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 - Class of 1937

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9? QwM' ,q My f' fWm W f ! f'f...,f,...X J,,!'g 2? wwf! Q5 4 ' A W ff 5 fy! S19 M Aff L fb? f . , 1 , J fm in N f f fx :Rza jf 2 ' 5 ff! 5 ,ml In ff W 'i M x,Qf f',' LZXW E IWW MQ K 4 N ' 5 1 1 n ,jiwfbh ,Xl Xi MA ' 'Y A is M fm I f v R xxw J jff lujhu , EY X Q ff. XQSX ,J N?lWQQZ?w,wi?Q Jfkff ' fe XJ Q82 - x ix ' A U -Q'-.. x DQS X22 D X i la"- my ix Yi .1 -ix...-:Z iz! ii ,I-'X N X. ii, --. MMM? vw: 9 -5 W W -Q '. "-Z' I ,Ng . Kap- XWW 1 Q Jw Y HN L, ff" X Y fa-xxx - H x,.LV ff:-ix , I 1-xxhx f A I , ,f,Vc,c,e,4,4, Q4 adj . N :' yy jj , .R K' -5 f 1 .1 ff? -iv X I A 5-n A M I. Q S - - f , , 1 1' mfr., A' fl I my ff ,ff ' 'V uf x""""'!' J df' 'fu ', mx X 'Ll Q D frl1IlL'l5 a 2.31-7, fb J - 4? ' D WX QJNRJW ' ' 'L g"'i ! "'Ng-..- - ' '-44, ' .,...-- 5 N - '-' nnulfmun Zzww.. hm? rw W, W1 ,M M M' A If .Q iw ff Q2 gd WMU A 'lx ksmfgi Q fi5i""""'-'QQ' ,ydff '34,-mfs! annoy? ak x 6" V -.Q X ip . A , X W g My E 1 E WX? . ' .w'wwf x 1l f i Vw X f iff. - N., s ' ff? + A ,W Az' , "'Q 'X elk Qqgiylu ,,,,1ff4. ' 'V I w,,h'm ,M-A U I-'11 ' 'f.., ,1 - W . H ' V d""""-ww, 3 Gil VJ er M .M l M Wm MW? MW W h Qi, fi W 'M f f f, ,Z 1. 1 U 4 . fi 7375 5 Y' EL as 1 fl ,, X, .1 1- '15 3 4, 1, , . 'YW 4 f .I -. ' 5 a sv .QI I x If s inf -"' 'yiw' 1 'I mfg: fi "6 U, :QQ ,vi v lg 1 f S f X l Silver Streak l937 Published by the Students ot the Steinmetz lfliqh School Chicago FOREWCDRD In this 1937 edition of the Silver Streak, we have likened our beautiful school to a vessel of old which sails bravely, with its precious cargo of students, over the uncertain ocean of Life. Guided unerringly by a competent staff of officers and loyal crew, the good ship Steinmetz attains each semester, the Cape of Graduation, where a portion of its load must be intrusted to small lifeboats, called by some, diplomas. From this point, as the giant vessel takes on new cargo, these small craft shift for themselves, striving earnestly to reach the peaceful confines of those Twin Ports, Success and Happiness. That they will arrive without mishap is the earnest prayer of every watching seaman aboard the Steinmetz. To further the theme, the art-work and literary content of this book were designed. The sincere desire of every Staff-mem- ber is that our completed work proves as acceptable to you, as has that of previous editions. Students of Steinmetz, this is your book: may you find it pleasing to your taste, and a source of sweet recollection in the future. Editor-in-Chief ...... ..... K athleen Breitsprecher Business Manager ..... ........... H arvey Nehmzow Sponsors .......... ..... P . F. Gifford, D. E. Weber Miss Elma E. Bouqhton "A very present help in time of trouble" is the most meaningful tribute we might present to Miss Elma E. Boughton, beloved dean of girls at Stein- metz, for she is at all times ready to console and advise any student who seeks her aid. Sponsor of the renowned Dardanelles, and teacher as well, her day is completely occupied, nevertheless, she can always find time to take an active interest in every student affair. We graduates of Steinmetz will always treasure the memory of her work for us. It is with utmost happiness and respect that we dedicate this, our Silver Streak, to the dean of girls, Miss Elma E. Boughton. DEDICATICDN Mr. Herbert A. lackson The friend and counsellor of every boy and girl is the Dean of Boys, Mr. Herbert A. Iackson. He works ardently in the promotion of student welfare, flashing a pleasant smile with every Word of advice or gentle rebuke. Never has he been discovered too busy to hear any student plea and act upon it im- mediately. Besides such service, Mr. lackson con- trols the hall-guards, police, and fire-marshals at Steinmetz, as well as directing the efforts of the Clean-Up Campaign. For his amiable interest in their every concern, Steinmetz boys and girls like and respect him. Therefore, it is in harmony with the desire of every student, that we dedicate this book to Mr. lackson, our Dean of Boys. mn . I ' ' -.I 'WI' MW' . ' I ' ll' WIIIII' MI" U wi I . ul "IN " I J III, mlg' I IfI4lII1II'at'lfQI?5IIgQw:I 3 ' ,? a:L""'E?"'IlnuImiIII',I, 'IIIIILIIW II' I 'III' "fIvf"'I'Im IIIIII KI If I nII"'I' "'III""' W I" I' . -- I I, Il ll u If ,1 I Im I . '44 wg ,. ' m,,,,Mu an num , 1 I mu. ,,lH1uf"I..Im 'III In I, X 'I 2 ' Inq., "IIq,"Fu,," 'II f r' 'II u"'I'II q""4u.""Im- ,,. I 'I ,g N II. IIZIK' V I 'mn I .maxim : fjq I QM :mu Lui, 5 Iv ,gi waqg M, , Wg I ll In : . VI Im AW. 'J X X II, ,Q-Nr I ...1,I71I.II,,, IWQIIIQFI-Ia:-I-I 315' I I--IM. I .II mi .EIIIIII , I ' I pg I I ,II I In I '1, "f,,,,"1lu I Lulu gms I l .umrlmq.WA:N:IIlIIlI'g, I sl .. , .JI lnnIIu1aIn::nm::.m::EIIIl lxjv yxuxiqi Iv. vw II'Iw'fI I I II mf '.a'I--- ' .IIII:I--IIIMr::xI- .1 'III If "IWC NWN b IQ I, II114,l:'ltqn""'III ,vm fd ,X I.III'ffmm'ImmRQ,- U' I: Lu N It Q fn:-..-1, MH IM Mi wqll "Mu WIP ' IH , 'VK "WD, -II."""III " ' I'1I'IIIu'--- M44 , IIIIWIIIIIIMUHI "H" I f I I -I' '1Iu"Il:mI.'!IlIlLllm:Hnu 1. ,I """WIQI 'Imam' N H 'W Im.. , I , If I k'.7.,:'INxf-i.,3gnm 4. Iii: I .IM Rm. H In In ' I! IV , np!! mu, 'I uhm.: I ' V -'X rig. HUF' I+. II, 'I MH" I 'I II' I n3"'I'I5Iu"mI.I3" IIII I I I I f' I MMI "IH 1 -I., 'mtuuu 45 , Iluu. ! "III ' , I I I Iwglau " A'IIIIi'II r 1' 'II It muu 3' 5""ffEq,-.M,.,, I, I, I Iwqmfil- IW! - ' FI 'I-I , WI- I :xp IZ' In ...I .I .rg,,,, ft -I YU ' V .HA I Q5 , Q V :sl uluw l , QM, , my V.,,f II 5.3 I 'I f 'I ,."5::-, W... H:' , 'W . 'W' . ,iN: T-4 I ' ,M XIII' VQQIV1: --.. ,J '-.ff 'J 'msfsiggft . -,Iqm ' 'I ' I' ,,- A ""'III- ... iw - I II I! .I :VI .L 'I . tl H -Q. 'A' Nu. I Y w s U3 nllfwnq I , EE, - I r-ix 'Wu' "im " .L ' ' ug: ' Q ,I -.Iwi I M' II' I I' 'MMIII . 7 '4 m"l',1t,-... ,, I u I, '. "'lI- I 1.11 IIIIIIW In fm MW, nn I 333,-V II . -1.1 ...MI I ,:' K Im., Q I I 2,3175 - - ey TY ,I -51, .." '1:t"' I W IIIIIIIIIIQ: IQ1 'IiI .II'II.I IN. L.: I :II 'III-, I: iII I , , 2 I 'I I II I-I m :,.1I 'II'2,',I.IIIIf an Ig? III' Ig5q:IgI,rqI,,y I XII I I, I - -- H QI I" "ImQII'I ' M I II IIHILI -cfwd' - ' I u I, , I- 'I '9 I-III' IMI: I4 II Ii ' I , 'f' ' " ' I VIII 'QI I'I"'I1 , '::.-.Ii I , M3115 - ' . g IIIIII I nm lfwlanamgunu. 1 !"'f'f'4' IIWIIJ gf I P I' ' 'I' wIiIIw 13 Il MMIII.: 2 QTII III I I I II-I-1723. - IIIIIIIFMIN fa rIm:d4uw,'IW. QL, EH1Vni'g'ILlI- I XI : .mud N Q 13, ,,.,:!u IGRIIIIHIIII I+ SVI r " IIi2I"""T I' , Yi, ' J' f' Z:w- b, F- 'nm II ,I ""I " UI KI-'HIIIIII 'MII' W HI ffl" La I ""-Hua' I 'U' IIIIIIIIIILIIIII 'IF NIIIIHIIIMIIIIIII JI 'III III IA: I ii ::uIIf'Ig,,,"" I I I4IIw':E"' I,1:"II IIfI: 'Eg-M-Zmgflgg Iflfg-' 44,1 I .VU j If - .. '-'-X 1, .N " X If " P' F,-I-.IIICI I - umm I M II, T: .I " ' -IEW MM'iQ5gfglg,,Ifli"I, III. -4"2fIIM,, Igm II. "' I I II urIII- f3g"I"I'y II 2 I"', .-- II ' ' -: 'v ',Q.:,f--:T vigggk' 'I I F. in if IQ, 4 -. LI -7-IZ' I' I V I I ,. " ' I' Hi' ' 'I 41' ' I II -' .I,. ,..I I--I i'.2.'LL.'11" lm I '- I' - 'I 'I , ,ff ' , f-'--uf., . T I . . vb vw . III 5' ' I -4- I, IL , ,A I I In 1 , lvl ru -I I' -'II -,J ,lv ,, .EN MMTIITIIII W WI M'1i'qInIMEII1w512'Il"" 5,ff'2f1: " ---1-i.1'IiI"Il III' I 'III N dfllllll eu ,P UHW41: Il Hwmumgm: -kk. -- VT ,EZ-:L ..,.. ...... . . .-..-. . Eu -I I- I I, .Mn-.,II.. 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'19 j5'!mm, S Mig WWW Z! P 4 SW! ' X Vf X ' w X A ' XXX x N ' r X ' . w 7 ff 4' ' rl Uk , IA A ' 4... 5 3 fl X21 ' 2 Q x N - N W' ,., f I wg " X1 Y , I 1 A A 6 It ' 1 1 n 1 X H n A ' Q 9 i I .gninwqtx EX xy f f Xlgs E rx ma xv- .l 4 X I N '-, ff S , XXX S ff ' ' L X' :og fl ,fn In I I, ..--v 1 1 H K qu. ,x xx ff , 4 wx K X sf' -is: AA-A . . K X ,555 N' f-0 '?- . ,. 'I U u 4 K I ' 7 X ' Q: "Fx '-1-1 , .f E .4 Es? H' , A 1 '- QF 'Jn X 'nr Y QEQX' Ku I H ,I A A X ixlgxx S5351 xt A5 N ffl A pt, Mk EQ' Wy' ' X X 1 I f 1 N f I K I f 91,1 .fl U X ,R ll, S X Z -, . NWI, 1 . V 1 A LW mm W . 'z my - ,A V + Q. -pf fx wwf 1. A I 62 mm -Vw - Mum, 52-11: A 'Q ...N-Y 1 . pf' X 5 g i, zu, J- , , . 3 1 Y -f- 12 - 4 :- f Z n? 'ig fy xk C'-'51 Q1 -- f 5 S Q 4. NUI f l f 5 - ' -5 1 gl , fm "" . " ' I 3 92 ... " - : Z ' -- l . Z g .., Q x -5 K , '- DQ Z 9 . 1 -6-T.. -1- ,.- -Q ,UA ,, ,, , 2 , L -Q-- s X Y 1 ff. 1 , 5 7 fs. .-tx. ...Q ' ff, flw. , 5 ".- i X ,' ,,,,,,, , - lu' 7 E' W -Y JU' 4:2-'. IA N ZW ,E Q A , --r.. V- ,. X 6 f ,5 4 'TKNQKH ' 'fsxxxx--miuufcflyc'Q' ji rg f X 1 ' Q5 4 I lv 1 ' f Q f , 1 f Y' 'FT J 4 QV 2- Q -. 1 . ,, ,, . -4 , Zyl? V up 1 ' I , X f ,ff A -x4""ff HHH- mmf 1 Sq X 1,,, f - E Z 'I "Mfg 'lm 'b ,1' IX X Q Q XX ffffm 1 ,jf N ,V V I - x nf 1 4 f 1 1 N- -. 1 HDNINISTRHTION D. F. Oil-IEARN The finest possessions that We can store up in life are memories. lf they can be made more vivid by pictures, newspapers, annuals, they are all the more precious. Here at the Steinmetz High School, thousands of students are making friends, and forming associations, that will gradually weaken and be lost if we don't make an effort to preserve them, just as We preserve fruit when it is in season. The Steinmetz Silver Streak is our preserving agency. It contains pictures of every school activity, your friends and associates. Buy it and keep it. It will be Worth much to you as time goes by. Daniel F. O'Hearn f . . ff Principal .fig Brennock, Miss Bei Miss Kindmiiiaii, Senior Division Teachers The extent of the influence exerted by the division teachers on the general attitude of the students cannot be definitely ascertained, but there is little doubt as to its magnitude. The friendly counsel and guidance they have so libere ally extended, arouses only the deepest gratitude in their various classes. At tirnes, it must be confessed, this sentiment is not in great evidence However, it definitely exists, although it will not reach its full height until future days, when the complete value of the advice and instruction presented by these excellent tutors will be wholly appreciated, if only by contrast with other over- seers. 4A 4B Division Counselor, Division Counselor Miss Mary Mcligue Mr. Lee Bobins Miss Cecelia Boy Mrs, lsabelle Beach Miss Ethel Kinderrnan Miss Bea Lyons Miss Minnie Bergh Miss Bertha Braddock Mrs. Mary Brennock Miss Harriet Bobertson Miss Ethel Iacobek Miss Margaret Meyer Mr. Willard Groom Miss Edith Garis Miss Helen Papenbroolc jk Mrs. Bessie Stoeclcel Qj Mr. lacob Ferdrnan ' Mrs. Crpha Bornpf 4A DIVISION TI'AtiitIts First Row: Miss Ii k rs ond Row: Mx, Gio Iyoits, Miss Brarldoclc, Miss Hobbit' I ipwitiwiimk, Mis. Stoeckel. Soc- ii I R M I1 ii M H i Mi It ti 'iii IPIVILIUN 'IIIACHIIHS Tiist R iw: Mis. Beach, Miss ii. Miss Mwyi-r, Miss Garis, Miss t uw: i, 4'IidIIIVl , ISA inpf, , 'Vi mx. Administrative Assistants Climbing to success has in it techniques of climbing a glacial topped mountain. Experience of those who preceded is checked. A plan is made. Experienced men are gotten together for the effort. lt is done with company, not alone. The climbers go in single file a bit apart connected by a rope. The leader examines carefully as he advances for treacherous abysses. All share in the glory of the accomplish- ment. You likewise will cli b the ladder of success with company. Those ab ve mu? care enough for you to pull, those below toipushf Good' uck. if H 17, Z Y Q Q G. AC. lftarnseyr I 'lr' A X b Jjrlff' 'M' if 'J-49555 EPTTF1 al. WM. E. MCBRIDE We are told in Geometry that the Whole is no greater than the sum of its parts. We are told in engineering that a chain is no stronger than its weakest link. We are told in philosophy that all that glitters is not gold. It is our aim at the Sayre Branch to be a Worthy part, a strong link in the educational chain that makes Steinmetz graduates Worthy of the mark "l8 K." lt is to that end that teachers and students at Sayre Branch bend every effort. Every one of us remembers at all times that We are Steinmetz-Sayre and that We have a standard to uphold-The Steinmetz standard. Wm. E. McBride lOHN M. SHEEHAN You are leavin Steinmetz at a time when its fine r o lg on is becoming known city- id . Youljx-ve had a large part in build- in 6- tha utation through the good use o- 1 - r de of your talents and efforts .4 . -4 ue to use them as you have a th. ure should hold success and rea- son le ' appiness for you. Iohn M. Sheehan HELEN M. BRINDL To the members of the February Class of l937, congratulations and countless good wishes for happiness and success. Helen M. Brindl ADMINISTRATION Daniel F. O'Hearn, Principal Grover C. Ramsey Assistant Principal Elma E. Boughton Administrative Assistant Helen M. Brtndl Administrative Assistant Herbert A. Iackson Administrative Assistant Iohn M. Sheehan Administrative Assistant 5 ART DEPARTMENT E h A. Garis, Chairman El abeth Blythe Gertrude M. Herbert Margaret W. Meyer CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT Cornelius F. Henze, Chairman Iacob C. Ferdman Herbert O. Thompson Football Coach, 3B Counselor COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Isabelle F. Beach, Chairman Florence M. Andrews Rose Baer Gertrude Donnersberger Iames M. Downey Margaret Feeley Mary A. Fitzpatrick Erna G. Hege Catherine E. Holmes Rea M. Lyon Myrtle Monahan Honora L. Pierce, 2B Counselor Katherine C. Purcell Erma M. Quirk Orpha L. Rompf Bessie E. Stoeckel. Margaret A. Vaughan William I. Walsh Dorothy E. Weber Louise M. Whalen MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Charles H. Schutter, Chai I Charles V. McAlplne Charlotte O'Brien Agnes M. Polka Ionia I. Rehm Alice M. Sutherl na H. Utzt rg et . wicky GIRLS' PHYSICAL UCATION DEPARTMENT Anne G. Rolence, Chairman Amy P. Byrne Mildred Coddington Regina Salinger Fd! K! V, ENGLIS DEPARTMENT Mary R. McTigue, Chairman 4A Counselor Lora M. Adams Florence H. Armitage Margaret H. Boller Elma E. Boughton Bertha Braddock Margaret M. Cahill Mae Callahan, IB Counselor Mary Chorvath Meta Consoer Margaret M. Do B. Elsi Agat Flore ce . Kilburn Gertrud 'Connor Helen V apenbrook Celia A. Roy Frances L. Spector Ruby Yetter GENERAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT B. Pearl Dierks, Chairma Grant Cook Irma M. Grosser E. Wilhelmina Mat ison Lee Robins Elizabeth L. Sorenson Grace E. Treleaven Elizabeth F. Walsh 4B Counselor SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Iohn S. Biornson, Chair n Minnie L. Berqh Leslie L. Bradley Lewis B. Bramkam Mary P. Brennock Marie Haley Walter B. He ck Ethel L. Iacob Ethel Kinderm Iohn M. Sheehan Ethel H. Tr-iebel Santa Zampardl T A N . iffo , i n 2 or r T. I'-Io Rudolph C.' eller Stanley Nalecz Paul E. Pfeil Charles M. Temple T BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Mvles Havlicek, Chairman Edward E. Ruzicka If MUSIC DEPARTMENT Harry Dowse Willard Groom Harriet Robertson HOUSEHOLD ARTS DEPARTMENT Mildred Stavers, Chairman Lucille H. Golden LA G AGE DEPARTMENT r rude B. Nolan, Chairman Helen M. Brindl, IA Counselor Catherine E. Landrigan Lillie Ruth Nelson Helen Schmidt Irene E. Sechler DALMQ, Evelyn Thorsson PHYSICS DEPARTMENT Iames W. Moody, Chairman Herbert A. lackson R. O. T. C. t. Carl Christoftersen SPEECH DEPARTMENT Evangeline Lynch APPRENTICE TEACHER Edward A. Armlt SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS Mary Helen Daly eanette Griffin i.ta McTtgue race Roche A1444- OFFICE CLERKS Mae N. Mishlove Gladys M. Elbe Theresa M. Daly MATRON a Benson . LIBRARIAN Helen . Walters ENGINEERING STAFF E. H. Bade, Chief Engineer Roy Brady Edwin Carlson SAYRE BRANCH Wm. E. McBride Frank I. Frelich Lillian lane Grant Lucy E. I-Iainbecker Lillian Hamblen Henrietta K. I-Ilntz Ruth B. Hoppe Chrlssie E. Lascher Fay Barnes Powell Stewart Spiklnqs .Xi vlan is tf., i li. its f '. , ' 193 ay V. .o i 4 A-t H.: -'willy Wgiw' 44" rw. are ,Q A I .. L. is.. ,, Y. AM ,W VY Hi.: A M , rrssl:1hfnfgs',..m.y..ef i 'lt...f...,...-3...-..,.ma..,...., .rn s.'.1.t...vs...a.i."'.1i -t PART II N "-fi' Wm E72 ... 1 ,,11, , ' I: J Q . "W Vf '41, Q KT ,I , l Q NM K Xb I J, f ,ff A W'f 2 IN M ff N f ga SENIORS W Ywyisf K QT X X N Qx UW X X X N N X fy Y X XS x X X ff X 'xx W XX X Q: QXSLMXW X X5 ' M EX if 'x X f 5 X QS xx A 1 1 is X 'ff M , E, k X ' A Qgkgmx Nj' f LQ R X J x M XX XX ai- -ff 6 1 N x X ,. fi? -swf! 2 QS CAV X QQ ff' r x X X ' N fi NX-X X, QW XXX X' E XXX ff' Q X x f an , Wx X 4 x X I 4 ,f ,AX A X em QMS ,X lckx XX X XXX QXXQPX ix i if, s KX X 5 fb N1 Wax it URN X XX Tk xx X .ECN N J.. ,,,,,,,1-Q -. .. ,- 2,4 U. ,:l-. 5,,,a5U". U. 5jf,,,ifjjf'3fa NT J' , if Senior Officers President ............ .... T ed Luga Vice President ..... .... H elen Shumicki Secretary ...... ....... M ary Kos ia Treasurer ..... ..... W ill' fn hsack +5 1 NP S if ffl Class of Februaryl i937 A group inferior to none is this, the Class of 1937. Headed by its loyal instructors and officers, it has accomplished much in fulfilling the Steinmetz motto of Service, Scholarship, Leadership and Culture, both individually and as a group. We are proud of its record, past and present, and for its future We have but one prediction: Success! May it reach its goalg may school and faculty have reason to proudly claim, in future years, association with the famous Class of Febraury, 1937. More than this, may its members never for- get their inestimable debt to our school of schools, Steinmetz. Yet, in one sense, they have expiated part of their obligation. Their service, scholarship, leadership, and above all, fine character, has left an imprint upon the school's morale. They have set an example of excellence which will reveal itself in every future class. Their spirit will hover in the corridors of our school as an inspiration to all students. Though they have left us, their accomplishments will live on for years. 4A Committee Chairmen Finance Committee-William Rathsack Pin and Ring Committee--Gus Bakos Senior Prom Committee-Gertrude Larson Class Day Committee-Grace Roder Printing Committee-Selma Wagar K, li- 4 2 s 4 R., W Vi' GAA. HARRIET AHLANDER Hall Guard, G.A.A. "A motherly girl, sweet, and with a thousand charms all her own." MYRTLE ALSTROM "Lanny" Horseback Riding, Tennis Club, Library Assistant. "Pony boy, Pony boy, won't you be my pony boy?" ti. if 'lit U FLORENCE ANDERSON "Flo" "Sing, baby, sing." HARRY ANDERSON "Swede" Hall Guard, Intramural Sports. "Harry is always busy because he's willing." ROY E. ANDERSEN "Andy" "Old friends are best." ROY W. ANDERSON "Slaughter I-louse" Golf Club, Intramural Baseball. "Much have I seen and known." Library Staff, Green Curtain Play- ers, Student Council, G.A.A., Air- ways, Red Cross. 'Ill-r smile is sweetened by her dimplef' lRGlNIA BAGIS "Impy" GLADYS BAILEY "Red" National Honor Society, President of Dardanelles, Student Council, Civic Forum, Stein-Sten, G.A.A., Hall Guard, Office Secretary, Tennis Club, Show of Shows. "S9e'sP' jolly good fellow." P xi . , .t . ,- S r ..- J I ii' . I 1-- 1 L . l' l 1' ERWIN BAIOREK "Beejay" Vice President of National Honor Society, Letterman, Track, Football, Silver Streak Staff, Student Council, Sigma Quad. "Red Grange hasn't soon any- thing yet," 1 . ueusr srfzikos "cus" T c eam, Sigm ad Secre- chtist in,f Po' ire Dep- Lil H ll ua ' epresenta- tv . 'A' r maketh a cheer- ful cou nce.' R MARY BALDRIDGE G.A.A. Board, Dardanelles, Stu- dent Council, Leaders Club, Life Saver, Tennis Club. " onor lies in nest toil." - ,f ff? ' .5 MARIORIE BALLINGER "Marge" Honor Society, G.A.A,, Darcia- nelles, Silver Streak Staff, Office Secretary, Star Staff, Prom Commit- tee. "None but herself can be her parallel." PEARL BARON "Purple" Dardanelles, G. A. A., Chorus -- "Chonita," Literature 51 Rook Club, Tap Dancing Club. "A merry heart goes all the clay." VIRGINIA BAUMGARTEL "Vee" Field Hockey, Hall Guard, Girls' Glee Club, G.A.A., Chess G Checker Club, Art Club, Matheniatics Club, Ping Pong. "Like Darius Green, she wants a flying machine." DUN DHULVIKJAHWFKQ Killer" 1 Track Tea terman, Presi . le n resident Stud, oun- il, ic Forum, Stugl Court e' Vice President Green Cur- tai ayers, Sigma Quad, Police Se ant, Fire Marshall, Intramural Sports. "I never saw h' like: there lives no greater leader I' Af ff if yy: Q2 I f ,,jcLARExcEBEigEJQQ,f J "C I" cgyicia .of Stage, Cam- fera Club, easure of the Green Curtain ers, Sig, a' Quad. A" od! t'e who first Ai . ted leepl' ff N J . ' f l, j'7if.f . O MARGARET BENZULY "Peggy" G.A.A., Camera Club, Travel Club, Airway Club, Police Captain, Green Curtain Players, Civic Forum. "All the world's a stage where each one plays a part." EMILY BERAN "Mimi" Library Staff, Chorus, Office Sec- retary, G.A.A., Stein Sten, "Cho- nita," Camera Club, "She always knows the answer." ROBERT BEYER "Bob" Opera Club. "He is as constant as the north- ern star." VERNON VON BOECKMAN wwf "Oscar" Sigma Quad, Hall Guard, Police, Pin 6. Ring Committee, Intramural Baseball. "Red heads are his weakness." ELAINE BOEYKENS "E" Airway Club, Hall Guard, Chorus, Pre-Medic Club, G.A.A. "Let us then be up and doing." LEON BOEYKENS "Lee" Sigma Quad, Halloween Dance Committee, Airway Club, Alchem- stein Club. "I'll sing you a thousand love songs." .-f 11.4.4-, f 'Z RUTH BOYLE f"'ScotB " Stein-Sten,G. ..At,L,f'IZl.lku . JIV7 "My lifeg and does smack, sweet." I EVELYN BORGSTROM Honor Society, Student Council, Silver Streak Staff, G.A.A., Hall Guard. "I write and write and then erase what I have written." KATHLEEN BREITSPRECHER "Katy" Editor, Silver Streak: Dramatics, "The Patsy", Student Council, Civic Forum, National Honor Society, G.A.A. "She is never less at leisure than when at leisure." NORMA BRIZINSKI "Norm" Chorus, Polish Club. "Finds life delightful here." FRANK BURGER "Babe" Boxing. "None but the brave deserves the fair." HARRY BURGER, IR. "Burgie" Intramural Baseball, Intramural Basketball. "I lived and learned." CHARLES BUTZBACH "Butz" Intramural Baseball, Green Cur- tain Players. "From the top ot his head to the tip of his toes he is all mirth." DORIS CARLSON "Crisco" Field Hockey, Leaders Club, Lite Saving, Volleyball, G.A.A. "The Dancing rival of Ginger Rogers." ROBERT CASEY "Bob" Hall Guard, Student Police, Eire Marshal, Track Team. "Bob plays Romeo to Erma's lu' lietf' GEORGE CHIVIIELEWSKI "Chisel" Polish Club, President. "Knowledge ol language is a sign of culture." MARCEL CHOITZ Sigma Ouad, Sergeant Police, Captain Hall Guards, Lt. Fire Mar- shal, Track, Letterman, Student Council, Intramural Sports, Alchem- stein Club, Service Award. "Hopes to imitate Ray Bolger in the next Follies." BERNICECHRISTENSEN "Bee" Hockey, G.A.A., Golf Club, Hall Guard, Ofiice Secretary, Riding Club. "Keep your eye on the ball." ERMA CHRISTENSEN G.A.A., Leaders Club, PTA. Rep- resentative, Student Council. "A triple threat girl - beauty, , . . ,. nrains, anfl dancing toes. LILLIAN CHUMA "Lili" G.A.A., Hall Guard, Chorus, OI- iice Secretary. "Consistency, thou art a jewel." HENRY oiecico 'ft wt,t.i'i Sigma Quad, Intramural Baseball. "Moderation is his motto." CARL COX Sigma Ouad, Alchernstein Club, National Honor Society. "If a little knowledge be danqor. ous, he is out of danger." MYRON DETTMANN Alchemstein Club. "He never dares to be as humor- ous as he can be." IAMES DEWALD Intramural Basketball, Intramural Baseball Champions, Intramural Boxing Championship. "The strong, silent typo." WALTER DITTMER "Ditty" Police, Eire Deputy, Sigma Quad, Civic Forum, Safety Commission, Student Council, Intramural Basket- ball G Baseball. "You can't pull the wool over my eyes." SHIRLEY DODD "Doddie" G.A,A., Airways, Pro-Medic, Chor- us, Bowling. "All her faults are such that one loves her still the better for them.' KENNETH DOLL "Star" Track Team, Letterman, Intramur- al Baseball and Basketball. "Some like books, some like sports." GENEVIEVE DONOHUE "lennY" Secretary of Dardanelles, Social Chairman of National Honor So- ciety, Clean-Up-Committee, Stein- Sten, Office Secretary. "Perfect simplicity is unconscious- ly audacious." MARIORIE DROZD "Doc" G.A.A., Silver Streak Staff, Pre- Medic Club, Star Representative, Horseback Riding. "She wants to be a doctor and we think she'll specialize in hearts." IACK DUBOIS "Walgreen" Alchemstein Club. "He is not a politician and his other habits are good." IOE DUCCI "Ice" Sigma Ouad, Golf Club, Alchem- stein, Intramural Basketball, Intra- mural Baseball. "The game's the thing." LOUIS DUDA, IR. "Lou" Polish Club. "A good reputation is more valu- able than money." l I , s I, " KATHRYISI DUNDOVICH flTommie" G.A.A. . ' "The greater thegpefvboiil the great- er the courtesy."' x ERNEST DURAVA "Ernie" Intramural Baseball. "Better late than never.' LORRAINE DUYM "Lore" Leaders Club, Hockey, Ping Pong, Girls Letter, Mixed Chorus. "For fun and irolic, she's our girl." ' sy ' , ff IA y.v,l...- l ,f X ff LYDIA ECKSTEIN "Lee" Chorus, Airways Club, Office Sec- retary, Bowling. "She was ever precise in keeping promises." IAMES EDDY "Eddie" Alchemstein, Pin 5. Ring Commit- tee. "To be or not to be, that is the question. What is the answer?" BERNEICE EICH "Babe" G.A.A. "A true friend is a friend for- ever." NORMAN EK "Irish" Intramural Baseball G Basketball, Chess G Checker Club, Alchemstein Club. "It's the gypsy in me." ALBERT ELSTNER "Whity" Basketball. "He has the appeal of Gary Cooper." t Q, I IOAN ' lo ' H seba idi , L hers Club. L' , S vi , V ey Ball, Field ocke , G - "G 'ng, a e y way to H 1 'J t jd! ,O he n MVK 1 ' tiff jj JJJ I ' f AiRLQi0iivfL X -JW'-' jf! ,is , Green- tain rs. .fl-Ie,yNlas ibfr? derJ a rhynpjng plan . J 1 J 'jx My JM , J ff' ly! 7 Ui DOROTHY ENDLER "Dot" Stein-Sten, G.A.A., Gym Ollice. "Do you hear that girl laugh- ing?" RUSSELL ERICKSON "Russ" Sigma Ouad, Alchemstein, Pro- gram Chairman of National Honor Society, Band, intramural Basket- ball. "A good beginning makes a good ending." CHESTER FISCHER "Ches" Basketball, Sigma Ouad, Alchem- stein, Mathematics, O r c h e s t r a, Band, Checker Team, Dance Or- chestra. "A musician with a personality." RALPH EUHRMAN Hall Guard, lntrarnural Sports. "Sleep is his pastime and profes- sion." ELEANORE GAIDICA "Babes" Dardanelles. "Sell-trust is the first element of success." Q' Q-.ww ANTONETTE GELLER "Tony" Water' Pageant, Senior Life Guard, Tap Dancing, Tennis, Ger- man Club, Pre-Medic Club, Secre- tary of Chess and Checker Club, Civic Forum, G.A.A. "Talent is something, tact is everything." LORRAINE GIERMAN "Lor" Vice President, Chess 61 Checker Club, Green Curtain Players, Stu- dent Council, Pre-Medic Club, Civic Forum, Tap Dancing, Police. "Oh say, can you do the cari- oca?" ROBERT GILLIS "Rob" Sigma Ouad, Police, Radio Club, Chess 6- Checker Club, Intramural Baseball. "The World's his oyster." ey' I ' I - Sf yi' -45, .L-'J' 1' ELSlE GUINTOLI "Els" G.A.A., Stein-Sten Club. "Why aren't they all as happy as me?" tk ' Q . W. X'S F . EVERETT GLAQIE Xi Civic Forum, Safety Comp' sion, Sigma Ouad, Qlice PresidenQand Business Manaqpr cal Green Curtain Players. K ' "The tongue Qs mightier th? the sword." . ex! m. Q. 'Q N. 5 f FILOMAE GOLKANTS "Fil" G.A.A., Opera Club, Orchestra, Stein-Sten, Girls' Glee Club. "The Eagle is king of skies above and Fil is queen of fun below." u0'4f'Vj""L' 'Lf I r JV ,,f9yv".L , .,, K. . 1. . r WINNIERED CA "Windy" Chorusx ciety Stu ent rm , d il Walxleeglg, h of legends ol ."' Pi as WALTER U L U 'Wally" ce as all. vice. W ESTELLE HACKERT "Dolly" G.A.A., Hall Guard, Pen G Ledger Club. "Do not turn back when lust at the goal," MARY HAIOVICH 'fmstsia' G,A.A., Hall arms, quffics-Asad' rotary. B 'Mx "Nothing is 'posibe WiglOLIl en- thusiasrr ", fl , 4 ,- Bc 1 v y I t RU'I'H HALEY "Foot" Chorus, Draniatics, Bookkeeping Club. "Hitch your wagon to a star." RAY HAMILTON "Bones" Hall Guard, Intramural Basket' ball. "Secret, solitary, and self-corr tained as an oyster." CHARLES HAUGLAND "Chuck" "Speech is silver, silence is golden." ESTELLE I-IANSEN "Babs" Leaders Club, Hockey, Library Club, Show of Shows, Tap Danc- ing. "Happy am I, from care I'ni free." th is gi a y X ROBERT HAWLEY "Bob" Captain of Basketball Team, Pres- ident of Green Curtain Players President of Mixed Chorus, Secre: tary of Lettermen, Steinmetz Star, Alchemstein Club, Prom Committee. "He is like the cock that thought the sun had risen to hear him crow." VIVIAN HAWTHORNE "Viv" Steinmetz Star, German Club, Pan-American Club, Student Coun- cil, Publicity Chairman of Student Council. r "The pen is the tongue of the mind." RAYMOND HELDT "Farmer" Sigma Ouad, Alchemstein, Cam- era, Chess of Checker Club, Pre- Medics Club, Mathematics, Rifle Club, Foolish Follies. "I know the disposition of wo- men." ELEANOR HURTER "Ellen" Dardanelles, G.A.A., Stein-Sten Club, Silver Streak Staff. "The perfect secretary." DORIS HUTTER "Dorce" Dramatics, G.A,A., Show of Shows, Tap Dancing, Life Guard, German Club. "Nature gives all her children something to do." DORIS IVES "Derry" Dardanelles, Stein-Sten, Student Council, Civic Forum, Stamp Club, President French Club, Office Sec- retary, Library Committee Chair- man, G.A.A., Honor Breakfast, At- tendance Office. "You have to eat your spinach, baby!" CHARLES IACOBS "Chuck" "Work fast, then rest." LLOYD R. IACOBSEN "Red" Sigma Ouad, Green Curtain Play- ers, Golf Club, Art Staff, Silve: Streak: Boys' Glee Club. "lt is not strength but art that obtains the praise." 1 ' f ,,,'J r , S N Xml sABf'ivA IAGIELSKT L 'B S f u d e n t Council, Dardanelles, 'fCivic Forum, Advanced Chorus, Tennis Club, Stein-Sten, Show of Shows, Service Honor Breakfast. "The secret of success is con- stancy to purpose." EARL IAHNSEN "Squirrel" Sigma Quad, Band, Orchestra, ln- tramurcrl Sports, Concert Orchestra. "Did you ever hear Earl "toot, toot, toot," on his trumpet?" .1 ARTHUR IANY "Artie Guard, lntramural Sports. "Eats Wheaties every morning and evening." BETTY IOHANNES "lo" Dardanelles, German Club, G.A. A., Treasurer Student Council, Sece retary Civic Forum, Editor Hand' hook, Flying Club. "She flavors everything, she is the vanilla of society." HARVEY IOHNSON Swimming Team, Sigma Quad, Assistant Treasurer National Honor Society, Letterman, Silver Streak Staff, Co-Chairman of the "Foolish Follies." "One of Neptune's rivals!" RUTH IOHNSON Stein-Sten Club, Treasurerg Dar- danelles, G.A.A. "All things come round to her who waits." SARA IONES Office Secretary, Gym Secretary, G.A.A., Life Saving, Water Pageant. "Life is mostly froth and bubble." GEORGE KARUM "Sneaky" lntramurcrl Basketball. "Look backward with a smile." LORRAINE KASBOHM "Lorrie" Pen G Ledger Club, G.A.A,, Mixed Chorus, Chess ci Checker Club. "Such ambition,ca.nnot but lead to success." K, . " V Q lBl.r4,f'f:'U A l X., Vl LE U A "Vi" r es, .A. . ard, Green r n Players , nis Club, Lead- s ubzliall ard. u 'S t 1 all things." M MILDRED KAUS "Millie" G.A.A., Library Assistant, Civic Forum, Vice President Red Cross, Stein-Sten Club, Silver Streak Staff, Chess G Checker Club. "She is pretty to walk with and witty to talk with and pleasant to think on, too." EDWARD KELLEY "Kelley" Intramural Basketball and Base- ball. "Woulds't thou both eat thy cake and have it?" PATRIClA KELLY "Pat" Student Council, Police, Green Curtain Players, Dardanelles, G.A A., Tennis, Hockey, Civic Forum National Honor Society. "Always in haste, never in a hurry." HELEN KLEMENT "Blondie" Editor, Steinmetz Star, G.A.A., Leaders Club, Dardanelles, Office Secretary. "Gentlemen prefer blondes." W IOHN KL "Clues" Go . " am onarch of all I survey." FRED KOEHN "Killer" Civic Forum, Sigma Quad, Chess or Checkers, Student Council, Chief Iustice Student Court, Silver Streak Staff, Math Club, Intramural Base- ball. "My life is one horrid grind." MARY KOSTIA "Mak" 4A Class Secretary, Dardanelles, Treasurer, National Honor Society, Silver Streak Staff, Student Coun- cil, G.A.A., Stein-Sten Club, Civic Forum, Tennis Club, Leaders Club, Office Secretary, Library Assistant, Service Award. "A fair exterior is a silent recom- rnendation. LORRAINE KOY "Lorr" G.A.A., Hall Guard. "A little play, a little Work." KATHRINE KRACH "Kaye" Chorus, G.A.A., Tap Dancing, Show of Shows, German Club, Life Guard. "I am always merry when l hear sweet music." LILLIAN KRUGER "Babe" G.A.A., Tap Dancing, "Chonita," Chorus, Champion Volleyball Team, 3A Class Treasurer. "Clothes may not 'make' the man, but you can't tell that to a woman." DOROTHY KUBICKA "Doty' Silver Streak Staff, Civic Forum Chess G Checker. "Kind hearts are more than coro- nets." ANNA KUKlA "Ann" G.A.A., Tap Dancing. "A true sport in all things." FERNE LAGREEN "Fernie" G-A-A-f A-iTWGYS Club, Travel Club, Chorus. "A smiling face makes more friends than a frowning one," FRANCIS LANDIS "Prank" Intramural Sports, Hall Guard. "His personality smiles at the world." ETHEL LARSEN "Els" G.A.A., Leaders Club, Ping Pong Tournament, Hall Guard. "The star of unconquered will." la GERTRUDE LARSON "Gertie" G.A.A., 4B Representative of Silver Streak, Secretary of Stein. Sten Club, Green Curtain Players, Leaders Club, Office Secretary, Civic Forum. "A star fell out of heaven, and right into Stein,metz." M X QV, Nha!! ,IJXE lljs lf ijfn Q M V v 1 X 'J .X K I X X .. V, KENN, LAWSON T X"Klgrus' Siqm Rad, camera ciub, Ai. X chems in. "Air-minded but not lightheadedf' 'X WI1,IilIhI.IiIUIfN "E?wmiw" IHfI'!1IlIl1Il1l Ticxsskvtlmll 411111 Hcxsv- Mull. "I.ikw 111+ SUIIS, lm f'x'I1!'4'rIIS his 11liiMf111w' lxy day." 113113 I.I'IX "IM" I.w14lf':ss flulu Ilfwwkvy, G.A.lX. Uwxrfi, Ncxiimml Hmwx Svyviwty, Dm- du11.e1lH::, ilrmimxt KTm1nf'iI, Asssisicml Vditrr 411 lltrvimm-tx 551411. "Oi I1 mmf! l:4'C1iIHIiI1f'1 1-.xnmth .1 ITM fl fnfilmx, I,UIiIiMNI'T.I'TI "Sis" ll,A.A., Rimlillsi Cfllllv. AU my lwews uw iillwl with '14'll'15I with :sfumw T rrwlll tlmt IHVII",H X L lf ilHIHI.I,Y I.I'lf "Shir1" ilwvmrxl l'l1vm111c111 uf 1111-CZ.A.A. "lu hm szwfywt :umpliviiy liws hwr vhfxrm. hOFI'H'I' IAM 151 "LHiiy" IHwl1vw-, I11l1fm111ml Hussrflvfxll, IYIULCI- muml Hfxsskffllmxll. "Nwvw1 Aim lwrm-wmk tmirly 111:11 mm lv flwru- tm11cmoW." VIOIJNI' I,lII'HIH "Vi" G.XX.A., CIIIUILIS "C'l1u11iic1," Cos- Tumfv Illllsllcxti-nl lflulu, 'I'm111is Club, flhfirx Eliwn Club, Cfiviw YT1111111, Show wf Shows. "W'cn1xc111 is WHIIIIIIIVS lmhlml lxlxy. HOHHRW' LHVIN "Holy" Ncxtwliolu cVjMIIITTICTl1KiUI H.O,T.C., Cnpizxirl uf Riflw Tmxru, iltudmx' C'fX11l1wi1, Studv-nt lirmrt, S i F1 m fl Qummi, Silvvr Stwnk Staff, Cfilmmuio Qirfxgfh As:1:f,.'1f1t1w11, Hlflf- Qfllllw. 'fiwtfa tlxf- pcxcw for tho H.O.T.C." 'IHEODOHF LOPIWVN " Iwi" Prusirlmnt, Sigma Oxlfnl: TVIIHUY Rm! LJ'-ss Hwprwswxlisxtlxw, Vlxlwlu' Dfffmxcim vf Stmivut 1.'.,w11w All C'iviC Hvzlxnx, Swimmlrm Twllll, 'YW1l4'Ili'f' vunw that snyxrm 'cl hm .ls .1 V1lL'lfI'?.3 f 4 1' A-,' , '- v ft!!! .PAN Jw r1 'ANw1 i'mNu ' "1-Nu" G.A.A., Vivir' fT':11x:1, Airwkxyn 'fimxiy 'l'1.:v'1 Llluh. "I Shc".1l.i llkf- IM 11:2-' IH-1 111 Whip- th, culfirrx zmvlmz lIx'V.'.H WAN ETH Lrwz 'Il111'Y' Nfillvlllil Hwuwr :bww ty, Tutmmm- ml Hrxswl Ill l"11x1xv'1.1 Ciulw, i:tllC1f"I11 i'fv11r1c1l VIII fi Himz KxmHHlIHiH1"'. "A Svhwi Ilmt l.x1:41:2 lrmlml 1If1r1I:1 lxkw mv Inns no lurk mf fl-Muni :Iv- I-iwtyf' KATHHHINE' LUPVEQIY "ENUM" G.A,A, WI'lnV1fl!l1 is 11-v-pri Hmm :1pf'fw'l1." VFD LUCIA 'Vw 'ff-ras. I" Siqmfx Quad -NRA V1-1:11a Vwsai- Qiwnt, Prfksiximlt f1iI1UIil'I1+WIIf1Vh Cxllllw, Polirw, Alvlmvrmmstwilm, Cfivic' VUIIHII, lfhefSS 51 CNI1lY'kl1I F5111-, Hrleiiw, Ml1tI1' wlxmtivs, Humor Swffiwty, VwMfwii4':v flulx, SUTKIU CIUW, fund Vivv Vlvsi- xi-mt Stan!-N111 f1Hl1I1K'il, Riflv Vlulw. "Vx1sXrnls, whfr: XI um pwsif 'ivxllf fu - if 4 ,J , - X J' u X K X lv LYINS IVITHFLI, "I,ir14iy J A.A., S1lNiI1'SlFI1. N' 'fw lwrqius 111 RFU .M." TOHN MAHLOVVF "lV'f1IlH1IlIUWWH "His sxmlw mxc'l'mr11s KI wmld uf ffwninino vyvsf' MILDRED MARTIN "Millie" Star Representative, G.A.A., Chor- us -"Chonita," Book 6. Literature Club, Tap Dancing, Dardanelles. "Good things come in small pack- ages." QM 0 V" 1 I R LD ,ARTHY WMM" lntramur Basketball and Base- ball, Swimming Te ,SQma Quad, Camera chin f U y "He'll join thifavy and see the world." I CHARLES MCCULLQCH "Diesel" Sigma Quad. "His great spirit invests the class- room with laughter." BERNICE MCLEAN "Red" Student Council, Hockey Club, Horseback Riding Club, Cv.A.A., Ping Pong, Band. "Much can be made of a Scotch lass and here we have the proof." jf 'roNYME'DZ1AR" illei-" Student Council, Harmonica Club, Golf Club, Football Team, Half Guard, Police, Firo Deputy, Stein' metz Star Representative, Show of Shows. ,. - ,He moves in manlioow ,. 1 , youth. x ,Lf 3 r .1 1 , ,,u'- '- , ,' , ,V , J: A A- x, 1 .2 7,1 L '- f ,V JOHN MELSHElMERjf.f 'fmelsiv Chessirii 'Cjtecfer Club, Hall GLR J ,L f happ Sportsman at all times." XR J . RQY MEYER "Bozo" Alchemstein C l u b , ntramural Sports. ' I "His gentle meanor makes everyone his frien ." BRUCE MICHELS Honor Society, Sigma Quad, Civic Forum, Student Council, President ot Chess 5. Checker Club, Swim- ming Team, Radio Club. "A paragon of scholarship, an authority on parliamentary law." ' 1 Ji f f' 1 ffff' ft ' I! .1 ' X DONALD MTLLER "Don" Police, Fire Deputy, ,Green Cuy' 1' 'Lf tain ayers., J J "Hi Ziyyzilfeftie contains a mys- terio C arm," u A oc . Q 1 ff ' X GERALD MILLER Y, "terry" Fire Deputy, Sigma Quad, Police. Hall Guard. "Here's to the pilot who weath- ered the storm!" ' J -"fin, V J Y LORRAINE MILLER "Lorrie" Dardanelles, Honor Society, G.A. A., Student Council, Silver Streak 'Staff, Star Representative, Prom Committee. "Time toiled after her in vain." VVALTER MlLNlCHUK "WallY" Intramural Baseball, Intramural Basketball. "Taciturnity plus humor make our min Milnichukf' YS ILLS "l-E" Riding .inis, Tap Dano ng, ckey udent Coun il, Stu- dent C ' Cle iii . -,cret ry, Civic o um, C s' a C ,o. "She does n hing talk of her horse." ELEANQR MQELLER "El" Leaders Club, Pen QS Ledger Club, G.A.A., Hockey, Mixed Chorus. "May her lite, like her music, al- ways be in harmony." 'VQW V CLIFFORD MOLL "Cliff" Alcheuistein Club, Sigma Quad, Silver Streak Staff, Safety Commis- sion, Printina 6- Fnqravina Commit- toe. "Whrre'vr ho passes, tears lie crrrrio smiles." NANVY MOIYKA "Hank" G.A.A., Pen 5. Lridaer, Silver' Streak Staff, Girls' Glen Club, "Iliff aods made her artistic." C,'A'l'IilIIilNE MUNBO "Kate" Police, Hall Guard, Green Cur- tain Players, G.A.A., Mixed Chorus f "Chonita," Office Secretary, Civic Frrrurn, Chess 5- Checker Club. "She dreams of doina Good for all rrrarikindf' FLIIANOBE NANAY "El" Dardanelles, G.A.A., S t u d o nt Council, Civic Forum, Office Secre- tary, Hall Guard, Advanced Chorus, Loaders Club, Tennis Club. "There is nw wisdom like frank riwfirzf' DORIS NFHMZOW "Dorrio' G,A.A., Chorus "Chonita," Ten- nis Club, Field Hockey, Leaders Club, Civic Forum, Stein-Sten, Show :rf Shows. Hliiahcst of praises We Give her fi f:-wwrtsrnari without equal." HABVFY NKIIMZOW "Neerris" Student Council, Business Manaq- er, Silver Streak: Siqma Quad, Vico President of Alchemstein Club, Foot- ball, Basketball, Letterman. "l'Ie's cautious with our money, lout aives aenerously of his smiles." BIIBNICE NOLL "Bee" Chorus-V "Cho1iita," G.A.A., Ten- rris Club, Civic Forum, Stein-Sten Cluh, Show of Shows. "Her love of sport is exceeded only by her love of Work." , 1 I X I THELMA NOBDIN "Thel" Hall Guard, G,A.A. "She had the aonius to be lfzvfidf' I LORBAINF NOWAK "Blondie" G.A.A., Pin G Rina Corrirriittee, Silver Streak Staff, Bed Cross Ren- resentative, Halloween Corrirriittee, "Wherever Lorraine is found, ihere's always a aroup around." DAN OBRIEN Track Manager, Pen 5. Iwdaer Club, Intramural Baseball 6, Basket- ball. "An easy life and Iona, quaran- teed by his aood nature," TOM OHERN "I7.F." 4A Iudqe, Student Council, Silvfr Streak Staff, Secretary of the Glee Club, LeLavvala, Operotta, Police Fire Deputy, Intramural Basketball G Baseball, Prom Committee, Civic Forum. "Save your loreath to cool yojr porriclaef' f K fl I ' I 4 V' 'I' H " 1' f A I 1' -, ,X f HSI' ' :JA J 'T' S ,S A K! 'I LUCYLLE OLSFN "Lou" G.A.A., Watcr Paaeant, l.ife Sav- ina. "The world of business will wel- corrie her ability." WILLIAM CTNEILL "Bed" Intramural Basketball 6. Baseball, "All work and riw play would make lack a drill tiny." LOBBAINE OTTO "Cookie" Leaders Club, Pen ci Lerlaer Cluli, G.A.A., Hockey, Show of Shows. "Still waters, they say, run deep." OLIVER QWENS, IR. "Ollie" Alchernstein Club, Student, Coun- cil, Silver Stleak Staff, Band. fl "He sel is person lit, with our Annual nd our Ann s with his person f 4 .4 fe.. J X I . .1 f " 1 , ,J j ,, ANDREW PANNECK "Andy" Swim Team, Hall Guard, Police, "Wavy of hair, and pleasing of personality." RAY PASTERCZYK "Rainbow" Intramural Baseball 6. Basketball. "Sports, like variety, spice hi: existence." DORTHE PAULSEN Opera Clulw, G.A.A., Girls' Glee Club, "Lelawala," "Cherry Blos- som," Clean-Up-Campaign. "Notes, notes, notes, notes! Her life is truly a sonql MILDRED PEARSON "Millie" G.A.A. "A witty woman is a treasure." PAU PED SEN, Xj " hotly" NG ion ono.S iety, X ala Post ,' in etz a P l"Tal qn dio 4 se have been ha act risticsuaglmany great me " RAYMOND P RS 1 q m s uad Fire a Hon 1 reas ter e r n' F otball ac ani. rains plus ra f -th qreates. little quarter-back of all time." HR ., S' Q , ' ar l, --I I- tain Players, esid t o 4 ol t A, ud t 1, E L tt s , k ETHEL PETERSON "P te" I-Iall Guard, o.A.A.,,L1'kDjQZbMfHrf sistan ,X 1 "A iet irl, velliersed in the ar Irie ' ." VERNETTE PETERSON "Pete" G.A.A., Pen CS Ledger Club. "A grin a joke Vernetteln WALTER PETERSON "Pete" Police, Eire Deputy, Boys' Glee Club, Intramural Baseball G Basket- ball, Hall Guard. "Obviously an official: look at 'hose activities!" MURIEL PIETKIEWICZ "Muriel" G.A.A. "Woman is no contradiction to herself." GENE POGOSE "Iunior" Track Team, Football Team. "One of our football players, need we say more?" Z IRVING PORTI-I "Pe National Honor Society, Sigma Ouad, Letterman, Intramural Sports, Handbook Stall, Alchemstein Club, Student Council, ZA Iudqe of Stu- dent Court. "Outruns all others in scholarship and track." i7 l J I-iA'EL PRESTHQLDTN "H QA., Hall! yard, Libr ' 5- sis ant. -. M "Asl , f oes, so gods Hazel." ARNOLD OUANDEE "Doc" Siama Ouad, Alchemstein Club, Radio. "Ot science and logic he chatter: till I'm sure he's a talented man." VINCENT RABIOLA "Vince" Track Team, Intramural Baseball. "True man and friend, what more is needed?" GEORGE RAMELOW National Honor Society, Track Team, Alchemstein Club. "He knows all the answers, and keeps them," WILLIAM RATHSACK "Bill" National Honor Society, Student Council, Siqma Ouad, Chess ci Checker Club, Track Team, Football Team, President of Alchemstein Club, Letterman, 4A Class Treas- urer, "Put not your trust in money, but your money in trust with Bill." DOROTHY REEVES "Dot" Opera Club, Girls' Glee Club, G.A.A., Hall Guard, G.A.A. Dele- qate, Leaders Club, "Lclawala,' "Cherry Blossom." "Music and sport movement and Sona." ELEANOR RENWALL "El" G.A.A., Girls' Glee Club, Dancina, Stein-Sten, Leaders Club. "R'hy1hrn is her business sh X knows her business well." GRACE RODER "Briqhteeyes" G.A.A. "Boys like her beauty, qirls her personality." LILLIAN ROSEEN "Rosie" Hall Guard, G.A.A., Field Hockey, Ping Pong, Chess G Check- er Club, Girls' Glee Club, Tap Dancing, Musical Extravaganza, Stein-Sten. "She views the world throuah rosy specs." RICHARD RUD "Dick" Alchemstein Club, Chorus, Red Cross Representative. "I-Ie weighs his words, and his scale is above reproach." MICHAEL RUGGIO "Mike" Hall Guard, Star Statf, Red Cross Representative, Intrannrral Raskets ball G Baseball. "The sun may be hidden by clouds, but never Mike's aood hu- mor." LA VERNE RUSSICK "Vernie" G.A.A., Stein'Sten, Dancina, Glee Club, Leaders Club. 'Stenoarapher and dancer, sinqer and athlete, a combination of all that is good." TONY RYMAR "Sec" National Honor Society, Student Council, Star Representative, Swim- ming Team. "The flower of Stetnmet2 man- hood makes a biq splash insll our meets." si ADAM RYWKA "At2e ' Hall Guard, Intramural Rasebal 5. Basketball. "A genial soul, thouqh quietfb X Y X .1 '4 x .I ' .1 . . ' x A ' ANNE ssvrrir Q 'Awresiint ot 'G.A.A., , Secretary - ol Green Cusjtain Players, Secretary of nelles, Leaders Club, lt lr, Hockey Club,lHall Guard, Nume-Dal G Leiter Aw . 4 "A darkeey Diana, with all Atalan,ta's fleetnessl' " V x , Nauanal 'Honor Societ, D da- tae l .fa EDWARD SCI-IETTER "Ed" Police, Hall Guard, Intramural Baseball, Prom Committee. "Business before pleasure, if it doesn't interfere with pleasure." IOHN SCHILLER "Schill" Intramural Baseball 6. Basketball, Alchemstein Club. "Our walking example of what the well-dressed man will be wear- ing. WARNER SCI-ILIEMAN "King" Football Team, Sigma Ouad, In- tramural Basketball G Baseball, Let- terman, Alchemstein Club, Hall Guard. "Apparently you have to be a football hero to get along with Ioan." I , 1 HO R ' 'Howl' Al stei 1 C I u b, ural Base all, Pro Co i . "Rest, re t, en st some mor'e7"' ELSA SCHUCHER "Mibs" Prom Committee, Civic Forum, Stein-Sten Club, Advanced Chorus, "Chonita," Show of Shows, Tennis Club, G.A.A., Chess G Checker Club. "And still the wonder grew that one small head could carry all she knew." HELEN SHUMICKI "Sonia" 4A Vice President, National Hon- or Society, Dardanelles, Green Cur- tain Players, G.A.A. Secretary, Stu- dent Council, Civic Forum, Silver Streak Staff, SteinASten, Office Sec- retary. "The very embodiment of beauty and charm Russia's gift to Stein- metzf' MARGARET SCHWABER "Marge" Hall Guard, Show of Shows, G.A.A. "She had talents equal to all demands." VIRGINIA SCHWOERER "Ginny" Hall Guard, G.A.A., Show of Shows. "The twinkle in her eye belies her sober countenance." IIERIVIAN SCHWARTZ "Schwartz" Police, Hall Guard, Vice President of Sigma Ouad, Green Curtain Play- ers, Fire Deputy, Clean-Up-Cam- paign, Intramural Baseball, Student Court, Student Council, Prom Com- mittee. "Never a glum look from Schwartzief' ALFRED SCHWASS "Al" Football, Basketball, Track, Let- terman, Intramural Baseball. "All Chicago Prep Star pride of Steinmetzf' EQWQ , tl DOROTHY SERANI Stein-Sten, G.A.A., Hall Guard. "She counts all humanity as her friend." VIOLETTA SHAW "Letty" G.A.A., Chorus, Hall Guard, Clean-Up-Committee. "She has the magic of a witty tongue." WILLARD SLOAN "Tod" Sigma Ouad, Radio Club, Stage Technician, Student Court, Math Club, Student Council. "He can make a radio do anv- thing but sit up and beg," IDOROTI-IY SMETTERS "Dot" Water Pageant, Life Saving, G.A. A., Tennis Club. "Lovable Dorothy - her frank smile is unequalledf' lUNE SNYDER l G.A.A. "The very pink fi f7fIl0FllOIl.H ADOLPH SQLKA "Little Moe" Football Team, Letterman, Intra- mural Baseball 6- Basketball. '- l "One football player in a thou- sand." tWe want cv touchdownj SAM SOMMERFELD Basketball, National Honor So- ciety, Green Curtain Players, Sigma Quad, Track, Letterman. "Should aet a l?L?YlUS for rating the N,H.S." FRANK SPECIAL? 'Spegqsu Basketball learn, lntraniural Bas- ketball G Baseball. "He speaks only wlien he has something to say and is known as a wise man." HARQLID S'l'lfCl-I "Ste-ck" Student Council, Sigma Quad, Bifle Club, Band, Fire Deputy. "Firorrran, savf' my rliildf' HELEN Sl IEB Bed Cross, Qltire Serretary, G.A. A., Civic' Forum. "Write me as one who loves her lfillri'x.VITlf1Il.H RALPH STEINBORN "Rubinotf" Orchestra Concert-Master, Green Curtain Players, Swimming Team, "Music that would charm for- ever." ALBERT F. SUNDBERG, IB. "Sunny" Intramural Sports, Student Coun- cil. "All the qrace of the true athlete are his." AL TESTA "Al" lntrarnural Baseball 6- Basketball, Siqma Quad, Steinmetz Track Team. "A lauqhinq chemist and friend to all." PAUL THIELEN, IR. "lr." Radio Club, Chemistry Club, Siq- ma Quad, Intramural lndoor Ball. "A pensive lad with a scientific mind." LAVERNETLHES "La, La" Bidinq Club, G.A.A., Pina Porta, Camera Club. "Sugar and spice and everything nice." MILDRED THOMAS "Tommy" Student Council, Civic Forum, An- nual Staff, Green Curtain Players, Stein-Sten, President: Library As- sistant, Office Secretary, G.A.A., Riding Club, Leaders Club, Bowl- ing. "All creeds and opinions are but the mere result of chance and tem- peramen1l" MARTIN THOR "Thor" Sigma Quad, Camera Club. "Beqone dull care, for thou and l shall never agree." ROBERT TOPEL "Bob" Intramural Baseball ci Basketball, Red Cross. "lf there's a will, wisdom finds a way." ELMER TROSS "Doc" Siqma Ouad, Prom Committee. "A quiet chap with all the vir- tuesf' i 'hx v l A IOSEPHUCHANBKI n "foe" Golf Te-'am, Track 'Teaml Hall Guard. .f "When I swing my golf club-A duck!" A K 4 L , x LORRAINE VILTER "Rusty" Handbook Staff, Student Council, Hall Guard, Show of Shows. G.A.A. "Pleasant and efficient, an ideal Steinmetz miss." SELMA WAGAR "Sally" G.A.A., Chorus, Office Secretary, Hall Guard. "ln her alone it was natural to please." GRACE WALDEN "Chubby" G.A.A., Hall Guard, "Always laughing a sincere friend." fill' lf! 'fly J! .1 f I -f 't, Y 0 ,ff l M! f l I 1 I f 14 .ft I ,ff In I jf' lla' A f . . 'fl 'i sf!!! Q GERALDINE WASKOW "Gerry" Intramural Sports, Red Cross, Po- lice, Steinmetz Star Staff, G.A.A., Pre-Medic Club, Civic Forum, Siu- dent Council, German Club. "As friendly as a basket of pup- pies." GUS WEINEL Intramural Baseball, lntramural Basketball. "Sport is the ice-cream of life." DORIS WENNERHOLM "Swede" G.A.A., SteinfSten Club, Civic Forum, Orchestra. "Music hath charms." GLEN WENSCH "Wrench" Swimmina Team, Rifle Club, Sia- ma Quad, Alchemstein Club, Math Club, National Honor Society. "Apparel doth oft proclaim the man." WALTER WERNECK Alchemstein Club, Chess G Checker Cluh, President of Math Club, Staoe Crew, Student Council, Radio Clulw, Sigma Quad, Cinema- toqraph. "Mathematics in a lc e s a man subtle," BILL WERNER "Weiner" lntramural Sports, Hall Guard. "Without sports, life would be dull indeed." ARTHUR WESTERMANN "Westy" Football. "The march of intellect." DOUGLAS WOLFE "Babe" football Team, Baseball Team. "Douglas could sleep with his eyes open." AUDREY YETTER "Aud" G.A.A., Hall Guard, Golf Club. "A sunny disposition, a smile for each one of us," ANNE ZABORSKY "Red" Star Staff, Manual Staff, Office Secretary, G.A.A., Loaders Clult. "The shade of her hair betrays the warmth of her heart." I A 2MfVW'1W4' DENNIS ZABOTH Basketball, Intramural Baseball, lntramural Basketball. "A jolcester and the cream of society." RlTA ZABLOTNY "Rit" Office Secretary, G.A.A., Hand Book Staff, Student Council, 4B Nomination Committee. "Modesty has its Charm enilwodied in Rita," EDWARD ZAlAC "Likes to sit in the ltack nf the room." LlLLlAN ZAPFEL "Lil" Gym Office Secretary, Hockey, G.A.A., Show of Shows, "Happy am l, from cate l'tn free." aff?-?F'1' igiklehm ,Ju , . C-lass Will . We, the present 4A Class, being in our normal state of mind, entirely of our own volition, do set aside and bequeath in preparation for our dissolution and expiration, the following properties: V i A ' To Mr. O'Hearn our thanks for his well-judged leniency this consideration in permitting us a proml that he has always exercised toward us. CSteinmetz is all right but it's the principal of the thing.l To Miss McTigue, lest she forget him--aye-lest she forget him, a Robert Hawley Iunior to keep Bob's memory green. To the Class of 1957, Miss Haley's, Mrs. Brennock's, Miss Bergh's, Mr. Bjornsen's-the whole collection of U. S. History units, with the compliments of Wally and the King who will be supplementary reading by that time. To Mr. Bramkamp, to complement the definitions we memorized by the dozen: "Sociology: the study of what everybody knows in words that nobody can understand" tcompliments of Mr. Uttersonl. P To Coach Thompson and the belated left-overs from this term's football menu, our new campus-when it's finished. To Garbo, the fine artistic frenzy of "Klinkers" Glave. To Bob Wilson, the debonair Mr. Casey's flair for masculine meticulousness. To kindred spirits throughout the school, the witticisms of Al Molzahn and William Kelley. I To perambulating teachers, especially Mr. Ferdman, Walter's latest suicide-wagon, CMode1 T to the unknowingl. V ' To Rose Rutzen and G.A.A. participants in the Water Pageant, Harvey Iohnson's dolphin-like grace. T To Charles Butzbach our energy-he is not dead, but sleepeth. To the school in general and the German element in particular, Mr. Henze's private still. And "incidentally," "on the other hand," to the juniors, the anticipation of taking civics with Miss Iacobek. To the deserted window seats and corridors, scenes of the Beyer-Golkcrnts romance, fond memories of the Beyer tie. To the plump, rosy freshmen, masculine 45l's daily quart of milk. These boys have acquired the ne plus ultra in sparkling eyes and dainty contours. We hereby appoint Daniel F. O'Hearn of the Charles Proteus Steinmetz High School Executor of this, our last will and testament. Lastly, we hereby revoke all former wills made by us at any former time. In Witness Whereof, we have hereunto set our hand and seal this fourteenth day of Ianuary in the year of our Lord, one thousand, nine hundred and thirty-seven. iSignedl February Class of '37 Class Prophecy Now let us peer into the future to see what is in store for us. Let us see our fellow classmates as they may be years hence. Remember it's all clean, if not good fun, so don't get angry. Time: 1955. Place: Around the town. Characters: Our classmates as they may be in 1955. Here we are at the Union Station, just getting back from New York. lt's good to be back in Chicago amid familiar people and sights. Hey, boyl Take this luggagel Why, he looks like an old friend. Isnlt your name Howard Nest- man from the Steinmetz class of '37? How are you? By the way, do you know where any of our old class-mates are now? You say Richard Rudd, George Karum, lames Eddy, and Vernon Boeckman are all "red caps" here tool Well, welll Say, we must hurry, but we'll see you again. Taxi, taxil tlnside cab.l Look at that driverl lt's none other than lack du Bois! Well here's the hotel. Let's register and get a room. Say clerkl Why it's Harvey Iohnsonl How are you? Do you know where any of the "grads" are? Whatl Oliver Owens, Violet Kaulinas, Mildred Kaus, Doris Carlson, and Ioan Emberg are all employees here? Manager, stenographers and waitresses? See you later, Harvey, we are in a hurry. Let's take an elevator to our room. Sayl Aren't you Bob Casey? We thought so, but we didn't think you would be an elevator operator. What's that you say? Don Baumgartner and Harvey Nehmzow are janitors here? Well, they always were tops in our Clean-up Campaigns. Here's our floor, and our room should be right down this hall. 1 think this is our room. Sayl lf it isn't our old friends having a party! Lorraine Vilter, Novak, Gierman, and Miller playing bridge and Teddy Loewen, Carl Emmler, Dan O'Brien, Shirley Lee, and Florence Anderson play- ing tiddle-winks. From their conversation we learn that Vincent Rabiola, Iohn Kluz, and Andrew Panneck are popular aldermen, having set the clocks at a standstill from 7 to 10 A.M. so people may get the extra sleep when they need it most. Ray Peters has just been elected mayor of his home town, Prairie Center, having won the hand-shaking contest by a large majority. He promises lower taxes on large families, football games three days a week, and school two days. Marjorie Ballinger and Betty lohannes are writing essays for the Atlantic Monthly: Winnifred Gruca is an aspiring poet, Lorraine Duym, Rita Zablotny, and Ann Zaborsky are illustrators for Vogue. Bruce Michels, Gladys Bailey, Genevieve Danahue, and Violet Leiter are teachers, while Mary Baldridge is a famous doctor and Ralph Steinborn a second Fritz Kreisler. Mildred Martin, Lillian Kruger, and Pearl Baron, the Three Musketeers, are still chumming around together, and it is rumored that they will soon replace Clara, Lu, 'n' Em of radio fame. Marcel Choitz and Kenneth Doll are still seen running around. Page 3 8 Class Prophecy, Continued ttownl. The old Steinmetz spirit! Bob Gillis, Paul Pedersen, Walter Dittmer, and Charles Iacobs are mechanics in Frank Burger's garage. At last we're in our room. Let's turn on the radio and hear the news. !Voice from radial "Well, ladies and gentlemen, let's review the world of sports first, today. Flash! Adolf Solka, star half-back on the Chicago Bears, finally de- cided to quit professional football after ten years of stardom. He says that since Bob Hepburn and Gene Pogose stopped playing with the Chicago Car- dinals, he finds no joy in beating the Cards. Flash! Flashl The celebrated woman aviator, Anne Savini, who recently flew to a new altitude record, has just established a non-stop flight around the world, in a little more than 56 hours, thereby establishing a new record for both men and women. Sabina Iagielski was her companion on this momentous flight. Now, ladies and gen- tlemen, we bring you Gus Bakos, the rambling newster who succeeded Walter Winchell when the latter retired a few years ago. Bakos hears all, sees all, tells all, and still knows nothing. Ladies and gentlemen, your news-hawk, Gus Bakos. "Wel1, folks, I have a dispatch which says that Ray Pasterczylc, star baseball player of the Chicago Cubs, has just been appointed manager and will at- tempt immediately to secure the services of Frank Speciale, a second Rabbit Maranville. Frank may be small, but he sure is mighty. Now for flashes from everywhere! Bill Rathsack, noted financier, recently remarked that he would establish a trust fund to send needy Steinmetz High School students to college. Major-General Robert Levin of the U. S. Army Forces has just mapped out the war-games program which will take place next month. Helen Klement, the renowned woman newspaper editor, has introduced a new feature in her newspapers. This is not surprising as Miss Klement has always been a step ahead. Others assisting her to attain this prominence are Lois Lee, who edits the column on Modern Politics: Alyce Mills, Style and Beauty, Erma Christian- sen, Advice to the Lovelornp and Pat Kelly, The Personality Girl. Charles McCullough, famous funny-man of the screen is being Reno-vated, because as Mrs. McCullough puts it, he has a perpetual grouch on at home. ls it true that Robert Beyer, wealthy playboy and Filomae Golkants, star of the "Gold Dig- gers of 1945" are that way about each other? Was it just a rumor that Glen Wensch will receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his treatise on "How to Loaf in Six Easy Lessons," or will it go to Erwin Bajorek for his essay, "Women, and Why They Should be Avoided"? Now we have a few oddities in the news. Chester, Fischer, famous sportsman, after returning home from a hunting trip to Dark Africa is now confined to his bed. lt seems that his wife's pet Pekinese nippecl him on the ankle the first day he returned home. Clifford Moll, well- known disciple of Izaak Walton, was seen purchasing the largest fish he could obtain at the Fulton Fish Market. Naughty! Naughty! Charles Butzbach, idol , Continued on Page ll0 Page 39 .WM 4B Class Officers President ................. Robert Wilson Vice President ........ illiam Malmberg ecretary Gladys Halversen Si ..... George Christensen Class of lune, l937 lt is with sorrow that Steinmetz will bid adieu to these, the members of the Class of lune, 1937, for they have proved unequalled leaders and workers for the glory of their school. Their loyalty is unquestioned, their scholarship above reproach. Under the able direction of sponsors and officers, this group has and will add much to the history and fame of its alma mater. Nor can We believe that its service Will end with graduation. ln later years the success and greatness of its individual members Will undoubtedly reflect on Steinmetz. lt is to be hoped that the tradition of excellence in every field, which they have set, will be duly observed and equalled by each subsequent class. With their passing, there will be lost to Steinmetz, a host of incornparably fine students, leaders, and Workers, including not only their fine officers, but also those who hold responsible positions in the school's activities. However, something of their ardor will remains as an incentive to those who remain: the unseen gift of the class of lune, 1937, to their Alma Mater. The school has reciprocated their generous gifts two-fold. May they always keep this in mind, and keep their school's memory close and dear. , rj WALTER A,BRgHA'IVI "Bud" Yootball, f tramural Baseball, Sgkety 'Commission, Fire Deputy If Chief of Police, Hall Guard, Letter: mani ,Pom Committee. ' alter is happiest on the grids 1ron." , K., K, 4 GEORGE ALUND "Little Yugge" Boys' Glee Club, Red Cross Com- mittee, Clean-Up-Committee, H al I Guard. "Ripe in Wisdom is he." fflerlw ONALD BRO "Don" Band a LORELLE AMSCI-IL "Larry" G.A.A., German Club. "A charm attends her every- where." jf 0 ET L RSE londie" .A.A., ' ub. "Silent desty enhances her charm." AXEL ANDERSON "Ax" Swimming, Baseball, Football, Ping Pong. "A friendly boy who has no foes." ELEANOR ANDERSON "Sweetheart" Dardanelles, Pan American Club, Costume Illustration Club, Civic Forum, Student Council, G.A.A., Chorus. "Never leave things undone is Eleanor's motto." FLORENCE ANDERSON "Starr" Green Curtain Players, Secretcigr Shident Council: yYGe n- Cam 'gnDCivi orum, G.A.A., JA ' i' Assembly, Assistant Edi- , of Silver Streak, Police,7S1ein!f me-tz Star Represantdiiva- E "By all hebclassmates known to ftjke,'37Phe""sweetest girl at Stein- metz. ' . xp .A. VIRGINIA ANDERSON "Peggy" Cinematograph Association, Hall Guard, Chorus, Dramatics, G.A.A., Office Secretary. "Her golden hair and pleasant voice have endeared her to her classmates " ja UW elf? 1,1111 POl1C9 uard Safety Com- mission, re Deputy. "A generous chap, and lots of fun." HAROLD ENk "1if1dy" EDWIN ANDRIX "Andy" I-Iall Guard, Intramural Sports. "We wonder what he's thinking -f-but Edwin won't tell." 8 s MARY ANTELLINE "Bookworm" Volleyball. "Fair as the day and cheerful as May!" LM' DM-,ifyfyd Intramural Sp s Chess c W Q STRON "la ' , :S gy f HCI . if ul, et y with ,V lare fo pretty faces. ROBERT ARNOLD 'I " anIc" Lettermvan, Varsity all, Fggg Dfe pau t y ,R Police, Tn ramural Baseball. "A basket ai day, I.ank, and you'll make the' first team." Mkxmonls ASHLEY "Mun" G.A,A., Student Council, Clean! Up Campaign, Editor of Steinmetz Star, Book G Literature Club, Dar- danelles. "Steinmet2' own lune Provinesf' Y Costume Illustriion Club, Better Speech Clu , Chorus, Band. "All musicians are artists in one sense of the word, but Frances draws as well." c 1 T "ray" CORDELIA BALDRIDGE "Dee" GAA., Library Assistant, Stein- Sten Club, Tennis Club. "Her lauqhter is like that of a iipplina brook." JO fr fm ZENON BARANOWSKI "Baron" Swimminq, Intramural Sports. "Iohnny Weissmuller II is here in the making." 16,4161- frf :..,!f,f,,, I ELINOB BABKMAN "L" GAA., Leaders Club, B i d i n q Club, Golf Club, Student Council. "One could scarcely find a better sport." f ' , GLADYS BARTEL "Gladie" G.A.A., Hall Guard, Bed Cross Representative, Stein-Sten Club. "Her face wears a pleasant smile." HERBERT BASKE "Basic" Swimming Team, Airway Club, Glee Club, Pre-Medic Club, Alchem- stein Club. "By his activities a Steinmetz stu- dent is known." ELAINE BEENING "E" G.A.A., Stein-Sten Club. "Energy is eternal liqht, 'Keep shininq, Elainel' " VIRGINIA BEBGERON "Qin" French Club, Germqg Cjul Dar- danelles, G.A.A. I "At home EW 4 M . f af' 1 ,IUNE BERGQUIST Stein-Sten Club, Library Staff, OI, fice Secretary, G.A.A. "She performs her work in earns esi style." I TW PAUL ckyjfb Che s CS Checker Club, Hall Guard. "A lover of sport, some call him 'Flashf " ETHEL BINDIG "Eth" Dardanelles, Chorus, GAA. "Gentle in manner and firm in reality." A f . V I ,A L ' f 4 'MA 1 xxx" HENRY BLAUL "Hank" Art Staff. "Henry will accept any job ani do it considerably better than it's usually K 1 K T - X, 4 . 'T ,x ,U 4' x ' J ttf "XX I , mx -N-AX 4 -J. 1 -. . I wt Q . IAMES BLUE "lim" Basketball Team, Letterman, Intrae m u r a I Basketball Champs, Intra- mural Baseball, Police. "His c h e e r f ul smile attracts friends as the moon the tide." GUY BOBBORA "Guy" Letterman, Football, lntramural Baseball. "One al our Football team who scored in the movies, too." ' I CASllVllPl BOBULU "Casey" lrttramural Baseball :Sf Basketball, Airways Club. "His manner is retictent but like' able." IOHN HONDER ll? Nl. B. lr," Civig Forum, GrQen.Curtain Play- ers, Chan ll F1 l 1 rl Ma1',6l1a'f'aCT3Xgl Ouljclrlie Dulrwffrsfganffwwwl vtffa ll ' ief ovie Oper tor, Silver Streak Staff, Swirnrriitla eam, B ntl. A "man Lkhrt eirprpepfwgqsy Rrsridevifw L L' In x ' - AUGUST HORGHESI "Flash" lntraniural baseball, Pan-Amer? can Club. "His talr-nts are too often hidden from Chance arquaintance by his silence." ,f lo fi left! 1 RRAINE Bojtaarrrwrv f ,Qr2DmQ' G.A.A., stan-step' Urrirv, Hall Guard, Airway Club. "The truth will always make you llklll H 'VIIEODORE BOROWSKl "Teri" Airway Club, lntramural Sports, Hall Guard. "He dares do all that beeanes a man." J , X Rl BO TON "Mar" C. ,A. all Guard, Gym Otfirfe. N "par nq blue eyes and an n' a manner. X MARIE BOTTIGLIET-tl - Opera Club, l-lall'Guarr'l, Police, Darclanellegf GAA., Pen avrmqsr Club, jffrdent Council, Dramatics, Silver treak Repfeseritative, Stein' metZ!Star Representative. "Lite ta her is a pleasant thinaf' 1 K . BRUCE BOYNNE "Bebe" Hall Cvuari Airway Club, Basket- ball, Radio Club. "A qreat lover of activities." lf fl, A: 1 '- 9.4, , ,1',,,' .A 1 J Y, h A ,ff VI , t- VIRGINIA BRANSON 'Benny Cw,A.A., Ft ' Cro r r. "The st ' ed Will," 01 .rg GERALDINE BRElXflEF. "Gerry" G.A.A. "Her camparry is s a u q ht by manyf , 1 .f , .,,.LL I x...'. MARlON l-3REVlCK "Maisie" Darrlanelles O f t i c e Secretary, "Chonita," Vice President at Stein- Sten, G.A.A. Camera Club. "A girl wh: lingers in memory's lane." if , 1 I I' 554-dfn., Ll QQ! VERNON BRINK "Brinker" "True t.: his uaurse at all times" p ' 1 I K N 4 .. EDAREFRYLL -,jf ty 'fvv'mtQy" it UM Swi irrqt T m,. ' ays Club, -Mrthematic lubq .O.T.C., Buck xiii ale,-, l Girard, Orchestra. 'Chopxn Bach Kreisler, l3rylll" XF Rv gy BUDDE "Bud" , Hall Guard, Airways Club, Pan ' merican Club. ' "His driving force is ambition." We it , tifiwtf , I le' ROY BURDE -., "Birde House" Chess 6- Checker Club, Airways 1 1 Club. . "Patient, Calm, and wise as an owl is.Ahis Burdef' Q -me IOAN BURKE "l. B." G.A.A., Chess 6. Checkers. "Nice girl is the general verdict." VJ IEA BURT ' ii ' fx Da an ' es, i en Clu all u Costu e esigning, Red s Repres. tive, Life qt 'nq, .A.A., Tap Dancing, "Choi ia," Office Secretary, Civic Forum. "The Dardanelles will miss this girl." ROBERT BURTSCHER "Bob" lntramural Sports, Glee Club. "A smiling redhead who warms your heart." O IOHN BUZAS "Sarge" Sergeant in R.O.T.C., Non-Com- missioned Officers Club. "lohn is a fine soldier and a M25 ff' gentleman," AWN PAYE CAHILL "Snooks" t g Star Representative, G.A.A., Teachl I U Airway Club, Pre-Medic Club er's Secretary. "A companionable soul, and dili- gent worker." RITA CALDWELL ' 'M'Reets" a.A.A., Dqfdmpuelf Fgronch ciub, German Club., 'Officer Secretary. "The perfect qzgmigination of all l thagis goadiwf' inf' A ,V 1 V 4 ANTHONY CANADEO "Stir-aky" Captain of Football, Trafk, Lot- terman, lntramural Baseball. "A ripesnorting, tearing lion on the gridiron, and a joking lamb in private life?-X ' U! X, 4 ,XJ DO NICCA RELLI "Spe ' tu e cil, Pa fAmeric " '. th' g M i n." f A , - . ffqiwvef f MARGARET CARON "Peggy" G.A.A., Gym Secretary, Loaders Club. "Enioyable, enthusiastic, and all in all excellent." ..,. f"f,'i:- , fl 4 A , A f 4 l "Cassi' Mana er of Football Team As- sis?-tit itor of St Star Rzipre- se atiy ,flrrttctqgra l,S,,,SlC1l Club, etterman. "Ha py-go-lucky, fair and free." x M TON IAP A Iey" i g m O . . ., Hall rd, A w l b. ' ' 'Mil n' is a reat ALFRED CHIARUTTINI "Al" Football, Sigma Ouad, Battalion Commander of R.O.T.C., Fire Dep- uty, Chief of Police. "One of the reasons we admire the Army." ANTOINETTE CHOINICKI "A" G.A.A., Chess G Checker Club, Treasurer of Polish Club, Airway Club. "She strives to do her best at Steinmetzf' GEORGE CI-IRISTENSEN "Christy" Business Manager of Star, Senior Adviser of Star, Student Council, Sigma Quad, Fire Deputy, Prom Committee, Boys' Glee Club, 4B Class Treasurer. "Presenting the worthy treasurer of the Senior Class." HARRY CI-IRISTENSEN "Chris" Student Council, Book Room, Sil ver Streak Staff, Treasurer of Stamp Club, Silver Streak Representative, Intramural Sports. "A working man with a sense oi humor." Af X, RAYM914 c "shoes" fl amyral Basketbal Intramural seballl iyways C . "His filjgi 'al la m sy m a joy as aid smat .' MAUREEN CLARKE "Peanuts" G.A,A., Chess G Checkers. "Lovely to look at, delightful to know!" X t tt, L .J f wi- '- N A "comms" I' tra - XS- - all, Swimming eam, as Q d. Anoth -f-8: in the Steinmetz pool." rf MARIE CONLEY X A 'fIrish" v XQL.ibR1'N4 Assistant, Q.A.A. , Fl "Marte was one of our 'interests tin the library." 35 t 1-1 in 4,-M 4 ff' ivy ' I ELLEN COYNEY Af' "L" Glee cm , .A.Aj'lI-Iall Guard, Stein-St? lub , f I "This prett ,girl is truly like a melgdfi'-" H I l f ' ,J .9 ft FLOYD ROS ntr ura S ts, Hall Guard. ' 1 acter is Floyd." ,AIU i "R d" T I us e Intramural B ' C11 " Baseball- "I-Ie runs" - J. and pop! qoes a 'I ' I 1 f WILLIAM CUMMINGS "Wild Bill" Airway Club, Pan American Club. "Bill doesn't know if hes Cum- mings or Goingsl " VIRGINIA CZARNECKI "VirQ" G.A.A., Hall Guard, Office Secres tary, Pen 6 Ledger Club, Camera Club, Water Pageant, Life Guard. "Ted will string along With You' Virgiell Q - J " If 4- O X C in l ! l L' uslnplvfs ULU" , Dardanelles, Stu d e I ncil, Civic Forum, CIIQSS Checkers, Tennis Club, Chorus. "Efficiency pe onifiedf' ,W X 0 X pr- I KT'-i,1i I h if kt xff ii' DAY g"'Peggy" Chorus. I'- "Peggy was another-.oi Stein- metzfs bright lights." N.. N a -WJ, FEORA DE MlCl-lELE J ,if GEORGE DE BOER "Gee Dee Bee" Steinmetz Star, Sports Reporter, Student Council, Sigma Quad, Foot ball Manager, Fire Deputy, lntra- mural Sports, Math Club, Stamp Club. "GDB accomplished more than most." . JI . -ff i MLAWRCENCE DEERlNG "Larry" ' Pan American Club, Hall Guard, Intramural Sports. "A regular, all-round good sport." HARRIET DEICHMAN "Har" Field' c y, G.A.A., Hall Guard. bi i SZ!! 5 Gian E is ' l'sixB1tS" all Gua am ral Sports. ' eoray-P lic iz crush on f qv." . it ' NlqAi1N.Glub1 ders crab, Yciqsketbctt, Terinis ciabkgfe Huang, "A dimple on the chin and Angel within." LOUIS DE MICHELE "Gertie" Cheer-Leader, Sigma Quad, Dance Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra, Band, lntramural Sports, R.O.T.C., Foolish Follies, Show of Shows. "His musical nature gives delight 'ri all. f 1. ,-If '-i .Jfi . 1 5 .ze " ' i L 14--"" ROSE DEPrNro i liao" G. ., Hall Guard, Gym Secre- tary "R se wants an Alumnae Asso- ciatiorif' IANET DOEMLAND 'Sweenyw Stein-Sten Club, Oflic Secr , Civic Forum, G.A.A. "Ianet is the ir counter .hind lie 657' wr f ir3AN DoEMLAND ,'Wliirrliy" As istant S ary of Student c e E , CounQl, ffice ecretary, stem- red' rub, Ctviftr Wall. "lean, too, enjoys 'her association, with the offidbf Forkersfijvl' ,f ' A-7 , ,A K Xb 4' 4x1 :ff RAYM'oND Doiixz "Ray" Clean-Up Campaign, Police, Opera Club. "Hopes to find a dollar in the scraps he picks up in our corridors." r , , M' f j Y ,ft LL' , IANET DONALD f f . t , sf HIGH., G.A.A., Pen ri Ledger Club, "She's to be found among the mirth makers and believes the world was rnade to enjoy." MARGARET DONALD "Marge" Glee Club, Ridinfl Club, Silver Streak Representative. true." . ELEANOR DOST "All nice th'ngs said of her are 1 JJ HHH Pen :S Ledger Club, Vice President G.A.A. "A firm friend and true." ' f ' l .nf XL fa ,' 1 J Nj: 'W ff' 'C Q Q,-J if Jff!! ' sji!c,,v""?j .I f I GEORGIA DOUGHERTY Dardanelles, Student President of Red Cross, National Red Cross G.A.A., Leaders Club, Chorus. "She rarely misses roll." "Teen" C o u n c i l, Delegate tc Convention, Robertson's the honor GRACE DUNCAN "Dunkie" Prom Committee, Stei -Sten Club, G.A.A. , "The business o ill e ome her." 1 LORRAINE EIDNES X! "Rusty" G.A.A., Tennis Club, Golf Club. "Always a perfect coiifuref' f? 1 B f' f , I. f?g'Lf7'fw6V DUANEENDLER 'W-ff ' Hall Guard, Pan American Club, Airways Club. "We will recommend him." I t- t t NoRMAN ERICKSON "Swede" l-lall Guard, Pan American Club, Chess 61 Checker Club. " 'Swede' was a whiz at doing nothing." ROLAND EVETT "Bud" Hall Guard, Police Sergeant, Fire Marshal. "Common sense is his guide." X 't Xl E W DOH Y EMAALD "Dot" G.A.A. 6 Stein-Sten Club, P a n American Club. "A steady customer of the Stein- Stem." wif DOMINICK FAVIA "Domerio" Band, S y m p h o n y Orchestra. Dance Orchestra, lntramural Sports, Foolish Follies. "Take great pleasure in the se- lect extra-curricularsf' f fwwiif ADELANE EELGER "Ad" G.A.A., Stein-Sten, Opera Club, Gym Office Secretary, Dramatics. "A future Greta Garbo." I GENEVNEVE l:'WGLlOi "Gen" G.A.A!5.fD6rdane11s's, S t' d e nt Council, Officexjeicretaryfggi Cross, "Sincere, 'and in every way:-". ' FRANK FERRERI "Prof" Co-Captain of Swimming Team, Cheer Leader, Letterman, Airway Club, Sigma Ouad, Show of Shows, lntramural Baseball 6 Basketball, Foolish Foolies. "A diver unequalled a 'sports- man complete" ob! 4' flfrfcf-ff1,Q, c,cc.ffcf-,f: Q cfm,-'AA ELS FIEDLER el , as etb ll, .A.A'., L ers Clu'b, Life Club. JA-XVx.fifL ' "The modern girl ar'Qfs5cgLsm.c3'f+' tr e." 'X f . 1 V Ll 636141 LJ' lfr?,,,! cylfaxjo fat ' f 1 EL.lZABETi'l l:lSl"lEB 'Bettygfdb G.A.A. Board, Dardarielles, Bas ketball, Tennis Club, Leaders Club, G.A.A. Delegate, Secretary of Math- ematics Ctub, Dancing, Red Cross Delegate, Life Saving. "A red-heacl and athlete in every sense of the word." ALEXANDER FRANKOWSKI "VV'illow" Sigma Ouad, Alchemstein Club, Camera Club, lntramural Boxing, lntramural Baseball G Basketball. "The tworfisted lack Dempsey oi Steinmetzf' BEATRICE FB UF "Bee" G.A.A., ll uard, Pan Ameri- can Clii "He aims aw high." X one "' L ' ,aa KATHERINE FRITZ "Katie" G.A.A., Hall Guard, Pan Ameri- can Club.4 f "None ibut hefself could be her parallel". 4 N N A V v fl ll ll c Roar "chock" ,lj f their, Hall Guard, swim. ml , Orchestra, Police. ff' ' thletic, with just or touch of X s ing." WILLIAM FROST "Twin" Basketball, Hall Guard, Police. Orchestra. "A qood naturecl lad is Bill." I XHOWARD FUGMAN "Howie" I Sigma Ouad, Airway Club. "A Si?ma Quad, therefore the 7 rr 'perIe ' " 73,4 ERIK FUNK "Funk" Hall Guard, Police. "Lively and ardent, frank and kind." ,X ' ,RUTH FURLOTT "Frenchie" 1.3 GiA.A., Hockey, Chorus. F "Prim,,pr01oer, and pretty." J' ' X lr N X ' X ' R THEODORE GIANNONI "Ted" Intramural Sports, Hall Guard. "His humor is like an ever-run- ning Iountainf' LORRAINE GILARD "Lor" Stein-Sten Club, G.A.A., H a I I Guard. "Patience is her c r o W n i n q quality." C5 FLO ENCE GILMORE "Flo" G.A,A., Stein-Sten Club, H all Guard. "True wit is Flo's asset." RICHARD GLYNN "Dick" Fire Deputy, Hall Guard, Intra- mural Baseball. "Why aren't they all contented like me?" MERTIS GODEE ' "Rusty" G.A.A., Student Council, Red Cross. N "Goodness does not consist of greatness, but qreatness of qoocl- ness.",N -' I 3 1 . - l N' f N-"J LE RoYc ' L Ki "Lee" Int mur l baseball, Intramural Bas ll. . 'tl' en of fewxwords are the best men." I 1 I 1 1 ,.., L X, CLIFFORDG X Hall Gua , American Club, Ches Club. "A ti e ou mention chess, "Cliffo ' all ears, because that's his fav ' mode of living." W I Ui EE "lunie" S e nmetz Star, G.A.A., Pan Amer- icafx " nother popular Star Staff member." xx J v 4 x , lx I J Ixos GRUND X f "toe" LrltramuralYBasebal1, Intramural Bdsketballf' 'A I X J' "Esquire ,fashions are his style." ll 4 Q l 'f X if , , ' 5 .I Hiatdmdouzrzomf Neem" K Green Curtain Players, Safety " Commisslonf- Sigma Ouad, Golf Clubl, M Guard, Student Council, Intramu al Baseball. "The clubs will miss 'Getz'." EDWARD HAERLE "Pussy Toes" Football, Intramural Baseball :S- Basketball. "Ed took his revenge on the foot- ball." GLADYS HALVORSEN "Swede" Stein-Sten, G.A.A., Student Coun- cil, Hand Book Staff, Annual Art Class. "Many thanks to our Class Sec- retary." MARGARET HAMILTON "Marge" G.A.A., Red Cross Committee, French Club. "Oh Marge, we're always think- ing of you." NORMAN HANASETH "Nor" Steinmetz Star, Sigma Quad "Will join Winchell as his an Fr'day.lj-J" 'J X ' , bf x bp 11' W . ni-11 W1 v IRENE HANSEN "LEE" G.A.A., Hall Guard "Her cheerful ways brightened many a day at Steinmetz." BARTH HANSEN "Swede" Intramural Basketball G Softball, Handbook Staff. "Our myriad-minded S h a k e - spearef' DAVID HANSON "Hans" Intramural Sports. "A ripe good scholar is he. MARGARET HANSON "Marge" G.A.A., Leaders Club, German Club. "Having friends is the fulfilling of the law." 1 B ARTMAN 'Birdiel' 'N . .A., P Amer" ub, nc l . ' gfmad ' s ' an e rt." O MARGARET HEBER "Marge" Student Council, Hall Guard, Po- lice, Pen 6. Ledger Club, Camera Club, G.A.A., Office Secretary. "A diligent office worker." , ,J 'A tJ BARBAQQX GL "BM:-S" I also G1-ee Club, Rezfcmss ittee, Leaders Club. gLC?3abs like to sing-'and does it well." . I ,jk Qwj "l"'JvQ?k DOROTHY I-IELDT "Dot" G.A.A., Stein-Sten Club, German Club. "A good name is better than riches." 1 lllfi?'ll'll Hlflulfll "H9ssirv" Glu' I'lul, C'5.A.l1.. "ll1i Vurr' siuipiirity is ftzcxlityiufz tu fill." v lQ.-'x . Ur.,Y'i V97 J WX ,J JWr,1,1wt:zxHii't'utiwwiwc "lVlciqqo" 'I iltmlwrit Ccsiiiicil, Gmmi Curtain M K Vlciyrirs, Cfivif' l'-lftltllll, Silvwi' Strmilc Stuff, llciricl Hunk Stcxtf, G.A.A,, Bris- laritlicill, l,it0 Sciviufz, Trip Dcmciriq. "A stwfirly riisloiiim iri will ficftivi- tif sl" I .1 l ' H RMA f Nl I "Norm Alvl ii stviu irflulw, C'l,lX.lX., Trrivwl 'luiy irwciy Cfluli, Hull Guurrl, lwu X L1 Cluli, lririiiis tflulw, Bcxskvt ri G AIX. liriltfqritfi, Dclrictirifi, 3 ' Scvricittiry, Firflcl llcwkfvy, lu- ti ii uml llcisrilwill, linvlitiritirirz lwut lll1lNtIIl.H Q Ht llllll l' lll'l'HllllN "lima" fliuiiipittii Bffxvi, Fwatlcill. N Hlfrfivffry lIF'V'l tucles mul uf lg ltirzliifiiif' J MYln'lI.l'flPlFSS "lVlyit" G.A.A., Stfiu-Stwii Cluli, l,0ClCl0IS flulf, Pdgecirit Cluli. "lim lciuqhtgr is swftvt mmf! mild," Q ' Q? xx , .vxqvxxxx KX . ' ,NK Q X 7, Y, ,N l N i Nj ! as 3 il.OHl'lf4.lNl' lllftflililfl "lVlic'lcc'y" X Gimvii ifuitciiii Plfiyois, Hall Gucircl, l7miiiutic's, G.A.A,, Clwmi , llp Ccliiiivciiqii. Q "'l'cvo lciw tliwy lfuilfl who lwuilzl X S lwrirwitli tlw sirius." I 1 ' fx 4 J, ' I Y' YL VVRA HEYSHK "Viv" 2 G.A.A.NPv11 5- lJi'tlQPI Cflulw, Silvm Strriuk Stall, Oltirrf SWCIKPNIIY, GTPKHII Cuituiri Plcyvrs, Hull Gucirtl, Stein- ' mvtz Star Rwpmseliitcitivv, Silvm Stn-cxlc Hvlprvsfliitutivv. "Hmri's licipiuq you tum out to lift Y what ywu wuiit wlimi you want," lllNEHlFl.lMi l" Dmvlqric-llfs, Still Rcipieiswiitcitivv, G.A.A. Dplequtw, Civic Fciruiii. "A tiny tudirlou Witli fl vtwurlf-vita: iiimiiirlif' Al ,f NDREVV l-lOl.0UlilflKl ' Autlyw QNGUIOTKI-lrjlllll, lllllillllllllll liflfivi- A fill. 4 'Nl "AS tw lhirikwtlz iu liias lifwut, su 4 VHARL ' ' "l?utl', G.A. ., juic' ll , Clitwsrz S Fliff' 'lux Air y L'lul'. "A mm limit tlcws: rwtwl likt rim i.in0.' JJ ill I K T MARY lANlIHOOlit2 "lik " Vicwi Pisisitlwii , tiiivllsisg Y iuiit ifliciiiuicm, C :ir on 'tw-3 St-1' clvii f vui ' , filwmi-llprifciiiiiiiittvv, Cf' , mi, L ms Fluli, ' 'ii- tli ii, lull lnrcl, Oitivv Swv! I ,'itx y sa- sistmit, Sutc-ty Qciu 4-il. MCEHF? of Stbjiim t1":: imczzt l-i.tmi:: mfg studviitsf WlNll'RlfDHOPFl1l, "Wyuiw" Give ri Ctlfifll ' 1-iss, lllllvlllfi- t ci CI 1' ci p li . iuti ,-,gsigie-tcli llcckfiy 'l' ii, 'll qiviiic ' i- liri I Cciiii Wy pvm l . I' J "Wim 0 is lilcef fi :suriiiiim 1lf1Y.H 'Flu' .A.A. Gp Dmiviiir, ltilkliltiitl, ' ockvy, Srtvrfttciiy, if vf, orui ' XFN d 1 1 T13 "Bot y"s1L!iiirr'wtlig' ktvf-ly as aiu oi- SEQ Lll.l.lANH I ll 'ullitlt y" lo iw ui' it ti w luut nits C A. ., .A. , Dv qtxci, .C ' ix? l'murii, p Dm Ciuq iiwdy ull. tttv ' ffl N I X s FRANK HORVATH "Tiny" Pan American' Club, Airway Club, Chess 5' Checkers. "A gentleman and a scholar." C O "Ozzie .A. ., hess G Checkers. Celi has a v iety of interests." tl f are LFXGNE HUB T r vig" Civic Forum, s, Al- chemstein, Pre-Nledi reative Writ- ing Club, "Enjoys intellect al activities." lEAN HUFFMAN Dardanelles, S t u d e nt Council, French Club, German Club, G.A.A., Hiding Club. "A Silver Streak steed would satisfy lean." Qyvlugtw Nil?-JL! 5YtfJQ,s'LQ 'cw wsu, If W- MABGABET l-IURLEY "M dqe" Dardanelle , S t u uncil, Hall Guar St ' n Club, Bed Cr? e ative, G.A.A., Life q o nm Cho Sa , c , " - nita," 'l'ap in , Qfii Secre- tary, Civic or , Flasbion- ettes. Hin t ey petite. " MARY IACOBS A "Cleo" G.A.A. . "Smiles from her ia cn lad." 3 1 . -'gh ij BERNICHTTACOBSON "Bn" Green Curtain Players, G,A.A., Hall Guard, illramatics, Clean-Up Campaign. "She has the will to do, the soul to dare." Cfffefljf BOB IAEGEB "Chubbie" Basketball, Letterman, Police, Fire Deputy, Intramural Baseball. "A p pular man about town." l My s L. VIRGINIA JAGO "Ginger" G.A.A., Stein - Sten, Basketball, Hockey, Dancing. "Sees humor in the most dire situ- ations." WANTDA 1 i , -"recite" G.A ., Dar tielles, ls t u ein t Q il, ' c e Secrytary, Hall uard. N ' .,' S7' "WanHa's possession of many tal- ents ylill make her future com- plexf' f ,. .LA ,. F1-'vi u Ll .-16 'A FRANK IANAS "Lanky" Basketball, Hall Guardf "The Silver Streak of the basket- ball team." EARL IENZEN "linx" Sigma Quad, Hall Guard, lntra- mural Baseball, Football Manager. "Earl likes the hool. Hurrahlfl A-of an 'P ELEANOR JOHNSON , G.A.A., Hall Guard, Trav 1 "Some parm? argfjust naturally lucky."A,0. " f QJA,-9 C . ,S 1,1-f ' 'IIC .H nfl!! I nf - A-ryyfff K f . ELEANOR M. IOHNSON "Cissy" G.A.A., Stein-Sten, Civic Forum, Election Committee, Bed Cross, Star Staff, Hall Guard. "Kindly actions have made her many friends." RUSSELL IOHNSON "Swede" lrrtrarriural Sports, Hall Guard, "Has a aaad drisiqrr tar livinqf' PAUL lC'DRGl'fNSlfN "luraie" llaliwh Swrawarrt, llall Guard Cap- iairr, Assistant Fditar at Stairimetz Star, l'irr' l,iPl1ifNllf1Ill, Sports Editor at Stwirrrrratyt Star, Vifffw Prelsidorrt, MfTill'tlIlf'1ili'S Clulr, Marraaar Swim- rrrirra 'lk-arri, Viva Prosidarrt Stamp l'lul', Svrrirrr Advisfrr' ta Stairrrrwtzt St-rr, Studvrrt Caurirtil. 'wlklrrwi rrrwri rrrwrlwri la taker his rmlrrl-rr RAl.l'll IORGRNSFIN "lam" lfalicv-, Fira Daputy, Alvherrrstoirr Clulr, Siarrra Quad, Rifle Team, lrr- trarrrural Rasahall, Publicity Otficar at R.O,'l'.C. "Limit for hirrr dawn irr tha rrrrraf-," CARL HIDD "Ruddy" Chorus. "Carl usas his 'B and K' tactics irr aur assorrrhlias. l, xX X' X RAYMOND KAISFR "Kats" Silvar Streak lalarrdlroak, Civic Farurrr, Chairrrrarr Service Award Carrrrriittaa, Trark, Basketball, Let- Y, tarmarr, Palira, Fira Deputy, Student Q' .fouririil Siama Quad, Carriara Club. "Rayrrrarrd's 'Caurrtry Clulr' CIC- ihiiviiivs will partart his dvsiqn far J liviriaf' 1 K v lr? .5 . vktnhli ' , X LU ,r KANE "Lge" N Q g2S.NyA. Traval Cluh, Airway , , lxtq "Wr1rrts ta ha ari air stawardassf' ,W W? ff f SM! ROR 'KAMLAH "Bala" 1 1 rrtrarrrural Sp t al Guard. ll, 'lla arriinys lv ,n Qasadf' I If If ,, 1 f Xi , l YVONNE KAPPE "Vcrrrrrirr" Alchemsteirr Club, G.A.A., 'lravc-l Cluh, Airway Cluh, Chess 5. Check- ar' Clulm, Civic Forurrr, Clearr-Ury Clrrripaiqrr, "Frc1Cklw-tavv, ia thirrl: wa usr-d tu fall har trar'klatdrwl" 4 J A, -A uf' x xt," . A, 4, ' 1 3 HARRY KEAG , 'lfwqqii-" Siarrra Quad, Grwarr Curtain Play- wrs, Gpfrra Cluh, lVliXvd Clrarus. "Wild Charrrist arid sufrvw lmrdrrvr mari." A - if Sf'iiil"l ALYCEKEDGE X "Lvl" G.A.A,, Fivlci lirivlivy, lriib Sriv- irra, Claarr-Up-Carrrpaiarr, Swirrrrrrirr-r Taarri, liall Guard. "A rrawrarrrar' wha likfwd Stfrirr- 'rratztf' EVY KlNSTRANl5 "Shorty" Pen 51 Lvdaar Cluli, G,A.A., Hall Guard, Tap Darrrirra, "Another tutura C. R. A." U 1, J, ,1 , y 4 r ,f ir, it X ' ,gh DOROTH lRCl-IENRR G "Shorty" G.A.A., P9-rr 5- Ladaor Cluh, "Morbid ability ladaod in a Choarful dispasitiarrf' MARGARET KLEMFNS "Margo" G.A.A., liall Guard. "lVlarqa rrwrits tha host." LAlfVlillNCli KNllllSllN "l.r'iI'1y" Mixod Charus, llrwsirlfirit Crafrrr Curtairr Playars, Siarrra Quad, Stu- darit Cfnurrfil, Starrw Crfrw, Alvlrarrr- steirr, Turrrlwliriq. Hlfrrrays all thirias ycruthtulf' llfWlIl. IQOFHLFH "Tots" C.A.A., Stein-Sten. Hlwwvls to till a Crown." Kltlll. tqotfuta 'luke' l, ttwitueu, Swiuuuiug 'l' e am, 'll-aut llittrus, Police, Fit Dui uty, li ll Tear Alchem- stwii Clulu iqt a , Air Way Ululw, Popular stra. '5 "A vollovtoi t tlus anti ltat vlucliua svltool li norsf' 1 4' OLGA KQSOVEZ "Oqqiel' Tap Dancing, G.A.A. "Olga is good Fompanyf' C,1C67px 17 'A Q . , Q in f " L, GLENN KROFF' "Speed" liuys' Gino Club. "Not too speedy for Cornfortf' LX Mg P- VLJ G.A.A., Leader Cluli. JA 0 or iendation io the CLA, Au, Cu. 750 , ' S Www IUNE KROPP "lu" G.A.A., Stein-Steu, Star Reprosene tative. "Fair as Iunef' FLORENCE KRUGER "Flo" G.A.A., Civic Forum. "Obscure as the night." MYRA KUNDE "My" G.A.A., Guard, Life Saving, Base- ball, Tap- Dancing. "An amialwle personality." A V RT o Q3 S' e Club. , "L' o munity Singing on the R .' , f . V., . .M ,QJ I IOSEP LABUZ ,f "Butch" Polic ,.,BaskQUdi b9Qhrlnt5ri- mural, tudent CD11 '. ' P if "l-le lfinows what he wants." FRANK LADENDORF "Curley-Top" Sigma Quad Treasurer, Fl.O.T. C., Civic Forum, Student Council, Airway Club, Charter Committee. "Here's to the soldier and his arms, especially if lie happens tt, be a tenor." I ' . ' 17" P '7-'L-A 6--'-1 -.4--.-f hr" Vee-- ,,.,v,4-by-x' -... sh-A as F "Jig I' 'I f I I 'Q1..,4,.,v -',,.fL-w..1.- If 5 3 0 pf MILDRED fkmouizi 'Mir' G.A.A., Stein-Sten, Costume illus- tration Club, Show of Shows. "l-las many talents." EMII. LAMOS "Bagrat" Student Council, Student Court, Sigma Quad, Clean-Up-Campaign, Green Curtain Players, Civic For- um, Police, Fire Deputy. "His ciiligence in pursuit of fiuty is cixtraorvlinaryf' DOROTHY LARSEN "Dottie" G.A.A., 5 Loaders Club, Airway Club. "Dottie likes Lo visit the airport." BETTE LAUB "Shorty" G.A.A., Riding Club, Leaders Club, Life Saving, Golf lub. "Blest with the cha o please." O Q, x ygmf. 'Evfn tein-St I Ci 'c .A,A. T v l , atics, Tennis .'A er WA! IAMES LINSKEY "Linsk" Sigma Quad, Alchemstein Club, Pre-Medic Club, Rille Club, Annual Staff, Airway Club, Mixed Chorus, Foolish Follies. "He was good entertainment." IOHN LONG HDYk9H lntramural Baseball, lntramural Bas al Airway Club, Band. ' yke' 'gin l as lli name." I WW Mi .. WANDA LORENC' G.A.A., Chess d C er ce President of th P ' C "Petitioned for t P Club." ELMER LORENZ "Red" Glee Club. "l-lis glee is always obvious." MARlORlE LYDIGSEN "Midge" Travel Club, G.A.A. "Sensibility, sweetness too." ROBERT MAAG "Bob" Intramural Baseball, Airway Club. "Robert is a promising student - Yes, always promising." CASIMER MACZEK "Casey" lntramural Basketball, lntrainural Baseball, Airway Club. "Casey at the bat." 1 ' 4 5 74 .X 'Z L Z' 7 ff C , f -,V J" lf' A ,J PETER MAGCISTO "Maggy" Boxing, lntramural Sports, Pan- American. "Pete will miss Civics." GUS MALATIA "Model T." Fire Deputy, Chorus, Chonita, Sigma Quad, Cinematograph Club, Drarnatics, Alchemstein, Show of Shows, Foolish Follies. , "we Situ like Mwst rs." Q f W . F Af . ,I 'yu' iq' ff ,QQQGLQ WH. I M MALMB "Bill" S in Te Captai Letter- , Sigm ad, Student Court, e cil, Fire Deputy, Clean- U 1'-r ' a gn, Civic Forum, Sports- ' ' amural Baseball, Police. rder in the courthouse -Bill w nts to speak." DOROTHY MANNHARDT "Dot" G.A.A. Water Pageant, Riding. "She is a credit to Miss Selingerf' v , W I ibryf YL . , X, f A of ELLA MARTIN "El" G.A.A. Star Representative, Silver Streak Representative, S t u ci e n t Council. "Liked our publications." DOMINIG MARZULLQ' f'Shorty" Intramural Basketball, Intramural Bliss-bait. I "Liked"his vitaminsff 5, 'N l' K s 3 L N '5 -1 CHESTER MASLANKA "Ches" Intramural Basketball, Intramural Baseball. "Mark his words." BERNARD MCCARRON "Mac" Intramural Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Airway Club. "His mind has its own method." ANN MCKAVANAUGI-I "Pat" Alchemstein, G.A.A., T r a v el, Guard, Secretary, Airway Club: Chess G Checkers. "Wants to fly to Florida." EDWARD MESCI-IA "Edo" Police, Intramural Basketball, In- tramural Baseball. "Enjoyed the Steinmetz Spirit." t I frm ' J ' K HY MQYE "Dorr .t ep eserilgive of Silver Stre k, Baskewll, t r. - t J ' "Silence747Erea'er than Sp ec .' it My ft. .ttf , I K KATHLEEN MEYERSI "Kay" Dardanelles, Stein-Sten, Camera Club, G,A.A. Office Secretary, Guard, Airway. "A dignified air and a pleasant countenance." C b a u 1 , s ll T 1 , Sil r t t. A v abl me ber of y ac- RUBY MICH Lf Rui," Student C u C , Gre Cu a' Players, Ci at gra , e a p a tiyity, DORIS MICHELS "Mickey" G,A.A,, Student Council, Vice President Costume Illustration Club, Leaders, Basketball, Tap Dancing, Annual Committee. "Badminton is her bes L UA ! AMO' Jeff , iAM1g Stage Crew, Dramatics, Police. "Has mischief in his eyes." GORDON MILLER Intramural Basketball, Intramural Baseball, Golf. "Knows his game." ix Q I 'V-9' N K JM lfJK.ti,.f X vixg' M1 It X 'xl Qs, lg I ' I 1 K l A N' FN x X ll.'J' we ,kg fax B 5 Y IOI-IN MILLER F "Shorty" Sigma Quad. ' "The Foolish Follies should be given every week." .. f 1 fl M1111 f . ,ff ' ",il,f""?,! A 1 6LL,4,.p .UM IUNE LER "Lanny" Drafnatics, G.A.A. Tennis, Civic Forum, Student Council, Darda- nelles, Chorus. "A modern Miss with intellect and ideals." ALICE MORCK "Al" Travel, Guard. "Good things often come in small packages." ARDITH MORSCHEK "Red" Water Pageant, Cherry Blossom, Lelawala, Opera Club, Life Guard. "Warrts a season pass to the opera." 'S -it ' .- A I ARTHUR MORTENSEN "Art" X J Chorus, Glee Club. r "Young tellows will be young fellows." X J J X .I J N I X, BLITYIUNE MOYER A Camera Club, Star Staff, G.A.A., K? 'h i' Hall Guard, Pen 51 Ledger Club, Rv "Her wit is original and pleas- S 9 ant."' x X K WILLIAM MULLINS "Moon" ' Star, Police, Intramural Baseball. "We boil at different degrees." . I f ,f X ,ffl -S tk XS, ti ETHEL MURRAY "Flicks" x ' Green Curtain Players, Darda- , nelles, G.A,A. X xxx "Theres no use crying over spilt milk 'cause theres enough water in it already." X J r . N X it . y lx ,. JJ K l ' J 4 'P A ON MUSSELMAN "rx1rt-ire" .A., Stein-Ste , I.eadeYejClub, A rar q ciub. r -' N S arigh will psease her L ploy- , I my .f-.J X, A XJ ANTHONY NAKONECZNY "Nako" Galt Team, Intramural Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Orchestra. "Will show the correct stance any time." NORBERT NARSKE "Norb" Intramural Baseball, Intramural Basketball. "Always has time for a game or two." GRACE NELSON "Gracie" Stein-Sten, G.A.A., Camera. "Photography offers endless en- joyment." ' A ' , 1 v Y Ll 1 N C HOWARD NESTMAN "Nezbit" Police, Fire Deputy, Star Repre- sentative, Guard, Intramural Bas- ketball, Intramural Baseball. "Nezbit held his nose to the grindstone, but not too close." ROBERT NEUMAN "Bob" Pan-American, Intramural Sports. "His interests are the best." EARL NOLTER "Duke" Alchemstein Club, Stamp Club, Airway. "Not an Earl but a 'Duke' " FI. ENCE OYC '-glaalrlou rdanel Chorus, re- edic Cl b, C' Forum, .A., Alchem- st ilve S , Student Coun- "She s always ready to assist Miss o ghtonf' OLAF OLSON "Oly" Intramural Basketball, Intramural Baseball. "Would like to play the Taylor Trunks." CL! IILEANORE OLSZEVVLSKI "Fl" Pen 61 Ledaer Club, G.A.A., Tap Dancing, Guard. 'HA qyrn instructor, we hope." lOSFPlllNEOLSZOWKA "lo" ll.O.'l'.C. Olticc Secretary, Fen S. Ledaer Club, Steinrneth Star Beprv- svntativc, C4.A.A. Hlosoplrirro keeps the soldiers in line." LMA fllf r PSAHL ' X, "rmnigiL- Student Co cil, lver Streak Stall, Cm its rrr Sr tr ibm. " 1 s the H90 year." I-lltllllll K BN r aw" W .sts c1t1vfQ7QA. ., rw, stir de rt Cor l, Dardane s, Star . ill f ant 2 Conrrnittt ,oOtlice B tary, A " r t hctd he' te rrnes lime." KFNNlf'l'H OS'l'FlANl3 lntrarnural Bascball, Chess ii Checker Club, Radio Club "Always Good for a horne-run." MARY P1-xNTrr,r, Star Editor, Library Statt, Dardu- nellos, French Club, O.A.A., Crea- tive Wrritirra Clulr. "Mary will assist Mr. Hearst." lOSlTP'H PARFLLO "loo" Orchestra, Opera Club. "A zlivino lover of music." LOUlS PAUL "Footloose" Travel, Chess 6- Checkers, Guard, "Fo e and fancy free." ' f 1 X ,, sfffx. I in CV 1 ANTHONY FAVONE "Curly" lntraniural Baseball, lntrarnural Basketball. , p the ladvyfs 'rnian."j ELMFR PEABSON "Elm" Pre-Medics, Travel, German Club. "l-lis heart rests on the sunny side ci care." lOllN PENASKA "lohnny" President Civic Forum, Vice Presi- dent Student Council, President Clean-Up Ccrmpaiqn, lntrarnural Baseball, Siqrna Quad, Letterrnan, Basketball Team. "Friends, Hornans, Countrynron, lend nie your ears." . .1 , ' . 0 LESTER PERSSON "Los" Carnera Club, Siqrna Ouad, Sym- phony Orchestra, lazz Orchestra, Rifle Club, R.O.T.C., Chorus, lntra- mural Baseball, Foolish Follies, Cho- nita, Lelawala. "Would like to try all tho mu- sical instrurnents in Wurlitzer's." , 1 , .WA r ' J K Y, X1 ' A ll rFSlllfB'lFlLlf "Flash" Opcra Club. "ls waitina for an audition." , s rrrxrcrrrrrrrs ' 'lsfoqyu G.A.A. l'lockoy,'BG1.slCcrtlArll, Tap Dancina, Civic Forhrn, Dance Corn- rniiree, Prorn Cornrnittee, Clean-up. "Look for Eunice in the N37 Olympics," I. l KLA f M11 I LORRAINE PETERSEN "Pete" G.A?A. "That for which sho aims shall silt: acquire." DOROTHY PETER ON "Pete" GAA., Op f' Cl QQ Club, 'S "Pe im ily Pans." Vj r tl wr I , ' if ,W IW. X . 'I I PIERS ww I' ' .A.A., Tr 1 Club, I 'D 't ed a bonus to keep h DONALD PILLSBURY "Don" Intramural Sports, Guard, Pre- Medic. "Wherever Don goes, his smile accompanies him." ELSIE PITZER "El" G.A.A., Life Saving, Basketball. "Would like to conti ue her swim- ming in Miam',' f if 1 I I I 5 V Nj 4 I v - N XX 1 RAYM PITZ R X " 'sorf' Alch stein, , G r 1, Pre- dic, Clean-Up Co i e. "D e c o r a 1 lchemstein Christmas Tree' M 3 DOROTHY PLETTAU "Dot" 'ie G.A.A. Guard, Volleyball. "Always a pleasant thought." ELAINE POLTROCK u "Lulu" Student Cucil, r ch Club, man ubwbv Aa Glee f , , ' ' N . has a merry' he MIA anrl X ' yy I . RAY PONTARELLI , 'Pyontarelli 'olslfvyo e t t e r ii.W,.mt A l' : h OLGA POPADUIK "Pop" G.A.A., French Club, German Club, Glee Club. "The Riviera and the Rhine at- tract her." ROBERT POTEMPA "Bob" Intramural Basketball, Baseball, Track. "A ., l . nf GR Qr4'i NIK "Boyo" Swi Team, Lettermen, Po- 'lice, G - - Chorus, Airway Club, "Strong in body and strong in mind." l 1 . W' WT Y,.'1'l N . 1 ff, j argl. IQ EDWARD PRIVATSKY "Russian" Cheerleader, Swimming Team, Sigma Quad, Fire Marshall, Dance Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra, In- tramural Sports, Stage Crew. "Lives in the Russian tradition." ADELINE PROKES "Red" G.A.A. Tennis Club, Golf Club. "Golf is good for anyone's char- acte-r." I V ET QUA "Stormy" Annual Make-up, Green Bo, Curtain s, Police, Election Com 'tt e uture should be pleasantly occupied." IANE RECKERS G.A.A., Camera Club, Airway Club. ' "Carrara studies intrigue her." BEVERLY REDPAT "Bev" G.A.A L s. " c' a q r herself." ' v W u' M r ROSALIE ELEICEYXBDT "Hill-BillY'? Stein- t CLAQI. N! 1 sf"R alie is no, ill BilQ':9' t f q QLEANOR EMIA qql9S" G.Af . 1 v , LORRAINE RENSNER "Lorrie" G.A.A. Guard. "Lorrie will be missed." x x RARE TER' "Blondie" .A. ard. " 'io marks the path for a -earn success." Q Airway Club, r e 'c Club, Green Curtain ers, Chorus, Of- fice Secret nnual Representa- tive, G.A. ffgrdrtjxably S best I RUTH Rises 0g2!:f:gzy" tions." HARRY ROCHOTTE "Buck Shot" Student Council, Intramural Bas- ketball, Football, lntramural Base- ball, Fire Marshall, Captain of Po- lice. "Wants his football autographed by the Chicago Bears." . l..OlS ROE "LO" 1 Steinmetz Star, Life Guard, G.A. A. Squad Leader. ' C "A nautical st M 3 L' ' 7,9 Rfb' ROSE ROMANO "Ro-RO" G.A.A., Italian Club, Student Council, Hockey, Tennis, Chorus, Tap Dancinq, Office Secretary, Leaders, Badminton, Horse Shoes. "We won't forget her funny little laugh." ELMER ROSENFELD "Rosey" lntramural Sports, Guard. "Use a word three times and it's yours." CHESTER ROSS "Dynamite" Boys' Glee Club, Basketball. "Dynamite won his name in bas- ketballf' M -. . . ilu. CHESTER ROSTKOWSKI "Chip" Boys' Glee Club. "Fred Waring's Glee Club is his next." .LIZ I-I R S "Liz" G .A., el. 'e ity, poise, and pep." clfj 2 9 4 ANTHONY SALVATORE "Tony" Intramural Basketball and Base- ball, Sigma Quad, Chorus. "Basketball should be an all-year sport." LAWRENCE SAMUELSON "Larry" Intramural Sports, Guard, Travel. "Larry enjoys many friends." J M KARL SANDERS "Sandy" Intramural Sports, Guard. Travel. "Strange what stuff ambition feeds on." cw' ' f DANTE SANTUCCI - "San" Police, Fire Deputy, Chorus, Air- way Club, Intramural Basketball, Track Team, Mgr. Swimming Team, Lettermen. "Has authority and knows how to use it." ,lf kjll I . if ' If ' A I I 'XVII I fgguevr veiptfflfsz "Gen" W X.Iis5in-sed G.A.A. aiee crub. ff' l' Savage-s are nice people." MILDRED SBRAGIA "Mil" G.A.A. Glee Club. "Courtesy is her charm." KENNETH SCHMALZ "Ken" Student Council, Camera Club, Silver Streak Staff --Photography. "Steinmetz needs more men like him." ,Y X K CARL scnrvriyty 3 mmf' Studentiouncil, Si Quad, In- tramural-, arts, Ei arshal. "Rates the best." V 1 ' zf' 5 f VDORQTHT scHM1DT' Ublohdieu G.A.A. Leaders curb, Hockey, Guard, Stein-Sten. ' . "Helped to make thd Prom enjoy- able." . ' M MARIORIE SCHUSTER "Marge" G.A.A. Student Council, Tennis Club, Golf Club. "Her air, her manner, all who saw admired." WMM fab N ,wp E N S PPE heppy" Alchemstein, .A. T av , Civic Forum, Airw , hess mkers, Clean-Up Ca g "Her good na comme S her." '7ff'9""'7 swf' EILEENE SI-IILLAIRE "I" G.A.A., Guard, Secretary in Gym Office. "I am a cheerful lass with a countenance bright." Our Mary Ch SIEGE "Gerty" S t uncil, dent Court, G.A,A., Gua ea rs, Clean-Up Campaign, Stein t Club. " ' as." BERTl'IA SIMON "Bert" I5m'ilmielles, Basketball, Drclnint- ivs, G.A,A. Tennis, lvlotlienmtivs Club, Life Snvinq, Silver Streak Stull. "Bert works overtinre in do , inq ber Steinn iz . i 1 We W MARIORIF SIMONSLN "IXIuruin" G,A.A., Trcivel Club. "All clivine qualities me blended in li -'f ,x till IQALPII SIMONSFN Intimiiuml Baseball, Iiitixiiiiiirul Basketball. "Clever untl mtnricisef FLLANORE SI'l'KOW'SKl "L" G.A.A, Hockey, Glow Club, Stein- Stun, "Wnuld like to ninior in hockey." X i,' In rciniur Si nits Gunui ' 4 rblo w O," t . , WAX .itss OBEL' 'mIlfk", flirt J fi! f J. , I o STANLEY SKOB L " oolboyu Intmniurul us N , Int unium Rusketbnll, "SCli mlb Gnd liis wi r I tlie ll ne' ntl tlm lionor IHIVIA SLA'I'ERI'I'Z Stoin-Sten, G.A.A. Glen Club "A qleeful svCretm'y." EATRICE SMI 11, "Boi G.A,A., Tennis Club, Golf Club, "Another ioy tn tlie Smid tuinilyf Q Vjlill Zlkgisl VIOLET SMID 'Vi' G,A.A. Tennis Club, Gnlt Club. "Lives up to bei iiuiiivf' ,f ,f , IEANETTELSIVIITH .-'f"'l'u6ki+,' G,A.A.', Gumtl, Tnrvel. 'Believes in all tliinrzs Steininetzf' ROY SIVIITII "Smitty ' Intromurfxl Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Airway Club, Chorus, Gernicin Club. "The Flying Dutcljnzrjiif' ' I t-P ,,lV4.IlQ 1,4 - X . , A 6 xl 1 A 2 ' v I .1 'K yi, I I CAROL SONN "Garbo" Hand Books, Stein-Sten, G.A.A., Student Council, Tennis Club, Green Curtain Ployeis, Lenders Club. "A distinquislierl pe 'on lityf' JM 1 I VIRGINIA SORENSEN "Ginny" G.A.A., Truvel, l3CIIlA.AITl9IlCGI1, "Entliusi:isni is tlie brecltli fit genius." LORRAINE SPATH "Lui" Guard, G.A.A, "Lorruine's Countencxiice enliqlitf ens deep sentiment." O S "lack" igma a , Glee Club, Police, vied to join the Honor ,1ety." ELEANOR STAHL "El" Star Staff, G.A.A., Green Curtain Players, Guard. nother st r on tho Star Staff." MW IRENE STANKIEWICZ "Renee" G.A.A., Pen 5- Ledger Club, Guard, Polico. "She enjoyed great success in bookkeeping." . 1 x- ' ' L ONNE STEIL Bonnie" G.A.A ader cing, Life aving, is, B k ball. "Peti , ut reci s." GJ RUTH S KE "Ruthie" Gu Star epr ntative, Office ' c y . , . ennis, Police, " pf d happiness com- ' e her ." VlPtGlNlA STEWART "Babe" Green Curtain Players, Water Pageant, Guard, G.A.A., Lite Sav- ing, Clean-up Committee. "A good disposition takes care of everything." X' x CO ST C "Torky" . .A., cing, L ers, Basket- l, Te , G.A. oard Official, ymx ce Sec ,'Life Saving. "Al ny lass she." X D Al.. "Ted" I m Sports, Guard. at in a name?" TOSEPHINE TENGA I, "Io" c.A.A., student Council, .SQA- Sten. ' ' "Allows plenty,of time for iiappy ,thouqFts.k l ', V 'nv I ' , ,, A r ' F I A ,x f l ' V ' 1 IOHN Tl-IEINER "lack" Glee ciub, Guard, iqnmfumi sports. . l 1 f' "His pen is he tarfgue ai h' mind." K' ' , L . . . I , i "" A THO FSO "Tweet" e Art Staff. " worshipper of art." LORRAINE THREEDY "Lorry" G.A.A., Dardanelles, French Club, German Club, Office Work. "Serv5e is heqlby-word." , , k 3- V, . 1,v-4mi.,J,r,4,A Q 45,1 WJ, A fm. f.., f HELENE THRONSEN "Dietrich" G.A.A., Stein-Sten, Travel. "A good stenographer with a pleasing personality." ROBERT TIBBETTS "Bob" Sigma Ouad, Pre-Medic Club, Rifle Club, Airway Club, Mixed Chorus. "Common Sense is his trade- mark." ,f 4 ANNE TIVADOR "Fluffy" G.A.A., Guard. "infinitely sweet." HARRY TOBIN "Toby" Police, Guard, Sigma Ouad, Star Staff. "Brimming smiles." RUTH TONNER "Ruthie" G.A.A., Chorus, Guard. "Glad to be among us." I l- rx I I , 1. F 'X' f r LA VERNE TREINEIR "Lovie" G.A.A., Travel, Chess 6. Checkers. "Enjoyable company." I I DOROTHY TRUDEAU "Curly" G.A.A., Chorus. "Grace Moore inspires , Dorothy." J K I A C .1 . A -'1 'fy' 'I Y 4 R , ll V 4 I J 1' e I ' l . l HENRYITUMBORELLO "Oh Yeah" Golf, Operetta, Artfannual. "Finds his medium in a paint brush." VJ!!! VEN TUMOSA "Ve" G.A.A., Tennis, Leaders, Hockey, Pen 6. Ledger, Basketball. "All American Athlete." CHARLOTTE TURNER "Blondie" Civic Forum, G.A.A., Airway Club. "Valued by her friends." MICHAEL TRULLI "Blondie" Basketball, Boxinq, Police, Guard. Lettermen. "A mighty fine fellow." EDGAR ULM "Lum" Boys' Glee Club, Opera Club, In- tramural Baseball, Guard, Police. "Not Abner, but Lum." ANN R N G A., Dardane le , tein-Sten, Li ' q, Treas r Glee Club fl oard, Tap an ina, Leaders, la, Cher Blossom. " e clubs re sure to miss this s dy s er." Y i WA KENAAR fmowieu Intra al sports, Guard, Pan- America. ,. , "Not shy, MVA X .1 . fr' JJ! Q hr.: MARGUERITE VANNIER "Peg" Star Representative, Stein-Sten, G. A.A., Annual Art Class, Handbook Staff. "A portrait of qracef' IOSEPH VARGA "Ioe" Intramural Baseball and Basket- ball. "Ioe's out to get what he wants." I ft I' 4 f ',1.,' -,.-fx. --- .NQLI E ,gwftft FLOREN EVERKLER Tlerr " G.A.A., Horseshoes, Dardanell s, Student Council, Band, Guajd, Leaders. "She deliqhted in doing her best." OLGA VICTORIK "Mickey" Leaders, Star Staff, G.A.A. Treas- urer, Student Council, Guard, Gym Secretary. "One hundred per cent thletwf' 1 LL! Q . ffm NW V Q GUS VIVERITO "Gus" Opera Club, Glee Club, Chorus. 'Pleasantness personified." y ,Q mm-B J RICHARD VON BAMPUS "Dick" Guard, Rifle Club, Intramural sports. "A faithful sentinel in our corri- dorsf' ELEAN R VOYER "El" Dard nelles, Pe 6 Led lub, Lib ' . . ., Stu e Coun , P ce, Travel b, Le , Gua . "By her works she i ec ed," MICHAELV UNO 10 "Mike" Intramural sports, guard, Chess S Checkers. "En1oy sports most of all." RHODA WAGAR "Road" G.A.A., Civic Forum, Guard. "Her dancing feet entertained us frequently." W IOHN WALLNER "lohn always made us feel better." ERNEST WALTER "Red" Fire Deputy, Band, Guard, Chess G Checkers. "Has politics on his mind." . .r- . 1' l IULEW Pi , 'P 5' "Sis" G. ., likide sim Student o il, S A Sigh hee ,' c 6 m e l y, companion- le." 6 , Rl E "Shir emple" ing , av Club, Club, ie! H7 'Shirlegjlle le takes a bow." X , 1. I ffl ,.f 4 , 1 If I . , . , 1 rf. WALTER WEBER "Pm" Movie Operator, Fire Depuly, Camera Club, Intramural sports. "Homework n e v e r fascinated VV'alter." ,wt-V W5-ww RUSSELL WEIBLER "Russ" Sigma Quad, R.O.T.C. Sergeant. "Has West Point on his mind." will AMW ERHARDT WEIDMANN Police, Guard, Opera Club, Safety Commission, Boys Glee Club, Clean- up Committee. "The man of the hour." LUCILLE WELT "Lou" Student Council, Star Staff, Air- way Club, Basketball Team, Hockey Team, Riding Club. "Well satisfied with her high school career." DONALD WENDT "Don" Police, Guard, Intramural sports. "Hall trespassers feared him." MARION WICKERT "Wickie" Orchestra, Office Work, Glee Club, Prom Committee, C-.A.A., Handbook Staff, School Spirit Pin Committee, Dardanelles, C i v i c Forum, Leaders Club, "An accomplished young lady." M7wi7"'M lf fvn.QJ'o Lois WUQGMAN ' Qvqiqgie' GfA.A.,XI4brary Assimant. "Conversation Piece." A V V . r 17 ' x 4- ' , ,v' I L. N, f 'l'lL1Y WIELAND -.1"'Wee" ockey, Police, XGugrd, Librarian, Tap Dancing, Alchemstein Club, Civic Forum, Water Pageant, Lead- ers Club, Constitutional committee. "Hopes to coach a team or twof ,fe JM, . 1 W . ,K rif'-L,v.e..,1,fLN. "Warn" Sigma Ouad, Boys' Glee Club, Travel Club, Chess G Checkers, Stu- dent Council, lntramural Baseball, Clean-up Campaign, Airway Club. "Sigma Ouad is sufficient in it- BOB WILSON "Willie" Sigma Ouad, Student Council, Rifle Club, Airways Club, Chorus, lntramural Sports, Foolish Follies, Silver Streak Staff, Pre-Medic Club, Opera Club, Alchemstein, President of Senior Class. "Success comes naturally to Bob in a variety of ways." .43 ,., K- -- ALFRED WITT "Dutch" Guard, Airway Club, Basketball, Baseball, "Who would want to wrestle WILLIAM YAKOWCI-IYK "Bill" Intramural Baseball and Basket- ball. "One Ot our reasons for liking against sleep?" basketball", M ANE D ,,W dy,, EVELYN ZAII "EW " M 1 - A A ard, . ., Red Cr s, Pan- 'F- e c renc. , H. . A eric WTP' ense ' ' dant pep and vivar:ity." IK QWV I LAURAWRONKE "Lor" H H Dardanelles, Pen 6. Ledger Club, ELEANORE ZEPLER El Library Assistant, G.A.A., Leaders Puqecml Swlmmel' G'-AA" Travel Club, Travel Omg, ' C1311- "l5'inds the library best suited tO Tfllfes Clllel Qllolllel Eleanor' A' her moods." 'br Holm' gc uf T, yy A EDWARD ZUCKER "Ed" Travel Club, Airway Club, Chess G Checker Club. "Futuristic in his ideas." l JUNE GRADUATES NOT PHOTOGRAPHED fl! GEORGE ANDERSON FRANK KOSLOWSKI Q O. V ' l GEORGE BENTON CASIMER BOBINSKI ROBERT BROWN RUTH BUICK NICK CALLOS "fb-A-f FRANK COLETTE ty- DOROTHY DE COSTER Y RAYMOND ERICKSON v' f -Q-1 FRED FISHER IOE IIOYKA - IOE IESENSKY CHESTER LINDEOUIST.-k, f,.,..,,L ' Riff ' ALBERT MAIORELLO X f MARIE NELSSON' HOWARD RIEGLER 9 ll! IUNE RITTER -34.-f ' HELEN SOHUCK ,, . ., HELENE SCINBORSKI 63 ff"W' ROBERT SLTWINS WONY SOPKA I IOSEPI-I STOMPER , H NORMA WEBER' ffl ,", 1... wxfry fir WD. 4. I ERWIN ZOLECKI ha V' 5 twiftgfls What Would Happen lf Robert Wilson, our illustrious class president, was caught krppmg classes? Ethel Murray grew several inches? Ken Schmalz became incompetent? Walter Abraham wasn't a big brother? Anthony Canadeo played ping-pong instead of football? Marjorie Osborn did not write for the Star? Paul Iorgensen didn't believe in bicycle dates? Gladys Halvorsen could not write? Ray Dolaz wasn't such an up-to-date stylist? Charlotte Turner asked dull questions? Robert Brown didn't have that cute curly blond hair? Bertha Simon's brain supply was diminished? Frank Ianas didn't play basketball? Virginia Stewart was called by any name but "Babe"? Frank Ferreri did not capture the diving honors? Ruby Michaels had no talent for make-up? Milton Chapman wasn't a platinum blonde? Winifred Hoppel didn't have that artistic touch? Florence Anderson lost that devilish look? Howard Nestman couldn't shake sodas? Robert Strong wasn't admired by the girls? Gertrude Siegerdt began cutting up? Emil Lamos lost his air of authority? Virginia Branson wasn't ready with her first-aid? Robert Iaeger was forbidden milk-shakes? Dorothy Wielcrnd forgot her love of debate? Guy Bobbora refrained from movie starring? Harry Rochotte wasn't such a darling Romeo? William Malmberg was unpopular? Violet Quam lost her argumentative mood? Florence Noyce changed her aristocratic personality? Frank Ladendorf lost his sense of humor? Harry Christensen could not be trusted with money? Edward Haerle was not such a swell guy? El Vera Heyser was not fine and upstanding? Richard Long wrote poor themes? Alfred Chiaruttini forgot to blow his whistle? lane Hooks did not have a wonderful personality? Russell Weibler acted sensibly? Myra Kunde was not a sweet young thing? LOG This true chronicle of one semester's sailing aboard the Good Ship Stein- metz we do set forth here for the edification and reminiscence of each student, graduating or otherwise: September 14, 1936: On this day, the vessel, fully manned, set sail for another term. Classes were established with little confusion on the part of Iuniors, Sophomores, and Seniors. The Freshmen, of course, found their first day aboard rather trying, and some were affected by seasickness for their former schools. The Seniors went about their duties with mixed joy and appre- hension, almost dreading the arrival at port on Ianuary 28. All seems well for another semester of scholarship and activity. September 17: Classrooms have definitely been settled by this time. Activi- ties are under way. The G. A. A. today held its first meeting to plan a bigger and better year than ever before in girls' athletics at Steinmetz, Hiking, ping pong, horseback-riding, horse shoes, shuffleboard, dancing, and badminton will be featured under the capable authority of Miss Rolence, sponsor, and Anne Savini, president. A membership drive is to begin, and points for letters are already rapidly accruing. On this day, too, the Campus committee began to labor for a drainage system on the athletic field, as well as a fence and bleacher stands. lt is hoped that their sailing will be not too rough. September 24: The first issue of the Steinmetz Star was distributed today. As in all previous semesters, it contained full news of school activities, as well as student gossip. The Star, edited by Helen Klement, will this year again prove of much value in keeping Steinmetz midshipmen informed. September 26: The gridiron stars of our Steinmetz crew fought Lane this morning, to a scoreless tie. Peters, Babbora, and Canadeo distinguished them- selves in the game. Baiorek suffered from a break in his nose, but otherwise the contest was free from casualties, and proved a thrilling sight to the many students who turned out, despite the menacing weather. September 29: Tag Day aboard the Steinmetz! Green and white tags labeled "3 Cents Gone to Grass" were sold to every member of the crew susceptible to the entreaties of the Dardanelles and Sigma Quad, under the direction of Iane Hooks and Don Baumgartner. The Quads proved the better salesmen and won a wager with the girls' organization which spent a soapy afternoon at the sink following their joint social. The boys are to be commended for their skillful maneuvers. On this day, also, a Civic Forum for the discussion of present-day problems was initiated in the ship's hold. lohn Penaska, Fred Koehn, Betty Iohannes, and Iune Miller were elected officers. From indica- tions, this will be a breezy voyage. October l: The first meeting of the Steinrnetzlstudent council, the governing body of the crew, was held today, with representatives from the new divisions. Continued on Page 69 C - ' , f' ' K '- FM. t-an 11-, imc- ... .3 ,L-Zhu... . - Log Officers for the '36-'37 voyage were chosen, and included Don Baumgartner, President: Iohn Penaska and Ted Luga, Vice-Presidents: Kathleen Breitsprecher, Secretary: and Betty lohannes, Treasurer. Iudges for the Student Court were also elected, with Fred Koehn as Chief Iustice. Among the less weighty of the day's activities was the first horse-back riding session. The afternoon also marked the initiation meeting of the Green Curtain Players, with President Hawley in the chair. After the formal admittance of the twenty-one new mem- bers, ice cream and cookies were served. Several of the dramatic stars enter- tained the group. They anticipate a great deal of entertainment during the voyage. Steinmetz Presentation Assembly, December 14, l936. Left to right: Mr. E. W. Allen, Mayor Edward I. Kelly, Mr. O'Hearn, Ted Lugo. October 3: Another football thriller! Steinmetz defeated Senn High at Loyola field in an exciting struggle, with a score of 7 to 6. Peters, Canadeo, Rossi, Abraham, and Solka were outstanding, and, as before, they were staunchly backed by the remainder of the team. lndications point to an extremely suc- cessful gridiron season. October 6: Honor was brought to Steinmetz today in an assembly at which a flag from the Helmer I. Behrentz Post, a cup won in competition last spring, and fifteen commissions were presented. lt was an impressive ceremony, and throughout its duration, the hall was filled with a mysterious fluttering sound, later identified as the palpitation of several hundred feminine hearts at the sight of those handsome uniforms. lt is inspiring to note the efficiency of our ship's guard. October 8: Two activities were underway today: first, the Silver Streak with a newly-chosen, highly-ambitious staff, bent on surpassing all previous annual Continued on Page 70 Log Continued from Page 69 staffs: and second, the girls' field hockey was established as a school sport. 139 feminine athletes were signed up, and will undergo a medical examination before being permitted to indulge in this strenuous game. Teams have been chosen and practice begun. Such ardent sportsmen are an asset to the work- ing power of any vessel. October 9: Memorable among the semester's activities was the Activities assembly, held this afternoon. Eacn school organization was represented in a three-minute skit, talk, or stunt. In a half-humorous, half-serious vein, it was extremely successful in its purpose to interest the lower-classmen in school clubs. A Student Council Committee, headed by leanne Christofferson, and including Emil Lamos, Fred Koehn, Marge Henning, lean Fahringer, Mildred Murray, Betty Iohannes, Marjorie Iohannes, and Iune Gillarde, took charge. Obviously the Steinmetz belief is that extra-curricular activity is an important part of each student's life. October 10: Weather conditions were extremely unfavorable today. Never- theless, the grid team went through the Lake View line with flying colors, scored with two touchdowns by Solka and Pogose in the first half, to the cheer- ing of 250 loyal supporters. The game was made especially exciting by the muddy condition of the field. We hope for continued smooth sailing for our inspired team! October 14: An especially terrifying day for forty-five midshipmen was this. The Sigma Quads gleefully initiated them into their excellent service club. For forty minutes they underwent all manner of ill treatment and friendly abuse, then were entertained, as well as refreshed, by their oppressors. However, it is through such struggles and humiliation that most good things are gained. A October 17: Today brought another smashing victory for our football team. They trounced Amundsen soundly with a final score of 13-0. Again, one touch- down was procured by the lightning-fast, hardhitting Solka, and the other by that blonde phantom, Baiorek. Our hopes are growing for the northwest section championship. There's clear weather ahead, and the only visible obstruction in our sailing seems to be Roosevelt, whom our boys face next Saturday. October 19: Every group has a few superior workers, and Steinmetz is no exception. Thus, we have the Honor Society, comprised of the schoollltntelli- gentsia, which held its first session today. It has twenty-seven members, and is sponsored by Miss Braddock. Election of officers was held at the afternoon's session, with the following results: Ray Peters, President: Erwin Bajorek, Vice President: Anne Savini, Secretary: Harvey Iohnson, Treasurer: Russell Ericson, Program Chairman: and Genevieve Donahue, Social Chairman. Arrange- ments were made for monthly talks to be given to the group by certain illustri- ous speakers. Steinmetz is proud of its Honor Society, since brains as well as brawn are necessary behind a ship's wheel. ' Continued on Page 101 stems., t.. ...highs ,. ..s.zxi....i..f., .1 .. it . bmi: PART 111 f f W2 1 Q' r if am K X 'W l I '7'lf'flIllll1 11,f . r"":71l?" 5 JEL fu K h ,3 A. ,- ' L-s-1 AI 4- f ini -L? 4-1 . Q' .:: . 152' y , ,rg ' ' A--it :11" if . .1 dh V1-4? lg Q IQ -1 , A fe :-'- I x 1: N 2 7 'T-,-I ,.,,,,,,, 4 m ' 5 E ff-ff 5 :T WQW!! 5'WYI3fE -1 V ' .fm ffff- J51'famf::: rf fgffr ff- ' 'fr - - X 2 l Y :TV fifff- 'f , , 4ffzwQyfm1 mmf f T" ' T fgtg- ' - ' fi! K 1c'-q:-'-"f.,q- "TEL ,- -. j 4'f""'f'T'l'45s - ---Af:'f-- 3 - ri -ufqfe .A I -47 -,f ' , ie 3- -?-g Q - .--q A.'- ' xS --. Nfbr--fgff f ' 2. -,Tx Xxx bt ' j'-gil V ii- 1, """ ' , . -3 ,. pd 3. l.-..,,+- 5767 VZTZES 'ii 411 U' , ? l R T, ' 5 ,NXF A l 'Qi J! A v -7 Q ' V, 11 ' -1 -K .f .' 1 '17, I Q -I I , ff N H iv f ' 1 ll, Q If I 1 A .- ' K In V - Q . 4 X ,ff 1 In 'L 5- 1 1 L X X A E 3 K , X 4' Q Y' " Lt ,,'- . 'I 'W 4 A Z' tt K X3 -,,,, .. , -f vi: ! ff i ...', QE?-fp X S g-4 " f,fZf S N ,, ,f X 'L V, . r , X ' 'll ff - 7 4 H ' if f 2-211 ' ff ,f W4 ,V f u ' jx r 7 ll , ff... 3 - 5- I I .. ' ,fl f 9 5, ' 1 ff iii' . ,f I 51 11- '- aff --5 2 if I J.. ji , I 1 In wry' w w W 1 'ln"" if-l-i... 0 -1 ' ,: nu.. , - ,A M IW? ' ' ' H' 1- wg I 4 ,' 1 -2 , H- if Gsm 1... 0 -1'--1 X K' of, X i--T-1 ., X "-- 1, T -1 V: by ,- x J' , N X -'S-X--"" lbw! YT X 1 I 4 1 -3.- AIRWAYS CLUB First l-low: Nibera, Sioaurdt, tiller, Walters, Anderson, Burke, rdains, Paul, Larson, Laub, He- or, l'vnninq0r. Second How: Do- iz, Dodd, Mittan, Hornsu, Laqieen, uncle, Lana, Poltroch, Wallace appv, Shvppol, Hennlna Y'wr1'e1'i. 'hnd Row: l"larnbura, Wetland, ondvr, Holoubek, Mulhns, Budde, lalrnbvra, Ladendorl, Wicnccke, tfwlwr, H1-ysur, Oshtwixiv. Fourth nw: lluzirka, Talaqa, Riaas, r-vk-waz, Briqis, Douinland, Plettau, uuykvns, Barkxnan, Fronnn, Row 'in::. l'itth Row: Hayka, Wilson, VU-III, Pierson, Doeniland, Linskcy, aizki-, livkstvin, Cviainvcski, Meyers, lx. lltwlvins If ' , "ff wwf-4 ' 7 , ,.Lr.,- -'f'l.K.:"i LL, ' AIRWAYS CLUB "Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how l wonder what you are, up above the world so high" has lost none of its charm for these "air-minded" students! Oh no, they are not super-sophisticated, just airplane-crazy, and what fun! Chief Pilot Baske directs the efforts of this Airways group, and proves a real aid in constructing those marvelous paper clipper ships which sail so merrily about the study halls. We Would heartily approve the Airways Club, if it could sponsor a training course for stewardesses, who according to the movies, are really the most indispensable, as well as attractive, essentials of air-travel! ALCHEMSTEIN CLUB No mad chemists with disheveled hair and maniacal laughs are these, no Fu Manchu characters, whose sole objective is to destroy the very fundamentals of Cccidental civilization. Instead, the members of the Alchemstein Club are just another Steinmetz organization of happy-dispositioned girls and boys, quite like all other students. There is, however, a slight differentiation between them and us, since they, intelligent souls, seek to probe the chemical mysteries of the universe, at which we less scientifically-minded mortals may only guess or marvel. We bear them no jealousy, and heartily commend and applaud their every effort, even those which result only in an exploded test-tube. Helen Shumicki ALCHFIMSTEIIN CLUB Fiist Raw: Honnnia, Kappa' Sheppel, Rathsack, Pravwnzana Wioland, Nehnizow, Hubert, Naycv Buick. Second Row: Malaita, Tib hotts, Weincck, Bakos, Mx. Perri inan, Pronnn, Henielow, Tischer Luaa. Third Raw: Wilson, Quan rice, Sclinwidvi, Owvns, Moll llricksoxi, Pltztui, Cox. Fourtli Row Linskny, 'l'h1t-flvn, lldrly, Lawson Dvttniann, Kiiluismi, llvlflt. CHESS AND CHFCKERS First Row: Adams, Paul, Millm, Geller, Mr, Pflvl, Miclmls, Giurman, Kasbohm, Leiter, Michvls. Second Row: Kappc-, Sheppcl, Mcliava- naqh, Koehn, Lu a a, Wernevk, Fischer, Hawthorne, Schucher, Stephens, Third Row: Noll, Web- er, Kaus, Elk, Oatiank, Gillis, Heldt, Rosccn, Baumqartcl, Ku- bicka. Chess and Checkers Club Can that sleeping gentleman be the 4A class president, Ted Luga? ls that the august Mr. Bradley snoring opposite him across the table? No 'ibut yes! Each much have been waiting for the other to move. This Chess and Checker Club seems to be a restful organization, well worth investigating. But wait! What is happening over there in the corner? Can it be a quarrel? Such quiet was too good to last. ln fact, we recall now the rumor that Mr. Ruzickas boxing tournament was inspired by one of these "peaceful" sessions. Since it is said that both Chess and Checkers require deep concentration, it is commendable that this organization has been so firmly established at Steinmetz. Helen Shumicki Cinematograph Association Following a most diligent research, we close our dictionaries with an im- mense sigh of relief. That elaborate title means nothing more portentous than the Camera Club! But why are its members so bent on disguise? Somewhere there must lie a deep, dark reason! Nevertheless, this organization has claim to our commendation, if only by reason of the laughs it has afforded us. For instance, have you seen Ted Luga's snaps of Don Baumgartner in decolletee pose before the microphone, and of Bob Hawley gone youthful on a scooter? lf not, rectify so glaring an omission immediately, by referring to the examples of Cinematograph art shown among the candid snapshot exhibits on the bulletin board. '9ff"'lj Hele Shumicki CAMERA CLUB first flow: Poltror-k, HC-lim, Pe :if :.1nr1vr, Lawson, Hoppcl, l,uq.r, Mivlicals, Wwrnck, Anderson, iitiiko. Second Row: Kaiser, Bw viffk, Kozyra, Senieniuk, Trankow- ski, P1-rsson, Malatia, McCarthy, Mittan. Third Row: Gifford, Wrr- "rn:ann, Beran, Rockers, Nr-lsvrz, '1't1iiiifr'ki, Meyers, Eoiidfr. QHORUS xi Ro Romano, lack, Kohn, yt: lllu Tolwn, Davis, Sobre, tu c t u tt iiitta, Schmitt, May- St con ow: Ftyvison, Grilh, Br ttt liz, Rvtscr, Kurth, tu in or, Pallvsvn, Mala- ! tlla l'5iittitit'L', NlFGlic0, mt Ro Kovlpivn, Wollschlat- a tu I 'l'omtz-r, limit-ldoit, wtt it Jay McCarthy, Dapa, ti 1 autmtutit, Dwotxiamn, uni lotuth Huw: l.twt1::t'io, Hai' vt it tn, Snyclvi, Miller, t yszka, thitipaftria, , " ' " I NNW? ,Lf Chorus W "When trouble troubles you, sing baby sing!" The chorus, however, does not need trouble as an incentive to air its vocal talents, its members, are sitting on top of the world and just have to tell us about it. 'Tis rumored that 'a group of seniors with rare initiative recently began a petition, asking to be released from singing at commencement exercises. For a distinct change, the august seniors must be wrong, judging from the large group in the chorus pictures. They appear to have survived the ordeal and have come smilin' thru. Given ans-operetta, and an eager audience, there's no stopping them. ' lf' T" lust what their next venture may be is not certain, but boys and girls alike, they comprise an eager, enthusiastic, and progressive body. We should not be the least bit surprised to see "Carmen" herself on the Steinmetz stage at some future date. Meanwhile, with every practiced scale goes our prayer, not for vengeance, but for the continued advancement of our excellent chorus. To Miss Robertson, its patient and faithful director, We extend our heartiest Commendation. May we live to see the day when a world of radio fans will tune off the Fred Waring Glee Club to listen to even finer melody borne over he qirlanzs, that of Steinmetz chorus. ' Ig Helen Shumicki ' J 1 J, E V 'Q ll' IJIOHII. CHORUS First Row: Michels, Pikus, Chri: topherson, Tu1nei,H1ckvy, Knudsvn Christopheiori, Hawley, Glisrnks Bonder, Dimulio, Stomp. Sccond Row: lciworski, Slaxuszowslu, Ko patch, Skiiidzzl, Gvifasci, Z ' Olleti, Mir ltoluwitnfon, Mtitkivwivz, Wontink C i it its ut L l Q imciaqlio Ando! sox Nluscaii, Allvctivtti. Third Row Longo, Klux, ltviaii, Smith, Gans tions, Gvlitrrtiatt, Nvlsoii, Noll Nehmzow, S p Q- tt 1' tt i, Schuclicr Kiach, Viuno. l'ourth How: Hotwr Wxiqht, Papiixi, Salvtitoiv, Judd Vosvcky, Smith, Kttaq, Ilvkliklll, Och CIVIC FORUM Hubwit. S+-v ind Row: Mi:-twl Nelinizow, Nnytw, Inlinaznn, lit-ill-N Andcrson, l,-frtni, Svliiirliwi, Pvt--1 Buiton, Mrnsliall, Gillaidw, Kappt Mills, Andnifson. Filth Row: St bastian, Glavv, l'l.1ninc1ai'tiwi', l,r Schwartz, Konlni. Civic Forum Each day it becomes more apparent that all questions in this country must be settled at the bar of public opinion. Since opinions are of no scarcity in Steinmetz, the organization of a Civic Forum was natural. , One might conclude that since this is the Steinmetz Civic Forum, and since such practical as Well as convincing solutions to modern problems are advanced by the Forumites, universal perfection would immediately result. Unfortunately, this is not true, because the shot intended to settle all world issues usually lands under the funnybone or some other equally unsym- pathetic place. Still, enthusiasm is a great hill-climber, and the lofty aspira- tions of the Forum are not beyond reach. Mildred Thomas The Clean-Up Campaign This group contains some of the hardest working students at Steinmetz. Of course, our students need no especial reminder to keep the school immacu- late, but this ambitious clean-up group does not confine its labors to our school alone. Under the leadership of lohn Penaska, their president, the campaigners visit the elementary schools in the district, and extend the "Keep Steinmetz Beautiful" doctrine to the youngsters there. Steinmetz is proud of its Clean-Up workers, and seeks to cooperate with them in every way. Perhaps it isn't exactly cooperation: probably the girls have been gazing at Secretary Florence Anderson's trim figure and have learned that bending helps remove avoirdupoisp probably, the boys, too, have watched the football players warming up, and have discovered that bending down is an essential part of the technique. Who knows? Ieanne Christoffersen lfl,ffAN llll liiszi Raw: Roulil, Wirzkcit, jlwiiinirlt, lriwtnslci, l.nncq, Pwnaskri, I.xvk::nn, Ancturzson, Vtfieland, Sie- fwirtt, Hanson, Baillie. Second ltww: lnclwzirltwif, Sebastian, Hen- itwxiiaii, Olson, l'wtvrs,, lolinannesf fl-iydmi, Fliiiistiwtlwirziiti, Gxoss Ruin nwlhott, Strong, Wionecke, Grimm. 'l'liirrl Row: Sebastian, Sclirorn, N-iliimnuw, Nvnis, Malinbvrq, Potcr- gsm, Ltinttws, Maltitni, Bauniqartnci, Orslmiii, lfiiiiswri. FirstFtow:Gcll+'1,Ntiiiiiy, Srliiii-:s ter, Staniszvwski, liiw.11::lci, Millvi loltannvs, llniimskii, Mr. Bioinstni Bailey, lvws, ltiiqiwlsski, Kulilrkt Olson, Hwinwrnan, livin, Slivppw Sl'ClIlKlZl, Lovwvn. Tlincl How: ln dcndort, Wick-fit, Davis, Nuinnivl liotf, Iolirniriwsz, Wim'-lmiriml, lluilvy Geller, Munin,Dittinvr. Fniiitli ltnw Neliinzow, l.onri, Hants, Hwnnlliii Docniland, ltowniland, Cliiistottf-1 sen, Noll, Kaus, Slnnnxcki, Tlionia. inns, Kaiser, Malnibviq, O'llwin ,. Brill lsr lWAlil7lfNlfl.l.lIi3 lrrrzl Row: lvrwz, I.rr1rr'l::kr lirrrl y ll r ill, nil rivrazurr lwrrrurrlru 1-y, lirlrtrrrr, l rrorr. Sw Nrvywv, llrrlmr-rt, rvrrrr, lr::lrr-I, lrvlrrrsurr, llrrrlr-I. limrqln-rty, Mr-ywrs, lirkrrrr, ily llullrr1lrvr'r lflllirr ki, Oszlmr Vuyt-r, I lurid How: lirrrvk , Arr - , rw rolirrrm rw, liurqwlmrr, Ur- Nnrrrrry, Krrrrlrrras, llrrrdrtr, Crrldwvll, 'l'lrrrd How: Tlrrvv- Wrvkwrt, Davis, lin-Vick, Grrrdrrxi, arr. llwrrrtlr Row: Mrllvr, lrilrrrrrrrvs, VVrtvrrkv, Hild- Dardanelles This group contains some of the more ambitious salesladies of Steinmetz. If the cause for their many sales was any less important than raising money L- for our beloved school, their efforts might be resented, but when a charming - miss with a tantalizing smile bids you purchase a pin, a tagfanything to further the school fund-how can you refuse? 'c Although they undergo much competition from the Sigma Quad, the Dar- . danelles still manage to hold their own under the le of the efficient Gladys Bailey, and have maintained unvarying sr, in every project D, they have undertaken. Their latest, we unders' rs unsel ' room. Is that to place erring students literally Howbeit, We are sure that the Sophomore aspiration. Even Freshmen evening, poring over difficult texts, ments. As for the upper-classmen, we the girl who joined! She Will say, with is play, and oh, such fun!" gan be found up of an require- With, "Ask "lt is Work, it ln behalf of feminine inmetz, ask any boys' organization u Slrurrrrr' V-rrklfrr' rrrirlr-. X. equal this?" Florence Anderson ex' Vile 19+-fb lirrstRow:Zar'rrllu,lfy-ilrrr,Sr'lrr1vs: , ardw, tTaltm1rr'orn- Zrrrrorr. Second Flow: Vifaslwerq brrrvrz, Kulrlrrrarr, Clrrrstoitr-rswrr uni, Gross, Harris, Dvtrcorr, Mil l0r', 'l'crrrrrwr', Mrlrawslkr, Okfrrrrotru C trims, 'l'lrrrd Row: Hwrrclvr, Gun wr, Motyka, Hill, Vtlwrrrril, Prrl-wit lolrrrsorr, Brrkrrtrfzv, Kirkpatrick snwdotto, Aslrloy, Snow, Vrmrklm awdcn. Fourth How: Kffllr-rgmfilrl son, Hoqowskr, Clrrrastuiiwrsorr, Koi bus, Clrrrstorrsorr, Skrrrdyl, Svlrrrrrdi Max, Srlrrorrr, Swarrsturr, Hodqwrs Frith Row: Lyrrcflr, Wt'::rrrrr, l'rv::twr Moisrrer, Andorsorr, lit-ulrl, llrrrrmrr lor, Ofrs, Prkus, Storrw, Brrrtkr-, Gal itll C'OS'l'UMlf CLUB First Row: lbilitvsc, Dt" l.ant's Leiter, Givxintm, fivrimirittri, Avv itfitt, Rotidtibussli, Nt-wlckt, Vuiqli Knvp, Hui lv y, The Costume Club Every girl loves pretty clothes, and dreams of possessing some day a wrap by Molyneux, or perhaps a gown by Adrian. At any rate, a young lady's ambition is to be sleek, trim, and above all, stylish. Therefore, a market is opened for fashion designers, a field with plenty of opportunities for advance- ment.. At Steinmetz, then, to give future style creators, or at least artists a begin- ning, the Costume Club has been originated. The members not only gain experience in skill, but learn to flatter the figure by such simple devices as vertical lines for the pleasingly plump, and broken skirt lines for the extremely tall. All in all, this is a very interesting organization. Perhaps when we are very wealthy, and these costume designers are just a little wealthier, we will be able to get a discount on these exclusive styles. Who knows? Florence Anderson Fire Marshals Bells soundy pandemonium reigns. It is a fire-drill. Fortunate students called away from an examination lose little time in exchanging answers, while others leaving such an interesting class as public speaking, find no reason for stop- ping their flow of eloquence. But these semblances of disorder are soon checked by the Fire Marshals. With stern glances and words of rebuke, they chasten the offenders, straighten the lines, and keep every exit open and clear. ln the possible event of catas- .trophe, we are confident in their ability to direct the students' exit without confusion. May their service to Steinmetz be long remembered! Florence Anderson rmti MARSHALLS First Row: lfvett, Stafford, Nest- ::,an, Dobhmtin, Choltz, lacksoii, Rnrlmtte, Ioiqvusen, Iaeqer, Miller, Bwnrivr, Mueller. Second Row: Sm- tal, Nrrms, Casey, Reiser, Cmbs, fTc1ntt1vc'i, lorqonsc-ri, Pfxlloson, Ma' latter, Harvey, C, Schmidt, l, Iivtintidt. Third Row: Dittmetr, Stertk, Mtrlinlura, Kaiser, Holdt, Arnold, Ckllv it, Strong, Miller, KlII10lf'li, Mt tiztmk. Fourth Row: Klxlllil, hw' l.1i, Alutllttiln, l.ai1xo:1, Svliwtriin, l rtgky, Vfvrltvi. Gross, l,a1nvnia, Winston, Itwliannw: Michels, Clixistviiiznri, Knnptlm, An flO!SOI'l, Arliat'at1::kti::, Clirirztlcriifwri Second Row: Miss: Gaim, Olsson Loik, Clirlstriptiriixrwii, 'l'l1ixtl How Button, MvHuf1t1, Opfzatit, Divtil t-i, Ktirnutli, Wioiivvkv, Gionni mayor, Addantv, Grulioi, Second lxwllvr, Htmazt-, ltitmit, Alund, Ka- Illllllillt, htit'k1'l::mi, l'lotktuw::k1, wridzi, 'l'lil1tt ltow. Ntliialc, ljlntis, ltinlil, Hllllilqllltll, Rtvazsiiwi, Gllnktr. 1 lltwkiiiqt-i', lolk, I'-tisku, Wajtka. loulitli Row: Wtillnoi, Di Gmlio Mvlltwiitiltt, lfilinltlt, liitittuiilnivk, N Ili-It, llwiiim-xi, l5oliliwl't1ri, lxoulimttv. IMHYS GLIIII CLUB l'1l::t llow: Kumro, Ptivoiio, Ptuit- ltiltold, Tlionipazon, ltutflilioltz, Hvk- ow: 'l'iiuntol, Spiiakowizki, KIKUICI, Boys' Glee Club "Who, oh who was Caruso?" ask our Steinmetz belles, after hearing this group in action. The answer is that he WAS a great singer, while our boys ARE excellent note-wrestlers. Like Caruso, however, they never give up until they have completely mastered every composition placed before them. We have heard of Frank Parker, and have done our bit of star-worshipping at the feet of Nelson Eddy, but have given it up. After all, with such excellence close at hand, why go afield? Whenever we are permitted, we give our hearts and souls to the Boys' Glee Club in their songs. Our enthusiasm in hearing them croon is only surpassed by our applause when they have finished. Florence Anderson Girls' Glee Club Lest you have been deceived, those lilting "mi, mi, mis" sometimes heard from the music room are not evidence of egotism, but merely the Girls Glee Club preparing for action. Following these preliminary throat-clearings, you will find yourself deluged in their floods of melody. In fact, unless you have learned to swim through a sea of notes, there is danger of drowning in their perilous beauty. Seriously, we see real value in this Glee Club for girls. The vocal training they receive will undoubtedly prove of great use in making them the Grace Moores and Ina Ray Huttons of tomorrow. lf this prediction is not fulfilled in every instance, the fact that good music has charms to soothe all mankind will be remembered by every one of them. Florence Anderson GIRLS Gl.lIlI CLUB First Raw: Ktxsrnaik, BLIHQP, Aclarins, Anderson, Sinitli, Mtillxiiu, Urban, loliarxsun, Sttiplif-tis, llwn in ll 4 l u 4 inc x mst , vi Ctiynu. flww i Rtw' Wllkw, Mkillti, Addins, Sliwiwoofi, iiisk-x Rnlilit-wk, Groom, larasoix, lbw, Kling, Nov.ik, Oslo, 'l'otli, Lund. lliiiti flow: Hoimrixo, Han' son, ll-ini, Soivni, Ltiritidmu, Run- wall, Coiittviti, Hanswri, lltinzst-ri, Tripp, Tlpits, Gt-ilivlitii, lltllllllt Row: Aiidorsoii, flnqlund, llliardt, Stormy Wli-irlvii, l,1nl-it-nlit-ld, Baum viartwl, Fnisi-vii, Miimit-wi, Vvtillacn-, Alilt-ls, HUNOH SOCIETY v , lfiicksoii, Dorm V sinson, Bailey, M1 S 1 ind Row: Ramnlow, Cox, ic rom, Giiirn, Scliii fi Miller, Sfuiiiiioilelcl, 111 rw: Heiiiims, Lana, isafk, V171-11::c'l1, l.t1f1fi. l t l The Green Curtain Players "Where were you on the nights oi Ianuary 14 and 15'?" should not be a difficult question for any Steinmetz student to answer, tor on these memorable evenings the year's play, "The Patsy," was presented by the Green Curtain Players. They were memorable performances. Bob Hawley as Pa Harrington convulsed the audience with laughter, Adele Pikus won unanimous dislike in the role ot Grace Harrington, and El Vera Heyser, as Ma, proved the "weepingest" woman ever seen on our stage. Although the annual play is the most important undertaking of the Green Curtain Players, it certainly is not their only activity. Whenever called upon, this group under the direction of Miss Boller, is prepared to stage fine enter- tainment for assemblies, parties, and radio broadcasts. Florence Anderson The National Honor Society Graduation nightff'-sober countenancesathe swish of full gowns. Inter- mingled with the haze of grey, note the occasional green tassels, which sig- nify that their proud wearers are members of the most estimable organization The National Honor Society. Only a small percentage of the senior class is invited to join this societyy consequently the "ultra-ultra" ot the group is obtained. "Brawn sans brain" is obviously not a prevalent condition at Steinmetz, since many of our athletic stars are among its most prominent members: viz., its President, Ray Peters. The National Honor Society has tour requirements for membershipfScholar' ship, Service, Leadership, and Culture. From this list it may readily be seen that members must oi necessity be "the cream oi the Steinmetz crop." 1 Florence Anderson ' s Poirier. Svv1111111'1 tvld Ilfliwtrtz, Giwtza l'.11-1-,.r.11t11w1, Stviiilm GRlfllfN CURTAIN PIJXYIYRS Piist How: lllklifi, Stimii, Hupp l.a1son, Mivlicwl, llflwlvy, Sr1v1111 Glave, Ka11l111ci:1, Miller, Hariri: Heyser. Second Hi iw: Hvulil, Q1141111 Anclclson, H1r1r1:1,'l'l1ti111c1f:, ll4'r111111c1 lleydon, Iaccwbsoxi, Aridmson, St: vw mt, Gioriiian. Tliiid How: Millzi Admiiik, Pc Kcaq, Hams MH:-2 Tialli 1, l'r1111tl1 How: Kmirlsam 11 qw 111. t, Tx ,. . g . ss Bicxcldork, P1-f ITALIAN CLUB list Row Diltflicliele, lasell, Maioiullo lista, Miss Zainpardi, Galli Mancuso DiGuilio, Carollo, Roliano Navigato, Romano. Sec- ond Row loitino, Luccliesi, Scar- dina Ilicr qpma, Furlan, Romano, Pl'uill1Ill Covone, Angelina, Mes! sina lvilacqun, Ciriefio. Third How Oliveira qcardina, Salvo, De llllll Lanionia Allearetti, Fortino, I Emi qtabilt Mulea, Palmer, Hanan lo louiti Row: Diinitico, n inc liioln Diqiallo, Tomaso, it Jia t, Collvsi, Ferrara, . Q ' ' ' n f' 'h - ltalian Club 'fjf ' ' Perhaps the popularity of this club is due to an overwhelming desire to understand Mussolini in the newsreels, or perhaps it is just the call of ltaly's romantic language and her dark-eyed tenors. Whatever the reason, it is with utmost satisfaction and pleasure that we accept the organization into our League of Language Clubs. We are immensely gratified by the success and progress of this club, but cannot refrain from inquiring if, besides mastery of speech, practical courses in consuming spaghetti and macaroni gracefully are included among its activities. lf so, we will wager that there will be an amazing increase in its enrollment next semester, and a tremendous rise in spaghetti sales in the lunchfoom' Mildred Thomas Cpera Club Few win their greatest fame in that to which they give the most time lhome- work for instancel. Pastime or leisure time interests bring glory to most people. Thus we have our celebrated Opera Club, which proves a truly interesting and satisfying means of diversion, and which has won through the presenta' tion of the unforgettable Lelawala, all due recognition from Steinmetz. lt may not be said, however, that distinction and bouquet-gathering are the sole aims and desires of the organization. A thousand times nol Rather it is an unadulterated admiration for musical dramatics,, and a desire to procure a fuller appreciation of the world's best music. ludging from results, we would say that they are successfully accomplishing this notable objective. Mildred Thomas boils. OPERA Ll UB 'll First Flow: irnnas qkmnr 1 Fnaelsnian, Rutzon Stanko Gol kants, Sorenson, fedex Gerliclici Hansen, Hccketsweiler Toth Q l ond Row: BOlllQlIKll lan Houlbeia, Triolo, Swain Le Qtarq iolinson, Pl-luis, lkllr or Dunn, Kasbolirn. Third Haw Hogan ljotwisori, Andrisrni Han son, Hoppol, T-'nn 1 Ci i 1 lui, Bodine, Gundt iss lw uit Rowi Fiornni, Hair r Bn p Paulsen, Slim, it Swilcz kowski, Kindred, l l Dolaz, Filth Row Pnilaicll e f-is, lllrn, Keaq, Donifnz il Robinson, Wilson in cy 1 lt ll ll t'l.IIti l 11 t l1 11 lt l1111 M112111, M11ty l 1 tl1 111 L kmdzl, Cl1111111l11w 1 l 1 11 l 1111t1 k ty 11, flw111t11k S111' vx 1 1111111k, f3vv1c1t11k, K1 11l1ltlL lv Ol71wk1lirl11k 1W11 lx l ll111'ri How: Cff1111p.1ll, 11 1 111111'1, f111l111z, 4,1151 1 r N1 L, 1 H11111'k, K111iot11lq 11111f'1 l 1 11 l'11111tl1 Now. C2111 1 1 D11 i1 l N1l111'1', SM1111111' G 1d-11 11--1: 1 1t1-111.1 5:11 , 1 , - Y, 1',,1, 1' Pen and Ledger Club Some day when we are all executives, and scrutinize our account books to see whether or not we wear that overcoat for the sixth winter, we are going to hope for an unexpected visit of a member of the Steinmetz Pen and Ledger Club to help us. After all, we may be able to add a column of figures as well as anyone else, but when we must debit our creditors, prepare trial balances, and decipher the checking account, our towel goes into the ring with an SOS. embroidered on it. Miss Fitzpatrick, sponsor of the bookkeeping group, realizes the increasing need for accountants in the business world, and is training student-members to fulfill every requirement to meet this demand. Polish Club Everyone ought to join the Polish Club, if only to learn the pronunciation of such consonant-groups as "swzck," "kzwrt," and the like. After all, in a country where Polish names are so prevalent, it is only fair to their owners and us that we learn to address them correctly. To simplify matters, of course, these names might be changed to "Smith," or "Brown," mainly for the con- venience of the long-suffering compilers of telephone books. Even this, however, would not lessen the purpose of the Polish Club in the eye of its members. While they are American citizens of the best type, there is in their hearts, has is the case of everyone, no 1natter what his descent, a tender spot for the land of their origin, and a deep interest in its language, people, and customs. For this, and the Club as a means of its fulfillment, we hold the utmost respect, and wish them unlimited success, Mildred Thomas Florence Anderson PITN ANU t'Wtl11 .1.1 11-l, li11tt11 rl -11' f'11,-t fi 1w' l'111111::11-1K ll11l1-1r l'1111:1.111 'I'11,:.'1' X l'111y lt.1.:f t'.1ll1:11 111.1 A1:111'1111::k11 ?11:1, ll11'l: tt. fl111'111t lt11w. l'l11 'lv-1: Kltititfz 1 l1.11tt:.t1111111t XA1'-1l1 f: lfloyzz--1, li1tt11111-111 l111111.:111111 ll11?:'111,All1111111t11 l1l111.11111 ll111111l1l 53111111111 Mizz.: l 1"111'11'l' ll1111 fl 111." Lbtt-1, M11 ID: A11 .1vl1l, K111-11 kv M.1tyk-1 A:1111.'11:, iit1111k1-1w11':' l71:1,1t11'11, lli G111.1-1 f111tt111, H1111 I1-l:111, Ol:1711wk11. l111:1tl1 lt11w l?11t11lq:ky,flt1ft1t,'t'111l. .x1k1,li11111111 B lk I l 11 111 W k1 C 1'11111k11, 31111111 1'1.1 M y11, l.111:1 l 111 It l1t l1 l1 wi A111l-1111111 4 .if .:1111, Ofiit--11 lv-11.1 .l11l.t111 11 , M111k111w11'r 5,1 f1,11411' wicz, CTl111l1111111:k1 POLICE Frist Row: Statford, Snntal, Nest- nian, Glienke, lackson, Abraham, Rorliottv, Cliiaruttinr, Krisclikc, Norris, Anderson. Second Row: Dittinor, Peters, Wiclland, MCKJVL1- naqh, Hall Coll:-si, Weber, Bottig- livli, 'llllI'I'iCIi, Osborne, Quant, Pe- nnska. Third Row: Tobin, Gilbert, Ulm, Inn-qery Schwartz, Santucci, l.uqrr, Kvllin, Scliworin. Fourth Huw: Malinlwrq, Dobbortin, Laniws, Cflimtz, lvlaltitia, Kowhn. fisfiiiihifwwlif Police and HglllG -2 ' 'K' The G-Men of Steinmetz, the Sherlock olmes' of America, are these gum- shoed representatives of school law. Beware, ye who stride jauntily through the halls of your Alma Materg take care that you possess a slip marked "Passl" Tremble, it that magic message is not affixed with faculty signature. In less dramatic terms, we candidly admit our love of law and its enforce- ment. Still, we do frown when our best friends accost us in all stern righteous- ness and with unquestionable authority. Why not eliminate this by initiating a masked hall guard and police force? Mildred Thomas Radio Club Not easily pleased are the members of the Radio Club. After listening with contempt to such amateur projects as N.B.C. or C.B.S. for the past decade, their ambition now is to have a station ot their own at Steinmetz. The purpose of these students is to create a station which does not follow a news-flash with a shortening advertisement, or spend half the hours favorite program in advocating the use of a certain brand of toothpaste. It seems to us an excellent idea, at least, in theoryg although we should hate to have some of our classwork broadcast. Still, it might spur us on to bigger and better efforts. Florence Anderson RADIO CLUB First How: Tvriaerstroin, Lnga, Mr. Ptiel, Sloan, Werncck. Second Row: Domtnq, Onandec, Tliielan, Sorensen McCabe. lillll lllllt l imiiict, lkisltl, llftll, l I l ll 1 'N ltii nt Vi ' iiiviwwiii lmvui, G tt t tt 1 thmix lttilwitzsvi.. 1 'lu l li ttlrxmlkz, f.um1I, llti . Conlvy, Z:iy1f'. Red Cross The primary aim of the Red Cross is to aid the unfortunates of the world. ln fulfilling this humanitarian purpose, it sends baskets to the poor on Thanks- giving and Christmas, books to the invalids, and warm clothes to children who would otherwise find it impossible to attend school. Other endeavors include the promotion of World peace among nations and the prevention of accidents on the street and in the home. The Red Cross is a nation-wide organization, and the Steinmetz club is a lunior branch of its make-up. Guided by the enthusiasm of Miss Papenbrook, our lunior group seeks to fulfill every duty thoroughly and cheerfully, finding inestimable joy which more than repays all of its labor. leanne Christoffersen Rifle Team A popular and important branch of the R.O.T.C. is the Rifle Team, comprised of the best marksmen in the regular unit. This squad has the use of the most modern and up-to-date rifle range in the city, and, although in existence only two years, is regarded a formidable opponent in matches. The team rated fifth place in rifle competition with other Chicago high schools recently. Such success, h wever, does not satisfy these energetic young men, and they practice ' ' ently and often. Sergeant Christoffersen is their untiring aid and critic, t W om may be attributed their justified expectations for even better result ' he future. Erwin Bajorek w .Hwwwixtl llfwvv: N N 1 1 W HKD L U First Row: Pislui lxxut Mu ka, Hartwia, lflitiii oi 1 Papcnbiook, Dnuqlm ity li: x 1 Millvr, Paul, Swititv lx nd it w Kcim, Ariclvismi, lt vil it gui ll im wlton, Strwnv, ltiku W1 Arideiismi, Ntfl-lwici tliult ll mu nun, Swidock. 'lliiul l W W art, Rmivcs, Sziztini film ll lt i kowitz, Stuplivnf Burton, Hurt-ty, C xitmtt l uittt Row: Alund, H14 5 Plltiqlwil, Niluwm, 4 ity C ll: ltttll l Bartel, Stub, Mind, li lxyt Benq, l.ibc' ', it x vw R. C. T. C. Although Steinmetz does not have the largest ROTC. in the city, it cer- tainly has one of the best. The old adage "Quality but not quantity" proves very applicable, for while it has only one hundred sixty members, our R.O.T.C. has been complimented by numerous inspecting officers, and is considered an exemplary unit. The Non-Commissioned Officers' Riding Club is only one of the branches developed here that has been widely adopted elsewhere. Among the other accomplishments of the unit is the capture of fifth place in squad competition, and second in the annual inspection of new schools. In the words of Sergeant Christoffersen, "the boys are a progressive unit, cl ' t k 'th." , , Cm G JOY O Wm W1 Erwin Baiorek Student Safety Commission The Steinmetz Student Safety Commission, organized in September, 1935, under Bruce Helwig, was formed in collaboration with Mayor Kelly's "Keep Chicago Safe" committee. Our school was selected as one of the first six to experiment with the Safety Education program. A program of safety education and prevention has been followed, with the aid of the State Highway Division, The Chicago Motor Club, and the National Safety Council, of which Steinmetz is an active member. Safety pamphlets have been distributed, Safety movies have been projected on our screen, all automobiles driven to school have been registered, in short Walter Dittmer, Robert Malcy, and Richard Guetzow have made Steinmetz safety conscious! Florence Anderson gf! ANU Um SAFEL SAFETY COMMISSION Richard Gu:-ftzow R b t Mr. Nalccz, Walter Dittmr-I, Par k Rawlinas and Clifford Moll. M lf'1Af,JtIAi1 l wv l'11111111, l31tt111111 1lt , N11111:1, K1111rl::1111, 1 111 R11tl1st1c'k, lf11vk 11 1 v: M111l111i::, G11111111. 1 1 11 1 lx li 11 C x ll M1111 ll11 ti Huw: Bwlsliy, F ll, Mill 1 P lllll Stt It p 1 1 l11 1111111111 llr111.1:111tl1. l'11111tl1 it vv l v 11 l,c1w:11111, Tl1111l1'11. 1yl-X-11112, l.11 l11y11ttt1, f?1111111l: SIGMA QUAD The Sigma Quad is the leading boys' service organization at Steinmetz. There are just two qualifications for entrance, first, one must have a scholastic average of "G" or over, and second, one must profess himself the swor11 enemy of the rival girls' club, the Dardanelles. Qne of the most interesting activities of the Sigma Quad is its "Foolish Follies" which is presented annually. Will you ever forget this year's pro- duction and the insane antics of Herman Schwartz, Don Baumgartner, and the two Teds, Luga and Loewen? Probably the best part of it all was the fact that the proceeds went to charity. Besides this benevolent activity, the Sigma Quads carry on many other enjoyable duties such as raiding the Dardanelles' stock of refreshments and supervising all ticket sales. Through these endeavors and, of course, their attractive membership pins, the Sigma Quads do succeed in auieting the charming wrath of the girls of the Dardanelles. Qne might think that these competitive clubs are constantly arguing, but the truth of the matter is that they mingle quite well socially. Qnly when they are associated in "business deals," do they abolish all peace treaties. Bob Wilson SIGIVIA 1,Hl7Al7 F1151 Haw: 811111111 l-I1 H2111 1 11 111111111 VVY11111-'la l 111111111-1:t, link S.'l1w:11t7:, l.111w1111 lf11111111.11t11 1 l1'111f1, VV1v11111'k11 V1111111. S1-1 11 l H uw: H1111711, Sv'111111it, lQ111l111 B:111dv1', l9111:::11111 'l'11l1111 1'f111k 1 Gillis, St'1ti111ci H1111 M11111' 'l't111d Huw: M11l111l1-111 t'1111'k11, l11 1111, llwlcit, Vi'-1:1-1:1:.11111 Atf111 l11l111::s111, Lfl111:1t11111.11-1' ltw lf- 1 N11l1111:11w. l'11111tl1 Nav." 'l'1t1l1 tt VV'1l:11111, l,,111.:l:f1y 531- 1':1 l111 Cl11'11t2 X11 'l1l1 -ti lx-111 S 'l1l:1-11 11 , S11lvc1to111, L111111 5:11 , 1,1 , Guw, , 1 11111, Kar un, loliannvs, Kovlin, Bioltsprvvlxci, t'vc'o11d Row: Kubica, Bolqstroni, Vanniur, ltalvoismi, Geller, Viltwr, llunnina, Kaus, Kostia, Reeves, Swim, Wlvlanft, llultvr, Third Row: lbitli, ltaiuxwk, Nowak. Sll.VlfR STIIAK STAFF l'n::t Row: Drozd, Miller, Thorn- Nolnnzow, Aridvis-in, Stiunncki, Clnistoftorscn, Opsalil, Heyscr. falvlotny, Noycc, Christensen, Linsv kvy,St'tilm1lZ, lVlcvll,rl'1lilUL'tl::,OWUHS, Tl-lE SILVER STREAK What a hubbub greets the amazed glance into room 2213! Papers are every- where, students whisper, talk, or scream excitedly, according to temperament and staff position: a telephone pleads to be heard. ln the midst of the din stand two familiar figures: Mr. Gifford, surveying the scene with his usual stoic calm and Miss Weber, earnestly explaining the intricaciesvof activity write-ups to an inattentive literary staff. lt is astounding that a book so decorous as our Silver Streak should be pro- duced in such an inferno, but not unnatural, since upon closer inspection it may be seen that even the noisiest tnot to mention the business managerl is but giving or protesting orders. Even the literary aspirants show some scant interest, and everyone seems preoccupied except one girl, who sits authorita- tively at a desk, alternately sighing and yawning. They call her the editor- in-chief. Florence Anderson SILVER STREAK ART STAFF Nothing we could say would be better commendation for the superlative Work of the Art staff than the illustrations in this book. To our mind, no one, Van Gogh, Picasso, or Harold L. Smith, could have surpassed these drawings. Sailors and ships do not comprise the full scope of these artists' ability, as anyone who has seen lean Opsahl's fashion drawings will agree. Their talent is unquestioned, and, since it is so wonderful and rare a gift, should not be restained. May they make the most of it, and bring added beauty to the world, as well as glory to themselves through its constant exercise. Florence Anderson SILVER STREAK ART CLASS First Row: Christiansen, Kinip flxn, Motyka, Roudebush, Michels Opsalil, Quant, Vannier, Halvorscn De Lance. Second Row: Kelly Long, lacobson, Hanasetli, lohnson Brink, Blaul, Thompsein, Tobin. Wink T'Alt First Row: Tiifsvic, Nnfkwll, Wal- ter, Loo, Kvcrlvoq, Klwnwnt, Rini, Victoxson, Nibmq, Code-rl-wif. Swv- ond Row: Mullins, Ruaqlo, Kelly, Parry, Pillsbury, Darkun, llanswu, Christiansen, Grimm. Third linw: De Boer, Deacon, Osborn Moon, Ashley, Hawley. G . l' STEINMETZ STAR Ah, the fragrance of fresh printer's ink! No poet could describe our bliss as we snuggle-figuratively speakingwbehind our current issue of the Star. Friends and enemies alike are ignored as we munch our sandwiches in its friendly concealment: ignored, that is, unless their names appear in the col- umns before us. In such event, our aloofness is transformed to the keenest interest, especially if such mention be a juicy news bit by Snoopy Sue. Recently, the Steinmetz Star topped all our enterprising activities by editing a full page in the Chicago Evening American, one of the finest newspaper pages we can recall ever readin . Such quality is typical of the STAR STAFF. Best wishes for continued succ ss. STEIN-STEN A The Spirit of Steinmetz dema best, then behold, most honored spirit, the Stein Sten, that group of b y youn women who have memorized the entire formula of success. These ambiti s ouls have also learned to chew their gum silently, wear their p ci sh onable angles, and say "The boss is out," with proper emphas to v 'ou types of individuals, as well as to write perfect letters. Their identxi none other than Mildred Thomas, a living example of "how to ple yoku player." Ieanne Christoffersen From the foregoing, the attract eness e Stein-Sten club tpresident and members, tool may be readily se , any me you care to call. Three cheers, a table, and a typewriter for he tein- I Helen Shumicki STIIIN STIIN First Huw: Hailey, Burton, UI- lwau, Bwvivk, l.m::on, M1ssVauqhr1, Mrs. Pwavli, Tltornfls, lohnson, Kfwlilmy Hulloy, Vtmmvi. Second llfmw: Kmpp, L1bwi'y, Antellme, lirldridaw, Shmidt, Renwall, Gil- rwmr, lrrumriitr, lwlmrsmx, Halver- fwn, Ilviqatiist, Coyrui, Sitkowslci, lv-ts, lnfun-lslci. Third HOW1 Kropp, Stuili, Gilald, Sieqeidt, Ozoq, Mey- -1:., llormlitm, Giuntoli, Schucher, lwilm, llwldt, lfwnld, Hess, Hurtor. l'-with Row: Felqr-1, Bartel, laqo, ly.t1q::wn. Pierson, Wormerholm, Ht-mn, Sliuinicki, Kostia, Endlei, 'l'ttrxr1tr, 'l'lmm::eri, Sruaui. Fifth l-ltwf Kaus, Iohhson, Nelson, R0- :wl rx, l'Junf':rn, Kano, Savage, ltwwliliiifil, Stubitz, Beerxinq. frfw ve'-'I 1-""'!TDJ ' ' 5 - LJX 1 'nh Y. if LV:-f S'l'lllJIIN'I' COIINCII. I'11::t ltnw: l111q11'Isk1, N111111Y. M1u111 , 1 1-, I 111 It11I y lvI111 111 t'I111::t11tI1-1'::1i11, C'I1'1I11'I11-1, G1II1111l11 1111 Il111lI I111 y11 I-11 lI11'11, It1111 11 11111I How: Il1Cli11I111, Galll, I'I.1Iv111- ::1111, All1111't::1w11, Il1i::I11i111i, Wivclt, W11It111', I'11It1'111'k, lVl1'K1iv1111.111I1. 'I'I11111111::, II11111::, Giozars, Oasboixiv. 'I'I111'1I It11w: G111w11w11I1l, C71ipp1i111' I1, II1i1'::I11lu, Sill " IX1-1::t11111, C111I11::, N1-I1111:11w S1'I1w111t1t, W111111-uk, OSI111111. I'1i111t11 lI11w: I,111I1-111I111l, I.1111w1'11, SVI1111111 I.. A111l1-11:1111, OW1-1111, C11s:p111, W1" 121111, k,'I111::l1-11:11-11, M1'l'11d1'l1111, H1'11I1l IllIllIll'I'. I'1ltI1 Row: M11111'11:11i, 'I'I11111111:1, tf1wIl11:ai, Ii11111111k, V11y1'1 Upzuilil, M11'I111l::, sf Ai 1 ::1 , W1111t111IL. ..,. ., 1- , :1 .. s. . .N111 1111111i1111, lx1tt1111i1111 lI111111i1111, II1111::1i11, tl 1 I STUDENT COUNCIL Each semester, Steinmetz students become more activity-conscious, and seek to enter a greater number of organizations. One group to which every girl and 'N 1 boy aspires is the Student Council, the student governing body. However, K 1' since only a few representatives may be elected from each division, entrance rf X11 becomes difficult, and, therefore, a great honor when obtained. JH . A Experience gained in the Council is of real value. Committees chosen by I ,-I fqthe President, Don Baumgartner, learn to cope with people of importance, to 1 ' U' shoulder responsibility, and most important of all, to cooperate with fellow- C Jfyf students. Florence Anderson STUDENT COURT When the first sonorous "Oyezl" fstrangely like Oh yeahsll rolls forth from Bailiff Herman Schwartz, a death-like silence prevails throughout the Student Court room. As the august judges not to say self-conscious, a ghostly file solemnly in, stern and self-righteous, rattle is hecxrd. However, upon investigaf unearthly than the knocking knees and culprits. The first case is called. Chief Iustice Koehn listens impassively as Prose- cuting and Defense Attorneys Lamos and Loewen battle viciously over the innocence or guilt of the trembling defendant: then, when they sink, exhausted, into their places, he retires with the other judges to reach a verdict. Tension grows. At last they re-enter and the decision is read: "GuiltyffTwo weeks eleventh period study." 3B Iustice Betty Bartke smiles complacently at the thought that once more justice has triumphed. Confidentially, it was she who held out for the second week. Ieanne Christoffersen tion it proves to be nothing more chattering teeth of rapidly repenting 1 1 1 O'H1'111. Of'I"lCIlRS OF STUDI NT COIINL II AND QOUHI F11::t Row: Sloan M 1 111b1117 I..111111f:, Kovhii, B 11111 11ask.1, I.111111, Nr'I1111711v1 1I1w111 1 S1'1'11111l Hoxv: H111 1111 tlllllllt Hcss, 'I'I1111l Hfw 11d1w1I Iianiies, V1lt111, I1 A11d1 1s1w11 SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA First Row: Free-se, Persson, Walt Fair, Walsh, Rudy, Blasynski, To loczko. Second Row: Esposito Bovin, Sorenson, Parollo, Rainxon di, Nocch1,Taylor, Ruzicka, Liberty Szirey. Thtrd Row: lanke, Andwr son, Borup, Conxpull, Pantelis. SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA No school is complete without a symphony orchestra, and Steinmetz is no breaker of tradition. Consequently, we have gained all the makings of the model symphony group, and have acquired an excellent instructor in Mr. Groom, a recent arrival. One of the outstanding things for which we remember the symphony orches- tra each semester is its rendition of the "March of the Priests" from "Athalia," at the commencement exercises. ln all sincerity, we do appreciate our orchestra, even though we can't dance to its music, and hope it may continue to play long after we have left the portals ot this our Alma Mater. Florence Anderson G. A. A. No, it's not another ot the Presidents New Deal measures. It's the Girls' Athletic Association which so earnestly strives to promote leadership and health, as well as good times, among the girls at Steinmetz. iBy the way, has Sergeant Christotfersen replaced the buttons he lost during the recent G.A.A. scavenger hunt?l Some of the more prim and decorous ot Steinmetz young ladies pronounce themselves averse to athletics tor girls, because they deem bulging muscles are not a part ot feminine charms. However, the mem e ip rolls of the G.A.A. at Steinmetz deny this accus tion and list with de the most popular and prettiest girls at Steinmetz:4A3ine Savini, sisters, and Violet Kaulinas are but a few examples 1 A - Seriously, we t" ' " A ' ' X can't be wrong. ' l N ,ff - , Jn . 11' l,,,'fl',,,,- A 1L-,,,-,,-.1 -1-1- G.A.A. BOARD First Row: Rutzen, Baldridae, Sliumicki, Savini, Stoftel, Victorik, Lee. Second Row: Mack, Berger, Viuno, Fishr-r, Bennett, Richards, VVitlwrell. ll1::I How: l'It1n'l1ixIsi, Mclmtiii Ili est, 'I'lvu-vfly, Alstlnrri, I3mrt'oli :lim-::::lt-I Suvorid Ilww: lluitmtxn t pltvxnz, 'l'l1Iv::, VV1IlIwIn'II, IIUHSIIIKALTK IIIIUING tw-fll, Ilrirris, tfliiisttuttuist-ii GIRLS RIDING CLUB "Oh, we love to ride the horses on the inerryego-round, around and around on the merry-go-round," but these young eauestriennes preter the real thing. "lust give them a horse, a great big horse, and you can leave out the buckaroo, and they'll go 'Wahoo' everytime." ln tact, their love ot riding knows no boundsy they are always at it. incidentally, ot course, those ietching iodhpurs do much tor even the average tigure. At any rate, whenever weather permits, the Biding Club can be tound can- Iering merrily along with Miss Bolence on the beautitul trails along the Des Plaines. Ah, it is truly a great liie. In tact, the automobile seems quite an unnecessary invention sometimes. Still, a car has its good points, too. One can enjoy a meal comfortably aiter an automobile ride. LETTERIVIAN IS CLUB One of the most exclusive organizations in the school is the Letterman's Club, open only to proud male athletes displaying the Green and Silver "S" letters upon their school sweaters. "S" proves a source ot inspiration and high ambie tion to countless Freshmen and Sophomores, and olters unlimited enjoyment and fun tor its members. Florence Anderson Because of the large number ot young ladies who are seen wearing school letters, one would believe the Letterman's Club was comprised chietly oi the feminine sex. Ouite on the contrary, there is not a girl in the club. However, an amendment in the club's constitution to toster this teminine interest would receive hearty approval. Bob Wilson . L. , l.lI'I"l'lfRlVIEN Iiist Bmw: Lutivwfri, Ilull, To wvki, lilliiv, Botiliottv, Sclllirflmlri Solka, Canadoo, Svliwass, Hop burn, Iaegffiy Furwii. St-cond Row Pontarolli, Batorvk, lloitli, Harvey Penaska, Adamok, Ijarmcck, Koo mfr, Powroznik, S.mtt1Il1L'c'1, Dt lvI1uIivlt'. 'l'l11rd Hwvv: Nvlxrrmvw O'Brien, Rnclnik, Kohl, lahnson Abraham, Kaiser, Mtilrinlwrixq, llaw Iey, Peters. l'aiutIi Row: Wilinski Sommorfeld, Choitz, Knop, Arnold Bobbola, Botizku. EE Iii jflflylpj .Y nit' , K4 ' -IJ a Irby- , HOCKEY First Row: Sitkowski, Blus, Kiikl patrick, Biicknian, Skindze, Lee, Verkler, Nehmzow, Murcek, Cieka- noski, Romano, Gotaas. Second Row: Baldridae, Adams, Larsen, Mittan, Kopach, Lumosa, Wieland, Mack, Peters, Kachula, Paul, Kos- tia. Third Row: Donahue, Chris- tensen, Fiedler, Haug, Notter, Za' his, Rodgers. All LEADERS' CLUB if FIELD I-ICCKEY A flash in the bulletin, a crowd in the Girls' Gym, the outcome: a new activ- ity, Field Hockey. Enough girls were chosen for two teams and hockey sticks were distributed. Amidst general shin-banging and excitement, this new sport was established at Steinmetz. The results of the first season were encouraging. In the exciting semester championship games, Captain Skindle's team twice defeated that of Captain Greismen. The smiling victors were awarded medals and the promise of participating in the future city meets. Helen Shumicki LEADERS' CLUB Only the best athletes of Steinmetz respond to the roll-call of the Leaders' Club. These exceedingly proficient girls become well-versed in both leader- ship and sportsmanship. Acting as referees during gym classes and after school, they represent the ultimate in youth, health, and happiness. This group, capably sponsored by Miss Rolence, is open to third and fourth year girls with a gym average of "E" or better. A number of well-known members could be named, but as an example, may we present Anne Savini, best athlete of the 4A class? To those who know or have seen Anne, no more need be said. Ieanne Christoffersen First Row: De Michele, Reeves, Larson, Markus, Kuhlman, Fisher, Simon, Urban, Marchuk, Schuess- lor. Second Row: Nehmzow, Buick, Moeller, Duym, Otto, Tumosa, Hare ris Hansen, Z1erer,Victorik, Rutzen. Third Row: Stoffel, Savini, Iohn- ston, Wronke. Lee. LIFE SAVING First Row: Kedqe, Dalof, Carlson, Borgstrom, Rutzen, Kostia, Kraqbel -lartman. Second Row: Geier, Mi- ack, Berg, Rodgers. Sayers, En gelharcl. LIFE-SAVING Of course, there's nothing that appeals quite so much to the girls as a stal- wart, bronzed, egotistical life-guard at the beach. They group around him in open admiration, or, if more modest, worship from a distance, Summer time becomes the most pleasant season of the year, since every girl knows there's nothing like adoring one of these demigods to make the time pass pleasantly and quickly. Such admiration has naturally resulted in our girls' lifesaving instruction classes. Here the girls learn to be as lithe and twice as graceful as any male. Later, they receive "LifeSaving" badges to wear upon their suits. Now, when a young man takes his girl-friend to the beach, he finds he is not only distracted by her Worshipful glances in the direction of the life-guard, but is also definitely annoyed by the super-seaman's unabashed smiles of admiration for his Olympic maid. TAP DANCING They're "in a dancing mood," these sprightly young tap stars, so nimbly heel-toeing to the catchy rhythms of modern melody. What a swinging of arms: what a display of knee-action! Leading the girls in every p9ppY routine is Miss Byrne, whose "break-it-up" and "Double-shuffle Buffalo" make us imagine we are witnessing a Hermes Pan Chorus routine in the M-G-M studio, Hollywood. Florence Anderson This diligent practice, we understand, is in preparation for an all-dancing show to be given soon for those who admire the "Eleanor Powells," "Ginger Rogers," and would-be "Buddy Ebsens" of the school. This revue will, no doubt, emphasize the youthful idea that life is a song, so why not dance along to its strains? Helen Shumicki TAP DANCING First Row: Simon, Halgas, Ka- wa, Kccchula, Andersen, Harvatt, Neubauer, Sehaefer, De Michele, Byles, Kuper, Kiem. Second Row: Johnson, Mika, Urban, Stankiewicz, Hansen, De Lance Koe l K t l , PPG 1 6 9 - sen, Moeller, Lantz, Covone, Hart- man, Lichon. Third Row: Olsen, Vruno, Holzkamp, Dimitice, Di Giulio, Tuscis, Wollschlaeqer, Rus- cito, Connelly, Andersen, Collins, Rieser. Fourth Row: Fisher, Hornn- burq, Peters, Fink, Sergey, Ferrara. I FOOTBALL GAMES AND SCORES Steinmetz versus Lane 0-0 Steinmetz versus Senn ...... 7-6 Steinmetz versus Lake View . . . . . .12-0 Steinmetz versus Amundsen . . . . . . 13-0 Steinmetz versus Roosevelt . . . . . 13-9 Steinmetz versus Sullivan . .. . . .26-0 Steinmetz versus Schurz 6-6 Steinmetz, already noted for scholarship, now rises and proclaims its athletic prowess. This season, our green and silver warriors of the gridiron competed for the championship of the north section, but owing to their youth as a team, were not regarded with much trepidation by any competitor. Imagine the surprise of the city-when Steinmetz, in its first game, tied Lane, then defeated Senn, Lake View, Amundsen, Roosevelt, and Sullivan, successively. Only Schurz remained to dispute our right to become section champions and participants in the city finals. High excitement prevailed among the 5,000 spectators who braved wintry winds to watch this promising struggle. The game resulted in a tie score, and through the toss of a coin, Shurz was chosen to represent our interests in the semi-finals. Nevertheless, we are proud of our first real Steinmetz team, and ns glorious victories shall not be forgotten. Erwin Baiorek. T V L 4 A if ' V, 'M A V- if L 1 .174 2 N ' .. ' 'i SWIMMING TEAM Labuz, Broadhead, Ferreri, Harvey, Collins, Hendry, Gau, Baske, Loewen, Bryll, Long, Malmberg, Privratsky, Armstrong, Patience, Fehlhaber, Bless, Iohnson, Baranowski, Croft, Molzahn SWIMMING TEAM Despite poor luck in recent meets, the swimming team rates "tops" in Stein- metz. We like their courage and the fine spirit which keeps them hard at work or play-in the pool until four o'clock every afternoon. We admire the philo- sophic attitude, too, with which they take defeat. Nevertheless, we have two consistent winners among these future Olympic stars: William Malmberg, who is Steinmetz' own Adolph Kiefer, and Frank Ferreri, whose diving promises to make him the recipient of numerous medals and cups. Good work, Frank and Bill! To you and the team, our sincerest wishes for future success! Robert Wilson 4 l BASKETBALL Fffgr The great indoor sport, basketball, was the first to be taken up by a Stein- metz team. Since the very beginning, the number of its victories has steadily increased with each season, but regardless of victory or defeat, the team's sportsmanship has emerged on top in every game. This year, following a most successful football season, our basketball players are determined not to be outdone, and with this fixed purpose in mind, practice diligently every evening under the critical eye of Coach Thompson. Their eagerness to begin the schedule against other North Side schools has expressed itself in their good practice and has spread its spirit throughout the school, which is certainly a promise of future greatness. Erwin Bajorek Cheerleaders ' The smallest organization in Steinmetz, and the liveliest anywhere, is this enthusiastic group of cheer-leaders. Comprising this veritable volcano of pep 'are Ioe Adamek,tRay Pontarelli, Ed Privatsky, Frank Ferreri, and Louis De Michele, with Mr. Havlicek, a volcano in himself, as coach. These lads, with an "S" and "hazy mazy, knock 'em crazy" were almost as influential in placing Steinmetz on top during the football season as the players themselves. Football is not the only sport in which the cheerleaders spur both team and audience to greater enthusiasm. Basketball also commands their ear- splitting, heart-warming yells. Our only misgiving is that some day these live-wires will graduate, and our only consolation, that their successors will possess the same unlimited supply of vim, vigor, and vitality. Bob Wilson Intramural Sports Intramural sports, too, have ample place in the sportlight at Steinmetz. Teams are formed by the various division rooms, and after several weeks of competition, the leading team of each division group battles for the cham- pionship. Winners of first place receive gold medals as awards, second place silver medals, and third place bronze medals. I At the present time there are three Intramural sports, basketball, baseball, and boxing. These activities train the boys in playing certain positions on the teams, as well as the manly art of self-defense. Needless to say, these games add to the character of the participants the invaluable trait called sports- manship. Bob Wilson Track Another Silver Streak is our track team, as anyone will agree after seeing it in action. This group, with only one year's experience, has well upheld the Steinmetz colors on the cinder track. The Senior team was undefeated in its meets, overcoming Foreman, Roosevelt, and Austin, while the Iuniors downed Foreman and Roosevelt, and lost to Austin's lunior Championship team, by a margin of four points. However, in the city meets, our Iuniors cap- tured fifth place among all the high schools in Chicago. With our wonderful new track as an incentive, and with the direction of capable Coach Thompson, the track team should continue to produce great results. If its record of previous successes may be used as a basis of predic- tion, Steinmetz is assured of a high place in the world of track. Bob Wilson 3' .f . Band Stirring marches, fascinating concert music, and even a few popular num- bers are included in the repertoire of our newly-organized band. With Cap- tain Dowse's sparkle and humor to guide it, this group is certainly not lacking in vivacity. For two years Mr. O'Hearn has felt that a band would add much to both school and R.O.T.C.p but it was not until a few months ago that he was able to "kidnap" the talented "Cap" from Austin. iWithin four days a forty-five piece band was playing at a pep meeting, and Captain Dowse was thrilling the audience with his celebrated hand-springs. All in all, the contribution to Steinmetz spirit made by the band is already strongly felt: and we'look forward to its gaining city-wide prestige within the next year. Ieanne Christoffersen Creative Writing and Book Club Book enthusiasts and potential contributors to theiLiterary Guild have this semester bonded together to form the Creative Writing and Book Club. They have progressed very rapidly in the short period of their existence and have attempted many original works. Some have developed unique styles by use of Gertrude Stein's radical measures. Others have found their technique by blending a dash of Edna Ferber and a touch of Margaret Mitchell's "Gone with the Wind" with an ounce of Ernest Hemingway. These ambitious students meet ninth period on the first and third Monday of each month to discuss the good and bad points of their latest creations, and also the newest books. May success attend their efforts, may failure to them be unknown. Florence Anderson Harmonica Club Those hCIppY, harmonious, hilarious, "Harmonica Hooligans"-the peppiest lot of fellows at school-deserve the commendation of every student for the unequalled pleasure they have given all. They willingly devote all their spare time to the rare process of converting excess steam into the swingiest of swing music, and never object to entertaining Steinmetz at assemblies or on radio programs. On a par with their fast, jazzy version of popular song hits are their unique arrangements of sweet waltzes and western range ditties. Undoubtedly, you watched Ioe Clemente display his pugilistic skill in the intramural boxing tournament last spring. Have you noticed how he has utilized this technique recently in teaching his boys to wrestle with those harmonicas? ' Florence Anderson The Stage Crew One of the most valuable, and least recognized of this school's organizations is Mr. Temple's stage crew. At every Steinmetz assembly several of its mem- bers are always on hand. The actors are applauded, the setting praised, but comments are seldom made on the skill with which the lighting is handled. Somehow, it doesn't seem quite fair to us. The boys, however, take quite a different attitude, obviously believing that the work is satisfying in itself. One look at the huge switchboard backstage of the auditorium will convince anyone that these students have no easy task, for while it is a wonderful con- trol system, it is also very complex. Our guess is that Mr. Temple had a strenu- ous task while teaching his stage-crew the correct manipulation of this giant instrument, but he certainly did a magnificent job of itl Bob Wilson Pre-Medic Club Inspired by glamorous Kay Francis and Robert Taylor, who often appear in the roles of white-robed benefactors of humanity, many of our students have decided that medical science has attractions worth considering. Hence, to capture all possible knowledge, they have secured the sponsorship of Mr. G. R. Cook, and have visited numerous hospitals and asylums. The benefits derived from these experiences are not lost upon the Pre-Medic boys and girls, who, with the acquisition of each new fact, visualize them- selves a step closer to that glorious day when they will proudly display their shingles for all the world to see. Ieanne Christoffersen Le Cercle Francais "Bonjour, mademoiselles, comment allez-vous"? we are greeted as we step cautiously into the meeting of Le Cercle Francais. Realizing that France is a land of refinement and culture, we accept this mysterious greeting without thought of insult. Aifter all, there is no need of displaying our ignorance of the language. Suddenly, as we are noticed by various other members of Le Cercle, a terrific babble arises. We are horrified to note classmates whom we had heretofore considered perfectly sane, advancing toward us with hands outstretched, a meditative gleam in their eyes, as they emit, seemingly through their noses, incomprehensible sounds. We retreat towards the door: and then the meaning of it dawns upon us. We are being given an enthusi- astic greeting in Frenchl With abashed smiles we again come forward, are seated, and the meeting is resumed. As it progresses, our curiousity and interest grow, and we Wonder why we didn't take French as an elective. Ieanne Christoffersen ,-".,Tii1i':ar-.... e ... l lf' M Log Continued from Page 70 October 20: A most enjoyable, as well as elevating, program was presented this morning by Mr. Staater's music department. The Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs were featured, and solo numbers were presented by Shirley Perchon and Bernard Domenz. Everyone who saw "Shipmates Forever" knows the importance of good singing to a ship. October 24: At least half of Steinmetz is celebrating this afternoon's most exciting game. The Silver Streaks, mystery team of the Northwest section, defeated Roosevelt High by a score of 13-9. The touchdowns were scored in the second and last quarters by Rossi and Solka. lt was a beautiful exhibition of gridiron skill which resulted in several thousand sore throats and happy hearts. Go, you Steinmetz, on to victoryl October 29: A guiding power and important mechanism in our vessel is the P. T. A. Therefore, Steinmetz students were only too glad to patronize its Carnival this evening. Some arrived in time for the delicious chop suey din- ner, others came later for the games, program, and dancing. The program, an all-Steinmetz amateur hour, proved exceptionally good, and the popular dance orchestra under the direction of Miss Sorenson, outdid itself. We find it grati- fying to be able to show our appreciation for the P. T. A., which has so mate- rially aided us. October 30: Oh, memorable occasion! Today the first Senior Matinee dance, in the guise of a Hallowe'en party, was given in the boys' gym. Enter- tainment was provided between the halves while the august upper classmen pensively licked mammoth "all-week" suckers. Helen Shumicki and Marjorie Osborne deserve several orchids for their marked success in handling the arrangements. All work and no dances makes lack a dull boy, even aboard the Good Ship Steinmetz. Also held this afternoon was the first battalion review of the R. O. T. C. Battalion Commander Robert Levin officiated, with First Lieutenant Alfred Chiaruttini as his adjutant. It was an imposing spec- tacle. Three cheers for the Army, even when they are in the Navy! October 31: "We want ap touchdown, we want lots of touchdowns," was the cry of the crowd: so the boys just naturally came through to defeat Sullivan, 27-0. Who was up in front with three touchdowns? Our man, Solka, no less. The other goal was made by the grinning master of the gridiron, Tony Can- adeo. Man the oars, and we'll make next Saturday's game, men. November 7: Half-glad, half-sorrowful is Steinmetz after today's thrilling but somewhat disappointing game. After placing themselves on top in every contest following the Lane game, they tied Schurz, 6-6, in an exciting struggle, watched by five thousand students whose teeth chattered as they cheered wildly. Peters scored, making a sensational fifty yard run to a touchdown. We Continued on Page 102 Log Continued from Page 101 are told that the sectional championship is to be given to both teams, but that the toss of a coin will decide which will play Austin next Saturday. November 9: Gloom prevails throughout the school, for this morning for by the toss of a' coin, Steinmetz lost its chance to play in the semi-finals. However, there is this consolation: Schurz' glory and gate receipts in future games are also our glory and gate receipts. What is more, we will always have the satis- faction of knowing that our team this year is the best in the city, no matter what side any mere coin takes. "lf you have to take a licking, carry on and quit your kicking. Don't give up the shipl" November 25: Most gratifying were today's returns from the Thanksgiving fund. Over six hundred dollars were collected, the highest contributors being 210, 351, 354, 304, and 101. This money is given to the School Children's Aid Society: from there is distributed in the form of clothing. Charity may begin at home, but in this case, at the other person's home. Every Steinmetz student today purchased the Chicago Evening American, because the progressive "Star" edited a full page in it: articles about the Green Curtain Players, the Silver Streak, and Dr. Witty's experimental classes, as well as pictures, were included. Nothing raises us quite so high in our own estimation as seeing ourselves in printf things look so unassailable in black and White. November 28: Even more thrilling to our school was the radio broadcast presented this morning over Station WIID. The Chorus, Harmonica Hooligans, and the Dramatics class were featured, with special talks by Bob Hawley, Ted Luga, Don Baumgartner, and Kathleen Breitsprecher. Listening students and friends proclaimed the entire performance an immense success. In the after- noon, additional glory was brought to Steinmetz at the Austin-Fenwick game, when the All-Star Prep Team was announced. Our team claimed two berths in that squad, filled by Alfred Schwass and Richard Rossi. They received gold trophies and the undying admiration of their classmates. December 3: A convention of the Clean-up Campaign members was held here today with representatives from thirty-seven high schools. The meeting was more or less social, with a luncheon, inspection of the building, and brief program supplied by the dramatics classes. Iune Miller, Bernard Durenz, and Ralph Steinborn were the leading entertainers. President Iohn Penaska, host of the affair, enjoyed the party as well as the guests. December 4: A new, up and coming Senior class, the 4B's, elected officers today: Robert Wilson, president: Bill Malmberg-, vice-president: Gladys Halvor- sen, secretaryp and George Christiansen, treasurer. Our crew chooses its leaders wisely. The new 1936-37 basketball teams made their public debut, . Continued on Page 104 M "-Q., .. if 1 H 0' I .1 NATIONAL STENOTYPE INSTITUTE ' to investigate its exclusive I-nvltes You smofype SECRETARIAL TRAINING for young men and Women who want "preferred positions" in business-rather than mere "jobs"! Who want the better earnings, better oppor- tunities, better futures, that thousands of Stenotypists already enjoy. Particularly you will want to see a Free' Df'77Z0llJ'f7'flf1'07Z of this new, faster, simpler, touch-typed shorthand method-as taught in The Stenotype Coin- pany's own institution! This demonstration can be had any time you can Come in. . . . Wait Until you have seen The National Stenotype lnstitute's head- quarters, facilities and equipment for yourself. Learn the facts about our unique training's simplicity, ease, fascination, and practical advantages-at first- hand. See what our present students are doing: how they are laying the foundation for an unusual success-career in business, in U. S. Civil Service, or in the general reporting field. VVe'll be glad to discuss your future ambitions, and tell you frankly whether or not we can help you realize them. There is no obligation. Phone, Write or Call at WEST WASHINGTON STREET RAN 3450 Log Continued from Page 102 in fast, tearing games against the stars of the alumni. Their winning scores were: 32-12 for the Iuniors, and 32-18 for the Heavies. Somehow, Steinmetz seems an all-round winner this season. December 9: Of triple importance was this school day. First, there was an assembly presented by Miss Robertson's Chorus, at which Mr. O'Hearn pre- sented awards to Emily Beron, Ieanette Di Giulio, Ieanette Iaworski, Catherine Munro, and Florence Noyce, who have served in this organization for five semesters. The second event of note today was the election of'Iohn Penaska to the Presidency of the City Clean-Up League. This is the second time a Stein- metz student has held this position. Ioe Koop was president in 1935. The third outstanding happening was the hall-guard-firemen-police dance which was, by all accounts, an outstanding affair. December 10: To please the Steinmetz crew this afternoon, the swimming team defeated that of Kelvyn Park by a score of 34-30. Bononawski, Bryll, Malmberg, Molzahn, and Loewen distinguished themselves for speed swim- ming, and Frank Ferreri and Elmer Collins cinched the meet with their excel- lent diving. -There's no fear of our sailors' drowning in any sea. The crack rifle team, under Captain Robert Levin, competed in its first interscholastic match. Thus far, they have outshot Austin by a wide margin, and lost to Crane by five points. H'm, maybe they can shoot that shark Csome call it homeworkl which sometimes interferes with our smooth sailing. December ll: "We're going to put Steinmetz on top," seems to be the song of every Steinmetz team this semester, for today the speedy basketball teams again emerged victors from the Kelly fray. The scores: 37-33 for the Lights, and 25-15 for the Heavies. Hawley and McAdams were the high Iunior scorers, while Rudnick, Ianas, and Porth sank the baskets for the Heavy team. Fight, teams, fight, we say. December 14: Today marked the most auspicious occasion in Steinmetz history-the presentation of an oil painting of Charles Proteus Steinmetz to the school, by the General Electric Company. The students were ushered in awe-stricken silence to the Assembly hall, where, on the platform, sat such notables as Chicago's Mayor, the Vice-President of the General Electric Com- pany from Schenectady, New York, and the Superintendent of Schools. The band played, as only our band can play, under the direction of Captain Dowse, and Mr. O'Hearn conducted the program. Addresses were given by Dr. Iohnson, on "Chicago High Schools," and Mayor Kelly, on "Naming Stein- metz High School." The portrait was presented by Mr. E. W. Allen of the General Eelctric Company, and graciously received by Senior Class Presi- dent, Ted Luga. Student contributions to the program included a violin solo by Continued on Page 106 .' "YQ .- .iiiii ofa, X O . Z 'hglil' uAwu-:M X f FUMPLETE lfwn 7iAlNlNG Ai' f l Br anti .i tratton Coll Q Courses at this pioneer school of complete business training speed fff you on the way to a preferred posi- tion and financial independence. At Bryant 8: Stratton College you re- ceive practical instruction--"Busi- ness Training that Opens Doors.' Courses: Business Administration Executive Secretarial, Stenotypy, Accounting, etc. CATALOG ON REQUEST I8 Snuth michigan llue., thirugn Telephone RANdoIph 1575 Log Continued from Page 104 the talented Ralph Steinborn, cmd a second rendition of the "Three Kings" by Bob Hawley, Earl lohnsen, and Everett Glave. A tremendous success in every respect was the presentation, and every midshipman has stepped just a bit more proudly since that time. ln the afternoon, for the second time, the basket- ball team played Harrison, this time in our gym. The heavies worked beauti- fully, starring Ianas and Rudnick. The resulting score was 28-18, in their favor. Somehow, it proved an off-day for the lights, who lost 27-17. December 16: The week before Christmas vacation is always fraught with pent-up excitement and social activity. Today was typical. Somewhat to the excitement of the students, two equally interesting events were held simul- taneously: The 4B Dance for Iuniors and Seniors, which commanded a large attendance: and the two basketball games against Foreman, traditional rival of Steinmetz. These latter thrillers resutled in victory: 31-19 for the Iuniors, and 25-15 for the Heavies. Porth, Brandel, Rudnick and Iaeger made the lucky shots. December 17: About sixty Christmas baskets were delivered this afternoon, lavishly stocked with food and gifts. The workers who made possible this worthy bit of charity include the Sigma Quads, the Dardanelles, the P. T. A., and the Student Council. Aboard a ship, as everywhere else, there is greater joy when others are made to share it. December 18: The day before Christmas vacation! Ioy was everywhere, its music filled the air as the carollers trilled their way through the corridors. "Icy to the World," "Silent Night," and "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing" were included in their repertoire. Ianuary 14-15: The nights of the monthl The show of shows! On these eve- nings, the Green Curtain Players presented their annual three-act play, "The Patsy." With Ethel Murray in the lead, and supported by Robert Hawley, El Vera Heyser, Adele Pikus, Ralph Steinborn, Ioe Adamek, Herman Schwartz, and Kathleen Breitsprecher, it was a decided hit. Real talent was displayed in their acting, and the setting was both realistic and cozy. These diversions from ship discipline are an incentive to even greater effort. Icrnuary 19: We have always loved our funny papers, and today we liked them even more as they came to life on our Steinmetz stage. The occasion was the R. O. T. C. assembly. The entire program was written, as well as acted, by the students. Did we like it? Ask any midshipman aboard the good ship Steinmetz. Ianuary 21: All day the Seniors were in a whirl of suppressed excitement and anticipation, for this evening was their NIGHT. It was the long-awaited PROM! The 4A's disappeared directly after their day's classes, to meet Continued on Page 108 ' ..-.MQ - -- Wftrmt.-......... .rn EBERT STUDIO Leading West Side PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER 4246 W. Madison St. CHICAGO NEVADA 9797 Open from 9 to 6 Sunday 10 to 4 Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday until 9 U Official Tbotogmploer for Sfeinmetz High School . fs -- ----- ----- ----- - - ---- 4' Log Continued from Page 106 again later at the Evanston Country Club. But what a change! The girls had become young ladies in their glamorous gowns and modish hair-dress, the boys bore semblances of gentlemen, all donned in their Esquire best. Add to the scene a beautiful dance floor, mellow music, and a gay, youthful atmos- phere, and you will visualize the Ianuary 1937 Senior Prom. Never has there been such a Prom, never will there be another like it. Only one shadow hung over this good time, a shadow which, nevertheless, bound each 4A closer to the remainder of his class: it was the shadow of a parting near at hand, the end of the voyage for the Seniors. Ianuary 27: The social whirl for Ianuary graduates is now in full swing. Today was Class Day, the day when every Senior gets to like every other Senior so well that graduation looms like an iceberg in his course. The break- fast was the best and saddest meal we have ever eaten, and the program was far too short. Somehow, gazing at the girls, who have suddenly grown very beautiful, and the boys, who are not so bad either, a lump persists in our throats. Tomorrow we graduate-tomorrow marks the end of our happy voyage. Ianuary 28: lt is overl We have reached harbor and must bid goodbye to the vessel which has been our real home for the past two yearsl The closing ceremony, Commencement, was held this evening in the ship's auditorium. Good-bye, and the best of wishes to you, now our Alma Mater! Qu 1: I: u1nn--nf: :: nc I: 1:-n::-n1u:in:,nn1nn--n-n: u: nfl: zzfn: :g1n:i1f:: 5171+ it I gi K E S L' S 5 i COLLEGE AND SCHOOL JEWELRY ' H i ESTABLISHED 1920 I ,, 8 " it L You can't think of a better place to buy your school U it Jewelry-Manufacturers of high grade Class Rings, ' Medals, Fraternity and Club Pins. Prize Cups and 2 ,, Trophies. Quality Service. - i 7 1 159 N. STATE CENTRAL 4652 1: lt T , ,, Il l ,. n 1' "'v--u1ul-- 1111111-1- 1111-11- u 11.-'gigs' Y SOUND managerial pollciea and long, successful experience have provided ul with aufficient equipment, adequate personnel, and ample resources to render dependable aervice aa artists and makers of fine printing plates. That you will be secure from chance, is our first promise. JAHN 8t OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. B11 Was! Washington Blvd., - Chicago, Illlnols In the foreground - Ft. Dearborn re-erected in Grant Park on Chicago's lake front. Illustration by Jahn fr Olliar Art Studios. Prophecy Continued from Page 39 of the screen, was quite embarrassed when his toupee slipped off at the open- ing of George Ramelow's new pleasure spot. Holding out on us, eh?" It's hard to believe that these persons are our old classmates. Well, it's about time to go to the banquet. Here we are at the checkroom. Girl, check our wraps please. Say! Aren't you Gertrude Larsen, formerly of Steinmetz High School? This is a surprise! Now for the banquet! Here are our seats. Well, we have four table partners. Why, they are Kathleen Breitsprecher, Mary Kostia, Helen Shumicki, and Selma Wagar, famous women politicians. They are talking incessantly as of old. Here comes the waiter with our appetizer. Wait a minute. Aren't you Arnold Quandee? You looked familiar, but we weren't sure it was you in these clothes. What's that? You say that Tom O'Hern is chief cook here and that Walter Milnichuck is manager? It does seem as though those two always did have to have their fingers in the pie. Now for the entertainment. Let's see. First on the program we have the "Three Kings" playing a trumpet trio. Here they come. Why, they're none other than Bob Hawley, Everett Glave, and Earl Iohnson. They surely can play. They are much better than when we heard them last. Next we have Dorothy Paulsen singing a new song sensation which was composed by Fred Koehn, who is considered by many to be even greater than Irving Berlin eve! was. Can that be Dorothy singing? Why, she has a voice like Kate Smith of former days! Listen to the applause she is receiving from the appreciative audience. And now we have Leon Boykens and Sara Iones, international dancers, who have graciously offered their services for tonight. They are ex- ceptionally good and graceful and are everything that has been said about them. Last, but not least, on the entertainment program is Herman Schwartz, who will give his impersonations of various movie celebraties and stage stars. Herman is just as humorous as he was in school, twenty years ago. After this bit of pleasantry we have arrived at the more serious part of the program, that of speeches. We are called to order by a rather stout toastmaster who looks strangely like Carl Cox. The first speaker is Howard Schneider, who addresses on the subject, "Humor and its Various Phases." The speech is more humorous and silly than the subject, but this can be expected of Howard who always was a practical jokester. A few other speeches follow during which we catch up on our sleep, but we are rudely awakened by the announcement of a fashion show. Not wishing to miss this, we awaken im- mediately and see the first model is the Zephyr Special modeled by Grace Roder. The next is modeled, by none other than Marjorie Drozd, and was de- signed by Lloyd Iacobsen, who also painted the beautiful murals which are in the lobby of the banquet hall. Two other designs by Iacobsen are worn by Continued on Page 112 mr -f-.,..,. . flL,,i1Ji'r.m-..r.g.., 1 Q. mlm WW W i' ESQ Q53 ILINDIEN IDIWINWINQ CEU., A ' .5117 .KUlLlHf1HT JIIEIFIFIEIPJGIDN I 1HRlEIE1f C1H1IICAJECED,IIIULIINOIIJf 455213: frocfucers cfzpeggnlginnwals Q., .,:, ., A CIIIIDILILIEGIE ANID TFHIIGTW .u'cmm0a:osL IPlLllIE-ILIIGIAGFIICDN uplmlmrnfnfur Q if Ns ? Prophecy Continued from Page 110 Eleanor Renwall and Mildred Thomas. But enough of this: we are getting claustrophobia. Let us go outside where we may get a little fresh air. Being now perfectly wide awake, we decide to go out and see the city. We stroll past Washington Park and are surprised to see a large crowd gathered around a tall, blonde enthusiast, and to our delight we find that he is none other than Russell Erickson, our old classmate, who is now a noted radical. He is making a touching soap-box plea for the abolition of dress suits. We are enthralled by his speech and remember that in our school days Russell was always a good orator, but never have we heard such an appealing, soul-stirring speech as the one he just gave. Off to one side we see Ted Luga and Kenneth Lawson, rival newspaper photographers, who are busily snapping the best views of the great orator. As we are nearly mobbed, we go to the Metzstein, a swanky club owned by Mike and operated by his able assistants, Frank Sundberg and Al Testa. Enjoying the atmosphere of the club, we decide to stay, when suddenly a trio of masked men arrive and begin to loot the prem- ises. We stand spellbound a moment, then prepare to depart with our valu- ables when the police rush in and capture the thieves. The leader of the police is none other than Alfred Schwass, who is now a Captain in the Homi- cide Squad. Sam Sommerfeld Irving Porth 1---------- - - - -----------------3 R------------'----M -----'-------'-"-1' It 1 It xl H Stay in H tl -p Compliments of the 1 'T School U tl F ii T l During Your Lunch H STEINMETZ H ' v i if Pmod , j HIGH scHooL ll ll PARENT TEACHERS' i' l ENJOY HOME COOKED Fooo L T QI AT LOWEST PRICES 2 ASSOCIATICN , 'I -1- 4- + C ' .l gg E lt H i Meetings held every third Patronize 'I' he it I All yfdzfffxiyl T 3 ' aren s e come I it Steinmetz Cafeteria ll l it 5 5 1 1 l i 1 l .L-.....................-..-...................-...-..l. .. .. ...,....,...........................-.....-.,l, lg-lg-.n1lg1u1np-qiuu-.qu1np-nu-un up-.spinn-up.-.lg-...1.nn..u..-nu-.uninuinn ln1ln1nl1up1n1u1nl1on1u1lniui REMEMBER Verburg's School Store 6300 Fletcher Street CHICAGO illilniuiruin-lu-ilu--nu--un-In-:mini Phone: Merrimac 8954 Steinmetz Pharmacy PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS 2944 Narragansett Ave. SCHOOL SUPPLIES-FOUNTAIN SERVICE - LIGHT LUNCHES Graduates Welcome! 1'lil ""'!' H -i- fl' Edgebrook Riding Stables I ' 5 879 N. Central Avenue ONE BLOCK NORTH OF ELSTON Avenue 6044 ' INDOOR ARENA u Special Rates to High School Students -2-....-............-..-...........-..-..-.......-..- .!..-.....-..........-..- - .....-..-..-.... i School Supplies Lunches T ,, Compliments of the li Steinmetz School Store I NARRAGANSETT-WELLINGTON Rendezvous of good fellowship T Candy Ice Cream 1 1 ini: 1 1 1 inninmiuniuiui 1 11--1-1 SPIES BRUTHERS, Inc. MANUFACTURERS OF CLASS PINS CLASS RINGS CLUB EMBLEMS MEDALS TROPHIES FRATERNITY AND SORORITY JEWELRY DIPLOMAS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS DANCE PRGGRAMS, BIDS AND FAVORS Sales Ofhce and Show Rooms, 27 E. Monroe St. Factory, 1140 Cornelia Ave. CHICAGO, ILL. n1lg1u..-un.-lu..uu1.uniu..1un1q.-nn-nu.1nu1 -nuiulinninui 1nu1lu1lu1gu1ll-1:1-ninui 11111m 6 STH , , YEAR Busmess Needs Tmzned H el L11 Many Steinmetz Alumni are now filling fine office positions after having attended this College. Secretarial, Accounting, and all Business Courses, Comptometer, Bookkeeping Machine, Billing Machine, Brush-up, Speed and Review Courses. CREDIT GIVEN FOR COMMERCIAL WORK DONE IN H. S. Intensive, Individual Instruction and Progress, Modern Methods. Free Employment Service. VISITORS WELCOME. BOOKLET ON REQUEST. CONVENIENTLY LOCATED SCHOOLS NORTH WEST SCHOOL: 1954 North Western Avenue CCORNIER or MILWAUKEIQ Avr2.j LOOP SCHOOL: 37 South Wabash Avenue QUALITY WORK AND SERVICE ELSTO LAUNDRY CO. 4244-S0 Elston Avenue PHONE KEYSTONE 8452-5 I LAUNDERERS FOR STEINMETZ HIGH SCHOOL -i-- ------- ------------------ - -1- 1u.i..,,1..,.1t,.....,ui,niual..-....1..,1....-.,.1...,i.,.1,,,.1M.... .. 1 1.--...T Q , AUTOhG1iA.PIiISL b , Q f-QDM.7 ,Lwlwcc QLD, 5QMf2,L,,,f4, ily Wg 84. Ziifww f"-Qf""? f-4' XX K I I ' JK? X 1 f X ,Q W .A Xl ' W xxN,::.,-N WWW N X I f .ml M 5 x1 -X f N55 'iff I ' W f fffzfr sq x I H,HyN! . r 'T f'1""'N fm K f W KK J W Hm - 7 M 1 W X f 3 mm f T' y xx swf w lv Q b - K X y I ,Ac 1 y ,WST 1 'ul X XX W ,B 359 7? u5"1 'g W i M ' l,M'7 ' X R V I 1 ,I D ui! Y ' It . H7 lt.'A,ff' V " IL! J .-my f Z ff. , if qzf-' -. . -- K 1 2 2- 'ffxqe-4' 'EQ S Qs 5 L., ff-1 'IH-.. j' ' 5...-N.-----, MWVVVMMMK F I ZOWWW JW p-LQ K f x V AM N If 4 f ff Wiz! X W0 , ff r' -uns!!! , dingy A ff7f XR qty X . -" 1 ' I . , y A ff -2 ' 'E-. 1 E U, - X ,A -Z g'a -'X Q 4,4-Q....:"?-Z , ,rf-E ,. X y XQ f".""wX X 6"2:xx . X 5 - V i XX K K N M "R , Www fp! .1 :W X f .-Q.-.:,:,,,4'f vita 7 ,Q-'E'f" gf!'0 Rf if 'X-f..,,f"'-4 '-X.. g-s....f' gig'-F f '...-' ""i' Nb. g A ,QLIOYS Hiurontvl

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Steinmetz High School - Silver Streak Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Steinmetz High School - Silver Streak Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Steinmetz High School - Silver Streak Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Steinmetz High School - Silver Streak Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Steinmetz High School - Silver Streak Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Steinmetz High School - Silver Streak Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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