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,rg WT X W HH' P I - jr-3 H'-if L, Sr' gr. " ...Q N URTIIERN LIGHTS manila Qnnlwmnmm IA' STEARN S HIGH SCll00L Mllllll0Ck0t Mame 1957 I In--45" E , L ' ' Ill: I Va- 1 W H . , ml I O C 9 Two In Memoriam JOHN HOGAN 1893 1956 Dedication TO HELEN F. BYTHER. In appreciation of her interest and support as a teacher and a friend, we affectionately dedicate this issue of the Northern Lights. am Jlal' Paaale Classes School L1fe . . Activities . . Sports Ads . . Three SUPERINTENDING SCHOOL COMMITTEE Frank T. LePage, Chairman Eugene S. Boddy Harold B. Jones SUPERINTENDENT WILLIAM W. HALE Colby College, B.S. University of Maine, M.S. Northeastern University PRINCIPAL Roy' M. HAYES Colby College, A.B., M.A. University of Maine University of New Hampshire Mr- Hayes Mr. Hale vheamuq... LAROY DERBY is Sub-Master and Head of the Commercial Depart- ment. He is a graduate of Husson College and received his B.A. and M.Ed. at the University of Maine. Mr. Derby is bookl-:eeper of all student accounts, official scorer of basketball games, and business advisor for the Snoops and Scoops. Other teachers in our Commercial Department are Donrs DECKER and FRED PATTEN. Mrs. Decker graduated from Husson College and at- tended the University of Maine. She teaches English and typing, has charge of the annual Christmas Pageant, and is Freshman advisor. Mr. Patten received his B..S. and B.A. from Northeastern University and has attended Malden Business School. He teaches social science, business law and economic geography, business training, and consumer goods and salesmanship. ARLINE LYNCH and ELIZABETH GRIFFIN are our two senior advisors. Miss Lynch received her B.A. from the University of Maine. She teaches Latin and. French, is business manager of the Northern Lights, and directs all senior activities. Miss Griffin received her B.S. from Colby College. She teaches college preparatory mathematics and is advisor for the National Honor Society. She also is business manager for the Masque and Gavel Society. Mr. Derby ..W,W.. Me-, 19 --....,,- Four Mr. Patten, lvfrs. Decker Miss Lynch, Miss Griffin Mr. Robinson, Mrs. Byther, Mr. Jacobs Miss Ziko, Miss Allen ll ne in a Jillian" DONALD ROBINSON received his B.A. and M.A. from the University of Maine. He teaches chemistry and physics and sponsors the Science Club. HELEN BYTHER received her B.A. from Bates College. She teaches social studies and algebra. Mrs. Byther is in charge of the jun-ior.Prorn. GEORGE JACOBS, who came to us just this year, attended the University of Maine and received his B.S. He teaches science and mathematics. He handles all winter sports. RENA ALLEN and ANNA Znco teach Home Economics. Miss Allen received her B.S. from the University of Maine. She is advisor for the Future Houmemakers and is responsible for the lunches served to the teams after the basketball games. Miss Ziko received her B.S. from Farmington State Teachers' College. She also is an advisor for the Future Home- makers and helps with basketball lunches. RUSSELL BYRON, our Guidance Director, attended Clark University and the University of Maine and received his A.B. and M. Ed. He teaches social studies and is an advisor to the Student Council. He also is a teacher of Drivers' Education. CLARA OWEN, Head of the English Department. attended Gorham State Teachers' College and holds a B.S. from the University of Maine. She teaches English, is editorial advisor of Snoops and Scoops, is freshman advisor and assists on the Class Day program. ELIZABETH BEDKER teaches college preparatory English and has received her B.A. from the University of Maine. She is editorial advisor of Northern Lights. CAROL PRENTISS received her B.A. from the University of Maine. She teaches speech, coaches all dramatic productions and supervises all speech activities. Our Music Department consists of ANGELO TSIKA and ROSEMARIE Cos'rELLo. Mr. Tsika is the Director of Music Education. He graduated from the New England Conservatory of Music and has done graduate work at Boston University. He directs the junior Band, Senior Band, and Senior Orchestra. Miss Costello is the Vocal Music Supervisor and directs the Glee Club. She is a graduate of the Northern Conservatory of Music. Mr. Byron Us . :A Miss Owen M155 Bedkef, Mi-s Prentiss Miss Costello, Mr. Tsika Five 5:21375 5 X A 1 L we 1 If Q fy if 1 Q if x Mn Farnxw 1 fr 4. El, .-231 1 4 , 3' , x xx, Y 44am Me amidqella Th Ofii eniofut ROGER WAYNE BARNETT lKRogerl, Commercial Course: Gym Exhibition l, 2, Rifle Club 2, Junior Achievement 4. Anytime you want any help in oftice training, Roger's always there! He's the envy of his classmates with his curly hair. Roger says he hasn't any definite plans after graduation, but we're sure that with his pleasant smile he can't help but win friends and influence people. CHARLES ROBERT BEARS "Charlie" Stenographic Course: Science Club 1, Football Manager 3, 4, Basketball Assist- ant Manager 3, Manager 4, Baseball Manager 3, 4, One-Act Play Festival 3, 4, junior Achievement 3, President 4, Treasurer 4, Safe-Teen Club 3, One-Act Play Contest 3, Masque and Gavel 3, 4, "S" Club 3, 4, Junior Exhibition, Northern Light: 3, 4, Latin Banquet 1, Dirigo Boys' State 3, Regional One-Act Play Contest 3, Snoop: and Scoops 4. What would Coach Wentworth do without Charlie to manage the football, basketball, and baseball teams? Voted nmost helpful, most studious, and most business-like, how can he help but be a success! ADELAIDE HELENA BOLGER "Addie" College Course: Y Teens 1, Future Homemakers 1, junior Exhibition, Masque and Gavel 3, 4, Speakers' Bureau 3, 4, Story Telleis 3, 4, G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 2, 3, Science Club 2, 3, 4, One-Act Play 3, State One-Act Play Contest 3, Gym Exhibition 2, 3, 4, Bowling 2, 3, 4, Latin Banquet 1, Junior Prom Commit- tee, Safe-Teen Club 4, Golf 2, 3, 4, Science Fair 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Class Day Speaker. Addie's the cute little girl with the Texas accent you see running around the halls. She is our class heart-breaker and most poised. Addie plans to attend the University of Maine, but "Frank-ly" we don't think her ,mind will be on her studies. RICHARD THOMAS BOUCHARD "Bush" Commercial Course: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, Band 2, 3, 4, Music Festival 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Christmas Pageant 4, Gym Exhibition 1, Senior Play 4. What's that black streak cosming up the street? You guessed it! It's Bush and his Black Beauty. Wherever you find a crowd, you'll find Bush. After high school, Bush plans to go to business school. Can't you see him behind a. big mahogany desk? Eight lllffamenfd 70 f2e4nemJOL" TERRENCE DEAN BRAGAN ll'rerryi! Commercial Course: J. V. Basketball lg Vanity Basketball 2, Captain 3, 4, Vanity Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 3 "S" Club 2, 3, President 4, Junior Prom Committee, Gym Team 1, 3, 43 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Christmas Pageant 3, 4. Not only is he the best-dressed boy in the class, but he is also a sharp- shooter when it comes ta basketball. What would the Minutemen do without Terry's abilities on the team? Although he seems to be shy, Terry really is quite the ladies' man! RICHARD WAYNE BROOKER ukichn Commercial Course: junior Achievement 3g Intramural Basketball l, 2, 35 Gym Exhibition 1, 2, 3. It isn't any wonder that Rich was voted the most bashful boy in the senior class. His bashfulness doesn't stop him from lending a helping hand whenever it's needed. The Army will be lucky to get such a pleasing personality. PAUL MALON BROOKS ltpauln Commercial Course: Junior Achievement 3 5 Hi-Y 2, 3, President 43 Christmas Pageant 3, 45 Senior Play, Backstage 4. Paul seems to have a great weakness-knocking lamp poles off their hinges. He says he doesn't like girls, but we know he had a good time teasing them dur- ing the Senior Play. Maybe he will take over management of the First National when his father retires. WAYNE MARCUS BROWN CCTogol! Commercial Course: Intramural Basketball l, 2, Christmas Pageant 3, 4. Looking for Wayne? You can always find him playing basketball at the Aroostook Avenue School. The teachers haven't figured out why Wayne was absent that aftemoon in September. We know, Wayne, but we won't tell. Nine JI lance... HM " GILBERT WAYNE BURRELL C5GibbyN Vocational Shop Course: Here is Mr. Gordon's right-hand man. Gib is the quiet type in school, but we'll bet that when he's out with the boys things are different. With his skills in machine shop and woodshop, we know he will be a top-notch carpenter after he graduates. EVELYN MAE CARLSTROM "Evie" Commercial Course: Glee Club lg Class Vice-President lg Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent l, 2, 3, 43 Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 43 Music Festival 2, 3, 4, J. V. Cheer- leaders 2, Leader 3, Varsity Cheerleaders 3, 4, Co-Leader 4, Future Homemakers Convention 2, Future Homemakers 2, 3, Oflicer 4, Bowling l, 2, 3, 4, junior Prom Committeeg Gym Exhibition l, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4, Safe-Teen Club 4: Driver Training 3, One-Act Plays, Make-up lg Senior Play, Make-up 4, Northern Light: 45 Student Council Convention lg Christmas Pageant 4. Evielis our peppy, little cheerleader who was voted most school-spirited. Her warm smile and sense of humor make her pleasant company anytime. Evie plans to go to Husson, and we know she'll make a very efficient secretary. JOHN DAVID CIVIELLO "Civic" Social Science Course: Football l, 2, 3, Captain 43 Baseball 2g J. V. Basketball l, 2, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, "S" Club 2, 3, Vice-President 4, Ford Motor Award 2, Dirigo Boys' State 3, Junior Marshal 35 Gym Team l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Safe-Teen Club 3, 4. John, voted most athletic, is an easy-going, good-natured boy. He doesn't pay much attention to girls, because John spends all his time on the basketball court. He is also a star in football and would make a good catch for any college coach. HAROLD ERNEST CLIFF "Cliff" Vocational Shop Ccurse: If you see a tall blond walking into Miss Lynch's homeroom, you'll know it's Harold, the newest member of our senior class! Harold says he likes Millinocket, but we wonder if the "Snow-y" weather has anything to do with it. Whatever Harold plans to do, we wish him the best of luck. Ten Seneca play Make Eefceae Q ll XRI IS Il XROI D CONISTOCIX Charllt bvual Salt nce Course Charlle IS the qulet txpe Nexer lite always rmtdy to help ht ll make Iullers a line proprletor one of these days M ARG ARET M AY CRAIG MaGee G A A 1 2 3 4 Northern Mame Mustc Commerclxl Course Band 2 3 4 Fest1xal2 3 4 Chrxstmas Pageant 3 Golf '7 GymExh1b1t1onl '7 3 4 Bowlmg L l 3 4 B k tb lll 9 3 4 un1or Prom Commlttee Tenms 3 4 eague C, xptam 4 Senlor Pl xy Prompter 4 Here s 1 gxrl wxth 1 mxschxevous look m her eye' If MaGee s quiet beware' 'Shes probably schemxnq to muse eonfusxon m the classroom MaGees a good ' Th band will mxss basketball player and she cc-rtalnly can make the score soar e her 1n the clarxnet sectxon next year JO AN M ARIE CRAWFORD OH1 Commercial Course C' A A 1 2 3 4 Gym Exhxbltlonl 2 3 4 Bowlmgl 9 3 4 League Captun 3 Btnd 1 3 4 Northern Mime Musxc Festnal 2 3 4 Clee Club l Chrlstmas Pageant 3 Future Homemakers 2 3 4 One Act Plays 3 Drlxer Txanmng 3 Pep Squad 3 Home Economxcs Fashlon Show 3 4 -Iom I9 the gurl who IS always Jokmq and laughmg Its easy to understand h h as xoted the cltss comedlm Shes 'll 0 quite a whlz on the basketball w y s e w tourt Jom s the only woman tam drxxer lll Mlllmocket and when she IS behlnd the wheel youd better watch out' IREINE DI KN X CXR Blbo fommerr11lCourse Fu ure Homemakersl '7 3 4 G A A l '7 Dru Tralnmg 3 Bowllng l '7 3 4 Home Economlcs Fashlon Show 3 Safe Teen Club 4 Irene was xoted the best lookmg gxrl m t e e 1 h Irene loxes to dance th tts why shes always around on Frxday nlghts xt w She can Cook and suv too' She has no dehnxte plans for the future but lf we 1 know Irene, shell make out just fine h S n or class and xt s easy to see L14 L KIL yvxs I "' T? '70 Swim Paaafa . . . ll au Uugfaf lla Ee in piOnl48J-I, JUANITA SALLY DAVIS Sisallyi! Commercial Course: Head Band Majorette 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 15 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Bowling 1, 2, 45 Christmas Pageant 3, 45 Future Homemakers 2, 3, 45 District Convention 25 Basketball Usher 3, 45 Gym Exhibition 2, 3, 45 Driver Trainin-g 35 Maine Music Festival 35 Pep Squad 35 Home Economics Fashion Show 3, 4. Sally is our high-stepping, snappy majorette who is always right out in front with her baton ready for action! She is one of our most poised and most likeable girls. What would Pound's Coffee Shop do without Sally? ANNA MARIE DEVOE "Anna" Stenographic Course: Debate 15 G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 45 Gym Exhibition 1, 2, 3, 45 Bowling l, 3, 45 Glee Club, Treasurer 3, Secretary 45 Winter Carnival 15 Snoops rmd Scoops 2, 3, 45 Northern Lights 45 One-Act Plays 3, 4, Prompter 25 Future Homemakers Convention 25 Northern Maine Music Festival 2, 35 Student Coun- cil 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Oflicer 2, 35 Pep Squad 2, 35 Student Council State Convention 3, Regional Convention Secretary 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee5 Story Tellers 3, 45 Driver Training 35 Senior Play 4. Laughing, dancing, side-swiping cars-that's Anna! She is one of the best- dressed girls at Stearns and she was voted best dancer. Anna hasn't any definite plans for the future, but with her personality, we know she can't miss. DONNA JEAN DICENTES "Donna" Stenographic Course: Gym Exhibition 15 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Bowling 1, 2, 3, 45 Snoop.: and Scoops 45 Northern Light: 45 Driver Training 4. Donna appears to be on the quiet side, but when she's in a crowd she really sparkles. For one of the smallest girls in the class, she certainly has a lot of energy. Tops in all her subjects and class sweetheart besides, we predict she has a bright future ahead. GARY JEROME DUMAS "Cooper" Commercial Course: Football 1, 25 Christmas Pageant 35 Junior Achievement 35 Gym Exhibition 1, 2. Here's the brain of Mr. Patten's law class. "Cooper' is quite a whiz when it comes to deciding a case. He's as quiet as a mouse5 in fact, you'd hardly know he was around. His ambition-a sergeant in the National Guard, maybe? Twelre Kufnpw fumpeu . . . ufzaamin' .941 lifze " JOHN EDWARD DUPLISEA cqlacku Vocational Shop Course: John is a handsome lad, don't you think so, girls? In homeroom he's too quiet but we'll bet he isn't that way when he's spending his leisure hours at the pool room. Are we right or are we wrong, John? JOHN J. ELLIS KiJOhnny7, Commercial Course: Baseball 2, J. V. Basketball 3, Christmas Pageant 3, 4, Science Club 1, 2, Ski Team 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Debate 1, Gym Exhibition 1, 2, 3, Student Council 4. Now here's the red-headed character of the graduating class. He's the boy who is always full of questions and who can occasionally come up with some good answers, too! John will probably follow in his father's footsteps and be- come a policeman. Good luck in the future, John. GILBERT HARRY EWINGS cacibbyvx Vocational Shop Course: Rifle Cub 1. . Rrrr!! Grinnnd!! Screeech!! You have just heard a loud roar, a slight grind and a sudden screech of rubber. You may have felt a slight breeze, but that was all, you saw nothing. Gib just drove by in his car, racing Mother Nature again. ROXANNA LUNT FARQU HAR "Roxie" College Course: One-Act Play Festival l, Prompter 2, 3, Glee Club l, G. A. A. l, 2, 3, Secretary 4, Gym Exhibition l, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, Golf 3, Northern Light: 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Snoop: and Scoops 1, 4, Science Club 2, Winter Sports Club 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Secretary 3, Junior Achievement, Secretary 4, Sales Manager 4, Safe-Teen Club 4, Latin Banquet l, 2, Librarian 3, Head Librarian -I: Music Festival 2, 3, 4, Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4, League Captain 3, 4, Senior Play, Christmas Pageant 1, Driver Training 3, Home Economics Fashion Show 4, Typing Award 3, National Honor Society 4, Class Day Speaker. Roxie is that tall, cute, student librarian who is always chewing gum. She is forever going along with a practical joke or some stunt she has dreamed up. She really keeps us busy talking her out of dyeing her golden locks, which she says one of these days are going to be jet black. Roxie plans on attending the Uni- versity of Maine for four years, after which she is going to teach. Oh, those lucky kids! Thirteen "--Ir GU 70400 Gbte... "'7en .fcllffle infield" ALLAN LAWRENCE FOOTE "Allan', Vocational Shop Course: Mechanical Engineers 4. Allan really surprised us this year by playing basketball with the Mechanical Engineers. He was one oil the top scorers, too. He is trying to keep his latest girl a secret, but we know who she is, Allan. MICHELLE JEAN FOWLER "Mickey" Stenographic Course: G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 45 Gym Exhibition I. 2, 3. 45 Future Homemakers 2, 35 Future Homemakers Convention 2, 35 Band 3, 45 Northern Maine Music Festival' 3, 43 Snoopy and Scoops 3, 45 Northern Lights 2, 3. 43 Latin Banquet 1: Bowling l. 2, 3, 45 Homeroom Secretary 1, 2, 35 Class Secre- tary 35 Student Council 15 Student Council Regional Convention I5 Pep Squad 25 junior Prom Committee5 junior Achievement 35 Masque and Gavel 2, 3. Vice-President 45 Debate 15 One-Act Plays 1, 2. 3, 4: One-Act Play Regional Contest 35 Story Tellers 3, 45 junior Exhibition, First Prize: District Spear Con- test 3, First Prizeg State Spear Contest 3, Second Prize: Montgomery Speaking Contest 35 American Legion Contest 35 Student Librarian 4: League Captain 3: Driver Training 35 Masquerade Prize Winner 2, 3, 45 Senior Play 45 Usher 2. 35 Speakers' Bureau 3, 4. Laughing, talking, chewing gum. and flirting with the boys-that's Mickey! Sheis the life of the party and certainly did a fine job in the Senior Play. She is Miss Prentissl number one speech student, but Mickey's only ambition is to become the wife of a certain Army man. PATRICK FRANCIS GALVIN upatu College Course: V. Basketball 2, 35 Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Latin Banquet 15 Class Officer 15 Gym Exhibition 1. Eyes left and you will easily see why Pat was voted best-looking and class heartbreaker. Ho seems to be on the bashful side, but we know dif- ferently. With his looks and personality he'll make a hit wherever he goes. ROBERT HAROLD GRAY uB0bsa Vocational Shop Course: Glee Club l. Bob has lots of ideas for the future, yet somehow he always retums to his original one of being a mechanic. Bob is also famous for being popular with all the girls. Fourteen Ski Mala. . . llwmim W " CHARLES ARTHUR HALLETT llwallyfl Vocational Shop Course: Wally is quite a guy. Voted class wit, he really deserves the title, and you know why if you've ever heard him when he starts clowning around. He knows how to stir up more fun than you'll find in a barrel of monkeys. How about the future, Wally? Annetta's a. pretty name, isn't it? JOHN ALLAN HARMON uulohnn College Course: Gym Exhibition lg Science Club 1, Debate 2, Latin Ban- quet l, 2, Driver Training 3. John's wild antics have eamed for him the title of class comedian. He's regular, good natured and everybody's friend. John's future is sure to be filled with fun, for wherever he goes there is bound to be gaiety and laughter. JASPER M. HAYNES Cisandym Commercial Course: Science Club 1, Secretary 2, President 3, 4, One-Act Plays 3, 45 Senior Play 45 Junior Exhibition, junior Prom Committee, Northern Lights 3, 4, Snoop: and Scoop: 2, Regional Science Fair 35 Driver Training 3, School Science Fair 3, 4. Sandy is our most capable boy. He's a real brain at anything electronic. When anything goes wrong, Sandy is there to help. What would we have done without his wonderful sound effects for the Senior Play! KATHERINE ELIZABETH HUNTER HKZYH Stenographic Course: Northern Lights 3, 4, Northern Light: Executive Council 4, Quill Board lg Northem Maine Music Festival 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 2, 3, 45 Gym Exhibition 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3g Bowling 2, 3, 4, League Basketball Champions 2, 33 Pep Squad 25 Glee Club lg Latin Banquet 2, One-Act Play, Properties 25 Senior Play, Make-up 4, Driver Training 3, Safe-Teen Club 4, Class Day Speaker. Kay came to Stearns from Whitefield in her Freshman year and made a lot of friends immediately. She may look like the quiet type, but don't let that deceive you! We predict that Kay will make a top-notch X-Ray technician. Fifteen MiJ7fema... -if ,azmu fm fm, Muff BEVERLY JUNE KNIGHT uBevu College Course: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Gym Exhibition l, 2, 3, 45 Science Club 3, 4, Masque and Gavel 3, President 45 Junior Exhibition, Storytellers 3, 4, Speakers' Bureau 3, 4, Regional Science Fair 35 One-Act Plays, Back- stage 1, 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Treasurer, District Vice-President 4, Junior Prom Committee, Science Fair 3, 4. Bev is a part of every activity at Stearns. Even though she seesms quiet and shy she really gets around. Speaking is one of her specialities.. Bev is planning to go into nursing, and with that soft voice, shelll be a blessing to her patients. JAMES POTTER LAGASSEY lltlimii General Course: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Ski Team 3, Science Club 2, 3, 4. Jim just loves to take lifo easy in school He likes parties, too, and he'll have you laughing all evenin-g. We don't know what his ambition is, but you can be sure that wherever he goes there will be girls around. DIANE MARGARET LE PAGE s:Din College Course: Choir lg Sodality lg Civic Club lg Junior Exhibition: Northern Lights 2, 3, 4, Junior Achievement 3, Vice-President 4, President 4g Homeroom Officer 49 National Honor Society 2, Vice-President 3, Pres- ident 4, Snoops and Scoops 3, 4, One-Act Plays, Prompter 3g Science Club 2, Story Tellers 3, 4, Senior Play, Properties 45 Safe-Teen Club 43 S-alutatorian. Diane is always laughing, talking, and bubbling over with fun. The teachers are either telling her to put her gum in the basket or to leave the boys alone. Don't be deceived, though, Diane is one of our top students. BYRON ARTHUR LESUER ffchibbyt' Commercial Course: Glee Club 25 Bunkie Highlights 23 Snoops and Scoops 3, Northern Lights 3, 4, Christmas Pageant 3, Senior Play 4. Chibby is that tall, dark, curly-headed senior who claims to be so terribly bashful. Always chewing bubble gum or pulling practical jokes on some Door unsuspecting person, Chib keeps everyone on their toes with his antics. A lot of boys would like to know the secret of his success with the girls. It's that curly hair and bashfulness, boys! blfftbll Zum . . . "Slab, Raith am! Rall" ROBERT CHARLES MANZO HBCU, Vocational Shop Course: Here is one of our dark, nice-looking shop boys. The Army will cer- tainly be getting a good man when Bob joins. Although he looks like the quiet type, he really isn't. Ask the boys in shop about this! DALE WILMONT MARSTON uBo's Vocational Shop Course: Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Gym Team lg Snoop: and Scoops 4g Mechanical Engineers 4. If you see a good-looking boy in a light tan Ford, youlll know it's Bo! He was voted class sweetheart and all the girls will agree that he really is. They will also tell you that he's quite a tease! We hear you want to be a photographer, Bo. Are you sure you want to go way out to California? BRUCE JOSEPH MASON "Brucel' Vocational Shop Course: Mechanical Engineers lg Gym Exhibition lg Glec Club 2, 3, 4g Northern Maine Music Festival 2, 3, 4g All-State Chorus 25 Intramural Basketball 2, 33 Driver Training 4. Who was voted the best dancer in the senior class? Why, of course, it was Bruce! Besides being a good dancer, he is quite the boy with the girls. He says he has no particular girl in mindg maybe he's keeping us in the dark. JAMES MAURICK MASON lLJim77 Vocational Shop Course: jimmy is another one of our quiet shop boys. He never has much to say, but someday he may surprise us. At this point, girls are no problem at allg hed rather play basketball or baseball. ,Setenteen :ff '7 -urn: -me an Ure me vm vwiffffff DONALD LAWRENCE MCCUE NWI!! Vocational Shop Course: Don spends most of his week-ends at camp, fishing and hun-ting. When he isn't doing that, he is usually riding around in his '57 Chevy. What would the girls do without Don to bring them home at noon? JANICE VIVIAN McLAIN "Jane" Stenographic Course: G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 45 Gym Exhibition 3, 4, Bowling 1, 2, 3g Future Homemakers 2, Point Chairman 3, Secretary 4, Glee Club 1, 2g Majorette 3, Winter Carnival 3, Homeroom Secretary 45 Class Secretary 4, Northern Lights 3, Class Day Speaker. Janice is one of those girls who can keep a conversation going all the time. The Corner Drugs couldn't get along without her sunny disposition. She says her ambition is to be a medical secretary, but we think a certain blond will change her mind. How about that, Janice? JOAN BEVERLY MCLEAN "Jeanie" College Course: Science Club, Secretary lg Latin Banquet l, 2, G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Gym Exhibition l, 2, 3, 4g Bowling l, 2, 3, 4, Golf 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Music Festival 2, 3, 4, Snoops and Scoops 2, 3, 4, Ski Team 2, 3, Secretary 45 Northern Lights 3, Executive Council 4g Class Secretary 25 One-Act Play, Properties 25 Tri-Hi-Y 2, Vice-President 3, Junior Prom Committee, Junior Achievement 35 Special Type Award 3, Story Tellcrs 3, 43 Class Day Speaker. Joanie is one of the friendliest and most popular girls in the class. She always has plenty of friends and admirers, too. Joanie tells us she plans to attend Boston University next year. We don't: need to wish her good luck, because we know she deserves the best. PAUL JOSEPH MICHAUD -'Paula Social Science Course: Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Christmas Pageant 4, Safe-Teen Club 3, 4. Paul may well turn out to be another Thomas Alva Edison. He seems to have quite a knack for taking things apart and putting them back together again. Paul is usually riding around in his prize possession, his little black car. Llghteeu School Jleaas . . . "Wm Slrblain' WMA Won" CHARLES ROBERT MONTGOMERY lLSkip9i College Course: Football l, 2, Captain 35 J. V. Basketball Co-Captain 25 Var- sity Basketball 35 Baseball 15 Science Club I5 Latin Banquet 15 Student Council I, 3, President 45 Intramural Basketball Captain l, 2, 3, 45 One-Act Plays 2, 35 State Student Council Convention 3, 45 Masque and Gavel 2, Vice-President 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Northern Lights l, 2, 3, 45 Northern Maine Music Festival 2, 3, 45 Gym Exhibition I5 Safe-Teen Club 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee5 Junior Achievement 45 "S" Club 2, 3, Treasurer 45 Chairman of Highway Safety Com- gnittee 35 Older Boys' Conference 2, 45 National Honor Society 45 Class Day . peaker. Skip is a natural leader and he seems to attract friends like a magnet. He plans to go to college and come back to run the Great Northern Paper Company. Skip is the class president and who knows, he might become President of the United States! JACQUELINE MARIE MOSCONE "Jackie" Stenographic Course: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Future Homemakers 2, 3, Secretary 45 Orchestra 3, 4. Want a swell friend? Try Jackie. She always has a nice smile and a friendly hello. Jackie is the only girl in our class who can read her own shorthand. She says she is a man-hater but we know she is only kidding. CAROLINE T. MURPHY 5 mccaryxs Stenographic Course: G.A.A. 1, 2, Vice-President 3, President 45 League Cap- tain 3, 45 League Championship 35 Gym Exhibition 1, 2, 3, 45 Bowling 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 15 Band. 2, 3, 45 Tennis 3, 45 Northern Lights 43 Futurd Home- makers 45 Northern Maine Music Festival 2, 3, 45 Golf 25 Junior Prom Com- mittee 35 Typing Awards 2, 35 National Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Valedictorian. Cary is the girl athlete of the Senior class. Just name it and she can do it! Cary's favorite past time is driving around in one of her father's new cars, but her greatest ambition is to own her own Caddie. She is always ready to lend a helping hand, and we know Cary will be a great addition to Husson. JEAN TAYLOR MURPHY usleann Stenographic Course: Band 2, 3, 45 Northern Lights 45 Northem Maine Festival 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 15 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Gym Exhibition l, 2, 3, 45 Bowling 1, 2, 3, 45 Golf 25 Junior Prom Committee5 One-Act Play Festival 25 Tennis 3, 45 League Captain 3, 45 Champion Basketball League 25 Homeroom President 1, 25 Student Council 2, 35 Junior Exhibition, Second Prize5 Northem Penobscot Speaking Exhibition, First Prize 35 National Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Safe-Teen Club 3, 45 Senior Play 45 Public Speaking 35 Typing Award 25 Recreation Youth Council 45 First Honor Essay. Jean is the girl with brains and personality. Always willing to help she will surely be missed next year, especially in G.A.A. Her favorite subject is Canada, and maybe she will become a Canadian citizen after she becomes a Medical Secretary at Husson. Nineteen ,r-sq, eoaccal... N740 fuudic 00-ed Ream! am! Ream!" RONALD JOSEPH NADEAU ISJOCSY Vocational Shop Course: Four years in shop have made Joe a really good mechanic. He says he is shy of girls, and that is probably why he spends most of his free time in the woods, hunting or fishing. ROBERT JAMES O'HALLORAN "Mickey" College Course: Intramural Basketball lg Hi-Y 2g Delegate to Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Model Assembly of U.N. 2, Science Club 2, Vice-President 3, 4, Ford Motor Company Industrial Arts Award 35 Science Fair, First Place 33 Band 3, 4, Northem Maine Music Festival 3, Northern Lights 3, 4. Mickey is one of the tallest boys in our class and also one of the best look- ing. To top it off he's really a brain, too. Personality plus, easy to get along with and a real talent for playing the trumpet! Success can't be far distant for him with all these attributes. JOHN RAYMOND OLIVER llJ0hnl! College Course: Basketball Manager 23 Glee Club 3, 4. Having a party? Then be sure to invite John. He's the life of any party and he'll keep you laughing all night long. John plays the field. He doesnit like one girl, he likes them all! Don't you, John? DOROTHY PATRICIA PELKEY uD0taa Stenographic Course: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Gym Exhibition l, 2, 3, 45 Bowling l, 2, 35 Future Homemakers 2, 33 Glee Club 1, Class Day Speaker. Dot, one of the best-natured girls in our class, has a big smile for everyone. With her many friends she will never be lonesome. We'll bet that with her top speed in shorthand, Dot will make someone a good secretary. Twenty MGQEGUOB... nf eau!! Jfcwe fbancecl 1411 flfdffx-l"' MALCOLM KENNETH POTTLE "Mack" Commercial Course: Varsity Basketball 3. Malcolm quietly slipped into our class from Dennysville this year. He says he has no dehnite plans after graduation, but whatever his plans turn out to be, we wish him the very best of luck. JEANETTE MARIE RICKARDS "Jennie'l Stenographic Course: Jeanette came to Stearns her Junior year from Patten. She is the best- natured girl in the class and so willing to help others. Jeanette is tops in Home Ec., and we know that she'll make a wonderful homemaker. JANE ELLEN RIDEOUT "Jane" Social Science Course: Band 2, 3. Secretary 45 Orchestra l, 2, 35 Glee Club 15 Future Homemakcrs 2, Vice-President 3, President 45 G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 45 Gym Exhibition l, 2, 3, 45 Winter Carnival Candidate 25 Snoops and Scoops 1, 2, 3, 45 Northern Lights 45 Latin Banquet 35 Northern Maine Music Festival l, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 45 Class President I, 25 Homeroom Officer 45 Senior Play 45 Junior Prom Committee5 Bowling 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council Regional Conven- tion 45 Driver Training 35 League Captain 3, 45 Pep Squad 25 All-State Music Festival 45 Junior Achievement 35 Future Homemakcrs Convention 2, 3, 45 Future Homemakcrs State Convention 3, 4. One of our best-looking girls, Jane is an asset to the class. It's no wonder that she was voted best-all-around girlg she has talent and a top personality. With her interest in biology and white mice, we are sure that she will make a fine nurse. BARBARA JEAN ROGERSON "Barb" College Course: G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 45 Band 2, 3. 45 Glee Club 15 Debate l: U. of M. Debate Tournament l5 Bates Discussion League 15 Masque and Gavel 2, 3, 45 Northern Penobscot Schoolmasters' Speaking Contest, Second Prize 35 U. of M. Speech Festival 35 Junior Exhibition5 Junior Prom Committee, Chairmang Student Council 1, Secretary 2, Assistant Treasurer 3, Treasurer 45 Children's Play l5 National Honor Society 2, 3, Secretary 45 J. V. Cheerleader 25 Varsity Cheerleader 3, Co-Leader 45 Northern Lights 1, 2, 3, 45 Assistant Editor 3, Editor 45 Freshmen Achievement Award 15 Dirigo Girls, State 35 Snoop: and Scoop: 1, 35 Northern Maine Music Festival 2, 3, 45 Latin Banquet l, 25 Bowling l, 2, 3, 45 Gym Exhibition l, 2, 3, 45 Student Council Regional Convention 1, 35 Pep Squad 25 Driver Training 3: Senior Play, Backstage 45 League Captain '15 Safe-Teen Club 45 Class Day Speaker. Barbara's one of our peppiest, cutest, and most popular cheerleaders. She has. one of those easy-to-get-along-with dispositions. Voted most capable and best politician, we know she'll be a. success at anything she attempts. Twenty-one 55, -s -5' X I I I ct t v , 1... .fad .' 'fy' s .c - 31 lfs? 5 sv, "nr444e4nJl4f... 'lf 7064 are Gaze" HELEN LOU ISE ROYAL "Honey" Social Science Course: Stonington High Band 1, 2, Glee Club 1, 2, Girls' Basket- ball 2, Squall 2, Girls' Intramural Basketball 2, Freshman Supper Committee: Sophomore Cabaret, Thanksgiving Festival 1, 2, 3, Stearns High Band 3, 4, G. A. A. 3, 4, Orchestral 3, 4, Snoops and Scoops 4, Science Club 4, Class Day Speaker. Helen's one of the most likeable girls in our class. Besides having blonde, wavy hair she also has a winning smile. Helen always seems to have a new boy friend for every occasion. With her personality she surely made a hit at Stearns. MARCUS CROWN RUSSELL I "Mark" College Course: Band 2, 3, 4, J. V. Basketball 2, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y, Chaplain 3, 4, Model Legislature 3, Junior Exhibition, Northern Lights l, 2, 3, 4, Latin Banquet l, 2, Northern Maine Music Festival 2, 3, 4, Science Fair 3, Junior Achievement 3, Gym Exhibition 1, 2, Senior Play 4. Markie was voted as most likely to succeed, and with his personality and brains he can't help but be a success. He should have been voted class tease too, because one of his favorite pastimes, besides chewing gum and talking, is teasing the girls. Markie, who is one of our best-dressed boys, really likes to give the girls a run for their money. JOHN EDWARD SEARS, JR. "Johnny" College Course: J. V. Basketball 1, 2, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, Football 4, Band 2, 3, 4: Boys' State 3, Class Vice-President 4, Northern Maine Music Festival 2, 3, 4, Harvard Book Award, Junior Prom Committee, Fresh- man Scholastic Award, All-State 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Northern Lights 2, 3, 4, Class Day Speaker. John is one of the most talented boys in the senior class. Whether he's directing the band, playing basketball, or thinking up witty remarks, he's a sure "Bett.', It's easy to see why he was voted best-all-around. With all these quali- Gcations we know he'll have a successful career in whatever field he chooses. ETHEL MARY SHANKS uEthaa College Course: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4, Gym Exhibition l, 2, 3. 4, Science Club 1, Vice-President 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Officer l, 2, Snoops and Scoops 1, 2, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4, Northern Lights l, 2, 3, 4, Latin Ban- quet l, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Older Girls' Conference 3, Band 2, 3, 4, Junior Achievement 3, 4, Junior Achievement Essay Contest, Second Prize 3, One-Act Plays, Prompter l, 2, Pep Squad 1, Class Day Speaker. Ethel doesn't believe in small parties, so if you want to have a grand time join the gang at her house! Ethel's planning to go to the University of Maine next year, and we just know sheill love those parties down there. Twenty-two fb' '.L" --fmt Jl nwzff JON WILLIAM THERIAIQLT .tJ0n,, College Course: Intramural Basketball l, 23 Gym Exhibition 1, 25 Science Club lg Ski Club 2g Latin Banquet lg Science Fair 33 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Senior Play 4. Jon, one of the most: agreeable fellows in our class, has a natural gift for getting along with everyone. He also has acting abllity which showed in his performance in the senior play. His favorite pastime seems to be annoying the teachers or bothering the girls, but we all think he's great! CECILE R. THIBODEAU Putsey Commercial Course G A A 2 3 4 Gym Exhibition 2 3 4 Bowling 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Northern Lzghts 4 Future Homemakers 2 3 4 Glee Club 4 Christmas Pageant 3 4 Who is that little girl coming down thc corridor? Why it s Putsey Yes she s a senior and shes graduatlng Although shes tlny she has more pep and vital iy than ten people rolled into one With her sense of humor and infectious laugh she will hate friends wht-rewer she goes SHIRI EY AINNI TINKH XM Shirley Sttnogrtphlc Course C A A I 2 3 Bowllngl Gym Exhbtionl 2 3 P p Squad 7 Future Homemakers 2 3 4 Majorette 2 3 Northern Maine Festnal I Drner Training 4 The girl with the quiet smile and a diamond on her finger that s our Shir lcy Her biggest plan after graduttlon will be a une wedding We wish Shirley tnd Bub the best of luck in the future I -HN RENCE RICHARD Y AZNIS Larry f ommertitl Course It trtmural B sketball l 2 3 4 X Basketb ll 3 Cl Xtce President 3 unior Prom Committee unmr Xrhiextment 3 Clee Club 4 Christmis Pigeant l Nlusit Festival 4 Cwm Exhibition l 3 Senior Play 4 President of the Clee Club biggest time ltiller and personality plus thats larry' Fquillw at else as a paeetnt rnrrator or 1 ba ktthall player lies proud his talents are xaried Best of luck it Husson next year Iarrs' Tu tnty lhrte 'FWF . t :Ei ,r t I l I 1 QTY qfff A 'Lo -9-. nr vt' list 9'-vp 1 if tx 'M 'E N 3 L:- hama aj Ada . KENNETII ROBERT X INCENT JR Ken X oc:1t1on1l Shop Course Sk1 Teim 2 3 4 W 1trh out mrls' Here Comes Kennv our cl'1ss fllrt Always Jolxtng and tensmq but how l1kc1b1e' Ile plins on studytnq photography next we1r 1ncl we re sure hell nulte in exeellf nt photo r1pher Is he smart? C hoosln 21 Clreer where he C111 worlt w1th 1ll lunds of beauuful gtrlsl PETER HOW -XRD YN -XLI S Pete C ornrn fflll Course Intr1n111r1l Bftsketbill l 9 3 4 V Bxsketbill 9 XATSIIN IS ttlnll 'K 4 ootb1ll P 'K Chrls m1s 1 Lxnt 4 L u 'S -I lN1t1o Honor Sorxety 4 Flats D113 Speaker Pete xx IS xoted best llllllTPLl 1n o11r chss md his prox en 1t by h1s good humor md fI1PIlClllIlCSS Ile IS stmtly 1 wh11 when ll comes to bookkteptng 1nd hhnn, he know he seems to be 1 woman hater Is 1t true Pete? PIIILIP LOXN ELL YN XI l S Ph1 egc Course Footbilll '7 'S 4 bill 11 1 I H1X ' lntr1rnur1lBe1sMtb'1lll '7 3 4 Ph1l one of the b1 est bovs ln our Chss w1s Z1 great asset to our footbtll te'1m Hx h1s mins hobb1es but the one he seems to hke most IS ClltIl'OYllLS XM 1ll w1sh hun lurlt m the future and Ph1l witch out for all those short tncuxts LEON XRD JOSEPH YN EDGE I ennex L on1111e1c11l C ourse IIIIYIINIH tl B1sltetb11l Haxmq fun seems to be Lenney s ch1ef concern wheres er he IS One of tht best dressed hes alwms app trxnq tn some fmey outfit The stcret of h1s good loolts IS th1t lu Qtts h1s netess 1rx sleep 111 chfs 71111 111 ffm, Q'aaJuaimn Ball . Sa long MARX JOY WHELXTON Mary Joy Lo eze Course Cym Exhlbltlon l 2 3 4 G A A I 2 3 Glee Club ' 3 4 One Aft Play Backstage 1 2 3 Future Homvmakers l Bowlmg I 3 Lillll Banquet l 2 Senlor Play Bamkstage 4 lxmdness quletness thouqhtfulness and snntcrxty are some of the quahtxes that Combine to make Mxry loy Shes also lots of fun as Ill her friends will tell you All ln all she tops the lxst of our xery faxornte people ROBERTA LE A WHIRTY Bobby Stenographlc Course Debatel G A A 1 2 3 4 Bowlmql 7 '4 4 Gym Exhlbxtlon 2 3 4 Tenms 3 Pep Squad 2 One Act Play Barksta e 2 Band ' 3 -1- Northern M me Musxe Festival 2 3 4 Future Homemakers 2 3 4 I' H A Dlstrxct Comentlon 2 3 Homeroom Officer 3 unlor Prom Conunxttee Orchestra 2 Safe Teen Club 3 4 Northern Lzghts 4 ThlS glrl w1ll stlck to her arguments even lf she knows she IS wrong Thxs must be part of the reason she was xoted most mdependent One of the best dressed gxrls m our class and a practxcal joker besxdes how could her frnnd and classmates nelp but hke Bobby? jean and Cary i 1 Twenty-five . . . H0436-Jllltlidfl ffze .fail flaunJu7a" Fzrst Rou. Falone Craxg Madore Graham McLaughl1n lPresl MacDonald QVICC Presj Boynton Cormxer Larlee Gardner Second Row Mr Jacobs Brown McGreevy McKenz1e Jardine Farnham Alward Daxsey Boutaugh Chesley Thzrd Row Brunette Evers Hartley Matthews Libby McNally Conner Adams Goodwm Dumas Fourth. Row Barnett Gallant Dxonne Ambrose Hampton Farquhar Second Rau Mrs Byther H MOYFISOII D Wheaton Smith Nason Roach Waters Tilley Terrxo H Morrlson Thud Ron Walls R Wheaton Ouellette York Murray Moscone Txbbetts Mott Fourth Rou Trafton Walsh Mxchaud Plourde Nnckerson If ' "I s G 1 1 1 . D ' 9 l ' . ' a y 9 1 . : ' l 5 I 9 l l I Y 7 I .1 I ' i : s 9 q s 1 Q Q ' J A 1 7 ' " I Y J 3 J ' First Razr: S. Stevens, Russell, Nadeau, J. Stevens, Pound CSec.-Treas.j, Stiles, Trueworthy, Noddin, Willinski, Tapley. h VI' V ' Y! ' 7 ' 9 3 1 ' l 1 J ! ' ' ' 3 4 7. 3 I I 3 1 J ' V: 3 I Y J ' ly-.szlr 8 . hrs! Row Bosse Guxlfoyle Howard Harlxn Corrlgan fSecJ Caco Colangelo F Johnston W Bell Boyer . . "Befwecn Zfxe fbeailancffke Beep Blue Sea" Second Row Mxss Bedker Bouchard Conner Brown J Bears Farrell Hxggxns Boddy Baron Downs Dwelley Barker Thzrd Row L Bell Cutllffe Duplnsea Bxlodeau Dansey Boutaugh Frost Atwood Fowler Angottl Fourth Row Carlstrom Burby H Bears Archxbald Freeman Jackson Astle Goddard Donley A Johnston Fzrxt Row Lozner Powers Madore Leet B Neal Noyes Tmkham S Mason Snow Manzo Second Rau, Mr Robmson G Walls Kmney Stewart Wheeler Nelder R Walls Morgan C Neal, LaPomte, Mr Patten Thud Row Lee fPresJ Stone Mott Wlllmskx Nelson Plourde Walsh Lyle A Mason Wedge Fourth Raw Wheaton J Walls Vazms York Pound CVICC Presb MePheters Woodworth, Pxcard Taylor Twenty seven : 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' . 1 ' 1 - 1 ' : .1 I 1 I' 1 .1 ' 1 L 1 1 1 1 . 1 J ' -' 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' : 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' . , I 1 1 .1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' v ' 'f - 1 - 1 1. 1 1 1 ' 1 v ' ' ' f ' 7 1 1. 1 1 . 1 1 1 ' 1 s ' : 1 ' 1 1 1 ' ' 1 ' 1 J ' 4 ...uliaiainlhe 7llaaJ4" hut Row Ewxngs R Doucette Caswell Beck Chapman Healey fPresj Halley KVICC Presj Gonya QSec Treasl Boynton Hooper Brunette Second Rau Mr Delahanty P Cyr J Brown Harmon D Cyr Burlengh Hawkes Bamett Boddy Dolan Bouchard Beach Thud Row Barnette Grantham Leet Brown Angottx Allen Chamberlain Gallant Evers Cote LaHa1se fourth Row Lxbby Gnfhn Byther Hartt Kelly Hall jones D1Freder1co Lewesque Farnham Buck J Doucette Fzrxt Row Plourde Moscone OBr1k1s S Rxdeout G Rxdeout Walls Tslka MacDonald Roach McGreevy Thompson Second Rout Mrs Decker Murray Lyle Slunner Thxbodeau Wlbberly Rogerson McLean McNamara Pmnette Mxss Owen Thud Row Mlchaud P Wxlson R Nadeau Hutchms Whuehead Vlolette D Wxlson Sxmpson Nason Tramor Mornson Stlles Fourth Rom Martell Reynolds Rlckards Perry Rush Mott Olner McPheters heal Syphers MacDonald Smart Tzunfy czglzf ' s ' y 1 : 2 -s ' ' 1 " ' 7 1 , . V' , - - a - , - 3 y - 1 v 1 y r 1 J I , , ,J- ,A , , , , , , - ' 5 J J J J I , J 2 5 I ' ' l l - 1 a s ' , - n x s s 1 x ' ,. ' ' 3 7 Y ! J 7 7 3 9 I ' A r - s - s a s 1 ' 1 x a s 2 .. ' ', Y ' : 1 1 : x l v 2 1 1 : ' yt -1' fN-...?"' fx-13 wfm,e,,fMzz,e,1ff w"M'rv '94 wk Af-J" Best Dancers-Bruce and Anna Tu enty-n ine P I .1 f 5... . 1, h, A I ' f , , P -v K 1 ,...x , 3 1 m - 10+ . . Q . --.1 f - I D V 1 , ' l WN., w ' ff,f , f l' V . 'x - 5 . - , , 4M N 4 ,f W ,ygwigi ,Ay ,ru -QA V-MW' A - gf" , o - The Proof of the Pudding Junior Prom "Sched 2644" September Oh, my head! I'll have to have that alarm softened Seven o clock' Whatever made me set It for such an early hour" Horrors' SCHOOL opens today That dreadful word whlch I obllterated from my vocabulary for a glorlous three months Now those Blue Mondays are startlng all over agaln I guess Id better drag myself up there Thank heavens thxs IS my last year Wow' Almost late Id better speed up those Slow Walks Goodness look at all the Freshmen I wonder 1f they re as scared as I was my tlrst day of hlgh school" Poor guys They look lost Qulte Stranded ln the Jungle I Just knew 1t' Can t go out tomght Ive got enough home work to keep me busy for the duratlon As Guy Mltchell would say They ve Got Me S1ng1n the Blues 99:1 fickle ,ga Readme Latm Banquet T 11 arty Gee, football season already. That's a rugged-looking team we've got this year. Want to bet we win all, -or at least almost all, of our games th1S season October Hu1rah' Raxse the flag We ve got a vaca tlon commg up At last the answer to My Prayer Don t you Just love teachers'7 Espe c1ally when they go to conventlons Dld vou hear the latest news" They re havmg an Alumm Day th1s year W1sh I were an alumnus I d love to go to that ban quet and ball they re holdmg Of course I can go to the football game ln the afternoon Look at all the people here for the reun1on See that fellow over there? He s from Penn sylvama He told me that the tram was so crowded on the way up that m order to get a seat he had to throw h1S Mama from the Tram French Class I ! 1 0 ' ' . . v . , - - aa . . ' 1 1 if u - - ' . , . . 77 9 ' Y ' . o - . . ' . . , . , 1 " ' . . . KK ii , , , - s Q Y ' . 1 ' ' . ' 7 - . , , . . 1 6 6 v ' I n ' . 1 . . , . , . . . . . . , . ' ' ' u ' 7 ! 44 7 ' ' ! I! ' ll .V it 1 , . I 4 , r 7 . I ' :Ps ,' 1 'W f X, . . JIS- , - V ff 4 'L ' .1 G1 . I , l. 1, V . xx... A Vgpl, - I I -' V, . ' ' ' -T 1 X - ,e z . W YYY' 5 an ' . m N rf. ' me , ,WA . ..,e 7 .X .,.. , z f':f-Mer-,rss t 'Y f -e - - - K aff 'ig , i f n ' - f 4' 'ge ffrffewfhwis 1? - -.ef ,, - ' E zQr5f5!.f1. W I ASE'-' Nfachme Shop 5h0P BUYS at W0l'k .Battle fha! .7 Knew Wasn t the One Act Play Festlval wonder ful? The k1ds were super' Wlsh I could have had a part I should hase at least trled out Just thlnk I mlght have become another Sarah Bernhardt' What a strange costume' Psst Who IS that we1rd character? The costume I mean Yes the one that looks l1ke he Just came out from behmd the Green Door Don t you thmk that th1s IS the best Semor Masquerade Dance ever? Look whos put tmg xt on The 1llust.r1ous class of 1907 Sshh One of the teachers mlght hear you November Graclousl I ve got to have an appomtment made at the halrdressers The photographers are comlng the 16th to take our graduatlon plctures If they don t come out good I ll d1e Just pla1n and Slmply d1e I ll probably look llke Old Shep Woodworking Oh my befzdy eyes How about loanlng me a crowbar to pry them open? Wasn t the Prom last nlght just wonderful? The dreamy muslc dreamy dancers What do you mean what dreamy mus1c" Of course I can t remermber the names of the tunes they played but man oh man I Could Have Danced All N1ght D1dn t the Junlors do an excellent Job decoratxng the aud1tor1um" They had us worrled as to whether thered be a Prom 01 not but they finally came through wlth fly1ng colors Nova M1ss Lynch' Just remember that patlence IS a rewardmg vlrtue Why ln Just a httle over two months they ve already learned to say Bonjour mademolselle and Je ne sa1s pas Can you 1mag1ne how much they ll be able to say ln a couple more months? They ll probably overwhelm you w1th thelr mastery of the French vocabulary l Mecharucal Drawmg Thzrty one . ,. . , Q I .lb 1 1 . H ' ' ll 1 ' ' - - , . c . . . , F Y , . . . . 1 - , , . . . . 1 - 1 1 . . . . . . u - . . , 1 1 9 9 ,- . ' 77 ' 9 ' I , " ' u 11 ' ' ' ' , . . . . - 1 1 . . ' 1 s 0 ' . . . . . V , . . . , - ' 1 . 9 . ac - ' 19 . 1 1 . . n ' 91 ' ' - 1 1 - 7 ' . y - . . . , 1 . . ' u 11 ' ' . . UL . if-hh Q , I ' y I N I- - eg- . W A . .., ' , v X - A Tlzzrfy tztu Sewing Lab Qaoldafl Gained Can t you remember how our class Please MISS Lynch I only asked Heavens' Another vacatlon already Seems as though we Just had one Of course I m not complamlng but It Was Never Llke Th1s Don t you thmk th1s year IS go 1ng by awfully fast? I cant get over It Thanksglvlng vacatlon already December Talk about surpr1sed' D1d you see the Semor Play last mght? I know I couldnt bel1eve my eyes It was tremendous' Those k1dS I dont know Just when you re about to glve them up for a lost cause they show you how good they can really be w1th only a httle effort Weren t those costumes a scream? I got the blggest k1ck out of that fO0l1Sh hat Rox1e wore and what g1rl dldn t envy Markle wlth that raccoon coat? It s a good thmg we glrls don t have to wear long Hs Cookmg Lab M47 sk1rts now a days especlally after what hap pened to Jane at play rehearsal one mght The whole cast was Just stupendous Jon M1ckey Jane Markle Ch1bby John ROXIQ Jean Anna and of course Punk Basketball season aga1n Am I ever crazy over basl etball' It s my favorlte sport Just walt untll we meet Bangor thls year Well have to watch out for Old Town though I hear they ve got qulte a team In fact they re supposed to have Just about the best 1n the state We ll have to see about that' Arcn t ou1 boys Just great? We hax en t got much hexght but speed Heeby Jee bxes And can they ever handle that ball Tournament here we come' December 18 ChI'1SlIII18.S vacation IS here aga1n What are you go1ng to do dur1ng vacatlon? Sleepll' Yes I know 1tS your 'True Love but Why don t you be more 1n Masquerade Prxze Wmners I , - 7. l ' dis... , W A 'Q I , . A . , 1 ' , J f - . ' ' I E . I : , , LI . N I W I ' ' Av. . - .6 . 5. :Il C C U C , . . - 1 . - , ' ' , 0 0 ' . . 'I . . . , ' 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 44 X as 11 1 - - ' - 1 4 1 1 1 ' . . ,, , . . . . I - 7 ' ' 1 ' . , . ' 7 Q . . . 1 ' . . . , ' . , . . . - 1 . , - . . . ' , . , - ,, p c . . , , R 7 1 ' . 7 ' . . . . . - at , I D I I I I - ' D - 11 , 1 ' .. , . I I , , . . . . .I , ' . 1 . . - ' 1 , . ... , l. -, - , 1 79 1 ' - 1 State Pin Girls Yfacaluma dustrlous like us girls? Where are you working? Landeau s? How come you re buy mg peanuts at Newberry s? Hey kids' Santa treat you good? Well I didn t get exactly what I wanted but guess I can t complaln Now I know why he kept giving me those lollipops every time I saw him down street though Of course an elec tr1c dlshwasher would have been a little hard on his budget January Well here It IS The big year For years this is all that I ve dreamed about 1957 Funny thing though I m not so enthusiastic about the idea now. Guess I just must have worked too hard during vacation Its affected me How did you celebrate New Years Eve? It seemed to me that just about everyone in town was having a party Did you crash any Gym Team of them? Yeah I went to one and ushered in the New Year I really had quite a tume New Yeai s Eve was the last time that mistletoe would be effective for another year By the way What Are You Doing New Year s next year? Back to the old grlnd I really have to put my nose to the grmdstone and do some study mg now Mid year exams are comlng up How did you do in your tests? I saw you staggering home last night with enough books to start a library You should have hired a moving van The tests really weren t too bad though were they? Of course I know It s a S1n to Tell a Lie My goodness Mr Robinson' What dan- gerous classes you have Last fall your biology students were going around with masked faces and trusty scalpels in hand carving up poor innocent unsuspecting little .-Sq Chfmmu P3-Kean! Thzrty three Thzrty four Speech Student Llbrarlans Safufzclaq Nagfzli paafq fball frogs Now and I ve heard from a very rellable source your chemlstry students are plannmg a secret formula wh1ch IS be lleved to be some sort of dlsmtegratxng ray I haven t learned yet Just what they plan to use It on but Ill let you know post haste as soon as I find out You re lucky though that you have such a good Senxor phyS1CS class I want my cowboy hat' I want lt now' So help me when the klds 1n the Sclence Club mocked that telev1s1on ad about Maypo I thought I d have hysterlcs I thlnk that was the most entertammg assembly weve had th1s year I really enjoyed lt It was clever the way they d1d the takeeoff on I ve Got a Secret havlng Sclence Club members repre sentlng famous people ln the field of sclence And when they gave that demonstratxon of h1 fl and played Honky Tonk everyones feet Just autcmatlcally started tapplng even the teachers Of course thats a strlctly confidentlal secret so don t tell them I told ou February How d1d you l1ke the concert last n1ght'7 The band really played some cool tunes Even that long halr type of musxc was real George Dldn t you Just love the way I handed you your program? Such grace such majesty such All rlght never mmd It really was an enjoyable evenlng though wasnt lt" M1 Derby I hope you appreclated the sweet httle valentme your first year short hand class gave you It was really qulte thoughtful of us don t you agree? Just thmk how subllme It would be 1f all of your classes were l1ke us Heh heh' The Sclence Fa1r IS commg up pretty soon Last year s exh1b1ts were out of th1s world 'S 'E Dnver Trammg tiff ,F 3,-gt 'la Masque and Gavel Initiation fbeleazfam . . . "AMI Mu ' "' weren't. they? I wond-er if they'll have differ- cnt ones this year. You know, something spectacular. What are you going to make? You're making a what . . .? Oh, Mr. Robin- son! Did you hear the latest? Don't flip your lid, Sid, but we're having a genuine, real, honest-to-goodness record hop! Sure enough. Jim Winters, the disc jockey on WABI radio is coming up to M. C. a record hop at the Municipal Building. They'll be playing all the latest records and will be giving loads of them away as door prizes, dance prizes, etc. lt sounds like joy, boy. See you there. Another vacation. Gee whiz. I don't re- call ever having s-o many before. "It's Won- derful." Are you going to the tournament? I'm just dying to go. Yes, I'm working on my parents, too. They can't understand why we want to go all the way to Bangor when we can watch the games at home on TV. Guess I'll' just have to use a little "Friendly Persuasion." March Well, I made it. How, though, I'll "Never, Never Know." Isn't it exciting? Thursday night we beat Houlton, and last night we won again by defeating Caribou. Houlton had me worried for awhile, but everything Hnally worked out "Jim Dandy." I really hated to see them lose. There were such nice- looking guys on t.he team. Anyway, tonight's the night. We face Old Town for the East- ern Maine Crown. "Come on, you guys. Get in there!" Oh, heck. He lost the ball. "Thank you, madaim. We would have been lost without it." Great day in the morning! Only six points behind. We can do it if we try. Oh, well, it was a swell game and our boys The Prom Thirty fu e mm em :bm z ae ewz did a super Job ex en if we didn t win They really showed championship qualities and we re very proud of them Old Town was ieally Plaving for Keeps and in spite of our efforts they were Just a little Too Much for us Next year though Oh how I hate to get up 1n the morning That ll be my theme song for the next six weeks J umpin Horni toads' Am I ever bushed bent and badly beaten Dont be silly That s Just an expression to emphasize how tired I am Just call me Dark Eyes Did you meet any of the kids from Skow hegan who were here for the concert that their band and the Stearns band played last night? Sure we met quite a few of them They were swell kids and we had loads of fun showing them around our ' fair city." The concert was very good I'd hate to have had to choose the better band, although everyone Tfmty 511. Northern Lights Typists is Just naturally pa1t1al to his own school s April What s this? An epidemic? There must be some dreadful disease spreading throughout the town Just as I thought' N othlng to worry about It s Just Spring Fever Im afraid everyone s got it even the teachers Easter vacation Just in Time So help me Ive simply Got to snap out of this I don t feel like doing anything No I know that its not unusual for me but when you get so that you want to do less than nothing that s something' Well I guess that vacation helped me out a bit. I think I should go see a doctor though Something must be radically wrong with me I actually dread to see June com- ing Less than two more months and we'll be out in the cold, cruel world Gee, I'm go- ing to miss all my friends and teachers, and Senior Proofs Junior Prom Commmttee Spun? Bewafcfncf, galheief :qui Eewafcfefzecf the school No' Please Miss Bedker not that Take me and throw me in a pit of alhgators burn me at the stake feed me to the vultures but lay off my Blue Suede Shoes Seriously though please dont make us write a class ode Please' Did you hear our ode'7 Yeah it surprised me too I didnt think our class had it in them but they turned in some really good material Pool Miss Bedker had a hard time selectlnp' the winner May Didn t you feel foolish dancing around the Nlay pole last night? I could Just feel exery body starlng at me and saying to themselves Now 1sn t that darlingl So help me' Im glad the Senior May Dance was a success though. I know it would have been a mean trick but I still think we should have gotten I F i 'vin Photographefs Helper the Freshmen to Tweedle Dee around the Maypole Oh well' Thats l1fe Isnt it getting warm? I Just love this kind of weather You know I think it does something for you Makes you feel good all over Its Just l1ke Heaven on Earth Mrs Deckei must you continue to in fringe upon our desires as students of this chool by giving us those speed tests 1n this exceedingly warm weather? Don t you real ize that our fingers are suffering from an acute case of springitis due to the increased intensity of the sun s rays? Type this sen tence right here? Go little fingers go Good grief I hope she doesn t ask me to translate what I Just typed Let s see RJW k1ar doe qu focw rJw em fpps dpe rJw eofjr qpel! Did I pass the test with fiwe errors or less? Well . . not exactly I had the general idea but not quite. Another one? Oh joy! Glee Club Accompanists Tim-fy seven Thursdays at Home Cast Class Actors-Jon and Mickey 0'zaJuaf4on .7 an Wfdkmg Befuml you Hey' Honey Chile Think you re going to get out of your final exams" What do you bet they ll be pretty rugged Especially for us Seniors I ve been studying like mad all this term Of course I know I should have been studying all year but better late than never isn t 1t" June Well this is it The big month A few more days and we ll be marching down the marching practice lt s nearly time to show what weve learned Am I ever glad that I had that extra half inch 1n height It was the only thlng that saved me from being first I Just hope I can stand up let alone walk on these three-mch stllts When I m Walk 1n 1n them I feel Just like I m on a See Saw Hot Diggityl I did lt' I got out of my final exams Boy does that ever bring sooth ing comfort to my worried cerebellum Well Graduation is all over and tonight s the ball I was scared walking down the alsle I kept lmaglnlng that my legs were going to collapse under me And I kept thinklng What 1f Mr Hay es doesn t sign my diploma for some reason or other? And then when Mr Hale handed it to me all I could do was stand the1e Paralyzed Nevertheless I made it and am now the proud possessor ten on It May be It was Just a figment of my imagination but I supposedly saw tears gllt tering in the eyes of some of my hard hearted classmates And in closing Just to say no matter where wc go or what we do we ll always have these Moments to Remember So Long Mr Burns and the Slu Team Thu-ty etght ' xx X 0 0 Il 0 o o aa ' 11 - 1 1 - - . . . , 1 . - . . .l , ' , 1 . , . . . I ' . , I 0 J I ' , I . I n a , ' 7 ' u ' , 1 ' ' 1 ' . W , 11 . . . . ' l 9 , , , , u 19 , . . ' 1 . , . 1 aisle t? the fun? of Ilfmdaf' Afller Weeks of of a diploma with my own little name writ- , , n J .I , 1 . n I u , , - , - - , u - ' l , 77 . . ' ' 4, , : l l 1 l 1 . , 1 ' 1 11 ' . ' ' 1 44 9 7 , ., u 77 11 ' sc ' - 11 ' ' H YY 5-11-117-" I A f Y '-w-..,x v-1:4 3 Dmgo Dclcgalcg Sears Kogerson Bears Cxucllo Forty one , V3 , 15.1. C ,K A R N. 1 :gs , ' Y ri J f A 7 . J ,- 2 r . . X: , , I J . V. . ' ll Forty two Standmg Noyes Boynton Roach Bears Nason Freeman Ellls Lxbby DeVoe Seated Rogenon fTreasj Ambrose fVxce Pres, Montgomery QPresJ Rldeout QSecj Sluclenl Gonna! Jluemlly Peuuaa n The Student Councxl under the supervl slon of Mr Byron started the year by get tlng r1ght down to the problems that were brought before the group The councll agam sponsored many worth Whlle act1v1t1es The theatre managers attended a regular meetmg of the councll to dlSCUSS student permlts The suggestlon box was placed ln the 11 blary again, and many ldeas and suggestlons were recelved from 1t. A new phonogl aph to be used by the teach ers for class purposes onlv was purchased later ln the year The councll also was ln charge of the Record Hop IH Nos ember Wh1Ch was sponsored by the Recreatlon De partment Flve members of the councxl attended the State Student Councll Conference ln Bangor last November. Rlch ard Ambrose f r om Stealns xx as elected Vlce Presldent of the Conference M ,-.gilli 9 5 A A ' 1 V' . Z 31' 'T ff ' V ln f 1 l 'A . .A 5 K Qt 1 iw i 1 W . , up I M, 5' 'I , .. A' L' I 'S . : 3 I l 7. I I D I - ! I " : . , - . , . , . . ' YW ' ' ll O O I m . , .- i , I - ' 9 f ' . 9 Z . Y U Y , , , . . nl l hut Row Royal Grant Rogerson fSec Treasj LePage fPresJ Smith fVlCC Presj J Murphy C Murphy McLa1n Neiman! Jlanaa . The hlghest goal for any high school stu dent to attain is to become a member of the National Honor SOC16ty The organization s requirements are based on SCl1Ol3.l'Sh1p lead ership service and character The purpose of the National Honor Socl ety IS to create an ambltion for hlgher schol arshlp a greater deslre to serve the school and community to promote a leadershlp and to dexelop personahty and character in student In order for a soph omore to obtaln this NATWONAL- HONOR SOCIETY i an M, ww: 4 ,am honol as a p1obat1ona.1 y member he or she must have an average of 90 and have the other qualifications as well If he ma1nta1ns an average of 88 in his Junlor year he IS in itlated lnto the SOC1EtV as a member The 1n1t1at1on IS a candlelight ceremony where the probationary members speak on each of the four requirements This years officers are Diane LePage President Sally Smith V106 President and Barbara Rogeison Sec r e t a r y TFQHSUICI Miss Ellzabeth Grifhn is the advlser of the group S b Forty three 1 ,,, A , ,- ,W ' , ,, ,MQ 7, fT'ZIE. 'fs - Second Row: Bolger, Pelkey, Farquhar, -lviontgomery, Walls, Griffin, Sears, Nickerson, McLaughlin, Shanlis, Hunter, McLean 0 o ll , 0'1- . K . - D i - . 7 . L . , - . . . . I . . - ' 1 1 ' ' ' , . . , . . 0. . A , I n . I . . , v . 5 1 ' 3 1 a ' , - l I I N I 5 X 'X N I 1 , W - 9 .Q : I X I 5 Forty four Fzrxt Row Mass Bedker DeVoe Bears Rogerson flidxtorl Nickerson CAsst Edl Hunter Haynes Carlstrom G Roach Thxrd Row Lesuer Downs G Walls McNally Terrlo Ambrose Stevens Montgomery McKenz1e Moscone S Roach Russell Fourth Row Gallant Shanks R Farquhar Sears Nason McLaughl1n OHalloran, Rxdeout J Walls Johnston, Gullfoyle Nwthmnffqhta ag Jewuwazwawxz Start the presses rollmg' The Northern Lzghts IS finally ready to be prmted After months of gatherlng smatex 1als, securlng ad xert1sements, and plann1ng the general arrangement of the book, we are ready to d1splay the greatest plece of llterary achleve ment ever' Our top notch adv1se1y commlttee has spent long hours after school endeavoung to g1Ve you a book whlch w1ll not only prove l Advisory Council mterestmg ln ltS mformallty but Wh1Ch wlll also gne you great readmg pleasure wth ltS carefree Wflte ups M1ss Ellzabeth Bedkcr, our ed1tor1al ad user, and MISS Arllne Lynch, our busmess manager, have w1ll1ngly and unselflshly g1v en us much of then' valuable t1me and effo1t ln gllldlllg' the product1on of our yearbook, the 1957 Northern Lzghts Ad Men Second Row: Fowler, whiny, l5iCentes, McLean, LePage,, S. Farquhar, Stiles, lfamhaml, Bouchard, J. Murphy, C. Murphy, ' YY ' ll O I I .V Ex . r X 'kg-X, Furl Row Roach Chapman Waters Stiles Farnham fAsst Ed D Shanks fEdltOI', DeVoe Pelkey Nason McKenz1e Richards Moscone Derby Thnd Row Fowler Whirty Rideout Farrell, Walls J Bears C Murphy J Murphy Hunter McLain Snoopa and Scaafu If it s in there It s going to stay there the Tattl Tales section of the Snoops and .Scoops The Tattle Tales aren t the only rea son that students hu11y to buv the paper however M1 Haves message to the students IS one of the points of interests and Ethel Shanks always manages to Get out an mter estine' edltorlal Her asslstant Patsy Farn ham IS alwavs at hand vt hen 11. comes to the over popular school poll whlle the 3.I't1StS Anna DeVoe Joan McLean and Jan Bears turn out covers and drawings to fit the vari ous write ups ng Miss Owen Ethel and Patsy fqmwm fum., Bett Nason Helen Poyal and Mary Jane school gettmg every bit of JUICY lnformatlon for their column Dlane LePage is another staff writer who really works at th1nk1ng up her so called subtle wlttlcisms The members of the staff are rewarded by the popularity of th paper among the students and teach ers however so they feel their effort IS worth it Miss Owen and Mr Derbv co advisers of Snoops and Scoops help the staff Wlth the work of composltlon and production The Printers 5 3 1 1 ' : - - 1 I : 1 1 1 i 1 l Second Row:' Stone, Ambrose, C. Bears, Brown, Royal, DiCentes, McLean, LePage, Farquhar, Stevens, Terrio, Miss Owen M : , I , I , , Q , . , . , , l Q X1 v ll U I Q ll ' Y ' ' 7 ' yy , . . , N are Mr. Derby's favorite words in regard to Brown are often seen snooping around the . , n . . . , ' , . . . . I . . . Q , , I - D - O - .Ji v ', - , 1 . . 1 . A I ' 7 I ' - L , , 1 n 1 1 1 ' I A ' ' 7 - l , v. .- X , 9 V V all sf! X .N-A 30' J J l First Row: Nadeau, McGreevy, Goodwin, Smith, Noddin, Whirty, Carlstrom, Craig, Moscone, Brown, Crawford, Nason, Bosse. Second Row: Davis, Wheeler, M. Fowler, Trueworthy, Howard, Libby, Walsh, Rideout, R. Walls, Murray, Graham, Colangelo, Royal, Michaud, Mr. Tsika. Third Row: R. Bouchard, G. Walls, Downs, P. Famham, Bears, Roach, Rogerson, A. Fowler, Hunter, Waters, Jardine, Mc- Lean, Thompson, Neal, Freezman. Fourth Row: R. Bouchard, E. Farnham, Montgomery, Russell, Trafton, Gallant, Jackson, Sears, Farrell, Shanks, R. Farquhar, J. Murphy, C. Murphy, H. Bears. Fifth Row: Stevens, Atwood, MacDonald, Lagassey, McLaughlin, Woodworth, S. Farquhar, Wheaton, Barker, O'Halloran, York, J. Walls, Hall, Nickerson, Stone, Tsika, Noyes. Baal. .. ll hike Zip Me Kam!" Every Friday, the population of the class- rooms of Stearns is decreased by about eighty people, as the members of the Ban-d go to the music room for two periods. From September to June, the people in the Band devote their time to furnishing music for football games, basketball games, rallies, and various other activities. In February, the Band presents an always-impressive concert. This year the Band was host to the Skow- hegan Band for an exchange concert. Also, they traveled to Old Town for the Eastern Maine Music Festival. Members of the Band chosen to attend the All-State Music Festival in Auburn were: Elizabeth Nason, John Sears, Jane Rideout, Stanley Nickerson, Patricia Farnham and Sandra Tsika. John Sears was elected Student Director and did a fine job during the year. Iporty-six All-State First Row: Goodwin, Nelder, Tsika, Ewings, Nason, MacDonnell, Halley, Fanell, Thompson. Second Row: Neal, Guilfoyle, McGreevy, Nadeau, Noddin, Moscone, Carlstrom, Famham, Walls, Smith, Bears, Downs. Third Row: Mr. Tsika, Freeman, Royal, Nickerson, Stone, Simpson, York, Brown. 0 . . "Maia, Mauha, " "Gee, I'm scared. What if I miss that Day," Porter, "Oriental Patrol," Von Blong solo?" "Mr, Tsika, my string just broke." "Only five more minutes and We file on. Is my petticoat showing?" "Here, brush the lint off my jacket." These remarks could be heard shortly be- fore the annual concert, which was held on February 15, under the direction of Mr. Angelo Tsika. Once on stage, the members forgot their fears and played one of their finest concerts in years. Selections played were: "Gypsy Overture," Isaac, "Night and "Winter Wonderland." Bernard Q and "Young Prince and Princess," Rimsky-Korsakoff. The orchestra also appeared at Junior Ex- hibition and the One-Act Play Festival, as well as many assemblies and special school functions throughout the year. Elizabeth Nason, Sandra Tsika, and Pat Farnham attended the All-State Concert Festival in Auburn as participants in the orchestra. The Student Director is Stanley Nickerson, and Sandra Tsika is Concert Mistress. J Student Director Fvffv Gwen 'R Fzrst Row A Mason ElllS Angotu Neal Second Row Bell F Johnston Hartm A Johnston VHZHIS CPresj B Mason W1ll1nsk1 Powers Caco Thud Row Leet Ewmgs Larlee S Mason Russell Alward fhlbodeau Moscone McGreevy DeV0e Sec Fourth Row Coxngan Morgan LaPo1nte St1les T1lley Gardner Stewart Guxlfoyle Terno Neal Roach MISS Costello Forty e ght As the 1907 school year comes to a close the Glee Club compl tes another successful yeal unde1 the d11ect1on of TVIISS Rosemaue Costello The most mernznable event of the season was the combmed Annual Spung Concert of the Band Glee Club and O1chest1a held at the Stealns Iilgll School aud1to11um on Vlarch 8 The Glee Club celtfnnly lewealed a spa1k of talent that exenlng Then selec tlons wele Gonna Pld Up 111 De Charlot Londondeuy A11' Malaguena St1ll as the Nlght and Wayfarmg Stranger Glee Club Boys whlch was aceomp med by Dav1d McInn1s at the gllltal' Th1s prog1 am was enthuslastl cally 1ece1ved by the "llldl9I'1C9 The Glee Club sang at both the Chrlstmas and Easte1 Pageants They also attended the Easte1n Mame MUSIC Festwal 1n Old Town The fou1 outstandmrr mus1c makers who attended the All State Mus1c Festnal 1n L6WlSt0l1 wele ROSRIIQ Gal dner L01etta lVllllI1Shl Daud McInn1s and Robert An gOtt1 Pat11c1a Neldel 1S the Glee Club accom pamst All State - ' ' f - ' ' 4 5, ' , . 1 , . . 1. 3 . 'l J , 4 1 W .' Q' 1 . 1 1 I ' 1 "- 1 . w i 1 4 , ? t - . x ,, -'A x - . 55 . .y 11" ga c ' fe X N ,J Y - ' I 1. A , i xr 1 , 1 at ' ' E ' s - 1 , 1 x . 1 , , 5 .. ' L 1 C , 1 h an , ' I' ,e f . V. I 1 ? . I' ' '37 V H , VJ, .J . if .5. ,g K 315, 51 A L' ye .Z A , 1 L C A ' g 1 - I ' 7 5 ' , ' , . . . .' , . , , - , - 1 ' 1 1 : ' v : - 9 J J 7 l J 3 3 D i ' XX ll o o o , .. 1 5 ! . Y z a . . . 0 . . ' . .- e . . . . , 1 . Q . . '. A ' . 7 I . . -. . - . F C . 1 Q 1 1 . l Y 9 1 C, ' ' . i . '. - . . Y . . - 1 . 1 K 1 1 v - : Q v Q ' Y . . . . . 7. V. . . , - , - . , . H A . . . ,, . . L G , , . ll , ' ' ii I6 7, ll .' 1' ' Q ' 7 1 ' ' Y! KK ' !! ' y r , 5 . . 5 9 ' .., . , 1 N 4 V ' XA x an Senor Freedom Une rqcl Na Ewuneu .fake Show Buduseun The lights were dimmed and the curtain went up on October 17 at 7 30 The One Act Plays were beginnlng The first play was Senov F 1 eedom a seri ous drama The plav takes place in the home of Dolor s Sarveda during the uprising of a people against their tyrannical ruler The cast included ' Dottie Noyes Frederick York Barbara Terrio Roger Plourde and Jan Bears. The next play was Thursdays-at Home, a hilarious comedy which involves Mrs. Lar- kin, a woman who wishes to set aside Thurs- day as a day for all sales people to call and display their merchandise. It takes place in Gwen and Maureen the llvmvroom of the Larkin home on a Thul sday morning The cast included Mary Jane Brown Beverly Gonya Anna Devoe Margaret Dovs ns Charity Ewmgs Jean Vlarie Boddy and Donna Boynton The concluding play Strange Road was a drama in which a girl has faith in the dream that she and her lover will meet again even though he has gone away and nobody knows wheie It took place in the Talbot Cottage by the sea The cast included. Mickey F owlei Pichard Ambrose Maureen Grant and Cwen Thompson All three plays were directed by Miss Carol Prentiss. Dick and Mickey F orty nme Hu Samoa Play .Benq .feng ,490 The aud1ence became s1lent as the curtaln opened and Years Ago was presented as the Senlor Play at Stearns on December 4 1956 The play vsas about a young g1rl Ruth Gordon who wlshes to become an actless but her str1ct father Clmton Jones wants her to be a physlcal culture mstructor Ruth Gordon threatens to go on stage re gardless of her father s determlnatlon and a bltter quarrel breaks out between them Through the efforts of Puth s mother Ann1e Jones they dCC1dQ to let hex attempt a theatr 1cal CZ11981 The cast 1ncluded Jon Therlault Jane Rldeout Mlchelle Fowler Anna Devoe Jean Murphy Marcus Russell Byron Leseur John CIXII-3110 Roxanna Farquhar and Punk the cat The play was d1rected by Mlss Carol Pren t1ss Sets we1e constructed by the shop boys under the superv1s1on of Mr Buck Other members of the facultv helped the success of the play bv assxstlng wxth t1Ck9tS programs and muslc Make up WL Seated Stevens G Walls LePage Smxth Shanks Farnham Terno Boyer Colangclo Standmg Conner McNally Moscone Haynes McLaughlm Nxckerson jackson Farquhar Bears Boddy J Walls Montgomery Johnston Walsh Plourde Fowler Dwelley mm14 en Zdiwilleilfiule au7l!aaA Durlng the second year of the J A 1n called Grenorpame and the other called the llvl1llWOOd9Il66lS Smee these mlnlature bus1 nesses were sponsol ed by the Great Northern Paper Company they chose to work wlth wood The product produced by Grenoxpame was a clgarette dlspenser and the Mxllwood eneers made Key Katchers At the mld year conference the progzess of the compames was dlscussed and film strlps were shovsn R9C81V1I'lg Jumor Execu t1ve p1ns for two years 1n J A were Dlane I ePage Ethel Shanks and Charles Bears were sent to Augusta to go through the State House Thev were presented to the Senate and the House of Pepresentatlves Governor Edmund S MUSkl9 gave all membels of the group autographed p1ctu1 es and small pres ents Adusers for the Mlllwoodeneers were Russell Smart Anthony MQHCCI and Walter Kronfelt Grenorpame adusers were Kmg man Smlth Robert Atwood and Robert Lav erty Fzfty one y 4 V - ' ,aa M' If I: ! ' I ! ' I J . J . I ! 3 ' 5 r : s 1 J r s : 1 : ' 1 1 7 9 I 7 ' - f H - - ll O O I . I u . J , 4 ' 7 u Millinocket two companies were formeclg one Six achieve!-S picked from two groups . ' n A . . . . .- u I .. L ' . '. 1 Y I " . l ' L L.. , - . Q I , I I . . . . - . , , - 1. .IM Fzfty tuo F1 st Row Montgomery Rogerson Russell Nnckenon Bllodeau Second Row Fowler CV1cePresl Bears Ambrose Bolger Noyes Terno York Haynes Kmght fPresl Magna am! Gavel llfafe Wpan lfze Zffackecl Siege" The membe1s of Masque and Gavel are elected for outstand1ng perfo1 mance 1n plays speaklng contests or other speech work The members old and new have worked dlhgent ly to p1 omote and recognlze achlevements ln all areas of speech keepxng foremost 1n thelr m1nds the motto Speech for Use The wlnter 1n1t1at1on was held January 31 at 7 30 The slx new members 1n1t1ated were Sandy Haynes Marcus Russell Bal bara Terrlo John B1lodeau Fred York and Dottle Noyes The two new projects of last year were cont1nued thls year Students from the Speakers Bureau performed for several or g9.lllZat1OHS and the Story Tellers have been very act1ve v1s1t1ng the elementary schools to tell storles to the chlldren on speclal days There were numerous other act1v1t1es ln wh1ch Masque and Gavel members partlc all the elementary grades The group were also hosts to the State One-Act Play Contest on March 26 1n whlch Lee Llncoln Patten and Stearns part1c1pated Stearns was the sectlonal wlnner and went to the Unlverslty of Mame to compete wlth other schools IH the Reglonals Masque and Gavel members were hosts and hostesses agaln when the Northern Penobscot Speakmg Contest was held here on Aprll 1 Stearns won the trophy ln thls compet1t1on also MISS Carol Prentlss IS the socletys ad v1ser I f 14:3 0 e' ? 7 Q. V , I 'Al '1 : 3 , , ' , ' . . i : ' ' s x 9 2 2 1 : Q - - 0 , - I I O 1 ' , u n Io u , , ' ' - ipated. A children's play was presented to , . . . I ' ll YI - - ' u ' ' ' 1 1 ' 1 : L, r h , 3 . . ' . , , . . . ' ' 1 Y . - , . . . . , n I L ' ' - 1 Seated Wnllnskx DeVoe Wheaton Stxles McGreevy Bolger Standmg Grant Snuth McLean Fowler Knlght LePage Farnham n7eff Me a .Sfcvufn Story Tellers see MISS Prentlss at 3 05 today ln room 9 Whenever th1s notlce 1s read thlrteen glrls lmlght hear a few moans and groans but dont pav any attentlon to them the glrls all enjov v1s1t1ng the elementary schools to tell stones to the ch1ld1 en The Story Tellers have been more actne thls year than last They have gone out once every month Each txme the stones have pertamed to a speclal day or week dur1ng that month The occaslons have mcluded Columbus Day Book Week Chrlstmas L1n colns Blrthday St Patrlcks Day Easter guls prepare two dlfferent storles one for the three lower grades and one for the three upper Be 1des the ten regular Stoly Tellers there are three substltutes who are always on hand to fill xn lf necessary The subsu tutes are Donna Wheaton Loretta hvllllll ski and ROXIG St1les F1 f ty three .' ' i D, , 1 . 7 I ! ' 1 5 1 G 1 7 1 J i ' I O I " , ' ' : . ' ' 2 ' vs ' ' ' - o j Y 1 1 . . . . . 7 ' ' Y . , t 9 ' ! 1 march down to pick up their Stories. You and Be Kmd to Anlmals Week. Usually the . , . . A I , . n . 1 Y . I . ' I . S' Q , . . , I . I : , . . - First Row: Nadeau, Carlstrom, J. Madore, Moscone, Rideout fPres.J, Waters fVice-Pres.J, Willinski, Russell, A. Madore, Whirty Second Row: Miss Allen, Brunette, Bell, Mason, Snow, Johnston, Leet, Colangelo, Caco, Graham, Cormier, Boyer, Miss Ziko. Third Row: Howard, Neal, Hartin, Jardine, Larlee, Tapley, Stevens, Evers, LaPointe, Noddin, Manzo, Craig. Fourth Row: Trueworthy, Morgan, C. Murphy, Walls, Davis, Crawford, Baron, Alward, Wheaton, Higgins, Kinney, Brown. The group was represented at the District Wuluae.-.Jl The Future Homemakers of America is a National Organization of pupils studying homemaking. The purpose of F. H. A. is to help students to be better citizens at hoime, at school, and in the community, both now and in the future. Activities for the Stearns Chapter this year included: a Formal Initiation Cere- mony, a Fall Banquet, an F. H. A. Dance, a. "equine on Me flange" Speakers of the year were: Miss Cynthia Nichols on England, Miss Carmen DiNardo on the Philippines, and Mrs. Barbara Roger- son on nursing as a profession. The panel, for a discussion on 'Teen Aige Problems, in- cluded Mrs. Evers, Mrs. Cormier, Donna Campbell, Donna Wheaton, Ona Waters, Mr. Gardner and Mr. Buck. F. H. A. Convention at Dexter and the State Convention at Augusta. Faculty advisers of the Future Home- makers are Miss Allen and Miss Ziko. Couples' Square Dance, and Children's Christmas Party, a Beano Party, a Talent Show, a Mother and Daughter Tea, and an Installation Ceremony for new officers. Left to Right: Tinkham, Russell, Willinski, Waters, Rideout, Moscone, Madore, Carlstmm. Fifty-four First Raw: Mr. Robinson, Royal, Bolger fSec.-'I'reas.l, Knight, Chapman. Second How: Haynes QPres.D, O'Halloran tVice-Pres.J, Walsh, Michaud. Science Glad . . . ngfaanqe 7!1-4:4941 Nine Jfafzpenin9" lf you have ever walked by Stearns on a Monday night and heard an explosion and seen a brilliant flash accompanied biy bil- lowing smoke, you could be sure the Science Club was in action. These active little scien- tists will long remember the happy times they have had in the line of duty to their organization. On December 8, the group visited the Uni- V91'Si'fey Of Maine planetarium and WTWO- TV and WLBZ radio in Bangor. Bev Knight Chemistry Lab and Addie Bolger gave a talk on this trip at the Science Club's assembly later in the year. Besides putting on the assembly, the Sci- ence Club sponsored the Second Annual Sci- ence Fair. Diane Chapman won First Prize with her exhibit of "A Lit.tle of Most Every- thing". Sandy Haynes won Second Prize with his home-built transistor transmitter. Mr. Robinson is the adviser of the group. Physics Lab Fifty ji e 1 F zfty sax Fzrst Row Famham Stevens Second Row Wheaton, Ambrose Smxth, N1ckerson, Stlles among What 1f I forget :my speech?" my t1e on stra1ght"" Where IS MISS Prent1ss'7 I can t seem to l ate her anywhere These phrases were aud1ble on February 13, as 7 30 approached Seven Junlors prlm ly sat awaltang the cruclal moment for an other J un1or Speakmg Exh1b1t1on was about to begm The Judge was James Barushok of the Umversxty of MZIHP Speech Department Musxc was fu! nlshed by the Orchestra Rox anne Stlles was awarded first prlze , Rlchard Ambx ose, sceond prue, and Donna Wheaton, thlrd prlze Roxanne St1les Patrlcla Farnham Rlchard Ambrose J udyth Stew ens Donna. Wheaton Sally Slnlth Maureen Grant Stanley N1ckerson "H 'Because of illness Maureen Grant was not able to speak The Llttle Black Boys Clara Laldlaw ' Backstage Pelforma e a cuttmg from the book Nutt zn May by Comella. Ons Skmner Death of a Salesm a cuttmg from the play by Arthur Mxller Whats Tomorr a cutting from the book Here Yan Brother by D1x1e Willson A Teen Ager Talks Ba k a cuttmg from an essay by Tom Slmkard Our To a cuttmg from the play by Thorn ton Wllder Such Is Your Hemtage by Peter a Yugoslav partxsan ow We Kept Mother s D y by Stephen Leacock : l .' . . . D ' HB ll U O C4 . u l o 4 "Is ' ' , ' . ll . . , . . K Q , I 5 c Oc l,, . L n ' , - . . D - as - rv a cutting from a short story by ' ' ' ' nc " ' ,, . u y ann , . u 9 Own , . . . ,.I . 44 ' - ' C n ' . . " wn" :iz ' U ' i7 ' . . . . l ' a " Ji "Sinai alleafdecl Mm" Fzfty seven 4 Fmt Row Mxchaud Boutaugh Ambrose P Walls Cwnello P Walls Hall Hampton J Walls fAsst Managerj Second Row Archnbald Mclnms Plourde D1Freder1co Tramor Nlckerson jackson Bears fManagerJ Thud Row Coach Wentworth MacDonald Ouellette Pound Taylor Moscone Donley Johnston, Lee Coach Patten 40414611 - mwqdaaaawznuxm Slgnals one two three hxkel These famlllar sounds mark the begmnmg of the 1956 gladuatmg class Coach Went worth went to work w1th some fine mater1al and turned out a good team The team had a heavy hne and a fast backfield a comblna txon any coach would hke to have The tradl tlonal Stearns fight and the Splrlt of the team was proven by thelr fine record Startlng out w1th vlctorles over Dexter and Hxggms CldSSlC3l Instltute Stearns was upset by a determ1ned John Bapst team We were then overpowered by Old Town and Stearns ralhed thelr Splrlt and defeated Hlg gms agaln to end the season wlth an even lecord of three and three The SQHIOIS on thls year s team were lohn C1v1ello John Sears Peter Walls and Phxllp Walls John Cxvxello was a member of the All State Football Team he was the hrst person from Stearns ever to make the first strlng l1ne up SCHEDULE Dexter H1gglHS John Bapst Old Tovx n Skowhegan Hlgglns Fifty ezght 26 0 22 7 17 19 0 14 6 13 24 12 - L Q 4 , . I : . , I , , I 3 , ! ' ! , I , l 'I I ll I O I ll ' ' fi ' 7 7 1 7 ' ' ' of the football season at Stearns. After losses suffered a loss at the hands of Skowhegan. , - . . .1 i' ' . . Y l Y Q L. , ' . . - . el-is -4312 """""" WW ymiiw Fzrst Row R Bouchard Sears Taylor Smalley Bragan Decker Allen Second Row Coach Wentworth Nadeau Pound R Bouchard Ambrose Roop Fnel Th: d Row Bears CManagerJ Stone Lee Amar: -ka ,ue our la za aiu QW Durmg the 1956 baseball season Stearns set one of ltS finest records loslng only one game to Lee Academy Stearns won the Northern Penobscot Champxonshlp for the seventh tlme ln eleven years by wlnmng sev en out of elght games In these elght games Stearns scored a total of 99 runs compared to the opponents 25 One game that w1ll always D9 remembered was the Stearns Lee Academy game played at Lee We won the game 4 3 There were sxx semors on the tea.m Davld Roop Ed Chapman Roger Decker Ronme Allen Jun Smalley and Terry Frlel SCHEDULE Howland Schenck Lee Academy Schenck Howland Lmcoln Lmcoln Lee Academy '77 2 11 Flfty nme I 2 if - , , 2 5 ""'-"-MH l my I . ' I , 'Q . I gf H A -4 , . 1 V, -- '. , we ,, 4, p Q ' x i KA V' ''CTX'f'?Zii'f"'fh"5ff'!f'lLf"'"3':j,ff:f ' ' -e -"W A 1 I X A ' A l : ' 7 l 7 3 I Y ' . I '. 3 7 I ' I i 9 ' 1 : , , . U ll o c c ' 9 ' I , ' ' - . . . . Q Y I . I , . . . . , , . ' 18- 1 9- 4 4- 3 16- 1 15- 1 ' 8- 3 ' .. - 1 F1rstRow Walls Pound Bragan Cxvxello Vazms Sears Bufzeiiall. .. 7fuee .faae There were five SGHIOIS on the team Terry Bragan John ClVlGll0 John Seals Peter Walls and Larry Vaznls Stearns once agaln complled a great record wmnmg 14 out of 18 games durmg the sea son For the fifth tmne 1n s1x years Stearns has gotten 1nto the tournament finals Th1s year we defeated Houlton and Caubou and lost to Old Town ln splte of a terr1flc come back durlng the second half A great deal of Cfedlt goes to Coach Wentworth for tak 1ng a group of twelve boys and makmg them 1llt0 a fine team Two games that w1ll always be remem bered ale the Stearns Bangor game and the Stearns M C I game Stearns won both these games ln over tlme perlods Stearns defeated Bangor by one po1nt and M C I by five po1nts Slnce both these games were played w1th1n a week of each other the fans re ce1ved qulte a blt of excltement Sixty Coach Wentworth and Manager Charles Bears Second Row: Coach Wel1tworth,,R. Micllaud, Taylor, Michaud, Plourde, MacDonald Bears fManagerJ YY ll J . l v l v ' l 1 1 - , ' - Y ,h , . ' . . . n V I - SCHEDULF Carlbou 64 65 Fort Falrtield 80 47 Bangor 57 54 Old Town 45-77 John Bapst 57 54 Carlbou 70 62 Fort Falrfield 71 50 Houlton 65-54 1V C I 60-67 Bangor 62 61 M C I 81 76 Calals 54 43 WIHSIOW 80 41 Houlton 55-48 Old Town 38 62 John Bapst 72 63 WIHSIOXV 59 36 TOURNAMENT Houlton 49 45 Canbou 61 '59 Old Town 66-77 '7 811451 Goadaaq of 71:4 Banqoa lady Nana Szrty one I. . . Calais 77-55 A 'B 1, gl ,. ,I 9 -4. W ff ,fr Q Xie-3.04 f E '14 f Nw! , kv- ,.. Z , 'f-' '11 , 'Q Q A ' . HA! wg gp 'Q 'SQ iir Y',a21:?"5 ? , I .hw 5 W-A s. ur x , I .. , ' 'U ,, ,,,f4,,ff 1, 4- jawn- - My Wd I 5 by ,Q wg xp , .Y V ', 4 !.,i,v., Q . 4. ,,,, 1 H 'ff'-..r. fs L .L ,, 4 W 'f c ' fs' ' ,f 1 Q 1 -, NK fig-in , '., f L 0 fa ' " 'rn af -:A .' i np, M f S ms My ' f fi, an ,A if J M 2,3331 I 'Q Wit, ff 1 mx, fi ., - ' - 3- f Q t . ' 'i ,A I z 4.'4',, . , ,vw J ' Q 5 fy Q' . ., F' 9 nw 'f'4"f'.. V . . , " "- ui rx - ' Vg, -. 4 my-, -.V , mm ., Q . i T ,, .Z V, " x if--1 . 7' ' " ljrx N-. Fxrst Row Allen Lxbby Nason Healey Angottx Lee Second Row Coach Patten D1Freder1co Farquhar Hall VBLDIS Wheaton Walls Neal CAsst Mgrl Bouchard fManagerl faqaeed Jfalf 64 M6464 The J V s under Mr Pattens close gu1d thuslasm and the deslre to w1n they had 'mee proved to be well on the road to becom 1IT1D1'0V0d 21 ETC?-t deal toward the end of the 1ng tomorrow s varsxty Although the team season Many a futule Mmuteman was pro was reasonably mexperlenced they made the duced thls year 'ms the team ended the sea most of what they had Wlth a lot of en son w1th a 12 and 4 record Carlbou Fort Falrfield Bangor Old Town John Bapst Carlbou Fort Falrfield Houlton 60 35 67 34 66 46 58 70 61 46 73 51 59 30 74 37 Schedule M C I Bangor Calals Wlnslow Houlton Old Town John Bapst Wmslow 95 33 53 46 68 62 67 47 57 45 49 72 69 70 52 55 Jayvees at Practxce l : Y 7 Y , I 3 . Q ' I : , 3 I I l I 5 3 ' ' J YY If 0 0 0 , , , . . . . . . , . - , c , ' - l . , . ' . 1 y V Y 7 C lr - ' ' 1 I l - S . . Riff? Jima" Fxrst Row Mr Hayes Coach Wentworth Second Row Bragan fPresJ C1Xl8ll0 fVlCC Presj Montgomery QSec Treasj Thzrd Raw Bouchard MacDonald Archlbald Taylor Pound Ellls Ouellette Moscone Fourth Rau P Walls Sears P Walls Bears Mlchaud Ambrose Plourde 0410471 lee fbao WX f jf f J tggg V Q3 g ,V L ,, I buf' Y lv' Ftrs! Rau J Mason Hallett Foote Manzo Wheaton Second Row Mr Hayes Hartley Nadeau McCue Mr Gordon Matthews B Mason Marston Burrell CManagerj Su-ty jite We we at raafafffaw Fzrxt Raw Rxdeout Crawford J Murphy Fowler Hunter, Davis Carlstrom Craig KVICC Presj C Murphy fPresJ Farquhar CSecJ Rogerson Bolger McLean Shanks Second Row DeVoe Grant Madore Waters Goodwm, Smith, Famham Stiles Cormier Temo, Stevens Alward, Wheaton Moscone Thzrd Row Tmkhalm Nadeau Leet Larlee Brown Noyes Trueworthy Downs Farrell Craig Bosse Corrigan Royal, Mrs Blake Fourth Row Boddy Nason Roach McGreevy Walls Wheeler, Bears Neal Noddin, Manzo Knight Q44 Another basket"' Boy that team IS cer talnly hot th1s game In glrls basketball Margaret Cralg s team took the league, but they worked hard for the1r honors All teams had good plavels and the competltxon was keen Volleyball, pmg pong softball, and bad mmton are populal sports this sprlng, about whlch the glrls 1n blue are also enthuslastlc The following glrls were gym class tour nament wmners 1n badminton Sally Smnth, Beverly Gonya, Jack1e Madore, Kay Hunter, First Row: Carlstrom, Fowler. qzxfy szx Second Row: C. Murphy, Craig, J. Murphy, Smith. 064 . ROXIQ Stiles The champ1ons ln ping pong were Sally Sllfllth Roxanna Farquhar, Mar lon Craig Joan McLean and Jean Murphy Every year at Recognition Assembly members of the GAA TBCQIVS varlous awards dependlng upon the number of polnts they have ealned durmg the year Glrls carnlng fifty polnts receive the1r class num erals, the1r school letter for one hundred points their state letter for one hundied and fifty pomts, and the1r state p1n for two hundred pomts Left to Right: J. Murphy, Craig, Famham, Stiles Left to Rxght Carlstrom QColeaderJ Stxles Roach Rogerson CColcaderl Smnth Goodwm Stevens 6' Come on team'F1ght fight fightll That was th sp1r1t of both the cheerleaders and the fans th1s year Led bv Barbara Roger son and EVIG Carlstrom the glrls added color and excltement to every basketball game and hvened up the football games ln the fall The ralhes vs ere more excltmg and success ful than ever under the leadershlp of the peppv seven The cheers employmg the band were always heartnly I6C91V6d by the fans 5119011001 Sfwf and never falled to draw applause The spmt and enthus1asm of the group also added to the success of the tournament thls yeal The popular Mr M1nutemen cheer was used as the ma1n feature and the new Dr1ll Cheer was mtroduced We wlll be losmg two senlors Barbara Pogcrson and EV19 Carlstrom th1s year but members of the enthus1ast1c J V squad are leady to fill then shoes Blue and White! S zxty seven goqfi' .feaque G ' . . . "Q01l GMM" Left to Rzght Taylor Plourde Montgomery Russell Wheaton, Walls Gall .fecaque eaffa y Jfafe Men l 9 My ezglzt Left to Rzght Royal Moscone Rogerson C Murphy Farquhar J Murphy Craxg Hunter Madore ' I 'ul U ll o 0 o y ef ezwzmfm adam, Wm IU if left to Rzght Dumas Manzo Terno Stxles fCaptamj Bears Brown Caco Zlifzeu aa lan l' Uwe Me a 7114417 C-u Left to Right: Leet, Madore, Davis, Wheaton, Willinski, Tinkham. Sixty-nine Ski Glad. . . "fm Nfl 511.005 Zip" Fzrst Row Bamette LaHa1se Ouellette Ellxs Hampton jones Second Row Vmcent Laga.sey Barker, Freeman Archrbald Woodworth Mr Jacobs R1-fle Glad fbawf eaocfaef F1752 Row Mr Gordon Kelly Martell Levesque Evers Hutchins Second Row Ewmgs Mason Vmcent Clrfl' McCue Marston, Gray Seaenty 4 2 V2 L i 5 lb if 5 Q ,fe I Q 0 v Q 4-A ' f . a I s : i 1 3 - : 9 Q J 2 : J ' ' ' ii II I U I - ,S ' I had I ' 1 ' . . A f , J if If 5X . : ' I 1 1' 9 ' 3 7 . - : 1 1 Q 1 2 ' ' Lv ' xxxws 5?-'iff fn?" ..,, .P Q .L '-ILA q, L 444 Q' r ' MW? '99 i 4. 4 .1 5 fx Q it u ll Gite Congratulations TO THE cLAss or 1957 STEARNS HIGH SCHOOL FROM BANGOR AND AROOSTOOK RAILROAD REMEMBER th R ghl T Y B81A T L Musual Olgd.I'llL3.tlOf1S of S1041 ns H1g,h School haw ulded gleatly to the cultuml llfe of the commumty W salute you w1th thls quotatlon flOm Shakespeale Th man that hath no mugzr' m hzmsvlf nm is Inasons stvatvgfms and spozls XX Q UI gn y Ju to continue vuth tlllS Lxtra cu111Lul'1 aetlxltx Its good wlll bg XVlth you all through the yeals Great Northern Paper Co Mills Al Mllllnockel and East Mllllnoclcel C9 Q9 Q Q . Q' ,o hx '. ', ' ',. '. -, 1 ' . . ' ' ' '. 'cr .X V '. . V ' ' ' . not 'moral with concord of sweet sozmrls, is ht for ! .3 K. .av . I 3 l. I. ' gl" Y x , X ,Q . ' V' ' , . . C . c , , ' ,' uv' - V' 1 ' . x , . 'lf Cf 'O Q O 6 Q BEST WISHES mr wmnm IHDIH CLASS PHCDTOGRAPHER 1 9 5 7 128F S PldM GERALD GRAHAM SHOVEL CRANE HOE and BULLDOZING MILLINOCKET MAINE DIAL PA 3 5059 BEST WISHES Metropohtan Llfe Insurance Co JOHN BRUNETTE HAROLD B JONES Agent Agent KENNETH TIBBITTS Agent CEMENT - GRAVEL IH. 3 . math 8: Gln. COMPLETE HOME FURNISH ERS Kroehler Furniture Simmons Mattresses Philco Radios Frigidaire Refrigerators Essotane Happy Cooking Gas Stoves Maytag Washers DOVER FOXCROFT MAINF Our Representative CLYDE R CHAMBERLAIN Ml1llHOCk6t Dial PA 3 9906 HOULTCN MCDTORS Oldsmobzle sooo USED CARS Houlton Maine 180 Aioostook Axtnue D1'1l 2221 Dial PA 3 :boil 64 North Street Millinocket Annex HT Rf from YOUT' OUT' 0uY" Cvfofer PIQN7' 7'rucK'5 WAND l"lnll1NocKET me Dial PCITKJ 3163- ?H0Md p I7 4' Mfoffffm LK ,uffff if-V I cfeqm C CGM uffdvmllfi' CQ 7' Yiinge .Turce FAffY'C2f'?llK' o7LTC?36? CINZQSQ E 5 3 5 Chocofdfd fhllf I-fomogenzifed I'l1lK pqgfeurg.-gg' NIM' Off i 4 f , 1 I . xx , I 5 X 5 I 6 ,K I M " , ' ff G .' CLAYTON CURRIE CONTRACTGR Bulldozing Shovel Crane Hoe MILLINOCKET MAINE DIAL PA 3 8655 DR H C GILMAN DR. R. F. DESJARDINS Hart Schaffner 81 Marx Clothes Pendleton Shlrts and Sox Van Huesen Shlrts Freeman Shoes Mallory Hats New Ultra Lught S 81 H Green Stamps Q G B MURAN MCLEAN S Red Ee Whlte Super Market Everything In Fme Foods Samsonite Luggage V 9 I O S GONYA Esso Petroleum Products an Bulck Motor Cars MILLINOLKET MAINE J NEVVBERRY CO 5c and 10c STORE MILLINOLKET MAINE O I Distributors of S J Hlkel Store Men s and Boys Clothmg and Sportmg Goods Store Evlnrude Motors Wolverme and Lone Star Alumlnum Boats 78 80 Penobscot Avenue O I I Millinocketls' Newest and Finest INSURE NOW WITH K-atahdin Insurance Agency C ILOIC In SIMON President Peplesc ntlng Leadlng Stotk and Mutual COIHDHIIIPS Consult us about IHSLIIHIICL fol youl Home and P01 sonal Plopex ty Ask about om 1 'Z and 5 Yun Plans PI OPPIJFY AND Al TO INSUI ANCIL A SPP CIALTY Paymrnt and If mvnce Plam A1 azlable 6? Penobscot Au Dlal PA 3 o6'31 lXI1ll1I1OCkLt Malne 1 w -5 w 1 I '- ' I L I , 4 'X 3 1 . l 1 ' ' x. . , -- 1 X . , . , . . . . L ' , I 1 1' ' 5 -'W 3 ' J v w 1 L A 1 L J 1 ,. . 3 A V - 1 , I S v1 ' '- g. 1 A ' Q . . 1 . 1 Katahdin Motors, Ilne. SaIes and Service CHEVROLET CARS AND TRUCKS PONTIAC AND CADILLAC CARS Dual PA 3 5901 EXPERT BODY AND FENDER REPAIR WORK DIaI PA 3 9961 Mllhnocket Mame DR HAROLD S BOYNTON KIDDIE CENTRE MILLINOCKET MAINE GIFT AND BABY SHOP 137 Penobscot Avenue D1al PA 3-5035 PERROW S STORE Meats and Grocernes tl BATES STREET D I PA 3 5168 H A M RUSHS MENS AND BOYS STORE J L TAYLOR 8: QOMPANX MADE TO MEASURE CLOTHES t T d y Serene s Beauty Salon Dual PA 35235 BILODEAU S ELECTRIC CENTER DE El! Ol NT! Tl AL REF IGERATORI HIL 00 l l O TV SALES AND SERVICE DIAL FA 8-B878 FOI ANY 0 I O CONN ELL S GROCERIES AND MEATS 127 Central St Mlllmocket Mame I I 9 Open evenings uni 9:30 85 ia - I . . . 1 7 I will guarantee to fit you with 77 PCIIOLJSCOL Ave. 1 I S yles of Tomorrow- o a .I Q 9 9 AL If I INR- ON R . W I P L WA H I! ' 1 HUSSON COLLEGE BANQOI NIAINE Mmm s Iarqfst School of Commerrzal Tfammg 111111111111 Cou1 sas bCC!CtlI18.l St111og1.apl11Q CQ11Q1al Cle11Lal BUQIPQSQ Adm1111st1at1c111 Acu1u11t111g Those 411 of om and two XCHIS d111at1o11 1 C41111 1 B 5 Ill Acco1111111 B S 111 Bumm s fsa 111,010 ff1111 wus dura 1011 N11 lluw1111 College IS tlu OIllX School 111 XIAIIIC wl11cl1 offus a. Chg CC Ill ACLOUHtlIlg ICC C411 C H HUDQON Pzewlfnf FOI X01 I BETTPI ENTEI TAINMEINT VIDIT THE OPERA HOUSE Dlal PA 3501 J NEW WIDE SCI EEN CINI NIA SC OPI I I SC OPI Ol X ISTJ1 X IS . , C , , . 1 x, . , , ' , ' . 1,- M1, ., '33, - , MA - V X , .C 3 , , vm . ' V ' I llC'gl','C' ' 'scsi IS. S. 111 SC'C'I't'l2'll'lZ1l Science, . U. ' " t' g, A ' " 'ss A1l111111ist1-311011, B. 111 Busmoss Educatlon Tll'll" 'j1z" 'tO . 1 1 1-11 ' .- ' Q If - 1 1 fl' :Ing . rl., , ' J. l ' 1 Y 1 1, 'x y 1 , v -v L L A V D i ' I- ' F fy I v 1 i 'L - S li I-I -- " I C. . Q ' 'I111'Sl'I"Il N C ' ' .' 1 ' CION VERY BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1957 Y Mode I IL NTBINC AND HEATING CONTR ACTORS Charles R Steeves 6? Sons, Inc 'VIII LINOCKET MAINE H P SNOWMAN Prznter JOB PRINTING OF ALL KINDS ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF RUBBER STAMPS r kl bt n B g wi DIAL38l1 From our rn ' , I. E ' 1 4 ' O A 1 lv Y , I I L' ' in L' uw an or, . aine LET US STAND BETWEEN YOU AND LOSS WITH THE BEST IN INSURANCE M11l1nocket Insurance Agency IIOML OI' IINSLI ANCE FOI lb YI AI S Frank H Speed Robert E C Speed ALLIED SALES INC DeSOTO PLYMOUTH AND USED CARS HOLLTON MAINE MILLINOFKET AINNFX D IPA .3 G6 I O F + ' I I I' ' ' I - ' f' I I O O , . I Y ' J I Dial 2294 180 Aroostook Avon ia '-5 0 BEST WISHES THOMAS J GUILFOYLE ATTORNEY AT LAW TROPICAL PAINT CO CLEVELAND 2 OHIO Has the 'IHSXVQI to '111 ma111t0n'mte problems 111 thE11 1007 Pakehte Pemforccd Products 1110 pemtratmg F1001 Seal Gym PLOOIICOLG 'I1ope11te V'111l1SL1 Tropehte Chem1 C0101 and P1001 l11g'S Careful plfmnm can male 50111 p'1111t1ng an mxestment rathc than m Expense 101 spccml l11fO1111'It,1UI1 E111 FRANK V LUDDEN TEL SWIII 42466 LINCOLN CENTER MAINE I C L ' c D c ' ' . X. ' J J ' N ' - . , ' Q , . -' . , v v ' - , ' . ' L - ' , - '- . ' .- kote, also odorless and rubber base paints and many other coat- - . C ' , v Q . . L ' ' ' v 3 ' 1' 2 , L ' -' 'lc ' ' c V , 'c ' ' 1 MILLINUCKET JOURNAL Your Only Local Newspaper DAKIN S Your Sports Headquarters NEW ENGLAND S LARGEST AND FINEST Everything ln AtI1Ietlc Equlpment FISHING TACKLE PHOTO SUPPLIES Camping Equipment Converse Footwear Cramer Chemicals TENNIS GOLF BANGOR D A K I N 'S WATERVILLE I H 71 I EES HAT and GIFT SHOP 327 Katahdm Ave Dlal PA 3 5028 MIIIIHOCRCE LOZIER S GARAGE General Iwpan mg and Weldmg D1al PA 3 5612 :MlIllI'l0Clx6t Malne RUSH FARM JAMES T KELLEY Owner EGGS and POULTRY POTATOES and FEED Vuolette s Garage Genelal Repalrmg Kalsel Fnazen Sales and Senvlce Dlal PA 3 5272 Lake Road BEST WISHES Donald V Henry Post No 80 Amencan Leglon DUMAS BROTHERS TAXI and Pool Room Dial PA 3 8741 Sears Roebuck 8: Company ORDER OFFICE 118 Penobscot Avenue MILLINOCKET FRUIT CO Fruzt Baskets Made to Order E8 Penobscot Ave Mllllnocket Me Dlal PA 3-8335 MILLINOCKET MOTOR CO C H. M PERRY Good Gulf Products QUINT S CLOTHING STORE Bear Front End Service Mllllnocket Dlal PA 3 5336 RADIO CRAWFORDS CWS Town Taxi Dr R B Dhuy TRY US FOR SERVICE w c f Be Beat' IDENTIST 1 M k o t a e D l PA38880 E G Keeley DR L W Pasteurnzed Milk and Cream Mlllmocket Mame LLOYD G POUND A C SMART'S SONS QUALITY MEAFS und GROCEIIIES I L f ' P ' 1 ' ' , C , , . , . . ' . - i - - , - I ' V . . ' n -l U O O I I ' . 1.. . ' ' , . 9 . A . 4 , 1 . . . . e an' . Stand: Cummings Bock illin c e , M in ia . - I I u o n . ' I l o o . - C C Crawford ELECTRIC SERVICE 353 Congress Street Dial-PA. 3-8669 R E E D S FUNERAL HOME F nrst National Super Market Theatre Grill 53 Penobscot Ave Mllhnocket F W Rush 81 Sons c 150 Penobscot Avenue D1al PA 'S 8212 JOHN T LEVASSEUR 8- SON auluams suPPuEs D al PA 3 8600 M llmocket Ma Eddne s Barber Shop Mnllmocket Foundry and Machme Co Mahan and Gonya Complete Lme of Men s Women s 8z Children s ED d PERROW S RADIO and TV CENTER PHILCO d WESTINGHOUSE RADIO d TELEVISION n e KEN PLRROW WEARINF APPAREL as BATES STREET D 1 PA35168 F E Doyle PETER RAYMOND Pamter Paperhanger PAT S DINER Home Cookmg F Med Chzcken Steaks and Chops a Speczalty 500AMto100AM BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF 1957 Vesuvlo Restaurant Jh Fward 0 ll JOE GAGLIAP DI Attorney At Law o o 1 O O O ' e . . . . , In . - i - i ' , ine K- O U ' 9 O I N I , an an ' ' ' ' ' - Salex a d S rvicc I, I 1 . an ' ' ia. - U 0 9 . Q O 4 w VEPY BEST WISHES TO THD CLASS OF 1957 MILLINOCKET THEATRE sl-:E Monmm movn-:s IN A monnlm THEATRE 'Wiz CRAIG MOTORS, INC. S les-MERCURY and FORD?gC1UlCl Af-1 USED CARS and TRUCKS Auhhonzed Font Dealer Dlal PA 3-5701 THE C B DOLGE CO Chemicals for Maintenance WESTPOPT CONN t d by MI HOW APD B P XCSDALE Congratulatlons to the Class of '57 Bangor Hydro Electrlc Company Hepresc I. ' y x . nt 1 11 Appleton Street, W t 'vill M ' T l. 1-47 I PAPA MAMA A DeCOURCY S SERVICE STATION Service u ith a Smile John Simon s SNACK BAP 142 Penobscot Ax e. Millinocket Maine D1FREDERlCO INSURANCE AGENCY Dlal PA 3-8690 NISSEN BAKING CO ED McINNIS FREEMAN ROBINSON Attorney Al Law CUMMINGS RESTAURANT HOME COOKED FOODS P r k t Caruso s Store Meats 81 Groceries York Street Dr C W Harrugan Lucllle s Flower Shop 34 Katahdnn Avenue Dual PA 3 5066 PRESCRIPTION S Whalen s, Inc Cut Rate Drugs The Rexall Store SEABOARD FINANCE COMPANY 102 Penobscot Ave MlIIl.ll0Ck8t, Me Dlal PA 3 5116 McAVOY and HOPPER MOBIL soCoNY SEPVICE 96 Central St Mlllmocket Mame D1al PA 3 5655 Great Northern Hotel Dual PA 35931 BRAGDON'S SERVICE STATION Shell Dlstnbutor Range and Fuel Oils Gasoline-Diesel O1I Dual PA 3-8871 KATAHDIN DRY CLEANERS IDIOVII Sl IVYS BEAUTY SHOP Has The Snapcurl Lanolzn Pewnunent Wave Dlal PA 3 5544 I ' ' M ll , fl 1 4 'a O 6155 enobsco Ave. Millinoc e , Maine 7 . , We Specialize in ' 9 ' o If t . ' D A . , . ., . U 7 .-.lisafa Pune Tree Restaurant 114 MAIN STREET BANGOR MAINE Upholdmg Mame s Trad1t1on for Courtesy and Fme Foods BEST WISHES TO ALL OF YOU and remember The Glmy of the House 18 Ho pztalzty Open every day 6 12 Saturday 6 1 00 A M Closed Sunday Very Best Wnshes TO THE CLASS OF 1907 EMERSON S PHARMACY Pnntmg for Stearns Hngh for 31 Years THE MILLINOCKET PRESS Fuel O11 Utlhty Gas Coal Wood loo Penobscot Ave Dnal PA 3 9965 MllllDOCk6t Mame 266 Penobscot Avenue DIAL PA 3 5221 FREEMAN S MONHIGAN MARKET THE BEST IN GROCERIES 134 Penobscot Ave Mllllnocket Dr G W MacKay Paul G Corrigan Optometrist M N Landau MIIIIDOCLCE Mame CBT' W- Preble Madeline's Beauty shoppe THE FERLAN D .IEWELERS TOWLE STERLING Watches Dzamonds Gzfts Mlllmocket East Mlllmocket Dxal PA 3 8207 Dlal PA 6 3649 CLAIRE S STYLE CENTER See a Complete Lme of Graduutzon Dresses and Accessorw-1 Mnllmocket and East Mllhnocket Moscone s Market M1-,ATS and oPocER1Es mal PA 3 5441 Westem Auto Associate Store Mllllnoclcet Shoe Hospital QUALITY SHOE REPAIRING FINE FOOTWEAR FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY THE FLOWER SHOP I0 S t St Dal PA 38693 LAUREL and MAVIS GARDNER t A m CORNER DRUGS Inc A PRESCRIPTION DRUG ETORE DRUGS WITH A REPUTATION WALGREEN AGENCY BOB PINETTE. 8.5 REGISTEREIJ PHARMACIST Pnor WOODWORTH S ICE CREAM We Make Ou Own D I PA38591 Gene s Barber Shop .I F WALSH Jeweler Jewelry and Gifts Sllver Chxna and Glassware LEET S SERVICE STATION SALES AND SERY ICE I h .ron O tboafd Mot 5-C umm Can nd Homelatc Po z S wx Il0 A oostook Avenue D I PA 3 5757 Eddles Dry Cleaners and Super Shlrt Laundry Sooner or Later Your Favonte Dry Cleaners IIO Aroostook Ave Dual PA 3 5621 See Our Full Lme Of GRADUATION CLOTHINC 8a FOOTWEAR At Reduced Prices Brendy Bros CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1957 LET THE NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY HELP PLAN YOUR FUTURE Fon LOW COST INSURANCE SEE RALPH M SHAW AGENT 341 KATAHDIN AVE E B CAMPBELL'S Garage and Radlator Shop DIAL PA SOI!! MEDWAY ROAD Fuller F urmture Company Q I E N O omerse . i - . Flowers Sent Anywhere a nyli e 7 I ' MILLINOCKET LAKE, MAINE . - ia - ' I . . , , . I o n u or 1 an oe: a ' w r a ' r ia - - i ' - ' I O , I O - I I . O NATION WIDE SUPERETTE Medway Road Management and Employees LUMBER HARDWARF PAINT CHAS MADDEN BUILDING MATERIAL Dlal PA 3-5076 Joe s and Mary s RESTAURANT The Home of Good Food Shll the Best Coffee m Town Gerald H Leavltt O D Optometrzet Whalen Bullclmg Mnlllnotket THE BOWLING CENTER CHAUNCEY BODDY MGR Bowl For Good Health Dr E T Young D1Nardo s Store York Street MIIIIHOCRCI Furmture Company COMPLETE' HOME FURNISHINGS CROSLEY and BENDIX APPLIANCES CAPEHART CROSLEY BENDIX TELEVISION Open E vemlngs 1 1 . ' 9 Grlffln S Studlo Meats and Groceries Peluso's Store MILLINOCKET TRUST CO. GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS From the Press of Furbush Roberts Prlnhng Company, Inc 435 Odlm Road Bangor ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We wlsh to thank oul aclx e1t1se1s tom then hnfmclal suppolt Langol Dally News for basketball shots M1 Fuflln fol school actlon shots and Furbush I0bQItS llmtmg Compang for an other fme yearbook the Wendell White Studio for their excellent photography, the J Y . ' , . . Ju . KENNETH BARNETT G1 neral Contractor Nirllmorltet M me Dml PA 3 8737 BREWER UPHOLSTERING CO Prck up and Dehvery Guaranteed Workmanrhzp Free Estxmates Ellsworth Dlal 2 3455 Brewer Perry Tobacco and Candy Company 26I STATE STREET Bangor, Mame D P FREWIN Your Mogul Sefuzceman Portland Marne VINERS MUSIC CO NFW ENGI ANDS LARCEST AND MOST COMPLETE MUSIC STORE' Bangor Marne C D Merrifield Co nc Office Supplies BANGOR MAINE CARL LARSON BANK SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLIES l25 North Street Stoneham Mass School and College Caps and Gowns Choral and Lhoxr Gowns and Apparel Umverslty Cap and Gown Co 486 Andover St Lawrence Mass KINNEY DUPLICATOR CO 159 State St Bangor Mame " A B Duck Products ' Royal Typewrlters 9 Vnctor Addmg Machmes 9 Stul Office Furniture 9 Mamc Made Paper 0 McCaskey Registers Kang Cole Potato Chxps Salesman W S Lawrence BREWER MAINE PINE AND SPRLCE IOR ALL NEEDS Morrell 81. Tornqulst Lumbe Crcenulle Malne BROWN 8t WHITE PAPER CO PAPER MERCHANTS 75 Broad Street Bangor Marne Dxal 4883 NEW ATLANTIC RESTAURANT 1 MAIN STREET BANGOR MAINE Dunn Furniture Company IIOULTON MAINE luur Class Rzng xs lour Moet Treaxured Poaresszon JOSTEN'S Rcpresentauve Ecxuav D STFARNS 9'7 Mam Stxeet Fryeburg Marne A F RIEND ,ly u 4 I ,L - A , Rd. ' - ,Ma . . 7 v I n ' ' 'I ' A A. T I I 7 , . . . . 1 ' ., , . . . . 'i D .' ' rCo. f , , - 1 V' , ' , rs A . I , . . I 7 I -x - I , 1. L. G BALF OUR COMPANY Known wherever there are Schools and Colleges CLASS RINGS and PINS PERSONAL CARDS Club Insignia Medals and Trophies REPRESENTATIVE MR DONALD B TUPPER Box 244 Cape Cottage Branch Portland 9 Maine I H ' n Commencement Invitations - - Diplomas I Holt 6? Bugbee Company 243 Medford Street Charlestown Mass Hardwood Shorts and Turnmg Squares fpr Home Work Shops and Schools Th D000 atzze lla I wzth A Lffcfz ze of Beauty and Colo ST REGIS PANELYTE THE MODERN SURFACE Wvzte fm Free Lztemture X gi X VU w 5 FOR LOVELY WORK SURFI-1059 IN YOUR KITCHEN , , . I U 'Q 0 1' A 9 s ic ' .-,I.':f'f1f'1'-P11152EI?E:E'5QE525Q5j3Q55525223555-ggggigggggf-. . I . I I ,I f .. """' .V .ln , lr.:-ztzem:1,.,:.:.,:::::1 ..,.,. A -,ff in i " S " h fixes ,ff f ff USTET ff, S flff ,fi xx xx X O an E XI' ' I K 1

Suggestions in the Stearns High school - Northern Lights Yearbook (Millinocket, ME) collection:

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