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. J± 0 7 h From villages and farms, busy metropolises and orchards, from hills and prairies, mountains and plains, from all different walks of life we have come to the Steinbach Bible Institute. Here we have lived, studied, worked and played, sung and wor¬ shipped our Great God and Master, who has given us a command for which we are responsible. Another school year is history at the Institute and in this book we wish to portray our school, its activities_our goal and our training ground. John Wiebe 2 trftcatton To you, our prayer supporters, we, the Star Staff, dedicate this edition. May it serve as a reminder of our thankfulness to you, for your prayers jliaiemettt of Jlfattt] WE BELIEVE I - the Holy Scripture, both of the Old and the New Testament, to be verbally inspired of God, infallible, and the supreme and final authority in faith and life. II - in one God, eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. - that Jesus Christ was begotten by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, and is true God and true Man. IV - that man was created in the image of God, sinned and thereby incurred, not only physical death, but also spiritual death, which is separation from God. Consequently, all human beings are bom with a sinful nature and are in need of the new birth. V - that the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross as our representative and substitutionary sacrifice for our sins and that all who believe in Him are justified on the ground of His shed blood. VI - the Lord Jesus Christ, was bodily resurrected and ascended into heaven and at present acts for us as High Priest and Advocate. VII - that all who by faith receive the Lord Jesus Christ are born again of the Holy Spirit and thereby become children of God. VIII - in the personal, literal return of die Lord Jesus Christ to judge the living and the dead and to reward every man according to his works. IX - in the bodily resurrection of all men - the saints to everlasting joy and bliss, the lost to everlasting conscious torment. X - that Christians are to live separated from the world abstain from all carnal strife, worldly practice, worldly dress and worldly amusements. XI - that our generation is responsible for the complete evangelization of this generation; that every believer carries part of this responsibility and should make die reaching of this objective his life ' s work. •©trertors Executive of the S.B. I. Chairman -Rev. Henry Kornelsen, R. R. 1, Giroux, Man. Vice-Chairman - Rev. Milton Fast, Kleefeld, Man. Secretary - Mr. Abe R. Reimer, R. R. 1, Giroux, Man. Mr. C. Wilbert Loewen, Steinbach, Man. Mr. Abe F. Penner, Landmark, Man. Board Members of the S. B. I. Mr. Ben D. Reimer, Steinbach, Man. Rev. Peter L. Friesen, R. R. 1, Morris, Man. Mr. Richard Reimer, Kleefeld, Man. Mr. A. D. Penner, Steinbach, Man. Mr. Nick Friesen, R. R. 1, Morris, Man. Rev. Frank D. Reimer, Lorette Mr. P. B. Reimer, Steinbach, Man. My Testimony I am glad for the opportunity of sharing with you some of my ex¬ periences, let you look into my life and rejoice with me in the goodness of our great God and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I thank God for godly and pious parents, who by precept and constant practice, patience and compassion provided a home where love and respect for our fellowman, fear of God and a deep desire to please Him and serve Him was the everyday atmosphere. However, I did not know that a child could be saved, and consequent¬ ly faced many years of misery under fear of God’s righteous judgment, in spite of my early childhood peace with God. The deep settled peace of God became mine again when as a youth I gave my heart and life to the Lord at the first revival meetings I ever attended. The joy of the assurance of sins forgiven, and the thrill of fellowship with God restored was almost more than I could bear. This also gave to me the keen desire to be an instrument in the hands of God to give to others what I had experienced. Since then it has been my privilege to have been connected with various soul-winning endeavors, such as revival campaigns both in and out of churches, in halls, tents and so on, in the Bible Institute in preparing Christians to serve more fruitfully, and in different types of conference work. Looking back over the thirty five years of my Christian life, I can testify to the goodness of our blessed Master. I must confess that many times I have had to say " Oh, that I had been more faithful. " But I can also testify that the small measure in which I did serve the Lord has abounded in joy unspeakable, and makes me long for many more years in which to serve the Lord, if it be His will, and look for that " blessed hope of His soon appearing. " Ben D. Reimer - principal It is Written " It is written " , said Jesus. Jesus said these words when he was tempted of Satan. This was the primary weapon he had to combat the evil forces as they were being hurled upon him with all the dynamic and evil intent of Satan himself. All other arguments were futile. Only the written word of God was able to force Satan into the background and leave Jesus to conclude his ministry for which he had been sent by the heavenly Father. How potent the words, in that hour, it is written. Today men and women accept the authority of the printed page. A young person may advance a new thought and he may be questioned by others as to the validity of it. So he counters and says, " I read it in a book. " This seems to give to those who listen a sense of inadequacy to stand against something that has been written. Christians also find them¬ selves in a similar situation when reading various articles on the subject pertaining to their faith and living. The danger likes in the act that not all of those facts recorded and thoughts promoted are necessarily the truth according to God ' s Word. Yet the effect of, IT IS WRITTEN, remains. In the Bible Institute we desire to use this term in its highest and most influential sense. This is to consider it as what is written in God ' s Word. God ' s Word is the infallible truth revealed to us. Jesus said, " It is written. " REV. BEN D. REIMER MR. JAKE PETERS English, Psychology ' Wy V«- ( 3’o ‘S c uJre. MISS DOREEN REIMER English, Typing k iWl s ty Missions, New Testament Synthesis REV. BEN HOEPPNER Old Testament Synthesis Exegesis ’64-’fi5 MR. C. WILERT LOEWEN Jfatultg Christian Education Public Speaking MR. HENRY HIEBERT Music REV. HARVEY " PCSST Church History, Biblical Introduction MR. HENRY FRIESEN English, Science, History MR. EDWIN PLETT Theology, History The way Christ and His disciples constituted a school of teaching, witnes sing, and prayer (Lk. ll:lf), so must the SBI if they are to fulfill the God- appointed task. Exactly what is essential in order to be a successful school of prayer? Let a twofold answer suffice here. 1) A proper God-consciousness is needed. When the individual is conscious of the omnipotence of God, he will exercise implicit trust--a trust which enables God to work unrestrictedly (Mt. 21:22). When the individual is keenly aware of the omnis¬ cience of God, he will not doubt His wisdom--a wisdom which is essential for a total acceptance of His will in all relationships (Rom. ll:33f). When the individual is persuaded of the omnipresence of God, he may face the problems of life resolutely (Mt. 28;18f). When the individual is aware of the absolute holiness of God, he will exercise the proper awe and fear, which is due to the Creator of the heavens and the earth (Isa. 6 : lf). When the individual realizes the greatness of the priest¬ hood of Christ, he will have a joyful confidence in approaching Him (Heb. 4:15,16). 2) A proper concept of satisfaction is needed. David says, " If I regard iniquity in my heart, the kLord will not hear me " (Ps. 66:18). John adds, ■ Whatsoever we ask, we receive of him because we keep his commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight " (1 John 3:22). Let us as a Bible Institute seek to get and main¬ tain a proper God-consciousness and a proper life of holiness. God’s design for the Institute will then be executed. IV rvV M ' In the past year I have had a growing concern for our expression of the great commission. There is no question concerning the universality and the relevancy of this Word to the Church in each age. It is, however, in applying this truth that a question arises. The commission says that we are to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations, to teach them to observe all things and to baptize them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. There is a threefold task in this commission. The three are " make disciples " , " teach them to observe " , and " to baptize " . That is, the mission of the Church is a comprehensive program. This raises the concern I referred to. The com¬ mission as well as the rest of the New Testament teach a total personal involvement of each Christian in this mission of the Church. Are we at times seek¬ ing to avoid involvement by paying someone to go for us? Are we avoiding involvement under the half- truth of " Some are called to go, some are called to pray, many are called to give " ? Where do we find Scriptural teaching to support such fragmentation of the mission of the Church? Is not the tenor of the New Testament more consonant with the idea that " ALL are called GO, ALL are called to PRAY, ALL are called to GIVE " ? That is, you are a witness where you are. You can¬ not relegate the witnessing to a select few. I un¬ derstand my Bible to teach that ALL Christians are ministers of reconciliation, i. e. I am a missionary and I cannot pay somebody else to do the job for me. What kind of a missionary am I? Harvey Plett Ben Hoeppmer " Far from the maddening crowd. . . . . isolated, removed, just by our comfortable selves, we once more this year developed a small society of our own. Our activities took up most of our waking hours, occupied most of thought patterns in one way or another, limited our contacts with people mostly to our fellow-students and teachers. We chose this recessed environment for study, for work, for spiritual and academic development. Many a dagger has been hurled at the private school because of this apparent attempt of removing students and teachers from the " maddening crowd " and placing them in an ivory tower where reality or the real world is non-existent, and an illusory, idealistic world is created, only to become obsolete the moment we are again in the real world. Whatever the charges are, we, who are connected with this school are quick to rise to the defence. The students did not come here to be brain¬ washed. The school does not exist to produce social misfits (that can be accomplished more effectively by less painful means.) The teachers did not look for a cloister when they accepted positions here. None of us openly claim to be hermits. On the other hand, a continuous effort is made to meet the public, to face reality in the various avenues of practical work, to analyze the " outside " situation, and to take issue with it. The entire purpose of this school is and shall remain, to train and equip men and women to more effectively fulfill our Lord ' s commandment of preaching the gospel of repentance and peace to all, whether through the means of teaching in the schools of our province, through the means of nurs¬ ing, through the means of any other profession or work. Henry K. Friesen And can it be that I should gain An interest in the Saviour’s blood? Died He for me, who caused His pain? For me, who Him to death pursued? Amazing love! how can it be That Thou, my God, shouldst die for me. The unfathomable love of God for me, a love that gives without demanding anything in return, is my daily experience. As I contemplate the love of God I realize that His love is real because it result¬ ed in action: God SENT His Son; the Son DIED on the cross and ROSE for our redemption and eternal life; the Son intercedes on our behalf at the Father ' s side. Amazing love! My only legitimate response to God ' s love is, again, love in action. First I am commanded to love God with all my soul, strength, and mind: then follows the command to love my neighbour as I love myself. This love becomes concrete in the time, the consideration, and the help I am willing to give. O Love that wilt not let me go I rest my weary soul in Thee. I give Thee back the life I owe That in Thine ocean depths its flow may richer, fuller, be. Doreen Reimer In the medieval ages man was greatly exercised by the question, " What must I do to be saved? " Heaven and hell were very real. Man was constantly reminded of the horrors of hell by grotesque drawings of the condemned. Martin Luther attempted to re¬ solve this problem by entering the monastery. Man is still asking the same question today though expressed in different words. Today the anguished cry is not, " What must I do to be saved? " , but rather, " What is the meaning of life?” Modern man fears, more than anything else, the idea of living a life which is purposeless, drifting along aimlessly on the tide of time. The question of the ultimate meaning of life was answered for me by Christ. It is He who has been able to satisfy all my longings and has given my life purpose and direction. My experience af¬ firms the statement once made by Augustine when he said, " man’s soul is restless until it finds its rest in God. " Christ has taught me that life becomes meaningful only when self dies and Christ has the pre-eminence. Such a life expresses itself in loving service of our fellowmen. It is aptly summed up for us in 2 Cor. 5:15, " And He died for all that those who live might no longer live for themselves but Jor Him who for their sake died and was raised. " is my desire that my life will be lived in such a manner that other people will also come to experi¬ ence the true meaning of life, in Christ. Edwin Plett I ' w ( 12 I was born and grew up on a farm in Southern Manitoba. I first made a profession of faith in Christ at the age of twenty. However, the joy and victory accompanying this experience eluded me for some time. It was only when I allowed myself to become more personally involved in the concerns of the Lord that the Christian walk became meaningful. The experience for which I am deeply grateful is the year I spent in a small Indian village in Northern Manitoba. Being separated from the home church and Christian friends helped me to look more fully to God. It was here that I experienced the Lord ' s presence and realized that joy and victory comes as a by-product of service. I decided that henceforth my life was in the hands of God and I would willingly serve to the best of my abilities. As a preparation toward this end it was my privilege to attend Bible School and College. This year was the first for some time that I was not a student. With its problems and trials has come a certain sense of accomplishment and joy. Although at this point I am unsure what the future holds, I trust that God will lead. Stan Plett " What is man that thou art mindful of him, and the son of man that thou visitist him? " Ever since the psalmist made this statement, and likely even be¬ fore, man has been seeking the answer to this search¬ ing question. Some are of the persuasion that only science has the true answer; others seek to find their answers in philosophy. Although both science and philosophy have much to say about man, it is left to Christianity to provide the answer. In the book of Genesis we are told that God created man in His own image. Paul takes up this same thought in his letter to the Ephesian Christians when he points out that God not only created us but also chose and redeemed us with a definite purpose. This purpose, he says, is that we should be " to the praise of his glory. ” What is man and why all this attention focused on him? He is a being created and redeemed by God for a purpose--to be to the praise of his (God ' s) glory. I am thankful that I have experienced a rebirth in my life; that God visited me by his Holy Spirit. It is only as I focus my life on Christ that there is meaning in existence. After all, were not we created solely for his pleasure and glory? Henry Hiebert Faith " Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe. " These words of Jesus were preserved by the early church in the story of Thomas who doubted that Jesus had been raised from the dead. Thomas on this particular occasion could resolve his problem by stretching forth his hand -- Jesus was there! In the twentieth century, from the human side, it is through faith that Jesus becomes our contemporary. The critics of Christianity contend that believing does not make something true. Furthermore, the critics are likely to say that faith or belief is really make - believe. Perchance they would agree with Emily Dickenson who wrote, possibly tongue in cheek; Faith is a fine invention For gentlemen who see But microscopes are prudent In an emergency. To this kind of critic the Christian replies that faith is by no means the projection of a wish. Faith must be founded upon reality, the solid reality of fact and history, or it is not faith at all. Unless it is grounded upon reality " faith " is creduality. The M Christian faith rests upon personal knowledge which is profoundly more than an intellectual grasp of the Bible or an understanding of various creedal state¬ ments that have been formulated from time to time. Saving faith is an act of trust and commitment based upon confident love, and this confidence and love is inspired and sustained by a personal knowledge or relationship with Jesus Christ. Jake Peters j taff Mrs. Abe Neufeld Cook voeay Miss Gertrude Giesbrecht Miss Luella Rempel Secretary K)ve Secretary Mrs. Dick Toewes Cook Mr. Glen Klassen Chemistry Mr. Abe Neufeld Maintenance |3art-tEtm£ u •varies. ®cact]er0 nL t ' %V tr Christian Education Dr. John Dick First Aid 0u dliry ef Z-zf. Mr. Harvey Barkman French ERNEST TOEWS hospitable decided quiet PETER PENNER intelligent inquisitive attentive SAM BILSKY inquisitive cheerful determined IRENE JANZEN cheerful aggressive efficient Compliments of FAST BROTHERS LIMITED Blumenort, Manitoba Jfirst HELEN BERGEN petite, pleasant, sincere STEVE PETERS Class president reliable Northerner aggressive ED FRIESEN sincere studious pensive MARTHA HIEBERT friendly, light-house¬ keeper, reserved NETTIE KOOP neat bookworm conscientious LYDIA ANN YODER studious dependable cook LARRY REIMER earnest friendly reserved ANETA MARTENS musical artistic enthusiastic DORIS KROEKER casual talkative optimistic Compliments of NEUFELD-KLASSEN BUILDERS LTD. Kola, Manitoba DAN HARMS talkative, -jovnrt[ musicay iih ' op HELEN FRIESEN talkative helpful ’Lady of the Lamp ' DAVE THIESSEN optimistic, friendly quiet X MARY DERKSEN fun-loving generous sincere MENNO KORNELSEN thoughtful original intelligent DON EMMERSON dedicated sociable courteous JOHN BERGMANN part-time student hunter reserved LEVINA THIESSEN industrious thoughtful neat EVA REIMER reserved considerate independent p ' -jS JOHNNY REIMER carefree curious sympathetic 17 Compliments of BETTY FRIESEN chauffeur, bookworm, intelligent ALBERT FRIESEN farmer jovial talkative EVA FRIESEN talkative studious active NORMAN REMPEL devoted considerate likeable FRANK FRIESEN minister, reliabli sincere ISAAC FRIESEN reserved friendly sincere HILDA UNGER brilliant cheerful sincere «r“r y CLARA FRIESBj mischievous DICK TOEWS persistent |k cheerful I " Parasuayan " X imaginative ambitious generous HELENA LEIDING quiet studious modest BERGMANN MEAT PRODUCTS Blumenort, Manitoba EM JANZEN perky, sly, red-haired Sit-down strike! Signing out. Just waiting. Mechanic? ■■ 19 A sincere, studious, and reserved off-campus student. MARY LOEWEN Friendly, kind, considerate, understanding; always willing to testify for her Lord. FRED THIESSEN Has a friendly, earnest personality. Believes a student should be seen, not heard. SARAH DUECK Cheerful and pleasant, a sincere Christian; has a smile for everybody. Class president Yearbook advertising manager. Is active in church, in studies, and in sports. CAROLINE WOLFE Vice-president Congenial, studious, a genuine concern for lost humanity. r LLOYD PAMBRUN His experience, sincerity, and concern have been a real asset in class. MYRNA DUECK Cheerful and pleasant; a sincere Christian; has a smile for everybody. MERVIN PENNER In spite of being married, Mervin finds time to devote to his studies. He is a willing worker. HILDA REMPEL " Hear that bubbling laughter? " Talkative; musical; concerned for the lost. CAROL FRIESEN Radiant sparkling personality; lover of books and music. Motto: Ps. 84:11b. A conscientious, optimistic young lady, who possesses a sense of humour. SARAH FRIESEN Desires to serve the Lord as an L. P. N. Conscientious s tudent. LENA BRANDT Sparkling brown eyes; the cause for the draft in the classroom. EVELYN BRANDT Reserved; intelligent; a ready smile for everyone. ELSIE PLETT Friendly, ambitious, studies diligently; active in Sunday School work. MRS. ELSIE BRAUN Is kind, understanding, courageous, and has a genuine love for Christ. TINA BRANDT Conscientious in preparing for service in God ' s harvest field. MRS. MARIE REIMER Our optimistic little housewife. Her jovial laughter permeates the classroom. JANET PENNER reserved dratb KEN SAWATZKY class president BONNIE KROEKER vice -president LARRY DOERKSEN small of statute MANDA DUECK intelligent ALBERT FUNK intelligent GERALD BROWN cheerful , ' Y JUDY WIESER quiet MARY HARDER quiet IRENE REIMER lively JOHN DYCK enjoys Maths BEN FEHR reserved conscientious PHYLLIS BRANDT cheerful kind LUELLA BROWN friendly, conscientious CORNY REIMER willing worker citizen of Mexico LILLIAN KLASSEN friendly quiet VICTOR HIEBERT intelligent enthusiastic MARY HARDER jovial talkative VIOLA HIEBERT loves reading friendly ALLAN WHITE class president ambitious Compliments of HILDEBRAND’S SERVICE Steinbach, Manitoba ERNIE KLASSEN musical intelligent KAREN KELLER enthusiastic, original ELLEN ZAITSOFF cheerful, neat GEORGIA PENNER blue-eyed sparkles ALICE SCHROEDER cheerful loves reading BETTY BANMAN vice-president considerate DAVID REIMER diligent athletic DARLENE DRIEDGER short ' friendly ED UNRAU quiet, conscientious Compliments of RIVERSIDE CO-OP Morris, Manitoba PETER GOERTZEN intelligent studious MARGARET ZAITSOFF loving enjoys laughing KEN REIMER hard worker conscientious STEPHEN BRANDT individualist expressive m FRIEDA POETKER A trim young lady with a mis¬ chievous sparkle in her eyes. JAKE GOERTZEN ... quiet, intelligent. Manages to get good marks without studying. CAROL SCHLAMP ... winning personality ... bushels of love to share with others. Compliments of MacLEODS store Steinbach, Man. dratb STEVE REIMER An intelligent student who breaks the monotony by playing the saxophone. NOREEN REIMER Makes friends easily. The cause of much chattering and laugh¬ ing. “ JOHN BERGEN Bible School graduate. ... is determined to pass and studies accordingly. CAROL PETERS Vice-president Attempts everything with a smile; usually succeeds. ■1 HENRY REMPEL Class president ... has a lofty ambition - that of passing grade XI. Many hours of study equal good marks. Ixleiten GORDON BUECKERT .. .his happy nature has won many friends. Compliments of BENJ. L. REIMER Steinbach, Man. ... ambitious young lady; quiet, always has her homework done. LOUISE HILDEBRAND ... a conscientious, ambitious girl ... obtains high marks. LEE ROY BARTEL ... a studious chap with a good sense of humour... enjoys playing guitar. CAROL FAST ... quiet, reserved; always manages to have her assignments finished in due time. JOSEF HAAS ... an efficient German, studies hard, sleeps little, e ambitious. Vy 27 FRANK DURKSEN ... an outspoken gentleman... noted for his weird humour. LLOYD LOEWEN ... a good natured fellow... expresses his opinions quite freely. GORDON BROWN ... a quiet conscientious student who manages to get all his assignments done on time. ... a persevering, industrious young man... a proud father. MARTHA BERGEN A graduate of Elim... quiet and friendly. NETTIE ENNS ... graduate of Elim Bible School... has exceptional vocal talent. WESLEY BROWN ... pleasant, always willing to help... well-liked. JOHN GINTER Bible School graduate, missionary teacher in a country. Ambition: foreign 28 PHYLLIS HI EBERT --Has been giving ac¬ cordion lessons at SBI. Com¬ pleting grade XII. jiperial jiiutbnts MRS. SUSAN REIMER --Christian mother of four children. Radiant addition to class. PETER TOEWS --Friendly and sincere - served as MCC worker in the Congo for two years. JOHN WIEBE --Ambitious young man - active in yearbook and chorale. His part-time job and studies keep him busy. MARLENE STOESZ --Youthful, energetic. Excels in German. My Testimony A wanderer was I, outside the fold, A stranger to the saving grace of God; There was no vital goal for which to strive. No victory crowned the daily path I trod. But He who came to seek and save the lost, In loving kindness lifted me from sin To walk with Him the straight and narrow way. And gave me peace and happiness within. My life I gave to Him to take and use As zealously I sought to do His plans. But first it must be fitted for His use And shaped and moulded by His mighty hand. And patience, meekness - just to wait and trust And yield--were lessons sometimes learned in tears. But oh, the joy of having His strength mine! To know His perfect love which cast our fears. To lead a worthwhile, satisfying life. The search for fame or fortune cast aside-- Meant life within the centre of His will, In faith and service with Him to abide. To be a blessing to those round about, A light along the way--this is my prayer. Not mighty works, but rather faithfulness In all He has entrusted to my care. The future lies before me unrevealed, But wisely guided by His gentle hand My aim is this--to make life count for Him, And follow step by step at His command. Pat Friesen - Piano Teacher 29 spring tbb Session VERNON BRAUN Horndean, Man. MARY ANNE THIESSEN Austin, Man. ANNE THIESSEN Winnipeg, Man. DOROTHY FRIESEN Morris, Man. SARAH FRIESEN Ste. Anne, Man. FRED THIESSEN Giroux, Man. MARGARET WARKENTIN Morris, Man. MARTHA HIEBERT MacGregor, Man. ELDON KROEKER Winnipeg, Man. MARY LOEWEN Morris, Man. LENA FRIESEN Morris, Man. KATHERINE THIESSEN Washow Bay, Man. " Within this word’s a thought so dear If genuine and true That thought that " Someone wants me here They ' re glad that I ' m here, too. " HELLO I met a friend upon the street Who smiled and said, " Hello " What means this word with which we greet Our friends wherever they go? The common, magic, precious sound That everyone will know Sincerely said, ' tis treasure found That little word " Hello " . . . . Nettie Brandt Though perhaps it is a common word Yet it can mean so much It brings a happy smile when heard ’Tis like a " magic touch.” (Hour CLINTON Washow Bay, Man. TOEWS ARNOLD Steinbach, Man. THIESSEN PETER Giroux, Man. BUHLER JOHN Arden, Man. TOEWS NORMAN Winkler, Man. PLETT HELEN Giroux, Man. FRIESEN PETER Kleefeld, Man. DUECK JAKE Kola, Man. PETERS JAKE Altona, Man. GIESBRECHT MARGARET New Rothwell, Man. DERKSEN ANNE Winnipeg, Man. MARTENS HELEN Maryfield, Sask. HILDEBRANDT KEN Steinbach, Man. BARKMAN MARJORIE Steinbach, Man. BARTEL FRIEDA Steinbach, Man. POETKER MELVIN Steinbach, Man. FRIESEN ERNIE Giroux, Man. SIEMENS ABE Morris, Man. FRIESEN HELEN Giroux, Man. ecottd Semester ,EROY BARKMAN Siroux, Manitoba fl WALDON DOERKSEN I Steinbach, Manitoba MENNO DOERKSEN Grioux, Manitoba EDNA PLETT Landmark, Manitoba ABE PLETT Giroux, Manitoba Jiimuttg (Masses ' Those early classes! ' hcm ' Better get started ' ' Patching is simple! ' 32 dukik in m ... buntjdk ffidi mxk jfud . ' 15:5 (Pur j iutbnt President ' s History has once more been made with the completion of our studies at the Institute, bringing us to a new era in our lives. As Joshua, likewise we are about to embark upon a new venture, not knowing what it holds. But as Joshua walked with God and was victorious, we also, if we walk with God shall be victorious. Rich and bountiful have been the experiences of the past few years. We have not only gained academically, but also spiritually. We have been drawn into a more intimate relationship with Christ; many new and deep truths have been revealed to us; and a burning desire for service has been created within us. These and countless other experiences will remain priceless treasures never to be forgotten. Our hearts are filled with gratitude toward those who have made these years possible. Our sincere thanks extend to the board of directors, faculty, staff, parents and many friends of the Institute who have made these years meaningful and beneficial. May the Lord richly reward each one that has had a part in our preparation for service. Fellow graduates, in view of the immense need for more labourers in the harvest of souls, may we, as the Lord leads, go forth boldly, yielding our all to the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom. " Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest. " (Joshua 1:9). Leonard Sawatzky Music and Missions 34 ®{|trtt r JOHN SAWATZKY Missions Enthusiastic, friendly. Active in class discussions, practical work, chorale. Has several years of teaching experience - one in Morocco. Future; likely teaching missionary children. ANNE ZACHARIAS Missions Vice-president Efficient room captain, easy to get along with, has a ready smile, enjoys reading, active in school activities- chorale, gratis supervisor. Future; Missions - teaching? nursing? | DOROTHY FRIESEN 1 (Christian Education ■j Kindness, sincerity, cheerful- ■ ness, neatness, reservedness, I dependability, and devotion are combined in this talented ■ school teacher. Considers no ;■ task too mean for her closest attention. Second year vice- If president for the first semester. LELAND HEPPNER Christian Education Quiet, conscientious, and in¬ dustrious student. Active in the Missions Committee and practical work of the school. Interest: Teaching or the ministry. ESTHER KLASSEN Christian Education Is neat; reserved in class, but active in committee discussions and dormitory life. Has a mind of her own. Anticipates nursing as her future career. 35 RUEBEN KLASSEN General Bible A big man with a big heart, a solid bass voice, a sense of humour unsurpassed, a deep love for the Lord. Has friends everywhere. Future: School? Farmer? IRMA JANZEN Missions Talkative, pleasant young lady who spends most of her spare (?) time in Yearbook activities. Dedicated to teaching; anticipates missionary teach¬ ing in the future. HELEN KORNELSEN Christian Education Quiet, punctual, always on time with her assignments. Enjoys theological debates. Pet peeve-seeing others come late. Interested in missionary teaching for the future. ERNIE SIEMENS Christian Education E-earnest and sincere. R-received encouragement to study, from his wife. N-never guilty of too many words. I -interested in the teaching profession. E-enjoys his role as a father and husband. ESTHER LOEWEN Missions Has a sense of humour, ap¬ pealing personality, and ex- uberent spirit. Believes that the secret to success is the constancy of purpose. Is an L. P. N. Future: Nursing? Linguistics? 36 GORDON REIMER Missions Says what he thinks; therefore enjoys class discussions, especially in Theology. Served as an MCC pax worker in Morocco and Europe. Future plans include university and possibly teaching. MRS. ELLEN SAWATZKY General Bible Our class president ' s wife enjoys cook¬ ing, sewing, reading. Her friendliness, stability, and good sense of humour will be an asset in her husband ' s pastorate. JMRS. FRIEDA BERGEN ■Christian Education Diligent and devoted student, ■yet makes a home for her thusband, John. Enjoys children ' s work. Future; JSouth America? Home ■Missions? VERNON BRAUN Pastors Is a friend of all. His favorite pastimes are Greek and win¬ ning an argument. He is anticipating university and school teaching as a prepara¬ tion for service. ANNE GIESBRECHT Missions Is one of the brave girls who does her own housekeeping. Her cheerful disposition makes her an effective Sunday School teacher. Interest: Teaching in missionary service. 37 WALTER SAWATSKY Sacred Music " ... every problem must be solved. " Actively instigates and participates in class discussions. Enjoys Greek. Hobby: committee meetings! Future: further training, then teaching and church work. Second year class president for the first semester. ELIZABETH PLETT Missions Possesses an efficiency, enthusiasm, and a sense of humour that overcomes all obstacles. Experienced teacher. Enjoys Romans. An accepted missionary candidate. LENA FRIESEN General Bible Is meticulous and studious, sincere, reserved, yet friendly. A Licensed Practical Nurse, always ready to help those in pain. Future: Nursing, Voluntary Service? HARRY HEINRICHS General Bible Thinks before he speaks. Con¬ scientious in his studies. Is artistic - example, chalk talks. Enjoys house visitation as practical work. Future; further academic training; psychiatric interests. MARGARET WARKENTIN Christian Education Conscientious, studious, understanding, friendly; these characterize this experienced teacher. Her muscial talents and sincere devotion to Christ are an asset in her service for Christ. 38 rt. ANDREW FRIESEN Christian Education The few words spoken are well chosen and theologically sound. Anticipates serving the Lord in " Judaea " as a self- supporting missionary. Motto: Psalm 86:11 " Teach me thy way, O Lord. " ANNE THIESSEN Christian Education The combination of warm friendliness and fun has won her many friends. Interested in children’s work, but may seek the nursing profession after high school. I 1 J GNES FRIESEN ( jMissions MELVIN PENNER Missions MARY ANNE THIESSEN General Bible Courteous and conscientious. |Musical talents: sings in a trio and conducts a Girls ' Choir. Past experience; salesclerk and nurses ' aid. Future interest: ichildren ' s work. A quiet student who takes his studies seriously. Another one of the newly weds in school. Motto: Psalm 121:2. Future; High School? Work? Student of precisions, composure and competence; spiritual con¬ cern for others; sincere; dili¬ gence frequently results in " A ' s " ; winning way with children; anticipates to resume her teaching profession. (irade XII B. HARRY DYCK Class president He is sociable, well-liked and newly I married. He is a graduate of the Winnipeg Bible College. Future: pastor. 1 RUTH REIMER Vice-president Loves mathematics and sleep. Is an intelligent student, a conscientious vice- president, and an active member in the literary committee. RON BRAUN LILLIAN BRANDT ROY WIEBE Jovial, enthusiastic, energetic - that ' s Joe. His solid bass voice is a great asset to the chorale. Shy to begin with but not so Is shy, easy going, and easy to get along with. Pet peeve: German. She likes chemistry experiments and horses. A young ambitious man who is enthusiastic about any task that lies before him. . . Very talkative and musically minded. 40 ARNOLD DUECK 5°e4 s ? QVh Witty remarks come easily from him. He finds Young Peoples and choir practice more important than Grade XII socials. ALICE SCHELLENBERG " A vessel unto honor, sanctified and meet for the Master’s use. " This cheer¬ ful young lady will grace any one who needs a friend. RON PENNER LENORA KOOP JOHN BRAUN Is small of stature but large of heart. A Bible school graduate. W e are sure she will succeed in her chosen vocation - teaching. His words are few, but well chosen. He came to school a few weeks late but seems to be right in with the other students. Spent last winter at Briercrest. Rises above the rest in height. A quiet fellow who studies in¬ telligently. Serves the Lord in singing and in playing the Isaxophone. cA 41 ERDMAN HARDER This studious young man travels to school from Kleefeld every day. Ed excels in German. His philosophies of life are revealed in his frequent speeches. MARY KLASSEN This young lady is a schemer by natural inclination and practice. Be prepared for something when the glint s appears in her eyes. A c o ELMER SAWATZKY ELVIRA GIESBRECHT ABE FRIESEN Is a studious young man. He is both musically and humorous¬ ly inclined which shows in his actions and attitudes. Determination along with a friendly disposition character¬ izes Elvira. Physics and maths are her favorite subjects. Comes rolling to school every morning from Blumenhof. He hails from the upper class of people, pilots... Where others walk or drive, he flies. 42 JAKE DRIEDGER Jake is always kind, frequently witty, seldom late, and never cross. He is one of those students who sets a favourable example for the fellows. BARBARA DURKSEN Is usually seen seated in the corner of the classroom. She is a singer at heart but a student in practice. ' 64 Graduate of Elim Bible School. VICTOR LOEWEN . . . returned Paxman from Congo. . . sincere and dedi¬ cated to the cause of Christ. Anticipates college studies in preparation for the teaching profession. DORIS LOEWEN This lively, fun-loving stu¬ dent (taking some Bible and some high school) is rather busy - trio, chorale, music committee. Her future is in¬ dicated by her engagement to a teacher. ARNOLD THIESSEN ... is an aggressive gentle¬ man, not easily frustrated. . . enjoys French, physics and lunch hour discussions. . . loves the Lord. Future; con¬ tinued education and teaching. 43 64 (irathiates BACK ROW: PETER HIEBERT. High School, MacGregor KATHERINE PENNER. BETTY KROEKER. . Nurses’ Aid, Winnipeg . Clerk, Steinbach HENRY REMPEL. S. B. I., Grade XI BETTY(BRANDT)KLASSEN. . . Homemaker, Steinbacl ALVIN DOERKSEN. S.B. I., 1st Year ELIZABETH FRIESEN. . Nurses ' Aid, Winnipeg GORDON KROEKER .... United College ESTHER (REMPEL) BRANDT. . . Homemaker HENRY P. DYCK. Pastor, MacGregor GEORGE BRAUN. . Lumberyard, Steinbach DAN KOOP. Missionary Candidate BILL BUHLER. . Construction, Winnipes DFMMTK FAST ... Construction, Winnipeg School, Rosthem, Sask. STEVE PETERS. HARRY GUENTHER .... CLINTON TOEWS. . Clerk, Steinbach DENNIS BROWN. MBBC STAN PLETT. . Teachers’ College HARRY FRIESEN. Missions, Weekes, Sask. DAVE BUHLER. . Construction, Winnipes JAC CORNELSEN. HENRY FAST. Farm, Rosenort Drag Line, Kleefeld FRONT ROW: MARY PENNER. . Nurse, Steinbach JOHN TOEWS. Teachers’ College BETTY BANMAN. . S. B. I. , Grade X JOHN GINTER. S. B. I., Grade XI MARIANNE SCHELLENBERG. . Working, Winnipeg NORMAN WIENS. Lumberyards, Rosenort ANNELIE FRIESEN. . Working, Winnipeg DAVE LOEPPKY. School, Winnipeg BETTY BARKMAN. . Home, Blumenort ART REMPEL. Teachers ' College RUTH UNGER. . Nurses ' Aid, Winnipeg HENRY U. DUECK. Teaching, Kookoostatak HILDA UNGER. . S. B. I. , 1st Year 1 SECOND ROW: FRANK EBNER. Candidate School, N.Y. SUSAN THIESEEN. DOROTHY BROWN. . Nurses’ Aid, Portage 1 BILL HIEBERT. Construction, Winnipeg ELIZABETH ABRAHAMS. . . . Teachers ' College LESTER OLFERT. 0. R. technician, NETTIE CORNELSEN. . Teaching, Rosenort GORDON SCHELLENBERG Swift Current Office, Winnipeg PEARL WIEBE. GERALDINE HEPPNER .... . Office, Winnipeg . Working, Waldheim LLOYD PENNER. Farm, Landmark PAT FRIESEN. . Teaching, S. B. I. ROSELLA SAWATSKY... Office, Winnipeg FLORENCE FRIESEN. . Working, Kleefeld NETTIE BRANDT. Home, Twin Creek MINNIE JANZEN. . Nurse, Steinbach STUDENT COUNCIL Ken Sawatzky Bonnie Kroeker Steve Peters Dorothy Brown Mr. H. Plett Betty Banman Allan White Carol Peters Henry Rempel Ruth Reimer B. Harry Dyck Anne Zacharias Leonard Sawatzky Dorothy Friesen Walter Sawatsky LITERARY COMMITTEE Don Emmerson Ruth Reimer Mr. H. Friesen Arnold Dyck Mary Anne Thiessen Esther Loewen Roy Wiebe PRACTICAL WORK Mr. B. Hoeppner John Ginter Betty Banman Alvin Doerksen Margaret Warkentin Andrew Friesen MUSIC COMMITTEE Chorale Members FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Helen Friesen Nettie Enns Aneta Martens •Carol Friesen Dorothy Brown •Margaret Warkentin Doris Loewen Mary Derksen Mary Loewen Agnes Friesen SECOND ROW: Frieda Poetker •Caroline Wolfe Mary Klassen •Gordon Reimer Ron Penner Ruben Klassen •John Wiebe Anne Zacharias Ruth Reimer Noreen Reimer Hilda Unger LAST ROW: Irene Janzen •John Sawatzky Jake Driedger •Leonard Sawatzky Vernon Braun Walter Sawatzky Joe Braun John Ginter Dan Harms Arnold Dueck Peter Toews Lloyd Loewen Barbara Durksen MISSING: Mrs. Marie Reimer Esther Loewen •Chorale Committee (Efyar nit EDITOR John Wiebe ‘(Elje j§tai SECRETARY Irma Janzen (Articles AFTER GRADUATION After graduation, what? Privileges and responsibilities go hand in hand. Beyond the joy of fellowship to¬ gether around God ' s Word, and the joy and honour of receiving the S. B. I. diploma, we anticipate added responsibility. We face the decision or indecision, as the case may be, of where and how we will put theory into practice. The Lord has promised, " I will guide thee with mine eye. " This seems to speak of having eye contact with the Lord. Even though the Lord does not spell out His will in specific terms, we may know His will if we keep our eyes on Him and walk in close fellowship with Him. After graduation, what? What does the future hold for me personally? If the Lord continues so to lead, I expect to be engaged in teaching again. As I imagine facing a group of youngsters, I see that trustful look, that mischievous twinkle, that puzzled expression, the timid and the happy-go-lucky. Each one is an individual with individual problems in a perplexing world. I see them as such whom Jesus calls to Himself; they need to be loved. I see them as such as will be facing a world of sin and temptation; they need to be prepared. I see them as such as will one day give an account of their lives; they need to be instructed. May the Lord give wisdom. Helen Kornelsen Third Year Bible MY FIRST TRY AT PREACHING Preaching is a work with tremendous responsi¬ bility. Therefore it is not an easy task. Much work is involved in preparation, but permit me to say the blessings received far exceed the work involved. This is what I experienced when I was given my first opportunity to bring a message in a New Year ' s morning worship service. My first impulse, upon request, was that of Moses in Ex. 4:10. I had ter¬ rible stage fright and became tongue tied when before an audience. How then was I to stand before a con¬ gregation to preach? Furthermore I had the feeling of Jeremiah in Jer. 1:6. I was too young, I first needed higher education before I could in any way qualify for the task. Upon reading on in these passages, I likewise had no more excuse to shun this opportunity to serve the Lord. In Ex. 4:12 the Lord says, " Now therefore go, and I will be with thy mouth and teach thee w | thou shalt say. " In Jer. 1:8a the Lord commands, " Be not afraid of their faces. " There I was, emptij of excuses. The Lord said that He would give me 1 utterance and I was commanded not to be afraid oil their faces. In the light of these promises I entere. ] into this service and then realized more fully whatl it meant to go in the strength of the Lord. Somehow on this occasion I felt like a differeitj person. Great was the blessing of that morning ' s H service. I experienced the Lord more fully, it wav an experience which I believe is a prominent a stepping stone to my future. tl Leland Heppner si Third Year Bible h OH, NURSE! P Oh, nurse! I hate to bother you i, Or give you anything to do, tl But could you please get me a pill u: Just as fast, dear, as you will? And nurse, before I do forget ti I might just mention this thing yet, Would you please, give me something, when 3I My stomach’s all upset again? Say, I want that pill now for my head x It ' s really getting very bad. n: " Yes, an aspirin or two 1: Should very ably help you through ir In order not to miss a class ij Or else, you ' ll surely never pass. " Oh no! an aspirin would never do ip I need a Frosst 222. ie Nurse, I ' ve got a cold again 1 Can I have a prescription then? " No dear, for a cold there is no cure The air you breathe must be kept pure. Now see, before you get to bed Just ope ' that window far and wide. You say, " It is too cold for me? " I very heartily disagree. Open windows for the night Gives you fewer bugs to fight Imagine! what the air looks like ,i When you have breathed it through the night u Why always plea for extra meds, " i Fresh air and exercise will meet your needs. " !c Now nurse, May I remain in bed? h Just look at all the aches I ' ve had. n 52 " You see, most ills are only in your head, So just go back to work instead. " Lena Brandt Second Year Bible SERVICE IN SONG The effect and results of Christian service through the medium of song cannot be over-estimated. How often have you not heard someone testify of con¬ viction, leading to a decision for Christ after hearing a certain hymn? The song brought conviction. Patients and invalids in hospitals and homes for the aged look forward to having groups of students sing to them. They will request songs that express hope for the future. The song brings comfort. •House visitations often end with a request: " Could you sing a hymn before you leave? " Songs-hymns, play an important part in every person ' s life. Who can help but respond to a mean¬ ingful hymn? Many of us will testify that a song at the right moment with a timely message has helped us decide for Christ, consecration and dedication. A hymn which has a message is meaningful to the Christian life. As one sings to himself, or hears the message of the song, and thinks on its meaning, one ' s character is strengthened. " Multitudes of persons, throughout the centuries lave been led to Christ through the Spirit inspired music. . . weak Christians have been strengthened, discouraged Christians have been revitalized, falter¬ ing Christians have been quickened, the hearts of lardened unbelievers have been softened. " Let us pray that our service in this area is ipontaneous and willing. May we be dedicated to ,erve Christ and witness to others through the media )f song. Let our prayer be: " To Thy Honour and Slory! " Carol Friesen Second Year Bible DEEPER LIFE SERVICES From October 13 through the 15th Deeper ,ife Services were held in the S. B. I. auditorium, lev. O. Hendrix, representing the Far Eastern ?rusade, and Rev. Cliff Ratzlaff, missionary to Southern Rhodesia, were the guest speakers for the hapel services and special afternoon sessions. This r as a time of real he art-searching in preparation for the months of study that were to follow. Special emphasis was placed on the importance of a mature Christian ' s experience and development. Fine practical warnings were given to aid the in¬ dividual in his stability as a Christian. These were the sin of neglect, unbelief, apostacy, willfil sin¬ ning, obstinate refusal, hard-heartedness and coldness. The obligations of a Christian were also fervently brought forth. Although conversion is voluntary, the service to Christ is an appointment, as we read in Matthew 28:19, " Go ye therefore, and teach all nations. . . " In Luke 19:13 we again have Christfs command when He says, " Occupy till I come. " This service to our Master calls for true self-denial and self-determination. What place do you give Him in your life? What is your answer to God ' s commission? Eternity alone will reveal how hearts responded to the moving of the Spirit and how many dedications were made as a result of these heart-searching messages. Agnes Friesen Third Year Bible A CHRISTIAN HOME Mr. C. W. Loewen, together with thirteen in¬ terested parents, devoted their Mondays from October to December on this all important topic. The many hours of valuable discussions have certainly enlight¬ ened us about the potential of the homes we are responsible for. The following points are probably the most vital in our homes today. The home is the first human institution to be established and was given to man by God at the time of creation. A good Christian home does not just happen. This is dependent on the effort put forth to build a good relationship between parents and children. Guidance for building such a home is found in the teachings and life of Jesus Christ. The components of a Christian home are four: Christ as head, the father, the mother, and the children. Each is necessary to the other. Christ must be honoured and given pre-eminence in the home so that His blessing may rest in the home. The father is the head of the family and he should have the final authority in the management of the household. The fath er should seek guidance and wisdom from the Lord in order to train his children in obedience, usefulness, and responsibility. 53 Come back! 54 55 The mother must serve sacrificially so that the needs of the household can be met. The mother ' s job is a twenty-four hour-a-day job. She lives with the children all day, knows their joys and problems. The parents must discuss household and family problems. Through these discussions and through prayer many difficulties will be solved. The children naturally look up to their parents and try to follow their example, so it is most im¬ portant to set a good example by word as well as by deed. Every Christian family should have a family altar. There the Bible should be read, discussed taught, and applied. There, confessions are made and the children learn to approach Holy God. There the integrity of the family is established, wrongs are made right, and God is honoured. A well-ordered Christian home is one of the greatest testimonies that Christians can give to the people in their own respective neighbourhood. Mrs. Neil Wiebe Evening Class STUDENT HOUSEWIFE A-L-A-R-M! Oh dear, time to get up again. I am about to resort to another few minutes of sleep when I remember this is Monday and my first class begins at 8:10. What an idea to begin a class so early on Monday morning! Well, that is the schedule and one must adhere to it. The teacher plainly said, " No. dribbling in late. " So at 8:00 I leave the house while Johnny is just getting up. Poor fellow, he ' ll have to have breakfast by himself. Upon arriving at school I remembered that I had forgotten to take meat out of the freezer for supper, and I will not get home again till 5 o ' clock. I guess we will have spaghetti and cheese again. At 5 o ' clock when we come home from school, I quickly tidy up the house and prepare supper. Seeing it is Monday I better get the washing started. By 8:30 the washing is done. Well, that completes my housework for today, but what about my home¬ work? We sit down for an hour or two to do our assignments, trying hard to keep awake. By 11 o ' clock we are ready to sign off, tired but happy to have another day behind us. Not every day is like this one. With the proper amount of co-operation and co-ordination I manage to get both my housework and my school work done. It is a joy to be in Bible School even as a student- housewife. These last two years have been precious years in my life and it is my prayer that I will be j more effective for the Lord, as a result of this training. Mrs. Frieda Bergen Third Year Bible POETIC REFLECTIONS We, as Christians often feel that the literatim, on our current high school curriculum was written j secular people and hence has little value for us. i That some of the material is shallow in comparisoi to the inspired writings, no one will deny. Never theless, many of the reputable names of literature] history have supplied us with some very thought- ( provoking and beneficial reading. 1 An example of good thought provocation is tin sonnet CXLVI by the great William Shakespeare. The query, " Why paper the temporal body at the l expense of the famished eternal soul?” is a pertine] one for Christians as well as others. We all haveil inherent desire to accumulate the material things i around us. We spend prolifically to attain the ben only to discover that we have been disillusioned; i we have not been satisfied; the physical being mat have been temporarily appeased but the immortal! being is deprived of its share. A solution to this i problem is a reversal of past procedure. The s customary extravagance on the body should be in-s verted to provide for the soul, the essence of life,! By so doing the riches of heaven will be gained, tt dress of life removed, and victory over death will! assured. The implication throughout the sonnet is that life follows the present one. Literature of this type and content does have value. It is up to us to search its meaning and appropriate its truths. B. Harry Dyck Grade XII 56 : 1 ME, A SEGREGATIONALIST? B Throughout the summer, as the news reporter told of Negro riots in the streets of New York, we openly condemned the white people whose attitude has led the Negroes to this extreme. As Christians, we say we believe in racial equality, and thus could never condone segregation. But are we in¬ nocent? There are few Negroes around us and thus we have little opportunity to be discriminated against them, but how do we treat the Indians we i meet every summer? It seems that there is constant trouble caused by drunken Indians. Besides, why is the entire race condemned when individuals are re- :i sponsible for the trouble caused by drunken Indians? Besides, why is the entire race condemned when in¬ dividuals are responsible for the trouble caused? We do not consider ourselves guilty of every crime a tl.white man commits, just because we also are white. Certainly other races ought to have equal rights. : We say God has created all men equal. Yet when i: Indians visit our homes in summertime, equality is i forgotten. Yes, we are considerate enough to give ' the Indian guests a sandwich, but they have to sit on eour doorstep to eat it. Perhaps we even invite them into the house for lunch, but we keep a constant eye ijon them to make certain they will not run off with ilany of our valuables. Suspicion like this does not imply equality; it implies that many of us who are so critical about the segregation in the South, are as i guilty of racial discrimination as the " separatists " of Alabama and New York. If we choose to accept, theoretically, the fact that all men are equal, we llshall have to learn to accept it in practice as well, is H Louise Hildebrand : S Grade XI COMMUNISM AND RELIGION What is the communist ' s stand on religion? The :ommunist is opposed to any, and every religion, le is totally atheistic. This is best illustrated by he words of a world communist Leibenecht, in his ook, THE OTHER SIDE OF SOCIALISM. He said, It is our duty, as socialists, to root out faith in Sod with all our zeal; nor is anyone worthy of the lame who does not consecrate himself to the spread f atheism. " The devotion and consecration of the :ommunists to their belief is shown by the efforts hey are making to corrupt the churches on our :ontinent. The communists are doing their utmost to infiltrate churches and organizations in this country with atheistic doctrine. They are attempting to achieve this by appointing communists to join the churches and organizations. These " tools " of the communist state influence the thought and action of their fellow members favorably toward communism and atheism. This method of getting the church to decay internally is far more effective in destroying the church than persecution would be. We, as Christians, should therefore, work against this com¬ munistic onslaught, keep our faith, and seek to win others to the Truth before they are deceived by communism. Lee Roy Bartel Grade XI 57 Not right THIS time. (Eandtris I never complain! I don ' t knov That ' s what you think. RECREATION COMMITTEE Christmas banquet Dan Harms Ruben Klassen Mr. E. Plett Dorothy Brown Esther Klassen Betty Friesen oh whom they Imt Mb hmdr Homri 10:14 tggtoj MISSIONS COMMITTEE Gordan Reimer Leland Heppner Henry Rempel Mary Loewen Agnes Friesen Miss Reimer SPECIAL CRISI Leader: Peter Penner (jfhtjer (Eomttrtes’ |Ira{jer Pattdg SOUTH AMERICA Leader: Andrew Friesen Central America Leader: Leland Heppner Asia Leaders; Buddy Dyck, Frank Friesen North America Leader: Vernon Braun Far East Leader: Ernie Siemens EUROPE Leader: Ruben Klassen Prager ande (®ur img 1. to promote missions by -missions programs -missions literature -missions library -missions prayer bands 2. to encourage students to enter full time Christian service. ©ur " Mjn no mu Graduates Non-graduates Fully Supported Home Missionaries British Columbia Rev. and Mrs. Cornie Plett Rev. and Mrs. Randall Heinrichs Saskatchewan Mr. and Mrs. Abe Giesbrecht Rev. and Mrs. Jake Hoeppner Rev. and Mrs. Jake Froese Rev. and Mrs. Melvin Koop Mr. and Mrs. Arden Thiessen Mr. and Mrs. John Koop Mr. Harry Friesen Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wolfe Miss Lillian Friesen Manitoba Rev. and Mrs. Dave Schellenberg Mr. and Mrs. Armand Gaudreau Miss Elda Kroeker Mr. and “Mrs. Pete Peters Mr. and Mrs. Frank Braun Mr. and Mrs. Pete Wiens Rev. and " Mrs. Cornie Loewen Edinburgh, Texas, (Language school) Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Funk Miss Betty Friesen 64 l i attar teg fcmeth wtm $ok U6 Foreign Missionaries West Indies “Rev. and Mrs. Gladwin Plett Europe Rev. and Mrs. John Peters “Miss Margaret Neufeld Miss Elizabeth Harder Miss Mary Brandt “Miss Agatha Fast Panama “Miss Helen Goertzen Miss Linda Reimer “Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Reimer “Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Reimer Mexico " Mr. and “Mrs. Edmar Fast “Rev. and Mrs. Edward Friesen “Mr. and “Mrs. Alfred Friesen “Miss Dora Friesen “Miss Doris Thiessen “Miss Elizabeth Reimer “Mr. and “Mrs. John Kornelsen “Miss Margaret Unger Miss Justina Brandt South America Rev. and Mrs. Hen ry Loewen “Rev. and Mrs. Abe Koop Miss Elizabeth Koop Rev. and “Mrs. Stanley Houghton Rev. and Mrs. Henry Toews “Rev. and Mrs. Frank Kroeker “Mr. and “Mrs. Pete Martens Miss Nettie Buhler “Miss Margaret Klassen British Honduras “Mr. and “Mrs. Henry Klassen Jordan “Miss Margaret Friesen “Mr. Ken Barkman Africa “Rev. and “Mrs. Ben Eidse “Miss Elizabeth Giesbrecht Rev. and “Mrs. Larry McNeill Mr. and “Mrs. Reuben Friesen Mr. and Mrs. Allan Kliewer Dr. and Mrs. Melvin Loewen Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Neufeld 65 Htsstottams pJrite MEXICO Greetings in the Saviour ' s name! What a challenge to teach others to love Christ --to teach them of Christ’s love to us. Thissummer we had had the privilege of reaching quite a number of boys and girls and some adults with the gospel through D. V. B. S. Although we can report only a few decisions made for Christ yet we hope that in many hearts the seed sown will take root. We taught in seven villages with about 240 pupils attending. Doors in other villages were wide open as well, but a shortage of workers prevented us from entering these doors. How many heartaches when arriving in some village the children come up eagerly to ask, " Did you come to teach classes? " and we have to answer, " We ' re sorry, we would like to, but we just don ' t have time. " Pray with us to the Lord of the Harvest that He might call out more reapers, and that He might work through us to win many for His kingdom. Yours for Mexico, Doris Thiessen National Pastors AFRICA We have enjoyed the privilege of spending t years with Le Tourneau of Liberia Ltd. It is a Christian effort to teach native boys carpentry, masonry, farming, mechanics, sawmill operatio and road building. Waldo has been employed J the farming and carpentry groups. National Evangelists n 3 After the eight-hour day we have had mantf portunities to help along with the mission aspec- 1 the project. Thirty pastors and three evangelism are supported by our mission. We have visited number of the interior villages where these pasi are stationed, and were blest by their simple fY ' in the Lord Jesus. Last summer we held a first pastors ' Bible School in Tounata for two weeks, 3 W aldo had the privilege of teaching a number i 1 classes. It proved to be a great help and en- u couragement for the pastors since many of their 2 difficulty studying the scriptures because of the 11 limited knowledge of the English language. Another new venture is the girls ' school f e daughters of the pastors. At present there are ea seventeen attending. Most of them have lean to speak English well and are doing above aver 16 in secular and Bible studies. In addition we la e teach them to sew, cook, clean house and prai 30 proper health habits. We are assured that upon 0 return to their villages they will be strong inflt 13 upon their fellowmen. Pray for us, won ' t you? Waldo, Elinor, Timmy Neufelt l 66 Girls’ School GERMANY I just paged through the 1962 Yearbook--the year I had the privilege of being one of the graduat¬ ing class. That was the year I faced the decision so many of you will be facing this year. " What after graduation? " It had been my dream for years to go to the land of Germany, but strangely enough, when the time came I found it difficult to decide. Our conference speaker gave me a guide found in Polossians 3:15, " And let the peace of God rule in our heart. . . " I do believe with all my heart that [if we allow the peace of God to rule in our hearts ye will be led aright. This first year in Germany has been a wonderful, atisfying year. Wonderful, because I was able to witness the working of the Lord during the Crusades, Sunday School Conventions and Summer Bible r " amps. Satisfying, because I had the assurance e hat I was in God’s appointed place. Does God work miracles today? " Of course " , ye answer, perhaps only half-believing that He eally does work miracles in our day and age. . itnessing the working of the Spirit in the hearts of r ie people attending the Crusades, one could not a elp but believe in a miracle-working God. Then 3 po, to witness later that a goodly number are really : oing on with the Lord, causes us to rejoice and to yank Him humbly that He has given us a small share 1 his work. It is really wonderful to be in the ;rvicetof THE King. It Margaret Neufeld liosi-drattg rtte Elkhom, Manitoba Greeting with 2 Cor. 3:2a. We would like to share with you some of our everyday experiences as we serve the Lord on our farm. A Personal Witness: A neighbour came to in¬ quire why Dave did not again join the farmers ' union where he had previously been a member. Dave answered and said, " As a Christian. . . " These words struck home. A heated discussion followed where Dave quoted one scripture verse after another. Finally the man excused himself and went on his way but not before he gave us an invitation to visit them. A Silent Witness: One neighbours ' son called per telephone to offer us some Christian literature after having refused to subscribe to filthy magazines earlier. A Public Witness: During the summer months we participate in singing at street meetings. This is a challenging yet humbling effort to win the lost even if it means facing those whom you know all your life. Witness in the Home; Our greatest task lies in the training of our two boys. Blaine, two in August, already enjoys singing choruses. We know his young mind is open for instruction. Boyd is six months now and responds favorable to the love we offer him. It is our sincere desire and prayer that our boys will respond to the message of God’s redeeming grace. 67 Although farming and housework keep us busy from day to day we still endeavor to serve our Master as opportunities are revealed to us. Dave and Esther Kliever Kamsack, Sask. Greetings with Luke 24;47 -48. Through my work at a local garage as mechanic, I have learned to know quite a few people. Through this contact confidence has been gained and several have started to send their children to our Sunday School. Since a kind of friendship has been estab¬ lished with many of these men, and they have noticed that my walk and talk is different from theirs it is now my obligation to deal with them along spiritual matters. Please pray for me that I might open my mouth boldly when opportunities arise. A special burden on my heart is for some local farm families. We have visited and dealt with them about their spiritual welfare. They were quite open and even invited us to come back, yet it seems we have so little time to enter this open door. Please make also this a matter of special prayer. In closing I beseech you young people to go out to some needy field to proclaim Christ, and you will find excitement, challenges, hardships as well as blessings in abundance. Yours in Him, Bernie Hilda Brandt Brooklyn, N. Y. " Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into His harvest. " Matt. 9:38 Since we arrived here at the Bible Christian Union in Brooklyn the question has frequently come to us, " Where are all our S. B. I. missionaries? " When we left Bible School we expected to see large numbers of our students going into full-time mission work, but where are they all? The Bible Christian Union is well known and highly thought of in our Bible School, but do you realize how many of our students have gone through this candidate school before us? The number is TWO. Are we better represented in other mission schools? If so, we have not heard of it. What u next spring bring? Will there be any of YOU her! We are praying that you may be obedient to His perfect Will. s Yours in His Service, Frank Kathy Ebnei ah Since I left the doors of the S. B. I. in the of ’58 God has led me into the teaching professijj School itself afford many opportunities for missi Q activities. I was trying to point out the wonder God’s creation to my pupils in grades two and in a nature study lesson. I explained the theory. et] planet movement in their terms and then asked, inj " Why is it that each planet stays in its own path there are no crashes in the heavens? " A very ex Q i seven year old piped up, " I know, God drives th, n This opened a door to tell them of God’s wondei . beauty. The children love the Bible stories. I. nc can become more excited over a well read " SarTB than " Popeye, the Sailor Man. " ieE My class of 1963 -64 I did not like teaching at first but I still realized it was God ' s will for the present. Perhaps if one were aimless, godless and without feelings of res¬ ponsibilities, teaching could be a first rate, easy, good-paying job. To me it is much more. It is an opportunity to show Christ, His love and salvation while I teach the rudiments of education - " reading, ’riting and ’rithmetic " . Eva Giesbrecht part of last winter in the Sault Ste. Marie area, and this winter in Eastern Manitoba. The Lord has a word of encouragement to us all as we seek His will, " But the path of the just is as the shining light that shines more and more unto that perfect day " . Prov. 4:18 Yours because of Him, Pete Wiens Dear Graduates, Students, and Friends of the S. B. I., It is always a real blessing to me reading the reports in the STAR of former S. B. I. students as they seek to live for our Blessed Lord in our land and abroad. It is my prayer that this short report will en¬ tourage you to pray for the work of his " Shanty- men ' s Christian Association of North America " as n they seek to preach Christ to workmen in lumber and pulpwood camps, oil fields, mining and construction tampsj to settlers in remote districts, on Indian Reserves, to sailors on the high seas using the ports of J North America. r Itjjis estimated that ten percent of the rural popu¬ lation jpf Canada consists of lumbermen, miners, :tlers, farmers and native Indians removed from centre of Christian worship. The Shantymen missionaries know what it means : o travel far beyond highways and good roads as they endeavor to reach those that dwell " beyond the rail " .I This creates within them a specific depend¬ ence on their God. 1 This will be my third season with the Shanty- nen ' s Association. One winter in western Ontario, Wolf Point, Montana Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful. 1 Cor. 4:2 When I left the S. B. I. in 1960, I was con¬ cerned with the thought, " What will the Lord have me do? " I had reached the age where foreign mission boards generally stop taking applicants. The Lord has however, given us a large mission field right here in North America. This city has a population of about four thousand with only four small evangelical churches. If God does not call you to the foreign field does not mean that He has no work for you. Pastors and Christian workers are desperately needed in many places in America. The activities of the group here are many. Besides Sunday School and Young Peoples we have a service at the County Jail every Monday night. Some of the young people assist in the singing. Our summer Bible Camp has proved to be a real blessing. In Christ, Frank and Mary Funk 69 (iiust speakers REV. AND MRS. ARTHUR CONRAD Central American Mission Guatamala DR. MELVIN LOEWEN Congo Inland Mission Congo Teaches Missionary Anthropology Second Semester MISSES ANNE AND MARTHA KLASSEN Far Eastern Gospel Crusade Japan MR. CLIFF RATSLIFF TEAM Southern Rhodesia MR. OLAN HENDRIX Far Eastern Gospel Crusade Michigan REV. DON P. SHIDLER GMU President MR. ROBERT GIBBARD Central American Mission El Salvador REV. BEN NICKEL GMU ■ Regional Director MR. CONRAD DURSTON Child Evangelism Fellowshi Manitoba Director ' REV. FRANK FUNK United Mennonite Church Wolfe Point, Montana MR. ZACHARIAS CARLOS I Spanish Christian Mission I California REV. EDWIN WRIGHT I Evangelical Mennonite Chuffc Endeavor, Saskatchewan 9 MR. WESLEY STRONG Radio Missionary ConventiojH Director MR. BILL NEUDORF L GMU Morocco MR. C.T. PAULSON Mj China Inland Mission Regional Director MISS AGATHA MARTENS ■ Child Evangelism Fellowship India ■ “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men. " Col. 3:23 With Best Wishes for future Service To the Student Body and Faculty of the Steinbach Bible Institute THE EVANGELICAL MENNONITE CHURCH OF MORRIS A Warm Welcome To You All. THE EVANGELICAL MENNONITE CHURCH OF KLEEFELD Extends to all the Graduates, Faculty and Students, God’s richest blessings. “Search the scripture; for in them ye have eternal life; and they are they which testify of me.” John 5:39 THE KOLA EVANGELICAL MENNONITE CHURCH Pastor: Art Neufeld Kola Man. Congratulations and God’s Richest Blessings to Graduates Faculty Student Body THE EVANGELICAL MENNONITE CHURCH OF STEINBACH with Young Peoples and Choir Rev. Arnold Fast - Pastor “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom.” Col. 1:16 72 THE EVANGELICAL THE BERGTHALER MENNONITE CHURCH OF STEINBACH MENNONITE Extends its best wishes and the Lord’s blessing to Graduates, Faculty and Stu¬ dents of the CHURCH Steinbach Bible Institute OF -_ I ROSENORT If Extend their best wishes and the Lord’s ■richest blessing to the Graduates, Fac- : ulty, and Students of the Steinbach Bible Institute SfiLM MJUti Best wishes to the Faculty and Students 1 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understand- ' n 9 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5,6 “And He is the head of the body, the church; who is the beginning, the first¬ born from the dead; that in all things He might have the preeminence.’’ Col. 1:8 THE EVANGELICAL MENNONITE BRETHERN CHURCH S.H. Epp - Pastor THE EVANGELICAL THE MENNONITE EVANGELICAL CHURCH MENNONITE OF CHURCH PLEASANT VALLEY OF Extends its best wishes and God’s bless¬ ing to the Graduates, Faculty, and Stu¬ dents of the PRAIRIE ROSE S.B.I. • •• call unto me, and 1 will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not. Extends its best wishes as well as God’s blessing to the graduates, faculty, and students of the S.B.I. Jer. 33:3 Shew me Thy ways, 0 lord: Teach me Thy paths. P s . 25:4 73 EVANGELICAL MENNONITE CHURCH Blumenort Manitoba Wishing the faculty and students of the S.B.I. guidance from above, and every success in their chosen work. And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily as unto the Lord and not unto men. Col. 3:23 ABERDEEN EVANGELICAL MENNONITE CHURCH Cor. Aberdeen Andrews Winnipeg 4 Rev. C. Plett Pa stor ‘When in Winnipeg, we invite you to worship with us.’ Congratulations and best wishes to - Graduates - Faculty - Student Body of the Steinbach Bible Institute “ ye steadfast, unmovable always abounding in the work of the Lord.” 1 Cor. 15:58 In preparation for all walks of life CANADIAN MENNONITE BIBLE COLLEGE invites you to come and study: - Theology and Bible on College level - Sacred Music - First year Arts accredited by the Un¬ iversity of Manitoba. Catalogs available from: Canadian Mennonite Bible College 600 Shaftesbury Blvd. Tuxedo, Winnipeg 29, Manitoba RIDGEWOOD EVANGELICAL MENNONITE CHURCH Extends Best Wishes and God’s blessing to the Graduates, Faculty and Students of the: Steinbach Bible Institute For we are labourers together with God. 1 Cor. 3:9 THE EMMANUEL MISSION CHURCH OF STEINBACH Congratulates the Graduates and Students of the Steinbach Bible Institute “Thou therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.” 1 Tim. 2:1 Pastor - Rev. David Berg THE HERON EVANGELICAL MENNONITE CHURCH Maryfield Saskatchewan Extends best wishes to faculty and the student body of the S.B.I. “I have laid up thy word in my heart, that I might not sin against thee.” Psalm 119:11 R.S.V. LOEWEN BODY SHOP Large Infra-Red Paint Baking Oven • Auto Painting | and Collision Experts Glass Installed : Phone DA 6-3491 Frame Straightening Radiator Repair Seat Covers Headliners Steinbach Manitoba Prescriptions filled promptly DRUGS - SUNDRIES - CAMERAS Compliments of | God’s blessing on students and staff " All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned everyone to his own way and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all. --— Isa. 53:6 REIMER FARM SUPPLIES LTD. Steinbach Ph. DA 6-3410 Manitoba Congratulations to Graduates, Faculty, and Students FRIESEN MACHINE WORKS LTD. Phone DA 6-3363 Steinbach Manitoba ‘‘Experience plus equipment does count. " Congratulations to Faculty - Students - Graduates PENNER ELECTRIC LTD. APPLIANCES WIRING FURNITURE PH. DA 6-3441 Steinbach Manitoba Phone DA 6-2547 Furniture Appliances Stereo T.V. Sets " Hardware Paints Sporting Goods GIESBRECHT HOME APPLIANCES and Your Marshall Wells Store " If you haven’t been to Giesbrecht’s you haven’t been shopping. " Quality Dry Cleaning by Steinbach Dry Cleaners Free Pick-Up and Delivery Service We dont want to be The BIGGEST Just the BEST Phone DA 6-3570 Phone WH 2-3018 Steinbach Winnipeg 75 Compliments of J. R. Schellenberg Son " General Merchant " ESsex 7-4739 Kleefeld Manitoba Compliments of Levi Brandt Bulk Fuel Sales Phone 300-2 Rosenort Manitoba Congratulations to GRADUATES FACULTY STUDENTS “In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:6 A.K. PENNER S SONS LTD. Blumenort Phone DA 6-3478 Manitoba A tip of the Hydro Helmet to the Graduating Class! O wo Congratulations to you on your graduation and best wishes for the future. A future, we hope that will bring you the opportunity and rewards of a good edu¬ cation. For the rewards of education come in many forms - success, a richer, fuller life and a greater understanding of our world and its people. MANITOBA HYDRO Compliments of P. J. Loewen Co. Ltd. General Merchant Gro-Mor Feeds IX Ph. DA 6-3233 76 KLEEFELD CO-OP LTD. Quality Feeds Manager: Irvin Fast Kleefeld, Manitoba Phone ES 7-4436 ROSENORT FEED SERVICE For Prompt Quality Service DRESSWELL CLEANERS Phone 214 Morris, Manitoba - Service — Swift Feeds Martin Motors £r Equipment Oliver — Cockstnitt Chev. — Olds. — Rambler Box 118 Rosenort Morris Ph. 305-2 [gcepgj VALLEY FARM EQUIPMENT — Massey Ferguson Rosenort Manitoba Compliments of HI EBERT’S BARBER JEWELLER Steinbach Phone DA 6-3586 Manitoba pt|Vl BANMAN’S SALES SERVICE LTD. Volkswagen dealer Steinbach Phone DA 6-2541 Manitoba FEEDS HONEGGER LAYERS HEAVY BREED CHICKS STEINBACH HATCHERY LIMITED Phone DA 6-3454 Steinbach MOTOR CITY EQUIPMENT Case Farm Machinery Sales and Service Phone DA 6-3314 P.0. Box 877, Steinbach, Manitoba FRIESEN’S SEED FARM Customs Seed Cleaning Phone 377-15 Agent for Comet Welders and Compressors Rosenort Manitoba K.K. PENNER Sales and Service Blumenort, Man. Phone DA 6-2641 STE. ANNE CO-OP OIL LTD. High Grade Fuels and Lubricants Phone EL 5-4435 - GA 7-5266 Ste. Anne Manitoba 77 1905-1965 “Serving each new generation” with a complete line of Building Materials Supplies C.T. LOEWEN SONS Steinbach DA 6-3481 Winnipeg GL 3-4513 Manitoba PENNER DODGE CHRYSLER, LTD. Steinbach, Manitoba “The Automobile City” Dodge Cfihy Ueb “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth.” Romans 1:16 Winnipeg Ph. GL 2-4188 Steinbach Ph. DA 6-3466 ROSENORT MOTORS LTD. COMPLIMENTS OF Compliments of Rosenort Grill and Grocery KLASSEN TRANSFER — Full Course Meals, Meats and Serving: Lowe Farm - Riverside Groceries — Catering and Take-Out Service — Open Every Night — Closed Sunday Prop: Jake Klassen Owner P. J. B. Reimer Phone: Morris 309-13 Manager: Winnipeg 589-6345 Mrs. Louise Giesbrechl Rosenort: Phone 304-3 Rosenort Manitoba Congratulations - Graduates — Faculty - Students “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” 11 Timothy 2:15 MACLEOD S AUTHORIZED DEALER The Friendly Shopping Center Store Owners: Reimer and Penner Manager: H. Kroeker Phone No. 90 Manitoba Morri s Pontiac, Buick Vauxhal I Acadian GMC Trucks L.A. BARKMAN CO. LTD. Home Appliances Elephant Brand Fertilizer Phone: DA 6-3451 Steinbach 452-1772 Winnipeg Steinbach Manitoba COMPLIMENTS OF LOEWEN PHARMACY LTD. Phone DA 6-2063 Steinbach KOOP’S BODY SHOP Before - Body Work - Painting - Radiator Repair Windshields Installed After Steinbach Phone DA 6-3685 Manitoba STEINBACH CREDIT UNION 4.8% Interest on savings 3% Interest on current accounts 6% Charge on loans Steinbach Ph. DA 6-3495 Manitoba HOW DO YOU COUNT? Whether you use the ancient abacus or the modern calculator, you find that when you count on Penner tires, you count best for SAFETY PERFORMANCE Wishing the Student Body and Faculty the Lord’s richest blessing, not only at this time, but throughout the years in His service. " In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths. " Proverbs 3:6 A Complete Automobile Service PENNER MOTORS (I960) LTD. The Brightest Spot in Town Your MERCURY - METEOR - COMET Dealer Steinbach DAvis 6-3436 Winnipeg GLobe 2-3765 81 FRIENDLY FAMILY FARMS LTD “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.’ Col. 3:23 Phones: Steinbach DA 6-3409 Winnipeg 453-6906 Steinbach Manitoba Wishing the Faculty and Students of the S.B.I. every success in their chosen work “In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3:6 Phone DA 6-3748 Blumenort Manitoba JANZEN ' S GARAGE QUALITY BUILDERS Congratulations Graduates Faculty Students. Blumenort Manitoba Rosenort, Manitoba Frank K. Kroeker Phone 341-22 Morris Exchange STEINBACK FURNITURE APPLIANCES LTD. “Quality Furniture For Every Room in the Home” Phone DA 6-3582 Steinbach Manitoba Compliments of LOEWEN LUMBER CO. Rosenort Manitoba Phone 260 Morris Exch. Steinbach 5c to $1.00 Store Ltd. Associated with the Largest Variety Chain in Canada Steinbach Phone DA 6-3305 Man. PENNER’S TRANSFER Daily Freight Service Steinbach - Winnipeg Giroux Steinbach Manitoba Best Wishes to the STUDENTS and GRADUATES of the STEINBACH BIBLE INSTITUTE c Steinbacj untex IJatdi Compliments of Vogt ' s IGA Steinbach Manitoba Compliments of Alf ' s Radio Electric Steinbach DA 6-2415 Man. MARVEL LADIES APPAREL " Be ye steadfast unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.” 1 Cor. 15:58 Steinbach, Man. Steinbach Winnipeg DA 6-3458 GL 2-1501 Compliments of Kreutzer Blacksmith Shop DAvis 6-2048 Steinbach, Man. READY MIX CONCRETE LTD. Sand — Stone — Concrete — Gravel Phone DA 6-3456 Steinbach Manitoba To all your Graduates, Teachers and Students God’s Richest Blessings DR. AND MRS. VICTOR DICK DR. AND MRS. J.B. DICK Ph. DA 6-3476 Steinbach 84 Sales Service LANDMARK Plumbing and Heating A. R. Pletl Landmark P. O. Phone EL 5-4489 Landmark, Man. 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Jake Loewen Altona, Manitoba God’s Blessing and Guidance Phones: DA 6-3996 DA 6-6190 Steinbach Manitoba Compl iments of to Students and Graduates WM. ENNS ELECTRIC CORNY HARMS BUILDING MOVER JAMESWAY Power Western Manitoba ' s Fastest Growing Village Kola Manitoba Choring Equipment Dairy Hogs Poultry Steinbach DA 6-6146 Manitoba The New Pete’s Inn " Where Southeastern Manitobans Meet to Eat” YOU TOO, WILL ENJOY DINING AT PETE’S Banquet Facilities for Larger Groups and Recreation and Meeting Room in Basement PHONE DA 6-2543 STEINBACH 87 PETER RIEMER BUILDING MOVER ANYWHERE IN MANITOBA Phone DAvis 6-3237 Box 305 Steinbach, Manitoba Congratulations to Graduates Faculty Students STEINBACH CREAMERY LTD. Fresh Milk and Cream Daily Phone DA 6- 3591 Compliments of INTER-CITY GAS LIMITED Serving These Manitoba Communities with NATURAL GAS BAKERY N STEINBACH, MAN. QUALITY FIRST } Neepawa - Rivers - Hamiota Niverville — Grunthal — Miniota Steinbach - Blumenort Ste. Anne - St. Pierre Minnedosa — Shilo — Virden Portage La Prairie C.J.A.T.C. - Rivers and R.C.A.F. Station - Portage H.W. Whetstone Steinbach Manager Phone DAvis 6- 3524 Be of Good Courage, The Lord is Faithful. Reimer ' s DRESS SHOPPE The complete ladies’ wear for that truer walk of life . . . more becoming, lovely! STEINBACH, MANITOBA 89 Congratulations to - Graduates - Faculty - Students Phone DA 6-3573 A FEED FOR EVERY NEED Compliments to Graduates, Faculty and Students SOUTHERN HEATING PLUMBING (1960) LTD. Heating - Plumbing - Excavating Septic Tanks and Fields - Propane Gas DAVE L. FRIESEN - ABE L. FRIESEN Morris — Phone 32 — P. O. Box 331 — Manitoba Compliments of Compliments of EVANGEL BOOK SHOP LOEWEN FUNERAL CHAPELS 275 Reimer Ave. Box 969 Phone DAvis 6-3430 Steinbach Manitoba Steinbach - Morden - Winnipeg RED RIVER VALLEY MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. Insuring Farm and or Residential Property against Fire and Supplementary Loss Altona Man. 90 Congratulations — Best Wishes CONGRATULATIONS Graduates Faculty - Students HANOVER MEDICAL CLINIC Renovated - under new management Conveniently located close to S.B.I. Special student family term rate Box 460 Ph. DA 6-3505 Steinbach Manitoba Dr. Karl H. Krueger Steinbach Manitoba Compliments of ROSENORT CREDIT UNION SOCIETY LTD. Rosenort, Manitoba Phone 300-12 Morris exchange Compliments of WORD OF LIFE MISSION CHURCH Niverville, Manitoba " ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.” 1 Cor. 15:58 91 Compliments of Kornelsen Electric Plumbing APPLIANCES — WIRING — SALES SERVICE Try Us For A Good Deal Phone: ELK Exch. 321-4 Kola, Man. CONGRATULATIONS: Compliments of KLASSEN MOTORS TIRES BATTERIES GENERAL REPAIRS Kola, Man. Phone ELkhorn 322-31 Compliments of NEUFELD CONSTRUCTION CUSTOM BILT HOMES MOVED ANYWHERE OUR AIM CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Art Neufled PH. Elkhorn 315-31 Kola, Man. Best Wishes from ROSENORT CO-OP LTD. Ph. 304-2 Morris Exch. “Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me.” Matt. 11:29 Rosenort Man. Compliments of Roy Kornelson B-A Gas and Oil Bulk Sales tBlfmi Radio Services ROSENORT MANITOBA Box 21 Phone Morris Exch. 313-2 92 NEUFELD FARM EQUIPMENT Compliments of Steinbach Manitoba STEINBACH FLOUR MILLS LTD. PH. DA 6-2397 ALLIS CHALMERS Farm Utility Equipment Millers of Fully Guaranteed Prairie Rose Flour Steinbach, Manitoba Ph.DA 6-3428 Congratulations to Faculty, Students, and Graduates Congratulations to the Faculty, Students, and Graduates ALBERT VIEFAURE BARKMAN HARDWARE LTD. Shell Oil Agent Steinbach Manitoba Plumbing - Heating Hardware Steinbach, Manitoba Ph. DA 6-3445 Box 1179 Compliments of BUILT RIGHT HOMES Top Quality Materials and Workmanship Delivered to your Location J. GIESBRECHT Phone: Elkhorn 322-2 Kola, Manitoba Phone: SH 5-2339 Carman, Manitoba ’ A m S lliliik Har Lookup JqOMj OtA There are many paths of service — some at home, — some abroad. Choosing your path may well be the most important decision of your Christian life. If you are not yet sure what path God would have you take, perhaps we can help you. Almost every kind of train¬ ing can be used serving God in Africa today. The need is great. We will gladly inform you of opportunities on our fields. We will send you information about our work. We will pray with you as you seek God’s will. Write for our regular publications — sent free — and for our booklet WHO SHOULD GO?, a helpful guide for all who are choosing a path of service. SUDAN INTERIOR MISSION Serving in Africa since 1893 164 West 74th St., New York, N.Y. 10023 93 jliudent ireciorjj BANMAN, BETTY Vanderhoof, B. C. BARTEL, LEE ROY Box 26 Kleefeld, Man. BRAUN, ELSIE, MRS. Box 346 Steinbach, Man. BRAUN, JOHN Giroux, Man. BERGEN, FRIEDA, MRS. Box 1622 Steinbach, Man. BRAUN, RON Box 444 Altona, Man. BERGEN, HELEN Box 105 New Bothwell, Man. BRAUN, VERNON Horndean, Man. BERGEN, JOHN Box 1622 Steinbach, Man. BRAUN, WESLEY Box 61 Horndean, Man. BERGMANN, JOHN Box 99 Blumenort, Man. BROWN, DOROTHY R.R. 3 Morden, Man. BERGEN, MARTHA Box 3 Crystal City, Man. BROWN, GERALD Box 1025 Steinbach, Man. BILSKY, SAMUEL Box 1314 Steinbach, Man. BROWN, GORDON Box 1025 Steinbach, Man. BRANDT, EVELYN Box 643, Steinbach, Man. BROWN, GRACE Box 1025 Steinbach, Man. BRANDT, LENA Box 2, R. R. 1 Morris, Man. BROWN, LUELLA Box 1171 Steinbach, Man. BRANDT, LILLIAN Box 762 Steinbach, Man. BUECKERT, GORDON Box 274 Steinbach, Man. BRANDT, PHYLLIS Box 905 Steinbach, Man. DERKSEN, MARY Box 116 Warman, Sask. BRANDT, STEPHEN 319 Rutland St. Winnipeg 12, Man. DOERKSEN, ALVIN Blumenort, Man. BRANDT, TENA Box 2, R. R. 1 Morris, Man. DOERKSEN, EVELYN R.R. 1 Ste. Anne, Man. DOERKSEN, LARRY Box 163 Steinbach, Man. DRIEDGER, DARLENE Box 13 Gretna, Man. DRIEDGER, JAKE Box 13 Gretna, Man. DUECK, ARNOLD Box 587 Steinbach, Man. DUECK, MANDA Box 512 Steinbach, Man. DUECK, MYRNA Box 8 Rosenort, Man. DUECK, SARAH Box 8 Rosenort, Man. DURKSEN, BARBARA Box 263 Crystal City, Man. DURKSEN, FRANK R.R. 2 Beamsville, Ont. DYCK, B. HARRY Box 91 Plum Coulee, Man. DYCK, JOHN Box 37 Austin, Man. EMMERSON, DONALD Box 184 Elkhorn, Man. ENNS, NETTIE Box 316 Steinbach, Man. FAST, CAROL Box 56 Blumenort, Man. 94 FEHR, BEN Box 164 Kleefeld, Man. FRIESEN, ABE Box 173 Giroux, Man. FRIESEN, AGNES Box 111 Rosenort, Man. FRIESEN, ALBERT Box 143 Riverton, Man. FRIESEN, ANDREW R.R. 1, Box 118 Morris, Man. FRIESEN, BETTY Box 117 Morris, Man. FRIESEN, CAROL Box 62 Morris, Man. FRIESEN, CLARA R.R. 1 Morris, Man. FRIESEN, DOROTHY Box 63, R. R. 1 Morris, Man. FRIESEN, ED. Box 18 Washow Bay, Man. FRIESEN, EVA Box 41 New Bothwell, Man. FRIESEN, FRANK Box 45, R. R. 1 Morris, Man. FRIESEN, HELEN Box 111 Rosenort, Man. FRIESEN, ISAAC 86 First Street Steinbach, Man. FRIESEN, LENA Box 118, R. R. 1 Morris, Man. FRIESEN, SARAH Box 8 Ste. Anne, Man. FRIESEN, WILBERT Box 145 Kleefeld, Man. FUNK, ALBERT Box 874 Steinbach, Man. FUNK, ESTHER Box 596 Steinbach, Man. GIESBRECHT, ANNE Box 99 New Bothwell, Man. GIESBRECHT, ELVIRA Box 1135 Steinbach, Man. GINTER, JOHN Box 103 Wymark, Sask. GOERTZEN, JAKE Box 473 Steinbach, Man. GOERTZEN, PETER Box 473 Steinbach, Man. HAAS, JOSEF Kenora, Ont. HARDER, ERDMAN Box 4 Kleefeld, Man. HARDER, MARY Box 633 Steinbach, Man. HARDER, MARY 1540-1st Ave. North Saskatoon, Sask. HARMS, DANIEL Box 17 Glenbush, Sask. HEADINGS, ROBERT Box 315 Red Lake, Ont. HEADINGS, ROGER Box 315 Red Lake, Ont. HEINRICHS, HARRY Wymark, Sask. HEPPNER, L ELAND Waldheim, Sask. HIEBERT, MARTHA Box 336 MacGregor, Man. HIEBERT, PHYLLIS Box 644 Steinbach, Man. HIEBERT, VICTOR Box 414 Steinbach, Man. HIEBERT, VIOLA Box 414 Steinbach, Man. HILDEBRANDT, LOUISE Box 921 Steinbach, Man. JANZEN, EM Box 174 Girous, Man. JANZEN, IRENE Blumenort, Man. JANZEN, IRMA Box 174 Giroux, Man. KELLER, KAREN Kamsack, Sask. KLASSEN, ESTHER 369-9th N.W. Swift Current, Sask. KLASSEN, ERNIE Box 164 Rosenfeld, Man. KLASSEN, LILLIAN Box 1316 Steinbach, Man. KLASSEN, MARY Box 164 Rosenfeld, Man. 95 KLASSEN, REUBEN Box 164 Rosenfeld, Man. KOOP, JESSIE Box 862 Steinbach, Man. KOOP, LENORA Kleefeld, Man. KOOP, NETTIE Kleefeld, Man. KORNELSEN, HELEN Giroux, Man. KORNELSEN, MENNO Box 95 Morris, Man. KROEKER, BONNIE Steinbach, Man. KROEKER, DORIS Box 903 Steinbach, Man. LEIDING, HELENA Box 83 McMahon, Sask. LOEWEN, DORIS Box 41A Morris, Man. LOEWEN, ESTHER Box 94, R. R. 1 Morris, Man. LOEWEN, LLOYD Box 820 Altona, Man. LOEWEN, MARY Box 11. R. R. 1 Morris, Man. LOEWEN, VICTOR Morris, Man. MARTENS, ANETA R.R. 2 Manitou, Man. PAMBRUN, LLOYD Box 1665 Steinbach, Man. 96 PENNER, GEORGIA Kane, Man. PENNER, JANET Manitou, Man. PENNER, MELVIN Box 6 Steinbach, Man. PENNER, MERVIN Kola, Man. PENNER, PETER D. Box 15 Rosenfeld, Man. PENNER, RON Box 22 Maryfield, Sask. PETERS, CAROL Box 1004 Thompson, Man. PETERS, STEVE Box 1004 Thompson, Man. PLETT, ELIZABETH Box 212 Giroux, Man. PLETT, ELSIE Box 171 Giroux, Man. PLETT, EMILY Box 14 Landmark, Man. POETKER, FRIEDA Box 324 Steinbach, Man. REIMER, CORNY Box 337, Cuauhtemoc Chihuahua, Mexico REIMER, DAVID Box 96 Steinbach, Man. REIMER, EVA Box 32 Washow Bay, Man. REIMER, GORDON Box 1420 Steinbach, Man. REIMER, IRENE Box 305 Steinbach, Man. REIMER, JOHNNY N. Box 11 Washow Bay, Man. REIMER, KEN Giroux, Man. REIMER, LARRY Giroux, Man. REIMER, MARIE, MRS. Box 1420 Steinbach, Man. REIMER, NOREEN Box 171 Steinbach, Man. REIMER, RUTH Box 789 Steinbach, Man. REIMER, STEVE Box 789 Steinbach, Man. REIMER, SUSAN, MRS. Box 219 Steinbach, Man. REMPEL, HENRY Box 698 Steinbach, Man. REMPEL, HILDA Box 5 McMahon, Sask. REMPEL, NORMAN Butler, Man. SAWATSKY, WALTER 106 Riverbend Ave. Winnipeg 8, Man. SAWATZKY, ELLA, MRS. Box 1420 Steinbach, Man. SAWATZKY, ELMER Box 55 Rosenfeld, Man. SAWATZKY, JOHN Box 762 Steinbach, Man. SAWATZKY, KEN Rosenfeld, Maniota SAWATZKY, LEONARD Box 1420 Steinbach, Man. SCHANTZ, MERLE Box 315 Red Lake, Ont. SCHELLENBERG, ALICE Box 80 Gladstone, Man. SCHLAMP, CAROL Box 71 McMahon, Sask. SCHROEDER, ALICE Box 407 Steinbach, Man. SIEMENS, ERNIE Box 102, R. R. 1 Morris, Man. STOESZ, MARLENE Box 303 Steinbach, Man. THIESSEN, ANNE 260 Avalon Road Winnipeg 8, Man. THIESSEN, ARNOLD Box 164 Giroux, Man. THIESSEN, DAVID Box 5 Washow Bay, Man. THIESSEN, FRED Box 164 Giroux, Man. THIESSEN, HENRY P. Winkler, Man. THIESSEN, LEVINA Washow Bay, Man. THIESSEN, MARY ANNE Box 48 Austin, Man. TOEWS, DICK Box 257 Steinbach, Man. TOEWS, ERNEST Box 1244 Steinbach, Man. TOEWS, PETER Box 3 Homewood, Man. UNGER, HILDA Box 763 Altona, Man. UNRAU, EDWARD Box 22, R. R. 1 Rosenfeld, Man. WARKENTIN, MARGARET Box 22, R. R. 1 Morris, Man. WIESER, JUDY Anola, Man. WHITE, ALLAN 38 Knappen Ave. Winnipeg 10, Man. WIEBE, JOHN Box 1114 Steinbach, Man. WIEBE, ROY 1104 Pembina Hwy. Fort Garry, Man. WOLFE, CAROLINE Box 324 Winkler, Man. YODER, LYDIA ANN Box 329, Bellville Pennsylvania, U. S. A. ZACHARIAS, ANNE Horndean, Man. ZAITSOFF, ELLEN Box 183 Kamsack, Sask. ZAITSOFF, MARGARET Box 183 Kamsack, Sask. “Herald and preach the Word! Keep your ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We wish to express our sincere thank you to you all our sponsors, who by, sense of urgency. ' 11 Timothy 4:2a their advertising, made the publication of (Amplifi ed) the “ 65 STAR” possible. We also thank THE GOSPEL MENNONITE CHURCH the faculty and students for their willing assistance in the preparation of this year¬ 232 Nassau St., Wpg. Pastor - B.W. SAWATSKY book. May God receive all the glory. The Star Staff Divider pages, courtesy GORDON REIMER 97 JVutograpfys . . INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS, LTD. Publishers — Manufacturers Yearbooks — Yearbook Covers Diplomas — Graduation Announcements Inkster Boulevard at Bunting Street Winnipeg, Manitoba

Suggestions in the Steinbach Bible Institute - Star Yearbook (Steinbach, Manitoba Canada) collection:

Steinbach Bible Institute - Star Yearbook (Steinbach, Manitoba Canada) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Steinbach Bible Institute - Star Yearbook (Steinbach, Manitoba Canada) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Steinbach Bible Institute - Star Yearbook (Steinbach, Manitoba Canada) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Steinbach Bible Institute - Star Yearbook (Steinbach, Manitoba Canada) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Steinbach Bible Institute - Star Yearbook (Steinbach, Manitoba Canada) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Steinbach Bible Institute - Star Yearbook (Steinbach, Manitoba Canada) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


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