Steinmetz High School - Silver Streak Yearbook (Chicago, IL)

 - Class of 1956

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Steinmetz High School - Silver Streak Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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WWW . , W JWWM wo .0,l.zC10'U V 4,0 If JL - M 455, in 10. E ' 7 GMM' wb! X JK 72v.X?,,LQ,QM!,g!'4 ,7 at . UV -. CMM, S ev QQ!! Wiafdi aff My W' 'W 4 GQ? '!yMgL,u ,W W YWLQKJJ MMNXQ QTW' QQ? Y :fQC gigay R022 NW Q VU, Ok X fi-ikfiggdgg W M M W YCXQSFA V. Q 1 WW uw' Wm wjgfkwf wi VL i lv ,- Y , f . I 7 I r . y. Q k ,f k J f 1 1 .- " 1 , - x K A Q f , . . HIE HECTRICAI SILVER STREAK 1 9 5 6 snlumnz HIGH scllool. cnlcAao ILLINOIS wa x t JMW7-"ff . .,,, , , if MMV A,--"","' V- 'f 1 .,,,, , 'wa ,fa 0If'Qlfl!0If' From the hrst str1ke of an electr IC bell to the last t1ck of an 6lGCtIlC clock our ent1re day IS a remmder of hom Electr1c1ty has become an all 1mportant factor rn our da1ly l1x es Charles Proteus Stemmetz for yxhom our school IS named was a great mathem1t1cal and electr1cal gen1us lf th1s man were ahve today he vt ould be both pleased and surpr1sed at the huge strldes that have been made IH the dex elopments of electr1cal povt er 1n all helds Thls lb surely the Age of Elect11c1ty Moreover rt lb the age of unusual progress rn th1s held ln keepmg w1th th1s progress It IS trmely and appropr1ate that we select Electr1c1ty as our theme thereby shoyung our apprec1at1on to the many master m1nds who have con As one thumbs through the pages of th1s book he can not help but reall e xx hat an 1mportant factor Elec tr1c1ty has played IH almost every phase of school l1fe It lb yt 1th deep reyerence for the Creator who has er1 domed man ytrth such powerful m1nds to be able to accompl1sh all th1s that yxe present th1s Ed1t1on of the 1956 EdltlOH ofthe 'S1lx er Streak CONTENTS Jlflllflg llltlll 3 514,01 IIN lflHfl0ll Muff l70l"f5 . . I . V . . , . I . I . 7 . . i. n ' I , V- ' tributed towards the advancement of Electricity. ' 'Z r ' - - D' 7' I f v w I Q 7 - 1 7' ' ' . . L . I 0 O SD f I . Q LV I ' , 'I I' Z X Il' g I CQ- C! - , r'f'f1' fa. S9 'r QA 4 5 x 1 if , . ,..-M-ag,ge1.u, V V- F4 1 W A ,- 'f' Q V f -3 ,- S -V-:M W, ,-.,1, V, YW. J-in , 1 v "ffl, 3 ,M,. I' .V-r!""?,-.. ,, 5 Y. 5 K if iz. i 4 i E ,gui , ,, -ffqti ' 3 1 f Q f 2 ! i 5 K V M M,-W -u.,.u-,NN--1-our-Q ,vwg .. 'Ms f s Y 1 1 s we Mover' wwe Q! JCLOWLJQQ BEAUTIFUL WITHOUT- TEEMING WITH ACTIVITY WITHIN- BOUNDLESS OPPORTUNITIES AWAIT YOU- TEACHERS ARE THERE TO TURN ON THE SWITCHES- PUPILS MUST CATCH THE SPARK AND KEEP THE CURRENT OF LEARNING MOVING AHEAD- THE AGE OF OPPORTUNITY IS AT HAND. Qu.. Jia llama ia 'P'- ouingfy izbeabcafec! ini 95 3 1 r r 0 md Caffzcwine Oflanofrigan . . . who has been the sponsor of the Silver Streak for the past eighteen years. As long as there is a Steinmet: there will be evidence of her influence on the lives of all who knew her. The beauty of the book and the inspiration in the theme of every Silver Streak she produced will always remain as a testi- monial to her untiring efforts and to her overwhelming sense of responsibility. i May the future bring to her all the happiness she so richly deserves. The Steinmetz Year Book has stepped along with the times. In 1935 the book was devoted largely to the Seniors. Two books a year were published. Sales amounted to 900 copies. lt was an 8 by 10 iob, pictures were pinhead in size, and all were taken in the same type of pose. Pages numbered about 70, and little attention was paid to the theme. The book sold for 31.50 per copy. ln 1939 pictures took on a less formal arrangement, and action seemed to be evident. 1940 marked the beginning of one book a year. ln 1942 drastic changes took place. The size changed to 9 by 12, and one kodachrome was included with a few pages of green added, Pictures were larger and more inter- estingly posed. Sales increased to 1900 copies. and the price was 32.50. 1944, our 10 year anniversary book, boosted sales to 2,200 1945. a 197 page book advanced to two kodachrome pages and several pages in silver and green. Department pictures were added. il--H 1948 increased the kodachrome pictures to four. and the price to 53.75. 1955 and 1956 mark the beginning ofthe long perpendicular picture. rather -ft than the horizontal type. Sales have ?. A consistently kept at a hith eak, ex' ' W ' J, fe .1 DW CH J though the price for the last five years ' . X, has been 54.00. The up-to-date style of i' the book. and the inclusion of all phases of school life, are probably the main A--'-' " "1 Ni ' ' ,- 4 reasons for the continued Thigh sales. 2.455430 I", , ' A' N'-2 , 4 . , 4 ax , ,xr fly M ff XK xxxw :XQR XX x fvt f Hr"- f 5 Q21 X gZ7Cflf'LCLfg QIWLQIS M! j fQLlfLl0fL8IfZ 12 HI O Z X L "l.l'l"l'lAli 1ill.l. 'l'Ol, Q S " if ,I . f 1 -.-"-"W J f' L N-uf .J gm IJ 19 9- 1 -52:2 luis: 5 if A e-wg -e ww 1253 V856 iAQ gfL1ff0lfL, 0 6jY8ClfLfLl!85 OZVQ QV? lust as the President of the United States has the last word on a decision, so does Mr. Claxton at Steinmetz High School. Although he is top man, still he has maintained a spirit of friendliness and a sort of "open door policy." His beautiful office is always open to teachers and stu- dents alike and their problems of the day. He has cooperated unusually well with the students, working with the vari- ous organizations such as Student Council, Star, and Silver Streak. He has always been open-minded to their ideas and suggestions. Mr. Claxton has been the chief pro- moter of school spirit here at Steinmetz. He has shown good example by being a prominent audience member of our differ- ent sports events. In addition to promot- ing school spirit, he has also upheld the high standards of Steinmetz. MR. WALTER HERRICK Mr. Walter Herrick, assistant princi- pal of Steinmetz. a man of many duties, is continually working to maintain a stand- ard of order and refinement throughout the school. The school is constantly improv- ing under his untiring vigilance. It was a happy day when we saw his pleasant face return after he recovered from a serious accident. We realized then, how much he meant to Steinmetz. Page I3 Z. 5 Nf, L... -'--1 nz.. 7 9 5 3 . k X . N 1 wh? if gf ,x fig iw.- 'x 43. SP 0lf1fL OVQZS Division 201 Row l: Berggren, C. Peterson, F. Arduing, L. Krug. Row 2: I. Haines, Domino, A. Permaniem, I. Lesnaw, Cv Lord. Row3: P. LaRussa, M. Innes, Y. Beck, A. Foerser, B Brown, P. Stevenson. Row 4: D. Kloeckner. D. Bublitz, C. Schroeder, B. Cody C. Kretschmer, M. Aukst. Row5: S. Thiel, Tlapzx, A. Anderson, S. Corona, I O'Lcnr, L. Cich. Row 6: L. Kennedy. G. Lcsuk, K. Zuwisldk, L. Andersen D. Schubbe. Division 202 Row 1: B. Addalia, A. Seretis, K. Bilstad, B. Arramonc. Row 2: D. Ostertag, D. Andersen, D. Weinhold. S. Segrcti S. Stracek. ROW3: B. Cordo, P. Condon, P. Drew, G. Labbe. E Zanetti, K. Vaughn. Row 4: P. Valentino, D. Morawski, Arnold, M. Bieg. V Michaelis, B. Lang, M. Berge. ROWS: M. Kuschill, P. Richards, M. Pofahl, A. Ripa, I Swanson, M. Pofahl, G. Becker, A. Gallivan. Row 6: Morozoff, K. Bartecki, A. Sell. L. Pearson, Mrs Lloyd, I. Duvallen, W. Liberio, W. Fandre. Division 203 Row l: A. Ray, M. Bocock, Langer, M. Vossel. ROWZ: P. Farber, D. Stanfill, Lupella, C. Renzy. M. Persino. Row 3: B. Bencivenga, V. Bieg, B. Konis, E. Wagner, P. Corso, C. Gee. Rowfi: P. Penio, C. Crawford, Izmnottzi, H. Marchesuhi, N. Roman, E. Zeid, C. NVennerstrom. Row5: R. Hainke, W. Lassen. D. Gecver, N. Topps, A. Sanburg, V. Mulik Page 32 5 7 , Km A gafsis' A 1 Qi? J , ,Q 1 A?'f -Q -N... MWA ' off' X , pw-ww ,- Z 'W :Mn 6 '. . 1 H 'mtl 5 B 'QQ 4'5- MTH ll i CVM WW fllizlztzm Circle picture: A scene taken in the Biology laboratory. Pupils are admiring the progress made by the narcissus bulbs. OW, Upper right picture: A Spanish l class. Each pupil had to pass an individual test on the Pronunciation Chart shown here. Lower left picture: Mechanical Drawing boys figuring it out from all angles. Lower right picture: Print Shop gives the boys training in rudiment of printing. Page 29 vw V86 IWLQVL Division 154 Roxx Rovx Row Roxx Roxx Ron S Ortlnwx V Bxeehl In Rxeu O Chrwtki N Bittlqlll K Duckmmn Velek B Chr stensen D Blondi P Bloodqood P Rock P Turney C Pruleen C Kozyrw D Iohnwn Niortenien C W1ller M Ambrose S Oh1ttS hdx wrdg R Hinlon Beeker Hwlloran R DOiUiUQff1D S Herron S Haemker Boyd B Plummer C Mro ek P Gflxlf VK xlden R hott B RO C R Zellc R Crepw Division l 55 Rom Ron Row RUKX Ron Roxx C Pmulsen C Sxpornto C Cyehner IN Vkoodxx nd F Kukla L Pr: 1 D Grote R Alomo L Serpe Peeori L ui ko Cvxbmlsen Ix Hirrm E mth H Feinberg B13 P Sunt R Myhrm L Hoede S Bertrim Detlefien R Petereon Perri R Evxert C ensen R Zemer S Porro Roeselll Irioln VV Curmn Dxhlqumt D Enksen I D1N1nno 'Vlr Ru xekl Rundblwd VV Loubnky Division 156 Rom Rom Rom R ow C B1ond1 C Cvroxei C Dcerrer 2 B Velek D Exerett B Fiske B Lmdner L INICISCH K mx mwgh R Broude R Frost V Serwhn A Plffl B. Mirtxns N. Henry. : N. Ellefsou. R. Lombardo. K. B' H. Nwegele . Zir. . ensen. B, Ranwllo. Row 'z . Cwron. . Lwdegwwrd. . Tesrhke, Cv. Kirkuzis, Oversen, R. Soderberg. Division 159 Row 1 . Siegler, D, Neutz. T. Lux. VX. Anderson. Row : . PierDominici, C. Hoyne. W. Selk. Row : . Erling. T. Merkle, F. Fito. Row 1 . Arnold, . Geiger, L. An..elde. Row : . Brown, Mr. Echelbirgir. Standing: . Gulino. B. Apfel. Sittin : . Chwni. D. S1ss. K. Hfinsen, K. Chunn Q . D. Stovill, jlf'8i5AlflfL8lfL Division 151 R ow Row R ow R ow R OW I: 2: 3r -iz 5: P. Sukowski, A. Kirschenbaucr. P. Behrens. E. Andrae. L. Burns, Y, Sbarbaro, C. Steers, B. Keesee, S. Macie. A. Trunk. F. Scarano, H. Rasmussen, I. Navlyt, H. Agastritis, H. Ncbcrgall. B. Baldwin, A. Duckay, Orr, L. Brown. B. Kearf ney, A. Tucciarcllo, Carbone. G. Galang, C. Buschek, E. Guttman, E. Katsoolias, L. Bastian, D. Iohnson, R. DeStefano, Division 152 Row l: Row 2: Row 3: Row -lr Row 5: I. Knoll, A. Lcwy. C. Cavcndcr, I. Bcttarclli. M. Carlson. I. Larson. R. Vikanis, B. Singer, I Zingarclli. D. Maddvn. E. Scholz, Plough, P. Kraft. M. Thur- ber. M. Antas. I. Olinyk. B. Norris, Carlson. B. Lawlcy. M. Gib- bon. L. Calabrese, P. Lomax. Cv McFadden D Greco D Ret"k0 R Mor an . 1 . . . . .. . . Q I. Adams. l. Sloan, R. VVarzccl'1a. Division 153 FU PU FU 7050 o c o oo 2 2 ff if: H' is 56' SPT' UFOTUUOUHFUFU' 4 SU :EJEF53'9s'SIs' gg:355g'Zf' gmF'2BSg5'-on P1025 F5'Q:'iZr'?'E' D. OF'Zl"'c'u Q15 5 ,HC 2243- ' Fl' :4'g Nr' U, In .DH 5: OE' 5-I . 'QSC 33l"1ro U' OC'-'Q W lm ptms,-, . ,.... cw-0: O P ,T '-l EKSZ' c: Pl CVFU P Fl' Q' Z U1 . l fy sw :f .ro-cl 4 5 SUUFQ- CJ 2. 2-F Tv .E ex 22? 5 2. 2 . Ozols. Page 27 jlf'8i5Al0fLQlfL Division l 13 Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Row -1: Row 5: Row 6: P. Byrnes. I. Teresi, R. Pzilir, N. Soline. I. Spike, D. Kendall, R. Halverson, N. Nlosiiiiski. P. Katz. S. Hansen. E. Boettger. W. Suliutli. ll. Nentz. R. Dresmzil. Ioynt. V. Baron. D., W. Renipert. Pedersen S. Lerrne, I. Castle, C. Millllltil. T. Piorek, I. Barone. VV. Riclizirds. Korn, P. Toni- czzik. B. Bird, H. Stoeffhzms. C. Brewster. Bairzilwzis. M. Simmons, P. Clmisen D. Kraus, Mrs. Springer. R. Bynes. Division IH Row l: Row 2: Row 3: Row -1: Row D: F. Leineweber. R. Heike. R. Miitthes. Fitzner. R. Studvzi, B. YVOi'ceSter. R. Berg. T. Leinlverg. B. Anderson, D. Nielsen. N. Belssner. B. Roterinund, R. Mazzio. C G D . Loding. A. Schmid. R. Prost. . Kauranen, D. McGregor, Mr. Siegel. L. VVilli.ims . Gizinnini. Division l I5 Row l: Row 2: Row 3: Row -1: Row 5: Page 26 T. Semeruu. E. Brand. B. Lyn.1m. R. N.1y. R. Kuhfuss. R, Nliirtinelli. D. Bsxiiilieii. A. Riiilfxlo R. VVucltke. P. VX7oZniewski, G. Nliinuuso. L. lVluKeon, Ciolti B. Lohan. D. Biczc. C. Ruggeles. R. Stern. G. Sulinltz. S Welmer. I. Sierminski, S. Hziusinzin. H. Elleringinn. Mr. Nnlee: G. Hnrtwig. A. Hzillihun. j l"85Alf1fLQlfL Division l 10 R ow Row Row Row Row Row R. Serritella, E. Kutrubis, G. Ferraro, I. Civitella. E. Taylor, C. Schoener, E. Wittek, A. Houtsinger, R. Fortin. L. Mullins, D. Tiedemann, R. Anderson, Flamm, G, Horstman. K. Magnet, K. Stohart, R. Petterec, C. VanEss, G. K1 ein, S. Raymond, D. Nystrom, M. Carlson. D. De-Luca, C. Schuhrke, I. Stoklosa, R. Zienkiewicz, D. Gabriel, I. Hendricksen, G. Stangren, S. Militelli, L. Reed. I. Pietrini, M. Hill, Walter Schneider, Werne Schnei- der, P. Beem, D. Hitchler, B. Hammang, M. Hanson, Miss Hainbecker. Division ll l Row Row Row Row Row I. Cerny, K. Muscari, H. Rudolf, N. DeGrazia. R. Nielsen. E. Osika, C. Howald, C. Prozanski, D. St. Iacques. G, Gross, C. Ieler, S. Iausly, C. Miller, C. Crawford, I. Rochfi T. Harstad, A. Kosinski, VV. Hess, I. Bouchonville, C. Schmidt, Pitts, R. Laporta. A. Maisold, C, Virgil, C. Kestian, M, Zieman, H. Guldan, R. Larson, R. Eriksen, I. Rhodes, M. Kestian, S. Ober- hardt, N, Timmreck. Division 112 Row Row Row R ow R ow R ow M. Cascio. M. Emond, M. Papa, I, Balsavia. R. Ross, N. Magnone, M. Zacharia, M. Christofalos, S. Clairy. I. Plattos, D. Altiere, I. Kulich, I. Nagorsen, C. Steele C. Redding. , I. Gross. E. Payne. C. Iohnson, M. Mariani, U. Holz- grefe, K. Szpekowski, S. Smith. D. Kozyra, K. Konecnik, M. Parisi, G. Grahek, W Schmidt, D. Paige. L, Iohnson, M. Rosenberg. I. Biczek, N. Harzheim I. Carollo, A. Burkhardt, R. Runquist. Page 25 -Si vo i37I"Qf5Al0fLQlfL Division 107 Rowl: L. Boehm. Ii. Mt-llvyc. C. Fcustcl. I. Fitzpatrick M. Becker. Row2: I. Brando, Crippaindo, M. Sodoinzi. P. Nowak. Row 3: Fl. Dannhiiucr. N. Smiailck. S. Lnjkti. D. Lass. Row-ii P. Passunaintc, B. Gmlinc, L. Addins. C. Vvrhnlst. ROWS: S. Amlwrusc, R. Kcniting, Mnmwski, ROW6: Miss M. Kclly, M. Fltisch. M. Didier, G. Hciinlnicli Standing: C. Costxi, F. Tnozzo. T. lklottmiii, R. Vvcsling H. Fastow, M, Friedman, Sitting: S. Bagrowc, G. Sclinvll. K. Olson, lVl. Solwcy. F Schuch, Division 108 Row 1: B. Springfsr, Morris, D. Keller. R. Cininino. RQWZ: N. Mikal. S. M.ii1d.i, A. Lilwrio. P. Vcdncr, B Ochwut. Row 3: C. Heinrich, B. lizilinsky, V. Pvtitti. C. Diiuin. Nl Grcsch. Row-1: C. Raiinondi, P. Gzidziuz. P. Sclizidt. S. Ochs. ROWS: P. Fick. L. Lucznk. P. Ellingson. RQW6: M. Hurwitz, C. Giuwlvc, B. Ifllllil. Suited: R. Bock, M. Kolndzicj, F. Pollticti. G. Szinzilitrn E, VVail.ic0. Standing: lj. Kraus, Allvrvcht. L. Georgian, M. Tuozzo Division 109 Ruw l: K. Htilloiuiii, K. 12titi::.i, lkl. Thtull. D. Pvrry. D VVit-dvrin. RUWZZ lf. Mziiss, lf, M.1iss, Slwldon, Bcivr. Row 3: D. Mziyvr, L, Allison. lilliiigscn, C. Olson. Row -1: C. Hill. S. Coincrford. M. Scllc, D. Konopxiuki. ROWS: L. Staingcncs. D, Mcycrs. L. Suhclkcr. li. Giainpoli Rowfn: C. Hitclilcr. R. lV1ilSL'I1QO. Nl. Pnrmzil. 13. lVl.idvvn. Scaitvdz H. Kroll. A. Hzirvvy. R. Fcrguson. G. Hnsslcr. Stzmdim: F. Andcrson. R. Russell. R. Tmnnlconi, R. Clwl' .l lwrg. P. Nelson. Page 2-1 L?lf'8i5AlflfL8lfL Division 104 S. Petronelli, B. Black, P. Kloc, R. Ziegler. I. Kavajec, G. Hastings, L. Franz, H. Sutter, Gary I. Kuhr, R. Hampleman, I. Renfrow, S. Interclonato, T. Loftis, B. lVlclVlahan. P. Domanico, M. D'lmperio, D. Nielsen, E. Nocek, N. Schneider, L. Klug, S. Iohnson, S. Borzewski. Row l: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Row Row 6: 5: B. Neville, D. Wohlgemizth, E. Schwilk, M. Bolen der, T. Corlett, B. Novelle, F. Miceli, I. Burggraf. I. Miller, R. Shaw, K. Anderson. R. Blasko. Division 105 Row l: L. Carlson, S. DiCristofaro. D. Cvasik. I. Loftis. RUWZ :P. Schultz. I. Donofrio, D. Galli, D. Stewart, N. Rickert. Row 3: I. Crohes, C. Mele, S. Lippert, E. Weed. R. Andres, N. Moria. Row-1: D. Singer. Iulien, E. Biedar, C, Bresadola, I. Loftis, C. Charles, S. Crandall, N. Sarnecke. Rowiz Christophersen, I. Hansen, K. Schmidt. A. Nagle, B. lVlclVlullin, L. Dunclovich, A, Olsen. C. Deasy. Row6: L. Fritze, D. Olenec, A. Frigo. Division 106 Row l: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Row 5: Row 6: Stanclin Seated: L. Lynch, Cv. Cveller, A. Shilvock, Brunke. I. Devitt, Pahl, G. Iohn, N. Presse-Reishergs. B. Carney, Miller, V. Ostrowski, L. Ritthaler. C. Adamson. B. Skleney, A. Antinarelli. E. Chazinski. R. VVegner, P, VVerner, V. Gramarossa. R. Mnnk. gz I. Klein, B. Cvuerra, Episcopo, A. Schweinsherg, I. Sharham. S. Dolce. C. Campo. R. Ochotnicki, G. Lange. M. Kuhida. Page Z3 j lf'Q5Alf1fL8lfL Division 101 Row 1: C, Turrisi. Luizzi, Coniglio. I. Allamian. D Magellan. Row2: C. Anderson, A. Balodimas. Culvon, N. Sunstedt Row3: B. Feit, T. Broniaruzak, G. Iohnson. Harrell. Row-1: Baran. A. Bejda. M. Huttner. D. Zirgulis. Rowir M. Zwierzyna, P, VVurtzlvacher, L. Fantini. Row6: M. Hufinus. VVQ-rner. A. Rotella. Standin .to tobottom: R, ankowski. R. Sweet D. ' t Q p I , Seor I. Magoon, R. Lundberg. P. Collins. Sitting. top to bottom: C, Carlson, R. Hillstroin, C. Karnef fel, A. Lehmann. M. Durnil, R. Gesielii, E. Krantz. Division 102 Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Row 41: Row 5: S. Lippo, D. Galli, Hunt, IVI. Fitzgerald, T. Tufano. Cv. Daniels. P. Boyle. Kavanagh. A. Zack, I Kurowski. I. Sitz, R. Noterdonato, S. Ramey. Minella. S Springer. K. Ritch, R. Marone, C. Pitts, M. Polischuk. D. Larsen, K, Back, L. Leindecker, C, Treutelaar M, Rotella. Seated on Side: G. VVallmann, VV. Warner. Binder, R Becker, A. VVelwer, Bonder. D. Franczyk. Standing on Side: D. Flax. R. Lunsford, F. DeMatteo. C Broekmeyer, G. Landl. R. DeMichel. Division 103 Row l: Row 2: Row 3: Row -iz 5: Row Page 22 B. Delve. D. Kriaris, A. Iaroszevvski. Broda. A. Lonilmrdi, I. Larson. Vaughn. F. Gambino D. Kurdziel. I. Mazovich. M. Boettulier, E. Housos. C. Cernuska. A. Pappm P. Minella, B. Mauer, B. Rotliacker, R. Cvimino. A. Andrews I, Lang, C. Becker. F. Larsen. I. Sass. P. VVen:el. B. Cernoeh, P, Mudra. M. Strosnik. D Bondeson, A, Bluthardt, VV. VVurt:, VVohlsehl.ue ger. R. Tenggren. I. Fiorda. Y f .40 ,f""" sq, 4 'lf 5 .. , , , gggifsg , ,,, ,ggi . .Sl fwomgfa MZCA Cflofuicozfiolfa jim CSJCIIU X M 610115 .mapa ffm wif oflgrary 3261-df cSlowL'e5 Mun .Silence .ibaloarbn anlf C W om nz vrda 452517961 rfnz an f SEE OPPOSITE PAGE FOR NAMES: Top picture: An Electric Movie Machine in Operation: Row 1: Miss Collette Deignan. Miss Ethel Iaqobek, Miss Marie Haley, Mrs. Mary Ellen Gehant, Miss Lillias Grant. Row 2: Mrs. Mary Brennock lChairmanJ, Miss Alice McGregor. Standing at the side: Mrs. Marcella Alverson. Miss Ethel Kinderman, Mr. Michael Doherty tStudent Teacherl. Left center picture: Electrically lighted with Fluorescent Lamps. Miss Agnes Vetter, Miss Ruth Towle, Miss Margaret Werner. Cvnfcr right picture: Adjusting Geiger Counter Electrically Controlled: Clockwise: Miss Sylvia Gruener, Mrs. Elisabeth Sorensen, Mr. Iacob Ferdman lChairmanl, Mr. Chester Powers, Miss Annette Ornstein, Mr. Cornelius Henze. Lower loft picture: Another Electric Testing Machine: Seated: Mrs, Ethel Shabat, Miss Pearl Dierks, Mr. Lawrence Handschu. Standing: Mr. Frank Erelich, Mrs. Grace Bertling, Miss Ella Prouty, Mrs. Gertrude Exarhos. BELOW: Using Electric Typewriters, Electric Adding Machines, Electric Gestester Dupli- cating Machines: Small lower right picture on opposite page: Miss Orpha Rompf, Mr. Iohn Iones. Mrs. Eleanor Schwartz. Large picture below: Stand- ing to the left: Mr. Arthur Golub, Mrs. Lucille Byrne. Seated: Mrs. Myrtle Nlonahan. Seated at table: Mrs. Isabel Beach lChairmanl, Mrs. Erna Hege. Mr. George Lawley. Standing: Miss Harriet Orzechowski, Mr. Albert Sweig, Mr. Cyril Iohnson, Miss Marion Meyers. ,.,.-.--.... QM? si sr k H ? is K 4 45 f ff, :fe I ,, -5' ix ., w A A fi' . ',,, " 55 'Q f ? A if 1 E2 1 gg 0 1 . 1 P I . - fl' "' ij m , X E I K i, fi f R f ...JM ,, ,F 93 'wg 1? .-1 1. 1 4, 1' 'we-" T 7 a,f M u Ein E rv' H,-,K . fgaggsj, A W2 p . lb , - Mak o- Bi 1 W A 5 5 ' 1 P 4 J NA n yy Y f f 4. f' T ' N iflx 3 WX E33 Nwsnx V hfmuu, ' s AWVA' 's ! M Wim. wgx s J I 1' . W 5' X' s S Exif H2 A 3' K A i. e.: ' if "" .V V V.-- I f- 7 ff .-A" .. 5 V , . 5-lf:-Q I Q ,.- J, T ef-' ' ix wi f Q 1 g fxff- N 693' 4 11 I ' 2 Q 1 :FE 15 , ygvh, may aggrue 5 7 e QVLJULZB HCTURICS ON THE OPPOSITE PAGE: I C7!6ZlQglflLlgU ib1',06tl'!Hl UH Upper picture: Listening to Electric Phonograph: Eoreground: Mr. Theodore Buczynski lpolishl. Standing: Miss Catharine Landrigan lSpanishl, Mrs. Lydia Eausel lChairman, Germanl, Mrs. Santa Taglia lltalianl. Seated: Miss Evelyn Thorsson lSpanishJ. Miss Mary Collopy tSpanishl, Miss Mamie Saletta lSpanishJ, Miss Ioan Krygier lLatinj. yfwaldizflitz afiaf ib6'l9dl'flfIlQl1f Bottom picture: Viewing picture of the Electrical Wizard, Steinmetz. Eoreground: Miss Ionia Rehm lChairmanl. Row l: Mrs. Margaret Zwicky, Mrs. Florence Young. Miss Agnes Polka. Mrs. Anastasia Springer, Row 2: Mrs. Ellen Kelly, Anna Utzig, Miss Lucy Hainbecker. PICTURE ABOVE: A219654 l0,96tI"fFVl Uflf Showing the Electric Recorder and Movie Machine: Seated in desks in rear: Mrs. Lorraine Haas, Miss Agatha Eosse lChairmanJ, Miss Bertha Braddock. Mrs. Waineta Murana. Nliss Ethel McNamara lstanding in rearl, Mrs. Eliza- beth leffords. Seated around table: Eoreground: Mrs. Catherine O'Rourke, Miss Mary Kelly, Mrs. Florence Armitage. Mrs. Alice Suess. Mrs. Elma Houghton. lVlrs. Esther Howe. Mrs. Qlympia Qnesto. Miss Gertrude O'Connor. wif it Standing left: Mrs. Ieanne Maryanowski. Standing right: Mrs. Florence Szummarski. At table: Miss Eileen, Dewar, Miss Frances Rigney. Mrs. Mary Dvoratchek. 'fl ' re gi eff "' 1 I! sz I Ls if J f , Q 3 - D gffff , 1 wg ,, JJ B' 5 S : - if F . ' 5 5 ' s X KA' E Q 5 Q' 5' S. 7 .w 1 ' N is 1 C' ' l' Q ,. . Q ,,.. wa 1 : , .--. 1. jf - , ' 'Ms ' ag if x a ' x 1 nv 14 .Q . ,S 4 s ,N ' Q 'Q gg' 5454 'W' nggjgifg. .9"fifmffz. ' ,, Q -g5,53i,.,,w f fwmykfvieggg ,1 1 r,,,,,,kfAx:iax 'bi' if wg M f . Hwrh. 2.3 , ,igx XQMA gmffom of Zlofnczzifzfon .Qnal145fr1'a!J4'LL.5 .ibeparfrrzzfnf Top picture: Operating the Electric Stitcher in the Print Shop: Seated: Mr. Stanley Nalecz. Watching, Clockwise: Mr. Clyde Echel- barger, Mr. Elmer Kostka, Mr. Edward Westergreen, Mr. Stewart Spikings lCl'1airmanl. Mr. Fred Holm. ,Af lP!9dI"fHlFl"lf Center piuture: Electric Kiln in O eration: Mrs Evelvn P ' , Taylor, Miss Elizabeth Blythe, Mrs. Helen Vesley fChairmanl. Wuxi' ibeparfmenf Bottom picture: Demonstrating Electric Pipe Organ: At the organ: Mr. Willard Groom. Seated be- side him: Miss Ruth Kilgour fChairmanl. Standing: Miss Iosephine Farr. Mr. lvan Feldman. Page li CSZP OWLOIf'8.'5 Division 204 Row Row Row Row Row Row 1: C. Zike, M. Sentowski, L. Fonte, N. Faulk. 2: E. Springer, B. Csolkovits, I. Keene, B. Peterson Fiduccia. S. A. Leber, L. Bolling, E. Baly. Bebout. R. Wulf Cv. Norell. 4: A. Swanson, I. Bonk, C. Wenglass, R. Redini, W Siers, D. Brnnda. 3: 5: E. Komos. R. Wzatson, C. Weston, N. Brubaker, H Ernst. VV. Kotars. 6: B. Grider, I. Bloom, F. Hess. G. Tweet. R. Adumow, ski, A. Bocchieri, Mrs. Suess. Division 205 Row Row Row Row Row Row lr S. Borowicz. T. Cianci, E. Houle, D. Raesner. 2: Gotaas, M. Breithaupt. G. Feldkirchner, L. Bauer F. Christopher. 3: V. La Cost, M. Aumann, C. Hardtke. B, Wind C. Cordello, P. McBlaine. -is R. Bolender, P. Toomirc, D. Bloch, M. Critcs, V Tcichman, Olesen, I. Sylvester. 5: G. Matthaus, T. Ohler, B. Biedar, T. Livigni, I Sanders, I. Peterson, G. Conway. 6: B. Ouagliano, I. Maniscalco. M. Linne, F, DeLucn N. Sobel. N. Redding, Mrs. Prouty. Division 206 Row Row Row Row Row Row 1: K. Hansen, Graff, I. Fillip, Fromm, M. Calaluresc 2: L. Petruzzelli, C. Baird, R. Lakin, S. Dost. 3: C. Iacobsen, M. Lisiak, B. Roszkowski, N. Fuqua. 4: L. Bloom. E. Lord, M, Paloian, I. Bradac. 5: M. Prescotti. L. Huber, R. Whaley. 6: I. Panknen, M. Iovan, B. Crawley. Standing on Side: DuLong, R. Michalak, G. Dummler, D. Zacharias, K. Freese, L. Sanzone. Seated at Side: I. Bosch, D. Scharlow, A. Kuehn, F. Cvul dan, F. Reiter. Page 33 SIU Olflflf OIFQI5 Division 207 Row I Row 2 Row 3 Row -1 Row 5 Row 6 C. Blackman, M. Conville, M. Larsen. D. Fullett VV. Schmidt. S. Halvorsen, E. Eide, Hardt, K. Lundsgaard D Rowlett. G. Cinquepalnii. C. MeDade, B. Eisenhuth, G. Kowal. E. Engelman, H. Truty, B. Tworek, C, Wenzel. D. Gizzo, Baird, C, Czeehowicz. A. Kalymon, Miss Fosse. B. Eden. Seated on Side: C. Peterson. VV. Scliuhkneelit. T. Bennardo Standin I. Mathison, S. Galuel, M. Pink, Muth. gon Side: B. Faydash. L. Ellerbruch, R. Kerner, A Brewer, S. Nelson. Division 208 Seated on Side: R. Austin, Mattes. B. Benson, I. Morten Stanclin Row l: Row 2: Row 3: Row -1: Row 5: Row 6: sen. P. DelFavero, Hamiga. gon Side: I. Hendricks. F. Sconza. Conroy. M Neri. B. Camillo. I. Huspen. B. Etlelson, K. Cygan. P. Marehiotto, G. Geyer I. Ploeinski. S. Field. I. Malkowski. N. Nyzniek, Thivel. M. Nemeth, V. Fischrup, T. Garcia. I. Voelkner, D. Altounian, M, Moser R. VVoltei', I. Byars. A. Schmidt. D. Hartley, D. Miller, K. Miller, Division 209 Row lr Row 2: Row 3: Row -1: Row 5: Seated: Standin Page 34 D, McCabe. C. Szostek. V. Scaceia, lf. Mall. P Hageli. D. Olson. B. Newgard. Wolri-r. Miller. C. Schuster, Mielialalc, B. Wiilf, C. Hartman. P. Owens. P, Knop. T. Mziltese. C. Lukasilc. R. Santelli. I, Bynes. Tokar, I. lgyarto, B. Stoekler. I. Mira bile. E. Thun. Q: L. Giancola. M, lgyarto, R. Salpietro. B. Brayer L, Guisto, S. Ielinowski, SIU Olflflf OIWQZ5 Division 210 Seated: K. Muscari, B. Letzner. VV. Opfer, E. Hanson, A Hoyer, R. Kwagniewski, B. Volpe. Standing: R. Nelson, R. Haseltine, Miceli. I, Kohnert, L R o xv R ow Caputo, P. Rogers. l: D. Temple, D, Norton, B. Martin, Gorski, R Rejewski. 2: Miller, S. Pyrzyk, M. Rapp, L. Hansen, M. Carsello Row 3: Magner, C. Kreniples, E. Hoede. I. Kania. Row -4 :K. Cleary, Murphy, B. Kruger. Row 5: D. Barlvaroni, Keyes, P. Ghilarducci. Row6: H. Sievers, Mrs. O'Rourke, M. Pecarona. Division 21 l Row l: B, Holland, Murll, P. Kubik. Row 2: I. Menardi, S. Arbuckle, S. McNulty, I. Iohnson. Row 3: R. McCutcheon, E. Iacobson, A. Richter, Norris Row -1: W. Sitar, B. Andersen. D. Kaplinski, D. Zingsheim Row5: Kneeling: Shupe. H. Swanson, R. Olszewski. W Erickson. Row 6: F. Reeves, G. Spoero, R. Domko, Miss Hoffman. Seated at side: VV. Iunker, A. Smi.h, R. Rundblad, Ellin ger, G. Ross, Pappas. Stanclin at side: M. Zillmann R Olszewski K. Leed L Q . . . Y, Iuliano, T. Zywiciel, D. Quist, N, Cilfone, C. Gratz Division 213 R o W R ow R ow R ow R o xv Ro W I: L. Kraft, C. Maday Calamia B. S italn P. i v . P Y. Coates. 2: C. Frankina, F. Tiritilla. S. Prondzinski, L. Cooper. 3: Peters, E. Sobeck, Pertle. M. Olen. -1: E. Fitzgerald. S. Podolak, D. Loris. 5: C. Reniijan, M, Slack. 6: D. Wecknizinn. A. Strangaritch, A, Schumacher, G. Groeke. Standing: E. McCartney, D. Muscari, I. Bonaclonna, Gedritis, Cvebhart, K. Moberg. Sitting: B. Lausen, Hendle, B. Rugg, E. Eizy, Norris, R. DiCianni, B. Smith. Page 35 1 f 25" 'rc a K f swat own? "K ' ii, ifglfigf s SEE-Q... - 5 ,G F A f -Biff ..r?fHv4 C8210 OIWL OVQ5 Division 216 Row l: Row 2: Row 3: Row fl: Row 5: R. LaNasa, F. Arduino, C. Plonka, L. Zingarelli B. Vander Born. Langer, Affolter, E. Springer N. Hausman. C. Cordell. P, Stevenson, Minardi. D. Klima. D. Klazek. S. Koziol, S. Prondzinski, B. Wind, L Bolling. B. Iankowski. A. Heitmann, A. Swanson, D. Lamb Division 251 Row l: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Row 5: Row 6: F. Belmonte, Laizronza, K. Rohlicek, V. Michelotti. M. Pavone, G. Slunck, A. Markus, Cooper, A Carlson. G. Rowland, K. Hjertsted, D. Dedick, E. Orness P. Anderson, L. Oller. M. Richier, S. Zietz, M. Nero, C. Rudbeck, R Hallm. R. Wunschel, Schmid, I. Grasso. I. Rozak. A. Ebert, M. Trykoski, R. Natzke, B Brown, B. Berrey. I. Wesley, Sellas. R. Kulla. H. Kathan, R. Palacz, Arendt, R Rozycki, H. Wool, R. Walker. Division 252 Rowl: H, Hupert. A. Carlson, C. Carlson. D. Behrendt V. Swiercz. Row2: Guerri, Vesper, Senkeresty, C. Thuering, I Paolelli. Row 3: I. Esposito, M. Serio, I. Koop, I. Hansen. Row-iz C. Diebold. I. Greenberg, I. Ridley, N. Nagorsen. Row 5: Miss Iacobek. D. Barkes, M, Benson. Kneeling: R. Lass. Standingon side: M. Borzin, R. Kussman, Herron, I Szwast, B. Amundson, D. Liberty. Seated on side: B. Childress R. Nelson T, ln lesb , R. Ort Page 36 , - Q Y ciger. B. Kunath. G. Slominski. CSZIO OVVL OIWQ5 Division 253 Row l: N. Iluerson. Horam, Y. Martinez. V, S.1mpson L. Adorno. Row 2: P. Hzxskzi, R. Cziputo. C. Wzills. D. I-lnrtjen. Row 3: R. Simpig, E. Apostol. I. Mzijewski. M. Smid. Row-1: Knutson, C. Lucas. B. Trester. Row 5: D. Pietrini. M. Sweeney. Row 6: V. Kuropzis, N. Lewis. I. Katschke. Standing on side: F. Marchiori, R. Stroschein. D. Day. R Pease. Sitting on side: A. Radzvickzis, R. Baer. T. Nash. D. Keough E. Henke. T. Andersen. Division 254 Rowlr C. Kleiver. B. Thorne. Gernreli. C. Lieggi. R Peternek. Row2: C. Piedisczxlzi. E. Sagos, C. Ankerholtz. C. Strom Row 3: S. Kzistmzm, N. Gross. C. Kroll. B. Iorclnn. Row Row 4: S. Zingor, P. Neville, I, Stern. G. Mix. 5: Mrs. Bertling, B. Schuler, I. Jensen. Standing at side: D. Coomes. LziManna. M. lgyiirto. L McViczir. T. Benn. Sitting at side: B. Cothern. R. Possehl, I. Barabas. R. Melone Division 255 Row l: Halama. Cv. Edenhofer. Sroka. B. LnBuelzi I. Decker. Row2: M. Kozuk. E. Kutil. P. Lenz. M. Lemker. Row 3: B. Llmlauf. P. Marsala. K. Bruce. Row 4: E. Murphy. E. Kuhny. L. Mast. Row Row 5: E. Hohnsen. Kirschbaum. Cv. Miller. 6: Mrs. Armitage. K. VValbridge. Stancllng at side: Pastore. VV. Wesferberg, D. Derr, R Fauser. Sitting at side: L. Rodway, E. Campbell. R. Klepiteh, R Stewart, VV. Rziisch, L. Milott. Division 257 Row Row Row Row Row Row l: K. Berntson, P. Bach. D. Bydzilek. D. Miguel. 2: M. Klemenz. D. Olsen. N. Bennish, V. Cordo. R Burns. 3: P. Czech. G. Ferenzi, L. DeChristopher. F. Hood G . Kaitsiginnnis, R. Monhurdt. -iz D. Lodwick. G. Krenger. R. Suhimon, C. Bennett E. Trant, R. Tomoleoni. Abrzihnmsen, R. Rozycki. F. Rodwziy. 5. . L. Godee. Hummel. R. Northern. Schmid, D. 61 W. VVelnhofer. R. Calhoun. R. Bluhm, T. Cvuuzoules. i-W? 'S iff. 51 .1 ,ffx .. 4. 1 N "'-. 4 1 PFW 1 1 , Lf Ufw' ' iff' Wsa , N " it af.. iz 1. :.. -. ff b ffm . 'f ,K uf? Am 2 . 1 wffmw X My A ,fs A if J :fandom Division 301 R ow Row Row Row Row Row N. Smith, V. Capra, F. Augustyn, B. Leszczynski R. Heller, S. Ryan. S. Alt, N. Nelson, N. Hess, D. Shragal, R. Inger A. Pulcanio, D. Sherrill, Gaudio, A. Cicero, I Beran. G. Cacioppo, W. Norris, B. Lietz, C. Wolski, F Schoner. Kneeling: P. Soeder, P. Kintzel, P. Callahan. G. Esposito, Mr. Buczynski, I. Schuster. Standing at Side: G. Smid, L. Motyka, L. Benson, D. Virgil B. Muchlbauer. Seated at Side: R. Zumpano, R. Arnold, A. Wojda, A. Bil- lings, A. Bassett, R. Knudsen. Division 302 Row Row Row Row Row Row A. Sarlund, D. Smid, P. Walsh, C. Lauren, C. Brand K. Bertucci, B. Collins, M. Berg, P. Biancha. A. Failoni, C. Bresing, I. BuWalda, I. Mudra. P. Mirrilees, I. Carlson, E. Ziegler. P. Ultis, R. Arquilla, R. Berry, G. Marsh, B. Poland, D. Bach. Standing at Side: C. Oddo, B. Wiebe, C. Boyd. R. Bernardi Sittin at Side: E. Pawelko L. Andersen. L. Skultet Klis 9 v Y' E, Fischer. Division 304 Row Row Row Row Row Row Page 40 M. Hoffman, D. Krupa, D. Weixler, B. Simonson. I. Coste, K. Ulrich, B. Eidukas, I. Loforti, A Pugliese. G. Blomfeldt, E. Dyslin, R. Lindahl, M. Hagman D. Caudle, E. Cataldi. L. Pahls, S. Sandowski, P. Szczepanilc, D. Gort B. Hultberg, A. Fitzgerald. W. Boyd, R. Elveton, R. Golland, D, Boeing, R Forhear, R. Huck, K. Blum. Mrs. Young, R. Bylski, P. Pawlak, VV. Curtis, L Rehberger, Bucek, M. Fierer, I. Walls. omiom Division 306 Row Row Row Row Row Row l. 2. 3. 4: 5: 6. P. Pntronski, D. Petersen, K. Holm. Bonder. M. Tomasic, S. Carbonaro, R. Vzillero, Czispziri K. Dundovich. M, Gerard, C. Zelenkn. B. Buehler, I, Crain, I Lowth, I. Gerhard. C. Klemz, V. Wolff, P. Forst, P. Cannizzo, B. Fitz- gerald, Parke, K. Weindorf. I. Mroz, B. Temple. A. Scconcii, I. Marinni, C. Koz low, P. Mennallzi, D, Epifanio, M. Gizinnini. I. Paglin, A. Freund. L. Raymond, E. Christ, Mr Iohnson, R. Taylor, W. Cover, R. Cernoch, F. Fir kins, M. Donatelli. Division 308 Row I: R. D'Agostino, G. Nichols, M. Borkowicz, E. Cin quino. Row 2' G. Fanelli, S. Karlsson, N. Rippeo, M. Dimitrion B. Roseman. Row 3' M. Lutz, A. Masulis, Scoughton, G. Sowul, S Cannataro, Lamzitsch, Row 4: Stanko, W. Maxwell, D. Zommer, R. Tortorice N. Clemmons, Kcrewich. Row 5. D. Zander, S. Cziravello, D. Cornell, R. Chelhcrg I. Olliges, D. Olsen. Row 6. R. Goffron, G. Krupa, R. Borkowicz, H. Muiersf hofer, R. Harris. Division 307 Row l. Row 2 Row 3 Row Row Row 4. 5: 6. L. Huffnus, F. Cascio, I. Iacobscn. I. Iohnson. B. Bayert, G. Nelson, S. Hansen, V. Seno, I. Funk I. Cronk, L. Iohnson, D. Oberg, A. Houtsinger, A Houtsinger, V. Tremper. I. Wajdzi, F. Sekyrzi. N. Paglia, Vcsely, Kim' mich, M. Kceh, M. OVHCZIFD. T. Iaeger. R. Maxen, R. Morriss, F. Bartel, Cook T. Feineis, L. Venturo. C. Nemec, R. Koresian, D. Gouskos, K. Nelson, G Nelson. K. Iacobson. Interdonato. Page -il vufziom Division 309 Row Row Row Row Row Row l: C. Bellon. M. Calahrese, R. Feldon. R. Gurrera. 2: Nielsen. S. Ochotnicki, D. Dunne. A. Dugo, A. Da vidson. 3: F. Hartong. M. McCutcheon. C. Frank. lf. Poulakos. N. VVestc-rberg. Hasten. R. Andrews. Abraham, D. Focht, D. Pedote. M. Faklis. D. Perkowski. 5: R. DeCvrazia. H. Sobczak, Kiedroxvski. B. lohn- sen. P. Fryinan, F. Mallory, A. Wiriiecki. 6: R. Cozzone. Miss Kinderman, F. Shallcross. L. Thompson. D. Simpson. Fillip, li. Kawalkiewicz. Division 310 ROKR' ROV' R ow Row R o W C. DiSalvo. G.Szpekowski.M.Cann1no, P. Serwatki. A. Tejeda, M. Gocller, D. Iurek. I. Edgar. D Stebbins. B. Kartel. Naslvy, Huff, l. Lecis. D. Huff. P Minter. A. Gilbert. R. Koralik. C, Larson, W. Schulze. W. Wittrock. S. Ege. Rothschiller. M. Rasmussen, M. Satinover, Kujak. YV. Vvinter- feld. G. Meyers. Barkoozis, D. Good. C. Mueller. Division 31 I R o W R o W Row 3: Row Row Page -I2 C. Wisner, C. Calas, B. Becker. D. Slavik. M. Weirich, G. Pipala, I. Lechi. P. Vojtos. N. Engel C. Haub. C. Schwilk. E. Cichy. H. Pump. Tronsen. E Folaron, L. Tuttle. D. Fritz, M. Vanassche. l. Sobin. G. Schroeder. D Kozinski, I. Kirschbaum. R. Twinn, T. Snider. Miss McGregor. H. Plattos, G. I-lovland. S. Hipp R. Cvross. G. Neumer. W. Belmonte. T. Ghilarducqi zfmiom Division 351 Row l: N, Harrison. P. Seor:.1. l.,.1nd1. B, Covellz. Row 2: lf, Hnrdys. N. Anderson, L, Snndluoln. N. limos. Row 3: Meyer. Borulinrdt, B. XYCIIIFCSLRI. K. Olszewslv Row-1: D. Boelmt, K. VVo:nink. Mitlit. Sfillldillgl in re.1r.1nd.1long side: D. Vogel, A. Militello. F lippoliro, T. Allnron, G, Donkns, I. Nelipovieh. R Fleming, H. Goldstein. Sitting in renr: G. Fleisehlresser, R, VVesling. R, Nnrdi. I xAf7OlICI'. Division 352 Row l: L. Pzxloinn. A. Gi.nn1nz1lX'.1. K. Pe erson. C, Carney RoW2: R. lVl.1turo. M. Senf. R. Christoffersen. Row 3: P. Ferreri. B. Bush. R. Slwiec. R. Dehne. Row-iz S. Tnnmreck. R. Loky. B, Frueh. Row5: Standing: K. DeVito. Mrs. Schwartz. I. Vetzner, Standing: R. Slmllher, R. Cnrpcntier, R. Lung, R. Menle. Seated: I. North. G. Lnlwlwe. V. Szltko. G. Potter. Division 353 Row l: N. Rnsrnnssen, G. Moss. B. Kznnptner. B. Bidwell. Roxx'2: B, Swanson. Fnlvre, G. Lzxngos. D. Vviller. I Thornson. Row 3: C. Stikkers. R. Flillillllllll, N. VVoltl1nis. A. Shwornlu VV. XRIOUClVs'2lI'Cl. D. Luzin. Rom -1: R. Exlerrs. B. Benson. M. Stoltz. R. Heydenlwurg. lVl Corr. N. Inuolvsen. Roxx'5: XV. Charles. P. Kowalski, Molter. M. Lflportn R. Reynertson. Pnge -13 vmiom Division 354 Row l: K. Kedge, P. Cvrode, H. Stamos, I. Friedman. Row2: B. Stec, Cv. Potter. I. Humphries, C. Iacobs, M. Tschirpe. Row 3: S. Wudtke. I. Anderson, S. Fagerstrom, E. Tejcek. M. Schneider. Row4: F. Rupley, M. Ledwat, L. Tuttle, C. Ritchie, V. Mueller. Row 5: T. Dolce, Cv. Line. E. Bloom, R. Nelson, M. FioRito. Division 355 Rowl: F. Southwick, A. Howald, Cv. Strangaritch, VV. Huntley, A. Goth, Row2: C. Anderson, S. Sledtefeld, I. DiCicco, C. Meier. Row3: M. Leonard, D. Brezinski, N. Fitzpatrick, S. Simek. Row4: M. Fitzgerald, B. Eckert, R. Oddo. Row5: Fant, D. Poierier, L. Catalano. Row 6: F.. Gehrke, E. Chaddock. Standing on side: D. Olsen, I. Wollerman, R. Mueller, T. Demeron, L. Vienna, R. Iohnson. Seated on side: M. Schreiber, I. Placko, T. Parker. Division 357 Rowl: Seated: Y, Manfegna, L. Rzechula, E. Moon, B Snyder. Row2: C. Olszewski, M. Iensen, I. Gidluncl. ROW3: A. Provenza, K. Moore, D. Elliott. Rowfi: R. Schimke, R. Peterson. Standing on side: R. Miscinski, C. Andrise, M. Calafiore. Sitting on side: S. Rothacker. V. Gasparaitis, A Dahl. Page 'H 4 milf? 'x ,. Siam 'fm ff, ? Q , f f ' 'flu J M- - I f' , 4 t N ' f 4 , J f r K! . 2 A 1 V .f N1 ' 5' IR- .ff sg. .4 M 9' -Q4 -.QNX was-..1 'Wi v f I ' v A n W! A R 'L 0 X N- I I 'hi A. A' M X , ., . 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Bumhulis. Division 403 Row l: Row 2: Row 3: Row -iz Row 5: Row 6: Page -lb M. Locasuio. D. Boehm. H. Scalone. Pragit. Y. Donatelli, A. Garcia, D. Koeppl, B. Hanke. D. Bottazzi, C. Skultety. C. Danhauer, B. Ryan P. Huml. R. Hummelberg, Obitts, P. Ciuh, K. Laclegaard P. Corrado, N. Del Conte. A. Vaughn. Seated: L. Kohler. I. Brizzolara. Fullarton. A Sell. M. Compostella, I, Nichols, Cv. Schultz. D. Langlois, R. Swanson, L. Schullz. li. Semerad D. Drawer. L. Christopher. endow Division 40-1 Row I: Row 2: Row 3: Row -iz Row 5: Row B. VVozniewski, M. Fierro, L. Cvussie, Giametti. I. Volpe. E. Brancato, T. DeNight, E, Paul, C. Ianka. R. Heasley, P. Richards, C. Flodstrom, White, L. Haubold. B. Funk, Y. Esbrook. K. Standfest, S. Wiggins. L. Folena, R. Favia. R. Loprino. R. Edwards, Scapes. S. leler, B. Klauer, A. Terek. Ci: B. Lenz. H. Frihorg. L. Frase, D. Rathsam. liismueller. Division 406 Row l: Erickson, Gargiulo, M. Rohaidek. Nelson, Row2: L. Erban, L. Grill, C. Gilbraith, C. Kovanda, F. Alamo. Row3: R. Maurice, C. Larocca, M. Larson, C. Graham. B. Ciorba, D. Craw. Row-iz D. Godlewski, R. Hendle, G. Dell'Aringa, D. Hollatz, A. Koresinn, I. DeLuca. Row 5: , Schmidt. C. Bangora, I. Kcifer, C. Limbaugh, C. R ow T Carrard, R. Anderlierg. 6: A. Hahn, C. Storz, P. Kohut. R, Weise. Division 408 Row Row l: N. Roberts, D. Oziinkiewicz, K. Wild. B. Baxter. 2: T. Stachnik, Ognibene. A. Niemiec, P. Peota, P. Ferguson. Row 3: N. Ulatowski, C. Kratochvil, C, Thomka, C. Schulf R ow ler, D. Kraus. -ir B. Graham, A. Angeletti, M. Rhino. Kraus, B, Keough, K. Bochte, S. Baumgartel. Row 5: P. Wzisilevicz, I. Cisselbrecht. M. Iunker, B. Karner, Row R. lgielski, P. Scaturro. 6: R. Wieczorek, R. Pirzyk, R. Kramer, Lester. M. Olsen. Page 49 SSM WWW? ...W-f -pf 3- .J in -gr' endow Division 409 Row Row Row Row Row Row l: B. Lani, S. Wise, A. Pajak. A. Lanasa, 2: E. Rusin, M. Grant, M. Balsavia, L. Born, C, Ligammari. 3: N. Boheng, S. Stahlecker, R. Solazzo, I. Newman. E.Thorser1, I. Lorenz, 4: Sandberg, Leaman, P. Linehan, L. Erickson. N. Lauter, I. Sylvester. 5: W. Schnur, R. Iensen, R. Gerard, G. Peterson. T. Gimino, K. Kot. 6: Miss Utzig. Kruger, E. Levin, S. Reil, D. Trent. Division 410 Row l: Seated: A. Gmiterek, Kaltenbacher. D. Brand, S. Nahabedian. Row 2: L. Maggiore, A. DeVito, C. Brandt, P. Peterson, I. Sheldon. Row3: I. Weeks, L. Schennum, N. Loch. D. Knapp, Repnicke, I. Gianakopulos. Row 4: Standing: P. Bonk. R. Harrigian, M. Perri, F. Filip- pello, I. Gargano, B. Pryble. Row 5: Standing: C. Riggio, F. Herrmann, D. Noehre. Row5: French, C. Iohnson. B. Sullivan. Row 6: G. Nagle. R. Davison, H. Muzik, G. Lawley. H. Pehlke, T. Stanek. H. Perry. Division 411 Row Row Row Row Row l: B. We-sterberg, E. Elms, Sacchetti, N. Gresher. 2: N. Wiilf, D. Dahl, V. Kraft, S. Sonimeriield. 3: Seated: Champness, M. Podolski, Roman. -1: I. Peterson, K. Gavuzzi, G. Nicklas. 5: Standing: B. Oswald, B. Masaluso, G. Hamann. Standin 1 B. Franz, I. Ferrari, Koetke, R. Nardella, D Q Spillane. Seated: S. Pulcanio, L. Ohman, R. Bartholoinay, Karicazis Page 50 endow Division 412 Row l Row Row 3: Row Row 5 F. Gross, C. Vnnderway. Bottony, B. Grove. 2: P. Hann, V. Pokorni, I. Arnold, S. Nelson, B Masulis, A. Panek, I. Bergant, A. Pump, D. Weiler, D Tyszko, I. Haraburda. -lr R. Somers, I, Santelli, E. Niewindoinski, R. Seno R. Babikan, H. Olsen. H. Schamberger. T. Shannon, M. Trimarco. A Krinsky, D. Smalley, I. Iuszko, B. Przanowski. Division 414 Row Row 2: Row 3' Row '1- Row 5: M. Santo Pietro. Erickson, R. Alongi. Dundo- vich. R. Buttens, I. Wolf, D. Swanson, L. Gossmann M. Zook. B. Strandberg, C. Legones. S. Post, F. Olsen, I Yarns, N. Wolthuis. M. Curcuro, A. Ritter, B. Tuinilty, B. Brims, W VVoodworth. B, Tcepel. C. Slack, K. Meland, R. Sandqnist. R, Gralin. R Merkner. P. Varville. Row6: F. Suhi, Abadi, A. Regner, T. Mosillo, P Filipponi. Division 451 Row l: H. Larson, Cvronow, A. Accorsi. Fejes. Row2: C, Basso. M. Payne, E. Pedersen, D. Belang. Row 3: M. Iordan. M, Gassman, N. Emerson. L. Carlson. Row 4: N. Kanaby. B. Lange, D. Anderson. Standing in rear and on side: H. Cattelino, Mr. Sweig, M Nygren. I. Sirabian, R. Strunck, A. Cairo, R. Felde, I. Lemker. Seatedonside: A. Schmidt, W. Heine. T. Kalter. A. Dummler. Page 51 sw I 3 '..' Har, endow Division -152 Row l: Row gf Row 3: Row -iz Row 5: B. VV.1tson, B. Eidukiis. Reich, S. Fcrrcri. I. lxiiss. P. Shiiughm-ssy, M. Altolwll, M. Brink. C. Trivr. D. Bogot. R. VVillh.un0r, A. Untiedt. VVintcrlwcrg. I. lliliir, H. liCllIlOIiSUIl. VV. Lclinc. P. Ling. A. Huebner. N. Stmncl. I. Sthxuirtz. P. Kutskzi, VV. Krcmske. Mrs. Vcslcy, M. Hillstroni. M. Pntzxno, B. Mau- Donzild. R. Anderson, R. Paildauf, K. Borchzirdt. Division 453 Row li Row 2: Row 3: Row '11 D. MLKL-on. C. Blnsnig, S. Gilkey, D. Iohnson. I. Pruscncr. H. Bourlnnd. P. Poulakos, R. Lcstinin P. I.1l1ns. K. Smith. C. Sillucrschlag. C. Booth. C. Cnonzo. P. Ryan. F. Esposito. Standing in .md on szdez A. Olson. D. Brunk. Pofelski M. Brnnke. D. Edcnhofcr, A. Gunther, B. Dcvitt L. NVilkcns. Cvzitcd on side: P. Hnverlzind. B. Brown. I. Mcycrs. I. Bloom Division 454 Row l: Row 2: Row 3: Row -1: Row 5: B. Chzinmlcs, P. Giusto. D. Burgctt, N. Hjcrstcdt L. Mrowinski. N. Parisi. Pitts, C. Florian. G. Grcct. R. lust. B. Malin, D. Miller. C. Mrozik. B. Cnldcronv. B. Bradof. D. Brown. I. Korbnkis. Standing in rctir and on side: Mrs. Hege. H. Witt. Boyzi jizin. L. Kilbcrt. B. Peterson. W. Albin. Seated on side: M. Purrucker. R. Freeman. R. Blccdin. VV Page 52 Christoffcrsen. endow Division 455 Row lr M. Kutrubis, Swanquist, C. LaFronza, A. Don manian. Row 2: D. Hurley, E. Larson, I. Fitch, S. Hornung. Row 3: Cubon. Olsen, S. Schmidt, B. Brucki, L Edstrand. RQW4: I. Hendlc, A. MacFarlane, M. DiSalvo, B. Kinn, tkncc-lingI F. Rizzo. ROWS: Miss Meyers, Colonies, R. Slater. K. Rand, I Wzitson, R. Nadig. K. Welsch, B. Funk, R. Keunc. Standing alone: Burger. Division 458 Row 1: Seated: M. Marazzo, R. Wzirnckc. F. Palkoncr. I Pins. Row 2: N. WVirtl'1, C. Clauser. N. Lukie. F. Tucsik. Row 3: R. Mosca, Stewart, F. Wollschlager, C. Musial A. Pollman. Row 4: K. Miller, R. Wolchuk, Romeo, B. Freeman. Row 5: Mrs. Exarhos, Pacilio, K. Slavik, Elliott. Standing on Side: R. Stavoc. D. Poulakos. G. Wcrtkc, B Gchrkc. Page 53 mfm ALM Z? gm M Mm ff is x jf X . ..4...,,, Zi . X72 ff W f -QD X Q X I X l f A VL Alf' Q of "gl 1.l'l"l'l.l'f Hllflillf 'l'Ul.lJ .Ulf SO. 'l'UU'l' 'I'UO'l"' 1 -"" ' , Z - I ' 6 fi! "1 ' -'A- 1 ' ""l'sv 4' 4-of Xg8Ll"lfL6LI"g CKUL55 of 79 6 NANCY LECKIE DOROTHY MQKEON FALICIA PALKONER Vice President Secretary Treasurer MISS EVELYN THORSSON Sponsor For four years, Miss Evelyn Thorsson has guided the February class of 1956 through their trials and suc- cesses. She always had time to listen to the problems of her group and lend her quiet, but well thought out solutions. She has endeared herself to all the young folks of the Class of February 1956. Page 56 8 l"lfL6LI"y 7 ANITA ACCORSI Natzae s f1te as eaght hopes one wall pl1y pa1no 1nd an1ke hastory p1rents rate Student Councal Green Curt1m lqec J Maxed Choar D1nce Cl1ss St1r D1rdanelles G A A Announcements Marda Gr1s WILLIAM ALBIN Wall admats he lakes the l1d1es especaally one Marge he s makarag preparataons to become 'an engmeer gettang good experaence at has F1rm Store job MARYANNE ALTOBELL af your he1d saze exceeds your hat saze 1voad Alto future te1cher 1nd keeper of hooks who enjoys d1ncang 1nd danang wath C1rl Star D1rd1nelles Red Cross lpresj Dance Qu ll 1nd Scroll ROBERT ANDERSEN shucks there goes Andy packan chacken math has mallaonaare fraend hell t1ckle fashang 1ny tame hes huntang for 1 cure for garl smokers mom and d1d look good to ham CAROL ANDERSON seamstress Carol hopes to hem an a husband br1qqers need the needle anom and dad furnash the pattern hopes to Don a weddang dress Student Councal GA A DOROTHY ANDERSON housewafe role as Dort s c allang youll spot her 1t ewel Food wath her b1sket of French fraes 1nd ste1ks mom as 1 gem roller sk1tang he1ds her recreataon as GAA KARIN ANDERSON Gym as ate hagh wath spaghetta eater Noodles qaves pa1no hard WTFC lakes to t1rry vuath L1rry says long tresses belong only math dresses mom 1nd d1d are super GAA ROBERT AUER thas cavac manded future 1rchatect hopes 1 yob wall Bob up mom and dad 1re has adeals das1pproves of garls smokang feasts on fraed chacken 1nd spaghetta Latan CAROLE BASSO Lttle One as never gualty of beang 1 grouch keeps you an statches wath her roller sk1tang 1ntaCs as devoted to her mother 1nd loyal to Sears and gym Labr1ry GAA DAWN BELANG Gle1son s records awaken Dawnae doesnt mand e1rly rasang for Chem cl1sses mom and dad 1re essence of perfectaon college football sounds good St1r Annual Luncheon Commattee Choar GAA NHS CAROL BLASNIG sloppy 1pp arel vtans no vactory for shop pang mad Carol p1rents 1re hrst el1ss lakes the hostess b'all Bovalanq Dard1nelles Prom Commat ee GAA RONALD BLEEDEN carclang 1round an has c1r lookang for good spare rabs 1nd sp1ghetta as sport for Ron expert fisher and huntsm1n mom and dad 1re has best fraends IAMES BLOOM the good mornang guy h1s foreagn ent1nglements wath coans tosses levas from has last hes speetator and p1rtacapant 1t baseb1ll and football parents 1re tops law as has held B1seb1ll Football Lettermen Sp1nash DOROTHY BOGOT Mouse h1s set her tr1p for Fr1nk thas femanane dr1ftsm1n h1s outlaned pl1ns for the future wath moms 1nd d1ds 1pproval brang on the pazz1 and hot dogs Latan Syncronettes GAA CLAUDINE BOOTH clubby manded Claudae 1dmares her mother 1nd d1d 1nd looks forw1rd to 1 college c1reer keeps well nourashed on chacken has no p1taence wath l1te comers unaor Choar Boxwlang GA A KENNETH BORCHARDT soft spoken Ken aams has gun 'at loud mouths Northwoods as has hade 1 way vxhere he tr1ps 1nd fashes and ancadentally dreams of owraanq 1 huntang resort ste1ks wall be has specaalty HELEN BOURLAND f1maly t cs 1re close an thas c1ke baker s 1 e her s1x as her sade kacker seeks the Lord 1s her guade sees no re1son for snobbery Rafle Te1m G A A IACK BOYAIIAN vasat Ink s wood turnang shop and anspect has gun collectaon Chac1go weather dasgruntles thas Shas K1b B1b e1ter mom d1d 1nd Arlene 1re has precaous threesome 1amang 1t 1 Mont1aa1 r1nch BARBARA BRADOF Mass B c1nt see over m1de up garls d1nces to Iam s musac 1nxaous to take the f1t1l step p1rents are tops b1n1n1 pae appe1ls Cavac Tacket Repre sent1tave Bovxlang G AA MARLENE BRINK at as dasgustang to Mar to see her own sex sloppaly attared finds fun shoppang wath C1rol enter t1ans thoughts of m1rr1age mom and d1d 1re gems Volley b1ll Baseb1ll Bowlang G AA DAVID BROWN Dave belaeves an the old ad1ge a penny saved as 1 penny e1rned so he collects coans he s the prmter type mom 1nd pop m1ke the best ampressaons abhors smokang 1nd drankanq P age 57 2 2 .2 2 c ...z ... 2 K L2., n C KY lv c ' ...V 1 C' Os: L c Y , C .22 T ' cob I ' .I K I 0 K 1 2 A 2 2 ... 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I K I ,., , 2 2 . 2 17 A CKOQLJ5 0 ROBERT BROWN when BB leaves the ewel hell be found rn hrs own shop mrkrnq old cars look lrke new mom and dad wrll act as busrness agents Football Lettermen Hall guards BERNADINE BRUCKI no Andes for two faced people declares rce cream eater Bernre consrders herself lucky to have such nrce parents wrrtrng letters keeps her busy advocates marrrrge German GAA DOROTHY BRUNK Oh' I tell you Dortre wrll outlaw qrrl smokers lrkes the sound of weddrng musrc Fred rs her faxorrte toprc parents are grfts from he rven Future Stenoq raphers Frnance Bowlrng MARLENE BRUNKE Lynn the ardent lover of record musrc goes out for roller skrtrng rmpatrent wrth crowders rnd pushers lookrng for recrpe to make a mlllron to share wrth her de rr mom G A A IERRY BURGER rf you have a rare corn see mrthematrc wrzard erry father rs hrs most valuable corn hopes to enter the electronrc field rf you re late avord thrs pool shark DONNA BURGETT Oh dear' says Don I want to be r nurse strollrng to Arthur s wrth Aug rs fun enjoys chop suey rdolrzes her srster Future Stenographers Wrll and Prophecy G A A ANDREW CAIRO moony Sam would abolrsh levrs for grrls food rs hrs farlrng orchrds to parents engrneerrng rs hrs career loungmg comes easy reacts favorably to chemrstry Football Lettermen BONITA CALDERONE Bon the pretty one rolls aw ry from brg wheels takes the ersel way for hobby wants famrly of boys for football team mom and pop are gre rt Prom Lrfeguard Hallguard Chorr GAA LEANNE CARLSON lrghthe rrted Lee beams on mom dad dancrng journalrsm and Ray Dardanelles Sw m Annual Star tlldrtorl Qurll and Scroll Lettergrrls Crvrc Trcket Future Stenog raphers Class Day 4Charrmanl Pan Ame rcan Bowlrng GAA NHS HELEN CATTELINO fun lovmg caballo lover Helen skates rway from concerted people honorable mentrorr goes to parents frrends get rn on her przza partres how bout that7 Rose rs her favorrte flower G A A BETTY CHAMALES thrs smrlrng psychologrst hears weddrng Mrs Shahat and Greek przza Lrbrary Councl KV Presb Dardanelles 1V Presb French tPresl G AA NH S tSec I WILLIAM CHRISTOFFERSEN Uncle Sam s fly boy wrll mrss grandmas brscurts when hes skrpprrrg through the arr wrll mrss the old gang but not concerted peop e alw rys enjoyed hrs chemrstry classes CHARLENE CLAUSER they call her Chuck definrtely knows that she wants to get marrred some day scorns the ones who th nk they re smart Brll rs her p z a pal adores Mrss Selrnger IAMES CUBON mathematrcal mrnded Cube belreves rn gettrng at the root of thrngs so he devotes hrs trme at cross word puzzles flounders about wrth hrs tishrng pole wartrng for a nrbble N H S CAMILLE CUONZO Casey goes to bat for mom and dad work hasnt caught up wrth her yet the e s a Ted rn her lrfe televrsron gets a work out Star Prom r Chorr G A A IO ANNE DAHIR o future gym teacher and psychologrst adores parents thrs recrpe collector adm ts a sweet tooth Cheerleaders Dardanelles Leaders Prom Pep Baseball Vo ley ball Bowlrng Crvrc Trcket GAA BARBARA DEVITT a baker s dozen wouldnt make Barb e mad amuses herself by parntrag md accordron playrng Chuck means a lot to thrs grft hop worker mom and dad are the best Chorr G A A MICHAEL DI SALVO Sleepy doesnt need prlls to make hrm doze progressrve jazz musrc fill hrs dreams musrc rs hrs master parents are hrs best symphonres rrvrolr and przza beats all food ANNETTE DOUMANIAN some college where she can con trnue her favorrte subject French rs thrs young lady s future her lrle s wrapped around her parents and record collectrng French Electron and Frnance Cornmrttees G AA ALLEN DUMMLER qrrls' check those crgarettes when com mg to Al s bar b q s consrrl hrm for hrnts on modern archr tecture and household chores dad rs hrs qurde arrlrnes mechanrc rs hrs goal DOROTHY EDENHOL ER Dolly nurses r complrrnt rgrrnst boas ers srves her lore drttres for Frrnk the ac cordron rs her pal rmrg nes she sees marrrage nerr mom and dad are her counsellors G A A Page 58 .11 ' ' 1 - 1 ' 1 K 1 1 1 ' 1'1 1 1 c. , 1- 1 . 1 , K ' ... c F 1 1 1 1 1 1, - . 1 A 1' 1 1 1 1 g- ! s, 1 . ' . 440 y f A 1 1 ' 1 1 11 " 1 1 ,1 1 1 1 , 1. .11 , 1 1 1 , 1 444 K I C Q ... C ... 11 I .vu in . ... . . -1'? 1 1 1 1 1 1 1... . 1. 1, , 1 1 1 .1. 1 , 1'... 1 , H, , 1, 1 1 1 I s 4 1 ' 1 1, 1 1 1,1 r1, ' , L -1. C ... Y C..-. C I ... ..- 11 bells even in her Crvrcs class . . . favors classrcal musrc, mom, dad. 1. 11 1 1.,. . 1 . of: 1 1 ' 'A C C I K ... V. 1 1 , j . y ....K YC. I C C ...L 9 " iz .,.1 ' K , C 'I 1 1 1 1 1 r 1 1 1 1 , C ... C I-C- ... ' I , , 1 , , , 11 1. r - Ky I v 1 "4 ...1 1 ' 1 1: 1 ...1 1 1 .1 1 ' '-s ' 1 1 oo: L C 1 1 . ', 1 -. qp. 11' F 1 K 1 ' A ' A 1 1-' ...N 1f 1 "- 1 ' 1... 1 1 1K ...1 1 Fl A C. " ,,, 111 1 .1 .1 . , 1- . 1 11 1 1.1 ...1 1 1 1 ' ' ' ...'1i 1 11 1... 8 I"lfL6Ll" 6 HAROLD EDMONSON ham eater Hal vurll shutter bug for some magazrne featurrng sports Mrs Ieffords rs hrs advrsor mom and dad hrs comforters pens for Mont Clare Leyden Herald Councrl Star Class Grft LOYANNE EDSTRAND last mrnute date keepers arouse the wrath of arr mrnded Loy she s happy when she s wrth the krds and mom and dad typrng rs her avocatron Future Stenographers G A A RUSSELL EDWARDS vsrll have a date wrth udy after he puts hrs car rn condrtron and has hrs chemrstry homework done mom wrll be the chaperone Bowlrng Chorr Hallguard Red Cross Saddlebouncers BEVERLY EIDUKAS can t you hear commercr rl artrst Bev soundrng off on her accordron7 she s Mrs Vesley s pal but parents rate too Math cuts a figure wrth her Dance Bowl rng Rrng Commrttee G A A IACK ELLIOTT you re goofy srys Moose rf you dont enjoy loahng Casey shares hrs chrcken and spaghettr srves hrs money to shop for a busrness of hrs own NELLIANE EMERSON future finds Nell tryrnq her restaurant experrence on Tom mom and dad shes expert on shrrmp drshes gym keeps her slrm abhors concert Advanced Swrm Bowlrng German GAA FRANCES ESPOSITO enjoys gab fests wrth her frrends takrng drctatron wrll be her future her folks have the key to her heart Future Stenographers Srlver Streak GA A ,UNE FEIES mom and dad are the cream of Peaches lrfe college beckons Star fedrtorj Dardanelles fPresl Councrl Class Grft Future Stenographers Qurll and Scroll Hall Guard Office Helper Dance Class Ir Prom G A A N H S WALTER FELDE Wally the fisherman vxrll tackle your hookkeeprng job rf you grve hrm trme out for przza pres and bowl rn ees no beauty rn Bermuda shorts and smokrng damsels Mrxed Chorr SAMUEL FERRERI future scrence and math wrzard Sam has cross words for puzzles drnes on s eaks rce cream melts hrm admrres Nanno and Mrs Taglra Science Wrll FRANK FILIPPELLO Flrp has r field dry when he mar shals hrs way on hrs sales tour thrs future plumber has prpe dreams about women drrvers Mrs Schwartz rs the exceptron WILLIAM FIORITO Brll drscloses that next to eatrng steaks and frres he lrkes to be rn the arms of Morpheus says he s allergrc to work thrs hrgh powered huntsman lrkes Crvrcs TERRENCE FISTEL Terry rs huntrng for r womrn who wrll not domrnate hrm hrs fishrng fancy tops hs recreatron hours may the fates lead hrm to success IRENE FITCH chrcken wrngs eater Renee flres to the arr port wrth a load of Frtchs bakery goodres to treat her fellow workers enjoys Englrsh classes and parntrng Dardrnelles Chorr Star G A A CAROL FLORIAN My my volleyball rs Gym drndy Pony Tarl races after knuckle crackers lrkes sound of wed drng bells and horses hoofs Saddle Bouncers Rfle Term Leaders Gym French lSecl GAA BRUCE FREEMAN rmpatrent horn honkers drrve thrs e jues trran to the stables grrls make pleasant conversatron p eces saddles hrs appetrte to good steaks get hrm a Rector set for graduatron Saddle Bouncers ROY FREEMAN late comers provoke thrs early brrd skrn drvrng and rrfle shootrng passes the trme for future chemrcrl engrneer who rdolrzes ma and pa food rs hrs fancy IEROME FRENCH Ierry rs pavrng hrs vnay to r c rreer rrr band masterdom or engrneerrng mom and dad rre sugar rnd sprce and everythrng nrce women drrvers are the vrnegar ROBERT FUNK Moose rates hrmself as a door to door man could he be sellrng hrs nuclear rdeas or rs rt golf balls7 or maybe he s lookrng for a shrrmp hand out MARLENE GASSMAN Mars cashmeres keep pr s store broke she s prrvate secretary type who prcks on shy boys and dotes on sports adores mom and Mrss Selrnger Future Stenographers Class Dues GA A ROBERT GEHRKE Bob hopes hrs major ambrtron rs not many leagues away devotes hrs lersure to hrs crate mom rnd dad are sterlrng people poor drrvers baffle hrm Bowlrng Page 59 conf K K I . ' . ...e - 1 ' . . . ' I . C , . . 'z. ., . . .... . .. , ., . 1 . . . , - ...ti . e .. . . ... . t S4 1 , . . , , , 1, f 1 . . Ano C Q I K -l , , .C ., ooo v fy I I . . - g...s . z . . , :ov IK v C 1 . , . and Prophecy, Pre Medrcs, N.H.S. QV. Presb. 2 Q z- . . . .... . , K n.. ' I - I 5. 2 1 af. C vs. . .- . ' C e ci ., ... v v 1 . 2 . Q 1 ' ...- .fr 6--..- . f . ooo ' L ... z ' .' zu Q . ci - , ... I I K- una K " I one I E r z 174, CAL65 O SUZANNE GILKEY Sue knows her grocerres from A to P wrll have no p rrt of lrzrness ask to see her souvenrr collec tron goes for mom s pot rto soup prarses her parents Srs and Loure PHYLLIS GIUSTO concerted people are unfashronable wrth Phyl wrll tee off wrth Mrke she s headed for the mar rrage bureau mom rs her pet gym rs fascrn rtrng Volley ball Basketball GA A IOHN GOLEIVIES Greek eems to have met up wrth r few mean teachers rs anxrous to succeed and be a credrt to hrs beloved parents sports shows pzza and rce cream make hrs world comple e Council GWEN GREET these are Twerp s rmpressrons parents are marvelous rnsrncerrty rs obnoxrous movres rre trme passers hrstory rs ancrent food rs anythrng edrble Srlver Streak lco edrtorl Srlver Streak Representatrve Star Hrllguard Dancers GAA IEANETTE GRONOW key board performer rye calls trme on late date keepers types away her lersure moments arms to make the lrdres beautrful Dale rs not for sale Future Stenographers G A A ARLENE GUNTHER Well you must know A the sewer the baker the telephone trlker she s the busy young secretary featurrng the latest desrgns rn office wear mom rs her model PHILIP HAVERLAND future arr prlot Choo Choo tells naggrng people to drp up and get rnterested rn sports grandma rs h1s sweetheart Vrrgrnra s company rs pleasant enjoys mechanrcal drawrng class WILLIAM HEINE Wrlly lrkes the ladres and admr s rt hopes to amass a mrllron on Sears profit sharrng sports call hrm away from hrs memorrs on Lrn oln loves spaghettr IOHN HENDLE rck sportsmrnded lover of Indran d rncrnq rnd cosfumrng prefers grrls wrth long tresses hasnt decrded on hrs rmbrtron rn lrfe but knows he wants to m rke mother h rppy ROBERT HENDLE hot rod frxer and rrce car Sam goes for hrs brother George lkes to dr rw more thrn hrs breath dad rs hrs prll rr of strength dlnes on przza MARSHALL HILLSTROM Marsh rs harsh on parnted dolls and grouches dont qet lost rn the Oregon forest Donna would mrss your dancrng and frsh storres Spanrsh rs a pleasant sub ject for thrs phersant eater NANCY HIERTSTEDT seamstress Blondre rs cut out for marrred lrfe srster Audrey rs her model takes the shears to two faced people never trres of joy rrdrng and pork chops GAA SUZANNE HORNUNG Suzzy wants to be a good wrfe to some one whose name rhymes wrth blank shell frgure rt out on skates concerted peopre cant share moms Hungarran scalloped potatoes G A A ALLEN HUEBNER commercral prlot Al wrll not fly wrth concerted people but wont take off wrthout Fran as co plot and mom as navrgator Bowlrng Srlver Streak Representatrve Electron Commrttee DONNA HURLEY norsy soup drrnkers rrk stenographer Donna Ray rs her sunshrne Bernre rs her przza partner mom and dad rre rt top of her lrst Future Stenographers GAA PHYLLIS IAHNS future krndergarten teacher Phrl hopes to wrn a marrrage partner wrth her prrze bakrng readrng and swrmmrng creates appetrte for moms pot rorst Student Councrl Hall Guard GA A DIANN IOHNSON Dee says she wrll trarn her frmrly of half dozen not to be concerted rs grateful to her mother hnds pleasure rn prano playrng and bowlrng Future Stenog raphers GA A NH S MARIANNE IORDAN honestly secretary Mar canttol erate sarcastrc people take a gander over to Thomsens bakery shes there eatrng przza wrth her two best frrends mom and dad GAA ROSEMARY IUST rll nr rranered folk pros oke Roe gr rnd devotee of Art rnd I rzz frvors U of Ill Cheerle rders Pan Amerrcan Flectron Commrttee Wrll rnd Prophecy Bowlrng Srlver Streak Councrl Volley Brll Luncheon GAA THOMAS KALTER rf you need r crrtoon phone Lefty the Houlberg Parnt chrmpron wrll rnterest Irnrce rn Crvrcs mom rnd drd rre unforgettable characters thrs srlesman frlls up on hot pork and gravy Bowlrng NANCY KANABY Olymprc games haxe specr rl rllurement for Nancy the frsh pre rches gospel of good sportsmanshrp her eyes dance rt srght of olrves Ads Swrm Lettergrrls Tumblers Future Stenoqraphers GAA Board Page 60 1 1 1 ...11 1 1' - 1 1 111 1 1,1 1 . :btw C C I .,,Y Y -.- C C' 1 1 1 '- 1, 1. s 1 ' 1 L L C Q-Q C ii 1 , ',L .1 1 1 ,Y , . 1 ' 1 1 :1 1' 1 1 1 1 11 11 11. I A Q.. K 1.1 K - , 1 '1 1 ,1,1 1,1 1, ... - 1 Ii '1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1, , r, 1 . 1 1' C VK .., A . 1.1 ' ' - 1 1 1 1 L 4.1 C cl I .1- 1 1 11. 1 1 1 1 1, 1 1 1' 1 C 111 . 1 1 1 t 1 1 . 1 1 11 1 , '1 '11 1 1 '. 1 1 1 1 1 1' 1 1 1 ...1 11' 1 1' 1. 1 11 1 1 1 K 1 : 1' 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 - 111 1. 1 1 ...1 1 v any K - :bo VC K v , , . . 1 1 1 one C V , ' 1 ' 1 1 -1 1 c c 1 ... ' , c 1 1 , 1 , 1.1. 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C0166 0 CAROL SILBERSCHLAG t1ll boys w1th crew cuts can help th1s detester of d1sloy1lty trun her Germm shepherd hound w1nts to be h1ppy Adv Swun C1 1ss D my W1ll 1nd Prophecy CIVIC Tlcket Represenf1t1ve G A A N H S IOHN SIRABIAN thxs dune store kmg w1ll he1d for C1l1forr111 future sees h1m 1s b1g executnve w1ll ettle down when MISS R1ght comes 1long mom w1ll te1f1h her to 1n1ke Shns k1 b1b ROBERT SLATER Bobs toy shop featurmg m1n1atur bmse b1lls w1ll be well advernsed by th1s sports 1nnouncer mom 1nd d1d wlll be the bosses urges 1ll to study CIVICS Wlll and Prophecy Cl1ss D1y Lettermen KENNETH SLAVIK Ken the bo xt sw un flo1ts 1w1y from smok1ng dlmes plctures lllI'HSClI tmklng over d1d s buslness hgures on Iohn us pmrtner 1n food consumptnon espec11lly p1zz1 Lettermen KAY SMITH cryst1l b1ll sees 1 l1rge f1m1ly 1nd 1 te1cher her favonte foursome IS mom dad Mrs leffords M155 L1ndr1 g1n Councll Cholr r Prom Star D1rd1nelles Future Te1ch ers Bowlmg EICCIIOHS Cllss D1y RONALD STAVOE Ron comlng chem1st reglsters neg1 t1ve 1ct1on to l1dy smokers tr uns md ho1ts f1sc1n1te thls staunch 1dm1rer ol' h1s good parents h1s home I9 h1s workshop Lettermen Footb1ll Germ IH Counul Swxmmlng IOYCE STEWART future Engl1sh ped xgogue 19 p1 s g1l dr1m1t1cs IS her field goes for shr1mps Coquettes are her p1st1me St1r Green Curt11n lTre1s l Counc1l I-l1ll Gu1rd Red Cross Choxr Dance Cl1ss GAA NILS STRAND our sleepy tlfllk? p1l rel1es on Ann L1nders to keep mformed w1ll blossom out at Lucy Flower hopes to educ1te glrls on l1test sportsc xr w1ll mxke hlstory there Bowllng ROBERT STRUNCK everythmg 1n food Hlgh or Low looks good to h1rd workmg Red bet he 41 ln tell you the chem1v11l mxke up of 1ny d1sh th1nkful for such nlce parents IOYCE SWANQUIST PTQC Ioyce ut Woolworths hopes to become lady money bags some day mom s1ster 1nd W1yne w1ll share her we1lth sw1mm1ng nets her pools of fun detests unttdmess G A A th1nk1nq about m1rr11ge l1kes to be wlth Lee hest 1s none too good for her p1rents wonders why people get moody shrnmps go down e1sy GA A CAROL TRIER there s not 1 chlnce for petty people to bowl Wllh th1s lvory tlckler reveres mom and d1d mar r11ge 1fter workmg IS her 1mb1t1on enjoys typmg Fmance Comm1ttee BOWIIHQ G A A FRANCES TUCSEK Fr1n 1S not GFIOUS wlth concelted people 1n and 1ck1e rmg up 1 str1ke Ron rates hrst p1ge IH her d1te book for p1zz1 p es Bowlmg G A A ARLENE UNTIEDT book worm Lee wlll exahmge your currency 1ny t1me efF1ces two fmed people enloys her hnglxsh classes and Bob s comp1ny mom 1nd d1d merlt pr11se Pollsh Club G A A PATRICIA WARNECKE muslc 1s popt1l1r p1st1me for P1t the bravo g1rl who has typ ng 1t her hnger t1ps she s 1 lover of pretty frocks and ch1cken suppers Future Stenographers Prom and Glft Comm1ttee G A A BARBARA WATSON B1rb enjoys people w1th 1 sense of humor 1pprec11tes m1 s p1zz1 1nd doughnuts pxge Bob for her Volley B111 Polxsh L1br1ry Lltm lTre1sl Semor Choxr G A A IEROIVIE WATSON that fellow seen 1round SIX Corners wnth h1s CIVIC s Book under h1s 1rm he1ded for H1llm1n s IS Ierry the tenn1s player who respects h1s p1rents but not grouchy people Star KENNETH WELSCH preparmg ph1rm1ceut1c1l concoctlons to cure g1rl smokers w1ll be Ken s venture M1ss Utzngs Tr1g cl1ss mtrlgues h1m mom d1d 1nd DILIK 1re h1s best bets R1l'le Te lm Plcked Pl1toon L 1t1n GEORGE WERTKE th1s detester of show oils w mts to ped xl h1s way as 1 church org1n1st l1kes to pr1ct1ce lo1hng ox er 1 pl1te of w1ld rnce dress1ng parents 1re tops French Choxr LINNEA WILKENS l1y1ng up some money before m1rr1age 1n erests L1n the detester of prom1se bre1kers she s a pen p1l to many service boys 1nd she IS mom s k1tchen k1d settles for turkey '1nd 1pple ple G A A ROBERTA WILLHAMER Ro hopes to be Ron s l1ttle secret1ry some d1y moms good cookxng keeps her fit for dmcxng 1nd dures lxuds her good pxrents Le xders -IB Electxon Semor Chonr Ft ture Stenoqr npher G A A P lqe 64 1 '1 1 11 '1 1 . ,11'1, 1 '. ., 1 -1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1' 1 - 1-1. ... - 9 1 -1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 , 1 1, . , 11'1, 1111 1 1 ' 1 1 11 1 1 1 ' ,1'1 1 '1 1' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ... , , . , c ' 1 , ,I. , ,1 1 , 1 - 1 1 13 I-1 ooo V Y l- 1 1 111 11 11'1 1 :1 1 1 1 1 1' 1 11 11 1 . 1 111 1... 1 1 1 1 I -1- K, 1 1.1 , 1 1 , . , 1, :fo 1 - f 1 1 1"1 1 1 -' '1 ' '1 1 1 1 1 . ...1 1 ' - . 1 1 V C aw. V x 4.1 IEANEI IE SYLVESIER . . . guess what? . . . Ian IS really t 1 1 ... ' 1 1 I ...I V .4 v.v 1 1' 1 1 1- C L V K ... I Q-. 1 s ' I1 I1 11 1 K I C . 41. I v ... too C 1 11 '-1' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1, 11 1 ... Z 5 3 ...1 1 11 11 1 1, 1 1.1 11.1 000 C I C 11 1 1 1 Y, 1 I H ons I L wi 11 ... , c r ' 1 1 2 1 I 1 .2 . 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 I 1 'Q 1 ' 1 , . obs! L 1 , 1 ...1 1 1 1 1 1 ... 1 C I 411 L I 1 1 1 11...1 1 1 , ' , ,' A1 , 3. 8 I"lfL6Ll"g f IOYCE WINTERBERG well educated well traveled and well marrned IS the Ioy of th1s well red Mnss selects Mrs Ietfords Cholr Pre Medlcs Scrence Math Star Starlets C1v1c Txcket Orchestra GAA NHS NOREEN WIRTH nursery worker Nor holds profamty 1n contempt has the camera bug enjoys bemg of servnce to people Sunday school classes keep her busy admnres Mlss Grant Sxlver Streak Representatlve GA A HOWARD WITT future QCIYS executlve Butch dlgs up old coms for hrs collectnon looks up to hrs father would rather attend c1v1c classes than eat spaghettl R O and Concert RICHARD WOLCHUCK Twrnk IS lookmg for muzzles for gabby gxrls hkes to work wrth dad enjoys the company of the farr sex but prefers mom and dad Lettermen Class Day FLORENCE WOLLSCHLAEGER bakmg apple ples for a family of ten would not bother Flo Eston s lme IS always busy Gxlmore s IS her second home gym class outclasses ull others G A A 0l'l'Ll'l'LLff885 Prom Commxttee Wescott Lelme Chaxrman Carol Blasnxg Bonnle Calderone Camnlle Cuonzo oanne Dahlr Walter Felde ohn Korbakxs Louxs Marchxore eanette Olsen MaryLou Payne Fred Rrzzo Pat Warnecke Fmance Commrttee Dorothy Brunk Annette Doumanxan Marlene Gassman Marylane Marazzo Donna Mxller Carol Trler Glft Commxttee Nancy Par1s1 une Feyes nm Bloom Harold Edmonson Loyanne Edstrand Patrrcla Warnecke Wnll and Prophecy Elsre Larson Leanne Carlson Co chalrman oyce Wlnterberg Co chaxrman Rosemary ust Donna Burgett Rmg Commlttee Marylane Marazzo Donna Mxller Carol Blasmg Beverly Eldukas Nancy Kanaby Lotus Knlbert lean Kohlhaas Matxna Kutrubls Elsle Larson Mlke Pateno MaryLoL1 Payne Ioan Pltts Pat Poulokous Robert Slater Cap and Gown Commrttee Anlta ACCOISI, Dorothy Anderson, Carol Kasallls Page 65 N A , Q 6 Band, Orchestra. K ' L A D ' L ' 1 I . . I . . - ' I ' , - ' I Olflflfglflflfif 8lflfLQlf1fL Qlf' Prom night is a big moment in the life of the grad- uates. lt has been a night about which they have dreamed for many months. and maybe years for some. Now the dream is finally realized. The Evanston Woman's Club was bustling with excitement on Ianuary thirteenth as the lovely ladies glided about the dance Hoor with their handsome dates amid the fragrance of perfume from the beautiful corsages. To Miss Pearl Dierks and her committee goes a vote of thanks. Page bo -FF? ' X335 -"gi F :gig S, 'X ug , 5 W ,K 3 Qi 5 .Q A f 52,6 Muff Primm WML JO Iunior Prom of May 1955 Do you remember when you were a Iunior in high school? Let us go back with you and refresh your memory. One girl and one boy go walking down the corridor, counting the hours and then the minutes 'til the hig event. You are up in the clouds, and you feel as light as a feather. and your dancing reflects your feeling. You stop at the Wishing Wellg silently you and your partner make a wish, It all seems like magic - mysterious magic. It's all over now, and only sweet memories remain. IUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE Names on opposite page: Lower right picture: Seated: Pragitt, Gar- giulo. B. Hjelkrem. D. Swanson, I. Gidlund. I. Vetzner. Standing: Koetlce, R. Salozzzi. R. Sc-no, B. Stec. S. Stedfeldt, I. Booz, ULVLQ Cfddd of 79 6 ERNEST KARRAS President RCARL STORZ IOANNE GARGIULO BARBARA HIELKREM Vice President Secretary Treasurer MR. IACOB FERDMAN Sponsor Mr. lacob Ferdman, counsellor of the Iune class of 1956, just finished a big job of taking care of all the needs of this huge class. For four years he has been watchful of their activities and has done a spendid job of organizing the work that a large graduation class requires. He has won the respect of all the graduates, and the teachers that have worked with him. Page 70 vane 19 6 IOSEPH ABADI future r rdro announcer wrll broadcast lessons on crudeness to hrs dancrng audrence and hrs ma h prls mom and uncle Lours are fine stock Green Curt rm Chorr Letter men Star Football Track NHS FRANCINE ALAMO youll have a xarred nenu rf you vrsrt Prankre menu collector has secretarral rmbrtrons scorns sloppy dressers devotes extra trree at the drug counter mom dad and Mrss Selrnger rrte G A A ARTHUR ALLURI when prrnter Art goes hshrnq he ll brmq hrs best catch to mom and dad smokrng grrls can never tee off wrth thrs avrd golfer feed hrm shrrmp and he ll be happy ROSE ALONGI Chrco lrkes to twrrl wr h Errl when she s not bowlrng wrth the Flames mrll on rrre row for her morn and drd get the prarse przza gets the prrze G A A IOHN ALTOBELLI Grovannr prcks r lot of rhythm rn th rt srx as a butcher hell cut hrs way rnto the USAF IS band leader dates 'rre hrs frvorrte p rstrme Lettermer RUSSELL ANDERBERG thrs boy Russ cm make 1 me rl on hot dogs rf Lorrarne rs hrs prl shows and cars grve hrm 'r good trrne not rnterested rn grrl smokers ADRIENNE ANGELETTI brke rrder Ade rs e rrehrnq for 'rn rdeal person wrnts to be r qood old Amerre rn wrthout frrlls or fancres wonders wh rt raakes thrnqs trek Le rders GAA IANICE ARNOLD any s 'rrry notrons w ll trke her he rven Ward lrkes to draw more than her brea h mom and dad are celestral bodres enjoys club mee rngs wrth Rrck Marge 'md a GAA ROBERT BABIKAN rt s well to study Crvrcs th nks college mmded Curley rs he stuffs hrmself wrth sterk bought at ewel Tea speaks hrghly of mom and dad frrrcres bowlrng MARIA BALSAVIA Mer wont horse around wrth con certed people cookrng for Bucky mom and Mary Lou wrll make headlrnes Student Councrl r Red Cross Star GA A CARL BANGORA thrs boy Banyo has hrgh toned rdeas wrll settle for no less than 'r professronal golfer looks down hrs nose at Bermuda short wearers p zes hrs paren s REINOLD BARTHOLOMAY fish getter Remy has reel fun rn Canada wrth hrs favorrte pal dad qrrls rre h s Won derlrne would lrke to tackle old slow c rrs college rs hrs best catch SHARON BAUMGARTEL rf pr za and mrlts are around youll find Ronnre nearby probably wrth ohnny places gre rt rmportance on punctualrty grateful for su h n ce pa ents Hallguard Grrls Chorr GAA BEVERLY BAXTER e rrly mornrrrg Bev wrll w rrte a dre rrrr letter to Fred rn Spanrsh Iowa puts her rn r hrppy state cherrshes her parents Dardanelles Chg r lMgr 3 Pan Amerr can GAA NHS IANET BECKER tucked away rn the credrt department of Sears youll spy an tryrng to pen o'f a letter to Dan Auntre Ellre rs great Star fpage ed torl Qurll and Scroll GAA NHS NANCY BELL lrttle Nan lrkes to bubble wrth the Elrtes and double date wrth Don and Pat mom drd md brother are her top notchers weddrng bells have a frvor rble rrnq G A A HAROLD BELSON rt s shockrng how n rggrng women bother future electrrcal engrneer Hal thrnks mom rs splendrd frsh cant get away when thrs chap does h s centrrfugal castrng r Achrcvement Green Curtarn IOYCE BEMOWSKI pleasant loyce lrkes to do most anythrng top tunes thrrll her mom and dad are wonderful Socral Center Polrsh Student Councrl Srlver Stre rk Representatrve GAA IOHANNA BERGANT to see the world rs los ambrtron rs calculatrng on her mom rnd dad to eome alonq her dancrng feet flnd therr way to dad s store wan s to te rch G A A LAUREEN BIRNBAUM rf you are drscardrng any popular records grve Laur a rrng you ll find her 'rt the Hub shrnrng up her skates Hallguard Pan Amerrcan Green Curtarn QV Presb Councrl Office Leaders GAA NHS EVE ANN BLECKMAN Evrta devotee of Sp rnrsh con srders contradrctors out of her lrne prrzes her mother s frrend shrp school rs her hobby lookrnq for r drploma from lllrnors przza strcks to her rrbs G A A Page 71 . 1 . . 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2, , - , 1, 1, 1 , 1 1'1 r 1 1 , ...1 112 1' 1 1 111 1 ,1 1 2 . 1 11 1 1 1 . 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I V .11 1 . , , 2 1 1 , but sl V sl s K 11.11 1 2 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1t . 1 11 2 1 , , 1 1, 2 .' - t 2 1 J, Cfdflzi 0 PHILIP BLYCKER smokmg gxrls get nowhere Wlth trumpeteer P 1 th1s sauerkraut consumer works on spare rlbs 1n the hospxtal sometxmes h1s band horns 1n on h1m RO and Concert Band NANCY BOBENG MIDHGSOI1 vacatxon for Nan always proves to be enjoyable mom and dad Wlll be a real msplra t1on for college r Gho1r Dardanelles CIVIC Tlcket G A A NHS KATHERINE BOCI-ITE future career g1rl Kay wont tolerate teasers grandmother IS her model Kobette club meetmgs rate hlgh w1th th1s shr1mp eater Green Curtun Leaders Pan Amencan GAA DONNA BOEHM there s nothxng stuffy about th1s bowl1nq kmd but the ammals she collects 1f you want your Hgures r1ght call on th1s comptometer cher1shes mom and dad Choxr GAA GERALDINE BOHL Gerr1e IS calculatmg on orgamzmg an ofllce bowlmg team when she takes over her secretanal pos1t1on lev1 wearers w1ll not be 1nv1ted to jom mom and dad wlll referee G A A PATRICIA BONK Po Po has her net cast for ohnny hopes her poetry w1ll bewntch h1m Belle rmgs true to her Pollsh lSecl Leaders L1brary Dardanelles GAA NH S IERRY BOOZ cupxd has h1t h1m hard 1s a Rock W1 mlx sports and medlcme lfl the future at LI of I lauds parents Lettermen Football fco captaml Star French lTreasl Student Counc1l LOIS BORN Lod1e s bed IS stuffed w1th poodles that she IS savmg for her kmdergarten class admlres MISS McGregor and Mr Lawley parents are preferred stock Cholr Starlets GAA DORENE BOTTAZZI th1s apple p1e eater would rather r1se at Noon may turn baby Slftlflg lnto a l1'e t1me career letter wrlt ng tomes easy mom and dad are her ldeals GAA IOAN BOTTONY face lxfter Io w1ll punt between hanr dos Mrs Hege and parents are her permanent frxends rents 1 seat at the Daxry Burny IS her staff of llfe G AA KAY BOYLE sw1mmer Kather1ne hopes to keep out of deep vxater 1n her teachmg job l1kes to wade through Enghsh classes and fr1ed chncken throws out l1fe savers to smokmg gals German G A A Ill mannered boys th1s clubby secretary awa1ts Cup1d s e llkes the dxmpled darl1ngs her scrapbook IS loaded wlth memory gem adores paren s Red Cross G A A DOROTHY BRAND Gerry Ind Pat get extra bxg sodas from Snovx Whnte Palace Dot gladly g1ves her sh1n est dollar to mon1 and dad Ron lS her pxck Bowl nj G A A CAROLE BRANDT teacher s1nger and housew1fe descrlbes th1s cho1r leader who repels the teaser Councll fTreas l Semor German fPresl r Cholr Future Teachers Dardanelles Leaders S1lver Streak Representat1vc Prom Star GAA NHS RALPH BREMER Brems phys1c classes helped h1m t hanq h1s shmgle as rado and telev1s1on repalr man dec1des smokmg g1rls are annoymg n1om and dad are pos1t1ve char acters IS loyal to Foss eng neer nj RICHARD BREMER ma s home made frxed ch cken IS Sllm s wh1m ln edlbles has fun hu1ld1ng models IS headed for college mom and dad 1re h1s 1r1sp1rat1on favors scxen e classes DEANNA BREZINSKI Dee the gymnast longs to dr1ve a baby blue convertlble mom and uncle wlll he her cho1ce pas sengers tardy people bother th1s roller skatmg fan G A A WILLIAM BRIMS busy B111 hasnt txme for women dr1vers hls model a1rplanes get hardware at Gerbers has defimte lean1ngs toward chemlcal eng1neer1ng roast duck IS a savory d1sh Key Scxence IOY BRIZZOLARA allr1ght1e Ioy you may go swnmmmg 1f hubby says so would l1ke to be a marred gym teacher devoted to p 1rents books 1re her fr1ends Pep Office G A A IANICE BRUCE she l1kes to go out vuth the plpers son r11s1ng 1 f1m1ly I9 better than ra1s1ng cun at club meetmgs levls d sgust her lobsters nourlsh her G A A DARLENE BUDDE bowl a blt dance a b1t stuff a fem ammals txke 1 d1p rmq the weddmg bell munch on plzza and put out the royal carpet for mom and dad th1s descrlbes Darlene G A A Page 72 "h'l"... ' ' - ' 1 If I., I ' C A I .no 1 .K 509 C . ..- I I 1' out K Iv.. 'rr I ' -4. I I oe- ' ' ' '.' 1 12 1.1 l b 4 h A. I uno ' C ..s -V - "1 I ... ' ., , -1 , f , ..., ' ' ' 11M 'll 1 . ... 1 ' D 1 1 -1 . ' ... c I, 1 bro A A .'l .5 C 1.. C .I . K 'L I ... 'I ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ...1'-' A' "' il 1'- . . 1 1 1 1 ' .1 11 uso . I I EVELYN birdUEvie" won't dinner date '- ' ' ' ...h I I 4 ... . C I s...1 Z... . 1 1 ' 5.1 I V ll Q-all Il I I: 1 ' ' l, O00 I' Y s I I L L . , 1, ' 1 ' 0 A ' I 14 1 V' 1' 1 . I I I I ... K ll ' 1 1 I. ' l ' ... is ll x4..' 1 11 ".'1t ...1 'c Nl 1 :mall vfl I Y ' I .01 f ' . K-' , ...1 . 1 000 Af... 1 I I I . ... In K. K If Q.. V- - YK lc I A ... 1- I evil A .Iv v I I - - 1 K sn. A 4.. 1 1 ' , , tubs - A Y' I I ' zz' 1 1 2' 1 '. ... 'C I. 1 1 V. ' K.c,i Q Y . ' . I I f L In I 1 me, 19 AIVARS BUMBULIS Cousln Aw worshnps Temple opposed to qun1 cmckers 11ms to be 1 ludqe p1ng pong keeps hxm bouncmg Gern1 1n F1regu1rd Trlck Drxll Tenn P1cked Pl 1toon PATRICIA BURNS P1ttlLlkC burns up 111 pre ence of con cexted people m 11111 IT11'l IS her best spwghettn m1ker p1p1 m11 IS her eitlnq p 1rtner IS her his the record cr 1ze G A A ROSEMARY BUTTENS future buyer for Sears Rosle dresses down sloppy dressers mquxre for her it choxr prictlce youll flnd her wlth Mxss F1rr ind her pxrents Rlfle Pre Med Red Cross G A A FRANK CAPUTO Pluto the benehcent money collector w1ll rocket from the corner when the rlqht glrl comes 1long h1s temper1ture rxses when he sees qxrls smoke h1s qre1t respect for mom 1nd deed MARYLOU CAROLLO gomg to gym IS the best p1rt of school thmks M1r detester of concelt 1nd lover of sk1t1nq dites 1dol1zes mom 1nd d1d fills for Olson Rug job GAA DENNIS CARSELLO Noche future n1oney b1gs h IS mcc QFIVC sxde m1nners hed lke to l1y IR ny l1te comers mom 1nd d1d wnll 1lw1ys be re111en1bered comes to llfe whe11 qlrls 1re ment oned LEONARD CATALANO L n t1kes lt1l1111 md re 1lly enjoys 1t his no tlme for qlrl smoke sticks w1ll pursue eleCtr1c1ty he s 1 fix ure It the corner drug store IOYCE CHAMPNESS French 'md lunch str1kes f1vor1ble re1ct1ons IH hobbyless llttle loyce who d1s1vows self sppo nted d1ct'1tors wmts to 1nswer soon to the Llll of weddlng bells Le1ders French G A A N H S ELLEN CHRISTENSEN l:,l c1nt kcep her money ITIL! closed spends lt on ipple pe md plZ 1 would be lofty peope are lgnored by thzs future biby nurse r Cho1r Pm Amerlcwn G A A LOUIS CHRISTOPHER when homework d1ys wre over Bmq Lou w1ll hsng h1s store shmqle hosts w1ll be on sale e'1n e mlght be the s1lesq1rl 1n h s shop Socml Center PAT CICH she turned out to be 1 k1nderq1rten te 1cher now shes pxrtylng w1th the llttle uns 1nd d1t1ng the blq ones st1ll frowns on self op1n1on1ted people Pollsh GA A lnterests her Mr W ch 1rms her Dnry e1ts rest her pop employ s her p 221 fllls her conce1td1s urbs her college aw11ts her French G A A MARY COMPOSTELLA when M 1r gn es up her sweet job 'lt osxes lt wnll be to become 1 pr1v1te SECYCIIFV to some b1q bowl mg wlley owner who wlll let her try her I 1l11n on h1s p1 rons GAA NHS IANICF COOPER unt1d ness md con ent 1rk Im B1lls lc ters keep her scr bblxng prefers housew1fe role s Crip book out cf th1s world French CIVIC Tlcket S1lver Streik Counc l G A A N H S MICHAEL CORR concelted g1rls are off the stiff of mus1c11n Muke Mlke I-l1ll1n'1n s h1s top note cheers for b1seb1ll 1nd footb1ll It'1l11n d shes 1ppe1l to th s mus1cwl m'1n PHYLLVS CORRADO Phyl the frock desxgner sees no be1uty 1n peroxlde blondes lft IS her f1vor1te pursult lo1ter ng it the Dury 19 fun req1rds Ronn1e 1nd Mrs T1gl11 very h1ghly G A A IOSEPH COSTA pollte Ice lSI1f keen 'about c1rrot tops enjoys h1s Enqhsh cl1ss w1th M1ss K1lburn IS geared for 1 tool ind d e yob footb1ll 1s his petst me DONNA CRAW Hwwy wwth long h11red boys gro1ns th1s dcmclng dvnsel wx h the hot iL1I'1dlC 1ppet1te w 1nts to m1tr1cu lite X N W feels 1dm1r It on for M1ss Rolence Le1ders A FRED CRITES Mont 1n1 beckons Frlt hopes to dlscovcr urwn um sugcests 1 week to honor 1n1m1ls woe to those who m s re1 then youll hnd hlm it Tr11n Stop Inn eitmg chxcken WILLIAM CSOLKOVITS foss1ls bew lre' Socko IS lookmg for you thus geologlst w1ll unewrth stringe speclmens for h s b1olog1c1l l1bor1tory ITl'lyI79 lt w1ll be 1 pmno or 1 footbsll Coun 1l QV Presb Le termen Prom MARIE CURCURO well bred b1kery worker Mer 1dm1res her piren s 'md Mrs WIYSOH concext 1s out Tony IS 1n n1 1rr11ge 1s 1ccept1ble collectmg records 1nd d'1nc1ng con sumes her le1sure moments goes for PIZZ 1 G A A Page 73 000 B I K .Q- . 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'. .ff 1- C ' . 1 ' ,...f . ,ez . 2 a' , , . a' . . . . not I ,. z , ., . .1 . , , , e .... .. 'wr K -so 1 C v -v Y can C S 1 c c c , ' C K ... K L. . Q , . . . za . . . - at . . L-. . .z' . 2 Q.. v..v K ' z . t .z 1 ' .' e. , V L ... Y makeup ns coarse . . , frxed chtcken and apple p,e set well . . . 1 , o, 4 . .' f . I ' . 2 . ' z...a ' . ,e . . . 1 . . . . ..e - , - , . . . . . - . . . C ... 4' 2 ' . . . . ., . one C V ' ...' c c , ., . . .. , . lfLlfL8 IEAN KOBAT when lean lands that Art teacher s job shell have to respect the alarm clock s call sewing keeps her ln stltches Dardanelles French Adv Art Dmce GAA NHS NORMAN KOELPIEN phmrm lceutlc 11 ambitions surround Norm who IS seeklng 1 concoc lon to cure know xt alls prescr1bes golf and bowlmg for relxxmg cut rates for mom and dad enjoys bxology classes DELORES KOEPPL gosh B111 IS grelt s ghs Dee marrrage rmgs 1n her ear mother and dad are her celcstral gxfts never txres of chxcken and hamburgers GAA IUDY KOETKE nurse udy rs all rxght except when wnth slow pokes best cure goes to mom and dld enjoys hen pecklng wxth Gambetms Qholr Bowlmg Stxr Prom CAA NHS LEA KOHLER lf Lee can take mom and dad on her world tours shell be wtllxng to forego her bowlmg dates she has her hook out for a good secretar1al posltlon French GA A PAUL KOHUT Pablo lmagmes hell have reams of fun sellmg paper to prmters thmks untxdy dressers are terrlble mom pop md Mnss McGregor are rated best stock ARNOLD KORESIAN thmks frlse people md c xr show offs are a menace thanks pxrents for thelr careful quldxnce hopes Stanford w1ll accept htm electrxclty rs h1s current amb1t1on SANDRA KORKOSHUK Oh heavens moans Korky 1 just m1ssed double pxnochle hopes to wm Natnonal fame wlth her v1olxn boys make good conversatlonal p eces thmks thxs plzza packmg accountant G A A KENNETH KOT xt leaks out now that sw un Ken boat mad says famlly Lar xs a hard thmg to get rs pharmaceutical ambxtxons lpprec. ates mom and dmd Basketball IRVING KOTOWSKY step asnde bus users make room for set so he can see sports events en route to hrs job CAROLE KOVANDA convertlbles attract Lee the ac countant who cant forget Arkansas know t alls annoy thjs frxed chxcken consumer mom md dmd are the best ook for her at W1eboldts French G A A PAUL KOWALSKI that Coca Cola guy wrth the Eddie Flsher record under his arm IS Paul the comxng archxtectural desrgner who can work wonders wnth a slab of wood and a d1sh of meat balls VERONICA KRAFT Ronme happy typxst and hamburger addxct chooses her parents as top quallty thmks danclng IS dxvme ofllce work and housewxfe sound good to her G A A ROGER KRAMER huntsmm Rog says flshmg and saddle bouncmg wlll relxeve the tenslon when he becomes a bug busxness man snappmg gum secret mes wxll not last mn hrs OfflCC esteems mother Chonr Germ an CAROL KRATOCHVIL Croquet player Carol wxll take her mallet to snobs enjoys harmless gossxp fests wlth her pals never tlres of volley ball IS a glutton for rav1ol1 Bowlmg GAA DOROTHY KRAUS Dotty has a speclal reason to become a navy doctors secretary ns noted for her letter wrntmg send her a post card when you re travelmq worshnps mom Pre Med GA A IEANETTE KRAUS lf you llke bowllng an wlll team up w1th you xf you are the long sk1rtecl type shell cut you 1f you go to the Mercury shell take your money G A A ALAN KRINSKY bug boy Al has the m1l1tary a1r about hlm and all the secrecy of an xrmy ofllcer would lxke to court martial women drlvers structurll engmeermg xs hrs goa ROTC means most to hun German IACK KRUGER youll find this consumer of food Mo delving mto mathematlcal phenomena md re jdmg up on engineer rn manages to save trme for sports mom and dad are hrs heroes GEORGE LABBE sun rlse serenade xsnt for Buck hxs car IS hrs love keeps pressmg engagements wxth mom and Mr Nalecz has fun consummg Italxan beef sandwlches KAREN LADEGAARD K lr the easy to get along wlth type w1ll smooth your wrmkles and lxft your face when she opens her beauty salon she mxght even ask Stan for a beauty con cessron 1n h1s grnll G A A Page 79 KI w L l ... L ' f 1 -1 '1 . 1 2 1 ..1 11' N21 1 1 1. 1 1 . . 1 ,1i ... C K N -K .1 1.. V C ... ... - '1 1 1 5 - 1 2... I. '12, 1 1 1 1 ' 1 .... 1. c 11 1' ', Q.. 1 c I 2 1 1 ' 1. 1 ' , ,z .1 ' 1 1 1. '. ,,, .i 2 '21 ' 1' 1 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 ... A ' 1 1 ' can L v C 1 1 L , '1 1 '1 '1, .is - 1 1 '1 .1 1 ...hip 1 'Q1 1 1 :so 'C v C the plumbmg and heating contractor who Carnes a pocket TN. un: C v f' 1 1 11... -i-1 1 '. 1 zz ....l ll: l C I Y L K C , K. A L , C V 1 Y K 4' V ,C I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , ao: yy! K K- C ...Ax I' ..- s C Y Y K lt... ls , .I1 1 .11 K ' u V 1 1 1 1 1 12 ' 1 1 11 1 - g... 1 1 .' 1 11 I ... l K V L - 41- C A I QI K . 1. -1 -- -1 ' Y V C L Y C ... . 1 I l C ' 7A gfdifff 0 ARLENE LANASA rf you re lookmg for 1 cert un equestrx ln st xtuc sec Ar renowned collector she s Fr mcme s p al l1kes lCtlNlly on the dnmond und grxd ron mom md did ire super1or Pre Med G A A DON LANGLOIS mus C nmker Llnk lkes to jizz around wlth buddy Rich goes fr lntxc over stige shows poor sxght rexders of six musxc ind T bone stesks Stmr Gxmpus Grew Green Curt un BARBARA LANI cxut ous globe trotter Bwrb fesrs the reckless drxver books are her close frlends finds courses ln Socn ll Studles lI1fE'l'CStll'lQ lobs er tuls he rd her ext lust Green Curt un Ghoxr G A A CAROL LAROCCA Rocky w :nts to hlt the roid for Met operx 2 xts r1x1ol1 to ht her for the rough spots Synchron et es Gjytc Tlcket Bowl ng lcec I Gheerleiders tG1pt l Councll lAtt Sec D Pep Letterglrls GAA MARION LARSON hor es 'Are th1s future olllce workers hobby llkes the sound of the weddmg nurch mom gets the orchxds yolley ball md dstmg keep her busy Ssddle Bouncers Le xders French GAA IOYCE LAUFER woe to promlse breakers 'and hot rodders when oy skates after them shell be an wsset to any otllce 1dm1res Miss Orzechowskx French D1rd1nelles GA A NANCY LAUTER Nince specmllzes rn conversmons wrth club members xbout her evperxences xt I-Illlm ms prcks Spwmsh 1s her fmvorlte subject h us her he xrt fastened to 1 cert un some one G A A IOAN LEAMAN to become 1 brldc md be ln expert cook especlxlly ln preplrmg hot beef smdwxches IS the 1mb1t1on of mom md Sh Iron shxre her secrets French CIVIL 'llcket Txrdy Oillce GAA NI-IS BEVERLY LE DONNE Bev spends my extrs time dnscus smg weddmg plsms Dlck 15 her pxck Toot1es his l1ttle respect for two ficed people mom s spighettn his no equil thmks she G A A CLARA LEGONES thls ty pmg Wrtxst llfts her Eyebrows she ll probsnbly be ehinglng the record or dlshmg out pxzzj GAA BRUCE LENZ Brute c mt condone compl uners collects penn mts on hrs trsvels ummg to en er the mmlstry hopes Bxrb w1ll help hlm xlw lys enjoyed his slles clxss und hrs A P ob Red Cross IAMES LESTER bu z rm s glrige when your buggy xcts hes the Smclixr mm thsnt wlll know why mom IS hxs trewsure h as enjoyed hls woodshop clss es xt Stelnmetz EDWARD LEVIN Ed hopes to step from lidy shoes to peoples sulments hell doctor members of bind for low cost especlally Mr Feldmsn prescnbes stewks for hewlth Pre Med Green Curtam Cnmpus Grew Band CAROL LIGAMMARI this ty p1st would run her Legs ff for mother and MISS Kllburn when Mr Rlght comes 'along she wmts more th ln plsstlc weddmg exke ornimen s G AA CLARK LIMBAUGH Chuck seems to th1nk boys hwve the monopoly on c1rs wints to become 1 blg busxness mm mother 1s the mxlk of klndness to this Bowmm Dury worker Bowling PATRICIA LINEI-IAN nmmble toes wlll sing her w'1y to college wlth Mlss Farr Ind mom is compwmons grims frred ch1cken 15 swell r Gho1r Dirdmelles Dmnee French Snlver Stre 1k Rep G A A N H S MARLENE LOGASCIO tedchlng wxll be Mir s problem wlll try her biking dehghts on mom did 'and grsndmws Stir r Ghoxr Dirdanelles Lesders Pep GAA Boird NORINE LOCH say Nor they siy you collect stuffed mxmwls hive you one for Drck mom ind did did you get the 1de1 from the Blology lib Polxsh Club G A A ROMAINE LOFTIS cmdy k1d Ro w1ll keep books her experlences It the rmk movxes 'md bowlmg alleys hxve proved mterestmq mom und om xre her xdeul persons GAA RICHARD LOPRINO youll heir more ubout Rlch when he exhxbnts hls lxtest c lr model 1n front of the b lkery shop where he cooked up h1s xde us pwrents get the hrst spm Bowlmg IANET LORENZ p1 Z1 pxckxng sn has compllments for mother md pil Frm secretiry s job w1th plessint hours md bxg p xy wnll ple use thxs bowl1ng g xl G A A Page 80 ... 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Y 12 22 In 2. 2 2 2 2 ' ' 22 2 2 2. 2... vane I9 6 LAWRENCE MAAS It s 1 shame gro1ns L1rry to see so m1ny women dr1vers w1nts to bu1ld h1s future 1round me chan1c1l engmeermg thmks Soc11l Stud1es IS 1 prolitable subject sets up h1s f1ther IS 21 fme ex 1mple to follow German BETTY MACALUSO look for Betts profess1on11 s1nger 1t M1 s Dr1Ve 1n she ll be 1cc0mp1n1ed by Gene s b1nd ded1c1tes spec11l numbers to mother d1d 1nd Butch W1 fe1ture mom s spec11l beef smdwlches Cholr St1rlets Orches tr1 G A A MADELINE MAGGIORE Lynn hopes she wont be wrong when she p1cks Mr Rxght exch1ng1ng QOSSIP 1t hen p1rt1es 1muses her 1s w1ld 1bout shrlmp p1rents 1re 1bove p1r French G A A WILLIAM MAIOR M 11 b1seb1ll f1n hopes to Wflte 1 best seller 1nd peddle t on h1s world VOYWQC mom 1S h1s le1d1ng 1dy l1kes c1tsup wt1h h1s me1ls B1seball Germ1n GEORGE MALATO W1ll1e h1s 1 glrl on h1s m1nd would r1ther sleep th 1n l1sten to n1gg1ng c1rs get 1 good QOIDQ over when he s IH ch XFQC l1kes the 111me of Dorothy LOU ANN MAMCZARZ Buckets weeps over 1gnor1nt people lt ll be 1 Qly weddmg PITHXICCI long 1go by th1s P1221 e lter w1ll LOUIC be the lucky one7 G A A BETTY MASULIS w1ll le1ve her Tex job to t1ke up house w1fe s role IS soon IS some one Bobs up w1th the quest1on Will you be 1n1ne7 h xtes to le 1ve her p1rents Sw1m G A A ROSEMARY MAURICE Speedy cr1es down w1th prom ISC bre1kers out w1th 1n1m1l h1ters 1nd IH w1th rhythm1c blues wants to lead 1 nurse s l1fe Le1ders Mlxed Cho1r Pm and R1ng Green Cuftilll H1llgu1rd G A A KARL MELAND Carlos recommends that g1rl smokers slow down th1s lover of sports goes to b1t for Mrs Watson Lyndes humburgers 111d 1n1s ste1ks 1nd brownles m1ke muscle for th1s l'am1ly man RONALD MERKNER Red st1nds P1t on 1 certam person A L1 P furn1shes g1s 1nd money he c1n really Lettermen ROBERT MILLER deep thmker Bob w1ll 1ncre1se h1s sc1ent1f1c knowledge by FCWCIIHQ ILIHSLCIHS theory of relat1v1ty 1vo1ds garrulous people Emstem IS h1s 1deal Sclence Club Chess NHS RICHARD MISCINSKE Tmy c1n t tolerate crabby teachers w1shes they would 1m1t1te mom 1nd d1d bowl1ng 1S h1S foremost past1me send your baseball 1nd football copy to th1s expert pr1nter IEANETTE MITZIT jeepers e1n sure h1s roller skat1ng on the br11n th1s d1me store d1msel w1nts to be on the move l1kes to dr1g s1ster Dott1e w1th her to p1 Z1 p1rt1es G A A HARRY MONROE I'lUI1llS!l1lflSt H1rry counts out careless dr1vers hell be flush YVlfl"l money when he opens h1s small store p1rents 1re h1s best p1ls knows the h1gh 1nd low 1n foods PATRICIA MOORE bemg frtendly to unfr1endly people IS 1 b1g oper1t1on for nurse Pat t1lkat1ve Tlllle conyerses about med1c1l m1tters r Red Cross D1rd1nelles Pre Med1cs Cho1r Future Te1chers G A A N H S ROBERT MORTELL Mort holds fort at Nat1onal Tea when not re1d1ng h1s h1story books knows good food 1nd eats plenty of lt w1ll settle for 1 s1les m1n1g1ng job 1dm1res Il'1'l p1 1nd MISS F1rr B1seb1ll HOWARD MUZIK th1s 1ct1ve future dent1st w1ll pull your tooth free 1f you sh1ke I'llITl up 1 str1wberry m1t mom 1nd d1d 1re the roots of h1s amb1t1on Key Lettermen C1mpus Crew Sw1m Tr1ck GLENN NAGLE when you get your weddmg lIlVlthlflOf1S spe1k to pr1nter Glenn for best PFICQS 1nd modern 1de1s youll flnd h1m 1t the bowl1ng alley esteems h1s parents Germ1n SADIE NAHABEDIAN 1122 collector Sad1e w1ll serve fore1gn dlSh9S at her weddmg wouldnt m1nd a baker s dozen 1n her f1m1ly f1nc1es d1nc1ng for p1st1me French lV Presb Adv Sw1m GAA RICHARD NARDELLA p1ge R1ch 1t the Y where he s QXQFLISIFIQ h1s muscles 1nd e1t1ng p1 21 yes th1ts h1s m 1th book bes1de h1m steers cle1r of g1rl smokers 1dm1res h1s parents Chess IOANNE NELSON th1s l1ttle l1dy h1snt told us 1bout her future pl1ns wh1teyer they 1re m1y she h1ve the best f luck 1nd of course meet the r1ght guy 1long the w1y P1ge 81 .04 K v 5 9 V 1 ' 1 ' 1 - Il . I ... F-1 K 1 1 1 c r - ... 2' c c ... 1 1 1 ,1 1 ll 4 1. 1. , ,A 5 . ... IC . C C 1,1 1 1, 1 1 1 1 1 In 1 1 11 , 1. 1 i 1 c c 1 ... L K 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 , 1 1 ', ooo I -v ' -1 , 1 1 1 1 Y, v A 1 . ' 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 1'1 '1 go, go, go on mom s meatballs . . . math IS h1s path to success 1 1 1 ... Y C C K ... 1 1,11 1 1 1 1 1 1 '1 1 1 1 1 1 1 C ...L Y 1 1 , 11 , ,Ir. I C 1.0 x C 1, 1 1 1. 1 ' 1 11 1 1' 1l... 1 1 4 ' ... , , 1 Ir 1 7-If Y Y Y ' ' ' ' c 1 Q11.. L I' ... ' ... 1. ...L 1 v I I A ' A ... I A i .441 C ' 1' ' 1 :1...', 1 11 ...A C ...K N 14 1 1 11 1 '1 ' 1 , 1 1 o ,L L YK. 1 7A Cfddd 0 SONIA NELSON Sunny shxnes m the art of desngmng w1ll apply her floral shop experlence when mom and pl QIVE consent to wed Dot 19 her p1zza pal L1brary Hallguard Swnm Gym Secretary GAA IUANITA NEWMAN concelted people' keep fur away from long d1s ance operator Neets who IS calculat1ng on ownmg her own car and QIVIDQ the fam1ly buggy a rest lunch IS pleasant past1me G A A IANET NICHOLS Ian rates borrowmg a bad habxt a fam1ly of four sounds good Ron IS her honey pralses mom and dad has eyes on De Kalb Concert Band Lxbrary P1n and Rmg Bowlmg Pan Amencan GAA GREGORY NICKLAS heres a lad that cant make up to peroxxde blondes hopes to beco1ne 1 dental expert mom and dad w1ll get free dentures sports and Engl1sh are h1s loves ALICE NIEMIEC Al has the bakmg bug w1ll m1x up best cakes for mom dad and Cam w1ll smg for p1zza any ay FBISES her VOICE agamst unt1dy people Dardanelles Latln GAA NHS EDMUND NIEWIADOMSKI Rudy the ardent flshmg fan w1ll hammer and saw for a l1v1ng world problems are more lnterestmg than week end ass1gnments mom IS h1s preclous pal Pohsh Club DONALD NOEHRE Dons late workmg hours mterferes w1th TV programs hell be glad when he owns a busmess and can go hsh1ng when he wants say have you any old stamps for h1s collect1on7 IOSEPH NOVELLE lucky Ioe housevunner and busmess man does not approve of lmblblng and smok1ng women M1racle house has plenty room for Carol mom and dad Lettermen Basketball Track IEAN OBITTS eanles p1ano talent w1ll get a workout when she starts teachmg school l1kes Ray s ways youll fmd her capable of handl1ng the dough Leaders Dardanelles Star Ir ChO1F GAA IUDITH OGNIBENE atoms and molecules g1ve Iudy a work out 1n her chem1stry class parents cant be beat gab fests help to pass the t1me w1ll 1nvest1gate the compos1t1on of PIZZH Dardanelles Orchestra G A A N H S FRANCES OLSEN that sh1mmer1ng ve1l and wedd1ng march beckons Franme to the altlr label lookers w1ll not be 1nv1ted Al w1ll be the best man Bovslmg Adv Sw1m Prom Rmg Commlttee G A A HARRY OLSEN Norskx the codflsh knd has no bone to p1ck w1th prmtmg mom and dad have made the greatest 1m press1on th1nks Mr Nalecz IS an 1deal lnstructor Plcked Platoon R O T C MARSHALL OLSEN Moe cant dec1de 1f he would rather sleep than eat IS wlde awake when car trouble comes later he mxght open an apothecary shop 1f mom and dad approve CAROL OLSZEWSKI Ollle th1nks 1t s folly for g1rls to smoke mar1tal bhss looks good to th1s b1scu1t seller th1s lover of b1ology l1kes to dlssect frled chxcken och1ds to mom GAA WILLIAM OSWALD lawyer Ozz1e renders unfavorable verd1ct on g1rl smokers around school Mr Herr1ck and mom get first cons1derat1on dec1des favorably for mdependent bust ness salesman Councll QPresl Key Chess Model Rallroad NHS DIANE OZIMKIEWICZ Dee hopes she can fulf1l her l1fe long deslre to become a nurse she has that beds1de manner Counc1l Pol1sh Dardanelles Pre Med Red Cross Prom Latm GAA NHS ADRIENNE PAIAK pleasant dreams about the future w1th Don br1ghtens her dayt1me grxnd at the typewrxter w1shes forward people would step back a l1ttle mom and dad are wonderful GAA ARLENE PANEK Maybellme the queen cackles about her world trlp at her hen partxes she s not sold on T V Student Counc1l Cheerleaders Star fpage ed1torl Leaders M1xed Lho1r Qu1ll and Scroll Pol1sh lPresj GAA Board NHS ELVIRA PAUL loquaclous V1v expects to land an a1r hostess job specxahzes 1n collect1ng autographs mom s 1S the best eatmg comes easy espec1ally when 1tS lasagna talks aga1nst unt1dy people G A A PAUL PEDERSEN monetary collect1ons 1nterfere w1th Pete s read1ng up on electromc matters he s the guy that goes for H1 F1 and mus1c was ISI los v11th work? asks he Key HAROLD PEHLKE Hal beefs about smok1ng g1rls hopes he can matr1culate at Purdue 1n the engmeermg department mom and dad are best quallty spends h1s le1sure vwlth Ken and Ron Sw1m N H S Page 82 11. 1 ... c c 1 L . 4... f.'1 c 11 Y. 1 1 , 11. . ire tc , C ... ce ... -1- 1 ... 1 1 1 1 , ... ce ... 2 c ... 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Y. 11 1.1 1 C 1 1 I 1 4 1 c ... ... , W, 79 6 BARBARA PELLICANE nry notxons h1ve llftcd up th1s bowlmg fan 1nto the re ulms of tht str ltosphere hopes she ll contmue her ch1ts w1th loby mom 1nd d1d 1re tops GAA PHYLLIS PEOTA Phyll w1ll tr11n her f1m1ly to be on t1me hopes 11111 Wlll help p1rents mem much to her l.,hr1st1an 1tmosphere Xull prev11l IH her f1m1ly Prom Adv Sw1m GAA MATTHEW PERRI lVl1tt w1l1 str11ghten out your legal ent1nglements when he plsses the b1r exam has mom and dids 1nterests 1t he1rt ltal11n d1shes 1re h1s plCk goes for sports HAROLD PERRY PWQC Duke 1n one of the work shops youll find th1s fisherman t1ckl111g 1 book on college prepara t1on spends le1sure 1ttend1ng sports events w1th d1d m1 s home s1zzl1ng the ste1ks GEORGE PETERSON look out g1rl smokers camer1 h1ppy Peter m1ght take your p1cture work1ng 1ll through the year su1ts th1s chem1stry m1nded man joe 1nd Ralph w1ll be h1s helpers German Club IRENE PETERSON b1kery g1rl Irene h1s set her m1nd on college MISS Haley WIHS her vote mom and dad are 1de1l dr1ws for pastxme when not e1t1ng grams Swedlsh me1tb1l1s G A A PATRICIA PETERSON wh1t does It m1tter 1f lt s ch1cken or pxzza just so long as Dan 1S there s1ghs Pxt shell st1tch 1nd cook 1ll for h1m CIVIC T1cket Cho1r LOUHCII French GAA KENNETH PFEIFER w1ke up Ken c1lls pap1 your pr1nter boss h1s some rlre stamps for your collectlon t 1t Getts h1m hes off to the pr1nt shop enjoys sports ROBERT PIRZYK th1s m1th w1z1rd 15 1 humd1nger at con sum1ng PIZZI he mgles 1w1y from scre1m1ng teachers h1s lC1Sl1I'Elnf9l'CStS c1rcle xround b1sketball soft b11l and bovtlmg MARILYN PODOLSKI '1rgu1ng IS not f1sh1onable 1n thls des1gr1ers llfe th1s b1g travel1ng execut1ve rates mom and dad as her best tradem1rks St1r Ir Cho1r G AA N H S P Y P n1ng when she can mom md d1d are above par us crowdmg arouses her 1re volley b1ll subdues her wrath Lhrdanelles Leaders GAA NHS ROSALIE POLISCHUK egot1st1cal snobs need 1dJustment thmks Ro hopes her marr1ed l1fe vull be as bhssful as her parents mom IS her pet typ1ng IS her amb1t1on M1xed ChO1f IEANETTE PRAGIT lean IS Frank about announcxng her wxshes to become a gym mstructor shoulder tappers WIII get the whlstle mom and dad are her leaders Cheerleaders LOUHCII tatt secj M1xed Chorus r From GAA ROBERT PRYBLE obst1nate people are offensxve to Rob1e 1f he has h1s way hell enter the mUS1C field and take Iudy w1th h1m owes much to h1s de1r mom fmds prmtlng enjoyable work German ROBERT PRZANOWSKI b1g game hunter Bob draws the l1ne on g1rl smokers shop hours Wlth Mr Holm spark pleasant memor1es for th1s future SIQCIFICIHD ch1cken always tastes good AUDREY PUMP 1f you sw1m 1nd dr1ve you re the one for Auds 1f you re the earr1ng loser type you can look IH IhlS stenogr1phers e1rr1ng collect1on strong for plrents L,ho1r G A A ADAM REGNER 1ll the good th1ngs of l1fe money spouse C,1d1ll1c home 1re Regs des1res strong for the food box Iewel Te1 IS h1s second home gunnery IS h1s funnery SHIRLEY RENDA nurse Sh1rl w1ll use her ple1s1nt bed s1de m1nners on her frnends mom 1nd d1d get p1r1mount SCFVILC hot dogs xxxth Tom IS 1 ple1s1nt treat 1fter her work at the f1ctory French G A A IOAN REPNICKI typmg IS the key to th1s roller sk1t1ng f1ns success after 1 few ye1rs of work shell seek a l1fe partner and settle down to ruse 1 f1m1ly Le1ders G A A MARILYN RHINO typ ng Lynn pounds away at late comers wxnts to be a c1rbon copy of her mo1n pops OK too m1rr1age str1kes th1s bowllng fan 1s a good 1dea Dardanelles Leaders Bowlmg Red Cross GAA PEGGY RICHARDS Peg h1s eyes and ears for only one th1ng Art mom d1d 1nd B111 are the ones who encourage l1er IH her endeavor r1 es COHCCII 1s a c1p1t1l SID French G A A Page 83 ...z 1 ' ' 2, '.z . ' . 1 at . a c ' c 1 ... , . 1 . 1 1 ra 0061 L . - 1 . t .. O00 ' 1 K'l 2 T v-. C - - .... . C... . " 2' ' te a . , i... c c ... ' , , , , Q . .. ., 1 z ' ..,hf ... 1 2 '. ' ' A ' a... 2 ta 'z' i i 1 L. 'A . ...t . VALERIE POKORNI . . , h SlCZll thera ISI, Val , takes a tan- z e ...b C C , Q . . ' 1 z 1. ,z cpm I L --Q . he - C 1 Q.. 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C C y L 1,1 1 , 1 vane 79 6 THOMAS SCHMIDT U of llllnons looks good to Tom h1s enjoyed Mr Powers Physlcs cl iss mom 1nd d1d 1re hne ex1mples mech1n1cs keep hlm busy P1cked P11 oon F1regu1rd berm1n WAYNF SCHNUR lI'llFI1llS will be gl1d to meet veter1n1r11n WWYHC hopes to com money collecting 1n1m1l bones bus es l1lITlSClf wlth the Bullders mom md d 1d ure hrs souvemr coms Germ ln Pm 1nd Rlng Tumbling CECILE SCHULLER Snookle horse collector bnlks 1t concelted people 19 It home on 1 hlly s blck 19 1 b md f1n Mr Feldm1n md mom 1re delightful people French Club GARY SCHULTZ Oh Chess thut s the m 1th genlus md nucle1r physlcxst Glfy who sees stlrs xn h1s sleep 1nd chemncnl evperlments ln his dre1ms Science Club fPresl Chess Pre Med fCl1llI'lI1"tI1l N H S LEE SCHULTZ 1sk pressm1n Lee to show you h1s l1test blrk are mon m lybe It wlll be on evh brtxon ln N1t1on1l Tel VNll'ldOXN his L nr IS hxs first love plrents 1re tops ALICE SELL Al scorns the leeches who never return borrowed lrtlcles shes lookmq for 1 wedding bmd mlybe she ll hnd her helrt throb It the roller rmk IS proud of her p1ren s G A A EMANUEL SEMERAD pubhf. evhlbntlon of blowing smoke rmqs dlsqusts l1l0dlLO Sem mon md dld will be proud when he gets h1s doctorlte hes the fl1sh bulb fmncler Scxence Key lSec I Council NH S RAYMOND SENO tight lev1s for gmrls drsqust R1y com merc11l artist 1nd Hub customer nets h1s sh1re of dmcxnq It Lxon s b1llroom mother M1ss Kelly 1nd Mr Lakm 1re h1s top trlo Cholr L1t1n TERRY SHANNON money consuous Duck te1ms up wlth footh1ll md hockey dwtes md worklnq keep hvn busy reveres mom 1nd dad B1rb comes next finlshes wlth Superlor Lettermen s Club present we1rs herself out shoppmq she s the pl1tter QDIH mng k1d h1s hnqh regard for p1rents M1xed Choxr KV Pres l Red Cross Volley B111 G A A MENELAOS SIAVELIS f1g blqs 1rrt1te th1s lover of the svncopned be1t dotes on hnstorv 1nd M1ss McGregor th s 11zz b1by IS devoted to mom d1d 1nd ste1ks Lettermen Footb1ll fCo C1pt l FATHRYN SKULTETY K1y qets her sh1re of d1nc1ng 1t Lion s Flub she hopes to become 1 no d housewlfe some day wall 1m1t1te mom 1nd d1d s w1y of llfe loves sp1re r1bs 1nd ch1cken G A A CHARLES SLACK Ch lck s TV DFOQIVIIIIQ cl1 m so much of h s lersure th1t he h1s no tme for 1 hobbv m1th problems ch1llenee h m IQ p ep1r1ng to be m electr1c1l eng1neer DONAID SMALLFY prmter Don would r1ther prmt stones th1n wrxte then s lutes Mr Frehch as ch1mp1on Sc ence te1cher needs no lullables to put hlm to sleep s1ves An1er1c1n co1ns ROSE SOLAZZO d1nc1ng Rose dlsllkes unfriendly people hrs m1rr11ge on the br1 n hkes Mlke p1rents 1re wonderful Goes for sp1ghett1 Student Councxl r Prom Star St1ff Tumblers ROBERT SOMERS Lou e the gunner mxuht pull the tr1g qer n gum crackers mom 1nd d1d 1re str11ght shooters yor ll find th1s Q75 d spenser on the golf lmks p1rents 1re supreme SANDRA SOMMERFIFLD S1ndy h1ndv w1th the tg pe wrrter prefers to be 1 housewlfv. 1fter shes through wr1rJp ng b scu ts Tom IS great grouchx people 1re out Coun c1l D1rd1nelles Le1ders GAA NHS FRANFFS SOUTHWICK there s 1 gurl numed Frances who w1s too busy domg her homework 1nd w1tch1nq TV to tell us 1bout her elf nevertheless we w1sh her good luck 1nd God peed TEONA SPIFWAK Schxck r1zors recommended for unsh1ven boys polka records m1ke her g1ddy devours shr1mD 'lr1Cl rhlcken Stude11tCounc1l Pohsh Ir Cholr Dard1nelles Future Stenographers G A A N H S DANIEL SPILLANE oh boy cm Mmckey turn out some swell p1tterns rn wood shop hes well posted on women drners 1nd Ioan speaks hxghly of Mr Holm Student Councrl St1r THERESE STACHNIK w1ll feed Tom her best boy frxend bar be cued ch1cken lf he w1ll ecure some souvemrs for her collectlon she ll make a good nurse Pohsh Dardanelles Rmg and Pm Commnttee G A A Page 85 ,..2. . '. 2 2 2 , .v . . 5 2 . 2 2 . 2. . 2, 2. 4 ...2 2 ' 2 22. 2 . 1 2 2 .1. : 2 22 .. 2, 2 , '. . ,222 ' 2 2 2 . 22 2 - , ,2, 2 ..2 2 . , , 2.2, 2. 2 1 2 . , 2 2 .... ' .., .',, . 2 2 , ...2. .,2 , .2. 2 '2 1 . 2'2 2 V' v '1w2'v' ' - 2 .. .,..,. .2 .. .. ,.1 Q V Y 'I lv ' f v ' 2 2 . .... . A 2 A 2 2 . 2 2 ' 7' K. ' ,...12 2 V I . ' ' .1 - fs' ... . . .x. m.' ' 22 . 2 . .:2 :'k 2 .2 , 2. ,2 . 2 . .2 . ooo 4' s S is ,' 2 2 ...2,2 1 A 2 o . IOYCE SHELDON Shel,cl211ns up when vaxn people are . .. , . . 2 -. - ...2-2, 1. . . 2 2 . 2 . K2 1 ,2,2 .2.... 2 2 -2 .. , 2 K. .2 2 K2 ...V -la. K lu. lc ... 5 K , K S l.. 2-. , 1, .. 2.'21. 1. . 2 2 .1 2 2 2 1 r 2 2 2 . ' I 9:0 Y C 1 . K - Y-.22-3 - . ' C ' i 1 ls I 1 22. 2 .. 1 ...C L' L 2. 2 2 21... 2 .2 2 2. ,, ess ly 4 w I ' l rx s.2.. C f 1 -l L ...- VL C" -.. C nsC J our I ,K V' 2' , A K k vsc A 'K' 1, 1 ' 2... 1 2 - .2 2 2. 2 2. V, 2, 2 . vi. . V I lc I ss 2 s . ' ' 2 - 1 4 was K K rf ...- C -sv f I ...xo . u - v f v 2 V C D Y ... Y - 'v A Y . 2. ova' 1 ' 1- . . .Q , , s UA CVM 0 SHARON STAHLECKER people constantly behrnd trme can not take long strolls wrth thrs perfect secretary Nancy rs her best pal mom rs the salt of the earth collectrng theater trcket stubs adds rnterest to her lrfe Pan Amerrcan Student Councrl GAA PATRICIA STAMPER receptronrst Pat wrll grve all patrons equal attentron does not lrke snobbery spends lersure hours brushrng up on volley ball rs keen about Deno Dardanelles Crvrc Trcket Prn and Rrng GAA KAY STANDFEST steadfast Kay the pe trcoat medrc drslrkes the teller of fabulous storres the Huh rs her second home mom and dad surpass all goes for przza G A A THEODORE STANEK grrl smokers are Teddy Bears problem recommends moms carrot cake to Laura t rs draftsman thanks Mr Westergreen for hrs help hopes to be come a noted archrtect MILTON STOLTZ future holds plans for M lton but XX hat they are no one knows because he has not drsclosed them probably lrkes moms cookrng and the famrly car maybe he has a grrl frrend or two also CARL STORZ lt beats m says Farmer vnhy people are so rmpatrent chummrng around wrth the boys drscussrnq hrs nuclear engrneer ambrtrons rs pastrme for hrm h s a whrz at weldrng German Key BARBARA STRANDBERG Barb doesnt lrke loud people but does go for bowlmg she vyonders why she collects stuffed anrmals has arry notrons about her future looks up to Dorrs and mom G A A FRANK SUHI lf Mo could manufacture steel prpes md burld speed boats hed grve up hrs sleep ng yoh and hrs qym rc trvrtres could never resrst qram s apple p e BARRY SULLIVAN Attorney Barry recommends penalt es for constant late comers Northwestern beckons prefers Crvrcs and English mom and dad are rendered favorable decrsrons savrng post cards and travelrng are h s pet pastrmes NHS DOROTHY SWANSON Dee the artrst rs headed for Sweden as an arr lrne stewardess sxrll mrss mom dad Mrs Watson and przza pres Councrl Srlver Streak Prom Lrbrary Gym secretary Volley Ball G A A RONALD SWANSON do you feel the draft squawks przza tastes better when Buck and Brll are there mom rs hrs precrous jewel German WILLIAM TEEPLE Brll temporary florrst says even the flowers cant stand the grrl smokers thrs travelrnq commercral artrst and numrsmatrst wrll exhrbrt hrs corn collectron along the way ALLEN TEREK a1r mrnded Tex has to force h m elf to do homework would rather dance and skate hes up and atom rn h1s chemrstry class spends lersure workrng on cars CAROLE THOMKA rf lohnny rs not on the spot Carole wrll call ludy and ack to hunt hrm could eat hot dogs even rn her factory envrronment gym IS her whrm FDITH THORSEN people who use profan tv foul out var h Edre a famrly rs thrs gal s favorrte kn ck knack mom and dad are perfect flqur nes przza and hamburqers rre her favorrte foods G A A SHARON TIMMRECK Doug rs the d rte bov for th s typ st doesnt care a Hg for show offs lrkes to sketch her frvorrtes mom dad and srs marrrage sounds good G A A DELORES TRENT eepers says Dee untrdv people lust arent my type belreves m Sternmetz p rrt drrvrnq pop s car passes the trme mom and dad take front seats rs Earn for chrcken G A A MICHAEL TRIMARCO Mrke would lrke to sprke a job that he ll really enjoy wrll look to paren s and Mr Rosch for advrce wonders why women smoke lrkes Commercral Lava Lettermen BARBARA TUMILTY Bobble vull endeavor to teach her srx boys to keep crgarette ashes off the saucers mom and dad are exceptronal people money slrps through her hands Hallguard Pan Amerrcan GA A DONNA TYSZKO the lonq xx ilk doxxn the rrsle vnrth cant come too soon for thrs devo ee of shrrmp przza and gab fests wrth the club grrls H ull Guard GA A NANCY ULATOWSKI Nancy says gettrng up early just frres her mom and dad make pleasant hrstory for thrs Euro pean mrnded card shark who en1oys gabbrng vvrth her pals G A A Page 86 ooo 4 , C, 't' C Y y f v ... 40:-I L , L I , L A ... , ... C K K .., A C... ... . 1. 4 . . . 000 - C V - Il . , u . . . .,.he 4 c L ...Z . . ., e, , 1 ' 1 , K . e,. ' c ... 1, . ' v . ..... C . , 1. ., r . ,K z'- .. K. ,. 1. ... 1 - 1'-I C ' ... rs ... I ...K K L K K .L 1 . 04: n C vl ' C K ... I 5 , K. we Q e , 1, V fl' ., e, Swede, the draftsman, boasters are workrng over trme , . . K C K ...r I If . . f I . f - 'F 1 . . , . .1 r .ani K v C I I' ... . . K'.... .. . K ,z : ' 1' ... L ' . 2 .. ,. . . ...I ...1 . - 004 ' K Q Ce . V ... l If f L ' K ' 1 , .4 '.... e I K ... le ' ' '2 ' 2 ' lov I- L . . , C f'.. 1. C , ...Q .1' C . ... C K K CC 5 ' 'V K C I - C I C .oe une, 79 6 CAROLYNN VANDERWAY lxttle German cooklng frau Carols whxle she sells her Woolworth s products 19 opposed to untxdmess adores her parents Hallguard German Club Mlxed Cholr G A A GEORGE VARVILLE sports of all kmds attract Pat spends most of his tlme w1th Stan Don and 1m mom dad and Mr Rosch are the salt of the earth Lettermen Baseball ARLENE VAUGHN dr1ve m to Kung Cole and r1b Kltty about Greg oh fish ta1ls sputters Pussy I do love my Art class her models are mother and father GAA BEVERLY VERDONCK Bev lnkes to dance and bowl shes headed for the altar to take those solemn vows mom and dad wlll QIVC her thelr blessmg she longs for pizza G A A MARGARET VOGL Marge hkes soft spoken people ltke lrmle lf you re lookmg for a nurse for some speclal axlment qlve her a buzz her flrst concern IS her parents r and Sr Choir German GA A IUDITH VOLPE teacher udy wlll teach dmclnq to her class along wxth muslc promlses not to club them parents are supreme Future Teachers Pm and Rlng Student Council Senlor Prom G A A PATRICIA WABICH a qulet httlc home where consxderatlon for others will be practlced IS Put s ldea of contentment Mlss Haley IS her model Blll IS great Council Dardan elles Prom GAA NHS IOYCE WEEKS thls bow wow and meow collector wants to orqamze a baseball team xn some small town where cousm Mary vull act as referee and sales manager G A A DORIS WEILAND thats l1fe rn a blq c1ty says Doree future artlst dont rush her there s lots of tlme for datlng and drawlng consumes soup for energy Barb IS her pal GAA DONNA WEILER thxs plzza eater vxants to Don the tltle of Mrs seeks parents counsel late comers react un favorably to thls record lxstener lxkes gym for vlm G A A RICHARD WEISE R1ch future msurance agent doesnt mess around wxth dead heads women dommate h1s tnme sched u e lots of mom s frled chlcken for dad and 1m PAUL WENDLAND walt a second women drxvers Paul xx 1ll let you see his unusual Hsh collectlon hopes to T V them some day Leader newspaper wnll be hrs pubhcnty agent folks are h1s msplratlon BARBARA WESTERBERG trallmg 1n late lrks Barb llkes Herbs wnth her pxzza glorufles mom and dad outs the Lords wxll before her own unlor Cholr Spanxsh Club GAA RONALD WIECZOREK rmq bell rmg hooray says Squeaky school s out now lots of t1me for that special q1rl frxend mom and dad provlde guldance chlcken and fr1es prov1de energy JOAN WHITE oame the Polish sausage consumer satls fies her dancmg hunqer at Lions music IS her master parents are her best audxence look for her at I-lnllmans Clvxc Txcket G A A KAY WILD Kay vull not cater to late daters gxves servlce to Mike through letter wrltmg mother 1S her queen t IS typxst wlll soon have a dlctator Dardanelles G A A Nl-I S SHARON WISE Buttons wxll seek lessons from Ken how to ralse a b1g Chrlstxan famlly potato salad g1ves her vlm for SW1mmlHQ Adv Swlm Latm Club G1rls Choxr GAA IOAN WOLF bakmg goodles for her Iohnny boy and raxsxng ructlons Wltll dxctators seem to su1t clothes sales q1rl oame p1zza goes down easy detests cursmq GA A Represen tatnve r Ach1evement BRUCE WOLFF thus Math vuzard bel1eves vtomen smokers should smarten up and engxneer thenr appetxtes around good steaks and French fr1es mom IS h1s xdeal ohn ns h1s a Concert Band IAMES WOLLERMAN there s no msomnla ln Ilm s makeup nelther does he suffer from malnutrxtlon hopes to have many calls for h1s home made Indxm Tom Tom Carol zs has theme song NANCY WOLTHUIS thls excellent typrst and nurse w1ll make her famous spaqhettl and cheese reclpes 1f you wnll tram her pooch to keep off her bed 1dol1zes mother and Mrs Watson Page 87 uso 1 I c . . 1 I 2 ... , 1 1. . . .... boo K ' 1 . 1-i 42 .,. . ...c . - ...I - I . 4 . E. 1 I K I K I ..- ... I C Q., -4. sfo C If ..... 1 I ...r 2 - I . ei ... I .. - I ... I C I L -1. :Qui I C C ... 5 I K . ... CC I . ,I. . ,,, '1 ' . , . can - C 4 - E - . . . we 19 6 NANETTE WCLTHUIS get the fleld glasses out for Lynn to help her locate an easy job and find a certam some one typmg comes easy parents are great S1lver Streak Cho1r Red Cross G A A WAYNE WOODWORTH Prxscllla better not wear levls smoke or sport a car Qunless she worked for lt' lf she wants to keep Woody hopes to become a CPA RO and Concert Band Orchestra KENNETH WOZNIAK 1et pxlot Ken putters around the house when he s not cruxsmg around wxth hxs car lookmg for rare stamps and a good pxzzarla thmks hxs parenets are yust r1ght Pollsh BARBARA WOZNIEWSKI Sus says xt s pathetxc to see sloppy dressers shell cut a rug with her medlcal pals dad and mom are welcome to share her spmach Red Cross Latm G A A NORMA WULF Norm says her parents are umque shes the clubby kind enjoys Mrs Arm1tages classes marrxage IS her goal Steve IS the man famlly lxfe appeals G A A IOSEPHINE YARUS the bugler that sounds at the break of than conslderate o the Yankee wxth the frled chicken appetite GAA GEORGE ZARET Georgie wxll never be lonesome when Mlss McGregor IS around he amuses hxmself tmkermg wlth radios and operatmg AM and F M statlons lxkes to delve mto the archives of history MARYIEAN ZOOK Bookworm Zooks latest book entitled George wlll be revxewed at the next club meetmg be there and get the Low down Council Dardanelles Red Cross Future Teachers Prom GAA NHS telnfnfetz LC!-Org 0711? MUSIC by Ivan Feldman Flght' Flght' Fnght for Stelnmetz Hugh' She s a great school vsorth fnghtmg for Wm' Wm' Wm for Stemmetz Hlgh' Let s brmg Vlctory to her door Cheer' Cheer' Cheer for Stemmetz Hlgh' Raxse your volces and shout to the sky We re the best 1n the West and We ll beat all the rest So FIGHT' for Stelnmetz I-hgh' Rah Stelnmetz' Yea Stemmetz' S T E I N M E T Z YEA STEINMETZ' NS?2Ll'LWLefZ Olggd SPH? We re loyal to you Stemmetz Hxgh We re wxth you forever and aye We ll do all that s best For the school 1n the West And for you we wlll always fight Rah' Rah' So fight boys, push on for our school Come on team, we're Wlth you to rule Keep brlght the Sllver and the Green, The colors of the grandest team, To Stemmetz we'1l always be true Page 88 U ' ... ...I r If att . I .7 , , . ' I nn. I . I V I -.1 . day and arouses gloomy gringos from their lethargy is no other ' Q.. , , , . . . , . , , . . . . z . . . - - -- .. - - - ' , . . . . , , . , 'vm I1 .1 fr 5 "vw w f,g1:5','f A I - ,N -8' if' 'bi ff 'Sw hgaxg, un v 1 ' xg, . -X 'wir-A,Y , lifilq. vm? 4gmau,Q9,ff54v " .- :' 1-,w"f'7 -4f1L!: J. -gf " - w ' Q3 535. . fl .. S. Nil ,Lf Q, 4, j .Ir gg 'Iwi' ,f . , .1 J .YE in .grit Q :gf-, - 4g,1w:NgihC:k VV A if ' Q'-ff"-' QT' -' .V -J f 4"'1 Q, ff'-f'f'iH G11 ? M? 1-CII M! 'gg I wx, Iggy Q. YJ , , Q X, ' -1 X, QP W 03 x. S- " Xu -ft QW "" , 1 ,N V 3 t Nas' 45 -'Q fs X I' W" Qwi U N all 75, - j l a ' s A, - Ei 15. I ,g '7' ,Fx . - 3 S w 'ei ik xi 'mx 1 5' . J, A nl? N, Q , K 1 L I u " - ' 1 . . 1 f i i Q. xi, Xi! 4 i 5 5 f 'ff RX' "Xe " 5' 3.84" ty dv'-Uql' 3' 'if , 1 ' x V xx 8 4 ' qi' 1 f fan!! iv N Q . V , , x .- Y ' 4 ff vm ,K T 4,5 - - Q, f'v A--Q ' ,f f 5? as ae N :sl Q - A7 gl ki! Q Msn A x sk save: I X N. r, ut, S 1' egg 'I V uf 1 '. ? Y E 'ye U G64 ,T-Q' K M .na S . f A 4- ' . .ff 'Y 'W tx 419.5 ,fk J 3' Q' , 'V ' A f k Q. Ls, ,. ,Q 'V Q' ' ' A x " N X yi 'H I X9 Vik: X xx'-V in 3' N' " ' - " 11 L -9 ff--+1 A MX Y , - kQ " 5, . N S , 'W ' ,J-'v '1. L JW' Sak N4 . A, Rl X' iq sg K M 6 ' . ,V Q n. V M ' X- ' ' . I N ag KJ N, U-1 E if Q 4 ,fig f 2 ag f' hi qi A' ' wi 9 wa Q r Ny 'M ' 4 ! 'N "-' ,gi " 1 XX' A-5 1 ,I xi 57 E 'ff .Arg '93 jp? VLQV OWL f 10 0050 fW ,K fix S X 4 "' 3 ff 1 X K f K X f J ifiillwz, f , K xv, 2 X-vfJ!Xy K6 - A'.sm11f, 14l1'1f lI'llIli 'IUIAIJ A11-. so" 1 -' ,. A Xf X f?' V ' .,'A' f XJ! f P! X ! Q ,I 2355? Ei -fx , 35 .,,,. 59 .1 ,S .15 , ix? ,if , Q Y ,pkg m ' y. iLZ'5L:.4 : Q , K 5 IZ 3 Q H f,ax ' f new W I Al rf' " N 'Q K af .f N , x,. "' ff' is 5 Q ,F xkxuxyyiijy m , iq K . 'ju X 99' X , ear Marfa an Qui EGP Q Parent Teacher Association Pupils at Steinmetz will readily rec- ognize these faces so familiar around Steinmetz. They are some of the dear mothers who unsellishly give up a part of their busy day to help the cause of the best school in the west. Pictured here are the Board members who plan and direct the activities for the year. The Parent Teacher association is an organization to which every mother should be proud to belong. P. T. A. BOARD Seated: Mrs. S. Smith lTreas.l, Mrs. W. Fritz lPrcs.l, Mr. S. Nalecz, Mrs. D. Bloom lRec. Sec.l. Mrs. C. Watson lprogram Chairmanl, Mrs. A. Stzivoe, 1Corr. Sec.l, Mrs. L. Springer, Mrs. A. lust. Standing: Mrs. I. Novak, Mrs. I. D. Smith, Mrs. G. Madcr. Mrs. L. Slzivik, Mrs. A. Huntley, Mrs. F. Cernoch, Mrs. L. McKc-on, Mrs. C. Eckert, Mrs. W. Mains. Mrs. R. Hoglind. Mrs. N. S. Greenberg. Mrs. T. VV. Blum. Piqe 93 N Z far UMW STAR STAFF Long Piutura: From front to Imgk' Li-ft row: I. Bondcr. M. B.ils.ivi1i. XV, Huntley, lim' lwric. D. Bvlnng. B, Gmliuni, B. Kcoiiqh. Obitts. L. Erickson, G. Greet. Stnmiiiig: IE. Nliijor, Nlrs. Iciiords. R. Gross, VV41tson, D. Lzinglois. S. Ivlcr. Right row: A. David- son. L. Huifmis. R. Sohizzo. Sniihctri, C. Bmndt, H. Uuldstriii, Stvxxuirt. C. Ciionzn. V. VVUIHA, S, Iligvrstmiii. P. Shiiiiglnicssy. NI, Aitulvcll, Pitts. . .FN f M' ' :IQ X, 'i sf! ...!q, r 'IN -...X 2,83 6Llf'Q CA6LIf'g8 WML ZZ.fZ...aW. Silver Streak Representatives Now that the 1956 edition of the Silver Streak has been slipped into the cover, and all the financial hurdles have been surmounted, the Silver Streak "Reps" can take a Well earned rest. Due to their hustling and bustling. the Streak has managed to stay out of the Red for many years. This fact, plus the 1750 Annual sales this year, has made the publication a huge success. Words of deep gratitude are coming to these hard working people. Gur beauti- ful annuals are worth the effort, SILVER STREAK REPRESENTATIVES Seated: C. Bellon, L. Stangenes. Standing at side: F. Kukla. Row l: Loftis, N. Wirth, R. LaNasa. Row 2: B. Leszczynski, I. Pahl, I, Fitzpatrick. Row 3: I, Funk, C. Miller, B. Roszkowski, D, Altiere. Row 4: D. Swan- son, B. Konis, N, Ellefson, E. Larson. Row 5: G. Sana- litro, G, Horstman, F. Larsen, P. Ferguson. Row 6: S. Nelson, G. Langos, B. Erling, D. Morawski, R, Goldstein Row 7: N. Redding, M. Huflnus, S. Zietz, B. Umlauf S. Obitts. Row 8: L. Brown, M. Leonard, P. Domanico B. Anderson, Michzilak, K. Cleary. Row 9: S. Wudtke P. Ryan, L. Carlson. C. Remijan, B. l-lultberg, Sobon B, Benson, Kujak. Row ll: W. Welnhofer, A. Hueb- Row IO: I. Vetzner, G. Greet, E. Ziegler, D, Bochat ner, R. Bird, C. Storz, R. Schimke, E. Semerad. Page 96 Ae? jf ,fggain You'll get a good workoi join the Silver Streak Staff Won't mind the toil involved everybody helps and does lt Sometimes jokingly, We Call 1 sor, Miss Catharine Landr slave-driver, but We all ac she's the hardest working the job. SILVER STREAK STAFF Foreground: M. Payne. At right side of the table: G, Greet ICO- editorl, C. Wennerstrom, S. Boro- wicz, D. Stebbins, P. Farber. At typewriter: B. Rothacker. Back of typewriter seated with book: N. Parisi, R. Heasley. Standing in rear: D. Belang, N. Nagerson, I. Schuster, R. Domko, R. Iust. To the left of the table: I. Olsen lfiditorl, E, Zeid. I. Gotaas, Be- bout, Edgar. Not pictured: F. Esposito, Mortenson, Lutz. Page 97 lf'6LLlfL aww on pam e National Honor Society The National Honor Society at Steinmetz is an organization for which many students strive to qualify. To be deserving of this high honor, one must maintain an E average for six consecutive semesters: he must be somewhat of a leader in his group and must be of good character. Moreover he must be willing to be of service to his school. The aim of the society is to improve the scholarship of the school and to inspire pupils to work toward improving themselves. OFFICERS Sczitcd: Lcxnker, Pres.. P, Shnughncssy Travis.. M. Kutruhus. Att. Scc. Standing Pres.. B. Chzimales. Soc. Forcground: Lemker. Row l: B Chzimziles, S, Ferrcri. M. Kutruhus, P Shunghnessy. Row 2: D. Nlclicon, M Mzirzizzo. Cuhon, I. Fc-jcs, D. Iohnson N. Parisi. Row 3: C. Musizil. F. Pzilkoncr I. Pitts. I. Kass, N. La-ckic. Pitts. D schlag. R. Keune, C. Schmidt. Winter herg, L. Kilbert. W. Leline, I. Olsen M. Nygren. Miss Grucncr, Sponsor. S. Fcrrcri, Vice Belang, L. Carlson, Row -l: C. Silber- AOL!! ffm power 0 Odzfwe jAL1fLLL1fL W.. ..g National Honor Society One of their projects is conducting a program for students who transfer to Steinmetz from other schools after 1B semester. The program consists of a luncheon and a meeting with the various school officials. Getting students off to a good start and helping them to make friends is the main purpose of this program. Each year the Society holds a break- fast for its members. A worthwhile pro- gram is presented for the enjoyment of all present. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row l: Gargiulo, W. Oswald. Row 2: Ognibmiv. L. Gussic. Row 3: C. Iunkn, D. Czimkivwicz. Row -lr B. Baxter, I. Kohnt. K. Wild. Row 5: C. Brandt. li. Rusin, I. Sncchetti, Row 6: M. Podolski, S. Kai-sc. A. Niemicc, P. Wabich. Row 7: Ahzidi. I. Gaxrgano, G. Schulze, P. Moore. Row 8: S. Sommcrflcld. Champ- ncss. I. Koetke, B. Kcough, A. Punt-k. Row 9: I. Lcnmzxn. R. Miller. M. Iunkcr, S. lelcr. P. Line-ham. Row IO: A. Hahn, H. Pehlke. L. Hoglind, E. Semerad. lVl.Compostcll.1. Page 99 QPQWJQAA QVUZCQ Dardanelles Are you ever willing and ready to help your school? Do you enjoy con- tributing service? lf you have these qualifications plus an average, you are eligible material for the Dardanelles, the oldest club in the school. For the past several years Miss Florence Kil- burn has been the sponsor. There are usually from sixty five to eighty five members in it. Each member is supposed to take her turn at the work that the club is called upon to do, even though it might mean a period after school once or twice a semester. DARDANELLES F. Gross KSOC. Chairmanj, Fejes 1Pres.I, Fabric lAtt. Seal. Row I: M. Locascio. G. Szpekowski. Row 2: D. McKeon, I. Iacobsen. B. Simonsen. Row 3: L. Kcdge, Cvargiulo, H. Scalone. Row 4: Pitts, H. Stamos. M. Kutrubis. Row 5: N. Parisi, T. Stachnik, I. Funk, R. D'Agostino. Row 6: P. Moore, B. Buehler, N. Engel, D. Miller. Row 7: Sacchetti, B. Collins, Bu- VValdzi, C. Brandt. Row 8: R. Szwiec, R. McCutcheon. L. Spiewak, K. Wild, R. Heasley. Row 9: M. Rhino. I. Giannkopulos, C. Musial, M. Altobell, E. Elms. Row IO: P. Linehan, S, Fagerstrom. Qbitts, P. Wabich, Meyer. Row ll: P. Szczcpanik, S. Schmid. M. Iunker. I. Kerewich, I. Dahir. .Afwdyd Olflf Aan! Dardanelles The cake pictures that you see on both pages were taken the day that the members of this club brought cakes to send to the U.S.O. for the members of the Armed Forces. The cakes displayed are only a small part of the number col- lected, This is only one of their services. These young ladies serve at P.T.A. meetings and faculty teas: they also are called upon to do ushering jobs. ln fact they are on hand for all occasions Where service is required. Thanks to Miss Kil- burn and her pretty girls. DARDANELLES B. Chamales KV. Presb, S. Iclcr lTrczisl.. D. Ozimkic- wicz 4Scc.J. Row I: Friedman, A. Szirlund. Row 2: A. Accorsi, B. Grove, I. Caspziri. Row 3: K. Bertucci. M. Marazzo, C. Blzisnig. Row -4: M. Tomasic. Kobat. V. Trcmper. Row 5: H. Czitullo. F. Pzilkoncr. C. Izinka. L. Paloiun. Row 6: I. Fitch, D, Iurck, W. Huntley, F.. Cataldi. Row 7: C. Stikkcrs, E. Rusin, A. Niemicc, S. Karlsson, L. Birnbaum. Row 8: L. Schcnnum. C. Brcsing. E. Tcjcck, M. Zook, Kass. Row 9: A. Pzmck, M. Szitinovcr. C. Dzinhziucr, N. Boba-ng, S. Sommcrficld. Row IO: B. Kc-ough. A. Fitzgerald. G. Blomfeldt, B. Bush. R. Tortorice. Row ll: G. Cacioppo. C. Ritchie, M. Fitz- gcrzild. P. Bonk. K. Smith. Page lOl ,....f-Q", .A f9acLa, e of Kaffe Iunior Red Cross Like its big sister, the Red Cross, the Iunior Red Cross devotes its energy toward helping where help is needed. There are about sixty member in it. They collect money from the divi- sions. With the proceeds they buy articles to fill stockings and boxes for the children of the various orphanages and hospitals. The boxes and stock- ings are filled during the meeting time. fcontinued on opposite pagel IUNIOR RED CROSS Seated at the table: S. Ieler 1Pres.b, B. Skleney, P. Rogers, B. VVozniewski. Row 1: L. Kraft, Loftis. S. Borowicz. Row 2: I. Balsavia, C. Cebelin, M. Friedman, I. Lesnaw. Row 3: D. Norton, T. Dc Night, L. Kedge, P. Houle. Row 4: B. Fett. S. Mc- Nulty, S. Hornung, C. Crawford, M. Balsavia. Row 5: Bebout, K. Duckmann, L, Pahls, E. Pitts. Cvotaas. Row 6: M. Thurber, K. Bruce, I. Bu Walda. E. Brzmcato, N, Pitts. Row 7: Y. Esbrook, P. Domnnico, D. Larsen, K. Ritch, P. Czech, B. Roth- acker. Row 8: M. Zook, P. Moore, S. Sommerfield, N. Nagorsen, I. Ridley, H. Marcheschi, R. Myhra. Row 9: D. Goukos, M. Pofahl, H. Naegele, B. Kear- ney, M. Crites, S. Riel, P. Mortenson. Plgc 102 W0 Www fl.. Z-ZW Iunior Red Cross They are displayed in the cafeteria for everyone to see to what good use their money was put. Mrs. O'Connor, the sponsor, was fortunate in securing Miss Chiyo Ko Harada to speak be- fore the group. She is a representative from Iapan who is here on a scholar- ship. Her talk was inspiring and en- couraging. Support the Red Cross! Bring joy and happiness to those who are less fortunate. IUNIOR RED CROSS Row l: Seated: A. Houtsinger, B. Hultberg. Row 2: B. Becker, A. Houtsinger, I, Nielsen. Row 3: I. Kujak P. Forst, E. Cichy. Row 4: E. Cinquino. A. Davidson F. Gross. Row 5: H. Stamos, H. Heinrich, I. Landi Row 6: L. Paloian, B. Collins, C. Izinka, D. Ozimkie- wicz. Row 7: N. Koos, I. Iudd, N. Sminlck, R. Haas- ley. Row 8: D. Zacharias, R. Szwicc. R. Frost, I Sheldon, A. Cicero. Row 9: P. Huml, D. Bochzit, R Tortorice, Greenberg, M. Rhino. Row IO: P. Limg M. Nygrcn, A. Schmidt. B. Fnydnsh, R. Pzildnuf. Page 103 2 'ww in ..-...- 6 43 ,,. 3 1 ,.:.,,, Q 4 N.. uw-M WHAMNQQQS rw, ummm xiii. ,mx ,gw ,.w , QW M 5 , A , K ' - 2 iii l 5 T, Inglcsby . Atta-ndancc Scurctary li. Csolkoyitz ,..., ,,,,,..., , Vice President R, Szwicc ,,,, , ,,,,,., , ,, ,..., Sccrvtziry mfafiolfw fo M The turnout for the annual football dance, complete with the coronation ofa queen is always a huge one. It has been the custom of Student Council to sponsor a toy drive at Christmas every year. Students bring new and old toys still in good condition to school. Student Council gift wraps these packages and takes them to an orphanage. There is joy in the hearts of both the givers and the receivers. Mrs. Shabat is the sponsor of this organization. STUDENT COUNCIL Standing in front: R. Szwicc. Row I: L. Huffnus. B. Chzlinulcs. Row 2: F. Rvcvvs li. Christensen. Row 3: N, Sunstcdt. L. Kvdgc. Row -1: B, Thorne, li, Grove, I. Nelson. Fcjes. Row 5: M. Zook. K. Bruce. P, Wabich. Stewart, Row 6: S. Raymond. B. Keough. Row 7: E. Cichy, I. Pzmkncr. Kzirrzis. K. Back. Row 8: D. Spillane. Miceli. Row 9: B. Cernoch. L, Gizincolei, G. Krupzi, R, Lung. Row IO: B. Poland. A. Rzidzvickes. B. Apfcl, l. Schmid, Row ll: D. Good. Sanders. L. Cich. Vklvslcy. Row IZ: R. Pzildtiuf. R. Twinn. L. Nlilott, Row 13: R. Arnold, R. Adaniowski, li. Dantz. lf. Scrncraid. Row H: B. Csolkovits. D. lVlcCrvgor. A. Brewer, Page lOf lx IJC IOO ju GUN' QOQLV' If Iunior Choir We call them the sing-sing girls, but they don't keep their songs locked up in their hearts. If you pass by Room 122 during the fourth period, you can hear beautiful melodies escaping from the throats of the members of the Iunior Choir who are enjoying the singing for the fun of it. There are over one hundred girls in this groupg Miss Iosephine Farr is their sponsor and is to be highly commended for the excellent work that she does. IUNIOR CHOIR Picture No. 2 Row l: Miirll, B. Vnvrzi. E. Cinquino. Row 2: Bondcr, D. Mclicon. Fromm. Row 3: S. Scgrcti, B. Christensen, Gargiulo. Row -1: I. Keene. D. Wcinhold, C. Blackman. Row 5: D. McCabe. N. Nel- son. D. Stebbins. D. Iurek. Row 6: B. Malin. Baly. P. Haska, S. Ramey. Row 7: L. Nielson, N. Bobcng. I. Woltcr, K. Hjcrtstcdt. Row 8: Michuliik, M. Po- dolski, l. Cvrunig, L. Spicwiik. B. lfichrimiin. Row 9: W, Norris, Pcrtlc, D. Atlounizin, A. Focrstvr, A. Cicero. Row 10: B. Fitzgerald, P. Marsala. Rami- conc-, K. Lundsgaard, S. Karlsson, S. Obctts. Row ll: I. Koetke, E. Cichy, M. Dlmpcrio, N. Fitzpatrick, I. Obctts. B. Baldwin. Row 12: P. Mortcnson. Olsen. C. Hartman. P. Linchan. ZVLQA 14 mac! Iunior Choir Almost any occasion when there is an assembly, the Iunior Choir is asked to contribute some numbers. Because of these requests, the choir must have several numbers up their sleeves that they can pull out and brush up for presentation. Their performance is always full of spirit. and their inter- pretations are always unusual and ef- fective. The club is a very popular one as you might guess from the num- ber that you see in the two pictures. IUNIOR CHOIR Row I: F. Cvross, C. Biondi, M. Locascio. Row 2: Lesnau, D. Norton, G. Szpekowski. Row 3: C. leler. B. Lani, S, Stracek. Row 4: Berggren, H. Scalone, I. Fitzpatrick, Row 5: C. Iensen, Gron, E. Christenf sen, B. Eidukas. Row 6: M. Lesiak, P, Farber, S. Oller, R. Buttens. Row 7: B. Becker, K. Weiiidorf. E. Apostol. R. Bencivenga, Row 8: E. Orness, B. Newgard, P. Peterson, K. Bruce, G, Potter. Row 9: S. Zietz, I. Koop, D. Kloeckner. M. Vogl. P. Moore. Row 10: S. Bertram, Guerri, E. Smith, Coste, Y Esbrook, Peters. Row ll: K. Baxter, S. Haemker. C. Wolski. K. Wzilbridge. H. Nlarcheschi, R. Domko. Row 12: Schuster, G, Cacioppo. Officers of the Iunior Choir Foreground: D, McKeon, Pres., B. Nlalin, Vice Pres., P Moore Social Chm., P. Linehan, Sec.. Gargiulo, Treas, Q. ff wk X' 4' YY '1'1T 'TW' QQ ww? ","Qv,,MYW .A Q' it W7 -wma ' fx YZ? 324 S g E' kS1 in E ff 2 , fi: i.f, Q iff'J Q-. Na 5 in ,. Q ' Q ,. ff w 'K xiiv 4 mf iii' 2 5, Q. 8, A9 v ,fit fggepezf, 2 2. Es x gf , 5 Q In 95 i K, -,Q fe, 'I J ,gm I :....,,,..i-ff' " J X S LVL? LVL? gif' Girls' Choir For many years Mr. Groom has managed the all girls' Choir. It usually Consists of sixty to eighty members. Qriginally it was known as the Senior Choir. but since others besides senior girls may belong, it has become the Girls' Choir. lt N meets daily as a class, but since it is called on to perform so often, it is rated also as a Club. GIRLS' CHOIR Row I: C. Klcwer, S. Ortinnu. Row 2: M. VVood- wrurd. S. VVise. Row 3: I. lfriukson. Y. Martinez, Nl. Carlson. Row -1: I. Vcnzon, P, Houlc. Vclek. Row 5: Nl. Leniker, Nl. Rupp. K. Vaughn, G. Ncle son. Row 6: B. Ryan. D, Obcrg. li. lilms, Crain. Row 7: B. Kruger. C. Krenipcls. B, VVind, B, Urn- lnuf. Row 8: Voclknvr, l., Tutrli-, Orr. Clmiinpncss, B. Stcc. Row 0: H. Eden, lf. l'lolins0n. Nl. lunker, H, Pump, Hnnscn. Page 110 Girls' Choir Classical numbers predominate in the selections rendered by these girls. The work is done in parts. naturally, and is very effective. The girls have an opportunity to exhibit their efforts at the Annual Music Festival held at Steinmetz. Sometimes they are asked to sing at neighborhood functions. They are always willing to help. GIRLS' CHOIR Row l: HOFLIII. Rini. Row 2: E. Ricci, D. Bch- rcndt. Row 3: B. Vclck. C. Czivcndvr. T. Ciunci. Row -lt H. Ciitullo, L. Born, D. Boehm. Row 5: l, Fitch. G. Fcldkirchncr, I. Reich. B. Kaiiiptncr. Row 6: A. Fziiloni. K. Lewis. S. Caiiiizitziro. C. VVcii:el. Row 7: K. Frei-sc, R. Frost, W, Schmidt, H. Bourland, C, Willcr. Row 8: H. Naegcle, C, Bzirainowski, Bond, D. Pedote. R. lVlyhrzi. Row 9: A. Pump, E. Ziegler, R. Knop, K, Baxter. L. Mast. Page l I l Meng Qui in on ML LL m WQAQP5 Qc om H Concert Band Members of the Concert Band meet daily the second and third period in Room 401. a room well removed from the other parts of the building. Here the folks can toodle their flutes to their heart's Content. and nobody will be dis- turbed. Mr. Feldman coaches them individually: he also trains them to play ensemble. lcontinued on opposite pagel CONCERT BAND Upper picture: Szixziphonesz Row I: H, Bour- lzind, I. Altobelli. Row 2: B. Kinn, li. Bloom. D. Derr. Center picture: Troinbonesz Row 1: I. Cronk. D. Slavich. Row 2: P, Ling, L. Anderson. E. Levin. Bottom picture: D. Temple. Row 1: R. Eilers. D. Hnrtjen. Row 2: M. Sweeney, N. Engel. D. Simpson, M. Fierer. M. Tomusic. Row 3: L. lfriukson. Fullurtun. B. Wtzlfl. V. Vvolfl, li. Thun. e I I2 jAere 3 vwic In fl.. A., Concert Band Playing ensemble is not an easy task. but our band does very well. The group participates in city band contests, in assemblies, pa- rades and music festivals. Their great field of participation is at the football games where they add spirit and inspiration to the team and the spectators. They deserve a vote of thanks from all of us. CONCERT BAND Trumpet Section: Circle picture: Row 1: I. Gab- rielson, C. Schuller. R. Goldstein. Row 2: H. Witt. P. Blycker, B. Snnlllippo. R. Zeluc. Row 3: Sandberg, R. Elveton, H, Muzik. W. Le- line, Iensen. Top center: Flute Section: Row 1: M. Goeller. I. Thompson. Gerhard. Row 2: C. Grahzun. K. Rand. C. Hnulu. Lower center: Mixed Group: Row l: A. Bassett. R. Pease. Row 2: l. Humphries. T. Snider. D. Bloch. Row 3: T. Lynch. Bzxrulvns. Bottom picture: Percussion Section: C. Boyd. l. Sobon. R, Droog. VV. VVoodwortl1. D. Go- dewski, D. Lnnglois. Page l T tx. flfi , x 5 Q? , K ' x 1, kk, 4' f, .x. 'RE A f X :S ,W li x E wi 5 Y S Wh S, V' vw 5 ,li i I Q I gg Q . , N 2- 4 Q Q XX X 1 3 , wx If M I QQ W g L ,, mv . 3 N, 553 ' Q gi' f A "-1 5 , ' Y '! --., ' 2 iff' ' . 1 is ,-is X is N ,,-if ZW , 33 X" ff- ' '- Q if lk ' ' i l X Lx4FGf'4 1 .4 ' ff 'L 7',.q,X 1' 4 YK Xzvfv N Q.: '7 E' ' ' yy 7 IVAA, . i , gf ' f ,,.K ggi if f ,. 5 1 Ai ff -L v J ' L 'I ,452 me ,Mg ine irw of uglleinmefz Symphony Orchestra Mr. Groom who conducts this music group is constantly looking for talent among the student body. He is especially interested in obtaining Violinists. Surely there must be many pupils in Steinmetz who play the violin or any other stringed instrument. It is to these that a special appeal is made each year to join the Symphony Orchestra and help make it the best orchestra in the West. SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Uppcr loft picture: VVooClwinds: flcrlmrtl, K. Rand. Row 2: Nl, liicrcr, Nl. Swcviivy, ll. VVolll'. Row 3 I. Altobclli, H. Bourliind. Upper right picture: Forcgroundz S. Iclcr. Behind keith- drums: C, lloyd, L.1st row: R, Lass, C. lV,.llIl'l'Il li. Ricci, A. Iziroszcwski. Lower left picture: Strings: Row l: lillwfllldil, Ognibciic. C. Brcsing. M, Igynrto, I. Ridley. Row 2: M. Koeb. Castle. L. Ohnizin, M. Slaick. S. Thiel. Bcbout. V. Serzilini. Row 3: lf. Sngos, K. Lewis. L. Hoglind. H. Naicgclc. H. Rudolph. Row -1: D. Gouskos. Waills, Tweet. -Q! MAIORETTES Row lz P. l-Iageli, D. Bochat, B Roszkowski. Row 2: P. Valentino C. Kretschmer, M. Pofahl, D Zacharias. S. Nelson. Landi. L gffzferfvaining Z5 lair AUM? INTERMEDIATE BAND Row l: C. Steers, D. Olson. A. Kuehn, R. Gross, L. Krug, L. Cooper, Thierjung, R. Ferguson, E, Boett- ger, R. Mazzio, I. Zar, R. Kussman. Row 2: I. Ellin gcr, I. Venzon, I. Shaw, R. DiCiarmi, F. Mallory, I. Rozak. F. Heiss, M. Tuozzo. R. Fayclash, Hamiga, L. Pearson, VV. Temple, B. Ienkins. B. Nelson. Row 3: G. Galang, D. Stewart. T. Livigni, D. Porhrio, W. Maxwell, R. Gollarid. Intermediate Band Young folks who aspire to becom e a part of the Concert Band some day, are urged to join the Intermediate Band which acts as a proving ground for prospective Concert Band members. Mr. Ivan Feldman is the conductor of this organization. Majorettes Graceful, hat-beplumed baton twirlers precede the Band in colorful per- formance, and also do well at entertaining the audience at football games. The leader of this group is our busy band man, Mr. Ivan Feldman. Page l I6 mic 0!95 jdeir AUM? f Starlets The pretty girls pictured here are the ones that we call upon for special solo work. Chansonettes The girls around the piano are always willing to supply the piano music when it is needed. Chamber Music When soft sweet music is needed, these are the ones who furnish it. Mr. Groom is in charge of these three groups. Top picture: At mike: H. Cutullo, V. Lu- Cost. Crain. D. Ohcrg, K. Lewis. S. Czinnzitaro. Ccntcr pitturc: M. Rapp, D. Bt-hrcndt, B. Vclck, Vvlck, T, Cizmci. C. Kluwer. I. Rini. At piano: Ricci. Bottom pitturc: M. lgyzirto, R. Lass, BuVV.ildai. Page ll7 'C tx Y . u . 1 lf x ? x Q -if f W' 1 . fix' Q' if 5 e,"!"-1 6- nd' Q SO ,,, 'fir-2 if G to -W1 .gjy W -.fgf PM ., M ,A,, AVIA N , Q, . "ja, AR ' .a s art . Y' V A N ff , 'f gi. 'H f-2 fu , ' L.g-ra ,'f' tqgg. x X . Wx-Y. - .. f Rx"A.?N4-""x..f"'y,,,f'-x,,,.-"'-.J "' . FK- "-521-I dlflfg Mflfffglf' If'8lfLlfLJ:5CAOLAl iwer owcfwtnc! Senior German Club The Senior German Club has reason to be proud since it is one of the oldest clubs in the school. Its membership is limited to Iuniors and Seniors. For one of their projects they constructed a float and entered it in the contest held at the Mardi Gras during the Halloween cele- bration held in the neighborhood. Dur- ing their meetings they practice conver- sation in German and go into the study of German history, including also its many contributions to the scientific world and to art and music. Mrs. Fausel is the sponsor. SENIOR GERMAN CLUB Around the tzihlc, 1. to r.: B. Schulcr. C. Brandt, R. Kramer. Row l: C. Vandcrway. Row 2: Succhetti, S. Oller. Row 3: C. Bresing, L. Gossmzmn. Row -lx Costc, I. Stern. R. Lass. Row 5: I. Rozak. L. Mast. I. Grunig. Row 6: B. Eichmann, Huff, D. Hull. Row 7: F. Har- tung, A. Shworzib. VV. Kremske. P. Kutsku. Row 8: Mrs, Fausel, E. Henke, B. Ritchie. T. lngleshy. Row 9: B. Iohnsen. A. Regner, H. Schambcrger, R. Pnldauf. Page IIS 52148101 14814, .jQLlf1fL8l"6'L 810, Klassen Klub Students in the third semester of German may join this group. Une of their projects this year was sending a huge package to Ger- many in care of Miss Kuebler, a former teacher at Steinmetz. The package contained books. playing cards, gum etc. Miss Kuebler distributed these articles among American soldiers stationed in Germany. Some of our former graduates now in Germany have con- tacted Miss Kuebler who is now teaching there. Some part of the meeting is used for playing German games and singing old fash- ioned German melodies. KLASSEN CLUB At table kneeling with dog Iiga: I. Ellinger 1Pres.I, S. Pirzyk, D. Norton lSec.I. B. Thorne 1Prog. Chairmanl. Row l: M. Aumann, I. Hasten, V. Gary. Row 2: C. Frank, M. Bieg. C. Wenzel. Row 3: W. Sitar, B. Eichmann, I. Byars. Row 4: R. Muehlbauer. E. Thun, M. Lynn. Row 5: D. Quist, I. Sanders lV.P.l, L. Giancola, D. Hollatz 1Treas.I. Row 6: F. Heiss, G. Nagle, D. Vogel, B. Pirzyk. Row 7: Mrs. Fausel, D. Cernoch, L. Andersen, K. Blum, A. Freund. Page 119 lflflf - lf1fL GSZAULAGQ - 8lfLg8 Engel Und Bengel This is one of three German Clubs in Steinmetz. They take it upon themselves to promote friendly relations among fellow-stu- dents. Listening in on their panel discussions might help keep one well posted on recent German affairs. Students from all three clubs participated in the Christmas assembly. Many German students find it interesting to have a pen pal. They learn much about the people, customs and country: while in turn German students Hnd our country a different one from theirs. ENGEL UND BENGEL B. Pryblc lRascall, P. Knop 4Angell. Row l: Y. Beck. Row 2: V. Michziclis, V. Bieg. Row 3: C. Schuster. B. Umlziuf. Row -la N. Emerson. Mzxthison, A. Haycr. Row 5: A. Kuehn, Kim- mich, R. Woltc'r. Row 6: R. Rundblad. Mrs. Fzluscl, lgynrto. l. Ripzx. Row 7: R. Swanson, R. l-lumbert, L. Cebol. R. Rund- blzid. Row 8: G. Peterson, A. Schmidt, H. Ernst, VV. Raisch. Row 9: R. Fuydnsh, D. Schubbc. Plge 120 goof-Og9Afin f' looznidfi paper SPANISH CLUB Row 1: D. Fullett, S, Stracek, F. Christopher, Ber ggren. I. Corski, E.. Iacohson, C. Cratz. Row 2: Norris, R. Hensley, S. Segreti. C. Blackman, K. Vaug hn, R. Bencivengn, I. Olsen. Row 3: D. Miller. S Halvorsen, S. Borowicz, A, Seretis. C. Kretschmer, L. Minott, D. Cvood. Row -iz I. Peterson, B. Cody, B Kruger, P. Fzirher, I. Kirschbaum, Nlortensen, Row 5: H. Perry, B. Lauesen, C. Nemec, O'Lezir, S, Thiel Row 6: L. Thompson. VV, Siers, B. Fzmdre Ir., C. VVennc-rstrom. Algo Nuevo As the name signifies, A'Something New" started when several ambi- tious Spanish students thought that th ey would like to do a small newspaper in Spanish. Miss Thorsson, the spon sor, sanctioned the idea and suggested that they contact pupils of other Spanish classes to contribute material. The paper sells for five cents a copy: proceeds are used to defray the cost of mimeographing it. Three publications have been issued this semester, and all the Spanish students have enjoyed it. Page121 ef! Cgjwifcia Mm ver fo fire 190656 Polish Club The Polish Club, under the direction of Mr. Buczinski, sing songs and listen to records. The big project of the year is a Christ- mas Party to which the parents are invited. The club provides the entertainment and the refreshments for the party. POLISH CLUB Upper picture Foreground: C. Ziclinski, T. Stuchnik, A. Pajzik. Row 1: B. Leszczynski KV. Pres.I, M. Borkowicz, D. Migacz, Wajda fTreas.I, B. Watson, D. Ozimkicwicz, N. Ulatowski. Row 2: A. Panek 1Pres.I, P. Cich, B. Lietz. C. Wolski, A. Untiedt, Bemowski. P. Bonk, D. Gort. Row 3: S. Sadow- ski, P. Hemingway, E. Niewiadomski. C. Gnicch, Stzmko. D. Virgil. L. Motyka, G. Smid, I. Klis. Row 4: G. Bzxczkowski, E. Paws-lko. I. Kied- rowski, R. Morriss. C. Mrozck, R. Korzxlik, A. Wojdzi, B. Lietz. Lower picture Foreground: R. Szwiec, C. Bzxrzxnow- ski, L. Spiewnk. With poster: A. Tejada fSec.I. Accordion player: D Kozinski. Row l: D. Kaplinfski, D Shepley, L. Kraft, N. Moscinski, M Sentowski, T. Sukowski, I. Malkow- ski, E. Mall, C. Kozyra. Row 2: I Kania, C. Brewster, V. Swic-rcz, P Houle, B. Ptaszynski, B. Fett. N. Sar- necki, S. Prondzinski, B. Nocek. S Koziol. Row 3: P. Richards. M. Kie- fer, I. Bonk, P. Gadacz, C. Kestian I. Morawski, R. Rejewski, M. Kestian K. Ritch, M. Gibbon, S. Podolak Row 4: N. Roman, R. Gcsicki, E Sentowski, A. Warzecha, Szwast R. Kulla, Arendt, L. Petrino. L Cich, R. Rozycki, B. Pnlucz, I Mrozck, Bnrkoozis, G. Anderson R. Hcrwig. Page 122 Eben! WVQ5 Qc Ollfgg Latin Club The Latin club has recently been revived. This group meets during a class period every other week and spends the time view- ing interesting slides pertaining to Roman history. At Christmas time the members had a party in the Civics room for the mothers of the members. It consisted of an interesting program of music. followed by refreshments. The faculty was also invited. They were pleased to be included in the party. Miss Krygier. substitute for Mrs. Hadley. is the sponsor of the club. LATIN CLUB At tiiblc: P. l-lzlsku, Trens., K. Vvnllvridgc. Soc.. R. Baer. Sgt. nt Arms, R. Pease. Pres.. S. Wist-. Vice Pres. Row I: Ioynt. F. Augustyn. I. Allzmihm. B. Holland, Horzm. Row 2: R. Pvternck. C. Czivcnder. K. Hcrtutci, I. Gron C. Suporito. Row 3: B. Vclek, Velek. M Nlzidull. K. Clowiiizik, Haines. Row -1: Ci. Nichols, P. Nowak. I. Verizon. M. Chunn. I Lupellzl, G. Rowland. Row 5: M. Thurber M. Berg. K. Hjcrtstedt. N. Henry. lVl. Lnrscii. M. Conville. Row 6: A. Kzilymon. B. Konis C. Bresaldolzi. N. lfllefson. bl. Zzid. R. Peterson A. Perri. Row 7: Bitzt-k, O. Cholod. G. Hass- lcr. E. Smith. H. l'l.msa-ri, P. Stun Z, H. Nl'l7LIl'- gall. Row8:F.L.11'sen,lVl. Zicrzmri. I. Boiitliim- ville. C. Blomfuldt., ll, Trcstcr. li. Wiilf, R. Hiirns. Row 9: li. llohnsvii. P. Szczc- piinik. ll. Childress. I. Adams. ff, Costo, S. Bzigroxw. I. Sloan. M. Kolodiici. Rim' IO: R. Seno. B. Diitz. G. Mzitthziiis. R Taylor K. Zir- wislak. A. Ozols. L. Frnse. VV. Ciirrim. R. Ain-r. Page I2 roufwmiffing jfion A13 Lam VLQAJZL fo jrenc French Club Would you like to visit France. not the France of travelogues and postcards, but the one that the French club brings to its mem- bers every two weeks? Advanced students under the sponsorship of Miss Sechler lose their identity and really "go French". Using their best Parisian accent, they read poems and short stories, play records and French games. This year they sent a Care package to a French orphan. FRENCH CLUB Foreground: Champness. Row lr C. Florian lSec'y.l, Booz lTreas.l, B. Chamales iPres.H, P. Linehan. Row 2: A. Sarlund. G. Szpekowski, H, Stamos, H. Hupert, P. Richards. S. Naha- bedian, N. VVesterberg. P. VVojtas, A. Doumanian, Miss Sechler. Row 3: S. Renda, C. Thoinka. A. Roan. K. Lewis. L. Kohler, C. Gilhrailh, C, Kovanda, Nashy. C. Schuller, P. Huml. P. Peterson. Row 4: B. Ciorba. A. Fitzgerald, Leaman, M. Larson. Schwartz, T. Shannon, R. Cvoilron, F. Barrel. I. Suhillaci, G. Wertke, E046 QWQVQ LLQ Library Club The Library Club consists of stu- dent helpers who volunteer their time either before or after school or during study periods. These stu- dents work as shelvers and door or desk attendants. Their other duties consist of delivering admits, making displays for the bulletin board, and assisting students in general. The club meets every two weeks at 7:30 a.m. in Room 201. Miss Agnes Vet- ter is the sponsor. Regular attend- ance at the meetings is rewarded with two service points. LIBRARY CLUB Around table: G. Mclv. C. Carlson. Cv. Szpckowski. Row l: R. Feldon, S. DiCristofaro. S, Lippo. P. Boilc. Row 2: Groves. M. Bottchcr, B. Black. C. Cclvcla. Row 3: C. Saporito. R. Glowniak. G. Ft-rraro. N. Prcsscrcisbcrgs. Row -iz A. Shilvock. I. Spike. D. Smid, D. Dunne, lf. Beck. Row 5: V. Swicrcz. Venzon, R. Notardonato, V. Pctittc, Kavanagh. Row 6: D. Hartjcn. M. Hanson. T, Har- stad. M. Thurber, D. Mayer. L. Adams, E. Baly. Row 7: W. Schmidt. M. Huffnus. C. Olson. K. Szpekowski. D. Zirgulis, I. Sitz. H. Sutter. Row S: B. Ccrnoch, B. Eisenhuth. Kama, I. Norris. Scnkrrcsty, S. Borzvwski, P. Domaniuo, C. Hitchf lcr. Row 9: B. Wiilf. L. Bloom. L. Huber. A. Frigo. B. VVintcrbcrg. lf. Dyslin, Sass. S. VViggins. A. Culdan. Row IO: M. Kcstian, S. Ambrose. C. Gil- braith. Gucrri, B. Trvstcr, D. Larsen, C. Trou- tclaar. V. Kuropas. M. Purmal. Row ll: I. Bonk. P. Bonk, M. Strosnik, G. Anderson. P. VVcn:cl. S. Porro. Page 173 528. CAM, UA 8:5!0i6LlfL:5 Green Curtain Players Do you aspire to become a famous celebrity along the lines of stage. screen or television? If you wish some helpful hints on the Way to achieve a union card in "Equity," your best bet is to join the Green Curtain Players. Mrs. Haas, who sponsors this group, instructs and guides them. They present one act plays which are often performed at special assemblies such as 8A Qpen House. Each year the club has been in the habit of giving a three act play at night for the benefit of the school. Everybody is asked to attend there- by giving encouragcment to the young people who work so hard in the service of Steinmetz. GREEN CURTAIN PLAYERS Row l: L. Birnbaum, C. Stikkers. Row 2: Abadi, H, Belson. L. Kc-dgc. Row 3: A. Accorsi, D. Lang- lois. P. Hann, I. Pitts. Row 4: I. Gargiulo, C. Musial. E. Levin. Row 5: K. Bochte, Stewart. I. Eppolito. B. l-ljclkrcm, B. Lani. Row 6: Pitts. S. Fagerstrom. D. Olsen. N. Gresher. D. McKeon. P 110 126 an on mmf! Eno en ckbarf Pre Medics Skeletons don't bother the mem- bers of the Pre Med Club. They make no bones about studying man's structure in their meetings. The folks who join this organization have special interest in either nurs- ing or becoming doctors. They make trips to hospitals and listen to lectures. Miss Annette Ornstein. whose real ambition was to have be- come a doctor, supervises the activi- ties ofthe club. If you are interested in joining contact her. PRE-MEDICS At table: N. Fitzpatrick, M. lgyarto, VVinterberg. S. Ferre-ri. Row 1: B. Poland. BuWalda, Miss Ornstein. Row 2: K. Rohlicek, Lesnau, E. Cin- quino. Row 3: Caspari, B, Collins, Bondcr Row 4: B. Rose-man, R. Heasley, K. Bruce. Row 5' B. Umlauf, M. Cicero. A. Failoni, C. Zelenka. Row 6: F. Sckyra, Carollo. B. Winterberg, Rozak. Row 7: K. Ritch, M. Kolodziej, S. Karlsson, A. Ebert. Row 8: R. Maxen, B. Childress, P. Szcze- panik. E. Thun. Row 9: T. Gousolis. H. Kathun. D. Drawer. Page 121 it , izsmf Ja it fu 4.4.4 at Key Club One of the most active clubs of the school is the Key Club. They do not boast of a large member- ship, but what they have is choice. They are very active in affairs within the building and on the outside. It was their idea to place a mail box in the main oflice for teachers' outgoing mail: each day a member takes the responsibility to mail the letters. The pretty Christmas decorations that you saw in the main oflice were also arranged by them. Often they help the Kiwanis Club in their drives. Mr. Lawley is the sponsor. KEY CLUB Foregrouncl: R. Keune. Row lz Mr. Lawlcy, Sobon. Row 2: N. Redding, L. Sekyner. Row 3: I. Vetzner, R. Lang, B. Poland. Row 4: B. Childress, L. Cich, L. Kilbert. Row 5: R. Pirzyk, L, Hoglind, B, Brims. Row 6: B. Oswald, H, Muzik. E. Scmcrud. Pxqc l28 s ws. W ,W 4-f :ff M. KV fs 6.9 f ' t.m-Tm, R 'fx 'A .Q 4 . 4-""--Z'.."-at nf '5 nfl-" 5 ,ff J w 2 4 Qin 13 E . I :jig 2 .. 1 Y , if VL 'R . I e if? , , , Q, fr l 7. lx Y 1. QQK' Y -. 1 . .3 T. fs ig V. ii ,Q ,P 2. lfL6Llf'6! CALL KEVLQQ5 .EQ QI" of OQC QI' Iunior and Senior Hallguards The hallguard must be a person of integ- rity, and one who is willing to do what is required of him. He must be faithful at his post, not engage in idle gossip with passers- by, nor grant favors to his friends. If the cor- ridor that he supervises is not tidy, he must cheerfully make it so. lf a situation arises which he can not master, he must refer the matter to the corridor chairman, who is the teacher in charge. Service points are award- ed to all hallguards. These points count toward a school letter which every Steinmetz student likes to own. ILINIOR AND SENIOR HALL GUARDS Row li C. Vumlcrwzxy. C. Lz1FronZ11. Row 2: D. VVcixlvr. C. Blasnig. Row 3: Iudd, C. Anderson. Row 4: M. Rzisniusscn. I. Sacclictti. N. Nelson. Row 5: C. Gee. A. Cvoth, C. Frank. Row 6: Nushy. M. Berg. K. Bcrntson. Row 7: I. Kuscli- lmum. K. Ulrich. Borchzirdt, E. Blcckmnn. Row 8: C. Wtulski, Nl. Vzlnnssclic. L. l-ljnltclin. D. Levy. Row 0: D. Pouliikos. M. Hzxgixmii, lVl. Sinvclis. B. Brown. Row IO: B Funk, li. D04 Grazia, Cv. Schroeder, D. Gort, Stzinko. Row ll: ll. Icnwcn. K. Miller. A. Untiedt. Barkoozis, R. Nnrdcllzi. Row lj: P. Kutskn. C. Ritchie, B. Heine. I. Schwartz. D. Qlscn. Rnvu ll: R. Higgins, Olligvs, XXYilllUl'II1.lI1, P. Kolnit, A Sclnnitlf. P nqt' l 30 jfowh Milli' am, pimp Sophomore Hallguards When a pupil passes through the halls while classes are in session, he must carry a pass, which he must show to the guards that he passes en route. The guards inspect it and permit him to continue on his way. The guards are instructed to he courteous at all times, and the pupils passing are urged to return the same courteous treatment. Wheii there is no traflic to take care of, the guard is expected to study. He is also expected to see that the premises that are under his supervi- sion are kept clear of papers and are in orderly condition. SOPHOMORE HALLGUARDS Standing with pass: llvrg, Siting in clmirs: P. Rogers. li. Hol- lnnd,,nnz.i. lx. Roliliceli. Row l: lloiimloiiiiir. ll. Ros: kowski. Row 2: Nl. Cnrscllo. D. Fnllet. Row 3: ll, Ptnsiynski. F, Christopher. li. Cordo. Row -l: lf. Pmly. lVl. lioznlc A. Carl- son. Rim' 5t Kfllll-1, lVl. Conville. lf, Iagolwsoii. lf. Kutil. Row 6: lf. Ftzgr-mld, lf. Kuliny. ll, Cody, lj. Kruger, Knut- son. Row 7' N. Redding. ll. licnsun. A. Smith. lf. Thun. lr. Dt' l.nt.l. Row N A, Sniiluxrg, Cl. lXl.llll1.lll8. A, Stlinndl. R, Cer- nu lm R XVli ' X R fl 'lv Li XVIII I3 lludn tm , , .HC '. U'-'J . 536. . .' . '. Pqlgr' lll l XZUIXLAA 5Z00fQl"f5 Un fig JUL Freshmen Hallguards Pupils entering Steinmetz for the first semester are always anxious to enroll in some special activity. Since many of the clubs are opened only to pupils beyond the Freshmen year beginners find it difficult to get into extra curricular activity. I-lallguard duty is opened to everybody. That is why you find so many Freshmen serving as hallguards. Their enthu- siasm makes them good members Each guard is under the supervision of a teacher called the corridor chairman. FRESHMEN HALLGUARDS Row l: Pietrini, R. Serritella, Loftis. Row 2 D, Blonda, K, Murray, Fillip. Row 3: C. Doc-rrer E. Andraa, P. Behrens. Row 4: A. Schumeisser C. Cebelin, E. Scholz, C. Steers. Row 5: R Vikanis, D. Iohnson, I. Gron, S. Bay. Row 6: R Okun. B. Fiske, N. Nosek, G. Daniels, L. Nlullins Row 7: N. Vangel, Christophersen, U. Holzgrefe G. Galang, I. Grippando. Row 8: C. Pitts, I. Lang E. Wallzice, K. Angelino, B. Russell, R. Petersen Row 9: I. Olinyk, M. Rosenberg, C. Adamson Cv. Horstmann, I. Devitt, B. Kolinsky. Row IO: H Agnstritis, B. Baldwin, C. Kestian, S. Raymond, L Dunclovich. B. Plummer. Row ll: P. Greif. H Naegele, H, Stoeffhaas, D. Iohnson, R. Kluczynsky R. Kerner. Row 12: G. Weiler, S. Rose, I. Zar R. Rosselli, R. Kot, Binder. Row 13: R. Hill strom, C. Carlson, K. Zawislak. Page 132 Oggfzfning ow QQ me Cvwrenf movin Fire Marshalls Directing pupils and teachers out of the building during a fire drill is the duty of the fire marshalls. They must be cer- tain that the building is cleared. Stein- metz has approximately sixty fire mar- shalls. Each boy must be alert, active, steady, and dependable. Since there is a definite plan for emptying the building in the shortest possible time, the fire mar- shalls are given special training for difli- cult posts. Any student who wishes to be a fire marshall should file an applica- tion with Mr. Herrick, when the an- nouncement is made in the bulletin. FIRE MARSHALLS Row l: Rozak, D. Bernstein. Row Z: A. Ebert. G. Spoerl. Row 3: R. Hainke. S. Nordquist. Row 4: R. Adamowski, Pappas, N. Koclpcin. Row 5: G. Mut- thews, K. Hansen, R. Nelson. Row 6: G. Conway, P. Wright, R. Rundblad. R, Rundblud, Row 7: N, Bruf baker, R. Klcpitch, E. Hcnkc. L. Cich. Row S: D. Schnrf low. A. Samburg, D. Bach. T. lnglvsby. E. Campbell. Row 9: K. Zawislak, M. Zillmann, N. Topps. I. Chaim. Page 133 lop picture: A long line of well- fed pupils who are steady cus- tomers of the school lunchrooiu. heing served by spotlessly clean ladies. Lower picture: This is il picture of the hamburger counter which is one of the most popular places in the lunchroom. gc urging jlieir 3000! gaffery A few camdid shots of some of the happy food-consumers. These girls areirt afraid to eat desserts. They are eager to get a piece of that good pie, Page l H OZ? 004510, 9 in on .jeac em an LSL eamen Distributive Education and Future Teachers Yes, here we have things from top to bottom. What would you like to do, sell shoes or sell education? Une treats the feet, the other the head. The demand for each is great. loin either club pictured here and learn something about your choice. Mr. Lawley is in charge of the Distributive Education: Mr. Powers is consult- ant in the Future Teachers' Club. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Suited in foreground: R. Sundquist, I. White. Behind Countcr: T. DcNiglit. S, Hornung, Mr. C. Lawlcy. Row l: Cooper, S. Gilkcy, C. Biisso, B. Lcdonnc. R. Loftis, P. Burns. Row 2: L. Mziinczzirz. C. Andcrson, F. Tucsck, Pruscncr, F. Wollschlziegcr, K. Anderson. Row 3: K. Pfcifcr, R. lmbscn. R. Wicczorck, D. Nochrc. F, Hcrrmzinn, F. Cziputo. I. Kotowsky. Row -iz R. lgiclski. L. Ryan, A. Dahl. FUTURE TEACHERS Row l 3 F. Gross. N. Fitzpatrick. B. Lcszczyiiski Row 2: I. Volpe. I. Fitzpzitritk L. PillOl4lIl. C. Stccrs VV. Huntley, Row 5: Y. lfsbrook, C. Gilbrziirli. C. Koilov, P. Ferguson. S. Mzicic. ln front of counter: Cv. Schultz fPres.1, I. Lesnaw, F. Reeves, W. Huntley, S. Ferreri, Mrs. Sorensen. Behind counter: Row 1: I. Winterberg, A. Smith, I. Zar, K. Bruce, B. Winterbcrg, R. Lang. Row 2: S. Thiel, R. Miller, B. Childress, E. Semerad, A. Hahn. crenfbfd - pofenfiaf gmergy - fenograjo em The Scientific Society of Steinmetz These scientists of the future hold their meetings Wednesdays and Fridays at seven thirty in the morning in Room 112. Their activities include lectures. discussions, movies and occasional Held trips. The members feel they benefit greatly by being in this club. Mrs. E. Sorensen is the sponsor. Future Stenographers' Club Here we have the future click, click and scratch, scratch girls learning through their club activity to take dictation better and to speed up their typ- ing. They should be an asset to any business office. Miss Marion Meyers is the one who guides them in their endeavors. Foreground: Miss Meyers. Seated Row 1: I. Fejes, R. Lestina. Row 2: P. Warnecke, F. Esposito. Row 3: D. Burgett, I. Grounow. Row 4: M. Marazzo, D. Iohnson, D. Hurley, D. Brunk. Row 5: Reich, P. Poula- kos, N. Kanaby. Row 6: I. Olsen. A. Gunther. Standing: D. Miller, R. Willhamer, M. Gassman, L. Edstrand, A. Pollman. Standing in rear: C. Silberschlag, L. Carlson. ju lm Page 136 If'0LlfLi5 QI" MLW .lcjfozrj fo jgruice Civic Ticket Representatives People are always looking for worthwhile investments. At Stein- metz. the opportunity to invest in a sound proposition comes under the heading of Civic Ticket. Like good stocks it too yields dividends. A Civic Ticket holder gets the Star and two free assemblies. The re- sponsibility of contributing to chari- ties is no longer a problem if you have purchased a C.T., because a part of it goes to charity. Steinmetz C. T, brokers do a fine job of collect- ing the money. CIVIC TICKET REPRESENTATIVES Row 1: M. Thall 109, F. Gross -112, N. DeGra:ia 111. Row 2: B. Heath 153. B. Delve 103, P. Rogers 210. Row 3: Cv. Ferraro 110. Lesnaw 201, D. Casik 105. Row 31: Morozoff 202, P. Katz 113. T. Cianci 205, 1. Iacolwsen 307. Row 5: A. Leber 20-1. H. Stamos 35-1. S. Manda 108, I. Allamian 101. Row 6: Minardi 216. B. Roszkowski 206. Char- bonneau 158. D. Madden 152, D. Iurek 310. Row 7: K. Hjertstedt 251. V. Scaccia 209, C. Piediscalzi 25-1, Beran 301, M. Persino 203. N. Westerluerg 309. Row S: R. Studva 11-1, P. Peterson -110, H. Nebergall 151. Cidlund 357, lf. Chazinski 106. K. Peterson 352. Row 9: N, Koos 351. C. Stikkers 353, S. Iolinson 10-1, 1. Cooper -102. N. lingel 311. N. Henry 156. DiCicio 355. Row 10: C. Clauser -158, K. Lundsgaard 207. Cv. Blomfeldt 30-1, B. Erling 159, C. Silberschlag -153. Kraus -108. P. Stamper -101. Row 11: B. Bradof -15-1. C. Nlrozik 15-1. R. Wrilter 208. E. Hohnsen 255. R. Roman -111, M. Slack 213. D. Harkes 252, R. Doniko 211. Row 12: B. Brims -114, P. Ling -152. M. Nygren -151, R. Nadig -155. C. Anderson 257, W. Sommers 215. Page 131 Jdf fl.. SM Of ff. vm, ejlaey vm, Cross Country ln mild weather you see them sprinting around the track on the campusg but there must be no inter- ruption in the training, bad or good weather. That is why you hear the thunderous noises Coming from floor three. The hall is their track. Mr. Thompson sponsors them. Girls' Rifle Team If you have a desire to be a straight shooter, or if you Want to learn the art of gunnery, sign up with Mr. Hubbles' Girls' Rifle Class. I-le guarantees a rabbit with every shot. The girls enjoy the club im- mensely. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Mr. Thompson. Row I: L. A. Perri Row 2: A. Winiccki. D. Virgil. E. Thun, Row 3: K. Blum, R. Schinikc. GIRLS' RIFLE TEAM Front standing: P. Szczcpnnik, Sittingz C. lVl.1d.ay, R. Scrctis, I. Pvrrlc. li, Konis fSc-eb, B. Thornc. O. Cholod, B. Lang, V. lVlichzwlis, D. Krznis. D. Bloch, lf. lvlurphy. C. Bzimiiowski. D. Bzirkvs. R. Rvjt-wski, R. Xvlllf. H. Bourlnnd. C. Hcildlc. B. Llinlnuf, B. Lawlcy. lVl. S1lllI1OYL'I'. imtisa Wd? 8 Saddle Bouncers "Come away and ride with us". is the theme song of the Saddle Boun- cers. It's the one club that keeps you close to nature in the great outdoors. It's such fun to mount a steed and prance off singing gaily to the rhythm of the horses hoofs. Your cheeks are aglow with the feel ofthe wind against them, and you're tired at the end ofthe trailg but the Whole experi- ence is worth it. loin next year and be happy with us. Sgt. Hubble is the sponsor. MEMBERS B. Buchlcr. B. Konis. G. Cross. S. Raymond. L. Rzechula. C. Recliner. F. Scorano. I. Scrmiski. B. Thorne, H. Fyfc, P. Engclinzm. M. Lutz. P. Oehlcr. P. Weiizel. A. Davidson, C. Dacc. N. Fitzpatrick. C. Maday. INDIVIDUAL PICTURES Lower loft: M. Satinovcr QV. Presb. Lower riglitz li. Grove lScc'y.b. Center: B. Vavrzi lllrcsi. lirushe ing Horse: R. Kramer lTrCas.j IJAQL' l 30 if x TQ M umm Lg may If umm y Wgfaf .QQ 9 Q x . -.,,, Q45 'QM-1 f 0 K+ ."" 111' X Xxx QQ ' ,W , L , f "131l,1., THE 13I'l.B, 'l'U1.1J .Ulf SO" X , , ','. 1'V-M ' fl Qs J 'x xv ff A.. , X 2 CSV , K, nf' Wu'-4 '-1' W . E , , K ye A' " A Y 1 t 4, 1 x H Q2 X23 5 gg! 13 ..1, 51 .-,. , Efvfi 3" 3 Wy y V 2 A ,,.., I QR 323 Elm' , 3, , g .yi 3 i Q A? 4,4 M W F ff 0, 'WS' Av K 2 NF ,Q 3 'E ,? 5' 1. , Aff ef ' A .gg gk ? ra, y Q New ,Q f WM. A1 ' f"A'li fi i WMA A ' , 4' . ,,, 'Zh E 45 is Mfr N -. ' Tw .Q I ' f A YQ. :-.2-' f 1 4 - Q: V K A V ge .,VE:w ag,1 Y ,ff ' I - f. Ef as QQ ,i f "ii'f:. V R if fi I i 5. 'Q W wb? - Q 15.-,. ,T HD' I f U 'B' ,,W f if 'E M r mlm fe ggi W wx r , ..,,.i.. 2 ' 2 Sm Wt ffm i i -.. m fm, 2 ,ffiv W' F' f M My 5 B4 .MW G.A.A. Board Attention all G.A.A. members! Be on guard for fencing practice once a week. Badminton, baseball, ping-pong and volleyball are on the agenda for next year. Every Mon- day, period ten, the Board meets to plan its schedule of activity. The highlight of the year is the annual posture contest. You do not have to wear a straight jacket to enter, but you must be an elected member of your gym class which means stiff competition. Under the direction of lVlrs. Soderberg, the Board tries to work out its program fairly and suc- cessfully. It is a worthy organiza- tion. G.A.A. BOARD Row lr C. Brandt fPres.l. N. Kzinaby KV. Prcsl. Row 2: C. Stikkcrs 4Treas.l, A. Fitzgerald tSec.l. Row 3: M. Localscio, Czispnri. Row -lz C. Lal- rocca, Lamdi. L. l'luffnus. Row 5: Gerhard. I. Edgar, Funk. Row 6: P. Shaughnessy, I, Giunakopulos. A. Panek. Row 7: L. Carlson. D. Borlmt. Daliir, G, Cacioppo. P iqv l-H S- Z 4 ? , I' Before the grand entrance ofthe queen and her court, a comedy skit was put on. A miniature show of HThis is Your Life." was the topic. Miss Selingers past was brought back to life bythe members acting as ber family and former students. Hula' HS Q-'xl -if Quasar Oronafion Li-it to rigbl, Ibis Ilhlkki, Ver.: Kuropus. fX'I.er1lyii Iviiscii. Lu' Kobivr. Izlsic L.nrsoii tQiiiw-111. blirgt- Vitullo, Iom IUIIIOIV, Lynn Hniisuri Ruth XVi'gi1-'li bbss Svlingcr, the sub- jut of 'This is Your Lift- , being cscortcti to tbv stein- of Iwi' by Put Slmiiiglirit-ssx', rliv rimstvz' uf tim-irruii vw, SIWMWQ flex Dance Class Girls darlings, do you like to dance? Are you willing to learn? If so, that is all that is necessary to become a member of the Stein- metz Dancing Class. Not only will you learn lovely rhythms, but you will also be devoloping your young bodies into strong healthy ones, All this you receive from the patient Miss Peterson who is the one who guides you through bal- let, tap and folk dance steps. The girls pictured here took part in the Annual Swim Pageant and added a certain spark to the affair. Forcground: C. Saporito. Row l: E. Ricci, M VVoodward. Row 2: R. Scrritella, Spike, A. Lewy. Row 3: V. La Cost, M. Polischuk, I Kurowski. Row -lc B. Roszkowski, H. Sutter M. Brcithaupt. Row 5: C. Damn, M. Larsen C. Olson. Sitz. Row 6: Norris, Vczison S. Ramey, E. Baly. Row 7: M. Hurwitz, M. Zieman, M. Thurber. S. Bay. Row 7: I. Elling- sen, H. Truty, L. Reed, B. Lawley. Sheldon Row 8: R. Myhra, M. Grcsch, P. Domanico P. Werrier. Ramicone. Row 9: B. Cernoch M. Pofahl, S. Haemkcr. B. Cody. H. Mzirchrschi Page H6 V' if if tv ' Q v S , . 1 4 4' A li' f r .xi fr 01- Q., 1 1 Q 1 Q 9 45.3 1 SE vw g. I ,.i9V':W ss' 'W 1' gig 42 . ' K gg XS ' fm is f , ,H 3" .ix www Q 5 ii E 172 E .wx X gf'5s1 Er Sk' , 'gf .am 2 Q Q31-me W A xxx Q gy X 2 5 x If Q2 Q , at , a Q? -is 9 'fe ,Q Q Q xf v N1 X 6 52 AWA? A161 CL Q fo ffm WM Cheerleaders and Tumblers What IS ham w1thout eggs? What IS a hamburger w1thout french fr1es7 What s a football game w1thout Cheerleaders and bouncy tumblers7 The Color and thrlll wh1ch they add to a game can never be equalled by anythmg else Although there never was a dull moment 1n th1s years football season the cheerleaders and tum blers helped to mcrease the excltement of every play The1r whlte and green outfits could be seen at every game come ra1n or sh1ne We extend a hearty Cheer for the fme school Splflt they cllsplayed I 1 K c7Aey owe l!8l"yfAflfLg Mujer Cinfafrof Leaders' Club The girls representing the Leaders' class are chosen for their scholastic and gymnastic ability to give aid to the gym teachers. Some of their activities are con- ducting gym classes under the teachers supervision, demonstrating stunts on the apparatus, and aiding the other girls in performing these feats. Each semester new members are colorfully initiated. You may have seen them walking down the halls in their crazy hats, carrying a stuffed animal under their arm and wearing their blouses backwards. These girls in blue are an asset to the Steinmetz Gym Department. LEADERS GYM Standing with ball: L, Hullnus. Row 1: Jacobsen, M. Lo- cascil. Row 2: M, Gocllcr, Cvargiulo, C. Kasallis. Row 3: L. Kedgc, H. Stamos, Landi. Row -1: R. Ht-aslcy, E. Cataldi, M. Tomasie. Row 5: L. Birnbaum, C. Brandt. C. Florian, N. Engel. Row 6: N. Greshcr, Rcpnicki, C. Stik- kcrs, P. Shaughnessy. Row 7: V. Pokorni. R. Maurice. I. Gianakopulos, A. Panck. Row 8: Obitts. C. Danhaucr. R. Willhzimcr, A. Angcletti, D. Craw. Row 9: Dahir, P. Bonk, K. Bochte. S. Sommerlicld. Champnrss, M. Rhino Row 10: M. Larson. S. lcler, D. liochat, A. Fitzgerald. Page 149 jealfzfwilftg own was Pep Club Qne of the youngest clubs in Steinmetz is the Pep Club. It was organized in the fall of 1955 and consists of sixty-five to seventy members. They are the "Go-Go-Go-Girls" who bring added spirit to all sports events. Green and white outfits distinguish them from the Cheerleaders. Their main job is to be present at all games of the Baseball. Basketball and Football teams, and support the teams by their cheers and yells. They do not take the place of the Cheerleaders: they merely supplement their work. Besides their cheering job, they engage in philanthropic work. For an Easter pro- ject, they filled Easter baskets and took them to the orphanages, thereby spreading much happiness to the children there. Leading the girls in their work is the President, Carole Brandt and Mrs. Florence Soderberg, the sponsor. Row l: L. Bloom, B. Cody, S. Dc Christophoro, A. Shilvock Row 2: F. Giusto, M. Conville Row 3: P. Rogers, I. Murll, L. Dundovich, R. Szwiec Row 4: M. Carsello, Gron, Fromm, H. Marcheschi Row 5: P. Houle, C. Peterson, D. Weinhold, D. Norton Row 6: I. Swanson, C. Wenglass, P. Szczepanik, D. Barkes Row 7: C. Feustel, I. Minardi, L. Hanson, I. Berggren Row 8: R. Frost, I. Ramicone. K. Lundsgaard, K. Cleary Row 9: I. Miller. M. Hurwitz. M. Larsen, S. Bay Row 10: P. Werner, H. Nebergall, I. Hardt, C. Brandt Page l50 Top picture: W. Wcliihofer, I. Ellin ger, R. Melone, W. Erickson, R KLlHElth, F. Mzirchiori. H. Pfeifer. The mighty mites of Steinmetz did very well last football sea- son Mr Rosch sparked this vibrant little squad to victory. Under his tremendous coaching they ended with one loss and the rest wins. Center picture: D. Keough. L. Di- Christopher, W. Raisch, F. Hood, F. Heiss. FROSH-SOPH TEAM Bottom picture: Row l: F. Hood, F. Heiss, D. Greal, R. Allen, I. Barabns. Row 2: K. Leedy, I. Peterson, T. Andersen W. Lassen. R. Mc-lone. Row 3: F. Marchiori, D. Keough, R. Berrcy, Mzittes. Row 4: L. Milott, B. Rose, F.. Eismueller, I. Bynes. Row 5: H, Pfeifer, W. Weliihofer. R. Kunath. Row 6: Mr. Rosch, VV. Raisch. Front row at side: G. Mc- Fadden, L. DiChristophcr, F. Sconzn, R. DiCianni. Back row at side: R. Bluhm, Ellinger, R. Baer, R. Fay- dash, R. Possehl, B. Erickson. Page l5l Ae Mi e Q! fda Mjf Varsity Football Team The 1955 Steinmetz football team was certainly one in which we can take pride. The Silver and Green gridders climaxed a great season ending with the finest rc- cord since the year 1943. ln the process of capturing the N.W. Section Red Division title they won two exhibition games and emerged as one of the four semi- linalists of the original sixteen teams which began the action. fcontinued on opposite pagej. VARSITY TEAM Row lr Booz, M. Siavelis. Row 2: R. Harrif gan, Lemker. Row 3: M. Donatelli, li. Kar- ras. R. Gerard. Row 4: R. Bylski. B. Eckert. D. Good. Row 5: Fant, R. Stavoe. A. Cairo. Row 6: H. Plattos, R, Wolchiik. I. Bloom, D. Gouskos. Row 7: T. Feincis. D. Boeing, Placko. Cv. Doukos, Row 8: R, Harris, W. Boyd. S. Ego, F. Rizzo, A. Olsen. T. Shannon. Row 9: E. Fischer. P. Hzivcrlnnd. S. Rothncker B. Csolkovits, C. Czxrrnrd, W. Curtis. Row IO K. Slavik. A. Schmidt. M. Nygrcn. M. Schreiber. I. Pncilio. M. Fio Rito. P 1510 l52 cijgggje? llfifdgifibil fist? f42?ilPZg?6? C7 .VZlIZ 6? fcontinued from opposite Pagel The complete record for the 1955 season was seven wins, one loss, and two ties. against some of the toughest competition in the City. Coach Vesel's boys waged one ofthe strongest Campaigns in the history of Steinmetz, as they continu- ously mowed down the best teams in the league. Victories were over Lake View, Lane, Harrison, Schurz, Morgan Park. They tied with Austin and Crane. 1955 SEASON RECORD Steinmetz ...,,, I3 Zion Benton . 0 Steinmetz ,,,.., 31 Foreman ,,,,, Ll Steinmetz .,,,,, 7 Scliur: , ,, fi Steinmetz ...,,, 6 Lane , O Steinmetz .,,,.. 6 Austin , ,. 6 Steinmetz ...,,, l2 Harrison , 7 Steinmetz ..,,,, 6 Crane ,,..., ,, 6 Steinmetz ,,,.,, l3 Lake View ,,,, , 6 Steinmetz .,,,., I3 Nlorgan Park , 7 Steinmetz ,.,.,, 0 Vocational . ,, , 50 Season Record ,.,. 1 wins. I loss. 2 ties League Record 3 wins, O losses. 2 ties Steinmet: s First Northwest Red Divison Clmmpionsliip, Page 153 M fa Q freagem VARSITY Loft page Top row: Lcmkcr, M. Donaxtvlli, I, Booz. C. Gau'r.xrd, M. Sinvclis. Bottom row: li. Payne R. Gerard. S. Ego, T. Fcincis. T. Shannon. Right page Top row: S. Rothnckcr. A. Olson, M. Schric-her. H. Plnttos, D. Good. Bottom Row: Pncilio A, Schmidt, P. Hzlvcrlnnd. B. Csolkovits. 3 if .xg goof -gm ing owe Varsity Football Team Dramatic action of the individual players is well portrayed in these unusual positions. Even the chubby mascot in the corner, a steady attendant at all games, registers painful surprise at a critical play. ,gg ,. A faire: me 5? ' , if --fa? if fi, " ? I , we in wx xgw fi Q, Q? 74 'J ,.l,L5Q1:- V NW, Q Jn ffm' 4. yi ,fn W , ,Q kv 1 , N ' If 'f' x 'f J . X lhfhifl awww 7 +1 A., .. , 1190, MJT' Y. 'MW' 334' rowning Lille Z3 e of Lite ga! CANDIDATES foppositc page I Row l: Volpe, Fabric, B. Chamales, L. Huffnus. Row 2: Lamatsch, White, N. Gresher. Row 3: R. lust, A. Panek, D. Bogot. Row 4: L. Kohler, R. Szwiec, C. VVolski. Football Dance Picture to yourself the boys' gym colorfully decorated in the colors of the school with an elaborate throne on one side waiting to be occupied by the contestant receiving the most votes. Imagine, then, all the beauties coming down the center on parade: it's diffi- cult to make a choice. The lucky one was Arlene Panek. She was crowned by last year's queen. The king, Andy Cairo, the one chosen by the Football team, received the other crown. Page 157 ZQQM lm With seven returning letter men to form the nucleus of Coach Rosch's starting squad, the '56 baseball outlook would brighten any mentor's predictions. After romping nearly all over the opposition during the prac tice season, the Streaks led by top batter, George Varville, got the league season under way with a victory over the Kelvyn Park Panthers, Fireball pitching by Mike Tri marco, mixed with the snappy bending curve of Don Day bowl ed over the homer-swinging of Roosevelt, Von Steuben. Taft and other Spring batsmen. The Streaks lost only one game, and that to the former State Champs, the Schurz Bull dogs, while compiling a 4-1 prac tice record. A new third baseman and cen ter fielder, Bob Koresian and Wally Wehlenhofer, respective ly, plus the high scoring return ees of last Spring, makes the chances for the team overtaking the usual West Section Leaders Austin, pretty promising. BASEBALL TEAM Lower Picture: H. lllzittos. S. lfgc, M. Corr D. Forbcar, Coach Rosch. Center Picture: VV. Major. D. Day, G. Varvillt M. Trimarco. Coach Rosch. Team Picture: Forcground: F. Hood. Row I R. Korcsian. D. Day. Row 2: D. Allen, T Mottram. D. Zomincr. Row 3: F. Heiss. R Goffron. Huspen. Row -iz C. Rosch. H. Plat tos. W. VVelnhofcr. D. Mattes. Row 5: D. Por ronc, B, Biedar. M. Corr. Row 6: M. Trimarco Cv. Varville. S. Ego. W. Major. Row 7: Pm lizidzish. T. Raisch. R. Bluhm. D. Forbezir. Page ISS 'ue Wm EMA My XSZQQQLL5 LETTERMEN Kneeling: Bloom, R. Brown, M. Siavelis. In the S: Lemker. Row l: E. Knrrzis, D. Day, I. Altobelli. Abadi, D. Good. Row 2: A. Cairo, R. Stavoe, R. Wolchtik. Romeo. S. Pul- czinio. S. Ege. Row 3: A. Schmidt, F. Rizzo, I. Booz. H. Muzik, D. Keough. G, Vnrville. A. Olsen. Row 4: Pacilio, I. Nygren. R. Arnold, M, Trimzirco, K. Sluvik. R. Merkner, R. Sl.iter, M. Fiorito, W. Heine, Novclli, C. Gerrard, T. Shannon, W. Csolkovitz. Lettermen Coach Lakin is the head of this organization. Each year. under a point system, letters are awarded to the fellows participating in Football, Baseball, Basketball, Swimming, and Track. These fel- lows give affairs such as banquets and splash parties: they also made floats for the Mardi Gras. Not only do our boys contribute their talent, power and might, but their time also which is a very valuable element. These fellows really deserve a vote of thanks. Page 159 'lens ! L 'mil :Q BASKETBALL QVARSITYJ Row I' A. l'iUI'x'Sl.lll. Ilona' 2: lf. Pmyiic, lf. Christ. L. Skulti-ty, li. Kur'vsi.1ii Row 3: NV, Curtis, Noxcllc, VV, Heine. lf, Pawclko. R, Sthiiukv. Mr. luikiii. Row -lr H, iVl.ijor, bl, Pio Rim, G. l:I"y'IllilIl. K. Blum, R. Arnold. Row 5: A. Schmidt. K. Koi. 13:55 Varsity Basketball Qui' hardcourt Crew beat Tuley, Foreman, W8ShbL1I'U6, Austin and Kelvyn Park, but was stop- ped by Crane. Wells, Nlarshall and Manley. High man for Stein- metz was Augie Schmidt, bucket- ing an average of almost 20 points per game. Streaks forward Ioe Novelle sunk a grand total of 271 points for the season leading the Cagers in high points scored. lVlr. Lakin is the coach. Arnold and Vctzncr scoring the plays. Koresian guarding Tuleyite from scoring. jk ffm Frosh-Soph Basketball The Frosh-Soph Cagers took Steinmetz to the City Iunior Play- offs, showing up their elders. after they tromped Manley hy 69-13, Tilley, VVashburne, Wells and Kelvyn Park winding up with an identical record as the Senior crew. Four losses were to Crane. Nlarshall, Austin and Foreman. The lirst string line up consisted of Permanian, Arnold. Heiss, Kil- lian and Bredar. Mr. Rosch is the coach. Heine reaching for a rebound, but things looks bad. 17 .J Wag: 3 QQ I BASKETBALL QFROSH-SOPHJ Row li C. Pcrnmiiizin. Row 2: E. Payne, R, Allen. F. Hood, D. Day, Rom 3: I. Kohert. lr. Hciss. G. Kiirlmzes. G. Arnold. Mr. Rosch. Row -1: P Nicholas. VV. Rnisch, B. Bicdalr, B. Kiliun. Row 5: R. Arnold, B. Summers R. Bluhni, Arnold going up for a lay-up. ! U .... ' 'H' f ' L. pf f 7 ,SQ Y K, 4 5 S ,ff . fs .1 ,, . Q, 'fa , : W new ' ' H w S s S ..,. , ,,, f any' nv M '-::I- ., .,.,. X 3- KM q tffaxxffln 1 a 0 Q. 5 . 'ig 5 f .- .. 'E Y-N 7 f x , 3" K' if K: . i o tvi M4 N I iii w-nsvffw W 3 mal ! if fx' ff A a 5 i b 0 it Q , I If s 5 n 8 4 Ni in YQ oh if K A ' 'UPC' .2 5? . A wi W ,IB 0 " , xfbra 1 3 1 ,E . ziif' f W 1 53 1 'C 3 n I ,, ,,,J, X ' .P aw ig. 4 , , I I Q 1' J' ,M Q 'ff' fQ1 ,mi fetw 'SFX' COLOR GUARD Citwuigit' Zum-t lCpl.r, liiliii Shipus IM. Sgitm, Riiimlil lt-iiseii flxl. Sqtl. ileimie Spiwrl 1Cpl.l. iii M4 041 iii? . . my jf f Color Guard Almost all our assemblies are opened with the preseiitzltioii of the colors: arid it is these boys who do it with dignity and reverence. Page164 gk F fi 5 3 ,Q 'ig 5 r 85 i iv , ui r V . 1 ' H 729' 5 7 Q X I 1 ,S 1 1 . av' f X ,V x 1. ff'-fi .. A XB ga- sw ix 4 L ql R955 Q X 1 W 3, xg Q f A M Q ifff Q ' 2 '25 . 'Ev N fig iz! U i A 2 9 Mx- k A 1 V v"T' , rr' J wg x Made! in flag ibirecfion TRACK TEAM Row 1: Nelson fmgr.l, Morgan, Bonadonna, Zin- garelli, Feinberg. Sweet. Goldstein. ljaloian. Miccli. Row 2: Simpson, Sobczak, Sloan, Anzelde. Blum. Siegler, Thun, Fastow. Perri, Sbarluaro Kmgrl Row 3: Thompson fcoachl. Meyers. Kunath. Goins- kos, Fischer. Rothacker. Arnold. ljossehl. Morris. Schimke, Roselli, Virgil. Winie-uki. Track Team Coach Thompson's cindermen can be seen each night kicking up the dust on the front campus track as they get themselves in trim for the coming city events. They be- lieve in the old adage, 'Practice makes perfect." Swim Team Steinmetz splashers got started a bit late this year, but they fared pretty well when the final records came out. The results below show how they stood. Mr. Vesel is the coach. Amundsen ..,... 4-W 2-L -L Taft ................ 3-W 2 Lane ..............., 0-VV 0-L Steinmetz ..r.,... 2-W 2-L LakeView ...... O-W 3-L SWIM TEAM Seated: I. Morozoll. VY. Volpe. D, Ouist. G. Nlclladdc-n. Standing: D. Ahrahamsen. T. Duval. lf. liismiwller. I. lillinger, Mr. Vescl. coach, Page 166 hw qw . .X 9 I JJ? - 1.454 - K ,T X? I 5' 5 isEfQ??W -1 I F F4 ' Q 1' o ff- -1 Q, rfS1S'3JJi..f.,:4 W, 2-r Q 'K pgs 535 I 'gk Wd., ,A 1 I 359 K1 ii "-xf W Q Q .Q 512 X1 H' 5 fs ' it-f ll I Ei 2. + -,.-.2 2 Q.: -:": I - Q if ff? S JW R Q ww 2 im . . 15 :ai 1 .4-M' PA'-,Ac- Ai' I 47, I was 2 , - r ' A :W 7 6 4 if 15 .J 'gg 42 Q I. x I KX' . f ,, of Qi V ' 1 z , f 4 A 1 Q ' fd! p , 2 M X'-sv l x . gk. S2 4 X" p N 5 I -. ,, y .Q ,ggi hz mimi " y W Fri Y- X'-'rymmqxr W' -i I f"" A4 W N - A , A , iy . . . ' , Q 2 ,r ' LVL 5 Y ' ' ' , ff QW' .fa QA K, 5 " qw Q ,Q Q K fm: Q .. , 'Mig 2 . ' , W ,K bg I' "" ff 4 M 2 f ' G kk W "A K 1 A , . L 4, .Q gif J in L 'W ,AA,, F , A ii W' W X s we , f we - '-2":'ff , A ' ' in 'mf 6 ,,q.,,,. - nwiggg, Q39 if . 5 -. Q 1 is W 'f .v J, iiiiivx 4: yi 1 , YJ' 5 9 1 ,xp .NNQ Wggrxwwu. 3 K + 2 ,ff v M mg - A V M, 5 W W, 4 4, K , 6 ym"""""' , Snag if 5 M f a U 1 K Q 'Y W., w BK V K M ., ig Q x ff? QE ,X 4 W My I - . Q ' - - 1 3 ai' , .1 fp' ,P . - ' Q ' ' 'W ,f ,Q ' A n -if ' in , W f 4, 5, 5 iq. , wk D Q al L U' g " 44' ' , K, Q , .Samsung Y VQAWUQA 0lfLlfLQCfi0lfL5 fr-' ' The purpose of the organization is to provide means whereby graduates of Steinmetz may continue friendships that began in high school. The activi- ties are numerous and varied, lt is pleasant to meet old friends and see what your school pals are doing. Arlene Dray and Milan Toman, officers. If you like to bowl, the Alumni Bowling League would welcome your membership. If music is your hobby, join the Alumni Choral Club. lf you enjoy a turn-about on roller-skates, come to the Roller Skating parties, held each spring and fall. If you like to hear news, read the Alumni News- letter, issued periodically to its mem- bers. lt will keep you posted on the plans of the Association, the gossip of your class, and also what other alumni are doing. Throw in a few parties. programs, and dances and there you have it - Your Steinmetz High School Alumni Association! Wil, MW Jdfm fmfxa Mr. Cornelius Henzc, representing the faculty, talking things over with Charles Roehl and Barbara Dixon. oflicers of the Alumni. I I 1 f wakw Axrpwmm S!""'-11 4-,, cbd an Quia iff I f i , A'if'ft 555 ,X Aft ,A HI' L ya- Xa J, ICS .0 a 1 f"',,n' ""4t.,-'v' "57':.j5" Page l69 rl Ll te?-525+-:f,: Sfaxf-'1c'G"' If 3,-giving:-X' W' ir?Qafj,'4L+l'r"f:'-Q4Qf:.f-'5" '1Y5'5?3'j-Fzff' W,"5? ,- MAY 5, 1956 """"'U--L-..,, X tif, if it iglfilihuxs Q, 'A i 8 - ' Swhglt . ' x y 3 -3' A.1. it x f we fggivgu 'ff'-Q-lt ,Mx ,t if I dgifolfemder dglfvwfea! Owl WLLLA on omg Upper picture: Buses take students to the Poxxerama Show at Soldiers' Field. Center picture: Pupils anxious to step up their reading speed join Mr. Claxtons 7:30 A.lVl. reading class. Lower left picture: A dream come true. Men installing sound proof ceiling in the pupils' lunchroorn. Lower right picture: Boys in a happy mood at the Powerama Show. Page lfil f' Ax: QM it 4 QM mi 3 . 1' . Top picture: Steinmetz Float in the Nlardi Grits pnrntle lielti on Halloween night nt llnrlem :intl Grand Avenue. Center left pietu' : ie RO. boxs play n SiIllll'Cillfl1C Football game. v Cienter right pieture: Tense moments. P-O ,.m9""' ,iff 'mug 4 Will lie make it? down. doesnt it? i Lower left picture: Two beauties in the Nlzirdi Gras Queen contest. - Lower right picture: Looks like at touch- ! 54 x 'VU ,f" fgyi, 5A1f'L5lfmcw rogrczm Olfelflflfgelf' maya 6Ll"8 iw Of 51... Top picture: Once a year business men visit Steinmetz. Center left upper picture: G.A.A.'s semi-an- nual assembly was full of surprises. Center left lower picturea Some performers at the Annual Band Concert. Center right picture: Dancers contributed sev- eral numbers on Band Concert Night. Bottom picture: Showing the Band in action at their Annual Musical Performance. Page 172 3868174 81" OPPOSITE PAGE Top picture: The Christmas Tree in the foyer of the school is an annual contribution by the LIB classes. The committee in charge is pictured here. Center picture: The Language Department had charge of the Christmas Assembly. This is the Nativity Scene given by the Italian pupils. Bottom picture: Spanish students featured the 'fposadasn and the A'Pinata". UIQ fAQ J6LlfLlfL6LIf'y QEOCM Top picture: National Honor Society Breakfast. An interesting program followed the Society breakfast. an event which takes place twice a year. Center picture: Miss Petersons dancing trio added an extra twist to the Annual Band Concert, Bottom picture: The football banquet wound up the Hrst semesters sports activities. It was well attended by students. parents and faculty. cgQAlf'lfL6Llf'y CAL55 Jane QOVL The February class of 1956 held their luncheon at the Belden-Stratford Hotel. Decorations of pink roses, a ravish- ing dinner, consisting of Swiss steak and trimmings. and a well planned program made the day complete. Nlrs, Vesley. with her able committee was in charge of affairs The pictures that you see here are candid shots of what took place. Awards were presented to the Valedictorian and the Salutatorium of the class and to the others who received them. X l l l.o vcr center rult picture: LllIlLllt'OI'l Coiiiiriittce. ll. liitiukus, C. Claiiscr. P. Rxxm. xi !O!0lf'0CL6L1fLOlfL The Electucal Book can not close lts coxcx xuthout the btifl IH the name ofthe bchool expxesslnq 1fS apprecmtlon to the follow 1IlC'l people xx ho haxe contuhnted much tovx aid maklnq the book 1 SUCCESS Commonwealth Edlson Company especxally M1 PIQICQ M1 GutelcunSt M1 Rove and lVl1 Duennew Exlclence of then help IS xeen Ill the locl1ch1o1nc pxcttne lntloclnclnq the School SCCUOI1 of the hook ind thc llttle Bmll that von see scittexecl thxouqh ot t the hoolt and SCIOll1I1lflEltlOX'l Provlso Toxxnshxp Hlqh School eapecmllw the Snpeuntenclent lVl1 L Knoeppel fox pe1m1tt1nq us to til e 1 mqht cololed pxcttnt cf the11 Qt3CllLlITl completelx llohted 111 thc 1 ntl 16 th t IINIOC uces tl e .51 ort Qect ox M1 H iqeltx the puhllsher M1 Solem the photoqmphex the entne faculty lox then p'1t1ence and COODQFHIIOU P111 ,xg ' ' 3 A 'A c .l . f 7 3 V ll l c . . N v W K i.k. C .6 , H ' 7 Y -' , - ' , I .1 Llpxf 5 v to V C Q. L nl- X. I N 'S B. ' Q C . , ' . ' . ' x B. ' . c 3 H 4' l H c X f f c l ' K ' E. H. MOOI'C for letting ns use the caps and gowns for the Quill me ' , jp . ',f""' 'Q ' "l i , C - . : , A , L! A Ju vt EK Q 17' - 'Lx w. V4 v l I NK 'Q .1 - w . -v C . I . 4,1176 Green Curtwrn Actlwrtv N1qht Adx 'mced Su 1111 Alqo Nuevo Alumnl Asslstint Prrnclp 11 Basebill l31sketb1l1 l3oVs Rllle Team Cnmpus C rexx Ch lmber MUSIC Clmnsonettes C heer Leiders C1x1c Txcket Representatrx es Class Ofhcers 1Febru1ryI Class Ofhcers 1 uneI C,11xton Clarence C Concert Band D1ncers Dirdanelles Dedrcitlon Dep1rtmentP1ctures Dxstrxbutrve Educ ltlon DIXISIOD Page 1Act1v1t1es Dlx 1s1on Pige 1GraduatesI DIVISIOH Page 1Schoo1I Dwrsron Page 1SportsI Enqel Und Bengel Events of the Yeir Ficulty PICIUFQS Februiry Cmdu ltes Frre Mirshills Football Dince Forewx ord French Freshmen DIVISIOHS Fre hmen Feiture Pwqe Frosh Soph Te1m Future Stenoqmphers Future Te xchers G A A Glrls Chorr Gxrls Rrfle Team Cross Country Griduitron Nlqht H111 GuHrdS Hall Guards H111 Guards Herrrck Mr 1FreshmenI 1Sen1ors 1nd unrorsj 1SophomoresI Wwlter lib 69fY 9 1 29 45 5 90 91 54 55 120121 169174 14 9 57 65 156157 22 28 20 21 n 12 11'1fC11I1QC1111'C 13 and unlor Chou unror DIXISIOUS une Gr adu mte Portr uts une Ufhrers and Sponsor unlor FC lture Pmqe unror Prom of 1955 Kew Club K1 rssen Klub 1 lt 1 1e1dersC s 1Cv111SI Lettermen Llbrirv Lunchroom Mwyorettes 1V11xed C,ho1r N 1t1on11Hono Socretv Pep C lub Pollsh Pre 1V1ed1cs Prom 1 Ll1'1lOI'I Prom 1Sen1orI P T A uxll 1nd Scroll Red Cross Siddle Bouncers Sclence C lub Senlor DIVISIOHS Senlor Fewture P lqe Sennor Germ ln Club Sllx er Strewk Representwtlx es Srlver Streik Stiff Sou 11 D mce Sophomore DIVISIOUS Sophomore Feiture Piqe St rqe Crew St1r1ets St rr St 111 Sternmet Chrrles Proteus Student Councll Svmphony Orchestrl Tltle Piqe Trick SXXIIHFI-lE'1Il1 Tumblers V1rs1ty Footb xll Vrexx of School Plqe 177 3 u 107 98 99 U3 69 66 67 92 93 48 53 46 47 32 37 30 31 94 95 5 7 7 l"1 'x ,C ,, ,C , , C168 - C C , 11C 1 1 " ..,,. ,,,,, , ,,142-143 I ' ' , ".,,, .105- 1 ,,r.r,,....,. ,,,,,,,,,,,, . N ,,, , 121 I ' ' ' 'Q' J 1 ,40-44 ' ,,.,.....,r,,,,.,,,.,, , ,,r,,,, .H, , 168-16 I C C "z':, ,71-88 ' C ' ' C ., ,,,,,, . ,. , ,12-13 I " .'C 1 Q ' C70 C ,,,.....,,..1,,,,,,, , ,, ,,,,, ,H ,H H ,H158 I ' 1 Ct , ,38-39 C. C ,,,,rr.....1.,, , ,,,, ,, ,, 160-151 I ' ' , 66-69 Ip' ' C , ,138 '-g , ,,C ,, 128 GC 5 3 ' ,,.. , 114 5 ,, 119 1 C ' M, , H ,117 ,air , , .H , 123 A C . r,,,,,, , , ,H,, ,117 . 1 'Q Has: ",' ,149 2 C 5 ...,.,1,.1,,,,,,,,.,. , ,,,, .148 ., 159 "' ' " :,, ,,,,,, ,H,,, .137 ' C I WMU , 1 ,125 Q ' C ,,,,,,,, ,,,, , C56 , .,H, ,134 ' I .,,.,.,.r,,,,,,,,,....,, , ,,,,.,,,, 70 C' .'H, , , 116 'C.' . . ..,,.,,,,,,.,,,.,,,....,, , , 22-3 'J ' ' , . .,,, ,,,, N, , ,H108-109 HHHHHunHHUHHHhHW,W, , H112-113 C ' C r 1 ' I., - C . .1,,,,.,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, ,r..r, H, ,,,,,,,, ,146-147 1 ,,.,.,,,, ,, , ,150 C ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, H, ,,,,,, ,,,,, ,100-101 'Q ,..,r,.,, , , , ,122 'C ' ,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,, , W8-9 ' 3,2 ,127 C ' . ,,,,,,.,,. , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,H.q - I ' , , , , ,C - 'J ' ' C ' ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.,, ,,, , ,,,,, 13' ' . ,, , ,H - "" - ' " I ,...., ...,.. ,,N ,,,,,, - ..., .,.......1,.,,,,,,, ,,H,, ., - 1 "" C - 3 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , 1 U - CQ ' C .H , H , , ,H .129 ' " - ,,,,.,.,,,,1.. ,,,,,,, , ,, 10-11 1 .3 .,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,N. , 102-103 ' 'C' - ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,, 140-141 1lC3.PUctures .,.,,, ,,,., ,, , ,,,,, ,,,, , ,,,. H,.162-165 1 ,.,,..,,,,, ,,,., .H .,,.,., ,, N - C .', , ,,,, ,,139 ' C ,,,,,, ,,, ,. , , W - C ' 1 ,HU, ,136 K ' 5 AIIQIIIII I H -I ' ' 'L' L- I - ' C.C. ' ,,.1.,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,.,, .. ,..,1r,, H133 " C 2 ,,,,,,,, ,, , ,H118 C C ,,,.....,, , ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, - " C . C " Us ,, ,, 96 1 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1,,,, ,,,,, ,, .H W4-5 ' C C ,,,, , ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, H,, ,,, H297 unHhnCnHHHHH,CUMrHHHHH,, , H124 'C C ,HUUHHM ,H, MC168 S - C ..,..,..,,,.,, U. ,..,. ,,..,, C C-151 "Ct ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,, , , . 114 : ..C.CC------------ C CCCC --136 . ,C ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , , C , ,,,117 C .' ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, , .135 ' E R ' .v-A'--Ab I I YY , . . , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , , N144-14' . Z 2, N, , N, C 1, ' A CCCVCCCEWWYQCCCYCCC CCCCCCCCCC I I I-110-111 , AAIIAAIIAAII 1104-lo- ' " ' C . I . , ' Ur, , ,,,, 138 1 Y ll- C C 4 1 .,,, .C .,.,,.,.,,. ...., ,xQ q ' 6 6 6 "2-3 C4 YYVv-vw-v-YvV YYYVY YYVVYVV NYM YIZ6 V s.. -'-f--"-'-'-A- - - f H166 C C 5, --.----.---,.,AV, V W C , V C , C - C 1 ' A ,, ,.,H130 ' -------C-------- C --CC C C --143 C . . ,-,V-.,A NYY YVYn131 C 1' C ,,,, H, ,,H W,,H HM,,3H152-155 ' , , C ,,,,,,,,,1,,, , N -13 ' ' ' HH -H C'7 'Lv f.:M T.'T x H ' .Z-1-" Q: . '1 'N , 1 A , 5 K ,

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