Stedman High School - Macofitz Yearbook (Stedman, NC)

 - Class of 1964

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Stedman High School - Macofitz Yearbook (Stedman, NC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 132 of the 1964 volume:

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X X S ? 3 ? 6 Q t 5 2 3 X' .,XpX,xt.t.X . 553 3 3 5 it sw V M- M W ax in M Q 5 2Q,Q1Qw:w E 5 i Q yi up ,t X :X , lx 'tix X Ai S Q N xx tx la aiitfiixi' ,ff,Ww,,,,,,,,, fx X M .i.i , .iiii i -V X J X K S ,W?..t. t.Wf'l"'l faaizmypwemayva, ,K by 1 5' Q l'l'1 E U7 Lf afyfffwaa ,mesa-C Administration Student Life Sports Organizations Classes Advertising Q 2 f,W,.aH, g 2 2 it id an upfggimirgat 6, Mrs. Rebecca Cain, as a teacher has be en very capable and conscientious, leading and directing us in the right ways of living and learning. She has impressed us greatly by her co-operation, loyal- ties, ability, and inspira- EXWH l' E DEDICATION tion. Q X Mrs. Cain, we appreciate in many ways the things you have done for us in the previous years. To you, we dedicate the Macofitz of 1964. l 3 ADMINISTRATION As another school year ends,I am reminded of Benjamine Franklin's statement, "He who squanders time squanders life, for that's the stuff life is made of." We congratulate our seniors who have used time wisely and have dedi- cated their lives to useful service and we urge each of you to channel your regrets of wasted time into renewed efforts to better use life's opportuni- ties. We commend the faculty for their dedication, and say many thanks to Mr. T. M. Johnson-Principal Mr. Leroy H. Gardner-Assist. Principal Mrs. Irene B. Averitte our annual staff for a job well done. Torrey M. Johnson Secretary l Mr. Brock Mrs. Bryant Mrs. Cain Miss Collier Mrs. Crawley Mrs. Cromartie Mr. Gardner Mrs. Gardner Mrs. Graham Mr. Hall Miss Hall Miss Hardie 5 Q -Q f.:--, L.f'--Q-W 1 r.:f-wi1f..m3 'f eff if 1 is K "3-:Ziff-Up if S x 51 5 is Q 4 L K 44 Q E1 M L it gps A ,, . 2 an Q L is s L l ui' v' ff? mf, ,H S ,QQ L Q 'W.1z.f.r , K ry... Mrs. Jackson Nl ep' h 33551: wang' I4 4k 1 K + , fe J J Eg W 1733 sr Q J , . ,I S 'Ha 4 M , f J Mrs . Kennedy Mr . Mann Mr. Jernigan Mr. G. Johnson i51K6iQY'Ifi' ww. '-ww 5-'iifdfm 4. 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Johnson Mr. Parler - ' :J . 4:-' 2'f.Vj'.L:U- wr?-'W'I, '.:,-U:s-':'Y'1"".3"11 rs L . mg, ,.., Mn M gina 5 QP 'Hi af rf 'Kiwi wx as I if 935,21 I, Q ns wsw sw 1 34155, "5 1 1 mf ye ku if S ,Id .1 ,H sg Flu : fkrm, fn IJ,-els. gs-ff-fgz. - f 'qw ' ,J f A' - Aff , f i. , K, . f..Tf'-13-sffif: , . 'I':. .L-, , ' 15 ' W , fl- ,. sr--a:'f!:'i'I"4f, J - pg V ---- .. :.- V -.., , QQ o,,., ....'- 4:52 : L ,.-ggi.-IW: 2. fy 's Mr. Sylivant Mr. Wood Mrs. Wood Mr. Yates Mass Education 7 Mr. G. F. Johnson - Guidance Counselor A Word of Advice This year, Stedman had for the first time, a full guidance depart- ment. Mr. Garland Johnson was named its director and has made himself and his facilities available to help students: C11 Choose and gain admission to college 123 D e c id e upon and plan for f u 1' th e r non-college edu- cation C31 Solve any problems perti- nent to the academic pro- gress 8 Mr. Johnson and Morehead Scholarship Nominees Aptitude Test now . . . Jobs later 9 Sfudeni E 1.3. if, 2343 ' Study and eat eat and stud Y 3 K .,,g,,,3, W ...K wg ,gmsgggx 1- gssfgglfezgnwf- M-ge1fq1zvQ3g,igx,1esQ,,kggg,.i,V , g,,, W : M 3 sf - x S I I2 .. .. . ,ss P U . , M9525 T' ?sS 53KgW'fSE1Sw f w' 13?5e1f3i613Q1iaf4 'X ' X uf-:iff QQ mid? .feaigifwmeg?fwsf-fffXsfsf.5S7f V f gn ??qfii1.f..??'f5 V' Sfghy My 12'-Pham-e,fZ1?'1SVfna,LHf 5522.-if sa Ea A fi H ::' S 18 :rf W' wg? N"Y'AYf:g - 12,-:vzx,sfH:w::w. ?f+1::?5f5'Q, - 4- A .. -. 5 wgggvi1xf3g,s,.v., -. ':!'ik., J, f:,yg,g.g5ggg'Ew -:fg,?'g-'sg Q 5- 11 z.. .ni 5 ST I xii?-"' .':.:' 5EAY 7 . was'faSwag:3a,?:--,f:,1sQe,'55g mpg.. ' . ., : --.5 ME- pw ' , V .q w , ,fm Qiiii 1:-'i3f'f3f: ?i ' : : X J Q SSW.. : ' . . : .E u . 556 V ' xx, if Q., sk" E1.w,,,,,.1,,-- 5 - - ., is ef, J" A " , 5 ,, -- . V Kgigfkfzmj , , . ,4ag: . A .fl , K, . 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W :A f .E fvmguck X X Q- K n,h,'1,,- , M ,, . 5 ifszfsgsg 'g5o2i'. W suing 'Eg'-v.f,j .. This ones He1en.S Captain Julia Coble W V W? 4 'L-..i- 5 L .55 - Q , K ,5Sgp,,iie'?wf'f1. fgw 5 ,ff ' ,friffj 5Qii?5f:f' fix' 't' ',A,,'.'g2l?!' fi' 15 'wi gas-igm ,552 .f A , Ui may X- Q Mia .5i,ii??i5??7i i ,, N' 225271.-wfffif E gig, ,..fV:? W ' --fgglns we A gffsffw seize- 1 f 'giaiisiigeiy 3:7235 Lsgfiisk , 22? 6551 f 1' -:':Q?5'iS ffl' A x ww visihf' T jk5iQi?i'5 --fgtirifiiii A M -iff-wiv -525522514 ?f52a??ffQ55 LQVEQN' ,ww ,.f,,1,, mzfzseiy Pm Sm 4 ffm- sfi.: gzigw fr- f w izwgsgggij rl ws- ff,- If ff? in 1 a 7 gg' R 93, ,J X . , I ,Q X: 7,,,,Lr:LV A . ,V 3 Q 'M fy u vu f 1,5ywise , yd 4 .Q Ei: ,, , :Q i f ff' s X k, L .. v m , z paw? , 5 M ,,.m ,: ' LQ-1 1 uv,:,,5:w 1 ff wi -f S Q QP X ' :Ai LU? sm X, ri X . 3 fs ,X ig Q , bf, 1, ,L . .L.,. .,,,. , ,. U ,,, W, in f . lg I M-ff PJ. Z I x. .i,'fmz,-vw -M' , nfl-.zLgwM::.-f : V 75 '-ww 4 , gb riggmzff' 1f':Szfff1Lsxi' '13, ,, ,- '92, Ia5,lff,1i? ,ff w x -'L:.rLg flj. ,LQT2-,jj ,,,. Ffh ww Kgffepw emma? W., 'mam pm ,gmf jim eigyigf Wifi gsm? ,yfwf -,Qfw as- 13? 9' if we Qs? on Xgmi is- v .44 yl5,,,s2j A J- .. islifwfif -112 P' rv , ,,., , , :gp ww, 3 1Ef,51f, f, A ,iii ini, - f--- H. 1 '- X135 V A f- V 4 91276 : ., . ,aw Wy 1 w 1-N. .35 X.: 3 wx X SMT fc J k Y Nw? LL Uk., Qu Q-W M fx ,gg xg Q4 im , Y 'www BASEBALL The baseballysieiasont Stedmanlto new honors of athletic prowess in 1963. Bgobby.lohnson's Asuperbfieldinig and stable battingg Tommy Johns onffs power at the plate 5' Pat Strickland' s wary catchingg and the totalt team spirit of greatgeffort finished the season with a Q 1, 9 ,K, ,W 15-6 record. ll'sll 9 j f In post season ganies the Stedman Club won the Cumberland County Championshiipghyom Hope Mills in a thriller that was settled in the 9th, score was llsv Iglope Mills 4. A week later, the club advanced to the Pioneer 2A tournament. After the dtrdphies, all h1omie findividual honors kept coming. Bobby Johnson wasfqchosen to play in the East-West All Star game in Greenville, Northpdiumglina, and the aformer baseball pro-our own Coach Brock-was pickedwdwdsmayco-coach for the East for that same f f x , , I A -. 'IW . game. n - This year,y,7 yl p hylettenffnen spring into action at the cry of "Pl3Y 27 ALL CO Dlckey Smlth All Conference Football 1964 Julia Coble All County 1963, 1964 Most Valuable Player 1963 Best Guard 1963 Howard West All Conference Football 1963, 1964 Best Back 1962,1963 Most Valuable in Track 1962,l963 All East Player in East-West Game Shrine Bowl Honors North Carolina's Leading Scorer ALL AMERICAN REN CE TES 6 s 3 ' f::'57:i- 'H-1: ':f2if1:5Ki: if?-5 2,111 ' w V' LQQZQQ Q ' iasigneze when 1- ,. gssmsygwavilfw- - 1. ' 9 - '11 Sffiaiiifzff 'figiisff 'kikiffffkgiiff-itil - 4fggQ11g,1fvfs-iw QEMMLLQR , f 163.5529 . f f-fSm?f:'ze:-1' '31gtgggg:fz,-f, ,ff . . as-.Mg-'V ,f.f .-::f-wwf'-,, - SM 15:1 ,.., :MH 2, -f , 1 1 siigwi , Ugg 1 ' 1 1-1 2 . ,, , " - 111 21 "gh Qffvif-iiiizsg. 14:1 '- Y 1-Qi? frsasiteifgn Q ning H 3 1-swgsfqtggip gg fii ,iggfif -' ' '?q1i15'i.sSg ai -55e5tEg2v2?'ai , ' ,Q :fs'1fi?i'iW5a 'S wffitg . f to fz.s'22- ,-g55.kgi3s4,1Qi:y53 -- ww-:f2f,fm.. 2: ssl f if 1,355-nw ,ml-aug,f1S,fm1gHf-ia, K 2,:'ffL5t?:1i5'1b5 '.: I'.:L!i : t' 1' .1 539 u:f243H1l1i9g:a 9 , eu, 531 W, ,Ia A FM-all 1:31 f .9 , . f V--f, :fe 1' Sherrill Woodcock All Conference Football 1964 All County Basketball 1963 Most Valuable Tournament Basketball Player 1963 Donald Culbreth All County Basketball 1963, 1964 All Observer Team 1963, 1964 Most Improved 1963 County's Leading Scorer 1964 Arthur Weeks All Conference 1963, 1964 The Monogram Club takes pride in pr e s enting Howard We s t , all-round athlete. His accomplishments and many of his honors are presented in the feature of outstanding athletics. MISS STEDMAN Each year the FHA sponsors the school beauty pageant and thus gives some Stedman girl a dream evening--the evening she is crowned Miss Stedman. In 1963 the panel of impartial judges from outside the community selected Bonnie Hester as Miss Stedman. She is pictured here with her court--Wanda Carter, Karol Bunce, Sandra Strickland, and Nan Ray. 34 GLEE CLUB Mr. Parler Band Leader Quartet Offic e rs 1275 EN- E ? i Mr. Parler Faye Vinson Band Leader I Ch1ef Majorette Majorettes Howard West Linda Bunce Donald Horne Torrey Johnson CHIE F Harold Bunce Magaret Royal Charlie Gainey Marshals for graduation are chosen solely upon academic accomplishment. The Marshals for 1963 were those Juniors with an over all high school average of 93 or above. give you our congratulations and our sincere admiration 39 We ,, P Kms, t xx X X J V ,ENT v I 7 X .Vffffgitflxiiui5f'753wI52?f5Q. - Wwfmfgfiffef31sz5g':xs,gKi,4wiL , We ,Q H5'x'f?iffi'Y'Ys3s3i'4fs2'?iif1Sw , M, . .f,gS5gg2ig,,'1 w2zmx2f,5wgg5 ffmmii ,ww fy Q1 1 -my i W gm ,wgawwtv firfewkk?fgidiiwffzg-wwf- . f Cf Ifw+f35:afu,,?w W- -A f 2 ,QP K, ,,,YW,a 255, xg 'KJ A X 59: Advlsor Co Advlsor S Kennedy Mrs Starllng FLOWER Red Rose WHAT IS F. H. A.? Future homemakers is a nationally affiliated organiza- tion dedicated to the improvement of individual, family, and community living. The major features of an F. H. A. year are Mother- Daughter Banquet, and the Miss Stedman Contest. Annual service projects include a S100 scholarship for asenior girl, drives for needy families, and aid to a Korean Orphanage. Individuals in the Stedman Chapter works for Junior, Chapter, and State degrees, which are presented after achievement toward growth as an individual, member of the home, and member of the community. Chapter mothers give F. H. A. a helping hand and moral support. This year the Mothers are Mrs. Nellie Autry, Mrs. Horace Smith, Mrs. Nellie Smith, and Mrs. G. D. Toman. 43 F. F. A. a s s u m e s responsibility for grounds and athletic field up keep, maintains a picnic area for the Stedman community, and aids in construction projects other clubs encounter. In '63-'64 this F. F. A. chapter won second place in state soil judging andranked with the top ten in state tool judging. This year promises to be as honor filled, with three county titles already captured. RAM STAFF Editors Darrel Bennett Jimmy Carter Tommy Kinlaw Betty Lou Cashwell Senior Staff Julia and Eddie draw" HM "and we type it' Junior Staff MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Loyalty + Interest : School citizens Martha and Harold NEA TEST Polish + Order 2 Chic Ann and Jimmy MOST COURTEOUS OUR MASCOTS Beth Bunce - Greg Gainey Q . ROBERT ACKER DIANE ALLEN DIANE ALPHIN JUNIOR AUTRY MARY AUTRY VIRGINIA AVERITTE IRENE BEARD DARRELL BENNETT KAY BLAIR MARTHA BLAIR BOBBY BLAKE DONALD BRISSON ANNIE MAE BROWN DORTHY BULLARD SAM BULLARD WILLIAM BULLARD HAROLD BUNCE LINDA BUNC E BETTY CAIN ELMER CAPPS DIANE CARTER JIMMY CARTER PAUL CARTER WANDA CARTER BETTY CASHWELL JUDITH COBLE JULIA COBLE DONALD CULBRETH DELLA GRACE DAVIS BRENDA DOWD JEAN DUNCAN BILLY EDGE EDWIN EDGE WILLIAM EDGE BESSIE FAIRCLOTH LEONARD FAIRC LOTH SAMMY FAIRCLOTH CATHE RINE FIELDS ANN FISHER ROBERT FISHER HELEN FISHER CHARLIE GAINEY CHARLES GARDNER CONNIE GIBSON LA NELL GRISSOM ROCHELL HAIRR ELBRIDGE HALES LAWRENCE HALES CONNIE HALL JO ANN HALL KEITH HALL MARTHA HAMILTON J ANIC E HOARD JOE HOBBS CAROL HORNE DONALD HORNE EDWARD HORNE JOHNNY HORNE LLOYD HORNE RAYMOND HORNE WAYNE HORNE EVE LYN HOUSE TOMMY HOUSE ROBERT JACKSON TORREY JOHNSON WAYNE JOHNSON RUBY JONES WILTON LEWIS TOMMY KINLAW PAMELA LEWIS FAYE LOCKEMY SHEILA MATNEY LOU MATTHEWS PHILIP MCCALL TERRY MELVIN BRENDA NUNNERY EDDIE O'NEAL CAROL PLEASANTS JIMMY PUGI-I NAN RAYE LILLIE MAE RILEY JAMES ROYAL MARGARET ROYAL RUDOLPH RUSS DAVID SMITH DICKIE SMITH EVE LYN SMITH RICHARD SMITH NANCY SPE LL JACKIE STEWART HELEN STRICKLAND PAT STRICKLAND SANDRA STRICKLAND VIRGINIA TOMAN ARTHUR WEEKS HOWARD WEST Ah!! Jerry Wood At last! 1 Someday? i Lillian Adams Joyce Adcox Jo Ann Albertson Marie Arthur Charlotte Atkinson Blackman Autry Don Autry Gerald Autry Linda Autry Franklin Averitte Karen Averitte Joe Baker E. C. Beard Horace Bedsole Jimmy Bedsole Clyde Blackwell Judy Blackwell William Bradshaw Jerry Brock Jim Buie Doris Bullard Edgar Bullard Margaret Bullard Carol Bunce Virgil Bunce Andy Cain Beverly Cain Dorthy Cain Joyce Canady Charlotte Carr David Carter Robert Carter Lee Castle Ronald Coleman Patsy Cook M. L. Core Sandra Currie Milton Davis Elbert Edge Ray Faircloth Wanda Faircloth Linda Fisher Sammy Fort Doug Freeman Charles Freeauf Joyce Gardner Eddie Garrard Janice Guy Mavis Hair Gloria Hales Linda Hales Becky Hall Sue Hall Carver Hall James Hall Judy Hall Percy Hall Tommy Hall Gene Harris Doris Hobbs Elaine' Horne Grace Horne John Horne Mickey Horne Elsie House Jimmy Jackson Ann Kennedy Ronnie Kirby Ervin Kivett Kenneth Lockamy Wanda Matthews Charlotte Melvin David Melvin Jack Melvin Winfred Mercer Elveen Mitchell Butch Mosley Connie McCall Bobby McDonald Gayle McDonald Donna Mc Laurin Peggy Naylor Oppie Lou Nichols Jimmy Norris Pat Page Sandra Pollock Ronnie Ratliff Connie Reaves Ricky Ricks Carolyn Riley Dana Shirley Shirley Skinner De Nise Smith Gail Smith Gordon Smith Judy Smith Lee Smith Margie Smith Sue Smith Becky Starling Bobby Starling Thomas Starling Virginia Starling Bruce Stephens Martha Stewart Annette Strickland Jimmy Strickland Johnny Strickland David Tatum Mary Jane Taylor Robert Verrier Randle Vinson Wanda Watson Daniel Weathington Billy Ray West O. J. West Sarah Westbrook David Wheeler Bobby Wiggins Hilma Williford Leonard Wilsey Sherrill Woodcock Peggy Yarborough Bruce Beal David Collier A. F. Faircloth Sam Nmmery Larue Walden Linda Yormg gg? a I. 4 Ann Allsbrook Donnie Alphin David Autry Douglas Autry Linda Autry Wayne Autry Nellie Averitte Janice Bailey Jesse Baker Larry Bass Billy Baxley Gerald Beany Gerald Beard Donald Beasley Brenda Bedsole Jimmy Bedsole Jean Bennett Joan Blackman Robert Blackman Kathy Boahn Barbara Breshears Garey Brown Dennis Bullard Iris Bullard Barbara Bush Judy Cannon Barbara Carter Gwin Carter Roy Carter Larry Cashwell Rhonda Clayton Larry Coleman Edith Culbreth Nancy Culbreth Freda Davis Sammy Edge Dennis Edwards Virginia Edwards A. F. Faircloth Dallas Faircloth David Faircloth Fleckson Faircloth Homer Faircloth Phyllis Faircloth Stanley Faircloth Sue Faircloth Pat Fisher Patricia Fisher Sue Fisher Tommy Fisher Jerry Frazer Shirley Fuller Shirley Furmage Mary Goodrich Martha Grimes Ann Hair Diane Hair Harold Hair Joyce Hair Mary Hair Carson Hales Jeff Hales Thomas Hales Barbara Hall Carson Hall Diane Hall Larry Hall Mary Hall Worth Hall Robert Haywood Bonnie Hester Jackie Holt Curwood Horne Doris Horne Hilda Horne James Horne Joyce Horne Patsy Horne Phyllis Horne Kenneth Huggins Larry Jackson Linda Jackson Faye Johnson Linda Johnson Ronnie Johnson Timmy Johnson Edward Jones Charles Kennedy Dickie Kenyon Bobby Kinlaw Gloria Lacy Sylvia Layton Beverly Leach Keith Lewis Myra Lockamy Nellie Lockamy Joyce Matney Donna Matthews Phyllis Matthews Sandra Matthews Butch Maxwell Mary Maxwell Charles McDonald Dianne McKeithan Mary McLaurin Maria Melvin Luther Morgan Martha Morris Sylvia Naylor Y Lillian Nunnery Mary Nunnery Sharon Page Joyce Parker Joan Perry Sandra Rice Pricilla Robinson Susie Royal Elaine Russ David Shirley Brenda Simpson Richard Simpson Alan Smith Forest Smith Linda Smith ff Martha Smith Peggy Smith Richard Smith Wayne Smith Elizabeth Starling Betty Strickland Diane Tredwell Johnny Tyndall Faye Vinson Boyd Wallace Annette West A. L. West Buddy White Lesley Williford Alma Wood Tommy Wright n 2 K 1 1 V ' 1 Russell Adair Sandra Arnold Mary Lou Atkinson Barbara Autry Carolyn Autry Joyce Autry Marilyn Autry Virginia Lee Autry Donna Averitte Nancy Averitte Margaret Bain Horace Barefoot Wanda Baxley Junior Beal Cathy Beard Dennis Beard Judy Beard Lyn Beard Marvin Beard Bobby Beaver Sara Bedsole Jean Blackman Dwight Bradshaw Marlene Braswell Carl Brock Jack Brown Kenneth Buie Neal Bullard Murry Bullard Franklin Bullock Anita Bunce Sandy Bunce Gail Cain Sylvia Carter Charles Castle Theresa Cassity Herbie Chabot Becky Chason Jimmy Coleman Margaret Cooper Maurice Crumpler Linda Davis Sarah Davis Donna Denton Sharon Dodson William Dunham Judy Edge Diane Faircloth Ester Faircloth Joyce Faircloth Linda Faircloth Sylvia Faircloth Vickie Finocchi Rebecca Fisher William Fisher Bobby French Graham Fuller Rebecca Garrard James Gibson Alice Griffin Edgar Guin Elmer Guin Gail Guy Rudy Guy Ferman Hairr Betty Jo Hales Judy Hales Freddie Hall J. F. Hall Jeanne Hall Payton Hall Sue Hall James Hancock Robert Harris Ray Hobbs Mary Honeycutt Barbara Horne Gale Horne John Horne Kenneth Horne Larry Horne Martha Horne Mary Horne Sandra Horne Sharon Hudson Arnold Huffman Janice Humphreys Joe James Barbara Johnson Brenda Johnson Diane Johnson J. B. Johnson John Lee Johnson Kenneth C. Johnson Kenneth J. Johnson Richard Johnson Wayne Johnson Elaine Jones Nancy Jo Jones Jerry King Gloria Leach Gloria Lee Clifton Lockamy Frances Lockamy Fran Matthews Ronnie Matthews Dorothy Melvin Philip Melvin Allen McCarley Janet McCarley Doris McCu11en Darlena Mc Lamb Delton McLaurin H. D. McLaurin Charles Morris Donna Nicholes Howard Owen Annette Page Linda Page Jean Register a ,. t Q ,i z S m . rw - , -Sw ff. , .- fz ' 224:53 Gi., - 5 :tiara 5-1rg?1g,,g". f.,f:. 'f its-'--stgfv Q. , My ,. N we ' fr f is . -... ir. 1, ne w V ifs wl ,w 'J 5- rf f, new M : . ,- -- - it v 4- 5? ff? VZ was-.:: .,., , ,J , .Wm.,. .1-. :rf V . b , - . I 12,-5 --+4 ,W , f -3 1? 1 J L-If jfllfqfi 3: V, -1 A , J 5 ,Q Sr bm l ggi? l s '4 2 ,gif ., 5 J, 3298 , S 'ig , L-K 'Ss Z :iii ' l L 4 f Q25 ., z -1 -w. Mei, -wgwa 5 L 3 at if ggfzf fl 1' ,S , Y 1 , - s 5!P,gf'Y:ik 'Us M' 5, Frank Rernier Barbara Robinson Mitchell Simmons Diane Staton Carolyn Smith Harold Smith James Smith Johnny Smith Billie Starling Neal Stewart Shelton Stewart Ray Strickland Tommy Strickland G. C. Stump Peggy Stump Bryon Suggs Sandy Taylor Judy Tew Roy Thaggard Carolyn Thomas Chip Vinson James Vinson Macy Vinson Viola Vinson Richard Walden Gloria Waddell Donald Warren Braxton West Jean West Joe Westbrook Shelia Wood Cathy Woodcock Mary Worthington EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS PRESIDENTS Dwyane Murry Eddie Thomas Kenneth Hollingsworth Diane Taylor Alan Faircloth Kenneth Howard Ackerman Donald Adams Roger Adams Paul Alphin Joy Autry Katherine Averitte Kathy Diane Averitte Carolyn Bain John Balton Stacy Balton Bobby Beard Dwayne Beasley Allen Bedsole Kathy Bedsole Floyd Breshers Faye Brisson Connie Brock Edward Brock Benny Ray Bullard Sandra Brown Gwendolyn Bunce Thomas Bunce Clayton Cain Helen Cain Mickey Cannady Thomas Carter Jackie Carter Robert Carter EIGHTH GRADE 98 Gerald Cashwell Quentin Cashwell Ruben Cashwell Buddy Chason Lynette Core Harry Culbreth Thomas Dunham Mike Durako Clifton Dutter Nancy Edge Deborah Edwards Kenneth Elliott Allen Faircloth Carl Faircloth Charles Faircloth Elliott Lee Faircloth Jane Faircloth Janice Faircloth Mary Frances Faircloth Jimmy Fisher Sue Fisher Wilson Fisher Carol Ford J. W. Freeman Ray Fann Frankie Giles Junior Godbold Ginger Godbold Gail Guy Joan Hair Kay Hair Weldon Hair Dorthy Hales Dwight Hall Mitchell Hall Nancy Hall Patsy Hall Richard Hall Wade Hall Mary Sue Hamilton James Harris Roberta Harris Rowland Hayes Kenneth Holingsworth Katherine Holmes Jerry Holt Janet Faye Hood David Horne Greta Horne Judy Horne Linda Horne Michael Horne Paula Huggins Ronnie Hughes James Humphreys Fay Jackson EIGH TH GRADE 99 EIGHTH GRADE IOO Betty Johnson Carl Johnson Ronald Johnson William Johnson Joyce Jones Thurman Jones Gayle Jordon Billy Julian Rhonda King Frankie Kinlaw Dickie Kinlaw Bill Langley Herman Lockemy James Lockemy Donna McCall Ronald McCall Sue McCullen Shirley McLaurin Sandra Maxwell Lola Ann Melvin Earl Melvin Janice Mercer Ruth Mitchell Leonard Morgan Dwayne Murray Terry Howard Myers Diane Naylor Donnie Naylor Carolyn Nunnery Gayle Nunnery Kathy Nunne ry William Parker Eddie Perry Patsy Plyer Kirby Pugh Marie Royal Norman Russ Ann Simions Alice Smith Larry Bruce Smith Lynn Smith Johnny Smith Nancy Smith Ralph Smith Sandra Smith Alice Starling Curtis Starling Erline Starling Johnny Starling Ruby Starling Sandra Starling Diane Stewart Micheal Taft Barbara Tatem Whight Taylor Harvey Tendell EIGHTH GRADE lOl EIGHTH GRADE IN MEMORY Edward Thomas Judy Warren Donald West Jimmy West Daniel Williams Truman Wynn Tommy Yarborough Charles Young Douglas Faircloth Bobby McDonald Johnny Cashwell 102 fs ,g A ,x A if fs Rr fs rg A SENIOR STATISTICS ROBERT EDWARD ACKER Bus Driver: Substitute 354. DIANE E UNICE ALLEN Basketball 15253545 F.H.A. 15253545 Most Ath- letic 45 Monogram Club 25354. EVELYN DIANE ALPHIN Cheerleader 15253545 Monogram Club 3545 F. H.A. 15253545 Class Officer 4. MARSHALL BLACKMAN AUTRY Ag. 1,25 Football 152. MARY WESLEY AUTRY F.H.A. 1,2,3545 Beta Club 253545 Glee Club 3, 45 Wittiest 4. VIRGINIA DARE AVERITTE F.H.A. 152. LILLIE IRENE BEARD F.H.A. 15253545 Office Worker 45 Typing Award 3. DARREL LEONARD BENNETT Bus Driver 3,45 Ram Editor 45 Office Worker 4. JANET KAY BLAIR F.H.A. 25354 IOfficer 4Q5 Bus Driver 45 Office Worker 4. MARTHA ANN BLAIR Office Worker 4. BOBBY BLAKE Basketball 15 Baseball 15 Monogram Club 15 Bus Driver 152. DONALD EDWARD BR1ssoN F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. ANNIE MAE BROWN F.H.A. 152. DOROTHY LAMOUR BULLARD F.H.A. 1,25 Ram Staff 1. JOSEPH BULLARD F.F.A. 1,2,s,4. WILLIAM LACY BULLARD F.F.A. 15 Football 25 Basketball 15 Baseball 1. HAROLD LEE BUNCH Football 15253545 Baseball 15253545 Beta Club 253545 Most School Spirited 4. LINDA GREY BUNCH Beta Club 253545 Monogram Club 152535 "Miss Congeniality" 35 D.A.R. 4. BETTY LOUISE CAIN Annual Staff 35 F.H.A. 15253. ELMER CAPPS Baseball 152 5 Ram Staff 4. BETTY Lou CASHWELL F.H.A. 15253545 Ram Staff 3. BERNARD JOHN CARTER, JR. Baseball 15253545 Bus Driver 3545 Monogram Club 3545 Annual Staff 354. MARILYN DIANE CARTER Beta Club 2,3545 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4. PAUL MATTHEW CARTER F.F.A. 1,2,3. WANDA GAYLE CARTER F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Most Talented 45 Music 2,3,45 Award 25 Glee Club 4. JUDITH ANN COBLE Cheerleader 253,45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 fOfficer 415 Glee Club 45 Class Officer 1. JULIA LAMN COBLE F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Beta Club 2,3,45 Basketball 1, 2,3,45 Annual Staff 3,4. DONALD LOVE CULBRETH Beta Club 2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 "Mr. Senior Class" 45 Class Officer 2. DELLA GRACE DAVIS F.H.A. 1,2. BRE NDA FAYE DOWD F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Monogram 3,45 Cheerleader 2, 3,45 Glee Club 4. GLADYS JE AN DUNCAN F.H.A. 1. BILLY FLETCHER EDGE F.F.A. 3,4. WILLIAM OWEN EDGE F.F.A. 3,4. BESSIE MAE FAIRCLOTH F.H.A. 152. LEONARD EARNEST FAIRCLOTH Baseball 1,2. SAMMY RAY FAIRCLOTH Football 1,35 Glee Club 35 F.F.A. 1,2,35 Bus Driver 4. MARY CATHERINE FIELDS Junior Chorus fR.H.S.J5 F.H.A. 3,45 fStedrnanD. HELEN TROY FISHE R Basketball 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Annual Staff 4. MARGARET ANN FISHER Cheerleader 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 3,45 Monogram Club 3,45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4. ROBERT STANCIL FISHER Ram Staff 45 F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Office Worker 4. CHARLES ROBERT GAINEY Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Beta Club 2,3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,4. CHARLES THURMAN GARDNER Beta Club fOfficerJ 2,3,45 Glee Club COfficerl 3,45 Annual Staff 3,45 "Most Dependable" 4. CONNIE DIANNA GIBSON F.H.A. 3,4. LA NELL GRISSOM F.H.A. 15 "Most Courteous" 45 Glee Club 4. ROCHELL HAIRR F.H.A. 1,2535 Ram Staff 4. ELBRIDGE ALEX HALES F.F.A. COfficerD 1,2,3,4. JEFFREY LAWRENCE HALES F.F.A.1,2,3,4. CONNIE ELNIIRA HALL F.H.A. 1,z,3. ROBERT KEITH HALL F.F.A. 1,23 Bus Driver 3,4. Jo ANN HALL F.H.A. 1,2,3,4. MARTHA ANN HAMILTON Cheerleader 1,2,3,43 Glee Club 3,43 F.H.A. 1, 2,3,4 CReporter 453 Class Officer 3. JANICE LEE HOARD Glee Club 43 F.H.A. 1,23 Ram Staff 4. LEON JOSE PH HOBBS DONALD WAYNE HO RNE Beta Club 2,3,43 Marshal 33 Morehead Nomi- nee 4. EDWARD THURMAN HORNE F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. JOHNNY CURTIS HORNE F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. LLOYD PEYTON HORNE Beta Club 2,3,43 Football 2g Track 2. MARY CAROL HORNE F.H.A. 13 Ram Staff 3. RAYMOND KENNETH HORNE F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. ROLLAND WAYNE HORNE Football 3,43 Track 3,43 F.F.A. 13 Monogram Club 3,4. EVELYN HOUSE F.H.A. 1,2,3. JOHN WAYNE JOHNSON Class Officer 23 Class Officer 33 Monogram Club 1,25 Friendliest 4. TORRY MAYNARD JOHNSON Football 1,2,3,43Track l,2,3,43 Chief Marshal 33 Monogram Club 2,3,4. RUBY FAYE JONES Glee Club 43 Ram Staff 4g F.H.A. 4. THOMAS LAYTON KINLAW, JR. F.F.A. lg Baseball 1,23 Bus Driver 3,43 Ram Co-Editor 4. PAMELA EILE EN LE WIS Basketball 3,43 Monogram Club 1,2,3,4Q Ma- jorette 1,2,3,4Q Annual Staff 3,4. WILTON TAYLOR LEWIS F.F.A. Winner State Dairy Judging Contest lg National Dairy Judging Contest, Honorable Mention 23 F.F.A. Vice-President 3,43 Beta Club 2,3,4. ELIZABETH FAYE LOCKAMY F.H.A. 1,2,3,43 Junior Homemaker Degree 13 Chapter Degree 23 Class Play 3. PHILIP NEIL MCCALL Glee Club 3,4 fPresident 3,413 Annual Staff 3, 43 Most Talented 4. sHEL1A DIANE MATNEY F.H.A. 1,2,3,4. LOU MATTHEWS F.H.A. 1,2. 106 WILLIAM TERRY MELVIN F.F.A. 1,2,35Glee ciub 3,4. BRENDA SUE NUNNERY F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 4-H 1,25 Library I,3. EDDIE DWIGHT O'NE AL F.F.A. 1,25 Baseball 1,25 Basketball 25 Class Officer 3. IDA CAROL PLEASANTS F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Library 3. JAMES KEITH PUGH F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Basketball 15 Most Courteous 4. NAN HURLEY RAY Cheerleacler 2,3,45 Beta Club 2,3,45 Monogram Club 45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4. LILLIE MAE RILEY Ram Staff 4. JAMES WYMAN ROYAL F.F.A. 15 Basketball 1,25 Track 2. MARGARET ROSE ROYAL Beta Club 4 lVice-President 455 F.H.A. 3,4 CPresident 455 Glee Club 45 Miss Senior Class 4. LONZA RUDOLPII RUSS F.F.A. I,z. DAVID MACK SNIITH F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 COfficer 3,415 Beta Club 2,3,45 Bus Driver 4. JAMES RICHARD SMITH F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 fOfficer 3,425 Beta Club 2,3,45 Bus Driver 4. LILLIAN EVELYN SMITH Annual Staff 3,45 Ram Staff 3, F.H.A. 2,3,4. PAUL EUGENE SMITH Football 1,2,3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Basketball Score Keeper 2,3,4. NANCY OLIVER SPE LL Monogram Club 2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 F. H.A. 1,2,3,45 "Most Original" 4. JACKIE NORWOOD STEWART F.F.A. 15 Bus Driver 3,4. HELEN FRANCES STRICKLAND F.H.A. 1,25 Ram Staff 4. JOSEPH PATRICK STRICKLAND Football 1,25 Basketball 15 Baseball 1,2,3,45 F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. SANDRA JEAN STRICKLAND Basketball 15 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Homecoming Court 4. VIRGINIA LUETTA TOMAN F.H.A. I,2,3,4, Giee ciub s,4. HOWARD WEST Football 1,2,3,4 KCo-Captainlg Monogram Club 2,3,45 Beta Club 2,3,45 Most Athletic 4. ARTHUR FLOYD WEEKS Football 1,2,3,4 CCo-Captainlg Monogram Club 2,3,4 lPresidentD5 Senior Class President 4. JERRY RAY WOOD F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2. Compliments of MGDUNALD LUMBER CUMPANY D. K. TAYLUR 0IL U0., INC Distributor ESSO PRODUCTS CARRIER AIR CONDITIONER Phone He 3-3106 126 Cedar Creek Road 202 Cumberland Street Fayetteville, N. C. Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of Compliments of mms culwslw mtvlw M9 SL 0. UHEvROLET Con E. C. Jones, Mgr. Stedman, North Carolina Fayetteville, N. C. MIICCO CUNSTIIUCTIUN CIIMPANY, INC. Commercial Sz Residential Phone 432-5131 128 Drake St. Fayetteville, North Carolina A. R. HARRIS 8. SON Western Auto Sales Agency Roseboro, North Carolina ROSES Value Variety Free Local Delivery Eutaw Shopping Center Fayetteville, N. C. LQFAYETTE MOTOR SALES INC. FORDVILLE, U.s.A. Cumberland County's ONLY Authorized FORD DEALER 142 Pittman St. Robinson SL Russell Sts. Phone HE 27121--HU 41197 4411 Bragg Blvd. Hy. 87 at Spring Lake Compliments of G. T. Lewis, Agent STATE FARM INSURANCE CO'S. STATE FARM INSURANCE CO'S. 921 Bragg Boulevard Fayetteville, North Carolina Auto Phone: 485-3031 Life Fire AUTO GLASS CCMPANY Wholesale and Retail INSTALLED WHILE YOU WAIT "We handle insurance claims" Speedy Service 925 Bragg Boulevard Fayetteville, North Carolina Phone: 485-2131 AUTO GLASS UPHOLSTERY CCD. "Complete auto and furniture upholstery "We handle insurance claims" 923 Bragg Blvd. Fayetteville, North Carolina Phone: 48.4-6140 I Here's Why We Plan to Attend Business Classes ....... Today competition is Stiff! You must be prepared to qualify for good jobs. We know our training at WORTH'S will pay off in "cold cash." Then too as graduates we will receive WORTH'S free employment service. See you at WORTH'S?1 New Classes Start in June, Sept., Jan., and March WORTH BUSINESS COLLEGE Raymond Maxwell, President Phone HE 2-9154 Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of Compliments of JONES CHAINSAW COMPANY M. 8. O. CHEVROLET CO E. C. Jones, Mgr. Stedman, North Carolina Fayetteville, North Carolina 301 PURE SERVICE CENTER Road Service - Washing - Greasing Tires - Batteries - Accessories Open 24 Hours Dial HE 3-3404 407 N. Eastern Blvd. Fayetteville, N. C STEVE' S "The Tower in the Sky" "Zip Delivery" Bounce-A-Rama Gillespie St. Fayetteville, North Carolina LANGFORD'S, INC. 2731 Bragg Blvd. Fayetteville, North Carolina H. B. SMITH GROCERY Cedar Creek Road Philco and Niagnavox T.V. Groceries Meats Appliances Hardware General Merchandise H. V. CAIN office Phone HE 3-0401 FAYETTEVILLE MONUMENT WORKS Domestic Sz Imported Marbles Bronze Cemetery Memorials P.O. Box 172 Fayetteville, N. C. Home Phone 433-1818 Compliments of BUTLER'S FUNERAL HOME Roseboro, North Carolina "Service above self" STEDMAN NURSERY Box 125 Stedman, N. C. Phone HE 3-1756 Shrubbery, Plants, Azaleas Cut Flowers 8a Camellias Mr. Sz Mrs. Felton Jackson Owners and Operators SAM-DEE MOTOR COMPANY "For The Finest In New And Used Cars" P. O. Box 55 Roseboro, North Carolina Phone 525-5561 Fine Feminine Fashions Everything New and Desirable can always be found at . . . 'I' 8' M' GROCERY 806 Cedar Creek Road MISS VOUGE Fayetteville, N. C. Gas Groceries 112 Hay Street Fayetteville, N. C. Meats C0,,,,,,,,,,e,,fS of JANE'S BEAUTY SHOP "Y i ' dl h " COHAIR MOTOR COMPANY our men Y S op Equipped to render all your beauty needs Louise Bullard Peggy Horne Roseboro, Nl C. Jane Stallings Stedman, North Carolina FAYETTEVILLE TRACTOR 81 EQUIPMENT CO., INC. Ben Pearson Cotton Harvesters Akron Irrigation Systems Anchor Tobacco Curers 829 Gillespie St. Box 507 Telephone 432-4821 Ford Tractors Farming Impliments Fayetteville, North Carolina TOOD'S TIRE SERVICE 444 W. Russell Street Fayetteville, North Carolina Quality Recapping Fast Service Phone 433-3139 Compliments of I.. SMITH SUPPLY COMPANY MCFAYDEN MUSIC "Everything in Music Since 1923" HE3-3173 118 Hay Street Fayetteville, North Carolina BUNCE BROTHERS FARM Year-Round Seasonal Produce Packing-Double "B" Brand Fresh From the Farm Phone HE 2-5007 Stedman, North Carolina Compliments of FLElSHMAN'S BIG STORE 106 Hay Street Fayetteville, North Carolina Get Best For Less Shop S. H. KRESS 8. CO. Phone HE 3-3322 229 Hay Street Fayetteville, North Carolina 8. GROVE OPEN AIR MARKET Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Two Locations Cape Fear-Open Air Market Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of THE GLOBE 106 Person Street Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of J. Nl. NIATHES CDNIPANY, INC. Wholesale Distributors CIGARS - TOBACCO - CANDIES FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES, ETC. P. O. BOX 287 Phone 485-1123 927 Bragg Boulevard Fayetteville, N. C. PENNEY'S Always First Quality Fayetteville, North Carolina TUHNELL 81 NIURGAN PULPWUUD CNNIPANY E. C. Jones, Mgr. Phone HE 3-0777 HE 2-2 Compliments of RIJGERS AND BREEUE FUNERAL HUNIE Phone 141 22192 22113 123 Bow Street Fayetteville North Carolina MARILYN SHOES 134 Hay Street Fayetteville, N. C. CROSS CREEK SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 124 Anderson Street 1401 Morganton Road Fayetteville, N. C. GUY'S GARDEN SHOP AND Compliments of NURSERY Stedman, N. C, coRDER-vossLER Flowers, Seeds, Plants, Etc. CASHWELL Compliments of RED APPLE 1417 Clinton Road Fayetteville, North Carolina "SAVE WITH US" REFRIGERATION SERVICE Service Agency For Westinghouse Appliances Fedders Air Conditioners Philco-Bendix Appliances Phone HUdson 4-4043 3000 Bragg Blvd. Fayetteville, North Carolina IN iwhllllfg llllim Compliments of JIIIIESUE E0'I"I'0N EIIMPANY Everything for the Farm and House "Cash if you have it - Credit if you need it" Fayetteville, N. C. Stedman, N. C. Feed Dealer Fertilizers CUMBERLAND EAEMEIVS EXCHANGE 520 East Russell Street Phone HE 2-5 97 9 Fayetteville Ready to serve in all your beauty needs, BUNCE BEAUTY SHOP "On The Market Square" Head to Foot Outfitters for Men, Mrs Ann Bunce Women, and Children Dial HE 3-1713 101-103 Person Street Jefferson Street Fayetteville, N. C. Stedman, N. C. Phone HE 2-2806 Compliments of E. R. SIMMONS BUILDING CONTRACTOR STEDMAN GARMENT FACTORY INC. Manager: George M. Pope Rt. 5 Box 268 Fayetteville, N. C. Phone HE 3-2331 FAIRCLOTH MASONRY CONTRACTORS Rt. 4+5 Box 266-A Fayetteville, North Carolina Telephone HE 3-0739 COLE MILLING COMPANY Manufacturers of Poultry Mashes - Crumbles 8a Pellets Dairy, Dog-Hog-Rabbit Pellets Sz Horse Feed Bulk Feed Service Phone HE 3-2706 - 245 Alexander Street Fayetteville, North Carolina CAROLINA ARMATURE WORKS Electric Motor Specialists Dial 432-2109 806 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, N. C. PARALAND SERVICE STATION 901 Person St. Exp. Washing and Lubricating REMANT SHOP "Sew and Save" King Shopping Center Fayetteville, N. C. Compliments of MALON E'S . Factory Outlet King Shopping Center Bragg Blvd. Compliments of DOT'S BEAUTY NOOK Operator: Dorthy Faircloth W. D. FISHER'S STORE Cedar Creek Groceries Meats General Merchandise AVERITT 8. HALL GROCERY We Appreciate Your Patronage COME SEE US! LEE FUNERAL HOME HE 3-3127 343 Person St. Compliments of THE CAPITOL Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of ROSEBORO FERTILIZER CO., IN Roseboro, North Carolina HOBBIES, ARTS, 81 NEEDLECRAFTS 2628 Bragg Boulevard Eutaw Shopping Center Phone 485-2337 Compliments of HORNE'S JEWELERS 205 Hay Street Class Mate School Jewelry . charm rings . charm pendants . tie tacs-tie bars Fayetteville, N. C. TOMAN'S GROCERY Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Gulf Products Phone HE3-1979 Cedar Creek Road Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of TATUM BROTHERS E s so Service Station JEAN'S BEAUTY SALON 1329 Ramsey Street Phone HE 2-5029 Prices for Everyone Jean Allen, Owner Sz Stylist Member of N. C. Hair Fashion Committee Compliments of STEDMAN BARBER SHOP Owner SL Operator Fred Wells HAMONT GRILL VINSON 8a SONS Cotton Ginning and Farming Phone No. 2111 Autryville, North Carolina I. L. Vinson, Sr. I. L. Vinson, Jr. Herman Vinson ED FLEISHMAN 81 BRUTHERS 107 yS D ntown Sz I ly F y 11 N C Compliments of BANK 0F RIISEBURU Ros eboro North Carol' 0WEN'S PLUMBING HEDGEPETH SUPER MARKET U: G d h b 1 f SMITH-noums FEHTILIZERSI Agent: Joel F. Strickland Phone HE 2-3731 Stedman, North Carolina FAYETTEVILLE DRUG CIIMPANY 114 Gillespie St. 1201 Hay St. Dial HE-28181 Dial HE-31444 8 A. M. Til Midnite 9 A. M. Til 10 P. M. OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK Fast Delivery Service Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of J. A. SMITH GROCERY JEWEL BOX Route 5 Fayetteville, N. C. Groceries Meats Gene ral Merchandise Compliments of HOMEMAKERS FURNITURE and INTERIORS BRUCEIS GROCERY Carpet, Draperies and Accessories Decorating Service Stedman, North Carolina HOWARD AND HERRING Phone 4121 Roseboro, North Carolina Compliments of PEGGIE HALE SHOP 213 Hay Street Fayetteville, N. C. JOHNSON'S FLORIST Hwy. 24 Phone HE 2-6626 Stedman, North Carolina FURNITURE 8. EXCHANGE AND APPLIANCE 'next to central fire station' 157 Bow Street Fayetteville, N. C. OWEN AUTO SALES "Best Buy Automobiles" Phone 228-6 Roseboro, North Carolina Compliments of HOLT OIL CO., INC. Distributors of Cities Service Products "All Products for Farm and Home HOWARD 8. WHITAKER "Better Mens Wear" Eutaw Village Shopping Center Fayetteville, North Carolina Phone HU-4-3461 Compliments of STEDMAN FURNITURE Stedman, N. C. I Compliments of MacKETHAN 8. CO. Pharmacists "On the Square" Fayetteville, North Carolina KIMBRELL'S COLONIAL SHOP KIMBRELL'S EXCHANGE Compliments of CAIN'S BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOP Compliments of JERNIGAN 8g WARREN C. A. AVERITT N Mobil Gas - Oil Groceries-Meats-Fresh Fruits Vegetables, and Dairy Products Courteous, Friendly Service Seven to Nine - Six days a week Phone: HE 2-7740 Vander, North Carolina ROME'S JEWELERS, INC. Successors to Sterling Jewelers HE 2-5174 211 Hay Street Fayetteville, N. C. 8. W. AUTO SALES CO., INC. Phone 485-2133 210 Bragg Blvd. Fayetteville, N. C. "The Buick Corner" DICKINSON BUICK COMPANY Maiden Lane Sz Ray Avenue Fayetteville, North Carolina Telephone: HE-3-2111 DIXIE UIIAL 82 0IL EIIMPANY 401 W. Russell Street Fayetteville, N. C. 432-8433 FAYETTEVILLE WIIIILESALE IIIAILIIIIYG SUPPLY "Everything From the Tree to the Key" South's Largest P. O. Box 586 Fayetteville, N. C. Phone 485-1111 CAPE FEAR SUPPLY CIIMPAIYY The Building Center "Everything to Build Anything" 319 West Russell Street Fayetteville, N. C. HE-2-7167 National Adding Machines-Royfax Copying Machines - Royal Type- writers - Electric, Standard Sz Portable IIUIISIIIII TYPEWIIITEII CIIMPAIYY Sa1es-Service-Rentals-Supplies 901 Bragg Boulevard Fayetteville, N. C. Phone 485-3931 Quincy A. Hudson Sales Representative .n I 1 a 1 V B yt'

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