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Steelton Highspire High School - Steel High Yearbook (Steelton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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'sln M. wb' ws, ., www . au...A,. A Mm xi"""""' v mwmm Y , ,. ...- W- 1 1 ' 'MWMW V 'Y A Y Y. N Y A WN www-A w,..,,mm""' L1 ggiflllg., - . 51 v , :-yuh, ' 0 Y W H Y J V - -152317 . . A -'-" f 4 Q3 gf-45: - 11 V . 2. P11 V V , ' 4 , 4225:-f , A f 'if 3gfg?5'g,gfg 1 ,YNNN W1 'N mf, ig: w V - V , , , I , ' Th I' W W 4 4 u s 1. V, ,, I g.. Q ' THE STEEL -- HIGH PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR CLASS HIGH SCHOOL STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA STEELTON-HIGHSPIRE 1966 CONTENTS FOREWORD DEDICATION BOARD OF EDUCATION ADMINISTRATION FACULTY RELATED SERVICES SENIORS UNDERCLASSIVIEN ACTIVITIES SPORTS PATRONS my Q Royal Blue And Gray Uch Zlsrl 92 ig '-' hea Z l 'With prideirespon , - m ile Stee Qigh forges ever onward, gStrength Qin I ,l"l if - ' ' V- Her banrie g yy lrBlue arxd.-G'ray--W High o'e, fhsg j ,diggs friege' lnspireseggr m' i la., 'M And Oaken destinies. are it M f f Beyonggger hilgithg risingyiystggg fri Q 5 Climffsito the? wind-sweiiffi E Beforeigzer doors the g s Its biahchesgft on Q N The SLlsq.uehaHa's Q Iapstssiiyiftly past the i As timeffflows on to time umznowns ' it past mankind's tide-spun boajgr. To look upon the school we love, to breathe her spirit free, i To chant her bold, undying fame, In this is majesty. May Steel-High's banner ever wave ln glorious array! Forever live our tribute song The Royal Blue and Grey! Q DEDICATION We the Class of '66 have chosen to dedicate this year's Steel- High to Dorothy S. Ferencic. We are grateful to Mrs. Ferencic for her deep concern and loyalty to us during our years at Steel- High. We wish her success and happiness in all her future en- deavors. 4 1mm-.......... ' I isis' A Dear Class of '66, The dedication of your yearbook is received with great pride and hon- or. The school, the faculty, and l are proud to have played a part in the first great achievement of your life, graduation from Steelton-Highspire High School. We hope that you uphold the high ideals and principles of your school and use the knowledge acquired to fulfill Iife's obligation to yourself, your community and your God. lVIy best wishes for your health, happiness and success. Nlrs. Dorothy S. Ferencic 5 "And in closing, . . "I know you're not Let me help you hold it." one of the students anymore but . . Q, . ,1 lg. L , "lt's my turn for the apple "Don't cry, we'Il win next week." 1. mg I . , ,W 5 9. if Fifi ai, 5 "I chased him to "And they lived happily ever after." herein "lf you don't shut up, l'II throw this." K. r -4 M., "Dear Abbey, These students. . . i i By their leaves ye shall know them. "Now OUR TOWN is a serious play." 6 ' "You just lost." ADMINISTRATION Q I X' BOARD OF EDUCATION I CLOCKWISE: C. F. Chandler, Jr., President, Ernestine Lanza, ter, Emil J. Posega, Eber S. Harder, Treasurer, V. C. Pugliese Secretary, Robert K. Ulrich, Joseph Labashousky, John R. Kenneth P. Weaver, William W. White, Dr. William J. Albright Higgins, William G. Wilson, Jr., Howard Gilmore, Mabel Porg Ill, Vice President. ADMINISTRATION H.T. Griffith Superintendent B.S., Millersville State Teachers College, M.Ed., Ed.D, Pennsylvania State University. L. C. Derr Assistant Superintendent B.S., Bloomsburg State Teachers College, M.Ed., Temple University. C. P. Hoy Principal B.S., Dickinson College, M.Ed., Pennsylvania State University. W. R. Magill Assistant Principal B.S., West Chester State Teachers College, M.Ed., Pennsylvania State University. 8 gr-ws , V , ., f , ' ENGLISH - LANGUAGE The English Department has a very basic respon- sibility to all pupils of the educational system. As one cannot live alone today, it is the awesome duty of the department to free pupils to capable com- munication through the study and process of read- ing, writing, speaking, and listening. Proficiency in English is an asset, in fact, it is the very foundation and building block for self-education. The department, through the study of the various literatures, helps the pupils to become acquainted with better reading material. Literature offers the opportunity of travel and the understanding of life. ln brief, this study enables pupils to live lives more fully than the adjacent boundaries of direct experi- ence make it possible. The department is making every effort possible to give the students of Steelton-Highspire Junior- Senior High School the necessary background for suc- cess in their chosen endeavors. The study of a foreign language helps promote self-expression. The students develop the ability to understand, speak, read, and write the language with reasonable accuracy and ease. lt develops good judgement in the use of a large number of foreign words in the English language so that the vocabu- lary may be enriched. It develops the ability to under- stand the increasing number of words and phrases found in our literature, movies, and television. It gives the students the opportunity to understand some foreign people and their ways of life. Jacqueline Brown Marlin Collier Lois Guistvvhite B.S. 219 B.S. M.E.D. B.A. 106 English 10 English 7,9 Latin I-llg English ll Katherine Hoy Jane McCorts Ph.B. 107 B.S., M.A. 105 English 12 English 11,12 Nelda Phillips John Robinson B.S. 100 B.A. English 8 English 115 Expression 12 Warren Steele Marcia Velencia B.S. 113 B.S. 111 Reading 7-8 French I, Il, Ill Anne Zart Grace Zimmerman B.S. 209 B.S. 213 English 9 English 7-8 George Cole B.S. 216 Mathematics 8,95 Science 9 . K T Wilson Grab B.S. Mathematics 7 Doyle lvey B.S. 202 Algebra 9gApplied Math 12 M 5 Al B.S. 207 Mathematics 8 Paul Himelwright B.S. 205 Shop Mathematics 10,- 113 Trigonometry 12 Donald Rineer B.S. 208 Mathematics 7, Science 7,10 as 1 Paul Shatto A.B. M.Ed. 210 Chemistry 11, Physics 12 B.A., M.A. 201 Geometry 10 Fra nk B S General Science 9,12 e All pupils in grades seven to eleven inclusive are en- rolled in mathematics classes at Steel-High. The seventh and eighth grades all take the "new math" while be- ginning in ninth grade, pupils choose either general or academic math courses and begin to specialize, taking those courses that will best prepare them for future endeavors. SCIENCE Science today plays an important part in everyone's life. You may study it to help you better understand your- self and the world in which you live. You may ignore its study and still be enslaved by its production try. What would life be for modern man without all his clever devices and methods for saving work and time? How we would miss electricity, city water, fast transportation, radio and television, daily papers - the thousand and one thingspso many of us take for granted. We offer our students of Steelton Highspire High School an opportunity to study General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth and Space Science. We hope your study of science during your years here will culminate in wisdom to use your knowledge to make is a better orld for all ki . 41 , - ll Math 9, Algebra 113 Henry Shotsberger Dorothy Ferencic B.S. 101 Typing 125 Shorthand 12 Ronald Leo B.S. 102 Bookkeeping 11, Short- hand 11 Ronald J. Weiss B,A. 103 General lVlath 95 Typing 1O,11,123 General Busi- ness 10 James Reedy B.S. 101-A Typing 113 Law 12 Emma White B.S. 104 Business Math 10, Book- keeping 103 General Business 9 The lives of all individuals are affected by business relation ships. No phase of modern life is exempt from association with business activities. We must all, in our daily living, mix with business, therefore, business education is an important part of all education. Business education contributes toward a better under- standing of every day business for all students and makes its contribution to general education by giving to those who desire it the necessary vocational training. -A jim Martin Benkovic B.S. 220 History 7 Andrew Padjen B.S. 110 History 10,11 SOCIAL STUDIES Warren Burtner B.A., M.Ed. 218 English 10,125 History 11 Robert Perugini B.S., M.S. 216 History, Civics 9, P.O,D., Economics 12 Michael DeFilippo B.S. 203 History 7,83 Geography 8 Sylvia Steigleman B.S. 211 History, Civics 9 Social Studies is more than teaching chil- dren some facts about city, county, state, nation and world governments and people. It is more than memorizing or familiarizing themselves with the Declaration of indepen- dence or the Constitution of the United States or other dates, and facts. To define, or consign, Social Studies to such a narrow base would be an admission that the study of history is static and turns only backward to the past. But social studies deals with a system that can help meet the stress and strain of a dynamic world that is forever on the march. The ultimate aim of our social studies course at Steel-High is to assure the forth- coming generations a structure of men and women mentally designed to preserve the free man and the free governments. Joan Hutchison B.S. 108 History 10 Helen Stevick B.S. 214 Geography 8 Donnalea Va nPelt B.S. 218 H'story 8 ezfffefwvf 42111447 12 'fffdffiffwji E. U. Balsbaugh A.R. and M.A. Director of Guidance Donald H. Esbenshade B.S. in Ed., M.S.C. Woodshop Jack Huggins M.E.E. Graphic 9,1O,11,12g SPECIAL Herbert Bollinger B.S. Instrumental Music Supervisor Andrea L. Farris A B.S. Health A Physical Ed. 109 Phys. Ed. 7,123 Health 9 Edward A. Kerr, Jr. B.S. 116 Health 8,9,1Op Science 7 Mech. Draw. The term "Pupil Services" is used to identify a closely related area of service in education dis- tinct in purpose and formation from instructional services and administrative services. The focus for each of the Pupil Services is the individual pu- pil in an educational setting. Committed to a belief in the infinite value and worth of the individual person, the schools of SERVICES Mary Byerly Paul L. Cressman, Jr. B.S., M.Ed. B.S. Guidance Counselor General Metal Shop 8,10,- 11,12 at fl at it ,7'r"t lsa bel H. Goodfellow Esther K. Freeland B.S. 115 B.S. Home Ec. from Hood College Home Ec. 8,9,1O,11,12 Jr. H. Art Martin Koons Stuart H. Lengel B.S.WestChester 114 A.B. Gettysburg, M.E.D. Health 7,12 Penn State Special Education Pennsylvania strive to promote the maximum de- velopment of the potentialities of every pupil. The major responsibility of the school is directed to- ward the instructional program, and to make the educational opportunities effective, it is neces- sary to provide certain supportive services for pu- pils who encounter difficulties in participating constructively in the educative process. 13 Carolyn Mateer A.B. Librarian Elizabeth Paine A.B. M.Ed. Guidance Counselor Dean of Girls, Advisor J. C. Shevock A.B. M.Ed. Physical Education, Boys Director of Athletics Marcia Wharton Robert Nisley B.S. M.F.A. Art 7-12 Ann Sheesley B.A. Music Victor Virbos B.A. Driver Education B.S. 14 Family Studies Jean Albert Mary Crumlich Cafeteria Manager Secretary of Guidance Department Li Bette Deik Judith Savasito Assistant Secretary R.D.H. Dental Hygienist The members of this department are the peo- ple who offer their special services to both stu- dents and faculty. They include the people working in the various offices, members of the health staff, members of the custodial staff, and legal advisors. RELATED SERVICES Joanne Kern, A.M. Petrosky, H. R. Prowell, John Schonewolf R.N., B.S. D.D.S. A.B., LL.B. Superintendent of School Nurse School Dentist Solicitor Buildings and Grounds . Q, to i-1-'es nfflifs , V genie , , f . V,fK,Ri1'Vjg5g?f10rf K FIRST ROW: M. Acre, L. Reich, M. Crumlich, H. Dean, M. Kohr. SECOND ROW: H. Harty, E. Pugh, M. Hoffman, E. Herman, C. Klugh, A. Szekeres. Jane M. Shatto I. O. Silver, M.D. Margaret Welsh Kathryn White Library Clerk School Physician Home and School Visitor Secretary 15 l Y, foo E Q' Tv Aw, come on you've got to go back in! Oh! Mr. Weiss couldn't have meant that. "Well, wouldyou believe... "I smell Juicy "What do you mean you've changed your mind?" Fruit." "John, uh, you're on my ix. fit: K "Oh, he just dropped off for a minute." Why was I the only one to buy lunch today?" i fs:- i l ,, i+ MDC you have a tis' ' V "Would you like to sue?" ,,, "Please, may l have your undivided attention." dance' 16 W W SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS E President Miles Belic Vice-President Theodore Yanich Secretary Karen Gross Treasurer Kathy McPherson Historian Janet Stouffer 18 CLASS SONG "A Tribute" Through all the passing years, We've come to love and always honor, Our royal blue and grey, More each passing day, Memories will stay. Our theme will always be, Loyalty to friends and teachers, Those who helped us along, Teaching right and wrong, This our tribute song. So we will try to be, People folks will long remember, Though creeds and races mix, Always reminisce - Our class of '66, By: Barbara Reed COIVIIVIENCEIVIENT THEIVIE lVlirrors CLASS CCLCRS CLASSFLOWER Dark Green Carnation and Ivory CLASS IVIOTTO C, M wr l "To thine ownself be true, and then I 'Hang' thou canst not be false to any man." li 19 Barbara Ann Auch Barb Why does Barb miss Steel'High games . . . Surf boards, flowing tresses and sports cars . . . add up to Barb. Wants to be an airline stewardess, but will probably collect chin guards. Clee Beard "Cookie" Who wants Clee for a seamstress . . . what do you smell burning . . . Could it be water? Wants to be a beautician but will probably be a moustache. Marian Dorthea Ainsworth Can be seen everywhere on the hock- ey field . . . loves home ec .... need bike riding lessons see Marian. Wants to be a bookkeeper, will probably design new methods for field hockey. Richard Bazdar "Rick" The Albert Einstein of Steel-High . . . Favorite saying . . . smile you're on Candid Camera. Wants to be a photog- rapher but will probably be a darkroom assistant. Ronald Leroy Bell Who do you see flying . . . Special in- terest in pigeons . . . Bell rides again. Wants to be an accountant but will probably be a pigeon breeder. Eugene L. Avery "Gene" Newcomer to Steel-High . . . Made a great hit with the girls. . . What's this I hear about igneous rocks. Wants to join the Armed Services but will probably be a hunchback. Miles Belic "Scutch" Mr. President . . . Heart Xt soul are in the football game for Steel-High and his special interest in Highspire. Wants to be an engineer but will probably be Mr. Mona Lisa. John Charles Bishop "Bag" Favorite class is lunch . . . wonder why? . , . Big girls have pretty curls but John likes his Orioles . . . Tennis any- one? Wishes to be an accountant will probably be a bagpipe blower. John Robert Brady "Peachie" Always talks about Cheryl . . . one of the illustrious voices with the Del- Chontays . . . one of our better speech makers. He wants to be a service man but will be a peach shaver. Linda Jane Bender "Bender" There goes our speed demon in the blue Dart . . . see that S man coming down the street . . . always seen with Kendra at Bar-B-Q Cottage. Wishes to be a secretary, will be a cigarette girl in the Bunny Club. Floyd Andrew Bowers "Rabbi" "Rabbi" oh, what a voice! . . . never lonesome with him . . . always willing to do his share . . . when he feels like it . . . likes to let out wild screams. Wants to be a service man will be a babysitter. Chloe Patricia Brown "Smiley" Cool, calm and collected, that's our "Smiley" . . . what would she do with- out the opposite sex? Wants to join the W.A.C. will be chewing gum tester 1:22. Robert Paul Boiovic "Bob" Loves to watc the flag twirlers prac- tice . . . envied by the girls for his many curls . . . "Well, where's everyone at?" Aspires to be an IBM operator but will probably be a special ed. instructor. Donna Ann Brinser "Dee" A newcomer from McDevitt . . . Do blondes really have more fun? . . . nev- er at a loss for homeroom admirers. As- piresto be a secretary will be a runner- up Miss America. Earl Stanley Brown "E.B." A neat dresser with a friendly person- ality . . . by the way, Earl, what is a mass spectrographic isotopic double diathermal diaphonoscope? Wants to go to trade school but will be an eye specialist. Starr Buffington Seldom seen without a smile . .. funny comments . . . one of Mrs. Fer- encic's little helpers. Wishes to be a medical secretary but will be a moon- beam. Daria Lynn Brown "Jinx" A pleasant miss . . . good student who always lends a helping hand . . . never has much to say. Wants to be a medical social worker, will edit "Jinx" comic book. Raymond Brown "Kake" Steel-Highs smiling skyscraper . . . "Kake" has his future under the hood of a car. . . quiet, but boy can he come on strong. Aspires to be a mechanic but will be a baker. E 7. e fy ' A if VL Z :N V if A iii' iise r 2 , . i ' - . w Q' Z' 235 . Y ra, Carl Edward Carter "Eddie" How is expression . . . tell any wild stories lately . . . would like to be an accountant but will probably be a deck swab. Loretta Brown "Tottie" Doesn't like homework . . . but then who does . . . "Does anyone have any tissues?" Wants to be a social worker but will be a slum developer. Andrew Charles Burger "Mr, Clean" Always seen with Bob . . . Loves all athletics . . . Very talented on the mound. Aspires to join the Air Force but will probably sell Mr. Clean. James Castillo Our head-strong President . . . a hard iiJimmyfi Student Council worker for Steel- High . . . "Hey, who threw that fire cracker?" Wishes to go to Shippensburg State College, but will probably be Presi- dent of C.l.A. Robert Michael Chubb "Bob" Authority on ancient histories . . . need a late issue of Mad-see Chubb . . . "What's the latest Rome history?" Aspires to be a library administrator, but will probably be Julius Caesar Ill. Divina Castillo "Dee" One of '166's" neat brunettes . . . stays to herself . . . friendly and nice to know. Wishes to be a receptionist, but will be as exceptionist. Dana Andrew Chisholm "Chis" "Chis" is a friendly guy with a per- sonality to match . . . likes just about everything and everybody expecially yel- low stones. Aspires to be a pro-basket- ball player, but will be a state store manager. Richard Coogan "Dick" Belongs to the quiet set . . . vital as- set to 101 . . . commonly seen with Frank and the boys. Wants to be an en- gineer, but will be a slow-talker. Stephen Cavrich "Cav" Hails from East End . . . Does any- one need any carburetors, cylinders, or pistons . . . see Cav. Wants to be a me- chanic, but will be a speed demon. Harry R. Colm, Ill . Best subject - Trng . .. need a sweep? - ask Harry . . . professional bowling help can be found here. Wishes to be a forester, but will be an optometrist. Joseph R. Cox "Joe Ray" A Chevrolet man! . . .can be seen at the corner of Harrisburg and Lincoln . . . Hey, Iet's call it Joe's Corner! . . . Need a watchdog, borrow "Joe Ray's." Would like to attend Business school, but will be Little Joe on the Ponderossa. Juanita E. Creamer "Nita" Has a special interest in Savanah State College . . . spends most of her time and money writing letters . . . is known for her strange sneezes. Wants to be a typist but will be a tissue-tester. John L. Cootes "Harry" The little joy in 101 . . . always seen under a brown brim . . . Hails from the "Big Valley." Wants to be in Uncle Sam's Navy, but will be an exterminator. Edward Crankfield "Judge" Never lets the cafeteria go broke . . . commonly seen with Tex Hails from the Lower End. Desires to be a sailor, but will be a Crank. John Thomas Davis "Johnny-o" Handsome guy with many admirers . . . always ready with a joke . . . What would Mr. Burtner do without him? Trade School is in his future, but he's going to be a sunglass salesman. Madelyn Cox "Mad" Mad and Mary the giggling twins . . . always ready for a laugh . . . helps keep Wrigleys in business. She would like to attend Business school, but will be Chewing-gum tester 112. Diane Crum 'tDi" "Hey, have you seen Stevi?" Always seen in the typing room . . . sports a big black bomb . . . Aspires to be a sec- retary but will be a Cookie. Mary Louise Dengler "Chat" Pleasant young Miss from head to toe . . . seldom seen without June and the gang . . . "Chat's" a real friend. As- pires to be a typist, but will be a co- medienne. Lenora Ellen Doncevic "Nora" A streamlined beauty from the East End . . . cool, calm, and collected at all times. Aspires to be a Stenographer, but will be another Cleopatra. Diane Marie Dengler "Di" "Di" is never in homeroom . . . just let me see your checkbook . . . Peg's zany accomplice for many crazy exploits . . . ul could spit!" Aspires to be a Practical Nurse but will probably be a Simmon's Matress tester. Sue Desenberg " " "Who stepped on the class ring?" . . . is it cold in Siberia? . . .the insur- ance rates are going up this year . . . especially for Sue. Aspires to be a beau- tician, but she'll end up selling Terry Phones. we .'.- it J 9 1 I M fm "V -5 Q 5 W: . K ,ei , f ,j OOPS! OOPS! 25 Paula Deckert "Deck" "l'll take a hot fudge sundae with plenty of nuts" . . . causes unforeseen chaos in English class. Desires to be a secretary but will probably be sharp- shooter. Dennis Steven Dragas "Drag" Miss Velencia's prize "sophomore" keeps everyone guessing about those colorful eyes . . . what would the Del- Chontays do without "Drag?" Aspires to be a biologist, but is destined to be James Brown the ll. Harold Lloyd Easter "Luke" We're proud of Luke, our singing full- back . . . has more problems fighting off the opposite sex than opposing the foe's tackle . . . posed for Myron. Wants to go to college, but he'll be Co- Editor of "Playboy." Charles Harry Fox "Charlie" One of our future HACC-et men . . . Loves those French classes . . . would rather fight it than switch. He wants to be a Marine, but we all know Charlie will be playboy. Barry Frank Dunn Who lead the Steamrollers to their vic- tories this year? . . . our manager, maybe? . . . never seen without a smile. Aspires to attend Business School, but will be a Church usher. Paul Clare Ford "Ford" A nice guy who found his way back to the number one school . . . occupies the quiet corner of 103. Would like to be an Air Force mechanic, but will be a college professor. Michael Dane Frye Ill Always willing to do his best and usu- ally does . . . a nicer guy is hard to find . . . Big Mike has the answer to every- thing. Aspires to be an architect, but will be a brick-layer. "Mayor" June Colleen Etnoyer You can always tell when June's around by her lilting laughter . . . watch her lay rubber with her Blue and White Bomb! Would like to be a secretary, but will end up being a comedienne. Edward Fritz "Pete" Steel-High's Hercules . . . here's a man who doesn't mess around when it comes to parking a car, he just picks it up and sets it in place! Aspires to be a State Policeman, but will be a criminal. Julias Gathers, Jr. "Sonny" Great guy to all . . . uses school for catching up on sleep. He wants to join g1efAir Force, maybe he'll be a College ro . Marilyn Jean Gornik "Mari" Need a bicycle lesson . . . very quiet . . . nice to everyone. Marilyn would like to be a secretary, will probably be a vacationer in Florida. Lynn Michael Garver "Tadpole" One of our "West Side" boys . . , Re- member, waking time in the service is about 5 a.m. Lynn will probably test alarm clocks! Margaret Louise Gingerich "Peg" Peg has the Air Force blues. . .you'll find him way over there in the corner . . . This is true. Peggy wants to be a secretary, but will probably sell Heim's '57 varieties! N! ' F ,f lv Karen Green "Karen Noisy . . . whiz at the typewriter. . . loves to cheer. She'd like to be a secre- tary, will probably be a prize-fighter! 27 Raymond Lee Gibson "Pizza Pie" Really a comic . . . talks to all . . . always seen with Fox. He wants to be manager at Papa Dinos, will probably can tomatoes! Virginia Gotwols "Ginny" Short 'n' sweet . . . associates with Agent-Double-O-Steamroller . . . a fu- ture coved. Ginny would like to be a Business teacher, but she'll probably play professional football! Karen Marie Gross Our speeding typist . . . definitely has one lucky number, "7O" . . . Phyllis' shadow . . . She'd like to be a private secretary, will probably be Cinderella. Mary Harris Mary and Mad just like two peas is a pod . , . will chat at the drop of a hat . . . a real sharp dresser. She would like to be a practical nurse, but she'll proba- bly be unpractical. Mary Katherine Griffith "Mary Kay" Our Bundle of joy . . . terrific student with brains galore . . . who likes sewers . . . a friend to all. Aspires to be a biologist, will probably be a philosopher. Gaye Denise Hamburg Her house is in the clouds . . . avid horse rider . . . really a hard worker . . . quiet. Aspires to be a veterinarian will probably be a waitress. Robert Bruce Herb "Herby" A real Lady Killer . . . see a gray nash . . . always fun. He'd like to be a pilot, but we think he'd make a better physics teacher! 28 Sharon Anne Gross "Saggie" Check that Indian Princess over there . . . usually has a bad case of the gig- gles . . . "Did you do your English?" Wishes to be a merchandise buyer, but will be an acrobat. Peggy Ann Helwig "Peg" Often seen with Mary at the "Greasy Spoon" . . . M'town has a kind of mag- netic pull on Peg . . . Enjoys life and laughing. Peg would like to be a Beauti- clan but she'll be an Insect-collector. Mirl Yvonne Hicks "Yvon" Always in the sewing room . . . hails from the windy hill . . . noisy. She'd like to be a designer, but she'll probably ma ke hockey-sticks! Sandra Hoffman "Sandi" Seen at the tennis court . . . always succeeds . . . ardent basketball player. Sandi wants to be a nurse, she-'d make a good choir directress! Stephanie Herman 'lStevi" Cute blonde . . . really can talk . . . plays a mean flute. Stevi wants to be a secretary, she'll probably be a Shindig dancer! Mary Hoffman Keeps U.S. Mail in operation . . . will laugh in a minute . . .'Greasy Spoon . . . Mary wants to be a Clerical Secre- tary, will probably join the W.A.F. Pamela Ann Hoover "Pam" Qne of our "Shar-tels" . . . need your hair done.. .A H.J. Fish Fry. She'd like to be a beautician, she'll probably be a jeweler! 29 Ronald Hoerner "Ron" Steel-High's Double-O-Roller . . . once a scragg, always a scragg. Ron wants to be a College Prof., we think he'll be a minister! Robert Holmes "Bobalink" Back from the West . . . still holding the line . . . How about L.A.? He wants to be a business executive, but will probably be a Holme-maker! mL7z,Q+,i":'f 1 ,fs ,,.--, W- Y J 5, ,fs wp A ixggy Samuel Hunter "Sammy" Hails from the Lower End . . . true believer in silence is golden . . . Can usually be seen with Plow. Plans to join the Marines, but will be a fisherman. Cheryl Jones "Cheri" What's a Tosh, anyway? .. . Mrs. White's favorite pet peeve . . . "What kind of sandwich did you bring . . . want to trade?" Desires to be a Public relations worker, but will be a designer of teddy bears. Kurt Stanely Hoverter "Kurt" Smiley . . . short and shy . . . eager beaver student . . . loves Trig. He as- pires to be a veterinarian, will probably breed dogs. Sandra Jackson "Sandi" "Sandi" is a pleasant gal who often gets an attack of giggles . . . can be seen with Pat and Cookie. Plans to be a teacher, but will be a shoe-saleslady. . ,,,,,. JoAnn Louise Kern "Joi" One of our peppy cheerleaders . . . never dull when "Joi" is around . . . sits behind the wheel of a little black BUG. Desires to be a Medical Secretary but will be a Doctor. 'svn Thomas lskric "Tom" "Lend me some money" . . . I did get a haircut . . . the prodigal son. Would like to be a computer technician, but will be a barber. Janie Keith Petite girl who has her talkative mo- ments . . . if you want the latest news . . . see Janie . . . Aspires to be an IBM worker, but will be a gym teacher. Rudolph John Koser, Jr. "Rudy" The real tear jerker . . . a nice guy with the "Fatherly" instinct . .. our great Latin expert. Aspires to be a priest, will probably be an alter boy. Thazell Lathan "Cookie" Who is that standing on the corner . . .can usually be seen with Sandi and Pat. Social working is in her future but she will probably be a trig teacher. Karen Louise Klugh "Klug" Steel-High's own "Susie Spotless" . . . Has had much experience in the fine art of blushing . . . faithful F.S.A. member. Aspires to be a secretary, but will be a private-eye. Joseph M. Kuhns "Joe" What would Joe do without his har- em? . . . the proud owner of the only pink car in the student parking lot. As- pires to be a football player, will be co- editor of playboy. Barbara Lewis "Barb" The quiet one at lunch table . . . al- ways ready to lend a helping hand . . . friendly smile for all. Wants to be a beautician, but will be a waitress on Wednesday at Howard Johnson's. Sandra Kay Kuhnert "Sandi" One of our high-stepping majorettes . . . has an interest in last year's foot- ball team. Aspires to be an elementary teacher, but will be a Southern belle. James Latshaw "Jimmy" Finds it hard to make it to school oc- casionally . . . drives a wicked Chevy . . . wild hair. Aspires to join the Air Force, but will probably be a grease monkey. Robert Lee Loych l'Bob" A loyal German . . . envied for his dark features . .. one of our easy going fellows. Plans to be Elementary teacher, but will be a designer of tablet fronts. Beverly McClure Stays to herself . . . never has much to say . . . Hopes to be a Public rela- tions Worker, but will probably be a waitress. Linda Marie Linta "Lyn" Our able newspaper editor . . . often seen with her hair set . . . heard any good sermon? Thinks she will be a beautician, but will be a drill master. Sim McArthur One of the "big" men on our great team . . . hear that loud laugh in the li- brary . . . see if Sim is around. Desires to be a C.P.A. but will be a mortal Mercury. Kathy McPherson Can be called Winnie Wrinkle in gym class . . . do you still have your tonsils? . . . our peppy head cheerleader. Plans to become a hairdresser but will be an applepicker. Samuel Maravich, Jr. "Sam" The l3St of the great Maravich boys . . . one of our handsome ends . . . Wishes to be a Draftsman, but will be a lover. Nora McKee "l'm not that type of girl." What hap- pened to the specs? . . . Looking for new fashions . . . see Nora. Hopes to be a Fashion 81 Interior Designer, but will edit a cheer book. David Allen Miller "Dave" The Einstein of Steel-High . . . often seen playing pool in "Herby's Base- ment" . . . Hungry for a good debate? See Dave. He plans to be a physicist, but will be a billiard instructor. Joseph Millward "Joe" Girls make our Joe smile . . . prefers a rifle and fishing pole to textbooks. . . one of "Tech's" pride and joys. Wants to join the Navy, but will be a sharp- shooter. Frank Metzger "Frankie" Steel-High's secret weapon . . . be- ware of his "whammy"! . . . with his beautiful black wavy hair and blue eyes it's easy to see why he's envied by many. Wants to be an Airman, but will be a rich detective. do g 'if 64 "N A -V.' - Q A . . . :X - si .:.Af,iV K f y: R. William Mills, Jr. "Mick" Has special interest in the Junior Class . .. athletically inclined knows the true meaning of sportsmanship . . . easygoing. Would like to be a gym teacher, but will be a Foreman on the Ponderossa. Richard S. Moore "R.E." Leaky faucets . . . see R.E. . . . an avid hunter . . . our own A. J. Foyt. Desires to be a plumber, but will be a Safari manager. Virginia Miller "Ginny" Another Pied Piper . . . Usually the only quiet one in the cafeteria . . . has her boy problems. Would like to be. a Medical Secretary, but will be a patient. George Minoff "Shatzie" The answer to every girl's prayer . . . sports a "hot" yellow Mustang . . . What are the odds, Shatzie? Desires to be a dentist, but will be Agent OO7Vz. Jacqueline Delores Neal "Jackie" The whiz of the Gym Class . . . Need lessons in basketball? . . . see Jackie. She hopes to be a Clerk Typist, but will probably be a Pro-Hockey Player. William D. Paine "Gertie" Rea 84 Derick's pride and joy . . . Drives a hot Pontiac . . . can be found with "Ron." Wants to be a Bookkeeper but will probably be a Chauffer. Eugene Mosley "Tex" ls usually seen with Lennie and E.C. . . ."Hey Man, Lend me a nickel!" . . . Stands tall in the saddle. Plans to be a Public Accountant, but will be a Texas Ranger. Phyllis Mae Ohman "Phyl" Our Magnificent head flagtwirler . . . Has special interests in our "Basket- ball" team . . . Can always be seen with Karen. Wants to be a Secretary, but will probably be a flag designer. A. Jane Perkins "Perk" One of the bands expert shots . . . poor Jane, anchors away . . . always seen with Yvonne. Wants to be a Photog- rapher, but will probably be co-editor of Kindergarten Hi-Lites. Vance Emmett Neifert "Van" Our own Booker T .... Always seen on Highspire's Field . . . For a real wild time plan to spend your evenings at Van's. He has hopes to be a pilot, but will be a miniature Pro-Football player. Jerry Lee Penn, Jr. "J.P," Belongs to the quiet set . . . can al- ways be seen with Earl and John. Wants to be a Marine officer, but will probably be a Brain surgeon. Joseph William Poligone "Pag" What would Mrs. Frerencic do without Pag . . . want to hear a funny joke. Wants to be a Naval officer, will proba- bly be a Philosopher. David Reed Would you like a thrill ride through "Hades" . . . What's the matter with your car now, Dave. Wants to be a Me' chanic, will probably Manage McCauley's. Anthony Sloane Phillips "Tony" Can always be seen on the corner of Harrisburg and Lincoln . . . By the way where is Siberia . . . Always feuding with Janie. Wants to be a barber, but will probably be a Prize-fighter. Barbara Ann Reed "Barb" Our own Daisy Mae . . . I still didn't get my name cards . . . lf l had my druthers I druther have my "Slab." Wa nts to be a Hospital Lab. Technician, but will be a one Chantrice. Leonard Roberts "Lennie" lf you want any "Ole but good" rec- ords go see Lennie . . . Can usually be seen with Eugene . . . has no special interests. Wants to be Public Accoun- tant, but will probably be a Texas Ranger. Thomas William Porr "Tom" Has anyone seen the High-spire Po- lice car . . . Lover of folk music. Wants to be a Powerlineman, will probably be a General Motors Safety.Driver. Jeri Lee Riley An import from one of our rival schools "East" . . . want a manicure see Jeri . . . Who's that sleeping back in the Corner. Wants to be a Beautician will probably be an Ambassador. Mary Linda Rosati Mary is our shy, quiet lass . . . ex- presses her talents in the typing room . . . soft spoken and a friend to all. Wants to be a Private Secretary but will probably be the sound of silence. John J. Scheaffer "Scheaff" One of Bill's former boys . . . Always seen with Pat and Randy. Wants to be a State Policeman, but will probably be a Whistle tester. Dennis Jackie Robinson "Scratch" Need your grass cut? . . .call Scratch . . . Will the real Jackie Robinson please stand up. Wants to be a Linotype Printer, but will be a Gardener. Nancy Jane Ryan "Nanny" Often seen on her way to Middletown . . . Have you gotten any "Bills" lately . . . see that girl with the red dress on. Wants to be a Receptionist but will probably be a Comic Strip Character. Larry Elliott Searer "Larry" Look out for Rexalls 14: Sales . . . Still using that greasy kid stuff. Wants to be a Draftsman, but will probably be a Sneaker Salesman. Donald Paul Rose "Don" One of our band members . . . an- other chocolate teer. Wants to be a Oceanographer, but will be a Sea Sick Pill seller. Vickie Schwanger "Vicki" Small, but powerful . . . another Miss Applebee . . . Mistaken for a 7th grad- er. Wants to be a Nurse, but will proba- bly be a giant. James Senior, Jr. "Jim" Keeps 107 alive . . . no special inter- est in our great class . . . Desires to be a Commercial Artist, will be a Jr. Execu- tive of Doodler 84 Doodler. Carol Sheetz Our high-stepping head majorette . . .full of "Zim" and zigor . . . Plans to be an airline stewardess, will be a tail gunner on a BA52. Wanda Halinda Segar Quiet? . . . until you really get to know her . . . helps keep Lincoln St. on the map . . . pleasant miss who seems to have no special interest in the stronger sex. Aspires to become a Medi- cal Secretary, will be chewing gum tester tl. Janet Marie Shatto "Jan" A great asset to the band . . . loads of fun with a smile for all . . . never worries about the opposite sex. Plans to be a nurse, will probably be a dogpatcher. Billie Sue Smart Dull evening? . . . Stop in the trailer . . . has trouble staying seated in science class . . . eaten any fish lately. Plans to be an interior decorator, will probably be an inferior decorator. 'Barry Shank Avid member of the Industrial Arts Club. . . "l'll take gym today . . . paA tient chess player. Hopes to be a metal worker, will be a hospital attendant. Dennis Shrauder "Harry" This boy really kno'ws his cars . . . drives a woody wagon . . . No, Harry, that is a cow, not a deer. Plans to be a mechanic, will be a Cigarette Salesman. Allen Douglas Smith Our "will-be" President of the U.S. . . . what would Mr. Shatto do without him. Plans to join diplomatic Corps, but will be Supervisor of Complaint Dept. Wayne Smith "Smitty" "But Smitty, I had chocolate . . . tilt . . . puff the magic, drag-on. Desires to be an electrician, but will be an ice-cream manufacturer. Linda Romaine Smeltzer "Lyn" Congenial . . . faithful business staff worker . . . friendly to all. Aspires to be an office worker, but will be a taste- tester for Alka Smeltzer. Linda Lee Smith "Lyn" Has a special interest in C.D .... sings in a rich mellow voice . . . always ready to lend a helping hand. Plans to be a Legal Secretary, but will be a saleslady for Kellogg's. Raymond Lee Spencer "Ray" A little guy who excels on the mats as well as track . . . can usually be seen with Joe Ray . . . let's call it Ray's corner. Plans to attend IBM School but will probably be a weightlifting instructor. John Kenneth Smith "Smitty" An avid Reed-er . . . the Jerry West of Steel-High . . . smile for all. Desires to be an air-force engineer, but will be score keeper for the Globe-Trotters. Dennis Snyder "Denny" Always in 107! . . . loves outdoor sports, such as hunting. . . really is an able driver. Hopes to go to Trade School, but will be a plumber. I Theodore Stefan "Ted" Step aside for Earthquake McGoon . . . soulful brown eyes . . . he isn't cheap. Thinks he will be a music teach- er, but will be a French instructor. Linda Stickle One of our quiet gals . . . friendly and kind to all . . . Stays to herself. Plans to be a receptionist, but will be a "Freddy" instructor. Eileen Stanisic "Nina" Before school, can be seen doing Shorthand . . . has various interests on the football team . . . lVlotzie's Corner. Desires to be a stenographer, but will be a plastic surgeon. Robert Stibitz "Bob" One of our better physics students . . .a hard worker at "Clocks". . .one of our chocolate-teers. Hopes to be an electrical engineer, but will be a choco- late drop. Charles Stroud "Chuck" "Chin Strap" . . . Steel-High's own Ensign Parker "put that food back!" Aspires to be a physcian, but will be Dr. Silver 1r2. Janet Louise Stehman "Jan" Just loves "Trig" class . . . keeps her eyes on the fashion for Steel'High . . . "l'm so mad." Hopes to be a teacher, will be a co-editor of kindergarten Hi- ites. Janet Stouffer "Jan" Great Sax player . . . very witty at all times . . . has no trouble whatsoever with shorthand. Plans to be a crime-lab accountant, but will be a trampoline expert. ,. Michael Francis Stubljar, Jr. "Mike" Reggie Weiss's only competition . . . "Chuck shut up." . . . all eyes are on lucky number "54." Wants to be a for- eign diplomat but will De a water boy for Notre Dame. Patrick Michael Thompson "Thomas" Bill's tl dishwasher . . . One of Highspire's finest amateur football play- ers . . . wishes he could go to school forever. Plans to join the Navy but will be a fill-in for John Lennon. Helen Mary Vogel " " One of our quiet classmates . . . loves those weekends . . . can usually be seen with Peggy. Wants to be a sten- ographer but will be a vogelist. Lillian Allane Tapman "Tudy" Always has her homework done . . . really tries to please . . . favorite haunt - library. Wants to be a teacher but will be a perfectionist. Kendra Lynn Vanatta "Kenni" "That's close" . . . Can be seen at the Cottage . . . Loves those boppin' weekends. Plans to be a teacher but will be center for the Hbg. Patriots. 40 Roni Lee Sullivan "Ron" Admired by the opposite sex . . . a National Teacher's what? . . . a new ad- dition to our chorus. Plans to join our Armed Services but will be a marriage counselor. Mary Eloise Thorpe "Lois" A talkative Miss with a big smile . . . never a dull moment when "Lois" is around . . . oh, that science! Plans to be a key-punch operator but will be a grinner. Lynnwood Allen Walmer "Lynn" Did you write your theme yet? . . . pass out 3 sheets to each person . . . always looking for a good debate, Plans to be a college prof. but will be a sea- food tester. Peggy Ann Wells "Peg" A peppy gal . . . always has a smile and a cheery word . . . where do you go on Saturday nights? Pla ns to be a secre- tary but will be a Fargo investigator. Thomas Eugene Whittle "Whiggles" Say, Tom, how were the hill climbs? . . . need skateboard lessons - see Tom . . . has trouble finding his home- room seat. Plans to be an engineer but will be a carver. Lawrence Williams "Pere" How are you fixed for blades? . . . A real asset to our basketball team . . . sports a sharp wardrobe, especially those sweaters. Plans to be a History teacher but will sell razor blades. Larry Charles White "Whitey" A fine photographer . . . How many significant figures do you use? . . . a loyal member of the band. Plans to be an engineer but will be an acorn collec- tor. Betty Lee Wilkerson " " Her stenography will probably keep her boss in a fog . . . always has some- thing to say . . . can't seem to attach her name to one flame. Plans to be a secretary will be a driving instructor. 41 Dawn lVlarie Welsh H " A quiet kid in homeroom . . . like gym class? . . . just loves the trampo- line??? Plans to be a clerk typist but will be a Welsh's grape juice tester. l Martha Jane Wigand "Jane" Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair . . . just loves "Triumphs" . . . Physics takes Jane. Wants to be a librarian but will be an Excedrin tester. Larry Dean Wilson "Larry" Our quiet but mighty guard . . . si- lence is golden, but not in French class . . . one of our mat-adores. Wants to be an Engineer but will probably be a quiet "Playboy." Howard R. Winfield "Howdy" Can't help wondering how he spends most of his spare time . . . one of our well-groomed boys . . . proud possessor of a white Corvair. Wishes to be a ban- ker, but will be a taxidermist. Dennis George Zerance "Zer" "But Miss Farris, that was Zim" . . , Steel-High's own milkman . . . Wants to be a History teacher but will probably be quiet. Patricia Ann Wilson "Trish" Although Trish doesn't say much she knows her business . . . boys are the least of her worries. Plans to be a teach- er, but will probably be a missionary. Theodore Yanich "Tosh" Well would you believe . . . great ac- tor . . . enjoys Serbian Christmas. Wants to be a psychologist but will proba- bly be a Driver Ed. Instructor. Michael Zuvich "Mike" A great asset to our Track team . . . mighty quiet . . . great sport, Aspires to be an engineer but will be a Frenchman. Alice E. Woll "Sis" What can I make a speech on? . . . can be seen anywhere at any time. Wants to be an l.B.M. key puncher, but will be social worker. Dennis William Zimmerman "Zim" Honorary Brownie of '66 . . . a real heart-breaker at Steel-High. Wants to be a computer technician but will probably be a professional bowler. SENIOR DIRECTORY AINSWORTH, M. General Intramurals 2,33 Library Club 3. AUCH, B. College Prep Jr. Red Cross 13 Dramatic Club 23 Commencement Usherette 23 Safety Council 2,33 Intramurals 2,3. AVERY, E. College Prep Rifle Club 3. BAZDAR, R. College Prep Rifle Club 2,33 Chess Club 33 Editorial Staff 3. BEARD, C. General Jr. Class Play 23 Intramurals 33 Press and Radio Club 3. BELIC, M. College Prep Football 1,2,33 Basketball 1,23 Baseball 1,2,33 Student Coun- cil 13 Math Club 1,23 Class President 2,3. BELL, R. Business Ed BENDER, L. Business Ed Sr. Library Club 13 Safety Council 2,33 Intramurals 2,3. BISHOP, J. College Prep Math Club 2,33 Chess Club 2,33 Track 23 Editorial Staff 3. BOGOVIC, R. General Basketball 1,2,33 Baseball 33 Press and Radio 3. BOWERS, F. Business Ed. Football 1. ' BRADY, J. Business Ed Football 2,33 Baseball 33 Wrestling 3. BRINSER, D. Business Ed Newspaper Staff 33 Rifle Club 33 Press and Radio 3. BROWN, C. Business Ed Chorus 33 Business Staff 3. BROWN, D. General F.N.A. 33 Newspaper Staff 33 Debating Club 33 Sr. Class Play 3. BROWN, E. General Student Council 1,31 Track 1,22 Male Chorus 1,2,33 Jr. Ind. Dev. Club 1,2,33 Editorial Staff 33 Rifle Club 33 Sr. Class Plays 3. BROWN, L. Business Ed BROWN, R. Industrial Arts Jr. Ind. Dev. Club 1,2,3Q Rifle Club 3. BUFFINGTON, S. Business Ed F.H.A.1,2,33 Library Club 1,23 Chorus 23 Girl's Ensemble 33 Safety Council 2,33 Business Staff 3. BURGER, A. College Prep Basketball 1,23 Baseball 1,2,33 Safety Council 1,2,3. CARTER, C. Business Ed Track 1,23 Male Chorus 1,2,33 Football 23 Wrestling 33 Rifle Club 33 Press and Radio Club 3. CASTILLO, D. Business Ed Library Club 2,33 Dramatic Club 2,33 Jr. Red Cross 2,33 F.N.A. 2,3. CASTILLO, J. College Prep Student Council CPres.j 3. CAVRICH, S. Industrial Arts Jr. Ind. Dev. Club 2. CHISHOLM, D. Business Ed Basketball 1,2,33 Press and Radio 3. CHUBB, R. College Prep Band 13 Jr. Red Cross 13 Jr. Class Plays 23 F.T.A. 2,3. COLM, H. General Baseball Manager 2,3. COOGAN, R. College Prep Football Mgr. 1,23 Track 1,2,33 Male Chorus 2,33 F.T.A. 23 Graphic Arts Club 2. COOTES, J. Business Ed Wrestling 2. COX, J. Business Ed Football 1,2,33 Track 1,2,33 Wrestling 1,2,33 Rifle Club 33 Press and Radio Club 3. COX. M- Business Ed Chorus 1,2,33 Jr. Red Cross 13 Library Club 13 Intramurals 23 Jr. Class Play 23 Girl's Ensemble 23 Business Staff 3. CRANKFIELD, E. Business Ed Basketball 1,2,33 Track 1,2,33 Football 2. CREAMER, J. General Library Club 23 Intramurals 1,23 Editorial Staff 33 Press and Radio Club 3. CRUM. D. Business Ed F.N.A. 2,33 Dramatic Club 2,3. DAVIS, J- General Jr. Ind. Dev. Club 1,2,33 Track 33 Editorial Staff 3. DENGLER, D. Business Ed Ref. Stand Helper 1,2,33 Chess Club 1,2,33 Class Plays 2,33 F.N.A. 2,33 Jr. Red Cross 2,33 Student Council 33 Intramurals 23 Editorial Staff 3. DENGLER, M. Business Ed Chorus 1,2,3Q Library Club 13 Office Messenger 13 Jr. Class glay 23 Safety Council 2,33 Dramatic Club 2,33 Business Staff DECHERT, P. General Band 1,2,33 F.N.A. 1,2,33 Rifle Club 3. DESENBERG, S. Business Ed Jr. Red Cross 1,2,3Q Dramatic Club 2,33 Library Club 2,33 Business Staff 33 Rifle Club 3. DONCEVIC, L. Business Ed Chorus 13 F.S.A. 2,33 Intramurals 23 Class Play 23 Business Staff 3. DRAGAS, D. College Prep. Football 1,2,33 Track 1,2,33 Male Chorus 3. DUNN, B. Business Ed. Chess Club 1,33 Office Messenger 33 Track 23 Football Manag- er 33 Press and Radio Club 3. EASTER, H. Business Ed. Football 1,2,33 Wrestling 1,2,3Q Track 1,2,33 Male Chorus 1,2,3. ETYNOYER, J. Business Ed. F.S.A. 2,33 Intramurals 23 Business Staff 3. FORD, P. General Chess Club 1,33 Press and Radio Club 3. FOX, C. Business Ed. Football 1,2,33 Track 1,2,33 Male Chorus 1,2,33 Rifle Club. Business Ed. FRITZ, E. Football Manager 13 Track 13 Rifle Club 33 Business Staff 33 Press and Radio Club 33 Class Play 3. FRYE, M. College Prep. Football 1,2,33 Chorus 1,2,33 Jr. Red Cross 1,23 Male Chorus 2,33 F.T.A. 33 Class Play 2,33 L'il Abner 2. GARVER, L. Business Ed. Press and Radio Club 3. GATHERS, J. Business Ed. Football 1,33 Track 1,33 Wrestling 3. GIBSON, R. Industrial Art Jr. Ind. Dev. Club 1,2,3. GINGERICH, M. General Student Council 13 Ref. Stand Helper 1,2,33 Chess Club 1,2,33 Class Play 2,33 Press and Radio Club 33 Editorial Staff 33 Cho- rus 1,2,33 Intramurals 23 F.T.A. 1,2,3. GORNIK, M. Business Ed. F.S.A. 2,33 Business Staff 3. GOTWOLS, V. General F.T.A. 2,33 Intramurals 2,33 Band 2,33 Chorus 2,33 L'il Abner 23 Class Play 3. GRIFFITH, M. College Prep. F.T.A. 1,2,33 Chorus 1,2,33 Youth Forum 1,2,3Q Ref. Stand Helper 2,33 Intramurals 2,3. GROSS, K. Business Ed. Chorus 1,23 F.N.A. 1,2,3Q F.S.A. 2,33 Student Council 33 Class Secretary 2,33 Business Staff 33 Class Play 2,3. GROSS, S. Business Ed. Library Club 1,2,33 Office Messenger 33 Dramatic Club 23 Newspaper Staff 2,3. HAMBURG, G. College Prep. Chorus 1.2: Ref. Stand Helper 2,3. HARRIS, M. Business Ed. Jr. Red Cross 13 Intramurals 23 Press and Radio Club 3. HELWIG, P. Business Ed. Jr. Red Cross 2,33 Intramurals 23 Press and Radio Club 3. HERB, R. College Prep. Track l,2,3. HERMAN, S. Business Ed. Band 1,2,33 F.N.A. 1,2,33 F.S.A. 33 Dramatic Club 2,33 Class Play 2. HICKS, M. Business Ed. Rifle Club 13 Intramurals 2,3. HOERNER, R. College Prep. Football 1,2,33 Track 1,23 F.T.A. 1,2,33 Chorus 1,2,33 Male Chorus 33 L'il Abner 23 Class Play 2,3. HOFFMAN, M. Business Ed. Intramurals 2,33 Office Messenger 23 Press and Radio Club 3. HOFFMAN, S. College Prep. Band 1,2,33 F.N.A. 1,2,33 Class Play 2. HOLMES, R. General HOOVER, P. Business Ed. Jr. Red Cross 1,2,33 Library Club 13 Chorus 13 Newspaper Staff 33 Safety Council 33 Class Play 2,33 Press and Radio Club 33 Business Staff 33 Intramurals 2,3. HOVERTER, K. College Prep. Football 1. HUNTER, S. General Track 1. ISKRIC, T. College Prep. Wrestling 13 Track 1,23 Football 1,2,33 F.T.A. 1,2,33 Male Cho- rus 2,33 Chorus 1,2,33 Class Play 2,31 L'il Abner 23 Dramatic Club 3. JACKSON, S. College Prep. Library Club 13 F.T.A.- 2,32 Chorus 2,3. JONES, C. Business Ed. F.N.A. 1,2,33 Intramurals 2,33 Youth Festival 33 Business Staff 33 Dramatic Club 3. KEITH, J. Business Ed. Library Club 13 Chorus 1,2,33 Safety Council 23 Dramatic Club 23 Intramurals 2,33 Press and Radio Club 33 Business Staff 3. KERN, J. Business Ed. F.N.A. 1,2,33 Cheerleader 1,2,33 Newspaper Staff 33 Intramu- rals 2,33 Dramatic Club 3. KLUGH, K. Business Ed. Jr. Red Cross 13 Library Club 1,2,33 Ref. Stand Helper 1,2,33 F.S.A. 2,32 Student Council 2,33 Intramurals 33 Newspaper Staff 3. KOSER, R. College Prep. F.T.A. 1,2,3Q Student Council 1. KUHNERT, S. College Prep. Majorette 1,2,33 Dramatic Club 13 F.T.A. 1,2,33 Class Play 2,32 Art Staff 3. KUHNS, J. General Football 1,2,33 Basketball 13 Track 1,2. LATHAN, T. College Prep. Chorus 1,2,33 Dramatic Club 2,33 F.T.A. 2,32 Senior Ensemble. LATSHAW, J. College Prep. LEWIS, B. Business Ed. Jr. Red Cross 2,31 F.S.A. 2,33 Intramurals 2,3. LINTA, L. Business Ed. Band Front 1,2,33 Newspaper Staff 2,33 Dramatic Club 2,33 Intramurals 2,33 Press and Radio Club 33 Class Play 23 L'il Ab- ner 2. LOYCH, R. General Track 1,2,33 Rifle Club 3. MARAVICH, S. College Prep. Football 1,2,33 Jr. Red Cross 1,22 Wrestling 13 Track 1,23 Class Play 2. McARTHUR, S. Business Ed. Football 1,2,33 Basketball 1,2,33 Track 1,2,33 Jr. Red Cross 1,2,3. McCLURE, B. Business Ed. McKEE, N. Business Ed. F.S.A. 3. McPHERSON, K. College Prep. Cheerleader 1,2,33 F.S.A. 1,2,33 Youth Festival 1,2,33 Student Council 1,23 Dramatic Club 23 Newspaper Staff 33 Class Play 2,33 Intramurals 2,3. METZGER, F. Business Ed. Rifle Club 1,2,33 Chess Club 13 Football Manager 13 Track 1,2,33 Business Staff 33 Press and Radio Club 33 Class Play 2,33 L'il Abner 2. MILLER, D, College Prep. Debating Team 2,32 Youth Forum 2,33 Math Club 2,33 News- paper Staff 33 Student Council 3. MILLER, V. General Band 1,2,33 Library Club 1,2,33 F.N.A. 1,2,33 Chorus 33 Press and Radio Club 33 Newspaper 33 Class Play 2. MILLS, R, Business Ed. Football 1,2,33 Wrestling 1,2,33 Track l,2,3. MILLWARD, J. Business Ed. Rifle Club 2,3. MINOFF, G. College Prep. Football 2,33 Baseball 2,33 F.T.A. 3. MOORE, R, Industrial Arts Jr. Ind. Dev. Club 1,2,33 Chess Club 23 Rifle Club 3. MOSLEY, E. Geflefai Track 1. NEAL, J, General Intramurals 3. NEIFERT, V. General Rifle Club 2,33 Class Play 3. OHMAN, P. Business Ed. F.N.A. 1,2,33 Flagtwirler CHeadJ 1,2,33 Chorus 23 Dramatic Club 23 F.S.A. 33 Office Messenger 33 Business Staff 33 Class Play 3. PAINE, W. Business Ed. Rifle Club 1,3. PENN, J, General PERKINS, J. College Prep. Band Front 2,33 Chorus 2,33 Dramatic Club 33 Editorial Staff Cco-editorj 33 Class Play 2,33 L'il Abner 2. PHILLIPS, A. General Wrestling 1,2,33 Track 2,3. POLIGONE, J. General POOR, T, General Rifle Club 3. REED, B, College Prep. Band Front 1,2,33 Chorus 1,2,33 Student Council 33 lVIixed En- semble 33 Dramatics Club 33 Band Treasurer 33 Class Play 2,33 L'il Abner 2. REED, D. Industrial Arts Jr. Ind. Dev. Club 1,2,3. RILEY, J. General Jr. Red Cross 33 Press and Radio CIub,3. ROBERTS, L. General Basketball 1,2,33 Baseball 1. ROBINSON, D. Industrial Arts Jr. Ind. Dev. Club 1,2,33 Track 2,33 Basketball 2,3. ROSATI, M. Business Ed. F.S.A. 2,33 F.N.A. 1,2,33 Ref. Stand Helper 2,33 Rifle Club 13 Business Staff 33 Class Play 3. ROSE, D. College Prep. Band 1,2,33 Rifle Club 2,3. RYAN, N. Business Ed. Band 1,2,33 Dramatic Club 33 Chorus 33 Safety Council 33 Jr. Red Cross 33 Press and Radio Club 33 Business Staff 3. SCHEAFFER, J. General Rifle Club 33 Press and Radio Club 3. SCHWANGER, V. College Prep. F.N.A. 3. SEGAR, W. Business Ed. F.N.A. 1,2,3Q Intramurals 1,2,33 Chorus 33 Editorial Staff 3. SEARER, L. General Debating Club 3. SENIOR, J. College Prep. Football 13 Baseball 1,2,33 Wrestling 2,31 Art Staff 3. SHANK, B. Industrial Arts Jr. Ind. Dev. Club 1,2,3. SHATTO, J. College Prep. Band 1,2,33 Chorus 1,2,33 F.N.A. 1,2,33 Youth Forum 1,2,33 L'iI Abner 23 Band Secretary 33 Student Council. SHEETZ, C. Business Ed. Majorette CHeadJ 1,2,33 Library Club 23 Dramatic Club 23 Jr. Red Cross 13 Office Messenger 33 Intramurals 2,3. SHRAUDER, D. Industrial Arts Jr. Ind. Dev. Club 1,2,3. SMART, B. Business Ed. SMELTZER, L. Business Ed. F.S.A. 33 Business Staff 3. SMITH A. Colle e Prep I 8 - Band 1,2,33 Wrestling 13 Chorus 1,2,33 Male Chorus 1,2,33 De- bating Club 33 Youth Forum 33 Class Play 2,3. SMITH, J, College Prep. Basketball 1,2,33 Track 1,2,33 Chorus 33 Male Chorus 3. SMITH, L, Business Ed. Chorus 1,2,33 Library Club 13 F.S.A. 2,33 Intramurals 2,33 Dra- matic Club 2,33 Business Staff 33 Youth Festival 3. SMITH, W. General SNYDER, D. Industrial Arts Jr. Ind. Dev. Club 1,2,3. SPENCER, R. Business Ed. Wrestling 1,2,33 Track 1,2,3. STANISIC, E. Business Ed. Library Club 13 Jr. Red Cross 2,33 Safety Council 2,31 F.S.A. 33 Business Staff 3. STEFAN, T. College Prep. Band 1,2,33 Chorus 1,2,33 Male Chorus 1,2,33 Class Play 2,33 L'il Abner 23 Track 1,33 Editorial Staff 3. STEHMAN, J. College Prep. Library Club 33 F.T.A. 1,2,33 Chorus 1,33 Student Council 1,2,33 Newspaper Staff 23 Class Play 2,32 Co-Ed Corre- spondent 2,32 Dramatic Club 23 Intramurals Staff Cco-editor! 3. STIBITZ, R. Band 1,2. STICKLE, L. F.S.A. 2,3. STOUFFER, J. Band 1,2,33 Library Club 13 Dramatic Club 23 Class Historian 2,33 Business Staff 3. 2,33 Editorial General Business Ed. Business Ed. Class Play 23 STROUD, C. College Prep. Football 1,2,33 Basketball 13 Baseball 1,2,3. STUBLJAR, M. College Prep. Football 1,2,3Q Track 1,2,33 F.T.A. 1,2,33 Math Club 2,3. SULLIVAN, R. General Supply Distributor 23 Track 33 Rifle Club 33 Chorus 3. TAPMAN, L. College Prep. THOMPSON, P. General THORPE, E. Business Ed. Library Club 13 Intramurals 1,2,33 Office Messenger 2,33 Business Staff 3. VANATTA, K. College Prep. F.T.A. 1,2,33 Jr. Red Cross 1,2,33 Class Play 23 Newspaper Staff 33 Editorial Staff 33 Math Club 23 Dramatic Club 2,33 Office Messenger 33 Intramurals 2,33 Press and Radio Club 33 Student Council 3. VOGEL, H. Business Ed. Jr. Red Cross 33 F.S.A. 33 Business Staff 3. WALMER, L. College Prep. Youth Forum 13 Baseball 2,33 Math Club 2,33 Debating Club 2,3. WELLS, P. Business Ed. Business Staff 3. WELSH, D. General WHITE, L. College Prep. Band 1,2,33 Math Club 1,2,3Q L'il Abner 23 Editorial Staff 33 Class Play 3. WHITTLE, T. College Prep. Band 1,2,33 Rifle Club 23 Track 2. WIGAND, J. College Prep. Library Club 1,2,33 F.T.A. 1,2,33 Rifle Club 1,2,33 Jr. Red Cross 23 Chorus 2,33 Editorial Staff 3. WILLIAMS, L. College Prep. Basketball 1,2,33 Track 1,2,3. WILKERSON, B. Business Ed. Intramurals 13 F.S.A. 2,32 Business Staff 3. WILSON, P. College Prep. Chorus 2,33 F.T.A. 2,33 Dramatic Club 2,3. WINFIELD, H. College Prep. Football 13 Track 1. WOLL, A. General Safety Council 2,33 Business Staff 33 Jr. Red Cross 3. YANICH, T. College Prep. Baseball 1,2,33 Student Council 23 Vice-president 2,33 Class Play 2,3. ZERANCE, D. College Prep. Class Play 2,33 F.T.A. 2,33 Safety Council 23 Editorial Staff 3. ZIMMERMAN, D. College Prep. Class Play 23 L'iI Abner 23 Rifle Club 33 Chorus 3. ZUVICH, M. College Prep. Track 2,3. WILSON, L. College Prep. Football 1,2,33 Wrestling 1,2,33 Track 1,2,3. Jars aww AY -' . 5 Q I i - f7f..:-035 V f My- W 5 rfb -Pqx-rY ll' 'LW L,'0Vj7m:kf D Cvum in 2 .Q W P2 :N e ,W B i .. kd- HoY2'rtC . Be3rJ . Hqlvug -9 i', 5 , sg ' fri 1 fu -3? ' 5? f ' H 1 f ' ' ,V jfs K V I ' ,jg , S. Herman . Sf! , . 2.El'3n4C , .. , 0 wr I F I V F N 'Q 5 L ,qi , Y .Q uik C. Shezfz. an a ,Q wx D l 4,0 S - X ...- Z5. 'U0n3ls"f S Q . ,. A . a F3V"l5o"L ' L.Smelf4er 47 7g.,,,,Q,7 ,N Q ff 4 1' NS' ML' E 'A f ,g3,4pv' A .G f- Q mf 'C 2, E W I - J. MQ fr jig' QS? 5.DesQir " ' W H M- I1 . GY? f Y LEAN N -- T1 M lavish JUNIOR CLASS PLAYS FRENCH TOAST Madame de Tour ---.- Bev Shoap Nannette ---A,4----- Barb Reed Charlie -.----4A----- Mike Frye Nancy ---- - . - Sandi Kuhnert Guest ..-' - - Juanita Creamer Guest ---- I - . Jane Perkins Stoney ---, -4--.- T ed Stefan Mrs. Smith .-A-- Starr Buffington Guest Q-Q-,A,-- Ronald Hoerner Directed by Miss Velencia FINAL DRESS REHEARSAL lst Stage Hand -'-- Divina Castillo 2nd Stage Hand ---- Pam Hoover Stage Manager ----4 Madelyn Cox Cinderella A.--.-A.4 Karen Gross Step-sister .- . . ----- Linda Linta Step-mother 4.-4 Kendra Vanatta Step-sister --4-4- Eileen Scrignieri Prompter --4i--- Sandy Hoffman Director --'---- Kathy McPherson Messenger 4-4-4-4- Paula Deckert Fairy God-mother Peggy Gingerich Authoress -----4--- Linda Smith Directed by Mr. Nissley LAUGH IN THE DARK Magnolia A V V - - - - Joann Kern Jasper .--- - . - Frank Metzger Phillip ---- ---4-- T om lskric Abagail - - - - - - Janet Stehman Agatha -'--- ---- S tevi Herman Clarabelle - I - - . - Diane Dengler Fitzugh - - - - A A Sam Maravich Becky ---AA.--'. Janet Stouffer Jabaz --.-4.'-4---- Ted Yanich Directed by Mrs. Guistwhite SENIGR CLASS PLAY Stage Manager A A A Dr, Gibbs A---., Joe Crowell ----- Howie Newsome A A Mrs. Gibbs -4---- Mrs. Webb ,-Q-' George Gibbs A A Rebecca Gibbs A A A Wally Webb ,--- Emily Webb -4A- Mr' Webb ............. Professor Willard ---.A--- 1st.AWoman in Auditorium 2nd.' Woman in Auditorium 3rd. Woman in Auditorium Simon Stimson -4--A-4--- Mrs. Soames AA A A A A- Constable Warren A A A Si Crowell A A A A A A Sam Craig A A A Joe Stoddard .,.--- lst. Dead Woman A A 2nd. Dead Woman A A A 3rd, Dead Woman A A A lst Dead Man A A AA People of the Town A A OUR TOWN A A Barbara Reed A A Allen Smith A A Vance Neifert A Dennis Zerance Virginia Gotwols Kathy McPherson Theodore Stefan A A A Karen Gross .Ronald Hoerner Peggy Gingerich Theodore Yanich A A Phyllis Ohman Mary Kay Griffith A Sandy Kuhnert A A A A Mary Rosati A A Frank Metzger A A Daria Brown A A Earl Brown A A Vance Neifert A A Thomas lskric A A A A A Mike Frye A Janet Stehman A Sandy Kuhnert Mary Kay Griffith A A A Edward Fritz A A A Pam Hoover, Diane Dengler, JoAnn Kern and Jane Perkins 49 "You made it, you eat it!!" 'lay pw 5 J! "Now, if I were coach, l'd do plenty." "Where's that banana I put in here last month?" "l'm so sleepy, I could just sleep in this locker." Y,,,.,. "Young man, don't smile, Uncle Sam wants you, too." "Put the coconut in the bowl!" ' "Whoo! Whoo!" "Don't cry, l'll dissect the frog today." "And in this many days, we'll be looking in instead of out." 50 "School was hard today, we learned to shake hands." "And after she told me that, I said . . .4 I liziliz , XS W ,M 'iiiswf S X S , ,mfs Zn-iw ' I-553 .Mi ,-:EELS w ki "iv -'Qi U Maki' ma ' '-iii. 1 53,3 L-,Z-.ii S S . SK is? 1 'L a E .:'lw3XSS8Q1 ff?Ef?5f 11353 K fV:::+i.: ' f 'S . if : - 1vv:f,aL-9325 3.5 I . 15i2ff:fg .g: 1 ' K H 'Vsifi ':'5- Lfwi . Elf" f , SEE? E i wig- jg 1215" -if E:, f -.-411,21 .sagwfi '1 , . 5 ' 19453, M., , .:-, :.ig.x:?iim I f K ' vsgiiiisl k 235 1 'aw . V. X L iii .weak W ,.-, KM, S SQ? L, V V N fx ' , ii,..f1g:,f-1 R QNX k1".m,.,:ipfT.Qs1 Mlfflli'-!'Yf'Qs??FM''g14:fgfgvzwwxiwzyggimw1 521 ' H. R. 100 ROW ONE: S. Bowers, C. Calhoun, S. Carter, V. Castillo, L. Burger, F- Brinser. C- CIGCKUGY, T- Bryant. J- Butch P. Chernecke, R. Burger, P. Brown, M. Anastasijevich, R. er, P. Clark, S. Brown, F. Bruce, R. Bryant, S. Bethea Bowman, B. Beistline, C. Brown, S. Beard. ROW TWO: D- BeiSflir1e- H.R. 102 ROW ONE: M. Kline, L. Drayer, K. Cop, G. Coates, A. W. Dunkle, V. Evans, C. Frishcorn, D. Cooke, D. Deibler, Crystal, D. Farnwalt, R. Fisher, P. Dailey, S. Dengler, J. L. Crumling, M. Cox, W. Crystal, K. Dintman, G. Garcia, DeFillipo, L. Collins, M. Clugston, M. Elliott. ROW TWO: R. Colbert, J. Colm, J. Galinac. H.R. 104 ROW ONE: R. Headen, P. Hoover, M. Hammel, S. Gria, Y. Heicher, J. Jones, T. Gray, L. Howard, K. Gehret, W. Gruich, J. Hoover, M. Gerber, B. Hickman, J. House, S. Jones, l. Horning, G. Hanzel, G. Gassert, J. Herman. Hatcher, Y. Good, C. Gardner. ROW TWO: R. Hoerner, L, 52 H.R. 106 ROW ONE: L. Kable, D. Knull, G. Kissinger, M. McGonig- Clure, D. Kern, G- KUIWVIS, Nl- lSkfiC, 3- KFOSHBV, J- Keys, al, B. Jones, L. John, C. Krosnar, A. McKamey, D. Lip- S. MatjaSiC. W- Krovic. D- MCK99- J- Jones. W- Jones. D- pert, L. Kaylor, D. Knull, B. Koch. ROW TWO: G. Mc- KFSITIDGIS- H.R. 108 ROW ONE: G. Rowe, S. Ross, B. Nies, D. Schmidt, M. Orth, A. Schaffhouser, S. Pugh, S. Phillips, L. Rice, B. Scheatter. ROW TWO: D. Nickel, L. Pugh, J. Rice, L. Mus- ser, J. Poligone, T. Nikoloff, D. Pontius, D. Perkins, D Rittner, D. Rohacek, G. Runkle. H.R. 110 ROW ONE: C. Sweitzer, K. Smyers, D. Schwanger, S. Wil- liams, C. Walker, R. Venturo, J. Shank, W. Vogel, D. Vo- gel, L. Westfall, G. Shepherd, L. Wright, L. Vulchev, F. Thompson. ROW TWO: B. Watson, J. Stahler, B. Sinadi- nos, A. Velencia, D. Wilson, J. Scott, W. Wright, M. Vul ich, G. Venturo, E. Smart, S. Semic, W. Verbos, S. Sellers A. Stokes. H.R. 111 ROW ONE: A. Bianco, G. Bryant, W. Brown, C. Bowman, D. Cox, G. Chambers, T. Cordas, J. Clea, R. Curtis, R. Beard, D. Biesecker, H. Brown, M. Benkovic, E. Coates, D. Carnes, K. Cooney, N. Colbert. ROW TWO: B. Brown, D. Cotter, A. Beard, E. Castillo, G. Cuckovic, C. Buffington, T. Alberts, C. Bowser, B. Cox, W. Clea, B. Clea, E. Arp, D. Chapman, G. Ciortan, S. Baker, R. Bowman. H.R. 113 ROW ONE: S. Gersic, L. George, K. Dorman, R. Hailey, D. Dunkle, K. Dennis, J. Farley, R. Herman, D. Ford, M. Eckler, J. Harlacher, L. Garman, S. Decker, J. Drayer. ROW TWO: D. Franklin, J. Fox, P. Harrington, L. Hall, G. Dimoff, B. Doyle, L. Devaric, R. Enoch, R. Heim, C. Herman, M. Doncevic, F. Dell, J. Fisher, J. Elliot, D. Fortenbaugh. H.R. 114 ROW ONE: M. Kerns, J. Hoffman, N. Horanic, M. Korac, J. Hess, C. Jones, P. Lalic, C. Kingsbury, G. Latimore, C. Kerstetter, R. Lathan, E. Jackson, H. Jones, N. Jarmo- lenko, L. lskric. ROW TWO: F. Kisler, F. Koser, O. Jones, A. Hicks, S. Krovic, R. Hoffman, D. King, R. Huber, E. Holwig, J. Hernjak, M. Linta, K. Knight, J. Hymon, B. Hickman, D. Hughes, R. Julian. 54 i l H.R. 116 ROW ONE: R. Lucus, H. Lutz, H. Pugh, G. Reynolds, E. TWO: R. Myers, B. Mack, R. McClendon, M. Lucas, E. Neal, M. Pacella, A. Miller, S. Miller, R. Linta, G. Phillips, Poor, R. Metzger, J. Mesaric, J. McKamey, J. McCarthy, J. Luzik, M. Newcomer, J. Peterson, S. Mesaric. ROW T. Loych, T. Martz, J. Plater, T. Parthemore, T. Phillips. H.R. 115 ROW ONE: J. Stekovich, M. Seredich, E. Rittner, M. Spanitz, D. Sullivan, D. Schmidt, A. Stouffer, R. Schmi- edel, H. Scott, A. Ross, L. Smeltzer, S. Shartzer, M. Svib- en, R. Stevenson. ROW TWO: J. Stouffer, D. Stefan, J. Ruhl, C. Strauss, D. Scott, M. Swartly, M. Sacca, B. Stroll, D. Sosnowski, J. Smith, G. Stepanovic, R. Rite. H.R. 118 ROW ONE: C. Wilson, D. Trace, C. Thompson, F. White, Ulsh, G. Zinkan, J. Williamson, M. Weller, L. Zonarich, M. J. Williams, K. Weaver, V. Thomas, N. Szekeres, M. Thompson, L. Yeingst. White, N. White. ROW TWO: C. Szekeres, C. Wright, S. JUNIOR HIGH H.R. 202 ROW ONE: J. Beistline, S. Cerianic, S. Bogdanovic, M. Ar- nold, D. Barnes, S. Bowman, E. Batte, K. Bratcher, B. Bair, M. Chambliss, D. Beard, T. Brown, G. Bruno, M. Blazi, B. Albert, K. Bianco, A. Barnett, M. Beistline. ROW TWO: A. Adams, E. Campbell, C. Calhoun, B. Buffington, D. Beaghley, C. Belic, J. Chubb, R. Attivo, M. Bowman, B. Britton, L. Bowman, M. Castillo, M. Carnes, D. Aleksy, S. Baker, C. Albert, E. Brown. H.R. 204 ROW ONE: N. Conjar, D. Dengler, E. Falkroad, C. Eck, R. DeFiIlipo, J. Dean, K. Dreyton, E. Dean, K. Cole, D. Cole- man, P. Cox, K. Dmitrovic, A. Cobb, D. Fackler, D. Con- fer, C. Cline, S. Clarkin, D. Crist. ROW TWO: B. Eckler, H. Cox, L. Fetchko, G. Dengler, C. Evans, D. Eitler, K. Diffendall, D. Cobb, G. Finney, D. Cuckovic, A. Cotter, R. Colm, K. Crumling, A. Dial, G. Dudley, R. Dorman, J. Dragas. H.R. 206 ROW ONE: R. Harrington, A. Geric, C. Headen, B. Her- L. Gathers, R. Gotwals, G. Hoffman, D. Hamilton, D. Hol- man, W. Hoerner, N. Hurt, N. George, D. Hoffman, S. Iern, L. House, P. Gillis, C. Gingerich, J. Heckert, K. Gomboc, G. Hiler, J. Hartman, K. Gria, R. Holmes, G. Hoover, L. Hall, J. Herb, G. Getz, R. Green. Hawkins, J. Heberlig, G. Garman. ROW TWO: P. Glaser, 5 5 A ll L If . xiii? H.R. 208 ROW ONE: M. McGonigal, A. Jackson, L. Klein, O. Ka- C. Leeper, C. Kershaw, A. Madden, P. Metzger, R. Krovic, denko, P. Lilley, S. King, K. Krahling, R. Miller, O. Mc- M. Latshaw, J. Scott, G. Hymon, L. Krosnar, K. Loftus, Clendon, B. Jenkyn, R. Maljevac, C. Mosley, S. Mick, T. M. Kent. Martz. ROW TWO: J. Hymon, J. McClendon, M. Madden, H.R. 210 ROW ONE: R. Sherbocker, R. Murlin, R. Schieffer, K. TWO: B. Sauder, J. Murlin, J. Mosley, J. Scott, R. Sen- Olmstead, B. Shannon, C. Shannon, M. Savage, T. Rish- nett, R. Shaffer, D. Rados, R. Santo, S. Pollard, N. Pal- el, J. Rohacek, J. Murphy, J. Pollard, D. Schaffhauser, R. mer, D. Senior, R. Shaffer, M. Radosinovich, R. Myers, Rohacek, A. Rivera, J. Ponti, R. Priest, D. Seay. ROW V. PGBYSOU, L- Resanon. H.R. 201 ROW ONE: S. Stahler, L. Smith, S. Sloane, J. Wain, P. Vance, D. Spizziri, S. Thomas, Y. Spanitz, D. Zobetne, White L. Wilson D. Welsh J. Sosnowski D. Whittle , , , , , L. Stickle, S. Whittle. ROW TWO: L. Zenkan, S. Barnicle, R. fi i t Q Q Q 1 A 4- Wolfe. T. Sietes, B. White, R. Tezak, B. Wilson, Nl. Span- itz, J. Stewert, T. Williams, M. Sipan, K. Zerance, E. Wiley J. Spinner, J. Willes, D. Thorn. A A . . ROW ONE: A. Beistline, L. Battle, S. Byers, S. Baumgard- ner, C. Barley, K. Chase, S. Beistline, K. Baldys, T. Al- bert, A. Brown, C. Beistline, L. Brubacher, C. Brown, F. Bauman, N. Brown. ROW TWO: M. Baker, S. Buffington, 203 R. Albert, J. Biesecker, R. Beckey, L. Arp, R. Armold, W Carnes, R. Burgess, P. Brown, V. Buckarw, M. Carnes, T Claytor, C. Blunt, J. Brandt. H.R. 205 ROW ONE: J. Clea, J. Coates, T. Crosson, B. Corkle, T, TWO: M. Dial, L. Cox, D. Crouse, L. Cox, S. Cleckner, T Dodson, S. Dennis, S. Direly, J. Eden, P. Doncevic, D. C0llif1S. A- CODGIBNUT E. Efley. D- Durham. S. Fields D Dice, B. Cooney, K. Dean, J. Fisher, D. Doonan. ROW COXQD. Easter. J. Fisher, E. Coleman. H.R. 212 ROW ONE: W. Hoffman, J. Hoffman, J. Hagginstaller, S. Hutchinson, K. Hari, H. Hill, D. Hoffman, N. Garber, R. Gomboc, R. Huber, J. Gross, L. Hymon, D. Foster, T. Gloecker, D. Grubb. ROW TWO: J. Gria, E. Frye, B. Grun- den, A. Jackson, W. Hunter, D. Heicher, D. Gathers, E. Hanzel, C. Getz, D. Garret, R. Gilmore, M. Gross, L. Hail- ey, T. Garcia. V. Martz, M. Linta, D. Martin, G. Kelley, M. Lathan, D. Lalic, A. Knight, G. Koch, D. Kramarich, S. Kaylor, F. H.R. 214 TWO: T. Klugh, C. Kent, R. Lathan, J. Kelley, C. Leiter, R. Massal, W. Kulas, M. Jones, J. Jones, D. Kent, A. Jones, Keys, J. Kone, B. Jackson, D. Macut, R. Kottmyer. ROW J. Lattimore, F. Kreysar, T. Jones. C. Peterson, I. Parthemore, L. McDonald, C. Morrone, A Monts, P. Peterson, D. Wilson, C. Nikoloff, A. Weyant, L. Newcomer, F. Neal, M. McClure, A. McCurdy, R. Ohman F. Popp. ROW TWO: W. Miller, D. Murray, K. Pollard, J H.R. 216 Pettigrew, S. Peck, D. Pollard, D. Mowery, W. Pettigrew L. Mosley, N. Pollard, C. Pontius, C. Miller, R. Miller, J McArthur, C. Mosley. H.R. 207 ROW ONE: C. Rudy, N. Robbins, W. Ratliff, S. Reider, S. Robinson, L. Shank, J. Seigle, O. Savage, R. Seay, M. Radosinovich, R. Stiles, J. Pugh, N. Sauder, T. Rohacek, D. Rittner. ROW TWO: W. Shaffer, J. Scheaffer, R. Reed, M. Squire, V. Shye, S. Smith, I. Smith, W. Reed, B. Scott, J. Stiles, P. Porr, N. Rose, F. Sosnowski, A. Ramond. H.R. 209 ROW ONE: G. Wingard, C. Swartley, R. Welsh, B. Thom as, K. Wright, S. Zimmerman, K. Verbos, W. Varner, G Walck, R. Weaver, D. Thomas, D. Williams, B. Sweitzer, P. Velencia, J. Szekeres. ROW TWO: K. Surnicki, D Stouffer, M. Zimmerman, B. Walker, D. Tezak, D. Wing- ert, V. Tschurkin, D. Yushinsky, C. Sulzer, C. Wright, M. Velencia, C. Tschurkin, D. Wells, N. Stouffer. H.R. 211 ROW ONE: G. Bethea, L. Baumgardner, J. Becker, D. Brown, K. Baker, J. Beistline, K. Carter, P. Beard, G. Bi- esecker, W. Celesky, J. Anderson, R. Boulware, M. Blazi, J. Albert. ROW TWO: N. Baumgardner, R. Brown, E. Al- 60 l ford, H. Anderson, B. Beaty, D. Chatman, F. Brown, J Arp, C. Brown, B. Carnes, G. Albert, J. Chapman, E Bowman, C. Battle. H.R. 218 ROW ONE: G. Curtis, E. Dry, D. Decker, R. Claytor, P. Cox, S. Fetchko, B. Deibler, S. Coover, N. Cole, C. Fack- ler, R. Drayer, A, Deibler, G. Coles, D. Cooper. SECOND ROW: J. Cintron, A. Copeland, L. Dunkleberger, C. Devine, E. Easter, J. Cox, D. Esbenshade, A. Elliott, G. Eden, L. Clea, J. Cordas, J. Confer, R. Fetzer, L. Cover. H.R. 213 ROW ONE: D. Hodge, J. Horanic, R. Jackson, S. Haskell, D. Herr, A. Hoffman, J. Hoover, R. Gingerich, K. Hamil- ton, R. Hailey, B. Jenkyn, O. Freeman, A. George, D. Houseal, M. Hulsey. ROW TWO: R. Holmes, R. Jackson, J gras hun! S. Howard, M. Johnson, M. Flickinger, L. Garnett, W. Hill, V. Johnson, W. Gathers, V. Hill, V. Green, G. Gehret, G. Horanic. H.R. 215 ROW ONE: L. Jones, V. Kottmyer, P. Lalic, K. Mathias, C. Moore, S. Kershaw, G. Jones, C. Kelley, G. Kitchen, B. Jones, R. Lentz, K. Koneff, T. Lingle, D. Mick. ROW TWO: K. Kerns, J. Metzger, W. Moore, B. Leeper, L. La- than, H. Judy, G. Lawson, P. McQuilkin, W. Malone, V, Krovic, G. Miller, C. Leiter, J. Lathan, J. Jones. H.R. 217 ROW ONE! D- R9Yf10ldS- Ann POWGVS, W- Riffnefi J- ROW TWO: D. Mosley, G. Mosby, S. Over, L. Proctor, Ed. Petrovic, D. Reese, P. Reider, R. Richmond, J. Rohacek, Mowery, T. Penn, K. Pritchett, S. Pisle, R. Dick, D. Paine, P. Moore, M. Pecella, Paul Moore, T. Pugh, P. Ratliff H. Ramsey, P. Murphy, S. Olmstead. H.R. 219 ROW ONE, G. Sullivan, B. Stiles, A. Smee, C. Shatron, W. T. Skarupsky, J. Sunajko, H. Smith, L. Sennett, L. Sprow, Sprenkle,J. Scott, B. Shatto, R. Sims, L. Smith, J. Senior, J. Slade, C. Scott, L. Roth, D. Segar, B. Stickle, L. Scott, M. Semic, M. Scheaffer, C. Smith, P. Shaffner ROW TWO: C. Scott, J. Scott. H.R. 220 ROW ONE V. White, C. Waller, L. Tezak, S. Urich, C. ton, C. Warrall, R. Tezak, M. Waugh, R. Wallace, R. Tonoff, J. Tillman, P. Yovanovich, B. Weyant, M. Yanich, Ward, P. Wilson, V. Totton, W. Aaron, J. Welter, J. Wor- D. Vaughn, M. Thomson, W. Vozinilic, E. Thompson, L. rall. Tepslck ROW ONE: A. Wiley, B. Thomas, C. White, L. Tot- 62 ' .4 - "Look into my eyes." "Where are all the cars?" "Heh, heh, she thinks I can't see the answers." "Hal Ha! You dropped your hotdogf' "If I practice I'lI be just like my brother." "You're right again, Robin." "Who wants to taste it first?" Wx. "Sewing is a fun sport, as long as you watch "Here's our next assignment, "99"." where you're sewing." 63 t AMW ,junio S "flats QQQO' "" ' "How do you abbreviate January? i T i , JZ , H 'gz i ' "" Qfwkfiw' 1 Y ,Wi if I Eff 1'-'E 'W 'F il? 'Q J., i . .M-A 4, ,n ik bfi' V5 K7 , 'N Q"--4 ...,, ,. N F V t "An EXCBIICIIL spitvball gun." "Come on, kitty, l won't hurt you." "How do you like the "mare" I drew?" Sometimes m glad l'm a senior." "Needs more Sherry," Not so close every- body s watching! I played for Amvets Le- gion Steel-High . . . "Hup . . . two, three four. . ' :il Q3 , 'giiugif V mlm . g it . "But I'd rather be a "You ask me for my opinion, then you don't pay any THRUSH agentyf attention to me." N . . and if elected "l'Il bet Nlr. B. "Ready boots? . . .Start walking." I will . . couldn't do this!" II IERAN II ACTIVITIES . EDITORIAL STAFF FIRST ROW: J. Perkins Cco-editorj, Miss VanPeIt Cadvisorj J. THIRD ROW: T. Stefan, E. Brown, J. Bishop, R. Bazdar, L. Stehman Cco-editorj. SECOND ROW: K. Vanatta, J. Davis, W. White, D. Zerance. Segar, D. Dengler, J. Creamer, M. Gingerich, J. Wigand. BUSINESS STAFF FIRST ROW: K. Green, P. Ohman, H. Vogel, J. Stouffer, L. P. Wells, L. Stickle. THIRD ROW: N. Ryan, M. Dengler, S. De Smeltzer, M. Rosati, E. Stanisic, K. Gross, M. Gornik, C. senberg, W. Segar, L. Doncevic, E. Fritz, F. Metzger, S Jones. SECOND ROW: Mr. Leo Cadvisorj, S. Herman, J. Keith, Buffington, C. Brown, B. Wilkerson. M. Cox, L. Smith, E. Thorpe, J. Etnoyer, P. Hoover, D. Crum, 66 ART STAFF FIRST ROW: R. Chubb, S. Kuhnert, Mr. Nissley Cadvisorj, J. Senior, M. Hicks. NEWSPAPER STAFF FIRST ROW: S. Desenberg, L. Linta Csenior-high editorl, Mrs McCorts Cadvisorj, C. Cline Cjunior-high editorj. SECOND ROW: R. Stephenson, S. Baumgardner, J. Kern, G. Kissinger, B Herman, E. Stanisic, K. Baldys, L. Kline, M. McGonigal, P. Lal ic. THIRD ROW: R. Maljevac, J. Dean, L. Yeingst, L. Pugh, S Williams, J. Fisher, P. Hoover, G. Getz, B. Bair, S. Gross, M. Latshaw, T. Thompson. FOURTH ROW: D. Lippert, D. Brinser, S. Sellers, P. Metzger, W. Kulas, K. Vanatta, D. Miller, K. Mc- Pherson, K. Klugh, D. Rohacek, D. Brown. .J .s pi fl Icki, D. Crist, D. Knull. THIRD ROW: L. Hall, T1 an, J. Harlacker, B. Beistline, C. Sur Stehm sti lo CPres.J, P. Dailey CV. Pres.J, K. Gross CSec.J, Ca J. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Byerly Cadvisorj, Petigrew, K. Klugh, E. Castillo, C. Belic, S. Strauss, M. Vulich, E. Holwig, K. Vanatta, D. J. mgardner, J Bau C. Rudy, J W: R0 dvisorj. SECOND Ca ugh Balsba Mr. E. Brown fTreas.D ans, B. Eckler. Ev Zerance, V. narich, J. Shatto, K. Zo Miller, L. Cox, D. Dengler, K, Krahling, B. Reed, J. Luzik, J ,D. I' ek, A. Shaffha use BC Gross, J Roh YOUTH FESTIVAL YOUTH FORUM FIRST ROW: J. Hoover, B. Watson, ff K. McPherson, L. Smith, C. Jones. SECOND ROW: J. Fisher, D. Kern, M. Stubljar, M. Harris, P. Lalic. 9 FIRST ROW: Mrs. Hoy Cadvisorj, M. Griffith, D. Rittner, M. Anastasijevich. SECOND ROW: J. Shatto, D. Miller, K. Dintiman, L. Walmer. ' DEBATING CLUB FIRST ROW: Mrs. Guistwhite fadvisorj, V. Evans, V. Thomas, B. Doyle, D. Biesecker, D. Brown. SEC- OND ROW: E. Smart, L. Walmer, D. Miller, A. Smith, L. Searer. 69 FUTURE NURSES FIRST ROW: J. Kern, D. Dengler, Mrs. Kern Cadviserj, S. De- senberg, M. Rosati. SECOND ROW: V. Schwanger, S Hoffman, R. Beistline, D. Schmidt, L. Pugh, E. Coates, P. De- chert, A. Schaffhauser, D. Fortenbaugh, R. Bowman, K. Gross C. Calhoun, C. Sweitzer. THIRD ROW: P. Ohman, D. Castillo, K. Weaver, J. Hoover, C. Jones, S. Sellers, J. Shatto, S. Buffington, K. McPherson, D. Brown, D. Crum, D. Lippert, S. Herman, R. Fisher. FUTURE TEACHERS FIRST ROW: S. Kuhnert, P. Dailey, M. Stubljar, K. Vanatta, D. Zerance. SECOND ROW: J. Luzik, P. Chernecke, T. Lathan, M. Griffith, S. Jackson, B. Hickman, G. Reynolds, R. Stephenson. THIRD ROW: V. Gotwols, J. Stehman, J. Hess, C. Kerstetter, V. Thomas, B. Doyle, R. Koser, T. lskric, L. Yeingst, M. Ging- erich, J. Fisher. FOURTH ROW: R. Hoerner, C. Frishcorn, L. Devaric, L. Williams, G. Garcia, J. Wigand, G. Minoff, P. Clark, J. Ruhl, C. Kingsbury, P. Wilson, C. Szekeres. F.S.A. 4 A l Z ' . 2 gi. l 3 W v i l 1 ,r fall FIRST ROW: P. Ohman, K. Gross, H. Vogel, K. Green, E. Stanisic, B. Lewis, M. Rosati, M. Gornik. SECOND ROW: L. Smeltzer, D. Brinser, L. Stickle, J. Etnoyer, L. Linta, L. Doncevic, K. Klugh, B. Wilk- erson, L. Smith, S. Herman. F.S.A. PLEDGES ind FIRST ROW: M. Hammel, M. Clugston, R. Crosson, S. Carter, L. Bender, B. Scheaffer, C. Gardner, M. Elliot, A. Crystal, L Drayer, B. Nies, J. Kern, D. Knull, M. Kline. SECOND ROW: S Hatcher, S. Cria, K. Smyers, S. Pugh, L. Pugh, M. Anastsijev- ich, C. Jones, C. Sheetz, N. McKee, S. Williams, R. Bowman, D. Schmidt, V. Castillo, S. Phillips, D. Knull, THIRD ROW: S. Dengler, M. Cox, D. Rohacek, E. Thorpe, W. Segar, C. Brown, S. Buffington, M. Harris, M. Harris, S. Sellers, R. Krosnar, P. Hoover, P. Wells. SAFETY COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Mr. Verbos Cadvisorj, C. Gardner, C. Calhoun, L. Kaylor, E. Stanisic, P. Chernecke, P. Dailey, J. Keith, L. Ben- der, R. Fisher, J. Hoover, K. Smyers. SECOND ROW: P. Hoov- er, S. Dengler, S. Varnicle, R. Hoerner, M. Dengler, N. Ryan, A. Velencia, D. Kern, C. Benkovic, D. Rohacek, L. Pugh. THIRD ROW: M. Ainsworth, C. Szekeres, C. Frishcorn, M. Ger- ber, B. Auch, S. Krovic, S. Buffington, K. Vanatta, M. Iskric, A. Woll, B. Dunn, C. Krosnar. SENIOR HIGH CHGRUS .. Q Q A - Director: Mrs. Sheesley JUNIOR HIGH CHGRUS 99 avg 'Q pl95"e't1rIQ 1 Director: Mrs. Sheesley Accompamst' Bonnie Barr 72 B i 4 SENKNQENSEMBLE FIRST ROW: Nlrs. Sheesley, Cdirectorj, J. Perkins, D. Zim- merman, Nl. Griffith, T. iskric, S. Jackson, IVI. Gingerich, J, Stehman, V. Gotwois. SECOND ROW: T. Lathan, IVI. Cox, D. Brown, L. Smith, N. Ryan, P. Wilson, K. Klugh, Ni. Dengier, V. Miller, B. Reed. THIRD ROW: R. Hoerner, W. Segar, J. Wi- gand, NI. Frye, J. Smith, T. Stefan, A. Smith, C. Brown, J. Shatto, R. Sullivan. MALECHORUS 3 I FIRST ROW: F. Bauman, C. Fox, Ni. Frye, A. Smith, R. Hoer- nor, Mr. G. Cole - Cdirectorb. SECOND ROW: J. Stouffer, H Brown, S. iVlcArthur, G. Stephanovic, T. Iskric, D. Schwan i mf.:-M Q-we -ww ger. THIRD ROW: L. Vulchev, H. Easter, L. Howard, S. Strauss, A. Stouffer. FOURTH ROW: E. Smart, J. Scott, E. Brown, K. Gehret, S. Nlajasic, C. Palmer, J. iVlcKamey. 73 JR. - HIGH LIBRARY CLUB f l lilall SEATED: Mrs. Mateer, Cadvisorj. FIRST ROW: A. Barnett, D. D. Lalic, B. Herman, L. Brubaker. THIRD ROW: R. Maljevac Crist, A. Jackson, L. Smith, V. Albert, N. Robbins, A. McCurdy. R. Rohacek, L. Krosnar, K. Bratcher, J. Biesecker, D. Camp SECOND ROW: D. Macut, W. Hoerner, L. Newcomer, J. Dean, bell, K. Hoover, E. Brown. SR. - HIGH LIBRARY CLUB FIRST ROW: K. Klugh, S. Gross, Mrs. Mateer fadvisorj, S. De- senberg. SECOND ROW: R. Beistline, V. Castillo, P. Daily, V Thomas, C. Brown, J. House, J. Hess, C. Wilson, M. Kern THIRD ROW: S. Williams, D. Castillo, C. Kerstetter, L. Yeingst v V. Evans, N. Szekeres, D. Biesecker, W. Brown, A. Schaff- hauser, Y. Gruich, F. Thompson. FOURTH ROW: P. Lallic, C Szekeres, D. Rohacek, S. Sellers, J. Castillo, K. Vanatta, J Wigand, B. Auch, C. Krosnar, M. Ainsworth, C. Jones, H. Pugh: COLOR GUARD f 3 I ' . 5 ,, . . . fi S A , 9 . 1 . -'Ja lb. -1 . F' A S ' ff' fr 1 1 fl" x f 1 ill, rg, FIRST ROW: B. Reed, J. Perkins. SECOND ROW: C. Szekeres, J. Fisher, L. Linta, R. Fisher, A. Schaffhauser. IVIAJORETTES AND FLAG TWIRLERS i,. JVV,Q. '7 FIRST ROW: Carol Sheetz fHead Majorettej. SECOND ROW: T. Martz, P. Dailey, S. Uish, K. Zerance, K. Smyers, C. Albert, J. Ruhl, P. Chernecke, S. Kuhnert, D. Kramarich. 75 S.H. - H.S. CH ,x. FIRST ROW: V. Martz, W. Vozenilek, J. Fisher R Ohman. SECOND ROW: E. Houseal, R. Myers B Gilmore, A. Rehman. THIRD ROW: M. Hammel D Rohacek, G. Reynolds. ,, ,iffy 7 5 ' A v , FIRST ROW: A. Jackson, P. Decken, c. Beistline, Q,-4, U51, I I -if R. Fetzer. SECOND ROW: C. Herman, K. Knight, fl-'fa Rf: S r 1,8 S. Strauss, B. Buffington, B. Beistline. THIRD x ROW: T. Cordas, T. Stefan, D. Rose, K. Gehret, G. ., . .':, b ,..1. 1 I -A ,I H Pontius, D. Stefan. ' I. fl, gg ,,o,X'!, I QT" ifisg,-ieigizjgg, In 'Q 10"-.,a'a 1. es"-"""'m I. ' L'Ijv2:g iii? Q , ,' . :I il . ' Q ' at 1 Q I3 .,., -k,k Q x ' ., -I . ., . sm 'Ii ff 76 FIRST ROW: M. Hulsey, D. Doonan, K. Baldys Urich, K. Koneff. SECOND ROW: R. Herman Fisher, G. Chambers, J. Dean, P. McQuiIkin Gehert. THIRD ROW: K. Cole, T. Whittle Cooke, T. Gray, A. Smith, T. Loych, D. Senior Gotwols. BAND FIRST ROW: F. Hoover, S. Hoffman, N. Stouffer, K. Baker, K. Kaylor, K. Surnicki, A. Adams, L. Pugh, C. Frishcorn J Shat Barley, J. Welter, N. Cole, N. Baumgardner, D. Nelson, J. Beck- to, B. Bair, G. Shepherd, A. Kadenko, C. Nicoloff. er, A. George. SECOND ROW: M. Radosinovich, G. Getz, L. Band Director: Mr. Bollinger FIRST ROW: F. Bauman, L. Klein, R. Stephenson, B. Shatto N. Jarmolenko, M. Radosinovich. SECOND ROW: D. Heicher G. Gotwols, S. Herman, J. Stouffer, N. Rose, S. King, R. Hu ber, J. Elliot. THIRD ROW: D. Tezak, M. Gerber, C. Gingerich L. White, N. Ryan, B. Eckler. 77 RED CROSS RIFLE CLUB LS RA U Nl TRA GIRLS IN Y - TEENS FLAG CUSTODIANS SUPPLY DISTRIBUTORS SEATED: R. Metzger, T. Parthemore. STANDING: D. Sosnowski, E. Porr. OFFICE IVIESSENGERS SECOND ROW: T. Rishel P. Dechert C. Sheetz D FIRST ROW: P. Ohman, C. Shannon, B. Herman, JR. INDU f , . 1 hp' R. Reider. Pugh, J, Willis. THIRD ROW: P. Brown, E. Thorpe, B. Brown Lippert, L. C. Brown, K. Vanatta, B. Dunn, B. Auch, M. Ainsworth. TRIAL MANAGEMENT FIRST ROW: J. Robinson, J. Davis, Mr. Esbenshade fadvisorj, Gibson, G. Pontius, S. Cavrich, E. Brown, R. Brown, D. Reed D. Snyder, B. Shank. SECOND ROW: W. Vogel, R. Moore, R. D. Shrauder. 81 JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS FIRST ROW: L. Hall, K. Dmitrovic. SECOND ROW: D. Foster, S. Cerjanic, J. Szekeres. THIRD ROW: S. Baumgardner, F. Keys, L. Garnett, L. Sprow, C. Swartley. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS FIRST ROW: K. McPherson. SECOND ROW: J. Kern, B. Watson, A. Velencia, K. Weaver, C. Kerstet- ter, E. Coates. 82 REFRESHMENT STAND 4 .16 li . Wi. FIRST ROW: J. Crist, J. Gross, G. Hamburg, M. Orth, D. Laiic, bell, K. Klugh, Mr. Ivey fadvisorj, P. Metzger, C. Kingsbury, P. D. Fortenbaugh, J. Harlacher, M. Rosati, M. Clugston, M. Lin- Harrington, P. Gingerich, E. Brown. ta, C. Rudy. SECOND ROW: M. Griffith, D. Dengler, E. Camp- USHERETTES PROGRAM SELLERS FIRST ROW: C. Jones, L. Smith, S. Buffington, M. Ainsworth, T. Lathan. i FIRST ROW: Mr. Huggins Cadvisorj, L. Brubaucher, B. Carnes, B. Herman, D. Bethea. SECOND ROW: R. Cras- san, M. Flickinger, J. Petigrew, S. Peck, R. Johnson. MATH CLUB e 'wil-in ig., 1 .A 0:61, Jw ' ' at If I., N gf . FIRST ROW: R. Beistline, F. Thompson, B. Hickman. SECOND as, Mr. Shotsberger - advisor. THIRD ROW: D. Miller, M ROW: A. Schaffhauser, M. Ainsworth, C. Frishkorn, V. Thom- vich, L. White, J. Bishop, L. Walmer, S. Strauss. CH ESS CLU B FIRST ROW: K. Hamilton, T. Rishel. SEATED: Mr. Ivey, G. Gerhert, M. Hulsey. SECOND ROW' V Thomas, B. Shank, L. Vulchev, D. Dengler, P. Gingerich. THIRD ROW: P. Ford, R. Herb, R. Bazdar, J: Bishop, B. Dunn, R. Moore. 84 PRESS AND RADIO CLUB FIRST ROW: C. Beard, D. Castillo, J. Keith, P. Gingerich, D. Ford, J. Scheaffer, J. Cootes, S. Hunter, R. Spencer. THIRD Brinser, N. Ryan, J. Riley, M. Cox, P. Hoover, N. McKee, M. ROW: M. Harris, S. Desenberg, A. Chisholm, R. Bogovic, K. Hoffman, P. Helwig. SECOND ROW: M. Ainsworth, M. Den- Vanatta, E. Mosley, Fritz, F. Metzger, L. Linta, E. Crankfield, gler, C. Carter, B. Dunn, J. Kuhns, J. Creamer, W. Mills, P. C. Brown, H. Easter, J. Cox. ROAD RACING CLUB I 2 ge , 55 FIRST ROW: T. Clayton, S. Bogdonovic, Mr. Higgins - advi- Waller. THIRD ROW: L. Zinkan, M. Baker, S. Fields, R. Heim, SOr, J. Chubb. SECOND ROW: S. Whittle, Nl. Thompson, J. Su- D, King, J, Biesecker, A, Miller, J, Murphy, H, Hill, najko, G. Walck, V. Hill, K. Verbos, J. Senior, R. Claytor, C. 85 I A J l ' F K Q " ,s - 5 1 fries. 1: L - M me Heads up handsome! Stick 'em UP! Where's the chair? What really goes on in there? ls it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's Underdog! Now, after you've been pinned . . . I We In '55,r'f 5, Q ' I f, ' r'-" ser- ' Get him or it's Curtains! The football, Stupid - not his head! M' This is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Hey! That's my quarter! 86 SPORTS CU x X I VARSITY S 2.2 ROW ONE: S. Maravich, M. Frye, S. McArthur. G. Venturo, M. Bowser, J. Mcliamey, M. Iskric, D. Kern, R. Hoerner, G. Gas- Belic, J. Kuhns, W. Mills, M. Stubjlar, H. Easter, L. Wilson, L. sert, J. Cox, C. Wright. ROW FOUR: J. Shevock, S. Gersic, R. Howard, ROW TWO: J. Scott, D. Franklin, J. Hymon, M. Cox, Metzger, B. Dunn, K. Dapp, A. Padjen, R. Perugini, M. Koons. R. Hoerner, R. Bryant, T. Iskric, C. Stroud, C. Fox, D. Dragas G. Stepanovic, R. Venturo, G. Coles. ROW THREE: B. Gillis, G. Minoff, W. Wright, E. Holwig, C. JR. VARSITY ROW ONE: J. McKamey, D. Franklin, J. Hymon, C. Wright, R. B. Cox, L. Hall, A. Stoufter, G. Dirnoff, J. Stouffer, D. Sos Hoerner, D. Kern, G. Gassert, M. Iskric, W. Krovic, E. Holwig nowski, M. Swartly, H. Howard, C. Bowser ROW FOUR: J. C ROW TWO: J. McLendon, D. Scott, J. McCarthy, T. Albert, J. Shevock, S. Gersic, R, Metzger, B. Dunn, K. Dapp, M. Koons Jones, D. Sullivan, R. Huber, E. Arp, W. Wright ROW THREE: I. O, Silver, G. Stepanovic, R, Venturo, G. Cole. X 88 JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL ri ji' .,, , ' Tl seffv.. ff: i f M-'.": .f,s2,Wai4ss- '-il i ' ROW ONE: G. Bethea, C. Kent, N. Johnson, L. Clea, T. Jones, gas, R. Rider, ROW THREE: J. C. Shevock, A. Elliot, J. Mosley J. Latamore, C. Getz, J. Spinner, W. Gathers, K. Verbos, D. Mc- W. Pettigrew, R. Santo, D. Hollern, R. Krovic, P. Gillis, D Clendon, D. Seay, S. Gersic, R. DeFilippo: ROW TWO: G. Cole, Yushinsky, E. Erbe, L. House, L. Arp, D. Roth, M. Carnes, L N. Coniar, F. Kreyser, J. Willis, J. Slade, A. Cobb, C. Leeter, C. Belic, D. Pollard. Leeper, S. Fields, H. Cox, E. Batte, A. Jones, L. Lathan, J. Dra- COACH ES ff l l . 2 s i E SEATED: A. Padjen, R. Perugini, M. Koons. STANDING: E. Kerr, M. Benkovic, K. Dapp, J. Reedy. 89 SENICR PLAYERS ,,. ,uf lfr 1, . w' . H. v,, in , , IN V- :pr In 'V be vm . . , -,, .g...: we-....., ,, 1 . x, , x a 51 - 2 "? .1 W . iii ' if as ' 3 Q , G15 S X'-4 U 5 .3 Q ,lf v K ' V .,, VJ.. A ff-1 V 2 , , M252 ?2fr.g,Mamz:xi1.ff.w.e-f reiwmm, A Belic - Guard Dragas - End .x Easter - Fullback allllllll T A , ,A I . X A , V ,V ,Jirf.:aQ:71ijQifj, I . 5. I. : i MJ 7 .Tm I t T 3 H ff T-'ff ! . 8 1QE3"?1I',g'.s5"Yi'f?5" . + ' T 42:wiQ?fa?z'. If Ji nf-W' 1 C Q'-'5Ti!r5"V kka e ' Q J "' W .yvd 'pu .Mm .. . 9 -- M5534 -.9 Y vw I ff. H AA, 4 " T :LH -1 -at P ,, . . Fox - Tackle Frye - Tackle ,?lt. 5 TTU rf ay .:,. ft! .Q 2 ??! - f i - Q9 Hoerner - Tackle lskric - Guard Kuhns - Quarterback 1 I X, ae -' ' gg Q If -T fl's'f-iff , f' aw f 5 - 5- Q N.. Q X T , , 1 "-, , """ in in ! , ,:,, T T :,,,: , T Mm ' .IT ' q a 8' We f v 4 ff' K +5 3 n ' .L o 5 1 Y rg A -, 'L -lf' V ts Q 'A vi ' 1 'ref F wg! 'W' 'I 54 -nl X' N Q' ff' 3 "H?fZf in ,L " i s , ef -. I do " Q hx V4 Q , 3 ' Zigi f 'f +L .A i . f Q x Q ' 25 0 4 L - 'xi x iq T tr , 8 Z A g, ,, Ma ravich - End McArthur - Halfback gr x e ' Q 2 "+, er T are Fi, '- gall fm. at S . V I K tv :.v . ,ww ,V Qin W 'f .vu Q.-K, fn, H fzi all 4 6 by 4 ' '03 A'JT"'513 ' if 1- , ' X f Q l ' ' 1 H V v T lffff V. T Q ' , X4 A , 5 L? 2 if M I A I 'H A ' : 'b V ' M , , Q " age Mills - Halfback Minoff - Guard 90 Stroud - Center 'N . x Stubljar - Center 'Nia sf? K 'N v hh - mhVA ri ' :'q..L.......-4w L? Bryant - Fullback - My ' . tl , f o .4 , I . , . . . , ., . . + , . v" f 1 IQ L N iii :E ,E K 1 ff wfwfd' if I I .4 , v X v ' xn' Rl Wilson - Guard Gillis - Guard SCORES AND STANDINGS CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA LEAGUE STANDINGS Won Lost Pct. John Harris 9 O 1.000 York 7 2 .778 Lancaster 6 3 .6667 Steel-High 6 3 .667 William Penn 5 4 .556 Cedar Cliff 4 5 .444 Williamsport 3 6 .333 Central Dauphin 2 7 .222 Lebanon 2 7 .222 Reading 1 8 .111 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL S.H.H.S. OPP. 7 Lebanon 2 39 Middletown O 39 Central Dauphin O 13 John Harris O 20 York 6 25 Lancaster O 20 Cedar Cliff 12 13 William Penn 7 VARSITY FOOTBALL S.H.H.S. OPP. 37 Central Dauphin East O 31 Reading 6 6 Central Dauphin 7 O John Harris 6 26 York O 27 Williamsport 14 7 Lancaster 14 39 Cedar Cliff 19 35 William Penn O 28 Lebanon 14 JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL S.H.H.S. OPP. 32 Hershey O 13 Susquehanna Twp. 18 13 Lower Paxton O 27 Central Dauphin E. O 6 Swatara Twp. 12 26 Lower Dauphin 0 42 Middletown 14 VARSITY FIRST ROW: J. DeFiIIipo, R. Venturo, D. King, Mr. Weiss, Mr. W. Arp, NI. Cox, R. Bogovic, A. Chisolm, J. Robinson, S. McAr Benkovic, Dr. Silver, J. Shevock, Mr. Espenshade. SECOND thur. ROW: L. Williams, L. Roberts, J. Smith, C. Palmer, E. Holwig, JR. HIGH VARSITY FIRST ROW: D. Reynolds, R. Reider, J, Rohacek, R. NIiIIer, J. Arp, L. Belic, R. Krovic, K. Spinner, P. Gillis, L. Fetchko, E Murphy. SECOND ROW: Mr. Dapp, C. Gingerich, M. Carnes, L. EVUYI A- Cobb. M- Spanifl, MV- SIWGVOCK. 92 JR. VARSITY FIRST ROW: J. Jones, T. Bryant, G. Kuhns, D. Franklin, E. Britton, B. Cox, D. Cobb, Mr. Weiss, J. Shevock. Absent from Hernjac, D. Sullivan. SECOND ROW: Dr. Silver, D. King, B. picture: W. Wright, S. Matjesic. JR. HIGH JR. VARSITY .Hel 1.2. FIRST ROW: J. Murphy, K. Koneff, R. Ohman, J. Albert, P. Ve- bert, J. AVP, J- RIIGY. NI- JOHGS, F- KVGYSBIZ W- PGTTISVGWI I-- La' Iencia, R. Cobb, D. Reynolds. SECOND ROW: Mr. Padjan, D. than, T. Roth, J. White, Mr. Shevock. Mowery, R. Lathan, D. Garrett, G. Coleman, R. Albert, T. Al- 93 BASKETBALL SCORES CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA BASKETBALL FINAL STANDINGS 1965-66 Reading John Harris William Penn Steel-High York Lancaster Cedar Cliff Central Dauphin Lebanon Central Dauphin East JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL S.H.H.S. OPP. 44 Susquehanna 58 Mechanicsburg 63 Middletown 45 Lower Dauphin 46 Cedar Cliff 69 William Penn 40 Lebanon 46 C.D. East 65 Lancaster 47 Central Dauphin 42 John Harris 40 Reading 58 York 65 Cedar Cliff 57 William Penn 60 Lebanon 65 C.D. East 62 Lancaster 41 Central Dauphin 71 John Harris Reading I York AND STANDINGS VARSITY BASKETBALL S.H.H.S. , OPP, 66 Susquehanna 76 86 Mechanicsburg 80 66 Middletown 85 80 Lower Dauphin 53 55 Cedar Cliff 61 68 William Penn 77 83 Lebanon 72 83 C.D. East 50 55 Lancaster 50 55 Central Dauphin 47 65 John Harris 63 39 Reading 69 71 York 53 74 Cedar Cliff 75 45 William Penn 91 71 Lebanon 72 71 C.D. East 52 62 Lancaster 55 65 Central Dauphin 56 81 John Harris 100 38 Reading 48 71 York 73 JR. HIGH VARSITY BASKETBALL S.H.H.S. OPP 49 Middletown 28 40 Susquehanna Twp. 25 49 Lower Paxton 16 65 C.D. East 31 36 Swatara Twp. 30 38 Hershey 25 45 Lower Dauphin 28 37 Middletown 30 50 Susquehanna Twp. 14 40 Lower Paxton 36 53 C.D. East 45 40 Swatara Twp. 23 Hershey Lower Dauphin SENIOR SHGOTERS Bogovic - Guard Chisholm - Gua rd Robinson - Forward 1 Roberts - Forward Williams - Guard McArthur - Guard Smith - Forward WRESTLING FIRST ROW: D. Rittner, J. Galinac, F. Brinser, J. Butcher, G. M. Gassert, S. Varnicle, Mr. Perugini. THIRD ROW: D. Rittner Venturo W. Verbos, H. Easter, W. Mills, L. Wilson, J. Herman, N. Conjar, C. Cline, R. Harrinton, C. Leeper, D. McKee, D. Se D Beistline, D. Kerns. SECOND ROW: Mr. Kerr, J. Elliot, H. nior, J. Dragas, B. Souder, S. Mick, G. Garmen, B. Dunn. Brown L Hall, L. Zonarich, M. Swartly, J. Colm, R. Hoerner, SCORES STANDINGS Harrisburg Area Division I Won Lost Pts. Lower Dauphin 6 1 12 SH 'baron Hershey O22 Cumberland Valley 6 1 12 Cumberland Valley Mechanicsburg 5 2 10 Mecharrrcsburg Milton Hershey 4 3 8 Cedar Cuff Susquehanna Twp. 3 4 6 Lower Dauphin Middletown 3 4 6 Central Dauphin gelrshey 5 3 S Susquehana Twp. a myra rglggrzjrsburg Division Il Central Dauphin East Ced'?' CW 7 O 14 Carlrsre Carlisle r 6 1 12 . . Central Dauphin East 5 2 10 William Penn . John Harris Steel-High' 3 4 6 John Harris 3 4 6 Central Dauphin 3 4 6 William Penn 1 6 2 Chambersburg O 7 O IVIATIVIEN H. Easter J. Senior W. Mills 97 L. Wilson BASEBALL V L I ROW ONE: G. Hall, M. Krahling, A. Otzel, J. Evans, J. Furman, FOUR: J. C. Shevock - Athletic Director, H. Colm - Manager W Gross, B. Kerstetter. ROW TWO: J. Sypniewski, G. Minoff, D. Biesecker, J. Willis, D. Esbenshade - Eqp. Manager J C Stroud, M. Belic, L. Walmer, S. Semic. ROW THREE: G. Reedy - Coach. Captain - Gary Hall. Cuckovic, J. Senior, A. Burger, M. lskric, T. Yanich. ROW Baseball 1964 S.H.H.S. OPP. 7 Middletown 7 2 Cedar Cliff 7 5 Milton Hershey 4 1 Lancaster 3 2 York 9 2 Hershey 10 3 John Harris 9 1 William Penn 6 O Lebanon 1 9 Milton Hershey 2 4 Lancaster 3 O York 5 5 William Penn ' 8 2 Hershey 6 0 John Harris 1 6 Lebanon 5 Central John Harris Hershey York Lebanon William Penn Lancaster Steel-High Milton Hershey Penn' Standings Won Lost 10 9 6 7 7 7 410 311 Pct. 714 692 545 .538 538 500 286 214 J TRACK 2.6 l ROW ONE: M. Frye, J. Shaffer, W. Early, J. Bowman, P. Arm- strong, W. Mills, P. Zerance, J. Savage, D. George, J. Cox, B. Houseal. ROW TWO: R. McCIendon, L. Howard, M. Zuvich, E. Fritz, L. Wilson, J. Smith, R. Herb, R. Spencer, M. Stubljar, L. Williams. ROW THREE: S. McArthur, J. Hyman, W. Crystal, B. Clea, D. Kern, J. Keys, M. Cox, B. Gillis, C. Wright. ROW FOUR: E. Scott, J. Batte, D. Pollard, J. Bishop, J. Gathers, D. Thomas, S. Maravich, S. Petrovich, B. Cox, S. Hunter. ROW Captain - Paul Armstrong Track 1964 S.H.H.S. OPP. 36 Carlisle 91 '65 Central Dauphin East 62 91 Cedar Cliff 36 59 Lancaster 68 31 John Harris 96 78 William Penn 49 92 Central Dauphin 35 101 Lebanon 26 45 York 82 Qt 99 FIVE: C. Bowser, E. Holwig, R. Coogan, J. Scott, J. McKamey C. Fox, E. Brown, R. Hoerner, G. Gassert, W. Krovic, ROW SIX B. Dunn, S. Krovic, F. Metzger, A. Stouffer, D. Scott, G. Cior tan, T. lskric, J. Stouffer, M. Swartley, A. Nikoloff. ROW SEV EN: J. C. Shevock - Athletic Director, D. Esbenshade - Eqp Manager, J. Dryer - Manager, M. Coons - Coach, K. Dapp - Coach. Central Penn Standings Won Lost Points John Harris 8 O 16 Lancaster 7 1 14 York 5 2 10 Steel-High 5 3 10 C-D East 4 4 8 William Penn 2 4 4 Cedar Cliff O 1 5 2 Central Dauphin 1 6 2 Lebanon 0 7 O STES AROUND THE 4 TOWNS 100 fm! PATRONS ' X! ETNOYER'S TRAILER SALES LOTS OF LUCK CLASS OF 1966 ESTABLISHED 1963 TRAILER INSPECTION STATION if Trailer Parts 84 Service - .f.!?"5 T - t Hitches " - f f-Q' -k Stoves Fi . , l Lan, if Heaters E' if Furniture -A' Toilets CAMPING TRAILERS ir Plumbing Scotty - Shasta Travelmaster X RENTALS F 'E "9Q1I:IRiff 939-5988 TENT CAIVIPERS Right - Nimrod Dealer for Johnson 81 McCulloch outboards E T N O Y E R ' S TRAILER SALES in HIGHSPIRE Travel Trailers - Johnson Boats and Motors WE RENT TRAVEL TRAILERS BEST WISHES TO THE... CLASS OF 1966 Romance gS'uzcef I8 75 ENGELHORN PACKING COMPANY ofPENNSYLVANIA "Best Bacon Money Can Buy" U.S. GOVERNMENT APPROVED 644 Route it441 Middletown, Pennsylvania for R The talk of the tovvn! f Call 939-9846 L L If no answer can 939-6127 LL Si , WEAVER S MOVING - STORAGE RUG CLEANING 1 S' LOCAL 81 LGNG DISTANCE MOVING Agent for 1898 North American Van Lines, Incorporated World-Wide Service Zi- 4- .. Tiff ' I Q E '- . Nonflv uslwruv ff'-f-A '1 Yugi: V! fl v:'J:':i ' 'ziwfr A L A ,,,J--:- -- GEO. W. WEAVER 8- SON , . ONT, STEELTON, PA. fl V, 2 M' tv J 1 6 X Q63 I QEQXP- ' x I X HS 1' 151' E T Id ii X wee es ory ver o t N FAMOUS X ,f 5 +. ,gm KNIGHTS 4 t CHOCCLATES 1 X "Speaks for Itself" X 222 Brood Street, Highspire, Po. Phone 939-2413 1525511-. .Q ,-555ii225iQE5ii:::s:aisgaegg 5 122555 -i ggx jg-I J Z- in si A 551 'EW' " 11" ' ' 2.2 355555 2553555525555 ,. .,:,:,,-1 ff i QQ3 5525 :f21,.,.g1-if ' +1 '-: ' il 1 J E mb: ig.: ,fi-A 5 xx' ' ' ff f Q ,g?53?55?sEiE325:2:2Eu:s I 1 xx ., .- ,X wg I V ,Q-Qbu 4 wi' , 'M K N aaseezzz, 13 "Lig11.. iw--.'.2. H '4'i1Qm"iPrQ, i w' if 53252 ' -3. ' b 'Ni g ' 4 L 'J it A W-.W- , :A :E A - f- I ,:1:'JQi'x6iE,.g'?E51'?F5??115f' Qi: Q. 33:15 ,.15gga:1- -l' 5- ffiw ,,.., , ' ' "' 2' fx f if - , ff- -f'2"j- ,zfj az" -g: ., , - . pm-2-1-x,: .Q ' 9 Y iw, V' ' W ,A " ',..g 1 , - '53 . .. - I 11? 'f f""' .. 0435, '-P---P:-1- :a f-:-. 1 . .g . -, 4 1' ' ' - . -P ff-.W - . lp .is Y, l I 1.13-In 0 ,,.. :':g3Ey:t 323EEE:,.:f v :m.:::4:l:1: :::E :.: :1E:- ff :w g I , -V , .: -H. .. " - .,... , Z-.-.1 ,131 , -L x . 1g: ., ., ,, . , 2 3 , g 1 g:g:gfii.sgzia1gsg 5-rm. .. ., . ,,,,gggg2s5fi'2z11i'2ff222:11 -'1"3.f"'f , . " - If --f3Q7':":I f. 5 1 1:11,:feggtzfj5:12-3'.'-jj-'V-1.5:,'-:,:,-15,155rg:-1 '- - I , t V .1 ' . ' ' THE urg's Most Honored Milk" , ILK .-1 ..,. -.. ,.... tg.. .. "Horrisb lf ff M if , -DH LOCALLY OWNED - LOCALLY O - 233 - 8701 PERATED - 20TH 8. HERR STS. 1 , COURTESY . . . Front Street ot Turnpike Bridge - HELM S CHEVRCLET, INC. Steelton, Pennsylvcmio PI10l'I6r 939-9301 Congratulations from . . . Son, MOVING STORAGE . . - nfl ?.5?Wj5i,,.h PAC KING at 2 q ' I 'X irr, r re i E tie e r i iir . r mmf2'z' H F-'nom-r 51: s're:E:Lnrc:N. rm. 2 DAY PHONE: 939-9828 NIGHT PHGNEI 232-9223 AGENT FOR UNITED VAN LINES, INC. ff X ' RX 5 X f , Q Y-4 Y' tfili THE IDEAL JEWELRY STORE 29-31 North Front Street t 421 T2 , . Steelton, Pennsylvania WEST SIDE HOSE COMPANY ,HN No. 3 My "9 S eA 8 Steelton, Pennsylvonla Q "WnIlm to erv nywhere" ty , A V: Xtff ll 'I' ti, 5-llie ln QCIQULUUIQ L Lum, or L-- Illlllllllf,f'P?333l5filYlT55UI,illliwilllmlill 1 0 l'l'l9 -,3.n,-W ,---,, , -ss graduating W cl ass 1966 lllllllillfllllglillliiilllfillillfiillmiilfzlll FARINA MOTORS INC. frl -vga LIONTIEARTED CHRYSLER CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH - VALIANT vv Qi ., , , SALES and sERvLcE EI 750 North Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania Phone: 939-9581 9 n L 1QSLi,lmw.Q . ia! I LQQJQ Jn! 3 ffiialtffffiiff 554- 1,3-glfli' Rgfsfifggfgizfifebll' gb? if 8Z'li'P1'5'-5f'fi?5:'+S.'9"42'i5 "'3igf2ifLy5' Q PHIL SPASEFPS ff 9 P . Q1 V L" ---' STEELTON FLOWER sl-lop N l Qlt kx Dt L V P, 54 Front and Pine Streets ' gi qi ' - fQ f3ifldl69?aX36 Steelton, Pennsylvania ffl 'TQEQQQYQQ L. L flwsqfu "Flowers Whisper What Words Fail to Say" li 'A-f. QQ - 9 Phone 939-5123 r, L Lxxiff-"r 1 1 F ... ,-i r If v xi U i! F' F F FF YV A F D ,.,,, ffm 2 I 2-1-2-555552 5 3-2-9 ,.,- I --1-1-:f:f:1:r5:52111-11 I 1 I gagagggggg E psf: -1- A . . . . ...,..., . , I I I FIFTH WARD NUI? I El :pf REPUBLICAN i S CLUB ll. 2 Illl OF ..-- I STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA I ......, ,-1.-2122212 E fsisffiisfsfsffffi "'F' ' 'Ff 1':':':':':':': E mai fra. fffffi fl I I FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF lisa - !Hmu- -HH l : nszzagsfsggl F F F' F'F FF 'F'F"F""""'Fs-A ,F C ix i .wa fag Lwu'?i?5 N FF FF FQ" 's7f I F F i M -rm A F ,x Q, A 4f,1fs-v+'.t...,-4'Q-va 45 FRI-I-Zis THE YEAGER PRINTERY .A Commerczkzl Printing Ml SHARP SHOP F4 an Yi Lawnmower Engine Repair X Saws and Hand Tools Q X X F Welding Z Q F 77 Lumber Street LXW QHB wvlgfl W- U Highspire, Pennsylvania Phone: 939-3104 250 Market Sfreef Highspire, Pennsylvania jf, B C KK Phone: 939-2423 Q f f? Qggfgzvs x 84, W I, W , 3, . . ..., l?, g 15 -' Jo p- fe-11,4h,' K, - ', ., K ,. i THE WHEATENA R 'Nw a lvl, CORPORATION 3 f X Hi9hsPire Flour Mills Division H "X V Highspire, Pennsylvania ' R Nx S Q in Cf ,i lf i l ix RAY'SlUllCllE0llETTE ROZMAN BROS. M. f--'f""'T' ww GENERAL ELECTRIC g, ll lb ix-. i N T BRUSH YOUR TEETH 5 ' E OFTEN C AZT' S. f' lf' Sl , AND Hwilsgcp YI s Op E yNght 1 +2 R RR ' J , ., ,, Mx-., 1. ,- -'f r '-f 1 r Q ' 'K k K ' X I - xffl R . 'iff 4 1 PQ? U I X gow ., lg 4 I 9' f 5 Q ,, - JI' Q 0 1109? Welcome to Steelton's Newest Lodge Home LOYAL ORDER ' OF MOOSE Number 382 We wish to extend our sincere Congratulations to the STEEL-HIGH GRADUATING CLASS OF 1966 IW! Q mlD 'o WOMEN of the MOOSE Chapter 919 225 North Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania 035 Qin wi ws. 'I ', 0 ,ELF R E D S AMERICAN SERV AMERICAN . lvlotor Tune-Up i 7 . . Nlinor Repairs W . . Pick Up and Delivery . . Wheel Balancing 24 HOUR TOWING SERVICE 56 Second Street Highspire, Pennsylvania Phone: 939-9285 ICE CLEAN UP JANITORIAL SERVICE "Service is our Motto" Rod lVlcKa mey, Proprietor Steelton, Pennsylvania Phone: 939-7135 WATSON'S GROCERY 249 Lincoln Street Steelton, Pennsylvania KELLEY 8: SAM'S BARBER SHOP 330 N. Front Street, Steelton, Pa. PEASE'S CUT RATE 358 North Front St., Steelton, Pa. "BROWNIE" GRUBB'S "SUNOCO SERVICE J, YJ ef C- !! if IJ 1720 South Cameron Street Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Phone: 232-1251 Pfienneth 54311. Knight FUNERAL HOME Phone: 939-5602 31 Second Street Highspire, Pennsylvania Ill' ll' 'll' I Compliments ofthe . . . ' CARVEL ICE CREAM : : Party Cakes ' W O N D E R B A R . Open All Winter ' 1000 South Cameron Street . Phone: 939-75" ' Harrisburg, Pennsylvania ' Hi9hSPi"e PGHNSYIVGUIC' . O U I Q C I I Q I I I G 0 U L D ' S G R 0 C E R Y Rows a. sRowN's Lounes 553 North Second Street Phone: 23'-233 N- Ffonl 5"0" Steelton, Pennsylvania Steelton, Pennsylvania 939-4872 W. L. Aucker, AMERICAN GENERAL INSURANCE Agent for . .. COMPANES wAsHlNGT0N NATIONAL Steelton Area Phone: 737-6662 INSURANCE CO, we sv, Y ff - f X ti 7 l ' f +5 'l S , E We y i R, S BEISTLINE s X l x' 5 -By X A V l75 South Front Street 'gee 3 X if N Steelton, Pennsylvania .- j l Louis R. LAVIA l E Open Seven Days e Week S ,I .3 O Lavia's Jewelers 4, XX' S X S " ' -f .1 ff" '1 9 X? ee e so 'ff PQ Q o f 2 it me sf X F S JOHN BRANDT llll'if"i.,liiilllllllllllllmo. 'vpfgg '-1.5 ,3:.!ggirfg- '77 MARTT5 TAVERN "-IIflezalllllllllliilililiall X' PM John Martz, Jr. ' l N ll-ill I jg Ii George P. Brown l 349 North Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania l....-----'fjff.-"' we Ji Phone: 939'926l Name Brand Clothes for Men CONGRATULATIONS 39 North Front Street Phone: Steelton, Pennsylvania 939-5549 5 ' li. fillllil lf 6 ' B"""G'S 1' Q sHoE stone ' P CICO'S Foon MARKET K , C9696 0 9 Meats, Groceries, Frozen Foods ,, 4 '- THE HNEST lN SHOES l87 N. Front Street 9. Hlghsplre' Po' Steelton, Pe. Phone: 939-9604 ' F "' f K lit . ' Btu. R.C.A. VICTOR DEALER ROBERT GRUNDEN Anthracite Coal - Lumber Street lftlfefl Electronics Highspire, Pa. Phone: 939-4582 l7l S. Front St., Steelton, Pc. Phone: 939-6762 KNULL'S BARBER SHOP 281 MAIN STREET GOOD LUCK! STEELTON, PA. SWElTZER'S GROCERY STORE E E d Shop Hours: M0l'1diYfhl"-1 Sal'-Hd3Y Steeltanflgenhsylvania 9:00 am-8:00 pm Open Tuesday D F u DUNDOFF'S FOOD MARKET o N Groceries - Meat - Frozen Foods - Produce O D Free Delivery O 231-235 Main Street, Steelton, Pennsylvania D If Phones: 939-5504 939-9505 939-9255 S ,.fi'l i Q Jil . 1.1m X CLARENCE L. KERNS. IR. JUSTICE OF THE PEACE B ET Best Wishes for a Successful Future to the Class of "66" Q 9 J' i "" ACRI'S HARRISBURG ELECTRIC SERVICE 8: MACHINE EAST CO. 760 North Front Street Steelton, Pennsylv 54 I-One Circle pa,tSPhORepZi2'i8Z5,i,V,Ce Middletown, Pennsylvania EI 'I C MOIOI' 81 Tools Phone: 1 X Q Q 'gr , X 4-ijlgflfl Y l I -A a .Hahn 1 x 'mx I 45' fl X X , - ' b ff xx' Q 1. "sf-: 1- gy-V ' -0 Lie 1-E, , 1. -ji - ...1 W .,...--.,.,-,,-- . .1.. . ,l L . ,.,,. ,...... .i ,..., --.... -1-.N-, - M- --+ A BEST OF LUCK 5, 1' so TO THE CLASS or 1966 -si? Fl' I - E- 5 fig? il L.. , +,,w 9 KATlE'S BAR AND GRILL -E , 2443 South Front Street 5 Steelton, Pennsylvania A!-aye'--fi " IR P Compliments of . . . W FRANKSS ESSO BARLEY'S NEWS AGENCY --.D Highspire, Pennsylvania ' icljie Cream 000 Candy 0000 Magazines Open 5:30 A.M. to 9:30 P.M. 0 183 Second Street UEALQR Highspire, Pennsylvania 'fr if if 'A' 'A' if 'Cr if , digg sm I 'sk DAVID E. DETWEILER X X fi Q All Forms of Insurance X Real Estate Phone: 939-9874 546 Second Street Highspire, Pennsylvania Phone 939-2485 CUNKO FUNERAL HOME John M. Cunko, Director ,x I ,Q I Q ' ,ff If 5' I I 5 1 III 'I E ' IIN' x 'gttffitv '- ' - 1' I 'M 1 i 'QB ii' w. - Ach PP 5 'I 5, , , I l I, 'F-lx.. . X fg' B wg, Ix X ,J 400 North Front Street Steelton, Pa. fx? All Phases of Beauty Culture ,, W KAY RUNKLE RHODES I A Proprietor 332 Pine Street algal. ffili .I Steelton, Pennsylvania Phone: 939-7752 ' "t F ttt ttttt ' KAY'S BEAUTY cuLruRE TWIN KISS A DRIVE-IN It : -1 'F '- CSV :uf . -,,......x ...M-In-.. A ,, K 5751 R9 'A te 1-. 5351-,4 A .I Q-9,3 tu-I ff 23 QP - .4 . . fe A, In AJ Soft Ice Cream Root Beer in a Frosted Mug 1 Sandwiches - French Fries NN . ., If Sea Food - Chicken --- ' HIGHSPIRE, PENNSYLVANIA Phone: 939-4822 JNO. D. BOGAR 8 SON COMPANY Franklin Street Steelton, Pennsylvania at N '-ee. ct,.,:1, yr,, ' 1 For a wonderful way of living, you can own a completely furnished, beautiful mobile home for small rental-like monthly payments from HIGHSPIRE TRAILER SALES APPROVED TRAILER COURT M.R. - MIDDLETOWN, PA. Between Highspire and Middletown on Route 230 A good place to keep in mind when you are looking for a Home Anything of value taken in on trade. See or call Jerry Yingst Phone: Middletown 944-7437 IHAM L-A sur f 9 E " ' Are you receiving a record of your - lL TM- prescription for insurance or tax? I g A You will, each year at Achenbach's Pharmacy CHUBB'S MARKET l3 Roop Street 205 Second Street Highspire, Pa Phone 939-9820 delivery in the area Highspire, Pennsylvania f Phone: 939-3064 5 Q I The Little Store with the Big Bargains" Free Delivery Int? Q W M 111 M " .i - Cc: we at I ,A I LN,g7ii Erin ' t xi ,gi 15, I . Q 1 ,Ur L .f 'TJ 5 i LD o I .I , I 1 gifs? ., 'Jaxx J I sf, , I 4 ,vngl jr' f f ng, , J xl Q y Ja A-Q I ,rr 11' I 'Stiff 17 . . , wg!! Wedding, Corsages, Funeral Designs, Bouquets, Potted Plants I I if' 1 gf, I '21 , BRUAW s FLOWERS , l "E", " 5- 2447 South Front Street Steeltony pennsylvania so F 1' X 'QQ peg, i Seven Lines of Pottery 5 3 , .Rage -v Q Constellite Candles , 5531 F., Candellite Flower Holders Members F.T.D. ' ' WGMPH o - E I F A ld 5 2 iz? oqgx wner ar . rno :iv f 2 " Q -a leaf 2 '?? Pe? ,-"":x,NQ,,,,,,.i.- : R i if -Q' .. NTEIFLOFV- l A , 41"1f Q, , LAUDERMILCH'S HIGHSPIRE GARDEN CENTER - GREENHOUSE AND FLOWER SHOP S a E Mumma Street Highspire, Pa. Phone: 939-3295 A U T 0 S A L E S Compliments . . . Ladies Auxiliary of the ,,w CITIZENS FIRE COMPANY if 1 Ak Q Highspire, Pennsylvania j'Lf-if-'Pvt' ' :ET TAT 9 I ..fP"i I 1 W A Tenth and Paxton Streets Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Phone: 232-2821 Best Wishes . . . For the "66" Class from REA 81 DERICK Drug Stores of Service gVINiNV XNNNVXNMNINVVVVXAANMAANXNKNVVVNNVVKAANVKNANMANVXNINV 5 E X 5 ft X X 5 'Q tix. 5 X hen you want ' 01 fine portrait... to record forever with charm and dignity the important events of your hfe,co1ne to the Photograph Studio of your Official Photographer. .. POM ROYYS RA MVMANMAMVMMVMANMAANMAANMAANMA ANVMAF NNGS excizllent PINS design MEDALS . CHARMS skilled . crafts manshzp CUPS PLAQUES superb mom-nes quallty Youn CLASS JEWELER DIEGES 8: CLUST PHILADELPHIA Q26 PUBLIC ST., PROVIDENCE, RI. NEW YORK MANUFACTURING JEWELERS L2 ? enkerbrook FINE A-QUALITY MILK 7750 ALLENTOWN BLVD. PHONE - 652-0700 Get up your steam and roll on down 6235 I-I neue I5 to . lg I "' fl-A-A - A A l it Congratulations to the Class of 1966 Proprietor - Ted Woods RICHARD R. REINHARD Formerly J. Thomas Richardson 118 North Fron t Street Sleelton, Pennsylvania MECHANIC'S BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Insured Savings WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA CHILDCRAFT it tt it DICTIONARY TEACHING DEVICE A ATLAS lst in Sales in HOMES 81 SCHOOLS WIVI. H. COLVER 478 2nd St- , HIGHSPIRE, PA. PH. 717-939-3584 ..t. 1 ... W THE AUTO ACCESSORIES To Aid Your Driving 51 South Front Street BOYS 43-45 S. Front Si. Steelton, Pennsylvania Smehon' Pa' Phone: 939-3750 I FOR sqgg-113 7'kYl7j earn' Q- Qi... ..-.. 1 - .., ,.. ,1- - .4-.,i ,...-.4 W W . - --.Q,-- UAA' f4Mf,QfcA 3' I i 0 F zkop Peqfozffzaace M FORD Ml ff -s? -q'..,L LQ? -Q 1 lll!ll6ll5PlRE, PA. 427 .fl-'l'0N05'Z' 939-9886 When words fail . . . sw ,N SAY IT WITH FLOWERS 'Ts- X I Blanclie's glower Shop 379 South Front Street, Steelton, Pa. Telephone 939-2990 Proprietress: Blanche Dragas GROSS' HARDWARE Sherwin-Williams Amerock GENERAL HARDWARE Highgpire, Pa, Phone: 939-6074 HARRY CRAMER, INC. Oldsmobile - Triumph 154-86 S. Front St., Steelton, Pa. Phone: 939-9856 P. 8. J. SELF-SERVICE MARKET 237 North Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania GOLES GROCERY 227 South Sixth Street I .rs -I Steelton, Pennsylvania ' Free Delivery X Phone 939-2514 PENNSY SUPPLY Transit-Mix Concrete Quality Building Materials Fuel Oil 255 -4511 sy U SUPPLY NNN 2 -F IOOI Paxton Street Harrisburg, Pennsylvania LQWA '32!' l-Q ,gf H3 I SELZTQL - . A G 3- . - f,,,, , n..............1... -5 H 'E G . - G - E- G Inv., """"fM lu Lfl"": u m 'IWL-"'::'5 HHH I T .Wan dlflffzrf lm. WT- If , ..- f3Ir,., I Q gs II WL Mala umm WW "f Inf!! IMHWUL ll 1 W!! 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Suggestions in the Steelton Highspire High School - Steel High Yearbook (Steelton, PA) collection:

Steelton Highspire High School - Steel High Yearbook (Steelton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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Steelton Highspire High School - Steel High Yearbook (Steelton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Steelton Highspire High School - Steel High Yearbook (Steelton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 20

1966, pg 20

Steelton Highspire High School - Steel High Yearbook (Steelton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 115

1966, pg 115

Steelton Highspire High School - Steel High Yearbook (Steelton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 34

1966, pg 34

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