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X X ,f P xii 'Q x xl ,tr x . X 331 ,i Xw x X - V' X UN NX ,xt- ef' , 5' -X X 51, , . QV f Si ll iff! . J,, M WS, Cf, R- 'ry' T42 HM ,V hi ,K I X-xx t - i. V i wif, i I i V, , .,,, :k,,,, ,,i 7. ,r,,,,, . , ,-,-,f,,i,,.-, -1-1.5 mm f.f-f-ywn,:. -.x-si 1.'f wj .3 - 'F PHOTOGRAPHS SHAHIAN STUDIO Harrlsburg Pennsylvania WHITE ROSE ENGRAVING COMPANY York Pennsylvania PRINTING J HORACE MCFARLAND COMPANY Harrisburg, Pennsylvama ENGRAVINGS EX LIBRIS OUR ALMA MATER 'Q 'I 639 Jgnm Wag-6 Enter to Learn Leave to Serve 2 THE SENIOR CLASS Steelton Jr Sr Hugh School we NIM M so I fp 1 THE 1951 INGOT V I XXI STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA OF Presents E I v Q 35335: 5 QEIIUBEQ EDU233 The Unrted Natrons Headquarters New York Cnty New York 4 I-' The Seal of the United Nations FOREWGRD Since the very beginning of the development of nations there has been o universal desire on the part of the malority ot nations to exist together In a peaceable and understanding manner We realize that only through such an understanding will we be able as individuals and as a nation to attain those higher United Nations is of great hopes that it is the basis upon which to build a world of peace and brotherhood But these hopes can only be fulfilled when each individual begins peace and brotherhood in his own church his own home and his very own heart by doing unto others as he would have them do unto him Although we have made many valuable contributions in science and education the peoples of the world still have greater fields in which to apply their strength and courage before everyone may look forward to peace peace of our hearts of our United States and of the entire world 5 standards of living and progress which will remain as a mark of our achievement. At the present time, the . . . . . . I SHS Alma Mater Oh that dear old Blue and Whlte That dear old Blue and Whlte That dear old Blue and Whlte That Steelton wore lt was ragged lt was torn For years It has been worn That dear old Blue and White Oh that dear old Blue and Whnte That dear old Blue and Whnte That dear old Blue and White That Steelton wore We shall wear It to the top No school can make It drop That dear old Blue and White That Steelton wore 6 I I I I I I ' I That Steelton wore. I I I I I We the Class of l95l conslder It one of the greatest prlvlleges of our lnves to dedncate thus volume of our yearbook The lngot to our parents whose Interest guidance and ln memory of those who through sacrifice and understanding In both loy and sorrow made It possible for us to attain a goal denied to many As mdnvlduals and as a class we hope to prove worthy of thelr trust and confidence lt IS with deep pleasure and smcere gratitude that we present thus yearbook to you OUR PARENTS I I . I I I l I . I l ' spiration have been-and always will be-so important to us. We will forever cherish the I I CO EDITOR QLR iff va XX. 4 LAMB -w INGOT ED ITO DJAL C0 STAFF' WlLLlAY4 3-S' ev HA7CHfR vi ve ONF 'UIQ' '-584115 -,-v CURLEY um vw' wwf ROBERT --, Cx 32 WN X900 P 'Ns 'tf , -af CETZ X CAROLINE .- 1 SEABRHGHY .., 8 SSH K S sir' I . -3 gf' 'S My PQTV 3496, K Q' 3 5 1 , ? GX 534 Q ,Q ' 4 4A QP15 4749 o ' 6? SQ! 'Q Q M, vxsakf' AV: ,,,-A ' ' in A ex - T1 gp H ,mn I We Lv ' MARQAN' 4 ye cK"fb,l, , ev Q dk v k ' ,Q .- a,,V " .5 Z" 46 TZ I 'L ,QQ , Mc 3 V A 9 J Q5 A 2.5, , A we K ' i s xx 5 27 0 H., '6 , -Wx Q K A X 45, , Q v 15- , -xv' ' 1 V f -.5 oo -.- 'POA A VV . . 7 . f 906 ADVISOR V INGOT BUSINESS MANAGER S Q Q' OQIK v.f-an vw' ANNA ADV!SOQ by MACUT OERNER eww ,P Sf T N Wann E7 ul O 9,0 vw-on J 9 ASST BUSINESS MANAGER nR4NCE an-any EK HUXSLEY OWN In ,ly lf ' 1 .S Q X555 D ive A -V A I m , + v ,. 2 sb awe Q f , ' A ' "" fw w P R A 1 v . ' OF,-,rr wwf- 5 Zee 0 A A-,eomv avr..." W nv Q we 7 ' o 5 ' Q, , Q., TQ, ' A ,pak NV.. .4 :T A 499 A ,xv -SL X05 AC sf xx :al xl 3 L ' -In Quo Sealed Lefl fo Rlghf S G Breckenrldge R C Eckels W B Long J R Beyreni J F Thompson Sfandmg Leff to Rlghf H T Griffith F W Byrod V C Pugllese BOARD GF DIRECTORS OF STEELTON PUBLIC scHooLs WALTER B LANG J REESE BEYRENT F WEBSTER BYROD SAMUEL G BRECKENRIDGE RALPH C ECKELS MR VIRGILIO C PUGLIESE IO MR JAMES Presldenl Vice Presldenf Secrelo ry Treasurer F THOMPSON DR. H. T. GRIFFITH . . , . , Superinlendenf MR. . ' DR. . . . , . . ' - ' DR. . . . MR. , . . . , , MR. . . . 1 Z' WWW 'W 6 A Wy IMD FACU LTV -I 4. X9 4 "Er , - ' :ll I '3' 4 A x N ' g .'K,x V I X Q 4 HW ,B fm ,. lj, .4 150 Q' 7 ' 5 Mi .gb 4, RJ 4' g, I ' vi l', lu hh . , ii", i-. is ADMINISTRATION DR H T GRIFFITH Supermlendenf B S Millersville Slule Teachers College M Ed Pennsylvcnua Stale College Ed D Pennsylvcnlo Slate College C W EISENHART Prmclpnl C P HOY Assfsfanl Principal B S A M Gellysburg College B S D'Ck"'50n College M Ed , Pennsylvamc Stole College I2 .., .., .., I I I . . , .. , .,.., .., To the Class of 1951 Co Congratulataons on the occasaon of your graduataon whach marks the clamax of twelve years of educataon Thas peraod has ancluded some dasappoantments as well as many pleasant assocaataons and personal traumphs From thas traanang and experaence however you should be prepared to do your part an maantaanang the hagh standards of achaevement tradataonally assocaated wath gradu ates of your Alma Mater Now as never before our nataon needs the help of catazens equapped wath knowledge and understandang Responsabalataes far beyond any an your past experaence wall be yours These should be accepted as challenges to be met courageously Resolve to do your best an whatever you at tempt Each can do has part to contrabute to the amprovement of our democratac way of lafe You have my sancere washes for future success and happaness H T GRIFFITH Superintendent ngratulataons to the Class of 1951 To the communaty at large you represent the 67th class to be graduated from Steelton Hagh School You also represent the 4457th and 4553rd pupals to receave daplomas from the school To those of us who have been closely assocaated wath you durang the past four years you rep resent 97 daflferent andavadual laves Our anterest an you wall not cease wath your graduataon Our success as teachers wall be measured an the degree of success you wall achaeve as andavaduals an the free socaety of whach you now become an actave part Each one of you came to our school wath dafferent problems anterests desares and needs You and you alone wall determane af your school has helped prepare you to meet these needs We would ask you to remember always that school as much more than books classrooms and teachers School as everythmg you are and hope to be School as what you wanted at to be If your physacal socaal mental and moral growth has been raghtly guaded and you anclane to grow as you have been bent you wall austafy your beang You wall lustafy your school You wall re pay tenfold your teachers your parents your communaty and your Creator C W EISEN HART Principal l3 ' 1 I a 1 . I . I I - 1 1 I , . . - a I ' ' ' SCIENCE MATHEMATICS Seafed Leff fo Rlghf Mr Ivey Mass Dunkle Sfcndmg Left Yo Rlghf Mr Orbock Mr Cole Mr Shoisberger Mnss Gcrroiy Muss Johnson I4 I I 1 I , 1 I . I Leff to Right: Mr, Shutfo, Mrs. Schriver, Mr. Yeingst, Mr. Hoerner. SCJCIAL STUDIES Seated left to Rnght Mnss Stevuck Mass Byrod Mr James Mass Flscher Standing Left to Right Mass Johnson Mrs Heberhg Mr Burtner Mr Koons Miss Lcmke Mr Yemgst ENGLISH AND MODERN LANGUAGES Seated Left to Right Mlss Byrod Mus: Molehorn Mr Burtner Mrs Pame Standing Left to Right Nr James Mr Hocker Mass Young Mnss Thompson, Mus: Deavor Mr Colyer Absent When Pncture Was Taken Mr Gauntlett I5 I : I I' I ' I : I ' I . ,. , ,. . , : , ,. , . . , :.. ,. . , ,. . :. . COMMERCIAL HOME ECONCMICS AND INDUSTRIAL ARTS Secfed leff Io Rlghf Mass Horns Muss Jumper Slandlng Lefi to Rlghf Mr Orndorff Mr Cressmcn Mr Bcccsfow I6 I : . , . , ' , . ' , . ' . V A I . , Q ,Ir .2353 I I I : I ', ' , ' , I : . , . , . . ART AND MECHANICAL DRAWING Leff fo Rlghi Mr Longe Mr Nlsley Mrs Bowers Muss Gardner Mr Fields Lei? to Rlghf. Muss Thompson, Mr. Hoerner, Mr. Sionesufer, Mr. Sheetz, Mr. Fuelds. 17 PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH 'H' x When Picture Was Token Miss KuIp SPECIAL SERVICES Seated Left to Right Mr Bulsbough Mrs Schrwer Standing Left to Right Mr Cole Mr Knuth Miss Ryder I 8 1, I 5- I S' , ,7 A A. Seated, left to Right: Dr. Silver, Mrs. Vukovich. Standing, left to Right: Mr. Heller, Miss Ratclitie, Dr. Petrosky, Mr. Shevock. Absent SECRETARIES AND ATTENDANCE OFFICER STUDENT TEACHERS fFlrst Semester, x.. Ni tw Seafed Left fo Right Mr Cuclone Mr George Mr Swugczrt Mass Sfcudt Sfcndfng Left to Rfghf Mr Smzer Mr Aumenf Mr Gorman Mr Emanuel Mr Kosuhc Mr Edwards Mr Rupley I9 f - . - , , - I '2- G , L, . , . v 'E ,. x V 5 " ' I 1, - V ' fh . f ' i. 4 f V, ' 71 'PQ' uf, ' ' I A A vw,-, 5 , 'L' . 'J' - H1 1 A, . . H, X 1 'ff 5-fvfwi - ,, uf A . ' .A,, . , . , Q . h,vv.,.f I A , ,, 55, , l I . , . V . ' V I . , I I I . STUDENT TEACHERS fsecond Semester, FMM M The Lamp of Learnmg zo Seated, Leff fo Righ: r. cgill, r. Garrison. Sfanding, Leff io Righf: Mr. Luker, Mr. Duncan, Mr. Rokscndic I X N W SE www 7 X if 54 T, M IORS ,gf m!! I f A X: M ,gr 5 W N Xxv V 1 Wjxx ik? V jg WX X' W f X I 0 Q 1 f v N, sf x f f X V f 5 f , PRESIDENT ,uv OHN UI Nl 0 N F1 'I P P -4 ,U C LA SS PRE, OFF-lCEl2.5 GERALD 1 'NS CQ9 6: LR1,: ., Y V Q . I A V4 5 P' gg A 'ral-:AsuQEr2. ga., f,-.V - ' "L Y ' s .4 sip 2+ O J4N SYQOUD Conduct CLASS MOTTO and Courage Lead CLASS FLOWER Peace Rose CLASS COLORS Cherry and Whute 22 t Honor DOLORES L ACRI Commercial lntroduclng Dolly one of Sl s favor :te brunettes so petute and so attractlve wuth a mllluon dollar smnle Owanssa Club Service Desk OFF ce Messenger Jumor Class Plays DONALD A ALECXIH College Preparatory Don us one of the top brams nn 303 played pnvot wnth the Steamrollers quick to smlle slow to ac S Hn Y Jr HaY Dramatrc ub Orchestra Semor Class Play Junlor Class Plays Football GLORIA M ALLEN Commercial Anytlme and anyplace theres musnc and dancmg Gloria wall be there Mrs Koons eftnclent secretary o success In any business office Home Economics Club LESLIE O ANDERSON General Cant help wondenng lust where Les spends most of has spare tame has favonte sublect women of course - . . never a dull moment when he's around. Baseball. 'if P"'u EDWARD U BALSBAUGH College Preparatory Where there s a camera there s one of the wheels of the Camera Club beats It out on has clarinet ln the Band and Orchestra Ingot Edutonal Audlo Vnsual Club Jr Hn Y Camera Club Orchestra Band Sensor Class Play .lumor Class Plays Football Track CORNELIUS L BEADEN Industrial Arts Carney runs hrs own taxa service to and from SHS never walks where he can rude gals never seem to bother hum Basketball CAROLINE BO ROTA Commercial Caroline possesses that naturally curly hour of whnch mast gurls can only dream always seems to be glvmg the boys o rough tnme Ingot Edntonal Jr Red Cross Dra matlc Club OHICG Messenger Pep Squad Semor Class Play Jumor Class Plays Dramatic Club Play ROBERT M BROOKIN General One of our most fanthful members of the Band Bob us a neat dresser wuth a pleasing personality A Cappella String Ensemble Brass Ensemble, Orchestra Band. AGNES BROWN Commercial Our future Hazel Scott at the ivories . . . Aggie is a competent library helper. . . friendly and nice to know. Library Club Office Messenger Glrls Athletic Club G EN EVA BRO W N General S H S welcomes Bing back from the West quite a party gal with a weakness for nice automobiles never seems to worry about the Opposite sex ROBERTA ANN BRUMBAU GH Commercial Bobby Ann halls from high on a windy hill a good student worthy of a top notch secretarial position lngot Editorial Owalssa Club Library Club Dramatic Club Office Messen ger Deans Office Stand Helper A Cappella Freshman Chorus Girls Glee Club Girls Ensemble Senior Class Play Junior Class Plays RICHARD R CHAMBERS General Rich is Steelton s own Beethoven what would he do without gnrlsn all spare moments spent in sleeping S Hu Y A Cappella Freshman Chorus Band Basketball Baseball Track TERRANCE S CHAMBERS General Terry-another of 303s extra tall boys an admirer of red hair smooth on both the basketball court and the baseball field S Hn Y Audio Visual Club Cappella Freshman Chorus Band Baseball HAROl.D R COONEY Industrial Arts Cooney lust completed 12 years of relaxation always eager for 1 QQ R ' R 55 - I . I . . . . . . r- l' 1 1 I , , f . rl .- I . h . I A I 1 I . . - V- f 5 as-.g'-' , . Z , , , 8 ,Y 5. ' ' ta , I . , . . . .-zz" I ' ' ' f that 3:30 bell . . . women are no J V-fpgfff-I M ' . ' . gi fau l t ' ' I A - I t 'I ?TQi"'51 Pf ' I F I I - , f I , . ,t 4 ' ' . . .h f . . , . . . I . I I I s I I - I I - . , , , . MARGARET ANN CANNING Commercial Our dancing Peggy can always be found an East End favorite hobby wunkmg at football players Jr Red Cross Service Desk Switch board Operator Otlhce Messenger Freshman Chorus Senior Class Play Junior Class Plays headache for him Science Club Safety Council A Cappella Freshman Chorus LlLLlAN CARO LE CURLEY General Curley IS the walking dictionary of the senior class hopes to wear the white uniform of a nurse as her share of vim and vigor lngot Editorial Junior Historians Service Desk Switchboard Operator A Cappella Strung Ensemble Fresh man Chorus Girls Glee Club Or chestra Chess Club Senior Class Play '1 rf wx Q ?',. yi 'Eff f "I::P9' f st 'vs Mm ,Fir f, l 4 Q A 'fl' 314 Q-avi' PETER P. CVEK, JR. General Peo works loyally for the Safety Council says little but listens well . . . hopes to become a First- rate mechanic. Safety Council GLORIA MAE DEAN Commercral Glorra us quite the eager beaver one of the first to arrive In 303 her mirror is the favorite of the make up artists Jr Red Cross Freshman Chorus HAROLD ALLEN DECKER College Preparatory Decker Hashes his bashful smlle for his favorite females handles everyday news lpapers that Isl u no Visual Club J Hn Y Cappella Freshman Chorus Octet Basketball Mgr PAUL E DEIBLER Commercial Small but powerful thats Tick a friendly fellow with a good natured disposition one of Gregg s faithful followers Jr Hr Y Safety Council Switchboard Operator A Cappella Freshman Chorus Band Football Track JOHN S FAUL College Preparatory John is a true leader of the Band and the Class has favorite song Jeanne With the Light Brown Hair Student Council Audio Visual Club Jr Hn Y A Cappella Freshman Chor us Octet Orchestra Band Com mencement Committee Senior Class Play Junior Class Plays Basketball Track Drum Malor MARY ELIZABETH FAWBER Commercial Mary is our shy quiet lass presses her talents in the Art Room soft spoken and a friend to all who really know her DAVID G FINNEY Industrial Arts Dave takes a lot of lokung with smile can be found most any liked by all has classmates Sr Hi Y Jr Hi Y Football FAYE E FLETCHER Commercial Dusty likes to play baseball and basketball sings during most of her spare time swings a smooth stroke in shorthand Home Economics Club 25 .. . . . .. .I . h . I - ' r 1 ' I I I I - , , , , , . T - l - ' , ' . . . ex- Hlfr ., - H , ' . . td, V g' -,E Ad-' , r. A ' l I I I I Q1-. "" 3 . time un uc s oolroom . . . well- .... : 2. 1 , J - - J '.-I :flat ' K, . .- I .I . Srl , , ,. l , r - DONALD H FROMM Commercaal Don always Flashes a smale knows has way around pacture pro lectors always dependable lngot Busaness Audao Vasual Club J Ha Y Swatchboard Operator Junaor Class Plays Football Track RUTH ELEANOR FRYE Commercial Ruth offers answers for most every thang Mass Gardners headache quate the operator who loves to talk Home Economacs Club Swatchboard Operator SYLVIA MAY GETZ College Preparatory East Sade West Sade whach as home for our attractave Sylvian? definately prefers tall blond basket ball players lngot Edatoraal Owaassa Club Ser vace Desk Dramatac Club Offace Messenger Deans Otface Garls Athletac Club A Cappella Freshman Chorus Garls Ensemble Cheerleader Latan Club Senaor Class Play Junaor Class Plays Dramatac Club Play GAYLOR GREENE General Pete as that tall, handsome guy wath many admarers ca stellar asset to Steeltons football team never overworks Football, Track pant on if la'-J' -.,....-. 26 PEGGY ANN HAAS Commercaal A sharp garl wath clothes to match Peggy can always be seen wath Esae loves doncang Servace Desk Swatchboard Operator Oftace Messenger Garls Athletac Club Freshman Chorus Pep Squad HELEN JOANNE HADLEY Commercial Joanne as ready and wallang to have fun at all tames enloys radang an yellow convertables moves lake a wharlwand JunaorHastoraans Labrary Club Swatch board Operator Dramatac Club Deans Offace A Cappella Band Chess Club MARIAN LOU HAGENBERGER College Preparatory Our contrabutaon to all male pataents Maa Lou was the talented ac tress an our class plays quate a good student too lngot Edatoraal Jr Red Cross Owaassa Club Offace Messenger Deans Oftace Stand Helper A Cappella Freshman Chorus Garls Glee Club Garls Ensemble Pep Squad Latan Club Commencement Commattee Senaor Class Play Junaor Class Plays VERNELL DELO RES HANNA General Nay delaghts an lendang a helpang hand an the Iabrary very quaet but has a smale for all traes to do everythang well has a weak ness for red glasses Labrary Club PATSY JEAN HATCHER General Tex I5 Steelton Hlghs gnft from the Lone Star State Mass Pres adds flavor and zest to the Owaussa Cub lngot Edntorsal Student Councul Jr Red Cross Owalssa Club Servnce Desk Swutchboard Operator Deans Office OHICG Messenger ACappella Gnrls Ensemble Band lColor Guardl Sensor Class Play Junlor Class Plays JEAN MARIE HOERNER College Preparatory A conversatuonal speed demon Jean prefers her males wlth hugh hats and batons fun Iovmg and very popular lngot Business Owalssa Club Service Desk Camera Club OHICC Messenger Deans Office A Cappella Octet Freshman Chorus Glrls Glee Club Orchestra Band Semor Class Play Junior Class Plays ELlZALEE HUMMEL College Preparatory Introducing our hugh steppmg head malorette Hummel lends a hand behind the soda fountaln always has her share of A s lngot EdIl0YICl Owalssa Club OHICG Messenger Dean s Oftnce A Cappella Octet Freshman Chorus Girls Glee Club Gurls Ensemble Magorette Chess Club MELVIN L JACKSON Commercial Mel spends spare moments with a cue stuck delnghts nn packing up speed an shorthand one of 303 s late arrivals un the early morning hours Track sv' w--fr 1 GERALD W JACOBY College Preparatory One of 5l s smooth dressers Jake IS a sharpshooter on the basket ball court BT O on the Student Councll Student Councnl Sr H Y Jr Hu Y, Camera Club A Cappella Octet Freshman Chorus Brass Ensemble Orchestra Band Chess Club .lunuor Class Plays Football Basketball Track BEATRICE J JOHNSON Commercial Bea never seems too tnred to help a hard worker with a very pleaslng personalnty always chatting with Faye In 303 Home Economncs Club JACQUELINE B JONES College Preparatory Jackie ns Steelton Hughs famous orator forever studymg French success wnll surely shine her way Orchld to You pupul lngot Editorial Student Council Swntchboard Operator Girls Ath letuc Club A Cappella Pep Squad Latm Club Commencement Com mnttee WILLIAM JONES General A fast man on the track IS Skuggy speaks wnth one of those deep deep bass voices qulte a favor lte with all who know hum as a friend Track SZ PATSY ANN JORICH C ommercral Mmnre IS our prize class clown never wears o frown loves to model danglmg earrmgs a dance an Owalssa Club Llbrary Club Servlce Desk Home Economlcs Club JAMES JURINA General Fee as better known as Old Effer vescence In physlcs class often gets attacks of the gnggles cupld certainly nauled htm Sr HIY Basketball Baseball JOSEPH R KELLER General Just call thus hunk of man Muscles dad has share toward makmg a successful Steamroller friendly wnth the female animal Sclence Club Sr Hn Y Freshman Chorus Football Basketball Track ELIZABETH ANN KEYS College Preparatory Quiet as a mouse In classes but tremendously energetlc m sports Libby Ann I5 SHS s female basketball ace works hard to be successful Gnrls Athletnc Club Swltchboard Operator Latin Club CHARLES E LEADER JR College Preparatory Eddie really knows how to move on a dance Floor a sure wmner nn any ptterbug contest never has too much to say to the women S Hu Y A Cappella Freshman Chorus Band Football Baseball Track BETTY LOU LEFTWICH Commercial Betty spends all of her spare tame an the Burg even blue Mon days never seem to turn off that pleasung smnle Ruth s shadow Home Economics Club MARTHA MACUT Commercial What a top notch cheerleaderlll Bmka always seems to be chattermg Mlss Kulp s headache a fun lovmg person lngot Business Owalssa Club Jumor Htstorlans Dramatic Club Offtce Messenger Deans Office A Cap pella Freshman Chorus Gurls Glee Club Cheerleader Pep Squad Senior Class Play Junior Class Plays Dramatic Club Play SAMUEL McCOY General Sam ts often seen but never heard rumor has It that he really gets ww-3' if evict around a fruend nndeed of ' of the 48 Keys 28 'SQ 1 RONALD EUGENE McKAMEY General Newt and hus trombone are almost unseparable a hugh lump artust un Track never quuet more than two munutes at a tume A Cappella Brass Ensemble Orches tra Band Football Track LARRIE H MCLAMB JR General .lake us also known as Pretzel Bender contents humself at an artust s easel very generous wuth hus smules and hus good manners lngot Edutorual Orchestra FRANCIS C McNAUGHTON Commercial School us not a partucular favorute of thus handsome West Sude fellow Fran admures beautuful thungs gurls of course a sharp dresser Baseball KATHLEEN J METTLER Commercual Here us Katy who was voted the best lookung and best dressed gal un the class a deflnute asset to any busuness offuce worrues never bother her EDNA J MILAKOVIC College Preparatory Edna delughts un teasung everyone always armed wuth an actuve pencul pulots the Jr Red Cross lngot Edutorual Jr Red Cross Owaussa Club Deans OHuce Oftuce Messen ger Gurls Athletuc Club Freshman Chorus Pep Squad MARCELLA MOFFITT Commercual Theres never a dull moment when Joame us around rates hugh as a good dancung partner a good student too lngot Busuness Junuor Hustoruans Swutchboard Operator Home Eco nomucs Club Lubrary Club ELEANOR A MURRAY Commercial Annue us forever laokung for the blueburd tuckles the 88 keys wuth perfectuon steams around un her Plymouth Swutchboard Operator Home Eco nomucs Club Strung Ensemble Fresh man Chorus Orchestra JOSEPH A NACCARATO General Steelton Hughs shortstop Joe greets everyone wuth a smule and has loads of fruends never seems to get unto trouble Sr Hu Y, Freshman Chorus, Basketball, Baseball EARL RICHARD NEUBAUM General Mickey beats a well worn path to East End hls favonte llne Ill do the pencul work future draftsman on the road to success Student Councll S H1Y C m mencement Committee Semor Class Play Jumor Class Plays Basketball DAVID H ORBOCK College Preparatory A powerful Steamroller guard the Ennstem of the Class of 5l wonder what makes Dave blush when the weaker sex get on hls tranln Sr HIY Freshman Chorus Jumor Class Plays Football Track EDWARD J ORBOCK JR College Preparatory lf you luke them wuth brams and muscle too-Edd1e as lust the one for ou deflnltely belleves In the saymg Go West' Sr H1 Y Jr H1 Y Freshman Chorus Latm Club Football Track JANET L OWENS C ommerclal .lanet IS our chonce as the best danc mg partner for Fred Astaire er blonde tresses and pleasmg smlle will fill any office wlth sunshine Jr Red Cross Lnbrary Club Service Desk Offuce Messenger Deans OHICE A Cappella Freshman Chorus Gurls Glee Club Jumor Class Plays MARY ANN PAOLONE C ommerc1al Red follows both the pugskm and the carners cant seem to attach her name to any speclal flame quute a sweater gurl Servuce Desk RICHARD L PHILLIPS Industrial Arts Dick halls from the West Slde takes pleasure In basketball and loaing a follower of the gang to Mnke s no gal trouble for h1m Freshman Chorus MARILYN E POTTIGER College Preparatory Lyn as a worthy candndate for any Optomlsts Club always wllllng to help others plans to be our Angel of Mercy lngat Ed1tor1al Student Councul, Jr Red Cross Owalssa Club Servlce Desk Camera Club Offlce Messen ger Deans Offuce Stand Helper A Cappella Freshman Chorus Glrls Glee Club Band Chess Club Semor Class Play Junlor Class Plays FOREST W PUGH JR Industrial Arts Buddy was Mr Koons nght hand man wh1le managmg the football team a star on the basketball court doesnt lose sleep over home work Freshman Chorus Basketball Base ball Football Mgr 1 . . . . 1 111 . 11 - ...C "' , l'. -, O' 1 1 1 ' 1 ,,, ..- . . 1 ' . . -' ' - '1 1 ' 1 1 - . , . - ... ,, ,, 1 ... . 11 11 ,, ,, - '1 - '1 1 , 1 1 ' . , 1 1 1 ' 1 . 1 1 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 , . ' 1 , . ' ' , 1. . . . . ' 1 , , . . 1 ' ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 , . -1 . , . WILLIAM F RAJK General Always seen drnvmg a black Ply mouth loaded wnth non paymg pas sengers loves em and leaves em Bill ns the glggler 'Vf i RICHARD J REICH College Preparatory Rich eats sleeps and lives for foot ball basketball and baseball well succeed In anything he under takes hopes to follow Gibby to West Pomt Sr HI Y Jr H1 Y Football Basketball Track Baseball WILLIAM REIDER General Bill really deserves the tutle of the Best Dressed quiet lm schooll has that certain way that makes a poor gurls heart throb Ingot Edltonal A Cappella Fresh man Chorus Senior Class Play Junior Class Plays Track DONALD RISSER Commercial Here IS our Harry James ofthe Class o 5l Pistol never seems to worry nor to hurry took a swat at basketball a class sleeper Safety Council Band Basketball MILDRED ROKSANDICH Commercial The border Ime gurl-lives In Steelton but her hearts un Paxtang Mickey IS often seen wuth Blnka a sweet gal for any ottuce Ingot Busnness Lnbrary Club Owaussa Club Service Desk Deans Offnce, Glrls Glee Club Sensor Class Play Jumor Class Plays SYLVIA E ROSSI General When anyone mentuons smglng Sally always seems to shme er next stop The Metropalutan has one of those chance seats In 303 Servnce Desk Olffnce Messenger, Dean s Offuce A Cappella Freshman Chorus Girls Glee Club ELSIE M SCHMIDT Commercral Elsie never gives her laws a rest- elther It s gum or sts talkvng our energetic lltlle cheerleader who never seems to get tired Jumor Hustornans Owanssa Club Servuce Desk Dramatuc Club Stand Helper Girls Athletic Club A Cap pella Freshman Chorus Gurls Glee Club Cheerleader Sensor Class Play Jumor Class Plays RUBY R SEABRIGHT Commercial Loyal and fauthful to the Marines a qunet charrnmg lass who wull be greatly missed by the Band Ruby IS one of our favorstes Ingot Editorial Owalssa Club GITIS Athletuc Club Band Junior Class Plays JEAN T SETTINO Commercial Jean rated all our votes for Most Courteaus chmbs the golden steps lup Locust Streeil always prompt and always dependable lngot Business Student Council Dean s Offlce Commencement Committee Owalssa Club WALTER SHANK JR General Hus favorlte sport-pestermg gurls Walter IS an excellent contor tuonlst when beatmg the bass drum knows a llttle about most every thmg Audio Vrsual Club A Cappella, Freshman Chorus Band Orchestra, Football Track PAUL F SHAUB General Turtle IS one of our luttle but mrghty Steamrollers from the West Slde helps explain that top rating wnth the gals A Cappella Freshman Chorus Foot ball Baseball JANET C SHOOP General Janet and Margie are lust luke two peas m a pod e combma tuon makes The Glgglmg Twms one of the dancmg dolls of our c ass Jr Red Cross Home Economics Club Freshman Chorus Glrls Glee Club DONALD G SIMONIC College Preparatory Don as our left tackle In football and center In basketball makes most other fellows look like peanuts sports qulte a collection of cars Student Council A Cappella Fresh man Chorus Sensor Class Play .lumor Class Plays Football Basket ball Track DAVID SIN G ER General Wanted Bag League Baseball News Source Singer and has vast knowledge of the sport enloys playing football behmd the Munlclpal Bulldmg Freshman Chorus Football Basketball SYLVESTER SLADE Commercial Slag possesses a pnceless sunny s posltlon keeps busy wuth an Interest ln football track and the Band doesnt waste much tlme nn school Band, Football Track JOHN J SLOVINAC Commercial A bram an shorthand and typmg .lohnny enloys teasmg the gurl has a wonderful sense of humor and a poke for any occaslon lngot Busaness Junlor Hustorlans Dramatic Club Senlor Class Play Junior Class Plays Dramatnc Club P ay 32 .. .. . . . . 1 1 I I ' .I I ' 1 1 I I ' , . , . . - . I 1 1 , . 1 1 . . . voted the "Best Looking" which I I - , . ' di - . . I I , . , . .1 . .. - . ' . . .th ' - . 1. . . . 1. I . ' 1 I 1 ' . , . , . 1. . 1. . . . . . C . , . . . l 1 1 . I I . DONALD W SMITH Commercial Don haunts the Blue Pug hus wlld collectlon of many colored shlrts wall bland you putts around nn a green convertlble Audlo Vlsual Club Jr HI Y Swutch board Operator Camera Club A Cappella Freshman Chorus Football Track TH ERESA J SPANITZ Commercral Spends most of her time and money wrltnng letters Terry wall chat at the drop of a hat a future sec retary wlth a smlle to help her along Deans Oftlce Glrls Glee Club ANNA M SPIROFF Commerclal Ann was one of our part time working keep her boss nn a fog very capable and very dependable In all she does lngot Busuness Service Desk Gtrls Glee Club Band AU GUSTINE F SPIZZIRRI General Short dark and handsome thats Gus partial to the West Sade and blondes an all around athlete who always trues to do hs best Audno Vnsual Club Sr Hu Y Football Basketball Baseball Track HELEN M SPORIK Commercial Helen always seems to be tn a hurry wnshes mghts were longer and days were shorter was the efflclent Business Manager of the INGOT lngot Buslness Audra Vlsual Club Jumor Hnstorlans Library Club Swntch board Operator Dramatuc Club Office Messenger Orchestra Band Jumor Class Plays ROBERT J STRANGARITY General Bob IS our authorlty on all firearms loves to hunt Keller s rnght hand man a confirmed bachelor who by passes all women Basketball M JEANNETTE STROUD Commercial A typewrltlng speedster Jean nette definately has one lucky number 43 an ardent sports lover with lots of school spmt lngot Edltorlal Student Council Jumor Hnstormans Owaussa Club Service Desk Camera Club Dramatnc Club Offuce Messenger A Cappella Glrls Glee Club Pep Squad Sensor Class Play Jumor Class Plays ELYNOR MARIE SWARTLEY Commercial What wnll Mnss Lamke do wnthout Marten? a good student who always offers a helpmg hand never has too much to say lngot Busmess Owalssa Club Service Desk Office Messenger Band Jumor Class Plays I 1 .U , . - . , , , , , . , , . I . - . I I I ' , , , 1 , , . t . gals . . . her stenog will probably , , -- l , . . . . , 1 .I . f , , . . , , , , . I I L I ' i I ' D I ' 'l I I , , - , . I . I , I I I . ROBERT H SWEIGART General Mouse IS a spark plug manager for sports who wull be hard to replace keen and likeable luggles o load of books Sclence Club Sr Hu Y Camera Club A Cappella Freshman Chorus Junlor Class Plays Football Mgr Basketball Mgr JUNE LORETTA TRICE C ommerclal A proud possessor of beautiful long black hair .lune sings In a rlch mellow voice helps keep Lincoln Street on the map Jr Red Cross Home Economucs Cub Offnce Messenger A Cappella EMMA E VASl.EY General Emma really made a hut un commg to the U S from Czechoslovakua a good student who really handles a typewruter wlth speed and accuracy lngot Buslness Switchboard Operator Home Economlcs Club FRANK W VERBOS General Duxle comes from the South South Steelton that tsl llkes all the gurls but loves none Fees shadow Football Basketball WILLIAM WAGNER Commercfal A guy whose cue stuck at Ducks seldom cools off Bill us another member of the Blue Pug outfit has a mlnd that relaxes Jr HIY Band Sensor Class Play Football ROSE MARIE WAJDIC Commercial Ro trods the beaten Petersburg path another converhble enthuslast a fanthful member of S H S s Band Freshman Chorus Band MARGARET J WELSH Commercial Margie IS one of our prlze gum chewers her hobby Ioafing outsude of Room 207 always has somethmg to chatter about Jr Red Cross Home Economlcs Club Dean s Office WILLIAM A ZELKO General Another member of the mnghty Steam roller Bill doesnt belleve In spending too much tame with books has many female admurers Football . . . 1 , . - , , ' ' I r 1 1 1 ' 1 -1 I 1 1 l a . I . . . . . v . , I , , - , . l ' ' - 1 1 ' ' v . . . - 1 . . , . . . . . . . nt I vt . . . , . . JANE FRANCES ZERANCE Commercial Our Class Treasurer who kmls and wears very attrachve sweaters .lame us a fervenl As and Phnls fan a fruend to all Ingo! Busmess Jumor Hlslorlans Library Club Owanssa Club Camera Club Office Messenger Dramahc Club Gurls Alhlehc Club A Cappella Freshman Chorus Girls Glee Club Sensor Class Play Junlor Class Plays 35 Y? LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We The Class of l95l of Steelton Hugh School being of weak mlnds and havung served our four year term nn the same lnstltutlon do hereby publish this to be our Last Wlll and Testament Jeannette Stroud leaves her faithful attend ance at football practuce to Dolores Cackovnc Patsy Hatcher leaves her southern hospltaluty to Betty Har: Jean Hoerner leaves her musucal abnluty to Judith Reed Bobby Ann Brumbaugh leaves her faithfulness to the Owalssa Club to Joan Longnaker Don Slmonuc leaves hls coveted posltlon of left tackle to Juggy Mallnak Richard Relch leaves hrs athletlc ablllty to Russ Lutz Gerry Jacoby leaves hrs sharp wardrobe to Georgie Padlen Paul Shaub leaves has good looks to Paul Feldmann Ellzalee Hummel leaves her head malorette posltlon to some capable Jumor Sylvla Getz leaves her posltlon of head cheerleader to Mary Lou Zapcnc Mnckey Neubaum leaves hls cheerful on blue Mondays to David Sheetz Paul Delbler leaves hrs pln up gurls to Warren Hoffman David Orbock leaves has bashfulness to Donald Kerstetter Donme Alecxlh leaves has l get around look to Earl Gloeckler Manlyn Pottlger leaves her love for music to Almne Sntlmger Joe Keller leaves has bar bells to Ernie Fal cone Peg Cannmg leaves her cherished seat ID 303 to Marlon Chuappetta John Faul leaves hrs leadership to any cap able Jumor boy Charles Leader leaves hrs dancing ablluty to Rod Grum Duck Phllllps leaves his love for loaflng to Cutter Kocevar Buddy Pugh leaves has ablllty to play basket ball to John Mulakovnc Janet Owens leaves her smooth dancing steps to Loss Devlln Gloria Dean leaves her artlstlc ablllty to Joy Reutzel Dolly Acrl leaves her friendly smule to Mary Baker Pete Greene leaves hrs daily sleeping spells In class to James Hymon Blnka Macut leaves her strong lungs to NancyTrout Katy Mettler leaves her wardrobe of clothes to Jo Ann Thompson Walter Shank leaves his ablllty to gab to Fllp Spaseff Bobby Swengart leaves his duty as manager of sports to Mrckey Myers Rose Waldlc leaves her day dreamung to Barbue Lallch Caroline Borota leaves her naturally curly halr to the Tom twins Marlon Brandt Bull Render leaves has charm wlth the gurls to Lowle Donato Libby Keys leaves her athletuc abullty to Sara Wallace Larrle McLamb leaves hls sunny smule to some pesslmustlc teacher Pnstol Rlsser leaves has neat appearance to Donnle Semlc Helen Sporlk leaves all her secretarlal duties to Joyce Getz Edna Mllakovnc leaves her Red Cross mallet to Beverly Musser The sensors leave S H S with the hopes that the Juniors will have as much fun and galn as much as we have To two capable Junlors Jackle and Bobby Ann leave the headaches they had whsle complllng thus page Witnesses MR C W EISENHART MR K L HOCKER Arll 95l . J .' 22' . . U I - - D 23' . . l . . .. . ' . .. 24. . ' r ' . l ' 25. I l ' ' ' . . .. ' .. 26. u . . ' . . . .. 27. , - - I . 28. . J . .. I ' I 29. 'I ' ' '.. 30' . .Q . l - . . . A ' ,,Hi!,, 3l. I ' I It D . . .-- . l 32. Jackie Jones leaves her love for orating to . ' . 33. ' . ' l ' " ' . . ' . 35. - D ' . t - ' ' I - . - 36. . . . 0 . u ' I . U . . 37. . J . . t . l . - 38' . .I U A ' . U .. 40' l J ' l . ps' .I .1 36 CLASS ou: 5 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED '3- if RICH b YL? 'WY 4... DRESSED azu. C ii! MOST COURTEOUS 'IJ' MARILYN X Te NIGHT OWLS 37 9-..,. MOST DIGNIFIED MOST TALKATHIE ' BEST :L Ni Y MARIAN I' . V. .. . Q DN- 4 P w' . v R O x f 4 N 5 M "x x r BEST LOOKING BEST ACTOQS ,pw Q '7 MOST WHOS MOST if sruonous DON sw 1,4 D N1 MOST ATH LETIC ,,4 V ANN MOST HUMOQOUS PETE -AQ,1'osTlc C'-A55 38 DREAMEQS 9 E5 by 190 M A ahmxvjflx DZIVA nl:-5 1 g y 4, QOQSV ' NA ' Q lil S, I W 43 : .... gr, QF 0 1 5 99564 300 , XCYX g 'K K 9 XLS? X vo? -, 0 A L N 4 V A J? A no WHO Cl-JC? H, ii MOST ui POPULAR Boa FRJENDLIEST ACVJL P5 BENEFICIALTO SCHOOL Q..-f 'iv MOST BASHFUL JANET 39 Sw? MOST MUSICAL MOST OQIGINAL ei K up 5-4 EDDE i' BEST DANCERS 5, Ji wS Wfeu KVVV 4 Mosv QS 5 we E wc . af. mf. . ri I L fX S A! I 'i ff dx-44 41 A 'e -v Y 'Z-i':',r, mg, ' IFJ., A 78 , I 3. . .XV , 'cf 1" . I Q 9 I .Q A I .J 1 1 A 172 4 4, 437 W9 .v ve, fry M L T 3 5 ls 44 -fw- 2 L62 Z 1? A A fr N M , , 5 44 5 fa 1-""' gs' N -0 -quaint' W ' N ' y 'I , l, 1 f , CLASS OF '53 u CLASS OF '54 ..qQjh,,.nw"-f CLASS OF aqalfsownuf if 36 CLASS OF '56 ACTI ITIES 'I' xx .ai Q N S9 09.0-,..f. OWAISSA CLUB Firsi Row, left io Right Longnoker, Cockovic, Getz, Hummel, Hotcher, Pottiger, Swartley, Zeronce, Roksondich, Mocut, Acri. Second Row: Hogenberger, Settino, Zopcic, Seo- bright, Kolorcc, Sitlinger, Stroud, E. Schmidt. Third Row. Miss Lomke, Brumbough, Musser, Jorich, Bender, Colestock, Hari, M. A. Schmidt, Miss Gorrcly. Fourih Row- Hoerner Milokovic, Corson, Long, Stickle, Tuckey. Advisors . MISS GARRATY MISS LAMKE GIRLS' ATHLETIC CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Schmidt, Holmes, Heller, Groome, Cvizic, Popp, Haos Second Row: Getz, Finney, Sherbocker, Zopcic, Loych, Reider. Third Row: Decker, Wollcce, Brown, Rupp, Keys. Fourih Row: Milokovic, Miss Kulp, Beinhouer. Advisor . ,.., . , MISS KULP LIBRARY CLUB First Row, Lefi to Righi: Hanna, Slood, Longnoker, Cigic, Rehkugler, Evans, B. Bowman, Smith, Cockovic, Jordonoff. Second Row: Jorich, Brown, Thomas, Bortlcus, Bozdor, Bosnick, Wright, Stence. Third Row: Miss Ryder, Bender, Corson, Owens, Broshecrs, Vulich, Rinesmith, Gruich, J. Bowman. Advisor ,,., . MISS RYDER ,, ..-Q-A., , , -- - DRAMATIC CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Stonesiter, Sherbocker, Furlan, M. A. Schmidt, S. Getz Sheetz, E. Schmidt, J. Getz. Second Row: Mr. Ivey. Cackovic Sload, Holmes, Branoft, Thompson, Hari, Stroud. Third Row Deckman, Gruich, Loolxer, Yeingst, Beinhauer, Carson, Tuckey, Yovonovich. Fourth Row: Abbott, Roof, Alecxin. Advisor MR. IVEY SR. HI-Y First Row, Lett to Right: Sweigcrt, Naccorato, Jurina, Jacoby, Neubaum, Reich, R. Chambers, T. Cham- bers, Leader, A Spizzirri. Second Row: Yanich, R. Spizzirri, Shall, Finney, E. Orbock, Spaseff, Pcdjen, Ponti. Third Row: Mr. Shotsberger, Hoffman, Shroy. D. Orbock. Fourth Row: Donato, Alecxih, Keller, Malinok, Fal- cone, Balsbaugh, Sheetz Advisor MR. SHOTSBERGER AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB First Row, left to Right: Heck Brodnick, Nicotera, Balsbcugh. D. Fromm, J Fromm. Second Row: Roksandich, Myers, Falcone, Spizzirri, Kerstetter. Third Row: Shank, Smith, Prowell, Sporik. Advisor , . , MR. BALSBAUGH CAMERA CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Longnoker, Shields, Zcpcic, Rinesmilh, Thompson, Rupp, Stroud, Stence. Second Row: Gaffney, Heck, Ivey, Nicoterc, Sit- Iinger, Singer, Burkett. Third Row: Mr. Shatto, Brodnick, Falcone, Sposeff, Kerstetter, E. Bclsbuugh, J. Bolsbaugh. Fourth Row: Smyers, Smith. Advisor , . , MR SHATTO OFFICE MESSENGERS First Row, Left to Right: Holmes, Slood, Cigic, Haas, Getz, Acri, Bozdor, Owens, Shroy. Second Row: Eckhart, Long, Trout, Looker, Zcrkovic, Canning, Stroud, Ccckovic, Lubic. Third Row: Hcgenberger, Zopcic, Beinhauer, Waidic, Swortley, Borota, Mrs. Cordas. Fourth Row: Brumbaugh, Pottiger, Hoerner, Hatcher. Advisor ..,.,..,... MRS. CORDAS DEAN'S OFFICE ATTENDANTS First Row, Left to Right: Lolich, Hummel, Getz Hcmgenberger, Zcpcic, Tresco, Loych, Reitzel Owens, Yovonovich. Second Row: Kerns, Long, Eckhart, Deon, Hoerner, Sherbocker, Rupp, Reed, Hatcher. Third Row: Gribble, Beinhcuer, Stickle, Hcnshcw Cvizic, Trout, Musser, Deckman, Mrs. Schriver. Fourth Row: Welsh Mummert, Pottiger, Furlon Hadley, Sitlinger. Advisor .,... . MRS. SCHRIVER 1 1 1 SAFETY COUNCIL First Row, Lefl fo Right D. Cooney, Smith, R. Cooney, J, Shannon, Hafer, J. Shannon, Phillips, Sheridan, Dragovich. Second Row: Day, Vance, Roach, Risser, Ponfi, Carnes, Shipp, H. Cooney, Raik. Third Row: Mr Heller, Verbos, Amadure, Sheriff, Guerrisi, Gruin, Freman, Cvek. Advisor MR. HELLER JUNIOR HISTORICAL SOCIETY Firsf Row, lefl lo Righl: Stonesifer, Zopcic, Long- naker, Coleslock, Wiest, Yeingsf, Hoover, Fure. Second Row: G. Heck, Sfickle, Kolaroc, J. Heck, Beinhouer, Sporik, Falcone, Brodnick. Third Row: Carter, Burkett, Orris, Abboll, Sheetz, Messner, Miss Fischer. Fourth Row: Roof, Lively, Devaric. Advisor MISS FISCHER SERVICE DESK Firsl Row, Left lo Right: Zopcic, Poolone, Sherbocker, Acri, Morrone, Cackovic, Reilzel. Second Row: Curley, Reed, Bender, Hatcher, Yeingsl, Thompson, Looker. Third Row. Swarfley, Clay, Tuckey, Deckmon, Yefter, Polliger. STUDENT COUNCIL First Row, left to Right: Gruich, Duralia, Hanna, Jones, D. Cockovic, Kerns, J. Cackovic, Chandler. Second Row: Heller Stickle, Yeingst, Duckworth, Pottiger, Hatcher, Hoffman. Third Row: Pearson, Wuidic, Rebok, Milukovic, Lutz, Mr. Knuth. Fourth Row: Simonic, Jacoby, Neubaum. Advisor ,......,..4. MR. KNUTH JR. HI-Y First Row, Left to Right: Haas, Duralio, R. Devlin, Silver, Chandler, W. Devlin, Steffen, Gruich. Second Row: S. Hogenberger, Materozzi, Lively, Moyer, Erwine, Coates, Custer. Third Row: Shaub, Beistline, Gricoski, Biesecker, P. Hagenberger, Mr. Bacastow. Fourth Row: Smyers, Ivey, Stair. Advisor ....... , . . MR. BACASTOW A CAPPELLA CHOIR First Row, Left to Right: Stonesifer, Jones, Hummel, M. Hagenberger, Getz, Baker, Cackovic, Loych, Musser, Branoft, Weiser, Reitzel, Sheetz. Second Row: Heck, Hoerner, Brumbaugh, Hatcher, Curley, Colestock, Rossi, Sitlinger, Locker, Pottiger, Beistline, P. Hagenberger, Burkett. Third Row: Smyers, Deibler, Trice, Long, Beinhauer, Carson, Abbott, Myers, Biesecker, Gally, Lively. Fourth Row: Jacoby, Faul, Alecxih, Roof, Shank, Brookin, Bordner, Decker, Mr. Stonesifer. Director MR. STONESIFER FRESHMAN CHORUS First Row, Left to Right: Moyer, Gaffney, Nickoloff, Winkleman, Bowman, Jordanoff, Murphy, Shields, Foesel, Rehkugler, Smith, Lynn, Dragovich. Second Row: Carnes, Shealter, Duckworth, Schmidt, Waidic, Rupp, Groome, Bazdar, Stence, William- mee, Beistline. Third Row: Spink, P. Hagenberger, Garrett, Rine- smith, Morrone, Clay, Reed, Brown, Hater, Mum- mert, S. Hagenberger. Fourth Row: Mr. Stonesifer, Pace, Owens, White, Roach, Rebok, Ivey, Smyers, Biesecker. Director . . MR. STONESIFER JUNIOR RED CROSS First Row, Left to Right: Karstetter, Layman, FVYG. Hanna, Zimona, Renninger, Smith, Evans. Second Row: Stickle, Bazdar, Hagenberger, Yovano- vich, Cvizic, Stence, Reider, Zerbe. Third Row: Gamble, Jackson, Pearson, J. Reed, D. Reed, Gruich, Trout. Fourth Row: Mr. Burtner, Kocevar, Milakcvic, Welsh, Mummert. Advisor MR. BURTNER SCIENCE CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Fromm, Gaffney, Rinesmith, Groome, Tresco, Monn. Second Row: Myers, Shannon. Brodnick, Falcone, Mr.Hoerner. Third Row: Mack, McLamb, Braxton, Heck, Darnell, Kerstetter. Fourth Row: Roof, Bordner, Devaric. Advisor . . . MR. HOERNER HYGIENIC HISTORY CLUB Firsl Row, Lefl Io Righl: Garnell, Wright, Gcilher, Baylor, D. Frye, S, Lowson, Honno, Howard, Mr. James. Second Row: R. Anderson, F. Jones, Droyfon, Gosfon, Johnson, While, Clark, Saunders. Third Row: A. Frye, J. Jones, Gamble, C. Anderson, Hill. Fourfh Row: Bowers, Reed, E. Lawson, J. Jones, Robinson, Donnell. Advisor MR. JAMES 'wgri . ,A .. X ,,m,,.2, V T. . SENIOR HIGH GIRLS' ENSEMBLE Firsf Row, Lefi to Righi: Getz, Hagenberger, Loych, Slence, Nickoloff. Second Row: Bozdcr, Rinesmilh, Hatcher, Clay. Third Row: Brumbaugh, Mr. Stonesifer, Groome. Diredor MR. STONESIFER STRING ENSEMBLE Firsl Row, Lefl to Righf: Jordans-fT, Slonesifer, Colestock, Holmes, Corson, Renninger, A. Erwlne. Second Row: Brookin, Curley, Tresco, Reitzel, Getz, M. Erwine, Siflinger, Abbofl. Third Row: Reed, White, Troul, Russ, Thompson, Mr. Hoerner. Direclor MR. HOERNER ORCHESTRA First Row, Left to Right: Abbott, A. Erwine, Renninger, Jordanott, Stonesifer, Colestock, Holmes, Carson, Corbin, Hampton, Sheetz, Roof. Second Row: Brookin, Reed, Reitzel, Tresco, Thomp- son, Russ, Curley, Sitlinger, Hoerner, Eckhart, Ernakovich, Achimovich. Third Row: Getz, White, Trout, Pinkney, Balsbaugh, Alecxih, Sporik, McKamey, Stevens, Mclamb. Fourth Row: Mr. Hoerner, Beinhauer, Shank. Director . MR. SHEETZ STAND HELPERS First Row, Left to Right: Bosnjak, Schmidt, Hagen- berger, Thompson, Branoff, Cackovic. Second Row: Ivey, Brumbaugh, Furlan, Tuckey, Chiappetta, Reed, Lively. Third Raw: Heck, Pottiger, Carson, Gruich, Brown, Clay. Fourth Row: Mr. Ivey. Advisors MR, IVEY MR, HOERNER MR. YEINGST CCTET First Row, Left to Right: Beck, Hummel, Hoerner, Sitlinger, Reitzel. Second Row: Gally, Faul, Mr. Stonesifer, Jacoby, Decker, Sheetz. Director . MR. STONESIFER BRASS ENSEMBLE First Row, Left to Right: Stonesifer, Roof, Sheetz. Second Row: McKamey, Brookin, Stevens. Director , . , , .... . . MR. SHEETZ JUNIOR HIGH GLEE CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Bowman, Koneff, Zimona, Schoen, Karstetfer, Renninger, Morrison, Beinhaur, Rohocek, Shroy, Devlin, Miller. Second Row: Rhine, Blanding, Gruin, Semic, Calhoun, Erwine, Beck, Ohman, Harder, Lubic, Sharon, Hughes. Third Row: Dickerson, Sandoval, Donovan, Hummel, Loych, Roof, Clark, Harrison. Fourth Row: Chiappetta, Mummert, Cordas, Wagner, Kocevar. Director . . MR. STONESIFER JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS' ENSEMBLE Firsf Row, Leff Io Right: Zimona, Erwine, Beck, Beinhaur, Shroy. Second Row: Semic, Gruin, Loych, Calhoun, Ohman, Lubic. Third Row: Miss Thompson, Kocevar, Harder, Sharon. Direcfor ..,.. , , . MISS THOMPSON JUNIOR HIGH ART SERVICE CLUB Firsf Row, Leff Io Righl: Bowman, Bishop, Zimona, Karsleller, Trout, Renninger, Semic, Borola, Beck, Lubic, Kocevar, Rybacki, Rohacek, Milakovic, Celesky, Drayer, Wiesi, Dryer, Decker. Second Row: Martin, Hiler, P. Zimmerman, Roof, J. Zimmerman, Beinhaur, Albert, Benton, Hemsley, Heimbach, Erwine, Schoen, Krow, Ernakovich, Morrison, Slekovich, Klipa. Third Row: Corvin, Koneff, Fawber, Burger, Gruin, Harder, Hummel, Sharon. Fourfh Row: Mr. Nisley, Day, Spiroff, Maferazzi, Wagner, Messinger, Donovan, Suznovich, San- doval, Harrison, Clark, Fields, DiFroncesco, Luiz, Shannon, Wrighfslone, Bender. Advisor .... . . . MR. NISLEY ff K' N Seated Left to Right Foul Pottuger Hatcher Standing Left fo Right Render Macut Schmidt Slovmac Alecxlh Brumbaugh Hagen berger Neubcum Getz Balsbaugh SEVENTEENTH SUMMER Angle lthe gurll Margaret lher engaged slsterl Lorrame Iher hopeful susterl Kitty lher little slsterl Mrs Morrow lher motherl Mr Morrow lher fatherl Jack lthe boyl Art lMargaret s flancel Martm lLorrame s hopel Jane la menccel Tony la boy frlendl Margie la gurl frnendI Fltz lher steady I Prompters Stage Managers . , Property Manager . . A Play m Three Acts PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR CLASS Director, DOYLE W IVEY CAST OF CHARACTERS 58 ROBERTA BRUMBAUGH SYLVIA GETZ MARIAN HAGENBERGER PATSY HATCHER MARILYN POTTIGER JOHN FAUL DONALD ALECXIH EDWARD BALSBAUGH EARL NEUBAUM ELSIE SCHMIDT JOHN SLOVINAC MARTHA MACUT WILLIAM REIDER MILDRED ROKSANDICH PEGGY CANNING CAROLINE BOROTA JEANNETTE STROUD LILLIAN C. CURLEY . WILLIAM WAGNER ,- ., J.. 3. A I Ji ' 'A Sealed Lefl lo Rlghf Ivey Drayer Lanza Lewls Rusnov Geiz Tucxey Sfandmg Leff fo Rrghf Yovanovlch Holmes Alecxuh Vullch Slovmac Carson Zupanovnc Sheetz Mrs Fairfax lhousekeeper of Thornfleld Halll Adele Varens lRochester s adopted chuldl Nora lan lrlsh servant gnrll Grace Poole la servantl Jane Eyre Ia governessl Edward Rochesler lmasfer of Thornfleld Halll Bessie Leaven lJane s one hme nurse maldl Berlha Dowager Lady Ingram Lady Mary lher doughierl Doclar Carler Lady Blanche lMary s slsterl Sir Wilfred Lynn lm love wnh Blanchel Zna lan old gypsyl Richard Mason Rev John Rwers Promplers Properly Managers JANE EYRE A Romantic Play m Three Acts PRESENTED BY THE DRAMATIC CLUB Director, DOYLE W IVEY CAST OF CHARACTERS FAY DRAYER ANITA LANZA CAROL IVEY MARY CARSON PAT LEWIS DONALD RUSNOV DOROTHY TUCKEY LOIS HOLMES NANCY VULICH DOLORES CACKOVIC JOHN SLOVINAC FRANCES ZUPANOVIC DAVID SHEETZ JOYCE GETZ WILLIAM YOVANOVICH DONALD ALECXIH BETTY HARI JOANNE SLOAD MARY ANN SCHMIDT JOANN THOMPSON 59 JUNIOR CLASS PLAYS Nobody Sleeps A COMEDY Drrectors Mrss Lors Young Doyle W lvey CAST OF CHARACTERS Sprke la burglarl Daisy Busby Ada Busby slsters Glory Busby Mrs Busby lmother of the gurls Prornpters John Slovrnac Elsre Schmrdt Martha Macut Jeannette Stroud Helen Sporrk Margaret Cannmg Mary Ann Paolone Stage Manager Robert Swergart he ol Us A MYSTERY Director Paul C Shatto Jr CAST OF CHARACTERS Mrchael Agatha Irene Lettre Vernon Prompters Stage Managers Donald Alecxrh Roberta Brumbaugh Sylvra Getz Marrlyn Pottrger Earl Neubaum Dolores Acrr Jean Hoerner David Orbock Donald Srmonrc Evenrng Star A DRAMA Drrector Mrss Ruth Lee Deavor CAST OF CHARACTERS Lotta Mrtchell Patsy Hatcher Ann Alexander Marlon Hagenberger Christopher Bishop Tyrone DeVonde Thars Allen Vrola Walker Errk DeMrlIe Trm Murphy Mamre Celeste Prompters Stage Manager Joseph Keller Donald Fromm Janet Owens Jane Zerance Edward Balsbaugh John Faul Marte Swartley Mrldred Roksandrch Carolrne Borota Wrllram Render Gerald Jacoby II Il l l ' l l . ' l ' HG II Freda . Ruby Seabright Il . ll Q!! ax, 155.4 f fwf- I' ff V!! .Z Qc '32 f L if-'N-ff I fW4 f X ,ff SPORTS X 1 0 . N -L-Q .. 4 ' Q." fo gb' it .' . , a , f K x gym W! 0- 'Sk , , if ' ff 1 f 1 5 1 'W N J '- " -, W 6 L 1 f 62 ' ,fi- i- Z jf 7 ' X ' 2 N X X X .. E XXX . X Q X 1 X K' ,fl : , ' "'-,,f"'-. -- 4 X fi. X WI' SR of T MQ A U! Q. f kwxq X R f, j 71 1 -1' , Wx B I-, ..,T.... Left fo Rnghf Heller Shevock Koons Shofsberger Dr Silver Lange Hoy FMU? m ,., ,,,,,. FM? E 5 SwengarllMgrl Second Row Mr Lange J Feldmann Clark Carelock Delbler Zelko E Orbock Rench Keller Krovnc Greene Slmonuc Alecxuh McKamey Shaub Leader Donato Mr Hoy Third Row Mr Heller Mr Koons Dr Sulver Tezak P Feldmann D Orbock Lutz Malmok Padlen Kocevar Dnxon Shroy Chnvls Spnzzurrn Sums Mr Shofsberger Mr Shevock 62 I C U 1 i U1 m VP E I3 E l , a f 9 ' 6 K B- b K Q f . Q I 1 l' f Q. , Firsl' Row, Leff fo Righf: Pugh lMgr.l, Finney, Slade, Milakovic, Murphy, Campbell, Shull, Gloeckler, Hoffman, Benlon, Yanich, Hymon, !'T"""-"T Flrsl Row Left to Right Kamblc lMgrl Jones Tezak Kocevar MIlGkOVIC Shull Hoffman Murphy Yamch Dlxon Hymon Gloeckler Campbell Chuvus Myers lMgrl Second Row Mr Lange Mr Heller Starr Swartley Martm Rafal Kntner Enders Berkanstock Brod nlck Dragovlch Barbush Orrls Monn Napier Vasley Wllllammee Huslc NlcoteralMgrl Thlrd Row Wlllls Semlc Shlpp Darnell Spas ef? Benkovlc Gally Gasparovnc Cackovuc Gncoskl S Hagenberger P Hagenberger Wnght Amadure Hanna Enders Mr Hoy Fourth Row Smyers Braxton Blesecker Reach Belstllne Bordner Shaub Stevens Orbock Roof Smlth Shannon K Carnes MIhGIl0ff G Carnes Keklch Slade School Reading Hershey Ind Lancaster Middletown York John Hams Lebanon Wllluamsport L 1950 Football Schedule Sporfsmanshlp and Victory Wlll Our Slogan Be ea gue Games Date Sept c Oct Oct Nov Nov Nov Nov 63 Place Home Away Home Away Away Home Home Away SHS OPP l m -L4 , K . ' ' ......,....,.,......., . 23 34 O . .,.....,...,.....,.. O t. 7 35 l'-7 fWilliam Penn .,......,.,....,,... Oct. l4 Away 12 l3 1' ...,..............,... . 2l 50 2l ' ......,.....,......,, . 27 49 O t .......,... ........4.. . 4 20 6 2' ' .......,...,....,.... . l l I3 7 " ..,.............,.,... . l8 l3 6 of ' ' .,.................. . 23 7 20 inf w, Cl il lirliggek 5 3' 3 sn.-1 Hi Vw I X FIRST STRING-Firsl Row, Leff lo Right Greene, Keller, Simonic, Carelock, Spizzirri, D. Orbock, Krovic. Second Row: Shoub, Shroy, Reich, Donato. SECOND STRING Flrsf Row Lefl fo Rlghl Zelko E Orbock Malmak J Feldmann Alecxuh P Feldmann Clark Second Row Sums Lutz Padlen Benton THIRD STRING Fnrsf Row Left lo Rlghf McKamey Leader Tezak Campbell Slade Chivas Deubler Murphy Finney Second Row Dnxon Kocevar Hymon Mllakovnc Yamch Shull Gloeckler Hoffman 66 1 5 1 - 1 1 ' 1 1 - 1 1 5 1 1 1 - 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 3539, ffm 3 'E' -..L o - THE STEELTON HIGH SCHOOL BAND Hnghllghts Between Halves During the 1950 Football Season 68 Football Usherehes The Bond in Formation CHEERLEADERS Frrsl Row Lef? fo Rrghf Mocui Schmudf Gefz Zcxpcrc Sherbocker Second Row Rupp Horn Boker Deckman Advrsor MISS KULP MAJORETTES Furs! Row Lefffo Rfghi Hummel Hrldebrcnd Second Row Loych Popp Nnckoloff Heller Trout Rodle Fmney Cvxzlc Baer Looker Advisor MRS PAINE 69 I I I 1 I I - 5 1 1 I 4 ff -.. ffm, .- r rs .. . W I I I - 5 I 1 1 I I r , I 1 F stRo Lefllo Rrghl Mr Heller Stevens Gloeckler Pugh Jacoby Swelgar? Mgrl Second Row Mr Sholsberger Lutz Relch Clark Slmonc Dr Slver School Camp Hull Mechanlcsburg Hazleton Mechanucsburg Hershey Ind York Wllllamsporl Wllllam Penn Lebanon Lancaster Readung Elizabethtown Hershey lnd York Wlllnamsport Wllllam Penn Lebanon John Harris Lancasler Readmg VARSITY BASKETBALL League Games 70 Date ec ec Dec Dec on an an an an an an an e e e e e e e Mar Mace Home Away Home Home Away Home Away Home Away Away Home Away Home Away Home Away Home Away Home Away HS OPP l ir w, ' : . , , , , , ' L . . : . , , ' , , 1949-50 Basketball Schedule 5 . ' ..,,.,....,.......... D . l2 40 45 ' .,.,............... D . 'I5 40 47 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 60 47 ' ,..........,,..,.., . 29 51 45 A . ,........,........., J . 2 27 35 ' ............. ...... . . . J . 5 39 56 ' ' ,.....,,.....,,...... J . 9 30 58 5' ' ' .....,.............. J . l2 62 45 5' ........,........,.... J . I6 42 44 Uohn Harris ..,......,......,.... Jan. 19 Home 40 56 X ...,.,................ J . 23 49 38 'F ' .............,........ J . 26 46 44 ' .....,..,......., , . J . 30 52 41 'f . ....,,,..,.,,..,,... F b. 6 61 55 5 ............ . .....,.,, F b. 9 65 73 ' ' ..,...,. , .... ,,... F b. l3 54 51 if ' ' .... . . . . ..,... . . F b. I7 53 59 W ..,......,..........,. F b. 20 54 47 ff ' .,,.,...... ......... F b. 24 47 37 A .........,..,.....,... F b. 27 62 65 f ' ,,.......... ......... . 2 27 59 JR. VARSITY BASKETBALL Flrsf Row LefHoR1ghf Huslc Mllukovlc Hoffman Rafal Benlon RelchlMgrl Second Row Dr Sllver Semlc Mallnak Dillard Swarfley Padlen Punkney Mr Hoy JR HIGH BASKETBALL Frrsi Row Leff lo Rlghf Orbock Cackovnc Gncoskl Barbush Berkanslock Bnesecker Mr Colyer Second Row Smyers Wnllnams Sfalr Fielder Bryant Lively Mr Koons Thlrd Row Dr Silver Silver Hughes Haas Koneff R Devlm W Devlnn Mr Lange Fourth Row Erwnne Coates Lutz Tresco Gruuch Cusler Steffen Chandler 71 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 - - f - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - l -ivif. wir V. ff. M Y . .1 L " -1- - e-r?l"3f 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . : 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - F - 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 - ' f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - Qur Senior Members OF THE 1949 50 Basketball Squacl and Manager ...ff JAKE BUDDY Mouse 72 fr, ff, A M ,mf gk. i gy ?!Q'Xef -3 'A ,il t gs L 'L vt . L, A - Vf, X If gwffxg, I., 1 A .Q :X ' G , is yy .5 ,M fi f a F' , 'S ?l't iff ' NX X if 45 A AL Q . A Frrst Row Left to Right G Spnzznrrn Swentzer Murphy Second Row Yanlch Mgrl H Relch lMgrJ Naccarato R Sprzznrrn Mesaruc Cavrrch Verbos Orrns Padlen Nlcotera KMgrD Mnlakovlc IMgrl Thrrd Row Mr Koons Benstlnne Shroy Lutz Leader T Chambers R Chambers McNaughton Donato R Reach Mr Hoy Mr Shevock BASEBALL 1950 School H Opp 'York Lebanon 'Lancaster Wllllam Penn 'John Ha rrus 'Hershey Ind Work Wlebanon 'Lancaster Wllllam Penn Uohn Hams Hershey Hershey Ind 'League Games 74 Q Q SS . 9' ,.............,......,.. 2 12 "' .................... .4 7 ' ...,..,............... I 5 'Hershey ..,r.................,. 2 9 "' ............,.,..... .5 3 ' ...................... O 4 ' ....,..,........,...,.. I O 9' .,..............,...... I 7 - -QnQ- n F sfkow Left toRghf Cvek Lvely Bro n C Benton Heck Brodn ck Falcone R Benlo Myers Second Row Mr Koons Sh pp Jacoby Malnak McKamey Durant W Jones Hymo Carelock Broad ay Slade Th d Ro Z merma Thomas Hoerner Sms Leudng Alecxh Allen D1IIard Vasley Render Shank Feldmann Sm1lh Mr Lange TRACK 1950 SHIPPENSBURG INVITATION MEET JOHN HARRIS STEELTON LEBANON TRIANGULAR Ca rI1sle MEET John Harns Hanover I. b Chambersburg e anon Steelton Gettysburg JOHN HARRIS YORK STEELTON TRIANGULAR MEET John Harr1s Carson Long Hershey Sfeellon York Harr1sburg Cathohc DISTRICT III MEET WILLIAM PENN DUAL MEET Sfeelfon W1II1am Penn STATE MEET Sreelfon Sfeelton 75 O O ' .......,,... 7056 In 8012 ............28 '1""""43I2 .........24I3 SH'11"1"""371 ............23Il2 'ee"""""""" , , .........,lOlA3 1 .......... 8512 . ........,... 45 .............28I2 z .......L.... Il " ......,L.. 11412 1 ........,...121,2 524' J IW K' F 2 . f J nd fha! BOOSTERS f D -'X 1 61' 2 , ' ff J A T . 1 ', o . 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N, ii' 3 1 4 - X? 3' my rg J., ,vii N EI J i, I J f I ,V ' u'4""'z!, STEELTON PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION "Alu'rzy5 Backing the School" Weddings, Corscxges, Funeral Designs, Bouquets, Potted Plants BRUAW,S glowef-.4 2501 South Second Street STEELTON, PA. Seven Lines of Pottery Constelllte Candles Ccmdelllte Flower Holders STEELTON KIWANIS CLUB Service Co operation Good C ltlzenshlp Gowns for GLEE CLUBS ond CHOIRS NATIONAL CHURCH GOODS 82l 23 Arch Street PHILADELPHIA PA A HARTMAN 81 SON ' ovmg P oroge ockmg STEELTON PENNA M. ' St OP ' 83 I I UNITED STEELWORKERS of AMERICA CIO LOCAL 1688 LOCAL UNION OFFICE d MEETING HALL SUPPLY COMPANY 44144 e Qmmf, eww? fu z ,614 IOh dMIb HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA I I I PENNSYLVANIA 746,91 '- ix ancaele Sim WHEATENA CORP. HIGHSPIRE FLOUR MILLS DIVISION HIGHSPIRE PENNSYLVANIA I. Thomas Richardson jfuncral Dirzftur N STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA Harmsburg Dames Again Flrsf Prize I95I Form Show For Posfeurlzed Mrlk HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA JOHN D BOGAR 81 SON COMPANY LUMBER and MILL WORK HARD WARE INSULATION STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA 9835 "5 II8 orfh Front Sfreef O I I O Phone: 4-H87 QOII1 81 Herr Streets Phone. 85 S'l'EEL'l'I JN Hzn'1lwz1l'e Cmnpanj' STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA Hardware Houseware PLUMBING SUPPLIES I3 North Front Street Phone: 9-3346 Sherwin Williams Paints Louis lf. TAFSCLIIICC, FUNERAL HOME 541 S. Front Street STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA Phone: 9768 J r. 555 L AMK EIS Your Neighborhood Corner Store Second St Steelto N Telephone: 9-2652 DIAMONDS WATCHES G TOUIS R IAVIA .IEWELER IO9 South Front Street Steelton Po IFTS MILLER S Shoe Store For Men Women and Children 5 South Market Square and 203 Market Street HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA H y c n 4 4 FRED B HARRY HATTER HABERDASHER Harrisburger Hotel Building HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA OPEN EVENINGS Knox Hats Arrow Shirts 1RatfI1IT Sc ,Smart 22 North Third Street HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA Customized Clothes TIMELY CLOTHES FOR MEN FOR B O The Nation s Leading Brands Doutrlc lOO'f Locally Owned and Operated 320 Market Street HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA YS J rw - s 1 N, . , Pa. F 9 For a rides, Q: A 722 I HICKEY-FREEMAN 86 S Il Ni l cl' 1911 87 Ima n wlII'1'Ili.'Ull A in Im .'iilI JMA ll lu llu' fl' of STEELTGN BANK 81 TRUST CO STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation PEOPLES BANK STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporahon 88 I J' I Deposilory For School Savings BVS NIEM H S luuwn Home Cooknng 720 Mom Street BRESSLER PA Phone 9 3840 be owe R uve- 37 39 North Front Street STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA LINOLEUM and ASPHALT TILE FLOORS ond WALLS VENETIAN BLINDS on WINDOW SHADES Phone 9 4137 STATE AND INTERSTATE CHARTER SERVICE Bushey Bus Servlce Forster and State Streets 2 7147 HARRISBURG PENBROOK PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of Steelton Lmlffe X0 382 LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE '1 T1 N 7- ,f ,, ,M P O K rw Q l Catering for Parties O d I I ' O , L , , ,F .. l 1 Phone: - 89 GEHRET STUDIO PORTRAIT COMMERCIAL Formal and Candid Weddings 24-HOUR FILM DEVELOPING SERVICE II6 S. Front Street STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA Phone 9 2061 or 9 2822 STEELPOIN FLOWPR oHUP Member of Florist Telegram Delivery Assoclatron Phone 95I23 Steelton PennsyIvanla 90 I , V T I ,w N 7 , , J ., , : - , ' PII I L lx Qualify Meals 148 Soufh Fro 1Sfeel STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA OWN S IUIAIULI 'S Dsl bulo of Krspy 8 c c s Ke els G Pretzels Sleelton Pe yl a a Pho e 9 2674 IIXSB1 1511 50 No Th Fro Y St eel STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA The L Iesl S cz I Sfyle PHONE 9 3838 SPIIIIHHI S MEATS Grocernes WE AIM TO PLEASE 332 X1 Soulh Th rd Street Sleelto PHONE 9 4038 s HIL LI s MEN AND BOYS STORE lS1reet STEELTON PA DL E1 XLIEIIILIC Sauce SLILIOII Froni Slreet Sie l!o PHONE 9 9124 REX 8 DERILB S DRUGS SODA CANDY COSMETICS TOBACCO Samuf-IL Blecluellrulvf- PERSONALIZED INSURANCE SERVICE 100 M rkel Sf eet Ha sburg P Ph e 6 6 60 lrall II1SllI'll1CC A nu GENERAL INSURANCE CASUALTY FIRE N E FAIRALL 222 EI Street IM s Geo Sl Sleellon Pa BESSF HER H01 Fl Floor Show and Dancing Nlghfly 243 Ma n Slreei STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA HL NINIFI S DRLL SIORF 189 South Front Sfreef STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA H P Ll UL All Meals Grocerues Produce Wood and Cha bers Slreefs STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA Self Ser ce Pho e 9 2179 Compluments of DIXON f IE ANERS hlllfiflf, I B0 ak Avencw General Insurance 639 North Front Slreet Sfeelto Pho e 9 4741 Best Washes from SILEI FUN APPAREL IO RXTIE S BEXLTX SALON SPECIALIZING IN COLD WAVES AND HAIR STYLING 709 s 2ND sr STEELTON PA Phone 94463 80 5 2 'I STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA 91 1 1 -1 - 1 1 - - -. 1 11 1 r1 1 1 HAI, L. 2 . lnlb ISR I . I . . A I ri r i o hm n' nd n r rn , nns v ni 1 n: - , , , , 1 f 1 . 1 -XXII" I ' "Nl 'I' 'IJPPI' - A 1 - . . I 1 A K J. 5, , 1 r n r 1 , .1 ,, c m r s 1 i nf po 1 1 1 - 1 - V L-, A J K, 4 1 . 1 . f1 . 1 , 1 1 - - 1 1 . L. n c e n Po 23 S. Fron , . ' 1 Y f1 7- '1 Y - 1 1 . - , R ' 7 1. f , 1' a r rri , a on : - 9 P . I a ., z I ge ' +1 L of 1 ' K .lg Y 1 J . . m I r. . . , . I V V Y i ' 4 WN' ' 'Y WY 1 ' I I A YA ,. . J J L , , J , m 1 I . - vu nz - 1 . ., 1 . ' 1 5 4- U C 1 ' ' - 1 xf 1 . - ,4 A A - L rn, Pu. n: - If .11 - 1 f1 v ' I Yfi 1 Y ' Y 1 1 . . . A 1 I - 2 . n Sl. . . , . I I MITZE'S CAFE M. Y. KOVILOFF, Prop. Main and Francis Streets All Kinds of Beverages Food PHONE: 9-3845 STEELTON, PA. COMMUNITY GROCERY 8. MEAT MARKET Fresh Produce and Meats 503 Second and Highland Streets STEELTON, PA. PHONE: 9-3820 ACME MARKET North Front Street STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA RITCH S CITIES SERVICE STATION 3I2 South Fro t Street Phone- 9-3345 STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA Free Pckup a d Del ery Ser ce BATTERY CHARGING FURJANIC'S FOOD STORE 7OI South Second Street STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA FRANCES POSEGA Confectionery Groceries Notions 600 South Seco d Street STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA EMANUEL S CONFECTIONERY 325 N Fro t St Steelton Pa OUR OWN MAKE ICE CREAM CANDY CIGARETTES CIGARS FOUNTAIN SERVICE LIGHT LUNCH ZELLER S Superior Potato Chips Phone 9 306I HIGHSPIRE PENNSYLVANIA MILAN YOVICICH MERCHANT TAILOR Pressing While You Walt 587 S 4th St Steelto Phone 9 5I96 Fme Diamonds and Watches JEWELRY LIPPMAN S Je elers s nce 7889 Market Street Harrusburg Pa BUDDIE FINE FOODS LOUIS LEHRMAN 81 SON IIO South I7th Street HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA BELMONT SHOE STORE and REPAIR I4I South Fro t Street STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA ERNIE S BARBER SHOP 32 North Front Street STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA MISS KAYE S BEAUTY SALON II4 South Front Street PHONE 9800 M I N O F F S C A F E 4OI Myers Street STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA HAMILTON S CONFECTIONERY ICE CREAM MADE DAILY 213 s umm street Ph ne 9 3742 I I I I I I . , 3 I I M 3 I ' 1 I ' . ' I , , 5 . I J I T .. I 0 , I I I ' f. Y I Q, Q 'U P . 0 I Io I I 2 I f I 2 I m I Z ' 9 . S I N I -, H I 5, 3 ' J , -4 I . 5 . H ' I if P I BOWLING Af Its Best HIUHSPIHE BIIWLINII l'ENTEll 50 Lumber Street Phone 9 3810 PllllEl'li'S Fllllll STIIIIE MEShINl1EIl IIIIIIS M1 mnrluls STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA SIN! Ell IIIIIITHEIIH The Best Place to Buy Affer 4l North Front Street STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA Abe Singer Herman Smger WEAVER S IIUI LLEANEBS RUG and FURNITURE SHAMPOOING Department of Geo W Weaver 8m Son Inc UNIIIN EMIILEM UI Hugh School and Fraternity Jewelry FELT GOODS AND COMMENCEMENT STATIONERY PALMYRA PENNSYLVANIA P H Nlssley Manager Complnments of Class of I936 LENTHI-ll PENNA BUSINESS lllll.El E Summer Term Begms In June REGULAR and PRE COLLEGE COURSES 93 ' i u j 1 - - A l 1 ff All!! 1 ' 1 I 1 O r I l u O 5 i I i I u I I n A Nl u E S E 323 Market St., HARRISBURG, PENNA. " Central Pennsylvania's Greatest Business School" MORRISON S SHOE STORE 19 North Front Street STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA Open Evenings Phone 9 3431 PHONE 9 3209 BONAT WAVES SOPHIA S BEAUTY SHOP SOPHIA M DIMICH Prop 483 No th F 0 t St eet STEELTON PA THOMPSON COLLEGE COMPLETE BUSINESS COURSES Approved for Veterans Tralnmg I8 North 4th Street Harrisburg WAGNER BROS CONFECTIONERY CH HABERDASHERY Front and Pune Streets SteeIton PORR S DRUG STORE Phone 9 3888 147 North Front Street Steelton SIMONIC BROS Guaranteed ODORLESS DRY CLEANING 833 No th Fro t St t Steelto PHONE 9 4141 LAWRENCE ECKELS Meats and Groceries 201 N F o t St e t Steetto P PHONE 9 3585 STEELTON MUSIC HOUSE 105 South Front St Steelton Pa 9884 B H Reco d R REX CAFE JOSEPH A PEASE Pop o M W KOSTELAC Grocery and Meat Market 2 d d Moh Stre t STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA oe 93564fo DI KORMUSHOFF FOOD MARKET 376 78 Main Street STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA 1 I P110 9 3866 WEBER S BEAUTY AND BARBER SHOPPE Modermstlc Hairdressing Done by Experts Pho e 9759 I5SothFotSteet BEN SHAROSKY CHILDREN S WEAR LADIES COTTONS 109 No th F o t Stret STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA MRS CLAYS LUNCHEONETTE 30 No th F o t St STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA ZACK S VARIETY CENTER 223 North Front Street IMoose Bldg I STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA PHONE 9 3860 CAPITAL ROLLER RINK For Health s Sake Rollerskate 94 l I , . , . ' 5 - r r n r , . I , . . : - ' ' , Pa. ' Po' d ' r n ree n, Pa. I , Pa. 2 . W . W ., , . I onh r n r e nl on endix ome Laundry Phono r s Kelvinator efrigerator I ' RCA and Stromberg-Carlson Radios I I . n an n es r riet r , Ph n : - r eiveries I I N l I n z ee ne: ' u r n r Steelton, Pa. I . . 1 6 r r n reet r r n e , , I , I I BANQUET-MEETING PARTY - RECEPTIGN EIELLEY TEELTON INCE 1890 FOUD ERVED HELLEY TYLE R LIBERTY FOOD MARKET Meats and Groceries sm - ssnvncs Phone: 9-9604 I87 North Front Street STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA WEBB 8: WOLFE For Quality Lines of Sporting Goods Rawlings Athletic Equipment, Wilson Golf Clubs, Wilson Tennis Rackets, Old Town Canoes, Winchester Guns and Rifles, C. C. M. lce Skates, Catalina Swim Trunks, Chicago Roller Skates, Spot Bilt Athletic Shoes 211 Walnut Street HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA VETERANS of FOREIGN WARS Post 710 747 North Front Street STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA FARINA MOTORS DESOTO PLYMOUTH Sales and Service 750 North Front Street STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA HALF WAY HOUSE ELECTRIC SERVICE 8: MACHINE CO INCORPORATED STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA Shop d Off ce 760 770 NORTH FRONT STREET Pho e 9873 Electric Motor Repairs STEELTON DINER Home cooncnsio 24 Ho r S r DELICIOUS COFFEE Sandwiches and French Fries to Take Out S L KEIFFER Prop STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA Men and Boys Outfitters STARK BROTHERS 206 Walnut Street HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA Women and Misses Clothes ' I . I san i ni I - u evice I .. , . . , I DUNDOFFS WILT 81 SHARON FOOD MARKET gfunrral mmf VASIL DUNDOFF prop 112 North Horr sburg Street Meats Groceries Frozen Foods STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA 231 233 Mann Street Phone 9 5604 STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA Arranged Exclusively for Funerals Prlvocy Convennence Comfort JUST LIKE A BEAUTIFUL HOME MILAN VORKAPICH S DELICATESSEN Fresh Frults Vegetables Sundrnes Lunch Meats Dcnry Products Grocerles Potent Medlclnes Mogoznnes Monbecks Ples 81 Cakes Hook s Cream Top Mulk Open Daly7A M to I0 P M STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA Buslness 9 9132 Res dence 9 9610 JEANS SNACK BAR Mann ond Conestoga Sts STEELTON PA BLANCHE S Flower Shop When words foul SAY IT WITH FLOWERS Phone 9 2990 379 South Front Street STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA York Corrugatmg Co 65 S Tenth St PLUMBING HEATING 81 SHEETING SUPPLIES STEELTON TRUST CO BUILDING I5 North Front Street STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA THE CUMBLER AGENCY REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Telepho e 9 5105 ROBERT H CUMBLER Realtor 9 l I I I l ' Y . I I . I I I I I I I I i . . . . I 747 S. 3rd Street I I I 1 , , I i : - I : - I I I I , - I ' I , I n I ' 97 WATCHES 9 DIAMONDS 9 SILVERWARE GREETING CARDS THE IDE AL JEWELRY STORE 29 31 North Front Street Steelton Pennsylvcmuo BUILDING CONTRACTOR 434 Spruce Street Steelton Pennsylvonuo Phone 9 2939 98 HENRY MARTZ Ju-Lpll X XX liltlillldll FUNERAL omscrore Pho e 9 2344 357 South Second Street STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA ANCHOR AWNINGS 9 296I Penn D N .uw Ill All Kinds of Furniture Repolrecl and Upholstered ond Elm Sts Steelton Pa Dlomonds Watches Jewelry Gr 5 Sl ver HAMILTON ELGIN d BULOVA WATCHES The Hull Jeweler 23 South l3th Street HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA lx Loc It Lil DENTIST 325 Market Street HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA PHONE 8333 Compliments of Puff 16-L cuss or 1926 Compliments of Elton The-.ltle Kellw D1 uv Stole Front ond Mohn Streets STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA ho 92 O bharoekx Abfdlllb Motm C0 841 N Front Street STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH SALES and SERVICE Po 5I I wr. Phone: - M. . V' J ' 0 0 'ft ' 'I DI. J , -1 Cll2ll'lCS E. Smith x.c,. F1 J 5 2' ' ' P ne: -72 hne:9B 99 STEELTON DEMOCRATIC CLUB The Stronghold of Democracy 141 South Front Street STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA ompI'men BB Il KLEIN opromfrmsr Dauphin Building Room 210 203 Market St. HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA BOGAR 81 SHIPLEY Plumbing and Heating Contractors OIL BURNERS AND GAS BURNERS r r ge or o W te e t 37 South Front Street STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA Phone 9 5067 GATEWAY HOTEL RESTAURANT Ph e 9 21 FRANK HREN Prop Compliments of the LIONS CLUB KROSNAR S WATCH SHOPPE Iop o te P opl Bo k1 STEELTON PA Phone 9 5411 ANDES SERVICE C rIe RA es GAS LUBRICATION ACCESSORIES TIRES BATTERIES Phone 3 9761 2201 Paxton Street Flfth Ward REPUBLICAN CLUB WheeG dF ed Meet 220 Mann Street HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA 100 C I ts of O O ll YT I I ISe veI Refi rat s and Aut matic a r H a ersI on: -38 I , . 7 8 South Front Sire t p si s n , . , I ha s . nd OIL " r oo ri n s 'I I I GRAYBILL COAL W.L I Y, STEELTON PA COAL FUEL Elecfrlcal Appliances Sales 8: Service STEVE J SPORIK P . -. , ds.. GUARANTEE OUR WORK Phone 9 2396 638 N Fronf Sf STEELTON PA EVERYTHING FOR SPORT PLAY MORE LIVE LONGER 313 Market Street HARRISBURG PA l IIEIENHUIISE Floral Designs Our Specially H gh S7 9 2648 ENHAUT PA CO. . "we on SHENK 81 TITTLE TAllAN'S .. ,, g ' lOl Cxompfimenla of. . . PYIHENE lllllllE 140 Adam Street STEELTON PENNA. Si ayoynua 6 645 S Second Street STEELTON PENNA PHONE 91120 '1lllVlNAl '1 l APE STEELTIIN HUNIII ll SEIWII E Secodc dHghl dSt At Z LUBRICATION BEVERAGES FOOD F o to d Elec: or Sts STEELTON PA STEELTON PA DON MILLER O2 Y I I 0 . U . , , . 1 5 f u u H v u r u 1 A 1 1 I n n i on s. o Free Pickeup and Delivery 0 Service r n n n ., , . , . , Prop. I MINOFF S Grocery and Meat Market The Best of E eryth g to the Table Myers and Francls Streets STEELTON PENNA GETZ S VARSITY BAR 35 S Second Street Phone 9 3847 Steelton Pennsylvania O SULTZABERGER INSURANCE 542 N Front Street Pho e 9 41 Closs of 1918 o e 9 9406 Ope e e yth g Steelto N est Cloth ng Store The V SS MEN 8: BOYS STORE 183 south rm f Sv srssuow PA FINEST IN DAIRY PRODUCTS st bu o the Steelto Area Johnme Jombroslc BARLEK BROS MEATS GROCERIES 282 Fredernck Street Phone 9 5811 KASPARY S CAFE 55 57 Conestoga St Steelton Penno Phone 9 3894 Where All the Ath1etes Meet BERNARDO S CIGAR STORE 2 S Front Street STEELTON PENNA GEORGE M GEISTWHITE MIKE S PLACE 281 Mann Street STEELTON PA LOUIS PAESE BARBER SHOP 563 South Second St STEELTON PENNA LUBIC CAFE Beverages of All Kinds Fourth nd Dupont Sts STEELTON PA Pho e 9 3837 V A N C E S Meats Grocer es Frozen Foods Vegetable South Front St Steelton Po Pho e 9 3075 7 l O " v in Y ,, . . I , . Ph n : - n Ev nings R The Finest in Ev r in at U O V . ns ew I l n ., , . 5,ee,,,,n, pu, LENKERBROOK FARMS O Di ri t rs in n n: - 79 ' ' S T -I I - U , . I I ' , . 9 ' . i . . 5 Q . . . lol ., , . n: - nz - 103 Bertha's Beauty Nook Personal Service Phone 9 5421 247 North Front Street Steelton a Charles A Groff Insurance 4 South Front Street STEELTON PA DINIIFH S CAFE Frederlck 81 Trewuck Streets STEELTON PENNA ORTH S BAKERY II South Front Street STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA Speneer GTOPPIX Store GFOCGFISS COnfeC1lOnel'leS 637 South Fourth Street STEELTON PENNA Phone 9 4982 Ope Daly Bernal rl Atlantlf' Su X 100 Front 8. Highland Streets STEELTON PA SOC ROBENO Cancellation Shoes 167 South Front Street STEELTON PENNA Phone 9 6182 BEST WISHES lsamlore Llpkow 117 Myers Street STEELTON PA Compllments Inez s Beautw Parlor Blue S Barber Shop 215 N Front St Good Service 237 North Fro t Street STEELTON PA Pho e 9883 We Del ve I' Ma ada H II R D 3 Harr sburg Phone 5 5657 If It s Servlce You Want Call at Nlllllcent S Beautw Salon Our Reputation Stands on Merit Phone 9 4071 I77 South Fro t St Steelton CITE CLE AINERS 2400 Derry Street Phone 6 3810 SPUNGIN S Blue Rlbbon Franks Phone 5241 SPL YGIN S AB ATTOIR 330 South Cameron Street HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA Holland Furnace COIIIIJHIIN Everyth ng In Ho e Heating 643 Dunkle Street HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA Phone 6 5955 104 , P . , . 9 7' ' W I 7 ' 1 ' ' I . n I L I lv Av of I u 9 ' . P. S J. Self Service Market Brownawelfs Auto Parts n i I1 . . , I I1 : I 5 ' , o . 7 Y A L A . J . n . : 1 , Pa. 1 - 1 " I ' m ' " ' rn 2 I

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