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- :M y S L, w. wp. 4 , C vial ku! , 7 Q5 i .a- . ---,. Q, bl- 551 1,:f . L 1, ek f , l. .5,, g V1 L ,,Y... 5 --w w 'kgfkk 5.3. 1-we wi Q, 119, - :QS V.. is f Mr Qf N 3 . ' X, 1 , Q 55, 45 ' . . . I' ' I , QQ E1 3 . . x. L - x is 1-' 3 ' fffls ,Lg 5' ' ' if w 9. 51:, I 15-ld-'f, lm ff W ,QT Qiitixf Q53 wi! Qin A ' V.: i-fl 4 bf K. 2 Q 1 : I E - Q Q! H4 gr -re-as xi 'Q 1 1 K .I . 1 .X 1 W., , ,L-an Q r H .- .F , . N ,,,4 W 1 .'Zf.,'ff ,J t, .M ,,., .M -W ,1,K,gW,ni'.A,, ,,.,..M.... . ..,.. A I W ' .. in I , G THE OLD COLD PUBLISHED BY The Journalism Class of STEAMBOAT ROCK HIGH SCHOOL Steamboat Rock, Iowa K I The Old Gold Staff of 1948 dedicates this yearbook to James A. Uiml Holmes. His faithful services as secretary of the Board of Education for 29 years andhis voluntary co- operation with all activities have added great- ly to the efficiency of 'the Steamboat Rock School. We, the Staff of 1948, follow those before us in our appreciation of him--not only for his willing help and thoughtful consideration, but his sacrifices for the welfare of S.R.H.S. ADMINISTRATIO BOARD OF EDUCATION S N-W i 1132 A ' -:fl Q Sarg- -. . " iii lflvf CLA US JANSSEN i BEN .TASPERS HENRY PRIMUS Member President Member 7 Year! Member 19 years I1 years 1 7 1 Lao KNIGHT Dorus RUPPELT MINERT DEVRIES Member Treasurer Member Z Year! lY0H' 3 years KENNETH E, AMSBERRY Milo, Iowa Superintendent Ohio State U.--B.S. P.G.--Drake U. Commercial Girls' Coach FACU LTY LLOYD A. SIMESTER Prophetstown, Illinois Cornell College--B.A. Mathematics Science Boys' Coach CARRIE VAN WYCK Newburgh, New York Central College--B.A New Jersey State T.C. Social Scier re History Eng. Literature MARION VAN DYK M1L0 A, MYERS Oskaloon, Iowa , Eldora, Iowa William Penn College--B-A x Drake University--M.M.E Business Arithmetic Band English Vocal Music FACULTY MRS. I-'ERN AMSBERRY Milo, Iowa I. S. T. C. 7th lx Bth MRS. LOIS PRIMUS Steamboat Rock. Iowa I. S. T. C. 3rd 81 4th .LN ,yd MRS. EVELYN CALLAWAY Whitten, Iown I. S. T. C. le Drake U. Sth 8- 6th MRS. OSCAROLIA NEWBY MRS. WILMA ROSENBERGER Steamboet Rock, lows Eldora, Iowa I. S. T. C. Coe College ln I. S. T. C. lat ln Znd Kindergarten ia E fi 5- tk A 4. 5 e 1. 1 5 Ei 3 ,L P, H 3 I gi 4 ? is 5 Z 3 Q lu 5 4 56 9 KJ i V S! , Y ma 4 ' , , . ,. ' xl: . . P P PN W ,.p 7 'rx .'., r,'.f..M, Nrnix ? "W -L -1 r 3-Q YN !'Tf'f'A'il-pff'-Q7 L A Aww if "-' ,J-'J 1 el 5 2 5 J Bi W 1u1..wMn-mw.:f.m.,,,- www, 'mf' Q,-1, ,N,,m, rx- X 'w . ., , . .- . . , , Y V up N 11. W M ,' H :wwfzwm, J -, ww.-mmm,umwnuwnm,umuuwn+,m, Pmmm ISENIORS! CLASS OFFICERS VICE PRESIDENT .KDANNJOHISJN Dlllll.Z,3,4 inline:-1,4 Qhll1y3.4 1e1l,l,3,4 OH i Xl 4 Shih Sal 4 SECRETARY-TREASURER ROBERT COOPER Bind 3 Blleball 3, 4 Bllkefball 2, 3, 4 Class Officer Z, 4 cuss Plays 3, 4 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Old Gold SDH 4 One-Act Play Z Shiic Silff 4 Static 3 Class Flower: Yellow Tea Rose FLORENCE mmm:-:N Class Oiticer 4 Class Colors: Black and Yellow gh.. phy. 3' 4 cue Club 1. z. 3, 4 Class Motto: On Our Success The Future Depends ggufold Sha 4 SENIORS 1 W ,,,, .TIM POTGETER FRED FOLKERTS Bind 1, 2, 3, 4 Blleball 3, 4 Bueball 3 Clin Plays 3, 4 Class Officer Z, 3 Old Gold Staff 4 Clxls Plays 3, 4 One-Act Play Z Glee Club 1, 2 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Static Staff 4 Shtic Staff 3, 4 Shtlc 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 2 Old Gold Staff 4 One-Act Play Z Basketball Z, 3', 4 ALICE FRERICI-IS GEORGE FOLKERTS Chl' PIIY 4 Cllll Play 4 G10 Club 1. 2. 3 Old Gold Sh!! 4 Old Gold Sh!! 4 Static 4 Shtlc 4 SENIORS TCTMTRUSE DALE HEETLAND Baseball 3, 4 Cllll Officer 1, 3 Basketball Z, 3, 4 Clin Plays 3, 4 Cllls Plays 3, 4 One-Ati Plly Z Old Gold Siaff 4 Old Gold Stl!! 4 One-Act Play Z Shdc 3, 4 Static 3 Shade Staff 4 MARIORIE IASPERS NETTIE VAN HOVE At Ounn Chu Omen 3 Basketball I Clan Play 3. 4 At S. R. H. S. Glee Club I, 2, 3 Basketball Z Band 2, 3 Clans Play 4 Old Gold Staff 4 Static 4 SENIOR CLASS HISTORY On August 31, 1936, 13 prisoners, Dorothy Chaney, Robert Cooper, Jimmie Filbrandt, Fred Eolkerts, George Folkerts, Alice Frerichs, Laverne Gast, Cecelia Harms, Jo Ann Johnson, John Kiger, Nettie Van Hove, Herbert Zimrnerman, and James Potgeter with their warden, Miss Kremenak, started their twelve year sentence for education. During the first' term Jimrnie Filbrandt escaped and Barbara Sheldon was brought in forimisconduct. After three months of parole the entire group was again comrnitted to the brick walls for trying to flee from our paroler. James Sapp and Betty Woodley were also committed to our warden, Miss Thompson. On the fourth week of our imprisonment James Sapp escaped. Our warden, after another brief parole,was Miss Eckel. John Kiger was :niss- ing from our down-hearted little group. Miss Eckel was again our warden for the fourth term. Shirley Mullen, James Sapp, Dwayne Kruse, and Harold Rosburg began serving with us. The warden for the fifth term was Miss Tjernagel. Dorothy Chaney was :niss- ingg Ray Landau and Wanda Wagner were added, but were later transferred to Eldora. The same group of prisoners served the sixth term under the same warden, Miss Tjernagel. The seventh term was served under Miss Peterson. The addition to our band was Arleta McDonald. Betty Woodley and Barbara Sheldon escaped during the year. Our parole again proved to be a short one and our eighth termwas served under Mrs. Janssen. Marvin Melton was comrnitted to the prison during the year. Nettie Van Hove was transferred to Owasa. After another three months of parole we were transferred to the "High"branch of the prison. Maxine Fisher, Hattie and Florence Hemmen, Dale Heetland, Tom Kruse, Irene Muller, Duane Wikert, Gene Hoffman, and Marjorie Jaspers were added to our group. Our warden was Mr. Amsberry and the guards were Mr. Harper, Mrs. Cable, and Mrs. Halasey. During the term Nettie Van Hove was again transferred to Steamboat and Gene Hoffman escaped. The warden, Mr. Amsberry, assigned two new guards, Miss Wonder and Mrs. Rosenberger along with Mrs. Halasey to watch over us during our second term in the new branch. Irene Muller and Duane Wikert were missing at the beginning. Laverne Gast escaped before the end of the term, Arleta McDonald was transferred to New Providence. Herbert Zimmerman and Cecelia Harms escaped and Maxine Fisher was transferred to Iowa Falls before we began our third term. The warden again was Mr. Amsberry and the guards were Mr. Simester, Mrs. Rosenberger and Mrs. Halasey. The beginning of our last term saw all of the prisoners back within the familiar walls. The guards were Mr. Van Dyk, Miss Van Wyck, and Mr. Simester and the war- den Mr. Amsberry. During the term Hattie Hemmen escaped. As the little group of prisoners look ahead to graduation day they will rejoice that they are soon to be set free from the prison walls. So, as the class of 1947-48 comes to an end there will always be a warm spot in our hearts for the little school in the little town of Steamboat Rock. 1 1 3 ,RUB Q, - .l .. X l Q I 3 if if 5 E 4 14 fi if 2 if E ni E ,, 1 ,z , L 5, J, , 1, lqfw., W. ,, ,mf V -1 2. M ,-..wk A- . , .. . .A y -- f J. , . ,fig-,W My . P. ,w..,.l,.w V-V,N-mfw,ifmw-,Xu-m.M.-I JU IORS VICE PRESIDENT ' SECRETARY-TREASURER .4 sf Q ROZANNA CHANEY Class Officer 3 Clan Play Z, 3 Gleo Club 1, Z, 3 Static 3 Old Gold Staff 3 I E 5 9 s V a i w K,- Pl 5 i JESSE KNIGHT Basketball l, Z. 3 Baseball Z, 3 Class Plays 3 One-Act Plays l Static Staff 3 Old Gold Staff 3 Clan Officer l, Z Band 1, Z, 3 Glee Club l. 2. 3 PRESIDENT DALE STULL Basketball 2, 3 Clan Officer 3 One-Act Plays l Static 3 Old Gold Staff 3 Class Plays 3 Baseball 3 THEODORE KOLTHOFF Basketball 1, Z, 3 Baseball Z, 3 Class Officer 3 One Act Play l Class Plays 3 JOHN HENRY PRIM US Basketball Z, 3 Baseball Z, 3 Glee Club 1, Z, 3 Band I, Z, 3 Class Officer 1, Z Class Plays 1, Z, 3 One-Act Plays l Static Staff 3 JU IURS JOHN KIGER DOROTHY CHANEY GENEVIEVE NEDERHOFF Glee Club 1, Z, 3 Clall Pllyl 2, 3 Basketball 1, Z, 3 Glee Club I, 2, 3 Glee Club l, 2, 3 Class Plays 3 BERNADENE DEVRIES CECELIA HARMS Balkstball 1, 2, 3 Gln Club 1, Z, 3 Glee Club 1. 2 Old Gold Staff 3 Class Play 3 Cllll Play 3 Static 3 ARLIS POLLE Y Basketball Z, 3 Glee Club 1, Z, 3 Chu Plays Z, 3 Cheerlalder l Claus Officer 1, Z JUNIOR CLASS, HISTORY On August 30, 1937, thirteen little explorers boarded the rocket"Education" to make an eleven year tour of the planets. The seats were occupied by Rozanna. Chaney, Bernadene DeVries, Ronald Harms, Ruth Hamblin, John Henry Primus, Betty Raska, Ruth Rose, Dean Ruby, Gene Ruby, John Stutzman, Bernadine Van Hove, Kenneth Woodley and Mary Sapp. The rocket was piloted by Miss Elaine Thompson. Our first stop was on the planet Jupiter. We left Betty Raska, Mary Sapp, Bernadine Van Hove, and Ruth Rose on the planet and then ascended to Mars where we picked up Dale Stull. During our visit DeLoris Keil, Wilma Johnson and Olga Kremenak took over the pi1ot's seat. On our third trip we ventured to Mercury where Mary Sapp and John Kigerjoin- ed us, with Dorothy Eckel as our pilot. Dorothy Chaney and Harold Rosburg took the place of Mary Sapp and Kenneth Woodley on our trip to Neptune. Sarah Speer took over the duties formerly performed by Dorothy Eckel. Lucile Tjernagel took the pi1ot's seat for the next two years on our trips to Pluto and Saturn. We left Ruth Hamblin at Neptune and Harold Rosburg at Pluto. Ronald Harms and Dean and Gene Ruby stopped at Saturn. At Uranus, we took on Lucy Janssen as our new pilot, with only six of our group left. Last, but not least, we visited Venus, Meredith Baker as our pilot. We added two passengers, Arlis Polley and Jesse Knight and then returned to Earth to spend the remaining three years of our journey. Our first year on Earth, Miss Alice Wonder, Mrs. Wilma Rosenberger, Mrs. Aurelia Halasey, and Kenneth Amsberry, were our pilots with Ted Kolthoff, Wayne Hoing, Colleen Crosser, Ruth Rose and Genevieve Nederhoff as new passengers. Later we dropped Colleen, Ruth and Wayne. On our second year on Earth we neither addednor subtracted any of our group. Lloyd Simester took the place of Miss Wonder. At present we have eleven explorers, Dorothy Chaney, John Kiger, Rozanna Chaney, Bernadene DeVries, Genevieve Nederhoff, Jesse Knight, Ted Kolthoff,Arlis Polley, John Primus, Cecelia Harms, and Dale Stull. Miss Carrie Van Wyck, Marion Van Dyk, Lloyd Simester, and Kenneth Amsberry are our pilots. This brings our exciting and eventful tour of the planets to a close for another year. SOPHGMORES and FRESHIVIEN SOPHOMORES Back Row--Maxine Hartley, Dick Rose, Bob Finger, Marion Van Dyk, Sponsor. F1rstRow--Donna Jean Cooper. Audrey Filbrandt, Bernadine Van Hove, Jenme Doolurd, Shxrley Wiles. FRFJSHMEN Back Row: Julxette Freese, Fanme Hemmen, Lorrame Jaspers, Donald Schuneman, John Harms, Leland Johns, Anna Hemmen, Paul- ine Kiger, Ruth Kruse. Mxddle Row: Carrie Van Wyck--Sponsor, Harold Jaspers, Sharon Smith, Arlene Stull, Evelyn Freese, Catherine Kolthoff, Luella Harms, Shirley Wikert. Front Row: John Van Hove, Ralph Boomgarden, Harold Freese, Merl Manning, Floyd Freese. ELEMENTARY Sth GRADE Back Row--Donald Luiken, Harry Cretin, Donald Finger, Jacobxna Hemmen, Gordon Daleske, Marlene Snapp, James Hartman, Ronald Fisher, Harlan Frerichs, and Fern Amsberry, Instructor. First Row--Shxrley DeVries, Betty Deane Luiken, Clara Risius Margaret Zimmerman, Arlene Rosburg, Arlyn Daleske, and Norma Green. 7th GRADE Back Row--Fern Amsberry, Instructor, Rxchard Knight, Gladys Harms, Joan DeNeux, Donald Bell and Duane Gast. Fxrst Row--Harlan Frerichs, Malvan Ellxson, Harris Luiken, Dean Johns, Marjor1e Daleske, Patty Jaspers, and Lee Boomgarden. DeVx-ies, Jeannine ELEMENTARY 6th GRAD E Back Row: Leo Stull, Shirley Trout, Clara Van Hove, Gail Prlmus, Joan Cervetti, Robert Wubben, Instructor, Front Row: Ralph Gast, Gary enn g , y iams, Norma Luiken, Ted Chaney and Keith DeVries. was not included in thus picture as she enrolled Arnold Kruse, and Evelyn Callaway, M en a Ja Wickham, Larry Will- Clarice Sentman shortly after it was taken. 5th GRADE Back Row--Emil Freese, Sharlyn Looft, Eleanor Rose, Evelyn Rose, George Hemmen, Royce Luiken, .Terry Knight, and Evelyn Callaway, Instructor. Front Row--Arlo Rosburg, .Toyce DeVries, Kathleen Gast,,Jeanice - - -- . K ., ELEIVIE TARYL 4th GRADE Back Row: Bonnie Pierson, Io Ann Bunger, Shirley Kruse, Lois Primus, Instructor, John Frerichl, Patty Luiken, Karen Luiken, Jimmy Holder. First Row: Alle Jaspers, Ielle Hanlon, Ivan Jaspers, Lyle Stein- feldt, Merlin Rosburg, Marcia Looft. 3rd GRADE Back Row: Larry Luiken, LaVerne Wubben, Glenn DeVries, .Take Hemmen, Dennis Holmes, Joe K ' ht Instructor. Front Row: Dale Hartman, LeAnn Gaubatz Saunders, David Asher, Darold Frerichs. Paul Sentman and Richard Chambers were as they enrolled shortly after it was taken mg , Ronald Pierson, Lois Primus, , Marvin Manning, Bi-ian not included in this picture ELEMENTARY Znd GRADF Back ROW--Judy Cast. Betty Finger, Gordon Pixler, Brenda Bear. First Row--Oscarolxa Newby, Instructor, Gary Looft, Lawrence Cretin, Karen Green, Sarah .To Daleske, lst GRADE Back Row--Douglas Johnson, Ronald Havens, Louis Luiken, Delores Luiken, Carole Gilbert. First Row--Oscarolia Newby, Instructor, Linda Degvries, Joan Gast, Donna Wright, Larry Havens, Ruth Luiklinl' 'U Absent--Wayne I-'rerichs and David Luiken. KI DERGARTE .H "" "' Kindergarten For the first time in the history of the school beginners had the advantage ofkindergarten, There are 16 pupils in this grade, who are enjoying their first year in school Back Row: Charlotte Havens, Linda Asher, Barbara Wulf Jane Daleske, Carole Lou Reiter, Karen Mennenga,Mary Last, Patty Klatt and Wilma Rosenberger, Instructor. Front Row: Douglas Filbrandt, Gary Wright, Arthur Lee Jaspers, Lynette Simester, Eugene Buthman, Edward Bear, Carroll Gaubatz. Absent: Karla Frerichs. a MARJORIE GAST MAX SHARPSHAIR Office Secretary Custodian 1 h 5 H w R E L w. pf W H f 31 1 w 21 ,J W M1 www-vw ww--' ' wuumw.-fl -1-h W sw .. , ., , , . .. W '--.nm - wffn.Mww wr--'U Q. wjn-1,x-ivan-nv-uqwmfzmww-rfm:--umm-vnzwmm 'fum ',m1muum-un, - I -- - Q J Y- f - ,A Vxxx Q I .-'fi l J f N"' x - .,'.if51'ffi.f': 2 E+ - E? f " 1 .1:j.f5,L "11':IQ'Q,iT,:?i1f i ' 'Eg 9, .K -,g2gd:j1g,,f 'A'j,Q.,xf5.,5-Q f Z A ,U : 1' ' E' " 51' " 215331 ' E' ' - Z f QQHQ' ,aff-Q 2115-3K3Z4i:,,L ,-1Ef',, ' , - l i-Ei' ' 'A AA ':i'3"'fll "fl ' i ii" '- "'.- - i1-f':S."f"Af1'f1' Q, sz-za-ff? .. - -- - '1,.5if'Tw 1- .1:':i:1-?:. .H L 0 TE.':f.j1 1Ei'Q4:f:fg2,.1iii. .- . . . 5 . - lg il" " -' 31. gi - 5 ' avffxl ,,-V ?:??:. Z.: gf-pr ,558 ' .?.g , X ll ., , ---- "Q, ',.' L I ai X V 'H+' ip? 133 if V 35? ' - 375 KV .f 3311 I sf x-nm, -.f'-P-val, 7-'I fav gui l 4- vi -1- X. .-vw.-.-.l ,liusvui L l A l -i f N u w , H w , W 1 W A . F f 1 5 . nm, -n-!1,,ww1+,..,vwL-nv-ff wr rg vw 1 H vw -H1f- -.4 -,ww MM-wr 1 ,1--.-mLr-- wr "-ff m--mw.+.1w-mwm--,V -rwm-wr nfwmmmvm 1 'mm JOURNALISM THE STATIC STAFF Editor ...... News Manager. . . Sports Editor. . Joke Editor. . . Treasurer ......... Advertisement Manager. . . . Jim Potgeter . Robert Cooper . . Fred Folkerts . .Jesse Knight . . . .Marjorie Gast . . . . . Tom Kruse Circulation Managers. . . . . John Henry Primus Jo Ann Johnson THE OLD GOLD STAFF Editor ....... Business Manager. Assistant Business Managers. . Activities Editor. Photograph Editor. . . Athletics Editor. . . Administration Editor. . Alumni Editors ..... Classes Editor. . Proof Readers. . Faculty Advisor. . V . Jim Potgeter . . . . Tom Kruse . . .Dale Heetland Florence Hemmen . . . . Jesse Knight . Rozanna Chaney . Robert Cooper . . Fred Folkerts . . Jo Ann Johnson John Henry Primus . ' .... Dale Stull George Folkerts Nettie Van Hove . Alice Frerichs Cecelia Harms . . Sup't. Kenneth E. Amsberry MUSIC GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Third Row: Pauline Kiger, Donna Cooper, Cecelia Harms, Lorraine Jasper-s, ' h Catherine Kolthoff, Genevieve Nederhoff and Dorothy C aney. Second Row: Marion Van Dyk, instructor, Fannie Hemmen, Florence Hemmen, Jo Ann Johnson, Annie Hemmen, Ruth Kruse, Audrey Filbrandt, Shirley Wiles, and Arlis Polley. First Row: Juliette Freese, Arlene Stu , , Harms, Jennie Doolaarcland Rozanna Chaney. 11 Sharon Smith Evelyn Freese, Luella BOYS' GLEE CLUB Second Row: Marion Van Dyk, Instructor, Harold Fx-eese, John Kiger, Jesse Knight. Dick Rose and Robert Cooper. First Row: Harold Jaspers, John Van Hove, Donald Schuneman, John Primus, Fred Folkerts, Floyd Freese, and Leland Johns. MUSIC GIRLS' TRIO BOYS' QUARTET Jo Ann Johnson, Donna Jean Harold Jaaperl, Fred Folkerts Cooper, and Arlis Polley. John Primus, and Jesse Knight SI-I COND ROW - FIRST ROW CONCERT BAND Left to right Donald Finger, Harry Cretin, James Potgeter, Leland Iohnl, Audrey Filbrandt, Jesse Knight, Fred Folkerts, John Primus, Shirley Wiles, Harold Jaspers, Harris Luiken, Gail Primus, and Larry Williams. Juliette Freese, Frank Cervetti, Royce Luiken, Keith DeVries, Clara Van Hove, Ruth Kruse, Lorraine Jaspers, Donald Lui- ken, Donna Cooper, Patricia Jasperl, Norman Luiken, and Milo Myers, Conductor. THE "STATIC" The Journalism Class published the school paper, the "Static", under the supervision of Kenneth E. Amsberry. The "Static" which was originated fifteen years ago by Don Faris, is now published twice monthly on a liquid duplicator. Expenses are balanced by the selling of an average of two hundred subscriptions a year, as well as the adver- tising space which is sold to the local business firms. Its aimis to keep the community informed of school problems in the academic and activities fields. YOUR YEARBOOK The Journalism class voted unanimously to publish this "Old Gold" for your enjoy- ment. This is the third yearbook thathas been published by the Steamboat Rock School. It is not intended to be a money-making venture, but instead a catalogue of school events which will give to those out of school a better understanding of the school, and will give to those in the school, something to serve as a remembrance of their school- day pals and joys. THE MUSIC CONTEST The groups participating in the state preliminary contest this year were mixed chorus, girls' and boys' glee clubs, boys' quartet, and a solo by Jesse Knight. Of these, the boys' quartet and Jesse's solo won superior ratings, while the others finishedwith ex- cellent ratings. VOCAL CONCERTS Two vocal music concerts were held this year: one of sacred music and the other, our annual spring concert. Most of the numbers in the sacred concert were presented by the mixed chorus, whereas different groups were outstanding in the spring concert. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The girls' glee club has been a very active group this year. .It rated an excellent at the music contest and in addition presented a beautiful reception for the ladies of the community during the year. It helped furnish the spark that enabled the mixed chorus to rate an excellent at the annual music contest. It, too,participated in the annual vocal concert. BOYS' GLEE CLUB This is a very small but talented group. Twelve members in all, but remember "Mighty oaks from little acorns grow". It aided in the vocal concert, helped the girls with their reception, and furnished a quartet from its clan which was given a FIRST at the music contest. It, too, was awarded an excellent rating. It must be remember- ed also if it hadn't been for the fact that the boys were ready and willing to supply the bass notes in the mixed chorus that group would have fallen flat. OUR BAND Our band, after some discouraging years, has made a fine showing. Under the able direction of Milo Myers an organization has been developed that has captured the in- terest of the members and the admiration of the public. Our director emphasized music fundamentals and secured the co-operation of the members to such a degree that constant improvement throughout the year was realized. The hopes for a good band next year appear very bright, as only two members, Jim Potgeter and Fred Fol- kerts, graduate. DRAMATICS Mr. Maxwell . Mrs. Maxwell. . Betty Lou .... Bernadine. . Wilbur .... Hercules. . Connie .... Craig Moore. Mr. Moore. . Del Marshall. Aunt Mary. . Miss Blayne. The Senior Class Play "JUST DUCKY" CAST OF CHARACTERS . . . .Tom Kruse . .Nettie Van Hove . . Jo Ann Johnson Bernadene DeVries . . .Fred Folkerts . . . ..Da1e Heetland Florence Hemmen . . . Robert Cooper . . George Folkerts . . . Jim Potgeter . l Alice Frerichs Marjorie Jaspers "Just Ducky" was selected as the Senior Class Play and was pre- sented under the direction of Miss Carrie Van Wyck and her assistant, Marion Van Dyk. Mr. Maxwell was elected as the new head of the citizen's committee. When Del Marshall, a newspaper reporter, came to interview him his daughter, thinking it was the city marshall coming after her for writing a letter to Miss Blayne's love-lorn column, pleads insanity. They even go so far as to prove the whole family is insane. So they decide not to let Mr. Maxwell be the head of the committee. But it all turns out all right when they explain what has happened. While a financial report of the play was not available when this book was sent to press, the proceeds were ample to defray the graduation expenses of the Senior Class. DRAMATICS Kenyon Campbell. . . Primrose White .... Florabelle Campbell. . Annabelle Campbell. . Mrs . Sydney Campbell. Norma Kirk ...... Brenda Baynes ..... Sydney Campbell .... Gaye Brooks fPigtailsj. Watt Manners ..... Thurlow Ladd. . . Ursula James. . The Junior Class Play "PIGTAILS" CAST OF CHARACTERS . . . Jesse Knight . . Dorothy Chaney . . Cecelia Harms Genevieve Nederhoff Bernadene DeVries . . .Rozanna Chaney . . .Juliette Freese . . . . Ted Kolthoff . . . . .Arlis Polley . John Henry Primus . . . . . .Da1eStu1l . . . Fannie Hemmen On December l, the Junior Class presented the play "Pigtails"to a very large audience. The play' was under the direction of Marion Van Dyke with Miss Carrie Van Wycll as assistant. Action of the play centered around a girl named "Pigtails" who came from Montana to live with the Campbells in the East. When Pig- tails arrived, Mrs. Campbell was horrified and insisted that the crude young western girl be sent back to the ranch at once, but Mr. Campbell refused to hear of this. When Mr. Campbell's business burned to the ground and his insurance policy lapsed, it was Pigtails who organized a band in an attemptto ward off financial disaster in the Campbell family. While this lasted only a week, good luck finally crowned her attemptto put Mr. Campbell back on his feet financially. The play brought in a total pf S88.40. The expenses amounted to S34.'l3, including government tax, play books, and miscellaneous. This left the Junior Class a sum of 553.674 The Junior Class used this money to finance the Junior-Senior Banquet. I' .wx 1 ig . f m - Q vi W is ,...,.-X . ' vs, .,A 4 -F" 1 .'. -.1 Q. x Vx An- X is 5 A Xs . M Q rf K. fe, N I ,4 :, fu :www , n '5 A r. 4, 'Mx V if S in-W M .x.. X. -'im 1 8 .S I nf, nw 5 ,113 Q25 fiiszvff mu., V .NW-L. W., 6? X ' ffv-u 'li p 1 ii 5 rw w 4 Z H, . r.. . x : Q e f . . f- , mv, A . ' , z ,. . . ry- .zen cf w.nwm.:.m.:. flgy-: vm .hmvu-w:m.n4mmm Em! F' "N B X If Zh X 1 W 5 ie ii 1 , wndwm-m,.f:.ffw Q WN-1-1-M ,V ,fm we., hw- 11,vf,.w.m1, 1 f 11 1 .- 1, .w,,:w., - ,1 .1 ,- 1 . f N.. wa. uf, 1 vw11,1n:11 -11. ,fmmnxmh-,,: , ., www-w-umxummnnm ,ATHLETICS BOYS BASKETBALL Back Row: Coach Lloyd Simesterg Ralph Boomgarden, Forward, John Henry Primus, Centerg Dale Stull, Guard, Leland Johns, Guard: and Fred Folkerts, Forward. Front Row: Robert Cooper, Forwardg Bob Finger, Forward, Jesse Knight, Center, Tom Kruse, Guard, and Ted Kolthoff, Guard. The Steamboat Rock Boys Basketball Season's record is Zl victories and 6 defeats. Major letter winners are Jesse Knight, Ted Kolthoff, Bob Fingers, Robert Cooper, Tom Kruse, Fred Folkerts, Dale Stull, and John Henry Primus. Minor letter winners are Leland Johnson and Ralph Boomgarden. Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock P11411 LAKE TOURNEY Steamboat Rock 47 SEASONS RE Montour 23 Hansell 14 Sheffield 23 Wellsburg Z9 Rockford 32 Jewell Z1 Eldora Z7 Rockford Z1 Hansell Z5 ,Wellsburg Z6 Eldora Z4 Alden 16 New Providen Hubbard 32 'wmmen 31 CORD Steamboat Rock 22 Radcliffe 39 PINE LAKE CONFERENCE Steamboat Rock 32 Union 17 Steamboat Rock 42 Whitten 15 Steamboat Rock 38 Hubbard ZZ Steamboat Rock Z4 Owasa Z1 Steamboat Rock Z0 Radcliffe Z9 Steamboat Rock Z5 New Providence 33 SECTIONAL TOURNEY Steamboat Rock 46 Williams 15 Steamboat Rock 55 Popejoy 11 Steamboat Rock Z9 Aplington Z4 ce 32 DISTRICT TOURNEY Steamboat Rock 53 Stanhope Z7 Steamboat Rock 39 Roland 42 ATHLETICS GIRLS' BASKETBALL Back Row: Marjorie Gast, Managerg Mrs. Amsberry, Chaperong Arlis Polley, Guardg Juliette Freese, Forwardg Audrey Filbrandt, Guard, Ruth Kruae, l-'orwardg Shirley Wiles, Forwardg Arlene Stull, Forwardg and Coach Kenneth Amsberry. Front Row: Genevieve Nederhoff, Guardg Anna Hemmen, Guardg JoAnn Johnson. I-'orwardg Donna Jean Cooper, Forwardg Catherine Kolthoff, Forward: and Bernadene DeVries, Guard. The Steamboat Rock Girls Basketball season's record stands Z5 vic- tories and Z defeats. Major letter winners are Jo Ann Johnson, Donna Jean Cooper, Cath- erine Kolthoff, Anna I-!emmen,Bernadene DeVries,Genevieve Nederhoff, Arlia Polley, Shirley Wiles, and Audrey Filbrandt. Minor letters were awarded to Juliette Freese, Ruth Kruse and Arlene Stull. Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock PINE LAKE TOURNEY Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock SEASONS RECORD Montour 30 Hansell 34 Coggon 45 Sheffield 25 Wellsburg 53 Rockford I5 Lakota 39 Jewell 37 Eldora 26 Hansell Z5 Wellsburg 51 Eldnra 31 Hubbard 30 Radcliffe 38 New Providence 38 PINE LAKE CONFERENCE Steamboat Rock 46 Union 17 Steamboat Rock 55 Whitten 16 Steamboat Rock 55 New Provide Steamboat Rock Bl Hubbard 48 Steamboat Rock 64 Owasa 45 HCC Steamboat Rock 56 Radcliffe 32 Steamboat Rock 53 Alden 31 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Steamboat Rock 46 Fernald l7 Steamboat Rock 64 Roland 33 Steamboat Rock 6l Randall Z5 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Steamboat Rock 57 Lamont Z8 Steamboat Rock ZZ Radcliffe 32 THLETICS GIRI S' JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL BACK RON, Coach Ke-nneLh Amsberry, Patty Jaspers, Betty Deane Luxken, Narjorxe Daleske, Arlyn Daleske, and Norma Green. FRONT ROW1 Jennnxne Kmght, Margaret Zimmerman, Marlene Srupgw, Jmcobmn Hemmen, Clara Risius, and Arlene Rosburg. Absent: Shxrley DeVr1es BOYS' JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL PACK ROW: Coaches Tom Kruse and Jesse Kmght, MIDDLE ROW: Harlan Frerxchs, Dean Johns, Ronald Fxsher, Donald . xnger, Gordon Daleske, Donald Luxken, James Hartman, Harlan H. I-'rerxchs and Lee Boomgarden. FRONT ROW1 Harrv Cretxn. Richard DeVrxes. Donald Bell, Duane ALUMNI DIRECTORY QC1ass of 1896, 1. Ethel Finster--Lewisburg College, Lewisburg, North Carolina Z. Fred W. Passmore--Deceased 3. John Ernest Millslagle--1378 24th Street, Des Moines, Iowa fClass of 1897, 1. Dr. J. Willard Caldwell--Steamboat Rock, Iowa QC1ass of 1898, 1. Helen Neessen--Mrs. Joe Schachtlie--Grundy Center, Iowa 2. Maude Shelton--1091 71st, Kenosha, Wisconsin. 3. Mabel Sterns--Mrs. J. W. Brandt-132 San Pascual, Santa Barbara, California 4. Ada Nason--Mrs. Frank Styke--Box 2, Rainier, Oregon fC1ass of 1899, 1. Ernest B. Johnston--Eldora, Iowa Z. Mary Neessen--Mrs. George Meier--Grundy Center, Iowa 3. Ole De Weert--Beloit College--Beloit, Wisconsin 4. Ethel Nason--Mrs. Ethel Harrington--Box 814 Rainier. Oregon fClass of 1900, l. Jennie Sharpshair--Mrs. John Lawlf-"'--Owasa, Iowa 2. Paul Tracy--Address Unknown 3.' Herbert Struck--R. F. D. if 1, Eldora , fC1ass of 1901, 1. Lottie Cartwright--3 05 East State St., Marshalltown, Iowa Z. Clella L. Finster--1 South Marion Ave., Wenonah, New Jersey 3. Lona Gearhart--Mrs. Lona. Bridgens--128 N. Clinton St., Iowa City, Iowa. 4. Mabel Gearhart--Address Unknown 5. Zella Haley--Mrs. Charles Lynk--Vinton, Iowa 6. Frank Sterns--5315 Hickman Rd., Des Moines, Iowa 7. Endora Wickham--Mrs. Harry Greenlief--Deceased 8. Fred Wyatt--Address Unknown 9. Estel1a.Nason--Mrs. Stanley Poston--508 10th St., I-Ioguian, Washington fClass of 1902, ' No information regarding the class of this year. KClass of 1903, W 1. John Luiken--4026 Clairmont Ave., Birmingham, Alabarna Z. Minnie Shutte--Mrs. Arthur Weverstad--Vivian, South Dakota fClass of 1904, Belief is that there was no class this year. lClass of 1905, 1. Hattie Green--Mrs. T. J. Eilers--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Z. Jennie Potgeter--Mrs. A. J. Burgess--Duvall, Washington 3. Rachael Wickham--Mrs. Howard Perkins--Steamboat Rock, Iowa fClass of 19061 Roy Finster--Eldora, Iowa Q Bessie Hoyt--Mrs. Earl Platts--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Louise Potgeter--Mrs. O. E. Mathison--Nevada, Iowa Sophia Potgeter--Mrs. C. I. Rowan--226 Cliff Drive Laguna Beach, California KClass of 19071 Anna Dolman--Mrs. Charlie Schuck--Reinbeck, Iowa Elizabeth Grieves--Mrs. Gene Dupertius--Atascadevo, California QClass of 19081 Florence Finster--Deceased Fay Greenlief--Mrs. Fay G. Adey--Oakdale, Iowa .Tack Lamphrecht--.Tack Lambert--223 S. Duluth Ave., Sioux Falls, South Dakota John Potgeter--Eagle Grove, Iowa Georgia Morse--Mrs. Walter Dyer--400 North Coronado St., Los Angeles, Calif Edward Ruppelt--711 Ridgewood Ames, Iowa Ben Wickham--Iowa Falls, Iowa fClass of 19091 Bessie Briggs--Mrs. Ben Jaspers--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Lulu Cartwright--Mrs. Webb Folkerts--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Earl Neesen--Tipton, Iowa Carrie E. Campbell--Mrs. Roy Sabin--R. F. D.--Spencer, New York. fC1ass of 19101 J'. Weller Grieves--135 North 8th St., Fort Dodge, Iowa Vera Hamp--Mrs. Vera Hasey--4428 W. 60 St., Los Angeles, California Ona Williams--Mrs. Ray Cartwright--Van Meter, Iowa Helen Luiken--Mrs. Henry Eckhoff--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Lucy Morse--Mrs. Ora Mudd--2.019 Branard St., Houston, Texas Fannie Potgeter--Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa fClass of 19111 Beth Northrup--Mrs. .Tack Carmen--1309 A. N. E. Zlst Ave., Portland, Oregon. Pearl Williams--Mrs. Floyd Heard--Deceased fC1ass of 19121 Gertrude Hartman--Mrs. Clarence Nipper--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Dr. Martha Potgeter--Storres, Connecticut Ralph Marks--1005 Locust St., Dubuque, Iowa Ernest Ruppelt--Grundy Center, Iowa Jennie Luiken--Mrs. Weller Grieves--135 North 8th St., Fort Dodge, Iowa p.: KVI-1 Z Ln O 1. No 1. Z. 1. 1. Z. 3. 1 Z. 3 l. Z 3. 4 1. Z. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. KClass of 19131 Ben Iaspers--Steamboat Rock, Iowa QClass of 19141 Dora Pence--710 Benton Street, Boone, Iowa Elizabeth Rainsbarger--Mrs. J. E. Howell--3221 Illinois Avenue, Fresno, Calif Susie Santan--Mrs. Phil Ruppelt--Steamboat Rock, Iowa QClass of 19151 Class fC1ass of 19161 Eva Cartwright--Mrs. Bert Miller--1212 St. Joseph Avenue, Albert Lea, Minnesota. fclass of 19171 Class KClass of 19181 Arthur Lang--Victor, Iowa Edna Moore--Mrs. Wesley Burton--1206 Vermont Ave., Kansas City, Kansas QC1ass of 19191 Carl Ruppelt--Melvin, Kentucky fClass of 19201 Cathryn Cramer--1041 Pleasant, Oak Park, Illinois Lydia Kruse--Mrs. George Potgeter--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Josephine Morse--Mrs. Sidney Grint--Sargent, Nebraska QClass of 19211 Beatrice Albright--Mrs. Ernest Draper--RgF. D. Eldora, Iowa Bernice Albright--Mrs. Bernice Reist--R. F. D. Eldora, Iowa Cloyd Lamb--436 Washington St., Eldora, Iowa KClass of 19221 Elspeth Burns--Mrs. Ernie Branstetter--R. R. Waterloo, Iowa John Harms--4703 Hudson Ave., S. E. Washington 20, D. C. Esther Kruse--1401 Franklin St., Denver, Colorado Charles MacDonald--Rev. C. R. MacDonald--Mount Morris, Michigan QClass of 19231 Helen Baker--Mrs. Helen Garn--1922 9th St., S. W. Cedar Rapids, Iowa Abraham H. Jaspers--Steamboat Rock, Iowa. Fern Griffith--Mrs. Leslie Freerksen--310 North 15th St., Marshalltown, Iowa. Harry Johnson--Elgin, Iowa. Trena Christians--Mrs. Harold Luiken--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Wesley Fredrickson--San Luis Obispo, California Ben Morse--Butte, Montana Ruth Gardner--Mrs. John Eilers--Clarion, Iowa Marie Sharpshair--Mrs. Wm. Hornung--Iowa Falls, Iowa fClass of 192.42 Robert Baker--1900 Washington Ave., S. E. Cedar Rapids, Iowa Sarah Bear--Mrs. John Miller--Winterset, Illinois. Hattie DeV1-ies--Iowa Falls, Iowa Loretta Ruppelt--819 South 5th St., Springfield,.Illinois Ethel Smith--Mrs. Jack Brady--151 Baden St., San Francisco, California KClass of 19251 Mildred Dunn--Mrs. Waldo Lepper--Radcliffe, Iowa Lena Eckhoff--Mrs. Carl Krause--730 33rd, Des Moines, Iowa Anna Folkerts--Mrs. Erastus J. Akers--Hampton, Iowa Lucy Grieves--Mrs. Henry Janssen--Dows, Iowa Pearl Griffith--Mrs.aJohn Carter--409 Park St., Marshalltown, Iowa Verena Huehn--59 U. St., N. W. Washington l, D.C. Dallas Walters--220 Randolph St., Waterloo, Iowa Anthony Luiken--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Alice Potgeter--Mrs. Emil Holzhauser--925 4th St., S. W. Minneapolis, Minnesota Ruth Schwitters--Mrs. Pete Pistocco-gBox 656 McGill, Nevada Myrtle Walters--Mrs. Myrtle Russell--P. O. Box 55, Parks, Arizona fClass of 1926, Miriam Baker--F.S.C.C. Children's Hospital, Iowa City, Iowa Floyd Burns--Claret, Iowa Beatrice Cramer--Mrs. James Riggin--6320 Ingel Side Ave., Chicago, Illinois Anna Eckhoff--Mrs. Dallas Walters--220 Randolph St., Waterloo, Iowa Flossie Fredrickson--Mrs. John Lund--1819 Johnson Ave., San Luis Obispo, California Jurn Frerichs--Steamboat Rock, Iowa J. Murray Grieves--Guttenberg, Iowa Martha Kruse--Mrs. James Ruter--Ackley, Iowa Orville Lamb--Eldora, Iowa Harriet Ruppelt--Mrs. Robert Meeker--1202 V. Ave., Fort Dodge, Iowa Walter Morse--Thermopolis, Wyoming Mabel Walters--Mrs. Mabel Sznith--214 E. 8th St., Waterloo, Iowa fClass of l 9271 John L. Cramer--500 lst Ave., N. E. Cedar Rapids, Iowa Marie Folkerts--Manly, Iowa Russell Holmes--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Alvin Schwitters--710 E. 9th St., Elenberg, Washington fClass of 1 9281 Marie Baker--Mrs. Floyd Hoover--6315 3rd Ave., S. Clinton, Iowa Edna Burns--Mrs. Charles Bartine--Clemons, Iowa Helen DeVries--Mrs. Dan Wenrich--2911 Eschel Ave., Zion, Illinois Ernest Eckhoff--Box No. 38 AREI 10, Dayton 9, Ohio Elizabeth Folkerts--Mrs. Louis Muller--Victor, Iowa Willard Hartman--R. F. D., Iowa Falls, Iowa Toleta Huehn--Mrs. Toleta Light--W. 823 Maxwell, Spokane 12, Washington. Harold Penelerick--Tieton, Washington Thelma Jensen--Mrs. Thelma Seagren--1520 42nd St., Des Moines, Iowa Elizabeth Ruppelt--Mrs. A. C. Johnson--2813 Brinker Ave., Ogden, Utah Carl Sentman--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Minnie Pruisner--Stearnboat Rock, Iowa lC1ass of 19291 Maxine Baker--Mrs. Russell Holmes--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Esther Folkerts--Mrs. Leo Daleske--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Vivian Hartman--Mrs. Donald Zatechka--1801 Su.mmit, Marshalltown, Iowa Darrell Jensen--Eldora, Iowa Foy Lamb--Mrs. Foy Smith--Joy, Illinois Paul Schwitters--Iowa Falls, Iowa fClass of 1930j Lewis Cramer--1041 Pleasant Oak Park, Illinois Carl DeVries--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Grace DeVries--Mrs. Cyril DeVries--R. R. 1, Freeport, Illinois Thelma Ellison--Mrs. Bob Warren--cfo Maidrite Brainard, Minnesota Leota Johnson--Mrs. Minert DeVries--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Harry Luiken--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Eleanor Ruby--Mrs. Howard Richeson--Brooklyn, Iowa Vera Pruisner--Mrs. Richard Okken--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Dorothy Sharpshair--Mrs. Bernard Kuhlman--Hubbard, Iowa Frank Srnith--209 N. 5th Street, Clear Lake, Iowa QClass of 1 931, Roberta Caldwell--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Lucille Doyle--Mrs. Helge Pierson--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Louis R. Johnson--3505 East 107th St., Chicago 17, Illinois Elwin Penelerick--3809 Wetmore St., Everett, Washington Catherine Reiter--Mrs. Ed Berends--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Elmer Linn Ruby- -Steamboat Rock, Iowa Robert Ruppelt--Steamboat Rock, Iowa fClass of 1932, Esther Baker--Mrs. C. M. Allen--14542 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif Louise Eilers--Mrs. Tom'Claassen--Wellsburg, Iowa Harriet Eilers--Mrs. Harry Luiken--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Arlene Freerksen--Mrs. I-Iibbard Moore--Eldora, Iowa Meta Mae Gellhorn--Mrs. Hollis Havens--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Helen Johnson--Mrs. Al Kasparek--1429 5th Ave., S.E. Cedar Rapids, Iowa Frances Rotgers--Mrs. Elmer Finger--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Bertha Ellen Schwitters--Mrs. Louis Johnson--3505 E. 107 St., Chicago 17, Illinois Daniel Schwitters--1722 Port Ave., S. E. Cedar Rapids, Iowa David Schwitters--1275 West Othello St., Seattle, Washington Fanny Wilts--Mrs. Edgar Ohling--Wellsburg, Iowa qcmn of 19331 Edward Eckhoff-Eldora, Ioils Joe Hightower--ll44 Oak Park Ave., Des Moines, Iowa Louise Johnson--Mrs. Bob McKillip--Wolcott, Indlana Adele Johnston--Mrs. Lester Chase--4210 Kingman Boulevard, Des Moines, Iowa Helen Kramer--Mrs. Wendell Lulken--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Henry Luiken--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Lyle Luiken--Arlington, Iowa Mabel Meeker--Mrs. Wencil Fleider--cfo Waterloo Fire Department, Waterloo, Iowa Mabel Penelerick--Mrs. Fred W. Crosser--Eldora, Iowa Virginia Ruppelt--13778 Wadsworth Ave., Detroit Z7, Michigan Savilla Tietz--Mrs. Savilla Vinton--Eldora, Iowa fClaas of 1934, Louise Berends--Mrs. Eldon Havens--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Henry Cramer--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Ordie Eckhoff--Mrs. Ordie Green--Ackley, Iowa Lucille Eilers--Mrs. Harry Folkerts--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Hollis Havens--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Harold Johnson--Manson, Iowa Carl Luiken--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Maxine Monroe--Mrs. Bernard Trout--Eldora, Iowa John Pierson--Eldora, Iowa Ina Platts--Mrs. Elwood Church--Deceased L. Vincent Platts--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Helen Trittien--Mrs. Herbert Maronn--Eldora, Iowa Alice Wickham--Mrs. Paul Behnf-Sheffield, Iowa fClaas of 19352 Elizabeth :Eckhqff--Steamboat Rock, Iowa George Eilers--61325 South Sth St., Springfield, Illinois John Havens--30 Ridge St., Manchester, Connecticut Ruth Kramer--Mrs. Lewis Moon--Alden, Iowa Helen Primus--Mrs. Emery Riekena--Wellsburg, Iowa C. William Tholen--5320 West Markham St., Little Rock, Arkansas Harry Pixler--Steamboat Rock, Iowa fClass of1936j Roberta Eckhoff--Mrs. W. E. Hauser--1837 N. Garfield Place, Hollywood Z8 California Ruth Eilers--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Pearl Ellison--Mrs. Eanneus Egyabroad--cfo Maidrite Brainard, Minnesota Evelyn Johnson--Mrs. Bernard McMullen--Decorah, Iowa Richard Green--Maquoketa, Iowa Royce Gilbertson--124 Wabash Ave., Orville, Ohio Margaret Johnson--Mrs. Wm. Eckel--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Melvin Perkins--Eldora, Iowa, Angeline Ross--1030 W. 22nd St., Des Moines, Iowa Frances Smith--Mrs. Robert Tidman--Iowa Falls, Iowa Lydia Swyter--Mrs. John R.h.odes--3909 Swiss Ave., Dallas 4, Texas Lorraine Taylor--Mrs. Vail Hess--Grundy Center, Iowa Eloise Beamsley--Mrs. Lyle Harvey--cfo Joe Doaks, Waterloo, Iowa QClass of 1937, Dorothy DeSchamp--Mrs. Wayne Bartholemew--Eldora, Iowa Pauline Eckhoff--Mrs. Anco Bakker--Kanawha, Iowa Raymond Eilders--Idaho St., Waterloo, Iowa Rosella Eilders--Mrs. Clarence Peters--153 Madison, Waterloo, Iowa John Hoffman--2634 West 27th, Denver, Colorado Paul Kruse--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Clara Mason--Mrs. Russell Pierson--Eldora, Iowa Fallis Morse--1493 Montague S. N. St., Washington, D.C. Finley Morse--4910 W. Hudson St., Seattle 6, Washington Mae Sharpshair--Mrs. Elwin Penelerick--3809 Wetmore St., Everett, Wash. fClass of 1938, Raymond Boyenga--Alden, Iowa Marjorie Eckhoff--Mrs. Harold Boyenga--Quarters No. 5, Fort Des Moines, Iowa Arlene Huehn--Arlene Bowers--3660 Francis Ave., Seattle, Washington Verna Jutting--Mrs. Edgar Hinshaw--505 East Church St., Marshalltown, Iowa Louise Luiken--Mrs. Ted Nederhoff--Wellsburg, Iowa Verna Luiken--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Warren Vietor--Mrs. U. N. Vietor 3719 59th Ave., S. W. Seattle 6, Washington Roland Zissler--Fort Des Moines, Iowa lClass of 1939, Leon Bolar--909 South Znd Ave., Marshalltown, Iowa Nellie Doolaard--Mrs. Elmer Heetland--Ackley, Iowa Luella Folkerts--Mrs. Wil.sonPatterson--Elgin, Iowa Merle Groff--810 Depot St., Iowa Falls, Iowa Grace Hoffman--Mrs. Joe Trittien--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Alvin Jaspers--163 Stadium Park, Iowa City, Iowa Connie Persons--Mrs. Donald Wier--636 Walnut, Waterloo, Iowa Betty Moore--Mrs. I. H. Buffington--Albion, Iowa Claus Primus--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Orville Wilts--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Phyllis Ruppelt--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Hazel Weatherman--Mrs. Keith Koehler--Conrad, Iowa QClass of 19401 Harold Boyenga--Quarters No. 5, Fort Des Moines, Iowa Lorraine DeVries--Eldora, Iowa Luella Eilders--Mrs. Merle Morelock--Mitchell Ave., Waterloo, Iowa Elmer Gast--Dysart, Iowa Roger Gast--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Wilbert Harms--Ackley, Iowa Norma Hartrnan--Mrs. .Tohn Hoffman--2634 West 27th, Denver, Colorado Anna Mae Janssen--333 North 10th Street P. P Patterson Z, New Jersey Alvin Hundertmark--239 Park Drive W. Fort Worth, Texas Russell Karsjens--121 Aires Ave., Peoria, Illinois LeOra Platts--Mrs. E. I. Farrell--5709 Carnation.St., Greendale, Wisconsin Faye Schwitters--2734 68th St., Slushing L. I. New York Ray Taylor--Eldora, Iowa Clifford Readout--Lt. C. H. Readout--137 Lowery Field, Denver,.Co1orado Max Sharpshair--Steamboat Rock, Iowa James Sharpshair--Middle Grove, Illinois Merton Snapp--720 15th Street, Apt. 4, Des Moines, Iowa Ernest Luiken--Steamboat Rock, Iowa fClass of 1941, Andy Ackerman--135 West Zlst St., cfo C. E. Hogdon, Chico, California Ruth Bear--Mrs. Paul Fisher--Ackley, Iowa Ray Folkerts--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Dallas Gast--525 West Division, Webster City, Iowa Gerhardt Kramer--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Junior Persons--Sheffield, Iowa Robert Klatt--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Pearl Eilders--Mrs. R. H. Voll--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Donald Folkerts--Steamboat Rock, Iowa John Jaspers--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Freda Reiter--Steamboat Rock, Iowa fClass of 1942, Dorothy Freese--Mrs. Woodrow Nordstorm--Chester, South Dakota James Ruby--Diamond Apartment, Eldora, Iowa Golda Johns--Mrs. John Jaspers--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Hughie Carroll--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Margaret Rose--Mrs. Ernest Luiken--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Meredith Baker--Mrs. Glenn Willig--Eldora, Iowa Lois Jaspers--Mrs. Herman Primus--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Glenn Taylor--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Arlene Kramer--Mrs. Glenn Taylor--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Charlena Johnson--Deaconess Hospital--Marshalltown, Iowa Richard Sharpshair--Deceased Lester Karsjens--Deceased . ., Betty Van Dornum- -Mrs. Arthur Frerichs--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Ralph Volk--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Shirley Frerichs--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Alfred Janssen--Steamboat Rock, Iowa fClass of 1943, Marjorie Bolar--Mrs. Orville Wilts--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Frances Gast- -Mrs. Melvin Hoffman--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Merle Bolar--Eldora, Iowa Sam Sinning--Deceased Richard Ruppelt--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Edna Bleeker--Mrs. Gerhardt Kramer--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Jean Folkerts--1902 Jackson St., Sioux City, Iowa Margaret Frerichs--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Ben Juchems--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Irene Kruse--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Janice Bausman--Mrs. Kenneth Kramer--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Amos Kolthoff--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Louise Finger--Mrs. Russell Karsjens--121 Aires Ave., Peoria, Illinois . Lucille Green--Mrs. James McDonald--Eldora, Iowa Pauline Snapp--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Bob Eilers--Deceased Evona Steenblock--cfo Abell Truck 8: Imp., Pueblo, Colorado Bessie Readout--Eldora, Iowa fClass of 19442 Elvin Harms--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Marjorie Luiken--Mrs. Willard Trout--Eldora, Iowa Edwin Potgeter--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Nettia Harms--Cleves, Iowa Dean Folkerts--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Ernest Kruse--Ackley, Iowa Marvin Cooper--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Vivian Taylor--Mrs. Dallas Raab--Eldora, Iowa Katherine Volk--Mrs. Katherine Porter--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Mildred Johnson--2838 Brattle Boro, Des Moines, Iowa Melvin Hoffman--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Bernice Primus--Calvin Dormitory, Grand Rapids, Michigan Margaret Klettke--Mrs. Lowell Granzow--Eldora, Iowa Elma Abbas--Mrs. Bernard Oelmann--Ackley, Iowa Casper .Tutting--Cleves, Iowa Mildred Iutting--Ackley, Iowa Elizabeth Frerichs--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Iva Mae Gast--Mrs. Dean Crosser--Steamboat Rock, Iowa qcmss of 19451 George Finger--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Maurice Gast--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Verdelle Schuneman--Mrs. Irvin Gast--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Bill Daleske--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Anna Freese--Mrs. Russell Gast--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Bernice Frerichs--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Doris Abbas--Dike, Iowa Marlys Meints--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Verne Johns--Ackley, Iowa Raymond Luiken--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Russell Luiken--Steamboat Rock, Iowa. Ervin Readout--Eldora, Iowa Lloyd Boomgarden--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Glen McDonald--Lawn Hill, Iowa Dean Cross'-r--Steamboat Rock, Iowa QClass of 1946, Marjorie Gast--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Lilliam Iutting--Cleves, Iowa . Paul Primus--SZRM NAS Barbara Point Navy 14. cfo Oahu, T.H., San Francisco California. Bonnie Bausman--Eldora, Iowa Naomi Folkerts--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Irene De Schamp--Mrs. Charles Polley--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Kathryn Rose--Mrs. Bob Trupp--Eldora, Iowa Anna Mae Johns--Eldora, Iowa Lois Green--Steamboat Rock, Iowa fC1ass of 19471 .Tack Smith--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Paul Freese--1622 West Adam St., Chicago Marylou Bear--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Helen Faye Primus--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Margaret Folkerts--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Darlene DeV1-ies--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Leola Nederhoff--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Bill Zielske--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Melvin Frerichs--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Bob Folkerts--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Dean Perry--Steamboat Rock, Iowa Heinie Boomgarden--Steamboat Rock, Iowa 12, Illinois 6 uw v 1 , .-www--..: 1. -. -1 - -x - - . u 1 -V '- W mp,-n vm-'-1'-mam, ,r 1 U, :L W-aww ,mv nv,-r 'v:x.-,m.'+v1vr-f:s'-'- 1-'mmf-rum: '. O , 1-L-A xX NN X5 QF 'g A 1--2 17 A. Egffxff Wk , D mi'N X' I 1 , 517 L., A - -X I Q ? 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'Ir 'k i' Farmers Savings Bank STEAMBOAT ROCK, IOWA MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Steamboat Locker Service IT'S JUNE IN JANUARY WITH FRESH FROZEN FOOD STEAMBOAT ROCK, IOWA 'A' 'A' 'A' CUSTOM CURING AND SLAUGHTERIN G WE SPECIALIZE IN PROCESSING FOR HOME LOCKERS 'A' 'A' 'k FOR SALE - FROZEN FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AND QUARTERS OF BEEF AT ALL, TIMES Froning Grain Co. i' 'A' i' GRAIN - COAL - FEED - LIVESTOCK - TRUCKING 'k 'Ir 'A' BEFORE 'BUYING OR SELLING, CALL US FOR PRICES 'k i' 'A' CLEVES ELDO-RA PHONE ACKLEY 3917 PHONE 22 THOS. H. KRUSE, Mgr. MERLE F. FRONING, Mgr. 1 Geo. Pofgefer Compony ESTABLISHED 1889 BY HENRY POTGETER LUMBER : CEMENT : POSTS 2 TILE : COAL GRAIN : FEED : SEED : GRINDING : MIXING WE WERE HERE TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOUR GRANDFATHER AND WE'LL BE HERE TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOUR GRANDSONS Russell W. Holmes CHI-NAMEL PAINT - WALL PAPER - DR. HESS PRODUCTS FOUNTAIN SERVICE PHONE 37 AN DERSON'S REXALL STORE Phone 53 Eldora, Iowa HARNS HATCHERY Quality Chicks at Low Cost Feeds - Remedies and Poultry Supplies Phone 53-R-2 Steamboat Rock, Iowa STANDARD SERVICE Ray Karsjens Phone 77 Read the Index "E1dora's Picture Newspaper" With Complete Sports Coverage HARDIN COUNTY INDEX HENRY J. JANSSEN and SON John Deere Farm Equipment Eldora, Iowa Congratulations Seniors Troy Jones M. Ai. Cleven fMackJ Finest in Photography TROY -MACK STUDIO Eldora, Iowa Read the News of Your Community in the ELDORA HERALD LEDGER If it's Sports - Marriages - Births - Deaths or the day by day Account of the events in Hardin and near by Counties' You'11 find in the HERALD LEDGER Subscribe Now R 0 0 K S Implements Appliances Phone 139 Eldora, Iowa WAY'S Sales CHEVROLET Service Phone 74 Eldora, Iowa YOUNGERMAN 8: SON HARDWARE WOOD AUTO CO. COMPANY Specialty in Plumbing and Heating Ford Sales and Service , , Major Appliances and Bottle Gas Complete Hardware Line Phone 535 Eldora, Iowa Eldora, Iowa Compliments of Compliments of ELDON HAUEMS McVEETY CLEANERS General Repair Eldora, Iowa Steamboat Rock, Iowa BOOSTERS ELDORA IMPLEMENT CO. Eldora, Iowa R. M. HARRISON CO. Eldora, Iowa STAR CLOTHING and SHOE CO. Eldora, Iowa l 1 1 ' 1 gas me 1 ,f rl My W., Q 2 '61 ,f ,f Wt- ' - f he Q K - ,, ' ,- - Q 1- , U., .I-M. Q m ' 21, ". 1 it Ea R iran-pmmqmf. : V 1 W 1. . ff'-fmxsr 0 f ' 3'lf34 ' ' -.ffgiaga cg,

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