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Steelton Highspire High School - Steel High Yearbook (Steelton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Cover

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Q12 Zfwmkkwwoervw , f ,, 'JJ Clif Jfffwfl AX ff! A ,.A, Ckji Q C: , ,wf'z,g1Lgf4, e Q , L11 filcwzfgri ba' My .LU-QDYA. , sgf 4.1 . Q-. ffm CWB' W QQ 'Q fn Ei :,1,, .eV-.. if V . we 1 3- ,W 5 w N H8 ' , w n , Q W Sf ar' W' ,A W ,, s MM.. Th S CI f st It Hghp HghShI st It P yl P t JM! 7 o X X '4 if JX 'rj ff C9 Nothing is more excellent than knowledge". John of Damascus FOREWORD We the graduating class of Steelton- Highspire High School have chosen knowledge as the theme for the 1967 Steel- High. We have designated the Lamp of Knowledge to symbolize this theme, for knowledge is the light that brightens the ho- rizon of our future and opens the door to success. We hope that the flame of knowledge that has been kindled at Steel- High will continue to burn brightly in the years to come. X 2 , O 0 O rfb F5 Qin-ul J CONTENTS DEDICATION FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION ACTIVITIES SPORTS UNDERCLASSIVIEN SENIORS PATRONS M I 3 DEDICATION iz 'il' IVIARLIN H. COLYER U I We the class of nineteen hundred sixty-seven dedicate this edition of the STEEL-HIGH to Marlin H. Colyer. In his years at Steel-High, lVlr. Colyer has served as a devoted teacher, an energetic administrator, and a helpful friend to the student body and our class in particular. In gratitude, we extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for this guidance and understanding throughout our years at Steel-High. 4- X To the Class of 1967: It is gratifying when recognition comes within one's periphery of society. To be recognized within one's group is a far greater recognition than a weak applause from a wide area outside one's circle. To be chosen for this honor gives me a satisfied feeling that a teacher's life is not without reward. Nlay you take from this school all that a devoted faculty could impart. Retain all that is goody reject all that is not good. Study with determinationg work with zealg and play with satisfaction. Do all this under our Father's guidance. May you achieve success and happiness with good health. Sincerely, 5 "He who knows should rule, and he who does not know should obey." Italian Proverb A.2qniyA.-,. A , bvmh! XM W pf 0555 5 N . 11 ' -i .-,'.'is9?555f?,f - will if it C. P. Hoy B.S., M.Ed. Principal BOARD OF EDUCATION M. H. Colyer B.S., M.Ed Assistant Principal i Clockwise: Ernestine Lanza, William G. Wilson, Jr., Joseph Labashousky, Howard Gilmore, Emil J. Posega, Kenneth P. Weaver, John Urich, V. C. Pugliese, Dr. William J. Albright, C. F. Chandler. H. T. Griffith B.S., M.Ed. L. C. Derr B.S., M.Ed. Ed. D. Assistant Superintendent Superintendent 8 wa 2.131 ,.. , , f 5. Jacqueline B, Qrewn Tina Curry Lois J. Guistwhite Katherine M Hoy B.S., M.S. B.A. BA- Ph-B I 1 - B I X X ' - ' Qt , .ss . , Rachael Nisley Nelda phillips J, Robinson Sylva M. Steigleman A.B. B.S. B.S. , E Big- Marcia Veleneia Anne Adams Zart Grace Zimmerman B.S. B.S. B.S. ENGUSH-LANGUAGE Skills in English and language arts are a necessity in this modern world. The English and Language Departments of Steelton-Highspire are striving to better the minds of the students through the teaching of English grammar and literature, modern and classical languages, and public speaking. English at Steel-High is required of every student in grades seven through twelve. In order to prepare each student for his future endeavors, each English course includes grammar, literature, vo- cabulary, and spelling. ' Latin and French are offered in grades nine through twelve to aca- demic students preparing for college. Students may avail themselves to three years of French andfor two years of Latin. Speech is a compulsory course which covers one semester of the senior year. It includes instruction in public speaking, and enables the student to participate in discussions and formal debates. V 9 B ii i 'B iw www' George E. Cole Sr. Edwin A. Higgins Paul E. Himelwright Doyle W. lvey B 5 B S B S B S SW i .ill Ronald Maravich D0r18ld Rineer Pall' C- Sham? Jf- B A B s, A B IVIMigiTIcl-SCIEBRICE Math and science, offered at Steel-High, are impor- tant subjects which prepare the students for the scien- tific world which awaits them. In the science department, general science, biology, chemistry and physics are offered to those in grades nine through twelve inclusive. Uunior high has a pre- selected coursej. The commercial students have only earth and space science their senior year. The math department which offers algebra 1 and 2, geometry and trigonometry to the college preparatory pupils, offers business math and bookkeeping to the commercial students. The industrial arts section takes math the first two years and general math their senior year. At Steel-High we value these subjects and hope to benefit from them. 10 M.Ed. - - - '11:.s1:1f1:eifa- - , . -,.:-gpg, . 1 . X ,. f - M. -X '57 g , 3 5221- -. Albin L. Zimliki Dorothy S. Ferencic Ronald R. Leo James A Reedy B S B S B S MQ Ronald J. Weiss Emma H. White B.A. B.S. BUSINESS Business Education plays a very essential role in preparing young people for the growing demands of the business world. In contributing towards a better understanding of this everyday business world, our commercial department provides varied pro- grams OT typing, stenograpny, secretarial practice, bookkeeping, general business, and business law. There are three main classifications available for students enrolled in the business curriculum: stenographic, clerical, and general business. In order to be classified as stenographic, the student must successfully complete the program which includes two years of shorthand. Typing I, ll, and Ill, bookkeeping IV and business law are required for classification in the clerical pro- gram. The department also offers an opportunity for those interested in general business training. 11 pil Martin J. Benkovic V! ' , . ff- ..:z.1f ., , , ,,,-. .A 3 3 Qxriz' ' ., T'?l ??9' A' ' Warren E. Burtner Michael A. DeFilippo B.S. A.B., M.Ed. BS, Andrew Padien Robert J. Perugini .... . R V fig. B.s. Bs., M.Ed. K' yt .Helen M. Stevick Donnalea VanPeIt SOCIAL STUDIES The social studies department has the job of creating good citizens, in the broadest sense of the term, through education.This education in- cludes instruction in both history and geography. Instruction for grade seven includes world his- tory and geography. ln eighth grade American history up to the Reconstruction and geography is taught by qualified teachers. Civics and Pennsylvania history are taken for a semester each in grade nine. ln the sophomore year, world cultures and commercial geography are presented. American history from the Recon- struction is required of all pupils in the eleventh grade. Students in the senior year receive problems of democracy and economics for half a semester each. This department has effectively developed the students' critical thinking through twelve years of study. Knowledge in all world affairs is broadened and pupils learn to work independent- ly. The most important objective is developing an appreciation for mutual understanding and co- operation among the people of the world. New Y , fl Z ' rsffm cf '-f . 1, i f -f E. U. Balsbaugh A.B., M.A. B.S. Herbert O. Bollinger -cf' T is 5 5 V aff? 1 , . 1-s . 'mae ' Jv- K 2 in-X as S x X Wit! K 522 tw. I-,rg , ,.L-'fz.M,Kr-iagwz f N551 fQ"5Le?f"f:l'fzg5E'.ir97,JQ159Q3z1'ililgfif ,Wvglriiz 51 QQJQEE5 wear - T.:s2z2':f.sf.z1mi-'rvww Qjf nj -E.-iff:-. ' ,iw .,.,g.N,.,5g W t, 1,1 rv. amiga .25 2 ' ' S li 5 P1 25, fix 355 N54 1 Mary M. Byerly B.S., M.Ed. . . r E:- K Sk Andrea L. Farris B.S. Donald H. Esbenshade B.S. f .2 X. ar gl? bl s if QV 1555 2' l sther K. Freeland Isabel H. Goodfellow RELATED SERVIC The people in this section teach special subjects to the students of Steel-High. Our guidance counselors have rendered us much as- sistance. Physical education has prospered under the influence of qualified teachers. Girls in home economics are trained in areas such as sewing and cooking. Training in wood, metal, printing, and graphic arts are presented to boys in both junior and senior high school. Our new health classes have offered us instruction in civil if Ella Huggins Jack Lf defense and first-aid. Talent in art is developed by two experienced teachers in this subject. Jun- iors are required to take driver's training. Musical talent at Steel-High is offered by trained personnel. Without these teachers, our students couldn't have a well-rounded curriculum. To all these teachers we would like to offer our sincere thanks for their fine work. x 5efaffQ7,,yagf Martin Koons Stuart H. Lengel Robert M. Nisley - B.S. A.B., M.Ed. B.S., M.F.A. , A WJMMU Richard L, Pae Elizabeth S. Paine B.S. A.B., M.Ed. 4 J. C. Shevock B.S., M.Ed. Victor L. Verbos Marcia M. Wharton Catherine J, B.S. B S A B CAFETERIA WORKER - ' fi vi Y. 9 ' gk? Q 5 V., A 14- M W N M Jean Albert ,.., 5 Qi Maiwgwe Joanne Kern, R.N. Q: 51lT?Q4ifQKffWffiP of ,wx fs' 5S3"fL'UtiW7!54,'51 vw3f:35R,g,s32?Q?'i?z'fiw.:,1, Hi f ga -K 439-sw ' ff-'si 51' cf 1 4 " -7 ," Mary CfUlTlllCh Bette Deik Marguerite Brown CB Pwnc N 2 B D Dr. A. M. Petrosky N N- NSTRLICTIO ALPERSGNNEL H. R. Prowell W ' .1 . 9 ,Q 'J' ,., ..., i iQ , if 3- -. , ., 5 ., 5 3 -' V Jane M. Shatto This department consists of the people who offer their special services to both students and faculty. They include the people working in var- ious offices, members of the health and medical staffs, members of the custodial and cafeteria staffs, and legal advisors. John Schonewolf Dr. I. O. Silver Margaret Welsh Kathryn White 15 in l l 4 l l l 1 l 4 1 A iz l ,,...J -W YYVV V Y "lt is much better to know something about everything than to know everything about some- thing." Blaise Pascal mmNm""""""H'- an--eg, s. ,, 1 f- A K X! ff' 42? afwfi C33 EDITORIAL STAFF Row 1: M. Hammel, J. Herman, G. Shepherd. Row 2: L. Pugh, C. Gardner, A. Schaffhauser. Row 3: C. Frishkorn, M. Clugston, M. A. Orth. Row 4: P. Clark, B. Hickman, R. Headen, M. Gerber. Row 5: D. Rohacek, R. Beistline, B. Scheaffer. YEARBOOK BUSINESS STAFF f Row 1: C. Sweitzer, B. Jackson, C. Krosnar, D Lippert, R. Row 3: J. Herman, P. Brown, L. John, L. Crumling Bowman, V. Castillo, L. Drayer. Row 2: S. Bowers, L. Rice, B. J. Colm, W. Jones. Jones, J. House, D. Farnwalt, B. Nies, R. Conjar, Y. Good. Vertical pictures: Mr. Nisley, Miss Van Pelt, Mr. Leo, Mr. Himelwright. 18 NEWSPAPER anis-ff' G. Kissinger, Miss Curry, Mr. Huggins Row 1: C. Brown, F. Thompson, D. Lippert, S. Pugh, G. Kissinger, D Schmidt, R. Bowman, M. Elliott, S. Krahling, B. Kissinger. Row 2: M McGonigal, L. Garmon, N. Jarmolenko, S. Williams, S. Sellers, R. Wil liams, L. Drayer, B. Herman, R. Crosson. Row 3: K. Baldys, T. Baldys J. Hoffman, J. Schaeffer, V. Evans, P. Metzger, E. Frye, B. Nies, Y Good. Row 5: J. Herman, S. Krosnar, W. Kulas, S. Dengler, B. Jones R. Headen. PU BLICITY PUBLIC RELATIONS Row 1 M. Mesaric, N. Jarmolenko, G. Kissinger, J. C. Walker, J. Hoover. Row 3 G. Shepherd, F. Hoffman, L. Kaylor, C. Brown, G. Rowe, F. Thomp- Brinser, J. Scott, P. Clark, A. Velencia, C. Frishkorn, son, M. Sviben. Row 2 N. Szekeres, M. McLauglen, B. Hichman, D. Cook. Row 4 Mr. Robinson, S. P. Lalic, G. Garcia, L. Heicher, P. Dailey, R. Burger, Matjasic, S. Krosnar. Row 1: D. Mick, C. Swartley, D. Vaughn, K. Baldys, J. Gross, C. Rudy. Row 2: S. Matjasic, C. Nikoloff, D. Cox J. Confer, R. Heiber, J. Rohacek. STUDENT COUNCIL SENIOR HIGH Officers and Advisors JUNIOR HIGH Row 1: S. Strauss, V. Castillo. Row 2: A. Velencia, P. Daiiey. Row 3: Mr. Higgins, Miss Velencia. Row 1: D. Knull, M. Orth, S. Cerjanic, J. Fisher, A. Velencia, A.fSchaffhauser, C. Shannon, V. Castillo, S. Wilson. Row 2: J. Harlacher, P. Dailey, P. Lalic, M. Harris, B. Eckler, K. Weaver, A. Ross, R. Beist line. Row 3: S. Mick, E. Castillo, R. Krovic, S. Beiic, S. Strauss, J. Herman. ' 20 YOUTH FESTIVAL Row 1: M. Harris, P. Lallic, J. Fisher, B. Watson, J. Hoover, B. Eckler. Row 2: D. Kern, T. Albert, G. Stepanovic, D. Rados YOUTH FORUM Row 1: M. A Anastasijevich, D. Rittner, D. Cotter, S. Williams. Row 2: V. Thomas, S. Strauss, K. Dintiman Mrs. Hoy. DEBATING CLUB Row 1: K. Baldys, B. Doyle, D. Biesecker. Row 2: K. Cole, E. Smart, C. Gingerich FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Row 1: J. Harlacher, Sec., S. Strauss, Vice Pres., C. Szekeres. V- Evans, B- Doyle, L- Hall. P- COX, J- Luz- Frishkorn, Pres., B. Hickman Tres., Row 2: C. ik- Row 42 MV- DGFSUDPO- C- Giflgefidl- G- Garcia, P- Brown, S. King, B. Bair, C. Albert, C. Walker, A. Clark, L. Devaric. G- Reynolds, C. Kerstetter, J. Ross, L. Kaylor. Row 3: V. Thomas, C. Kingsbury, C. HGSS- FUTURE NURSES OF ANIERICA Row 12 L- Pugh- 390- V- EVGHS, TfGS-- D- Schmidt. Brown. Row 4: D. Fortenbaugh, J. Hoover. Row 5 Vice-Pres-, A- Schaffhauser, Pres., Row 2: C. S. Sellers, K. Weaver, Mrs. Kern, R. Stephenson, K Sweitzer, C. Calhoun, R. Schiefer, D. Crist, R. Zerance. Beistline, Row 3: L. Rice, M. Korac, E. Coates, C. 22 FUTURE SECRETARIES OF AMERICA Row 1: Donna Knull, M. Elliott, P. Hoover CV. Pres.J, M. Hammel, C. Gardner. Row 3: Mrs. Ferencic, S. S.lWilliams CTreas.J, M. Harris CPres.J, B. Scheaffer Pugh, S. Gria, A. Crystal, L. Pugh, S. Carter, S. CSec.J, Diane Knull, M. Kline. Row 2: K. Smyers, M. Hatcher, D. Schmidt, D. Rohacek, S. Sellers. Clugston, M. Anastasijevich, S. Dengler, C. Phillips, F.S.A. PLEDGES Row 1: S. Mesaric, A. Bianco, K. Dorman, M. Eckler, Pugh. Row 3: Mrs. Ferencic, M. Newcomer, B. G. Satimore, M. Sviben. Row 2: M. White, M. Mack, H. Lutz, L. Musser, B. Watson, A. Stokes, S. Benkovic, N. Szekeres, P. Lalic, J. Hoffman, H. Ross. 23 ,lR.I DLISTRIAL MA AGEME T LLIB Row One: W. Vogel, G. Pontius, G. Stepanovic, H. Scott. Row Two: Mr. Esbenshade, D. Schmidt, M. Linta, M. Swartley, D. Stefan. GFFICE MESSENGERS FLAG .55 CLISTODIANS v"""N,! Row One: F. Popp, C. Mosley, N. Jarmelenko, J. Hoffman, S. Garman, D. Willis. Row Two: C. Blunt, K. Bratcher, B, Doyle, E. Hanzel, D. Lippert UPPLY DI TRIBUTCRS A. Jones, D. Thomas, I. Smith, B. Thomas SENIOR HIGH LIBRARY CLUB Row 1: M. A. Orth, D. Rohacek, S. Sellers, B. Herman. Jackson, B. Beistline, Row 4: J. House, B. Mack, P. Lalic, Row 2: A, Barnet, C, Wilson, E, Jackson, D, Bratcher, C. J. HOOVel', A. SCI'1affhaUSel', Y. GTUICII, F. ThOmpS0r'l. Row Brown, D. Dengler, D. Crist. Row 3: M. Kern, L. Fulmer, 5: Mrs. Huggins. H. Pugh. Nl. Spanitz, K. Diffendall, B. E. Brown, E. Campbell, V. Castillo, D. Schaffhauser, A. DOYIG, D- Lippeff- JU ICR HIGH LIBRARY CLUB Row 1: N. Baumgardner, M. Waugh, B. Deibler, S. Fetchko, C. Ponti. Row 2: F. Shaffer, C. Smith, B. Shatto, L. Newcomer, P. Reider, W. Brown. Row 3: M. Velencla, D. Kramarich, C. Brown, F. Brown, C. Scott, L. Proctor. Row 4: Mrs. Huggins. JR. RED CRCSS Row 1: B. Kissinger, D. Crist, F. Shaffer, P. Lalic, G Stepanovic, R. Metzger, L. Howard, M. Magonigla, S Ohmsted, C. Fromm. Row 2: S. Thomas, C. Headen, C Blunt, J. Hoffman, M. Eckler, C. Phillips, L. Garman, D Dengler, P. Albert. Row 3: J. Tilman, E. Hanzel, D Hoffman, V. Thomas, M. Linta, M. Flickenger, H. Pugh A. Bianco, R. Crosson. Row 4: R. Swartz, A. Knight, M Radosinovich, M. Velencia, C. Bratcher, M. Goodwin, D Spizzirri, K. Hamilton. Row 5: E. Bowman, D. Hanzel, A Raymond, K. Scott, L. Bowman, D. Phillips, D. Schmidt Row 6: V. Krovic, J. McKamey, H. Brown, L. Lathan. SAFETY CCLINCIL Row 1: D. Rohacek, Treas., N. Szekeres, Sec., D. Kern, Pres., R. Hoerner, V-Pres. Row 2: C. Gardner, C. Calhoun, P. Dailey, L. Pugh, K. Smyers. Row 3: C. Krosnar, C. Szekeres, M. Benkovic, S. Varnicle, G. Runkle, L. Kaylor. Row 4: Mr. Verbos, J. Hoover, M. lskric, P. Lal- ic. MEENS S. Fetcher, P. Albert, C. Swartley, C. Nikoloff, M. Goodwin, J. Horanic, D. Cox, B. Deibler. Row 2. B. Kerstetter, D. Hodge, J. Rittner, W. Brown, L. Haas, D. Houseal, D. Knepp, L. Baumgardner, P. Koneff. Row 3 S. Bowers, H. Ross, J. Brown, C. Woll, C. Vanetta, K. Brown, P. Reider, K. Swarty. Row 4 B. Thomas, N. Klipa, W. Bethea, J. Horanic, D. Maddox, V. Bowman, D. Phillips, D. Gloechler. Row 5 J. Culpepper, P. Murphy, R. Arnold, M. Goodwin, S. Howard, L. Hill, P. Brown, T. Hailey. Row 6 Mrs. Wharton, Miss Treaster, C. Fulmer, C Payton, K. Scott, M. Velencia. GIRLS INTRAMURALS GIRLS INTRAMURALS RQAD-RACING CLUB Row 1: R. Hoover, R. Holmes, D. King, S. Bogdanovic, D. Bogdanovic. Row 2: T. Skarupsky, R. Cur tis, M. Baker, J. Becker. Row 3: Mr. Higgins, D. Braghley, L. Zinkan, H. Hill, B. Leeper, W. Albright RIFLE LLIB BOYS GIRLS HESS CLUB Members: R. Wolf, S. Fields, T. Baldys, L. Tefsich, V. Bucareu, J. Brandt, S. Baumgardner, J. Heggenstaler, B. Stiles, R. Stiles, K. Bosnjack, S. Zimmerman, M. Korac, R. Shields. U DIC-VISUAL CLUB Row one: F. Metzger, B. White, D. Stefan. Row Two, J. Willis, D. Schmidt, M. Swartley, D. Trace. Row Three: M. Huggins, J. Beistline, C. Brown. 29 AR ITY CHEERLEADERS S. Cerjanic, K. Weaver, V. Thomas, B. Watson, A. Velencia, L. Hall, E. Coates, C. Kerstetter. JU IOR ARSITYCHEERLEADERS Row 1: D. Houseal, L. Baumgardner Row 2: J. Gross, C. Swartly, D. Cox. Row 3: L. A. Sprow, C. Scott. Row 4: S. Baumgardner, missing. 30 REFRE HME T STA Row 1: M. A. Orth, M. Linta, P. Metzger, S. Smith, C. Rudy. Row 2: J. Scheaffer, M. Clugston, P. Har- rington, B. Herman, R. Gria, R. Schieffer. Row 3: E. Brown, C. Campell, C. Kingsbury, D. Forten baugh, J. Gria, McGonigaI. U HERETTES Row 1: V. Evans, S. Carter, L. Rice, J. House, G. Rowe. 31 "Knowledge is a treasure but practice is the key to it vu., Thomas Fuller AGS ' 4 17100149 C59 .Ms ,,,, , , f ' ' ' ' ,.lif..Q.-5iZ"f STEEL-HIGH Senior-High ,,f ' , NN . . Q Q' Sophomore The Nine Notes Mixed Quintet Freshmen Quartet ig V .f et- ' -ia, 34 CHORAL GRUUPS Junior-High K IVlaIe Chorus BLUE AND Row 1: M. Hammel, D. Rohacek, G. Reynolds. Row 2: V. Martz, R. Myers, R. Gilmore, E. Houseal, R. Ohman absent-R. Sennett, J. Fisher. l Row 1: F. Bauman, L. Pugh, C Frishkorn, B. Bair Row 2: N Baumgardner, N. Cole, F. Hoover S. Zivan ovich, B. Gross, K. Baker J. Becker, W. Foster, D. Fidler, J Row 1: J. Williams, S. Urich, J. Dean, D. Smith, D. Schweitzer Row 2: D. Doonan, K. Koneff, J. Fisher, C. Baldys, G. Gehret, M. Halsy Row 3: G. Chambers, R. Herman, T. Gray, T. Loysh, K. Cole, D. Cook. 36 Mr. Bollinger- Director i GREY BAND i - - Q - Q 'Velder Row 3: K. Surnicki, G. Sheperd, A. Adams, D. Nelson, G. ietz, D. Heicher, L. Kaylor, O. iadenko, C. Nikoloff, K. Barley. Mr. Kimmel Mr. Folmer Row 1: J. Rohacek, D. Macut, D. Stouffer, C. Beistline, Row 2: D. Bau man, D. Whittle, R. Fetzer, Row 3: D. Beistline, A. Rehman, G. Pontius C. Herman, B. Beistline Row 4: A. Jackson, P. McQuiIkin, K. Knight, S. Strauss, K. Gehret, R. Buffington, D. Stefan, B. Bair. Row 1: M. Radosinovich, C. Gingerich, M. Gerber, D. Heicher, F. Hoover Row 2: B. Millward, S. Heicher, B. Shatto, M. Radosino- vich, R. Stephenson, N. Rose, D. Tezak, B. Eckler, S. King, N. Jarmolenko, Row 3: L. Klein, W. Vozenlik, R. Huber, J. Elliott, F. Bauman, N. Stouffer. QKNNX S' 0 ES S5 We S71 5 5 EZ, '-H534 x Row 1: C. Szekeres, J. Fisher. Row 2: B. Shannon, E. Hanzel, A. Schaffhauser, W. Miller, L. Wilson. ,cv W fa 'Wx WE? ee- T. Martz. Flickinger, D. Kramanch, Brubacher. P. Dailey, M. A. S. Ulsh, K. Zerance, C. Shannon, L. HEAD: J. Ruhl. Row 1 V Albert K Smyers Row 2 B Delbler C Albert STEEL HIGH M ?G JR! 0 View sfaermu J-fxeIfIQ'Q,L .. -11 .weuocxek V,,,,,,,,,-5, '-'SYFWENSQ4 wgggg'-,5 t .fzsmsfg 3 mil? zrifsxwffiafvfef' Y DEc16+ . gfgfi zinaknvsa 193 3 ' ' mmm R-SWL ' m 9R.PlAY 94 2-3BAl?7HUwMfw fzggwom 3,irwg31gw 1 CURTAIN qgifgpyurfzzfmw ' I ""' ' F' ' A ,. sa. ' - x , I 1 MYSTERY OFMOIILDY ' A , 'sw : - 1 . . Qi" . Va ' ?'fH,g3-'i,-iwif I 7fQ0"W4" h MARC W 1 ' .gf ---- A -, M -YUM J. , 1 QU 1 Zgglf Mpy U 71 fu ' If mes' 1 6375 ' 1 1 rfkyszfffemfmf' "" It .',A' i' " ' f" f4ff'w'igi' , kann am-ww lmam-va' .',k 9K!l'?!'F'-A Sf!! L,kk , 'g. , gf iiw-fjif .,,i5.,,,,5 7f'f'f4'57"'fff5-531 if-gun +fWWf , 412g-, A ? ,..,, Y.. b- .- :WWW . it K ,.,,,.,,AI ,A fnrfxiggs if 3'L'Z"' 3, nf Gfm 'MM' ' LLA' i """ Srfvefifgxvr, M 1iMl'fg.9!Af K K' Cmicwwfwfi P Y , 5 S' - MM: HAIR gkusuq s I4 ' """""""" f 2,352-TQQQ P ' KL 5 I f ,e:m,,rr,1,ws r-vacwm wen-w mem-F .,,1 -w"""L' ,- ---h , . 39 P14 VER5' Nobody Sleeps The Mystery of the Silver-backed Hairbrush THE CLASS PLAY Sleep, Baby, Sleep Home Sweet Homicide Li'I Abner 965 uk 1 I, - :Gr t f K K " ' , K v ' jj , ,wi xg Bye Bye Birdie 966 Q B ee If Sf , ff '5' We 5 Q ' ' 5 N if I 5 f , . ff' 1 X "Knowledge is more than equivalent to Samuel Johnson L l -Jn., W 4 ,. 1 l Mmmrwwswm ,M,.,,.w www 1 f f force." 8 .WMMH sis ' www Xu W, ,W X' X :I i ., N I ewmmnww X vw' W ,MW WM awww QQ ARSITY E . ROW ONE: W. Wright, G. Venturo, D. Kern, J. Butcher, E Holwig, D. Franklin, W. Crystal, J. Hymon, M. Cox, J. Scott, L. Howard ROW TWO: S. Semic, C. Bowser, G. Gassert, M. Swar- tley, D. Sullivan, M. lskric, L. Belic, T. Albert, C. Wright, G. Hy SCORES S.H.H.S. OPP. 6 C.D. East O 34 Reading 7 0 Central Dauphin 7 O John Harris 7 6 York 14 12 Williamsport 28 20 Lancaster 6 20 Cedar Cliff 13 41 William Penn 14 14 Lebanon 6 . mon, W. Krovic, B. Cox ROW THREE L Hall R Huber W Verbos, J. McCarthy, M. Carnes, J. McKamey W Arp D Scott, G. Dimoff, S. Bethea, L. House J Mims D Senior STANDINGS WON LOST TIED POINTS John Harris 9 0 Cedar Cliff 6 3 York 6 3 Steel-High 5 4 Williamsport 4 4 Lebanon 4 5 Central Dauphin 4 5 Lancaster 3 6 William Penn 2 6 Reading 1 3 A W X Q ,, ' .2 QR. 'ww M , ' ' ,Vr .. W1 W, ' . M , W Scibbles-Center Monk-Guard Chris-Fullback Mugs-Guard State-Tackle Mick-Right Halfback SENIOR Q 2 Donnie-Guard Billy Bamm-Tackle Hooker-End The big "O"-End J06-T3Ckle Bill-Guard Chill Will-Left Halfback Carlie-End s .v .if Kneeling: Mr. Peruglm Standing: Mr. Koons, Mr. DSDP. Mr. Padjen Mr. Shevock Mr. Cole Director of Equipment Athletics Manager JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL S.H.H.S. OPP. 12 Lebanon 20 Central Dauphin 8 John Harris 32 York 28 Central Dauphin 21 Lancaster O Cedar Cliff 37 William Penn East COACH E STAFF Managers: R. Venturo, S. Krosnar, G. Garcia, S. Whittle, J. Colm JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL S.H.H.S. OPP. 33 Hershey 0 27 Susquehanna Twp. 19 14 Lower Paxton 7 26 Central Dauphin East 14 33 Swatara Twp. 7 34 Lower Dauphin 13 35 Middletown 12 . . TEAM l 5 if ,. ,. Row 1: L. Hall, R. Huber, AJ. McCarthy, M. Carnes, J. McKa- mey, T. Jones, S.. Mick, E. Arp, G. Dimoff, G. Hymon, D. Scott, Mims, Row 31 J. Hymon, R. Santo, H. Clouser, R. Gotwols, R L. House. Row 2: C. Leeper, J. Dragis, G. Ciortan, D. Senior, Reider, J- Sf0l-Iffef. R. HOIISH- . .IU ICR HIGH Row 1: D. Grubb, R. Jackson, M. Getz, R. Seay, T. Claytor, C. Waller, E. Donato, T. Bates, J. Hoerner, J. Petrovic, R. Kott- myer, A. McCurdy, R. Boulware, M. Letham, K. Verbos, H Waller, C. Mitchell, E. Thompson, M. Johnson, E. Pogasic MGR. R. Spizzirri, MGR. R. Drayer Row 2: E. Alford, R. Rud man, J. Jones, G. Albert, H. Hill, E. Mowery, E. Coleman, D Martin, G. Grubb, D. Thomas, B. Thomas, J. Benkovic, K Wright, W. Gathers, J. Zuvich, C. Getz, R. Reed, W. Barker Benkovic Row 3: Coach-R. Maravich, T. Albert, Coach Pae, A. Jones, W. Hunter, S. Fields, G. Galinac, D. Mowery , Elliot, L. Mosby, M. Jones, D. Yushinsky, E. Erby, L. Roth, . Hill, J. Lupua, W. Pettigrew, D. Pollard, R. Albert, L. Clea Lethan, Coach-J. Reedy, J. Shevock E. Batte, H. Funk, C. Vaughn, J. Clea, C. Wright, A. Stouffer J v VARSITY Row One: J. Jones, G. Kuhns, L. Belic, D. Cobb, T. Bryant, A. Cobb. Row Two: J. DeFilippo, Mgr., D. King, Mgr., J. Hernjak. A. Nikoloff, W. Arp, E. Holwig, L. Arp, B. Britton, Coach-M. Benkovic, R. Venturo, Mgr. Varsity Basketball Scores OPP. Susquehanna 70 Mechanicsburg 56 Middletown 53 Carlisle 51 William Penn 74 Lebanon 70 C.D.E. 40 Lancaster 43 C. D. 57 John Harris 66 Reading 33 York 68 Cedar Cliff 52 William Penn 72 Lebanon 56 C.D.E. 55 Lancaster 39 C.D. 64 John Harris 60 Reading 58 York 64 Cedar Cliff 64 "'York 60 "'2nd half playoff 48 STANDINGS Varsity Basketball Standings Wins Loss 15 York 3 13 C.D. 5 13 Steel-High 5 12 William Penn 5 8 John Harris 9 8 Reading 10 7 Cedar Cliff 10 6 Lebanon 11 14 Lancaster 14 2 C.D.E. 16 SENIOR PLAYERS f EQ I-I-7'f X 5. Bill Ccaptainj JR. VARSITY Row 1: L. Fetchko, M. Carnes, R. Miller, G. Hymon, M. Linta, J. Clea Row 2: D. King, J. Mesaric, B Cox M. Spanitz, M. Bowman, R. Krovic, E. Arp, S. Bowman, R. Weiss. SCORES JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL OPP. Susquehanna 52 Mechanicsburg 24 Middletown 44 William Penn 51 Lebanon 66 STANDINGS C.D. East 48 1. York Lancaster 59 2. John Harris Central Dauphin 65 3, Central Dauphin John Harris 75 4. William Penn Reading 50 5. Reading York 54 6. C.D. East Cedar Cliff 31 7. Lebanon William Penn 63 8. Steelton-Highspire Lebanon 66 9. Lancaster ' C.D. East 59 10. Cedar Cliff Lancaster 68 Central Dauphin 66 John Harris 59 Reading 45 York 67 Cedar Cliff 36 50 JR., HIGH VARSITY Row 1: J. Seigle, T. Albert, E. Coleman, I. Smith, J. Suvich, tham. Row 3: Mr. Shevock, D. Reynolds, L. Mosby, E. Eby, J. R. Ohman, P. Velencia. Row 2: J. Lupia, D. Garrett, R. AI- Arp, J. Jones, W. Pettigrew, D. Willis, Mr. Dapp. bert, F. Kreiser, W. Gathers, W. Malone, A. Jones, L. La- JR. HIGH JUNIOR VARSITY Row 11 B- YHVBHOVICIWI D. Smith, J. Albert, C- Burger, G- nolds, J. Sunajko, R. Shroy, H. Judy, G. Albert, J. Metzger Bethia, L. Tepsik, D. Mick. Row 2: W. Sprenkle, J. Beistline, D, Willis, Mr, Shevock, Mr, Padjen, M. Semic, D. Kingsbury, J. White, K. Koneff. Row 3: D. Rey- 51 Row 1: C. Palmer, A. Burger, M. Belic, T. Yanich, C. Stroud, G. Cuckovic, D. Franklin, D. Sullivan, C. Belic, S. Varnicle, M Minoff, R. Bogovic, Mr. Rineer. Row 2: Mr. Shevock, Dr. Silver, Linta, B. Colm. W. Wright, W. Krovic, S. Semic, D. Biesecker. Row 3: G. Baseball 1965 S.H.H.S. OPP. 4 Cedar Cliff 2 3 Middletown 1 4 Milton Hershey 5 1 York 2 4 William Penn 2 2 Lebanon 4 2 John Harris 3 6 Hershey 12 Lancaster 6 Milton Hershey 5 William Penn 5 York 10 Lebanon 2 John Harris 6 Central Penn Standings Won Lost Pct. Lancaster 12 1 .923 Lebanon 11 3 .786 John Harris 9 5 .643 York 7 6 .583 Hershey 6 8 .385 Steel High 4 10 .308 Milton Hershey 3 11 .214 William Penn 2 12 .154 LLL!--L. .... ROW ONE: K. Dapp-Coach, W. Jones, G. Venturo, J. Cox, M Zouvich, J. Davis, C. Fox, S. McArthur, F. Metzer, L. Wilson, R. Herb, R. Loych, C. Wright, D. Kern, M. Koons-Coach ROW TWO: J. C. Shevock-Athletic Director, R. Coogan, S. Krovic, J. Butcher, J. Hyman, M. Bowman, J. McKamey, J McCarthy, J. Herjak, R. Huber, J. Carnes, J. Scott, D. Captain-Sim McArthur Track 1965 S.H.H.S. OPP. 53 Carlisle 88 55 C.D. East 86 75 Cedar Cliff 66 58 Lancaster 83 35 John Harris 106 95 Central Dauphin 46 56V2 William Penn 84Vz 92V2 Lebanon 48112 44 York 93 Esbenshade-Eqp. Manager. ROW THREE: Dr. Silver, H Brown, G. Dimoff, K. Crumbling, N. Conjar, C. Leeper, T Cordas, J. Stouffer, J. Clea, G. Gassert, R. Venturo, W. Verbos M. Swartley, D. Sosnowski. ROW FOUR: B. Dunn, J. Colm D. Hollern, L. Hall, D. Scott, A. Stouffer, K. Knight, G. Ciortan J. Dragas, J. McCladean, O. McCladean, G. Hyman, S. Mick Central Penn Standings Won Lost Points John Harris 8 O 16 Lancaster 7 1 14 C.D. East 6 2 12 York 5 3 10 William Penn 4 4 8 Steel-High 3 5 6 Cedar Cliff 2 6 4 Central Dauphin 1 7 2 Lebanon O 8 O l 5 3 VARSITY WRESTLING Row 0ne:i R. Weaver, T. Rohacen, G. Garman, N. Conjar, S. A. Jackson. Row Three: Mr. Perugini, Coach, Mr. Shevock, M. Mick, D. Veigle, J. Herman, B. Sauder, W. Verbos, N. Lathan. Sypniewski, D. Hollern, G. Galinac, D. Pollard, T. Klugh, H. Row Two: F. Bauman, R. Huber, G. Venturo, J. Butcher, M. Brown, K. Verbos, J. Colm, D. Rittner, Mr. Pae, Coach. Swartley, D. Senior, D. Kern, J. Willis, D. Yushinsky, K. Hari, STANDINGS Harrisburg Area i Division l SCORES 5-I'I-H-3 OPP- Won Lost Pts 12 Milton HGYSIIGY 36 Cumberland Valley 7 0 14 11 Cumberland Valley 32 Lower Dauphin 5 1 12 10 IVISCIWWICSIUUVS 35 Mechanicsburg 5 2 10 Cedar Cliff 47 Susquehanna Twp. 3 3 Lower Dauphin 43 Hershey 1 5 Central Dauphin 22 peimyra 1 5 Susquehana Twp. 35 Niiddietewri 0 5 Chambersburg 16 Hershey 24 Division ii C.D. East 28 William Penn 14 Cedar Ciiff 5 0 Carlisle 31 Carlisle 5 1 John HSYVIS 17 Central Dauphin 4 2 C.D. East 6 2 Chambersburg 2 6 Steel-High 2 4 William Penn 1 5 John Harris 0 6 SENIOR IVIATIVIEN Scibbles Jimmy Jimmy Donnie Donnie State Bill 55 Knowledge advances by steps and not by leaps Macaulay w""w-w....M xv Wi? D Bogdanov- Row 1 Colepepper, S. Bowers, R. Bowders, F. Coleman, W. Cole, M. Davis, B. Alston,R. Drayer, D. Drayton, . Brown J. Dean, D. Beistline, Row 2 J. Brown, K. Carnes, G. ic, W. Albright, C. Burger. Row 5 T. Besic, W. Buffington, T. X Dengler, E. Carnes, P. Albert, R. Garnet, D. Baughman, C. Baldys, J. Condon, M. Dremov, J. Archie, B. Buroghs, M. ' Bengochea. Row 4 T. Bates, J. Detweiler, E. Bartholemeu, G. Evans, D. Esbenshade, G. Eden X l D Kell C. Hurt, J. C. M. Cintron, S. Coots, S. Bruce, P. Koneff, . , Hoffman, B. Kerstetter, W. Foster, D. Knepp, Heggenstaller, Row 2 S. Hoas, J. Heffelhinger, S. Hoover, D. Glocker, D. Fidler, S. Krahling, K. Grundon, C. Fulmer, D. Hanzel, S. Heicher, C. Watts Row 3: B. Gross, F. Kershaw, A. haw, C. Johnson, N. Klippa, W. Bethea, D. Gar- E Green, C. Kers l J Horanic M. Goodwin, T. Haily. Row 4 L. Hill, C. G rhan W Gardner, K. Green, V. d Row 5 M rison, . , rrington, W. 0 , . ley, M. Dillai . . over Fromm, G. Ha Hess, R. Jackson, D. Klugh, R. Ha Gray, D. Kingsburg, R. Gross, M. Getz, R. Ho B. Krovic, R. Bratcher. Farnwalt, J. F. Kirmeier, J. Jacoby, C. Johnson, ITIS, Row 1: V. Totte, J. Scott, V. Spencer, M. Thomas, D. Willia D. Zart. Row 2: R. Ward, L. Smith, ' ht C. Wool Swartz G Thompson, M Szekeres, N. Wig , , k, A K. , . ' ko, J. Zimmerman, . ' Y rranovich, J. Teza M. Sunajar tta. Row 3. W. a ' R. Smith, J. Wil- G. Wallace, E. Vana Wil ' Waller, D. Smith, liams, R. Sticker, H. ff r S Zwanavich liams. Row 4: C. Stokes, R. Spizzirri, C. Sha e , . L. Winkleman, R. Skarapsky, E. Shirk, R. Shields, D. Vozenilk Row 5: A. Tomasic, D. Whittle, J. Thomas, M. Thomson, R Ulsh, A. Wilfor, L. Totten, R. Smith, R. Smee, R. Shroy. C. Salinger, R. Miller, D. Ray, B. Scott, H. Ross, L. Pollard, G. D M Phillips, L. Minor, G. Riddenvvold. Row 2 C. Mc- J Phillips J. Rittner, E. Lengle, . . ' Porr, P. Latshaw, . , ' d D. L. Phillips, C. Laughlin, J. ' D. Orrls, S. Olstmea , G. Pritchett Mebane, D. Nlckolas, C. McCuIre, C. Sam, , 4: L. Payton. Row 3 D. Sheaffer. D. Krosner, V. Johnson, D. Kent, S. Over, D. Maddox. Row C Mitchell, J. Hoerner, Lentzi, R. Mcpherson, R. Renfsoyder, . D. Schweitger, J. Petiovic, T. Mravich, G. Leitter, M Pollard, G. Kristoff. Row 5: S. Kramarich, R. Gornick, J. Salinger, W ' ' Miller, D. Mosler, D. Scassain, D. Savage, R Miller, C. Scott, J. Pugh. Row One: K. Baker, D. Brown, L. Baumgardner, N. Baum- gardner, D. Cooper, N. Cole. Row Two: P. Cox, K. Carter, L. r L. Clarke, P. Beard, E. Bowman, A. Cope- D. Chatmen, B. Beaty, Cover, S. Coove , land. ' Brown, J. Confer, Row Three. F. Four' C. Brown, G. J. Chapman, C. Battle, G. Biesecker. Row . Bethea, R. Claytor, J. Albert, J. Becker, W. Boulware, J Beistline. Row Five: J. Arp, L. Clea, G. Albert, R. Brown, J. Cin S. Beistline. tron, E. Alford, Row One: S. Fetchko, C. Kelley, D. Houseal. J. Horanic, B. Koneff, M. Hulsey, A. Deibler, G. Curtis. Row Jones, V. Kottmyer, D. Hodge. Row Two: S. Howard, M. Gingerich, R. Fetzer,C. Fackler, E. Dry,J. Jones,S Haskell R Fllckinger, G. Gehret, R. Jackson, S. Dennis, G. Kitchen, B. Jackson. Row Five: A. Elliott, W. Hill, W. Gathers, M Johnson ' D. Decker, J. Hoover, B. Jenkyn, K. V. Hill, K. Kerns, K. Hamilton. Deibler. Row Three. 60 Four' D Herr R .- Mow- Powers. Fourth Row: R. Lentz, P. Moore, C. Waller, F ' Metzger, B. Leeper, J. Senior, Fifth Row: J. tham, S. Pisle, G. Law- First Row: L. Pugh, M. Pacella, K. Mathias, M. Scheaffer, P. Reider, J. Rohacek, N. Sauder, C. Leiter, Second Row: S. ery, R. Rich, J. stead G Mosbey, M. Schaffer, P. Murphy, H. Ramsey, Latham, P. McQuilkin, T. Denn, E, La Scott Row 3: P. Lalic, D. Reese, W. son, L. Roth. d P. Ratliff, A. Olm , . D. Payne, L. Proctor, C. , Reynolds, D. Mick, B. Millwar , Rittner, D. ich G Sullivan, E. First Row: A. Smee, J. Welter, R. Swartz, L. Scott, B. Thomas, Worrall, P. Wilson, Row 4: D. Willis, L. Teps , . L. Scott, J. Tilman, Second Row: P. Yovanovich, B. Stiles, C. Thompson, S. Urich, W. Sprinkle, W. Vogenilk, Fifth Row: G. Shefron, C. Smith, D. Vaugh, L. Tezak, P. Shaffner, Third Skarupsky, M. Semic, J. Sunjko, H. Smith, C. Tonoff, M. Yan- Row: M. Waugh, D. Segar, L. A. Sprow, B. Stickle, B. Shatto, J. ich, R. Tezak. 61 n J Coates, C. Row 1: N. Brown, S. Baumgardner, T. Dodso , . Beistline, G. Bruno, L. Brubacher, S. Byers, K. Barley, J. Clea, L. Battle, A. Beistline. Row 2: D. Easter, S. Buffington, K. Bosnjak, P. Brown, D. Cox, P. Doncevic, M. Baumbauch, D. e C Blunt, D. Dice. Row 3: S. Cleckner, T. Albert, T. nato, K. Dean, J. Brandt, F. Bau- Crous , . Crosson, D. Doonan, E. Do dal Row 4: R. Burgess, R. Albert, L. kle K Chase, man, C. Brown, A. Diffen . Cox, E. Coleman, R. DeFIippo, J. Baker, B. Cor , . K. Baldys. Row 5: M. Bowman, W. Carnes, L. Arp, J. Biesecker, V. Bucharew, H. Barker, G. Benkovic, A. Copeland, B ker. T. Claytor, M. a 19 X. Row 1: S. Hutchison, L. Knight, S. Kaylor, J. Gross, D. Foster, Kone, B. Cooney, T. Jones, C. Kent, W. Hoffman, D. Grubb J. Gassert, T. Gloeckler, J. Hoffman, B. Jackson, G. Kelley, L. Row 4: G. Koch, T. Klugh, M. Gross, D. Heicher, D. Hoffman Hymon. Row 2: D. Kent, A. Jackson, E. Frye, D. Gathers, L. F. Fineman, G. Grubb, R. Huber, J. Fisher, H. Hill. Row 5: M Hailey, E. Hanzel, J. Gustin, B. Grunden, J. Gria, N. Garber, J. Jones, A. Erby, G. Finney, G. Galinac, R. Gilmore, S. Fields, A R w 3: J. Kelly, R. Green, K. Hari, T. Garcia, J. Jones, G. Getz, D. Garret, W. Hunter. 62 Heggenstaller. o Row 1: W. Ratliff, M. Radosinavich J. Pugh, S. Reider, A. Monts, L. Newcomer, C. Ponti, S. Morrow, M. Linta, M. Mc- Clure. Row 2: D. Macut, l.'Parthemore, S. Matjasic, D. Kra- marich, D. Lalic, C. Nikoloff, P. Neibich, F. Neal, C. Mosby, J. N lson. Row 3: W. Miller, F. Popp, R. Ohman, M. . P. Porr, D. Murray, J. McArthur, D. e Pil R. Kottmyer. sit, A. McCurdy, N. POI- Dehigrew, S. Peck. Row 4: L. McDonald, A. Pontius, lard, D. Martin, M. Lathan, R. Reed, A. Rehman, R. Reider, S. Kapac, C. Leiter, J. Latimore. Row 5: W. Kulas, J. Lupia, E. Pogasic, W. Reed, F. Pettigrew, D. Mowery, F. Kreysen, L. Mos- by, D. Pollard, F. Kostyal. O Row 1: R. Williams, M. Potami, C. Morrone, S. Rossi, C. Swar- J. Szekeres, F. Shaffer, V. Martz, C. Rudy. Row 4: J. Zuvich, A. tley, D. Scheaffer, S. Robinson, D. Wells, R. Stiles, K. Surnicki, Zales, K. Verdos, J. Stiles, R. Seay, J. Seigle, K. Wright, A. N. Stouffer. Row 2: S. Zimmerman, D. Zonarich, O. Savage, C. Segina, R. Weaver, D. Thomas, B. Thomas. Row 5: D. Yushin- Tschurkin, D. Stouffer, N. Rose, M. Velencia, B. Walker, M. sky, V. Tschurkin, R. Rudman, B. Wilson, C. Wright, I. Smith, ' S. Smith, D. Tezak. Row 3: D. Williams, T. Roh- J. Sujen, F. Sosnowski, T. Walck, W. Shaffer. ' D. Rittner, R. Svec, B. Sweitzer, 63 Zimmerman, a ' G. Wlngard, cek, P. Velencia, Row One: G. Bruno, D. Barnes, S. Cerjanic, K. Bianco, M. Ar- ' ' I' M. Bethel nold, V. Albert, S. Clarkm, A. Barnet, M. Beust ine, D. Crist. Row Two: C. Calhoun, P. Cox, C. Albert, B. Bair, D. Coleman, L. Bowman, E. Brown, A. Adams, K. Bratcher, M. B danovic, Cham bliss. Row Three: S. Baker, E. Campbell, S. og A Cobb N Conjar Row M. Castillo, S. Bowman, D. Confer, . , , . Four: C. Cline, J. Beistline, A. Cotter, K. Cole, L. Belle, T. Brown, M. Blazi, H. Cox, E. Batte. Row Five: D. Cobb, J. R. Buffington, R. Chubb, K. Crumling, D. Alesky, D. Beaghley, Attivo, B. Britton, M. Carnes. L Hall B Eckler K Hoover, G. Row One: L. Gathers, . , . , . Hoffman, D. Hoffman, D. Dressler, C. Eck. Row Two: K. Demboski, J. Heckert, R. Gotwols, R. Gould, C. Evans, R. Dor- man, G. Geric, P. Glaser, J. Herb. Row Three: D. Dengler, E. ' d R. Foulkrod, R. Gria, J. Heberlig, G. Getz, G. Garman, D. For , J Hawkins Row Four: K. Diffendal J. Holmes, . . E. Dean, D. Fackler, J. Dean, B. Herman, K. Drayton, C. Headen, W. Hoerner, Row Five: D. Cuckovic, B. Funk, L ' ' ' ' ' l D. Hamil House, D, Hollern, C. Gmgerlch, P. Gillis, D. Ent er, ton, L. Fetchko, A. Dial. 64 l, K. Dimitrovic, Kosir S Mick, B. Jenkyn, Row One: T. Martz, M. McGonigal, C. Mosley, R. Murlin, L. Row FWF! G- HYm0f1- J- P0llHI'd. A- , . Klein, J- ponllv K. Olrnsteady Row Two: R, Nlallevacv pl Lilley, A. Jackson, V. Pearson, L. Krosnar, M. Latshaw. Row Five: R. R. Olenowski, G. McArthur, M. Kent, B. Jackson, N. Hurt, R. Krovic. J- Mims, J- Hlfmon- C- Leepef- J- Mosley, R- Miller- R- ' Three: M. Madden, S. King, R. Johnson, K. Loftus, MYGYS, J- Nlufliri, J. NlCClerid0n. O. Kadenko, K. Krahling, Priest, Row L. Morrow, B. Leiter, P. Metzger, On, L. Wil- Row One: S. Stahler, R. Schiefer, M. White, B. Shann son, L. Rider, D. Welsh, D. Zobitne, P. Vance. Row Two: L. Segar, D. Whittle, D. Spizzirri, R. Rohacek, C. Shannon, S ser, D. Thorn, Y. Spanitz. Row Three: K , R. Sloane, J. Thomas, D. Schaffhau Whittle, R. Sherbocker, D. Seay Zerance, S. 69 Wain, T. Rishel, B. Sauder, D. Rados. Row Four: R. Schaffer, R. Wolf, L. Zinkan, J. Willis, J. Sosnowski, M. Radosinovich, J. Savage. Row Five: M. Spanitz, M. Sypniewski, R 'th, D. Senior, W. Sites, B Rohacek, M. Santo, J. Solzer, B. Stroll, J. Sm: White. 65 19 t D Carnes, K. Dor- Row One: J. Drayer, N. Colbert, G. Bryan , . man, A. Bianco, Row Two: M. Doncevic, D. Cotter, L. Devaric, E. Coates, B. Doyle, M. Benkovic, D. Cox. Row Three: J. Clea, R. Beard, F. Dell, D. Biesecker, G. H. Clauser, K. Cooney, T Cordas H Brown, Chambers. Row Four: E. Arp, R. Curtis, . , . G. Dimoff, D. Baker, G. Cuckovic. Row Five: T. Albert, C. D. Chapman, C. Buffington, A. Beard, E. Cas- Bowser, B. Cox, tillo. Row One: E. Jackson, R. Allen, H. Jones, L. Garman, N. Jar- Kerstetter. Row Four: C. Herman, R. Herman, J. Elliott, D. molenko, M. Kern. Row Two: J. Hoffman, M. J. Eckler, J. Hughes, J. Hymon, D. Franklin, B. Hickman. Row Five: E. Hess, D. Fulmer, J. Harlacher, D. Fortenbaugh. Row Three: S. Holwig, R. Huber, J. Hernjac, L. Dunn, R. Hoffman, R. Hiem Gersic, E. Houseal, J. Farley, J. Fisher, P. Harrington, C. L. Hall. 66 Koric J Luzik, H. Lutz, G. Latimore, M Newcomer, C. Row One: M. Mesaric, M. , . E. Neal. Row Two: M. McLaughlin, H. Pugh, . Kingsbury, B. Mack, P. Lalic, G. Reynolds. Row Three: G. Phil- ' T. Phillips, G. Kessler, T. Martz, E. Porr. Row lips, A. Miller, Four: R. Myers, M. Pacella, R. Linta, R. Metzger, S. Miller, R. Rife, K. Knight. Row Five: T. Cordas, J. Mesaric, M. Linta, S. Krovic, J. McCarthy, D. King, J. McKamey. 68 Row One: M. Sviben, N. Szekeres, S. Shartzer, M. White, R. M. A. Thompson, S. Ulsh. Row Four: J. Stouffer, M. Weller, G. Stephenson, C. Wilson. Row Two: C. Szekeres, M. Spanitz, V. Zegler, D. Schmidt, L. Zonarich, D. Sullivan, G. Stepanovic, H Thomas, K. Weaver, A. Ross, E. Rittner, L. Smeltzer. Row Stouffer. Row Five: D. Stefan, S. Strauss, J. Williamson, D 'edel, H. Scott, J. Williams, D. Trace, J. Ruhl, Sosnowski, D. Scott, M. Swartley, P. Yushinsky. Three: R. Schml 67 "We know what we are, but not what we may be." Shakespeare Mbw GX, SENIOR Donnue Secretary Becky President ef GFFICERS Treasurer Babs Historian r i Sue CLASS FLOWER CLASS lVlOTTO Rosebud Determination CLASS COLORS COIVIIVIENCEIVIENT THEME Navy and Ivory Great works are performed not by strength, but by determination. CLASS SONG Now the time has come to leave these memory filled halls where our standards we uphold. Facing decisions of life and fulfillment we strive to attain our moral goals. The seed of knowledge has been planted in our minds and souls. Steel-High shall always remember sixty-seven throughout its passing years. Our days will ne're be forgotten as we set forth in truth without fears. Seeking our planned purposes may God help and guide us, the Seniors. We now sadly depart from you and bid our final Farewell, Steel-High, Farewell, Steel-High! Words By Paul Clark 71 SENIOR Would you believe 'liufjiflf-' ,P N-AL, ,ua-,ALI . I give up, where's the ball? K ,i,, X I A I told you so! ig l V X l il is 72 . will 1 . Chalk one up for Miss V.P ,7 This sure beats practice. Our sexy secretaries! MEMORIES I I do! I do! My mother thanks you, my brother thanks you, and I thank you. What do you mean we forgot to get office permission? steel-High tothe Farm Show oil, oil Someday's nothing goes right! I The greatest story ever told! Mary Ann Anastasijevich "The beauty of the heavens is in the stars, the beauty of women is their hair." William Robert Arp "Duke" "Buildings are measured by their shadows and great men by their achievements." Rebecca L. Beistline "BeCkY" Stanley Bethea "Stan" 'lBe a little up0n YOUV guard: "God is always on the side which has remember she is an actress." a good football player," Deborah Bethel "Debbie" "An ability to stay quiet is one of the most conspicuous achievements." zmifflfn ' Shirley A. Bowers "Weena" Robin Lee Bowman U .Slow and Steady wins the race... "What would Batman do without Ro- bin?" Frank Brinser "Scoop" Carol Linda Brown "Miss Ann" "There is never much chance for a "A friend in need is a friend indeed." sensible man." Patricia Linda Brown Hpat-v Stewart Brown "Stew" Frank George Bruce "Life'5 more amusing than we "Good health and good sense are two "What is so rare as a day in June thought," of life's greatest blessing." Thomas Baron Bryant "Bomb" Lonnie Bufgef "Buck" HA Silent man is the best to listen ton, h l'There was never a saint with red 75 air." Ruth Ann Burger "Dino" John Butcher "Did you get your "Dino" dinosaur "A Butcher does not fear many yet?" sheep." Cheryl Ahh Calhoun Sharon Carter "Little Peck" Virgenmina Castillo '-Say it with flowers," "lt takes a lot of time to be sentimen- "Her locks are as tal." Patricia Chernecke "Pat" Paul William Clark "Smokey" "A woman's mind is cleaner than a "Only Paul can prevent forest fires." man's, she changes it more often." 76 black as a raven Colleen Cleckne r "Coll" Margaret Cline "Peggy" "Only her hair dresser knows for "There could be no great ones if there SUI'e." were no little ones " Marianne Clugston "People of small stature have stand on their dignity." Coates "Greg" Ronald Colbert "ColBear" things grow in the garden than "AS he thinketh in his heart, so is sows." he." Greg . James Cairn! "Jim" ' Rosemary Coniar "Rosie" "lt takes a great man to be a great HA rose is 3 rose is 3 rosey listener." 77 Dale Cook "Butch" Kathleen Cop "There is no wonder that diseases are "Silence is more eloquent than innumerable. Count the Cooks." words." Michael COX llmonkll Rosa Lee Crosson "Rosalie" 5-Yhhe Cfumling "Crum" All Say that football be called a friend. "One rose, a rose that gladdened the "The higher the Plum tree, the ly kind of fight than a play or recrea- eeffh and Sky." Sweefef the Plum-" tion." Arlene Marsha Crystal "Leny" Wllllan Crystal ucrysvl "sneezing will Stop hiCCUPS-" "Quicker than greased Lightening." 78 Patricia Marie Dailey "Pat" Joseph DeFiIippo "Joe" "One never knows what he can do un- "lt is French to me????" til he tries." Suzanne Jayne Dengler 'lSue" Kenneth Dintiman "Ken" Linda DVHYCI' "I laughed till I cried." "Hats off gentlemen: a genius." "ln he' TOHSUS is The law kindness." William R. Dunkle ' "Bill" Madeline Elliott "Dood" "lf I should lose, let me stand by the "Robin Hood, Robin Hood-riding road and cheer as the winners go by." 79 through The Glenn-" Viola Ann Evans "Vi" "You and l are past our dancing days." Cynthia Ann Frlshkorn "Cindy" Jehn Galinac A scholar is a student of the world." "Let Thy Speech be better than silence." lj :" ,. Q iii George J Garcia Carol Ann Gardner "Little Moe" Politeness is the art of human "Coates are like bears-cuddly." George Gassert "Mugs" "When you call me "Mugs" smile!" Marsha Jo Gerber "Gerb" "Everyone excels in something in which another fails." 2' Kerry Gehret "Kern "Keep your eyes on him, he'll make the world talk of him someday." Yvonne Good "Vonnie" BHVVY Gillis Hatchet 'lHer Sunny locks hang on hey "Spe6Ch is SllVel', SIl6l'lCe IS golden temples like a golden fleece." Terry Gray "Ter" Sandra Sue Gria "Sandy" "Time brings roses," "Quiet persons are welggme everywhere." -3-f,5::r:m'E- .L Ki5153ii.i55'RY5Qff5f-lf' f ':fH,9WQ37 M " 1.13: ' '- ,, ,.,k 2 ' f 1 40' . 1 - 4 . l Mildred Marie Hammel "Mille" George Hanzel "Hanz" "For this is the best "Knight"of them "ln the woods and on the moors l all." seek my joy, I am a hunter." e4,s:1.a13l515 Marguerite Harris "Dooni" Saundra Ann Hatcher "Saun" J0hf18flDa Roberta Headen "Bobbie" "Ambition is the growth of every "They gave each a smile, with a UEVSVY S0U"1d Shall end in SNGVICG, but climb." future in it." the silence shall never die." Pk 2 7-rj X WAP fc I .1 X - Llc I L l X 47 C lg f r fill ,, Q lou? 'llfcii 1:-I get I I If l 5 . ffdlf ff- N r 1 of f' V X Lee Heicher "Ted" James Herman "Mort" "Think before thou speakethl' "Cars aren't made to live forever." 82 Betty Hickman "Betty Jane" Jacqueline Lee Hoover "Jackie" "Early marriage, long love." "Life is nothing without friendship." Phyllis Hoover ..phy',. Irvin Horning "Irv" Janice House an none good head is better than a "Water is a very good servant but it "The only athletic girl that was strong hundred Strong handsy is a cruel master." enough to do outdoor work Lloyd Howard "Clock" "The co-captain led his team onto the field with immense enthusiasm." Michael lskric "Mickey" "A football game is never called off on account of defeat." Brenda Jackson Linda Kay John "Alex" "Thou knowest her well, the Goddess "Nothing is more natural than to of sleep." marry." Barbara Ann JOHGS I "Bobby" James Nathaniel Jones "Let" "lt takes 8 long time to bfmg "A winner never quits 84 a quitter excellence to maturity." never wins." William Jones "Bill" "Everyone is a genuis-at least once a year." Lorraine Kay Kable "Lanee" Linda Kaylor "Zeal without knowledge is a sister of "A blush is beautiful but an incon- folly." 84 veniencef' , .mv YJ il X -fjyliv A 49" que I may. vi' f" we Vis! MKS" Donald Kern "Kern-Bird" George Kissinger "Geo" "From every blush that kindles in his "He that has patience may accom- cheeks, 10,000 little loves are revealed." Push BUYWNS-" Diane Knuu -fl-winnern Donna Marie Knull "Twinner" Brenda Koch "She was a brunette by birth, e "Good things Come in Small "ADefmyf0fy0Uf1h0UghiS-" blonde by habit." packages-" David M. Krempels Carol Ann Krosnar "Beba" "Wit and Wisdom are born with a "Friends are made but not fore man." 85 gotten." XMHIW iw Stanley David Krosnar "Buddy" William Krovic "Bill Bam" "Science is nothing but good sense "If you have nothing else to do, go to and sound reason." court and be a witness." Glenn Kuhns "Turtle" Deborah Darlene Lippert "Debbie" George McClure Jr. "J.R." "Music produces a kind of pleasure "Sincerity is an openness of heart we "I like work: it fascinates meg I can which humans can not do without." find it in very few people." sit and look at it for hours." Andrea McKamey David McKee "Dave" "Imitation is the sincerest of flat- "Go to the store and get "Great feryf' 86 Shakes." Robert Richard McLaughlin Stephen Matjasic "Big Steve" "An honest man is the noblest work "The taller you are to heaven the of God." closer you are to God." James R. Monn Stanley Mravich "Sonny" "I never could find any man Wh0 "My fate is determined, but I have could think for two minutes togetherg not yet determined it," but here is one." Lindsey Diane Musser "Lynn" "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart." Donald Nickle "Butch" Bonnie L. Nies "What this country needs is a good "Learning makes the wise wiser." five cent nickle." 87 Anthony Nikoloff "Nik" Mary Ann Orth "Yerbi" "He likes oeoole. therefore people like 'fl was well, l took physics, l am ill." him." H. Dewey Perkins "Dewey" Cheryl L. Phillips "Jane" John A- Poligone t "P-A-G-' "The horn of the hunter is heard on the "Love is a many splendored thing." "What 3 be3UflfUl flX we are ln HOW hill." peace has been declared." Donald Pollard "Duck" Glenn Pontius "Pon" "Better late than never." "A man that blushes is not quite a gg brute." Linda L. Pugh "Witt" Suellen May Pugh "Sue" "Do but look on her hairy it is bright "Never forget the dimples of her chin as love's star when it riseth." and cheeks." John F. Rice "Butch" Leah Rice David Lee Rittner "Chuncky" "The strongest man is the one who "Respect is what we oweg love, what "A learned man is an idler who kills stands most alone." we give." time by study." Diane Kay Rohacek "And then her features started into smiles, sweet as blue heavens o'er enchanted aisles." Susan Carolyn Ross "Rosie" "Affection bends the judgement to her uses." Gail M. Rowe Gregory L. Runkle "Kay" "FaintIy as tolls the evening chime, "Laws were made to be broken." Our voices keep tune and our oars keep time." Ada M. Schaffhauser "Dodie" Barbara Ann Scheaffer "Barb" Debefah L- Schmidt "Deb" "Talkers are good doers." "Her ways are ways of pleasantnessf' "Gentlemen Seem to remember blondes." CA , .fl . - Donald E. Schwanger "Donnie" Joseph Henry Scott, Jr, "Joey" "Do you prefer the Rollers to the "Nothing great was every achieved Raiders?" 90 without enthusiasm" Sharon Lee Sellers "Ticket" Steve Semi.. "The Hooker" "We must laugh before we are happy "Laugh and the world will laugh with for fear of dying without laughing at YOU, SF10I'e and y0u'lI Sleep alone." all." James Shank "Jim" Gayeta Caroline Shepherd "Gay" R. Augustine Sinadinos "Fritz" "H0I'1eSfY is Vue h0fl0f-" "lf she has long hair let it be a glory "Never trouble trouble, till trouble to her." troubles you." Edward Bernard Smart "Eddie" Karen Jane Smyers "Smuck" "lt is not necessary to understand "lt is better to live "Rich", than to die things in order to argue about them." 91 "RiCh". Cynthia Lorraine Sweitzer "Cindy" "Sings like a lark." Jay Stahler "Silence is one great art of conversae tion." Audrey Ann Stokes "Audi" "Now speak or forever be silent." Fray Carolyn Thompson "Fraybeas" Donald Veigle Virg "lt is not every question that deserves "Love me, love my dog an answer." Anne Velencia "A daughter of the Gods, divinely tall, and most divinely fair." George Brian Venesevich "Venes" "Only quiet men know the full joys of friendship." Gary Lee Venturo "State" "I believe that when you say one is a "dead game sport" you have reached the climax of human philosophy." Ronald A. Venturo "Batman" "Hercules was not begot in one night." William T. Verbos "Tree" William F. Vogel "Bill" Ludmil A. Vulchev Luke "lt's a silly game when nobody wins." "Silence is one great art of conserva- "They say l speak with an American tion." accent." Milan Vulich "Noch" "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my works will not pass away." Clarise Walker "Reese" She is a friend with a sneeze, but the most you can give her is a "God Bless You." Barabara J. Watson "Babs" "Enthusiasm is that temper of the mind in which the imagination has got the better of the judgement." Sheri Williams "Chunky" "God forbid that l should go to any heaven in which there are no horses." David Wilson "Davey" Geraldine Wooter "Pat" Daniel Wright Butch "The art of doing unselfish things for "Silence gives the proper grace to "I would rather be W right than unselfish reasons." women," president." Lucille Ann Wright "Lue" William A. Wright "Chill" "Nothing is sillier than a silly laugh." "lf it be "Wright" to me it be right." 94 SENIOR DIRECTORY ANASTASIJEVICH, M. Stenography Youth Forum 1, 2, 3, Jr. Red Cross 1, Dramatics 2, 3, F.S.A. 2, '3. ARP, W. Clerical Football 1, Track 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 3. BEISTLINE, R. College Prep. Band 1, 2, 3, Library Club 1, 2, 3, Math Club 1, 2, Student Council 1, 2, 3, F.N.A. 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, Editorial Staff, Dra- matics 1, 2, 3. BETHEA, S. Clerical Football 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track 2. BETHEL, D. General BOWERS, S. Clerical Library Club 1, 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Business Staff. BOWMAN, R. Clerical Intramurals 1, 2, 3, F.S.A. 2, F.N.A. 2, Business Staff. BRINSER, F. College Prep. Wrestling 2, Baseball 2, 3. BROWN, C. College Prep. Chorus 1, 2, 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Library Club 1, 2, 3, Jr. Red Cross 1, 2, 3, Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, F.T.A. 3, Newspaper Staff 3, F.N.A. 3, Y-Teens 2. BROWN, P. Clerical Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Business Staff. BROWN, S. College Prep. BRUCE, F. Industrial Arts BRYANT, T. Clerical Basketball 2, 3. BURGER, L. General BURGER, R. College Prep. Intramurals 1, 2, 3. BUTCHER, J. Clerical Football 2, 3, Wrestling 2, 3, Track 2, 3. CALHOUN, C. College Prep. Safety Council 1, 2, 3, Intramurals 1, F.N.A. 2, 3. CARTER, S. Stenography Chorus 1, Library Club 1, Intramurals 1, F.S.A. 2, 3, Y-Teens 2, Dramatics. CASTILLO, V. Clerical F.S.A. 2, Library Club 2, 3, Student Council 3, Treasurer, Business Staff. CHERNECKE, P. General Band 1, 2, Sr. Chorus 2, F.T.A. 3, Intramurals 2, Dramatics 1. CLARK, P. College Prep. F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, Jr. Red. Cross 1, Rifle Club 1, Newspaper Staff 2, Editorial Staff 3, Dramatics 1, 2, 3. CLECKNER, C. General Business lntramurlas 2, 3. CLINE, M. Stenography Intramurals 1, 2, Rifle Club 2, F.S.A. 2, 3. CLUGSTON, M. Stenography Refreshment Stand 1, 2, 3, Junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3, lntramu- rals 1, 2, 3, Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, F.S.A. 2, 3, Editorial Staff. COATES, G. General COLBERT, R. General COLM, J. General Business Wrestling 2, 3, Track Manager 2, 3, Football Manager 3, Business Staff. CONJAR, R. General Intramurals 2, Business Staff. COOK, D. College Prep. Band 1, 2, 3, Chess Club 1, Rifle Club 1. COP, K. General COX, M. General Business Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3. CROSSON, R. General Business Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Program Seller 2, 3, F.S.A. 2. CRUMLING, L. General Business Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, Business Staff 3. CRYSTAL, A. Stenography Chorus 1, Library Club 1, Dramatic Club 1, 2, F.S.A. 2, 3. CRYSTAL, W. Clerical Football 1, 3, Track 1, Wrestling 1. DAILEY, P. College Prep. Student Council 1, 2, 3, Pres., Majorette 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, Safety Council 1, 2, 3, Sr. High Library Club 1, 2, 3 F.T.A. 1, 2, 3. DE FILIPPO, J. General Basketball Manager 1, 2. DENGLER, S. Stenography Sr. High Library Club 1, F.S.A. 2, 3, Intramurals 2, Dramatic Club 2, Safety Council 2, 3, Jr. Red Cross 1. DINTIMAN, K. College Prep. Youth Forum 1, 2. DRAYER, L. Clerical F.S.A. 2, Rifle Club 2, 3, Intramurals 2, 3, Business Staff 3. DUNKLE, W. General Dramatic Club 2, Baseball 2, Track 2. ELLIOTT, M. Stenography F.S.A. 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, Intramurals 2. ETNOYER, L. General EVANS, V. College Prep. F.N.A. 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, F.T.A. 3, Dramatics 1, 2, 3, Sr. High Library Club 1, 2, 3, Usherette 3, Office Messenger 2, Newspaper Staff 3, Student Council 2. FARNWALT, D. General Business Chorus 1, Dramatic Club 1, 2, Business Staff 3. FRISHKORN, C. College Prep. Band 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Editorial Staff 3, Dramatics 1, 2, 3, Math Club 1, 2, Press and Radio Club 3, Safety Council 1, 2, County Band 1, 2, 3, District Band 2, 3, F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, Pres. GALINAC, J. Clerical GARCIA, G. College Prep. F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, Rifle Club 1, 2, 3, Football Manager 3. GARDNER, C. Stenography Dramatic Club 1, 2, F.S.A. 2, 3, Intramurals 2, Safety Council 2, 3, Editorial Staff 3. v FAREWELL ADDRESS Dear Class of 1967: You came through my doors six years ago looking a little ex- cited and a little frightened too. I must say, you were one of the "scroungiest" bunch of seventh graders I'd seen in a long time, but I had high hopes for you. That first year was a little tough for both you and me. Some made a few trips to the office and got a little encouragement from the "board of education", others made it through just fine. Your junior high years passed quickly. As sophomores, l'm afraid your heads were getting a little too big for my walls, but then maybe you had a good reason. You were a promising class and besides our school was pretty tre- mendous that year. We did have a champion football team as well as a state champion wrestler. And our basketball team ranked first in Eastern Pennsylvania. You helped produce Steel- High's first big musical, "Li'I Abner," also that year. When your junior year started, your heads were still a little large. Doing a find job with your junior class plays and with "Bye Bye Birdie" did very little to bring you back down to earth. I guess it took that sub sale to deflate your egoes and make you realize you still had much to accomplish to be a great class. 'WelI, then you were seniors and when you came through my doors in September, I could pick out each and every one of you. You wore that distinguised, proud look that only seniors wear. The year passed and you displayed your rings proudly. You en- tertained audiences with "Home Sweet Homicide" and "Oklaho- mal! When you came through my doors for your farewell dance, no one could have looked prettier or more handsome. Now as I watch you pass through my doors for the final time, adorned in cap and gown, I feel my walls pushing out again, but not be- cause of your heads, but rather because of the pride I feel in you. You are a fine class, and I shall remember you well and shall note your accomplishments in my halls of honor. Farewell, Steel - 98 High THE END THE BEGINNING 99 "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." Benjamin Franklin K t ff Z Yulgaf, 3 +' -1:i Yf' f" ' - .. N., . H Q, wx, .. , WK Jw. M Q., ,,. .,,..,. X., 'xi-: N , '- ,I EE- ,A -1, EEZ- . A ,- .ff:5,..1:..:.:'3E?: igFf1E2fz:: SzL : -2 Ei 'fs2 : f ""' P.:-122' :als ":-',:.,5E5Er21:15E51iE" . , .:5:5. " ' f- TjiII':5Eg.-miirff 55312 U' - -2 1 51 i r' -11:-. . M N ""' - ' 27 ' ' ' w -P+ .2 215-,1-'Qi R-X V . .. X 1,115 fn, uuun, in ,, , :H .A,: X .H ,.'fg", W jx xxx I kfaiw Nl, -, .fxgr-2' V,-:-:iz-: ,-, V , X, ,in 7 9 Q i NN if .. ,. ..:: ,gg-V wg, ,L Q 4 .:.ia v?j1'fvE.: -Q 51 ..,. , i 'V X I A 3 WE. V A IZ- yj lj 9: ,E ..,. gig . ,.,,. .,, I H If , .QA ,J I ' ' f ,,,.. gsm. .::..TV. In ' .' '.'.' 1 'l fflif bix 7 fi sg' " "'4 " . ::.,.:. , :,,,,I,' H U f Q? , .A,. ,,4,., 4 A,., "' A . G5 V 'Q - -A-'- - - f 42 ,, - ' . .-.-.-., ..,, : ,Il v::,:E.,i:.E:-.Z,: , . V Q I f .X X . .. ,,.. .,., . , . 1. Q X is I me 1 DAIRY LOCALLY O "Hcarrlsburg's M ost Honored Milk -i-:ZX -flafmiabaaq D ' ' 7 20TH 8. HERR STS. - 233-B701 WNED - LOCALLY OPERATED 102 4 1 i x 1 ww, ?""' X x 1 Q J . - ,tb , . . , M - . gzryv,-',,.5jg5g5:5 CHARLES GEHRET STUDIO 136 South Front Street STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA PHOTOGRAPHERS ETNOYER'S TRAILER SALES Lots of Luck . . . CLASS OF 1967 Founded 1923 TRAILER INSPECTION STATION -Ar Trailer Parts 84 Service uk Hitches t Stoves t Heaters " I ak Furniture 'A' Toilets CAMPING TRAILERS if Plumbing n Scotty - Shasta RENTALS 939-5988 XRJTU TENT CAIVIPERS Right - Nimrod Dealer for Johnson 81 lVlcCulloch outboards E T N O Y E R ' S TRAILER SALES inHlGHSPIRE - Travel Trailers - Johnson Boats and Motors WE RENT TRAVEL TRAILERS 104 Ka 'X T S 'lf THE HARRISBURG NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST CCMPANY Founded-1814 Member of F.D.I.C. East wishes WWW MQW. P? if QM UNION EMBLEM COMPANY High School And Fraternity Jewelry Felt Goods And Commencement Stationery Polmyro, Pennsylvonio 106 gp W Q' 1001 iq' Qallutimgl LIONWEARTZD cnnysifn limWifilinfstiizzililizslxwssw f lhe ggzztfaif-. :fire l graduating is will class 1 9 6 'Y lttllfitiblltflttatlimiivlilftfiwiflrxlt FARINA MOTORS INC. CHRYSLER - PLYMouTH - VALIANT v , 750 North Front Street l l -: J SALES and SERVICE IE! Steelton, Pennsylvania Phone: 939-9581 S PENNSY SUPPLY Transit-Mix Concrete Quality Building Materials Fuel Oil J - Xa 2? I 1001 Paxton Street Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 107 MQQTQ--i FQQNT S GROCERIES-IVIEAT-FROZEN FOODS-PRODUCE FREE DELIVERY 234 Main Street, Steelton, Pennsylvania Phone 939-5604 81 939-9505 .A.Hartman Son. MOVING STORAGE PACKING DAY PHONE: 939-9828 NIGHT PHONE: 232-9223 Agent, United,Van Lines, Inc. 108 STEELTUN HARDWARE 00. 25 S. FRONT ST., STEELTON, PA. 17092 Phone 939-3346 ' gr l.lllllll'lll'f g Supplies HOUSQWGTOI Glass R. E. MOORE PLUMBING-AUTOIVIATIC HEATING CONTRACTOR 436 Swatara Street . . . Steelton, Pennsylvania, 17092 TELEPHONE 939-5194 109 ,ic -2 Steelton, Pennsylvonlo 'te gf 4 i aa 1 Q Q 7 X 1 f 33,1 'slxjfl 1' f , Q Y-TQ ofa Ecxuvv THE IDEAL JEWELRY STORE 29-31 North Front Street Home Delivery With radio controlled trucks Hot Pizza delivered right to your door . ,Qs PAPA DlNO'S il 5 PizzA E wif Ham and Turkey Boats-Subs 8t Steaks 939-2382 143 N. Front Street Steelton, Pa From 11:30 A.NI. till Midnite Sunday-Closed Mondays 110 lzevrolet HELM S CHEVROLET, INC. Front Street at Turnpike Bridge - Steelton, Pennsylvania Phone: 939-9801 - , 4 'X 2' tw A jg: ,J-,,,,.-f -'J - l g A M! XA iv U' W I ry F- I THE YEAGER PRINTERY L. . . . . + 'X Commerczal Pnntzng 25 K is S X oFrEN 1 li rx 4 ' '5 .iz AND M or ? '-Mfr -2 J-fr-is-W or W, -A WELL 250 Market Street ' Highspire, Pennsylvania , X 'ini-1. --. Phone: 939-2423 l f i ,,,,,,..---' it X JNO. D. BOGAR 8. SON COMPANY Franklin Street Steelton, Pennsylvania .. -'- mul yr' "'If""' ff? 'QSM' 'T fflfill fe li' i ' L 'i A 223 A il S8iE AUTO SALES 1 -, 2 - 1 E i- -xml Q x - Tenth and Paxton Streets Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Phone: 232-2821 ' 1 X To V- in VZ, l ie fffy 5 1 f - lg T A A l , l U A ' I' h i'3'S Are you receiving a record of your m y . -fl! prescription for insurance or tax? P -Y Hi' E H h X You will, each year at , CI - v --- , A ' T' V ' Achenbach s Pharmacy al l it Db 205 Second Street Higlispirc, P21 V Phone 939-9820 fi, Qlelivery in the area 1 5 Ei fl' Q f-, iff rf, V W All Phases of Beauty Culture KAY RUNKLE RHODES Proprietor 332 Pine Street Steelton, Pennsylvania Phone: 939-7752 KAY'S BEAUTY CULTURE X I'ai9Ti24gQh L' I, Ikmf 1 gi FOR THE BEST X- IN 4 95 Musn: BAND INSTRUMENTS USG... WORLD'S BEST QUALITY We also specialize in Drums and Private Music Instruction KLOCK'S HOUSE OF MUSIC 200 Second Street Highspire, Pa. BYERS' FRIENDLY MARKET 422 Eshelman Street Highspire, Pennsylvania . . . GROCERIES . . . MEATS . . . HEALTH AND BEAUTY AIDS Phone: 939-2151 BETTY AND BILL BYERS CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE 1967 GRADUATES From your "Host of the Highways" HOWARD JOHNSON'S RESTAURANT 469 South Eisenhower Blvd. Harrisburg, Pa. Q5 I?" ' naw--,I Q JOAN BOGDANOVIC'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 168 Market Street Highspire, Pennsylvania Back Entrance Telephone 939-5910 After 6:30 P.M PLAZA CHILDREN'S SHOP Olmsted Plaza Shopping Center Middletown, Pennsylvania BABES THRU TO TEENS GIFTS WRAPPED . . . NO CHARGE 9 Olmsted Plaza Middletown, Pennsylvania SAM BRECKENRIDGE INSURANCE THE CUMBER AGENCY Call 939-5105 Robert H. Cumbler, Realtor Steelton Trust Co. Building 15 North Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania 17092 BELGRADE BAKERY kiWi4858483iikkkYW?4Riii8i8ki Bread-Buns-Hard Rolls viv3vi4v4k2ivivikivvkttvtw 620 North Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania 17092 Phone: 939-4611 121 South Front Street Steelton Pa Phone 939-5063 . Kgs? -N CLARENCE L. KERNS. IR. , 444AA,.........-.-- SIMONIC BROS. Guaranteed Odorless Dry Cleaning 833 North Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania 17092 Phone: 939-4141 HOFFMAN FORD SALES, INC 427 Second Street Highspire, Pennsylvania Phone: 939-9885 Your Hometown Milkman BROOKWOOD FARMS 19th and Brookwood Sts. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania JOHN J. VERBOS AGENCY Insurance of All Kinds 519 North Second Street Steelton, Pennsylvania 17092 Phone: 939-9738 V. C. PUGLIESE 300 South Second Street Steelton, Pennsylvania LEO'S CAFE 117 S. Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania HOME COOKED MEALS Phone: 939-9220 Proprietor: Herman Leo The Student Who Knows . . . Buys . . . DUNDEE CLOTHES 2771 Paxton Street Harrisburg, Pennsylvania B. and M. POOL ROOM BUCK AND MOTZ Proprietors 283 Main Street Steelton, Pennsylvania 17092 Zip and Kay's QUIGLEY'S i-ioTEi. 1517 South Cameron Street Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17104 Phone: 236-1922 BEST FOOD AROUND Compliments of . . . WILLIAM C. NOVAK Justice of the Peace Lower Swatara Township DICK'S PIONEER SERVICE STATION Car Washing . General Repairs . . Waxing . . . Motors Cleaned . . . Road Service 550 North Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania 17092 ICS International Correspondence Schools Scranton, Pennsylvania 18515 Samuel Borata, Representative 140 Pelton Road Enhaut-Steelton, Pa. 17092 Phone: 939-5959 DRAFTING SERVICES 508 Second Street Highspire, Pennsylvania Phone: 939-3937 SPORIK Roofing and Heating Siding and Spouting Call 939-2396 ROBERT L. REED Registered Surveyor 503 Second Street High Spire, Pennsylvania Phone: 939-7594 Best Wishes . . . For the "67" Class REA 81 DERICK Drug Stores of Service STEELTON-HIGHSPIRE JUNIDR-SENIOR PTA BEST WISHES FROM- BILL WlLSON'S X 'gx The Place to Go for the Best in Food and Pleasant Atmosphere ON THE STEELTON-HIGHSPIRE LINE CATERING A SPECIALITY Phones: 939-6694 or 939-9981 120 ALWAYS . . . AT YOUR SERVICE . . sTEEi.ToN Rescue SQUAD No. 3 BEISTLlNE'S 175 South Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK JOHN BRANDT NAME BRAND CLOTHES 262 Fredrick St., Steelton, FOR MEN 39 North Front Street Phone: Steelton, Pennsylvania 939-5549 MARTZ'S CARVEL TAVERN ICE CREAM John Martz, Jr. George P. Brown 349 North Front St. PARTY CAKES OPEN ALL WINTER Phone: 939-7511 Steelton, Pennsylvania Hignsnire pennsylvania Phone: 939-9261 THE ClCO'S BARRY BOYS FOOD MARKET TO AID YOUR DRIVING 43-45 South Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania MEATS, GROCERIES, FROZEN FOODS 187 N. Front St. Steelton, Pennsylvania Phone: 939-9604 INTRERI ELECTRONICS 171 S. Front St., Steelton, Pa. COURTESY OF . . . HAN DY MARKETS THERE IS ONE NEAR YOU! Compliments of . . . STONE FUNERAL HIGHSPIRE HUME PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Formerly Wilt 81 Sharon OUR CONCERN-CHILDREN 112 North Harrisburg Street Steelton, Pennsylvania 17092 Phone: 939-2589 WILLIAM J. GARDNER, JR. JUSTICE OF THE PEACE 113 South Fourth Street Steelton, Pennsylvania 17092 Business Phone: 939-6996 Residence Phone: 939-5590 COLUMBA'S BEAUTY SALON ALL BRANCH OF BEAUTY CULTURE Phone for Appointment 939-2470 939-2011 BOBERINO'S Subs, Steaks, Pizza 317 S. Fourth St., Steelton, Pa. Compliments of . . . BOB'S ATLANTIC HIGHSPIRE, PENNSYLVANIA O f0Ny' HOE "Your Family Shoe Center in the Center of Steelton" A. R. BOAT MART 841 N. Front Street Steelton, Pa. 17092 Phone: 939-5732 DINTIMAN'S BODY SHOP Wrecked Cars Rebuilt East End of Highspire, Penna. Bear Frame and Front End Alngt. HALFWAY HOUSE HOTEL 46 South Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania GOLES GROCERY 227 South Sixth Street Steelton, Pennsylvania FREDDIE'S PLACE 109 North Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania Compliments of . . . A FRIEND MINOFF'S CAFE 401 Myers Street Steelton, Pennsylvania BARLEY'S NEWS AGENCY 183 Second Street Highspire, Pennsylvania DIFFENDERFER Dry Cleaning 8. Laundry 223 Second Street Highspire, Pennsylvania U x Q0 T M , BEST WISHES X. Ex f, , 14 1651 S. Cameron St. Harrisburg, Pa. WELCOME TO STEELTON'S NEWEST A ,g,jQ3t , LODGE HOME Qi -3" lk, jT'."l' Q E U99-Q STEELTON MOOSE LODGE NO. 382 RlCHARD'S MEN STORE GROSS, AND HARDWARE 182 Second Street STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA Highspire penns 'Varna F I Rentals and Customed Tailor Clothes I y DAUPHIN DEPOSIT TRUST COMPANY 18 CONVENIENT OFFICES HARRISBURG - STEELTON - PENBROOK COLONIAL PARK - LEMOYNE - CAMP HILL CARLISLE PIKE - CARLISLE - HANOVER MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. .if5' ::1r1.:: Dauphin 1 D h' D 1 Deposit alll! lll el-IOS! l rust Co. li Trust Company I HARRISBURC-3 - Colonial Park - Penbrook - Steelton - Lemoyne If Camp Hill- Carlisle - 5528 Carlisle Pike, Near Naval Supply Depot- Hanover M be Fd in p 'i 1 Corporation 125 ig iv HSWEETEST STORY EVER TOLD" FAMOUS KNIGHTS CHOCOLATES HSPEAKS FOR lTSELF" 222 Broad St. Highspire, Pa Phone: 939-2413 126 MARY MARIJAN BEAUTY SALON 193 S. Front St., Steelton, Pa. Phone: 939-4071 BRENT'S ESSO STATION Front 81 Verbeck Sts. Harrisburg, Pa. WATSON'S GROCERY 249 Lincoln St., Steelton, Pa. Phone: 939-2491 LIKE-GREETINGS FROM . . . JUDY'S GROCERY 300 Lincoln Street Steelton, Pennsylvania Phone: 939-4867 ROD'S and BROWN'S LOUNGE 231-233 North Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania 17092 P 8: J FOOD MARKET 237 North Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania BRUAW'S FLOWERS 2447 South Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania Member F.T.D. Owner-Earl F. Arnold MRS. BELLA Bl.ANCHE'S SPIRITUALIST READER AND AovisoR On All Problems of Life FLOWER 149 2nd St., Highspire, Pa. WHEN WORDS FAIL. . . SAM'S BARBER SHOP 330 North Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania LAVIA'S JEWELERS 109 S. Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania DOT'S BEAUTY LOUNGE 118 S. Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania SAY IT WITH FLOWERS Telephone BLANCHE'S FLOWER SHOP 939-2990 623 Chestnut Street Steelton, Pennsylvania Proprietress: Blanche Dragas M4fVCy 1.005 "IJ" Rib 4AL"'Wj fg"4 'ZM"""f N75Zf'7Q5.f Jgwf mm smum 'or' firm. dl w,g,,j71,,?0,,,I 2,14 RAXAA EcK ? 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Suggestions in the Steelton Highspire High School - Steel High Yearbook (Steelton, PA) collection:

Steelton Highspire High School - Steel High Yearbook (Steelton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Steelton Highspire High School - Steel High Yearbook (Steelton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Steelton Highspire High School - Steel High Yearbook (Steelton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Steelton Highspire High School - Steel High Yearbook (Steelton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 98

1967, pg 98

Steelton Highspire High School - Steel High Yearbook (Steelton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 8

1967, pg 8

Steelton Highspire High School - Steel High Yearbook (Steelton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 114

1967, pg 114

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