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1 E., , 1 ,x,, 11, 1 Jgrfv. . ' pf - f C ..,. - K.. r n H.. 3. Ay. 'F' 11 ' eww' G: ,SI-if'f' f L. .4121 :X-1 1-' -1 4 :Ml fi. , LFE! JJ f " ' . -f. ,' .I .- '1'H-Fifi' L... '4'1 v-n v,- J K MMM. wwf iii L . 1 5.1 ' Q, ' 1 S i zz .ii L g i f? :L , 5 f.., X W Q S , 4 , 77 ,hfhhsy H V .' I , E WWW H? - s - Q ' N A 2 1 - ' Ev +5 S'-' .B ng-x I V' J A ,,,...,, I 1 , .t A . ' X 4 . .... . -. L ,, f , I n an 6 - ll 1 . ' F I 5 . ,WM his Mgimwmi 4 isumk A Q . y .W , ga. -ww X. Q Q sswsi ,, --1- Li N P"3.f... L .t W.. ' ffl,,"m ' 2 V ff 1 7 ' Q Mm V! N-wbximmsk, K, k,,,,, W k , 7 ,MQ Wim,-AWQWWW ww qw , XS , A I H-W g ,W 4 , vi L ' w- L K ' ' Wm, f M M h ,f A 5'253QSQ???fmT.2 F i ' 7 L, 3. f, , -- , - ' ,L W K... g-,. I , an N . Y 4 I w 5' M S 9 x We, the class of 1953, are proud to dedicate this annual to our sponsor, Miss Eva Veach, who has guided us through our year of termination. We hope this dedication will convey in part our appreciation for her patience, kind- ness, and personal interest in each of us. 1 MISS VEACH Sponsor LAWRENCE RICHARD TROUT Vice-President '53 Academic Course Student Manager ........... 3 Hi-Y ............. l, Z, 3, 4 MARJORIE ANN REDIFER Treasurer '53 Commercial Course EVELYN KAY BARR President '53 Commercial Course Tri-Hi-Y..... ....... 1. Z. 3 DORIS DIANE ELLMORE Secretary '53 Commercial Course Tri-Hi-Y.... .... ..l,, 2, 3, Head Librarian. . . .... 2, 3, MR. Az..BRECHT Sponsor DON BUTTS Academic Course H- .............. , , . ARGYLL L. BURNS Academic Course Student Manager. ..... .. Z.' 3 Hi-Y...... ...... ......3.4 Band.......... ...1.Z. 3 BONNIE BAYSINGER Commercial Course Tri-Hi-Y.............. 3, 4 MELVIN THOMAS TURNER Academic Course H DELORES D. BAYSLNGER Commercial Course Lib:-arian.............. 3, 4 BILL JOE LEE Academic Course Varsity.-..............Z. 3 Y ... ...4 Hi-Y............. 1, Z. 3. 4 MARY HELEN ROGERS Commercial Course . Librarian. PATRICIA JOAN KENNEDY Commercial Course Basketbalh...-......... Z1 3 Hi-Y...... 3 4 LELAND ERNEST FAGG Academic Course Band..............l, 2. 3, 4 WADE E. CANDLER Academic Course CATHERINE JO SCHEID Academic Course Band.................... Cafeteria... .- MADONNA JUNE SIEGELIN Commercial Course Tri-Hi-Y............l. Z. 3 WIL BUR WARNER Academic Course CAROLINE G. BUTT ANNA MAE GARRISON Commercxal Course ALICE ANN BROWN Commercial Course Commercial Course Yell Leader......... Z, 3, 4 Office ......... 3 4 JIM RIDGEWAY Academic Course H-Y..............l, Z, 3, 4 SUSAN PHYLLI5 TROUT Commercial Course Tri-Hi-Y.............. Band....... -- 2,3 ...Z 8 H-Y. RALPH HOWALD Academic Course .....................4 Band. . . .- ................l PHYLLIS JOAN TROUT Yell Leader.....,... Z, 3, 4 JAMES ALBERT HAYWARD Commercial Course Academic Course Yell Leader.............. Z H-Y. DORIS I. ARCHER Commercial Course LARRY VIDELL Academic Course H-Y................... 3, 4 CHARLES MEYERS Academic Cnurse .....................4 Annual Staff EDITOR, WADE CANDLER Catherine Schied Bonnie Baysinger Tom Turner Mary Helen Rogers Larry Trout Larry Videll Paper Staff Class History Early in September of 1949, the thirty-six members of our class became Green Freshmen. Soon came Initiation Day--the girls were decked out in gunny sacks and men's shoes, and the boys wore girl's dresses and women's shoesg that night the class of 1950 "threw a party" for us. That year several of the girls joined Tri-Hi-Y, and the boys became members of the Hi-Y and the basketball and baseball squads. Our sponsors were Mrs. DeCoursey and Mr. Payne. The class officers were Kay Barr, president, Larry Trout, vice-president: Catherine Scheid, secretary: and Marjorie Redifer, treasurer, No longer were we "Green Freshmen the next yearf'--thirty-four of us had gone on to become Sophomores. That year the school yell leaders were all members of our class--Caroline Butt, Phyllis Trout, Billie Stewart, and Jim Hayward, Bill Lee and Buddy Candler made the varsity squad in basketball: Diane Ellmore was in- stalled as head librarian, and Caroline Butt was chosen office girl. We had mem- bers in Band, Chorus, Hi-Y, and Tri-Hi-Y. In the early part of 1951, Staunton drew Brazil in the Wabash Valley Prelim: beat them, and went clear through to take the Prelim Tournaments. Again in the Sectional we Mew Brazil, and again took the tourney. Congratulations, Mr. Roeschlein! Our sponsors were Mrs. Smith and Mr. Payne, and our officers were Buddy Candler, presidents Ralph I-lowald, vice- president: Bobbie Kay Houston, secretaryg and Evelyn Kay Barr, treasurer. The Junior year began by our electing Buddy Candler, president: Catherine Scheid, vice-president: Kay Barr, secretaryg and Patty Ballinger, treasurer. Our sponsors. were Mrs. Meyer and Mr. Scheid. In the fall, we took the class of 1952 to Turkey Run for the day--and two of the girls in our class got lost! The play we chose and produced was a three-act comedy, "A Case Of Springtime." ln the Carnival, we produced a Colored Minstrel, as we had done the year before: Caroline Butt and Phyllis Trout were re-elected yell leaders, along with Margaret Casassa and Bette Carpenter. Our class rings were ordered early in the year, and came on November 23, during Thanksgiving holiday. I We elected members of the paper staff as follows: Sue Bannon, Editorg Diane Ellmore, Business Manager, Circulation Manager, Phyllis Trout: Sports Editor, Bill Lees Reporters, Caroline Butt and Marjorie Redifer, Typists, Catherine Scheid, Kay Barr: Joke Editor, Ralph I-Iowaldg Artist, Larry Videll. In the fall of 1952, twenty-eightof us entered our Senior year. Our officers were Kay Barr, president: Larry Trout, vice-presidentg Diane Ellmore, secretary, and Marjorie Redifer, treasurer. Our sponsors were Miss Veach and Mr. Albrecht. Again Caroline Butt and Phyllis Trout were elected yell leaders, along with Bette Carpenter and Margaret Casassa of the class of 1955. In the fall, the class of 1954 took us to Turkey Run. Then came the long awaited time of having Senior pictures taken, and ordering name-'cards and commencement invitations. The play chosen to be presented by the Dramatics Class was "Hobgoblin House." The Carnival, in which all of the classes helped, was a success. Sunday, May 3, baccalaureate services will be held in the school gymnasium. Tuesday, May 5, at 8:00 o'clock, commencement services will be held. Then on Friday, May 8, the twenty-eight members will walk out the doors of Staunton High School, to return only as alumni. L - Class. Will We, the Senior Class of '53, being of sound mind and memory, now about to de- part from this school life, do hereby make and solemnly declare this to be our last will and testament. ARTICLE I To our Alma Mater, we will the privilege of always having students that are as well-behaved as the 'Senior Class of '53 has been through its' twelve years at S.H.S. ARTICLE ll To the Faculty, we will the right of giving unannounced tests, and the privilege of exercising the strict discipline, which it established this year, upon all future Senior Classes. , ARTICLE III I, Doris Archer, will my health book to Mary Jo Hughes. I, Susan Phyllis Bannon, will my maidenly ability to blush to Reba Butt. I, Evelyn Kay Barr, will my privilege of getting to sing at some of the school ac- tivities to Nancy McDonald, I, Bonnie Baysinger, will my seat in the assembly to some deserving Junior. I, Delores Baysinger, will my quietness to Jackie Jones. I, Alice Ann Brown, will my seat in civics to Mary Jo Hughes, I, Argyll Burns, will my ability to do nothing and yet make "B's" in physics to Woody Allen. I, Caroline Butt, will my knowledge in health to Jackie Jones. I, Donald Butt, will my ability to part my hair on both sides to Jim Ollie. I, Wade Candler, will my ability to struggle by in'civics with a "C" average to John Evans, who will surely need it. I, Diane Ellmore, will my civics book to any deserving Junior. 1, Leland Ernest Faggn will my position as manager of the Coke Machine to any- one who wants it. I, Anna Mae Garrison, will my right to be the shortest one in my class to Jane Robinson. I, James Hayward, will the 1953-'54 basketball team the right to win all games. I, Ralph Howald, will my right to set the shop on fire to the welding class of next year. I, Patricia Kennedy, will my right to get a poodle.cut every year to Jo Ann LeMay. I, Bill Lee, will my position as Sports Editor of the school paper to anyone who is smart enough to take it. I, Charles Myers, will my personality to Marion Burns. I, Marjorie Redifer, will my hair to the bald members of the faculty ----- including Mr. Roeschlein. I, James Ridgway, will my driving ability to John Lorenze. I, Mary Helen Rogers, will my civics book to my little sister, I, Catherine Scheid, will Joyce Lynch the right to keep pencils in her desk, even though Don Kidwell does take them all the time. I, Madonna Siegelin, will my ability to come to school bright and early every morning to Barbara Kennedy. -- I, Larry Trout, will any ability anyone thinks I have, to anyone who wants it. I, Phyllis Trout, will the right to argue with Mr. Albrecht in commerce class to Nadine Hayes. I, Melvin Thomas Turner, will my ability to go with one girl longer than two weeks to Don Kidwell. I, Larry Videll, will my ability to not go to bed over the week ends so as to not waste any valuable time, to anyone with a cast iron stomach. Signed this 5th day of May, nineteen hundred fifty-three, h The Senior Class ' Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Eighth Grade Seventh Grade Sixth Grade F ifth Grade Fourth Grade Third and Fourth Grades Second and Third Grades Second Grade First Grade First Grade OFFICE Principal, Mr. Watts. Office Girl, Caroline Butts, Ross Buell Janitor Miss Veach Sophomore English Mr. Payne Znd Year Algebra Junior Chemistry Mr. Albrecht Senior Typing Mr. Scheid Junior History Noon Hour In The Cafeteria LIBRARIANS Baysinger, C. Biggs, Baysinger, D. Ellmore, Evans, J. Botner, Maxey, and N. McDonald. Mr. Nelson Senior Physics Mrs. Hunter Home EC, Room Class Prophecy One warm Sunday in May, 1963, while Kay and husband were sitting in their backyard watching their two children about the yard, they saw a light blue Cadillac convertible pull into the driveway. Kay couldn't imagine who it could be with out of the state license plates. Who should step from the car but Catherine Scheid, Kay's girl friend! After several minutes of excited talking, Catherine invited Kay to have lunch with her and Sue, whom she was to meet later at the Silver Spoon, a very famous restaurant. Kay's husband said he would watch the children, so Kay got her hat and purse and they started off. On the way, Kay told Catherine that a year after graduation from high school, she had married a history professor and that they had moved to California. They had come back to Brazil to visit their relatives and had decided to stay until winter. Catherine told Kay that she had liked Washington, D. C. so well when she was there on the Senior Trip, that she had gone there to work after she had graduated from college in '57, Catherine said that she was visiting her folks now and had left her twin girls with them. As they passed through Staunton, they noticed an ultra-modern drug store with the name "Hayward's Haven" on the front. The name sounded familiar so they decided to stop to see if they knew the owner. Surely enough, the owner was Jim Hayward, one of their old classmates. Jim told them that he and Jane Maxey had been married the year after she was graduated from high school. Jim said that he had started a drugstore soon after his graduation and that he now had drug stores in everyone of the important cities in Indiana, but that he managed the one in Staunton personally. After talking for a few minutes more, Kay and Catherine continued on their way. They were so busy talking that they didn't notice that the light was red. Almost immediately, a policeman pulled along side the car. Who was it but Wilbur Warner, another one of their classmates! He was ready to give them a ticket and a summons to appear in court when he realized who it was. He told 'them that he had married Joyce Heiliger in '5'7. They had to move on as they had blocked traffic for two blocks back on Main Street. They said good-bye to Wilbur and drove off promising not to run any more red lights. They had now reached the suburbs of Staunton when they passed a new housing unit. In just an instant, they discovered they had a flat tire. Catherine pulled over to the side of the road, and they went up to a cute ranch style duplex house to see whether they could use the phone to call a garage man. They were greatly sur- prised when another one of their old classmates, Wade Candler, answered the door. He offered to change the tire but Catherine said that she had no spare so he called the nearest garage. H While they were waiting for the repairman to arrive, Wade told them that he had married Avilla Hibbs in '58 and they had just moved into their new home. They asked him about Argyll Burns, and his reply was that Argyll had married Alta Hibbs in '58, too, and they were living in the other half of the duplex. Wade and Argyll owned a construction company and they had just finished this new housing unit. Wade told them that Argyll and his wife were vacationing in Canada. Just then the repairrnan arrived, and they found it to be Charles Myers. Charles said that he had just bought the garage a few days ago, and was doing very well. While Charlie was repairing the tire, he told them he had married Nadine Hayes in '55. It took Charles only five minutes to fix the tire, and shortly they continued on their way. They now had reached the restaurant. As they came to a stop, they both re- marked what a beautiful restaurant it was. Since they were late, Sue had already selected a table and was waiting for them. While they were waiting for their order to be taken, Sue told them that she was visiting her parents. She now lives in West Virginia, where her husband owns a large ship building company. She said she had a two year old son. Her husband couldn't accompany her and their son, as his business held him in West Virginia. As they picked up the menu to give their order, they noticed the name Melvin Thomas Turner, Proprietor. They asked the waiter whether they could speak to Melvin. He said he would call him. They hardly recognized Melvin, as he was smartly dressed and dignified. With Melvin was his pretty wife, the former Joan Gilbrech. They had been married soon after Joan graduated and they said they h-ad owned this restaurant for nearly two years. Melvin had to leave for he had some important business to be taken care of. Their dinners arrived and they noticed on,the cream pitchers the name "Butts' Dairy." They wondered whether it could be Don Butts, another one of their class- mates. A strangely familiar couple was seated at the next table. They were soon recognized as Leland Fagg and his wife, the former Doris Archer. They came over to talk to the girls. Leland told them that he owned a large farm south of Brazil. He and Doris were married in '59, and now have an eighteen months old daughter. They asked Leland and Doris why Don's name was on the cream pitchers. Doris said Don had a very large dairy farm south of Brazil and that it furnished all the milk for Clay and several other counties. She said that Don had been married for five years now to a pretty secretary he met when he was in Washington getting his revolutionary new milking machine patented. After finishing their lunch, they decided to go to a movie. They got into quite a discussion, and Catherine, who wasn't watching where she was going, backed into a cream colored DeSoto, denting the front fender. She got out of the car to see what damage had been done. The occupant of the other car happened to be Larry Trout. They were all soon busily talking about old times. Larry introduced them to his wife, the glamorous movie actress June Russell, whom Larry met when he became chief producer of Paramount Studios. He told them they had four children. They asked him about Phyllis Trout, and his answer was that she had married .Tim Brown two years after graduation and that they were now living on South 59. Dur- ing the discussion over old times, the bent fender was completely forgotten. Time was slipping away, so they told Larry and his wife good-bye and decided they had time to visit Phyllis before the movie began. Phyllis lived in an adorable Cape Cod home. She was very much surprised to see them. She invited them in, and they were happy to see another of their class- mates, Caroline Butts. Caroline informed them that she was on vacation from Panama where she had spent the last five years as a government health supervisor. Caroline has not married, but she told them she was engaged to a rich plantation owner in Panama. They realized they didn't have much time before the movie be- gan, so they wished Caroline and Phyllis the best of luck, and continued on, their way. The movie which was decided upon, was at the Brazilian Theater which was ve ry modernistic, which just had been erected. After parking the car a few feet from the theater, they went to the box office to buy their tickets. They were greatly surprised to find the cashier to be Madonna Diegelin. Madonna told them she had taken the job as cashier in this chain of theaters and that her husband owned this new theater. They asked her about her school chum, Marjorie Redifer, who, Madonna said, was married to the owner of a large Standard Grocery Store Chain, Marjorie married in 1957. When they went into the theater and sat down, they had no more than got set- tlcrl, when Kay got a face full of water, for she had been shot with a squirt gun! Kay tapped the little boy's mother on the shoulder to tell her of the unorderly action of her son. When his mother turned around, Kay was surprised to see that it was Mary Helen Rogers. Mary Helen apologized for her son's behavior and suggested that they go to the lobby to talk. Mary Helen said that she was married to the manager of the local Bell Telephone Company. She met him when he accidently overheard one of her two hour conversations when he cut in over the wire while working on the telephone lines. She said that Alice Brown had married Wayne Muncie soon after graduation and that he was now manager of the local Public Service Company. By the time they were through talking, the movie was over, and they said good- bye to Mary Helen. Since the afternoon was warm, they decided to get a coke. As they walked back to find a booth, they heard someone call their names. They found that person to be Diane Ellmore. They sat down at her table and began talking with her about old times. Diane is married to the vice-president of the Murphy Company whom she met when he presented her with a special award for being one of the outstanding salesladies of their company. Diane said Bonnie Baysinger was now living in Indianapolis where her husband, Wayne Hutcheson, is employed at Allison's as assistant manager. She said that Bonnie had six children, three boys, and three girls. There was not much time left before dinner, so Kay, Sue, and Catherine were once again on their way. Catherine discovered the car was almost out of gas. She pulled in at the nearest gas station, which also had a secondhand car and motorcycle lot on the side. Ralph Howald emerged from the station to fill the tank. He told them that he and Jim Ridgway owned the service station. He showed them a picture of his wife, who was very pretty. He said that she was a WAC whom he met while he was in the Navy and that they had two small daughters, aged two and three. They asked him about Larry Videll, and he said that Larry was a well-known artist, and was married to a rich southern belle from Little Rock, Arkansas. While they were waiting for Ralph to clear the windows, Jim Ridgway another classmate, drove up in a new fire engine red Buick, with Hollywood mufflers. Jim recognized them and came over to talk. He also showed them a picture of his wife, a former Powers Model, who was very glamorous looking. Jim and his wife have four children, the eldest being in the third grade. They told Ralph and Jim good- bye and good luck and drove away. They decided to drive through Forest Park to see if it had been improved in any- way. As they drove past the picnic grounds, they noticed two very familiar people. Catherine stopped the car, and they knew immediately that they were Anna Mae Garrison and Delores Baysinger. Delores told them that she and her husband own an insurance agency, and were well pleased with their work. Anna Mae said that she was kept very busy taking care of her two children, whom she had left with her parents for the day. They told Anna Mae and Delores that they didn't have much time left, so they said good-bye, and promised to visit them in the near future. While driving from the Park they decided to go bowling. They had heard of a new bowling alley just opened and decided to go there. As they were paying for their shoes, they were struck with the familiar face of the cashier, who was Patricia Kennedy. They asked Patty how long she had been working there, and she told them that she and her husband had bought the bowling alley three years ago. She told them she and her husband liked their work and that she had won the Women's Championship Bowling trophy. . It was so crowded that there was no vacant alley, so they decided to leave.. They walked back to Patty's counter and told her they had to leave, but they would be back soon, They wished her luck in winning trophies. Once again they were on their way. Sue had to be home early, because she had promised her children a bedtime story. When they reached Sue's mother's house, they saw a car in the driveway, with an M. D. license. Sue was alarmed and ran to the house. They found that it was all a false alarm. Sue's father, thought that her youngest child had swallowed some marbles. But Dr. Bill Lee assured them the child was all right. Bill said that he had a good practice, and that he had his office in Staunton, which was now quite a large city, with one of the largest and most modernistic school in Indiana. Kay said that she would have to be leaving, for she had to fix the evening meal. Catherine and ,Kay told them all good-bye and wished Bill success in his practice and told Sue to visit them very soon. , On the way to Kay's, they discussed the day and all of its exciting happenings, and both agreed that they never dreamed things turning out so well for everyone in their class. QXXXQ 1 N 1 School CIIOTUS MRS. DECOURSEY Christmas Operetta X5 A ,Meg f f. gi? - 1 'Q fa av up 14 Q 6 , ,A f . f - QQ-f wa. ,f - 355, , M :wa QS if .1 A. if ,ai W 4 N V -wwf' Weir ' Q mv Q. In it if 'S' ini? Q H 'E iv 3 wm- 2: 5 ..,i G 5 T My 'Hg ,, L- gk ' 29 Eh W, ,-ffj,X,v-WV , A -23? vwksew fs .Eg ,Mm N is 2 .. zzu A. b . A A Q. 5 N V . . . 1? if , is fi W S . S V A Q A - . an kk f 1 f ,Z- it b b. is 5- 3 if' '- K Q X N,,. wih, :,. . ,,v1 , . 4 v S 3 Sf , X , 35 E5 5 ?f.w1 W -sv Varsity Basketball Squad B Team Baseball Team Bus Dfiqygrs Hunt, Fagg, Dierdorf, Burns, Walt Basketball The group of underclassmen on the basketball team did a very good job even though they didn't win all their ball games this season, they were full of pep and played their very best. The season started out kind of slow but as it went along the team made much progress. The great handicap of the team was the lack of height: the tallest boy, Bob Burns, being 5'9". David Barr, a lanky Sophomore of 6'l", started the season but broke the cartilage in his knee during the St. Bernice game and cou1dn't play the rest of the year. Since none of the players will be lost and all will be growing taller, "Whitey" is looking forward to a very good season next year. The "B" team fared better than their bigger brothers, winning nine games while losing only five. From the opening game until the final one, the Fresh- men were improving greatly and are going to help next year with their experi- ence. The 7th and 8th grade team had a good record of winning ten and losing only two. They played in the Y. M. C.A. Tournament and beat Rankin of Terre Haute and then lost to Otter Creek, which is a very good team. The school is proud of these boys as they will someday make up the varsity. The Fan Gooster organization was active this year and did much for the teams and school. A bus was provided for the students to attend all away games and the boys were treated to a meal at all home games. Baseball The Staunton High School baseball team had a very successful season win- ning five while losing only two games, and finishing second in the Clay County Conference. Prospects for the coming season are very bright. Standout pitchers were Tom McCullough and John Evans. The outstanding hitters were Bob Burns, Harry Mayle and Max Shaffer. One of the outstanding games was winning over Ashboro 13 to 1, Staunton 13 Ashboro 1 Staunton 7 Bowling Green 0 " 5 Fontanet 4 " 12 Coalmont 13 " 3 Van Buren 5 " 5 Clay City 4 " 9 Ashboro 0 K ,9 4 urh-and-.ann-arf 'AI-lfiflifllll u..-as-.ll-..u.s.a Junior Class Play Freshman Initiation Phyllis Trout--Carnival Queen EVELYN KAY BARR LARRY TROUT President Of Senior Class Vice-President Of Senior Class Carnival Queen and Her Attendants Seated, Queen Phyllis Trout and Attendants, Joyce Lynch, Linda Lynch, Ruth Felton, Ellen Botner, and Janice Hardman. Senior Square Dance Sophomore Minstrel Show Boat Arthur Godfrey? F arm Hit Parade Eat and Enjoy CHESTY POTATO CHIPS a s - s WEAR' A IQU V Ruffles, Popcorn - Nut Meats N f R g Chesty Foods, Inc. I , , I' , H x M Y. f I X I Q l ' A -0 ' , 8 4-2 X - X 1 ' . X A A 'U 1' '-X, f I f A I LL-, x-.5 W., 4,31 91' A ," .ii M, .Hiro 1 l SA - ..,, ,K , 1 ,Y V 41. M fc '32, wr- ':-'i.- . . -4 :Hb- I N 99-. F-Lf' - j 'l g' 5 1' 1 fi"-ff. "IMA x 2 'ez' ,J I , . ,Mp 5.1,Qg::'i5'.! O. If r 'wif'- T. Y " ' fa!" ' " 'Z " "x 'Elf' - 'Y v4 1-J +wLr""I' 'X 3 Terre Haute Indiana McMI LLAN'S OUTFITTERS TO CHAMPIONS FOR OVER A QUARTER OF A CENTURY McMillan Athletic Goods Co., Inc. TERRE HAUTE, INDIANA 4 , X Congratulations Seniors MAX LORENZE TEXACO SERVICE Brazil, Indiana Compliments of PAU L E L DE R Staunton, Indiana CASSIDY SERVICE Electrical - Radio Television Phone 5291 WABASH VALLEY CANDY DISTRIBUTORS Wholesale Only Candies - Fountain Supplies Cigarettes Phone 6951 1210 N. Walnut Brazil, Indiana Always Use - - NANCES Pure Dairy Products Phone 2241 Brazil, Ind. Compliments of KIDD INSURANCE AGENCIES Brazil, Indiana After the Game Meet the Gang and have fun at the BRlNER'S BLUE BONNET RESTAURANT Brazil, Ind. Phone 26181 CLAY COUNTY FARM BUREAU COOPERTIVE, ASS'N, INC. General Farm Supplies Sz Grain Brazil, Indiana Best Wishes to the Class of '53 from Lawson 8i Son FUNERAL HOME - AMBULANCES Always Phone 2234 - If We Can Help All Calls for Ambulance or Resuscitator Service Are Answered Promptly. In case of apparent need, day or night, just dial 2234, we'd rather be called and not be needed than be needed and called too late! Arketex Ceramic Corporation "First with the Finestl' Ceramic Glazed Structural Tile Brazil, Indiana Compliments of EPSI' UU' 3 PATTERSON TEXACO SERVICE Your Next Haircut Gas - Oil - Lubrication At Tires - Batteries CHUCK'S BARBER SHOP National Sz Meridian 502 W. National Ave. Brazil, Ind Phone 5591 Brazil, Ind. McQUEEN 8. MORGAN PONT'S AUTO WRECKING Insurance 8: Abstracts U.S. Highway 40, West Real Estate Rentals, Loans New Sz Used Parts Brazil, Indiana Phone 8381 Brazil, Ind. Ralph Studio THE FINEST IN PHOTOGRAPHY IN YOUR HOME OR OUR STUDIO OLD PHOTOGRAPHS RESTORED ENLARGEMENTS 38 E. NATIONAL AVE. BRAZIL 7521 Compliments of Dr. T. M. Weaver Brazil, Indiana Phone 2370 ELLIS DRIVE-IN BOOSTER LIST Phone 7319 M. L. Smith Cleaners Dinners - Short Orders - Sandwiches M. Sz W. Shoe Store Homemade Pies - Good Coffee WGS Tots Cities Service Gas Sz Oil Earle Hotel We Enjoy Serving You Miller Sz Miller, Attorneys 112 Mile W. of Brazil, on U.S. 40 We Appreciate Those Donating For Our Annual And Sincerely Hope That You Are Pleased With It. signed, C9-A8 Cgjenior Glass McCALIP-BARTON PRESS Office Supplies - School Supplies Job Printing 14 N. Franklin St. Brazil, Ind. Phone 5516 BRAZIL ROOFING 81 SIDING CO. Phillip Carey Materials Retail or Applied 202 N. Franklin St. Bob McNee1y, Mgr. Phone 9766 MOORE'S GENERAL STORE Extends Best Wishes to the Senior Class We Have That Something Different Staunton, Ind. HUMBLE 8. SON Plumbing - Heating Sheet Metal Work Furnace Vacuum Cleaning Armstrong Forced Air Furnaces Guttering - Metal Flue Tops 18-20 N. Franklin St. Phone 25766 Brazil, Ind. Compliments of KENNETH M. ECKARD Photographer Specializes In School Groups Staunton, Indiana GIRTON IMPLEMENT CO. Your International Harvester Dealer Trucks - Tractors - Farm Equipment Refrigerators - Home Freezers Sales - Service U.S. Road 40, East Phone 21-401 Brazil, Ind. TRUMP'S AUTO SALES Highest Used Cars We Buy - Sell or Trade 1417 E. National Phone 27216 Brazil, Indiana JAMESON 8. COMPANY "Brazil's Oldest Name In Heating" Majestic Furnaces All Kinds of Sheet Metal Work Work Guaranteed 217 W. National Ave Phone 9081 Brazil, Indiana THE RIDDELL NATIONAL BANK G, C, MURPHY CO, OF BRAZIL A Safe Place to Bank Since Brazil, Indiana Headquarters for 1885 Complete School Supplies Meet Sz Greet Your Friends In Brazil's Friendly Shopping Center Hungry??? Try the M 8a M RESTAURANT Brazil, Indiana We Appreciate Your Patronage LESTER CAGLE INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance That Insures Riddell Bank Bldg. Brazil, Ind Q INDEPENDENT CABS In Earle Hotel Congratulations to Seniors Phone 2317 and WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE CENTRAL TAXI Phone 2232 22 E. National Brazil, Ind. Operated by Clarence Raab H. C. ARCHER, JEWELER BRAZIL ART SHOP Watch Repairing 23 North Walnut Street 21 N. Walnut Brazil, Ind. I Phone 7056 Compliments of DR. W. E. BERNLOCHR Optometrist 4 1l2 E. National Ave. 27 Years Same, Location Brazil, Indiana Say It With Flowers from 7 BRAZIL GREENHOUSES Ben H. Coffman 25 N. Walnut St. Phone 2384 Brazil, Indiana - Just Remember BATES MILLER for Sinclair Products Sz Goodyear Tires Brazil, Ind. Phone 2498 Compliments of John W. Lawson Your DeSoto-Plymouth Dealer D-P MOTOR SALES, INC. 930 W. National Ave. Phone 2369 Brazil, Ind. "Let Us Care for Your Car" Pick up Sz Delivery Service H. PAWLEY LUMBER CO., INC. Lumber Building Material ' Paint Brazil, Phone 2397 Center Point, Phone 74 CENTRAL SMOKE HOUSE Sodas - Cigars - Pool - Candy Scores of All Games Phone 9346 Brazil, Ind WEST END PHARMACY H. L. Neidlinger, Prop. Drugs Sz Fishing Tackle School Books Sz Supplies Phone 466 402 W. National Ave. S. A. RANDALL 8. SONS Firestone Wholesale Distributor Texaco Distributor Furnace 8: Burner Oils Phone 2205 Brazil, Ind. SHUE'S PLACE Just A Good Place To Stop Open Day Sz Night, 702 W. National Good Coffee - Eat A Bite FRANK CUNNINGHAM 8. SONS Roofing - Paints - Wallpaper Floor Sander Rental Equipment Ice Cream - Magazines 206 W. National Ave. Brazil, Ind. Phone 27131 Brazil, Ind. Compliments of SEIBERT SLACK l.G.A. MARKET 101 S. Brazil, Indiana PHYNE MOTOR CO. Cars- Trucks Depot Phone 200 Brazil, Indiana CREWES HOME DECORATORS Interior Specialists Phone 21886 A Paints - Wallpapers - Draperies ' JACK 81 BUCK The Old Corner Shuffleboard - Eats Floor Covering Phone 5911 Brazil, Ind. 216 W. National Ave. Brazil, Ind. FRANK BAYER 8. SON Men's Furnishings Sz Shoes 114 W. National Ave. Phone 26076 Brazil, Ind. WE I N LAND Prescription Pharmacy Brazil, Indiana Compliments of WHITE'S JUNK YARD Brazil, Indiana JOHN VANES BOILER WORKS Serving Clay Co. for 80 Years Tanks Welding Steel of All Descriptions 7 LEIFNEIT'S For the Newest, Styles In Men's Sz Young Menis Clothing 5 W. National Brazil, Ind. EMMERT GARAGE Willys Overland Sales Sz Service 102 N. Walnut St. Phone 2419 We Specialize In Complete Radiator Service BRAZIL BEAUTY SHOP Specialities in Permanent Waves Corner Walnut Sz National Ave. Up Stairs Hours: 8:30 A.m. - 5 P.M. Brazil, Indiana Be At Home With The Home Folks At The BRAZIL HOUSE 20 N. Walnut St. Your Comfort Is Our Aim The Proctores Good Luck Seniors LIBERTY CAFE SERVICE STATION II4 Mile W. on State Rd. 40 Brazil, Indiana , MORGAN'S CAFETERIA Where Good Food Is Formost Chet Sz Martha Morgan, Props. Phone 2474 Brazil, Ind. 3 W. National Ave. WORTH STIGHER 8 N. Walnut St. Brazil, Ind. For Insurance in All Forms Loans - Personal Sz Real Estate Real Estate Sales Sz Management Congratulations Seniors WM. PIERCE 8. SONS Plumbing Sz Heating Williamsons Furnaces Coal - Gas - Oil Sheet Metal Works 547 E. National Ave. Phone 9336 Brazil Compliments of BEE LINE GARAGE Wreck Rebuilding A Specialty 549 E. Jackson St. Phone 9781 FREDDIE'S EAST END FRUIT MARKET Fruits Sz Vegetables GIRTON FEED STORE Definate Feeds for Definite Needs 635 East National Ave. Phone 5911 Brazil, Ind. B-29 RESTAURANT Homemade Pies - Sandwiches Plate Lunches 557 E. National Ave. Phone 8341 Brazil, Ind BRAZIL IMPLEMENT CO. Ford Tractors - Dearborn Equipment Iron Fireman Oil, Coal, Gas Furnaces Hot Water Heaters 711 E. National Ave. Brazil, Ind. Best Wishes from J. C. SHATTUCK, M.D. Physician - Surgeon Brazil, Indiana NATIONAL DRUG The Prescription Center 107 W. National Avenue LUCILLES SHOP Ladies' Apparels Brazil, Indiana Brazil, Ind. Phone 5546 Phone 28-406 Lucille Decker , It's Congratulations Seniors DAMM'S for OEHLER'S Sc 8. 51.00 STORE Phone 4361 Brazil, Ind. Music - Gifts Musical Instruments 109 W. National Phone 21556 Congratulations Students We Invite You to Visit our New Store Homemade Candies, Fountain and Sandwiches THE KOPPER KETTLE 111 A W. National Ave. Brazil, Ind. BELL INSURANCE AGENCY Rooms 213-15, Citizens Bank Bldg. Phone 2283 Brazil, Ind. "Insure Today, Be Sure Tomorrow" SHAFFER 81 CO. Phone 25-926 Brazil, Ind. Everything for Strip Mining 8z Welding LAMBERT GREENHOUSES Fresh Flowers Artistically Arranged WEAVER'S SERVICE Quality Gasoline Sz Motor Oils 939 E. Nat'l Ave. Brazil, Ind. For Good Food - Courteous Service Come To SILVER STAR RESTAURANT 617 E. National Ave. Brazil, Ind. FRODERMAN CHEVROLET SALES Chevrolet - the Complete Car 307, E. National Avenue Phone 6761 Brazil, Ind. 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E THOMPSON'S GROCERY Staunton, Indiana Best Wishes to the Seniors HUFFS RESTAURANT Call Us for Reservations Service At It's Best Phone 25426 Brazil, Ind. ' Compliments of CITY COAL YARD "The Coal We Sell- Sells Our Coaln Phone 2227 125 S. Forest Ave. Brazil Clay County's Largest Coal Dealer Compliments of DRS. BAKER 81 BAKER Brazil, Indiana Compliments of RAY L. COUGHANOWR 8: SON 110 S. Walnut St. Phone 99,81 Brazil, Ind For Complete Insurance Protection ROBINSON RESTAURANT Sandwiches - Coffee - Lunches Served Six Days A Week 15 S. Forest Ave. Brazil, Ind. Compliments of MENDENHALL'S No. 1 Pharmacy, Inc. The Prescription Store Brazil, Indiana W. E. SHERFEY FURNITURE, INC. Furniture Worth Living With 103-105 E. National Avenue Phone 2402 Brazil, Ind. HARELD E. CHANEY Zenith Hearing Aid Agency Jewelry - Made to Order xQuality Gems - Watch Repair 3 E. National Ave. Brazil, Ind BERT MORLAN SHELL SERVICE STATION Corner of Depot 8: Main Brazil, Indiana BRAZIL GLASS SERVICE Auto Sz Window Glass - Plate Glass Mirrors - Table Tops Phone 8256 - Home Walker 16 N. Meridian St. Brazil, Ind. HAMM 8. CRAFTON SERVICE STATION 315 W. National Ave. Brazil, Ind. Marathon, the Best in the Long Run STITZLE MOTOR CO. 419-425 W. National Ave. Oldsmobile "Rocket 88" Joseph A. Conrad, Jr. Brazil, Ind. J. D. SMITH 8g SON 401-411 W. National Ave. Phone 2288 Brazil, Ind. Phones: Office, 4591, Res. 27585 T. W. McCAMMACK 8. SON Insurance Agency 616 E. National Ave. Brazil, Ind. DON FRENCH PAINT BODY SHOP 19 N. Depot St. Phone 2454 Brazil, Indiana LOE B'S The Store of Dependable Merchandise Dry Goods Sz Furnishings 6 W. National Ave. Phone 9516 Brazil, Indiana Compliments of Your Local A 8g P Brazil, Indiana Best Wishes Seniors LEON MODESITT For The Trim Look Staunton, Indiana Compliments of HARRIS CLEANERS 207 W. National Ave. Brazil, Indiana C. L. McCULLOUGH Chiropractor 6 1l2 W. National Ave. Phone 26051 Brazil, Ind. -DR. H. H. THACKER Dental, Diagnosis, and Technician Brazil, Indiana THE BEAUTY BAR 11 S. Walnut St. Brazil, Ind Mildred Corbin, Alberta McMains Crystal Kohn CITIZENS TE LE PHONE CO. OF CLAY COUNTY, INC. "Courtesy On Party Lines Always Pays, Make Your Calls Brief" Compliments of CENTRAL BARBER SHOP 1 W. National Ave. James Harney CProp.J Compliments of DR. RAY MIENHEART Compliments of Q BRAZIL STORE OF VALUES, INC. Optometrist Men's 8zBoys' Wear Knight Block- Walnut Sz Main 4 W. Nat. Ave. Brazil, Ind. Phone 21051 Brazil, Ind. WINSTEADS MARKET 84 DELICATESSEN GI LTZ FURNITURE STORE Open Evening Sz Sundays - F01 Your Convenience 2 W. Nat. Ave. Brazil, Ind. 109 E- Nam Hubert Sz Anna Gutz Phone 21286 Brazil, Ind. THOMAS M. SMOCK 101 E. Jackson St. Farm Bureau Insurance Complete Insurance Service Life - Auto - Fire - Farm Brazil Phone 2361 G 81 F CORPORATION Producers of Old Hickory Block Coal Brazil's Finest Block Howkins Bldg. Phone 2269 MODERN CLEANERS Where The Charm of Newness Is Restored 11 N. Walnut St. A Brazil, Ind. Phone 7711 Compliments of REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE Samuel C. McQueen, Owner 9 N. Walnut St. Brazil, Ind. 4 . .M lv -w.f-.uf wa.-Q, ,V J fx I C O U

Suggestions in the Staunton High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Staunton, IN) collection:

Staunton High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Staunton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Staunton High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Staunton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 13

1953, pg 13

Staunton High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Staunton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 28

1953, pg 28

Staunton High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Staunton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 53

1953, pg 53

Staunton High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Staunton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 28

1953, pg 28

Staunton High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Staunton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 52

1953, pg 52

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