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Nihigqgzxbwm- lcioncri xi C sraA.rzwi?fiE.: H SCHOOI 4 Ml ML. Ill! Il 'F , n A wmfm-Q QI -.U nl 2'-l If ,N ga: 45 l,, .fi Q2 6 . W'-?..-gf ll ,Z7 t t warg flung, i iiw-Q is u gmgmf f 7 A 21115 n time io gl mm aww My nuker ilge he mmm: Ettleii mf-R5 Sis n1'n5?1Eigl1 Stlynol 2HHilli1wthe1,lfHaim Chaperoning a Prom 4 ima 4 II ififunur WILLIAM W. HALE, Superintendent Words came hard when we tried to describe the great career of Mr Hale In his full and fruitful years as superintendent of the area s schools, he has dedicated himself to excellence in education. Under the leader- ship of Mr Hale Millinocket s schools have constantly improved to meet the increasing demands of afast mov- Now that he has earned a time for rest and relaxa- tion we wish Mr Hale many happy hours with his grand- children and plenty of time for golf. MR. HALE AND SECRETARIES MRS. CHENEY AND MRS ST PETER l A FAREWELL FROM MR. HALE It is with mixed feelings that I say farewell to my students, teachers, secretaries, administrators, janitors, and other colleagues with whom I have worked over the past twenty-five years. Ifeel very grateful for having had the opportunity to serve in this most excellent school system and for the rich experiences that I have shared. Ido not want to appear didactic, nor to moralize, butlshould like to leave something of a basic nature that you should at an early age be- gin to build into your lives and that will influence your character and reputation for your entire lives. That is the characteristic of Loyalty. There are innumerable applications of this trait in the many facets of your lives, but I should like to mention only a few. The first loyalty is to your faith. If you do not have a strong belief in God, associate yourself with people who dog and see what a strong influence it will be in your life. In these times of trouble when people are marching for or against some cause in the street, in the capital of our nation, and on the campuses, and we are fighting a shooting war, we need to someway stabilize our faith and our be- liefs to give purpose and meaning to our lives. A second' loyalty would be to your calling. Whether it be to further education, or in the service, or directly to jobs, or family life, you will be well on your way to a happy life if you are loyal to those with whom you work. Thirdly, I would exhort you to be loyal to your country. When I see on TV or read of young men who are crossing our borders to avoid the draft, I believe they are failing in their responsibility of giving as well as receiving the benefits of a free and democratic country. I thrill when I hear "The Star-Spangled Banner" or "America the Beautiful." There is so much we enjoy because of our way of life, that we must be willing to make sacrifices to help perpetuate our institutions for ourselves and those who will follow. Finally, be loyal to your school. You are enjoying the privilege of an education that is second to none. Help support your school and improve conditions when you feel it necessary, and make changes as times demand to maintain its high degree of excellency. Goodbye to all of you. You will be in my heart and mind as long as I live. "' 5' EDITORS 'I' 4' Mrs. Cook, Advisor D. Illingworth, Ed. J. Ippoliti, Ass't. C. Grant, I. Dicentes C. Grant - I. Dicentes 4' 1' LAYOUT F 'I' L. Bouchard, J. McGillicuddy "' "' ADVERTISING 'I' 4' SEATED: R. Gonya, Denise Burleigh, S. Fahey, Bus. Mgr., Mrs, Byther, Advisor, C. Gallant, G. Hutchinson STANDING: N. Thorpe, S. Inman, V. Cameron, K. McCleary, M. Voisine, P. Fournier, A. Fitzpatrick H C 4' 4' SELLING 4' I' SEATED: J. Ayotte, G. Voisine, J. Conley, P. Mont- gomery, D. Albert, D. Michaud STANDING: I. Sharpe, J. MacArthur, D. Astle, I. Levesque, S. Mac- Donald, L. Fish, C. Dugas, J. Evers, R. Brackett P 3 CLASSES - SCHOOL LIFE "' 'P P. York, B. Kerr, A. Hughes, A. Gilman U. Cheneyj if. ,E SEATED: L, Conley, K. Shinners, N. Walls ' D. Laverty STANDING: M. Hikel, W. Thorpe ACTIVITIES - SPORTS - COPY I Administration I .M MRS. JANET WRIGHT Secretary to the Principal N. ALLEN SAVAGE, PRINCIPAL B.S. , M.A. University of Maine Just as there is a time for study and for fun, so must there be a time for help and for wise advice. At any hour of the school day, the principal's office and the guidance office -are open to ali. All school activities, classroom and extracurriqilar, are largely dependent on the or- ganization and the stabilizing influence of the office. The whole student body owes a great deal to our dedicated administration. MRS . NANCY BRUNDEN uidanoe MRS. ANNA MAY BERTRAND ,., I Si 'xg' Q -I at Time in ,plaid X U , X 7 bt 1 - 5 17 5 Business , ,xx Jw' Q ,ff A ":.,.j In I, 4' Q LHROY DERBY, Submaster B.S., M.Ed. , University of Maine Department Head Husson College ii , .iq .W,, . f.,,.f ,3:,,,.,,s,-,Arm t Today is a time of economics, a time of business. Offering the necessary train- ing, our Business Department prepares its students for fruitful vocations. Designed for both stenographic and general business training, this is the largest department in the school. The regular business students aren't the only ones who benefit from this course. College-bound students are encouraged to take a year of typingg and general students may take business law, general business, and consumer education courses. GERALD GOSS B.S . , Husson College M.Ed., University of Maine e -ff Department Xxx X rg? XXX JPN 5 55000 I QQQQ Qb'a155'5'cS 59919-5 0 . Q ooo OQQQQQQ cap ZQQQ QQ MRS . SHIRLEY COOK B.S., Hussou College FREDERICK PATTEN B.S., B.A. Northeastern University nglish NT' R TERRENCE DAIGLE i B.A., St. Francis Xavier '4 University V 'J mVmV. MRS. MARY BRowN i i i ii ii 51 B.A., University of Maine MISS CLARA OWEN Department Head Always is the time for English. Our English Department has grown and im- proved steadily in the past few years. With the addition of new faculty members, this department is geared to meet the needs of the individual. There are courses for Department B.S ., University of Maine liberal arts students, business students, and industrial arts students. By specializing, the department offers each student the important English ele- ment of his education in the way that will be most beneficial to him as an individual. MISS BONNIE HELMS B.A ., Eastern Baptist College DAVID BERQUIST Foreign Languages MISS MARCIA BOUTELLE B.A. , Universitv of Maine A-7' .IQ lu 4 ll' Ca! MISS ROSEMARY RILEY, Department Head A. B. , St. Joseph's College M.Ed. , University of Maine Diplorne d'Etudes, La Sorbonne Due to the fine quality of the Foreign Languages Department at Stearns, any apt student can ask, "What time is it?" in three different languages. What other courses give their participants more of an inspiration to tour other lands? Though Latin is dead in It- aly, it is very much alive at Stearns, with Miss Riley as its teacher. She also offers three years of French to all aspiring Napole- ons. And Spanish without Miss Boutelle would be like Spain without her bull fights-- extremely dull! Home Economics me fa 4 . Of the many stages in a boy 's life, one of the most enjoyable is "the time to be courtin' a girl of his own." Miss Rena Al- len and Miss Anna Ziko are two of the best assurances that the boys will find in our school some of the most attractive and capable gals to court. Girls enroll in courses in sewing, cook- ing, and the social graces, preparing for their lives as wives and mothers. Home Economics also accounts for all the stylish females walking the halls of Stearns. Actually, everyone benefits--including the boys! MISS ANNA ZIKO B.S., Farmington State Teachers Mi :eff MISS RENA ALLEN, Department Head B.S., University of Maine M.S. , University of Maine .sg 1 College we Industrial Arts x Q , Llhrl H I ,gm MISS VERA CLEAVES B.S., Pennsylvania State College M.Ed. , Pennsylvania State University DRAFTQNQ I V I nr , r .1 ,aa W, ,,... gf, T, 'L f fs' f , " W 1- ff map' ' - S Q p X, i s, gg 'ff QW 41- log 1 ,sillyfpjtg ,f 4' s 4 4 K.. A V, Hk.. 1 mi, A r 1 . . 4 ,ii E' disfr 'ii' iff il ' .M Y f ' ,gift agii zfirfiifr -3' , . W' '4 ffm ual ,... The Vocational Trade and lndustry Courses offered are Carpenter and Machine Shop. Related subjects of industrial ma- terials, shop science, mechanical draw- ing, and shop math are included to better qualify a student in his craft or trade. Designed to cover those areas of theory, creative thinking, appreciation of accuracy pride in accomplishment, and a measure of skill through experience needed to meet the requirements of useful employment, work situations are created closely re- sembling those found in industry. These provide an atmosphere similar to that in which the student will find himself upon entering employment. ELI BUCK, JR., Department Head Wentworth Institute University of Maine ROBERT KRAC H U. S. Naval Machinist Mate School U. S . Naval Instructor Training School ath Department Q 3 Q 2 . , Q ,L . CL: ,i f i kL,, ,.: I Time is experience for both Miss Griffen and Mrs. Byther, who offer invaluable courses in all phases of high school math. Stu- dents with college intentions re- ceive a knowledge of algebra and advanced mathematics--a know- ledge of vital importance if one intends to keep pace with the fast- moving space age of today! .,,, t 2 ,f' , .K ,, Vx MISS ELIZABETH GRIFFIN B.S., University ot Maine Department Head MRS. HELEN BYTHER B .A. , Bates College Music Department f ' x s .e .kt my Q i" we WENDALL TOMPKINS, Department Head B. S. , Bob Jones University Music is one category where time is of the essence. And though juke boxes everywhere scream out unintelligible lyrics, Stearns' Music Department has somehow managed to sift out the best songs and present them to the student body at football and basketball games, rallies, and concerts, The band, under the direction of Mr. Wendall Tompkins, has picked up in both membership and quality this year. The chorus, led by Mrs. Findlen, and the stage band, un- der the direction of Mr. Tufts, have been great supplements to the Stearns High curriculum. JOSEPH TUFTS MRS. BRENDA FINDLEN Northern Conservatory of Music B. S. , University of Maine B. S. , University of Maine M4 Q...- A 9 X. X X Physical Education Physical education, the basis for sports, is for all seasons. From exercises to cage-ball, gym classes are designed to turn out Tarzans and Janes, and to rebuild Baby Hueys and Little Lottas. We at Stearns salute you, Mrs. Blake and Mr. Wentworth. Your ambition and ability are evident. MRS. HELEN BLAKE B. S. , Boston University GEORGE WENTWORTH, Department Head B. S. , University of Notre Dame D Reading There comes a time in life when one must learn to speak effectively or be silent. Learning to convey one's thoughts clearly is an asset acquired under the guidance of our speech instructor, Miss Higgins. MISS JOYCE HIGGINS B .A . , University of Maine Time passes quickly for those who en- joy reading. The reading course at Stearns aids all students in reading faster and with more comprehension. Mrs. Kronholm capably instructs her pupils in building a skill that will enable them to use their reading hours profitably and pleasantly. MRS. HARRIET KRONHOLM B.S., University of Maine M.Ed. , University of Maine Special Classes The trademark of a Stearns class is meeting the needs of the individual. Mr. Hudson gives this special attention to each of his students, allowing each to develop his own talents. MILES HUDSON B.S., Farmington State Teachers College Science Department- With each successive season there emerge new wonders of nature and fresh discoveries in science. Molecular studies, laboratory experiments, dissections, and field trips fill the agenda for chemistry, biology, physics, and Junior-Senior science. Under the direction of Mr. Arnold Hopkins, and with the assistance of Mr. David Trainor, the Stearns science program lays a workable foundation of facts for future doctors, nurses, chemists, and physicists. ARNOLD HOPKINS , Department Head B,A., University of Maine DAVID TRAINOR B .A ., Ricker College 'Q ls Qi 'Q ooial Studies RICHARD NILES B.S., University of Maine , OMIM .Q ,mutiny R 1 ,f" '-1' 'L .,V, vp' ww Q .'i- fp i ' ' "i. Lf W K i.,,, muonubr' ff M 'vm ' a Times are changing fast, and the Stearns Social Studies Department gives us valuable insight into our changing world. The students of today will be the world leaders ofthe fu- ture, so an in-depth study of critical Ameri- can problems is necessary for their prepara- tion. Unfortunately, this year was marred by the illness of Mr. Delahanty. Mrs. McCourt has done a wonderful job substituting, but it's nice to have Mr. Delahanty back for even part of the day. WALLACE DELAHANTY, Department Head B.A. , St. Anselm 's College M.Ed. , University of Maine PAUL MCCOURT B.S., M .Ed. , University of Maine CARLA MCCOURT B.S. Farmington State Teachers College Iibrarkna Everyone has time to visit the library--if he can get a pass to escape from a study hall. Seriously, we have a fine li- brary equipped to meet the needs of students faced with book reports, research papers, and dateless eve- nings. MRS. VIRGINIA DERBY B ,A , , University of Maine Piurse As her picture shows, Mrs. Hall's duties aren't just checking eyes, ears, and childhood dis- eases. There are charts, records records, and more records to be kept up to date. MRS. FRANCES HALL Simmons College University of Maine Boston City Hospital M 2 Q gg 28 29 is 22 as IIA? 'l" 64 99 Ginn' in 'ang Uinuiiligv Bert Landry is not just an employee at Stearns. He is a personality. Whe- ther he is playing the town Crier telling classes to change, fixing the clocks, or stealing the scene in a Thespian produc- tion, Bert always has an infectious grin that gives us all a lift. Years of faithful, proud service have made Bert a most respected figure, and all of us at Stearns will miss him. As a parting gift, Bert, we give all our best wishes for under-par golf scores and a thousand grand slams in bridge. Custodians That Stearns High School is one ofthe best-kept schools in the state has be- come an accepted fact. The credit for this goes to our fine custodial staff. Besides keeping the school clean, these men are always will to help with any special problems that arise. John Evers, Harold Jackson, Nobert Landry, Arthur Allen fWeldon Astle and Eben Gulliver not avail- able for picturesj Q F' 1-:X x Ku I 1 r' 'U thu? 'FW' up I 15 fplzmtgh WILLIAM T HORPE President College Course Boys' State , . A Northern Lights Student Council Science Fair Boys' Sr. League TIMOTHY TRAINOR Vice President College Science Boys' State Jr. Exhibition Student Council . Football .ASQ Yi f I I Boys' Sr. League NANCY THORPE Secretary Treasurer Stenographic fiber? Band Snoops and Scoops Senior Play Northern Lights G. A. A. ikP?99i3kP141'k5k192P'fP?iP?Pk GRADUATION SPEAKERS College ANN HUGHES JOANNE MCGILLICUDDY DAVID ILLINGWORTH fficers Z5 fl Business PATRICIA ROBINSON Social Science CA NDACE GLIDDEN Vocational Shop LEONARD LEET 1: .., ...nv--"' WILLIE ALBERT CHESTER ALLEN JUDITH ALLEN MICHAEL ALLEY Vocational Shop Social Science Social Science College Course nf ' Color Guard One-Act Plays A A VM 'ry Majorette Senior Play 6 , Glee Club Thespians - W! . lj G. A. A. Student Librarian! 4 A' L fu! Student Librarian , f , 'J Al I WW I W fc .. My lLAfc,ka fi!! fi JOSEPH ANDRICK RUTH ANGOTTI DAVID AYOTTE CAROLE BAKER Social Science Commercial Social Science College Boys' Senior League F. H. A. 6166 Club G. A. A. Boy's Junior League Wah., IV , : ,. J,h :A f A :V kkg, DANIEL BARKER JAMES BARTLETT Social Science Social Scien Boys' Junior Le L ., A aka. LL.. CC Bgue A Most Likely to Succeed -- ANNE and DAVE ARNOLD BATCHELDER V RHONDA BEA Social Science Coinmercia F. T. A. , Band L A Northern Lights Student Council G.A. A. J RS WILLIAM BEARS JOHN BEAULIEU 1 ,Social Science S,ocial Science Junior Prom Com. Senior Play L CANDACE BEAUPAIN DEBORAH BECK Social Science Commercial F. T. A. G. A. A. Glee Club Junior Exhibition N. Penob. Speaking Contest Senior Play DARLENE BELL Social Science Glee Club Sodality fSt. Martinsj Snoops and Scoops DOROTHY BENJAMIN College Course Porn-Pom Girl Glee Club One-Act Play Junior Exhibition G. A. A. LINDA MSSQNNETTE DOUGLAS BOUTAUGH MICHAEL BOUTAUGH FREDERICK BOYER Social Science Social Science Social Science Social Science F, T, A, Boys' Senior League GleeAClub Senior Play Science Fair G. A. A. REBECCA BRACKETT SUSAN BRADBURY DANIEL BROOKER WAYNE BROOKER College L. A. College Course Social SCiSHCe Vocational Sh0P Northern Lights Porn-Pom Girl Football One-Act Plays Glee Club Boys' Jr. League Senior Play Science Fair G. A. A. G. A. A. Cheerleader Student Librarian ALAN BROOKS LEO BULLEY WILLIAM BURGESS ROY BURKE Social Science Vocational Shop Social Science Social Science Football Band DENISE BURLEIGH Stenographic Band Snoops and Scoops Northern Lights Senior Play G. A. A. VICKI CAMERON College L. A. Pom-Pom Girl Northern Lights Senior Play State Pin Girl G. A. A. DONNA CASWELL Commercial JAMES CARUSO Commercial +V MICHAEL CIVIELLO College Course Science Fair Varsity Basketball Football Baseball S. Club LINDA COLE Social Science Student Librarian Comedians -- SALLY and GARY CHRISTINE CREEHAN DONNA CURTIS MARIETTE CYR Social Science Social Science Commercial Glee Club E. I-1. A. Class Officer Sodality G. A. A. Glee Club fSt. Martinsj Cheerleader QSt. Martfnsj DOMINIC D'AGOSTINO BERIC DEANE LARRY DESCHAINE College Course Social Science Social Science Bog' Senior League Ski Team ji'54,X xg' YJ, Senior Play- Q X - fi Science Fair X Regional kj 3 P State Q51 Cam i Q by Q BM MTA Award - Of J N e- F- V . wx RTO ai kg, in Iiriis WANITA CYR Stenographic F. H. A. Snoops and Scoops Senior Play G. A. A. Basketball Usher JOYCE DICENTES College L. A. Pom-Pom Girl Snoops and Scoops Northern Lights Junior Exhibition G, A. A. MICHAEL DONLEY CHERYL DUGAS Social Science College L. A. Boys' Sr. League Northern Lights Boys' Jr. League Debate G. A, A. Masque and Gavel Study Circle Sweethearts -- WOODY and DE BIE ww WW' My W .A JJNIXCQ A GL,-,JYQZI ibn. f .ff A , VL- 0 dlff' f U if Qqdq lfftwrif WI? QQ GARY DWELLEY DANIEL ELLIOTT College L. A. College Course Science Fair Boys' Sr. League . Boys' Ir. League I MTA Award I A J' I aj" A , I ICWW ,MIL QW GARY ELLIOTT Social Science Student Council J. V. Basketball Boys' Senior League Boys' lr. League ,lf JANICE EVERS Social Science F. T. A. State Pin Girl G. A. A. Basketball Usher Northern Lights ff I q W f1 3, SCOTT FAHEY .IAMES FERLAND LINDA FISH ANNE FITZPATRICK College L. A. Social Science College L, A, College Course Boys' State Boys' Sr. League Pom-Pom Girl Ski Team Stage Band J. V. Basketball Glee Club Pom-Pom Girl All-State Orchestra Varsity Basketball Northern Lights , P Northern Lights Band roorbaii G. A. A. Ml' JJ" ,restate Pin cm Thespian Baseball Masque anclVGavglJQ' 'fi Lf" G. A. A. Student Council Y, ,JV fr!" D . MTA Award 1,905 Mijn V66 if' 'Inj rs f6'A J Q U W3 ?JMlJlf!42L"Ljf5'jjU yn .JM lf Q4 M 'T .T, .' DAVID FLANAGAN CARLTON FORTIN PAULETTE FOURNIER Social Science Vocational Shop College L. A. Science Fair Band Mgr. , Varsity Basketball Glee Club S Club Boys' Sr. League Boys' Jr. League Northern Lights Science Fair G. A. A. GLORIA FROST Social Science F. H. A. G. A, A. Student Librarian LINDA GA GNIER Stenographic E. H. A. Band Senior Play Student Librarian Snoops and Scoops ANN GILMAN College L. A. Northern Lights Thespian Senior Play Junior Exhibition G. A. A. ji fgik i,E P A lr .1 l i . Jig ,fi ' , 'W Q ' ,kiii LEO GAGNON CONSTANCE GALLANT ROBERT GATES, JR. Social Science Stenographic College L. A. Pom-Pom Girl Boys' Sr. League Snoops and Scoops Boys' Jr. League Northern Lights Senior Play G. A. A. Most Businesslike -- BRENDA and SCOTT E, CANDACE GLIDDEN Social Science F. H. A. Band -- Color Guard G. A. A. RUSSELL GLIDDEN GAIL GONYA OVILLE GONYA Social Science- Social Science College Course Boys' Jr. League F. T. A. Class Treasurer G.A.A. fSt. Martinsj Band Northern Lights Glee Club J. V. Basketball ROBERT GONYA Social Science Jr. Prom. Comm. Thespians One-Act Plays Senior Play Boys' Sr. League ALTON GOULD CLAIR GRANT EDWARD GUY ELIZABETH HAIGHT Social Science College Science Social Science College Course Ski Team Class Officer Mgr, , Varsity Basketball G. A. A. Football Junior Marshal Mgr. , J. V. Basketball Band Stage Band Baseball Science Fair Varsity Basketball S Club One-Act Plays GO1f Boys' Sr. League MTA Award S by x U3 Wifi rgfffwilwllt W U Q ',f,.1 ar: L 5 E ' rrii ' 1' l , l Y B 5 . JOHN HALE RICHARD HALE College Course Social Science Class Officer Boys' Sr. League Student Council Boys' Jr. League Varsity Basketball Football Baseball Talented -- NANCY and DAVE KAREN HIGGINS Social Science F. H. A. G. A. A. Student Librarian STEPHEN HIGGINS SUSAN HIGGINS MARTIN HIKEL Social Science Social Science Social Science Science Fair F. H. A. Northern Lights Football G. A. A. Student Council Baseball Mgr. , Varsity Basketball s Club s Club Boys' Sr. League Boys' Sr. League MTA Award ANN HUGHES College L. A. Nat'l Honor Society Girls' State Snoops and Scoops Northern Lights Thespian Cheerleader MTA Award DAVID ILLINGWORTH College L. A. Nat'l Honor Society Band Council Student Director All State Chorus Northern Lights Thespian MTA Award HOWARD HUGHES Social Science Football Boys' Sr. League WILLIAM HUME College Course Science Fair SALLY INMAN LINDA JANDREAU College L. A. College Course Pom-Porn Girl Class President Glee Club Cheerleader Northern Lights fSt. Martin'sJ Science Fair Tnespian G.A. A. Senior Play G. A. A. MTA Award WN GERALD HUTCHINSON IR. Social Science Northern Lights Senior Play Mgr. , Varsity Basketball Baseball, Mgr. S Club BRENDA KERR College L. A. Band Senior Play G. A. A. Northern Lights MTA Awards -K. PATRICIA KING RODERICK LABBY DOROTHY LAVERTY DONALD LE BLOND Social Science F. H. A. Science Fair Social Science M. W,,,: ,.,, W., --mf LEONARD LEET Vocational Shop ANITTA LEVASSEUR Commercial Glee Club Sodality fSt. Martirisj Snoops and Scoops College L. A. Social Science Nat'l Honor Society J. V. Basketball Band Boys' Sr. League Thespian Senior Play G. A. A. Cheerleader MTA Award Politicians -- TIM and KATHY ,,,,.....---f g o JANE LEVESQUE WILLIAM LIBBY HOLLIS LYAL DONNA LYLE College Course Social Science Commercial Commercial Pom-Pom Girl Band Band F. H, A, Northern Lights Science Fair Football G, A, A, G.A.A, Football State Pin Girl Best Dressed -- MARGO and WOODY JUDITH MaCARTI-IUR SHARON MHCDONALD College L, A, College L. A. F, T, A, Girls' State G. A. A. Pom-Porn Girl Northern Lights Girls' State QAlternatej Nat'l Honor Society MTA Award Snoops and Scoops Thespians Debate G.A.A. 5 PAUL MacDONNELL College L. A. MTA .Award ROY MAYO Social Science Science Fair Boys' Jr. League BERNARD MADDEN BRYANT MADORE BERNARD MARQUIS College Course Commercial Social Science Ski Team Varsity Basketball Football Science Fair J. V. Basketball Baseball Baseball S. Club Boys' Sr. League Boys' Sr. League Varsity Basketball ELWOOD MCCAFFERTY GORDON MCCAUSLIN JOHN MCCLEARY College Course Social Science Social Science Class Officer Thespians Boys' Sr. League Jr. Prom Comm. One-Act Plays Boys' Jr. League Student Council Boys' Sr. League Boys' Jr. League Senior Play Junior Exhibition S.. gp.-'Y' KATHLEEN MCCLEARY LINDA MCCLUSKEY College Course F. T. A. Glee Club Northern Lights Thespians State Pin Girl Social Science F. H.A. G.A.A. RAY MOND MCE WEN Social Science JOANNE MCGILLICUDDY College L. A. Nat'l Honor Society Thespians One-Act Plays Senior Play Glee Club G. A. A. MTA Award TERRIE MCCLUSKEY Stenographic Pom-Pom Girl Glee Club Snoops and Scoops One-Act Plays Senior Play '-r:2f1f7 CHARLOTTE MCGOWAN Commercial F. H. A. G. A. A. Basketball Usher KEIT H MCDONNELL Commercial Boys' Sr. League Boys' Jr. League 1 CHRISTINE MCGOWAN Social Science F.H.A. G. A. A. Basketball Usher ,gnu-'D SHARON MCGREEVY KATHLEEN MCLEAN Social Science College Course Snoops and Scoops F. T. A. G. A. A. G. A. A. Glee Club Thespains Most Independent - SHARON and STEVE Senior Play RQBERT MCLEAN DEBORAH MICHAUD TONI MICHAUD BENNETT MORGAN College Science College Course College Course Social Science Ski Team Jr. Prom Comm. Band One-Act Plays Science Fair P0m'POm Girl Glee Club Boys' Ir. League Boys' Sr. League Senior Play One-Act Plays Boys' Sr. League Boys' Jr. League SFHFS Pili Girl G. A. A. Golf Team G- A- A- MARGUERITE MORSE College Course Girls' State Jr. Prom Comm. Student Council Snoops and Scoops Class Officer PAUL MOTT SHEILA MURPHY NOREEN NEAL Commercial Social Science SOCi21l Science Boys' Sr. League Thespians F. H. A. One-Act Plays G. A. A. Senior Play Band Jr. Exhibition Cheerleader GREGORY O'BRJKIS Social Science JAMES OUELLETTE ARLIN PAGE ELIZABETH PATCHELL Social Science Social Science Social Science Varsity Basketball F. H. A. J. V. Basketball G, A, A, Football Ski Team S Club Glee Club Boys' Sr. League Ha i . 03,4 l 4'2'f'3' i DAVID PELKEY BERTRAND PELLETIER DARRELL PELLETIER VINCENT PELLETIER Social SCUSHCG Social Science Social Science Social Science F. T. A. Glee Club Ski Team Varsity Basketball Jr. Prom Comm. Debate Boys' lr. League I. V. Basketball Senior Play Student Council S Club ist, Martins, Boys' Jr. League Athletic - ANNE and MIKE LEROY PERROW TONI PERROW Vocational Shop College Course Football Band Baseball One-Act Plays S Club Science Fair Boys' Sr. League G, A, A, Boys' Jr. League fschenckj Senior Play Best Dancers - ANNE and JIMMY SUSAN PERROW WILB UR PERRY Stenographic Social Science Pom-Pom Girl Snoops and Scoops One-Act Plays Senior Play G. A. A. V A , , ,L . x ,V . IU' A A f HW ' .r 'U' ,L , l I, L E. 1 A' , 1, .f ' bf 1 I fx lf' DAVID PLOURDE PETER f PRATT' ' CARL PREBLE Social Science Social X fi ' N X Social Science V . flwx W X in .f f 1 J nl, I arsity Basketball Fggtballxcj lim xx by jx, XM Band ,s1J,N,UI A LA Boys Jr' League J. V. Basketball Baseballj ip N Glee Club A X lv S Club S Club W" UW f Snoops and Scoops Baseball Boys' Sr. League' db QM G. A. A. Boys' Sr. League N EDWARD RAYMOND Social Science Science Fair BRENDA ROIX Stenographic F . H. A. Pom-Pom Girl Senior Play Basketball Usher G. A. A. gm. , , MARIA NNE RAYMOND College Course Class Officer fl ji' Sodality K Study Circle K 1 if fSt. Martinsj' 14 , G.A.A. ' ' Basketball Usher f Social fl if Ski Team . .FI l -.X Football f' X' Boys' Sr. League X. Boys' Jr, League . ,fr .Fx fr ' 1, 1 f X L, MICHAEL RUSH PETER RUSSELL Social Science Social Science Football One-Act Plays Senior Play Science Fair Boys' Jr. League fi ii PATRICIA ROBINSON Stenographic F. H. A. One-Act Plays Senior Play Student Council G. A. A. JOA NNE S HARPE College Science Glee Club Snoops and Scoops Debate Science Fair G. A. A. MTA Award JERRY SHIELDS Commercial KATHLEEN S HINNERS College Course .-,and Glee Club fSchenckj Snoops and Scoops Northern Lights One-Act Plays MTA Award MIC HAEL SIMONE Social Science One-Act Plays Football Baseball, Mgr. S Club Boys' Sr. League ROBERT SIMPSON Social Science Science Fair LV. Basketball, Mgr Baseball, Mgr. S Club Boys' Sr. League '-lu GERALD SMITH Social Science Science Fair Boys' Jr. League RUT H TAPLEY College Course Glee Club Science Fair G. A. A. Student Librarian Flirts - ROD and SHEILA 4 1 il .El ROBERT TA-fLoR ROBERT TINKHAM ELAINE v1oLETTE MALRQI V23 NE College Science College Course Stenographic :lj xl,Col,Le eu urse M1 - it ' jf U ' 4 ,X Boys' stare F.T.A. F.H.A. X 1 X by Senior play Jr. Prom Comm. 1' lljfagyfgandy ' M Student Council Senior Play All ' N, rthern kjghts WV ' Fggfball G. A. A. nf QKCY. .A. N ffln 5 Club Student Librarian I 1951 State Pin Girl Nat'l Honor Society MTA Award MTA Award NANCY WALLS TERRY WATSON EDWARD WEISSKIRCHEN, STANLEY WHITE College L. A. Social Science JR, Social Science College Course Girls' State Band Band Glee Club Student Council Senior play Junior Exhibition Science Fair G' A' A. Boys' Jr. League Freshman League Cheerleadey All State Chorus 'Q' 1 PAUL WEDGE Social Science Boys' Sr. League GEORGE WILLIAMS MELVIN YORK College Course Social Science Science Fair Boys' Jr, League MTA Award 'I' "' Pictures not available 'f 'I ROBERT rrTzPATR1cK, Social Science Doiviiuiour LESNE, College L. A. FREDERIQUE LESNE, College Course ED WARD WHITNEY Social Science Class Officer Junior Marshal Baseball M Club fMattanawcookJ Boys' Senior League DAVID RUSH Social Science Best All Around - DOTTY and BILL U. Haley Most Popular DOTTY and BILL QS. Higginsj OT HER SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Best Looking - - - - - S. Murphy, T. Trainor --- D. Laverty, E. Guy Biggest Time Killers - - - - - R. Brackett, P. Wedge Class Actor ------- Best Natured ------ ---------- S. Fahey Class Actress ---- Class -------- K. McCleary Heartbreakers - - - - - S. Murphy, M. Civiello - - D. Pratt, D. Flanagan - - - J. Dicentes, G. Elliott Class Sweethearts - - - Class wins ---- - - Most Bashful - - - - - R. Angotti, G. Dwelley Most Capable - - - - - - A. Hughes, D. Illingworth Meer Helpful - - ---- M. Morse, T. Trainor Most Likeable ------- -- D. Laverty, E. Guy Most Likely to Succeed - - ------- A. Hughes D. lllingworth Most Personality ----- -- M. Morse, W. Thorpe E. Guy Most Poised ------- ----- M . Morse, C. Grant D. Laverty, E. Guy Most Studious ------- J. MacArthur, D. Illingworth Most School Spirited --------- Most Talkative - - - ---- C. Beaupain, W. Thorpe Mistress of Mellyn m,,w,u1.,.,..a CAST OF CHARACTERS Connan TreMel1yn ------ Scott Fahey Martha Leigh ---- Joanne McGillicuddy Celestine Mansellock ---- Nancy Walls Peter Mansellock ------ Robert Gonya Mrs. Polgrey -------- Linda Jandreau Gillyflower ------ Kathleen McCleary Kitty, the maid ----- Deborah Michaud Alvean ------ - -Joyce Dicentes Lady Treslyn -------- Sheila Murphy Directed by Joyce Higgins If Ik S The Senior Class offered an excellent in- terpretation ofa suspenseful melodrama set in Victorian England. Bob and Nancy, play ing the sophisticate and his scheming sister, provided the catalyst to bring the plot of mystery and romance to a chilling climax. The conflict was heightened by the contrast between the prim governess, Joanne, and her dramatic rival, Sheila. Kathy, as an emotionally disturbed young girl searching for the missing Alice, added an aura of the supernatural. The play was given added authenticity by the portrayals of Linda and Debbie as housekeeper and maid. Acting awards were given to Scott, the master of Mellyn, and to Joyce, his spoil- ed sister-in-law. A lic i ' u iime io bnilb U? gl 4 N Sophomore Class ,5 'WV . 4? Q., mf' .5 .3 'Tv H if lib 0' 21 iff ff' at 'QQ . wif - x. M s K ' 3 fd X ff' ,ga l D. Albert H. Alley B. Anderson R. Angorti R. Arsenault D. Asrle 1 J. Ayorte J. Barnes P. Baron J. Bartlett l S. Beaulieu D. Beaupain C. Bernier l R. Bernier L. Bissonnette R. Boddy L. Bouchard Raoul Bouchard Rodney Bouchard Rolande Bouchard B. Boutaugh S. Boutaugh C. Brown T. Brown M. Brunette D. Burleigh C. Campbell E. Campbell G. Carter v. Chaplin C. Chudio A. Clark A Colangelo J. Conley P. Cook D Copp I. Corcoran P. Corrigan A Cote L. Cote H. Cummings G. Cyr L. Cyr G. Daigle D. Deschaine T. Dewley C Dhuy Jay Dicentes E. Dyer R. Elkins S. Fairley R. Farguhar C. Ferguson D. Fish I. Fitzpatrick K. Fitzpanrick T. Fraser F. Gagnier J. Gagnon J. Gates M. Gerry D. Grass K. Hall S. Hawes L. Hawkes as . x. fav' xv -wr I V' S se 'Kb' W um -'53 we J' ,.I R 'Rf 0 'Wo Wv 'V' iw? 'W' Mis 45 Q. V Lf.. . , 'Ware J ,ff 1.1 L is fy ' f X YW Qu-nr' D. Higgins J. Hinck A. Hinse D. Hinse P. Hutchinson J. Illingworth A. James W. Jardine D. Jewers Douglas Jewers K. Jewers M. Jewers B. Johnson J. Johnson M. Johnston G. Jones J. Jones R. Kenneson P. King R. Landry G. LaPlante M. LaPlante S. Larlee F. Leino B. Levesque G. Levesque M. Levesque P. Levesque N. Libby F. Lowell J. MacArther R. McAtee S. MCAVoy J. McCa uslin R. McClain B. McEwen J. McFarlane L. McGowan G. McPheters D. Leet G. Mann D. Madden D. Marshall R. Marston T. Mascetta M. Molnar P. Montgomery E. Morgan G. Morris D. Morrison Daniel Morrison R. Morrison S. Morrison R. Mullis R. Nason I. Neal R. Nicholson L, O'Brikis L. Patchell F, Peavey R. Pelletier S. Pelletier D. Peterson D, Philbrook G. Porter J. Porter H. Rice G. Rideout D. Rogers D. Rush SA '-...a in f ,... .sf , .vi Qfwy .,, Ari A fx W A.. -1. .Q Q fm 'WV if N531 i i "-. 'B Si.. . nf' s J x .1 ins Pictures not available A. Allain J. Kerwock J. Gilman D. Landry L. Hawkes R. Mclntyre J. Johnson R. Moores R, Jandreau S. Morneault N. Nadeau B. Moscone C. Patchell K. Pelletier J J. Rush D. Sargent W Saunders D. Savage C. Scott D. Seamans M Simpson C. St. Thomas V. Staples E. Steeves 1 A. Tapley S. Tapley M Terrio F. Theriault B. Tibbetts S L. Tucker G. Voisine W Weisskirchen J. Wentworth J. White E. Willard R. Yost S. Robinson P. Russell W. Walsh Simon Smart Smith Thompson Vachon Wedge 1 L. Albert S. Albert I. Bailey D. Baron P, Bartley A. Beaulieu T. Beaulieu B. Bilodeau M. Bilodeau E. Bissonnetre D. Bouchard E. Bouchard G. Bouchard I. Bouchard Larry Bouchard Linda Bouchard D. Boutaugh L. Boyd S. Boyer G. Boynton H. Boynton N. Brooker D. Brown J. Burgess P. Byron C. Campbell G. Caron R. Casey E. Charette R. Chase ,K 5 E . 6 .,.. gr ' Q wc W 1 'U al i . 412' , J' 3 my In 2 fl ' r fv A -. ., rg LN. 'V'f'j5Pgi, , , ., . - , V og.: ff . .Ma , ' ..1f..-- If '94 if Q 5 ,,...,..,, . .. yu 1 -Bun PQ Q77 'xi Q. . VW 'mr X. W :Li .wax i Wil 1 f PM Q1 ,, ,,,, .V V il... NW C T 5 iv Ai 932727.- ,.-I J. Cheney W. Chesson A. Clark S. Cole L. Conley I. Crawford G. Currie R. Cyr C. D'Angelo C. Daisey M. Danie C. Desjardins J. DiCentes W. Ducharme P. Elliott A. Fairley V. Farrar N. Ferland C. Flanagan D. Fortin K. Foster W. Frisbie T. Given S. Gonya D. Grass C. Gray W. Haight B. Hamlin P. Hartley L. Haseltine N. Healey R. Herzing A. Higgins J. Ippoliti P. Ippoliti D. Jameson A. Jandreau G. Jandreau A. Jenkins S. Kelleher C. Kelley G. Kelly I. Kelly R. Kenneson P. Kerwock S. Kidney P. Kronfelt R. Labby S, Landry T. Leavitt L. Levesque B. Lyford B, MacDonald M. MacDonald J. McDonald Terrance McDonald Thomas McDonald C. McFarlane R. Mackin A. Madore B. Marquis G. Martin R. Martin M. Matangelo N. Mayo B. Michaud L. Michaud S. Monaco J. Montgomery F. Morey N.. v' 'Lt K-1 ' Q 18 'A M 4-as x ml .fx .. ' QFX R Q fx K. 'ltwgy I ws-...Z -.kk 'X li P 'Q' Q l fi A r ia L F-Av 1 X if x XX .QQ Morrison Morrow Moscone Nelson O' Brien Page Pasquine Pelkey Picard Pineau Pinette Pound Powers Quinn Ramsey Sanrerre Segee Seile Shorey Skinner Smart Smith Sommers Tapley Trueworthy Voisine Walsh Watts Weymouth White Whlte Pictures not Available York M Andrrck D Leet J Beaulieu J Pickard D Bouchard D Rush B. McEwen J. McFarlane L. McGowan G. McPheters D. Leer G. Mann D. Madden D. Marshall R. Marston T. Mascetta M. Molnar P. Montgomery E. Morgan G. Morris D. Morrison Daniel Morrison R. Morrison S. Morrison R. Mullis R. Nason I. Neal R. Nicholson L. O'Brikis L, Parchell F, Peavey R, Pelletier S. Pelletier D. Peterson D. Philbrook G. Porter J. Porter H. Rice G. Rideout D. Rogers D. Rush Q 'E ' 8,4 E3 p QKJQ 'ev H. . nw-ff a ag XI 1 .... . 5 il ,. ,, xr F , L 'E 4. as J: P . f J S., 'ff' A f ! W Ya Q V 4 Y Nl' 5 v 5 ,fi ,. .51 ff' 3 Q . ii M l src, ... Wx 95. , . , XX R AG'5 M . 3 ,,,. K I gr I .. ., sex .. vi. M as We .ya .QV "' J-.zz ig f il 5' V TE r fe., . 1' . 4 . 'Qi' '55,- i 123 .. .N, .A S Q' . 'j i 'xr s K 1 1, , QW J 1 .S an ,nw Vw 'Ss ,, H-'Af A R.. .. 5, , ss., .. . -gh iw-in snug,- Pictures not available A. J. L. I. R. N C. Allain Gilman Hawkes Johnson Jandreau Nadeau Parchell J. D R. R. S. B. K Kerwock Landry Mclntyre Moores Morneault Moscone Pelletier J. D. iw W f S' D. ,fn t M ' -254 C. . v. E. A. S. M F. B. L. W "2'..."! I. J. 5 E. F, 'W' R. S. P. W G. Simon M. Smart H. Smith S. Thompson R. Vachon S. Wedge D. C. G. Rush Sargent Saunders Savage Scott Seamans Simpson St. Thomas Staples Steeves Tapley Tapley Terrio Theriault Tibbetts Tucker Vois ine Weisskirc hen Wentworth White Willard Yost Robinson Russell Walsh .V as f l 5 U 5 six , - Z Xxx Q w fb I f if 3 ,l2ifffZg' xiiv NN: F 7 ' ?"1'-FQQVV 1' ffl 5' 'Y VI -'nf 7 at iime in may , mah ex Time in laugh C, Q , g Q gtgaeit v lg nwfiifg fi -gs I ,K s i' A . Q V, k 6 4 V V , M54 " W 'Ni " ' -'I If i, . as , i i tif ff , 1, , C , A is .5 4 - 0 . ,Q Q 4 J 4' fs' ff Q ,Y 1 s . t -K - f ' 1 4 - r . . ' , ' ' . .-.ff N we T. , ,rs . - i Q I K 1. fa. -. -,p if 1 rp t, S K ,K , ,. 1 " ,. -. ' Nr, in K Q K . in A , N 1 Y il , t V Q , it f .S I 2- X' " f 49' ff 'L L 'E 41 A - " 'T N W f f , ' 'B , . H - I ' il -, fig' 1 , 2 G4 N .f - .,,, fsf-'if' X KA 3- CHP- R if 1-L. 5 ',. , A 1- . , .- bk: , V Q - ' , g . K - f- L 'C . ' . ' - .-,-. : Wk i - - - 2 ' 1 L i . ' 'L - "" , I 3 'Vit ig? .Q N A .p I g I A . P p . 1 ,F V . . wr: H t -' 1 1- 5 r . 3, 'JE-Q 'gf' . ' .2 ,. , , , 'B' 'A ,gs X k V x:gs.ww,: jg, gertg,- . u. . I J ig.. lf?-53.5,-,,,g,E.A,N,:.,,:m, E., H ,. ,., . gf: . . . H .Qfxtf f a L.. .. in . WW, , Qi' -amor . J- .,,, , , ., . . , ROW 1: T. Mascetta, S. Mornault, F. Leino, G. Martin, J. Ouellette, M. Simone, S. Higgins, Tp. Trainor, E. Guy, J. Moscone, B. Taylor, Terry MacDonald, M. Civiello, J. Hale, Tommy MacDonald, M. Jewers, B. Hamlin, P. Portwine. ROW 2: B. MacDonald, J. Guy, J. Rush, R. Boddy, E.CUm1DiHgS. R- Gouya, E- GOHy-21. S. Pound, D. Copp, W. Jardine, D. Higgins, L. eltine, R. Garvin, D. Elliott, R. Michaud, L. Murphy, D. Beaupain. ROW 8: J. Corcoran, J. Ferland, D. Brooker, B. White, C. St. Thomas, R. Ouellette, C. Ferguson, S. Segee, C. L. Bissonnette, R. McClain, E. Fitzgerald, G. Brown, J. Miller, M. Terrio "Time, time, time--look what you 'Ve done to me," quoth the Stearns football team at the climax ofa disappointing sea- son. But though our team wasn't flush with too many victories, the school spirit float- ed along in the bus as the team traveled from Millinocket to each opposing school in the Little Ten Conference. Coach Mc- Court, with assistants Mr. Tucker and Mr. Trainor, kept the team spirit high, while strains of "We 're rough, we're tough, we've really got the stuff' echoed through the cheering stands. Captains Tim Trainor and John Hale led the other team members through try- ing gamesg and in spite of all the hard knocks, the entire team came through the season with a firm determination to win when fall rolls 'round next year. Fling, Has- ,..,,,,,, Stearns Stearns Stearns Stearns Stearns Stearns Stearns Stearns SCORES FOR 1966 14 - - Lincoln 6 12 - - -Greenville 7 O- - -Orono 31 O- - - Dover Foxcroft 18 12- - -Bucksport 20 14- - -Hampden 14 14- - - Higgins 0 6- - -Dexter 12 f -g,zi15a1,-,3,,,-- . . ' ,HW - ' 5041 -'N' i.,Q-- ' 5 LLIL V, . L 'T L K X ,, X K L 4 , V' Q2 ' I' 4 M. . 2 K.,-X15 , I,,f r 5 ,X 1, V 1 "'1's-w z .R Q 'Q WWE 4 ,, . ,,,Q waitin! A xv J? A :l 1 ' 5 , A vi E? pn! Cxg 1, Iv. f ,.., . , , rr W' 'gn VM, ,K .,ff,, ".f. , SEATED: R. Chase, M. Civiello, J. Hale, S. Pound, C. Grant, B. Madore, J. Neal STANDING: E. Guy, G. Hutchinson--Mgrs., J. Ouellette, J. Ferland, L. Bissonnette, V. Pelletier, R. Morrison, P. Kerwock, D. Plourde, Coach Wentworth The band blares, the fans cheer, and the Minutemen run onto the floor for another bellicose clash. After numerous practices and much eager anticipation, the team and the community are ready fo fight and defend their reputation. Wins and losses together make the season exciting, and this 66-67 season has been that, indeed. At Bangor, the Minutemen faced one of the most exciting tournaments in recent yearsg and they went down only after they had done a commendable job. Teams change and fans change, but basketball will always be the same--forever frenzied and enter- taining. Stearns Opponents 90 - - - Caribou 58 '78 ------- Bangor 58 75 ---- Presque lsle 96 70 - - - Fort Fairfield 66 97- -----John Bapst 85 89 - - - - - Old Town 65 79 ----- Waterville 61 90 - - - - - - Houlton 75 82 ----- - John Bapst 58 68 - - - ---- Brewer 48 53 - - - - Bangor 52 81 ------- Brewer 63 95 ---- Fort Fairfield 73 58 ------ Old Town 65 73 ------- Houlton 65 99 ---- Presque Isle 76 81 ------- Caribou 50 83 ----- Waterville 60 Eastern Maine Tournament 80 ------- Bangor 52 60 ----- Old Town 68 f l , 1 i J., X Vx ' 4 in 4 g , K HV Y .fu W 'FW ,? ...,,. .. R :finely la 5-Q . E ig A ff 2458-gk AX L X 2 'Hi i 7152 3 Q' 5 1 . E iw AJ L bK-' A , 1: Ag 6-' Z2-14 5 :,: Ciiilrif E' -A' 2 9 fi "Qs, il Q, 1 , ge: . .. ,154 A F- -J H ix 1 22725 3 L r x A gg, . r i 6 I ' u 54 ' QW X 4 53 X , ..,, , QQ? A ,, Mg, L 1-1.,,gg. 'x S., '.,', g5, , .W , k .,, .,t. ., E lr I -9 5 K K 5? W A I f s 1, V W A ' ,K Apfit t se 'K .WX Q, K 1 L . as KX T K l gg A V pf f 4 -Qu r, f .V ff IQ if " I f"'1.x I 'L L, ,A W Q 52 ia f 3? X ,.'.jf:g .2 LO? 12 ?u K B 2 A e , N9 . m. Y ,PLS 1 fi J .l A N-Q, 4 , .-1-,, .1,, L L, , A W Q J X K U wx . ,g 'x Ay 'X MV, L 4 :-6 Q51 if is f . F. si -K' X 4? xx ' 3 N F 'X S? ,jg 465' .r 1.. , ,Q at R ,X 3 vg, X ,wif fx E . wx h ms 5 imwwwg Sv ' 3 Q 'Hx , KS: X 2 If .Q x ff I fm .I J . ' 1 I r ' 1 3, .. ! Y -. 5 'L ' s .-" K 'WA 1161 . M ' ,, Q 1 xf rd ' ' f , ...Www-, 4 4 , , Sag-arffi .N " kb' S. 5 X r fl W J? x , fff' ii W i YQ fu 4.6 A -, .f , W. 3-A Q, Q, ,, -N i'. 'J JV Team KNEELING: Terry McDonald, Tommy McDonald, R. Michaud, M. Hopper, S. Gates STANDING: W Gates, J. MacFarlane, Mgrs., R. Ouellette, S. MacAvoy, E. Fitzgerald, E. Legassey, R. Bailey, B. Johnson, Mr. Manzo S b ROW lg Terry MacDonald, D. Flanagan, J. Hale, T. Trainor, E. Guy, I. Ouellette, C. Grant ROW 2: R. Simpson, M. Civiello, R. Taylor, M. Simone, D. Plourde, S. Higgins ROW 3: P. Portwine, M. Hikel, I. Moscone, M. MacDonald, G. Hutchinson, I. Ferland R. Oullette ROW 4: R. Morrison, S. Pound, W. Chesson, Tom MacDonald, James Dicentes E. Fitzgerald, R. Bailey Senior League Captains SEATED: T. McDonald, B. Maclore son, J. Ferland E. Legassey K S. MacDonald, S. Perrow, A. Fitzpatrick, S. Inman, A. Gilman, J. MacArthur J. Ouellette STANDING: R. Simp- TOP BOWLERS L. Albert, A. Jenkins, C. Gallant, S. Monaco, L. Bou chard OFFICERS A S. Inman, Sec.-Treas. USHERS ROW I: S. Monaco, M. Raymond, W. Cyr ROW 2: STATE PIN GIRLS Charlotte McGowan, J. Evers, Christine McGowan ROW lg N. Walls, J. MacArthur, S. Inman, P. Fournier, A. Fitzpatrick ROW 2: D. Michaud, A. Hughes, V. Cameron, R. Brackett, K. McLean, M. Voisine, A. Gilman ROW 3: S. MacDonald, J. Evers, C. Pinette, S. Murphy, J. McGillicuddy, S. Perrow, D. Laverty . K D. Laverty, Vice President A. Fitzpatrick, President I' f 0 T, T x N s .wwf -s r lima fu hvvr VARSITY: D. Laverty, S. Murphy, S. Jenkins, M. Danie, A. Hughes, N. Walls, R. Brackett Y J.V. K. Fitzpatrick, D. Peterson, S. Ramsey, S. Kelleher, L. Conley, L. Bouchard J. Conley Affhgft. ' x j A A R Q . iffy, ' .Img yfkw if A -ss., '53 X - x Yum. KNEELING: B. Pineau, J. Moscone, R Landry T Mascetta G LaP1ante B Mc Donald, W. Jardine STANDING: R. McCla1n D Nelson P Bartley P Morrow R McLean, S. Fairley, Mr. McCourt is sf at A Golf Team C. Grant, R. McLean, F. Gagnier, E. Guy, R. Chase 17 f. 'I 4, , .. ss .rt A rlrr 'LA, , f fa- f W- Boddl' ' B. Marquis S. Higgins 'S R P G. Hutchinson ,QI Stearns Opponents MANAGERS 7 ---- - East Millinocket 3 14 - - - ------ Howland 4 6--- ---- -----Lee 4 p ii' 3 ------ Mattawamkeag 2 X 1 - - - ------- Lincoln 13 V 7 - - - - - Howland 22 R' Simpson 6 - - - - - - Lincoln 5 3 - - - - - Waterville 7 3 - - - -------- Lee 5 9 ------ Mattawamkeag 1 4 'fs J, Hale W 561 . ,F 6' G --if l 'J wg ' L K. I f i, ' Q P. Kerwock , .. P T. McDonald P. Portwine -i-' F? s S. Pound l , 'Wi 43? D. t'53"'?-r Ns- 7 . M. Civiello With the advent of spring, baseball mitts appear, like daffodils and spring fever, almost before the snow leaves the ground. The '66 baseball team had, as usual, a fine season, taking second place in the Northern Penobscot League. Coach Wentworth may well be proud of his baseball teams' records. Plourde 1 if H1211 is 3 ffmg 31.2 fm' gugf mlb 151- an 81,3 123231352 CQN -?, F E Q ZEN 2 31352215221 L I 6 N19 BAND COUNCIL SEATED: M. Pinnette, D. Laverty, D. Illingworth fStudent Directory, C. Grant STAND ING: N. Morrison, A. Higgins, R. Casey, D. Morrison ALL STATE X Lili SEATEDg P. Kronfelt, M. Hubbe, D. A Leer STANDING: D. riimgworrh, s. Fahey i Music is one category where time is of the essence. And though juke boxes everywhere scream out unintelligible lyrics, Stearns' Music Department has somehow managed to sift out the best songs and present them to the student body at football and basketball games rallies, and concerts. The band, under the direction of Mr. Wendell Tompkins, has picked up in both membership and quality this year. The chorus, led by Mrs. Brenda Findlen, and the stage band, led by Mr. Joseph Tufts, have been great supplements to the Stearns High curriculum. STAGE BAND ROW 1: P. Kronfelt, V. Craig, N. Morrison, C. Grant, M. Voisine, M. Boynton ROW 2: J. Cheney, D. Illing worth, K. Foster, J. Montgomery, T. Welsh GLEE CLUB ROW lg J. Dicentes, N. Walls, S. Tapley, S. Larlee, E. Quinn, A. Tapley, I. Sharpe, L. Bouchard, P. Kronfelt ROW 2: K. Shinners, V. Pasquine, R. Mackin, G. Weymouth, L. Tuck- er, S. Bradbury, L. McGowan, R. Tapley, Mrs. Findlen ROW 3: D. Leer, T. Watson, S. Fa- hey, D. Illingworth ROW 1: M. Voisine, S. Larlee, V. Craig, N. Morrison Denise ROW 1: A. Hig- Burieigh, N. Walls Row 2: MQ Hmse, P. Lyford, G. Kelley, C. gms, J. Burgess. Grant, E. Welch PERCUSSION R. Nicholson, C. sAXoPHoNEs FLUTES G. McPheters, D. Laverty, J. Ippoliti, S. Wilson I ROW 1: D. Baron, D. Somers ROW 2: A. Bradbury, G. Shields BASSES CLARINETS 1 ROW 1: L. O'Brikis, L. Gagnier, N. Thorpe, D. MorriSon, P. Fournier, D. Pratt, M. Hubbe ROW 2: C. Nason, N. Miller, B. Tippins, N. Boynton, M. Pinette, L. Mich- aud 1 1 Patchell ROW 2: K. Shinners, M. Hickey, J. Crawford ROW 1: J. Miller, D. Brown, D. Illingworth, R. Mullis, L. Murphy ROW 2: F. Gagnier, R. Casey, K. Foster, B. John son, J. Montgomery cz! 3 BRASS ROW 1: C. Gallant, T. Welch S. Fahey, P. Somers ROW 2: P. Bartley, L. Hazeltine, D. Diekinson Leet, J. Cheney, M. Terrio, R. Pom Pom irls S X K. McC1eary, S. Bradbury, L. Fish, S. MacDonald, J. McGi1licuclcly, V. Cameron, C. Gallant, T McCluskey, A. Gilman, J. Levesque, D. Michaud, J. Dicentes, A. Fitzpatrick, S. Inman, J. Mac- . . ' . D Benjamin T ' f Arthur, R Bears, B Roix, L Janclreau, . , . Michaud, S. Perrovr. -....,,,sQqg Q1 The latest group at Stearns is made up of ior girls who call themselves the "Pom tween halves at the basketball games with precision routines, bringing color and pep to our home games. sen Pom Girls. " These pert lassies entertain be- Debate J. Bouchard, T. Given, D. Bouchard, L. Boyd, C. Desjardins Voice of Democracy Contest J. Dicentesg Winner K. Shinnersg S. Fahey N. Walls Thespians SEATED: K. McLean, D. Illingworth, D. Laverty, S. Fahey, A. Hughes,S. Murphy STANDING: J. Mcfifillicuddy, L. Jandreau, R. Gonya, G. McCaus4 lin, K. McC1eary, S. MacDonald, A. Gilman L. Bouchard, C. Desjardins, D. Pelkey, A. Fairley, R. Mackin, J. Cheney W. Haight, P. Ippoliti, D. Bouchard, A. Jandreau Junior Exhibition FTA of ROW lg R. Mackin, J. MacArthur, D. Peterson, M. Danie, A.. Tapley, E. Quinn, S. Tapley, L. Conley, L. Bouchard ROW 2: Mrs. Kronholm, P. Hart- ley, S. Kelleher, L. Bissonnette, R. Tinkharn, P. Kerwock, W. Frisbee, K. McLean, M. White, G. Iandreau ROW 3: D. Sargeant, E. Bissonnette, L. Boyd, D. Bouchard, J. Ippoliti, J. Bouchard, J. Evers Mrs. Kronholm, Advisory P. Kerwock, Historiang L. Bouchard, Parliamentariangl. f ' X I f 74 Z V 4 9 2 5 Z W , W W , Q MacArthur, Pres., L. Bissonnette, Treas.gR. Tinkham, V. Pres.g E. Bissonnette, Sec. awww ACHCCPS AMEWCA .af H e-Act Plays A directed Sal Skinner Cal King Rocky Lawson Corpus Christie Quickfoot Jim Razorback Hank Jessie Clayton Tessie Clayton Bessie Clayton Mrs. Nettie Norris Myrtle Norris Rod Ricketts Connie Weston Tom Weston Pianist 1 THE RIGHT KIND OF HOUSE directed by Sharon MacDonald Ettie ------ Donna Peterson Sadie ------ Robin Farquhar Waterbury - - - David Higgins Dora ------- Mary Bilodeau Aaron - - - - - - Robert Gonya SAL Illingworth and Scott Fahey Nancy Walls John Montgomery Gordon McCauslin Peter Bartley Dal Leet Bruce Johnson Nancy Healey Katherine-Foster Susan Larlee Michael Terrio Kathleen Shinners Robert Casey Linda Jandreau Peter Byron Pamela Kronfelt SUNDAY'S CHILD directed by Sheila Murphy Betsy Wells - Joyce Dicentes Debbie ---- Mary Simpson Zach ---- - - - John Hale Windy ------- Kay Jewers Rev. Wells - John McFarlane Mrs. Wells -Rebecca Brackett noops And Scoops ROW l: L. Gagnier, P. Somers, B. Roix, E. Violette, J. Dicentes, Editor, L. Bouchard, Ass't. Ed. C. Daisey, K. Shinners, W. Cyr. ROW 2: Miss Owen, A. Levasseur, P. Robinson, A. Hughes, R. Mackin, Denise Burleigh, C. Gallant, M. Bilodeau, E. Quinn, T. McCluskey, J. Sharpe, D. Pratt Mr. Derby ROW 3: S. Monaco, D. Bell, N. Thorpe, S. MacDonald, P. Kerwock, S. Murphy, D. lllingworth, S. Perrow, E. Bissonnette, S. McGreevy, B. Michaud Student Council 4'-I . lf' Lf, A I .YJ zxlrktv , SEATEDg R. Bears fSec.j, J. Hale, L. Conley fAss't Treas.j, M. Morse QV. Pres.j, T. Trainor fTreas.j R. Weisskerchen, G. Elliott, A. Segee, G. Mc- Pheters. STANDING: L. Boyd, V. Chapman, D. Peterson, J. Gates, Diane Burleigh, P. Ippoliti, J. Rush, R. Taylor, Mr. Daigle fAdVisorj, W. Thorpe qPres.j Boys and irls State SEATEDg D. Laverty fAlt.j, N. Walls, M. Morse, S. MacDonald, J. McGillicuddy, A. Hughes, I. Dicentes fAlt.j STANDING: J. MacArthur fAlt.j, T. Trainor, R. Taylor, S. Fahey, W. Thorpe, K. Shir1nersfAlt.j FHA ROW 1: W. Cyr, B. Roix, P. King, S. Monaco, C. McGowan, R. Angotti, C. Glidden, G. Weymouth, M. Johnston, E. Morgan ROW 2: G. Frost, P. Rus- sell, Christine McGowan, N. Neal, S. Boutaugh, P. Robinson, S. Wedge, C. Gray, D. Lyle, L. McCluskey, E. Patchell ROW 3, S. Albert, S. White, G. Gonya, D. Curtis, K. Higgins, E. Bouchard, S. Higgins, D. Jameson, E. Vio- lette, C. Chudio, S. Perrow, L. Gagnier OFFICERS G. Weymouth, Song Leader, C. Glidden, Treasurer, R. Angotti, V. Pres, Char lotte McGowan, Pres., S. Monaco, Sec., B. Roix, Points Chairman, P. King, Historian Librarians , , TOP: P. Levesque, P. Somers, C. Gallant, R. Tapley, R. Mackin, K. McCleary, E. Quinn, L Levesque, V. Pasquine, L. Bouchard, J. Bailey, J. Bouchard, Denise Burleigh, J. Evers, M. Terrio. BACK: S. Bradbury, K. McLean BOTTOM: L. Gagnier, S. Tapley, A. Tapley, K. Higgins, A. Gould, G. Frost, W. Cyr, S. Perrow, Charlotte McGowan, C. Chudio, G. Wey- mouth, B. Roix, E. Violette, D. Hinse ational Honor ooiety ki To "i - ig. E Nancy Walls Patrrcra Roblnson Brenda Rorx , is V , '13 : ':. Cheryl Desjardrns Davld lllrngworth Dorothy Laverty Judlth MacArthur Joanne McGillicuddy Ann Hughes Mary Lou White Jin rppomi Robert Taylor Peter Ippoliti Clair Grant ll llrl H,',.Ij ,rx - AI Wxm 2, ff w. f All Zi 5 C5 E. 512 E. .a- V -L Ann F airley Terry Given ,,,- ...Q ll MMI All fl' M ll Hr h all -ii :- ...JT i 1 , 5: :n h ,,?:m-.,,- - 3 ':-4, - W - - Q . P ' T -.1 ex. , -Y:,.--'- vo-5 - - 'ra a i - 5 I fn.-S.--H ..,e ,.-:f -':- ..-' . . . yvx- - -, -22- S mere if a Q K, time 10 fhaltik Q me wht mah? gf f 1 5 E ,possiblz JOHN S. HALE PLUMBING AND HEATING MASTER PLUMBER Sales Installations Se rvice 181 Aroostook Avenue, Millinocket Telephone - 723-5455 BANGOR AND AROOSTOOK RAILROAD CO. I ef QNC' 250 of woe- og 515 9 G1- ,as Q 21 4, 2 . 169 'QQ Our Diamond Jubilee Compliments of DR. L. W. MOREY 178 Central Street Millinocket, Maine Compliments of R. F, DESJARDINS, M.D, H. D. GILMQAN, M.D. 240 Penobscot Ave. Millinocket, Maine MILLINOCKET INSURANCE AGENCY Home of Insurance for 57 Years Robert E. C. Speed, President LEWIS A. WHITE INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance of A11 Types 94 Lincoln Street Millinocket, Maine KATAHDIN FEDERAL CREDIT UNION 14 Katahdin Avenue Millinocket, Maine Telephone 723-9311 BOUCHARD'S MILLINOCKET SHOE HOSPITAL Fine Footwear for the Entire Family 153 Penobscot Avenue Millinocket, Maine SUERIC LANES Aroostook Avenue Millinocket, Maine FULLER FURNITURE CO. 256 Penobscot Avenue Millinocket, Maine Compliments of E. B. CAMPBELL'S GARAGE gl MARINA Millinocket, Maine ERAN'S A. G. MARKET the biggest little store in town Lake Road Phone 723-9526 KELLEY'S STORE Open 'til 9:30 85 Bates Street Millinocket, Maine Telephone 723-9179 VlOLETTE'S GARAGE General Repairing 21 Bates Street Millinocket, Maine Telephone 723-5272 THE C. B. DOLCE COMPANY DAKIN SPORTING GOODS CO. Chemicals for Maintenance Westport, Connecticut Wholesale and Retail Dealers Howard B. Ragsdale, Representative 28 Broad Street Bangor, Maine Live Better Electrically BANGOR HYDRO-ELECTRIC CO. ll8 Penobscot Avenue Millinocket, Maine GEORGE SIMON PAUL G. CORRIGAN, O. D. Optometrist Attorney Insurance 304 Congress Street 66 Penobscot Avenue Millinocket, Maine Millinocket, Maine Telephone 723-5366 THE HAMLET MILLINOCKET FLORAL SHOP Restaurant--Motel I4 Lincoln Street Millinocket Telephone 723-9016 Main Street, East Millinocket Donna Tilley and Edgar Hamm, Prop. Minnie McCann, Props. PINES GROCERY Philip Higgins, Prop. Meats and Groceries Millinocket, Maine WHITNEY OIL COMPANY 79 Main Street East Millinocket Dead River L, P, Gas Chevron Fuel and Range Oils ROBINSON'S MUSICAL INSTRUMENT CO. "The Richest Child is Poor Without Music" Telephone 532-3316 Cor. North and Maple Houlton, Maine I McLEAN'S, INC. RED 81 WHITE SUPERMARKET Fine Foods--Top Value Stamps 56 Penobscot Avenue Millinocket, Maine HUSSON COLLEGE 157 Park Street Bangor, Maine Accredited as a Specialized College of Business bv THE ACCREDITINC COMMISSION FOR BUSINESS SCHOOLS P. E. WARD AND COMPANY Western Auto Associate Store Home Furnishings, Automotive Supplies Sporting Goods Penobscot Ave. Millinocket, Me. CORNER DRUGS, INC. Best Wishes, Class of '67 242 Penobscot Ave. Millinocket, Me. Telephone 723-5383 Best Wishes to the Class of 1967 JOHN F. WARD THE FERLAND JEWELERS Towle Sterling Watches--Diamonds--Gifts Millinocket East Millinocket MILLINOCKET MOTOR CO. Culf Products C, H, M, Perry Aroostook Avenue Millinocket, Maine .IOE AND MARY'S RESTAURANT 210 Penobscot Avenue Millinocket, Maine CHARLES R. STEEVES 8g SONS, INC. PLUMBING, HEATING ELECTRICAL SALES AND SERVICE HARDWARE AND HOME BUILDING SUPPLIES Aroostook Avenue Millinocket, Maine MOSCONE'S MARKET United Trading Stamps Millinocket, Maine Telephone 723-5441 DAVID WYSE FUNERAL HOME 281 Penobscot Ave. Mi11inocket, Maine Te1ephone 723-5511 KINNEY DUPLICATOR CO. Office Machines and Equipment 159 State Street Bangor, Maine Phone 942-8441 THE MILLINOCKET PRESS Printing for Stearns for 39 Years 135 Penobscot Avenue Millinocket, Maine Let George Do It! iGEORGE'S BARBER SERVICE 139 Central Street Mi11inocket, Maine Telephone 723-9640 Raymond Woodworth WOODWORTH'S CAMPS Boats--Trailers--Motors Mi11inocket Lake Maine OPERA HOUSE Your Entertainment Center THE LADIES' SHOP, INC. Mi1Iinocket's Fashion Center Penobscot Avenue Mi11inocket, Maine Penobscot Avenue, Mi11inocket, Maine STEVENS STUDIOS Your School Photographers 98 Harlow Street Bangor, Maine 3 f SERENENS BEAUTY SALON 168 Central Avenue Millinocket, Maine 723-5235 MILLINOCKET FRUIT CO. Fruit Confectionery Millinocket, Maine 723-833 5 LUCILLE'S FLOWER SHOP Flowers for All Occasions 34 Katahdin Avenue Miuinocket, Maine 137 Penobscot Avenue GIFT AND BABY SHOP Phone 7236066 Miiimockeu, Maine Compliments of DR, FRANK CIVIELLO DENTIST East Millinocket GERALD H. LEAVITT, O.D Optonietrist 190 Penobscot Avenue , Maine Mi11inocket, Maine MURRAY'S RESTAURANT PERROW'S ELECTRONICS Philco and V, M, Products TV - Radio - Phono - Batteries, etc Penobscot Avenue Sales and Service Millinocket Maine HEdH 'Ken ' 723-9556 723-9656 EMERSON'S PHARMACY Home of the "Pills" Bob '52 George '37 140 Penobscot Avenue Miiiinocket, Maine NELSON BROS., INC. Hardware Main Street East Millinocket, Maine HARRY E. REED INSURANCE AGENCY Service to You Is Gur Business ALBERT E. ERICKSON - WILLIAM A. TIPPENS, Agents 136 Penobscot Avenue - Mi11inocket, Maine Te1ephone 723-8282 1? F H. P. SNOWMAN - PRINTER .Iob Printing of All Kinds Mfrs. of Rubber Stamps since 1933 27 Franklin Street, Bangor, Maine Telephone 945-3841 BRAGDON OIL COMPANY Distributor Chevron Heating Oils Dead River Bottled Gas 214 Aroostook Avenue Millinocket, Maine 1 KA TAHDIN CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY CENTER QUINT'S CLOTHING STORE Approved Sanitone Service 200 Penobscot Avenue Aroostook Avenue Millinocket, Maine Millinocket, Maine 723-5336 ,, N . .4-SF" '- J Q DR. HAROLD g I BOYNTON Dentist 122 Penobscot I Avenue Millinocket, Maine L C omplime nts of Vx ' R. B. DHUY, D. M. D. Millinocket, Maine PRATT FORD SALES, INC. Your Authorized Ford and Mercury Dealer 1009 Central Street Ext. 723-9721 Millinocket, Maine Compliments of KATAHDIN MOTORS, INC. Authorized Chevrolet, Pontiac, Cadillac Dealership illinocket :lA1o,ii o.,, k tral Street M 991 Cen 723-5154 723-5155 BILODEAU'S Zenith and RCA Whirlpool Dealer vice TV Sales and Ser 245 Aroostook Ave. Millinocket, Maine DiNARDO'S STORE Meats and Groceries Maine ETT'S AUTO SALES BARN 1024 Central Street Millinocket, Maine th Dodge Chrysler Plymou See us before you buy. Congratulations Clas s of 1967 BART KELLEHER - DONIS ROGERS 54 York Street Millinocket, Compliments of MILLINOCKET FURNITURE CO. GRASS MARKET Berklinxef -- 'Easy -- Gibson estinghouse . Little Italy Millinocket, Maine Medway Mama Telephone 723-5335 LINER McLEAN'S RED AND WHITE MILLINOCKET FOOD Millinocket Maine East Millinocket Main 6 MILLINOCKET JOURNAL 1800 Copies Millinocket--East Millinoeket Published Every Wednesday 46 Eastland Avenue Millinocket, Maine W M K R Serving Mi11inocket - East Millinocket CASS OFFICE SPECIALTY COMPANY 138 Washington Street Bangor, Maine Telephone 942-6789 DR. FRANCIS O'KANE 122 Penobscot Avenue, Millinocket, Maine 723-9313 NEW MILLINOCKET BOWLING CENTER ROBERT M BOUCI-IARD Prop Fun for the Entire Family Penobscot Avenue Millinocket Maine WILSON'S JEWELRY STORE EDDIE'S DRY CLEANERS Watch and Jewelry Repair 238 Aroostook Avenue 196 Penobscot Ave. Millinocket, Maine Millinocket, Maine 723-9133 7236621 H. A. M. RUSI-I'S Men's Store 94 Penobscot Ave. Millinocket, Maine 4 Erma WWEFEEQQLFW PAPER ,HECOMPANY ug, C ONGRATULA TIONS CLASS OF 1967 ""' i"'l PISCATAQUIS SAVINGS BANK DUMAS BLUE SUNOCO STATION Assets over S7, OOO, OOO School Bus Service 106 Penobscot Avenue Millinocket, Maine Millinocket, Maine 723-8741 MILLINOCKET MOTEL I 59 Central Street TONI S MARKET Millinocket, Maine 723-8962 East Millinocket, Maine 1 1 O. S. GONYA Buick, Oldsmobile, GMC Trucks, Frigidaire, CE Appliances Happy Cooking Gas Central Street 723-5113 DiFREDER1CO INSURANCE AGENCY 146 Penobscot Avenue Millinocket, Maine 723-8690 Our Thanks and Sincere Wishes for a prosperous year to our Advertisers CoMPL1MENTs or W. T. GRANT COMPANY Your Friendly Family Store Northern Shopping Center Millinocket, Maine HUGHES FLYING A Batteries--Tires Freese's Gold Bond Stamps Millinocket, Maine MILLINOCKET TRUST CO. Millinocket's Oldest Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Millinocket -- East Millinocket KATY'S SHOP I Graduation Clothing and Footwear 202 Penobscot Avenue . F 2, Sw Millinocket , Maine DR. L. W. MOREY 178 Central Street Millinocket, Maine ffm-W' f I I 1 I M M I S. J. HIKEL STORE Men's and Boys' Clothing Evinrude Motor s Starcraft and Glasspar Boats 78-80 Penobscot Avenue Sporting Goods Millinocket, Maine CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1967 JOHN T. LEVASSEUR 8: SON MILLINOCKET FOUNDRY , , , and Bulldmg Supphes MACHINE COMPANY 225 Aroostook Avenue 432 Katahdin Ave. 723-8600 Millinocket, Maine Millinocket, Maine YOUR FRIENDS AT L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY THE CRAFTSMEN WHO MADE YOUR CLASS RING A MASTERPIECE and DONALD B. TUPPER - VICTOR HOLAN Box 244 - Cape Cottage Branch Portland, Maine JOIN IN SENDING THEIR CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES To A Great Class In A Eine School x X X X N Is your future set? lf you can answer "yes" to that, dont read any fu rther. But fyou're still planning yourfuture,givethe Armya th ght I th A y y getthetr g d X p e th t II Ily tyou upforthe go dj b X X fth ft A dy Ilb paidwhiley I f I Th A yg y 300 p I! sto-h sf J A d fy q Ify y h g aranieed bef y g p Y I s fthebestpossibletrain g I Th A y k I mportantforanyihingless Come arou d d Iltalk about it, Let's see If h Ip you nail down the fut y want. Or, ifyou'dIk t duponitbf yo t Ik f- dropby dp k pth bookl t Th S I f . ' G tt gAh d E'th y th bl g t I: t g Y ph I W VL' SFC Louis Lonko 564-2067 U, S, Army Recruiting Sta., Kondos Building Dover-Foxcroft, Maine J. J. NEWBERRY COMPANY Z Stores with 54 Complete Departments Penobscot Avenue Millinocket, Maine I t METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE CO. WENDALL MCNALLY - Agency Manager James Hunt Harold .Tones John Brunette Millinocket, Maine 1 1 I1 I X I 1 1 x-1' 11 1 1 X I 1 I 1, 1 I I I 1 I L 1 I 11,1 X' f L I 1 V 1 1 1 X ly 1 I 1I I1 I I -,J Kp ' I 1 ' 11 1 I 1 'I N1 , J' 1 1 L L ,JV 1 1 J 1' 141 1 I 1 1 II I I 1 I 1 1 1 I I , I1 L -IJ1 11 1 ' 1 I ,I I I 1 LIK11 I I I 1 Z KI I I I 1 I' J I H . 1 1 A 1. 1 f W L X Vx 1 1 1 I x 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 . I I I1 1 I 1 I' 1 I .IIY I ' I I L I . 1 I 1 15. K 1 L I 1I 1 I I K I I J 1. ' 1 I 1 4 - , , , 51 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 X 1 , 117 I , 1 1 f 1 5 L1 X41 1 ff I LI I I 1 I 1,1I 1 II 1 I f I1 1 1 1 1 AJ ' I I 1 I I- XI. I I III I I 1 I LI I 1 L 1 X11 x 1' I '- I 1I K 1 I jxf, LI II I I ' 1 1 I ' 1 II f X KAI f I L If, Ifix L , 1' t I X I 1 4 1 ' I 15, ., 1 ' 1 1 1 I I I III L1 I 1' I1 1 f f 1 1 1 V 1 ,1 1 , K f V 11' ' , 1 1 1 ,f 1N ' 1 ' ' 1 l X1 1 , l II I I 1, I II Ib KI 1 1 1 1QI " 1 1 ' Y J I L 1' XI 1 1 1 1 J 1 ' ' .1 - 1 I J ' 1 1 9 ' 1 X' ,K I 1 111 ' 1 1 1,1 1 11 I "ff Lx , 1 L, ,. lf' , X 1 I 1 1 f 1-, 1' 1 ,1,- I 1 I Lf 1 1 1, L X . 1 f I I I 1 I1, I 1 I 1 1 L, 1 I ,- L C 1' 1 11 11 1 1 If 1 . 1 1 kj X 1 4 1' K L 1 I IJ I I 1 j I I I 1, 1 II. 1' Iffb, ' 1 X 1 1' 'X 1' L ff I' 5 1,1 I II III 1 II 1- I I 1 IX I1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 L L 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 I, I1 1 11 I I 1 J '11, 1 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 I W ,AKH - V 117115 Y K L1 . 1' 1 J 1 1 F 1 1 -1 1 1 I 1 fL1!1 1' A 1 f 1 1 II II x, I I JI I I1 I L I I 1 11 111I11 1 1 I1 , 1 I III1I' I II-1 I II I1 1 ' I II II I I I I ,I 1 I 1 L 1 I I 1' L,-U , 1 4 I 1' 1 I I L lk V , 11,1411 , L1 f 7 I V1 Q' " 1' 1 Lf 11 1 ,1 1, 1 1 41:1 1 'E 'K 1 A 4 1 1 J , , I 1I . 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Suggestions in the Stearns High school - Northern Lights Yearbook (Millinocket, ME) collection:

Stearns High school - Northern Lights Yearbook (Millinocket, ME) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Stearns High school - Northern Lights Yearbook (Millinocket, ME) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Stearns High school - Northern Lights Yearbook (Millinocket, ME) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Stearns High school - Northern Lights Yearbook (Millinocket, ME) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Stearns High school - Northern Lights Yearbook (Millinocket, ME) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Stearns High school - Northern Lights Yearbook (Millinocket, ME) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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