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Steelton High School - Ingot Yearbook (Steelton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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PHOTOGRAPHS HINES STUDIO ENGRAVINGS WHITE ROSE ENGRAVING COMPANY York Pennsylvamcz PRINTING ARMSTRONG PRINTERY Hctrrrsburg, Pennsylvcmlcr Harrisburg, Pennsylvania HEX MLIVINBQIWIS S IIHII S dlma 'WIaf,0!z, Oh that dear old Blue and Wh1te That dear old Blue and Wh1te That dear Old Blue cmd Wh1te That S eelton Wore It was ragged lt Was torn That dear old Blue and Whlte That Steelton Wore Oh that dear old Blue and Whlte That dear old Blue and Wh1te That dear old Blue and Whlte That Steelton Wore We shall wear lt to the top No school can make lt drop That dear old Blue and Whlte That Steelton Wore 2 1 . L , For years it has been Worn, 1 'lIl'lIHiIlIE IIQESKCD IIIINGKOYIIF -1:rf-an at ,V , e 'E 'I'EELTON HIG CHOOL VANIA xffg rf ,l 1 xx 2 lFKCDllRQllEWVKODlIR2lID At the beg1nn1ng of the 20th century Amerrca was Just on the threshold of a great era ln her development Our people were Constantly seekrng 1m provernents to attcun hrgher standards Then followed research 1n many helds wh1ch opened avenues of greater knowledge rn med1c1ne chemlstry agncul ture and sc1ence We are now at the halt way mark 1n thrs great century and people are s 1 a1m1ng at even h1gher and hner goals for the next htty years Sclentlsts are st1ll probmg try1ng to solve many unanswered and balthng problems u w1th the help of God and w1th falth 1n ourselves and 1n each other our scope of knowledge w1ll undoubtedly broaden We the class of l95U are proud to present the twentxeth ed1t1on of the lngot and we hope that 1ts contents W1ll brlng back many pleasant memor1es and leave a favorable 1mpress1on on all our parents teachers and tnends who read lt 4 J S. Z,-. ' us. D D l c X X t-11 . . . - - f . I I . . B t ' - ' ' ' ' , I X555 I V3 V969 f gift 'IUMBSIILIIE KOWF KCKODNIIKFIVEINIIFS PRESENTATIOIN FACULTY k IV UNDERCLASSMEN ACTIVITIES VI SPORTS k VII PATRONS 5 di- 4 r F if 1 T' Q 4-J , f ' 7' X f I :xxx S L ' ff' I X f . .- I JK 1 ff' , as 45 f f, 1 I 1 --" , 1 1 If 1' K M- J , k I .......,....A.......,.........4...... k II ....,,.A...............,.....,............. k III .. ..,...........,.....,........,.........A SENIORS k V .,..A............................,... , . . k ......,................................A.... mm mmm pg uw gram Dr 7950 You are to be congratulated on ach1ev1ng the much coveted goal graduat1on from Steelton Hrgh School Gratetully I acknowledge your gracrousness and lcmdness 1n honorrng me Wllh the dedlcatron of the 1950 lngot a d1st1nct1on ot Wh1ch I am justly proud The faculty hopes that alter you depart from th1s 1nst1tut1on and take your places rn the respect1ve vocat1onal and domest1c fzelds you W1ll endeavor to marntazn the hrgh standards set by Furthermore our Wrsh 1S that each ot you W1ll tulfzll h1S pur pose 1n hte by makrng a Worthwlule contrrbutron toward the betterment oz soc1ety Take God 1nto your confrdence and you Wlll have nothrng to tear Your frlend WARREN E BURTNER G I former graduates of Steelton High School. IID K E HD WARREN E BURTNER B A Lebanon Valley College M Ed Pennsylvania State College Social Studies and Enghsh Departments Adviser Ir Red Cross yearbook The Ingot to a most deserving member of our faculty Throughou our high school days he has been a constant source of inspiration and has given his time and effort in guiding many a student He has been a good fr1end as Well as a teacher to all of us His helpfulness consideration operation and kindness Will never be forgotten by those Who have had the opportunity to know him and to work with him 7 We, the Class of 1950, take great pleasure in dedicating this volume of our . ' . I . . I CO- FIRST ROW Left to Right Tudrc Iubasrc Rupp Zupanovxc Kepner Evans SECOND ROW Mc Gary Gally Bland Geferoff Kostelac THIRD ROW Reed Drayer Morrxson Sharon Smlth Steffen Vanatta Lew1s Mr Hocker Absent When Pzcture Was Taken Mrscevlch Adviser Mr Hocker dufwuaL Co Edlfors Fay Drayer Cynthxa Morrrson Co Editors Art Edltor Nancy Sharon Pat Lew1s Roseann Geferoff Features Glorla Evans Lucllle Kepner Ioan Vanatta Admznxstralzon and Faculty Phyllls Steffen Sports Peggy Kostelac Frances Zupanov1c Achvltles Donna Bland Nancy McGary Helen MlSC9VlCh Ellzabeth Reed Photography Sandra Rupp Iames Smrth Typrsts Irene Gally Irene Tudrc Angehne Iubasrc 8 , 5 V. I, , f. , - 5 ' ,. ..,,.,.............,...,....,... . I I Seniors .......,.., . ,..,....,. ' . lf-1 , Y FIRST Row Left to Rzght Lanza Calhoun Zlogar Kostelac Iones P1sle SECOND ROW Mrs Ferenclc Marsxco Kuzma Vulxch Verbos Advlser Mrs Ferenclc Busmess Manager Assistant Busmess Managers Anlta La Staff Ehzabeth Zlogar nza Nancy Pxsle V1v1an Calhoun Mane Kostelac Nancy Vu11ch Betty Kuzrna Shlrley Iones Donald Marsxco Vlctor Verbos 9 49 X any 'iff QWW Busmess Manager J JD uw, gram gg 7950 Congratulatrons Class of l95U upon the successful com plet1on of your school career and for sponsor1ng another frne 1S sue of The Ingot Th1s publ1cat1on becomes a worthy memor1al of an excellent class I speak for the admrnrstratron and faculty of the school rn extendrng greetrngs and best w1shes to each and every one of you May every success and happlness be yours always S1ncerely O H AURAND Supermtendent ms to flue 6'IaA.A, ng 7950' From the pornt of vrew of a Prrnclpal commencement sea son has one unhappy note We do not lrke to see the sen1ors leave the school After assoc1at1ng wrth you for four years we begrn to see your true self Now you begln to become conscrous or the real meanmg of school Now you begm to FGGIIZG the re spons1b1l1t1es of adulthood Only now are you becomrng a con trrbutor We W1Sh the school could share IH more of your capab1l1t1es Our loss IS the gam of your communrty Put rnto practrce those thlngs whlch you know are good and r1ght and we Wlll be Well repard S1ncerely C W EISENHART Pr1nc1pal 10 I I 1 ' u 11 . . . . . , . 1 . . , a go , I . I - . - , I . . . . 1 . . I I . . , CZ I-"-"' :-:D .e..M5. III ' MIJIIHIIII WW' 265 3 X, vt .2,4!1+C3-r2fgfU H' k , I' fx! wg ll n x 1 A Le! to Rrght W B Lcmg O H Aurcmd R C Eckels S G Breckenrxdge I R Beyrent V C Pughese I F Thompson F W Byrod Bnwwl n Qumctnfm, of STEELTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS O H Aurcrnd Supermtendent Wcxlter B Long Ptesldent F Webster Byrod Secretary Samuel G Breckenr1dge Treasurer Rcrlph C Eckels Mr Icxmes F Thompson Mr V1rg1l1o C Pughese 12 Mr. . . ...............,...................... . . . ' Mr. . .......................,...............,.... . ' Dr. I. Reese Beyrent ..................,..................l. Vice-President Dr. . ..,...................................... . . Mr. . ' ................................ . . . . Mr. . . . PMDNVIIIIIINIIISTIFIRPKIIFIIIKOD N O H AURAND Superintendent B S Susquehanna University A M Columbia Umversity B S A M Gettysburg College B S Dickinson College M Ed Pennsylvania State College 13 l l C. W. EISENHART, Principal C. P. HOY, Assistant Principal Left to Rlght Mr Shutto Mrs Schrlver Mr Yemgst Mr Hoerner SEATED Left to Rxght Mr Ivey Mlss Dunkle STANDING Left to Rxght Mr Orbock Mr Cole Mr Shotsberger Mlss Gcrrrcty Mzss Iohnson 14 SEATED Left to Rlght Mr Koons Mr Burtner MISS Flscher STANDING Left to Rzght Mr Iumes M1ss Iohnson Mxss Stevlck Mrs Heberllg Mlss Lcxmke Absent When P1cture Was Taken 51111111111 941111111111 SEATED Left to Right Mr Colyer Mlss Deczvor Mlss Thompson STANDING Left to High! Mr Iumes Mxss Mcxlehorn Mr Hocker Mr Burtner Mlss Young Mrs Pume Absent When P1cture Was Taken Mr Gczuntlett 15 I E I 1 I 5 - 1 - 1 ' . - 1 I 5 - 1 I 1 1 I 1 - l 1 I - ' : Miss Byrod. I I 1 ' 5 - 1 ' 1 I - 1 ' 7 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 ' l - 1 B I Leff to Rxght Mr Frey Mrs FSIGTICIC M1ss Greek llama, mnnnum, and SEATED Left to Right MISS Harrxs M1ss Iumper STANDING Left to Right Mr Orndorff Mr Cressmcm Mr Buccstow 16 did, and Qlzawuzq, 9 Left to Right Mr Lange Mr N1sley Mrs Bowers Mxss Gardner Mr F1e1ds Lefi to Righf: Miss Thompson, Mr. Hoerner, Mr. Stonesifer, Mr. Sheetz, Mr. Fields. 17 Fhzpwcal dumfum, and, Left to Rzght Mr Heller M1ss M1ller Dr Plank Mr Shevock M1ss Rcxiclxffe Mrs Vukov1ch SI-:ATED Left to Rzght Mr Bcxlsbaugh Mrs Schrlver STANDING Left to Rzght Mr Cole Mr Knuth MISS Ryder 18 ' and Ulgicm, Lef to Rxght Mrs Cordcxs Mxss Oslcmsky Mrs OGorman Mlss Lcmzcr stecxd Mr Byers Mr Tezuk Mr Albught Mr Gulstwhxte Mr Zlmmermcm Mr Leo Absen! When Picture Was Taken Mr Nexdxg 19 SEATED, Left to Right: Mr. Morris, Mr. Attick, Mr. Killinger. STANDING, Left to Right: Mr. Arm- 'l uk. Ny X f X' f 5 xx y I N I7 X mm m un ul" 'Q ax ml A 4 , In K 1l..T..,.m'S 1lIllllII'IlI'HIdI.,lII...IlI!N P.A1 A J'R PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT A J b N V1 11 SECRETARY TREASUQER ll T Q I5 Xl I' If If . sqm ' - ws . u. asia . u. ic IOAN MARIE ADAMS Comm erci al Ioan tinds it necessary to tote an extra pencil bag to class for her chewing gum , . . cham- pion peep-shooter the basketball court . , . favorite insect-jitterbug. Home Economics Club. PETER ALECXIH Gen eral Leader of the Fifty fifty Club all round tackle many a gal s heart throb that s Pete Band A Cappella Freshman Chorus S H1 Y Stu ent Council Football Basketball Track Camera Club Crafts man Club Iunxor Class Plays CHARLES A BAKER Gen eral Fascmated by Dresel engines Bake must have been vaccmated with a Vlctrola needle while quite young girls are his favorite subject BRENTON BAUMGARDNER General Bummy struggled through Steelton High with the best of them a sports enthuslast favorite song Home work A Cappella Freshman Chorus Ir H1 Y Basketball Football Mgr Basketball Mgr Safety Councrl RICHARD BEINHAUR Industrial Arts Everybody knows Blney . . . should b part owner f "Dicks Poolroom" some d . . , why teachers get gray.. A Cappella, Freshman Chorus Sr. Hi-Y Football Basketball Track. IAMES BEISTLINE Gen eral Ever see Ixmmy blush g1rls'?'P a swell guy h1s green eyes are the cats meow to the felmes Football Football Mgr PAUL I BELICIC Commerc1al A blond quxet and shy C7977 collects dolls Khve onesl Paul Chls constant companion Football Basketball Football RUTH BENKOVIC Comm ercral The Beautxful Blonde from the Lower End lames spends precious moments at Harrys keeps the owls company alter mldnxght I ACK BENSON Commerc1al West Sxde s favorlte paper car rxer Benny loves to hang ou t M1 e one f Greggs falthful followers Safety Councrl FREDERICK BETHEA Gen eral Freddre has he Cameron Street Blue would be lost wxthout Ned and the poolroom counts sheep wrth closed eyes especlally rn school I REESE BEYRENT IR College Preparatory Always well dressed 1n one of hrs many sharp surts ack belxeve lt or not rs a Chaucer fanll A Cappella Freshman Chorus Sr HxY Track Football Mgr Camera Club Craftsman Club Chess Club DONNA L BLAND College Preparatory Worked feverlshly wrth props ln our class play Don toots a wrcked clarmet mlres class officers Band Orchestra Freshman Chorus Library Club Servlce Desk Dean s Offxce Student Councrl Ingot Semor Class Play SAMUEL l BOOKS General One of the eff1c1ent managers of SHSs football team Sams harrcut grves Mr Koons competrtlon s h y 'P 'P well maybe oh those dxmp es ' lr H1Y Sr H1Y Track Foot ball Mgr MILDRED BOROTA College Preparatory Temple Umversxty BEWARE ll Mrtzr IS nurs1ng bound usually seen wear1ng dangllng earrmgs loves t p ay BILL rards Ofhce I Red Cross Pep Squad Latm Club WAYNE BOWERS Industrzal Arts Whrrls the gals on skates Beans courtesy IS known to a 1950s future mechamc has a keen sense of hu mor A Cappella Octet Freshman Chorus Football GERALDINE BOWMAN Commerczal Easy gomg and easy to get along w1th that s Gerry nursed many a headache ln typmg class doesnt l1eve 1n short haxr styles t-d-"'k's"... o " .. , f - . . . , ' l l. A 1 .. - . . . . ' A U ' ' . . . 0 1 l I I I Eurydice, Library Club, Dean's . ' I rv I ' ll. . . ' ' ' ' ad- - l. - , 1 U f I ' . . . ' be- 24 DOROTHY M BROWN Commerc1aI Sloppy a swell trxend to all always smxllng a cute blonde from the West Side who works wxth vxrn and vxgor Eurydxce Deans Othce Home Economlcs Club Stand Helper DANIEL BURGER IR General Muchos favorlte expresslon Senor favorxte class a he between Enghsh P O enyoys a good 1oke a redhead wxth a mlld temper VIVIAN L CALHOUN Commerclal Loves to dance to Sammy Kayes muslc a neat ma Jorette Lou s hobby wmk mg at football players A Cappella Eurydxce Fresh man Chorus Servlce Desk Deans Ofllce Dramatic Club lr Red Cross lngot Home Economics Club lunxor Class Plays Ma1orette ETHEL MAE CARTER Comm ercxal Our qulet blonde from way up North lFront St l Etz hopes to bang a typewnter for a l1v mg cz success ln any bus mess othce Eurydlce SGIVICS Desk NED CARTER gen eral Answers t the nxckname Stone Devxl never a dull moment when hes aroundll always aboard the last mmute express to 303 Football Basketball Track Steelton H1 Y CHARLES I OHN CAVRICH General Chl favors both 11vey and mel low muslc admlred for hls chxc wardrobe and many gtr trlends moves along wlth that slow easy galt THOMAS CERIANIC General Cer loves dreams and always thmks about g1rls our con trxbutxon to the worlds ten best dressed men an early arr1val at all partles MARGARET R CIGIC Commercxal Loves apples a sports tan another S H S blusher who w1ll get along tn the bus1 ness world any speclal reason for turmng red Marg: . rv o ' , "Si, si, " . . . ' I ' " . and . , D .... ' ' l l l ' 1- CGm9l'CI Club- Football, Track, . l . - - , : . I te? 25 DANIEL CLARK Industrial Arts Dan says little but llstens well cherished that precious back seat in POD sets a good example for iuture shop boys Basketball Safety Council CHARLOTTE L CLYDE Com mercr al Stackback-a sharp gal who loves dancing leatlng tool clrmbs Harrtsburgs Sugar H111 wonder why'?7 attracts the guys with that pleasing VOICE CHARLES G CONZ General Strump does things to a type writer lWHAT?77l what would Mr Frey do without h1m'f' one guessll a splen did example of slow motlon Safety Council FRED I CRIBARI General Has smiling blue eyes Girls are my hobby proudly reveals . . . Pinky - possessor of that 'come hither" look , . . looks cute asacheer- leader. PAUL W DAY Gen eral Orlglnal l95U K1d Dev is strangely fascmated by the fairer sex good tor many a laugh 1n filing class A Cappella Freshman Chorus Audlo Vlsual Club DONALD DECKER Industrial Arts Duck can always be found w1th his pal B1ney artistic sort of maestro definitely not long hair takes pride in his tattoo CARMELLA DiFRANCESCO General Talkll Talkll Mellie wears teachers nerves to a frazzle a walking radio and tele vision set Chappy s bet er half 7? our class clown Home Economics Club FAY ROSELLA DRAYER Commercial Fay our humorous Commer c1al ass favorite comic Slflp Herbie hopes to become a Pharmacist s Mate. A Cappella Eurydice Octet Girls' Ensemble Freshman Chorus Switchboard Service Desk Dean's Office Owaissa Club Dramatic Club Ingot Iunior Class Plays Senior Class Play Stand Helper. ANNIE M DUCKWORTH Comm erc1 al Anns favorlte pastlme IS bas ketball looks forward to that afternoon nap rn Engllsh class always has a smlle for everyone Home Economxcs Club LUCIUS DURANT IR College Preparatory Lus favorlte word Mademox selle ladys man wzll all th1s be wasted rn a teachers college77 v1al guy Basketball Track Chess Club GLORIA LORRAINE EVANS College Preparatory Glo works loyally tor Student Council our v1ol1n vlrtuoso hats ott to an able come dlenne Orchestra Strlng Ensemble A Cappella Eurydlce G1rls E semble Freshman Chorus Service Desk Student Counc11 Dramatzc Club lngot Chess Club Stand Helper Latm Club ROBERT H FAIRLAMB Gen eral Porrs wmdow washing rlght hand man Bob and the snail are flrst couslns par tlal to blue eyed blondes eager to learn new dance steps Ir H1Y Dramatlc Club Foot ball Track Safety Councrl DOROTHY ALICE FAWBER Commerc1aI Dottie a shy quiet lass dabbles wxth all kmds of goo ln the art room wonder how she gets to school s early7'? PATRICIA FISHER College Preparatory Patsy IS our attractlve head 'nalorette lucky number 37 tDoak Walker of coursell popular wxth the male anlmal A Cappella Freshman Chorus Gxrls Athletlc Club Servlce Desk Deans Olhce Owaxssa Club I Red Cross Oltlce Messenger Chess Club Senxor Class Play Majorette Latin Club Llbrary Club IRENE GALLY Commerc1al Glamour' Personahty' POISSI all th1s IS Reme a peppy cheerleader Rezch Crrs ples her favorlte cereal A Cappella Eurydlce Llbrary Club Servlce Desk Dramatlc Club Otflce Messenger lngot Cheerleader Pep Squad Iun lor Class Plays ROSEANN GEFEROFF Comm ercl al e one our Lxttle Women glves Iose lturbr competltxon detlnltely walking Joke book A Cappella Eurydlce Octet Freshman Chorus Glrls Ah letlc Club Deans Office Dra matlc Club Iunlor Hxstorlans lngot Iumor Class Plays Sen lor Class Play Pep Squad WILLIAM E GLUNTZ Industr1al Arts Bxll charges out ot Study Hall at rocket speed at noon always eager to pester the fe males a muslc bug Band Orchestra Brass Choir A Cappella Freshman Chorus Ir H1 Y RICHARD I HANDLEY General Wows all eligible women a speed demon on the basket ball court H els l ways peddling dance tlckets Ir H1 Y Football Basketball Safety Council DORIS M HARRISON Commercral Smiley just sighs and swoons over those scrumptious gooey love stories some htel' our 111 ole gxggler can also beat up a sewing machme Hygienic Glee Club IOHN IVIILTON HOERNER College Preparatory Iohnmes croonmg WIHS hlm many ardent listeners hopes to be successor t Vaughn Monroe . . . a perfect gentleman. Band Orchestra Brass Choir A Cappella Octet Freshman Chorus Ir. H'-Y Sr, Hi-Y Ir. Red Cross Football Track Safety Council Audio-Visual Club Camera Club Craftsman Club. GENEVIEVE HOFFMAN C ommercr al lermy the lass with a wry sense of humor pleasant b wit Skippys shadow never at a loss w1th a shorthand pencil or Cr typewrlter ROSE MARIE IN TRIERI Commerc1al One of our topnotch short hand students Gish co'1 tributes her spare energy to the Library Club lives h1gh on a wmdy htll Llbrary Club Service Desk Football Usher CAROL M IVEY College Preparatory A basketball whiz quiet l777l a future math teacher Need any help Pop? Lorac backbone of the Owatssa Orchestra String Ensemble Eurydrce Library Club Girls Athletic Club Deans Ofhce Owaissa Club Dramatic Club OIIICS Messenger Iurnor Class Plays Semor Class Play Stand Helper Latln Club IAMES E IACKSON Gen eral Cllppety clop thats lrmmy with his cowboy boots . . . Miss Greek needs an anacin when he's around . . . like cr mosquito-always b u z z i n g around. Band. SHIRLEY E IONES College Preparatory Those yazzy sweaters are Ionesy s trade mark spends many a moment cutting smooth rug a cute rd with a lot on her mind Science Club Ingot l OSEPH IORDAN Industrial Arts Iolo likes to hunt fWHAT7'?'?l king of the roller rmks and poolrooms monopolizes the print shop when not in school he can be found at the Rio ANGELINE M IUBASIC Commercial One ot the famous Touch down Twins gets As personality and popularity Angie would till any ad for a glamour girl A Cappella Eurydice Library Club Dramatic Club Owaissa Club Office Messenger Iunior Historians lngot Iunior Class Plays Majorette. ANN IURIEVIC Comm erci al Ann hounds our library for the latest books . . . constantly chatters in Law class . . . hopes to become an employee at the Be . Switchboard Deans Office. IOHN W KAMBIC College Preparatory em--chief ol laughs and guf laws in assemblies dreams about football basketball and 'VF parties are his extra curricular activity ootball Track V LUCILLE KEPNER College Preparatory Lu busy bee of S H S our future Madame Curie usually prowls about with oie and Orchestra Brass Choir A Cappella Eurydice Girls Ensemble Freshman Chorus Owcnssa Club Student Coun c1l Ir Red Cross Ingot Cam era Club Chess Club Iunior Class Plays Latin Club RUSSELL KERSTETTER Gen eral Does justice to Chemistry and Physics Russs blue eyes speak for him quiet fex cept at Getz'sl . . . admires girls-but only from a distance. CATHERINE T. KNULL General Cathy is a loyal friend to all . . , 'Lizzie's" bosom pal . . . the right gal for the right guy an excellent judge of good music. MARIE ANN KOSTELAC C ommercl al Maryann a cutle who makes Roller Maglc at any r1nk IS pow wow about boys takes school serxously Sw1tchboard Serv1ce Desk Deans Olflce Owalssa Club Student Councll Othce Mes senger Ingot Iu'11or Class Plays Senxor Class Play Stand Helper PEGGY KOSTELAC College Preparatory The gal who cracks 1okes wlth a strcught lace Peg our head cheerleader tavorlte pastxme laugh1ng and foot ba Euryd1ce Lrbrary Club Deans Othce Owaxssa Club Dra matlc Club Oftlce Messenger Ingot Camera Club Cheer leader Latm Club Comm erc1aI lame provides many a laugh especlally at the two Bars could her weakness b underclassmenw q money making gal wlth a zest for l1v 1ng Eurydrce ELIZABETH IANE KUZMA Commerclal Betty lane a terrlfxc dresser good conversatxonalxst forever smxllng a future secretary for some lucky boss always loaded wrth extra work Switchboard OIIICG Messenger Ingot ANITA LANZA Commerczal Snooney a socxable lass a real wrt when not busy P1sle s buddy buddy tlles around school at hlgh speed Lrbrary Club Serv1ce Desk Deans Oftrce Owavssa Club Dramatlc Club Ofhce Mes senger Ingot Iunlor Class Plays Semor Class Play Stand Helper ROSE MARIE LAPPANO Commerczal Chappy IS qu1te a clown laughs all her worrres away never dull moment when shes around keeps all the 5 and l0 s rn busmess PATRICIA B LEWIS Commercxal Drawn to the stage like a bee hte Pat says lbut we won derlll A Cappella Eurydlce Fresh man Chorus Lrbrary Club Sw1tchboard Glrls Athletlc Club Serv1ce Desk Deans Ottlce Owalssa Club Student Counc1l Dramatxc Club Ofhce Messenger Ingot Iumor Class Plays Senxor Class Play Pep Squad Football Usher Stand Helper LIZZIE LEE LIVELY Gen eral Llzs ambxtron to spend her llfe Wllh Dlck a loyal member of the Iunlor HISIO lans the Attendance Oth cers asslstant Swltchboard Serv1ce Desk OIIICS Messenger Iunlor Hls torlans Lahn Club ll. G MARY IANE KRAI-L to honey . . . "No men in my . . . 9 I ' . I I' 30 DORIS C LOOKER Gen eral Dots IS a small brunette w1th a pleasant smlle spends most ot her t1me w1th Ossre has a contented and sat lsfted outlook tor the future A Cappella Eurydrce Fresh man Chorus Lxbrary Club Steel Pomts Stand Helper EDWARD MALATESTINIC Gen eral Maltre has a frtendly Word for everyone admlres all glrls Rea 5. Derrxck s rrght hand man captam of a pr1ze team ln mtramural basketball Band A Cappella Football Mgr Track Mgr Safety Coun c1l Aud1oV1sual Club Crafts man Club DONALD MALIN AK Gen eral Our All State end Man mxller and Malmak wxll please remcun m 303 at 3 30 blg hunk ot athlete thats our Tami' Sr HxY Football Basketball Track ETHEL L MANMILLER Commerczal Danclng doll ot S H blonde'f"P of course no Job ln Eth s future beCUZ A Cappella Eurydlce G1rls Ensemble Freshman Chorus Llbrary Club SW1fChb0GId Deans Ottxce Mayorette DONALD G MARSICO Comm ercral Cannlcks w1nn1ng smile bxg brown eyes and sharp clothes make htm any g1rls ldeal a terr1t1c dancer wlth looks to spare Band Ingot ELIZABETH H MATTHEWS Commerczal A cute trlck Wlth a pert nose and flatterlng freckles thats Lrzzre always ready to re celve cr certam B111 petrte Band Swxtchboard Dramatlc Club Senlor Class Play PEGGY IEAN MATTHEWS Commerc1al Peg a real beauty future tashlon desxgner orxgmator of a varlety of stylish halrdoes loves horses Home Economlcs Club NANCY ANN MCGARY Comm erc1aI B1g wheel KVICG Prez of the Ir Red Crossl Nan 1S a falthful worker ln all church tunctlons scads t act1v1 tes A Cappella Llbrary Club Owcnssa Club Ir Red Cross Oftlce Messenger Iunlor Hts torxans Ingot Camera Club Home Economlcs Club Iumor Class Plays Stand Helper Eurydlce ELVERD C MCLAMB Gen eral A neat dresser Magee gets around keeps his love life a mystery to all never without a supply of toothpicks Football Track RENEE MCNAUGHTON Commercial Heard the latest hmm'?? ask Beans shell tell you a sentimental attachment Stickle partial t e West Side Eurydice Switchboard BENIAMIN H MCNEIL IR College Preparatory A happy go lucky steamroller always found with a smile on his face Ben is a good natured guy Band Football IOSEPH MESARIC Industrial Arts Strictly a mans man hunts and fishes for a hobby . . . gals never seem to bother loe . . . quiet and shy. LAUREE BEATRICE MIDDLETON College Preparatory Lauree hopes to tuggle test tubes for her bread and butter has stitched many a seam on the Singer a very like able girl Home Economics Club CONSTANCE I MILLER Commercial A photographers dream Conmes date book overflows cant mistake her giggle very easilyll an expert at shooting pool Eurydice Steel Points HELEN MISCEVICH College Preparatory What would Ianie do with out Chanzo?7 another pill peddler Cnurse to youl hobby telling 1okes good student in our midst Eurydice Owaissa Club Ingot Latin Club CYNTHIA RAE MORRISON College Preparatory Cyn a swell combination of good looks and sharp clothes a brain in Trig a riot in the Ir. Class Play. Orchestra String Ensemble Eurydice Switchboard, Service Desk Dramatic Club Ir. Red Cross Office Messenger Ingot Iunior Class Plays Senior Class Play Stand Helper Latin Club. MABEL E NEWKAM C ommercral Strlctly pro on roller skates Mxckey dreams of a guy ln dungarees and tee shlrt her absence record on test days IS the envy ol all CLARENCE NICHOLSON Industrial Arts Fast on a dance floor and on the gr1d1ron Nick a sharp guy wlth a peerless personahty the object ol many lemale admlrers Freshman Chorus Football Track HELEN L NICKENS Comm erc1aI A neat chrck w1th a keen per sonalxty Mzsty has a lovely alto vo1ce possesse bram that IS sensxtrve to over work Llbrary Club Iunxor HlSlOY1GnS Home Economxcs C ub FRANCIS I O GORMAN IR College Preparatory Pat w11l make a perfect lawyer for anyone who mxght need lI1S1de dope speed de mon on any roller rmk well mtorrned on all sublects Band Student Councl Dra matlc Cub Football Track AUd10VlSUGl Club Camera Club Craftsman Club Chess Club Iunxor Class Plays Sen tor Class Play DONALD ORRIS lndustr1a1 Arts East End Ball Clubs ace pztcher Don hkes to gab with gals 1n convertlbles hangout the flre house 1ust completed 12 years ot glorlous relaxatxon Sr H1Y ANDREW PADIEN College Preparatory A mayor spark plug ln football and basketball Pat IS ad mlred by all tG1rlsl as the know how for Physxcs and Fxsher I H1 Y S H1 Y Foot all Basketball Track MADELINE ELIZEBETH PEARSON Commerczal Neames lavorlte sublects gym and basketball vorlte hobby SCHOOL talks taster than she types chalked up many pomts for the Ragmops Swrtchboard ANTHONY PETESICH Gen eral Petty spends most ol hls tlme talkmg classmates to death lawyer bound7'77 H own problem ch1ld con slders educatlon one of the necessary evrls NANCY LEE PISLE Commercial Loves sltnky black cars Nance a little girl with real blonde hair fllonest fellas!!! a future Olympic swim ming star Owaissa Club Ingot Iunior Class Plays Pep Squad Stand Helper FRANK W POPP Industrial Arts One of the Camel Caravans Frank always sports a wide grin leads a care tree and happy go lucky life BETTY ANN POSEGA C ommercral Young Woman of Tomorrow Betty radiates with glam our prefers a vanety of male friends Just a page out of Vogue A Cappella Eurydice Girls' Ensemble Freshman Chorus Dramatic Club Camera Clu Iunior Class Plays. ANNA C. RAFAI Commercial Ann is never disturbed by the proverb 'The early bird catches the worm" . . , always humming a catchy tune. . . RoRo s' shadow. ELIZABETH ANN REED College Preparatory All American music maker from piano to plccolo Betsy possesses a rare humor oodles of male admirers for our lovely blonde Band Orchestra A Cappella G 1 r 1 s Ensemble Owalssa Club I n g o t Audio Visual Club FRANK REICH Industrial Arts Owns a share Popps partnership interest cen ters in football basketball and Phyl Frank lust another handsome brute!! I H Y S H Y Foot all Basketball Track Safety Coun cil Craftsman Club EBER REITZEL Industrial Arts As polite as they come Choo Choo casts casual glances toward passing girls displays a calm cool and collected air . . . walked away with the Lancaster game. Sr. Hi-Y Football. LOUISE ELIZABETH REYNOLDS Commercial Chatter!! Chatter!! Chatter!! Why it's Toots of course . . . that winning smile rates many friends . . . Neanies better ha . Library Club Home Economics Club Latin Club, IOSEPH W ROSS Industrlal Arts Achll Get a load of the Slde burns Fraulem a courte ous lad our oe very charmmg lndeed tavors gals wllh a Texas drawl I H1Y S H1Y Foot all Craftsman Club Semor Class Play SANDRA RUPP College Preparatory Gxves Hepburn stltt competx tlon very cute and very popular IS Sandy Lebanon Valley cla1rns her dreams of romance Serv1ce Desk Deans Offlce Owa1ssa Club Dramatxc Club Ottxce Messenger Ingot Cam era Club Home Economlcs Club Iumor Class Plays Sen 1or Class Play Pep Squad Football Usher DONALD RUSNOV College Preparatory The favorlte ot the l..1ttle Women H S s Pe Lawtord Blackre e basketball champ swoon ba1t but dell' A Cappella Freshman Chorus Basketball Track Craftsman Club Chess Club Sen1or Class Play EVA VIRGINIA SAUNDERS General Never can tell when Honey bunch IS around untll you see her smxhng lace a sweet dreamy eyed lrttle g1r her easy gomg ways hav won many frlends Lxbrary Club SSIVICB Desk FRANK S SEIDERS IR College Preparatory Pat has an eye ear and nose for horses a drgmfxed s n 1or wlth the soph1st1cated touch beats a path be tween S H S and East End Steel Pomts FRANCES SETTINO C ommerczal One of Murphys hardworkmg salesgxrls a qulet student Francre pals around wxth M1ckey hnds xt hard to suppress her many glggles Home Economlcs Club NANCY LEE SHARON College Preparatory Muslc and art f1ll Sharons mal Grrl second home the Varsxty Bar Orchestra Strmg Ensemble A Cappella Freshman Chorus Serv1ce Desk Deans Offlce Owa1ssa Club Dramatlc Club Olfxce Messenger Ingot Iumor Class Plays Sen1or Class Play Stand Helper IAMQES SMITH College Preparatory Smitty our ace photographer wmks at fancy dames can be found anywhere anyhme no certam party as yet Sr H1Y Dramatlc Club Ingot Steel Pomts Football Track Aud1o Vlsual Club Camera Club Craftsman Club Chess Club Iumor Class Plays Sen1or Class Play Stand Helper - I . , . . . ' ' ' . . ' I r. '- , r. '- , b , '. I l l n U A schedule . , . 303's "Most Orig- . .' ter A - . . . ' -th ' . - ' ' l . . . ' . . . - ' e ' - ' , 35 PHYLLIS E STEFFEN College Preparatory Phyl our future nurse ts very cute and soft spoken loves to swxm IS perfect y Frank about everythxng Llbrary Club Dean s Olflce Owalssa Club Ir Red Cross Ofhce Messenger Football Usher Stand Helper Latm Club BERTHA M STEHMAN C ommerczal Eats at Branoffs Restaurant Bert IS admtred for her sleek black halr can be seen tr1pp1ng gatly through the halls A Cappella Euryd1ce Octet Freshman Chorus Dramatlc Club Oftlce Messenger Pep Squad BENIAMIN STRICKLER Industr1al Arts Bcrshlul Ben IS forever gettlng h1s hand caught ln the prtnt mg press Mr Blakerschxef ass1stant possesses a slow easy gr1n DOLORES E TAYLOR C ommerczal Dee our cute cookxe from nver way reserves a cor ner ln her heart for Iohnme charmlng lass who gave up New Yawk lor Steeltonl' Band ROY THOMAS General Bulldog thmks up the whack lest remarks G Prlvlleqed senlor gwes out wlth stde spllttmg comedy no a bad locker eh g1rls7? A Cappella Freshman Chorus Sr H1Y Football Basketball Track Chess Club Iunlor Class Plays IEANNE THOMSON Comm erc1al Ieanme with the Llght Brown Hazr got a problemw thxs gal has all the mfo you need loves certa1n Parks 1n Lebanon Freshman Chorus Swttch Hlstorlans Pep Squad PAUL TOWNSLEY IR Industnal Arts A southern accent IS h1s mark of dtstmctlon hopes to be come a pro basketball player whats the matter Htle bashful'?'P Football Basketball Track IRENE TUDIC Comm ercr al D1 thls gall' the other Touchdown Twm popu larlty 1S Tudys htghllght struts and dances wxth equal zest A Cappella Euryd1ce Llbrary Club Swttchboard Olflce Mes senger lngot Ma1orette I I ' ' ' ' . . . ' l . h . . ' l I t 1 I I I I , ' ' ' . I- , , I I . I I . . . I . . . I ' V I I I I - , ' board, Office Messenger, Iunior I , l I , . , . I ' ' I - . ,, up- .. . ., - A r - . ll - II I ' I . , . I U I l - lOAN L VANATTA Commerczal Iore enloys dancmg wrth Lu her Slnger Twm a whrz on the typewrrter tall and dlgmtled takes prlde n her dressmakers sklll Eurydrce Sw1tchboard SSIVICS Desk Deans Ofllce Owaxssa Club Student Councll Dra matxc Club I Red Cross Ingot Senlor Class Play Foot ball Usher VICTOR L VERBOS Commerczal Make that luckll Vzclcy usu ally d1d torever trylng to torment the gxrls Lower Ends property Sl1CkS to hrs chewxng gum Sr H1Y Ingot Football NANCY VULICH College Preparatory goe all out for sports QIVSS Mr Shatto h1s blg gest problems hearty laughter her trademark A Cappella Glrls Ensemble Glrls Athletlc Club Owalssa Club Dramatlc Club Ir Red Cross Office Messenger Ingot Camera Club Iunlor Class Plays Cheerleader Pep Squad Latm Club IOSEPH E WATSON College Preparatory Our famous Crazy Legs of the grxdlron the xdol of e women dxsplays shy srnlle KVERY mlsleadlng goes for sports ln a brg way Football Basketball Track Steelton H1 Y Chess Club Hy gxemc Cholr Latln Club NATHAN IEI. H Industrzal Arts Nate IS always dreammg f excxtement and adventure on the hlgh seas handles a cue Sl1Ck w1th great sklll cr smooth crooner wxth a dash of artlstlc ab1l1ty Track GERALD VVILSON College Preparatory One f Bmey s lnseparable pas loves to dawdle tm mechanlcal drawlng that IS, Ierry our flashy man about town A Cappella Dramatlc Club Track Craftsman Club Iumor Class Plays Senlor Class Play RICHARD YETTER College Preparatory less l ll prefers those ardent love scenes glves Student Councrl a helpmg hand Band A Cappella Freshman Chorus Student Councrl Dra mat1c Club Steel Polnts Au dro V1sual Club Camera Club Chess Club Iunlor Class Plays Senlor Class Play Stand Helper HELEN E YOVANOVIC Commerc1al Lenny s our sllck ma1orette would make lovely model Ieanne s constant shadow spends most f her evemngs at the roller rmk Eurydlce Swltchboard Service Desk Otfxce Messenger Steel Pomts Malorette Y I . .. ' ' ' . . ' ' 0 . . . 1 . I U I ' I ' ' ' ' . I - 1 ' l l ' H l O .. . , ., . -- - - ' l . , . ' ' - ' ' ' I I - v Vulifh-OUT PQPPY cheerleader Dick loves the stage lan actor, A , , 5 I10 .. . . . I I I I ' 7 . , . 1 . I , 1 I . , 4 l I I - , l 1 ' I I I I 1 E . . I l - - - ' th . . . a I ' - ' G I . . u I If ' ' ' !!l . . . . 4 , 0 I . I I ' I ' , ' Q ' ' ' 1 . I I . ' , ' , BRUCE WAYNE ZIMMERMAN College Preparatory Iust another bra1n from the oo favorlte song Walt for Me Mary a brlght future ahead for Zrmmy very cooperahve fellow Band A Cappella Freshman orus I H1 Y S 1 Football Track Basketball Mgr Track Mgr Iunlor Class Plays Semor Class Play FRANCES ZUPANOVIC C ommerc1 al Flashes beautltul brown eyes and a charmmg personahty Tangy IS proud of her classy wardrobe always busy gett1ng news ott to press Dons favorlte Eurychce Gul Athlehc Club Dramatxc Club Othce Mes sengex Ingot Iun1or Clas Plays Sen1or Class Play gm 'mira ELIZABETH LOUISE ZLOGAR Commerczal Betty Just wont change the name ot Zlogar l1ves at the M1lk Bar capable blg Wheel of the Busmess Statt Euryd1ce Llbrary Club Swltch board Dramatrc Club lngot Iumor Class Plays Football Usher KNOWLEDGE COMES BUT WISDOM LINGERS glam, Jlnwm, TALISMAN RosE flazm, fnlvfw, GREEN AND GOLD 38 CCILASS IIWIIIMIDIIWIIHIIINEICNY Iune 9 1960" It was lust ten years ago today that my classmates and I turned from the halls of Steelton H1gh School toward the doorstep of the future My how br1ght We thought we were then' But now ten years later as I walk toward the old gym for our IITSI class reun1on I know that only through exper1ence and hard work W1ll we obta1n w1sdom But let s go 1nto the gymnas1um to share our happ1ness and Joys W1th our fr1ends once aga1n By the way you all know of course that our new school was completed last year and the old bu1ld1ng was converted 1nto a CIVIC recreat1onal center As I enter the foyer whom do I meet but our Master of Ceremomes R1chard Yetter a famous announcer for soap operas Qu1te often he ment1ons 1n h1S commerc1als Donald Mars1co s Men s Clothmg Store wh1ch IS backed by m1ll1ona1re Thomas Cer1an1c and managed by Paul B9l1C1C MGTSICO s store 1S so large that he has a huge off1ce force work1ng for h1m 1nclud1ng V1v1an Calhoun h1s prlvate secretary Ann Iur1ev1c Dorothy Fawber and Catherlne Knull typ1sts Robert Fa1rlamb and Fred Cr1bar1 accountants and Anna Rafal Betty Iane Kuzma and Renee McNaughton stenographers I see Ange l1ne Iubas1c a former buyer for a cloth1ng store try1ng to persuade Donald to g1V9 her a o What IS the attract1on over 1n the far corner? Let s go see Why lt s a fr1endly argument over wh1ch branch of the serv1ce IS the best' The r1ngleaders of course are sa1lors Danny Burger and W1ll1am Gluntz and mar1nes Rrchard Handley and Ned Carter But all IS at peace s1nce the arr1val of our famous lawyers Anthony Petes1ch Francrs O Gorman and Frank Se1ders I th1nk the person who really scared the boys was Ch1ef of Pol1ce R1chard Bemhaur who really means bus1ness The phys1cal educat1on teachers Nancy Vul1ch and V1ctor Verbos and our coaches Frank Re1ch and Donald Rusnov are speak1ng to Donald Orr1s p1tcher for the New York Yankees who 1ust replaced Ioe Page How the g1rls swoon over h1m" Our other teachers Betsy Reed and Roy Thomas are d1scuss1ng how much homework to g1V9 the1r pup1ls w1th soc1al workers LUCIUS Durant and Eva Saunders We must not overlook our chem1sts and research workers Laura M1ddlGlOH and Luc1lle Kepner Who are d1scuss1ng the lates advances 1n sc1ence Wlth the atom1c energy author1ty Russell Kerstetter Interested 1n the same d1scuss1on are our nurses Pat F1sher Sh1rley Iones M1ldred Borota and Peggy Kostelac I bet Iohn Kamblc the wolf would l1ke to be one of the1r pat1ents When I saw It was gettrng rather late I suggested that we all s1ng Auld Lang Syne As everyone gathered around the p1ano I stood off from the crowd and recalled prev1ous rnstances when we all 1o1ned together 1n some school event It was w1th regret that I left th1s scene and walked through the gym doors out 1nto the Warm summer breeze 39 , .. - 1 - 1 1 1 1 . . . . . . - 1 1 1 1 1 , . . 1 1 . . . . . . . . 1 1 1 . . . 1 . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 . . . 1 . 1 . . . , - 1 1 1 1 1 - -' 1 . 1 . . , . 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . 1 , 1 , . L' 1 1 1 - 1 1 . . . u I- 1 11 . - 1 x.. 9986 1 9 s ,J A Us ur-051 G,.x.xx oasmgw HOST ADIURED REED NALINAK 96069 I0 51 051 :- 255 F vm 0759 N' sYw9,O!'l of QQ -10" RAYER wuavf To , A mem ous b gf.,-4 , , , ,.., :gz- svdsovnnn-1' xi-'R k CL R038 58 C0 7-HOMA S CLA S38 SHERS 65,3 5039? ' rL'NE MMM: L1-En. TUDH3 ALECXIH 85-sr A c4Va1e,, M 0 ST POPU LAR Ngshs ow 'uw Jus PCSEGA WOOL 1:09 GLASS SLEEPERS I DUGKWORTH BETHEA ea MNE U0 so 007.5 r r """ 4 SIC N eeNf-'ww REE efiw D Ho SMRON 'A' ERNEH HOLY Mgs 9051 vm, r srumous 1 T T VULICH IVE? swag O MOST ATHLE C OSTN P13481 USICAL TIC MALINAK 51 0009 1.x-09 sh' alfa r-H 'D G anvil' ORM' M08 MOST DIGNIFIED S1148 o N Deck nuwr Ross ER 41 7' 4817877 0 ' 'Q 'I fi V , . M - 4--Al-:2-:-:-:- A g ' :', . ' .'AA V .,.A,.A,.A, .. ,, . :- N... . ' 1 ' " -w.. I I ,Y , . .fi ' i ' '11 , .f-: A H 4 "" .. ' , 'Af' , A ,.., .V L. - x . ' , - ,4 U .. , , . 'Q rm. A , - " -Q 3 va .- k ' I '-V--LA1' . f v .I 'L , ' 3 :AI ,. ., .V 1, if ..,.., , H I K Q .3 . a ,.., hluhl ,,, :fi V ,, , . ""- - -:f:-1 .,. A , if .. 7' I 1' Q .' ,, j ...hl 1.53. My I M I .yzl sf I A . .,,:,Eg. in 4 JF. M , w G A. , GLASS llHlllllS1ll'KCDlRtY You were st1ll floattng 1n dreamland Wllh not a care on your mrnd when all of a sudden r1ng g g g that alarm clock shattered everythrng You crawled out of bed and started mechanrcally to prepare for your f1rst brg day as a freshman at S H S You were freshly scrubbed and combed as you walked down the street 1n your new shoes tha seemed to be squeakrng out of key The school loomed ahead and you felt a wave of nervousness h1t the pit of your stomach when you walked rn You dnfted through endless halls unt11 you f1nally drscovered your homeroom Strange faces and a thousand d1f ferent roomsll Qurte a jolntll Upperclassmen were forever haunt1ng the halls and leerlng at you t1l you felt llke a zomble or last years moth eaten tennts sox Really thrs year of adjustments was a try1ng one for all of us wasnt 1t'?'?7 Your sophomore year was here before you could posstbly 1mag1ne 1t You tr1pped gatly through the halls and went along your merry way and brother drd you know 1' alll' You just grggled all over the place You learned to call a bug an tnsect for elselll These were the days when guys were sharp gals wer neat everythrng was hubba hubba and we were all hep Wearlng leg patnt was a popular fashron natch not to be outdone we all came to school w1th brown goo cl1ng1ng to our gawky ganghng legs We all mtssed our fr1endly l1brar1an Mlss Houston who went abroad as a mtsslonary All the teachers were well mean1ng and you l1ked them so you struggled through Now you re a 1un1or' Almost grown up but not qurtell You trred to be chawhm 1ng and d1dnt talk to underclassmen because 1t slmply wasnt done my deahll By th1s trme you had Jolned scads and scads of clubs and you were qutte a busy creature wrth all that homework Newcomers to the Owarssa were trtpprng over rmles of safety p1ns and bows were stuck 1n vast array all over the1r heads The Ir Class Plays Womans Page Grandma and The Ieweled Hand tntroduced f1ne talent anc. pulled 1n a lot of that green stuff wh1ch found us rubblng our hands together and cack hng f1end1shly The shmoo made h1s debut and so drd Pete Alecxlh fas class Prez of coursel Russ Kerstetter took over as our V1ce Pres1dent Angre Iubasrc as Secretary and Nancy Sharon as Treasurer Day of Dayslll The real Blklfllll A senror no less" You floated around on plnk Clouds and beds of clover A popular fad was Walk1ng around w1th a blank expresslon and 1nqu1r1ng W hoppened'? fespectally after the Harr1s game rememberwl Then we got our class rlngs Remember the lump that caught 1n your throat when you frrs shpped yours on'P'? Next came class prctures and class dues How embarrassed you were the t1me you opened your wallet and two mothballs fell outl Flat brokell Then we had the successful presentat1on of our Sentor Class Play l..1ttle Women to remember What w1th Ioe Rosss German accent Sandy Rupps death scene and Itmmy Smrths love scene nobody knew whether to laugh or cry half of the trme Then all too soon 1t Was over As we gave a last l1nger1ng glance at the slowly closmg doors of our beloved school we knew we werent krds any more but young la d1eS and gentlemen who were ready to f1nd our places rn the world We know that we owe all that we are or ever w1ll be to a great group of people who were patrent al ways ready to help and never ttrmg rn the1r efforts to show us the one way the nght way Hats off to you the teachers of Steelton Hlgh 42 1 f f D 1 ' 1 L - 1 - - 11 . 11 . 1 . . . 1 . . - ' I . . 1 . , .. . T , t 11 11 11 11 . 1: - 1 V 1 11 11 11 11 . . . 1 . , SO 1 1 1 - 1 1 . - , 1 . . . . 11 , . - , .. ' . 11 . 1 11. . 1 11 , .. 1 , . . 1 11 1 11 11 11 11 11 . . -I 1 1 1 T I - . 1 - ' 1 1 , . . 11 1 11 . . , 1 . , . . . . . - K A . . 11 . 11 1 1 - . 1 1 - - 1 1 1 , . 1 1 - . 1 . 1 1 ' , . I - 1 ILZSSTI' WVHIIILIIL and, 'lIfllES'lIl'1WWllENlll' WE THE PAROLEES OF l95U havlng served our four year term as fellow 1nmates of the same 1nst1tut1on do hereby announce lh1S to be our Last Wlll and Testament We Nawthernuhs leave our ac cents to Patsy Hatcher fW Hop pened'?l Charhe Conz leaves h1s battered up typewrlter to Donald R1sser fPoor th1ng'l Pat O Gorman and Carol Ivey leave the1r bra1ns to any borderl1ne Jumors Angle Iubaslc leaves her hlghly re garded secretar1al Job to Ieanette Stroud Reme Gally leaves her pretty fea tures to Betty Hart Betty Zlogar leaves her cosmet1c k1t to any 1un1or wrth that abandoned look Fran Zupanov1c leaves her nylon sweaters to Peggy Haas Pat l..eW1s leaves her extenslve l1st of act1v1t1es to Mary Lou Zapc1c fSome loadll Pete Alecx1h leaves h1s 37 Plymouth to Rudy KIOVIC so he can dr1ve all h1s g1rls 1n style Glor1a Evans and Boseann Geferoff leave thetr work dulled bra1ns to be mulled over by noted psych1atr1sts fOh stopll hm Be1stl1ne and Don Decker leave the1r perox1de bottles to any 1un1ors who want to l1ve dangerously Melly DIFIGHCSSCO leaves her strong lungs to Blnka Macut fWOW'l Irmmy Iackson leaves PERIOD fCant you hear the Commerc1al teachers utterlng thelr thanks7l Nancy Sharon leaves her attractlon for IAZZ mus1c to Ianet Relder Tam Malmak leaves h1s muscles and athletrc ab1l1ty to Drck Re1ch who does O K by hlmself Dons Harr1son leaves her theory on The Battle of the Sexes to anyone who ll llstenl Paul Day leaves w1th h1S p1n up g1rls tWho wants em anyway'?l Fay Drayer transfers HERBIE long 1ngs from S H S to Temple fHow sweetll Iohn Hoerner leaves That Lucky Old Sun echo1ng through the aud1 torxum Chase Baker leaves h1s cheerful H1l on Blue Mondays to M1Ck6Y Neubaum Iack Beyrent leaves h1s c1garette butts to all nervous Jumors before exams Andy Padjen leaves h1S Secret to Popularlty to Ierry Iacoby Tom Cer1an1c leaves the ha1r he pulls out wh1le studylng to Walter Shank Ienny Hoffman leaves her loyalty to the West Stde 1n care of Dott1e Tuckey Roy Thomas leaves h1s crazy ant1cs to Charles Leader Don MGFSICO leaves h1s I get around look to Don Alecxlh Chappy Lappano leaves her g1ggles and rare remarks to Peggy Cannlng Iohn Kamb1c leaves h1s Haw haw 1ng 1n assemblles to Alfred Kmg Dott1e Brown leaves her soft volce and n1ce sm1le to IoAnn Thompson Frank Popp leaves h1s know how for gett1ng 1nto trouble 1n P O D class to some angehc character Paul Townsley generously leaves h1s hetght to Bobby Swe1gart Ethel Manm1ller leaves that sllck danc1n rhythm to lanet Owens Amta Lanza leaves her speedy walk to anyone who m1sses her darly Wheat1es LIZZIS Matthews leaves her str1ct1y one man theory to Nancy Trout VIC Verbos leaves h1s 1nnocent look to all contr1butors to the Nat1onal Uncompleted Homework Soc1ety Chl Cavr1ch leaves h1s well stocked wardrobe to Dave Sheetz Clarence N1cholson leaves h1s run n1ng ab1l1ty to LOW19 Donato P1nky Cr1bar1 leaves the underclass men swoonmg fS1gh'l Betsy Reed leaves her talent looks bra1ns and humor to any Worthy Jumor The sen1ors leave S H S w1th a lump rn thelr throats and hope 1n thelr hearts Wrtnesses MR C W EISENHART MR K L HOCKER Aprll l l95U . ' ' 21. ' ' ' ' . ' 22. ' ' ' " I I 11 I ly 23. I I . I - ' - 24. ' 1 - 25. ' ' ' I I I 11 26. I l I ll ' - 27. ' ' . ' . . 28. . . .. - ,Q . ' 29. ' " I I 30- I ll - -ll . - . ' . , . , ' 32. - ' ' I I I I 33. I I ' . . 34. ' ' ' " ' I I I I 35- I I I Q I I . 36- I I I - D I II I I I 37' I I I - y . .I . 38' 1 . I . d ' ' . 39. ' ' . . ' ' I - 40. ' ' . . . - 43 Nm xg! X W2 J gg! P f f QL W U fy 39,431 .S X42 alzzlmmiallsuli S X! XL .1 wx X X Z C 'Xx if ,Nw f,'f K , ,Z7 -5,42 Er- f' fx, 2 ' r x . Q J 1 v Q N , egg! ,A ' ' ' , VJ , 'xx f - 'fig' ' " , .' is-1 S' 'r 4 -L 'S I 'gg rg ,fli- . :!.xk..Z7' 7 4 I ' 4 xx L0 K . , N f x -SMX Xs- A 4 KCIILMSS KODIIF '551Il " , ' ' 4 c V K l- Q, 1 ' 1 5 7 F Q ? A M. A 19s nl S we ' -N J. H ' ' WA an A , -N W 4. . 'if if 55 Qi if Zip Sf 45 mf " , '7-Q.. " I- ' J Q A 4 'if Q 1 ? .. - 'EEK i 2 gg - H? .km Y-JAH' ' K Q ,I ii ' uf U 5 T jIj,e.. 15 M. JV sg i l? 1,1 N I '- K-5 : a. 'if , W , Q L-5 5:41 'Q S 99 ll Q Q W I AI H H li Q! gg Il "' A- ng 'Eif15'l?S T? . tri: 'gr --.JT h:NqTfgesfes'HesMv My .- ,H 1? ,., . I Q, ' Y., ,wg qi fmt, 'Q mil qw 9 Q ,f.,Q,QwgA, ' 1 Fr .w g 5 9 4 I Hwy' 5 ax, x . .AIM v. wiv 'fi N' 'Lg A!"v"f"" M 'K W ' , M q ' ""' ' 'N ' X .xy 1 ,P , gg, '- -1 QQ 'Q .1 mg, Q V if gi 3 . we if! -ni N M . K ,QW-1 W' " H. v A , M Vf xy, 1 -mf?-if ' 25 1 -, h Q M. , . , W fe 3 In Q IQ U " " U E? 0 it QS ll M N JJ E J W X V N I 9 Q mi MI IZ'1lf ' lil W lil 'W ' IIIIIIEZS Uuuml lub First Row Ieft to Rlght Kustutel R0kS'3YldlLll F1 umm Recd Yeliel J Slllllh Sunrxk 'Nlcotexa J Bale Second Row Nlr Balxbaugh Mala t8SllH1C J Sm1th D Snnih Falcone Le1d1E Plow ell Dax -Xduser Mr Balsbaueh D1U'llClL First Row Left to R1 ht Sheet! Kuna Tre co Lonenaker Lllblk Shannon L1 IC 7aov.1c Hughex Smnnd ROM Ex anf- Heller D1 wx ton Pc anion ones Bon ln an Six und Km Dnex T 1rd Rovl N11 Xcxnpt I Alecxlh Alegxlh Neubaum XIIIIRUXXL Setter OG0lIll1I1 Xanatta Xdxleer 'xeln 1 .QW 52 Qzuuon, UMM, Flrst Row left to Rlght Laxman Evans Rexdex Bartkue Hagen berzer Bazdax CXIZIC Owens Ren nmiier Second Row Canmnl! Shoou Mus er Stlckle L Duckworth Heck Tlout Dev11n S Vuhch H311 Thlrd Row C Borota Flshex Jackson J Duckworth Jurmll Reed Koce war Ye-mast Kennel DIICGBIX Fourth Rovs NI Vuhch Steflen NI Boxota Mummert Welbh Xanatta M1 Bultnex Aduser M Burtnex 6 ' ' '. 'rx 1 - B' ' ., . J ' 2 . ' . h' 'Z 1 ' 1. . 7. ' .' , D, . . . . 'L " '. J "- ...,...,...,....... Mr. ' ' ES . - , fc V' - 'K . 5 . '. bauszh, D' ' ': . . : 1 . - , ' 'N .34 M r . J . '. 'v I , ' . ' " S ' ': A , . l 5 ': .. ' . ' , , V K. A . A! v r ' Y" . A . ,..,,.... ,..... .... 1 , ivxzuzfyf Flrst Ron Left t0 Right Lonenakex Zexanne CJLKOXIC Sffhlllldl JUb3SlL Colestock Kolal xc Moflmtt Messnel Second Ruu Falcone Sheetz Stmoud MCG arx llatchel Mault Mussu Wlext Thlrd Ron Mlss Flselmr Hadlex G egk Stlukle SDo11k Zaonu J Hnpk Bxanotl L Ln elv ourth Ron I Lnelx Glum Bun lldllil Cqxsrm Lutz Slovmu kdu-er Miss Flschex lub Flrst Ron Left to Rlzht CILZIC Bosn lak D CBCKOXIC Lonenaker CHCKOXIC Hanna Saunders Momtt Oxxenq Rokaandlch Second Ron Intuerl Bland Tudlc Bake! Holmes Bender Reed .lor 1Ch Hanalwau Gallx Third Ron Mlss Rxder Bowman GFUICII NIcGarx WIESSIHEGI Heck Jubaxlc -Xduser MISS Rx del jul: Iflrsm Rom Left to Right T1 eaco H Coonex Bxodmck Henk Sm exgaxl R Coonex second Ron Falcone Pxovxell Slxerlff ACl11Il1OXlCf1 Kerstettex Tlnrd Row 'vh Hoerner Llxex D XBFIC Blaxton IVIIIIHIIOH Fourth Row Doxnell Mack Kelley Roof Xdxlser M1 Hoel ner AJILYJ, First Rovx Left to R1ght A111ad111Q Yovanouc Brodmck IN1LOt6ld Rok sandlch Cxel-. Second Rovx P01111 Grum GUEIIIQI X'1n1Lh Flltrme Shull S111 L11 1rd Row P 1ci1t11 1111111 Lll 1 M111nak 5911110 Gasuauoxlc Mr Bacvtoxx -kdwlber X11 Bacas ou w lub First Rovs left to Right M Kostelat JL1bas1C Larva P1916 Schmldt Zer ance RokSand1ch AC11 Second Row Mus Lamke 'Vic-Garx H11cl1e1 HHACHDCILCI Jo111l1 S I IIIIO Getl B1 lllilbillgll N11 SGdII'dtX fhlrd Ron Pottlsm P hobtelac Dmxer KQDITQI Stxoud Rumn Reed Ixex Fourth Row Sh3IOl1 FISIICI Lexus Vuhth Stcffen V'111'1I11 "i1x11t'0X Xdxlsrrs NS G111atx Nllw I1111 e Fnrst Row I eft to Rxzllt bvelaarl S1111L11 Fl Thomaq P1d1c11 Ross T111 111 1 Ve-1 hos 110911101 Be111l1 1111 INWLL 114110 Second Row M1 Sl1otsbe1 er Books R Cl1a111be1s .Iacobx Fmnex Neu baum O111s SI111111 D Orbock Thlrd Row P AICCXIH Z1111111e1ma11 Leader Ixrowt R Reuh Beucnt E Orhock T C,l1.1111bc1 s N11 NINIKY Fourth Row F RSICII Malmak Keller D Alecxlh Advisers .,............ M12 Shotsbereer Mr, Nlislev SQJLULCO Quiz, Flrst Row Left to Rlght Lon2nake1 M Evans Sherbocker Tresco Sload ACT1 Schmldt Wrlght Saunde1s Bosmak second Row Bland Calhoun Stroud Svtlmaer W1est G Evans Sumk SD11 off Grlbble Thlrd Rovs M Yemfsst Int11er1 Rupp Sha1 on Carson M01 r1son Levus Sutton L1ve1v Aduser M1 YCIHEQI ufclzbnafzi First Row Left to Right Fromm Eck hart Manmlller Matthevxs Kostelac McNau2hton TISSCO Mofhtt Moore Smlth Second Row Bender Yovanox IL Sheaffer Fxxe .Iumewc L11 elx Rehkueler Dev11n 'VILllT1ll1CIt Third Row Mxss Lanza Hatche1 Hadlex MOFFISOII Zloiar Lookex Mu1 rax Pearson Cannlnz IVIISB Oslanskv Advlsers ......,,.,........, Miss Lanza Miss Oslanskv fnunczi Flrst Rovs Left to Right Malatestlmc D Coonex R Coonev H Coonex MXQIS Nlcotera Mr Shotsbelzsel Second Row Amadure Mllakoxu RINSBI Shexlfi Benson Cnms Thnrd Row Delble-1 Fanlamb Hand lex Baumaardneu Cwek Pmknex Aduser M1 Shotsbe-12 1 JIDIYLQ, lconomzm lub First Row left to Right Letlxxch Dutkxxolth 'Vioffltt Broun Calhoun JOIILH Rumi Suond Rrlvl Flxe Rexllold IOhI1S0Il mul XM sl Shoo: lrd Rom Fletchel Adlllls Tllic A ul XILIIIGN Wllithclss Adxlsers Miss P11118 Miss Tum DC famefm, fluff lrst Row left to Right J S1111 l Sltilngcr ZIDLIC Longnaker Nlco tela J Bilsbqulih Heck TIIOIIIDSOII Devlin Second Row Thomas Jacobx Burk ett Falcone S11 oud Ruuo Kennel McGarx Kel :tcttel 'Ihlrd Row Alccxlh E Balsbauzeh OGLJIIIIIH Gllllfl Ml Shatto Mlss Young Yetter VLIIILII HOCIUQI J Silllth Adxlsers 'Vilss Youn Ml Shatto m!lH,I'l'l!1flL Klub First Row, Left to Right: Matthews. Evans. J. Getz. Cackovic. Draver. Lewis. E. Schmidt. S. Getz. Sload. Zerance. C, Ivev, Jubasic, Messner. Second Row: Yovanovich, Falcone. Brulnbaueh. Holmes, Hadlev Cal- houn, Lanza, Macutl RuDD. Stroud. Zuufmovic. Third Row: Wilson. Sheetz. Furlan. Morrison. Borota. M. Schmidt. Hari. Vulich, Geferoff, Gallv. Smith. Fourth Row: Mr. Ivev. Fairlamb. O'Gorman. Tuckev, Ziofiar. Carson. Looker. Snorik. Sharon, Vanzltta. Slovinac. Yctier. Alecxih. Adviser . ,.,.,.. . ,............ Mr. Ivev First Ron left to Right Rossi Sher bockei Popp Ivex Rupp Tuclic Lanm Jubasic Macut Reitzel Sc cond Row Mis Cordas Brumbaueh Cannme Tuckex Cow Gallv Stroud Koste ac Lone Schmidt Third Ron LIXGIV Sharon Stehman Morrison Fshi Borota Yovanovlc Thom on Rehkufzlex Aduwr Mrs Co1d'1s Umm UZZLCQ, First Row. Left to Right: Rossi, Sload, Hummel. Hagfenbereer. Getz, Brown, Hanshaw. Jurjevic, Owens. Rok- sandich. Second Row: Bland, Ivev. Geferoff, Trouti Rupp. Thompson. Musser. Eckhart. Hadlev. Lapnano. Hatcher. Third Row: Mrs. Schriver. Kostelac. Branoff, Draver. Furlan. Hoerner, Pottiier. Gribble. Lewis, Beinhauer. Fourth Row: Fisher, Sharon. Steien, Vanatta. Adviser .....,........,.. Mrs. Schriver lub First Row Lett to Right Carelock Frwe MclNe11 Reed Braxton Napier Second Row Duckworth A White Anderson E White Harden Third Row Lamson Wllhamson B White Gambie Jones Fleming Mr 1 user Mr Cole mf. 5.a1wwz, gm First Row left to Right Chandler Lutz Albert Stanoxich FIOIHIH Second Row Yoxanowich Stiickland Sbencer Stokes Third Row 'VIr BISIEN Verbos Koce xai Clax Sheaffei -Xdxiser M his ex Flrsl Row I Eff I0 Right Hdgenbelgm Branoi? Han P000 Cackoxic Recd Second Rovi D Ixex LILIQ Devlin Thomn on Bioxxn BiumhauLli Fur lan Livelx iird Row NI Slot bex cr C Ixex Morii'-on Tuckes McGaix Sharon Yeln t Stehmii Dcckman Giuich Lhiaooettfi Nlr Ixex XCIXISQFS NI Hociner 'VIr Ivev NIL Shotsbcieei N11 Yeinest lub First Row. Left to Right: Wilson. Moore. Lavmari, Weathers, Kimi, Headen. Mack, Williams. Naoier. J. Wright, McNeil. Tavlor, House. Second Row: Hanna. Pennix. Wash- ington. V. Pavne, Chambliss, Wil- liamson, M. Brown. Buchanan. R. Brown. Mavg, E. Payne. Mr. James. Third Row: Pearson. English. Hamb- ton. Seav. Butler. Jones R. Brown. Prather. Carter. Scott. Ramsey Fourth Row: Brvant. Dennis. Hurst. A, Wrieht. Fielder. Hatcher. Adviser ......,....,....,.... Mr. James gm gm First Row left to Right Mo1r1 on Beck Wmkleman Donovan Sharon Decker Shlelds Lublc Jordanoff Rehkueler Roach Wallace Stokes Second Row Albert Allen Strlck land Yovanovlch Femcle Schmldt Bowman Calhoun CVIZIC Blandmz! Nlckoloff Murphy Erwme Shannon Thlrd Row Stokes Heller Reever Clax F18ldS Gewer Foe el Dodd Loxch Krnlaxc Hummel Latlmore Freeman Harder Fourth Row McLamb Dlckenson Kocevax Rlnesmxth Ruoo Stence Scales Damels Bafdar Brown Waldlc M1 Stoneslfer Director Mr Stoneslfer H, Uapfmlla, flwuz First Row Left to Rlght Cackovlc Hummel Haeenbereer Rossl Macut Stroud Tudlc Harder Colestock J Getz Evans Ovsens Holmes Sload S Getz Devlln MCGBIX Blum baueh ecflnd ROW Sheetz Cullev Bexn hauer Carson Furlan Trout Mum mert J Hoerner Lone Sltlmser Harl Bender Hadlev ZaDc1c Steh man D Looker Thomoson Thlrd Rove Atzc-:IT Carnes Branoff Geferofl Reed Kenner Draxer Eckhart Bexrent Wxlson Gallv Jubaslc Calhoun Mr Stoneslfer Fourth Ron Coonew Sher1Ff Jacobv Dexbler Sllllth J Hoerner Pottleer Zlmmerman M Looker Rusnov LGVEIS Vullch Thomas Yetter Shank Leader Fifth Row Decker Faul Malatestxnlc Le1d1E Dnrector Mr Stonesxfer lub First Rovl Ieft to Right Zuoanovlc t Sherbocke1 Haas Wallace Re1c'er Brovln Decker H Holmes Gefexofl' Second Row Vullch ZBDCIC SClllTlldt Poop S Holmes Loxch Ivex Adviser MISS Mlller I O . E , . Ge z, I . . Zerance, Flnnev, Fisher, Kolaric, . S ': , ' , ' - dpi, l'lrsL Row left to Right Hummel Xettex Dmaxex J Hoernex S1thn2e1 Secord Ron Sheet? Deckel Jacobx J Hoe1ne1 Paul Thlrd Ron 'Nlx Stoneslfex Director IVII SUJNENHLI 6llA,QI'YllJlQ, First Ron Left to Rlght Ex ans Txesco Morrlson Shannon Ix ex Jordanoff Branoff Russ Second Rows Stoneslfer Curlex Sit hngox 'klummexf Thompson Dean Getz nrd Ron lwr Hoennu Bxookm Sharon Dlrector Iv r I-Ioexnel flwfum, First Ron Left to Right Stoneslfex Cackouc Dax Wlnkleman Branoif Deckex Sherbocker Loxch Re1clex WVINEIS Svue1t7er T Re1de1 Second Rovs Heck Thomas Bla heals Lubu Rand Grlbblc Bart kus C LICKOXIC Jackson Mclaamb Rufm Ouls Boldnu fhlrd Row LIVSIV Deckman Be1n hauer Yetter Jur2111 Bowman Baker Jackson Gallx Cxek Rok anchch Fourth Row M Stonesxfer Roof Pmkr ex Stevens Abbott Devarxc Doxnell Bulkett Dlrec tor M1 Sftllleblfil dS'fza.m, ,fmmmblo, Lvfr. to Right: Shectz, Kenner, Mc- Kamev, Brookin. Gluntz, Hocrner. Director ,.........,....,... Mr. Sheetz Plfst Row left to Rlghl Siqynexlfer Exanb Txesco 'VIOI'I'150ll Shannon SH 0nd Rovs 'md Raed 110911101 Luxlu S11 IIILCI 'Vlum IUQ1t mml son L s J Reec S1201 lk lhlrd Ron Blookm Sheet! KCIJIICI J Hoe1ne1 ACIIIIIIOXILI1 Bunhduem Eckhart B Lx 1 s b a Ll 2 h Plnknex Ghmtz Fourth Row McKaxnex Qhank AIECYIII Sharon Dlrector M Sheen mb fniwzlzle, First Ron Iefl to Rxghl G Exuns Muwex Get? Cackoxlc M Exams 'sexolld Row Hagenbel El keunu Dyqxey Reed NILIHIIIIEI1 Bxanofi 'lh rd Ron M1 SlOl1LS11E'1 Dxrutor N ql0I1f3Sl1CI ' I "' ,..,. ......... A I1: - Ivev, liordanoif. Brzmoif. bean, Getz. .' ' 'Z Bl. . E. H , J. ' '. ' ' X '. ' I' ' '. . - ' ' , Tk J: , R lsr. . 1. ' ...............,... 11 ' 61 6' Left to Right Vullch Kosteluc Gully Getz Cuckcvlc Mcrcut Zczpcxc Sherbocker Absent When Picture Was Taken Schmxclt Advxser Mlss M ller Iubuslc Loych Center H11debrcmd REAR Left to Right Fmney Mrs Pcxme Lublc Adv1ser Mrs Pcune I Left to Right: Manmiller, Hummel, Tudic, Trout, Yovcmovic, Fisher, Locker, Calhoun, Rcxdle, Band FIRST ROW Lett to Rxght Yetter I Balsbaugh Achunovxch Corbm Stonesxler P Tresco Moyer WGld1C V Tresco Smith Lxvely Reltzel Dexbler Second Row Marsrco Paul Sheetz Evans Hughes Myers Woelfl Rebock Ulrlch Yovanovlc Russ Mr Sheetz Malatestlrnc Thxrd Row Sxtlmger Hadley Eckhart Musser Rlnesmlth Seabrxght Stence Foesel Taylor Kepner Fourth Row I Hoerner Smyers Mummert E Balsbaugh Nlcotera Gluntz Rlsser Burkett P1nkney H111 Fifth Row Be1nhauer Pott1ger Swartley I Reed Garrett Sporlk Bland Yemgst I Hoerner E Reed Srxth Row Darnell McKarney Iackson Allen Sha'1k Brookln Roof Stevens Slade OGorman Abbott 63 SEATED Lett to Rrght OGorman Smith Kepner Drayer Zupanovrc Rupp Sharon Geteroff STANDING Left to Rrght Ross Vanatta Rusnov Morrxson Lanza Lewrs Z1mmerman Ivey IILIIIIIITIIFIILIIE WVIOINVIIIIIEIN A Dramatlzatron of Louzsa Alcott s Novel by ARTHUR IEARUE PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR CLASS Drrector DOYLE W IVEY CAST OF CHARACTERS THE LITTLE WOMEN Meg the eldest Io the playwrzght Beth the housekeeper Amy the artrst MRS MARCH thezr mother MR MARCH therr father AUNT MARCH Mr Marchs elderly srster HANNAH MULLET the cook MR LAWRENCE a wealthy nerghbor IOHN BROOK Laurres teacher PROFESSOR BHAER a German teacher NEIGHBORS AND FRIENDS Frrst Gzrl Second Grrl Pat LEWIS Carol Ivey Sandra Rupp Roseann Geferoft Nancy Sharon Bruce Zlmmerman LUCIIIG Kepner Ioan Vanatta Francrs O Gorman Donald Rusnov Iames Smrth Ioseph Ross Fay Drayer Amta Lanza Thzrd Gzrl Frances Zupanovrc Fourth Grrl Cynthla Morr1son Prompters Marte Kostelac PQIFICIQ F1sher Property Managers Elrzabeth Matthews Donna Bland Stage Manager R1chard Yetter 64 I : I I I I I I I I I I ' 44 I 79 . . . , , . , ..........................,....,,...,,.,...,,................ . , I . . . , , ..,.... . .... ..,. . . . . . ' I LAURIE, his grandson ,,..,.,,... ....4...,, .....,... , ...,... , ..,, , , . ,.,, .... . ..., .......,,.,....,,, . . SEATED Lett to Rlght Geferott Gally Stehman Macut Vanatta Evans Drayer STANDING Lett to Right Alecxlh Yetter Smxth OGorman SIVFIODIIRQIW IONVIIEIIRQ IVHIIIODIILIILIYWVIOMODMD A Mystery Comedy zn Three Acts by Iames Reach PRESENTED BY THE DRAMATIC CLUB Drrector DOYLE W IVEY CAST OF CHARACTERS NAN PARKER a housekeeper SALLY SUYDAM a gossrp colummst HELENE DONALD a movre actress MITZIE MCGEE a stand rn WALLY FERRIS an rdle young man TOM CARTER a busmess manager IJDITH MOSTYN an unlucky star MIKE PHILLIPS a prlvate detectrve BEULAH PRICE a secretary DUSTY LANE a radro comedran AUNT AGGIE a maiden lady rtha Stehman Glorla Evans Fay Drayer Roseann Geterott Rrchard Yetter Francrs O Gorman Irene Gally Iames Smlth Martha Macut Donald AIGCXILI Ioan Varratta Student Directors Wanda Wolf Pat Lewls Prompters Betty Posega Carolyn Borota Property Manager lane Zerance Stage Managers Donald Gould Brenton Baumgardner 65 IMQ F tt 66 5 D - K 99 , .....,.......,,.... ,.,. ,.... . . . .. ,...Be GRANDMA A Drama bw Grace P Home Drrected by Mzss Ruth Lee Decxvor CAST OF CHARACTERS Grandma Lhurchrll Lucrlle Kepner Joan 1 hurchlll Nancy McCarw Brll Wakefield Francrs 0 Gorman Jlm I aw rence Sam Gerald Vlrlson James Smrth Pl'0mDter Rose Mane Intrrerr Property Managers Stage Manager Gloria Evans Nancw Plsle Samuel Books qw' , ,,,, - I f 1. 1, . , r. t I -..,.. ..1l - I ,. ........,., , , KV , A I 1 ...,....4 ' . . ' 3 ., ..... I ' 2 ll 1' M WAKMM 2 - - - 's f ......... ' A' 1 f A ' .... 'A ' l 1- vs X f 1. . .1 5 L . .......... .. , , SJLLUHM ww THE IEWELED HAND A Mvsterv bv Charles George Dlrected by Paul C Shcrtto I CAST OF CHARACTERS Ann Xndrevss Sandra Rupp Blair Burns Bruce Zimmerman Ware Warxng Richard X etter Alice ambrose Fav Draver Claire Lolllns Ellzabeth Zlogar Police Mollv Ofhcer Rov Thomas Vu lan Calhoun Prompters Irene Gallv Irene Tudlc Prope rtv Managers Nancv Vullch Andrew Padlen Stage 'vlana ers Peter Alecxlh Donald Malmak WOMAN S PAGE fUncensoredl A Comedv bv Anna Mae Flsher Drrected by Doyle W Ivey CAST OF CHARACTERS Dorothv Hrcks Carol Ivev Stella Whlffel Pat LEWIS Flsre Thomas Angeline Jubaslc Beatrlce Falrchlld Roseann Geferoff Trule Glamour Nancv Sharon Emma Cook 1Speedj Amta Lanza Iva Scoop Frances Zuoanovrc Jane Sasserrllx Bettv Posega Mrs Elmer Jones Cvnthra Morrison Prompters Ehzabeth Reed Ellzabeth Matthews Propertv Managers Mane Kostelac Phvllls Steffen Stage Managers Brenton Baumlzardner Frank Reich Q Sl1l'4llllPlll"'lIf N ,...mi. 1 left to Rlght Koons Hoy Lange Shevock Lleller Gauntleit D Sllver IIFKCMCDTIFIIBQBMLIIL if IIQAILW -Q 5- , ,F V fe FIRST ROW Left to Rlght Dr Sllver McNe1l Carter Cavrxch Watson Nlcholson Malmak P merman Kamblc Thomas Ross Reltzel Verbos Klng G Splzzlrrl Mr Hoy THIRD ROW Bel1c1c D Orbock Greene Keller Luiz E Orbock Zelko Donato D Alecxlh KIOVIC M Heller Mr Gauntlett FOURTH ROW S1mon1c R Relch Carelock R Splzzlrrx Hymon Wallace Feldmann Leader Beyrent CMgrl Belslllne lMgrl Books lMgrl 68 - , Alecxih, Padjen, F, Reich, Mr. Koons. SECOND Row: Mr. Sherlock, Mr. Lange, Townsley, Zim- --,l- If If I, 11- I, I .l ,I-. 'If '. T. Q!ll,lnnn4mlA..nb- FIRST Row Left to Right I Kamb1c Rextzel Cavrich Watson Ross Nicholson P Reich A Padlen P Alecxih SECOND ROW McNe1l Zlmmerman Dr Silver Mr Gauntlett Mr Shevock Mr Heller Mr Lange Mr Hoy Mr Koons Verbos THIRD Row Bel1c1c Keller D Orhock Lutz Zelko Hymon R Sp1zz1rr1 Donato Kmg P Feldmann Thomas FOURTH Row Shaub Greene R Reich D Alecxlh E Orbock Slmonxc Krovic G SpIzzIrr1 Carelock Leader Wallace R Kambxc tMgrl FIFTH ROW Carter Deibler Sims Gloeckler Balsbaugh Wagner Hoffman Yanich G Pad1en Lexdig Benton Shroy Braxton D MalInak SIXTH ROW Townsley Fromm Tezak Smith Campbell A MalInak Gasparovlc McKamey Slade L Brown ChIv1s I Feldmann Singer Clark Beyrent tMgrl SEVENTH Row Willis Mlller Shank Spasetl Shull Rajk T Brown Semic Splrolf Heck Root Shipp Pugh lMgrl EIGHTH ROW Finney Books lMgrJ Swartley Milakovic Huslc Murphy ReIder Martin I Enders Gally Fortmo R Enders Bordner Nelbich Iones Bexsthne tMgrl Sweigart tMgrl 7949 jrwflrall Srhndula Sportsmanslup and Vzctory W11l Our Slogan Be School Date Place SHS Opp Reading ....................... Sept. 24 Away 27 M1ddl6fOWH .................... Oct. 1 Home 36 Hershey Ind. ................... Oct. 8 Home 19 W1lliam Penn .................. Oct. 15 Home 26 Lancaster ...................... Oct. 22 Away Z8 Phoenixville .....,.............. Oct. 29 Away 24 York .........,................ Nov. 5 Home 35 Iohn Harris ..................... Nov. 12 Away 6 Lebanon ....................... Nov. 19 Away 7 Williamsport ................... Nov. 24 Home 14 League Games 59 Wrth the beg1nn1ng of the 1949 football season at Steelton Hxgh School tens1on Was h1gh slnce We reahzed that another team was pre parrng to Wear that dear old Blue and Whrte to vrctory Wrth the1r hard hrttmg chargrng tackhng and accurate passlng the Steamrollers proved worthy of the1r reputatlon of berng one of the best teams ever to perform on a grrd 1ron To 1naugurate the season the rnrghty Steelton eleven journeyed to Readrng Where they met the Red Knrghts wrth unconquerable power and the rece1v1ng ab1l1ty of Malmak let our loyal followers know that our grrdmen would not dlsappornt them The M1ddletownSteelton football game the mam toprc ot conversa t1on throughout the prevrous sum mer held the weekend spothght when the Blue and Gold Rcuders traveled to Steelton for the hrst tune 1n many years to hght for vrctory The Steamrollers proved the1r met Here the passing technique of Reich :wg 44' K' tle by wal1op1ng the Ra1ders by an overwhelmmg score Afte these v1ctor1es the towns peopl knew our boys Would d the1r best to bring home the ba con So they d1d for the Spartans of Hershey Industr1al a favored W1ll1am Penn Tlger the Red Roses of Lancaster a surprlsed Phoemx v1lle eleven and York Were unable to stop the Steamrollers determlned push toward the champ1onsh1p A few 1n1ur1es threatened our suc cessful season but rn Splle of th1s only defeat by a h1ghly sp1r1ted Harrls team the mlghty eleven st1ll undaunted shared the charnp1on shlp laurels W1th Readrng W1th all the boys Workrng as a well organ 1zed umt rt was dlffrcult for teams to prevent our takmg the champron sh1p h1ghl1ghts It was a hard Worklng coachrng staff an mdustrrous group of boys and an enthus1ast1c loyal crowd of fans that gave Steelton H1gh an other successful season for 1ts rec ords T . . I - e o - 1 , , minor handicap coupled with the , , 1 - , , , SN1-XPS EMANUEL MEMORIAL TROPHY Awarded to 1949 Co Chczmp1on Steamroller 72 .. ,..,..,.... i 1 73 FIRST ROW Left to Right Chambers Neubaum Iacoby Padlen Pugh KTOVIC SECOND Row Zlmmerrnan CMgrl F Re1ch Mal1nak R Re1ch Durant Mr Heller Mr Koons WPNllRSl!lllWY IIB3 I-1XSlllQlElll'l1l3,lMLllL School Camp H111 Mechan1csburg Mechan1csburg Hazleton Iohn Harr1s Readmg Hershey Ind Lancaster W11l1amsport York Lebanon Iohn Harrls Readmg Hershey Ind Lancaster Wrlhamsport W1l11CIIH Penn York Lebanon Date Dec Dec Dec Dec an an an an an an an an Feb eb Feb Feb eb Feb Feb League Games 74 Place Home Home Away Away Home Away Home Away Home Away Home Away Home Away Home Away Horne Home Away SHS OPP D D D 9 . 1949-50 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE ' ........... ........... . 13 38 37 ' ....... ........... . 16 34 38 ' ....... ........... . 20 36 33 .27 31 69 ' ..................... I . 3 40 42 ' ........................ I . 6 44 71 . .................... I .10 76 40 .13 46 43 " .................... I .17 34 43 William Penn ............,...... Ian. 21 Away 49 45 .24 36 55 .27 47 73 ' ..................... I .31 31 45 ' ........................ .3 34 50 . .....,.............. F .7 35 47 .10 62 50 " .........,.......... .14 35 48 " . ..............,... F .17 46 50 .21 60 58 .24 41 63 MIR. WAIRSIIITIWY IIIBASIKllE'lll'l4B?2MLllL FIRST ROW' Left to Rzght Benkov1c Pcxdjen Shroy Benton RISSGI Brown Hoffman SECOND ROW Mr Hoy Donato Kocevcxr Clcxrk Dlllcxrd Muhnck Broadway Lutz Swelgcxrt fMgrJ Mr Koons MIR. MHIIIIIGIIHII IIB32SSlIlSlVE'lIFl1B31?5MLIlL FIRST ROW Left to Right Fxelder Devlm Lutz Ncxpler Hcrgenberger Hus1c Orns Blesecker Ivey Brown SECOND ROW Mr Lange Ach1mov1ch fMgrJ Orbock Dlxon Stevens Pmkney Gloeckler M11GkOV1C Semlc Swcxrtley Tezczk Mr Colyer 75 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 D 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - A 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 , . . Coach Hellers second year of coaching basketball at Steelton High pro duced a team Worthy of the tradition established in previous years by the ag1l1ty Which led to the surprising upset of the h1ghly favored York team The success of the team and the excellent morale of the players was due largely to the support of the Steelton tans Who attended the games faithfully To the entire squad and to our coach We need only say that they did their best to make this season as successful as possible 76 Blue and White cagers. The team worked hard and displayed both skill and 3816 U FIRST Row Left to Rlght Shank Slcxde Vcxsley E Bclsbough Gaspcxrovxc Rall: Ycmlch Hoff mon Shull I Bczlsbough Falcone Mczlmcxk GruIn G Pud1en Foul Hall Lutz P Feldmcmn SECOND Row Icxcoby Doncdo R SpIzzIrr1 McKcImey Townsley R ReIch Nxcholson F Rexch Reltzel G Re1Ch Keller Fcxwber McGcIry R Relder Gluntz Wagner G Splzzlrn A Pcxdlen Books Neubcum Suber THIRD ROW Mr Koons Mr Shevock Mr Heller Wheeler I Feld mann LeIdIg Shroy Hymon Thomas W Relder Orbock Leader Kepner Hoerner Slmonlc Alecxxh Malmok Ccxvrzch Carter Kumble Zxmmermcm lMgrl SWGIQGYI IMgrl 'IIFIRZ-IUK f IIQAIIJQ SHIPPENSBURG INVITATION MEET YORK TRIANGULAR MEET CARLISLE IOHN HARRIS GETTYSBURG STEEL-PON HANOVER STEELTON lSzx other schools competed! YORK DISTRICT III MEET WILLIAM PENN TRIANGULAR MEET STEEI-TON WILLIAM PENN ........... lU lv STATE MEET' STEELTON ................ 4 ly MIDDLETOWN ............. STEELTON .............,.. 78 X57-7175 ff IMIII IIIIPN 1If HILIII A Q " f r I L, or V I 75-!7 6 2 I dd . at : Y i " ID N ' ' ' ,J ID Q AM, w. 777 if ,J A540 .uxfff X ,uf 9'7,,..6,,M2'f,2Z?fA, 713.-,L L l MMR MMG gf aww Zqfnuf H Q' Wffjj, K ,L Xgigombfgak 'LQOQXQ ig A QL A 3 XZ Lfifr J X ffl gum!! X f ik? J! Q A Q X 5 M' lf., Xbkwgghdg ,' 1 u'f"'fX,,XvA, X VK Mqumfvgy Pl! ' 'Q' ,,,, , 4-Lui bg- fs J' fm V 4 wi Jpf7XL7Q'7r,7 Glqafgl X 'PQ 2 .J X XX U ' W QM bgwwdffsw Qgiijgh tlfvwff X X Aj K 2 XML I6 'X W! fi 'ffgify LS-J f Rf A f-J 4. SbffQ X01 Q' 1 Y Wa ff! ONf'f,1, el QW' 5Cm K Z ZLMKX QU 7yUv0 xfjfdf' LLp,4Ow ,, A W U',M J!! V W M5 5 QW 71 KLNQJ ?2'..,.L R NW11 ,ff IWL Q f' ff N f img X? 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Wedd ages e q Bo q efs Poffed 5 BHUAW 5 jlvwmm. 25OI So +h Second S+ eef STEELTON PA Co fellfe Ca dies Ca dell +e Flo e Hofde Gowns for GLEE CLUBS and CHOIRS NATIUN AL IIHUHEH GUUH5 321 23 A ch Sfreef PHILADELPHIA PA STEELTUN HIWANIS CLUB Servlce Co operahon Good C.+.ZenSlq.p H A HAHTMAN 8 SUN ' Movung 9 Sforage ' Peclcnng STEELTON PA ings, Cors , Funeral D si ns, U u , PI nfs ! 1 Y A . u r 1 1 . , Seven Lines of Poffery - - ns i n n I W r rs A i - r , 85 UIXII1 ED STEELWUHKEHS ui ANHHHEA I LHIIAL was LOCAL UNION OFFICE S LENHEHBHUUH WHE!-ITEN!-I EUHP Jwum, I-IIQI-ISPIRE FINEST IN DAIRY PRODUCTS FLOUR NAILLS DIVISION STEELTON AREA I-IIGI-ISPIRE PENNSYLVANIA 86 1 I67 OUIII FronI SIree+ S+eeIIQn, RermsyIv Rhone: Slreelfom 9-32OI Jim, I DQ 'b I ' I1 I J I J b 5 STEELTUN Jfafzdzvafm, 6'nm,ezanq, STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA I-Io 5 PLUMBING SUPPLIES o 9 3346 Sherwin WIIIuams Palnfs IAMHE S Your Nenghborhood Corner SIore Second S+ S+eeI+on MILLER S ,Shore Siam, For Men Women and 5 Soufh Marker Square an 203 Markef Srreelr I-IARRISBURO PENNSYLVANIA e 44 Ratrluff ec Swartz 22 Norfh Ihurd S+reeI I-IARRISBURO PENNSYLVANIA HICKEY FREEMAN Cuslromuzed CIo'rhes O I LUUI5 P LESCANEE .Ir j1uuzJza1, Jfonzo, S4I S Eronlr SIreeI STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA Phone 9768 'Iewephone 9 2652 DIAMONDS VVATCI-IES GIFTS LUUIS H LAVIA jlazunlen, IO9 Soufh Prom' SIreeI' SIeeIIon FRED B HAHHY HATTER I-IABERDASI-IER I-IARRISBURO PENNSYLVANIA OPEN EVENINOS Knox I-IaIs Arrow S arf EOR MEN EOR BOYS The Nahons Leading Brands outr chS 320 MarIceI STreeI I-IARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA I , I I-Iardwan-9 u ewar, . I3 N rfh Eron+ Sheer I Phone: - . I , I I I . 555 N. . . Pa. , , Pa. 5 Children Harrfsbarger Hofol B..Id7'g d . ' h' e For Hayrid S, CaI': - 722 , ' 5 4 . I , I I I- IOOOQALZIIQFOMQCI Operared I I M E L Y C L H E S 87 Known wlwerever llwere are Schools and Colleges lesflncflue CREATED BY THE SKILLED HANDS OF BALEOUR CRAETSMEN Persnnel Cards Club Inslqme Medals 8 TFUDhlES M910 WVLEPJ J W E RUSS l2O S Second Slreel WORMLEYSBUR6 PENNSYLVANIA 88 , I3 L s s HI s s I I Ennnneneement Announcements - Uiplnlnes E , A . . . STEELTUN BANK 8 THUSTIII STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA Iviembe Fede aI Deposf I surance Corpo aI on PEUPLE5 BANK STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA DEPOSITORY FOR SCI-IOOL SAVINGS Member Fede aI Deposuf Insurance Corporahon 89 I . 0 r r In ri I U V . . N HAHHISBUHE D!-XIHIES again. jumi, Pfugn, 1950 FARM SHOW P PAS-IEURIZED MILK PENNSYLVANIA SUPPLY IIIINIPANY JMM mm fwwmta Qmm, aww Wyman In I-IARRISBUPG PENNSYLVANIA J THIJNIAS HIEHAHDSIIN j1uwm.LQum,ctofr, Pronlr SIreeI SIeeIIon, P 90 or Ph : 4-I ISI ZOIII gf I-Ierr Slrreefs I-I Q P I IOIII and Mul erry Sfreelrs NIEAEH S javmn, Cederunq or PARTIES Home Cookmnq 720 Mem SIreeI BRESSLER PA Phone 9 3840 GEUHEE H HIESS 37 39 NorIh Eron+ SIreeI STEELTQN PENNSYLVANIA LINOLEUM and ASPHALT T LE ELOORS and WALLS VENETIAN BLINDS GH WINDOW SHADES Phone 94I37 PENNSYLVANIA IVIILH PHUDUET5 IIUHPUHI-KTIUN FINEST QUALITY MILK and CREAM COTTAGE CHEESE BUTTER REDDI WIP 2I I5 2I I9 Norfh EourIh Sfreef HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA Phone 4 6I68 JNIJ D BIJGAH 8 SUN EIJNIPANY LUMBER and MILL WQRK HARDWARE INSULATION STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA Phone 9835 ' I . 0 I A I . VI I 91 MITZES EAEE M Y KOVILOFF Prop Ma n and Erancrs SIreeIs Krnds of Be era es Food PHONE 9 3845 STEELTON P RUSE MARIE 5ALIAIl1ERIJ BEAUTY SALUN Crearn OI Perrns Lafesr I-Iarr SIyIes PHONE 9 9698 329 SWaIara S+ SIeeIIon Pa ACME MARKET Norrh Fronr Sfreer STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA Rltnh s Elllns Service Siatmn 3I2 Sourh Eronf Srreef Phone 93345 STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA Free Pckup and Denvery Service BATTERY CHARGING Mears and Groceries 684 Soufh Second Srreef PHONE 9 3089 RRYAN5 EUNPEETTUNEHY 529 Sourlw Second SIreeI' I e Cream Soff Drrnlcs Candy Cgars and Tobacco STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA TRERESA5 BEAUTY PARLUR DUART VELZOR The Perfecr Rungler End Merhod 376 Sourh Second Sfreer S+eeIIon P PHONE 93I72 EMANUEL S EIJNEEETIIINERY 32 N Fronf I SIeeIIon P OUR OWN MAKE ICE CREAM CANDY CIGARETTES CIGARS FOUNTAIN SERVICE LIGHT LUNCH MILAN YUVIEIEH MERCHANT TAlI.llR PRESSING WHILE YOU WAIT S 4+ SIeeIIon Phone 9 SIQ6 AI nIron STAMP COLLECTORS 25 Dngerenr Smrnps Free Io AI Srudenfs The Are COIIecIor Srop In and Ger Them SUSUUEHANNA FURNITURE Ell STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA RURRIE PINE ERUR5 LOUIS LEI-IRMAN X1 SON IIO SOUII1 I7II1 SIreeI I-IARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA ERNIES RARRER SHIJP 32 NorIIr Erenr Sfreef STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA I5o Norfh Eonr Srre-ef STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA A Drfzrancesco Prop KIJRIJUN BAKERY WHITE AND RYE BREAD S 3rd and Washrngfon Srs STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA MINUTE 5 IIAEE 40I Myers SfreeI STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA EIIMMUNITY GRIIIIERY S. MEAT MARKET Fresh Produce and Mears 503 Second and HrgI1Iand Srre r STEELTON PA PHONE 9 3820 92 AII ' I V P 587 I P sr. I Par 1 - , A. Z A I . 1 ,1 I fe 1 I I II I , PETER EER-IANIE STATE SHHE REPAIRIITIU I I 5 . S . , a. I . EURJAAIIES EBUB STBRE STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA FRANCES PBSEBA S III + STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA LELLER S SUPERIOR POTATO CHIPS Q306I HIGHSPIRE PENNSYLVANIA e d W IQ JEWELRY LIPPMAIII S s 889 Sfr Q SHARIISRY BRESS SHBP COATS SUITS MILLINERY STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA BELMUIIIT SHBE STURE and REPAIR STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA MISS HAYES BEAUTY SALBN S e STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA PI-IONE 9800 HAMILTBN S EIZIIIEEETIBIIIEBY Ice Cream Made Daily af a Sfre Pho e 93742 RALPH E EEHELS uaIuIy Meafs S STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA AMELIAS BEAUTY SHBPPE N STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA V PHONE 9 3838 RATIES BEAUTY SALBAI SPECIALIZINC- IN COLD WAVES AND I-IAIR STYLIN 9 4463 S STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA SAMUEL S MEN AND BOYS STORE I SI ee? STEELTON BEA 8. BEBIEKS DRUGS SODA CANDY COSMETICS TOBACCO PAIRALL INSURANCE ASENEY GENERAL INSURANCE CASUALTY F RE N E FAIR LL 2 E e ELI PETRBVIE fog I1 PRINTING AND ENLARGING I 94 I 93828 STEELTON PA HUMMELS BRUI1 STBRE Sc In STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA I I I ' 7Ol SOUIII Second Sheet Q I48 Outh From? Sfwef , I 1 I 50 I1 E I S' e Ccnfecfiomery ' Groceries ' Nofions OIT ron I EI boo s Q d 5 Q + I OU Q on I Q The Lanes? Swarf Sf Ies Y I l I 1 I I SM PAW' ' Phcznvz D 802 ,QM S+. Ein Diamonds an a Hes , . I I ' Je-weIer sInce I 23 S. From r , PA. 3II Iv1arIceI eef I-Iarrfsbur , Pa. Y I ISI Soufh Eromf Sfre-QI . - I I4I Soufh From? Sweet ' I A 22 lm SME-E+ ' IMrs. Geo. S.I S+ eIfon Pa. 1 , . I II4 SouIIw Eronf I'r ef I Pho rap Inq, Devebpinq - ' CGI: - O48 52I SOUR Secona S+ Y 11 - - I I89 uf Eronf SIreeI 2I3 Sw ar ef n : - 1 I 93 EEHHET 51 IIHIU PORTRAIT COMMERCIAL 24 I-IOLIP VILIVI DEVELOPING QEPVICE II6 S Ercmf SIreeI STEELION PENNSYLVANIA 9 206I 9 2522 STEELTUN FLIJWEH SHUP M b ELORIST TELEORAM DELIVERY ASSOCIATION STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA Phone 95I23 94 1 I ,:JZn'1m1!411l1! Cinnmlf !III,4'fAA111,,1 Phone: - Cr - 2 em er OI BOWLING I HIBHSPIRE dgvwluzq, 6'12ld,QJz, 938IO IVIESSINEER RRUS 'Wlamnfuah STEELTON PENN YLVANIA WEAVER S RUE ELEANERS RUG 81 FURNITURE W R A PUBLIESE I 35 ELRRENEE HENDRIIIRS I-IIGEISPIRE PENN YLVANIA PIILLEER S EUHR STIJRE URAVIE S EUT RATE STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA SINGER RRUTHERS AI N STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA S AI I s Besf . . , S Eruif Baskefs 50 Lumber SIre-ef Sp ' I y PIIOW - Ph 19-5 I8 'l I 1 , CI Y , SHAMPOOING Eronf and Comesmga STreeIs Doparfmen Geo. . 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BAHHEH SHUPPE Modermsfm I-Ia rdressmg Done by Exp PHONE 9759 I5 Soufh Front Sfreef Yee MHS ELAY S LUNEHEIINETTE 306 Norfh EronI S'rreeI STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA . , I 1 ,1 fe 23 fonf ee I BId4.I p ve T, In : A ' 7 ' I Y A ' wg ' J nf 'ng - V - I I8 , L'IiiVV-SLFUVQ, Pa. 83 N9 ' WW :A- T 7 7 I I 1 AII Khds of E "I e Repanod : Y V N Y -ion pa. I 7 Nc r 'f ef IC' P1 - .1 I ,I 1. ' 5. d HABERDASHERY 833 N ro f ,XVEGI Sfee 'cf fx I 'e Ifo , Pa. I , I I ll' I' I 1 ' los Ero + sa + I , Pa. C2254 20: S+eI ,Pe A H M 5' . emi : ' CJ 'ro V V- ' 'QS I I 1 , 1 I I 4 A . , . . 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Ice Ska es, Cafahne Swim ' Trunks, Chkaqo RoIIer Ska1es, Spa BiII 5 Athlo ic Shoes. . V I I I o I I I - 7, ,LLL L, - W L ,, L R, 9 O O - our ervice . o an Ace , . . one: 97 DUNDUFF 5 SPUNGIN S Blue Ribbon Franks VASIL DuNDoPP P p phone 524, Meafs Groceries Prozen Faads SIEELTON PENNSYLVANIA 23I 233 Mann SIreeI Phone 9 3856 I-Iouse Leader Bread CALL Phone 8338 PENBROCDK PENNSYLVANIA Men and Boys Ou+IuHers STAHH BHUTHEHS 206 Walnuf Slrreelr I-IARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA Women and Mnsses Clofhes 330 SouIh Cameron SIreeI I-IARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA H ULLAAID jwmaca, fompanq. 920 Norfh 7+h SIreeI HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA Phone 6 S955 GATEWAY HUTEI. RESTAURANT Phone 9 382I FRANK I-IREN Prop WILT S. SHAHUN Julwzal Jfonuz, II2 NorIh I-Iarrxsburq SIreeI STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA Arranged ExcIus1veIy for EuneraIs Prwvacy Convenience Comforf JUST LIKE A BEAUTIFUL HOME 'Everyfhing In I-Iome I-Ieahngm 98 .IUSEPH A WIEHEMAN Funeral Direclor Phone 9 2344 357 Soulh Second Slreel STEELTGN PENNSYLVANIA IVIILAN VUHHAPIIIH S HELIIIATESSEN p IVI P 747 S 3rd Sfreef STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA 99132 996IO BLANIIHE 5 Jlowm, Shep When words Tail Say II Wilh Flowers Phone 9 2990 379 Soulh Fronl Slreel STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA STEELTON TRUST CG BUILDING I5 Norfh Fronl Slreel STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA THE Diamonds Walches Jewelry i Is Silver HAMILTON ELGIN AND BULOVA WATCI-IES EHAHLES E SMITH The I-lull Jeweler 23 Soulh I3+h Slreel I-IARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA Complirnenls of Class of I926 Complimenls of GETZS VAHSITY HAH 35 S Second Slreel' Phone 93847 STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA HELLYS HHUS STUHE IIUMBLEP. AHENIZY SifQf?LlIdp?Sl2fITiZ,A REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Telephone 9 5IO5 RO ERT I-I CUMBLER R I Phone 9 2720 I ' L Q b o GT v ' 9 Fresh Fruifs, Veqelables, Sundries, Lunch Meals, Dairy Producls, Groceries, Palenf Medicines, Magazines, Manbechs Pies 81 v, E, Calces I-Ioahs Cfearn To ill: Qpen Daily 7 A, Iv1.lo IO . M. Busness: - Residence: - 5 ! 7 0 B . , ealor 99 WATCHES DIAMONDS STLVERWARE OREETINO CARDS The IDE!-XI. JEWELRY STUHE HENRY MAHTZ 55'1uldwq,L'nnbzadvfz, 434 Spruce Sfreef Sfee-Hon Rermsyfvama Phone 9 2939 100 29-3I NORTH ERONT STREET STE , TA O ' ' RR J Ii LUEWEN N T 325 Marlcef Sfreer HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA Phone 8333 CompIrmen+s of ELTRN THEATRE EL EEN TRU RESTAURANT 320 Chesfnuf SIreeI I-IARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA THE V 8 Q5 IVIEN 8 RUYS STIJRE I83 Soufh EronI SIreeI STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA Come IH and VISII PeIe and George PETER VELENCIA GEORGE SEMIC 94I33 94748 SHARUSHY ARRAIVI5 IVIUTUR Ell 34I N Pronf SIree'r STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH SALES and SERVICE Phone 985I STEELTUN IIEIVIUERATIE ELUR The Sfronghold of Democracy I4I Soufh Eronf Srreef STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA RIJEAR 8 SHIPLEY O L BURNERS AND GAS BURNERS 37 Soufh Eronf Sfreef STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA Phone 9 5067 JLZUL ww REPUBLICAN ELUR Where Good Eruends Meef 220 Mann SIreeI' STEELTQN PENNSYLVANIA I I I 1 D E I S T I PIurobInq and I-IeaIinq Confracfors I IServe' ReI:rIgereIor and Aufomwic VVeIer I-IeaIersI Ph: 2: - Open Evenlnqs . The Eineer Ir- Ever Thing ef SIeeIIon's Newest CIofhIn Sfore I I I 7 Phone: - Phone: - 101 SAIVI IVIISEVIEH MEATS GROCERIES NOTIONS IIO Clwarnbers SIreeI STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA HHIJWNS PIITATIJ EHIPS bulc KRISPY AND BACHMANS KERNELS PRETZELS STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA 9 2674 u W IVIILLIIENTS HEAUTY SAIUN PHONE 9 407I Sleaf EENTHAL PENNA BEHTHAS BEAUTY NUUH Personal SGFVIC6 0 9 542I 4 SEHIVIIIIT S ELEETHIEAL SHUP el: er C osley R R e S PHONE 9 4945 IIPUHIIE IVI IPISTWHIFE UNIUN EIVIBLEIVI EU BUSINESS EULLESE 323 MarIceI Slree-I HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA REGULAR 8 PRE COLLEGE COURSES Cenlral Pennsylvama s GreaIesI Busmess Sclwool SPILZIHHI S Meals Grrocenes WE AIM TO PLEASE If? E d SIeeIIon PHONE 94038 IJUEY Atl mhc Svrvlm' St Ihun S I PHONE 99I24 SAMUEL ln HHEEHENHIHUE PERSONALIZED INSURANCE SERVICE FEL GOODS AND COMMENCEME STATIONERY PALMYRA PENNSYLVANIA P H NIssIey Manager HESSEIVIEH HIJTEL O 243 M SI eef STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA H P LLULIAH Meals Grocenes Produ o STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA oe9 EIVIEHIE L HULJAK AIJENEY General Insurance orb S Har sburg Pa NO III I: 'I 6 PHONE 9 474I NT I , l ' I Pln ne: - ' I 2 7 Ncrfn EVOFII Slreel SIeeI'c'I P l I Y Y Y YV ,I D'sIrI r of Crcdey-Snewador R rIq alors Exc USF, Deer: Freezers ' r anges J I Crosley adIos ' Sales and S mfce PIHQN3: , 22 Sow? Eron' Ireef - I E L E V I S I O N II IIE Serwce Yo anle-Call al 1 , . . Our Rcpwaiicr' Slfands on Merlf ' I ' I il I' ' I77 SCIJIII ErcnI Sfreei XI on, Pa. I HIaw ScPcoI and EraIernI+y Jeffery Sun'-'rg-I Tern' Bains In June I 1 I - I, H Ecor SII W and Dancing Niqlvy my sauIII mf S+reeI ,Pa I an ' E I I l l 3 I Y . . . From Sweet md on Pd VVQQ' and Chambers SIreeIs I A SQILYSQFVIQEE Ph VI 1 -ZI79 5 N I Eronr Ireef rl , . I 639 r. ronl Slreel Sfee ron, Pa PIIo ez -6960 I I ' 102 C 8 H IIISTHIBUTIIHS Home OI Eamo 5 Be e ages CO IDI mem I Iv 93 8 IJIXIIN CLEANERS 84 FHIHXIIIIY TZWEHN Bw W he Im Be G 6995 STEELTUN APPAHEI CII STATE 84 INTERSTATE CI-IARTER SERVICE BUSHEY BUS SERVICE Eorsfer and Sfafe Sfreefs Rhone 2 7I47 I-IARRISBURC: RENBROOK PENNSYLVANIA ANHES SEHVUHZ CI1aIe R Amde e-mf O e GAS O LUBRICATION ACCESSORIES TIRES TUBES I3I10me 3976I Pa r n SI ee I-IARRISBLIRG PENNSYLVANIA CITY CLEANERS OO TRE Phone 638IO 103 I m I S o U V I' Fw Prim I Dewey Phone - I3 ' I 2nd a'd I'IoIIer Sffeefs, Slree ICQ P . A. J. SZELES, Rropf. . , rs S r V IT I ' I I I I JW W S' PM SMI 709 S. ZND ST, STEELTON, PA STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA v CcmpIIm 5 III1- It S . S 0 IL 0 , a 0 V 2 - 22OI 24 0 r 2 4 D E R R Y S E T hmmm

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