'J E i v Q H HJ 1,x 'wwf wzwfwgqkw fa H 1 F. 4 .- gli If - i Q . fx,,,,d41.,::1:.i Rh j x , :gi Sf'-'Q ' fr if ff me "4' 4' -f-- Mm .4 fl .f WP Q hy'fx REE, -2 ' . 'N-Lk ' '- ..,. 4-- - V. X , I -,-. R N f,x"-"H-lllf-4-.Mn-Y-12.3.5 5? 'MMM Tm 'Y '-.. mr x -5 f " X - -Q 'HJ S gh! 5,3 N4 1 gk ,112-1: ' H I 5 N124-lT7f,, L" Zl.'.I17:'L,: 4 "-- it Y 5 y 'mb "M"'1E122,.,, -'-,, .ig fa xx Q A M, ga K 5 3? X E . ' A ' - ' " 3 , A,A, in 1 A --,, ,, Q, Q X i Bk ,, 5' Rf R2 'Q 3 w Q Q. 5 h gf - f f qgv gn XQ'f. 5 SM ,.1 x ' " 1 , 5 RR 1: with P , , A Ai - , - H - Us ' ..--.1 wa , W P' ' ' :gig fwg Q , 1 AM A aa 1 fx ?f ?zQ31?, Q W 5 ? ,V A iw AK EE E iwQ,?? . E x L 'E , E a- V1 x Q -2 L 2 Q ? a ' Nf K Q iff 5 l , 1 7 'f A'-P1 fu ' ' ' S ?l-3271 I A W 2 , W 6 K Mg--.vgf L L x ff. N: ' Y Q I Q M Ala, :, - 4 1 f' L3 wg RD . Af "rg ' ,A N, f L A ,.. , h ' v A Q J , A a :VV fly T' , . W. Eg ' A - A 2 ,- i ' gif . KL T ,I 0 f 43,23 A' Y M swf . 12 yi Y,,,f 5 ' 3 N., in A F V Kyiv My Q I , 2 . A - , S f 4 L 'x - J N- .gh , A X , . XJ! G 111.gif ! V I 1 is ,- , F- ,i . . 4 Z I 1" - . s ' ff M f 1 : s .mia Q 2 w , ww iq ii ' A , ..,. - k rf f if A F - gf 1 " 1 W H , f' f - f gi . ix fu gg . . .f X1 ,Q f . " " n - 2 'H ' V ' V l fp' ' Gf 3 '. 5-fs V C , 3 . V X , , 1 Y 5 5,1 . - h F ' ' A- f . J Xi ' I E' 'gd ' fic! Eff? .' . AW Yflxv A V N 4 A23 R L x My' , yu If I gift! , 4 ' ME' - 1 ' Q , 5 A fi' ,fe , if 'V if 1 f as ' 2 - ,f , fy A , , 11 fx - W f fy x W w K f ,A f ,fn f , AQ ' if W fi'-5 E f A im

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Steinmetz High School - Silver Streak Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Steinmetz High School - Silver Streak Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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