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a 3 3 s 5 5 H i n 1 . 6 c Z S S n I i s. 1 L V. I u 4 1 2 5 4 P f 5 .5 U OLD' EOLD 'X PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOIQ CLASS OF SIEAMBDAI DUCK HIGH SCHODl STEAMBDAT IQDCIQIDWA V0llJMlE I FOREWORD As the wheelsof time roll unerring- ly on and old things give way to new, so the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Forty gives way to the Glass of Nineteen Hun- dred and Forty-one. On departing we leave this issue of the OLD GOLD as a monument to the memories of the days spent in halls and classrooms of the Steamboat Rock School. In it we have portrayed to the best of our ability the school life as it is today and what it means to us. Despite our faults, if each owner feels a sense of pride in his copy of the OLD GOLD, we shall feel that our work has been justified. We, the members of the graduating class of May, Nineteen Hundred and Forty, ded- icate The OLD GOLD to Superintendent Ken- neth E. Amsberry, in appreciation of his services, not only in his constructive advice and loyal untiring efforts to all students but also in being mainly respon- sible for the production of this annual. ---ADMINTEIIQATIDN-1-' BOARD OF EDUCATION H. B. PRIMUS BEN JASPERS President llember 11 Years 5 Years T. J. EILERS Member 7 Years ELLIS PERRY H. W. BOYENGA llember Member 55 Years 4 Years 4 -----ADMINISTIQAIIDN--"--' J. A. HOLMES Secretary 21 Years 41 DOROTHY D. BARKER Principal Oneida, Iowa Iis0ToCo ' BOAQ P.G. ' Us English, History and Drama FACULTY KENNETH E. AMSBERRY Superintendent Milo, Iowa Ohio State U.- B.S. P.G. - Drake U. Commercial and Boys' Coach 5 E. CHRISTIANS Treasurer 50 Years L HAROLD A. SISSEL Olwein, Iowa I.S.T.C. - B.A. Science, Hathemat tics and Instrumen- tal Music .i- i11-1 ADMINISTIQAIIDN---'- it fa LUCILLE CONZETT Dubuque, Iowa Dubuque U. - B.A. Home Economics, Girls' Coach, and Vocal Music All 155 'I' - 51 DOROTHY ECKEL Eldora, Iowa Upper Iowa and I.S.T.C. 5rd 8: 4th Grades LUCILLE TJERNAGLE Story City, Iowa McPha11 Music, Bethany Lutheran, and State Teachers Col- leges of Mankato, Minnesota 5th an Sth Grades 6 KATIE WALSH Hampton, Iowa I.S.T.C. - Normal Training 7th 8a 8th Grades WILMA JOHNSON Albert City, Iowa Buena Vista College Primary Grades B 'X ,Q S93 4 x. ' I CLASSES -- SENIUIQS PRESIDENT MERTON SNAPP ClassOff1cer1,2,5, Baseball 2,5,4 Basketball 5,4 Claes Plays 5,4 Old Gold Staff 4 One Act Plays 2,4 Glee Club 5,4 Static staff 5,4 NHere's mudin yer eye, folks.u 4 CLASS DFIZICIIQS VICE-PRESIDENT ' ii! RAY TAYLOR ClassOff1cerl,2,5,4 SECRETARY-TREASURER Band l,2,5,4 Baseball 4 i g Basketball 2, 5,4 Class Plays 5,4 ' Glee Club 5,4 or Old Gold Staff 4 A One Act Play 2 Static Staff 5,4 "A gentleman and a scho1ar.u r 3 Class Flower: White Carnation Class Colors: Scarlet and Silver ELMER GAST Class Motto: In ourselves our future lies. Class Officer 5,4 Baseball l,2,5,4 Basketball 2 , 5, 4 Class Plays 5,4 Old Gold Staff 4 One Act Play 4 Static Staff 5,4 State Brain Derby l 'I know a lot but just can't think of 1t.u 8 SENIIDIQS ROGER GAST Band l,2,5,4 Baseball l,2,5,4 Basketball l,2,5,4 Class Officer 1 Class Plays 5,4 Old Gold Staff 4 One Act Play 5,4 Static Staff 5 'Barefootboywdth coat of tang Mr. Gast we like your pan.u JIM SHARPSHAIR Baseball 4 Basketball 1,2,5,4 Glee Club 2,5,4 usimilarityto any person, living or dead, is purely co- 1nc1dental.W ff ANNA MAE JANSSEN At Eldoraz Glee Club 1,2 Operetta 2 At Steamboat Rock: Class Play 5,4 Glee Club 5,4 Old Gold Staff 4 Static Staff 5,4 'A maiden fair with golden ha1r.' 9 HAROLD BOYENGA Band l,2,5 Baseball l,2,5,4 Basketball l,2,5,4 Cheerleader 5,4 Class Play 5 Glee Club 2,5,4 Old Gold Staff 4 One Act Plays 2,5 Static Staff 5,4 ulf I can't do it nobody canln RUSSELL KARSJENS Band 1,2,:5,4 Basketball Manager4 Class Play 5,4 One Act Play 2 Static Staff 5,4 " Compared to me Ein- stein was a novice. " SENIDIQS NORMA HARTMAN At Albion: Basketball 2,5 Class Play 5 Glee Club l,2,5 Orchestra l,2,5 At Steamboat Rock: Basketball 4 Class Play 4 Glee Club 4 One Act Play 4 uZee good luck, she always pursue me.u WILBERT HARMS Basketball l Nqniet and unob strus1ve.n LEORA PLATTS Basketball Manager4 Class Play 5,4 Glee Club 1,2,:s,4 Marching Band 4 One Act Plays 2,4 "A dark-haired lass with winsome ways.N 10 FAYE SCHWITTERS StateBra1nDerby1,2 Band 2,5,4 Cheerleader 4 Class Plays 5,4 Glee Club l,2,5,4 Old Gold Staff 4 One Act Plays 2,4 Static Staff 4 'MU.mgm,Fma screwba11,sowhat?H ,iaxw?W LUELLA EILDERS At Ackleyt L1teraryDramaC1ub1 At Steamboat Rock: Class Plays 5,4 'Qu1et, innocent, and sincere. " SENIDIQS ALVIN HUNDERTMARK Band 4 Baseball 2,3,4 Basketball l,2,5,4 Class Plays 5,4 Glee Club 2,5,4 Old Gold Staff 4 One Act Plays 2,4 Static Staff 5 uSpeak up quickly girls, good men are scarce around these parts.n ERNEST LUIKEN Band 1 Baseball 2,3,4 'Modestyisbutone of Ern1e's virtues! LORRAINE DEVRIES Band l,2,5,4 Class Plays 5,4 Glee Club l,2,3,4 Old Gold Staff 4 One Act Plays 2,4 Static Staff 3 nAmb1t1ous, per- sever1ng,andan A-1 student.n ll MAX SHARPSHAIR Baseball 2,5 Basketball 1,2,5,4 Glee Club 4 Old Gold Staff 4 Static Staff 4 uNobody knows it but I'm really quite baBhfu1.u CLIFFORD READOUT State Brain Derby 1 Glee Club 4 "Quiet but quick to obeerve.n QLD ww- - - SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In 1928, on the first of October, a group of sixteen little trav- elers met at an improvised airport, the Presbyterian Church. These passengers gave their names as Wanda Dooley, Lorraine Devries, Robert Frerichs, Agnes Frerichs, Elmer Gast, Harold Harms, Gerhardt Kramer, Russell Karsjens, Ray Folkerts, Helen Olsen, James Sharpshair, Jeanne Starr, Ray Taylor, Faye Schwitters, Maxine McElroy, and John Henry Ca- ble. After brief instruction here under our stewardess, Miss Lynn Platt, we boarded a new trans-educational plane of the Steamboat Rock Consolidated Lines with Pilot H. A. Helden, Co-pilot Marguerite Tem- ple, and five assistants. Sixteen little hearts beat fast when they realized that their plane had not been occupied before. After a brief flight, Robert Frerichs found it imperative to fasten on his parachute and bail out to a new destination. At the refueling station, Howard Wooten, Robert F'1sher,LeOra Platte., and Kenneth Kramer joined the pas- sengers. Upon reaching the first stop, we saw fit to rest for a brief time. When we again resumed our flight we were promoted to a second plane with the same name and stewardess but a bit more complicated mechanism. Upon this flight, Harold Harms and LeOra Platte did not rejoin the company, but Ruth Bear and Mae Bleeker Joined the sea of familiar faces. During this flight, Wanda Dooley, Robert Fisher, Ag- nes Frer1chs,and Helen Olsen found use for their parachutes and left our company at various places along the way. At the refueling sta- tion, Don Folkerts stepped aboard and filled one of the seats so re- cently vacated. Following the performance of many spectacular feats, the passengers welcomed a rest. The embarkment upon the third plane found a new stewardess whom we learned to call Miss Trena Christians. John Henry Cable did not accompany us on this plane. We soon found that with the change of planes came increasing requirements. No parachutes were used during the entire flight but ata stop for supplies, Lawrence Kadolph, Roland Newby,a.nd Glen Robinson Joined our ranks and LeOra Platts transferred from an Owasa plane to our Steamboat Rock Consolidated Clipper. Heed- ful of our feverish activities, the stewardess informed us that we must rest. After this rest we resumed our Journey in a more advanced plane with the same stewardess and the new passengers, Evelyn Cretin, Mary Stutzman, Norma Hartman, Arthur Frer1chs,and Ernest Lulken. Dur- ing our flight, Roland Newby, Lawrence Kadolph, and Norma Hartman bailed out to catch other planes, but our activities continued until our fourth stop provided additional recreation. After our fourth stop, we resumed our trip without the presence of Mae Bleeker, Donald Folkerts, Ray Folkerts,and Gerhardt Kramer . We also found a new stewardess, Miss Lucy Grieves, and two new pas- sengers, Charles Asher and Lester Kramer. At our usual stop for re- fueling, Verna Weatherman and Charles Monroe bounded aboard our com- fortable plane. With this group we continued until our next 'time out" after which we entered another plane and found our usual company with only two vacancies--Glen Robinson and Charles Monroe hadn't re- sumed the flight. During this exciting lap of the Journey, Jeanne Starr bailed out and Harold Boyenga occupied her place.. All too soon we were informed that we must again rest. The seventh trip found all the previous students in their seats and lax Sharpshair occupying an extra one. A new stewardess, Miss 12 C ' 1940 Doris Brown, capably guided us during this flight. Clifford Readout Joined us and we continued happily onward until our usual distance had been covered and we reached our resting station. Upon entering our eighth plane, we found two strange passengers listed as Marjorie Price and Jack Dodd. At one of our numerous stops for investigation of interesting material, Alvin Hundertmark came a- board. Our stewardess, Miss Brown, proved to be very efficient through- out the trip but nevertheless, Charles Asher, Jack Dodd, and Lester Kramer found sufficient reasons to use their parachutes for hurried landings. When we again resumed our journey, we found an entirely different plane and different plans for its operation. Instead of being respon- sible to only one stewardess, we had a stewardess, Miss Letha Van Nos- trand, a steward, Mr. Kenneth E. Amsberry, and we were also under the instruction of the pilot, Mr. W. A. Scott, and co-pilot, Miss Marguer- ite Temple. On this new adventure, we encountered five new passengers, Luella Eilders, Virgil Inman, Merton Snapp,Dale Bogue,and Ruth Bear, but the place previously occupied by Marjorie Price was empty. We had much rough weather and came through monstrous clouds before we reached our eagerly anticipated rest. As we found our places aboard a new clipper for excursion ten, Maxine McElroy joined us, but Dale Bogue left to Join another air-way elsewhere. During this flight, Mr. H. A. Sissel occupied the vacancy made by Miss Van Nostrand andwe continued our flight with the rest of the crew remaining the same. This Journey came to an end all too soon when we were asked to "pile out" and take a rest. We soon resumed our Journey in a new plane with Mr. Amsberry ad- vancing to p1lot's position and Miss Dorothy Barker taking the co-p1- lot's seat with Miss Lucille Conzett and Mr. Sissel as helpers. Mary Stutzman, Ruth Bear, Virgil Inman, Maxine McElroy, and Kenneth Kramer failed to resume the flight. One seat was occupied byanew passenger, Anna Mae Janssen. Many new adventures were experienced during this flight which quickly came to an end. Then one bright morning in September, 1939, we took off on the last lap of our Journey in the Steamboat Rock Consolidated Lines' new streamlined clipper, with an extra passenger, Norma Hartman, and the same crew members. Many expeditions not previously experienced were now commonplace, and soon we were informed that the Board of D1- rectors of the Steamboat Rock Consolidated Air-ways had decided that we had finished our excursion. In all we have used twelve fully e- quipped clipper planes, have had five pilots, two co-pilots, seven stewardesses and stewards, and a total of forty-seven different pas- sengers aboard the planes at different times. We received a diploma for the outstanding work we accomplished during our 12,960 hours spent in the air. We, Faye Schwitters, Russell Karsjens, Elmer Gast, Ray Taylor, Lorraine DeVr1es, Roger Gast, Harold Boyenga, Alvin Hundertmark, LeOra Platte, Hex Sharpshalr, Merton Snapp, Anna Mae Janssen, Ernest Luiken, J1mSharpsha1r, Wilbert Harms, Luella Eilders, Clifford Read- out,and Norma Hartman, are proud to be able to launch out from the Steamboat Rock Consolidated Lines. 15 o.,UNl'..fl2S1 - 1 1 1 BACK ROW: Robert Klatt, Gerhardt Kramer, and Junior Persons. MIDDLE ROW: Dallas Gast, Pearl Eilders, John Jaspers,DonFb1kerts, and Freda Reiter. FRONT ROW: Andy Ackerman, Ruth Bear, Marjory Taylor, and Ray Folkerts. THE JUNIOR CLASS This year has been one of increased activity over their Sophomore year for the members of the Junior Class. They started out the year by helping the Seniors make the annual carnivilasuccess and by preparing a three act comedy, NHuckleberry Finnn, which they gave on November 29 to a large crowd in the high school gymnasium. Seven of the members of the class, three girls andfourboys, were on the basketball squads and we have high hopes of having them as the foundation of our teams next year. Three of the boys are also on the baseball team. During the last semester, the Juniors have publlsheduamajority of the issues of our school paper, the NStat1oH. They sponsored several different projects during the year for the purpose of raising funds for the Junior-Senior banquet held in May. All in all, the Juniors have had a successful year and we sincere- ly wish them even more success in their Senior year. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ....... ... ....... Ruth Bear Vice President ....... ..... Andy Ackerman Secretary-Treasurer ....... Marjory Taylor 14 Dlll ISOID I 9 4 0 JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY In the year 1929 the Junior Class of 1940 entered the Steamboat Rock Consolidated School under the supervision of Miss Lynn Platt. The fourteen students who enrolled were: Helen Dole, Clara Elzig, Anna Ellison, Dallas Gast, Irvin Gast, Harold Harms, Anna Luiken, Donald Olsen, Jeanne Starr, Evelyn Sanders, Sam Sinning, Kelvin Kruse, Mildred Bleeker, and Junior Persons. They entered the second grade without Harold Harms, Jeanne Starr, Sam Sinhing, and Kalvin Kruse. Betty Kadolf, Wilma Bellmore, Lucille Arends, and Jacob Arends Joined them during this year. Miss Trena Christians was their instructor. In the third grade they won seven newpuplls, namely Henry Rose, Sam Sinning, Kalvin Kruse, Harold Harms, Jeanne Sellers, Sherlotta Sapp, and Anna Luiken. During this year they lost Wilma Bellmore. Their instructor was Miss Trena Christians as in the previous year. Continuing under the able guidance of Miss Christians, they en- tered the fourth grade with Donald Folkerts, Ray Folkerts, Gerhardt Kramer, and Dale May but they lost Harold Harms and Sam Slnnlng. They entered the fifth grade with a new instructor, Miss Lucy Grleves, and Charles Monroe, Reva Clay, and Lulu Mae Dunn were en- rolled as new students. They lost Don Folkerts during the year. In the sixth grade, Miss Lucille Tjernagle instructed them. New pupils were Goldena Rush and Andrew Ackerman, but Henry Rose left them. Upon entering the seventh grade, they again met a new teacher, Miss Doris Brovm. Evelyn Cretin, Lucille Arends, Jacob Arends,and Kenneth Noble ,joined them but Lulu Mae Dunn and Goldena Rush did not continue in the Steamboat Rock School. Their eighth grade began with the same instructor and two new en- rollees, Pearl Eilders and John Jaspers. However, during the year Charles Monroe and Revs Clay dropped from the class. They began their high school career with Supt. W.A. Scott, Miss Marguerite Temple, Mr. K. E. Amsberry, and Mr. H. A. Sissel as their instructors, andllarjory Taylor, Freda Reiter, Robert Klatt, and Henry Rose as new scholars but Henry Rose failed to finish the year. Their Sophomore year began with the same enrollees but Anna Lui- ken, Evelyn Sanders, Irvin Gast, and Kenneth Noble deserted them la- ter in the year. Their instructors during this school year were Supt K. E. Amsberry, Miss Dorothy Barker, Mies Lucille Conzett, and Mr. H A. Sissel. Upon entering their Junior year of high school, they found the same instructors and two new enrollees, Ruth Bear and Don Folkerts. 15 e SDPHOMDIQIES - BACK ROW: Daniel Lahm, Glenn Taylor, Charlena Johnson, Margaret Rose, Betty Van Dornum, and Dorothy Freese. MIDDLE ROW: Iris Snapp, Lester Karsjens, Meredith Baker, Alfred Jan- ssen, Lucille Lahm, and Hughie Carroll. FRONT ROW: Shirley Frerichs, Dick Sharpshair, Ralph Volk, Jimmy Ruby, and Lois Jaspers. THE SOPHOMOHE GLASS During this year the Sophomores have taken part in var- ious school activities. Six were in the band, one having given a solo in the district contest in April. Ten members of the class were in either the boys' or girls' glee clubs, one also having given a solo in the district contest. Three took part in plays, two in this year' s Junior play and one in one of the one act plays given at the carnival in October. K The basketball teams claimed five of the Sophomores as mem- bers and one member showed promise on the baseball team in the spring. During the last semester, one new member was added, Doro- thy Freese, formerly of Eldora. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS P re si dent ..................... Ralph Volk Vice President ..... . . . . . .... . .Jimmy Ruby Secretary-Treasurer ...... D1 ck Sharpshair Arlene Kramer was absent because of illness when the pictures were taken so she could not be included in any of the group pictures. 16 mrsggam BACK ROW: Billy Baum, Lucille Green, Bennie Juchem, Merle Bolar, Mar- jorie Bolar, Edna B1eeker,and Pauline Snapp. MIDDLE ROW: Bessie Readout, Amos Kolthoff, Ruth Primus, Sam Sinning, Frances Gast,and Jean Folkerts. FRONT ROW: Ruth Hundertmark, Louise F1nger,RobertE1lers, Janice Baus- man, Donald Persons, and.Evona Steenblock. THE FRESHMAN CLASS On September 4th, last year's eighth grade added eight new mem- bers to become this year's Freshman Class. Eight of these Freshmen were members of the band,onehav1ng given a trombone solo at the district contest this year. Five of the boys wereon the Junior high basketball team this year and we have high hopes that those five will help to build a good boys' team next year. Three of the girls played on the girls' first team, Ruth Hundertmark having been one of our outstanding guards. As far as baseball goes, there are prospects for the team in the next several years. We compliment these Freshmen on 8OI10b1y enduring the trials which they have had to encounter this year and hope that as they scale the heights to become more dignified as the next three years pass, that they will be a credit to our school. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President.. ...... ...... ...Robert Eilers Vice President ....... ...Donald Persons Secretary-Treasurer ....... Janice Bausman Richard Ruppelt and Irene Kruse were absent because of illness. 17 llEMfNTAl2Y THE EIGHTH GRADE BACK ROW: Kathern Volk, Elizabeth Frerichs, Bernice Primus, Ralph Harms, Vivian Taylor, Melvin Hoffman, Margaret Klettke, and Lawrence Bogue MIDDLE ROW: Edwin Potgeter, Dean Folkerts, Ruth McCaw. Jean Sheldon, Elvin Harms, Julia Prlske, and Iva Mae Gast. FRONT ROW: John Sapp, Mildred Johnson, Marvin Cooper, Instructor Katie Walsh, Nettia Harms, and Florence Juchem. THE SEVENTH GRADE BACK ROW: Raymond Lulken, Margaret Gurganus, Marlys Faye Meints, and Er- vin Readout. MIDDLE ROW: Verdelle Schuneman, Kathleen Sharpshalr, William Daleske, Orlis Hartman, and Anna Freese. FRONT ROW: Maurice Gast, George Finger, Instructor Katie Walsh, Russell Gast, and Russell Luiken. 18 IlEMfNTAI2Y I i THE SIXTH GRADE BACK R , , Y S81 John Gretin, and Paul Primus. MIDDLE ROW: Eugene McCaw, Marjorie Gast Helen Slnnin Rodne D t , g, y e ers, Russell Van Dornum, and Marjorie Pri ske. FRONT ROW: Juchem Juchem, Irene DeSchamp Instructor Lucille Tjerna le S Naomi Folkerts, and James Wooten. , I Absent: Merle Kramer. OW: Mary Lou Harms, Harold Folkerts Lois Green Lucida Bo en THE FIFTH GRADE BACK ROW: Lois DeVr1es, Robert Folkerts, Robert Weyrauch, Irv1nArends, and Arlene Wilkinson. MIDDLE ROW: M elvin Freri chs, Darlene Devries, Mildred Deters,Paul Freese, and Dean Perry. FRONT HOW: Margaret Folkerts, Mary Lou Bear, Instructor Lucille Tjer- nagle, Helen Faye Primus, and Jackie Smith. Absent: William Zlelske 19 EllMl?NTAl2Y THE FOURTH GRADE BACK ROW: Nett1aVem Hove, Dwayne Kruse, Harold Rosburg, George Folkerts, James Sapp, and Laverne C-ast. MIDDLE ROW: James Potgeter, Cecelia Harms, Robert Cooper, Herbert Zim- merman, Jo Ann Johnson, and Alice Frerichs. FRONT ROW: Freddie Folkerts, Betty Woodley, Instructor Dorothy Eckel, Barbara. Sheldon, and Dorothy Chaney. W THE THIRD GRADE BACK ROW: Dale Stull, Ruth Hamblin, Jean Ruby, Dean Ruby,Mary Sa.pp,and. Ronald Harms. FRONT ROW: Kenneth Woodley, Rozanna Chaney, Instructor Dorothy Eckel, John Henry Primus, and Bernadene DeVr1es. Absent: John Kiger 20 IIEMENTAIPY THE SECOND GRADE BACK HOW: Joanne Persons, Bobby Finger, Arnold Freese, Bernadine Van Hove, andlllchard Rose. MIDDLE ROW: Betty Ellison, Janna Juchem, Audrey Filbrandt, and Paul Sapp. FRONT ROW: Ronald Deters, Donna Jean Cooper, Instructor Wilma Johnson, John Harms, and Francis Hamblin. Absent: Ernest Ulrich. THE FIRST GRADE BACK ROW: Jimmy Freerksen, Donald Finger, Carl Palfenier, W1ll1sPr1ske, and John Van Hove. MIDDLE ROW: Arlene Stull, Pauline Kiger, Harry George Cretin, Jane Don- nor, and Harold Freese. FRONT ROW: Janice Persons, Viola!-Iamblin, Instructor Wilma Johnson, Don- ald Schuneman, and Sharon Smith Absent: Louis Ulrich. 21 S N A PSHUTS .M . f ' , ' ff f V . X ' ' , X Q ' , b X, . t ig qgnfvb J- A . I .I K f F r , i 'ft' A t .Q .. -yy5,g5'v"f1f.tJ'e' ' If .V V ,.g,!,4,. f. X A K . ' -Q. ji K ,Q 'L ,, '- 4.2 I F my f lg. IQ. ' I W as M35 'A , ! . ' ' y lo t . V .swf 1. Mr. Sissel ready to direct. 2. Our janitor. 55. Roger halting traffic. 4. Junior slssiee. 5. Elmer typing annual. 6. Basses and drivers. 7. Son- ny posing. 8. Static Staff meeting deadline. 9. Merton withafar-away look. 10. Unusually studious assembly. ll. '7th ak 8th with teacher LeOra.. 22 'N - I A x gv 'N' xy s 14" f O 16 ' " v ,'N s 2 N Q. lv 2 'Q A N5 ACTIVITIES an I 'XE-X? X 13" - 5:29 Q L, 1 ' f ' H 0lD ISDH?- SENIOR STATI C STAFF BACK ROW: Harold Boyenga, Max Sharpshair, Russell Karsjens, Merton Snapp, and Elmer Gast FRONT ROW: Faye Schwitters, Ray Taylor, and Anna Mae Janssen. JUNIOR STATI C STAFF BACK ROW: Andy Ackerman, Ruth Bear, Norma Hartman, and Gerhardt Kramer. FRONT ROW: Dallas Gast, John Jaspers, a.ndMar,1ory Taylor. 24 Q- 1940 1939-40 STATIC STAFFS SENIOR STAFF Editor ........................ Ray Taylor Assistant Editor .... .. ....... Elmer Gast Ad Manager ........ .... Max Sharpshalr Joke Editor ...... ........ Merton Snapp Treasurer ...... .... Russell Karsjens Sports Editor ....... ..... Harold Boyenga News Manager ............. Faye Schwitters Circulation Manager ..... Anna Mae Janssen JUNIOR STAFF Ed1tor.... .................. John Jaspers Assistant Edltor ............. Dallas Gast Joke Editor .... ... .... Andy Ackerman Sports Editor ....... .......... Ruth Bear News Manager ............ ..Marjory Taylor Circulation Manager ........ Norma Hartman Cartocnist ............... Gerhardt Kramer STATIC HISTORY The idea of publishing a bi-weekly school paperixmthe Steamboat Rock Consolidated High School was first conceived and executed in 1933 by the typing class under the direction of Mr. Don Faris. A contest was held to select a suitable name for the paper. After much deliberation the name WStat1c' was selected. from the many entries and work on the first issue was begun. Henry Cramer was elected for the first editor of this new venture. Since they had very little e- quipment with which to work, the first issues could not compare to the present day publications. Someof the devices since acquired such as: letter guides, shading screens, stencillng plates, and improved styli have been responsible for this progress. The letter guides make possible symmetrical letters and figures which were otherwise made by hand thus saving considerable time and enabling a person to do neater work. Shading screens lend an artis- tic touch to various headings and advertisements. Stenciling plates aid considerably in producing fine, clear-cut stylus work. In l935thesuperv1s1ng dutlesweretaken over by Mr. Sergeant as Mr. Faris left for Wellsburg. One year later Mr. Kenneth Amsberry took over and has supervised the 'Station ever since. Each year the subscription list has increased until it hit a new high in '39 and '40 with one hundred and eighty-eight subscriptions. This wide circula- tion provides an attractive field for the advertisers of this paper. The 'Stat1c', published every two weeks, corresponds to the or- dinary small town newspaper. Many schools publish smaller editions but once a month. The 'Static' prides itself in offering advertising privileges to our merchants and school and community items of inter- est to our subscribers. In previous years the typing classes have lssuedthepaper. This year Journall nhasbeen introduced and the paper has been taken over by this class. 25 pw ww- BACK BOW: Roger Gsst,MaxSharpsha1r, Elmer Gast, Anna Mae Janssen, A1 vin Hundertmark, and Merton Snapp. FRONT ROW: Lorra1neDeVr1es,Haro1d Boyenga,Ray Tay1or,andFaye Schwit ters. THE OLD GOLD STAFF . .... .Ray Taylor Ed1tor.... ....... Business Manager.... ....Max Sharpshsir Anna Mae Janssen Assistant Business Managers ...... Alvin Hundertmark Activities Editor ..... ...... Herton Snapp Administration Editor .... ...Lorraine Devries Classes Editor ........ ...Faye Schwitters Athletics Editor .... .... Harold Boyenga Photograph Editor... . .... Roger Gast Typ1st........... .... .........E1mer Gast Faculty Advisor .... ...Supt. Kenneth E. Amsberry 26 l94lD W l sl GIRLS' GLEE CLUB BACK ROW: Meredith Baker, Freda Reiter, Marjory Taylor, Lucille Green, Ruth Bear, Lorraine DeVr1es, Louise Finger, Betty Van Dornum, and Dorothy Freese. MIDDLE ROW: Director Lucille Conzett, Jean Folkerts, LeOra Platte, Frances Gast, Shirley Frerichs, Ruth Primus, Norma Hartman, and Iri s Snapp. FRONT ROW: Faye Schwitters, Charlena Johnson, Anna Mae Janssen, Lois Jaspers, Marjorie Bolar, and Pauline Snapp. BOYS' GLEE CLUB BACK ROW: Dallas Gast, Andy Ackerman, Daniel Lahm, Lester Karsjens, Jim Sharpshair, Alfrednlanesen, Gerhardt Kramer, and.Robert Eilers. MIDDLE ROW: Roger Gast, John Jaspers,Max:Sharpsha1r, Ray Taylor, Clif- ford Readout, and Ray Folkerts. FRONT ROW: Alvin Hundertmark, Merton Snapp, Director Katie Walsh, Har- old Boyenga, and Elmer Gast 27 Ulll l30llD- Cornets: Andy Ackerman Ruth Bear George Finger Dean Folkerts Dallas Gast Lois Jaspers Russell KarsJens Eugene McCaw Ray Taylor Clarinets: Meredith Baker Lorraine DeVr1es Louise Finger Lucille Green Marlys Meints Ruth McCaw Ruth Primus THE CONCERT BAND Basses: Faye Schwitters Vivian Taylor Percussion: Merle Bolar Roger Gast Alvin Hundertmark Junior Persons D1 ck Sharpshai r Saxophones: Marjorie Bolar Lucida Boyenga Marjory Taylor Piccolo: Arlene Kramer Mellophonesz Jean Folkerts Margaret Gurganus Paul Primus Richard Rnppelt Trombones: William Daleske Robert Eilers Lester Karsjens Freda Reiter Glenn Taylor Baritonesz Marvin Cooper Frances Gast John Jaspers Director: Harold Sissel Richard Ruppelt and Arlene Kramer were absent when the picture was taken. The Concert Band was given a rating of excel- lent in the State Preliminary Music Contest at Web- ster Clty in April. Soloists were: baritone, John Jaspersg clari- net, Meredith Bakerg piccolo, Arlene Kramerg trom- bone, Robert Eilersg and tuba, Faye Schwitters. 28 1940 Faye Schwitters Lorraine Devries Merle Bolar Ray Taylor John Jaspers Marjory Taylor Ruth McCaw Louise Finger Ruth Hundertmark Dallas Gast Margaret Gurganus Lester Karsjens THE MARCHING BAND Lucille Green Meredith Baker Dick Sharpshair Russell Karsjens Jean Folkerts Glenn Taylor Ruth Bear Dean Folkerts George Finger Marvin Cooper William Daleske Drum Major: Roger Gast Ruth Primus Alvin Hundertmark Andy Ackerman Robert Eilers Freda Reiter Vivian Taylor Marlys Meints Junior Persons Lois Jaspers Frances Gast Marjorie Bolar Twirlers: Hugnie Carroll and LeOra Platte Richard Ruppelt and Arlene Kramer were absent when the picture was taken The Marching Band was three at the State Marching Contestatlowa Falls last fall. 29 0lD l30lD I 940 CAST OF CHARACTERS llsaii Peg Sothern.. ........ ...LeOra Platts Link Forester ............. Elmer Gast Mrs. Chilton ........ Lorraine DeVr1es Florence Chilton ..... Faye Schwitters Sue Chilton ............ Nonma Hartman Calvin Chilton... ...... Merton Snapp The Senior Class Play NMOUNTAIN MUMPSU nMounta1n Mumpsn was selected as the Senior Class Play and was presented under the direction of Miss Dorothy Barker during the first part of May. The play dealt with the plight of the aristocratic Chilton fam- ily when they found that they were faced with financial ruin and the transformation which took place when Patsy Sothern, a victim of mis- taken identity, arrived and was immediately forced to take charge of the wayward Chiltons and their mixed up affairs. To further compli- cate matters the whole Chilton household was placed under quarantine when they became afflicted with. a strange disease called Umountain mumpsu. Clever lines, romance, adventure and a happy ending char- acterized UMountain Mumpsu. CAST OF CHARACTERS The Junior Class Play UHUCKLEBERRY FINNW On November 29 the Junior Class presented the p1ay,nHuckleberry Finnn, to a large and appreciative audience. The playwasdirected by Miss Dorothy Barker and turned out to be a splendid success. UHuck1eberry Finnn concerned the problems which confronted the rogulsh uHuckN and his fun-loving pal, Tom Sawyer. A11 of the boyish pranks of these UDamon and Pythiasn companions were portrayed with a fine sense of theatrical value. uHuckleberry Finnu was a thoroughly modern play packed with laughs and clean, wholesome entertainment. 50 Timothy Hegan....... .... ..Ray Taylor Kerry Regan. ...... .Alvin Hundertmark Mrs. Shotts... ...Anna Mae Janssen Lida Shotts... ..... Luella Eilders Dr. Miller .... ...Russell Karsjens Homer Riggs... ........ Roger Gast .I t Huck Finn ............... Robert Klatt Tom Sawyer. .............. Dallas Gast John Finn ............... John Jaspers Aunt Polly Watson ..... Marjory Taylor Mary Jane .................. Bmth Bear Fred Raymond ......... Andrew Ackerman Clara Woppinger... .... Freda Reiter Amy Woppinger .... ..... Pearl Eilders Ruth Watson .... ...... Lois Jaspers Melba White .... ...Charlena Johnson G 2 N , TIIILETKS ow sow- BACK ROW: Coach Kenneth E. Amsberryg Andy Ackerman,forwardgMax Sharp- shair, guard, Merton Snapp,guardgJohn Jaspers, guardgJun1orPer- sons, forward, and Russell Karsjens, student manager. FRONT ROW: Roger Gast,guardg Alvin Hundertmark,guard3 Elmer Gast, cen- terg Harold Boyenga, forwardg Ray Taylor, forward, and Jim Sharp- shair, forward. BOYS' BASKETBALL SEASON'S RECORD 19 Steamboat Rock Wellsburg Steamboat Rock 27..Iowa Falls HBH 15 Steamboat Rock ..Hubbard Steamboat Rock 38..New Providence 19 Steamboat Rock .... Alden Steamboat Rock 5O..Iowa Falls NAU 52 Steamboat Rock Radcliffe TOURNAMENTS Steamboat Rock ...... Alden HARDIN COUNTY TOURNAMENT AT RADCLI FFE Steamboat Rock .... Union Steamboat Rock 22 ........... Owasa 21 Steamboat Rock ...... Owasa Steamboat Rock 35 ........... Alden 25 Steamboat Rock .... Whitten Steamboat Rock 24 ......... Hubbard 27 Steamboat Rock ...... Union SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT AT IOWA FALLS Steamboat Rock ...... Owasa Steamboat Rock 50 ......... ..Owasa 25 Steamboat Rock Wellsburg Steamboat Rock 26 ......... Whitten 29 The Pirates had a season's The Steamboat Rock boys' basketball team ended their season March lst with a record of twelve victories and seven defeats. They won sec- ond placein the Hardin County Tournament, fourth placeixlthe Pine Lake Conference, captured four consecutive decisions from their most bitter r1val,Owasa,and took both contests from another b1tterfoe,We1lsburg. scoring average of twenty-nine points comparedtoopponents' twenty-two NAU, gotasmany as thirty points team, Whitten, a state finalist, An innovation whidutheboys captain, They chose a different average. Onlyoneopponent, Iowa Falls in a single game and only one Class B defeated the Bucs. lnauguratedwasthe selection of their leader for each game and Elmer Gast, lax Sharpshair, Roger Gast, Alvin Hundertmark, Ray Taylor and Harold Boyenga were game captains for one or more contests during the year. Major letter-winners included Harold Boyenga, Roger Gast, Elmer Gast, Ray Taylor, Alvin sHundertmark, Jim Sharpshair, Max Sharpshair, Merton Snapp and Andy Ackerman. Numerals went to John Jaspers, Junior Persons and Merle Bolar. Russell Karsjens received a manager's letter. 52 1940 BACK ROW: Coach Lucille Conzettg Frances Gast,forwardgMered1th samer, guard, Anna Mae Janssen, guard, Lucille Green, forwardg Marjory Taylor, guard, and LeOra Platts, student manager. FRONT ROW: Ruth Hundertmark, guard, Lois Jaspers,guardgCharlena John- son, forward, Maurice Gast, mascot, Pearl Ellders, guandgRuth Bear, forward, and Norma Hartman, guard. Captain and forward Arlene Kramer, inset, was not includedixlthe group picture as she was 111 the day the picture was taken. GIRLS' BASKETBALL SEASON'S RECORD Steamboat Rock Wellsburg Steamboat Rock 14 ....... Wellsburg 36 Steamboat Rock .... Hubbard Steamboat Rock 29..New Providence 19 Steamboat Rock ...... Alden HARDIN COUNTY TOURNAMENT AT UNION Steamboat Rock ..Radcl1ffe Steamboat Rock 25 ........... Owasa 25 Steamboat Rock ...... Alden SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT AT NEW PROVIDENCE Steamboat Rock ...... Union Steamboat Rook 28 ........... Union ll Steamboat Rock ...... Owasa Steamboat Rock 22..New Providence 21 Steamboat Rock ..Wh1tten Steamboat Rock 28 ......... Hubbard 51 Steamboat Rock ...... Union DISTRICT TOURNAMENT .AT IOWA FALLS Steamboat Rock ...... Owasa Steamboat Rock 20 .... ...Wellsburg 52 After losing four consecutive games and tying one with a compara- tively inexperienced team, the Steamboat girls pushed into the winning column immediately after the Christmas holidays and triumphed in eight of their remaining thirteen contests. They lostbut two one-sided games after the Christmas vacation and were a definite threat to every other team they met. After losing their first county tournament game they won second place in the Sectional Tournament and then lost their first District game to Wellsburg to end the season. The season's record of the girls after losing the District game stoodat seven victories, nine defeats and one tie. The 1959-40 basketball team consisted of one Senior, two Juniors, four Sophomores,and five Freshmen. Those who won major letters are: Captain Arlene Kramer, Charlena Johnson, Rutk1Bear, Norma Hartman, Ruth Hundertmark, and Pearl Eilders. Numeral awards went to Lois Jaspers, Lucille Green, Frances Gast, and Meredith Baker. 55 ew cow- -rg , A fi. O A to ttst BASEBALL BACK ROW: John Jaspers, outfielderg Jim Sharpshair, outflelderg Coach Kenneth E. Amsberryg Ray Taylor, outflelderg Ernest Luiken, in- fielderg and Dallas Gast, outfielder. FRONT ROW: Andy Ackerman, infielderg Harold Boyenga, infielderg Cap- tain Elmer Gast, infielderg Alvin Hundertmark, catcherg Merton Snapp, lnflelderg and Roger Gast, pitcher. JUNIOR H GH BASKETBALL BACK ROW: Robert Eilers, forwardg Bennie Juchem, centerg Captain Merle Bolar, forwardg Ralph Harms, centerg Amos Kolthoff, guardg and Billy Daleske, guard. FRONT ROW: Maurice Gast, forwardg Marvin Cooper, guardg Coach Elmer Gastg Donald Persons, forwardg and Russell Gast, forward. 54 1940 ALUMNI DIRECTORY KClass of 18963 Ethel Flnster - Girls' Normal Training School - Ashev1lle,North John Ernest Millslagle - 1378 24th St. - Des Moines Carolina Fred W. Passmore - Durant fClass of 18975 Dr. J. Willard Caldwell - Steamboat Rock fClass of 18985 Helen Neessen - Mrs. Joe Schachtlle - Wellsburg Maude F. Shelton - 1019 71st St. - Kenosha, Wisconsin Mabel Sterns - Mrs. J. W. Brandt - 1532 San Pascual, Santa Barbara, Ada Nason - Address Unknown California KClass of 18993 Ernest B. Johnston - Steamboat Rock Mary Neessen - Mrs. George Meier - 318 H Ave. - Grundy Center Ole De Weert - Beloit College - Beloit, Wisconsin Ethel Nason - Address Unknown CClass of 1900! Jennie Sharoshalr - Mrs. John Lawless - R.F'.D. ifl - Eldora Herbert Struck - R.F'.D. flfl - Eldora Paul Tracy - Address Unknown fClass of 19013 fThe Twentieth Century Classb Lottie Cartwright - 201 N. Center St. - Marshalltown Clella L. Finster - Normal Training School - Glassboro, New Jersey Lona Gearhart - Mrs. Lona Bridgens - 128 N. Clinton St. - Iowa City Mabel Gearhart - Mrs. A. E. Bobst - Schenectady, New York Zella Haley - Mrs. Charlie Lynk - Z P.0. - Vinton Frank Sterns - 5315 Hickman Rd. - Des Moines Endora Wickham - Mrs. Harry Greenlief -918 4th Ave. No. - Ft. Dodge Fred Wyatt - 5162 Wlndemere Ave. - Eagle Grove, California Estella Nason - Address Unknown Z Rev. Francis 0. Wyatt KClass of 19025 No information regarding the class of this year. CC1ass of 1903! John Luiken - 4026 Clairmont Ave. - Birmingham, Alabama Minnie Shutte - Mrs. Arthur E. Weverstad - Vivian, South Dakota fClass of 19047 Belief is that there was no class this year. CClass of 19057 Hattie Green - Mrs. T. J. Eilers - Steamboat Rock Jennie Potgieter - Mrs. A. J. Burgess - Duvall, Washington Rachael Wickham - Mrs. Howard Perkins - Steamboat Rock lClass of 19065 Roy Finster - R.F'.D. flf2 - Eldora Bessie Hoyt - Mrs. Earl Platts - Steamboat Rock Louise Potgieter - Mrs. Ole Mathison - 313 J. Avenue - Nevada Sophia Potgieter - Ch11dren's Hospital - Iowa City KClass of 19075 Anna Dolman - Mrs. Charlie Schuck - Relnbeck Elizabeth Grieves - Mrs. Gene Dupertlus - Atascadevo, California CClass of 1908? Florence Flnster - lll W. State St. - Marshalltown Fay Greenllef - Mrs. Fay G. Adey - Oakdale Jack Lamphricht - Jack Lambert - 223 So. Duluth Ave. - Sioux Falls, John Potgeter - Eagle Grove South Dakota Georgia Morse - Mrs. Walter Dyer - Red Bud, Illinois Edward Rupnelt - Grundy Center Ben Wickham - R.F.D. - Iowa Falls 55 gun sow- - CClass of 19095 1. Bessie Briggs - Mrs. Ben Jaspers - Steamboat Rock 2. Lulu A. Cartwright - Mrs. Webb Folkerts - Steamboat Rock 3. Earl Neessen - Tipton 4. Carrie E. Campbell - Mrs. Roy Sabin - R.F.D. - Soencer, New York KClass of 19105 1. J. Weller Grleves - 5345 Second St. - Webster City 2. Vera Hamp - Mrs. Vera Hasey - 4428 W. 60th St. - Los Angeles, 3. Ona Williams - Mrs. Ray Cartwright - Van Meter California 4. Helen Luiken - Mrs. Henry Eckhoff - Steamboat Rock g 5. Lucy Morse - Mrs. Ora Mudd - 4607 Red River St. - Austin, Texas 6. Fannie Potgeter - Iowa State College - Ames and Steamboat Rock CClass of 19115 1. Beth Northrun - Mrs. Jack Carmen - Milwaukee, Oregon 2. Pearl Williams - Mrs. Floyd Heard - R.F.D. - Lyle, Minnesota KClass of 19125 1. Gertrude Hartman - Mrs. Clarence Nlpper - Steamboat Rock 2. Martha Potgeter - University of Hawaii - Honolulu, Hawaii 3. Ralph Marks - 1005 Locust - Dubuque lC1ass of 19135 1. Ben Jaspers - Steamboat Rock KClass of 19145 l. Dora Pence - CSchool Address5: 716 Benton Street - Boone KI-Iome Address5: Mason City 2. Elizabeth Rainsbarger - Mrs. J. E. Howell - 3221 Illinois Ave. - Fresno, California 3. Susie Santan - Mrs. Phil Ruppelt - Steamboat Rock CClass of 19155 No Class CClass of 19165 l. Eva Cartwright - Mrs. Bert Miller - Albert Lea, Minnesota KClass of 19175 No Class CClass of 19185 l. Arthur Lang - Ladora 2. Edna Moore - Mrs. Wesley Burton - 910 Pacific Ave. - Kansas City, Missouri CClass of 19195 l. Carl Ruppelt - Fed, Kentucky CClass of 19205 l. Cathryn Cramer - 227 W. Sanborn - Winona, Minnesota 2. Lydia Kruse - Mrs. George Potgeter - Steamboat Rock 3. Josephine Morse - Mrs. Sydney Grint - Sargent, Nebraska lClass of 19215 l. Beatrice Albright - Mrs. Fred Draper - R. F. D. - Grundy Center 2. Bernice Albright - Mrs. Bernice Albright Reist - R.F.D. - Eldora 3. Cloyd Lamb - 1207 14th St. - Eldora QClass of 19225 1. Elspeth CEso1e5 Burns - Mrs. Ernie Branstetter - La Port City 2. John Harms - 123 North Manle - Ames 3. Esther Kruse - 1412 Glenarm - Denver, Colorado 4. Charles MacDonald - Rev. C. R. MacDonald - 6732 W. 51st St. - Berwyn, Illinois lClass of 19235 1. Helen Baker - Mrs. Helen Garn - General Delivery - Bolivar, Missouri 2. Fern Griffith - Mrs. Leslie Freerksen - 714 West Nevada St. - Marshalltown 56 ' l94D 3. Trena Christians - Mrs. Harold Lulken - Steamboat Rock 4. Abraham H. Jaspers - Steamboat Rock 5. Wesley Fredrlckson - No Dermanent address - 1 Frank Fredrickson - 6. Harry Johnson - Elgin Steamboat Rock 7. Ben Morse - Williston, North Dakota 8. Ruth Gardner - Mrs. John Eilers, Jr. - Clarion 9. Marie fErmaJ Sharpshalr - Mrs. Wm. Hornung - Iowa Falls CC1ass of 19241 . Robert Baker - 1633 E. Ave. NE. - Cedar Rapids . Sarah Bear - Mrs. John Miller, Jr. - Eldora 3. Hattie DeVr1es - North Taylor Ave. - Iowa Falls 4. Loretta Rupnelt - 1622 Wash. Ave. - Parsons, Kansas 5. Ethel Smith - Mrs. Jack Brady - Albion CClass of 19257 1. Mildred Dunn - Mrs. Waldo Lepper - Radcliffe 2. Lena Eckhoff - Mrs. Carl Krause - Eldora 3. Anna Folkerts - Mrs. Erastus J. Akers - Hampton 4. Lucy Grleves - Mrs. Henry Janssen - Wellsburg 5. Pearl Griffith - Mrs, John Carter - SOBQ S. 6th St. - Marshalltown 6 7 B 9 1 2 . Verena Huehn - Z Donnelly Corp. - Nevada . Anthony Lulken - Steamboat Rock . Alice Potgeter - Mrs. Emil Bolzhauser - Mitchell, South Dakota . Ruth Schwltters - Mrs. Pete Plstocco - Elmdals, Montana 10. Dallas Walters - 220 Randolnh - Waterloo ll. Myrtle Walters - Mrs. Myrtle Russell - 455 Sc. Hudson Ave. - Pasadena, California KC1ass of 1926 1. Miriam Baker - 112 N. 32nd Ave. - Omaha, Nebraska 2. Floyd Burns - 110 East Sth St. - Waterloo 3. Beatrice Cramer - Steamboat Rock 4. Anna Eckhoff - Mrs. Dallas Walters - 220 Randolph - Waterloo 5. Flossie Fredrlckson - Mrs. John Lund - Paso Robles, California 6. Jurn Frerichs - Marks Apartments - Edg. Ave. - Eldora 7. Murray Grleves - No permanent address - Steamboat Rook 8. Martha Kruse - Mrs. James Ruter - R.F.D. - Aokley 9. Orville Lamb - 1442 12th St. - Eldora 10. Harriet Ruppelt - Mrs. Robert Meeker - 948 So. 22nd St. - Fort Dodge 11. Mabel Walters - Mrs. Mabel Smith - 214 E. Bth St. - Waterloo 12. Walter Morse - Albion I KC1ass of 19273 . John L. Cramer - Steamboat Rock . Marie Folkerts - Steamboat Rock . Russell W. Holmes - Steamboat Rock . Alvin J. Sohwitters - P.O. Box 115 - Lewistown, Illinois KC1ass of 19285 1. Marie Baker - Mrs. Floyd Hoover - 2153 Lafayette St. - Waterloo . Edna Burns - Mrs. Charles Bartlne - 110 E. Bth St. - Waterloo . Helen DeVr1es - Mrs. Dan Wenrloh - 2896 Elim Ave. - Zion, Illinois 4. Ernest Eckhoff - 126 Lawn St. - Dayton, Ohio 5. Elizabeth Folkerts - Mrs. Louis Muller - Victor 6. Willard Hartman - R.F.D. - Iowa Falls 7 8 1 2 3 4 2 3 . Tolleta Huehn - 2005 Bridgeport - Spokane, Washington . Thelma Jensen - Mrs. Archie Seagren - Curlew 9. Harold Penelerick - Steamboat Rook 10. Elizabeth Ruppelt - Mrs. A. C. Johnson - 455 So. Garfield St. - Pocatello, Idaho ll. Carl Sentman - Rev. Carl Sentman - 224 S. State St. - Mason City 12. Minnie Prulener - Steamboat Rook 57 g.Dww-- - - - 1 2 3. 4. 5. 6. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 6. 9. 10. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 1 2 3 4. 5 6 7 8. 9. 10. 11. 0 1 0 1 2 3 4. 5 6 7 8. 9 1 6. 11. Q o e 1 2 3 4. 5. 6. 7. 8 lClass of 19295 Maxine Baker - Mrs. Russell W. Holmes - Steamboat Rock Esther Folkerts - Mrs. Leo Daleske - Steamboat Rock Vivian Hartman - Mrs. Donald Zatechka - 1801 Summit - Marshalltown Darrell Jensen - 1506 7th Ave. - Eldora Foy Lamb - Mrs. Oliver Smith - Grinnell Paul Schwitters - 1308 57th St. - Des Moines lC1ass of 1930? Lewis W. Cramer - Lake Mills Carl DeVr1es - Steamboat Rock Grace Devrles - North Taylor Ave. - Iowa Falls Thelma Ellison - Mrs. Bob Warren - 5 P.O. - Marshalltown Leota Johnson - Mrs. Mlnert DeVr1es - Steamboat Rock Harry Lulken - Steamboat Rock Vera Prulsner - Steamboat Rock Eleanor Ruby - Motor Inn Garage - Marshalltown Dorothy Sharpshalr - Mrs. Bernard Kuhlman - Hubbard Frank Smith - Lytton CClass of 19311 Roberta F. Caldwell - Mrs. John L. Cramer - Steamboat Rock Lucille Doyle - Mrs. Helge Pierson - Steamboat Rook Louis Johnson - 124 N. Albany Apt. 402 - Chicago, Illinois Elwin Penelerick - Yokama, Washington Catherine Reiter - Mrs. Edward Berends - Steamboat Rock Elmer Linn Ruby, Jr. - Steamboat Rock Robert Ruppelt - Steamboat Rock CClass of 19327 Esther Baker - Mrs. J. L. Reese - 1827 Sunset - Apt. 30 - Louise Eilers - Steamboat Rock Los Angeles, California Harriet Eilers - Mrs. Harry Luiken - Steamboat Rock Arlene Freerksen - Mrs. Hlbbard Moore - Ackley Meta Mae Gellhorn - Mrs. Hollis Havens - Steamboat Rock Helen Johnson - Steamboat Rock Frances Rotgers - Mrs. Elmer Finger - R.F.D. Q2 - Eldora Bertha Ellen Schwitters - Mrs. Louis Johnson - 124 N. Albany - Apt. 402 - Chicago, Illinois Daniel Schwltters - 712 Wash. St. - Eldora David Schwitters - Steamboat Rock - Cla. St. College, Amesl Fanny Wilts - Mrs. Edgar Ohling - Wellsburg CClass of 1933! Edward Eokhoff - Steamboat Rock Joe Hightower - 2033 West 10th St. - Des Moines Louise Johnson - Mrs. Robert McKillip - Wolcott, Indiana Adele Johnston - 208 llth St. - Apt. 33 - Des Moines Helen Kramer - Mrs. Wendel Luiken - Steamboat Rook Henry Luiken - Steamboat Rock Lyle Luiken - Steamboat Rock Mabel Meeker - Mrs. Wencil Fleider - S Waterloo Fire Dept. - Waterloo Mabel Peneleriok - Mrs. Fred W. Crosser - R.F.D. - Eldora Virginia Ruppelt - S Deaconess Hospital - Marshalltown Savllla Tietz - Steamboat Rock KClass of 19341 Louise Berende - Steamboat Rook Henry Cramer - Steamboat Rook - fla. St. College, Ames! Ordle Eckhoff - Steamboat Rock Lucille Eilers - Steamboat Rock Hollis Havens - U.S.S. Memphis - San Diego, California Harold Johnson - Steamboat Rock Carl Luiken - Steamboat Rock Maxine Monroe - Mrs. Bernard Trout - R.F.D. - Eldora 58 9. 10 11 12 13 1 2 5. 4. 5. 6 1 2 5 4 5 6 7 8 9. 10 11 12 13 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 1 2 5 4. 5. 6. 7. 8 o 1 2 3 4. 5. 6. 7. 8 9. 10. 11 12: 1940 John Pierson - R.E.D. - Eldora Ina Platte - Mrs. Elwood Church - 104 S. 7th Ave. - Marshalltown L. Vincent Platts - Steamboat Rock Helen Trittien - Mrs. Herbert Maronn - R.F.D. - Eldora Alice Wickham - Mrs. Paul Behn - Sheffield CClass of 19359 Elizabeth Eokhoff - Steamboat Rock George Eilers - 153 Institute Place - Chicago, Illinois John Havens - 91 Chestnut St. - Manchester, Connecticut Ruth Kramer - Mrs. Louis Moon - 220i West Fairview - Tulsa, Oklahoma Helen Primus - Mrs. Emery Riekena - Wellsburg C. William Tholen - Steamboat Rock fClass of 19367 Roberta Eokhoff - Oak Crest Hotel - 1570 Oak Ave. - Evanston, Ruth Ellers - Steamboat Rock Illinois Pearl M. Ellison - Mrs. Eanneus Egyabroad - 301 N. Center St. - Evelyn Johnson - West Union Marshalltown Richard Green - 16th Medical Regiment - Co. H - Ft. Devens, Royce Gilbertson - Steamboat Rock Massachuseetts Margaret Johnson - Steamboat Rock Melvin Perkins - Steamboat Rock Angeline Ross - Steamboat Rock - CDrake University, Des Moinesj Frances Smith - Steamboat Rock Lydia Swyter - 20 S. llth St. - Minneapolis, Minnesota Lorraine Taylor - Meservey Eloise Beamsley - Mrs. Lyle Harvey - 1840 Forest Ave. - Waterloo lClass of 1937! Dorothy Deschamp - Mrs. Wayne Bartholemew - Conrad Pauline Eckhoff - Steamboat Rock Raymond Eilders - Steamboat Rock Roselle Eilders - Mrs. Clarence Peters - Ackley John Hoffman, Jr. - Steamboat Rock Paul Kruse - Steamboat Rock Clara Mason - 1402 6th Ave. - Eldora Fallis Morse - Middle Grove, Illinois Finley Morse - Middle Grove, Illinois Mae Sharpshair - Mrs. Elvin Penelerick - Yokama, Washington lClaes of 19581 Raymond Boyenga - 515 E. 2nd St. - Waterloo MarJor1e Eckhoff - Steamboat Rock Arlene Huehn - R.F.D. - Eldora Verna Juttlng - Mrs. Edgar Hinshaw - New Providence Louise Luiken - Steamboat Rock Verna Lulken - Steamboat Rock Warren Vietor - Manly Roland Zissler - Steamboat Rock KDrake University, Des Moinesl KClass of 19391 Leon Bolar - 803 S. 3rd St. - Marshalltown Nellie Doolaard - Steamboat Rock Luella Folkerts - Steamboat Rock Merle Groff - Steamboat Rock Grace Hoffman - Steamboat Rock Alvin Jaspers - Steamboat Rook - CDubuque University, Dubuque? Betty Moore - Ackley Connie Persons - Mrs. Don Wier - Story City 6 Steamboat Rock Claus Primus - Steamboat Rock Phyllis Ruppelt - Steamboat Rock - Orville Wllts - Steamboat Rock Hazel Weatherman - R.F.D. - Iowa Cla. State Teachers College - Cedar Falls! Falls 59 ow ww I 940 BOOSTERS' PAGE The OLD GOLD Staff wishes to thank the following business and pro- fessional men who have cooperated so splendidly in the publication of our annual. STEAMBOAT ROCK RUSSELL W. HOLMES RUPPELT'S CITY MEAT MARKET HARRY WILLIAMS ki Service Drug Store Truc ng RAY KARSJENS GEO. POTGETER CO. Standard O11 Service HARTMAN DAIRY UBBE PETERS A. H. KRUSE O. K. HARTMAN Cafe Dealer in All Kinds of Crane Dealer Livestock BEN JOHNSON LUIKEN HARDWARE CO. Groceries 8: Dry Goods CARL FREESE Farm Bureau Service EILER'S STORE HARMS HATCHERY CENTRAL IOWA TELEPHONE CO. LUIKEN AUTO CO. ED BAUM General Trucking FARMERS COOPERATIVE CREAMERY L. G. JOHNSON ELDORA HARDIN COUNTY INDEX SERVICE PRINTING CO. Eldora Doctors: 'The Newspaper With The Sports" HOWARD L. ELZIG DR. D. M. NYQUIST Fish 8: General Trucking Eldora Dentists: DR. C. G. BISHOP CENTRAL STATES ELECTRIC CO. DR. A. W. ADAMS DR. J. W. JANSONIUE ANDRLE E CREPS DR. J. W. SCHLAMPP Funeral Home 8. Furniture DR. R. E. GRAY DR. A. H. HERRALD DR. R, R. GBIFFEL DR. V. S. TODD Veterinarian DR. E. W. BURKE DR. W. I-I. VAN TIGER ADAMS PHOTOGRAPI-IIC STUDIO DR. H. W. STONEBROOK DR. NORMAN KUNATH BOWMAN'S BILLIARD PARLOR Optometrist ELDORA GREENHOUSE DOC' S RECREATION PARLOUR DR. L. R. BOLI ELITE BEAUTY PARLOR Chiropractor VILMONT 6: LONGENECKER ' FRED EDGAR Funeral Home du Furniture A. W. .SCHULTZ Jewelry as Music Plumbinga: Heating GUY BROWN ELDORA HERALD LEDGER Dry Cleaning llcVEETY'S CLEANING 'South Hardin County' s SERVICE Leading Newspaper' ELDORA LAWYERS Phone 200 OTHERS HAGER FLORAL CO. DICK RIEKENA SNOOK WITWER GROCERY DUPONT Union Standard Oil THE CLEANER CLIFE BEVERAGE PHOTOGRAPHIC Russell W. Holmes Service Iowa Falls Co,j STUDIQ Local Agent Wellsburg Iowa Mu-ghgltom lgtgrlgq WLERQRI 40 X I ,.,,,,,..,?.....-, ,,....,,..-mu- -----,---W-2,----v--L--g--f-:Lf-v1--1-:-vi:---wr---'J-W'-Y:::''- "W " 1 -4' - '--nigh W T

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Steamboat Rock High School - Old Gold Yearbook (Steamboat Rock, IA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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