Steinmetz High School - Silver Streak Yearbook (Chicago, IL)

 - Class of 1940

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Steinmetz High School - Silver Streak Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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L I. r, ? , ilmf -ll 1 -I, .1riF" 'u -I-' 'ii' MM IF! I-1s 'C 1 'M ak '15 44 1 PQ . P 1 . . M 1 V V VV . 1 4 P , Q 1 - 1' 3 1-.oh 1 V1 .V -x , "5"Mw.. 4 J'- ..V V.,.-. . ..,.. . LY 1 V .V 1. I , " . .,,V,,. - " f. '3 1,- ' 'AV , e . . .IL 1 . K, 'g 11 " . JY' . Q . '. -9 es .5 5-L! V-iv -K ,V ,. .,'I.. as -1 4 1 143.-11 I 41: 6.314 .. ...g-...TE 41 'LH ' LVV1., 'uf .. A S E 'fc ,.. n-11r.11 A E. 'I .T .s. 'F' . ., ,..,VVVV, Li" 1 .1 V. 1 'TL ' 1 'f 1 .322 Wu '-i.. .41 11... A m v xg.. P ' ,J .. l rf . . ...Q --L iff' 4 Liv' - n .. T-4" 1 su .1 -235' .-151 iff Q 5 M, "Em I ' . .W -F.. .. . 'mf A f.1g1,L11'g55...1-.T 1a . 'J-3' ,L,a '754 'Q' S , ' ' V. A 7 .mfr 'f:..f S31-I 1 i 1 1, 7 '.F5?F' 4 - VV ' -4 . .1 11,, -- . V 1-WV .. ,,. .- . .V,. ,n 1 . ...VLA 711: . W. .. . - 1 .. ,,, VVVVVVV Eu: ,MVR . .v-VNV W -MV I 1, 4.4: . 1 'ga -. .gif-1 . 1' ' .Liv 'Q' '. ' ' .g. g ' Q.. 'AVA 4 LVV . wg' " , .1 Q v .. Ml 1 . L fx 11- . . wg . V ...V Q., . . .. 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STEINMETZ HIGH SCHCOL . . . . aoso NORTH MOBILE AVENUE CHICAGO, ILLINOIS WW l 5 . .lfgfx LQAO Q G QQI' UI' QQQOQ Q. the American citizens of tomorrow, and to our mothers and fathers, the American citizens of today, we bring the story of our school year as a source of reassurance in these troubled times, when "Democracy is on trial in the world on a more colossal scale than ever before." Events which have passed and those which are threatened bring to the citizens many moments of uneasiness and confusion. When they fear for the life of their "American Way", We want to assure them that democracy, that begins with the individual. the home, and the school, which is firmly established and carefully nurtured, strengthens the larger democracy Y our nation. It is in this spirit of encouragement we develop our theme- . . . OW W8 tQI'QSQI'VQ Qui' mQfl'lOCI'ClCCq. 'f' f.2- 9 ,- "li-'1-- 5 If .'--W' -. .. I .1 ...N - .i...,L -.'4. 5. JL-. " '-HI" , ' 411. 's IT?-1' . 1 '---.x. ' -LM-3 1 Jif' ' .53-E9 14-E - 32.-'C :.:'.:t. "- X -1 ' K .' O' 1 I 1 1 NX7' I S A" . x K A fl s 1' I 4, L' . A .," ,L 1 r. , 1 If , I I Y 1' ,Q . , .X '. -s. .-,nr . - xl J , .,. . .v- I..-.. '?1'o -I 1 la. In ' ' I 1,1 .4 1,531 5 . . 4 v- Q7 , 5. lx, 'tr I A 1 JT' . f' II- 1' f-F '. .I an :fi -4" I :L L' , .Q 1 9 . . -.r :Y- J7' . v ' . -:S T, 'll 4 . ,. Mere QUE? -fffcll'-WFIIZEINIS I' Page I en QLEQCZJQTS Democracy lives in the school wher h e t e various members meet informally to discuss problems and make plans for the common good as Mr. Daniel O'Hearn. our principal. and the presidents of or ' ' lf leading organizations now do. I' COURSE OTS e safute ou xx o plan .ln clllcicnl schnol .ulminisIr.1lim1 llml wc. .ms imlividuals or n1un1lwcrx groups. slmll bc .mblc Io gain mln- most lhc sclmol has to ollcr. NVQ salulc our counsulors, who allow uw thc lullcsl libcrlics ol' thc imliviclual so lung .ls wc do not inlcrlcrc with thc good ol' lluc group. XVQ mlulc our counsclors. who guillc and Llirccl us that wc may gcl from our school thc best il has to uflur us .lml gin' In Illc sclmoul thu lwst wc lmvc lo oflcr il. 1u1'M1mRx x1. uf 11 ..,, N, ..NW,.,.1p l..,.' p.1,M: In r un .-..,,,. V. .,.. WI. MN M. M1 1 1' 11. l1.'l . My f M.xlp l..lV. My 1. I 1s.,1.1llN, I N Nlwvlz.uw.. Xl: I' l" illtfunl. mum, xl, Nl.l"4. NIXNHINQ. . ur overnment These are the young Americans who seriously dis- cuss the problems which confront the Steinmetz High School student body. They are the people who com- pose the Congress of Steinmetz. In this council are found-loyalty to the ideals of freedom, a desire for self-government. and an expression of the spirit of cooperation-that is democracy. The Student Coun- cil members learn to be self-reliant. to think freely in a group, and to express their own opinions whenever the occasion arises for them to do so. From the floor of the council ideas rise whole-heartedly and spon- taneously because the right of the individual to express his thoughts is upheld. No senate could be conducted with more formality or with more businesslike determination. Rigid rules of law and order are observed, which give rise to heated debates and indignant Upoints of order". The uninitiated freshman may quail at the crash of the gavel and stentorian. "You are out of order, sirl Please be seated Y" He answers the challenge, neverthe- less. and by the time he is a junior he can claim a complete knowledge of the manner of defending his rights and opinions under a democratic system of procedure. This is the voice of Steinmetz: it is part of the voice of Democracy. It is a ray of the beacon of inde- pendence that throws a light through a dark world. laqc I u. elve of the peep . A K, . . M. ,- -4 K-" rf K. , .. -, - . , A .1 4 kc hr X 4 .- f X 591 Q, f h eg . 1 R. x Me- n4 , 6 'PV f iv if S N I Q A ,J gg X 5414 ll' ' 5'NLrgX,:Z V nrt" L " 'A 1 In W Q ' E - 1 ' 13 Lkkx uf . N-C . Q Q 5 ,ri gl K5 - . .h K ,QA ,Wk my . v ' . gl W I f, A I. iq, my A ., A . f'f"bf'fQ vt KL L51 Wsqyf . 9 ' dri ll N t. Q J Vu, , V kkkk f K X W iq ,aw 1 22 A 4.3: xr 'I -X 1 W g.,.,: pl . A X ITS, I :J , 59 sg X xx Nil I K' 'W' x- ' xi' , X411 a xr .l AN 5 NM ix .A'- 'ftq 1? Eli S' I w, fi lui! 5- t may -V " i N XX 14 X4 ,A-!?a2fTm ' t ,, "' - , as ' W 1 -' 12, . fm? K, - ' , A ' , F' ,W X , Y 1, I . pf fl, v? if N J K L Q 'x X ' I ,fn r - V A it., ,AIXN , S 9 K .I ' 1 " ., ' 1 X I1 m H, KL- T. v f X wi ' fb W 2 1 , , k :, NX "' 45 ' My-f 5 if .. Q I X1 if Q 4 L at lv ai 1, E4 94 57 5 5 i?g Q 3 4 Q, QQ V-...Ja Sq K 3 ia 3 ,iv Q il I 1 'B 3 if s A 53 4 w 3 3 Q 'M A - A xxgzfgggsg 2 I , 'www . -Q 9 ' - .l.J'g.h,,2,- J 5. N' M E vw if '-2 V, if + 'TW , If- P9 el' 6 , 4' 'af ,rdf " Q' 'Q v A X ff EQ? QM ,yn , Fl Y' E' .5 55' 'fl 'X X 'f 2 3' 9' 2 fx sn va- f f Lf 'E Q 0 if , 1' I f 0 f 'Q ' Q5 ,id 55 f 1 5 J 25 3,9 Q fm? 3 3 2.2.x i fs! K X k I K g 555s V -A-f - . i N' '- ,J Q ,Vg ' n Q -f' 'ft s- iv 6 -Q . xg n I fx, efu ,Q 1? 1 . if E , , I. 1 , . , . fx 5. 5 fQ is Axis , V I 5 gg H 1 ' EN?- , xt 'h K S k 4 R' A Qi, , 3. ' Z H WwaKw 5 Qma fiw "'f? Q :gl " h L QV we-E i- , ,".' 'O ' 4 3 Q , 1 , . S5 v W- -Y , A f t 6 mfmw Q Q My y Qggg v if ' ? 565 1 , '! "- B gg A xx? :ti:::ffiiv Q9 ' ' ig!! 1 h C I U5 f ' M ' :i f Ng 41 + if fmfQ!wSHW9NW2,wemw+1WNM i Y . i A x ,y-' K ' - fl fi. y if pxigf , " k kk A My i I K ' fx ' K , I: gg' V M 'il ,1Qv w pil, 'QS f -4 QPU QE T M y , ,fe f' 1 ,N xg' ' an w ' ggg gf? ' x w Vf?5 5g W RYA Q gif, ,V ww I , a :g A QQQV 5 Z' ZX! KY 1 wwf r 5...-f , ,UQ saw. , , is ' :Hg j N. ' ,M , . A I 5' u 'f'5.,pgj' ' 2 1 , Z, 1 x Vi? W 1' ,N fi.4 ,F A, "-,f J , f-. ' S: .h i " X Q L- -, .ww . Wmi?fiiffYVhgwQgaEw5fvf if 'Q' 1 2 L . 5 fT 2 fi sg ' K . S .. V . . if 1 Q 1 Q? . ' X pf'-5' B' 1 up M' X K vw ff' A ,, .yy Q W xg' 9 lo ' I . - Rx , Q Q Q, Nr ,' ' WU, ' " A Qi' n ..X. -' J., ,- + ' 1 J gk M . ' NMf h lg mi, Q 'g j Q I gvif , AV. I 572 ff f 5 -is ff' . Q Q. p rs X' 'fx x Mi,,4"'? 1 3 'V L ff? 'X tin,' Xi 'Q XVVWV X Q Q b if .lkzy ii Qhkk Z T N I Q Q 5 -xjlxgnm M L +29 gwivs 2 in 'Q 519 , Q f A Mlgx W, ' 3 ' 7-4- X ff ' f mi ! Eg gs.-,A Q gpm 'PQ' 9, 3 if ik' ixgyf J ffl kv war K A 5 V W . - 1 sq ' , we F if ' g it I EX 'R ' 15 .i A : N 7572 :vs I W Q V jg ' ff li 5 6 A 1 - - gfmfl' fb Q 3 9 'Q fi . 4, , , 5 1 r I ffg .N 'L 3 , gk ,- if--iyarwf' - . is VL1?Ef:, L. w., X 3--fps as f 5i?YW'i2 Sig ig 34? X . ,Q ,V K ,Ks -wg gg-KEVQQ SQ? mf? xiii: 3+ xr. ' ,Eiga f X E? f X ' iv". 'A 'lk g, , u. 'y 'G any . ' sl v rl. 4. '-41144 I - ' 3, sw 1, M- J X4 , fi 1. g 1Xpx" 'X QP S SX M' ' fssv 53-'nav 2? 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XX Ixum, I Mum, MMR I, NI I1IIII1.1IwI IIUXX I NIIIIXII KI IIIIIIINIR, II III' IIII, I NIIIIIIII. R- IITIIIIIIIII IIIIXX ' X Nlnulu. I Iulmx I NIIIII IIUXX w I I ,IIIIIR-R. I5 I':If::II,II.I 26' 2A's HEAR THE REPORT OF NIXNIHIXLI MINI xg-.IIIHQ I XXI-IIIIIIIIIII. I XX'uyt un x I XX'I .IuI.Ik, I MIN.I11I.Il.I. II XX'.uf-I. II XX'.IIwII, XXI. IKII-IXIII RIIXX I NII IIXK- II XIILIILII IS fum Iuvlxmk I I.III RUXX ' II I'II XIII. Ii IIIIIIMIIII IIIIXX X I XX .III. I ISIII I -mu .4 I ,av A I A I68 ,IQ'I,lIC'I4. Mlm Ii. ihlvzuxr . ...,,.., V.V, III' l'IL'rnlU-Iuwm 1A's HEAR THE MINUTES OF THE MEETING RUXX I. XII IINLIZ A. fl.Il.u, M. Yxugln. M, lull xnlmvx, M. klulxmun, ROW' Y: Ii, Xlhlgrxrl, U. Mm' Askill. ROW' S, NIANIIINKV. I3. Yum, D, WQAIIV Imln, R. Illxlcs. KI. Nlugulrul, XY. V.IugIl.m, K. Wfrr In R Ixl I . K Q m'I1.lInwxIu. U, Sllnmult. If limp . N In rcrlm ' .1 uku, I2 I56 R1 BXY I. 5I'I"l'INlQ' lv. C-xmx.-IL 5. 5L'.III1.lII: QI. R11gI.gl11, l7, l3L'Yrlu Izmx' .': l. NI.1I.ult1, if. Allr. I lnI1.1w.l. I. Iiulmlnls, XV, R.lt1I.u ROW' H. IU. Ilmmll, N, lhvllvfx A, I'.luIlng, QI. llcnucs. IU IW' I R. lI.xmpt nn. ,I. lulgllulc. M. Dun hm. II. SHIIIQII. ROW! H, STAND INK.: X. IKIIQI. Nlurllnl, I M4AIL'L-1. I. I'l.uIIcml1uI, M. M. f nv - N Img, R, MJ. nmll, ,I. X .lnI5myL YI. MJQIY. YI. Kllmur. la. Iflrulmxu I 'I'In LIL I3 In alms I KAI ul I". .,.1'... .um.a XX. Npllms. Ii. Iiclltllvlxlr, I fMI.a11xxIll. M. hI.ltun, lmznllng I67 ROXX' l A, Kfm.xl, R. lil-g.Il.fLu sIx.1. M. KlL'lsr1uwxII.l, M. IM-.1 lull, IJ,, If. I'vuI4usIx.I. .N MINIU, II. Crlllcwpl. ROW' I .I. I3.1x.ulux, I.. limxwn. A. lIg'Ix.u I. Nlrulll, fl. lim-ssl, VI. linux. 5 l'.muI1yI4. RUXX' 6: II. Naxllln IW. I Imllun. lf. M.ILII.I5. Ky, I'1u1-- I: IIUHII, f, Koruni, vI. Ilulun K. Rul11,1n RUXV -I, HIANIUINII I5, l..1I'mu. 0. Iicxlwuyl. I. NIT.. ullm. I, INI.xsIu1I, If. Kllxukn. IXI N R mulx. II, ivrfylmlf. I. III-In-N, I, I-rugw. lnullmg. 1B's I M' SAIN THE STEINMETZ SPIRIT XX , , l . -: r . . pc. . . .. gi . , R ' '. . V io . f. Q .u .. , ' I , f. .ll c '. . It . ' , .Icw '. RU 'li , .ixcl. . S I nu I, 1. .ttl'licis ul. I Stlicilw. RUXX' I, S'l'r'INl7lNt-, I. .gcntov . -i-j- I c, , xii. .io -. Smt-ig. OUR DIVISIONS Our divisions .irc to Stcinmctz High School what thc county is to thc statc. or tht' statc is to thc nation. From thcsc groups wc scnd dclcgatcs to rcprcscnt us in our various school organizations. In thcsc groups wc voicc our opinions on school questions and cast our votcs on issucs placcd hclort- us. Hcrc wc contrihutc to community funds. .icccpt rcsponsibility to carry out community projects. and rccognizc an authority who checks our actions as citizcns. A citizcn thinks of his homc and community as thc places to which hc hclongs-in that way thc Stcinmctz citizcn thinlts ol' his division. 06 INV l, 5II'I'lNtv. Mi, I. lhoin ti, QI. Svxnnsoii. A Nllultf. Qi, ylcnipo. M. XX'illi.uus, A, I5cM.ii- lln. RUW' .', 5'I'.'XNl5lNKv1 I' ml. I7. Snilwlyu. NV. Y.u-1, R. cclc, A. Rosa, II. llolinson, II. '.tltt'lm.iu, RUXY ig iv. IIl.is1.iL Kn.inss, li. Sliultlcs, A, Iolul tn. U, II.n.uclI.i, I. llc-nnclix. M, 'lx.uto. A liioiittmlc. ki. Voss. Stsitts, M, llc-inltx. ROW' I' D.iIiIst1om, 'lf Ncxxmltl. I.. citilvctlt, I I.. Noicnson '. Klux, 15. Mnlilstlom. II. Zunlkt-. Il. lilonston. ROXY N , Ilcutliikscn, -I. Do1lcl,f , XY'Int x'. R Ilnlzislxo, A. Soicrison. Ptltlt' lwvnlrl Ihr S AY R E B R A N C H Sayre Branch is Steinmctz High School in miniature. for herewfa class in foods tries its skill. students aid with the serious problem ol' the program for the next semester. hoys and girls greet one another at lockers and in halls ami read and hrowse in the library. 'lihey even pomler over what to have lor lunch. Mr. Nleliride anal the stu- tit-nts are proud ol' their little corner ol' Steinmetz. tie lttwtltf four FRESHMEN lt is .1 new clcpartincnt in thc school organiva- tion. .ind wc w.tnt our ncw SlllLlCI1lS to know ol thc work ol our l3l.tccmcnl C.ottnsclor, Mr. ll. XX, .Jackson . , . lklr. Cf. li. Hcnzc and Nlr, .l. S. Shcclmn thc lrcshincn to know of two clcpnrtincnts as old as thc school, atlcndnncc' and counscling of hovs. . . lt is wcll for all SIU- alcnts to know ol thc course callccl "CQ.trccrs", which Miss Nliiric Hnlcy conducts. WIZARD STAFF Ont' ol thc nrst things man lcarnctl .thout his laws was that thcy INLISI hc- writtcn it thcy wcrc to cnclurc. ln liuhruary ol' this ycar 'lihc Vilizarcl Stall: Sitting. Mrs. lf. Vrcy. Nl. Hnrgt-s. Miss CQ. l.anclrigan: standing. R. Zimmcrnmn. l.. Ciolaszcwski. R. Hcniuth. with thc hclp ol two classcs in composition, issuctl .1 hancl hook in which thc Stcinmctz High School laws Lind rcgu lations wcrc rccordccl for thc hcncnt ol' thc' stu- clcnt. thc ncw studcnt, .incl thc prospcctivu studcnt. litltlt' IlL't'l71U hu fe ,JV , .Lf-Aww' x ei, YS W? Q 9' , - Q . at . 9 Q . S? . K X 1 N., Q, .S .-MMV -A Mmk x, 3, .. M, ,..,f N .F.f,.,, W lb YS ,S my i 'Ld 1 ' 2 E , M gr Q ' ' Q N Y X if WH KM' W1 A K I ws ,. - ---H f. Q 65' F A fs Q04-.5j?+,?G,f sf - -'-- A N A AW 41.21. ww? .. -we . . K I W, ww .f 'V 5 V SQL- VW Fmrvx.-,ff-f.'a-EQ: . 1 ,M WH, 1 ..,...,.1,..Q,,,, - 435 li , V5 , U' I fk' wr 'W 3 651133, f , L f -5. , .f V4-Q Q- . 1 4 qi' 'R 3 . Y w 8 E 24' ex A I . W Q fe if QW ff -L X , lgyf 25,5 . 3 gi' Q Y ,,-. VM X 9 4 f a Q. 15 X ,Q ' Q. f y, ...f ' 1 '! ' 1 , Q 1 1 ' gif , 'Y 2, fr ff ! Us P1101 Iuen! v . ,,.f q even CIVIC FORUM 'lihe right to freedom ol' speech is exemplined in the Civic liorum hy the freedom to exchange ideas. and to freely discuss problems of modern youth. As a foundation lor opinions and ideas. the members of the lorum open-mindly listen to the talks ol guest speakers on sub-jects both political and social. No great decisions are made or need to he made: it satisnes a Civic liorum member to voice an opinion. STUDENT COURT 'lihe right to a trial by jury is the privilege ol every Steinmetl citizen. Offenders are tried hy a "jury of their peers" and justice is upheld. Sentences and acquittals are delivered with equal lairness after due consideration of the evidence: one of the hard- fought rights ol' mankind is exercised in our student court. ROXK' l. Sl'l"lilNCi: ll. XVeni1er. lf. Pzuisl. ll Kolod liei. li. liohaclx. lf. Olsen. lla. l'arl-ter. .l. Stewart. D. Vx'oIl sclll.tet1er. A. Z x' i ll t' r. XV. liolle. li, Nlll1.'lli'l'. Mr. .l. llziornson. ROXV l, S'l'1XNl7 ING: lx Smith. li. Mt laughlin. A. liruewrith. U lloler. S, Anderson. Cf. Di lVlicllt'lt'. l . lj U III .l rl t'. l . .l o ll n s o n. 'l', fforlxle Nl, Anderson. M. llansen. ll. liiersch. M. Rei man . .l. Moore. Ii. ifhramer. ROXX 3, S IJXNIUINCL lx Voigt. XV.illiser. ll. Schaeller. M. .lolinstorr ll. Noel. lg Stieli. XV. lihiel. .l. limerson. Y Beauchamp. D, Penninyiton nick. ll. Oslund. D. Nocchi XV. Sentmuilt. l. Pintlerslti. Chief .lustice A. Zeiner. Vwlitnessz B, 'lious saint. Prosecuting Attorney Al 'l'Al' R. XVidiclt Assistant Prosecuting Atlor ney: H. NVenger. Defense :Xt tornev, JURY. RONV l: U Daniel. .l, llJlllClLl, K, Sham lian. l.. lfahlantler. ROXV 1 V. Cihramer. ll. Antlerson. .I Hennes. li. Nelson. Sponsor Miss Dierks: l5.iilill'. lf NVit troclt: fflerlts. ll. Oslunil. M llansen, tn' I tc'e17ltlft'1t1l!1 lx. lundell. .l. lilalia. l. lQ Croll. li. Miellse. lf Min' S. N .i I c t 1. Sponsoi. XI t.oion.i, I'oIm'. XX. IXUIICIKJ. lIi.1iini.1n. I , Smith .Xs sismnl l, I . Ilook .insi'n. Iicii Vioss. Il firscn Iiciiiw, I tit' NI.ii'sh.iI .i.irI.1ntI, .I,'sh.iII. I . My QIXXNIUINLI. Il. firscn 'owsIt.i, .X .XhcI. IU. Iiloss, gcss. ROXX' I. SIYXNDINCL .X'. l''.-ki Ii XX't'ist' if ilurplix' I IXI.ih.i RUXX' I SI I' IIINCI X' ffIii.iinci Ii .Iohnson I' I ustg.tiIi'n II. I xx .1 I iI. I Ixiss.1ni'. Ii Smith. XX' XXX sotki 1sl.lniIini2I IQUXX' I 5I'.'XNl7INLi. XI iollyllllti I7 .-XmIt'rst'ii I'. Kiustnlson. .I SthIill.I IIllllll1.l Il X'.1n iicriirii S Bpirs IIUXX' I SIQXNIDINLI' .I Maki I I'mulIt'i II I'ltIt.iil1 Ki Do Hlllll I Nlixiinski RUXX' I NIIIIINM Mi AIJLIJIIIINIXI 5vi'it't.1ix' ti Iioppn. .Xi1tomohiIv Rvg41slr.i tion: II I.llIt'X'. II.iII liu.ii'iIs ROXX' .' S I'.XNl7INii .I QOXX' I. SIIIINU XI. f.inn, II. NI.irsh.iII I Scnion, 5. I5.ln.isio Ii UXX' .'. iriinc. IU. Inutri. Q. Ols Q. I't'rix'. Il Ilolwl. XX. I'mui I , 5IIilNlIxUXX'SIxI I' SAFETY COMMISSION 'Ihcrt' is Acctimcy and action in having .1 rcprcscntativc hring mcss.1gt's dircctly Io his Iullow stuticnts. 'Iihc Saiicty Cfonimission knows this. and this ycnr .1 ncw plan for s.1I'cty ctIi1c.1tioi1 has hccn institutud .it Stcininctz High School, Ifvcry two wccks ticlcgatus from tht' Ifnglish, Unitcd States history. and civic classcs .ittt-nd talks contluctcd hy thc Sntcty Cfom mission. In tht' class rooms thc rcprcscntativcs Iczid opcn forums whcrt- stu ticnts may I1'l.lIxL' suggcstions to ht- t.iIxt-n to thc mccting of thc Snft-ty Cfonimission and whcrc tht- stutIcnts may voice opinions on tht- niinutcs ol' tht- prcvious mccting. All coopcrntc .ind salicty for .III is thc rcsult. Ptlill L't'lIIll V7 Ul:lflKil'.RS' tI.lll5 Mai. ll. M.ill tliontl. RUXX I1 M, rlolmson, A, ferric-1, XV lN1otlr7elewski. H, Qunul. R Rim-ln,ill. lf. Rll-oily, Wh Slcv. tit, lf. Antlexxon. ROW' f: l Stott. l. l"lgirlgintl, XV. Porter ,l. W.tltciw, li. Snntli. R Snyilcr, XV. M 0 c l l ei , t. multi, ff Viponcl, NVe love A parade-we e9pecially admire one when our own Steinmetl hnttalion marches from the school with colors flying and band playing to pass in review for the ofhcers of federal inspection. We admire one .1gain4when. with precision and skill. our battalion marches past us as we cheer it from the parkways of Michigan Boulevard on R. O. rli. Cf. Day. in' I hu . j if ' f' .Ewa ff ST XY.xItn'rx.- vc , II, NX fy-l1.nx, XY, I.xpl.un AI. KI EINME I'll.KI-ID I'I.A Il DON . buns. .!mI I.!. YI, Sgt. XY. M-rcIIur. IIIII' I' XX. Imunms, H. ruin-I, IfII.Iz J: I.. IWIILIII, .. Ky-I . II III I 41 I IIII n XV. W'.1ssl11.1n, H. Kcllx. II, Kutuwskl. I:II.I -I1 A. Nlymlcr, XY. I'.ummI1, YV. Nlxmulcl, I:II.If H: N. Mmf. K. I'1:cs!.lP. XV. II.xmpcI. IfII.I I II truss 1 ImI.1 I. Hulk- I: . I I , . , , V lngcl. I5II,I. 'I R, K-vIlII1.Ixs. XY IxIIIL'IIL'I. A. Ifmsluu. IIA I IWI ION NI.1I'I' N 'l ' . II . ' In Amicrw f Iulnmm, . , I . IMI Illmllxlfmlfcrwrl. .,,.' dup. I I, . 111 1 I 1 I .I I x lrlxtlmlmg I..uIuI Mm R Mull fuk! I' tml If t M n. f.nIc .Ip .un . NNN-I UMINIINNIUNI ll Ulflfll IRS RUM' Kap! XX' Ntcwut I.. Km-1 INNIR 3 . . . . . XX. MUUIIUI. I3 Iiullul. I7. XVI-Iver. VI. Ilcmklmgul. -I. I., Zcrmty, I.. SI-alt. N. St-ulllwl A. hnynlcr. Ul"I'I,Ii KUXY. XY. Mm-Ilcl, NX' S4I1l'ucnIcI, 11, KAIIII. Ii, Kelly. II. I4nrL'II, I. Rugrls. II. W1-r1lvI, XV. Ifmmuls. AI. R.IuIw. XX' X'i'.uxl1lnu, ,I Iixqxgglm. . T.. I'I1aI- lhfrlu ur fOMI'ANY H ALROS5 ROW' I: Capt. bl, Adnms, A, Zn-Incl. I, Mapu. VI. Wfaltcrs. ROW" 2: R, Ilulluuln. Il. I'nuluk. IQ Iinnltkc. P, Mnbuirc. R. S.1dm-vski, ROW' 5: K., Hun, VI, Alnlltu. IU. Filzgchlld, C. l'l:IIIM.'lI, lz. Rogers. ROW' 4: Al, flnllncr, l,. Mus- k.Il. 'If Rnllcy. R. Klntv. lf. Ihrrr. ROW! S: I, llulwum, R. Muurc, KI. Sllunclcbuk, I.. Luklcssc, R. N11ctlL-rx. ROW' tw: Wf. INI1wllrr. W'. P.u'isuli, W'. Smlnuuln-r, R, Qlulmsun. VOMPANY ll Ist II I' Nmltlx I' Rllmly. kl. l.uS41xsw, lf. Kartln ROW' I: D. Dumpu, I.. 'I'lwmpscn. If. Allan'- umn, -l. Runtn. I.. lun.-lwl. R. Prmhing, ROW 2: - I nl I' Iiuttcm I: lnlmnsun. l. f.m1m.Il,I. W. Rhm , .. .. . , A. 5P4IIlL'I'. R. Nclmn. ROW' S: IU. Wfzldnlny, U. I,L'IIlI.lIII.lII, N, Luk, R. Zicumm, I-.. lnlmwn. Nymgm. ROW' -I: S, Imnllnvlmwllgll, W', SAlIl.IkllfCI'. " unrc I har lx. llumlumlx, A. Ixulxl, II. l.1xLrr , k. nu . Mmlrlu. ROW' 5: D. VosL-1ky.f,. CILIFIIIKY. V. R Kxnlcv. lu, l'sl1Is1,IlI, O, Snllmull. R, I'cItrQ. Al. lW I I' flulnu Nl I ymlm I Vnrxlinl pu, Ri 'I Alulnmm. R, Nclmn, A. lxIAIlxlL'I. XV. Ulcllxc, Pugv 'I l71r'lm1-lun COM PANY A Cummmnlcgl l-y f..1pt.1in W'. SIL-w.u'l FRONT TO RIZAR ROW' I: D. W'ehc1, Y, lzlfflrw, l,CIIl. Klutz, I., MIAIQU, A. Nnyxlcr. ROW! 1: W', Butler. W', M.u'tL-ns, K.. Mlkum, Il. Hcntscn. R, Knlmllmn, YI. Ilcgka-ngcl. ROW' R: W', Mmlrzclcwxlu. I.. Kenny. R. Izmkwn. W'. Pl.m1. N, R.1Ilk.x, W'. Mueller. A. Pmskm. ROW' -1: W'. l7r.1m'-us, VI. NY. W'.usm.m, N. Nlrmw. H, llruss, f., Iluppc. ROW' 5: Il. 1.1-ucll, W'. Bnwmmw. H. Kelly, W'. P.mml1, P. Pclcrwn. K, pI'IL'5l.lP, ROW' rw: R. Snyder. II. W'L-nfcl, I.. Kola, R. Kuluvulu. W', hLl1ruL'mlL'l, D. bmw. XY. Hampcl. Nl. Ilmicl O'HL',xln, FORWARI VOMPANY C 'I Cknpl M, lulmslm l.u'nt. B. Qu.m. . . A ROW' I: A, SrlysIL'x', YI. Dilyuilm, A. Nlilus. R. lquxcry. T. I.IFlxINI,K, R, Iku, I.. Sum. ROW' 2: .l. R.IuIW. XY. Sl.xtIm'II. C.. Dncrmg. XV. Sngwalt, LQ. W'.xI1IsInI!. K.. Szynmxu. ROW' 1 R. Yuumn. H. XV.npr1cr, R. Pug' iuglll, I. Hcngsnm. A. lin-ilu. rl. " ' I USUIIRIIQIU. R. I'nkns RUXX -I. K.. R ' I fI.H'I.lI!lI. It IvI'II1Ix R Axldcrwn, . Isl' . , I. Sp1cIl11.ln, I.. XVIIIK. ARCH! l'm1v Ihulu I RHXYI Mix I lung, Mix A, W, Mmm. Mu I, .'xi11un1Iwn, Mix. ,I. Mix. I-A f.1xsnI1. Mlyf N1I11xI1. Mu. XX Ihcil xg-ii-ilivi. Mix. U, I'IIugIwiI IKUXY ' Nix, I, I'11i.1ii. Mis. Il. I'Imin.ix, Mix. A. IIinI1l11.ln, Mu, M Stein, Mix, X. Nilux. Mix Ii, Knilwx. Mix Y Sunni. Mix. II, .Mic-Iwiix ROW' S Mix. li. Ulwn. Mis, I'. I'Ic1IILi. Mix, li, 'I ,uri-11.1 Mix II liu1'In'I. NIH Ii, ,I.l-'lux MIN, II, mm RUXY I1 Mix. XXI. I'.luIlI., NIM. XXI, Xvuicll. IVIM, K1 Knitli. INIM lv Ni11n't!uv. MIN I3 IxilnpIII1n, Mu 1. lulig MIN II II.1nwn. Mix. I" M-nk.iI, IUIXX I, NII IINM Mix, XX' Iiiirlxpii-1Ii1-1. Ninlitui. Mix, II. N1xnIuIx, 'Ilu.lsiiiu, Mis. li, Ilwiitxiiiigci, I'iui1Ii'i1r, IUIXX' ' NIPXNIDINK. Mlm I', Diclluk Nuinui Yi1cI'lusi1Iuil, Mix XY I'IiuI1Ic. Iluuiiiliiig NulL'l.i1x. Mix, 4- Ivilxtiiiu. Ifiixl V111- I'i1xu1I1-nl. Mix I Ullinin. luiiislminiiiiu N'1ivI.1ix PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION "CIilizc11sl1ip1 In pI'UH1UlL' .1 nmrc pcrtccl union UI' I1on1c. cI1urcI1. and sclmoln - is thc IIIUIIM' ui our Ij.1I'L'I1I'iIik'JCIIL'I' Association this ycar. Mcclingx .1rc UI'g1.lIIILt'LI .1111 .iclivilicw .IIT CL'IllL'I'L'kI Around 1l1isnbjcclivc, Mcn1b1-rs ol lI1c COININLIIIIIY. IUJITIIIY, IUJCIlCl'S .inil SIIMIUIIIS l.lIu' p.1rl in ilu' progmnis and pI.1ns. 'I'I1is planning and w11rI1ing mgcllici I1cIp lu bring JITULII .1 cIc.1r CUIHCUPIIOII of thi- rcI.1lionsI1ip UI' one gmup to .1nulI1cr Ilirougli .1 111111111011 lll14IUF9l.lI'ICIIIlj.1. Impcs .IFC rc.1lizc1I and idcnls upI1i-III. CfI1.1rIcs I' SIUIIIHIVIZ oncc mid. i'CIOUDL'I'.1IIOII is an ccononiic I1k'CL'SSIlI'.N XXX- Imow il is .1lw .1 civii IIUCUSQII v. 'inn' llrillif 111:11 XI.lllon.iI II--lion Noinii Iiin.iIcI.nI IN IIRIINI. I. II.iiIioist. I, tio l.iIxIci. I NponIioIll. I.'XIII.I I. RI IXX' I IX KiiioI.inIi. III IXX' .' A fliiixtmliwli. I7 'Yiclxc-ii. I., Kolsg.llmI, I.. UIxoii, I,'XIII.I I, INIXV I I, KlL'InIwn. IXI. ,I.lcIc. 5. K.iisc-x. II, II.i.uIL'l, IIOXX' ,' If, Ilciilcc-ix. I. Nciiinci. xX. tI.iIcIiiIl. I.. Rall. I.'XIII,I 9. RUXX' I: 1. I'inxIiI Ii NIIII I Ut ImI I .m. K-rcppcl. RIIXX' .' II, I'xcIIc1. Ii. Nou-iixnii. IXfIl. IYIIr.Ilii. I. I,m Ii.uIl.f. Ilwi-ii. IJXIIII I. IIIL-III I, IXI.iixIi.iII. Mixx IXIIIIQIIL1 II. flu nnii II MI V. Splkuix. M. Miiiiioc. R. Olson. I7. K.Iiilni, .'X, Iniigo. I.XIII.IQ R IK. licinci, 'I II-iwn. XX' Sinrth. I .fXIII.I" -I II. .'Xiim.inn. XX' KIIIQIJ. M, KLm4isi.iii. M. I.uI1sx.Ix. S. Kioxh, N.iIioii.iI II-'noi No. iclx IU IXX' I. sl I' I INII X' l.iuiIIx I ,Ililxf.iIc, li X'.io I7ci Inut. I'. IIc'm1L'lI. I. Ulxon. Min II. IIIIIAI iIoiIc. I. 'XII.ixns. I. XXiIniu. I INM. I N Ii.ic'In'l IB. IIMI xIci. fx. IIlu1v.'Ic. I'I.uIi.1l. RUXX' X. wil. VI. liinip.iII pliu. Ii. l,.uIi.uIc XX'.iIIixni IIUXX' I XX' I'Iii II. Ion XX'ciiL1ii. ioirix. .'X. AIxmfxnsIci, R MIic'IIiicl. I. IXI.ilwIi.lII. IUIXX' ,', S'I.'XNI5 KIii.Iimi, II Mnrtoii. II . IXI kicwilikn. I. I'IotIc--ix I'mIIc.lIn, ii. kopixi. Ki I I liIxIci II I Ike N -I. Ixii'xin.l. II. IIxIumI NIXNIUINM IXI, 'Xioiioxitu I'. Ilixiw. I I5ciiiciicIu. II. M.iIwii. I., X lu, I. N5-onliollf. I II, If Voigt, I. Ixitfnnin, xylliil, XX' Ihnxliiiig. II II IIlixiIIx.i NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Nations honor Ihcir praisc-worthy cilizcns. cominunilics honor lhcir civic Ic.icIci's. .ind SICIIIIIICIZ honors its scnior studcnts who hnvc A hm' rccord lor schoI.irf.hip. Ic.icIcr- ship. willing scrvicc, .ind good fXI .in .isscinhly givcn cnch 9UlIII.'SIL'T to inilinlc ncw nicmhc-rs and .il .1 Iwrcakiiast hcIcI lor thc graciiinliiig mcnihcrs. thc school pays homagc lo xhc .ichicvcmcnls .ind aclivilics which lmvc manic thc mcmhcrs of lhc National Honor Socicly outstanding sludcnts. fX grccn la-sol on thc's cap idcntinc-Q lhcsc studcnls .it thc graduation cxcrciscs. K' . .. NI. , . .. I.I1'IL'I, I.XIII.I .'3 II II.ilIfccI. 5 ,I.ii4ic'IsIc1 io. . or ,, :X IXIoxniIi.iii, XX' Knp .X. I5.lIiing. XX'. Kolm- NIXNIIIXLI I Nniilh. 151411 SENIOR DIVISICN TEACHERS JANUARY ' CLASS 1940 Miss Marv Mciliietie. counselor and general chairman of 4 classes which graduate in .lanuarv . , chair man ol the Aditistment Department . , . Iormer chairman ol' lfnglish Department, Mr. .Iohn S. Biornson, division teacher ol' -I56 for six semesters . . . manager ol' class elections . . .chair man ol the Department of Social Science ..., sponsor ol' the Civic liorum. Miss Margaret M. Cahill. division teacher ol' 451 for eight semesters . . . cofchairman of the Commence ment Committee . . , member of lfnglish Department. Mrs. INlargaret M. Doodv. division teacher of 451 for six semesters IB to lA. -IP: to -IA . . . Mr. Murphy tools her place in the 3B and 'SA semesters while she was on sabbatical leave , . . co'chairman ol' Com tt1Cl1Cet11Cl1l Committee . . . member of lfnglish Department. Mr, XVaIter ll. Herrick. from IB through -IA semesters--a division teacher ol' -+57 . . . chairman ol' committee Ior printing and distributing tickets . . . member of Social Science Department . . . sponsor of l'micvcIe Club. Miss Iilorence M. Kilburn. division teacher ol' -I55 for eight semesters . . , chairman ol' Class Day Com- mittee which includes the class luncheon. class will and prophecy . , , member of lfnglish Department. Miss Ruth Kilgour. had division 458 one semester . . , succeeded Miss Marie Haley. division teacher ol' this group . . . chairman ol' Stage. Diploma, and Procession Committee . , . member of Music Depart ment . . . sponsor of Boys' Choir. Miss Agnes M. Pollsa, division teacher of -I54 for four semesters . , . chairman of Caps, Gowns. Jewelry. and Announcement Committee . . . member ol' Mathematics Department . . . sponsor of Steinmetl Record. Mr. Albert M. Sweig. four semesters of service as division teacher of 453 . , chairman of liinance and Ciilt Committee . . . member of Commercial Department. Picture Iclentilitationsr -Sitting: Miss Riitli Kilgour, Mrs. Margaret M, Doocly. Miss Margaret M, Cahill, Miss Agnes M. Polka, Miss Florenie M. Kilburn. Stantltng: Miss Mary Mctiguc, Mr, XV. B, Herrick. Mr. A, M. Swcig. Mr. il. S. Btornson. I e lihfrlu si i' CLASS OFFICERS 0 JANUARY 1940 "XX' ill tht' l1lL'Clll1g plcast' comc to ortlcru-liciiiictlw Johnson. class prcsitlcnt. with the .issistancc ol' XX'.1ntl.1 Kulsla. sccrctary: lftlward Locbach. trcasurcrz .Intl Cilmrlcs lfhcrt. vicc prcsitlcnt. proccvtls to hring hcforc thc group tht' busincss at hand, 'lihc problctn ol' thc prom. pins .mtl rings. class gift, or finnnccs is thoroughly tliscussctl, and opinions flow lirct-ly until tht' ni-:sting is .itlbiournt-tl. C O M M l T T E E S Cf.1ps iiowns. .lt'wt'l1x'. ,'X11m1t1i1t't'111t'11ls Sponsor Miss 1'X. l'olls.1, lX'lt'1nlw1's Ci, .Xl11.1l1.1n1 ,l Ring U lzilsulylnjll. Xl llollins. li. Kicisscr, t'h.1irn1.1n. .l. llt-itlcnson, XX", -lL'l1NL'Il, S. li.11scr l, lsiclilscii th.111n1.111. U, Nirlscn li, St.1itl111.1. R, Sort'11so11. xl7.llI'I1l.ll1I fi Sl.1l1ilc. R lillUl1!PSt7l1 cll.lNN l5.11 Sponsor. lXliss l liillvurn. lXlk'Illlk'IN l . fi.1s.1lr.1ntlc. S. Ciosh, l . ll.1it. l llvss ,l l.1nno li. licllci. R. lictvlsotr ly lsocppcl. Nl. l.1n1f. Nl Monrot' ,l,t7p.1tkiuwir1 l Ri'tlp.1tl1 Ci Russ S 5.1111 .X Sticitlci l St.1t't'Y Con11111'11t't'111t'11l - Sponsois, Mtss Nl, l,.1h1ll, Nlrs. Nl l7ootlx' Xlcinlvt-1s Y. .'X11tlt'1so11 l Xlont-1st111o lx Ut'st'l1t'l XX' l'.1p1ni. Xl l,lNL'llIl1I. X', SPllxlI1N, l. X't'1lslt'1'. R XXlt'sl lo Iso 1 llH.lI1t'x' .intl Liill Sponsor. Mr, .X, Swrig lXlClIllWk'IN' l . l ot'l1.1tl1,tl1.11r1n.111 XX' C'l11is11.1ns1'11 R liitliitls svn. .X l onito li. Nt'llllll'I', l', Nivlsun. .l Rosrn. li 3.1mlc1's. l ftciqlct llflllllllll .intl ll.lsCl l71sl1'1l111lion--Spousot, Nli' XX' llCl'I'lxlx. lXlt'u1l1t'1s l1,l5t'11t'il1'lli1 Xl llnlttl XX' lX1'1sti1l R lntiottt, Nl. liUlX'l.l. l Ulson ll, lillllll. l.XX'1li11t's. 50xl.ll Ko11111111ti-1' Sponsoi. Nliss Nl, ll.llx'X', Xlt'111lw1's' Qi, cilH'ISll.lI1Nx'Il. tl7.lIllll.lI1 fXl .Xntlvison l' .Xntlctson l Cfoniyitl, M lu1'r.1r.1, R. lvrris ,l. lllNUll.l l . liOI'SXl.lItl. :X l ilonti l l t1111l1.11tli1 fXl l lIlVXX.lX. R l'.1t1c11ti' X'. St'l1.11c1', R. Scl1wu11lst' Nl SDlll.lI'. IX St, I ouis 51.1116 l3iplo111.1s. l'1ott'ss1o11 -Sponsor, Kliss R liiligout' lltmlion Nponsot Xli: l lip-iinson Kliisit Nponsoi Kliss .l l.llAI l'tnJ.' I fm Ti zv- A M fx Ai x' ' ' 3 mx , if ff ' ' M We , if ' 'Q' wma: V., A. ' K r W- f I I -,2 Q - L' 'V X l .4:. x N 5 . f-f ,, fe ' if , if 1 0, 5'-'Q-,N , , "Tx, . ff . A A"'q I xl Mn E , g A" Q - x -I: - k 9 f,,,1., - , ff Q L 16 2 sei W ' , ...,. ,, V. W 3 . 3 f , ,M ,'..,, 1 X t JE D vm ,,,,s-M N ,'f'5,. A ,Q ' zr- A X 1 'Au ,x"v,,,' Mg, 7 :fb,w:-. llz- 'Y - iw M - 3 temmetz mi P filly? me F wav , , . A X Ofc? Q zz A COO . 'Q an V' 'L' gk' xv' -Q . . H Ei w gfh L i I, QL ,. Q H A Q W wh vw A A 'SM H A 35' X x "wr ' X M W A K I if, j i! x"a'f' M' . ,., x 'W f M ,gg Y K 4 A Q I ,Q . Ax. as A 1 V ' ' 1 V xx if " ' Wm : Q5 Gilbert Abraham The work of a machinist attracts "Abe" . . . goes for golfing and swimming . . . hopes to live up to the saying "like father, like son" . . , Clean-Up Committee. Green Curtain Players. Yvonne Anderson A future teacher who dis- l i k e s homework Chur- rahll . . . favors chili con carne . . . her hobby is- needlework and stamp col- lecting . . . quiet and sweet . . . Pre-Medics, Darda- nelles. Nickolas J. Baffa This baseball star aspires to become a chemical en- gineer . . . Miss Polka his ideal teacher . . . saves clippings and adds to a scrapbook in spare time . . . enjoys all sports . . . Lettermen's Club. Herbert R. Bauer Plans to become an aero- nautical designing engineer . . . enjoys ballroom danc- ing . . . plays a Hawaiian guitar . . . a girl who can dance smoothly wins his admiration . . . Sigma Quad. Swim Team. Howard P. Berry "Pete" abhors homework . . . enjoys the company of sociable blondes . . . future architectural engi- neer . . . jack-of-all-trades . . . would enjoy living off his "social security." believe Ardith A. Bittner She. too, desires to see Hawaii . . . happiest when eating bar-b-ques, danc- ing, or listening to Dick J urgens' orchestra . . . Mr. Herrick has captured her heart as her favorite teacher . . . saves match cases. Lorraine Boehringer Looks forward to owning an automobile . . . desires to become a perfect sec- retary . . . interests are dancing and good books . . . dislikes gum chew- ers and slow pokes . . . Stein Sten. - Howard J. Alstrom "Howie" admires a cer- tain brunette . . . looks forward to five years of college . . . swing fan and jitterbug . . , Movie Operator. Clean-Up Com- mittee . . . Huture Archi- tectural Draftsman. Londi J. Arquilla "One Bucket Arky" as- pires to be a sports writer . , . ardent movie fan . . . a good job is his wish for the future . . . avoids words that start with "th" . . . all around ath- lete. Eleanor M. Banks Likes 'em tall. dark and handsome. . . "guard your tongue" her motto . . . this swing fan is also a spaghetti fan . . . wants to be a successful secretary somewhere-and soon . . . Civic Forum, Jack E. Beaver Fooling time away is his specialty . . . "Ajax" dis- likes being called "Jackie" . . . this future million- aire sportsman hopes to be a successful business man . . . Tennis Team. Track Team. Wallace W. Berry Hopes to become an air corps ofiicer . . . delights in roast beef and giving military commands . . . has no time for jitterbugs . . . R.O.T.C. Officer. Of- ficers' Club and Ushers' Club. C6 elVl.OCI' Mary Bleidl Swimming. turkey din- ners. and guitar playing- her favorites . , . future- a beautician . . . keeps In- dian pennies . . . Vice- President of German Club. Secretary of G. A. A., Green Curtain P l a y e r s. Letter Girls. Clarence R. Braack Hopes to run a printing press for a large company . . . blues singers and jit- terbugs jar his quiet and reserved nature . , . Mr. Herrick and Mr. Pfeil are his ideal teachers. Mildred M. Andersen Future commercial artist . . . enjoys good dancing but jitterbugs annoy her . . . hopes to attain her goal after four years of art school . . . practices sweet "do-re-mi's" in spare time . . . G. A. A. Dorothy Aumann A future secretary . . . aims to see America . . . dressmaking and garden- ing keep her busy . . . likes potato chips . . . is at ease in a skirt and blouse . . . G. A. A., National Honor Society. Emily E. Barhorst "Curley" aspires to be a legal secretary . . . enjoys meeting friendly and so- ciable people . . . dislikes getting up for school and drying dishes . . . Darda- nelles. Treasurer S t e i n Sten. Yvonne O. Beeson Has an overwhelming de- sire to see Egypt . . . sit- ting next to children in a theater annoys her , . . finds reading, and ice hockey good amusement . . . an archaeologist to be . . . Costume Illustra- tion. Jeanne M. Bing "Bingo" dotes on dress designing . . . goes for Dick Jurgens' orchestra or good classical music . . . dislikes practical jokes . . . loves horses, dogs, and bowling . . . has an ur- gent desire to see Hawaii. Marian G. Anderson Conceited people make "Midge's" temper explode . . . revels in dancing and roller skating . . . consid- ers her mother the "tops" . . . a secretary she'll be . . . Stein Sten, Prom Committee, German Club, Ruth L. Baader Excels in swimming and diving . . . dill pickles and books appeal to her . , . a long and happy life to good natured "Chick"! . . .Dardanelles. Office Service. National Honor Society. Pearl I. Bartel Hopes the future will bring a trip to Hawaii . . . excels in making up ex- cuses-good and bad . , . favors s w eet. Hawaiian music. scrap books. and unchanging friends . . . Travel Club. Grant Benedetto "Benny" is desirous of be- coming a successful printer . . . Mr. Nalecz's right hand man . . . silent con- cerning his accomplish- ments . . . we know he was given an award for services in printing. Marjorie J. Bird "Mickey" pines for a good job as soon as she finishes school . . . goes for his- tory. dancing, and chop suey . . . would like to learn how to fence . . . doughnut dunkers aggra- vate her. acy is irect self Dorothy Blodgett Wishes to attend Purdue . . . fond of costume jew- elry and fudge sundaes , . . out with gum cracking and last year's clothes- says she . . . Dardanelles. National Honor Society. Ofiice Service, Silver Streak Staff. Geraldine Brennan "Jerry's" future is one based on travel . . . fond of ice cream. sports, and reading . . . "be on time" her motto . . . collects photographs . . , Student Council, Costume Illus- tration. Mildred L. Bluthardt A Red Cross nurse she'll be . . . goes for cube steaks. roller skating. and Kay Kyser's orchestra . . . collects postal cards . . . Stein Sten, Girls' Choir. German Club, Green Cur- tain Players. Ruth M. Brouton Aspires to be a radio singer . . . humorous peo- ple, opera, and typing please her . . . western countries and California, her goal . . . singing and guitar playing are "Lefty's" specialties. Page Thirty nme Merle B. Buchholtz Blondes and spaghetti- his favorites . , . talented harmonica player . . . "Limpy" will "See Amer- ica First" . . . Intramural Baseball, and Basketball, Boys' Choir, Tumbling Team. LeRoy W. Charland A happy-go-lucky ladies' man . , . consults the crys- tal ball concerning his fu- ture as a pharmacist . , . identified by his unique bow ties . . . "Lee" and his trombone are one. Flemy Cinefro A telephone operator she'll be . . . fond of sewing and reading . . . travels consist of four years to and from Steinmetz , . . desires to get married eventually and live happily ever after. Virginia O. De Boer Happy - go - lucky people and ping-pong are her fa- vorites . . . dislikes con- ceited people and sissies . . . has a yen for collect- ing good American money . . . plans to be a house- wife in the future. Mary Alice Domutz Hails from Detroit . . . A professional athlete . . . tennis champion . . . water pageant swimmer . . . chief ambition is to be a physi- cal education teacher . . . G. A. A. Board. Jane V. Callahan 'Music hath charm for "Speed" . . . looks for- ward to a successful career as a pianist . . . music and dancing keep her busy . . . Girls' Choir, Sym- phony Orchestra, Pre- Medics. Alice M. Christiansen Has a talent for getting into work . . . quiet. se- rene, and true . . . to work in the mathematical field is her aim . . . National H o n o r Society, Student C o u n c i l, Alchemstein, Math Club. Edward W. Conrad "Connie" aspires to be a high-class business man . . . melodious chewing of food does not appeal to him . . . has conquered his shy nature . . . Track Team. Tennis Team, Green Curtain Players. Jerry Delance Yearns to be happy and successful in life . . . par- ticipates in all sports and particularly riding horse- back and swimming . . . an experienced traveler, who likes the open road. Charles R. Ebert Student Council delegate to Peoria . . . Charles hopes to introduce the mayor someday . . . 4A Vice - President, President Council. National Honor Society, Sigma Quad. Mary J. Castellano She'll be a nurse for chil- dren . . . likes swimming, steak dinners, and chem- istry . . . a pleasant girl and charming companion . . . a great traveler . . . Pre-Medics. Alchemstein. George Christiansen Hopes to attend a univer- sity . . . likes jitterbug dancing and parties . . . practices juggling . . . Sigma Quad, President of Green Curtain Players, National Honor Society, Press Club. James H. Day Would be happy as a farmer . . , interest is in reading and singing . . . admires girls with a sense of humor . . . an accom- plished chef . . . Student Council. Boys' Choir, Fire Marshals. William G. Detert His greatest talent is his ability to drive different types of automobiles . , . craves to be financially suc- cessful . . . plans to con- tinue with a printing course after he leaves Steinmetz. Nada Eddy A nurse to be . . . "Sneed" e n j o y s cooking, swim- ming, and hockey . . . ac- complishments - fo u r years of homework . . . sarcastic people can easily spoil her day . . . loves Florida . . . G. A. A. Lucille L. Castre "Squeak" aims for a pro- fessional career as a dancer . . . delights in gum chew- ing . . . collects snapshots . . . an accomplished en- tertainer . . . Stein Sten. Clean-Up Committee. Warren Christiansen Interested in college . . . dancing is his hobby . . . a good looking brunette dancer is his joy . . . gay, light-hearted, and frivol- ous is friendly Warren . . . Finance Committee. Anthony V. De Bellis To be a dentist is his goal . . , girls who can't make up their minds annoy him most . . . enjoyed his last semester at school . . . modeling airplanes and sailing are his hobbies. Russell Didriksen Wishes to succeed as a transcontinental airplane pilot . . . the life of the party . . . serenade him with "Chatterbox" and describe him perfectly . . . Student Council. Football Team, Star Representative. Richard F. Elberfeld "Pete" hopes to be an agent in South America for a large firm someday . . . movies, opera. turkey dinners, and sailing ap- peal to him . . . bad grammar annoys this par- ticular fellow. govemmentv. . . our leaders believe- Viola M. Ericson Greatest joys are driving. d a n ci n g, singing, and canoeing . . . a doodler .. . migrated to the United States from Sweden . . . has interests artistic . . . Local History. Costume Illustration. Evelyn M. Filipski She'll be a secretary . . . after Steinmetz-comes night school . . . quiet and sincere is Evelyn . . . an accordion pl a y e r . and baseball fan . . . a former Sayre Branch student . . . Steinmetz Servitors. Page Forty Charles H. Ernsting Plans to be a future A. 8 P. manager . . . likes bowling and hopes to be- come a professional bowler . . . frowns at homework . . . a man of few words . . . admires Mr. Sweig . . . Bowling Team. L. Charmaine Finstad To be a beauty operator or secretary-her question . . . enjoys movies, sports. and parties.. . sport clothes are her secret pas- sion . , . Dardanelles, Na- tional Honor Society. Mary Ferrara She hopes to be a buyer for some large concern . . . idolizes sociable p e o p l e and likes gay conversa- tion . . . trips the light fantastic . . . she is a member of the Italian Club, G.A.A. Leonard J. Fiorito "Snow White" will take anything with a future in it . . . chief joys are auto- mobile, clothes, traveling, and a certain girl's cook- ing . . . aims for a civil service position. Richard D. Ferris Chief talent is getting into trouble and talking his way out of it . . . a future traveling salesman . . . swimming and history his favorite pastimes . . . a pencil collector . . . Swim- ming Team. Katherine E. Forbes Potential nurse . . . "true blue" describes Katherine . . , happiest when skating or dancing . . . clarinet player . . . she likes men- tall, dark, and handsome . . . French Club. Band, Glee Club. if A -19 W jf? fx lg? fu pf F. X.., ff A .f . ,iw Mi . . , 'x 4- S Hn. Yap' Q f nf 4- h Q ,S , wif QQ - S 9.-we I f . , 1 i' nu 'W f 'f P sf, Egg A . .. A . S, W Q .t , m 35 W W vw 'S WWA h-f" ,, WW .- L . up f Ai' -1 9 flaw Cecilia A. Fortino Williani H. Freundt Margaret T. Furlan l.eroy H. Gander Bette .lane Geisser Henry A. Gemignani Lawrence C. Geschke Alvera Girolami Sarah Gosh Jack C. Gradert Antone F. Gregorio Angeline C. Grosko Viola J. Gruhn Ethel M. Gustafson Margaret M. Guth Raymond C. Haase Martha Hageli ll Joseph W. Hahn Williain Halthen Robert N. Hancock there are extra-or mary posstiozilzitles Margaret M. Hartman Sophisticated and neat . . . plans to be a c a r e e r woman . . . a good dancer . . . favors gentlemen, gay parties and music . . . rides horseback . . . pre- fers smart. tailored clothes . . . the spirit of I0-40 is she. .lack Heidenson "Swede" delight s in s w im min g. and loud clothes . . . pastimes are ping-pong and riding . . . no use for stale jokes . , . wants to attend college. then tour the world. age I"or1tf-Iwo Peter J. Hausing "Zip" likes congenial peo- ple . . . out with jitter- bugs and kill-joys? . . . aspires to become a gov- ernment employee . . . has a letter and medal for track . . . Alchemstein Club. Betty D. Herrmann l,ikes fishing. dancing. and bike riding . . . crocheting is her hobby , . . desires to become a dressmaker . . . her ideal is .1 tall. handsome gentleman . . . Stein Sten. Student Coun- ctl. Thelma Haynes Special joys are good mu- sic. reading. apricot whip. and the theater . . . hopes to be a secretary to a prominent lawyer . . .de- lights in wearing sport clothes . . .Stein Sten . . . G.A.A. Lorraine Hess Sweet "l.aurie" likes hu- morous people . . . sees no beauty in mustaches . . . aims to be a journal- ist . , . has a match book collection . . . Dardanelles. Student Council. lirench Club. Shirley A. Heatley Favors p e a c e f til pipe smokers and subtle humor- ists . . . poetry clippings for her scrap book are her chief interest . . . Shirley desires to become a suc- cessful nurse -our good wishes . A . G.A.A. Margaret Heveran "Bridgit" Ends pleasure in dancing and bike riding . . . favors onions . , . ambitions are to control her temp e r and own oodles of clothes . . . has mastered the art of cook- ing, Cecilia A. Fortino Hopes to tour the world . . . likes sport clothes. and chicken dinners . . . the radio is her delight . . . a modest and good worker . . . Hall Guard. Library Helper. Italian Club. Bette Jane Geisser Her general efficiency will enable her to become a successful secretary . . . loves reading, and danc- ing . . . Dardanelles Sec- retary, National Honor Society. Green Curtain Players. Sarah Gosh She has an electric light smile . . . wants to be a politician . . . pleasant personality . , . versatile dancer . . .hates to be dis- appointed . . . Darda- nelles, National Hon o r Society. Viola J. Gruhn Chocolate pudding is her favorite dessert . . . can be found at any roller derby . . . has a teacher's certificate in v o i ce and dramatic art , , . collects old sheet music . . . sweet and friendly. Martha Hageli Proud of her sewing . . indulges in all sports . . an ardent movie fan . . . saves old recipes . . . de- lights in good manners . . . to be an efficient nurse -her goal , . . G.A.A. William H. Freundt Ambition to be chemical engineer . . , playing pool and practicing music-his pet aversions . . . a tal- ented musician . . . favor- ite food--oysters . . . de- tests violinists who play poorly. Henry A. Gemignani All around athlete . . . builds model airplanes in spare time . . . excels in bowling . . . hates getting up early in the morning . . . hopes for a good job with good pay. Jack C. Gradert A jitterbug of jitterbugs . . . "hot" drummer . . . wine. Women and song appeal to him . . . sings with an orchestra . . . "Romeo" always wears blue suits . . . a future Gene Krupa. Ethel M. Gustafson Always keeps her prom- ises . . . good mathema- tician . . . considers pork chops the ideal food . . . likes all holidays. espe- cially Christmas . . . am- bition is to be a stew- ardess. Joseph W. Hahn "Buster" dotes on ping- pong. baseball, and bowl- ing . . . hopes to be an advertising copy w r i t e r . . . dislikes girls who talk about nothing . . . looks forward to a healthy and wealthy future. Margaret T. Furlan Looks forward to becom- ing a comptometer oper- ator . . , simply loathes "sissies" of all kinds . . . enjoys dancing and movies . . . is in favor of sport clothes. ravioli. and Miss Cahill. Lawrence C. Geschke Designs and builds model airplanes . . . wears loud ties and socks-otherwise quiet and amiable . . . sings while he works . . . likes people who have a good time and enjoy life . . , Stage Crew. Antone F. Gregorio An accomplished musician . . . wears overalls during vacations and likes them . . . blondes preferred . . . a racing ice skater . . . photography, his m a i n hobby . . . plays the trumpet in the band. Margaret M. Guth Shorthand expert . . . likes crowds . . . tries to play Spanish guitar . . . future interior decorator . . . doesn't eat candy during movies . . . a tall. blonde. athlete--her ideal man. XVilliam Halthen Quiet and modest concern- ing his accomplishments . . . hates homework of any sort . , . Hnds swim- ming a refreshing sport . . . plays the accordion in his spare time . . . Bowl- ing Team. Leroy H. Gander Aims to go to Armour Tech and become an architect . . , dislikes the pins in bright. new shirts , . . makes archery his hobby . . . plays the har- monica , . . Pre-Medics, Swimming Team. Alvera Girolami Good dancer . . . an ath- letic young lady . . . hopes to be a dress designer . . . has traveled extensively . . . reads a great deal . . . sees and enjoys all Clark Gable movies. Angeline C. Grosko Jolly and pleasant . . . suspicious of flattery . . . ambition is to travel . . . "Angel" enjoys Saturday and Sunday night dates . . , future telephone operator . . can't under- stand her nickname. Raymond C. Haase Desirous of living a happy and successful life . . . "Snork's" ideal persons are represented by his mother and father . . . good shows please him . . . Police. Hall Guard. Robert N. Hancock Enjoys classical music . . . a future bank draft clerk who would like to be a G-man . . . nothing both- ers this reserved fellow . . . a man of mystery who says little. but thinks much. in or mary peop e"-in this spirit Margaret M. Hartman Peter J. Hausing Thelma Haynes Shirley A. Heatley Jack Heidenson Betty D. Herrmann Lorraine Hess Margaret Heveran Page Forty three Lawrence Huster Aims to be a chemist . . . making model airplanes is his favorite pastime . , . gabby people are vexing to this quiet and sincere fel- low , . . National Honor Society. lVlary A. Jack Considering the invention of an automatic home- work machine ,.., jovial "Macy" is a spelling champion . . . Deanna Durbin-her ideal person . . . Dardanelles. National H o n o r Society. Silver Streak. Kenneth A. Johnson Our competent class presi- dent . , . versatile and am- bitious . . . desires to become an electrical engi- neer . . . Edison represents his ideal . . . detests home- work . , . Sigma Quad. Basketball Team. Shirley M. Kaiser Capable and ambitious . . . "Peanuts" gets her nickname from her favor- ite food . . . a future secre- tary and housewife . . . President of Stein Sten. Dardanelles. N at io n al Honor Society. Betty J. Keller lee skating. hiking. and movies take up most of "Becky's" le i s u r e time . . , proud of her cooking and embroidering . . . hopes to travel extensively . . . National Honor So- ciety. French Club. Joseph N. Iannotta Would like to be an aviator . . . won't discuss his talents . , . enjoys a good. fair game of golf . . . hopes to visit Europe and learn what the war is about . . . likes pretty brunettes. Ward J. Jenssen Three times a national champion baton twirler . . . "Jentz" hopes to at- tend West Point and be- come an army officer . . . Sigma Quad. President of Engineering Club. Student Council. Shirlee R. Johnson Enjoys good stage pro- ductions . . . her beauty. charm, and dramatic abil- ity will bring her success . . . remember "Tish"? . . . admires the actress. Lynne Fontaine , . . Green Curtain Players, John G. Kaminski An ardent golf player , . . has many likes including blondes, and fishing . . . street cars are not to "Sceeter's" fancy . . . likeable and carefree . . . Alchemstein. S t u d e n t Council. Mary S. Kenjosian Neat and orderly . . . wants to be a second Jane Addams . . . "Shrimp" relishes a combination of coca-cola and pork chops . . , Dardanelles. National Honor Society. Hall Guard. Raymond H. Incrocci Has high hopes for the fu- ture . . . a consistent jitter- bug . . . "Turk" dreams of inheriting a million dollars , . . interested in all sports . . . Italian Club. Police, Cheer Leader. Virginia E. Jernegan Future social worker . . . detests gossipers . . . likes dancing. fried chicken. and sport clothes . . . col- lects interesting snap- shots . . . indulges in long. long walks . . . Stein Sten. Aloysius Juskiewicz Looks forward to being a professional athlete . . . sleeping, eating, and ath- letics are his chief interests . . . jitterbugs his chief disgust . . . Joe E. Brown is "Al's" favorite movie star. Edwin Karst Technically inclined . . . enjoys swimming, roller skating, and Hedy La- marr's acting . . hates to see girls chewing gum . . . "Bug" would like to be as noble as his mother. Ruth A. Ketelsen A future secretary . . . dislikes "nosey" p e o p l e . . . peppy and friendly . . . rug weaving-her hobby . . . sport clothes- her secret passion . . . Let- ter Girls, Green Curtain Players. James V. Insolia A future architectural en- gineer . . . gayly strums a guitar in his spare time . . . likes dancing, fishing. and basketball . . . Italian Club, Cheer Leader. liire Marshal. Audrey L. Johnsen "Dimples" excels in danc- ing, but desires to be a telephone operator . . . oral reports and people who can't take hints get her goat . . . sport clothes. her obsession . . . Stein Sten. Stanley E. Kafara A great athlete . . . pitched Stetnmetz to all city base- ball title . . . chief joy- Mary Alice D o m u t Z. sports. and hamburgers . . . quiet and modest Stan would like to own a ranch. Dorothy M. Karum Is under the impression that if money isn't in the way it's out of the way . . . hobbies in archery and horseback riding . . . Na- tional H o n o r Society. Dardanelles. Office Service. James J. Kirn Easily amused and enter- tained , . . builds model boats and tickles the "ivories" . . . thinks Clark Gable is the height of per- fection . . . his opportu- nity may come as a shop machine mechanic. they extenc! to us the prim' ege of Frances V. Kirwan Lois V. Kjeldsen Roy A. Knutson Evelyn E. Koeppel Harvey F. Kohnitz Russell K. Komen Lorraine E. Korsgard Evelyn M. Koziolek Page Forty-four Frances V. Kirwan Lawrence Huster Joseph N. lannotta Raymond H. lncrotct James V. Insoln Mary A. Jack Warcl J. Jenssen Virginia E. Jernegan Audrey L. Johnsen Kenneth A. Johnson Shirlee R. Johnson Aloysius A. Jusktewtcz Stanley E. Kafara Shirley M. Kaiser John G. Kaminski Edwin Karst Dorothy M. Karum Betty J. Keller Mary S. Kenjosian Ruth A. Ketelsen James J. Kirn estaofisluing stucfent organizations W ere A traveler in the United States and Canada . . . ac' tive in sports . , . thinks beauty culture and clothes designing-ideal as careers . . . Italian spaghetti is perfection. she declares, Harvey P. Kohnitz "Hawks" hobbies are hunting, taxidermy and Indian relics . . . girls- ughl . . . wants to travel in wild South American jungles . . . Rifle Team. Local History and Ushers' Club, Lois V, Kjeldsen Has great ability in music . . . her great delight- Skokie Road . . . music and dogs her interests . . . the South Sea islands in- trigue "Kelly" , . . Dar- danelles. National Honor Society. Girls' Choir. Russell K. Komen Athletics and blue-eyed blondes are his favorites . . . thinks cut slips use' less , . . happy-go-lucky "Dagwood" says. "Let come what may" , . . Sigma Quad. Basketball Team. Bowling Team. Roy A. Knutson Roamed the halls of Stein- metz for three and one- half years . . . a true sport lover . , . interested in Deanna Durbin . . . hopes to play professional ice hockey. and have a print- ing business to his credit. Lorraine E. Korsgard Thinks her friends at Steinmetz are "tops" . . . a modest and unassuming lassie . . . carries a torch for Madame Curie . , . hopes to become a surgical nurse . . . National Honor Society. Dardanelles. Evelyn E. Koeppel "filuHie" likes blue flow- ers and Kay Kyser's or- chestra . . . Bette Davis' rival is this Miss Personal- ity Plus , . . Dardanelles, National Honor Society. Ofhce Service President, German Club President. Evelyn M. Koziolek A quiet and orderly girl . . . saves greeting cards . . . an ardent swing fan . . . a master of cooking . . . aspires to be a secre- tary , . . admires the actors Hedy Lamarr. and Ilrrol fflvnn. Page I-'orlq-lit 1 Michael A. Kozyra Marjorie L. Lantz Ruth Large Marian E. Larson Betty J. Lauer Lawrence J. Lavieri Martha J. Lehman Robert W. Lettow Eleanor H. Lifonti Carlo J. Locascio Edward J. Loebach Antoinette Loik John J. Lombardo Augusta L. Longo Mary E. Lostumo Norman H. Lovendahl Marguerite L. Lubway James E. Luttrell Marcy Anne L. Marslek Walter W. McCabe we may recognize ana! act upon our Pearl R, McCarthy Marian V. McCreary Marian L. Monroe John R. Montoscuro Jeanne C. Moyer Bernice D. Muenchow Ted Nadybal Michael Nakutny Michael A. Kozyra A football hero . . . jovial and witty-without sar- casm . . . goes in for all sports . . . "Mike" thinks printers are ideal . . . this gentleman prefers blondes . . . his hobby is being a pest. Betty J. Lauer Lively and friendly de- scribes Betty Jane . . . thinks sports, school, and dancing are O.K .... Mr. O'Hearn is he r ideal teacher . . . Student Coun- cil, Office Secretary-Treas- urer. Eleanor H. Lifonti No sissies for "Jitterbug" . . . likes neatly dressed he-men, dancing. and swing music . . . thinks ravioli is delicious . . . hopes to lead an orchestra . . . German Club, Stein Sten. John J. Lombardo An ardent lover of the pigskin . . . hopes to make the 1944 All-Star Foot- ball Team . , . peppy and friendly . . . "W'hizzer" likes big meals and plenty of them . . . Football Team, Prom Committee. Marguerite Lubway Aims for a secretarial po- sition . . . likes humorous people and square dancing . . . would enjoy a little jaunt around the world . . . President of G. A. A.. member of Green Curtain Players. Marjorie L. Lantz Versatile and charming is Marjorie . . . thinks foot- ball and the winter season are perfect . . . has many loyal friends at Steinmetz . . . Green Curtain Play- ers Treasurer, Pre-Medics. Lawrence J. Lavieri Aspires to be a truly good writer . . . uncultured peo- ple irritate him . , . at- tempts to copy the style of Walgreen's s o d a jerkers . . . has traveled hither. thither. and yon . . . Edi- tor-in-chief of the Star. Carlo J. Locascio Teasers provoke "Speed" . . . cherishes good friends . . . collects proverbs . . . dreams of singing and playing the sax in an or- chestra . . . friendly and lots of fun . . . All Bands, Local History Club. Augusta L. Longo Editor of the Silver Streak . . . gay laughter is char- acteristic of her good na- ture . . . dependable and willing . . . National Honor Society. Office Ser- vice. Dardanelles, G r e e n Curtain Players, James E. Luttrell Potential jitterbug. . . fun loving and easy going . , . "Irish" likes loud jazzbow ties . . . his ideal, Abe Lincoln , . . well known for his alibis .- . . Silver Streak Staff, Alchemstein. Ruth E. Large An amateur short story writer and poet . . , likes classical music . , . dreams about a bazooka and Bob Burns . . . hopes to be a matron in a children's home . . . a member of the concert Band. , Martha J. Lehman Hates bossy people . . . "Butch" likes a curly- headed man . . . Judy Gar- land and Gary Cooper win her admiration . . . her dad is her ideal . . . de- sires to be a good house- wife. Edward J. Loebach Eating, d r i n k i n g, and sleeping please him . , . a happy-go-lucky fel lo w but an outstanding stu- dent . . . our capable Class Treasurer . . . National Honor Society, V i c e - President Sigma Quad. Mary E. Lostumo Beauty c u I t u re charms "Dolly" . . . rebels at eat- ing spaghetti and soup . . . ice cream and Dick Tracy bring her most joy . . . interested in s p e c t a t o r sports . . . Stein Sten. Marcy Anne Marslek "Angel" wants a heavenly house in which to play the "perfect housewife" . . . finds dancing. roller skating, and music very entertaining . . . vivaci- ous and cheerful . . . Girls' Choir. Marian E. Larson Dull parties bother this modest, but lively spirit . . . "Mickey" favors sports and swing music . . . tries to imitate Sonja Henie . . . aims to be a social secretary . . . G. A. A. Robert W. Lettow Dislikes winter and con- ceit of any kind . . . en- joys Hawaiian music. bar- bequed beef and sports . . . aspires to be a successful business man . . . Hall Guard. Intramural Base- ball. Antoinette Loik Likeable is "Toni" . . . has hopes of becoming a successful fashion designer . . . her ambition is to see "America First" . . . her activities - Poster Club. Costume Illustration. Stu- dent Council. Norman Lovendahl The height of his ambi- tion is to own a swim- ming pool . . . Donald Duck is "Lovel's" favor- ite movie star-admires his swimming ability . . . candid camera fiend . . pineapple soda guzzler . . Swimming Team. Walter W. McCabe Bent on becoming a phy- sician and surgeon . . . plays the violin to relax . . . has an inclination for baseball and football . . . "Mac" scorns "knowalls" . , . a stamp collector . . . Pre-Medics. Rifle Team. responsibi ity to perform civic cfuties Pearl R. McCarthy Grace Moore, singer, her model . . . "Stormy" de- tests conceit and bleached hair . . . likes steak and French fries . . . Girls' Choir, Roller Streaks, Se- nior Choir, Library Helper. Jeanne C. Moyer Prospective private secre- tary and professional sleeper . . . active in all sports . . . thrives on ex- citement . . , her "Pop", her ideal . . . an Assistant Editor of Silver Streak, Senior Choir. Marian V. McCreary Hopes of a successful busi- ness career fill her heart . . , braggarts annoy her . . . classical music and football games her recrea- tion . . . Stein Sten. Girls' Choir, Sight-Seeing Club. BerniceD.Muenchow "Bee", a second Sonja Henie, dances on ice . . . her motto "Hawaii or bust" . . . definitely ap- proves of dancing and movies . . . here is a bun- dle of personality . . . Pen and Ledger Club. Marian L. Monroe Desires to make an impor- tant discovery in chemis- try . . . greatest pleasures are music and sleeping , . . favors the opera "Aida" . . . Alchemstein, National Honor Society, S i l v e r Streak. Ted Nadybal A dancing lad . . . de- tests "war paint" and poor dancers . . . a future race car mechanic . . . prac- tices by taking his Ford apart to see why it rattles . . . enjoys swimming and ice skating. John R. Montoscuro "Muskrat" a d m i r e s an adequate bankroll . . . gives vent to his jitterbug inspirations on his trum- pet . . . modesty his virtue . . . to be a baseball mag- net his ambition . . . Base- ball Team. Michael Nakutny Typical "he man" . . . spends vacations hunting and fishing . . . aspires to be a worthy member of the medical profession . . , generally the weaker sex upsets him. but he admires Jean Arthur. Page Forty -SCI-len Camille Navigato To be a nurse would please her . . . her hobby -experimenting with new recipes . . . waiting for people annoys this practical lass . . . joined the Pre-'Medic Club to be acquainted with a nurse's duties. Eugene W. Nilsen A future minister . . . de- sires to become a radical in the House of Representa- tives . . . won Chicago Oratorical Contest . . . President of Sigma Quad, Green C u r t a i n Players, Student Council. Ruth L. Olsen "Lor" is a prominent member of an anti-jitter- bug league . . . ambition -to be a legal secretary . . . artinciality annoys this natural girl . . . Dar- danelles. National Honor Society. Lorraine I. Ostrand Valedictorian of her class . . . sweet and sincere . . . boasts no absences or tar- dinesses . . . Vice-Presi- dent of National Honor Society, Vice-President of Alchemstein, Dardanelles. Phillip J. Paoletti Professional tap dancer . . . longs for a career as a swing drummer . . . any- thing pertaining to danc- ing gains his fancy . . . likes to be on the receiv- ing end of a chicken din- ner. Thais G. Neumer An excellent artist . , . "Pokey" abhors grown- ups who talk baby-talk . . . collects stamps and postal cards in her spare time . . . belonged to the Student Council, and the Finance Committee. Norma H. Norderud "Stormy" is cut out to be a home girl . . . sewing and cooking-her hobbies . . . marriage her ambition ... "sloppy-socked" boys annoy her neat soul . . . possesses a keen sense of humor. Lucille F. Olson Hopes to complete a col- lege career . . . petite and sweet . . . enjoys sailing . . . untruthful people dis- gust her . . . enjoys sum- mer sports . . . Darda- nelles. Secretary of Na- tional Honor Society. Elvera O. Palermo Modestly plans to become a private secretary . . . "Pal" insists that snob- bish boys are unbearable . . . partial to all sports and books . . . admires Richard Greene and Judy Garland. Phillip J. Pavone "Bo" hopes to travel through the United States . . . speaks Spanish f'lu- ently . . . interested in most outdoor sports . . . would like to coach an athletic team . . . Tum- bling Team, Boys' Choir. . . . we, as gm uate Arthur R. Pfeiffer A versatile musician who plays several instruments , . . yearns to be a mem- ber of a dance orchestra . . . hobby-raising fancy fish . . . 4A Judge. Band. Sigma Quad, Green Cur- tain Players. Ruth D. Plough "Blondie" aspires to in- herit a fortune . . . has won many friends . . . a Mickey Rooney fan . . . music. sports. and dancing are her favorite pastimes . . . a trip to Europe ap- peals to her. Page Forty-eight Grace J. Pietsch All sports spell perfect bliss to her . . . desires to he a beauty operator . . . sport clothes and roast chicken vie with each other in her affections . . . Stein Sten. Local History. Nicholas T. Popadiuk Is prepared to take what- ever fate has in store for him . . . idealizes Augie Galan and Glenn Russell of the Chicago Cubs . . . athletics are his food and drink . . . tip-top artist . . . Poster Club. Darrell I. Nielsen "Niels" indulges in soft- ball and wild socks . . . a prospective air-condition- ing expert . . . two years at Coyne's-for him , . . loathes giggling girls . . . Engineers. National Honor Society. Annie W. Oakhill This demure miss wishes to own a telescope . , . honors Socrates . . . spent part of her school days in Belgium . . . President of Dardanelles, N a t i o n a l Honor Society. Joe. C. Opatkiewicz This prominent a t h l e t e has designs on a career as a professional b a s e b a l l player . . . will welcome any job . , . indulges in steak and potatoes . . . member of Football and Baseball Teams. Mary P. Paloian Hopes to become a success- ful private secretary . . . detests male wall flowers --bashful or bold . . . plays baseball . . . her fu- ture is a question . . . member of French Club. Stein Sten. Gloria Pennette Aspires to become a pro- fessional singer . . . solid "geom" puzzles her . . . likes hamburgers and rid- ing horseback . . . baby brother, her idol . . . Stu- dent Council. Civic Forum. S, wt!! can Lillian M. Pippan Fashiondesigningintrigues her . . . hates to get up in the morning . . . "pip" a d m i r e s well mannered people . . . Miss Polka is her ideal teacher . . . Cos- tume Illustration, Italian Club. Francis F. Pruneau "Fran" dislikes bad tem- pered red heads . . . ardent admirer of Loretta Young . . . ambition to be con- nected with the movies, but not as an actor . , . Vice-President of Green Curtain Players. Robert P. Nielsen Intends to retire at fifty . . . to be a mailman- his worthy desire . . . imi- tators irk him . . . admires quietdgirls . , . specializes in eating . . . Intramural Basketball and Baseball. Russell H. Oechsel Aims to be a member of the medical profession . . . occupies his spare time un- tying knots in his shoe laces . . . appreciates home cooking . . , member of Green Curtain Players. Jeanne P. Osborn An experienced girl scout . . . longs for a position as a stewardess . . . home- work is her biggest peeve . . . Treasurer of Darda- nelles. Vice - President of National Honor Society. Library Helper, Robert V. Panfrl Can talk on anything, anytime. and anywhere . . . enjoys a good argu- ment . . . will attend Wright College if no one offers him an executive position . . . National Honor Society, Chess and Checker. Alice M. Peterson Hopes to be able to man- ipulate chop sticks some day . . . "Pete" finds horses that won't move- annoying and embarrass- ing . . . likes good music . . . needlecraft her hobby . . . a future nurse. tinue the Mary A. Pisellmi Would like to become a commercial model . . . dirty finger nails and gla- mour boys irk her . . . forgetting to come to school is her specialty . . . future?-more school . . . Dardanelles. Italian Club. Lauretta M. Ratz Thinks Dick Jurgens and Nelson Eddy are perfect . . . saves pictures of her friends . . . hopes for suc- cess in all of her under- takings . . . National Honor Society, Office Ser- vice Club. 4 P I , W 5 we .4 i. T. J Egg .,,F w'g - E Bl fm W 4 My "' 55 if My R , 4 QQ' iff? QM 'iw 35 J 3 wi 4 K Florence l.. Reckers Margaret Rengert Warren li. Roberts Dorothy Cf. Rome .lohn P. Rosen Roy H. Rostad Clifford A. Russ Zannie A. Sahala Frank Sadowski Iilmer T. Sanders Frieda Schaar Queen Schaffer .lames ll Schanel Virginia Scharer Muriel E. Schmidt Arthur P. Schneider Raymond l.. Schomburg Virginia N. Schulenburg Dorothea A. Schultz Myron W. Schuster ave ere practiced in our civic tives Sophie K. Sergey Stanley Ps. Skladzien Helen l.. Slocum Winil'retl CI. Smyth Ruth l. Snell Mildred l.. Sohst Robert l.. Sorensen Alex C. Speyicher lltltlt' lftfltl Florence L. Reckers Thrives on singing. ice cream pie. and arguing . . . fond of bowling and read- ing . . . Thomas Dewey is her ideal . . . desires to become a lawyer . . . Dar- danelles. National Honor Society. John P. Rosen Looks to a career as an aviator . . . interested in traveling. fishing. and a pretty brunette . . , a doodler . . . "Rosie" spends his leisure time building model airplanes . . . National Honor So- ciety. Frank Sadowski Aspires to be a famed physician and surgeon . . . down with women-gem erally . , . enjoys a talk with an intelligent friend . . . his hobby is fact-f'ind- ing. . . Sigma Quad. Stu- dent Council. Pre-Medics. James F. Schanel Will serve his country as a forest ranger , . . hates to go home after a glori- ous "prom" . . . proud of his friends . . . won't talk about his talents and ac- complishments. Raymond Schomburg Has a desire to become a truck driver and see the country free of charge . . . collects books . . . favors swimming and golfing . . . Jack London is his ideal . . . Swimming Team. Golf Team. eyonc! t Sophie K. Sergey "Blondie" hopes to travel far and wide . . . likes sports of all kinds . . . crocheting and d a n c i n g keep her occupied . . . she Ends hats. a great annoy- ance . . . Stein Sten. Ruth I. Snell Her goal-private secre- tary . . . efficient and will- ing . . . dotes on turkey dinners and dancing . . . Dardanelles. N a t i o n al Honor Society. Office Ser- vice, Student Council. Margaret Rengert "Midge" hates to be kept waiting . , . she's at home on the back of a horse . . . likes loyal friends and French fries . . . a future commercial artist . . . be- longs to the Stein Sten Club. Roy H. Rostad A rising commercial artist ...admires Norman Rockwell's illustrations . . . has won a letter for golf . . . National Honor Society. Chess and Checker Club, Fire Marshals. Elmer T. Sanders Hopes to be a traveler and tour the world . . . the word "cute" annoys "Swede" . . . finds Lucy Flower H i g h attractive . . . eating a good Swedish Smorgasbord agrees with him. Virginia Scharer Like many girls. she de- sires to become a perfect wife . . . admires refined people . . .-collects hand- made handkerchiefs a n d writes books . , . she's as sweet as she looks. Virginia Schulenburg Craves a career as a mis- sionary to India . . . do- ing dishes out of turn peeves her . . . loves to read poetry . , . keeps a poetry scrapbook . . . Sil- ver Str e a k, Pre-Medics, Alchemstein. QSC OO Stanley B. Skladzien When he isn't performing experiments in chemistry. he collects stamps or eats ravioli . . . really isn't a social bug . . . intends to enjoy life . . . Sigma Quad. Alchemstein. Mildred L. Sohst Looks forward to going to Wright College and be- coming a success in the business world , . . hap- piest when she is at a party . . . an expert dish- washer . . . Local History Club. Warren E. Roberts His goal-a master's de- gree in engineering . . . "Skeezix" finds delight in red hair and brown eyes . . . women drivers fluster him . . . all around handy man . . . Stage Crew. Fire Marshal, Bowling Team. Clifford A. Russ Yeams to play college football . . . jitterbugs and conceited p e o pl e annoy him most . . . takes part in practically all sports . . . goal-a good job with a large concern . . . Football Team. Frieda Schaar "Fritzie" plans to be clerk . . . crowded busses annoy her . . . an accomplished pianist and typist . . . mu- sic is her love . . . enjoys gay parties and laughter . , . Office Secretary. Muriel E. Schmidt Wants to be al private sec- retary and 'live happily ever after . . . looks for- ward to summer months . . . strums a ukelele . . . happiest when she is danc- ing . . . a member of Sil- ver Streak Staff, Dorothea A. Schultz Sports of all kinds in- trigue "Tex" . . . posses- sor of an adventurous na- ture . . . conceited people annoy her . . . Jeannette MacDonald and N el s o n Eddy her ideal persons . . . G. A. A., Senior Choir. Dorothy C. Rome Hair styling is her chief hobby . . , aims to make the fair sex fairer as an expert beautician . . . saves wishbones and souvenirs , . . "corny jokes" plus pesty fellows are her pet "peeves". Zannie A. Sabala Will be a teacher in a pri- vate school for girls . . . likes everything high school girls like . . . good natured and thoughtful . . . member of Pre-Med- ics. Student Council, Red Cross. Queen E. Schaffer Aspires to be a worthy American Citizen . . . ab- hors gossipers and exag- gerators . . . loves tea roses . . . special joys are collect- ing greeting cards and snapshots . . . Student Council. Arthur P. Schneider May join the Marines and see the world . . . hunting is his hobby . . . talent is making up excuses to give to Mr. Herrick . . . Chief of Fire Marshals. Sigma Quad. Bookroom Helper. Myron W. Schuster A future aeronautical en- gineer . . . likes honest. sincere, responsible people . . . accomplished guitarist . . . his favorite sport is archery . . . activities- centered around aviation. in tlzis way we will Helen L. Slocum Hopes at sometime to rep- resent the "perfect house- wife" . , . interest lies in good friends and dancing . . . future-come what may . . . Girls' Choir, French Club. Robert L. Sorensen Originator of radio station W9ZFP . . . "Pop" de- lights in anything pertain- ing to radio . . . hopes to be a radio operator . . . considers fishing an ideal pastime. . . National Honor Society. Winifred C. Smyth Petite and reserved . . . tiniest member of the graduating class . . . thrives on true friendships . . . swimming. baseball- chief interests . . . Darda- nelles. National H o n o r Society. Alex C. Spejcher lntends to be a teacher of physical education . . . an athlete who plays basket- ball. football. and billiards . . . a musician who col- lects recordings of swing songs. Page Fifty one Virginia A. Spikins Off to college sh: will go . . , a traveler-has seen thirty-six states . . . she'd tour the world . . . pas- time-playing the piano . . . a future secretary . . . Dardanelles. N a t io n al Honor Society, William G. St. Louis Revels in traveling and may someday travel around the world , . . frowns at homework . . . collecting insects and rare butterflies gives him great pleasure . . . Concert Band. Henry NV. Warner "Farmer" covets a trip to the wide open spaces . , . pet "peeves" consist of music and history . . . be- liever of the old adage "a penny saved is a penny earned" . . . collects cop- per coins. June M. Wilmes "B u gs" abhors "no:ey" people and extreme jitter- bugs . . . enjoys dancing and eating . , . hopes to become a skilled. surgical nurse . . . considers her mother "tops" . . . Dar- danelles. Mary A. Spillar She will have the life of a nurse or a stewardess . . . zhe loves skating. music. and a crowd of happy people . . . Pre-Medics. Alchemstein. Travel Club. Polish Club. Lucille M. Szadde Aims to be a successful secretary . . . teasers and show-offs rouse her ire . . . delights in dancing and skating . , . petite and lovely . . . Clean-Up Committee. Stein Sten. Melvin A. Watts This wide awake male harbors an intense dislike for classroom sleepers . . . "Moe" is an experienced guitarist and harmonica player . . . would like to achieve success as a chem- ist . . . Alchemstein Club. Jewel Wolkenhauer "Shortie" is extremely ac- complished at walking and talking , . . hopes to travel over United States and South America . . . will try her luck at free lance fiction , . . G.A.A. Arnold F. Zaiic A young man with inter- ests mechanical . . . wants to earn his livelihood as a forest ranger . . . chief dis- like is homework . . . baseball, basketball. and golf are his chief activities . . . Pre-Medics. Catherine R. Stabile Future ambition a dress- maker . . . likes sports and sport clothes . . . she de- tests nothing else so much as getting up in the morn- ing . , . Italian Club, Stein Sten, Girls' Choir. Loretta Szirey She means to study beauty culture . . . dotes on danc- ing. riding horseback. and reading . . . has two hob- bies -- collecting jewelry and pictures of hair styles. Rosemary A. West Finds dancing and swim- ming equally fascinating . . . a future librarian . . . hopes to fulfill her child- hood ambitions . . . Mrs. Doody, her ideal . . . G r e e n Curtain Players, Red Cross. Marjorie R. Wood Delights in wearing casual clothes . . . conceited and unfriendly people are the bane of her life . . . a young lady of athletic turn who would welcome a four-year college course . . . Alchemstein. Edward Zeigler An aspiring certified pub- lic accountant . . . enjoys western stories . . . makes model airplanes in his spare moments . . . "Zig" likes good food . . , favors Mr. Downey . . . Sigma Quad. Fred F. Stasevich Hopes to attend the Uni- versity of Illinois . . . has been a traveler in Europe .. . prefers blue-eyed blondes . . . finds pleasure in many sports . . . Local History Club. Lillian V. Verkler A musical young lady is "Frenchy" . . . when not singing. she corresponds with people from the four corners of the earth . . . Student Council, Local History. Irene Wiese This future Californian desires fame . . . dancing and slacks are her dreams of heaven . . . inclined to- ward dramatics . . . col- lects four leaf clovers . . . talented pianist. Louis Wright Small in stature but large in ambition . . . desires to be a certified public ac- countant . , . relishes T- bone steak and onions . . . ideal is Mr. O'Hearn , . . Boys' Choir, S t u d e n t Council. help to preserve tlze greater democracy- FEBRUARY GRADUATES WITHOUT PICTURES Kenneth Anderson Gerald F. Arnold Nishan J. Babilcian Irene A. Biestek James A. Boyle William Bristol Donald H. Cannon Lucille M. Casagrande Louis Clot Magne G. Colling Frances A. Crow Page Fiftq-two Robert E. Davis Viola V. DeMarte Vincent D. Donato Lewis H. Evans Robert H. Farmer Ward Furrer Doris V. Gunderson Evelyn A. I-Iart Wilma F. R. Harth Virginia C. Hartle Gladys Hjertstedt Robert E. Ilseman Mary Ingro Edward R. Johnson Charles A. Jorgensen Sema Kachigian Judith M. Kaufmann Earl Kawales Mabel H. Kayser Wanda S. Kukla Dorothea G. Landgraf Olive M. Lawrence Virginia A. Spilxins Mary A. Spillar Catherine R. Stabile Fred F. Stasevich William G. St. l.ouis l.ucille M. Szadde Loretta Szirey Lillian V. Verkler Henry W, Warner Mevin A. Watts Rosemary A. West Irene Wiese .lune M. Wilmes .lewel H. Wtullxexilaatler r ation-the Unzited CSD Angelina Qi. Liberio Anton Lifonti lirances 'lf Macchione John lf. Marino Allred NV. Mathisen Lorraine M. McLain .luanita D. McNeW lirank N. Mencinger Charles lf. Merkel! .lohn Cf. Moak Daniel Noncelt Walter H. Oberg Lavergne M. Olson Bernice A. Cpiela William Papini William R. Parker Robert S. Patience Grace lf. Peterson liranls li. Pontarelli Robert C. Prill James A. Rawlings Josephine Reale lflaine S. Redpath Dorothy A. Riel .lames M. Roubinek Ann E. Ruff Marjorie R. Wood Louis Vvlright Arnold F. Zajic Edward J. Zeigler ta tes of ezimenica Stephanie Sanko Theresa M. Scardina Roma l.. Schwenlxe Michael D. Smeraglia .lack PJ. Stacey William Strouse Robert Thompson .lohn 'liomassone Benny li. 'l'riolo Harry 'l'rt1lli Rose M. Viggiano Ruth G. Willard litlflt' lvl lllrl v v 4 s ,.-. ,A My r'f' " 4,1 'U 0 gr . 1 I I ll. A ,Inu ' - is-tl. v ,fn CCDUIFQQ WQVVEIK4 fQndVfe3LAYf-f IN A LAB IV! gf - xr X WE WORK IN A CLASS A SHOP 1 I I COSTUME ILLUSTRATION IXX I, NIIIIXM IRUXI IU If Ix If NIiiiIii, I, HINJIII. IXI Iii..-.L IIHXX ' I Iilxihi. II uulxliiijir. II KIviixli.Iiixiiv Qi uIIii IIIIXX i I fiiiiiixii. I im.i'i, x lmiilio, M Ii.irmi.i. I-Iluiiz IIUXX I NI IXI.Iigigio, II.iiiwl1 NI XXITIXKI Ii IMI. IT, IIi.Iii, II I-vIviixoil. M ii-in IXIIXNI lynn IW ISiIIi,'..i, IXvXxlii.lll, I Igmiiy, I' Ilnix l7.luxL S II,i.Iv.ii. IT IUIMMI. Ii1iI,'.lIx OFFICE SERVICE IIXX I. NII IIXKI IXI, I'v.1lIiX. Nplkiiix. I XX'iImu. .X MAIN II, IS I.1iii'i, Iliixiiiii, Him U viiipI, Spomiin, I. IxoippiI. 5 :gli'IxLx, I MMIIHQ. IXI Ixriiiii lil IIIIXX ', FI XXITIXM I N-liiiiil, I NIIIIIIIII. IT ,Xum.iim. Iwiriy II IIIIIQQLN-vii. IW IXIIIILI. IIsIuluI. Ii I3,I.iiIii, I CIIIIN mon, I" XX .III I7 II.uiIu IIUXX Xi' K-ilu. II N-Iiiilvi. I Ii.iI , II.niiu. M Iii'xu'Iii. M II.iii ri. If NiIv.I.Ii. I7 Ix.iiiim II 1iII I I'iiuII.I I POLICE, FIRE MARSI-IALS, I HALL GUARDS 'I'Iii-sc SIf.1IgI1l-I-Ol'XV.'II'LI looking voyw .md girls .irc rcprcscnlativc oI Iic Iiumircd or morc police, firc narslmlx. .md I1.1II gunriis who Iiclp o Iwcp ordcr .ind promotc wafcty n .ind About thc school. Our pub' ic SL'l'VJl1lS lhuy arc. who scrvc oiisciciiliouslv to build .1 Iwllcr IICIIIIITCIY. IIXX I VI, C,iIiIi-ii.. Ii fiixiivIullm. I Ioioim. XX' L-Ivm.irm, Il Ixmlii XX nimmiiIN IIUXX' ,' l.ix.'.lIi, I3 KIii.iiipiII.1, II I3i4'IxIiiiiixg, Mi, C, NIIiut I. Nl'-liiwi, Y. I'xiiImIx.i. Xf Iii-:iii-I. VI. Naivli UXX' S I5 If:-wIuIioI:I, X XIuI, M Ilioiiipwii, XX' iii.ilxIu. XX Iiiww. II Xi :I RIIXX' I ,X, Lfuiiilif, I MMVI, I II-mi! z I IIIIIJI X l V7 Sicin Stun Mt'111l1urs ROXV I, SIIIINKI: I7 I'z.1iIc1'. V. if.1K:siiIy. A. XV.1nIc. If. Ii II .1 p p, I1. 'I'I1orn. V. Ci I 11 w .1 ty Ci. XX'crI1'. II. XVi11kcI111.1n11, If, XVisI1i'r. ScI1t-fI'11rr. ROXV 1. STAND- INCI: A. Bt'VII.lCtIlI.l. Qi. V.1i1- Dcrl utwl. U, M .1 r I o 11. S. .IoI1nso11, M. II.1cistl1. V. Pin- dcrski. M. A11iIt'1'si'11. M. Rt-if 111.111n. I.. S.1i1tII1u1g, I. Mi'- C1.1n11. ROXV I: Mrs. I, I'1c.1cI1. I . Dulwr. II. M.1lf fonc. M. LI.ll'I.lI1lI. I. Ncu- 111.1n. V, S c I1 i r 111 .1 n 11. I. XV.1niI.1x. Pr. RYIlUXVSIxI. MISS M. X'i.lllj1I1.lI1. Sicin Sicn Ofiitcrx I.Illlh'I ROXV I: V, C.1ssitI1'. M. Ci.1rl.1nd. ROW' 2: Mrw. I. I3i'.1cI1. U I7i'I..1uri'11lis. Miss M. xY.llIIlIl.lI1. .I. I'i11crw11. Nii'-,N II1. SIi1t't'I-WI. Slcin Stun OIIi1'crs IIN-l1l ROXV I: If. I iiionli. O. Di' I .lllI'0l1lIS. Viti' I'1'cxicIci1l3 S. Ii.1ixcr. IIrcsitIc11l: U. K.1l'lIH1. S 1' c rc i .1 r 1' 1 IQ I'1.1rI1orxi. 'I.I'CJSlll'K'F. ROXV 2: I . Chis- Iru. M. Ciiirlh. R. I'1ro1iton. N, .Ivr11ug.1n. I. Slircv. M. Iit'i11posi.1l1. Slcin Slcri Mc111I1crs r.Ium'I ROXV I. SI'I"I'INQi: Misa M. V .1 ugI1.111. ID. Iiicrxt'I1. I . I'I1o1'n. M, Rt'im.111 I1 II, Olga. V. ScI1irn1.1i111. M. SIJIOII. II. Ii1'icI1t'. Ci. Ras: n1ussi:i1. Ci. XVJIIIDCFI ccsl. D. II1.1iIi'1'. ROXV l, SI AND INC1: .I. Ifixtlwr, M. Miller, C. Snicrv, II. Iilc, V. lin I1ifIt.1. Ci. .Iwit'r111'. If. Mur r.1v. I Christ. I1. Ixnapp. S. .I.1 giclski. ROKR' I: M. S.1 hinskv. I . M t ff .1 I1 I1 . Ci. IIHISCII. IVI. INI.ltI.lIiIlSI-xi. If. Minnisk. I. V.1Iiqut'l. M. lI.1ci s t I1. Ii. IIcIIcr.111. I . IIi'rr111.1n11. If. Niclwl. I .Ncuf n1.1n. Ig Cioi'.1IsIxi. . Ilvid. I. I'ii'Ix. Ii. STEIN STEN CLUB Praciic: nmkcs pcrfcctf Stcnographcrs wI1o do pcrfcct work are stcadily cmploycd and arc cligihlv for thc most attractive positions young ladies could ask. Stcadily cmploycd pcoplc inakc good citizcns. for thcy arc happy, indcpcndcnt, and sclf-rcIi.1nt. The IIICIIIIICFS of thc Slcin Stun Club know this, and they accept cvcry opportunity thc club offt-rs io pt1r1'cct their skill in many types of officc work. 11111' I-lllif 1141171 R. Q an H-Y wed 5 wa, , y vz gylkzsx ky .A I .. ,B L' -'l' A av'-f 4 YH - V -.. K - 4 ' 43 V f I F W' 'srm img . Q., ,., ,. ,R nzfiv. 5,56 wwzxg, V digg,-5 .gxn ,W .c -- 5 if :Q ' f 5531 W . . , Sgw M Q ibm 'vi M Y " iw if "' , ,W . ' -nf yi, N. - ' 1 V? f V wx liz- 1- ,5,,"'fv ' 1 W? 255 4 ff M .4 1 1 'S I , . Q 4. 3 ,A xg f , 4 'iirfrw xlj ,Y sz? . QV 1? r K ' - 9 , - . V ,Z LQ K I K if is gd' qv? A ,Qi lf xv i W? 5 Ek 5 ALCHEMSTEIN CLUB Two worthy activities. which have come to be traditions at Steinmetz, are spon' sored by the Alchemstein Club. Une is the annual sale ofthe Steinmetz Day pin. which this year commemorated the birthday of the great inventor with a replica of his study. Appropriately enough the money raised is given to the scholarship fund. The second activity is the construction of a chemical Christmas tree. which is displayed at the Christmas season where all may enjoy it. tn' Sm ROW' li Nl. Cierlicher, l Napier. M. Arntlen. .l. lla lucha. Mr. .l. lferdman. .I Moore. I . Ciehanian. l'. lfin lev. M. l,iewehi', l . Schmidt ROW' Z: D. Day. R. Rine hart, l.. Mattioli. M. Antler son. O. l,ycLak. V. llogg strom. M. l. a V i g n e. V Green. lf Stieb, R. Sims. l .lohnson. ROXX' l. Slil"l'lNCi: M Monroe. R. Matson, I . Us! rand. S. Sliladlien. A. Chris liansen. Mr. J. lferdman. M Castellano. ROXV 1 S'liANDlNCi: M. XVood. A Movnihan. .l. S e tl o r , 'li Compall. Nl, Xvalts, .l. l ull rell. li, Bennett. M. lhomp son. ROXV 3: l'. llatising K. Johnson, ll. lVlali1relt. li Mueller. lla, Schulenburg. PRE-MEDICS Attention, students interested in the field ot' medicinef Here is an organization which will lurther your knowledge ol' sci- ence. make you familiar with the reuuirements lor study in med- ical institutions. and send you well informed on your way to .1 career in the field ol' science. ROW I. Sl l"l'lNti li. Noll. IS. lhoults li CX-nip.iIl Nl .Xl'llllx'll. N IXIIJIU M. .Nnder -. n XY, llwennett ROV! 1. SIUXNDINLI l , XX'iIlrotlt. Nl. l iewehr. Nlr. Ci. Cfools. D linudsen. Xl lirt'dricltson. l. Sflllflll. li llaa-.. KUXX' I l Johnson. lf Riulowixl. l5.I7.ix. MATH CLUB Pmalance the national budget. lvuild a model city, plan our future lantasiesflhe Math Club accept the challenges. 'lihere is nothing that pleases this group more than a chance to apply the lsnowledge they acquire in math- ematics classes and which they Add to in their club meetings. RUXX' I. SI lil INCH I . Johnson. Nl, I ie' welii' li l'ouss.iint. Miss l. Rehm. Sponsor. ll. XX'itlicls. Y. flntlersou. 'l ffompall. ROW' 1, S'l'.bXNl3INti' li. lloveni. lXl.cix'l'llCl1CI'. Xl xlnderson. lf lillLlUN'lt'l. M. Al'l1llt'I! :X t'lirisIi.11isen X. Salmla LIBRARY CLUB lt is the infant among the Steinnietz organizations. hut it is growing steadily into a very healthy young club. A diet of card catalogs, reference hooks, and the Dewey Decimal System. literally digested. should pro- f' 'ce s yn-J yer" wellftrained stuf dent lihrarians. KLIXX' I, Sl I'IINti oN IIOUR S. lien iosiaii lx, llandfel, Xl llslner. ll llleillei HOLY lv SllililNLi Nl. XVellh.iusen. ll lxeesen lx, tiafda. C . l't.iIlentlorI. l . llorler. Qi. Shulet. l' Shulei IIUXX' 5, 5 ILANIUINCL Xl, filiapsllllls l Doiiiiiie. O, liitlsey, .I Mueller Nlrs ll. XX'.ilter, Sponsor. li. llroolts ls. Siueusen. IE. Smith MII! RQPT-5 E, Q81 Asxfd XXA' A IXXUXXLXX- YXX'lg1QvL V . Sk -xx, Wmxq My X SMXK The STAGE CREW IN I THE CAGE wgmh. H. xm.-fs R. Matson, .-X. Ochman I XXII UNDER THE LIGHTS K. Johnson. R. Mnrshmunt I.. Murcck. R, Young ITTINU: C. Pmlkaln. R, Mussulman. A, l.aFerlzl, Mrlrsllzlll. SlT'l'lNii: H. Tuussxtint, F, Rolmslx, D. Knlmlllu, D, klhhcy, I TANDINQG: P. llivis. R. Matson. D. llilclcbraml, D, Daniel. Pricstup. Miss C. l..mtlrig.1n. STANDINL1: Mis, l. lixu. ll. Kopp R. Ziesenhenne. SILVER STREAK STAFF JANUARY JUNE EDITOR EDITOR Augusta Longo Geraldine Koppa ASSISTANT EDITORS ASSISTANT EDITORS M-IVY Jack Dorothy Kibbey -lmnnf MOYCF Bruce Toussaint STAFF Shirley Anderson Bette Jane Geisser James l-uttrell Marion Monroe Queen Schaeffer Muriel Schmidt Virginia Schulenberg ART WORK Susan Di Gilio Mildred Heil Paul Klotz Erna Schicht LeRoy Sliwinski STAFF Patricia Davis Dorothy Daniel Dorothy Hildebrand Dorothy Kolodziej Anthony l.aFerla June Marshall Robert Matson Ruth Musselman Carmen Podkaln Edward Priestap Florence Roback Robert Ziesenhenne . ADVISERS ascii irusgdack Editorial g Mrs. Esther H. Frey ART TEACHER Financial Miss Gertrude Herbert Miss Catherine A. l-andrigan aq4'S1xlt1 soup S ON SU6AR,SHCE 'N EVERYTHING NICE JOE -- MASTER OF THE FROSTED MALTED M718 Ol func A TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY some OF THESE 'N some OF moss EAT, DRINK AND BE MERRY . A. A. B O A R D Good sportsmanship is the guiding principle of the G. A. A. Board when the members plan the athletic program of the year for the girls of Steinmetz. It is followed in all of the activities of the organization: it is especially expressed on Track and Field day. Then members of the G. A. A. earn points for good sportsmanship which are applied toward the numerals, letters, or chevrons they are given on G. A. A. Awarl Good fellowship is another guiding principle of the club. The is a practical expression of this principle. for on this da other schools to Steinmetz to swim, play ga invitations to play and visit else Page SIIXILI sm c Day. c annual Play Day y the board invites girls from mes. and see the school building. o where. r accepts Rl INV l. Sl'l"I'l I.uIvway 1 ' Nts , llt'xuIc'nfg I I flltlm, -I, lfistlu lltnxu tr I L llIL 1, litnts - I llett II ll Nt t 1 1 I HI ll, M. Blu ie t .1 r y. R U XV SIANIJINLJ: li. Nickel, K-rtnla, A. Pft-illel' It-rxslsi, l,, XV ll t' wet, IN .I Pl 1 I I 1 I IMI I, lf, ,lat I. N.-itllme. win ROW' l, SIIHIAINUZ Pfcillcl, Vue'-Plesitlentg Olson, Setietaivg I, N I1 ol, 'lileastuerg I.. I lianiiin, Sotial Cflmirms I, H.uutl1.t, President, Ri' 3, S'l'ANl3INiv: M, K legiiln. M, Sgtlwimlci, Sc-llnski, Ii, Kotllla, Sampou, l.. Napier, M . Sclinger, M. Rui Fisher. uka, BOWLING TEAM Ihvx' Itncw wrt' Itttlt' .tbuttt tht' gntnt- whcn thu' OI'g.'IIIIZk'tI thc ltxtm. Iwttt tI1irlt'ct1 wcvks ol Iwowling .tt tht' NI.mor ,-Xlluys. ttntict' tht' tIirt't'tiun ol' Mr, I' I,IciI. Imvc xImwn rusttlts. Ifiglmt oi tht' gtrIs Imvt' t't't't'tvt'tI mt'tI.tIs Im pI.1vmg .tml Iuur ul thust ruct'IvctI pinw Im' high Svricx, IIUXX I IxXIIIIXtI I5 Ix-II-ItI.'ttlL Il, III-ttt ttvn IUIXX' ', NI I IIXL- I I'tt-ttutlt. Ii I',' Mn I' I't.tI, Lt Xmvlbttltwt. I3 NI1t1cttIt't IIUXX w, NI XNIIINII XX Itxlvt.tL, I NIHII XLI. I ttttttttt I I'tttw, I Ihxlwt, Ii I'ttltII BICYCLE CLUB Cftm1r.ttIusI1ip rcigns wlmcn thc Iiicyclc Lfulw starts oII' on .t Iwikt Iulw to .1 nutgltlmrtng park or Iorcst pt'cHut'vc. 'Iilmc Iwicyclcs. rctI. gtwctt, Ivlttu. tar IvI.1cIx. font plctt' wtth SIUIIIIIIUIY mictv Innu ittspcctitwtt tags. .uw thc plcasttnt tsl ttttnns ol tr.tt1xpmt.ttton to thc Itmgt-st wav Imntc, IIHXX I It Ix--I-ttwkt tt Iltltttttzttv-, II Iitttwt, I' IItttxtttIt II I'.trIttr I Ifmittl I N :tm ID R X tt. ,ww .Ir XX Iltttttlt, Spun wr IIIIXX ' Ix ItttttIut X html, I Nftxx .ttl. II I7.trtttI. XX ItIxvtt.ttm. I I'tt-truly. II Ittqlrm, N I tt-'Ht IIUXX w II NtIvxx.tIIv. I I'lm,Qtttm I7 XXI-ICH, I NttvttIv. I ltttklt Ii XX U. IIIII GOLF TEAM IIUXX I Ii NI1It:j.I I Mlttuct I NttIItx.ttI, II 1I,trIt I III-ttvttwt-I1 Ix II.ttIm.Itt. I. Ilttm Iwvtlltt IQUXX ' XX Nttttmtttlt, R IXIltIIM', I3 Itlnmtt I atv I S Igt. I, XX It-.uIt, I I-tlLIt, If Kink IIIIXX' X X Ilttttt.-I Mt I' I'IttI, I IIIILII I IXn.txtr.I Ixttt.. Ilw Stutnmctf bolt Icnm, ttntlcr thc tIIt'cctiut1 QI' XIIZ IIICII, start ttw Klift- tht' sod" and dig tltcir wav out ol' sand pits on tht- Itrst wnrm spring tiny, IIcrc you I ItmI thcm stttmg tn Irtmt UI thc Qulmtml .tntI wishing it w-:rc thc Iirst tcc .md thrcu ticlock. Ptltlt' Xt x I TRACK TEAM Bangl Over the hurdles and down the track they run. Sometimes it is for practice and then they run on our new track on the campus. or in the third floor hall. When it is in earnest, the boys run to bring home the honor for Steinmetz. BASEBALL TEAM Meet the defending City Champions! Last year Mr. Ruzicka and his boys won the city championship title in a spectacular game with Lane Technical High School at Wrigley Field. This year the boys Want to hold that title. and they are well on their way to seeing the season through unconquered and successful. ROW! I: A. Milcwski, -I, Vi B. Frclicli, R. Mielkc. W. Na L. Ash. A, Damien. B. Hart j. Burda, R. Trendcl. ROW Arcucci, hl. Turncy. B. Snell. Brmitke. H. Matsnn. S, Sp ROW 3: W. Privatsky. V. Fix J. Gruber, M. Pingatnrc. Ci. Zcvcrn, D. Ychling, R, Rinc B, McAskill, R. Wficsc, W. B1 R. Novntny, Cmuli F. Vessel. ROW' 1: H. julinsim, l.. Ozzi ski. D. Cninzulcu, R. Qunndu- Plotknwski. A, Hartellunn, Hamilton, F. M1lfSlI. N. Ci R. Pussclll. ROXV 22 R, If R. Plotknwski, XV, Chesney Kendrick, W. ML'lg1.l.ll'll. AI. mldo, Mr. li, Rulinkzi. ll. Sl R. Carlson. A. SlICllI'Cf, A. mlm. D. O'Nicl. ,l. Smliwerc Sniumwski. il. W'lmby, H fiolf. ik. SI .i. I. I'ctIt-iwii, ki. :Ulu N, fioilm. NNI.: II. I'tt'wlit-x. II. lklt I 'liiitilli I DI in I7 I Ntltluu ul x M, I.o1t'nl, P ii. sr I3 Ilitn I ', . . ilr. II. Nm-lIt'l. lui I Clint ROXX' S v.. Aim. L., Lili.. ll. -loigcn , Iklcyul. I, lliiuxmp. IQ. 1. XY. Llluxiwx. UI. Nlixxwui. Ink. I. KNIILIXM: I. M.iIm.i Rum, -I. Upllklr-nitf. I . li.. XXI-ll. XY. c, 5. Ixlul. XX Xiuiwl. I, XY. liiisttil. IINKIZ II. Nivlwn. II. ling . l7.utI.ili.lt1. ly Lililomki, kc. li. Klstu I1. wlll. II. Null. A. Martin 5. SIIIIS. R. lioclng, ll. l ROXY w I I inlwu li Ckolklr, I, NJ! li.llultxiliixilill.l,.5tl1ullf. liigmii. I. 5I'I LINK: Ki. Iivlxull. nigul. II. llwlxoiwtl, li. Ko wnllul. I.. itll. li. S.ii11l-ny I. liomut. Ngo, iv. Domutf, II. Rinc iimilut-I. R. R4 XXX' f. uni , Anim-lmuk. RI HX' f. I, llnllcl. BASKETBALL TEAM XVhcn thc school scmcstcr closcs. most ol' thc mcmhcrs ol' thc haskctlmll tcnm will gracluatc. Tho tlndcfcatnlvlc Stcinmctz Spirit thcy will lmvc to thc school. along with A rccord of A succcssful scason and A rvputation lor making thcir opponents fight for cach point. FOOTBALL TEAM Coach 'lihompson and his tram took thirtl plncc in tht- kVvst Scction this war. ilwhc plnycrs took victory .intl tlclcat with .1 smilc. lor tht-y wcrc supportctl by thc loyal Stcinmctl crowd, who chucrctl at cvcry gaincwaml nothing ulsc lT'l.'IlIL'fL'kl. nf .Ni xltl n WATER PAGEANT A pool of blue water twinkled and sparkled beneath a canopy of bright splashes of color. Everywhere hung big balloons. There was an aura of gayly suppressed excite- ment as the crowd streamed into the natatorium to see the water pageant. Eager faces turned in hushed silence as twenty-one beautiful girls and handsome boys cleaved the water in perfect dives. Everyone laughed at such novelty acts as "The Three Little Fishes" and was deeply impressed by "Boy Meets Girl." Everyone was appreciative of the beauty of soft lighting effects as lovely precision swimming took place. The water pageant thrilled four different audiences. It was enjoyed so much by students in the school that it was repeated for Steinmetz's Open House that the parents might enjoy the work of Miss A. Rolence, Mr. M. Havlicek and this group of swimmers: ROW l: T. Stratton, J. Sievert. J. Heideman, J. Hendry, E. Ernst, L. Digiglio. ROW 2: I. Pasternak, L. Pickartz, S. Oliveto, J. Stone, L. Valiquet, R. Diephouse, J. Snow, I. Sampow. ROW 3: J. Hazucha, R. Smid. D. Declic. E. Haasc. B. Royem. L. Schmidt. G. Tweter. Page Seventy ROW l, SITTING: R. Young, R. E. Young, W. Olson, H. Dzienman, M. Smeraglia, V. Sievcrt. T. Stratton, J. Tomasone. K. Albert, B. Hartman, R. St. Louis, R. Rossi, T. Dagos- tino. R. Melsheimer. ROW 2, STANDING: R. Patinece, R. Schomburg, J. Hendry, N. Lovendahl, S. Kafara, M. Noelte, E. Ernst, N. Digiglio. J. Heideman, H. Vartabedian. E. Berge. H. Andreen. A. Brown, R. Hass, G. Chaban. THE PERFORMERS THE PECTATORS 'Wa THE SEVEN. "LITTLE FISHIES" STEIPNMETZ STAR Pugv Sm' THE TICKET SEI-I-ERS IN- SIST ON A SALE-Upper left picture-Row l on the floor: G. Tveter. S. Anderson: Row 2 stand- ing: R. Sims, E. Conrad. D. Woll- schlaeger, C. Ebert. E. Pruneau, customer M. Jack . . . CHARM- ING USHERS PREPARE TO GREET "FIRST NIGHTERSH -E. Wydra. R. Musselman. E. Gruhn. I.. Brandl, I.. Garbarlx . . , MISS BOI.I.ER HAS A BUSY DAY-Miss M. Boller. Sponsor of Green Curtain Play- ers . . . THE NEW MEMBERS READ A NEW PI.AY-Row l on floor: D. Hofer, E. Walliser: Row Z sitting: D. Wollschlaeger. I.. McCann, G. Pettingill, M. Hacker, I-. Tezak. I. Pompeii. G. Jacobsen, K. West, V. Mall. G. Tveter: Row 3 standing: A. Och- a Busy Day The New Members Read a New Play 2 ,. , f' X Iqwn , ' ' ' ' -A g ia 'Q ' . f Y, A ,L V my , , X ad' . 'Q 9:-325: ,yi . wg 9 , 5 'Q ,, -4-N ' :- .Q ..,..., , ,, .,,- . .,.. FQ Q-f+f' JH iff L, K K .R f .,' ' 1, W 'Q WG by A . ,... I 5 j , gl IV ,, -Q-mn! X K le wig xx' x vercyone won The Sophomores Make Bows We Buy Them for the Clean-up Fund. Files, Records and Reports Mean Work in the Adjustment Room. Grease, Paint, Powder, Rouge Mean Work for Green Curtain Players. Mr. Walsh, Miss Ronan and Their Helpers Send and Check Our Crders. cf tlzen - The Green Curtain Graduates Arc Honorcd. A Spanish Class Has a Christ- mas Party. The G. Pi. A, Frolic on Hallowcbn. we all lzcwe cz party l'uqt' Xvvrrvlzl I I Miss Farr Plays, Mr. Gecan Sings, and All Join in the Chorus. A Greeting Here, a Greeting There, and a Friendly Chat at the Table. The Smorgasbord-Table of Delicacies and Happy lnformality. S i is an occasion for a celebration-and when it is Mr. O'Hearn's birthday, it is an occasion for a Steinmetz faculty celebration. The beautiful Melchior Room in the Kungsholm Restaurant. with its festive smorgasbord, has a party atmosphere none can resist. There, promptly at six o'clock. on the night of February twelfth. a party for Mr. OT-learn began. lnformality and fun reigned from the moment the guests pinned on gayly colored tags which labeled them A Prince of Principals. The Starlet, The First Lady. or Mr. Fixit when they were otherwise known as Mr. O'l-learn. Miss O'Connor. Mrs. O'l-learn. and Mr. Ramsey. With music. songs. and second and third trips around the table of delicacies. the guests were kept busy until Mr. Downey. master of ceremonies. announced a pantomime to be given by the very fine actors Mr. Nalecz. Mr. Ciecan. Mr. Groom, Mr. Temple, and Mr. Seigel. While "joy reigned supreme" and the audience regained its composure. a birthday card of immense proportions. together with two handsome pieces of luggage, was placed in front of Mr. O'l-learn. With best wishes. happy birthdays, congratulations. and many happy returns of the day-the party ended. Speakers' Table: Mr. .lames M. Downey, Mr, Grover C. Ramsey. Mr. Daniel ll O'Hearn. Miss Anne Ci. Rolence. Mr. VVilliam li. McBride. Mrs. Daniel lf. O'l-learn. Mr. VJilliard l.. Groom, v FQ Z i 'fam' - f M f , ag E ln . 1 W Qi I hx I'inn'.Si't'm1i1 ALAI Jim T I M E .... January I9, I940 P L A C E ..... Counfry Club of Evanston I9 A . U' . I 1? I -' . .' ! yu!! v' '- ' I," V - 'M - X I 'X' I ' Q Ea Y . If ..f vf' 'v ng.-vfiv W1 ' .H bf' 3 fl" 9 .1 - ',':vo " A? n' Wm L5 ' 412' ix' " xt "3 T Q " " Iv 'ig 1 ".5vYl3 '-L5 N J 'uf' "TS" 5 wx' x. Q .ff ' J " W QA u'4'4'.if.'-W-' ff siy"fr1'..u -W v ' ' F . ,L ax f, xl A, I gd .N ' --qi i,A., ,, ,rt ,wi . .. fr-, H f 'S ' - 'w.?.x'2 "J " Tgivv Q "l'H:"?C!" Q3,' ha EQ' ,aff VV Q ' .V yfsK1.,f'v'.5? 5 xg4',9 Q ' X, ,- .vtvt ,MJ 2' .. NE: ui" , ' 'sf Wy. ,x Q 'g 'Sf ,lp qw. W f Q' . NHL! y-I , sneak' sms: Q, fgjf . me vw ,A.y:J'x',ng"? V ' ' ' b sv 1' YTLSC-Q2 1, A V ' .WY . waxy . QA S3 rx af ' Mu ' .inn 'UV 'Dfw 6 5 Mqllvcfx ,, .W v . Q, 91" """"", 15' ff' ,J if ,Q -' ig Q14 5 a Q -u K va g'x1,8-YV 5:54 'T ' s - w u Ami, . uf,"'A' 335.1-0? QA favs' Vans' . 1 MZ? 'ff' "AW an 4 s '6'-1" v af' Wai -ffl' 1 ' I tmifg . 'rw' 3'f'f-Eff? ff '5 ' Q us f 91 f'v, "l an , V -IQ AGM git ,W ' , .A a v '51, M .5 1 Q wt 1 1 ' Q: n N .af ax 5 T R3 y A. I 086' .f .4 5' 1' y .. Ag! , ,T P r q. W rn X M... K H., 915' T -'Q W' X l'illsb1 'Uri VGC! 1 . iii: HES 'Wifi -. U 4. '. J - 51. .ef'3f ---'f'i.v"2" 'J -'-xii' at'--.1 s. L LN? gb 5' 1 "1 'L' . . . 15. - L ' - '-X!!--'tiff-1 ,z IN " lg 1 Vf "1g,,Q:-l- li. '-.. Us I . xx. , . , .1 -, . " 'li n Q- V 1 .- in 2 1 '11 1: n -os, ,A ,H . . .Q:3g,vgiE21?'5,.":,,!:...fLiz.,-':. ' iff?-"4'47'if : 5393? V W -' ffl- 1f':"2T"J' ' TQWMQD A LQHQVWQVQLD RKJW l: li. Kimmel, Captain H Duwse. VU. Privatsky, N. Miller j. Cfalitiorc, D. D'An1geln, li Tliuy, ROW' 2: H. Nelson, W Marinangel. li. Kcpner. M, Tlmmp son. ROW! 5: N. Rink. F. l:1lVlil They are public spirited citizens, these members of the Steinmetz bands. for they are ready on all occasions to play forthe service and to the glory of the school. The Dance Band, looking very much like the smartest swing bands of radio and stage plays for school dances. The R. O. T. C. Band steps along with snap and precision when Stein' metz parades. The Concert Band takes an important part in assembly and stage per- formances here at school and proudly represents the school in contests elsewhere. THE CONCERT BAND Page !1i!tfhlf.l'llL'17 DANCE BAND FW' l: Cf l'.il.n4.l. li. lfaxia. XV, vatslcy. D. fonley. lf. llndmu. llluy. 'ROW' 2: M. liuigenf A. . , . .- ngs. N. Snlnxesslei, R. lililc. R. Illl, ll. lirlylxus. N. P.luu1L'. ll. Anwln N. Mlller V f'nl'1 ilmwn, A. Rltllarils. li. Kimmel. -lilrglsl, A. llnmlwrmlc, K. lliei- dl. S. Truly. ROW' ij ll. lsun, li. l'lic-slap. K. llnwc-Llc. W'illi.lmsun, ll. Slwc-xxx-md. R. ue. -I. lily, D. Yeliling. ll. ,lm nun, li.'ln.lngL'l. l. Sulli- 1, j. Cfalrtnvre, 'lf Staley. ROW' VU. llilil, H. Trim, .l. Miliay. Snardina. 'l', llullel. A. lmlwle. 'l'lminpsun, ROW' 5: XV. XY.ll L'. l'. Kullilc. R. Rulllu. li. pner. ql. lien. ROXX' I-: N. alt. l., julllisnvri. ,l. Waexluied. Ulm. ,l. llurda. f. Snnnn. L f A The annual band concert. which the Concert Band presents each spring. is a gala night in the record of the year. Then the band. sparkling and shining. performs novelty acts. plays perfected selections. presents its baton twirlers. and thrills the audi- ence with a Captain Dowse Hcartwheelf' This year Madam Dive-inski. the human fish. entertained the audience with her breath-taking dive. The Girls' Choir and Boys' Choir collaborated with the Concert Band to present a fine program. Several new instru- ments will glitter. shine. and give forth stirring music next year. as a result of the effort of our loyal workers-the band members. ROW' I, Sl'I'IlNk- N. Miller. V uugll, lx lxrnunil. N. lnlfy. A. Richards. R. lzriiltwn. ROW' J: N. SKlllIC'iNlCl, M. liexgenbauin. li. illlllll. R, Snvdu. ll. K-lyvlnul, l'. Richey, VI. Miliay. 'l'. llollcr, . Scardinn, R. Suns, M. Knnlar, . liivik, A, llumlunik, ll. Hill. M. W'arner. l., Marine. RONXI 5: B. Jrlllllfwl, lf, Neblugl. K. llierstedl, N. Pannne. ll. Prim-lve. Ci. Russ, AI. flalannre. 'II Stacey, M. Grimm, A. Christiansen, XV. Kennedy, W. Stafford, nl. lin. K. liinwirlc. lf. Hagen. H, jmyensen, H. Sher- wood, H. W'illi.unson, ll. Nelson, li. Marinanpel. li. Prieslap, D. Yehling, P. Sclilarger, R. Rome, P. Kulitk. -l. .l.n4o. F .Kepner, A. Goble. M. Tlmmpwn. ROW! -l: li. Sullivan. 5. harelas, AI. Wie- izorck. N. Rank. C. Sinmn. l.. -lohnsnn. ,l. lluida. A. Gott, ll. Trimm, XV. Dahl. XX', XlUall4ue, H. Piiknrtz. lf. Ulm. l. Stott. ROW 5, STANDINM. Cv. Ollvcrus, li. Thuy, VU, Prlmtskv, j. Hudson, li. Favia, Captain ll. Duwse, S. Kinlrnarek. f., Hrumnnd, M. Pin- igature. R. Quamler, D. Conley, ff. falaga. Al R Illllll lfrghfy three Curninings, IZ, .'mclerwii. j. liis: eller. D. l3eAngili-. li. lieiiis, A. hlllflilliu S. Andrea. S., 1 lamllmi- F, ' 5 'K' 9 'ggg R53 5,6 4: xg N4 Qfs! 5, f ,F RH-'N x gf 3+ ' Q' , fl fir sI,.'ff3f 4 A E-as -Eiwilf ff F" 1 '35 ' ' mu' gif 9' QL FQ' ' ' 5' A ' 7 nj -.H ig' W W ' 'f ' ' I ' ' Q. ,' J' 1 rr 1 , s I - W Z 5 I ':, S ll , ' ' 3' ,Y I 1.61 V5 'Q' 'Q w Q , W . I' I id 1- E N. X 4 '11 asv I 15 - . f- ,- - SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Ihc voung IIIIISICIJIIS in thc piclurc Abovu powcd in from ot' lhu nuw pnncl, which was IIIJRIU cspcciallx' Tor Ihcm in thc industrial .urls shop. .Irv lhc 111cn1Iwrs ol' thc Symphony Orclmuslrn. Ihcy purform .ml school .lSSCI'lII7IICS. school plays. .md on radio programs. IUIXX I II II1I111I, Ii II1.1IXI. I XXI1II1.1111x. I IXIIII. M XX'1I I1.1111x. II II1.111x11YI IIIIXX ' II, II1I1txp1I1I1u1. XX' XX'oI.1.II111. I l.1lI1x.I1. I1 ,I.1.olm11. Ix I'11ut.1y. XX' lI11f1IIx.l. II, Mlm. ' ' nur, Ix Ix1II1.l1IIx. Ix I.1xIIv11.1k. X Ulxon. X N!,1x1I.1. I XXUIM1. II NvII1oIx-111 IIIIXX 9 I IIIIIIIIN, II. Klrllu. I MI1l1If. M I.1g1vI111x. I f11xl111, Ix I'.111IIII1. Il I.1x1c11. I. Ix.1II111.111. I I:11111 'I' XX'.1x1Iuuk1. II Nvmtn rx IUIXX I I7, I .1I1.1111,'. f M.1111.111, I II1 I 1 XX N11 II II II111111mII II I'I1 1111 11 X I'I11L X X11 411L'Ll1 I I I .1 wo , .' . I. I .X II1m.111I111I. I I.1II1N, II, II111I1111. 11, I'-1II111Ix.1. Ml. Xx 4111111111 II SI.1p,1k. X' IIIIIM-1. I, II1111111w11 Ix Ix11IIo Symphon y Orchcsl r.1 CONCERT ORCHESTRA IIN group of' young musicians in thc piclurc Iwvlow Arc lhosc who practice: nIIIIgL'r1lIy lhal Ihvy nmy hc .xhlc lo survc thc school or community whcncvcr thcy Arc c11II1:cI upon. XX'iIIing survicc .ms wull as musicmnship is .1 rcquirclnunt lor mum- hcrship in thc Conccrt Orchcstra. IIUIXAI II. IIIHIQIMII. II. I..1I1.1111f. ,I NI1I311Ix1II IIIIXX I XX XxoIo1IIx111. 11. IIoIII. I XX'1II1.1111x. I II.1,1x1 I XX1-IRIX, IIIIXX ' -I II11111l11u11, M XX'1II1.I111N. II N11I111Ixo11. II. I.11', II NI111, II Nlmtlux. II I'.1NIa111.1L. Il l1llIIx. X', MMI IUIXX 1 I XX ,1x1Im xx xkl. I . II.1l.1x111. II XX'.1L1m1, M II111111pw11, Ii Xnlw, I l.1xl111. If I'.111I1II1. I NI111If'. I IIIIo11IIxl. II KIM-1. X NMIINIK1. XX. fum 1m1111.111. I IUILII1 NIXXIIINQ1, I..'XNI RUXX' K M..111.111. I Iixolulu, XX' Nmll. N. IiI.111. II. I'11111u1w11v ,I Inloy I' N11111 CIOIICUFI Orchcslm l.-1 "S-.lFVb'll"'f IUIIII' 1111117111 I1L'1 In-I-1.117111-wx MIRIA' LIIHIR RUN' I: If. Imxlq. R. M.mluII, M. I.vI'uu. M, I. Iiuv II, ,I.uqm'x. I5. XY'IutuIu.uI. I'. M.cI1rl. U. f,.1I1lIx, -I. IK-vuk. RHXY' . 5. III-.Im-I. I. I".INlL'!Il.lIx. f. VL-111-ca IB. Qlrnwlu. I . Slum-p.Ix1L'Ix. I3 'lIIl.Imx. A. l'IuIm1.m, M, II-IIII. I.. KIL-ln. I 1 IL-Imrxrxm. M Yx'lII1.1mx. 5 ,I-vlmwn. IIOXX' 9 I5 Iiugux, II. K.u11luxIu, U II.Ip.mmnI1. M. IMILLI, II. LIIIIL. I. I.uI-x, I. IIICI, M. VI-vlmshm R. Amllccn. IN, H1.u1u. I. kvrulm. N. IXIIIIIKI. I. Ixxlmu. M. I.-Ill. ' I IIlLtIv. R, Klum. IIUXX It I. I.4uIxxxuIuI. A. I5c'ImIw, lx II.I1nIfxI I AIHII, ,X. 5.lmII1k. IU. Ihllrlx, A I5.1yL'l, II. Imwxwrl. Ix, Nlmm Il.m. I.. AII.m1.m. If. IxImfIx'II.lIl. M. Kumi, I Amluwxx. I.. IZIIII Ir.1IwL'l. II. IXIl1xwI1n.I11. RUXX' F' Ii. Iimluxl. I'. Iu.lIII, I'. Nm M. 4I1mI1Ix. iv. II.mwn. ID, I'..u.m. IJ. Iwnrmu-gal, vl. XIINIIIII. I Kvuxllwylt. I., Kxuw. M, Smyth. f. Iiuy, I. Iimyhx, A N-.mln ROXX lv' I3. I..IImm1. M. Mulxlwn, Ii, II.mwl1. f. II.1m1-III. I., Nlmmr I., I..uxIm. I Ilukwn. I., I.lmINtv.III, Y IIa-mkrwn. II. M.uI1Ln-I Y. Iimltxxlliwl, I'. II11lIun. II. NI.1p.IIx. I, Mrllcl, RUXY '. II. II.luwn Yx. X.u1ggIu.1n. II Iiuggcrx, I, NII1-vllc. N 4 PU' - ' f ,,. ,aa r SIKNIUII Rt IXY I 3 Y. Yue. A. I..IINk ROW' ,': I. Ilaasl. II I . Kitt. xxtjgct. I I5 lhimi RUXX' I' Xlwlws. I.. I'.lttt-isoii son. ,I II .Mt mt i. ,l. Iggzeit IIIUIII K. Iamlxiu. I.. t,.iitlell.i. I.. Dc-Vey. M, Maya. l'. Mallet: 5, Illau. I, liialtc. Q. talsllt. ti. Ixaloiuiils, N.'f,lii.tniei 'n, I.. Ntliinitlt. Ii. Ixafinusse. I.. Millet. II. litlstiantl. Y. Iattino, XY. Ihiljess. A. Il-,kni.m. . ' ws. 5, S 1 1. L P Ilcil t I tinit. li. liold. Y. Nmtalx. ,l. -lolinson. I7. Gloss. Ii. Musselman. s. I., Nvlwlom. N. K.xyIc-gran. Ii. Stavals. -l. faitex. ROXY' S' I. U'lit-iiilcc. A. Amleistm. A. Rose. -I. Renslow. II. Ifuln' , I'uittl. I. Imiigo. I5. 1. Iatiigtistlx. I1 lNIiiltip.ipp.i. 1. .'X. Nc-ici. I, Olsen. f.. Ilantoilt. R. Ixieixi. I. lint-tttlici, vl. Isst-ii. G, Marsh, I., Iitantlcs, Ii, lNl.iswtIi, I7. Rt-.ulel'. ,l. l'iiss.ll1e. I., Iliiiic-di. I.. I'mIsic-ke. I.. Psota. Ii. Satttin. II . INI. I-it-tlinkst-n. II. Navi. I., lliylanlt. A Ixaimitli. I Npliie. I. 1-els. XY, INIllI'!.llI:ll. RUXV lu: I. Meister. IH. Rusm, R Nlleltloxt. If I.ccsel dclslci, II I3 XX t-het. II Xkienei. R Rapp. XX, ISI-wigan. II, . II. I-ricltsen. I.. iallistli. ,l. i.l.irIse.'-l.'fl1.tn1lwis. ll. Pm . Inunsu.-itll. 1, l.ielmIi. ll. Ialligs, 5, Splllet. A an s I s 65" . - gg .- . lx. .Mille-tsoii. I.. Hiamll. -I. Ixiesmal, II. Rxpa. Il. l.en.iit titluni. ROW' 5: Ii. fleilnan. V. Martens. II, lillllhlf. ,I Al. Maisliall. IU. Maloi, Ii, flvle.-I, Ifalet, I.. Miiikieuicf, GIRLS' CHOIR Mr. Vvlillard I.. Groom. conductor ol' the Cfoncert Orchestra. Symphony Orf chestra. Girls' Choir, Senior Cfhoir. and sponsor of the Steinmetx lfine Arts Guild ffris a busy man. Daily practice in room 400 is not enough for our energetic cons ductor. He thinlts growth in expression and execution of musical selections comes when a group must perform for an audi' ence. He and our choirs and orchestras graciously accept the numerous calls made upon them. because they want to serve the school and community. 'l'hey know this service means growth. illhe Girls' Choir, made up ol' girls from freshman to senior classes. sang at two recitals, entered a choral contest. and performed at the school band concert. The Senior Cfhoir did this and more. for they sang for several radio programs and were part of the musical program for several school conventions held in Chi- cago. 'llhrough these groups, as well as many others. the Steinmetz citizen proves he believes "active participation" is needed to bring home, school. and com- munity to a closer understanding. 4 LOCAL HISTORY ROVV l. SI'Ii'I'ING: Miss I- Bergh, M. Sahinski. S, Holmes Ci. Iirank. .I. Iimerson. I.. Dulwer ROW' Z. STANDING: A, San' drik. I.. Sandberg, I., Paidstrup ico. O. Delauremtis. V, Ander sen. I., McCamm. D. Reif. ROW '41 Pm. Neal. C. I.ocascio. RED CROSS OFFICERS C. Podlsaln. Ireasurerz 1. XVaclulali. Vice-President: V. Cassidy, President: D, Hilde, brand, Secretary. I. RED CROSS CLUB ROXV I. SI'I"liINCi: H. Ripa. I.. Bugno. I . Malta. A. Simonsen. M. Gallas, V. Cas- sidy. Ii, XX'aduIak, H. Kura. I.. Irawinski. J. Bing, I. Castre. ROXV Z. STAND INC: C. I.anguscI1, S, XValsh. R. McI.aughIin, M. Garland, M. Bluthardt. I.. Pzrandl. S, XX'aIdo. D. Jacobs, M. Dam- ico. V, Rediger. Miss II. Papenhrook. ROXV 3: M. Anderson, If. Mitchell. R. Musselman, If. Schuler, A. Rasmussen, N. Digiglio, 'I'. Neumer. M. Iilvnn. N. Davis. ROXV 4: XV. llvtell. .I, Sta chowski. If. Smith, XV. Moel Ier. .I. Ciuaiascio, II. Beer. C. I,ocascio. I., Smaldino. Know your communityfis the slogan of the Local History Club. It has found there is no better way to know the community than to investigate the stories which concern its oldest houses. Serve your neighbor-is the slogan ofthe Red Cross Club. The world is its neigh- borhood and human beings everywhere. its neighbors. This year one of its pleasantest duties was to send Christmas dinner menus to the crew of the U. S. S. Chicago, which was stationed at San Francisco. Page Ifitlhltf VIAIIIII A. Bruness. B, Rediger, M. Dam- V The language clubs know there are riches to he found. calledfvtolerance. apprecia- tion and understancling-through the study of the language. culture. customs. ideals, and famous men of the many countries whose people make up America. lt is with these advantages in mind that they plan their club programs and activities. GERMAN CLUB UXV l. SI l'lilNLi: M l.iwient'e. A. Iciller. M. llleicll. lx Koepprl. li. Zim uerniann. I Yaliqiiei. .l. Stone. Cf. erris. RONY I. S'l','XNDlNCi: I . elirun. If Neulwauer. .l. Mueller. Mrs. , liausel. Cf. lllallenclorl. R, Sthlvgel. I. llaulvner. GERMAN CLUB UNK' l. Sl'l"l'lNCi ON l'l OUR: I.. aliquei. Cf. lferris. ROXV 1, SII- 'INCL li. Sclilegel. In Scliaefler. M. aulmer. .l. Slone. .N l'I'eiIl'er. R. Zim ierman. ROXV I, S'l'.'XNDlNCl: lf. larx. D. Vi'ehI.iu. l. Scliirniann. M. aelsuli. .l. llroltopowiel. M. Munger. ITALIAN CLUB UNK' I. SIIIINCH I , Must-ngo, 'lf rilmri. M. lj.1tlt'XVIIl, .X lfetlele. N. Iessina. If Maggio. A. Cieccarelli. M. wenx. RUXV 1' .I, Sorentino. Mrs. illaglia. .l. Ijiconere. l . lirilmri. U. nlill. U. Silvcstri. l. C artlone. ll. Car no. M. faniolo. C., lzl.llkl.lNX1Il'I'.l. I. ngitore. R, l tnma. If Diffanio, l'utlt' ffltlhltf nfm l'ut1.' N. FRENCH CLUB ROW I, SIIIINLI: f.,Lvmut11,l, texi.tll, ll. llilliwn, A. Iltltix. M, Milt-ntl, M. Dtlpt-le. Lf. IN1.nxli, A. ljunlgmll. rl. tml-tliutlu, Y. Stlnitiunn. Maxx I. St-tlnlei, wpun sur, ROXX' .', S,I'fXNl3lNiv: Y ll. 'lilit-ist-, l'. Ile-lilies, ll. liustlike, I., Klltlr, I., -Inlmxt-tl, N. Stlntxmeli, IB, Ilmile, S. l'ng.u.u. l'. XY'.xi'l1Ite. IKUXX' R: l'. f.lilx. l,t,uxllit-it. R. IXl.unvt.tlx. ll. K.ll11x' Lmvsltl, Y, litltll. M. fl.tllxe. M. M.ttl.ilmslti. I.. Minnitlx. V. Mt C,.u'tl1y, M. mtltixultt. I.. tnitux. Y. K tl lv I t It .t. li, ,lL'lit'il1V. li Klllllltr. LATIN CLUB ROW' I: D. V.lxll1lx, I., lit-Iseli-mn, lz, Peters. xl. Mntlmlski, If. Mt Derniutt. lf., A. Ruse M. Kipsis, lvl. Uwenx, ll. Niki lurmx. A. lxelly. D. Rell, I3 littfpgttrttk. ROW' 1: S,l.un1lis M. Amlerwn, N. Avmtu, D fflu.tppett.i, I.. Stlntlit, D, Keistei V. Brown, K. Slhllllllilll. I, INlt Leutl. N. lntisun, ll. Ciewtllke ROW' S3 Mus lf. N u l .t n, li Brooks. M. lfictlritksen, M. Mus. 9.15, A., P. Kulitk. M Arntlen, lv. K.tstL'n, M, f.ntup.tll "America is heir to all the world." The love of home of Germany, the love ol' beauty ol' Italy, the hatred ol' class and privilege of France. the gift of language from the Ancient Romans, the joy of life that is Spain. and the desire for self-expression that is Polantlgare our heritage, PAN AMERICAN CLUB RUXX I. XII IINLI: I.. IXIlsi.iIg. IH. Ulsvli. I.. K.unlmIxl. I. Siww. S. Ihiiigcl. D. Iiiiksivri, I'. Ifiiulniigg. XY, ,Iri1wn. RUXX' .': I. Xlggullllg. I. Ulsun, II, IIuiiiicm.ii1. I7, I..lnt1, I' I.-misixu. M. Kuiuiusinii. I, Iwliiiigvi, I. II.igopi.m. AI. I'nonurl'. R, I5.1Inmr. ROW' sz R. 'Ii.nIoi, I.. Iiro.niIIwlit. I. Nus. R. PL-wry. D. Whigiii-1. Y, Luv. RUXX' I: ISI!- linigi I. N.lpu-I. R, I'L'ltL'II. ISII1ltIII1'I N If im-II I V . . L .. H . ,. .IIIIL II. SI14.'momI. 1, 5.'xini1siII. I. Mn N.il11.ui.i, Y, XY o -I II, NIM Ii, I'Iuvisxon. I Moon , lfwlllillggl R. I IioIi.uu.m, POLISH CLUB RUNX' I. SIIUIAINCI: R I'.isIcll1.l'., A, SIIIICIAILI. If. Kullcwski. If. I7i.ikL-, fi. Ulslmuloi, I', Mglylmg. I, I'oinpcl1, Y, lvlmyii, S. Stuvciix. ROXX' If lIn Cimliiim-I M.' win, M, Klui'siiimuIx.i, 1St.u1d- limb Ki. 'I'.iZ.ig.i, S., fi. IN1.ir1u. VI. C,l.1g4Io, A. SIUIIJIK. I., XYl'oIwlvxIu, I.. Morgan. I,. XV.uy4I1, li. IIi'n.'ucI4. 5, AI.lglcIxIu, II. KJ- muiskl. ROW' 5: N. Nrnl. II. I.L'sicx'lnl. I,. W'crnL'l, I. Zclnrol, Mr. S, N.iIci1, Mus A. Lmikzi, M. M.liI.lIlnskl. I. U I L4 ll II I Ii 1, II. f,!on. XV. I.usn1.iIx. IU, SIoIwIl- ImlI. P, SIhI.icgci, RUXX' I: Z. f'I1i11lcIuxuI.i, R. Kutoxmki, I. M.ld.1IinsIil, Y. Ulxluuki, I. I'.ix lcin.lIx. In Imniliic Ihcy say of Amcrica: "This is thc Iand whcrc Englishmcn. Ifrcnchmcn. Puxstrians Russians, Germans can mcct on A common ground of dcmocracy. -iuslicc. and good fcllowr ship: whcrc thcy havc at last A chance of bccoming JCQLIJIIIIUCI with onc another. and. knowing onc another. to apprccialc and low." I 'mn' IV1vl7l'lIJ-H110 DARDAI l7ARDANl,l.l.l1S - lIl:HRl VARY IAN ROW' l. SI'l"I'INii ON FLOOR: I. Koc-ppel. 5. lyosli. A. Cvilulami, R. Olsen, ROW' 2. SI'l"I'INKi: V. Spilxliis, I.. Olson, .l. Oslmlm-, II, fookc, A. Oaklllll. li. lieisxel, I.. Ostraml. I7, K.lrum. IL. liulioixl, HOW' S. STAND INLi: M. KL-n5osi.m, S. Kaici. M, ,IMI-.. A. Longo. If. Relkels. Mrs, IL liivilglitimli. K.. lfinstad. I.. Kieldsen. R, li.1.nIei. Y. Amlemm. R. Snell. I7. Rome. l3ARDANliI,l.I,S OliIfIf.l2RS SIIIIIINQIZ II. C.iuokL'. I'iL-wldrnll I'. I3.u'is. 'I'l'C.liUlCI1 M. bc-silike. 'I4lk'1INLlICl. STAND- ING: P. Hermes, Vue-I'rcslLIcl1lL Il. Srlicflnel. Sergt-.intfat-Arms. DARl7ANlzl.I.IfS fOlN1MI'l"l'l l- If. Ilarlllett. M. Amlc-is-in. IU. XY'.1ggIlL'1. R. FeinnmIcs. S. Olmn. DARDANl1I.l.lQS YIIINV IAN ROW' l. SI'I4'I'lNli ON FLOOR: gl. Ric-xixm. H. Srliaelc-r, VC". Kolic, If, C.lwr.imer, I., Whllllser, M. Sll'.lSlIi1HX'SIiI, Ii. glurcmlx. R, SIHILI, ROW" 3. SI'I"I'INii: D. Muellcl. D. W'Llgt1cI'. V, Cyliixulc, .I. Ifmelsun, M. Cvustlilec. II, Cooke, D. Dedic. I.. Sandlaerg. Ii. IX'I.lgj1Inxj D. Rcil, Ii. Olsen. Ii. Mayling. ROW' S. STANDING: R. Sslicllncr. li. Koppa. II. Ripn, H. Stliirmann. P, Sclilneger, M. XX'.unei'. li. Bennett. S. BLul1.n'. I.. Ciixrry. S. jagielslu. O. Marion, R. lfernandes, A. jusclynslu. ROW' 4: V., R. Ilelleran. M. Ruggio, M. Hansen, C.. I'odIc.lIn. Ii. Voigt, Il. Davis, I iioixilslei, I., lizlrhallc. I.. Kltzman, I.. XVIIINQ-x. Ci. V.lr1Dl:i'I.eest. "Toward a Better World" has always been the Dardanelle standard for action. The Mothers' Day Tea. the tea for parents of freshmen. the program to raise funds for their Civics Room Project are some of the many ways the group serve the school. Much planning and cooperative eHort is needed to promote these projects. but groups ol' girls like those who Worked on the Swiss Bell Ringer program or the bench pad project are typical of the Dardanelles, who never weary. Page lvl-I7UlLl f I wo LE l1.'XRlH.XNIl.l IS PRUIII 'I' IOMMI I"I'I,l RUXX' I, Sll l'lNt. UN I5I.UtlR- I. lXl.n'lmg. I. Moral ll. tlxilst, D. Mutllu. S. Nielsen. ROXX' 3. S'l'ANDINtt. I.. Stlmntll. If. Maxx. IJ.-XRlJ.XNlI.I.l'5 Ilix RUXX' I, SIIIINLI. l.. Mattioli. I. Alilws, X'usyIt.t, it-mlss, M .-Xmlelwn. lf. Manx. RUXX' 1, NIIQXNIUINKI' .I. lfxcen. 5. Ulwn, N. l..utxt'li, Il. Iletmts, I. lnmtllull. I.. Xhlllqtlct. IXI. tmulilen. I. XXI-mlt RHXX' S: I. Il.i1uiIi.i. P. Ifmlrx. M .'Xlntft'n. I., Nptiilet-:ilu-II. .'X. ki I M litxxtlu 'It 1. lH.XRlU.XNI l,l.I N at 5 RUXX' I. Sll IINLI UN l5l.UOR' M. Steel, I.., XY, Ifaxm. RUXX' .', 5I'I"I'INL,, I.. Rvltl. it 'I'xett'l. I, Ottinaii. I. Stlntlit, I.. Nt.m.l1f. I, .-Xlult-ns, M. Ilauliriei. XX. XX't'ltl.ui, K Netllslttll. II. Ihvlt-I. RUXX' S, NI'.'XNI7INl1i :X Kuxxalxlel, XX', llclitltll. I.. ' I IXI XII I It lxasliy ., C Ik-iris, R. Ilelmntlu. RUXY' If K S lutmlti I' Xiilel In I Q I In li Iixlwtluel. S -W Nearest' to the heart of the Darnlanelle group are the plans they have lor a room to he used for special activities, which will have the appointments ot' a living room in a home. Iiurnishings for the fireplace. an attractive floor covering. draperies for the window- mirrors. and pads for the benches make up their material accomplishments toward this room to the present. In the future the Dardanelles hope to acid lovely chairs, tables. and lamps to the eivics room and take one ol the last steps toward their goal. I I I I ska. 5. -lagnelsltn. RUXX' .', SIITINLI: ll, Ielnemy. IU. l.oliIl. Ii, Llnisr. N . .ilu . nctll, I. lame, I.. 1 , f .t . ., .I-.uvexxs , A -- -- -un- SEMESTER OFFICERS MEET THE COMMITTEE MEETS FOR ACTION COMMITTEE ADMIRES A PROJECT COMPLETED JUNIOR SERVICE CLUB Ihc wIIrgc1s UI Ihr .Iumm Srrvlw CIIIII Inr Ihr I.1II wlllcxlvt' llwul In nhm Ilxx PI.lI1N Im' IllI'IIh'l .1,livIlu's Scrvicv iw lhc IIIUIIYU ul lhv uIuI1. .uni lhuv Hllklx' nm .1 ITIIIIIIIC, Vpgu-1 pi. IlII'x" XI I1H'.1llL'I' lvvcsi dcnl. M. Ix yvr11I1.u1s. lrms urcr. Misx I I3x.1Ixv, xpunxur. I II.IIL'IIl.lI1l1 vm' DI'L'SIkIk'ITII I . II.1Ic m.1nn. Wul'x'I.lI'Y . Um- ul lhv plans II1L'LOIITIIlIIIx'k' w1II prrscnl ln Ihc gruup IN lhv PI'0It'CI ol wupplvinpg ITIIl'I'UI'N Iur thc ICNI IUUITIN in thc schmvl. Ihcv Iumw Il w1II IIWCI wllh lll1.lI1I mulls .1ppmv.1I Sitting. I'. Imslcy lun IImwrI I Scgcw. If. Olson. I'. Chris IVITSCII. A. I5 c h n Ix c. IS. .Iuhnxun Slnmhngq A I nrwn. .X SlllII.lIx, R II.1mI1vI. In XX.1II . Ihr Ium' OIIIUUIN .md .1 mln ITIIIICC .uIm1rc Ihr alII'I.lIIlN which Ihc uluh u1aIrrvnI I rmu lhu NI I I w .1 u II va' XX' IP A. Arts I'1'uju'l .1mI II1L'I1 prcwlmlcd no Ihr IIT nIuslri.1I .urls I.lI7UI'.'IIUYY. SIIIIHIZ' I.' M. KIUITIIHIN, I, II.1lcm.mnn. SIAIIKIIIIQI IH Rugcrs. Y Kucmmcl. I. II.lIx'I1l.lI1l1 . Ihu .Iunmr Scrviu' K' - . .X . . ' n1cmhc1's .IIT lhv girlx ui lh 'Ii 'X xml IIS in nwslvrs who Imvu IIIIIU Im smvicv Io lhv sdmuul .lx NWII .ls lhn xuImwI work .ln Imnm' mlmgg LIUIILIITLIN, I owrr PIQIIIH' Row I, xllling I II.1nIcr XI XVvIII1.11lwu N II r I n c mnnn Y XI wrxc Ii. NITJIIIIIJII, I . Sulmlml. NiIxIIurww. I , CIuI.xs1vw ski. Il. II.1mIlcI. Run' f. NIJINIIIIILI li. COITIIIIIIUI. I I'l'I'ISIL'X'. .I, II.1II XI I.1z scn. NI. II.11l hnur. I5 XVI-hln u. I . Ulwn 5 I hugo, I . I u m .1 .N I5 .1 v c 1' Ii 0 w I I SCIIIIIIIKIC. I . Srlmmf. Y IQuummvI. KI. Morriwn I. SITk'l'Il.1YV. .X Ilwlmlu' IS, .Iuh.1nwn. I. RI-III 5 Ilnnwn. XII I lI1lwn.mI.' .X. I7cI'u'II1x .X I'IrxIIv1 Ix Iulmwn II I'11.1m'x I 5.uIuwxIu IIN nv .Xu -'llulcul rxulllwc Iumui wryymxmlfcx .md I7I.lllN mln- g1wg1.1u1 I-I 1IwLIuIw I ppxl Iril pxrluru IQUXX' I I3 Iwmmarxl Il XXllIIxIx XX II-Im1.1nn.IlUXX .I w - u - Ix fwwulmrunn' XX Ixlxlulm I IBAIIIFI Ix. I umlm IU I'.-umm-'mn Im wIIl.vxs .1mI x1l.lxIll.lIlIIQ I-umm ul I.ul NIIIIUNIUI IUII XVIII! .In s'Xx'k'IIVI1I ummI II .MIIXIIX X-VIII!! IuIl pulurr IUIXX' I I. N1Iwn 4' I I-ul I I--ul-.nlw I. l'Imsl1.1r1scr1 IQOXX' .I nlvmlwrx pIuIg1q IuIsI11x .md MIN thru wrwncrx In uplwlxi llwr lj11.uI x Ir.uI1Imm Crnlvr IIQQIUI Phllllf UXXX' I un lImn I 5yI7l.1tIx'I, IX I.1IrrI.1. Ix IwImxun Ii XIc1uIw IH IUIINNAIHI Il flL'NL'llIh'!1l1x' QKIXX' .' xI.lHLIll1j.1 XII .I I51Iuon.1l'nIv II. CXAIIX . . . , X IM.xu.I1.1111p I Smxllu XX XIcI1g.1.uII Ix Iuxhhxlll XX' .Xn rw: In-x.1I .1mI .I-Imxlurulzullx xm'l11In'lsIw1p un III-:l.1Iw PIx'.lN.II1lIX' .mx wrxnu 1-1 the MIIIIUI III-mai nl lhcm I-vu pnxurr IQUXX' I KIIIIIIH' I3 i'Iu..1p prlld I Iwmp.xII Ii. XI.xIwn .X .XIwI I I',xus .X. fl-mc! .X xI.llIII1N0I'l. IX I5urg.1ul11 XI Ilnlgnw N SII1mwsIvr. XV. XIuvIIul' I IIuuIx.1nwn IQOXX' .' xl.1mIm5.1 II XX'rr1f.5.'1 I3 SII1.n'Iv1 X U.Im1.m I IIIIQNIJI7 IW XI.uwI.1Is I ,XIIQIUINIVII Il f'.lInIXXx'II XI. Q'.xmp.1II I IIIINICINIXI XX' Nuxuxnluk I Icuwn IUXXX' 3 Il XII.XsIx1II .I II--Im-In S IX.lI1III1NI'xI I Ilxlniuxxmf I .Xmmwxllf C XX'w.1r1I I XIurIIv1 I N.ImI.1IIm I . I.1I1I.uuI.'r. IX IMII.-11.1 IQLIXX' I XX' II1uiI I. IwImwn .X Ilwrlmuix N Ilmk I3 XXIIIINVII I XX'mwIxx.mI I NIIIIIIIJ I f.1InIn-nf Il Iilsllxlw -QV SIGMA QUAD X... Steel scaffolding. canvas tarpaulins. y buckets of calcimine. and painters in overalls arrived in September with us and our books. The assembly hall was closed and division periods were held in classrooms and corridors. Daily we stopped. by ourselves or with our friends. to see how much of the beautiful green calcimine covered the walls. Then one happy day a painter gave "Medusa" a shampoo and a "facial." and our fondest dream had come true. Soon afterward the scaffolding was taken down as skill- fully as it was put up-the painters left-and the assembly hall had been decorated from the orchestra pit to the crystal chandeliers. Mustering empty oil drums from here and there and presenting them to the neigh- borhood for garbage pails. encouraging the community to paint-up and plant-up the neglected flower boxes, the Clean-Up Committee begin their l94O Campaign. Days of performing at the nearby elementary schools to tell the story of clean-up and to urge the young neighbors to support the cause. hours of planning and developing the annual clean-up book-mean the committee: Row l, kneeling: A. Wade, l.. Schmidt. Row 2. standing: R. Ringstrom, l.. Snell, M. Liewehr. T. Ferrier. F, Voigt, I, Harland. V. Morse. M. Gerlicher. Row 3: K. Shamlian. S. Combs. P. Hennes. M. Andersen. Knapp. M. l-lojnowski. R. Ben- son. A. Anderson. B. Kerber. Row 4: Miss R. Lyon, J. Collier. M. Arntzen, Mr. H. Jackson - follow their own slogan - Actions Speak Louder Than Wcurcls - Keep Chicago Beautiful. ommittee Stein lil-il on tin- wily tlwri-, An exzimi- uxtiun slmw-lzl sin' mffnrcxl from rating of excellent on January 16, in the fifteenth annual music vom- "'f'l'l UU""UMl0"' petition festival held at Lane High erly designed and little poem abc' will be prgisf The mer" Juni' was n mi-nilwr of National lonrir Siwii-ty and of llurclanelles. iirls in he-r cnminvrvial classes re- in-inbur that shi: cnulil type and nkf- dintntiim faster than any of hein. Shi: was outstanding in ath- s-tirs and her gym clnssinates re- :ariled hi-r as n good sport. Honor Guard at Funtral Her funcrul was held last Satur- iay afternoon, Tvn boys from the lntional llinnn- Society,,Den girls r-nn the llnrrlunelles, and five lays and five girls from her divi- inn, fox-rned an honor guard er, The AB rlassi sent flowers hi- Studi-nt Count-il sent n School, Of the 18 schools participnting. five received "S" ratings. The senior choir und the vhoir sang on s coast-to coast work on January 1-l. V' Henderson, 354, was the girls' choir. made at 10:30 9:30 as s Stei' cockv' x-ol' f sympathy to he-r "June wus the fir net at Stcinme' ivrlichcr, unf- I 'J t hc was n clpinrf I X lil' i 'W K K nlr n :i fscnl hii'tn." Tranhnr Miss -zivlivi' Nuys. , Only llilnnluy nnltuii-H, nn-l stun? ., api-rs nrt' Mill in rl . , il hook A1-imi'l. nnrl nin-in Shu wus wlinlil-- :mil vffif wont, thi' Lind ul' f-ln-It-nt lcafrhurs njoy und vliiwunxzxlt-0 love, Nl-nt! i-ss, ser-virc and whnlurship are II i'f-vorclvcl in lwr lust book rvport, 'hvrc nrt- monunwnls in ink as 'ull us thou- l-nrvi-il in stonlvf' legistration for Voice Classes Open For Mtuil-intl: who viirli to li-:urn 1 sing, Miss i'ml-ilztviclf Ein-rhart 'ill hold voicv flair-u.. nnxl wlvnw- 'ir on lllnnility, si,-urnnl and third i,-rioflxg and 'l'lnirall:iy, ti-nth and li-vi-ntli i--'riml-a. 'Plum' ixitr-rostvd l'i1l1i'Nim'1i1 willy! tune, tnr fuzmfa Claus thi- lJLllllt'll,U'il in ai :svn-nriniziniofl by at we-ll known nnwivf star. Thr- night I liapprniul to bs' thvre, Juno Withers wits Iliff guvslt Star, As lln- float Came by .lane recog- nized my vnusin, who is slightly iirqnnintoil with ln-r, and said, "Iii-lla." I was lllf.l'fVlLl1J0il tu Janie zxnil we walked alongsirlc- thi' sleigh and tnlkvtl with her. Sho had on rx little white jnckvt with u white fluffy hood, lined in red Satin, with nnttcliing red gloves. Oven' hor legs wus n bright-rolored blanket. ilCvcn in Hollywood it is cool in the evening! Six Periods lt Hollywood H. S. Un .lnnuziry 3 I took n trip th rnugh Hollywood High School, Whirh swf-mu rvinro lilm fi f-nllmfn twls them in At- a z nhnki qnaki tl 'l cm the metz Sta Jsmury 24, 1940 Numbq CALENDAR FOR SPRING SEMESTER Fd. IZ-Lincolfn Blrlbdl! Pak. N--Nntlnnal Heron Assembly Feb. 23-Wuhlnglonk Birthday tlfloll- hyl l'lll',.l5--Meukl Bell: Pzrfnrllnec Hlr. 15-09:51 Huuu 47:30 Y. MJ Anr. li-BAM Cum-nrt Apr. zo-my s-spring valua- Mlf Z9-Mrmlblitl DR! Anembly Mu xo-Mmm-.1 my fmiunyy June zi-nn my at so-,Qi Dr. Johnson Ad vises Ser" Ur-ur Ijnuiulfg f You th, x tlw asf W fn-i ' for a pours, H JOHNSON mm Awarded to Several Seniors Ward Janssen, 456, and Hclwaril Loebach, 452, have won half-tuition ..i,.i.,Wv.:., ..,-...l ,. utr ., .i i 1 of Si-hunts. Graduation Program Hel January 25 Eleventh Graduatil Class Presents for Gy Kerala' at Life," is be hi-lil 1 pltlll to fi liusincss wnr thn gene the U-vlini lln- gr-nvrnl lunpguet vvnnuiiiil-x, four gene and om- linumlicllil nrts. Thu comin:-n1-mnvnt, progqrnin v lnfgziri with n Grunil Mari-li Monrll-lssohn, followsrl hy nn 1 dress nf we-luonw by Kvnnf-th Jul' mn, class president. Jane Cal hnn will play Dance of the Gnon by Lint. Legion Preumla Awards American Li-gion Awnril-s'will Presented by the llilrnai- .l. Bel Pntz :ind George Bell,f5r. Pos Mr. Ramsey will presentllie grae ating rlass and Mr, 0'Rmrn ts distribute the diplmnas, The clr gift, an electric at-ln'cb0ard I basketball, will lm piesvntvd Ln1'raine Ustraxnl, vnlc-li-:tm'ian. Tk.-nn f.,....:,,..l ...,...,L,,. A l i l l i l from ur 1 lt shincs continuously. this "St.1r"f .'Xs soon .tn issut' is out-fthc stafl' hcgins .igainf col- fting nt-ws. rortm-ctitig copy, rcatling proof, .intl .ilxing up p.tgt's. L'ppt'r picturc: Sl'l"l'lNQi. OXV lg .l. XX'ul7. Cl. l..tngusch. P. Sims. H. ilsillorow. l.. Naptcr. V. Nlorsc. Miss Qi. 'Connott l.. Schniitlt. S'l'1XNDlNCi. ROXV 2: . Sch.tinht't'. l.. liissnnc. li. Putlcrscn. tl. Doha tn. Cf. P.tlcll.i. D. Xl.irsol.iis. zX. lioch. .l. Jnicl. Pm. llogvrs. ,'X, Cfnssitly, rX. llohhs. ll, trtipilo. l. fXlungcr. X'. lt-tx P. XVclch. H. Pcro. XXl.irnltt-. l., Schiritmnn . , . At thc Star Opcn oust' hcltl during tht' lull sctticstcr for thc slu- 'nts of thc classus in linglish. much was lcnrnvd tout thc hours ol work ht-hind cvcry issut' ol' tt' school papcr. Clcntcr lclt picturc: Hcrc Doris lat- licrstur tclls .i group ol visitors about thu litorial .intl husincss ni.m.tgctnt-tit ol' thu Star . . Cfollcuting moncy. distributing papcrs. .intl lling suhscriptions tnlw up much ol thc timu i .1 division fL'PfL'SL'I1lJllX'k' lor thc Star. 'lihcst' liahlc stutlcnts look .is il' thcrc is Unothing to "f-fit is just .ill lun. Cfcntcr right picturui nc ll.1luch.t Anus Kclly .intl Rtxitls Douglas lXl.irsol.1is l..itcst lssut' Shnrt' .i Copy S tar ROXV I: l.. Ncwnian. lL. lhorn. N. Qionstnti . . , . , , . . . , . , tint. fXl. lxopsis. X. X. Cstssttly. O Cfahlls. ROXV 21 ll. Mucllt-r. Xl. Owcns. S ficlinslsi, l.. Portcr. ll, ll.tntllt'l. ROXV X: l Sttlrnn. D, lxorlxowslst. U. l'itzp.itricls, CM Ulf Lowlm. V. liucnimvl. ROXV -lx lf Stich, N Discnnnio. N. l.:trscn. Pm. Pmroolts. Ci. Rnsniussci . . . 'lhc Prcss Ciluh runs an tlancc. visit thu plants ol' thc city alailics. .intl has .1 scnicstt party to wintl up tht- ycar. llcrt' thq ntcmlwr ol thc lall scniustcr Pruss C.luh .intl Star hmf cltccrltllly post' for thu l,owcr pit turc: ROXV l. Sl'l"IilNCi: P. Sinn: l.. lnvit-r. Xl. Ht-il. l., Mnttioli. .l, llnxticlm. D. Kcrstc: Cf. lJt'lXlicl1clt'. S. Nivlscn. U. Uanit-l. l.. Pin tlcrslxi, ROXV Z. S'l'1XNDlNCi: D. Mitchcll l.. C,h.tpp. P. llcnnus. Pm. Powcll, Xl. Pactsclp lL, Qiomlslst, li, XV.illist'r. fXl. .XlllI1f,lL'I'. xx 7 lncolmlzi. V. Classitly. l. l'mrciIsprt'clicr. ROXX 3: XV. Prixnitslsy. V. Circcn. ll. liucscn, li, lit towslxi. li. Olscn, lXliss Ci. Ofionnor. ID. llolt: V. liuhiclxa. A. Kowalski. Ci. lfllstront. lrcnu Nlttngcr .intl l.ouisc Matt oi l.ouis Pintlcrslxi Pscgins lnspuct Malo-'up f'X1,1.llI1 l'ut1t' ,Vtriultf-' e Eecflcate ur ampus The tenth of November arrived-plans were completed. the speakers' plat- form was erected and everywhere excitement filled the air: it was the day our Steinmetz High School was to celebrate the completion of the tracks, play fields. and baseball diamonds of the newly landscaped campus. Clouds Hlled the sky, rain threatened. and it seemed almost impossible to hold the dedication out-of- doors. With a discouraging outlook ahead for clear weather, last minute details were carried out. Finally everyone and everything was ready and in place. Miraculously, at noon time, the rain ceased, the sun peeked out from behind heavy clouds and then shone forth with all its glory. At the time scheduled we students marched out of our classrooms and to the campus to the music of the school band. The thrilling presenting of the colors, which is typical of Steinmetz pro- grams, started the ceremony. Many of the city and school officials, or their substitutes, came to help us celebrate. After Charles Ebert. Master of Ceremonies, had introduced them, each one in turn spoke to the group of students, parents. teachers, and people of the community who had gathered. Mr. John C. Chris- tensen. chief architect for the Board of Education: Mr. John W. Bell, superin- tendent of high schools, District Number One: Mr. P. J. Cullerton. alderman of the 38th Ward: Mrs. Henry Hansen, chairman of the School Beautiful Com' mittee: Mrs. George Houtsinger, president of the Parent-Teacher Association. and our own principal, Mr. D. F. O'Hearn, were among the guests and speakers. The Parent-Teacher Association Mothers' Chorus sang. student choruses sang, the band played. and a gala day in the history of our Steinmetz High School ended. Page Um' Hundred we Gefebrate QW gfolzdays PRIDE OF THE JUNE CLASS OF I940 I ll II 5, X ,fx ' . X wwf X, 1 . , A ,gx Lf 'ff ga if' N5-1 F1 f 5"-. U' 2 1 .X Q VE' Y ', I sm 'Q' 'Nr if if I g ' . R s ' W gunna if 2 gf! if f - A ,,- .e 1. f x, I 1 E5 .3 , wr. 7.. x'i.'Q'l.l541ff'Wf'7 X 51 , ,N f W .. .ww 1 , W . ". '. J N X gk L ,,.., .J ' hx. 3 Q l I 4 O W Q, , X. v 'bf 'E ' r if , I J E ua.-1 "ff-QP Lfgm 1353? 'A ix f A115 -'k' A 4 Q if I' ,, yd my , is E1 "j1,".'If-P MM"""M wr-"" JUNE CLASS O F F l C E R S Managing the activities of a graduating class of 520 is no small job, Mr. C. Henle class counselor, warns llarl Smith. class president, as they look things over . . , This bulletin hoard, the gilt of the January class of '39, has certainly been a popular means of announcing club meetingsfare the thoughts of Lawrence Plotlxowski, vice-president , . . "Not a penny out of place" is the slogan of Class Treasurer Howard Wenger and Miss Mae lVlishlove. treasurer of Steinmetz High School, as they check, balance. and record the class deposits . . . lt's all there-every motion and report-and Betty P secretary. breathes a sigh of relief-then smiles in satislacti 'mfr' Um- ll tzrit I1 ' arlaer. class on at a job well done. lil f om CLASS COMMITTEES Christmas Tree-Sponsor. Mr. Ruziclxa. V. Cassidy. lf. Cloud. P. Davis. J. liiseher S. Jagielski. R. Marshment. H. Meyers. R. Mielke. G. Newton. A. Ochman. chair man: B. Ruzicka. E. Vsfydra. Class Day-Sponsor. Mr. F. Frelich. C. Vipond. chairman: A. Anderson. S. Bachar B. Barta. l.. Broadbent. G. Brzeczek. T. Compall. E. Croft. D. Daniel. B. Egan E. Ernst. D. Fitzpatrick. M. Hansen. R. Hansen. B. l.ehman. S. l.und. R McLaughlin. A. Ochman. E. Olsen. H. Oslund. D. Reif. J. Rispante. F. Roback D. Russo. R. Sims. S. Stevens. D. Vw'agner. Class Gift and Finance-Sponsor. Miss O. Rompf. H. Vvlenger. chairman: R. Bartosch G. llllstrom. M. Gradert. XV. Jones. A. Juszynsl-ti. R. Krstich. J. Moore. R. Pertell M. Sabinsky. G. Schmaltz. V. Schirmann. l-. Sponholtz. W. Thiel. M. Williamsen Class XVill and Prophecy-Sponsor. Miss McNamara. Prophecy: R. Adams. R Benson. F. Clraniero. D. Hozian. A. Kelly. B. Kerber. E. Knapp. Vsfillz R. Pertell J. Piconere. Pin and Ring-Sponsors. Miss li. Blythe. Miss A. Polka. B. Cooke. J. Coudek. ll Croft. O. Del-aurenlis. M. Geschlxe. A. Ciurnicz. D. Hozian. ll. Jederko. R. Kumro R. Mall. l.. Pasquini. R. Seheffner. B. Toussaint. Publicilyf--Sponsor. Mrs. F. Young. G. lillslrom. R. Mall. S. Nielsen. A. Dchman B. Parker. l.. Pinderski. l.. Plotkowski. lf. Smith. Social and Pronr- Sponsor. Mrs. li. lriebel. R. Mall. chairman: lf. Chramer. B. Cooke H. Horne. K. l.undin. J. Marshall. lf. Pederson. lf. Priestap. B. Sehaefler. J Staehowski. S. Stewart. lf. Voigt. R. Vslidick. f'm1t'Ur7i Hi I1 Ill Arnold CI. Abel Cfliarles P. Abruzzini Joseph B, Adams ReVay lf. Adams Robert ff. Adams Iivalynn Aden .lulia A. Adesso Macy D, Aniico Helen D. Anasenes l.orraine M. Andersen Margaret l.. Andersen Vivian l. Andersen Alyce l. Anderson Anna G. Anderson Iflmer A. Anderson bv Paul Anderson T' Pauline I.. Anderson Shirley A. Anderson Virginia R. Angelino Q l.eo Anthonc A e. as Citizens, timing it is our duty to Iflsie Antros .lack Aronovitz George li. Atteberry Susan Bachar Dorothy M. Bailey Carl Pa. Baldassarra Florence I. Balke Anthony V. Barccllona It On ll il 181 S L Arnold C. Abel This future Kay Kyser can play the xylophone . . . wants a band called "Abel's Gables" . . . likes hunting and fishing . , . Sigma Quad. S t u de n t Council, Math Club, Po- lice. . Robert F. Adams Bob is one of Steinmetz's prize drummers . . . de- sires bachelorhood and the c a ree r of a commercial chemist . , . his peeves are noisy lassies . . . his de- light is Concert and R.O. T.C. Band. Helen D. Anasenes Fanfare! "Infant" actu- ally enjoys Latin . . . dis- tant lands call this slave of Jeannette MacDonald . . . a good cook-tries new recipes in her spare time . . . a future business woman. Alyce I. Anderson Versatile "Al" can sew and cook. and drive a car . . . collector of poems . . . to be an accurate typist-- her goal . . . G.A.A., Stein Sten. Red Cross. Office Service, Library Assistant. Pauline L. Anderson Dreams of travel haunt "Pauly" . . . interested in all sports . . . quiet and steady . . . sincere and shy . . . she dreads oral re- ports . . . a loyal sup- porter of the G.A.A. 9008 OUI' Elsie Antros "Toots" excels in swim- ming and playing the piano . . . dancing fasci- nates her . . . has traveled to the heavenly lands of California and Hawaii . . . Bette Davis her model . . . G.A.A. Dorothy M. Bailey "Little One" likes skating and Chinese checkers . . . wants to be a stenographer . . . evening school is next -will waste no time after graduation . . . Stein Sten. Office Service. G.A.A. Charles P. Abruzzini Ambition to become a credit to his family . . . "Chuck" is a pessimist- expects to have his head blown off in some future war . . . every sport pleases this puzzling fellow. Evalynn Aden "Mousie" loves music and cherry pie . . . saving match covers-her hobby . . . demands trustworthy friends . . . good cooking -her accomplishment . . . G.A.A., Stein Sten. Local History Club. Lorraine Andersen Walkathons, roller skat- ing. and ice skating hold her attention . . . "Lot" will become a private sec- retary . . , collects pic- tures . . . never will she be conceited . . . G.A.A., Red Cross. Stein Sten. Anna G. Anderson Ann wants a Kentucky fa r m of thorough - bred horses . . . oral reports- her sorrow . . . ice cream -her joy . . . G.A.A.. Clean-Up Committee , . . Red Cross. Pan-American, Senior Choir. Shirley A. Anderson Busy every minute is Shir- ley . . . happiest in sport clothes . . . the job of pri- vate secretary appeals to her . . . has yet to End an ideal person . . , Darda- nelles, Silver Streak Staff. Joseph B. Adams A f t e r Steinmetz comes West Point . . . takes his R.O.T.C. seriously . . . has made two trips abroad . . . efficient, modest. and reserved describe Joe . . . Sigma Quad. Pre-Medics. National Honor Society. Julia A. Adesso Mrs. F. D, Roosevelt is ".loy's" ideal person . . . an all-around girl . . . likes athletics and hopes to be a teacher of physical edu- cation . . . G.A.A.. Italian Club, Civic Forum, Margaret Andersen "Midge's" greatest desire is to be a model . . . danc- ing. riding horseback. and millionaires a f fo r d her pleasures . . . glories in buying new "duds" . . . G.A.A.. Stein Sten, French Club. Elmer A. Anderson Has no use for a blonde today, a red-head tomor- row . . . takes pleasure in stamp collecting . . . "Slim" anticipates a fu- ture as an engineer . . . Sigma Quad, Captain in R.O.T.C. Virginia R. Angelino "Ginny" does everything! . . . sings, swims, dances. and eats ravioli . . . will work. attend night school. and circle the globe-she hopes . . . Italian Club, G.A.A.. Civic Forum. sclzool a better p ace Jack Aronovitz "Jackson" is a true gour- met-eats anything a billygoat can . . , a music lover . . . fame as a scien- tist awaits him . . . Se- nior Choir, Boys' Choir. Sigma Quad. National Honor Society. Carl B. Baldassarra He won't laugh at the jokes of Wilfred Jones . . . wants a job on a yacht with fair weather ahead . . . Mrs. Taglia and Ital- ian spaghetti-spell per- fection for him . . . a member of the Italian Club. George E. Atteberry Earned his letter tossing baskets . . . will use his chatter to advantage-a lawyer he will ,be . , . thinks the world a happy place . . . George has en- joyment wherever he goes. Florence I. Balke To become a "swing singer" is "Darla's" am- bition . , . swimming is her delight . . . a high school diploma is a great possession thinks this young lady . . . pork ten- derloin-yum-yum. ReVay E. Adams Little "Blondie" th i n k s 'tis better to fly here than hereafter . . . hates slow pokes . . . those big blue eyes will charm her piano students into virtuosos . . . G.A.A.. Senior Choir. Macy D. Amico Macy intends to join the l e g i o n of stenographers . . . the sunny beaches of California beckon. and who is Macy to resist . . . a former Sayre Branch student . . . Steinmetz Servitors. G.A.A. Vivian I. Andersen "Blondie" is a future ca- reer girl in the dietician line , . . admires grace and beauty in dancing . . . is a talented pianist . . . an all around good fellow . . . G.A.A. Board, Local His- tory. Paul Anderson "Trouble" dotes on fried oysters-m-m-ml , . . aims to become an author- ity on fishing and hunting . . . saves stamps as a pas- time . . . enjoys riding horseback . . . a man of fashion is he . . . Boys' Choir. Leo E. Anthone A "swing" music fan . . . proud of himself as an in- dex finger pianist . , . model airplanes and boats occupy "Lee's" few mo- ments of peace . . . his fu- ture-a big question. than we Susan Bachar "Suzi" believes "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" . . . enjoys roller s k at i n g . and designing clothes . . . Poster Club, Costume Illustration, Na- tional Honor S oc i et y , Dardanelles, G.A.A., Se- nior Girls. Anthony Barcellona Steinmetz's gift to the big leagues . . . watching the Cubs play ball is "Barce's" idea of fun . . . will be a traveling salesman after he visits Florida , . . Italian Club. Baseball. Intramural Basketball. Page One Hundred Seven Robert J. Bartosch "Whity" is a stamp collec- tor of note . . . aims to go to balmy Hawaii . . . fa- vorite pastimes are basket- ball. bowling. and the movies . . . has attended Lane. Schurz . . . a future salesman. George P. Belson "Bell's" one hope is for success in his future un- dertakings . . . has no faith in women drivers . . . a skeptic-our George . . . interested in many things . . . chief interest-bas- ketball. Gertrude R. Berg "Trude" enjoys collecting perfume bottles and pic- tures of dogs . . . plays an accordion . . . will play in an orchestra someday . . . good wishes for her plans. Phyllis M. Brady "Chubs's" ardent wish is to be a beautician . . . ad- mires well groomed nails and hair . . . a traveler- has visited Canada . . . managing a household is included in her plans. Dorothy M. Brouton Friendly and efficient . . . "Babe" is interested in all sports . . . has earned a letter, too . , . accom- plished at the guitar and piano . . . G.A.A., Senior C h o i r, Girls' Bowling Team. ouncf it Gertrude P. Brzeczek Dr, Gertrude Brzeczek is the title she is after . . . cooking is her specialty . . . she is "Trudy" to her friends. . .National H on o r Society. P a n- American Club. P o lish Club, Office Service. Emilie E. Busch "Em" is a versatile lady --a dancer. singer. and pianist . . . admires Miss Boller immensely . . . Girls' Choir. Senior Choir, Stein Sten. G.A.A.. German Club, Orchestra. Page One Hundred Eight Norma N. Bayless "Snorks" is interested in music, art. chili-con-carne. and slack suits , . . hopes to hold an office position . . . a capable typist . . . Senior Choir, Hall Guards. Lunchroom Police. Elayne M. Bennett Knows the art of enjoying life . . . intends to have four more years of school . . . an active student . . . National Honor Society, Dardanelles, Alchemstein, Pre-Medics, French Club. G.A.A., Junior Service. Angela L. Bevilacqua "Faithful forever" is An- gela's demand of friend- ship . . . a good dancer of jitterbug fashion . . . simply cannot refuse Ital- ian spaghetti . . . G.A.A., Stein Sten. Civic Forum. Lorayne T. Brandl "Princess" d e s i r e s real curls , . . collects perfume . . . yearns to be Dick Jurgens' secretary . . . re- volts at balcony seats . . . Green C u r t a i n Players, Red Cross. G.A. A., Freundliche Fraulein. Caroline Brumund "Farmer" likes drummer boys . . . wants to own an all-girls' band someday . . . she dances, sings. and drums-a gay lassie . . . a future farmerette-may- be . . . Concert Band. .. .1...1.,, Ellen N. Burst "Little One" was a stu- dent at Sayre Branch be- fore she joined our happy throng . . , waltzing is her specialty . . . thinks the California Fair should be interesting . . . G.A.A., Bowling Team. Elmer E. Butler "Buts" admires Kay Kyser . . . would revise the rules of etiquette--one fork is enough for him . . . ac- complished a c c o r d i o n playeri. . . Sigma Quad. Student Council. Band. Senior Choir. Victor B. Beauchamp Can advance clever argu- ments for any subject . . . Vic expects to study and work for success . . . hobby - collecting blue- prints of buildings . , . has a letter for athletics . . . Tennis Team. Lorraine M. Bennett Plays gay tunes on her sparkling accordion . . . "Pepper" is fond of his- tory and jitterbugs . . . a former Sayre Branch stu- dent . . . G.A.A., Stein- metz Servitors, 500 Club. J une J. Blaha "Blossom's" favorite pas- times are talking, dancing, swimming, and reading good books . . . demands friends keep appointments on time-punctuality first . . . G.A.A., Life Saving. Water Pageant. Louis C. Broadbent "Louie" calls himself an "almost mediocre" bowler . , . likes steaks, onions. Gary Cooper, and chem- istry . . . photography- his hobby . . . insists that other people agree with him . . . Track Team. Bowling Team. Ann R. Brundage Hopes to be an "all around" success . . . loves to dance. and swim . . . hobby-- collecting stamps . . . she thinks an ideal person must possess the quality of neatness . . . G.A.A. Eleanor M. Beben Loves the long. white highway at eighty miles an hour- thrills for "Corky" . . . heart's de- sire-one English sheep dog . . . hobby-making rugs . . . Dardanelles, French Club. Ruth B. Benson Quiet and reserved--not really! . . . gay with her friends . . . success in life -her main desire . . . she will gain it too if effort counts . . . a loyal Stein- metz student is Ruth. Walter J. Bozek Wants to play professional golf . . . will be a ma- chinist . . . collects cigar bands , . . likes softball. swimming, bowling, base- ball. and golf . . . activi- ties and interests athletic -for "Boz". Ethel A. Brophy "R u s t y" detests onions and gum cracking . . . fa- vorite pastimes are danc- ing, swimming. and read- ing . . . has the gift of "gala" . . . ambition is to be a private secretary . . . Local History Club. Agnes C. Bruness Fair-haired, blue-eyed Ag- nes comes from Norway . . . will be a nurse-de- pendable and serious . . . plays the accordion gayly. and dances divinely . . . G.A.A., Local History. we move towarc! this Lorraine F. Buriegi "Briggs" loves to dance. and bowl . . 1 Wants to be a successful private secre- tary . . . a joiner upper . . . G.A.A., Red Cross. C l e a n - U p Committee. Bowling Team, Librarian. Joseph M. Calafiore Art-his chief interest and whole future . . . Joe's second interest - snappy clothes . . . Clean-Up Committee. Student Council. Student Court. Green C u r t a i n Players. Sigma Quad. Betty A. Burnett This outdoor girl adores dancing. sailing, and camping . . . yearns to learn to ice-skate. and ski . . . Betty hates Friday night homework . . . likes to write letters . . . G.A.A., "500" Club. Bob F. Caldwell Tall, dark. and handsome Bob can play the clarinet . . . ambitious to be an attorney for the United States Customs Depart- ment . . . photography is his hobby . . . Sigma Quad. Boys' Choir. R.O.T.C. Robcrt J. Paartoscli Norma N. Pmylt-ss Victor Pm. l'mc.1t1clmmp lflcanor M. l3L'l1CI1 Gcorgc P. liclson lflaync M. Bcnnctt Lorrainc M. Bcnnctt Ruth B. Benson Gcrtrutlc R. Bcrg Angola l.. l5cvil.1cqu.1 Juno J. Blalm Vvlaltcr J. liozck Phyllis Nl. Pmratly l.or.1ync 'lf Bramll Louis C. Broadbent lftliul A. Brophy Dorothy M. Brouton Cfarolinc M. Brumtintl Ann R. lllflllllldjlk' Agncs Cf, llruncss SQI'UflCQ Gert rutlc P. Brlcczclx lfllcn N. Buist l.orr.1im' ll Pmtlricgi llctty A. l3urnctt limilic lf. Busch lflmcr lf. liutlcr Joscph M. Cinlahort- Bob F, Cnltlwcll l't1g1vOm'llumIr I N 1 lol l.r-ila A. Carroll .lohn R. Carlcr Vcronica li. Cass ,luscphinc .l. C rslrrl lfugcnc Cclli Cccclia M. Chicppa liosc Chohanian lflvyChran1cr Ann M, Chrlstianscn Mary S. Cikcsh Nlckolas Ciorha Harry C. Clark Edward 'lf Cloud Mary 'lf Cloud Clara K. Colton Theodore: C. C ompall Sophic Conclvlxcy .lamcs ll Constantim llmctlc lla. Coolo- lhomas lf. Cor Q the C912 ma Quad Cbarcfanelles, an mn .l, Coudclx Mary lf, Coync lfarlc H. Croll Bcity R. Crusc Vinccnl Cummings Danicl P. Cunningham lflhcl D. Dahl Domcnic J. D'Angclo I II Um' llumircd Im Leila A. Carroll "Si, Si" - the S o u t h American way beckons "Lee" . . . she'd be a translator of that romance language-Spanish . . . a pleasant senorita . . . G. A. A., Pan-American. Red Cross, Office Service. Eugene Celli Likes his radio programs minus advertising , . . en- joys leisure moments . . . would like to go into business, make a million. and retire when young . . . movies and sports occupy his time. Ann M. Christiansen Here is "Christy," the saxophone player . . . has traveled to Canada and Mexico , . . will study to be a nurse . . , likes rid- ing horseback. and driving an automobile . . . Con- cert Band, Librarian. Edward T. Cloud Says he knows how to "make friends and influ- ence people" . . . hopes to be employed in the Civil Service Customs Depart- ment . . . Fire Marshal. Police. Letterman, Ha ll Guard. Football. Sophie Conetzkey Believes in fate . . . col- lecting p o e t r y is her unique hobby . , . wants to travel and see the places about which she has read . . . only time will deter- mine her future. unior John J. Coudek "Johnny's" talent lies in drawing . . . wants to be- come a successful artist. . . likes blondes. brunettes. and red-heads . . . yearns to travel around the world . . . Intramural Baseball. J. Vincent Cummings "Vic" enjoys seeing movies and basketball games . . . plays a clarinet in the band . . . favorite sports are baseball and golf . . . Concert. and R.O.T.C, Bands. Intra- mural Baseball and Bas- ketball. John R. Carter "Johnnie" believes boys should be boys and girls should act like girls . . . is looking forward to a medical career . . . enjoys all sports and music . . . Boys' Choir, Senior Choir. Cecelia M. Chieppa Cecelia is entranced by music-Dick Jurgen's way . . . infuriated at the sight of red . . . wants to travel around the world . , . sh: wants to be a secretary . . . Italian Club. Ofhce Service. Mary S. Cikesh A fu t u r e designer of dresses . , . "Kiki" likes to read about the mysterious Orient . . . proud of her ability to cut sfencils and run minnograph machines . . . Red Cross. Stein Sten, Library Assistant. Mary T. Cloud A career that brings large returns and demands beau- tiful clothes is "Mee's" chief desire . . . insists her future is "puzzling" . . . just won't talk about her accomplishments . . . Po- lice. G.A.A., Letter Girls. James F. Constantine "Connie" says his future is a blank . . . wants to be an engineer . . . likes black hair. and brown eyes . . . dislikes show-offs , . . has been to California, New York. Boston, and Canada. Veronica K. Cassidy Travels. sports, and danc- ing fill her idle hours . . . future interior decorator "Frenchie" is fascinated by good books and French antiques . , . National Honor Society, Darda- nelles. Rose Chobanian "Rose" boasts of her knit- ting ability . . . dreams of traveling to distant lands . . . collects souvenirs and stamps . . . Pre-Medics. Pan-American. G. A. A.. Green Curtain Players. Police. Nickolas Ciorba Sports and delicious foods are "Nicki's" specialty . . . has earned four school let- ters for records in basket- ball and baseball . . . has lived in Rumania . . . fu- ture chemical engineer. Clara K. Colton This quiet girl loves to sing Russian lullabies . . . has traveled to Europe . . . enjoys fish dinners . . . hopes to become a secretary . . . thinks John Garfield is "Tops." . Bette B. Cooke Bette Belle will be design- ing our future Empire State buildings someday . . . an architect-why not? . . . she is the popular president of the Darda- nelles . . . National Honor Society, Student Council. JosephineJ. Castriano "Peppy" craves the life of a private secretary-inter spersed with swimming. skating, and travel . . . a modest little girl is she . . . his a large appetite for fried chicken . . . G.A.A. Elvy Chramer Blonde and lovely! . . . would be Buck Roger's girl Friday . . . she's unique-enjoys washing dishes, and dislikes red hair . . . National Honor Society. Dardanelles. Sec- retary of Student Council. Harry C. Clark "Bud" would travel and enjoy life . . , loathes girls that go highhat . . . about his future-we quote him as saying. "You have me" . . . baseball is fun for him. Theodore C. Compall His ideal person is Ma- dame Curie . . . scien- tifically minded . . . high scholastic record in college -his goal . . . National Honor Society. S i g m a Ouad. Alchemstein, Math Club. Orchestra. Pre- Medics. Thomas F. Corkle All he wants is success- he asks no little thing . . . has a talent for eluding difncult situations . . . convenience first for "Corky" . . . Boys' Choir. Alchemstein. Civic Forum. ervice believe unseljqslzly in Mary E. Coyne Mary hopes to be a typist after she leaves Steinmetz . . . considers Alice Fave and Don Ameche a perfect combination . . . collects snapshots.. .admires straight-forwardness. Daniel Cunningham "Dan" wants to become a golf "Pro" . . . feels that the completion of twelve years of school is an ac- complishment . . . no ad- mirer of red hair . . . he is considering acoustical engineering. Earle H. Croft Earle disapproves of homework. . .likes money. Lana Turner, and Linda Darnell , . . his only talent is playing the radio . , . Basketball Team Cap- tain. Boys' Choir, Student Council. Ethel D. Dahl "Snooky" began her life in the Philippines . . . only time will tell what profession awaits her . . . sweet. friendly, and capa- ble--a real Steinmetzer . . . French Club, G.A.A. Board. Civic Forum. Betty R. Cruse Gossips rouse "Bett's" temper . . . charmed by Eddie Howard . . . sport clothes-her ideal ward- robe . . . following a nurse's career is her future . . . G.A.A.. Green Cur- tain Players, Police. Domenic J. D'Angelo "Oh. how I hate to get up in the morning." yodels Nick . . . someday he'll lead the foremost dance band-we predict . . . he is modest and shy and w o uld not predict that. Page One Hundred Eleven Dorothy M. Daniel Beauty and brains! . . . will some day write a "best seller" . . . a creative mind is hers . . . Feature Editor "Star," Silver Streak, Senior Choir, Sec- retary Press Club, Student Council, 4A Judge, Doris E. Dedic Interested in photography . . . loves to sketch . . . would like to be an in- terior decorator . . . equally at home in the pool or on the dance floor . . . Costume Club, Dar- danelles, Poster Club. Virginia V. Dennin "Denny" loves to dance and eat spaghetti Knot at the same timej . . . will become a beauty operator, and gain success . . . Green Curtain Players. Nickolas Digiglio This athletic fellow is "Red" in wi nte r and "Blondie" in summer . . . would like to be a soldier of fortune and roam the earth . . . Captain of the Swimming Team, Boys' Choir. William L. Downing "Biff" hopes to design something as big as Boulder Dam . . . longs to see Hawaii . . . likes foot- ball, pork chops, and dancing . . . National Honor Society, Student Council, Sigma Quad. Robert E. Daum History and economics rub "Ding-Dong" Daum the wrong way . . . chop suey and Humphrey B o g a r t make him happy . . . swimming and looking for a hobby fill his spare mo- ments. OlympiaDeLaurent1s Lucky girl-has naturally wavy hair . . . being a president of Stein Sten and pianist for the orchestra are some of her accom- plishments . . . G.A.A.. Local History Club, Cycle Club, Civic Forum. Mildred N. Dettmann Sweet, sincere, and con- scientious describe Millie . . . murder mystery stories thrill her . . . hopes to be a nurse someday . , . favors sport clothes . . . Darda- nelles, G.A.A. Natalie M. Discianno Hopes to become a pri- vate secretary in a large office . . . dancing and reading good books are her favorite pastimes . . . hobby is collecting wish- bones. . . G.A.A., "500" Club. Constance Drinhaus Wants to teach the tots their 6x6's . . . a con- scientious student, a pleas- ant companion. a true friend . . . always thor- ough-"Connie" wants to see every part of the United States. giving their time, tl: May L. Edwardsen Has a record for punctu- ality . . . she's never been tardy-we marvel! . , . likes new shiny automo- biles . . . a former Sayre Branch Student . . . Stein- metz Servitors. G.A.A., Pan-American. June E. Emerson Delights in m u s i c al movies and sleep . . . June challenges any fo r e i g n name to stump her . . . fu- ture is a question mark . . . Dardanelles. Letter Girls. Local History, National Honor Society, G.A.A. Page One Hundred Twelve Betty J. Egan Just a little powder and a little paint for our pretty Betty's freckles . . . likes "down io earth people," and lemon pie , . . would be an interior decorator . , . Visual Education. Rocco A. Emma "Rocky" wants to drive a truck and see the world . . . attends all automobile shows , . . specializes in automobiles of all sorts . . . thinks "hot dogs" and spaghetti-super foods. Patricia M. Davis "Honey" is a pleasing combination of natural- ness and sophistication . , . art-her interest . . . hopes to be an interior decorator . . . Dardanelles. National Honor Society, Costume Illustration. Lucille N. De Marte Admires persons with ini- tiative and determination . . . would be a "sought- for" model and designer . . . owns an extensive private library . . , Girls' Choir, Civic Forum, Ital- ian Club, G.A.A. Walter R. Dietrich "Dr. Dietrich" is his dream . . . thinks silence is golden . . . bears a strong antipathy to people who talk too much . . . c'mon Wally, confess! - what's in those pockets? Tina R. Dolce A bookkeeper Tina would like to be . . . accom- plished at the household routine . . . enjoys good literature . , . Junior Serv- ice, G.A.A., Dardanelles. Local History. Lois M. Duber "Lo" is an expert typist . . . interior decorating takes up her spare time . . . boasts a G.A.A. letter and chevron .. . Stein Sten, Office Secretary, Let- ter Girls, Local History. G.A.A. Clyde M. Deacon Girls simply adore "Deak's" curly hair . . . blowsa trumpet in R.O.T.C. and the dance bands . . . sleeps more than Stepin Fetchit . . . dull classes bore him . . . Green Curtain Players. Claire DeMichele Pet peeve--to be called one of the "giggling trio" . . . likes sauer kraut and wavy black hair . . . has kept a scrap book of Steinmetz events... Star, Press Club, G.A.A., Green Curtain Players, Fred J. DiFrancesco "Fritz's" future-with the navy . . . John Paul Jones is his ideal . . . has traveled with a naval re- serve battle cruiser . . . Ohol Sailor Boy! . . . Student Council, Swim- ming Team. John C. Donnawell Thinks fifty dollars a week-wealth . . . yearns for the day he will no longer be "Junior" . . . superior student in "feminology" . . . travels consist of school and home again, Hillard M. Dzieman Roscoe Turner is this man's ideal . . . objects to the way people "kill" his last name . . . builds model airplanes and would like to be an aviator . . . Swimming Team. ought, ancf effort Charlotte H. Ehrlich Fraulein "Lotte" likes things neat as a pin . . . likes heart to heart talks . . , a good cook, who plans to be a good house- wife--too. . .Green Curtain Players, G.A.A. Fred Endler This young American was born in Austria . . . Fred wants m o n e y without work . . . spends his time reading pulp magazines- enjoys them. too . . . Hall Guard, Fire Marshal. Gunnar V. Ellstrom "Blondie" emigrated from Sweden at the age of three . . . wants to make a million and live on the in- terest . . . likes gold, and the study of entomology , . . Press Club, Star Staff. Egert Ericson "Eggy" has carried the pigskin for Steinmetz for the last two years , . . likes noise and action. and peace and quiet each in its own place . . . easily pleased is he! Dorothy M. Daniel Robcrl lf. Daum Patricia M. Davis Clydc M. Dcacon Doris lf. Di-dis Olympia N. Di-l.aurcntis l,ucillc N. DcMarlc Clairc DcMichclc Virginia V. Dcnnin Mildrcd N. Di-tlmann Vwfaltcr R. Diclrich Iircd J. Diffrancvmo Nickolas Digiglio Nalalic M. Discianno Tina R. Dolcc John Cf. Donnawcll Vx'illiani l.. Downing Cfonstancc l,. Drinhaus l.ois M. Dubcr Hillard M. Dzicman D3 . Cgteznmetz our sc oo as ence ate Emil A. Ernst Albert J. Eabing June Eandre Rosemary Fernandes Louise R. Fick Milton R. Filipowski Vineenl ljiorito Josephine A. Fischer Doris J. Fitzpatrick Elvira M. Elammini Gerda 0. lfrank Norman A. l7ranson Stanley l-l. Freese Adele Fruewirth Kathryn M. Gagliardi Marie J. Gallas Ann F. Galuhn Edward l.. Galus l-aVergne D. Garbark Margaret l.. Garland l greatly ..... ecause we believe it our l.ouise A. Garry Virginia M. Gats Willis l.. Gearhart Margaret E. Geschke John Giel Virginia Glowac Anne l. Golkants Edith M. Goralski Emil A. Ernst "Coach" wants to teach gym in a Chicago high school . . . collects stamps . . . member of '37-'40 swim teams . . . Stage Crew. Library. Office Sec- retary. Senior Choir, Fire Marshal. Letterman. Intra- mural Sports. Louise R. Fick "Weeze" likes good movies. and dancing . . . special pet peeves-the noise made by crinkling cellophane. and people who stumble over one in the theater . . . generally happy. gay, and light hearted. 'Doris J. Fitzpatrick Would be a lawyer or an actress . . , cannot make up her mind . . . a swing pianist . . . "hot dogs" are "Fitz's" main dish . . . a member of Green Cur- tain Players. Pre-Medics. Stanley H. Freese Homework on Friday night-no such thing for Stan! . . . enjoys playing the piano . . . likes to swim. and loaf . . . wants to enter business-his ob- ject is to earn lots of money. Ann F. Galuhn Ann feels at home in crowds-and likes them . . . only hopes her future won't be hard to take . . . Ronald Colman and Errol Flynn are her favorite ac- tors . . . a member of the Red Cross. and G.A.A. cfuty to Louise A. Garry Teacher of the future , . . a sweet. sincere, a n d friendly girl . . . thinks swimming fun on a sum- mer day . . . Dardanelles. Bicycle Club. Red Cross. National Honor Society. Senior Choir. John Giel Baseball and basketball take up his spare moments . . . why brag about an "S" or an "E" . . . John- ny's going to make a mil- lion dollars and live on the interest , . .Sigma Quad. Albert J. Fabing Quiet and studious . . . a civil engineer's job is what he is after . . . swimming. roller skating. and boating afford "Bud" much pleas- ure . . . Pre-Medics, Na- tional Honor Society. Milton R. Filipowski Undecided whether to be "T a r z a n" or "Down- wind," the pilot . . . ad- mits an eye for beauty . . . likes duck roasted or Donald . . . "Flip" did four years of Math . . . Letterman, M a th Club. Track. Elvira M. Flammini A future gym teacher . . . "Vee" has pep and vigor . . . good food. and lots of it, appeals to her . . . her special interests are dancing and tennis . . . a m e m b e r of the Italian Club. Adele Fruewirth Everyone knows fun-lov- ing "Dale" . . . interior decorating and piano play- ing intrigue her . . . has visited old Austria . . . sport clothes delight her . . . Local History. Civic Forum. Edward L. Galus Ed is a future big busi- ness man . . . chop suey and Ann Sheridan keep him smiling . . . admires the Lone Ranger . . . swimming, basketball, and tennis keep him busy. June Fandre Gather around ye lads and lassiesl--a record breaker in our class . . . June's never been late for school . . . a business woman who demands respect for her labors. Vincent Fiorito A musician who plays the clarinet. piccolo. harmon- ica, and saxophone . . . he dances too . . . builds airplanes in his odd mo- ments . . . wants to be a civil servant . . . Italian Club. Gerda O. Frank "Be prompt" is her motto -then doesn't deny she wastes a lot of time . . . "Frankie" likes sports, ice cream. and swing skirts- but not sauer kraut . . . joined the Local History. Kathryn Gagliardi Little "Kay" always has time to see a movie . . . always wears a smile- and likes to see one , . . a comptometer operator to be . . . Pan-American. G.A.A.. Green Curtain Players. LaVergne Garbark A loyal member and good worker . . . admits she has the "gift of gab." "Ver- nie" joined the Darda- nelles. Roller Streaks. Pan- American. Green Curtain Players. G.A.A.. and Na- tional Honor Society. Rosemary Fernandes Here is Rosemary. a poet of sorts . . . thinks there is no poetry in "Rosie" . . . hopes to be a lawyer . . . swing and opera fan . . . a member of National Honor Society. Darda- nelles. Josephine A. Fischer Wallflowers and "Jo" just don't get along . . . proud owner of a G.A.A. letter and chevron . . . has toured the golden West . . . Stein Sten. G.A.A. Board. Cycle Club. Ger- man Club. Norman A. Franson Detests the Robin Hood influence in women's hats . . . drafting is his future occupation . . . "Swede" has been to the South but boasts no southern accent . . , makes model air- planes. Marie J. Gallas Soon "Midge" will plug her day away at the tele- phone company . . . the bicycle, baseball. and piano occupy her leisure time . . . Green Curtain Players. Red Cross, G.A.A. Margaret L. Garland Boys that would please "Margie" must dance . . . she is well pleased with her four years of high school . . . an actress' ca- reer beckons . . . Red Cross. Student Council. Stein Sten. maintain certain stcmcfarals 0 Virginia M. Gats Dancing enthusiast . . . "Ginny" has learned to grin and bear it . . . am- bition-all around success , . . still looking for her ideal person . . . G.A.A.. Steinmetz Servitors. Virginia Glowac "Virg" will complete high school at sixteen . . . con- gratulations are in order . , . the romance of Mexico interests her . . . Darda- nelles. French Club. Polish Club. Stein Sten. Willis L. Gearhart Bill. a former Lane-ite. likes sleep. and food . . . once owned a Model T and brags about it . . . wonders what the future will bring-hard work and its reward is sug- gested, Anne I. Golkants Our "Goldie" excels in curb service-she says . . . loves to dance . . . golfing and swimming are her fa- vorite sports . . . to be a singing lady on the radio is her plan for the future. Margaret E. Geschke Ambitious "Margie" sees work and more school in the future . . . grows finger nails in her spare time . . . Secretary - Dardanelles. Honor Society. Local His- tory Club, Junior Service. Pre-Medics. Edith M. Goralski "Eedie" is the youngest member of the class . . . a fine student . . . wants to be a lawyer's secretary . . . Junior S e r v i c e. Darda- nelles. Honor Society. Star Staff. Student Council. Page One Hundred Fifteen Mabelle J. Gradert Mae's friendly smile has won her many friends and admirers , . . a clever girl . . . can make her own clothes . . . loves to travel . . . Pan-American, Stu- dent Council, G.A.A. Doris M. Grimes "Doc" wants to be a sur- gical nurse . . . be punc- tual if you want to be her friend . . . thinks out-door sports good fun . . . ad- mires Errol Flynn, the actor . . . her hobby is catching big fish. Blanche H. Guelzow "Bunny" yearns for the career of professional roller skater . . . likes handsome companions with a sense of humor . . . fried chicken is her pet joy . . . Roller Streaks. Margaret G. Hacker "Marge" is a glutton for punishment . . . wants to be a school teacher . . . considers tennis and ice- skating the best sports . . . admires fine acting . . G.A.A., Senior Choir. Irwin W. Harland Here is Steinmetz's "Joe College" . . . photography -his chief interest . . . a brilliant student . . . Vis- ual Education. R.O.T.C., Clean-Up Committee, Of- ficers' Club. C QCZH M1683 Clfl Ofd Robert J. Hawkins Bob is ready to drop his bombs on the enemy whenever the United States needs him . . . he is happy when he can tinker with machinery . . . he is un- happy when he has to tinker with homework. Walter J. Henneman Tool and die making is the career for "I-Iennie" . . , dancing is his hobby . . . chicken dinners and sporty clothes are his fa- vorites . . . eternal gum chewing is his pet peeve. Page One Hundred Sixteen Frances A. Graniero The blue horizons beckon . . , "Fran" will be an air hostess as soon as she can . . . makes heavenly mu- sic on her piano . . . likes "down to earth" things, like dancing and tennis. George M. Gruber Quiet and friendly George would like to be a statisti- cian . . . plays baseball and tennis for enjoyment . . . declares he really has no desire to travel-just a home boy. Kenneth Gundersen "See America First" is his motto . . . could dance and listen to records forever . . . a man of few words . . . a man of staunch ideals and principles . . . admires Miss Farr from afar. Robert S. Hanaseth "Buzz" enjoys the com- pany of everyone -- bar none . . . enjoys drawing and swimming . . . hob- bies are soap carving. driv- ing, and collecting match covers , . . Swimming Team, Poster Club. Robert Hartung Track Team . . . proud of his letter . . . now we know he whispers and car- ries matches . . . Bob's no angel-he is one of our finest Steinmetz students. Robert E. Heck When Steinmetz needs service Bob will give it . . . interested in sports generally , . . an all around good fellow . . . Bowling Team, Visual Education, Fire Marshals, Police. Arthur W. Hey Spends many long hours in the work shop . . . doesn't mind the work given by Miss Treleaven and Mr. Frelich , . . par- ticipates in baseball. foot- ball, and ping-pong . . loyal to Steinmetz. Ruth F. Granow Ruthie's ambition is to be a private secretary . . . has an aversion to soup slurp- ers . . , loves to putter and run mimeograph ma- chines . . . Red Cross, Stein Sten, Library Assis- tant. Edward Gruszewski "Chief" detests homework e-like many another stu- dent . . . likes golf, foot- ball, and Mr. Jackson . . . wants to be a civil engi- neer . . . boasts only one red "D" in four years. Alfred T. Gurnicz "S l u g g e r" finds pretty "femmes" an attraction . . . has a yen to join the Navy and see the seas . . . excels in several athletic sports . . . service in Po- lice, and Fire Ma rshal groups. Mary J. Hansen A gay and dependable friend . . . everyone ad- mires that little gleam in her eyes . . . admittedly a souvenir hunter . . . Na- tional Honor S o c ie t y. Dardanelles, S t u d en t Council, G.A.A., Ofhce Service. Geraldine M. Harvatt To teach physical educa- tion is "Jerry's" hope and ambition . . . definitely a typical Steinmetz athlete . . . trim and neat is she . . . a devoted follower of school sports . . . Letter Girls, G.A.A. Aldona M. Grig "Duke" is intrigued by Jeanette MacDonald and her career . . . likes steak, music, and Miss Grant . . . wants to travel around the world . . . Student Coun- cil, G.A.A. Selma M. Guangi "Dolly" is a professional dancer . . . gets paid for playing baseball... spends her time watching the Blackhawks and col- lecting pictures of them . , . a future gym teacher . . G.A.A., 'Math Club. Rudolph R. Haas "Rudy", an all around fel- low, swims, plays hockey. and likes reading . . . would like to enter Illinois Medical School . . . Presi- dent of Pre-Medics Club, Student Council, Swim- ming Team. Osa M. Hansen "Personality plus" de- scribes "Rosie" to a "T" , . . after college she'll be an interior decorator . . . a great traveler- includes Europe in her itinerary. Virginia L. Harvey "Gin" wants to become another Faith Baldwin . . . her short stories have spe- cial interest and charm . . . high heels and chocolate sundaes are all she needs to be happy. erliness inst e an Edward Heckenbach Ed is a "whizz" on ice skates . , . has won many medals for skating . . . likes baseball. ping-pong, and swimming, too . . . wants to go to college . . . belongs to the Northwest Skate Club. Dorothy Hildebrand Always has a cheery smile . . . giggles on short no- tice . . . admires Errol Flynn's acting ability . . . getting up with the chick- ens does not appeal to her . . . Red Cross, Darda- nelles, Silver Streak. Ruth L. I-Iefferan Ice skates, collects match boxes, and consumes ice cream . . . "RufTie" swims like a fish . . . future tele- phone operator. or secre- tary, or millionaire's wife . . . Stein Sten, Darda- nelles. Pearl V. Hjertstedt "Bio n d ie" anticipates a future on the stage . . . rates "superior" as a baton twirler . . . enjoys all forms of athletics . . . dotes on ice cream, and ham- burgers . . . Band, Cycle Club. Nlabcllc J. Ciradcrl Iirancus A. Granicro Ruth ff. Granow Aldona M. Orig Doris Nl. Cirinics Cicorgc M. Cirubcr lfdward VJ. Gruszcwski Sclnia M. Qiuangi Blanclic H. liuclzow KCIIIICIII lf. Ciundurscn Allircd 'If Ciurnicz Rudolph R. Haas ',. 5 Margarcl QS. llaclwr Rohr-rl S. Hanasclli Mary J. Hanscn Oxa M. Hanson Irwin VV. Harland Robcrl Hartung Cicraldinc M. Harvatl Virginia I.. Harvcy lI'OUI'l, OUT SCllOOl Wllltll WQIP QStClL!l.SllQC! Robert J. Hawkins Robcrl If. Huck lidward fi. Hcclwnbach Ruth l.. HcH'i'ran XValtcr J. Hvnncman Arthur NV. Hcy Dorothy M. Hildebrand Pi-ar! V. Hicrrsu-dr l'uq -I Doris Hofer Shirlee A. Holtnes Vkfilliam A. Holzkamp Edward L. l-lookanson Robert ll. Hopkins Helen L. Horne Pauline Horwath Dorothy M. Hozian Pmernadine M. Hubers Angeline lacobazzi llrnest C. Jablonski Edward F. Jachec Genevieve M. Jacobsen Stephane H. Jagielski Alice M. Jahnke Doris l. Jahnke Edward A. Jenski Jane B. Johnsen Arne O. Johnson Harry J. Johnson my OUT pl? LaVerne M. Johnson "Shorty" seeks une clothes and big cars . , , turkey tempts her appetite . . . would dance and swim to lier heart's content . . . boasts the completion ol' ber high school career. Shirley A. Johnson "Sherry" dons sweater and skirt and is ofl on her roller skates . . . loyal sup- porter ol' our school dances . . . Stein Sten. Girls' Choir. Ci.A.A ..... i lively and gat' lass. Dm- lltrrvtlretl 1llitl'7fl't'I7 QCQSSOITS, Leonard R. Johnson "Len" would like to be- come a research chemist . . . hates to miss election by a small margin . . . president ol' Math Club. Sigma Quad. Civic liorum. Concert, R.O.T.C. Band. Student Council. Warren L. Johnson lnterested in musical re- cordings and photography . , . homework on Friday night ruins his disposition . . . admires good taste and modesty in misses .... 1 loyal Steinmetz student is Vxfa rren. JWQ dl OUT GlQClI'l- P Nellie F. Johnson "Pat's" favorite pastimes are swimming. dancing. riding horseback. and read ing good books . . . has learned how to play tennis . . . dislikes homework . A . likes modest and quiet people. Monzell Johnston lfavorite pastimes are danc- ing and swimming . . . likes sincere and unassuin- ing people . . . "Mony" admires beautiful teeth . . . member of the Senior Choir. G.A.A.. Ofhce Service. Cycle Club. Robert J. Johnson "Pm o b" basn't decided what to do in the future . . . the present concerns him most , . . thinks ice- skating lun . . . collects stamps in odd moments . . . Non - Commissioned Omcers' Club. R. Wilfred Jones "Didia' hear the one abottt +V' . . . happiest when telling a new joke . . . miserably squelched il' we don't think he's funny . .. we do . , . Visual lfdu cation. Pan-American. J Doris Hofer ltalian spaghetti and Dick Jurgens' orchestra meet her fancy . . , "Dory" will be a beauty operator . . . looks forward to travels beyond Chicago's l. o o p . . . Green Curtain Play- ers. Press Club. Robert E. Hopkins Has a great admiration for good cooks . l . food of all kin d s appeals to "Curly" , . . he can sing and he will sing for his supper. anytime it is nec- essary . . . lfire Marshal. Bernadine M. Hubers "Bernie" is a sport en- thusiast . . . enjoys a friendly snowball fight . . . has a desire to visit all the beauty spots of the United States . . . Ofbce Secre- tary. G.A.A.. Steinmetz Servitors. Genevieve Jacobsen A musician in our midst . . . makes her gypsy vio- lin cry . . . off to college "Penny" will go singing all the way . . . Symphony Urchestra. Hall G u a r d. Bicycle Club. PanAAm- erican. Edward A. Jenski l2d's ideal is the "Sha- dow" . . . the "Shadow" knows all . . . perfectly happy if he can juggle a turkey sandwich. and drive a car . , . interested in a civil service com- mission. Shirlee A. Holmes "Shorty" is going to be one of our dictators- she'll make our dresses . . . better to be her friend- doesn't like her enemies a bit . . , l.ocal Historv. Pan-American. G.A.A. Helen L. Horne A professional model . . . "S k i p p e r's" hobby is writing sixteen-page let- ters . . , pet peeve is radio "Hours" which last thirtv minutes . . . Student Council. Stein Sten. Bowl ing Team. Angeline Iacobazzi A busy lassie. our Ange- line . A . will be a private secretary . . . adores Dick Jurgens and cherry pie . . . Star Staff. Green Curtain Players. S e n i o r Choir. G.A.A.. Press Club. Stephanie Jagielski "Steph" has a keen sense of humor . . . a future home girl . . . National Honor S ociety. Darda- nelles. Stein Sten. Bowl- ing Team. Ofhce Service. Polish Club. Pan-Ameri- can Club. Jane B. Johnsen Jane likes to be absent when oral reports are scheduled . . . gives an at- tentive ear to guitar play- ing . A . would be very much pleased with the job of private secretary . . . G.A.A. Vv'illiam Holzkamp "Hi-Yo-Silvcr"T . . . Bill wants the wide open spaces . . . he'll be a dentist . . . the insistent ring of our pal. the alarm clock. gets several "rises" out of him, Pauline Horwath Happy P a u li n e says. 'love me and the world is mine" . . . a movie fan . . . people who tell her the story before she sees the movie annoy her-no end . . A G.A.A. Ernest C. Jablonski Here is "Jabs", the one and only great politician . . . represented Steinmetz on the gridiron , . . likes all sports . . . wants to filibuster in the U n i t ed States Senate. Alice M. Jahnke "Al" finds travel with her twin a pleasure . . . plays the accordion. dances. and skates . . . likes turkey dinners. tennis. and Miss McNamara . . . a future career girl . . . G.A.A.. German Club. Arne O. Johnson To be a farmer is his am- bition . . . delights in playing cards. and eating luscious morsels or just plain food . . . a musician of sorts . , . a future mil- Edward Hookanson Dancing expresses his love of rhythm . . . abhors baby talk . . . he'd be a happy and successful soul . . . enjoys being an all around pest . . . Sigma Quad. Boys' Choir. Dorothy M. Hozian "Dot" aims for success as a nurse . . . seeks a degree in medicine . . . wants crisp white uniforms and frivolous clothes. too . , . Pan American. Pre-Med- ics. Stud c nt Council. G,A.A. Edward F. Jachec "Butch" cuts fancy figures on ice . . . will cut meats in the future for a fancy price . . . delights in good music and sports . . , steak and onions rouse his mas- culine appetite, Doris I. Jahnke "Smitty" finds Dick Jur- gens' music alluring . . . proficient in most sports . . . everyone is her friend . . . the business world beckons her . , , G.A.A.. German Club. Hall Guard. Harry J. Johnson This fellow wants to fly with the United States Army Air Corps . . . all sports hold his attention -blondes do. too . . . "Swede" is an ambitious lionaire. stamp collector ommlttee .. tlzroug our ocal History LaVerne M. Johnson Leonard R. Johnson Nellie F. Johnson Robert J. Johnson Shirley A. Johnson Warren L. Johnson Monsell W. Johnston R. Wilfred Jones Page One Hundred Nineteen Bernice E. Kerber Devil's food cake and pretty shoes make her happy . . . "My future is what l make it," says she A . . enjoys cheerful friends and companions . . . Olhce Service. Clean - Up Com- mittee. Lillian H. Kitzman "Lil" will he a C.P.A. . .. spends time ice-skating. swimming. and playing tennis. , .National Honor Society, Dardanelles. G.A.A., Student Council, Oflice Service. Cycle Club. Walter E. Klinger "XVally" says there is no place like home . . . has accomplished much. hut is too modest to admit it . . . a "swing fan" . . . hates oral reports . . . future electrical e n g i n ee r. .. Radio Club. Marygrace H. Knott XVants to he a nurse-a good one too . . . particu- larly fond of outdoor sports . . . likes riding horseback through country lanes and ice-skating on smooth ponds. . . G.A.A., Police. Wyolene J. Kolze "XVy" excels in accordion and piano playing . . . anticipates four years at Northwestern . , . "goes lor" carrots. clothes. and Cadillacs . . . Dardanelles. National Honor Society. Student Council. Dorothy J. Kibbey "Dot" would like to sing with Dick Jurgens' or- chestra . . . likes to walk in the rain . . . watches Steinmetz triumph on the gridiron . . . her hobby is saving pennies . A . Silver Streak Staff. Evelyn E. Klein Aims to Hy around the world as an airplane stew- ardess . , . "Ev" loves to travel far and wide . . . Pen and Ledger Club. Stu- dent Cottncil. Girls' Choir. H a I I G u a rd, Bowling ilieam. Paul W. Klotz A chess player A . . has an A rt Institute scholarship . . . a stamp, art prod- ucts. classical music rec- ords, and coin collection . . , Poster Club, German Club, Civic Forum. Hazel l. Kohnitz Quiet and serene Ha7el will he a second l5lorence Nightingale . . . nothing upsets her . . . a stamp collector . . . loves to ride a spirited horse through picturesque woods. Ella A. Kopfer Looks forward to a future as a concert pianist , . . violin music is her delight . . . takes pleasure in sew- ing.. .considers her mother an ideal person . . . German Club. Dorothy D. Kiersch To be successful in all un- dertakings is Dot's ambi- tion . . . has a school letter . . . sports. swing music. educated people interest her . . . will be a stemgrapher .. .Stein Sten. Civic lforum, Mildred Klein Hawaii calls her . .. thoughtful people she en- joys and admires .... 1 clever lass-sews her own clothes. . . spaghetti. yum-yumf . . . Priscilla Lane is her ideal peson . . , G.A.A. Stanley Kluz Any food, as long as there is plenty of it, pleases "Stash" . . . "knowledge is powerufhe thinks . , . boasts a letter in football . . . Tumbling Tea m. lfootball Team, Intramu- ral Baseball. Magdalene l. Koller "Maggie" lik e s teachers with bigger and better smiles . . . she thinks Thanksgiving isn't com- plete without pumpkin pie . . .plans to take up nurs- ing , . . Student Council. G.A.A. Geraldine M. Koppa A songhird-of note . . . yearns for a career as Dick Jurgens' vocalist . . . Gerry loves cats. cards. and col- lecting Halloween favors . . . National Honor So- ciety, Editor of Silver Streak. Shirley S. Kilmer lf she can't he a singer with a hand. she wants to he a secretary to the boss' son . . . likes candy in fancy boxes . . . President of the Girls' Choir for two SCITICSICYS. Richard Klein Dick has Wanderlust . . . a great traveler . . . has ridden the rails all over the United States . . . a truth- ful felloww feels best in overalls . , , oysters are his main dish. Elaine Knapp Xvants to he a traveling reporter . . . retttrn if you borrow-"lggie's" slogan . . . likes pretty clothes and an exciting mystery story . . . Clean-Up Com- mittee, Stein Sten. G.A.A. Dorothy Kolodzieyi She can really make her howling pins fly . .. friendly "Boots" likes ev- erybody a n d everybody likes her . . . willingly lends a helping hand . . . Bowling Team. G.A.A.. Silver Streak Staff. LeRoy E. Koppen "" longs to play the piano in a "big-name" orchestra . . . blue eyes and a shy smile are some of his assets . . . donates his time and service in the Visual Education ofhce, fad and med Gross our interests extern Lawrence A. Jullie Emilee J. Jurczak Alice A, Jusczynski Garabed Kachigian Helen V. Kaminski Ruth C. Katz Lorraine Kecseg Anne E. Kelly J '5' ann' W Bernice E. Kerber Dorothy J. Kihhey Dorothy D. Kiersch Shirley S. Kilmer lian H, Kitzman lfvelyn lf. Klein Mildred Klein Richard Klein Vwlalter li. Klinger Paul W. Klotz Stanley Klux Elaine Knapp Marygrace H. Knott Hazel l. Kohnitz Magdalene l. Koller Dorothy B. Kolodlie yolene J. Kolze lilla A. Kopfer Geraldine M. Koppa l.eRoy F. Koppen eyon our zimmecfziate surroun ings . l.awrence A. Jullie 'l'o suit him. red hair l'I1llSI he the real MeCov-as his is , , . can't resist straw-- lverrv shorteake . . . loot' liall makes his lite exciting . . . earned his letter last season. Helen V. Kaininski llelen will lie a distiii- guished dress stylist . . . line manners and chicken soup win her approval . . . appreciates a good sense ot humor---has one. too . , . Polish Clulw. llmilee J. Jurczak XVants to he an artist with a studio ol' her own . , . enjoys skiing . . . keeps a seraphook ol her drawings . . . National Honor So- eietv. Dardanelles. Green Curtain Plavers, Ci.A.A. Ruth C. Katz Stay single and like it is her amhition . . , won a lsowling trophy . . . dis' likes eonceiled people , . , likes M i e k e V Roonev. sports. and shirts with slacks . , . her friends eall her Ulititcliu. Alice A. Jusczynski Seienee appeals to this modern lass , . . spends the summer playing tennis . . . National Honor Society. Dardanelles. Visual lfdu- cation. lirench Club, Pos lish Cluh. Ci.A.A.. Stu- dent Council. Lorraine Kecseg lllans to he a professional model ,... ihhors wash- ing dishes . . . enjoys dancing and swimming . . . Clean Up Commit tee. Bowling Team. Cos- tume lllustration. Poster Cluh. Ci.A.A. Ciarabed Kachigian Vtfhoopeef school is over' . , , now "Liary"' can sleep and relax .,.. 1 clear ree ord+never has heen tardv or alisent from school . . . interested in drafting and printing. Anne ll. Kelly "Kitty" sees a hright fu ture in newspaper work . . . adores swing music . . . likes apple pie. and evening clothes . . , Star Stall. l.atin Cluh. Student Council. Ciirls' Choir. l't1tJeOm' llumiretl I tuen! Ll 1777 XV.1rrcn lf. Kopplin Dorothy M. Korkowski ifSlL'iiL' Ci. Kolowski Rnbcrl If. Kolcwvski lynn l. Koll lnuisc Pa. liouljourian Veronica Koujourian .lulin J. Krcsina Robcrl Krstich Anna M. Kryzak Rita l,. Kumro XVilIiam J. Kunz Hclcn A. Kura Marilynn M. Kurzcr Irwin A. Kwasinski Lorrainc Ladcndorf Cflmcsicr G. l,aFaycllc W. 1.36088 Margarct C. I.aVignc Cccilia fi. Lawler we believe Nhrion li. l.cI'Jrun Virginia II. Virginia P. Loc lilorcncc IZ. l.chm.m .l. l.chmAnn Robert Ci. lxigbcr lnrayn S. lxvcy XV.lfFk'H I.. Liberty nn' Um' llumlrml I iL'i'r7l I ILL is no ess our duty to Warren E. Kopplin Sees himself as a C.P.A. . . . collects stamps. plays the piano. and eats fried chicken . . . an accom- plished fellow . . . Na- tional Honor Society. Stu- dent Council. Clean - Up Committee. Visual Educa- tion. Leon T. Kott L o o k o u t. Blackhawks. here comes "Kitty", the hockey pro . . . claims his only talent is playing the radio . . . declares bowling is a he-man sport . . . Bowling Team. Intramu- ral Softball. Robert Krstich "Pork-Chops" doesn't like pork chops-short steak for him-and all that goes with it . . . a future busi- nessman . . . Sigma Quad. Football Team, Basketball Team. Helen A. Kura Dance routines are "Pinky's" specialty . . . Spencer Tracy's pictures keep her happy . . . her plans for the future can wait , . . Lunchroom Po- lice. Red Cross. Green Curtain Players. Chester G. LaFayette "La Fayette", are we here?"-a s al u t e from "Frenchy's" teacher . . . serious, but friendly! . . . declares he will be a bache- lor . . . ambition: to own a business in a friendly town. Dorothy Korkowski "Korkie" will make beauty her stock in trade . . . possesses a ready smile . . . collects charms and stamps in her odd mo- ments . . . Pan-American Club. Polish Club. Local History Club. G.A.A. Louise B. Koujourian An enthusiastic Clark Gable fan , ., likes to dance. play baseball. and take part in most sports . . . dislikes homework. and who doesn't? . . . "Sis" will be a stewardess . . . G.A.A. Anna M. Kryzak Ann is definitely domes- tic - likes sewing and cooking . . . thinks slack suits. ice cream. a n d Mickey Rooney are "tops" , . . wants to be a stenog- rapher . . . will travel way out West. Marilynn M. Kurzer "Lynn" believes the days of chivalry are over . . . wishes to be the lady her mother is . . . enjoys the acting of Madeline Carroll and David Niven . . . she'll be a private secre- tary. Leo W. LaGess "Lee" likes airplanes . , . two years of college and then to the Army Air Corps--he hopes . . . plays the harmonica . . . likes to travel . . . Colonel l.indbergh-his ideal per- son. Estelle C. Kotowski "Babe" is her nickname . . . craves the experiences of a foreign news corre- spondent . , . Press Club. Dardanelles. Pan - Ameri- can Club. Office Service Club. Veronica Koujourian One fiying machine for Veronica-her chief desire . . , a loyal Cub rooter . . . keeps tab on all sports . . . hails from Sayre Branch . . . Office Service Club. Pan-American Club, G.A.A. Rita L. Kumro Has her heart set on being a concert pianist . .. "Ree" intends to be a bachelor girl--unless . . . French Club, Dardanelles. Hall Guard. Police. Pin and Ring Committee. Irvin A. Kwasinski A good sport at games of sport . . . longs to travel through the states . . . en- joys the company of his friends . , . laughs at the pranks of Mickey Mouse . . . Baseball Team. Margaret C. LaVigne "L a v i g n e e" admires a good sense of humor . , . delights in walking in the rain ... revels in the thought of moonlit eve- nings . . . excels in tennis . . . desires to be a nurse . . . Local History Club Robert E. Kotowski Wishes to be an account- ant . . . plays the drum . . . chief bell ringer of the school . . . also collects stamps . . . R.O.T.C.. Non - Commissioned Offi- cers' Club, Cheer Leaders' Club. Julia J. Kresina Singing her way to star- dom. ".Julie" chooses De- anna Durbin as her ideal , . . dancing. movies. and radio programs a r e he r favorite pastimes . . . Se- nior C h o i r, Dardanelles. National Honor Society. William J. Kunz A hard worker . . . a good friend to have when in need . . . admires Mr. Gif- ford . . . interested in air- planes . . . hopes to make a place for himself in the technical world. Lorraine Ladendorf A loyal Star supporter- every Steinmetz Star is in her possession . . . loves to sing. dance. and go on bi- cycle hikes . . . has no use for oral talks . . . G.A.A. Cecelia F. Lawler "Suzy" will earn her liv- ing running an embossing machine . . . short on oral talks but long on sport togs . . . knows where she is going and is on her way . . . thinks Steinmetz is great. promote tlzese princtjo es 0 gee om Marion E. LeBrun "Frenchie" is an experi- enced camper who boasts she can use a casting rod . . . knits. hikes. and col- lects snapshots . . . a switch-board operator she hopes to be . . . French Club. William J. Lehmann He's a busy man about town. this "Count" . . . a "bluff" of some power . . . he is always big- hearted and friendly . . . Sigma Quad. Boys' Choir. Police. Fire Marshals. Virginia E. Lee Has a big smile for all . . . not artists only are senti- mental-"Ginger" likes a full moon and a summer night. alone or otherwise . . . Dardanelles. National Honor Society. Robert G. Lefgber Collector of antiques and miniatures . , . "Profes- sor" uses his extensive vo- cabulary to charm teach- ers of English . . . dislikes solicitous salesmen, abhors history . . . wants to be a teacher. Virginia P. Lee "Ginny" hopes to teach wee tots their A, B, C's . , . noise makers and week-end homework irri- tate her . . . writes just for the love of it . . . Student Council. Junior Service Club. Dardanelles. Lorayn S. Levey "Ray" plays the banjo, sings. and dances . . . if you sing off-key, keep away from her . . . here's a lass who never has a dull moment , . . Pan- American Club, Girls' Choir. G.A.A. Florence E. Lehman Thinks four years at Steinmetz more enjoyable than eight at any other school . . . "Shorty's" suc- cess will come in the busi- ness world , . . G.A.A.. Pen and Ledger Club. Student Council. Warren L, Liberty "Maestro" Liberty is il master violinist . . . wants to live where the sun shines continually winter and summer for him . . , Symphony Orchestra. Pre- Medics Club, Radio Club. Page One Hundred Twenty three Helen L. Lile Life as a concert pianist beckons her . . . has a ra- dio broadcast to her credit . . . her hobby is tennis . . . sport clothes-her joy . . . G.A.A., Stein Sten, Latin Club. Ruth M, Luckner "Lucky" wants to be on her own with a good sec- retarial position . . . dwin- dles extra hours away with dancing . . . can swim like one of the little fishies . . . G.A.A. Pauline G. Lupo "Pauly" wants to estab- lish a dog haven . . . when fame beckons she'll do her sketches on a big white yacht . . . sailing is her remedy for "blues" of any kind. Martha Madalinski Her future spells T-R-A-V-E-L . . . likes sports and dancing . . . hopes to become a comp- tometer operator... Polish Club. Safety Com- mission, Oflice Service. Lettergirls. Local History. Robert Mall Dignity prevails . . . an exceptional orator . . . "the Majo r" willingly gave his services as Chair- man of the Prom Com- mittee . . . Cadet Com- mander of R.O.T.C.. Student Council. Math Club. Engineers' Club. Melvin E. Lorenz Contrary "Moe" prefers brunettes . . . dancing, and a life of ease mean joy to him . . . his wish bone collection will bring him luck . . . earned a letter in Basketball and Track, Shirley L. Lund "Red" believes in eating. ice-skating, a n d b e i n g merry . . . likes airplanes and the great outdoors . . . ambition to be an aviatrix . . . G.A.A.. Hall Guard. Civic Forum. Olga K. Lyczak Dark-eyed " R u s s i a n " would like to be a surgeon . . . her cakes are edible. she boasts . . , happiest when reading . . . one of our friendliest graduates . . . Alchemstein. Local History. Elaine Maggio Oh. how Elaine hates to get up in the morning! . . . wants to be a teacher . , . enjoys Metropolitan Opera broadcasts . . . a m e m b e r of Dardanelles. Junior Service, Red Cross. Student Council. John J. Malocha "Jackson" admires Babe Ruth . . . his ties are heard before they're seen . , . finished school in three and one-half years . . . is a "whizz" in athletics . . . Intramural Baseball a nd Basketball. wlzlclz in their turn, June E. Marshall June hates monotony . . . gets things done . . . has a winning personality . . . Treasurer of Student Council. Dardanelles. Na- tional Honor S o c i e t y. G.A.A., Senior Choir, Sil- ver Streak. Ova M. Marton An office position by day and business college by night mean a full schedule for "O" . . . thanks the man who invented the ra- dio . . . National Honor Society. Dardanelles. Stein Sten, G.A.A. Page One Hundred Twenty-four Roy Marshment "Marshie" will use his boldness and daring to pilot for some large air- line . . . has a fun-loving nature . , . Stage Crew. Hall Guard, Police, Fire Marshal, Red Cross, Local History. Robert L. Matson Bob. a success in high school, hopes to be a suc- cess always . . . a man of his word . . . his ideal per- son is Benjamin Franklin . . . Honor Society, Stage Crew. Sigma Quad. Al- chemstein. John J. LoSasso "Fireman, fireman, save my child" will be "Light- ning's" stock-in-trade . . . no concert music for him . . . an expert angler and prone to telling "fishy" fish stories. Eleanor L. Lundell "Stina's" consuming de- sire is to travel . . . likes good acting, dancing, mu- sic, art, swimming, and books . . . dislikes tardi- ness . . . Red Cross. Star. G.A.A,, Office Secretary. Gino F. Macchione "Mash" would like to be a C.P.A ..., his real fu- ture he has not yet fully decided . . . likes to play softball, eat pancakes, and be in Mr. Sheehan's classes. Cornelius Mahoney Wants to become a second Floyd Gibbons . . . thinks Eugene O'Neill's plays are just about "tops" , . . "Moe" enjoys pinochle. movies. and basketball . . . his pet peeve-notebooks. George T. Mancuso Jet-black wavy hair, is one of his assets . . . will be a salesman or auditor . . . classes in advertising, his- tory, and civics prove of interest to George , . . reads "best sellers" . . . Boys' Choir. Geraldine J. Martin "Jerry" hopes to become a professional guitarist . . . loves Hawaiian music . . . hates rubbers and heavy coats . . . collects post cards in her spare time . . . future-music and work . . . G.A.A. Ruth L. Matthies To be an interior deco- rator is her ambition . . . saves souvenirs . . . Ruth enjoys dancing . . . Cos- tume Illustration Club. Poster Club, Green Cur- tain Players, Red Cross. Water Pageant. leaf! towar Calvin Lowe "Joy" thinks words look best in type . . . wants to earn his living as a printer . . . golf and archery are his favorite sports . . . thinks Mickey Rooney and Mr. Nalecz are "it", Kenneth L. Lundin Ambitious and hard- working is "Ken" . . . hopes to own his own tool and die shop . . . success is his before he starts . . . an inventor in his sparc time . . . Sigma Quad. Virginia C. Mack "Jeanie" likes ease and comfort . . , modern slacks -her style . . . would like to sing with some impor- tant band . . . a former Sayre Branch student . . . Steinmetz S e r v i t o r, G.A.A. Stephen A. Malato 'iChubb" would like to be lawyer . . , wants to travel beyond South Chicago and see the wide world . . . earned a Steinmetz letter . . . Sigma Quad. Football. Track Team man. Rose J. Mantell "Shorty" is on her way to being a perfect office worker . . . enjoys ice cream. chicken, and lots of other things . . . Italian Club, Girls' Choir. Red Cross. Student Council. cz better Anne Marton Frowns on bad table man- ners . . . wants a world tour as soon as possible . . . glad to go dancing or cycling--anytime . , . "Mickey" was a member of G.A.A .... also served as a Hall Guard. Martha Maul "Marge" is glad to have addedfour years of high school to her accomplish- ments . . . her friends must have a sense of humor . . . will be someone's efficient nurse , . . belongs to the G.A.A. Hclcn I.. I,ilc Mclvin If. I.orcnz .lohn J. I.oSasso Calvin I.owc Ruth M. I.ucltncr Shirley I.. l.uml Iflcanor I.. I.untlcll licnncth I.. I.untlin Olga K. l.yczalt Gino lf. lXIacchionc Virginia Cf. Mack Martha Il. Matlalinski lflainc Maggio Cfornclius Mahoncy Stcphcn A. Malato Rohcrt Mall .lohn J. Malocha Gcorgc 'lf Mancuso Ross .l. Mantcll world . . . through the Star we symbofzize .lunc Il. Marshall Roy Marshmcnt Gcraldinc J. Martin Annu Marton Cva M. Marton Robert I-. Matson Ruth l.. Matthias Martha Maul 4 uv nv ur t rt-L iLLt'l Pauline Ci. I.upo l F 1 le Om' llumlred l'LL'1'r7ltf-.wzix Eleanor S. Mayling Henry lf. Mazurek Pauline A. Mazzone l.orraine A. McCann Mary M. McCormick Robert l.. McDermott Patrick J. Mclnerney Rita l.. Mcl.oughlin Edwin J. Meister Nancy A. Messina Sarah T. Messina Jeanruth V, Meyer Joseph l. Meyer Harold A. Meyers Frank E. Micheals Raymond C. Mielke Williani Mikalauskas Loretta J. Minkiewicz Ellen P. Minnick Warren T. Monberg the free om of the press . . . tlzroug our litlith 15, Moncrieff A 'lorolf Monson .loan M. Moore Grant Mors Dorothy M. Morse Alice M. Moynihan Dorothea M. Mueller Frank Mueller Eleanor S. Mayling Ice-boating and ice-skating occupy "Torch's" time in winter . . . a future nurse . . . Stein Sten. Office Service. Dardanelles. Jun- ior Service. Pan-American, Police. Hall Guards. Mary M. McCormick Mary is a lover of animals. detective stories. and his- tory . . . her hobby is collecting books and jew- elry . , . hopes to be a teacher in an elementary school someday. Edwin J. Meister Possesses an unbelievable amount of musical genius . . . for three years "Boo- gie-Woogie" a tt e n d e d classes at Schurz . , . likes B e n n i e Goodman, Mr. Groom. and mechanical drawing . . . a would-be band leader. Joseph I. Meyer "Jock" is an advocate of clever "jitterbugging" , . . wants to become an elec- trical engineer . . . has traveled in Canada. New York. and Minnesota . . . the basketball team call him their own. William Mikalauskas "Chic's" locker partner causes him much trouble . . . plays sweet Hawaiian music on his guitar . . . has a special interest in sports . . . Bill craves the thrills of a test pilot. CZIIQUCZQQ Edith E. Moncrieff "Edie" tries to meet celeb- rities . . . saves auto- graphs. snapshots. and souvenirs . . , plays golf. tennis. and swims . . . wants to visit "the wide open spaces" . . . Senior Choir. G.A.A.. Steinmetz Servitors. Dorothy M. Morse Roller skating is Dorothy's delight , . . graceful dancer on skates and in the ball room . . . "Dottie" loves to talk . . . a former Sayre Branch student . . . Stein- metz Servitors. G.A.A. A Henry E. Mazurek "Hank" enjoys swimming and good radio programs . . . has talent for model- ing. music and eating fried chicken . , . looks forward to being a chemist . . . a member of the Alchem- stein Club. Robert McDermott "Irish" plays heavyweight ping-pong and lightweight checkers . . . likes ice cream and Bing Crosby's songs . . . wants to be a draftsman , . . will spend his income on travel. Nancy A. Messina My, my!-all we can see is talk of singing and dancing on 'iJitterbug's" questionnaire . . . she'll dance her way around the globe before we can stop her . . . G.A.A.. ltalian Club. Harold A. Meyers "Hal" is Mr. Temple's right hand man . . . a master mechanic . . . a fu- ture "arm of the law" , . . chief technician of Stage Crew . . . Stage Crew. Police. Fire Deputy. Intra- mural Basketball. Loretta Minkiewicz Only a gentleman can win "Lorry's" heart . . , won- ders if she will ever be able to remain on the horse's back . . . Senior Choir, Office Service. Stu- dent Council. G.A.A.. Pan-American. gI'OUpS we Torolf Monson A peaceful fellow . , . dis- likes arguments . . . skis over snowy hills in brisk. winter weather . . . will enter the technical held . . . "Thur" has an excellent stamp collection. Alice M. Moynihan "Al" makes a hobby of tennis. and roller skating . , . insincerity is her pet peeve . . . hopes to see the wide world . . . a mem- ber of the National Honor Society. Dardanelles. Stu- dent Council. Pauline A. Mazzone Quiet. sweet. and lady- like is "Paul" . . . like most Steinmetzers, she likes fried chicken. Bette Davis. and Miss Andrews . . . a future secretary . . . collects stamps and coins. Patrick J. Mclnerney "Mac" is talented at tell- ing tall stories . . . nat- urally approves of the color green . . . a basket- ball star . . . drinks malted milks with pleasure . . . Basketball Team. Sarah T. Messina Being a secretary and at- tending evening school will occupy "Dimple's" time after graduation , . . sings, skates, dances. and likes any and all sports . . . Stein Sten. Italian Club. G.A.A. Frank E. Micheals "Bud" is proud of his "gift of gab" . . . con- tinued stories irk him . , . the gum cracking habit re- minds him of the Civil War . . . after college he'll be a pharmacist. Ellen P. Minnick A future beauty operator . . . "Jerry" likes dancing. and swimming . . , a loyal and enthusiastic club mem- ber . . . French Club. Civic Forum. Stein Sten. Local History. Costume Illustration. Lorraine A. McCann Wants to earn a lot of money . . . to be indi- vidual in all things is her aim . , . likes taxi-cabs and limousines . . . Local His- tory, Stein Sten. Green Curtain Players. Rita L. McLoughlin An ardent Cub and Bill Lee fan is "Irish" . . . will spend her life making people beautiful . . . Stu- dent Council. Civic Forum. L o c al History. Red Cross. Senior Choir. Girls' Choir. Jeanruth V. Meyer Will be a dress designer- a famous one. she hopes ...a tap dancer. , .her mother is her ideal person . . . enjoys jovial company and an all around good time . . . G.A.A.. Junior Girls' Choir. Raymond C. Mielke "Babe" will try anything once , . . likes sugar 'n spice 'n everything nice . . . will be satisfied to see the U. S, A .... Football Team. Track Team. Po- lice, Senior Chorus. Star. Warren T. Monberg Fortunate enough to visit France twice , . . will some day design our modern skyscrapers . . . Concert Band. R.O.T.C. Band. French Club. Lunchroom Police. Math Club. Stu- dent Council. evelop cz spirit o Joan M. Moore "Lizzie's" ideal is Kath- arine Cornell . . . took a leading part in "Tish" Local History. Alchem- stein. Pan-American. Pre- Medics, Green Curtain Players. Clean-Up Com- mittee. Dorothea M. Mueller "Tiny" can dance and play the piano . . . wants to be a piano teacher . . . history of art intrigues the young lady . . . likes just enough slang to make sp e e c h interesting . . . Poster Club. Grant E. Mors Girls are his "pet peeves" . . . a versatile fellow is Grant . . . likes electrical work. dancing. model air- planes. wood carving., radio. and stamp collecting . , . Poster Club. Fencing Club. Frank Mueller Would like nothing better than to be in a popular orchestra . . . playing his accordion is his chief amusement . . . Sigma Quad. Alchemstein, Math Cl u b. Accordion Club. Student Council. Page One Hundred Twenty-seven Mabel G. Munger Wants to travel while she works . . . dislikes giving oral reports . . . enjoys making notebooks , . . Girls' Choir. Local His- tory. Press Club, Freund- liche Fraulein. Robert L. Neal "Curly" wants to be a civil engineer . , . his fa- vorite among the teachers is Miss Kilgour . . . one of our football players . . . hamburgers, large and round, tempt his appetite. Grace F. Newton For her artistic touch on our Christmas Tree many thanks . . . "Gay" believes happiness is all important . . . has talent and charm. an ideal combination . , . Pan-American, Green Curtain Players. Dominic A. Nocchi "Nick" wants to get a de- gree in music . . . then a top-notch swing band for him . . . he is master of the trumpet . . . Italian Club. Symphony Orchestra, D a n c e Band, Football Team. Frank D. Novarro "Navy" enjoys the funny papers . . . has an eye for beauty . . . basketball playing and radio listening fill empty moments , . . would like to own a fac- tory . . . manager of Bas- ketball Team. H. Ruth Musselman "Ruthie" likes them tall. dark, and handsome . . . hamburger mad . . . giggles gladly on request . . . Hgrouchy grumps" annoy her . . . excels in dressmaking . . . Green Curtain Players. Mildred A. Nehrkorn Would like to pour her soul into dramatic acting. but fears she will end by saying "Number, please?" . . , interests-music. baseball. and dancing . . . Senior Choir, Girls' Choir. Edith E. Nickel "Better to be best" is the motto "Edie" follows . . . would be a model secre- tary . . . dreams of a South Sea island paradise ...a letter girl... G.A.A., Stein Sten. Pauline J. Noel She's waiting to see Mexico and Switzerland . . . "Polly" divides her time between dancing, swimming and reading. . . member of the Senior Choir, Pen and Ledger Club, and Hall Guards. Raymond J. Novotny His ambition is to be a senator . . . "Five-Point" has finally succeeded in eating long spaghetti . . . aims to travel around the world . . . draws carica- tures in his spare time. William J. Napier Oh, how he hates to get up in the morning . . . hopes for a successful fu- ture in college track . . . remember "early to bed and early to rise-", Bill Lolita L. Neuman "Lo's" future is centered around stenography . . . belongs to the "Anti-Oral Reports Club" . , . sport clothes and dancing attract her . . . Clean-Up Com- mittee, Stein Sten, G.A.A. Shirley M. Nielsen "Ooo-la-la" . . . "Lu" would like to study French at the Sorbonne in Paris . , . here is Judy Garland's twin . . . Student Council, Dardanelles, Junior Serv- ice, French Club, Star Staff, Press Club. Margaret Nolte "Studious Marge" knows her history . . . will take up nursing and specialize in athletics . . . Math Club, Dardanelles, Stu- dent Council, Pre-Medics. G.A.A., German Club. Red Cross. Armand F. Ochman "Arm" hopes to be a suc- cessful radio announcer . . . takes pleasure in eat- ing-especially peanuts . . . a would-be traveler . . . Track, Football Team, Green C u rt a i n Players, Sigma Quad. appreciation or the culture Dorothee Olsen Swimming and toboggan- ing are "Dottie's" favorite winter pastimes . . . creat- ing novelties for parties is her art . . , Pan-American Club, Pre-Medics Club, Junior Service Club, Se- nior Choir, G.A.A. Helga E. Oslund Wants to earn a million dollars--our H el ga is light-hearted, not light- headed . . . affectionately titled "Carrot Top" . . . National Honor Society. Dardanelles, Student Council. Page One Hundred Twenty-eight Evalyne G. Olsen "Lynn" belongs to the Student Council, Darda- nelles, and National Honor Society . . . collects auto- graphs , . . clever at swim- ming and dancing . . . a future nurse. I Helena F. Ozga Petite and sweet is Helen! . . . would like to be a model . . . enjoys concert music. traveling. dancing. and appetizing foods . . . "tops" in sports . . . Stein Sten Club, Junior Service Club, Emily Olszewski "Em" loves to "whizz" around a skating rink . . . at manicures. shampoos and hair do's-she is ex- pert . . . with Southern fried chicken she is a gourmet . . . Local His- tory Club, Press Club. G.A.A, Lawrence J. Ozmina A future electrical engi- neer . . . "Ozzie" believes in having fun . . . his fa- vorite sports are golf. baseball, and football . . . his curly hair and broad smile make one think of Don Juan. -and be pleasant. Ralph B. Neal Wants to be a millionaire playboy . . . writes poems, sings, and someday will play the piano . . . thinks Mickey Rooney a person to model after . . . Local History Club. Dorothy M. Newman Thinks a trip around the world would be a nice little cruise . . . back to reality-"Dottie" expects to be a commercial artist . . . talented in art , . . C o s t u m e Illustration, G.A.A. Florence C. Nikrant "Number Please" may be- come "Flo's" chant . . . she is somewhat of a but- terfly . , , loves the social part of life-parties. dances, good friends, gay companions - she w i 1 l have them all. Ray M. Notardonato An enthusiast about sports , . . "Blackie" thinks he would like to become a sports announcer . . . counts many people on his list of friends . . . thinks he could not get along without them. James K. O'Connor Jim admits teachers get only s c a n ty notebooks from him . . . likes swim- ming, old clothes. and Miss Kilburn , . . he would like to be an ad- vertising agent-someday and-maybe. o otlzer Elvira L. Olufs Studious but never misses any fun-possesses a per- fect combination of qual- ities . . . swing music and jitterbug dancing have no influence over "Al" . . . a girl of determination. Anna M. Paetsch This pin collector's chief joys are roller skating and riding horseback... Stein Sten Club, Freund- liche Fraulein, Girls' Choir, Press Club, Star Staff, Local History Club. Civic Forum. Mabel CH. Munger H. Ruth Musselman NVillian1 J. Napier Ralph li. Neal Robert l.. Neal Nlilclrecl A. Nellrlxorn l,olila l.. Neuman Dorothy M. Newman Grace l7. Newton lfmlitlm lf. Nickel Shirley M. Nielsen lflorence Cf. Nikrant Dominic A. Nocelmi Pauline J. Noel Margaret Nolte Ray M. Notardonato lfranlx D. Novarro Raymond J. Novotny Armand F. Ochman James K. Ofionnor ,08Of9 QS . . . t!H'Ol,lg ULU' I7flUSl.C gI'OUf9S W9 Dorotluee Olsen llvalyne Cl. Olsen lfmily Olszewski l1lXll'Jl..cDllllS llelga lf. Osluncl Helena lf. Olga Lawrence J. Ozmina Anna M. Paelsch ljlllll' Om' llumireli I wenlu 1 1 Robert J. Palubieki Dorothy M. Panlxratz Stanley J. Paproclti Nicholas J. Paradiso Betty l. Parker Rose T. Partipilo l.ouis Pasquini Sophie R. Pawlilx Edward A. Pedersen Dudley W. Pennington Rosalie P. Persico Ruth S. Pertell Franklin J. Peters l.orraine A. Peters Robert A, Petersen Conrad Peterson Paul Peterson Gladys ll. Pettingill Gene S. Petz Walter lVl. Piaseclxi I voice the universal fanguage . . tlzroug Herbert C. Pickartz Josephine R. Pieonere Louis A. Pinderslxi W' Virginia B. Pinderski Anthony J. Pingitore Albert Plant Lawrence Plotkowslxi Carmen A. Podkaln vs. Robert J. Palubicki Bob likes variety . . , as things he likes. he lists commercial subjects. chicken. and Mr. Downey -homework he does not list . . . wants to get a steady job as a court re- porter. Betty l. Parker Popular Betty was voted the "ty p i c al Steinntetz girl" . . . she is secretary of our class . . . looks for- ward to a career as a teacher. . .National H o n o r Society. Darda- nelles. Safety Commission. Edward A. Pedersen "Pete" has lent his talents to the Social Committee. Basketball Team. Press Club. and Star Staff . . . likes ice-cream. polo shirts. and Mickey 'Mouse . . a regular fellow and good pal. Franklin J. Peters "Chink" has no use for street cars and busses . , . his hobby is sea-scouting . . . cherry pie is his fa- vorite dessert . . . a fu- ture sports announcer . . . R.O.T.C, Band. Paul Peterson A great traveler is Paul- will see South America this summer . . . has a particular liking for yacht- ing . . . detests gum chew- ing . . . hopes to be a mechanic or salesman. OUI' daily Herbert C. Pickartz "Pick" is amused by the predicaments Mickey Rooney gets into . . . in- terested in music . . . plays basketball and baseball in his spare time. , . R.O.T.C. Band. Concert Band. Anthony J. Pingitore Beets are "Tony's" pet peeve-imagine! . . . to be a professional artist is his ambition . . , linoleum block carving. his hobby . . . enjoys bicycle riding . . . Poster Club. Italian Club. Dorothy M. Pankratz "Dotty" -"believe it or not"-likes history of all kinds . . . collects clever poems when she isn't reading Nordhotf and Hall . . . Junior Service Club. Senior Choir. Clean-Up Committee. German Club. G.A.A. Rose T. Partipilo "Rosie" wonders what the future will bring . . , she demands an interesting life . . . likes jolly people, gay events. outdoor sports. and the Hawaiian guitar . . . G.A.A.. Local His- tory Club. Dudley Pennington A master of the theorem. and equation . , . "Dud" hails from sunny Vir- ginia. "land of the Blue Ridge" . . . a future engi- neer . . . his hobby is photography . . . Sigma Quad. Math Club. Bowl- ing Team. Lorraine A. Peters A young lady with in- genuity and determination . . . "Petey" will be a mortician . . . clever is she with a bowling ball . . . her hobby - photography ., .Bowling Team. G.A.A. Gladys E. Pettingill "Petty" is talented in many ways . , . she acts. plays the piano. and the accordion . . . believes a sense of humor is essential . . . a future teacher . . . G.A.A.. Fencing. German Club. Senior Choir. Stanley J. Paprocki Makes golf his hobby and pastime . . . likes swim- ming and tennis also . . . 'iStan" thinks his ambi- tion is to be a chemical engineer . . , declares a jocular mood has a definite time and place. Louis Pasquini "Lou" is studious. we are told . , . study does not stop him from dreaming - of blondes-of course . . . his ambition-to act as defense attorney for Hedy Lamarr. Rosalie P. Persico An all around girl-our Rosalie . . . reads. dances. and plays tennis . . . she hopes to be a singer of note some day . . . an ar- dent admirer of Bette Davis. the actress . .. G.A.A. Robert A. Petersen Concert Band. R.O.T.C. Band. Dance Band. Stu- dent Council . . . "Pete" boasts he is a super trumpet player . . . sleep- ing. eating. and "femin- ology" are his recreations . . . loves excitement- turns to aviation. Gene S. Petz An accomplished figure artist on roller skates- loves to go round and round . . . thinks Heaven is a thick steak smothered in something . . . a mem- ber of the Roller Streaks. associations in our Josephine R. Piconere This aesthetic soul loves good music . . . "Picy" will be a pleasant teacher -she won't give home- work . . , saves odd pennies. , . G.A.A.. Bowling Team. Pre- Medics Club. Hall Guard. Albert E. Plant Future tool and die maker . . . plays a chromonica . . . lectures. long and dry. bore him . , , food, rich and plentiful. interests him . . . baseball and hockey his chief activities. Louis A. Pinderski "Lou." a future journal- ist. detests giggling and backseat driving . . . Sigma Quad. Press Club. Pan- American. Editor of Star. Chief Justice of the Stu- dent Court. S t u de nt Council. Lawrence Plotkowski "Laurie," our vice-presi- dent. wants to become an executive somewhere-he will. too . . . President of National Honor Society. S t u d e n t Council. City Championship Baseball Team. Nicholas J. Paradiso Nick has many friends . . . he is fun-loving and gay wants his food fit for a king . . . will undertake any job fate has for him . . . dislikes criticism of President F. D, R. Sophie R. Pawlik "Susie" is another future beautician . . . claims the honor of being a twin . . . dancing. swimming, and basketball take up her time . . . likes fried chicken. pretty clothes. and Betty Grable. Ruth S. Pertell "Perty." of the theatrical mind. deeply admires Nel- son Eddy. the singer . . . Helen Hayes is her ideal actress . . . loves to bowl and play tennis . . . Pan- American. Student Coun- cil. Green Curtain Players. Conrad Peterson "Swede" wants to see Sweden someday . . . here is a future musician . . . lemon cream pie spells per- fection for him . . . at baseball and football he spends his spare time. Walter M. Piasecki Longs to travel beyond Chicago's back yard . . . wants to be a millionaire and take life easy . . . will not spend a cent of his millions on "blue singers" or dramatics . . . Radio Club. WOf all Virginia B. Pinderski "Jinny" is a future Mary Roberts Rinehart . . . and sport suits her fancy . . . knows South America and Hawaii from experience . . . keeps all kinds of scrapbooks . . . G.A.A., Stein Sten. Carmen A. Podkaln Trying out new recipes intrigues Carmen . . . wants to own a speed boat . , . likes ships. horses. and dogs . . . National Honor Society. Student Council. Red Cross. Dardanelles. Silver Streak. Page One Hundred Thirty one Ireene K. Pompeii Vaudeville a p p e a 1 s to "Pepper," the fig u r e - skater . . . a comedian she'll be . . . roller skating takes most of her time . . . President of Roller Streaks, Polish Club. Civic Forum, L o c a I History, G.A.A. William E. Privratsky Here is our "Mad Rus- sian" , , . a future come- dian , . . takes pleasure in giving skits . . . excels in accordion p l a y i n g and writing stories for vaude- ville acts . . . Track Team. Band. Shirley L. Radtke Tee's destination is Hawaii . . . thinks twelve years of school is enough . . . if people must talk, they should say something-is her contention , . . crochets. skates. and trav- els . . . G.A.A., Student Council. Lorraine A. Rasine "Lorry" glories in swing music and dancing , . . playing the piano occupies her leisure moments . . . spaghetti and fried chicken, her choice . . . future office gal . . . Civic Forum, Stein Sten. Edmund M. Reeck A good hockey game and the words "no home- work" are his chief joys , . . his chief accomplish- ment--the climbing of the Statue of Liberty . . . "Mush" is a future court reporter. p ay, we Robert R. Renner Everyone will want to fly when "Gramps" becomes the crooning pilot of his specially designed pl a n e . . . sports clothes and a sense of humor are pre- requisites for passage- strong perfumes are not. Helen Ripa This attractive girl will make a good secretary . . . likes pleasant and friendly people . . . dancing is her favorite pastime . . . inter- ested in school service clubs . . . Junior Service, Darda- nelles. Page One Hundred Thirty-two Betty E. Powell "Bettes" loves snappy "duds" and movies . . . excels in sketching and costume designing . . . keeps a scrapbook as a hobby . . . will go far as a novelist . . . Press Club, Stein Sten. Jane M. Prokopowicz "Blondie" wants to be- come a good secretary to a lawyer . . , admires Clark Gable and enjoys turkey dinners . . . likes to make new friends . . . Local H i sto r y Club. Polish Club, Civic Forum. Loretta B. Rak "Rocks" and homework do not agree . . . her beauty and grace do agree . . . ice-cream, and Dick Jurgens are her favorites , . . a college girl in a few months. . . G.A.A. Arnfreid Rasmussen To model sport clothes is her desire . . . finds time for tennis and ping-pong . . . Pen and Ledger, Pan- American. Red C r o s s , Office Secretary, Clean-Up Committee, Poster Club. G.A.A. John C. Rehak Here's the tall. dark type the girls adore . . . boasts of one of the poker faces at Steinmetz . . . "Yosh" believes in taking life easy . . . he'll be a machinist. come to know the fu Audrey C. Richards "Penny" may be a violin virtuoso some day . . . plays chess, dances. and c ol l e c t s candid camera shots . . . hopes to earn her degree in music . . . Orchestra, String Quartet. G e r m a n Club, Student Council. Glenn B. Ripslager "Rip" likes race horses, sleek and swift . . . movie stars interest him-no end . . . he puts his knowledge of French and science into practice at the French and Pre-Medics Club meetings. Betty J. Price Up in the air about avia- tion . . . wants to be a clever jitterbug . . . "Skeets" has finally learned to knit . . . has traveled to Canada and the British Isles , . . a future business woman. Julia A. Pytell Her friends don't know which they like most- "Jule's" culinary skill, or her acrobatic art . . . am- bitious to become a teacher . . . she won't "live alone and like it." Angelynn C. Rakas Black-eyed "Little Bit" likes true blue eyes . . . a professional dancer . . . enjoys saving pennies and eating Southern baked ham . . . Mrs. F. D. Roosevelt-her ideal per- son. Margaret E. Ratzka "A dimpled chin. the devil within" . . . interested in all sports . . . many extra- curricular school activities . . . "Marge" is well liked by her fellow students. Dorothy V. Reif "Dottie" is our little "clinging vine" . . . enjoys her many friends tremen- dously . . . holidays and beach parties-her delight . . . Dardanelles. National Honor Society, Pre- Medics, Junior Service. Bertha E. Rieser J o v i al "Bertie" likes everybody and everybody likes her . . . enjoys sports and dancing . . , a chop suey devourer . . . future comptometer operator . . . expert volley player . . German Club. James E. Rispante "Jimmy" likes bananas- because they have no bones . . . he is usually serious . . . wants a steady job . . , plays the guitar, swims, and dances . . . looks to Washington as an ideal person. ll Edward C. Priestap Sports, travel, and music are "Ed's" pastimes . . . his hobbies are photog- raphy and stamps . . . Sigma Quad, Concert and R.O.T.C. Band, Silver Streak, Prom Committee. Student Council, Basket- ball. Bernard P. Quaid "Ben" is a self-made man. and he is proud of it . . . he will win his way in the world through his singing . . , he is a member of the R.O.T.C., Sigma Quad, Civic Forum. Edward J. Rakoczy The i'Count" has mas- tered the accordion . . . hopes to master dentistry in the future . . . keeps a sharp eye on the rifle range . . . has no eye for the so-called "war-paint." Virginia E. Rediger "Take me out to the ball game" , . . a lusty Cub rooter . . . student of the terpsichorean arts . . . "Red" counts her friends her assets . . . G.A.A., Red Cross, Local History. Marjorie G. Reimann "Marge" a d m i res tall. dark, curly headed boys . . . enjoys classical music . . . back slappers and in- terruptions rouse her tem- per . . . collects post cards . . . German Club. French Club, Stein Sten. meaning Robert A. Ringstrom Excels in copying George Petty's art . , . can imi- tate Bonnie Baker's sing- ing . . . admires the person who knows what he's talking about . . . future commercial artist . . . Civic Forum, Track Team. Florence B. Roback Disapproves of her nick- name, "Bunchie" . . . will make a beautiful model . . . "Lux or no Lux"- she's no dishwasher . . . G.A.A., Student Council, Silver Streak Staff. I rccnc K. Pom pc ii BCI! Y if. Powtil Bcity J. Pricc lfaiwani Cf. Pricstap XVilIi.1m lf. Privrnisk y .lanc M. l'i'okopowicz Julia A. Pylcll l'mci'i1.1i'd P. Quaid Shirlcy I.. Racilkc l.orcI!.1 15. Rah Augclynn C. Rains Ifdward J. Rakoczy l.orminc A. Rasinc Arnfrcid Rasinlisscii M.irg.m-i li. Raizka Virginia lf. Rudigsr ifdmund M. Rccclx .lohn Ci. Rclmk Uorul il y V. Rci li Mar-ioric Ci. Rcimnnn 'T O our cooperative effort . . . we, as uture Robcrl R. Rcnncr Amircy C.. Richards Hclcn Pmcrllm If. Ricscr Robcrl A. Rings! rom Ripn Cilcnn B. Ripslngcr .lanics Ii. Rispamc Vlorcncc B. Rolmck Math'lda M. Rofrano Raymond J. Rokusek Michaline XX. Rolkosky John J. Roman Marjorie G. Rorgo Ciertrude D. Ross Ruth B. Rozanski Norman H. Ruck Norman A. Rud lfdward Rudowicz lilorence J. Ruggio Marian B. Ruggio S. lirank Ruggio Donald CI. Russo Willititii J. Ruzicka l5eatr'ce M. Rynowski Mirie ll. Sahinsky l,enore J. Sandberg liugene J. Sanke Betty J. Schaefer citizens an gm unites, wi Ruth M. Scheffner "Schef" is a future travel' ingt segretary , . . enjoys dancing. reading. and op- eras .... 1 dmires good manners . A , sweet and sincere . . . Dardanelles. Stein Sten. Ci.A.A.. Na tional llonor Society. Johanna Cf. Schmidt 'lihis quiet. carefree lady was horn in Ciermany hut was reared in the good old United States . . . may make her name in the husiness world . 4 . "Jo" loves all sports . . . Ci,A.A. Pilar Om' Ilttmtretl blif7fl'llJ-ftllll' Virginia Schirmann 'ACiir1ny" loves small chi'- dren . , . she'll he a school- marm . , , hoasts a perfect attendance record . . . Darf danelles. lfrench Club. l.o- cal History. Stein Stcn. Oflice Service. Williatii R. Schraub "Ray" wants to have a good orchestra of his own . . . plays the trumpet for his pleasure and the p'eas- ure of others . . . likes dancing. hasehall, swim- ming. parties. and swing music. Pauline H. Schlaeger "Polly" hates homework . . . spends her time col' lcctintl glass dog- ,A.. fu' tute accountant . , , excels in trumpet playing . . . adores chop suey .... 1 memher of th: Darda' nelles. and Rand. George J. Schultz "Dutch" prefers to give orders . . . an evecutive he would like to he . . . he is perfectly happy about his singing voice ...t 1 Don Juan with red heads . . . Sigma Quad. ll CCZIWQ Harriet E. Schmalz lfuerttetii "Hattie" could dance forever, and 'spe cially to Orrin 'liucker's orchestra .... 1 dmires tall. dark gentlemen .,,. i dores fried chicken . , . CLA Pi.. Red Cross. liinance and Clift Committees. Eugene A. Schulz His future he'll leave to the fates , . , wants a ioh when he leaves school- good steady one . , . his one joy' f steaks4htg1 and ,juicy . . . lntramural Base- hall and l'1askethall. Mathilda M. Rofrano "l'm really very sorry. but the line is busy" - you'll know it's "Teoda" with the voice with the smile . . . she's sociable and friendly , . . Girls' Choir. Orchestra. Italian Club. Marjorie G. Rosgo "Marge's" ambition is to have a secretarial position . . . she is talented in tap dancing . , . has an eye for beauty and grace . . . refuses to reveal her ideal person-can keep a secret. Norman A. Rud Ambitious "Small Fry" would like to retire at the age of twenty-one . . . will keep on playing baseball and basketball . . . served on Hall Guard duty, S. Frank Ruggio "Franklin D. Ruggio" in- tends to set Congress on Ere in a few years . . . will invent a "goo" thick enough to keep his hair down . , . Sigma Quad. Green Curtain Players. ln- tramural Sports. Marie B. Sabinsky "Su2zie" is fortunate- can speak five languages fluently , , . will be a nurse or gym teacher . . . Presi- dent of Local History Club. Stein Sten. G.A.A.. Hall Guard. Raymond J. Rokusek Listening to a division bulletin is "R 0 c k e y's" chief aversion . , . partici- pates in all sports and lis- tens to the Cubs and Sox play ball . . . a position as a bookkeeper beckons. Gertrude D. Ross "Plain living and high thinking" her motto . . . she will be a nurse . . . collects greeting cards . , . plays the clarinet . . . a member of the Concert Band. Red Cross. Hall Guard, Student Council. Edward Rudowicz Zoology, science. and elec- tricity occupy "Rudy's" mind . . . his ambition is to make this world a bet- ter place to live in . . . M a t h Club. Orchestra. Band. Engineers. S i g m a Quad. Track Team. Swimming Team. Donald C. Russo Wants to use his musical talent as an orchestra leader . . . plays a gay accordion for business and pleasure , . . reading and ice-skating are Donald's pleasures . . . Senior Choir. Student Council. Sigma Quad. Lenore J. Sandberg Her fine quality. dependa- bility. will help her attain success , . . her future always looks black before exams . . . likes pie. saddle shoes, and spectator sports . . . Stein Sten. Local His- tory Club. G.A.A. Michaline Rolkosky Always ready for fun . . . 'iMickey" likes to roller skate . . . delights in eat- ing blueberries . . . not delighted to wear white shoes on crowded street cars . . . a member of the G.A.A.. Local H i st o r y Club. Ruth B. Rozanski Her hobby is writing to a foreign correspondent . . . Ruth will be a hair stylist . . . she is a basketball enthusiast. too . . , shud- ders at reptiles . . . Student Council. G.A.A.. Clean- Up Committee. F r e n c h Club. Florence J. Ruggio Modest a n d unassuming "Flo" is an ardent admirer of Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt . , . yearns to travel . , . swings a ten- nis racket with precision . . . has no use for male wall flowers. William J. Ruzicka 'ABill" is out to make a million in a short time . . . history. his favorite subject . , . plays the French horn and cornet . . . maker of beautiful maps . . . Sigma Quad, National Honor Society. Safety Commission. Fire Marshals. Eugene J. Sanke 'iGene" makes automo- biles his hobby . . . inter- ested in becoming a race car driver . , . 'ASpeed" thrills him . . . Indiana- polis. here he comes? . . . his tenor voice has charmed us one and all. John J. Roman Would like to see he round. round world likes sincere and friendly people . , . wants to grad uate from a good college . . . an ambitious lad a member of the Student Council. Hall Guard. Fire Marshal. Norman H. Ruck Ruck thinks his greatest accomplishment was learn ing how to "warm the bench" . . . musician by instinct . , . active in Steinmetz bands Sigma Quad. Fire Mar shals. P ol i c e, Football Team. Marian B. Ruggio Franklin D. Roosevelt Oflice Secretary. l.ocal His tory. Dardanelles. Beatrice M. Rynowski "Bebe" hopes to visit Ha waii some day . . . likes formals. leg o'lamb. and Spencer Tracy . . . "work while you work, play while you play" - er motto . .. Stein Sten G.A.A.. Polish Club, Betty J. Schaefer "Live, laugh. love. and be happy"-her motto . her winning smile his made "Betts" a popular girl . . .likes model "T s . , . National Honor So ciety. Dardanelles. Ofhce Service. Student Council orwarc! tlzese befiefs arte! ideals into Ruth Vi M. Scheffner rginia K. Schirmann Pauline H. Schlaeger Harriet E. Schmalz Johanna C. Schmidt William R. Schraub George J. Schultz Eugene A. Shulz Page Om- Hundred 'I hirlu five "Mar" knows what to do with money . . . would like to be a bookkeeper in a bank . . . likes shows light opera. and Mrs Richard F. Sims "Dick" is proud of his let- ter for Band . . . master of the French horn . . . dancing occupies his spare time . . . "Tiny" occu- pies his thoughts . . . Green C u r t ai n Players. Football. Earl K. Smith Tall, dark. and handsome describes our senior class president . . . known to his friends as "Smitty" . . . an excellent bass solo- ist . . . future lawyer . . . National Honor Society. Sigma Quad. Student Council. Lucille T. Snell Acts with small theatrical groups , . , sports and "lines" fill her idle hours . . . "l.olly" would love to own a South Sea island . . .a member of the Green Curtain Players. Student Council. Clarence W. Spann "Babe" knows he has made a lot of good friends -and we agree . . . he practices the lost art of listening , . . he is a young virtuoso with a violin . . . belongs to Visual Educa- tion. Ernest F. Sprugel He is a talented trumpet player . . . swing music makes him happy , . . carving fills his spare mof ments . . . classical music makes him unhappy . . . consults the crystal ball for his future. Marie S. Slaton "Preckles" looks forward to the life of a singer . . . enjoys taking candid pic- tures . . . abhors lectures . . . in her glory when dancing. singing, or playa ing the piano . . . Girls' Choir. Frank D. Smith Sunday dinners his spe- cialty . . . a fine clarinet player . . . "Budd" intends to be a tool and die maker . , . enjoys model air- plane designing . . . Offi- cers' Club. Rifle Team. Regina H. Sobre "Ginger" plays the piano . . . wants to dance as well as Yolanda . , . the traveling bug has her-too . . . admires Priscilla Lane. the actress. and finds glam' our in evening clothes. Edith N. Spina People who tell her what she already knows arouse Edith's temper . . . accom- plished dancer . . . would like to fly someday , . . loves to eat - dotes on food , . . Local History Club. Shirley M. Stevens "Snoggles" loves sizzling rhythm and sailboats with moonlight . . . can play the piano and dance . . . "I can't" aggravates her , . . ambition-to be a model . . . Dardanelles. Graduation Committee. Charline J. Smerz "Sis" likes Sports. danc- ing. and souvenir collect- ing . , . conceit is a char- acteristic she cannot admire . . . a dancer's career attracts her . . . G.A.A.. Stein Sten, Hall Guards. Harold E. Smith "Gunner" lives for week- ends and freedom . . . would like to travel the wide world over, then "wind up" as a business man . . . skating, basket- ball. and baseball occupy his spare time. Stanley A. Sobon "Soop" likes baseball and claims to be Steinmetz No. l White Sox fan . . . hopes to be a big-leaguer like his ideal baseball player. Jimmy Dykes . . . so "take him out to the ball game." LaVerneF.Sponholtz A baseball fan is "Lavey" . . . a talented pianist as well . . . likes people with big brown eyes . . . en- joys music, history, and Spanish . . . Dardanelles. National Honor Society. Office Service Club, Jack A. Stewart "Stewey" hopes to travel around the world when Hitler. Mussolini, and Stalin have quieted down . . . likes horseshoe throw- ing. singing. and the movies Police, Fire Marshals. Rosalie Smid "Ro" hates to wait . . . enjoys swimming . . . a great traveler . . . painting and reading occupy her spare time . . . Dardanelles. C l e a n - U p Committee. Poster Club. G.A.A, Russell R. Smith Gossips and oral reports aggravate him , , . dreams of a trip around the world . . . prompt "Smitty" has never been tardy . . . likes potato salad and lots of it . , . belongs to the Math Club. Michael Sopko A future lawyer , . . no justice for women smokf ers-lVlike's determination . . , an excellent boxer . . . likes to play golf and baseball . . . Latin gets the best of him. Maranette Springer An amiable person - has no pet peeves . . . likes to dance, swim and sing . . . will be a beauty operator or fashion artist . . . fa- vorite foods are roast turn key and fried chicken. W. Scott Stewart After West Point it is the army for "Scotty" . . , a "whizz" at mathematics . . . possesses a keen in- tellect and a constructive mind . . , President of Student Council. Student Court. Basketball Team. Swimming Team. our polltica an socia! lives eyon Carl Schwanderlik Albert J. Schwartz Dorothy M. Schwartz John J. Sedor Walter S. Semeniuk Rose R. Shabez Jane lVl. Sikon Ann V. Simonsen tlze sclzoo! . . . tlzus we wi!! take our Richard li. Sims Marie S. Slaton Charline J, Smerz Rosalie Smid liarl K. Smith Frank D. Smith Harold E. Smith Russell R. Smith l.ucille l. Snell Regina l-l. Sobie Stanley A. Sobon Michael Sopko Clarence W. Spann Edith N. Spina l.aVerne li. Sponholtz Maranette Springer llrnest li. Sprugel Shirley M. Stevens Jack A. Stewart VV. Scott Stewart Carl Schwanderlik "Chicks" one talent is de- vouring hamburgers . . A would like to own his own business . . . building models of anything and everything takes tip his spare time , . . spaghetti and Mr. lierdman suit him. Walter S. Semeniuk lo attend the University is "kVally'S" of lllinois greatest ambition A . . ac- tive in all sports . .. H730 lootball captain . , . chief accomplishment A the art of typing neat papers. Albert J. Schwartz lior "Al" the future is a question . . . interested in photography . . . collects stamps . . . success-fim ished high school in four years . . A likes pork chops . . . dislikes oral reports . . Boys' Choir. Rose R. Shabez Roses ambition is to be- come a bookkeeper-an alert and accurate one she will make . . . reading. skating. and playing bas- ketball keep her busy . , . a member of the G.A.A.. Hall Guards. Dorothy lVl.Schwartz "Dot" aims high-wants to be an aviatrix or a T.W.A, stewardess . , . proud of her hard earned G.A.A. letter . . . known as a dancing darling . . . Red C r o s s, Dardanelles. Pan-Americana Jane M. Sikon Dull evenings bore her. . , "Smiles" nlls empty hours with sports and dancing . . . likes busy days and gay evenings . . . wants to travel around the United States in a trailer . . . Pre- Medics Club. John J. Sedor A fu I u re aeronautical draftsman . . . wants to sail around the world , . . likes to sketch. to read. and to sleep . . . would like to fly an airplane someday soon . . . Alf chemstein. PrefMedics Club. Ann V. Simonsen "l,ive and learn" is her motto . . . a future "num- ber. please" girl . . . "Bar- ney" actually eats her own cooking - k n o w s "the proof ol' the pudding" . . . Green Curtain Players, Red Cross. Stein Sten. Ci.A.A. Page One Hundred ilihlifltl r St'Ul'l7 I 1 Om' llum11'mI' 'I l7:1'1'!'l'1'fl7! lfrcd R. Sticlu Margarct lf. Straszkowski Mary D. Slrmic lfclward M. Sullivan Vvlilliam M. Tail Casimir 'lialaga lflizabcth Tcnzingcr Rose S. 'lbrracina lflorcncc 'lf 'licsta l7ranlx S. Tclcrus Richard A. Thcml Vxfilliam J. Tliicl lN'larjnric A. 'lilliclcn Paulinc V. Thonias Marilyn M. Thompson lflsic M. Thorn lflcanor Ci. lhorncroll Cfallicrinc M. lortorici Pmrucc G. Toussainm Richard lf. Trcndcl p ace witlz the Citizens of the present l lirwin H. Ulm John F. Valcnlc Gcorgiana Van Der Lccst l.ouannc Vaughan Cicorgc Cf. Vcrdaclx Clyde M. Vipond lilorcncc R. Voigt lrcnc G. Voss Fred R. Stieb Has hope of becoming a big league ball player . . . "Fritz" finds all sports in- teresting-but b a s e b a ll leads . , . much of his time is spent as a Star representative a nd Hall Guard. William M. Tait "Scotty" of the undecided future. chooses Abraham Lincoln as his ideal per- son . . . wants to be suc- cessful in whatever he un- dertakes . . . knows "he who hesitates is lost." Florence T. Testa "Flo" has an eye for beauty . . . likes movies and plays showing lovely new coiffures and creations by Adrian . . . wants to manage her own beauty salon . . . G.A.A. Marjorie A. Thielen "Give me the wide open spaces" - pretty "Peg" yodels as she strums her "Gittar" . , . a Tyrolean she could be . . . yearns to be an interior decorator and live in a trailer. Eleanor Thorncroft A busy. active girl is "Ellie" . . . enjoys an oc- casional movie . . . plays the piano and roller skates if time allows . , . her plans for the future are still in the making. Marg. Straszkowski A dependable and ambiti- ous stenographer she'll be . . . enjoys good food. plenty of pretty clothes. and good entertainment- there is nothing unusual about "Midge" . . . Dar- danelles. National Honor Society. Casimir Talaga "Cas", one of our best drum majors. wants to join a good band . . . m-u-s-i-c spells his future . , . a member of the Con- cert Band. R.O.T.C., Stu- dent Council. Polish Club. Frank S. Teterus Has a knack for mathe- matics and chemistry . . . putters with compounds in the "lab" . . . college comes first-then a visit to the Orient . . . belongs to Sigma Quad, and Math Club. Pauline V. Thomas A February '40 graduate who has come to join our group . . . intends to pur- sue a career on the stage . . . a member of the Green Curtain Players, Civic Fo- rum. and Student Council. Catherine Tortorici Plans to take life easy . . . detests homework . . . a "whizz" on roller skates . . . a future dressmaker . . . "Kay" enjoys bowl- ing as well as making clothes . . . Roller Skating Club. Mary D. Strmic Mary is different - an amateur animal trainer . . . thinks girls should be seen and not heard . . . wants to be a surgical nurse . . . sang in our Steinmetz Se- nior Choir. Elizabeth Tenzinger Betty longs to own her own beauty shop . . . likes quiet and contentment at the movies . . . collects souvenirs , . . likes to draw, ice skate. and type . . . her ideal is her mother. Richard A. Theml Wants a career in music . . . dislikes jazzy swing music . . . "Dick" is a chess enthusiast . . . pho- tography interests him . . . likes big words. opera, and eating . , . President of Symphony Orchestra. Marilyn Thompson Called "Scatterbrain" but really is not one . . . will sail the wide world over before she comes to an- chor . . . Alchemstein Club. Pre-Medics. Junior Service. G.A.A.. French Club. Bruce G. Toussaint Brings no lunch. buys no lunch. but eats! . . . "Bruser" has a peculiar combination of brains and nonsense . . . prominent in many school activities . , . National Honor Society, C a p t io n Editor Silver Streak. Edward M. Sullivan Delights in arguing in Mr. Bradley's and Mr. McAl- pine's classes . . , earned his letter in the Concert and R.O.T.C. Bands . . . a future tool and die maker . . . Hall Guard. Police, Student Council. Rose S. Terracina Doesn't agree with "Pop- eye"-hates spinach . . . thinks chicken dinners and Mrs. Taglia are the best ever . . . frivolous "Mig" collects bunny-rabbit tails . . . Dardanelles, Italian Club. William J. Thiel "Bill" would like to be an orchestra leader or song writer . . . baseball and roller skating his sources of exercise . . . has no use for gossips of any sort . . . Sigma Quad. National Honor Society. Elsie M. Thorn Giggling holds no charm for Elsie - she doesn't practice it . . . dignity and poise she admires sincerely . . , wants to be a pro- fessional model . . . a member of the Stein Sten Club. Richard F. Trendel Food and rest are sweet words to "Indian" . . . brags about his marble shooting . . . pitching pen- nies is an expensive hobby . . . ambitious to go to college . . , belongs to the Concert Band. in preserving an protecting this nation - Erwin H. Ulm Participates in most sports . . . food is food to Ern . . , does his own develop- ing of photographs . . . hasn't made up his mind about a vocation . , . Fire Marshals. R.O.T.C. Band. Concert Band. George C. Verdack Future teacher of art . . . likes symphony orchestras --no use for modern or- chestras . . . plays the piano. fences. paints. and collects art reproductions . . . enjoys chile. kilts, and Lillian Gish. John F. Valente A"super-colossal" clari- net player . . . aeronautic designing appeals to him . . . glad when his report card shows he passes . , . dotes on fried chicken . . . Class Social Committee. Clyde M. ViPond Here is a future army pilot called "Ace" . , . likes to camp out . . . has a he- man appetite . . . says Mr. Jackson is an ideal person . . . R.O.T.C. Captain, Green Curtain Players. G. H. VanDerI.eest Hot tamales and chop suey are her favorites . . . an accomplished roller skater . . . "Georgie" gets the shudders from a "chalk squeak" . . , Dardanelles, National Honor Society. Stein Sten. Roller Streaks. Florence R. Voigt There's "swing" in her music and her clothes . . . "Flo" alias Katherine Cor- nell . . . will try anything once . , , National Honor Society. Dardanelles. Stu- dent Council. Green Cur- tain Players. Louanne Vaughan "Lou's" aversion is to- ward "drug -store red heads" . . . tall, naturally blonde people meet her ap- proval . . . would like to own her own beauty shop . , . G.A.A.. Clean-Up Committee. Irene G. Voss She's small but determined . . . would like to become a singer . . . a member of the G.A.A .... makes sin g i n g, bicycling. and horse-racing her activities . . . to see Switzerland is one of her goals. Page One Hundred Thirty-nine Mildred E. Votipka "Milly" hopes to lead a happy and peaceful life . . . always jolly and full of pep . , , likes to skate and dance . . . is a member of the Clean-Up Commit- tee, and Student Council. Walter E. Walden "When in the course of human nature it becomes necessary to bluff, let us bluff"--we quote our fu- ture psychologist and man of the world, Walter E. Walden of Steinmetz High School. Mabelle V. Warner "Mae" likes to go places and see things... a would-be dietician . . . plays a clarinet in the Con- cert Band . . . Dardanelles. French Club, Pre-Medics, G.A.A., Student Council. Elinore C. Wendland Dress designing appeals to Elinore . . . we expect dashing "creations" from her . , . enjoys out-door sports . . . G.A.A., Office Secretary, Local History, German Club. Betty R. Werner "It's for your own good" irks "Bets" . . . wants to live "happily ever after" , . . Dick Jurgens and Eddie Howard hold her spellbound . . . she's an a l-around girl. gland of tlz Eliz. Willercheidt Betty is Tuley's loss and Steinmetz's gain . . . hopes to travel to Denmark after graduation . . . she's a typ- ical high-school girl . . . presses flowers for a hobby , . . plays piano for fun. PearlM.Winkelmann "Winkie" never misses a "Dead End Kids" picture . . . to tour the United States is her desire . . . wants a clerical position after Steinmetz . . . Stein Sten, Local History Club, Office Service Club, G.A.A. Page One Hundred Forty Florence Wachowski Foreign lands and green pastures beckon to "Gig- gles" . . . proud of her service letter . . . will go far as a nurse . . . has many and varied "likes" .. . belongs to Visual Education. Fay C. Wallace Wants to be a successful calculator and bookkeeper . . . "Scotty" believes that laziness and contrariness are man's worst curses . . , G.A.A., Office Secretaries, Hall Guard, Cycle Club. Clarence J. Wegert Tinkers with motors and wants to own his own air- plane . . . "Clar" plays his radio the live-long day . . . wants his movies super colossal and stupen- dous . . . Sigma Quad. Howard B. Wenger " H o w i e everybody's friend, would be a famous lawyer . . . will submit to "Wanderlust" after college . . , Class Treasurer. Civic Forum, Sigma Quad, Na- tional Honor Society, Bas- ketball Team. Donald L. Wickert Sports, flashy c l o t h e s. chicken dinners, and the "opposite sex" are plea- sures for "Duck" . . . full of life . . . makes full use of his radio . . . Sigma Quad, Bicycle Club, Stage Crew. Arleen E. Wade Quiet, serious, and studi- ous describe Arlene . . . sweet and friendly . . . wants the career of an air- line stewardess . , , active in tennis and roller skat- ing . . . a talented pianist . . . Stein Sten. Elynor J. Walliser M o n d a y morning finds "Wally " unwilling to greet it . . . likes bicycles and tennis rackets . . , Na- tional Honor Society. Dar- danelles, President R e d Cross, Green C u r t a i n Players, Student Council. Robert O. Weise A picture of long lost chivalry . . , "Bob" likes gentle people . . . a letter- man . . . will be an insur- ance actuary . . . can and does play a good game of chess . . , Track Team. John Wennerstrom An accordion pl a y e r is "Johnny"--an electrician he'l1 be. . . likes Miss Farr and Miss Bergh for teach- ers . . . a traveler of sorts . . . the United States his specialty. Richard W. Widick "I object," says lawyer Dick. "to giggling girls" . . . hopes to make money with his "gift of gab" . . . President of Sigma Quad. Math Club, Stu- dent Council, Police, Fire Marshals. Doris L. Wagner She plays four unrelated instruments, s i n g s. a n d dances . . . "Dodie" is clever and versatile . . . likes the rhumba and Dick Jurgens' orchestra . .. Dardanelles, Orchestra, Red Cross, Girls' Choir. Irene E. Wandas Music will be her avoca- tion-typing her voca- tion , . . interested in all sports . . . a healthy ap- petite-could eat steak three times a day . . . Stein Sten, G.A.A.. Polish Club. Berwyn D. Welt Ambition-to study acro- nautics and become a transport pilot... "Beamy" likes art and music, and all sports . . . Pre-M e d i c s, Intramural Baseball, Lettermen, Foot- ball, Basketball. Gladys M. Werly Looks forward to a career as a stenographer . . . "Glady" likes to read and play tennis . . . thinks gum should be seen and not heard . . . G.A.A., Stein Sten, Local History. Emilie M. Wiegel Ambitious "Emmie" in- tends to go in training for nursing . . . she's a good cook . . . likes to yodel , . . reads and collects books . . . "See America First" is her motto. e free ana! home of the brave Margaret Williamsen A member of the Finance Committee . . . now she hopes to work in a bank . . . likes to dance and swim . . . Margie served as a Visual Education Sec- retary . . .joined the G.A.A. Elaine P. Wisher "Wish" wants to be a ca- pable ofhce worker . . . likes to swim, skate, and play tennis . . . to sing. or dance, or go to "proms" makes her merry . , . Office Service, Stein Sten, G.A.A. Lorraine C. Wilmes " Whi tey " believes in equality for women . . . she is in awe of Sherlock Holmes and his colleagues . . . wears a G.A.A. letter . . . National Honor So- ciety. Dardanelles, Office Service. Alice L. Witz A proficient secretary she hopes to be . . . likes skat- ing, playing tennis, and dancing.. . admires 'Mickey Rooney and Miss Kilburn . . . Clean-Up. Red Cross. G.A.A., Stu- dent Council. Sherwood D. Wilson Wants to be a big, bad capitalist . . . sports and stamp collecting take up his time . . . the life of a bachelor seems ideal to Sherwood . . . belongs to the Clean-Up Committee. D. M. Wollschlaeger "Oh! for the life of a loafer," says "Woll" . . . says "d-am" every time she has stockings to darn . . . President of Green Curtain Players and Civic Forum. Red Cross, G.A.A. Nlildred lf. Votipka Florence E. Vlfachowslxi Arleen Il. XVade Doris l.. Vwfagner Waltt'r Walelen liay C. W.1ll.1ce Elynor J. Walliser Irene lf. Vsfandas Mahelle V. Vwlarner Clarence J. VVegert Robert O. XVeise Berwyn D. VJelI lflinore C. XVendland Howard B. W'enger John O. Xvennerstrom Gladys M. Werly' Belly R. Werner Donald l.. Wickert Richard W. Vv'idiek Emilie M. Vwliegel tlze democracy we c eris . p Elizabeth Willereheidt Margaret Williariisen l.orraine C. Vvlilmes Sherwood D. Wilscun earl M. Winkeliimann Elaine P. Wisluer Alice l.. Witz Dorothy Wtullselmlaeger lltwe Um' llurvdri-d Iforlu- 1 Virginia R. Wood "Woody" is talented in baking cherry pie , . . hamburgers and fancy hats Find their places in her heart . . . yearns to be an interpreter of Spanish . . . Oflice Service, Pan-Ameri- can Club. Herbert W. Zahn Herb has been to Germany -wants to see more of the United States . . . his hobby is coin collecting . , . likes to eat cherry pie and play ping-pong . . . a loyal Steinmetzer. L. A. Woodward Admires J o h n n y Weis- mueller's physique . . . brags he can eat three sand- wiches at once . . . the quotation "eat, drink, and be merry" typities "Tee" , . . Sigma Quad. Book- room Vkforker. Arthur J. Zeiner Enthusiastic, ambitious, and intelligent is Art . . . he's normal-hates to roll out of bed in the morn- ing . . . hopes to enter the legal profession . . . Presi- dent of Student Council. Sigma Quad. Virginia R. Wood Leeman A. Woodward Shirley B. Worobow Evelyn R. Wydra Herbert W. Zahn Arthur J. Zeiner Robert E. Ziesenhenne Eleanore J. Zimmer I Evelyn R. Wydra Shirley B. Worobow O. for the life of a pri- Dogs, golf. and music make "Worbie" happy . . . admires Miss Grant and Mr, Groom . . . collects toy animals , . . hopes to travel and do secretarial work . . . Girls' Choir. Junior Service, G.A.A. R. E. Ziesenhenne Mr. Ebert's right -hand man . . . a photographer's life looks good to him . . . spaghetti and bike-riding suit Bob's fancy . . . Po- lice Chief, Fire Marshal. Sigma Quad, Visual Edu- cation, vate secretary! . . . has decided leanings toward dancing. and hot chocolate . . .a ping-pong artist .. . Stein Sten. G.A.A.. Green Curtain Pla y e r s, Pan- American. Eleanore J. Zimmer Eleanore is an artist of tal- ent . . . an expert roller skater-has appeared in spectacular roller skating exhibitions to her glory . . . Roller Streaks, Poster C1 ub. G.A.A.. French Club. JUNE GRADUATES NOT PHOTOGRAPHED Henry R. Andersen Bernard R. Davis ' Julian H. Stachowski Robert L. Barta Willard W. Fluhler Eugene W. Tatar Donald J. Buick Thomas M. Franklin Richard M. Thompson Steven L. Kaminski Paqe One Hundred lforly-two Zin Memoriam JUNE AUDREY NIERMAN June 22, 1923 January 17, 1940 A . x Q f ' A fy! f 449 N r 1 t S M - V A ,:ff,, 9 if 4. -- s ,F J P K' 5 e 359 4 - A 543' '44' .V , ,, Y ' ,, 3.4-f -f 4 . s 1 +4 Ili? ' ' ' I K ggi: . . .F ' '- K ? 1 ' ' ie nh 14 N I- 'S 4 ' . , K QC? Q' k ff: T561 T Q QQ B we J' , i I ,i ..., , 4 , .1 V G" dl, Mk.. 'In . . g, . .al Wf- -w fl. f S, :- A 'Ea 4 , 1,5 'V .. if K ' . 2 ff ,a I . 3 , I x. 9, :,, fy. A ' ,,. , A . I is -f.fM,,,,,zQ? ,Q ig, L I A Q ' ' Vl,1,, r A X V, .3 . . VVLVE ig Q , 'M A JW? sw , W U5 1 1 gf' ,4 A '4 it - 4 lIlfJ ll1ll1'l lfflvr 5 Adjustment Room . . Alchemstein Club . . . Assembly Hall ,... Baseball Team .,.. Basketball Team . . , Bicycle Club ..,, Birthday Party ,... Book Room ,... Bow Day ....., Bowling Team 4... Boys' Choir ...... Campus Dedication .... Christmas Trees . , . Civic Forum 4.rr..... Class, A ,..r,...,.... Class Oflicers-January , . Class Officers-June ,,.. Clean-Up Committee . . Concert Band .......,. Concert Orchestra ....,. PIC ....74 ......60 .,..96,97 ,..68 ...69 ...,..67 ,...76,77 ,...74 ...74 ...67 ...84 ..,...100 60,101 ,.....28 ....56 ..,....37 ...104,105 ......97 ....82 ...85 Costume Illustration Club ...A . . . 57 Counselors ....,....., Dance Band , , . Dardanelles .... Divisions . . , Faculty ,.r,,... Football Team .... French Club .... G. A. A. Board A... German Club . . , Girls' Choir ....., Golf Team ........ Graduates-January .. Graduates-June .... Graduation .......... Green Curtain Players .... Groom, Mr. W. .... . Haley, Miss M.. . . . Henze, Mr. C.. . . Holidays ..... Italian Club ..., Jackson, Mr. H. ,... . Junior Service Club .... 11 82 ..,.92,93 .,,14-23 ....76,77 ....69 ...90 ,..66 ..,...89 ....86,87 67 ...38-53 .,,106-142 ......z.l43 72,73,74,75 86 25 ...,11,25, 104 ........l01 89 25 94 TURE INDEX Lab, A ,,,. . , . . . 56 Latin Club . .,... . . . 90 Library Club , .... , . . . 61 Local History Club. . . . . . . , 88 Lunch Time , .... .... 6 4, 65 Math Club ...,,.,.. . . . 61 National Honor Society .,,. . . . 35 Office Service Club .... ...... 5 7 Open House .,.,... ..... 1 02, 103 O'Hearn, Mr. D. ,... . , . 10, 77, 103 Pan-American Club ....... ...... 9 l Parent-Teacher Association . . . A ...... . 34 Parties ......,...,.............. 75 Police, Fire Marshals, and Hall Guards. . 57 Polish Club ....,,............... 91 Pre-Medics Club .... ...... 6 1 Prom ....,...... ..,, 7 8, 79 Ramsey, Mr. G.. . . .,.. 11, 77 Red Cross ....... ..... 8 8 R. O. T. C. ,,......, .... 3 0- 34 R. O. T. C. Band ..., ..... 8 3 Safety Commission . . . . , , 29 Safety Representatives . , , , , . 29 Sayre Branch ,......., ....,. 2 4 Senior Choir .........,.. .... ' 86, 87 Senior Division Teachers .... ..... 3 6 Shop, A ....,....,..... . . . 56 Sigma Quad ........ . . . 95 Silver Streak Staff ,... . . . 63 Spanish Class ...... . . . 75 Stage Crew . . . ..,. . . 62 Star Staff .... ....., 9 8, 99 Stein Sten ...... ....,..... 5 8 Student Council. ., .. .l2, 13, 26, 27 Student Court .,.... ..,.... 2 7, 28 Swimming Team .... ......., 7 O Symphony Orchestra .... . . . 85 Track Team ...,.... . , . 68 Visual Education . . . . , . 59 Water Pageant . . . . . . 71 Wizard Staff ..,, . , . 25 Work ......, . . , 74 Photography by Ebert Studio. Engraving by Rosenow Co. Printing by Fred Klein Co. -L' ' " .".l' 'l' I I I I . I' ' . . IIIIII II ,I. I .- I - IIq,'.!'I-I.l ffl' .I . r III I II I .V " .'. I 1' 'u 4. I- I ' ' ' fz- Q- ,Nw - r I I III -2 - " F - -fl 1- I'l-:"JL'II'l":'l -'ElI"l-n- -lf: I-

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