Steinmetz High School - Silver Streak Yearbook (Chicago, IL)

 - Class of 1951

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Steinmetz High School - Silver Streak Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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WW Mwyffifl, Sf' if M265 W ygfggyf? QWJWJQW WU X AV? WW gm W Oagljffww Wwfw WW QQ? fy W f 5 3 Wffgi WWJ1' WH W! ff 41 J' ff fJZfQakW, M K' W W A JJ 7 ,fund MCM yjf X kv A N3 Mii OL, C J-J N. ff'-1 1 l 1fxg!Q" 1210 X Lf2,r-If .V fl f , 1 , it ' w X XR L E 6065602144 Jaw Q wWa4J WJ,-17 ff 3? mi QXQMVJWM fdfh Ai'-Afhn fi 2,,k , BM M, W M9?T,5g7yf Ni HRXQVK MW 2 M MMM WIWZZW 9 M MW VW? an Sw: U ' ,N , x E ' .L , . A Q 5' I X I X-L 'T I flip 'A ,..f"r4' V .h tx ..g! J ' V I N illllg, V' ' ,KL I X ' V. ,Ir,g- ' wx! if wif WIN, , X .' lid Y V' ,V .k t I V Hn I ,A I XJ ' X if f Q YI Q f ,i -' Q I ' 1 7 .' L 'AAX if f'l'4-:LAI V, X I , r f 7 ' L1f f f . ' "V M 1 A I ll W -x,. rf , I 9 ,' f l X F Q Q fl, , xg ' j , - ' 1' IQ 3 ff w 77 131:14 1 A-1 PM 5- 4 'Z 4 X, K X Y Lgllfm , ,,5 ,, ,f ,W X SX .Y X16 In V' 4'-fvxlriififl 1' P R. if if., " f XA ' . x 5 ' rs 4 - i p 1' ' s ' I f v, X I K N - ff, f-, .1,.: X -W X ' 'J' 1:' 4 Q by f X X E X? if ",'.1 1,-l, ' -s QT Q ' . f Q -' ff" , 1 ,- ' 1 X 0 X-L .hx Q.. 1 ' " '14 r 'N ., , , l N X B ,QR " '63-,,AVJ1 A . - W, F " fl----. , x NC -Q 1 X X - Q, If J' f ,A f X., . X 1 X! f' K! , ,f ' . N- 4, , I bf 'We' f ' 3 f n E .6 . X Q ' X 5 . I Y Q12 Q I Q. ,,.f Kg fy - l 54 5 , 4 , T4 ,-..y 4 if MY xx N f' X ,. Q9 H-xx M 5 . P+- elf?" mv ,. f- ,f,.,.3: ,rf f.4,,,-51' v Y . A ,4 . 4, E1 .f'15t-iii! Asiifafi'-.'-fi - I - ,.1 4 EA x, ,.-' f - ,ng ,,r.'. .' r -A ., ...- - - - f , . ' l 'T':f,'1.J'- ' flsaflflitg fx,,,f':f'-fTL-54-,,,., 'gy' ' "' ,rf-1' Plvwxw- .z'l,- 1 'i'i 1 , .. f X fl, ,f.j1,. ,,,2..y:Q'4..,,x.,.5 , A M., ,LH ,K ' fi " f'1.4.. .:gT241ib,:g.eI1:4' -2':'A-ifgiagfl " ' A ff". 4- w -,nf . -1'-f 11 , Q, J, ,,,,gQ,,..:,,-, . j".LQ1..:ji ' g:iE1?:j':,'E1'?i":: ' -H 'A I-'xr-1'f'Y.L.3'f'I:"'.' 'r '- if Ai -',f.,.rf " jx 1 I .452 4-Qi' Q r X 4 SKYVIAY TD INC! LAND kv ff, 1 'La r-up Ask , , , 1 -ff 'ff ,M 4 .4 W f I- f , f 5' 7-11' ' , 1 , ops., I ,, I .L r' 1 ' X , J J fi . , , fp r xx' 2' 475' Q' 9 1 A -'7 ,, jizz - . 170,41 ff! 'X Aff! XY' 0 ff ,' f. I, s '. au, f 4,11 f' l I Lfrrq ,fp Klum! Yi V 7'zQwff4-, 1 ,4 2' W 149' 1' , ,J f'1 9 ,uf Q :- ..- " 1 I 1 1 QM: ' A 5:15.-fy 1 f Cf ' 6 f'x.' SILVER STREAK 1951 ' p bl h dby ' STEINMEIZ HIGH SCHOOL CHICAGO ILLINOIS 1 'ULU IQ! 'ML 'lflfanf JL UAL mf III .LI QI ,911 Qu' Quiz HMA ?M1'fc' ana! ll' M OPQLUOI' FROM OUT OF THE DEPTHS OF THE GLORIOUS PAST RISES IN ACCENTS CLEAR AND SUBLIME THE PLEADING VOICE OF THE AUTHOR OF LIBERTY LISTEN' AWAKEN OH YOUTH OF TO DAY' LIST TO ITS BEAUTIFUL STRAINS MY COUNTRY TIS OF THEE I SING RINGS FORTH FROM EVERY TREE AND CATCHES ALL THE BREEZE THEN FAINTLY FALLS ON EVERY EAR THE ECHO OF THE SWEET REFRAIN SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY ITS MAGIC SPELL AND IN ACCENTS EVER STRONGER ONCE MORE COMES BACK THE SWEET REFRAIN SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY AND LO' THE VERY AIR BREATHES FORTH A LOVING PRAYER OUR FATHERS GOD TO THEE PROTECT US BY THY MIGHT GREAT GOD OUR KING AND INTO THE DEPTHS OF OUR THROBBING HEARTS STEALS SOFTLY AGAIN THE SWEET REFRAIN Smf Jim! ofolllefzy D 2 LET YOUR HEARTS WITH RAPTURE SWELL AS IT WEAVES 66 0 o s . .-Zim? v- Hfzgl 1 ,f .Q-' Q, V W: ,yd ,V . ,g',uq,. ,Jpvfpy Q, jgf:-23 :,' . 3, . . L v,H.,,f,'v.3., 1 +V,-V-. . , .1f .. . .,4 . . iz- 117 To .da-r an . , W 1- 56 U wht' W .Ev av ' Q. 1,1 8 Q 'fiw -4. Q 1b'U"3':'4 wi.- Yes, this is lt. The day has come! It seemed to him so far away four years ago. Other experiences may repeat themselves, but high school days-never. Behind him now lie only fond memories - memories of football, baseball, basketball, T. squares, books, teachers and dates. Before him expectations are rising high. He must go forth with courage and take hold with confidence in himself, and faith in his country. America, the land of opportunity has much to offer. jo 0 fke grcwluafion cfadd 0 1957 we clefcafe fAi5 ninefeen Aunclreal ana! i fy one ecbfion of fLe .SQLW .SZ-eal' FEBRUARY CLASS 1951 STANLEY ANDERSON. ..popL11ar "Stan" lS a man out for sgccess. .. sensible girls with a sense cf harncr rate. . .hes a spcrt adagtt . . dads E15 pal. . .prefers Mrs. Yeung. ,Class Preszdenf, Stage Crew, Track, Fcctloall, B.l.A., N1H.S. RICHARD ANDREWS...hre'.'JS1:g in peeks :Lids hs spzrf ...aurn crafkers are eff h1s 11st...l.fzss Kigtgr grad f.f:. Pzwers iff on tcp. . .he sure goes fcr that friea ch1il-:en..1:11ae Ls hzs STEVEN BARAK. .. 'Reds' head lSf.LllCfl1'lSlC?'llCl1 and spits. ., 11t:QeMrs,Shabgt IS l11SI'1?'1fKS :er :ci ae,s1..s111.:c1..1 1...s are cL1t...Egsketl5all, Letterman, German, ELA. ROBERT BARNAS ...' 'Bch' is an Anne Zin .... 11415 is 1.e1 1 when "A" IS arcur1d,..a111et, ba' not aezi curls please . .loves ch1:ken 1n a haske'...Stage Crew, Prom, junrcr Ain1e'.'er:en'. Campus Crew, B.I1A. RONALD BERGMAN.,.wgter-polc "Ron" wzggles an-:ay fre: gag- glers, . .he's keen for Ie:r1..1hle'1Ched Qclcndes 1rk h1rr1..,gdm:rfs the aaaressrve, not atrazd tc talk type, like Bee . .perk IS hrs azsix ...Sw1rr1, Lettermen. RICHARD BOBZIN...p p czrn niunfhers g gt- e1 "D 1' 's' 1er'e m s1c Vvllll re the st 1' c hrs lte wccdc nn s r1s ev lor re1axf't1cn pre' rs the t1ve ty, e of Qlfl Came a C RICHARD BORCHARDT Sl1 k D1ck crals about e rly rnorrm, meetmqs IS lookmc' 'crm ard to an e rlv retrrern nt so he and M Powers an open up a hamburger 1nn ports are h1s p s 1rr1e B I A N H S Class VICE Pres VIRGII. BURNS th S cnsuxner cl p1zza 1S lturmng w 'ln ar' 1 fn to occupy a seat IP rn1ll1ona1re row h s no tune ter Ll kup a1rls fond of blondes and morn E l A IAMES CHRISTOPHERSON Chr1s W1ll rr11ss 'h ha k s age h ter when he clatters off cn h1s travelmq Jaunts h p1cks he ,cc humorecl people to cor urr shr1rr1p cockta1ls w1'h h1m S ae Crew Green Curtam IOSEPH CICERO loe would llke to horn 1n on a French Sym phony where Women predorrunate qu1et sph1nxl1ke ma1dens please hzm craves oodles ot d sserts and flammq red colors Cour1c1l Band Orchestra WAYNE COULTER bockworm Wayne Wants to be k1nq on a t1n ranch Where he can entertaln Mrs Gehant and Ixm hell be far from Streetcar smokers h1s spec1al menu W1ll be frled ch1cken RONALD CROLLA T'lV1Ol1 Ron would l1ke to be R1p Van 'Wmkle tor a week admrres wfll dressed women caters to qmet lasszcs Italran ccok1r1q meets h1S approval Baseball Lettermen B I A ROBERT DANIELSON Dan s ldea of a .me cg l IS Carole q 19 mtellrqent peoole make a hzt wrth th1s hockey lovma f llcw wh thmks hockey on ce lS xery mce Staqe Crew FRANK DURINSKI Beats hoots at q1rls who ave-r1n:l cg 1 makeup and c1qarettes p1f'ture hrs name as manag r of 1rm repamnq h1s od car wzll th n he p s IST ftf men BI A LYMAN EVANS ov rm e1qht rr1a1aens 1n tlqht l9V1S dlS st B z na prrtq vutln CI 'lar 1,11re s t1S s 1 E en pep m D m1Sses Vr radley B ARTHUR FANSTILI. mf vu 1 Cf aer A s rn aes a p1 no achm crnens Il ndly T51 eratc pcfrlf cr fs lS c S IS 1 L Tv' s Sh Clnc1r ROBERT FAUST c n e l IS fs1re a SS s JIHF V531 'UPF GORDON FELTON r1 v n LEWIS FIERI e e- gf-he e IOHN FREY -' -C r ae cvs ack P 'CJ o 1 r e r 1 k n 1 s 11' ,.':,1 a1f1 1,.., arvg: 1 f'11fT...l1 -' ,1 .e 1 ac' T 11 r Clap. ' Z 1 1' 1 ,a e r. C ...s 1 C1 1 ... C ' 1.1 11lot1.,1 '1 " ' g ..,a '11-"st:-" 1 '.e,,c-t caf- 11 ' ' e t f' 1 1,15 re - ' ' '. tag- , . , G . ". a ' ' 1 ' ' ' Y e o " 1 ' 1 - ul e rt 1 ' ' Q .' ,e a large l' , " ' l 1 ' e 11 at h ery...Le1t::- e' 1 1 l a11"cc" .,.pi - 1 1' 'Q . 11 k lf" d airl 51 llfi' l'11TT!...SCZI1lff'xS -laf1 r ch h1 11, ,.1. B 1 ...Tr::k, .ll-1. .Nha -"ckd..:l f,"'7t',L,3"2'11tE11s Q1 -vA1 ' 1.1. f fi- ' Ce. ol- 1. "eg :nd rii' hygi- 11: , are h ch rce... g,ec'11l food A'lZZl...l.IVCYl"1 'yrgi' LS .r . ..i:h':'. .. 1 1..'c If 'irne : mf- liix :Cdl engln-'-er he T 1:1 wfrk cn 11 hill? IPS LS 'Eelis' L41 ...lies gif-rfe " ziiigf-1 ':.'f1f n L' Sirnffs to r111l:f 1'jS...Yn1 e Pep PfLll.1.l"lC'i6l Falk: :i Cai, DONALD FEL'l'ES,..ra1t.:11:1g ranih tyg e hgnpf '.-:Er-re sr:1:k1r1g: '.-' f 1 '::1f lf- t' :rrea 'Aria cirn :,:,f n' "dz: zgff 'fr 1. V.'l'h Liz. Lxrkm gs h1s Il'l1Gf gges' LS :fins gg- 1 'f :rg IKCSS. Stray , 'Eze -'ssenfe :f ff'flI1Emil'1' Q-1-:gv-is tc r:1n1f'11Q,1'e f1i51r1s i'r a Q1'.'1:g...:'ir:11res the piggggr :'.11g Sig. le. !1.1tlers'r11.,sg:j.'s girls Tar: :ie grins :na sizl. reftgxi frii. Leng 1-1-.i1es. 1.11r..r15:s T,f1ss Gran' as 3 aegxe ...hes ,z.m3:g 311s ggns irt 1 :shag gevree ana :le 1.1171 k:Q:nges..1Q2'.'es 'Q gzcat 'mth has Jolly file-nds.1,ad::1r"s rr.:r:1. , .E.f.1l11 .. fake expeits 'Q :gl e 11 the :hugh rzizrketzig :r.e',:l ' 2 ' far the h1:::'er...th1s fisherman '.-:QQ Z 'le hc' gcgs :1i'.' h:..1e lite-'.'.'1:es. .1S'gge Crez-.1 Ef..-51. :ae 1' FEBRUARY CLASS 1951 OSEPH FURMANSKI s eep 11 l e rl wake ,. Nr-en 1 n es s f IFPS Ill en f f e e e m n H Ile 1 s IERRY GARGIULO ess r en ns rre e e re P mer: 1: 1 s ea '1 mes rss F IS a pea PATRICK GARRY C er1 G'l'1Cd m 1: y d ern 1 s a o y 11 on If Ifl ed ee le e ev 1 LEROY GOEDTKE f 11-ee n-111 see C .1 e nfl e ' 'np e a oxes "1 e 'r er' 1 nes ar ns ls ple me lflss SEYMOUR GORDON el sa es 1' s k 11, 1 r od ndae sesr -:1nsol-'r ses es o l' Lo an ner KENNETH GRAY I 1 ke Ven o ns p ev 1 e 1 l fll' IPITDIII1 1 LIPS ,CCG IHUUFCLYS I 6Vcf J F ISCN VICTOR GUSTAFSON I1 f n f N11111, hlS 1 wr1 ' usrn 141 hsd es rscmfv rem f 11s 1 elf PATRICK HAYES t IS enhryo lr fy 1 h nestv est1 res that n 1 I' s l1'l 'l d H15 a 'rtrng lrrsh stew wr h rk IS re X n, to le rn Mrss S11Jer1 fnd Ed N if are h1s favorrtes ROBERT HEAD Hobs head IS 1n Ihe Cou s when llyrng Wllh Phy l1s Color o sdnsrnn IS the place for hrn to ga'her vrtormms 'rom the ssrr' red IS rs 1 l HERMAN HEITMAN 1 s 1111 dreams w1ll Lust forth when h 1111ds that master plumbers certrfrcate downs the gushmg grrs has a monopoly 'Jn sleep would o far for good food RAY IOSEPH Jauns rn the founlry w1th well stocked lunch oasket IH a brand non Burck vlth pa nd ma as passengers and Vlrss Farr s rdgmg alan, rs Ray s Way of l1' IEROME KARP Bullets IS 1m1n'g at ownlng hrs own buslness loads hrs le1s111e wtth spo ts ac 1v1'y goes or mash d peta'oes oeves 1S h1s pal l1kes teachers rn general Bl ALFRED KITZMAN Krtz adm11 hes :1 loxer of greenbacks but J t work needs 11 sleenrng petron loud wom n and sp 1led hrldren :ct nrt a sr' ell ol hrs C"1Ofl d han 1 urgers G rmcn IOSEPH LANCE loe the football 1d3 td kles steaks and FIZZG Chuck lar 'IQS l'1m luck the m1'l1cn dollar bracket IS hrs goal mom and Jlr Ruzrcna ge the do,.1a11se Football Baseball rrek Lettermen WAYNE MAKEL concert QIVSS Vtlavne a p rn M I-lavhcek S hrs lavorlte nre1ers happy aolucky peopl ho es to nd eoe S1 rmmmg t a Lt rmer B N RMAN MARSHALL swrmmrng md 1oo al m rk No ms fx 1 strrnes C y aarnes are IS e eeve uld e nee F m etermen 1 l Sw1m DONALD MILLER Don l'1 srnt IS Prrn e Caste bro herly love '11 f s d blondes a e pre1e11ed W 'IGH drwers are er rem 1 HUISSPC s strf ng lo 1 UYIIVGTSI pree s 11s ZNI ky Boys Chozr DON MOORHOUSE o teach th na 1ves on the S dlh Sea lslands tre dame of Basketball IS Don s amh1'1or1 would lrke to take Sonny rd M1 Sregel along Basketball Lettermen BIA KURT MUELLNER Afe fl s sol sr tt r the Faw 11 n lsldnds spends s rrre vwth rs ana not reds le rates ' l smokers l Pes Nl S 1k1n"s ne le' '1 es of steak German I' DONALD NAYLOR mashed F' 'ces Den steaxs CIS lr'e on V1 Bradl y he ll settle you C oL1'1ts when he becomes a CP A detests l .rd m ut s lrkes sgorts of al scr's lunler Achreve m n' EDWARD NEFF loauabrous people pester Ed the auto lrxer good sports who apprematfz h1s 1okes can share h1S clucken to seftle down to a l1fe of l91S..1YE at an early age IS h1s ambrtron Page l 1 I I l1'.Ql ov" v.".l have 1: l- 11' ' '.- 'hat dzfor bell .1 gs.,.hop- hz sf:-er':t -. ' 'll brrng Zugh to gefg. hgrn sspplzed '.-lrfh ch::k-n...L,f'-r e , Trick, flreel dc , Green Cdrzzn. ...prgnrng wgl. Lze his pr, 111: , gag-ernenf. .. 'hs food to 1..,r has -Zrn,d ".- .1:r:e "F:t",..ho -' :rl 1nt-ers f-ares 'mth hrs 'oafzng Ch- 4111e...fl11 l ll :rr "- .. udrnzres lo-e Croero. 1-1.2 '.-.'rQl be f .1 - 5,11 when the 1 all rxznde "Pat" bats th-. :Lost 11 111 lube: 2 r .ks I' happy . d-- C.-ein-out psople s.1:',11d be 1 1- rsed. . .adm res lffzss I'l'ICEEk. o,"i E1-ever "N , 1 you .- 'Le-el' prl tzng 'hat Cpyhou A bJs...h,lld'1 r 'he -li ite: b , and .1 ak, roo1 . for kgs t, 1-p1nf:e.J .d x el.: pe: l, ll . 1 Farr. ...fhzs "Sm1Q-j 1 1212.1 1 lo: 1 " o :Q :sins 2 ' 1 1- cooks. .. e .o peasur, rn ..1 .. eek socza- :le pe:g1e...lzk' t se wx.. 1 L: d I'- rnan. ...1.o .eyrni 1 '11, " so r 1 ' ar cat-rs. . .de- clares wholesome foods are the bes1...?h1nks smokrng gxrls lose '. 11 ''oc 7- " ' .C fo ' ybodynfd- I!.lI,S Mr. A11 ie . ..."GuSl' IS lm t 1 f " , lg: ess w1'l' . ther us . d'l1se1..,hors,: wrll rv: 2' he ' the g.1':tur .. . .l N1:k" IS l 11, . 'is a pal. ...h rs 1 rx- Q , ll to 'f 2 grl1a va1e " he 1t...e af e ' la- 1"s.1..., " 'r .e ' . ., 1 ,, , 1 A l .ad ' " e 1 1 1 . ' ' 1 1 1 1...F , ' h' -a. ..B.I.A. .., , .. K. F ' k 1 , 1 ,e . 1 ' ,Y r tl l 3 1 l i1 . " l l HQ. ... ' r . 1 '. ,.. f e o . " R-- ' , , , ...A. " s Q ' , win", -'o . 1 J e o 1' f - 1 .1 e 1: , .. e . ., ., . , . . . . , N ' 1, IC 1 fl A. .A ' . A T J' , . . ' ' .2 -,-. , e... ps I: rn 'fall . , . .. ., Foo b ll, e fe 1, .I.A. C .... ' 1 tb I 3 r l '- vo:1'e . ...ho d ' .. .. . h p Q p-, ,...Co'. at 3 '.-:hole lo .on -rea pie, . . .l.-f ., Fcohfzl, rnrng. 's".a' C l-...,.1 1 IS ..an1e-te ...1,1 1 A ' , 3.1 " p - ,wal ' 1e... ..f' .r N.V'. " ty... for Nl. ' C l .1 ' . d e ll 1 o' FEBRUARY CLASS 1951 MARVYN NELSON. . ."Margin" will be sorry to abandon his seat at Tony's to go out on his loritklayrng ch. . .presses morn hard to stir up those pan cakes for Miss Farr. . ,German DONALD NUFER. ., 'Don' has nf 'mme for past1me...toc lousy to discover his peeves. . ,this future tool maker thinks meatballs taps ...popularity row includes mom, aaa and Mrs. Zwtcky. RONALD OMLAND...pJll1ng in fxshrrtg nets work up blisters on "I-larnkones' listers. . .'.-:anis to line up with lsrg stuff orchestra. ., likes the outdoor typeluszrsas praises of ma, pa, and Mr. Frelrth. FRED PARKS.,.supersalesman Fr-ea aces for sincere girl friends who command respect. . .picks his :deal as some one he can look up to like Ralph. . .success is his watchword. . ,E.l.A. WILLIAM PAYNE. . .' Satch' spends spare time lzawlina. , .turkey dinners appease his appe'1te,. .aggravaters arouse his temper. .. anxious to excel on the "l1arncnd...adm1res Mr. Powers...Base- hall, Basketball, Lettermen, Choir, Ecwlrng. MICHAEL PONTARELLI 'Mike' would even hike it to Florida. . . thinks that's the place tc live, loaf and sleep...iather gets hrs greatest respect...preters the quiet type grrl...Bowling, BIA. RICHARD POPPENDORF Dick lt s lrtt e to say hut does harbor a sneaky teelrna for the sunny s utlo Nr Bradley wins his respect steaks top all 'oods women smokers do not appeal N H S IAMES RASMUSSEN lm the movie Ian plans a hurldtng career short harrcuts make no hit with him ranks dad as lrrst class pal Dr k rs hrs second pick German Plcked Platoon WILLIAM RECK baseball fan Physical stamps out the fag bags the dle is cast he ll hecome a tool maker could smother him sel' with chicken any day pa and ma are superior CHARLES RICCI Rick would like to practice at the bar plead ing the cause oi teachers versus puprls kicking the pigskrn and consuming beef sandwiches keep him busy admrres Mrs Armitage ANTHONY ROSSI Tony teels ine until the naggers whine thinks chicken pickin rs good pastime sleeping is one of his accomplshmertts Mrss Silverr lecds rn teacher preference Spanish Club WAYNE RUHLIN Duke races for shrimps in his racing model will build his own sorne day with special seat for loan any aver age girl can win his heart Council Green Curtain Stage BIA STANLEY SATRE Stan admires rndiviaualrsrn a Texas Tony has crossed his path St Olats oorns on the horizon Track Football Staae Cre 1 S ar Key tPresD r.etterm n tPresl BIA N I-I S CPres l SAM SCARDINA Sambo would like to go steady with a good cb classifies the teaser as ignorant this lover ot sports admires neat polite girls like his mother and Mrs Taglra ROBERT SCHIMON Bch would pick a girl like mother I male nr otine slaves get n a tentror' from this lover of sports favors M s Zwrcky and Bo' anderson Star Cross Country Track Lettermen BIA KENNETH SCHULTZ this ove a rcture for girls rs no appea o en uture cn ter o rrna e tical wonders work is his side lftclfe fc ch cs s he r ward 'nom and did re tops IAMES SLEZNICK tc u knows he w nt h 6 time for t when he r te hnrcr n Mr Feldman fre serv: espe n RO na cn ert Band GABRIEL SPATARO r cod lc a ion o es' fre s ard 1 n, RICHARD SPIRKO er 1 KS rr' r rrrne s vw ss e m ri pet rma s fnde ' LEE STASTNY t a s e eo, e lo n s y e B 7 A PAUL STOEHR pecp n t .i e unrvers' en' pe air a ras s s his tae Ge m n B l A P.,el G , ' . .c .. . ' ' C A l .4 - - - I . i l ... ' ' l ' .. . ' v V l . l r A l I ,,,ov.t,. -.' e ., u" 1 ' ' ' ...e- 'c ' 3 t ' , ' ... . e . " r p' 1 r 1 E- rngt "K-",f .cr occ fpna llcu . " l . r..,r:crl ..o 1 1 le ' 1, f a . Slez' enjoys l ating, pw - o av 7 ' i 4 kefomes an X- ay c a ... l . ' will get e 'Te...r -I Tis mint a d dad... . . u ' C - Gaz' will tab a g c 1 f r -,r r au- rsznf , pizza '.-:rll tar: the lit r where lock :ll ar " ycst-rnortern aarnes...father will re there tcc,..Foct:ia1l Key. ...frzrnznals hex-:are '.-.'h, l Zick fl 5' his ia .e a fir those c .. ol :.a prr'ures...1n'.'1tes ll: R lt to hear his qrcordro rl: . nie, . .tant s'a:a nagg1na...,':ick dad as his . o l...Flrrle. ..,"S'as soils all h1s ihcuahs on becoming uf- : ss...has little reaard fi: concerted p pl ...cute lzttle plc. aes are as rare a- SY5ClC...PYCCl31YTlS Hrss Hale th best. .. . ...smoking girls and "stuck up' ple an oy this ut' r ' i.y football, srl . ty 4 1 ftracts... Ka - 1 hr chum...T:1:m is . ' al..,Foctl3all, r. la , Choir, -.Q 7 a .- FEBRUARY CLASS 1951 EDWARD STURKEY argument seekers frnd Sturk sound asleep Larry Kurka cmd Mrss Grant wake hrrn up smrlrng faces wrll get mechanr al robs done cheap never tr es of beef and chrcken RAY SUTTER smokrng grrls arouse Raj s dander crrcumventrng th globe rs hrs lrfes dream hopes to errcount r trrendly p ople lrke Rrch and Mr Holm hand hrm hot d gs and po at e salad Press Bow rng WILLIAM TELKAMP Wrlrre has lofty rdeas about rn harrr s admrres olarn lane rs drsausted wrth wom n smokers d rrnbrb rs Mrss Farr gets hrs vote rs loyal to Srlver and Gr err ldrC ROBERT TEUBER Bob prcks ola age as hrs death senten e has a horror of Sunday drrver sees chrcken ezen rn hrs sleep lrkes to gaze at pretty 'aces B I A WILLIAM THOMKA a g rl easy on the ejes and not stuck up rs Wrlly s chorce hrs brllrara p rformance rs table tark he s on the ball when rce cream IS served I-Iustlers LEONARD THOMPSON dont worry when Tom grves you the eye hes only on one ot hrs chemrcal research campargns Mrss Rehm rs hrs drea'n eacher he crres for French frres RICHARD WALITSCHEK succe s rn lrfe rs Wally s ambrtron shootrng pool chalks up hrs lersure steaks are hrs food delrghts favors frrendly people who are not concerted hopes to land a cute blond B l A HENRY WESCLITZ Hanks out to spank gabby grrls they rntertere wrth hrs qure frsherman s temperament lrkes the marden wrth a Jovral drspcsrtron mas potatoe pancakes are savory admrr s Mr Havlrcek BIA EUGENE WESTERBERG ute lrttl short blondes wrth turkey ap petrtes can share Gene s racrrrg car grrls rarse hrs dander ncw and then admrres hrs dad Stage Crew Key Club BIA WILLIAM WHITE Wrll promrses to dedrcate hrs trumpet num bers to teachers who do not drsh out homework the quret marderr can carry hrs trumpet case Crcero can turn the pages Band Orchestra ROBERT WOIDA hes a NJolt when rt comes to the rod and gun lrfe Alaskan arr appeals to thrs apple pre eater sufferrng from overdose of homework devoted to hrs pa ents B I A Olnllllliee cfs, wff mf I9 pref Sponsor Mrs Hadley Co-Charrrnan Pat Krldahl Members Norman Marshall I ean Sydow Page 13 Ca meld y DAVID BLASS ROBERT LANGER DONALD LEXOW ROBERT TONDREAU WILLIAM TORGUS Kfaad may Commiffee Arlene Rrch Lors Nrtsche Ioseph Lance Manlyn Neuhaus Donna Funk Gordon Felton ' "Trevi, ff. -e-M -- - 'f ,r,-, , . . 'C ' Ar ' e ' ' " e ' e ' ' . of' to ,. h . ec C ' ' . ' e an X 'e ' " ' e-r ,. .. ,, . . A c 1 - ' , . . . . . .. . Q , , , r r . . , r ...c e - r . .., .. . ' r . IUNE CLASS 1951 HENRY ADAMOWICZ. . .Ml-lank's' ambitions are toc many to men- ticn...hopes his horticultural ability will blossom some day... salads get the OK.. . .likes comedy. . .thinks Mrs. Kelly is supreme ...Press Polish, HS. ROLAND ANDERSON. . .' Andy", tcp notch business rnan, :ails izr jam sessions with the boys. . .finger nail biters unnerve . .ML Feldman is the szcthing syrup...Orchestra, Campus Crew, Ccn- cert Band. RICHARD ANDREW. .. 'Dick s" ambition is to ce a sutiess in lit.- ...hcpes Uncle Sam wont be too hard cn hirii...hor:e'.v:rk isnt pleasant pastime for hirn...1ikes all his teachers. MARK ANDREWS. . .Mark spends his pastime working so he can reach millionaire row early. . .admires all the gals but rici the short hair-dos. . .rncm and Miss Kruzic are tops. FRANK ARDITO. . .girls with husky appetites strike a blue note for "Professor's' wallet. . .will dedicate his saxaphorie numbers tc italian sausage. . .goes for smart toggery. . .Campus Crew, Band. MARTIAL ARNOLD.. .pizza-packing "Marsh" will line up an arch- itect iob. . .ML 'Westergreen is his adviser, . .dad is his pal...girl fag-draagers get no time from him. . .hockey is his pastime. . .B.l.A. DONALD BANKS Banks ot money would suit this fried chick n addict brunettes brighten his life smoking girls make it gloomy sports of all de crirtions attract him so does Mrs S hwarz B I A Choir WARREN BARR a chain of restaurants will beer Barr s name mashed potatoes will head the menu mom and dad are id al cus tomers takes tim to chat between servings with caihops Ke track IAMES BARTOLO lim dirns out the stu kup miss has de signs on an architect ob 'lates on stock car racing and pizza thinks his dad is next to perfect lr Achievement THOMAS BAUER this potential Rockefeller can be found at th Dairy with the Renegades shares his chicken with Miss Farr good sense of numor rates high call after twelve 'Tom s sleeping ERNEST BECKER Ernie makes the piano talk twin burgers are his delight would like to settle down with a qui t fun loving maiden who would cook him his fll of chicken B l A EDWARD BERG Biscuits could eat hamburgers by th dozen provided he was surrounded by laughing girls future forest ranger steers clear of women drivers admires Mrs Crane Band Campus Crew Orchestra BIA KENNETH BIGALL a right amhitious maiden can easily bre k this future professional golfers heart if she dishes him out choco late malts and refrains from snoking bowling is down his al ey R BERT BITTOURNA Bob expert engineer would m roon all women drivers blue eyed blondes are his delight considers his parents a ehigh favors Mr ldolm fun with his p ls affords pastirne B l A WALTER BIORK Wally paints himself the luxurious life of a millionaire an amb tious person with personality p us never gets the brush off Briney is irst School Messenger Hallguard La in A lt RONALD BLOOM wren CPA P n gets th h r el up a case g rtst anrcv rg peoc e will eaciip h s ll the tooth l stars are welcorne EVANS BOOTH zz h o 1 n p e het, c ccrsider e nderst nding rke ana ss Ki c r lenc lnspir ion VZJ is l'is ys Chcr srn s ee C mrr 'ee H RT BOYAIIAN y rt c drug f cn cpenin ni h hell s rve pa H ers EDMUND BRAUN e ea e im r' ri srri ic r en y ers en cys e G ROBERT BRINEY h et rnea i F6 p y 'ri si a crs e 'ti s e wg 1. c ALLEN BROWN persion r a ver yt orr hen cn s this Michigan rummy expe ts ide c l es re ex s C ni ess Page 14 s ' ' c t o e - i ... ' e ' ' r ' ... Y. T - . "'. ' 'S j .. .. - ' ' I V 3 ' ' ... ' , .i ' 'e, - L. ' - ' - - ,. ... ..i M a . . A u V V . -N V ' 3 , I A 3 ' c - ' ... . i ... ' ' a . . .H A. V . I A .u - ... ' il ... , , t' , B.l.i ., IHS. .. .V i . . . " ,c " ' e oe .ch hjil work ' aaa: i . . A ii tt ,1 ... " Q ' is law office with T.V. li, i -al . ' . i . ..."Bu or es to ia d a d1n1cnia...'.-Jcu'd like th .mln f a ip, at ,u a f' lady...Bcb Fra. T Mi . lg u i- .J c at ...pic ' i pickins. . .Bc ' . i, Chri t...a Tr. o c int.- . A ...if cu wa. t be Q 'agei call cn future phar- macist, l-iart. .. ia a t "I e ai lava. . ?c'.-as . '.-:gil ce guest cf hcncnmdeccrations will he in cle. Butch wiil retire riy tc sp-na 'ime eatrig. sw ia and fishina with noi- i. cl i .a, fri dl , v, atile airl. .. hex-:ls 3' hcrnex-:crk but , 7 being with the 'Owls ...adrnircs morn an' dad. ..."Boi: big :iii . i. 'ic ne man, will irinzcuote Y. ubfic so the ll get hep' to .ru cal inncv ti , ...gccs for Latin and apple pie. . .Ca...pu Cr R.O.T.C., Center' Eana, Civig Ticket, . uf.-. ...a c . ie, 1 t'. if -we and a glcice Zrctter fr ir iii i ... iii. g " .i r' 3 fl1fe,,,sr:3rf5 1'.'Y1T-Y '.-.':o a .at -:ith stcrie irk him. .. ou ic 1, Star. Pr . IUNE CLASS 1951 KENNETH BUCK e er y -' we nny fcr .,1r1s VJ111 hcrt 1'a1r d s he s s ekrn, n 195 v Pere n s 5 ese ms s rn THOMAS BURNS c he IS e1 m 4 6 H1 J DARRELL CAMPBELL s r n d 1 S"'1 s e SLI d we 1: Y 4 I U 'QS -1 eJe y I' GEORGE CARMEN C a 11 ppe s IS r e e rrrm, ,1 s c sm daas re s pp rs v-1 p1zza pp s waysa.-J ys emn e c E IOSEPH CARRAO e sy 1 n e needs or y m c cyc1 to pJ11 r ard r ssem e rr 1: ry 1: nd sf'1ee1r1'r1 Cr'f'e'Ban FRANK CIMMARUSTI C t 'n rm s n ddr 1re h stacattc ncte 1n Q1 s 11 r vc s 1!1ss 1, Cho1r WALTER CZARNY th1s 11 skct maker rrsr s 1Jr Frtzqerald nd admues IYIISS Grant 161SU1'9 t1me imds hrm 11 S Ferdmands N111 take the st nd ' r hamburqfrs any 1'n ROLLO DACE Dace IS husy f1,ur1nc o t hcw tc b come a 1T1111C1'1 a1re S1 ere ISD! the rec1pe 1:1q wheels cant share h1s Ita11 sausage d a s Ia p 1 adm1res Mrs Taqha BIA WALTER DANLOE Wa1 prefers the do11 w1thout th k up pockets fu11 of rnorey ard a rnce house IS 111s ambmon weua lrke Mr Downey as a ne1qh1C,or mom and dad are top STEPHEN D ARGO Ken s eyes are r1veted on colleqe days anti bea11t1fu1 b1ondes but h1s mother leads the parade h1s past1m IS eas11y OFCUPI d d1shes au comphrnerts to M1ss Farr B I A WILLIAM DAY hang around W1 h B111 the arr condmcn man and you 11 keep C001 when on the Baseball d1amand cant to1 rat s111y qtrls M1ss Rornph s word IS 1aw hums w1th Iushn rr DON DE LARCO th1s pal has 1'e,,t 11s rn the d rk Gbf',l1 a11 amb1t1ons h1s pet peeves h1s d1vers1cns h1s 1'1Cbbl9S and even 13 Icvehte cuess h wants tc k ep as Ll ssmq FILLMORE DOBBS 1 1 IS the earm rlcs p 1111 1 1 shakes everybodys hand between breaths he 11 draw h1s ex pens1ve a e dem nds Iamb hops eects q1r1s 1n overa11s Cour'Q11 Stamp I.1brary St r At RUDOLPH DOENNECKE Hades fued IS w1th smcklnq ferns sw1mm1na whets h1S app t1te for potato pancakes seemq the wor1d W11h Pop as q11.1de IS th s bowhnq fan s arr1b1t1 YI BI A Camera LAWRENCE DOUGHERTY Larry W1 h the dancma fee 1kes tarr, here and there w1th hs C 'nera to shcct shcs c k sh k buyers at Wendts nd m 'ws 1,1c:r1t1ed rra arcnr fexture vIr Powers DONALD DWYER P n 11 rfr Yfld r s mse11 ' ng en uqh to e t hrs 111nch ,.:1r1s1 IS 1' s ' .fc adrmres h1s .111 s mb1 cn IS ,ra 4 ARTHUR EMRATH At engmeers te1e ISIOH t 1F p n s rn the hapoy gc ucky ce1eb1'y who dv rt ses haw and p t tces tak s he prrze 'cr res 111, s ns We qtr' ape 1 WILLIAM ERDMANN b C14 restrnq IS Wrlys favcr e p st1rre he s 1cn,1nq to crad ate 11 rks tcc mach rp s 1ck IS drsgus rn cu a 11v cn me a cn dm res sh rt cndes nd h s pa1s ARTHUR ERLANDSON A' w C1 '11'-e t f rt avay 'ef h n rn nfpchvers h's 1 r ces e ' t a 1r1 ' nal F' 'he' s N .vhcrn 1' rs 11a d 11:11 n G',.1'T'1U 'a'her p ecedes every dy NI-13 RICHARD FARLEY D1 1: VI111 h n' dc n pecpe who w t r fake wresthna rr1 tches p1cks q111et humorous gal who N11 keep hrm company at the 43011 coarse Mr Ramsey w111 keep s ore EDWARD FENLON Ed w111 ma1ce a qutck EXIT from sC11co1 has no pat1ence vwattmq for people wou1d rather be eatmg p1zz3 wth a pe-rsonahty gal 111ce MISS K11qour Press Star Page 15 ...Italian sausage eat,r. K 1n . 'Jcu1:lnt Q' a pe ai t s ' 'e "'a1adcfncwsr- rp shirt cafe ble de are 19I'1flf'J1..., 1 e ern. .. Chen, German. .11:at :r1 a ranch 'Ckutk' nd dad far fret: the :Car of 1 , 'riaa' ' "Tr 's" 1aea cf C:n1er1tr:ent...skaT1ria and daztcgxa 1e : cn the C' e. ..."Zeb" przfe S12 1a1 Cerient inzsher '.-:zald put a en TC air 11 cke:s...1zeQ1eve pecpl 1 cal ' ' r' ic: what fhe "ei...aam:res Mrs. ,e11:ras, La? hehe' - in be1na a pal TC ' r f 1e. : C1113 a dal 1: th' a11.Q,t,..1s1ana1s tw:-211 f' "il ff "e. .. " 111s star. . .rn31 y a1 affea ' hen ' an ear ...' ' 11 ' I' a a1cna...I.ett r e 1 K Y, Track. Fc Tha11, Prom. IA. ...ea ":1aIo Q 11 3 .ctr Ie :ra car '1 apat 1 ea 131 .1 .fan .1a1e a meal cr: a 1 '1 cf fsod...ha -el .jx '. 11nd... Q.- r1 d. huh", he . 21. 3, 1 5 '1, when sma- rnq IS ccnCerned...wi11 dedrcare h1s rendzrrcns tc s1eep..1does net adm' 1 e . - ' ri ' a1 cuts. . .fa' r 1 K Iacar . .. A CJ -' ' . 1 ,ECI 'P 1 ' 'J 1 4 - . . .1 ' f 1. ' ' .11 ' a .C 1 ' ". e. , 11 ' f' ' 4 11 e 'Q - ' ... e V ' ' ... - ' ' an r f ...a'1 11s a... ' 1 " 1 ' emae' 1 1 1 ' 1 ' ' ' ' ... I1 ' . 'G . 1. 4 , 1 '1 1 V . . . . . . . .. 11 V , I 4 1 , ' 1 1 ' ... ' e e . . . A . 1 D .1 . ' sn ' a 1 his . ' . I . . V , . A h 1 -1 ... e 1 1 e ' a e . ..."FII" 1: . 4 - a' of a c car... V . 1 - f I . . . ' ' '.s1 a C 1 ...r j ... 1' . 1, ' ' . a . r. .. " I 1 ' t 1 tc 'r 1 a.. 2 1 m11 a e . 1' a a.1' a 1 C '..1w111 spe:1a11y , I ..."-: 1 e 1-eruzl c: : escort, arcs es hx Q 12 Q sa 11 " ...Sf 1 1 11 1a' r1te sub- ject. .. ' C1e...h1 3 T1 1: " d' ate. r" 12' 1ct1e1cp..1t11 e ' f - -I ' r, a e 1 1 11 3 a e t A 1 t'1"... e 11,1 '. leas. . . 1 a ' " ' l ' " rf a 1 .1 ' "' 1 11 . ' 11. 1 ' - " ' a ...C I' ' e Nat 1 e...a 1 3 1:1 a 1 . IUNE CLASS 1951 SAM FIDUCCIA. . .sports fill leisure time in this machinists- life. .. after work, mom's pizza is a treat. . .mom and dad can't oe peat. .. likes to chin with Ron and Ed. CHARLES FLELKMING. . .bad pizza makers make no hit with "Chick"...weaves basketball mto his l1fe...takes picks on gxrl is his idcl...puts Mrs. Crane in hall of fame... B.l.A. ROBERT FRANKE. . .travel calls thls ardent lover of blueberry pres ...finds companionship in books. . .levi wearing girls get the gate ...Miss Kilgour is always '.'.'elcome...Cho1r, Green Curtain Play- ers, B.l.A. NORMAN FREDERlCKS...'Uncle Normy" gets stormy when girl levi wearers approach him help mate Vtlamta sh res his horn work hour looks for Nard to inventing new methods in dairy farm ing admires Mrs Brennock B l A RAY GATES Shoulaers has a head for horses would rke to stampede drug store cow boys humorous girls are a good brand morn is his favcrie filly Saddle Boun ers GEORGE GELLERT Bud has dollar signs in his eyes prefers steaks cooked on open fire quret g l may g ther the Nood pro viding she doesnt smoke hrm ou RUSSELL GERLACH chicle chewrng lassies will get the knife from future Dr Russ he makes a fuss over dancing g1rls and his new car pop s tops B l A RONALD GLIOT Skip omlng press photographer excels rn ice skating thinks women drivers are road hazzards Miss Lan drrgan 1S th exception mom outshines everybody chicken and he agree Choir Star Camera EDWARD GLOPPEN Ed eng1neers his Way to a roast beef din ner shakes off the smoker a personality babe gets the nod dad tops the list Just dont interrupt h1s loafing Bowling BIA THOMAS GRENKE Tom the printer wont tolerate the poor sport goes for pot roast potatoes and carrots honest people Wm his admiration so does Mr Nalecz and blue eyed brunettes BIA RICHARD HARLIN rt Dick has his say he ll enter into business will select Gordon as his partner and Mr Fitzgerald as his ad visor has a sweet tooth for pumpkin pie RONALD HART Sklp hopes no one will side track his railroad ambitions goes up in smoke over lady smokers car tinkerin fill hrs idle moments Model Railroad Camera Visual Ed Swim Football RODIFER HEFFERNAN Vrrgima makes Heff s head reel basketball sets it back again teachers generous with homework are sidetracked this future busmess executive chose Miss Romph as his attorney B I A ROBERT HEMWALI. tyrannical teachers disrupt Bob s sleep gobs of food answer his prayer Paw tries to curb his appetite has college ideas admires Mr Frelich Swim Lettermeri Band B l A PETER HENRIKSEN Petes on his way to millionaire row hell take Mrs Young and his mother along hopes he meets nice blonde who doesnt smoke making baskets is his Joy B I A ROBERT HERMANSEN B b staunth loler of rea white and blue anxiously awaits his diploma steak dinners hit the spot M Ramsey is his friend likes tlee ladies who use makeup sparingly STUART THOMAS HINTZ unassuming Tom likes the neighbor y sp ri a es onl for unaffc ted people fishing is his line sh wo s praises of Mr l'lolm GEORGE HOY t S x een kisses he rccr sp r s oodl' seeks the clleys ' r his f n hauls down enai owling s ores c es c he c ex,e te chers IVERSEN s da J rker S 4 coos to ne shor c .ie eye blonde sets millton dcl ar go l at age of twentyf ur lkes h ively cive arden B nd Green C rt in BlA a r DAVID IAMES fi he designina see s adv ce of Miss Blythe ro 'redas k up people Green Car' rn Co n l Pr 'ri Messen er Hallgaard Drarna EIA CLARENCE IANASIEWICZ V hitey needs no s eepir., pi is smoking q11'l5 nd br aging people are undesira le comp ny c him engineering ts his cal mg 'iever tires of blue or M l-lo Polxsh Page l6 .. . .. , ,,, ... I ,,, ' ' " ... c . - ' ' a a. i - . . , r A ' 1 . ' . ' a ' ' Q ... ' ... r. ... ' .' , . t . I t 1. ,. c r y fc - . ' o - ff make him reel. , .nothing surpasses mas roast chicken. . ,sings ...S'.'.'9?. " i t ' t . rot 'g Lye" . .. rc u , ' able 1: c ...h p t .. c nie an o rt at ftgures...Q:ves all his a . . c 'e' "sf" tl t'l' - ci , 't 2 ca. ia . .-o'...1 te l i at' ...a, ua, ...,CrctTops. ..."Dave" Soul.. c come a slave to staae costume ' k 1 ' l . ,. l for Hstuc " ... ' ,a , u ci, or , a , Library, ' , .. , . . . , , ,, . , H .. . ' " a a ' . ' b a f r IUNE CLASS 1951 IOHN IANIGA Ionnny ll be drsappornted rf he doesnt get o olleqe seeks frrendshrp of ag eeable rntellrqent people lrke Mr ster re n Sars rn re and roller skatrn goes f r re hrcken EMIL IASIK EI prcks or y s hrs retrremen fl s nd rs trm be ore the vrdec wrl ha Je n part rn drrnkrnq nd srnokrn partres br ny women q t hrs phone number N H S IOHN IOHNSON Shorty chooses co qe career admrres wel oroomect people and exotrc colors especrally Mr Ramsey s bow 'r s sees no :eau y rn overdoses of face makeup lrk s Mrss Farr s type WILLIAM IUSTINEN thrs trackst r wont stop runnrnq untrl h rea hes N 'J Unrversry wrll mow down sm kers and te hers who load on horrework ecommends ma s homerrr de chrle s spr y brt of eatrng B ' A IAMES KALINOWSKI K ll,' .vants to be an autom chanrc thrs man of few words nd easy qornq drsp s tron excels rn sleeprn, Polrsh d1SI'lES hrt the spot Mrss B rqh rs hrs favorrte MARTIN KALNIN close scrutrny rnto chemrcal atoms wrll b Marty s care r qets rnvolved rn books and :good musrc bars sweet spuds from menus Mr Henze rs hrs favorrte Chess Key N H S poo ball PAUL KAMHOLZ to clasp that lovely drploma rs the top ambrtron of thrs detester of braqqers rs under the spell of Morpheus Mr Sreqel rs hrs close frrend B T A WILLIAM KAMIN rts a real penance for Brll to get up rn the mornrng understands plane talk the best rdle talk bores hrm qornq out wrth hrs pal Mr Holm rs sport B I A RAYMOND KAPPEL Lefty the hunter would lrke to tackle hrs Mrss Hompf and Capt Ketcham are best bart Huntrnq and Frshrnq DONALD KASTNER when your car rs rn a mrx see Don for the fx when you re out after a deer call on thrs huntsman women drrfers are hrs peeves workers not slackers count B I A ROBERT KENT superman Bob wrll market walnut rce cream Youmans wrll qet a drscount chooses a qrrl wrth common sense to balance hrs books hrs padre rs hrs rdeal Rrfle Team Pan Amerrcans EDWARD KERN cant you hear the strarns of Eddy s Hawarran qurtar he dedrcates rt to Mrs Young cultrvates frrendshtp of honest people goes rn for football baseball and turkey BIA FRANK KLAKOWICZ Sonny wrll try hrs luck at commercral artrsts Job Mr Westerqreen rs hrs rncentrve slow buses drrve hrm mad mom and dad top the lrst admrres the quret qrrl BIA RICHARD KOBAT qcrddrnq around wrth the band qrvrnq hrs sax plenty of lrp servrce r Rrchs qreatest enroyment enroys chats wrth Mrss Farr devoted o hrs mother Star Band B I A RALPH KOSINSKI Polsk wrll travel around US wrth buddres and dad rnrght prck up sweet dark harred qrrl wrth sense of humor would mow down sloppy dressers Bowlrnq NH S KENNETH KOST Shutterbuq wrll expose the braqqer' prrze prcture rs the downto earth qrrl vulgar qrrls are neqatrve has developed sharp taste for chrcken mom reqrsters posrtrve Camera Club SPEROS KOURAKIS Speed rs lookrnq 'or a qood strawberry patch where he ll conduct cr busrness of hrs owr Mrs Ieftords hrs favorrte teacher wrll get cutrae prrces qoes for huntrnq and frshrnq ARTHUR KOWALEWSKI Arch the athlete teams up and Al dads the .rmp wrll qrve the clramond to socrable marden who smokes not Lettermen Basketba Baseball Bowlrnq FRANK KOZIOI. Frrtz has the wrts to be an avrator but hates to leave Penny behrnd too busy for pastrmes prefers to pal wrth non smokrnq qrrls dad rs hrs pal IOHN KRENGER Iohnny the f.rture archrtect hopes to burld model swrmmrnq pool where he can rnvrte the team to eat chrcken drnners Mr Havlrcek wrll get seat of honor Football Swrm B I A wrth Ice a quret l B ROBERT KUCHYNKA brorled st clk rs Bob s delrqht keep drs aqreeables out of srqht hes out for a personalrty qrrl chooses Mr Ruzrcka hes headed for enqrneerrnq Basketball BIA Page 17 . . . " ' " wi. ' ' . ' ' t c ' ' ' ' r ' ' . INe. a-e...t ' 'C ' ':3... ro fld .. ' f f a ' taqe...' ill pe h e' f . ' 'l ' 3 ' ' ' a 'aj . ...par e ' . .. " lle ' l 4 . ' A ' ' . ' fe ' t ' e ' ' e ' ' ' ' e r ' ' " ' - - 1- fv- ., .Y . I... . .O up L . ...r ' a ' a a 'C ' ' .r. . . . G . . Oi. . .A .lr I. h V 9 A I I . 9 own business...hopes his ftshinq feats will make world news... , . t . I l I A... . , . . 4 . . , - . ' ' , l, .I.A., IUNE CLASS . . 1951 RONALD KUIALA ...' 'Fuck' Cakes his stick to professional aolfina ...'ust deal hirn double pzncchle and youre his pa1...'.-.'c'alal pad- 1--up lock the oversized mouths. . .three favorites are rn:m,l.f1ss :ii.,...,rt. l.fxss Farr. . .G:Qf, I-iailauazd. ROBERT LA COST. . ,' B111 as savina h1s"5ack" for that ne'-' car. .. ltr. Ramsey and Mr, Downey w1i. get the :irsi ri ,im ... de. . .I'L,pQS he s 'hroaah with hallauards who demand passes. , .B,l,A. THOMAS I.AMBERT,,.T:rn is lockina for "Barb" wire tc fence in his cc1in'ry estate where he li entertain the Lcaan Square Dram and Bugle Ccrps..,'.-all mvite Miss Landriaan and Eddy 'Q ahieken ZLHHET. ANTHONY LANDA2ZI...'.-Jae 'C you if you leave doors cpen. ,. Tony has a prescrzpticn fcr that habii...rnunch1na French tries before TV. screen is heavenly past1me...appreciates thouahtful pecple like Miss Kilqour. Cows tc ISHN'tina around the dairy waxtmq for the ccrne home takes up lchn's lGISU1'6...VJ1ll walk until he lands a hiah posiTi:n...wculd cd" smckina "fems"...admires Dr. Fitzgerald. STANLEY LAVNICK. . .clicky girls are not "Beds" style. . ,his sweetie pie moist h e 'rains nd use them hopes to ao into oasiness some day c rtain corner fascin tes him admires VISS Kinderrriar' RONALD LAWRENCE dreams of drilinq a Lincoln Contin n al puts the brake on girls who drink or smoke an athletic qood mixer type qzrl challenges him M1 s Klqour adds sparkle Lettermen CLARENCE LEMKE sof spoken ladies l1ke mother and Miss Sil veri can come to his pizza parties oodles of money wou so ve all Clem s problems Chaz rs his best pal B I A 'dl ROBERT LENBERG tc becom a leading architect and build or castle for his mom is Bobs dream no lady smok rs will ento there ll be quest rooms for Miss Silverz and Mr Lakin DON LOMBARDI the Nose they call thxs future Walt Disney passes his leisure with brother watching hockey qam s D ay is hrs peeve day qoes for the qirl who enioys sports B I A IAMES LONERGAN crying babes have slim chance with lim the moor' qczer and champlon food consumer admires the deep W thinking silent type gal but she must b a blonde Football Track ROBERT LOSE! chicken and French fries fu rush happy pastime hours for Bob the bov who looks with displeasure on qirl levi wearers has no time for stuck up dames Basketball BIA DAVID LUKOWICZ q.iiet a1thful outdoor type maidens attract Lucky s camera too much talk annoys him mother is h1s id al thinks rc d hcas should be penalized Mr Holm is tops Con ert Band ROTC Band HAROLD MQCGREGOR Ma a areat admirer of Mr Nalecz hints th t he wou d llke to cvtn a mint qirl levi wearers would never get a en lc 'ing is hi 'ax ori e pastim Fireauard B I A GEORGE MADISON Red s pal Gus he ps him consume ham D raers and French tries thinks h1s parents are top not hers his areams a irl x h wil never s nd him u, B I A MAI i lce n m kc rr c seha te m n Hina els ma ters th s t r-:ey eater holds 'C ka its al s l an cs s et i I SEPH MAIERCIK nc h so he riev i L na ,a IOSEPH MALLECK s rn WILLIAM MALLEY inks e s s ken s h s RICHARD MASSA RO D G6 IS R x ROBERT MATTHEWS GFI I ae-lil I-I ntct VL IU TG T1 S CI C' Ari as Y' Z c S VES E"Il"' 1 we CciB IIS sr ent IUNE CLASS 1951 LEONARD MCCOWAN r s .fe y bl a m E P WILBUR METZ B srn cd r sks ess rr' 1' FRANCIS MIKA ras dm es KENN TH MILLARD r y cy s c 1 Lil d fl e d"11r s 1 Zu ky LAWRENCE MOTYKA car' fa ry IJ Jn, l"1c1cen l'1S drr1r s 1: HOWARD MUELLER s rr' N rn s to swal tn, swords you better te aretu what you re hmkrnq when th s rr na le oun pla es rl IS conhden 1n lS og Bl KENNETH MUNCH Munch has hunch he d 1ke at 're ham s pats ylenty o pun h n h1s N91 ht 1t1n , If ou Jvlcy s dye t e1r h nropers B DONALD NANIA thrs GV1d spors an th1nks l'r1s kr th r lS tops Mrs Tra IG 1s top notch teach there s nothmq m r prec1 us than h1s sr ahettr and p1zza hes quuet on the q1rl queshon THEODORE NELSEN Nels moans tor Ioan w1l wr1te a story on Easy V! xy To l. ad Coke Tru ks wom n sm k rs should be s ccated steak n cntfns f h1S reath way r B ROGER NELSON Nels has a rn r on qab t sts W1 lc th boys ch m1c l enqmeermq IS h1s c lhna a tall blonde Wlll get to t1rs+ base Baseball C nrert Band ROTC Band B I A ROBERT NORDBY Bob has an eye lor b auty plcks mother as h1s b st q1rl l11s future rema1ns a mystery s eks the tr1end shlp o aareeahle people hke MISS Grant Basketball GERALD OATES Cherrwats h al a round teacher lover Wlll d vote h1s l1te to h 1nq at coa h pesty p cpl hmder h1m trom prcaress Mlcky and mom add to h1s happtness Capt ct Foo hall Lettermen BIA ROBERT OLAFSON b tween erks at th socla tountam Bob pulls at the acc rdlon th1s en.,1neer w1ll be c1v1l to qals w1th rams that they use once IH a wh1le complams about bus serv tce N RAY OLSEN a a1rl who IS ways it e s wlll please th1s sky rtder l1te would oe complet 1' ne won a n t1on l a1r ra e M Powers would share nr glory KENNETH PADGITT Ken the Pl'YS1C1ST would l1k to take h1 119 to perpe ual moaners thmks people who put up w1th 1r'1 should get a prtze IT'1SS s N' Bradley Aut 'nctwe Club N H S MICHAEL PALELLA lnny th1nks a ns1der te a1rl v 1ll IS on y ot al qam s are IS 5 1st1 entoys trlendy ,eo,l l1ke lmrs I 'tords vu h1s work Footoal ROBERT PALMER "1 'tes o 1 V dem ns a'1 e no Nou l1 e rs eu r s ac' as okrna , n wt TTILGI n aaamst ayed F 11 oks ood pers n l1'y lfl .1r' s rr re loan looks ALLAN PAULING 'a'kn 1rls d1sturh Feds d y dreams ct sswe vealth hopes re 1 h ve enough cl u l' to p rtect h1s get FJ Alma s f' s ' rs S '1NG'Z IS h1s 'GJ 1'e B ys Chc1r CHARLES PERRONE CH -c rr w rock the own IJ 'h h1s sm k c r record .1 men arwers h naer hts syeea acl s ft ,122 t r n1shes n .1r1sl' nent tcr the ruces Mr Dowers IS pret rred s' ck KENNETH PETERS h1jh pressure salfsm n Pete goes ll out tor dancmq and d1n1nq moms ockmq 15 unsurpassed humorous people hke Mrs Schwartz m ke h1t thrnks m1nd1nq on s own busmess IS det n1te asset B T I- IOHN PODRAZA 1t ycut need a ht' cons lt Ace 'he htter ct darnhells would mascle ou' women dT1VGIS M1ss Krnderrnan IS the excephcn s'na 1 cressers pe' the nod Freds hlS tr1er1d Pohsh Page l9 . ...' Le 1' " yen IS smokma ffClS...fE1I'1'Q a saicess means e' ,r't11'na 1: This a 1rer cf Mr. S1eae1.,.'r11nks ana aaa are the A xnztacle :f acoa .ess. . ,SJ-1.C., 1l1's LITE-E wil he kept busy wher' he ae's The 1l1.T. ana T1 poi. . .a1rls who '1 cke are 51 1 ...pilr-en- and frzenallgness ..ea. mash TC hgf:1...Ch:1r, Picked Plaizzn, German. Triax Salad 11.'.'Jhen Qczkgna for a good riaihznzsi Consul' 1-.1k': 'he pzzza eatna who devotes h1s Qezsare 1: sp:r's of all kras ...hasnt fzrne fc1 girl fine 1' ,..aa 1r. Lfzss Zenaler. E ... Ke1's' ever bod ' p 1. ..ccac?11na lS h1s fonaes' drapey pants '.-:eaters '-'Jlil be aam-'L' on h1s tear:1..m:rr1 and aaa rate The h:ah-sf..1a 11 e Hfrs. ' lf. ' Baseball. ..."Mot" 1 hanafe a 1 ' o3d:ar'11" foo ...moths frzea c. ' ..f 'he spof...a 11 e dJd...l1A2Sfl'1-5 company of "Bob" and the Tro'.1n:ers...Pzlish, Basketball, BLA. HC'.'J19lSll ha A- ' hen If co .e ' low- " ' . . . .c 1 3 l ' 1 ' 1 .11 -'!Pf1T.!1Si1f' d...'1C f1lh o ' , ce h d ' a ' 1' '1 c 11c. C' rch... 'Y Q f, c111 ' ' lt a...can'tt1f'aJ 't ' 1 qzrl 1 h 1a1r...S Q , .l.A. ... 1 f' ' 1 11 o e .1'4l ' - - ,'.er,.. ' ' ae C 1 LCC' l I . . . I. 7 l, l . ., ,, , . ".. r o ' c .. e 3 e utt , . a d 4 tike ' b a 1.1Sta, 1l1A. ..1"1 " cc 5 e '11 e ... e ' a ' ' f a1 . .. ' ' A ' e ' ... ' ' ... e ' - , , . . A ' " t e I- - e ' 1 be ' r c ... e e ' ' 9 j D Q . I .1 1. 4 0 . . H. . . . , b ' ' - .1 . 1 ' - ' .I-l.S. .1 . 4' al 1 a e 1 ' - ' ' . e1I. a c...r. l 'C r'f' i ... ' a h 1 -.,.1 e 1:. o. ' , ..."SL " ' co ' a ' ."1 be h' h e..1fo.b1l e .h 'i ' ' I nose ' 1 ef1 .Hccnfraifor 'all lie ' 21 ..."Palm " hi, - t ta el : tr .na taht- httx f' tetes...' ld 'k M 1 l411o d to 1 bo aae t... "'ll ca f a 4' ' 1'.r11, - oa1. Cflfl co' .Z 1:1 t1 . IUNE CLASS . . 1951 MICHAEL POR'l'lNCASO..."Mrke" would like to spike short hair cuts on girls. . .he's castrng for a tool and die job. . .choo-choos and baseball till his leisure. . .craves steaks. . Bowling, B.I.A. FRANK PUMILIA. . .televrsion and "Chick" clrck. . ,girl parm y, rzers make hrm sick, . .' Bev" is his latest. . .brcther rs tops.. rtfcn- . YCGSl beef is always welcome. . .so rs Mrs. Zwrcky. . Basketball, Letter- men, B.l.A. 0 RONALD RAGNH'I'l'I.,.sideburrr "Bags", the ladres' man, could croak eating frog legs. . .Fred Astarre has nothrng on this dancrng "Don luan"...Mrs. Crane is popular wrth hrm...rts tails up for lobsters. HAROLD REGNER H does a pretty good sleeprng and eatrng o dont Harry hrm rs sure he l not marry a gossrp woman respects dads oprnron rn s Mrss Farrs prarses devours y rzzo BIA FRANK RICHTER thrs mbrtrous carpenter takes hrs hammer to braggers baseball and worlf frll hrs day mom and dad are on the level holds Mr Downey rn esteem B l A DONALD ROESLER thrs future secretary Ducks away from fag bags FV has hrm hypnotrzed so has Mrsses Thorsson and NVeaver mother rs hrs pal loves meat and cookres Prcked Platoon Key BEN ROSHNBHRG Mrckey wants to 'nake money on the legrt would lrke to put homework behrnd the erght ball lrkes ltalran s rus rge prepared by the hands of a pretty blue eyed damsel NORBERT RUZYCKI Chrps never skrps steak and potato sup pers thrnks age 21 rs rdeal for retrrement wrll spend the rest of hrs lrfe swrmmrng and snoozrng Football Polrsh B I A DANIEL SACHARSKI Moose delrghtful accordronrst grves the deuce to grrls who dont act lrke grrls steaks and shakes make hrm happy hed grve anythrng to play pro football Football Lettermen DONALD SANTI across the country wrth lrddle rn hand goes thrs mrrrstrel vowrng to frght down smokrng women brother wrll assrst athletrc brunette can arry hrs case Chamber Musrc Let termen ROBERT SCANLAN Bob has no trme for grrl smokers arms at a college career wrll forge ahead for a place on the team truth rs rmportant to hrm Football Letterrrren EDWIN I SCHENK Ed prefers the company of hrs gold frsh t gum crackers loves the aroma of hamburgers landscapes wrll be hrs specral art ventures polrte people lrke Hoy are preferred NORMAN SCHOEMANN Norm s rust the type for a good prrnter hes bound to rrrrprove hrs bowlrng mother rates hrghest eatrng ltalran food wrth Tony rs pleasant pastrm Press Qurll and Scroll Band ROBERT SCHROEDER Bo s frrend rs Mrs Zwrcky rs frrendly enemres are strr teachers hopes to shock the world wrth hrs electrrcal drscoverres passes pleasant moments eatrng rce cream and watchrnf' TV GIRARD SCHUESSLER electrrcran lerry blows a fuse when pokes block hrs passage on starrs trme flres when wrth the guys dad rs hrs sl"rnrng lral' falls for easy to talk to grrls DONALD SCHUHRKE Don the sparklrng engrneer would lrke to electrrfy trme wasters who esome grrls wearrng rntellrgerrt l Ls mJy bake hrs applre ore aad M Powers and Dennrs le rd 5 referred lrst Stage Crew N H S ROBERT SCHUMACHER dont mentron work to Bob er 'nodesty and rntellrgence are reqursrtes rn hrs grrl horcc all tre boys arc hrs r' rls Mr s Krlaour rs hrs favcrrte pre Chorr DON SCOTT hos rn cverpowerrng desrrc to go nd ge ob but strll thrnks he should stay untrl he gradurrtes 65 Q rt rt any trme especrally when rt s mom s cookrng ROBERT SCURTO uture Pr d Astdrre mrgh Bob up anytrm .f h Dorrs as hrs partner ulc lrke to teach Mr Frrzcer la some ra y seps twr ls peeves ut of nrs e BIA DONALD SENNFI' r' you re lo km., or h roughb ed vrst Don s anrmal farm aces not specra rze rn money rrowrrrg kreed hohores around wrth model r rlr ds rs Geh n tops Model Plarlroad lallguard B l A IOHN SOUERS newdea er Bud drnrres late F B p 1 n h Junk tarces hrs l rs s determrned to open 1: srness c hrs wx wr rre rss Kuebler here l e n B Page 20 lb.-A ., . ,l ' " s' a ' ' . A ,. . V ., ., - . " ' ' o ' ' ct . . . 4 Ct, , , , I ri , Q thei ' . , ' ' " " att Zl l A or S A ' r.... . ' 1 ' 'f cut rr at r I , . .' 'L . .,.lrk1' tr, -X 1 ' ' ' ' ', " ' ' , e ' t" " e 'nrt ' ' ' ...wc .' . 4 . 'rr' r c. " lrf...... ...X ' o'f' f 3 to of , r " ' " '. ' l' -bo ,. o" ' . akoa ...M . 'rt is I " "a ' .D......,reparr 3 is " ' " ' e ure...i ' a ' u f r c 'llh M' r- r ...t 'r b cllatrzresm. ,l.A. IUNE CLASS 1951 SAM SPARACIO twenty year SSTVICE m n w1th the Marxnes IS ee chys :1mh1t1cr1 pl y h mcnr a r the Vo s ., IHS s ckmaless m 1dens hopes IV ss F rr 1-J1l re'ne'n er hlrn de If s r t h gl' STEPHEN SPRINGSTON pol1 e mans shmy s r s y pes to get ddty at sport p ks g1rl sm kers e ste as rrest h s hung r RICHARD STARCK hl t1 mrnded D1 k es m GISFJS ton IH masses W uld steak h1s ll on Kurk hs .v r'1 a he rty 'ell N l1kes ath et1c QIIS Le ter"1en LEE STICK 'l'1s rch ry fan bows and bends to 'rx d cl"1 ken sunrlse sal tes ha e n I sc1nat1cn I r h1m m nd d d s o ulls eye trnds Bc n aareeahl pal DONALD STOTZ Don gwes smokm, grrls the a1r o ondes ard cherry pres are h1s downfall w1ll keep young by roller ska 1ng 'l'1nks 1 vculd be 1de l to retlre w1th dad Key B I A HERMAN STUTZ I-Ierm s flrm to stuck ups d s ussmg h1s agr1 ult11ral ventures w1th h1s gang 15 hrs pasnrn Vhss K1lgour and Stennfeld s and out as h1s V st Ir1ends German B I A IAMES SVEINSSON now 1t l aks out Swedes gomg to be a plumber Nh1le loa mg hell engage 1n prpe dreams Mr Lak1n IS h1s chol e th1nks rrtom IS tops Swtm BIA IAMES SWANSON Swaneo would send stubborn people down car races looks or 1'6SDODS1bl9 type ol QIII l1ke Mrs Arm1tage B I A ANTHONY SZUMIERZ Tony h1gh up ln h1s p1l t box looks down on W men smokers en oys adventuresorne readtng d m1res Mrs Crane doesnt care to mmgle w1th people who get IYWIO trouble Pohsh ZANE TAMAS there ll be room 1n the teachmg held for Sonny slow pokes get a push parents get applause rnusro IS h1S pastzme chlcken IS h1s cholce Pres of FTA Green Curtam Press PARSEPH TARPINIAN 1ov1al D ople who apprectate Tarps rokes make a h1t w1th th1s bowhng expert would l1ke to muzzzle IOQUGCIOUS people best wtsh s go to h1s frrend Mr Herr1 k KENNETH TATZREITER ar1s1ng to alarm clocks IS unpl asant sensatlon to Mug whose amb1t1on IS to w1n the lov1ng mug IH nd SOO m1l auto race h s 1n the runnmg for a p t1te blonde IAMES THOMPSON Tommy hcsnt t1me for btg shots WI grab that dlploma and run for stock car rac1ng arena wh n fr1ed ch1cken IS cookmg hell be on hand wrth the Band RICHARD TRACY D1ck del1ahts IH loaftna wlth the boys v1tes Mrs Young for fr1ed ch1oken prefers the gur t 1ntell1gent person Nodme sets the pattern RONALD USACK Ronme p1cks GIIISIS l1Ie hell relax when hes hmshed h1s masterp1ece emoys the company of hvely people vho w1ll serve h1m generous helpmgs of Fren h frles BIA WALTER VALLEE IR fortune hunter Vallee rates ll teachers Im at er graduatlon l1kes glrls to act the1r age w1tty g1rls who w1ll share h1s 1tal1an ood get th da es F otb ll Sw1'n Wrestlmg B I A PHILIP VERDONCK l'1g b.1s1ness man Plnl Nlll 1n orporate n would be h1g shots on of' days you ll ftnd h1m 1n loop theatres ll people llke mom and M1ss Kdebler are h1s chclc FRANK VIVERITO grandmas p1z a IS Meatballs d1sh hs wetghtllfter w1ll rru cle h1s may to breadwtnners role Ianc1es Nancys blue ey es shogs th s oppy glrls and drug store hang o tts B I A HERMAN WAGNER Ilend He rncn dot s on spagnetn nd m at b s after forty lock 'or h1m 1n the 1 z recor stores Iohnson and Iasrk w1ll e there herpmg h1'n s lect records BIA THOMAS WATT oy rlder 'l'on'- w1l ak o the prom a happy go lucky ma1aen who w1ll lend an ear to h1s archttectural conversa t1on dad IS the m n that counts BlA WAYNE WEBER call for malts halts the beat for thls drummer boy thmlfs stubborn people are unharmomous vows honesty IS the best pol1Cy so glad TV has been lnvented Band Orchestra Page 21 . . ' a ' 1 "Ch o- ' " 11' ...will a ar J C to 1 1. y ...1s aaa t to. 1 a 11 a ' I 1 1b '1 ...blon gl :ze 1"1. C, ' ta attract "Tm " ...ho 1 " M n 1 ar 5 get the club... w1ll trav l beat for Barb, .1 a' a . i 1' ce . ec " 'C"'.:ra .ore "-' s ' - o " . a1 a.,.t1 ' ell-11et,h le, a 1 o' ' 1' 1... 1 1. . a e " - 1 e 12- 1 11. v o a ' ' o 1' ...m:1 a 3 c re db. - ba 4 be . ' I I"'.1. 'VY I fv 4 . ' ' - ze 'fa 1' t 'be ' , the river.1.h1s mechanical genius will be used to improve stock 2 . 5 ' ...a- ' ' e ' , . 'o. I . 'e e ' ' e . .. A . . .. .H , B . " 'J ' 1 ' , 7. a e ' ' 5 Q A A N ' ' 1 , .s . o -, 1, , ...1,' " 'c o ' ' Lf- ... 1A 'IL V 1.1 ...3o11y ' 1 ' ' 'e. ' 'Z " ...ti ' . ' e I - - r 1 e ' 'av e all,.. 1 . 1 1' ' 1 'az QI ...Q -' 1 1 'l "" - IUNE CLASS 1951 THEODORE WEIER Ted future baseball hero stnkes out grrls who smoke a small brunette rs on the ball prtches rn for przza wrth Irm mom scores Baseball Bowlrng Hallguard BIA ROBERT WELNHOFER rts a CP A rob by day and prarrre ball games by nrght mom rs hrs pet pa rs hrs pal turkey tastes best careless clerks rrk Baseball Lettermen Basketball N I-I S ROBERT WENDLAND mrqh' Bob up rn any forest on hrs con servatron rob grrls dont bother hrm yet Mr Ruzrcka rs hrs tavorrte teacher frnds drversron rn basketball father rs hrs advrser BIA CARROLL WBTBROOK Flatop thrnks pamted grrls belong on stage only hooes to make hrs dough rn shows Dons Day and Mrss Farr are Iavorrtes przza trckles hrs palate DONALD WESTPHAL Don handy frxrt man around the house has been a necessary cdrunct to mam oftrce expresses gratrtude especrarly to Mrs Zwrcky stands for honesty and neatness has the Sternmetz sprrrt PAUL WHITCOMB Whrtty fancres Nancy hrs lalopy keeps hrm out 0' mrschret the Lords way rs best sees nothrng femrnrne rn smokrng devoted to mom and grandmother admrres Mr Holm BIA I-I1C RONALD WILSON Caballero Ron the renowned lover of horses regrsters complamts agarnst mrstreaters ot anrmals expects to cop trrst prrze on hrs crop ot Morgan thoroughbreds saddles hrs trrend shrp to Mrss Bergh RICHARD WOLFERT Drcks dret rs vegetables but doesnt belreve rn people vegetatrng lrkes progress people who block rt he consrders mtwrts thrs hortrculturrst lrkes delvrng rnto peoples mrnds Orchestra Band Campus Crew GEORGE WOLODKIN Wo says woe to women drrvers out after all the educatron he can gather money rs hrs better half prom date rs hrs rdeal grrl orchrds to Mrs Zwrcky BIA NHS CHARLES WOOD Chuck golfs hrs trme away wrll take hrs club to smokrng grrls hrs parents sut hrm to a tee Don caddres along Mrs Zwrclfy rs hrs chorce CLYDE WYSOCKI chop suey Wy crres for hrs sleep and eats confesses he prefers the non smokrng lady to go rnto busr ness surts hrm to a T prcks Mr Ramsey as partner B I A BERT YOUMANS susceptrble subyects had better watch out for thrs hypnotrst Beltrams rn Ieannes power Saturday nrght gang shares hrs shrrmps and przza would lrke to cast a spell over smokers Green Curtarn BIA P0111 Olnlfllttee Carol Ott Mananne Werner Elenor Brhun Manlyn Lundgren George Carmen Patt Mrller Ioan Kahn owskr Marrlyn Gerger Barbara Rrce Bob Matth ews Marlon Harrrs Cahlefa ROLAND ZIELKE fores ranger Red would lrke to take Mr Ram y sey out huntrng and frshrng steaks wrll be served has no trme for poor losers Camera Rrfle Vlerght Lritrng Trrck Squad Chess DONALD BAIER WALTER KUSTMER DANIEL DELL ARINGA RAY MERTONS WILLIAM KING CHARLES NYSTRCM IAMES KUHLMANN VERNON STAMM 44 44 lance ommrffee Mane Azzato Bob Matthews, Connre Schaeffer Bob Scanlon Lynn lust, Pat Lemke, Henry Adamowrcz Elsre Drohner, Nancy Clouston, Martrn Kalnrn, Tom Woodall, Marrlyn Lundgren, Drck Tracy, Manlyn Flemrng Co-Charrmen Marranne Werner, Ioe Malleck Page 22 n u I I t 1. .1 - - , 1 t 1 1 . . .- . 11 fr . . .1 - 1. . .1 . . . . .. ., . . 11 11 1 11. 111 . . 1 , , 1 . , , . 11 11 11 11 , .. ., . .. 11 11 . . . . . . . . . 11 11 11 11 . . . . 11 r... 1 . , .. . , 1. .1 . 1 . - 1 1 1 1 . 1 .1 o 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . 4 - I 1 I 1 icem an .graonzior ofjegruary C cmd 0 f 51 Upp r left Upp r r1ght Center Lower left Lower rxght RICHARD BORCHARDT Vrce MISS IONIA REHM IOANNE SCHULZE STANLEY ANDERSON VIRGINIA HAVICE Pug 2 Pres1dent Sponsor Secretory Pres1dent Treasurer wr' . fv 'V ,Y 1 1 X f FQ 3 , I 1 fr" ,Yi ,XML R43 'T Lily' fr ' 3 ,I "AX JW f 3' I , ft 2.1 . " 1 ' 690, E ' 1 Q f 2 Q, , ,- "g t Z9 ' f , Q,-f .1 , w' ' , , ,, . Q , 2 X , 1'. , I ' , , , t Vi 3 I ' ' Q ' . V . ,....................... ........ . .e 3 The future mother of America stands on the threshold of a new career. The high school gates close behind her forever, leaving with her only cher- ished memories-of classes, friends, proms, sports, music, teachers and fellow students. Soon she Will be tak- ing her place in the World which pres- ently seethes with uncertainty. May she face it with courage and faith, and may the coming generation bene- fit by her womanly example. jo Aer of fde gl'CllAlCl!i0l1 C add 0 we cfecbcafe llAi4i ninefeen Ann :ec A fy one ecbfion of flze .Sl fe: 14? 174 A 1 X JVM , , X ,U f n, 'I if ,, t ,y.. ft 1,, 3 V Q4 . I ' ' l 4 7 Q 'aku : Q ' W5 X X X k 'Q- ,, W ,YW W ff? Q qw f ' - v . A W' ,f-if , "' -'.:.::-' 2 , LQ-...J 'fx I V, :Hu - Y , ' 'r M-dm. . . 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YIVS '1 thmks mom IS the 'est TUISSOS V1 E dley th 1 e 'lsgme her 1e1su L tt 1, s Chou G N L DONNA CRUIKSHANK n e 1' S hem sc eww y1ZZC 11 Flcker 4 h 1 w fy CII C' 1111s s S hmm 7 ro 111 Jrf th NCSGI C ' G IOAN De NIGHT Q A sm kc cxs '1 cs lf V I s 1122 RUTH De NIGHT sy S1 LUANA DRAFZ BERNICE DZIOCKO DONNA FUNK LEILA GAEDE IUNE GIESE 6 G A A ' "i1 f.f'11sh 1 11 '1v jespgns 5,11 new-.' C1g'11es...2'1rn11f's 1.'11'1:1-Ss 111 1 'j.'s.11C:1is1:Qa:s 11'ff 'QTZXQ-IS 1'.1'1e ...fffeses :KISS H 1'--Q'...f1.:' 'f31fi1ne11es CIYI' T:L'ke', Quill :nj S"1i11, NF S. G.151.1H 1I1Sh 121113111 wir. 521 .1' A filf QI f-R scy 1.T' 1175 :Cy s:.e 2.1.:is .11 .- 11..1.s11e'11 We 101 315 TTL' Exif 113' '61 Shf sig: ...11f1'1ee11ee1de1 , S2-:L '-'.,',1A., L.f'.S. . . .t11'- 15111161111 :R '.-J1y IS "Gerry s way. .. 1 1c tu A .2 ,..ffX'1l'HS .1V1ss .1."y'1 F 1 1 f 112 ,..w11t11'z to 1,' 111 ne11eC1e'1i1e11.,,H'111gu d, 11.Se:1eZ:1y VIAYI skut 1 1 ful, se' .1 1:115- ., , s . 1 113111, ' 1C 31- 511 1 . 2 101. . . .P 1:sh, Hallqyzrc, ' 4 .1 , 1 , StLde1 ec 1, G. . NHS. . , 1 11 .1 1 -fill 1 e ' 1 e A1 ' f f1:1. 1, 4 GH QIV, her, 1 i111 ni 4 hG..kuqe1s...' 331.1 1 . .1 . - u ' " 'C bc ... ' Q 1 V 1 1- s ' , 1 .1 , .s 'C, . wt . 1 . . . Ct KI 1 ... 1 eo ... ... 11, 1 ,- '1, ' , 3, ..., ...J. ... ' C " . . 1 111 ' C 1' :j1' 1 c.'1e '1 ' 1:1 - ' . . .1 '1 1 . .. 1 11 All ' M . fl .A.A1 -D -e e 1 ,t e 1 C "C-"IJ11:i... 1 ' 11 ' 11.114 ., e"'dl1s':i.' - ' 1e..1ee'i11, , 1A.A., S. 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B at 3 m C 5-.A SHIRLEY GREGSON er a n h Ck seat rzve s s s o h C PHYLLIS HARMON 1 ml cos m IIIJGE s te l' pm., cul Ill' J1s,os11 n l1ke moms wtl be very mer y wh n Y rs th u lflrs Ecu n IS her Cho1Ce G A A MARLENE HARTUNG lfar s mom and dad are her pals Mxss Krotz c IS her irv r1te sl' s lockma fcrwara he rol of swe oney t ks for her e mg IS he pas 1rn VIRGINIA HAVICE G nny would settle 'or ne t dan er 1 wont lee b nd w1ll 1.y her harr' urgers p d gogy IS h r fel Dlrdane les El 1on Co"nm1ttee B nd Orclcestra GA A N I-I S EWELL HELGREN th1s young Dock thumber Nlll JOIN the ranks of the s hool mxstress 'mspronomcmg her name 1rks her malts and ham urgers Jre h r faults 1dol1zes mom Student Councll GAA MARY HINZE M r goes s1lly oler Mllll9 to settle way up tn N Dakota Vlllll rrorn did and sweet M ss Farr 15 her amb1t1on .vlll spec1al12e IH spagh tt1 d1shes for blonde budd1es G A A IOAN HOYER los toe was made tor danczng would gladly step on people who blow smoke IH her 'ace mlsses Mr Swem Councrl Star Green Curta1n R1fle Team Cho1r Saddle Bouncers GAA AILEEN HUEBNER A the dan er th1nks chromc cranks need nurses a1d seeks frlendly people not pretenders mother IS her pal shrlmp sdppers after the dance appeal Pre Med1cs Bowlmg German G A A ELAINE IANSEN would l1ke to peek mto her future to see 1f Don IS there has no IIIYIG for braggers reen Curta1n Dardanelles L1brary Saddle Bouncers Announcement Comm1ttee Elect1on Com m1ttee G A A N I-I S MURIEI. IORDAI. Mur IS very seCret1ve about her hldden arnll 'ION maybe Mlss Fa r knows f1nds pleasure 1n her church and her pals lean Dcrxs and Gladys mom IS her pet GA A DORIS KELLE 'Celles amb1t1on s to become a cul1nary art1st her spec1alty be1ng spaghett1 brown eyed boys appeal mom and dard rate blah M1ss Farr come next Ir Cho1r German G A A PATRICIA KILDAHI. 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G.A.A. MARY LAURENZANO. . .skcppina exgtedricns with Mrs. Zwicky iinds 'Metzk look.n3 for "hype -nee' and 'hermometers. . .shell :uve :girl srnfkezs a shot . ,buds und did. . .D1rd3nelles, Pre- Medics lSec.l, Ped Cross, G..A..l.. NANCY LEVENE ...' 'Ilan hopes her navy patients will be :alkative ...reading is her esf:3pe...Yc:ksh1re puddlng aces down easy. ,. orchtds to mom and d3d...?re-Medios, Rifle Team, Dardanelles. Councll, G..A,A., NHS. LORETTA LICH'I',..l2usy MI.CIT19'l plays no favorite with teachers ...places importance on berng a success. . .itfl take "lack" to help never petty when shes '.-.ith Ee1'y,..Silver Streak Rep- resentative, G.A.A. IENNIE LIEGGI...hats off to lennie who cherishes the role of :good Christian mother and wife. . .gets practice baby sitting with the twins. . .piano playing is her entertainment. . .G.A,A. 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Erziey Qes the G.K.,..l'1Te Corners ire pu' 1: fQ1gh'...F1f.e Teirn, G!-..A. ..."Zo" finds '.-:mesa-.' shcppzng g..e:S3:t pcs- '1YHE.,.l'1fPES to re'51st- t St. Cl:fs.,.f::uQ'1 die ecxng sr zjne"1 ...derlores Co. ce1t. . .her :del ming.-e ES Curel, Greta, Ewell. .. 2':rQ: ell-es, C..o:r, .I.'I, ., , .A. .uslczfmg Shorty" '.-Jzll dsnoe Till Shes fzrfy. .. the . 'il "z11t...'111l A' ezl Q. hzg r1,k ....cents :or Inn pos 'gs d rrzsnner 1. the oppssxfe sex, . .Dzrdc .elleS, fr. Chzxr, G.A.A., ..."Ar" hopes :inmg wzll rio: her zsten' T: sufeess ...hs eets ire morn, 43 3 i r' . E1l1...S'9rtS Eoxtcr :f Stir, Pr, , Q' ll ind Stroll, Dzrsu ell-s V?res.1, Green Curtin Pr-es.f, L' ,Q V. ...rikinoj drsfstron from 1: T311 hi, ' :rne exeoutrve .." . 'l '11", . . ,11 wrth t' ro-tone h':1r jobs 3 nsy her. .. czdrnrres Mr. Hzndschu. ..rnon1's cookery sp11ts...Dcrr:'lcnel1eS, ...Kuo y ' utk " sort' r "Betts" hear.. . .the kno . ' L, red y soy... 'cum ct t r' .. es ,le it sf'.,.... f- .r.':...:1l3. 1 e CI e ... , .4 . ' . . 1 L o - : 1 ' '71 .1 '1!:E'I.1 'oe , 1. o ...'nf'ef e 1 er... 1' S e ,Pri- ..."Io' " ' ' at qo for stef: s ' - ' A .J . 4' ,e .. Q r r e 1 ' ' fl e. , C , . . . ' c Q :al Vg ' ' 1' s ' f.,.r- s,tc1r, ... ' . e . ... . ' ... o ' ,, I ., 6 3 ,, 3 ' ...' ' ' ' ' ' A e Cn, .. . ' ' .. . ' ' ' , -4 f C r , ' .' I f ' I 7 ef . A f H C w, : 1' e be . . ... . ' e- ' f' e ... ' , 1 - ... ' 1 ' 1: S 'e. .. 1 ' ... c e ... ' 3 e .., Q r r or . e s. .. G - 'c- , s 2 ff 3 1 , eo . , ., . 3 . ' E. .. , to , ... 1 1 f. - 1 t . 1,- ' 1'1 ' v4...rn: '1dd'duretor3S,.. , '. , ' J. I' ', 1731, Q- -"ref 'l " ..1rl" 3? college sou. S woke" - 1 " rr Q ' ., or Coniezfed ecrzle. . .m3rr1, .1111 d rr e . S' G 3 ...l.etter:j1rlS, 31 , .A.A. ..."Ro " will bud ut mio oo rr pedi- , .,.. C' "c. fe 'tt-e" .e C ,3C'o....r.,:r, -any AUDHEY ZEIMET l-.Ja la as F1 NANCY WOOD d n s wcJ sm, 4 SSI, s rran ln n seers J r c s n s 'LCS E ZIEMANN k h r J Greer f er null 1 ers 1 S h s crse noe s m r: 1 Jer S re A -1. ARLINE ZUHLSDORF A s v r n sfrrrmp d rn, .f1t a ert n e e e w 3 c o cus .fnfe s told B J G CCm S C G I' VSS l g 0l'l'll'I'llffQ0 Charrman Norman Marshall Lew1s FIGI1 Lerla Gaede Fred Parks Kurt Mullner Ioyce Bubert M1ll1e Tereze Ewell Hellgren Henry Weschtz Adele Rambert 46 4a Ian ce om m il f ee rom om m iffee Sponsor Mrs Zwlcky CoCha1rman Gabrlel Wayne Coulter Nancy Lxppmann Chuck RICCI Joanne Schulz Marrlyn Neuhaus Stanley Satre Stanley Anderson Patrxcxa Klldahl Donald Sohn Lella Gaede Robert Sch1mon Gabrxel Spataro Elcune Falr Spataro, Elarne Farr Page 30 cg fulme 1 'mil fi1s':y,g1e'rr when "Elf" ll :nw qets gcxng. . 'Id 2 the ' c "L tcrvgue. . .'.-.',.1lci .llifr 'L iff--:ti wx'l1 1 Scotch .1 ...Star Staff, Lt" , GAA. Ecard, .. 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Secretary X M3 's IUNE CLASS . 1951 ANN ALBATE. . .just pl:11r1 ,Arm is set on ine "rief". , .sis cmd dad get ekctesf sects. 1 ,encys pzzzz with lffr. Groot: ond Mrs. T1oj11: . - - . - , . ..,S'fxr1eis, Chix, ,Annum neg., G1'.'1'g Hike' use r1r's, S:C1'111 GCT:- W-Mee Q, ,z L GLORIA ALBfR'II.., G13 trgnks Theres me zlusmiss .me me show sJs1ness'...yeu :ani :ef her e':t1r1q...ieg2ne get: 6:3321- "We" lflcsif, Fme Ars Gdzld, Orchestra, CW: This-et ers...CI.,11,l,er Representztlve, G.A..A., IUNE AMERSKI...'1 lxttle 115, theft QI proposal and nltirnztely CI '.-.'1fe :nd mother TIES'-'IEYS lies drezms. . .shes keen SZZLQ' f-ex: and her church FZ1lS...C1'-111' 'fifkei Fepreser1t2t1x'e, Choir, Exf- gucxrd, Cfhce Servxce, G,.A..l, PATRICIA ANDERSEN. . ."gen'lemir1 preferred' 15 Pats slcgdrt. .1 ' ' A L ll 4 ezfmg 1:e cream 111 ner cozy rents :ease '.-1111. 1..:ss Far: and mohet :s heaven for her...1s C' home rn 11 scdd.e...G.A.1A. MARTHA ARENDT wlvlcrfv IS lzol-:mg fzr mohes il sid... discards fYl61'1ClSIilf'3 of br3gLjers,..r:i1eses lflr. BrdcAley...look for her in the me oopades some doy...e3ts vegetables for :jre' , . ,G,A,A, BETTY ARIVIEN'IRAUT...Q"d Bef? C: '. o- vw. s p e re." soc ble E I6l ' er " scys rn m and ood ' ' , rents fh rm r S 'er, G A DOLORES ARMSTRONG L s 'h n ' V1 ers spends free Um on the dance floor dles ltohcrn d1shes MISS Braddock IS her pref ren des1res 1 1 nosh1p of n dt C HSICIEETGI ro s G A A MARIE AZZATO ll'1lS college mnded gal h s keen t Moms plZZG rm CIQIIDIIE d1s ste for q1rls wlw drmk cmd S'T1 ke qoes for fr1er1dl1r1 Dordon les Chc1r Oct tt Adv At Star Staff S1lVQT Sneak ISABELLE BABIKIAN IQ s drsh IS ol'11 k n fr1 gl y ur cur es W rl 'JISCIDPQCIT wh Il th s d s oes1qner stdrts t pmg you r1 er bil s wh fl 1 com s to tclk 1dol1Z s dad Ddrd YI lles G AA Nl-IS DOLORES BAHNS F ppy Dee y drfxs to pok l'1 lc y b leemq WITH smoer people l1ke Mrss Iac b k mom dnd doil ple ses h 1 dnx1o1,1s to clvnb lddder of succ Chou S1lver Streak GA A German MARILYN BAKER B loy Doll w uld l1k to wrxrble w11l1 he profess1or1c1's ny IS h r r dm ln y s q 11 s her erred rood tw ced ope r w C IKCS lf1ss Z nczler G A A CAROLE BALDWIN Bc dy lb ts on r1urs1r1q cx tdl 1ql'1 o d lscmdsome mem c1u1 kens ld r ,mls sews ond dcmces GW y her s re 1me Ndrx ys om ully Pl e Dorrdon ll s G mim Cho1 FAA DIANE BARRILE os d n on t CI rg 1 bon st p ppy person for dim e pc n r works CH l'GV101 ond ,JIZZ Pots DIGCIOUS m ms rfe ou GAA IRENE BAR'I'HOL'MAE qt Lkll BlOI'1d1 nos qc V mod 1qur s on le 111, rr del th1r1k smokmg lf cc rn sc111r1e MISS I b k CHQ Mrs I Hords sco e Cl'1c1r G A A NE BECKER l nd lay DIS locmnq p ls d ec he en every dcy 1 P s YI e t 1'T1 r Puz n Mss Z n l r :1 rd 11 G .A A N I1 S SANDRA BEHRLNS S ndy s 1 e c no l o t X N 1 Il vo e es IS ov11' o FJ e C 1 erren C A A IOSLYN BERN pro' H VG RS o Fl ELEANOR BIHUN e f e s s PG 'I BARBARA BORMAN 'xr' SALLYMAE BORTH her V I' I C IOYCE BRAGLIA 44190 IUNE CLASS 1951 PATRICIA BRAND re'e 1 a n U I' I1 frn rt C clelr .-fs ELAINE BROMSTAD c y 9 IT IEAN BROWN GRE J BERN ADETTE BUZINSKI s e s a Bind GAP rn sh S lS s 'ncm ri FU G DONNA CAMMISAR n er 'rife s m s er rn eve time cd fr s, Jen s s u s cnc P e I ea h I- EDITH CAPPELLETT' r to ea s rr s S QS N W G11 lta 1 aes 1 '1 Dan Cc m1 GLORIA CATAIDI w lt 1: c tfn t l nd 1 good s cretd a where r n f f with her iff s treasures arfnts rsa e in at l t1 cm c GAA SALLY CAVEMAN rfpular S hr rnfrmnd ratrs all th lady gym tfafhf s fr p ls phfsicrt rduc 1t1-on instru tor is her go l I. YJ 1' S ddl Bodn e Lifeguird Advanced Swim Pr m LCS 'Se 7 GAA Kpres GLORIA CERCEO r CI PI zz h traf l .ig has hit h thumbs down on naggers r ,gers rea ness counts rncm and d d nk f D rd nelles Cho 1' G A A N I-I S MARY CHRISTOPHER Ma e s tel vision IS in contlnuous action scans the Ads for a g od sec etarial openlng desires pers n ality rather than money or looks IH her b y Choi e admires Mrs Taglia G A A IOAN CLARKE Pudd would 1ou ney far for shrimp c fr gina n t a along dancing with friendly person IS her idea cf ste-pr ng u T Choir Daradnelles Din e Cl ss GA A AUDREY CLIFGARD to help others IS A d s Jml ll her luh ccnta s and taffy rpple m is her 1 t c green and silfer ni C Da d n 1 s tes, Lihrary, G.A.A., N.f1.S. NANCY CLOUSTON. . n's" c'1nin, is her pet. ., cs s o cu land a good off.:e Job. . .cheers the team with her screams. . .likes thoughtful boys. . .Capt of Cheerleaders, Dardanclles, Ir. Choir, L.C.S., N.H.S. DORRENE COMISKEY...th1s pingfpong hug flies flag for Notre Dame and Knute Ftool:ne...ther.,'s a "Tc in her life that sh, hopes will be permancnt. . .Ir. Choir, Dardanelles, G.A.A. IEAN CULLO'I"I'A...w:ll groomed males with dancing date Iefin, t V u.ure avlo.'.a... 1 1,:n food agrees 1. u -s fr. Frel1:h.,,C ,1nt1, Prom, IV1- Tpkct e r- Red Cross, G.A.A. DORIS DALYK. . , c. scorn on uncou, e clusive Lal' roc IOYCE DARGE. . . cipes...w1ll serve her chiffon pies to someone ing out good re :tie her as a dignitied secretary casting e es h bus-sl''1l f'nd her in the pool and 1n ms 'mth Mrs. Young as her companion. . .G.A.A. this coming math wizard spends her leisure figur- athletic with a pleasing personality. . .cant stand ballerinas. . .Darf danelles, G,A.A., N.I1.S. IOAN DE FOE...wculd give her right arm for a Cadi verf1cle..,slcf.:py dressers can dance right out of this l1fe...l-fr. Ramsey can dance right 1n,. .so can fried shri MARGARET DELGARIAN...ha1d working, aggressive people rate high in this future art teachers Class. . .Pose is her friendship ffower ...lzrcken promises peeve her...gets writers cramp letterwriting tc her fr1ends...I.at1n, G.A.A. BARBARA DENTLER..."B:1rh's" pal, Marilyn, hopes to catch the bouquet when the happy day arrives. . .there'll be plenty of "lack" Spent on fried knuckle-crackers will be invited... German, Choir, G.A.A, FI Cys rays ns ne liar fone dunieis mps. MARYANN DE SMIDT...s1lly boys are not in the swim for mermaid Smitty", . .could die eating chicken. . .prefers Miss Fcsse and mem ...secretarial amh1t1ons are the peak of her thoughts. . .Sw1rn, G.A.A. Page 33 wwf' ,f' JUNE CLASS . . 1951 IOSEPHINE DI GIOVANNI. . eatrngl ' scorns ignorant ::eai.e...azik rs her p1Ck...1o..y Mrs. .aatza :as wen her ad' r H .fr ,ee-.-If ,vt-I---fr New 'f seizure uw H ' singer of pepafxr sonas G A. ...i1..a'aard. aw... . HUA DI TOMMASO....'.'.':fk LS 'Babes rmddle rrarne...'.-.Urges .,,,,, ,, qy,.,.-,LS ..,,, f M TV .VMNWS N ,. ..a. on ... .. ,. W4 Q., ,..,,r srfria :ears wzth Mrs. ,eizras ,as ..e. ,. hens. . .G.A.A. L SS fl, .5 -ffm fr .ra ... . .W ...., IUNE DOPP. . ,..' rfb . ,sa ., ,., .....el.f.'s 4 " flora 'res' arse 're wrth Mrs la" 's g:aC'z':e makes ri.e:.e,,... -...., ., .. .,.,.... ,. , . . ..,, ,.r,,,.e arg .A and Crarg makes 1 gf.f.Ls171' 3 zsirie-...eaters fc A W.. , .a ..,G..l..A., ILHS. LORETTA DRABIK. . .' VJ'..LLlj Qzke 'o Qnverit rnazzles for load r:caths...ske'd pa' The Hskxds' on liorievfirk any day...1'.t1cy hayiziargers alcrzfy her .anch bex. . .g"s1 le' her near that drploma n r- v ELSIE DROHNER...fl'1at'Lna '.-.Wh Ghafk' and llfrss Far: while feeding on steaks and irres azves pleasure to thrs future prrvafe secretary,..has no time for anirdy people. . .lumor Chou, Otfetie, Dardanelles, GAA. 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LORIS SANNE. . .thrifty "Lorrie" goes for stories. . .playboys disrract her...home life for her af'er a fling at ccmptcmetry. . .considers mom and dad her 1deals...Chcir, German, Dardanelles, G.A.A, MARILYN SAYERS. . ."l.ynn' pins her hopes on designing dresses for the 'k1ds" is suprerne...Mr. l-lavlicek is SLA,.'IGfl2...fUll blondes are preferred...danc1ng ts a "rnust"...steak is her sus- tenance. . .G.A.A. CONNIE SCHAEFFER. . ."l.cver's" delight is dancing with 3 certain someone. . .business college looms in the l'.lllj1'6...ElS16 is her best pal,..crch1ds tc Miss Farr...Dardanelles, lr. Choir, G.A.A. BARBARA SCHMIDT...bcok-worm "Bash" hopes to grace scrr.e hosp1tal...braggers wil. get the hard beds...special service zo mom, Mrs. Shzbat and Ruthie. . .respects cleanfcut boys. . .G.A..A.. EUGENIA SCHULTZ. . .when blood pressure soars, consult "lean", future hen medic who dances between calls...has no patience with ill marinered people. . ,Dr. Lo Galbo is her ideal. . .Pre-Medios, Red Cross, Dardanelles, G.A.A. LOUISE SCHUSTER. . .Fred will never get in the red when secretary "Lou" runs his office. . .wants nothing to do with conceited people and mother are at top of preferred list G A A IANET SERWINSKI lans man will have to be ambitious and clean cut n braggers for her nursing is her career mom is supreme Council Polish fPresl Pre Medios G A A N H S IOANNE SETTEPANI rambling ranch type home of her own Jvhere loud people wrll be barred and where the welcome sign will hang for Dell and Miss Kruzic is loanie s plan G A A DICRANOOSH SHAMLIAN Dickie rates mom as a perfect ex ample to follow training Co kie leaves little tim for other things dives tnto moms Armenian dtshes treasurers Mr Brad ley s acquaintance Chansonettes Library Chou' G A A BEVERLY SHAW Bev s set on nursing good humored people are Ideal patients square dancing thrills her feeds on spaghetti and potato salad her sister and Lorraine count G A A ALICE SHUBECK Al wants to be lead to the altar with a cer tain blonde penurrous people are disliked thinks roast beef i a swell treat mom and Miss Kruzic are supreme Polish G A A FRANCES SICURELLA Fran raves success sews for pastime would like to stifle interrupters prefers friendly associates like Mrs Soderberg mom outshrnes all other creatures consumes quantities of moms meat balls GA A LEONORE SIMONCELLI Lee has a nose for news headlines Miss Kinderman mom is front page news fingernail chewe s are on her blacklist picks lanice as her assistant German Choir Star G AA LILLIAN SOWA studious Ltll thinks exaggerators are pills reading is her rn ellectual feeding interested in big business enterprise manners count in choosing her better half Dardan elles Polish G A A N H S IOAN STALBUS lo the future gym teacher excels in swimming interested in football morn is her best friend Mrss Rolence ranks next g rn cr kers re ot'om of the list Adv Swim G A A IO ANN STUBBE lo s eau must he friendly and courteous nc c h i d hopes h ll like fried chicken entoys loafing for as irne dmires Mrs Yo n and Mrs Shah t D rdanelles B wl Green Curtain G A A DOLORES SUBGRUNSKI ee and Lee 1l flee from rlrn ere gooris fixes her 'i ghs on housewifery lex s 'rss r ar' 'iss 1 our rate the or hi s hriJes p zz G A A BEATRICE TARRAGANO N n s e V ee in as iaear aren s s Niss Gr ri ana Landr Jer s P N s 'l' ee G A A MARILYN TAUBER .2 v r' e rs h r ser n s v ces ir stew ner' Ger ar G NOVART TAVITIAN A r rr' ss con ei ed ar' exisv. s y esto eir esv esea y o c m s d ys wil miss lfr R 'nsey arced S -. 'r -. c ge Q0 IUNE CLASS 1951 DIANE TAYLOR ha 'na Sfl IS a ,o '1 e m ss Z n u er nes I Q ANTOINITITE TEGTOW 'l' m thm s ss :C Z1 c t n hopes to land IH s rn N d t s on rn 11 k la rd n les G WILMA THIEME e rn , an ken rn r es '1 r'r nc 'ne s :iamse anfcs 1 '1 ss A CAROLE THOMPSON wouldnt rnrr km, tm wers D "1 e 1 dy IC IJGIS kF1epCf1'l'1keG IOANNE TOMALA 1 Vl11"1 he dancmg f et seers clear of s ppy d n ers show her a good g.11ck w y c we lth h rp dr ss r hke Mr Ramsey r es h1gh GAA CAROLE TOMASIC d1J1des her tlrne danc na ho r1l1ng and SVJIP rnln, PINS con 61 ed ecple down 1 1ena1y pe son w1th he r y laugh rr kes a mg splash p1 ks mom nd dad G A A EVELYN VESPER 1na utare nurse needs hosp tal1za 1on after her shcp,1ng tours would l1ke to urn hose on tardy people ad c share h r PIIVQS 'W th T3 Dardan lles Hallguard Pre Med1 s Drama G A A MARY WALTERS a11 ha11 to Dale the most versat1l and fnendly creature she knox s hopes to use her 1nter1or decoratmg ab111ty on French sw1mm1ng pools dancers w1l1 be featured G A A BETTY WEBER 11' le tots w111 beneht when Betz handles kmd aarten shell teach them to skate and not to be stubborn mom nd dad w1ll be trequ nt VISIIOIS Dardanelles Latm Spamsh 1-Iallguard G A A N 1-I S MARIANNE WERNER TAPEworm glowmg Journallst spec1a1 1295 IH second moms Unger and Farr Tom rates hrst clean cut athlet1c and CC s get headlmes Dardanelles Press Prom News Edltor of Star Annual Scr1bb1ers G A A Qulll and Scroll MARILYN WHITNEY M1dge wouldnt g1ve a sm1dge to greedy people would gladly share ner m1ll1ons W1Ih Mr Powers danc 1ng h s great charm for her dad and mom are tops G A A KARIN WIGGEN nurse Hon w111 steer clear of neuroncs hours oft shell send mall to a CQYIGID male mom IS her favorlte approves of frlendly calm boys who 11 buy her chop suey 1.at1n Spamsh 1-Iallauard G A A ANNE MAE WILLIAMS WIIIIS goes sllly over tenn1s her IIISI love 1S the v1ol1n prom1se breakers and 111 mannered people annoy her Orchestra Chamber MUSIC French Dardanelles Counc1l Chess Prom GAA N1-IS IANET WIRTH Ians pan of Iadge goes to her true fr1ends con e1ted people get the scrapmg M s Voung mom and dad re her gems keeps tr1m DY skatmg and dancmg G A A MARY ANN WITTEK f1rst would l1ke to take d1ctat1on trorn fr1end1y boss la er SDS-CIO 126 1n frymg ch1cken Sew1ng seems to be her past1r'1e hooses Mrs Beach QIVGS pralse to m rn and dad German CAA FRANCES WOOD Cookles alm IS to create a b aut1fu1 hom wzth perfect atmosphere of fr1endsh1p and love hopes shell land good husband to put 1n 1t G A A 1Capt1 G A A IF1ep1 TONI WOODALL th1s Texan longs 'or Lane Star S'ate keeps sparkl1na personah y atuned t hand balancers and Tape hopes to wr1te columns ot pra1se about mom Unger and IVIISS F rr S' r Dardanelles Cholr VIRGINIA ZURAD V1rg s 'afmly t1 s are s' cn a guy who has st1ck to 11116-QS can bre k them wlll w 1'z her .vay 1n'c teachers cha1r IS VI1'lFg thes1s on rreJud1r- Q Dardanelles GAA NHS GI In PIT! AUDREY LENZ SHIRLEY MILLER ELAINE LIZAK MARLYN RADFORD LORETTA VAN KLEY Page 41 . ...p K1 oeuigoal a , rat1ons has overcome th a1:l...'.-.ill concoot notion to lc.1l oo1o 1f,..Tf1C '.-1111 get tree pY9SfI'1PT1ZI'1S...I-I1 e ale! wxll be the oo 'nf :j1r1. . .D'1rdane", , Chou, G.A.A., F.1-i.1,. , ...' o " :ant tolerate egotzsfs. .. 11' k I-ffl ' rx. c has a lot f pa11e Ce. . ,1 -f ' o11 e College ' zfh Dorene. .. oe 1 om and c .lo en...'Ia a el1 , .A.A. ...HIWI1111 's" the .e son' is pizza d ch1: 'heres a To i1 her tea cup, . .exc 1 11 ivory perfo ..a e. , ,late- oo.1 r bother her. . .ML 1 1 y r ' h al ...Cla -Secretary, G.1'1..A. ..."Carlo" '. 1'. 1. 1d ta ' " d1:fat1on from brother lim or Ra1ph...mon1 scores...f:ons11m1ng French frzes IS her spare 1 e d" 1on. . .fr. Cho1r, araanell s, 'ar Ott e, S 1' :rea . Cz' 'c 1'c t, .A.A. .. o", 't 1 ' e , t lo a o 1. , , ' a t a ...the s a e e, ' . 1 , at ' . . . '1 1,,1," Q1- 1 ' a. .. ' o t p ...a r ' r ' a 1at 111a "1 ...'C a ' HT, ., f V A F1 X. A : J XD 1. . F Q f 1 . .1 gl t e 1 'i . at... f e , , - c , , , . . ... ' f. , ' ' e ' A7 I I I I I .L . . ., ,, . 9? 5 ' Q ' ' ... , ' , W ' , 'H ,, ., . . ...Cn o ' ' ... r . 1 ", I1 . . .C 1 . . . I V O 11 ' . . . , J, 1 , . , ., , , 9 . 9 OA ,!'!0lU flHfw0 011 fnv 0ffA0,Q'0n1.! SENIOR PROM Xe One of the great clirnaxes of the year for the lanuary graduates was the Senior Prom. Miss Dierks and her committee were responsible for the grand time had at the Evanston Country Club, in lanuary. The girls as usual were dazzling in their elegant forrnals, and their escorts were shined up in great taste for the long awaited occasion. Orchids and camellias were plentiful. After midnight parties were numerous, but all reported safe and sound on the following Monday morning. sellin- ' " f -r- U ' 9q'N'.'a. 11, L "qfV-ffm' 1 A QV Pi lggbvgvvg f' - -1 ,1 if I E 235 V EK X X I 22: PB. '- IH fi? ilk' 'r 'fps' . gf fx ' I ' 'A f in 9. f , ,' 'r 'A A' A' . f' x1 ff,3Q'iw 21:51 'cgvwzfff W 5. 4 1, , 5 2 ,tr N N 0 4 V . " L wif I ,I 5 Y N an ' 4 4.x H A' gx lx Y. L Q ' 3? E .ex H 5 5 N Y ' .MQ A ' . r.. v K ., V' 5 A, I4 W b 0 . 1. 4, , A L !, 'E5if gain K x Q Q 1',, M 1 gv ,, Q ' 22, 5, 5 v ' M ., ,. , yi, P, fm fig C 4 6 ' I f W , -A 1 1 i Z QM 1 3 1 'S R tl , 'ug 5 i4ff V351 v . ,A V V , 5 I 3 fl' if g M 4 7 y za. 5 W V 4i MAJ .if 'MVEgf ' III' Q , I 1 , 1' f S 0 V ff L 2 Qg 'SQ V ff? 7fze Soma! .1,, .v 51- KY 5 -'EISQ "L - J:-PS' f .f ' - ' ' i -:LA 41.5 'P X E x ' 1 1 ' 1 wr , gfllw -ig, . x V, If Q -s1.'Jf - z 2 1 -' xl' gd" A A 'A , . f - . 4 1 J A I Y f X V ' Q, i f xg A , 1 .n ,, Q-. Y .' Af QA r. 7-'W .Y , .' A 1. 7 -. .. , ,"',h, 4 N " -rt-' ' ' 'Q . N. . . Lv ..' ' vu Ix N0 1' .n, 13 5 is . .xg Q .hy K '4 .x iff". 'H 1 Cr Q . It. sic? - 2 it 5. A Elk, f F' X I In 5? ,- 1, I ,. J .,,,q .5-' f' ff- x ' 'Q 2-2 . ' ' ' .Y 'R . n Y ' Q-- rp, Af, ,f ' , ml 4 AI , -- . N: A .-,-f,..,:,.-Q sry: mg. .1 ,-J 4 . I 61 " , , . , F? .'. 4:4 i Auiau ' Ahh' 'ix 4- ' 4 f Q ' A' H V , fm --QL:-' -f . .. Ai ,A 'apic .5 A"' Ak 'ff'-".' - 'V "f sxi :A ' . ' Z1-Sk ,ijt 1 'F' I - . L V Q . ir . 4, 5- ws' S- if r-Nix? r A i V ,xi M El-L ' ' , ., v ,L w- 92, K Q e ,'gi,-f".' f ' H f-, x ..,': - 4 K :M Hvi , ',f'n,?N Y ' -Y' yjvx ' I L," 1 ,f 2559, 4' ou' I , 'XVI ' -- ' , r ' r X. . W " ' Q21 . wff. I!25,NM4 ,f, . . - -f I Lis' - Q- -V - ' ' I 1 S ag - fi ' 1' , - I . 'mb , . - L M xx A f'h e -if 4.-, v , J F. 1? '. .' ., ' 2... 'x -vi?1.I l . -4,1 A Q, 1 M-in.. ij0l0 en eceive romofiolw MR. Gaovrza C. RAMSI-:Y, assist- ant principal of Steinmetz for sixteen and a half years, has endeared himself to thou- sands of pupils and has es- tablished many and lasting friendships among them. In February Mr. Ramsey was ap- pointed principal of the Gar- field Elementary school. Stein- metz wishes him success and happiness in his new position. I TIP w' DR. MATTHEW L. FITZGERALD After six and a half years of faithful service, our be- loved principal, Dr. Fitz- gerald, left to take up his duties as District Superin- tendent to succeed Mr. McKinsie. In this capacity his pleasant face will often be seen around the building, since Steinmetz is a part of his district. He'll always be a Wel- come visitor. lafiring lfLl9Ql'iIl!QIlC!Qlll957861025 lggabanf memolzed MR HARRY C MCKINSIE retmng d1str1ct super1ntendent has long been a fan'11l1ar fr1endly face around Stelnmetz On h1S retlre ment b1rthday lh1S year the faculty and P T A tendered a tea 1n h1s honor Mr MCKIHSIG has sa1d repeatedly that he enloyed VISIT 1ng Stemmetz and that IS why he came so often HIS lovely w1fe 1S p1ctured above W1th Mr Fnzgerald and h1m she too shar1nq 1n the merr1ment The faculty and P T A presented Mr MCKIHSIG Wllh a g1ft Mrs Sprlnqer P T A pres1dent IS shown presentmg the P T A g1ft to the honored guest Mr Weaver representlng the Student Counc11 1S shown extendmg greetmgs As Mr MCKIHSIG cut 1nto h1S b1rthday cake h1S heart surely must have beaten a 11tt1e faster for Stemrnetz as many fond mernones Welled up 1n h1S rnmd ,. 6 " Y r-1 , W v , t , ' rr- g . ' H 1, 1 .1 1 sw . ob ' 1 .RV W, Xb Y j f .VE H ' k. f :-' . ., 1 ' Q ' .. 'Q e , s ! ' ' I 1 , . . ., , . ' I . . . . . . . , . . . , . . . . . , , . . I I 'wiht Vt 'H '5 X. v V- 1 , u , G 'g.g,:,1ii L f ivat ' f J ?.,, . UJV - ' Q 3 ., , , fix., .Y M5 7 ' Ns. Jag we .xg slolega fo JQQP feinmefz .Nalopy Upper left MISS M BOLLEH Adyust teacher MRS E BOUGHTON GIIIS Upper rrght MR W GROOM Mus1c MISS A ORNSTEIN Freshmen Coun sellor Scrence MR I FELDMAN Bond Z A Center MH C TEMPLE Prog Tech MR I FERDMAN Prog Scrence MISS afu ff A POLKA soph Counsellor Math Bottom MISSL GRANT Tcrrdrness Soc St Mr H WEAVER St Counc11 Art MHS S TAGLIA Sr Counsellor Itcrhcm MR C HENZE Freshmen Coun sellor Sc1ence MISS N CAWLEY School Paper Eng Csubb MISS D DENNIS Eng Qsubb Pg51 g ,J f J My ' sf 4' 95 I I' 1: '. J , I , ,ig ' sg fy, I lv- YQ-in Counsellor, Eng.: MR. W. HERRICK, Boys' Counsellor, Lockers, Assemblies. 3 e ' Zac em Wfkouf lwmona owe jcwlu .7 P' Top Row Cclrclej SGT FRISCH MAI KETCHAM SGT BRENNAN MR F VESEL Gym Cchalrmanj Football MR I LAKIN Basketball MR S NALECZ Pr1nt1ng MR F HOLM Shop Center Row MR E RUZICKA Baseball Ir Counsellor MR H THOMPSON Track Cross Country MRS H VESELY Art MRS I WATSON Gym Bottom Bow MISS G ROLENCE Gym Cchaumanj MRS F SODERBERG Gym GAA MR C ECHELBARGER Shop MR F SIEGEL Shop MR S SPIKINGS Tech Stage Crew jdfllkg P85 l'l'lQl'l GCUA l"LQI'lfCltQ 6016? 015 9 N 0,1 f 36. Upper Row MRS L DIMITROFF Soc St MISS A FOSSE Eng Cchourmanj MISS M HALEY Records Soc St MISS RASMUSSEN H H Arts MISS M STAVERS H H Arts MISS M HOFFMAN Gym GAA MR WINE BEHG Enghsh Center Row MISSR SILVERI Soc St Csubj MISS H ZENGLER Eng Csub Q MISS E THORSSON Spomsh MISS F RIGNEY clerk Cpayrollj MISS E DEWAR clerk Crecordsj MRS L HAAS Eng Cnot photogrcxphedj MRS D COMPTON Sc1 Bottom Row MISS A MABCISS MISS M FINNEGAN MBS H WALTERS Cllbrarlansj MISS R CONWAY clerk Creportsj MHS I MARYANOW SKI clerk Cfmcmcesj MRS M DVORATCHEK clerk Csupphesj PQ 0,0 0lfl'l0I"Q QCLC Ql":5 feel' xgglfljelfltif ggifdlg f fl 7'-z Q0 ,.l' ' li f Upper Row MISS M MULQUEEN H H Arts MRS E SCHWARTZ Com MRS G EXARHOS Sc1 MRS M GEHANT Soc St MR L BRAMKAMP Soc St Cchcurmcmb Row 2 MISS O ROMPF Corn Law MISS A SUTHERLAND Math MR T BUCZYNSKI Pol1sh MRS L BYRNE Com MISS K PERRY H H Arts MISS F KILBURN Eng MR E WESTERGREEN Tech Row 3 MISSI SECHLER French MR C JOHNSON Mcxth MISS P SUTHER LAND SC1 Csubh MISS E MCNAMARA Careers Star Bottom Row MISS B BRADDOCK Eng MRS F YOUNG Math MRS E IEP FORDS Eng MRS G CRANE Lang Cchcurmanj MRS G BERTLING SC1 MISS E IACOBEK Soc St MR I GRAY Eng MRS F ARMIT AGE Eng 54 3610105 N Z4 ,SI CJ unior :GOA re eguence A Top Row: MISS G. PETERSON, Gym: MISS G. HERBERT, Art: MISS E. KUEB- LER, German: MR. G. LAVJLEY, Com.: MISS L. GOLDEN, Dom. Arts: MISS P. DIERKS, Science. Center Row MISSO WEAVER Eng MISS C LANDRIGAN Spanish Annual MISSS GRUENER Scxence Nat Hon MISS M COLLOPY Span1sh MISS C ROY Eng MISS L WHALEN Com Bottom Row MR A SWEIG Com MISS L SULLIVAN Eng MISS A UTZIG Math MR C BAKER Eng MRS L FAUSEL German MISS L BERGH Soc St MISS C DEIGNAN Corn MISS M OCONNOR Eng Csubj Cljelnlf jacugy ,4-M" hmvllf M" yf 5 mmitmug enior .Eaclcem Que ulaig fine ofcwf pdf Top Row: MR. C. PETERSON, Assistant Eng'neer: MR. E. BADE, Engineer Custo- dian: MR. C. POWERS, Science: MRS. L. HADLEY, Latin: MRS. M. ZWICKY, Math. Center Bow: MRS. L. MADDEN, Matron: MR. F. FRELICH, Science: MISS E. BLYTHE, Art: MISS E. KRUZIC, Gym Csub. 1: MR. F. SPIEKER, Com.: MRS. N I K E. SHABAT, Science: MISS I. FARR, Music. CLCM Bottom Row: MR. F. BOSCH, Gym: MR. M. HAVLICEK, Gym, Swim: MISS L. ADAMS, Eng.: MRS. M. BRENNOCK, Soc. St.: MRS. SPINELLI, Eng. Csub. 7: MISS G. DONNERSBERGER, Eng.: MISS R. KILGOUR, Music: MISS V. MEY, Math.: MR. H. ANDERSON, Science. I' x, ,M -we 45 S U QI' l"CUflC HCM 2 In c1rc1e-Mr Walter Beck has been rn charge of the Sayre Branch for the past three years He makes out th e programs and supervises all Branch act1v1t1es Lower left Mr Handschu Mr Pltzele Mr Welm Upper rrght M1ss Towle Mrs G1l11gan M1ss Ha1nbecker Lower rlght MISSD MCTIQUQ Mrs Sorensen MISS Prouty rag 57 5 "' b . 1 . f J' 1 f' , l s . Vyyy 'V O . sf' 4 ' 4, 13 , h Y A A Q l, 5 ,, 5. fr J K f . .ya .J 1. 1 I r ,M 'I' ff 'Q-ual! - . , . , . . 1' , . , . 1 . , . , '. oclern onfw 11.6 1. an I !QlI1.lfYlQ!Z W H U!! c ollgufjgw ' . . . P.T.A. BOARD Row l Mrs. H. A. Boehm Mrs. E. W, Bzxrtelt Mrs. A. Iust Mrs. I. Craig Mrs, F. Cosy Mrs. G. Herrick Mrs. I. D. Smith Mrs S. Smith Row 2 Mrs. H. F. Kosinski Mrs, I. C. Larson Mrs. W. S, Gibson Mrs. I. Schimon Mrs, A. I. Clouston Mrs. C. E. Watson Mrs. I, C. Bullock Mrs. E. Kafka Mrs. F. M. Busch X . . . P.T.A. OFFICERS Vice President Mrs, W. O'Nei1 Corresponding Secretary Mrs. R. Nelson President Mrs. L. A. Springer Auditor Mrs. L. H. Pangborn Treasurer Mrs. E. F. Becker P.T.A. X- The school year of 1950-1951 can proudly boost ot the biggest P.T.A. membership Steinmetz has ever had -1000 members. Mrs. Springer, president, and her active board have been tireless in their efforts to take part in school projects that have been for the welfare ot the pupils and the neighborhood. They are always on hand when needed. when you .TT : wif 3"'jff"'j' f""'Ti'1'1ii7'ej g rwk 1' ,Lg ,W :sy M, .V H ,W Q e .. , V, ,W V . A Q ' Get a good GRASP start the long climb, It means so much in the end, You may slip on the way, But it won't get you down For the GRASP you have taken is sound. 7 r I"Q5Al'YlQl'l I Z! Qf 4" 'iii Q- 101 . XXL-1L.'-gi 1, fffff ' gil. 1.31 ,ll ., 1.r q s r Sf..J,i',-:, sr 111312, E. Nmsfx 1... :x,.,,z. V1 ri r S mari, F.. .fx ..,. - -. -,..f1.v, 1. S:ti1.:, G ,, vu ,YG " pru- Row l: E. Dcwhnq, E. zrds, 1. Adams, .M Row 2: E. Hg 15, 1.1. 1i:i1k, P, May, 1, Put-Gr, Row 3: E. '.'.'ifciy:k, .-5.. P sift, C. Brenner, Row 4: ff.HGi1s1e" T " :5:,, I. Tic 1'ri:i' Row5:F Fzrrs W "Rx A 102 Rowl: ffl ,ffm f Row2:E'P :.E-1 H. Row 3: Tl. 7 " Row 4: 1 Row 5: EA I 103 Row l: Q Row2: EN. .AZIf'i Row 3: fl Y Row 4: .' Row 5: '. r .. ., ,... ..y: .:.., x. , ,.-.1 ,.. Ir 4 J 5 . -Q 104 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 105 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4: 106 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 ,,.J J. J- "1 Fx lk f P vw' .X 57" 'fljfkffn I ' h - ' X 1, . 9-. ' 7 I I A ." -f L3 . ' f I X-XX ,A , . V ,7,f I 4 .fn k' ' J 1 .- , r ,f kill! , ,f 'fgyir ' - r - A LJ , " ' .Q 4 ff,ff f' .I px .1 S I.. Sv-:Qf:, V.f'f:r1, 2.1. :. F. 31,1 TI. "W z.: w.Thfrt1g's'gn, T. T I. Sp IILI, H. E1I'1"I'Cf', LE1'-ki QS, 2. E -1 I. f 13.15, fI.G1f 'Z, fl. F zm1g:.g. Lf. f.f.1f-Q , 1134. :ff rr1'1Q:, I' I'-L12 J-. 1, F. Engflrf. 1. f,I.f1h:.s ,rg E14-111 zs. I,Kf1Z:kf1"h, ff. 1 '.. :ITE T 7' .-Rf-2, F.T:s'E.L1- 32'-g h :riri-'-S, F. f':lir.Q:' I. Eensfyn, 1.2.1,-Nall, P. S'f'f1, R. 'fl .:n, V. gist E. 3.573121 D. Engdmwn, D.Er:rnsff1.:1i. S. S 11'1SCI'1", f.I.T':m11E:, ' mchxik, E. Chi? fri. :ry T Kruref. I. I :'QE'sPr1, D. Sfxif-, R. V :If rirf, G. ffxss- rx, FI, Els, I, I,I1S"I.'.illS f. Sass, F. II' . 1. R.IZllIE1GI1bki, H1111-hz-1 K :lk fi. fi.'1r.'.' I, T. ' .1 f wif f? I-ffi I., Tl1"1.ZI1Y.I. T. Keecgm S.F'1rn-ertfzczs L. Cf' E.P'f11:h E.F:3mti .Szezricmi f' 'K--pw U , , , , , , , ,Q.-,....s... Lf. Mxsfznqc, 2-I. Ermzlzi, P+.. Ffmrii, 2. Ccrme D. Ifertcrie, Lf. Kztzrs, I.2eFe11c1s. B.Crzndql1, E. C1111 1, !.T.V.'crk:n:1n, E. Kngrlzc, F. CQSQR, E. Ieikzrts, Adfzzis. I. Thcmyscn, Tmfk, IS-E1-.xlzf-, f'lQj'.'f-'i f. EQ'.1s'e1:1 I-f.Gr:1ier' I,?QeZ2'1t E :tzfzp Pair- FII In 47s 171-f! 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Page 63 '15 ,7I"Q.5 l'l'lQIfl Row Row RCW Row How 114 Row Row Row Row 151 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row How How 113 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 152 1 2 3 4 5 as :WV F 11 153 Row 1: ff Row 2: 1..E Row 3: "L, r V 11 I' I Row 4: 122-11. 154 Row 1: Row 2: ff. f Row 3: ' Y- Row 4: 2' f Row 5: '. f. 155 Row 1: A Row 2: Al.. Row 3: P, ' Row 4: 3, Row 5: 1' 156 How 1: f' Row2:2. .-.,.,-2 Row 3: f. .l Row 4: F. . Row 5: Q. Wd 'I , SS 3 P815 lfl'lQIl 1-4 Sophomore! behold a Junior on high You'II have to follow her soonf Days may be weary, But you'II have to ascend, So tighten your CLASP and climb To the end. 201 Row Row Row How Hcw 202 Row Row Row Row Row 203 Row Row Row Row Row 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 L. :QK - x J. TIS F. 'v1.,12 C,1. G xiii' fs .. J. O2-TC.. . if .- ff-:5 -5 D .Q 1' ' x 1 ,, . X , , ' ,X 'F f. f Wk , ' WW 'fy ,5 ,, If , x 4, ' mf - 'ff f .f ff' X 4 '1 a f xxx 'E f'4X 4 -f - S 'C S ku .1- ' ... DJ. QM: ... .. .f.,...' .5 ... .4 ",Yr.,. .-MVS f- Y,..,T., . X n ..,. . 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How 2: Q S if 311:23 F gazgtg J ', '.'.'eS'Q1 Row 3: S. Q ., S. 1' 1. :ri Q 'r:::1:. 1.lS f. f RQW4: 5. F A 3' r E,K1fI1 f D Row sz 5. 3 3. Lag, 252 Row 1: " f Row 2: F, E 5 Row 3: i, if , - Q. 3.455 l.. Q f Row 4: G, 'jk -. Ar: V' 2. 5 "sr" ss: C. .fir ,harp Row 5: -i E. s ' bww" A - N--' P439 71 A :X 0,060 lflfl 0l"Q5 'G' 253 V Row 1: I... E24 mx Row 2: 2. . 1 Row 3: .lf I I sul' FI Y 11 VI r 4 .4 N " 'V-Q-v L- 34 f-Q How : ' 5 A K Row :.,: 254 Row 1: Y.' Row 2: ' . E Row 3: E. ' Row 4: 1 ' Row 5: 2: 255 Row 1: ' I Row 2: ' P' Row 8: E5 E Row 4: P E 256 Row 1: ' Row 2: E. Row 3: Row 4: fv' How 5: Hold tight the CLUTCH the goal's nearly won, Keep looking upward ever, Be glad for the courage That served as your prop, Without which no one ere got to the top T A f uniom Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row How Row 303 Row Row Row Row Row jx in gif f Zl- X, fl "' ffl". x Q J ffff' 4 I4 ff'-:L KH' lf! ,M X l' 4-1' 'l g 304 253 li iz' unionf Row 3: 2 x Row 4: f How 5: '. 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E .. ... , 71 Q :pf 1. .. How 4: f. E f,f.:1 Q. 3.11 5 F I. 3 S sr. Row 5: f. l - S T. 51- If f 312 Row 1: f. f. CST' '.',' s Uifflis. Row 2: E. Big, F " :. ..: f. - .. :"f1': L. Cfffr. Row 3: Pczfik. .5 '.'1'1 1:2 f f 1, A. CZQHF fl. Cgrzy, 2. Qgrih 111, S- How 4: f. Chr1s', S. Gas? '.'.'rlk1y, F., fl 1111, f tier, A. Cf' -hz 5. f C. Cxjkc. Row 5: R. Grcrxf, D. Sfhxrmat, F 1 1, 13, 1211 '.:.' 1-4, N. 111115.-', F. '1.','1ns1c1, 1 R. sg-am. P 1 SK Q9 sQ lfUfli0I'Z5 nf 313 Row Row Row Row Row 351 Row Row Row Row Row 353 Row Row Row Row Row 354 Row Row Row Row Row 3 O L :Q 11 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 355 l 2 3 4 5 356 1 2 3 4 5 357 1 4:7 5:. 358 5. 2: 4. 3: , 60' I ..1, J. .... 1. 3. T T-v 42 F- if H I -Fifi' I,S.:11'if S 1, H 5. OO 4 1 1 1 ' y J.,, fS'f1l p"1f:f-' Us uniom ff c o c c 5 g V. Stretch out your orms in one fond EMBRACE To the struggling climber below, You ore leoving this Iodder To enter Iife's moze It's been o great climb worthy of proise. 401 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 403 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 404 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 NC! Q.: C4 fb 41' ab J Qlfl l 0l"Z5 Row Row How Row Row Row Row Row Rcw Row Row Row Row Row Row X49 f ff'??ff"M NV7, is-,QL fig-A -6 R X Z jlf' f E. 3 409 Row Row Row Row Row 410 Row Row Row Row Row 411 Row Row Row Row Row gf 6"'g S... ,L 15, ,ff K 11 iff, if-- ff " 'fL,,1-'Img Pzf' f I I W 1, fYA 'H . ff 'A M 'H W-- f qv ' 2 Z rt, WO . :C111e1.11s'1., 0 f nf v, ff fx I f C Z. -,. -'-J D, Nwlsf-11, 1, L 211.2 P. 1111110-, 1. 1l1V"v'1"ZY, Fi. D11f.11111iGsf., 1 I ' " ' C. T1.Q.11'111sz11, .1111 f, E, A111:f-11':',1.' S 11117-1 P. L'11c":, f. 1311111 1. E. 11f11Y'1'11LLI1, S. 1.12721 'k P. 10,1 1', E. f :y fx. P 1115, 1.1. zly. VJ. Cz'1111y, Fl. H"'?1ffY1FI1 C. FU ::111'L11'1. F.. Lfsfy, A. 1.1 101419, 1. Thc1111:s'g11, D. 1..lKC'.'.'1'Z, 2. Wfstgwig T. 71 Lixdcxzzz, S. f.f:1d1s'.,1.. 11. Hzxdfmd, 1. K311110.-.'sk1, Y. E11ThO.C1r.'1e, N. Kristcffersen, V. 1v1iZT1O, G. fewer. G. Gu11'1e1, T. Q1 iff. 1, B. KlI111!f1 11111, f. 1f'.1'1'1Z, A. Ci11Qf'1:c, II. 1.,,el.e1. D. RLGSSME-I, D. Lg111:' Ildi, 1., Sfimgslf.-1, B. Si1111.1!, 17. Peslgfek, S. ..,1ti1L11. B, KC1m111, A. EI1'1HdSjI1, M. pCI11I1"f1S',, f. 1.1 11f11f'1k, S. Spmigs 1' H. Olsen, 1.41 G:f'1f.1, B. 1.1-1'11fI"j, TI. F.'.1zysk1, '.'.'rf1111:fc:. Mr, vvv1111IlEY, I. Ichnsfu, 1. S1f11::Qs, E. Kern, I. Lerikef, 1., Kc1:z:r:wsk1. A, Frcmkxan, 3. C'1'::1l:i1, C. Prfrrfzne, D. S 1 'fL'1fS1C1, L. Roll, P. Hermonscn. A. Pciesch, C. '.'.'ys"'k1, 111. S9119 1, T. ' ,'.' r. 1 D ffcustcn, B, Kcrfh. R. HQ111111, G. Felz, T.f'1+1I1G1, 1. SffI'.'.'1IiS1Cl, Rayner, G. '.'.' km. G. Ge-11011, H. KQ1111 L, K1111, 13. G 1 IYh1SIf1i F. F1:11ke, 1.141161 E. 1.12 131. S3 QI'll0I"f5 Qi fr Fu' ETF' S' in V X.-K :-J .4 f 1 v f' f v 1"fr 1 1. if K 1 if Hg H-,fy . 1 V 1.. I. l .qw ZZZ 4- , ww f 1 1 N., 412 0 Row en L 0 0 0 :OW Row Row 413 Row Row Row Row Row 414 How How Row Row Row f Q 1 , X .X , y . if SS-??"Lff"j! F117 AVZQL K 1Xi,Q1'1' , I , , ...V-r f ,q, 4. . ,J 1. 1. .,, S41 .II'.1I1Sk1, E. 1.1mm ' Tek, 1. F3I1lr.1Ii, S, 1wf11rHgs 2. J. EE :sfncpxe-r, 2. D :lyk L. I ., R, r1.5 L. f71 li nc 3. .. ,.f lcvziz, R. 11.1 of-, E. P1 1-, .3 H ITS, F 1' 4. .. 1., L1-C' wan, i'.1'm:s1 ,-'.A F' "1 s 1. 21- 1..y, 5: -K.: ifzscn, ff. Gf rl 1 Q.. S '1i.,E1rk' 1.11. F. R1'f11"'I, F :vs 1. .., 5 1 2. Q 3. . A A. 4. . if 5' ' P F 1- " ' ' f 2. . Q 3. .. 4. ,. 5 r f 4 .. .Sf.Z.'! 5: Q. -'ur . r.Sm15k' 'wi 451 Row 1: ' How 2: . r' . Row 3: P. ": How 4: P, P 452 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 454 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 A If QHHL V E. ,f -gd, f X X: ' if 4 ,f ,,. , --"i'T'i lf" ,f fix- -M? '95 f'-5, S Lid, eniom . . . xl V r"" eniom . . . fi 455 Row Row Row Row 456 How Row Row Row 458 Row Row Row Row Row I , 4: .A V,, Ai , . KX 5- 1 4 ,iffy f- 75' , . . , f 3i'7j5A ffl?--fi X ,nf xx V rf 'WK ,' .-4 55 ,yi Y. Xb :gif .ja ,, I , ' Xikgffffl ,f ' - ' f 'IL . QKXKX 4 A 'V 143 A X -rm ' Lxi i 4 .H , -x 3 I 5 41? 6!LI"l..5!Iflfl6tJ .Zee Cjommiffee ..A'.w ,fs- Weef Our guvfcbej af .gyayre ranc r UPPE Row Row Row Row Row Row R l 2 3 4 5 S UPPER Row l Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 DIVISION 203 IMRS. GILLIGANJ Lr:r'r: D. Orel, E. Bohns, B, Klrne M. Nrcolosl. P. Fitzpatrick, C. Delqudc M. Mcttnes B She: C. Grzybowskl, D. Kruefger W. 1-Icuser A, Dobbs P. WN' W Heydenburo, C. Males C2.CrrrrnlznQ F. Prost I Pulley W. Ichnson, A. Conlorir E, Orzoclrc, Barre: I. Nlsqer, NI Drrltl H Fmzst l. Monte '.'.' Iccl-:hurt C Nelssn DIVISION 202 IMISS MCTIGUEI RIGHT: I. Francis, C. S4111 I-'l. Esler, If Porzsz E. Benson. D. Prosperi N. Loetz A. Prrnce P. Vcrcneito P Bern. M. Becker P. Vfrest, N, Schellfer R. Neymcrk D, Kurawsk- R. Quortet!i, M, Bond, E. Hulrn R. Lundberg H. F1055 W. Matthews D. Crcne I. Arnegsmtzier I. Ceszrrone, R. lifzzq n Lowsn Row l Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Lowm Row l How 2 Row 3 How 4 Row 5 Row E I i X DIVISION 201 IMR. PITZELD LEFT: A. Schodeqq Nl. Kellos M. Hcdecki E. Bocm, M. Queiler A. Tcxtono R. I-Icrllier, C. Kmet I. Normcn, C. Arcoli, I. Anderson. E. Delcxhunty, C. Collee, A. Kludy, I. Wesc, M. Yaqer. D. Iensen, VJ, Iurek, W. Kenecxly, R. Nlcrtteo, N. Miko, N. Lund, C. Mosercl. R Domke, D. Luse, W. Boyle. DIVISION 151 IMISS HAINBECKERJ R101-IT: NI. Salerno I. Borcs, H, Kennedy, E. Boom. R, Wilkie, R. Skrpton, D. Bretzloff, R. Scvlno. L. Slisz, C. Sanchez, C. Kotsicrkos, D. Kern, R. Horns. I. Curtis A Bero, A. Cast, R. Koubc. S. Volk. I. Fcrbrie, E. Iohnson, D. Nelson, I.. Culxcchio, D. Wcrchholz. I-I. Anderson W. Neville, R. Andersen, D. Rieqler, G. Schcrmberqer, 3 eg FQ Cl paint O .S?QlIfll'VlQfZ j DIVISION IOI IMR HANDSCHUI UPPER rw I nr fn Cer: Q. P RICCI WIIIIS R Warren M Ca ey I Scansr- N Land Luczak A Barone F Talenco H fatone N Ander Row Becker P Santore D FOI eth R Nxller D Sxmonsea Sramek D I-Iankl L IOI"G'lS6'I I Interaoncto Kras1nsk1 Row Compton 'I' Row Row Row Kasmskx R Cu'1"e on S NIC s P Lentz DIVISION 251 IMRS SORENSONJ LO ER Row erm:1'm N lrney I L :sen I Olsen I Kema Rov-13 Ayesse G Mern1I A Haugland I Lmaquxst I Zall Schumann P Sarlund VV Vbandke I Paum I H01 Karnak P Burkhardt IVI FIOTIIO V' Peru R Mxller Lucvak S Isaacson R Lucxa I Car u1Io L H Burqe't I Kh RO v Row 3 R, " I. IQ' Is- . E. Ma ' D, Pa1Iin A. Fr 'ncesczni D. vgvelli. C. ' '. A' 2 C. ' .' , . s ...J " -, .f. ' . 3 R. , . . , , ' , ,J I son 4 H. , .' , ...3 , . . , , .. 5 R. . , 2, , .. . I. . a . G. ' I 6 C. .. .' ', .-.a's . .."oia,.. . I . RIGHT: . IL. -,. Ro' 2 N. ., , ' . . a , , .. .. A, 14 E. ,." , "I, 1. I" 5 I N X 'I' IT Il ' I, I I 5 .X 3 X J4 .gzafing e go wwf, .4 SAYRE BRANCH SKATING PARTY Howl E Benson R Gunderson C Comp!on A Gust C Mrles D Mrller W Hauser I H111 Row2 M Casey C Kotsrokrs N Anderson C Delocrdo N Los-I7 D Prosperx A Prmce D Ieusen Howl! I Iohnson G Hrccr D Pcllm M Iwrcolosx N De Cro C Wrllxs M Esler A frqcrnio Stondmq W Heydenburq Presldent CFFICERS C Co'r'p' 0 X HQIAQV c 1 FEATURE Left group shock E Benson D lense-1 from C Wrlls C R1cc1 R1qHt group N Loetz A Cast C Derczono ':'3x'f's A-'wh f , Z "-"'-:LA M , iyimz W, fr- M5 ' ,,n..,.... W .,, 41-"" I ' f V m Q M 'W-,I W N ,, V.,f'Q w. W. . ' 4, " 4.1-," , -rf' " f 5 , A 2, Q "Y5w,::,fg i M .3'-N53 1' 2 f 1 awww I ,, W ' .....,, --ueygn ,WM Q Ana" " n Lv , V 'A ' ml," mm-4 " """"Wvriygb.Q4 fn,-H 3 An. 'A ' --f. A. - ,, ' X k Aiwa - 7?"""-X . ,. , 44 if 3 1 9 ' -: ox 4 fi dr YN ami-123.1 'aaa 'mf - , , - - I f ffilgflinvi i C 5 f ' L " W x, ,,,. , t ,, .... , XM ... .. 011 A f" 4 - lf:-"" ' 4 ,xg uf' ' ddl' . .N 'xiii " '17 l N ki I 'fo-Ohm" A M V' ' - -is '- -- X ff, . 3 ,dv W Z. in 1 -me 5 , .- qw, ' , 1 1 Y - - v . , ...K 455.19 - """ ' f' -V-Mu W "Ti" A I I -'P' 7, NM " 121 M L Mi... . ' ia .g,fa.1, 15, W- r I 5. ,. ! F: WT M-W , ' 1--mf., ...A f W I I I Q A 'M' 3, h 'MM ,Miz d i . M Q..-lg. Y 'kin W CONCERT BAND Xe It makes no difference what the weather may be, when Steinmetz Concert Band is called upon, they are ready to render service. This year they have had a very active season. They took part in the Annual Spring Contest in April, assisted at the Music Festivals in December and May and helped in the Sayre Branch Concert in Ianuary. In September, October and November they accompa- nied the Football Team, adding pep and zest to the games. Various assemblies and meetings called on them too. In February and March they entered in Solo and Ensemble contests. Maestro Feldman is their leader. Yes, every Steinmetz student can well be proud, not only of the band's bright, well-earned uni- forms, but also ot their talent and ambition. V .oz , ered 0l'l'lQtAlI'Lg .!460lftt ULU' COIICQIJ MLRC! 'Cn iggevl Ma .911 ylnikrmfi 52 ran . . . CONCERT BAND-Page 96 Row l--I. Berg, N. Graham, I. Sleznick, P. Ewald, I. Blackman, B. Briney, B. Anderson. Row 2-N. Kulczyk, I. Fernandez, A. Smentek, M. Wolff, R. Nelson, L. Schlorke. G. Muscynski. Row 3-R. K. Gibson, I. Thompson, S. Reinsch, S. Fornell, I. Lange, R. A. Gibson, N. Schoemann, A. Witt. Standing-B. Guskey. G. Muzyka, E. Berg, D. Lukowicz, P. Keesee, A. Schmidt, W. Weber, C. Breen, C. Ott, I. Carrao. . . . CONCERT BAND-Page 97 Row 1-E. Maturo, M. Lundgren, I. Billingsley, C. Druss, N. Larsen, A. Merriman. Row 2iR. Anderson, S. Sansone, R. Briney, S. Parker, B. Enqethaler, I. Ring, W. White. Row 3--B. Mitzit, P. Petenuzzo, I. Iordal, R. Anderson, E. Spletzer, B. Penley, D. Corcoran. Row 4--I. Melchior, G. Lorenz, R. Hobbs. F. Burnier. Standing-T. Suchomski, R. Wollert, V. Havice, I. Brown, I. Clinton, M. Folena, P. Brettner. R. Kobat, M. Morienson, P. Schuller, B. Buzinski, D. Christopher. Page 97 . . . MELODY TRIO With cello: S. Braun At piano: G. Alberti With violin: A. Williams .. . TRIO E. Scalzitti 4 cellol P. Leon C piano R. Schmid . . . HARMONETTES S. Braun t Cello P C. Roan 4 violin J R. Wagner Q violin 3 S. Geoglanian Q viola 1 B. Hom I piano 4 . . . DUET D. Santi l.Lippi S, Schoemann . pianoa . . . QUARTET A. Williams violin l.Lippi G.Alberti D. Santi CHAMBER MUSIC X- When high class music for teas and lunch- eons is sought, the members of the Chamber Music are called upon. They are truly the great music lovers of the school, and they are so Willing and gracious about contributing their talent. Mr. Groom is their sponsor. -JW CHANSONETTES IML AClfcf' K DUl h S d g AQ STARLETS E V gl C Ott t lc yb G Alb A Alb D ll ab ji, J? J Wy Wofkef M U! f Sn? fo 'We CHANSONETTES Xe Th1s IS a club of real mus1c devotees who e spec alty 1S harmomzmg the old tavorltes They cater also to the western melodles Every year they part1c1pate IH the Mu 1C Festlval STARLETS his It s a su1tab1e name for these maldens How they love to smgl And how they really can hrrng down the hous vvrth applause when they put on thelr dramat1c numbers for the MUQIC Festwalsl Mr Groom 1S the sponsor He has qlven a great deal of h1s t1me to them Around f1:e: Y B. Dixon ' . ac ean I. Hammang j . lycra L. ate: Q . er ' I f l. Osland -' ' 3 D. S amlian ' . If , . , tan in in r : ' D , D. Lascalzo 1 f L. Olson ' ' Y y G. u ustyn I, t y 1. Buhert - 'I Y -vw N! I I, I V, ' I -" In front oi planoz . o is I 4 l. I A e ozxrd: Q rf f S. Schoemarm W J' I . B. Iunqe H ' f . em ' if X I 1 In back ol piano: . . ale L lust E.Cap e etti Y y P. Lemke X gg, ' Not pictured: 'gy E. W r er Q o 1 ' ' 3 ' H. . . u Y . 3 . . v ' I 1 4 I I 5 SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA UPPER PICTURE Row lf-f-A. Williams, I. Lippe, E. Scalzitti, G. Alberti, S. Braun. Row 2 D. Santi, G. Iohnson, I. Billingsley, C. Druss, A. Merriman. Row 3- B, White, I. Ring. Row4 C. Ott, R. Wolfert, P. Leon, T. Suchomski, F. Burnier, B. Anderson, B. Briney, E. Maturo, C. Disney, M. Lundgren. Row 5 R. Twinn, E. Sutton, Mr. Groom, F. Ardito, P. Brettnei. Standing R. Bourland, A. Kater, M. Haake. LOWER PICTURE Howl A. Avischious, S. Geoglania. Row 2 R. Weiszmann, R. Wagner, E. Weaver. Row 3 l. Berg, N. Graham, R. Anderson, I. Fernandes, B. Meineke, S. Zaluska, C. Roan, R. Schmid. How 4 L, Ott, D, Fesus, B. Horn, V, Havice, S, Schoemann, R. Guskey, A, Schmidt. P. Keesee. Seated I. Herd, C, Wonders, G. Nluzykc. T. Smettors. of f 70414512 SMIQKK fke Meeze SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA X- The story of the Steinmetz orches- tra over fifteen years covers practically every activity in which a large orchestra can Work, from accompanying operettas, con- certos on many instruments, and famous vocal arias, to giving many fine compositions their first hearing after leaving the com- poser's pen. Eleven former members are now in major sym- phony orchestras and hundreds more play in local symphonies as a hobby. When Festivals are held many alumnae return to join the ranks once again and play for their Alma Mater. 'll QQ I - , 71 W pl , I Y., 1 ? Q I 5 if F ' 5 I ' 3 .. .A 1 A A v 'C f ' 1, - 1" 11- K ' if A 9 -- 3' . .1 ' f 1 f A . I ,, Q1 F if . . 'n I ' f ' , 1' " 'rg ' 9 V1 f . N ' - t 2 , f- ' L , z 7 vt r- 7' iv "' M ... 'I 1 ' ? I , 'e A 7 . r ' 5 wi r . 2 V r 3 Q 1 . ,li .Q . E I ,y tx. il, o 7, Q . - 1 1 - . 0 '11 if I I ' If JI K a Q 9 I ' il! 4 h Q H . ' - - ' ' F ' + H.. r ' f '9 ' . M V , I I - 1 I ,f , ' V . 5 1 .K H1 kv A , if . W ' X' 1 A , an L , QL . 1 P' fl 'Awww-v' W -L V4.4 3 W ,, ,,,,,1, 'ev' V' N", ,N N ' gn 1' 'gi '62, W? 'f" it Q ,. 'V 4 ,vu 'gf W Q K. V F .54 4- .ff ' . ,Aw . 1 .-.. - '4 - , . 23 ' . fvfxlx-3 ' 't L?" JM X 'M V' Q x, C' N VKYN A , 7 If ps N . R AF . , . A. , A Ay? , wb 4 I :fa V, , , , . . f 7 ' f " . ,. ' ,f x . V X I :X xi fix. . 2 u 6 JI, U1 ' if ' " WW xf "' 3 ' 0 - . 45 X K f Q X f 'GW 52" VB f 1 I . I 'ny ag W X Q x 3, My 4' X iff 'J ,,?i.w:fimE,0fwJNw., A Q nv lvljlzaf .Are jim? .ioofing .fdoouf Social! fibanceo L IX of SOCIAL DANCE COMMITTEE S Whxttrnqton D Canadeo E Boam Row2 S Ferrara R Folena I Frey A Rerch P Novak I De Horn B Barnas G Westerberg E Cappellettx On chan B Shanske In iront C Ott Trumpet B Engelthaler B I-Iemwall B Whxte I Rmq Clarmet N Graham I Berg I Blackman P Ewald Flute Tno C Druss I Brlhngsley A Mernman SOCIAL DANCE COMMITTEE X- Have you ever heard tell of the rousrng good trme had at the Stemmetz SOCIGISQ If you havent consult any one of the Soclal Dance Cornmlttee for the latest news on the matter They are appornted to keep Sternrnetz students lnforrned of lmportant elents r I P ' . 5, L . f , H I I 1.- X . K I Bowl Around table: P. Werlik, A. Albate, S. Hendren, I. Christopherson r v,p. 1. M. Kawal I sec. '. . . x 0115 of BOYS' CHOIR At piano'-Miss Kilgour, Sponsor: M. Kimmel, R. Franke, Accompanists. Rowl R. Stotz, T. Iohnson, L. Holeld, D. Iohnson, A. Iohnson, E. Smeds, I. Caltagirone I. Syversen, F. Oberhauser. M. Verni, C.. Bartz. Row2 I. Voss, I. Retondo, R. Blus, G. Mayer, R. Provenza, P. Mitchell, F, Intusino. B Padol, R. Gliot, C. Wood, S. Gordon. Row 3 R. Surma, D. Garcia, R. Selk, B. Springer, A. Pauling, R. Humanski, I. Termini, L Lang, G. Madison. Row 4 R. Anderson, P. Seges, I. Panzer, R. Spetka, C. Knudson, B. Schumacher, H. Muel ler, I. Fletcher, W. Gallois, I. Larson. Row 5 W. Metz, A. Reich, G. Lopata, F. Cimmarusti, W. Roos, M. Fanello, C. Herrmann Row 6 G. Gathman, L. Bullock. I. Gercken, D. Silvestri. W. Chmura, I. Kaminski, P. Stoehr. D. Barak, P. Steiner, R. Nedved, I. Novak, E Booth, B. Telkamp, R. Starck, I. Cebol. OFFICERS At piano I. Larson, V.P.: R. Franke, Pres.: Miss Kilgour, F. Cimmarusti, Assistant Sec.: E. Booth, Sec.: L. Bullock, Treas. C0lfUfLll"g CU16! Q BOYS' CHOIR X- Miss Kilgour has Worked hard with her one hundred or more boys to blend their voices into pleas- ing harmonies. Their performance on Graduation night was surely her reward, for everyone who heard them poured out compliments. The annual mothers' tea that is sponsored by the boys is a wholesome Way of bringing the school and home in closer contact. The boys take com- plete charge, and the aftair is a credit to them. One girl graces the group, the accompanist, Miss Kimmel. If :ze lCL1 Sweef ollanof ofoggerfy ofjkee e ing . . . SR. CHOIR OFFICERS D. Gutberlet Cbus. mgr.j. P. Lemke Cbus. mgr. D, C. Peterson Cvice-pres. 7. -A. Smentek Csec.j, B. Iunge Cpres.J, L. Ieler Clibrarianj, L. Iust Cpres.J. Row 3-N. Bringe flibrarianj, I. Osland Ctreas. J, N. Krueger Csec.J. Row 1-V Row 2 GIRLS' CHOIR 76 Any girl who likes to sing may become a member of Mr. Groom's Girls' Choir. This group performed at the Music Festival, took part in the city-wide choir contests for public schools, held their annual banquet at Nielsen's, had an apple tally stand at the Fall Festival and fur- nished solo numbers for the Talent show. There are about a hundred girls in the group and they make a pretty sight in their Capes tossed back and the berets tilted at a saucy angle. . . . SR. CHOIR UPPER RIGHT Howl B. Berry, I. Reid. D. Uier, C. Mortlock. B. Morgan. D. Luscalzo, R. Alberti. L. Oil. Row 2 P. Lemke. L. leler, N. Bringe, D. Cancrdeo, B. Shanske, N. Krueger, L. Kuter. Row 3'-f-L. Olson. C. Glass, M. Garzonetti, D. Pretorius, C. Peterson, R. Brylas. A. Clif- gard. D. Shamlian Row4 I, Hammang, I. MacCrimmon, G. Sandell, L. Iust, B. lunge. O. Sleznick, S Hendren. Row 5 B. Dixon. D. Spitz. C. Erlandson, S. Nessel, I. Osland, D. Gutberlei, I. Bubert Lowzn Rlcr-r'r Rowl M, Eudeikis, B. Mitchell, C. Alberti I Adams L Sandelm N Iuron A Smen tek, G. Hendry. Row 2 -W. Seidel, E. Ccrppelletti, C. Ott, N. Piser, B. Garon. A. Du Pree, D. Fernbcxck Row 3 S. Schoemann. E. Vogl, I. Treskett, A. Brylas. L. Simoncelli, I. Iahns, I. Mac Lean. D. Wedin. Row 4 R. Bourland, I. Berg, N. Nebergall, D. Domko, M. Gorman, B. Rojik, I. Allen P. Peshek. Row5 E. Rojik, A. Levan. I. Romashko, I. Gilbo. G. Augustyn, A. Hansen, G. R Brink, A. Albate. Pige lG4 I W Y Ra -up , 1 a J w, E Nb .W 9 EJ x Q-v 4 Q ! 1 ff" 4 ,I J .-. Q6 ear merlfca inginf: 0 Mu . IUNIOH CHOIR XP The Iunior Choir, under the direction of Miss Farr, is really going places. Their popularity is greatly increasing as can be seen by the many shows in which they have performed. In the past they have sung for the Iune graduation, for the incoming freshmen, the Christmas assembly and many others. We'll always re- member their beautiful renditions of the songs from South Pacific, as sung at the Fall Music Festival. Their gay and colorful costumes added to the spectacular performance. Their friendly attitude and high spirits are the backbone of the choir. . . . IR. CHOIR Rowl B. De Michel, C. Petruzzelli, F. Liuzza, C. Vitucci, M. Borchardt, B. Shelter, I. Bianco, I. Hale. I. Bianchi, I. Gorham, E. Bihun, C. Cerceo, M. Gentili, C. Zakoff. C. Grippe. I. Crippe, H. Urchenko, N. Kristoffersen. Row2 R. Hultman. K. Schaeffer, M. Mertens, C. Blanas, I. O'Neil, B. Ianus, S. Welch, M. Faust. D. Durso, C. Steers, I. Westerberg, I. Bencivenga, P. Skie, D. Funk, S. Gregson, M. Neuhaus. Bow 3 I. Thomsen, G. Pella, M. Strapko, D, Krezel, M. Du Mez, E. Larsen, A. Nachbar. N. Grider, E. Fisher, M. Langlois, I, Brown, I. Koetke, M. Budacz, D. Cammisar, C. Chellin, R. Valli, N. Thomas. Bow 4 N. Savovich. M. Lopatka, E. Nowicki, L. Dubs, P. Kallin, B. Kanaby, A. Smith. G. Carlson, M. Rohan, K. Schreiber, I. Began, B. Iahns, S. Siwak, G. Iensen, M. Werner, M. Lundgren, E. Drohner. Row5 M. Azzato, C. Schaeffer, T. Woodall, D. Conville, C. Baldwin, A. Engdahl, B. Peterson. M. Parlopino, I. Callie. S. Schulze, G. Moller, P. Zakrzewski, B. Schmitt, G. Hillis. R. Kehart. I. Iensen, P. Poland. Row6 f- L. Draiz, R. Busch, D. Kelle, G. Puttkover, M. Kafka, D. Arvidson, C. Thompson, D. Comiskey, A. Nagel, K, Raguse, B. Riedel, I. Newman, D. Uebele, P. Adams, G. Kopp, D. Spitz. At piano: M. Hendersen. E F I I ' 2 r - ff Q ,i 'E 5 15 4 4 2. 3 'H , it I I A A L Q 'I' , 5 1 4 M1 1 sf? f 4 sw up gin g pI"0lfl6!fg 'MACH' fAQ 0 0Ifl0l" NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY X- The NHS sponsored by Mrss S Gruener 1S composed of pup1ls who have proven them selves helpful to Stemmetz Thelr slogan IS Scholarsh1p Character Leadershlp and Serv1ce Row Row 2 Row Row Bow Seated NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Seated E Iansen A Rambert S Satre fPresI R Poppendorf M Tereze W Ross C Tallant I Messrna Standmq N Wood N Levene G Wallen V Havrce D Martm R Parolrn I Bu bert R Busch A Brylas Not Photographed N Swanson G Albertt G Cerceo I Brown I Babrktan C Ott N Krrstoftersen V Zurad P Harnson M Kucz B Klauer N Mueller L Nrtsche M Hess B Iunge L Ceccarelh G Garner M Pohl A Chiqard C Mor tensen A Wtlhams I Mucha H Gusczyk D Taylor N Clouston L Gaede L Sowa B Tarraqano B Weber D Becker M Marttn P I Dopp D Pretortus M Bolen N Garrett I Darge I Osland E Iastk W Byork A Erlandson B Bnney H Adamowrcz R Kosmskx G Wolodkm K Padgxtt R Olatson H Weln hofer D Schuhrke S Anderson M Kalnm I Malleck L La Russo tvpj P Kzldahl Csecj I back R Borchardt Ctreasj Standmg to rtght S Satre Cpres Q Page IO7 af f X W . , . , . ' - Strzala, I. Giese, A. Rich, C. Peterson, D. Gutberlet. 1 I Q qw Cla L85 Ufl walfln lf fo .SZPUQ Howl L Ieler L Iust Row2 I Gxese A Rrch DARDANELLES DG For years th1s club has been on actlve duty at Stemmetz The mem bers are called on repeatedly to act as ushers to GSS1Sl at P T A teas to serve at school partles and to part1c1pate 1n the Fall Festwal by selhng mums In the tall they hold a d1nner at one of the nearby restau rants In the Warm weather they have a p1cn1c at a nearby lake MISS K11burn IS the sponsor ot the club Iumor and Senlor glrls who have an E or better average are e lg lble to 1o1n thls group prov1ded they are wxlhng to QIVS serv1ce I l 'f Row Row Rc N Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Bow 2 3 DARDANELLES I Bzxbrkran I Pack N Krxstot le sen I Brown M Kucz C Zakofl I Messma A Ram L rt D Uler G Flscher E Ianseu D Walters D Halvorseu B Hlertstedt N Brmge I Clmton E Vesper N Mueller I McV1car B Klauer A Chfqard E Nawrckr I Braq ha A Wrlhams M Neuhaus M Pohl I Mucha T Opela I Stubbe B Iunge B Shanske M Wolff W Ross M Hess P Vesper M Rohan C Bellesr C Mortensen H Gusczyk M Hoffmann S Swanson A Chall B Brmey E F1sher B Berry M Werner C Schaeffer T Woodall N Clouston L Iust I Iahns B Olson A Teqtow C Baldwm D Gralkowskx B Tarraqano P Kxldahl D Taylor A Ena dahl B Weber M Martm V New man D Becker I Brn Clarke C Thompson H Luschen I MacCr1mmon N Larson H Busch P Strzala G Putlkover D Pretorxus M Bolen S Gellert V Havlce M Gorman D Gul berlet A Hansen D Comxs key D Uebele L Hedges C Erlandson I Sydow C Cox B Locxqno B Becker O U O O 0 V i 3 . I 2 c. , . ' , . 'e , . , . 4 , I ' s X 1 . , . , . , . . . DARDANELLES OFFICERS 4 M' L'mdg'e"' Er Dmhnen ... , . , . e . I. . . 11 11 ' ' A' . 3 , , . ' . Q-4 IUNIOR AND SENIOR Row Row Row Raw 1 2 3 4. FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORE SILVER STREAK REP. C. Vitucci. B. Arramone. N. Lorenz P. Boyd, M. Gentili, R. Brandle B. Eberhardt. G. Pitzaterro. D. Shepley, I. Cal tagirone, S. Abernathy, L. Sickels G. Adams, I. Vischulis. A. Fendt, W. Plattos, E. Vogl. C Dorion, I. Sandahl. C. Neubauer R. Twinn. S. Puckett, I. Duff. I. Forbes, B Dixon, C. Glass, G. Sass, C. Cody I. Balfanz, H. Jensen, R. Anderson, F. Loding, P. Steiner. imie, imie, imie,maf ,MA ry or SILVER STREAK REPRESENTATIVES X- Each division has a representative, appointed by the division teacher, usually. All matters pertaining to the school year book are handled by these people. There is a great deal of work attached to this job: as it requires the handling of a great deal of money, honesty is a "must". Two service points are awarded them for each semester of service, and they really do earn them. A I Raw Row Row Row 4 CIVIC TICKET REP B Borman I Amerskr C Mews M Hamann I Brown G Albertr I Coulter I Christensen L Burns K Schreiber A Beauty I Taylor M Neuhaus C P1l"ld9ISkl E Cook L Iust N Lrppmann B Anderso't E Wagner B Brrney C Erlandson M Black more A Rich D Grarkowskr D Demske Row Row Row Row Row l .JIQOLU L of fAQ Q CIVIC TICKET REPRESENTATIVES Xe Collections for in- fantile paralysis, Children's Aid, Red Cross, Community Fund, School Paper, Flowers for Memorial Day, Special Assemblies etc. are all done up in the little Civic Ticket that every loyal Steinmetzer carries around in his wallet, and for which he contributes a dollar each semester. Who is it that collects these dollars? None other than the Civic Ticket Representatives. . . FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORE CIVIC TICKET REP. Rowl B. Arramone, I. Leineweber, B. Campbell, C. Bowler, M. Iensen. C. Szymczyk, B. Fromm, L. Calvin. Row2 B. Pilch, I. Iohncock, C. Franz, B. Mach, B. Notardonato. S. Kohut, I. Iacobsen, A. Savaiano. Row3 N. Neberqall, C. Neubauer, A. Corona, I. Brandenburg, G. Iensen, M. Andresen, I. MacLean, P. Ost- rand, A. Schmidt, P. Steiner. Row4 S. Ferrard, I. Smith, M. Kirby, B. Ossler, B. Rojik, B. Rojik, I. Gilbo. E. Rosenvinge. Prirlll l IUNIOR AND SENIOR SILVER STREAK REP. l- E. Kapsis, I. McVicar, N. Wood A. Brylas, I. Healy, P. Miller. I. Meyer, R. Mershon. I. Ingrisano I. Clinton, M. Lanqlois, B. Iunqe I. Mucha. 3 -M. Martin, E. Caputo, I... Ieler, M Mueller, I. Schulz, L. Beadell, C Mortensen. W. Kellogg, O. Salva. A. Chall T. Woodall, C. Baldwin, B. Berry A. Albate. I. Wheeler, I. Sydow, L. Licht, E Kourakis, H. Sandstrom, I. Chris tensen, M. Anqileri. ML .Q jar 45 ,-. Q'- Q-35' n 2 4 fb F . Q ,in Q17 Y'9 4' 'FQ .i ni V V xg: , E7 I C? E X CT? fam ngylzine riglzf on feinmefz PICTURED ON OPPOSITE PAGE STAR PICTURE? Begin at top M. Werner, M. Bolen. C. Cox. B. Lo- cigno, N. Schoemann, A. Brown, I. Newman. C. Hatfield, L. La Russo. Center M. Tereze, editorvin-chief. BELOW STAR: Miss N. Cawley, sponsor. f Mrs. Borg, sponsor. not photographedy CENTER OVAL: D. Funk. A. Rich. A. Brown, N. Schoe- mann. Standing-- R. Kobat, R. Pumilia, R. Sutter. G. Iohnson, T. Nelsen, R. Zielke, R. Roen. LEFT OVAL: P. Novak. R. Gliot. K. Bryza, S. Satre, T. Hookanson. Rterrr OVAL: Seated E. Cook. H. Gusczyk. A. Larson. Miss McNamara. Standing B. Hjertstedt. G. Wallen. STAR STAFF X- Spotlighting Steinmetz activities with outstanding write-ups and photos is the energetic Star Staff, heralding two sponsors during the current year of 1950-1951. Miss Nora Cawley handled the work in the first semester, and Mrs. Borg, returning from a sabbatical leave, resumed her former position as sponsor. This year's issues were especially interesting because of the many pictures and the well Written articles. . . . COLUMNISTS Row 1-- Seated around table: B. Berry, B. Klauer I. Mucha. M. Angileri M. Harris Cstandingj P. Rothschiller G. Fischer Row 2-Standing: H. Adamowicz 'J M. Fanello. I. Giese C. Schaden, S. Marazo V. Newman. B. Becker F. Dobbs . . . REPORTERS Row 1- B. Becker. A. Rich H. Gusczyk, A. Passo I. Hoyer, M. Tenuta M. Kuhns, I. Vertone Row 2- T. Woodall. D. Lindahl. A. Crittenden I. Kalinowski, P. Miller V. Angelino. B. Klauer I. Stubbe Row 3-- K. Kimmich. Z. Tamas K. Bryza. G. Iohnson S. Satre, R. Tondreau Page 113 ot ph . . SILVER STREAK STAFF owl - TARRAGA Editor iss C, LANDRIGAN Sponsor ow2' LEMKE . WERNER WARD CURRY DIXON ow3 ZIRZOW WHITE RICHARDS KIELMAR BELSSNER ow 4-H IUST UFER PACK CARLSON BURDICK otographed -7- fix fi? T7 :U Uv NO "'-5'3 CI? V, W? f's. A ff' ii 13 T'-V? 'ST 'mf Q? oin flue Annuafgaffand Le SILVER STREAK x- After many months of long hours of Writing, typing, proof-reading, picture taking, selling and collecting mon- ey the Annual Staff has finally reached its completed task, the 1951 edition of the Silver Streak. The finished product always makes up for the Work put into itg it is worth the effort. The Staff hopes the pupils like the book. Miss Landrigan is the sponsor. V 1' I g ps., J 'QCP .3 ks Q7 rjwlalalaff it S-T' ,iff If E j'CL9Q g OI" COWlQJg CLUQ GREEN CURTAIN PLAYERS M G M R ht i h B IStb 3MM dhlS R H RF GREEN CURTAIN PLAYERS X- Callmg all young heromes heroes and v1lla1ns' Do you have a knack to act? If so Mrs Haas and her Green Curta1n Players are unroll1ng the Welcome mat Grrls must have completed Drama I and be enrolled 1n Drama II They are selected by the Drama teacher on the basls of thelr classwork Boys are always bemg sought whether or not they have had Drama Each sprmg these performers put on a three act play On Aprll 18th 1t wxll be Everybody s Crazy Now They also contr1bute talent to N H S affalrs d1v1s1on part1es as sembhes and the Fall Fest1val l , 1 i Y 5 . On chair- . orman. Left of chair-h . Tereze, D. Iames. ig o c air- Row 1- . Klauer, R. Busch, E. Iansen, . ub e. Row 2-G. Iohnson, I. Giese, L. lust. Row - . orrison, S. Swanson. A. Eng a , . Iversen, A. ich. F. Winski, Z. Tamas, . Gusczyk, . rcmke, L. Ieler, P. Mclver. I , . I l . H l - I. I I Il I Il . . 1 , , ' Vue l5 . . . STAGE CREW Upper left With phone: E. Westerberg co Chief I. Christopherson l. Ring Upper right Mr. Spikings, R. Pusker S. Anderson ' chief , R. Danielson Lower lelt R. Beck ' with bench I. Davidson P. Gaardsmoe L. Evertt Lower right Kneeling: R. Closing Standing with lever B. Engelthaler With earphones D. Schuhrke 68,0 Obllf' yQ 011 til? ,Spoof all CUflflQI"Cl STAGE CREW X- The Stage Crew devotes a great deal of time after school for special programs They also serve at all assem blles during the regular school day Mr Spikmgs 1S the sponsor CAMERA CLUB Xe The Camera Club sponsored by MISS Dierks has learned a great deal about photography During the Fall Festival they took pictures and lately held a photo contest T10 F' . . . CAMERA CLUB On table R.l'asCia Hflliot pro Ozi Cticzir H. lille-r Hack 4 t Chill R Sirtvr ' 1 Fact-1 .t Youll T. Hopi-Lczriszn Totzreite Sitting on bench K. Kcst Miss Dierks P. Larson ldelflllflg f 300125 0 Q owzi LIO an edffllflg KEY CLUB X- Th1S club sponsored by Mr Spreker IS afhhated wrth the K1wan1s Club Its duty IS to organrze comm1ttees to start certam projects l1ke the Clean Up Campargn A busrness man IS present at each meetmg FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB X- In th1s club Mr Powers the spon sor stresses the qual1t1es of personalrty and character the foun datron of successful teach1ng relates the 1nsp1r1ng hlstory of free schools 1n the development of our dernocratrc way of l1fe and dlscusses the opportumtres 1n varrous frelds of educatlon KEY CLUB R Mmer cr S Sate H Harrigan R Folena I Crag G Gathman D Roesler I Hartmann R L1 rgm G Spataro D Stoltz G Ca men H Andersen E Wolf' P Leon FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB Standmg rn front P E ald CV P J Ro 1 I Benc venga A Klelmar B Peterson B Arramone F Lxuzzu Ro 2 K Raguse A Nagel I Thomsen I Brandenbug L Relch Row3 I Watt O Sle :ck G Muczynsk C Ph ll ps -I Page 117 o ,4.f....f .izi f, HALL GUARDS we Corridor cleanliness and good order is important in any high school. Visitors have always been impressed with Steinrnetz halls. Hall guards have the respon- sibility to question loiterers, to request passes from pupils passing during class sessions, and to look alter the general appearance of halls. The guards are courteous in the execution of their duties, and they expect courtesy trorn the student body. Co-operation from the students and faithfulness on the part of the hall guard bring the desired results. May I see your pass please? Please observe the Up sian When all is quiet there s that Math to do Careless pupils are hard on g.1ard s back iyaiflzfuf Snfried rederue .JU f Qrcler' Row I Row Row Row Row Row Row How Rov Ro ,v Row Row Row Row RCN Row Row Row 5 IUNIOR AND SENIOR HALL GUARDS A Doyle D Ixrelsen A Krelack P Lar son I DIGIOVGWDI I Hale D Anderson L Tyrolt P Hart B Shan Pe I Rerd M Busclrek R Adams D Garcra G Hllhs S Swan son 'VI Iacobsen R Iurwrck E Exnel-'e L H dge B Becker I Marlovrtz M Hoffmann R Rxttm yer A Crrttenden L Oller A Steskal W Barrrer D Tnnkaus F Wrnsl-:1 I Carrao G FIGWCLI D Possehl S Cellert SOPHOMORE HALL GUARDS M Grube G Hasenauer I Sprllane Adams 'VI Gre ner L Lacalamrta C Rutko M Rygrel I Sandahl A R rd I Wrtt C Fluhler I Schwarz D Bruckr R D1 Leonardl P Frost I Mus Carr I Iewsen E Mxtzrt I Thoms '1 R La Mothe I Werse I Schuster R Iohnsod FRESHWIEN HALL GUARDS Tomala L Lctuth L Sleqler G Naha bedxan B Rask D Lynam B Zrmme man D Paulsen P Beboat P Henmnq R Cala brese I Herdenrerch D Barnes M Plere I Smrd V Raymonde M Sayre B Mor gan S Kohut A Maass D Lantz A Rrx C Bruse I McCowan A Chnstopher G Mayer S Peshek H Iensen I Rosa P Petersen M I Petersen V Mrller FRESHMEN HALL GUARDS S Bucher T Keegan A La Schrava B Arrarnowe T Gedrms R Kestem I Spanq L Rerch M Ferqelec I Traynor A Krelmcxr L Aadland D H rnandez E Kurko C Phrlhps I Whyte A Nagel G W9HSl9ISk1 L Grdlund I Branden burq M Loftus I Chrxstlansen B Boqot C Cooper I Plemzng R Bcxsso E Hansen S Rerchelt R Wendt H Sremren R Dwellen r I ' 4 . e s, . , . ' , 1 . r, . , . ' , G. 'Z . . . ' . . . . e' , :4-- . , . ' ' , . , . Rowl- R, Madero, B. Campbell, N. Terzulli, N. ' 2 . , . , . ' r , . l- . , . , , ' , ' 2- . , . ' , . , . . I 4-- . , . ' ' , . , J. 5 A I ,' . ' ' ., . . Sl 1 C8115 Into the truck they take a quick hop, And at the cold stables All out of it flop. . . . SADDLE BOUNCERS HM On sises C. Wallace, B. Peterson A. Crittenden. M. Kaika E. Voql O. Sleznick In front of Horses W.Koz1ov, L. La Calamita B. Iohnson, L. Falduto S. Reinke, B. Notardonatc B.Riede1, Sgt. Brennan R. Bus: C. Suhi On Horse I. Thorne Lett oi Horse C. C-rzybowski Right of Horse C. Kmet In Truck: Rowl R. Byrne, C. Glazowski L.Bartho1omae L. La Calamita B. Notardonato D. Cariadeo Row 2 M. Miller, I. Duda L. Raiz, L. Falduto E. Voql How 3 C. Wallace. D. Nielsen B. Tlapa, B. Kures S. Reinke Row 4 B. Riedel. O. Sleznick M. Kafka On Horses IVI. Poqlitsch, D. Nielsen In iron! oi Horses D. Canadeo, IVI. Kafka C. Wallace In Circle Below Truck Picture R. Byrne, B. Kline The reins are all ready and horses are too, It may be a filly or a nag for a tewp They get set in their saddles And set oft on a trot, In less than art hour They call for a cot. Weeks an 13,0 .mm MW IQ!! CJ! Standmg at table E Schultz CPres I Seated M Lawrenzano Row l RONZ Row 3 PHE MEDICS M1ss Ornstexn sponsor A Huebner P Larson C Westerberg D Cammlsar E Vesper R Hultman N Krxstottersen C Zakoft D Sergott Standrnq B Brmey G Iensen M Larson B Schmrt B Rxedel L Hedges N Therlqaard B Becker A Townsend M Hoffmann P Vesper E Halla N Schoemcmn N Levene C Thomas G Gathman I Plummer I De Horn D Spttz I Serwmslcx E Kourakrs LIBRARY CLUB At table A Macauley CPres J Mrss Fmnegan sponsor Row Row Row Row Row l 5 S Sandelm I Evangehsta G Duenser B Tlapa I Moon I Iohncock M Schulz D Duke D Edwards S Geschke I Pater D Shepley I Brown I Clmton W Gau M Peters F Kobat N Thomas D Olsen F D1V1to E l-lalla A Clxlqard D Shamlran C Dautel D Brrdger I Plrard P Ewald G Puttl-cover S Welch M Peterson I Bottony F Wrllzams M Anderson B Ienkms I Smrth C Wal lace M Mrller I Weqner I Duff C Roseman E Bosenvmqe I Sommers A Fox PRE MEDICS CLUB X- Th1s club IS opened to any one lnterested ln the held of med1c1ne It meets regularly Wlth MISS Ornste1n the sponsor to dlscuss new drscovenes and to hear talks by doctors LIBRARY CLUB X- Except for a 11v1ng man there IS nothlng more wonderful than a book a message to us from the dead from human souls We never saw who l1Ved perhaps thousands of m1les away CChar1es Krngsleyb Page l7l l v.Zurad,I:Drozd,D.Grochowski. ' I V' I ' I . I A ' I ll . . . . I -. I . ,, . g ,W Z fQUfllfl'lQtZ MIL! QCLJMFQ DEUTSCH VERDERBERS 4,-I .DL,Lt,,a Rowl M Klosky E Nerra 'XI Muehlbauer I Swoboda Ctreasv Mrs Fausel R Lada Cvpb I Hughes Csec I M Hamann Cpres W Row2 D Koslan I Mueller S Strombeck R Wendler R Ia Mothe D Iohnson I Pnce A Krm mrch R Kern B Rathert A Drohner Row3 P Brand I Schwartz D Fesus M Huebner M Wrebe G Morrm G Zxllxgen R Nrckl I Farle R Felde G Gehrmg I Schuhrke R Adams OFFICERS In cxrcle P Rothschrller S Barak W Serdel DEUTSCH VERDERBERS X- When the Fall Festlval comm1ttee began plannrng they called on the vanous clubs for help Pup1ls from Mrs Fausel s German classes formed a club called them selves Deutsch Verderbers and launched out to do the1r b1t for the Fall Festlval A stand was set up 1n the lunch room the n1ght of the Festlval and members sold Marz1pan Sales were good and a goodly sum was turned 1n a part of wh1ch was used to send food to two German orphanages z I7 :JAe or or ' ' A pf Q 'Iv-'ffl .. .my I I I it fy j I f , ,gA,t oing or Oflcem id a arf 0 fire gun CHOLLY CHERMANS Rowl I Herdenrerch R Gxese M Mer tens L Kater Mrs Fausel R Schmuck C Monson C Larson L Iung A Wlpper Row2 Molter I Iacobserx R Zakoff P May B Froehlxch I Brunner R Novak I Hlavacek R Ielke D Tremper B Haecker M Peter sen Row Romme E Valent A Doolas Beck R Frnze M Smderman Parrott H Telkamp R Teuber Fruewlrth H Iensen R Wohl fe1l F Dobbs I Bartels OFFICERS H Kolosexk Mrs L Fausel Cspon som D Bahns K Muellner SR GERMAN CLUB Foreground K Muellner How l A Doyle D Malemus I Kohr I Me1er S Welch L Welss Row2 B Taucher D Lmdenschmrdt E Ewert A Kxtzmann H Hacker Row3 Dautel M Pohl L Slmoncellr L Gaede D Kelle I Hammanq CHOLLY CHERMANS X- Pupils of Mrs. Fausel's German One classes organized a club called the Cholly Chermans. Twice each month they met and discussed Ways and means to do good for others, as Well as slides of German scenes were shown as held in the beauti- means to entertain themselves. Colored at one meeting. A Christmas party W fully furnished CIVICS Room Everyone had a good time and plenty to eat Page l22 ir .Si wingen en eicsen . . GERMAN COSTUME PICTURE With hoops: Row 1- D, Wistrand, P. Wood A. Wimmer Row 2- I. Elzer, E. Warber R. Stein, C. Hoch To lelt ot hoop picture: Seated - M. A. Haake, K. Young L. Wagner, N. Schaefer N. Lauer, N. Belssner I. Sommers Center Row S. Braun, R. Urban D. Selk. N. Gisselbrecht L. Mai. A. Schmidt R.Kotti1a, C. Maas Miss Kuebier Back Row-1 P. Iorgenson. R. Sommers E. Branner, R. Selk D. Schneider. O. Kampner T. Krause . . . GERMAN CLASS II Foreground I. De Horn 4 pres. I Seated on floor: Row l D. Miehle, C. Andersohn E. Schneider. S. Knudsen C. Mader Row2 - F. Habetler, H. Turk I. Tabor, F. Plummer On solo I. Gaza. E. Ziel K. Weiland, N. Bosecke I. Davis. C. French. B. Riedel, D. Simon Standing in back B, Kutzmer, D. Barak L. Bosch, I. Wenzel R. Frederiksen. D. Dassow R. Anderson. G. Bartz B. Haupt, E. Bruner F. Oberhauser Back oi sofa I. Cebol GERMAN CLUB Xf The German club stimu- lates interest in the language by such de- vices as pictures, maps, games, records, folk dances, folk songs and correspondence with foreign students. Birthdays and holidays are celebrated with special features. These en- riching activities create a bridge between school learning and life, and acquaint the students with foreign civilization and culture. laani5A Cyclades Affracf many uloig . . . GERMAN CLASSI On Floor M. Motzer, R. Stein, S. Heider, L. Olson, D. Stuckemeyer. R. Teschner. Seated on Sofa M. Greiner, C. Deuschle, Y. Boness, L. Dubs, K. Duvall. Standing in rear M. Schuett, B. Spitzer, A. Schmidt, E. Wagner, M. Kutska, E. Eineke, R. Reidenbach f pres. I, G. Austermuehle, E. VVolft, A. Avischious. . . . ESPANOLITOS Howl Standing: E. Fisher, M. Parlopino, L, Hemingway. Row2 N. Bringe Itreas.I, I. Fernandes, G. Fischer, D. Subgrun- ski, I. Melau, B. Berry. Row 3 - A. Kozeluh, I. Newman tv.p.I, I. Anderson, I. Piekarski fsec. I, E.. Romadka, L. Ieler, C. Cox, B. Iahns. Dancing: R. Lawrence, A. Ossler. Row 4 Standing: Miss Collopy, S. Gellert, L. Hedges, S. Swanson rpres.I, P. Zakrzewski, M. Iacobsen, A. Crittenden, P. Majeski, C. Thomas. LOS ESPANOLITOS X- The Spanish language possesses a ro- mance element that attracts many students. In the Spanish classes, clubs are organized and periods set aside for meetings which are conducted in Spanish. Miss Collopy's club has fun singing Spanish songs, eating Mexican dishes, attending Spanish movies and arranging parties with Lane High School. The en- rollment in Spanish classes at Steinmetz exceeds all the other languages. Page l25 Gai if Wafer M.S7aic! Jafin id izbecwl LATIN CLUB X- Sterrmetz was hon ored agam when Thoma Pfu 1nsk1 the Trophy for the1r oat tandrrg Work 1n Lat1n Both trophres are on drsplay 1n the trophy ca e Mr Had ley an ardent worker tor the cause of Latrn was 1n charge of the State Conventlon She w1shes to QIVG thanks to all persons plctured here for the1r enthus1asm and help . LATIN Mrs. G. Crane Miss E. Faulkn Mrs. Hadley F t gerald F t q d T phe M W Schle ge F th Me D C E' T. Prusinski . ' Dr. iz Dr. Hunt Dr. iz eral ro i s I. Svec '- r s 3' ' won the Silver Medal and lean Svec 9 ' ' s r ' ' 3 . s. - l - r. . sin r a er rtz Dr, , . Dr. M. Braginto fQU'Ll'l'lQtZ ADV LATIN CLASS Howl G Iensen T Srwe I Berg S Srwak M Stoeckrcht Row 2 M Kafka I Bottony I Thom sen I Westerberg I Bencrvenqa B Grbson M Eudelkls D SplIZ Row3 R Yount I Sloan G Blom berq E Berg I Carrao I us can I Furmanskx F Wmskl D Horst D Morfrs LATIN QUEENS C Franz S Katano S Srwak G Iensen P Carey I Thomsen I Clmton P Barr S Katano I Lmeweber EXHIBITION TABLE Mrs L Hadley teacher em mo fo f Q Conifer, LATIN LOVERS Xe Durmg Latrn week there was great act1v1ty among the Lat1n pup1ls Many made repllcas of class1cal wr1ters of note others molded busts of clay of such WIIIGIS as Plato C1cero Eur1p1des etc Notebooks cmd posters were on d1splay at the conventlon at Urbana lll1no1s At Ste1nmetz there were several assembl1es preslded over by the Latrn queens who were chosen from the Latln Classes Mrs Hadley ass1sted by Mrs Crane was 1n charge -ff LA TIN WEEK UHAIUDYPUD' EDUEAIIUN I Pfrae I9' . A I I , . , . I . . , . , . ' ' ,f I ' ' . I . . . . H I A - 2 I 6 I I. . A. . I. I. - 'W' . . . D V LJ T7 Q' I . 1'2w"'. A ' '- , . 1 - ,4 1 - X ,. ,Xxx .- . , ,, , , f avi ' l 2 ' - . B .H be-J 7 .Pat ,xr 'P' 'fo 'Qt Q . . . PAN AMERICAN Row4 C. Phillips, C. Bruse, M. Du Mez, I. Cxepus, T. Eriksen. Around Table MMMM A. Iablonski fines. 1, A. Duckhom fV.P.l, D. R- Kirchner, D.WediI1- Martin, B. Pultoralc tSec. H, Miss Thorsson. Rowl In McDonnell, V, Vvengen R- Stojek. D. Martin, A. Iablonski, B. Pultoralc. A. Duckhom. Row2 I. Yelton tTrecxs.b, I. Rolls, C. Druss, D. Bromstead, I. Messina, A. Pellicane. - - - OFFICERS Rowfi B. Tarragcmo, L. Garasi. E, Kutzmer, B. Iohnson, S. Nes- I. Yelton fTreas. P. B. Pultorak fSec. 3, A. Duckhorn cV.P. H, A. sel. S. Gellert. L. Hedges, O. Sleznick. Iablonski 1 Pres. l. omod ociod may pan mericano PAN AMERICAN CLUB X- Ever since Steinmetz has existed, there has been a Pan American club, and faithful Miss Thorsson has been its sponsor for these seventeen years. Pupils interested in South American affairs, Mexican charm and a peek into the language of our neighbors are invited to join this club. Song- singing in Spanish, movies and talks by people who have made visits to our neighbors comprise a good part of their programs. This year the highlight of events was the dinner at "Mejico Lin- dito", where dishes were Spanish and waitresses spoke Spanish. Fav- IIC 00,0 ' lee ' Q00 ! C9 aged? CL POLISH X- Mr. Buczinski, sponsor of the Polish Club, is happy to say that Polish classes doubled in enrollment in the last year. The Polish Village at the Fall Festival Was a big attraction with its music, dancing and ideal pastry. The Club was highly praised for its original Polish Christmas tree decorations, a project spon- sored by the Polish American Congress. . . . POLISH CLUB How 1 C. Pilzak, R. Iurwick, E. Eineke V. Miotto, V. Zurad, R. Stojek. Row2 -- D. Possehl, L. Susala, L. Sowa, I Satchel, A. Nelson, A. Iablonski M. Strapko. Row3 Mr. Buczynski, I. Serwinski, I Mucha, R. Mershonski, A. Shu- becki, B. Armenski, L. Rokusek. Row 4- F. Pilewski, A. McCloskey, E. Soch, R, Wisniewski, C. Ianasie- wicz, R. Madock. Row 5-- G. Pinderski, L. Spayer, N. Ru- zycki, I. Podraza, L. Motyka, S. Bialek. Row 1- - E. Referda, I. Wilkowski, D. Wist- rand, D. Shepley, B. Patterson, L. Talaga. Row 2-- I. Moeller, D. Bankowski, R. Brylas, D. Wardzala, H. Banach. How 3- - L. Las, C. Druss tV.P. J, G. Wen- sierski, I. Szott, R. Bobula. Row4 - C. Bands, R. Pelnar, W. Tedtman 1 Treas. J, R. Skutnik. Row 5-fF. Mika, R. Demski. Center-W E. Kupiszewski Ends S. Ayeski, B. Pultorak Nh 5-1 Page 129 OM Wada ffl Z r . . . FRENCH CLUB Rowl I. Hale, D. Hanson, I. De Foe. A. Gaskill, B. Graham, M. Spillane, M. Faust. Holding Shield: R. Anerdi, L. Anderson. Row2 M. Lis, A. Williams, G. Garner, E. Nowicki, S. Welch, E. Vogl, T. Shalla, R. Bergman, L. Goyette. Row 3 B. lronima, S. Turnbull, I. Bolender, I. Clarke, M. Budacz, G. Hasenauer, D. Bejda, M. Blackmore, R. Langer, A. Tarpinian, R. Paloian, L. Creely. . . . FLAPPERS M. Faust, R. Bergman, A. Williams. . . . OFFICERS R. Anerdi I pres. 1, L. Anderson ftreas. , R. Langer 1 v.p. I, I. Schulz tsec. 1 not photo- graphed . Q 77 F renck lgulaig Sag ggejfg 0 ENTRE NOUS X- The French Club kept busy this semester with an entertainment program for the Fall Festival, send- ing Care packages to French families and writing letters to students in France. "Paris in 1920" was the theme of the fabulous review for the Festival. It consisted of songs, hilarious dance routines and "a satire on a silent movie". Packages were sent by the club to the poor, unfortunate children of France. Their main project now is Writing to students of their own age. The club meets every two weeks under the sponsorship of Miss Sechler. Ifl ence! uri ww ana! gala ofem m A94 'nf QUILL AND SCROLL Sealed P Mrller M Werner C Hatfreld M Harms M Tereze A Larson T Woodall B Ta a gano L LaRusso Center Row A Chall C Cox A Rlch C Schaden M Bolen R Domke B Locrgno I Newman I Grese R Quartem In Rear H Adamowrcz F Dobbs A Brown R Pumrha S Satre P Novak N Schoemann B Schrmon GIRLS RIFLE TEAM Kneehng I Pratr L Rrfi I Treskett M Kawal L Baker N Gxsselbrecht G R Brmk Capt Ketcham Row2 D Corcoran N Levene I Thomsen S Remke I Hoyer D Albrecht L Dahl QUILL AND SCROLL X- It IS a defrnrte honor to be 1nv1ted rnto the Qurll and Scroll Club a nat1ona1 orgamzatlon Members must have completed a certam amount of wrltmg and must have Worked on school publrcatrons for at least a year GIRLS RIFLE TEAM he Rrfle pract1ce steadres nerves and mus cles develops concentratron powers and grves the g1I1S a knowl edge of the mechan1sm of a rrfle Thrs club meets once a week Wlth Major Ketcham and practlces on the R O Range Page lol 0 7 0 0 " S , - - ' 1 , ' 13, ' '. 5 - Q , A g I " 7s W A 53324 ' ,r 2 . 7 V fa, wma, X 9 I my .. J-Sigh' , 'Y I, 'l ., ' l f 4. 1 7 A I C2 . ,J X 2 'V X I 7' v I v 1 1 1 1 v I I I 1 1 n r - 1 I 1 , . . , . . . 1 I ' . . . Uf file lgulai 5, gg flee pulaig, jar fke pupig . . STUDENT COUNCIL Letter S left to rightw- I. Thorpe, G. Benedetto, E. Kutz- mer, D. Westphal, D. Iames, C. Maas, R. Neuieldt, R. Missaro, T. Krause, G. Gathman, N. Stevens, D. Lantz, N. Gissebiecht, I. Serwin- ski, I. Mademann. R. Hansen, I. Meyers, H. Thomka. A. Nachbar. A Rawlings, D. Norby, B. Kuhl- illi s C Ciolkowski I man, C. Ph' 'p . . , , Grippe. M. Kawal, I. Mazzarella. T, Prusinski, R. Reidenbach, I. Milano. I. Caltagirone. S. Furlin. L. Hunt. Letter C leit to riqhte I. Wallace, M. Triuntol, R. Stojek R. Engelmann, I. Willis, D. Dun ham, S. Schoemann, C. Hoch, S. Paloian. C. Persino, A. Grempke, P. Goldstein, N. Williams. M. Ferranti. . . . OFFICERS B. Chelber , A. Chall, D. Becker. I. 9 Brown, A. Avischous Cpres. I. IZ STUDENT COUNCIL we Each division contributes a member to this worthwhile organization. Selling tickets, holding dances. conducting skating parties and discussing pupils problems are 't' Next time ou attend one of our skating some of their activ1 ies. y ' '1. P arties, remember Mr. Weaver and the versatile Student Counci S. '. P Q Q fo OZILLFLCAFOOHQ Olftlflfef' LUNCH ROOM Xe Mrs. Blake, in charge of the lunch room, has the knack of serving good food in a tasty manner. From the mobs around the hamburgers and tries, that dish seems to be the kids' special. The food is prepared in sparkling kitchens, and served by friendly, Wholesome ladies in white. The prices are still at- tractively lovv for the kids' pocket books. . . . RED CROSS At machine A.Smith. sor I, D. Spitz, R. Calabrese. At machine O. Salva. With yarn VM. Grannan, I. O'Hara. Rowl I. Gilbo, E. Kurko, L. Sowa, I Mademann, R. Calabrese, A Edling, I. Kumerow. Row2 I. Iahnke, M. Ryqiel, A. Weis ling, I. Kostner, L. Reich, M Delaroy, T. Carbonaro, C. Mort lock. Row3 I. De Horn, L. Dahl, E. Rosen vinge, C. Koller, B. Riedel, A Maass, C. Roseman. Behind table VM. Iensen, C. Steers, P Vesper. Row 1-P. Allan, M. Miller, A. Stradley M. Hans, I. Brown, S. Bucher B. De Michel. Row2' R. Bourland, D. Wardzala, C Mews, N. Schoemann, I. Maz zarella, I. Tomala, A. Ranieri M. De Smidt, D. Nielsen. Row3 A. Smith, R. Iedlick, E. Kriz, I I. Romashko, M. Ioseph, E Schumert, B. Mach, D. Sham lian, S. Welch. ze are oinr or OfAer5 RED CROSS CLUB X- Miss Elizabeth Kuebler, sponsor of the Club, together with her Workers, made cmd dressed a great many dolls for the underprivileged children for Christmas. No doubt many little hearts were made happy through their efforts. Each division has a representative, and the club is affiliated with the Senior Red Cross. Money donations to the Red Cross Fund are taken from the sale of the Civic Ticket at Steinmetz. Rowl C. Steers, Miss Kuebler fspon- 19,449 QPPQIAJ THE PEP BRIGADE X- Who furnishes the pep for those football basketball and base- ball games in any weather at any place-The Pep Brigade of course. Baton Twirlers sup- ply the precision and d-xter- ity' Cheerleaders produce the sound effects and laurels go to the Tumblers for their agil- ity. Anyone who has talent along these line i gladly welcomed to the liveliest club in the school. See Mr. Lakin or Mr. Feldman BATON TWIRLERS 9 P th llc ma CHEERLEADERS gy B och L M TUMBLERS P Gold t , .A . ..- . Y . '12 ' I tg-. , 1 4h.,47" Y- f. 5, - ,I . IA A ', ,',, , 6' f A- l' ' ,. I ' 1 -.. V - Vzffaf' 1 f' 2?--. Dfw 'fri . ' 1. 7-3-f'4f'. if ' 2 -"L '-J-wJ-'-f-if--4'-"'1' if W-'-af Q- wh ,1 ' " '-' mfg-'iff ' 'v rv ' A p , 4 1 411-V, If ,f ,iyyr .s-L1ff.3,-' ff ,,11v,ff-SV..4. ,f:H- fm f' nuff . - "" " 'Y' ,gf,Z?'ML- ,, -N174 na- ' , M fl 57" V-2? , 5 Q-14 .L+ H . - .. A ,, 5 ',j.1 f1,,w.',, f . ' . , V ,Q a f ' -. .fi-QA. v A f U' 1 ? , 4 "V . 1 ,J ,si ,jk , 13,7 1 -,J 4 -3 ' 12:37 ' ' ' "1 -. , .gg , . 542 - 4 , V 'O 'a , Jn? i 'VM 1 , Y'- - ."' ' '- if- f ' ,, H -,I H.-A A: , I 2-4 .L , 5-1 Q.-si 'qmivr-4 QV ,,- an Q., 6 ' 'T ' -' 'f"Y:f . ' -Y. if , f i.- . I D gi A Jwki' A ' fp . ' ' .ffm 'f Y- b N Tjyjl i . i f ' ,. df- ,l f -.fs -r r, EE-I 4 1' A :L ww A - 1 ' . kv, ffgnb. 35,7 Lv! Y 153 ,lv , -1 "iw Q, ' G' ' x Wi ,, T'-nwi f. '- ' ' A x 'fig 1!1"r-g,- -+,- ., , . ' 1 +4g,:,.., .ff ' ' 15, -. -. ,,-.gif-ff.:,,'ff:f61i 'A .f1e1f. - .1 - f- P-,f-fm'-s'Hf.'4 i"'P'f' .ffl H+- 'L V -I, 2V,Lf,'y2L Ljlijilwbief: al, -Trwyij I ,..3f,x a, 5' I 2:34. fl'Q,fgf1'.: i -55-Ss C5 ,j Hz. 4 W nu, ww-wnnfnu Illilzn ' . .., 'f H A 1 " 1 fp 4 v '-3 N, W , I v' ,A ' 3 A, IK , 5? , Q". 'W - J. I ,' "1 . ff. ,.1,-, .,-.'I-4 4 Q- . E -,Ax 1 x O hal. 0 41: 1 t,v'J.- ,, , ' " f I Z ,l . 'nw ' is ' ll ,h 1 I Liza. :'Rgu'L'.",:v . . Q "xv, 41: 1,35-'2- , W C? F! -3'.?'3'g,, ,J I-V I fa .' lg 'YN -X vi: X. +. 'u Q, 3- A' 1 N Sf' , in A ' ' ' 61 51. ' 0 . A A -. , . f Q I Q7 I , ' 'fi , 5 t f X' I 1 V1 X ' .al ' J ,Q I 1 42 8 A fi 4' 7 , U1 -' ' f I 1 I ' 3 H111 , ' at : U, LL . ax t H.--1 ' 3 . 1 QAM wffi ' Vw L ft. h1?33wQ1- 3 ,xx Af: th' Vt' 'T' u. Q ,' JZ, vi 1 hwy.-?.Q?i..N -,-2 xi S. f' Y? ' -.I . ki! . . :rat ' aff, ' , fyg' Q Nr, "- f',g",Q'-'.,,'f 13, 1 . - Q R11 :F sei ' .. ' ,J - 'g ,Q::p...'k, .gg 5 '-- . ,'- . , If v ,, - '. Q. , N x '-' 9 -1 -A. A 3 ' " U -,. .5 - . sl ' u H. ?,a,I' Jigig-'F' 9' I 1 Q 24 M 44 5 x 19 H ' ':,. Wk If-T-',, . V ,f X ,fs 5 Y A I "2 441 , " ? ' Ai A' A ,,,,. 1 Q J f A .'-' ff g ' ' 2? 2' Q Q. ff: A 55: 'N . ' sgwhgvl 3?!Y""' . , Mw"0?"'x A V NM, ,Y KN ww" ,-Amar. 'f' ,.3a.51f4 Z 2m pi., - i J Q' . f u-'W"'3'? V at N- A 'W I A A , gigs MQQW Y 5' ,gg vglr A as iv' T5 M. Y I 'Q 'A 1 9 - .a " s 3 v I y xx X ' . I 1 Y "MT-J? 'W ' V J P 519 X-sgdaf' W' 'S' V .QL Q ' 1 'a,GJ E Y 5 ' . I N . ml MM ' gf - ' I W, M , W 0' ' iv Y, A, gm A X ,, t X 5 Q A x: it :Q SK 4. 8 R4 3' ad, ' 'Wa x if' K ' -x A if Q L mg A s f , , s! 1 1- v ' , 4 .7 s Q i,1,1.'w2Y t Q. .gr mg . ,A 6 '?5"',f 'A 1 -f 5 , x Q ' Q -, 0 ' :- N f H lil uf .11 Q, ', mm kgw Qlfh ,, Q9 Katz, an 3 -f 45 V W ? at Sf? IM: mify WWOM em CML oyj .!4Cil.Uifl.Q.5 P P gl VARSITY MOTHERS CIUB VARQYTV BOYQ VARSIT1 CHAIRMEN hell L 5 nnqor s C Cafgng .SJwimmer5 anal lqgzi in m ryod SWIM AND FROSH FOOTBALL X- Mr. Hav- licek is a busy man: be- sides managing a divi- sion Ca job 1n itselil and teaching his 1 lasses he coaches the swim team and trams the young freshmen that might some day p ove good football mate r1a1 for the major team SWIM SQUAD Seated on board W Makel Ccapt E Braner D Grcrumann I Flem mg R Mlchels A Lorch Seated R Bergmar R Buehler P Novak B Hemwall C Wales Center Row E Spletzer N Mar shall T Guido B Ohlund L Ios l1n A Streder Back Row I Bartes K Wetland R Dwellen L Shalla B Freeman R Kothla Coach Havlrcek R B rgman I- Rodman BACK STROKE N Marshall R Henwall FROSH FOOTBALL Howl R Kosinskl R Calabrese R Penley F Lodena R Schmuck I Gaza D C Anderson I Thomp son R Sand I Landis R Kutz mer CMgr I Row2 I Bauer C Wolda R Em rath I Schulze I La Rocco L Hofeldt P Ostrand K Welland D R Anderson I Palolan R Za koff L Stephandrs R Gerard Row3 H Turk I Menzel R Ful cher R Hahn O Meby I Ska thune R Fredenclcseu I Kurka C Panagopoulos D Conture W Albertx W Klosowsln Mr Fitz gerald Row4 Mr Havlxcek Ccoachl D Sode D Kuch G Ronollo R Eller man R Shannon I Gercken D Vertone H Dautel I Brunner a-M-N -Tim xg, P qel-Qi Liilarof jfbor' en .Sin 2 jkeir BASKETBALL TEAMS we The Senior Basketball Team came out on the long end this season bringing down eighteen wins against eight losses, and chalking up the best record in eleven years. Their terrific Co-Captains, Albert Rizzo and Bill Payne spurred them on to vlctory. Bill Payne won the City Title for scoring the highest number of points this year. The Seniors placed fourth in the city, which was a great feat for them. Our Iuniors man- aged to pull down seven wins out of twenty one games. Coach Lakin said that he is looking forward to greater and more suc- cessful teams. . . . SENICR TEAM Bowl R. Lawrence, L. Speyer, D. Moorhouse. W. Payne, P. Fitzgerald, I. Blazek, I. Beckman. M4 feb . . . QUNIORT C, Pumilia D Ad l R. Reidenb h I Alt bl How l Rovv 2 P. Allen. A. K I. Scott, L. M Mr. Lakin, W Row 3 ac R. Schultz Row 4 Row 2 D. Stupka, W. Kozlov, R. Pumilia, R. Starck, W. Kozlow, R. Nelson, A. Rizzo. I. Rizzo, R. Sel 5: 'War IQ af M... .,ar..fJi..,.,J.1..fL. an ff . . . LETTERMEN Row l I. Lance. A. Rizzo S. Barak. G. Carmen C. Frankian, I. Sobeski T. Guido Row 2 N. Marshall, F. Pumilia Mr. Lakin, D. Moorhouse I. Scott, D. Santi Row 3 C. Herrmann. B. Scanlan G. Oates, I. Krenger I. Hartmann, R. Welnhoter K. Millard Row 4 - S. Satre, R. Rink D. Stupka, D. Trinkaus I. Furmanski. R. Matthews R. Lawrence Row 5 H. Nelson, R. Starck B. Payne, A. Kowalewski W. Kozlov. R. Bergman . . LETTERMEN OFFICERS Treasurer A. Rizzo Vice President T. Guido President S. Satre Secretary R, Matthews . . . B.l.A. OFFICERS Secretary G. Oates Treasurer D. Moorhouse Vice President I. Lance President T.Gu1tlo .I LETTERMEN X- Forty-tive boys make up the Lettermen's Club Mr. Lakin is the sponsor. They are responsible for the Alumni Basketball game, father and son banquet, mothers' tea and basketball game with the Football team. They meet Weekly on Wednesdays. Their motto is "Earn a Letter"! '57 E Q7 0- 73 i 'G i jeef 0 goof 8811 Olfl My Ha-A BASEBALL Bowl I Rxzzo D Stupka R Matthews B Allen I Wlckenkamp 1. Mal K Mlllard N Andersen Row2 H Zwxemzyna F Belcaster R Schultz W Czamy M Ord N Grammarosa A RIZZO Row3 R Schmuck R D1 Leonardx I Malleck Mr Ruzxcka Ccoachl I Fxtzgerald I Muscan R Scanlan N Stevens R Dace SR TRACK Foreground Mr Thompson Howl P Sant1fCaptJ W Mztzsek I Pallm I Sambuccx D Tnnkaus Row2 W Tank R Rlnk I Hartmann F Iuan R Meschewskx H Kxrchhardt G Pl'ld9l'Skl W Barr Row3 G Carmen W Kozlov IR TRACK Foreground B Kaczynsk1 Mr Thomp son Howl F Du Pree L Bosch A Spnnq er I Hannemann W Carlstrom Row2 H Thomka R Dressler R Mueller D Barak I Isakson F Vernsten Page 145 V' E ZIYZOW I Anderson B B cker L Hemmqwox A O sler I Bubert Mr Holm A Duck To the Row Row Row Row How Row How l pare ime id ow ing ime BOY BOWLERS srde B Mar1on Mr Holm sponsor, N Delmck C Plummer T Grenke D Blazak Flduccl T Kane P Glmxro I Costello P Allen R Kmppel W Iunqe A P1ed1SCUlZl McQueen P Mazzto C1956 G Dearmq C Anderson W Andersfr 1' Hoolfenson M Schuett B Haecke Rtehman C Franklan Schoemann E Cloope-'t R KOSlIlSlfl S Scurto I lh q A Wtnterfeld H Anderson L Frettaq B Spnzer I Fnzqerald E Ewert R Carqarto S Bralek I D el I Mccrarla e D Bobula F Elhot H Marsells GIRL BOWLERS M Pohl manager S Caxemon mcmcmer McDonnell I Hughes A Crxtenden C Druss R Iervsen B Nlaclt A Ilxlman L Beadell S Dolson D Wedm B Fa1rch1ld D Fernhack horn B Tarraq no D Crallcow lu E Forst IN e F F5 BOWLING TEAMS X- Mr Holm 1S a courageous man Iust thmkl along w1th h1s schoolwork he takes tlme after school to coach the boys and qlrls bowlmg teams He has a qenume mterest ln klds Stratford Alleys IS the place Tuesday IS tor boys Wed nesday the q1IlS roll them P Allen won a trophy dunng the Sth Annual Chnstmas Tournament at Gateway Alleys A Pollman wlth S Slater won hrst pnze 1n the m1xed doubles M Ord came ID 3rd wlth I Yelton I . - , . l , . U , . , . , . , I, , . ' . R. ' , . ' . 3 N. , . J U ., . ' ', . , . ri , . ' , . , . 4 . ' , . , . J . , . ' , ,. am . " n . , . Row 2 P. Cildarslu, F. Andrxano, V. Wenger I. Stubbe, C Bultnick, I. Iohnson, I. Albrecht. I. 3 . . . 't , . . . . .,.. ., . . .' , . u . , ' 4 . ' , . , . e , . ' ' . 5 t , . , . , . - . . 3 , . U '. s I . , '. Crid z, -. ther. , . , . . . . If - ff - - , jf: y mud Conkaa g love .7lzew LETTER GIRLS Xe It takes a count of 1000 G A A po1nts or two semesters of Advanced Swlm or two semesters of Cheerlead1ng to become the proud possessor of a letter There s never a dull moment for these g1rls Hayrldes splash partles volleyball games W1th other schools and W1th the boys team are some of the1r act1v1t1es MISS Rolence 1S the1r sponsor LETTER GIRLS Oftces S Ca emcm B Ka aby A Ze met F E h P B adley L C eely Gregso M Neuhaus P Aland Fisher R 2 N Gr der A Chall S S cz o Clo ston S Tav t an C La n ck Hoff M Bole HTQQ 'XI V ri P ge 147 " 1 V fl ,-:rx jd Peifefltllflg !eZ5 of G cl p0f5fll,l"Q A... G A A BOARD Standmg at leit S Caveman CPres W D Funk CTreas W M Neuhaus KVP J N CSec 9 Mrs Soderberq sponsor Sxttmg I Thomsen M Buccaro A Zexmet B Andersen R Andersen Kneelmg M Lrcht B Kanaby T Errksen C Franz E Flsher N Wood I Bubert O Salva C Lavmck M Pohl B Kuhlmann I Mucha Row Row Row Row 4 POSTURE QUEENS C Cox C Trben S Turnbull B Ruhrman M Kxmmel A Krlman Clst placey L Ieler G A A BOARD X- Th1S board Worklng Wrth the1r sponsor Mrs Soderberg lays out the act1v1ty program for the g1rls of the G A A They GSS1St at the Award Assembly Wh1Ch 1S a b1g event POSTURE CONTEST X- GIIIS become very consclous about then' postures because they are all anxxous to be rncluded 1n the frnals when the Annual Posture Contest comes around Paae 149 Clouston 0 ,'4 . . '4 H I , 6. V' i 9 , ,1 L . C f if , , L ' A A N- '5 X 'V is I 1- ' : . . .. . . 3- ' : .' . . , . ' , . , . ' , . . I 0 0 ' , I I . , . I . . . ADVANCED SWIM SWEET GEORGIA BROWN L. Creely, C. Franz UNDER A RED UMBRELLA I.Stc11bus, D. Ziemet, M. Voydu Stcmding: FLAMINGO S. Caveman, M. De Srmd Seated: LITTLE WHITE LIES B. Andersen, R.Anders BLUE MOON LF: :1Ii"' BLACK Mfsczc L, M Lv"11IfF'If0fiI1IIl ST LL lfllfl CLK 0 wdfef GREEN EYES E. Fisher, P,Kcfl1in C. Lcxvnick DEEP PURPLE Front How D. Selk, S. Swanson Bcrck Row A.Chc1l1, N. Hoff YELLOW RIBBON I. Kcxwcl, C. Eagan A. McFarlane, I. Hughes P. Burt, S. Miller D. Wcxgler, A. Moumdicxn I. Kascxllis, G. Gehrinq Center: L. Pusczun Pjqe-151 jppifg-.jppify-gap 0 iibancing jeef Dancing will never become a lost art as long as the World has girls. Iust look at the bevy of beauty. There's the modern ballet dancers demonstrating graceful turns and artistic arm and hand positions. Then out come the fast Polish polka steppers with a funny little feature sandwiched in called "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer". Slant-eyed Chinese maidens with their Weird rhythmic movements follow, but "the jig's up" when with arms akimbo and heads held high, the Irish colleens bring down the house with their peppy Irish jig. And Where did all this happen, you ask? At the Fall Festival, of course, un- der the direction of the gym department with Miss Peter- son as the dance coach. I If ' f u X ..- J U . ,J VX YK X N V ,3 v N A1 x , sins" . ' CN 1 545 f ll'- .yigili ' 1 Wx 'E' t Y"i'1,.gf12 -+ -, 'Q 4 L. W, W is Wgfif "W N 1 , Hg 4 . Lg, 0 . , L Q L 1 l 1v'k7'xinu... i , . Algbvv ., X ,A , 1, N :bra ft -5 Y! A Fx" Lf'-, -Q A 1 4 I W r g 6 i rg gk ,A C Al I v as gi .1 . v Q 9q,. Q- . 1- ' 1 ' X I" V ,74. . n 4 if ,614-fl 0 ,'-- A 1 I 1 M F M m 1 .w -1- , . 1, 65 ,K 6 4. 1 3 WSL? 1 pf '6 . . of Q HY Q , . wi! -? " ' E Q Q? I , "5 fs' at . 1 -gl w , if , . . .v. 1 , H'--I 1 r ' D 1 , may . ' -"",g,, I , yr 'I gf 7, W I nf- g -at M gh, .'- a' 1 a "?9f ' -9, ' Sf an . ' av qjiiagap, V. . ?' I . .. D' - I r Ql,q1'2' g .. .'i G ' ' ' ,' 'd I ' x-v ' R- ' ' ' va I ' - Z' V' J q ,, xg Z ' . U 1 -1 Q if-v L 4 "' ,viii P ' , 5 ' i ' if . Ni H? . ' 'arf' 53 I 9 0 o C IQVQ .5 Olnefnlllf .Z460llI ..X4ll'l0l"lCfl BOYS' RIFLE TEAM X- The Boys' Rifle Team is coached by Sgt. Frisch. Any en- rolled cadet is eligi- ble. There are three teams ot tive men each, which are cho- sen each semester. Practice is arranged during the day or after school. These teams compete in the Hearst, 5th Army and the lnterschool matches. . . . RIFLE TEAM Kneeling S. Sparacio. R. Zielke R. Borris. D. Demski C. Heineman Standing I.Whee1er, C. Moberg L. Bullock, W. Metz R. Reindl Sgt. 1 c C. Heineman M Sgt. I. MacFarlane Sgt. l C C. Nloberg Cdl, R. Dvorak Sgt. 1 C R. Wisniowski Kiwi-liria H '.N'h1te. S151 L C C. Nl. Lf-:fx Sat. 1 C H Vtfisrziewsi-:L Sat 1 C C. HC-izpcrniizz Cit B Price Standing Sir: . C lb Lim: C,it H. Kizppel CJI. A NCCI ,sing Cdt R lJvf1i,:r: M Sat. I NlaCl'::rl.x:c 'W .7Aaf WCLLQJ .'7!zeir earfd golf jarif Row Row Row Row Row Row SENIOR CADETS O. Stembel. K. Pcxdgitt, 2nd Lt., W. Metz. 2nd Lt., I. Rasmussen, 2nd Lt.. B. White, 2nd Lt., D. Nufer. 2nd Lt.. D. Hoessler. P. Garry. I. Kuhlmcxn. Sgt. lst Cl.. L, Dougherty, Sgt. lst cl., D. Kent, Sgt. lst cl.. R. Zielke M Sgt.. E, Schenk. Cp.. L. Goedtlce, Sgt. lst cl. R. W. Bloom. Cp., R. Olsen, Sgt. lst cl.. I. Podmzo. Sgt. lst cl., R. Koppel, B. King, R. Gates Sgt. lst cl.. K. Tcttzreiter. Sgt. Ist cl., S. Spczrcxcio. M Sgt. IUNIOR CADETS R. Tedesco. D. Daniels. C. Heinemun. R. Wisniewski, D. Demsl-ci, R. Reindl, W. Kellogg I. Voss. Sgt. D. Edwards. V. Curcxvello. Sgt. Ist cl. R. Deja, I. Thorpe, Sgt. lst cl. D. Sfmti. Co. I Fgrle. Sgt, lst cl. C. Moberg. Sgt. lst cl. H. Ibele. M Sgt. I. Mctclfgrlcme, M. Fcxnello. M Sgt. I, Wheeler, Sgt. Ist cl. D. Iohnson. Sgt. 1st cl R. Clutch. Sgt. R. White. Prvt. L. Lang. Page . 37 0 fA8 05611161 OAHOIOQ GNL! ' Row Row Flow Row How Row SECOND YEAR CADETS D. Moser, L. Hunt, I. Sbarbaro, W. Garnett, F, Nrcholson, A. Swanson, C. Leiser. R. Yount, H. Herr, D. Merkle, M. Srnderman, H. Iensen, R. Von Oppen, R. Neuieldt. A. McCloskey, R. Dvorak, R, Hanna, D. Donarski. R. Cerner, L. Bullock, Sgt. lst cl., I. Cralfj Sgt, lst cl,, I. Skoczen, Asst, Squad Leader. FIRST YEAR CADETS T. Keegan, A. Gertsch, D. Leedy, R. Albrecht, B. Madav, E. Schram, E. Dvorak, G. Mayer R. Olson, R. Haas. M. Mezzano, R. Felde, A. Sumzrnski, G. Zllligerr, H. Baschke, N. Bosecke, I. Panzer, R Novak, W. Cox, D. Huck. I. Madcy. T. Trzmdel, C, Maas, T. Buehler, R. Borris, R. Vernon, L. Wolak, I, Blustein, D. Harlin D. Willgale. Q Q fo LUQ j QU' PLNDON O 'WU VIDN 3 ,Mfg Aff fda Qmyf 2 G5W6 Hi If 1' it X . . . MAIOH KE'l'CHAM'S CLASS Bowl - left to right: A. Swanson, C. Bartell. W. Garnett. H. Herr. Row2 R. Humcmski, I. Kuhlman, I. Farle, D. Donarski. In .earz R. Gerner, At Table L. to R.: W. Metz, K. Padqitt, S. Sparacio, R. Gates, I. Wheeler, C. Heinemann Standing W. White, C. Moberq, D. Demski, I. Rasmxrsen, D. Kent, F. Dobbs. . . . SGT. BRENNAN'S CLASS Row 1 L. to R.: E. Dvorak, G. May. R. Olson. G. Maday. Row2 D. Harlin, R. Weiszmann, R. Falde, R. Albrechi. Row 3-WR. Hanna, C. Maas. H. Iensen, R. Vernon. Plqf- .ff Assy: At 1 et D me B r Bo 'ce a B 'cf 1 ecf 1 1 Pvc Bo fs 1 Boys Bov 3 pamera Chcmoer Mus1 C11ar1'so cw S C11eer1eaders L Z og go Cl'1T1S1'P'IS Tr e Qo 1111 11169 C11 1C T1 1-'et nepresent t1ves 118 FOY"1I'I'1111SGQ o1 Serucr C1ass-es 22 JL Con ert Bama DGTICIFQ Groups Darc1ar1e11es Ded cat1on To 1111 Dea1cat1on To er nameer M Baac Enqmeer Q X5-ss1st111t Facu1tV P1ctur S Facu1ty Party M FNZQ a 1 F Q F 11 re IL 1 :ref Fct foe T11 111 I 1521511 188180 711 J Us 7 T' 1 s tfrtfrf of F J 1 l ate Baud 1ur1e Graduates 1BoysD 11111 GfC1AL1CI1QS1CJ1T1Ql 111111K 1 O1o1r 1ur11cr D1f1s1o11s 11118 cr F1 rture Page 'iey C1u1 1 1 4 11122 3241 74 79 1,at1r1 128 127 1 P11914 Q cu'1c1 11 WC se R If 'nent Par y Nah a orS 1ty S1111 r tr DP Q 1 f U 1gQQ 1 Fe ruary as L l Q JN? 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