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fe ' 1 :mxr.,w..4v.xffff12iQ991:wxwgff:-G-5 ' -"'fW""" 3" ""' ""'T "W"'K ,f ig' ,A W Vkky A f A3g ',-2fQf9'f-5 'Z 'V K, ,W ,,,.7 ,, . ,, W ' A ' H S , . 1 , , 5, 5' " ' , " -I V 'W fi 1- 3 .1 ,i?g1'f' ,K ,W X gifs X9 1- f K 'E ffl' '3'fr.vw LW-KW: I ,, z -5 2 , lj? 5 4 3 iff? 'ww '- Ayn iuN'fi" 3 W-NQIKGHQ, Egg, A if 4' WHWB' .3uw?1 1 M1 9 Q V . 1 Jw W Q, A Wfw: ff P 'Maxim 3 Kwik W' ., f, 7555453 g ,Q ' 'www ,y nk, 1 ,,fEf'i 0 mg if 1 . ,,,- 4 A -Nimf' gKgax:WLmgw A A, f .. Q ' ,MM , ' , f' it ' 54 ij A 'g L' jQlQMif"'f5f' , .. fx w .grkwi 1 i ' '46-fw ' , , 5, , ' x ,, W .I fyfw - -5:1 ' K L? L53-ff ' V , K ??5f,,.wg'735 S , , Y M ' W E Q Lg ff fa 5 if 5 A 'Q " 5 M Q My M ,A 1'.' 'F ff kf I F . ,, W - we l ,mehiuiwywliiidaifa VL W . .S W, A lhv. ff Q 2?"fR , 1 'f'.. "-' V 5: K kv 5 3? A W 4 W M. ,W Q 4.5 'gf A v mmf q "'l' ' M , , 4 Y K -,Lm.Qa,,,,.1 . i k . M Q A ' L' Q, - , ,fl V. v E 5 4 i 3 i I . , 3 5 . 2 . u E LIBBI -ff X 'N ff S XQ -rr' 1593? " ',r'.- ,. .,. Y..,.-.I ISDESIL THE INGOT VOLUME XXIV PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR CLASS .,',. ' . . 2.3515-5. gg-In sTEEI.ToN JR-SR HIGH SCHOOL ,ij STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA . .t NI x "If I Z'f,IIIfiI k ' I IIN iQgHNf .ff I ' Ib' H xx gif? , , . N , , . '.. I wk fA'N K contents TITLE CONTENTS FOREWORD DEDICATION INGOT STAFFS BOARD OF EDUCATION ADMINISTRATION SENIORS UNDERCLASSMEN ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS APPRECIATION BOOSTER SHEETS ADVERTISEMENTS 2 - ,..i,.1.-i A f I I r J 1' V-Y f' , ff ir, Y Y 1426 a- f fonewono It is a distinct privilege of the Class of 1954 to present to you, out readers, this twenty-fourth volume of the INGOT. We sincerely hope that it will be meaningful to all who love Steelton High. We have emphasized throughout the book the significance of "Stones,', the theme of our yearbook, in our lives. These include both polished and unpolished stones. Among these are the Stepping Stones to graduation, the classroom instruction, the Corner Stone, the training provided by the school to develop all sides of an individual, and the Keystone, the moral values that we learned were so necessary in building a firm foundation for living. Of special significance is the Lodestone, a stone with magnetic attraction. We feel that the Lodestone of Steelton High is that intang- ible quality that makes Steelton High dear to the hearts of all who know her. As we, the members of the class of 1954, leave the life we have known here to travel our separate roads, may this Lodestone draw our hearts ever back to Steelton High, the molder of our youth. X 71 in-M 1, -'f"L?ggi,.-,- 'it' iff' f Anja, W ,I i his W --.-T-1, ,nv ,,,....l. 7 f I t Y- if Q - 1 4 ff'---il - A dw- , 4:77, ,,7, - --f-4' - " :'4,f,'-lan' II' gf U. - 7- I I i ff, vw wmfff, ,, , i gmnn., 7 awp ,14 t 'tl-1--f i- fl-ff"zzzgacIgfgaisfgrygmfgrgg ' " 5-1121 llfflyllli A1 . , in 1- il- '...,::V Y Mzgffiz -ll ? -QL. Y I,',:,f5,7W ul-.-W a -4- lwiwf Yi if ii Au, 'I' ' 'A-' - A A- W fl -. . - ,Ill Mrs. Elizabeth S. Paine The Class of 1954 takes great pleasure in decl- icating this, the twenty-fourth volume of the INGOT, to Mrs. Elizabeth S. Paine. Mrs. Paine, an alumna of Steelton High School, will always be remembered by the class for her high standards of teaching, her personal interest in her pupils, and for her loyalty to the school. R-I Seaiefl. Left to Right: R. C. Eclcels, G. Bretlcenridge, W. B. Lang, F. W. Byrod. Sltuzdizzltt, Left to Right H. T. Griffith, G. M. Reider, 1. R. Beyrent, V. C. Pugliese. BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF STEELTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS Dr. H, T. Griffith ,,,, . ....,,,, Superintendent Mr. Walter B. Lang .... . . ..... ...President Dr, Reese Beyrent ........ ...... V ice-President Dr. F, Webster Byrod ..... .... ......... S e cretary Mr. Samuel G. Breckenridge ...................................... ............................... . .. ..TrC2lSur6r Mr. Ralph C. Eckels Mr. Virgilio C. Pugliese Mr. George M. Reider Greetings to the Class of 1954: It is a real pleasure to have this opportunity of extending the School Boards commendations and best wishes to the Class of 1954 through this year's INGOT. The Board is proud of the Class of l954 and is confident that it will always be a credit to the Steelton Schools. It is the Boards hope that your education in the Steelton Schools will have helped to provide the "firm foundation on the basis of which your lives cannot fall." The Board wishes the best of everything to each of you in the lives which lie ahead. Walter B. Lang President of Board of Education 6 ll! ll 1.1 1,15 ,of 1 lf! ,ar 11 I ZZ? ll 141 A Y f To the Class of 1954: Graduation is an occasion when members of the class, parents, faculty, and community share a feeling of pride of achievement, for it represents the attainment of a goal in which all have had' a part. Your Alma Mater is proud to number in her graduates a host of men and women who have made outstanding contributions to Steelton, the Com- monwealth, and Nation. With your training and a determination to do your best in everything you attempt, we know that you will help to further enrich this great tradition of a fine school. You have our sincere wishes for success and happiness. H. T. Griffith Dear Graduates of 19543 Directly in proportion to what you gave of yourself during these past twelve years may you expect to receive from the world for the balance of your lifetime. G The school experiences provided for you by your parents were intended to draw the best from you. Education is not a process of "pouring in", but of "giving out." No school can give you an education. It can only provide the avenues by which you strive to reach your own goal. Steelton High School has sincerely tried to do three things for you: 1. To encourage you to set your goals high 2. To smooth for you the paths along your ways 3. To render assistance in your upward climb A good school should not do less. A good school can do no more. For sixty-nine years your school has enjoyed the reflected glory achieved by many hundreds of its graduates. Your class is small in number so what you lack in quantity you must make up in quality. The world today is willing to pay high premiums for this asset. We challenge you to'bring continued glory to your people. Our hopes and prayers will be with you always. C. XV. Eisenhart CFor the Eacultyb 8 A001 In ISUQAIT ION DR. H. T. GRIFFITH, Superintendent B.S., Millersville State Teachers College M.Ed., Pennsylvania State College Ed.D., Pennsylvania State College C. W. EISENHART, Principal B.S., A.M., Gettysburg College 9 C. P. HOY, Axxixmnt Principal B.S., Dickinson College M.Ed., Pennsylvania State College SIMON P. BACASTOW Homeroom 206 Geography Advirerz Jr. Hi-Y EDWARD U. BALSBAUGH Director of Guidance and Placement Guidance Adviferz Audio-Visual Aids Club WARREN E. BURTNER Homeroom 303 English, Pennsylvania History, Civics, Social and Family Living CATHERINE J. BYROD Homeroom 8 History Co-Aduirorz Social Service Club MARLIN H. COLYER Homeroom 6 English Coach: jr. High Basketball PAUL L. CRESSMAN, JR. Metal Shop, Mechanical Drawing RUTH LEE DEAVOR Homeroom 208 English, Expression Direslof: jr. Class Play Ad11i.rer: INGOT Editorial Staff MARY L. DUNKLE Homeroom 9 Arithmetic DOROTHY S. FERENCIC Bookkeeping, Typing, General Business ELIZABETH B. GREEK Shorthand. Tvviflg, General Business LOIS J. GUISTWHITE Homeroom 303 English, Latin Director: Jr. Class Play NELL HARRIS Nutrition and Foods EFFIE W. HEBERLIG Homeroom 310 American History, Geography CALVIN R. HELLER Driver Training CHARLES D. HOERNER Homeroom 201 Arithmetic Adrfirerz Student Council Director: String Ensemble KATHARINE M. HOY Homeroom 303 English, American History Director: Sr. Class Play DOYLE W. IVEY V Homeroom 207 Algebra, General Mathematics Dzreclor: Jr. Class Play Advirerz Refreshment Stand Helpers HARRY D. JOHNSTON Homeroom 3 Health Asxirtant Coach: Football, Track Coach: Jr. Varsity Basketball GUY A. KOONS Pennsylvania History, Civics, Problems of Democracy Faculty Manager of Athletics LOIS B. KULHA Art CYNTHIA M. LAMKE Homeroom 301 World History Adviferz Owaissa Club JAMES E. LANGE Print Shop, Mechanical Drawing Coach: Jr. Varsity Football, Track RONALD R. LEO Homeroom 209 ' Arithmetic, Bookkeeping, Business Law Adviser: INGOT Business Staff MARY ALICE LIPPERT Clothing MARY E. MALEHORN Homeroom 203 English, Spanish CEORGE N. MITRO, JR Homeroom 7 Social Studies Atrixtanl Coach: Football Coach: Basketball ROBERT M. NISLEY Supervisor of Elementary Art, Arr Arr Adviser-INGOT EDWARD J. ORBOCK Homeroom 212 Mathematics, Industrial Mathematics Industrial Science KARL L. ORNDORF F 'Wood Shop, Mechanical Drawing, Plastics ELIZABETH S. PAINE Homeroom 311 English C0-Adviser: Owaissa Club ANNE W. POOLE Health, Physical Education CGirlsD Adviser: Girls' Athletic Club, Girls' Intramural Volleyball and Basketball, Maiorettes, Cheerleaders JOSEPH C. SHEVOCK Director of Athletics Supervisor of Health and Physical Education Physical Education fBoysD Coach: Football, Baseball ELIZABETH K. RYDER Librarian Adviser: jr. Library Club, Sr. Library Club HENRY A. SHOTSBERGER Plane Geometery, Solid Geometery Mathematics, Algebra, Trigonometry Adviser: Sr. Hi-Y Equipment Manager of Atheletics MABEL Y. SCHRIVER Dean of Girls Assistant Director of Guidance Biology, Guidance, Orientation Adviser: 'Good News Club, Dean's Office Attendants PAUL C. SHA'I'l'O, JR. General Science, Chemistry, Physics Advirer: Camera Club Treasurer of Steelton High School Athletic Association RUSSELL E. SHEETZ Instrumental Music, General Music, Organ Dneczor: Band, Orchestra HELEN M. STEVICK Horneroom 5 Geography WILLIAM R. STONESIFER Grade Supervisor of Music Vocal Music, General Music Organ Director: A Cappella, Girls Ensemble Octet, Freshman Chorus Seventh and Eighth Grade Glee Club MARGARET G. THOMPSON Homeroom 4 English Co-Adviser: Social Service Club FRANK YEINGST MARGARETTA G. O'GORMAN Homeroom 304 Attendance Officer, General Science, Biology School Census Taker, Industrial Chemistry Home Calls DR. I. O. SILVER KATHRYN E. WHITE School Physician Secretary Adviser: Office Messengers, Service Desk Attendants BLANCHE T. VUKOVICH CAROL M' IVEY School Nurse SCC1'ef21'Y DR. A. M. PETROSKY ERNESTINE LANZA School Dentist Secretary JOAN R. RATCLIFFE Dental Hygienist 14 ' i I 1-1- 4 4 , ?is F f - !' ' ' --- 9 4 .-ijlffgfgfv '.I -4 W I Q 'eiffg 4 Q l ' :, 56 1 .4 ,WWQ x , X "Q af Z gi' W 2' X ,ij-.-"""' ,f 2-'Y' W- " 11+ ff 6 U J 5 4234 ,V ,,,,,fn" f fffflff lp, ,.,,. ,I Z?1gfg?:9!Q-' , X 6 ' f l'3,3fs-1"Vf' ,' 4, ' 'X' Q ' 4 2 ' Q 1 qfl Y: 1.4 'WV fn X ' 5-5 QQ 553:-Myif, 146 ' Z' 9 V if f X 0 1, N X3 YQ A ge- ff! Wfdb fl 5 s. Q, , vb. 2 I, M - Af , 1 ' 1 0 : ,f f , Af QV if a' X - .. N-M 1,5 X If 'fm ,QNX ' fi ff, f - 4 ,f ar., . X , 1 1 , u Q , --L W XS 1' -" Jfrtn 2 iam sw Q' - , f,,,' L: Q5-g., f , 0 r , ,,.. ...I . , ' 'K ' ' -J 'I-1-1 .W . f , a.f4- ..,:,.,,,. I ' 'S 0 5:-....-' 1 , ' - .- f - ----- 1120- f.'.1: , . - - ,........ 1515151119 ' . -5514 , fit, ' '- .W W S f A 1 G N I ...J-'-'..:f' ng hwy F L e AS v x: I .WK RU 1 -M ' x tgzzeml . N ' if C 0 hx -gg A -5519 X EA if! 'Ay In lv 'W I if X 3 ' "fi v1 fl ff 'fb' 'I W Wm 114 wg . . - Q, 'ii I ' mlywil' AN If f' f fb SSS fix it ff- 70. W Nix - -Vi WSQXWQQA i 4 H W1 QQ, K 4 'Xl 04' .1 A 'v , 3FS2Sf:3ghv 'W " 5 Q ' Q , . 6. ,Qs 5 N, A xx-rf I f '74 -'ff-" "f:'ff W, ' X ? 5 " f g 1 AEN"- - f p MJ' f 1- iasqif 5 'N iff, '-X MLf5,.,fZ3,:j11g M ff l,' K ff 14 .f,.,, ,f N Q 5 ' - -H Q, 1 ' 7Lif'J, 14 4 1 , A Licafvif 4115! , ,,,,,2, A . , sz?-sn'.qa42'i ,fag-0 ff U 'Mac' 'Wi' ,,-eifagivciffffgw. , -may .,f,,fft,fd1?' lfkfiq' .gxy ,IH -Gee. ff". f 747.:,2e.,, :LI 1 155.21 ,A 17 .44 -egg- , " -"'w::A-- ,1g::a-ff' Q -' 1-i'f 'i:2g'5a ,gff-ffzfil f ' 1 C A li 1 X ' Q .g5E::E'i' 1 3, Hg if ua" .- 4 x,xN. .N gf.. Q. ' . , , x Y 'sql -3-L 5? N 'IWW xx ,,,,. 6 XQH.. ual... 1 ' 5i2:fE!!'Gfeli'n'i- 1 , s , W- 'xaggggim-2.1" ul , f-'Q NNM11 .,uM'H , Emily.. D C x '4 y H J 1 f ,. 7 Q' ' .. I f In X X 5"l' lin X SN i If N 2:2 +I I 'W .ST:iM' J ' Alma IHAIEI2 Oh, that dear old Blue and White, That dear old Blue and White, That dear old Blue and XX'hite That Steelton wore, It was ragged, it was torn For years it has been worn, That dear old Blue and White That Steelton wore. Oh, that dear old Blue and White, That dear old Blue and Wfhite, That dear old Blue and White That Steelton Woreg We shall wear it to the top, No school can make it drop, That dear old Blue and White That Steelton wore. I6 Gerald Biesecker Prerident i class Samuel Barbush Vice-Prerident Loretta Morrone Secretary CLASS COLORS-Navy Blue and Silver CLASS FLOWER-Crimson Glory Rose CLASS MOTTO-A life built on a firm foundation cannot fall. 17 Mary Lou Rinesmith Trearurer Edwin J. Albert Commercial "Eddie" hails from the West Side . . . can always be found with "joe" Owens . . . one of Mr. Koons's many headaches . . . was "tops" in the Sr. Class Play. Safety Council, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play. Gertrude D. Anderson Commercial What would Wrigley's Chewing Gum do without ffgenyffp , , . A cheerful smile for everyone. Office Messenger, Girls' Intra- mural Volleyball and Basketball. Samuel A. Barbush General "Sonny", the best-looking boy of the class, is also a "real" athletic asset . . . can always be found sporting the latest men's fashions . . . has quite an assortment of admirers . . . Mr. Vice-President of 1954. Sr. Hi-Y, Jr. Class Play, Football, Basketball, Track. Nancy L. Bazdar Commercial "Nan" is one of Pomeroy's faith- ful clerks . . . usually manages to dash into 303 just as the bell rings . . . held her own in the Sr. Class Play. Jr. Historians, Social Service Club, Owaissa Club, Library Club, Freshman Chorus, Octet, Girls' Ensemble, A Cappella, Service Desk, Office Messenger, Dean's Office, Refreshment Stand Help- er, INGOT-Business, Sr. Class Play, Girls' Intramural Volleyball and Basketball. Richard I.. Beistline Indaftrial Art! Here's a fellow with a "toe" for football . . . "Dick" is practical- girls are not one of his problems . . . "Jim" Lange'smile-man in track. Jr. Hi-Y, Freshman Chorus, Oc- tet, A Cappella, Football, Base- ball, Track. Richard J. Berkanstock College Preparatory Tall, dark, and handsome-that's "Burke" . . . a big asset to the Steamroller quintet . . . has many female admirers. Sr. Hi-Y, Football, Basketball, Baseball. Gerald B. Biesecker College Preparatory "Jerry" prefers physics and math- ematics . . . hails from "Para- dise Lost". . . pitches a "real mean" curve . . . one of the finest students from East.End . . . Mr. President of 1954. Student Council, jr. Hi-Y, Sr. Hi-Y, Freshman Chorus, A Cap- pella, Band, Service Desk, IN- GOT-Editorial, Commencement Committee, Football, Basketball, Baseball. Katherine Louise Brown General Louise hails from the West Side but has her thoughts centered in another direction . . . an efficient helper at B1anche's Flower Shop . . . is "quiet as a mouse." Owaissa Club, Freshman Chorus, Dean's Office, Service Desk, Re- freshment Stand Helper, Jr. Class Play, Girls' Intramural Volleyball. Robert L. Brown Indmlrial Arif "Lula Boo" was an ener eric ca B P' tain of S.H.S.'s football team . . . a prospect for the Marines . favorite 'color-"Pink"ney . . . "Bunyan's" right-hand man. Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track. Robert R. Brown General "Bob" is one of 305's cute Steam- rollers . . . has a powerful right foot on the gridiron . . . a guy with a friendly personality. Jr. Class Play, Football, Basket- ball, Baseball. Franklin L. Cackovic College Preparatory "Foo" is the Class of '54's ace passer on the gridiron . . . pos- sesses both good looks and a neat wardrobe . . . attracts many fem- inine glances. Sr. Hi-Y, Football, Basketball, Baseball. Betty L. Carelock Commercial Small but mighty - that's "Bu:- rie" . . . cute and chick . . . always ready to lend a helping hand. Girls' Intramural Volleyball and Basketball. Shirley A. Clay Commercial "Shirl" is our hard-working news- paper correspondent . . . has a helping hand for all . . . future desire to become a homemaker. Owaissa Club, jr. Historians, Freshman Chorus, Girls' Ensem- ble, A Cappella, Octet, Service Desk, Office Messenger, Refresh- ment Stand Helper, School News Correspondent, INGOT-Editorial, jr. Class Play, Usherette. Olga Cvizic General Olga is the Owaissa Club's effici- ent president who hails from the West Side . . . known for her lovely wardrobe . . . a high-st'ep- ping majorettte with a nice per- sonality. Owaissa Club, Social Service Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Dean's Office, Office Messenger, IN- GOT-Editorial, jr. Class Play, Maiorette, Girls' Intramural Volleyball and Basketball. William R. Daniels General "Billy"-what a build this guy has! . . . if S.H.S. held a wrest- ling contest, "Billy" would prob- ably win . . . spends spare time preparing for that special date. Football. Dmeter J. Dragovich College Preparatory "Java" really knows how to glide over a dance floor . . . a "real" friendly guy . . . has enough "flames" to start a bonfire. Safety Council, Freshman Chorus, A Cappella, Jr. Class Play, Foot- ball, Basketball. I9 , jewellene Duckworth Commercial Did someone mention debating? "jewel" is just the girl to see . . . might become a Congresswoman someday . . . known for her friendliness to all. Student Council, Jr. Historians, Social Service Club, Freshman Chorus, Service Desk, Sr. Class Play, Girls' Intramural Basketball. Dorothy A. Foesel Commercial "Dottie" is a girl with a pleasing personality . . . one of East End's many contributions to S. H.S .,.. expects to be a June bride. Owaissa Club, Camera Club, Li- brary Club, Freshman Chorus, A Cappella, Band, Dean's Office, Service Desk, Girls' Intramural Volleyball and Basketball. Chester S. Freeman, Jr. General "Bucky" is the Class of '54's 6' 4" skyscraper . . . one of S.H.S.'s "great" track men . . . gets into the "center" of things on the basketball floor . . . a big "hit" with the girls. Safety Council, Football, Basket- ball, Track. Thomas C. Gaffney College Preparatory "Mot" is the Class of 1954's "Voice"-sings beautiful tenor . . . never at a loss for words . . . Mr, Alibi himself. Camera Club, Science Club, Fresh- man Chorus, Octet, A Cappella, Sr. Class Play, Basketball, Base- ball, Track. Francis E. Gasparovic General "Gene" is a fellow who has no trouble making friends . . . has a different line for every female . . . one of Mr. Koons's "Prob- lems of Democracy." Jr. Class Play, Football. Michael R. Gricoski General Here's the boy who fills 303 with lots of "S'un:hine" . . . enyoys a good novel . . . his favorite sandwich-"Barb"ecue. Student Council, jr. Hi-Y, Sr. Hi- Y, Commencement Committee, Jr. Class Play, Football, Basket- ball. Patricia A. Groome College Preparatory "Pat," our little import from Shil- lington, Pa., is our pride and joy in the vocal field . . . her favor- ite pastime-"Jim"nastics. Camera Club, Owaissa Club, jr. Historians, Science Club, Art Service Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Freshman Chorus, Girls' Ensem- ble, A Cappella, INGOT-Editor ial, jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Usherette, Girls' Intramural Vol- leyball and Basketball. Charles N. Hafer Industrial Arty "Charlie" can't wait until the twelve o'clock whistle blows to get his "taxi" on the road . , . how he gets ten people in that coupe is beyond us! Safety Council, Freshman Chorus. Paul R. Hagenberger College Preparatory "Bela" is a student who shines in math class . . . can really "pound" a typewriter . . . ad- mired for his pleasant smile. Student Council, Audio-Visual Aids Club, Jr. Hi-Y, Sr. Hi-Y, Social Service Club, Freshman Chorus, A Cappella, INGOT-Ed- gorial, Football, Basketball, Base- all. Samuel J. Hagenberger College Preparatory There's never a dull moment when "Samba" is around . . . would rather hunt than go to school . . . always ready to help . . . one of our Navy men. jr. Hi-Y, Sr. Hi-Y, Audio-Visual Aids Club, Freshman Chorus, A Cappella, INGOT-Editorial, Foot- ball, Basketball, Baseball. joe L. Hampton Commercial Joe's a boy with never a worry or care . . . a "hot" man on a saxophone , . . sometimes thinks school is a place for sleeping . . . has a way with all the girls. Band, Orchestra. A. Edward Harrison Commercial As a freshman, "Eddie" was a regular member of Miss Deav- or's 3.30 Club until he decided to lake a book home . . . always ready for an argument . . . what would Barry Boys do without him! Jacqueline L. Heller General "Jackie" is a redhead with a mild temper . . . her heart belongs to the Army . . . a proud possessor of a "sparkler." Student Council, Owaissa Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Freshman Chorus, A Cappella, Office Mes- senger, INGOT-Editorial, Jr. Class Play, Majorette, Girls' In- tramural Volleyball and Basket- ball, jr. Historians. Gene R. Hughes Commercial Gene likes to spend his leisure designing evening gowns-a "real" artist . . . goes to all the dances . . . oh, to have his black wavy hair! . . . a whiz at spell- ing??? INGOT-Business, jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play. Florence M. Husic College Preparatory "Flo" is our snappy drum maj- orette . . . can often be found at Mike's . . . favorite pastime- "Nap"ping. Jr. Historians, Band, Jr. Class Play, Girls' Intramural Volleyball. Doyle W. Ivey, Jr. College Preparatory Doyle is one of the tall boys of 303 . . . a city man who took to the country . . . plans to make engineering his career. Camera Club, Audio-Visual Aids Club, jr. Hi-Y, Freshman Chor- us, A Cappella, INGOT-Editor- ial, Jr. Class Play, Basketball. Barbara Ann jones Commercial "Baht" spends most of her spare time in 211 . . . enjoys a good conversation with "Bunyan" . . . sports a winning smile. Social Service Club. John A. Jones Imlmtrial Arts "Bunyan" is Steelton High's "Mighty Midget" . . . can be seen with "Lula Boo". .a"wow" on the dance floor! Football, basketball, Track. Eleanor Jordanoff Comm erclal "El" is 303's cute little brunette . . . always has a good word for everyone . . . what would Miss Lamke do without her! Owaissa Club, Jr. Historians, Li- brary Club, Freshman Chorus, A Cappella, String Ensemble, Or- chestra, Service Desk, Office Mes- senger, Switchboard Operator, IN- GOT-Business, Sr. Class Play, Dean's Office, Girls' Intramural Volleyball and Basketball. Stanley J. jurgill Imlzutrial Art: . Never a dull moment when "S eh- or Stan" is around . . . trying hard to master Spanish on his own . . . has a laugh that's unique . . . plays a "mean" har- monica. Charles T. Kekich College Preparatory "Charlie" is a man of few words . . . someday he may make an excellent tooth extractor . . . has a lot "on the ball." INGOT-Editorial, Football. Katherine Krnjaic Commercial "Kate", appreciates good clothes . . . simply "crazy" for roller- skating . . . a fine typist who is sweet.. neat, and petite . . . saw a lot of action in the Sr. Class Play. Student Council, Owaissa Club, Office Messenger, lNGOT-Busi- ness, jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Cheerleader, Girls' Intra- rnural Volleyball. Ellwynn A. Lynn Inclurtrial Arty "Butch" is one of our "quiet" boys . . . seems to find quite an attraction in a neighboring town . . . often seen with "Dick" Beist- line. Freshman Chorus, A Cappella, Band, Track. W. Christine MCLamb General "Teeny"-a cute miss who's nev- er at a loss for words . . . can be seen with Bernice Pinkney . . . plenty of smiles . . . a fu- ture homemaker. jr. Historians, Library Club, Serv- ice Desk, Office Messenger, Girls' Intramural Volleyball and Basket- ball. Loretta G. Morrone Commercial Loretta is our class secretary . . . can be found after school at Ray's with Helen . . . gets her share of A's. Student Council, Owaissa Club, Jr. Historians, Girls' Athletic Club, Freshman Chorus, Service Desk, Refreshment Stand Helper, INGOT-Business, Cheerleader, Girls' Intramural Volleyball and Basketball. Thomas J. Moyer General "Tom" really "shines" on the drums . . . a regular member of the West Shore Drum and Bugle Corps . . . one of our class clowns . . . attends the 3:30 Club in 303 quite regularly. jr. Hi-Y, Freshman Chorus, A Cappella, Band, jr. Class Play. Franklin R. Mummert Commercial "Frank" is a "swell" guy with a friendly smile . . .runs a 'taxi from the West Side to S.H.S .... Eddie Wagner's right-hand man. jr. Historians, Freshman Chorus, Band, Jr. Class Play, INGOT- Business, Commencement Com- mittee. Dorothy L. Murphy General "Dotty" is our cute little brunette who puts the accent on efficiency . . . another of 303's quiet girls . . . the' "veep" of the Owaissa Club. Owaissa Club, Girl's Athletic Club, Good News Club, Fresh- man Chorus, Dean's Office, jr. Class Play, Girls' Intramural Vol- leyball and Basketball, Usherette. Estella Murphy Commercial "'Poogy"--303's favorite cook . . . always sees the humorous side of things . . . a ,"real" worker for the Social Service Club. Social Service Club, Girls' Intra- mural Volleyball. Edward C. Newkam Indartrial Art: "Ed" is our future electrician . . . always has a proposition . . . a boy with a broad smile . . . spends spare time repairing his "Chevy", Kay A. Nickoloff Commercial Kay is our chick head majorerte . . . hails from the West Side . . . is often seen at Ray's . . . her favorite expression - "Anybody got any gum?" Owaissa Club, Girls' Ensemble, A Cappella, Freshman Chorus, Dean's Office, Service Desk, Sr. Class Play, Majorette, Girls' In- tramural Volleyball and Basket- ball. jacob A. Orbock College Preparatory "Jake" was our rugged center on the gridiron . . . anyone care to argue?-see "Jake" . . . a sky- scraper of 303. Sr. Hi-Y, Football, Basketball, Track. 23 ' Richard S. Orris General "Gibble" is a "sharp-looking" boy from the West Side . . . bet- ter known as the "toe" to Steel- ton's many football fans . . . proud possessor of a 1941 Ply- mouth. Football, Basketball, Track. Joseph C. Owens Industrial Arts "l.C." is another West Side boy . . . "Eddie" Albert's better half . . . can often be found at Man- nie's . . . always has something interesting to say. Freshman Chorus, A Cappella. Chester T. Rebok, jr. College Preparalory "Chet" is the most studious boy in 303 . . . has a yearn for many books . . . is shy of girls . . . hopes in the future to be an English teacher. jr. Historians, Camera Club, Social Service Club, Student Council, Audio-Visual Aids Club, Freshman Chorus, A Cappella, Band, Orchestra, Brass Choir, jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, IN- GOT-Editorial. Judith T. Reed College Preparatory What would the class of '54 do without "Judy" . . . can really "tickle the ivories" . , . those natural blonde curls set many hearts aflutter. Owaissa Club, Girls' Athletic Club, jr. Historians, Student Council, Social Service Club, Art Service Club, Freshman Chorus, Girls' Ensemble, A Cappella, Or- chestra, Band, Dean's Office, Service Desk, Commencement Committee, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, INGOT-Ed- itorial, Girls' Intramural Vol leyball and Basketball. Florence E. Rehkugler Commercial "Flo" is our "small but mighty" blonde . . . puts the "bang" in the band . . . loves to rollerskate . . . always ready for a good argu- ment. Jr. Historians, Library Club, A Cappella, Freshman Chorus, Band, Service Desk, Office Mes- senger, Dean's Office, jr, Class Play, Sr. Class Play, INGOT- Business, Girls' Intramural Vol- leyball and Basketball. Mary Lou Rinesmith Commercial Here is a girl who keeps all her male admirers guessing . . . Mary Lou feels no special oc- casion complete without a good laugh . . . maintains that digni- fied appearance . . . our class treasurer. Owaissa Club, Camera Club, Li- brary Club, Freshman Chorus, A Cappella, Band, Office Messen- ger, Dean's Office, Sr. Class Play, INGOT-Business, Girls' Intramur- al Volleyball. LeRoy Robinson, Jr. General "Frog"-a whiz in Miss Male- horn's Spanish class . . . always on guard for an argument . . . can be seen operating a yellow Kaiser. Football, Track. Marilyn Rupp College Preparatory Marilyn is our "top-notch" head cheerleader . . . what would Bowman's East do without her! . . . really makes that "Cat" purr. Owaissa Club, Student Council, Camera Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Freshman Chorus, Dean's Office, Office Messenger, Cheer- fader, Girls' Intramural Volley- all. Julian M. Saunders lnaluftrial Arn "look" is a quiet, "hard-working" fellow . . . liked by everyone, especially by members of the feminine gender. Football, Basketball, Track. Helen L. Schmidt Commercial With Helen, blushing is an art . . . sees something "funny" in every situation . . . hails from Swatara Street . . . usually found at Ray's with the gang. Owaissa Club, Good News Club, Freshman Chorus. Refreshment Stand Helper, Dean's Office, IN- GOT Business. Samuel H. Settino lnclutlrial Art: "Sam"-the radio man . . . has his own radio station in the base- ment of his home, station WSVKQ on your dial . . . "Ed" Newkam's right-hand man. Football. Herbert G. Shaffer lnduxtrlal Art: "Herb" is one of Mr. Cressman's able mechanics . . . an expert at "bell-catching" . . . always has something interesting to talk about. Foot'ball, Baseball. William J. Shaub General "Bill" is one of the mighty Steamrollers . . . can always be found with "Bob" and "Gibble" . . . a familiar face at Ray's. Sr. Hi-Y, jr. Hi-Y, Jr. Class Play, Football, Baseball. Charles D. Sheaffer College Preparatory There's never a dull moment when "Sonny" is around . . . Mr. Porr's right-hand man . . . a devoted outdoor man. Camera Club, Student Council, Freshman Chorus, A Cappella. Kay F. Shields Commercial Kay has a cheerful smile that will brighten any office . . . a faithful basketball fan . . . devotes her spare time to a certain tall, dark, and handsome Junior. Owaissa Club, Jr. Historians, Camera Club, Good News Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Dean's Of- fice, Office Messenger, Girls' In- Eainural Volleyball and Basket- a . Donna M. Smith General Donna is 303's cute little senior who is always smiling . . . sees a lot of a certain guy named "Mike" . . . one of Miss Greek's efficient typists. Library Club, Social Sevice Club, Freshman Chorus, Band, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Girls' Intra- mural Volleyball. Joseph F. Smyers College Preparatory "Joe" is the Student Council's hard-working president . . . played quarterback on the football team . . . has a friendly "hello" for everyone. Student Council, Camera Club, Jr. Hi-Y, Freshman Chorus, A Cappella, Band, INGOT-Editor- ial, Jr. Class Play, Football, Bas- ketball, Baseball. john E. Stair General "Cat" is a guy with a "great" personality . . . favorite song- "Marilyr1, My Marilyn" . . . a handsome "fella" that everyone admires. Jr. Hi-Y, Sr. Hi-Y, Football, Bas- ketball, Baseball, Track. Michael Stekovich Industrial Artr "Steko"-one of Mr. Orndorff's boys in wood shop . . . spends all his spare time at "Fran's" . . . what a pair of shoulders this guy possesses! Football. Lorraine B. Stence Commercial "Louie" is a very quiet girl from Mulberry Street . . . efficiency plus in the commercial depart- ment . . . hopes to continue her work in the business world after graduation. Owaissa Club, Library Club, Cam- era Club Social Service Club Freshman,Chorus, Girl's Ensem: ble, A Cappella, Band, Com- mencement Committee. Elaine Stokes Commercial "Stokey" is one of our talented INGOT artists . . . plans to con- tinue in the art field after gradu- ation . . . always ready to help. Jr. Historians, Art Service Club, Freshman Chorus, Service Desk, INGOT-Editorial, Girls' Intra- mural Volleyball and Basketball. Frank j. Szoboscan Intlartrial Arts "Panky"-best dressed fellow in 303 . . . favorite food is pizza pie . . . usually found at "Doc's" . . . a big "hit" with the girls . . . drives his "White Flash Mercury." Sr. Class Play, Football, Track. Frank W. Talbot College Preparatory Frank's the boy who came to S. H.S. last year from Knox, Pa. . . . a one-year man on the foot- ball squad . . . spends spare time "cleaning out" the icebox. A Cappella, jr. Class Play, Foot- ball, Basketball, Track. April D. Veigle College Preparatory April came to S.H.S. from johns- town . . . can be found in the aft room during leisure moments . . . what would the INGOT-Ed- itorial do without her! Art Service Club, Girls' Athletic Club, A Cappella, Girls' Intra- mural Volleyball and Basketball. Joseph M. Verbos College Preparatory "Ace-eye" is one of the "hot-rod- ders" of S.H.S .... "putts around" in his little green jeep . . . got his share of exercise in the Sr. Class Play. Safety Council, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Football. Emily R. Wajdic Comm erclal "Em" has that "round the clock" friendliness . . . always among her East End friends '. . . has her sights set for a certain redhead. Student Council, Freshman Chor- us, Girls' Ensemble, Dean's Of' fice, Office Messenger. William R. White General Did anyone mention singing? . . . "Bud" is your man . . . "wows" them with "O Ha Da " Ppv lv - A - one of Uncle Sam's boys in blue. Robert S. Williammee, Jr. College Preparatory "Tex" comes from "way down" in "Paradise Lost," otherwise known as East End . . . is often found on Swatara Street . . . favors a certain cheerleader. Sr. Hi-Y, Freshman Chorus, Foot- ball, Baseball. Betty A. Winkleman Commercial Little "Betty" is a "real" expert typist . . . will make some firm a good secretary . . . a bit on the shy side. Freshman Chorus, Office Messen- get, Service Desk, Refreshment Stand Helper, Jr. Class Play, IN- GOT-Business. Mary Wise Commercial Quiet-that's Mary . . . can be seen with her other half, Jewel- lene . . . sews a "mean" stitch . . . "Mel" is the word. INGOT-Business, Girls' lntra- mural Basketball. Alton A. Wright Imlurtrial Arn "Coldwater" loves to eat . . . a valuable gridiron man from 303 . . . favorite pastime is rol ler-skating . . . what would the Gateway do without him . . . has a line for everything. Football. David E. Pace Commercial "Dave" is a hard-working boy with an explanation for every- thing . . , Rea and Derick's ef- ficient "pill and tablet" clerk . . . well liked by everyone. Junior Historians, Freshman Chorus, Office Messenger. r gg, SS' as wrfibx , ..:::. P .,x,- , V V31 f if ,AL fi 'ff-mr W i :KSC w fig . , nv fu . . , W A, W, , m.,A1f:b 92 ,Huw 4 .- SH 55 59 QWKBK' 49.8 ?.7 ,, Nt? N,?fE zs9E:':1I M55 F 8 N! if fa QQ? f Lfgfl Lu M 2, 5? QW' N.-+ ,1 4153 fx, , ii .4 ,V..,. A., k.L,. . , klff Q . 1 Jawffiffig Eg xl' K A -mi ' - , 1gn s2M?'w,Q,gsa3,.2g , kkyk -- N Wi m E, 2 iw ,M emi? ffm .L , ,gsm '7 ,si- fi' 'Q 4'7" LM W , K wg , K ,. . ,kixgwgza-mm, ,V .,.wW.zf:-,, mi - f ffsqgsry . 1: le? K .ina S .,.,1,, , q.', ,, A,'- if F has' ' 'X' my I gk H YK" - zqffgmqgsgfsfnizzgwwi QM ,zeQew:w:swifW" .Mu bv? We ., , iw- 'fix um , MW My "W??v-?7f -W' A . 5 W N 'i 'EEZW ' .59 5 VN A u g ,Q ,Hi - k K jg, YQ X mn ?rv2a4 , jk Q 7 K -r ww ' 1 K gwgg, -rg lf. .w ie ,. , , f f ., My Q 2 , ' h ,L is K " f f '1 ' is 5 iw , 6. '- f : 'Qi . Vf ,- X, nge! f. f E M PJ? . f X 4 am 5 f-sw ff QIIL 5,4Q4 xl 1' M- 2' 1 'S if -'ll JU , 3 A ,if 55? 4' 4 Q, 2 1. 4,9 Q + 5 1 'X L x Wi vm, 'L Qw- 4 . , IV , , W A gn: E MzQ?sHA? 2k . H , 4 tr W " ,. , il , . , N, f ,QQ . , . ' ,la MM" 'E e ww -W., . .W 1 .,.x , ,, Q , . Miigiefafliei .ill 1. 2. 3. 4. 5 6 7 8 9 is 'QF f W ef -Si S955 K Q- +9 5 D li Ellwynn Lynn 'Taking a mfoll" Chester Rebok "Bubble gum champ" Katherine Krniaic "Watch the birdie" Ellwynn Lynn 8: Richard Beistline Ifpdl-rll Thomas Gaffney "LookJ for trouble" Dorothy Murphy "Get up honey" Patricia Groome 'The faxhion for the day" Joseph Smyers "Bert friend" Dorothy Foesel "Going to town" tg Thomas Moyer "S.O.S." Shirley Clay "In.reparal2le" Louise Brown "Fira Step" Gene Hughes "Good Natural" Helen Schmidt "How do l look?" Mary Lou Rinesmith "All drerred up" Jacqueline Heller "Oh den!" Lorraine Stence "He won't bite." Samuel Hagenberger "Real Buddy!" 32 Emily Wajdic "I'm Jo exciled!" Eleanor jordanoff "Riding away" Kay Shields "Mu.fln't touch." Florence Rehkugler "Really for mow" Mary Lou Rinesmith f 'I 'Je .rby." John Stair "Hello!" Doyle Ivey "I got'cba." Doyle Ivey "Little Man" wqdi l l I , a 6 A g.H,as,- "m L i 5 2 waz? r- a .3 fs 1 H K 'lil .au im ik' 1, .. 5 , X iw f gd, Ji vw ,.......nnui E Robert Brown "IJn't be cure?" Gerald Biesecker "Anenzion!" Stanley Jurgill "What could we do?" Barbara jones "Pennezi fn," Michael Gricoski "Give me mme," Donna Smith "Happy Birthday!" Olga Cvizic "Mix: Prim" Sam Barbush "He culled for bif pipe" Elaine Stokes "Sitting pretty" Loretta Morrone "Nobody lovex me." Thomas Moyer ffOOOH'f!l Judith Reed "Bathing beautyn Florence Rehkugler "Smi1e.r" hgh, s . E' ,k ,. , 'S' -e x-1 jr EQ- ffp .f 3' 5 af' .In-3 . f ,aa 5 K. ,aa me ff mfg LQ I ,If ww ismif. mfsss1g'sz'21 1- 4 - 2 f' 16 'gi ., -we ,, , L :.. X L ,A W, .,::, .453 -' fr "Readin', 'ritin', 'rithmetic,taught to the tune of a hickory stick." No, y0u're mistaken! The seniors who filled all the teaching positions on Senior Recognition Day, March 3, used the modern method. Hard work, combined with an enjoyable time, led to a successful day. WL"---... 5 L M f "V1 I ,,,. S .99 - I E O ' f .. - My X ,ig --. .K f 2 ' I Q 'I ' 'X S' , 1' I I . S k 2 U , IQQE - I ,- 9 L-,, x iii Y 'K 5 g i , 1 Q Y E fl.-T S s A Q15 A Ez, J t 1 ' O .1 1 " ' CLASS CLOWN T Moyer-Bazdar BEST EXAMPLE OF PERPETUAL MOTION Moyer-Bazdar CLASS BLUSHERS Beisrline-Schmidt E A E W A f. -ns ii fi :fm W T '37 vb -. E T T M if E . E.', -3 Wm' I - K V . A K Q Y , 'LL" f A ' . ,-,, Pe .. .gi 0 W Q ES ,S 'gy-'ri Loi 3 W ' ? ! 8 5 S, T ,Q A ax A ES T 1 o S W 1' Y MOST CHEERFUL ' Gricoski-Cvizic MOST APPRECIATIVE Rebok-Morrone -1' M,gf A-U--'S W S . 'ff . TALLEST and SHORTEST Freeman-Murphy S, nSg W A A if A My xx -ski -S, ' JS 'Q SE LMES my K m U MOST LIKELY to SUCCEED Biesecker-Reed X fi 3 -QA In i,S Vik MOST COURTEOUS LE' i I I I rl ff It Nut di T, 'N 5 7 SLS J, 3 S 5 ' S 5 -1' --S " "TT T A X T NIGHT OWL Q BEST DRBSSED SHYES Gaffney-Husif Szoboscan-Cvizic Mummeft'Bf0Wn ,36 Gricoski-Smith 5"' A 11 XC TTL' 1 "" -i.'E ' T ,, ' ' "" MOST S T "' A It I , A E , ' Biesecker-Rupp , :L 3' - N 'E' k," '1 ', f ' S V. I i Ai k Q .Aw , I ,5,. ff 5 -M gh Tkgsgiskteii ' A NJ MOST TALKATLVE fy Gaffney-Rehkugler ' . -A S MOST POPULAR , fi , 57' Cackovic-Morrone I , W I Q S. A V MOST BENEFICIAL A 'F 37 , j EO SCHOOL ' V g, M , S5 ,yl 51 " Rebok-Clay l QO A O OO N E K 5 ,-,. ,S , , ' ' " xi- .ev X . 'T s , O- OOOO? O l O OO OOOO if I FRIENDLIEST S, ...: Smyfffs-Rlnesmifh O -"' BELL CATCHERS BEST DANCER Verbos-Bazdar .Sfg Dragovlch-Wajdic ' -"' qw I , MOST iN1T1AT1vE . z 7, ,1 i " fiz M , V Biesecker-Reed 2- A SLL. L A -- LVV , V. Vgz Z Y . ' , f 'Q qqb, : T e i A" 1 Li K A I O il ! - "T - -L xi if I A V Y U 1 1'EE'f E:E" ' I "' U . f A A ,A SSSLS - K 1' 5 , V H - I n r kl ' I TLL g TST TL 1, SSS, MOST ARTISTIC BEST ACTOR af ACTRESS 4 Hughes-Velgle 1 A - Albert-Bazdar A - L 5 J CLASS SLEEPER Hampton-HuSiC TSCS S . ,i gi" Sw A 5 LS ' MO? DIGNIEIED ' SL ' L S A S . mYefS'Ree SL S S'S A , , J AS X CUTEST A ,,..,. MRS. and MISS ALIBI I . 1 -. ,W .I-M X229 1 - -, ,E : P ' f-W 4 MOST MUSICAL Q 5 Rebok-Reed L h , V... .., I A BEST LOOKING Barbush-Smith MOST ATHLETIC ooo Les W MOST COOPERATIVE xt S' Cackovic-Gfovme Gaffney-Nickoloff 5 f 905150 6 37 2 EI f H I- . WTI ,QS I ! J I 1 I To AA A . f ' T O ' ' A . k Q15 8 5 X , E-f A ' , A ,L A SSE . - ST g ,, Q7 C - M ' ' z ff a Li S, W S, Rebok-Clay class pnophecy THESE SENIORS VUHO WANT TO BE WILL PROBABLY BE jacob Orbock Alton Wright Kay Shields joseph Verbos Herbert Shaffer jewellene Duckworth Edward Newkam Frank Talbot Judith Reed Michael Stekovich Charles Sheaffer Lorraine Stence Gene Hughes John jones Mary Wise Doyle Ivey, Charles Kekich Betty Winkleman Samuel Hagenberger Charles Hafer Elaine Stokes Francis Gasparovic Richard Beistline Christine McLamb julian Saunders Robert Williamrnee Patricia Groome Louise Brown Franklin Mummert Gerald Biesecker Gertrude Anderson William White Stanley jurgill Samuel Settino Doctor jet Plant Employee Typist Engineer Contractor Medical Secretary Electrician College Student School Teacher Cabinet Maker Pilot Secretary Commercial Artist Machinist Key Punch Operator Math Teacher Dentist Bookkeeper Forester Steelworker Typist Mechanic Gas Station Attendant School Teacher Contractor General Motors Employee Music Teacher Medical Technician C. P. A. Engineer Mortician Dental Technician Sailor Short Vlave Operator 38 Bus Driver Owner of a Lonely Hearts Club Chamber Maid Hot-rod Racer Window Washer Blues Singer Street Cleaner Doughnut-hole Cutter Woman Barber Garbage Collector Shoe Salesman Piano Tuner Dance Instructor Midget Wrestler Love-lorn Editor Dog Catcher ' Undertaker Baby Sitter junk Dealer Grease Monkey Hair Stylist Shoe Maker Pro Football Player Fortune Teller Policeman School Teacher Woman President Dish Washer Taxi-driver Ditch Digger Old Maid Crooner Chef - Light Bulb Tester IASI Wlll ADO testament We the Class of 1954 of Steelton Junior-Senior High School, Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, hav- ing the use of all our faculties, but realizing that we are soon to leave this institution of learning do hereby make and declare this as and for our last will and testament. After all our obligations have been met we bequeath the following: Finn: To the Faculty, a bottle of red ink. Second: To the juniors, all furnishings of our desks in Room 505. These are to be shared equally. Third: To the Underclassmen, our dignity. Fourth: 1. To any junior with plenty of time, Joseph Smyers bequeaths the Presidency of the Student Council. 2. Franklin Cackovic leaves his football suit to John Malinak. 3. To Sandra Gruin, Shirley Clay gives her shorthand notebook. 4. Thomas Moyer's parking space, Frank Szoboscan's wardrobe, and Samuel Barbush's good looks are left to Philip Gruich. 5. Joseph Bender is to receive all acting ability of Edwin Albert. 6. To William Popp, Thomas Gaffney wills his crew-cut. 7. To Raymond Muza is bequeathed Michael Gricoski's cuteness. 8. Ronald Benkovic is bequeathed Richard Berkanstock's basketball ability. 9. To Stanley Marion, Dmeter Dragovich gives his dancing skill. 10. Jackie Heller leaves her red tresses to Betty Rishel. ll. Sue Morrison is to receive April Veigle's place in the art room. 12. Loretta Morrone bequeaths her popularity to Beverly Baer. 13. To Constance Williamson is bequeathed Estella Murphy's mink coat. 14. Dorothy Foesel's seat in Room 303 is to be held in trust for her niece Sandra until she becomes a senior. 15. Marilyn Rupp leaves her route to school to Lynn Kocevar. 16. Florence Rehkugler leaves her place on the bus to Doris Beinhauer. 17. joseph Owens wills his place in print shop to Dale Cooney. 18. William Shaub leaves all his algebra troubles to Mr. Ivey. 19. Betty Tuckey is bequeathed Olga Cvizic's wardrobe. 20. To Vera Calhoun, Helen Schmidt wills her typewriter.. 21. Frank Lamanna is bequeathed Chester Rebok's position in the Band. 22. Grace Ann Ohman is to receive Eleanor Jordanoff's ability to get things done. 23. William Devlin, is to receive Robert R. Brown's crew-cut. 24. Mary Lou Sharon is bequeathed Mary Lou Rinesmith's friendliness and Nancy Bazdar's power to convince others. 25. Kay Nickoloff leaves her position as head majorette to some capable junior. 26. Robert L. Brown's football ability is left to William Hurst. 27. Paul Hagenberger bequeaths his seat in the lunch room to Richard Moyer. 28. Carol Harder is to receive Emily Wajdic's dancing steps. 29. Georgianne Lubic is bequeathed Katherine Krnjaic's cheerleading ability. 30. Florence Husic leaves her list of alibis to Katherine Lang. 31. To Buck Mills, Joe Hampton leaves his good humor. 32. john Stair leaves his ability to make friends to Bobby Stair. 33. To Jackie Mulholland, Donna Smith's Mile-Hike and Dorothy Murphy's post at Front and Conestoga are bequeathed. We hereby nominate, constitute and appoint the Faculty to be the executor of this our last will and testa- ment. In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and fixed our seal on this the 17th day of February, 1954. Class of 1954 WITNESSES: Mrs. Kathryn E. White Miss Carol Ivey 39 li?- il ,fi M957 Q 'J 'W HV, , M ff f , 53, :Q I fluid' of bright glee, A stron life F? QV, will not -- '3 3 T6 us Y- classmates, 5 callmg memorfcs dear, jf e ll ever find more gfffhan l t0Se. we ve made m appear 5tCEff07'l Hlgh,we "But now we say a fond ,Dgar f Sl.-eelton High , el 3 Bill -now we sa UNDERCLASQQEN ffxff f WK Q it QQ 11 w X X Q .Q .T 'uk WHMTWWVW. ., Q 11 Q- M1 :wg :Q , mwmwawnwwmwmv f. W, mx M ff se , mm,, 10 2 in S We 54 SFWIYE i wxifqf 4 mxwmfy ww W,,,,Mm mm, ' ,misiw , uw' ' J? L, 1 Hfmswwii w1wa'v+?:-ry W W 4' 21: Ms .Ki is ef 2' in 3. 19 RFNHRIQEBN siggiff f f 'Mm iwuwu 5' WMM, .NM ,J W 1 f- vff- mummw, ,, 'M' Www , W -W 4 X A ,Qi W wif .W , ww ff 'mf W A..:,Q:.fWm .M-M:Vf.,W,,i.m.,MQWWw,,-MANW-W .- Mum --asm: m,Wm:W.,A., Vg Y'wfw.x,MrM, :Q 4, ,N X A. ,fm mmwm 5 , W -wwfw-, Wi2,fA.wwmpwwmm+fy.ff- Q, Af vi Q , :Wyse-Wm 5 Quaker 9.4.5, v 2 , ' ""' "'wvwwY4wfsi:x:w I 'iff ii III, ,ri 2 1 Sv' , .W z 3314 A as 'if W? if 15 M I nifkkqr I 'E ..g M H ,-41. 2 . 1 ':lf4s,:4i,y,gf, ,- f M A . . - W ff'- Hz: ,fini Meslmiiiii :WT W sg, dn Q LQ K f . if ffm - 'E Q5 . has :W ,Q K 4 Q, ik,-W.m,:q, NWN wmmxW-,W,x. 'hr M if , gg 135555552357 ,3?6?faffs1 fwf, M, fs355fjEafV' 2, i SQ mm ,sf M K Q M Rx is I Nz . ie wfwnwew N uzwswm ,K -W 59655- 'B Lib5" b??i?i'f61VE4W7ifiFW ' Wm ' T , f Bwvissmwfw vwrazmwfmwsw was 4 YY' MWF-W W .. u'-'q'.'. 5 Q w Q if ta: Uk R Y ' Wi 15 -1- -ap? . ss 3+ nfifimg k xx 5 I 2 J ,wffmiw ,, L, 1 . W Y W .... L. - 1 f,1, sw 1 fkl :msg wsribif ww Q18 Mm i f ' S' 4. 1, M ' laik hs'w ,WW -Q.-,gk .wh www- Mwwwwmwmw 'X H56 - -fm , . + ' " ' f 4 sive , ,::.- : ww . .. vu 52 A " gm, mg L , ww - 1 , MQ .IST 515555 ' , SQ Q Q 21 v N i ,yi 27 Jfgiz,vzff2v?14gnm - lx W Sl 'X "', N-Q-W C. fi g. lf I 1 X "' lllllllllllllllllllllllll X mum lllllil I SENIOR HI-Y Firit Roux Left to Right: Orbock, Stair, Williammee, Barbush, Morrotie, Pae, Mr. Shotsberger, Adviser. Second Row: Bender, Getz, F. Cackovic. Third Rozz: Gally, Coates, Yetter. Fourth Row: Silver Chandler, Kekich. Fifth Row: Duralja, Lutz, Hughes. Sixth Row: S. Hagenberger, W. Devlin, R. Devlin. Seifeizth Row: M.Cackovic, P. Hagenberg- er, Benkovic. Eighth Row: Biesecker, Berkanstock, Gruich, DEAN'S OFFICE ATTENDANTS Fin! Rout, Left to Right: Mrs. Schriver Adviserg Murphy, Renninger, Hildebrand Wiest, jordanoff. Serond Rolf: Blancl, Buser, B. Rice. Third Row: Rishel, Beck, J. Rice. Fourth Ron? Erwine, Baer, Risteff. Fifth Rout Rafaj, I.uhic,.Borara, Shields Sixth Row: Tuckey, P. Semic, Foesel. Seventh Rout Nickoloff, Bazdar, Rhine, Calhoun. Eighth Row: Rinesmith, Stouffer, Cvizic. Ninth Roux Schmidt, L. Semic, Fawber, Brown, Rupp. 52 STUDENT COUNCIL Seated. Left to Right: Hagenberger, Smy- ers, I.. Morrone. First Row: Colyer, Reider, Yanich, Krnjaic Laymon, Weil. Second Row: Campbell, Devlin, Baer Kocevar, Reed, Duralja, Gricoski, S. Morrone Mr. Hoerner, Adviser. Third Row: Reich, Murphy, Gross, Beck P. Semic, G. Semic, Pinkney. tYK5 l-9" Z" . '-3-': will-L x -3 GIRLS' ATHLETIC CLUB Seated, Left to Right: Lubic, Morrone, Groome. Kneeling: L, Semic, Hildebrand, Tuckey Heller, Veigle, Srouffer, Risteff, Getz Rafaj. Standing: Murphy, Mulholland, Yanich Hiler, G. Semic, P. Zimmerman, Reed Cvizic, J. Zimmerman, Decker, Rohacek Martin, Milakovic, Zimona, Mrs, Poole, Ad: viser. OWAISSA CLUB Firrt Row, Left to Right: Miss Lamke Adviser, Murphy, Cvizic, Heller, Rupp, Mrs Paine, Co-Adviser. Second Row: Morrone, Rohacek, Ohman Renninger. Third Row: Krniaic, Bland, Stence Foesel. Fourth Row: Erwine, Beck, Donovan, Shields. Fifth Row: Calhoun, Loych, Sharon, Jor- danoff. Sixth Row: Reed, Rinesmith, Schmidt, Bazdar. Seventh Row: Kocevar, Nickoloff, Lubic Baer. Eighth Row: Groome, Brown, Clay. OFFICE MESSENGERS Firrt Row, Left to Right: McLamb, Cvizic Heller, P. Semic, Wagner, Stefanie, Husic Lubic, Mrs. Vlhite, Adviser. Second Row: Chernik, Lee, Roach, Payne Krnjaic, Rybacki, Calhoun, Hiler, Gaither Kolaric, Zoric, Clay, Jones, Smith, Karsretter Third Row: L. Semic, Trout, Zimona Rehkugler, jordanoff, Drayer, Mulholland, Hildebrand, Rossi. 53 u Q m 521 gf Q . . 44 k gif Q if I YZ ge 1 1 1 mn.-v N' wwf eq . I: ff-153525 -:32 fI'E?F?f A ' .. R M A l W -2 my E L 1 Eiew , 5 , f,3f? 3:g1 ,, , g . . K 6 : v:,L.-1:55 ,-' l vw . Q w 3 4 i Q ,, 4 W I , S 15 Q Mi Yi .,.f gg, ,..,.. Q K T11 Qfgwsk f,1--'wi 'X V Hn - 4 A fx wif Axim 5 -ef Q, .swuxfxw v va if 241:12 swf 4 f lg , If Y! swf 5135 an ,V-if ., 4 ":" , fd M W W 15 5? ,. 2 Q EM 4 fs ,,,.. A 5 l - -, ' A , '- wi w:gfLfp.,- "mg, 1 Q f -- wa, K ik 3' M i i ' 1f"af5:Lsqa:wgx f Qi 'iiiii L ' gf' -W , 5? 5 QQ pgvg, il' 6 ft 1 , 5 . A M.. ,W K M3 wk H ' wk - - ,MM as vu. f? - M' EV -mtg ,QA wg 2 Q , X Q f K ' 'mm vm mf w ,M 5 i ..,, , Yfifl, Saw: fs w 3 :mx gm 3 Nfga . isis? Q fu gg E Q H, s ,,-L 3 4 Q 73 R... 2 W , W , f a f i S5 if ii? 5592 S2 i 13 - 5 JM. ksgssw K .mv 'W "M in STRING ENSEMBLE Firrt Row, Left to Right: Shatto, Stouffer, Trace, Erwine, Radosinovich. Second Row: Veigle, jordanoff, Getz, Renninger, Donovan, Lively, Erwine, Mr. Hoerner, Director. ORCHESTRA Standing, Left to Right: Mr. Hoerner, Mr Sheetz, Director, Bender, Laymon. Seated: Jordanoff, Stouffer, Trace, A. Er- wine, Getz, Radosinovich, M. Erwine, Don- ovan, Lively, Renninger, Shatto, Veigle Blumenstine, Lamanna, Reed, Yanich, Meck- ley, Rebok, Gingrich, Prowell, Lamke, Moy- er, Ernakovich, Sheetz. BAND Standing, Left to Right: Lang, Rybacki Beck, S. Foesel, Pohner, Bender, J. Jones Rehkugler, C. Stence, Gillis, Mr. Sheetz Director, White, Dundoff, Beinhaur, P Semic. Seated: Koncar, Weiser, Lappano, Fer- guson, Merryman, Rice, Stroud, W. jones Smith, L. Stence, Rinesmith, Burkett, Sheetz Lamke, Prowell, Erwine, Ernakovich, Ren! ninger, Fortino, Getz, Coleman, Mecklev Moyer, Reed, Yanich, Rebok, Blumenstine , Martin, Kepner, Lamanna, Bowman, Mc- -Naughton, Laymon, Gingrich. 57 v n m QQ , QM.. ,A E EE Ns-xif,f2 i 'QE SP we ,Q W f, 3, M ,, .. W K 1 59412 M Qiiffi? 1 4315 .3 ,, 1 uv ., , gag swims 4.54, 'sufzydfk A y ' :ff QQ E EW ' ' 2 Is. -3 5 P K s W? 'Z Q G YG? . ..V Qfj e? ' ki :ix s S. 'nga A ,f -, Li A if 3 , . Lsgiflj 53277 ik ' I Q 5? - L- 1 g 3 5 ff gig 2 M.. ..-EE: . A .,.. W . 4 Q V I ..f..,,i! 3 L'k,A fl i W ww -' ' ' --ww Ai www, H1 KV' W! s im, Q if Wim? MM 'awww K' 'hllU"'Y': ,"'Uf"g' W ,,., ,. 4 1 6, L3 . . JS., mwsf My Q-mf . S , Q 1 .WSL . f ' A elk E Q JL ' H 43 1 -.L-, W, I Q A A A A gg 'iw-fnmqgr Af "W2"' v if' A f I K , .W ,Q Nwww W. Q . M- , , 5 . , i K I , 4, my-n -H J, , M ,M 'H vm . if Wi fy Q. 151 ' se Wm, eg .. ' g ,L A3 E' "" M 'K fb , x Q - V 5: mmf an---W L I I ,Hn WW .W M wa? W L, gf E- U . I ,,Vk I ,fi vu, ,,' W ' 'JQ V2 Q 5 91 11: ,'gJ,:i , -'L FJ ' f " ' 'H A L7':5 , . ':'fSzgv4:s T' if , Wm, , -nur " ' ' K ' ' 'Z 3 'lfgpx A-JKT. ,,,. ff, f 'I A f 'Qwffx :W I- M3 H' -'fi H532 ' E "6i?WiffV"ii:Q MAJORETTES Firrt Row, Left to Right: Hepsmirh, Wiest, Semic, Morrone. Second Row' Ohrnan, Cvizic, Baer, Husic, Hildebrand, Nickoloff, Martz, Heller, Mar- UH. 'Y SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE GLEE CLUB Kneeling, Left in Rigblz Nies, Szekeres, Moyer, Renninger, Miller, Zapic. Seated: Bogart, Mortett, Spiioff, Rice, Fries, Weil, Bordner, Burger, Vogt, Goodling, Meckly, Olansky, Maravich, Bensic, Erwine, Lubic, Stauffer. Fin: Raw, Standing: Newkam, Hughes, Prowell. Shiprak, Brown, Lyles, Reese, Burkett, Smeltzer, Gingrich, V. Smith, Koviloff, Trace, Heckert, Gray, Stroud, Pohner, Cox, Botata, Wlormsley, C. House, Pollard, Payne, Knuth, Bender, Chatman, Koncar, W'ilke-tson, Gross, McCrady, Smalls. Second Roux Mr. Stonesifer, Director, Orndorff Minnich, Bazdar, Darnell. Robinson, Yanich, Veiglel Green, Roberts, McArthur, B. House, Stewart, Roach, S. Smirh. 60 COLOR GUARDS Left to Right: Rybacki, Beck, Lang, Wag ner, Dundoff, Beinhauer. ,,, ,QL Q' Y .sp w 'ffl 'AS ill 13 f ' gig i I v A1 7, , 'A iii J. 1 4155 J Zxwlifiz ' Q 4 Q - , Q ' I . V La I' 4 "H ggi., ,LQ ww A, f . i fanny, , . jf? A if 5531 , Q ,if W3 - Q hr U V, X My fi , .7 gi a 4, , W. gk, ff f .Mijn 3 .Si x gffsgg... WG 33-Af Q - ywfka . QQ? 6' q. - ,au- X. mi Q? w Q2 Ei If -m X 21. gi . ag s ' gag 71 Qsfff a" Mwlwsumg E' "THE NIGHT WAS DARK" A Three-Act Mystery-Comedy PRESENTED BY THE CLASS OF '54 Director, MRS. KATHARINE M. HOY CAST OF CHARACTERS Rakofsky, a Russian Butler ....,,.,.,.............. Joseph Verbos Mortimer Garth, a young man from Oxford, Edwin Albert Kay Garth, a 14-year-old busybody ,,,,,, Eleanor Jordanoff Mrs. Delilah Garth, her mother ,,,.,,, ,,,.,,,, N ancy Bazdar Lilian Ferris, a nurse... . ...,. ............,., K atherine Krnjaic Gerald Skinner, a vaudevillian ,...,.. .. .,.. Thomas Gaffney Frieda Skinner, his wife l....... . ...... Mary Lou Rinesmith Dora Garth, a woman with hallucinations.,Kay Nickoloff Norma Patterson, a secretary ..,..,,.,... Florence Rehkugler Jabez Weedle, an attorney .......,......,,,....... Chester Rebok Alan Garth, a black sheep ..... .. ......... .... G ene Hughes Benjamin Garth, a "corpse "...., ............ F rank Szoboscan Prompters .......... .........,,,... .,..... J e wellene Duckworth Patricia Groome Donna Smith Judy Reed P' . ' .a 0 ,sa tif' Stage Manager ....... .. ......,...... joseph Smyers Property Manager... Lighting Technician ,...... . Sound Technician... Make-Up .............. .. Senior Class Play Committee ..... .......Robert Williammee ......Paul Hagenberger ...,,,.....Samuel Settino ...Dorothy Murphy April Veigle Olga Cvizic . jewellene Duckworth Florence Rehkugler Gerald Biesecker jacob Orhock Kay Shields Doyle Ivey ClASSI2GOm SCENE , I A 5 , 'L k if I 5 W , gn- f 5 , V ig ."' 1 m +555 . :i.'. gif? 'iIQZ.,,:GR E' 7 Mmm? ,law I A W. M L Q -A'.. .W L-gif ' K H Si "': I ,,, ,. ,, .,.. , , K1 A ' " ,,:f I 1 V L Q wifi- 'si L av ' IFQQQL .WM im ,, eis axiigiggz qmwgg .qw 1 W migfesifw Aw if 13,23 ly Y 'S - Q 35 . QR 4 V 5 ff 1 V ' M -z - ,fm-M ni ,1 -,V M wb E H Y u 2 f sh ... QW ,, W ,,. as A ATHLETICS f'Y'T"' -' ll ag 9-nu f 2222 gg 2 li ii :U-25, ' ", , W, S 1' Ll'l llll llIYKif?,'fl IXYTT l Fimt Row, Left to Right: Wright, Smyers, Beistline, Orbock, Berkanstock, Robinson, Williammee Shaub, Gasparovic. Second Row: Talbot, Orris, Cackovic, Barbush, R. L. Brown, Stair, R. R. Brown, Gricoski. Third Row: jones, Hurst, Lutz, Malinak, Stevenson, Muza, Tresco, Martin, Gross. Fourth Row: Popp, Yetter, Fielder, Reed, Gruich, Coates, Hughes, Getz. Fifth Row: Mr. Shevock, Mr. Lange, Mr. Dapp, Mr. Mitro, Mr. Johnston, Mr. Koons, Mr. Shotsberger, Dr. Silver, Ulrich. Kootsall 1953 ,WMMMTM ,Mister Q EH COACHES Left to Right: Mr. Lange, Mr. Mitro, Mr. Shevock, Mr. Johnston, Mr. Dapp. JR. VARSITY SQUAD Fin! Row, Left to Right: Clark, Garnett, Reed, Moore, Gruich, Hughes, Coates Tresco Martin Gross, W. Devlin, Dornell. Second Row: Pae, Washington, Shaffer, H. Brown, Chiappetta, Erwine, Materazzi Bowman R Devlin, Michaelowski, Martin, Miller, Day. Third Row: Taylor, Donnell, McCann, Benton, Baer, Krnjaic, Seay, Keller, Murphy Duralya R Stair, Hanna, Trace, Myers. Fourth Row: Bowers, Hill, D. Stanovich, D. Sranovich, Klipa, Shank, P. Johnson Price J W Jones, Magnelli, Cico, Furjanic, Stevens, Crumlich, Kendall. Fifth Row: Mr. Shevock, Mr. Lange, Mr. Dapp, Mr. Mitro, Mr. Johnston, Morrone Chandler Reitzel, Mr. Koons, Mr. Shotsberger, Dr. Silver, Ulrich. Oct. 10 'X William X Lancaster Milton Hershey x York x John Harris x Lebanon, Nov. X Williamsport Nov. 26 x -v League Games n - Home Games start at 2:00 Wi!! Our Slogan Be" Place 5115. A , O A 13 A H Gu I-I I9 A X71 H W H 0 A 6 A we H C? light 1190125 M fi! 6 O zz 19 7 9 QL, O SENIORS Jones Smyers Williammee Talbot Orbock R. R. Brown Stair Berkanstock Robinson Cackovic Orris R. L. Brown Barbush Shaub Wright Beisrline Gasparovic 1- 3 1+r?i Y ,X'4 f Q my 'F' Q S Q ?a VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD Fzrsz Rau Left to Rzgbt Coach Mitro, Wright, Fielder, Cackovic, Coates, Jones, Manager Chandler Second Row Equipment Manager, Mr. Shotsberger, Ivey, Brown, Orbock, Ortenzio Freeman Berkanstock Faculty Manager, Mr. Koons. STEELTUN BASKEIBAU. 1953-54 BLSKE BALL Tues., Dec. 15 Fri., Dec. 18 Tues., Dec. 22 Tues., Jan. 12 Tues., Jan. 19 Fri., Jan. 22 Fri., Jan. 29 Tues., Feb. 2 Tues., Feb. 9 Tues., Feb. 16 Fri., Feb. 26 Mechanicsburg Williamsport Waynesboro xJohn Harris xWilliam Penn xMilton Hershey xReading Middletown xLebanon xLancaster xYork Fri., Dec. 1 1 Tues., Jan. S Fri., Jan. 8 Fri., Jan. 15 Tues., Jan. 26 Fri., Feb. 5 Sat., Feb. 13 Fri., Feb. 19 Tues., Feb. 23 Tues., Mar. 2 Coatesville Middletown xLebanon xLancaster xY0rk Williamsport xJohn Harris xWilliam Penn xMilton Hershey xReading x - Denotes League Game Home J.V. Games Start at 6:45 PM. 70 SHS Um' JG 66? .fe :ff .iff ff? fel 'fl -'TV 63 64' ff' ff? +8 66 fe 216. 61 53 33, ,eff 46? JJ' if -543. K6 ff ,656 163 67 ef ff' .sie yy 'swf 77 6.3 ,JO 'fo 394 ij "', ' Z- ' -- Q ,1': as F ff 15 ' 3 352' H Y: i'g' :ii 53 : W Eff? K ii 2352521 ' QQ?-" .' In . I f K s wkkz-g,gMLgq,K, "'l'-'P' .Qt-Nl Graf 1-rx, U2 fan E19 5: Q 5 TRACK SQUAD-1953 BASEBALL SQUAD-1955 Fint Row, Left to Right: Husic, Rafaj, Cack- ovic, Biesecker, Berkanstock, Pae. Second Row: Orris, Hagenberger, Smyers, Ranegar, Fielder, Nicotera, Coates. Third Row: Manager, Murphy, Day, W Devlin, Williammee, Brown, R. Devlin. Fourth Row: Coach Shevock, Koons, Shots- berger, Managers, Haas, Chandler. Fint, Row, Left to Right: jones, Lutz, Lynn, Orris, Beistline, Barbush. Second Row: Robinson, C. Corbin, Bow- man, Hughes, Silver, Freeman, Lively. Thin! Row: Stevenson, Hurst, R. L. Brown, Reed, J. Corbin, Bordner. Fourth Row: Myers, Mr. Koons, Coaches Mr. Johnston, Mr. Lange, Mr. Shotsberger, Morrone. Steelton Steelton Steelton Steelton Steelton Steelton Steelton Steelron Steelron Steelton Steelton Steelton Steelton Steelton Steelton Steelton Steelton Steelron Steelton 195 3 BASEBALL 3 4 3 10 SCHEDULE Camp H111 .....,.. ..... Highspire ,... Sus. Twp. ........ .... . Lancaster .................. N. Cumb'land .......... Wm. Penn ................ M. Hershey ............ Hershey High York ........................ J. Harris .... Lebanon ..,..... M. Hershey ..... ..... Lancaster ...... York ............ Wm. Penn ....... ..... I. Harris .................. Hershey High Lebanon .................... 1953 TRACK SCHEDULE Meet I-at Lebanon- Wm. Penn-87M April 16 Lebanon-59M Steelton-12 Meet II-at john Harris- 79 69 J. Harris- April 21 Lebanon- Steelton-1 3 J. Harris-107 York-5 615 Steelton-15 Mg Hershey-67 L2 Annvillc?37?4i Steelron-3 5 Lancaster won Steelton- 0 Meet III-at John Harris Meet IV-at Hershey- Meet V-Lebanon Relays- Meet VI-Dist. III-ar Lancaster John Harris won-49 Steelton-Mg point 3 A We, the Class of 1954 Wish to express our appreciation to all those who helped to make this volume of the INGOT possible. 73 X X 'f d ff 5 ,W W f fff3M W Q o:2i1flTff'f2a,1f2if'Z 45 f,QQw 3? ' I ' A THE 0G9J7fy"'f'J'5:Lg?1fM Sf Z ,, B Af?gz2j?f'f7f" 1,Q3:'K""z5'!w'6H'4' 'M 'n ' Aim? X 1 1 ,WM X-K .Xfh9wgff V51 . A y ,ew kgffifh CQ UWM Maw. . . d VH' Q Q ' In CBVZLJJ ---: I AW- 1- E. Zh? HA' L5f'W1"ifCm5 Q - 25' Vidjifywgywgdia . . H ,I If If ff, - , - V 41-WW .W , . aff, Wifi M M Mm Y W M if '. ' ' vffmfwmkfzffgfe. ' Ww gg - .- f, cf, f m 'v' U fifx-ZAWW 'IWW-7+'c ' ' i'Q'a'UJ' A -"'7 v QW' I '57 55559 f A " Q Wynn?-SL ,zffzfkiwffiifbgg ,of-A - H-vi 6 x df M ' ' ' ', Mum f 1 I -" " ' ' W' XQJ4' W'j2w'i WW '771Mf4f Z'M7""4"" LWLY73-79 LMw o-I 614 r "WJ,- w,mp,.ii4niMzgf , 22:24 ,521 f , f 9215524 W WW W . . A PM lllfh ,M4M- Jl --Con M I w , . 1, If 12 Ak1..,.,Q J, ww , .. r:vnMw,.g.h ibmmwqf j fm 5 74 , JGMf 5223 fffff A . 95322 A7 3 1f7l'Z,,fjn. L....,,. ? ,H 5 . ff v V Kjwew V7 gf mf. Z' 1, QL ff 6. , H D-vflfw-2' , .,6f.f,m,Zi4'aZ,,,"fJ.,:,f,," D r magic-fjqig-Mdaoaxfqf 7740- 1' 72a.:a....V ' 4,0 1.2.1 ' ww' WA 725' M0 'W VPQ4 Wzxsffu A I I '3,,, 12,45 ff ,, L,Z2!W U 5 'Z I M on J-nn GY - Z,,l4'lI"aZ'- MVQM' . bigizjf iff, Y "W-r. g 1 Q .Mm m Ql' ..V, - mfsj . 'B..f'5 go ,f M qw iff '71""""'CQCaZZl.vuM4.I'uMa.,l0JvJ3X . , , E, WHT .3-7 fu'-Mf ff-wfffu W' ? MJ. 9w59w 753237 1 I K3 I 6 g'3df:vef N I . f . "0" XM f 5 we , , A 72 gym. 43' GST ER 'W Af 'aff' ' BO X. 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MMR M IKM, gf. ew J34. yujfgfkm lr, W fall 4 Q 1' pb dxix. '33 mq 164 Tm Qi? M wg M, QM! A X Q 'W if M ww 352122227 Dbuv V HW- g5fil:52fQj'Fgi'2f ' Qi? f Wiffbffa' 244-:v41,,,,",ig,,WAfL9'7ffZZ?:jOSf41y M A , " . .M f iM ,Q 'x'gi f74,gf A'J5+5 WM CZK" 7520 if 'dJc5jfi4-Q! 'A WJ W 5 6 gf' 5,42 mfwlatr. ,gychf ,VI-ggi? 77 S4 Q 'MN fm! if 'G 13- I : 7 lv' -' f ez A W - Nfl?-7' 5i lc4 I Wil - . ,460 N gal , M jg W ,yr 5 ff 7 Ju BRL.-fat-.jg h b .CHS 'r. ,.,,, iii., F Mya SINGER BROTHERS " The Best Place to Buy After All" 41 North Front Street STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA 60005 Q QD Q SAM SINGER Abe Singer Herman Singer for WILSON SPORTING GOODS . ft gi: s' ., 422: 1, -tn' Diamonds 0 Watches 0 Jewelry rkt fih' Gifts 0 Silver 2 5 fs . HAMILTON, ELGIN and X F" ' A5-f,f:gyf6'i." -1 . -' BULOVA WATCHES Charles E. Smith "The Hill Jeweler" 23 South 13th Street HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA John P. Soutner Groceries - Fresh Meats - Produce Second and Swatora Streets Steelton, Pennsylvania Phone: 9-9280 Free Delivery SPUNGIN'S BLUE RIBBON FRANKS Phone 8-5241 SPUNGIN'S ABATTOIR Steelton Beverage Distributor Second and Chestnut Streets Steelton, Pennsylvania Phone: 9-5911 Joseph Kostelcc, Prop. 330 S. Cameron Street HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA Li N: . ! ! !7 I -1' STEELTON DINER of 3' STEELTON HOME COOKING 24-Hour Service DELICIOUS COFFEE Sandwiches ond French Fries to Take Out s. L. KEIFFER, Prop. DEMOCRATIC CLUB "The Stronghold of Democracy" 141 South Front Street STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA PEOPLES BANK STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA Depository For School Savings QJQ Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation STEELTON BANK 81 TRUST CO STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA Qflfb Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 79 .11-- CYRENE LODGE 140 Adams Street Steelt Pen sylva a in E-- H. A. Hartman 81 Son - ' I-1 L, ee- I U' e O Storage L ehi.. .Q UG O Packing Steelton Pennsylvama BETTER TV M. L. HOUTZ 249 Swatara Street Steelton, Pennsylvania r CIl92725f CblS 80 RUSSELL MATIO Stondo rd Coal Deo Ier Phone: 9-6565 2'I37 S. Third Street Steelton, Pennsylvania MINOFF'S Grocery and Meat Market "The Best of Everything for the Table" STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA M I T Z E ' S C A F E M.Y. KoVILorF, Prep. Main and Francis Streets All Kinds of Beverages Food Taxi Service PHONE: 9-9245 STEEI-TON, PENNSYLVANIA Steelton Division Phone: 9-2062 I Monnlsows SHOE STGRE eaiax ORTH-5 BAKERY I9 North Front Street sTEELToN, PENNSYLVANIA if' H Scum From shea, Phone: 9-3431 5 V4 '- Open Evenings ' STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA P. 81 J. SELF SERVICE MARKET Louis Paese Free Delivery Barber MW 23:':"e:h9:883s wa' 563 seein Second sf. on ront I. . W STEELTONI STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA PENNSYLVANIA PORR'S DRUG STORE ig ef- R ' P, Phone: 9-9288 gf' '. REA 3- DERlCK'S I47 North Front Street E A Z DRUGS " SODA E CANDY - COSMETICS STEELTON' A. f 'pa -xo' TOBACCO PENNSYLVANIA --1 'C I A LXG' RINEsMI1'H's RlTCH'S P y GROCERY STORE CITIES SERVICE 1200 Neffh 2nd sneer Free Pack-up and Delivery Service " I . Wheel Balancing Hamsburg' Pen"syIVan'a 312 S. Front St. Steelton, Pennsylvania WE NEED YOUR HEAD IN OUR BUFINESS l,""1"fh, ROD'S ' BARBER Men and Boys Store - A SHOP ' 23 S. Front Street 7 A XX Rod "Gd Brown STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA Z A I Best In Towni Q m Personalizing Service Q "WE AIM TO PLEASE" P V. N G 'PHOJSSIEPHY gs I .552 , PHONE: 9-4038 QQ-I 2 I ,IG - ,gh ' Lis we ' 65 SAI-Bs i I I' Wy' i f 009-P M59-Snfff' ' ' SPIZZIRRl'S ' fl SAUNDERS and JACKSON MEATS - eeeeemee , u sf , few? 0 65 Zan Z a1v'fo119IfYo1c6zv6 STEELTON FLOWER SHOP Member of FI I T I g Delivery Ass I Phone: 9-5123 St If P yl UNITED STEELWORKERS of AMERICA C. I. O. LOCAL 1688 LOCAL UNION OFFICE and MEETING HALL F nd Pine Sts. Sfeelf P yl Ph S I 9 3201 82 QSF '94, 1 Sb fv8 ALWAYS BACKING THE SCHOOL STEELTON PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Kellyis Drug Store 389 S. Front Street STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA GEORGE KROSNAR ELIAS MILO Pho 9 2720 LAMKFYS DIAIZIWWNDS Lavlws Q x s 4 ,Z Your Neighborhood JEWELRY Corner Store ff llx WATCHES . SILVERWARE STDRE 555 N. Second St. ,, . 601 name Steelton, Pennsylvania ulAWL 0u,f,,, " 109 Soufb Front Street . Phone 9-2652 Steelton, Pennsylvania LOUIS F. LESCANEC, JR. Funeral Home 541 South Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania Phone: 9-9768 LIBERTY ,ig Foon MARKET 4:11 My ff Self Service Phone: 9 9604 A flgxx , W, '.,. 'tue ,V ,A mr .349 'VTSS' 'I Meats cmd Groceries .F YQ - ax. ' ., U - K. ,, ' 187 North Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania 325 Market Street Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Dentist Phone: 8-8333 401 Myers Street Steelton, Pennsylvania 84 n f o r'i 5,21 fdyzf 41 jf ,fi ,A if ff I X Qs NAU "F X 1 ,,i ' W i C? NM 0' ' Y LN ff x I . 'av 5, lgfflf jpffff ' r 5? , :'W W I oz' ' ff' ii 3 2 mlm i wlyi WM 1 sf ,f I' Nm. 1 Xl md 1 d xx f if f if - .. eefx 1 -F- ++.,l' "' 'W' W- " TH ::L ' GEHRET STUDIO Portrait ---- Commercial Formal and Candid Weddings 'I36 South Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania Phone: 9-2061 85 iiiiil sy fe E 3' 5 5' 944 is J aaa . WAY it .iiielai Qflfi' "fr-'f' I7 John Street New York 8, New York COrtIandt 7-8140 Manufacturers of SPECIALTY JEWELRY I School and College Rings and Emblems O Medals O Trophies I Plaques and Cups O Employee Service Awards Offices 73 Tremont Street, Boston 8, Massachusetts 'I0 Abbott Park Place, Providence 3, Rhode Island 86 ACME MARKET A 3 P Ng-N North Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania AMELIA'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 50 North Front Street STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA Th Lt is tSlyl PHONE 99238 ARNn'r's SERVICE STATION BALDV5 . CONFECTIONERY fi Front 81 Trewick Streets 28 N. 4th st- -1 5'ee"""' Pe""sY"""i' STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA P S A and REPAIR NUNN-BUSH SHOES . , 141 South Front Street A STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA , 4 Q: A 1 BELMONT SHOE STOREA ' 2 E23 BERLiNER's Fooo MARKETS BERNARDQIS CIGAR STORE BLUE'5 BARBER SHOP QCA, 215 N. Front st. P 7' 2 S. Front Street , If Steelton, Pennsylvania ' G ' Steelton, Pennsylvania Good Service K xwuuxun B SAM BRECKENRIDGE X Po-I-A-ro CHIPS 202 North Street Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Distributor of INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS kia-lg Boflxipy ,Kelgnjs I Office: 8-1729 Residence: 9-2146 cup SfeeIfgn?lBEnn5lQ?yiSig A Phone: 9-2674 CITY CLEANERS 2400 Derry Street Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Phone: 4-5941 DlMlCH'S CAFE Frederick and Trewick Streets Steelton, Pennsylvania DUEY'S S S A DANUBE CAFE F 'IX 704 south s econ d street 2 Yo iN Q' Steelton, Pennsylvania 0 rr Atlantic Service Station LAWRENCE ECKELS Meats and Groceries 201 North Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania Phone: 9-3585 RALPH C. ECKELS A Try our Hickory Smoked Homs, Bacon, ond Hot Sausage Front 8- Elm Streets Steelton, Pennsylvani 87 fwlroon Catering for any number, place, occasion. Phone . . . ROY SHELLEY, Steelton 9-9231 Complete facilities, experience and accommodations for parties, picnics, banquets, meetings at . . . ELLENDALE FORGE HOTEL 5 miles east of Dauphin along Stoney Creek SHELLEY RESTAURANT-BAR Steelton Since 1890 88 STEELTON Hardware Company STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA Hardware Houseware PLUMBING SUPPLIES I3 North Front Street Phone: 9-3346 Sherwin Williams Paints M 4r"3'r r 6 C j. sg ' FQ ' ffffi . I haf t hug inf rf I 1 I . ez X , xi . , A 5 in X .f 4 lull 1 ,517 ,yvgk -9 ,I ,BX Q-,VA 'xsfaarriif STEELTON LION'S5 CLUB 'Service to the Community" ANCHOR AWNINGS Phone: 9-2961 M. D. Vaughn All Kinds of Furniture Repaired and Upholstered Penn and Elm Sts. Steelton, Pennsylvania VETERANS of FOREIGN WARS Post 710 747 North Front Street STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA WEBB 81 WOLFE For Quality Lines of Sporting Goods Rawlings Athletic Equipment, Wilson Golf Clubs, Wilson Tennis Rackets, Old Town Canoes, Winchester Guns and Rifles, C. C. M. lce Skates, Catalina Swim Trunks, Chicago Roller Skates, Spot Bilt Athletic Shoes 210 N. Second Street HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA WEST SIDE MOTHERS' CLUB ,. i... MU RTUARY , iz? Joseph A. Wiedeman flllllllfill BIIYIIIUT Phone: 9-2344 357 South Second Street STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA YORK CORRUGATING CO. 65 S. Tenth St. HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA PLUMBING - HEATING 8- SHEETING SUPPLIES STHEETGZU FUSE' Nm. 420 , iiifliiliiigglil' IIEEGFGN will Auxiliar A Y 'HoIzrIcIN5 R I , QMELXQESQ WILT and 02 0 S ll H R 0 N ANDES' SERVICE . Charles R. Andes Funeral Dlrectors Gas Oil Lubrication Accessories Tires Batteries Lee G. Wilt Allen O. Sharon 'I ' Q1 Y J ,r Phone: 3-9761 112 North H3Ff1SbUTg Street I X A I 2201 Paxton sheet Steelton, Pennisylvania , Y . Harrisburg, Pennsylvania A fn? 'J Lv BLANCHE'S Flower Shop Central Penna. Business School When words fC1il . . . 323 Market Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania SAY IT WITH FLOWERS , , Summer Terrn Begms In June E DAY and NIGHT scHooL REGULAR ' an and PRE-COLLEGE COURSES "Central Pennsylvania's Greatest Phone: 9-2990 379 S. Front Street Business School" Steelton, Pennisylvania STEELTON must co. BUILDING FOR MEN FOR BOYS l5 North Front Street The NcItion's Leading Brands STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA THE iD0u1rjChS. CUMBLER AGENCY li c T' REAL ESTATE UNSURANCE lOO','Q Locally Owned and Operated Telephone: 9-5105 320 Mdrltef Street ROBERT H' CUMBLER' """'0' HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA 90 -.mi Q, A J' 5253513 235:-l, igfjifjff - t ow if! :E 9 x Xl V, 4 WATCHES 9 DIAMONDS 9 GREETING CARDS THE IDEAL JEWELRY STORE SILVERWARE 29-31 North Front Street H: Ragga 5 ,I f i? N i- . -if "ob X? W! V .fart - - Steelton, Pennsylvania -3 H., 1 yt .. .L-in xg' , WRX Z Efffggi t 5 3 I ' gfgigii I PEZ HENRY MARTZ BUILDING CONTRACTOR 434 Spruce Street Steelton, Pennsylvania Phone: 9-2939 91 I. Thomas Richardson F..f2f.'..fff21'..,. SHENK s. rim: "Everything for Sport" PLAY MORE - LIVE LONGER 3T3M ktSt t DIGNITY H bg? yl TT8 North Front Street St elt P syl ' STEELTON STEVE J. SPORIK ITALIAN CLUB Roofing ond Spouting Hot-Air Heating ond Siding G ll QUICK REPAIR SERV GE "We Guarantee Our Work" 638 N rth F ont Street Steelto Pe nsylvania Ph 9 2396 92 t Unit No. 919 WOMEN of the MOOSE H X X 5 X POLLECK'S FOOD STORE R. A. PUGLIESE Class of 1936 V. C. PUGLIESE Class of 1926 'IRatrliIT Sc Swartz 234 North Third Street HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA HICKEY-FREEMAN Customized Clothes TIMELY CLOTHES Wi PMI: Ward REPUBLICAN CLUB "Where Good Friends Meet" 220 Main Street STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA SIMONIC BROS. r L3-L ada Guo ronteed I E. ODORLESS DRY CLEANING RlCHARD'S TAILOR AND PANTS SHOP FORMAL RENTALS 356 N. Front Street, Steelton, Pennsylvania RICHARD UPDEGROVE, Prop. 833 North Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania Phone: 9-4141 Mmm wnowmm SDMESHOERWAR Egg D T R ----. Eff ,,., . ,T 156 North From Sf- I , STARK BROTHERS ,I I HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA I I -"1' A' '-'-4' . WOMEN AND MlssEsi CLOTHES Steelton, .vV- 'V i Qxw- .'-,' f :f.:- ,f Pennsylvania ID"-S--WN :- STEELTON APPAREL CO. 709 S. 2nd St. Steelton, Pennsylvania STEELTON MUSIC HOUSE 47 N. Front St. Steelton, Pennsylvania Bendix Home Loundry--Phono Rec- ords-Kelvinotor Refrigerotors-SyI- vonio-Zenith-RCA Rodios-Television Phone: 9-9884 STEELTON SUNOCO SERVICE A to Z Lubrication Free Pick-up 84 Delivery Service Front 81 Eleanor Sts., Steelton, Pennsylvanio Frank Briggs, Prop. CHlLDREN'S WEAR STORK TRAIL SHOP 109 N. Front St. Steelton, Pennsylvania Phone: 9-9617 I D X Thompson s Atlantic Service Station X' THOMPSON COLLEGE GASOLINE-OIL-I.UBRICATION--WASHING -A Wth and Paxton Streets COMPLETE BUSINESS COURSES HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA 18 North 4th Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania VANCE'S I L" I , - S 101 South Front St. Second and Highland Streets 51-eelfonlu 5 A STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA "e""'Y""""' , f 'I.f'9nQ3Q-- ' ' Phone- 9 9125 Phone: 9-3075 VC 'K-'iL'. I Meats o Groceries o Frozen Foods 4' EDDIE WAGNER Weber's Beauty 81 Barber Shoppe Modernistic Hairdressing done by experts All types of Ladies' 81 ChiIdren's Hoircuts Phone: 9-9759 15 S. Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania YETTER'S GARDEN All Kinds of Beveroges ond Food 307 Myers St. Steelton, Pennsylvania STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA MILAN YOVICICH MERCHANT TAILOR Pressing While You Woit 587 S. 4th St., Steelton, Pennsylvania Phone: 9-5196 ZACICS VARIETY CENTER 223 North Front Street IMoose BIdg.I STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA PHONE: 9-9260 S V ZELLER'S Q -I 7 Superior Potato Chips O 5552. Phone: 9-3061 ' CIIIGHSPIRE, PENNSYLVANIA 94 ' A ' L GEORGE R KIE-SS fh' y " ' puffy hom- 0 37-39 North Front Street 'F K :Zur ddy H It ph Y,ppkIdg Q 3:::::::.:,'2:?'2:::.:f""' Kyeaasmbvy 9 Steelton, Pennsylvania X ' 'J G Linoleum it , Asphalt Tile All Floors and Walls ' I Venetian Blinds I , and A Window Shades C Phone: 9-9839 yliaiional Hcademic Cap sf Gown Co. Cjmfzqzygcfurers amz' ggmfals' ACADEMIC CAPS, OOWNS 8. HOODS FOR COLLEGES 8. SCHOOLS One file 0M-S'f.A'ddllllb amz' aural 61006 C915p,aQ 0700120618 :iz-jrzenk-a, or ACADEMIC WEAR ani-an ARCH sneer - Philadelphia 7,p8. RAY'S FSQLCHC CONEECTIONERY 55 North Front Street L We Steelton, Pennsylvania 6-L! Henry Reich -Frank Ranegar Class of 1953 l e e Q , K ,90 Weddings, Corsoges, Funerol Designs Bouquets, Potted Plonts BRUAW'S Flowers 2447 South Front Street Steelton Pennsylvomo Seven Lanes or Pottery Constelllte Condles Condellute Flower Holders QDCQQCD STEELTON COAL 8- 0Il COMPANY M. "Musky" Falcone Proprietor N Hwcom. F 75 lJ'1'l"' DUNDOFFS Fooo MARKET F, vAslL DUNDOFF, Pr . . 5- op . v ,106 Meals, Groceries, Frozen Foods 'M'i'3fff'f" ' ' STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA 231-233 Main Slreel Phone: 9-5604 ELECTRIC SERVICE 8: MACHINE CO. INCORPORATED STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA Shops and Office 760-770 NORTH FRONT STREET Phone: 9873 Elecfric Molor Repairs Elton Theatre A If-QI-I N1 FHRINH MOTORS DeSoto - Plymouth SALES and SERVICE 750 North Front Street Telephone 9-3975 Sfeelton, Pennsylvania GATEWAY HOTEL f.. RESTAURANT 'II-IIS I5 R. B. GIBSON MOTORS, INC. Chrysler - Plymouth Soles - Service Also Dependable Used Cars .llllln Phone: 9-9227 SAE I E we -z-If 2 !'1M,Q0'D" FRANK HREN, Prop. Phone: 9-9851 841 N. Front Street Sl-eelton, Pennsylvania HALF-W AY HOUSE - 1 97 'A SNACK If In E DL ERNIE'S BARBER SHOP ' 32 North Front sneer in S STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA lr X ah' I 4 Q -U I Z X I "' -S Phone S Order , . 9-9172 Steelton, Pennsylvania FURJANIC'S if-Tiff '1T3?21r:1." FOOD STORE rw, 1. ,fr 7Ol South Second Street "' 'ff V71 STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA 1 EFEROFF'S MARKET Fresh Produce and M IRVICE FOOD eO1'S 503 South Second Street STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA GEORGE M. GEISTWHITE CHARLES A. GROFF Insurance 4 South Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania H ELEN KASPARY lKaspa ry's' Catel St lton, Pennsylvania 55-57 Conestoga Street ee Where All Athletic Fans Meet Q HUMMEUS DRUG STORE Q? I89 South Front Street E2 STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA SPFOMPTF' 'QYIEJ 0 Kormushoft Food Market 376-78 Main Street 1 I A' Steelton, Pensylvania BUDDIE FINE FOODS LOUIS LEHRMAN 81 SON no south I7th sneer I-IARIzIssuRc, PENNSYLVANIA ISADORE LIPKOWITZ Myers Street Steelton, Pennsylvania LUBIC'S CAFE Beverages of All Kinds and Dupont Sts. Steelton, Pennsylv Phone: 9-9237 Fourth Telephone: 9-9266 3 LENKERBROOK FARMS fI - 4 FINEST IN DAIRY Pkooucts I I ir ' Distributors in the Steelton Area l Xw Johnnie .lambrosic MllK'CllEAM I.oNc-rs GIzocEIzY , STORE lf East End Steelton, Pennsylvania If It's Service You Want- Call at Millicent's Beauty Salon Cur Reputation Stands on Merit Phone: 9-4071 177 South Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania MARCO MARISIC 81 SON Merchant Tailor for Ladies 81 Gentlemen Dry Cleaning and Pressing 143 N. Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania 98 49 N'w I M ' IQIBN XG T H II K I W 1-I N I S C In U B or' s'rI.:l.: L 'ron Nelcome to Stee1ton's Q ,' If 2? Newest Lodge Home I XV, pw FL a-af' o LOYAL onnnn I! 'S or Moosl: mf4g,223gf1-ff Number 382 " R9 WEAVER'S RUG CLEANERS Rug and Furniture Shompooing Deporfmeni of GEO. W. WEAVER 81 SON, Inc. Moving and Storage 952 WHEATEN A CORP. HIGHSPIRE FLOUR MILLS DIVISION HIGHSPIRE, PENNSYLVANIA 99 PENNSYLVANIA SUPPLY COMPANY '7aan44JZ-fffkx Gafzcaele Quafdq BJQMMQ Wfaiwiald 10th and Mulberry Streets HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA PETE'S Large sele Men CUT RATE SHCDES 167 South Front Street STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA ction of Gym and Basketball Shoes Shoes for Children Women 100 H. B. BLAKER ,QPXR . ,M 9. win .-f. rf frxf l - - : , 1. ,f x Q . AY Fl .-,' ..- 'M Roofing 1 and JA,, . Spvufins 5 U 4 STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA N-55 Af' i '.x JOHN D. BOGAR 8. SON CO. Steelton, Pen yl Lumber and Mill Work Hardwa re Insulation Ph 9-9835 If 1 Q3 4 !7ni'v.a5n' QQI Y I 1 V M BRANOFF'S RESTAURANT 1117 N. Third Street Harrisburg, Pennsylvania ALWAYS THE BEST IN SEAFOOD AND HOME COOKING , m l State and Interstate - l Fo: bd SI: lbslkel Charter Service W- " - P 5, C BllSl'lEY BUS SERVICE Phone: 2-7147 101 BALDWIN HOSE CO. 564 362 'South Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania Phone: 9-9235 CITIZENS FIRE CO. 561 Front 8g Pine Sts. Steelton, Pennsylvania PEERIESS BAKING COMPANY 505 2nd Street Enhaut, Pennsylvania Phone: 9-9241 EAST END HOSE CO. -A -. I " 4th a. P sfs. Steelton, Pennsylvania Phone: 9-9234 ' ' 'xl P Paxtang Hook Sz Ladder Co. Thai 4 Front 8K Lincoln Sts. Steelton, Pennsylvania Phone: 9-9242 COMPANY Cor. Myers 81 Conestoga Sts. Steelton, Pennsylvania S C Always Ready to Serve Our Community , 5 Q if I 3-. Yv C Lewis' SELF-ssnvlcs STORE 227 South Sixth Street Steelton, Pennsylvania Distributors of Candy Cupboard Chocolates AUTOMOBILE Just-RIGHT COMPANY QQQQIQLONRM JoHN J. vensos General . ANTENNA Registered HEALTH Insurance . - PUBLIC LIABILITY Plumbmg Heotmg l BURGLARY "complete protection Water Heaters Appliances ACCIDENT S H t r FIDELITY and 842 South 2nd Street pace eo e S SURETY BONDS Steelton, Pennsylvania AIRPLANE Phone: 9-2135 G. W. 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Suggestions in the Steelton High School - Ingot Yearbook (Steelton, PA) collection:

Steelton High School - Ingot Yearbook (Steelton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


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Steelton High School - Ingot Yearbook (Steelton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Steelton High School - Ingot Yearbook (Steelton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Steelton High School - Ingot Yearbook (Steelton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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