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gtpifepl mmm SSt ft £P 1 pMg iMman tpifiii m mm $0immi W$ m ®i0P$i§B§ HGbBM Mil THE STAR 1966 ife i teill ;. V THE STAR 1966 STEINBACH BIBLE INSTITUTE STEINBACH, MANITOBA TABLE OF CONTENTS EDITORIAL DEDICATION STATEMENT OF FAITH ADMINISTRATION FACULTY UNDERGRADS GRADUATES HIGH SCHOOL ACTIVITIES MISSIONS SPONSORS EDITORIAL We are pleased to meet you again with our new annual. In presenting to you The Star 1966 our aim has been one and our motives many. Our aim has been to portray to you some of the school functions and part of every¬ day school life. Our motives were, first of all, to establish a tangible link with the past for our present and future generations. We hope that this will serve as a memorial of our dedication, a time when our goals began to crystalize; also, to serve as an inspiration to hold firm to the purpose and challenge set before us. Let this, too, serve as a revitalization to former students who, in this Institute, received the vision before us. To you we say, " Be strong and of good courage. " To our supporters we express our conscious appreciation. We need, our prayers and financial support to help fill the world ' s need for strong and bold servants of our Master. Let this be an invitation to you, young person, to join our ranks in the future. We are indeed happy to present to you THE STAR 1966. Ernie Loewen LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Friesen, layout; Brian Schellenberg, advertising; Tena Brandt, secretary; Elma Penner, student council rep.; Tim Kroeker, sales manager; Ernie Loewen, editor; Mary Klassen, copyist; Mr. Stan Plett, advisor; Helen Friesen, treasurer; Anita Martens, artist; Henry Remple, photographer. DEDICATION MR. LOEWEN, WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR YOUR: CONSECRATED SERVICE PRAYERFUL CONCERN GENTLE MANNER SINCERE COUNSEL EFFICIENT ADMINISTRATION DEVOTION TO GOD... THEREFORE TO YOU WE DEDICATE THE STAR 1966 STATEMENT OF FAITH WE BELIEVE - the Holy Scripture, both of the Old and the New Testament, to be verbally inspired of God, infall¬ ible, and the supreme and final authority in faith and life. - in one God, eternally existing in three persons; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, - that Jesus Christ was begotten by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, and is true God and true Man. - that man was created in the image of God, sinned and thereby incurred, not only physical death, but also spiritual death, which is separation from God. Consequently, all human beings are born with a sin¬ ful nature and are in need of the new birth. - that the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross as our representative and substitutionary sacrifice for our sins and that all who believe in Him are justified on the ground of His shed blood. - the Lord Jesus Christ, was bodily resurrected and ascended into heaven and at present acts for us as High Priest and Advocate. - that all who by faith receive the Lord Jesus Christ are born again of the Holy Spirit and thereby become children of God. - in the personal, literal return of the Lord Jesus Christ to judge the living and the dead and to reward every man according to his works. - in the bodily resurrection of all men - the saints to everlasting joy and bliss, the lost to everlasting conscious torment. - that Christians are to live separated from the world, abstain from all carnal strife, worldly prac¬ tice, worldy dress and worldy amusements. - that our generation is responsible for the com¬ plete evangelization of this generation; that every believer carries part of this responsibility and should make the reaching of this objective his life ' s work. ADMINISTRATION 1 BOARD OF DIRECTORS i ' • s- ’-OVrf-S-IOr.A ' A {• » o0 : :W c r»v —[• ;£ Chairman - Rev. Henry Komelsen, R. R. 1, Giroux, Man. Vice-Chairman - Rev. Milton Fast, Kleefeld, Man. Secretary - Mr. Abe R. Reimer, R.R.1, Giroux, Man. Mr. C. Wilbert Loewen, Steinbach, Man. Mr. Abe F. Penner, Landmark, Man. Mr. Ben D. Reimer, Steinbach, Man. Rev. Henry P. Friesen, Arborg, Man. Mr. Richard Reimer, Kleefeld, Man. .c ri Mr. A.D. Penner, Steinbach, Man. Mr. Nick Friesen, R. R. 1, Morris, Man. Rev. Frank D. Reimer, Lorette, Man. Mr. P. B. Reimer, Steinbach, Man. .lOrJ■ife ' -pS TlSSi! ' •:e ' •m m Rev. C.W. LOEWEN B. Th., B. A., M. Ed. Rev. HARVEY PLETT M. A. . B. D. Rev. BEN D. REIMER Administrator Dean Cults Exegesis Church History New Testament Synthesis Public Speaking Christian Education Personal Work Bible Introduction Hermenuetics The internal administration of the Steinbach Bible Institute is undergoing revisions. The Board has decided to move to an administration under a President. With this shift the Board will continue to formulate and outline policy for the school. Rev. Archie Penner has been appointed as president elect and will take over full duties by September 1, 1966. The Board has designated 1965 - 66 as the year of transition. For this transition period the Board appointed a three-man presidential committee. The members of the presidential committee are Mr. Ben D. Reimer, Mr. C. Wilbert Loewen, and Mr. Harvey Plett. Mr. Harvey Plett is serving as chairman of the committee. Mr. Harvey Plett Rev. BEN HOEPPNER M. A. , B. Th. Romans O. T. Synthesis Prayer Exegesis Rev. BEN FRIESEN Public Relations Missions Mr. EDWIN PLETT B. A. , B. D. High School Theology Luke " And he gave some apostles, and some prophets, and some evangelists and some pastors and teachers. For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ " Eph. 4jll. For the last twenty-two years it has been a joy for my husband to serve as one of the teachers in the Steinbach Bible Inst, where he could fulfill the command as it says in II Tim. 2:2, " And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also. ” During these years many have gone through school and are now serving in different parts of the world where the good news of Salvation has not been made known. Besides teaching in the Bible Inst., Mr. Reimer has the privilege of serving as an Evangelist. Many times this work requires travelling nights as well as days, and sometimes it becomes very strenuous, but praise belongs to the Lord. This last summer we were encouraged by a letter received from a young man whom Mr. Reimer had picked up on the road. He stated, how happy he was that someone had been concerned about his soul’s condition, and after re¬ thinking the long conversation, he had given his heart to the Lord. The Lord uses his servants in different ways. Mrs. Margaret Reimer " Make me to know thy ways, O Lord, teach me thy paths. Lead me in thy truth, and teach me, for thou art the God of my salvation " (Psa. 25:4, 5 RSV). As a family of the dean we have varied experiences, sometimes satisfying, at other times frustrating. We certainly have opportunities to share in the activities of the work. Maybe not in the sense of counselling, chastening or reprimanding, but in always being cheerful when Mr. Dean comes home late for meals, hurrying with a meal when a meet¬ ing is forthcoming, cancelling a much anticipated dinner engagement and in sitting at home with the children while others take his time. This is never¬ theless a good time to think of him in prayer, ask¬ ing for wisdom as he seeks to encourage, direct or guide some student. Someone has said, " Life is what you make it. " How true! If one wants to bemoan and lament the fact that the husband is not home enough, it tends to make life miserable and unhappy. But on the other hand, if one joyously shares the work of the husband, it will give both of those involved the satisfaction of understanding teamwork. " Geteilte Arbeit ist halbe Arbeit. " In our shared school activities we find happiness and fulfillment, knowing we are together laboring for the Lord. Mrs. Pearl Plett The other day my husband came back from a conference, and brought me a present. A book! I was so pleased until I saw the title; " How to Keep Your HUSBAND Happy. " The children dote on him. As I heard the eldest one saying: " I change that baby, I rock her, I baby-sit for her, and what happens? When she hears the back door closing, she struggles off my lap, and as fast as her wobbly legs can carry her, she runs off shouting, " Daddy, Daddy. " Even with a fast and sometimes hectic schedule, we try to do some things together. The morning breakfast worship hour is usually held too, and we enjoy seeing the rapt attention of the little ones as we live together the struggles and triumphs of Joseph, Jonathon, and Samson. Another thing the entire family likes doing is jig-saw puzzles. We did so many for a while, that the girl at the drug store asked: " What ever do you do with all the puzzles? " Put them together, of course! We had a rule that no children could get at the puzzle without an adult present. However, Daddy got so engrossed in one, we had to change the rule to: no adults at the puzzle table unless accompanied by a child. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that when my hus¬ band gave me that book, he had bought one for himself; " How to Keep Your WIFE Happy. " Mrs. Kay Loewen Hobbies are a necessity in life for diversion, relaxation, and enjoyment. The outdoors holds a certain appeal for my husband, and as a result he enjoys gardening and travelling. However, when there is snow to be shovelled, the outdoors loses some of its attraction. Listening to good music and reading also rate high on his list of hobbies. Travelling is one of his hobbies from which our whole family benefits and we enjoy it! So far the " Wanderlust " has only taken us to two countries; but he dreams of crossing the ocean some day. In Canada we have enjoyed the scenery from Montreal to Victoria; we took time to see the sights, and to learn something, especially if there was something historical to s ee. At present my husband ' s pastime consists of refinishing his father ' s old writing desk. Under one of the drawers he put the inscription " Purchased in 1913 " . This adds antique value to this sentimental project. Let me mention one more hobby. I call it scheming or daydreaming. He calls it " purposeful planning " . Because he says, " If a person can’t dream, he doesn’t enjoy life”, why should I stop him? He spends many a pleasant moment remodeling our home; transplanting the whole garden; or mak¬ ing some improvement at school. Mrs. Anne Friesen Teacher-to wife; " Could we have supper no later than six o ' clock? I would like to begin my class pre¬ paration by seven. " -to friends; " No thank-you, I would like to have coffee with you, but I have too much homework tonight. " -to wife (Friday evening): " I must be at my books by eight tomorrow morning. " -to wife (before Remembrance Day): " Tomorrow we have a half-holiday... (Wife thinks, " Wonderful! You certainly deserve a break from your regular routine!) Before she has an opportunity to verbalize her thoughts, however, he finishes... I should get a lot of studying done. " -to himself (between summer school and fall school opening); " I hope I will get a lot of extra reading done to enrich my courses. " Teachers do have homework--an unending supply of it! " How, " you may ask, " does a wife and family fit into such a schedule? " My answer is, " They don’t -unless the teacher is a dedicated husband and father who makes a consistent effort to be cheerful and considerate at home. This happens to be the case in our family. Judging by the amount of homework my husband does, I believe his motto, as a teacher, must be Col, 3:23, " And whatsoever you do, do it heartily as unto the Lord and not unto men. " Mrs. Lillian Plett " Oh! Daddy is coming home today; but when do you think he will be home? " This frequent question is very often rather difficult to answer. When he finally arrives, Daddy relates some of the interesting experiences he has encountered dur¬ ing his absence; he also has to answer numerous questions raised by the children. It is so much fun when Daddy manages to have a free evening at home with the family. The children especially enjoy romping in the house with him. But after some time the fun must end because Daddy is tired; the children, however, would just delight in continuing for another hour. During our pastorate in Swift Current, Sask. we had an evening designated - " Family stay at home night. " We began the evenings by playing several games. Following this we enjoyed a good sing-song where each member of the family had an opportun¬ ity to suggest his favorite song or chorus. The even¬ ing was then ended with devotions. After the Scrip¬ tures had been read every one made a special prayer request. It was a real blessing to hear the children pray in simple faith. We, as a family, thoroughly enjoy those even¬ ings which we can spend together. Mrs. Henrietta Friesen 13 Usually one thinks of a hobby as some favorite pastime such as painting or golfing which is pursued outside of one ' s regular occupation to serve as a source of leisure-time relaxation. I ' m afraid my husband does not own a hobby of this nature; some¬ how he has managed to get away with so little leisure-time that every few hours can be spent in any type of relaxation. What hobbyists call " relax¬ ing activity " often results in more strained muscles and greater weariness than does the regular work. Thus in the broad sense of the word, a hobby is any specialized pursuit or interest. It serves not only to give relaxation but also to add enrichment to one’s life. This being the case, my husband’s interest could well be called a hobby. Bill’s interest in the field of music began at the age of twelve when his older brother bought a violin for him. During the first few years of his violin training, he was his own teacher, but later he began taking private tutoring from one of the outstanding musicians in his city. At university Bill minored in music, taking such courses as counterpoint and orchestration. His " practical work " during his university days consisted of playing in the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra, directing a church choir, and serving on the music committee of his church conference. This year he is privileged to devote not only his " extra " time but also much of his school time to this interest. Certainly Bill’s " hobby " involves a lot of very hard work, but it has been, and continues to be, a real source of enrichment to his life and to mine as well. Mrs. Mary Rose Derksen " This student has a good paper " or " This one will not make it " are remarks which are sometimes heard when my husband marks the students ' papers. Recently he decided upon an improved method of setting up examinations which would facilitate marking. He aims to make them the right kind-not too difficult, and not too easy. After all, they should challenge the thinking of the students. When marking the papers of those who fail, my husband tries to be lenient; perhaps he can still give credit for one or the other answer so as to get the student to pass with a mark of 70%. If this is not possible, he still has a warm heart for that student, provided he has tried his best. Naturally, he likes to see all the students come through with flying colours. He has said, though, with much earnest¬ ness, that good grades cannot make up for lack of character. It seems that nothing wearies him like marking papers but nevertheless he takes it in his stride. May each student do the same; study faithfully through the year, then pray and trust God for the results. Mrs. Mary Hoeppner " The best inheritance a parent can give his children, is a few minutes of his time each day. " From observation, I believe that this must be my husband ' s motto. With three lively youngsters in the home, he has ample opportunity to put this motto into practise. " When will Daddy come home? " " Is supper ready? Can I go tell him? When will it be ready? " " Is it dark outside now? " The little faces pressed against the window pane, watch impatiently. Finally, they exclaim excitedly, " Here he comes! Daddy is here! " Daddy doesn ' t forget to glance at the favourite window, smile, and wave. As the door opens, the eager children grab his hands, pull him down, and jump on his back, ready for some fun. It will be either romping in the house, horseback rides on his back, or airplane rides (jump¬ ing into his arms from the top bunk). It might even be a walk outside, building houses out of building blocks, or listening to a story, which always be¬ comes very much alive when Daddy tells it. On special occasions, there are family picnics, a nice long ride in the car, a trip to the airport or to the playground, tobogganing, or a night of tent¬ ing in summer . Clyde Narramore says in his book, " Discipline in the Christian Home " , " Spending time with children not only enables you to influence them but to under¬ stand them.... It is not the quantity but quality of time that is important. Quality time is child-centered-time when you do what your son or daughter likes to do. " Mrs. Alma Plett STAFF Miss pertrude Giesbrecht Secretary Miss Betty Banm; Dean of Women Receptionist Mr. Albert Friesen Maintenance Miss Mary Kornelson Cook Mrs. Ben Friesen Cook PART TIME FACULTY Mr. Harvey Barkman French Mr. Abe Bestvater Bookkeeping Typing Mr. Werner Remple Piano i] %■ 1 J rV 1 STANDING, Left to Right: Alice Schroeder, Victor Hiebert, Elma Penner, Carol Friesen, Dave Thiessen, Carol Peters, Ken Sawatsky, Bonnie Kroeker. SITTING: Mr. H. Plett, Harold Krahn, Wilbert Friesen, Marina Reimer, Lee Roy Bartel. " Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I, send me.” Isaiah 6:8. Another year at S. B. I. has swiftly become history. Priceless have been the lessons learnt from God’s Holy. Word. Heart stirring challenges from missionaries have drawn our attention to the whitened harvest fields. Times of prayer and fellowship with fellow students and teachers will long be cherished. Campus life, recreation, and socials have helped to knock off rough edges of our characters and have drawn us together as a large family. Some lessons have been learnt the hard way, but these experiences have only made us realize our utter dependence on God. You, the prayer and financial supporters, the board members, the faculty and staff have all liberally contributed to help make this year a blessing. On behalf of the S. B. I. student body I extend my sincerest gratitude to all of you. We, the graduating class, vividly realize the great responsibility that has been entrusted to us. We acknowledge our human insufficiencies and commit our lives into the hands of the All-sufficient One. Your prayers on our behalf will be greatly treasured as we go forth. Fellow-graduates, and students, you have heard the cry of the heathen; you have heard the call of the Saviour. You are God’s only tools. Here at S. B. I. you have been prepared and equipped for divine service for the Master How will I, how will you, let Him use our lives? r i_» Wilbert Friesen President UNDERGRADS LEN BARKMAN Athletic Economical Dynamic DIANA BRANDT Cheerful Independent Neat ELMA BRANDT Intelligent Capable Teacher Amiable JESSIE BRANDT Studious Neat Friendly GORDON BROWN Friendly Conscientious Thorough FIRST BEN DYCK Humorous Artistic Friendly MRS. MARY ROSE DERKSEN Meticulous Original Chorale pianist FLORENCE EIDSE Poetic Dramatic Artistic FLORENCE FRIESEN " La Voce” editor Original Enthusiastic MARY FRIESEN Talkative Fun-loving Good-natured MYRNA FRIESEN Ambitious Persevering Teacher FRIEDA GOERTZEN Friendly Conscientious Bookworm PETE HARDER Reticent Hardworking Conscientious ED REIMER Sincere Ambitious Dependable YEAR TONY HI EBERT Humorous Sincere Industrious FRED KLASSEN Married Dependable Literary ability DAVE KEHLER Friendly Home provider Experienced MRS. KAY KEHLER Part-time student Friendly Homemaker STANLEY KLASSEN Sincere Stable Guitarist MARY KLASSEN Witty Original Talented DAVE LOEWEN Debonair A husband Valiant HAROLD KRAHN Musically inclined Original Industrious ERNIE LOEWEN Realistic Intelligent Energetic ... Evolution... Am I my keeper ' s brother? " We will not hold it against you. " 20 MERNA LOEWEN Talented Studious Sincere LLOYD PENNER Effervescent Studious Inquisitive RUENA REIMER American Good -natured Reserved TEENA REIMER Cheerful Reserved Co-operative HELEN LOEWEN Mischievous Sagacious Amiable ELMA PENNER Effervescent Conscientious Congenial JAMES HARDER Adventurous Ambitious Confident JULIA UNGER Congenial Independent Composed JEAN VOGT Friendly EVELYN BRANDT Quiet but observant Takes studies seriously SECOND MARY DERKSEN Sincere and good-natured Musical HELEN FR1ESEN Attractive personality Practical nurse ANDREW DUECK An active minister Enjoys Hermeneutics class ALBERT FRIESEN School maintenance man Constantly alert CLARA FRIESEN Possesses a friendly personality Employs optimism YEAR LYDIA YODER Southern accent adds variety Absorbed in her studies PETER FRIESEN Perseverance will surmount obstacles Inquisitive nature PETEB. REIMER Enjoys Sunday School work Sincere and Reliable EVELYN DOERKSEN Is kind, understanding, and friendly Has a smile for everybody. IKE FRIESEN Sincere in his studies Has a burden for lost souls MARY FRIESEN Registered nurse Conscientious in her studies IRENE JANZEN Voices her opinions; Good at organization. HELENA LEIDING Has a friendly, kind-hearted personality; Punctual in her assignments. GLEN KOOP Steady participation in Practical Work; Married; Kleefeld resident. ED HARDER His words are few, but well chosen; Likes to study. ANITA MARTENS Fun before studies; Possesses artistic abilities. EVA REIMER Is dedicated, diligent and determined; An optimistic, soft-hearted girl. EVA FRIESEN Alert to news and events; Good News Club teacher. MARINA REIMER Has a winning personality; A returned European missionary secretary. FRANK FRIESEN Combines wit with genuine sincerity; Participates in the pastoral ministry. DAVE THIESSEN A studious class president; Combines sincerity with his studies. A dollar down and a dollar a week. 49th Parallel ' Warm Harmony It must be important Not a worry in the world. New trend in education. GRADUATES WILBERT FRIESEN Missions Class President " Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord my strength, and my redeemer. ” Psalm 19:14. Oh, Lord of the years that are left to me I give them to Thy hand; Take me, and break me, mold me to the pattern that Thou hast planned. GRADUATES LENA BRANDT Missions " Teach me thy way, O Lord.. " Psalm 27:11. O grant, Lord Jesus, mine may be a life surrendered unto Thee. The vessel need not be of gold, Need not be strong, or wise, or bold, but, Lord, the vessel Thou shalt choose, it must be clean for Thee to use. So fill my heart till all shall see a living, reigning Christ, in me. -Barbara E. Cornet. CAROLINE WOLFE Christian Education " Thanks be to God for his unspeak¬ able gift. " II Cor. 9:15. My heart is thrilled when ere I think of Jesus, the lovely Name which sets the captive free. No other name thro ' which I find salvation; no other name has meant so much to me. Compliments of RIVERSIDE CO-OP R.R. 1, Morris, Manitoba STEVE PETERS Missions O for a life to please my God, In every little thing - a holy life that day by day to Him will glory bring! A life lived only unto Him no double aim in view, The out¬ come of a Christ-like heart, by God made pure and new. A life that Jesus guides alone, O ' er which He has control! A life which others seeing say. That Jesus owns the whole. ELSIE PLETT Christian Education " Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust, and will not be afraid; for the Lord God is my strength " Isaiah 12:2a. Not my own, but saved by Jesus, Who redeemed me by His blood. Gladly I accept the message, I belong to Christ the Lord. Not my own! My time, my talents, Freely all to Christ I bring; To be used in joyful service For the glory of my King. Compliments of FAST BROTHERS LTD. Blumenort, Manitoba CAROL FRIESEN Christian Education Vice-President We know the paths wherein our feet should press, across our hearts are written Thy decrees, Yet now, O Lord, be merciful to bless with more than these.... Knowledge we ask not -- knowledge Thou hast lent, but, Lord, the will -- there lies our bitter need; give us to build above the deep intent, the deed, the deed. -J. Drinkwater. HILDA UNGER Christian Education Among many invaluable spiritual contributions, Bible training has helped me to be sensitive to discern the will of God, to see purpose in life, and to live totally committed to Christ. " I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me, and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith of the Son of God who loved me, and gave himself for me " Galatians 2:20. Mrs. LEVINA FRIESEN Christian Education Isaiah 67:8, " O Lord, we are the clay, and Thou our potter; and we all are the work of Thy hand. " It has been my continuous prayer these years in school, that I might be yielded in the Father ' s hand, willing to be molded into the vessel He can use most efficiently. MYRNA DUECK Christian Education Let me burn out for Thee, dear Lord, burn and wear out for Thee; Don ' t let me rust, or my life be a failure, my God, to Thee. Use me, and all I have, dear Lord, and get me so close to Thee that I feel the throb of the great heart of God, until I burn out for Thee. -B. F. Hatcher. BRIAN SCHELLENBERG Senior Matriculation Active in yearbook Committee. Sets business experience to use by selling ads. Good source of humour in class. Not afraid to accept responsibility. Enjoys friends and travel. Compliments of REIMER FARM SUPPLIES LTD. Steinbach, Manitoba 30 HILDA REMPEL Christian Education Not what I wish to be, nor where I wish to go; for who am I, that I should choose my way? My Lord shall choose for me, ' Tis better far I know; so let Him bid me go or stay. ' Psalm 16:11, " Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy. " HARRY FRIESEN Senior Matriculation Has a burden for the lost. An able preacher and possesses a friendly personality. Very busy with practical work. Not easily dis¬ couraged with studies. Sings well. TENA BRANDT Missions " To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light " Acts 26:18. Chosen not for good in me, Wakened up from wrath to flee; Hidden in the Saviour’s side, By the Spirit sanctified; Teach me, Lord, on earth to show By my love, how much I owe. -R. M. McCheyne. MURRAY BARKMAN Senior Matriculation An optimistic off-campus young gentleman who enjoys singing. He is an enthusiastic athlete and takes his studies seriously. I J Compliments of STEINBACH FURNITURE APPLIANCES LTD. Steinbach, Manitoba DENNIS HARDER Senior Matriculation A friendly chap. Has a part-time job which he uses as an excuse to relieve himself of gratis. His opinions, which he expresses fre¬ quently, reveal him to be well read. ESTHER GIESBRECHT Senior Matriculation An intelligent and ambitious young lady who is looking forward to new experiences in nurses training in the near future. Numerous friends she achieves by her charming personality. MARTHA BERGEN Senior Matriculation Believes in thoroughness and punctuality. To those who are not acquainted with her, she appears to be reserved. Future plans include nurses training. HENRY REMPLE Senior Matriculation Hank is a brilliant student. His witty remarks and dry humour are an asset in class. His accomplish¬ ments include marriage and Bible training. Compliments of BERGMANN MEAT PRODUCTS Blumernort, Manitoba 32 I J LEE ROY BARTEL Senior Matriculation Gr. XII Class President An off-campus member of the chorale who plays several musical instruments. His back seat in the classroom does not keep him from obtaining good marks. ELVIRA DERKSEN Senior Matriculation Our blue -eyed blonde who sings in a trio and serves in the Prayer and Missions Committee. Future; as the Lord will direct. TINA PENNER Senior Matriculation An L. P. N. who has served at Canora, Sask. for the past few years. Studies ambitiously in pre¬ paration for future service in the Master’s vineyard. BARRY DRIEDGER Senior Matriculation Makes his positive contribution to the class in a quiet manner. He is optimistic, an avid reader, and enjoys his studies. Compliments of EVANGEL BOOK SHOP Steinbach, Manitoba 33 JOSEF HAAS Senior Matriculation Joe is a studious person, who believes that time should not be wasted. He is a quiet person, but will express his ideas freely in Literature class. LOUISE HILDEBRANDT Senior Matriculation An intelligent, friendly young lady who enjoys English classes and cooking for the family. She is reserved and even-tempered. CAROL PETERS Senior Matriculation This cheerful and conscientious young lady from Thompson works willingly and enthusiastically at her studies, Practical Work Committee, and Good News Club. RUBEN KLASSEN Senior Matriculation A Bible school grad who shows his abilities by holding a part-time job and serving on the Recreation and Social Committee. Even though he is an off-campus stu¬ dent, he usually manages to study in the library in the evenings. 34 MELVIN ST. DENIS Senior Matriculation ,A humorously inclined fellow who hails from B. C. He is able to discuss a variety of subjects. EVA DYCK Senior Matriculation An ambitious L. P. N. who has served the Indians in Saskatchewan for three years. It is her sincere desire to do her Master ' s will. GRACE BROWN Senior Matriculation A prim young lady with an attractive personality. For some reason she is frequently spotted at the back of the classroom. TIM KROEKER Senior Matriculation Tim is handsome and tall, And intelligent too, He is well-liked by all Yet his words they are few. 35 ’65 GRADUATES FIRST ROW, Left to Right: DOROTHY (FRIESEN) KROEKER.Teaching, Wpg. Mrs. FRIEPA BERGEN ... .Clerk, Niverville ESTHER KLASSEN.Nurses ' aid, Sask. IRMA JANZEN.Teaching, Lynn Lake MARY KLASSEN.S. B. I., 1st year RUTH REIMER.Telephone office, Stbh. MARY ANN THIESSEN ...Teaching, Br. Hon. ANN ZACHARIAS.Teachers’ College. Wpg. ALICE SCHELLENBERG .. .Working, Wpg. SECOND ROW: ELIZABETH PLETT.Missionary, Sask. ESTHER LOEWEN.Gr. XII, Rosenort LENA FRIESEN.L. P. N. , Winkler ANN (THIESSEN)REIMER.... Working, Wpg. MARGARET WARKENTINE.. Working, Morris ANN GIESBRECHT.Nurses ' aid, Stbh. LILLIAN BRANDT.Dr. office, Stbh. Mrs. ELLA SAWATZKY..... Reimer ' s Dress Shoppe AGNES FRIESEN..Dr. office, Wpg. LENORA KOOP.Missionary, Sask. HELEN KORNELSEN.Teaching, Br. Hon. THIRD ROW: ELVIRA (GIESBRECHT) PETERS.Working, Sask. MELVIN PENNER.Working, Stein. JAKE DRIEDGER.Working, Wpg. ED HARDER.S. B. I. , 2nd year HARRY HEINRICHS.Working, Wpg. LELAND HEPPNER.U. of Saskatoon, Sask. JOHN BRAUN.Fast Bro., Blumenort ABE FRIESEN.Farming, Ridgewood VERNON BRAUN.U. of Man., Wpg. JOHN SAWATZKY.Teaching, Moosehorn BARBARA DURKSEN.Teachers ' College, Wpg. FOURTH ROW: ARNOLD THIESSEN.MCC, Holland LEONARD SAWATZKY... A. K. Penner, Blumenort VICTOR LOEWEN.Working, Ont. WALTER SAWATZKY_Goshen College, U. S. A. GORDEN REIMER.U. of Saskatoon, Sask. RONALD PENNER.Working, Kola RUBEN KLASSEN.S.B.I. , Gr. XII ERNIE SIEMENS.Farming, Morris ARNOLD DUECK.Back to the Bible, Neb. U. S. A. ANDREW FRIESEN.Pastorate, Roland B. HARRY DYCK.C. M. B. C. , Wpg. 36 HIGH SCHOOL CORNY REIMER Is diligent in studies Sincere desire to live for Christ ELAINE MARTENS Quiet Very ambitious BARBARA STOESZ Expert in German grammar Winning personality GRADI1 SAWATZKY Usually found within call¬ ing range of JESSIE KOOP Her corner she amuses, while her teacher she confuses. ALBERT FUNK A quiet man makes few mis takes. BONNIE KROEKER Inseperable from Irene. JANET PENNER Studious... keeps her thoughts to herself. LINDA MARTENS Nothing less than per¬ fection will as] In 1 _ Hns . RyTSVV 1965 SPRING SESSION Hanoi invasion. Is there absolutely nothing there ' Go wieda Decisions, decisions. ACTIVITIES CHORALE BACK ROW, Left to Right: Irene Janzen Caroline Wolfe Mary Klassen Wilbert Friesen Harry Friesen Jim Harder Ruben Klassen Lee Roy Bartel Hilda Unger Marina Reimer Carol Friesen FRONT ROW: Helen Loewen Helen Friesen Florence Friesen Steve Peters Ernie Loewen Lloyd Penner Stan Klassen Harold Krahn Mrs. Levina Friesen Mary Derksen Lena Brandt 46 Lena Brandt, Grace Brown, pianist; Hilda Remple, Elvira Derksen. Steve Peters, Harry Friesen, Ruben Klassen, Wilbert Friesen. Anita Martens, Merna Loewen, Caroline Wolfe, Ernie Klassen, pianist; Nita Warkentin, Carol Friesen, Helen Friesen. Hilda Unger, Florence Friesen, Mary Derksen. Ernie Loewen, Stan Klassen, Lee Roy Bartel, James Harder. MUSIC BACK ROW, Left to Right: Lloyd Penner, Mr. Bill Derksen, James Harder. FRONT ROW: Carol Friesen, Mary Derksen, Hilda Unger. Luther has said; " Next to theology I give to music the highest place and honor. " Another person has said that " Music is the fourth great material want of our nature, - first food, then raiment, then shelter, then music. " Because of the importance of music in the life of the ind ividual, we set a high value on our musical standards. Music is an integral phase of the work of the Bible School - in worship, in fellowship, in Christian Service, and in extension service. The function of the Music Committee is to keep the student body interested in upholding the highest standard in music tradition. We do not boast of bringing in the " latest " musical styles, nay, our criteria is perhaps more like Goethe’s when he said: " Music, in the best sense, does not require novelty, nay, the older it is, and the more we are accustomed to it, the greater its effect. " The aim of the Music Committee is to motivate interest in music that will " wake the soul, and lift it high... " The Music Committee is responsible for Chapel music, as well as planning special Music Nights which are held primarily for the enjoyment and further education of the student body. The Committee is also responsible for the formation of small vocal groups who participate in the practical work of the school. The Chorale, under the direction of Mr. Bill Derksen plays a vital part in promoting and stimulating interest in higher standards of church music. This group of approximately twenty-five students practises three times weekly for special events and for the presentation of programs in various churches during the second semester. It has been well said that " Music is the language of praise, and one of the most essential preparations for eternity is delight in praising God. " This then is our aim: to " sing praises.. .with understanding. " Carol Friesen LITERARY STANDING, Left to Right; Victor Hiebert, Ernie Klassen, Len Barkman. SITTING; Irene Janzen, Mr. Henry Friesen, Florence Friesen. The Literary Committee ' s main duty is to publish and circulate a student paper. " La Voce " (Latin for " the Voice " ) is a bi-weekly publication which seeks to fulfil its name by being a voice for die students of the Institute. The editorial staff is elected from the Committee. Printing is done at the school. A challenging editorial, articles voicing students ' opinions, complaints and or compliments in the " Beef or Bouquet " column, a devotional, and the latest news are combined to form a balanced and informative La Voce. The paper is received by all students and may be received by other through subscriptions. In recent years the Literary Committee has also been responsible for organizing and presenting a drama. Last year the drama, " Thou That Judgest " , was presented for two capacity audiences. The cast was chosen from the student body by audition. A director for the drama was appointed by the Committee. The prayer of this year ' s Literary Committee is that through its work others will be blessed and that God will be glorified. Ernie Klassen 49 PRACTICAL WORK LEFT TO RIGHT: Andrew Dueck, Mr. B. Friesen, Harry Friesen, Caroline Wolfe, Merna Loewen, Carol Peters. Challenges! The practical work of the Steinbach Bible Institute consists of challenges in Christian service foi the students. Various opportunities for Christian work are presented to the young people, such as.- Sunday School teaching, child evangelization, tract distribution, program presentation, and home visitation. Each student is expected to do one hour of practical work each week. Practical work makes the student’s Christian experience more vital and his. studies more meaningful. The student must practise his theoretical knowledge before he has really learned anything. Attendance at the S. B. I, is not only preparation for future work, but also an opportunity for training by practising during the time of studying. Besides being a training process for the student, practical work is service for God. Each assignment is a challenge to glorify God. As ones talents develop, service becomes more effective. At the same time practical work serves as an outreach for the school. New areas are opened and new people are contacted as programs, with special singing and messages, are presented in outlying districts. Prac¬ tical work can also be a means of attracting new students to our Bible School. What are the rewards of meeting these practical work challenges? Per¬ sonal blessings from God and a broader view of Christian service reward the worker ' s faithfulness. A clearer insight into God’s will for his future may also be given him while he serves. The practical work’s three-fold purpose of training students, serving God, and presenting the school is accomplished by conscientious students as they meet the challenges of practical Christian service at the Institute. Merna Loewen 50 LEFT TO RIGHT: Lena Brandt, Mr. E. Plett, Roger Headings, Ken Sawatsky, Ruben Klassen, Florence Eidse. I Studying involves most of the students ' time at the S. B. I. - but there is a time of repose. We have had tonderful times of recreation and fellowship in the sports and social activities this year. Florence Eidse I During the fall season the volleyball courts were usually filled to capacity. The many shouts of glee drifting pom these courts indicated the enjoyment of the students. Occasionally, an ambitious fellow or two released his pored energy on the football field. Others, not finding it necessary to enjoy the fresh air, settled down to a tame of chess or tried their skill at table tennis. As the frosty weather set in, we felt the compelling desire to put on our skates and enjoy some real winter pn! But where should we skate? This was a time when the boys of the school put their houlder to the wheel and constructed a rink. After its completion the famous winter sport if skating was enjoyed by many. Socials are also a necessary part in the students life. The planning and work done by e committee concerning the Christmas and Mid-semester socials, is greatly rewarded hen students share in these events of fun and fellowship. The Christmas social consisted of a banquet and a program. The Mid-semester Fellowship welcomed students that joined ur ranks for the second semester and also relieved our minds from concentrated study. The committee provided these physical and social activities |o brighten the students ' hours of intensive studying in a God- onouring way. STUDENT ARTICLES GRATIS What is the first mental image that appears in your mind when you hear the word " gratis " ? If merely a question mark appears, I am sure you would be interested to know what the students at the S. B. I. experience when they actively partici¬ pate in gratis. Each student is required to be engaged in an average of one hour of gratis per day. The reason for this is basically two-fold; first, to cut down on operation expenses and secondly, to give the students the opportunity to work together. What does this include for the on-campus students? The girls are required to engage in serv¬ ing during mealtime, washing dishes and cleaning. The boys assist by peeling potatoes and washing and waxing the floors. The off-campus students are in charge of the dusting, cleaning the blackboards and sweeping. Although gratis can sometimes becomes a bur¬ den rather than a blessing, we seek to follow Paul ' s advise when he says that " whatsoever ye do... do all to the glory of God. ” Hilda Remple DAY OF PRAYER A high fervour of anticipation rises steadily to a climax as the Day of Prayer draws near. Frequent chapel announcements herald the coming day, accompanied by exhortations calling the student to check his communication lines with God, " to lay aside every weight, the sin which doth so easily beset him, so that the manifestation of the Holy Spirit might not be hindered in any way. " Finally, the day arrives. The opening chapel sets the pace for the day and creates the mood which is so vital in our relationship with God. A growing reverence toward God is evident as the day progresses. A short break after chapel is followed by group divisions; first, into the respective classes, and later, division of brethern and sisters. Three sessions give much freedom for self-expression. The understand¬ ing spirit which dominates the group manifests the unity in the love of Christ. Spiritual food has the pre-eminence over physical nourishment on the Day of Prayer. Students are made keenly aware of this fact when the lunch hour brings only some fruit as an appetizer and a short devo¬ tional for the main course. The afternoon hours are devoted to private devotions and personal counsell¬ ing. Many students avail themselves of these coun- 52 selling sessions with the staff members. During this period the Holy Spirit probes deeply into the Christian ' s life, revealing things that may hinder his Christian walk. What a glorious moment when burdens are cast upon Jesus and the peace of God floods the inmost soul! Later the students are divid - ed into small prayer groups to share experiences, to discuss problems and to intercede the others. The intimate fellowship is indeed a blessing to the soul. In the closing moments, a he art-thrilling singspiration, followed by a time of testimonies, praise, and prayer, offers a fitting climax to the Day of Prayer. The heart-felt praise and thanksgiv¬ ing is an incentive to deeper Christian living, and at the close of the session, one cannot help but feel that the day was all too short. Anticipation has been rewarded; the effect lingers, and will linger. Ed Harder MISSIONARY CONFERENCE - 1965 The Missionary Conference, which was held from March 31 through to April 2, was a time of spiritual refreshment. The three daily sessions were filled with interesting messages, challenges and reports. Each of the speakers contributed something in¬ teresting and worthwhile. Irwin Schantz, the founder and president of the Northern Light Mission, report¬ ed with slides on the work being done in Northern Ontario among the Indians. Don Bruck, candidate and deputational secretary of the Japan Evangelical Mission, told us of the work in Japan. The needs in the Male Republic, Africa were related to us by Reuben Betty Friesen. Shantyman Mission was represented by Armand Gaudreau. Accepted candidates under the Bible Christian Union, Frank and Katherine Ebner, reported with slides on the need in Austria. Howard Klassen, the represen¬ tative for Wycliffe Bible Translators, challenged us with the work of giving others the Bible. Harry Flumbaum, who works with the American Associa¬ tion for Jewish Evangelism, told us of the spiritual need of the Jews and how they can be reached. Each of the speakers contributed something special to make the whole conference a blessing. The displays by the missionaries were especially interesting. Literature and information was available and various unique articles from the different fields were shown. This helped to give us a clearer pic¬ ture of what is being done by the missionaries. Lee Roy Bartel SUMMER TOUR - 1965 August is not considered to be a good time of the the year for Bible School Gospel Teams to tour. We, however, believe that this need not necessarily be the case. Attendance at our programs was as high as 350. The interest on one particular hot August Sunday evening was a real encouragement. The reception in the homes was excellent. We were impressed with the sincere discipleship that characterized the people of God in this area, east of Edmonton, Alberta. The purpose of our tour, which involved thirteen different engagements, was to broaden the con¬ stituency of our school. The musical team included Ron Penner, Walter Sawatsky, and John Sawatsky. The people always listened enthusiastically when Ron played the saxaphone. Walter ' s vibroharp was everyone ' s interest, not only because it is an unusual instrument, but because God touched their hearts as he played. Most of the people had never heard that an organization like the Steinbach Bible Institute existed. We covered churches in Alberta, B. C., and in the state of Montana. During our 5000 mile tour we met and visited many former students and graduates of our school. Some of them are pastors, others are truck drivers, lumber jacks, miners, etc. We had the unique privilege of ministering to a group of young people, in a home, after a church service. They had not all been present at the even¬ ing service to hear us, so after the brethren had played and sung several numbers, someone asked, " Who are these musicians? What do they represent? " Walter then told them in detail about our school and the purpose of our tour. In ministering to approximately 1500 people, during the month of August, we feel much has been accomplished. We praise God for the privilege we had and are looking forward to similar tours. Mr. Ben Friesen SUMMER TOUR 1965 53 GRATIS j t ■ ui I1 ■: rn Bookworm ' I’ll twist his School Nurses Precision counts. Any objections ' What next? The Grammar of some people Bookkeeping is no problem. STAR STAFF You realize the step you are taking? These dividers?? ' According to the book. m in . r j MISSIONS PRAYER MISSIONS STANDING, Left to Right: Frank Friesen, Glen Koop, Dave Thiessen. SITTING: Myrna Dueck, Mr. B. Hoeppner, Elvira Derksen. I Thessalonians 3:1 says: " Brethern, pray for us. " When we hear this call our hearts, full of love, respond. When Paul says in his epistle to the Romans, " Strive together with me in your prayers to God, " we realize the great need for prayer warriors to band together for effective prayers. Every country of the world is represented in our prayer bands. Because the students are burdened to pray for missionaries, they sign up for a particular prayer band and thus interceed for a specific country. Contacts with missionaries from different fields are being made and thereby, prayer for them becomes more meaningful and has a greater purpose. By standing together in the faith and supporting those who are fulfilling the great commission, we, as members of God ' s Great Prayer Band, seek to do our part in the world of evangelization. Elvira Derksen 58 MORNING CHAPEL The daily morning chapel hour will be one of the most treasured memories many of the students will take with them from S. B. I. Each one of us met a personal challenge to meet the days ahead successfully. Some of the gems were; Temptation - count it a joy. It builds Christian character. - H. Plett. We will find many excuses not to pray - excuses from the flesh and from Satan. Satan knows prayer is too powerful. - B. Hoeppner. God will not work through us while we sit in the rocking chair - S. Plett. This life of yours - who owns it? What does God want of me right now? - C. W. Loewen. Visiting missionaries also impressed us with challenges like the following given by Daniel Wolfe from the G. M. U.: " I have met businessmen in Steinbach who have learned French to make money, but do you know anyone who learned French to testify for Christ? A French person said, ’Speak to me about anything in English, but about religion speak to me in French ' . ” Each day we were given thirty minutes of the best learning time to gain something for our inner man. If we forget all other illustrations, let us remember that personal communion with the Lord takes first place. Elm a Brandt 59 Graduates Non-graduates Fully Supported Home Missionaries Saskatchewan Mr. and Mrs. Abe Giesbrecht Rev. and Mrs. Jake Hoeppner Mr. and Mrs. John Koop Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wolfe Miss Lillian Friesen Miss Betty Plett Miss Lenora Koop Mr. and Mrs. Lester Olfert Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Doerksen Manitoba Rev. and Mrs. Dave Schellenberg Mr. and Mrs. Armand Gaudreau Miss Elda Kroeker Mr. and Mrs. Pete Peters Mr. and Mrs. Frank Braun Mr. and Mrs. Pete Wiens Rev. and Mrs. Cornie Loewen Miss Elizabeth Reimer Mr. and Mrs. Dan Koop Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Friesen Rev. and Mrs. Melvin Koop British Columbia Mr. and Mrs. Arden Thiessen Foreign Missionaries West Indies Rev. and Mrs. Gladwin Plett South A Europe Rev. Rev. Rev. and Mrs. John Peters Miss Miss Margaret Neufeld Rev. Miss Elizabeth Harder Rev. Miss Mary Brandt Rev. Miss Agatha Fast Miss Panama Mr. Miss Miss Helen Goertzen Miss Miss Linda Reimer Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Reimer Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Reimer Africa Mexico Rev. Miss Mr. and Mrs. Edmar Fast Rev. Rev. and Mrs. Edward Friesen Mr. Miss Doris Thiessen Mr. Miss Justina Brandt Dr. f • Miss Betty Friesen Mrs. Larry McNeill Mrs. Reuben Frieseji British Honduras Mr. and Mrs. Henry Klassetl? Miss Mary Ann Thiessen Miss Helen Kornelson MISSIONARIES WRITE We are thankful to God . .who hath called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace... " (II Tim. 1:9). In April of last year we applied at Back to the Bible Broadcast, and in the beginning of July we began our work for the Lord at the Broadcast. The work at the Broadcast is varied, specialized, and above all, interesting and challenging. My obligations are two-fold. First, 1 am the foreign shipping clerk; I am responsible for almost all mail --books, tracts, magazines, tapes, etc. --going to all countries outside of the United States, Secondly, I am a member of the Broadcast choir. Every morning we practice for one hour and four times a week we record our programs. In the few months that we have worked with Back to the Bible Broadcast we have been richly blessed, knowing that this is God ' s place of service for us. We count it a privilege to share in God’s ministry which covers 90% of the world. We know that God has called us and He will show us great and mighty things of which we do not know. In Him, Arnold Vera Dueck Weekes, Sask. 200, 300, 350, 375, 390 miles, and still we had not seen a sign telling us how far it was to Weekes. We had been travelling since 6:30 A. M. Finally we saw the sign, " Weekes, 17 miles.” At last we were on the last lap of our journey. After our arrival, came the labourious task of unloading and getting organized and then we settled in our new home. Since that day, September 1, 1965, we have come to feel very much at home in this town with a population of about 400. God has opened our eyes to the needs of the people and by His grace has enabled us to enter into some of the open doors. There are many boys and girls here who come from nonchristian homes. We are teaching approximately 35 - 40 children in our Sunday School, and 20 in the clubs. The girls ' club, under Darlene ' s direction, and the boys under Lester ' s supervision are engaged in different kinds of craft. In Weekes and area we find many Ukrainians and the Lord has enabled us to reach these people in their own language. No, we haven ' t learnt Ukrainian since we have come; but with the help of the pastor from the Hyas Ukrainian Baptist Church we conduct one service a month. It is truly rewarding to see the shining faces of the Ukrainian Christians and the 62 evidence of conviction on the part of some of the unsaved. Forty-two miles north east from Weekes, is the lumber and pulp center of Northeastern Sask., Hud¬ son Bay. This town with a population of approxi¬ mately 3, 000 has only one evangelical church. On October 12th work was begun there when several homes were contacted. November 4th the first cottage meeting was held where we experienced real Christian fellowship. Please pray with us that the Lord will be able to lead us to something more permanent in the future. Home visitation, cottage meetings (to which many unsaved come) and youth work all present challenging opportunities to present God ' s Word. Pray for us that God may become new to us each day so that we can be effective as we pastor the Weekes Fellowship Chapel. Ambassadors for Christ, Lester Darlene Olfert Greetings from British Honduras; " Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee. " My mind goes back, to a year ago, when I was a student at S. B. I. Never did I expect that within a year I would be teaching twenty dark pupils with kinky hair in a distant land! But it is wonderful to experience God ' s leading and to know that I am in His appointed place. The resulting joys far exceed the discomforts which come with the primitive, tropical life here. Sight reveals much, but sound too, opens doors of insight. " I’m the devil ' s child! " ; " I don ' t want to go to heaven! " ; " I don ' t believe the Bible anyway! " coming boastfully from pupils’ lips make me aware of their need to learn to know and love Jesus. The triumphant testimonies of those who have accepted Him tell that He truly can satisfy their needs. The despairing wail and the " Hail Mary, Mother of Jesus " at their funerals remind me that they are slipping into a Christless eternity. There is a great need for Christian teachers to teach B. H. children who are now sitting in Catholic schools. False cults are working fervently in feeding these hungry souls. Yet, the Bread of Life alone can really satisfy. We who " have tasted " and " are feeding " , will we not share? You can do your share in praying! Yours in Christ, Mary Ann Thiessen Bums Lake British Columbia Greetings from northern B. C., Three years ago a young graduate walked out of the Steinbach Bible Institute, carrying a diploma which certified that Arden Thiessen had completed the Pastor ' s Course. That graduate confidently and serenely felt that he was now equipped to success¬ fully accomplish whatever God would require of him. In the course of these three years that graduate has discovered a few things. He has discovered that there is a great difference between technically knowing a Bible doctrine and teaching it in such a way that it will seem Scrip¬ tural and logical and appealling to his listeners. He has discovered that the devil, about whom they theorized in theology classes, is ominously real and active, and that it takes the personal power of God to combat him. He has discovered that his pastor’s course was not completed then; it had only begun. He also discovered, to his utmost relief and satisfaction, that the God who carried Moses still has His arms outstretched; and that when his own foundations of confidence begin to crumble, he just falls right into the everlasting arms of God. In His service, Arden Helen Thiessen Western Track Mission Saskatoon, Sask. " We then as workers together with Him, be¬ seech you also that ye receive not the grace of God in vain " II Cor. 6:1. At the Western Tract Mission, we daily exper¬ ience the reality of being workers together with Him. My numerous tasks in the office, if isolated from any others, would count little towards the evangelization of the world. But as others are fill¬ ing their place of service, much is accomplished and souls are being saved. Most of the letters which we receive are requests for tracts and therefore much time is spent in filling and packing orders. The members, in turn, mail the tracts to the homes of the unsaved. As they receive replies they inform us of them and thus we share in the praise and prayer for those who respond to Gospel literature. The following is a thrilling letter we received at the office some time ago: " Just had to drop you a line to let you know the great news which we received in today ' s mail. It is just wonderful for us to hear of a family of five who were saved through tracts sent to them. We will quote some of the letters we received: ' We are writing to let you know that we are all saved! ' ' Boy, are we glad to know you know the Saviour for if you did not, we might not know Him either. ' ' I am sending you a few tracts so you can help some one like me who did not know the Lord Jesus. ' ' We are glad you helped us to find Him. We love Him ' . " Our new office building which was a small bookstore, is conveniently located in downtown Saskatoon. It is always a pleasure to give the cus¬ tomers something which will present the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray for contacts which have been made in this way. In Him, Lillian Friesen Moosehorn, Manitoba Dear Friends, Greetings with Phil. 4:4, " Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice. " We are truly rejoicing in the Lord as we serve Him in the north country. Our work at Moosehorn includes teaching grades five and six in the public school, which provides a grand opportunity to be a living testimony of God ' s grace. We also work and fellowship in a local evangelical church. Participation in Bible study, prayer meeting, and choir practise accounts for a few evenings per week. On Sunday mornings we go twenty-five miles to Steep Rock where I supervise and teach an adult Sunday School class. The attendance is generally forty-five. The Lord enabled us to start this work in 1960. The local Christians took over while we were at Bible School. We praise the Lord for the invita¬ tion to resume this extension work after graduating from S. B. I. In service for Him, John, Adina, Dale, Sharon Sawatzky 63 Bredenbury, Sask. " ... so now also Christ shall be magnified in my body... " (Phil. 1:20b). This was my aim and motto when I left for Canora in spring to begin an active Children ' s work in that town. What a challenge it was to see the children gather day after day to hear the Word of God as it was presented to them. It truly became my prayer and desire that they would see Christ in me as I worked with them. God ' s power and guidance was revealed time and again. We had obtained permission to use one particular school, but, when we came for the key on Sunday night before V. B. S. was to begin we were told that the Unit Board had taken over. One of the ladies drew a very discouraging picture of the parents’ attitudes in the community towards V. B. S. Because the canvassing had been done, and the invitations were sent out, we said we would be at the school the following morning to begin V. B. S. How? Where? The Lord marvellously undertook. We had our classes outside and only once were we forced to seek refuge in a tumbled down shed. God stayed the rains till the afternoons for 10 days. A real work¬ ing of the Spirit was evident as many boys and girls accepted Christ. The lady, mentioned before, also attended some of the classes and listened as eagerly as the youngsters. Her tragic story was told with a plea for help -- " Come and see me sometime if you can. " I am sure workers around the world could tell similar stories presenting the urgent need for dedica¬ ted Christians. Let us be faithful in whatever field the Lord calls us to labor. Betty Plett Aalsmeer, Netherlands The purpose of the MCC Exchange Trainee program, under which I am working is to help the Mennonites from Europe and America to get acquainted and understand each others way of life. The best way to do this is to work with them and share their experiences. So Mennonite young people from America are placed in European Mennonite homes and establishments. The town in which I am working is the centre of one of the world ' s biggest flower growing areas. The nursery where I am employed raises carnations and lilacs. This enables me to get acquainted with the culture and environment of the people of this coun¬ try. It is most essential that I know what I believe because these people require specific answers for my reasoning. I count it a real privilege to be able to live and work in the area where " Church History " took place. This is especially true for the Netherlands where our Mennonite fore-fathers originated. This makes his¬ tory more meaningful. I am thankful for the train¬ ing I received at the S. B. I.; this enables me to work more effectively for my Master. Sincerely, Arnold Thiessen Woodlands, Manitoba Jesus told us that what is impossible with man is possible with God. We praise the Lord for the chapel which we have received for the work. May this be a drawing factor in the work of His Kingdom. Till now we have had services and Sunday School in our house. In summer we have had an attendance as high as 26 but now it is quite low. Vacation Bible School this past year was taught at five different places with a good attendance. During the daytime I teach at the Grays Field School at Lake Francis where opportunities are given to witness for Him. On Wednesday evening we have Bible Study and on Thursday we sing in the Stone¬ wall Hospital. We also had a hobby club which again will be started after New Years. In our house visitation work we have had numerous opportunities to divide the Word of God and the Lord has spoken. On Dec. 19 in the morning, the Lord willing, we plan to have the dedication service for our chapel and in the evening a Christmas program is to be rendered by a visiting choir. We pray that this might be the turning point in many a heart and life. In His service, George Elsie Braun 64 SPONSORS Congratulations and God’s Richest Blessings to Graduates Faculty Student Body THE EVANGELICAL MENNONITE CHURCH OF STEINBACH with Young Peoples and Choir Rev. Arnold Fast - Pastor “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom.” Col. 1:16 THE EMMANUEL MISSION CHURCH OF STEINBACH THE EVANGELICAL Congratulates the Graduates and Students of the MENNONITE Steinbach Bible Institute CHURCH “Thou therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.” 1 Tim. 2:1 Pastor - Rev. David Berg OF PLEASANT VALLEY “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.” Col. 3:23 Extends its best wishes and God’s bless¬ ing to the Graduates, Faculty, and Stu¬ dents of the With Best Wishes for future Service To the Student Body and Faculty of the Steinbach Bible Institute THE EVANGELICAL MENNONITE CHURCH OF MORRIS S.B.I. ... call unto me, and 1 will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not. A Warm Welcome To You All. Jer. 33:3 EVANGELICAL MENNONITE CHURCH In preparation for all walks of life Kola Manitoba CANADIAN MENNONITE BIBLE COLLEGE God’s blessing to faculty, graduates and students. " Know therefore that the Lord thy God, he is God, the faithful God, which keepeth covenant and mercy with them that love him and keep his com¬ mandments to a thousand generations” Deut. 7:9. invites you to come and study: - Theology and Bible on College level - Sacred Music - First year Arts accredited by the Un¬ iversity of Manitoba. Catalogs available from: Canadian Mennonite Bible College 600 Shaftesbury Blvd. Tuxedo, Winnipeg 29, Manitoba THE GOSPEL MENNONITE CHURCH 232 Nassau St., Wpg. Pastor - Rev. B.W. Sawatsky Extends love and gratitude to the Faculty, Graduates and Students of the Steinbach Bible School EVANGELICAL MENNONITE CHURCH OF KLEEFELD Congratulations and God’s riches blessings to Graduates, Faculty and Students. “GO YE into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” “Study to shew thyself approved unto God” II Tim. 2:15. “...and, lo, 1 AM WITH YOU alway, even unto the end of the world.” Mark 16:15; Matt. 28:20b 67 THE EVANGELICAL MENNONITE CHURCH OF ROSENORT Extend their best wishes and the Lord’s richest blessing to the Graduates, Fac¬ ulty, and Students of the Steinbach Bible Institute THE BERGTHALER MENNONITE CHURCH OF STEINBACH Extends its best wishes and the Lord’s bless¬ ing to the Graduates, Faculty and Students of the Steinbach Bible Institute. “That he might present it tohimselfa glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holyand without blemish.” Eph. 5:27 " Walk in wisdom toward them that are without redeeming the time.” Col. 4:5 MENNONITE BRETHREN BIBLE COLLEGE and COLLEGE OF ARTS OFFERS: A choice of programs leading to the following degrees: B.A. (in affiliation with Waterloo University College); B.R.E.; Th.B.; B.D. AIMS: At high spiritual and academic standards EMPHASIZES: World Evangelism PROVIDES: Wholesome Christian fellowship and close faculty-student contact. Write for information and catalogue: Mennonite Brethren Bible College 77 Henderson Highway Winnipeg 5, Manitoba Compliments of P. J. Loewen Co. Ltd. — General Merchant — Shur-Gain Blumenort Ph. DA 6-3233 " And He is the head of the body, the church; who is the beginning, the first¬ born from the dead; that in all things He might have the preeminence.” Col. 1:8 THE EVANGELICAL MENNONITE BRETHERN CHURCH C.W. Loewen - Interm Pastor Best wishes to the Faculty and Students COMPLIMENTS OF GmaMEisaED 9 Stores and Service Centres- Steinbach, Winnipeg, Swift Current, Saskatoon, Yorkton, Medicine Hat, Calgary, Edmonton, Abbotsford- And over 800 Dealers TO SERVE YOU BETTER Wishing the Student Body and Faculty the Lord’s richest blessing, not only at this time, but throughout the years in His service. “In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3:6 A Complete Automobile Service PENNER MOTORS (I960) LTD. The Brightest Spot in Town Your MERCURY - METEOR - COMET Dealer Steinbach DAvis 6-3436 Winnipeg GLobe 2-3765 ERT PETERS TEXACO BULK SALES Gasoline Furnace Fuel Diesel Fuel Prompt Delivery Service Phone DA 6-2039 Steinbach ROSENORT FEED SERVICE o ... sp w EL i ■ m Steinbach DA 6-3412 Morris 92 Compliments to the Student Body and Faculty of the STEINBACH BIBLE INSTITUTE Your FORD Dealer Ford Tractors and Farm Implements J.R. FRIESEN % SON, LTD m New Pete’s Inn " Where Southeastern Manitobans Meet to Eat” YOU TOO, WILL ENJOY DINING AT PETE’S Banquet Facilities for Larger Groups and Recreation and Meeting Room in Basement PHONE DA 6-2543 STEINBACH 70 - crr r (loewen VALLEY FARM LOEWEN BODY SHOP Large Infra-Red Paint Baking Oven EQUIPMENT MW Auto Painting and Collision Experts Glass Installed Frame Straightening Radiator Repair Seat Covers - Massey Ferguson Phone DA 6-3491 Steinbach Manitoba Rosenort V ' ' v Manitoba PENNER DODGE CHRYSLER LTD. Steinbach, Manitoba “The Automobile City” “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth.” Romans 1:16 Winnipeg Ph. GL 2-4188 Steinbach Ph. DA 6-3466 Compliments of RIEGER CLOTHING LTD. Men’s Boys’ Wear - Ritchie Shoes - Prescriptions filled promptly DRUGS - SUNDRIES - CAMERAS Compliments of Quality at Reasonable Prices Compliments of J. R. Schellenberg JANZEN ' S GARAGE Son Congratulations Graduates " Generail Merchant " Faculty Students ESsex 7-4735 Kleefeld Manitoba Blumenort Manitoba 1905-1965 “Serving each new generation” with a complete line of Building Materials Supplies C.T. LOEWEN % SONS Phone Steinbach Winnipeg DA 6-3481 GL 3-4513 Steinbach Manitoba KOOP’S BODY SHOP - Body Work After - Painting - Radiator Repair Windshields Installed Steinbach Phone DA 6-3685 Manitoba Before Best Wish Compliments of Levi Brandt from ROSENORT CO-OP LTD. Ph. 304-2 Morris Exch. “Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me.” Matt. 11:29 Bulk Fuel Sales Phone 300-2 Rosenort Man. Rosenort Manitoba Best wishes and God’s blessing to the Graduates, Faculty, and Students of the Steinbach Bible Institute. “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men” Col. 3:23. A.K. PENNER S SONS LTD. Blumenort DA 6-3478 Man. Compliments of PENNER’S TRANSFER Roy Kornelson Daily Freight B-A Gas and Oil Service Bulk Sales Steinbach — Winnipeg Radio Services ROSENORT MANITOBA Phone Morris Exch. 313-2 Giroux Steinbach Manitoba Compliments of LOEWEN LUMBER CO. Rosenort Phone 260 Morris Exch. Manitoba Compl iments of NEUFELD CONSTRUCTION CUSTOM BILT HOMES ■ : - m MOVED ANYWHERE 1. r § OUR AIM CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Art Neufeld PH. Elkhorn 321 -31 Kola, Man. Compliments of Congratulations to Graduates, Faculty, and Students FRIESEN MACHINE WORKS LTD. ROSENORT CONCRETE PRODUCTS DICK’S CONSTRUCTION Phone DA 6-3363 Steinbach Manitoba “Experience plus equipment does count. " Phone 327 -4 Rosenort CONGRATULATIONS: ★ GRADUATES ★ STAFF ★ STUDENTS Penner Co. Western Ltd. Kola Manitoba FRIESEN SEED SERVICE Custom cleaning of Registered and Commercial Seed Compliments of BEN’S TRANSFER Serving Lowe Farm - Rosenort - Riverside Prop. Friesen Brc Prop. Ben Reimer Ph. Morris 309-13 Wpg. 589-6345 Rosenort Manitoba MARTIN MOTORS EQUIPMENT Cockshutt Chev. — Olds. — Ramble Box 118 Rosenort Morris Ph. 305-2 STE. ANNE CO-OP OIL LTD. High Grade Fuels and Lubricants Phone EL 5-4435 - GA 2-5266 Compliments of STEINBACH FLOUR MILLS LTD. Millers of Fully Guaranteed Prairie Rose Flour Steinbach, Manitoba Compliments of NEUFELD FARM EQUIPMENT LOEWEN FUNERAL CHAPELS ALLIS CHALMERS Farm Utility Equipment Steinbach — Morden — Winnipeg Congratulations - Best Wishes HANOVER MEDICAL CLINIC Dr. Karl H. Kruegei Congratulations " Study to show thyself approved unto Sod, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. " —II Timothy 2:15. MACLEOD ' S Authorized Dealers THE FRIENDLY FAMILY SHOPPING CENTRE MORRIS Ph 90 MANITOBA HILDEBRAND’S SALES S SERVICE . Province-Wid TO - FACULTY “But to do good and to communi¬ cate forget not: for with such sac¬ rifices God is well pleased” Hebrews 13:16. PETER REIMER BUILDING MOVER 76 Phone DA 6-2063 Steinbach Best Wishes to the STUDENTS and GRADUATES of the STEINBACH BIBLE INSTITUTE LOEWEN PHARMACY Steinbac umtex tyaxdi Compliments of KLASSEN BUILDERS LTD. Congratulations to Faculty, Students, and Graduates ALBERT VIELFAURE " Herald and preach the Word! Keep your sense of urgency " II Tim. 4:2a. (Amplified) Readybuilt homes moved anywhere in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Phone ELKHORN 321 -12 Steinbach 5c to $1.00 Store Ltd. Associated with the Largest Variety Chain in Canada Steinbach Phone DA 6-3305 Man. COMPLIMENTS OF Rosenort Grill and Grocery — Full Course Meals, Meats and Groceries — Catering and Take-Out Service — Open Every Night — Closed Sunday Owner P. J. B. Reimer Manager: Mrs. Louise Giesbrechl Rosenort: Phone 304-3 READY MIX CONCRETE LTD. Sand - Stone - Concrete - Gravel Phone DA 6-3456 Steinbach Manitoba Pontiac, Buick Vauxhal I Acadian GMC Trucks L.A. BARKMAN CO. LTD. Home Appliances Elephant Brand Fertilizer Phone: DA 6-3451 Steinbach 452-1772 Winnipeg CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES FACULTY STUDENTS LANDMARK MOTORS Landmark, Manitoba PONTIAC - BUICK - G.M.C. MASSEY FERGUSEN SALES 78 Compliments of LOEWEN CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE LTD. Corvair - Chevelle - Chevy II - En voy Chevrolet Trucks Sleinbach Phone DA 6-3471 Winnipeg Phone GL 3-4623 FEEDS HONEGGER LAYERS HEAVY BREED CHICKS STEINBACH HATCHERY LIMITED Phone DA 6-3454 Steinbach Congratulations to Faculty - Students - Graduates PENNER ELECTRIC LTD. APPLIANCES WIRING FURNITURE PH. DA 6-3441 Steinbach Manitoba ROSENORT MOTORS LTD. Penner Tires Rosenort, Man. MACLEODS DEALER STEINBACK Everything for - Home Farm - Automotive accessories Owner J.D. Reim DA 6-2190 DA 6-2170 79 FRIENDLY Jg FAMILY FARMS LTD. “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.” Phones: Stein bach DA 6-3409 Winnipeg 453-6906 STEINBACH TEXTILES A Wide Selection of Yard Goods and other items 375 Main Street Steinbach QUALITY BUILDERS Frank K. Kroeker Phone 365-22 Morris Exch. Rosenort Manitoba For Prompt Quality Service DRESSWELL CLEANERS Phone 214 Morris, Manitoba MARVEL LADIES APPAREL “Be ye steadfast unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.” 1 Cor. 15:58 Box 598 Steinbach, Man. Compliments of KINGSLEY BUILDERS LTD. Kipling Saskatchewan Compliments of ROSENORT CREDIT UNION SOCIETY LTD. Rosenort, Manitoba Phone 300-12 Morris exchange K.K. PENNER Sales and Service Blumenort, Man. Phone DA 6-2641 A tip of the Hydro Helmet to the Graduating Class! Congratulations to you on your graduation and best wishes for the future. A future, we hope that will bring you the opportunity and rewards of a good edu¬ cation. For the rewards of education come in many forms - success, a richer, fuller life and a greater understanding of our world and its people. MANITOBA HYDRO KLEEFELD CO-OP LTD. Quality Feeds Manager: Irvin Fast Kleefeld, Manitoba Phone ES 7-4436 Compliments of THE 1966 STAR STAFF STUDENT DIRECTORY BARK MAN, LEN Landmark, Man. BARKMAN, MURRAY Box 177 Giroux, Man. BARTEL. LEE ROY Box 26 Kleefeld, Man. BERGEN, MARTHA Box 3 Crystal City, Man. BRANDT, DIANA Rosenort, Man. BRANDT, ELMA Box 643 Steinbach, Man. BRANDT, EVELYN Box 643 Steinbach, Man, BRANDT, JESSIE Winnipeg, Man. BRANDT, LENA R. R. 1, Box 2 Morris, Man. BRANDT, TEN A R. R. 1, B ox 2 Morris, Man. BROWN, GORDON Blumenort, Man. BROWN, GRACE Box 1025 Steinbach, Man. BUECKERT, GORDON Box 274 Steinbach, Man. DERKSEN, ELVIRA 761 Dudley Ave. Wpg. 9, Man. DERKSEN, MARY Box 116 Warman, Sask. DERKSEN, MARY ROSE Steinbach, Man. DOERKSEN, EVELYN Box 50. R. R. 1 Ste. Anne, Man. DRIEDGER, BARRY R.R. 1 Carman, Man. DUECK, ANDREW Box 403 Riverton, Man. DUECK, ELFRIEDA Box 126 Arden, Man. DUECK, MYRNA Box 8 Rosenort, Man. DYCK, EVA R.R. 1 Plum Coulee, Man. DYCK, BEN Box 37 Austin, Man. EIDSE, FLORENCE R.R. 1, Box 71 Morris, Man. FRIESEN. ALBERT Riverton, Man. FRIESEN, CAROL R. R. 1, Box 62 Morris, Man. FRIESEN, CLARA Box 16, R. R. 1 Morris, Man. FRIESEN, EVA Box 41 New Bothwell, Man. FRIESEN, FLORENCE Box 145 Kleefeld, Man. FRIESEN, FRANK Box 45 Morris, Man. FRIESEN, HARRY Riverton, Man. FRIESEN, IKE Gen. Del. Steinbach, Man. FRIESEN, LEVINA, Mrs. Riverton, Man. FRIESEN, HELEN Box 111 Rosenort, Man. FRIESEN, MARY Box 5 Gouldtown, Sask. FRIESEN, MARY Box 16, R.R. 1 Morris, Man. FRIESEN, MYRNA Box 63, R.R. 1 Morris, Man. FRIESEN, PETER Box 103, R. R. 1 Morris, Man. FRIESEN, ROSALIE Box 993 Steinbach, Man. FRIESEN, WILBERT Box 145 Kleefeld, Man. FUNK, ALBERT Box 83 Ste. Anne, Man. GIESBRECHT, ESTHER Winkler, Man. 82 GOERTZEN, FRIEDA Box 1225 Steinbach, Man. HAAS, JOE Steinbach, Man. HARDER, DENNIS Box 428 Steinbach, Man. HARDER, ED Box 9 Kleefeld, Man. HARDER, JAMES Box 633 Steinbach, Man. HARDER, PETE Box 9 Kleefeld, Man. HEADINGS, ROBERT Box 315 Red Lake, Ont. HEADINGS, ROGER Box 315 Red Lake, Ont. HI EBERT, A.W. Steinbach, Man. HIEBERT, C.W. Steinbach, Man. HIEBERT, TONY Box 403 MacGregor, Man. HIEBERT, VICTOR Box 414 Steinbach, Man. HIEBERT, VIOLA Box 414 Steinbach, Man. HILDEBRANDT, LOUISE Box 921 Steinbach, Man. HILGERS, MAGDALINE Box 367 MacGregor, Man. JANZEN, IRENF Blumenort, Man. KARDAL, VALERIE Box 339 Riverton, Man. KEHLER, DAVID, Mr. Mrs. Box 158 Steinbach, Man. KELLER, KAREN Kamsack, Sask. KLASSEN, ERNIE Box 164 Rosenfeld, Man. KLASSEN, FRED Box 942 Steinbach, Man. KLASSEN, MARY Box 164 Rosenfeld, Man. KLASSEN, RUBEN Box 164 Rosenfeld, Man. KLASSEN, STANLEY Box 86 Maryfield, Sask. KOOP, GLEN Box 4 Kleefeld, Man. KOOP, JESSIE Box 862 Steinbach, Man. KRAHN, HAROLD Box 99 Niverville, Man. KROEKER, BONNIE Box 895 Steinbach, Man. KROEKER, TIM Box 45 Lorette, Man. LEIDING, HELENA Box 83 McMahon, Sask. LOEPPKY, SARAH 313 Beverley St. Wpg. 10, Man. LOEWEN, ERNIE R.R. 1, Box 94 Morris, Man. LOEWEN, DAVE Steinbach, Man. LOEWEN, HELEN R. R. 1, Box 41A Morris, Man. LOEWEN, MERNA Box 11, R. R. 1 Morris, Man. MARTENS, ANITA R. R. 2 Man. MARTENS, ELAINE Box 161 Kleefeld, Man. MARTENS, LINDA Grunthal, Man. PENNER, ELMA Box 21 Plum Coulee, Man. PENNER, JANET Box 221 Manitou, Man. PENNER, LLOYD Box 6 Landmark, Man. PENNER, TINA Ste. Anne, Man. 83 PETERS, CAROL Box 1004 Thompson, Man. PETERS, STEVE Box 1004 Thompson, Man. PLETT, ELSIE Box 171, R.R. 1 Giroux, Man. REIMER, ANITA Box 406 Riverton, Man. REIMER, CORNIE Apdo. 337 Cuauhtemoc Chihuahua, Mexico REIMER, EDWIN Ste. Anne, Man. REIMER, EVA Box 406 Riverton, Man. REIMER, IRENE Box 305 Steinbach, Man. REIMER, MARINA Box 107 Steinbach, Man. REIMER, PAULINA R. R. 1, Box 41 Morris, Man. REIMER, PETE Box 51 Blumenort, Man. REIMER, RUENA Meade, Kansas U. S. A. REIMER, TEENA Box 406 Riverton, Man. REMPLE, HENRY Box 698 Steinbach, Man. REMPLE, HILDA Box 5 McMahon, Sask. ST. DENIS, MELVIN Apt. 4, 2372 Hermen Dr. Vancouver, B. C. SAWATZKY, KEN Box 55 Rosenfeld, Man. SCHANTZ, MERLE Box 315 Red Lake, Ont. SCHELLENBERG, BRIAN Kleefeld, Man. SCHROEDER, ALICE Box 407 Steinbach, Man. STOESZ, BARBARA Chortitz, Man. THIESSEN, DAVID Box 359 Riverton, Man. TOEWS, ANNE Box 117 Grunthal, Man. UNGER, JULIA R.R. 1 Lorette, Man. UNGER, HILDA Box 1784 Steinbach, Man. VOGT, JEAN Box 1007 Steinbach, Man. WARKENTINE, NITA Box 22, R. R. 1 Morris, Man. WILGOSH, RAYMOND Red Lake, Ont. WOLFE, CAROLINE R. R. 2, Box 324 Winkler, Man. YODER. LYDIA Box 339 Belleville, Penn. _£_ _ Tt AUTOGRAPHS I0 M : W fm X 8 M pi

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