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Q V -,-H I.. qs'-V ...Q . Q V L... .. . .. .. Important School Electi Will Discuss New School Since the panel discussion, held ' ' at a recent Parent-Teacher Asso- atAPt tIhA Meeting Tonight Annu n-MMM mwah Stressed the e r ew and ade- iggengleacher i building, we , .mber of peo- Z'3I?aI?ecf10ck at -S heartily in of a New Grade will be ject which every family in ally those with school age. It large number of will be at the discussion. The panel John A. the panel will Rotsch, Mrs. J. W. Ubben, Robert Ackerman, J. W. Forman, Charles Abendroth, Wallace W. Cool and Woodrow Norris. At the meeting of the Staun- ton Parent-Teacher Association, held Thlusday evening, a cam- paign was started which, it is fondly hoped, will result in the construction of new grade school facilities in the not-too-distant fu- ture. We hope that this cam- paign will gather momentum, and that we will soon see concrete evidence of modern facilities for the education of the children who are now in grade school, and those of future. generations who seem to he coming on in increasing num- bers. That Staimton needs better and more modern facilities to house its most important "busi- ness" has long been apparent. The old grade school building, com- pleted in 1881, and the "newer" additions built in 1907, has certain- ly sewed their purpose. They were no doubt adequate for many years, but, like all other struc- tures, they have become outmod- ed, and modern trends .in educa- tion put them in the class of the horse and buggy era. Our young- sters, and those of the future, are entitled to the best in education- as good as is offered in other cities and villages in this area. 'Ib provide such education, mod- ern buildings should be provided so that nothing will hamper the advancement of the program. Re- cent legislation passed by the state.legislature require the teach- ing of courses which cannot be successfully taught in the old ri which will 'esult. They 2 building of ll require a l-but it will very cent it uildings now ars old, and are almost means that many of the now at- tended the newer portions, and their great grandparents went to school in the old building. It is true, the structures were built well--but time has a habit of un- doing wl ' ' struct. K generatioi What best in now are to they shot to plan school. I In othe realized quate, mc have prov residents good higl grade To us this is the wrong way of thinking. It has always been our firm belief that the elementary school is far more important than any other phase of education, and more particularly the first two or three grades. It is here where the very foundation isilaid, and if this foundation is not solid, the results in the higher grades, in high school and in college, are materially hampered. We have no accurate idea what a new grade school will cost, but we know that splendid structures have been built in recent years at places which are no different from Staunton. We are certain that our people can and will carry the financial load over an extended period of years. We have always said that the citizens, of Staunton and vicinity want the best for their children, and are willing to PTA Meeting Was Held Last Thursday Evening The November meeting of the Staunton Parent-Teacher Associa- tion was held Thursday evening at the South school, with Mrs. John Vesper, Sr., presiding. Assembly singing was led by Mrs. J. Harold Diel, with Mrs. James Coatney as accompanist. Committee chairmen to take the school census of Community Unit School District No. 6 were ap- pointed the following: Mrs. Rus- sell Rotsch and Wallace Cool, first ward, Mrs. Clint Farris and Mrs. John Self, second wardg Mrs. J. A. Ficker and Mrs. James Coat- ney, third ward, Mrs. J. Harold Diel and Mrs. W. K. Bingman, fourth ward, and Mrs. Joseph France, rural area. A letter from the board of ed- .Hcation was read, stating that the bert Ackerman, had is. Sievers and Lewis represent the board 5 to be held in the D discuss the matter ia new grade school y. Russell Rotsch and rs were named to rep- A. Taking District Parent-Teacher at present engaged of all children district who are of pre-school age. The purpose of this census is to give the Board of Education a reasonably accur- ate estimate of the school enroll- ment for the next five years. and to d C ing Board - Taken in Imp - A special most impor in many ye urday, Feb voters of C District No approve a 1 new public and the is bonds to fi It has lon public grad this distric "behind the buildings is others almo occupy the leaving but childrens' p the enroll creased in I the rooms, . for physica now requir At a me Parent-Tea last fall, a on, in whic a new gra brought out tion, also r of the situa for the pre to the vot a decision. A. Kane of ployed to d ary plans, - the cost These plan pertinent d firms speci is ds thos scho Tl to C his ures the year the S100 of fore, if the assessed valuation is valuation. There- for high ent gym Will Be Held Saturday n hu t Steps 0 ltlon bably the Staunton r on Sat hen the lt School asked to v bulld a btuldlng 40000 ln ect that the llltles ln uate and e of the s old the bulldlngs f the slte space for Then too adlly crowdlng ttle space 8CtlVltl6S Staunton lon held s carrled need for ldlng was of educa rlousness t lng plans he matter strlct for Edward was em prellmln tlmate of termmed lth other mltted to purchase ese fll'l'l'1S sed b0l'ld was the any who the ISSUE rs at ln to 3V 'Zn ty dates e school wlll be ed by the Commun the facll terla can e tenta ulldlng of e enough the pres by both School Board Engages SCYVICBS of Archltect The board of educatlon of the Staunton Communlty Unlt School Dlstrlct No 6 has engaged the flrm of Kane Sz Kane archltects of Edwardsvllle to draw up pre llmmary plans for a proposed new elementary school mate the amount of would be needed to col a building Kane 8: Kane are th for the Edwardsvllle trlct whlch IS puttlng extenslve bulldlng pro flI"ITl also made the pl supervtslng the constrl new Progresslve A G now belng bullt at of Staunton Prellmlnary plans tlons for a bulldlng estlmated cost are fore a proposltlon to school can be presented to the voters of the dlStI'lCt Only the necessary prellmlnary work wlll be done now the worklng plans and other matters must of course be deferred untll such a tlme as the people of the dlStl'lCt haye ap- proved the constructlon of the new bulldlng The members of the board as well as other Staunton resldents lnterested ln our schools reallze that the present elementary school fHClllI19S are lnadequate and that durlng the next flye years at least the enrollment wlll lncrease each year maklng lt necessary to proxlde more room The old grade school bulldlng constructed oxer SIXIX years ago must be re placed as lt has passed lts use ful stage and does not meet the requlrements set by the educa tlonal department of the state SPECIAL SCHOOL ELECTION SET FOR FEBRUARY 20th tContlnued from Page 13 when the flnal plans are drawn The board has set Saturday February 20 as the date of the electlon Two yotlng places wlll be used Preclnct No 1 belng at the Albert Blom dwelllng house ln Ollve townshlp Madlson coun ty for the terrltory ln that ylclnl ty descrlbed fully ln the OfflCl3.l notlce of the speclal electlon whlch appears on another page ln thls ISSUE Preclnct No 2 wlll be ln the Clty Hall bulldlng ln Staunton The polls wlll be open from 12 O0 o clock noon untll 7 00 o clock that exenlng Thls speclal electlon IS of great lmportance because lt Wlll defm ltely affect the future welfare of the youngsters of thls generation his new lum2 t of ed fled the e alter Jr pres IS more he old modern lch wlll nalnten are flre of one ld I The more lch suc xt flve t Slte whlch restrlct to a mlnlmum such 8Ctl xltles whlch are yery lmportant Q What wlll the people of the Dlstrlct get for this S540 0002 A The pre new 18 room lng lncludlng a shop a ho and other m a new to acco tests Yhllh those Hlllsboro others ln The V51 grade and gram of the necessary tarv facllltles l Yes the new grade ulge uery x who 15 nt also has recreatlon gy mn mmod 1 IGDIU sucxn, Y On Saturday of thls week the xoters of Communlty Illllt School Dlstrlct No 6 wlll be called on to make a momentous declslon whe- ther or not the youngsters of our communlty of thls and the com lng generatlons shall haye a grade school whlch lS adequate ln every respect to glve them the educa tlonal advantages they deserve and should have On Saturday the voters of the dlStI'lCt will be called upon to vote YES or NO on a proposltlon to bulld a modern grade school on a slte south of the hlgh school now owned by the dlstrlct and to authorlze the ISSU ance of 3540000 ln bonds to pay for the constructlon of the bulld lng whlch also includes a modern gymnaslum for use by both the grade and hlgh school students varlous reasons why the two prop- 0Sltl0IlS should be approved by the voters Whlle It lS admltted that thls project wlll cost a conslder able sum of money It IS not ex cesslve It wlll cost each taxpay er only 32c per 810000 on the as sessed value of thelr property and from a glance at the last real estate assessment llst It IS evldent that about half of the propertv owners in Staunton wlll n S6 00 per year great advantage llldren vastly lm al facllltles we thls communlty mcrease prop- as much as the in 20 years lS needed ln thout argument of educa notlce that the oyer 50 years belng more are out moded hazards The has crowded NN0lfd1'0 of the COITIIHUDIYY to WOW? the facllltles so that efflclency ln YPS OU bflfh DYOPOSWOUS Those classrooms has been lmpalred and O .U y kb- . - - I , A1 , . MAIL: ,' V . .1 'I ' X,v 1 f - - 5' . V y . . A , M ,K ' Q 'Q . Y. . . . ' . - 4 ' , . ' . . . . . ' ' ' ' . 1 ' ' ' ' ' ' I l ' p n A - . I Y . I F I U . . . ' ' - l 1 . ln, . . , al A . I . . . , 1 . - . , W. . . t - ' ' , - ' 1 , . 0 - ' ' '. lmgs gre We have in this column given 1 Y 4 n u v A , . - . 1 - ' ' ' - r ' n ' l ' - . . - . . a ' . ' , , ' . t . V , . ' . , .. 1-,mv nl-ma mm Fnn A. ' . ' U., . :asv-w """ ' ' l . V ' , . ' I , ' - - -- . y 'll be , , V. ' . . . Y 5 v ' uv V 1 - y , . . I . . - ,, 1, , ' : , ' ' i IIIl 'I "" " "' ' ll ' Il "" ' IIIIIIIIIIII ..........IIIIIIIlI r I The 1956 ECHO is dedicatedto the CITIZENS Of STAUN- i ll. 4' ' I , I TON who have so generously and wholeheartedly supported 'P' ' their schools, and no the BOARD or EDUCATION who unself- l ishly and willingly gave of rheirtime and efforts to give us the best buildings and schools possible, 4'4- 0 ,rs M In ' R ,K f 'lf X s 1 , ' 1 X i X ' L s . i X' X M . "' M ' 1 N X4 '90 l CPS or W0 S N006 N0 S2060 ' BO Q' gi a was-S OYSQXW ods. Q es? E rx. 9991 NLQYQKWB Yxaige ' administration ..- P..- -11- L. .gg 'vil- + - , .1 g i.,,, 1,- Q Rf R 4 65 D at Z Siuuutnu Q1n1umu11itQ Srhuul MEMBER NORTH CENTRAL ASSOCIATION COMMUNITY UNIT DISTRICT NO 5 Stzmufuu, Zlllinuis 1955-1956 We are proud of our new building which is just being completed. Yet, we as teachers are proud and much more concerned with the lives we are help- ing young people build. If we in some way help them build healthier bodies, build keener minds, build more pleasant personalities, build moral character, and build a respect for themselves,their fellow man, and their country, we feel that our work has been well rewarded. J. Harold Diel, Superintendent W. K. Bingmai, Principal vu.. - -in - F' "lcv-- 'iii 'iii -l'm! . LJ 'Q-A lligg i P' 139'-+-i LUCILLE Secretaries NORMA wi'Xx -.,,,,,.? MR, KELSO ,, , ff- ' . ' .V 'K I ,X A ' Us My Q E 1 it 3 ' 4 J WW l is ' . M 3 nl '?+?c7M ar - M, 0. - f, .5 an 2 . an , if ' Z 3 ,M 4 asa! 9 . g 5 r Y' r Top row: Jack Mahota, JoAnn Sminchak, Roger Perrin, Dave Denny, Clara Fischer, Second row: Mr, Kelso, Ralph Jacobs, Beverly Lich, Sharon Bloemker, Bob Crabtree, Third row: Miss Knepper, JoAnn Vesper, Margery Menges, Rod- ney Jacobs, Wayne Zucle, Fourth row: Jorn DuFrain, Mike Lesich, Kathryn Oehler, Karen Grimm, -of 'TJV MISS KNEPPER T he Josephs Larry Tobler 1 -an R 'L-1 iff' 5..4'.v5"-X La Vaux TIIO Theater of Pruth McFarlm Dickens 5? i - The arer of Poe vlxwvmg wi- MRS. WEBER CAFETERIA HELP CHOW LINE W1 COOL freshmen "W: L. 0 S3-Ildra Arzj Lafena Balljett 2 A 1' -it Judy Bfle Bartony 'xx lg mgman C k ., 'N y ' E x W j - ws ""' fu . 3, Al't11z11 Bond ,f Q .Q I JQTIBOHOHI l 5: I "VBOSfffr X Udlfh Brandt 'G .. ' ,..., Rllfh Bfauer 'gl x ix 1 Q jx Q S Q Wit 'N' "DQ O , 'man gum A , 3 Ina Cleme H ,, gk 'M' N Sh HIS L AMN I A Q, Jengon Crerreur W 1 Q. wf xx' I' Ma fVCrOCker 6 , N K r f 2. Q e- -Q fa 'gs iv ' .- Ti 5- 1 rf E-7, ' av , Eddie Canaday 6 "N Q Class President H K , ,-. ,-..-Q, 'A 5- af.. ' -Y 5 A ,fi . X 'L ' '7- v- 2:11 C :L 'Y' Kg - ' X M , rj' ' a 1 -I K., -3 C 1.3, Ci" 1.3 S, N' 1 " ' Q is " L 'H E 4 'Y is - if-if ur- ? ' efrsfgg 4? - r giigf t , -ft 11' S' A H J-IQ s ""' if s Aff Q g ,ni 4, '. 'E' L '43 1 lr -'Qi f fr. z H 'l N. 1 w- ig-- 'QQ X V- N- Joyce Deist Keith Dooley Jorn DuFrain Judith Eller Charles Engelke Richard Fic ker Carol Forrester Karen Goehe LaVerne Greear Karen Grimm C arm en Haase Charlotte H agem ann Georgia Hammons Sandra Hefer Edward Helm Marilyn Helm Jack Holeschek Van Jarden Donald Kasubke A nrlrov Klnrv i' ,f ,I-5. x 94 nv if 1 II' f...-v -I 5 Nancy Probst Ronald Roddrck Robert Scherff Lmda Scates Gerald Schmutzler Ronald Schnaare Juduh Schnaare Georgxa Sres Leona Srevers Frank Srlvester Sharon Smuh Fred Soens Joan Streeb Gerald Svethk Drana Trburzr Connre Tuscan Leroy Vegher Kay Wagner Donna Walz James Yauormk , 'x no psf' KOCWC Maw y r Madame K h C Misha Leg mme' we et RQUXC or 297' :U Loulsewtgieon can Kas MGX-606 90112 Masmexh gusseu dkamp rv Q ff' -' Robeti Meng ,.. .1 15 -1 afar' NOW manga OHZZ1 V er hxef Kathwn 6 It Wu st Bdw PIO Mrss Plercey Mr Markarran Sponsors nd' gif. uv -N' 5, 51:15 cr' rf' T I Mufhvl 1 ill ADQ rw' Q7 Y 2'6- v-zr an- im. 405, 2' JK '13, ra., f, S Y f-5 'N hr.. QC. ,, Xjpvvl 0 ' h . 3X C R . ' 4' . L B tr. no v .I N, V W N st ' ' x F A N f 1 rv ,A If , y l Y I N I 5 5 Q ' 6 ' " 1 . l , 9- . q 'S V ,K ' ,J , . 17 "' 1? 2 'if X X 'if ' . " J 'X -- ' 4' 3: Y ,I n if , ' ? X ' - ' - 'Q K 1 Q 1 - 7 A O0 ', I 1 . 5 or oe V X. 4-JT--lk U ,, 26 l ' O ff Hf'. 1 3 Q' A 1.-2 , b ,f -r' f if ur 13 , 2: , N v .N ' 'Q ' 1 .. Q - v , s A S-fd 5 Q' 1 , . 'ff' U I ,X I :fa , R in R' I I . 25 X , ff I x Z' Q- 'I ig 41- I r ,I :VV sr 'vs V' eg V.. + 3 5 5 ' S N: . for A 'fr J Q! in L' :Q V' FNQ A A .A nr I n A 11 u V Y' 7 R v V I 1 if X :L Z V Q. x I ! , s A X rl X s W 4 f, -V 1' Ll I A Kia ' 6- .N . r 3- , A ,4 0 2 -' . ' k ' 'Fi 1 Y . . . 'Q ' if ,N x , K Q Q . fi ' S. R . fx - - 9- x- M ' ' . I'-' i xx N ' ' , o R 'Z' v I The Echoes, a duplicated paper, is published twice a month. It is edited by members of the office machines classes assisted by some Juniors and Sopho- mores, The sponsors are Mrs. Davis and Mrs, Yakos, The paper is financed by the sale of candy. 1' C1 Zaldou I -,Q lip U uni, f r I? F Who. Dawn D . E Z 2 I lsll 'xv ROGER SCHNAARE MRS, DAVIS MARGARET RUMMER ADA JEAN DIEL MRS, YAKOS MARY ANN HASSE LANIDA JACOBS COYLA MASINELLI SW! DALE OTT GARY WRIGHT I4 . ' dee KAY COATNEY MRS, THRELKELD ROGER PERRIN BETTY TRETTER CLARA FISCHER RAYMOND DUDA ROBERT DAVIS . , K 1 1 J u .4 'U' ,I 9 w 4-.-L s . -af 1 y,..,,,, . X s. Av .L 1 ' vi . , F . - x .,, I , 3 v S Ma!!-.MIL -' w 95 ,g-. . 1 , , , ,, s . .. , 1 .,, ' .- . . ., , -L. 's ' 1 - Q: 'L --,va ,Q . .-. 33 . w "" usa Frrst row Dufram Frey Luketrch Ron Schuette Baldmg Zude Hasse Dal Pozzo Second row Coach Brenzel Rus Schuette Gaudr Jacobs Crabtree Bronsteln Masmelh Coach Edwards Thxrd row Nard1n Perrln Hebenstrelt Bentrup Henducks Lamb Denny Johnson Buffmgton Dav1s Stanko Yarnrk hid' If ,,A Lamda Jacobs JoAnn Smmchak Grace Saorum Joyce Dexst Margarat Ackerman Clara Flscher Llnda Srreeb Patty Oehler : I l I I I I U ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - : I I I I f I I I f I , . 0 , 1 . ' 5 W A ' xt 1511: i'l1,.S' V- A 1.115 - ' ix "-1 Hx: ', K -' . ,1 11 , -111' . . 4 A --C 1 1 1 1 E 'R 7 W Coach Edwards Mr. Browning Coach Brenzel y. 'iii ' .fl"K5!:"' l V 1 1: ,V af 31 5:.- 4-fix , iv ff, o-, j 1'Qx V .Yi ef f 52 :LQ xj4,3j1,X' n..,:4j - gi f 14 - gf ,. ,Y ff-,,".:-. fi: Y 'F ,Q ", ,l a ' 0 aA ' . a ifi a Q aw, rl. a H ff, 3 J , , . a n W .gf-,tw ff' - Q f an A N .5-',' ' 'W M f ' 1. "F , vt wi 5 f 0714 : ., A 'fi jimi' Y, 5 1 E , f A an . Qqfdfi' V . 2 ' X E iz QV! ifx 1- 'bg6x910xix0. qff V ' a ' 0 14,5 V ' i i ' r i . ' 5 ' x n n ' 12 e 5590 29590 f ,. 1 in 2' 'L - Yi Q 5 , -. V' J, W ' A C99 509 ww A3 3 ' 1 1 ' 93 ,N , n o x 1 A -. jo, - A A 06 439 .X We mf" .xxx "VW ' 155' Q X6 ,K n ' V ' ZA, bgezc' 60' In the huddle ac. ' a ff a QS 9 oo . my .Q W J It :QE I sto 804.055, f ' i ' ' , by , X 5 .Q A , q.05OoQZXQ?' . Y h ,,, , , 450 Cl I Z NW ' X' Oiixogo 9900 . oe, W . c, oz, Qs '1,W N f 1 W Qc- 'lf ,Os- yw Og 05. oo 1 A P 1 ' f". 7 W CJ so X? '. ly X, sly. .V Sq, ,Q if 'X Q0 Sox' Q35 ,Vit , A f : cexK 09 xv , ' 0-QSO 31- f X1 Mother's Banquet MY Frank 1 x '7 Dr. Hawkins Dr. Ubben NNW Cr 'I' 6004606 Oh? OO e 6 fo l 00 I O0 Vw Q dzifzk Jzb 4 19 QQ? 42 3 6h9 Q27 fr 0' of a fl 06164. A Akeerq '70 Ji '90 PQ 80166 Q 606, I6. 000 iq ' 19 O4 6 '90 Warming the bench! OQQJQ5 ilivjodq 64: Q06 Oak 6' G , 6712 Oo O Q91-ef foil, G4 676 -' I 00' et 11 I Mmm, Good!! '22 4 ge ,616 QQ! C o 4 6- 'ff 'iffy 04,6 OQIQ 6, C 47 0,5939 emma 0,06 - . : xt on-Xhk X 'll kk IOID S CLUB 45519 SENIOR CLASS JUNIOR CLASS 4. .1 Z' - 'v I 4 - Q,,.4 , ,H A 4, . 7 1 N ! F.F.A FRESHMAN CLASS A 5 CULQ SOPHOMORE CLASS ...dh STUDENT COUNCIL 7,1 , P"'Qh. 4 A " 'fy 1 " 3 A A I E -A ,V nfl' f A 5 ' ' . ' ,F.F.A. " 'Q Q -if -, xk pn Q-K, HEERLEADERS PLAYERS GAA. 7955 56 Womecomwg Zum f Wa Wad 2 geuozlgf ! ,jf 251: Senior-First Maid Freshmen-Second Maid CLARA FISCHER DIANA TIBURZI Escort-RAY DUDA Escort-R. MASINELLI KO H A ga ., ' I - ,', A f 11 ' A ' H3 , 4 A . A " W3 f .VV if Y 'A "' - ' 1' ,L V " -- 4 ' 1" , , I' , . Q if ' 1 Y Xxvfivvwgl' X ' 1 'QE x FA A yr A Q A W -: Af H -A ' . A . . SF, ,Y NL I 3 , A Retumg "'-A ' J 1 S0Ph0m0fe-Third M314 W, MASINELLI, D, YAEGER, QUEEN BEV LICH, J. HORNE E EQESSIES MARGERY MENGES TRAINBEARER SHIRLEY BLDEMKER ' Escort-MIKE KA PILLA avg Er -5-eg Escort-B, RENNER ! ,Kai rfteatiil I Q-is ,Am tv, 1,1 T N 4 Q. . Q rf as 1"' 'V 'EW 3'5" Q Q: ff? 1 Fu .' 2 Q5 3' Mfg- J if 3 , " 4 i ,wr A "Wwe 044,444 gfamecomckg 77f4lf Q.. 3 fi.. Q Fw .X Vx Q aw ' 'if 5 QQ' . 1 ,. in H L, ,V A, .F ' eg Q , in seq fi Q fb an '5-' I h 3' 1? 92 l A sophomores ff 1. Emil Albrecht u A 2 3 5. SI, Q Richard Bama 53 4' I N f If Thomas Bauman v, 13" -f gf., 'XY R E Lorraine Bednar t Y - "' Q dr r f is . ji. If 9, I S P V w...,.f,, lf William Birdsell G -. 2 3 E I X Shirlcnc Bloemker ia., , ,' Ruth Ann Booth l ko l 'Uv I Y ' ii gg-gy 1-v Vg' Nr' X Dennis Bortko ' Q 1' 23" of of V - 42,51 K O Q 5 Kg V Q George Bruce e-H "' ii. S.. Donna Cavinder ,I -.-1 ,H F-Q..QQ.. E Richard Coyne ' 'vw' N I H Richard DalPozzo x W" it My ' MN 1 , X John Picker w" .M 'W :I l 5, , ' 14. 'I " , Charles Frey Q-Pk , ' 'lf' Robert Greear ' 5 Lt V -ll' KF Y Mary l-laferkamp V Arthur Hasse 15- , "5" r , ff Z ' , K3 0 ,K 5' f Maurice Henke f l --V .' ww f " - , N . ft 'faux 1, -,, X , Mary Herr LA 7 . 9 'W' irq' Carolyn Hochmuth 'prim If V, V 4 ru. I :X - Janet Hoehn Rodney Jacobs Demova Jarman Q f Gene Kalika 'ij-,F Ig E H T ur' - J'3L r i 7 -.rf Miss Peradotto Sponsor Michael Kapilla Colene Kaskutas Marvin Klotz William Lambert 4..- if T if-if -.Q F1 Q ' X. l lgef Q ? JM? 3 3 Q Shirley Lamkin Virginia Looser Sandra Lorson Leroy Liketich Richard Marquis Margery Menges Charles Meyer John Moros Yi? J K J 'N - 53 9 n" fax ,f L. he I gg pa 1 Y, ,Na , Q., I 1 , I , 'Z Q2 4 -, -vb Q, ,v ' 0 . Lx -. ir f rky i 4 bg' iz. ' Q' as-A ' gl? Q 4259 KenneLh Odorizzi 5. 1 'K Marlene Odorizzi 5- 7' -" " N. 'nx ' Pauicia Oehler if S H 1:27 V ur James Oettel vw- Q. o--v i 's I vw S XV! f x by Maxine Paschen . 4 A John Perokovich X M, A , ' 1 Q . I 'Sf . cami Redford r 7 qv., - Robert Roman :Q 'K ,,' I . Helen Schroedel 4, -:C I I ,A Judith Schuette A' '.f""' " 3' Ronald Schuette ' 5,-'K ' N' - Maxine Seidel : ' .. x K, s, 5. ' ' 4 il I . Dolores Self Alan Steigemeier X Y Maynard Suhre B 1 ., , JoAnn Vesper + I XQSJ Mr. Brenzel Sponsor 2 1 1 ' 7 . 5: , 5 3 43. gg Lee Wall-ace 5 Gary Weidler :Q E4 Allan Welch atwze H , ,.1.--.A -- , 1, x rt' XE , ..- First row: Brakhane, Henke, Meier, Senaldi, Welch, Bruce, Scates, Engelke. j. suvffhi fl " 1 Making hog troughs AWARDS Larry Senaldi- - - ----- DeKalb . . Eugene Bentrup- - - - - Land Selection Dr. Taft --------- Honorary Member ' Second row: Albrecht, Peters, Svetlik, Dudas, Bentrup, Meyer, Mr, Hall. 'WZ :ph f V f f QM 'alum' lilikj f SQ XE ,fx X r1'77'f:f9"-' f"fr4'+ W? 2 I '- I 2 -I fp XX . . 'Q ' f' , fV Y Q NWA-una are i. 1 , 5 Ia I e at f 4 N X gb M ii- 4 r V S X ,A K X if N 7 T J' . X5 Selling popcorn at all athletic activities, J ...- ,,, . ...,.- ,Q - . .- 1 classes LNG. III 1 STAGE DEC. LIBRARIANS SPEECH ROUNDTABLE 'FEE .qv -- cg -QL..--. .. NM . 'M ,NI e 1 , 1,l -v , 4- 'mn V w .A iqii, jg fin' " I rn- I ff I: I ENGLISH III ..... fn LL lf 4 4 .. .. ZZ Q LIBRARIANS 3? LIBRARIANS I gf I ' I I "'r I . . r MX 'a,S'::g 1' .. -, 1 I .- jak' 1 , I X Q 4 . ' 1 5 'yk I A V. , - ' J , 'fx I ' R A 1 ' L 3 r Kim ' I ' ' Ab -Q 1 uf' A I P "7 n "1 STAGE DECORATION ,DF-'Q 21 -5 I 'riff I ENGLISH II .ie ENG, II i xqmw an aff" ' Z' 'Y xx A MERIC AN HISTORY WORLD HISTORY BIOLOGY PHYSICS - R ALGEBRA II T N. X'R . T I XV 7 'f 25 'f Q5 mg, . gg: - - 1 4 zfw 1 s Q1 ez pf! 4, Y? an if Q 4 , no eu 'Q . Q 35 .pi ii ,oxx 'Q 'S ,e4nwA6Zad n . 1: CA nfl? I Q51 :' Q' Q 'Q 'H sl, . ' , , . I.. Q A ,dp , Q, 6 L f ..'5 K5 ,vm +40 'K SPANISH CLUB ' 77 si Y? L-,H SW, S A .pu BREAKING THE PINATA MAKING PREPARATIONS MAD SCRAMBLE PINATA BAREFOOT CONTESSA kylq' U-,E I'VE GOT A SECRET 364. O00 QUESTION Zend First row: M. Haferkamp, R. Perrin, C, Schmidt, L, Bednar, L, Jacobs, H, Schroedel, I. Bingman, R. Schmidt Second rowg A, Diel, M, Ackerman, B. Krug, J, Yarnik, R. Krocker, R, Hall, C, Fritz, D, Dalpazzo, R. Masinelli, A. Klotz, M. Menges, F, Marqus, I. Ott, Third row: J. Sminchak, G, Hammons, D. Tiburzi, C. Tuscan, M, France, B. Dustman, R, Marqus, M. Yakos, I. Schuette, M, Skertich, R, Rodeghiero, W, Haase. Fourth row: Mr, Flavin, D. Kasubke, I. Calcari, R. Miller, A. Hasse, E. Lowry. I. Vesper, J, Perokovich, Wtdxed loffzfp 0Q'ff3f W ? 5 STFXF Li Uiiggeifl Lb- x go. Nw First row: K, Coatney, K. Bird, L, Jacobs, D. Tiburzi, C, Tuscan, N. Abendroth, I. Hebenstriet, J. Looser, M, Rummer, M, Paschen, Second row: G, Saottini, A. Diel, R, Schmidt, J, Vesper, C. Masinelli, J. Calcari, C. Redford, D, Yaeger, M, Hasse, I, Jensen, Third row: D, Norvel, M. Cool, J. Schuette, C, Fischer, M, Heferkamp, J, Helm, B, Mosser, W, Masinelli, W, Scheiler, G. Weidler, Fourth row: E. Lueker, I. Horne, M. France, W, Heinemeyer, R. Davis, G, Yarnik, J. Perokovich, G. Bruce, R, Masinelli, C. Frey. vemn e H355 e Sxei01cYA Bronsteln Jacobs C lgnettl Jacobs 1, , 1 ill? r, I . f a. . I, X , , ' xrj - . i ,, " ' - X if ' ' Q f -,., ' X - Q - 41 Q' " -1 '.g ' ,vhyfi I 1 , , ' . - , s S M . f -. , qs I x f'it: R 'I ' l. ,ls ,Q , Q xr I , li . V V 1 . nl , I A .I ' - 1: ' ' Ygnnik Li f' ?"Nili I i:Q I -Qgf e 4? i, 5 I . 1 f " ' ' Q31 K Weidl 1 in 'L f fi x 11 ef em afbl-ka I Coat eyel- I hi I. Abelld ,UP liek ' Mas' f ro,-,I paScben"2e11,- V COSTA MASINELLI O OV' ZU DE ANSCHUTZ. HELM C 'ik 0662 HENDRICKS H "1 ,A I BUFFINGTON LUKETICH FICKER - BRONSTEIN JACOBS vi After Dinner Speaking Original Monologue nf, ,fe Y ei, 'K vr ff: r 9 r X ,X Verse Reading K 0. :K . , 4 ,f I Externpore Speaking f 0, ,M Z' l ,dp fs ,A S, , ...aim Wada edftfegz, CZ ,IM ft 're fkgvfx 1 ggggfm' ' !',3::n - V - '- Q 5 -4 Qfee , - f-'-f f: gash-iw! 2 First row: Bond, Lueker, Balding, Moros, Davis, Diel, Yarnik, France, Kalika, Mr. Flavin. Second row: Masinelli, Mosser, Roman, Dudas, Frey, Hasse, Perokovich, Coyne. Third row: Stiegemeier, Weidler, Boster, Ficker, Masinelli, Scheller, Heinemeyer, Horne, 3 -Mia. A . First row: Schroedel, Lich, Tuscan, Oehler, Hasse, Kaskutas, Calcari. Second row: Lorson, Yaeger, Bama, Ackerman, Hebenstreit, Masinelli, Fischer. Third row: Mr. Flavin, Westhoff, Helm, Redford, Saottini, Abendroth. .rv 4. s 4 'Q Q... M11 f First row: Walz, Arzig, Streeb, Tiburzi, Cool, Brauer, Rummer, Koehne, Bednar, Williams. Second row: Norvell, Hagemann, Haferkamp, Looser, Diel, Coatney. Third row: I-Iebenstreit, Oehler, Grimm, Paschen, Hochmuth, Jacobs. Fourth row: Ficker, Bird, Goehe, Vesper, Cavinder, Self, Schuette. Fifth row: Wis- nasky, Schmidt, Bianco, Seidel, Mr. Flavin, Gaul, Hochmuth, Bondy, Marcolina. V v r""A , Nw, .... ,Q f- i f, i juniors ill 40 .A is '-I""r .Y2 - hi gb 1 9? sh' Qian v 9-Q I' P95 It NANCY ABENDROTH DORIS ALBRECHT EDDIE BONOVZ MARY BEINKE KATHRYN BIRD i ,Y f is Q, x, r A ig, SL P ' ,I kiwi DELMAR BLASE SHARON BLOEMKER NOEL BOND SANDY BONDY is Q Q. ,-4' ' iejxjwiu V - J , Q . 95' Y ., ,Y W e af' 44 ' ,,,, A A , R. ' f A W VINSON BOSTER HOMER BRAKHANE GARY BRONSTEIN LARRY BRUHN 6. 0 K V Y A 1 "" Y-. vu 5' 1 E M 'V A --.... 4 i BOB BUFFINGTON JUDY CADCARI JOHN CIGNETTI KAY COATNEY 3 f in 3 .3 jg I W x Y sv- ' , fo- J Y A 7 ' M N H - KEN COSTA THOMAS COYNE ROBERT CRABTREE 260. av. DALE DUDAS BETTY DUSTMAN MARVIN FRANCE ADA IEAN DIEL BERNARD GAUDI JOAN GAUL 1- x C-O"'z, 'H' "' Kaz. WALTER HAASE ALFRED HAGEMANN TED HANCOCK KENNY HAUSTEIN JUDY HELM mx , I 00 L W W :L Q : ,P .Siu X 'rv M ' 'ur X J sl, Q i K" fi WAYNE HELM ARLENE HOCHMUTH LOUISE HOEHN .JERRY HORNE Z f if-J df A ,Q 1, D' I A ' if fa. It N 2 4 vu- :L-' xlsfp u T ' X I4 4 A 1 f' f S J" Qi 'M U f ' N , - f RALPH JACOBS JOAN JENSEN SANDRA JUNG SANDRA KASKUTAS 1 1 . 4 f Z fy: A -Y A .-ff .-- wn I h ' , if? s 'Q-V A 1 ' Q I .- 5 fi. S f 1 1 Ax 1 V JOHN LESICH BEVERLY LICH EDWARD LOWRY MARY MARCOLINA 7 J . ., i I i 1' W is 0 fi JE hh K 3 4 wr Y I ,C J ""' E 1 ,S fp Y WAYNE MASINELLI ROBERT MCKAY LAWRENCE MEIER PAUL MENGES 'R gp ' ., I-six 'V SN' , I7 'H' ivy, nil? CARMEN OEHLER DALE OTT CECILIA PIROK GRACE SAOTTINI JACK SCANZONI . , I nun? 'R' "3 47, mf! r 'v 43,5 N1 BOB SCATES RUTH SCHERFF CAROL SCHMIDT f, 0 W a g . ' vl- VELMA SIEVERS CAROL STERNICKLE LEE STIRRUP 1' 'Y- I vu.. - ""' if 1--5 v lv-iff Q..-v I v Y , , BEVERLY WESTHOFF PAT WILLIAMS ELAINE WINDAU 'O' " wg, ,gf ' ff 6' .ff " ., . ev 7 -, .J Z L .., 5 A M. A MRS, THRELKELD MR, HALL MR, BRQWNING CLASS SPONSORS A great troop of performers ----- I 1 3 -.V , R W 'ous I 4 A Vxgvx ff S-lv It B- RUSSEL SCHUETTE JOANN SCHWANDNER P k- 5 'E' MARLIN VALENT DORCAS YAEGER H, L- -I r' MR, FLAVIN -Honored by having the Homecoming Queen of '55 and '56 ------ Outstanding in salesmanship ------ coming way over the top in the annual magazine sales ------ donating an elec- tric coffee urn to the school through selling ------ sponsoring bake sales ------ giving the best Junior and Senior Prom "we think so" ---- Yes. it did require a lot of hard work and planning ------ But we all agree we have proved to be a "Great Troop of Performers"- omaha-evzchfz I I qt 1001! --fr ,L C. K '1 QU -15. ' .. g,,.,,, 1:1 A , Inman, lung! an me gf , ,t.- 1, Q -I-. nta ' I ' : ' all .UMR-..n 1 .. un... ld. v.x 1,-n .4 .. K . .... O . I5 "' 1 -I-77 - f., 'Ww- -.adv-"f' ... ,..,.f.a J..- , .-LL . all ., , glass.. ,lf 1- .. p :l-sz- 1 1 i' iii' A sn ,Ja ze 'naiv- 'tiki f , -lil.-. A-.-W. gr- me N- -. -uf Quail 1' " I rv A W' ' xma- fb C Q "Wir J I 'sv fo A X v ww! BA SEBA LL SCHEDULE Qi! ,- - hi , fgntprqa -Ml , iq 'ir V ""4" jr f Q f fl A. Kiki. iff aww?- 'x Back row Masrnelh McKay Helm Valent Bartko Lukeuch Da1Pozzo Lambert Zude Mrddle row Hergert Brrdsell Roman Hasse We1d1er Marqurs Schuette Crabtree Brusack Bentrup Front row Yarruk Mas1ne111 Schnaare Staunton Staunton Staunton Staunton Staunton Staunton Staunton L wedfrif .X 1 L1 tchfleld L1tchf1e1d Edwardsvrlle Southwestern Nokomrs Colhnsvrlle Carhnvrlle Staunton Staunton Staunton Staunton Staunton Sta unton Sta unton ...ig nz it ?,- ix Glllespre Mt Ohve Gxllespre Southwestern W M A ftourneyj Zz l"l'9 OO ITU' 44 mm " l 1? - X, ra- 1 Y'l"u'-1-.r .1 L 1-I 1 l llzg dank ell.. Q., ,A il L4 ' 5 'H' wifi? if i va' if 1 V ga? 'KF X7 Cl as 1 y ,UXJ1 ,-f J A ' A x ! ' 'X V if V. , K ,M K -A -- ,.. I '. , V- Tana -' ga. f . Llggfkf . V Q tw N ,AP , 1 3 t 1- K rf F r I A -4 , L , 4.1, L, A. gn 3.4 ,V . - b .-. ,,,,-- V V 4 afuffz.. , , ' , , 1-'Q , ' " , A ' 4 - : , I I u I 0 1 . l 1 s o l Z l , I a 9 g s . u 9 1 9 Q I I , . l, 7 ' - 8 7 . . 1 4 ' ' 5 2 ' 5 3 ' 10 2 ' ' 1 4 0 5 0 9 ' 2 2 ' . . . 1 2 ' ' 6 0 - . 1 10 ' ' 3 ' 5 . 8 .M ,pe auf -:A . -Lf f1ff4Y-31' M , ...ffl . i - ---my W it E, in . S fin S I- t sn-nz' ff Af - i n 1 q-' 'fi 5. " g f 1 ,K - v IL- ' Y . . .. ' . a - ui N f . ,Q . ' ' AN f -' "' M, f 'Z .. . ' A -::3.' ... ,,. n , Y M ' Q5 V' Y L gx ' ' . 1 ' ' .J t u . X, ..-M - ig- " L T" 51 . :""4'i . f- ' l ' - A, - S-2-1 K -.v I ' -'-in 1 'Q ?- 1. A 1: wg' ff , 3 A Q A 3- A ' " ' TF F p ' Y ' , X -3 XJ' -. if-L' .3 , "4" .-,: f 3' 'fi !' 3 ' ' "V HTF .f S ct n ft f w 4 - t ff.. . ..,,"' - X--'J-...Jai ' :nk 1' Ri.. M 1 :--'iiig' r 1 ' ' f :M .il ' ,'x'Qg:,:'. IA- KV 4 ""' f' 4 - -A 1" L - --. YH Q I X 4 II' QQ. -A .t ,,,. A 1- :dk ,T t M V ' Ui- ' - 9 A e ' ' s 1' ', -' f Q' M. .3 , ' Q I ' o- ISA, .WT tx , 1 . ' . . S X .. .S - 4 - f 5 1' ' ' ,, , E , ' l l . 431- L, - 'I - I 'A ',"":-T, '. 1- -I N, " -Q , QU 7. . It -V , 'fl 1 , -. . - ,A , . Ef",,5 4 ' 1 ' 1 Q.. x - .- ffg: ,4 ' ,S - .- , " .- V 'ga . K .Q if ' , X R,-Pr, ' A f-1 , N M ef, '.' , I .1 ' ,'..,:j"1Fii1w.":-3-,iq ' ' f'- -"1if-,,..1'H,""'- 1 "" ,. 5 2 ' If' - We' '1 "A '-'gfr ' A I "f . ' "1-:""50'r ff 'K E' 1- ft! 'THV ' . . - . if A' . - ' - P" ' 7 '+V' TW-' i' v, '+f1f'? .3 - " if -5-X - 4 iivkh' ff" Q ' . ' N " L1 ' . ' tif' S la. reiggk ' ' to -' V 1 ' . lo' 2451" zz . . - xg? QB' 5 eff' E 9 X K+-QSM Q '1fff"s il'-. 11 I 'P N-' f 4'-1-.f,,f ,C I . . ,mf hv3 ., ' 4m 'fl A '5 ,-.V -' , ' ":,,,'-ab xfazxq.-J I 4 wyq 14 :- 1 mceeam L-..4F's'9t .. mf ff 'is 'f Back row Lorenz Kasubke Ott McCloud Welch Schuette Oettel Baldmg Hancock Odor1zz1 Albrecht M1dd1e row Lueker Jacobs Home Coyne DuFra1n Helm Coyne Frey Jacobs Holloway Bond F1rst row Bufflngton Stanko Clgnettr Gaudx Denney Yarmk Denney Lamb Kelso Pemn Q,-ff-f Back row Schuette, Cavmder, Paschen, Hochmuth, Balhet, Wagner, Bxngman, Krug, Bama, Jacobs, F1scher, M1ss Allen. Mrddle row Westhoff, Bloemker, Wxllxams, Sxes, Dxest, Looser, Haferkamp, Hasse, Ackerman, Smlnchak, Bud, Stermckle. Flrst row Conroy, Dworzynskl, Wenner, Redford, L1ch, N1ChOl8S, Bloemker, Self, Jarman. Q J .Q Q J +- K if 6 I -Q H L . ?. .' 1 , " . , . A r" J at to .ff sf J. aa ,K ,rw f A I W J - 'B kv' 6' 1 ' 7' ' :fl -. 'erik - W . , , .Y Y ' . Ei :YZ 'li : Q p 4 ' 5, ' ' 1' ' , 1 ' C -11 . w' ,- '- C I W. N N J 2: J A I I IIIIUGT IMI 1 1 ,- V seniors 15 159 4 11. 3 1 TF I "1fii"1 'G 2 U! 47 , fi- 1 nb 3 A f V- , " L .- 4, af. , A 4 b g f' J 3. QQQAQ5? 5 1-S? iwt , 0 In u 1 .r -A 4 2 SH H a O R 'vim-. .4 T . I li 4 . '- wif' ,Qgw p A ' Q .Q .54 ix 1 1 , X 4 22,2 I ' we A . x Y :fin 1 ,- ? 'Hail 3 f . UIQ W if Y 9 Ex R ----gr... Seachfa pfdq Q EN I . . NW iff' X I b""f K N. . .5 - ,N ' , ty 1, f .- 'ff Q I , . 5 . X ' 1 fi ' 5 K V JA, l i H ,J '24 .. 1542 13, 4 ', fa, lf, A-A' we 7 l' sax, 5 V. 1 1, N i N gf, . i N A X ..... 'f . . -1 I -J ' :riffs A' Ei. n n i ' Z K r 'M J-1 sg M A t X 4' 'M - .- A. N "' Y A iw' x , LR- X4 jx' 704462 'cap -J' +-9 It has become imperative that high schools offer specialized counseling services. Our school has answered that demand with educational, personal, and vocational guid- ance as a part of the vocational guidance program. Each member of the senior English class is given six weeks work experience in the area in which he feels that he would like to enter after graduation. This successful program has grown each year since it was started in 1953, with the grade school and the hospital acting as "employers". Each year new people have helped this project to grow until we have Picco's Garage, Mr. Bergen's Law Office, Fischer's Insurance, l-luntman's Furniture Store, and Beard's Garage participating. MRS. YAKOS rw S'?".?f"' 1-E15 inf' ny., l "Ri MRS. BARBARA YAKOS fix 'V' 'ZAR 1'-I' MARGARET AC KERMAN Class Secretary, Treasurerg FHA Reporterg Spanish Clubg Mixed Chorusg Vesper Serv- icesg Girl's Glee Clubg Marching Bandg Concert Bandg Band Vice Presidentg Paper Staff Editorg Librariang Homecoming Play Music Contestg Pep Clubg GAA Treasurerg Bowling Team. HM AGORAS Spanish Clubg Bowling Team Captain. "1 Y OJ' agua? if MR, WILLIAM EDWARDS I 95 6 Er Z. , xx 4' ' x ARLEN ANSCHUTZ Basketballg Bowling Team. DONNA BARNA FHA Historian: Parliamentariang Gir1's Glee Clubg Paper Staffg Librariang Home- coming Playg Queen Crowningg Pep Clubg GAAg Bowling Team. SHIRLEY BARTONY FHAg German Clubg Girl's Glee Clubg Yearbook Staffg Librariang Pep Clubg GAAg Bowling Team. EUGENE BENTRUP Baseballg FFAg Bowling Team. JACK BOSTER Mixed Chorus: Boy's Glee Club. JIM BRUSACK Baseballg Class Vice Presidentg Bowling Team. SHIRLEY BLOE MKER Girl's Glee Clubg Librariang Queen Crown ingg Pep Club. TOMMY BOOTH Bowling Teamg Livingston High 1. ""'9 ROBERT DAVIS Football: Basketball: Baseball: Track: Mixed Chorus: Vesper Service: Boys' Glee Club: Marching Band: Concert Band: Dance Band: Yearbook Staff: Homecoming Play: Speech Contest: Music Contest: Queen Crowning: Bowling Team: Maga- zine Sales Prize Winner. DAVE DENNY Football: Track: FFA Sentinel, Secretary: "S" Club: Vesper Services: Student Coun- cil: Bowling Team. RONALD BUFFINGTON Basketball: Track: German Club: "S" Club. LE LA CO NROY FHA: Girls' Glee Club: Paper Staff: Librar ian: Pep Club: GAA. 71 all QTY' 1'Qi W'-'ri SQ, 7Q , XX " i DONALD DENNY Track: FFA: "S" Club: Cafeteria. RAYMOND DUDA Football: Basketball: Track: Class Vice President: President: German Club: "S" Club: Vesper Service: Yearbook Staff. DARLENE DWORZYNSKI Girls' Glee Clubg Paper Staffg Librariang GAAg Magazine Sales Captain. LA VONNE FICKER FHA Vice Presidentg Girls' Glee Club: Queen Crowningg Pep Clubg Magazine Sales Prize Winner. T L., 5. ..,, EUGENE FRIZZO Mixed Chorusg Boys' Glee Clubg Bowling Team. MELVIN GREEAR Basketballg Trackg Vesper Serviceg Bowl- ing Team. CLARA FISCHER FHA Historiang Presidentg Mixed Chorus: Vesper Serviceg Girls' Glee Clubg March ing Bandg Concert Bandg Band Librariang Yearbook Staffg Student Council Secre- taryg Music Contestg Queen Crowningg Bowling Team: Magazine Sales Prize Winner: DAR Good Citizen Awardg Betty Crocker Homemaker of the year, DONALD FORRESTER GILBERT HEBENSTREIT Footballg Class Treasurerg Crowningg Bowling Team IOANN HEBENSTREIT FI-IAg Girls' Glee Clubg Pa Club. IIM HASSE Spanish Clubg Mixed Chorusg Boys' Glee Clubg Paper Sraffg Bowling Team. MARY ANN HASSE Spanish Clubg Mixed Chorusg Vesper Serv- iceg Girls' Glee Clubg Concert Bandg Yearbook Staffg Homecoming Play: Music Contestg Queen Crowningg Pep Clubg GAA Secretaryg Bowling Teamg Magazine Sales Captain, Prize Winner. IOLENE HEBEN ST REIT FHAg Mixed Chorusg Vesper Service 5 Girls' Glee Clubg Pep Club. MICHAEL HEIGERT Baseballg Mixed Chorusg Vesper Serviceg Boys' Glee Clubg Bowling Team. WAYNE HEINEMEYER Class President: German Club: Mixed Chorus: Vesper Service: Boys' Glee Club: Queen Crowning: Bowling Team. BERT HENDRICKS Basketball: Homecoming Play: Vesper Service. LANIDA JACOBS FHA Song Leader: Mixed Chorus: Vesper Service : Girls' Glee Club: Marching Band: Concert Band: Yearbook Staff: Home- coming Play: Music Contest: Queen Crown ing: Pep Club: GAA: Magazine Sales Prize Winner. CARL JOHNSON Football: Baseball: Track: Spanish Club: "S" Club. FRED HOCHMUTH FFA: Bowling Team. BERT HOLLOWAY Basketball: Track: FFA: Cafeteria: Bowl ing Team. BARBARA KRUG Class Treasurerg FHA Secretary, Treasurerg Marching Bandg Concert Bandg Band Secre- taryg Paper Staffg Homecoming Play: Music Contestg Pep Clubg GAAg Bowling Team. FRED LAMB Basketballg Trackg German Clubg "S" Ciubg Vesper Serviceg Cafeteriag Bowling Team Captain. .gs LEON KELSO Footballg Trackg Spanish Clubg FFAg Mixed Chorusg Vesper Service: Boys' Glee Clubg Cafeteria. RICHARD KNAUS Bowling Teamg Stage Construction. W 1! GARY LANGLEY Football. JACK MAHOTA Spanish Clubg Marching Band: Concert Bandg Dance Band: Band Presidentg Stu dent Councilg Music Contestg Bowling Teamg Paper Staff. EDDIE MARRA Basketball. COYLA MASLNELLI FHAg Spanish Clubg Mixed Chorusg Vesper Serviceg Girls' Glee Clubg Yearbook Staffg Music Contest. LEO NARDIN Footballg Trackg Class Secretaryg Spanish Clubg "S" Clubg Homecoming Play. MILDRED NICHOLAS Marching Bandg Concert Bandg Paper Staffg Librarian: Bowling Team. SHIRLEY MEYER FHA: Girls' Glee Club: Paper Staffg Librar ian. BILL MOSSER Mixed Chorusg Vesper Serviceg Boys' Glee Clubg Bowling Team. A 5-41 'Q DALE PETERS Trackg FFAg Mixed Chorusg Vesper Serv ice. GLEN DA PROBST FHAg Girls' Glee Clubg Pep Clubg GAAg Bowling Team. S LORRAINE PAULICH Kelvyn Park High School 1, 2, 33 Bowling Team. ROGER PERRIN Footballg Basketballg Class Vice Presidentg German Clubg Mixed Chorus: Vesper Service: Boys' Glee Clubg Marching Bandg Concert Bandg Dance Bandg Band Secretary Presidentg Paper Staffg Yearbook Staffg Student Council Treasurer, Vice President Presidentg Homecoming Playg Speech Con- testg Music Contestg Queen Crowningg Bowling Team Captaing Magazine Sales Captain, Prize Winner. -0 'S' 4 I , 4, I , .qi 0,61 I' 0 ily AUGUST RICONO Marching Bandg Concert Bandg Music Con- testg Cafeteria. MARGARET RU MMER Class Secretary, Treasurerg Fl-lAg Mixed Chorus Secretary, Treasurerg Vesper Serv- iceg Girls' Glee Clubg Paper Staffg Year- book Staffg Student Council Treasurer: Homecoming Playg Bowling Team Captaing Magazine Sales Business Managerg Pep Clubg Music Contest. WILLARD SCHELLER Class Presidentg Mixed Chorusg Vice Presi- dentg Vesper Serviceg Boys' Glee Clubg Queen Crowningg Bowling Team Captain. RUTH SCHMIDT FHAg German Clubg Mixed Chorus: Vesper Serviceg Girls' Glee Clubg Marching Bandg Concert Bandg Music Contest. K' JOANN SMINCHAK FHA Historian: Marching Bandg Concert Bandg Band Treasurerg Paper Staffg Student Council Treasurerg Music Contestg Pep Clubg GAAg Bowling Teamg Magazine Sales Captain. SHIRLEY SMITH Girls' Glee Clubg GAA. .Mir ,aye J.-V , s.J ROGER SCHNAARE Class Vice Presidentg Presidentg German Clubg Yearbook Staffg Cafeteriag Magazine Sales Captain. LARRY SENALDI FFA Secretaryg Vice Presidentg Presidentg Bowling Team. FRANK STANKO Footballg Baseballg Trackg "S" Clubg Vesper Serviceg Student Councilg Home- coming Playg Bowling Team. LINDA STREEB FHA Song Leaderg Vice Presidentg Cheer- leaderg Mixed Chorus: Vesper Serviceg Girls' Glee Clubg Marching Bandg Librar iang Homecoming Playg Queen Crowning Pep Club. R. U' 'QV .RA 'A4'x 1 , 1 i BETTY TRETTER Q Q FHA: Girls' Glee Clubg Paper Staffg Year book Staffg Cafeteriag Pep Clubg GAAg Bowling Teamg Magazine Sales Prize Win nerg Homecoming Play. RICHARD VOYAS Footballg Mixed Chorus. I 1 DARLENE WENNER Paper Staff: Librarian: Pep Club: GAA Pres rdent: Bowling Team Captain: Magazine Sales Prize Winner. HM WILLIAMSON Track: Vesper Service: Homecoming Play: Bowling Team Captain. ?' ks IERRY YARNIK Track: Spanish Club: "S" Club: Mixed Chorus: Vesper Service: Boys' Glee Club Student Council: Homecoming Play: Queen Crowning: Bowling Team. LORRAIINE FREY BRUHN FHA: Mixed Chorus: Vesper Service: Girls' Glee Club: Paper staff: Magazine Sales Business Manager. ...R 1 -r- 1 - -..::::1 1.1 . , ' 'f?.:'?E-. ii :Lt 5 A KV.. I.- HOW MANY STITCHES? I 1'?'. ,-,111-A., MATCHES AND GLUE PICK THAT COTTON f ABIGAIL AND MARTHA E P1-UR-IBU5 UNUM A -4- ul I ll ' f in K ...,,,.. X , M Q 2112152521111 .ll ',, ,L 'fill xl! ",UfH'Iiil 'Liu --- I LW -L-L --- - 1. , YESTERDAY AND TODAY TAKE YOUR PICK CARBON COPY WHERE WE LIVE umm: gfge,,5TANo ,Q E I., 1 . M1320 1 , fi OUR MOTTO 7 .- -1 iyl eg, 3 f- - :: 4 .1 1 A . ' 'Q 1 1 I I Q l : I 1 .1 REMEMBER THE ALAMO ,i OUR NATIVE LAND MUD HUTS . A sg OUR STATE FLAG New School Building Will Mean Much to the Future of This District The all-important special elec- tion, at which the voters of Com- munity Unit School District No. 6 will be asked to approve the con- struction of a new grade school building and gymnasium on a site just south of the present high school, owned by the districtg and also to authorize the issuance of the sum of S540,000 in bonds to finance the construction of the new building, will this week. The polls o'clock noon Precinct N- of the trict, will dwelling hou: located two n ingston high ingston-Alhax mile east on 'Precinct IY City Hall bui mn A all other vottgf . All residen r -i years old or .,--.., --- -,-,,.--, -- vote. The voters need not be reg- istered as in county, state and na- tional elections. By residents i's meant those who have resided in the district at least 30 days, in the county 90 days, and in the state a year. The Star-Times has in the past few issues presented reasons why this new grade school is necessary, and urgently requests all those who are interested in the welfare of the youngsters in the district to vote YES on both propositions. The cost to each person, spread over a 20-year period, is relatively small, considering the importance and necessity of the project. The property owners will pay only 32 cents per S100 of assessed valua- tion per year. By any means of computation, the investment in modern, improved educational fa- cilities for the citizens of the fu- ture will be a sound one. It is certain that the new school' will tend to hold up property values M- ,. 'Z-f mn -A if? p .V New Grade School is Approved Saturday at Special Election A total of 1303 voters of Com- munity Unit School District No. 6 went to the polls Saturday at a special election to decide whe- ther or not the district should have a new grade school building and a gymnasium. The two prop- ositions on the ballot were ap- proved by the voters by a ratio of almost 2 to 1. ons on the the Board of munity Unit a new grade the site now , south of the " This prop- ies to 439 no, nd 6 to 4 in Albert Blom wnship. The fhall the sum . ds be issued .W building the 1 - 766 yes and . ' 2, and 6 yes 1. 'l'ms means that as soon as all legal requirements have been ful- filled, the board of education may authorize the architects to pro- ceed with the working plans and specifications for the project, and bids will be called for when these plans are completed. This will take quite expected not start until While it is 1 will be taken pletion of the be ready for time next The new modern in eve to give ample increase in en Bids for New Bids for the Staunton elementary school build- ing were opened at the meeting of the board of education held Mon- day evening at the high school. Eight contractors submitted bids on general construction. The bids varied from a high of S499,990 to a low of S442,000, which was made by the Central States Construc- tion 81 Equipment Company of Belleville. Five contractors bid on plumb- ing and heating. These bids varied Architekct's Sketch of Proposed ll' ,,,4nl"' X I lilll trim: A1-A ' 4 "'L.EAlgL4f , . Probably the most gratifying item we have been able to publish during the 21 years we have been privileged to serve as editor of the Star-Times is the result of the special election held Saturday on the question of building a new school and an ade- for both high The proposi- vote of almost again that the our residents Jr of providing tional facilities of the district. our people are agressive com- lling to provide 'y to make this e in which to ear families-in T to call "home." a fine, modem of other civic advantages of which we can boast. We already have a splendid hospi- tal, an abundant water supply, ex- cellent transportation facilities, an unlimited source of electrical en- ergy, fine churches, attractive homes and business places-and above all, the grandest group of civic minded people to be found anywhere. Old Man Mose joyfully repeats that he is indeed proud and happy to be a citizen of Staunton. -oMo- .." 1 ' .. H . s -i , -- -- -if-.-, , ,, ..:' e School Building and Gymnasium l i f ay o Bring mount Bonds e board of Unit Dis- evening, let for the public just south Kr Heating the The Cen- Alton was contract, 338262. ad been to the States Belle- the speci- S total- which will dd up to a t a small money ob- issue. The at this can er sources ng is corgg ' ' N K Supt. Diel Reported on Schools at Rotary Meeting J. Harold Diel, superintendent of schools for Community Unit Dis- trict No. 6, was the speaker at the meeting of the' Rotary Club held Monday evening at the Zion school N 15 ner in which the money in the ed- ucational fund is being spent, and that the increase authorized by the district voters will in a num- ber of years wipe out the debt caused by anticipation warrants issued in years past. He said that the board had adopted a salary schedule for teachers, which places elementary teachers on the same level as high school teachers, con- sidering the hours of college work, degrees earned, etc. Mr. Diel stressed the fact that . '. ' 'N . Supt. J. Harold Diel Was Speaker at Lions Meeting At Monday evening's meeting of the Staunton Lions Club, held at the Dohnal Cafe, Supt. J. Har- old Diel of Community Unit School District No. 6, was the principal speaker. Mr. Diel told of the progress being made in the con- struction of the new elementary school building, which is scheduled to be ready for occupancy at the start of the 1955-56 school term. He explained how the funds -made available through the SS540,000.00 bond issue, authorized by the vo- ters of the district last spring, is being spent, and how the equip- ment which is necessary will be financed. He paid a deserved compliment to the members of the board of education for their far- sighted planning, which will as- sure an adequate school building for the needs of the community. Mr. Diel also explained how the money in the educational fund is expended, and how the deficit which was built up in previous years will be amortized within a few years because of the increase in tax rates which was authorized last year by the voters of the dis- trict. He told of the new salary schedule for teachers adopted by the board, which equalizes the salaries of all teachers on a. basis of college work, degrees earned, -and years of teaching expeignce. ' Of coursefnriew school facilities will cost money. It would be foolish to ignore this fact. But the value of elementary educa- tion is far greater than any sum of money such a program would require. If the people of this district really want their child- ren, and their grandchildren, to have as good an elementary edu- cational program as have the youngsters in practically every other comparable district, the cost can easily be assimilated over a period of years. As we have said so many times before, we that the people of Staun the best for their child they are willing to pay sonable price to provide facilities. It is true, school was a good schoo still being used with sum good results. But no built with human hands 4 stand the ravages of tl Our good old school ha long and well, but now is to start building a new al one, with careful, intellig efficient planning for the of those who will be 'the Q . ' ' N . - Bonding Company to Finish Construction of Elementary School The board of education of Com- munity Unit School District No. 6 at a special meeting held on Sept. 1 notified the Central States Con- struction Company, general con- tractors on the new Staunton el- ementary school, that because of their failure to complete the build- ing on time, and because of their failure to pay suppliers and sub- contractors, their contract would be forfeited. After the proper time had elapsed, the Manufac- turers' Casualty Company, the surety for Central States, was no- tified that they must take over the completion of the contract. On Tuesday of this week Mr. Adkins, representative of the Man- ufacturers' Casualty Company, ar- rived in Staunton to take over the work of completing the pro- ject. Mr. Adkins informs us that he expects to use all of the sub- contractors heretofore employed on the job. He expects to get the 1.11 .....:..... --

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