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i : • Steinbach Bible School • ■■ PRINTED BY DERK8EN PRINTERS LTD,, STEINBACH, MAN. THE STAC “TEARo ROOK of the idle i CndeauouAiny to keep the unity of the. ifUnit in the- bond of peace. £plt. 4:3 S. B. S Rev. Ben D. Reimer Evangelism Doctrine History Bible Mission PniHcipxU ' A MeAAacje. Proverbs 14: 12; “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” As you look into the future, intent upon making your life count, not for self but for God, not for time only but for eternity, two ways beckon to you and claim your attention. One is man’s way, the other is God’s; one is the rational way, the other the way of faith. The one leads to a deep peace and satisfaction, even in the midst of trial and suffering, and eternal reward; the other to a sense of emptiness and heartache in the midst of plenty, and eter¬ nal loss. Referring to man’s way I am not think¬ ing of the unregenerate down and out, living in the mire and filth of the lust of the flesh. No one, looking ahead, plans for that way of life. I am thinking of the way which, according to man’s judgment, is respectable, ethical and honorable. The way that, generally speaking, people want to go; the way to popularity and success, which is so desirable; the way where you are not asked to put God out of your life, nor sacrifice all your principles. You are to be a Christian. You are to have prin¬ ciples. You are to use your good influences. But why take things so seriously? After all you are only human. Everybody has his good points. If you would only stop to take note of their efforts you would see them. Why, if you would put your shoulder to the wheel and your weight in the balances your part of the world will be lifted to a better and cleaner way of life. This is man’s way. Listen! No matter how high and lofty the ideals, they fall far short of God’s standard. No matter how great and good the intentions, they are but as filthy rags. No matter how potent the possibilities, they prove powerless to provide anything of lasting value. No matter how sacrificial the way of life, it is doomed to dismal failure; if we go man’s way. Which, then, is God’s way? It is the way of the cross. Being crucified with Christ once for all. After that a daily dy¬ ing to self and living for Christ. First make sure you are in this way, then be¬ seeching others to follow. For it is im¬ possible to see .God without holiness, to please God without faith, to enter heaven without the new birth. So let us go for¬ ward in the faith once delivered to the saints. Lift up the crucified and risen Saviour. Point sinners, respectable and others, to Him. This is the way to re¬ pentance, faith, peace, salvation and eter¬ nal bliss. — 2 — YEAR BOOK fyaouAUi Mr. Jacob N. Wittenberg Mennonite History Orientalism Ukrainian German Rev. G. S. Rempel New Testament English Mr. Archie Penner Christian Evidences Theology English Music — 3 — GEORGE UNGER He des Chenes, Man. „God forbid that I should glory save in the cross or our Lord Jesus Christ. ' C R U AM C I F with CHRIST ELVIRA FRIESEN Steinbac ' n, Man. “The Lord is my Rock, and my fortress, and my deliver¬ er; my God; my strength, in whom I will trust.” BUT ALIVE UNTO GOD KATHERINE F. LOEWEN Steinbach, Man. “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” I E D ELIZABETH WIEBE Castle Point, Man. “Looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before Him en¬ dured the cross.” — 4 — YEAR BOOK HiisiA Ijeasi e tUnosuf. “Not redeemed with corruptible things as silver and gold .... but with the precious blood of Christ.” 1 Pet 1: 18, 19. Three precious years I have spent at the Master’s feet, taking in the truths of the Gospel. Now the question comes to me: where does the Lord want to use me? I have learned that, before the Lord can use me, I must yield everything to Him, and become a vessel moulded after His will. My prayer for the future is that He might make me a “vessel fit for the Master’s use”. Elvira Friesen. It has been a great joy to have been able to attend Bible School these past three years, where many precious lessons were being taught from His Word. The blessed fellowship that we as stu¬ dents and teachers have had, has indeed been a great pleasure. My prayer and de¬ sire is that I might ever be walking with Jesus and trust Him more earnestly to lead me in His way. Katherine Loewen. The Lord has been gracious to me in letting me attend Bible School. I thank Him for it. It has been the means of est¬ ablishing my faith more firmly in the Word of God. which is so rich in truths and blessings. The communion and fel¬ lowship with Christians in prayer and study is precious. We have been allowed to take a glimpse at the wondrous love of Christ, which excels all other love. For 11118 lus.c ana dying world, including me, Jesus surterea bn uie cross of Calvary an mat an infinitely noiy Being could sut¬ ler of tne uivine displeasure against sin. inis He did tnat ye, tnrougn faith in His shea blood, mignt obtain mercy from and peace with Goa our Father. Not only Have we seen tne love of God, but also His righteousness, demanding absolute holi¬ ness. Therefore, my challenge goes out to those of you who are yet in your sins, to have your sins washed away in the pre¬ cious blood of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He will give you a robe of righte¬ ousness, so that we may altogether be ready at His appearing. My deepest desire and sincerest prayer is that I may joyfully serve my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ wherever He leads me. Elizabeth Wiebe. A Fareweee 6harge As we pause briefly on the threshold of the Steinbach Bible School, a diversity of mingled emotions surge through our entire being. It is with inward joy that we recall the precious moments of our fellow¬ ship with you in prayer, service and study. On the other hand, we acknowledge With regret our own failures and shortcom¬ ings, and our prayer is that you may take instruction and avoid them. As a parting word we charge you fel¬ low-students and future graduates with the words of Jesus as recorded in Luke 9: 23: “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow me. To follow Jesus means to do as He did. The only true example that we have of any one who willingly denied Himself, bore His own cross and who continued in the Father ' s will, was the Lord Jesus Christ. He willingly left His glory, con¬ descended to men of low estate to minist¬ er unio their needs. He willingly bore His cross by submitting entirely to the will of the Father, even if it meant to be “des¬ pised and rejected”, to be a man of “sor¬ rows and acquainted with grief” and death. Neither did He turn aside from His goal, but continued steadfastly in His purpose to “save His people from their sins.” For such followers the Lord Jesus Christ is calling today, to be His faithful witnesses in life and testimony. Are you willing to accept the charge? “I beseech you therefore, brethern, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.” The Valedictorian. 5 — S. B. S Second yean GIgAL Left to right: Helen Goertzen, Armand Gaudreau, Margaret Friesen, Jake Giesbrecht, Helen Reimer. Register Consecrated to Thy service. More and more to learn of Thee, Of the breadth and depth of mercy, And Thy wondrous love to me, Then the world with all It ' s glitter, All the more as dross I see And my heart is filled with longing,- Consecrate me, Lord, to Thee. Helen Goertzen Lorette, Man. Floods of joy o’er my soul. Like the sea billows roll. Since Jesus came into my heart. Gal. 2: 20 “I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” .Tac. L. Giesbrecht Lorette, Man. “Lord, lift me up and let me stand By faith on heaven’s table land. A higher plane than I have found, Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.” Helen Reimer Steinbach, Man. “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Phil. 4: 13. I am thankful for the privilege of attend¬ ing Bible School. Many are the blessings that we received in the study of God’s Word. Margaret Friesen Steinbach, Man. “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto Salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.” Romans 1: 16. Armand Gaudreau Steinbach, Man. Let none hear you idly saying There is nothing I can do. While the souls of men are dying. And the Master calls for you. Take the task He gives you, gladly. Let His work your pleasure be; Answer quickly when He calleth; Here am I; send me, send me! — 6 — ZZ YEAR BOOK ' Ihe. Miracle. QooJz ‘Forever, O Lord Thy Word is settled in heaven.” Psa. 119: 89. Consider with me for a moment how the mere existence of the Bible in our midst today is in itself a standing miracle. In our study of the epistle of Paul to the Romans we find that the oracles of God were committed unto the Jews for safe keeping. Although they misused them and were a failure as far as fulfilling God’s plan was concerned, yet the Scriptures re¬ ma ined intact. Infidels all through the ages have aim¬ ed to destroyed this Word. Rome has done her best to burn it and those that obeyed its teachings. Prophets have been stoned and killed yet their writings have been preserved until the present time in an un¬ adulterated manner. Today this Word rises up like a phoenix from the fire as much unharmed as were Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego by Ne- buchadnezzer’s fiery furnace. And fixed for everlasting years. Unmoved amid the wreck of years, Thy Word shall shine in cloudless day When heaven and earth shall pass away. Helen Goertzen. To Say a Word for ChiLit God gave me something very sweet To be mine own this day — A precious opportunity, A word for Christ to say; A soul that my desire might reach, A work to do for Him; And now I thank Him for His grace, Ere yet the light grows dim. I did not seek this blessed thing; It came a rare surprise, Flooding my heart with dearest joy, As, lifting wistful eyes. Heaven’s light upon a dear one’s face Shone plain and clear on mine; And there an unseen third, I felt, Was waiting — One Divine. No service that He sends me on Can be so welcome, aye, To guide a pilgrim’s weary feet Within the narrow way; To share the Shepherd’s quest, And so, by brake and fen, To find for Him His wandering lambs, The erring sons of men. The Steinbach Bible School has been privileged indeed to have had a number of outside speakers for its chapel services. The messages thus brought to the stu¬ dents have had a very inspiring effect upon the life of the school. The following speakers have visited the school during the past school year: Rev. H. P. Fast, (Fall Conference speak¬ er), Orienta, Oklahoma. Rev. John R. Barkman, (Founder of Grace Children’s Home), Henderson, Neb. Rev. Solomon Mouttet, (Field Director of “Go Ye” Mission), Chouteau, Okla. Rev. Allen J. Schultz, (Former Missionary and Famous Conference Speaker), Kit¬ chener, Ont. Rev. John Bueckert, (General Conference), Gretna, Man. Rev. Edwin Ratzlaff, (Under Appointment with the S. I. M.), Swift Current, Sask. Rev. Benj P. Janz, (E. M. B. Church), Steinbach, Man. So in this twilight hour I kneel. And pour my grateful thought In song and prayer to Jesus For the gifts this day hath brought. Sure never service is so sweet. Nor life hath so much zest, As when He bids me speak for Him, And then He does the rest. [f SPiflSffiS Rev. P. D. Friesen, (First Mennonite Church), Steinbach, Man. Rev. A. A. Regehr, (Mennonite Brethern), Steinbach, Man. Rev. Abram Doerksen, (Immanuel Menno¬ nite Mission Church), Steinbach, Man. Mr. John K. Reimer, (Western Gospel Mission), Arabella, Sask. Rev. Henry Rempel, (Mennonite Brethern) Saskatoon, Sask. ' Rev. Jacob F. Sawatzky, (General Confe¬ rence), Newton Kansas. Rev. Wm. Buhr, (British and Foreign Bible Society), Morden, Man. This Spring our Missionary Conference Speakers will include Rev. O. Leroy Lar¬ son, (New Tribes Mission) Rev. Worth Pearson, (Missionary from China and Mongolia). Mr. Stanley Johnson Bill McLeod (of Shantymen’s Christian Ass’n), and Rev. H. H. Dyck, (Field Direc¬ tor of the E. M. B. Conference), Mountain Lake, Minn. — 7 — S. B. S fyiAAt ' Ifea ' i GUu Back Row: Henry Voth, William Neufeld, Albert Schwarz, Abe Koop Gideon Mankey, John Gieshrecht Dave Schellenberg. Middle Row: Ben Dueck, Susan Goertzen, Nettie Goertzen, Neta Voth, Pete Reimer, William Wiebe. Front Row: Lydia Kroeker, Katie Friesen, Betty Kroeker, Louise Reimer, Matilda Reimer, Mary Wiebe, Elizabeth Koop. Roll Call Matilda Reimer, Steinbach, Man. Forgetting those things which are be¬ hind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark. Phil. 3: 13 and 14. Susan Goertzen, Steinbach, Man. For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. Phil. 1: 21. Elizabeth Koop, Hochstadt, Man. But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth me, that I am the Lord which exercise loving, kindness, judgment, and righteousness, in th,e earth: for in these things I delight, saith the Lord. Jer. 9: 24. Neta Voth, Steinbach, Man. You‘11 never know real peace till you know Jesus No matter how or where you try, For life is but loss without Him; Jesus, Jesus, He died on Calv ' ry’s cross to win our pardon, He rose to justify; He is coming soon to take us To reign with Him on high. Betty Kroeker, Lorette, Man. All things work together for good to them that love God. Romans 8: 28. Katie Friesen, Steinbach, Man. Whatsoever things are true . . . just . . . pure . . . lovely ... of good report, . . . think on these things. Phil. 4: 8. Lydia Kroeker, Steinbach, Man. Let us run with patience the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Heb. 12: 1 and 2. Nettie Goertzen, Lorette, Man. Every day with Jesus Is sweeter than the day before. Every day with Jesus 1 love Him more and more. Mary Wiebe, Castle Point, Man. He that heareth my word, and be- lieveth on him that sent me, hath ever¬ lasting life, and shall not come into con¬ demnation, but is passed from death unto life. John 5: 24. — 8 — YEAR BOOK Louise Reimer, Steinbach, Man. Having made known unto us the mys¬ tery of his will, according to his go i pleasure which he hath purposed in him¬ self, Eph. 1: 9. John Giesbrecht, Steinbach, Man. For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth. Romans 1: 16. Gideon Mankey, Steinbach, Man. Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Matt. 28: 20. Henry Voth, Steinbach, Man. Happy the man who feareth God Whose feet His holy way have trod; Thine own good hand shall nourish thee. And well and happy thou shalt be. Ben Dueck, Hochstadt, Man. I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Phil. 4: 13. Abe Koop, Hochstadt, Man. As the clay in the potter’s hand so are ye in mine hand. Jer. 18: 6. The Lord has called me to serve Him and my prayer is that I may yield myself completely to His will. William Wiebe, Castle Point, Man. But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5: 8. First Year “For where your treasure is there will your heart be also,” (Matt. 6 :21). In my boyhood days I wanted to under¬ stand God’s Word. I yearned for it. I felt it my duty to work for the Lord. God had called me often before. I finally yielded. Now I want to work for Him wherever He will send me. Before my heart was of this world, but not now. I have something better, a per¬ sonal Saviour. I started my Christian work in Sunday School and did my best, but noticed that I lacked understanding of God’s Word. I thought of the Bible School. But no, that place I had often jeered at, criticized and rejected. But what wonders Christ works in our hearts if we give Him a chance. How marvelously Christ changed my Peter Reimer, Giroux, Man. Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. Heb. 4: 16. William Neufeld, Arden, Man. Oh, let us lay up riches Where Jesus Christ abides Where we shall have eternal life And joy that ne’er subsides. Albert Schwarz, Kleefeld, Man. How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? Romans 10: 14. Dave Schellenberg, Steinbach, Man. We never can prove The delights of his love. Until all on the altar we lay; For the favour He shows. And the love He bestows, Are for them who will trust and obey. — To-morrow is the fool’s day for wis¬ dom, the knave’s day for honesty, the procrastinator’s day for decision, the sluggard’s day for action, the sinner’s day for repentance. — We sow a thought, and reap an act; we sow an act, and reap a habit; we sow a habit, and reap a character; we sow a character, and reap a destiny. Testimony heart’s attitude towards all spiritual ac¬ tivities. Fellow Christians, regard all Christian work carefully, for it is the Lord’s work. Let us labour more zealous¬ ly together for Christ’s cause. The Bible School has done wonders for me. Christian, if you are not where God would have you, you are missing some of His choicest bles¬ sings for you. I thank God for the teachers that He has chosen for this work. They are using their time to instruct us in God’s Word. I know that I will never be able to repay them, but God will. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoso¬ ever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John Giesbrecht. — How majestic is the true orator, who speaks not because he has to say some¬ thing, but because he has something to say. — The fingers of your thoughts are cease¬ lessly, unremittingly, continually, per¬ sistently, doggedly, silently, shaping your immortal destiny. 9 S. B. S Wlud U PRAYER “Behold I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to him, and will slip with him, and he with me.’’ Rev. 3: 20. I think this verse explains very plainly what prayer is. To pray is to let Jesus come into our hearts. Jesus knocks at our heart’s door. Thereby He moves us to pray and makes known His desire to come in unto us. If we listen to Him, and pray, it is always a result of Jesus’ knocking at our heart’s door. He knocks in order to move us, by prayer, to open the door and accept the gift which He has already ap¬ pointed for us. Prayer is also spoken of as the breath of the soul. We know that in order to keep our physical body alive, we have to exer¬ cise our organs of respiration. Just as es¬ sential is prayer, to keep our spiritual life in existence. Prayer is the organ by which we receive Christ into our parched and withered hearts. As quietly as air enters into our lungs while breathing, Jesus en¬ ters into our hearts while praying. What intimate and joyous fellowship there is be¬ tween God and man, through the means of prayer. Betty Kroeker. SuAveyUuf the Stwdhj, oj 6hm; mAN DOCTRIMJB In our study of the Bible I have found Christian Doctrine to be one of the most interesting and important subjects. I would like to call this the laying of the foundation. We know that a house no matter how well it may be built, if it does not have a sou nd foundation, we cannot expect it to remain in good shape and con¬ dition. Our aim in study, therefore, is to lay a good foundation. Nature itself can reveal to us that there must be someone who created, and now upholds, or sustains, all things. But the Bible tells us even more. It tells us that God is the only God who existed from all eternity. God is a Trinity: of Father, Son and tloly Spirit. He is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. He is truth and holiness. He even has innumerable multi¬ tudes of angels ministering to Him. He created the whole universe and all that is in it. How wonderful! If we would only examine it more carefully. Everything is made after certain laws, with a certain design, for a definite purpose. We have great men in this modern age who have constructed marvelous things, but none of these are so good that they cannot be improved. It is not so with God’s creations. They are perfect. When God finished the creation of this world; the animals, the plants, human beings, He saw everything that He had made, and, behold, it was “very good”. Gen. 1: 31. How true this was. The Creator is greater than His cre¬ ation. How great then does God become to us! Truly, no one else than a fool would dare to say that all these things came in¬ to existence by themselves. The Bible tells us even more. The power¬ ful angel, Lucifer, was created by God in a perfect and holy state. But, sad to say, one day iniquity was found in him and he thus fell. Eze. 28. The wisest and most beautiful angel then became the arch¬ enemy of God. He has destroyed the be¬ auty of God’s creation to some extent. Even man who was created after God’s image has chosen to obey Satan, and there¬ by has become an alien to the One who created him. Every human being is guilty of desert¬ ing God and God would have, perfect right to let every one perish together with Satan. But in His great love He could not bear to see us all go down to the pit of destruction. Therefore He sent His only begotten Son into the world that whoso¬ ever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Someone has said there is a red stream of blood flowing all through the Bible. The Bible tells us that without shedding of blood is no re¬ mission. Heb. 9: 22. Truly, the preach¬ ing of the cross is to them that perish foolishness: but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. 1 Cor. 1: 18. God’s Word is like an anvil which wears the hammers out. Skeptics have struck this Anvil many a hard blow but it has stood the test of the ages. Great efforts have been made to destroy it completely from the face of the earth, but thank God we still have this true Revelation of God. Peter Reimer. 10 ooeaina, YEAR BOOK ' Bible School A Night School Class Evening School Enrollment Bernard Friesen, Steinbach, Man. Henry Harms, Morris, Man. John Hoeppner, Steinbach, Man. John D. Loewen, Steinbach, Man. Harry Neufeld, Steinbach, Man. Abram D. Reimer, Steinbach, Man. Menno Reimer, Steinbach, Man. Peter B. Reimer, Steinbach, Man. John D. Stoesz, lie des Chenes, Man. George Unger, lie des Chenes, Man. Peter Voth, Steinbach, Man. Mrs. John Giesbrecht, Steinbach, Man. Annie Koop, Steinbach, Man. Helen Koop, Steinbach, Man. Katherine Loewen, Steinbach, Man. Alice Penner, Steinbach, Man. Henrietta Reimer, Steinbach, Man. Nora Rieger, Steinbach, Man. Diana Toews, Steinbach, Man. Elvira Voth, Steinbach, Man. Walter Barkman, Steinbach, Man. Benny Eidse, Morris, Man. ! Qntuull Our human life is mostly a series of little things or events of a routine nature. But every now and then it happens that something unusual occurs which has an important bearing on our whole life. Only once or twice in our lifetime, however, will it happen that some grand opportunity comes our way when everything depends on the kind of decision we make. Further¬ more, it may be the kind of opportunity where only one decision seems possible, so clearly the issue presents itself to our considered judgment. In just such a way, has God presented the Steinbach Bible School with an oppor¬ tunity for the advancement of the King¬ dom of God, which we dare not brush a- side at this time. If our Bible School is to develop fur¬ ther along the lines of sound academic and Scriptural learning and attract a large number of out of town students we must have a dormitory where the students will have all the fellowship and supervision they need, twenty-four hours a day. Our present site has no adequate room for such a building and the adjacent lots have been taken up for residential pur¬ poses. There is, however, one very suit¬ able lot with two small residences on it right next to the Bible School, which has now been offered to us for $2000.00. There are several people who want to buy it if we cannot raise this amount by May the first. Our Bible School needs this property and we feel very definitely God’s guidance to purchase it, but we need your support, dear Christian friend. We need your pray¬ ers to God to give us the money within the time limit and we need your own contri¬ butions whether large or small. May God bless you in your cheerful giving. Address your contributions to Rev. P. J. B. Reimer, Sec.-Treas., Steinbach Bible School, Steinbach, Man. 11 S. B. S. MOiAGSVi Daily Vacation Bible School We have been privileged in teaching Summer Vacation Bible School, it is a great joy to work with children, whose hearts are open for Gospel truth. And how important it is that they he taught the way of salvation, for it is these children that are going to make the nation. Did Christ not say, “Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God”. Luke 18: 16. A co-worker and I arrived at our des¬ tination earlv one Monday morning. We hurriedly gathered out the material need¬ ed and our Bibles. We then walked off to the small school house. We were surprised to see so many happy faces there the first morning. On enquiring they told us that they had no Sunday School nor any other religious teaching outside the Daily Va¬ cation Bible School. Having gathered in our seats, we open¬ ed our class by singing a few songs, Scrip¬ ture reading and prayer. After the roll call followed the Bible story, which was al¬ ways very interesting to them. This was especially true about the story of creation, which te ' ls how God made heaven and earth, sky and sea, and all that is in it. The memory work was very successful. The children were eager to recite the verses. After a few games outside, we regather¬ ed for a short period of singing. The fa¬ vorite choruses sung were those with mo¬ tions. With equal enthusiasm they did the handwork provided by the material and in accord with the suggestions given. We were sorry when the period was over and we close for the day. In the afternoon the co-worker and I visited the parents in the district, and we had many a blessing with them. When the two weeks of teaching were over, we had a special programme. It was rendered by the children. They all invited the parents to come and listen. May some seed have fallen into the hearts of the ch’Tdren that will count for eternity. Work like this has taken place in many other schools during the summer. The Principal of the Bible School organizes them. Whoever feels that God wants him for this work has an opportunity to do something for the Lord. Elvira Priesen. — 12 — • YEAR BOOK _ _ ACTIVITI1 PRACTICAL WORK Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Master-teacher, during His earthly minist¬ ry, after having instructed His disciples for some time, sent them forth to other towns and villages. Our teachers have seen the wisdom and value of this method of work and are exerting increasing ef¬ forts to follow this example. For this reason practical work has been given a more prominent position in the curriculum of school activities. Bi-weekly Sunday Evening Services are being conducted at Chortitz. Other meet¬ ings have also been held at Hochstadt, Ekron and Willowridge. In all of these the students participated actively, bring¬ ing forth the old Gospel story in song, re¬ citation and word. A special program of house visitations has been launched this year. The individu¬ al homes of this town are being visited by the students who volunteer for the work. This group is under the direction and supervision of Brother A. Gaudreau, a Christian worker who has had previous experience along this line of labor for the Master. In addition to this the students serve in various capacities in their home churches. Practically half of the students are S. S. teachers. Others distribute gospels and tracts of their own accord or as members of the Western Tract Mission. An increasing number of students have gone forth during the past months to do some work in the Lord’s vineyard. Much grace and strength is required to go and testify in the name of Jesus, but the Lord gives freely to all who ask. The reports from the students are inspiring. Much joy in service has been received. The Word of God has been sown and “it shall not re¬ turn unto me void”, (Isa. 55: 11). This practical work has proved to strengthen our faith and to urge us on to go deeper with the Lord. George Unger. SCHOOL CHORUS “Serve the Lord with gladness, come be¬ fore His presence with singing.” Psalm 100 : 2 . Isn’t it remarkable that even with sing¬ ing we can serve the Lord. Many weary souls are refreshed through the ministry of song, others are inspired to serve, still others are won to Christ by it. Since Christ our Saviour has saved us He has put a new song into our hearts, even praise unto our God. Therefore all students gather twice a week for regular singing practices so as to train our voices to sing in harmony the songs of redemp¬ tion and praise. These practices are under the capable direction of Mr. Penner, our choir leader. To assist us in acquiring new tunes, our singing is accompanied by music of the piano which is played by Sister Elvira Friesen. These practices not only aid us to sing but also prove to be a means of rich spiritual blessings. Elizabeth Wiebe. PRACTICAL WORK REPORT The Bible School conducted another meeting at Chortitz on Sunday, January 19. The attendance was exceptionally good with many young people present. One of the Bible School students told the child¬ ren the story of Zachaeus. Rev. B. D. Reimer’s message was based on 2. Cor. 5:10; “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his own body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.” He made it very clear to us as Christians that we must be working and building on the foundation that is laid and that for all good works there will be a great reward. Wm. Wiebe. SOCIAL LIFE In Bible School we are being built up in our spiritual life but our social life is not neglected either. Not only are we taught how to conduct ourselves socially but also how to conduct social gatherings. Our first gathering was conducted by the teachers but the students had charge of the Christmas family gathering. Young Christians must have Christian social ac¬ tivities and therefore we must learn how to conduct them in a Christian manner. On November 7, the teachers had plan¬ ned an interesting social evening. Every¬ one entered heartedly into the games, choruses, Bible Quiz contests and testi¬ monies. The teachers and their wives then served a savory lunch. After that follow¬ ed a short devotional period of prayer. Another gathering took place on De¬ cember 22. This time the parents of the students were cordially invited. After a short program, rendered by the students everyone was invited for a little lunch. The gathering proved to be beneficial in a threefold way: our parents saw the work done in the school, they became bet¬ ter acquainted with the students and fa¬ culty, and they also became better ac¬ quainted with each other. The meeting was dismissed with prayer. Katie Friesen. 17 — S. B. S uun rnAv UV iild nuun We at btuueuici tt;ei yi ' iviiefeea Lilac cild tettcueics nave a.iictu eu lux ' uo c»_» nave u,n uour veeiv, in which wc can pui to practice wua,c we nave leaincu in our ocudies. jcuvery Wednesday tne students togetner wim me teacners urm cuon. mncu auu nave a urue of iciiowsuip. Alter iuc unci lunch period we nave me meeting. start¬ ing witn tne grauuateb, eacn one or tne tnree classes nas a cuance to rciiuer a program, ine students nave me cnoice of deciding wnat kina of a program tney wilt nave, a Sunday Scnooi mass, a roung People ' s Meeting or a BiDle Class. mule questions, songs, poems and messages are rendered. Eacn student is given a place in the program. Tne meeting is then con¬ structively criticized wnicn lias proved very beneficial. Louise Keimer. THE BIBLE SCHOOL LIBRARY “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and alight unto my path.” Psa. fill: luo. There is great truth in me statement that a person is known by the books that he reads. Read base literature and the result is a contaminated mind, but read a book of higher standards and you are urged to higher motives for your life. For this and many other reasons a Bible School library is a necessity. The School library consists of the books that will without question help us spirit¬ ually. Some of the authors of these books are: Dr. Ironside, Dr. Harry Rimmer, Dr. John Rice, 0. Hallesby, Dr. Arthur Brown and Dr. Appelman. In the library we have books on the “Bible and Science”, Bible expositions, a number of commentaries on the whole Bible including one of forty volumes by Dr. W. B. Riley and one set of thirteen volumes by James Smith. Then there are some biographies of some true men of God like Gipsy Smith, etc. But still there is a Book, which is above all other books, the Bible. We have been blessed while studying this Book in all our subjects. If, when reading other books, we gain friends, how much more should Jesus Christ become our friend. He be¬ came a friend to me when I accepted Him as my Saviour. The Bible reflected my life as a sinner, but also showed me the exceeding riches of His grace which I now- have in Jesus Christ. Matilda Reimer. WORSHIP PERIOD At 9:30 every morning the students and teachers gather for morning worship. After singing a song unitedly, the teacher who leads the worship period, also leads us in a word of prayer. Then he will bring us a short message. Most of the messages brought by the teachers deal with the Christian walk according to the Scriptures. There will be a continual fight against sin and temptations, for when Christ comes into our hearts the strife between the natural man and the Spirit of Christ is apparent. We have the promise of power given to us to overcome temptations if we but have faith. Becoming a child of God means separation from sin and tne world. It is impossible to grasp the world w-itii one hanu and reach out and contact God with ihe other. We must run tne race that is set before us that we may obtain a crown of life. It is necessary tnat our body is brought into subjection lest we be a castaway 1 Cor. 9: 3 7 or in other words be put on the shelf. Christians should bear fruit. If they do not they are cut off being useless and hindering the useful Christians, John 15: 1-16. Only through Christians can the Kingdom of God be furthered. They should have a love for the sinner. Christ came to seek and save that which is lost. He said, “follow me” there¬ fore we should do the same and be true “Fishers of men.” After the message we have prayer. This time it is by any of the students. Thus strengthened for the day we now go to our classes. Mary Wiebe. ANTICIPATION A current rumor has caught my ear. This time it is about introducing a High School department into Bible School. Comments on this from reliable sources are: “Plans progressing favorably, con¬ templating opening next fall.” I am viewing this development with renewed anticipation. The privilege of being able to ' complete my High School training in an institution, where Christian influence is predominant, appeals favor¬ ably to my mind. The morning chapel services, aside from the countless Dlessings received from them are also very instructive. They ex¬ ert a powerful controlling and upbuilding influence in my life. The attendance at these services would enable me to better prepare, not only for this world, but also for the next. On the other hand the rapidly growing library, which was only opened a few months ago, and already contains more than two hundred volumes, has aroused my interest. The numerous reference books, including the Universal Encyclope¬ dia, are very beneficial and of great edu¬ cational value. The other reading and studying material, written mostly by eminent Christian men, is a stimulant for spiritual life. Much Biblical knowledge can be gained from them. I am convinced that the teaching facul¬ ty will endeavor to do its utmost to in¬ struct the students in the fundamentals of the Christian faith. For these reasons and other advantages that are bound to follow as this department progresses, I am viewing the situation with great antici¬ pation. George Unger. — 18 — " YEAR BOOK =IZZZ= 174 Board of DIRECTORS Standing- Mr. P. G. Toews; Mr. Benj. L. Reimer (Vice-Pres.) Seated (left to right) : Mr. Gerhard Voth; Rev. P. J. R. Reimer. See.-Treas.; Rev. G. S. Rempel, Pres.; Mr. J T. Loewen: Mr. Abr. L. Reimer. AND It was on a Saturday morning, September 3, 1938, when thirteen men, representing four local churches, met to organize ou Steinbach Bible School Society and elect its first board of Directors. The following were elected: Peter Riesen, George Klie- wer, Peter J. B. Reimer, Jacob G. Kor- nelsen, C. P. Barkman, Henry P. Brandt, and John G. Baerg. This board was made responsible for the upkeep and the ad¬ ministration of the Bible School. One year later the society decided to build a new Bible School. In fall, 1939 the present building was erected and dedicat¬ ed to the Lord in an impressive ceremony. The enrollment of students has varied but around a hundred Christian men and wo¬ men have given the school their unwaver¬ ing support. As a whole the School has been able to make slow but steady pro¬ gress. However, new times create new prob¬ lems. There has been an ever increasing demand for opening a High School de¬ partment alongside with the Bible De¬ partment. The directors have given this much thought and have finally decided to fall in line with this demand. A young, efficient High School teacher has been pro cured and arrangements are being mad to teach Grades IX, X and XI in the Bible School this fall, September 1947. Now, if it is true that the prayers and donations of our good .Christian Bible School ' friends have made it possible to keep this institution open during all these years without interruptions, it is even more true that we will need much addi¬ tional support to make these extensions in service. Instead of 5%, 10%, or 25% sup¬ port could we not give our Bible School 50% or even 100% support. “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap if we faint not.” Rev. P. J. B. Reimer. — 19 S. B. S • « « i When the great plants of our cities Have turned out their last finished work; When our merchants have sold their last yard of silk And dismissed the last tired clerk When the Judge of the earth says, “Close up for the night”, And asks for a balance — WHAT THEN? When the choir has sung its last anthem, And the preacher has made his last prayer; When the people have heard their last sermon And the sound has died out on the air; When the Bible lies closed on the altar; And the pews are all empty of men And each one stands facing the records — And the Great Book is opened — WHAT THEN? When the actors have played their last drama, And the mimic has made his last fun, When the film has flashed its last picture. And the billboard displayed its last run; When the crowds seeking pleasure have vanished, And gone out in the darkness again, When the trumpet of ages is sounded, And we stand before Him—WHAT THEN? When th e bugle’s call sinks into silence And the long marching columns stand still, When the captain repeats his last orders. And they’ve captured the last fort and hill. And the flag has been hauled from the mast head, And the wounded afield are checked in, And the world that rejected its Saviour, Is asked for a reason — WHAT THEN? — 20 — ' YEAR BOOK _ III I I CAM P FOR AND S P I R I T U A L B E N E F I T H A p P Y F E L L O W S H I P AT “The young children ask bread and no man breaketh it unto them.” Lamen¬ tations 4: 4. “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them.“ Ecclesiastes 12: 1. In these dark days the world as a whole, and especially the Christian world, is ask¬ ing, “How can we hold our children and youth, what can we do to stop juvenile delinquency, and how can we train them for the Lord?”Several individuals, mindful of the situation, made it a definite point of prayer and the Lord laid it upon their hearts to open a Christian camp for child¬ ren and youth. We praise God for the way He has led. He has provided us with an appropriate camp site in the Whiteshell Forest Reserve at Red Rock Lake, approximately ninety- five miles east of Winnipeg. This is one of Manitoba’s exquisite beauty spots, with a forest of evergreens and various other trees; a clear, calm lake with a fine sandy beach; and the graceful deer which are quite prevalent, add to the beauty of the scenery. The objective of this project is the sal¬ vation of souls, and furthermore, to build them up in the faith, to give them spiritual food and Bible training. Time will also be given to wholesome recreation and super¬ vised play, however the main object shall be kept before those who attend. This is a work of faith and consequent¬ ly places a definite responsibility upon all those who love our Lord Jesus Christ and who want to see His work advance. The Lord has placed His seal of approval up¬ on this undertaking by beginning to sup¬ ply us with workers and funds. We need your prayer, funds and help to have every¬ thing in readiness by the time our first camp is to commence, on June 30, 1947, Your prayers and co-operation will be gratefully appreciated. OL jSt ' r e ( iociation oj Stsintjacfi, A( anitoC T a — 21 — S. B. S. — REIN -r------ - Shop at 1ERS DRESS SHOPPE DRESSES HANDBAGS MILLINERY SUITS and COATS. STEI1 - - - -- , VBACH - J ’ ' ' ' — — ——- K. B. Reimer Son MASSEY HARRIS Sales and Service STEINBACH MAN. Phone 84-2 - - ..... . t C. T. LOEWEN SONS LTD. Western Canadas Largest Bee Supply House And serving all provinces in the Dominion with Bee Supplies Lumber and Building Material, Ice and Fuel for Steinbach and District STEINBACH Phone 1-2 MANITOBA — 22 — YEAR BOOK Congratulations; Graduates! May your walk through life be “a sweet smelling savour unto our Lord and Master. Eph. 5: 2. J. T. LOEWEN Contractor Steinbach Man. Greetings to the graduates and students of the Steinbach Bible School from Christian Publications Service dealers in Christian Literature Sunday School School and Office Supplies -i Wishing the student body and teachers every success and God’s richest Blessings, not only for this year, but through¬ out all the years in His Service. PENNERS ' GARAGE STEINBACH Phono 56-2 MAN. — 23 — S. B. S. nr jj Compliments to the Student Body and Faculty of Steinbach Bible School J.E. REGEHR SONS LTD. “Your Chrysler Dealer” Steinbach Phone :{ ! 1 Chrysler - Plymouth - Fargo Compliments of Loewen Garage Ltd. “The Home of General Motor Products” Steinbach Man. Wishing graduates and students God’s richest blessing for the future P. D. Reimer ' s Bargain Store Groceries Glassware Confectionary Small Ware Lcda toed fyeedt fpsi auesuf, Uu itocJz need Manufactured fresh daily by STEINBACH FEED SERVICE MILL Steinbach Phone 59-1-1 — 24 — Compliments of YEAR BOOK — ' " y(- STEINBACH FLOUR MILLS STEINBACH. MANITOBA Specializing in MEN’S and BOYS’ CLOTHING Suits, Overcoats, Top coats Sport coats, Trousers, Hats, Parkas, Windbreakers, and all manner o! Haberdashery S. Rieger Tailor and Gent’s Clothier BROOKSIDETHATCHERY LTD. Steinbacli ‘4 Phone 1 Man. Poultry - Stock Feeds Supplies - Equipment Egg Grading Station B rook.side etter red a by CHICKS and Be? POULTS BREEDERS OF QUALITY POULTRY SINCE 1913 ”vc- Ebenezer Book Store Bibles and Testaments, Church and Sunday School Supplies. Etc. 1 The Steinbach Lumber Yards Hardware Store Lumber, Lathes, Shingles Mouldings, Bee Supplies, Sash And Doors, All Kinds Of Mill Work Cement, Lime And Plaster Bricks And Coal Building Paper, Nails And Builder’s Hardware. — 25 S. B. S ' -if t The Western Gospel Mission Wishing that you may be richly bles¬ sed in your service for our Lord Jesus Christ. “Be ye steadfast, unmovable always abounding in the work of the Lord”. 1 Cor. 15: 58. Emmanuel Mennonite Mission Church As Church and Sunday School we ex¬ tend our hearty greetings and best wishes to the Faculty and Students of the Steinbach Bible School. Search the Scriptures for in them ye think ye have eternal life, and they are they which testify of me. St. John 5: 39. J L. The Steinbach Bible Class Congratulates The Graduates, Student Body, and Faculty of the Steinbach Bible School. 2. Tim. 2: 15. “Study to show thy¬ self approved unto God . . .” BIBLE CLASS MEETING EVERY TUESDAY 7:45 S. B. S. AUDITORIUM You are invited! Greetings to Graduates and Students of the Steinbach Bible School The Hochstadt Young Peoples Meeting Bi-weekly meetings held Friday nights JL. The members and friends of the E. M. B. Youth Fellowship Extends their heartiest congratula¬ tions to the Graduating Class of 1947 May the Lord of all Grace make you fruitful in every good work. United Christian Endeavour Society Extends greetings to the Faculty and Students of S. B. S. Greetings to the graduates and students of the Steinbach Bible School from the Bergthaler Church “Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom. Col. 3: 10. The F ' irst Mennonite Church Choir extends their warmest greetings to the Students and Faculty. “Be ye steadfast, unmovable always abounding in the work of the Lord, for as much as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.” 1 Cor. 15: 58. — 26 — J L,_i C. YEAR BOOK c futocj xajilii — 27 — r End of October 1947 Watch for Dates Main Feature ■ Two scientific sound Films: " The God of Creation " and " The God of the Atom " Produced by the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago These two masterpieces marvellously prove the Word of God l---- -- -J 1 MUMostA a ntuuieJt pxxje 14- £ jt yabe ict) biefe donate utifereg Sieu» jte§ yier gefeften unb tm ©eifte ntetne SJIicte uuer bas? grojse ifeio t)ter tm jubojmcyen Ma= nttooa ictjmexyen lapeit, too Aaujenoe mm Menlcyen leben. )Oann jttcyt es mir ins yerg, menu id) un» ter aU btejen unjterwicyen ©eeien, feme, ober nut gan j roemge jinbe, bie ba gum lebenbigen tsiauuen getommen pub —. su, mte tiaung, iiicyt roayr? ' yiun jteyen. loir tjier als fcymad)e iiidjtleiu in btejer graven iftnjtetTus, urn fitt ben etrn au leucyten. (Sott yetye unSl d) mar oom Id. ois gum 10. tiuar in Meutiino. itonnten letber megen bem piicym barett (scftneejturnt feme i8er|amtnlungen tit ber Stircye yaben. (Sott lentt ya aileS. tbSir Ijac ten groet in rtbatt)aufern unb burften efltcye igeime bejudjen. idiar tn etnem Jjjeitn, tno SSruber SBiebe fdjon btel gearbeuet yatte. ilUS id) ytnfam, mar bte $rau uebruat unb |ud)te ben yrteben mtt (Soft. 2d) toar pm!) bag tdj biejen armen, yungrtgen ©eeten bas (ioangeuunt fagen burj te. dbir lafen gujatnmen bag assort, jpracyen baritber unb beteten; |o etltctje Male. mnbitdj fagte )te, bafe fie eg glauben unb yalfen tonnte, baft ber £ err °tejus aud) fur iyie (sdimben ge= This is one of the most important sub¬ jects we study in Bible School. In it we learn the necessity of mission work. The duties of a missionary are clearly explain¬ ed. Then also we make a thorough survey of the field, which is the world. It is to be understood that “missions” means to proclaim the gospel to all men everywhere. To proclaim a message there must be something that can be given with authority. This is certainly the case here, for the Lord Himself has commanded to preach the gospel to every creature. “Gospel” means “good tidings”, and tid¬ ings can only bear any significance to those who are ignorant of them, and they can only be “good tidings” to those who hear them. Certainly, the gospel carries the best message that anyone can receive. It expressly tells of the only Saviour who died for our sins, was buried and rose a- gain. (Cor. 15: 3-4). “And by him all that believe are justified from all things . . ” (Acts 13: 39). The following verse, “Nei¬ ther is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” (Acts 4: 12), explains why Jesus wants every creature everywhere to hear this glorious gospel.. The preceeding Bible verses bear the message while the following show the duties of a missionary. Christ in His last words to the disciples said, “As my Father hath sent me, even so send I you (John 20: 21). “Ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, . . . and unto the utter¬ most part of the earth.” (Acts 1: 8). It is evident that a true missionary must have something to witness of. He must be luuueu )ei, uno pe put) jeiu tomue. ioeiet jut uiqe (vamuve, beau pe orauajen uott) met uuieuuet|Ulig till ueutu Aieueu. oO lute (per, leijeu mu uueiau uie uejen puten bet ueueu vuueit non tpejajimpei ojepy itmeueu. GmcP tiuenbs taut etu junger Maiui jelji bebtuat £U uus uuo )ugte, uajj tyiu ]eme uuoemap jeyt icyiuet mat uno er ntucyte to© oauou. b£uO) luugeieiu laieiptaa), loeten uuo Aiejeu, jujaute er inta.) nut eitunal nut flarem kuute an unb jpraa), „2 guess, it ' s fait!) " , ty |agte, „Ayat is au. " anuin tonnte er ai» tes japea uno jejt glauueu, cap jetne AsunbetP Ittjuio tynt augenotmnen jet. pa.) glauote es U)tn aua). kiseuye yieuoeupunben pno |olct)es: mang munOeroar, menu ber (Detp isiuttes bas 4perg eimnai erjabt. vtud) l)ter Ijauen (lie jdjimpei: Mteben bt e gio e, grope Uiorarbett getan. (Pott fegne biejen jungen Mann unb er aL te tyn uuo geoe tym met trrtenntnts uno iasacystum, Oeun er t]t etn iiatyoltf. tss t]t jeyr met tuoeit unb es jeylen meyt ' jlroetter. i A er :g err moue uns bie)eroen jcyeiu ten. itietet fur uns unb bie (sacye bes vt 1111 - benn es gtot mete aud) |d)toere it’ampfe. Hieter JJtaaeus. born again and must carry the love of Christ in his heart. Whosoever has these qualities is responsiDie to witness to everyone that he possibly can, may it be at home, on the street, in Dusmess, in church, Sunday School, or in the foreign field. God wants all men everywhere to be saved, for He is “not willing that any should perish.” 2 Pet. 3: 9. In studying the “mission, field” we find that there are hundreds of thousands of people in each country, including Canada, who have never heard of the only salva¬ tion. Most of these have some kind of a false religion by which they can never ob¬ tain true peace of heart no matter how ac¬ curately they observe their Church laws. What they need is the religion which brings them the loving Savior who washed their sins away with His own blood that He shed on the cross, for “without the shedding of blood is no remission.” (Heb. 9: 22.) Now, if we take into consideration all the other countries besides Canada, we know that there are millions of people on this earth who are living in utter darkness. Ih Ephesians 2, we read that they are “dead in trespasses and sins” vs. 1 “by nature the children of wrath,” vs. 3, “with¬ out Christ, being aliens . . . having no hope, and without God in the world.” vs. 12 . What a challenge to us, who have been saved by grace through faith in Him, who gave His life a ransom for us, that we car¬ ry forth this message with gratitude for what has been done for us, and with love to the lost. “Pray ye therefore the Lord of the har¬ vest, that he will send forth labourers in¬ to his harvest.” Matth. 9: 38. Elizabeth Wiebe.

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