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Mm 1 Conienis In+roduc+iol Faculig Organiza+ion: 9por+a Underclassmer Seniors Ac1iviiies ,X 'Q Adveriisemenis ff-mfg ff f 5 l I' - . ,F Breaking Away hether It be ln the cafeterla the classroom after school or at a game When you re wlth your frlends lt s ard to break away Our sch ol us not just a bulldlng Us a place where we gather together every day wnth teachers to gaun knowledge make friends get Involved and hopefully declde our future Graduatlon IS not too fa away once agaln we ll gather together wlth our fellow classmates teaqhers and admlnlstratlon We ll be saylng good bye to Steel Valley Hugh School but we ll have our memones ofthe lrfe we shared together as sensors and fellow classmates nght here ln thus book lt s stall hard BREAK A AY MW it--t lk sf' tr ' r -' A , , M h W F H as I V rt ffl. . F ' Hi? R -. I M .,', . !'y ,Eg THE CLASS OF 82 HAS SHOWN A TREMENDOUS SPIRIT THROUGHOUT THE SCHOOL YEAR. EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING HAS THE MAROON AND GOLD COLORS ON. Look at those legs!!! Do it Majorettes!!! We got spirit, how about you? s....J 1' 5 .ig I ., i i' jg.. A! uw' K ' fum Y -xv, f , , X , W . . Y ., , A . 1. -it vs . I I . 3 3 'SUPP 2 " vi ,u v Q 0 I ' ,PII , I 'b f -1 fl 1 , A r 'I 'Q J , - f ' a I 5 2-55,5 V f "ff 1' 1 3 S- ' A i "I 55 W' "U 4 K1 I .15 " ' 1,2 A et. 'rw 2 :MQ 0 ,I mm , vu ' 1 t , If L W ri -., ,fs W av V Q Q w w, , 4 ,,-, Q I 'F I , N, Q.--f xi -v-1- L, , F' fi" 1' '- t' .-' "-J, ,- S ...!....... t Upon this rock lies a work of Ironmen art!! Eat your hearts out North!!! Let's Go Ironmen, we're right behind you!!! 1. I ' ,I N535 'D it I I J, l. fi It .Kult .I ,ite :ra if I , gfgggre '1r.Iif1 ..aa1!, 'I I ' Q ' I I 3 A S 5 iii' .iv ' I if WIIWW ,. ui ,m.,.f f I, "Ironman Country" It's good to see all those fans! i r nv' . -,wg 1 35? f T' ' ' " 7" . 7 3 Z. va f Z, J ' his i , . ,I A . ,giiliii - W5 go if-A-'Y gd rf I, f Ni' 1 , ' ,S I. if E' - , "N-Q., i, i Aizaiwg, Q ' 5 'jfj -' ' - ui , , , :Wg I ', V1 J' 5, "' 1 ki Xiyfivg ,tl .r',.. M ' Q ' +a.4'i "nv 'if' W ,1 It Ya Q' l.i ,Mist f,,,Q ff f we - -1 'fi vt' ' i 1 ' 5 C if M ajft' A' iz 224 .. V affix ii 9 A Tune in with the Homecoming Candida I , ' ' V ' N A 1 i fi ', ,, h -G F :A Q , 4' K Y. , gg -t Q s.fiNdi A X - - I ' .- if ii if .F G il. ,ng 1 N, 'ml T- " ei ii 'Malia' Jia 4 e - . 3 A . 1 ' ,,Af", Q n , -as sg, 0 - 4, an , ,. i ,' qc R xii X N 4: 4' B5 6 W wi Jim :ag -as " Qi 5 . is, ,JW aw if X. o .,...i K, . X I fsfgj. ,. as-as as I , Q 3 K ii c I 2 ,, if-Lz2'Sf-ff, " 'lf' ' 3 Y ,Q-,, W Pd i Q 'x al' M:- nk!! USSR gif? 77 A A " WMF N u n, M, V ,Ma , .N X X Y JI , :ww 1 I X .w gf e 'gm X 1 -L 5 0 1 , ' .f -Q U w 7 . 'K nn ,. " A. RW Tina with her escort, Jeff Pfeiffer ' Q ' ' -' V V u Hi' I ? mn f 0 N5 , F' 5 M I f evk f 1 ,egg R' , Nw W' M 5 W m" :W M . ' 'f Wx' W ' W 1 ww ' , 35,4 ,zwl wx M Q I V: ' 91' V4 W W Q M W M' ' 1' I P W :J ifiw iv R K M 5 . ,.. IEE:-599' Liza M - Y 13" ,L Z'5212m,.w- If H, iff' .--'fx .W A 11 ,mg 91 ,f f1fEwWmJf,.,1hN ' W , qw fwx wx at e V wx 1 ww ' 1 ,Q X C? V' Qdixooszwaw Q Q' w G v:L,lQA W x .A J Q-mr: " N J vb b he r 5' X A T4 if I 4. ,f ny- ':e,muuN::N:w-' We Love a Parade! Debi and Terri hold the "key" to being happy. Thre's the "Pride" . . . Dina and Gracie Artistic and beautiful. . . that's Terri and Sheryl Toni and Luann add a "touch ofclass . x .au A J Y. t Vivacious and pretty, Vickie and Terri reflect their joy. Kim and Shirley got into the spirit of the Ironmen Homecoming!!! 1 ff 4. W Carolyn and Margie have the smiles that shine for the Class of 82! Carolyn and Karen show good teamwork with their car!! ef.. V ' t , ftwwi i' M! AM X . 19" A 1 'V ' Q ,,.,- Joyce and Mary are breaking away on a clear and perfect day!!! Maureen and Janice stand proudly with their escorts and car. Way to go Kathy and Judy!!! iw: , Q55 U U- This car of '82 knew what to do!" There they are. . . Denise and Diana . . . Don't they look just great? fav-'Q it iii! oh Allison and Lisa, two great candidates!!! Hold on to the reins Nicole! FOOD??? IS THAT WHAT IT IS? I THOUGHT LUNCH WAS A TIME OF RELAXATION AND FOR A GOOD MEAL!!! Let us pray that we al! make it through lunch! They're happy! Karen. . . deep in thought . . . What's coo X. M k doyou feel some y y 1 am" mf , R115 ,.f, Q. 9 , 'Pnl' in ' P. , , P' . l. 5 in .V www . . -, ,www Mm ,, xr-W , w 1 gn-'ir v "wg I I ,N WM Keep the spirit, Stephanie!!! Looking into the stars of Steel Valley!!! Hey, Shawn Keenan!!! Stop claying around!!! Steel Valley teachers are always helping out Mr. Vette! keeps his watchful eyes on the computer students. Mrs. Mckeeta seems to enjoy working wnn ner sruoems. 1+ 'EVSWSV GP PEKKA. X .J w:':,v,i i, 1,3 :XM43-. - . i':':,,5,-:- W 5, '? i TYESM? fyzm., ' ' 1 ' HIE .if 3 1 'ig, H ....---' ' 'ma wzuw wa 1.-I -,ia--'i man! "WIT 1-g131:,...1 , my uw 1m 4 W" ugxiigggyjyw WM:-mba' my Y4,f"'w1z,i,' 'xifwy W4 WSW M, W 5 4 31,19 a M W WW 1-'Ji-P , :gh 'fy AH W' ""' M, gy J? WFT , V 3 1 vii A ' .,'.JA"" ia ' 1 gov ' To everyone we offer thanks and gratitude, T This is ourfinal at itude, W T y T We may have sgibiecfigdfot fail, yy aaaae gg my Someonexs there to ip us with it ali, i When we nted to dro a subject, y t Becyayse it was a bore, r it yy Adviioe would be given to hangon a ittie morey T i i They said it would benefit us in t g T end, Telling us not- teao rs or ca n tors, y But as trienoas . gg iiii I Thankel 15 gratitude for advice andaemories adear, Thankefj ,Qt eryone for aieat final year. y T Ign, By: i rrrtt iii. iyyyy ,T Lori Pastcr gyyy y yr T yy gyyr I yryyyyt Q 35 Q 0 Q JJ Facultg - Administration - Mcuitg -Administration E i 3 ,,gi iivgrgpqzg' V usa? 'N' Qi" ff I . ' -Q superintendent - One whose function is to superintend some particular work, office, or undertaking 'ohn . Kracsun , I i I I I, .L 'IDDIUI f f RBD!!! SBSH! OHN TICHON DEANE LOPUS PIRECTOR OF SECONDARY EDUCATION AND AUXILIARY SERVICES DIRECTOR OF ELEMENTARY EDUCATION AND AUXILIARY SERVICES O Sitting Left to Right: Mrs. Alberta Culbertson, President Mr. Robert J. Kosko, V. P. Mr. Stephen A. Fiojtas, Mrs. Anita L. Barkin. Standing: Mrs. Lorraine M. Molnar, Mr. Richard Puzio, Mr. Robert M. Aber, Mr. Lawerence M. Oleska, Mr. Joseph R, Havrilla. . t principal - One who takes a leading part in some action. The head teacher, master, or officer of a school. Z ,I gill I S I T PRINCIPAL - MR. RAYMOND SUPAK I A M Fr in F-,TQ Maw- K. asm ,msi :rs 1 so 1'-L 2-Q' ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL - MR. LOUIS CECCONI ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL - MR. JOHN KEVIN LORDON guidance - The act, process, or result of guiding. .dl MR. DANIEL BUGEL 'W""""'-M' ..W.,...,m.......... ,.--""""' L B W.,- K2 .,,, MW MR. CHARLES BELAVIC if K. qs' ' ni RTI. 5.- 1 'gf 4 - ' . x vhi :gi Q- 5,53- I1 5 lf ' Q ui' . Nm WN ,f""'w MRS. E. PIPICH secretary - A person employed to deal with correspondence, keep records, and handle clerical business for an individual, business, committee, etc. S gr-n-I MRS. BETTY DELL, Guidance Office - n ,- ,,,.....----"" feffb ...ani MRS. RUTH STEIN, Nurses Secretary MRS. DEDE BRADLEY, Mr. Lordon's Secretary ul: 'L MRS. ELEANOR SMITHSON, Main . . MISS PENNY CULBERTSON, Office MRS. JANE BODNAR, Main Office Secretary to Mr' Novak Missing From Page: MRS. MARY PRICE, Attendance Office 1 O Ai 4413, One who cares for the sick, MR. RICHARD DUNMIRE, In School Suspension, one who enforces discipline. One who schedules all activities, MR. GEORGE NOVAK, Director of Activities MR. JOSEPH KANE, Drivers Education, One who teaches safe-driving. -1-:f special education - A field of education designed for special people. xi 'vlxm 12' X MR. VINCENT DePAOLO .S xx.. , i...o ,Mos-hhmx MRS. EDNA HOLT MFlS.JANE KRALL, G.A.T.E. librarian - A person qualified by training for library service. MFI. IRA HANDELSMAN MRS. LINDA GMITEFR ,Nw ,I ff, .gir m MR. GERALD TREMBLAY music - The art of producing a significant arrangements of sound usually with reference to rhythm, pitch, and tone color. f i 1' Qs J A ' ' utx MR. A. THOMAS CARUSO . -n,n..n-1-0 5 'f ggj 3' ,i " iifiif ' A - 'T W' ' English - Of, pertaining to, or derived from England. E s Q ,- i X x MR. NICK DEMARTINO MR. ED PSOTA :par MR. CLARENCE ADAMS MRS. LESLIE EVANS MR. DARNELL ROEBUCK English? - Expressed in or belonging to the English language. MRS. JENNIFER YUHASCHEK MR. THOMAS MANSELL M ,.,,. Y , -M i x ' f MR. TOM FISHER MRS. MARY ED RAHUBA MR. JOHN SMART math - The study of quantity, form, arrangement, and magnitude. I 4 . . , ' ' E g l! 7 xx F' , !' MRS. CECILIA KAUTZMANN In M MR. MICHAEL HUTNIK MFI. FREDRICK LEBEDA MR EUGENE COSTEL -mins MR. DAVID J. LEA MR' ROBERT OLSAWCKY' MR. ALFRED VALCHO Dept. Head Missing From Page: MR. GREGG ROEPER business - Training in clerical and secretarial skills for positions in commerce and industry. , .QQ E X., Lf., ,Q -- X f" Q, Q r- ,J . .:' '1"""" Hs MR. JACK BARRETT am qs' ff' MRS. CAROL SAPIENZA MRS. MAUREEN GEMETNHART, Dept. Head MRS. JANE MCKEETA MR. ERNEST BADE social studies - A course or unit of study based upon the social services. MR. JOHN SOBIE, Dept. Head ',,. . h w ,i.s . 'H All MR. THOMAS SCHUSTER MR. JERRY SWEENEY MR. JAMES BARANOWSKI MR. EDWARD CZAJKOSKI MR. GENE KRITKO MR. JOSEPH PILOT Missing From Page: MR. JOSEPH GENTILE 3 nl: ,Ls 533 Q q i' 7 7? , ein -,A H1 B8 .ings vu! ' if A as '04 ev 1 K R8 Ac vw Mm' 'M' A science - Any department of knowledge in which the results of investigation have been logically arranged and systematized. - 5 Y X . W 5 1? SR: 1 5" MR. JOHN J. YOUNG ,W MR. ANDREW VETTEL MRS. ANNE B. MARKLEWICZ MR. EDWARD ADAMSKI :Qx.:fwif:a.+1 MR. GARY STRETAVSKI MR' THOMAS 'ZYDORE' MR. JOHN JOSEPH Dept. Head language - The expression and communication of emotions or ideas between human beings by means of speech and he aring. MR. MARK SCHMIDT, Dept. Head Q fs.: H . -9' mg 1 A uwkxiws-X Q I zi., L . ' , in-57 . i 5 -S Qin? 5 X x --3 :img f .,,., is. B, A A --1: :- 11551. 2 - .. .i',, ,nfs - Q - . Q, , A ..w,. - " ' ' as ,ii iw- We , .- we 1' .- , is-Q.-gs X . . deaf.-u F . ' i f'f.l'i5'i mg T KSSSEFEVK , MR. DANIEL KOLTON MFI. LEO GILLEN home economics - The science of home management, as of food, clothing, children, budgets, etc. X in i l lla. MS. JOSEPHINE LONG, Dept. Head 'Qi fem ..-nz:-.. fl MS. KIM KISH MRS. CAROL RESKO 33 art - A pleasing and meaningful arrangement of elements, as words, sounds, colors, shapes, etc. MR. JOHN A. SABOL MR DOUGLAS MCKINNEY, Dept. Head MRS. GAIL MEISTER physical education - Athletic Training and development of the human bodyg also, education in hygiene. gf: Q ,I MS. JANE BARNES MRS. SHIRLEY BIRDY if z ii i 7 1, 1 ,L W. ., VV A , ,:. V . ,,, , , MW , I MR. JOHN GARRITY MR. JACK GIRAN wig: I f V 4, MRS. JOAN DeAUGUSTINO x MR. WILLIAM O'ROURKE MRS. BARBARA BURGER LX 9 . L :HS 1 industrial arts - The technical skills used in industry, especially as subjects of study in 5 X schools. i ' 'L f ' itii ' ' 2 IW' MR. DANIEL NAPOLITANO x MR. WILLIAM KALUPANOV MR. PETER J. ZECCA, Dept. Head I ., L fi W2 I V X ,M MR. GREGORY SYLVESTER I 2 Organizations Organizations Organizations Steel Valley offers vsarious agvities for the i ividual to become involved in. Thr?gyhe involveme in these organizations, many frien ships are developed and many things accomplished. St 3rdd to these organize? tiops their owngecialq ts hrough this, both the gt if organizatio, and the indgdual grow. Sometimes it's and learni , other time it's enjoyment. For by giving of yourself and becoming involved, sei Valley benefits from as and we from Steel Valley. f 0 J ii J , o Ki . ru i Every work, whether it be literatur or music or anything else, is always a porwfof Welatd the more he tries tg conceal himself, the m e clearly will his character ppear in spite of himself. Sameul Butler y . 3 l Q A f r if Sleel Valley Ironmen Marching Band Football Games. . . Festivals. . . Band Camp. . . March! Seniors: Flow 1: D. Dzurikanin, K. Schneider, P. Sanitrik, D. Smith, B. Zimmerman, C. Dorko. Row 2: E. Venable, L. Bruno, K. Portillo, R. Marsh, T. Ban, J. Malley. Flow 3: D. Junstrum, E. Stewart, M. Kasiorek. E 4 . D U L4 Band Council Who's the "leader of the band? Rifle Drill Team l ,... ,-. They highlight football half-time. l l l Marching . . . Drills. . . Summer Practice Parades . . . al - Ani leniors: Fiow 1: Co-Captains, K. Coles, C. Brugos. Flow 2: S. Hagmair, D. Lucas, C. Mancinelli, M. Getsy, B. ltro. We're number one!! Complementing the marching band, senior Color Guard member, Sharon Jennings, MajoreHes t 3 ii' ' W be M17 "TwirIers" perform various routines. Seniors: Co-Captain, L. Meszar, Co-Captain, B Borsos it . it lt Members are chosen by their precision and marching abilities. ,l. E 5 'S StrieIy,C.SIater. i ' i ' ' ' i i ' lronical Staff Brainstorming . . . interviewing . . , writing . . . photography. JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE Raise money. . . meetings. . . banquet. . . convention. . , outstanding student member. The JCL believe an acquaintance with the civilization of Rome and Greece will help us understand and appraise the world . of today, which is indebted to an- cient clvilization in its government and laws, literature, language, and arts. E. Williams 'iflfii A The student newspaper, The lronical, is one of the tew learning activities completely organized and controlled by students under an ad- visor's supervision. Students manage all steps of the process from selling ads to distributing each issue. In this "learning through do- ing" process, students see the im- mediate results of their hard work or lack of lt. The student who was responsible for the quality and consistency of the lronical for "8l-82" is editor, Babette Butler. iwtumn' or-A. , s Officers: Pres.: E. Williams Vice Pres.: D. Dufek Recording Secretary: S. Kampe Treasurer: M. Daily Sergeant at Arms: K. Fedigan Pictured are S. Kampe, E. Williams, D. Dufek Ofliee Help . lull E, . 1 L Q itlttiil' They type, run errands, work in the office, and take responsibility. Morning Devotions Senior, E. Venable Junior, D. Cuttler Librarg Aids Library aids perform duties which help the library to run more smoothly. During the course of a school year, all library aides have opportunities to learn about the structure and operation of their library. .sf i Q! ,ff Z N 43 X Pres.: J. Dreshman Vice Pres.: R. McQuire Sec.: K. Surdy V 3 I' S i t 44 Law Club Careers in law. . . field trips. . . Courthouse. . . dealings with the law. Future Iawyers?'?? The Varsity Club consists of all the athletes in grades 9-12 who participate in an interscholastic sports program. The purpose ofthe Varsity Club is to promote and support the various athletic programs at Steel Valley. They are responsible for operating the athletic events and distributing letters and awards at the end of each year. y 7 Leaders Club Mat Maids Raised money for St. Peters Development Center. Cheer for those Wrestlers!!! Mrs, Birdy's Gals Future Nurses The "Future Nurses of America" was organized to stimulate interest in the health fields. This is done by means of visits to schools related to these fields, and to engage speakers affiliated with the health fields. Our group also holds various service projects during the year. The main project being the Blood Bank Donation Drive usually held in April. Award pins are given to graduating seniors who have been members for two consecutive years. Those seniors who have been active members for one year will receive a service award certificate. S e n i o r Weight Lifting Club C' XJ 9 ,f. l ,A GJ The weight lifting club is set up for people that would like to exercise their muscular system. There are different programs depending on whether you are male or female and what your main purpose is. The purpose is to give individuals an understanding of lifting weights, improve their general health, learn to work together as a group, and give the students something to do after school. The program is for athletes and non-ahtletes. It has been a great success. M .lt The Seniors Secretaries is an organization comprised of senior business students. Their main function is to assist teachers in various clerical activities such as typing and duplicating. In many cases they are an in- valuable part of a teacher's planning as they help them to organize classroom activities. Participation in this activity not only sharpens skills, but also offers an opportunity to experience working with others to achieve the desired result. Keg Club i 1 l'l I ,I f.. I i' Q K xx I. X195 QI? This is a very active group. They serve the school, church, and the community. They raise money for their yearly projects. They have purchased wheelchairs for people that need them. The "Snowball Dance" at Christmas is one of their activities. They also attend conventions with other Key Clubs. Future Business Leaders -.QU L' rnucnrion rw UCHI53 B urunz usmfss L EADERS MERICA These girls are preparing to be leaders in the various business fields. 'QE Y. Prom Commilflee I' ff ...MSW "ALWAYS and FOREVER" May 15, 1982 Candy sale. . . Decorating. . . Planning. . . Dedicate Future "Van Goghs" of Steel Valley d people. Q? . ,fl Talented People NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 3 'Z Z XS l Vs Lf Qtudent Government The Student Government ot S.V.H.S. holds the position of Leadership and Organization. The responsibilities include sponsoring yearly activities, making important decisions and voicing the ideas and opinions of the student body. Ac- tivities we have are: Homecoming, Christmas and Easter activities, a talent show, Anything Goes, Donkey Basketball, and a few dances. Officers: President: T. Strish Vice President: L. Kostelnik Secretary: A. Evancho Treasurer: C. Mancinelli 49 Stage Crew i t The stage crew at the Steel I, Valley High School exists to pro- vide assistance to anyone in the V school district who has a need E and purpose to use the auditorium and it's facilities. . X "Crucible" Staff "8I 82" Many hours are spent deciding a theme, styles, a cover, layouts and collecting pictures to produce a book that holds a year ot "precious" memories from Steel Valley that will last a lifetime. To my "dedicated" statt, I extend my sincerest thanks tor only they will know everything that went into this yearbook. 50 Sincerely, Mrs. R. Mancinelli we 'F Sports at Steel Valley give each individual an opportunity eeel excel in the are ere he or she feels most comfortable. hrough this compe ition on the high school level, students find rewards and excitement. ,ippe c On the athletic field we learn mor the joy of victory and defeat, we develop character and confidence, unity, pride, and sportsmanship. These qualities, perhaps, the most important ones in competiti ays manage to show , th h above tp g results of at . at Stee ley are proud o our Athletic programs. The 19 1-82 school year can be titled, Ig 'The Year of the c lronmenf' It was the most successfuli tetic year in 1 l , Q alley history. e s as ' ,fwhen you workgd to achieve a goal, when you've i n your all, whether you win or lose, youve grown." as . hanks to the coaches who have do a great job in . , ,z q wards physical, mental, and emotional development. W are r recting the "endless" energies and time of these students if- af Q Y s 'i .i Q. si 1 is E 5 Z orts9pot' s9portsSpor-is pork-:Sports 51 Ironmen Foolball E EE 2 5 or CC 'd .. O u. ..i v- CC E o. R3 lL to .1 cn O C CW P- bd lL to RJ: D. Capp, W. Clydesdale, G. Senlch, J. Ascencio, P. Hartnett, B. Pratt, M. Lunz, D. Womack, D. Todd, Marchilina, D. Dutrieville, M. Anderson, B. Geiser, D. Kuhn, E. Quinlan, T. Samuels, M. Moyta, E. Wehrer, E. Williams, KD 'O Dx C CD S o LL Q ai :a .1 -5 .S as 'c .. 'E C., c fr E :E G .. c C 4 . C1 .E C Q A . 1 c . 0 n Q S c i 'i .E c 5 l 1 1 1 E I l O C0 Q-l E G1 3:1 1982 Senior Spectacular L-Fil 1 Scott Snyder, Eric Williams, William Howley, Andrew Gorol. R2 QL-RJ : Ray Lorenz, Jeff Stoudt, Mark Cherpack, Vince Felder, Greg lnoardona. owley - Post Gazette Athlete of the Week, 9 All Conference Running Back, Post ette - All South Team, Press Sportswriters tar Team, All W.P.l.A.L. AAA Defensive .XX- ice Felder - Big 9 All-Conference Safety Bay Lorenz - Big 9 All-Conference Defensive End, Press Sportswriters All-Star Team, All W.P.l.A.L. AAA Defensive End, McKeesport Daily News M.V.P. Eric Williams - Big 9 All-Conference Guard .L Jeff Staudt - McKeesport Daily News Lineman of the Week, Big 9 All-Conference Tackle, Press Sportswriters All-Star Team, Post Gazette All- South Team l Scott Snyder - Big 9 All-Conference Center 53 Year of the Ironmen Efsli Sivf :gi . f 15 .J i It .. ,ig 112.:1"f2si fee if' ff 3 ttttlt ew-.E 8 A , e tttle at he E at 5 W .xx k X N ' " Q l - J. Molnar gets advice trorn Coach Garrlty. D. Todd and B. Pratt re the game again!!! 54 l l - fl X st awhile until they are called into ' Dion Womack turns a corner. l it .iii , 5 - it Vs? lronmen led by B. Howley rollover EF., 34-12 'Hia The Varsity Team finished with a 7-2-1 record, third in the Big 9 Conference, and ranked seventh in the W.P.l.A.L. Several players received honors. The team is under the leadership of Coach George Novak. The JV Team, under Coach Jack Garrity finished the season with a perfect 7-O record. The only undefeated football team in Steel Valley history. ln seven games, the team scored 192 pts. while holding its opponents to 21 pts. The 9th grade team, under Coach Frank Brettschneider, finished with a 5-1 record and the co-champs of the Junior W.P.l.A.L. Sec- tion. This was the best record for a Junior High Team in Steel Valley history and the first time as champs. J. Kupec leads the way!!! Coach Novak has a season really to be proud of - 1982 JF Nggm D E F E N S E! Greg lncardona calls the signals that gave us victory ll! 55 . hfr A-. .f" if L5..r. 1' '77, ' V lr ,, , i - M K", W-7l'.4-H+ Tw . 1-"H", , r . 1 1' "'jj1ZlLl" ,. i Vik, f -. . ., . ,,m I ' . ,-,,,.,... - , . f Q ,,. tk ....- g I 42 ,122-iii ! T . r .- A'-M 1 wg- .MAQA . M .1 H A V -7.1 , - i Qu.. , uf- af. I . 'Kea ,V I. if V A Q , Dion takes a pause before going Row 1: Dan Price, Jack Garrity, Gorege Novak, Jack Giran. Row 2: Flay Braszo, back' V Jim Petruzzi, Cliff Smith, Ed Estok, Frank Brettschneider, Tom Douglass. ,an ww! M ,,,, ,,,, ' Q " f ...M . ii W . .5 . ,,,,. g, 'W Y . WF- r f- . if M i , r :,, . -m5!re5r- tv J , 2 Y A L r -Mintz- r ' Clinton looks on with great interest. Q 1- is QQ Z1 Making the move that will leave the other team in the dust!! Receiving a few pointers, Jeff will use before "crumbling" the other team!! .mf 9 .X ,, 5. N -fe- lronmen try to break the Uniontown's structure with a few quick moves. lronmen make oft with the ball on Homecoming Day!!! +25 J! aJfa'Qs " eve ft stash "Steel Valley Fans" J. Cardellini takes a "sip." 56 Ninth Grade Football Ninth Grade Team are tough, rough, and bad enough to Rock you!!! The plays and moves of this team are so oooig to mess with them you have to be a fool!!! , P' A, , :Q 5 F , - 4 , .. bfi! 8 4 cs vs... Here's where the action is before the game!!! b K r K , V ... ,, gtx, 7, Wk f. ,W .X , t,,,h 3..tgggyg-- W .,!, tv.. .mm-:fm --!. t.!. .!.. g , f 3 D Q N Qu' I C f Ek A ::, SS . who .. . 82 reaches for the touchdown!! -Q Observing the team's every move "Cheering" from the side-lines Senior Jamie Willia Cheerleaders Varsitg Senior Terri 30 Q Y F The 81-82 Varsity Cheerleaders had a suc- cessful year. They brought back a total of 12 awards, including most spirited, after attending a summer cheerleading clinic. In addition to that, they entered a competition in Monesson and brought back a third place trophy!! ms Senior Tammy Burwell Row 1: Captain Terri Robes, Terri Hayes, Terri Drozd, Linda Tichon. Flow 2: Jamie Williams, Tammy Burwell, Amy Freeborough, Paulette Butler, Cindy Thomp son. Row 3: Tony Noroski, Eileen Langan, Amy Evancho, Carol Stahura, Paul Agardy. Not Shown: Sponsor Penny Culbertson, Coach Franny Serenka Row 1: Renee Lorenz, K Captain Ellen Agardy. elle Junior Varsilg Cheerleaders , at y Conalogue, Suzy Suto. Row 2: Jill Scalpa, Jenny Judge, Diane Drozd. Row 3: The third place competition Winners!!! GO IRONMEN! GOLF TEAM Jr' . Vi ,Vff -::, soonEs lf' rtlt h ' A S.V. 7V2 Edge. Swissvale 3V2 g ,g.,,,,g S.V. 11 South Allegheny O S.V. 9 W. M. North 2 S.V. 3 Eliz. Forward 8 S.V. 9 South Allegheny 3 S.V. 7V2 Serra 3V2 S.V. 6V2 Serra 4V2 S.V. 11 MoKeesport O S.V. 7V2 Eliz. Forward 3V2 S.V. 7 W. M. South 4 S.V. 7 W. M. North 4 S.V. 5V2 W. M. South 5V2 . Varhola 45.3 . Haythorn 46.2 8V2 . Abraham 49. . Varhola 50.3 . DiRocco 52. D. Virostek 52.3 2V2 WAY TO GO TEAM!! KEEP IT UP! 14 pts. Standing: B. Abraham, D. Virostek, E. Varhola. Kneeling: J. Varhola, R. Haythorn, J. DiRocco. J. Varhola AVERAGES AND POINTS E Fl 1 B 1 13 J 19 J 1 4 1 SEN IDRS f'W.'IxwfzY .WM f 5 . J. Dilflooco FZ. Haythorn 'F Waiting for some TEAM action! Pleased with their scores! Follow thru . . . A great Golf day! Quiet, Pleeaassee!!! 1. W A fi xi 1' A 1' A , Ei 'ii ,li ,... 23 Lining up a shot A pep talk from the coach! 1 4 t ' XJ Don't quit!!! There is only alittle more to go!!! is Q. i 5 .usnga A Evan Baker is cutting the corner with a wide step!! Scott Seifried shows what good sportsmanship is all about!!! On your mark. . . Get set. . . GO IRONMEN iii!!! Putting Feet First a"i:1f?'t gist staff 'f Willllll ,lf if it i FEE!! Stal. lla!! 1-TEH VM-ig 5, :ffm stall! EBXHIW' giiia tliiisi.: -Wifi VME? 1221! if time w 1: S. Fenner, M. McDonough, L. Spearman, J. Sharp. Flow 2: K. Pfirrmann, K. Hohowski, E. Morrissey, E. Agardy. Flow 3: Coach Lebeda, J. Hallas, S. tried, E. Baker, J. Schweinberger, D. Olson. '... is ' ' 1 Running the last mile!!! The "joy" of Victory Record 1 - win 9 - losses Outstanding Player - Kathy Hohowski, she never missed a practice or meet. Joe Hallas Most valuable athlete last year, 1980-81, showing most improvement. 63 Six 'Hp 5 5 F 1'--mis Are you ready for me because l'm ready for you!!! .al . ,.. An exercise in togetherness!!! 'lf' fi 4 I I 3 4' V WV, ,-, W, , y if A i ww " , f 'iff ' , ,H 1 ' . J fi! 0 We iw. Q . il it 4 ali. if -l n f Q . .V 7 , ,, it . . 4 L , it err ree 14 2? 1 .l ii. 1 ' V 3.1.-M-ww.. f rrr' T 2 W ,rry 5. "-"- ' - f , Im-f Y . .H ta, ' H Q - lf f a...W.:,..,,UWlfV K he , , A i f Girl's Tennis 5 Sitting: B. Modzelewski, M. Gambal, K. Doyle, K. Kost. Standing Pesyna, K. Scheetz, M. Butler, C. Suto, S. Suto. V V fag? H U' ff Coach Bugel offers a helping hand!! 64 l gvyf-W N Q It is Suzy Suto doing her thing!!! i I i!'! Wx! !!!! it !!!! wi. A S.V. racquet would not be complete without Chris Suto! Season Scores Opponent Keystone Oakes 3 5 , 4 McKeesport 1 f JT ' 3 South Park 2 74' y 5 Clairton O if I 5 St. Elizabeth O , ' 3 T.J. 2 y ' 5 McKeesport O 4" 3 South Park 2 ' 'F' 4 Clairton I A ,II 3 T.J. 2 L f I 5 st. Elizabeth 0 gui? I o Valley 5 ' E XI Suzi Suto - 113 Big 9 Chris Suto - ii2 Big 9 SECTION IV TEAM CHAMPS Section IV Doubles - C. and S. Suto makes Concentration Segtigmtgf Singles - C. Suto, runner-up, Team Captain - Kathy Kost Girls Varsiig Volleyball Has li All! if qi ummm la 1,4 v-5 ll 11' I rfgivizlin Front Row: Terry Strish, Jane Hornyak, Nikki Irvin, Lynn Mondock, Kim Gross. Back Row: Bonnie Jacko, Lori Kostelnik, Diane Schneider, Val Cook, Sherry Cioherty, Coach Napolitano. Season "Sei Up" Seciion IV Champs 1981-82 'rn Up, up and away with Jane Hornyak Q81 Terry Strish HOD a senior shows her touch! Si Diane Schneider U55 fell for it! Senior: Diane Schneider 1155 looks for the final volley. I, Q. 3 . . . Do It .I.V.! Front Row: Amy Martin, Donna Dragojevich, Donna Baughman, Bonita Motley. Middle: Sharon Scott, Linda Dreshman, Donna Westbrooks. Back Row: Val Cook, Sherry Cloherty, Chris Judge, Coach Napolitano. Donna Baughman shows aggresiveness! Setting the ball up Bonita Motley shows the moves! They have the touch that never misses! i 67 - fly , 1 W , L M Sw X wk WX ibn in in W gy .if it wx , -Q. A gn- Mm ,YQ W 1 S ,v K as PM -ai W 352 ww-W Q kniv- til' . sw .-J,f.Q gi' FJ 1 3 J0,,,.,w' '9- Practice makes perfect! W.P.I.A.L. T. Smecker - 100 free, 50 tree, 400 free. C. Wesley - 400 free style relay C. Ashoff - 400 free style relay her diving meets. Captains - K. Flaherty, J. DiRocco Co-captain - C. Wesley Get set - GO! Up for air '- . . 7. i t , ,g.f"6'f..-,W ,,,y " .1 ' 7""f"'.15Ef-? . g tfz, " . , 1, 53 1412 W- V " . ., Q. -fn fl 'VJ ,J jf' -'. 'f ' 4 . ,...i,a t. ',..'5w.. 232 . .+ ,. 2 , 1 i. .i"'fIe:1' .lgiff UZ TP ESX? P91 'iviwf .W , , s, .... ' W M - . . . ,, g 4 G . yfffffel. . .-arf 'A fl 'set tl ing it , 1 flwf, , V, 1 ' 1 - 1 M. .,. 1 t ., V 1, , V, -f , , .... . fl-. ,. N 4' , N' 'x ' ' fi M. 'gr' ' 1, N, . J . . at Q--L ' l.- . , V H ' ' 'ff ill ' A U? '4f5...:f ' 'mf L . A3 JW, W x., .hw Y f N J ... iff. ' .J fa .Tv ' Rafi if . f it ' v "fb 4 1 f wmv' 23 We . are f'-t....f.,W- L - 2 sf.-. if Swim Team Churma, K. Johovic, E. 3oyne, M. Walters, K. Moelber, M. Ashoft. Row 2: L. Reid, :tow 1: C. Ashoff, C. lA. Recktosh, C. Wesley, J. larasevich, J. DiFlocco, T. Smecker. Flow 3: J. Coyne, B. Jel- irey, K. Flaherty, I. Walters, K. Srnecker, E. Wetzel, D. Olsavsky, lf. Nigrelli, Coach, Getting ready for practice M. Walters - 200lM, 100 Butterfly, 400 free style. E. Coyne - only S.V. diver - won first place in many of Strokes of Victory E. Coyne One ofthe best Who's that behind the "Foster" goggles? QE. Wetzel 7 s . 69 Let's Get Phgsical . . . Steve Arovits shows how wrestling is done!!! Eric "Pookie" Williams does not quit until he gets a PIN!!! The Varsity Wrestling Team consists ot much talent Coach Kane not shown Front Row R Valasic Fl Lunz B Harkless W Toczek Back Row P Grimm Luft S Arovits S Seltrled Capt Eric Williams Z l 9 N Senior, Captain - Eric Williams - 185 lbs. West Mifflin North Holiday Tour- Senior, Captain -W Jim Cush 119 lbs. name-nt Runner-up and 4th place Big 9 Winner. Ironmen Wrestling is M.. 'A "Even though the Ironmen may have had a losing season, talent still lurks in the wrestling season, check us out!!!" 5 ,W 'Q is f "We are going head-to-head for a takedown!!" Little Lunz bites off more than he could chew with Joe!!! L s WX 2 x Q II: K it' , JEAAMSJX t....Qt,,. -K V 5 hv .,, . Vi t,, L , r x J L R 5 in I we f in , A ,Q . f 4 I Ki , it , g . Qt A 4 it ily , ':"' ' Y f .. ., ,WNV tow 1: A. Zakis, R. Fluffing, B. Harkless, R. Lunz, J. McDonald, Fl. Volpe, D. Arvoits, Row 2: J. Cush, R. Vlasic, J. iingeisen, N. Thompson, S. Coles, W. Toczek. Row 3: E. Williams, N. Butala, B. Atkinson, S. Seitried, J. Dzuilko, J. Lutt, F. Sanzy, S. Arovits, P. Grimm, J. McCutcheon, Coach - Joe Kane. The wrestlers h a d a to u g h season but manag- ed to pull out C25 winning matches. T h o u g h t h e Ironmen had a rough season, team sprit kept them going! Coach Kane is very proud of them no matter if they win or lose as long as they still stay in the game!!! Girls Basketball The Girls' Varsity Basketball Team completed a winning season with a 20-6 record, the championship in the Bishop Boyle Christmas Tournament, and as section runner-up in Section IV. The team also advanced to the W.P.l.A.L. playoffs for the first time in school history. Ranked first in defense in the district, they held their opponents to a 35.9 average. The J.V. squad finished their season with a 9-8 record. M. Hood is the first athlete in S.V. history to score over 1000 points in varsity career. Senior: Mary Frances Hood Senior: Carolyn Manclnelli M. Hood Bishop Boyle Tournament MVP, Section lV All- Star Team, Post Gazette Section IV All-Star, Pgh. Press - South Fabulous Five, Daily News All-Star Team Senior: Terry Strish Season Scores T. Allerdice Bingold Serra Brentwood S. Allegheny E. Allegheny Churchill T.J. Peters Twp. St. Pauls McKeesport Northgate Charleroi WMN McKeesport Monesson T.J. E.F. WMN E.F. Monesson Charleroi Sacred Heart Oliver Playoffs Baldwin Senior: Toni Kelley Senior: Karen Surdy Girls' Varsilg Baskeiball 1981-82 Lim 11 1: K. Hohowski, P. Huber, B. Motley, C. Mancinelli. Row 2: T. Strish, B. Batch, Fl. Thomas, L. Monkells. Flow 3: M 1 5. . W . We won' lBoyIe Tournamentl T. Kelley, N. Irvin, K. Surdy. T'-Q. Jump high, Carolyn! T. Kelley is surrounded! Jump Ball! Girls J.V. Baskelball Row 1: K. Hohowski, P. Huber, B. Motley. Coach Titler, D. Hohowski, B. Balch, M. Ch lvarsityl This one's mine, says Nikki. Y Up for grabs! iJ.V,l 1 L 74 Nikki makes lt look easy. Nikki Irvin Bishop Boyle Tournament - All-Star Team, Sectl All-Star Team, Post Gazette Section IV - Al Team, Daily News All-Star Team "On the Rebound" Boys Varsifg Basketball l X,,A..L m,m::,,,, J .-.- wtf .si . . 'fi QVYQX :X 7 5 K '10-nr-w QQ. Row 1: R. Hohowski, G. Klasnic, J. Theotiledes, J. Burney. Flow 2: W. Todd, V. Felder, M. McFlae. Row 3: B. Flipper, J. Hofmeister, E. Wellman, J Ramsey, M. Cherpak. , . - L. .,,,. iii ' , f 3 W5 W I Senior: Mark Cherpak Senior: Vince Felder Senior: Mark McRae The 1981-82 Varsity Boys' Basketball team has had its most successful season this year. The IFRONMEN beat their section rival, West Mifflin North, which they had not previously done in the past two years. The IRONMEN then proceeded to take second place in Section 4 play, thus qualifying for the WPIAI. Playoffs. This was the "greatest honor" the IRONMEN had achieved in the past ten years. "Year of the Ironmen" 70 51 49 51 60 62 68 65 46 61 62 77 68 61 58 51 53 51 68 83 54 55 Always in on the "action" is John Hofmeister 1305 . S. V. Season Scores Opponer Clairton 48 Duquesne 49 Greensburg CC 54 Aliquippa 63 Peters Twp. 58 Churchill 63 West Allegheny 38 South Allegheny 47 Carlyton 54 T.J. 51 McKeesport 70 Elizabeth Forward 54 Monesson 55 WMN 60 Charleroi 51 T.J. 48 McKeesport 73 Charleroi 43 Elizabeth Forward 49 Monesson 69 WMN 47 Final Record 17-7 WPIAL PLA YOFFS Baldwin 59 Honors: All Section IV V. Felder D. Todd 'WNW xx MX is E n 5 QW r - .L r- ' .- .Q 'ery 5' eu QF- Vince Felder shows lv1cKeesporlwho's got talent. . . ofcourse he's the man with the ball!!! Bogs Basketball 1' l W .ff , mx M? JM' 'pn-I, 4 Q ir i sig. f' fl af? 3, 'K .kg we ,, L, 3 c .1 Y 3 N: NVQ ii., 'I 5 w Q if 34 3 S - 9 3 Back Row: F. Siyufy, J. Jiles, L. Harris, E. Baker, S. Turner. Front Row: J. Burney, B. Ripper, J. Theofiledes, G. Klasnik. FINAL RECORD 9-6 9th I' 3 9 0 .ugh f 1 ' , I I 3 it Ji 52 f .5 1 5- l jg X FINAL RECORD J XII! 5-1 lxjlf . l AGARETH TCSEJLEGE Back Bow: B. Lagon, G. Haupt, B. Wellman, B. Cherpak, D. Natcher. Front Row: B. Jones, L. Brown, S. Kel ly, J. Pilot. 9 - 1 Boys Vollegball 82 "Setters and Spikers" ,f . ff M- i Q Kneeling: Ft. Hohowski, D. Catena, P. Peterson, J. Meyers. Standing: T. Toth, J. Timeout- Hofmeister, E. Welimam, R. Haythorn M Giel Senior: Senior: Dan Catena Mike Giel Senior: Senior: - . Jamie Meyers Pat Peterson Segllgnrfoth 80 "Player of the Week," "Player ot the Week," Post-Gazette Post-Gazette i si 3 r ff, L L , y,, V W I A W,Wa,,.,M, M-ww-of .www ,Q 'iW t ,V E I. 'P ,ig 'if f mm Serving with solid form, is Jamie. ,gf W Up, up, andaway, goesTim VW 5, N' A, , Gy ff ' K "vffawNfmf1WM s S ,, W ,,,,,,, W vwnpmik gunna' puns-nun!!! ,tfwd ,,,, MM,-,V f 1'--lv K ill 2 Nice return, Dan. fi' 6 7? za V Q ww r ne New fl 2, Penny for your thoughts," Coach Napolitano. Good sportsmanship is displayed at S.V. among teammates. 81 W The Boys Varsity Volleyball Team completed their season with nine wins and only one loss. They were Section runner-up, taking them to the W.P.l.A.L. play- offs. ln the play-offs, Steel Valley lost 4 and won 2. The Junior Varsity ended their season with a record of 6 wins and 4 losses. F, if tt.. - ...A . to .EU ... 5 ...l. Sv 6 iw' Q... W .ff N YQ. Teammates in action! Slap me five! ii ar at I rr.. ...- . T. .y,. r f at .ir H wow., it 82 "Pete" "Beavs" "Mike" "Ron J.V. Vollegball if, l Kneeling: J. Giovanninl, C. Dunay, F. Funa, S. Kelly. Standing: T. Melocchi, T. Lakatos, E. Wellman, J. Donovan, J. Kontra. Shawn's flying! John has his eye on the ball! Coach "Beavs" has something to say. 'i f Baseball Iron I1 IVV an . , sa. , ,,'.. ,-.. ,,. V . , , ,,,V. :WW E.z g,,i.i, z ,:,, K ? .r,4f,.,..... , . egn wirfr , AAAA Y , -, M J a 1:1:"f ' -mu ,V.VV H V ,, 5 M- '34 ff NVH'- 5 Z -"-" ,. ff---M .Vv--v ,.... 'g M.. ,,,, " V A ,i '.LL , K 14, 1'- S ' 1 - J . - fp an KV., W -a 'fffff'r'1'f:' "g w7K.f,,fri,5:e., mea..-,f ' grief' SAFE!! . , .. 2 . 3 Qu " 1 ., ,, L.LL ,V A S .3 e ' Senior Russ Byrnes W, ? x in' PM ' 'T ,2- Senior George Butko - f. PF r errrr' ' , J Senior Mark Cherpak ga , W M -z-1z,1i?f?q! Kun' , - ! 3,5211 wwe., A,,, , Senior Jim Cush ,mepv-Q... -Q 1 ? T 1 El . E k me . . .2 . ,mm K' QW! Throwing Down! S if 4 3 S N - Q K J... . A in R' K Zz. 'J ff.: R ... gy. - . .:,:- ,X ,, r,,e E ZI. Q an k,,... r K V.AV igigg.- . -' M .Kees . , .mi ... - gsm.. g , ,ll..Q,Q. I-'fre X" 'gg 'H . , ,f V ,, ev. , .. .M Nice follow through, Coach Giran! Q .... f Y 1 if 1st Row: S. McLeod, J. Drotar, B. Abraham, Fi. Ruffing, J. Cush, J. weinberg. 2nd Row: S. Berneberg, G. Kiasnik, T. Andrews, E. Mille Detillo, K. Yanosko. 3rd Row: D. Rock, Fi. Byrnes, S. Seifried, J. Pfe ..-W ! gi S SF! . ie 4 9 'ar . , , 2:15 Hustie 'round those bases! hden to ci? i .r . ii. . is if 5 L. . A f S Q fQQ S . if i K , S L P S if .. . . i ,i See i if f " 'ff :', I ' ibvlzi ti ' ' Q A . ig J iiii or , , t ,,:.:, mi... 4 " f i lx 11" ' ,,1-1 a wf Se ' H 3. Fite. 4th Row: Coach Giran, S. Bowlin, P. Kuzma, G. Butko, M. Cher- Jak, L. Harris, Coach Herron. Ironmen Team Spirit BasebaH .r S 1? 4 1 , N Wgm. V fl' Q hi!-' , ' izrr z Senior Scott Detillo ,,,,,., f K ---- r . ,,,, 3 f r fn, f L,,, . ..... ., ,.,,. .. , Senior Sean Fite as U Senior Eric Miller f " tr ii 24 54 Z6 71. 1- dk ' X 'Vim .f iv DVVV ,, V. f ' 0 . . .,.,.. SWING!!! wglglilzlrlzlfizl., 1. Q., . ,,5.,'.. . W.. ...e ,, V, .Mi 'qw ' .1 xc., N.-f.'.' .'.j,j- fr., 1' - x M, + . -. .',.-5272+ ...Wa ...M ..... ,,,...w ,, , 5 ,WI " 3:12 " ' 2. M .... hm-5,1 Nice "catch," Catcher! Coach Herren Vg K , 1 af 9217 Q if Z SI si fi gig, 1 ' W Senior Jeff Pfeiffer Senior Ray Ruffing 85 Sliding into base" "Hold up" .. X v 5- K "Made i1!!" Getiing ready to bat up! ...A NI E N' , qv HEBSY One" CLOSE!! 9 9 9 Mary Frances Hood X! X, 'N-. 'SSE-fl ,ri 51261 QTEE v . f 5 v rm X! M. TEH Sitting R Thomas, S. Fenner, M. Slekar, J. Hornyak, E Langan Kneeling K Pfirrmann D Laubham K Hohowski S Rice L Lau hlin Standin :L. Asmon a, Coach Bugel, M. Hood V Sullivan ManagerD Getsy K Surdy M Pysk Coach Schuster This has been a year of rebuilding for a team that could have good potential for the future. It will take hard work from each young individual so that they can adapt to being outstanding "fast-pitch" players. With experience and an over all good attitude, these girls can be winners. Senior Senior Vicki Sullivan Karen Surdy Af S is Vicki, rounds the bases with speed! A.. . . 4 ..,:. . so "" Qs R vi! X x N Y W gi ---7 6 V Hope it's a strike! Swing!!! Lauri, put it right here! Good follow through! dt ,, 1 V gui if . V' X .e ' !!! T aa Ki - i i Coach Schuster giving some advice. as-K' QFUP' Eileen looks determined to get a good hit! 1 I ff Mhpilde Karen, getting ready to go! Vicki, a "home-run" hitter. 'iMuft,'i stretching for the ball!! l L Coach D. Beseny, Sr. Siee 5 Sitting: D. Brannigan, P. Shuga, B. Andrews, L. Rice, G. Reid. Kneeling: E. Corbett, C. Troha, D. Cencarik, F. Angert, B. Fiorian D Foley Standing: Coach Beseny, D. Beseny, Jr., K. Berneburg-Patsen, M. Fiepine, B. Modzelewski, D. Wooddy, A. Walczak, Section Ill Matches S. V. Opponent 979 Hempfield 987 Franklin 978 Plum 988 Latrobe 977 Greensburg Salem 989 Penn Hills 978 Churchill 988 Hempfield 992 Franklin 98 7-53x Plum 987 Latrobe 993 Greensburg Salem 988 Penn Hills 976 Churchill 9 76 9 79 9 79 992 963 99 1 99 7 9 78 9 75 98 7 -54X 989 982 995 995 Highest Individual Score: Fran Angert 100-10 Most 100's: Ron Slinchock Most Points: Dan Patsen Highest A verage: Ron Slinchock Most X 's: Dan Patsen Highest X Average: Ron Slinchock X Valley Right on Target! k R. Slinchoc , C. Troha D. Wooddy, D. Cencarik, K. Berneburg, B. Andrews I H .Q ' r. 1 4 . .I D. Wooddy, P. Shuga, R. Slinchock, B. Modzelewski Ready, aim, shoot Track and Field .11 ,....,,.x,,., .em-f ,- i as 5 -- Standing: Coach Dudley, S. Phenizy, J. Hallas, E. Stewart, E. Baker, H. Brown, J. Jiles, A. Scott, M. Marchilena, Coach Anderson. Kneeling: K. Tyler, M. And son, C. Davis, M. Encrapera, D. Dutrieuille, R. Slinchock, C. Slekar. Sitting: B. Jones, A. Zakis, L. Caliguiri, M. Brown, K. Berneberg. "The Best Gets Bel-ter" iiiiii 1 iii aae is rr. - F ii 1 Q... 1 A iii 1 . f si' T , . 2.5 . St 4 aa.. QNX , Q A ear- . ... . 'N it 1 1 e'i Z iiii I ' ,.. a-reeee rrr. 4 7 S Q N 4. W 1 t ,ee 4 ..,,, A . i'i I as QQZQ eelree A iiee A efree Tit .... . 0 ...... N! eeiere 5 eeee rfee Qeia . arfeeer , f ,, K , A- , ar A 'eeee ':1. 1 .irr 1 5 Co-Captain - Clinton Davis LENGTH TIME 60 meters 6.26 100 yd. 9.3 200 meters 48.23 400 meters 46.7 He is ranked 3rd in the U.S. 300m indoor, and ranked 10 in the World 300 meter indoor! Among his many oth awards are MVP of East Allegheny Invitational 119821 . Pri Indoor Athlete of the Year 419825 honors from Track ai Field News. GOOD JOB! IRONMAN CLINTON DAVIS STEEL VALLEY HAS IT ALL! We're proud of you, Clinton! Joe Hallas, Senior, is the hardest working athlete on the e tire squad, his stamina is equal to Davis' track talent! ti quoted by Coach Dudleyi . Harvey Brown S , 5' ' f q SS y it 5, :ni e - g. .: . .V TX, 5 flag. my aifey f 5' -W X E155 W' ' L if Qfi? if ig t Q , me J LA K 2545533 5 e Eugene Stewart Joe looks determined! Captain - Joe Hallas i if 'Q Xi R Q . 2... Alvin Scott i is Eugene walking on air'?? Trackslers Triumph ,.-"W Coach Dudley's Outstanding H. Brown takes a "leap" to Victory! This Ironman does it well with his hands! Players: M. Anderson C. Davis J. Hallas B. Jones C.Slekar E. Stewart A. Zakis, on the run, and plans to be "number l" ll! Q h f itil? cg x' A I L f 5: u tl I f X S if 'X f A Sy, , X 94 WAY UP HIGH!!! g,i5YE?1Q' i Aiming for the SUN!! MOVING AHEAD!! Mike Marchilena 1' "Stretching out" with Clinton! 95 Tennis Team ' -F ' . L.-fi iw' , s ' i - t . .gr . F -gigsef 3315... K. 8- Standing: D. Maszle, A. n G Tit.. . fig J i 5 kiwi . if X' of 41.2. orol, K. Morrison, D. Sninsky. Kneeling: B. Staske, R. Hoza, J. Pilot. Coaches lnot shownj M. M. Hutnik, J. Hess In addition to our 5 Seniors are: ,.,, - iii Q , f "f J i 7 .f .... f ' ,if f'J!v"w3.f7,f,.f I QF .Q W J i ki' ' ,a,.f,+. ,,.: .5 zk .. r ffl: i , if f ,. 'Y . ,I .1 ,gf if. Www- V M., ' k ..... ,. .,,., wmMM.MfumNm,.J.wW1m+ww f John Pilot Bill Staske 1 Seniors -LX ,ii Don Maszle Andy Gorol Kirk Morrison David Sninsky Warming Up'??!! In : - f W .1 2 rrrr ' f . 3 H, k -x- :fff f A a , .gg 3-.arf ' -- , . il . VY f I, A N V,,... ,- + ',,, Q if - 71' " . . , gg + 'fr-f - , gun, n 55255 V , .X , J S v ii-T 1:26 3k'i5i,k + 7--Q 6 5 ,- -- J f 43 Q ,M , ., -Jpwwcwggm " W -. 1 ' fi V! U Y ,V 1 ff"'v?9'M' V. .. 4, .Ze , P+ , ,. Miiilfisi A ini? wif .i,r,,Ei i m 5 , liiii1 irirr z in ' ' ,, f.,f:f-fm r-,mf-1: ---:Q-me -:Wm if V -iwmf ' ig -Q,-5:5-gQg,., 5:3 . .x -, 55445, -. 5Qk5g1Qg,Q:5g1Q--.:!r-- ' - r, ff,-i"2f'Nfsxf2 .,.i Mn L I r . " -'-- 1 r - , Roy Hoza Don Maszle David Sninsky Bill Stasko Ironmen In Aciion A , Andrew Gorol The 1982 Boy's Tennis Team wasn't all winning, but the team proved to be strong and impressive. They have "nice styie" on the court, and we're proud of them. K i Roy Hoza "Maich Talkers" Kirk Morrison Winning Point if 5 John Pilot U Std Underclass Underclass Underclass If wwf? ' if We -aww M, M ,wgwg wr! W WWW MWEW ww W as W wfWwWWWM?r5W5? a rj,,fiN pw!! V? Z Wygfdqgmww W? ,nv M' 'fffffggitt -Zjfvffiwfty ffg M ff lndlvlduals Tffe Un- r ssmen Indlvlduallty e em s show th the wlllrngness to accept others ces not therr sr -f,ra"'ff5'W'f'5r-'W h of us flnd the 4 to Interact with others and let through We I o shy away from others because Af, nt but rather fB'learn from these differences Through all 'L 'fyiffjfy others we are able to maintain and often strengthen our H135 iffy? W?k n A an seam .35 315,35 rf 2325555 M ,un the courage to Q lthout ggllw ontrary wlthout rrnclependence 'W if llty that makes tt v that makes us gawlggfw at dang personalltl ge to awww pl,,,.,,. elves at pswtmiw, 'W Qgwwkdg fungi 5? Nw W -WWW W WMV' 'Qi f'2nw'H"' M WWE? , aigwwf' mt Mr WM, my 3? nl fi WMZ ww at w5 al l gr- fi , V ' WMM wr ' , jf ,V Vffi5z'Vl' "JV MQ.,- , l PX - V , g I ,V Af .' ' W AffkfVVt,f" ttff Vt r r r grg g Vg N ' W H: nfl Q' ' - ,' , V, VK Z is NX MV - , W- 1 V I.: Til ji ,,'- ,. " 411' 7 if fb- - , t Alf, wx kj' i, it QV, I f . ' , , , -,tu ft -VV - ' 7 fl " ' fl '1 , K ,, , V ,,t. - at tw , H 1 -- H r ,t -V . we -Vi H , , 5 ,ff ,,,, t r " r H- '- r't' A ,,,,.. 5 , , -- Wg , VSV Q.NVt VSAM , V V ,,,tt VI Wiv I ,Vg , ,, 4 5 V4 V . V H I VV I . I VV I ,fy ajgfu ' V A VN - 'I 'L lift- 5 H." for 5 fr-11" , 2 K ' I k . 7 W gr ,,,, . ff K H ' r , f - V frfs , ,, f . . . K . . . Q ri f e " . ,.L55"Uff'l t- , t ' ' f t"' . . . . , J- 1 12 1' ' ' Z M'-' ,' ,- .-.?' , .f - -" aa' .- - t 15 . w f ' :at-' . "aft rw, W4 . f WM' at r I ttfs H ,r l . ,542 "rr J ' . mf 'ZW ' WW . , "" " ' ff 'r'f t ,, 4' fx -V . 1 15,5 I rt? , .. ,' t J . ,.?ftf'2+"" " . ,. ,.-sr" ls ,,j.ff3fjfi5'tf ' r V ' "' -1 -,Lf .1 ,F - . r - f , , A ' ' ' ' V ,,, Vt I 5 M Akkr VV' V , ' f ' ' V-' ' ' .. a f t -ff 'im WW r r - t , , L t - f H , ,Vg ,,, ' ,E :s...u'. , V- - -V. 1 I f 'L 'V ' " '7 A .,,,, H L : ' , faggf' V L - an ' zfv ff , -' V f M ,.,t I , N- , ,--iff- . ' gm? W an-ith ' r 'M , - QW . L I-ii 4 t ' ' , i j 1 3-gv . , . I I I I r - V rf ,Z gl am 'T' , V , f Q .V c ssf- t M' 'V ' "asv" '7 5 . , t.'mW5 ' , " , - at- 5, ' ' , Y' Q-La K7 ' Lew' at WW f at V V f rr,t,r ,f 'JF ra, - .- ,V I f .. ,, , ,rg ' ' 'N , A , if ., K. ,t " . f f"' L ,. fr - G " -, - '-- V' V V V 5 V fff- s lit - or or - -: V , W ' - 5 '-" -4 I L H -- ,,f, ' ' V V r K " ,. , ' " .,- - V me r, g r L , ' ,,,, V - .. -it A -fteinfs' 5- ftf' ' V --sf - s fm -V MV - - ---- 1 i ig T. Cush ZZLIA P..Cutts L. Danis Denms ,eo A-Or ,Q It xr J? Y 5 W A I N3 , is Wa ? 1 .Q if ee. ...s -1 2 Y ,. I if in 'Q , ,K . ,.. J 'W 1 7 J ..:Lf-1 53 .f' ' ,, ,WF an ' Class of '85 Y. ,,,. 511' 1... .,, A,.. , I ' . f. ' A .iii f gzz , , I V 'V ? ,gn ff. ' -A .:vv-:' , ' , A , . W , A 1 zlf I A 'Q .4 f I Lv. if X 4 Av ,f i 5' Q4 x 2? ff ,wa f 1 , V, . Q ,, qi'-Q-1 4 ' ' M 5 W! 0 -Wx f-gg' M , i 3 . 3+ A' ' f .. .4 S ,A 40 iid. ' A -5 n e 45 3' ' 2' 'i 7, 1'-3 VX, "3 .f f f-'v: ,- ,V Q ..:V ' 3 -1 L i 'ffl ag iff' -' ," -as I M., ...a Ln! ., ,, W. AA X , ff I , A 'af -R , f U , - I ,K ,W 'f 3 'A . ' A"1 ' Lv- W.. .gf 1 . 41 1 n y. gf A X 4- X ,MW .f in ,Q ff . .. . I Q yy' ' N.. .4 V ' 4 3' A f Z ,, W, 4 f , 1 1 1 I an 1 Q .iff Ji max' , , . -Q. 2,19 X af .fl A, gg' w I f Y ft, f f+ ff 3 yo , . WW' fff- ' ,,.. iv H a 1 is I' 6' 1.1 ,M ' av A x im? ff 1 'lbf 3 .-,E ff LLLL - , ivy 1' 12 Mm V , 44 'za i Freshmen nv :W 3 , xl va' f 5 f Q 2' 1 0 w sf ,M , A ,,,,4h X y 3 it gk z. F In ga f W i 5 A X r 1 if YM , ei? ff 5 1 K rw g 5' W W El VW ly ..,,, i f M, X fr .11 .Ei 'if , W, f,,A!,,, 'R Q if fig? 1 1, gk J 3' , ,Q ,Lg w w 1 71 , f If 4 k ,,,,,. , was I 'H Gi ,cf fwdv 1 bu 7 G x 5ii?m I V MZ I 4 W1 r -1:34999 as, L. Kmetz L. Knight J. Kolesar L. Kondas J. Kontra S. Kontra S. Kozak B. Lagon T. Lakatos J. Lally Fl. Laychak R. Le J. Lenkner C. Leskanic C. Link R. Lorenz K. Lucas D. Mackson K. Majernlk T. Malloy L. Mandzak T. Martinez D. McClosky J. McDonough J. McEnl'1eimer M. McEnheimer J. McKinney C. Mihalott W. Milko D. Mozick G Nardozzo A Nassar D. Natcher J. Nelms C. Nicholson J. O'Leary J. Olesnevich D. Olsavsky T. Olszewski D. Ondrako G Orluk B. Page B. Pallot A Patterson B. Pawlowski R. Penn A. Perry H. Piclo J. Pilot T. Pinkerton S. Pisaroik M. Popik N. Potenziani K. Potter T. Povazin M. Pruitt Freshmen ' . iii l lr . . M. VVVV 3 M f EV M .. i J ii J Q N l i if . f Q' r '71 5 an Wflrrp at !5k J ,M i fm 2 496 A l .,,"f'f- 'Tux' A . Z 3 i ,wil an-3 . . N719 Q2 fx gh X J ga il 'T ,K D as M A A Jfv H' iv 19 A 7 4. it rm . T151 4' . fi" 1 ,- " ... V .Wil a Q5 lf" ' "'F 'H ' .i ' 19 W . 3 G We '? . -f .. :M-5 , A :H h . ,,,,.. , , ' x 1 105 'T' A ., Y f it I H... 31" 4 K ww at Q Q H 1 fda . f. .. ' M V M .,,, ... . , r i Q Y. X f'i' ..VVVV A .. i m r '74 ' -, 'vrv ,W , uv 3 - - V. Z. .. ff , ,ff . .,,,VV 3.337 Freshmen Av an My f X gk x 'B ' '- 4-'fe U r 2. W 'Y S 5 4 A-1 VW , I J f-1 1 1 1 M -,Q if 4? Q N I wh MEX ' , 1' fl ff X f fr 1 I "I V-4 4 5 7 QW 'V 2 . rr,,.i '3 , 1 A " I r .. X... f .. . 'W' eff - f I V . ,AA,, 5 N, ,ll ,fr Ailk 4 ,I - V .. iff? Z " 97' rt' 2 J'i -' ' ,J V if W... . ci.. M-1 f f', ' ,T : Wx R A I-1 "" 4- a i f Q..." ,, ' T 1 at I., T i 1, ,K 1 .. fm ' ,. .,,,f:' . .. ...ew -LE.-my? If . ,L af .4 ,i , T 6. A A VV. T' T If . .,:' ' . 7, V: .'if X 4' ,Z-we A99 QW 4,, 5. W M? , J, 1' f , S. Pusatere C. Ragan G. Reid L. Reid L. Rice S. Rice J. Ringeison C. Roberts D. Robinson T. Robson D. Rozier T. Ruggieri D. Ruth D. Salter K. Scheetz D. Scotillo S. Scott R. Sczcepankowski C. Seckel R. Semenko R. Sharp S. Sherlock C. Short V. Sizemore J. Skillpa T. Slekar M. Smoley D. Stanhoff S. Stewart D. Strobel S. Suto V. Szerbin J. Tarasevich M. Tarr W. Taylor B. Terrick D. Terrick L. Theofiledes R. Tisza D. Titmus C. Toczek S. Tomer S. Tomko R. Trautrnan L. Trent J. Trygar C, Tucker E. Tuttle D. Urban L. Vahosky M. Vandergraft K. Veze R. Votedian L. Walczak M. Walters D. Weaver 104 i Freshmen ifreshman - a first year student in high schooll D. Weems W. Weinberg . 11. V B. Wellman 1, E. Wetzel ' - ,V C. Welsh iii K. White 4, tl. I Y e .-.V Mr. Zecca shows how it's done. B. Wiehagen T. Williams K. Wrobel C. Youngblood A. Zakis This looks like an enjoyable class with Mr, Izydore. M. Zimmerman Class of '84 sophomore - a student in the second year of high school. wmv Typing is my speciality! S o P h o This is fun! r e S ve!!f' Genius at work! 43 in L,l Aber Rr . Abe! errllr R, Abraham E. Agardy R. Albert ' K. Alexander K. Alien S. Allen A. Andrews P. Argyle C. Ashoff G. Bair M. Balcer Bennett J. K. Burns P. Butler P. Byrnes L Cannon .3L...Qarter P K. flasamento Qenname VB. Cghamberlain fK."lCiheslock 5 ' ' Vi a B. lcmismef K. Chismar, L. Clbula S. Cloherty ' L. Close W. Clydesdale Sophomores fejf Ia H ' I 5 A . ll? 7 FV? V ' .HQ 2, , ,,,,. 5 ,, 7, V Y -a -1. A -is ,. 3 -IH ,fl I in ' ' A , lv fm Sf M if l Picfure Noll Available 'Wlv 4 is , ,.-an 9 av P . lx ,X l . 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Ivaska K. lzydore M. Jamison C. Jasko B. Jeffery L. Johnston L. Jones C. Judge T. Kallay W. Kalupanov L. Kasiorek K. Kasko K. Kearns R. Keebler L. Keener T. Kelley S. Korekoff K. Kost J. Kostrub D. Kubick J. Labryer D. Lagon E. Langan M. LaFloche Qophomores A-6 'ff ,w...,.. wi: ,, 9 I " ' ,f f f W L 41 Wg, f AAAJ: f. wer I We - , ...H f f J I :U4 r 1 Af. A. . I .O f Liv W. ' . A .V . J Ag. fwlfjif' ..,V L Q Piclure Noi Available Pxciure o Avarlable . ni.. rf 'GS' ra- 5 -r RL. 1... . W Q, 'W L fl' 55:2 Pr cfure Nor Avarla ble I 'W--fl' Qophomores Picture MW? Noi' Available 9 v . '42 vu. 1.4. "jg ' 53?-f Q 'H J Aii' ii rm . Z V .Q ., ' 41 - t if . I 'T 'J' ' ' 12, . KW ,,,, lv W I' IVIV f . . is All .X rf fl Picture Noi' Available AL f Picture! 1 Noi Available JAA Picinre NO'l' Id Available 2 if A f -.Q A 'llll . R 3 . . A All . X if fy A 'Q' 9? 4-3 , W 'v--gy 'Q' l l l X l Picture Available ' 1 '53 4 ff M... f 'QL A 4' f X If Picture 'Noi V' Available Picture Not Available 4 ffl. f ,Maw f, jay .W 1 ,gel M"W""' aff' 7. . , -0? . " 11 'ab' l 1 . H C Lord M. Lucas R. Lucas L. Luczak R. Lunz Fl. MacBeth S. MacLeod A Majernik M. Marchilena K. Marino A Martin D. Martin T. Martin M. Matta J. May R. McCollum M. McConnell J. McCutcheon P. McDermott J. McDonald W. McDonald J. McRae A Melocchi D. Mikula R. Minor M. Mltro B. Modzelewski L. Monkelis L. Mooney D. Morrison B. Motley D. Moxon T. Nee J. Noroski Ft. Novotny D. O'Leary D. Olesnevlch D. Olesnevich D. Olson D. Orrliatek W. Ondrako M Orosz Fl. Osinski O'TooIe Owens Pacelli Paul Pavasko Peart Pfirrmann Phenizy Phillips Pido Piscitelli Pratt Pohuly Povazan Pratt J. Price Quinlan Ramsey Randolph Reardon Recktosh Regets Reed Reed Riley Ripper Rock ROQY Roman Rusnak Ruyechan Salay Satterlee Schamus Scott W Scott Seckel Seiss G Senich Siyufy Slava M Slekar 'R Sophomores Picture Not Available Picture Not Available Picture Not Available Sophomores mu. .. fi Q 'll Pic+ure . A ....,,. N01 "" L l Available Q . ,A-A L A Plclure Nor Available an-if Plclure l Noi Available Piclure Nor Available We N ,R Y it iq, 3 ff MJ 9 S .. - N' 1 Plclure .LL Pic-lure ,P V NO? I Nor lAA A Available ' .. ' ll- S Alldilable l F K C D . Smecker . Smetana . Sprumont M. Slanchak W. Stasko S . Stefanakis W. Stevens T. Stewart Fl . SUODEBI A. Stupar L S R C C S K , Susko . Swinkle . Taylor . Thomas . Trickle . Turner . Tyler M. Vandergraft Fl. Veltre M Vernon T. Vlgna D F-l K A. E C. H. D. A. . Vincevicn Volpe Votedian Walczak Wehrer Weir Welsh Westbrooks L. Wolfe D. Womack F. Yackovlch K. Yanosko J. D. Fl. Yenchik Youngblood Yuhasz SGPHOMGRES Q Juniors . Argardy Allen Allen . Allen Anderson . Andrews , Andrews . Argyle . Arovits J. Ascencio , Asmonga Baker J. Bartek Beam fa new 4 157 X ' 'x 5 fri- 55' .M 'W ,ff -B 1. , if YW R 60 ..-MQ, .M rr .1 new f lm Huff , , P rw , ff l I A-da 1 wr 1 'K B, .Q E I 5 rf f w, 4. A, K K ral 'WV 0 4 Av - I ' A :. , i M , V . ,,." ,fm , A , J X fl ' rr r r Nz af irr + if f rrrr r A lx l'r2 l f X rf,r,rf, A. in 'V -...jf wi r d W, as VV f f -r' l , A ' .nl 'V if 1 , I L X ' Eff if 1 I 2 Juniors K. W. v - gl I L .QA -was Q- 5- . ..a ,S x':" AAIA -LL. Q I A an g my -di cd 'ia' M05 'P' fx If .qi 'Q X 6' Q 1 ' Q , A 'ffimfs 9 lk ,xiii if V? dr ., 5 Q. 9 -:E .:,: .. :5':'5E? v.. fzi' ' 1 . 1 "har 'sv ii A L sv AQ! yu .Q n ug, 1 K A I T65 if 'SP' is Q 5 5, Sw 2 Nw 'Q . 5? x 5, N ' N. N, Y .2 'gg- 5 Q . I Q ml m. ,. , D. Judy mm" 1 kg fn ' , .Q-3. ' ,.., 'Q' TF' ,K QRS . :,. - Z' , ,W is sv Mm xv . Q 5 K 4 L. Lenkner J. Luft M. Lukas P. Majkut D. Maiorsky E. Marczinko M. Marrone M. Marsh D. Martin C. Mason L. Matthews K. Mattiko J. McCrae L. McDonough M. McDonough D. McLaughlin K. Mihaicin M. Mikula M. Miles E. Miller K. Miller J. Molnar K. Monaghan L. Mondock T. Moody R. Moore D. Morrow E. Morrisey T. Mrazik Fi. Mroz S. Murzyn J. Niber T. Naulty T. Noroski D. Novak T. Olson P. O'TooIe L. Palumbo V. Pasterik D. Patsen J. Paui F. Oleksiak M. Pavasko S. Pawlik J. Pearson A. Peart S. Penn G. Pesyna D. Pfeiffer C. Pratt C. Fiahuba L. Ramsey D. Reed J. Reid D. Ribio D. Rock rv 454 f 1 '40 4. Q9 fr Juniors Hb M wr . ' I N' Q2 . V.. .Q mmf .gif '. M 1' M ,-F. ,,., . . 1+ ,f ' . man' f 0 nu 1 f , 5 i Q , 3 . 443 v Picfure Noi' Available 4 ft. 4 A i fly, . ., 07 Q . X C., . ru if W Q fu, K wma 4 i A 122 , J I . W 1 .fl ll ,gl - i . ,M 0. if .- ' '- ...W l j., I ,gk .. X If ff. W. 3:1 ,a -' as ' 'fi 7. ii .. . . . . . ,... ff 7 ' .' N ' 'f f 'Z If AUM" V ffrfv' 'A 5. A 'V 3 3 . I 4 . .,. . "r- My . .. .4 ff ...W . . Maw- 0 4 . ,517 .. " f V-M -----'-4 Juniors 1 'V Z 'iv f ., .gf W ff f Q - 5 ,,,,, M? f- f 6 4423 .,v. 4 fl! IA . lf' W.-4' f .W W . , ' I mf Q " '2- 'Zan .- Q 42... a 'gn '13 'gk if f ig 4- V .W . . if . .Lt fl . '79 l VV, r ? . 5 ' T lls "T V ":A ' M- , : V, . . A ,H 1 I f . K f L? V K " .. - ' N "A' A.-if .. , , QQ M' 42 fw M. Rogers D. Rojtas K. Rollins M. Ruder Fl. Ruffing T. Ruggieri M. Ruth J. Schuster J. Schweinburg S. Seifried J. Sharp M. Sharpe S. Sherlock D. Shimrook K. Shuba P. Shuga E. Slava C. Slekar R. Slinchok R. Snlnsky M. Solomon J. Spade . L. Spearman D. Spirnak C. Stahura D. Stevens R. Sugar C. Suto M. Tarr C. Terrick J. Theofiledes M. Thomas C. Thompson V. Thompson L. Tichon R. Titmus W. Toczek D. Todd L. Tucker K. Tush D. Tutera E. Varhola . Vavrek . Vehec Veney . Vernon Vlrostek Vlasnc Walendzlewicz Walters I Walters E Wellman C WEsIey Whlte E Wllllams 7. f D ji ,Anz a : 'f Y 1. m VV f' V Alvl V MANVV .V .L V D. . J J f lu . . R. J ' ' , :EE V - . E J. ' ........ ..... of of lll 'T A ' T . fr MQ.. A- . f .I . V- Szgyyy L 3 ,,.. "'A: I :VS ' 9? N M , f, J. Wayne n lvrrz f T 4. .. ' J T 5' 1 ' ' ' . . ,. -' " f"'l - j 1" '.lIfn ."f' "" , 1 ' . . V " i f . VV.. V , jp V. T. JJ r J on . no f S ' 'mm A 'K Wi ' .,f.: K yunnorif junior - a student in the . . . Fi. Wrngerson thlrd-year class of a hlgh D, Wooddy A M A ,4 . 59' School. C. Woolaghan f an H3 W D. Young M7 , ,Q E. Zortea 'Wi 'X f' mat Junior Class Officers: Pres. B. Brody, V.P. C. Kontos, Sec. D. Martin, Treas. K. Fedigan A Wish it was 3: 10! SchooI's out! 65 words a minute - no errors. Wx , .- 2 L: Favorite time - Lunch Starting the day with a smile! 116 K.. PG my-5. f i f x . 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Bor- Brugos, "Snowball Dance," 1981 iors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors ,Karen peferaon puffing' ,tjflomai nleraon ye!!-ey may pheifnvr S S e S e n n i i o o r 1-NS 1 r ' in : H S ii M" S Agfa fm., Jani, Q40 islam, mir, ,fem 5. fam, WW, M 10,4 Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Senior r Cillrhfolllzer pace Sudan Jynne med -jcmger-fy Jann ana Q f S Q i i 0 , h O I' I' S S WML .xdfhaan alpine pogerl RIMA R41 W W, , 4 09 W fn- J' , K A M ,, Ao!!! .,4nn jerri 7445049 IQUAQ5 marie ,Qc w-A 9 y 9 eniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors . Senior Class Officers: T. Wallace, V.P., T. Strish, President, L. Meszar, Secretary, B. Borsos, Treasurer .!GnnefA ,Quang Donna marie pualer EaymonJ pufhng Warie 3aLo! W4 47? 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S S e e n n i i o o r r s s Evnnii Wmamj gric Lbuane Wfhami Jamie :beneen 'uAfAamJ .Sizima Ja Mme mfhami j7AomuJ ,MAnIw-.1 Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors .ax Nye Nuys-Ni' Wham MAnlruLu .gizeri lynn wooddy 7mcLae!J4nJrew yan fQh... Ak 'R grelu jour: .zrhnalvy g,.,i..,,. y. z.,,.,,m ma Q f- . Camera Shy Seniors: Sean F. Fite . Richard Fleming John Gamrat S E 5 4 S S ' Is that Sheryl Hamiil on her knees? Seniors Ronald E. Mooney, Jr. Zupefr ActivitiesActivities-,ActivitiesActivitiesActivities The years of high school are overflowing with good times and memories. As time goes by, we will pause to remember events, activities, and the peg that helped to make these years especially memorable. to As we go our separat wayg, the bonds of mem so tightly formed here vllgaciiih with time, but will never be completely broken. a 3 1 g sf' 9 lf i 5 i 5 i 3 ,i- l 1 if Q. gt ff It X, snr Senior Recognition is a day to honor all "senior" football players, cheerleaders, band members, majorettes, flag girls, color guard members, and rifle drill team members, and their parents. This event recognizes the dedication and long hours of practice each of these seniors had. They certainly have a lot to be proud of. CONGRATULATIONS! November 7, 1981 Denise Lucas, with her parents, is very happy! A n A LC: t t -4 Q btw is fi it vt 4 x li' 93 me a ,f 5. 1 ,sw we VV i i 7' T 'f H Margie's anxious to get her jacket! 150 A "memorable" moment tor Terri. A special moment for Greg and Mom tif ! lr it to mfg f , f T T ,:,t K7 X455 g is " f' -' 'six is s,,,s ' tttw sig ft f A Shirley walks proudly across the field with Mom. K A A isa Bruno, Senior, and president of Band Council, marches proudly for the :st game. E! Y 9enior9 e n i Q L, , ,e:, . - 0 4 ii s l 'il . " . " ' S H? i s, -' ref ereu eeeee I he ,i t .' ..,. .. Jeff, with his parents has a lot to be proud of! .HM 11.1 Two very pretty "gals", Lisa and her Mom. use jyy lx f ,1 1 V 1- -n ' th nb dn Happy moments of this day are mixed with some feelings 0. sa..ness too. Pa.ti, nelly, Diana, and Elaine will miss e an days. if w ,-3. M il 152 Band Festival ,e The Steel Valley Band Festival was held Sept. 13, 1981. Visiting bands includedg Boyle, Carlyton, Carrick, Montour, S. Allegheny, South Park, W. M. South, and special guests, the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team. 93?-7' The STESI Valley M8l'Chlf'lQ Bafid Carolyn accepts award from N Qi, ,mx af. 5, , ,Ek ms. W or MN, f ,S EL. S.V. performs proudly. "Passing in review." Slage Band Concerl il 184 WOW! What "class" Steel Valley has! GS r These are the "prose" X ew? -40 Drummers! Donkey Basketball is one of the funniest events at S.V. High School. The Student Government sponsors this and its members and teachers participate. Everyone involved including spectators have a "good laugh." April 14, 1982 A good shot! Waiting to get in the game Ahh, l've grown to like you. I . I ls Greg talking to a donkey? 2 Now here's how to handle the donkeys. f E YK Yiixxhhi if f 1 QF L, ' WZ 3 .12 A? SQ R f Com 2. Lights, Cameras. Action . . . Breaking Away with a Play . . . This young group talented S.V. students, under the direction of Mr. Thon Fisher, did a lot of hard work to make Opening Night a s cess!!! The play "Off the Track" was portrayed April 7, 15 at the Steel Valley High School auditorium. Russ Marsh - Mr. Pozenby and Sharon Grib - Mrs. Morgan are shown do- ing a scene. Row 1: Sharon Grib, Keith Owens, Russ Marsh, Chris Allen. Flow 2: Lisa Kondas, Diana Cutler, Diane Hosler, Lisa Bruno. Row 3: Elaine Venable, Patty Huber, Mark Kasiorek, Tim Ban, Kelly Schneider. 156 Swearing in the witness!!! Mr. Fisher helping the cast with make-up!!! we I S ll , Aglv Aren't they just beautilul'?'?? Diane Hosler - Mrs. Guarino and Mark Kasiorek as a slick college guy nam- aine Venable Eva Bumpass and Kelly Schneider as Miss Pidgie. ed Bill. if Xu M1 Looking on with much enthusiasm are the College gms and Antonia' Reading a good fairy tale tothe children . . . Family Life with Donald Duck!!! Hey, Eva, come on! There's the college girls again! 157 Hear ye!! Hear ye!! Judge Morgan is on the scene!!! And that's entertainment for Steel Valley High for 1982!!! Look out Hollywood and Broadway. . . Stars are born in this small steel area! Can you believe it? Talent even lurks here!!! If you did not attend the show, you missed a treat and if you did, you got a few good Chuckles!!! f 1 lil fx' How about a little drink?? Now let's see about that blush! Would you call this "relaxing'?!" 158 The Band Goes io Florida Hope we didn t forget anything! Sunday morning May 2nd. X 'swxeu 5, X XXX y The day we marched. Performing! mn 3-.nn N -,-f ---1... me-A.,.ww V W.. . ,....1... L...-:SA ff STEEL VALLEY Marching BAND IN FLORIDA! 1 The Band was again chosen to march at "Disneyland" in Florida. They displayed amazing marching talent and were very well received. The success of the band can be attributed to the long hours of practice. During these practices, feelings of cooperation, respect, and self-discipline develop between the band members, which aid in making for an "exciting" marching show. Being in the band is more than just field performance . . . when practice is over, there's time for warm friendships and good times. Everyone enjoyed the entire trip, including some of the "Band Parents" members. May 2nd-7th, 1982 Kd' Here's to you! Kwr-"'hUr flwx Happiness is. . . A Florida Trip! Mr Tremblay trying to get in on a hug "Lisa" The Pride ofSV shrnesthrough 160 ..., f"""'-'G Lim 'YI -4 M iam. .Sl-lpn-kg M25 XX E Florida Fun Ah, Pluto, you're so cute! ff' S l ,M - AEAQM Let's rest a while. i., ' . Qr L. l if E 'fi 'S iiie 1 Lev X ' im J fc.. ,ps A couple of "Mouseketeers" K The "best" of times. Sightseeing and "souvenir" shopping uisifmf MLW 'P u VA my W , ' 1 1 x M.,ui I BRAVO! STEEL VALLEY BAND! Breaking Awag tothe 1982 Prom Y' The Kissing King and Queen: Keith Tuttle and his date stop to get their favors. ? PARTY TIME. . . Get down and Jam, S.V.!!! T it 7 Y. , K Y R These couples look as it they would last . . . Has anyone seen our dates? ALWAYS and FOREVER!!! 162 'fi' sf, 1 Ns a Mir: .vat Aren't they just darlings? Here goes escort! ,T HIE tv --ww 1 I Ai me 5 a "together" couple, Terri Hayes a ww! ' I K l J JNL' is i 'Z t if fx "k' l um - wfyw. 2 Alwags Each moment with you was just like a dream to me that somehow came true, on May 15, 1982. Well, now its tomorrow and the glitter and glamour is gone, but the Class of '82 will still have memories that will live on. .4-sf' IQ' l Forever We danced at the Duquesne Student Ballroom and gambled in the S.V. Gym, but the whole night would not have been if it was not for that special her or him!!! Q!! W IBS: f X i ll Karen Meszar and her crew worked hard to make May 15 a night that would last "Always and Forever." Gel-ling It All Together fi ff.,- . ,w 1 ' re "' . tm W -- ,, 'aww' A ...,, ' f -- K sf if-'Nm -0--...., r ' After long hours and grouohy members, the l Steel Valley High School i Gym was changed into a i delightful Casino. GOOD JOB, S.V.!!! 2 Q, y y I gf f ' o if QQ .f-Q""n,,k ff I3 , , , H SENIOR RECEPTION "STEEL VALLEY" ffi if gg 5 - :ice STARS OF 82 June 4, 1982 6 5 L L, , It 'X ii, E 3 Q 52 Q2 f 1 Sitting out this dance and enjoying each other's company. Having a "good time" . x E, ,, I VA f if 5' "Buddies" Forever! . . then he blew in my ear!" "I hope everyone used their Right Guard! .N ,ff A M v 1' "PLEASE dance with me!" Now, Iet's find some tall girls!! We'II see how "bad" he is when I drop "QKvWhOpU1theiCed0Wn my baCk?g" him! This certainly was a "night to remember." We all had a good time, and hated to see the night come to an end. "If the worId's a vale of tears, SMILE, till RAINBOWS span it!" wx., " ' m "HEADLINES: Area janitors find new way to clean floors!" I l Senior Awards. Class of '82 "Senior Awards Assembly" Don Abraham Memorial Scholarship Don Maszle Society of Women Engineers Tammy Smecker June 4, 1982 This is always a highlight of the final week of school. Students are honored for "outstanding" achievement. X-I i i t f li l llll l it A South Pittsburgh Medical Associates Scholarship Tammy Smecker and Mary Frances Hood ' Homestead Lions Memorial Tammy Smecker and Don Maszle Bausch and Lomb Award - Don Maszle 167 Senior Awards Q XX li l if , H2 I , W J M ' if 1 f Charlton Award Key Club Award PTO Awards Terri Strish Deborah Hoe Babette Butler and Carolyn Slater 1. 5 'Q Director's Award - Lisa Bruno Scholar-Athlete Award John Phillip Sousa Award - Russell Marsh Tammy Smecker and Don Maszle E E 5 5 Q 168 Gold Steel Valley Awards Carolyn Mancinelli, Sharon Grib, Babette Butler, Terri Strish l . .,., ,. ,. Ml IXA XXV! Westinghouse Awards Kathy Kost and Tammy Smecker is-,- Interboro College Club Award Diane Schneider SVEA Scholarship Award Louis Armstrong Award Tammy Smecker Eugene Stewart Qenior Awards I , WF,,,M Journalist Award Babette Butler National Merit Choral Award Deborah Hoe , l What is a Senior??'? A senior is A senior is A senior is. . . A senior is. . . A senior is. . . A senior is. . . A senior is. . . 170 someone who knows how to cut class and not get caught. someone who the lower classmen look to for guidance. someone with the worst worn out gym clothes. r someone who knows not to eat the cafeteria food. the most well-liked when they get the family car. someone who would never bring books to studyhall. the result of years of hard work and making their way to the real world A v X w RH X41 Graduaiion June 8, 1982 Excited and proud! Siffi Mi iii! :aim Tammy Smecker, Academic Address i Ready to begin . . . Graduation night has finally arrived. ii program. CLASS OF 1982 izgiglgsslater' Business Terri Strisn, Class President Margie and Carolyn arereadyto go! Russ and friends looking over commenc Siiii liiiii iiiii Simi Denise Kmetz Vo Te iiiii ililii Hi SEM A "hearty" handshake from Mr. Kosko and Mr. Supak, principal of the Senior l-LS. At last! Igot my diploma! .xii- i 12 .. ,Q , E Happy Seniors! We did in Nt XHYU xi lt's time to leave . . . Our beginning is coming to a close and so we look toward tomorrow. . . We gained new friends, confidence in ourselves, and a "special" feeling which can- not be defined by words. . . Steel Valley, you're HSOMEPLACE SPECIAL" Nw- . ' ' . f i . I .... t . . -t i ,,,,, K K P ' 1 its r i 4 . , li f V - ' W " . -r.. , - Q .:. , . t.. ,, .. k , t , X I A-.. wil' " A WHO'9 WHO IN '82 ""' Name, Nickname, All activities participated in, Future plans, Most memorable moment isj in senior year. Adams, Christine L.: Ski Club, Prom Committee, Rifle Drill Manager: To at- tend Penn State and major in Accounting: Senior Cut Day. Alexandrolf, Lisa: Prom Committee, Senior Secretary: To get a well paying job and travel around the world and meet different people: Being with Heather and being crazy while doing wild things in a certain place. Allen, Jonathan: Marines. Ashoff, Miriam: F,N.A., Swim Team: I plan to extend my education in Nursing and become a surgical nurse: Graduation. Atkinson, Bob: Ackey: Wrestling: Work: The day I Graduate. Baginski, Rita Anne: Faculty Secretary, Prom!After Prom Committee: I plan to go to business school and hopefully get a good job: Graduation. Ban, Timothy: Jules: Band, Stage Band, School Play: College and then a good paying job. Barry, Maureen J.: Mo: Tennis Team, Girls Basketball, Latin Club, Swim Team, Band, Home Room Representative, Ski Club iV.P.j, SCVT Deca Present.: My future plans are getting an Associate Degree in B.A. - minor in Retail Management, and to own and operate my own retail business. Batts, Kimberly: Kim B.: I would like to take a 2 year course at CCAC to bet- ter my education skill in Micro Computer, then on to Arizona State. After all my schooling I plan to get a decent job in the computer field and also raise a family: Graduation, Being able to walk, Getting my Diploma, Tonisha, Going to CCAC, Senior Skip Day, Mr. Bades 4th period, Hanging in the hall with Fel., Mr. Adams Lunch AiB, Stubborn Taurus. Bender, Jacqueline: Jackie: Law Club. Bicsey, Mary Lynn: Mar: Senior Secretary, PromiAfter Prom Committee: To get a good secretarial job and continue my education in Business Ad- ministration with night school: Christmas was the most memorable mo- ment of my senior year. Birkhamer, Tammy: Choir, Jazz Pop, Key Club: To go to College: Graduation. Blocher, Kathryn M.: Kitty: Prom Committee, Law Club, Matmaids: After I go to College at Arizona State for tour years, I plan to become a pre-school teacher of my own school: Going to High School and College at the same time. Burwill, Tammee: Tam B.: Cheerleading, Senior Secretary, Office Helper: Get a job, if no job, Business school: When the basketball team made the playoffs. Bissell, Keith: Biss: Football: To work for the Boro or to goto school. Borsos, Beverly: Bev: Band iCo-Capt. of Majorettesj, FNA, Prom Commit- tee, Jr.iSr. Class Officer fSecretaryj, Yearbook: College: Homecoming, going to Florida with the band. Bradley, Dana Lyn: Prom Committee, Ski Club: To attend Penn State iBehrendj for four years in the Computer Science Major. Brugos, Cheri: Yearbook, Prom Committee, Senior Secretary, Leaders Club, Capt. of Rifle Drill Team, FNA: I plan to attend West Virginia University in the fall and hope to become a Physical Therapist: Senior Skip Day, the corner. Bruno, Lisa Ann: Class Play, Prom and After Prom Committee, Band iPresi- dentj , Signet Sorority: Go to Bradford School and major in the Accoun- ting Field. After I have a good job and settle down and have a fan Mostly everything sticks in my mind and going to Florida with the ba Graduation. Bubel, Bill: Bubs: Senior Cut Day, Buday, Debbie A.: Art Honor Society, National Honor Society: I plar move on to College and study Art. Butko, George M.: Varsity Club, Baseball Team, Rifle Team. Butler, Babette: Newspaper, Yearbook, Student Government, Art C Manager of Softball Team, Varsity Club: To own my own Interior Dee Shop in a prospering city: Playing in the Annual Donkey Basketball gan Byrnes, Russel William: Varsity Club, Baseball, JCL: College. Caruso, Denise: Prom Committee, Homecoming: l plan to attl Washington and Jefferson College and major in Chemistry: Senior Day, Graduation. Catena, Dan: Volleyball: Attend Edinboro State College: Mastering STALL in Vettel's Class and being the master of the SHAM. Cerda, James: Chico: Aviation Tech School: Join the Navy: Graduation. Cherpak, Mark: Cherp: Basketball, Baseball, Football: College. I Cibula, Christopher: Paramedic Firefighter, Bricklayer. Cloherty, Chris: Senior Secretaries: To get a secretarial job. ' Close, Ken: Ski Club, Tennis: To attend Pitt as a Pre-Dental Student. Coles, Kathleen Marie: Co-Capt. of the Rifle Drill Team, Prom Committe have been accepted at the Art Institute and after that I plan to have own business in the Art field: Prom, Going to Florida with the ba Graduation. Cosgrove, Diane: To get married. Cosgrove, Kim: Senior Secretary, Who's Who, N.H.S.: To work af StenoiClerical secretary or to be trained in the word processing fir Senior Cut Day. Cush, James: Wrestling, Baseball. Despot, Laura: Prom Committee, Choir, Jazz-Pop Choir: Attend Compu Tech. Destout, Marc A.: Varsity Club, Soccer: Going to the Marine Corps. DeTilIo, John Scott: Scott: Weight-lifting, Baseball, College. Dietzen, Maureen A.: Maur: Art Club, Leaders Club, Senior Sec., Rifle Tea PromiAfter Prom Committee, Students Graphics Club, Who's W Signet Sorority: Secretarial job: Christmas Vacation. DiRocco, Judy: Co-Capt. Swim Team, Golf Team, Prom Committee, l Club: I plan to attend John Hopkins University and major in Biochem Engineering: Graduation. Dobnak, Richard S.: "Weave": Goto Technical School: Last day of schoc Dorko, Cindy: Band: I plan to go to college to become a Nursery Sch Teacher: Senior Cut Day. Dorney, Michelle L.: "Shellbe": Ski Club: Donkey Basketball. Dreshman, Janice., "J.D.", Pres. of the Law Club, Wrote for school newspaper, "The lronical", was picked by superintendent to write for, "The Valley Mirror", to attend Slippery Rock College and major in English lJournalismj and Communications, Being in Miss Long's 4th period Adult Roles and Functions Class and being suspended with Kitty Blocker and Cheryl Leeche. Duffett, Vickie, "DUFF", Ski Club, To attend College. Jutrieuille, Darla Lynn, Dar, Working and traveling, To get married. Dzurikanin, Diane, Band, Attend Edinboro College, Being allowed to do anything lwant. Eicholz, John Robert, Mad Jack, Ski Club, Diesel Engineer Technician, To succeed in life, To get out of school. felder, Vince, Little Fel, Football, Basketball, To attend St. Paul's College in Va. and study the Liberal Arts. fetsko, David, Rifle Team, Goto Penn Tech. for Welding. fischer, David, Fish, Technical School, June 8th. fite, Sean, River, Football, Baseball, Wo-Son Hockey Team, Make some money and get a good job, A field parties in the snow, Painting over faces for North Hoop game. flaherty, Kathleen M., Kathy, Swim Team, Varsity Club, To attend Fairmont College at West Va. and get a degree in Accounting, Swim on the college team, Alter college get married and have children, Graduation. fleming, Richard, Sarge, Go to trade school. fodor, Catherine, Cathy, To attend college for Nursing. 'onos, Richard M., Pursue a career in electricity. ford, Dolores Lynne, Dee Dee, Leaders Club, To go to a two year course at Mercy Hospital for clinical work to be a Nurse, Senior Skip Day. 'uIIard, Christine M., Chris, Senior Secretary, Mat Maid, Prom Committee, Become a secretary, get married and live happily ever after, Prom, Senior Reception, Graduation. 'unk, Gregory, Greg, To become a Film maker. iamrat, John, Graduation. Bannon, Mary C., Ski Club, Vo-Tech, I plan to go on to some type of school- ing in the secretarial field, Homecoming. lates, Jill, To be an Airline Hostess. ietsy, Margie, Madge, Rifle Drill Team, Prom Committee, Matmaids, Year- book staff, To attend Robert Morris College at Moon Twp., Decorating my car for Homecoming with Carolyn, and Florida Trip!! iiel, Michael John, Bert, Volleyball, To become an Aviation Technician, Beating Derry Area Volleyball Team. iilgovan, Lucia Ann, Lu, Prom Committee, Senior Secretary, Leaders Club, Homecoming, Office Helper, Executive Secretary, Decorating the car the night before Homecoming. ioral, Andrew J., Andy, Football, Tennis, Varsity Club, College, Beating North in Football. tray, Debra A., Debbie, Prom Committee, Senior Sec., Matmaids, Ski Club, To goto college for Business, Senior Cut Day. irib, Sharon Lee, Tony, Art Club, N.H.S., Student Graphics, Prom Commit- tee, Society to restore culture to S.V., To attend Art Institute for 2 years, and then enter CMU and get a degree in Drama and move to New York or California, Homecoming, Senior Skip Day, Sabe's Party, Graduation. irimm, Morgan, To go to the Air Force. .- Q X 191' Q f QV' ,115 ,. vi ' X In '10 ' F' ?ffif'2i" Hagmaier, Shirley, Prom Committee, Rifle Drill Team, Pres. of the Matmaids, Vice Pres. of FBLA, Yearbook, I plan to go to Robert Morris College for 2 years to major in word processing, All the good times with my friends dur- ing all the Senior Activities. Hahner, Thomas, Tom, I plan to attend Pitt, Senior Cut Day. Hamill, Sheryl Ann, Chuckie, Art Club, Yearbook, Newspaper, Prom Com- mittee, N.H.S., Student Graphics, To go to College to major in Broad- casting!Communications, Meeting my boyfriend, Dale, "Homecoming," Senior Skip Day and Sabe's party, Graduation. Hartley, Megan, Band, To attend Penn State and major in Journalism, Graduation. Hartnett, John, Hart, Football, I plan to attend college and become a Draftsman, Graduation. Hartsell, Marshall J., Marsh, Band, Wrestling, Choir, Jazz-Pop Choir, I plan to become a professional Rock-Jazz Drummer, Playing in front of an audience. Hayes, Terri, Prom Committee, Cheerleading, Yearbook, Student Govern- ment, Art Club, Homecoming, I plan to attend college, Homecoming, Graduation, "Cheering at Games." Haythorn, Russ, Bear, Golf, Volleyball, To go to college, Cutting grass, get- ting married, meeting "Diana," Hill, Jeff, "Hillman", When I get my "diploma" . . . Hoang, Dat, Ringo and Chris, To go to Penn State and study something important. Hoe, Deb, "Carmen", Concert Choir, Key Club tPres.j, FNA tHistorianj, FTA, N.H.S., Prom Committee, Drama Club, Plan to attend Carlow Col- lege and major in Music Performance, then goto Julliard, I hope to some- day sing at the "Met" and make a career as an Opera Singer, Oct. 26, when my future began, thanks to a "very speciaI" person. Hood, Mary Frances, Muff, Basketball, Softball, I plan to attend college, Scoring my 1,000 career point in Basketball at home against Monesson. Hosler, Diane, Choir, Jazz-Pop Choir, Senior Play, Going to college for music, My Spring Choral Concert. Houser, Charles, My future plans are to go on to college and study to be an Accountant and to take up Computer Sciences, When I went a whole nine weeks without a D on my report card. Howley, William, Bill, Football, Varsity Club, College, Painting faces forthe North Basketball game. Hoza, Roy, Varsity Tennis Team, College, My period 5, Physics ll Class. Incardona, Gregory, Greg, Football, Student Government, College and hopefully a business of my own, Painting our faces for the North Basket- ball game and beating North in football. Jennings, Sharin Denise, Flag Girl, Senior Secretary, Matmaids, Prom Com- mittee, Delta Sorority, Ski Club, I plan to go to college and further my education by going on to the field of Dentistry or Dental Hygienist, I hope going to Florida with the band, Prom, Graduation. Johnson, Jay Jay, Truck, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Track, I plan to at- tend the Police Academy, Winning the championship in the city Basketball Tournament. Johovic, Kelley H., Mutt, Swim Team, Varsity Club, National Honor Society, I plan to attend college to become a Marine Biologist, Graduation. Junstrom, David, Band, Goto school and get a job, Graduation. Kanonik, Denise, To attend l.U.P. and hopefully graduate with a degree in Business Administration, Senior Cut Day. Kasiorek, Mark, "Kas", Band, Play, A career in Electronics starting school in October, Going to Florida with the Band in 10th grade. 175 I76 Katz, Marc, Tennis Team, Swim Team, Key Club, Law Club, College at Washington and Jefferson - then Law School. Kearns, Robert J., Bob Burns, Ski Club, Homecoming. Keebler, Andrew J., Ears, Soccer. Keenan, Shawn M., Law Club, Marines, Meeting Lisa. Kelley, Antoinette, Toni, Girls' Varsity Basketball and president of the Leader's Club, Consist of attending Computer Tech and pursue a career in the computer field. Kennedy, Edward J., Ski Club, Senior Cut Day, Service, Getting out on Senior Cut Day. Kincaid, Lisa Ann, Prom Committee, Office Helper, Senior Sec., To pass my test to become a beautician and someday have my own shop, Prom. Kloss, Janet Marie, I plan to become a beautician and own my own shop, then get married and raise a family, the bus ride out to Tech., and the gang from the lower parking lot, Senior Cut Day. King, Daniel J., Dan, To attend Pitt and study a field in engineering. Kmetz, Denise, Beautician. Kost, Kathleen, Kathy, N.H.S., Girls Varsity Tennis Team, Student Govern- ment, Westinghouse Science Honors Institute, Homecoming, Varsity Club, I plan to attend Penn State, University Park Campus and then eventually get married and raise a family, Graduation, Homecoming. Kostkas, David, "Kuey", Volleyball, College for Engineering. Kovach, Suzanne, Key Club, I plan to attend Penn State and graduate with a degree in accounting. Kuhns, Barbara J., "Barbie", N.H.S., I plan to work after high school, then settle down and raise a family, Senior Cut Day. Kuzma, Lorijean, Jeno, Prom Committee, Key Club, Art Club, Senior Sec., N.H.S., I plan to goto college and hopefully get a good job. LaBryer, Marylou, Lou, My future plans are to be a Registered Nurse, I learn- ed more than ever in my "Senior year." Lanza, Joe, Own a "ranch", Senior Cut Day. Lau, Denise, "Boo", Ski Club, To graduate from Bradford and get a job as a manager of a store. Leech, Cheryl Lynne, "Reach", Matmaids, Prom Committee, I plan to go to Community College for Commercial Art, then make it a career and even- tually get married, When I got suspended. Livengood, Beth Ann, "Macbeth", Ski Club, I will be attending Computer Tech to become a computer programmer in a large corporation, All the crazy people on the Tech bus, the third parking lot gang, the "skiing" trip. Lorenz, Raymond, Ray, Football, Varsity Club, College, Getting hurt in the South Allegheny Football Game. Lucas, Denise Ann, Dee, Prom!After Prom Committee, Rifle Drill fBandj, FBL., Signet Sorority, To get a good job in the business field so I can help support a family of my own, The great times we had on our vacations with the Band to IUP. and Orlando, Florida. Lunz, Michael, lplan to attend college fRobert Morrisj . Malley, Joseph S., Joe, Band, I plan to further my schooling and go into business management. Mancinelli, Carolyn, Student Government, Leaders Club, Yearbook, Girls Basketball, Band fRifle Drillj, I plan to attend college QPITTJ and then get a good job afterwards. Eventually get married, Participating in Homecom- ing, and Florida Band Trip!!! Marsh, Russell, Russ, Band, Law Enforcement, Florida with the Band. 2 Masley, John, Maz, Track, I plan to be a Mechanic. Maszle, Don Robert, Maze, JCL, Art Club, Key Club, Student Governme Varsity Club, Varsity Tennis Team, National Honor Society, I plan to go to Electrical Engineering. Maxwell, Joyce Lynn, Ski Club, I plan to go into the Navy and become Aviation Mechanic, Participating in Homecoming, Graduation, Riding I Tech bus. Matta, Mary Cassandra, Speedy, FNA, Choir, Tech, To become a Nurse. McCutcheon, Lee, Law Club, I plan to open my own Martial Arts School. McDermott, Terri Lynn, Choir, Jazz-Pop Choir, Flag Girl, Key Club, Pr- Committee, Varsity Club, Swim Team, Homecoming, I plan to go to c lege for a major in Psychology and a minor in Musical Theatre and Dar and then to get married and raise a family, Homecoming and my last Ch Concert. McDonald, Kathleen, Mac, Choir, Key Club, Prom Committee, To atte Point Park College for Business Management and hopefully someday o' my own business, when both the boys and girls Basketball Teams went the playoffs. McGuire, Robert, Weight Lifting, Law Club, Coast Guard. McLaughlin, Heather, Senior Secretary, Prom Committee, I plan to furti my education in the business field and then find a job. McRae, Mark, Scooter, Basketball, Track and Field, I plan to go to colle and pursue a business career, Making the playoffs in Basketball. Meszar, Lisa, Mez, Student Government, Jr. and Sr. Class Officer, Maj ettes, Prom Committee, FBL, Senior Secretary, Yearbook, Baseb, Score Keeper, Signet Sorority, Office Worker, I plan to go to Robert Moi College for four years. Meyers, James R., Penguin, Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Wo-Son Hock Team, Ski Club, Varsity Club, I plan to go to college then get a job a make good money. Miletic, Michael A., Face, Ski Club, I plan to go into the Navy, Senior Q Day. I Miller, Eric, E., Baseball, I plan to attend college. , I Miller, Scott, Fred, JCL, Choir, I plan to become a computer programmer. Mitro, Barbara Jean, Prom Committee, Rifle Drill Team, Yearbook, Off Helper, lplan to goto ICM for word processing, Prom. Modzelewski, Bill, The Enforcer, Rifle Team tCapt.j, Key Club, N.H.S., V sity Club, I plan to attend Penn State University and major in Mechani Engineering and hope someday to make that my career, March 9, whe left high school early to attend Penn State full time. Mooney, Ron, "Moon." Morrison, Kirk, Varsity Tennis Team, College. Morrow, Michael John, I plan to attend college at Indiana University, Whe got suspended from school for cutting lunch. Novokoski, Karen Ann, Student Government, Newspaper, Yearbook, F Girls, "Homecoming", To attend PSU for two years and Duquesne fort years as a Journalism Major and hopefully get a job and get married, C ing to Penn State and High School at the same time and the day I n Steve Danko. Palo, Mary Grace, Gracie, Student Government, Cheerleading, Yearboi Matmaid, Prom Committee, I plan to attend Mercy School of Nursing a graduate in "84" as a registered nurse, Homecoming. Pastor, Lori Anne, Bones, Ski Club, My future plans are undecided, Ridi out to Tech and getting there and getting down to the lower parking lot. Paterlini, John Joseph: "Senior Cut Day." -- Pentin, Andrew: Hank: I plan to attend college. Penwell, Sandra Elaine: Tech School Office Aide: I plan to be a teacher in Cosmetology: Graduation. Pepke, Anita: N.H.S., Senior Secretary: To work in an office as a secretary. Pesta, Michael G.: Band, Stage Band: I plan to be a professional Guitarist: The "whole" year was great! Peterson, Karen: History: For right now, I will look for a job and then take it from there: Senior Cut Day. Peterson, Patrick: Pete: Volleyball, Student Government: Bum: Getting an "A" on a physics test. Pfeiffer, Jeffrey Dell: Pife: Baseball: I plan to attend Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas in Sept. for Geology: Getting an "A" on a Trig. test: Football Games. Pido, Holli Ann: Flag Girl, Senior Sec., Office Helper, Matmaids, Delta Sorori- ty, Ski Club tSecretaryl , Photo Editor of "lronical": I plan to attend Pitts- burgh Beauth Academy: Senior Cut Day. Pido, Kathy: Law Club: I plan to attend Indiana University and major in Criminology. Pohuly, Nancy: Art Club, N.H.S.: I plan to become a very successful Com- mercial Artist: Football game against North, and the Boys Basketball play-off game against Baldwin. Portillo, Kathi Elizabeth: Band, FNA, Matmaids, Key Club: I plan to attend Mercy Hospital School of Nursing and eventually have a family: Florida trip with the Band. Pysk, Mary Beth: Art Club, Softball Team: I plan to attend Pittsburgh Technical Institute for Architectural Drafting: Graduation. Reed, Susan Lynne: Sue: Prom Committee, Ski Club, Senior Sec.: I plan to further my education in the business field, to find a well paying job and to settle down and have a family. Reno, Kimberly Ann: Kim: Business Manager of the "Ironical", Office Helper: I plan to go to IUP to become a Nursery School Teacher: Graduation and being accepted to IUP. Repine, Mark: "REPE": Rifle Team: Duquesne University for Computer Science. Retsch, Robert: I plan to join the Service: Senior Cut Day. Riley, Holly: Choir, Jazz-Pop Choir, Prom Committee, Key Club lVice Pres.l: I plan to go to colelge and to take up early childhood education. Rogers, Jill Marie: Newspaper, Office Helper: I plan to go to Community Col- lege to major in Child Care: Graduation. Ruder, Donna Marie: Midget: Choir, Band, Key Club: College for Music!Dance: Practically every day but going to the Prom and going to 3 Florida. Ruffing, Ray: "Ruff": Baseball. Sabol, Allison Marie: Al: FNA, Matmaids, Yearbook, Rifle Drill Team: I plan to attend Edinboro College and major in Nursing and pursue a Nursing career and later have a family: Graduation, Senior Reception. Sakanich, Kim: Sak: Flag Girls, Yearbook, Prom Committee, Matmaids, FBLA, Senior Sec.: I plan to get a job and later get married: Every time he calls, Senior Cut Day, Band Camp, Prom. Sanitrik, Patricia: Patti: Band, Newspaper: After graduating, I plan to study Veterinarian Medicine: Graduation, Senior Cut Day. Sawchak, Michael: I plan to attend PSU, McKeesport and major in Engineer- ing: Graduation. Li L 2 Y Schneider, Kelly Ann: Kel: I plan to major in Music Ed.!Performance minor in Musical Theatre and possibly get a degree in Speech Pathology! Getting on the bus in time for one whole week. Schneider, Diane: Volleyball, Basketball Manager, Softball, Leaders Club, Prom Committee: I plan to major in Geosciences at Penn State: Getting hit by a biscuit in A lunch on Soul Food Day. Scott, Alvin: Manager for Basketball. Scott, Lisa: I plan to become an Army Nurse: Getting caught by all three principals at the same time. Siksa, Dan: Six: I plan to work for myself and party alot. Slater, Carolyn S.: Flag Girl, FBL, Senior Secretaries, Prom Committee, Signet Sorority, National Honor Society: I plan to attend Clarion State Col- lege for Five years then I would like to carry on with an Accounting Career: Homecoming and the playoff Basketball game. Smecker, Tammy Ann: Swim Team, Varsity Club: I plan to attend John Hopkins University to major in Physics. Smith, Diana Lynn: Di: Band, Prom Committee, Yearbook, FNA: lplan to at- tend Edinboro and someday get married and raise a family: Graduation, Homecoming, and the Band trip to Florida. Smoley, Tim: Shmut: Graduation. Sninsky, David: Tennis Team: College: Graduation. Snodgrass, Karen: Key Club: I plan to attend Penn State University Main Campus with an undecided major. Snyder, Scott: Snydes: Football: I plan to go to college to get my Paramedic Certification: Beating West Mifflin North in our last football game, Graduation. Speck, Valerie, Diane: Val: Key Club, Library Aid: I plan to go into Data Pro- cessing: Graduation. Stanhoff, Dennis: Stan: Soccer: I plan to become a Physical Therapist: Graduation. Staudt, Jeffrey Paul: Football: I plan to become successful at whatever I do: Getting a scholarship to Louisville for football and Bridget. Stough, Bob: Bones: lst period Science class. Streily, Linda: Prom Committee, Senior Secretary, Flag Girl, Matmaid, Delta Sorority: I plan to further my education in the business field and find a well paying job, then settle down and raise a family. Strish, Terry: Volleyball, Basketball, Student Council, Leaders Club, Choir: Donkey Basketball. Sugar, Kim: Cube: Senior Secretaries, Ski Club: I plan to become a Secretary. Sullivan, Vicki: Softball: I plan to attend South Eastern Academy: Homecoming. Surdy, Karen L.: Bird: Girls Basketball, Girls Softball, Varsity Club, Secretary of the Law Club: I plan to attend a business school and get married and raise a family. Swayzer, Arnetta: Band, Student Government lVice Pres.J, N.H.S., Hall Patrol, Office Worker: I plan to become an Industrial Engineer. Taylor, Thelma: Lady T.: Girls Basketball Manager, "Stat" Girl for Boys Track Team: I am interested in becoming a Retail Manager: Graduation. Terrick, John D.: Johnoo: I plan to go to college and get a job. Terrick, Mark: Swimming, Soccer, Varsity Club, Rifle Team: I plan to get a job inthe computer field: Senior Cut Day. Thomas, Kathy: Birdie: Delta Sorority: Beautician and mother. I7 7 Thompson, Arnold: Arnie: Swimming, Soccer: To become the President of the U.S.: Senior Cut Day. Thompson, Jennifer: Jen: I plan to get a good paying job. Todd, Lawrence D.: Lumpy: I plan to become a millionaire. Toth, Timothy E.: Volleyball: I plan to to go college at Eastern Michigan University: Boys Basketball play-off game. Tucker, Tracey Lynne: Tracey: Office Duty, Band: I plan to attend college and become a very high paid business representative: Getting out of school early every week. Tuttle, Keith Edward: Tut: Band, Stage Band, Swimming, Wrestling: I plan to attend Pitt: Passing out in the lunch room. Urban, Regis Stephen: Rege: N.H.S.: JCL, Choir: I plan on attending Pitt and major in Archaeology. Vandergraft, Virginia Rose: Ginny: Choir, Jazz-Pop Choir, Prom Committee: I plan on working with small children in the future: Being able to go to the Prom. Varhola, Joseph M.: Joe: Golf: College: Basketball Play-off game. Varner, Richard: Rick: I plan to join the Air Force. Venable, Elaine Marie: "Ven": FNA, Class Play, Band, Matmaids, Yearbook, Law Club, Prom!After Prom Committee: To attend Southeastern Academy In Kissimmee, Florida: Being rich with "Good Health": Graduation. Veze, Lisa Marie: Ski Club: I plan to attend a two year school for designing or travel and enjoy lite to its fullest: Every part of my senior year will be the "most memorable", but especially the crazyness of it all. Votodian, Terrilynn: Senior Secretary, Prom Committee, Ski Club: I plan on being a nursery school teacher and getting married to a wonderful man. Walendziewicz, Robert E.: I plan to become a welder: Senior Cut Day. Walker, Valerie Renee: Val: Flag Girl, Yearbook, FNA, FBLA, Prom Commit- tee: I plan to graduate from Southeastern Academy to pursue a career in the travel industry, then later become a Computer Mechanic: Band trip to Florida. Wallace, Tina: Flag Girl tCo-Capt.j, Homecoming, FNA tPresidentj, Year- book, Prom Committee, Jr. and Sr. Class Officer Nice Presidentj , Signet Sorority, Student Government: I plan to attend Mercy Hospital School of Nursing tor two years then later to specialize in Obstetrics: GBWS, Homecoming, Band trip to Florida, Senior Reception, Graduation. Ward, Bill K.: Polk: Graduation. Wargo, Craig L.: I plan to goto college and get a good job. Welsh, Joseph: Frenchy: Chorus, Tech: I plan to become a Computer Programmer. Wichelmann, Melvin L.: Wick: Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball, Stage Crew, Choir iPresidenti, Key Club: To attend CCAC and major in Electro- mechanical repair. Williams, Dennis: I plan to become a Truck Driver. Williams, Eric Duane: Pookie: Football, Wrestling, Track, Basketball Manager, Law Club: I plan to attend college: Beating North in Football. Williams, Jamie Deneen: Cheerleading, Prom Committee, Office Helper: I plan to become a Flight Attendant or a Travel Agent: Graduation. Williams, Selma LaVerne: Sam: Prom Committee, Senior Secretary, Art Club: I plan to become an Industrial Psychologist. Wintruba, William: Senior Cut Day. Woody, Sheri Lynn: JCL, FNA: I will be attending Shadyside Nursing School. 178 Yano, Michael Andrew: I plan to have a good job. Zelinsky, Greta Joan: JCL, National Honor Society, Student Graphi lronical: I plan to attend Penn State in the fall and major in Petrolei Engineering. Zimmerman, Barbara J.: Steel Valley Band, Prom Committee, Natio Honor Society: I plan to attend Indiana University of Pennsylvania a study Pre-Law: Being in school on Senior Cut Day, Graduation. Zupetic, Nicole Suzanne: JCL, Student Government, Homecoming, De Sorority, Westinghouse Science Honors Institute: I plan to attend Pitt participate in their engineering program: Homecoming, Snowball, Donl- Basketball. ' Q 6: f The "Crucible" staff wishes to thank all the local businesses for their generous support, parents and patrons for their kind donations, and the various clubs and organizations at Steel Valley High School, for their donati and support. Without the help of many peo this yearbook Q would not have bee-Inhgossi ggg Lei s testi , W K E , 5 g i -ill? f A- - W Q AdsAdsAdsAdsAdsAdsAdsAdsAdsAdsAdsgsAdsAdsAi i 'RFQ S fi 735 SS K N' -my . .Q gf . .... " " g S ' X f coNGnATul.ATloN to the CLASS of '82 From the VARSITY Club STEEL VALLEY JUNIOR SENIDR PTO President - Lorraine Molnar Vice President - LaVerne Freeman Cor. Secretary - Carol Funyak Treasurer - Suellen Swinkle Advisor - Barbara Hofmeister "Congratulations" to the Class of '82 From TlPPY'S DAIRY STORE HOMESTEAD BUSINESS H..121?.TZf1i2.i'g.20 MACHINES 462-9200 31:.s:.:.e2':,-.22 462-7588 BABBIE'S QUALITY MEATS ' 'es 465 w. 8th Ave. I West Homestead 462-7077 5 H1-f1T.'L'fS'.?.fLa.'i2,Z9.?.Z2l'e'fISZTZSI szE RBI N s s u PE RETTE Sides and Hind Quarters - Freezer Wrapped 1717 West St., Homestead, Pa. Congrats! Ed Szerbin, Proprietor MICHAEL K. MATUS Insurance Agency All Forms of Insurance 113 Whitaker St. Whitaker, Pa. 461-8141 Excellent Rates - Call Us "State Inspections" Main and Center Streets Munhall, Pa. 15120 461-9473 DR. M. LEONARD LINCOFF 'fc dw' h "I and Affggrafuizs-0 DR. SAMUEL F. GRANDE F""" OPTOMETRISTS MARGOLIS JEWELERS 2:8 Eastarmve. 202 EaSt8th Ave. 461-2:65 3- Homestead, Pa. 15120 "CongratuIations,' Senior Class 182 ,82 "Congratulations, H DR. RICHARD M. TONER cmsofsaz and HOMESTEAD AUTOMOTIVE DR. ROBERT L. TONER SUPPLY 846 Forest Ave. 1 - West Homestead, Pa 15120 Ofhce :blsgzgggntment 462-9250 3903 M 51 M h ll M . Thru Fri. 8 a.m. to 8:30 p m. S t day 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. NIGRELLI REMODELING HARRY CLOTHES SHOP 3645 Sunset Drive Munhall, P 210 East 8th Ave 461-3810 Best Wishes E :lbTe:tdag29 Class of 82 461-1011 Office KATILIUS, INC. 46"4"4" R E A LTO R Q SKYRMES REALTY CO. 401 East 8th Ave. H m stead, PA 15120 Real Estate - Insura I1Ce 462-7100 3909 Main Sl. Munhall William G. Sky mes KINGS WELL'S AUTO BODY - Congratulations, Class of "82" 1060 Forrest Ave. wes'H0meS'ead'PA TERRICK'S BEER DIST. 461-4441 1801 McClure St. You I TIOUBLES Homestead, Pa. Qqegx 212 VA I I SH We Deliver - 461-3395 N59 I Mon.-Thurs. 10 a.m.-6 p.m. 6 '-3 N 6 Fri.-s 1. 10 a.m.-a p.m. ' Q ' RE GOOD LucK, JOHN A 8 LEVINE BROTHERS "HESS' TAVERN" HARDWARE - Almost Heaven - I 337 East Eighth Ave. 105 Whitaker Way Homestead, pa. whitakef, Pa. 15120 461-3300 461-9652 I - Good Luck Congratulations, Seniors class of S82 ABBEY ROAD BGS' Wishes - Restaurant and Loun e - from PIVIROTTO CHEVROLET 3504 Main S'-, MU"h8" 243 West 8th Ave. -.' fn' 46140 Homestead, Pa. Hwhere 4624200 Friendly People Meet? T G IG WAY PER O E S W "Your Best in DYNAMIC CABLEVISION Fun" "a's"'9 Sends Their Congratulations 1 1 to the Class of '82 828-1368 432 Lebanon Road Q,S,P, 461-2804 Readers Digest Association Best Wishes from "Good Luck" wmv G.:-I. MCSHANE co. INC. PM REAL ESTATE PITTSBURGH PAINT INSGISIIIBNCE CENTER Wfvicshane- 30:.5::::,z'::m:'e- I lslceglgne - 461-0685 ' 3508 Main Sl. 184 Munhall, Pa. Best Wishes to the Class of 1982 From THE STEEL VALLEY BAND PARENT'S ORGANIZATION PRESIDENT - THOMAS E. BRUNO VICE PRESIDENT - ROBERT LECKY TREASURER - JOAN HAGMAIER RECORDING SECRETARY - ALBERTA SMITH CORRESPONDING SECRETARY - ELEANOR KASIOREK i V I Qi' Reach High, For Stars Lie Hidden in your Soulg Dream Deep, for Your Dream Precedes the Goal. K1 Us O C Homestead: 461-8433 Forest Hills: 351-0717 gllcaieesport: 673-7400 New Stanton: 9253519 5.1 a rton: 2334600 Elizabeth Twp.: 751-1818 -- Coming in 1982 Munhall 81 Whitehall Savings andLoan Association-if INCARDDNA AND SABASTIAN INC Good Luck - Class of '82 456 W. Eighth Avenue West Homestead, PA Dial H0-1-BEER Pabst - Genesee - Molson Beer and Ale From Canada BURKE'S CANDY SHOPPE 230 East Eighth Ave. Homestead, PA 15120 461-1199 Best Wishes to The Class of '82 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1982 From RAYMOND G. BODNAR Munhall Councilman To Your Continued Success . . . Graduation is just the beginning. With planning, hard work, and determination, your accomplishments will multiply. Congratulations, Class of 82 From the STEEL VALLEY SCHCOL BDARD Robert J. Kosko . . . President Stephen A. Rojtas . . .Vice President Robert M. Aber Anita Barkin Alberta Culbertson Joseph R.HavriIIa Lorraine Molnar Lawrence Oleksa Richard J. Puzio James P. Rock, Jr .... Secretary fi fi Z--5 Best Wishes to the Class ot 82 From the STEEL VALLEY ADULT EDUCATION COMMITTEE Better Yourself and Continue Your Education President - Lorraine Molnar Treasurer - Vera Recktosh Barbara Hofmeister Nick Havrilla Hydiyyah Goudelock Jean Turner John Tichon Brooke Novak George Novak Patricia Keener Vince Nigrelli Suellen Swinkle Coordinator Q Qi-2 Kennywood SHOP-N-SAVE Open: 9 A.M.-10 P.M. Mon.-Sat. 9 A.M.-6 P.M. Sun. "Good Luck" Class of '82 QREDLWHITEQ 188 The Loveliest Weddings fa tgfelekfw in Town Begin Here ,Ql:ff444?3gffl?4LY. QNOX- f 2 T A I 1'-wg.: sin-1,4 1-Q 2 rf: -'J -fa vlsn ouRsHoP -f4,g,23,geVQ I . X Q .IA 3 1' AND SEE Fon 2 2- -gawk! vounsslr. .. f' ff 1 STEEL VALLEY BRnDA g ' 5 W - -3 807 AMlTYST.w' ' ,jf 5 if HOMESTEAD, PA. 15120 a Vp, A c ,gi if 462-2535 if :tri Arrowrmnnsomv -A A' ,gli , ".f .P - 08ridalGovms . ' ', 'x . 5 , y in ::::x::,.v:.:f:x:,:::,.. -,mf in 'Mofhor'5Gowns ,. .1 .-gf 'H .lf ,ff rilfasli., ' 5, -sriaulmmofmacans 1 ,H ' 2 -- 'PeigaoirSofs ,I I V -F' eSrinolinasondl'loops I ' f I? 1 . ' 'A 9fg"'NG 'U Q i,:ff2'2ii'L'2i-"' f -wmomcmomoumv lx I C,ea,,lL0w f ' -wsoomc mvmmons ' "" Pgffd lgridals efa IOHS ' Don't Go Out Of Your Woy! Available RICHARD 8. TEIIRIQKONOP ff PROM COWNS Savolskie -Waeilo Glenn Funeral Home, Inc. David R. Wasik, Supervisor Albert j. Salvolskis, Director William C. Glenn, Director 3501 MAIN STREET, MUNHALL PENNSYLVANIA 15120 TELEPHONE: C4125 462-2288 nlllllllllllll' Schoolof Computer Technology Fulton Bldg , Sixth St at Duquesne Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa.15222 Phone C4121 391-4 197 lomestead Office 'hone - 462-8455 lon.-Thurs. A.M.-4 P.M. ri. 9 A.M.-8 P.M. lrive-in Facilities MELLON BANK N.A "For Better Ways to Serve You." DL- - congfalumlons' class of 32 D Munhall Office Phone 462-4100 Munhall Drive In Mon.-Thurs. 9:30 A.M.-4 P.M. Fri. 9:30 A.M.-8 P.M. 189 C 9 Class of 1982 From The STEEL VALLEY HIGH SCHODL CHOIR - ,fK'?"'-?-SX. To the Class ol 1982: Climb High, Climb Far, Your Goal in the Sky, Your Aim, The Star! Best Wishes to you Seniors From THE STEEL VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL f X 12411 NIARCHING BAND C "Our Congratulations" to the Class of '82 from The Class of '83 Barbara Brody - President Connie Kontos - Vice President Dawn Martin - Secretary Kelly Fedigan - Treasurer Sponsor - Mr. E. Kritko Even an ordinary horse can be outstanding in his own lield. 1 I "Best Wishes" to the Class of '82 from the STEEL VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL PRCM CCMMITTEE "Always and Forever" I1l0l'l1eI1fS ggi, -' We do not femembef days, we remember 1. I ' 1' I A 1 3" X' "DAN'S FLOWER SHOP" MOTIVE PARTS Formerly Armstrong's Flower Shop 201 Wesf 81" Ave- Homestead, Pa. 15120 2, Amity Street H I H f- ' X Homestead, Pa. 15120 Best wmhes, to XG? 462-3855 The Class of 82 TE RRICK T.V. Q0 'Q D s. D OFFICE suPPLlEs ' JQQ Sales and Service l 1 219 E. 8th Ave. 909 Penn A1 Z6 l Homestead, Pa. Pgh. Pa. 152 M Sf' ge, sos Amity s1. 461-8316 232 as 0 L ,ff ,i w Homestead, Pa. L- X-121 462-8720 724 Wood St. Wilkinsburg, Pa. 15221 731-9009 Mike Terrick, Owner, Manager sa 3 MURPHY INSURANCE AGE NCY Congratulations From 3317 Main Street Munhall, Pa. 15120 Security Systems 462-0731 110 Whitaker Street Whitaker, Pa. Congrats, Grads! 462-2211 Al 5 1 "Best Wishes" Civil: G S From , , GOLD'S Shoes forthe Entire Family . 214 E. 8th Ave. DEE JAY'S P'fces Homestead, Pa. 15120 F"s' 461-2842 "Cards 81 Things" 3411 Main St. Munhall, Pa. 15120 gl 462-5557 'H QQ E 192 Visa and Master Cards Accepted Free Parking Tokens ,2,, ' V, ,V ' , 1 , .. , .... ' V, ' " V ,, .. . ' ' V1 Q "" H - Q V f ,ws gy ,1g:5fVg,V,f k: ,Vg My 'Y,jHVf,,f ,V ,WV ,fa , V, wif 3,4 ,Q VW: ,gy In ,V , VV Vw ff :wi ,fp , Q z f V. VV - ,,LL , . ,V , V Vw, ,- ,, 27 55, ' 4, 'jg ' " :Vin ' , ' f,, "V' GA A V, ,V fu f ,V f 6" 2 iff V, V. fl f - ff . ,, ,, ' ' ,V V: f HHV5,,yV :Vf V,:.wVg ' 'Ms :jf 3: fffif 'EWVU "Li, 'V M ,,,g'f'Hif,,- VK :Mfr V'VV,V,,i 3,,V5,V VM -5 ,niikwg ,VV K -1 -VV mf 5,54 ,V ,V , ' , X, , " ,V W5 f ' ' ' li V ' , , 3 ' , ,, 'VB' " ' , , 6- 4 V, ,, F Wjfg mv A ' ' V' ' JV ,,,, V 455 V' 7 , , ' ' - A I , N "" Z ' V V f V' V ' '. V , ff f '- 1 A4 V " VV " V ' 'f V V, , " ' ' ' V -2' V - , 1 , T .. ' -- " 1 , , -- V ' . I ' V ., ff' , , " . VV 0 -, lam 24212: V 'WH :,V,,,, "M, -- -45z,., fffQ,, 'V ,V - ' , ,V ffm, , wzqf ff 'Vi'-Wzmfi, .-37V...sWfV""' V .7 'wk ,, ,VVr4 f 'VifW,,,' f Vesaa ffw- i f X9 ggh' ,,,- ,f "'kh 1 , ' ' ' ' '24 f'--- ,. ' , - M V V, ., V. . : .. .. ,, , V ..,. ,,,,,, V 9 , V "" f' 1 A - . A L, ' -. , ' V . ' VV ' .. ,.. M., " ' - '- V 4 V ' ,V ,, ,, H ,.,. ' ' 5, W 'QW' 4 " 'WW-3-4-V V' 5 , 'V,Vj Q i 7 Mi V VVVV M -VV,f1g5z4,r:,wWm f 'f and try to V V , , V ,VV ' V ' V , , K ' ' 'L 'A 3 VA f , . , ,,,, V V 5 " ,, ' W JL' ' ' .... , V """' 'A-- LL" " W2 2 3 ' ' , XR , ' ' W VV ,niV,,, ,,5V , . ,V , 5 V , f WM " ' ix i Vi V 52, 1 5 A ' 5 . A , ' EQ I 6 ' VV 'Q ' K ,. ,, 1 1 2 X X ,,, V Y f Q, Zim, '55f':V,,-'EEE I 5' ' , , , f , 5 , ,VV , V S yr X Z I , K 4 u ,nun 1 Congratulations to the Class of 1982 From The Members of the STEEL VALLEY EDUCATION ASSOCIATION "We wish you the best in all your future endeavors." If --fi 'N O S! Sf' iffy' 454 47 ' My chnel want In life is someone who shall make me do what I can." - Ralph Waldo Emerson "Best of Luck," Lisa . . . and Class of "82" . . "Knowledge is the Flame From Which Life's Brightest Moments Start" . . . Linda, Georgene, Grace, Karen From KAREN'S KAROUSEL OF STYLES 3504 Main Street Munhall, Pa. 15120 462-2973 Unisez swung "' Karen M. Meszar - Owner - 741 GOOD FOOD SHERMAN'S PHARMACY Wi dk? Q A Full Service Pharmacy 3917 Main si. FALCES RESTAURANT Mu"":""":'512" 3716 Main Street Free DellVeI'y 461-1212 Munhall, Pa. 15120 snBest ofLuckus and t 3903 Main Sl. 462-9696 XCQSMNQQ A9900 xml iii Cymsv 553516 9, QQ N- :lllntners TXRAVEL QC, x . ,Xin y'L:.i4. . S, A, H. can Us - ORENDI FLOWERS Your Neighbor - 461-5151 3 . ' Q x i - Air Tickets U " FQ 4119 Main St. International - Domestic Munhall, Pa. 15120 - Air Travel Services I It 462-7159 Cruise-Train-Group Tour ' A - Hotel Packages We Accept Mastercharge Mon.-Fri., 9:30-5:30 3500 Main Street Sat., 9:30-3:00 Munhall, Pa. 15120 Elizabeth Faulks Paul Edwar Lls'rAK GULF SERVICE 3'9'9'7" "W Main St. and Miller Ave. MORRIS OPTICIANS Munhall, Pa. 15120 4117 Main St- X Munhall, Pa. 15120 A gf EJ. ggxjl "Best Wishes" 452-5212 G mass of Mon. and Fri. 9:30 a.m.-5 p. u E ,82 Tues. and Thurs. 9:30 a.m.-7:30 p. Sat. 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p. J.A.B. HARDWARE INC. th 112 Whitaker St. Whitaker, Pa. 15120 Q .K T 196 462-2367 Sporting Goods Appliances Plumbing Supplies cleaning 1 I df.. ii' u 5' 'ood x I 'ofzojv MQAQAQA 5 A 3809 Grace Munhall, P. 461 3939 Free Pick-Up and Delivery JOHNSON'S CLEANERS Chow . I? 5 I 3 iq H it - "QW: at ,014 If E . 0' 0 - W H 0 ,og "Congratulations" to Our Daughters, Terri Lynne Hayes and Elaine Marie Venable Love, Mr. and Mrs. Levi Hayes and Rev. and Mrs. John Venable "Congratulations" and "Best Wishes" to Class of '82 From Helen and Joe Havrilla Congratulations to "Ed Holowaty" "You Made It" Love, Mom, Dad, Beth, Judy K., and James Congratulations to "Jack Eicholz Love, Holowaty Family Ernest Mascara BTEEL VALLEY AUTOMOTIVE, ,ga Cnet, 1 1'-3 'Q INC. Qt KX, 4' Suppliers of Auto, Truck Parts f l and Accessories 5 214 W. 8th Ave. West Homestead, Pa. 4624989 461-6633 MUNHALL "FOODLANE" DELI Main Street Congratulations, Munhall, Pa. 15120 Senigrs - Catoring for All Occasions - fa behalf of the Balfour ompany, we would like extend our sincere DNGRATULATIONS nd the BEST of LUCK the years ahead. 9. Balfour From Balfour with pride. L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY 4120 Brownsville Road Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15227 197 I D- 'L , .' 1 A' F741 '.' - i7 ya ' 4 . ,Yu , .Q 1 -'I-' . ',a 1 NK 91125 4' al 7 I -'rjk N s Congratulations, Class of 1982 From Your School Photographer BUCHMAN'S Birch Studios Inc. 2046th Ave. McKeesport, Pa. 15132 412-672-4396 fi .wf: ff 4 ii is REQ 15 1. I X 'V if P X- Q V 1: lf, 5 .T I ' ' YL: - K ,Z ,. ' ,G W xxffvbx 1 J f 1 4 if 3 1" The diploma you've earned stands for all that you've learned . . . your activities, friendships and fun. May it also represent, "a happy and wonderful future" for all of you. My an n' ir Class Officers: ierri Slrish ..... ina Wallace .... ' I . I I . ' Lisa Meszar . . . . r Beverly Borsos . ' nsor ' ' ' ' ' ' ' H vfmff-fiffgg - vim, A Vice W , vii? ' ,2 'W :,,f 'wj,i-3,,.- fe.-gi: 2 H s ' WFTOI11 lllsz ai llllfc :LA WWA e H S Q .--,wvnwtm -f 'V 14 I 6 k 3 Hail ijli i arer, ii i P'0l!Q1MPf90!? 046019 With Pra 'dhlprror is Merncziesjp W6 'FloId r llll To'STE l ! HIQQQHASQIIOOF Sliggfyyltkboy ity i ugh Sqhdfi s lll r,ii llllsscs President Best ,'1'-- l Z "Nl ' Lamira andBob Pteitter, 200 1 "Congratulations," iinilettrey and , The class of 'a From the ffwhole at D E L L' s 111 St. Munhall, Pa. 15120 461-9154 "Breaking Away" Into the rrr s. With the future soon to blossom, and a new dream coming true, There's a world of bright tomorrgws and they're waiting just for you. , M, muy,- i,ew1'f:i2 Coming Together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is Success. Owners

Suggestions in the Steel Valley High School - Crucible Yearbook (Munhall, PA) collection:

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