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Steamboat Rock High School - Old Gold Yearbook (Steamboat Rock, IA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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V V Z MW if :Q f f , 4 Xq f i 1 'XUH Q R30 4 Q Q OW ' A --TL!! fl' JS! , N!l'z,n2f"j' ' J A t WWW Dedlcatzon HOME It takes a heap o l1vin 1D a house to make lt home, A heap o' sun and shadder, an' ye sometxmes have t roam Afore ye really 'prec1ate the things ye lef behlnd An hunger fer 'em somehow, w th 'em allus on yer mind It don't make any d1fference how r1ch ye get t be, How much yer Cha1rS an' tables cost, how great yer luxur It a1n t home t ye, though lt be the place of a klng, Unt1l somehow yer soul 1S sort 0' wrapped round everyth1ng Ye've got to slng an' dance fer years, ye've got t' romp an play An learn t love the thlngs ye have by us1n' em each da Even the roses round the porch must blossom year by year Afore they come a part o ye, suggestln' someone dear Who used t love ' long ago and tralned 'em Just t run The way they do so's they would get the early mornln sun, Ye've got to love each br1ck an stone from cellar up t dome Edgar A Guest Our parents were Wlth us on our f1rst day 1n th1S wonderland called school They have been w1th us all through school pFa1S 1ng us when we d1d well, scoldlng us when we were bad, and urglng us to keep dolng the best we could We felt very proud to have them Slttlng 1n the aud1ence watchlng us get our exghth grade d1p1OmaS In hlgh school they worrled about us when we were out late at a party and they cheered from the s1del1nes when we won a basketball game They sent us off to the Junior SGDIOF Banquet They came w1th us to Baccalaureate Servxces and now they have watched us rece1ve our hlgh school d1plomas We the SGDIOFS of 1951 dedlcate thls 1ssue of Old Gold to our oarents, who have taught us to really appreclate the thlngs we've lef behlnd Z O O , . , . . ' I . , . , I ' i . . . , ' ' Yi . , , . . D - - 0 I I ' ' I I I ' ' em , ' ' ' ' I n I ' I I . It takes a heap o' livin' in a house t' make it home. , . Q ,U Y . . . - - ' II ' v I ' GII KN fx Nam .ff 14.11197 W f4i"'A Q x Nw' VC fe m ' 1 'J fffzdl L M' QQ X -Y G 'N-fra MEMHMISZTZMTMM M iv T o 'Hs ,r X bg 1. kkii ' , ' I Q , AP B bi YN "' CW' b 5 7 v vv 3' Q, en K , X nr 'nv x n YV! u"lfT an' L .. xx M 2 , ' . "Q'114,g xy, flk STl"""' l I I Lb . Wh " xi v ..--x .f"' 4 J m 4 R ! 2 X K1 X 1 ' ' '. ll" I K 0 in Y ' nh 1 .j 1 'ev' Bvwver 9 ' 11" 65 ! it kv-my f' sn. I 4. 5 5 . x ' M vc,-, f , Carwihcsx 1 f 5 , 4 A 1 W ' H- XX Qs, Q 5Qh3ov-5 0 ksix ! ' 'I-:L - , 15' ' N ' nf. v :AA ROBERT BARGER luscatlne H S B A , Iowa State Teachers College Coach Science Physical Education Junior High Departmental Junior High Advlsor B L HUDTLOFF Wausau H S B A , Ripon College I A , Universlty of Iona Superintendent Typing II Geometry Junior High Departmental Senior Class Advisor RUTH L HUDTLOFF Park Region Academy B A , Concordia College Graduate Study Universxty of Iowa Drake Universlty English Dramatics Junior Hxgh Departmental Sophomore Advisor INA CORMANEY Blalrsburg H S Webster City J C Buena Vista College Second and Third Grades ELSIE HERTbL Ames H S B S , Iona State College Home Economics I and II U S History Junior High Departmental Junior Advlsor Chaperon i l -F' MARION CARI ROGER STEWART Fort Dodge H S Oskaloosa H S B A , Iona State :g5::2:eBgAgER 5:18 i lonalstate College Teachers College B A university of lon Anc pa , st Semester Principal 2nd Semester la henatics Manual Arts Mathematics lanual Arts g::::c-lsiaigifion Freshman Adv1sor Fresmm Advisor Junior High Departmental 'fb ""-mf ELIZABETH POTTS Kamrar H S Ellsworth College Drake Unlversxty Kindergarten and lst 11 ew sewage 32 i Era DAROLD D BRAIDA Charlton B S Grand Vxew College lolz State Teachers Fxfth Grade Sixth Grade 4 Junior Blgh Advisor 'EY Nt .v J C HAUPT CAROL NOEDING Sidney H S B A , Iowa State Teachers College Home BCODOMICS I and II U S H1story Junior Hlgh Departmental Junior Advisor W7 VERA CORIANLX Blaxrsburg H S Webster Cxty J C John Fletcher Academy Ellgygrth College B A John Fletcher College Buena Vista College I A Universxty of Iona Fourth Grade V00l1 UUSIC Fxfth Grade Instr mental luslc Band . . . ., - 4 - , - I a ' A767513 Sf:"f"', FUN Y" I A ,xg lily? 2' ' S ,R, ?i3fN , Q.,f gfisyg we, :- ,J fjf' . fi iw if K ip f ' W: .,u "f? my, A - 1 53 h. , ' A W' ,. - get 2 'r it f' , Q ar , K L. 4 :35 fiat aww 'W 1 ff A .-V, tf', , I ,J 'i A-" 2 ' A ve 1 ,,k ,gre ,M N f- 1' uf, 3? -r.g I .ga W ig - ,Leia , W 1 ' TY 5 V f It 4 E - vl,.1 me 'Q'nf ng' wb , ' , ,V-fr: . . ' . . , . - -, . 0 XZUXC I , lj! 1, ' x my i E ?5r3'ffff U, ' f 4 X N '+ g ? --:L---1 ::f4'Xi'f 5 M ' I 4 1 0, ' 0 A vm-'ULN DOROTHY WELP Dot President ......... 1- Basketball ...... 1-2-3- All State Teams . . .l-2-3-4 All County Teams .... 3-4 Glee Club ......... 1- Class Plays ...... 2-3- Black and Gold ...... 3- 4 4 3 4 4 Old Gold ......... . 4 Typing Awards ...... 30-40 Pep Band . ......... 1 ALTHEA VAN LANGEN Deet Secretary Presxdent Student COUDC11 Basketball Honor Roll Qbasketballl Second All County Team County Honor Roll Glee Club Class Plav Black and Gold Old Gold Typing Awards 30 40 ROGER HASSEBROCK Hass President Cheerleader Glee Club Class Plays Black and Gold Old Gold Typing Award WAYNE UBBEN Ubb President Student Council Rep Basketball Baseball Class Plays Black and Gold Old Gold Typing Awards 30 40 PAYE KENNEDY Secretary Basketball All State Team Honor Roll 1Basketballb Glee Club Class Plays Black and Gold Old Gold Typxng Award SARAH HUDTLOFF Sally Secretary fstrahanl Student Council lstrahanl Vice President Basketball 1 2 Cstrahanj 3 I A11 Conference Team Trio Kstrahanl Band Class Plays 2CStrahanJ Black and Gold Typing Awards 30 40 50 T B Scripts 2KStrahanD EPB State Essay Essay Freedon s Open Door Valedictorxan 6 . . . . . . . . .3-4 f- -' ' . . 4 " ...... 1-2-3-4 Q ' . .3 ' . . 3 , ..... 4 . L ......... 1-3 1 'i 3 ....... Z-3-4 'C ...... 3-4 . .......... 4 . . . . . . . . . .3 . . . . . . . . .1 . . . . . . . . . .l . . . . . . .2-3-4 . . . . . . 3-4 n .......... 4 H p ........ 30 . . . . . . . . . 2 ' . .... 4 . . . . . . . . 3-4 ' . . ...... 2-3-4 . . . . . . .2-3-4 f ...... 3-4 A .......... 4 . . . . . . . . 3-4 . . . . . . l-2-3-4 . ...... 3 . .4 All County Teams .... 3-4 . . . . . . . . .1-3 , ....... 2-3-4 fly , ...... 3-4 Q . .......... 4 5 ' ' ....... 30 Q .. . . . 1-2 ' . .1-2 f - ..... . .3-4 . - . 3-4 . . . . 2 . . ...... 2 by G1 ,W .......... . 3-4 7f.!yQ . . . .3-4 fvjiii .... .. 3-4 4 . . . . . . .4 . ....... 4 K 2 , - I . .4 'G' "ing- lm Yvgv Treasurer Cheerleader Manager Band ,Q-R Class Plays JOEL RIGTER Rick .ig-5 ,'- i Black and Gold Old Gold MARILYN GERBER Mert Vxce Presldent Basketball Honor Roll Glee Club Class Reporter Class Plays Black and Gold Edxtor Old Gold Typing Awards AJ, A T B Script Basketball Glee Club Class Plays Old Gold Salutatorlan BEVERLY SMITH Bev Class Reporter Black and Gold Typlng Awards 30 40 30 40 50 ARLAND GREENFIBLD Green Vice Presldent Glee Club Class Plays Black and Gold Old Gold LOWELL IECHAELSEN Basketball Bxskeball W Manager Twlst pa 23,4 J- , Black and Gold Qfvvsv Old Gold NAOMI TEMPEL Nome Secretary Manager Glee Club Class Plays Black and Gold Old Gold 7 Z F6 X? -Q-"5" 'Tk inf nikk- 'im Nvv GERALD NABER Sleep Basketball lanager Glee Club Band Black and Gold Old Gold Class Play Chorus Basketball Manager Glee Club Class Plays Black and Gold Old Gold 1' its inn Nrnwv ,f NORMA ANDERSON Norm ALVIN NABER Selb Basketball Baseball Class Plays Black and Gold Old Gold Typing A ard Class Song Once agaln we as school mates assemble We fa1n would llft our hearts 1D song To our hlgh school, our dear alma mater, Let gladness the moments prolong We are proud of our lads and our lasses Of honors won ln days gone by So here s a cheer for our old hlgh school Our dear old hlgh school, our dear old h1gh Here's to our classes, here s to our lasses Here's to the lads we adore Here's to the Senlors so mlghty Junlors so fllghty, Fresh1e and Sophomore Let mlrth and gladness baD1Sh all sadness, And, as the days go by, We prOm1Se you'll f1Dd us ready, Earnest and Soon for us The Joys of And we know In memorles steady, bOOSt1Dg for our old hxgh. w1ll our school days be ended, youth that fade so fast, that our hearts oft w1ll ponder, of days that are past, There are Joys that wlll long be remembered And fr1endsh1ps, too, that ne'er w1ll dle, For here's a cheer for our old h1gh school, Our dear old h1gh school, our dear old hlghl 8 qmlmgrkw , j, b A M uw A 'Q A f My . H4 3 ' 2. M?,V LW - iz. -. ' f- J' V. I. -.- K. Q' " f gj?f 72, 5 fMW..wWf yflfwn ' iQ?Wg5Q'mw 'W page, H+ iw pf Egg ' fwfwfff- i W 64? , W ' ggggyygwg . 'f Thy A ff mg sf'Y?'3 -' - if-ff, . ' yf I QE ,inf pf Q .Li .xl ,' ' X 5 f r Akafll QWEW 4 inhqt my 'xgg ' -- -- -- -- 2 . .. .. .. .3-4 . .... . ..... 1 ........... 1 ' "" - - - ---- 1-3-4 ......... 1-3 ' ' ' ' ' ' . . . . . . . . . . 1-3-4 . . . . . . . 2-3-4 ' ' ' " ... ... .4 .. .... .4 , o"' ... ... ... .4 p .. ... .... .4 " "' -- ---- - -- 3 w ..... . .30 1 1 . I 3 ' 7 I . ' , I 7 Class History In these Lowell flrst orlte teacher the fall of 1939, s1xteen l1tt1e puplls entered Kamrar School. Of slxteen there are only seven who remalned to graduate These are Faye, Beverly Marxlyn, Dorothy, Aletha, and NaOm1 Our teacher grade was MISS Hungett Through the years she has remalned our fav e look back upon our elementary grades as years of fun Through these years pUD11S entered and left our grade We had our spats and cases of puppy love ' We played on the Junlor Hlgh teams and the g1rls are st11l proud of thelr record of w1nn1ng a trophy every year By the t1me we entered h1gh school there were fourteen 1n our class Roger, Arland, and Wayne came 1D from country school We took the pun1shment of In1t1at1on and had two hunts The g1rls had the thr1ll of belng on the State Champ1onsh1p team of 48 We had a one act play ln our Sophomore year and the boys learned how to darn socks 1n Home Econom1cs Some of the g1P1S became lnterested 1n the Senlor boys The Jun1or year brought us Sarah We gave the Jun1or Play, 'Who Kllled Aunt Carol1ne? Agaln the glrls had a week at Des Mo1nes, on the state runnerup team thls t1me We planned the Junlor Sen1or Banquet and wore formals for the f1rst t1me The boys got they could head for the wlde open spaces At last Our last year of school The of aCt1V1t19b basketball games, worklng Senlor play Junlor Senlor Banquet Sklp All 1n all we ve had lots of good t1meS hate to get our d1plomas thelr dr1vers' IICSHSGS so now year has been filled w1th lots on the annual and the school paper day, Baccalaureate and Commencement 1n school and most of us wlll really Red and wh1te were chosen as our class colors and the red rose as our class flower ACT WELL YOUR PART THERE ALL THE HONOR LIES was chosen as our motto Wearlng blue caps and gowns, we partlclpated 1n the Commencement exerclses on Wednesday, May 23 Our program was as follows Processlonal Laura Hassebrock Invocat1on Reverend R J R1chards Hymn, F 1th of Our Fathersn Aud1ence Salutatory Address Mar1lyn Gerber Song G1rls' Sextette Valedlctory Address Sarah Hudtloff Commencement Address MISS Jessle Parker State Superlntendent of Publlc InStTUCt1OD Song G1rls' Sextette Presentatlon of Class of 1951 Super1ntendent B L Hudtloff Presentatlon of D1plomas Mrs E O Brill, Presldent Hymn, God Be With You 'T11l We Meet Agaln' Audience Bened1ct1on Reverend August Cramer Recesslonal Laura Hassebrock 9 . . . , , . , , . 111 ' A a ' " - , W . A . .. n v ' ' ' ' . . . . A10 1 ' ' 1 . . . . . W . . . . . , . . .H . . . - 0 '- . . . . , . . . ...i. . ' I 1 " x ' . , Q ., . , . . . , , . I .................. .......... .. .. H. . 3. . ......... ..... . . ..... ............ .. ................ ianlihlhullnut ....................... ... .. ....... ... ll ' 'I ....... ................ .. .... Class Prophecy Recently the classes of 51 and 52 held a reun1on at the Kamrar Park S1006 we hadn't seen each other for ten years we were RDXIOUS to flnd out what had happened to each s1nce they graduated Th1s 1s what we found out Norma Anderson got marr1ed as soon as she graduated and Jolned the All Amer1can G1r1S Basketball Team She and her husband travel around the country so she can play basketball Naomi Tempel 1S teach1ng school at Harvard Un1vers1ty NZOM1 IS plans for her Weddlng S1006 she and the mathematlcs professor w1ll marr1ed Roger Hassebrock 1S the head of a b1g turkey 1ndustry Mr Parr have changed pos1t1ons, plcker, the orders Aletha Van Langen go now 11V1Dg 1D the South from a Furopean tour Lowell Mechaelsen 1S named the most valuable athlete mak1ng soon be and Roger as now Roger 13 g1v1ng Mr Carr, the chlef feather t marr1ed to that certa1n somebody and they are on a b1g Southern plantat1on They have Just returned the catcher for the New York Yankees Lowell was player 1D the League, and 1S the hlghest pa1d Alvin Naber 1S the famous male model for the 'Selbette clgarettes adVert1S1Dg agency So 1f you see a blllboard w1th WOODba1t, that's Selb from the Class of 51 Joel R1gter 1S the pr1vate barber for Alv1n Naber AIVIH has to have h1s ha1r cut and combed Just so and no one can do lt except Joel because he got h1S tralning from H1ller Beverly Sm1th 15 the proprletor of a Swank reduclng salon She 1S herself the best advert1sement of her establlshment, keeplng her 'l1ssome l1nes' by da1ly practlce 1n the old cal1sthen1cs routlne learned at Kamrar Gerald Naber turned professlonal He 1S now the famous bass s1nger for Harry HaSt1DgS and h1s Hot L1CkS The g1rls all go crazy over h1m, but Sleep 1S strictly sworn off women Wayne Ubben 1S the professor of physlcs at Yale Un1vers1ty He and h1S Ch11dhO0d sweetheart are married and have a beaut1ful home near the campus Arland Greenf1eld surpr1sed most of Us by turn1ng out to be a bachelor He farm1ng on the old Greenf1eld farm and 15 the r1chest farmer around Kamrar Mar1lyn Gerber has made famous the n1ckname Mr Parr UHW1tt1Dg1y fastened her Glamorous 'Gert may now be seen regularly on KJFJ and other telev1s1on StHt1ODS throughout the world She 1S haV1Dg a wonderful t1me Sarah Hudtloff fulf1lled her l1fet1me amb1t1on She 1S playlng her French horn for the Slapstlck Symphony Orchestra She and the orchestra leader are gO1Dg to have a b1g wedd1ng to Wh1Ch all her classmates are 1nv1ted Dorothy Welp, 1D fulf1l11ng her Rmb1t10H to be a nurse, became an a1rl1ne hostess When her plane was wrecked on an unknown 1sland 1n the Pac1f 1nhab1ted by cann1bals, she taught the nat1ves to play basketball and 1C formed the Rattle dem Bones' team Faye Kennedy recently returned from Chlcago for a short v1s1t w1th parents She W111 return very soon to her secretar1al pos1t1on 1n the C1ty her W1ndy by the Junior Class 10 I I ' . . Q . . ' V -4 . . . . . . 1 . . " e . . . . . . - .4 1 . . , -, 4 . , . ' o Q . - . . V . H . S 1 1 . U c . . . . . - . . . n- 1 . . . , . . , 1 Q . . . . . . . ' . . . . . n T 0 . . . . . 0 J K on 1 n ' ' . . . . . . . u - - v . - ' A . 1 n - . . Class Wzll We the Senior Class of Kamrar, county of Hamilton and the state of Iowa being of sound mind and memory, and considering the uncertainty of this life, do make, publish, and declare our last will and testament this 16th day of May, in the year of 1951 We the Seniors, do will and bequeath our battered up typewriters, the chalk and erasers which were thrown, and the seats which we sat in to the Seniors of 1952 Norma Anderson, do will and bequeath my ability to get a guy and his ring, and keep them to Ruth Greenfield I Marilyn Gerber, do will and bequeath my ability to be Old Gold Editor to Doris Mechaelsen Arland Greenfield, do will and bequeath my height to Elton Iansen Roger Hassebrock, do will and bequeath my ability to make wise cracks to ne Greenfield Sarah Hudtloff, do will and bequeath my excellent brains to Wayne Tempe! 1 Faye Kennedy, do will and bequeath my ability to get a diamond while a Senior to Lila Mechaelsen Lowell Mechaelsen, do will and bequeath my ability to go steady to Norman Barth my mouth shut to the Junior girls Gerald Naber, do will and bequeath my ability to make a new chemical formula for cleaning typewriters to Harlan Klaver I Joel Rigter, do will and bequeath my collection of dry Jokes to Melroy Luppes I Beverly Smith, do will and bequeath my driver's license and Ford to Jerry Hobbs I Naomi Tempel, do will and bequeath my ability to have sneak lunches Norman Arnold I Wayne Ubben, do will and bequeath my ability to get broken bones Melven Jansen I Dorothy Welp, do will and bequeath my ability to play basketball to Waneta Ubben I Aletha Van Langen, do will and bequeath my ability to go with a teacher to Martha Schweppe Signed in the presence of the attesting witnesses this 16th day of May 1951 CLASS OF 1951 By Faye Kennedy W the undersigned, hereby certify that at the request of the testator, we have signed the foregoing will as witnesses, that at the time of signing the said will the testator declared it to be her last will and testament and she was, at the time of signing same, in our op1n1on, of sound mind Witnesses 77 .1 2 Z MM 333,31-fyv frail! WMM QW, IZ, hm KW ,,,"f2,7W ll O , l 1 n . 1 . - , , r . . I 1 I, , . . . . my . . . . . I, ' . ' ' . . I, sb . . . . Ja ' . I, ' ' . l, i . . . . I, . . . , I, Alvin Naber, do will and bequeath my quiet disposition and ability to keep I, . . . . , . . . , , , u Q' . I , a . . , . ' ' to , . . . , . . . . , . , e, - G . . , . . A751 ' I f 4 :Wg UNEEJQCZASJMEW lawz X M 3, 1 ? x..f,qQ K ' K E , A x v ' X 1 'E z'-C!!! L1 Q3 . Juniors DORIS MECHAELSEN GARY FONKEN JANE GREENFIELD LIVDA FONKEN LILA MECHAELSEN ELTON JANSEN THORA GREFNFIELD an ,-... fu-new 1--I sl mm HARY VAN LANGEN JULA KLAVILR HAROLD HASSEBROCK EVELYN MIDDENTS IPS. wg r--v MARY Lou MILLER HARLAN KMVER WANETA UBBEN 13 SOPHOMORES Front Row Left to Rlght Mrs Hudtloff Ruth Greenfxeld, Orpha Klaver Gerry Hobbs Irene Anderson, Esther Greenfxeld Marlys Smith, Loulse Hudtloff BACK ROW Left to Right Norman Arnold, John Koop Raymond Welp Roger Tempel Norman Barth David Hendrxckson, Richard Hanson, Melvxn Jansen FRESHMEN MIDDLE ROW BACK ROW Janna Greenfxeld Shxrley Van Langen Martha Sbhweppe, Twyla Koop Left to Rlght Bob Tempel Kendall Hassebrock Wayne Temple Alfred Mechaelsen Larry Carson Lee Clabaugh, Jim Mxller Left to Rlght Gene Hassebrock Marlon Klaver Maynard Klosterbuer Melroy Luppes Henry Gerber Mr Carr 14 : Front Row: Left to Right: Verona Nissen, Judy Hove, Kay Torrence, EIGHTH GRADE Front Row Left to Rlght Laurene Koop, Janlce Olthoff, Janlre Fonken Karen Hove, JoAnn Olthoff, Sharlyn Van Langen BACK HOW Left to Rrght Mr Brauer layne Smxd, Merrill Hendrxcks Bob Mxller Wesley Naber Janes Tjentland Gary Arends mmgvflzggvfl -fs- I. 1,4 'il Q. ' 5 xtn 00.0 SEVENTH GRADE Front Row Left to R1ght Gary Greenfxeld Verlon Klaver, Junior Anderson Jane Klosterbuer Joyce Mxller Marlene Arends. BACK ROW: Left to Right: lr. Brauer Rolland Heard Lester Klaver Jim Miller HOl3Fd Kllver. 15 if SIXTH GRADE Front Row Left to Right Gary Tempel, Betty Killer, Mavis Van Langen, Colleen Arends, Lora Tempel Janet Potts, Gayle Schweppe Dale Van Langen, Sharon Smid BACK ROW Left to Right viV18D Hassebrock, Gretchen Eggers, laxxne lechlelsen John Koop, Jun1or Arends, Ronald Tempel Rita Van Langen Eldon Hlnderks ary Arnold Mr Braxda 'QF Y M' '21 FIFTH GRADE: Front Row: Left to Right: Richard Smith Marian Jaycox Marlyce Hinderks, Vivian Golden, Barbara Miller Keith Schaa, Lyle Clabaugh. BACK ROI: Left to Right: liss Cormaney Neva Eslick Delmar Klaver, Sandra Van Langen, Janet Van Langen Elaine Anderson, Mr. Braida. 16 4th GRADE: Front Row: Left to Right: Ruth Fonken, Karen Huisnan, Barbara Heard, Connie Neessen, Kay Brittain, largaret Mechaelsen, Janet Greenfield, Alice Klosterbuer, Dolores Tempel. Back Row: Left to Right: Nickie Hove, Ricky Gerber, Leland Klaver, layne Templer, Lyle Greenfield, Jerry Tolstrup, Kenneth Arends, Leland Van Langen, Orlen Hassebrock, liss Vera Cornaney. 2nd AND 3rd GRADES Front Row Left to Right Orin Van Langen, Paula Miller Karen Tolstrup, Ardy Schweppe Elsle Stewart, Judy Schaa, Diane Klaver, Judith Arnold Gary Trampel Mxddle Row Left to Rlght Rover Klaver, Lonnie Evans llchael Torrence, Hilton Fisher Ronald Hlnderks, lartxn Fxsher, Harry Haupt Eldon Arends Back Row Left to Right Miss Ina Cormaney, Louis Hassebrock, Kelth Koop, La Verne Greenfield Robert Coulter, Lowell Eslick John Greenfield, Ronald Draper Eslxck, Patricia Brittain, larlene Klaver, Penny lest, Shxrley Herbold, Rosalie Klaver, Peggy Echelherger, Joyce Hoeter, Joyce Herbold lxddle Row Left to Right Junior Hiller David Tram pel Billie Eggers Tommy Heard, Dennls Fisher, S1ndy Groves, Douglas Harrenstezn Back Row Lett to light Irs Potts, Rodney Huisman, Alfred Huisxnga, Jerry Tenpler, Bxlly Cordes, like Koop, Jxnm Jansen lot in pxcture Eloise Hamre and Barbara Bassebrock ' 2 ' 1 n - . I l . Krnnzmaxrxn mm rnsr: Front Row: Left to night: Paula awg P 6 X x S. fm, Q9 X I ,Wx H THQ ZQWZXCCS agar In tx Q X , Y. if .- X ,,f::7. 3 gy, Q V 3 , 0 -- LX 'v 6 I ff x 54 ' lg 4 Q 2 P- Ek Q H Z FRONT ROW Left to Rxght Beverly Smith Faye Kennedy Left to Rxght Langen Sarah Tempel Manage BACK ROW Welllsburg Jewell Stanhope Bla1rsburg Lohrv111e Wellsburg Steamboat Rock Randall Blalrsburg Steamboat Rock Jewell Stanhope Valley Hlgh Ellsworth Hansell Randall W1ll1ams W11118mS Vera Cormaney chaperone Lila lechaelsen Dorothy Welp Linda Fonken Aletha Van Langen larilyn Gerber Coach Dxck Brauer Verona Nissen lary Van H dtloft Thora Greenfleld Norma Anderson Naomi Lost Won Won Won Won Won Lost Won Won Lost Wknn VYCH1 WOD WCHG WCM! Lost Wcun Ivcan COUNTY TOURNAMENT lat Randalll Stratford Won W11l1ams Lost SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Kat Boonel Jewell Won Ogden Won Gllbert Won DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Cat Harcourtl Vernon Consol1dated Won Churdan Lost 19 47-52 66-40 68-37 ' ' 65-23 ' 73-66 ' 70-62 ' 64-72 58-56 ' 50-18 68-74 W.C.J.C. Won 56-30 47-33 84-70 ' 77-51 73-43 79-71 ' 70-78 ' ' 77-75 ' ' J 50-42 61-40 ' ' 29-65 51-49 56-43 ' 56-49 ' 73-68 45-71 Kamrar s Great Cage Star Ends Career When the members of the hot stove league gather to discuss outstandlng women basketball players 1D the town of Kamrar and there have been many 1n that l1ttle communlty lt 1S certaln that a name whlch w111 be placed hlgh on the 11st of those who have worn Kamrar's gold and black w1ll be that of Dorothy Welp For the comely m1ss, who cl1maxed a br1ll1ant fxve year cage career at the close of the 1950 51 season, has won practically every honor that could be g1ven to a woman athlete 1D an Iowa hlgh school Named to all state squads as a member of the f1rst team, f1ve t1mes dur1ng her f1ve years of cage play, Dorothy holds the un1que d1St1DCt1OD of be1ng honored three t1mes as an all state guard and tw1ce as an all state forward In fact, durlng the past season, sports offlclals, coaches and wr1ters were so 1mpressed by her ab111ty that they named her to one all state team as a forward and to another as a guard although she has not played a game at guard for over two years The Kamrar ace began her basketball career as an elghth grade guard at the beg1nn1ng of the 1946 47 season Even then, Kamrar coaches recogn1zed that her bhO0t1Dg sklll would make her a tremendous threat at the forward p1vot posltlon, but the team was well supplled w th capable forwards at that t1me and so lt was guard duty for Dorothy for the next two years Statewlde recogn1t1on flrst came to her, when as a Freshman, she was a v1tal sparkplug on the Kamrar team wh1ch gllded through 34 stralght games to the state champlonshlp a team whlch many cage followers have termed the greatest aggregat1on of h1gh school women basketball players 1D Iowa hlstory Stat1st1cs prove that placlng the Kamrar star on the f1rSt all state team fxve d1fferent t1mes has not been a h1t or m1ss propos1t1on For dur1ng the tlve years that she has been a member of the Kamrar squad, the team has won 124 games wh11e loslng only AU Playlng 77 games as a forward dnrlnv the past three years, she has scored 2 191 polnts average of nearly 29 pO1DtS a game Her scorlng feats can be c0ns1dered even more m kable when 1nsp1re thelr squads at the beglnnlng of games wlth the powerful has been Hstop Welp lt was not an unusual slght l lany of the all three of the r1val guards surxoundlng her aga1n, the clever Yamrar forward would plvot the basket Basketball 19 not the only extracurr1cular games 1n wh1ch she for an lt IS remem Kamrar squads played to ee completely Yet, t1me ann tlme break 1Ut0 the clear and shoot xnterest for the tall brunette In the summer she can be seen on the softball dlamond, as a member of the town women s softball team She 1s also a leader 1n H2m11tOD county 4 H work belng presldent of her home club the Independence Frlenoly Farmerettes, and holds the offlce of v1ce presldent 1D the countv 4 H g1rl's organ1zat1on Havlng recently returned from Texas, where she partlcipated as a member of an AAU squad, she was asked to compare the olfferences between AAU and Iowa hlgh school g1rl's basketball rules KAAU rules permlt a floatlng forward and guard contact dlrectly under the basket, and also allows the players to drloble the ball twlce ln contrast to the one bounce Iowa h1gh school rulesl She smlled and replled that ple 1ng under the AAU rules was 'more fun w1th the actlon much faster, but she bo1nted out that there was also more contact maklng the game rougher What are her plans for the future? Her answer should brlng gleams of de l1ght to the eyes of the coaches of college g1rls' basketball teams of Iowa For she stated that she def1n1tely wants to go to college, but doesn't know as yet whlch college she w111 attend If that college, wherever lt may be has a women s basketball team, the cage career of MISS Welp has not ended I fact, her future cage r1va1s w111 probably testlfy that lt has Just begun iwe repr1nt th1s artlcle through the courtesy of The Dally Freeman Journal, of Webster C1ty Iowa J Z1 ! n Q . . . , - ' H I! -. . D . ui s 'L w P . . , . . Q , C' . 1 9 l ' vw ' 1 .QA vi' I I l ,,. bered that the battle cry which many harassed rival coaches have used to YI ' ' 'Q . ' ' Q , s . X T . 7 . , . , . . . ' C . , , . . . . , I 'O , Q 1 . , ' ' f ' 1 , II ' . v , l 7 1 I 1 ' ' . n , . FRDNT ROW Left to Rlght Coach Brauer Alfr d Mechaelson URTIOH Klaver Gerald F nk n Harold Hassebrock Roger Tempel BACK ROW Left to Right Elto Janse David Hendrlckso Way e Ubbe Raymo d W lp Nor a Arnold Maynard Klosterb er The Komets lost 21 and won 0 games Wellsburg Jewell Stanhope Blalrsburg Lohrv111e Wellsburg Randall Blalrsburg Webster City Steamboat Rock Jewell Stanhope Ellsworth Hansell Randall Williams W11112mS Ellsworth COUNTY TOURNAMENT Ellsworth SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Blalrsburg ZZ THEY WE 27 28 53 29 45 15 ' 34 17 ' 52 28 46 14 Steamboat Rock 57 29 54 42 ' 50 33 44 24 32 42 45 31 64 28 39 32 55 47 53 43 52 43 ' ' 64 29 39 35 38 28 ' 36 "ll -I - -'-I. 'S 3-0'- liw. ' NQ CF Q.--do gggi FRONT ROW Left to Rlght Ma lon Klaver Henry Gerber David Hendrickson Wayne Ubben Gary Fonken Lowell Mechaelsen Roger Tempel Elton Jansen BACK ROW Left to Rxght Coach Dxck Brauer laynard Klosterbuer Gene Hassebrock Harold Hassebrock Alfred lechaelsen Norman Arnold Bob Tempel and Jxmmle M111er THEY Jewell W1111amS Jewell M11ford Twn SECTIONAL Blalrsburg Ellsworth Stratford At the pr1nt1ng of thls book the sprlng schedule had not been made out 23 . 2 , t ,,M:f 1 " Q YAW no Y ' N if V f il' tizjia I r!! I liIE?2 if rl l 1' d f., L- g- ,ffV Y , 1 K -fe. j H 'N V - 'ilgi rw 5 , he g V 4,8 MZ' . H K 5 rx n 3 , A n ' , x v F 1 1 - S - y e 1 r fl 'i,i v I Nag , Ts 'JJ A' Jil ' I 1 ' k 5 ff f Q 2 4 E x , e n , f iff ,L , , , d Q A xii, , I Vjl. BV , I I U WE . 3 7 3 ' ' 14 2 8 1 ' . 12 2 ' G 9 3 ll 3 4 M Q f lip? A C W W 27755 'L x X 1 if 'wif Q i , ' .hgiff f S Z .. ,N X - 1 o J T Q 2 Q X N it-1224? X, FRONT ROW Left to Right Jimmy Miller Gary Greenfield Verlon Klaver R1 hard Smith Gary Arends Lyal Clabuagh Junior Anderson John Koop Jane Greenfield Wesley Naber Sarah Hudtloff Ruth Fonken Lora Tempel Gale Schweppe larxon Jaycox Marlene Arends MIDDLE ROW Left to Rxght Dale Van Langen Gary Arnold Junlor Arends Wayne Tempel Wayne Smld Norman Arnold Norman Barth James Tgentland Janlce Olthoff JoAnn Olthoff Twyla Koop Ne Eslxck Alice Klosterbuer Left to Right Mr Haupt dxrector Melvin Jansen Marion Klaver Gary Fonken Jula Klaver Kendall Hassebrock Louxse H dtloff Shxrley Van Langen Martha Schweppe Ruth Greenfield Orpha Klaver BACK ROW Music Actwltles This year the band, and iDdiV1dU31 instrumentalists trek to the Berven Bu lding for the1r xnstructxon under the direction of lr I C Haupt The band has furnished entertalnment for PTA meetings throughout the year January 20 they partlclpated 1D the County Muslc Festival play1ng The Star Spangled Banner', NPop Goes the Weaselu Gallant Marines', 'Londonderry Airu, W0rverture Fairest Lord Jesusn, and Lift Up Your Headsn, under the d1rection of Mr Walter Lake and Mr Clayton Hathaway They also particlpated in the Preliminary State Band Contest held at Gilmore Cxty, May 5. At this time they played Carl K1ng's HGal1ant larinesn, Will Hoff s Nlagneta Overtureu, and HGerman Medley Waltzn. A group of lnstrumentalxsts from the regular band was organ1zed 1nto a Pep Band Wh1Ch played spir1ted numbers between halves of our home games. These numbers 1ncluded the favor1tes: HV1ctory larchn, Hlilxtary Escortn, HF1rst Paraden, nsuccessu, and NSalutationN. Th1s organizatlon also played whlle the baton twxrlers performed. Six girls Marlyce H1nderks, Colleen Arends, Mavis Van Langen, Janet Van Langen, Sandra Van Langen, and Penny West were tralned 1D the art of twirling by Miss Vera Cormaney. The mothers of the twirlers made their white satin uniforms trimmed in gold and black.V Z5 Muslc Actwmes Contlnued The elementary grades have each had regular 1DStFUCt1OD 1n vocal muslc 1nclud1ng the s1ng1ng of songs, p1ay1ng of group games, and readlng of notes for twenty mlnutes dally throughout the year At Christmas these chlldren sang a number of songs during the annual program which was presented by the elementary grades d1rected by the1r teachers, Mrs Potts, M1ss Ina Cormane M1SS Vera Cormaney, and Mr Braxda Thursday, March 29, the second and th1rd graders, asslsted by the K1nd ergarten and the Flrst grade, presented a mus1ca1 fantasy, The Cobbler and the Elvesn, w1th Little Harry Haupt and Judy Schaa play1ng the parts of the Cobbler and his wlfe December 1 four of Kamrar's mus1c students Jula Klaver, Joann Olthoff Gerald Fonken, and Marion Klaver Journeyed to Des MOIDBS to practlce w1th the all state chorus The g1r1s' sang 1D the All State Chorus the following evenlng, but the boys were unable to practice at the Friday evenlng rehearsal due to a confllct with their basketball schedule, so they forfelted thelr rlght to s1ng 1n the concert Saturday night Several students also were members of the Chorus at the County Fest1va1 1n Webster Clty January 20 The selectlons lncluded L1ft Up Your Heads Sleep, Baby Sleep , HGIVG Me Your Tlred, Your Poor', nS1mOD the Flsherm H and NHear Thou Our Prayer', under the d1rection of Mr Clayton Hathaway of Fort Dodge Four boys from Kamrar Kendall Hassebrock Lee Clabaugh, Dav1d H6ndr1CkSOD and J1mmy M1ller served as narrators during the rend1t1on of uS1m0D the Fishermanu April 13 and 14 the Pre11minary State MUSIC Contest for solos and ensem bles was held at Rolland A clarlnet quartette composed of Lou1se Hudtloff Ruth Greenfleld, Orpha Klaver, and Martha Schweppe entered th1S contest LOUISE Hudtloff also played a clarlnet solo, Mozart s 'Andante It 1S 1 possible to report the outcome of these sprlng muslc contests slnce the to that date When Granny Was a Glrl October 27 a sketch ent1tled When Granny Was a G1rl , wr1tteu and d1r ected by Ruth Langland Hudtloff, was presented to P3139 funds toward acqulr lng a mov1e progector A choral group of slxteen slngers NdOm1 Tempel, Beverly Smlth Faye Kennedy, Aletha Van Langen, Marilyn Gerber, Sarah Hudtloff, Dorothy Welp, Norma Anderson, Gerald Fonken, Henry Gerber, J1mm1e M1ller, Melroy Luppes, Arland Greenfleld Harlan Klaver, Mar1on Klaver, Gerald Naber sang old favorltes to acoompanv the f011OW1Hg tableaux School Days Karen, Lee, Norman Barth, Larry, Norman Arnold and Gerald1ne Where The M0rD1Dg Glorles Grow Laurene, Janice Fonken anxce Olthoff, Joann, Sharlyn, and Karen Over The Sea James, Bob, Richard, Gary, Merrlll Wayne 0 Worshxp the K1ng Marlys Smlth Four Leaf Clover Orpha Klaver The B1rd on Nel11es' dat lane, Ruth, Irene Sh1rley, Twyla Louise Blcycle Bu1lt for Two Judy Hove and John Koop The Courtin' Marlys Smlth and Joel Rlgter The Qu11t1ng Party Janna, Jane Kay, Orpha Llttle Red Ear Roger, Dav1d, Johr seelng Nell1e Home Roger Hassebrock and Jane My Darllng Nell1e Gray Ianna Br1dal Chorus Verona and Roger Tempel Home Joys Dlvine Martha and Maynard 26 O O O O U . . D . Y, ' ' H - r D ' l 1 ' ' . ' ' n ' n i ' "' ! Il , ll I , ' . 1 -I a n - N , 1 1 . n l , K u .. ' D , V . . , , no . Tm- dummy for this annual was sent in to the Walsworth Publishing Company prior I ' n - u ' ' - , 1 , . , , . n 4. , . . . . , J . n u o U -5 0 . , . . v Q u Q 1 , ' , . . . 0 s A n l , Q 0 0 0 u 1 . A ru ' l 0 s . ' a c 5 u I v .,...,....,Q Q... CHEERLEADERS Left to Rlght Twyla Koop Irene Anderson Judy Hove QWQ Q73 SJ , D1 F:-1 r3Qqff1Gifkt:,34hfk1:l-iz V. i BATON TWIRLFRS Left to Rxght Mxss Vnra Cormancy, Sharon Smxd Mavls Van Langen Colleun Arpnds, sandra Van Langnn, Marlyge Hxnderks, Penny Meet O Z7 ' 47? ' - , , ,n,. ,Y x 2 o 14 , A f ,,..H A Y :tvs Q 6 . v 1 TV 1 'H-fn r ' " .. L 'Kiwi ' ,1 f ' u - A i ff ' f 5 ' A N . 'x V7 X N' Y K ... W ,V , , ,I , , I : ' : , , . . .X , W t , . . k. ,. 1 w V , , . V, , d A S A I A , X ' A , jg 4 l . , ,, :V I I Anne 0 Green Gables Junlor Class Play November 3 1951 Lovable Matthew Cuthbert and h1s stern S1StBP, Marllla, l1ve at Green Gables When Matthew decldes to adopt an orphan boy to help h1m with h1s farm work, Mar1lla grudg1ng1y consents but when the message to the orphanage superlntendent lb garbled by a well mean 1ng friend imag1nat1ve Anne 1S sent by mlstake She 1mmed1ately w1ns Matthew's heart, and Marllla agrees to allow her to remaln Hgust to please Matthew How Anne nearly po1sons her bosom fr1end, the m1n1ster's sweet fe, how she nearly drowns wh1le enact1ng 'Lancelot and Ela1neH, how she and Gllbert Blythe become r1V31S 1n the schoolroom, are only a few of Anne's many adventures as she learns to adgust her self to her new home l1fe Matthew depends upon her more and more h1s account to a safe and sound bank Even prmm Mar1l1a learns to love Anne, and, when Anne's long lost uncle comes to cla1m her, he turns out to be Marlllas' one t1me sweetheart Anne Shlrley Miss Florence Remsen M1ss M1nn1e Mrs Alexander Spenser Matthew Cuthbert Marxlla Cuthbert Mrs Rachel Lynde Mrs Barry Diana Barry Mrs Allan Jos1e Pye Moody Spurgeon Gllbert Blythe Ira M1118 Characters an orphan and our adorable herolne DOr1S Mechaelsen sympathetlc Superlntendent of Hopeton Orphanage severe matron of the Orphanage the talkatlve lady who sends Anne to the Cuthberts Anne's Champ10D h1s stern slster who refuses to thaw out thelr nolsy ne1ghbor a well bred and klndly ne1ghbor lady her daughter who becomes Anne' bosom frlend the new m1n1ster's charm1ng Wlfe Anne's g1ggl1ng schoolmate Waneta Ubben Llnda Fonken Mary Lou M1l1er Elton Jansen Jula Klaver Mary Van Langen Thora Greenfleld Evelyn Mlddents Jane Greenf1eld Lxla Mechaelsen her sad schoolmate Harold Hassebrock that certaln boy w1th personalxty Gerald Fonken plus a wealthy and mysterlous businessman Harlan Klaver Z8 7 A . . , , u t . . ' .H wi . . , i . and she is instrumental in saving Green Gables when she transfers S . The Inner Wzlly Sen1or Class Play May 4 1951 Willoughby Adams, a well behaved l1kable boy of s1xteen has been brought up by h1s three elderly, ma1den aunts, Hester, Louise, and Olga Under the1r care he has led a 'beautlful and sheltered l1fe w1th a da1ly dose of cod l1ver o1l and large quant1t1es of creamed turnlps to 1nsure good health But now he 1S about to graduate and Lou1se 1DS1StS he must be a Harvard man, Hester leans toward Prlnceton, and Olga flrmly belleves the1r talented boy should attend a muslc conservatory Meanwhlle they are confronted w1th the S6r1OUS problem of f1nd1ng Wllloughby a g1rl to escort to the graduat1on dance W1lloughby's so called the back of the davenport k1d' and urges ham to use w1th h1s aunts Gradually 1D the matter of 1nv1t1ng 1nner man 'comes 1D on a burp , and perchlng on or top of the PIZDO, offers adv1ce to HW1lly ole h1s own Judgment, lnstead of constantly agreelng Wllly learns to stand up for h1s own r1ghts, even the g1rl of h1s own choice to the graduat1on dance, although at one t1me he finds hlmself promlsed as the escort of three young ladles Flnally W1lloughby even demands that he choose h1s own career 1nstead of the three planned by h1s preclous aunts Thelr l1ttle baby 1S man at last , w1th no need for h1s Inner Wllly to encourage and gulde h1m Cast of Characters Wllloughby Adams a well behaved l1kable boy Arland Greenf1eld the 'Outer W1lly Aunt Hester who wants Wllly to attend Harvard Sarah Ann Hudtloff Aunt Lou1se who wants Wllly to attend Princeton Dorothy Welp Aunt Olga who wants W1lly to attend a conservatory Aletha Van Langen Inner W1lly Wllloughby s '1nnerself , v1s1ble only Joel Rlgter Stanley Clark M1ke Marybelle Turner Trudy Marshall Janet Marshall Carol Martln Pearl Stage Manager 1ncl1ned to be a l1ttle tough bashful but a regular guy the g1rl W1lly secretly admlres to W1lloughby Wayne Ubben Roger Hassebrock the g1rl next door Norma Anderson Faye Kennedy l1vely VLVRCIOUS tW1nS Beverly Sm1th Mar1lyn Gerber the mald Naoml Tempel Lowell Mechaelsen Promters and call glrls Faye Kennedy, Beverly Sm1th, Naoml Tempel 29 o 1 ... , , . , . .,'. . '- , . . r . . - . . . - . ' . W . r ., . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .,,. . Q 3, H. .. . . . . Ill 3 ll!! v 'n Ill!! 5 D' . .. ... .. .... . . . ,,. n.. . ... .... ..... .. ..- ....... . , .. .- . - ... .. . .. . . Ol Q0 C 9' .... .. . .... ..... ..-......... . . QW X4 ,J SHOP CLASS Left to Rxght Melvln Jansen Norman Arnold, Norman Barth, Davld Hendrlckson Rlchard Hanson, John Koop, M Carr, Roger Tempel, Ray Welp fl -an VN -Adagi- HOT LINE Around the table start1ng from left Jerry Tolstrup, Ruth Fonken hldden Wayne Templer, Conn1e Neessen, hldden Lyle Greenfleld Kay Brlttaln hldden, Orlan Hassebrock, Karen HUISMHD Leland Klaver, Mrs Van Langen and Mrs Hobbs cooks 30 , t 1 'cb , X: . ,W m, M V' F I , 'I A Q z ' ' : , ' I r. . A 5 -. . 4' , V xg," 'tgp A ZLFQt , ' I my 1 v E W. wr H, V qQiy N ffl Muzi Ky . K 2 ,f' V ' L: xx 5 P X fvi 5 lxkfa V AS , 3 x liif? , ,' T1 fifssV,.n g .M E A If g 3yw i' g so l rv-liff m,, N' . 4 s ' f ' . 2 . : . S . , , Speech Actwmes Th1s year all Eng11sh students 1D hlgh school wrote radio scrlpts on one of the three tOp1CS suggested by the Iowa Tubercu1os1s ASSOC1atiOD ill TUDGFLUIOSIS A Major Health Problem, C21 The Chrlstmas Seal Small but Mlghty, and C33 What Do You Know about Heart D1sease? Marilyn Gerber, Larry Carson, and Sarah Ann Hudtloff subm1tted the w1nn1ng scrlpts whlch were sent to Des Molnes for approval Mar1lyn's scrlpt was commended hlghly as None of the best to be wrltten 1n Iowa 1D seventeen years The two other scr1pts also rece1ved h1gh pra1se These three had the pr1v1lege of broadcast1ng the1r scr1pts over Statlon KJFJ, Monday, November 24 The Sophomore Engllsh Class prepared a unlque program called Chrlstmas 1n Many Lands whlch was presented over Statxon KJFJ in Webster C1ty December 20 before the student body at the annual Chrlstmas Party, December 22, and over KSO at Des MOIDES, December 23 Each student, dressed 1D reasonable facslmlles of natlonal the natlon he had chosen to represent The whole group then sang a song trad1t1onal 1n that natlon, 1nclud1ng Lat1n, French, Dutch, German, Norse, Engllsh, and Amerlcan Translatlons of Ruslan and Bohemxan songs were also lnrluded The program was brought to a close with Longfellow's The Bellsu w1th bell lyre accompan1ment In November a mock electlon was staged ln the hlgh school assembly All pUp11S regxstered and also part1c1pated 1n g1v1ng campalgn speeches 1n thelr respect1ve Engllsh classes Two members from each grade level presented thelr speeches before the assembly shortly before electlon day Th1s elect1on, of course, t1ed 1n wlth the plan for the study of current events Carrled out throughout our school system Wach elemen tary puo11 F6Ce1VeS and studles the 'Weekly Reader whlch 1S edited f r h1s grade level The Jun1or Hlgh students study NCurrent Eventsn the Nlnth and Tenth Grades study 'Every Weekn and the upperclassmen study Our T1mes In the upper grades natlonal tests are sent out by the Amerlcan Educatlon Press tw1ce each year At midyear our Freshmen and Sophomores rated above the natlonal med1an The JUDIOP and Sen1or grades were not submltted for comparlson, due to a change ln the teach 1ng personnel 31 i 9 O O . l . l ' ' ' vl 1 1 ' I VI ' K-1 ' II ' 1 ' - ' , S costumes, presented an interesting talk on Christmas traditions in H . . 4 .v ' ' 0 AJ " . . . , n .1 . O . ' . . D A , ' v 7 n ' H ' A TUBERCULOSIS A MAJOR HEALTH PROBLEM Tuberculos1s IS one of our great med1cal problems today It 1S not someth1ng that has been dlscovered 1n the last few years Even IH anclent Egyptian mUmm1eS, there ar ev1dences of tdbeTCJ1OS1S Through the centur1es this d1sease has been called by many dlfferent names, 1nclud1ng consumpt1on and the Wh1te Plague It was thought to be 1nher1ted or a curse sent down by the gods As the result of long years of research and study, we have uncovered some of the myster1es of th1s d1sease By no means the f1rst but nevertheless a very 1mportant step forward, was the 1nvent1on, by a br1ll1ant young French doctor, Laennec, of the stethoscope or Chest EXam1D6r , whlch was an 1nvaluable a1d to doctors 1n dlagnoslng tUb6rCU1OS1S L1kew1se, Lou1s Pasteur of France deserves a lot of credlt, s1nce through applylng h1S germ theory med1cal men f1nally accepted the fact that tuberculos1s 1S contag1ous Also through the work of a German, Robert Koch, lt became known that tuberculos1s 1S spread by a rod l1ke germ called tubercle b3CC111US Koch also developed tubercul1n, a valuable a1d 1n d1agnos1s of tuberculos1s today F1nally, another German, Professor Roentgen, dlscovered the use of x ray another step 1n examlnatlons to In the olden lt was the same a room w1th the SO1V1Dg the mystery of tuberculos1s SIDCG lt led to chest see what damage the tubercle bac1llus was CaUS1Dg 1n the lung days, when the doctor told h1S pat1ent that he had tuberculos1s as a death sentence Str1Ct orders were g1ven to go to bed 1n W1Dd0WS t1ghtly closed and the shades drawn It was an Amerlcan Dr Trudeau of New Yor., who gave up hope when he heard the fatal news that he had tuberculos1s However, he declded to go and d1e 1n the surround1ngs he loved the mountalns Wlth plenty of good food and lots of rest surpr1s1ngly he d1d not d1e but began slowly to recover Because he kept a dally record of h1s health he also d1SCOV9red that he be1ng a tuberCU10S1S patlent, must not overexert hlmself as he not1ced that when he was OVeraCt1V9 h1s CODdlt1OD became worse and h1s temperature rose Dr Trudeau devoted the rest of h1s l1fe to tUberCd10S1S research and started a SaD1taP1Um From personal exper1ence he reallzed the 1mportance of rest and fresh a1r 1n the cure of th1S d1SeaS6 Too often by the t1me that tUberCd10S1S 1S d1scovered, too much t1me has been wasted and the pat1ent has very small chance for recovery from a d1S6aS9 whlch 1S transm1tted from one 1nd1v1dual to another by such slmple means as cough1ng, SD9eZ1Dg, and sp1tt1ng Fortunately, doctors have now found that preVeDt10D 1S the way to stamp out the dlsease From the teens on up tuberculos1s 1S a real danger to every one No one wants th1s d1SeaS6 to 1nterrupt h1S l1fe, and lt won't lf we follow these slmple rules Sleep 9 10 hours every n1ght Eat plenty of meat, greens, fru1ts, and cereals Bathe often, wash hands before eat1ng Stay away from those who have tuberculos1s Have a yearly phyS1Ca1 exam1nat1on Ask your doctor for a tUberCd1OS1S test Just f011OW1Dg these health rules w1ll help us to stamp out tUb9rCU10S1S Whlch has so long been one of our major health problems' lWr1tten by Marllyn Gerber, the essay on Tuberculos1s A Major Health Prob lem, merlted h1gh pra1Se when lt was subm1tted to the Iowa Tuberculos1s Assoc1at1on for approval J 32 . " 7 1. - ' . 2. ' . 3. ' . 4. ' . 5. ' ' ' . 6. ' ' . . Publzcatzons and Other Actwmes BLACK AND GOLD Twlce each month durlng the current school year, Black and Gold, our school newspaper, has been publlshed by Splrlt Dupllcatlon S1x students Marllyn Gerber, Gerald Fonken, Dorls Mechaelsen, Sarah Ann Hudtloff Roger Hassebrock, and Dorothy Welp had the prlvllege of attendlng the Journallsm Convent1on at Drake Unlverslty 1U October Not only d1d these students hear lectures, d1SCUSS1ODS, and workshops on managlng plannlng ed1t1ng, and wrltlng for the1r newspaper, but they also were taken on a conducted tour of the Meredlth Publlshlng Company and were guests of that Company at a luncheon Also they were guests wxth some 600 other potentlal journallsts at a dlnner at Wh1Ch the great Iowa photographer, George Yates preslded as toastmaster Coples of our paper have been sent lor a Cr1t1Ca1 survey Th1s servlce 13 also g1V9H us gratls through the courtesy of Drake's Journallsm Department An ed1tor1al, a news story, and a feature story on tuberCU10S1S were also submltted 1n the annual Tuberculos1s Press Project Essay Contests Whlle emphasls has been placed on speech work ln our LDg11Sh classes after all we all speak more than we wr1te students have had several opportunltles to partlclpate 1D nat1onal essay contests by the Presldent on the Employment of the Physlcally Handlcappe She also has entered the natlonal contest on the toplc Freedom Open Door All hlgh school students could enter these contests Our MOQJIC Projector The proceeds from dramatlc presentatlons C Granny by the Hlgh School and Tom Sawyer by Mr Bralda s Rooml as well as generous dODat1OUS from our PTA nd the Men s Club of the local Presbyterxan LUUTLH has made posslble the acqu1s1t1on of a movxe proJector for use ln our classrooms Teachers are plannlng far reach1ng YISUB1 programs for next year, s1nce many worthwh11e fxlms must be bargalned for well ln advance of the1r showlng However many good fllms have been shown th1s year 'Ju11us Caesar and Tale of Two L1t1es have been obtalned for the Engl1sh 9 group 1n connectlon Wlth the1r study of those C1aSS1CS Many f11ms on SC1PHC9 and safety have also oepped up lnterest 1D those courses So many w1sh to use the projector that lt has been necessary to set up a schedule 33 O O I 0 O J L i . . . ' A . S ' I 7 I N A ' . I , . . . Sarah Hudtloff received Honorable Mention with a certificate signed ' rl - I ' d ' sy ' I ' YV I S N ll ' - .- O O -N ' -s 1 ' 1 YU N ' ' 1 1 ll Pl ' I , . . A B , ' I . 6.3 1 N r . D, 1 . - . 7. . . , . 1 - ' ' n vv 1 ' ' vw ' ' t Y 'X if 1 ZDXJN 231 57 Xx x xxx f Jil 36427 015 FUN 1 x 5 1 M' W 'Q91 ll 60 I-,lx 1 Q I llllhhxig Q f1sOn,,l. ,bb x iw t mg 2 XX xl! 'gy' JN N x X J X! . September September September September September October October October October October October November November November November November December December December December December January January January January January January January January January January January February February February February February February February rebruary February February February march March Semor Calendar Graduat1on rlngs arrlve 1ndiv1dual plctures are taken 1n1t1at1on Jun1or Sen1or hunt Boys lose to M1lford Twp in baseball sectional Naom1 comes back to school after operation Jirls basketball practlce starts We all lxsten to World Series on rad1o and TV Journal1sm students attended convention at Des Moines Boys' basketball practlce starts Senlors get graduat1on pictures taken at Ames We g1ve Sklt 'Granny Was a G1rl J n1ors g1ve play Anne of Green Gablesu Boys and g1T1S start out basketball season with two defeats to Wellsburg Delmar Klaver S1Ck w1th pol1o School saddened by death of Donna Larson Exc1t1ng Lohrville game SGDIOF graduatlon plctures arrlve Al Bell here to show Sophomores broadcast School d1SmiSS6d for Sophomores broadcast Two g1rls games wlth interesting movles over radio station KJFJ Lhristmas vacatlon over rad1o stat1on SO Valley Hlgh, won both Wayne and Mary, Roger and Dorxs, Dav1d and Marly go to show 1D Jewell Some Senlors get caught gettlng LD the celery G1rls defeat Hansell 79 to 71 Boys lost 53 to 32 Mrs Qualley replaces Mrs Hertel Some glrls st1ll 1n a dlther over a certain Randall boy G1rls play W1l11ams without Aletha but st1ll w1n, boys lose County Mus1c festlval in Webster C1ty First games 1n county tournament, g1T1S defeat Stratford, boys lost to Ellsworth W11l1ams defeat us but Dorothy unable to play, in county tournament Boy go to Splke Jones Glrls beat Jewell 1n overtlme ln f1rst game in Sectional UITIS advance to d1Str1Ct by beating Gilbert in Sectional f1na1s Boys sharpen whlstles in hlstory class Lat1mer games canceled due to bad weather mrs Qualley last day G1rls to Harcourt to practlce Girls beat Vernon 1D first distrlct game Churdan beats us in d1StFibt flnals Mert ha date wlth Earl Thanks for the chocolate sundaes, coach Boys really ra1se ca1n today Mr Parr tries to get us drunk in physlcs class, aspirin coke' Mr Brauer's farewell banquet Boys up to old tr1cks of breaklng typewrlters Projector comes G1r1s go to state tournament mort, Faye and Bev st1ll LD Des IOIDBS, Harold and Joel there too 35 7 . . . . - 13 ' ' . 15 . . . 23 ' - ' . - 23 ' . . 2 ' . P ' ' , 5 ' ' ' . 6 ' . 9 ' . 20 ' ' . 27 ' ' ' ' 'H 3 u ' ' H ' . . 8 ' 15 ' ' ' . ' 8 ' . 20 ' ' . 12 . . . . t 13 ' . 21 . . 22 ' - ' .' 23 ' ' K . 6 ' . ' ' . 10 ' ' ll ' ' ' . . 13 ' ' . . January 15 '. . P. . 17 . . . . . . 19 . . . . . , 20 . . . . 24 ' ' 26 ' ' . 29 s ' . 30 . Q . . . . ' 4 ,. . . V N 8 . . . 9 ' . H . 'S 13 ' ' . 15 ' ' ' . ' 17 ' 1 ' . 18 s ' . ' 19 ' . 22 ' ' . ' 23 , , ' ' . - ' 27 ', ' ' . 1 ' 1 " ' S . , 2 5 , . . . March March March March March March March Apr1l Aprll Aprll Apr1l May May May May May may May May Mr Barger comes as our new coach Boys try cleanlng type wrlters Rlvalry between JUD1OP and Senlor glrls No School, snow storm Dorothy W leaves for Texas Another storm, no school School out at 3 00, more snow The p1ay's the thlng Senlor play cast chosen Baseball game wlth Ellsworth Junlors stlll thrllled about orderlng thelr r1UgS Another baseball game wlth Ellsworth State muslc contest for solos and ensembles Senlor play Band and other large grouns State mUS1C contest JUDIOP and Senlor banquet Senlor s last day of school Baccalaureate Commencement School p1CD1C Now 1S ended, for us Sen1ors, our adventure ln the Wonder land of Kamrar Hlgh Old Gold Staff Edltor Assoclate Ed1tor P1ctor1a1 Edltor Feature and Art Sports QGIYISJ Sports CBoysJ Dramatlcs Muslc Calendar Buslness Manager iarllyn Gerber Beverly Smlth Dorothy Welp barah Hudtloff Doroth help Fave Kennedy Wayne Ubben Lcwell Mechaelsen orma Anderson Ge ald Naber Marxlfn Gerbel and Beverly Smlth Aletha Van Langen Wavne Ubben ASS1St3Dt Buslness Marager Clrculatxon Manager L1rvulation Manager Ass1stant Clrculatlon ASS1StRht C1rculat1on ASS1St8Dt Clreulatlon ASS1St3Dt C1rcu1at1on Advert1s1ng Typlng Manager Manager Manager Manager Faye Kennedy for Hassebrock Nanml Tempel Joe' Rlgter A v1n Haber '1 enf1eld IDT Class a. LK C11' S To all who have aSSlStPd us 1D LOQDIIIDE th s me rd of ou1 school days we members of the staff W1Sh to express our apt1f 1 e pen 'ly to our advertlsers whose flDaDC131 support made pos ' tht DTlUt1Dg of thls volume of OLD GOLD 36 5 . . ' . W 6 . . . . . 12-14 . . ' 15 . . ' 19 . 23 . : . 29 ' . ' . . 6 . i - . 9 . . . . . . U . ' 20 ' , . . ' 27-28 ' . 4 ' . 5 ,'. ' ' , . 11 ' ' . 18 ' " . ' 20 . ' 23 . ' 25 ' '. 25 . . . A . 2' , ...... ....... Robe S ' ' ' ......... .irland r1'e1 ' ' ....................... S'E:JT 'Q L ' , ' 1 . ',A f J: 'eco' ". 2 . ' 'N N'fc atlon, 5 2-ial ' ' ' . 'aio.Q , A " f 1 MARILYN GERBER ROGER HASSEBROCK 3 yemrs 7 months LDWELL MECHAELSON 6 months -vd"1Y DOROTHY WhLP 3 years T NORMA ANDERSON 1 year WAYNE UBBEN 6 months Q5 SCT' NAOMI TEMPEL 5 years FAYE KENNEDY 6 months , 48- A snuff! 5' ARLAND GREENFIELD 1 112 years JOLL RIGTER 3 years SARAH HUDTLOFF ALETHA VAN LANGEN 2 years 2 112 Years 37 BEVERLY SIITH 6 months flBy 'ZYHQSQ Sfgns Ye 51.511 nam, Wm. Z' f""' fi V K-Q ir Komcfs J Kama. es - AWHYH ""f - D' Sal b QS if .fr-IJ? 5 KET 'Jw 'I' "f':w ,yn N 3:3 Mr H Jil PT B Elm vm E7 v-Gi? 38 'M X mf' an Ub pn' s I Tr s ' A no F4 ' ye fe, . U L M S' Norm nh Cgrr N ow' e- f'-EQI 5 f ' W1 X 0 Lg ZW 0 nlCk 17' Sleep Hr , ' u Iaff W H1 0 Q mr Hal T- Dev Grd- C Yi , V. A 1 , "1-.7 ' ' Q -, , tl 0,5 2'-ff P-'MQ W IQ at 3,1 93 o,eh 9 f':--l"x x.4u,. I ll, s if ,I :IZ ' ' ' 0? ' ' 'I ,I Y Ool.oo egg. flb ' 7 ' 1' 'Alf ' L J 6 6 3 4 I . v Uff' 01 3 Hang 0 O 0 O 75: or: V H stglro A.. an W.. -nu-m Q . .- ov1 - , EET - . I ,- f' :- J- W ,-y 14 - in X10 t1,V v f ff: 5' W in "::!! r " y h? 'fe -L ' ' Ala M' 3 qniv I4 I J' Q1 iw ' 9 , . jr ' 3' A N FRESHIAN INITIATION CRUISING W fy Q fir ATLAS JUST PERCHLU .. A.: Agn IA., A. . W4 r'z,f,a- bf: !zlh'ni..7 'ad , A su " A 5 ' l N'!u M- fn -v-'T' Di 4: r"F'f,W .QQ 'H 'wi '1 fu? SKIT WHEN GRANNY WAS A GIRL ,af 1 u ff' NATURAL POSE TIRED 4 an WWE 3-QMEQ 4 ., LAZY Posluc sucxzns Q 1 ll wuxsTLE BAIT LOVEBIRDS FnowN1Nc 39 A Q4-A Q lf' '-'ZAETL f "9 -,pf Wcfvzg 4 V' , - .w ,. L..,L!,, 5,7 1511 1 JU "v A! hiv l" i a I i wz.......l ful NOON HOUR Q? BIG SHOT Q: S QI, .H Q, - A '.4r A ag E t L- ' 4 kt Q N 22? V I ' N 5- Mm M law? 3 my r 2 L i j f 'L - W- QMJZ W A Q , , Y 4 rf, V V vw 14 P I M Q 45' 15. I V ' U wb I . j::: .Q A f.U v A A f S' -' , X 1 . he 1 ,. Hai, ,Q ' 4 ,, k Z, A , 3 MQ fb H' 3 A M' ' 4 ' U' if-,Q-3 if f 1 ' , N 4 - by! , 'fn f 2y k, 'f' if ,' , if , ' 3 Q f 'M ' -1 o A A ,ALB A F , U' ' V 4 N J , ' .,f..,,W,, wwf, 1-Y' 9 L A ng. Eiga- A :Ef ,. . vo-T, n Q , 'ff K- , U H Q f F , I " 7 M f , L , ' 7 If f ' X ,Q " K. V xl 4' ff x .Aw - VJ, ' A . y XPUQ 'N 1 5' ff ' .J ' ' 'Af , H,H ' Iv . J AK HT ' - I Z :ZZ , ,,v,.,,WW... Q f ' .,g " , ' 4' c.. ' 'Pxf' 'UL5 v'j35fWyq , f 4 'UN' W A , 3 ' i 1 U , ,,,W 5 Zwgf, ?QlUQJ IQ, fzafaggi H' , 'lptmx ffzvf ,,wWw - f -V W Q i 24 V ' il i l ,, f ,J jwmgh .-.. 4,Mf,vhWgz4Gf V. Q 7 ,g ' MTW -ww,,. 5 MW A 5 ' Q X . , Q ff , , ' 'i H A T7 ., .. WALLY S BUS WARD s Bus ROGEWS Bus f 2' 'Qifiwlvg ww dw yy! L2 wggf' if we I-W4- W... MM Pew 49 Wa. GUESS wan? LOVER BUY SCHOOL 'rnusz KAN YV: 2 M E in fa: as ,wi LET ' S G0 RELAXING ' 3' SCHOOL nousz uns onf wow f .4 1- 1 s im .. W "'!'-E FRIENDS LEGS?? COACH BRAUER OUR JANITOR, 0'I'l' BABY PENNED IN 40 , Wi? , , . , 2' , 5 V V 5' ,f 5 1 f. . f 'V -:vm M 'f' -QU E 2f""' .:J?',- .i4."':1 ..,. , N - ws15fQZ??lTkAh 5 -I V. 14 Q if .f" , ff , W .vi-v '-' 1 .. ,f 'M V up M- ' 1. - LQ K 'I ' 1? 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X ' V' V IQ" if f' ' " NJ COMPLIMENTS OF Farmers' National Bank McDONALD'S PHARMACY Servlng Your Doctor And You Phone 23 Jewell Iowa BECKER S Funeral Servlce Home Furnlshxngs Phone 42 Or 109 Jewell Iowa K. J. Becker Wilcox 81 Pitzer SALES AND SERVICE ALLIS-CHALMERS IMPLEMENTS PHONE 110 JEWELL IOWA Luppes Oil Co PHILLIPS 66 PRODUCTS rphllhps 66 X GASOLINES OILS FUEL OILQ TN!! WEBSTER CITY IOWA CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 1951 TELEPHONE Z6 AMERICAN LEGION BUILDING INSURANCE THAT INSUREQ BOX 112 JEWELI.. IOWA if Merlin E. Williams 1 Kamrar CONGTRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 1951 GROCERIES FEEDS DRY GOODS HELP YOURSELF TO LOWER PRICES Kamrar Mercantile PHONE 15 Iowa Co operative Elevator gl Supply Co. GRAIN FEEDS LUMB ER COAL GASOLINES FUEL OIL KEROSENE LUBE OIL AND GREASES PHONE 38 Kamrar Iowa Ames HART STUDIO Iowa CONGRATULATIONS "CLASS OF 1951" A R ZOLNOSKY Jeweler Dxamonds Watches Phone 64J 624 Second Street Webster Clty Iowa PARKHURST HARDWARE Hardware Tools Housewares 534 Second Street Webster City Iowa If It s Pamt Or Wallpaper Thank Of STUART PAINT STORE Phone 117 714 Des Mames Street Webster City Iowa BEED S WEBSTER CITY BAKERY Home Of Fxne Baked Goods Phone 566 520 Second Street Webster Cxty Iowa Gifts - - Toys A. L. SMITH Contractor And Builder Phone Z6 Kamrar Iowa The Only Leading Hardware Store In Town KAMRAR HARDWARE Phone 2 On 46 Or 7 On 46 Congratulahons Class Of 1951 O CONNOR'S CAFE Jewell Iowa K ANDL GROCERY Kelth And LaVonne Draper Propnetors Phone 37 Kamrar Iowa I I I I Our Business Is To Please You I Congratulatxons Class Of 1951 CARSON'S CAFE Where You Come To Meet Your Fmends And Enjoy The Best In Food And Ice Cream ' Many Thanks For Your Patronage In The Past Joe And Lenora Carson Kamrar Iowa Success And Good Luck Class Of 1951 WEST SIDE TAVERN Coldest Beer In Town Woody Gerber Kamrar Iowa Congratulatxons Class Of 1951 WELDING AND REPAIRING Phone Ward Brxttlan Kamrar Iowa GERBER REPAIR SHOP General Repaxrxng And Phxlhp 66 Products New And Used Parts Phone 60 Wally Gerber Kamrar Iowa I Il Candy - Cigaretts - Pop - Tobacco Webster 1 y WESTERVELT S SHOE STORE Shoes For The Entxre Fam11y Iowa Webster Cmty THE DAILY FREEMAN JOURNAL Serving The Heart Of Nat1on's Corn Belt From The Mam Street Of An r1ca Iowa Webster C1ty CHAPMAN'S FURNITU' E Where Good srmture Is Truthfully S Phone 213 old Iowa Webste r Clty Good Footwear fxlways HAT VERSON S SHOES Fxtted By X Ray Phone 902.1 Iowa Q 7 l 1 i . , - F' O ii if: ' ' A . I Y 1 i Y ntl.,-1,11--, HILL AND STEPP APPLIANCES Your General Electric Dealer Electnc Fixtures Electnc Supplles Electrlc Wxrlng And Contractmg Everythmg Electrical For Farm And Home G E Black Daylxght Telev1s1on Phone 458 HAMMER S CAFE Alr Cond1t1oned "The Home Of Good Food Webster Cnty Iowa THE HUB Charles Baxter Clothmg And Shoes For Men And Boys Phone 1083 Webster City Iowa MATHISON SAWYER COMPANY Sales? VSCIVICC Phone Z1 Jewell Iowa 526-Znd Street Webster City, Iowa I ll ADAMS FEED AND FUEL Quahty Coal Lump And Stoker We Dehver Anywhere Phone 700 Webster Cnty Iowa WEBSTER CITY MILL AND ELEVATOR COMPANY Gram Bought And Sold Manufactures Of Webster Feeds Phone Z4 Webster C1ty Iowa J AND N Harry Jahncke Bert Nrebuhr Sales And Service Inte atlonal Harvester Farm Eqmpment Motor Trucks Home Freezers Refrlgerators Phone 101 Seneca And Stockdale Webster Clty Iowa JENSEN DRUG COMPANY The Rexall Store On The Corner Webster City Iowa 4, I - ll ll HANS MLINDERS SERVICE STATION Txre Repaxrlng Lubr1cat1ng Motor Fuel Phone Z 0 9 Webster Clty LYLE'S MAYTAG COMPANY Household Apphances Phone 80 542 Second Street Iowa Webster City CLERFF AND LUBBERS Headquarters For Hart Schaffner And Marx Clothes Arrow Shirts Freeman Shoes Stetson Hats Iowa 902 Senecast HIGHT PONTIAC CADILLAC Good W11l Used Cars Z4 Hour Wrecker Servlce Phone 19 Webster C1ty, Iowa or u Gas -- Oil - Greasing And Webster Cmty Congratulatmons Graduates Be Successful You W111 Need Good Food Eat At THE SUPER MAID CAFE GuyR Fowler Proprxetor low a Webster Clty Headquarters For Clothes And Toys For Llttle Glrls And Boys OS T L U ND 'S JACK AND JILL SHOP Iowa Webster City COULTER PAINT STORE Picture Framing Phone 169 Iowa Webster Clty CROSLEY AND BOEYE INC Farm And Cxty Loans Abstracts Of Tltle Real Estate Insurance Surety Bonds Farmers Natlonal Bank Bu11d1ng Phone 233 low a To ' Paint - Wallpaper - Glass WEBSTER CITY IRON AND We Buy Scrap Iron Feed Bags Hldes Furs And Wrecked Cars 414 North Seneca METAL COMPANY Phone 1492 H A STAFFORD COMPANY :O 'mfr Sales Servlce Phone 242 Webste r Clty Iowa Webster Cnty Webster C1ty's Oldest Produce House MID DLETON PRODUCE AND FEE DS Buyers Of Poultry Eggs And Cream Packers Of Flne Northern Iowa Eggs Wayne Feeds Phone 913 719 21 23 Seneca Street Iowa HOWELL BABER SUPPLY COMPANY INC Wholesale And Reta11 Brodenck And Basco W m 1re Rope B F Good rxch Products Farm And Shop Su 1 pp les Massey Harms Implement Dealers Telephone 1344 Box I 51 801 Seneca Street Webste C r lty Iowa l I I 0 n QuAw:v,1v:v.- ' I . - , 0 . 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CHUCK S PHOTO SERVICE Photo Fnushmg 24 Hour Servxce Fllms Cameras Phone 143W Webster Cxty Iowa HUS TON IMPLEMENT COMPANY Sales And Servxce Phone 120 809 ll Seneca Street Webster Clty Iowa Comphments Of DUNN S MASTER MARKET 925 Seneca Street Webster Cxty Iowa COMMUNITY CO OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Gram Coal Feed Seed Fence 614 Seneca Street Webster Clty Iowa I Oliver -- New-Idea I RALPH DRAPER F Goodyear Tlres And Tractolube O11 00" YEA John Deere Farm Equxpment And Tractors General Repalnng And Repaxntmg od DEQ' Offlce Phone 11 mumm- Resldence Phone 193 Jewell Iowa Comphments Of FORRESTER'S CLEM CLEANERS Where Quallty And Servxce Is Your Satxsfactxon Phone 171 Jewell Iowa QUEENS LANDS Fxne Apparel For Men Jewell Iowa 0 if l F DeLava1 Separators . . . . 3 GRAHAM OLDSMOBILE Sales And Servxce The Home Of The Rocket' Olds mobxles l In Englnes It's The ' Rocket" 3 In Style It's Futuramm Phone 392 804 Seneca Street Webster Clty Iowa WILLIAMS SERVICE Ford Tractors And Dearborn Implements Lxncoln Mercury Phone 419 Webster C1ty Iowa Congratulatlons To The Class Of 1951 NADEN AND SONS ELECTRIC SCOREBOARD COMPANY Manufactures Of Football Basketball And Baseball Scoreboards Webster City Iowa 409 Second Street Telephone Number 47 ALBRIGI-IT IMPLEMENT COMPANY Studebaker Sales And Servlce A1115 Chalmers Webster Cxty Iowa Q . - ' Z-In Drives - It's Hydramatic Good Luck Kamrar Seniors Of 1951 THE JEWELL RECORD Full Lme Of Case Farm Machinery And Parts Complete Repair Servxce BAILEY IMPLEMENT ard's Tzres And Batternes Phone 221 Jewell Iowa Congratulations Class Of 1951 If You Need It We Have BRILL'S FEED AND SEED Phone 47 Kamrar Iowa MODERN CLEANERS BROWN S CAFE 'Cleamng The Way You Lxke It Chxcken Dmners Steaks 720 Des Momes Street Curb Servlce Webste r Cxty Iowa W . . 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Suggestions in the Steamboat Rock High School - Old Gold Yearbook (Steamboat Rock, IA) collection:

Steamboat Rock High School - Old Gold Yearbook (Steamboat Rock, IA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Steamboat Rock High School - Old Gold Yearbook (Steamboat Rock, IA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Steamboat Rock High School - Old Gold Yearbook (Steamboat Rock, IA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Steamboat Rock High School - Old Gold Yearbook (Steamboat Rock, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Steamboat Rock High School - Old Gold Yearbook (Steamboat Rock, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Steamboat Rock High School - Old Gold Yearbook (Steamboat Rock, IA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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