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Ni. Q v . ., A! '- . L 5 His .-1. in 'T '.' 5JQ3Af'1,'A-' ' gb . ,' 39, .A Q sft ' vi, !.t.,,. rw: . , H ,N '- 2 - v. Y " Zi ,. 'gfgalxj .QE idlggg Eglpfglgg ASK. 5 " - x- I , - 114 A X ' 1"' ' " T1 , -:,' ' V a .5 - - L "' f I A Q ,L '-. A v U -M, .-, N -., ik, . . rj! f 5 3 9 f - 'Q .V N T ax J I ff' fv- Jem M -1.1 In 3,1 X 1 , id It i . E p "'if." -:-Q Jw , ' - - 1.1. - 5 .- ir : ' M' 3- V ' 'S ,K A I J, ,F 1- .J -L' , , . i fx ,E H' -N , P - - . --A r, , ,. , - v'-1..., . ' 1 ' I - i L MEL., . , 1 ' --.. - ' E 1 , . . . -1. xi,-W Lfffw ff. .-4l ,1L -' LQ an ' vs., , N' "" .34 , 3 E! K 1 '3 1 4 5 I E Lx! 3 X t 5 N . ' P X N Fig! x X w 'X Ill X Ill -m -Q ,. M L. u Q QI f -M-f--Q 1 4.14,-S7 ' ' .I---6, V I 1 j A 7 'A xf l , I -15' fwfr , i . ,,?g - 1 Q X I 7 w f 1 ,f 'X-1 THE NORTHERN LIGHTS 'ne gl- -1- M Jffff' flag W W0 WE A Ww A75 l b pale, 17467224 wwf. f,-fabE,4,M47,d,.4, fffffg www + "0A,4fv4Mf7f'fQMW4m4-QQ, Q 2jQ,,,.,mWpaMM,,f Y , T , -xx X N X? Y .F" , ?,,M'4 J 9 WWW of WM W wL 1jjj0,7Qii7fMW"' MQW WYWMWW . mgfwfimf W ' iw' aff WWLLWJWW Www wma Q"M' j6b ' X Northern Lights Staff Editor - Carol Fisher Ass't Ed. - David Illingworth Advisor - Mrs. Cook Class Editors A. Hughes - I. Snow A. Segee - I. Shanks Layout Editors B. Barnes - R. Pinette Sports Editors N. Walls - E. Laverty Typists Activities Santerre, Allen, Raymond Matangelo, Watson, Bears, Cheney, Laverty, Shinners N l ll School Life Literary - Features - Art SEATED: St. Peter, Elliott, Mayhew. STANDING: Tar- McGillicuddy, Bilodeau, Leino, Smith, Ippoliti, diff, McLean, DiCentes, Fahey. Boyd. Advertising SEATED: Gilman, Laverty fBus. Mgr.J, Mrs. Byther, McCleary, Frost. STANDING: Fournier, Kerr, Sweeney Montgomery, Morey, Voisine. We dedicate our yearbook to a man who dedicates himself to the school and to the students Our Guidance Director, Mr. Byron, is aman of many talents--all of them at helping the students of Stearns High School. He gives unstintingly of his time and effort to help each pupil find the right course for his particular needs. An experienced drummer, Russ finds time to help out the school dance band if its drummer is absent: he helps with the tremendous job of selling tickets for the popular Stearns basketball games: and always he is ready to help anyone in the school or in the town in any way he can. Perhaps his greatest asset is his encouraging sense of humor, one that has helped many a sad sack see the funny side of his "desperate situation." Thank you, Mr. Byron, for all you've done for us through the years. I RHOW lf 100148 bad but Let me check your file. See, it wasn't bad, was it? S Qgfma Superintendent WILLIAM W. HALE Principal N. ALLEN SAVAGE That Stearns High School has been able to accelerate its program to keep pace with modern times is due mainly to the wisdom and farsightedness of the two men pictured on this page. Mr. Hale has insisted on the finest teachers and the best equipment available. Our principal, Mr. Savage, runs the school with a firm but understanding hand. Our thanks to you both for the opportunities you are giving us. . iysy ,p,, "'t'i' i s hsvhhhr Qhfiiai iiih 5 dsii MRS. CHENEY MRS. WRIGHT A 5 Secretary to Mr. Hale Secretary to Mr. Savage i 7 MRS. CRAWFORD MRS. BERTRAND Secretary ro Mr. Hale Secretary to Mr- Byron Business Department LAROY DERBY Mr. Derby, our Submaster, does many things in the school besides teaching. He handles the print- ing of "Snoops and Scoops," prints all the school programs, does work for various organizations in the town, and keeps all the typewriters and other office machines in the system repaired and running. Mr. Patten is a man of many interests. "Doc" is very active in sports of all kindsg he can fix a radio, fly a plane, or keep a car running, and he is very effective in quieting the students in the cor- ridors. FREDERICK PATTEN GERALD GOSS - 52 SHIRLEY COOK Mr. Goss, always relaxed and jovial, teaches several courses in the Business Department and acts as assistant coach to our football teani. On weekends "Jake" can be found skimming down the slopes at Squaw. We've been told that much of the laughter issuing from the teachers' room during the noon hour is caused by Jake's quips. "Eyes on your books!" "Move your carriage when you erase." Famous quotes from Mrs. Cook, shorthand and typing teacher, and ad- visor of the NORTHERN LIGHTS. English Department CLARA owEN Miss Owen, an excellent English teacher, initiates sophomores into the intracacies of high school English. Miss Owen coordinates the publi- cation of "Snoops and Scoops" A -hometown boy, Terry coaches Freshman Basketball, bowls, plays volleyball, and drives a sporty Mustang. I TE RRENCE DA IGLE BONNIE HELMS Although hers was a new face on the Stearns' faculty, Miss Helms contribution to the English department was quickly recognized and appre- ciated by all her students. Her knowledge of fine plays and good litera- ture has instilled in the students of Stearns an appreciation of the finest the English language has to offer. We, the fans of Will Shakespeare, salute you! Miss Renski is one of our newest and youngest faculty members. As a member of the English department, she has displayed a fresh, young ap proach with enthusiasm. CYNTHIA RENSKI Foreign Languages We at Stearns are very fortunate to have a teacher with Miss Riley's experience and ability. A former student at La Sorbonne, Paris, France, Miss Riley brings the true flavor of the French language to her classroom. A young teacher with the poise of a pro and a thorough knowledge of Spanish, Miss Boutelle's presence would improve the quality of the lang- uage department in any school. 1 . 4,1 ROSEMARY RILEY MA RCIA BOUTELLE Home Economics Department RENA A LLEN Miss Allen is partly responsible for our having so many well dressed girls in school. She and Miss Ziko, the other member of the department have .done much to teach their students the fundamentals of good home- making. They supervise an active FHA. They also furnish delicious lunches for the Teachers' Meetings. ANNA ZIKO Mathematics Department Think of a synonym for high standards, for excellent teaching, for love of young people, for years of dedicated service. Think of a synonym for Stearns. That's it--Miss Griffin. Both Miss Griffin and Mrs. Buyther are devoted teachers, spending long hours helping their math students and helping the seniors earn money for graduation. Mrs. Byther also handles the advertising and financing for the school yearbook. ELIZABETH GRIFFIN HELEN BYTHER Music Department .-u. .sL, - WENDA LL TOMPKINS Our Music Department improves each year. Mr. Tompkins, the head of the department, has helped the band a great deal in improving the quality of the music. Many ardent basketball fans have spoken flatteringly of how much the band adds to the games. Our pert Miss Barnes has somehow interested both boys and girls in singing. The chorus is certainly a credit to Miss Barnes and the school. A newcomer to Millinocket, Mr. Tufts is director of the Junior High Band. He contributes to Stearns music, though, by helping the stage band. IOS EPH TU FTS BRENDA BA RNES Physlcal Educatron Mr Basketball of Marne that s our coach and boys Phys Ed teach er Coach Wentworth manages year after year to burld champronshrp bas kerball teams that break all records One of the busrest people at Stearns Mrs Blake organrzes the cheer leaders the grrls bowlrng basketball and volleyball teams and varlous other actrvrtres besrdes her darly routrne of teachrng grrls physrcal educa tron Our Phys Ed teachers do more than burld physrcal frtness They burld character sportsmanshrp and a sense of farr play 1nto all the students GEORGE WENTWORTH HELEN BLAKE 0 0 '-.. ' ' - , . ., . . 1 1 x 1 . . , . . , . -I I 1 s ' Reading and Speech HA RRIET KRONHOLM Mrs. Kronholm makes reading a delight for any student. With her in fectious grin and ready understanding, she gives us all a lift. Mrs. Kron- holm is advisor to FTA. Miss Higgins, our speech teacher and dramatics coach, has done much to interest the young people in the school in dramatics. Under her direction the speech department has grown by leaps and bounds. JOYCE HIGGINS Science Department Mr Hopkrns has proved h1mse1f to be an outstandrng teacher 1n h1s A RNOLD HOPKINS freld He has helped to strmulate sc1ent1f1c rnterest 1n all of hrs students whose entrres rn the Sc1ence Farr are 1nvar1ably successful He and h1s attractrve wrfe are always wrllrng chaperones at our proms as you can see 1n the p1cture to the rrght B1010gy 15 hrs specralty There 15 no problem he can t solve no quest1on he can t answer A Joke and a smrle for everyone make Mr Wentworth one of the most popular teachers at Stearns RALPH WENTWORTH ocial tudies WA LLA CE DELA HA NTY Mr. Delahanty's years at Stearns speak for themselves. In almost any undertaking of the school and of the town, Wally can be counted ,on to help. His extensive knowledge makes history one of the most interest ing subjects in the school. Mr. Niles, another newcomer to the school, teaches social studies and helps in the dramatic productions in the school. Mr. McCourt, social studies teacher, is also the man who coaches our football team to its second championship year. This winter he is busy outside of school with the ski team. RICHARD NILES PAUL MCCOURT Industrial Arts Mr. Buck's activities are many, He handles the sale of the basket- ball tickets, builds props for play, designs and builds the sets for all proms held in the school, and teaches adult classes. His devotion to the school is evident in his many activities. We've noticed a spruced-up look about the boys in the mechanical drawing classes. Could it be because of the lady with the twinkling brown eyes we see swingingdown the corridors? ELI BUCK VERA CLEAVES ROBERT KRA CH To add spice to our staff, we have a retired sailor, Mr. Krach, who entered the teaching field after many years in the U. S. Navy. Mr. Krach, like any sailor worth his salt, has a wealth of stories of far-away places. Nurse Mrs. Hall is the head of the Health and Welfare Department of Stearns and other schools in the town. Librarian Mrs. Derby, our soft-spoken librarian, is always ready to help us all. She must be the one of whom the saying "service with a smile" was written ROW 1: R. Martin, Somers, I. Neal, Cole, Ennis, Higgins, Bailey B. Roix, E. Bouchard, L. C-agnier, Tinkham, Hersey. ROW 2: Mrs. Derby, Caron, Quinn, Danie, St. Peter, Healey, Walsh, York, Gallant, Bissonnette, May- hew, S. Allen, Perrow, Beaupain, MacPherson, Violette, F. Morse, Burleigh. ROW 3: Raymond, J.'Allen, Mackin, M. Kelleher, Bradbury, Boutaugh, McGillicuddy, McCleary, Ferland, M. Alley, Iewers, Boutin, Hamm, Tap- ley, B. Currie, S. MacDonald, R. Levesque. fiafifviiaikii i2rE N2 9 61 HAROLD JACKSON NOBERT LANDRY Stearns Hrgh rs we thrnk one of the best lookrng hrgh schools rn the state We re proud of 1tS appearance The men prctured on thrs page and the two nrght custodrans Weldon Astle and Eben Gu111ver are responsrble for 1ts good reparr and rts cleanhness JOHN EVERS and ARTHUR ALLEN 2 ...rn ffhwia R F DesJard1ns M D ANN S ANSWERING SERVICE KATAHDIN CLEANERS QUINT S CLOTHING STORE H D Grlman M D Telephone coverage around the AND LAUNDRY CENTER 200 Penobscot Avenue 240 Penobscot Avenue clock for progressrve busrness Approved Samtone SCYVICC Mrlhnocket Marne Mrlhnocket Marne and professronal people Aroostook Avenue 723 5336 723 5171 Mrllmocket Mrllrnocket Marne 1 5 1 1 . , . , . 'fi - A . 'M I ,. N' of . , , , . . , .. . . . , . . 1 , - - I '6 g,a4,, 'M-02114 07wMf?z'M"ac2a+6Zhf- . Www MWLMW 44? fyfwvwfwwz' ww ' izfbdizalhf MW ' MW 41.11 fb wwf? Hffzw- ,wif-dp,,L,5 fy? aww MAA' 7 6 ' ' Z 9 ff fA X JILL MacKAY VICE PRESIDENT College L A Art IS not the bread but the wme of lrfe Band Councrl Student Councrl G A A Skr Team All State Band Semor Officers MARGARET CHENEY PRESIDENT College L A Grve to the world the best you have and the best w1ll come back to you DAR Award Drrrgo Grrls State Band Thesplans Natronal Honor Socrety JOHN BODDY SECRETARY TREASURER College I take lrfe as I frnd rt I V Basketball Semor Leagues Senror Play 5 r .sa if CAROLYN ALLEN SHEILA ALLEN College Stenographic A friend and pal to Life is short, and I everyone. intend to enjoy it. G.A.A. G. A. A., Usher F. T. A. F. H, A. , Reporter Senior Play Senior Play Student Council Northern Lights Ski Team Nat'1 Honor Society DONA LD A LLEY College Don't trouble trou- ble until trouble trou bles you. Junior League Freshman League Senior League Baseball Ski Team MICHAEL ANDRICK MICHAEL ASTLE GARY BAKER Social Science College Science Social Science I've done quit wor- A A mind equal to any I don't need a mir- rying over things. undertaking that he ror to see my reflec- puts it alongside of. tion. Thespians Glee Club Debate Detour Staff Junior Ex. One Act Play Football Bowling Team Nat'l Honor Society qSt. Martinj DOUGLAS ALLEY College Not too serious always gay. Freshman League Senior League Varsity Basketball Senior Play Science Fair TERRY BAKER Social Science He's a silent one who accomplishes much. One Act Play Society Glee Club Bowling Team fSt. Martinj WK' F.-.M BRENDA BARNES College L A She is pretty to walk with and witty to talk with Nat l Honor Society Glee Club Masque and Gavel Debate fSt Martinj Northern Lights fStearnsj GLEN BEAULIEU RODNEY BERNIER CHARLES BEAUPAIN Social Science Vocational Shop There is nothing A merry heart doeth more fun than having good like a medicine Social Science I can resist every thing except tempta tion Junior Leagues Freshman League Senior League Senior Play WILLIAM BODDY Social Science He never seems to hurry but he gets there on time. Senior Leagues J. V. Basketball Varsity Basketball S Club Football EDWARD BOSSIE HAROLD BOSSIE FRANCES BOUTAUGH Vocational Shop Social Science Commercial I hurry notg neither Quiet people are Good nature is-the do I worry. welcome everywhere. beauty of the mind. G. A. A. F. H. A. One-Act Play Student Librarian Nat'l Honor Society it i DAVID BRUNETTE ERIC BUCKINGI-IAM Social Science Vocational Shop Athletics increase There is no substi- a man's education. tute for hard work. Football Basketball Mgr. Baseball Baseball Mgr. Senior Leagues Senior Leagues Senior Play CA ROL BOU TIN ROBERT BROWN Commercial College I am going to walk Fond of sports and on the sunny side of laughterg pleasure the road, first, business after. G. A. A. Basketball F, H, A, Football Student Librarian Baseball Senior Play Class Officer Q11 DA VID BURRELL College Laugh yourself into stitches. Senior Leagues Science Fair HARVEY BYTHER Social Science My interest is in the future because I plan to spend the rest of my life there. Science Fair Senior Play 'W WILLIAM CAMPBELL Socral Scrence As good be hanged for a sheep as a lamb If PA MELA CLA RK College It s n1ce to be nat ural when you re nat urally n1ce G A A Sen1or Play Northern L1ghts Scrence Farr Nat l Honor Socrety REBECCA CARON Soc1a1 Scrence Srlence IS the saf est course F H A G A A Student Llbrarlan CHRISTINE COFFJIN Stenographrc You are never fully dressed unt1l you wear a sm1le Masque and Gavel Detour Glee Club Sodahty fSt Martrnj PAUL CI-IUDIO Socral Scrence They that govern most make the least norse Jun1or Leagues Sen1or Leagues Football S Club PAUL CIVIELLO Socral Scrence Krndness lS an es sent1al of success ALLEN COLE Cbm merclal A gentleman makes no norse JEFFREY COLE College Born wrth the grft of laughter and the sense that the world IS mad I V Basketball Sen1or Leagues Jr Prom Comnguttee Snoops and Scoops Sen1or Play RODNEY COLE LAURENCE COOK STEPHEN CORCORAN ROBERT COTE Vocational Shop College Science College Vocational Shop The unspoken word Music is the thing I just Want IO Set YOURS fellows will never does harm. of the world I like the world on fire. be young fellows. most. Junior Leagues Band Freshman Leagues Stage Band Senior Leagues Chorus Ski Team Thespians Boys' State FRANKIE CRAIG ION CRAWFORD College L. A. Social Science A vein of poetry ex- Make 'em laugh: ists in the heart of all make 'em Cry: make Women- 'em wait. Band Iunior Ex. All-State Band Thespians Dirigo Girl's State BA RBA RA CURRIE College Beauty is truth and truth beauty. Nat'l Honor Society Student Council G. A. A. Snoops and Scoops Senior Play DENNIS DANIE Soecial Science What is to come I know not, but what has been was good. Football S Club fStearnsp Basketball Wrestling Uviona Sharesy Mich. FULTON DA NIELS Social Science Sort of quiet, sort of shy. We all think he's quite a guy. Football Senior Leagues Science Fair 512232.11 MARGAROT DOLAN College L. A. Friendly, cheerful, she is scientifically in- clined. Nat'l Honor Society Band Junior Ex. Thespians Masque and Gavel - JESS STEVEN DEA NE Social Science A tiger among lad- ies is a most dreadful thing. SUSAN DeCOURCY College L. A. A laugh is worth a thousand groans. G. A. A. Majorettes Senior Play M. T. A. Award ANN DOW Social Science Bright eyes, golden hair make her shine so fair. G.A.A. F.H.A. JEAN DiCENTES Social Science It is quality rather than quantity that counts. G.A.A. F.H.A. DOU GLA S ELKINS Social Science Speech is silverg silence is golden. Science Fair Senior Play DIANE ELLIOTT ELIZA BETH ELLIS ROBERT ELLIS College L. A. College College Full of pep, full of Quiet at first, but Girls irritate H16- fun, a laugh for every- look again. I love IO be irritated- one. Masque and Gavel Football Nat'l Honor Society Thespains S Club Snoops and Scoops One -Act Plays Northern Lights Debate Senior Play Student Librarian G.A.A. LAWRENCE EMERSON HELEN ENNIS BEVERLY EVERS PATRICIA FAIRLEY College Science Stenographic Social Science College Slow to argue, but Continued cheerful- Of kinder hearts The best of life quick to act. ness is a sign of wis- can few be found. should come to you. dom. Thespians G.A.A. G.A.A. Senior'Play G, A, A. F- H- A- Nat'l Honor Society qStearnsj F, H, A, Band One-Act Plays Sodality Student Librarian Glee Club Senior Play B8-Sketball Mgr- Nat'l Honor Society SU-lderlf Council Glee Club Snoops and Scoops fSt. Martin, GLEN FARRAR HARRIET FERGUSON Socral Scrence College Too much learnmg Successful as an would make you mad athlete and a good all round sport G A A Senror Leagues Band Senror Play Sk1 Team CAROLA NN GA GNIER MICHAEL GALLANT College Socral Scrence Good thrngs come The world belongs 1n small packages to the energetrc Band Football Glee Club Scrence Farr G A A Lrbrarran PAUL FITZGERALD Vocauonal Shop CA ROL FISHER College L A I sm1le I laugh and when necessary I work Never say more than rs necessary Band One Act Plays Northern Lrghts G A A Nat 1 Honor Socrety WILLIAM GALLANT GEORGE GALVIN Socral Scrence College Strll water runs To do noth1ng rs a deep man's power Sclence Farr Sodalrty Freshman Leagues Basketball Football Detour Staff Glee Club Study Crrcle qSt Martrnj 5, .Q - A A 15255 Y 3 . , . . , . Band TE RRY HA MM College Quiet and unassum- ing, but always on the job. Ski Team Band Dramatics Student Librarian Girls' State fAlt.j ,K+ as VIRGIE HA RRIS ON College L. A. She always will do her best. G. A . A. Thespian Student Council Masque and Gavel Nat'l Honor Society CHARLES GRIFFEE JAMES GRINDAL College Science Social Science Always calm and I-le who has pa- um-ufiled tience can have what he wants Science Fair Senior Play Orchestra Math Fair E, E L CLINTON HA RTLEY Social Science Quiet only to those who don't know him. HELEN HERSEY Social Science A sunshine heart and a soul of song. G. A. A . Band Chorus Dramatics Student Librarian PAUL HOUSER ROBERT HUME Soc1al Sc1ence College Sc1ence A well bred srlence A Jolly and truly always rn command Football S Club F T A Semor Play Semor Leagues EUGENE JOHNSTON Soc1al Sc1ence It IS the quret worker who succeeds happy fellow Skr Team Sc1ence Farr Semor Play Semor Leagues Junror Leagues I , MA RY KELLEHER SOCIHI Sc1ence People have more fun than anybody MARK ILLINGWORTH Soc1al Scrence I do not hunger for a well stored m1nd I only w1sh to lrve my 1 e One Act Plays Semor Play Sen1or Leagues JANE IPPOLITI College Act well your part for there all the honor res Thesprans Masque and Gavel Student Lrbrarran Northern L1ghts Snoops and Scoops LINDA KELLEY JUDY KING College Soc1al Sc1ence A l1ve Wlfe never A bundle of mrs gets stepped on chref an ocean of Northern Lrghts sm rles G A A G A A Semor Play F H A Nat 1 Honor Socrety Color Guard Student Lrbrarran Semor Play Q 1 as . . 1. . ' l'f . . . ROGER KNIGHT College Sc1ence A quret m1nd 1S rrcher than a crown Iumor Leagues Sen1or Leagues Scrence Farr Senror Play ZOEL LANDRY Socral Sc1ence Beware I may yet do somethrng sensa tronal Glee Club Sodalrty qSt Martrny EDWARD LA VERTY College The frrst element of success IS the deter mmatlon to succeed Football Thesp1ans Northern Lrghts Skr Team Student Councrl LINDA LEAVITT Soclal Sc1ence Sp1r1t 1S the world G A A Semor Play Color Guard ROBERT LEET BARRY LEGASSEY IAMMEY LEGASSEY BILLIE JEAN LEINO Socral SCICHCC College Soc1a1 Sc1ence SIeI10gl'3Ph1C There never WSS 21 A Smlle 1S a cure I d d1e 1fI couldn t T0 know her 15 I0 red barred sarnt that sets many thmgs ta k lrke her strat ght Glee Club G A A Glee Club Study Clrcle Cheerleader Class Off1cer Sodalrty One Act Plays sodanry qs: Mamnp Senwr Play QSt Martmj Sc1ence Falr Glee Club Senror Play fStearnsj if ROSA LIE LEVESQU E GENE LOWELL Stenographic Social Science Good humor makes all I think it's good to all things tolerable. be alive. G. A. A. F. H. A. Student Librarian Snoops and Scoops L' QWGO ' .bxiffg ROBERT MCQUA RRIE Social Science Why should the devil have all the fun. QQ, f i SHIRLEY MacDONA LD Social Science Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace. G. A.A. F. H. A. Student Librarian Snoops and Scoops DAWN MCLEAN College L. A. Be there a will, wisdom finds a way. G. A. A. Band Merit Scholarship Snoops and Scoops Nat'l Honor Society RICHA RD MA CKIN College Men are not meas ured by inches. Boys' State Senior Play 1' Senior Leagues Football Baseball BERNA DETTE MARQUIS STEPHEN MARSHALL Socral Sc1ence College A sweet attractrve krnd of grace Cheerleader Glee Club Sodallty Q St Marunj Llfe IS far too 1lTl portant to be taken serrously Basketball Semor League Junror League Freshman League Sc1ence Farr MARILYN MARTIN Soc1al Sc1ence A cupful of laughter a barrel of fun G A A State P1n Senror Play Sc1ence Farr MARGARET MASCETTA PAUL MASON RUTH MAYHEW College The sunshrne rn her smlle makes l1fe worth whrle Nat'l Honor Socrety Cheerleader Sodalrty fSt Martrnj Nat'l Honor Soclety Cheerleader qStearnsj Vocauonal Shop Strong and content, I travel the open road College I know noth1ng of tomorrow My busr ness IS to be happy to day. Senror Play Northern Lrghts Glee Club F H A G A A RITA MARTIN Soc1al Sc1ence What wrsdom can you frnd that IS greater than krndness FRA NCIS MEGNO Socral Scrence It IS not the thrngs we say but the thrngs we do that count Glee Club Study Clrcle Sodallty QSI Martmy 'N MICHA EL MICHA UD MICHA EL College MONTGOMERY A well t1med S1 lence 1S more eloquent than speech Sk1 Team Golf Team STEPHEN Moomss GLEN MORRIS College Sc1ence College College Earnest efforts The f0fCe Of 1115 So much lS a man Carry a person far mer1t makes h1s way worth as he esteems hlmself gemor Leagues Sen1or Play Sen1or Play Golf Team Baseball Sc1ence Fa1r M T A Award Debate Iun1o1AEx Northern L1ghtS Snoops and Scoops Senlor Play RODNEY MORROW Colle ge My thoughts and my conduct are own J V Basketball Vars1ty Basketball Football Sen1or Leagues Sen1or Play FRANCES MORSE EDWARD MOSCONE CAROLE MOTT College Soc1al Sctence 500181 50101100 When she s not S11ence 13 as deep FI1Cl'1d11HCSS deserves talkmg she s laughlng as eternlty Cfedlf Dramat1cs G A A Glee Club F H A G A A State P1n G100 Club Student Counc11 SCUIOF Play F H A GEORGE MURRAY Social Science We are here to add what we can to, not to get what we can from, life. Debate Football, Mgr. Iunior Ex. Christmas Play BENJAMIN NOYES College L. ,A. The world is made to be shared. Stage Band Iunior Ex. Senior Play Senior Leagues Student Council ROBERT MURRAY Social Science All heroes aren't six feet tall. Senior Leagues J. V. Basketball CMSI-J GA IL O'BRIK IS Social Science Absorb the sunshine of today. Glee Club Masque and Gavel Sodality fSt. Martinj Q JOAN NEAL Social Science Laughter is a good beginning to friend- ship G. A. A. F. H. A. Senior Play Glee Club Student Librarian JOHN NELSON Social Science Some of the best men were quiet in their youth. MICHAEL OLIVER BARBARA PATCHELL College Sc1ence Socral Sc1ence I crave from men I argue wrth no tal exhaustlon one s op1n1on I Skr Team have my own Nat l Honor Soctety G A A F H A Sk1 Team PAUL PORTER NANCY RAYMOND Soclal Sc1ence Stenographrc A handful of good l1fe IS better than a bushel of learnmg Baseball S Club Sc1ence Fa1r Sentor Play SCDIOY Leagues Quret and sweet pleasant to meet a modern mrss trrm and neat G A A F I-I A Majorettes Northern Llghts Snoops and Scoops JANE PICARD College ROBERTA PINETTE College L A The world looks She does all thrngs brrghter from behrnd well and she does all a smrle thrngs G A A Thesprans Band Band Glee Club Snoops and Scoops Semor Play Northern Lrghts CARYN ROGERS Socral Sc1ence A pleasant person alrty twrce her s1ze Band G A A One Act Plays Semor Play Sc1ence Falr Nat 1 Honor Soctety SANDRA ROIX Stenograph1c It IS the prrme duty of a woman of thrs terrestr1al world to look well Cheerleader G A A Junror Ex in . , , . . . , . , , . xi-iff! V K1 A ks . 1- E -. .r A ' r I , . ' r VERNA ROY LEONARD RUSSELL KATI-IIE SANTERRE RONALD SANTERRE Social Science College Stenographic College An unextinquished A quiet tongue Her fortress is a Versatility, sincere giggle fills the air. showeth a wise head. faithiiil heart. ty talent--a well- rounded personality. Study Circle G. A. A. Basketball F. H. A. Basketball Sodality Cheerleader Senior Leagues qSt. Martinj Snoops and Scoops Senior Play Football Northern Lights CSICBIHSD S Club Boys' State QSISQIHS, QSL Martin, .. is IOLENE SHANKS KAREN SLAUENWHITE KATHERINE SMART College L. A. College Social Science Good nature is the An enemy to norieg A laugh is worth a richest quality of a a friend to all. thousand groans in any personality. market. Maine Speech Fest. G.A. A. Sodality Glee Club Band Masque and Gavel Sodality Thespians Debate QSt. Martinj Northern Lights fSt. Martinj Student Council F. H. A. fStearnsj KAREN SMITH Stenographic Light of step and heart is she Cheerleading Northern Lights Nat'l Honor Society Senior Play G. A. A. JOYCE SNOW College A mrxture of brarns good cheer and fun Band Thesp1ans Cheerleader Student Councrl Nat l Honor Socrety PHILIP STREAMS PHILIP SWEENEY GALEN THIBODEAU Socral Sclence College Sc1ence 506131 Sclence Wrse men say Good at work Cheerful mdus nothrng rn dangerous better at play ready U-mug and kmd trmes to talk to the grrls all 3, Boys State Masque and Gavel Student Councrl Nat l Honor Socrety fSt Martrnj Thespran qStearnsj DIANE TINKI-IAM POLLY WAKEFIELD College Socral Sclence Wrllmgness to work Be 511311: and wlse IS rndeed a vrrtue G A A Thesprans Glee Club Student Lrbrarran Scrence Farr srlence never betrays you Band Q Penobscot Valley Hrgh Schoolj ROBERTA WALSH Socral Scrence An enemy to none a frrend to all G A A State P1n Glee Club Semor Play Scrence Farr Student L1brar1an NANCY WATSON College L A Talent 1S that whrch IS w1th1n a man s power Band Glee Club Stage Band G A A Northern Lrghts MICHA ELYN WEYMOU TH Commercial All boys are worth- less to her except one. G.A.A. , State Pin F.H.A. LINDA WHITE PAUL WILLARD Stenographic Social Science A fair face is half Least said soonest the fortune. G. A. A, F. H. A. Senior Play Snoops Sc Scoops Pictures not available: Richard Cote and Paul Patchell M. T. A. NATIONAL MERIT AWARDS ROW 1 F. Morse, Pinette, Dolan, Elliott, S. Allen, DeCourcy Kelley ROW 2 Harrison, Snow, D. McLean, M. Cheney, Barnes Watson Clark ROW 3 Emerson, Morris, Astle, Brown, Oliver, Moores J Bodd I Student Play Directors Down the Gutter! SEN IORS here and there STEARNS! STEARNS! STEARMS! HUGHES FLYING A Dr. Harold Boynton Batteries--Tires Freese's Gold Bond Stamps DENTIST Millinocket, Maine 723-9507 122 Penobscot Avenue Millinocket, Maine Commercial Couege HELEN ENNIS ROEERTA PINETTE MARGARET DOLAN Vocatlonal shop DAWN MCLEAN GRADUATION RODNEY COLE SPEAKERS Socral Scrence EDWARD MOSCONE VOICE of Democracy Contest Wlnners SUERIC LANES SERENE S BEAUTY SALON Aroostook Avenue 142B Penobscot Avenue Mrlhnocket Marne Mrlhnocket Marne 723 5235 MILLINOCKET TRUST CO Mrllrnocket s Oldest Bank Member Federal Deposrt Insurance Corporatron Mrllrnocket EastM1111nocket THEA TRE GRILL 53 Penobscot Avenue Mrllmocket Marne 1 1 . , , 1 BEST DANCERS - R. Mayhew, D. Danie MOST A TI-ILETIC Senior uperlatives MOST TALKATIVE F. Morse, C. Beaupaine . 2 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEI-:D iff? M. Astle, R. Pinette o if ,P V v R. Brown H. Ferguson MOST BASHFUL - P. Chudio, P. Wakefield BIGGEST TIME KILLERS - M. Kelleher M. Illingworth ff' 'A' OLLL AE-Tx-, ' an as R. Mackin Vflxvzy, . O B. Leino BEST LOOKING + MOST HELPFUL J. Boddy - B. Currie . F. Craig - E. Laverty H E BEST ALL AROUND M. Cheney -- R. Brown BEST ACTRESS AND ACTOR Jane Ippoliti -- M. Astle MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED K. Santerre -- R. Brown SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Best All Around -------------- M. Cheney, R. Brown - R. Mayhew, D. Danie - - J. Ippoliti, P. Wedge - - - B. Currie, I. Boddy - - - - - - M. Cheney, R. Mackin - - M. Cheney, F. Craig, G. Murray Best Dancer - - - Best Dressed - - Best Looking - - Best Natured - - - Best Politicians - - - Biggest Time Killers - - - - - M. Kelleher, M. Illingworth Class Actor and Actress - ' "" J. Ippoliti, M. Astle Class Comedians - - ' ' " " I. Picard, I. Cole Class Couple ----- Class Flirts ---- Class Heartbreakers - - Class Wits ---- Most Athletic - Most Bashful - - - Most Businesslike - - Most Capable - - Most Helpful - - Most Independent - - - - - R. Pinette, E. Laverty - - B. Leino, D. Danie - - A. Dow, D. Danie - - - M. Martin, J. Cole - - H. Ferguson, R. Brown - - P. Wakefield, P. Chudio - - - S. Allen, M. Oliver - " R. Pinette, M. Astle - - - - F. Craig, E. Laverty - - J. Ippoliti, M. Illingworth Most Likeable ----- - - - M. Cheney, G. Murray Most Likely to Succeed - - ------- R. Pinette, M. Astle Most Personality ---- - - M. Cheney, D. Danie, E. Laverty Most Poised ---- ------- I . Ippoliti, M. Astle - - - - - - M. Cheney, R. Brown Most School Spirited - - - - K. Santerre, R. Brown - - - - - R. Pinette, M. Astle - - J. Ippoliti, M. Astle, L. Cook - - - - F. Morse, C. Beaupain Most Popular ---- Most Studious f - - Most Talented - - Most Talkative - Sweethearts - - ----- B. Leino, R. Mackin The Senior Class of Stearns presented Julius Caesar Cleopatra - Rufio - - Britannus - - Lucius - - Marcus - - Gaius - Horatio - - Ftatateeta - Tiy ---- Istar - - - Yenina - Lotue - Chloe - - Tuya - - Charmian - has - - Matara - Ziffra - - - Apollodorus CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA George Bernard Shaw - - Michael Astle - - Jane Ippoliti - - Mark Illingworth - - - Charles Griffee - Lawrence Emerson - - - - Benny Noyes - - Rodney Morrow Michael Montgomery " - - - Joyce Snow - - Dianne Tinkham - - Margaret Cheney - Kathie Santerre - - Frances Morse ' " Jolene Shanks - - Frankie Craig - Billie Jean Leino - - Elizabeth Ellis - - Margaret Dolan - Roberta Pinette - - Laurence Cook The Cast Ptolomy - Pothinus - - Theodotus - - Belzanor - Cyrus - - Bel Affris - - Zab - - - Otan - - M'Foud - - Targ ----- Court Dancers - Ladies and Gentlemen - Douglas Elkins - - Philip Sweeney - - Richard Mackin - - Robert Brown - - - John Boddy - - Edward Laverty - - David Brunette - - Roger Knight - - Barry Legassey - - - - - - - Steven Deane - Linda Kelley, Ruth Mayhew Barbara Currie, Roberta Walsh Patricia Fairley of the Court -------- Joan Neal, Stephen Moores Glen Morris, Pamela Clark Carolyn Allen, Jane Picard Helen Hersey, Douglas Alley Dianna Violette N W Our thanks in particular to Miss Higgins for her confidence in our abilities and for her ability to make us perform, to Nancy Watson for the music she composed which did so much to set the mood for the play, and to the artists, Jeff Cole, Dianna Tinkham, and Terry Hamm for the realistic scenery. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the work of Mr. Buck and his boys and the girls who did such a great job on the costumes and make up. All in all, it was a great play! ,X Ea Z! Ei ., ,QM , EL gwfwiigywwfmy W- www Jufwwwff ZZMWML mfjifrlcfwmfd' 'wififj 4,22 WjWwM4f27f'4H7!6AjZi?w JJ! HWWMW, Mm fifwfk ,MQ M WW? xslt, 'Q X fW + 444012. 2'-is i ,MX If , f-QEXQ ,.,k. 'f Ng-f Q up H, -,wtf . , iq 1,5224 iw , lm K M ,X fc L K I Q4 5 ,I L f W, HN ff EZ x 1 -gm" ' . 13321 , . , , - 'L W1t.f5,,.I .V X . E. Hgggzisw J! f 'K 'W .. ki. I-"t "1'i' QI 4. X, u U 18 ,af mu' sm,----4--.,.- ,,,,,, .-.... Q. ..- an s '93, pw JW, . -Q... JUNIOR EXHIBITION ROW1 Joyce D1Centes N Walls D Benjamrn S Murphy C Beauparn A G11 man ROW2 S Fahey T Watson I Vrckery T Tramor ROW1 C Beauparn L Brssonnette C Baker Bradbury Benjamrn Bell Bears Wentworth ROW 3 Bermer Beaulrue Ayotte Boutaugh Boyer Douglas Boutaugh Barker PERRY TOBACCO H P SNOWMAN PRINTER FULLER FURNITURE CO KATY S SHOP AND CANDY COMPANY Job Prrntmg of All Krnds 256 Penobscot Avenue Gf3dl1HU0f1 C10fh1Hg and 261 State Street also Mrllrnocket Marne Footwear Bangor Marne Mfg Rubber Stamps srnce 1933 202 Penobscot Avenue 27 Franklm Su-get M1ll1nocket Marne Bangor Marne Telephone 945 3841 ROW 2: Brackett, W. Albert, M. Boutaugh, Brooker, Allen, J. Allen, Beck, Angotti, Mr. ROW 1 W Cyr Dugas M Cyr Burlergh Cameron Cole, D1Centes ROW2 Creehan Crarg Bulley Donley Caruso W Brooker Evers Mr Patten ROW3 DAgost1no Brooks Ellrott D Brooker Carlstrom Deane QAbsent W Burgess Byther Caswell M Crvrello Curtrs Dwelley D Ellrott B Eversj ROWl Gallant S Hrggms G Gonya Gagrner Fournrer G Frost Grlman Frtzpatrrck Frsh ROW2 L Frost Fortrn R Gonya C Ghdden Harght K Hrggms Guy Flanagan Hrkel ROWS Grant Fahey Gates Gagnon S Hrggrns Gould, Hrlyard R Hale J Hale QAbsent Farrar Ferguson Frtzpatrrck, Glrdden J A 4 EDDIE'S DRY CLEANERS The C B Dolge Company John T Levasseur 81 Son MILLINOCKET MOTEL 258 Aroostook Avenue ChC'm'f-115 for Malmenanfe Blllldlllq SUPIJIICS 59 Central Street Mllhnocket Mama Westport, Conncctlcut 095 Aroogtook Ano,-,oo Mlulnocket Mame I Howqfd B Rffgsdale, RCP Mlllmotkct Mamc , 723 5621 ll Appleton St, Wntervrllo 70g 8600 723 8762 at--I sgfl. ft n . V 5 , 'Q' I A . I ' ' I I ' I I I ' ' I . I , . I I I I ' I I ' ' ' I I I ' I I ' : ' I I I ' I , , . , . . I I ' I ' I I I ' I I I ' I ' I I ' I ' I I ' I I I ' : I I I I ' I I ' I ' ' . , , . :ww i: ivracnrmur, Kerr, Laverty, Levesque, L. King, D. Lyle, G. MacDonald, L. Jandrelau A. Hughes. ROW 2: Libby, Labby, Inman, S. MacDonald, MacPherson,iL. Leet, McCaf- ferty, Hutchinson, Mr. McCourt. ROW 3: H. Hughes, D. Lyal, LeB1ond, P. MacDonnel1, Illingworth, Hume. fAbsent: J. King, P. Leavitty ROW 1: N. Neal, C. McGowan, L. McC1uskey, McEwen, C. McGowan, D. Michaud, T. McC1uskey. ROW 2: K. McLean, Madore, Murphy, McGil1icuddy, K. McCleary, T. Mich- aud, M. Morse, Mr. Niles. ROW 3: McLean, Mayo, I. McC1eary, McCauslin, Marquis, Mott, McDonnell. fAbsent: B. Morganj i Gerald H. Leavilt, O. D. H, A, M. RUSH'S Dakin Sporting Goods Co. Gagg Office Specially Co Optometriit MEN'S STORE Wholesale and Retail Dealers 138 Washington Street 190 RCI1ObSC0t AVBUUC 94 Penobscot Avenue 28 Broad Street Bangor, Maine Millinocket, Maine Millinocket, Maine Bangor, Maine 942-6789 ROW 1: Robinson, S. Perrow, B. Roix, J. Sharpe, Pratt, E. Patchell. ROW 2: E. Ray- mond, I. Shields, Page, L. Perrow, Perry, Portwine, Miss Helms. ROW 3: B. Pelletier, O'Brikis, V. Pelletier, J. Ouellette, D. Pelletier. CAbsent: B. Patchell, K. Pelkey, D. Pelkey, W. Philbrook, D. Plourde, C. Preble, G. Rideout, M. Raymond, M. Rush, P. Russell, E. Seamans. ROW 1: K. Shinners, C. Tardiff, Thorpe, York, Tapley, Violette, Walls. ROW 2: Thi- bodeau, Tinkham, York, Weisskirchen, Trainor, White, Taylor, Voisine, Mr. Hopkins. ROW 3: Watson, Simpson, Simone, M. Alley, Thorpe. fAbsent: Smith, Streams, Tar- diff, Vickery, D. Violette, Wedge, Willard, Williams.D HUSSON COLLEGE J. I. NEWBERRY COMPANY Accredited 2 Stores as a Specialized College of Business with by 54 Complete Departments THE ACCREDITING COMMISSION FOR BUSINESS SCHOOLS Penobscot Avenue Millinocket, Maine 157 Park Street Bangor, Maine ophomores PRESIDENT Rod Morrison fCenterQ VICE PRESIDENT Steven Pound QRightj SECRETARY -TREASURER Paul Kerwock CLeftj ROW 1: Andrick, L. Bouchard, G. Boynton, M. Bilodeau, Bailey, Charette, Boyer, S. Albert. ROW 2: Mr. Goss, B. Bilodeau, L. Bouchard, H. Boynton, D. Brown, Baron, Bissonnette, J. Bouchard, Byron, Caron, Campbell, Casey, Brooker. ROW 3: E. Bouchard, I. Burgess, D. Bouchard, Bartlett, Chambers, Beaulieu, Burke, Bears, Bartley, L. Albert, Boyd. fAbs.: G. Bouchard, DiFrederico Insurance Agency Dumas Blue Sunoco Station Dr. L. W. Morey Piscaiaquis Savings Bank 146 Penobscot Avenue School Bus Service 178 Ccmml Smal., Assets OVW 37,000,000 Niillinocketv Maine Millinopkctx Maillc M-ll. kit. Maine lO6:Pcn0bscot Ar-anus I H101 K ' MllIIn0CkL'l, MHIHC i i i i , F A , R C 4 ROW 1: Daisey, Cole, Cullens, Elliott, G. Curie, Conley, Crawford, S. Cole, Desjardine, I. Cheney. ROW 2: DiCentes, Ducharme, Flanagan, Gray, Farrar, Danie, Foster, Given, Fairley, Ferland, Chase, R. Cyr, Mr. Daigle. ROW 3: Gates, Frisbie, Dicentes, Deschaine, Ferland, S. Gonya, D'Angelo, Chesson, Grass. fAbsent: Coty, Fortinj ROW 1: Kidney, Kronfelt, Levesque, Jenkins, Ippoliti, Healey, Jameson, Kelleher. ROW 2: Miss Owen, Hazeltine, Iandreau, Higgins, Clark, Kelley, A. Jandreau, S. Hawes, Lyford, Kenneson, Lan- dry. ROW 3: Hartley, Kerwock, Ippoliti, T. Leavitt, R. Labby, Haight, Hamlin, Kelley, Iewers, Leer, Hinse. CAbsent: P. King, Herzingj 4' LUCILLE'S FLOWER SHOP GIFT AND BABY SHOP BRAGDON OIL COMPANY MILLINOCKET FRUIT CO Flowers for All Occasions 137 Penobscot Avenue Distributor Fruit - Confectionery 34 Katahdin Avenue V Chevron Healing Oils Millinockety Maine Millinocker, Maine Millinofkcr, Mains Dead River Bottled Gas 723-8335 723-5066 214 Aroostook Ave., Millinorkcl L Q ROW I Ollver J McDonald L M1Ch3ud McGreevy Pasqume Mackm B Mlchaud Pelkey Mona co McEwen ROW2 OBr1en B MacDonald McFarlane Matangelo Morrow Mayo Marquts M MacDonald R Martrn Mrs Kronholm ROW3 I Moscone Page Nelson G Martm R Morrlson Montgomery Morey McDonald McDonald Madore fAbs Peaveyj ROW l Wrlson Ramsay M Whlte S Whlte St Peter Young York Somers ROW2 Mrs Cook Vorstne G Santerre Segee Yost Weymouth Prnette Watts Qutnn Walsh ROW 3 Smrth Sklnner Tapley Pmeau Trueworthy Porter P1ckard Smart Pound Powers Selle fAbsent Prcard Rush Stewartj MILLINOCKET INSURANCE LEWIS A. WHITE MURRAY'S RESTAURANT O. S. GONYA AGENCY INSURANCE AGENCY Penobscot Avenue Bulck, Oldsrnoblle, GMC Home of Insurance for Insurance of All Types Mtllmocket Marne Trucks, Frlgtdalre, GE 56 years 94 Ltncoln Street A ppllances Robert E. C. Speed, Pres. Mrllmocket, Matne Happy Cookmg Gas Central St. 723 5113 A 3 L . ' . . . . . - I I ' I I I I I I ' I 1 . , . . I ' 0 1 ' I 1 I 1 I 1 ' . . . . , I , I I . I , , , - , I , . I I 1 1 ' ' I . . . . . I I I 0 I ' I ' I I I ' ' ' I . . . . . . . I ' I I I I I I I ' ' I I . . . D . I I I I I I I 1 ' 0 I I , ' l A 4. , ii If W wfzkwjah MWWJMMQQM ' WjW W WWMWHTWWMQ MWfyji 7,7aMf4 fwfwgzgfgyxy MMM fviwwiftgid u Q. fi WAX WMM .wl 1 -, 'X 1 6 C MWWWMMA ' Jfwg A- WL 7 f Aff' .. ' f A " iw? x - i Cheerleaders Varsity Go Team Y K Sm1th S Ro1x A Hughes I Snow8LK Santerre fco captamsy R, P1nette B I Lemo M Mascetta qsubstltutej Jayvees Flght Team I S Kelleher M Dan1e S Murphy D Laverty fcaptamj A Jenkms R Brackett N Walls NEW MILLINOCKET BOWLING CENTER ROBERT M BOUCHARD PROP Penobscot Avenue M1111HOCk6I Mame . , . , . , . . , , . . , . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . 1 If s 2 ,V Q W., ..... 'B L YF' ill wa '85 n -N- The glrls on thrs page are mong the hardest workmg c1t1zens of Stearns Hlgh School Asprrants to thls group may thmk It s all fun and spot lrght but they are wrong There are hours and hours of pracuce when there lS nobody cheermg or applaudlng Much of the success of our very successful basketball and football teams must be at tr1buted to thls flnd group ll ARS ROEBUCK AND COMPANY HARRY E REED INSURANCE AGEN Q ,M Catalog Sales Offrce Serv1ce to You Is Our Bus1ness 122 Penobscot Avenue Albert E Errckson lVI111lI1OCk6I Mame W1ll1am A T1ppens Agents 723 5141 136 Penobscot Avenue M11l1nocket Marne 723 8282 Q fur at 1 A ' A '1- flfft I pf , trf. , W2 at ' if 'c f ' 'asf 'il l 1125. K., 5,:ljwg::: V : K s! fi J X " .. Qf tls, gif! 951 . . . yyhhr rw U A I ' " 'wa . , . . . . E VA. A fi! "'1a y ' 1 ' Stearns 26 21 0 21 21 12 '7 46 - - - - Hampden '7 Stearns Minutemen win Little Ten Championship second year in a row - - Williams 6 - Dexter O - Lincoln 12 - - Orono 0 - - Dover 7 - - Bucksport 6 - - Higgins 6 Coach McCourt Co-Captains - Brunette and Brown X 1 --.... - - M 1..- tm ROW 1 D1Centes Mgr Guy McDonald Russell Htggms Dame Brunette Brown Laverty Ouellette Srmone Tralnor Hale McDonald Mgr ROW2 Chesson Mgr Taylor Lrbby Moscone Lyal Lerno Marquts Gon ya Hamlrn Martm McDonald Chudlo Portwrne M3Ck111 Nelson Mgr Mr McCourt Coach ROW 3 Mr Goss Mr Tucker Coaches Gould Jardrne lewers Mornault Johnson Mascetta Copp Boddy For the second consecutrve year Stearns smashed 1ts way to the top of the Llttle Ten Conference heap Hrghltghted by a strong defense the Mrnutemen held thelr opponents to only 44 pomts whlle they accumu lated 154 pornts They ended the season wrth a '7 1 record L G BALFOUR COMPANY Class Rzngs and Pms Club Instqma Mrflals Trophus Plaques Illplrmzus Comment-emfnt Invztafzons Donalfl P Tupper Vlttor It llolan Attleboro Mass Box 244 Cape Cottage Branch Portland lVl'1m0 I I I f an . 5 ' V , M ,yj , g ' K i 2 W Much credit belongs to the fine coaching staff of Mr. Goss, Mr. Tucker, and head coach, Mr. McCourt. . I 4 yu., Iii.. 'v f IJ. 'I-M 'ily' il lv Wm lose fa1r weather or foul the boys are always ready for another game After a short trme to rest the challenge of the game the need for physrcal frtness mental alertness and team work draw the team back to prove to themselves and the opposlng players that Stearns ath1et1c teams always pro ...sirius STEVENS STUDIOS CLASS PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR 1965 34 CQYIUHI Stlifet Bangor Malne Z 3 - or I - l U I I -- ' I ' , -- . , . vide a good game. ' a A . . 47 ' 81 Consecutive wins in Eastern Maine competition! Pretty impressive record for even a pro team. For its fourth straight year, the Stearns Minutemen went into the Eastern Maine Tournament with an undefeated record. This year, however, John Bapst stopped this almost unbelievable streak of wins. The town and the school are justly proud of the team. ROW 1: M. Civiello, Pound, Ouellette, R. Morrow, Hale, Grant ROW 2: Coach Wentworth, R. Santerre, Marshall, Alley, V. Pelletier, Brown, R. Morrison, Flanagan Hikel, Mgrs. With only two of the starting five graduating this June, and with a fine group of sophomores and Jun iors coming along, the future looks bright for Stearns basketball. Stearns 99 63 116 71 96 83 92 87 80 95 105 57 87 76 77 84 94 72 Captain and Coach Opponents Caribou 61 Bangor 51 Presque Isle 75 Old Town 69 Fort Fairfield 81 John Bapst 78 Brewer 77 Waterville 67 Houlton 72 Brewer 76 John Bapst 75 Bangor 55 Fort Fairfield 69 Old Town 75 I-loulton 76 Presque Isle 70 Caribou 59 Waterville 62 K V ,w f W K - ze - r. 25 4 M ,I '91 M, , I Q .w gl, 3? ROGER'S AUTO SALES INC. 1024 Central Street - Millinocket, Maine Plymouth Dodge Chrysler We all share in customer care See us before you buy ROW 1- Mascetta Madore Plourde McDonald Chase G Santerre ROW2 Coach Manzo Madore McDonald Hrggrns Chesson Kerwock Srmpson Guy Mgrs JUNIOR VARSITY S CLUB ROW 1 D1Centes Mgr Grant M McDonald Perrow McDonald Plourde Mackrn Nelson ROW2 Guy S Hrggrns Srmone Porter W Boddy Laverty Hale ROW3 I Moscone Chesson Mgr Brunette Dan res Flanagan Mgr McDonald Taylor Pound Mr McCourt ROW4 Chudro Houser Ouelette Trarnor Brown V Pelletrer R Ellrs Russell Astle R Morrow ROW 1 Madore Burrell R Santerre ROW2 Ouelette W Boddy Kerwock SENIOR LEAGUE CAPTAINS TOP BOWLERS STATE PIN GIRLS .Q M f. E G.A.A. Hersey, Craig, Currie, M. Weymouth, Hamm, Snow, Walsh, C. Allen Shanks, D. D. Elliott, Fisher N. Raymond, De Coursey, Levesque, Ellis, Santerre, M. Martin, Clark, Wat son, Ferguson, R. Pinette, Craig, Ennis, Smith. Walls, McGillicuddy, Jenkins, Harrison, L. McCluskey T w w 1 4 4 Mrs Blake GAA Advrsor Tensely awarts the outcome of an other league game PERROW S ELECTRONICS Phrlco and V M Products TV R3d1O Phono Batt etc Sales and Servrce Ed Ken 723 9556 723 9656 VINCENT S GARAGE Mobrl Socony Servrce 96 Central Street Mrllrnocket Marne 723 5880 LEAGUE CA PTA INS M. Morse E. Ellis M. Martin, V Pres. T. Hamm D. Elliott H. Ferguson, Pres. J. Shanks KATAHDIN FEDERAL CREDIT UNION 14 Katahdrn Avenue Mrllrnocket Marne 723 9311 C. Allen, Sec. -Treas. USHERS Currre Allen Rorx Frsher Harrrson DeCourcy Kelley MILLINOCKET FOUNDRY AND MACHINE COMPANY 432 Katahdrn Avenue Mrllrnocket Marne B. ' - , 9 A ' , B. ' A 3 f' C. ' , V' . S. I L. ,., .... .'.. A ',..i ,-a. fx.. -.-,,1.-, .:,..1-'- . 1 .,-- ...... .,.. Z . , ,,ipt.. ,-.l ,r.. . z.z Q zr. -,.e .1. ., Ski Team ROW 1: Nelson, Gould, Laverty, Oliver ROW 2: Vickery, Don Alley, Hume, Deane, Morrow, McLean, Mr. McCourt The ski team has enjoyed one of its most active seasons for several years. lt has participated in several local meets as well as the State Meet in Guilford. Mr. McCourt, the coach, also helped the girls start a team. As it was the first year for them, they didn't participate in many meetsg but they're looking forward to a busier season next year. ROW 1: B. Patchell, P. York, E. Patchell MacKay, Crawford. ROW 2: Brackett, Laverty, I. Cheney, Fitz patrick, Hamm. Mr. McCourt 'PRATT FORD SALES INC. Compliments of Your Authorized KATAHDIN MOTORS, INC. Ford and Mercury Dealer Authorized Chevrolet, Pontiac, Cadillac 1009 Central Street Ext. , Millinocket Dealership 723-9721 991 Central Street Millinocket 723-5154 723-5155 QWWZZZM "L""q-bmi -was Wwxxuifg WWW www WMM lwwawabw Wrw ,gdflffa 1Qd""'?4f"'-f Wfb4fiL'ZZlwW'm J W WWW 7Mw,4f,7Q'ZfV'Lf Wwe ,!fLf4ZMJ,AHM ZWW :ff M Mwst M J A 1 ' ' I . ,x ' vw Q33 pf- , H-M' . f 4 ' ' , fl ' . y,J"Q ,I 'I N J ' M, A I MM -f '51 JL-pd-i-5 x xl i. Montgomery W Music BA ND COUNCIL SEATED: McKay, Laverty, McLean STANDING: A. Higgins, D. Illingworth, Cook, Johnson, Mr. Tomp- York MILLINOCKET MOTOR CO. Gulf Products C. H. M. Perry Aroostook Avenue Millinocket, Maine New York kins. THE LEADERS OF THE BAND Allen McCaus1in Raymond Ioe And Mary's Restaurant MO5CONE'S MARKET THE FERI-'AND JEWELERS 210 Penobscot Avenue United Tfadiflg SW-FUP5 Towle Sterling Millingcket, Maine Millinocket, Maine Watches--Diamonds--Gifts 723-5441 Millinocket--East Miilinocket JUL-UN 1-, WAKU I-123-5383 1"1ULl.lL0ll N.l3.1l'1S One-Act Plays l EGAD WHAT A CAD Bertram Cleander - - - - Manly Rash - - - - Milly smith - - - - fBest Actorj, Murphy, Simone ConstantHope--- ------- Ursula Greystone - - - - - Fowler ------ - - Directed by Michael Astle Sheila Murphy Angela Segee Philip Sweeney Joyce Cheney Edward Laverty Sheila Monaco Best Actors and Actresses Fahey, Sweeney, McC1eary, fBest Actressj Laverty O Toole Kathleen McCleary Julie Lilranne St Peter Mrs Brian Dorothy Laverty Bertha Diane Trnkham Pr GHOST OF A SHOW Directed by Jane Ippoliti Helen -------- 7 5 - Ann Hughes June - - Bob - - Mac - - - Pinky - - Tubby - - Clarissa - - - - - Sharon MacDonald - - - -Laurence Cook - - -Michael Montgomery -A - - Rebecca Brackett - - - Michael Simone - - - Patricia Fairley Peggy ---- - - - Patricia Robinson A nthony Mr. Norbert Landry Debate SEATED: S. MacDonald, Desjardin, Boyd STANDING: E. Ellis, Astle, M. Montgomery, Given, Shinners The debate team, coached by Miss Higgins, has had a very successful year. The staff wishes to congratulate the members on their fine showings at the University of Maine. One team made the quar- ter-finals, and another made the octi-finals. Good luck in the Bates League Tournament. P. E. WARD AND COMPANY WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE HOME FURNISHINGS, AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS 97 Penobscot Avenue Millinocket, Maine GEORGE SIMON PAUL G. CORRIGAN, O. D. DOLBY MOTEL Attorney, Insurance Optometrist Route 157 66 Penobscot Avenue 304 Congress Street Millinocket, Maine Millinocket, Maine Millinocket, Maine 723-5020 ' 723-5366 . . . ,,, ,....,.....-- ,.,, EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it! O n and Mr Derby keeps us up on the latest gossip Our newspaper, under the able supervision of Miss we . , and fashions, and informs us of all the activities of the school. This year Miss Cleaves and her boys designed very attractive covers for the issues, Roberta Pinette is the editor and David lllingworth is her assistant. It is our opinion that they have done an unusually good job in their selection of stories and articles this year. h P'nette D Illingworth Bilodeau Ennis, S. Roix, Leino. ROW 1: L. Bouchard, Smith, MacArthur Hug es, 1 , . , , ROW 2: Miss Owen, Hikel, Shinners, St. Peters, Raymond, S. Allen, Shanks, Jane Ippoliti, R. Levesque, L. White, Santerre, Mr. Derby. ROW 3: Snow, B. Currie, Jill Ippoliti, Emerson, Montgomery, Kerwock, Boyd, D. McLean, Hamm, Murphy. F.T. ROW 1: K. McLean, Houser, M. Martin, M. Cheney, C. Allen, MacArthur, Tinkham, L. Bouchard. ROW 2: Sharpe, L. Bissonnette, I. Bouchard, Jill Ippoliti, L. Alberts, D. Elliott, M. White, Mrs. Kronholm ROW 3: G. Jandreau, Pound, Kerwock, P. Hartley The Future Teachers of America has been very busy this year. Several of its members have gone into the grade schools of the town acting as teachers' aides. The organization fled by our very capable Mrs. Kronholrnp has as its officers: Margaret Cheney, Presidentg Carolyn Allen, Vice-President, Marilyn Martin, Treasurerg Judy MacArthur, Secretary, Robert Tinkham, Historiang Paul Houser, Parliamentarian. METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE CO. John Brunette, Wendall McNally Harold Jones, Robert Mountford Lloyd Pound - Agency Manager Millinocket, Maine MILLINOCKET JOURNAL R. B. DHUY, D. M. D. C- W- PREBLE 1800 Cgpies Utility Gas--Fuel Oils Millinocket--East Millinocket Millinocket, Maine Oil Bllfflefsnsales and Service Published Every Wednesday Penobscot Ave. , Millinocket 46 Eastland Ave. , Millinocket 723-9965 F.H.A. 3 ? ROW 1: DiCentes, W. Cyr, S. Allen, Angotti, Glidden, Boutaugh, N. Raymond, McGowan, M. Weymouth, B. Roix, Patchell, S. Albert ROW 2: C. Gray, McGowan, Evers, Dow, Mott, Gagnier, S. White, Robinson, Hersey, Ennis, I. MacDonald, N. Neal, Monaco, Lyle, L. Gagnier, Craig. ROW 3: Slauenwhite, R. Le- vesque, Perrow, I. Neal, Violette, Curtis, L. White, S. MacDonald, G. Weymouth, Boutin, G. MacDonald J. King, B. York, Higgins, F. Morse, Caron, Jameson. S. Allen, Reporter: B. Roix, Song Lead- erg Glidden, Treasurerg Boutaugh, V- Pres. : Raymond, Pres.g Charlotte Mc- Gowan, Secretaryg Angotti, Historiang M. Weymouth, Points Chairman. The Future Homemakers of America is a national organization which helps young women become better citizens at home, at school, and in the Commun ity, both now and in the future. The FHA Club is sponsored by Miss Rena Allen and Miss Anna Ziko, who manage to keep the girls busy and happy. A visitor at one of the meetings this year said she'd never seen a group have so much fun at a club meeting. CHARLES R. STEEVES AND SONS, INC. PLUMBING, HEATING, AND ELECTRICAL SALES AND SERVICE HARDWARE AND HOME BUILDING SUPPLIES Aroostook Avenue Millinocket, Maine atlonal Honor oolety ROW1 Dolan Clark Mascetta Kelley S Allen Hughes Ennrs Prnette Ellrott ROW 2 D McLean M Cheney Snow Laverty Barnes P Farrley Slauenwhrre Frsher I-lar rrson ROW3 Smrth Sweeney M3CKlD Olrver D Illrngworth Astle Boutaugh McG1l lrcuddy The Natronal Honor Socrety under the ausprces of Mrss Elrzabeth Grrffrn rs a natronal hrgh school organrzatron desrgned to promote scholarshrp leadershrp character and servrce rn hrgh school students Student Councrl The Student Councrl IS composed of the pres1dents of all homerooms and the Senror Class presrdent It lS responsrble for organrzrng assemblres rall1es and school dances fWe ve heard a wrld rumor that the Councll has been rnvestxgatrng prrces w1th varlous punters The handbook maybe'PJ ROW1 L Bouchard Trarnor Asst Treas Harrrson Treas M Morse V Pres Snow Pres B Curr1e Sec Mr Byron ROW 2 S Kelleher Whrte Robmson M C1V1ello C Allen, Morey M Cheney Noyes Laverty McCafferty Bears Hrkel 0 9 I 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 . - 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 '3 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 ' 1 . , . 1 ' 1 1 ' '1 1 '1 ' 1 ' -1 1 -1 ' 1 '1 ' - ' 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' ffl ZQi2 fW 1 , 'aj ww ,fjw ,f f 4 f 2 V ' 'Q M ' yi, 'iq 1 f' , 1 sl -f , ' 1 A ' f'. . V V vm? s": 'xyvlg' xt. if J ' . p ' Q ' 5' xi vw . SP M- M5355 Us 1 nggg Y HE! 11. ,W .3 mi again , s . ' 'F G., fair' 'fs-K FF '4 x ,iw 3 1 A-..... H ,, Janis! mmxq! Ke , U 19 Q1 -S in-V .M 'Q 2 A Q V' W kr 'A ,auf ' I Q 1 "'-'zabiif . 'H A , ,X 'Q ,Q hz in 'Q ' , fi N f 1, E: ., , ?3y?w 'Vw' 'N M" , . . 'Q-wx", RA 52 1-gi'5i5.:'W,"'l5n397 gi , , -R, k 3, ,f.1,-k .2 - Y p',.,,"'f. 4 if- ' am 9 gy 1 157, ,psig 4- , M 1w,g"2-lf,-v ,Q fiw,"l'1??' -5'-, . ' Y' ., A . i- Q ' g W- yn' . 'Y :gf ,, QQ, ' ' , 4 1 'L fi '. ' 'L N mx Z X ,ag ' tw. -, 'EM - N 1 3 , 5 , . Vf g M. Y ' E R ff 'IW ' ' 0 ' L 'vig E ,, E455 F 1 , if YQ. ,hi N . a i init-T is , 1 if!! K va is A E ag' " ,gg 5- K ,L ff M lgff - .. . 5 f 2 Y ' mf, Te UL? , 1, . - T , , f " -dl , 35- X 'EL' ' in ' '- ' '5,R5g.,Y: 'gig 3,5 xgtigmem ? ,wi k,fZ:1Lm?kfa'L2 F? 1 1 'P --., f ' ' il: f? '4' Q55 .. ix 1 ?'Tfg5:,JQ5y,m - EQ' !?'+v-Q 1 ' V ' ' , " ,.+1'f7'u.Lf., ,vwfgffq - , llgfi 4 3 H A HFM' -e.'1" aT' - Y, i , L ZW! - . r , -My A its M ,MM , M E , V 2' 'V ' , f- fi ' - ' -fr , ff .iq 1 ' f -f --'f-'whim .Q P , L. f in ', J ' 1 4 I A ,K N ' ,Q 5 'F V. - -f ' - .',, TWH ' if Wim ' , "ff--"3 i W Q , J.. ' ,edit , A I ' V - Fw" fff2FiErPi, 2 fffff 1' 5' L- , 5 I " . ESQ E final' -f--Q-+ . f 2 ' we ' '?'t?-w E WST EARXW4 CI- xfpgcz E b lxsX':-:f1::qHl Em gas! 5 35 ' "fl "wg "nw :sul 5 . . 5 I HI fi " :rf ami' lil in Q ull llll ml

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