Stedman High School - Macofitz Yearbook (Stedman, NC)

 - Class of 1961

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Stedman High School - Macofitz Yearbook (Stedman, NC) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 124 of the 1961 volume:

- -1 ,.. , ,ph .X X ,,f,1f A. ,.,, "'9'fQ' D, , LJ-1, 4:-.. iff . F,-51 rw, :fu -' ' 'br -.-. iffx x .X X r-'S 4 A x - X X X X X X f f f M flflwizf Of X967 Pemzzfr... 1? :," wrawww ls Q S 3 Ngwfif' DEDICATION c We, the Seniors, of'1961, proudly dedicate the MACOFI'I'Z to Mrs. Irene B. Ave ritte. She has been a ve ry efficient and capable secretary and an outstanding friend to us. She has helped us inall of our school activities, urging us to greater heights of success. She will be long remembered by her winning smile, charming per- sonality, and her willingness to help a11'. We are honored to be able to dedicate the MACOFITZ of 1960- 1961 to Mrs. Irene B. Averitte. , 1 - F. D. Byrd Colmty Superintendent T. M.. Johnson District Principal mvl I Tmmo OFFICE SECRETARY Mrs. Irene B. Averitte PRINCIPAL Mr. E. F. Hubbard DIETITIAN Mrs. M. Averitt Mr. Hall Mrs Autr - Y Mr. Smith Miss Rogers Mrs. Sills Mr. Johnson Mr. Hubbard Mr. Sm ith Mr. Sylivant Mr. Gardner Mr. Yates Mr. Brock Mrs. Wells Miss Warlick Mrs. Wood Mrs. Cain Mr. Giddings Mrs . Graham Miss Hall Mrs. Johnson Mr. Mann Mrs. Freeman Mrs. Hubbard Mr. Jackson Mrs. Perry Miss Cleva Godwin Sunnyside School ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS Mrs. Ruth H. Murray Beaver Dam ,School Mr. T. D. Lancaster Cedar Creek School ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS 1 Mrs. Margaret V. Jaynes Stedman Elementary School 8 4 1 V L 535 S 22 2 CLASS HISTORY Inthefall of 1956, one hundred and fifty-four of us arrived at Stedman from Sunny- side, Cedar Creek, Beaver Dam, and Stedman elementary schools. We were wide-eyed, bewildered, and curious to know what the following year would hold for us. We soon learned that we would be the first to use a new system of changing classes, developed to better prepare eighth grade students for their high school routine. Our patient sponsors were Mr. Peele, Mr. Jones, and Miss Hall, and Mrs. Hubbard. We entered school the following fall as an "enlightened" group of one hundred and twenty-six freshmen. We found high school activities exciting and different from any- thing we had known. Our sponsors were Mr. Catlett, Mr. Jones, and Mrs. Piland, and Miss Harrington. The class elected the following as officers: President, Wayne Barefoot, Vice-President, Stacy Harris, Secretary, Reba Bullard, and Treasurer, Ted Autry. We had an enjoyable trip to White Lake at the end of our freshman year. The fall of 1958, found us, a group of one hundred and seventeen better prepared students, looking forward to our coming sophomore year. We met our class sponsors who were Mr. Yates, Mr. Giddings, Mr. Cherry, and Mr. Catlett. We soon had a class meeting and elected Jean Strickland, President, Wayne Barefoot, Vice-President, Ava Nunnery, Secretaryg Louise Autry, Treasurer. We were very happy to see thirteen of our students become Beta Club members. We began our Junior year in the fall of 1959, with an enrollment of one hundred students. We elected Tommy Lewis, President, Wayne Barefoot, Vice-President, Ava Nunnery, Secretary, and Lavetta Strickland, Treasurer. Our sponsors were Mrs. Autry, Mrs. Cain, and Mr. Sylivant. We sponsored the hilarious Donkey Basketball Game and the Womanless Pageant as our fund raising projects along with the Junior Play, "No Boys Allowed". Some of the class members were honored that year in the following ways: Kay Jackson was chosen F.H.A. Sweetheart, Iris Hall was chosen F.F. A. Chapter Sweetheart, and Bobby Averitt was chosen F.H.A. Chapter King. Seven of our class members were chosen for the Macofitz staff. We were honored to have Ava Nunnery, Carol Ann Vinson, Betty Williams, Annette Bunce, Jean Strickland, Lavetta Strickland, Mary Ours, and the chiefs Amelia Mozingo, Wayne Barefoot, and Tommy Lewis as marshals. The outstanding event of our Junior year was the Junior and Senior Prom. We chose as our theme, "Life In the Old South." The big day finally arrived. We entered Stedman School this past fall, Seniors at last. We were very excited to receive our class rings a few days later. We elected Jimmy Carter, President, A.J. Jordon, Vice-President, Becky Faircloth, Secretary, Glenda Gillis, Treasurer. We chose Helen Gillis and David Horne as our mascots. Our sponsors were Mrs. Sills, Mrs. Wells, and Mr. Smith. We dedicated our annual to Mrs. Averitt, school secretary. As the Senior year progresses we look forward with mixed emotions to the experience of attending the Junior-Senior Prom as guests. At the close of this year many of us will part company but the memories we have made as a class will always linger in our hearts. Respectfully submitted, Glenda Gillis Tommy Lewis Kay Jackson Jimmy Carter IO K K -w11..,L X F K ,,a.:efiz?eew',-fleets l 5 2 ' -81'f7.LV'5 IS:-'ffl IVV 7 K 51 :54:13 4:55 fnrvfiilz W-1.U,.m:f m,:gg7:,: S 3 i,,QM,,,.q,i.,7,...i 14 . ,, gf S K Q? ffp ' jf,-f,gf,,:11 5311. if 1 , .W -aims gg, g.,,,.- ,Z-z,,.,:, , 2 , i w Z.: 5 ..:4,:A'4 54" 1q7 7s93f? :fe ia.: K' be-"EVIL Lf?"' ' w::g'11. 3953! : 1 Mir f HF" .111-,. wa 95' -LSLYTN .sfo ', f - ' F Jw? ull, :..i- ..,-f. ,: w:f.wz5.if,-L, A ,g,-up ::'-I. , P ,K '- 3 ' , .V .355 S 3.5355 H . ix, ww , K 'fl' a- ' K X , ' :wwf ' :Hi E:iX'1'5'-2552? L' ,.i .. , ' L, ,.., . ,. .,.., A J,,f,..,,1,- S f,-Wifi ' Q 7 4wFfmHEIif'fiiw'f"I!'Ef',2"5, HTH'5?Q7E-W7 -- 7- ,--Q,k,.u:'..-'ixrgzwfgy -.'.,,1qi..r.,,-.zi .Q-1 A gm 15, A- if N :,,.2f',sQ2a1:",,,sQ -as fv .ff.fif.:n.ggw..e.2e2fv.u L ,. Q Q ,..,h ef .W-..1,i,-..V,i 3 - ,.qw,,. 5 ... ,. ,if -- 7 U K rr I, S x X Er S L 2 2 an U , K 8:5 B ., Q S51 fx Q :K K Lfllx 5 ex! 52,51 , wif J 2 S , 'f'-Hi' 2 u Wy or .S S , L M is ,X H , if ' K Q SWG is S X was gi W g K vim 44,5515 SL QM 2 5 ..+, - 3233 5 L ug J S 352-gifidiffff izjgixevigfgllif bigi fi' N S as . - S .. .,,. ..:, , r ey . . . , qifigk3gg?g5, , , X H: 557215295 5. 75 U Yisinlz i 5 i2'.flQszg5P?'gmP2?,1?z55" .-13 K . Mr. Smith ASCOT Mrs. Sills A . Mrs. Wells Helen Gillis David Horne Jimmy Autry Louise Autry 2: 1 I hx N 'u fx N K W gl 1 hr- li,- vl I Q' I I Y TED AUTRY THOMAS BAREFOOT 51 5, , x x EC yx H T 4 x g W N mfg 1 3: -r. 'lib' N BOBBY AVERITTE EMILY BEANEY 12 N1 EI , x N zz ,N X O X4 X " N xW 'N "Q 1. WAYNE BAREFOOT DAVID BASS S .. ,--:N xl 'I H X ix N Q18 A3 ' f -Iwi ,..- TOMMY BEARD DOUGLAS BULLARD JOEY BEDSOLE EMILY BULLARD I3 BARBARA BRIGGS L. C. BULLARD 51 ez 153 X 1: ,N X :W X I V :ig fx '. V Q-1' I r JANNIE BULLARD NANCY BUCKMAN UL m if' V, 'V -'N 4 5 N Ml 1 1 f I Ib -lx--' V, I JEWELL BULLARD ANNETTE BUNCE I4 Q V .1 7 x ' '91 XX X sa Jx S 3 xw N x1k 1 X S -11 Y MAXINE BULLARD VERLYN BUNCE TOMMY CANNON OTTIS CARTER I5 H. P. CARTER BONNIE COOK L' I 'X U x r 1 V N J! P 1 I 5 - x A4-' f, I I ,H CHARLES CORE JOE EDGE S .45 Xl H X 1 x ,N iff 3 ,- hr, 1.1- ,X I . J ANNIE DAVIS BARBARA FAIRCLOTH I6 .. i H. .. w N X A' 'n Xa 1 x s W P xii 3 IX 1 Q PATSY DAVIS BECKY FAIRCLOTH -1 IW X ,. N 1 OLX N 1 s W N xig 1 ,j':', ' DORTHORY FAIRCLOTH HELEN FISHER I7 HELEN FAIRCLOTH W. K. FREEMAN 51 if , s 11 ,N x 264 x S, 3 W H Q 1 .. -:- V s " 'I I S nil wx WAYNE GUIN MARY ALICE HAIRR 51 ff, 3 X 2: xv F44 .: Y X ,N :ff 3 , V. 1 li, -I ' Q GLE NDA GIL LIS ORVIS HAITHC OCK I8 K Z! H I X is N ilfw Jw ' X:',. '1 , 1' DOUGLAS HAHN PLATO HAITHCOCK in K W LN , m sf W B fu if., 5 WAYNE HALES LENNON HALL I9 DORCAS HALL LACY HARRIS S S I Iix 11 yx H Lx N 3 g W N Us r.. 4. dba" su N Z: K x -N x x R N ,1 -H 1 ,, STACY HARRIS JERRY HORNE N1 1 W - 3: Ny 1 ELWOOD HOUSE LATHA HORNE xxx A zo I I K V .. I y N H H 4 x s W N '-'Q 1 .. V' s" 'I I A. L. HORNE ROLAND HORNE 1 B SUDDIE HUBBARD A. J. J ORDON MARTHA HUBBARD J IMMIE JACKSON BARBARA HUFFMAN KAY JACKSON 51 NAIWN .. , X x x 21 X Q 6 z: L X ,N if C w at I -If -' 1 I 51 vs! X mx 5 .. N 4 xix ,N in W .l CY, 4. ,, , w LILMA JACKSON ANN KINLAW R. L. JONES TOMMY LEWIS .1 N1 iw sn S .. N X 6 :ix ,N xp w 'K 1.1. .A X-. Q 'I I LARRY KENYON THERSA MAXWELL 22 51 if , N N 11 xx X 6 Q, W w 5 K I I. .5 -lj!" Q " DIANE MCKENZIE ERNEST ME LVIN DONALD MC LAMB CATHERINE MORGAN 23 SANDRA MCLEOD AME LIA MOZINGO I f:,Wx 1: ,N S N 1: 4 x IN K 7 N ds , -f- V' s 'I I JESSE SIMMONS WALTER PINTER 31 if I X N 1: ,X X T64 x " N xp 'N SKX4' lk A"'I I s AVA G. NUNNERY SHIRLEY RUSS 24 51 2: I .W X .: N 1 H Lx EN x W N "Q 1.. x s' 'I I SANDRA PARRISH MATTIE GAY SIMMONS JOHN DENNIS STARLING MACRICE SUGGS 25 JEAN STRICKLAND FRANCES TEW , up X 6 T 4 x s W W UQ 1 -3. 'lib' 5 I CAROL ANN VINSON BETTY G. WEST 51 1g,xs X x: ,N 264 x x W W UQ 1... PAT WARREN MARY RUTH WEST 26 31 1: , 'W N 1: xx X H 4 x S W W QQ , In Xq. su 'I I J. L. WEATHINGTON MARTHA WESTBROOK I U HW A 1 J x " 4 x W ki ' 1 Q. s 'I I NANCY WHITE DANNY YARBOROUGH BETTY WILLIAMS JIMMY BLAKE fTif5?fiWY'm?fifsi5f5'S,f1 ?K'51iii51,m?.w5, he WE iffi 'iniilflbfii' 'fi fsgfiiiif fiii' E5 fiwifiihiiii 'ii if ii 371555 NW ISWYNLSE I5Q5?gggggg'igjgQf'25jf5gf:, ., ww fKf,-w-fv,+f3:- QS,-w--AFX, 255 1 Q ,fwf1ws,,,.A ,,,,,e.,,,. 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Wayne Guin, will my love for Stedman girls to Jerry Bennett. Mary West, will my ability to run red lights on Sunday to Judy Strickland. I, H.P. Carter, leave my love for Salemburg to Sammy Godbold. Nancy Buckman, leave my love for Algebra II. to Barbara Beard. Emily Beaney,wi1l my love for souped-up cars to Marie Beaney. I, Ernest Melvin, leave my love for reading to Rufus Peters. I, Ava Nunnery, will my ability to go steady to Shirly Jones. Bobby Averitt, will my "53" Plymouth to Horace Graham. Sandra McLeod, will my love to Larry Hall. I, Helen Fisher, will my love for typing to Ruth Grisson. I, Barbara Faircloth, leave my battered-up bus to whoever can drive it between the ditches, like I haven't done. I, Jimmy Jackson, will my ability to annoy teachers to David Culbreth. I, Joey Bedsole, will my good times on bus 1416 to Kathy Pugh. Mattie Simmons, leave my love for sacred music and Journalism to Bob Simmons. A.J. Jordan, will my ability to pass a football to Ruben Mozingo. I, Amelia Mozingo, leave my school bus and its memories to Brenda Whitaker. I, Bobby McLaurin, will my old English book to the school. I, R.L. Jones, will all the good times of marriage to Hilda Melvin. I, Tommy Cannon, will my basketball skill to Johnny Grimes. I, William Bunce, will my crazy driving to Roddy Bullard. I, Sandra Parrish, will my love for majorette to Betty Jean Owens. I, Nancy White, will my love for Cedar Creek boys to Jean Atkinson. I, Betty Williams, will my annual staff position to Judy Smith. I, Verlyn Bunce, leave my ability to play football to James Starling. I, Thomas Barefoot, will my good grades in Bookkeeping to Betty Lockemy. I, Jean Strickland, will my half of our horse to my sister Kay. I, Catherine Morgan, will my love for "Fords" to Wayne Andrews. I, Diane McKenzie, will to Fay Carter to finish high school. W.K. Freeman, will my most happy years at Stedman to Lunette Bullock. Annette Bunce, will my speedy driving to Sue McDonald. I, Jimmy Carter, will my love of football to Lyndon Brown. Ottis Carter, will my reckless car to Eddie Durako. Tommy Beard, leave my bus to Paul Rollins. I, Mary Alice Hair, will my love for typing to Sandra Thompson. I, Jerry Horne, leave my great knowledge of Electronics and Science to Billy Kenyon. Ann Kinlaw, will my love for English IV. to Robert James. Betty West, leave my ability to travel on May-Pop-Tires to Joyce Russ. I, Dorthy Faircloth, will my love for Bever Dam to Edith Dobson. I, Kay Jackson, leave my expensive love, candy, to Sadie Lockamy. I, Francis Tew, leave my sweet smile to Gerld Horne. I, Douglas Hahn, leave my love for souped up cars to William Blackman, Buddy Edwards, and Nixon Spell. I, Donald McLamb, leave my love for the navy to Roger Carter, Jimmy Hatem, and Andrew Johnson. I, Jimmy Autry, leave my position as F.F.A. President to Bob Simmons. I, Ted Autry, will my built to Ronald Duke. L L L L L L L L L L L L L L 28 AST WILL A D TESTAME T L L L L L L L L L L L L David Bass, leave my quiet ways to Helen Faircloth, and Bea Matthews. A.L. Horne, leave my love to Carolyn Honrne. Walter Pinter, leave my love for Stedman School to Wayne Nunnery, Grace Lockamy, and Ronny Autry. Barbara Briggs, leave my petite ways to Lee Lavendar. Lacy Harris, leave my love for boots to Martha Barefoot. Orvis Haithcock and Plato Haithcock, leave my long names to James Johnson, and L.B. Lockamy. Bonnie Cook, will my love for English IV to Helen Tew. Donald Ray Faircloth, will my love for planes and photography to James Sy1iva.nt. Charles Core, will my beat up bus to Lattie Horne. . Lilma Jackson, will my love for Roseboro boys to Carol Smith. Maxine Bullard, will my last name to Grace Smith. Emily Bullard, will my seat in English to Mary Elnor Horne. I, Maurice Suggs, will my love for "60" Buicks and English to Marshall Bailey. I, Jannie Davis, will my love for Massey Hill to Larry Davis, just to keep it in the family. I, Iris Hall, leave my ability to type to Dianna Tart. L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L Wyman Faircloth, leave my love for Mr. Mann to Joe Propst. Barbara Huffman, leave my position as chief -cheerleader to anyone with a good pair of lungs. Carol Vinson, will my love for music to Joey Warfel and Annette Hales. Glenda Hales, will my love for my '59 Ford to Joel Autry, Billy Nunnery, and Robert Verrier. Stacy Harris, will my ability to drive a school bus to J .C. Hoard. Lennon Hall, will my Old-Doat to Leslie Hall. Martha Hubbard,will my desire to finish school and not get married to Alice Canady. Elwood House, will my shortness to Tommy Hair. Jewell Bullard, will my happy marriage to Judy Harris Briggs. Rowland Horne, will my ability to play fullback to George Holland. Robecca Faircloth, will my title as Happy-G0-Lucky to Clarance Hall. Sudie Hubbard, will my love for chemistry to Joe Wiggins. Teresa Maxwell, leave my ability to get along with people to Jack Faircloth. Glenda Gillis, leave my love for "ice eating" to Judy Allen. Wayne Barefoot, will my ability to stay "on the go" 18 hours a day to Ralph Miller. Patsy Davis, leave my desire to finish school to Mary Nunnery. Louise Autry, will my last name to Lois Jackson. Tommy Lewis, leave my love for girls with lovely hair and fast driving to Billy Hatem. Latha Horne, leave my ability to get along with teachers to Floyd Acker. Lavetta Strickland, leave my office as F.H.A. Treasurer to anyone who deserved it. Pat Warren, will my ability to act to Linda Overlee, Fay Hall, and Dorthy Faye Hall. John D. Startlin, will my love for anything to Robert Duke. Danny Hohnson and Stanley Willis,will our ability to get along with teachers to George Blair. Jessie Simmons and L.C. Bullard, will our on-the-go ways to Curtis Cash. Joe Edge, will my brain to Charles McLaurin. Faye Smith, will my love to help Miss Rogers to Leona. Hair. J.L. Weathington, will my love for Senior Parties to Douglas Hollingsworth. Douglas Bullard, will my love for geometry to Jimmy Sanderson. Danny Yarborough, leave my love for Vander to Wayne Andrews. Shirley Russ, will my honor as F.F.A. Sweetheart to Jean Ovens. Mattie Simmons Glenda Hales Pat Warren Carol Ann Vinson Nixon and Kennedy 29 SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY One rainy day in 1960, with nothing to do but to amuse ourselves as best we could, we visited an old "Mechanic's Workshop". The proprietor told us to browse around and to make ourselves at home. Surely enough, we had a brain-storm and invented a "Time Machine". While pondering over our new machine, someone accidentally pushed the wrong button. The machine began to vibrate and away we went to the year of 1971. Now here we were with no way to return as of yet. But to further our amusement and yours, let us tell you of the unusual things we saw around us. We landed in what is now a huge metropolis, which we knew as Stedman. To the left of us we saw what the people here called an "Aero- mobile". The familiar face driving it is our old classmate, Ottis Carter, inventor of it. Jerry Horne, Douglas Hahn, and Tommy Lewis are all drivers in the "Stedman 500". As we were now at the race, other classmates of ours, Danny Johnson and A.J. Jordan, were announcing the race-drivers, Ted Autry, J .L. Weathington, Charles Core, Thomas Barefoot, Nixon Spell, and Theresa Maxwell. Taking pictures of the line-up were our old chums, Donald Faircloth and Walter Pinter. Then around us everyone stood to see the accident that had just happened on the track. An ambulance arrived and we looked closer to see the familiar faces of Rowland Horne and Jimmy Jackson, who invited us to go with them to see the new hospital at Stedman. We accepted, and among the first cheery faces we saw were Barbara Faircloth and Joey Bedsole, head nurses. We were over-joyed to see them, and they were taking us now on a personal tour of the hospital. As we rounded the corner we bumped into young doctors Wayne Hales, Stacy Harris, and John D. Starling. In their offices were: Sudie Hubbard, Sandra McLeod, Louise Autry, Pat Warren, Maxine Bullard, Ernest Melvin, and Wyman Faircloth. They invited us in to see Dr. Amelia Mozingo, head psychiatrist. Inthe children'sward,we saw Barbara Huffman, R.N. She took us in to see Martha Hubbard and Sandra Parrish, who were x-ray technicians, and Carol Vinson, head of the pharmacy department. Then she walked us to the elevator where we saw thefamiliar face of the elevator boy, W.K. Freeman. Walking out the door we glanced at the receptions desk and saw the following busy at work: Dorcas Hall, Lilma Jackson, Faye Smith, Mary Hairr, Emily Bullard and Glenda Hales. They told us that the two famous baseball players, Donald McLamb and Danny Yarborough, were recuperating from a minor accident there. As we got into the taxi, our driver was Leroy Horne. He took us to the hotel owned by Plato Haithcock. His business managers were: Wayne Guin, Douglas Bullard, Joe Edge, and Helen Faircloth. Next door is a business building owned by Nancy White, famous journalist. Employed here as lawyers were: H.P. Carter, Jimmy Carter, Elwood House, andJimmy Blake. Private secretaries were: Bonnie Cook, Iris Hall, Jannie Davis, Diane McKenzie, Catherine Morgan, Jewell Bullard, Jannie Bullard, Ann Kinlaw, Betty West and Helen Fisher. Meanwhile, back at the hotel, the following people have checked in: Betty Williams and Annette Bunce, missionaries, Wayne Barefoot, Minister, Becky Faircloth and Tommy Cannon, Naval officers, R.L. Jones and L.C. Bullard, Air Force members, Orvis Haithcock, Army Sergeant, Ronny Autry, pilot, Barbara Briggs, Emily Beany, Mattie Simmons, Stewardesses. Businessmen here were: Maurice Suggs, owner of Ford Motor Co., Verlyn Bunce, clothes pin factory ovmer, Tommy Beard, A Kz P Chain Store owner CTommy's managers were: Meat Dept., Jessie Simmons, Produce Dept., Jimmy Autry J. Glenda Gillis, teacher, hadjust returnedfrom Hawaii and told us of friends there. On the desk we see the local newspaper whose main attraction to us was the Society Column which contained the following names: Bobby Averitte, owner of Marilyn Shoe Store, Lacy Harris, electronics engineer, David Bass, astronomer, Dorothy Faircloth and Frances Tew, beauticians, Kay Jackson, recording star, and Shirley Russ, model. Newlyweds include: Patsy Davis, Martha Westbrook, Ava Nunnery. The following boys heard of our famous "Time Machine", and came to tell us that they had invented a part that would speed us back to the present: Lennon Hall, Latha Horne, William Bunce, and Stanley Willis. It was indeed wonderful to see all of our friends in the future, but now we must leave. Our last glances were of our beloved sponsors of 1961: Mrs. Charlotte Sills, Mrs. Patricia Wells, and Mr. Manroe Smith. We push a button, the vibrating begins, and we are on our way back to the present. Witnesses: Senior Prophets: I. M. Aliar Barbara Huffman U. R. Too Sandra Parrish Yull B. Sorry Amelia Mozingo 30 i f ? 2 Q ,Q f 2 f 5 ii 5 , 2 Q Miss Barbara Warlick Mr. Leonard Mann Floyd Acker Judy Allen Wayne Andrews Jean Atkinson Joel Autry Ronnie Autry Mrs. Rebecca Cain X Marshall Bailey Barbara Baker Martha Barefoot Marie Beany Barbara Beard Jerry Bennett William Blackman George Blair Judy Briggs Lyndon Brown Roddy Bullard Faye Bullock Alice Canady Faye Carter Roger Carter Curtis Cash David Culbreth Larry Davis Edith Dobson Robert Duke Ronald Duke Eddie Durako Helen Faircloth S . Jack Faircloth Mary Fisher Sammy Godbold Horace Graham Johnny Grimes Ruth Grissom Leona Hair Annette Hales Clarence Hall Faye Hall Larry Hall Leslie Hall Billy Hatem Jimmy Hatem J .C. Hoard George Holland Doug Hollingsworth Carol Horne Gerald Horne Mary Horne Ruthie Horne Lois Jackson Robert James Bee Mathews Sue McDonald Charles McLaren Hilda Melvin Reuben Mozingo Billy Nunnery Mary Nunnery Rowan Nunnery Wayne Nunnery Linda Overby Betty Jean Owen Rufus Peters Andrew Johnson James Johnson Jo Ann Johnson Mary Alice Johnson Shirley Jones Billy Kenyon Lee Lavender Betty Lockamy Grace Lockamy L. B. Lockamy Sadie Lockarny Joe Propst Kathy Pugh Paul Rollins Joyce Russ Jimmy Sanderson Bob Simmons Carol Smith Judy Smith Grace Smith Nixon Spell Charles Starling James K. Starling Curtis Stewart James Sylivant Judy Strickland Kay Strickland Diane Tart Helen Tew Sandra Thompson Robert Verrier Joey Warfel Brenda Whitaker Joe Wiggins s ! 5 ? ' 1 3 , E, 2, , gy Q, L 4 I 2, 21 Mr. A. Giddings Mr Leon Brock Miss Linda Rogers Mr Hunter Yates Carol Albertson Annie Autry Carolyn Autry Marilyn Autry Roland Bass Tony Bass Bobby Beard Jimmy Beard Burwood B easley James Beasley Donnie Braswell Elaine Buie Kathy Bulla Barbara Bunce Winfred Bunce Jesse Bullard Kirby Bullard Catharine Byrd Becky Cain Sammy Cain Bracky Carter Dennie Carter Edna Carter Faye Cashwell Linda Davis J oe Dowd Bobby Edge Linda Edge Catherine Faircloth Donald Faircloth Ester Faircloth Millard Faircloth Virginia Faircloth Gene Fisher Robert Fisher Kirt Flannigan Jean Flannigan Becky Freeman Violet Geddie Jerry Gillis Steve Graham Ruth Guin Harlan Haywood Joe Harris Dale Harrell Nina Hall Mary Hall Linda Hall Joanne Hall Charlie Hall Betty Hall Anita Hall Donald Hales Wayne Haire Audrey Hales Erness Haire Elizabeth Haire Marsha Hahn Bill Guy Fay Hines Linda Hollingsworth Barbara Horne Judy Horne Mitchell Horne Brenda Horne Evelyn House Peggy Hubbard Frances Hughes Linda Hyatt Linda Jackson Susie James Barbara Johnson B etsy Johns on B obby Johnson Tommy Johns on Gayle Kinlaw Pat Leach Kay Ledbetter David Mattews Rebecca McAlpin Jerry McCall Wayne McDonald Larry McKeathen Ann McKnight Bormie Miller Patricia Moseley Andrew Nichols George Oke Doris Parker Benny Person Rod Ricks Shirley Riley Leroy Robinson Lulu Sessoms Harold Shirley Dorthy Skinner Carolyn Sp ell Robert Starling Gary Strickland Leonard Suggs Joyce Tew Betty Vinson Freddie Wilson Ray Wright Betty Yarbough mr , . W, W Q if si-iivy S912 ' 25 sm Rafi? . 15154-ii'ff f- M' if l 5 as 5, ffgfwz ESHME D13.I'L d1th Coble Mr. L. K. Sylivant Mr. Carroll J 12:5192igzgfwzlfikfilgQ Vfffffl .Q525-iffl?Qf5jf3jJf!iigj5Qf515i1 ZEZE51 :p,",z'f3i.m1ag: 3242254wfiziswfz- 52ig53525:,n3ei.'!25fH:J5aagffj2f5'o .Vw 5, qlgwi -gf,v2x.L,-.W ,1.f...ll .ffl 1 ,H T .Q .i.11,,l5,:2v,n,'an-,fff':f-.4L-5, Ap1U,:4,sf.w.1.-f,.f',:4x.f+sv,xfrw fn, U z ",,'fkal-wi,f.g,,H,',f,s .W xv,-'Q V -- - sl, 2s.w,lf,l pls-s,m',: . .. -ww-M Y .H - , , s HS, l ymifdiz'!,l'.3?,f'xfp1f2,:f I- 1,-ff' ,- 's,,1s,f,..,.r,54,,,1,-l,,.f1 ackson . ,,ms-'f'f1?tfs::, in u,-fm f ,,,.3, .1 ,,.,, ,V 'xl-Mmgv, ww, :ww,,s,'su+W-,f, en' ,fl .L in ill-L,.Wg,1,ff 3 7,4 lam, X 7 ,IMZJEWQXmf,-q,, fQ-45,621.7 sw,11,w, 4 fn F, ww. ne: ,f :mf wi S , ,L vw Ln . ,Wlwv-iflsw,m.U,f',x-,,f,, A ' is Ni: 5'eyAfLilqfjvQf,w7eif.K'.125s,,-,gSgL,"xf'g, . fig , lffE J.iJ . 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My fini pil We it Fl it E fa li -g, f,fi":'. -, 5n.'s::'- - . ii! 'Ei L Z s k 2Z 'M e ,,2f517 f,if53ZZl,5lI-QZMW in Pg, iiiw fq a n in il lmui,an1mMaTi,w tfusqlm, mar Bobby Autry Junior Autry Mary Autry Angela Averitte Thelma Averitte Virginia Averitte Joe Baker Irene Beard E. C. Beard Darrell Bennett Janet Blair Martha Blair Author Boone Wayne Braswell Donald Brisson William Bullard Harold Bullard Dorthy Bullard Phylis Bulla Harrel Bunce Linda Bunce Dwanda Bass Roger Burgett Betty Cain Elmer Capps Diane Carter Jimmy Carter Paul Carter Wanda Carter Betty Cashwell Judith Coble Julia Coble David Collier Linda Cook Barbara Cox Donald Culbreth Julia Culbreth Della Grace Davis Donald Davis Ted Davis Wayne Davis Brenda Dowd Maxine Downing Gladys Jean Dunca Billy Edge Besse Faircloth Leonard Faircloth Sammy Faircloth Ann Fisher Clara Fisher Helen Fisher Rachel Freeman Virginia Freeman Charly Gainey Charles Gardner Lanell Grissom Margaret Guin Mavis Hair Rochelle Hair Abe Hales Lawrance Hales Peggy Hales Sylvia Hales Connie Hall I1 Jo Ann Hall Keith Hall Martha Hamilton Patricia Helms Cynthia Hines Janice Hoard Bill Horne Carol Horne Donald Horne Edward Horne Eva Kate Horne James David Horne Johnny Horne Raymond Horne Wayne Horne Tommy House Robert Jackson Ruby Jones Torry Johnson Wayne Johnson Tommy Kinlaw Pamela Lewis Wilton Lewis Faye Lockamy Pat Long Wayne Morgan Lou Matthews Patsy Matthews Shelia Matney Glen Maxwell Delanda McLanb Philip McCall Emily McLaurin Edith Melvin Letrisha Melvin Terry Melvin Brenda Nunnery Charles Nunnery Eddie O'nei1 Eugene Overbee Mary E. Parker Carol Pleasant Jimmy Pugh Nan Ray Lillie Mae Riley James Royal Margaret Royal Rudolph Russ Bonnie Sessoms Gary Sessoms Dicky Smith Lee Smith Nancy Spell Helen Strickland Pat Strickland Sandra Strickland Jack Stuart Michael Sutton LaRue Walden Arthur Weeks Howard West Jerry Wood Kenyon Woody x wi . M,-vu ., wig? -my M-, f 4-sa! giirf f if R52 - A 554, . 'K 1 gi if waz sf-2: iffixegf . ' f mg, Z? F54 ' is , m Qs, N Lillian Adams A LVVLL 1ff,?jg-,iwggffg'giizmzrjg 1f-13,155,225'zwgzlr' ,, , lllG:'lzi'PffIf'Jilliffsi25'EW5Ysg5'HsiK' a g, ff150121-'zfff, "f3wg..:ifrS . . m g . vf:,'x:'wl .X-Kiwi f522Q5lr1f2g4'zf'gngi 5155322216-flzfE5, 1, 572351554EHfii1fil6l2?Eg.fsl f L5 25i?'52E55f155965-viii' ifsllzwmlbl f W iffl2IWf?'f.IMKQ1 W. 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Smith Mrs. Roberta Hall Mrs. Hubbard Mr. Gardner J oyc e Joanne Virginia Marie Charlotte Adc OX Alb e rts on Ammons Arthur Atkins on Autry 48 lst Row Don Autry Elaine Autry Karen Averitte Franklin Averitte Ruth Bailey Ray Bass Marsha Beard 2nd Row 3rd Row Ronnie Beard William Bradshaw Elizabeth Beasley Patricia Britt Larry Beaswell Jimmy Buie Horace Bedsole Doris Bullard Jimmy Bedsole Edgar Bullard William Belk Judy Bullard Ronald Bonne Margaret Bullard 5th Row Joyce Cannady Michel Carter Bob Carter Lee Castle David Carter Ronald Coleman Patsy Cook 49 4th Row Carol Bunce Virgil Bunce Andy Cain Beverly Cain Charlotte Cain Dorothy Cain James Cannady lst Row 2nd Row 3rd Row Tommy Cooper Sue Faircloth -1- n - e Sandra Currie Wanda Faircloth Milton Daves William Faircloth Ja - uy Elbert Edge David Fisher Becky Hall David Everette Linda Fisher Carver Hall Fleckson Faircloth Doug Freeman Gloria Hales Ray Faircloth Charles Forehay James Hall 5th Row Harlon Hardeson Elaine Horne Gene Harris John Horne Grace Horne Mickey Horne Patsy Horne so 4th Row Judy Hall Linda Hales Marvin Hall Percy Hall Sue Hall Tommy Hall Sarah Hariss lst Row 2nd Row 3rd Row Elsie House Ronnie Kirby Charlotte Melvin Johnny Hubbard Ervin Kivett David Melvin James Jackson Wanda Matthews Jack Melvin Carl Johnson Kenneth Lockamy Winfred Mercer Wanda Jones Frances Matthews Tommy Mosley Bobby Jordan Kenneth Mathes Connie McCall Arm Kennedy Pat Mathes Lola McCormick 5th Row Patricia Page Ricky Ricks Jean Peters Ronnie Ratclif Sandra Pollock Carol Riley Leroy Rouse 51 4th Row Bobby McDonald Gayle McDonald Donna McLaurin Peggy Naylor Oppie Lou Nicklos Sam Nunnery William Nunnery lst Row Mary Rouse Gail Smith Glenda Smith I. W. Smith Judy Smith Margaret Smith Dana Shirley 2nd Row 3rd Row Shirley Skinner Virginia Starling Linda Sneeden Bruce Stevens Howard Sparkman Martha Stewart Bobby Starling Annette Strickland James Starling Jimmy Strickland Rebecca Starling Johnny Strickland Tommy Starling Larry Taylor 5th Row Billy West Hilma Williford O. G. West Sherrill Woodcock Sarah Westbrook Nancy Wynn Peggy Yarborough 52 4th Row Jane Taylor David Tatum Joe Townsend Richard Verrier Randel Vinson Wanda Watson Daniel Weathington HUF! Mary R. West Latha Horne HER looks .... . . HIS charms. . . . . THEIR pleasing features BEST LOOKING .1 S -s .XII 3 HER ready answers .... HIS quickness to reply . . . THEIR 'eagerness of expression WITTIEST X I 5 L 3 F Joey Bedsole J. L. Weathington HER w1II1ngness to help HIS kmdness to try THEIR outlook toward life MOST HAPPY GO-LUCKY HER fr1end1y smile . . HIS fmendly Ways . . THEIR frlendly attitude toward everyone . . FRIENDLIEST Becky Faircloth Ted Autry y Betty Williams L. C. Bullard HER ability to do HIS ambitions THEIR desire to "get ahead" MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED HER ability to sew HIS pride in his clothing THEIR neatness of appearance BEST DRESSED Amelia Mozingo Wayne Barefoot Nancy White Donald Faircloth HER playing . . HIS scoring . . THEIR love of sports MOST ATHLETIC HER ability to play HIS rhythm .... THEIR love of music MOST MUSICAL Barbara Faircloth Verlyn Bunce Dot Faircloth Thomas Barefoot HER ability to do things HIS ability to get ahead THEIR co-operativeness BEST ALL AROUND HER trustworthiness HIS st eadfastness THEIR reliability MOST DEPENDABLE Sandra McLeod Bobby Averitte Barbara Huffman Jimmy Carter HER ab111ty to design HIS or1g1na11ty THEIR creativeness MOST ORIGINAL HER enthusiasm HIS aggressiveness THEIR desire to better this school MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Jewell Bullard David Bass CLASS COLORS CLASS FLOWER BLUE Sz WHITE DOGWOOD 60 "lf a task is once begun Never leave it 'till it's done Be the labor great or small Do it well or not at al1." CLASS MOTTO 61 Sponsor Mrs. R. Cain Typ1ng Ed. Art Ed. Ph0i1OgI' Jean Strickland Kay JaCkS011 DOna1d Sports Ed. Jimmy Carter Jr. Advertising Ed. Sandra Thompson Betty Williams Ass' t Editor Advertising Ed. Glenda Gillis 62 Business Mgr. Circulation Mgr. Jr. Art Ed. Tommy Lewis Annette Bunce Robert James . Editor Jr. Business Mgr. Judy Smith Wayne Barefoot Jr. Photographer James Sylivant is ji as ,, X Z Q Jr. Typing Ed. Kay Strickland 63 Jr. Sports Ed. Lyndon Brown Junior Ed. Joey Warfel RAM STAFF Managing Editor Bob Simmons Assistant Editors Glenda Gillis Glenda Hales Financial Secretary Iris Hall S T A F F Carol Vinson Sandra Thompson Diana Tart Mattie Simmons Sue McDonald Jimmy Jackson Barbara Huffman Sudie Hubbard Stacy Harris Lennon Hall Audrey Hales Annette Hales Helen Faircloth Donald Faircloth Sammy Cain Barbara Beard Wayne Barefoot Jimmy Autry SPONSOR Mrs. Cain s1,,'51,-f'1.,11-- 1 - if iiliif' - FK' 1111111 15155 " V 9 1-11 -3515, ,-1 -,J 1,11 'mv 1 1 '--Y1'Wf- z1191,1,1'x X' X 52115, 152 1 Sim' -V4 'IE M, V, X , 1, 11 , , . 1 Q '1E3zW5m WSW' 1sf?5E3fQj e.- :' fM,,:,: ,,,13,.,., , WE, .,, ,V,giff,Q1y -1:5 ,131 ,,, -I 7,1 Y 159,259-22, I , Q' 7-? ,GYM WSQ5-Izf'." 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GFI-TCER an Q vm H n 1 Y M 5215110 X QQ 4 by 2-Q W , A A 41, K ,k,, 71, It ,355 i 5355 , .w,,,.,fg,,,,V1 ,W 55,5 V,igg,,3, 5, Y Y M3 My qw X Q N 1 37,3 4 , g f 'lf iii-,:?ia,fi':,qz'f:i,,f3: . 2f,5,,111i -f -A212 i 1 .f'52'f ,a,gf Q ,,g,f3v ,J ,',Q,a-,,,, .f 1, 1,115-Ang: H ,yy ff- . .w,1,,i: ,wg :7,i:,1,":g,5ff-fry, ,mf 1,-,Q .1 ga , 1-1,-,gf -, .,,1s.,1,,,,,,-- ff'f,,:f,' f, .. ,Q ,f.,f:f,.,'"1:,,-,m'.,':A,wf.,wi - Q-fn . ne,w.1Htg:.m fm -' "1gafpg.1,'2',f ww L, .S 1'-i.,,azg:iL,1f1f sz, Vs 21:4 ' W' f ' - ,Qi :nl My 1 ,Q 1 if ,Qui ,- ,,,,,,,,,, V--1-gi: WWf','f,,:,fyg:fw f-,angv,m,1,,i,fig,gg,1Mwif -. .. , . .amz -ytQ',132,15i'-Em,ev . f::i2,2',? MA N ? F25 : ,,:i:,:1' Q wk I-1346, -, fa, ,,'f4,g:'f:'agf'Ay'emenv?' , f 1 223321 ' N ,wgfjiffgf,M,Q,Q,1,,,5' w f'iglgzg.H,3' 92251, ?1fi3Q2i3i31Sii1nyfHi?mj54i'2"egg M,g:,W,gg,1f1g, .w,m-2-,.f11S'5'31if:' yr?1fy,a,g,,,M,-7,5,,z,1,wr .f I 221, ya .- wx 1 wi mizimfw 1'fif5f1'i-'-,-i'. ' ' - ' f. 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Jordon A ,, 1 i i' 4 Q, - A115 X nv, . 4 3 , .wx W .K 3. .ur ,W ,..,X X Q. . w.,.,' . .,,. .6 , , ., -. , .qswiyu na .,"hwxr'91w ..?4 -A M. .ea , V. .rv ,.,.e'azf:.u..,-, M ,www- E . . Wm' na - Q. -Q 9 ml N .war an 5 wayww wwf wg. fl ,QW . ' A 4 . KS Y 4 . w -N ' A Q' Q . M Wg . S + A wi ' K' MU 4 Q. fa - rs na 1 M. .. .w w 15Wnw.y.?f' 5 RNS.. Q N N? ' wa 3. u me WQQQQQ AWE' 4. M ...x Y , 1' h"' 1 Treasurer Jimmy Carter Barbara Huffman President 72 BUS DRIVERS CAFETERIA WORKERS OFFICE WORKERS .Wm AW AAx.,,,,.. N ,,., Nm, -,,X.. M,.,,.,..xwAwW.M..f.:uw,fM.wWNwwwgwf3fkmwrsmfswmyfww:zwmezaw.-kuwwwwagwwwsasmmmmyxmmawwwwifweifmmzusmm-7Awwwuaxwmwmwwmmwwwmwswwfaga+wr4mmffQmafia::em ',..- ,me:sxmuw,ikwmm,5f4gss1fssgwzmwuwzxzwwgmgewfzawkf, E 000 HALLOWEEN PRINCE Sz PRINCESS MUSIC CLASS Instructor--Mrs. B. T. Williams HALLOWEEN KING Sz QUEEN HALLOWEEN JR. PRINCE Sz PRINCESS 90000 KX. 40600 I i l 6 a Y ,,.t..........,,n., iw.. ...ig umnmmqwwunv- ff x nuilnivnnanwa-rf '1u1llul3 K QS wg f if Mr. S. R. Hall Mr. Leon Brock, Jr. Linda Hall Sammy Cain Kenyon Woody Linda Hyatt M E R S Roger Burgett E Varsity CHEERLEADERS Stedman 2 Seventy- First 0 Stedman 1 Wake Forest 26 Stedman Elizabethtown 6 Stedman Clinton 27 Stedman Raeford 35 Co- Captain A.- J. Jordan VARSITY Graduate Starting Line-Up 82 FOOTBALL Lettermen Stedman 20 Dunn 27 Stedman 19 Ros eboro O Stedman 28 Tabor City 20 Stedman 0 Massey Hill 0 Stedman 7 Chadb ourn 12 Co- Captain Bobby Averitte 83 Junior Varsity Football Varsity BASKETBALL J.V. BASKETBALL TRACK BASKETBALL GIRLS Danny J ohndon Verlyn Bunce t A. J. Jordon 4 Danny Yarborough V . ,.,.,, ,A ..,.,5,,,..1,1 V L1 'fg,w:af:,'fe g 1,1 1 V Vywi' - n,g.s,:qf lpn: gig-S f EW!! ,EY ' 'LQ,5li'h.3S"iii" fV . -.,2f'f,fw,.,f ,, , igfzli'1n.,,., Q2 '5,5:5,5 ,,.1,,g jW.V.,.f-VV-.lm.1 . f.?.if15n'. . .,.,L ,,i S, xL,,,..A ,.k, , ,K .A f,..5,,,.. f"zs'.,m.,,x2-si iif3!ai Vi!?igi'5i5ii?T5: w2:fV2ff i',s-y,fQgs,-'J ' 7 W1lf1i?5fQ?e"izizizafrigt :gf.f',g,z 2-Sei Sw, tgaEaiig'535'E gz J',iiE,25gge,1,e'.2,4i2,?i "Hi i,e?2iQiiE45 i3E55iL?f EQSWQVI ', :gi idhifbikiigyi 32125: ., V-'fn rx,.!lx'iiWg7iU,iEilijf9 st'm2'31Q1fi,'friiia -liglf1g'gig+gf2.,1',S i, I L' f'Kf'fi1i'ff 5swsVE51fE.f Hifi? 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M S l..5gf. f 1.552555 gl . M . 1 :"' its My W V H .- El: 63352252 ' ' , .'Vf,igi .33-' 'T My s Curtis Cash Tony Bass Donald Hales ,vi E .E E I ,E V is . ,iafftigigif 'Y new sig? tif . M5225 . .Vx ., gggt, 55225, X H .n wiv 1 K l in 'tin 2 f is Q v-111541 Kfff E Lai 7 '- L' 1 5251 155 2. fsiaiig get sinffiw Eg sm si V NEW itil? at in ff M 551 595 421,558 E! 'Riff gig sgzefw k hg W5 sis ming Bobby Averitt Bobby Johnson ' William Blackman Dennis Carter l96Q ASEB LL T AM SCHEDULE Tar Heel White Oak Pine Forest Central Gray' S Creek Massey Hill White Oak Seventy First Central Stedman Stedman Stedman Stedman Stedman Stedman Stedman Stedman Stedman Coach Leon Brock SCHEDULE Clinton Pine Forest Dunn Seventy First Massey Hill Gray's Creek Clinton Tar Heel Dunn The 1960 baseball team was District 2 champions. They were also county runners-up to Central. The biggest highlight of the season was when Jimmy 1ZekeJ Thompson pitched a no-hit, no-run game over arch-rival Massey Hill. Congratulations boys! l BAND Stedman High School is proud to have one of the first and finest bands in Cumberland County. Under the capable direction of Mr. Angelo Capparella, the Band has grown and is continuing to grow. This new extra-curricular activity provides valuable knowledge, as well as pleasure to the students who participate. The members of the Band have en- joyed the opportunities of the Band greatly. 88 mvmr sfnfnns .1 W 913 W COLE MILLING CUMPANY Manufacturers of Cole's 'Best Flour - New Delight Flour Cole's Feed - You' - Need Feed Crumbles Pellets Poultry Mashes - Dairy, Dog, Hog, Rabbit Pellets 8: Horse Feed, Crumbles Phone HE 3-2706 245 Alexander Street Fayetteville, North Carolina HIGHLAND LUMBER COMPANY Lumber and Building Supplies Phone HE 3-3191 325 Blount Street Fayetteville, North Carolina FIRST CITIZENS BANK 8. TRUST COMPANY Complete Banking Service Member FDIC Roseboro, North Carolina LAFAYETTE MOTOR SALES Fordville, U. S. A. Cumberland County's Only Authorized FORD Dealer FAYETTEVILLE FLORAL CO Phone HE 2-3603 809 'Person Street Fayetteville, North Carolina Congratulations Seniors G.T. LEWIS INSURANCE AUTO - LIFE - FIRE Representing State Farm Mutual Insurance Companies Telephone HE 22776 771 Bragg Boulevard Fayetteville, North Carolina C""'PU""'m of Fashions for the young. . . and young of heart. W. C. AVERITTE MISS VQGUE v. c. FERTILIZERS 112' Hay Street , Fayettevllle, North Carol1na Get Best For Less C,,,,p1i,,,,,.,, of Shop BUTLER FUNERAL HOME S' H' KRE55 8' co' Carmen Butler, Manager Phone HE 3-3322 229 Hay Street 2563 Phone 2481 Fayetteville, North Carolina Rogeboro, Ngrth Carolina Compliments of SUNNYSIDE OIL CO. Stedman, North Carolina Compliments of Compliments of C. 8. S. BARBER SHOP THE SCOTTISH BANK MclAURIN'S FOOD CENTER T. C. McLaurin, Prop. "We Appreciate Your Patronage" Phone: HE -2-5282 - R.F.D. 42, Box 453 Located at Vander, North Carolina SOUTHERN NATIONAl BANK Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of Southern National Bank Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 214 Hay Street XBQHQHQH dale .. r 1 " E' . -- - "" I" , HAY s'r. um. fo FRANKLIN ST. ,I H ml..,llmlLIlmmlIm FAYETFEVILLE- N- C- lUl?Iil. ... ..,. ,.,Hu '51, snow: Mon. nm. -rnuns. 9 0 mo, rm, 9 to v sn 9 fo 5, mon: ns 1.1m Feed Dealer Fertilizers CUMBERLAND FARMER'S EXCHANGE 520 East Russell Street Phone HE 2-5979 Fayetteville Compliments of WILLIAMS OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. ' Q M E B I A l E K l -- non. new mums. 9 no sm. rn. 9 wt sn. o Q. 4. X PHONE NE 2-1Il6 FAYETTIVILLE, N. C i For Fine Furniture Dial HE 3-4837 Compliments of HOME MAKERS GALLERY 125 Franklin Street Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of I THE , X Tgr. OP omg or ultok FAYETTEVIL 5105125 -'R 1 , N .NASD Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of HOLMES ELECTRIC Stedman, North Carolina. Compliments of Your Friendly Theatre CAROLINA THEATRE Hay Street Fayetteville, North Carolina I. L. VINSON 8s SONS Cotton Ginning and Farming Phone No. 2111 Autryville, North Carolina. ' I. L. Vinson, Sr. I. L. Vinson, Jr. Herman Vinson I X H:- fr: 1- Home Federal Savings and Loan Association Two Loculions o 211 Green Street o 3107 Racford Road Compliments of Compliments of WEST LUMBER 8. BOX CO. P. O. BOX 870 GULFPRIDE SERVICENTER Fayetteville, North Carolina FAYETTEVILLE DRUG CO. 114 Gillespie st. 1201 Hay St- Dial HE -28181 Dial HE -31444 8 A. M. Til Midnne 9 A.M. Til 10 P.M OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK Fast Delivery Service Fayetteville, North Carolina P. O. Box 531 Phone HE 3-3284 THE MASTER EXTERMINATORS Rats -Mice -Roaches-Fly Control Termite Control Let Us Handle Your Troublesg Free Inspection 111 E. Russell Street Fayetteville, North Carolina B 8. GROVE OPEN AIR MARKET Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Two Locations Cape Fear -Open Air Market Fayetteville, North Carolina BRANCH BANKING 8. TRUST COMPANY YOU have friends at Branch Banking 81 Trust Company Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of SHERIFF CLARK Compliments of GULFPRIDE SERVICE CENTER Complete Auto Service Phone HU 4-9271 Tommy Bullard 5329 Murchison Rd. Compliments of FLOORLAND INC. Armstrong Flooring Hdq. 4 Doors From Square HE 3-2885 108 Person St. Compliments of HORNE'S GROCERY Roy Horne Proprietor Route 5 Fayetteville, North Carolina We wish to thank those who so graciously made donations, clearing space for other items. The Annual Staff OTHER PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Kerby A. Jackson Mrs. Joye Graham Southern Bakeries, Inc. Unique Cleaners Martins Jewelers Inc. Davis T.V. 8: Appliance Center Maxine Bullard Cumberland Products Company Top Photo Henebry's of Fayetteville, Inc. Piner's Phillips "66" Service Mathews Pharmacy G. R. Hutchinson, Sr. Southern Photo Print Sz Supply Company East Fayetteville Grocery General Line Service Company Mavis Hair Auto Upholstery Company Hewett and Brown Jeff's Place Cape Fear Drug Company New Classes Start in June, Sept., Jan., and March Here's Why We Plan To Attend Business Classes ........ Today competition is Stiff! You must be prepared to qualify for good jobs. We know our training at WORTH'S will pay off in "cold Cash". Then too as graduates we will receive WORTH'S free employment service. See you at WORTH'S?! WORTH BUSINESS CCLLEGE Phone HE 2-9154 Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of TART'S RADIO 8. T. V. Phones HU 4-1462 HU 4-2434 4026 Bragg Blvd Fayetteville, North Carolina Currie Blue Blazes Gas Cooking - Water and Home Heating CURRIE COAL CO. Dial HE 2-5121 Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of SMlTH'S GROCERY Stedman, North Carolina PARALAND SERVICE STATION Wash Job Lubrication 31.50 , 31.50 Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of FLEISHMAN'S BIG STORE 106 Hay Street Fayetteville, North Carolina HAMONT ALTERATION SHOP Name Brand Fabrics Only Specializing in Dressmaking Alterations-Tailoring Owner: Mrs. Thelma Sanderson Phone HU 4-7950 1308 Morganton Road S T E V E' S "The tower in the sky" Steve's Drive -In Steve's Silver Diner "Zip Delivery" Curb Service - Dining Room Free Home Delivery BOUNCE -A-RAMA "l6" TRAMPOLINES HE 3 -3657 Gillespie St. Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of HOLT OIL CO. INC. Distributors of CITIES SERVICE PRODUCTS "All Products for Farm and Home" Compliments of YARBOROUGH MOTOR CO. HORN E'S MARKET 457 Person Street Fayetteville, North Carolina GLENN NET BERR U HEATING C.0M.RANy,,co,oLmoi PENNY'S Always Fir st Quality Fayetteville , North Carolina STRICKLAN D'S PORTION PAK 2016 Sapona Road Distributors of HENDERSON'S INSTITUTIONAL MEATS AND SEAFOODS "No Boning, No Trimming" The World Famous Kar -Cord Muffler AUTO MUFFLER SHOP 332 Franklin Street Complete Brake Service Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of WILLIFORD AND PERSONS COLONIAL ICE COMPANY HE 3-0400 436 Rowan Street Fayetteville, North Carolina COAL CHARCOAL BLAKE'S RECAPPING SERVICE Phone 5384 Salemburg, North Carolina Compliments of W. L. SMITH SUPPLY 125 Drake St. Fayetteville, North Carolina J. J. WIGGIN'S TEXACO GAS-OIL Groceries, Meats, Vegetables and Dairy Products "Courteous, Friendly Service" Autryville , North Carolina I SOUTH LAND Furniture Upholstery Company Jim Rice, Mgr. Phone HE 2-8427 P. O. Box 92 Old Dunn Rd. Fayetteville, North Carolina A. P. Simmons, Owner FAYETTEVILLE MILLWORK COMPANY "If its made of wood We make it" Phone No. 27940 Washington Street Fayetteville, North Carolina HUCKABEE GROCERY Theo. Huckabee, Prop. Groceries-Gas -Oil 1303 Clinton Road Fayetteville , North Carolina HE2 Compliments of ROGERS AND BREECE FUNERAL HOME Phone -2141 22192 22113 123 Bow Street Fayetteville, North Carolina DICKENSON 'BUICK Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of SMITH REALTY Fayetteville, North Carolina DR. W. B. WHITEHEAD OPTOMETRIST Phone HE 2-5623 459 Hay Street Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of STEDMAN GARAGE Phone HE. 3-1036 Stedman, North Carolina Compliments of HAIGH AND HOLLAND, AGENTS RENTALS, INSURANCE 8: REAL ESTATE FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA T AND H BRAKE SERVICE Sales Service Phone HE 2-3193 129 Dunn Road Fayetteville, North Carolina HUBBARD REALTY AND CONST. CO. Rentals and Insurance HU 4-1121 F. A. Hubbard - HU 4-7209 C. R. Forsyth - HE 3-1329 Tola Bldg. Fayetteville, North Carolina H. R. HAIRE PLUMBING CO Complete Bath and Kitchens Easy Terms HE 3-2121 361 Winslow Street Fayetteville, North Carolina Congratulations, Seniors! GIBSON'S ESSO "Happy Motoring" Stedman, North Carolina Radio Station WFAI 1230 on your Dial WIDE AWAKE 24 Hours A Day Serving Fayetteville and Fort Bragg, North Carolina Compliments of PARKER HOUSE 'OF MUSIC Compliments of VANDER BARBER SHOP EPS, om AUTO GLASS CO. Installed While You Wait W H dl 1 Cl Ph HE 28131 HE 28132 925B ggls 1 d Fytr ll N thc 1 FIRTT.T'.T s-s-s-s-s-s-s- -s-s-s-SPARKLE1 H Have a Coke! f 1 'lgi 211 2 1 '221 1112 1 j l K HHHH 1 12H 211l112l M mum fl H XX MOONLITE DRIVE-IN Q YQ, up Hwy. 24 R IT-f L 4 M FRI Wi E5 MGH ENDL1 Phone fre e HE 2-3807 CHARLES HAIGH HARDWARE INC. Sporting Goods - Paints Boats and Motors Phone HE 2-3345 Corner of Franklin 8: Donaldson Sts. Fayetteville, North Carolina D. L. BUNCE PRODUCE Year -Round Seasonal Produce Packing - Double "B" Brand Fresh From The Farm Paul L. Bunce - Dearl L. Bunce Phone HE 3-0767 Stedman, North Carolina Compliments of F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 423 Hay St. Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of LEE 8. MACINTYRE FUNERAL HOME 343 Person Street - P.O. Box 222 Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of J. C. PENNY 8. CO. Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of MacKETHAN 8. CO. Pharmacists "On the Square" Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments ol STEDMAN BEAUTY SHOP Stedman, North Carolina Rugs Carpets SOUTHERN INTERIORS The key to gracious living Julian G. Olive Hemlock 2-4745 329 Person St. Fayetteville, North Carolina CASHWELL REFRIGERATION SERVICE Service Agency for: Westinghouse Appliances Fedders Air Conditioners Philco -Bendix Appliances Phone HUdson 4-4043 3015 Sigman St. Fayetteville, North Carolina JAY'S JEWELERS Select your: China, Crystal, and Silver Convenient Credit Terms Clinton, North Carolina WESTERN AUTO The Family Store Auto Parts 8: Accessories Sporting Good's Appliances Across From the Court House 9 S117 f I I ML- D. G. LAUNDRY 81 CLEANERS Rs DF msrlNcTl0N , - E 0 Fl-ow Fast Reliable Service 3306 Raeford Rd, Phone HU 4-4161 214 person Street Fayetteville, North Carolina Fayetteville, North Carolina - Complete Beauty Service vs Mvir PERSON STREET BEAUTY SHOPPE Mrs. Velva Cannady Dial HE 2-6675 333 Person St. Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of U. S. MILITARY STORE Phone HE 2 -9642 449 Hay Street Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of QUEEN CITY TRAILWAYS Compliments of FAYETTEVILLE TRAILER REPAIR Also Cabinets and Store Fixtures Complete Trailer Repair Service Phone: HE 2-9616 125 Dunn Road Fayetteville, North Carolina. Compliments of Compliments of PAUL J. MAXWELL CO. CAIN'S BARBER AND BEAUTY Hardware and Pittsburg Paints SHOP Dial HE 2-3366 109 Person Street Fayetteville, North Carolina COHARIE MOTOR CO. INC. Bowl with your friends at li, B 8. B BOWLING LANES C H EVRO ' ' Your Brunswick Equipped Center Sales f fp ll Service Special Rates to Junior Bowlers P. R. Vann HU 4-5178 Roseboro, North Carolina 3003 Ft. Bragg Rd. Fayetteville I . MAUTLSBY BROS. ESSO SERVICENTER HE 3-2632 454 Hay Street Compliments of HORN E'S JEWELERS Diamonds By Keepsake 8z Prism-Lite Watches By Bulova - Elgin - Hamilton Fayetteville, North Carolina R. L. PITTMAN INVESTME N INC. Offices in Grace Pittman Building Fayetteville, North Carolina TS, Congratulations Seniors STEDMAN BARBER SHOP Fred Wells, Barber Stedman, North Carolina UNITED FINANCE CO. Low Cost Auto Loans Financing and Refinancing 1316 Bragg Blvd. Next to WFLB Fayetteville, North Carolina KlMBRELL'S Now Two Stores to Serve You. 120 Person Street 220 Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of BENDERS DRUG STORE WORTH PRINTING CO. If lt's Worth Printing. . . 'Worth Should Print It" Phone HE 2-8101 Worth Building 121 Gillespie Street Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of JOHNSON'S BARBER SHOP Owned and Operated by S. M. Horne Fayetteville, North Carolina YARBOROUGH MOTOR CO Dodge -Dart-Lancer MGA and Austin Healey Fayetteville, North Carolina W. E. SMITH MOVING COMPANY U. S. Van Lines Inc. Agents for Coast-to-Coast HE 2-6105 385 Winslow Street Fayetteville, North Carolina HERNDON BROS. TEXACO Dial HE 2-5135 710 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, North Carolina Compliments of GAINEY SERVICE STATION Compliments ol J. B. POLK Gas-Oil-Tires-Tubes Washing-Greasing Stedman, North Carolina Sum! ah ' fella APPAREL D. K. TAYLOR OIL CO. Distributor Fl.ElsHMAN's STYLE sHoPs Where Fashion Meets Your Budget Phone He 3-3106 114 Hay su-eer 3430 Bragg Bivd 202 Cumberland Street HE 3-3123 HU 4-3265 Fayetteville, North Carolina . . Fayetteville, North Carolina National Batteries K. W. CARTER, DISTRIBUTOR HE 3-1754 Route 2, Box 209 Fayetteville, North Carolina B AND H DEPT. STORE 116 Person Street The Store Bargains Built .SE Compliments of KENNEDY CASH GROCERY Route 1 Stedman, North Carolina Compliments of RAINBOW RESTAURANT 223 Hay Street, Fayetteville TART 8. WEST, DRUGGISTS The Rexall Store Established 1908 Roseboro, North Carolina T. ANDREW JOHNSON'S FRUIT STAND Fresh Fruits Vegetables Direct from Grower to You HE 2-3624 720 Person Street Fayetteville, North Carolina RAMSEY ST. TASTEE FREEZ AND GRILL Serving Short Orders Sandwiches and delicious soft Serve Cream Open Year Round Compliments of 301 TRUCK STOP, INC. 24 hour Wrecker Service HE 3-0303 CROSS CREEK BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Current Dividend 495 Established 1905 124 Anderson Street Fayetteville, North Carolina CAROLINA ARMATURE WORKS Electric Motor Repairing 806 Ramsey Street Fayetteville, North Carolina C. A. AVERITT Mobil Gas - Oil Groceries-Meats-Fresh Fruits Vegetables, and Dairy Products Courteous, Friendly Service Seven to Nine - Six days a Week Phone: HE 2-7740 Vander, North Carolina KING'S BEAUTY SALON Creations of Lovely Beauty BY Mr. Marion D. King and Staff Lafayette Hotel HE 3-2630 Compliments of THE CAROLINA SODA SHOPPE 441 Hay St. Fayetteville, North Carolina VEMCO MUSIC CO., INC. 534 Hay Street Fayetteville, North Carolina NICK'S GROCERY After you've tried the rest, try the best Stedman, North Carolina Compliments of McDONALD MOTOR CO. Dial HE 3-1186 Eastern Boulevard at Truck Stop Fayetteville, North Carolina MECCO CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. r Commercial 8: Residential Phone HE 30521 - 112 Robeson Street Fayetteville, North Carolina ROYAL FUNERAL HOME Clinton, North Carolina 24-Hour Ambulance Service Ambulance Equipped with Oxygen 8z Air Condition THE FAYETTEVILLE OBSERVER North Carolina's Oldest Newspaper Established 1817 Phone HE 2-4161 512 Hay St. Fayetteville, North Carolina AYCOCK GAS SERVICE Bottle Gas and Major Appliances Central Duet Heating Sz Cooking Contract Work-Gas 8: Electric Systems 233 Franklin Street lJOHNSON'S FLORIST 8. NURSERY Delivery Service Phone HE 2-6626 Stedman, North Carolina smmmn sooA SHORPE Good Food Good Service Meet the gang here Stedman, North Carolina. ,N- ,-2. ,. Qi . 4, .J 'fn 1 5' , 73 , Y n u 4 ..,,-ff, fa- , -3147 ' ' -T fl' , . C! 2 tm 1 f x 11 .+ f ' k ., . xi... X., sk ...X f f xl I xr X 'Ji i Y Xp ,H xlx -, -fx QQ: ,XS .x K ,N'r' ,,-. gt

Suggestions in the Stedman High School - Macofitz Yearbook (Stedman, NC) collection:

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Stedman High School - Macofitz Yearbook (Stedman, NC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Stedman High School - Macofitz Yearbook (Stedman, NC) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Stedman High School - Macofitz Yearbook (Stedman, NC) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 75

1961, pg 75

Stedman High School - Macofitz Yearbook (Stedman, NC) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 90

1961, pg 90

Stedman High School - Macofitz Yearbook (Stedman, NC) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 56

1961, pg 56

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