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'Y W5 '60 SQ' ,v gg VR OPERT Y of , 4+ ,T N 1 L5 '. - Q ADMINISTRATIQN i .- Z ' Mrs Imogene McDonald Prlmary Room GLCLL . lk W E McDonald Superlntendent Opal Kennedy Soc1al StUd1eS Teacher L Donald Ehlers Edward Kaiser Grammer Room Principal 5-t-' H 1 - 7. .N W nf-J v,-rl-' M an ami "35Bar.jv-v. . HL, f, ,-aff-'Qf Q .1'f"i?i , .., ,i,.-:,1h x 'WWA .L . ,f ,,Q.fI,., ,569-fs!-, - ,e33g,w,f- AL-1554 , . R, 3 ETTA STELLING P'l-'P'fP'N0!P!-'JPfPl-' Music Softball Dramatlcs Volleyball Pep blub Junlor blass Play SGHIOP Class Play One Act Play Llbrary Work Softball Co Captaln PAULINE KOCH Y Teens Pep Club JUUIOF blass Play Class Secretary Softball Declamatory Contest Broadcast NUS1C Festlval Annual Staff SGHIOP Class Play Volleyball NUSIC Cl1n1c Class Treas MARILYN NOVOTNY Class Pres1dent Student Councll Class Secretary One Act Play Annual ndltor Annual Staff NUSIC Cl1D1C Muslc Contest Volleyball . . Y Teens Pep Club . . Pep Club Presldent Pep Club V106 Pres Pep Club Sec Treas . JUHIOP Red Cross Cha1rman JUDIOT Class Play SSDIOF Class Play ............ Broadcast Staff ....... . - - - Nhlsicooncooooooooo oool'2""' P'U-'P'l-'J-'P'!-"4-"1-"I-'MHTW-' Jo ANN wbAv1-JR P P l-'P'lPl-'DJ-P'l?'X.0JPNP'P'l-'V-91? E 1-4 C 39 'U F-U '49 :II E Class Presldent Student Councll Volleyball Soft ball Pep Club Y Teens MUSIC Junlor Class Play Senlor Class Play Broadcast Staff BUSIC Cl1n1c Llbrarlan MUSIC Contest Annual Staff s Edl or Softball NUSlC Pep Club Volleyball Junlor Class Play Senlor Play One Act Plays Class Secretary Class V1ce Pres Cheerleader Llbr ry Jork Co CHQUSIU Softball Captaln Volleyball and Softball Co Caotaln Volleyball V? VJ?'l-'V-PKMP'P'F'bJP'P'lfP'l?' LOUIE KULHANEK Basketball 2 Softball NUS1C Track Class Presldent 3 . 0 oootooel' .....ffIfIilil ' 0ooo0ooonl'2"3" 0cnuooocool'2'?" A-Q " ooooooooooooouol' P-I .00ncooooos0ool'2"3' ,sa .jililil i ' f ' ' ..........2- . . 00oonolool'2'3' ix . aeoco:1."'2'3' 't IIITIIIIIII oooonoonoooouooucolsl-"'2'3' A .Cocoon ooo1'2"3' oo1ol"2' oooooooooo cool'-2'3' cocoon aoos 0 oon2'3' D noon ' oooobool' . oosuooso oos1'2'3' 00000 cooQl'2' -P " O"""'IIIfIIZIfIfffil - - .- ..........filu cool' '3'l+ 4 - oooooosl"2'3 ' . .cooooncooQl'2"3 ooosooooooooool Cfadd .jwcaiory The fall of 19h7 new faces appeared 1n the assembly The owners of these faces were the n w freshman class whlch cons1sted of Jo Ann Weaver, Marllyn Novotnv, Paullne Koch, Leonard Wasserman, Ella Moorman Norman Dlsney, Etta Stelllnp, Wanda Graham, and Arthur ROSk111V After 1H1t13t1On these students had become falrly fa mlliar w1th the trlcks of the upper vrade students and ioined 1n the routlne Later 1n the term P8tP1C13 Speth and Blllv Eden wolned us, Pa1S1HF the class number to ll The fall of A8 found all of these faces w1th the ex ceptlon of Patr1c1a Speth, present 1n the none fam1l1ar school assembly It was th1s vear that Loule Kulhaneb 1o1ned us brlnglnz the class to a total of ll avaln In November of 'A8 Norman D1snev departed from us leav lns only 10 members 1n the class Th1s year was one of our most en1oyable terms of school SIHCP lt was the year we tor mented or rather 1n1t1ated the freshman Later 1n the Year of '48 Ella Moorman left us which left us a total of 9 members In 1949 we started the term w1th 9 members At the end of the f1rst semester Blllv Eden moved awav leavlnv only 8 members ln the class The 18th of Apr1l the Jun1or and Senlor Banquet was held The maln theme of the Banquet was the schools Golden Ann1versarv The Prom was held after the banquet 1n the evm wh1ch was decorated 1n yellow and whlte Sneak day the Junlors and Senlors left early 1n the mornlnv for Llncoln where they ate breakfast After break fast they wourneved to Omaha where most of the day was spent September A 1950 found 7 members in the class Arthur RO9k111V d1d not lO1H us thls Vear In November Leonard Wasserman departed from the class leavlnet only 6 We have chosen as our Motto, nCl1mb Thouvh the Rocks Be Puvved N Our class colors are sold and whlte We the Senlors of 'Sl 1D 100k1nF back over our past four vears feel that thev were well spent attend1ng S C H S We are more confldent and better prepared to face the future vears ly1nv ahead of us Q c Q Q x., e . Q o Q Q Q Q ,E A U . Q Q Q Q Q 1 - Q Q Q Q Q , Q Q Q Q Q Q Q . Q Q Q Q 1 U Q - Q Q Q Q Q Q .5 1 Q Q Q Q Q Q .Q , . , ... c ' Q Q J 4 2 Q Q Q 1 Q Q Q Q Q . .Q - , , K .I .. Q Q Q ' C Q . f Q Q 4 T 1 , Q Q Q Q 0 Q Q Q Q Q L . . X Q Q . ' A . Q Q Q , ' f 0 Q Q Q Q Q . W' l . . Q I .Q Q , 1 ,, , . Q , . 0 , . . Q Q Q Q Q Q Q L 5 L . u . W Q 1 .A V 0 Q Q T- 0 . 0 Q Q Q Q Q YD . , Q 0 0 a 0 . .1 - Q u K , . C066 ,Ml Ladles and Gentlemen, Board of Educatlon, Superlntendent, Teachers and pP1PDdS Upon behalf of mv cllent, the Class of 1951 o? Steele Clfv Hlgh school, of the C1tv of Steele C1tv, State of Nebr a ka, U S A I have called vou together upon th1s solemn and serlous occaslon, to llsten to our last w1ll and tes tament Llsten, then one and all whlle I read the docunent, as dulv drawn up and sworn to Ne sive to the dear faculty, a sweet and unbroken successlon of restful nlvhts and peaceful dreams No lonver need they l1e a wake throuvh the long wat hes of the nlaht to worry over the uncertalntv of whether thls one 1s dO1HE her nlvht work, or that one w1ll hare her mathematlcs 1n mornwnv class I has been a hard straln on them For Senlors are sald to be at all tlmes and under all cond1tJons d1Pp1CH1 to manave But they have all done thelr dutv, and verllv, now shall they have the1r well earned reward To the Freshman Class we leave a book entltled WHow To Apple Pollsh The Teachers W To the Sophomores we leave our patience We Flnd they need at worse then we do To the Junlors we leave all our muslcal talent, athlet 1C 8h11lf16S, and wlttv W1tt1C3SmS hope thev may be accepted I, Paullne Koch bequeath to Roe r Never mv ab1lJty to get to school on tlme, my sl1m fleurs to Darlene Speth, my Preen cordurov qumper to Phvllls Lampe 1n exchange por her many d1fp9PGUt pa1rs 0' shoes I've worn, and to Barbara Mlnks my seat bv the door 1n the assembly, so she can see everv one who comes up the stalrs I Marllvn Novotnv, beoueath mv love and ab1l1tv to dance to Carol Jean Bre1 Mv ab1l1t3 to use up l1pst1ck I Five Carolyn Novotnv, whlle my long halr goes to Lorra1ne Kulhanek I will my ab1l1ty to stay out late at n1Fht to Larry Banahan I Jo Ann Weaver bequeath to Elalne Graff mv love for danclnv and to lla Kozak all my bobby p1ns and used l1pst1ck tubes, to Beverlv Darllnz my manv pair of shoes, and t Rlchard Eden mv old wads of bubble gum I Etta Stelllnv, w1ll Dor1s my ab1l1ty to play soft ball and volley ball I leave Ethel mv lon? halr and Cec1l Graham my short flneernalls I Lou1e Kulhanek w1ll to Donnle Banahan my helvht I leave my n1ckname Romeo to B1ll Zabokrtskv I w1ll mv brown eves to Sharon Rlddle and mv ab1l1tv to plav basketball to D1ck Sampson I Wanda Graham, w1ll to Dale Helvev mv elft of gab Mv ab1l1tv to Pet along w1th bovs goes to Mar11yn Grone I leave my shyways to Dwlfht Garrett We, Etta and Wanda, w1ll our likeness for full sk1rts to Mardee Zabokrtsky . 1 . ' , . . ,. . , . -D S 0 0 0 , .I K. 0 f . K , . , .I t. . , ' , C ' .-'N I A I I Y ' A lx1. 4 .1 J . .E .' , . C . I ' , .. n s I Ie. k o G Q . A k A - . 1 . The followiner may seem but triflinsr bequests, but we I. I .I I ' D 0 I . , . . I ,aka . h 1 I . 7 ' . .1 ,, . . . . Y . C I Y l .I A . ' I , , I -I O C 'D - . , E . 0 . H . I, , . . , . . . . . A U , B .L , - K . , 0 , 0 C1425 lTaF9,LEHT QM1nerva ln Greclan costume, reads the sheets f paper, supposed to be pet1t1ons from the graduatlng class, and answers them The notes are plled on a stand, awa1t1ng her, or maybe handed her, one at a time, by a small boy in page costume l Thls 1S the tlme when The graduates pass to Th1s is the tlme when The1r eaver QUPSCIODQ And do I answer? Can through the sweet Nay days, seek the1r separate ways, ring, from far and near on M1nerva's ear I answer9 Nay' I know thelr poss1b1l1t1es, but who ma Even wlth that, predlct how they may use The Z1ftS of llfe so many youths abuse? And so, I llsten pat1ently and klnd And try some word of counsel wlse to Plnd, That may UU1d8 flery youth 1n pathways rlvht For th1s alone, I llnger here tonlvht' And I've been drawn by strong thoughts to th1s scene To say some word for Class l95l' I flnd awa1tJnv here many a pet1t1on, I'll open them and read, w1th your permlsslon' O dear' O dear' Wlth whlch shall I beglno MISS Wanda Graham would know lf she may w1n Success 1n l1terature' In llterature' her composltlons falr, Her penmanshlp but that's not here nor there Who dares to say' 'mlS all 1D her own mlnd that she suc ess or Fallure has to flnd' What? Marllvn Novotny would really l1ke to SIHF' Now, who would ever dream of such a thlnso Well, 1? she has a VO1C9 and lt must be' I'm sure the vlrl can SIUU for all of me' What's th1s9 Jo Ann Weaver would l1ke to be a nurse Well, now, that's vood' I'm sure she mlght do worse There's always need of 1OVlUP heart and hand To care for those who constant care demand, Now what? Lou1e Kullanek would be a m1ll1ona1re He knows not that creat wealth 13 but a snare It he would store wlth truer wealth h1s rlnd, Nore sat1sfaction he would surely P1Dd Palllne Koch wrltes She wants to he the Nell' Well' She's I'm sure I w1sh her Etta Gtelllns would a dalnty note, cartaln of a boat bound to w1n the pr1ze I Euess, every known success' be an actress Falr, The 1dol op the publlc everywhere she says she's won such honors here at school, She feels 3mbltlOUS on the stave to rule O O 3 , o Q - Q , Q Q 0 0 Q Q . A . u J N . . . Q W ' , . Q . T , . Q . Q n Q Q . . Q Q Ya . Q O 0 A O O 5 I . - -- -- -I 0 I . I I V I J I ' ' .f ' ' . ': Q-- Q Q Q . . Q - u 1 . . Q . . Q . . Q ' N O l c . o Q Q . 1. . . , . - I I . e 1 0" Q Q Q . .11 . --Q V V , Q Q Q 1 . 4 rs Q . I I ,. , 2 1 . Q Q o - . , - 0 l -- . . . Q Q Q ' , . A . , " o""' l O , -1 A. . a 0 . Q 3 , , , -- - -, s . 0 - K ' ,T -. 1 . 0 Lb Q s . . Q '-- o - - - , Q . N ! Q . Q I . . . - 0 Q - . fs v - . 0 V . . Ik R 4 11 Y . . . ' 0 0 , . . '5 . . Q , Q . 6 f 0 - . N . Q Q - ll . ' 7 F' l . . , I W, 5 SENIOR CLASS PLAY The Senlor Play was entltled 'M'LISS' KMy Western MISS, It was a comedy ln three acts, founded on the Brete Harte Story It was presented on Aprll 20th to a full house The Cast Included GEORGE SMITH, known as WBUMMER,' the town loafer Lou1e Kulhanek M'LISS, h1s dauvhter Paullne Koch JOHN GREY, the schoolmaster Dw1ght Garrett YUBA BILL, a natlve Dale Helvey MRS LENA NOFlITS, landlady of the WRoar1n Dogn Hotel Wanda Graham CLYTIE MOFFITS, her daughter JoAnn weaver BESS STARLIGHT, an actress Etta Stelllng CARTER LANGDON, her flance Larry Banahan JUDGE McSNAFGLEY, the NLawW B111 Zabokrtsky In the little mlning town of Smith's Pocket 1n the Slerras llves Georre Smlgh and h1s vounv daughter M'L1ss Smith is known as nBummer, the town loafer, for about the only work he does is work a small cla1m occaslonallv, be 116V1ng that one day lt will yleld great wealth The only one who shares h1s confldence 1S M'L1ss All others geer at the old man Unbeknown to Smlth, a brother of h1s dled 1n the east and left Smlth h1s entlre fortune Two schemers from the east arrlve ln Smlths pocket fort1f1ed wlth thls knowledge and plan to do awav wlth Smlth, pose as relat1ves and a1n possesslon of t11S fortune Old Sm1th 13 kllled and blame 18 placed on ycung John Grey the schoolmaster, wlth whom M'L1ss 1S ln love h'L1ss clears the good name of Grev and outwits the schemers SNEAK DAY One mornlng about 6 OO A M s1x sleepy SeH10PS and five JUHIOPS managed to get to the school house and fall in a car We had breakfast 1n Beatrlce By the t1me we got to Llncoln everybody was awake The places we v1s1ted were the Penitentiary, Reformltory, Love Memorlal Llbrary, Golds Dept Store, Antelope Park Zoo, K F A B and wendlln Baklng Company After supper we all enwoyed a show By the t1me the show was out we were all t1red so we started for home we had a snack 1n Beatrlce before arr1v1ng home . . . , , CLARA HUNTER, from the city-:--I ------- I---I-Marilyn Novotny mf ' .................. ..g-- J H I . D - ' 1950 September September Seotember September October October October October November November lovember December December December December December December December January January January January January January January February February March March Aprll Aprll May May Nay May CGLAHCJCUA School Started Klttenball, Endlcott there In1t1at1on Klttenball, Dlller there LSPHIVBI Teacher's Conventlon Senlors p1ctures Halloween Back to School Basketball, Bndlcott, Basketball, D111er, Basketball, Daykln, Basketball, Plymouth taken party N1Fht there there there , here Basketball, Jansen, here Chrlstmas program Basketball, Reynolds, there Pep Club Chr1stmas party School Chrlstmas Party 'an 2 Chrlstmas vacatlon Basketball, nndlcott, here Basketball, Jansen, there Basketball, Dlller, here 19 20 Basketball tournament, Falrbury Basketball, Hollenberp, here Essay and Speech Conte t, Knlghts of PYUYIHS Basketball, Daykln, here Jun1or Class Play Volleyball tournament, Daykln Skatlng Party, Falrbury Mus1c Contest Sen1or Class Play Sneak Day Local Declamatory Contest Baccalaureate Class Nlght Commencement 4 .................................. 1 22 --------------------- ' ' ' ,, , 22 -------------------------------------- ' ' ' 26 ....................... - ' , 13 Q------n------::--------1-b---------bQ-- 1 ' 2b-25 ------------------------- ' 30 -------------------------- ' ' 31 --------------------------------- 10 ---------------------------- ', 21 --------- -------..--- , P. J 30 ----------------------- ' 5 ..,.,.,.,,,.,,.,,..,... ' 8 -.--..------.--..-...- 15 ------------------------ 18 ------------------------------- ' 19 --------------------- . 20 ------------------------ ' December 21 -------------------------- . ' . 22-t . ----------------------- ' ' 5---------------------- - H . , 9 ----------------------- 12 ------------------------ ' 18- - ----------- .. ' 21 -------------------- , 25 ---- s ' 1' 26 ------------------------ ' 16 ------------------------------- ' 21-22 ---------------- , , ' 12 ------------------------- ' , ' 26 ----------------------------------- ' ' 20 ------------------------------- ' ' 27 --------------------------------------- L ----------------------- 13 ----------------------------------- 1 15 ------------------------------------- 1 I 4 JUNIOR CLASS Barbara NIHKS, Carolvn Novotny, Marllvn Grone, Ethel Kulhanek, Phyllls Lampe, and N133 Kennedy CSponsor'D . Q 4 . .f o Q . -L 5 lfU'll0I".'f In the fall, lOb8 ten students were found 1n the fresh man class They seemed very 3m01t1OUS and oulckly elected class offlcers as follows P'SS1dSHt Phyllls Lampe V109 Presldent Carolyn Novotny Secretary Barbara N1nks Treasurer Ethel Fulhanek The remalnder of the class memoers were Narworle Carmlchael, Pva Moorman, D1x1e Schoen, Lola Marks, Marllyn Grone and Donald Hoffman They found they survlved 1n1t1a t1on ln Eood COHdlt10n and settled down to a school term devoted to thelr studles They were sponsored by Mlss Taylor September of 'LO found most the same characters ready for thelr sophomore year mlnus 3 of them These found mls S1HE were Marworle Carm1chael, Fva Noorran, and Donald Hoffman Then they found therselves the only all zlrl class 1n school These 1UdUStT1OUS zals dec1ded to make the best of lt and elected class offlcers when ballots were counted serve the sophomore class Presldent D1x1e Schoen Secretary Carolyn Novotny Treasurer Phyllls Lampe Student Counc1l Fthel Kulhanek They enwoyed mUS1C and sports Mr Ehlers had the honor of SPOUSOFIHU the only all U1rl class In September of 1950, the class met w1th the1r sponsor, MISS Kennedy and found they had d1m1n1shed to f1ve A class of once ten was now half 1ts s1ze f1ye The members they lost were D1x1e Schoen and Lola Marks The OFPICSPS were Presldent Barbara Nlnks Secretary Marllyn Grone Treasurer Phyllls Lampe Student Councll Carolyn Novotny The class now began to make hlstory They presented for thelr class olav, WThe Clue of the Red Ribbonn, 1n the f1PSt part of February It was an all vlrl play and the Junnors had to cast our s1de of class for some of the characters They recenwed thelr class PIHES from the Herff Jones Company December 22nd They enwoyed part1c1pat1ng 1n mUS1C, sports, soeech, and dramatics They are 100k1H2 forward to the1r senlor and flnal year of school, when they w1ll be the class of 52 of Steele Clty Hlgh School O ' X . . J . . l . i , O . . F n 1 O Q . these people found they were voted by their classmates to A -A . . . g . .u O JUNIOR PLAY nThe Clue of the Red Ribbon,n an all girl play was pre- sented bv the all girl Junior Class The' cast included: Janet ------------------- the hostess on February 16, 1951. ------------Barbara Mil'lkS Carol ----------------- her best friend ---------- Phyllis Lampe Sissy -------------------- her Mary Beth ---------------- her Angy--' ------------------- her Jerry -------------------- her Mandy -------------------- her Jane --------------------- her guest- guest- guest- guest- cousin cousin Miss Summers -------------- chaperon- The girls are vacationing at when Mandy and Jane come in looking ----------Carolyn Novotny ------------Sharon Riddle ----------------Ila Kozak ------------Marilyn Grone -----------Ethel Kulhanek --------Lorraine Kulhanek ----------Marilyn Novotny Janet's summer cottage, and acting like a couple of hill billies They had overheard Janet tell Carol she hopes her cousins aren't hicks and something happens so they can't come Miss Summers engagement ring dissappears and Mandy and Jane solve the mystery and find Angy 1S the uilty one The girls all be ome friends and they all stay of a two weeks vacation JUNIOR SLNIOR BANQUET and PROM The Junior Class after much work presented the banquet in honor of the Senior Class of 'Sl We chose the theme, 'April Showers The banouet was held in the lovely decor ated church parlors on April 6th The table center was an umbrella covered with crepe paper with lighted candle tapers at each table Silver raindrops hanging about the table brought out our theme nicely The menu was as follows Grapefruit Juice Cocktail Swiss Steak Mashed Potatoes Gravy Carrot Salad Creamed Peas Clover Coffee Water ce The Program was A Welcome Shower Medley of Spring A Lucky Shower When It Rains It Leaf Rolls Butter Jelly Cream Angel Food Cake Barbara Minks Songs Special Group Carolyn Novotny Pours JoAnn Weaver The Prom was held in the high school gym, with decora tions corresponding with the theme, WApr1l Showers Each classman invited a guest to the prom Ne danced under glittering raindrops and stars with a background of a rain bow Punch was served as the couples engoyed an evening of dancing . . . J O . . . L . . 2 . . . C , no-I v .ff . ' , I - on . . . 3 -------------------- . Rain Magic ------ ------------------- ----- ---Mr. McDonald ' --------------------- g I A 0 0-4 .n ,cl-M. + Q- 0 Y . . O SUPHCMCRES f' 1 'E SOPHOPORE CLASS Mr Ehlers CSponsorB B111 Zahokrtskv, Dwleht Garrett, Larrv Banahan, Rlchard Eden, Sharon Rlddle, Beverlv Darllny, Roger Never Donnle Banahan, Elalne Graff, Lorralne Kulhanek On Deptember A there were ten sophomores who occupled the seats 1n the second row of the assembly They were Donnle Banahan Larrv Banahan Beverlv Darllnp, QlCh8Fd Fden Dwuvht Garrett, Ela1ne Graff, Lorralne Kulhanek Roger Mever, Sharon Rlddle and B111 Zabokrtskv We chose as our class sponsor, Mr Fhlers The class Ofp1C9PS are as Follows Presldent, Larrv Banahan, Secre tarx, Bexerlv Darllnv and Treas1re, Dwleht Garrett We e lected for Student Councll, Sharon Rlddle On Sept 22nd the Sophomores sponsored the Freshmen In1t1at1on The hovs and U1FlS both took part ln soft ball and in the wlnter the hovs partlc pated ln basketball and the P1FlS 1n vollev ball N' 1 0 Q 0 , - 1 .- . u Q - .4 Y 1 n 4 . , 4 I , ' . , 1 , V e fe .1 .. X . Q A . . I .f Y - ' ' A Q . - J , . . J. ., . Q .. ' ' s, 0 J Q ' y u ' 4 A' . V A - , Y . , 1 c , ,I . - - 0 o ' , . 0 0 . . I K . . . F. X V . 'I 1 4. 1 . . ' . ... Q EM' X . 1 FRESHPAN CLADS Dick Sampson, Carol Brel, Ila Kozak, Mardee Zabokrtsky, Darlene Speth, Dale Helvey, and Mr Kaiser QSponsorJ On September Ath, eivht vreen Freshman were 1n the as semblv at Q OO waltlnz for the1r 1HStPUCt10nS about classes and what thev were supposed to do These eleht were Carol Rre1, Darlene Speth, Dor1s Eden, Mardee Zabokrtskv Ila Kozak, Dale Helvev, D1ck Sampson, and Cec1l Fraham Class off1 ers were elected durlnz th1s month and Ila Kozak became the Presldent, Dorls Fden secreterv, Carol Bre1 treasurer, and Cec1l Graham was chosen for student councll The freshmen class elected Nr Kalser to be thelr class sponsor On the 22nd of September elsht oueer 100k1HV creatures wear w1th shorts over the top, and three had on lone night vowns mhev had an on1on around the1r neck and carrled a bushel basket On closer v1ew these envht creatures were the freshmen class, belnv 1n1t1ated ov the Sophomores In the evenwng thev were the V1CtlW3 of manv practlcal okes and later thev were rewarded w1th refreshments wruch con s1sfed of sandw1ches and nop at the close of the even1nF Gares and danclnn made the evenlnv st1ll more enwovable to all the puplls 1H h Uh scrool .T " l , D , Q A Q 0 A K l 0 x J , ,, K 7 -0 were seen approachinaA the school. Five had on long under , , , . , l A - . ,, , . . x..,, , '- O K 0 ins I1 . I I 'F ELEMENTARY LOWE? GRADES UPPER GRADES LOWER GRADES BACK ROW: Mrs. McDonald, Victor Goldsberry, Barbara Jones, Teddy Zabokrtsky, Charles Meyer, Gene Minks, Judy Zabokrtsky, Dick Speth, Elaine Kuper. SECOND ROW: Vernie Eden, Mary Ann Godden, Jimmy Speth, Kent Sampson, Noel Ebeling, Bobby Minks, Mike Brown, Barbara Stelling, Glenda Rae Noyotny, Eileen Manley, Bethel Stelling FRONT ROW' Beverly Hendricks Bobby Graham, Sandra Noyotny, Jolene Zabokrtsky, Gene Brel UPPER GRADES BACK BOW David Sampson, Harold Seachord, Doyle Godden, Yvonne Graham, Ronald Wilcox, Belva Cassell, Carol Lee Kelley, Mr Kaiser FPONT ROW Gary Zabokrtsky, Gayle Eden, Dallas Speth, Katharine Graham Esther Stelling Dwight Godden, Billy Kulhanek, Laree Kay Greenwood, Linda Kuper HALLOWEEN PARTY On October the 31st, the Pep Club sponsored a Halloween Party We met at Wanda Graham's at 7 OO that evening for a scavenger hunt We were divided into two groups and both parties were spent to the Cemetery where we ran into some ghosts After the scavenger hunt we returned to the school house, where we danced and played a few games W than served refreshments which were sandwiches, potato chips and pop We danced a few more times and than we departed for home CHRISTTAS PROGRAM On December 22nd the whole school participated in this year's Christmas Program It was held af the Church and it started about 8 o'clock Mrs McDonald, Mr Kaiser, and Mr McDonald helped to make it a success The Primary grades and Upper Grades participated in this prograr The Girls Glee sang three songs through out the evening They were, WThe First Nowelln, WJoy to the Worldn, and NSilent Night W They were a companied at he piano by Jo Ann Weaver We hoped everybody enwowed it as much as we did SKATING PARLY The Freshmen Class soonsored a return skating party for the Pigh school at Fairburv, March 12th Endicott and Diller high schools were invited, and also the alumni of Steele City B111 Yabokrtsky and Lorraine Kulhanek were elected the two most popular sophomores, after the high school voted on them the Frlday before the party A large crowd attended and every one had a xery good time We thank the Freshmen for the ennoyable evening of fun ' 7 . O J Y . l - Q Q O I . . . h . 1 Q 0 "9 , .5 . 'I ' 1 . . 0 Q A Q . . . w ' . 0 I A .4 0 , . 9 l I i l . . Q . O . A . Q Q - v .o -I r 1 0 e 0 0 0 . . o , . . . . Q . .:. . - ' O OV -- , . .' - . Q f' N . , . t Q . ., ' 9 Q r . .. . -1 - 7 ' ' "IT A 0 . . , . F ' . o . . . 7 . . . 0 J . A L Q 0 Y . 0 . . L J l CARNIVAL On the nlght of Frldav, October the lith, lnstead of bad luck, Steele C1tv had good luck The school house shone w1th llghts, and looked l1ke a place of great 1mportance The event The Steele City Carnlval A large crowd was present to have an enqoyable t1me and as lntended, they d1d The Mldway was very crowded w1th ch1ldren and Wgrown ups' havlng the tlme of the1r lives throwing confettl and b1OW1HF horns On the M1dW8V were The Flsh Pond, Dart Throw Baseball Throw, Basketball Throw Penny Toss, 2 Nheels of Chance, Can Toss, Coke Bottle Toss, B B Cun Shoot, and the most 1mpor tant thlng of all, the Lunch Counter, also the museum, and the dance The theme of the carnlval, was the Hlstory of Steele CITV, and the entertalnment was set up on that bas1s A hour program was presented bv the entlre school w1th the hlgh school, and upper grades belng 1n the program of the HISUOPV of Steele C1ty, and the Prlmary Room S1nF1HE two songs After the program, was an auct1on held, and the w1nner oF the door prlze was determlned, the pr1ze go1ng to Beverly Rlddle The carnlval was made posslble bv the cooperatlon and that our efforts were successful bv the happy smlles of our guests STA F AND LIBRARY The next prowect that took place ln our school after the carn1val was the bulldung of the stage and the collect 1on of books For our llbrary The old commerclal room adwolnlng the asserblv now con st1tutes our stage The carpenter work was donated t1me of the School Board members and Nr Franzen Thev generously came up evenlngs and worked wlth lt The floor was ralsed 2 Ft and the south wall was completely devoted to shelves plus our or1g1nal shelf cwpboards we had Th1s makes a n1ce home for the over 1500 books now lncluded 1U our l1b rary The parents and frlends of the town and school gra clouslv donated for our use, books wh1ch thev had The school students were sent out to D1Ck up the books he thlnk thls a wonderfully great lmprovement to our school Q 0 1 I 0 0 . . , . . . . K : . , ' t , , . 1 " I , " .In . . . n ef?ort of each and every high school student. We are sure O A , LI.: . , . 'I '. . . J D - - a n Ll 0 In b . 0 I ' V , - 0 . D .J . . . h . , . . . I 0 XR -x.. BASKETBALL Mr Kaiser, Mr Ehlers, Bill Zabokrtsky, Dwight Garrett, Lou1e Kulhanek, Richard Eden, Dale Helvey, Larry Banahan, Dick Sampson, Donnie Banahan, Roger Meyer Elght boys made up our basketball souad th1s year They were LOU1e Kulhanek, Rlchard Eden Larry Banahan, Donn1e Banahan, Dwlght Garrett B111 Zabokrtsky, D1ck Samoson, and Dale Helvey The f1PSL team conslsted of B111 Zlbokrtsky, Center, Larry Banahan, Forward, Rlchard Eden, Forward, Loule Kulhanek, Guard, and Donn1e Banahan, Guard Of the ten regularly scheduled games, Steele Clty man aged to w1n only two The bes1 games of the season were came a 8 17 lead to surge ahead late 1n the th1rd Puarter But after 1OS1Hg three of the f1PSt team by fowls, Daykln went ahead to w1n 31 27 The return game at Steele C1ty was another close game, EOIHU 1nto an overtlme Here agaln the Bulldogs were hurt where two men fowled out, lettlng Daykln wln 23 20 Slnce the Bulldogs w1ll lose only one squad member thls year, we w1ll be lOOk1HF forward to watchlng a much more ex perlenced team play next year 0 b- . It . 0 f , A o ! these played against Daykin. At Daykin, Steele City over- .cf ion-an. PEP CLUB Cheerleaders Sharon Rlddle, Dor1s Eden, Mardee Zabokrtsky FRONT ROV Etta Stelllng, Wanda Graham, Paul1ne Foch, Barbara NlHkS, Narllvn Novotny, Jo Ann Weaver, Carolvn Novotny, Beverly Darllnz, Carol Brel, M155 Kennedy CSoonsorJ SVCOND ROW Elalne Graff, Lorralne Kulhanek, Darlene Speth, Phvllls Lampe, lla Ko ak, Mar1lyn Grone, and Ethel Kulhanek W1th the f1TSt SIEHS of basketball 1n the a1r, the Pep Club was organlzed w1th the followlng Off1C9FS Presldent Phyllls Lampe Secretary and Treasure Narllyn Novotny Besldes keeping up the school sp1r1t through the clever Pep Rall1es before games, and yelllng Wlth all thelr m1FhtS at games The Cheerleaders were selected by the ent1re school They were, Sharon Rlddle, Mardee Zabokrtsky, and Dorls Eden The Pep and Gum at every home The Pep Club has one enwoved them very helped up in plannlng Club sold Pop Corn, Pop, Candy Bars, game also sponsored two partles, and every much Our sponsor, Mlss Kennedy, has our actlvltles MUSIC BACK ROW Louie Kulhanek, Roger Meyer, JoAnn Weaver, Marllyn Grone, Dor1s Eden, Darlene Speth, Dale Helvey, Ethel Kulhanek, Rlchard Eden, Paullne Koch, Beverly Darllng, Donnle Banahan SECOND ROW Elalne Graff, Lorralne Kulhanek, D1ck Sampson, Larry Banahan, Mardee Zabokrtsky, Phyllls Lampe, Ila Kozak FIRST ROW B1ll Zabokrtsky, Dw1ght Garrett, Sharon Rlddle, Wanda Graham, Etta Stelllng, Marllyn Novotny, Carolyn Novotny, Barbara Mlnks, Carol Brel we started oux Du 1C t year o ore HlZ1HZ a Club v elected Narllyn Novotny as Presldent, Sharon Rlddle as V1ce Presldent, and Ethel Yulh nek Secretary Jo Ann feaver served as our accompanlst Tre G1rl's Chorus sane three numaers at the Chrlstmas provram, WhlCh was held at the church The son s they sang were, 'Joy to the world, 'Sllent N1 Itg and lhe F rst Noeln The G1rl's Chorus fave a chor l soeech for Church one Sunday I was a spec1al number, The Lost Chord MUSIC was presented by the g1PlS for the Junlor and Senlor Class Plays, under the d1rect1on of Mr Kalser The trlo, sextette, and G1rl's Chorus preserted a Varlety of numbers durlnv the Iuslc Contest held at Endlcott Nebr ska, larch 26 The tr1o COHSlSt9d of Ph,ll1s Lampe, Carolyn Novotny, and Marllyn Novotnv The sextette consls ted of Paullne Koch, Phxllls Lampe, Barbara Nlnks, Carolyn Novotny, Marllyn Novotny, and Sharon hlddle The chorus consl ted of the mayor part of the glrls 1n hlgl school O - . , , , . . . . . , U . 0 U P 0 . . A . . . O . . . I 1 ' o ,r 4. 4 ' 1 1 V - ' .-.. ' ' ' . 1 , t Q 1 S flu ' V .51 .. . ve .1 . ' - . T 3 , . v . 'K 0 . , . 4 , 1 Af - , ' 1, S2 1 Y ' N f ' ' Y YV' ' . , U X Y 1 0 ' L1 N A ,. . , . ' Y' H O t I . . . 0 O . . 1 ' . . . . 1 . ,j A 'A , . . . 3 L . . V . . r E 0 ' - . . , V 0 Y A 'w- 1 l L . , . A . . . . 3 I .L . 1 . . 3 THE BROADCAST BACK ROW Mr Fhlers KSponsorD SVCOND ROW Dale Helvev, Lorraine Kulhanek, Ethel Kulhanek, Larry Banahan, Nanda Graham, Sharon Riddle, Dick Sampson, Beverly Darling, Carolvn Novotny, Richard Eden FBONT ROW Phyllis Lampe, Dwight Garrett, Barbara Minks The Broadcast was the name chosen for the school paper in the year 19bh. It has continued to maintain this name for seven years. The paper is published monthly and it con- tains social events, jokes, school news, school board news, and sports. All pupils in the high school, grades, and com- munity enjoyed it very much. The Staff for this year was: Co-Editors ------------------------------------- Phyllis Lampe Barbara Minks Art Editor ----------------------------------- Carolyn Novotny Junior-Senior News ---------------------------- Ethel Kulhanek Freshman-Sophomore News ------------------------ Sharon Riddle Grade News --------------------------------- Lorraine Kulhanek Social Events ----------------------------------- Wanda Graham Sports ------------------------------------------ Richard Eden School Board News ------------------------------- Dick Sampson Circulation Mar. ----------------------------- Beverly Darling Typist ------------------------- Staff K Office Practice Class Nimeovraph ------------------------------------ Dwivht Garrett Larry Banahan I M l aid THE BULLDOG BACK ROW Dwight Carrett, Larrv Banahan Roper Meyer, Dale Helvey, Mr Fhlers CSponsorJ Pauline Koch Barbara Minks , The Annual Staff was verv busy this year getting out our vearbook, The Bulldov The staff qourneyed to Fairbury one day to sell ads and then the boys sold ads in Steele City The staff also made short trips to Diller and Hollenberg The staff has worked hard all the time and was sometimes verv discouraged but everyone who helped decided that they had not worked in vain but produced a record of the events of 1950 1951 The Annual Staff is as follows Editor Marilyn Novotnv Assistant Editor Jo Ann Weaver Business Manager Larrv Banahan Circulation Manager Dwivht Farrett Managing Fditor Pauline Koch Sports Editor Dale Helvev Rover Meyer Class Editor ---------------------------- Beverlv Darlinv Girls' Activitv Editor ------------------ Beverlv Darling Activities Editor ---- ------- Jo Ann WeaVer-P3u1ine Koch Art Editor ------------------------ ------- -Barbara Minks v 5 A I I D-LR4-'LHP 7I'E, K v'i' , '- ,, 1 H 4 ' -V a , u :xg K lg z zz n S I l B I! Q, an I is a 11 - ai V ui 1 L, x V. U -. Q .. . ' , T s-f - , ff I ,r' ' X 2 ' 1 h , , FRONT ROW: Beverly Darling, Jo Ann Weaver, Marilyn Novotny , I I I ' ii ---------- ----- ------- ' , Y r A flralllafltd Barbara Mlnks, Etta Stelllngf, Wanda Graham, Carol Bre1, Ethel Kulhanek, Dorls Eden, Dale Helvey W.E. McDonald Csponsorl, Ila Kozak, Pauline Koch, SPEECH AND DPALATICS CLASS In our flrst H9Ct1Hg we elected class OfflC6PS as fol lows Presldent, Janda Graham, Secretary, Barbara Mlnks, Treasurer, Dor1s Eden Early 1n the year, the class wrote, cast and produced NThe Steele C1ty Pageant,W a humorous FISTOFY of the found lng and development of th1s area They also wrote and presented 10 mlnute or1Q1nal ora tlons for the Knlghts of Pythlas Speech contest They were t1tled NTurn1n9 Po1nts 1n HISUOPW N The entr nts were, Paul1ne Koch, Dor1s Eden Barbara Mlnks, Janda Graham, and Carol Brel The wlnners were, f1PSt place, Paullne hoch, Second was Barbara B1HkS and thlrd, vanda Graham Janda Fraham presented a humorous readlng, HA Lesson 1n Salesmanshlpn at the JUHIOF Ulass Play The Local Ueclamatory Contest was held May Lth, at 8 OO 1n the Hlgh School Assembly Entrants and selectlons were Dramatlc Carol Brel The Un Weddlng Barbara M1DkS Wutherlng Helghts Dorls Eden Tomorrow Call Me Anne Humorous Dale Helvey The Secret Llfe of walter Mltty Cecll Graham The Ecllpse Ftta Stelllng J, an Janda Graham Why Mother's Go W1ld Plays Glrls M111 be G1PlS wanda Graham and Carol Brei WThe Dormant Herltagen Mardee Zabokrtsky Dorls Eden WTruant Husbandsn Etta Stelllng and Marllyn Grone nShe Goes the Roundsn Ethel Kulhanek and vanda Graham . IV ll. - ' H . ' Q D o 1 ' 1. I . A . 0 0 0 . Y Q . A . . . bv. an In . . L . , . ' ' t T. g . 2,1 A . EJ 1 x, . . 1 A Y : Puma . . O o - .oooooo ooaooooooouoo ' . ... .....!.l..ll- H Pauline Koch... ....Mama's Graduation Present . X coco ooooooeoooo L U... lf. . . C 'll' '..'......'lQl........ J - soo oocooooucoooooooooool, V T ooooooooo eoaouoo . Q n I 1' ' n w 'QI' 1 . oooooooosoooo ' 4 'OOC . J . A ..."...........l 4 A vl' I .,v'- 'Al ' 0 --ww INTLRIOR DPCOHATING 31-.r-ik ff 'W ffikbh-Qhgzlqgi fq OUR SCHOOL wTAGh AND 1300 VOL LIRDA Y PLUMBING FACILI I S 6 I W- . -,.,.O A. ... - , ,... I ... A V , 4 Oi O u POPULAR SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN INITIATION ll-I 3 SENIOR PLAY JUNIOR PLAY .........,,,,,.,r-W ' 1 il LALR ASSPMBLY LINh BASKLTBALL99 OLD FAITHFUL L MAN'S BEST FRIEND ANNUAL PUDDIPS BLAUTY PARLOI ASQEMBLY gm,- gil: A 7 THE BOSQ STUDENTS LEANIN' POST ' -'up 'Q-.J ,... ,Aj 'X l,,' wi Y , A D 1 J f A i 5 1 X 4 , , A - f ' LVTV' ,. QILL PING PONG RI UR 151 if ' , ' 1- ' ' -if . .4 -P 'ESQ I -1' 4 ' 1- 6 Q ., g .,Y -1,.. -6? ' 'vw L1'.i.1 if 'VMWPZ f' Q' . . . ., 4 A 4 A K K, M, , . -, gufgtv.-rw' ' A . gill! I if . A 'lf' E!--1 F 'S -Q , wa? ', 52:1 A. "1 , -A ,. , . .Q M W ' fflfil ffan 4 fs. Sjgzkm , . kiwi' ' fig? ,,, ., ---Q.. rv r " 1 . gn iq ' Fi -waxy. W ' ., 1" a-N . A Mm: .4 A . M.-. .. '- I. B 4 . ,,., .... ., , ng ,. AI' .. ..--....,. 1 A, .f A , , I P' 0 , if-Q4 w Q-Jw' 74" I 'Xia may ful ni? Q - 'Y' 2 ,f-Qhwf:-w. , ,f Q -. dbh BAUMFA LK GRA! N ND IVHLLING CQ Graln Weed Fr1nd1ng and MIXWHE Hollenberg, Kansas Steele Clty, Nebraska Phone Phone Day 27 Nlzht 37 Day 2161 Nlght 2337 CONFQATULATIONS SENIORS PALMED3 PHARMACY lWher'e Students get Toegetherl PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED VETFRINAQY SUPPLIES SCHOOL SUNDRIES WALL PAPER FILM SERVICE NAGAZINES Steele City Nebraska Local and Long Distant Hauling' SMITTY 5 PASTRV SHOP 0 N3 Q37 V Phone AO 51 E St Ff'b!,BE9RY CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1951 NUCKOL LAS HOME FOR FUNERALS Fairbury Phone 2 TRAUM5 FUNERAL HOME Roy M Traum MORTICIAN Ambulance Service Falrbury Nebraska LAIPPLY MODTUAFPY Ambulance Service Phone 303 Fairbury, Nebraska X cl 'O Q. 'S V, A Special Cake CP QS .Sb For Each Occasion QV- ? 6 . . 7 HOLLENBERG LUMBER CO Lumber cement Palnt Hardware and Coal John D Meyer Hollenberg, Kansas For Satisfaction Sell To MOWRY-RRGDUCE HARRY MOWRY Hollenberg Kansas FARMERS GRAIN CO Dealers for Graln Coal and Feeds Diller Nebraska Compllments of PRESTON MILLS SUR GAIN FEEDS For All Llvestock For All Poultry Falrbury Nebraska West Slde Square Fairbury Nebraska FLOWER SHOP Phone 305 508 D St Falrbury, Nebraska Congratulat1ons to the Class of 1951 DILLER TELEPHONE CO DILLER NEBRASKA Mrs RW Green General Manager Congratulatlons Class '51 MOON AND :SUN MONUMENT5 Falrbury slnce 1886 MAX 5 RANDALL '5 FAIQBURY HARDWADE Maytag Skelgas L16 E St Phone 83 5-I-ULL ELECTRIC SERVICE Fa1rbury Nebraska Phone 127 F1PSt Door West of Mary Etta Hotel FAIRBURY LOCK ER Phone h7 SOO D St Falrbury, Nebraska Cold Storage and Frozen Foods FARMERS UNION COOP ELEVATOR Phone 175 Fairbury, Nebraska Where Our PPOf1tS are Your Dlvldends Convratulatlons SSH1OPS of 1051 YEAKLE AND JENSE N umvuimtm' co McCorm1ck DSSPIHE Machlnery and Repairs Phone 36 Fairbury Nebraska DILLER LUMBER Lumber Cement, and Palnt Chester Weaver, Mgr M9 LUCAS WIEBE LUMBEI2 CO Quallty Bulldlng Materials Fairbury Nebraska SEER BROS Phill1ps 66 Products Chevrolet Sales R Servlce Phone 66 D1ller, Nebr ' SUDEHCY co. onzratu1at1ons Class of '51 MOS I MANS Fa1rbury's Store for Miss and Mrs E5 RGWN MC DONALDS FAIRBURY'S FAVORITE DEPARTMENT STOPE Congratulatlons to C1ass of 1951 Shoes Rubber Hoslery Footwear Natlonally Advertlsed Brands BROWNS SHOE FIT C0 A F1t For Every Foot East Slde Fa1rbury, Nebraska HESTEDS STORES C0 5 10 25 100 Stores Fa1rbury Nebraska BandH NA L1tt1e Out of the Way But It Pays to Walkn 516 D St Falrbury, Nebraska FURNITURE CO The Store Nat1ona11y Known Furnlture Falrbury Nebraska Congratulatlons Class of '51 JACK SHIDIVIAN JEWELERS Falrbury Nebraska Congratulat1ons Class of W51n POLLY SHOE STORE A Frlendly Store ln A Fr1end1y Town F31T'bU1"Y Nebraska C . D I Congratulations Class of "51" E U . of MAX G LOGAN Insurance Warm Manavement Phone IL5 D111er Nebraska J E EHLER5 MOTOR CO Studebaker Ferguson Cars and Trucks Farm Eoulpment 309 F St Phone 39 Used Car Lot 1217 E St Pont1ac GMC STULI. MOTORS RALPH E TURNER AND SON A1115 Chalmers Hudson Cars Securlty Sat1SfaCt1OH Servlce Phone 16h MILIUS and Your Headouarters for J I Case Farm Equlpment Sales and Service bth and G St Phone 199 Falrbary Nebraska FSBQHLY MoTon12 co FGFQD Ford Mercury Tractor Falrburv Nebraska FQEGNIER IMPLEMENT C0 N M Farm Machlnery Convratulatlons '51' er s Phone 202 Falrbury Nebraska G K RUBBER WELDER5 Falrbury, Nebraska Recaps Repalrlng TIRES Tractor Truck Car 6 . S . Sales-Service Ph. 206 Fairbury Nebraska ' v MOSS LAW OFFICE 208 Flrst National Bank Bldg Falrbury, Nebraska S Moss M61V1H Moss DENNEYand DENNEY Attorneys at Law Falrbury Nebraska DD E B ACKERMAN Optometrlst FA1rburV Nebraska MAX A DENNEY COU NTY ATTOQNEY Court House Falrbury Nebraska Rexall Bulldlng Fa1rbury Nebraska ' Drs Hull and Hull Falrbury ocottsbluff Phone 60 Phone 180 Over Golden Rule Store fflce Closed Thursdax Afternoon Samuel Gallamore County Judge Bradshaw District Corlne Clerk of the Court Huphes Sherlff Devo County nuTi??1CEF5OfSi75EbnA Optometrist Falrbury, Nebraska Closed Everv Thursday Afternoon WD. NEVI LLE DDS. ' Dentists CITY INVESTLENT CONPANY Installments Loans And Sales Flnance S1nce l923 Flrst Natlonal Bank Bldg Falrbury Nebraska AH GRETZINGER Agency for St Paul and Columbla and Western Mutual Insurance Company Tel 2637 Steele City WNJL5 FINE FOODS Home of Lower Prlced Foods Fa1rbury's Complete Food Market Qual1ty Grocerles And Meats At Lowest Prlces Bl LO MARKET M21 D St LARQY NUTCH STU DIO WPhotovraphs L1ve Forever' Slh D St Phone 83 Falrbury, Nebraska ESLUEBIRD CAFE Ed Patton, Owner Steaks Chops Chlcken Dlnners Zh hour servlce Phone 232 Fairbury Nebraska KLEAN KLOSE SHOD 605 5th St . Fairbury Nebraska LAMBERTS Launderers and Cleaners Fairbury Nebraska W.W. Palmer Local Avent Steele City Nebraska QS" - "bf ' go -fa, , . W 3 . I PA DU I5 HARDWARE Complete Line of Hardware Paint Repalr Work of All Klnds We appreclate your BUSIUBSS Steele C1ty Nebraska EARL NUTTER 5 usio CAR EXCHANGE We Have all K1nds Sold and Bought Phone 2521 Steele C1ty Nebraska DEAN SERVICE Gas, O11 Greases ACCSSSOFISS Propane gas Appl1ances phone 2501 Steele Clty Nebraska Congratulatlons Senlors BAQBER SHOP DARLINGS IGA Grocerles General Mdse Locker's C A Darllng Prop Phone 2h9l Steele City Nebr NUTTER5 CAFE D1nners and Lunches Steele City Nebraska Congratulations to the Senlors of 1951 LAWIPE' 5 GROCEQY 5 Jr Earl STALEXS ZOELLIN and NOVOTNY CONGRATULATIONS Service Station and Garage I N Phone 2351 Steele Clty Nebraska Steele C1ty, Nebraska Compliments of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Falrbury, Nebraska Member Federal Deposlt Insurance COPDOF3t1OH Congratul tlons, Graduates for four years of hard work well done May our very best wlshes for your success and happlness follow vou wherever the path mav lead THE FAIRBURY STATE BANK Falrbury, Nebraska NA Frlendly Bank 1n Frlendly Falrburyn Nember of Federal Deposlt Insurance Co THANK YOU The Steele Clty Hlgh School wishes to express 1ts thanks and appreclatlon for the support and cooperatlon of the buslness and professlonal men who have m4de thls pub l1C3t1OH posslble a ' I Q , . . . - A - Q cocoa I . . 5 0 . . . . . , L Q ...T . 4 . . . . . - 1 . f -- . . . - 0

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