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Staunton Military Academy - Shrapnel Yearbook (Staunton, VA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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QI' xxx l' .4 IQJI3 9 SHRAPNEL 1 S 1' Qu.. 'ku' ""' Al .411 aa, 1939 HRAPNE 5 -1-Q... W llni-f-- .rw ci Q 111 gli!" Annual Publzkatzbn of the Senzbr Clan of Staunton Mzlztafy dcadenzy Staunton , Wkgznza 'X-r Q EFACE IN the following pages we shall try to present to you as much as we can of ourselves, the Staunton Military Academy Cadet Corps of l938-I939. You will see the formal side of student doings, and something also. we believe. of our less guarded moments. We hope that the picture will be a true and worth while one to preserve for many years the pleasant and profitable achievements and events of one year of cadet life 0lfLidLlfLI:lfL? ACADEMY CLASSES - MILITARY - ACTIVITIES - ATHLETICS FEATURES O Captam joe Taylor because of hrs loyalty to hrs school his clevotlon to hrs slncerely offer thls annual To that respect ancl admxratxon whxch hls character and abll mes mspxre we add a ws armer feelmg of true affectlon and are proud to call hrm frxencl JQ"..Q",Q".,ELf.46" cluties, and his helpfulness to "his boys," we ftmqa X .N X I' f'-'3X5,PS J 715 !f"" ,llkhxx 1, aw , Q' 1' X ' fir ll N 3:10, X I 0 j X J x ff' f ' f' ' 14224, , ' 4? ,cj 5215154 I If v,,f,g, 's X I J aww r Ya, f M l ' I l X .ix SNA? MMA!! 1 j , 1" ""?' N QSM 3' ' ' fiexw H W.. , U 'O I 80.0 9'Q"s'o9 av VU "H W' O vo 'ygg XNQJQS . y ' s' 3 5 09' n: N Hfh , ogg mb 2.95" ' fl, .' ' ' NWWQ, fb' ' 'NVQ' ax'-I:."l:f:!:l:. 1 N' NW 5' 1? sv' .0 0 5 q'n,a.a u Q 0 Ig ,X I nl Mn " 59,w:.:.Q: Adgigilnl 111104, Wx wiper Q 4 5 Os Vim F :QQ s. 2,45 , ' 5' Off Q I sa ' . , I '. H 'Sl--'nf .. wvm .w X ' Qs 'up '-ie.. v 'ga 1 M rms . O. ee, 5lqL5'.'::: E v , l , WWW 1 we?.Z"i:":.59 0 -rw ,aw ' 0 r 0' O , Al 30.09, '.a ,' QI' A 5 'fo " I 9500 H 9 I ff 3 x ' 3' "' 4 ' 'Vow' 1 X NW NMR 1 4 'NWN ' 0 A' 1' a M948 Oo Av mpg. , in NK S ll N ,X f mem-n Aww 444 a fam nel a z 2' JU'.B'.,Q"JG'.H.,Q',Q',J.4U5B'..8.5.H.,Q'J6.6U6'..UB'.-Q'JQ' -if , .. ma ,g5N y Y r . f- ,Ill X ' ' "' 1 .L ,fhifmg I f 'r1lI fl l 5. bf-l X . - 1 I 7 ! ffyffjmx - ' ' ff ' .. hir: I' 7 . ,, K ff , I' I Qgffg, 1 mf ' . xl' j Q, i . if , A V, ' fi P- 2 . -J' fifff , V., 1- "l . . 46,0 4. . lip ,fa ., M 1 fam., V egg, . , X J ,I fffggwfd 'Wx , f- -.f 'Q ,mff f ' ' ' lu: 'if 'f'Pf.5:fLf,-ffl.. ff! ' j 'H I, :q -.'- 1.5 - '77 . ?- , W 4 . . ,In N. Q , Q 10 .,I Q ,- , , .,?,wfe: :il M, , . ff Y Q .vsqi f j In 1' "li", Q. .A .' . 1- f- gc f w-., . ' .5 ' vi-27'3""!+?fv:f, ' .L l J z,.,z,l shag .N . ily . ifftj 'fled dX4.,".,. . if , 1-0" - . . ' -an-:-if' A4 - . . 0 swf'-" - . f I - u - Q s 1 ' A I Q 'I' I sys N'+:,f . . 4. x'X:,p:',l::N,s', Z V . L4.'S:d.':v Y. H gift.. E x W "'45.il4--ar'-:Sis X H I nv- :I O "V,'x.0 o .X ,F 9.00090 5, 15,5 .15 pl mx It 'I iq' ', spa.. , -ff' xfn Q . 6 ' Q' . U - ' 31 ' .J 9' A Vs: 'f :QQ .S ' . ' OQN 'Q 'P A 'Q Af-N . - ' if 9950.059 - M . 'wh W' . fa -' ' 4 ':,z'4-'f " , Q M - f :.- .. ,-- 2 M f Qfv . ' '05 ' 0 X a-: ."N:!-iii 74' P Q N ' ' 'Q ' .. XOQQQ :H l.'l 'Y I x . 09 O Q ...Q gn g. hoo 4 W Q. . , 12 90" 9 'S '+- ' "2" HN- H 0 0 M ,W 4 v X ' ' 9 S513 1. E.if4:.fE ..- forex' In wh' Af' ' . JN- ' ' 1- v .fs ' M' -Q-, N O Q. Q .a5!,.:.i, O f so ,M 3.,5Sg,,'lQ.:. my if 'IMO I , Y 'Q -. 4'1i'i"1'fP I Me" f "V, U' W .W 1, fi - ' ' O O f ' Z' A Ng" Nts' .13 ' 'W' any X ' AQ .494 ax . - 0 C ' I X4 ! CQ , ' f.mfi.,, LQ "1,., " K .1115-,RE EN It ,Mx K .A Q H l'D :Lv I 1 J ,I bl ROCK UNB W We null our youth lead on 555.655 iv hrgher fields .EAU sHAxEsPrzARs fHENRY IV, ACADEMY N our search for the important truths about this year's corps we present to you first the sincere and competent men who have been our friencls and advisers, the men whose influence upon our characters has been as important as their training of our minds ",Q".,+Q'ZE9," .,6"J92".,Q"..Q" ,4Qf',Q' Superintendent COLO EL EMORY j Mmooun OLONEL MIDDOUR was born at Qumcy Pennsylvania uly 4 l890 educated at Pennsylvania State Teachers College Shlppensburg CIQOQD the Perklomen School Pennsburg l9I I sylwama He was prlnclpal ulncy High School l909 IZ senior master National Cathedral School for Bovs Washrngton I9l6 20 heacl of Hlstory Department C1920 22 a Sl tant to the headmaster l922 27 and a slstant heaclma ter H927 33 of the Mercersburg Acaclemv He has been superintendent of S M A slnce June 1935 Princeton University C ' . 1 ' , J , 9 ' . V t ' - f P. Princeton University fA.B., l9l6J, ancl the University of Penn- ' . ' . f ' 7. - 3 ' - s 's C - J- S' S - 'P III! IUIII SIIIIXI'XICI,rfeef'SIU NIIIN Headmaster MA-pox ROY W WoNsoN T Ct J I 4 AJOR WONQON was born at Gloucester Massachusetts In I883 educated at The Citadel Mllltary Trammg College of Couth Carolma CB Q l902 and Columbia Unlversrty He was Instructor n the pubhc schools of Charleston South Carolina 1902 I0 mstructor In hlstory fl9I0 I I post adjutant I9II I3 asslstant heaclmaster l9l3 Z0 and headmaster smce l920J of the Staunton Nllhtary Academy he ide V . .. f. ' - ' , '. ...,., r Q, 1 ' ' ' . . - :' Z ' ' - J. l ' I I. ' Mc - I. c' 2-14 - f".2' z X233 3'V'1."t ff" Wwtl' I 2 ,V A g 1, 3 7 4 ' a Q : . 1 r, 9 a . 1 1 MAJOR TUTTLE was born at El Paso, Texas, in 18943 educated at New Mexico Military Institute and the State College of New Mexico: graduated in the advance course of the Infantry School fFort Benningj, and in the Command and General Staff School fFort Leavenworthj. Commissioned a second lieutenant of infantry in I9I 7, he served with the Third Infantry on the Mex- ican Border: he has been stationed at Camp Sherman, Ohio. at Fort Snelling, Minnesota, at Tientsin, China Cl5th Infantryj, at Plattsburg Barracks, New York, and at Fort Niagara, New York. Commandanl MAJOR WILLIAM B Turru: L td Stl A u 'nie aes r 1 1 ' 1. 3 'x '5iV'HEi wI'xiNlUN --'-T213 MAJOR WILLIAM H STEELE Busmess Manager and Treasurer LIEUT COL T G RUSSELL uarlermasler Busmess Advfser THE SHRAPNEL IB. S.,.Thlz Citadel Q CAPTAIN THOMAS D HOWIE B S Theclladel Alumm Su rdurv Drreclor of Alhlclzcs Head Coach Football QAPTAIN RAVEN O DODGE A B Clark Lnlverslty Ed M Harvard Unlversxty !lIf1lOf SCIIOOI PYIHCIPUI seszsww xr wfgxm Faculty COL LEROY L SUTHERIAND AB MA Umversny of Rmhmoncl ohns Hopluns Umverslty Head of Scrence Department and Instructor IH Chemxstry Adviser Y W C A 'MAJOR THOMAS BEARDSWORTH uIllIard School of lVlusIc Head of MusIc Department and Dxrector of Band MAJOR S STEWART PITCHER BS The Cltaclel Head of MGfhCmGflCS Department MAJOR HAROLD C JAMES BS MA Umversny of South Carollna Umversnty of Pans Umversny of WISCONSIN Columlna UnIversIty Instructor IU Physms MAJOR FRANCIS D DUGGAN Head of Forelgn Language Department and In tructor In Latxn MAJOR REUBEN E Mooov AB Wolford College Instructor In Matfematzcs Advlser The Kalllegram MAJoR MARSHALL M BRICE B S MA Clemson College Columbna Umversuy Unwersny WISCONSIN UhlVCfSlly of Vlfglflla Head of Englrsh Department Advucr W W L S and Coach of Class Day Spea ers CAPTAIIA j WORTH PENCE A B MA Roanoke College Unnversny of Chncaeo ColumbIa UHIVCISIIY Umverslty of VIrgInIa In lructor In Matfematxcs Coach Calf Team . - . , A.B, Holy Cross College . ' . . l . h . .I . . 4 I. of tr f w l K .K 'A -. E . ' I Facult MAJOR LAWRENCE B STEELE B The CItadel Assrslanl Treasurer CAPTAIN RE BENDER Butler UnIversIIy Cashrcr CAPTAIN WILLIAM G KABLE ll Staunton MIlItary Academy Assmlanl lo Busmess 'Vfanavcr CAPTAIN JOSEPH TAYLOR Warrant Offmer U S Army Tachcal OHIcer Mess Oficer Head Coach Boxmv Norwlch Unlverslty Mldlcllebury College Asszstanl Commandanl Taclzcal Oficcr fnslruclor In MIlIlary Scmncc Advrser Cohllzon Club CAPTAIN WALTER B MCCALL Presbyterlan College Tachcal Oficcr lnslruclar In Malhemalrcs LIEUTENANT RAYMOND T SLATTERY Sergeant U S Army Taclzcal Ofcer fnstruclor In llflllllary Sclcncc Coach Rrflc Team LIEUTENAINT JAMES A WOODBURY A B Yvestern Maryland Umversnty Taclrcal Ofncer Instructor In Hxslory Lme Coach Football amf 4dvIser In Company Sports Q 3 I x ELF? wif xl XIHXIZ 1' . . .S. CAPTAIN CARL D. HILL, B.S. . ,A.B, Faculty FI ROBRTl BLOEB-X Rlnhmond Qollc-ge Lnnersllw of X1rg1n1a Columbna Lnlxersm ln lruclor 111 hllgllsll Qoach 71111115 Tcam Q xPTx1x WARRZN XX Bnovm P1-1 B Brown Lmxerslty Harxard UHINEYSIIY lmlruclor 111 Bmluqy anl C lurmslrv P1 ux lRL1:11a1c k l CJODN11-.Lk Lafaxclle Qollege ln lruclnr 111 h11Ql1.al1 Drnclor f llbllflly 4 111 r 1115 SHR:.Px1a1. CAPTHN HXRRINON S Dm B S Darlmouh Colle e ln lruclor 111 Hzslory Heal LOJCII Ba cllmll and Baseball lramu Football f XIININ R xr lxwnhxu. NY LNLI-R B S bnlverslly of X1rg1n1a Unlverslle de Dljon l e Sorbonnc nslruclur 111 Fnnch A1115 r DVllH1GllC Club CAPTAIN Dum. INooxAx -XB Boston Colle e Harxarcl Lnnerslty Instructor umor Sclwcl Qxerux C, B1xc11Aw1 Ixuoa AB B e Xmhcrst Colle e Ihe Sorl anne lmlruclor 111 C,Lr111a11 anl FFLIICII l1LL1Lx-AT QILBERT Vi Tuck AB M -X LDIOH College Mlddlelnlrv Colle e Harxard Lm xers1ty New X orlc Stake Colle e for Teachers rmlruclwr 111 SDGlHS'l anl Frcnfh 41mm Lulzn 4n1cr1ca11 Club y f Cx' ,uv 2. -Q. 15' . .. .. MHA. 1 ' 5 . ' . ' . .- '.A.B. . A. Y 'J 1.4,A A 1 g ,L 1,6 I ' ' ' i. 1 ' i. .' mf' . . . .. I ' V ' 1 Facult LIEUTENANT SHELBY W ARRITT B S Umverslty of Vllglnla Vlrglnla College o Commerce lnstruclor m Commercial Suhjecls LIEUTEN xr HENRY W CALVERT BS Presbytenan College University of South Carol Duke Unlversuty lnslruclJr m Malhcmaltcs anl Fngllsh Drvm Coach and SlDll1I1TH7lg Instructor A lvlser Clee Club aml Camera Club LIEUTENANT JAMES K Bfxm B S Randolph Macon College lnslruclor rn English unl Ffeflfh Asslslanl Coach Football and Coach unmr Varszty Sports LIEUTENJANT Louis A OVFSTY Unxverslty of Richmond lnslruclor unlor School Heal! COGCII TfUf and Snillflffllll LIEUTENANT RUSSELL L. PIRKIE JR BS Ceorgla School of Technology Umversny o Wisconsin Instructor rn Ceneral Scmnce Ualhemalzcs and Shop LIEUTENANT CARLETON M SOULE BS ED Massachusetts School of Art Woodbury School Heal of Art Department flzlvxser Ari Club Arl Advnser THE SHRAPNEL Miss LEU. CASSELL SHOW-klTER B X Bridgewater College University of Virginia Llhrarlan CAPTAIN Raruux R BooNE A B M A NW est Vlrgmla University Columbia Unlverstty New York Umverslty fnstruclor rn En lr h 4851 tant Coach Calf XIIl,I'l'XIiN Xf1Xl7l',XlN 1 X' 1' . .V ..., ...4 'V-.f ' 1, 1 l ina I Baseball !.- , il. -.lf . . '.,' M if viz' F f H U G K T W U l Wl3d0m 15 lhe prxnclpal flung therefore gel Imsdom and mth all lhy gellmg gel undcrslandmg THE Pkovsnas or so1.oMoN w gg 1 4 u n n n I - . s n I I ' Il n o 1 CLASSES UR classrooms are the shrines where subyect to the prlestly gulclance of our Instructors we serve as acolytes m the worslnp of Knowledge and Learnmg our natural curxoslty dlrected lnto the nnsatnable why5 and our mynad experlences assembled into a pattern of understanrlmg . EE' .EE CLASS OFFICERS BOB NEWMAN Presrdenl ANDY FISHER Vzce Presxdent ED THOMAS Secrelary Vlc LOEFFEL Treasurer FRED HUBINGER Sergeanl al Arms THE SENIORS Y ' Newman Hubinge Loeffel Fisher Tlslli 1930 Sl7lRwXl3Nfl4Il,,ta" JACK Day Student JACK ADAMS Staunton Vlrgmra fEntered I 9371 First on our lrst of most dlgIllHCd senrors IS a chap you all know Adams of Qtaunton our representatrve from the thrrvmg they tell us-communrty of schools and churches Ever smce ack started to come up here two years ago to get his book larnm at a good place he has been hlmself the fmest source of information we could find Believe rt or not he unfallmgly knows the gal you are lookmg for Not only that he knows how to get her for you When rn the sprung a young man s fancy begins to wander you can be almost sure that ack s fancy wlll be wandermg wrth the best of fancres In other words as we see lt he saves a few of the chorcest on his lrst for himself And who can blame hrm3 But let It be sand finally that ack carrres on m the best tradltlon of S M A ln more ways than one He rs an excellent student a good friend and a lad wonder of wonders thus' whom even the faculty speak well of 'tr A 'J . w . .' BOB PINHEAD Prlvate C A l Prlvate Corporal Co C Ill Rifle Team ll Track Team ll ROBERT LOWRIE ALLEN Tarenlum Pcnnsylvanla fEntered I 93 72 Ladles and gentlemen Jltterlng on our left IS that well known yntterbug Bob Allen Pmhead IS a Jltterbug of the hrst degree ask Major Pntcher At all the dances over m a secluded corner you will fund our friend cuttmg a mean carpet He lllces this corner because he IS a little bashful about his dancing ablhty Oh yeah' Bob came to S M A from Tarentum wherever or whatever that IS two years ago and slnce then has made a name for himself on the rllle and track teams He IS a good student but we seldom see hlm study We guess he s right ln hls claim that brains does It Bob s pleasant personality has talcen hum far at S M A at least to M B C and Stuart Hall He says he s going out lo California to study metallurgy Gold m them hills' A ' o. ' , , l G ' l l- C . 'U 8 .I ' J? ' . .. .. . fa -5 XlII,I'I'rXIriN Xt IXIDICNIN' .1sf.ief'aee'.eaf'.is-pls: I Illz IUCN SIIliXI'NICI,.fv1f' S'I'vXl Y BOB ANDY C Bun v ty 1 ROBERT FRED ANDERSON Bethlehem Pennsylvania fEnterecl I 9375 Who rs the handsome man wrth the company Hag? the female parade watchers always sand before Flash Creed took over And why not3 For none other than our Andy was playmg gulclon bearer at that time And when they found out he was a football hero too Caroline had plenty of competrtlon Sweet Old Bob we call hrm because the mrtrals express hrs contmual gripe But after all we knew when he graduated rn February that the minute he left us he d want to be bacf agam Hr tory always repeats rtself even rn the case of a superman like Bob Andy was the only erlous member of the Love Club founded over ln North last year But try as they would the boys could never make htm forfert for grvmg up his rmg 8 A Private Co. A fljg Corporal, S rgeant, Co. 9 arsi Foo ball Team 0,1115 Varsity Baseball Team 1 ' Y , F 1 . is . a S . , . .1 NI I I,l'I'fX IH Xl 1 XIJIC Xl N .faf,1auaf.fef'.Lamar' ALF Prrvate Co A Cl Lance Corporal Cor poral Co A ll ALFRED FRANCIS AUSTIN New Brllam Connecticut fE.ntered 19371 Dont be fnghtened follcs attached to that face there rs ln reallty a body with a heart of gold rl he only trouble IS that we re off the gold standard Alf rs our favonte hell raiser If you can hnd anythmg that he wont attempt you re plenty good From hrs vantage point on the second gallery there IS a clear path for any sort of mlS'll8 that can be thrown And woe to the unsuspecting soul who wanders wrthln range Alf has qulte a few rncldents to hrs credrt Last year he peeled Herzs banana beak for hlm and us This year he put a certain sergeant m hrs place and 1ust recently he paid the pnce for a nlght vrsnt to the clrcus where unfortunately he was met by a faculty He can call to a T the turn of the galloping clommoes and he shmes rn many other pursuits Take rt easy cadet' vf 1 J' I M' rb l .. .. . D: - . - , t . . . . . , 1 - n -4 nv - . f . . , ' . I 1 V - ' I U ,, . . . . . , , 4 ' .. "wtf .. ,, . . . . . . 3 ty- . . .. Q 53 "'5f5Q . . . . . . . uf", t 'f" ll V! :A tt n - - - - - tt - sv . , . 29 .V 'A .F 1 'Fl' H5 , Milf. . - 5,11 V,LHg,,, 'I IIIC IUI30 SIIIIIXI5 IICIMW' HIIXI NIU BRUCE Pnvate Co B I Corporal Sergeant C B III Light werght Football Team I Company Basket ball I Company Softball I Boxmg Squad I Il Company Volley ball ll DAVID BRUCE AYRES JR Cencva New Yor fEntered I 93 71 Well hrst of all let s shoot our mouths off over D B Ayres as one very hand some guy Next pomt thus Mr Ayres not to be confused wlth Guy Ayres IS qulte an academic wizard In fact this klller of the classroom boasts of no average under 80 ln hls entlre two years of mterment ln Ye Institute You see now why we dont want htm mtxed up with G R Dave s fnobody ever really calls htm Dave ablllty has been recognlzed by the Head Keeper s Office fK1ng Tut to the unlnlttated and he I5 now a second year sarge ln the mighty B Company Hts room down on the second terrace of North IS known to be qulte a dispensary for shavlng Iotton shaves by an electnc razor shoe polish and several other articles of the Shushl Shush' sort It IS also well known that Guy A ts plenty proud of the fact that he IS an Ayres when It comes to call up our local qulf cans 30 A ' - Us . o. Q Q ' -' CJ: - Il: - Il: ' I- J? - IP- . If Xl I I,I'l',fX ua w un ex I nc Nl N JIMMY Private C C D Private Co B ll Sergeant Supply Sergeant First Sergeant Co B III Lieutenant Co B IV Light wenght Football QD Soccer Team Il Golf Team lll IV Boxing Squad UV, Mllltary Science Award un JAMES E. BALL III Chevy Chase Maryland fEntered I 9351 rmmy Ball IS one of the fellows who we thought would have the courage and strength to withstand the wlles of the opposite sex However upon recent mvestlga tlon we find that he rs sllppmg for he now lusts gurls as one of has most important hobbies ln fact we understand that here recently he blew tl ree bucks on one phone :tty bntty JBITISIC pweclous? But after all rmmy s a pretty swell guy and he can take lt He spent four long years at S M A and comes out with has stnpes He IS also noted for hrs two bug ambltrons Flrst to make a mllllon outside of a crap game and second to become an author Well lmmy you ve set yourself qulte a goal but go to It and good luck ewen If you dont need nt A ' o. Q 5 ' l . Q ,Q A. J: ' ' . c as c ml mg ' . D. call just to find out if she loved him still, or something. fYou knows "Does 'oo love . - . . ' . ,,J 31 , 'situ , A llllx I9330 SIIIfrXI'fNl'lI,fes'S'I'Xl NTU PESTLIE ROSIE Private Company C l Private Com pany B II lll 1V Corporal Company B lll IV, Lieutenant Company B QV, LESLIE W BELL Camden New ersey fE.ntered 19349 We hate to thank that the beautrful romance between Leslre and Rosemary IS to be broken up ln the near future Ah sweet mystery of life Pestlle as he IS the marnstays of B Company and the scourge of the First Presbyterian Church quad This lad one of the remarkable type that hrdes rn phone booths rs also known for has You shut them up and I ll keep them qulet work But what he really rs adept at rs gettmg leaves official or unofficial Well we ve got to admrt lt some trme Les we hate to see you go You have alrrost become an mstntutlon wlthln an lnstltutlon 3? A ' f lc A - f . . J: f . 2 ' , I affectionately called by a certain faculty member, is in his spare momenlts one of S . XllI,l'I'XIiN UIXIDICXIN BILL Private Band Classlcal Orchestra WILLIAM BEVAN JR Wil es Barre Pennsylvama fE.ntered l 9385 Although Bull IS one of those lads who belreve that solltude IS conducive to more bram storms we have gathered from the varlous channels of this staff that he has already graduated from half a dozen different places Maybe he collects drplomas Anyhow lt seems that the ultnmate result of all this heavy mental actlvrty will be admission to West Point Give the boy credit for his choice of a school for Hnal preparatron If he passes he s ready If he survlves he can take lt Bull has very cathollc tastes he says They range from the clarmet to Wallace Beery from horses to opera and from Charlle McCarthy to brunettes Must be that something unusual has been dug up from those coal mlnes 2 A . If - ' , 3:3 illl Illicit! SIIHXl'Xl'1l,-flrf"S'l'Xl YIUX CANVAS BACK P0 a ll tyR I ROBERT ALEXANDER BLACKWOOD JR Scranton Pennsylvania CEntered l936J Blackie is probably S M A s biggest mystery now the things he does and gets away with would full a Richard Halliburton novel He Hxes his airplane when ever he feels like it and his round trip Jaunts to Washington any and every day with Shull have been the well known berries Bob really gave the corps a surprise this year who would have thought he had a K O punch? When he got in the ring against Fork Union threw two punches and saw his opponent go out like a light he was as astounded as we were But when the season ended with the K O of the Augusta heavyweight we knew our eyes didn t he We see Blackre mtends to go to Rollins and have a good time Well O K kid from one extreme ha ha' to the other '34 A Private Co. B flfg Cor ral, Sergeant Co. B UD: Supply Serge nt, First Ser- gea t Co. B fllllg Varsi ille Team fl, ll, lllf, Captain fllllg Track Squad fl, ll, llljg Varsiy Boxing Team fllll. r w , , w 1 n A I 4' aka 4 Av XIlI,II XIQN Xt,XIJlzNIN DICK Pnvale Co B I Corporal Co A II Art Club IIJ Art Asslstant SHRAPNEL RICHARD HARRISON BOYCE Trumbull Connecticut Entered I936 Re entered 1938 We ve heard somewhere around about that here s a boy who swmgs a mighty mean paint brush and also qurte a xv ater bucket But smcerely he IS our favorite artlst the block prmts ln the SHRAPNEL his creations are a credit to hlm and to the book Although lt took htm a whole year to reallze what a swell dump S M A really ns the truth fmally dawned on hlm I-Ie came back after twelve months vacatlon But maybe his first year s record scared hum a Inttle for he went upon several llttle expedltlons outside the walls and the result was a series of speclal orders to match Ed Smith s And ln serving his tlme he found he didnt have the wmgs of an a an gel Recently though things have been qulte different he s been content to be a 90 1 student My what a versatlle and unpredictable young man' Must be the artlst ln me Boyce R A ' - Il: . Il: I 2 ' un. I : - J . H" , I . . , I ,, I l- 35 3:3116 z.fSlt"Q'i 4. t llll IUZW SlllivXl'Nl'1l,,ra1H-1 S'l'Xl N' BROWNIE v C LEON T BROWN Wa ejield Rhode lslarrd K Entered I 9389 Brown or Brownre to hrs frrends rs a real New Englander wrth a real Rhode Island accent He rs a confirmed woman hater but rt rs rumored that he has spurned a few of the local gals on occasrons He plans to attend Parks Arr College and Judgrng from the way he sends the boys along hrs srde of the gallery up rn the arr when they frnd therr beds Frenchcd an old trme gag he shows Although Brownre has been wrth us only a year he has made a lot of frrends rn 'touth Barracks hrs habrtat He has several rnterests the most promrnent berng hrs trmes at table and he confesses that hrs chref drversron rs sleeprng Beyond all thrs our pal rnsrsts that he rs a cynrc hates Roosevelt doesn t belreve rn work or taxes and generally gets out of bed on the wrong srde Confidentrally rt s just a pose he s a rrght enough guy it A Pri ate o. A. fi' . . . I n . c - . L remarkable abrlrty. f l XI I I,I'I'fX It N XI 1 X IDICXIN sfaf.4anewef.ef'faf "EDDIE" "FLASH" Day Student' Varsity Football l, ' Varsity Basket-ball l II - Varsity Track l Il CHARLES EDGAR BRYANT Slaunlon Vrrgmla 1Entered 193 71 hddle our other Stauntoman clalms that he IS by nghts a hull bllly from Hmton Ot s ln West by heck Virginia' out where them fields are so aslant that they have to plant their corn with a shotgun Well anyway to ex cape from a feudm Eddie settled ln this town and he has been smart enough to vxslt The Hull for classes only and an occasional breather on gndxron court or oval reservmg mghts for waltzlng with various Staunton lumps of sugar He s so good looking he tells us that he has them standing ln the alsles Academically The Flash shmes ln plane geometry whrzzed through ln a couple of years He also devotes some class time to keepln up wrt the would vla the columns of the Hinton Gazette Hrs business office consists of three stacks of papers and a pocketful of change and moves on ramy days from North s austere columns to just mslde the post ofhce Eddle heads for Vlrgmxa Well mlss him pardon the Howers partlcularly for hrs atty tude He s one of the best ln all respects knows that nn a couple and remains as pleasant a chap as we have met wlthm these halls ish I . . ' . l . . . ' , ' D . : g l f'N ' ' Ps - . 3 ' I Sl - , ' . 1 3 ' - ' if -l u 0 ' 11 . . , v ' n - ' . l . ' , - . . ,I . . ' I5 . . . . . I . , . ' 0. :- . I , Q I xr . I , o ' ' , . . . . ' ' ' ' . . .X- . .Rl . Q A gn N gf ' 2, 4g"ff,f, 3-5" New-...W WWF. liz- -M aff .C- x -ji . li, Q X, - exft - A me . ' Y 1.x .5 ' N . - Q Ek JJ ' r ' r l'lllz IUZIU HIIIIXIV Il'Il,.ff' SIIXI N FUN BILL Pnvate Co B Varsnty Swrmmmg Team Varsity Track Team Woodrow Wilson Literary Society WILLIAM MERRILL BURCKART Eric Pennsylvama CE.ntered I 9381 Pretty smooth stuff here have a look' But lt s just another demon from the crty so called of Ene Pennsylvanla We wonder what there IS up there that all the boys are talkmg about Although this IS only Bull s fxrst year he has proved to have the stuff on the ball wmmng a varsity letter 1n swlmmmg and makmg the track team In addntnon he rs one of Male Braces future statesmen W W L S member and rs no dummy ln the classroom erther carrying an average of something or other plus Bull says that hrs worst waste of time IS several women fWell am t we all the same3 But there s a Hy ln every omtment they say and the fly ln Bull s omtment IS hrs pal Colley Together they make up the lrfe of the first squad of B Com pany They have run away wlth two corporals already and to date they are pretty hot on the third They mtend to go into the Termite Extermmators busmess mcog mo Plenty of customers ln thelr nerghborhood 38 A I - - -1 no . ., . . . ., ' .J . I M' ,ff . fc AZ XI I I,I'l 1 ,M , x I nl, wx MTW l fs. X .1 Xa BUCK SLICKER Pnvate Co C I Private Lance Cor poral Corporal Co C ll Football Squad UU Golf Team l ll Swlm ming Team ll Silent Drill Team l Il Sprung Football Squad I Com pany Soft ball l Company Water Polo UI Kablegram St tt CID SHRAPNEL Staff UU Non Coma Club ll ROBERT EDWARD BURRILL Syracuse New Yorlf QE.ntered l 9371 Buck Burnll ndes again' Whenever you hear that famxllar cry echoing down the second gallery of Kable Hall you know that the one and only clty sllclcer IS drawmg near Buck IS one of the best swung fans ln the school he and quiet real muslc vanety Behind that brlstly face those noble brow beats the heart of a real friend to most anyone His polson allty has helped hum wm many of which same on The Hull and off-even a certam Belle ln the fair clty of Staunton Annabel has been popular before up here at S M A but this time rt s real Buck has captured her heart and put It where It s safe Fact' We hope they ll be happy that IS lf he Joins the ranks of Lees and Meigs f ,S A ' . I J: ' . - - . . I J: : C. J: ' - ' I li ' ' 1- 31 ' C J: - - C J: J: a : : - Q J. has over one hundred records of anything from the real jitterbuggy stuff to the sweet 39 all lf, 5 y ff " l'lIlz IUCN SIllirXl'NI'lIr-W'H'I'Xl YIUN SAMMY BAMA Private Co C V Football V Basket ball V Baseball SAM CARROLL Ozark Alabama CEntered 19381 Bama rs our favorite suth nuh sho nuff And nuff saxd son we know you are a loyal Confed ret as loyal as they come And yet you seem to have plenty of good sense too This boy has really shown us the truth about women and the way a rebel s charm and culture can Hock em m Mary Baldwin has long been tame stuff to hlm so he s been lookm for new worlds to conquer Fairfax and the like And rt s well known around here that he knows the prettiest gals rn the valley You should see hrm mobbed when programs are bemg frlled out Sammy has been a football hero to the V s many tlmes thrs year Hes always been right ln the middle of the mlx up flghtmg for all he s worth But we nexer have been able to figure out how he always comes out of rt without a single strand of his beautiful wavy halr being mussed 40 ft LA . 5 . 3 . - 5 j. . . . U ,. . . , , , . , - - . , , . , . . . , . . . - . . . . .. H . . . . J - . . . . . . . . , . . XIIIVINIZN XQQXIJININ FRENCHIE Private Co B Varsity Baseball Squad SHRA mal. Staff WILLIAM JOSEPH CHAMBREAL Waslnnglon D C fE.ntered I 9385 Here s one cadet who knows everything about the local hen houses chlclcen coops pullet post or what hate you3 Altlfough hf' rot here ra'her late ln the fall he really made up for lost time wlth the women He s been the typical S M A lover always with a new gurl Let us warn you If you re not a w allcmg dlctlonary of technical expressions don t wander mto the vlcmlty of our hero s abode He s a raclo ham and msxsts on spealung about Paulsen IS that scelled rxght3 Arcs alterations thermlomc Xacuum tubes and distributors Wow' Hes as Intelligent as Krey heh heh' However the lad really has hlghly cultxvated tastes and posslbnlltxes we don I feel so hesitant about turning hlm loose m a cold crool world But If no man IS a hero to hrs valet how can Hitler be a hero to a guy wlth a name like Chambreau 9 A what you call Jone hem 9 ll - I Z F ' . T , . . v - .1 U 1. . ' v - U 1. n . Q v ' , ., . , - . . , . t . . . . , . . , . . . . . .., , . . . . , , . U ,, . . v - - C 'A ', ' V . . , . . , . . 1 , . . . .. . . . . ,, , , -. - - - - .1 N - . , , , . . V , . . tr- ' n . , . llll IUCN SIlIiXl'NIQI,t1ef -11 HINI YIHX BOOP LARRY P n D Sp 4 Y M un saw L Sn if un K g s if W L s an N CI is un LAWRENCE SPRAGUE CHURCHILL JR Langley Field Vrrgmra CEntered l937J Churchill affectionately known as Larry comes to us from one of Uncle Sammy s own air bases Langley Fielcl And if you re looking for a real hot debate doubt Larry s statement that the Army has the best air corps we Finally conceded him the point ln orcler to listen to Lights Out Boop IS not only acknowledged as one of our academic nngers but also as a Wednesday Night addlCI See Captain Mac about that Also our A Company corporal will be remembered as the chief of our Chemical Warfare Detachment His extra curricular work carries him into many and varied fields Kalnlegram staff W W L S the Y M C A and the screwy gang who put this book together like all other things he will take M l T m his stride You see the boy has sense How did he get to S M A 3 Say who s asking the questions here3 4 A Private Co. C flfg Private, Cor oral Co. A U 3 Silent rill Team UQ: ring Boxing Ill: . . C. A. 3 - NE a 3 able ram ta UU: W. . . . g on-Coms u 3 Chemical Warfare Detachment .' . ' .. H 1 H - U c - I. r 1 w 1 , XI I I,I I X IIN XI , X I JIuXIN .1ff".fe"-w'.fifrviwf C-EORG IE RAT Pnvale Co C GEORGE E. CLOTHIER Easl Orange New ersey fEntered I9 383 Here IS S M A s grft to the women none other than our handsome hero Little Georgle Clotlner lsnt he cute gaIs3 Look at that beautnful hair ls t lt wonderful the way It stands on end' Last September George came to us from hugh hat East Orange to wm friends and Iaurels He brought along a yen to be an lnterlor decorator he even trled to beautlfy Kable Stable wlth Venetian blinds and bright yellow drapes George wlth hls many fellow Jltterbugs He IS a loyal C Company and New ersey supporter and wlll flght at the drop of a hat lf any varmmt from the stlcks says anything uncompllmentary But about himself he s a very cagey guy We am t got much on hlm but we Icnow he s regular I iw x 9'-Y: .. A I. A, I Isla well kaotln swing fan and really likes to 'lgetuln the groove" language, ' H In I -ffl , ,gf In X .,,.1' efw' IIIIL IUISU SIlIiXI'NICI,tvf' SIXI YIM KILLER FLASH Private Co B I Private Corporal Prrvate Co B II Sergeant Major Bat tallon Prrvate Corporal Sergeant Co B III umor Varsity Football I Sprung Football ll Varslty Swrmmlng Team Company Soft ball flll Kablegram Staff UID RICHARD LAWRENCE CREED Harrisburg Pcnnsylvanla Ch ntered I 9361 As yet thus Academy does not reahze how Iucky It was when Killer Creed always throwing stlnk bombs water bombs flrecrackers and mlscellaneous bllbbles Qtrange too how often he was caught' He has an all trme rn and out mlhtary record He spends hrs time ln a most peculiar way not content wlth going down town any and every afternoon he pIeases he leaves the barracks nearly every night at I0 30 and spends most of the tlme up to 3 30 trylng to get back ln Flash used to be one of the school s most successful Iovers but smce a certam fair malden turned hum down he s sworn off all women as bemg made from one Tlb-DOI hrs own He intends to go to West Point Some day we prophesy hell come back and be commandant of S IVI A Wouldnt you Iove to be here then3 44 A ' - C J: ' . , j f f It - ' - c 11,1 ' -' ' ' c 1, 7 I 7: ' ' ' I - I: entered three .years ago. He rapidly became one of the biggest hell-raisers in.schooI. NlII,l'I'XliN UJXIJICNIN'.tener' HCROCKU Private Band Rllle Team W W L S CAGE. HOUSTON CROCKER Langley Freld Vrrgrma fE.ntered I 9381 Anyone who looks at these lusts of quarterly averages published by the head master IS sure to find Gage s name close to the top for he IS one of our academic whrzzes always hrttmg the mark omewhere rn the nlnetres The lads voted hlm second most studlous When Cage arnved la t Qeptember he was apparently destined to go places but someone led hlm astray poor fellow and pulled hlm Into the band We thought because friend Crocker rs an army brat that he would have more mcentrve to lead a mllltary llfe-but he just dldn t hrs goal and from what we have seen of hlm he shouldn t meet any drfhcultres there Jael A K o ' V- 1 S 1 ' u 1 ' a n I S NJ ' - : 4 J ' . . ' ' . . . u !I It seems that "Crock" isn't going to follow his "pop's" footsteps. M. I. T. is 4-'J . ji ri nczi llll' IUQSU SlIllXl'NI'll,f'r+'l'Xl NIHX JACK HOLLEY Private Co B l Corporal Co B Ser geant Co E Il First Sergeant Co B Battalion Sergeant Major Lieutenant Ad jutant lll Company Softball l ll W W L S fl, Blackfrrars Cl Clee Club Qlllj Camera Club fll lll JOHN FRANCIS FREDERICK DAY Cleveland Ohio flintered l936D Three years ago something little and funny looking crawled into Staunton and ambition Well at that time no one paid any real attention to the little rat who didnt look wise enough to tell a saber from a sword Today certain of us have awakened to the fact that the assertions made some time ago have all been proved l.ook at ack he s a far cry from what he used to be way back when Long before smash and drive came to be the well know expression rt IS now ack was the personlhcatlon of the words ln the worcls of the King himself he is a very eflicrent young man We dont have to prophesy anything at all rn regard to what will happen some Day in ack s life You can see for yourself success rs hrs ust from seeing his face -lb A ' . Q J: . , - . - f D: 'h I . . ' C J: l - K - 7: . . . , 3 ' lg Q . J-'1at it wanted to become a cadet.. It said also that it had determination and J 5 , v I . . . . :I I . . ,, I . . s' ... ,. . J , . I . . h J . W , Xl I mu' x nz x xc 1 x u ne, XI N DONAL Private C A l Corporal Sergeant Private Co B ll Varsity Tennls Tam I ll JOHN MALCOLM DONALDSON Falrfield Conncctzcut tEntered I 93 7, Look who s next' Underneath that ultra streamlined haircut we have none other than good ole ohnme boy What about hlm3 Well we mlght say something about the tltle of a certain jltterbug song concerned wlth shootmg the llkker but ohnme lsn t that kmd of boy-oh no' Seriously though Donal IS an old guard member of our tenms team for two years havmg done his part to keep S M A nght up there He has no natnonal ranking yet but there will come a day unless business interferes wnth sports studies do not of course We can fund our hero most often durmg leave rn the parlor room of Stuart Hall And we understand that when the Dean of sand same was asked for her oplmon of the Ideal S M A cadet she didn I say Donal But dont let that worry you Kldd0 we know the girls like you And after all they are the ones that count especlally Mlckey +2 A ' o. - - ' A CD: ' ' e Q. l ., . - J I . ' I. l l ".' ' u ll' lifts' 'I'III' H139 SllliXI'?NI'1l.-fr"S'I'Xl XIHX ALF Pnvate Co C I Corporal Sergeant Co B flll Varsity Football Squad l Varsrty Football Team ll Varsrty Track Squad l ll Company Baslret b Il fl Company Volley ball ll ALFRED F DUEMLER JR West Hartford Connectrcut fE.ntered I 93 73 It ts rumored that Alf came to S M A to forget He must have heard that Staunton was a synonym for the French Foreign Legron Well lf he dnd hope to the nght roommate-Day Together ln North Barracks they are so shrouded ln mystery that everyone IS contmually finding out about them Duemler spends hrs tlme lh the afternoons on the athletic Held football all fall and track all sprmg In the wrnter he hlbernates a not enjoyable pastrme accord mg to htm As a second year sarymt he s the reason that B Company has become so good at parades When the Band begrns to swmg It Al who IS a Jrtterbug by nature marches straight on holdmg the same step and cadence as before He deserves to be commended anyone who can march to our band IS plenty good -IS A ' - l J: . - I ' I J: ' C li ' C I J I ' H J: - C 7- drown his troubles in "The Militaryf, he sure came to the right place: and he chose XI I I,I'fI' ax It w xc :ax I new x ARKANSAW DUNK Prrvate C B l Corporal Sergeant C B ll, Varsity Tennis Team l ll Co captam ll Lrght weight Football Team I V Basket ball Team ll Varslty Football Squad ll Y M C A Ill W W L S President and Secretary flll Kablegram Staff ll WILLIAM HAILEY DUNKLIN Pme Bluf Arkansas fE.ntered I93 71 The old Arkansaw traveler himself' Ozarkers re everywhere You can hear his laugh a hundred yards away even rf you dont know the joke you can laugh with hum-or at htm It s past bemg rumored that Dunk spends hrs week ends ln the house of one of the town s beauty queens whose beauty unfortunately does not belong to daddy Too bad Poppa goes to Hampden Sydney Football basket ball and tenms pretty well monopolrze Bully s afternoons but he s well known regardless of all these actrvltles For two years he s been the back bone of the W W L S and there too as a debater he s right among the leaders Can you see an Ozark pm headed hillbilly savage ln Prmceton3 Well look twrce rt s there' 4 A ' 0- CJ: , 0- C 1 ' ' K- J, - . 1,2 . -, flrl- - - Cl: ' CJ: - - - 5 . . . ., ' 1 1 J. 40 ,J IIII' H9130 SlIHXl'Nl"l 9'I'Xl YH A I ' I WWWW , M W! A IJ n S g nt C pany Baktb lfl I ball l A Sta S ft b ll a ll C mp y JOHN BRADLEY FANTON Westport Connectxcul fEntered l 93 73 ohn B or eep as he rs more commonly known has been with us for two years and as thls IS written he IS already crying his eyes out because he will have to leave rn two months eep has drstlngurshed hxmself both scholastrcally and athletlcally In this last year he has been Captam Dey s mainstay on the pltchlng mound Well one of them anyway Monsleur Fanton as Captam Wenger has called hum for two years rs another terror of Kable Hall and rs constantly forcmg Bug rm to drag his pan around the galleries at all hours of the mght ln search of the culprits who have suddenly turned hrs peaceful sleep mto a pandemomum of water buckets and cream puffs Fanton ln hrs two years has possrbly collected more nicknames than any other cadet ln less than Greene s record He rs called eep Monk Muscles and other things even less complimentary 00 l ' JJ My f I' M 1 . If ,W I' H Ml: J Q a Co. f 5 Platoo er ea Co. Iljg om s e- al jg Com- ' Sof - Q jg ll- r o - a Varsity B seba fl, lljg o an Volley-ball UD. ,A . ' . Q1-I Qy o a 1 . - ' . s I ' ' C D ' ' . .P . . , . . . . U . J. .,, . ' . l ' ' ' l .IJ "' tt "' 1. P" XI I l,l'I' X It I Xl I ft I DICXI N .effe",e"'fel' ANDY Private Co A I Private Co C II Lneutenant Co A III V Swim mng I Company Basket ball I ll Company Softball I II umor Var any Boxmg II Varsnty Boxmg III W W L S IJ Blaclcfnars QI Y IVI C A Silent Drill Team I II Ofhcers Club QI II Brotherhood of Bullets I II Honor Commlttee III Vlce Presrdent Senior Class III ANDREW FISHER Scarsdale New Yor fI:.ntered I 9361 Take a look at Andy s Inst of actlvltles and awards and see what we thunk of lam you cant exaggerate hlm too much Unofficial swlmmmg teams water fnghts and tnps to Florlda seem to take his fancy also gettmg away with wearing cnvvles even when obserx ed by faculty members As a boxer Andy may have some competntlon In the world at large but as a fighter he ns hardly equalled anywhere I-Ie showed us the meamng of vnctory lh defeat once thls year wxth a perfect example of gnt guts and gumptlon ln a tight we II never forget As a 90 per cent student athlete and all around good guy we puck Andy as tops I'-Ie s the cadet most of us might vote most lllcely to succeed A ' - IJ: ' . IIS ' - I I: I- - '- I Ill ' I- li - I- ,IJ ' ' ' ' CJ: ' ' I D: . . . 5 ' ,Q . . . . 3 ' ' f. ,S . ' V .. HI- J: ' I I: . 1 . . q J, - Ii' 51 . ,f,ii5l,g,3l ff 1.115 242220 Sill! Xl'2Nl'li,,w i"?'!'Xl Nlflbt MILT Pnvale Band l Sergeant Band ll Lleutenant Band lll Captarn Band IV Company Soft ball I ll Com pany Valley ball IV Honor Commrt tee IV Classlcal Orchestra lll MILTON PAUL FRANKLIN Newark Ncn: jersey fEntered l935J Here we have that Benny Goodman of S M A that wxzard of the agony plpe that mallclous manlpulator of the meat whlstle none other than our prlde and joy not to mentlon that he s captam of the Band Mrlton hrmself Thrs snappy httle lad IS one of New ersey s purest products-take a look at h1m some tlme And for four years he s been the mamstay of Prof Beardsworth s Swmgsters Capable mscrutable 1rrepress1ble Boy' whar at s my d1ct1onary3 and by no means rrresponslble Frank IS easrly and dehnrtely seen as most typrcal member of a not so typlcal we hope outht Even so the Band IS saner thxs year than for many a moon they tell us As the most StUdl0US sen1or Mrlt has really come across w1th the marks talung honors everywhere But lt 1sn t just study brams Wlll tell Franlclm has taken Ben s motto for h1s own If you want to get ahead get a head 57 A ' CJ: tl: ' CD: ' tla - C- J: - . cj, -. CD2 ' fI,lI, ,lVJ. i NI I I,I'I' X Il N Xl I -X I IIC XI N .fa'-4e'As".w'.re"f42' BILL Private Co A Private Band I Ser geant Supply Sergeant Band Il Flrst Lieutenant Band III Company Soft b ll fllj Company Basket ball III III Director Dance Orchestra II Medal for Greatest Accomplrshment ln MUSIC WILLIAM FRANCIS FRIIVIL Benson Sprmgs Florida fEntered I 9361 When an ambltrous young new boy ns asked by an Important yearllng corporal who IS most noted as a halr styllst he will undoubtedly answer Bull Frlml For lndeed Bull IS famous for the whlllle he doesnt have But as the son of a noted muslclan he must look the part He not only Iooks the part but he plays the part as well for he has made his mark ln muslc here You fellows ln North and Kable now know whom to go rnqulnng for when the blare of the Jazz band disturbs your sweet repose Bull however not only has made hrs mark rn muslc but has made lt along academic Imes too You don t have to look far down to find his name on the headmaster s Inst of standmgs When we return as grey bearded alumni to a reumon rn l989 we expect to see among those who have found greater success one Bull Fnml composer P S No bull He wants to be and has already started Good too DH avg.: A ' - - ' II: - . I I: ' ' I J: - a 1 - . J: ' if D: . ' I I- - . . . ' 53 it I, ' ttr' llllz H9230 SIlIi'Xl'Nl'II,-w' S'I'Xl YIUX HERB Prnvate Co B l Pnvate Co B ll Platoon Sergeant Co B flllj Lrght werght Football Team fl, Golf Squad l II Company Baseball l ll Com pany Basket ball l ll Boxing Squad ll J V Football Team lll HERBERT ALLAN GAMLER Bufalo New York C Entered I9 365 Three years at S M A have given Herb an opportumty to prove to us what a good guy he really IS I-le s our favonte sarge ln B Company always there ln a pmch and usually pmchmg Half the company efhclency IS due to htm He takes to responstbtllty like a duck to water and the offlcers are content to loaf and recelve credit for the fruits of hrs labors What Herble IS really adept at rs ferretmg out the news and spreadlng tt around We are mdebted to htm for this especially rn regard to who s boxmg what welght why and the reasons he won or lost Don t be fooled though he can usually smell out the commg special orders way ahead of time too And he knows when general leave IS commg almost as soon as the tdea enters the commandant s head Wrth hrs presclence Ctwo dollar word he should go far Look out Burns and Pmkerton here he comes C man Gambler a-1 A ' - O: ' - CID: c. Ja 'c, at - - C, :J ' Cla. . C J- MIIJITXIH XIJAIJIHIN v ' i ,xief.4ef'.xQ".1iffLtef'.,ti'o' GRAClE" HAL C B Supply S g nt C A L ut nant Stall V :ty F tball Squad l arty F tb ll T m V y d Y ll C mpa y B hal HAL IRA GRACE Cleveland Ohio CEntered I936J In two and a half years here Hal has made a place for himself that could be envied by all of us Wrth letters ln football and track to hrs credit and a nlnety pln to wear plus general popularity and the swellest of opnmons we could have of anyone rf he hasnt been happy there s nothing that would make ham so He s a hunter and llsherman whenever he can get lnto the country and he IS some lover There s a little gurl down at M B C named Pearl who IS all up ln the arr over hlm we hear We don t blame her a but Wonder how she s been dolng without hum smce February Another of our loyal sons who mtend to carry on ln the mrlltary llfe Hal IS headed for West Point If he does there as well as he has here nothing will keep hlm from being a major general N25-as -fb A Private Co. B CD3 Sergeant o. Qlljg er ea o. 3 ie e , fllllg ars' oo Q, lljg Var' oo a ea UID: arsit Traclt Squa fl, lllg Compan Bullet- ball fl, D5 o n ase l fl, Ill. ll U, I 1 0 a . I . 'u 1 Y . gf 6 lr. l : x ' D447 V-+ gf ,,,. , Illlu WCW SIIIfiXI'Nl1LI,wsWIKI N' SCRATCHUM SERPENT Private Co C l Technical Sergeant Medrcal ll Lieutenant Co Lv lll Company Track l Company Volley ball Company Softball lll Kable gram Staff Ill W W L S lll SHRAPNEI. Staff UID Honor Committee lll LOUIS BELAND GRESHAM Culhrrc Oklahoma fhntered 19361 Although serpent has many nicknames most of them come from an unknown orlgm but we have learned that he acquired the name Dream Boat by slttmg ln Latln class and thmlcmg of hrs lrttle oy waltmg for hmm back ln Guthrie Scratchum xoted the most courteous cadet and the one with the best character thus year has taken an active part ln furthenng the welfare of the school Hrs speech ln the mess hall ln regard to the Honor System IS hlslory ltself a standard for future classes And Beland s efforts toward rejuvenatlon of the system are applauded by all and met with universal approval You see he has our trust and conhdence Dont be fooled though hrs mldnlght socletles have been the lrfe and spmt of the barracks ever smce he got here especnally when he fought wrth other orgamzatnons of the same type nb A V - fl: ' . ' fl: ' - 'C la fl: - . - C J: - f ls . . . .C J: ' c i. v , I . - 1 J 1. s -. Q. Nl I mr lx I: N xc 1 fx I 1 no XI x 'HARVEY Private Co B l Private Co A Cor pora CoA ll YMCA lll W W L S UD Lnghtwerght Football l Boxing Squad ll Tennis Squad fl Company Volley ball fll JOQEPH PAUL HARVEY JR Youngstown Ohio fEntered l937J Last year this Pralrle Breeze blew m from the wlde open spaces of Ohio smgmg wahoo at the top of hrs lusty lungs And If you II permlt a llttle hyperbole let us say he s ln reallty some tornado he s taken the place by storm We mentioned his lusty volce up above just ask all the rats about rt When he was ln charge of pollcmg the barracks the walls themselves shook wtth hrs Orderltes out' Harve rs really what you d call an academlc whiz too He s the only cadet m school who has courage enough to tackle Latin IV and from what we hear he As a future doctor right now Paul doesnt present a perfect picture but from our knowledge of hrs character lt s a safe bet that we d trust htm with our tonslls any day That IS lf he would be the only medrco around ,WJ A ' . Q I: ' . . - 1.tJ1 3, ci1 'cJ: ' J: - J- has it on his pole, hook, line. and sinker. You have tolbe good in order to do that! ll Q 2 I' C 112: 5 J 'lllllz IUISU SIIHAXPI l'1l,Jec'S'l'Xl N' 't HIMEY F F Pnvatc Co C Varslty Football Team Varsrty Swrmmlng Team Boxing Squad Varsity Baseball Squad SIDNEY JOHN HEIMOVITCH Wes! Hartford Connecticut fE.ntered 19381 As Charlie Chan would say Helmy llke disgusted rabblt hunter no hare Yes lt s llttle Helmy the lad wlth all the personahty and almost everythlng except halr In his questlonnalre he says that he doesnt have any chief drverslon but we suspect that It IS collecting harr tonlc for a ramy day Among hrs other abllxtles Helmy IS quite an athlete havmg won hrs varslty letter ln football and swlmmmg And before coming out for the swlmmmg he was a mem ber of Captain oe s boxmg squad Oh yes before we forget Helmy IS also a swung cat It IS reported that he has knocked chandehers from the cellmgs of the best hotels and hot spots ln clear old Hartford Connecttcut Helmy says that he really wants to be a furmture dealer But we beheve that he would make a wonderful barber Have you ever noted how many barbers are bald'9 fD1d you notice that we got through thus wlthout reference to the body beautlful 3 ob I I . : 2 2 L . . .. . . . . ., ., . . . . . , . . . . . . , . . . J . . . .. . ,, . . .. , . . . . , ,, . H, ,s f X I I Is I 'I' A I I N X I 1 'X IJ IC X I Y "BILL" Private Co A I Corporal Co A ll Technical Sergeant Headquarters Ill Lieutenant Staff IVJ ClrcuIatron Man ager Kablcgrum ll Illj W W L S UII Business Manager Kablegram IV WILLIAM H HOWELL ,IR Morgantown Wes! Vlrgmra fE.ntered I 9351 This lad has such a great bug smlIe that we second hrs appomtment to the Med1caI Corps ust that healmg bedside manner' But just because hes good natured dont think he cant argue Dad you ever see a Mountain W1IIlam who wasnt stubborn and hard headed3 No matter how many tlmes we try to convmce hum otherwise Bull stlII asserts that West Vlfglnla rs a state rn the Union fIVIaybe the C I O I That s what we caII refusing to face the facts He says that hrs Immediate ambrtron IS to get a job as a W P A foreman What a picture that would be a InIIblIIy trymg to sleep while Ieanlng on a shovel' ' Stull and all there seems to be contradrctlon here when you note hrs Kablegram connections through three years No slouchmg there' He confesses that he b Ilewes ln work lf lt IS necessary evidently a workable ph1'osophy vi ,JL A ' - Us - C J: ' I Ds . C z . . A K, : . . . . J: ' C J- . . . . . '. ' ' ' 'ff' 59 7 4' fg1 f eI,,,:?: T954 y 'I Ill: IUBU Slllifkl' llilmef HI'-Xl t 'INN HEWBIE Private Co A l Corporal Co A Ser geant Co A Il Lieutenant Co A Ill Major Battalion Commander IV Swrmmlng Team l ll lll Company Softball Cl ll Ill Varsity Track Team ll Ill Srlent Drill Team l FREDERICK JAMES HUBINC-ER New Haven Cormectxcut QEntered 19351 Pass ln revlew squads nght' When you hear this well known cry at dress parade coming from a tall handsome fellow with five stnpes on his arms you will know that our little F reddle IS stlll on the job Although he once got mxxecl up we cannot blame htm ust blame New Haven Connecticut Fred came to S M A four years ago and little drd he suspect that he would work hls way up to Rank Number One rn the cadet corps It IS said that he can really swlm when he wants to He IS also a good softball player and messes around with the track outfit Hugh ble plans to enter Amherst College this fall to carry on the swell reputa tlon he has made here at S M A We hope he doesn t mlss those stripes tr A ' . . , - - CJ: ' - C J: I ' C 7: ' ' C- . J: - , , 3, ' C- J: ' ' O- , .J , I ' n . ' 'U ' w Nl I I, I il X It N Xl I X I Jlg XI N .fif".4a--gas",asfpfaf-'A HERB Private Co C Company Volley ball Company Water Polo Varsity Track Squad Brotherhood of Bullets HERBERT CHANDI ER JENNINGS Pittsburgh Pcnnsylvanza C Entered 19385 enmngs comes to us from the Smoky City Pittsburgh and for a short year he has been a loyal member of C Company and a resident of Kable Hall Yet Herb has gained the regard and admiration of his fellow inmates despite our brief acquaintance He is anotl'er of the well known variety of Peaceful itterbugs by this we mean not violent Herb states that he wants to go Io Cornell and plans to be a restaurant by becoming the best darned food dlsher outer Vi the country However we wonder low all this education at Cornel will affect his business Maybe some day we shall walk into the ennmgs Elite Fcodee Qhopee to order a fried egg and shall obtain a chicken embryo a la frying pan That is if our French improves enough for us to spot the thing' If KJ, A proprietor. We know that "Herb" will live up to his promises and our predictions 61 llllz IUZSU SIlIitXI'Nl1lIrW' S'l'Xl SX' BIG HARVE at C B P val C B orp l C V rst t Il Ill All Stat Fullb I HARVEY P JOHNSON Brldgclon New fcrsey fE.ntered I936J Wrthout Bug Harve our athletrc teams of the past three years would have been as mere chaff before the wmd He s been the solldrty and stamina behind our football basket ball and baseball players for so long that he wrll be especrally missed Besides bemg a superior athlete he rs one of the old time hell ralsers Hrs Hrst two years he devoted largely to bemg the brarn and brawn of the P P A s South Barracks But this year Harve IS over rn North wrth none of hrs old gang to keep hrm company and help ln the fun We wonder If the P M S and T got wlse and rsolated hrm Harve wants to be a coach Well rf he can teach others how to do as well as he can do hrs fortune rs made At last report he sand that he was heading for Carolma From New ersey vra Vlrgrma to the deep South b A Priv e 0. U15 ri e 0. flllg C ora o. B Cllljg a iy Foo ball fl, , Q, - e ack fl, ID: Varsity Basket-ball fl, ll, HD, Cap ain UID, Second Team All-State fll, lilly , Varsity Baseball fl, ll, HD. w ' ' H . .. .' "in ' . J ' ' ' ' U " .... '2 Nl I I,I'I' uh m xc 1 x umm GEORGE BROWNE JOHNSTON Kelford North Carolina Q Entered I9 385 Oh' We will hang Abe Lincoln to a sow er apple tree Listen to that tar heel get patriotic In a minute he will be swinging the Star Spangled Banner o that trumpet of his and he does swing a mean trumpet With his roomy Hlnson from Georgia Tech the quadrangle of Qouth Barracks is often a bedlam of so called Jazzed dump truck Like all good Southerners C B has a girl waiting for him at home Ha7el by name We wonder what it is about these rebels that drives the women likes bees to honey Whatever it is he has it George is heading back to Chapel Hull in his native state he says And so Carolina is really going to get something worthwhile next year That is if he leaves his horn at home NC. B." A Private Bandg Company Volley-ball. on the trombone and the victrola records going full blast on "The Rambling Wreck tix K x V ,ff f l'IlIu I939 SIlIi'XI'Nl+Il,-fe"S'I'Xl YIUX ,La lf we of iw , BUD C V tyF tball Va EDWARD ROBERT KAST Pearl River New York fEntered 19385 Bud and his inseparable roommate Staats have been the purple scourge f the third gallery of Kable Hall While galloping around the galleries after taps and slrngrng water and other things no we don t mean the bull for this IS strictly a daytime occupation for Bud he and hrs roommate have gathered the nicknames of the Gallopmg Ghosts of S M A Kast rs by no means a blushing violet At the beginning of the year poor Bud was In a quandary for he had discovered our local female brain hatchery Mary Baldwin College and he couldnt quite decide which of the beautiful wenches to entrust with his heart rn fact he often forgot which one he had made a date with Kas! gave us one of the biggest thrills of the football season rn hrs smash up game against W and L And he starred rn basket ball and baseball too o you see athletics are merely another field for him to excel In 64 ff . 0' 4 rw , I 0' ,M . . ' 0.6 WA M1 X A Private Co. : arsi oo g nity Basket-ballg Varsity Baseball. .K - ,, ' l . , 'v .I n 'i O ' . . ' - , . S , , .aft XIll,l'I'XlH UIXIJICXIN 1 1 ZIGCY Private Co B l Lance Corporal Cor poral Co A ll Company Basket ball l Company Soft ball I ll GEORGE WILLIAM KING JR Lama Ohm CEntered I 93 71 Midnight ln the mad house Qouth Barracks a tell tale tap of fleeting foot steps hushed and muflled rn No Mans Land third gallery a few hoarse whrspers a muted splash breakmg the stillness of the sleepmg P quret the clang Here we have the atmosphere of the quadrangle almost any mght after taps thrs IS the envrronment ln which the SHRAPNEL Staff fmrshed up all nts work for thrs rs also the underworld realm where George Duke Kung rergns as master mmd He s the sprder that catches the fly ln hrs web and afterwards drowns rt Look at hrs smrster face to see the ghoullsh glee he reflects when a well made plan goes not amrss But Duke IS more than an Inferno elevator as our rntellectuals would say he has plenty rn the basket when It comes to women and studies and fnends But we hope that next year the school he goes to does not have running water rt would be much more safe for hrs fellow students ! A ' - K J: - . - - K J: - f P: - f - J- X ' ' ' . .fr . lf . ' ' ' . ' - . . 4 . lf .. K C J -.. of a fallen water-bucket for two, or threelj-loud guffaws of laughter .... fir llllI+ N30 SlIIiAXl'Nl4II,-ff"S'I'Xl YHJX MAD SCIENTIST Private Co C l Private Co C Co E. ll, Sergeant Co B Technical Ser geant Headquarters flllj W W L S Y M C A TERRY FORT KREY Si Paul Mlnncsola fEntered 19363 one of us who most appreclates the finer thlngs of llfe IS Terry Fort Krey Does he dellght ID the razzle dazzle of the swung band3 Definitely not Instead as a con nolsseur of the classlcs his vxsage IS the persomficahon of complacency as h1s crntlcal ear absorbs the strams of Mendelssohn or a Bach fugue He holds a coveted reputation that of bemg the Human Dlctlonary and one of Captain Bnscoe s star pupils And we need not stop at English for well find hlm hangm around the top m all hrs subjects When we are older and are capable of seemg the country on our own money we expect to find hum ln the halls of Mmnesota a dear old professor wxth Van Dyke and gold rxmmed specs fib A ' ' C J: ' . . . C : . , ' - 41134 . . . . ll, li, und l The more enlightened of us fif there are any, .will unhesitatingly agree that the XI I I,I'I' X IIN XI I X I DIC XIX .MeU4ff'.w'-e"f' LANDING GEAR Pnvate C B I Lance Corporal Cor poraICo B II EDWARD LOUIS LANDWEHR Ballxmore Maryland Entered February I938 The past year and a half has seen the sensational rxse of a certam Iceydet name Edward Landwehr from a prlvate m the rear rank to a fuII Hedged corporalcy ln B Company You certamly Icnow Landing gear dontcha3 He s a real jltterbug collects all the newest records reads Downbeat and Melronome and IS reaIIy a demon dancer studres seriously Hrs name would suggest seriousness even the typical phlegmatlc attitude of hrs ancestors But he has his moments' Whenever you feel the need of a bracer or an msplratron just take yourself around to 503 and have a gander at some of those plctures of beautiful women adormng hrs walls They say he dreams about one each mght of the week What a pastime' A ' o. I ,L - . - C - I . 1 I ' . 4 a This Ianky, tow-headed lad is a real student. one of the few among us who take GT W V ' 'l'lll', IUZ30 SIIIYXI' 'l',l,,rfw' Sl'Xl N I UN BOB STRETCH Pnvate Co A CD Corporal Co A ll Sergeant Platoon Sergeant Supply Ser geant Co A lll Company Soft ball l lll, Company Basket ball fl Com pany Volley ball fllll Golf Team lllj Silent Dnll Team l Assrstant Busmess Manager SHRAPNEL fllll Night Rnd ers lll Best Non Com Semor Class lll Non Coms Club lll ROBERT RILEY LANG Tulsa O lahoma fEntered l936J Bob who halls from the oll country of Oklahoma continually displays a beaming pleasant smlle and rs po sessed of a magnetrc personallty Those whom he takes under hrs wmg are continually blessed with sound advrce rn their academrc work for Bob ts one who was born with the rare gtft of Intelligence Now to let you m on the know about Bob he ts not a woman hater he just pretends to be He recerves numerous letters from a certam V tc I fOne came ln book form-thirty two pages Bob rs consrdered by all the corps as a swell all around guy Hrs chref dtverslon rs testmg the strength of prcket fences going to and from Lexmgton dances He rs a firm belrever rn the phrase A rolling stone gathers no moss and we do say he ll get no moss or even grass when he starts on has own 68 A ' . 5 . Q D: I- C J: I - tv l ' ,Z ' - 1 f : . . it I .- etc ta - 'I' ' f J: " - " C J- - fr '. . , . U . lf.-gy ' . . - XI I I,I'I' X IIN XI I X I DIC XIX -ffff'.i'I?'Ji?P".4W'.f'?"'-F VC Prrvate Co A I Corporal Co A It Supply Sergeant First Sergeant C A III Lreutenant Co A UV Honor Committee UV Treasurer of Semor Class IV Company Soft ball III IVJ Boxing Squad II Ill VICTOR COOK LOEFFEL Erre Pennsplvanra thnterecl 19351 Hey fellows let s go down and stage a not rn the hve and drme When you hear anythlng Ilke this you know rt s Vrc on the loose agarn Sometimes he breaks away from hrs normal good boy self and contemplates rmpossrble srtuatrons but always he has some friend to watch hrm closely Most of the trme though Vrc rs the type of boy who as a lreutenant Influences A Company to be as efhcrent as rt rs As john lVlrlt s second rn command Cook has worked wonders wrth the company But at nrght after taps our hero often runs amuck because hrs frrencls run wrth hrm and there rs no one to keep htm out of trouble Nrght Rrdmg IS gettmg to be old stuff for hrm It s a good thrng une rsnt far off or he mrght get really drastrc We d have to look far before we could hnd a more favored cadet rn the corps To everybody and to us we really count' Vrc rs tops 1 A in 11" .. I .. A ' . Oz. . cr: c at ' ' . J: ' . D: . f J: - fl, ll. . 1 ' 1, 1. ' 1 . , . J . g . , . . . till Q llll, IUZW SIIIIXIU lI'1l,w' S'l'Xl Y' WILD BILL Private Band I Corporal Band II Bugle Corps I II Assistant Drum Major Band Il Varsrty Football Squad I Il Track Squad I II Company Basket ball I Company Valley ball Ill Company Soft ball I II Sprmg Boxing Squad II Sprung Football I Classrcal Orchestra I Dance Orchestra I Il SHRAPNEL Staff fl ID Salem Drill ll Brotherhood of Bullets II Black Frlars I Il Nrght Rnd ers I ll Assnstant Manager Track II Class Day Speaker II WILLIAM COOPER SEARLE LORD facksonHe1ghls CL I1 New York CEntered I 93 75 Get that guy' I-Int hum wlth a bhbby' Oops too bad' Thmk nothing of lt people It s just Willy the Wonder Lord the man of many accompllshments For the past two years he has been tearing off many a mean luck on an old beat up horn But serlously he s the best trumpet player the band has seen In many a year and hrs work ln the band rs nvalled only by hls swell buglmg Most of the boys know hum for his hell ralsmg P s He s hardly a mamby pamby he s another Charlle Atlas m the flesh who can toss around welghts like balloons eepers has he got what lt takes' I-Ie s terrllic with the women a real lover but try as you may gals his heart belongs to that gorgeous creechur whose pncture IS displayed on his dresser 40 A ' II: II: . 1- wa ' - II: 1.1: C. I: - Q: - ,Ii - C, I: ' II: ' II: II: C5 I: - :' fb: .. .. 12: . ci DZ... .- K- I: ' II: CI- .J , . XI I IIIIXIIN XI IXIDICXIN W1e",raf,faf',ra--,av MAC CHARLIE Private Co A I Corporal Co C CoIor Sergeant Headquarters ll Varsity Track I Il unlor Varsity FootbaII ll Cross Country Team II Com pany VoIIey baII II Stlent Dull Team II CHARLES MCCAW DrcxelH1ll Pennsylvama IE'.ntered I 93 71 It s funny lsn t It that both our coIor guard men should have been volley baIIers for C Company3 And agam that both should be such Iadles men Why Mac had to budget himself for stamps and forget he ever had a portralt made' The accompanymg photograph IS probably worth a fortune by now Charhe IS our track star par excellence the fastest mller on any state prep team slnce records have been kept And he intends to go to the Umverslty of Richmond next year just so he can contmue to run the o and so number of furIongs Down on the hrst gallery of the Kable Qtables Mac IS known as the galloping gumdrop He s aIways around somewhere under foot But he s got a taste that lsn t Ilconce we bet sd,-,A A ' . I lg . . I I: ' I - P1 I ' ' I J: - I I2 ' ' I lc ' ' I 7- has received so much fan maiI and so many requests for pictures of hfmself that he's Tl Zfh-1-1, IN Illlu WCW SIII1iXl'fNI'QI,-We WIKI YIUN ZEKE EDDIE V b EDGAR DOTY MCKEAN JR Edgewood Pennsylvania flintered 19381 Down here for a year from Edgewood Pennsylvania Mac says he rs heading back to Lehigh ln the same state dragging hrs trombone behmd hum He IS you see the Band has profited by hrs fme work this year he s the best we ve heard rn a long trme Almost any afternoon you ll fund hum with Pete Hmson rlffrn away to the accompamment of a popular record Athletrcally rncllned also Mac was the star of lmmy Barr s V basket ball club and he drd a swell plece of work on the V baseball team this season Eddie IS our favorite Top Notcher hrs whrffles set the standard for mrlrtary halr cuts And boy do they become hum' just take a look at the decoration on this page rt s Eddie' A Private Bandg . Basket- all: J. v. Baseball. another "push 'em out, pull 'em back" man of the first "gliss." Seriously, though. -0 XI I I,I'I"X I IN XI 1 X I IICXIN if" . RAY.. ACE Private Co A I Private Co A Co E IIJ Sergeant Platoon Sergeant Co D IIIJ Varsity Track Squad I Il Varsity Track Team III Sergeant at Arms Spanish Club Ill RAYMOND LEWIS MORRISON JR Bufalo New Yorlf fEntered anuary I937 R I. known to hrs closest frrends as Ray shuffled down from Buffalo two and a half years ago And so he bull ratted as a prrvate but ment wxll wrn' Thus year he has attamed the ranlc of platoon sergeant In D Company and plays papa to any number of Irttle fellows Ray rs a consrderable track man In fact he tears the clnders up so fast that he has earned the mckname of Qpeed Add a constant devotron to the books and a lwabrt of mlndmg his own busmess there s your picture Ray plans to enter Alabama next fall A long hop from Buffalo' Must be that he lrkes the easy going South diff A ' . ' . , . I : . . f 9 ' C, J: ' f 31 - - I I I , I Igfifie 9,233 MI, ' tl W ' 'I lllluIU23USIII-itll' ll',I,w'hlXlNIl1N RED Private Co A l Sergeant Co A Il Varsity Tenms Squad l Company Soft ball I JOHN CHARLES MULLENIX III Maxwell Frelcl Alabama CE.ntered I 93 71 A red headed yumpm jlVlIl alligator' Try dropping ln at hrs room to hear a portron of muslcal lingo that wlll lmger with you Such prases as that bunch really plays some tough stuff they re out of this world to me or lrsten to my boy Hodges on thus dlsk All this leads us to the conclusion that Red rs really hep He knows more about thus thing called swmg and its exponents than any two other so called jitter bugs combmed He has on the tlp of his tongue the name of every member of the better bands and knows ev ery good solo by the masters Goodman Barnett ames Bauduc and so on far into the nlght Theres no doubt that Red s chlef hobby IS swmg but he also finds hme to play on the tennrs team He even studies enough to keep a very hugh average and cop rndlvldual honors ln some of has ubyect He ll do well hrs arresting per sonallty will lead htm towards has goal And you ll always be able to fmd hlm In a crowd 44 A ' - ll: - ll: ' ' ll: - ll- '. I . - - 'J - Xl I l,I'Il X I I N XI I X I Ili XI N .1ff".rv",w',wf',a",, TATE KEN Private Co B l Private Lance Cor poral Corporal Co C fll Varsrty Swrmmrng Squad ll KENNETH MATTHEW TATE IVIUNZERT Ballrmore Maryland CEntered I 9375 To most of us Ken seems to be merely another of those quret stuclrous lads Well at that he cloes study once ln a whrle but to those who know he rs actually a hell rarser the type that never gets caught Ken can really hold hrs own when rt comes to talung part rn bull sessions H rs recognized as a leading contender for the bull slrngmg crown that graces the But unlrke most of has contemporanes Ken usually knows what he IS tallung about We hear that Tate s future rs to be devoted to the held of mecllclne cancer research to be exact Well Judgrng from what we have seen of hrm he should make qurte a name for himself rn thrs profession 95 A . A - I 71 ' Q - - . - J: ' ' ' C J- . n Q I ' v. 1 - ' ' e head of. "Mex" Rodgers, in South, or of Krey, North's chief hot-air-letter-offer. 75 a x BOB HAM Private Co C I Private Co A ll Corporal Co A Sergeant Pnvate Co B III Frrst Sergeant Co A UV Lleu tenant Co B V Captain Co B Vl D Basket ball I D Baseball ll Company Basket ball CIII Var slty I'raclc Squad IV Varsity Boxmg Honor Committee Vl Assrstant Man ager Boxing Ill Manager Boxmg IV Pre :dent Senior Class VI Most Popular Senior VI ROBERT M NEWMAN Brooklyn New York fE.ntered 19331 Some srx years ago Bob left the old homestead fm the middle of Broolclynlf to become a Staunton keydet Dunng hrs career here his chevrons have had their ups and downs therr ons and offs but this year they ve been pretty permanent Perhaps Bobs greatest accomplishment has been his membership m two champlonshlp boxing teams S M A IS famous the nation over for her teams an Bob has been a credit to them. Enough sand that speaks for ltself If you want to know just how much we thmlc of him notice too that he s an Honor Commrttee member And that he s presldent of the class And nf that lsnt enough then that he s one of Captain oe s boys ust read the dedication and youll know how swell he has to be to rate that dxshnctlon And finally he was elected most popular semor III l lllz IUI 9 SllliXl'Nl'll,Jrf' S'I'Xl I ' ' A ' Q fl: ' U- 'I 7: I J: ' l Y -' ls 'l - - ll: ' - C J: lik. I cull- OJ: - Bquacl IVJQ Varsitg Billing Team QVIJZ A 'K gui: ' .- cgi "B 0 c J: I P- .. ,Q ---- 7. ". 'fd Xl I IJl'I'w IH UIXIJICXIN l NICKIE. B ny F ra ROBERT NICOLAIT Roclfvrlle Cenlre New York CE.ntered l 9381 A B Company lad and constant supporter thus year Nrck has proved hrm self a grrdrron hero-to Lt Barr rf no one else Wrth hrs quret smrle and good humored personalrty he has added many frrends here to hrs already long lrst You see he s a one year student come to bone up for some tough stuff at Navy Although he rs one of the very few frrst gallery North s sensrble boys he has hrs fun rn a brg way Handrcapped for a trme by a hurt foot at the end of the Chrrstmas holrdays he was all over the place agarn Hrs constant source of worry recently rs bother hrm rf such a small tl"rng as a name rs hrs worst trouble To predrct hrs future at o early a date would be only a guess but we bet rt wrll have somethrng to do wrth Trrty Trrcl Avenyou and de Bronx That rs rf he doesn t go to Annapolrs J,-f A Private Co. 5 Junior Vars' oob ll. 4 .. lu' . f . " having his name confused with Nicolaides. So, you see, he can't have much to . . S . v 1 ' uf? . S I xl V ' ls y L3 'f 1 J' I Illz IUCN Sllll XI'NliI,w" STU Y' BOB Pnvate Co C 1 Corporal Co C ll Varsity Swnmmrng Team l ll, Captain Il Assocrat Edntor Kablcgram ll SHRAPNEL Staff fllj Spanish Club UU Slate Champion Breast stroke fl ll Na tronal Champion Breast strolre fl Num ber One Breast stroke Member of A American Prep Swimming Team I ROBERT MELVIN OUSLEY North Canton Ohm flintered 193 71 first water ln fact a national champ' But dont thmk swlmmlng IS the only thmsf that Bob IS tops rn As this goes to press he rs an honor student ln the semor class and fmcls trme to bat out Kablcgram copy and SHRAPNEL stuff like this only better Oh yes' We forgot to mentron the women Well Bob never seems to lack a gurl at the dances and we ve seen some pretty good loolcers swaymg wrth htm He seems to have that certam something that Hocks them xn One of our hero s ambltlons IS to represent Amenca ln the Olymprcs And he seems to be well on hrs way to domg lt Experts plcked hlm last year as the best prep school swlmmer m hrs event and wed puck hlm any year as one of the world s best fellows 43 A ' . C D: - C D: . . . 1 V ' . f J: ' 1 ' D l li D , ' v ,Z : ' ' - 3: - - 11. . .. .. . . C y Here is the boy who is going to set 'em wild at Princeton-a swlmmer of "the XI I mix lt: w Xl :xl nam PARK Private Co C RALPH BRUCE PARKINSON Clensrde Pennsylvania f Entered I938J Last September a northerner with a southern accent would you believe IU came into our midst It was none other than little Bruce the academic ringer going military for a year before settling down to a higher education He already knew more than most of us brilliant brain trustersll Bruce is a notorious cigarette stub grabber and can smoke them as low as the as a jlVll'lg Jltterbug and has an ambition to beat the skins He spends most of his spare time listening to Jam records and beating them out with a pair of wire brushes Park leaves 5 M A this year to carry on at Lehigh University where he hopes to become an engmeer We wonder what he ll think of S M A hve years from now' Q . . ' ,, f f . ' -7 best. He thrives on political arguments-the home-state influence. He is also known T9 .I E k 'fl " llll' IUI39 SllliXl'NI+1I,w'S'I'Xl YIHX ARTIE. Prrvate Co A Varsrty Track Team Silent Drrll Team Company Volley ball SHRAPNEL Surf! ARTHUR BARRETTE PARSONS JR Scarsdale New Yor C Entered l 9383 Another loyal fwhen you hear hrmj son of the Emprre State New York the unmatchable Artre rs strll a sort of trartor to hrs land He intends to lrve rn the Southwest Hrs brggest problem rrght now rs decrdrng whether to be a mrnrng engrneer or an rrrrgatron cotton planter But around the Hrll rt s rmpossrble to belreve that he has any problems he s one of the most actrve keydets It s rumored that he s the most authorrtatrve one we have when rt comes to the Shenandoah Valley especrally rn regard to the vrcrnrty of Waynesboro And rt seems we ve heard whrsperrngs of mrdnrght rrdes rn Model A s also to hrs credrt As an academrc rrnger and one of our track stars Artre has spent hrs year rn Staunton to good avarl We re afrard French has hrm buffaloed though But rt s our guess that hrs grrn wrll get hrm by He doesn t have to talk 80 A - fr Xl I I,I'l' ax ls: w xc 1 x I nc Xl x WHIZ Private Band Classxcal Orchestra C-lee Club KENNETH ELSWORTH PAUL Clazrton Pennsylvama fE.ntered 19383 Wont somebody please shut up that d clannet' It IS nothmg unusual to hear some weary sleeper resxdmg near 232 ln South exerclslng h1s lungs on thus plalnt or something slmllar as he IS aroused from his slumber by a woeful hugh pitched llClC from that fish horn of Ken Paul s We often wonder just how erry Wllbur stands It Or does he3 It must take a man wlth an lron constltutlon to room with The Whiz It IS told around about sort of or maybe just about that Paulo spends a lot of hls leave over ln the abode of one Holhs Painter It s remarkable how much competl tlon hes had that has added up to exactly nl So as far as we know he s stxll on top As muslclans go though Ken amt so bad except as a muslclan He even ventures to smg I 9 ' : , .. . . ,. - . D I 1 - ' tl '. U! ' . . . . . . . , . . . .I - .. ' A . . l. . 1 a i - 81 'Tw .Kidz ' 'Z e l wt llll, IUCN SllliNI'NlCl,.f4ff"SIU Y MISSISSIPPI BILL Private Co C I Corporal Co C II Lnght weight Football Team I Varsrty Tennis Squad I II Varsity Swlmmlng Team UI W W L S QI II Treas urer Il Dramahc Club I ll Y IVI C A QIIJ Kablegrnm Stall CII Assls tant Editor In Chief SHRAPNEL WILLIAM WALLACE PEARSON Sumner Mzssrsslppz CE.ntered I 93 73 Bull comes to us from Way Down and can we tell lt' HIS classnc bull sessions on the South have made history The Chamber of Commerce m Mlsslsslppl could well pay hlm a salary for all the verbal advertlsement he s handed out We ve never before seen even a southerner more satlsfled with his sectlon to hear hum tell It It s the land Howmg wlth milk and honey MISSISSIPPI spent his flrst year here brmgmg hrs academlc attamments to top S M A standards Hlghest Award l938' and found tlme for underwelght football and some tenms This year he takes the books ln his stnde and devotes hrs time to all sorts of things not the least his mldmght wrestling wlth these SHRAPNEL Jobs and a trash can of water or two To parody a famous something or other If you would see his monument read another page or two S A ' - CJ: - CJ: . - . O: . . 4' D: . , . I: . .... I, - ID: ' C. In - . . . : D: '- - ' fm. 2 XI I I,I'I' X Ii N Xt I X I DIC XI N is--,afgmsf--, P P Private Co B LYNN GILBERT PIPKIN Beaumont Texas fE.ntered 19383 Meet Lynn a Texas ranger from the orl fields He really belreves rn the future of petroleum He intends to make a fortune rn Black Gold but up here he got hrs start with spotted bones If he keeps rt up he never wlll have to brmg ln a gusher If you re going to play soldler vou re gonna play rrght sand Major Tuttle to Pxp the hrst week on the hlll But Prp and hrs roommate Bostwlck started the Society for the Promotron of Inefficrency Plus and have been ln sessron all year with the exceptlon of Government lnspectron week Plp really knows how to evade the law and hrs srde kick no less What we can t understand though rs why the mayor always prcks them when he has the urge to hand out a couple of ments Smce ments rate as black marks to the lnef hclency Plus Society nobody rs pleased .. I .. l l , , . I I y . ,, ,, . . . . . , . tt v - - , - as - - . , v 4. - H - H - n - - Q - li ' If ' 1 c 1 , ' . , . . . f . U - n - - t. -1 S3 17. in 'NT' 4 f ,sfilf ll t - W 1 r W V l'lll' HMO Nllloi Xl'NI',l, SI Xl N INN NED Private Co A l Corporal Co A Ser geant Co B ll Master bergeant Color Guard Sergeant Major Battalron lll Varsity Track Squad l lll Varsity Boxing Squad II Company Basket ball Company Baseball It Company Volley Ball IIIJ Silent Drill Team l W L Non Coms Club ll lll Blaclrfrrars Ill Night Riders Brotherhood of Bullets lll HARRY EDWIN POLLOCK JR Asheville North Carolina As a commxttee of one accorclmg to Smlth to see that the enthusiasm vlm vxgor and vrtallty of the crew of the Mayflower dad not fall below the bubbling over pomt Ned has earned on m earnest to the honor and glory of hrs home When the old hulk ran aground ln front of Woodward s on April 4th and Smlth Pollock Frsher and Henry made their fatlgued and exhausted appearance all were stxll smlllng Nlce work Ned If all the southerners were like Ned It IS hard to belreve that there could have been a Cxvxl War he gets along wxth everyone so well that xt s almost lmpossnble to quarrel with htm That s the b M A cadet we luke' Does he know the techmque for breakmg barraclcs3 Well there s nothmg ln thus state that he s not rn on that ns lf lt IS worth being m on And the pretty thmg about It ns that he gets away with xt even when others dont It s a glft that s all a gift 84 A ' - 1 J: H . . - - C J: R . : - ' ' C J: ' C- D: ' ' t J: - - f 7: - t 1 ' ' C - Il, llllg W. . . s. fn, " - w tb - ' t J: y " I J- fEntered January, 19372 XI I I,I'I' X HX XC I X I llf XIX .iff4f"Aiff".f.rf"-fe"-1 Q I FARMER Private Co B l Corporal Co B ll Master Sergeant Headquarters Clll Co tllllon Club lll Business Manager of SHRAPNEL UID Company Basket ball l ll Company Baseball l ll lll Most Handsome Senior lll ROBERT LYNCH POLLOM Cralvfordsvxllc lndlana CE.ntered I 9365 Now here s a Hoosrer Hot Shot clean through to the last seed of hay Com pletely saturated with that rustic drawl and of course a handsome lad to boot don t take our word for rt see Senior Electrons this tot has flustered M B C wasn t the best but he came out on top at last Guardran for Headquarters Company and the National Colors this year he has been among the promment men of the corps After two hard hell ralslng years m South Barracks he moved to North for peace and qulet he says Well anyway lt wouldn t be the same without htm And popular' You should see hlm ln the Sergeant Major s ofhce before drills on Frlday making out the stuck sheets A A - C J: - C I: J: - ' ' C J: ' C - J: y C - - D: " ' " C J' I I , ,, , for the past three years both night and day. CWellTmaybe his first start down there S5 Az .1711 8 an If IIII WSW SIIIIXIINICI. WIKI XIHN RICH vt A ID IC A WB Q s a un GEORGE ANDERSON RICHARDSON Roc vrlle Centre Long Island flintered 19361 Some call him the guiding light of Company A some dub him the woman hater still others find other names for our A Company top but to all who really know him and have grown to appreciate him he s just Rich I-le has steadily battered his way mto English IV B and even a nice first sergeantcy in spite of the fact that he comes from New York Although he claims that he is the profoundest of the profound women haters we all wonder about those delicately perfumed letters that he gets from a local hen house My my what would Deanna say' An ardent baseball fan a prohcient Mexican athlete and a very consistent burlesque fan Rich sets the pace for a great many of us lugs No pun is intended he s probably circling the track right now S0 A Pri ae Co. A CID: Corporal, Sergeant Co. f : First Sergean o. lllljg Varsi aseball S uad QI, Iljg Company Basket-ball UD: Varsity Track qua Q . I I I Ie ' . XlIl,I'I'XItiN XHXIDICXIN Q RING Private C A W W I.. S Varsity Boxmg Squad Varsity Swimming Squad Company Valley ball SHERMAN RICHARD RING Newark New jersey fE.ntered I 9385 Razz ma Tazz you are now face to face wlth that ersey Strealcll Our llttle bug man IS a personality you can t easlly forget If he lsn t argumg wlth Lord or some of the other arguers he I5 to be found lnvestlgatmg or mstlgatlng trouble for someone He IS a but on the hell ralsmg slde proof may be found easlly by mqumes among the faculty Waynesboro has seen lots of thus fellow this year 1t seems that he frequents the vlcmlty with a gorgeous brunette But enough sand about hrs love llfe or Ines Now let us turn to the more serious matters concerning thls lad Ring rs a very successful Mexican athlete he talks a mean Ilne that IS typlcally sharpy If he doesnt talk hrs way around you he II get you ln the end anyway somehow A 'o.g....g' 87 1 XA, CURLY BUCK Ll l'TLE BULL Private Co A l Corporal Sergeant C A ll, Cotllllon Club C111 W W l.. S Sergeant at Arms Il Assistant Busmess Manager of SHRAPNEL ll Blackfnars l Non Coms Club ll Silent Drlll Team QI Varsity Football l Il Company Basketball l ll b ll I ll Varsity Track Squad l Nlght Riders I ll Brotherhood of Bullets ll Mexrcan Athlete of Senior Class Il HARRY THOMAS RODC-ERS JR ohnslonm Pennsylvania fEntered 193 71 Llttle Bull Rodgers IS the prlcle and 1oy of the enttre populatlon fboth of them of ohnstown Pennsylvama It seems as lf Tommy has played football here for the past two years and from what we ve seen he ll go places He has a great many other Interests too Have a look At home Tommy IS lnsplrecl by a certain Skeet but here he IS inspired only by occastonal tnps to Waynesboro for purpose of attending dance at Charlottesville For three and one half weeks Curly went to Mary Baldwin to get our llttle lcey dets dates for the hops but hrs football mstmcts lnvanably overtook htm ln the Blue Room ln the class choice of Mextcan athlete Buck was so far ahead that there wasnt any second place The old personality he says-such popularity must be deserved Sb Illlu IUCN? SI l It XPX lil, Sl Xl XVI U A 0' 4 -. 122 '. ,U ma, I.. , u v tl: . ,ow is Q ca: blmpgny soft-ball .ups Companyfvollezi net- .JIU -I U: C- 7: nib.. .cl .. I - w 4 l l rq ,' 1 1' . . . 4 , . mm I xm XIAIJLXIN ROSIE CLIFF Prlvate Co A I Color Sergeant Head quarters Il Varsrly Track Squad I ll Company Volley ball I ID Rllle Team I Camera Club IJ Art Club UD CLIFFORD ERNEST ROSELLE. New Haven Connecllcul flintered 19371 When the old Stars and Qtrlpes goes by the ever present crowd of femmme watchers at parade lt :sn t Old C-lory that catches their eye rt s that handsome man of the color guard Clrff Ro elle Does he malce those young gals hearts palpltate' As a loyal Kable Stables man Clrff has really made a name for himself this year playlng volley ball and on the championship team too Ancl he has been a regular fixture on the rifle range for some time But by far hrs highest achievement rs the handling of that much more anclent weapon the javelm It s funny that he IS the only Company C man who does hrs part and stall docsn t grve Mighty Casey a chance to face the batter for hum I fi Jew' J P' f A ' - fl: - I J: ' I- D: - K. z ' fl: I: S9 'flap s,,: 'f ' j'f""' ' 1 r 1 ' v llllz WCW SllIriXI'NI',I,w'nl Xl NIU STAN THE BUG Pnvate Co B l Corporal Sergeant C A ll Varsity Basket ball Team l ll Varsity Baseball Team l ll Honorable Mention All Slate Basket ball Team ll STANLEY E. RUF For! Wayne Indiana lEntered 19373 Meet Stan our llttle bantam rooster of the basket ball court If you want to see an ammated spark plug ln actlon Just look around for a mop of blond stralght halr attached to a streak of llghtnmg and you have our flash on two wheels O rather two feet But Stan can really turn up the boards when he s dnbblmg a basket ball We like hlm for much more than his athletic ablllty however for he s always ln such a good humor lt s fun to be around htm And lf there s ever anyone needed to play a llttle football soft ball or tenms any time at all Stan fits nght m the groove He s made a place for himself by being always ready for anything And what s even better the faculty thmk he s swell too You should hear Captain Hull speak of Stanlee Roof' 90 A ' - CD: , o. flg ' - l- ls 'I lv ls ll- l L ' ' ',, f . r I' ll V .fef'.tef'.fsf',tf tbljjwl an far W W + Ml MMM Private C A I Private Corporal Co C IU Sergeant Supply Sergeant Co C III Lieutenant Co C Prrvate Com pany B Prrvate Company C UV Com pany Basket ball I ll Company Soft I A B C Club Sllent Drill Team I llj W W L S Staff UID Co Edrtor Kable ram IV CHARLES H RUPRECHT JR Balavla New York fE.ntered 19353 Well Sally and Emmett have been together so long now we wonder what next year will be lrke for Tone According to Ruppy he has to take care of Emmett all day long sort of be a second mother to hlm Dlmples ns the picture of the perfect Boy Scout doing his good turn But C R hasnt done so well wlth the major this year the major seems to thunk scouting and patrolling are a lrttle different from the First Classmen s re qurrements As a Company C man Ruppy was entltled to Bug lm s and but when Brg lm went to bat he only hlt a foul So there was Ruppy left standing on third That was all so long ago and now Charlie IS back rn the fold looking after Termite Take nt easy Chass You gotta Be Prepared for the women who will mob you when you leave the protection of these walls Pl F . USA ,. YV' D ES" Nfll I o. Q jg ' , , C : . . X I JS ' - , ' - N - ' lc - . 1' yi . ball 1, ll, HD: " . . UIQ ' ' C . : . . . . flll, IVJ, Secretary UV, 5 Kablegram 1 - ' s' C J- 'I'lIIu IUISU SIIHFXIW rlilrw' S'l'Xl NIU MORTY FAT STUFF Private Co C I Corporal Co C ll Lance Corporal Co A Stall Sergeant Headquarters lll Varsity Football Squad Il lll Rnlle Team Manager ll Sprung Boxing ll Spring Foot ball ll, Company Volley ball lll SHRAPNEL Staff UID Blacltfrlars Ill, Kalmlegram Stag lll Company Water Polo Ill, MORTIMER SCHILLER Brooklyn New York flintered l 93 71 of our baby bllmp just glves us a httle more of hlm to like And hls 250 pounds have filled many a hole m the football lme Although Mort was a contender for honors as the blggest woman hater lt IS only because he remams true to his one and only lorrame the gurl who walts at home Personally we would lust hlm among the hell ralsers I-le has a well estab hshed reputation as the best chef m the South those mldmght snacks of cheese and hamburger sound mighty mterestlng Were you ever stuclc3 fOh how sllly of us to ask' Although our Staff Sergeant dldn t report you he made sure that the report was posted Columbla you re gettmg qulte a man' Q7 Q ' . U: - C 3: C U D: v ' C - J: ' K 7: ' ' C JS ' ' C 2 - I 7: 1 ' C 2 r C J: I c . Yes, folks, he is gigantlc, colossal, stupendous: .and we do mean big! The size XlIl,I'IlAIiN Xllklllir IN .faf.1ef'aa".sea'.4ef',es' THE BARON JAW ,IUH Private Co B l Corporal Co B II Sergeant Supply Sergeant Frrst Sergeant Co B Master Sergeant Color Guard Headquarters Ill V Baseball Squad l Company Basketball fll Asso crate Editor Kablegram flll SHRAPNEL Staff UU Co Editor Kablegram Ill Editor In Chref SHRAPNEL UID Dra matic Club lll President Camera Club um CARROLL PROCTOR SCRUGGS Hahzra Georgia fE.ntered l936J When you see omebody hldmg behlnd a large box you are observing The Baron m action this year Alex Campbell s a llttle bigger In case you dldnt look closely at the above address Hahlra rs m Georgia way down South ln Dlxle It s been rather nerve rackmg to us all this year there s a rat here named Sherman and Carroll s had a tough trme restrannmg hrmself When we begun to look for the showing he s made we find too much to put mto you take lt and realize what a potentially great llterary man C P 1 He intends to wnte for the Atlanta ournal Well more power to hlm that s where Margaret Mltchell got her start We can see rt now on all the newsstands This Place rs a all or The Ramblm Wrec Rambles Bac ,Ae .NA A ' - C72 1 - C D: C 7: J- - C ls - J: - . : - ' K J: ' C D: ' . .l . . G .' ' . 'V Tw? pnnt. So. will just take hls biggest. accomplishment-thus ?HRAP'l:II?.L. Or better, . . S. -" . . I ' , . Z , 5 ' ' 1 " If ff. 93 I f 't Q55 g jti' jf.: -'5-T' r' Y V r ' , h dx" E SMITTY Private Co B Prrvate Band fl Ser geant Technical Sergeant Co B ll Lieutenant Frrst Lieutenant Co B lll Captain and Adjutant Staff UV Com pany Basket ball ll Company Soft ball ll IV Company Volley ball IV Cheer Leader l ll lll IV Cohlllon Club ll lll IV President IV Silent Drlll Team l Il lll Commander IV Assrstant Snapshot Editor SHRAPNEL UD Blackfnars lll IV Vice President UV Officers Club lll IVJ Brotherhood of Bullets IV Non Com: Club fll Honor Commrttee IV EDWIN S SMITH Duluth Mrnnesola fEntered l 935 Q Smltty IS really the boy wrth the colorful past where specral orders are con cerned Last year s little Jaunt fdestlnatlon Mtaml termmatlon Winston Salem made rather an mterestmg paper But the determination to see the Gulf Stream and the Everglades dnd not due and this year together wrth Henry Fisher and Pollock Ed took the Florlda country to preces Speakmg of orders thmk of the number of words our Captam Adjutant sounds off ln the mess hall Hrs speaking vorce rs equal to that of F D R hrmself Drd you notlce that hrs year has hlt the top of the lust ln work for adjutants'-' Ed wants to be a beachcomber rn the South Seas but Ed dont get maxed up with any of those Polyneslans we hear so much about 94 IllluIU13USIIIiXI'XI'lI, SIQXI XIUX MED.. A ' -r' J: - .- i . - H1 ,- l -CJ: , D: - c 'yflz - - cy' ui .nn cn' ' ffl, Q. . 491, . C r .2 IJ: Ltr" - ftylc 5 . . . ,. l . . . . I D.. lc. M I I,I'I' A Il N Xl I X I IIC Xl N 'M-1'f"'f59'hAW-f'5"-W' JEFF Private Co C Company Volley ball Glee Club Silent Drill Team JEFFREY C SMITH Washington D C fE.ntered I 9381 Most studlous ln the Semor CIass3 No not quite Just the runner up Smlttxe IS really an old smarty always havlng an average of 90 per cent or more Although he prefers to stay ln the background his pleasant personality and hxs extensive vocab ulary have won htm many llfe long freinds ln his smgle year here As to C s quletness we excuse xt with the ancient Chmese proverb Silence IS golden eff certamly reaps ln this gold If you dont believe us keep ln touch with hum for the next say ten years Down m the pool Jeff has had his quota of physlcal exercnses so you can see he s not one of those All work and no play guys ln any event he s no dull boy You should hear hum speak of the ten ments of our natlonal capital Accord mg to hlm It s qmte the place fa I 445: ..-It G... . : - 1 : ' ' - . . . . . . . ' . ,. . . ,, . , , ' . . . , - .. . .. . - - - - ' .. - 1. . , . v . ., . . . , . . I - J - o f ,duff . . ' Il a--fa . ,. . .. .. . .. . . , ' .. . . , . . . . , . ' , . J' ' 7 X 1 'W J' lllllx 10:30sllltxl'fIfLIr.WS'I'xl YIYJN OC OUR CHARLIE Prrvate Co A I II Prrvute Co E III Sergeant Headquarters IV Treasurer Y M C A UV, CHARLES WILLIAM SPENCER Ashland Pcnnsylvama fEntered 19353 Charlie came to us four years ago and never once smce have we notlced any thlng but hrs unalterable dlllgence and undauntecl perseverance rn hrs work He was determined to make good and he has No one rs more popular with the school at large than Doc As a medrcal man this year Our Charlle has been nght rn hrs element Every one knows that a doctor must be smrlmg and cheerful and Charlie flts rlght into that groove wlthout any effort It s a habit' We expect our boy to drsplay at Duke the same spmt he has shown here We gotta show the rest of the country the stuff that Pennsylvania s anthracrte mmers are made of But seriously and wholeheartedly we are going to violate a staff pro hlbrtlon called No Flowers We wrsh the best of everything to one of the best 96 ..D .. A ' - C. D: ' . I D: C I: Xl I I,I'I' x i z x xt 1 x I nc XI N SYL SILVER Prrvate Co C Varsrty Football Team Varsrty Basket ball Team Varsnty Baseball lmeam SYLVAN PAUL STEIN Washmglon D C fE.ntered 19381 Stem rs another of these strong sllent type fellows Or as hrs roommate Frfr would say Anyway he sure rs strong phew' Stem rs al o qurte an athlete a three sport varslty letter man rn a one year stay here Qrlver s chief drversron rs hrs roommate Flfl One ns liable to hear them hot and heawy at rt rn any hour of the mght erther jrtter bugging or argurng We chanced to overhear one of these famous thrrd gallery sessions that went something luke this You drd' I drdn t' The hell you drdn t' and so on into the nrght untrl frnally Stem gave up and sand Well what rf I drd suck my toes when l was a baby5 We mustnt forget the gurls Ye Stem rs also one of those It boys As a local gal once sand as she spred Syl and FIFI wallung down the street Who ns that tall good looking chap with the bald headed fellow3 5 f .. .. .. .. . L Z ' 3 , . . . . . . ,, . ,, - - n , .. . tr . . . - e ' Q 1 - - v ,. . , ,, . .... ,. . ,, . . U , . . . . . ,,.. . ,, . I - ' - - tt - n tt - 1 u 1. - 1 n - . . . . ,. . . - v n v . . . tt u . a, . . - . .4 an .4 - an - tt - - - ' as g ' ' 4 94 T. wg 4. 1 . ,I ' x , ,-,J - lxllli WSW SHI!XI'Xlfl,-"S'I'Xi YIHX STEVE GREEK Prlvate Co A l Corporal C A ll Sergeant Co A Ill Varsity Tennrs Team l Varsrty Swrmmrng Team l Company Basket ball l Varsity Golf T am ll lll Company Soft ball ll Ill Senior Biggest Woman Hater lll JAMES H STEVENS JR Washmglon D C f Entered 19365 Steve takes hrs leave of The Hull after three years of fine work An all around swell fellow a star physics student Steve stlll beheves rn the maxlm Never a dull moment and consequently has something of a reputation as a hell raiser We have to gnve hlm credlt for takmg the monotony out of our routme lrfe though So far as we know Steve has no love hfe or maybe he keeps lt quret When a lad of hrs porson allty can get along for three years wrthout succumbmg to the hen house urge youll usually find a real Sweet Cenevneve of chrldhood days In the background When the Greek leaves the noble A Company will be left without its best sectron leader He made a splendld showmg for the government mspectors and we feel sure that hrs place will be hard to hll next year N A ' - fl: 0- tl: - C J: ' ' CD2 ' ' ' fl: ' fl: ' 2 1- J: - C, J: ' - "C J- XI I I r I Ill X ll N Xl HX I DIC XI N re",4fa:",tef',rf:-'fir WALLY STILTS Prrvate C B l Platoon Sergeant Supply Sergeant Co C ll Company Soft ball I WALLACE PENNOCK STILZ Pluladclplua Pennsylvama QE.ntered I937J Now we have some real raw maternal to work on Get a load of that super brace 'I Ment Man Stllz that extra efhclent buddmg young mlhtary genius the prlde of Captain Woodbury Wally as he IS appropriately called IS truly one of The Major s Boys just look at hlm one of those rare top ranking second year men It seems that hrs fawonte pastime IS recelvmg nonclescnpt letters from half ln to go on Hobby Lobby We feel that rf he goes as far ln later lrfe as he has here with us rn such a short time lt ll take a lot more than Temple to stop hxm But what do our feelings have to do with the matter3 It will be as Destmy decades or as the Fates decree' Shakespeare Good eh5 M, Jr A ' 0- C ls . . C J: - C J- I ebriated ex-schoolmates, who are now trying to struggle through college. He ought I - - -l 99 ,gfz I Q A f 'E Ill M1110SIll1iXI'XliI,,.--BHMI YIHN BOB Private Band l Corporal Sergeant Band ll Lieutenant Drum Major Band lll Company Softball II Company Volley ball Ill Assrstant Track Manager l Track Manager ll Cotlllron Club III Secretary Treasurer Cotrllron Club Ullj Dance Orchestra Leader Ill ROBERT C SWANSTROM Duluth Minnesota Clintered 19361 Well folks here we have B Company s excuse for losing lines none other who has Jomecl the ranks of the so called marned men Mlss Moffat CMuffy to you and Bob have been that a way for mgh on to two years or IS It three3 We used to wonder where thus lad spent all of hrs free time Certarnly not on The Hrll I Even durmg the sprung furlough Romeo remained wrth hrs uhet they re almost as had as Bell and Rosemary Loore has two abodes Duluth Mlnnesota and Toronto Canada He s really a furrmer on both srdes of the border Hrs plans for the future are rather mdefimte ln every respect but one Do the others matter much3 They do not' 100 A ' C J: . C J: ' . - ' C J: - C D: - C J: ' C 7: C Ps ' ' l . C D: - . C J., than our Town little drum major, Cadet Robert 'C. Swanstrom, hisself.-Bob is one D - - . . c n s .5 ' V . il : Xl I I,l'I' X H N Xl 1-X I Dlf XI N ..reme",+sf,wire-',w I LANKY Private Band l Sergeant Band II HAROLD D SWAYZE NCWIOTI New fersey fE.ntered I 93 71 What have we here3 A tuba with Swayze mslde of lt' When he gets himself all unwrapped from that musical monstrosxty we find slx feet of srmllng knock kneed cadet Hrs ear rendlng oom pah s may be dlstlnctly heard at any forma hon Some even go so far as to say that he s the reason why all the gals come to our parades He doesn t qulte Hoor em but at least he swayze em Whew" Hrs smrle get a load of that pan above IS something that has made hum one of the leading spmts of the Band After being m thls unlt for two years he has really developed a powerful puff ust listen to one of hrs solos when you feel the need of a bracer Lanlcy says he s going to become a banker a New ersey banker Llsten for hlm on that Music ls My Hobby program 4, v A ' C71 Cl- '.J .8 . 101- Illlz IUCN SIIIYXIU lil, HIWXI YIUX I - TALKIE RUDY Private C B Varsity Traclc Team Cross Country Team Company Volley ban RUDOLPH H TAUSKEY Upper Saddle Rnfer New jersey fEntered 19381 Rudy comes to us from Upper Saddle River New ersey Ever hear of 1t3 lts a cmch we havent not even of Lower Saddle Rlver Nevertheless the burg has some mighty fine maternal rfn thus lad IS an example Academically hes one of the best fOur renowned Lootenant Tuck rates hlm as tops m Spanish Rudy IS qurte famous for hrs dlscusslons on hunting fishing and a ter taps with has roommate and vlsxtors Our North Barracks hell rarser admits havmg become qulte mtlmate wlth rlfles since Lxeutenant Slattery taught hlm the art of beat wallung Those penalty tours are really monotonous' As a member of Lou Onesty s track squad Rudolph has earned himself a reputatnon as a mxddle dlstance runner V M I IS fortunate m gettmg such a stal wart keydet all broken ln and everything' 102 4. n n -- . 0' : . 2 I l l 9 , J . f . 1 - o ' - . .D . u an - - u- n - - - . v as n . . U ,, . . . . . . . f 1 y - . . - - as - - on u - n - , u n v - v M U I . .. . . NI I I,I'I'fX IIN XI 1 N I DIQXIN 'fff-1r"w-MY-ie"-fer' TOMMY DOOP DOOP Private C D I Corporal Company D Ill Sergeant C C UID Supply Sergeant Private First Class Private Ser geant Co C IV Lieutenant Co C IV Captam Co C CVI J D Base ball Basketball I Company Soft ball ll Ill IV V VII Company Basket b Il III IV V1 Boxxng Team Man ager VI, Srlent Dnll Team IIII IV V VD Nnghl Owls IIV VJ C hllron Club V VI Honor Commrttee VI Secretary Senior Class Vl EDWIN THOMAS Robesoma Pennsylvania IE.ntered I 9331 Here IS the one and only rehc of prehlstorlc S M A havmg been here for all of slx years He has had Ins hand ln everythlng from D base ball to the boxing great honor of being captain of C Company It IS generally rumored that he does all nght at IVI B C And he s one of the Cotllllon Club s soclal climbers Strmgbean as his mtlmates know hlm IS headed for Penn State to study forestry Some joke because Tommy can hardly find hrs way around Kable Stable wrthout a gurde or a lot of blazed doors Tommy has seen the best m S IVI A I-lls years have covered the most pro ductrve penods rn the school s hlstory It s always hard to say good bye to an old tlmer but we know he s safe They am t so many gals ln the real tall tlmber 'viii A ' o. I Q: I - I' I: A' I - Q: ' . D: . . - . I J: - I - V - I 2 - a I , , g ' - I 5. Q' , . ' I' I I - J: I I I I: ' I I- 1 . I - n I .J- I, . - Q squad. After having his ins and outs with the P. S. 6: T., he hnally reached the 103 ,I I I T Illlt WCW SlllifXI'Q llfllwef' STU 'IU TOMMY Private Co A Rrlle Team HARRY PLATT THOMPSON Pleasanlvrlle New Yor fE.ntered I938J Platt rs an A Company lad tnecl and true and he IS a son of the village of Pleasantvllle rn New York State fThat s the Readers Dxgest town But deep mslde this lad IS a rebel havlng orlglnally come from Texas Scholastlcally Platt IS up near the top He was on the rifle team and made several trlps with lt on one of whlch a few of the boys went to a certain dance ln a certain college that was not on the official program of the trrp Wow' Was that something' V ' Harry IS also doing well ln tennis and rt looks as lf he will get a letter rn that sport Next year Horse Power plans to attend a college down ln Texas the old home state and then go mto dentlstry as though he didnt get enough dnllxng ere 104 "H.P." A ' v ' If . h . ' , XI I :Arr I Ii N xc 1 x I na NI x TOOKIE. BILL Prrvate Co B WILLIAM RIECKS TOOKER Plandome New Yor fEntered I938J Over on the first gallery of North amid the Sherstys Robeys Millers and such there resldes a real gentleman named Bull Tooker Although he occasionally glves out with some real Jne and jltter he ns noted for hrs unusual calmness when every one rs fumlng about and grlplng about some IIIJUSIICC perpetrated by the command ant s office Bull IS very definitely one of these Ilsteners to radios after taps who rsn t3 since upon his semor questlonnalre he Ilsts as his favorite radro program The Kraft Music Hall CIO 00 to I I 00 every Thursday p m I and as hrs favorite orchestra Kay slnce we are content to Iet the faculty do their own lights out snooping Tookle calls I land home ventured South for a year only but seems to Ilke rt He s headmg for the Umverslty of Vlrglma I eff 'fro E .5 ,,37v?'-ft-'V A l . If " : : . . ' ' , l :fl Keyser CIO:0O to II:00 each Wednesday nightlz But we kept mum until now, 47- l04' II I IUCN SIlIiXI'NI4lI,aeff'TSIXI NIIIX LIMEY SAMMY Pnvate Co B I Lance Corporal Cor poral Co A II Assistant Manager Track Team l Manager Traclc Team ll Company Volley ball fll, W W L S Il Assocrate Editor Kablegram UD SHRAPNEL Stal? fllj SAMUEL C TORNO Toronto Canada CEntered I 9383 The trme some ungodly hour The place the Alley of Mrs begotten Ones The actron a stray cadet taps upon an all concealrng door Sllthenng feet are heard from the mner sanctum of Surte 3l0 followed by a hasty shuffling of paper Then dead srlence In desperatron the tap rs repeated A bnef pause rs followed by a cautious Who s there3 Such IS the atmosphere that rergns about the abode of our pnze furrmer from the wrndy wrlds of Canada one of Company A s mllltary whrzzes fthe pride of Sarge I and incidentally one of the bram trusters of the SHRAPNEL and Kable grarr Cadet Tomo the lnqumng Reporter himself Sammy rs a hustler and has been unto everything ln hrs two years here good tralnmg for a business career And efhclent loo' Ask Lreutenant Onesty lllh A ' . CI: . - - fl: ' CJ: CJ: - 1 .- XIlI,I'l'eXlH XIIXIDICXIN Jref.1e"aafJaf,1e",faf' N JAKE Private C B JOHN BENFORD WADE. Fairmont West Vrrgmza Clintered I 9381 For the fellow who IS most loyal to hrs home state we nommate ohnney Wade from Farrmont West Vrrgmla If anyone gets any wrse Ideas about vanous mountam and their respective ments our Little Abner Wade IS ready to frght at the drop of a moonshme bottle Also Jake s desk I5 wrdely noted for lts oe College atmosphere He s really a good boy to know Another reason why his acquaintance hould be cultivated I5 that nearly any hour of the day or night food can he found ln hrs room Ask Hungry Ham Lreutenant Tuck But the thmg that has made hlm world famous IS the fact that he IS the first S M A cadet ever to recelve the Croix de Guerre He won lt for hrs ake says he rs gomg to you guessed rt' the University of West VITSIHIH Hrll bully to the core the lad rs .Jr .ab A I 0. f . , ' ! ' ' ' llj YI 1 . . 5 A . . . or 7 . . . . I , . ' . . . . 2 jf courageous and vlctonous assaults upon the well-known male cow., ,' , 107 'lv-gf-H , , j ' Q L we, t ff 'ff :lj 1 .av-N Q V ,.' ' lllls IUCN SIIliXl'Nl'll,+'sf WIKI YIUX M WALLY Private C B l Corporal Pnvate Lance Corporal Co C ll V Foot ball Team Il Varsrty Track Squad l Company Soft ball l II Silent Dr: Team I ll Art Club l Il JAMES B WALLACE Phrladelphza Pcnnsylvanxa fEntered l 93 75 Many have been born with srlver spoons rn therr mouths but few have caught thcrr first beams of sunhght wlth pamt brushes clutched rn their teeth' Well any way here s one who has according to Lieutenant Soule Oh yes and who IS the fellow who gets mall ln femlnlne hand, tltled Corp Pvt Sgt Pvt Blanlc3 It would be lm for no one else has changed hrs rank so frequently And speaking of femlnme hands many a frall and falr from fourteen to forty m every nook and cranny of the East proudly boasts of holdmg his The man m the musrc store downtown says that hrs Victor record sales have hut a new hngh smce rm has come to town-especially the swlngy ones For lm rs a proficrent Jntterbug We guess that by this tlme you must lmaglne that rm IS a swell fellow He IS 106 ...Hn A ' o. , ' . - . . - CJ: ' flax - C- la' 'll f- lc C- J- , , . 1 .. .I U . - J Xl I I,I'I' X I IN Xl L X I DIC XIX ,time-',aff'.was---,, I TERRY Private Co A l Lance Corporal Cor poral Pnvate Lance Corporal Co A ll Varslty Boxmg Squad I TERRENCE WEBB Mlamr Florxda fEntered l 93 75 Terry was a charter member of the famous P s that notorxous society which admltted only the hlghc t type helllons o when thus little club was forcibly drsbanded he decided that xengeance would be hrs The Shadow was condemned as the re ponslble person and for ome time was pretty much pestered having hrs door tled hut fmdmg Grape Nuts all over the gallerres even mlsslng thmgs from his room Now we am t uggestmg that Webby d do such things we re just saying he ns worthy of bemg a P They tell us Terry mares a con rclerable fuss when rt comes to the falrer sex Well we dont doubt lt Wrth that boxing physlque and blond halr and Flonda tan they couldnt possrbly reslst hum Terry has had an elew ator s career ln The Mllltary durmg hrs two year stay and finally decided to keep a couple of fatigue coats ln reserve properly decorated But he says rt s been fun Ur :W A ' . K D: - - - C J: ' ' O- . . . S . n S . . . ' ' ' I6 OI S . S . ' . . , C. . . 1 .a llllz IUZW SIIHXIV lilrw' S'l'Xl N IDX WERP WERVIE Prrvate Co B l Private Co B Pnvate Bugle Corps Il Corporal Prrvate Bu gle Corps Ill Lieutenant Bugle Corps Lreutenant Co D IV Company Soft 1, ur Ill PAUL H WORTHY Salem New ersey fllntered 19351 Paul rs our bugler He bugles very well But when he bugles reverlles We wrsh he were somewhere over on the other rde of the mountain Berng a bugler rs a dangerous occupation here at school and rf rt were not for hrs good drs posrtron Werp mrght have rt tough Walt a mmute Werp rsn t a bugler any more he s been transferred to D Company But he was our call tooter for so long we cant get used to hrs absence We knew there was some excuse for those sour notes recently Wervre s leave rs often spent down at the Y Nl C A rn the bowlrng alley By now he s become somethrng of a whrz at the game He s easrly the school s best We can t qurte decrde whether Paul wrll ever become a ladres man or not It looks as rf he would wrth that nrce wavy harr but he frghts them off some of them Ask hrm why hrs second chorce after bowlmg rs checkers 110 A . . wg . t ' . Cl: r ' - f ls ' r ' - C 7: - all , . I Zin jllilemurp BORN MAY 24, 1921 DIED DECEMBER 14, 1938 CADET WILLIAM C SCOTT AUBURN, NEW YORK ENTERED SEPTEMBER, 1936 111 15 241a52nQ'p1'2 uf DIDATE FOR GRADUATIO Tgrm-an-nl:-1.57. IYTNQA EDWARD FREDERICK GOLDSTEIN FRANK LORING HUTSON, IR. Uma . . South Norwalk, Connecticut Washington Court House, Ohio 'X 'Yl O31 l S1-I , A I Ci L - LI A- +- . E , WILLIAM A. HENRY SAMUEL NICHOLAS METCALFE xx ,yu xy? M QW' River Forest, lllinois New Windsor, Maryland W prof? f LEM 'Kyrie PAUL WILLIAM ROBEY MICHAEL ANDREW SANDERS Newton Centre Massachusetts Steubenville Ohio jACK BURN ROSS .IR WILLIAM EDWARD STAATS fwyfrl KJQLKACP C Chapel Hill, North Carolina Pearl River, New York 112 lf! 'U' I .Q . " r x w , XfIII,II xm xfzxm-,xxx PO T GR DUATE WILLIAM BERNARD FULIVIER ROBERT MORRISON L.A'VlBERT Collingswood New ersey North Plalnfield New ersey PRESSLEY DAVID HINSON LAIRD WADSWORTH SHULL Llncolnlon North Carolina Washington D C 1 I . ' J . I J 11:4 11'-" . .I --VL! Inv- wwf? .,' .S , 4.1 gf I , 23 UNIOR G PAUL ABERNATHY Porn! Plea ant New ersey WILLIAM ABOUMRAD Brooklyn New York ROBERT K ANDER Dayton Ohio RALPH C BEAMAN Plymouth Massachusetts HERBERT BEILINSON Brooklyn New York JOHN H BLAKE Carden Cnty New York WYNTON M BLOUNT Union Spnngs Alabama J KING BOSTWICK Wnlklnsburg Pennsylvanla JOEL A BRAUNFELD Georgetown Delaware WILLIAM L BRISTOW Phnladelphta Pennsylvania EDWARD E BROWN White Plains New York FLOYD F BROWN Perth Amboy New jersey l',PZ3'JSllliXllXl In Nl H XIWX .W J l1H1OI'S ROBERT V BURNETT Dayton Ohlo MATTHEW W BUSEY Urbana lllmols JAMES C CATER Forest Hrlls New Yorlc MATTHEW C COLLEY Troy Alabama GLEN 1 DAME Columbus ohm JAMES K DANIEL Brlstol Vlrgmla PETER A DEMARIA Glenilde P8nnSylVanla J RICHARD DIGIACOMO Pelmam New York BRYAN L DONALDSON Fanrheld Connecticut WILLIS H DUFF Haddonfleld New Jersey JOHN W EASBY SMITH Washnnglon D C CLAYTON W FNOS Fairhaven Massachusetts XIII I'I XIIN XIIXIDLXEN of . , WW Wl?fZX5'l'a!! it N VX ' 1 v, I NE Jumors DONALD T FISCHER Beverly New ersey MILTON B FORTAS Memphxs Tennessee CHARLES H FOSTER Shaker Heights Ohio JACK L GARLAND Buchanan Vlrgmla RICHARD P GETTMAN Altoona Pennsylvama JACK GORE CHARLES A GOBERMAN Wxlmlngton Delaware Beaumont Texas fy I v"""'l'4 BERNARD GOTTLIEB IW .AJ ,,4.fv-4' vs-0-9-f ,,,,f sf I , -vf Brooklyn New York fsnjfdvt 'f 'U 6' l,,..,vs-I f C9,K,,-,4--CA' EAWRENCE E HART JR Woodclxi New ersey NED E HEDGER Rndgewood New ersey DONALD H HERZ Cleveland Ohio JOHN M HILL Ene Pennsylvania C , . , . . . ' I ' f'+ - Y J 91, . f ffl, ,ifgf "' . 4 ' 7' L 1 I 1, ,E 1 ,si 34, ..,.f , C. .A ,1 , 1 . .2 4 7 , , Y -4 , V, ,, ,L-. vw I ,1 V 1 K, " -Aix., I ' ' I v J Lv" !,-..,a 1, ., I v v X it A 1, , ,, .. have te, L ,, f 4 . , L : ., .., A. 91: 1,11 1 '5,gff, , l '1 ""' ' ' UNIOR HAROLD M HINKSON ,IAMES D HOLTZCLAXV DENMAN F JACOBSON Princeton New ersey Freeland Pennsylvama Elizabeth New ersey DREWERY H HOLLOWAY GEORGE S HOWARD Blackndge Vtrglnla Mountam Lakes New jersey JAMES L JESSUP ROBERT H JOHNSTON FREDERICK ,l KACZYNSKI Charlottesville Vngxma Cleveland Ohno Phnlaclelphna Pennsylvania PHILIP A JOHNSON ROLFE D JONES Creenheld Massachusetts Detrolt Michigan JOHN D KESSLER Pittsburgh Pennsylvanla KENNETH A LAPRADE Worcester Massachusetts GEORGE R LERCH Wyomlsslng Hills Pennsylvania CHAPMAN MARSHALL Bay St bouts MISSISSIPPI ROBERT L MARSHALL JR Mobile Alabama ANDREW R MCCULLOCH Arlmgton New jersey WALTER P MCGEHEE Crafton Pennsylvania ,I CURTIS MCKINNEY Tltusvllle Pennsylvania WILLIAM R MEICS Manopla Cuba RAYMOND MILLS Brooklyn New Yorlc W WAYNE MINEAR Washington D C MARCY L MORRISON Buffalo New York illlfiliIiUTilllIXINII, NIU NIHN Juniors Junlors GERALD E NUMMI xvaffen Ol'll0 WILLIAM H OLSEN Elyna Ohlo FLLSWORTH H OSTERC-ARD North Canton Ohio FDMUND B OVERTON Pelham Manor New York PHILIP D PFNCE Bristol Vlrglnla THOMAS I PENNEY Pittsburgh Pennsylvania ROBERT E POPE Palmyra New jersey J THOMAS READER Detrort Mrchlgan FRANK C REAM Berlin Pennsylvanra ROBERT L RICE Bethlehem Pcnnsylvama GORDON H ROBERTSON Cleveland Ohio JACK RODERlClx Canton, Ohro Xlll li XIIN X6IXE9!QNEN .Tumors HENRY ROSALY Ponce Porto Rico ROBERT E RUNYON Dunellen New EYSCY WILLIAM R RYAN Rumson New ersey CLYDE W SCHRODER jR Sao Paulo Brazil WALTER B SCOTT Rrclmmond Vlrglnla JOHN H s1NNoTT Forest Hrlls New Yorlc STEPHEN H SMITH Wa lnngton D C FREDERICK A TAYLOR Greenwrclm Connechcut THAD C THOMAS Punxsutawney Pennsylvama PAUL E THOMPSON Warren Olno EMMET W TONE New Haven Connecticut THEODORE T VANHYNlNG lrvmglon New York llilllfsllflfSlllZXlW.l',l SIU Nlllk .tj . j D UNIGP1 C' LAURENCE VAUGHAN ROBERT P WATSON IOHN 5 WHITAKER JR Wilmington Delaware Nutley New ersey Mxllvllle New ersey JAMES S WADDINGYON ARTHUR WEIR Manila Plulrppme lslands Hudson Ohio LAWRENCE M WHITE W STEWART WINDLE ALFRED YAGER Quanhco, Vlrglnla Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Englewood, New jersey GEORGE H VIILTSIE STANLEY B WOOD Cortland, New York Forest Halls, New York I I I,l'I' x I . w Xl l x 1 nz xi x GUY R AYRES JR Ocean Cnty Maryland JOHN H BALDRIDCE. Prttsburgh Pennsylvania CLAUDE L BALLENTINE JR Columbus Mrsslsslppl DAVID E. BARKER Austin Texas ALAN B BELOFF New London Connecllcut ISIDORO R BENAVIDES Habana Cuba MORTIMER B BENDURE Youngstown Ohio ALLENJ BERRY Dongan Hxlls New York JACK H BIXBY Plandome New York JACKJ BOWMAN Guard Pennsylvama NORMAN BRANDMARK The Bronx New York Cnty CHARLES B BRITT Charlotte North Carolina IHIC Iwiw SlIIiXI'Xl',l, 11 NI Xl XIUX UNDEHCLASSMEN Underclassmen CALVIN D BROWN JR Toledo Ohlo J ARTHUR BROWNE Evanston Illmols JOHN F CASEY South Orange New ersey EARL M CLARK Vanessa Ontano WILLIAM U CLYBURN Kershaw South Carolma .IOHN F COLEMAN New Orleans LOUISIBHB GEORGE L COMPO JR Long Island Cnty New York NORMAN R DRENNINCI Altoona Pennsylvania STEPHEN T EARLY Washington D C ROBERT L EVANS North Bergen New jersey EVERETT-I FERGUSON Woodhaven New York EUGENE FROST, JR Ardmore, Pennsylvania Xl?lllk..'H 1, ftfpli I U. J nderclassmen FRANK GAGLIERD .IR Pittsburgh Pennsylvama NICHOLAS P GAL Bronxvllle New York JAMES -I GAVIIN efferson lndlana FRANK P CIFUNE Uhca New York HERBERT E GREENE Bronxvllle New York KENNETH R HASSRICK Philadelphia Pennsylvania RICHARD E HAVILL Montreal ebec JACK M HILL East Orange New ersey ,IACQUES W HOWARD Mountain Lakes, New jersey WALTER E HUGHES Providence, Rhode lslancl HAROLD E HUMPHREY Cobbs Creelc, VlfglHl3 JOHN W HUSSEY Snlver Sprung, Maryland WIFI T'wEEliXEf'RiE K owl Xi XEQVR I J v . ,JRA ,Qul g, J nderclassm en RAYMOND R JARVIS Selbyvnlle Delaware JAMES P JEWETT Portsmouth Ohlo THOMAS E JOHANCEN Linthicum Heights Maryland WARREN S D JUNGERHELD Cleveland Ohlo THOMAS E. KAVANAUCH Columbus Ohio GENE E KENNELLEY Shxppenvllle Pennsylvania HARRY P KRANZ Bernardvllle New Jersey ROBERT C KUPILOW Rocky Rwer Ohm JOHN F LARSEN Wyomnsslng Pennsylvanla LAYNE. E. LEOFFLER Washington D C JOHN J LOBELL Baltlmore Maryland OSCAR B LUBOW New London, Connecticut mms xm Xl me Underclassmen CHARLES M MARINO Youngstown Olnno ALVINO MARRACCINI Dunlevy Pennsylvanna MARK MELHADO Meaclvnlle Pennsylvanna RICHARD W MILLER Pnttsburgln Pennsylvanna PAUL cIuP MOORE Vnrgnnna Beach Vnrgnnna KI MON A NICOLAIDES New York Cnty P 10.3.1 X ROBERT L MARLOFF Glenslnaw Pennsylvanna GILBERT H MCILR XVY ersey Cnty New ersey EMORYJ MIDDOUR JR Staunton Vnrgnnna CHARLES E MINIHAN New York Cnty RUSSELLJ MULFORD New York Cnty JAMES F OHANLON JR jersey Cnty New jersey IIIIQ IUCN SIIIIXI' 'ICI,-'fS'I'XI I A111 XlllI'l'XIixz ULXIJIWIN A A - . -1 A , ., DERCLASSM N B EDWARD PACKARD JR BYRON S PAUL ALBERT D PHELPS Montreal West uebec Xvashxngton D C New York Cxly GEORGE B D PARKER EUGENE PETERSON Chlnquapln North Carolina Woburn Massachusetts Frasers Pom! uebec Buffalo New York Mineola New York JACKSON B PRESSLEY PHILIP-I REILLN .IR Grosse Pointe Michigan Sea Cnr! New jersey , Q ' , . . ' SPENCER E. PIERCE LOUIS B. REICH IEROME D. ROGERS ' ' . Q . ' . nderclassmen ARNOLD ROOSSIN New York Cnty WILLIAM ROSSI ll Wtlklnsburg Pennsylvanla PAUL ROTHIVIAN Brooklyn New York W NELSON ROUTH Bronxvxlle New York EDIVIUND M RUCH Indianapolis Indiana FRANK IVI RUSSELL Whlte Plains New York WILBUR S SCI-IEIPERS Southern Pmcs North Carolina GEORGE F SCHOONOVER Lima Ohio LEROY C SCHRODER Sao Paulo Brazil DAVID -I SCHULTZ Onl Cnty Pennsylvania ALAN F SEIGLE New Yorlc Cnty W ROBBINS SEIGLE JR New York Cnty 4 P lllli IUCN SIII'iXI'NICI,t'f ml Xl NIUX Xl I l,I I Xld Xl . X I Dlx XIN .1ff".14f"-w'.wff.s+".w' nderclassmen JOSE A. SEMIDEY Villalbo, Porto Rico EDWARD S. SHAPIRO Washington, D. C. EVERETT W. SHARKEY Woodhaven, New York IAMES A. SHERMAN Waynesboro, Virginia WALTER O. SHERSTY Babylon New York CHARLES H SHINN Parhn New ersey HENRY R SHIPPLETT Mount Sidney Virginia STANLEY H SIEGEL Washln gton D C THOMAS C SNIDER Washington D JOHN H SORRELLS Scarsdale New York BRUCE C SPATCHER Rutherford New ersey THOMAS N STILWELL Fort Lauderdale Florida 1 u.,-if ' - J ' , .C. . J V-I ' ' ii. ' K Q Dinan' , E gr: 'Ar, J Wt' X nderclassmen RICHARD R STOCKARD New York Clty ALLEN T STURGES Tenally New ersey THOMAS M SUTHERLAND Erie Pennsylvania JAMES R TAYLOR Lowell Massachusetts WILLIAM -I THIAS Pittsburgh Pennsylvania JAMES S THRELKELD The Bronx New York Cnty DAVID F TOMPKINS Westport Connecticut CHARLES B TOOLE Cobbs Creek Vlfglnla GEORGE E TURNER New Brunswick New jersey JOHN E TURNER New Brunswick New jersey LLOYD E TURNER Washrngton D C ROBERT E TYRREL Brooklyn New York 'I HIC IWU SIIItXI'NICl,.i' S'l'fXlW "UN ,tj . ,JR. Xl l l 1 lqw N fx l T N 1f5?2"..15ff",+??2'3'. 12-ff?-319' UNDERCLASSM SEVERN T. WALLIS WILLIAM WARFIELD JERRY F. WILBUR, -IR. Fort Ethan Allen, Vermont Bronxville, New York Johnstown, Pennsylvania WALTER WARD HAMILTON W. WELLS Lakewood, Ohio , Flushing, New York IAMES H WILKINS GLEN H WOODBURY RALPH E. YOHO JR Detroit Michigan Wollaston Massachusetts Yeadon Pennsylvama E DEFOREST WINSLOW HOMER A WRIGHT Altamont New York Mobrle Alabama 9 ' - . , . 1 , ' ' V 1 Y: , ,211 . 3 ,. fi' " 1 , . - . 5 v H5 EWU N-QIIlZX.I'X!'l Mn? 'kfitxx . ft ' H ' 1 4 - I 1 THE JUNIOR CHOOL Top ron: OMelran Allegaert Berl Evans Plsner Clolmecy Second row Ayares Ewing Robmson Stanley Mettler Whlte Fourth rom Stewart Rex Brimer Welr ones Mccnrmlck A G Klutlnoty Bottom row Farr Gary Frumkes Fernandez Padgett Berry A J Klutmctv Third row: Parker, Guth, Damsey, Duffy, Tinker, Berman, Mattox TIII4 JL XIOR LHOOL CXNDIDXIIS IOR CRXDLXIION 'N SI RI I YD IIITI XIJTX BFI IDI I'I I ennsxlxan SI RI Smlt III II S I XX 5 num: IT XZX I1 XX X X ll'X dm RI I III RX ll 'ilfbf EX I III XX X D XXIS rmunt X Prnrn Nu I XRR XX N f'1I'1 X X RIX I r III1II N x xx ION x XI XIIH an 1 a 1 'XIORXI XX X PISNI R INI C 1 auntr n IH SVVI XIIH CR XDFRS IR XXL, I I RN XNIDI I nn I ' X XI IRLXI X I In n S IIILRXDIRN OC XI nfl XIXLI C R XDI RN S XXILI I I 'XIII ORXIIC Ix xrrfn RDX R XR IH guapln Vern I -XRIIQ QIIXY a an XI1 a In RIC II XRD O XII I I XX P :nn XIX41 IXRD II XX ll X IIX X N II X n sIxm H mn L N I XNNIVIED III IX IXXIIUL IX s Xl 'xIn ' ' T 'V 'V N1 . . J Q I I'R,XNC'I's .-XI.I.I'.CIXI'I2'I kIIlII.' CQ C'.L'III ROI 'I I XI, QIRQ NIIIIIIII , Nr'-.X 'II-rwy IIQII Urs-. . 1 f'I :I I.a If-rtu . I 1' la ROI . ' CIIII II I Y XXV. III.: I. 'IIN .IS OI.I 'I-QR Cf N -I".Y ,' I r'IcI. I'm-nnxyIxzxn::1 IIaIt1lnr:rr'. . z ,'I' LI CIM' go, III'noIs IXN I'.. If. 1. WING . . .- .' I I-QI.l.1 CII' JN XX'III'I.I", .llz In, XM Umm XX'2sI1InQIun. ID. f', St' 1 . X'IrQ Ia IIJIIN II. fl' I V. IR. IIIIII Q. Iffxas I.I.KJX'IJ NI. . V. RIF 7 ,I .V ' 'I .I fk. . . , . I . I I IIaIlImrn'r-. .Is -'I' I XYIIISII Q un. IJ. fy. XIXIZ ' , IJIIIII I2fJIII".I2'I' Cf III-.RIS III'..RImI'.I II' . . 'I '. IQIIS II.X ' . I'.- IiI'A.R I"orrIQ. Now If-rsvy I.zxwn'nmf-. Nvs' York CII: 1 ' , I I I C'amI'nzx CI I.AX .IIS .. .I.fXIY XXIII. .I,XIX'I IQ, IXII".'IUI'I.IiR CII I. 51. C. . I I f XXRII- 'I' fk.I -, N-v Ywrk XXVQSIIA sto D. C. XX' b , . .ae I me-tts XXIII, .IXNI XI. -IRRX' IJYIIILIJIT IIIIIQ. Xe- Yflrk .'IX' I .- Q f I.I.f3X'I5 . . . . .'I",Y CII, REI-1 XXI. . .-XVI IIUX I . l. f . .- I' XI I I . .'-x' York IIIIISIWIIILIII, IIP QI' nm I'.rI . I'- sq' 'ma I'.X'I'.RI".IIuI' I.. . IR. RICII . . "I'I.IR I :Im-xxutn-1 I'.1rIx. NI- If-r--IX Illulmn. OI I, IfII'I'I I L .- Q .f IXXII1' I5L'I"I7X' NI JN I C1,KI.L'Il.'iJIX' ROI I I' I.. I',XIXQI".IUI CDI- . rIrIf-. Ne x Ymk IIulIvr. I'n- ng . lil GIOLIN-st!-r fvnurt IInuir-. X' Q I XI.XN. ,If ,II'.I-I INI UXX' IiI.L'I' .VCIIY Up ' 2. I ,Xxx 'Irv Pi Q. .Ir I XML IIUIII-r. IIf'nn yI :nm XKXQII Ulun. D QR "r BUCK THREE "Then a soldier . . . Seeking the bubble reputation Even in the cannon's mouth . . . " SHAKESPEARE CAS You LIKE rrj t ILIT RY O blind adherence to an inappeasable Mars, but a just recognition of dangers, a realistic determination to preserve our democratic heritage, a sane patriotism- these and the more immediate values of discipline and orderliness and co-operation are our military ideals as Staunton cadets. ,Q?'.JG".:Q"' 'Q--,gf CADET CAPTAIN CXDET MAjOR KADET LIEUTENANT PDWIN S SMITH FREDERICK j HUBINGI R JOHN F DAY A ljulanl Bdfldlllll Commun! r A lyulanl Headquarters Qompan KADET LIEUTEN tw c mfr LIFUTENANT HOXVELL CLARK Medical Detachment 1 xDFT SFRGEANT M-XjOR Ordnance Detachment POLLOCR Trc nxtc AL SERCFANTS FIRST ssxcnfxw WHITE QM dn an FASBY SMITH cordnancey 'VIKSTER ssaczxwrs RRFY fMejhcEalJ SCHILLER MOORE SPENCER SCRLJGCS fcolor Guard, CORPORAL LEOFFLER FROST WIINSLOW QOrdnanceJ SERGEANTS POLLOM fcolor Guardj L I .1 X L L' L I 1 gmt, belowl fum-ff below ' 1 -nm.-.f I COMPAN CADET CAPTAIN jOHN MILTON HILL Commander CADET LIEUTENANT VICTOR C LOEFFFL SCCOYIJ Ifl CUmmGU1 CADET LIEUTENANT ANDREW FISHER H' CADET LIEUTENANT FRANK L HUTSON jR CADET LIEUTENANT LAIRD W SHULL Loeffel Fxsher Hutson Shull l40 I . SQZIE rs? EZ 2E'XSiiI r-4'I'Xl Xin X, 'Il IIR T SERCLANIT RICHARDSON Mullenlx Plerce RICE Vaughan Boyce Churchtll Clyburn AUSIID Ballentlne Berry Evans Ferguson Fortas Cater ewett king lxavanaugh Marrarcini 'Vlulford Pressley Spatcher I hlas Torno Yvard Webb Wilkins Bixby Penney Pope Ross Shinn SERGFANT9 podgers Routh CORPORALS Havlll Harvey PRIVA TES Wartield McK1nney Blount Bristow Brown E Brown, F. Brown L. DeMaria Garland acobson 0hl"lSDl'l, Nlcculloch 141 F F. SUPPLY stance xx r LANG u Smnott stevens Overton Sulwell Selgle A Scott Parsons Rmg Rosaly Ryan Schoonove Sturges . Sutherland Thompson Xvilbur Yoho Rus.ell Burnett Y COM ANY CADET CAPTAIN ROBERT M NEWMAN Commander CADET LIEUTENANT GEORGE S HOWARD Second m Command CADET LIEUTENANT JAMES E BALL CADET LIEUTENANT LOUIS B GRESHAM CADET LIEUTENANT LESLIE W BELL JR Howard Ball Newman Gresham Be I Vlllf M230 SIIH Xl'XI41l,,fEf S'I'Xl X IHN Xlll.l'IWXIiN XIIXIDIWIN A- A FIRST SERCEANT suPPLY ERGEANT BLACKWOOD OLS EN Gamler Taylor F Wells Caglxerd Morrison Herz Donaldson Mldclour A ohnson H M P W Colley Compo Duff SERCEANTS Schroder L C Fulmer CORPORALS Reich Pearson Landwehr PRIVATES Kranz La Prade Lobell Ayres D Dunklm Duemler Schultz Rothman Creed Marlon Robey Rogers Ruch D . . . , .B J E , . . ' ' . .L. Schroder, C. . Ayres, G. R. Enos Marshall, C. Scheipers 143 Aboumracl Boslwlck Bowman Braunfeld Brow ne Burckart Burnet D Busey Chambreau A GI func Core Gotllxeb Hlnlrson Holloway Howard Humphrey essup ones R Mcllravy Melhado Muller Mlnlhan Nrcolant O Hanlon Phelps Prplun D Ream Sharltey Shersty Tauslcey Toolcer Wade Wallis Welr Wiltsie CONIPAN cwsr CAPTAIN EDWIN THOMAS Commander CADET LIEUTENANT EMMET W TONE Second m Command mum LIEUTENANT GORDON H ROBERTSON CADET LIEUTEYNANT if WILLIAM R MEIGS Q CADET LIEUTENANT HERBERT BEILINSON 'I-One Robertson Thomas Meigs Bexlmson Effi, IWW SiiiiXEfXip to SIN! XIHN .- ' 0- ' 1 w XlIl,I'I'XIsiN Xt,XlJl'.XIN ' J Fmsr ERGEANT SUPPLY SERGEANT TYRREL STILZ Watson Fanton DIGlaC0m0 Ousley Foster Danlel5 Taylor Coberman Allen Belolf Benavrdes Brandmark Dame Ca Cettman Hassrxclc Hedger 'Vlunzert Roossm Turner L Wallace R Yager Abernathy Beaman Bendure Clothner Donaldson Early l-rscher D Goldstein Hexmovltch Holtzclaw SERGEANTS lVlcCaw Roselle CORPORALS Burrlll Ostergard Lubow Hussey arvns ennmgs PRIVATES R ohnston Kennelley B Kuhlow Larsen Mlnear Nrcolaxdes Parlunson Reader J Sorrells Marshall R Pence Wright Lerch Hart Metcalfe Lambert Reilly Roderick Semndey Shlpplett Staats Stem Thomas T Tomplnns Toole Van Hynmg Waddlngton Wood -I , . l - e ' Carroll Kast Smith. I . I-if COWVIPAN CADET CAPTAIN STEPHEN H SMITH Commander CADET Lleun-:NANT CALVIN D BROWN Second an Command CADET LIEUTENANT GEORGE B D PARKER CADET LIEUTENANT PAUL C WORTHY CADET FIRST SERGEANT B EDWARD PACKARD Brown Parker Smllh Wolihy Packard HHQ M111 wIlIiX!'X.Iil,f MINI NIUN . ,jR. xi y X llll ll Xl.: XlIXlPl'XlN A Coleman Cary Berman Ber s Berry W Duffy Mattox ex Allegaert Ayares Casey Damsey SUPPLY ERGEANT PLATOON SERGEANITS GAVIN MORRISON R SERGEANTS O Melxan CORPORALS Glllh PRIVATES arr Frumlces ones W ungerlmeld Klutlnoty A C Klutmoty A Padgett I -IOHANCEN Selgle Marino lVlcCormuck Stanley Parlcer H Robmson Tmlcer Weir R Evans Brimer Fernandez I . F , , Mettler Greene Stewart R J . . ' .l ' . . 1-1- CADET CAPTAIN MILTON P FRANKLIN Commander CADET LIEUTENANT WILLIAM F FRIML Second m Command CADET LIEUTENANT ROBERT C SWANSTROM Drum Nfajor CADET LIEUTENAINT RICHARD R STOCKARD CADET FIRST SERGEANT JOHN D KESSLER Franklin Fnml Swanstrom Slockard Kessler N I O I fe.Iff:fNIuIQxI'wE.I1Q ff 3511 If I ll ,ll Xllxr Xlklll' Xl 4' SUPPLY SERGEANT PLATOON SERGEANT Barker Crocker Drennmg Hughes Mrlls NUMMI Wlndle Whitaker McGhee Ander SERGEANTS CORPORAL PRIVATES Hrll ack Runyon Shapiro Sherman PAUL B Hlnson Swayze Turner G Turner Sregel S Woodbury McKean olmnslon G SFRGEANT CORPORAL Henry Lord PRIVATFS Peterson Balclrldge Threllceld ll! I rf rj , Q . Bevan Paul, K. Thompson r r J Bugle Corps BOOK FGUR Studles themselves do gnve forth dlrectzons too much at large except they be bounded m b ex enence D P Fmmcxs aAcoN w 44 u n 4 a .na . I I UO son ACTIVITIE N committees, societies, and other groups gath- ered by a common purpose, we follow those pursuits of industry or relaxation that fit us, more surely than mere "three R's" work can do, to assume our coming responsibilities as citizens and men to learn to do as well as to think ,Gif J?7f?" ' , E", 'Z .V "rr wg f.j'f' , f , , 5 ,'f, 1 ,if . 'W if f , , Stunlm Bevan Chambreau Robertson G Howard Schiller Gresham Burrxll Ousley Torno Vvells Churchrll Szllrn Rodgers Lang Pollom Scruggs Pearson Lord Moore Phe hrapnel lLd1tOr1alBOard Fdzlor In Cfmf flasmianf Edzlar Bubzrun WunaE1.r P QL RLLQS Assouuia Edllora W C LORD P D MOORL WM BHAN JR fulfrorsfup C HA1x1BRf AL GRI' NHANI OL SL! x G R AHRF L D BROWN Jdl erlmnf' COL RL W W PLARSON. R L POLLOM A 9.501 rule Buszmm Vonage rs C, 5 HOWARD R R LAN! I RODC 1 R PERSONNEL 7UpmU -lr! H off! PARSONS QLIHLLI Ii Pl10f0Eln1pllL TORNO WP LLS Ex AN DP-XTC HI R CON I RIBLTORN J HOv.ARD H QNYII RO FLLE Vi -XRFIP LD CATI R HARxm -Idvmr Farulll. Mldmzbrr Jr! -Idxmr ELL CART-xlx GOD HALR LlfLTLxAxT QOL LE .' gf , ' , . . . ' . , ' ,,,. 7 ' l ' gi . .,.. . A' V g g 7 9 W ' ' C . - H.". Q-Ls A - A X ' CHL4Rc-HILL ROB:-1R'I'sON BURRILL Bowl-1 HASARRR ROL"H1 .S :I . .A A xi - , I . ., ' .S 2 . S, Mu I . , 'Q ' 5. '. 1 . 'ss A 5. ' L' L' Standing Pressley Gaglierd Churchill Wells Foster Gresham Creed Dunlclm Pearson Sitting Cal Howell Scruggs Ruprecht Tomo Ousley The Kablegram taff Co Editors Business Manager RUPRECHT ScRUccs HOWELL Associate Editors Circulation Manager ToRNo OUSLEY GAL Reporters QHURCHILL CREED DUNKLIN FOSTER GAGLIERD GRESHAM HEDGER PEARSON PRESSLEY WELLS Contributor DAY Typist SCHILLER It is a living organ presenting a cross section of cadet life and offering each cadet an op portumty to express his views The capability and efficiency of this publication s staff hate made this year s Kablegram one of Staunton s finest a paper worth reading The staff misnes particularly to use this permanent record of the year as a medium for thanking Mayor Moody Captain Home and Captain G B Taylor for their constant effort and 'willing assistance in making the Kabfegram a live new spaper 1 it: C C V 9 7 The most influential of our cadet activities is the Kablegram. our school newspaper. r va I . . ' . . The Honor Committee "A lruc conccplion of honor, as personificzl by lhc Honor Conimillcc, goes hantl in hancl Tvilh our leath- ing of solrlicrly qualilics. From lhis group of con- scicnlious lcaclcrs has come lhc new and powerful flONOlQ SOCIETY lhal Ive as niililarp lnslruflors supporl and approve. Through lhis syslcm lhc new caclel will be shonn lhc combinallon of Trulh and Daly as a foundalion for Honor MAJOR WILLIAM B TLTTLP Commandanl of Canlclo Szllin Huhin er Franklin Thema G Howard Hill I v Slanuling: E. S. Smith. Loeflfl, S. H. Smith. Fisher, Shull. Newman, Gresham Slandmg Pollom Rodgers Lloyd SIHIng Hulson Bruner Swanstrom E SmItl1 l..ercl1 Capt Htl' Thomas The Cotllhon Club Prcsulenl CADET CAPTAIN EDWIN S SMITH Vrce Prcszdenl CADET LIEUTENANT FRANK L HUTSON JR Secretary Treasurer CADET LIEUTENANT ROBERT C SWANSTROM MEMBERS Cadet CaptaIn Edxsm Thomas Cadet Sergeant Harry T Rodgers r Cadet Master Sergeant Robert l.. Pollom Cadet Prlvate C-eorge R Lercb Faculty Advzser Captaln Carl D Hrll The work of the C0lllll0H Club thls year recerved wrder recognltron by the cadet corps than ever before and was responslble for greater cadet partIcIpatIon ID SOCIHT BHBIYS Realrzlng hows much responsrblllty IS placed In tl'IeIr hands and bow much xsorlc IS entalled In malung our dances successful and pleasant we vush to express for the corps our appre cIatIon to the CotIllIon Club and to CaptaIn Hlll llS faculty adwlser lo : . . . . '. . .H I C J . M N ' . V' - l V v fs Woodrow Wllson Llterar OCl9ty OFFICERS Fzrsl Half Second Half DUNKLIN Presrdcnt SHULL RUPRECHT Secretary DUNKLIN GAL Sergeant at Arms H T RODGERS Members Burckart Cater Clurchxll Crocker Coleman Q D Brown D B Ayre Pressley Evans Gresham Torno Harvey G Howard Wells Berman Compo ewett DeMar1a DlGlaC0m0 Ferguson Hutson ohancen Ring Wilbur Sanders W R Selgle Faculty Advlser Major Brlce In continuous exlstence for many years the Woodrow Wilson Literary Soclety remains a Hourlshlng up to the mlnute group Wlth a growlng membershlp of lnterested cadets I meets formally once a weec for debates and open forums on all sorts of ubjects Its progress IS almost entlrely to be credlted to the vigorous sponsorship of the faculty adviser Mayor Bruce l Top ron: Pressley, D B Ayres Evans Second row Berman Burckart Harvey, Wells, Jewett Compo Third rom Major Bruce Cater C Howard Crocker Sanders Churchrll W' R Sergle Bottom row Pearson Dunlrlrn Shull Gal 100 x ' ' 5 X ' ' X1 1, , , , , il l l l l Xlr 1 Xl . X l Fly Xl ea . . . r PEARSON .... iff.'.'ff.'.A.-fdff.d.d.d.d.''f.d.dffff.,YrfasurfrfUfff.-.ff.,ffffffffffffiffffisPrzARsoN . . . .Q .' . M. - . - . . - - - . . . . . - t l s ' -. 20' ' O . D F' . , g.-fct 1-U .,. - Qifigz s..,,, H'2 3522.2 f C 4 K rf-ffwllitx wit- Wllxl Rai . ' 4 4 - Standing Harvey Wells 5 H Smith Pearson Srltm Spencer Churchill G Howard Col Sutherland Howard Moore Dunlclm TheYlVICA OFFICERS G l'lOWARD President L M WHITE Secretary S H SMITH Vice I resident CCI ONEL SUTHERLAND Faculty Adviser MEMBERS HARVEY SPENCER PEARSON LAMBERT WELLS KREY CHURCHILL MUNZERT MOORE BEVAN PRESSLEY CATER DUNKUN J HOWARD FOSTER This year under the inspiring guidance of its new faculty adviser Colonel Sutherland meets bn weekly for discussions and debates on oue tions important to the youth of today vital problems ranging from mtemperance to social relationships and from war to Christian living Cadet lieutenant Howard as the leading light of the Y reviewed in Assembly the convention at Natural Bridge The local unit is a member of the Association of Y M C A s in the Prep Schools of Virginia and annually sends delegates to the conference at Natural Bridge where reports are made on the work of various chapters during the preceding year and guidance and discussion groups are met by outstanding speakers f . . . . .4 , . - J' , Y In 4 Q , the cadet Y. M. C. A. has been ia more than ordinarily effective organization. The group r u . e v . .,:" 'Ln' : 9' I 1 - I lxlll,II Xli"I XLXIDLXIE .W - The Glee Club Last year, after several years of suspended animation, the Glee Club was revived and has enjoyed two consecutive sessions of comparatively active work. Work last fall led to a Christmas program, and present endeavors point to a minstrel show that should be history by the time of the publication of this book. The present fortunes of the club are in the hands of Lieutenant Calvert, who has been an inspiring, as well as an exacting, "boss," With the present personnel as a nucleus. since the outfit will lose very few by graduation. the C-lee Club should go on next session to even greater accomplishments. OFFICERS DANIEL President SPATCHER Secretary DAY Vzce Presidenl WRIGHT Reporter MEMBERS BRAUNFELD MARINO MCCULLOCH SCI-IULT7 STILWI-21.1. BUSEY DUFF JACOBSON PHI2I.Ps SUTHERLAND J A BROWNI3 GIFUNE. P A JOHNSTON J G SMITH SI-IAPIRO L T BROWN G HOWARD K E. PAUL SNIDER WOOD G R AYRES J HOWARD RUCH Top rom CI Smith McCulloch acobson Sutherland L T Brown J A Browne Middle ron: Day C Howard Dull Wood Busey G R Ayres P A ohnston Spatcher Bottom rom Lt Calvert Wright Daniel Snicler Schultz Cifune Marino Shapiro Phelps Braunfeld Howard if Standing Larsen ohancen Howard Shaplro Greene Srllmg Lt Calvert Scruggs G Howard Spatcher Day Wells The Camera Club OFFICERS MEMBERS QCRLCGS Presrdent WELLS GREENE SPATCHER If we Presrdent DUEMLER SHAPIRO G HOWARD Secretary Trcashr r j HOWARD GOTTLIEB DAY Publ1c1lyManagcr EVANS PHELPS LT CALx ERT Admer LARSEN P A JOHNSON Here they are those squint eyed camera bugs whose habltat IS a wlndowle s dark dreary room m old Kable There suppo eclly they wash stnps of cellulold ln dark hqulds and run out yellmg ust the nght F stop ' They contmually mterrupt you by crying out Hold that pose' the dances are ruined by the constant sudden fright of their flash bulbs and their conversation dlsgusts and provokes you with a socabulary ranging from aberratlons to vlgnettmg They do however turn out some excellent work and throughout this book you will fmcl strlklng examples of their results 167 The Classical Orchestra The Classical Orchestra, one of the oldest organizations on 'The Hill," was directed this year and has been every year for a great many by ' Prof ' Beardsworth. Under his guidance and coaching. and with the assistance of Mrs. Beardsworthfwhom most know a 'lVlrs. B' -the club has had a most successful season. Wliile the personnel of the orchestra hai lfnown some changes its fundamental quality is furnished by the playing of such veterans as "Benny Goodman" Nummi, ul" itz Kreislern Franklin who is also captain of the Band , Bob Ander and im Sherman, saxophones Bill Bewan seconding Nummi or the clarinet and Ken Paul playing a second fiddle to Franklin Of cour e the orchestra has most of its fun at rehearsals and lacks any great oppor tunlty to shows oft but it plays regularly for assemblies and it does good ' Standm 'Nlajor Beardss orth Besan S Siegel Sherman Nummi Ander La Prade Sitting Franklin Sanders lt O . f D i ' S. . s . r C J J s , i M - ' 31: sf LS. Slardrng left Boyce Slandrng right Swanstrom Lt Soule Srltmg Donaldson La Prade Wallace Routh The rt Club Art IS no contemporary growth lt has been on earth as long as there has been llfe to create lt ln the bellef that one who appreciates art has a new and more beautiful outloolc upon lrfe the Art Department at this school has macle an especial effort this sesslon to brlng Art wlthm the scope and understanding of every student To this end with Lieutenant Soule as creator and guiding spmt the Art Club has been formed an orgamzatlon 1n the experimental stage but already worthwhile and Influential Thls g oup has made posters for the clances and has helped a great deal ln planning for and executmg plans for the decorations at the dances Outstanding among its contrlbu tlons to cadet llfe are the block prmts and drawings used rn the mtroductlon and the udlvlslon pages" of this boolc Other actlvrtres, ln addition to the more or less routme worlc ln "life" classes and sketchmg tours, rnclude the securmg of art texts for the school library, the beglnnlng of a collection of color reproductions of oll parntmgs and water colors, and experimental work and lnstructlon ln each other type of artrstlc technique from the lithograph to the mask, and from llnoleum block prmts to etchmg ltr-l rf 145' A The Latm AIIl6f1C3H Club The l..atln Amerlcan Club though practically new at S M A has nevertheless gone over bug with nts posslble members who are those cadets who spearc that rs actually spca Spanish Under the leadership of Lieutenant Friar Tuck and Presx dent Bnll Melgs the organlzatlon met with practically Instantaneous success Prmclpal function of the club IS to brlng about a more xntlmate knowledge and understanding of conversational Spanish Half of each meetmg has been conducted ln English and the other half entirely ln Spanish As a matter of fact most of the club members speak Huent Spanish as their natnve tongue a by product of the club a table m the Mess Hall has been set aside for nts members Here only Spamsh IS spoken rf you dont splck Spnck you dont eat All members are not represented ln the plcture below OFFICERS W MEIGS President A TAYLOR Vice Presrdent SCHRODER Secretary GAGLIERD Treasurer MORRISON Sergeant al Arms 7U"'1l"2'1 G The reason well manana' MEMBERS McCulloch How Ousley Coleman Semldey W Pearson Crocker I Benavldes M Mornson dl' I-op ron Benavxcles bemldey F A Taylor Bottom ron: R Morrison Meigs Lt Tuck Gagllerd M Morrison LY! IU BOQK FIVE 1 N 1 Jig!!! and keeps the mmd ln vigor -my -clcsno "ll is exercise alone that supports the spirils. ATHLETICS ENS Sana in corpore sane"--a sound mincl in a sound bocly-is another Staunton ideal that receives enthusiastic support in company sports ancl "sul:-varsity" games, as well as in the formal inlersclwolaslic compe- t1t1on here pxcturecl incl recorclecl E vffi' J 152 .. . ,, . c . . . 5- .4 uf 6' FOQTB LL Bac field Shrnn Hrll Rice Capt Bryant Lrnc Anderson Ross DelVlarra Rodgers Helmovrtch Holloway Bnstow RESUME Wlxen seventy erght candldates for the l938 football team reported on the field Qeptember I2 there was great moamng and groanmg and shaking of heads among coaches and close followers of the sport on the Hilltop Only four letter men had returned from the strong I937 aggregatlon that trampled all opposltron and emerged state champions Furthermore the whole squad looked lrght ln companson wlth prevrous teams Wnth the exception of ack Ross 200 pound tackle the letter men added lrttle werght to the squad as a whole Captain Sonny Rice Eddie Bryant Charlie Shlnn and ohn Hrll to partrcrpate because of an earller operatron on hrs Injured shoulder However the coachmg staff headed by Captain Howie wlth Captams Woodbury and Dey and Lreutenant Barr set to work Promrsmg new maternal on the squad began to emerge and the farnt hearted began to fade out of the prcture The first txlt of the season wrth the freshmen from Washington and SMA7 Lee came all too soon mos' thought for a test of green maternal The W 6 L 0 contest seemed sure to be a scoreless draw untrl a new lad named Kas! myected rnto the contest with frve mmutes to go began firrng passes wrth deadly accuracy unto the hands of Bryant and Shmn The ball was finally bucked over by Kast from the sew en yard lme and the point place krcked by the same boy to end the scorrng l , k : I 1' . ' ' c 1 .yy . all coming under the l70-pound mark. Harvey Johnson, big fullback. was not allowed 1-1 ffl-' Despite the mistakes of the day coaches xx ere hopeful The team gaie eudence of a competitive spirit that promised fine things for the future S M A 13 On the following Saturday the S M A team stopped a Shenandoah S V A 13 Valley outfit that was in its own notion headed for a state championship The Staunton eleven outfought and outgalned their big foes under a blaz ing sun and came from behind to tie the score at thirteen all doubling the yardage and the first down count and scoring the hard way against a 95 yard run back and a pass inter ception It was a rugged battle in which S M A showed the real fighting stuff that makes great teams S M A 13 A strong stubborn defense by the Bullis School was finally dispersed BULLIS 7 ln one brilliant breath taking run by Charlie Shinn in the late fourth quarter a cut back off tackle behind perfect interference and a dash of fifty yards for the score that provided the necessary margin The Staunton reserves began to show their power in this game providing the fresh drive in final minutes that overcame their tired opponents S M A 14 In a movie thriller Staunton smashed state title hopes of a very good M M A 7 Massanutten eleven in the last four minutes when Eddie Bryant received a Hat pass from Shinn and twisted squlrmed and slashed his way 48 yards for a touchdown that broke the seven all tie To quote Outweighed sixteen pounds prep honors down to defeat S M A 20 On the following Saturday the team went to Greenbrier for its first G M S U game off the home field The 20 to 0 score does not indicate how hard fought and close the game actually was Again Staunton s fight and fresh reserves turned the tide of battle Touchdowns by Shinn and Bryant climaxed sus tamed drives but the high spot is as Captain Sonny Rice s seventy yard da h for a touch down following a pass interception S M A 32 The eleven had no trouble in downing the ancient rival Fishburne F M S 0 Military 32 0 and again the reserve material showed its strengthening effect Thirty seven men savs action in the game with half back Red Blount reeling off enough yardage to win five games S M A 58 Before an Armistice Day crowd of several thousand S M A s high A M A U geared offense hit its scoring peak for the season in smothering the bitterest rival of all Augusta under an avalanche of touchdowns and reserves to a 58 0 total Staunton used 58 players to score 58 points five full teams and three addr tional men It was the second worst drubbmg handed A M A in forty years of football rnalry 1 . n Q ' p ' . 1 , ' D . . ' - . I , . . .. . - .. . . . . . , , to the man, the most spirited team in S. M. A. history drove a foremost contender for state . . . I . .. .. . . - S 1 . . . . . - ' . . Y- - , .. ,. T2 S M A 12 On the following friday morning thirty five varsity players left for B M I 8 Philadelphia to meet a heralded Bordentown Military Institute team the next day ln Temple Stadium Outvweighed fifteen pounds per man in a quagmire produced by hours of steady downpour S M A fought a courageous but losing battle through the first half as superior weight and smart ball handling gave Bordentown a six pomt edge However lwo Staunton elevens had borne the brunt of the attack made by just eleven men In the second half after a change to dry equipment and Coach Howie s analysis of the opponents defensive weaknesses Staunton came out ready Shmn went off tackle fifty yards for one score and Bry ant swept end sixty live yards for another within five plays after the second half kick off Staunton threatened twice again in the half but was held after long drives Bordentown scored a safety for a I2 8 final the Hllltoppers eventh victory in eight starts F U M A 9 ting for a heart breaking loss to Fork Union 9 0 in a game that meant the state championship and also marked an undefeated record Cold ram turning to sleet and finally to a good two inches of snow made a field in which Staunton s fast clever offense had little chance Two off sides penalties hurt a lot the first gave the ball back to Fork Union after a blocked punt recovered by S M A on the nine yard lme the second gave the visitors a second chance after a fourth down failure at field goal and the second try was good The touchdown came in the last minutes when a desperation pass by S M A was intercepted by an alert Fork Union halfback run back to the five from the twenty and bucrced over in three plays Qtaunton three times carried the ball on sus tained drives within the opponents twenty but the heavy Fork Union line braced to avert a score THE SQUAD Top Mgr Reich Shrnn Abernathy Hill Frrtsch Bryant Rice Capt Kast Grace Kaczynski Blount ohnson Captain Howie Head Coach Middle Leoffler Tyrrel Colley Staats Hassett Tone Holloway Stem Busey Dunklrn Bottom Lieut Barr Anderson Robey Fulmer Rodgers DelVlana Duemler Helmoutch Bristow Ross Lieut Woodbury lr XI l l,l'l' X l Z Xi flklllf E53 uf 's" S. M. A. 0 The worst conceivable Thanksgiving Day weather furnished the set- 1 v s . I . I . y ' - ' ' C J -' . , p q 1 r -3 r Q V 1 y , . S HOLLOILY BOBBY COLLEY Hlhbo, OUR uffli "ph 1-7aoa71 FULMER RICA '1 KACZYNaKI STAA ROS STLIN DE MARIA BRISTO BA KET B LL RESUME Captaln Dey s cagers enjoyed an excellent season vxhlle turnlng m twelve vlctorres and slx defeats A wm m elther Fork Union game would haxe brought the state military school champronshrp to the Hllltop The squad presented a wealth of experienced maternal to add to hve letter men The hold overs were Captain Harvey ohnson Sonny Rice Charlie Shmn Stan Ruf and Eddie Bryant Newcomers aclc Garland Syl Stern Blll Brrstovx and Fred Goldstein Fitted mto the combination admrrably Thrs group dex eloped into o e of the fastest and most aggresslve teams ex er to represent the Blue and Gold Generally laclclng rn slze and herght the Kablertes more than oJer came thus disadvantage through the will to sun and a dogged determination Therefore though lacl-:Ing a blt rn fine se this year s hxe wlll long be remembered as the flghtm est team to carry our colors rn recent year THE TEAM Top Captam Dey fcoachl Brown Tlbbens Kas! Robey Goldstein Whitaker flVlanagerQ Boltom Brrstow, Bryant, Shmn, johnson fcaptaxnj, Rrce, Ruf, Garland, Stern lab Only one game found us really outclassed' that was with a powerful Maryland Uni- wersity freshman quint. Other freshmen games resulted in an even break margins over Washington and Lee and Western Maryland balancing the loss mentioned above and a two pointer to the University of Virginia This leax es the prep school record con equently one of ten wins and four losses Most pleasing were twin successes oxer the perennial power house from Massanutten Both games were close and thrilling to watch ack Garland a youthful sharpshooter paced the Dey men in each of these victories Double victories were also gained over ancient mals Augusta Flshburne and Woodberry Forest along with single wins over strong Danville and Hargrave with whom Staunton had not scheduled return matches Major reverses were at the hands of Episcopal Greenbrier and two by the state trtlist Fork Lnlon The Fork Union game there was a heart breaker as the locals led with sec onds to play only to see the game thrown into oxertime by a successful wild shot lqhe extra period gaie the opponents a forty three to forty one victory and that margin sep arated the Blue and Gold from a state championship ll is almost impossible to choo e an outstanding star ewery man contributed brilliant play at some opportune occasion during the season Leading scorers were Garland Bris tow Shinn and Ruf Best defensne performances are credited to Captain ohnson and Rice lndmdual honors went to Bill Bristow and Big Harie ohnson Bristow was selected all state center by a coaches poll and ohnson made the all South Atlantic lour niment team by a s1mll1r vote The Kableites were eliminated from that tournament In the hrst round by the defend mg champions Durham High School Durham went on to repeat in the tournament and to run their total to forty three consecutive victories S M A s was the only team able to extend that phenomenal hve in a game that w as regarded by many as the best of the entire tournament It saw the Stauntonians nip and tuck with the ewentual champions ln a bitter hard fought thriller lost in the late minutes by the score of thirty nlne to forty five THE RECORD on II Lost 5 Points S M A 686 Opponents 537 Opponent S N1 A Opponent S M A Unix Va Freshmen Augusta M A Danwille M l Forlt Lnron M A fqlshburne M 5 Flshburne M Q Woodberry F S Woodberry F S Fork Lnion M A K tm Hargrave M A Episcopal H S Augusta M A W Maryland Fresh 'Vlassanutten M A U of Md Freshmen Greenbrier M S lt! - . . ' ' J M - . 3 t - W , : , . ' : . . .. 3 , W. and l-. Freshmen , I9 i Massanutten M. A ..,,,,, 24 i 28. . - ,,,, 28 Z6 . .,,c,,,,.,,,. 8 35 1 " , . .,, ,,, 37 43 ' l' . . 36 Z8 " . ...., . Z8 64 ' ..,.tt . 31 54 . .t.,.,..,.. 37 43 . .t......, Z4 35 T ' . ..,.,.. 43 On .J 4I . .,,,... .... I 9 43 ' . . ,,,,,,,,,, 26 Z4 . ..,.,..,,,,,, 25 51 . ..,,. 24 42 t . ..,,,,, 37 40 . . ,,.. 55 36 ' . ..,.,...... 36 Z8 A .A F--4'!'Xl NEHQ K BOXIN RESUME m captam the only regular left from the l938 champlonshrp team Coach oe Taylor faced the necesslty of d l eve oprng seven or more green boxers and nurslng them through unhl they could go lt alone The record a clean sweep of all eight scheduled matches speaks for itself the old Maestro of boxmg had done lt agarn One slded vlctorles by 6 2 up to 8 0 wx ere scored agamst all prep and hugh school opponents Including A M A Slnce Augusta was wlnner of the South Atlantxc Tour nament S M A this year chose not to defend Its l938 htle Staunton s clalm to at least a state champronshrp ln boxing rs not likely to be dns uted P For the rest the Staunton fighters clld almost as well against three freshman teams V P I Maryland and Vlfglnla only VlfglHla holdlng them to anything like a close score In adclltron to Null who boxed at I35 or IZ7 the team s regulars Included Newman I65 whose prevrous experxence was one bout ln 38 Goberman captam elect I45 or I35 same experrence and the following boxers all new Werr l20 Shlpplett l27 Frsher Havlll and DeMar1a all l45 Ka k I czynsl 55 or l45 Fulmer l55 Staats I75 Blackwood unllmlted STATE Cf-lAMPlONS With Frankie Null tea 9 Slandxng Captain Taylor Coach Newman Blackwood Staats D M e ana Srnnott Manager Srllmg Shlpplett Weir Null Captain Goberman Kaczynskr 160 NI I I,I'I' X I I N Xt IX I IIC XI N .Mfsf',s,fe,,sf,rs- , 1 THE SQUAD Top Capt Taylor Bendure Fulmer Colley Mlnear Marshall Pence Srnnott Mrddle Webb Staats Frsher Newman DeIVlarla Blackwood Havlll Ballom Howard Croberman Wear Nell Shrpplett Kaczynslu Thomas Outstanding records were hung up by Newman Null Kaczynslu and Wear New man boxed cleverly rn all eight matches to wm emht declslons Null won seven one by forfertl and Iost one to Vlfglllla frosh that was reallv too close to call Kaz won seven three of these by T K O and Iost one to a Charlottesvrlle Recreatlon Center boxer of years of semi professlonal experrence Weir boxed bantamwelght ln all eight bouts and won seven Other mdrvrdual records are as follows C-oberman won 5 lost 2 drew I b th Staats and Blackwood won 3 lost 2 drew I Shrpplett won 4 one on forfeit for a clean record Frsher won 2 Iost I Havxll won I drew I DelVlarla won I Iost I Fulmer won I Iost 2 THE RECORD Opponent S M A Fork Union Mllrtary Academy Covington Hugh School Vrrglnla lndustrlal Schoo Unrversrty of Vlrglnra Freshmen Vrrglma Tech Freshmen QV P I Umversrty of Maryland Freshmen I Augusta Mrlrtary Academy TOTALS N .5 ' . .. I . . .G ' .'. : H' H H ku .s I 1 : ' ' : 0 . - - . 2 ' I . '7 I r 1 ..---.----4.'.-4'-.'V-,,'-,-"'v".'------.--,-.---- 0 .8 . 0 ' ' .......................,......................,................. ZH 6M ' " ' I ,.,.....,,..q.....,,.....A.q,,4,4,,.A,.,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,4,, W 6M Charlottesville Recreation Center ..................,....,............,,..,......... 2 5 ' ' ' " " . . .J .................................... 2 6 ' ' ----s-----,---------.----v---------------------- ZA 516 " ,,,.,.,,,,,,....,.,,,,..,..,..o.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.....,...... 2 6 181 comms, 09-If elect WEIR HARD SHIPPLETT HSE X apt. A ,.. DE I .-2.53- ' , Q ' -' f ' sl - .A - FQ' V , 4 I , , , - ,- a. I H, , I ' l , VH E1 FUHIER HLVILL STALTS BASEB LL X Tap Capt Dey Lt Barr F Null Rice Nicolaides Caglierd Snider OHanlon ewett Herz Middle G Johnston Fischer Colley Bowman R Null Rhodes Robey Kaczynslu Bottom Garland Fanlon Watson Shlnn ohnson Bristow Kast RESUME lhe national pastime found Staunton represented by a strong team in every depart ment except the vital one of pitching Coiches Dey and Bair having tried every mound possibility finally settled upon the Null brothers Roger and Frank as their best bets Illness eliminated another likely pro pect George Bowman To the date of this summary the Null boys have accounted for all of S M A s victories and they should improve as the season progresses The Kableites boast of two good receivers in lmmy Rhodes and Red Watson I the infield ack Garland has been doing a fine job at the starting sack while Kay Kaczynslu has done as well at number two Paul Robey though out of position has been giving his best at the short field Woo Bristow is the stand out of the inner garden at the hot corner The outfield is the strongest in years with Captain Shinn in left Big Harve ohnson at center Bud Kast in right and ohn Hill 1n reserve That quartet would do credit to any institution In the group the play of ohnson has stamped him as a definite pro prospect Harve can field throw and run and he is a slugger of the power type. In addition, "Syl" Stein has been a valuable utility player. 184 It IS regrettable that this array of better than axerage talent does not boa t of greater pitching strength Lnder this circumstance and in plte of it the record at the half wav marlc is lair enough and indications are that the season will close with the Blue and Cold on the right side of the ledger Dex eral hear' bre xlclng contest were lost early in the sea on my c ose scores At this writing Staunton s nlnc h s to it crcdit thrce x ctorie in its tire itnry contests to drte inc is in tht running or txt mihtxry chool ron s n on s long r ings tilting t 1 c ti inlie Jr imc ristow lmmy Rhodes s shrrp sticlc worn an occasionx top notci pltc img c it by t c Nulls hate been the feature ol the Deymcn s unprcdict rblc etlort xt thc presc nt w flllltg Ihe record hows siaeable mxrgins our Nlas anuttcn Iishburnc Ilargrawc and Germantown of Philadelphia flo e contests hate been lost to thc Harvard freshmen South River New ersey High the Naxv Plebcs Mcrcersburg and Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn Experienced twirhng might hawe turned all but the Adelphi gxme into Staunton triumphs lhe worst blemish on the record Is a miscrablc exhibition igainst Woodberry I orest remaining llllllllfy school opponcnts I orlc LIIIOII Augusti Nlxssxnuttcn IISIIIJUFIIL incl reenbrier thc local term w ill hm hrd on lh x rc I successfu scason I HL Rl C GRD Oppuncnl .S II I Ilarvard University Freshmen South Riwer N Iligh Qchool Adelphi Academy Brooklin Mass xnutten Military Ac xdcmy Wooclberry Iorest School I lshburne Military School Germantown Academy fphnlrdclphial 'Wax al Academy Plebes Hargraxe Military -Xcademx Mercersburg -Xcademw Iorlc Lnion Mihtrrx 'Xc xd r Acugustx Military X rdcmy I ishburne Military School Massanutten Military Academy Greenbrier Military School Xugu ta Military Axcademy l ti, la N- .1 .x .fax .S, lip mill ' : : 1 , 4 I still' 1 ' 1 I sz e me S' I or.. Joh g c I' ' A. Ie ge rrcfr' al play of th- outlield, Ie A K Id I ill: 'e ol BI- ' fi d cl - XI I'Al'cs 'h' If the next tw'o weeks Kas this goes to p rc's sl hold in store creditable games with the Q ' , at ci z V 2 c , .- lvl JI cai, ti ' isiil .' '. I I 1 4 ' ' c ' A ., ,,,, , , I0 7 .I " Q . ' c , , 6 -I ' ' . Q .' V' I ll 4 . 1 'I 1 ' ' , , , . ,, , I I 3 ' 7 ' , , . , , 20 ll N Q' ,,,,, , , ,,,,, ,, 8 I3 N ' . ' tc - ' 8 9 I 'c H , ,. , ,,,,,, .. ,, I5 8 3 X c I' , , . , . A 8 6 .. A. xi Um! in . :c 'Q 1' .1 cc ' ' Y Y ag .1 x nj , ,r 5 1 fix. Yfg, ,X ky .1 'H' N... -sq, in iz 1 A 3 0 V ,N , , V A V 4 . ,165 , , t ,W ,, 13' 'A 1' Q , ., . ,TA , aivyff Q J 1. l 1 3 9 x 1 , ii Q.-.xii X gg H gg W L' li , ' " gg .xi if 'A iq- 'g,,,"Z Q V "zf J ' I ' 'Z' ME ff? aww ,, ' f "gt x . . :Tx 'R x WB' ' ', . 'Q Q, ? Tj Q. ,- ' , I. -W V .f-- N f.'fL,1t,' ,',L.l:j W 'sr C.,....Ml hxilj Er1",'.1T'Hw TR CK Standtng Torno Manager M Morrrson Dame Sutherland Ryan Abernathy Roderlck Blount Lerch Clothner R H ohnston Burckart Mnnlhan l..1eutenantOnesty fcoach Kneclmg Allen Richardson P E Thompson Ahoumrad Tauskey McCaw Busey Ross Penney Bryant Parkinson Duemler RESUME Varsity track although not at 1ts best smce the graduation of such stars as Schuene mann Duff King and C-race has on its 1939 squad some outstandmg performers At the tame of thls Wfllllllg though they have not made a clean sweep of all opposltlon they have turned rn creditable performances ln all competition have lowered a state record and are champlons of the state mllltary schools teams The last of these feats saw the local team ln S M A s lnvltatlon meet of l:lV6 mnlltary schools sweep aside all opposltlon to double the score on A M A and Fork Union and to leave Flshburne and Massanutten trallmg a0 far as to be out of the competltlon Staunton scored 60M pomts to Augusta s 30M and Fork Umon s 30 In all competltnon, leadmg the stars to the tape IS the ever dependable Hjumpmg oe" Fulmer, team captam, considered one of the best college track prospects m the state joe 188 It -V A: it x . 5 7 ' ix ? ' L- -g xx -1 4 - v .t -X , 17 it x'Xi.E.' 'l Xl W5 l QL ff -V 'V V '1 .LK , A mi' , ' . . .j . , ' ' , ' J I I is an excellent javelin man and a sure point-getter in the broad jump. In the mile S. M. A. has not one but two of the best performers in the state Charlie McQaxs and Rudy lauskey MCC an lowered the state prep school record for the mile by a few seconds vw hen he turned rn a 4 42 mrle run at Qharlottesvrlle at the state meet Tauskey hrs running mate matched strides with hrm only to be nosed out at the finish but Tauskey was also under the former state mark and helped to low er or break a record without getting credrt for setting a new one ln addrtron Tauskey rs a consistent winner rn the 880 while MCC au can hold hrs own with the best rn the quarter Eddie Bryant last year s sprint sensation rs upholding hrs reputation rn the century Eddie s best performance of any sort thrs sea on was as a broad jumper however In the triangular meet at Woodberry Forest Bryant set a mark of Zl feet SM inches Tom Penney who has yet to lose a dual Jumping contest reached hrs best mark to date of thrs article at the state meet when he cleared 5 feet 9 inches at the high Jump Penney has gone on to as much as 5 l l after dropping competrtron ln l hompson 5 M A has one of the best prep school vaulters rn the mrlrtary drvrsron lhompson has been doing eleven feet or better all season consistently Ross who has bettered all hrs previous marks with the twelve pound phere has been a steady winner with Duemler as a satisfactory understudy and pornt getter Other outstanding candidates out for their frrst season and making a splendid showing include McManau ay and Valz rn the 880 Parsons Richardson ohnston and Bendure rn the 440 and Blount Busey and Parkinson at the hurdles Lnlrmrted credrt goes to Lieutenant Lou Onesty coach of the squad who rn hrs frrst year here has shown that he knows hrs busrness form ard and backward and has par trcularly done vs ell rn building up the morale of hrs team through hrs helpfulness patience and square shooting THE RECORD Unrwersrty of Virginia Freshmen SOVZ S M A 36M State Prep Meet Charlottesville S M A h Five bchool Mrlrtary Meet At O' 1 1 I iliriangular Meet r..,,,,, Woodberry Forest, 74V23 5. M. A., 39Kg: Virginia Episcopal, 29 Q f ' . ' " ...,...... ........ ,,...,.....................,..,,.,.....,., . . ., 4t 5.M.r .,6 M. A., 30VQ:F. U. M. A..30glT. M. S.,2l:M. M. A., ll ,ffl ,f X 'iii li tf2tlf2t'flll3XltXl'l 'NIKE N .. 4 ' I ' 4 4 ' ' Wlsrl With the coaching of Lieutenant "Lou" Onesty largely figuring in the outcome. Staun- ton swimmers had a top-notch season, losing in dual meets only to Massanutten, of the "prep" schools, and to the Navy "Plebes." In contrast, l..ou's boys defeated six other opponents, four of them of "prep" or high school rank, and two college freshmen teams. Ousley team captain and national Number One in the schoolboy breast stroke broke his own record at Virginia with a time of l 07 The team will lose only a few by graduation and should go on next season to acquire many new laurels Swimming has been designated an additional major sport at Staunton this season and is on its way to the top Standing Lt Calvert Humphrey A Seigle Yager Nicolaicles Belofl Benlinson Lubow L Schroder Cater Ryan Roderick Lt Onesty Srllmg Pressley Miller Heimovrtch Braunfelcl Sherman Bostwick Burclcart Ousley fcapt Hill Pearson Meigs Daniel THE RECORD Opponent SMA Virginia Tech Freshmen CV P I Fishburne Military School University of Virginia Freshmen Woodrow Wilson High Washington U S Naval Academy Plebes Massanutten Military Academy Augusta Military Academy State Meet atV P I won by Massanutten 74 points S M A 45 points If? ' ' ' " " . . .J ...... .,..V.,,,,Y,,,,,.s,,ses,,...s,. . I8 46 ' " .,......s,,s,.,..r.....................,.,,,,Y,,Ye,,,Y,e,,,, Z4 38 A ' ' ' ' .....,e,.,,,,. ..,..,,,.,,,...............,,,,.... 3 I 35 Tome School fMarylandD .,,,..,.............,,,,........,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,s,,,o,,, 24 42 ' ' C ' J ,,,,.,,....,.............,.............. 31 35 '. . " " .Yes,,..............v...,.....vY. 46 20 " .................,,,..,,,.,.s,rs,s,s....,,,.e,,,sse. 45 Zl " ..,..,,.,.......,.........,.........,.,,e.....,.,.se,.,,,, 24 42 Q . . .Q ' , ' .... , ' . .L XI I I,l'I' fx nz x xc 1 x I nc XI x TENNIS In tennis, Coach Biscoe has been faced with the loss of most of last year's stars, includ- ing Captain-elect Warwick. In spite of that he has built a successful team around two stand-bys, Dunklin and Donaldson, who have been appointed co-captains of the sport, and has added B Donaldson who plays with his brother in doubles Mullenix Fortas Platt Thompson and Lubow Having dropped its lirst two matches the team has gone on to repeat performances all seven to two victories against three state military teams At the time of this article only Massanutten and Fishburne stand ln the way of a highly suc cessful season and a military schools championship Capt Br oe C h B D n ld D nalds n D nklin Lubow H P Th pson THE RECORD Opponent S M A Peddle School New erseyl Woodberry Forest School Hargrave Military Academy Fork Union Military Academy Augusta Military Academy Scheduled Massanutten Military Academy Fishburne Military School Cancelled Mercersburg Academy ,,,:sf,., . 'sc f oac J, . o a son, o o , u ' , , . . om ' 4 .J ...........r.,...,....t...e..........e....,...,....... 4 z H ...........,............................................ 2 7 H ..............................,....,...................... 2 7 I .. I . .. -'-'--'---------4----------------e--4-----'- ---- e--- H if : I 193 V +3412-4 . .5 W .?5 Z X a -i.x! xx f - . , , , e- t r r A --2 xt xtw. . .,. . 1 ..t. . 9 - THF RIFLP TP lhe rrfle team and tts coach Lieutenant Slattery both deserve a speclal nlche rn S M A s Sports Hall of Fame top national honors ln the lntercollegtate Rifle Match hating been won for the first time ln many years Following a successful season with the team wm nlng laurels ln all tts shoulder to shoulder matches tt took second place m the William Randolph Hearst Trophy match and hnally hrst ln the Third Corps Area match As a result of the last vxctory S M A was chosen to represent the corps area ln the national matches and by wlnnlng ln competition wrth ome twenty seeded teams has brought the national tltle to the Thlrd Corps Area and to the sclaool the honor of first place rifle team of all umor Unit R O T C s ln the country Drennrng lxneclm Busey Wallis Allen Van Hynmg Easby Smith Mgr Foster R ones Crocker THE RECORD Vrcromous MATCHES S M A defeated the followlrg teams Oklahoma Mllltary Academy VlfglDla National Guard Flshburne Mlhtary School Three Matches Georgetown Umverslty Two Matches Vlrglma Tech QV P l Augusta Mllltary Academy Two Matches Woodberry Forest fNole Scores of nlle matches are too complicated for pubhcatron wrthln space hmlts A1 i 3 J J J J ' - ' .... ' ' . Standing: H. Thompson, White, Lambert. Warheld'fCapt.l, Lieut. Slattery fcoachj, Early, Wright. ' ' g: . A . . I - ' I f -J' ' - .l v . . . .. .. I 1 " c v J XIIIITXIIN Xl'XItI'XlN A A THE GOLF TEAM The golf team this season has been coached by Captain Pence with the assistance of Captain Boone. Though Stevens and Overton were the only repeaters from last year's team, the coaches have had many candidates to work with and have whipped into shape a team that has done well. To date, it has been defeated only once. Its outstanding accomplishment has been the winning of the State Preparatory School Tournament at Richmond on May 6 For this achievement the school received a bronze plaque Ladet Stevens a silver cup and each member of the team Stevens Overton Henry Miller a gold golf ball Stevens s individual medal score was third in a field of 99 prep and high school players t B n a r Nh er La en Cap n THE RECORD Oppontnl S M A Flshburne Military School Woodberry Forest School 2 Thomas efferson High School l5'Q 2 State Tournament Richmond First Place in Prep School Division Scheduled Woodberry Forest School Thomas elfer on High U Cap. oone. He ry, Reader, Y ge. P. johnson, 'll , Ball, rs . t. Pe ce ' H .,,.......,.,,,,... .........,,,., ...t,,,.....,,,,,,.,t.. 2 l 6 T i -a'-,-,-e'-'--,- -ef--------Y-e,.,,,VeVY-.-..,,- , ZV 1 S ' .,..,t..........,,,,......t,,,,v..,,,,..,e...,,,,.,,,. t.., .... l!'.' tw THE J.V. FOOTBALL TEAM The junior-varsity football team, under Lieutenant Bair's tutelage, opened its season by dropping a hard-fought game to Lee Hi of Staunton. Next they traveled to Waynes- boro to hold Fishburne to a scoreless tie, but were sent down by a strong V. S. D. B. out- fit I 3 to 0. There followed a winning streak with a defeat of Mount Jackson High School leading off and Fishburne and the Wilson High School of Waynesboro also dropping before the locals The season closed with a loss to the Massanutten team at Woodstock The highlight of the season was the playing of the V s as a unit in the varslty game against A M A when the boys scored three touchdowns to prove their ability The work of Rhodes Watson and Braunfeld was outstanding B a a Bwman K l Rhoda S d Tom 5 Y l nkso Wll r l Kh w Mi a Bu h 1 a 1 THE RECORD Opponent SMA Lee H1 Staunton Frshburne V V S D B Mount aclcson High School Flshburne V Wilson Hr Waynesboro Massanutten V U6 BGOK SIX h ,QJQHQJUE MARLOWH -0210" Valeat quantum valere potest "Was this lhe face that launched a thousand ships? . . . " FEATURE ND to conclude we offer a miscellany representing our feminine sources of in- spiration ancl encouragement, our choices of the amusing and popular "wits," atli- letes, gentlemen, "mugs," sages, and clowns-and ourselves in our less circum- spect activities C9 353' !5"if-5' MRS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MRS MRS MRS MISS MISS MISS MISS fi . A11 X TNC ISLAND NPV NORK Sponsor for R DET MAJOR HL BINGE C A BATTALIOIN COMMAMJER LO L . '. . . 1 w I - 1 . Q .isiilkiia X1 XSPEMXQM 1 1 I i .5 -sf kj , J !!f.4.1 J Lit: d7!fe117A.'1114z,f cf 'f National Park College FOREST GLEN, MARYLAND Sponsor for CADET CAPTAIN HILL "A" COMPANY COMMANDER Xl M125 A ' "' ': 1 - K 1 E 1,14 4 L lc at ie' i011 RYI NEW XORk Sponsor for LADEY CAPTAIN NEWMAN B COMPANX COMMANDFR IRESIDTIN1 OF SFTNIOR c LASS XIII II XIII XI XIIIVXIN , A . . Q 2 II , 1.4, XAVCI! lvl! Cf. .II.1z g f Mary Baldwin College STAUNTON, VIRGINIA Sponsor for CADET CAPTAIN THOMAS COMPANY COMMANDER 0 HQQQWWA If I' I X., 4ln.a Lxt CHINQL APIYN NORIH Q XROLIIN X Sponsor for CADET CAP FAINI S H SMI IH D COMPANH LOMMANDFR ..J..f... .'5..J 1.4.4 V CZ L et STAUNTON VIRGINIA Sponsor for CADET CAPTAIN FRANKLIN BAND COMMANDER Y fl! , L f Luzzmn SIMCOE ONTARIO Sponsor for CADET CAPTAIN CLARK ORDNANCE COMMANDER XIII II XIII XIQXIJIQXIN IJJ I X Litfjllttff gff llll Cvtllfe VALDOSTA, GEORGIA Sponsor for CADET SCRUC-GS EDITOR UTHE SHRAPNELH 0 Tf I A 2 ,iw 2 A f . CRANK FORDSNILLE INDIAINFX Sponsor for CADET POLLOM BL INES MANAGER THE SHRAPVEL ' J !!r.f. fx. .ff 2 Cuuyfi HAHIRA GEORGIA Sponsor for CADET SQRUCC3 CO EDITOR THE KABLELRAN1 PRFSIDFNT THE CAM!-RA CLUB 912 V- I 'EIRI . - - I xi tlulufll Lalnffll Sponsor for CADEI PFARSON A55l3TAN1 LDITOR 1Hh SHRAPINEI. ffm , Aa SUIVINER, MISSISSIPPI X! T13 . 1 X Q 1 X S 1 A 4 f'-1E f!fX!f.f,s ifffzu lvl LL lllllllfef .1 ff NEW H-XVEN CONNECTICUT Sponsor for CA-DFT HLBINGER 1-'RESID NI THE P ONOR LOMVIITTEE 'Q '35 S YK QF - . . .- . . . . . . IL. . . A .. M V ki .L S Qgw ' ' ..+-,s-,s k r .-:ff-AQ 3 m y Q, ' E ax?-QPIQ r gf -115' at . . - X . 14 EWEDK 1 PwenmSTNI1E sS'i'Xl NW 'X A A " K NEWTON HIGHLANDS MASSACHUSETTS Sponsor for CADET JOHN DONALDSON LO CAPTAIN THE TENNIS TEAM I A E, jim, Qlzzc E, PEMBROKE. BERMUDA Sponsor for CADET WARFIELD CAPTAIN THE RIFLE TEAM XIII II 'Rim X4 xiiifxix 7264 ' ' Ifl U , IAM Mind fflluf STAUNION, VIRGINIA Sponsor for CADET DLQNKLIN CO-CAPTAIN THE TENNIS TEAIVI PRESIDENT THE W. W. I... S. Hall of Fame CADLT CADET CADET QADFT QADE1 CADET CADLI CADFT QADEI QADET f4LMNLPR LANQ NFWMAN Rum Rossx GRE5HAM POLLOM FRANXUN h S bmw! RODCLRS 1 ' v CADH1'STavuN5 HALL OE FAWIF Mosl Mlllldfy HUBINGER Second Ed Smlth Thlrd Stllz et al Hill Gresham LANG Second Stnlz Third Pollock e a Rrce cruggs Mos! Popular NEWMAN Second Hall Thlrd Frsher et al Loeffel Rlce Best Ojicer NEWMAN Second Thomas Hll tre Third Smith Fisher he et al Ball Gresham Bcsl Alhlele RICE. Second Bristow Third H Johnson et al Bryant Ross Brggesl Woman Haier STEVENS Second Gresham Thrrd Fulmer et al McCaw, Rrchardson Brggesl Hell Rarser ROBEY Second Lord, Ross fuel 1 I J Best Non-Com- tl-',S - - if., .- .'. C., Third Brrstow, Creed fuel HALI OF FAMIH I Charader GREQHAM Second l.oeflel l-hlrd RICE e a lqr er Vos! Courlcaua GRESHAM Second Pear on Tlwlrd l-lubmger l Dunclm Pusher Spencer Vos! Handsome POLLOM Second lx t T lurd I-1lSl'lCf et al Henry New man lllosl Sludlous FRANKL IN Second Croclccr Tlnrd Pear on Biggest Soczal Hound E. S SMITH Second Hutson Thrrcl Bell et al New man Wzllzcsl ROBFX Second lxacun lu lnlnrd Bn lou e a one Mexican Alhlele RGDC-ERS econcl Busey l-lul on file Tlnrd E S Smllh et al Sander Bell Eli Rllllak RODGIRS exicam , 4 V 1 A J S ' J Bea - t lA 'lsli eta - l ' , ' , , ,- S fag Qc l . - 4 c ID et alelrulmer i r - V S ,' t l-T S - '. S . ' J K - ' ' 'za S . ., 5, i ..,, Wm "' 41' Oknowledgements THE SHRAPNEL Slaj expresses IIS grahlude lo the follolvzng groups and Indzvzduals who have been of great serwce IH lhe preparalzon of llus 190015 MR O Z I-IOGL photographer MR WILLIAM BURTON prlnter s representatwe MR LEONARD C.LOx ER engraver s representatne MAJOR WILLIAM H STEELE busmess supervlsor COLONEL RUSSELL advertlsmg supervlsor LIEUTENANT SOULE AND THE MEMBERS OF THE ART CLASSES for art work In Opemng and clIvIsIon pages LIEUTENANT CALw ERT AND THE MEMBERS OF THE CAMERA CLUB for snapshots CAPTAIN GODSHALK advIser lo the staff X !'l'kQIN. If H Y , if IQIQ ' . ! EI' I -. J . . . I . f when SCHQQL TS OVER you WTTI WANT To oo HQMEH1 o NEW SUIT of CLOTHES CDNAE TN AND LET US PTT YOU wr HATT SCHAFFNER AND MARY CLOTHES KUPWNHEIMER CLOTHbS VARSITY TOWN CLOTHES Norm Bush Shoes Arrow Shirt Sfewor ond Moilory T-lots BARTH WEINBERG 8: C0 The Smort Shog for M QLDSMQBTLE CHEVROLET COMPANY Inc COMPLTA ENT Manufacturer of CHAMPION BRAND COMMUNITY MOTOR ATHLETTC KNIT CDODS CORPORATION womio JAWS SPRVTCE PCG W T f VUE Di P owiw fn 'xvwwo IT 31 us Ng,-W for the XAITT-Drww o CLQTMQQ Moo 7 , Q 7 T X - T S ., T O ' I 7 V Ti CIT , A S I ' Of ' S f T ST, U. fo, VMQWO Jerseys, ,motor- WooT Hue Tomi-r SQ Sm-of Som, 3,-1 FET om" CTWQMTTQ Liffeeff f Y V. FST, Q TT 'LTV LOVETT BROTH ERS K IOL ROCKINGHAM MILLING CO STAUNTON FURNITURE AND DEPARTMENT STORE THANKS A MILLION' IIICI CO C I' I I JJFE LOI HANOVER UN I FORM CO BALTIMORE MARYLAND HANOVER REGULATION MILITARY UNIFORMS RANDOL TAXI on BAGGAGE TRANSFER SP IA PIXICF TO SCHOOL TLNXIS I CCN,'I'L".'fISI'I', O SI IOI S, IEIOSI? IO XXIAJIJ IVQIJIM IL' I QTFMQFF-y.f 'Iv' f 'A-fi! T " L " ,,N. V'fl'fI1 '-', If-' X1 2 , - I, KK rf' If pf' , d XX RI We Fmwi INMIIIQJW Ijmfmma ELJILIIQ Sniznlrwtw , LIN YYE, PIJONI, 'I III Qpp QC UMW your my IF Aimrwrw gf all My' C Q' U A35 I5 30 ,NSLRIS I O EC L SJ A v, .. 5 , "vim, - j X Ne we You Sfmt on We Serve Tl e Net on ATLANTIC GREYHOUND CORPORATION CQMPUMENTS OF LAWRFNCF DURBGROW NEW YOPK CGMPLIMENTS O KENNEDY DRUG COMPANY m r i , w i O For Imfermetmm, 'Phone 1521 'V x F +fl2oM 601,11 Fl sl-I To Tun Pm CAT- 'gvergihitg Zhanawd 7 SafcQg B5 QISV X 'LSP -5351 I X-QQ' M220 GUSS DULLS TRANSFER COMPANY I-Ieu Anymmg Anywhere All Loads Insured PHQNES QFFKX 3 I RHMDENCE I J AGENTSFGRCPEYVANIJNES SPEED lv. SAFETY Wfxfh Our' 'modern Ncms' MUVII NG 3 L jf .ew YV! DA f4N N, - F I lx' .. Q A ,- , itrfsf 1 , V. .4f.:f- -2 f ' : 'L ' II fl 1 4, 1 .,I V .X 1- . Ex ,.- l I- il I I A -z I I ' Yge if, ' 7'g - Tir 'I A' 1 I . 0 O - rim ,. ff ,f1,, 5 Y I' X fr ff! 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In Sly Und Dmrk F3 ue STTGCTEEE, fur Army! Nay md 'Tthef Umfcxmw Pmpczgcg cmd the Lurqaet Aegzftmcvfwr r 5 T1 T f , T C Q5 f ' f Od: f T, 'N fe ' T 1 V S TQTS T ID the CC mtry T o -CS FE TKT ,VE T 52' 0, 1 T iw X x, X., N g, xl ,. A T MASSEY COAL COMPANY Inc NAUII OHICC RICHVIQND VIRCINIA EVOITCLT QHIC6 CINCINNATI AND UHIQ C xmwxu 2 R C WILLIAMS 6 CO Inc 'I IAIPOI III S AND IOASILRS OV IIICI CRADL COFEELS fe loc I cw ow SP CIAL COFEEES AIND TEAS or CI Pesfou om Trade WOODS BROS COFFEE CO CHAS H SHELLEY VVALL PAPER GU APTISTIC PAPER I-IANCING PHONE I xx STf UNTO X PCI Mf THE MORRIS C1 ECKELS CO LAUNPRY SUPPI ILS DRY CLEANERS SUPPL' S CONIPLIN ENTS CHRIS RESTAURANT C R Ni IT . . O5 , . . . ., Nu York I Q r ,3 ' ' 3 'A 1 H L. ' E I I , . 1 ' -I NN I SI wi rf' Pock ' XJ ',, I I HC'-, R r I Grfd lm5IIfII1IoIw I X . z- 11" In-, X V'1II'C . . .J .1 . J IE fi . x U 1' if S- I- E 59 -:A I-A II. .' 'II IA I 284 Vw I U S No II Ncvh 'NIS Sveer Rf I I I N fi X,-'TS' w. WALTERS FRUIT AND PRODUCE C0 WHQLEDALE PRQDUCE Harms CANDIES F WAYNESBORO CREAMERY Y lL O! J R EFMEXNEVF WALTERS DRUG STORE Kodak kulms Dexelopmg and Fmnslmmg PHONV 1 STAUNTCN f IN I QVNJIRJIUX. VF'fQ1?-ll? WXX F1 Si-5 KV, VI .CJINV-. I .2 f L .3 THE IQNCHNNQND DAIVQY PCE CF'if?fAxM I Sl F f M3--, Qfgrg YQ 4' M11 .1u,,g't1i'Q N , X 'R15 1 HUGER DAVIDSON SALE COMPANY NWHOLE9Ml.GRQCERS LIXWNCTQN VIRCINIX-X r1dST!fXUNTON VIIXCINIA oie oIe Dwrrlbutys I Th use VVelI Khoxm Food Product I rom ed PLEE ZING EVERY MAN IS A SALESMAN' ry hom xork c I wo de VTIGVI He o hd rhrrwd To offer whether rf he rdlemt or goods If you rhu5t rhoke your owh wog IU The world The 5elI1hQ of lrfe rhsurooce oroxrde rrwcome Thr5 eorhoom offer5 the utmo Tlr15TGblIlIy or d up to e erwce exciehehr focrrrhes for rrorrwmg o or eq rr ern 5cIc oe o rrrtere re ur rr ode C N LG H LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF VIRGINIA . Lf M Q r ' fx 5 X I I 1 I 'I U f I Wh 15 ' ri o no . 5 S EIA I Krew: A who 5 fir 3 hor Q '5 5 I 5 A h 5 se ee . f Q I V ' fl 'I ,f f 1 . 5 f o 5pIehded oooortumry ood o 5IeodnIy mCreo5mQ 5ourCe of f , 5 1 - - dote 5 f , ' I , ohd rode -I r of od ' -5r r 5 If AS d rc f 5 :cf- Peeherj wr' To I I CO IPLIMENTS STAUNTON COCA COLA BOTTLING WORKS Inc fbvxfl f?7627E 61768055 GDP 5f"'f0N A Sum Dew led to the Bo I uw Mordmcmdu Q cmd Ser CQ PALAIS ROYAL CLOTHES ARE THE UNUSUAL KIND L BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1939 SPG? UNC CQODS HVADQA APTH W 'NC4PL I PHILLIPS f' Ak lr' I ' I O 0 0 0 0 73 ' "U Y 5 L ' S' ' ll - In-nm mm! fwmrf Twffxif O.1'rd,,mg AXIXkQl',N F'U'Niw"mr,1 V51-ui Tnfxtc' LC:-' I'Ii'X."VI:'X Stuff SU HVQN, Vu Ti 1 w Af OJ xf?iQIN,U IQIPC 7 CI1'O:"5i L: 3 fu IT'S ALWAYS SPRINGTIME IN ENDLESS CAVERNS WONDERFUL AND SPECTACULAR NEW MARKET - - VIRGINIA Where the Temperature IS Constant At 56 Degrees Wnnter and Summer NOT WHAT WE SAY WHAT OTHERS SAY Consldered the most beautrtul ot the Shenandoah Valley Caverns New York Post One ol the most I3 autrtul natural Caverns an the world New York Sun Entrancung revelatron of grandeur New York Tlmes hester A Reeds C at JI Oeology ot the A e an lvluseu of Nat ral H story sa os es ae ee e oe a a es e o star nrhe en a doah Valley h t the Endles Ca e s at New Ma ket v rg a o ttute the m st ste ea ev eee dw Tl-IE MOST EXTENSIVE CAVERNS EAST OE KENTUCKY ENDLESS CAVERNS l H D IL, e I , 1, C , ur or' m nc rn u l , ys "Van u Cav h v b n xpi r d nd rn de acc s tbl t v. I 5 r Sh - n ,u 5 vrn f r llrnllensl o attractrve serles of chambers that I have examrned In these Caverns the alr ha h temp r tur qt D6 d gr 5 summer an utter" J G - r l C l Lui -EJN i -d WGQDWARD S MASTER CLEANERS AND DYERS XAETST l I SGE,Tw E El VAEET iE.j,g TEV, HOLSINGER LUMBER COMPANY LUIVIBER - - IVIILLWORK BUILDING MATERIAL STOLIIII I VVQIIIIQ STAUNTON WHOLESALE CASH GROCERY INC ADVERIISLD BRANDS CRQQERIES Cf-IIIIIIP5 QICARETTE3 TOBACCOS INII Ie UIQ Only V OQ I STAUNION VIQLIINIIA STONEWALL JACKSON TAVERINI ow II Rome II TFFPEE NIILES NQIQILI CF I LINIQI STQIXIEWALL JACKSQIXI HOTEL I I P P III or X I ' 7 0 ' 7 ... "I W o 5 I JIIIIHT I N S f .I I ' S F2 " Q C STAUNTOII XIIRGINIIIX I Irec IU' L1 QIWII I owe, PHILADELPHIA UNIFORM COMPANY . f 7, .Ixfxr 'D ,QQ I If' HL 1 'EQ' If Mc'IuIc:rur'-fi of MILITARY CLOTHING CAPS AND EQUIPMENT CDNQHCHDCKEN P TIMBERLAKE S DRV GDDDS HDSIERY AND CLON ES MILLINERY AND READY TD WEA? JONES TAXI SERVICE PACKAIXDS EIIICKS HLDSDNS NASHS VIIQQIIQI Sue Pass je Car I f P NWI I QLII w L I f I J JI I ' IA Es'UIJI,sIIufcI IFITI 7 I C IvQrIm Uwwr I f ,I I NIA- Cm Excf,v.Im'frf' PII vv -1 73C I Eur' JK ' PrI1'metI f Y ' 3 ,P 'g :gk f , Q EERI. CE DI-V NE, 'XQIC3-UI '4 I f 'ELJVQQ E-in 551 , A " 4 I MI' ' THE HUGE STUDICD PGVQTRAIT AND CQMMERC IAL PHQTOGRXXIDHY PHONE U GEFICIAL PHQTOEPAPHEP EGR S M A SHRAPNEL IN A 3 gr Smr CH dFl,n ,r rrxer G IIQT und pe DG U9 I e :Ie :rw Urcmce Qgemr r I ylrwq I eII rherrr Iejprwf I rr tpIorw wrIIIe eId per pIe cuss Iwrrrw I3 me f he Cl If ereuclde Them If buy rm re when Ibex 6 Img cm r1eQIIIwy Qrvd rare were Im Let Qtudems III Qhealw cmd QoIIeges remember that IIIQ rrwsuremce offers specum orwcessromg I0 youth Llfe Insurance Company of V1rg1n1a RICHMQND Estoblr Iwed I5rI IRADFORD H WALKER Pressderm A PEAUIIFIJL PUNCF TO DI r ITALIAN TAVERN I MARY BALDWIN COLLEGE I e Code e xx th Q Ineckgr md of Cmrure cm QI sCIwIc3rsIIIp umem CI L rw J frm ,J Accredrred ur ecnrc 'Ie mrrwerw A De ree Amee UIC rnwetnc e rein, Ie CI IG LJIC Ther sporre I J IIII T IE rn J I, br I I I ye If Q I "C 5" In I ef 13 r Q 5, I If If I1 I 5, R Q H " ex Idf' p , I1 f , ' e If yin d I , . e if xr T e 1 f' - s 'I f 3 I , 1 f ,, I I 1 If l'lT' ng My WI SIJI CIIWL ZI IN SI"'A'C'II IE I II AND IWW. ICQII IW ' Q I Q I ' - I 'e e A Se ' 2 pIIeg1,xutIIurwIIe QI I If ge. f f Ie ey- ge fer I I3 Q In I J I IDr I S! SI "' RI Ira 'I I U 'I . , I- VI", SC'-Q JAFNIAIIV pVg'X'j?" ARCADI HOTEL AN D RESTAU RANT TO GRADUATES TO RETURNING STUDENTS Ld SEE OUR BEALTTEUL HOTEL ROOMS Vx ITH AND WITHOUT BATH AT REASONAB E RATES A HOME AWAY FROM HOME I I For Good Food or Restful Nute EQ Good luck ond best wishes for o prosperous future A sincere welcome owoufs your return ond we hope T940 wrll be your best School Yeor H r , T f L X ll ll Staunton M111tary 1746!-I QB ' Academy J FCPA ONE OE THE MOST DISTINGUISHED RRERARATORY SCHOOLS OE AMERICA X-Xccredxted Amdermcolly by the Great Urmcr mes cmd Colleges ff the Country mdudmq West Romr and Ammopolus SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION OF ACCREDITED SCHOOLS Assoclatlon of Mnlutory Colleges and Schools of the Umfed States A GOVERNMENT HONOR SCHOOL WRSTSNTHESOLTH FIRST IN WRCIMA rr HS U O ,, gg X- sf, 'fmt 5? E ff' 'nz f Vf'-HF ETf4N'E2V-, QWXl"JTO'N '.H,'.J1EVl 5 K 1 J 1 fl MI MH R OF UNH CE 'THE' CXIQWCNNWE MEMVERS OE 5 X W Emwf v tri MGGVTQ ff Teri Hvyui-Cwd D .X '.-,HW Mui! grsrwe Ihre' ugh Of C 1 LYNCI-IBURG ENGRAVED ANNUALS ARE BUILT UPON YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AS SPECIALISTS IN THE FIELD OF SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS N successfully Fullrllmg the requurements of the modern College Annual Stall we have combuned a comprehensuve and systematuc servucmg program wnth that hugh standard ol qualuty so essentual rn the production ol lune yearboolcs Lynchburg specnalmng on school annuals excluswely there by assurmg each stall of the personal and rn tellugent assistance so necessary IN the planmng and desrgnmg ol a truly satuslactory bool: LYNCHBURG ENGRAVING COMPANY LYNCH BURG VIRGINIA O A engraved annuals are built by an organization I . I I ' of IQ Z BELL Ck' + A fc- , MADE THE IMPRINT or PRIDE ' , . ' . t RINTING IS the great con structlve force of the modern CIVlllZCd world It plays the Indlspensable part In the dIssemInatIon of news 1D the expresslon and progresswn of pol1tIca1 Ideals In the records and exchange of commerce and Industry I democratlzes educTtIon SCICDCL art mus1c and broadens the scope of exerythmg It touches To appreclate IUS hlgh place In the esteem of an enhghtenecl world PRINITINIG MUST BE WELL DONE Our offer Ing to the cnusc of BETTER PIIIKITING IS REPRESENTED IN THIS ANNUAL J P BELL CGMPANY INC 816 MAIN STREET LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA .4 .ff .. F, 1

Suggestions in the Staunton Military Academy - Shrapnel Yearbook (Staunton, VA) collection:

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