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Yfmf , + Q Table me Con+eQn+Q 3 ACC1CiemiQS.. ..8 ' Clubs .s.,. 3.1 X KSPQYWS.. . . .68 Q ST uolerd' Life, ,Q Ll' Classes .... 132. flds ..... .ISA .WY.,.,,f,n-1-.,, -3-w--- K"P"', "W" "W" - .., ,WN-4'v'rvr""'T' 'V' ""' ' , V1--f""""""' 1 ' - ow 1-6935 .2'7.,1a4z. r V f QMJ-fl-'X,. Q,.g-,Ld 4-K, if 'DM 4, WMV XAJNQJU-Z., fl- C -Z9-'ffx CU-JF a.4,f-funk ,nfl Q .lb-4'-f.f,f -ftqgfw-'f' 'G osx, 1,,f4,u.2iZ 4,4 .j..f7ff',ffL,fx, jyU,,,x, my wwf ffm ' my-JMMQJ ' f W., W W1 Jc.u..B, .m,fz.. Q64 o""'6-'B' Ml'0'fL4.,, w-Q, 'L-v-va. Jlaalcpf llfif-4d'70'k-D., 24-,vol-S'H5 ' 731 ' , 4. pL.L.,.Q1. 4 1' ' ' K .. -.,,-Y-2-+- f A -A-L-L"-A . ..'.,,..,.. .M 4.:.u-- THE 1975 TRAIL Volume LVI Statesville Senior High School Statesville, North Carolina jgynl' , Vin V 7 4 IM f A Luc 1 f ffffjpijfif , 1. f Lv ,, K , 3 M217 4' v 5 4- L j ga in M Mo Xian: ,L ff Fw A1 , JIU' 75 fir-f'i'g',' fic M: -474 di 1 MA , ' cj 3" 6 074A,7v77 'aff kno 0 X fv, MAA' .JL I VV-Q ow 1 f frrwf' do-6-,V www! M ffiw' r' lv w Y 54.10142 ' JCV7 gkwypqam 1 X if-V I "'-.. s" . L """"' f 1, 2 - Opening K sqm X mx givi. nf Zgihii is? iigi cpllwfwiwwzvamelfw Opening - Wjwfwww. OP .. ' J S7 f A M MW" 1. .X ,w"' M V Q JQQ3.. mm +V -V.-. ,- ..-.. I A xww-555531-V.-Vw. - - - 4- 'gg fn V -W W 1 K I A - - jg-'W' ' M ' , s , ' A f ' W .. M ...,a..A....N.Qgu,W..,..wM..W...M . 521-If-'12if-7f5MfffW"' -A ' W 3 wM.,,r 2' - W' f J: ' M rf, 'Q L Ww w -:-, I in F 7 S -:WH MQ, V-,,,.,,,,V,, , ' :Q ' 1 W J" :S W 4 f' ""'4Hllu , ' W"""'W'mfM'1-ww ' fn!! V:ziEff'5E,Q? V 5 z ' , ., .V Nl, , , . ..,fw,..if.,,,,1, ,f,, .. .,,MP-f,..- ff-- -'WH -ff-wif-M--A -N--W K ffikffvfffyfpj-,,,1,1 H 2-Y? ,, , M ,, , k ' YW ' ' H """"N ' ' , , - MW .,,, , ,. ,W-f -r fre- ,...f1-w.Hy.EfQ::L1: ,- - Y .mwwmwmwwmfwwiw ..,, hw. ? 1 Qm ,. ' ,W 1 A Mmm .5 PQ K. .---by 5 f -N467 u ,rv f ,V w 4, fi Q ' 'R .-fp f at 4 W 23155: ' 1 5 wi 2 7 1 1 Q 5 1 V Academics Monday through Friday We drag into homeroom at 8:29 And bound out of our sixth period Class at the shrill pierce of The 3:15 bell. Somewhere in between Something of importance goes on. A teacher's voice penetrates Our daydreams for a moment And we find ourselves listening. All of a sudden Facts, figures, and theories Begin to fall in place. We open ourselves to challenges, Sometimes perform with our best, And are always rewarded accordingly. We are given one hundred and eighty "School Days" To think To explore And just maybe To learn. Academics - 9 l 1 f Administration Oversees 74- 75 SHS Functions Whenever students had major problems at S.H.S., they were usually referred to the office. With an estimated 800 students, things sometimes got rather congested. The "main man" Principal Cecil Stroud t was often found talking to a troubled student and giving helpful advice. L One of the most familiar faces around S.H.S. was that of Mr. Gerald Poplin. His duties included issuing text-books, opening endlessjammed lockers, and supervising the student lounge. lf you were one of the few who got a ticket for having an illegally parked car, you know that Mr. Marlin Tate has a sharp eye for spotting unmarked cars. Among his other responsibilities was the supervision ofthe cafeteria. Perhaps the man with the most t'amusing" job was Mr. CA. Frye, who issued tardy slips to students who just couldn't seem to "get with it" in the mornings. -Q? The Administrative Staff: Mr. Marlin Tate, Mr. Gerald Poplin, and Mr. Cecil Stroud. l ti 'Wei . 3 7? 'A ' 1 I X "1 1 , ,, , its I v ! aw xx Yi 1 1 M ' if P A nee Q ,- P r'i-,- 1- f ii 'Q' gg f -Lf sei. -- G' 5x Q , if aim Q. f CQ 10 - Academics Locked doors are difficult to open without keys and Mr. Tate warns the borrower to re- turn them promptly. Board Plans New Stadium at SHS Martha Thomas. 'T ' Secretaries Ruth Guy and Martha Walker was always understanding and 3 . E 'S Thomas proved again this year that they helpful concerning any problem they S s l . are virtually indispensable to the might encounter. Mrs. Bobbie Martin S l mainstay of an efficient office. Taking acted as general secretary and helped s ff care of monetary matters and scheduling students in class changes. ' problems were Mrs. Guy's main concerns, i 5 while Mrs. Thomas helped students with if The School Board acted as an advisory 1 committee to SHS and other city schools ' problems and filled out the endless tr number of sick slips. if r -S f With the help ofthe Guidance 'ZZ 'Eff final decisions about colleges. Miss Griffith worked with seniors giving ' Many new and progressive ideas were proposed for the continued growth of the Statesville City Schools. The board Department, students were able to make explored the possibility of new baseball and football stadiums for SHS. They also discussed ways of accommodating helpful suggestions concerning college l N5 'T"""""""-'Quads -.... 1 ..., ,...,.... , .,.,,,,Im .,,,g4.. 'M -f--ww W' N-'----v-an-w-w 4--1 Xb' up an I L ... ,A D-..s.,M... ,,,,f"lp ' . gy y The 1974-1975 School Board: Mr. Cecil Barger, Dr. Ralph Bentley, Mr. James T. Alexander, Mr. Vester Boone, Mr. Edwin Hunter. Mr. Richard Ashe. Dr. Boyd Bailey, Mr. A.D. Kornegay, and Mr. Carl Litaker. students to be acquired in next year's applications. Students found that Mrs. annexation. , The Guidance Department: Mrs. Lois Walker, Mrs. Bobbie Martin, and Mrs. Ruth Griffith. Academics E I I Students Acquire Insights into Noted Literary Masterpieces English ll placed special emphasis on acquainting sophomores with the poetry, plays, and short stories of various authors. Silas Marner Enemy of the People, and Julius Ceasar were three major works of which a detailed analysis was conducted. Sophomores undertook the tedious assignment of writing their first term paper and faced the usual frustrations of footnotes and bibliography cards. Juniors found that English III complemented the study of U.S. History, since American literature was approached from a historical point of view. Students undertook the study of American masterpieces by such authors as Steinbeck and Faulkner. Correlating literature and our American heritage, filmstrips, tapes, l2 - Academics and records augmented the usual textbook work. Fourth year students encountered English literature. Beowulf, The Canterbury Tales, and Macbeth were only a few of the works studied. Novel presentations, term papers, panel discussions, and forty point discussion questions prepared students for college English courses. Seniors strove to broaden their vocabularies and made one final attempt at mastering English grammar before completing high school. Offered as electives, Contemporary Literature and Creative Writing served as needed outlets for those students wishing to pursue interests in literature and its compositon. Alt, A - Helping his classmates widen their vocabularies, Bob Palmes dictates the next week's lesson. a, si V' t 7 I A gf . ,- .,,,.m Mw- -K fx f-M' -W Q 1 wx r-if H The English Department: Mrs. Janie Pearce, Mrs. Pat Ridenhour, Mrs. Brenda Jolly, Mrs. Mabel Chilton, Mrs. Willie Brown, Mrs. Leslie Pritchard, and Miss Peggy Warlick. In a heated discussion on the pros and cons of mercy killing, Performing an entertaining spoof on "Beowulf' for Mrs. Jolly's English IV, Bill sophomore English students freely express their opinions. Owen. J.J. Griffith, and Chuck Dearman appear in a "CBS News Special." , Confused by the trauma of a split personality, Laine Shaner consults " "psychiatrist" Mark Fleckenstein in a Contemporary Literature skit. After delivering her novel presentation, Robin Bolick attempts to answer an amusing question put forth by one of her classmates. Academics - 13 Students Anticipate French Tour This year French students often found themselves getting caught up in Mr. Pharr's enthusiasm for the French language and culture. New students faithfully drilled assigned dialogues with the promise of a gradual French fluency, while veteran students gained futher insights into the culture and literature. For their nine weeks' project, some students prepared French cuisine for their class. Plans were made for interested students to take a trip to France this summer. Mrs. Stewart and Mrs. Johnson headed Spanish studies this year. In addition to conversation and grammar, Spanish students learned songs and dances related to Spanish culture. Once again the Spanish classes constructed pinatas during the Christmas season. Students found this an enjoyable aspect ofthe course. A select group of students attended the Foreign Language Festival and did their interpretation of a Mexican Hat Dance. Latin ll students continued their studies under the direction of Mrs. Emma Davis She emphasized the importance of Latin as the basis for the majority of other languages. Students discovered that the Roman people and their language had a profound influence on our Western culture. ill' L' Q-'lat iff' . Us The Foreign Language Department: Mrs. Marta Johnson, Mrs. Pat Stewart, Mr. Glenn Pharr, and Mrs. Emma Davis. 14 - Academics 4- -sl lay, During a study on Roman culture, Cathy Davidson illustrates the musical instruments of Ceasar's era. shag li' Anticipating the treats within, Chet Boggs blindly aims for the pinata during a Spanish fiesta. In order to obtain ideas for future French proj- ects, French I students look at endeavors from previous years. Getting away from the everyday boredom of the classroom mood with a Spanish ballad. a textbook, Bob Dooley and Tim Leaptrott lighten explanation from Ann Chuber. While decorating a Latin bulletin board, Angie Kirby and Beth Lamberth catch up on weekend gossip. Confused by the translation of a French dialogue, Ken Roberts receives an 1 Academics - 15 Rushing to finish her nine-weeks' project, Judy Hunta er displays her drawings of Greek sculptures. 16 - Academics An Eventful Year Enlivens History The various social studies courses offered at SHS once again involved almost every student. The Eastern and Western Cultures classes traced the progress of civilization from its beginnings in ancient Rome and Greece to the present. Covering all phases of world history, Mrs. Norma Dearman prompted discussions of current events such as rising oil prices, the Mid-East, and South-East Asian conflicts. Contemporary American History helped students understand their own hertiage, placing special emphasis on the origin and functions ofthe government. Mrs. Helen Wall encouraged her students to become more aware of current-day i n A ? ? 1.1 ,,,,,,.,.......-W I problems such as crime, inflation, and political and religious conflicts around the world. "SL" Jesse Jackson conducted a detailed study of our history as Americans, augmenting his f'lectures" with numerous filmstrips. Black History traced the presentxiay Black's culture to its ancient African origin. Sociology dealt with the study of people and their behavior. Mr. Derr launched an in depth study of social security and welfare in his economics classes. The youthful attitudes expressed by Mrs. Brown in her Social Living classes prompted seniors to become better family members. ' 4 MQ... lbw ...Flin fain. 'bmp The History Department: Mrs. Norma Dearman, Mr. Jesse Jackson. Mr. Wilmer Derr, and Mrs. Helen Wall. In preparation for a history discussion, Steve Murdock, Kim Bum- QE, e"en"- X garner, and Tim Leaptrot exchange their different views on capital- ,1 y ism. 3 Q 'SEE-5 in it -..-4 I y...2 Sharing a replica ofa Roman coin with her history class, Robin Tevepaugh jokes with Laura Stanley about the expression on the coin's face. Academics - I7 Greenhouse Aids Biologists gfWhat is life?" That was the major question as the Biology l students undertook the study of living things. The major projects were leaf and insect collections, as well as the intriguing dissections of frogs and earthworms. Topics such as cell division, the DNA molecule, and photosynthesis continued to puzzle sophomores. The Biology-II students studied microbiology and did several labs with bacteria and protozoa. During these labs came the fun of trying to make intricate drawings of cellular structure. Chemistry, under Miss Mary Jane Seagle, consistently challenged many juniors and 18 - Academics seniors. Equivalent tables, formulas, and experiments with fragile lab equipment plagued students throughout the year. The Physical Science classes studied the basic fundamentals of energy, matter, and electricity. Research work and class demonstrations gave students a chance to learn about car motors, electric light circuits, and gravitation. A previously male-oriented course, this year's physics class found more girls enrolled than ever before. Students worked painstakingly to complete numerous projects dealing with the properties of matter and motion. Pinning their frog to the wax base, lab partners Keith Walker and John Allison prepare to per- The Science Department: Mr. Jerry Bustle, Miss Mary Jane Grose, Mr. Lloyd Dixon, and Miss Mary Jane Seagle. As Mr. Dixon explains the focusing of the microscope, sophomores Barbara Fortner, Cynthia Bellamy and Julia Cashion prepare to study an algae specimen. .,-.-fi'F1- v.,.,. ,Pg-'Q 44154, .1 wx 4f"'o?fS255l'l -. GLA- 0" . :fs K ,3f:L'f3f4Q?:,'5fz'?Lt :H - 2X ,. 5nf.'Fg,5?:'ia:.5I-'71 ' ' 32-111' ff' s. .if 2 .Q ggf- s5'.g.f11.g-4"s ' !??ES??'Z..fa" 'f".q.-2 'f'f:'f.'Z'. ,W .. gm i4a,.,4-K., -.- --.m-.Q pt Y .-:glw H e x Y M v l A lf l, ---f 'f" f"xX--X 'Z - 5, 1-,' 'S ff fs lmlw l - Y til W x 1' lf Nl, .-,I , l , . rl. I M Egg 57,5 ' ' , V 'Aw gf.: 'T ,7 -f'Nl l P' WW ,- - ' i it 1 Jllvllf' N .1 "P X Xlll ' Q D A V V A ECA Q5 Y 3 x ' 9,1 ,IJ l .t - 'lbg-f'x. tux fe-'-M. tl N fx. jf!! X 4-1g'iY?! 55? f,,,,,f,,,Y4,3, - in - 4 ,fr mr ,f egg, i X Observing an attractive terrarium, Amy Sullivan, Rita Johnson, and Dale Waugh study the growth of woodland plants. Academics - I9 Calculators Flood Trig Classes As Mr. Goode patiently repeated the explanations of proofs, the vast majority as Mr. Davidson pulled out his familiar of geometry students struggled for some semblance of understanding. Inequalities, formulas, and protractors once again baffled second year math students. Third year students found Algebra Il to be more difficult than Mr. Davidson had Students were drilled daily in concepts previously claimed. Employing the techniques of new math in Word problems, students mastered such concepts as completing the square and 1 rv v 4 ts- . - . -i W v tl arithmetic series. Moans were heard daily ffgi, 'tassignment book" at the close of class. Senior enrollment in Advance Algebra- Trigonometry was heavy again this year. Mr. Snow's lively classes not only kept students awake but also attentive. such as the complex delta process. Even the most adept students quaked at the mere thought of Mr. Snow's "cheeky- poosf' x iv . Q-5? gm. .MN U 1 Adjusting the dials to program a miniature com- Utilizing the fundamental concepts of geometry. Darrell Watts works on a proof of a paral- puter, Kay Wells and Billy Morrison await the lel08fam- feedback on a challenging problem. me l i 20 - Academics The Math Department: Mr. John Davidson, Mr. John Goode, Mrs. Deborah Ellis, and Mr. Mel Snow. When weather is too bad to run, Ellen Aman and Janice Daniels resort to a game of shuffle-board. Entering the homestretch of the exausting four lap mile, Margaret Deaton sprints to the finish line. Sophs Dread Exhausting Laps After sitting in chairs for hours on end, P.E. was a welcome relief for cramped bodies. Any sophomore who has run the mile would tell you that there was nothing better than jogging to get that tired blood circulating. When weather permitted, Coach MAb" and Mrs. Gallilter moved their classes to Hound Hollow for running. The girls found that one of the fringe benefits was that those few extra pounds slowly started to disappear. In additon to keeping the body in good shape, P.E. also taught boys and girls good sportsmanship and standard rules for such sports as basketball, softball, tennis, ping-pong, and wrestling. Another offering of P.E. was weight lifting. Boys program but this year the girls were also given a chance to participate Some students enjoyed P E so much that they enrolled in Advanced P.E. thelrjunior and senior years. had always enjoyed this part of the """"' , N 6 1 lffymt vs 5 2 2 ll The Physical Education Department: Mrs. Marion Galliher and Coach Gene Abercrombie. Academics 21 D.0.0. Becomes "Fashionable Frooks, Inc." Through the business department, students acquired the essential skills needed to prepare them for secretarial and office work. For students planning to enter a secretarial field, skills in typing, shorthand, and letter compositon were mastered in order to insure vocational competence. Under the direction of Mrs. Martha Kepley, students practiced their typing ln addition to typing, Mr. David Moose taught business math and Bookkeeping l, helping students acquire a working knowledge of skills through the organization of figures and maintenance of records. Launching an imaginative course of study in her D.0.0. class, Mrs. Vera Webster formed a cooperation called "Fashionable Frocksf' This gave her students a chance Secgnd year typigts SUQVQ f0r gpggd to test IhCll' DSW in 21 SlmUlZllCLl and accuracy as they completed one hour work sessions each day. work atmosphere. The business program was recognized as one of SHS's finest. 11 'H-Q' The Business Department: Mrs. Martha Kepley, Mrs. Vera Webster, and Mr. David Moose. 22 - Academics ln order to complete her assignment in the final moments of class, Gayle Howard hurridly transcribes a letter from the dictaphone. If ' While working in the atmosphere of a business office, D.0.0. student Cynthia Barringer takes down notes in shorthand. Making corrections with the help of the adding machine, senior Pam Haithcox recalculates a complex problem. After setting up the proper margins and tab stops, David Payne procedes to type an exercise in tabulations. aawffm 'ye' As she concentrates on a difficult problem in accounting, Kay Moore strives to master the keys on the adding machine. Academics H- 23 Class Stresses Sales Psychology The two work release programs offered at SHS this year were D.E. and l,C.T. These programs gave the students a head start on their future careers in the business world. The D.E. instructer, Mr. Sam Kennington taught students the proper way to conduct themselves at ajob interview, the use of psychology in the selling of items, and how to use advertisment in promoting better business. The course carried two credits, one for classroom study and the '54 other for actual experience, The l.C.T. program involved students in the productional end of business. The course was taught by Mr. Bill Cook and Mr. Herb Sampsel. Students received suggestions on insurance forms and home ownership, as well as the investigation of laws applying to industry. Students involved went to school in the morning to study the proper number of required courses while their afternoons were left open to pursue their respective jobs. , -.. an .t .1 N. 'ZCNN ' ' Q J ' f w Q . K ' PT: k,,. wmfwfl , . . fu, A t.,ee 'dt' K K lii ' - . . ., i ., .. , K 1 in Preparing herself for the age of computers, Judy Overcash practices on a combination typewriter and adding machine. 24 - Academics PID' Carefully transferring chairs from the ware- house, Billy Haithcox carries them to a loading dock . The D.E. and I.C.T. Department: Mr. Samuel Kennington. Mr. William Cook, and Mr. Herbert Sampsel. City Projects Involve Masons While performing school and community services, bricklayers and carpenters acquired invaluable working experience in their trades. Young woodworkers once again made necessary repairs on the football concession stand. These industrious apprentices also constructed speaker stands for SHS classrooms. The major 1974-1975 undertaking ofthe department was the completion of doors for the baseball stadium. Carpenters ingeniously enclosed an area for the auto mechanics students to use until their As the completion of Mr. Poplin's new game room nears, Mr. Brake directs Bricklaying II students in the construction ofthe chimney. vocational building was completed. Numerous trips to city construction sites enabled bricklayers to sharpen skills through actual work. Talented masons lent time and muscle to the construction of a catch basin at Oakwood Junior High. Exploring specialized areas such as brick veneer work, students constantly expanded their knowledge of the vocation. Daily shop-work centered on necessary chores such as learning to brick fire places and chimneys. Bricklaying and Construction Department: Stevenson. css" . Yfanow Mr. Frank Brake and Mr. Harvey Refinishing a parlor table as their joint construction project, James Dalton and Gus Parsons sand the surface before applying varnish. Academics 25 Home Projects Stimulate Creativity Mrs. Ruth Brooks and Miss Shirley Henkle led home economics students on field trips to food stores, furniture outlets, and garment factories. A trip to Bonanza proved to be enjoyable as well as educational. There the students learned how food was prepared in large quantities. After a tour they enjoyed lunch as an extra bonus. Students in home economics classes also learned about the successful management of the home. Mimeographed sheets were handed out regularly with instructions on the simplest, most thorough way to do household tasks. Many students sharpened their abilities to co-ordinate colors when Miss Henkle distributed pictures of rooms to be colored. Sewing proved to be a tedious task when students constructed their first garments. The fitting and cutting of patterns and sewing of exact seams and hemlines were skills to be mastered. For students wishing to pursue their studies in specific areas, advanced courses were offered. wr if 1 A field trip to Bonanza by Home EC students, leads to a better understanding on proper preparation of meats. 21 V. - 4 ' Q x - Qi av mm fe if 'V f ,Q Q t 1 . . The Home EC. Department: Mrs. Shirley Henkel and Mrs. Ruth Brooks. Z6 - Academics Working for the right consistency in her vanilla icing, senior Alexis Pickens employs cooking techniques introduced in Home EC. foods. im Working on a complex blueprint in Mechanical Drawing, Cindy Overman consults Mr. Crawford or the placement of linework. Heye Stresses Student Alertness After sitting through the seemingly endless thirty-six hours of class time, Driver's Education students anticipated the excitement of driving for the first time. Mr. Charlie Heye headed the Driver's Education course again this year. "Hey, you're supposed to go around the corner - not over it!" That first day on the road was quite an experience, but worth every minute of it when the proud sixteen year olds finally got their liscenses. Mr. Howard Crawford instructed the Mechanical Drawing students in an informal atmosphere. This course required patience and a steady hand as students learned to perfect blue prints. v ww S Through this class students gained , .Mx f experience for future study in .40 architecture, engineering, and drafting. lull! I l u I 1 I l I p I ng, Ill! I 'H I ' l v , ' 'T I in n t 1. 'K VTA, . n 'uf:,'?r ' ' g l Before taking off for their daily driving excursion, Mr. Heye shows D.E. Students Debbie Hunt, Ronnie Williams, and Ricky White the proper way to check the oil level. The Driver's Ed and Technical Drawing Department: Mr, Charlie Heye, and Mr. Howard Crawford. Academics - 27 Music Theory Course lnducted Into SHS Curriculum ln the art department this year, SHS was once again fortunate to have the talents of Mrs. Cynthia Sequino. ln an informal class atmosphere, she gave students an opportunity to express themselves through sculpture, painting, and collages. The class also donated time and talent to make posters and signs publicizing school events. Music theory replaced last yearis music appreciation course with Mr. Ken Rudd, band director, as instructor. Through this study students became acquainted with the basics and mechanics of performing music. Students drilled in timing and precision in order to emerge from the course as more accomplished musicians. Noticing a white spot on the canvas, Mrs. Sequino suggests to Pam Keever that more paint be applied. im ,fi .W A Concentrating on the completion of her card- board-string design, Rachel Grubb puts the finishing touches on her project. Individual study and comprehension are the guidelines by which John Stroud and Chuck Dearman learn the techniques involved in music. 28 - Academics Librarians Aid Student Researchers Reference materials, audio-visual aids, student needs throughout the year. and an ever-expanding collection of . Th l'b' lbd' I d"h h' contemporary and classic hardbacks once C I Mrycu ISSO Ve mc Entert 15 school year, but library assistants were as agam made the hbmry a haven for text- active as ever. Having generously donated book-weary pupils. Although magazine orders were cut back this year, students study time to carry out duties that the ,H ff d ,d , f librarians lacked time for, assistants were were SU 0 ere a W1 6 Variety 0 rewarded with Mrs. Cole's annual publications. Mrs. Storie, Mrs. Cole and . . . cookout. Mrs. Jenkins gave unfadlng attention to W-'su 2 -is M ""'06us Library Assistants: Front Row - L. West, M. Witherington, T. Ridenhour, D. McHargue, L.F. Ramsey, R. Sparks, T. Hillard. Back Row - P. Cornelius, G. Williams, M. Ramsey, P. Hamilton, H. Poplin, J. Williams, T. Daniels, S. York, and S. Goodman. The Librarians: Mrs. Polly Jenkins, Mrs. Esther Cole, and Mrs. Elizabeth Storie. Refreshing her memory on term paper footnotes Pat Hamilton confronts Mrs. Cole with an unusual sltua tion. Academics Club Members Aid Cleanup Under the supervision of Mrs. Deeny Sampsel, the cafeteria staff strove to offer varied and nourishing lunches. The friendly cooks worked to promote effecient and cheerful atmosphere in which students could eat and catch up on gossip or schoolwork. ln spite of inflated costs, they were still able to serve students' favorites: spaghetti, chili beans, and tater tots. Always willing to lend their services to students and faculty alike, the janitorial staff undertook the awesome task of keeping SHS buildings and grounds in shape. With the help of clubs which handled assigned areas, janitors and maids cleaned halls, restrooms, and classrooms. They were also responsible for trimming hedges and other yard work. Their invaluable services were greatly .I N Cafeteria staff: Mrs. Jackie Sanders, Mrs. Becky Rimmer, Mrs. Deeny Sampsel Mrs. Mary Lou apprccldted by SHSCIGS' Stevenson, and Mrs. Pat Josie. Maintenance Staff: Mr. Harvey Chamber, and Mr. Jesse Scott. 30 - Academics .. Prez' ., 5" 9,4 9 v . 4-4 ' . .aw , ia. . V5.2 , f.,m..,u-1 J 1 afitffsw 1 . KW " f,-M. .. ,ig . -NM ,ffl W Maintenance Staff: Mrs, Laurice Howard, and Mrs. Marie Wilkes. X 6418: 'QWPQ N Kill 4 in., f Www? .,,'L M155 wa in -if 3 L J 1 22 1- A f if .. all .fff M , ggi? ff 4, ,A iii ' ',, nu m mums' K 3' V if :mug KT 'ww ,Z 36621 -ww 3 , ,WW 1 9 rv W' Www W fu nw W f , fwywg -Q :wh 4 y I P, in is uv' F I if 'E J!! , .,L1U2f"u . 1 ' - Hu, 1 1 ' 4, fhmfi 4 4 1 r ' Q -v, 4 ' -'J' ' : ll- ! 1 'V if-18 Q ,if ,, 4- Y. me w K w CT MW' . .' M., Tk 1 swslnuup A . A Q fm vm KA ' f 2' 'Q 2512.-f5fzi:l55'3sf1?if' ,. ' sf Qn.wsxxeix2fwsza2s:zsmf I '2f.f35ff,5iT'?f'.?545if55 . i n f is gnf,L,5MggW7 , Wm? 2? E ss ' Q M si- . K , 'gf 2:v4':-fwsfafygf ' is W, ' 4 - -4, ' '24, J -- 4 ,f mf' f -4 L, 1' 'gywfizaf 1 S55-ss lx Clubs Times arise when we Must put away frivolous activities And perform with some sort of purpose By directing our talents And time toward Those who need us. We in tum achieve Happiness within our group And within ourselves. lt is of supreme importance That each of us gives of Ourselves in a unified effort. For "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" In our endeavors. Clubs- 33 S.A. Hosts Dinner For Governor Holshouser Serving as the student voice of Senior Greyhound fans. In the fall SA purchased sponsored their second dance at the High, elected representatives from each njnke box re provide entertainment in the semester break. class composed this year's active student Student lgunge, Adgpting Several needy Student Asgcmbly also played an assembly. ln October the club sponsored families at Thanksgiving, the club imponam gole in major decisions made Z an MEM Day, and Sem out Student Supplied them with turkeys and holiday SHS Well organized committees such as Surveys to gain Suggestions as to how they trimmings' At the prodding of president Human Relations aided in plans for the Could better Serve SHS. With funds David Fox and the Projects Committee, January annexations The Policy derived from the annual Candy Sale and H the SHS Student body contributed greatly Committee dealt with the interpretation Republican dinner for Governor to the Success of Hlgans for Kidsfi The of school rules and policies The council Holshouser, the council went to work on traditigfial SA Caravan delivered the Sched SHS Well and was ala invaluable their numer0l1S SerViCC projects. baskets of food, toys, and clothing to asset to the Student body and the A schoolwide Homecoming dance was underprwlledged homes 3 TCW mghts administration. before Christmas. After a week of 44' 'l, 31 held October 18 for Jubl dm exhausting exams in January, the club Student Assembly: Front row - Mrs. L. Walker, advisor, D. Fox, presidentg E. Boyd, v.-president, l. Lackey, secretary: G. Riera, treasurer: Mr. W. Derr, advisor. Second row - P. Bruning, J. Brooks, E. Aman, J. Sloan, G. Ogburn, S. Abercrombie, K. Baumgarner, C. Norris, M. Wasson. Third row W L. Lapish, B. Adams, S. Rosser, N. Curlee, C. Aldrich, A. Sullivan, J. Matthews, M. Long, M. Bristol, L. Phelps, J. Harmon, A. Davenport. Fourth row 3 K. Kelly, D. Payne, S. Turnipseed, J. Boggs, W. Waugh, E. Carson, D. Harris, P. Huggins, C. Barber, J. Lackey, E. 1 Gaines. Fifth row -G. Johnson, H. Tsumas, B. Ho kirg, L. Harmon, G. Shuford, P. Mattox, K. Sloan. F. Hall, S. Powers, T. Armistead, S. Frye. l Back row- D. Hodges, D. Watts, J. Archibald, S. Gillespie, B. Walker, M. Haddix, J. King, J. Daniels, and J. Satterfield. 34-Clubs lil is ze "'m"""e -W. . ., Ways and Means Committee: M. Long, I. Lackey, E. Gaines, G. Riera. S. Powers, S. Turnipseed, and S. Cavendish. Human Relations Committee: D. Harris, G. Riera, N. Curlee, S. Gillespie, S. Abercrombie, R. Stevenson, S. Turnipseed, and K. Sloan. X l Following a delicious meal served by SA members. Darrell Watts exchanges greetings with Governor Holshouser. Clubs - 35 Discussing student appointments to the Southern Accredita- tiOI1 C0mmiIICCS. Mr. DCIT shows a sample evaluation Entertaining the crowd at the S.A. semester break dance, Red Foxx churns out hits booklet to Human Relations president Robin Stevenson. from his "Stereo Machine." ,gg,,..,.,.....wn-ww-f,.w .... , ...f -. -f , .'L'.n ' . itx At Student Assembly members Ira Lackey, Elizabeth Gaines, Tom Templeton, and Steve Frye distribute the goods received in the annual Kans for Kids campaign. 7 Student Assembly members Gus Riera and Nancy Curlee gather donated goods for the Thanksgiving baskets. 36fClubs Council Plans Beauty Pageant Projects Committee: J. Harmon, M. Wasson, S. Rosser, A. Sullivan, S. Frye, B. Walker,.M. Lewis, and K. Sloan. Club Council members Jack King, Laura Phelps, Norman Black, and Elizabeth Boyd begin to inspect one of the many club clean-up areas. Meeting each Thursday morning in the upstairs A.V. room, club presidents coordinated ideas for projects to improve SHS S.A. vice-president Elizabeth Boyd and advisor Mr. Cecil Stroud headed this year's council. Overseeing the 1974 candy sale was the first major undertaking. "Victoryls in Store for '74" was chosen as the theme for this year's Homecoming parade. Club Council also chose the MWizard of Oz" as the Queen of Clubs theme and organized entertainment and decorations for the pageant. Due to constitutional change, the council was asked to screen down the second Who's Who ballot from the customary fifty to thirty-five names. At the end ofthe term each president cast his vote for the treasured 'lClub of the Year Award" to be presented at Senior Chapel. Club Council: Front row: E. Boyd, presidentg J. King, vice-president, L. Phelps, secre- tary. Second row: C. Barber, D. Harris, D. Fox, J. Harmon. Third row: B. Leaptrott, J. Williams, A. Davenport, B. Polk, N. Black. Fourth row: W. Carson K. Gilleland, G. Kilby, A. Kirby. Back row: M. Fleckenstein, B. Cherry, T. Armistead, and E. Gaines. Clubs - 37 38 -Clubs Inflation Hits Yearbook's Price Despite 21 lighter budget and Smallcf Staff. staffs, and each staff was responsible for the members ofthe QQ Workcd meeting five deadlines during the year. diligently to produce an interesting as Due to me many extra hours needed to well as accurate annual. ln order to pfgduce me had Staff members often update the yearbook, eo-editors Joan Wgrkgd on weekends, Harmon and Barbara Polk attended a journalism workshop in Winston-Salem during the summer. As a result, they were able to apply new ideas throughout this year's book. Serving as advisor, Mrs. Leslie Pritchard always had a solution for problems the staff members encountered. She also instructed Journalism I students in the necessary fundamentals of good Students were divided into individual journalism in the Spring, i xt N .. ... .. . . it ...hy The Trail Picture Staff: Noreen Kane, Gayle Shuford. Charlene Aldrich, Cathy Campbell, and Robin Stevenson - staff editor. The Trail Layout Staff: Gerhea Williams - staff editor, Kim Kelly, Sandy Cavendish, and .lane Williams, The photographers: Jon Tomlin, Robert Campbell and Eddie Waugh. Ta 'llh 7 "hl,l l'l' 4 ll,:l.l 5 The Trail Business Staff: Robin Nicholson, Miss Mary Jane Seagle, and Cynthia Barber. X i l i.. X eg q K m,i p pb , t 5 I p eii p Q i Q. , fm x 'uw it .. . U tp fhlllb -ET"d i . i if.. if ., n i ini, KAN: 3 1+- at The Trail Copy Staff: Barbie Dame - Sports editor, Melanie Walsh, Nancy Curlee - staff editor, and Lisa Gilliam. The Trail Editors and Advisor: Angela Davenpon, Joan Harmon, Barbara Polk, Mrs. Leslie Pritchard. Clubs- 39 Journalism I students: Front Row - P. Huggins. L. Nicholson. S. Rosserg Second Row - D. Hunt. C. Alexander. P. Bruning. J. Brooks: Third Row - D. Grant. M. Raymer. and W. Harwell. Q . f VSA i. .. V J gov ' IS' t. J if t The News Stuff: D. Henderson. K. Mitcham. J. Harmon. K. Wells, und M. Sher- rill. 40--flulvs -.. ....,,.,,,.Inr4f4M"n . The Editors and Advisors: D. Fox. Mrs. Jolly. Miss Warlick, and K. Gilleland. 1' ?SSV"N Q, LJ f. if A ww .Muff d The Business Staff: K. Fox. T. Poole. Mrs. M. Kepley, advisor: and L. Brantley. Under the supervision of Miss Peggy Warlick, a talented and efficient staff produced eight issues of The Blue and Gray. ln spite of soaring production costs, the paper was again financed by ads and provided to students free of charge. Investigative reporting by staff members insured accurate coverage of all school activities. The paper kept the student body posted on upcoming events such as dances, testing dates, and games. Another duty ofthe publication was the announcement of election results, including Mr. and Miss SHS, and Girl and Boy ofthe Month. Whether setting up pictures, reporting, planning pages, measuring headlines, or writing cutlines, each staff member assumed the responsibility of his position. David Fox and Kay Gilleland took care of editing chores, while Laura Plelps handled the associate-editor's post. Some students not enrolled in the journalism class contributed humorous columns and articles, as well as original poetry. HBLE RY l . , , , v -"' X 1 Journal And Sentinat North Carolina CSPA EIVSY Place 69, 72, 73 .4 Scholastic Press Award RunnerfUp SIPA FIFSl Place 69, 71, 72, 73 S'a'esviue School Molnhly Newspaper 7l, FIVSY Place 72 lil a35'iM x Y' A 2 , f A if If' Mfr The Associate Editor and Photographer: L. Phelps and J. McJunkin. The Feature and Sports Staffs: A. Chuber, G. Gilliam, T. Leaptrott, and J.J. Griffith. Clubs Business Staff: Front Row: J. Peabody, D. Grant, P. Mattox. Back Row: K. Baumgarner, S. Murdock, and M. Brittan. Copy Staff: Front Row: M. Deaton, G. Howard, S. Blevins. Back Row: C. Campbell, and R. Shepherd. Editorial Board: Front Row: I. Lackey, M. Fleckinstein, D. Barnelte, A. Kiser. Back Row: L. Mundhenke, J. Rowe, L. Gillam, and D. Harris. 42 -clubs Editors: Front Row: L. Mundhenke, M. Fleckenstein. Back Row: C. Campbell, I. Lackey, and W. Carson. Art Staff: Front Row: W. Carson, J. Eller, J. Matthews, C. Barber. Second Row: S. Mullis, D. Tur- nipseed, K. Wells, P. Huggins. Back Row: N. Sisk, J. Justice, M. Ramsey, L. Howard. and N. Holloway. General Staff: Front Row: Y. Goldbaugh, C. Campbell, K. Epps, G. Rosby, C. Cowan, L. Nicholson. Second Row: P. Hamilton, B. Leaptrott, K. Robertson, B. Goode, E. Harrington. Back Row: C. Kivett, L. Shaner, S. Lazenby, S. York, M. Witherington, and R. Smith. Publication Displays Talent Eidolons reappeared after last year's debut as the SHS literary magazine. Published in an effort to expand literary interest at SHS, the magazine was composed of origin al art, poetry, and fiction submitted by interested students. An editorial board composed of six members read and reviewed the best for publication. The School Board aided in funding, and this along with business ads sold by staff members, and the slight fee charged to students, covered the costs of publishing. Advisor Mrs. Pat Ridenhour worked unrelentlessly with the various staffs to insure a magazine versatile in its appeal to the student body. The creative writing classes provided a large-portion of the works published. Eidolons provided an outlet for creative students. Eidolons Staff: Front Row: M. Fleckenstein, editorg L. Mundhenke, associate editor, I. Lackey, junior editor, W. Carson, art editor, Mrs. P. Ridenhour, advisor. Second Row: G. Howard, I. Rowe, C. Barber, K. Epps, L. Robinson, C. Campbell, A. Kiser, S. York, D. Turnipseed, M. Ramsey. Third Row: M. Brittain, P. Mattox, B. Goode, R. Smith, S. Blevins, K. Baumgarner, N. Holloway, L. Howard. Fourth Row: D. Grant, P. Hamilton, P. Huggins, D. Harris, G. Riera, and S. Murdock. Fifth Row: M. Long, C. Kivett, M. Whitherington, L. Gilliam, S. Mullis, N. Sisk, B. Leaptrott, J. Justice, M. Deaton, Y. Goldbaugh. Back Row: D. Tucker, K. Robertson, J. Clubs - 43 Earnhardt, K. Wells, K. Mitchum, R. Shepherd, C. Cowan, G. Rosby, L. Nicholson, E. Harrington, and L. Stanley. Grenadiers Thrill Spectators in Southern Festivals Band director Ken Rudd assembled the entire band two weeks before classes resumed last summer to familiarize them with marching techniques. The Grenadiers spent long hot hours in the sun to prepare for upcoming competition. Not only did they spend extra hours rehearsing, but devoted numerous school nights to selling light bulbs and popcorn to help pay expenses during the year. The Grenadiers were warmly welcomed wherever they went. Before each home football game, school spirit was sparked through the band's tunnel. Due to lack of funds and distant band festivals, travel to away games was impossible. Some of the enthusiastic band members put their talents to further use by forming smaller groups. A jazz band entertained parents during Open House, andthe pep band promoted spirit during Homecoming Week. Competition was a key word throughout the year, whether it be during marching or conceit season. Leaving early in the I . , , ,,l 1 X morning and returning very late at night by the playing of Loyal cmd True as tht became a way of life for the band as they Greyhounds and cheerleaders raced competed almost every week-end during September and October. Late in September, the Grenadiers visited the Mid-South Marching Band Festival in Alabama. The band, as well as drum- major Tim Ferron, received superior ratings for their performance. They were also awarded superior in Camden, South Carolina, as well as first place in Cary, North Carolina. The pride of Statesville, the Grenadiers participated in political rallies and concerts, as well as the Christmas, Homecoming, and Dogwood parades. " :.m1'Q"4I1'Sn1 of .f ,. f - T if MT vit qv 'T Sfrakirtsii T T f "'wf, ' iai'tf+? if 4? ' ' i A M r... V The Grenadier Band: P. Adams, S. Adams, L. Adler, T. Alexander, M. Angel, M. Anthony, A. Armstrong, C. Bagwell, B. Baker, C. Barber, J. Barnard, W. Barnard, K. Barrett, B. Bass, K. Baumgarner, R. Bennett, S. Blevins, R. Boggs, R, Bolick, E. Boyd, T. Breneman, L. Burrow, M. Cable, R. Campbell, E. Carson, M. Cline, C. Cox, R, Crawford, C. Davidson, L. Davidson. J. Davidson, C. Davis, G, Davis, C. Dearman, G. Dobbins, C. Dodd. H. Early, K. Englebert, L. Faust, A. Feimster. P. Ferguson, T. Ferron, B. Foster, R. Gill, T. Gill, R. Gray, L. Green, C. Gwaltney, D. Harris, D. Harris, K. Harris, R. Hill, D. Houston, G. Howard, T. Jenkins, J. Justice, A. Kirby, l. Lackey, B, Lamberth. M. Laven- der, P. Lee, L. Little, K. Loudermilt, J. Loyd, P. Mattox, P. McCurdy, L. McIntyre, K. Messick, K. Messick, D. Middleton, S. Miller, P. Mills, P. Montgomery, R. Morgan, S. Mullis, S. Murdock, D. Paschal, B. Polk, S. Powers, S, Posner, R. Pritchard, T. Robinson, G. Rosby, E. Ross, J. Rowe, G. Rucker, M. Sampsel. N. Sisk, J. Sloan. J. Sloan, K. Sloan, C, Sparks. L. Stanley. J. Stroud. S. Stroud, B, Thompson, D. Turnipseed, K. Walker, D. Wardo, B. Warner, E. Waugh, T. Waugh, D. White, L. White, R. White, and S. White 44fClubs Surprised by the rcfercek cull ut SHSR Homecoming game. Tim Ferron obxerves the tied score with disbelief. NS -iw Performing at the annual community Christmas concert. Mr. Ken Rudd joins the stage band for their rendition of "New Generation." 3 . ' il Qi... i fl , ,. ,pgs M-me, W T4 ' 4 r W f"', ye ' Q, Q: A 'Q-Nm, sit - Aw, -A g f if fe Q Ie ,E-it e ,112- . NA, X irf f' x X li X ,jr XX 1 Vl ,' Nfl f i I' . yi' lvl ie ii WI X tx "3 J 1 X ix! K ---AEL-LY ,1 fax 2 KW QQN i Q I -, f NX X ,Ii ,X I 4 'Vx i 251 1 i iff i ,il ist-la l .Qi X A, i a saw It ksfiflj J With the helpful suggestions of Bill Gwaltney and Tom Alexander. Gilbert Rucker tries outa new been on the drums. FQ xg Y if uhs Performing with grace and agility, Scottish The Majorettes: Front row i J, Sloan, B. Polk, head1 A, Armstrong. Second row -- D. Houston, DHHCCF, Allilfi FCimSfCf Cmeffaifw the SPCC- L. Faust, and J. Sloan. tators during a half-time performance. Ng. 'Wu- xi K 5 . . . . - .S .. i ,ti. tt we ' . ' "'f X. . I . S. - 5 ...W A - Q 1 ii Z W i .tlt S f it " li 'i if X. 3 Determined to spark excitement in SHS students during Spirit Week, members of the pep band Working to make the fruit cake sale a suc- strike up a stirring fight song. cess, Mark Sampsel distributes boxes among 46 vCl11bs the band members. Halftime Shows Climax with "Scotland the Brave" The Bagpipers: Front row - P. Mattox, E. Boyd, co-headg L. Davidson, co-head, B. Foster. Second row - P. Adams, S. Powers, M. Cable, G. Rosby, G. Howard, and L. Little. tif Sleepy Grenadiers board the bus for their 5:30 A.M. departure to the Mid-South Marching Festival in Gadsden, Alabama. The Grenadier majorettes were a source of pride for SHS again this year. Assuming the responsibilities of head majorette, senior Barbara Polk tackled the awesome task of training five new twirlers in time for football season. Performing routines to feature numbers such as "Rockin' 5035" and f'Lover," the unit earned an excellent rating in Alabama competition. Shunning sequins and flaming batons, the majorettes always displayed the class and dignity characteristic of the Grenadier band. Elizabeth Boyd and Lynn Davidson headed the '74-75 Grenadier bagpipers. Moving crowds with their rendition of "Scotland the Brave," bagpipers brought much attention to the band on tour as well as at home. This unique and entertaining unit was highlighted in halftime shows as the Highland dancer, Anita Feimster, gracefully perfonned the traditional Scottish Sword Dance. gd 4" i u 'U ' at hu, W ,,, K Gaining the approval of Mr. Rudd, Bill Gwaltney, Thomas Gill. and Tommy Robinson master a difficult French horn solo. Clubs A- 47 Chorus Entertains At Assemblies Members of the chorus underwent various changes in directors this year. However, this was only a minor setback. Second semester, band director Ken Rudd assumed duties' permanently. Due to inconsistent leadership, the chorus group improvised with the same robes of years past, despite the need for new ones. Their activities included their annual Christmas concert, a program for the Womenls An invitation was extended from Six Flags over Georgia to enter competition there and plans were made to attend. Again this year SHS had a number of students making the Mars Hill Chorus, which is comprised of students outstanding in the field of music. Those receiving the honor were Johnny Onsrud, Debi Barnette, John Bamard, Terry Blackwell, Benji Leaptrott, and William Club, and a spring concert which was Barnard. open to the community. 1' 1 S M1i"?'i4" -1. 'fi"'.'f. .-fag. V' i ' Wwe .. Us fAffa.. ?f ?f -1' i'QsN75'mQ'..1j The Chorus: S. Abercrombie, K. Alexander, J. Baker, J. Barnard, W. Barnard, P. Baxter, B. Black- well, T. Blackwell, R. Campbell, B. Chilton, C. Cowan, G. Davis, K. Englebert, M, Fleckenstein, B. Foster, K. Gilleland, Y. Goldbaugh, F. Hall, L. Hall, N. Holloway, D. Lambert, D. Lassiter,J. Mc- Collough, L. Mclntyre, L. Mundhenke, J. Onsrud, J. Pero, S. Powers, G. Rosby, T. Rucker, E. Sharpe, K. Shawver, C. Snow, D. Turnipseed, and S. York. In keeping with the holiday mood of the as- sembly program, the Chorus entertains with a medley of Christmas caroles. iii 5, , . 'QW 01 In view of an upcoming concert, Chorus members enthusiasticly tackle a selection of new tunes. 48 - Clubs Listening intently to a constructive lecture by Mr. Ken Rudd, MMM members learn effective orga- Talent Show Combining entertainment and education to achieve their purpose, members of Modern Music Masters strove to gain a - deeper appreciation and understanding of music. Members were recommended for entry in this honorary club on the basis of musical ability and academic standing. nizational procedures. President David Middleton and advisor Mr. Ken Rudd led in the planning of the spring talent show. This MMM sponsored event gave SHSers an opportunity to perform and enjoy the talents of other students. The club also entertained hospital patients with carols at Christmas. Through MMM, club members were able to purchase tickets for concerts in Winston Salem and Charlotte. r 3 ,. N 5 MMM: D. Middleton, presidentg B. Polk, vice-presidentg D. Tur- nipseed, secretaryg M. Lavender, historian. Second row: E. Boyd, J. Rowe. Third row: W. Barnard, B. Leaptrott, T. Ferron. Back row: M. Fleckenstein, K. Englebert, and R. Boggs. President David Middleton and advisor Mr. Ken Rudd polish last minute plans for the annual Spring talent show. Clubs -- 49 Beta Presents Senior Follies In order to keep students informed of upcoming school events, the Beta Club each month updated the bulletin board calendar located on the English hall. The major undertaking, however, was College Night held in October at South lredell. Area high school students met with representatives from colleges and universities around the state. The club planned Senior Follies for their spring project. In this entertaining program, seniors assumed faculty identities. Jane Williams served a president and Mrs. Helen Wall rendered services as advisor when needed. The candy sales enabled the club to make a generous contribution to the Salvation Army. V J A 3 -J. 'Ugg J AS-X. S U K M... Preparing to fill in the first 1975 calendar, Mary Ramsey, Kitty Alexander and Kay Gilleland discuss upcoming events. 50 - Clubs Junior Beta Club: Front row: L. Gilliam, N. Douglas, K. Baumgarner, S. Blevins, G. Riera. Sec- ond row: C. Aldrich, S. Lazenby, S. Cavendish, L. Lapish, M. Wasson, I. Lackey. Back row: C. Williams, M. Wyatt, P. Long, S. Overman, G. Ogburn, P. Carrigan, and R. Smith. www C Senior Beta Club: Front row: J. Williams, president, J. Harmon, secretary. Sec- ond row: C. Kivett, M. Sherrill, L. Phelps. Third row: C. Redmond, A. Kiser, M. Bristol, W. Carson. Fourth row: D. Turnipseed, L. Mundhenke, L. Kitchings, G. Gilliam. Fifth row: K. Alexander, P, Hamilton, A. Davenport. Sixth row: M. Ramsey, K. Gilleland, E. Gaines, D. Fox, D. Tucker. Seventh row: J. Lloyd, J. King, D. Haas. Back row: Mrs. H. Wall, advisor. Journalists Form Honorary Society Quill and Scroll advisors Miss Peggy citizenship, academic and journalistic Warlick, Mrs. Leslie Pritchard, and Mrs. achievement. The fifteen senior Pat Ridenhour elected to change this club journalists, who were selected from The from a service organization to an Blue and Gray, Eidolons and The Trail, received a pin or charm from the intemational society. honorary society. The club recognized students who had displayed outstanding ..,, ..... . ss. Quill and Scroll: Front row: B. Dame, G. Williams, L. Phelps. Second row: D. Fox, J. Williams, J. Harmon. Third row: Miss P. Warlick, Mrs. P. Ridenhour, Mrs. L. Pritchard advisors. Fourth row: B. Polk, R. Stevenson, C. Barber. Fifth row: D. Harris, K. Gillelandi K. Mitcham. Back row: A. Davenport, W. Carson, and L. Mundhenke. After being cited for her outstanding journalism work in EIDOLONS, Luanne Mundhenke receives her Quill and Scroll charm from Miss Warlick, Clubs -Q 51 Club Presents Dramatic Scene The SHS Drama Club, under the direction of Mrs. Deborah Ellis, got off to a successful start this year. Members elected Grace Rosby as president in the early fall and designated Thursday afternoons as meeting days. Developing good acting techniques through readings and improvisions, the club presented a courtroom scene from The Crucible to the English classes as their first project. Gus Riera directed the production, while Carole Kivett, Ira Lackey, and Lynn Robinson served as the principal players. Throughout the year members concentrated primarily on laying a good foundation on which the club could build in the future. Rehearsing a drama and Crystal Cowan. as tic scene from The Crucible, Dale Bruce receives a document from Kay Gilleland . . it a .55 E , ' dal c 45 A J . f,.f q f tif gif! if i 9 +7 lt lil.. 5 1 ' e A Drama Club: Mrs. Ellis, advisorg G. Rosby, president, D. Harris, vice-president, K. Gilleland. Second row: L. Phelps, I. Lackey, N. Curlee, R. Stikeleather. Third row: T Rucker, C. Cowan, R. Smith. Back Row: G, Riera, L. Robinson, and G. Shuford, 52 f Clubs Preparing for their upcoming play The Crucible, student director Gus Riera instructs Lynne Robinson on stage direc- tions. i " ' i' Enjoying the new motion picture camera donated by the SHS DECA Club, this Avery Sherrill student takes his turn behind the viewfinder. v 5 "x i WW if 5 Norman Black: District DECA President. Man of the Year. DE CA Wins District Honors DECA, a nationally recognized club, gave students who worked much of the day the opportunity to participate in club activities. The profit from the candy sale helped pay the expenses for the trip to the district meeting. DECA members also attended State and national conventions that enabled them to enter into competition in such fields as advertising, public speaking, and sale demonstrations. Concemed with the lack of understanding of SHS's Vocational Department, DECA gave two tours which explained the purpose and operation of the department. The first tour was for a group of fifth graders from Avery Sherrill School. DECA gave the final tour for the benefit of their parents. Near the end of the year club members hosted their employers with a banquet. 131' DECA Club: Front row: N. Black, presidentg J. Blair, vice-presidentg S. Clarke, secretary- treasurer. Second row: R. Sturghill, J. Stevens, S. Allison, C. Moose, K. Dalton, B. Turner. Third row: B. Bennett, M. Smith, D. Lyons, P, Dishman, N. Anders, T. Lyons, N. Yocum, N. Best, B. Sipes. Fourth row: M. Moe, E. Atwell, J. Reid, C. Roberts, E. Dixon, K. Harmon, T. Watts. Back row: Mr. S. Kennington, advisorg E. Boan, B. Lundy, S. Feimster, M. Turner, and B. Waugh. Clubs - 5 3 Officers Attend State Convention Mr. Herb Sampsel and Mr. Bill Cook advised members of Vica l as they sought to develop leadership abilities through participation in educational. vocational. civic. recreational. and social activities. Club members worked with president Gary Kilby to raise SIOO for an outside vacumn sweeper. The annual SHS candy sale and another selling project covered this donation. Vica I's special activities included competitive activities in the Skill Olympics. In the spring the club's officers participated in the state convention in Winston-Salem. The national convention. held in Washington. DC.. was aimed for by the officers later in the year. 'uni' S-'xi Q t 9 MM ' MM K . AW mummy aligning Quan: new N I l Vica I f Front Row -3 Mr. B. Cook. advisorg G. Kilby. president: J. Harrid, vice-presidentg E. Sharp. secretary: J. Hudgins. treasurer: T, Loftis. publicity: Mr. H.W. Sampsel. advisor. Second Row - D. Best. C. Gray, R. White. M. Gatton. J. Inscore. B. Rankin. M. Whittenburg. C. Bellamy. R. Clark. D. Chambers. Third Row i J. Overcash. V. Bellamy. D. Mailman, W. Turner, S. Duncan. J. Rucker. D. Turner, A. Hardy. R. Johnson, V. Ramseur. Fourth Row w- K. Holmes. E. Howell. R. Morrison. E. Chambers. R. Clark. A. Caldwell. W. Brawley. A. Shuford, B. Clark. V. Duren, R. Moore. Fifth Row -- K. Smith. G. Baker. H. Haithcox. J. Williams. D. Sparks. R. Pennell. C. Hayes. S. Reaves. K. Hayden. W. Steven. A. Turner. and S. Turner. W,,,n' Vica I advisor Mr. Bill Cook aids Tina Loftis in choosing a prospec- tive career. 54wClubs ...wa.W.m, V I After purchasing new sheets for the sickroom, Vica I member Vickie Ram- seur tries them on the cot to make sure they fit. V ,L-- . ,m.., - . 'i-ii:-:Q ,kkk - .... ,,,. . .va swarm K -if ' - K., . Candy Sale Finances Banquet Under the direction of Mr. Frank Brake Christmas. The proceeds from these and Mr. Harvey Stevenson, Vica ll club projects helped to finance the annual Vica members enrolled in trade and industrial banquet. education strove to unite in a common bond' In May, many ofthe club's members attended theAnnual Leadership Club members took part in SHS's annual Conference at Winston-Salem. candy sale along with a candle sale at Vica II Officers, Kevin Rankin and Johnny Viea lI's top candle salesmen, Keith Keaton, Charles Blackwell, and Greg Walker replenish Myers make plans for the upcoming candy sale. supplies from advisor Mr. Brake. Vica ll: Front Row W K. Rankin, vice-president: J. Goode, editorg G. Walker, secretary: N. Guest, chaplain, B. Roseboro, President, D. Moore. Second row 4 S. Duncan, E. Linney. K. Holmes, J. Howell, R. Billings, Mrs. H. Stevenson. advisor. Third row 1 S. Sparks, K. Loudermilt. Fourth row A- B. Virtue. M. Woods, R. Davidson. D. Woods, T. Daugherty. S. Kennedy. Fifth row - T. Pharr, K. Redmond. J. Blackwell, H. Morrison, J. Inscore. B. Black. Sixth row if D. Campbell, K. Henry. D. M umdhenke. A. Bolick, J. Myers, and C. Blackwell. Clubs - 55 Fi-Y Stocks Lounge With Snacks Over sixty energetic Fi-Y girls actively participated in projects at SHS and throughout the community. These endeavors were financed by money raised during the autumn candy sale and the buffet held in February. On September twentieth, the infamous Stooge Day, juniors bowed to the commands of their senior masters for initiation into the club. Dressed in an array of "dazzling" costumes, stooges paraded before crowds at the SHS-Concord football game. Following the moving candlelight service held at First Baptist Church to induct new officers, Tripp Armistead was elected sweetheart. Later that night at his home, Fi-Y members enthusiastically serenaded him and showered him with kisses. Mrs. Ridenhour and Mrs. Chilton gave generous guidance and support to president Elizabeth Gaines. Together they co-ordinated worthwhile service projects that would involve all members. Fi-Y girls planted tulips around SHS in the fall, stocked the teacher's lounge with homemade desserts twice a month, and shared the Holiday Toumament clean-up duties with Key Club. They also shared first place honors with Key Club for their Homecoming float and the expenses lor a dance in early 1975. Community projects included preparing a dinner for a needy family at Thanksgiving, making Christmas decorations for the rooms at Hill Haven Resthome, aiding the March of Dimes in their January street sales, and adopting and elderly friend to take care of in Statesville. Church visitation promoted good relations with the community while acquainting the girls with other denominations. SHS consistently recognized Fi-Y as one of its busiest and most distinquished clubs. RWM WW M, J -Iii if I ,4f Yoga teacher, Mrs, Sue McDade, demonstrates to Fi-Y members how proper breathing helps relax the mind. 56-Clubs Letting out a loud yell for the Hounds, Yvonne Goldbaugh shows that her spirit per- sists despite her extraordinary outfit. ,X ew P ww S 1 may W .wvnfx M b T . - A Fi-Y members share the Christmas spirit with pa- tients at Hill Haven Rest Home by making holiday decorations for their doors. T' . . During the first assembly program, President Elizabeth Gaines recognizes Lauren Adler as this year's honorary sophomore. In order to enhance the appearance of the SHS campus, juniors Kim Kelly and ,, , llsp Nan Douglas plant tulip bulbs near the English building. tfi H ' -Ns . - . eva, 1 f. , ,, - , Front Row - Mrs. P. Ridenhour, advisor, T. Armistead, sweetheart, E. Gaines, president, S. York, v-president, L. Adler, secretary, L. Mundhenke, chaplain, Mrs. M. Chilton, Advisor. Second row - S. Blevins, J. Harmon, D. Turnipseed, A. Chuber, M. Walsh, P. Cornelius. Third row - Y. Goldbaugh, C. Gilliam, P. Hamilton, C. Campbell, K. Epps, M. Bristol, N. Yocum, L. Goodwin, M. Ramsey. Fourth row i W. Carson, M. Witherington, K. Kelly, R. Stikeleather, C, Barber, B. Chilton, S. Lazenby, L. Faust, B. Dame, L. Lapish. Fifth row -- R. Tevepaugh, B. Parks, B. Foster, D. Harris, K. Gilleland, R. Campbell, J. Sloan, T. Harmon, L. Phelps, T. Poole, G. Williams. Sixth row - P. Huggins, K. Alexander, L Stanley, G. Ogburn, S. Honeycutt, B. Polk. Seventh row - K. Wells, S. Robbins, S. Miller, L. Kitchings, L. Davidson, J. Williams, A. Davenport, M. Sherill, E. Boyd, R. Smith, K. Laminack, G. Johnson. Eighth row - N, Holloway, S. Smith. M. Brown, D. Young, S. Cavendish, N. Curlee. Back row - C. Kivett, E. John- son, D. Hodges, J. Sloan, P. Adams, M. Lavender, S. Abercrombie. E. Harrington, C. Aldrich. B. White, N. Douglas, and G. Gilliam. Clubs Key Club Sponsors Bike-A-Thon As the Diabetes Bike-A-Thon draws near, Jack King and Mr. Lloyd Dixon route the bikers' rest points. One of the most beneficial and respected clubs at SHS, the Key Club performed many invaluable services for SHS and Statesville. President .lack King and advisor Mr. Lloyd Dixon ignited enthusiasm in members that carried through all year. Nancy Curlee served as sweetheart and compiled the club's scrapbook. Their funds stemmed from the local Kiwanis Club and the candy sale in early fall. After a tough ad-selling campaign, student-faculty directories were distributed free of charge to the student body. The club also held a successful Career Day to enable students to gain information about work that interested them. Lending time and energy to community projects, the Key Club sponsored a Cystic Fibrosis Roadblock and a Bike-a-Thon for Diabetes in the fall. A dance with Fi-Y in February and the Greensboro convention highlighted the club's social events. Key Club gained distinction by constructing a float to share first place honors with Fi-Y in the Homecoming Parade. Whether raking leaves, cleaning erasers or raising the flag, Key Clubbers always readily accepted responsibilities passed their way. Key Club: Front row: N. Curlee, sweetheartg J. King, president, J.J. Griffith, vice-president, G. Riera, secretary, I. Lackey, treasurer, R. Boggs, chaplain, Mr. L. Dixon, advisor. Second row: B. Adams, R. Gray, C. Raiford, B. Bass, E. Carson, M. Brown. Third row: M. Fleckenstein, L. Whitesides, T. Armistead, J. Norris, W. Waugh, B. Goode, S. Murdock. Fourth row: D. Fox, S. Frye, B. Owen, G. Kilby, M. Wyatt. Fifth row: D. Middleton, G. Dobbins, T. Templeton, R. Johnston, S. Overman, P. Long. Back row: E. Cook, B. Cherry, P. Raiford, J. Archibald, D. Payne, and B. Morrison. 58 - Clubs Distributing the newly arrived Key Club student-faculty directories, Ethan Carson and Phil Raiford count out the number allotted to Mr. Snow's homeroom. Finalizing plans for the Bloodmobile project, Key Club officers Ira Lackey, J.J. Griffith, and Jack King confer with a district health repre- sentative. QM!! MSL? I fwivxasec i, After many hours of hard work, Jack King proudly displays Key Club's prize winning Greyhound in the Homecoming parade. Clubs - 59 After viewing colorful slides of France, Mr. Pharr and Air France representative Ron French Club Tours Biltmore House Through Le Cercle Francais interested French students were given a chance to increase their knowledge of the French people and their language. Under the leadership of president Wendy Carson Some of the club's activities included dining at Chez Jean's in Charlotte, touring the Biltmore house, and holding their annual banquet in May. Cleaning the football field and their assigned and Mr. Pharr, they encouraged members school areas were a few of their service to converse in French at the meetings, projects for the beautification of the although they were not penalized if they school. Le Cercle Francais played an favored their native tongue. active role throughout the school year. .r gh, ewan h up During a brief meeting after school, French Club officers Linda Kitchings and Kay Gilleland discuss several possibilities for a French club program with Mr. Pharr. Lees go over special group rates available for the trip to France. 60 - Clubs French Club: Front row: Mr. Pharr, advisorg W. Carson, pres., L. Kitchings, K. Gilleland, A. Kiser, D. Turnipseed, L. Davidson, C. Campbell, secretaryg J. Brooks, M. Walsh, A. Chuber. Second Row: S. I-loneycutt, G. Shafer, M. Brown, P. Brunning, C. Alexx- ander, J. Grilfith, E. Ross, G. Williams, J. Sloan, M. Wasson. Third Row: M. Ramsey, S. Stillman, C. Gilliam, L. Phelps, N. Curlee, D. Young, D. Fetzer, J. Rowe, G. Howard. Fourth Row: A. Archibald, L. Mundhenke, E. Boyd, L. Stanley, P. Adams, S. Lazenby, M. Reeeman, J. Justice, K. Alexander, A. Davenport. Fifth Row: K. Alexxander, J. Williams, B. Morrison, D. Paschal, G. Dobbins, J. Pero, S. Adams, D. Fox, K. Robertson. Sixth Row: J. Harmon, D. Hodges, T. Breneman, D. Rowe, D. Haas, D. Tucker, R. Boggs, T. Ferron, T. Leaptrott. During the annual Spanish banquet, Louise Martin, Pressley Long, and Nan Douglas enter- tain with their version of a Mexican hat dance. Club Aids Tornado Victims For the first time this year, Spanish l students were allowed to join the club. Also, the name was changed from the Spanish Club to Circulo del Espanol. was guest speaker at one of Circulo del Espanolis meetings. She showed slides and led an interesting discussion about a possible trip to Spain over Easter. After the tornado disaster in Central America, the Circulo del Espanol collected cans of food and sent them to those needy people. Special activities this year included a Valentines dance and the annual Spanish Christmas banquet. The banquet was held in the school cafeteria. Club members danced, sang Christmas songs in Spanish, bb' D h ' h . . .- De le eems' W 0 was Cm exe ange and broke the traditional pinata. student in Spain for a year during college, rf, 'giant ' - x.. . 5. . . e O -M .C fs, i :N - K F X Inrli smbniil fit 2. K L, vw .. an an - During Foreign Language Week, Spanish students Pam Carrigan and Skip Thompson display their projects for the class. Spanish Club: Front row: Mrs. M. Johnson, advisor, B. Cherry, pres., P. Hamilton, v. pres.g R. Tevenpaugh, sec.g N. Douglas, treas.g K. Englebert, sar.-at-arms, Mrs, P. Stewart, advisor. Second row: S. Blevins, M. Witherington, D. Hunt, G. Riera, N. Hollaway, P. Long, C. Myers, B. Mor- rison, P. Maddox, P. Higgins, E. Carson, J. Willeland. Third row: D. Harris, D. Grant, C. Norman, C. Baker, T. Leaptrott, D. Payne, B. Bass, J. Sloan, S. Johnson, T. Ridenhour. Fourth row: B. Foster, Ir. Lackey, L. Howard, S. Spratt, P. Montgomery, L. Faust, M. Caldwell, J. Lambert. Fifth row: K. Missic, M. Wyatt, N. Sisk, B. Dooley, L. Harmon, J. Wells, R. Roberts, R. Houpe, R. Campbell, B. Chilton, S. Murdock, J. Dooley. Sixth row: P. Campbell, W. Barnard, S. Rosser, W. Waugh, C. Cox, G. Taylor, P. Carrigan. Seventh row: K. Messick, Y. Goldbaugh, R. Stikeleather, H. Mills, C. Cox, S. Miller, K. Epps. Eighth row: J. Smith, J. Robbins, L. Lloyd, D. Earnhart, L. Brantley, B. Goode, S. Waters, J. Boggs. Ninth row: S. Wilson, C, Redmond, S. Armor, R. Gray, M. Lavender, G. Ogburn, R. Hellard, T. Smith, L. Little, K. Ayers. Tenth row: C. Aldrich, J. Lloyd, B. Sherrill, P. Raiford, R. Whiting. Eleventh row: T. Jenkins, S. Cavendish, C. Williams, B. Parks, J. Stroud, B. White, S. Dearman, L. Messick, P. Cornellis, T, Waugh, K. Teague. Twelfth row: J. Barnard, M. Haddix, J. Jenkins, M. Taylor, E. Cook, K. Harris, and T. Daniels. f W.i-wats 1 Banquets Tie Pest With Present This year's sophomores came to SHS with much enthusiasm and many ideas. Through the Junior Classical League, a predominately sophomore club, they made their ideas work. Advisor Mrs. Emma Davis allowed members to use class time to plan upcoming events. President Angie Kirby presided over all meetings and projects. To improve the appearance ot' the football concession stands, JCL added a long overdue coat of paint. Club members packed and distributed Thanksgiving baskets in November for those in lredell County hospitals. Engaging in a Christmas party and Roman banquet, they widened their knowledge of Roman food and customs. at a J.V. basketball game, manager Joy Matthews Front row - A. Kirby, president, L. Adler, v.-president: R. Sparks, secretary, S. Turnipseed, treasur- erg M. Boyce, sergeant-at-arms. Second row - B. Baker, R. Morgan, P. Lee, C. Davidson, K. Lam- berth, M. Angel. Third row - P. Davidson, S. Mullis, D. White. L. White, B. Hopkins. Back row - B, Baker. J. Huneycutt. T. Gill. B. Gwaltney. and C, Davis. 62iClubs M 'vw Fascinated by the colorful Greek and Roman history, JCL member, Lou Ann White exam- ines several books donated by the club. AFS Plans Trip To Pennsylvania Through the American Field Service, members gained insights into native customs and governmental systems at home as well as abroad. Students joumeyed to Pennsylvania for a student exchange program. The trip served to unite our school with an Amish coummunity in Lancaster. At the end of March Northern students repaid the visit, giving them a chance to study life at SHS. Later during the annual AFS weekend, foreign exchange students from surrounding areas gathered in Statesville for a weekend of fellowship, parties, and enlightening discussions. Under Benji Leaptrott's supervision, many interesting programs were enjoyed. Vice-president Elizabeth Gaines discussed and showed slides on the Camping Tour of the West. Although the club was not able to sponsor an exchange student this year, members did get a chance to learn about Germany through Mrs. Allen Revier and her son Steve. The candy sale helped raise needed funds to support a froeign exchange student in the future. ...Q - Making good use of available materials, AFS President 'Benji Leaptrott and Cheryl Alexander finalize last minute preparations for the up- Elizabeth Gaines views many films aburt Penn- coming trip to Pennsylvania. sylvania's illuminating heritage. AFS: Front row: Mrs. N. Dearman, advisorg B. Leaptrott, presidentg E. Gaines, vice-presidentg G. Gilliam, secretary. Second row: J. Harmon, S. York, W. Barnard, L. Faust, L. Mundhenke, P. Bruning, J. Brooks, J. Eller, C. Davidson. Third row: M. Sherrill, T. Breneman, J. Stroud, J. Barnard, N. Curlee, E. Aman, A. Chuber, M. Long, J. Mathews, C. Alexander, M. Raymer, K. Alexander. Fourth row: A. Archibald, C. Gilliam, N. Sisk, G. Riera, M. Bristol, D. Fetzer, L. Stanley, K. Englebert, J. Lloyd, J.J. Griffith, M. Walsh. Back row: J. King, S. Armour, R. White, E. Boyd, B Goode, J. Dooley, J. Mclunkin, and C. Dearman. Clubs- 63 Discussions Open Doors To Christian Fellowship The Fellowship of Christian Athletes promoted Christian fellowship in the student body and athletic teams. The meetings were few but meaningful for those who attended. Sponsoring a devotional period three mornings a week, president Tripp Armistead encouraged students to practice fellowship throughout the day. Tapes and discussions inspired members to gain a better understanding of their fellow man. Before Christmas Mr. Cowles Bristol showed a film which encouraged them to become more aware of Christianity during the holiday season. The club elected Angie Davenport for their sweetheart and worked under the guidance of Coaches C.A. Frye and Gene Abercrombie. nr Speaking before a group assembled in Coach Jackson's room, FCA pres- ident Tripp Armistead conducts a morning prayer session. FCA: Front row: A. Davenport, sweetheart, T. Armistead, president, J. Griffith, vice-president, D Hall, secretary, E. Cook, treasurer. Second row: S. Frye, B. Owen, R. Reid, B. Young, J. Goode, J. Dooley, R. Whiting. Third row: C. Raiford, C. Myers, J. Norris, D. Waugh, L. Whitesides, E. Davidson. Fourth row: K. Nesbit, J. King, S. Kitchings, D. Harris, T. Blackwell, S. Sweeny, B. Adams, P. McDaniels. Fifth row: K. Snoddy, L. Davidson, R. Bailey, M. Wyatt, B. Morrison, D. Potts, R. Hellard. Sixth row: P. Raiford, G. Riera, B. Carson, K. Davis, C. Armistead, B. Walker, M Lewis, C. Boggs, M. Haddix, P. Long. Back row: D. Watts, J. Milstead, H. Tsumas, T. Adams, and G. Dobbins. 64 - Clubs A ' i-.. is-'s"""N0 .J-N 'yank I Giving a meaningful talk on the influence of Christianity in everyone's life, Mr. Cowles Bristol addresses FCA. , V BME Ul ll Boosters Pack Food for Athletes Members of the '74-'75 Boosters Club directed their enthusiasm and ideas towards promoting school spirit and rendering services to the athletic teams. Laura Phelps headed the club and organized projects such as making Members who assumed the chore of In order to keep students well informed of cur- rent athletic events, Boosters club members Nan Douglas and Kelly Laminack update the marquee. COIIICSI. Front row: Mr. Snow, advisor, L. Phelps, pres, K. Kelly, v. pres., S. Abercrombie, v. pres., P. Burning, sec., T. Poole, treas.g Second row: M.L. long, J. Brooks, K. Epps, L. Harmon, E, Aman, L. Adler, A. Chuber, P. Huggins. Third row: L. Lapish, C. Alexander, M. Angell, B. Baker, J. Eller, J. Matthews, C. Davidson, M. Raymer, M. Sherrill, L. Gilliam. Fourth row: S. Honeycutt, B. Hopkins, S Spratt, B. Lamberth, M. Curlee, R. Stikeleather, K. Gilleland, G. Gilliam, G. FOX, E. Harrington. Fifth row: J. Um- berger, T. Chamberlain, G. Johnson, T. Harmon, E. Gaines, D. Fox, C. Norris, N. Douglas, G. Ogburn. Sixth row: C. Gilliam, J. Cahion, A. Archibald, L. Brantley. Seventh row: S. Cashion, J. Wells, G. Arrington, D. Shelton, L. Faust, S. Lazenby, D. Rowe, M. Freeman, J. Goggs, J. Justice, K. Laminack, Eighth row: M. Brown, R. Smith, M. Whiterington, D. Hunt, E. Johnston, D. Hodges, M.B. Lavender, K. Messick, A. Kirby, K. Messick, J. Pero. Ninth row: P. Hamilton, A. Davenport, J. Hunter, P. Adams, J.J. Grif- fith, C. Raiford, P. Raiford, E. Cook, C. Hoffman, J. Harmon. Tenth row: J. Harmon, M. Walsh, S. Blevins, C. Campbell, G. Riers, J. King, D. Lytton, and M. Lockman. cleaning the trophy case busied themselves with dusting plaques, trophies and old team pictures. Money raised during the candy sale went toward sponsoring a dance and taking care of the needs of the various teams. Boosters had sandwiches for hungry basketball players a large membership as the club was open traveling to away games. Boosters also to all students genuinely interested in provided oranges for wrestlers and made unifying the student body and athletic favors for the football teams. teams. As a result of many trying hours of hardwork, Boosters Club's float won second place in the Clubs FHA Deoorates Room At Ruthie-'s Day Care Center Spearheading FHA's worth-while activities were Debra Harris and Deborah Houston. FHA members utilized their domestic skills in furnishing and decorating a room at Ruthie's Day Care Center. As further service to the community, the girls graciously presented Thanksgiving Baskets to residents of Hill Haven Rest Home, Stovall Rest Home and Nursecare, Inc. The club also engaged in the task of painting the football benches. X . 1' 'aw . 1 if . .-mm. X Me- . 'sl' 5 w ' T' After decorating Ruthies' Day Care Center with colorful animal prints, FHA member Doris Allison discusses them with a delighted child. 66 - Clubs FHA: D. Fox, sweetheartg D. Harris, presidentg D. Houston, vice-presidentg P. Cornelius, secretary, G. Howard, treasurer, P. Ferguson, sweetheart. Second row: V. Daniels, R. Roberts, A. Feimster, L. Paton, S. Powers, F. Hall, L. Pennall, L. Brantly, K. Fox, C. Rosenbalm. Third row: C. Summers, C. Cox, T. Rucker, V. Nesbit, G. Shuford, N. Yocum, D. Harris, B. Foster, E. Aman, A. Sullivan, R. Tevepaugh. Back row: M. Cable, J. Sloan, D. Allison, J, Lackey,L. Goodwin, B. Park, L. Howard, S, Robbins, S. Smith, and M. Caldwell. rfrfyjilv .,,,.,..... , . "T R' Demonstrating the correct way to load a machine, Kathy Teague prepares to wash soiled towels. FTA Sponsors SHS Open House FTA: Front row: B. Roseboro, sweetheart, C. Barber, President, D. Young, Vice-President, S. Powers, Secretaryg F. Hall, Treasurer. Second row: T. Waugh, S. Miller, S. Blevins, D. Houston, F. Daniels, G. Shuford, B. Foster, G. Rosby. Third row: P. Huggins, G. Ogburn, R. Smith, L. Little, S. Waters, P. Mattox, L. Blackwell, K. Sloan, and C. Cowan. Under the direction of advisors Mrs. Vera Webster and Mrs. Martha Kepley, Future Teachers of America successfully completed several service projects. President Cynthia Barber activated members with her enthusiasm for the club's worthwhile endeavors. Money-making projects this year included the annual candy sale, a candied-apple sale during basketball season, and a bake sale. During American Education Week, FTA members sat in on elementary and junior high school classes to observe teaching techniques. FTA also sponsored an open house at SHS early in the year. Other service projects included distributing Thanksgiving baskets for various elderly people in the community, Operation Mrs. Santa Claus, Christmas caroling at resthomes in the area, and an Easter Egg Hunt for Ruthie's Day Care Center. an-an-an V .if 5357 if v 3 . v ' ,l X i 1' f Q iirqf Devoting her time to the New Instructors' Aid project, Debbie Shoemak- er helps children improve their writing skills. Posing as Mrs. Santa Claus during FTA's Operation Mrs. Santa Claus, Ginger Ogburn listens as the children list what they want for Christmas. Clubs - 67 x ' V i if , R 1 fi wi 1 X ' 5 it iv I 3 I i I .0 Ji 6: li 4 9'-"2 - , ,T 'f W 3 ' - 4 Mtg. ,N E, ' Ai' ' Vm.f 9 25' - ' Mwfffm,-Q " 'nth A 'G' .9 J ,K +1 ' rg iv QM. JE M ,ga V - V ,. ,V 4' k',' Magi- p V ,AM 1, ' .M L f ,V A -W -, ,Q , r Mi., .QQ up . , 2 f r I 'H 'A 'H V an Q, " 'f is .lv 4 A,.,,,-A xv, M3 L, a S V mf? . V ' "I , ""' . ' y ' 2 I ' ?'f ff, Sir fi-kg ' ? ' , ,fin in mf H M. Sports Like carefully tuned instruments In an orchestra Athletes blend their individual talents To insure a smooth team performance. Participant and spectator alike Thrill to sounds like The crack of the bat as it meets the ball, The wrestler's silent struggle upon the mat, And the outbreak of "Loyal and True" After a Greyhound touchdown. Whether the game is won or lost Is ultimately unimportant. Our emotions are in harmony whether We find ourselves submerged in the Suffocating melancholy of failure Or engulfed by the ecstacy of victory. 'Q " ,ki' ' . ,' T .K V Sports -- 69 Greyhounds' Comeback Threatens SPC Opponents Completing two weeks of summer training, Statesville prepared to meet their Mooresville rival in the away opener. Rain postponed the heartbreaking encounter in which the Hounds suffered defeat by an extra point. Huddled under umbrellas and tarpaulins, SHS fans packed Hound Hollow for the initial l974 Conference kick-off. Down from a loss earlier in the week, SHS was unable to stop a powerful Kannapolis drive. A comeback was in order, and Greyhounds patrons weren't disappointed. Concord's defense held its first two opponents scoreless, but the Hound's mighty offense proved too fast for them and SHS captured its first victory. Playing an almost faultless ballgame, the Greyhounds worked together to hand Thomasville an upsetting defeat. Lexington Homecoming asperations were also crushed by the brutal Statesville unit. Returning home with three wins, the Hound momentum was climaxed by the Homecoming game. Through -out the game Asheboro dominated the statestics, but SHS held fast. Tied late inthe fourth quarter a Hound touchdown was called back because of a quick whistle. Efforts to score again were useless, and the game remained deadlock. The encounter against Salisbury was crucial if the Hounds were to be assured a spot in the play-offs. These hopes vanished when the offense failed to move, and the defense failed to hold the Homets. Winding up an eventful season, the Hounds easily romped Albemarle and Trinity. Providing their time and coaching to the team were Mr. Gene Abercrombie, Mr. Jesse Jackson, and Mr. C.A. Frye. Teamwork was the key to the successful season. Kyle Snoddy sent many punts deep in the opponents' territory. Leading the defensive attacks were Randy Reid, Bradley Young, John Goode, and John Norris. Offensive yards were contributed by Charles Blackwell, Duck Bailey, Danny Renwick, Billy Roseboro, and Steve Frye. Frye also led in scoring. On the other end of Frye's passes, Tripp Armistead and Bill Owen earned much recognition. Spoiling an effort to run back a punt. David Potter f86J drives the ballcar- I rier helplessly to the ground. 70 - Sports While the ref marks off an additonal I5 yards against the Greyhounds. Gil Fox and Coach Abercrombie express disappointment at the call. Lowering his shoulder and striving for better field position. Billy Roseboro 1323 meets Trinity's defensive backs with force and determi- nation. . eS..3"?"ik -A ....... ..... A? ' .. ' m"s - it Av .X fi. il. C. iiii1sWt3t1'fwB is -1 fe W V135 We is it A pp.: -R 'F x ig ' ..- .1, Q V, 'F J - ni F39 ,"te I A .Wy " iff-Hi..f'i 1' A Qj--- W A p ,tw Sk . G 5.5 ,.q 3 ,QA 'LVA 'l SA "i QWSW. . 1 1, . 5:59 J V X V 1 -f ,iv ' -5 .v1'5m. ti.. -F .S iiutfgva ak. 1. , 14 wi sb eg, D X f le se i it 'H+ 'Thr M55 X . W t t -F eutx t,.,, - W ,kklc K 1' .A KV k A 1 The 1974 Varsity Football Team: Front Row - R. Reid. B. Young, J. Goode, M. Campbell. J. Dooley. R. Bailey. K. Keaton. D. Renwick. Second Row - T. Blackwell. R. Braun. T. Armistead. S. Frye. B. Owen. J. Norris. K. Snoddy. A. Stevenson. Third Row - P. Long. S. Kitchings. P. Nicholson. P. MCDaniels, M. Thompson. S. Overman, R. Peet. C. Blackwell. Fourth Row - G. Fox. T. Adams. J. Milstead. M. Lewis. M.Haddix, D. Potter. D. Barnette. M. Robbins. M. Wyatt. Back Row - Coach CA. Frye. F. Woods. Coach G. Abercrombie. R. Lukey. R. Hillard. and Coach J. Jackson. Sports - 7I , Extra Points Decide Hound's Fate in Close Games Destroying a Concord runner's drive for yardage, Tripp Armistead 1849 and Johnny Norris 142D down him at the line of scrimmage. 72 F Sports Threatened by an oncoming defensive line, Charles Black- well l22l sweeps wide along the right side line. . 0 be--M " Suffering from a knee injury sustained while intercepting a pass, half- back Johnny Norris 1427 leans on Kyle Snoddy 4145 for assistance to the bench. intently watching the Greyhounds in fourth quarter play, the SHS bench stands by to give teammates encouragement. 3 Goode hm Wu :LJ b Randy Reid -x MM' X Iill wen Y dey A I I Steve Frye Ronme Hxllard 74 - Sports Winning Streak Motivates Greypups From the beginning the Greypups had their work cut out for them as they defended the J.V. Conference Championship. Although the team lost the title, the season was far from being unsuccessful. After bringing home back- to-back wins, SHS dropped three consecutive games. Pulling themselves out of the slump, the Cvreypup's season ended with a five game winning streak. the goal and the front line, Fulback Harry Tsumas plunged over for the score. Soccer-style kicker Bob Palmes rarely missed a field goal and booted many deciding points for the Greypups. During the encounter with Kannapolis there seemed little hope forthe Greypups, but a strong desire to win pulled them through it. Enough can not be said about the powerful defense which held Alexander Central, Asheboro, and Trinity scoreless. Often a strong blitz caused the opposing quarterback to throw an interception. Like any other Statesville football team, the Greypups leamed early to keep the ball on the ground. Manning the quarterback position for the Pups was Sammy Turnipseed. Taking the hand offs and hitting the holes, Gus Parsons and Stanley Long fought their way for needed yardage. With only a few yards between Challenged by short yardage situations, the defensive team worked together and stopped the plays. Marlin Tate and Charlie Heye coached their third of four winning seasons this year. SHS ""i"'l . , .... Trinity 5.3 tlt . o 2 .. , ,, 1 if r sk- it Booting the ball from the 26 yard line, Bob Palms 1401 adds three points to the Greypups' score in a game against Asheboro. ' Desperately needing a first down, Stanley Long t3lJ After receiving a lateral pass from the quarterback, halfback Gus fakes left and rushes around the end fer the needed Parsons C107 lobs the ball downfield to a waiting receiver. yardage. 'l v- ,, a. Q K W if,,....,... .,t, H ,-'-. A Vi Q Q 'K "'r " ' I I F 1. iiii FW' K -iw 1 N S' 9 8 fl . fd?-we 'I B' if r T' .'- if f .. Lg. .. 'F "P" ' ' M 'IMA' , lv 3,.,y - MN , x my X K YQ. K . A K, ,.. lf'-'f S 1 3 Q 212-' s 'exft W bu- U . V tn- . is 'K mb 4' V , . --4"" f '-"- ' -' H f f-as , 1 .I 1 ' -ee up , K. ,.... 'B 1-ff fe. 1-...t eee .H V .3 Z. gg... ,' M - 5 li. ,,-if i X .. h Y , --:Q f... if ', , . av N. x tl f ve g 95' ' "Ti -' g'-:H':."i- R K 'NEB'--9 H ml K 'tif M W W .- , . e, A A' 'A - i P f .i l- P1541 . f ' ' bf, . XJ f 4- are 5' ,J g t. J 'If Haj' --.Te . kv W Wg. 'A .- ' X '1 . mi S FW Q N V 1 3 .i ,,.,.f ....,,,...g ... ...Q 2.63 ... , 1. -7 r- . - .x ,, . q 4- d - KA , - p --- 'ii' ew- K -. V v ee' Ni, it S v Ai.-.L ,, . -'I .. n A . ge K Ygsso 1? 1 KK,,,..a x rdf. Q! fi -A1 J Q ,IRQ 'T 1 V K 3, of 'W-K The 1974 Jr. Varsity Football Team: Front Row - G. Parsons, S. Turnipseed, J. Archibald, D. Watts, C. Murdock, S. Kimbrough, H. Tsumas, S. Long, J. Davidson. Second Row - C. Pearson, J. Stevenson, S. Gilliam, P. Davidson, K. Fulp, M. Brown, C. Shuford, C. Boggs. Third Row: R. Turner, J. Conner, D. Campbell, D. Howard, L. Harper, C. Pennington, T. Hall, R. Kenner, D. Waugh. Back Row - Coach M. Tate, B. Adams. and Coach C. Heye. Sports - 75 Greyhounds Thrill SHS Fans With Series of Close Games The '75 Greyhounds' final record did not prove particularly memorable, but local fans will not soon forget the excitement sparked by the series of feverishly close games this year. In their finest performances of the season, the Greyhounds blistered their Salisbury and Albemarle opponents in road victories that bumed down to the wire. Sinking 18 of 22 field-goals to tie the SHS individual single game highscore Wonders. Keith Walker also pumped in needed points in numerous tight games. Center Ed Cook controlled the boards for SHS, while guards Kevin Rankin and Paul Ferguson scrambled and hustled to enforce the Statesville defensive attacks. Coaches C.A. Frye and Jerry Bustle effectively employed a deep, strong bench throughout each game. Kyle Snoddy and Billy Roseboro contributed invaluable skills to Greyhound efforts. Ranked fourth in the conference, opponents found the Hounds to be a formidable foe in SPC encounters. record, forward Johnny Myers led the Hounds with 37 points in a decisive victory over the Kannapolis Little .2 7 gg if The Boys' Varsity Basketball Team: Front Row - R. Bailey, B. Roseboro, P. Ferguson, tri-captain: J. Myers, tri-captain, G. Dobbins, K. Keaton, D. Renrick. Second Row - T. Watts, J. Tomlin, C. Blackwell, E. Cook, K, Snoddy, D. Payne. Bustle, Coach C.A. Frye. S. Gillespie, K. Walker. and F. Woods, manager. 76 - Sports ' I K. Rankin, tri-captain, Back Row - Coach J Turning a steal into an easy bucket is not an Pleased with his twenty points in a game with Salisbury. Johnny Myers takes a well- unusual occurance for a versatile player like deserved rest from the action. Johnny Myers. .l Out manuvering his opponents from the outside, Kevin Rankin . drives down the lane for another bucket. During a crucial moment in the SHS-Thomasville game, Coach CA. Frye calls Ed Cook over to the sidelines to give defensive instructions. Sports - 77 Prior to the opening tip-off, the Greyhound starting five huddle to boost morale. 78 - Sports While senior Johnny Myers positions himself for a defensive rebound, Kevin Rankin attempts to tie the ball up with a Con- cord opponent. ' Q ,, N . ,if up ypyy up sz l R x 4 Soaring high above any defenders, sophomore Sam Gillespie lays the ball through the hoop with ease. Taking advantage of a hole in Asheboro's defense, Michael Woods goes up for a basket. Pups Maintain Even Record Completing the season with an even IO- IO record, the Greypups showed much promise for upcoming years. Defeat struck early when the team dropped both their opening non-conference and conference games. Losing was not always the case however as the Lexington Yellowjackets discovered, as they answered to the strong bite of the Pups. Close games prevailed throughout the season, but Albemarle was by far the tightest as each team fought to gain a substantial lead before time ran out. When the buzzer sounded, the Greypups came out the victor by two points. Each time the Asheboro and Statesville teams met assured everyone of a wild offensive contest. Each game the fine SHS shooting failed to equal the Blue Comets 80 and 95 points. Down from a great loss the Pups bounced back and won four consecutive games before being stopped by Thomasville. The season ended with a dominating win over Trinity. Marlin Tate coached the jayvee boys for the third year. The Boys' JV Basketball Team: Front row - G. Parsons, S. Turnipseed, S. Harris, L. Lackey, M. Woods, K. Holmes. Back row-Coach M. Tate, K. Redmond, H. Morrison, K. Patterson, R. Pou, W. Harwell, L. Gresham, and J. Davidson. Sports - 79 Sampsel Captures 450th Win 'fWe're number one and you're number two" was the harmonious cry from the stands during the final seconds of the WNCHSAA Championship. With the sound of the buzzer the SHS Lassies not only walked off with the l975 Association crown, but also with the pride of breaking a seven yearjinx. Statesville slaughtered their first seven opponents by twenty and thirty points. Under the boards both offensively and defensively, juniors Nancy Lawrence and Mary Myers dominated the scoring and rebounding throughout the season. Traveling to Albemarle the Lassies suffered a very disappointing defeat. With one loss behind them the team started another winning streak. The final two games proved challenging to the Hounds as they slid past Trinity and prepared for a decisive game with Albemarle. Each player's spirit climaxed as she stood the circle awaiting the Statesville- Albemarle tip-off. SHS won the jump and was in full control the remainder of the game. Nothing seemed to stop Cheryl Redmond and Sandy Wilson's outside shooting. The Hounds captured a twelve point victory, but this was not enough to win the bye in the conference tournament. After fighting their way back up to the top the Hounds and Bulldogs met again. A victory gave SHS the conference title and a chance at the association. With the Hounds in foul trouble and down late in the second half against Hibriten, Coach Sampsel turned to his talented bench to help regain the lead. Lynn Davidson, Terri Poole, and Lisa Lapish assisted in bringing the Hounds into the Association finals. Clashing with the Alexander Central Cougars for the third time this season, the Lassies had two victories to their advantage. Behind the tournament,s Most Valuable Player Nancy Lawrence, Statesville built up a demanding lead. Clinching a milestone victory, Coach Herb Sampsel and his Greyhound Lassies accepted their trophy for being the 1975 Association Champions. new, ,sniffer my .... . Lady Greyhoundsf Front row - Coach M. Galliher, J. Hunter, T. Poole, Coach H. Sampsel. Back row D Miller D Harris L Davidson N Lawrence, T. Davidson, M. Myers, S. Wilson, C. Redmond, K. Sloan, and L. Lapish. 80 - Sports After observing Lexington's tough defense, Coach Herb Sampsel plans his strategy for an effective offense. L is 1: During a game with Alexander Central, Nancylawrence out- jumps her opponent and quickly gains control for the Lady Greyhounds. in-.,..,r,,M. s .,., ., 23 Moving to her center position, Tina Davidson pumps the ball over North defenders. Easily driving around her opponent, Mary Myers goes in untouched for a lay-up. N ff, ! , , Sf ,5 22113 Sports -- 8 l l I l Coming down court on a fast break, Cheryl Red- mond adds two points to the Lassies' advantage. Much to the embarrassment of both girls, the referee calls for a rejump when nei ther girl successfully hits the ball, Stealing the ball and racing toward the basket, junior Lisa Lapish concentrates on making With a chance for the Greyhounds I0 regain P0SCSSi0I1 her shot count. 82 - Sports of the ball, Nancy Lawrence tries to tap the ball to one of her waiting teammates. lnexperience Proves Costly The Girls J.V. Basketball Team: Front row - A. Hunter, co-captaing Coach M. Galliherg L.A. White, co-captain. Back row! V. Cowan, J. Umberger, J. Orbison, J. Satterfield, P. Sigmon, and J. Furches. ,amass 'PW Although the J.V. girls did not have a very productive season. they did gain valuable experience for upcoming years. The number of players was largely responsible for their 3-4 record. The Pups main downfall was their defense, but the final games showed marked improvement over the first of the season. Mrs. Marion Galliher coached the Pups. She stressed the importance of teamwork and movement of the ball. Heading the scoring attack were guard Adrian Hunter and forward Vivian Cowan. Louanne White stood out the key defensive player. Co-captains for the 1974-1975 team were Vivian Cowan and Louanne White. if -vm. s Bringing the ball into the forecourt, Adrian Hunter and Louanne White set up for the next play. if if we K t . if '1Q'f?Yfii?lf gL 5354 'H--'. , 511-AWTSSS' Nei: i ., ,. ,. ..:,f,s,,-V s,qg.:i.,,, L, as I , 1 ,. ,... .., . .l.,a-.,.,..-t .za ppl ' - A .fi fqfifig if' wiv: . ,,g:i.L,r,Lj Sports - 83 Summer Sale Funds New Uniforms Whether racing through the band tunnel at home football games or springing into stunts at basketball halftimes, SHS cheerleaders never failed to initiate crowd enthusiasm. The squad returned from camp at Meredith this year with fresh ideas Land a few minor injuriesj and quickly put new techniques into action. Diligently working behind the scenes as well as before the crowds, cheerleaders produced posters, banners, and team favors each week to boost spirit. Pep rallies were an overwhelming success and featured original skits and peppy routines. By conducting a summer candy sale, the varsity squad raised over 600 dollars with which new uniforms were purchased and introduced during basketball season. An energetic J.V. squad ignited spirit in the sophomore class and ran away with the coveted spirit stick during Homecoming festivities. The girls brought recognition to Senior High by taking second place at a fall cheerleading clinic at East Rowan. The J.V.'s also proved as invaluable help to the Varsity in ribbon sales and pep rally plans. Despite hard rain. senior Terry Harmon con- tinues to cheer for the Hounds. Varsity Cheerleaders: Front row -- Cathy Campbell. Second row W- Frances, Daniels, Angela Daven- port. chiefg Ginger Johnson, Robin Stevenson, co-chiefg Nancy Curlee, Stephanie Honeycutt, Kim Kelly. Back row - Terry Harmon, Robin Stikeleather, and Alexis Pickens. 84 4 Sports At the close of the Homecoming pep rally, chief cheerleader Angie Davenport leads an exuberant student body in a final cheer. J.V. Cheerleaders Place ln District Competition Tw, W, , In an effort to inspire spirit, J.V. cheerleader After welcoming the Greyhounds onto the court, varsity cheerleaders return to their Angela Pickens cheers the Greypups on to seats. victory. 1 PLM Q Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Front row: Beth Hopkins, Lauren Adler, co-chiefg Ellen Aman, Judy Wells. Back row: Patti Bruning, Sherrie Stokes, and Laura Harmon. Sports H- 8 Jackson Named Coach of Year Co-Coach of the Year, Jesse Jackson, led the Orapplers to an 1 1-4 record. Opening the season at home against Davie County, the Grapplers seized their first victory by an overwhelming margin. SHS continued to topple their opponents until Asheboro halted the winning streak by a slim tive points. During the Christmas Tournament, SHS placed second as a team, and had five wrestlers to capture firsts, including Bo Walker who was named Most Outstanding Wrestler. With revenge in mind the grapplers set out to beat South during regular season but were disappointed after a 'gdown to the wire" match. Morale lifted as the Grapplers started a second winning streak by thoroughly whipping the opposition. The last four matches ended with two consecutive losses backed by two over- riding wins. SHS was proud to claim two association champs this year, Bo Walker 11951 and Kelly Davis 11001. Those named to the all-conference team included Bo Walker 11953, Kelly Davis 11059, Eric Davidson The Wrestling Team: Front Row 1 R. Whiting- K- Davis- E' Davidson' R' Holbrook' C' pen nington R Braun. C Armistead. T. Templeton. Owen. D. Potter. .l. Goode. B. Wllllwf. K Nesbit. Second Row 1 D. Moore. D. Davis. W. Wor1eY- D- Waugh- T- Robinson' C1 Baker' M' Boyce. S. Cornacchionne. D. Robinson. C. Myers. J. Rafals. P. Davidson. A. Fraley- H- TSUYNHS- N- Guest R. Goss. Back Row - S. Sweeny. manager. M. Flemings. G. Rafals. M- Brown. R- I-Ucky C. Williams. M. Campbell. D. Lytton. B. Carson. C. Boggs. D. Rowe. manager: and Coach J Jackson. so . Statesville Wrestling Scoreboard Statgxtifle 41 Concord V 1495" 50 Davie County Alhe-.nn aries g Statesville 154 North Iredell 42 .,,t yWest Rowan Statesville 48 Kannapolis T Statesville 63 West Iredell Statesville Thomasville Statesville 24 Asheboro Statesville Lexington Statesville 32 Central Davidson Statesville Mooresville Statesville 23 South Iredell g X Statesville Trinity 11 121, and John Goode t 1851. 5 ' :sq4m.QQ...m 1' 5 I ll' .lt J 'K in Following a beautiful drive from the fair-way, Dickie Pasckal finds himself in good position for a birdie at the sixteenth hole. Golfers Finish Season Under Par This year's golf season was one when low consistency. His outstanding scores meant victory instead of defeat for performances throughout the season SHS athletes. From the opening drive to assured his selection as MVP for the the sinking of the last putt, Statesville conference. Dickie Paschal was also drew closer to the SPC title for the second selected for the all-conference team. consecutive season. After a quick lunch for extra energy, the team would tee up and begin to play. Many times heavy rains left the greens fast, but usually the breaks were to our advantage. Leading off for the linksters, Bob Reid drove his way down the fair-ways and onto the greens with much ease and Statesville Statesville Statesville Statesville Statesville Statesville Statesville Statesville Statesville Statesville lst lst lst lst lst lst lst lst lst 2nd at Hickory at Trinity at Asheboro at Lexington at Albermarle at Alexander Cen- tral at Statesville at Salisbury Bi-Conference Association The I974 Golf Team: D. Paschal, D. Haas. B. Reid, captain, E. Cook, M. Morrison. C. Crouch, B. Morriosn, And Coach C. Heye. This year's toutnament was held in Lexington. SHS placed first in the conference and second in the association During the tournament, Ed Cook finished with a 7l and was awarded the Blow- scoring medal" at the tournament banquet. ,iv .. , t i In the final round of the association tour nament, Bob Reid anxiously awaits the out come of his putt. Sports 3 87 Runners Set Winning Stride all Displaying superhuman strength at a Salis- bury track meet, Bo Walker exerts himself to the fullest in shot-putt competition. 88 - Spons i . Finishing a track meet in first place seemed to be quite a feat for the cinerman as they did so only once during the season. The distance runners for SHS dominated numerous events, however. Capturing many first place titles during regular season and a third during the association in the mile run, sophomore Kyle Snoddy showed much promise for upcoming seasons. Two-mile runner Mark Flory worked diligently for three years, breaking records and usually crossing the tape first. For this he was named recipient of the Richburg Award. Spectators were always impressed at the sight of Bill McConnell vaulting smoothly over the bar, while down on the ground Bill Owen broad jumped his way to the Most Outstanding Player Award. Despite a disappointing season, the team put forth much time and effort in representing S.H.S. .pf .ff WN Working to maintain his form on the descent, Bill Owens clears five feet in high-jumping competition. Mei x 3rd aPeAshe'boro atifloncord Statesvgillfe at Lexington 'Stateswiflle M at Lexington Statesviiilgw, 3rd ,Ire- ne S i t ,,,,,,,. H. . ,,,,,t-W if Kanriapol is ir. 13: The 1974 Track Team: Front Row - R. Kimberlin and M. Flory. Second Row - B. McConnell, D. Potter, M. Braun, T. Bondurant, P. Arrington. Third Row - G. Dobbins, R. Braun, R. Netterwald, J. Milstead, R. Kiser. Fourth Row - L. Alexander. J. Goodman, C. Sparks, J. Watkins, G. Davis. Fifth Row - T. Armistead, D. Grant, W. Worley, M. Haddix, B. Walker. Sixth Row - K. Snoddy, B. Owens, G. Mills, R. Bailey, N. Black. Back Row -J. Allison, T. Blackwell, and D. Hall. Endurance Key to Success Leading the pack throughout the run, David Hall sprints across the finish line to clinch first place honors. This year's Cross-Country runners planted their mark in thc conference by upsetting many skilled teams. Lack of experience failed to hinder the runners' speed and abilities. Meets began with familiarizing the opposing team with the course by walking them through it once. After a brief pep talk, the team lined up alternately on the starting line. Each coach synchronized his watch and the race began. Over fields, through valleys, between trees, and positions. around ponds, each person paced himself according to his own ability. Ajudge waited patiently for their retum and passed out numbers to the runners. Far out in front at most meets, David Hall sprinted his way across the finish line to take first place for SHS. Teammates usually following close behind Hall were Ed Cook, Eric Davidson, and John Pero. Providing welcomed encouragement for the team from his newly assumed coaching position was Mr. John Davidson. Exerting total effort in the final stretch, Eric Davidson and John Pero press for distinctive finishing The 1974 Cross Country Team: Front Row -- Wesley Waugh, David Hall, Ed Cook. Second Row - Coach John Davidson, John Pero, Clint Myers, Butch Morrison. Back Row - Charles Williams, Kelly Davis, And Eric Davidson. Yi' Sports - 89 Taking a break from a hot and strenuous prac tice, April Davis quenches her thirst with a large Coke. Girls' Tennis Posts Even Record position, sophomore Lisa Lapish faced the conferences toughest players. Even with the thoughts of an oncoming summer, the girls' tennis team geared their concentration to a winning season. For the first match, SHS travelled to South Rowan and brought home an overwhelming victory. During the regular season, the girls hosted and visited ten different teams and posted a 5-5 record. Coach Marion Galliher had the girls play a round robin to determine the top six seeded players. Seeded in the first The team worked together to leam not only the skills of tennis, but also the meaning of good sportsmanship. The team selected April Davis as the Most Valuable Player, based on her leadership and participation. Returning juniors and sophomores cast a hopeful outlook for next year's season. fx Girls' 1974 Tennis Team: Front Row - J. Hunter, L. Lapish, Coach M. Galliher, B. Dame, A. Chuber. Back Row - K. Kelly, R. Heruska, M. Bonds, and L, Jacobs. Leaving her base line position to reach a low forehead shot, Judy Hunter lobs the ball high and out of the reach of her competitor. Statesville - Statesville . . ...... , Wsfftfills Statesville Statesville stgriiviiie .av"'?l Z 90 - Sports . gtg... . .Qg .... Rowanff' i"ii Alberrnarle , ..,. .Wm Karmapolts, Vpzprllqj A5hFP0f'?,t+ W. Hawaii Concord Thomasville ...,. Inexperience had little effect on the season as the Greyhound netters closed with a 7-5 record. Under the direction of Rick Weisner, the boys learned that practice was essential in the development of a strong team. Hopes of an undefeated season rose as they captured their first match, but slowly dwindled as they fell to Salisbury and Lexington consecutively. By Following through on a forehand return, sopho- more Gus Riera centers his thoughts on placing the ball out of his opponents reach. Mitchell tttii T Salisbury iiiiii'ii lly 4 3 QQ i'f,t titi LT Asheboro Karinapolis , K . .1,' V iiill pf Mooresville t'iit S' South iiii Statesville T South Iredell., demonstrating control and teamwork, Jack King and Bobby Kutteh worked their way to the semi-finals in the association tournament before being eliminated by their Lexington opponents. This season gave each team member a chance to enter into competition and improve his playing ability. The team honored Bobby Kutteh with the '74 Most Valuable Player Award. Add-ins Add Up - Total Success awk , . T X' i ., .,,,,, . . W t it yy,t ,,.. llg, , tisy L. .. e JE? e ci.. r J T -ft,'-t .,, ,,.,, ,. . .,,', 4' KW ' H 'ix:" " xt it Boy's 1974 Tennis Team: .l.J. Griffith, W. Waugh, C. Armistead, J. King, B. Morrison, G. Riera L Whitesides, R. Boggs, and Coach R. Weisner, . .V I . V,,l.l,i.,' A , I K ,, ., . f A .,.'ff.'.,.1if1 . Q f Ati , ,J , i . ir, Nxxffi " ,,,, ,xg .... ,.f,,1-'ff ALAAAJAAMLAW4' 1 . f . -A H " ' X ' ,, Watching carefully as he tosses the ball, Bobby Kutteh works to gain a point by dispositioning his opponent. Sports - 91 Hounds Persist Despite Rains Sophomore talent and returning lettermen were the key factors in making Coach Jerry Bustle's first baseball season successful. Although the weather caused many cancellations, it did not dampen the spirit or performance ofthe team. Returning pitchers Claude Raiford and Steve Frye turned in stellar performances in key victories over Salisbury and Trinity. Led by Most Valuable Player Ted lnscore, the hardballers achieved fine defensive as well as offensive strength. Barry Howell, recipient of the Most Desire Award, displayed enthusiasm on the field as well as at the plate. Johnny Norris received the Most Improved Award, and Ted Inscore captured the Best Batting Average Award for the overall season. ,Z I, Disappointed by another strike-out, Chip Baker returns to the bench to watch the remainder ofthe inning. Statesville Statesville Statesville Statesviiie Statesville Statesville Statesville Statesville St atesville The 1973-74 Baseball team: Front Row- G. Fox, D. Poole, D. Renwick, C. Baker. Second Row: B. Howell, M. Sampsel, V. Helper, R. Shuford, J. Norris, C. Raiford, S. Frye. Third Row: D. Bar- nette, H. Huffman, K. Robertson, K. Messick, T. Leaptrott, T. Inscore, and P. Ferguson. 92 -Sports St'atesifiiieg Ey:. Rowan Albermarle Salisbury Davie County Kannapolis Asheboro W. Rowan Concord Thomasville Lexington In the final inning of a close conference match- up, Victor Hepler positions himself for the next pitch, -- vfggfgvvfkki 15? lldiaqg. - ' -. M '...,,,- ,,, f - w f.,'ll'Hnn1..q,,s x ww ,..,,.,,, . --ft.- . - of ' sv-f 'W' --e-vt-nan,-....,.,.u,,, ,,.,, , 1 ' s-...F -1 -A ww-...,, ,. 'H W, M... ,,M,:,WQ1mA,m fx Gloomily conceding the Davie County game is out of reach, Coach Jerry Bustle intently follows the action ofthe final inning. , , If wkiisf. W' :AWA 535 A if Averting their attention to the Statesville batter, Ken Robertson, Paul Ferguson, and Keith Messick abruptly break offtheir conversation. new , Jw, -A. if asa-wk 'aff' , , we .-' -1 is wa' '- .A . .,. QW, Attempting to pitch a no-hitter during the Trinity encounter. Claude Raiford hurls a fast ball across home plate. Sports - 93 kvwjv' . vw , Q! . , . 6 5, ,, A,f " lf 1 W? 5 I -A ' Q' 4 x' A 1" fr Q 4 I .-wh 4 S W,,y .am 1 9,7 S f i M. D ,,, 1 K GMT . K- 3, M ' if - V2 . WW a , ,- 1 1 --us-.-f---f-- 'f,, 1 4 9 Student Life Days parade by Scattered with highlights And special momentsg Those who contribute their talents Are rewarded with our respect and appreciation. We all share in The awe of a pageant, The humor of Stooge Day, The excitement of Homecoming Week. It is here that we glimpse The spontaneity and imagination Of our youth. lt is here we will later Return to remember "The Way We Were." Student Life - 95 Senior Scholars Claim Honors Chosen for their high scholastic rank Mary Sherrill and Patricia Hamilton were selected as Valedictorian and Salutatorian for the Class of 75. They maintained the highest grade averages for five consecutive semesters. The top ten percent consisted of seniors who had upheld the highest grade averages in their class. These students proudly displayed white tassels at the graduation exercises held on May 30. 'f K' A Top Ten Percent: Front row - M. Sherrill, P. Hamilton. Second row - C. Kivett, K. Alexander, J. Williams, M. Ramsey, L. Huneycutt. Third row - S. Wilson, A. Kiser, E. Gaines, L. Kitchings, J. Harmon. Fourth row-C. Redmond, W. Carson, K. Gilleland, A. Davenport, G. Gilliam. Back row- D. Haas, J. Lloyd, D. Tucker, D. Fox, and J. King. Not pictured! D. Turnipseed. for 'ef -al!" 96 - Student Life Tx, O f' 1' Q N I ., Q, . ff .R , Mary Sherrill -- Valedictorian Pat Hamilton --- Salutalorian MZ . f-"W" j KVIX 6 ii1 . Governor's School Nominees: John Rowe, Margaret Wasson, Charleen Aldrich, Julie Davidson, lra Lackey, and Glenda Arrington. Juniors Assist At Graduation The top twenty juniors were appointed as junior marshalls. Selected on the basis of their outstanding academic achievements, they assisted at the 1975 graduation. Six accomplished juniors were nominated to attend the l975 summer session of Governor's School. They were chosen on the basis of academic standing, art, or musical abilities. I Junior Marshals: Front Row - K. Baumgarner, co-chiefg S. Blevins. co-chief. Second Row- S. Cavendish, B. Sipes, G. Ogburn, B.J. Parlier, A. Feimster. N. Douglas. M. Wasson. Third Row g R. Smith. L. Gilliam, L. Lapish, S. Lazenby, C. Aldrich. I. Lackey. Back Row 1 J. Barnard, G. Riera, S. Overman, and M. Wyatt. Not pictured: C. Williams. Student Life 1 97 Coveted Title Open to Girls This year two of the three Iredell County Moorehead semi-finalists were chosen from SHS. Mary Sherrill and Pat Hamilton were selected on the basis of academic achievement, character, contributions to the school, and leadership qualifications. Mary was also one ofthe six district finalists as a result of her Salisbury interview. This was the first year that the highly coveted scholarship was made available to WOIU Cfl. 1975 National Merit semi-finalists included Gwyn Gilliam, Linda Kitchings, Joan Harmon, and Mary Sherrill. The selections were based on academic records, PSAT, and NMSOT tests. Morehead Nominees: Joan Harmon, Pat Hamilton, Mary Sherrill, David Fox, and Jack King 98 E Student Life National Merit Semi-Finalists: Joan Harmon, Mary Sherrill, Linda Kitching, and Gwyn Gilliam. Delegates Attend Seminars Jack King and David Haas served as Boys State Nominees. They took part in a mock government run by all Boys State Nominees at Wake Forest University this summer. The veterans of Foreign Wars honored Cindy Moose as the Voice of Democracy winner. Kathy Teague was chosen for the Betty Crocker Homemaker Award due to her superior score on a homemaking comprehensive test. Boys' State Nominees: .lack King and David Haas. Voice of Democracy: Cindy Moose. Betty Crocker Homemaker Award: Kathy Teague. Student Life - 99 Board Handles School Elections The responsibility ofthe Election Board was to make all elections run smoothly. Not only did they count the ballots, but prior to an election they typed and passed out the ballots to homeroom teachers. Members kept the results secret until Mr. Stroud announced them to the entire student body. After a tense audition session judges granted six Grenadiers the All State Band distinction. Chosen by her classmates and a faculty committee, Elizabeth Gaines served as DAR Good Citizen. Her duties included speaking for the local chapter on the quality of dependability. 'Q 't I 5 2 A Til 2 -tl r All State Band: John Rowe, Linda Green, David Middleton, Julie Sloan, Randy Morgan, and Chuck Dearman. 100 - Student Life as . t K ' 'Mm Y7 'Q f Election Board: Front row: Chris Gilliam, Cathy Davidson. Back row: Tom Templeton, Mr. Loyd Dixon, Mrs. Pat Ridenhour, Barbie Dame, and Sammy Gillispie. 'Y Q ' 'E , DAR Good Citizen: Elizabeth Gaines. Student Assembly Officers Represent Student Body Student Assembly officers worked together with David Fox, president, to represent the students at SHS. Elizabeth Boyd, co-vice-president, headed Club Council and Robn Stevenson, co-vice- president, led the Human Relation and Lounge Committees. Each year Fi-Y honors a sophomore who exemplifies good character. This year's S'Honorary Sophomore" was Lauren Adler. Club sweethearts this year represented FCA, FHA, FTA, Fl-Y, and Key Clubs. Female sweethearts represented their respective clubs in the annual Queen of Clubs Pageant. Student Assembly Officers: David Fox, president, Gus Riera, secretary, Ira Lackey, treasurer, and Elizabeth Boyd, vice-president. i s. Club Sweethearts: Tripp Armistead, Fi-Y, Billy Roseboro, FTA, Nancy Curlee, Key, Angie Davenport, FCA, Paul Ferguson, FHA, and David Fox, FHA. Honorary Fi-Y Sophomore: Lauren Adler. Student Life- 101 Seniors Honor Worthy Peers ln recognition of their many contributions to the school and their outgoing personalities, Tripp Armistead and Alexis Pickens were awarded the coveted title of Mr. and Miss SHS. The entire student body participated in voting for the two seniors they felt best represented SHS Twenty-five seniors were selected to Who's Who, an honor bestowed upon them by fellow senior classmates. For the first time this year possible recipients were screened through club council. They narrowed the list from fifty to thirty-fiveg then seniors voted again. This was done in hopes that only the most deserving seniors would receive the award. Who's Who: Front row: D, Harris, J. Harmon T Armistead S Frye N Curlee Second row M Bristol, P. Hamilton, B. Dame, L. Davidson J Norris D Fox T Ferron Back row W Carson J Williams, T. Templeton, K. Gilleland, R. Stevenson B Polk A Davenport E Games L Phelps E. Boyd, J. King, G. Johnson, and N. Black Miss SHS: Alexis Pickens Mr SHS Tripp Armistead 102 -- Student Life ww- Nancy Curlee 4- Queen of Clubs ....,m,m- -s-...,,M-mmm 'Q-...t .. Senior Girls Claim Titles During halftime at the Homecoming game, Nancy Curlee and Robin Stevenson were crowned Homecoming Queens by co-captains Randy Reid and Billy Rosoboro. 'lhey were chosen by members of the Varsity football team. Miss Merry Christmas, Ginger Johnson was chosen by the entire student body, on the basis of her personality and appearance. She represented SHS in the annual Christmas Parade. Nancy Curlee was selected over fifteen other contestants to reign as Queen of Clubs, Nancy was selected for her poise, personality, and overall appearance. 5 Ginger Johnson 1 Nliss Nlerry Christmas X Nancy Curlee and Robin Stevenson 1 Homecoming Queens Student Life M- 103 Greaser Day Brings Back the Nostalgic Fifties Pony tails, bobby sox, tee shirts, two-tone ssii - shoes, letter sweaters, red lipstick, lucky Strikes, shades, Vitalis, and Evening in Paris cologne descended on SHS on January 31, 1975. It was the first annual Greaser Day ever to be held tofficiallyl on campus. The vast majority of thc student body dug into their closets and attics to produce authentic Fifties attire. SHScrs abandoned today's slang for yesterday's "hip" talk. A few students forgot the "Bump" and picked up the "Bop" as swinging hits from the era blasted over the P.A. system at lunch. Cliniaxing a weeklong spirit campaign Greaser Day emcompassed a lengthy pep rally. An original rock and roll group, "The Greasy Five", made their stage debut in MacGray Auditorium. Several faculty members energetically participated with a cheer revived from their high school days and were enthusiastically received. Skits and other genuine '57 cheers also entertained the assembly. Really "getting into" the spirit of Greaser Day, lfrench and Spanish classes learn some ofthe popular dances ofthe '50As from Glenn "Killer" Pharr and his "hehe" Pat Stuart. 104 - Student Life M fs .MSW - XI., fl'Q4,N Gathering at the usual spot, several chicks and cats discuss possible "hot spots" for the upcoming weekend. Bansasuns..-n-m1 Ulm ' alan itat :gl "Boppin"' to Elvis Presley's 'Jailhouse Rock," sever- al chicks and Cats show some of the latest dances. Addressing the student body at CareerkDay, Neil McGeachy stresses the importance of a good education. t, .,, .js-at N, College Night Sparks Interest College Night was a program sponsored annually by the Beta Club. Students had the opportunity to speak to representatives from various colleges and universities around the state. Helpful information conceming college entrance and academic precedures were made available to students. Career Day was held on February 27 and was sponsored by the Key Club. Students were able to learn about numerous professions and occupations. Neil McGcachy was the keynote speaker and spoke briefly to the student body on the importance of early career decisions. Circulo del Espanol hosted Parents Night This enabled parents to become acquainted with the faculty of SHS. Chatting with Mr. Dixon before Parents Night, Robin Stevenson discusses last ' QQ I 5 V' 1 : , 5 5 i g ? . g f 'Q L it , ' . l g, f , I minute preparations. After obtaining information on Appalachian State University at College Night, Paul Ferguson jots down notes to use in comparing curriculum requirements for various colleges. Student Life Refs Whistle Blows Homecoming "Victory's ln Store for '74" was chosen as this year's Homecoming theme, and Spirit Week was underway. Competitive sophomores, juniors, and seniors plastered the halls with colorful posters and banners. Each class strove to outdo the others by purchasing spirit links in the cafeteria at lunch. Seniors contributed the most money in this department by raising over ninety dollars. However, sophomores captured the coveted Spirit Stick for their over-all enthusiasm throughout the week. A pep rally on Thursday climaxed the week-long school events, and Hound supporters "raised the roof' off MacGray Auditorium in a unified show of genuine spirit. Johnny Norris was the deserving recipient ofthe "Hounds Handsome Haunches" contest, and was rewarded with a pair of f'Lcgg's" panty hose and f'Crazy Legs" hair remover. Friday afternoon under beautiful October skies the cheerleaders, band, club floats, Homecoming Court, and sponsors dazzled spectators who lined North Center Street for the annual Homecoming Parade. Fi-Y and Key Club tied for first place in float competition with Boosters following behind in second place. Greyhounds set the bleachers on fire at the game that night, when their second touchdown was scored on a brilliantly executed play. Due to a referee's blunder, however, the touchdown was recalled. The SHS varsity salvaged a tie in the final moments of the fourth quarter to the crowd's elation. Halftime Ceremonies featured the presentation of the football sponsors, and the crowning of Homecoming Queens Robin Stevenson and Nancy Curlee. :"- ., if .1 'X The I974 Homecoming Court: Front Row - Alexis Pickens, Nancy Curlee. Lindsay Jones. Back Row - Robin Stevenson, Angela Daven- port, and Christina Webster. guys W,-ef' ff After weeks of planning and hard work. Fi-Y members proudly parade down North Center Street on their first place float. I06 - Student Life if 'fn-. 1. As Spirit Week climaxes with an outstanding pep rally, Angela Davenport presents Johnny Norris With the "Hounds Handsome Hauches" award. 2. Winding up Homecoming Week activities, students spend Saturday night dancing to their favorite songs. 3. The 1974 sponsors: Front Row - Betty Foster, Lisa Brantley, Sandy Cavendish. Ann Chuber, Christina Webster, Nancy Curlee, Ann Archibald, Melanie Walsh. Back Row - Deborah Houston, Patti Bruning, Mary Love Long, Betty Jo Parlier, Robin Smith, Lynn Davidson, Gale Shuford, and Barbara Overhy. Student Life- l07 Pageant Provides Beauty and Entertainment On l-'ebruary thirteenth the Maciiray Auditorium was transformed into the magical Land ofOz, with sixteen beauties accenting the stage. The annual pageant, sponsored by Club Council, opened with Sharon Abercrombie's moving rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." The pageant was centered around the theme "Good-bye Yellow Brick Road," and featured Benji Leaptrott as Elton John. Jeff Corbett made his third appearance as emcee and recognized the distinguished panel of five judges. After eight semi- finalists were narrowed to four finalists, Nancy Curlee was crowned Queen of Clubs, with Barbara Polk taking first runner-upg Kay Gilleland, second runner- upg and Lauren Adler, third runner-up. 108 Student Life fl it if -3 in "b, 5. X. 6 1. Smiling radiantly, finalist Barbara Polk listens intently to the question being asked by Master of Ceremonies Jeff Corbett. 2. Queen of Clubs finalists- Barbara Polk, first runner-upg Nancy Curlee. 1975 Queen of Clubsg Kay Gilleland, second runner-upg and Lauren Adler, third runner-up. 3. Performing in the opening number ofthe pageant, Sharon Abercrombie lalias Dorothyl delights the audience with her rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." 4. After hearing thejudges final decision, Nancy Curlee expresses her elation and surprise at being chosen the 1975 Queen of Clubs. 5. Posing as Elton John, Benji Leaptrott entertains the pageant audience with "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road." 6. Prior to the selction ofthe finalists, the eight semi-finalists appear again for the judges. Student Lifeg I09 "' I QA W it K Y' AA! if Q I , fr. , mf' 5 .F Qff:3" X '14f'i H, ff ,.'. ,J , ' ., . , .ld 1' ' ' 40' 4 ' ax, ". ' 1 2 kg 2 ,B. QA, X I I' l 10- Student Life in ,B 'fp 'iff , ' 3 if 1 wp Q 5" ADI f " Romantic Rainbow Setting Holds Pot of Golden Oldies for Couples. The Junior-Senior highlighted the spring poured into the cafeteria. Dancing under social season at S.H.S. f'Over the pink angel hair clouds and suspended Rainbowi' was voted on as the theme, and raindrops, couples enjoyed old beach the Drifters entertained with a pot of favorites such as "Under the Boardwalk" "golden-oldies." and "Up On the Roof," as well as the contemporary top forty. When the dance Hoof became too congested, the overflow mingled at the refreshment table or moved into the lounge for pictures. The lights came on at midnight, revealing drooping crepe paper and hair do's. People retrieved their coats and shoes The spirits of the junior class were never dampened as they worked steadily through a downpour of rain on prom preparations. As the storm finally subsided, a crepe paper rainbow fittingly appeared at the head of the bandstand. After weeks of hunting dresses and from the table area, and then set out for struggling with tuxedo rental firms, the round of parties and breakfasts that juniors, seniors, and their fortunate guests followed. ts, sift 1. Looking through pamphlets concerning available bands for the prom, Junior class ad- visor, Mr. Jerry Bustle offers his advice on en- tertainment and decorations to officers Steve 4. Anticipating crowded conditions in the cafe- Frye, Nancy Curlee, and Robin Stevenson. teria, junior Benjie Leaptrott prepares table dec- orations for the lounge. 2. Taking a break from the dynamic sounds of the Drifters, students form a line around the 5. With a change in tempo, Jr. - Sr. couples punch bowl, anxious to quench their thirst, draw close and take advantage of the romantic atmosphere. 3. Rushing to complete decorations for the Junior-Senior, Ginger Johnson, Mary Brown, 6. Really getting into the music, the Drifters Ann Kiser and Kitty Alexander put the finishing give off soulful vibrations at the Junior - Se- touches on the bandstand. nior. Student Life - 1 11 Exciting Programs Break Routine 3 QE V1 1 Gr ,i ' ix ' 1? 2 i 12 M, i '53 J X V ii mr S 1 l 12 4 Student L fe 2 5 l 2 3 4 5 6 Burford Cherry, president of the Circulo de Espanol, briefly describes the objectives of the club during club orientation. In an effort to spark involvement during Spirit Week, Carole Kivett, Laine Shaner, 1 Joy Mathews, and Lisa Brantley express disgust at the sight of Joe Duncan's rippling biceps. At the command of their masters, Fi-Y stooges good-naturedly participate in a pep rally skit. During SHS's Spirit Week, Joe Blevins presents Coach Abercrombie with a well- deserved Coach-of-the-Week Award. Addressing the student body during Fi-Y's February assembly, National Youth Chairman Steve Webb solicits help for March of Dimes projects. During the first pep rally of 1975, Mr. Stroud presents Elizabeth Boyd with her Who's Who certificate. Student Life u-Q S? me 'll' 3 J.-.-"5 r d lhnq., ?"""' LE ,, A L . . 1, Mxkx M 'N-if ee, ,.. E A . 1 1 xv v Q . A Student Life - wg? Q. 'We're all acc4 an unsure world Youare not gc-:tt JAYCEESQ iiiy s Llfe ,ig You're gett1 Nucl-W If X Beach - i - -,J ' C"0'1 f' ng i e- nplished loafers here' Involve g olden W better! ll Youcan ,Q I can But you have to want y 9 to and be preparec " ll Q th - d. Q. e 1966 J !,,f-ff -ff U Yo meet a DSW ffzf Q! DoTheXears mTo Pass Too Fas . . .gllpnge every day Broad Range of Events and People Compose Year Mix Student Life f ll9 5 s if .-4, fx , the Q ' - S. , , 5 Q Q W.. " ' 3 . i i Student awareness expands 1 nr beyond the confines of SHS In l974 75 the world offered us historical landmarks an economic recession dynamite entertainers and musie Nixon resigns receives pardon from l-Ord I C an Help Ford and Rockefeller become first president and vice president not elected by the people Me and You Against the World Watergate draws to a close after four ye irs The Tri ll ot Billy Jack Crreylassies end 46 g ime winning streak The Way We Were no I song of 74 Trouble m Cyprus Dyno mite China Grove Ciovernor Holshouser visits SHS Mouseketeers Superman retum to The Towering lnlerno mourns deaths ofJ xek Benny and Ed Sullivan . , . The Entertainer' . . . the Six Million Dollar Man . . . Kitty le'1vesCiunsmoke. . . Footsball . . . Hungry Bull I izZ'1Hut. and ermie's open . . . P is for party . . . i verses Forman. . .'BestofMy Love . . . platforms and screwdrivers hit fashion-cons- cious SHS'ers. . . Skin-tight . . .Tony Orlando and Dawn . . . tlu bug sweeps SHS . . . King family victimized at Alabama church . . , SHS'ers flock to Kiss and Elton John concerts . . . "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" . . . "The 310,000 Pyramid" . . . "The Exorcistl' . . . "Tubular Bells" . . . Trouble breaks out in Boston schools . . . Everybody was "Kung Fu Fighting" . . . "Kojak" . . . -Rhodar . . . Pittsburgh wins Super Bowl . . . Ear Day . . . The bump becomes new dancing craze . . . "get down" and "let up" . . . Kissinger marries . . . "Can't Get Enough of Your Love" . . . "The Godfather" and "The Poseidon Adventure" come to TV . . . U.S. endures gas shortage, sky-rocketing sugar prices . . . "Rock Your Baby" . . . "rain rain, go away" Evel Kniev'1l ittempts jump at Snake River C anyon Another World becomes first hour long so ip The Night Chicago Died New stadium planned for SHS Tell Me Something Good F1 15 E I 'QQF ROFF r Wm' 5. vs 1 Oakland takes third consecutive World Series . , ."Mandy". . . "Papillon" . . . Sonny and Cher, l.iz and Dick split. . . "Free bird" . . . "I Shot the Sheriff" . . . Skylab orbits earth . . ."l985". . .WFL formed. . ."The 3 Great Gatsby" . . . Congressman Wilbur Mills and stripper Fanne Fox , . . "Midnight at the Oasis" . . . Low Rider performs for March of W Dimes dance. . , "Sweet Home Alabama" . . . 7 Hank Aaron breaks Ruth's homerun record . . . "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet". . . Johnny Miller dominates golfing tournaments . . . "I Honestly Love You". . .over 65 die Charlotte plane crash . . . Ford copes with Democratic congress . . . "Saturdays Alright for Fighting" . . . SHS Grapplers enjoy winning season . . . "Sally G" . . .CIA investigated . . . "Check it Out!" . . . "Gonna , Boogie Tonight" . . . Chico and The Man - "lt's not my job." . . . West Iredell opened . . . Thousands pack Charlotte's August Jam . . . "lt's only Rock 'n Roll". . . Exams. . . "Can't hack it!" . . . Prince Charles. . . "Looking for a love" . . . Senator Sam retires . . . Sophs win Spirit Stick . . . "Rock the Boat" . . . llood sweeps Honduras . . . "Black f Water" . . . Grenadiers merit superior ratings ' . . . "Scotland the Brave" . . . "The Godfather Part ll" . . . "Earthquake" . . . Argentina loses Juan Peron . . . "right on red" . . . "Wild Thing" . . . Abercrombie named "Coach ofthe Week" . . . "Ms," . . . "Angie Baby" . . . "AM America" . . . 'iLittle House on the Prairie" . . . SLA-Hearst Mystery continues . . . 'iBad Company" . . . Morehead made available to women . . . l'Annie's Song" . . . "Chinatown" . . . Morris the cat becomes superstar. . . "Cat's in the Cradle" . . . "If you believe in peanut butter" , . . Statesville gets massage parlor . . . Ford institutes "W.l.N." motto for ending inflation . . . "The Streak" , . .Y "Don't look, Ethel" . . . graduation . . . seniors bid farewell to SHS, head for the BEACH ..... in ,anvil www king it up: Ava, Billie Jean, David Cassidy, Jack Lemmon, Ringo, Cybill Shepherd, Joan ummm ,yt 93: i -diff' Hackett, Marlen Classes The "People" Within these pages Have come to mean more Than what the black and white Smiling facades represent. We've seen each other In our best- As well as in our worst Moments. And no matter where We go from this point on, We have shared ln the broad realm of experiences Unique to SHS ln 1975. Classes- 123 l i The Rookies The melody we hear Lifts us, Amuscs us, Confuses us, And delights us. The chords are unfamiliar But the beat feels natural And we're slowly Falling in time. lmprovising when we Don't know the lyrics And laughing when We strike the wrong notcs, Each day the harmony is Clearer. i s 5 i ' X fe !fA-,YA ,z""'-x, F , - i Q . Whilc enjoying lunch inthe cafeteria, sophomores discuss President Fords economic policy. S TV---V. i s X -if . . . ,,.... u...,..,.s,. - ..i,,, .,,..,.. , r t - i -L1 r i - - . ,f e fs ' .ft-S f- ' 21:1 'U A' 1 A. . -.', -' ' - , g k eets s ssist i "si . - 5751 . -5 ,. 5 "" Li 55' 3.gfI5? g ff, ,yr 1' "Elf ' Q A K- ii 'i-' I i - ' s A R -A " 5 f -- .,.. .. . 'sirs--gs.f:sf it, .. - ----.-na, ,. . ,paw -,QM - it , . - ss-, f t:N::s.k.g Q,fi'11,,sa1'-1mg- - 5 ' Q v- ' 4- I IZ4 -f Sophomores MLAS. 1M l 1 'f is 'I Sophomore class officers: Sammy Gillespie, vice-presidentg Muffy long, president and Jennifer Brooks, secretary-treasurer. Senior Fi-Y Members Elect Adler Honorary Soph Q I NNW 6 Thomas Abernethy Bobby Adams Lauren Adler Tammy Aiken Cheryl Alexander Thomas Alexander James Allen Andrew Allison Doris Allison John Allison Ellen Aman Charles Anderson 6 ff, L -, .I . , -....,.:....' -'-w' W-ff - . . ,f , 1 ff . 'f-V . v A 2 J f 1 - ' 3" 5' ,a ' J , V ' Q , , i I , t Q - , . L . . , .. Embarrassed by an unfortunate accident, Jackie Eller rapidly gathers her books before the tardy bell, Vanesta Anderson Mary Angell , Michael Anthony Joe Archibald Sophomores 4 I2 126 - Sophomores Cynthia Bellamy Shelia Ann Bellamy Virginia Bellamy Randy Billings Regina Black Barbara Blackwell Joe Blackwell Theresa Blood Doug Blowe Chet Boggs Robin Bolick Bill Bondurant Mark Boyce Todd Brenemen Tim Brittain Boggs Adds Strength To Grapplers and Greypups Phil Arrington Beth Baker Gilbert Baker Jimmy Baker Rhonda Barnes Elaine Barnhart Kim Barrette Robin Bass U Frogs and Insects Intrigue Sophs Ramona Biitto Jennifer Brooks Michael Brown Tommy Brown Dale Bruce Alfred Bruner Patti Bruning Carol Burkett David Campbell Billy Carson Julia Cashion Teri Chamberlain Gail Clarke Guy Clerici Michael Cline Rusty Collins Mark Comer Jim Connor NK Thrcatcned by "St." Jesse Jackson. Kenny Wyatt quickly refrains from making any more "smart" remarks. Sophomores I77 Kathy Connor Sal Cornacchione Jeff Cornelius Vivian Cowan Robert Crawford Sue Cunis James Dalton Sophomore Tonia Pendergrass discovers her locker is difficult to open with Darrell Watts leaning against it. i i el 'ii i A Q QL--.--...... :f............... l wi-.......,,, Sophs Form New Friendships in First Year at SHS 128 - Sophomores Janice Daniels John Daniels Vicki Daniels Tim Daugherty Cathy Davidson Jimmy Davidson Paul Davidson Roy Davidson Colon Davis Margaret Deaton Debbie Dillard Donna Dillard Buster Dobbins Bobby Dooley Tommy Drolet un L i' Gillespie Exhibits Prowess on Varsity Squad Carla Duncan Darlene Edwards Jackie Eller Colleen Ferron Dawn Fetzer Mike Fleming Barbara Fortner Danny Fox Ken Fulp Jane Furches Rodney Garner Mark Gatton Having devised an easier method of browsing, Annette Milsaps leafs through a book from the fiction shelves. Terry Gentle Barbara Geter Robert Gill Tom Gill Sammy Gillespie State Gilliam Tonya Grant Carol Gray Richard Gray Linda Green MMR Sophomores - l29 Gwen Gregory Bill Gwaltney Terry Hall Betty Hamilton Annette Hardy Sandra Harkey Laura Harmon Larry Harper Scott Harris Wayne Harwell Ronny Hawkins John Hayden Kevin Hayes Kirk Henry Martha Herman Teresa Hillard JCL Sponsors Concession Billy Holbrook Gene Holleman Keith Holmes Kenny Holmes Roger Hoover Beth Hopkins l30 A Sophomores Stand at JV Games Lost in deep thought Janet Whiting finds the quiet seclusion of an abandoned gym an excellent place to reminisce. Kirby Pilots Junior Classical League Activities Donna Houpe Katrina Houston David Howard Keith Howell 'P' John Hudgins Jim Huneycutt Adrian Hunter David Johnson eq, Kim Johnson Before the rush of second lunch, sophomores Anna Summers N and Julie Rufty prepare to wipe the long rows of dirty tables. 5 Rita Johnson Steve Johnson Kurt Josey Vickie Josey Ruth Kearns Torie Keller Scott Kennedy Robert Kenner Karen Kimball Steve Kimbrough Angie Kirby Donna Kiser , . Sophomores Muffy Long Guides Perplexed Sophs ,Jpuxu Combining learning and fun in a vocabulary baseball game, Spanish l student Laura Harmon progresses to first base after cor- rectly spelling her word. 132 - Sophomores Jan Lackey Larry Lackey Pam Ladd Beth Lambert James Lambert Teresa Lamberth Ann Lawrence Pam Lee Rusty Lee Gary Linder Edward Linney David Lippard Tami Lippard Keith Long Laura Long Muffy Long ...Z Keith Loudermilt Paul Lowry Theresa Lyons Faye Marshall Joy Matthews Wayne Mayberry P E S Daily Mile Exhausts Panting Underclassmen Penny McCurdy Vickey MCDaniels Debbie McHargue Hope Mills Phil Mills Annette Millsaps Tim Misenheimer Faye Misher Paul Montgomery Donald Moore Mike Moore Ricky Moore Performing with SHS's stage band sophomore Beth L tmbert up pears intent as she plays the electric organ Tony Moore Danny Moose Randy Morgan Horace Morrison Susan Mullis Dean Mundhenke Michael Murphy Patricia Myers Bill Neely Sherry Nesbitt Pickens Directs Award-Winning JV Squad a f ft Lori Nicholson f Robert Oakley .l Jane Orbinson ka C? Lynne Overm an E351 'ig 4-,. Jim Palmer Bob Palmes Gus Parsons "' L d" P' V rm y ia ate X 2- Kevin Patterson Charles Pearson A ' 4 I , , X it -Kitt i wa Tonia Pendcrgrass Chris Pennington Karen Perrin Tim Pharr Steve Phillips Angela Pickens Julie Pipkin Harriet Poplin David Poston Ridgell Pou Sheena Powers Roger Pritchard " i l ' H wr W1 wwe 1- r 1992 uv' Finding the library to be the perfect Spot to relax, sophomore Connie Rowland "stretches out" with a new magazine. 134 - Sophomores Preparing their notes for a sophomore novel presentation, Lisa Stone discusses the authors background with Keith Smith. Phil Raiioid Frances Ramsey R Michael Rankin Mindy Raymer Steve Reaves Gary Reavis SHS Clubs Welcome Active Sophomore Participants Kenny Redmond Allen Reid Jeff Reid Alton Rhinehart Teri Ridenhour Keith Rimmer Nb Rena Roberts Tom Robinson Margaret Rogers Susan Rosser Connie Rowland Gilbert Rucker ' C14 5 'If"'f' 45-7 Six ' Vu " James Rucker Marilyn Rucker Julie Rufty KL- Alfonza Satterfield .lo Ann Satterfield Bessie Scott all S Sophomores 4 135 Sophs Longingly Await Junior Year Ronnie Scott Kelly Sells Looking through various fashion magazines, Carolyn Sharpe sophomore Queen of Clubs contestant Janice Lackey searches for ideas on the newest formals. V ,,,,- X Denise Shelton Bill Sherrill ' 'T' Allen Shuford " ' X, Chris Shuford Q 2 e If X - Q5 x 1 Sophomores Rita Shuford Billy Sigmon Pam Sigmon Patti Small Keith Smith Theresa Smith Traci Smith David Snyder Rita Sparks Debbie Speaks Sandra S ratt Bradley Sprinkle Randall Sprinkle Eric Stames Sarah Steelman Robert Stevenson I 4' I 1, ,al 7, ,,-' 'Q-. Turnipseed, Persons Gain Experience on JV Teams Sherrie Stokes Steve Stroud , ii i Amy Sullivan Familiarizing themselves with various vocations and schools, sophomores Thomas Alexander and Laura Long are helped by Mrs. Martin in the SHS guidance office. i Q' 115, Marla Summerford Anna Summers Crystal Summers Steve Sweeney Mark Taylor Kevin Templeton Brett Thompson Jeannie Threatte Marie Triplett Harry Tsumas Reggie Tucker Allen Turner Michael Turner Steve Turner Sammy Turnipseed Janis Umberger Bobby Virtue Keith Walker Sophomores l 7 Sophs Capture Coveted Homecoming Spirit Stick Tonia Walker Don Wardo Bill Warner Darrell Watts Barry Waugh Dale Waugh Kenny Webb Tommy Weeks Judy Wells 138 - Sophomores -it Finding a recluse away from the throng of first lunch students, sophomores Tonya Grant and Stanley Long share a quiet moment before the fourth period bell Lynn West Bob White Debbie White Debra White "7 Lou Anne White Steve White Janet Whiting William Whittington Vickie Wilkinson Michael Woods William Worley Kenny Wyatt Sharon York 'JY Unaccustomed to SHS's long lunch lines, sopho- mores Sammy Turnipseed and Joe Archibald impatiently wait their turn. Dimes in the Statesville Christmas parade. nf Preparing for a debate in East-European history. Charles Anderson and Thomas Abernathy research their topics, Sophomore clowns Jennifer Brooks and Cheryl Alexander solicit money for the March of Sophomores 7 I39 The Middlemen The songs we sing Are varied and colorful. They complement each other Blending high, light notes and Serious interludes. Lost in our music, We live it and Breathe it. We have yet to Pause, and ponder The meanings interwoven within The songs. Juniors Kim Harris, Delia Earnhart, and Kim Sherrill debate their selections of class rings. -Q1 Sf .- 45 N ' Rliifr 5:- N . . t i t 1 :Q-I 'iii t ' SMX 5 ' " Y X tg Qi f 17" -we 1 1' ?" . Q L-. g out .am-.-........... Junior class officers: Betty Jo Parlier, secretary-treasurerg Ethan Carson, vice- presidentg and Sharon Abercrombie, president. l40 - Juniors Q17 -rv ?x Sharon Abercrombie Paulette Adams Tommy Adams Charlene Aldrich Terry Alley James Allison Nancy Anders Chandler Armistcad Allyson Armstrong Glenda Arrington Eddie Atwell Kim Ayers Chip Baker John Barnard Danny Barnette Abercrombie Plans Early for '75 Junior-Senior A quiet library and a long history report form a perfect atmosphere for Chris Norman to sleep. Q AX Billy Bass Kim Baumgarner Mike Bennett Doris Best Juniors! l4l '76 Class Rings Arrive Early Second Semester Mike Brittain Lois Burrows Marissa Cable Audrey Caldwell Cathy Campbell Paul Campbell Rachel Campbell Pam Carrigan Ethan Carson 142 - Juniors Baron Black Charles Blackwell Lena Blackwell Sherry Blevins Susan Boan Lenzell Boddie Jennifer Boggs Allen Bolick Lisa Brantley Wanda Brawley Taking a break between exams, Jerry Jenkins contemplates upcoming English exam. Susan Cash Sandy Cavendish Drucilla Chambers Edward Chambers Ann Chuber Reba Clark Ronald Clark Thomas Clark Gail Click Ann Cloer Ed Cook Pam Cornelius Caroline Cox Susan Crawford Frances Daniels E. Davidson, Davis Strengthen Grapplers l Anxiously awaiting their parents' arrival after school, Rowe, and Beth White shiver in the crisp, winter air. Mary Beth Lavender, Doug Terri Daniels Terry Daniels Eric Davidson Julie Davidson Juniors Dancer Anita Feimster Charms Halftime Spectators Kelly Davis Steve Dearman Penny Dishman Billy Dison Rusty Dobbins fi Q ' ' Chris Dodd Nan Douglas Steve Duncan Della Earnhardt A Kelly Epps .if x Anita Feimster Sandra Feimster Shirley Feimster Jim Fink .xl Gill Fox Kim Fox Alf Fraley ,- Marissa Freeman 'it ' Marsha Gaither John Garland Dressing himself in an effective Camouflage. lra Lackey finds a unique way of disposing of a table used at the SA. Republican dinner. 144 -Juniors Wanda Gibbs Lisa Gilliam Brian Goode John Goodman Loretta Goodwin David Grant Ronnie Griffith Noah Guest Mark Haddix Billie Hztithcox ii 6 .,, ,qt V, N 1 David Hall Captures Cross Country Team's MVP At the close of the Holiday Tournament, Robin Hall sits forlornly on the bleachers as the team awards are presented. Juniors W- I45 Treasury Welcomes Football Cono Kim Harris Jean Harrison Rodney Hellard Denverd Hodges Craig Hoffman Robert Holbrook 'UA Stephany Honeycutt David Hoover Archie Horne Robin Houpe Genny Howard Eric Howell Joe Howell Pamela Huggins Debbie Hunt Joey Inscore David Jenkins Jerry Jenkins Julie Justice 146- Juniors N ' Q l essions' Income Arrayed in Fi-Y's finest, Kelly Epps rushes to obtain a drink for her demanding master. Posing for a "candid" shot, several juniors exemplify the unity of the Class '76. Lawrence, Myers Aid Greylassies Kelly Laminack Lisa Lapish Debra Lassiter Mary Beth Lavender Nancy Lawrence Sherry Lazenby Tim Leaptrott Cathy Lewis . Mickey Lewis Lisa Little Lisa Lloyd Pressly Long Doug Lowery Sylvia Lowery Robert Luckey Kim Kelly Debbie Kilpatrick Sidney Kitchins Ira Lackey Juniors 148 -Juniors Junior Athletes Graduate To Varsity Status Debbie Lyons Louise Martin Priscilla Mattox Paul McDaniels Leslie Messick Diane Miller Keith Miller Sandy Mills George Millsaps Joel Milstead Kenny Minor Roy Minor Mike Mitchell Butch Morrison Clyde Morrison Steve Murdock Sharon McCIleland November 8, 1957 Mill' 22. l974 Allcn Myers Clint Myers l ,M gg: 'iff' if a 1 x ti M ary Myers Craig Netterwald Parker Nicholson Chris Norman Cathy Norris Ginger Ogburn Billy Onsrud Johnny Onsrud Cindy Overman Steve Overman Betty Jo Parlier David Payne Rusty Peet Karen Pennell Jeff Pettit Spring Prom Preparations Rest on Junior Shoulders lii i In an attempt to keep the class on key. Sharon Abercrombie leads then in a Spanish Christmas carol. 'x ffl:- v MNMQ I Bessie Rankin Celia Rankin David Potter John Rafols Vicki Ramseur Juniors 4149 Riere, Lackey Assist Senior SA Officers 7 Avis Ray Jim Reid Tammy Rhea x" Gus Riera Carroll Roberts Ken Robertson Doug Robinson Lynn Robinson John Rodgers Assisting the teacher with a vocabulary lesson, Charlene Aldrich checks to see if Charles Williams has his defini- tions. 9 i 150-Juniors Carolyn Rosenbalm Elizabeth Ross Doug Rowe John Rowe Terry Rucker Mark Sampsel Georgia Schafer Robert Shepherd Agnes Sherrill l AN -QM.: et. H , "5-if 'I' : 'en--an " : f to . K. f 1 fbi 'X W A i ' W in I ,. 1' - A" -- --w...'xN im , , .Wi 4 V it 5. i,ii so eesi iisee C isie .,,rQ,,gggfg A t f N 'S We i "' Anxious to finalize her college plans, junior Paulette Adams converses with one of the representatives in at- tendance at College Night, 7.,,,,.. orders for class rings. Kim Sherrill Tim Shoemaker Gale Shuford Becky Sipes Crowding around the Balfour representative during second lunch, juniors place Z V, i. A r 3 1 S 1 N th s' k I y X if 3 3 an IS Janice Sloan t - V W 1-QLXWS if 'N' 'H - J Snoddy "Endures" Second Year on Varsity Gridiron 3. var ix 'f 4 AA- Dehhie Speaks Kathey Stinette Gaynell Taylor A: Linda Teasley ffm if Alisa Tevepaugh -ar Mike 'Thompson Jon Tomlin Julie Sloan David Smith Robin Smith Kyle Snoddy Carol Snow Juniors- l5l ii Bicentennial Class of '76 Anticipates Graduation in Nliiry Withcringwn David XVu0Lls l'il'zxnkic Wbods Mark Wy ntl 152 -- Juniors Dclmriili lurnci' Wznwn Vnrncr Nlclilmc VVzilsli Nll1I'g2ll'L'l Vliixsun Shzmmn W'z1lci's liilalic Waugh il inn Wimgli VVz1sluy Waugh .loc VVcil1mil l'lcll1Wl1ilc Rulvclil Whilc Murllizi Whittcnburg flizirlcs Williams .limmy Williams Ronnie VVilliz1ms f' X ' Nancy X ucum in? 1 ., C. 1 'fi' fi ', , I A X' QA-T I Ng- Quill wining iniitcrizxls fm' ll bunk report. Anita Fcimslci' is surprised by ll pair ol' hands i'ciicl1ii'igfi'orn the lmolxshclf. Always a "joy" to be around, Gus Riera clowns for his Spanish classmates. Rushing to complete Spanish reports, juniors Louise Martin, Margaret Wasson, Clint Myers, and Ethan Carson make use of available resources. Eyeing her opponent during an in-bounds play, Nancy Lawrence positions herself for the zone defense. Dividing the remaining moments of last lunch between socializing and studies, Nancy Yocum, Penny Dishman, and Lois Burrow relax by their lockers on the science hall. Juniors- 153 I54 The Graduates The songs now seem Shaded with blue nostalgia. Every event is suddenly as Fervently important as the Last dance, As the last song. New music will Compose the days That lie ahead. However, it is doubtful We will ever sing Another song So clear, So sweet, So uncomplicated again. Senior class officers: Steve Frye. president: Nancy Curlee, secretary-treasurerg and Terry Blackwell, vice-president. . Ql""' S 'my' . 212' fb DP' 1 llllilhl -l-his gjjmt. U 0-'CD Alkiwkiow ,, "tl in-f ss wal Ag Xl lC'lt'O'RLl l After the short but sweet Christmas holidays, Chuck Dearman finds it hard to get back into the daily routine. - Seniors Avoiding the multitude ot' students after the 3:15 bell. Mark Flwkinstein seeks refuge off the sidewalk. Making good use of her "lounge" period, Chris Gilliam catches a few minutes of sleep before starting her next class. -LH 5,-SW , Q . W, ,N ,L 3 Relaxing outside for a while after lunch, seniors Elizabeth Johnston and Rachel Grubb recall an amusing incident in English class. Seniors Armistead Conducts FCA s Weekly Prayer Meeting 156 - Seniors Christopher Scott Adams Katherine Garnett Alexander Keta Mae Alexander Latimer Breck Alexander, IV Sandra Denise Allison Deborah Maria Arant Ann Marie Archibald George Graham Armistead, I Henry Shelton Armour Clyde Elliott Bagwell, Jr. Robert Lee Bailey Cynthia Jean Barber DE CA's President Black Serves as District Officer William Charles Barnard Cynthia Kaye Barringer Patricia Carol Baxter Brian Curtis Bennett Robert David Bennett Nancy Carol Best Norman Lydell Black Terry Lewis Blackwell Joy Tamara Blair Pamela Sue Blanton Edward Keith Boan Robert Lorenzo Boggs Seniors Elizabeth Barringer Boyd Ronnie Glenn Braun Margaret Brawley Bristol Mary Ellen Brown Martha Jane Caldwell Stephen Hugh Caldwell ,lvl Carson, Cherry Oversee French, Spanish Activities Debra Ann Campbell Joe Watt Campbell Mike Leon Campbell Robert Lee Campbell Tony Keith Campbell Wendy Lee Carson Burford Alan Cherry Elizabeth Cornelius C 158 - Seniors hilton K, --ln.. L39 Davenporfs Enthusiasm Sparks Students' Spirit Beverly Lajune Clark Phillip Harvey Clark ,wa Beverly Jean Clarke Sharon Denise Clarke Robert Alvis Collier, III Forrest Lee Combs, Jr. Martin Rutledge Corriher Crystal Marcella Cowan James Vincent Crouch Nancy Leigh Curlee Brent Coleman Dagenhart Kathy Dalt'on Barbara Nancy Dame Angela Marie Davenport Jeri Lynn Davidson X xx A , , Seniors - 159 Sherman Lee Ellis Howard Kent Englebert Vergie Leona Faust Paul Edward Ferguson 160 i Seniors Tina Marie Davidson fxf' Gary Thomas Davis Paul Preston Dearman, Ill Eric Lee Dixon Gregory Hoyle Dobbins James Beverly Dooley, Jr. Frye Again Presides Over Class of '75 "" Joseph Scott Duncan Veronica Amelia Duren James Ervin Earnhardt r--4" Aj 9- XQL7 Timothy Sean Ferron Catherine Jane Fisher Mark Steven Fleckenstein Gilleland, Fox Edit News Publication 1 ' r M-V gr-1wy,W, A 5 ,, 13" in "W" 'i Wfifvf dfiea L , Ricky Lavon Flowers Betty Ann Foster David Edward Fox Steven Owens Frye Elizabeth Hart Gaines Monica Lavern Garner Linda Sue Gill Mary Kay Gilleland Gwyn Carolyn Gilliam Julia Christian Gilliam Marcus Jeremiah Gillon Yvonne Roxanne Goldbaugh Seniors f John Marshall Goode Robert Hanton Goss Jack Wade Griffith Rachel Ann Grubb Frank David Haas Pamela Jean Haithcox Lawrence Edward Hall Margaret Patricia Hamilton 62 ---A Seniors .ff ,,,, i. M419 'biflf' Qiil fak e, it Harris Again Steers Future Homemakers .Ioan Elizabeth Harmon Teresa Ann Harmon Debra Louise Harris Denise Inez Harris - Q Jerry Anthony Harris if Debra Carol Henderson pi if. H T Asae-4' 'lv ef Lili , oiled I I I QW owO5gS 3g For Miss Merry Christmas Trtle erm Wt, no ff C944 ima, l e GLAD C4 LQ' ug DI Gag- ffl ee 3 Student Body Selects Johnson QL-45 I CD G 0Qe,fML2. ,ipod LlzlA.A2Q L7C,O,L,a :LQ Roger Dale Hill ' ZNCLPQ LKQJUIUQ VWQU R nald Neil Hillard Ck Dcebroah Anne Hodges CAOOG ON LVXQJQQ Ch good , EQ C6040 jwd I Robert Louis Holb ok Norma Talmadge Hollo ay Charlotte Le'gh Ho ne Deborah Sh ro Housto 'Q-9'-4 Gayle Ann Howard Linda Harlan Howard Barbara Lynne Huneycutt Judith Carol Hunter y W " , Terry Ray Jenkins Kimberly Ann John. Carla Ginger Johnson Elizabeth Hart Johnson s MV! Sen'o '- 163 King, Gaines D Randolph Smith Johnston James Dyer Justice Noreen Marie Kane Keith Levan Keaton Pamela Keever Gary Allen Kilby Jack Douglas King Lillian Ann Kiser Linda Mae Kitchings Carole Leigh Kivett Georgianna Ramona Lail Richard Benjamin Leaptrott, Jr. Stanley Charles Lippard Mark Dewitt Lockman 164 - Seniors irect Key Club, Fi-Y Activities ,as wr' 'WP- Mundhenke, Fleckenstein Head Eidolons Staff Tina Lynn Loftis William Scott Lowery James Norris Loyd, Jr. i I' Q fha.. 'est "'4'5fm.m , 'gd' 5 Wendel Brent Lundy David Wesley Lytton Karen Denise Martin Albert Crowson Matlock, Jr Janice Denise McCollough Geogre Lynn McConnell Victor Loring McIntyre James Eugene McJunkin Richard Keith Messick William Kent Messick David Lee Middleton Susan Kaye Miller Seniors f Kimberley Diane Mitcham Kaye Frances Moore Marion Cynthia Jean Moose t 3 , '15 I Tri-Captains Myers, Rankins, Ferguson Pace Cagers K-1 Roy Suther Morrison Teresa Ann Morrison William Gaston Morrison. Jr. Louise Ann Mundhenke I 4 , 2 ,ry Susan Elizabeth Myers Janet Yvonne Neils Alvin Keith Nesbit Johnny Ray Myers,Jr. 4 W Audrey Benette Nesbit Harriet Vaughn Nesbit Frederick Netterwald, Jr. Robin Denese Nicholson 166 - Seniors Harmon Polk Supervise Trerl Staff Endeavors Virginia Jo Parks Richard Bernard Paschal Roger Dale Pennell John Dwight Pero Laura Lee Phelps Alexis Pickens Robert Glenn Plott Barbara .lo Polk Seniors Co-Captains Reid, Roseboro Stalk Varsity Gridiron Terica Dawn Poole Stephanie Gwenette Powers Claude Excel! Raiford, III Mary Elizabeth Ramsey Kevin Ray Rankins Cheryl Leah Redmond Randy Remi Reid Susan Leigh Robbins Boyd Calvin Roberts Sharon Kathey Robinson ,Wi Grace Lynne Rosby Laine Ellen Shaner Danita Jo Sharpe Eartha Darlene Sharpe 168- Seniors ,, +.".g It :fx , W x ln Stevenson, Boyd Shoulder SA Duties AI Randa Jane Shawver Mary Clarie Sherrill Debbie Margaret Shoemaker Kimberly Larius Sloan Sheila Dawn Smith Cunis Steven Sparks Darrell Lew Sparks Steven Gray Sparks Mark Wesley Slarnes Julia Ann Stevens Robin Josephine Stevenson Robin Donna Stikeleather John Wesley Stroud Robin Rena Sturghill Dewey William Taylor. Jr. Kathy Ann Teague Seniors - 169 ',ti , Boris Benedict Walker Gregory Wayne Walker Richard Wayne Watts Terry Rondon Watts Christina Webster Kathryn Lee Wells Hoyle Lee Whiteside, Jr. Richard Early Whiting 170 - Seniors Walker Adds Decisive Points for Grapplers WW: Thomas Brem Templeton Robin Ann Tevcpaugh Donald Harvey Tucker 9' Ronald Eugene Tucker Brenda Gale Turner Donna Louise Turnipseed LN Russell Dean Whiting Gerhea Celeste Williams Jane Campbell Williams May 30, l975 - Seniors Bid SHS A Fond Sandra Lee Wilson 4 Barbara Elledge Winecoff John Eric Wooten ff, Sarah Lawrence York Bradford Wilford Young Debra Sue Young Farewell Class of '75 Exhibits Humor, Sensitivity, Dedication i Seniors Plan Early for Summer Beach Trips While playing in the pool tournament, Keith Nesbit carefully aims for the corner pocket. Concentrating on a difficult side pocket shot, Robbie Collier employs the senior lounge's new pool table. Trying to promote spirit, chiefcheerleader Angela Davenport comences a cheer. Attending College Night at South Iredell, seniors Betty Foster and Kim Sloan listen intently to one of the college representatives. Accompanying the Early Bird Chorus, Benji Leaptrott "tinkles the ivories" with his rendition of"Morning Has Broken." Insulating himself against the December cold, William "Evel" Barnard prepares to return home after the band's Christmas concert. .tf Versatility and Energy Are Earmarks of Class of '75 With a only few minutes remaining before the 3:15 bell, Bo Walker catches up on some lost sleep in his physical science class. 174 T Seniors As they discuss their respective plans for after graduation, seniors Mark Fleckenstein, Carole Kivett, d J es E h reflective. an am arn eardt grow Having chosen to enlist in the Navy following graduation, senior Tim Ferron reflects on his decision before meeting with a recruiter. v ff SHS Offers Wide Spectrum Ot Students As Well As Experiences After being refused a stick of Juicy fruit, Mickey Reluctant to settle down to one man, Robin Bolick slyly entertains Eric Wooten and Rob Boggs si Lewis checks the pockets of Russell Whiting to multancously. be sure he really is out of gum. , 6 Characterized by his outgoing and friendly personality, assistant prin- cipal Marlin Tate takes time to joke with students during second lunch. 'L Loitering in the halls between classes, Watson Turner shows off his "greasy" physique to Cynthia Bellamy. Seniors - l75 CHRISTOPHER SCOTT ADAMS French Club 2,33 Band l,2,3. KATHERINE GARN ET'T ALEXANDER Fi-Y 2,33 French Club 2,33 Chorus 2,3Q Beta Club 2,32 AFS 33 JCL I3 Library Club 1,23 Boosters' Club l,2Q Junior Marshall 2. KETA MAE ALEXANDER French Club l,2,33 Chorus 2,33 Library Club 13 EIDOLONS 2. LATIM ER BRECK ALEXANDERJV Spanish Club 33 Track 23 Cross Country 3. DEBORAH MARIA ARANT Fi-Y 2,33 French Club 1,22 Chorus l,2,33 Boosters' Club 13 Drama Club I3 EIDOLONS 2,33 Governor's School 2. ANN MARIE ARCHIBALD French Club l,2,33 AFS 33 Boosters' Club 2,33 Queen of Clubs Contestant 3. GEORGE GRAHAM ARMISTEAD Student Assembly 33 Club Council 33 Fi-Y sweetheart 33 Key Club 33 Junior Jaycees 1,23 Varsity Basketball 23 Varsity Football 2,33 J.V. Football lg Track 23 FCA l,2, president 33 Who's Who 33 Mr. SHS3 Blue and Gray columnist 2,3. HENRY SHELTON ARMOUR . Spanish Club 3g AFS l,2,33 JCL 1,23 Tennis Manager 23 FCA 2. CLYDE ELLIOTT BAGWELL, JR. Band l,2,33 J.V. Basketball I3 Cross Country l. ROBERT LEE BAILEY Varsity Basketball 3g J.V. Basketball I3 Var- sity Football 2,3Q J.V. Football I3 Track 2,33 FCA 3. CYNTHIA JEAN BARBER Student Assembly 2,33 Club Council 33 Fi-Y 33 FTA 2, president 3g Band l,2,33 TRAIL 2,33 Quill and Scroll 33 JCL lg FHA 2,33 EIDOLONS 2. 176 - Seniors Class of '75 WILLIAM CHARLES BARNARD Spanish Club 33 Chorus l,2,33 MMM 2,33 Band l,2,33 AFS 3g Mars Hill Choral Clinic 2,3. CYNTHIA KAYE BARRINGER French Club 2. PATRICIA CAROL BAXTER BRIAN CURTIS BENNETT VICA 13 DECA 2,3. ROBERT DAVID BENNETT Band l,2,33 AFS l. NANCY CAROL BEST DECA 2,3. NORMAN LYDELL BLACK Club Council 33 DECA vice-president 2, pres- ident 3g Track 23 Who's Who 3. JOY TAM ARA BLAIR DECA 2, vice-president 3. PAM ELA SUE BLANTON Band 1,23 AFS 13 Boosters' Club 1. EDWARD KEITH BOAN DECA l,2,33 VICA 3. ROBERT LORENZO BOGGS French Club 2,33 MMM 2,33 Band l,2,33 Beta Club 2g Key Club l,2 chaplain 33 JCL 13 Tennis l,2,33 Election Board 3. ELIZABETH GARRINGER BOYD Student Assembly l,2, second vice-president 3g Club Council president 33 Fi-Y 2,33 French Club l,2,33 Chours 23 MMM 2,33 Band l,2,33 AFS 33 Bagpiper 2, co-head 33 Who's Who 3. RONALD GLENN BRAUN Varsity Football 2,33 J.V. Football 13 Wres- tling l,2,33 Track l,2,33 Boosters' Club 3. MARGARET BRAWLEY BRISTOL Student Assembly l,2,33 Fi-Y 2,33 French Club 23 Chorus 23 Beta Club 2,33 AFS 3g JCL 13 Library Club 1,23 Boosters' Club l,2,33 Who's Who 3. MARY ELLEN BROWN Fi-Y 2,33 French Club l,2,33 JCL 13 Boosters' Club l,2,3. JAMES GRISWALD BUSBY MARTHA JANE CALDWELL Spanish Club 3g FHA 3. STEPHEN HUGH CALDWELL Student Assembly l. DEBRA ANN CAMPBELL JOEL WATT CAMPBELL Junior Jaycees 13 Wrestling l,2,33 Track I3 Baseball 3. ROBERT LEE CAMPBELL Band l,2,33 TRAIL photographer 2,3. TONY KEITH CAMPBELL VICA 2. WENDY LEE CARSON Student Assembly 2g Club Council 3g Fi-Y 2,33 French Club l,2, president 3g BLUE 8a GRAY artist 33 Quill and Scroll 3g Beta Club 2,33 Boosters' Club l3 EIDOLONS 2, art edi- tor 3g Junior Marshall 23 Who's Who 3. BURFORD ALVA CHERRY Club Council 33 Spanish Club 2, president 3g Key Club l,2,33 Golf l,3. ELIZABETH CORN ELIUS CHILTON Fi-Y 2,33 Spanish Club 2,33 Chorus l,2,3. BEVERLY LEJ UNE CLARK 0 VICA 3g FHA 3. PHILLIP HARVEY CLARK French Club 2,33 Junior Jaycees l. BEVERLY J EAN CLARK VICA 2. SHARON DENISE CLARKE CTransfer from North Iredellj French Club I3 DECA 2, secretary-treasurer 33 J.V. Cheer- leader 1. - ROBERT ALVIS COLLIER, III CTransfer from Brookwoodj French Club 15 Varsity Basketball 1,25 Boosters' Club 1,2. FORREST LEE COMBS, JR. CTransfer from West Iredellj DECA 3. MARTIN RUTLEDGE CORRIHER JCL 1. CRYSTAL MARCELLA COWAN FTA 35 Chorus 35 FHA 15 EIDOLONS 35 Dramatics l,3. CASEY VINCENT CROUCH French Club 2,35 Golf l,2,3. NANCY LEIGH CURLEE Student Assembly l,2,35 Fi-Y 2,35 French Club l,2,35 BLUE 84 GRAY columnist 2,35 TRAIL 2, copyeditor 35 AFS 2,35 Key Club sweetheart 35 Varsity Cheerleader 2,35 Boost- ers' Club l,2,35 Drama Club 35 EIDOLONS 25 Who's Who 35 Homecoming Queen 35 Class Secretary 2,35 Queen of Clubs Contes- tant 3. BRENT COLEMAN DAGENHART VICA 35 J.V. Football 15 Track l,3. KATHY DALTON FTA 15 DECA 35 J.V. Basketball 15 Boosters' Club 2. BARBARA NANCY DAME Student Assembly 15 Fi-Y 2,35 French Club 25 TRAIL 2, sports editor 35 Quill and Scroll 35 JCL secretary 15 Tennis 2,35 Who's Who 35 Chairman of Election Board 35 Queen of Clubs Contestant 3. ANGELA MARIE DAVENPORT Student Assembly 35 Club Council 35 Fi-Y 2,35 French Club 2,35 TRAIL 2, associate edi- tor 35 Quill and Scroll 35 Beta Club 2,35 JCL 15 Library Club 15 Varsity Cheerleader 2, chief 35 J.V. Cheerleader 15 Boosters' Club l,2,35 FCA Sweetheart 35 Who's Who 35 Junior Marshall 25 homecoming Court 35 Queen of Clubs Contestant l,3. Class of '75 JERI LYNN DAVIDSON Fi-Y 2,35 French Club 2, treasurer 35 Band l,2,35 JCL 15 Varsity Basketball 2,35 J.V. Basketball 15 Bagpiper 2, co-head 35 FCA 35 Who's Who 3. 5 TINA MARIE DAVIDSON Varsity Basketball 2,35 J.V. Basketball 1. GARY THOMAS DAVIS Spanish Club 25 Chorus l,2,35 Band l,2,35 Track 2. PAUL PRESTON DEARMAN, III Band l,2,35 TRAIL photographer 25 AFS l,2,35 All State Band 3. ERIC LEE DIXON h Spanish Club 25 VICA 2,35 Drama Club 2. GREGORY HOYLE DOBBINS Spanish Club 35 French Club 25 Band l,2,35 Key Club 2,35 JCL 15 Varsity Basketball 2,35 J.V. Basketball 15 Track 2,35 Tennis 15 FCA 2,35 Cross Country 1. JAMES BEVERLY DOOLEY, JR. Spanish CLub 2,35 VICA 35 AFS 35 Varsity Football 2,35 J.V. Football 15 Boosters Club 35 FCA 1,2,3. JOSEPH SCOTT DUNCAN VERONICA AM ELIA DUREN VICA 3. JAM ES ERVIN EARNHARDT French Club 25 JCL 15 EIDOLONS 3. SHERMAN LEE ELLIS U VICA 1,2. HOWARD KENT ENGLEB ERT Spanish Club 2,35 Chorus 2,35 MMM 2,35 Band l,2,35 AFS 3. VERGIE LEONA FAUST Fi-Y 2,35 Spanish Club 35 Band l,2,35 AFS 1,35 Boosters' Club 2,35 Majorette 35 FHA 2,3. PAUL EDWARD FERGUSON Student Assembly 1,25 Band l,2,35 Varsity Basketball 2,35 J.V. Basketball 15 Baseball l,2. TIMOTHY SEAN FERRON French Club 2,35 MMM 2,35 Band l,2,35 Drum Major 2,35 Key Club 25 JCL 15 Golf 1,35 Who's Who 3. CATHERINE JANE FISHER Fi-Y 2,35 French Club 25 BLUE 8: GRAY 3. MARK STEPHEN FLECKENSI' EIN Chorus l,2,35 MMM 2,35 TRAIL 25 Key Club l,2,35 EIDOLONS 2, editor 3. . RICKY LAVON FLOWERS VICA 1,35 Varsity Basketball 2. BETTY ANN FOSTER Student Assembly 15 Fi-Y 35 FTA 35 Spanish Club 35 Band l,2,35 Varsity Basketball Man- ager 35 J.V. Basketball Manager 15 FHA 35 Bagpiper 2,35 Drama Club 3. DAVID EDWARD FOX 5 Student Assembly 1, treasurer 2, president 35 Club Council 1,35 French Club 2,35 BLUE 8a GRAY l,2, co-editor 35 Quill and Scroll 35 Beta Club 2,35 Key Club l,2,35 JCL president 15 Boosters' Club 35 FHA sweetheart 35 Class President 15 Junior Marshall 25 Who's Who 35 Morehead Nominee 3. STEVEN OWEN FRYE Student Assembly 1,35 Key Club 35 Junior Jaycees 1,25 Varsity Football 2,35 J.V. Foot- ball 15 Baseball l,2,35 FCA 35 Who's Who 35 Class President 2,3. ELIZABETH HART GAINES Student Assembly 1,3, secretary 25 Club Council 35 Fi-Y secretary 15 treasurer 2, pres- ident 35 French Club 1,25 Beta Club 2,35 AFS 2, vice-president 35 Library Club 15 Boosters' Club 35 Who's Who 35 Junior Marshall 25 DAR Good Citizen 25 Queen of Clubs Contes- tant 3. MONICA LAVERN GARNER J.V. Basketball 1. Seniors -- 177 LINDA SUE GILL AFS 33 Boosters Club 13 FHA 3. MARY KAY GILLELAND Club Council 33 Fi-Y 2,3Q French Club l,2,33 Chorus 2,33 BLUE 83 GRAY 2, co-editor 33 Quill and Scroll 3g Beta Club 2,33 Boosters' Club 1,33 Drama Club 33 Who's Who 33 Junior Marshall 23 Governor's School 23 Queen of Clubs Contestant 3. GWYN CAROLYN GILLIAM tTransfer from Brookwoodj Fi-Y 33 French Club lg Newspaper 13 BLUE8c GRAY 33 An- nual 1,23 Beta Club 2,31 AFS secretary- treasurer 3g Varsity Cheerleader 1,23 Boosters' Club 2,33 Drama Club 2g Junior Marshall 23 National Merit Semi-Finalist 33 Queen of Clubs Contestant 3. JULIA CHRISTIAN GILLIAM CTransfer from Brookwoodj Fi-Y 33 French Club l,2,33 Beta Club 23 AFS 33 Varsity Cheerleader 23 Boosters' Club 33 Queen of Clubs Contestant 3. u MARCUS J ER EM IAH GILLION YVONNE ROXANNE GOLDBAUGH Fi-Y 33 Spanish Club 2,33 Chorus l,2,33 EIDOLONS 3. JOHN MARSHALL GOODE French Club 13 VICA 33 Varsity Football 2,33 J.V. Football lg Wrestling l,2,33 FCA 1,2,3. ROBERT HANTON GOSS tTransfer from West Iredellj Wrestling 3. JACK WADE GRIFFITH Student Assembly 23 BLUE 8: GRAY 2,33 AFS 33 Key Club 2, vice-president 33 Wres- tling 1,23 Tennis I,2,3Q Boosters' Club 33 FCA 1,2, vice-president 3. RACHEL ANN GRUBB FRANK DAVID HAAS French Club l,2,33 Beta Club 2,33 J.V. Basketball 2g Golf 2,33 Junior Marshall 23 Boys' State 2. 178 - Seniors Class of '75 PAM ELA J EAN HAITHCOX Chorus 1. LAWRENCE EDWARD HALL . Chorus 3g VICA 2g Track 33 Drama Club 3. MARGARET PATRICIA HAMILTON Fi-Y 2,33 Spanish Club vice-president 3g Beta Club 2,33 JCL lg Library Club secretary- treasurer lg vice-president 2, Junior Marshall co-chief 2g Who's Who 33 Boosters' Club l,2,33 EIDOLONS 2,33 Morehead Semi- Finalist 3. JOAN ELIZABETH HARMON Student Assembly 33 Club Council 33 Fi-Y 2,33 French Club 2,33 BLUE 83 GRAY colum- nist 3g TRAIL 2, co-editor 33 Quill and Scroll 33 Beta Club 2, secretary 33 AFS 3g JCL 13 Library Club 13 Junior Marshall co-chief 23 Who's Who 33 Boosters' Club 33 Morehead Nominee 33 National Merit Semi-Finalist 3. TERESA ANN HARMON Fi-Y 2,32 French Club 1,23 Varsity Cheerleader 33 J.V. Cheerleader lg Boosters' Club l,2,3. DEBRA LOUISE HARRIS Student Assembly 2,33 Club Council 2,33 FTA 3g Band l,2,33 Quill and Scroll 33 Who's Who 33 EIDOLONS 2,33 FHA 1, president 2,33 Drama Club vice-president 33 Queen of Clubs Contestant 2. DENISE INEZ HARRIS Band l,2,33 Varsity Basketball 2,33 J.V. Basketball lg Boosters' Club 13 FCA 33 FHA 3.- JERRY ANTHONY HARRIS VICA 2, vice-president 33 Track 33 Tennis 3. ADA LYNN HARTLEY French Club 1,2. DEBRA CAROL HENDERSON Chorus 23 BLUE 8: GRAY 2,33 EIDOLONS 2. ROGER DALE HILL Student Assembly 23 Band l,2,3. RONALD NEILL HILLARD DEBORAH ANN HODGES Student Assembly l,2,33 Fi-Y 2g French Club 1,23 J.V. Cheerleader lg Boosters' Club l,2,33 EIDOLONS 3. ROBERT LOUIS HOLBROOK VICA 2,33 Wrestling l,2,33 Track 33 Drama Club 3. NORMA TALMADGE HOLLOWAY Fi-Y 2,33 Spanish Club 33 Chorus 33 Boosters' Club 1,23 EIDOLONS 2,3. CHARLOTTE LEIGH HORNE DEBORAH SHARON HOUSTON FTA 33 Band l,2,33 Majorette 3g FHA 1,2 vice-president 3. GAYLE ANN HOWARD Band l,2,33 Bagpiper 3. LINDA HARLAN HOWARD Spanish Club 3g Boosters' Club lg FHA l,2,33 EIDOLONS 3. BARBARA LYNNE HUN EYCUT1' Junior Marshall 2. J UDITH CAROL HUNTER Spanish Club 33 JCL lg Varsity Basketball 2,33 J.V. Basketball co-captain 13 Tennis 2,33 Booster's Club 33 Drama Club 2. NORMAN CRAWFORD JAMES TERRY RAY J ENKINS Spanish Club 3g Band l,2,3. KIMBERLY ANN JOHNS FHA 1. CARLA GINGER JOHNSON Student Assembly l,2,33 Fi-Y 2,33 French Club 23 Varsity Cheerleader 2,33 J.V. Cheerleader lg Boosters' Club l,2,33 Who's Who 33 Miss Merry Christmas 33 Queen of Clubs Contestant 3. ELIZABETH HART JOHNSTON Fi-Y 35 French Club 15 Boosters' Club 3. RANDOLPH SMITH JOHNSTON Key Club 2,35 Wrestling l,2,35 Baseball 3. JAMES DYER JUSTICE, VI French Club 15 Band l,2,35 Wrestling 1. NOREEN MARIE KANE TRAIL 2,35 FHA 1. KEITH LEVAN KEATON VICA 15 Varsity Basketball 35 Varsity Foot- ball 35 J.V. Football I5 VICA l,3. PAMELA KEEVER French Club 25 TRAIL 2. GARY ALLEN KILBY VICA president 35 Varsity Football 25 J.V. Football l. JACK DOUGLAS KING Student Assembly l,2,35 Club Council vice- president 35 Spanish Club treasurer 25 Beta Club 2,35 AFS 35 Key Club l,secretary 2,pres- ident 35 Tennis l,2,35 FCA 35 Who's Who 35 Junior Marshall 25 Boys' State 25 Morehead Nominee 3. BLUE 81. GRAY columnist 3. LILLIAN ANN KISER French Club l,2, secretary 35 Beta Club 2,35 EIDOLONS 2,35 Junior Marshall 2. LINDA MAE KITCHINGS Fi-Y 2,35 French Club 2, treasurer 35 Beta Club 2,35 Junior Marshall 25 National Merit Semi-Finalist 3. CAROLE LEIGH KIVETI' iTransfer from Brookwoodj Fi-Y 35 French Club 1,35 Beta Club 2,35 Class Secretary 15 Drama Club 35 Queen of Clubs Contestant 3. GEORGINA RAMONA LAIL Chorus l,2. CYNTHIA DIANE LAMBERT Chorus 2.3. Class of '75 RICHARD BENJAMIN LEAPTROTT, JR. Club Council 35 French Club 2,35 Chorus 2,35 MMM 2,35 AFS l,2, president 35 JCL 15 EIDOLONS 3. STANLEY CHARLES LIPPARD French Club 25 AFS l,2,35 Junior Jaycees 1,25 Varsity Football 1,25 Boosters' Club 2,3. MARK DEWITT LOCKMAN Junior Jaycees 1,25 Boosters' Club 3. TINA LYNN LOFTIS French Club 25 VICA 3. WILLIAM SCOTT LOWRY JAMES NORRIS LOYD, JR. Spanish Club 35 Band l,2,35 AFS l,2,35 JCL l. WENDEL BRENT LUNDY DECA 35 Band l,2. DAVID WESLEY LYTTON Junior Jaycees 1,25 J.V. Football l5 Track 2,35 Boosters' Club 3. KAREN DEN ISE MARTIN ALBERT CROWSON MATLOCK, J R. WILLIAM MCCLELLAND VICA l,2,3. J AN ICE DENISE MCCOLLOUGH Chorus l,2,35 DECA 2. LYNN GEORGE MCCONNELL Junior Jaycees 1,25 J.V. Football 15 Baseball l,2,3. VICTOR LORING MCINTYRE Spanish Club 25 Chorus 35 Band l,2,3. JAMES EUGENE MCJUNKIN Student Assembly 25 Spanish Club 25 BLUE 8: GRAY photographer 35 AFS 35 Boosters' Club 3. RICHARD KEITH MESSICK Spanish Club 35 Banu l,2,35 Baseball 25 Boosters' Club 2,3. WILLIAM KENT MESSICK Spanish Club 35 Band l,2,35 Boosters' Club 3. DAVID LEE M IDDLET ON Club Council 35 French Club l5 MMM l,2, president 35 Band l,2,35 Beta Club 25 Key Club l,2,35 All State Band 2,3. susAN KAYE-MILLER Fi-Y 35 FTA 2,35 Spanish Club 35 Band l,2,3. KIMBERLY DIANE Mrrcl-IAM BLUE at GRAY 3, Quill and sewn 3, FHA 2, EIDOIDNS 3. FRANCES KAYE MOORE J.V. Basketball l. CINDY JEAN MOOSE DECA l,2,35 Voice of Democracy 3. CLYDE DWAYNE MORRISON VICA 2. ROY SUTHER MORRISON VICA l,2,3. TERESA ANN MORRISON French Club 25 JCL I5 Library Club l. WILLIAM GAST ON MORRISON, JR. French Club 2,35 Golf 2,35 FCA 2,3. LOUISE ANN MUNDHENKE Fi-Y 2, chaplain 35 French Club 2,35 Chorus 2,35 Quill and Scroll 35 Beta Club 2,35 AFS 2,35 EIDOLONS 2, senior editor 3. JOHNNY RAY MYERS VICA l,2,35 Varsity Basketball 2,35 J.V. Basketball 15 Track 2. SUSAN ELIZABETH MYERS FHA l. ALVIN KEITH NESBIT Varsity Football 25 J.V. Football 15 Wrestling 2,35 Baseball 35 FCA 3. Q seniors- 119 AUDREY BENETTE NESBIT Band l. HARRIET VAUGHN NESBIT Band 13 FHA l,3. FREDERICK NETTERWALD, J R. Track 2,3. ROBIN DENISE NICHOLSON TRAIL 2, business menager 33 JCL 1. JOHN SCOTT NORRIS French Club 23 Key Club 2,3Q J .V. Basketball 13 Varsity Football 2,33 J.V. Football 13 Base- ball 2,31 Who's Who 33 Boosters' Club 3g FCA 2,3. BARBARA LOUISE OVERBY Chorus 13 DECA 33 Varsity Basketball 3. JUDY CR EE OV ERCASH VICA l,2,3. WILLIAM RAY OWEN, JR. Band 13 Key Club 33 Varsity Football 2,33 J.V. Football I3 Track 2,33 FCA 2,3. STEVEN LYNN OWENS Wrestling l,2,33 Boosters' Club 2. REBIKICA LYNN PARK Fi-Y 2,3Q Spanish Club 33 FHA 2,3Q Boosters' Club l,2. VIRGINIA JO PARKS Chorus I. RICHARD BERNARD PASCHAL French Club 2,33 Band l,2,33 Beta Club 2g Golf l,2,33 FCA 2. -ROGER DALE PENNELL' v1cA l,2,3. JOHN DWIGHT PERO French Club l,2,33 Chorus l,2,33 Wrestling 13 Track 33 Boosters' Club 33 FCA 2,3. LAURA LEE PHELPS Student Assembly I,2,3Q Club Council secre- l80 -- Seniors Class of '75 tary-treasurer 3g Fi-Y 2,33 French Club l,2,33 BLUE 8: GRAY 2, associate editor 33 Quill and Scroll 3g Beta Club 2,33 Library Club I3 J.V. Cheerleader 13 Boostas' Club l, secre- tary-treasurer 2, president 3g Drama Club 33 Who's Who 33 Junior Marshall 23 Queen of Clubs Contestant 3. ALEXIS PICKENS Student Assembly 1,23 Chorus 23 Varsity Cheerleader 2,33 J .V. Cheerleader oo-chief I3 Boosters' Club l,2,33 Homecoming Court 33 Miss SHS. V ROBERT GLENN PLOTI' Baseball 3. BARBARA JO POLK Student Assembly 23 Club Council 3g Fi-Y 2,33 FTA 2g MMM l,2, vice-president 33 Band l,2,33 TRAIL 2, co-editor 33 Quill and Scroll 33 Beta Club 23' Library Club 13 Boosters' Club 1,23 Maiorette 2, head 3g Who's Who 3g Queen of Clubs Contestant 3. TERICA DAWN POOLE Student Assembly 1,21 Fi-Y 2,33 Spanish Club 23 BLUE 8c GRAY 33 AFS treasurer 23 Var- sity Basketball 2,33 J.V. Basketball 13 Tennis 33 Boosters' Club 1, treasurer 3. STEPHANIE GWENEIT E POWERS Student Assembly 33 Fi-Y 2,33 French Club 13 Chorus 33 Band l,2,33 Bagpiper 2,33 FTA 3. CLAUDE EXCELL RAIFORD, III French Club 13 Beta Club 23 AFS 13 Key Club l,2,33 Varsity Basketball 23 J .V. Basketball l3 Baseball I,2,31 FCA 2,3. MARY ELIZABETH RAMSEY Fi-Y 2,33 French Club 2,33 Beta Club 2,31 JCL I3 Library Club 1,22 Junior Marshall 2. KEVIN RAY RANKINS VICA l,2,33 Varsity Basketball 2,33 J.V. Basketball l. CI-IERYL LEAH REDMOND Student Assembly I3 Spanish Club 2,33 Beta Club 2,33 Library Club 13 Varsity Basketball 2,33 J.V. Basketball 13 Junior Marshall 2. RANDY REMI REID Junior Jaycees 23 Varsity Fooball 2, co-cap- tain 33 J.V. Football captain 13 FCA 2,3. SUSAN LEIGH ROBBINS Fi-Y 2,33 Spanish Club l,2,33 Chorus I,2Q Varsity Basketball Manager 33 Boosters' Club 13 FHA 3. CALVIN BOYD ROBERTS VICA 2g Wrestling 2. SHARON KATHY ROBINSON JCL l. GRACE LYNNE ROSBY FTA 3g Chorus 2,33 Band l,2,33 Bagpiper 33 Drama Club president 33 EIDOLONS 3. BILLY WILLIAM ROSEBORO, JR. VICA l,2,33 Varsity Basketball 33 Varsity Football 2,31 J.V. Football I3 Wrestling lg Track l,2. LAINE ELLEN SHAN ER Fi-Y 33 French Club 33 Beta Club 23 AFS 33 Boosters' Club 33 EIDOLONS 3. DANITA JO SHARPE DECA 2,3. EARTHA DARLENE SHARPE Chorus 33 VICA 3g Boosters' Club 23 Drama Club 2. RI-IANDA JANE SHAWVER Chorus 3. MARY CLAIRE SHERRILL CTransfer from Brookwoodj Fi-Y 3g French Club vice-president 13 Newspaper 13 BLUE 8: GRAY 33 Annual 13 Beta Club secretary 2,33 AFS 3g Tennis 33 Junior Marshall chief 2g Class Vice-President I,2Q Boosters' Club 33 Morehead Finalist 33 National Merit Semi- Finalist 3. DEBBIE MARGARET SHOEMAKER 0 KIMBERLY LARIUS SLOAN Student Assembly 1,33 FTA 33 Band l,2,33 Varsity Basketball 2,33 J.V. Basketball Man- ager lg Queen of Clubs Contestant 3. MICHAEL LEE SMITH CTransfer from North Iredellj BLUE 8: GRAY sports editor 23 DECA 33 Varsity Football 13 Bowling Club 1. SHELIA DAWN SMITH Fi-Y 2,33 Spanish Club 2,3Q FHA 3. CURTIS STEVEN SPARKS French Club 23 Band l,2,33 Track 2. DARRELL LEW SPARKS Student Assembly 13 VICA 2,3. STEPHEN GRAY SPARKS VICA l,2,3. MARK WESLEY ST ARNES DECA 2g VICA 3. JULIA ANN STEVENS FTA 33 DFDA 33 Miss DECA 3. ROBIN JOSEPHINE ST EVENSON Student Assembly first vice-president 3g Fi-Y 2,33 TRAIL 2, picture editor 33 Quill and Scroll 3g Varsity Cheerleader 2, co-chief 33 J.V. Cheerleader 13 Class Vice-President 2g Boosters' Club l,2,33 Homecoming Queen 33 Homecoming Court 23 Queen of Clubs 23 Who's Who 3. WILLIAM FREDERICK ST EVENSON VICA 2,3. ROBIN DONNA STIKELEATHER Fi-Y 3g Spanish Club 2,32 Varsity Cheerleader 3g Boosters' Club 1,33 Drama Club 3g Queen of Clubs Contestant 3. JOHN WESLEY ST ROUD Spanish Club 3g Band l,2,33 AFS l,2,3. ROBIN RENA ST URGHILL DFIIA 3. Class of '75 DEWEY WILLIAM TAYLOR, JR. AFS l,3. KATHY ANN TEAGUE Spanish Club 3g Boosters' Club 23 Betty Crocker Award 3. THOMAS BREM TEMPLETON Student Assembly 2g Spanish Club 23 Beta Club 23 Key Club 3g Wrestling l,2,33 Who's Who 3. ROBIN ANN TEVAPAUGH Fi-Y 2,33 Spanish Club 2,33 FHA 2,33 EIDOLONS 2. DONALD HARVEY TUCKER French Club 2,3Q Beta Club 2,33 JCL 13 EIDOLONS 33 Junior Marshall 2. RONALD EUGENE TUCKER JCL 1. BRENDA GALE TURNER DECA 3. DONNA LOUISE TURNIPSEED Fi-Y 2,33 French Club 2,33 Chorus 2,3Q MMM 2,33 Band l,2,33 Beta Club 2,33 JCL 13 EIDOLONS 2,33 Junior Marshall 2. BORIS BENEDICT WALKER Student Assembly l,2,33 Band I,2Q Junior Jaycees 1,22 Varsity Football 2g J.V. Football 13 Wrestling l,2,33 FCA 3g EIDOLONS 2. GREG WAYNE WALKER VICA l,2,33 J.V. Basketball Manager l,2,3. RICHARD WAYNE WATTS Band 1. TERRY RONDON WATTS VICA l,2,3. CHRISTINA WEBSTER French Club 1. KATHRYN LEE WELLS tTransfer from Brookwoodl Student As- sembly vice-president 23 Fi-Y 3g Beta Club 23 Tennis 33 Junior Marshall 23 Annual I,2Q EIDOLONS 3. HOYLE LEE WHITESIDE, JR. Key Club 33 Tennis l,2,33 FCA 3. RICHARD EARLY WHITING Wrestling 2,3Q Track 3g FCA 3. RUSSELL DEAN WHITING French Club 3. GERI-IEA CELESTE WILLIAMS Fi-Y 2,33 French Club 2,33 TRAIL 2, layout editor 33 Quill and Scroll 3g JCL lg Library Club 23 Boosters' Club 1,22 EIDOLONS 23 Queen of Clubs Contestant 2. JANE CAMPBELL WILLIAMS Club Council 3g Fi-Y 2,33 French Club 2,33 TRAIL 2,33 Quill and Scroll 33 Beta Club 2, president 33 JCL 13 Library Club I,2Q Boost- ers' Club 13 Junior Marshall 23 Who's Who 3. SANDRA LEE WILSON Spanish Club 2,33 Varsity Basketball 2,33 J .V. Basketball l. BARBARA ELLEDGE WINECOFF JOHN ERIC WOOTEN French Club 2,33 Chorus 23 Band l,2,33 Base- ball 33 Boosters' Club 2,3. SARAH LAWRENCE YORK tTransfer from South Carolinaj Student As- sembly 13 Fi-Y 2, vice-president 33 French Club lg Chorus 33 AFS 3g Queen of Clubs Contestant 3. BRADLEY WILFORD YOUNG J.V. Football 13 Varsity Football 2,33 FCA 3. DEBRA SUE YOUNG Fi-Y 2,33 FTA 2, vice-president 3g French Club 2,33 Band l,2,33 JCL lg J.V. Basketball 1. Seniors- 181 3 ,fm--X ,, 125,-""'L?'isi,-f--.. usa? Ads "Takin' Care of Business" ln a year brimming with Financial disasters and drawbacks Merchants and professionals Have once again generously Donated money to the yearbook Through their purchases of ads. Staff members are especially Grateful that these patrons Forgot about the recession Long enough to insure the Production of a unique 1975 TRAIL. 'XO UV the ring people Beating the rush after a late ballgame, Terri Poole and Lisa Lapish order Reofewwred bv: ALBERT BEALLE JOHN BRUCE - DAVE oDoM Box 882 Statesville, N.C. 28677 CAROLINA REALTY Janis Dyson - Broker See us to list your property Dial 872-9521 Night 632-2043 chool a Village Inn Special to satisfy their hunger. 'V it A If f f 4 -N O X v .5 . LEONARDS 55- M1014 , Niki' 3- - - d 'f 7 R Order now for Christmas -' Q :why - 1 , U FS - . a-f., - all llQS35-ig A- 1 4 weeks delivery A N miFf,,,,,,:,4,.,,' a A if.. h Quality diamonds, watches FJ a n Q --E. ' l Hugh, 7 nj t.." ,.,i., ,. , Jewelry-china-crystal it 'i'.,'- ff- 5 A- lktgffnk' Q 'N' K' Your full service 'ewelers -- -' - x -e 'Qi-Fi, ui 1 N -1 , A ' ' T e J A W- :av 1 X- 1 I iq! N X- look 184-Ads .-Z' treat.: l mm X we View 'I N -W WU l Txswftfe cm new C558 W5 lm We V NWN V pus NCQ-.MK QXQ3 S 'QQQ1 k,t?CkS'. KQDQ SOCK X . 1 egfycfl lr my esac QM New NM QQ' 8 L ' J - Q A 1 W X9 , . 5 A 'X Y K YL' BCC! L' P.S. West Construction Company lrxlxw gem ages-1-Q XML X X BO X104 Xhxkx TOD Xfq .TX-BQ A N Qtlbd LL! C -WEN Sw kvxwsl f Lleoxf e my CLK, g k , N 'js C Sion-'X Xgtxvuf Lbftkx , S me-94 , I WMS 96152 XQTJQXRQQD Pate C BQ SVBCC lf'-1 U of U6 .-Fava Hou VQQOQQQG. 'lt ,Q C by Commercial Home Builders il Fllifts ,YW-L K X61 bd The Northwestern Bank Bm, , .Wi T Y Qtr 'NY Statesville, North Carolina 28677 Qt Q A Jig' . 4 1 Johnson Builders, lnc. lille nt 872-4297 873-4454 HOME BAKERY Telephone 873-4621 l I6 West Broad Street 872-1667 Specializing in Wedding - Birthday - Anniversary Cakes Cakes and Breads Q ennie tmencfleyis Qricfa For That High School and and Sponswear Collegiate Look, Shop at 703 Sullivann Road 872-9395 Specializing in formals and tuxedos PLYLEFVS 108 West Broad Street 186 - Ads Beauty Maid IVIilIs, Inc. Statesville, N. C. BIackwelder's Because of Better Selections and Lower Prices: More People Continue to Trade at "The Home of Quality Furniture for Less Money" Compliments of HlLL'S CLEANERS 327 W. Front Street Statesville Auto Supply 1135 West Front 872-6311 nh ULF INCIIIJTIR S Camping Products Fun Products For Fun People 2100 W. Front Street Ads W I ., ,rl . '-5 , - if g' M4 ' y ,Q ff' I . H I , f' 2. ' , Lyifx , Q 5 R 3 A W l fr ' N I4 f Emi ... Qi 52' ffm!!! .4 W I N iron' F' .. Z ifffz' Qfglf ,aff 188-Ads 1 v C hw. 1 F -., W, . eg' Sie gales . . 9 M5 it lrgeese' First Savings NV Q9 gk M91 B , , W 9 efyfi Sly And Loan Association .r, . 7 Q, L K QV W' Xa SQ XM Hx L 21 5 A ' J 9291 U Up MP! N M 213 Det Broad Street Statesville, N.c. 28677 V-J VNQJ X XXL x JD 'Qgevqbyff valley ,fix Security and Service JSN5' 1 XJ U1 Uv - l Since 1887 ltfyxelyr 5, , 0 6 Telephone 873-3434 K tt, Q9 QQ! JN ,Xyf 56 . 'Lv NU X 'W B O 49- NN: ll 6 im , 4 X-:""','. bi x Q':ff.'I'sy-f' -M ,ggi vK','ffY' I ,fr . 'pi , .-,Q,M1,kfP.VQv,N ,-:Yf5Lj1Qgp"'r- -5. 1: g. ig,-'rr e!!'i'G:f-,'flQf'-fri 132311-f'e:fm's-efxevcs , I. 1 X I -I I F, L , V, L1-1uh.,!,.,1,,. L e.. . - Ugsllftlf? Lf- 3 WHY P Y ORE? Z scum fi rszrrzsrt ' I' I, 872-2771 S00TTiQ MUFHER 305 West From Street Muffler AND tailpipe BOTH guar- anteed as long as you own car. No charge for muffler andfor tailpipe. Small service charge. -if 1 Thonet-Industries Inco rpo rated Manufacturers of Contact Furniture Since 1830 North Carolina National Bank Six locations in Iredell County Main office Fourth Creek West Gate Harmony West Broad Troutman Y . K L t NJ . P 35,1 Q3 if Q1 1 f bl 22+ QL N ,Ax A Sw X We U 5+ Qe QQ A tl X, of 'Sf XV Q XLT X MN Q, Q A55 -Q X ov G X Jaya gi? if -AN 9 FARM AND GARDEN stone A ' t ek if " at 'IL N Qi Oxbmfrvgl X XVQL VX 202 Light Street 'X 5 A 'to V LQ A fb fy 872-6292 Xa M95 XX l it or toas ef xv Q LQ XJ oy ' X Q1 QQ . rg K if f U .f N-JX f j CD i or xt ,eo 2, v ov, ,WX x fe asf 2 ff t - QQ Ci K LCN X LY, Ji ' ' - W t N W Cf 1 V V',Aj.,z'iJ CX LQ X XX SHERRILLWHITESHOE Qfxftmgogg fbi? 59 QU' yt X COMPANY, INC. .X Nw, X Xjpagggg-eakedpa y 3 .Af U ,wwf NQVW Q f fp Q55 X Nationally Advertised Brands ,QXV X W gm Q Axrx forthe Entire Family XC' V R ii Lg? , 6' 54 V, T I jk x 0 J CO? ' if L, gk A xy kr! X, 190-Ads -'lik aim ' i A The challenge of a river or the challenge of life . . . it takes courage to confront them both. lt takes confidence in yourself to meet their challenge. Whether you realize it or not, First-Citizens Bank is just like you. Our motto is "Can Do" and we live by it's message. We think it's a good description of your lifestyle. Living "Can Do" means you believe in yourself . . . no river is too swift nor mountain too high. Can Do. You believe in yourself and we believe in you. First-cirizens.'rhecanDnsanli. Member F.D.I.C. Q 1974 First-Citizens Bank 81 Trust Company Hear the best in modern music A' WDBM-AM-55oKHiiM0de,nCOW Riimgb VVDBlVl'l:lVl'96.9lVll'l"Modern Popular" - Plus News - Sports - And More of The Things you like! 3 I .fk',, ,, M21 5 no sc 96,9 H6 1-77 84 U.S. Highway 70 Phone 704-872-5215 Sharpe - Head Barber Shop FW f- 1 FiD .il .y A. l 1'QJ"'U if 'mu'2'75! .fi ' - W, if nu-na X 192-Ads Printing While You Wait Office Phone - 873-5854 Mobile Phone 873-3303 ACTIDN INSTANT PRINTING Home Phone 528-4308 2053 Newton Drive Box 5557 We, the 1975 Trail Staff, would like to express our sincere appreciation to the business community ot Statesville for their willing cooperation and patronage Route 9, Box 124-A Highway 64 East Statesville, N.C. Phone 872-9857 :Tu I PF S Il -E gil COMMERCIAL UTE 'TREND RESIDENTIAL lil! HIQIII LAVERY 431123-. FREE DELIVERY OITAMLQICA IN . , ELITE SERVICE : EJs R ,3 'ff' lgg ' GRAMERCY 2014 NORTIISIDE DR 51?-1 STURDY --cv BESIDE HWY. I-40 i n SHOWROOM OPENS .Ti-1 7130 A.M. - 5 P.M. Mow. - FRI. 8724193 2594 MGHTS 872-4992 I - EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT Tasty World Restaurant Sullivan Road BUDGET LUXURY MOTELS 17043 873-5352 S CARSON'S COIN 8t STAMP SHOP "Garrett Metal Mineral Detectors" ELIVIORE'S MAGNAVOX Fanjoy and Company Furniture Manufacturers Agentl T. L. Kincaid J.A. Fanjoy T.A. Fanjoy Statesville, North Carolina Kewaunee Technical Furniture Company Technical Furniture for Science and lndustry JOHNSON FUNERAL HOME AND AMBULANCE SERVICE Statesville, N. C. 873-4343 STATESVILLE GLASS AND MIRROR Specializing in store fronts and custom picture framing Statesville, N. C. 873-3523 19 M if .Hn Furniture Stores Statesville, North Carolina 28677 KEIGER INSURANCE AGENCY ? I The Agency Of Dependable Service 147 E. Broad St., P.O. Box 1123 Phone: 873-7221 d , UNIFORM SER was of Statesville 872-2718 Statesville, N.C. 29677 We Sell Nothing But Service. Uniforms-Dustmops-Mats-Wiping Cloths garjaip ""9?fQ"F' "uf 2 A lv Wffwf ,f 47" ffl! fv'L2 'GV' 5 ,J , Z, fitfiidff feb Q,fQ9f,E it-"?fi"'irf' 2. E A f ' if M' ' 42,12 '7'f5"13'Q A 3 , N61 ZW 9 Z 'j V pyffcffsiirff ' 552, ,Ziff .fi cf 5,3 My af Ka? "A ' ' ig ' rf. , it i n l ,R ff-X I L... -- 1 2 1 gf ff CF ff Jar 21:1 --... W , 5:54 af f ' R. 3 9? Gm 'i ' 1: 52.13 J f Cam, 1 I 3,g.-Q,ilh,7 4 if- wwnmgtx- I Li A, . tif ff I :"'1fi'c A ' - "' 'f 7 l llv?S??Z" 2 . Y a VF' QQVY .Yf ' I' 1 N' utlig fi ' Q F he 'a25'?g? 1 '62, Y' lik! ljl It -. ':'r:y 1 ' lg I Aw N3 -3 'F . 2 L iw-fwfi' 'SC' 1' -X - - 62561 Q61 ' 11-,ff 1.--1.311 'f - , . V 1, 'Xt 5 fl tg .- 'lv -Q- :L 'fl ' .ii-.1.i:a u.?' gf5iff?ilpQL?if5i'fj','f1'fF'i alillmniflli ' " g i ' l - its lffa' , 1' if Qi' g -vb' . 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S FIRST UNION NATIONAL BANK Of North Carolina Post Office Box 1189 Statesville, North Carolina 28677 My WM W QA7!! :Scif Q71 ACU E fb 77t jf f faLlfj6j of If 676 X-7L Eze ff KOJXV QM! 71' af . fre wf!6. . 5 47 GM7IBGElUI'lII Textlleszj 5 SIHISSVIIIG W 67 f I Flour D'E2Lil2i?ii'i."'t IVI I I IS Finest Textiles and Inventors of Vycron and Polyester Fiber Since 1898 WALKER INSURANCE AGENCY Seniors, Come in Soon to Talk Over Your Insurance Needs 124 East Front Street 198-Ad . ,.LA m 1 .. lynx ,,,,l, ,Q ,QL rmwx ,,-Q1gfA. L , -N T9 M -xo- 5 af 15' H are f Q-fy - Qing If-1 ' 'g. 1 EITHT ff yew-.C xx. ' -. . 5' L PARLIER PLUMB G - tw AND HEATING QD 33 "q 118 Stockton St. - Statesville, N. C. 28677 Q55 State License No. 947 ! 118 Stockton Street Statesville, N. C. Ill! llflll I nmnnnalt 'FTJIIINTURE A.- gil . y H, g1'.ll!J 146 East Broad Street 60.1 U F' .b , Q!!! fr-I M' f I Phone 872-3691 Statesville, North carolina 28677 It's the real thing. Coke 1 STATE FARM INSURANCE P553 31.4 N. Center St Donald Norris 872-2268 SLOAN'S CLEANERS Ullvllu Yr ' 1703 Gregory Road Nxl, Telephone 873-0249 sexi, CHMMM V, -Q, Statesvllle, N. C. Q-, SHIIITOFIC Q Q Q aslrrllgynhmer Wrwv xVf,'xV','1 ",'Xl','Xl 'V-QM? Wnvfn WORLD S MOST 4' RECOMMENDED DRYCLEANING Y . P-370 20 0-Ads abc A d 201 Jewel Box Signal Hill Mall - Phone 873-5525 Center Street - 872-4142 your c ss rings are here! Come see them today! Created by John Roberts With a choice of styles, birthstones Yellow or White Gold The most exciting class rings designed as fine jewelry. Now on display Stzitesville Senior High School LONGUS FAMILY SHOE STORE Offers a wide selection of casual and dress shoes Compliments of REX'S DEPARTMENT STORE 104 S. Center St. Statesville, N. C. The Sports Shop Center for hunting, fishing, golf and team equipment Guns - Ammunition Hobby Supplies And Toys 202 - Ads Q- STATESVILLE ICE AND FUEL Co. CAROLINA TIRE COMPANY Compliments of Statesvillc lcc and Fuel Division ot' Brad Ragan 149 East Front Street Telephone 872-4127 Statcsvillc, North Carolina Webb Insurance Agency General Insurance Insurance is Security 318 South Center Street T lllciifr Wada 901 North Center Street 873-3246 BRESLER'S Congratulations to the graduating class of 1975. Best wishes to the rising seniors to graduate in 1976 from your Bres1er's Ice Cream Shop Signal Hill Mall 204 - Ads 47 'J U y Congratulations , fl f f V 5 V WM 5 y If G, 5,4416 6,1 A 7 cjyx 4 5 i ' 'xf C. ' ML "l, 7f j+7J.,S"Xf7 ffm' fff'153 Gif 1 ' " K I Y x V: X A K, A- ' 1 if + 5 PA I E7 ' + k1 f1cfL,fff J U Wk' f J L 9 x' x , I , LM K im C 5, f wif, 5 7 -51 jf 71 fvqx ,f f M1 fab 5 f'U i.L ,U :wtf VVS frw YW V7 9 f ,701 7 of ,gf Lfhi U on f YH1P1,fc V9 ck y E+ in UN yy C790 +V, xffffv LA vl!f"7? jf? ful Ynqy , D I y VI J 43 1 X21 I 77 If V O W 4' ,M,.a1.,fa,A-.J- ffv-f2:::f . fi Q f of ff 0 Q4 Ln Q QS buf W Ai fn 6' CJQVVJ fnffil' I , . 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AAD: VK Ads- 205 4 fi., lllimlwu le. fl , ,, ' , , W Xt lmwgplf LM F i a if fl 6 f it all ' CM C-,Ig R92 r fi Mfg Jw A M M l xv I ,JV vlifwv l JW W K ff A U A yr,- ii, f Xlgjg U : IL Warehouses: New York - Chicago - Dallas - Los Angeles Forest Heights Pharmacy Welleee Jewelers f get p,i wma lee tr Admiring the lovely china and silver on display in Wallace's Stopping at Forest Heights Pharmacy after a long day at school, window, Kim Harris and Kim Johnson plan to do their Wesley Waugh and lra Lackey refresh themselves with a coke. Christmas shopping early. 206 - Ads Brady Printing Company r..f-: KY aw-' . - . ' .1 ggmnlewl? Birthday cards are always nice to receive, so Mary Ramsey and Wendy Carson search through Brady's wide assortment forjust the right one to send. 'XM Superior Dairies Inc. EIUOY gs - -- fi! Q U Way Q 2 0410! y 4 X 7 QW y y MILK Statesville, N. C. BRANCH BANKING GTRUST COMPANY wi was H ri rw ns. of wr --.r mw.,ffn.Me .-:ww iwmww 6 HA BLANKET OF BAR WW iy Kgs!! f Ai I Q ,U 7+ f H f t Dffiid f' rf C Yi A 2 tx VM 6 M i ' QQ, UQDXAJ M if XJ Jw i'Most Complete Homefurnishing Store in Western Carolina" 1 14 North Center Street Statesville, North Carolina 872-2776 Ads - 207 Complimen+s of OME SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Sfafesville, N.C. Make Home a par+ of your 'Fu+ure 20 Patrons of the l975 Trail Dr. Roben Dame Mr. Fuller Sams Dr. Andrew J. Causey Mr. J.C. Dayvault Dr. Gerald P. Turner Dr. John H. Rosser Dr. H.C. Kutteh Dr. F. Glen Gaither Dr. M.L. Dorton A Friend Ads - 20 Abercrombie, Mr. Ciene1 21, 31, 70, 71, 113 Abercrombie, Sharon 1 34, 35, 48. 57. 65, 109.140,l41, 149 Abernathy. Thomas 1- 125. 139 ALlZ1H1S.P8U16ll6'f1 44, 57. 60. 65. 141. 150 Adams, Scott 1 44, 60, 156 Adams. Tommy 1- 64. 71, 141 Adams, William 1 58 Adler, Lauren 11 44. 57, 62. 65, 85, 101. 109 125 Aiken. Tammy 1125 Aldrich, C1'12lI'1Cl'lC134, 38, 50. 57. 61. 91, 141. 150 Alexander. Cheryl 1 1 40, 60. 63. 65. 125. 139 Alexander. Keta 148, 60, 63. 156 Alexander, Kitty1 50. 57. 60. 96. 111, 156 Alexander. Latimer 1 88. 156 Alexander, Thomas 1 44. 45. 125, 137 Allen, James 1 125 Alley. Terry 1 141 Allison. Andrew' 1 125 Allison. Doris 166, 125 Allison. .1ames1 88, 141 Allison John 118. 125 Allison, Sandra 11 53. 156 Aman. Ellen 1 21. 34, 63. 65. Ambrose. Mrs. .lan 1 31 Anders. Nancy 1- 141 Armstrong, Allyson 1 44, 46, 141 Arrington, Glenda1- 65, 97, 141 Arrington, Phil 1 126 Arrington. Phil 1 88 Ashe, Mr. Richard1 1 1 Atwell, Eddie1153, 141 Ayers, Kim1 61.141 Bagwell, Clyde 1 44. 156 Bailey. Dr. Robert 1- 11 Bailey, Robert 1 64, 70, 71, 73, 76, 88. 156 Baker. Beth 1 44, 65, 126 Baker, Chip 1 61. 86, 92, 141 Baker. Jimmy 1 48. 62. 126 Baker, G. 1 54 Barber, Cynt 1- 34. 37.39, 43. 44. 51. 57. 67. 156 Barger, Mr. Cecil 1 ll Barnard, John144, 48, 61, 63.97. 141 Barnard, William 1 44, 48. 49, 63. 157. 173 Barnes. Rhonda1 126 Barnette, Danny 1- 92, 141 Barnhardt, Elaine1 126 Barrett, Kim -1 44. 126 Barringer, Cynthia 1 22, 157 Bass. Billy144, 58, 61. 141 Bass, Robin1 126 Baumgarner. Kim 1 17. 42, 43, 44, 50, 97, 141 Black. Baron1 142 Black, Norman 1 37, 53, 88, 102, 157 Black, Regina1 126 Blackwell, Barbara 1 48, 126 Blackwell, Char1es1 70, 71, 72, 73, 76, 142 Blackwell, Joe1 126 Blackwell, Lena 1 64, 142 Blackwell Blair, Joy . Terry148, 64, 71, 88, 154, 157 153,157 Blanton, Pam1 157 Blevins, Sherry 1 42, 43, 44, 57, 61, 65, 67, 97, 1 Blood, Th 42, eresa1 126 Blowe, Dollgl 126 Boan, Eddie 1 53, 157 Boan, Sus an1l42 Bodie, Lenze11-- 142 Boggs, Chet 1 14, 64, 86, 126 Boggs, Jennifer1 34, 61, 65, 142 Boggs, Rob144, 49, 58, 60, 91, 157. 175 Bolick, Allen 1 142 Bo1ick,Robin1l3,44. 126, 175 Bondurant, Bill 1 126 Bondurant, Thomas 1 88 Boone, M r. Vester1 11 Borders, Mrs, Sarah 1 31 Boyce, Mark 1 62, 86, 126 Boyd, Elizabeth 1 34, 37, 44, 47, 49, 57, 60, 101, 102, 113, 158 1 Brake, Mr, F1'2iI'lk1 25, 31 Brantley, Lisa140, 61, 65. 66, 107, 113, 142 Braun, Mike 1 88 Braun, Ronnie1 71, 73, 86, 88. 158 Brawley. Wanda1 54, 142 Breneman, Todd 1 44. 60, 63, 126 Bristol, M Bristol, M argaret 1 34, 50. 57, 63. 102. 158 r. COWlCS1 64 Brittain, Mike1 42, 43, 142 Brittain, Tim 1126 Britto, Ramona1 127 Brooks, Jennifer -1 34, 40, 60, 63. 65, 124, 127. 139 Brooks, Mrs. Ruth 1 26, 31 Brown, Mary 1 57, 60, 65, 110, 158 Brown. Mike1 58. 127 Brown, Tommy 1 86, 127 Brown, Mrs. Wil1ie1 12, 31 Bruce, Dale 1 52, 127 Bruning, Patti 1 34, 40, 60, 63, 85. 107. 127 Burkett, Carol 1 127 Burrow, Lois144, 142, 153 Bustle, Mr. Jerry1 18, 31, 76. 93, lll Cable, Marissa1 44, 47, 66, 142 Caldwell, Audrey 1 54 Caldwell, Martha 1 61. 66. 158 Caldwell, Steve 1 158 Campbell, Cathy 1 42. 43, 60, 65, 142 Campbell, David1 127 Campbell. Debra1 158 Campbell, Joe 1158 Campbell. Mike17l. 73. 86, 158 Anderson. Charles 1 125, 139 Anderson. Vanesta 1 125 Angell. Mary --f- 44. 62, 65. 125 Anthony, Michael 1- 44, 125 Arant. Deborah 1 42, 156 Archibald, Ann 1 60, 63. 65. 107. 156 Archiba1d,Joe1 34. 58, 75. 125, 139 Armistead. Chand1er1 64. 86, 91. 141 Armistead, Tripp 1- 34. 37. 57. 58, 64, 70, 7 72, 73.88.l0l. 102.156 Armour. Shelton1 61, 63. 156 2l01lndex Baxter, Pal' 48, 157 Bellamy. Cynthia-1 19, 54. 126, 175 Bellamy. Shelia1 126 Bellamy Virginia154, 126 Bennett, Brian 1 53. 157 Bennett, Mike 11 141 Bennett, Robert144. 157 Bentley. Dr. Ralph 1 ll Best. Doris1 54. 141 Best. Nancy 1 157 Billings. Randy 1 55, 126 Campbell, Pau116l, 142 Campbell, Tony1 158 Carrigan, Pam 1 50. 61. 142 Carson, Billy 1 64, 86, 127 Carson. Ethan1 34. 44. 58. 59, 61. 140, 142. 153 Carson, Wendy1 37, 42, 43, 50, 51. 57. 60. 96, 102. 158 Cash, Susan 1 143 Cashion,Julia119.65. 127 Cavendish, Sandy1 35.38. 50, 57. 61. 97. 107, 143 Chamberlain, Terry - 65, 127 Chambers, Drucilla - 54, 143 Chambers, Edward- 54, 143 Chambers, Harvey - 31 Cherry, Burford- 37, 58, 61, 113, 158 Chilton, Beth -48, 57, 61, 158 Chilton, Mrs. Mabel- 12, 31, 57 Chuber, Ann- 15, 41, 57, 60, 63, 65, 90, 107, 143 Clark, Beverly- 54, 159 Clark, Reba- 54, 143 Clarke, Jean- 159 Clarke, Sharon - 53, 159 Clarke, Thomas - 143 Clarke, Vanessa- 127 Clerici, Guy - 127 Cline, Michael- 44, 127 Cloer, Ann - 143 Cole, Mrs. Esther-29, 31 Collier, Robby- 159, 173 Collins, Rusty - 127 Combs, Junior - 159 Comer, Robert- 127 Conner, James - 127 Connor, Kathy - 127 Cook, Mr. Bill- 24,31,54 Cook, Ed- 58, 61, 64, 65, 76, 77, 89, 143 Corbett, Jeff- 109 Cornacchionne, Sal- 86, 127 Cornelius, Jeff- 127 Cornelius, Pam - 57, 61, 66, 143 Corriher, Mart- 159 Cowan, Crystal -43, 48, 52, 67, 159 Cowan, Vivian - 83, 127 Cox, Caroline- 44, 61, 66,143 Crawford, Mr. Howard - 27 Crawford, Robert- 44, 128 Crawford, Susan- 143 Crouch, Casey - 159 Curlee, Nancy- 34, 35, 36, 39, 52, 57, 58, 60, 63, 65, 84, 101, 102, 103, 106,107, 109,111,154,159 Curtis, Sue - 128 Dagenhart, Brent- 159 Dalton, James - 25, 128 Dalton, Kathy- 53, 159 Dame, Barbie- 39, 51, 57, 90, 100, 102, 159 Daniels, Frances- 67, 84, 143 Daniels, Janice - 21, 128 Daniels, James - 34 Daniels, Terri- Daniels, Terry - Daniels, Vicki- 61, 143 29, 143 66, 128 Daugherty, Tim - 55, 128 Davenport, Angie - 34, 37, 39, 50, 51. 57, 60, 64, 65, 84, 96, 101, 102, 106, 107, 159, 173 Davidson, Cathy - 14, 62, 63, 65, 100, 128 Davidson, Eric-64, 86, 89, 143 Davidson, James- 75, 79, 128 Davidson, Mr. John - 20, 31, 89 Davidson, Julie - 44, 97, 143 Davidson, Lynn - 44. 47, 57. 60, 64, 102, 107, 159 Davidson, Paul -62, 86, 128 Davidson, Roy - 55, 128 Davidson. Tina - 62, 81, 160 Davis, April- 90 Davis, Colin - 44, 128 Davis, David - 86 Davis, Mrs. Emma- 14, 31 Davis, Gary - 44, 48, 88, 160 Davis, Kelly - 64, 86, 89, 144 Dearman, Chuck - 13, 28, 44, 63, 100, 160 Ferguson, Paul H- 44, 66, 76, 92, 93. 101 1 Dearman, Mrs. Norma- 16, 31, 63 Dearman, Steve - 61, 144 Deaton, Margaret- 21, 42, 43, 128 Derr, Mr. Wilmer- 16, 31, 34, 36 Dillard, Debra- 128 Dillard, Donna- 128 Dishman, Penny- 53, 144, 153 Dison, Billy- 144 Dixon, Eric - 53, 160 Dixon, Mr. Lloyd- 18, 19, 31, 58, 100, 105 Dobbins, Greg -- 44, 58, 60, 64, 76, 88, 160 160 Ferron, Tim - 44, 45, 49, 60, 102, 161 174 Ferron, Colleen - 129 Fetzer, Dawn - 60, 63, 129 Fink, Jim -144 Fisher, Cathy 57, 161 Fleckenstein, Mark -4- 13, 37, 42, 43, 48 49 155, 161, 174 Fleming, Micheal- 86, 129 Flowers, Ricky- 161 Fortner, Barbara- 19, 129 Dobbins, James- 128 Foster, Betty - 44, 47, 48, 57, 61, 66, 67 Dobbins, Rusty - 144 Dodd, Chris - 44, 144 107,161,173 Fox, Danny- 129 Dooley, Bobby- 15, 61, 128, 153 Dooley, Jim-61, 63, 64, 71, 73, 160 Douglas, Nan - 50, 57, 61, 65, 97, 144 Drolet, Thomas - 128 Duncan, Joe- 113, 160 Duncan, Karla- 129 Duncan, Steve - 54, 55, 144 Duren, Veronica - 54, 160 Dyson, Janis - 184 Early, Harold - 44 Earnhardt, Delia- 61, 140, 144 Earnhardt, Jim - 43, 160, 174 Edwards, Darlene- 129 El1er,Jackie-43, 63, 65, 125, 129 Ellis, Mrs. Deborah - 20, 31, 52 Ellis, Sherman - 160 Englebert, Kent- 44, 48, 49, 60. 61. 63. 160 Epps, Kelly-43, 57, 61.65, 144, 146 Faust, Leona-44, 46, 57, 61, 63. 65, 160 Feimster, Anita- 44, 46, 66, 97, 144. 152 Feimster, Sandra- 53. 144 Fox, David- 34, 37, 40, 50, 51, 58, 60 65 66, 96, 98,101, 102,161 Fox, Gill- 65, 71, 92, 144 Fox, Kim - 40, 66, 144 Fraley, Alf- 86, 144 Freeman, Marissa- 60, 65, 144 Frye, Mr. CA. - 31, 70, 71, 76, 77 Frye, Steve- 10, 34, 36, 37, 58, 64, 70 73,92,102, 111, 154.161 Fulp, Ken - 129 Furches, Jane- 83, 129 Gaines, Elizabeth - 34, 35, 36, 37, 50, 7 63, 65, 96, 100, 102, 161 Gaither, Marsha- 144 Galliher, Mrs. Marion- 21, 31, 83,90 Garland, John - 144 Garner, Monica- 161 Garner, Rodney- 129 Gatton, Mark - 54, 129 Gentle, Terry - 129 Geter, Barbara- 129 Index Gibbs, Wanda- 145 Gill, Robert-44, 129 Gill, Thomas - 44, 62, 129 Gill, Linda- 161 Gilleland, Kay- 37, 40, 48, 50, 51, 52, 57, 60, 65, 96, 102, 109, 161 Gillespie, Sammy- 34, 35, 76, 78, 100, 124, 129 Gilliam, Chris- 57, 60, 63, 65, 100,155, 161 Gilliam, Gwyn - 41, 50, 57, 63, 65, 96, 98, 161 Gilliam, Lisa- 39, 42, 43, 50, 65, 97, 145 Gilliam, State - 129 Gillon, Marc-161 Goldbaugh, Yvonne - 43, 48, 56, 57, 61, 161 Goode, Brian-43, 58, 61, 63, 145 Goode, John - 55, 64, 70, 71, 73, 86, 145, 162 Goode, Mr. John - 20, 31 Goodman, John - 88, 145 Goodman, Susan - 29 Goodwin, Loretta- 57, 66, 145 Goss, Robert- 86, 162 Grant, David -40, 42, 43, 61, 88, 145 Grant, Tonya- 129, 138 Gray, Carol - 54, 129 Gray, Richard-44, 58, 61, 129 Green, Linda-44, 100, 129 Harwell, Wayne- 40, 79, 130 Hawkins, Ronny - 130 Hayden, John - 54, 130 Hayes, Calvin - 54, 130 Hellard, Rodney - 61, 64, 146 Henderson, Debra-40, 162 Henkle, Mrs. Shirley- 26, 31, 66 Henry, Calvin - 130 Helper, Victor - 92, 93 Herman, Martha- 130 Heruska, Ruth - 90 Heye, Mr. Charlie - 27, 31, 74, 87 Hill, Jerry- 31 Hill, Roger- 44, 165 Hillard, Ronnie-71, 73, 163 Hillard, Teresa- 130 Hodges, Debbie - 57, 60, 65, 163 Hodges, Denny- 146 Hoffman, Craig Holbrook, Billy Holbrook, Robe -65, 146 -130 rt-86,145,163 Holleman, Walter- 130 Holloway, Norma- 43, 48, 57, 61, 63 Holmes, Keith - 54, 130 Holmes, Kenny- 55, 79, 130 Honeycutt, Stephany- 57, 60, 65, 84, 146 Hoover, David- 146 Hoover, Roger- 130 Gregory, Gwen -- 130 Gresham, Lynn - 79 Griffin, Ronald- 145 Griffith, J.J. - 13, 41, 58, 59, 60, 63, 64, 65, 162 Griffith, Miss Ruth - ll, 31 Grose, Miss Mary Jean- 18, 31 Grubb, Rachel -- 28, 155, 162 Guest, Noah - 55, 86, 145 Guy, Mrs. Ruth- 1 1, 31 Gwaltney, Bill- 44, 45, 47, 62, 130 Haas, David - 50, 60, 87, 96, 99, 162 Hopkins, Beth - 34, 62, 65, 82, 130 Horne, Archie- 146 Horne, Charlotte - 163 Houpe, Donna- 131 Houpe, Robin - 61, 146 Houston, Doborah -44, 46, 66, 67, 107, 163 Houstin, Grace- 131 Howard, David -131 Howard, Gayle- 22, 44, 47, 163 Howard, Genny - 42, 43, 60, 66, 146 Howard, Linda- 43, 61, 66, 163 Howard, Mrs. Laurie - 30 Haddix, Mark W- 34, 61, 64, 71, 88, 145 Haithcox, Billie - 54, 145 Haithcox, Pam - 23, 162 Hall, David- 64, 88, 89, 145 Hall, Frances -- 34, 48, 66, 67, 145 Hall, Lawrence - 48, 162 Hall, Terry - 130 Hall, Robin -145 Hall, Sharon -145 Hamilton, Betty -- 130 Hamilton, Pat- 29, 43, 50, 57, 61, 65, 96, 98, 102, 162 Hardy, Alilia- 54, 145 Hardy. Essadall - 130 Harkey, Sandra - 130 Harmon, Kay - 53, 145 Harmon, Jan - 40, 65, 145 Harmon, Joan - 34, 37, 39, 50, 51, 57, 60, Howell, Joe - 55,146 Howell, Barry - 92 Howell, Eric - 54, 146 Howell, Keith- 131 Hudgins, John Huffman, How Huggins, Pam 146 -54,130 ard - 92 - 34, 40, 43, 57, 61, 65, 67 Huneycutt, James - 62, 131 Huneycutt, Lynne - 96, 163 Hunt, Debbie - 27, 40, 61, 65, 146 Hunter, Adrian - 83, 131 Hunter, Judy- 16, 65, 90, 163 Hunter, Mr. Edward - 11 Inscore, Joey - 54, 146 Inscore, Ted - 92 Jackson, Mr. Jesse- 16, 31, 70, 71, 86 Jacob, Lauren - 90 63, 64, 65, 96, 98, 102, 162, 167 Harmon, Laura- 34, 61, 65, 85, 130, 132 Harmon, Terry - 57, 65, 84, 162 Harper, Larry - 130 Harrid, J. - 54 Harrington, Ellen -43, 57, 65, 145 Harrington, Mrs. Marilyn - 31 Harris, Debra - 34, 35, 37, 42, 43, 44, 51, 52 57, 61. 64. 66, 102, 162 Harris, Denise - 44, 66, 162 Harris, Jerry - 162 Harris, Kathy- 145 Harris, Kim-44, 61, 140, 145 Harris, Scott- 79, 130 Harrison, Beverly- 145 212-Index Jenkins, David- 146 Jenkins, Jerry - 61, 146 Jenkins, Mrs. Polly-29, 31 Jenkins, Terry - 44, 61, 142, 163 Johns, Kim-163 Johnson, David- 131 Johnson, Ginger - 34, 57, 64, 84, 102, 110 163, 103 Johnson, Rita-54, 131 Johnson, Steve- 131 Johnson, Susan - 61 Johnson, Mrs. Marta- 14, 31, 61 Johnson, Kim -131 Johnston, Elizabeth-57, 155, 163 Johnston , Emily - 65 Johnston, Randy - 48, 164 Jolly, Mrs. Brenda- 12, 31,40 Jones, Lindsay - 106 Josey, Curt- 131 Josey, Vickie- 131 Josie, Mrs. Pat- 31 Justice, Jimmy - 44, 164 Justice, Julie- 43, 60, 65, 146 Kane, Noreen - 38, 164 Kearns, Ruth - 131 Keaton, Keith - 71, 76, 164 Keever, Pam - 28, 164 Keller, Torrie- 131 Kelly, Kim- 34, 38, 57, 65, 84, 90, 147 Kennedy, Walter - 131 Kenner, Robert- 131 Kennington, Mr. Samuel- 24, 31, 53 Kepley, Mrs. Martha- 22, 31, 40 Kilby, Gary - 37.54, 58, 164 Kilpatrick, Debbie - 147 Kimball, Karen - 131 Kimberlin, Randy - 88 Kimbrough, Steve - 75, 131 King, Jack - 34, 37, 50, 58, 59, 63, 64, 91, 96, 98, 99, 102, 164 Kirby, Angela- 15, 37, 44, 62, 65, 131 Kiser, Ann - 42, 43, 50, 60, 96, 111, 164 Kiser, Donna- 131 Kiser, R. - 88 Kitchings, Linda- 50, 57, 60, 96. 98, 164 Kitchings, Sidney - 64, 71, 147 Kivett,Car01e-43, 50, 57, 96, 113, 164, Kornegay, Mr. A.D. - 11 Kutteh, Bobby - 91 Lackey, Ira- 34, 35, 36, 42, 43, 44, 50, 58, 59, 61, 97,101,144,147 Lackey, Jan- 34, 66, 132, 136 W Lackey, Larry - 79, 131 Ladd, Pam - 132 Lail, Georgina -164 Lambert. Diane - 48 Lambert. James - 61. 132 Lamberth. Beth -15.44,62.65. 132. Lamberth. Theresa -- 132 Laminack, Kelley- 57, 65. 147 Lapish, Lisa - 34. 50, 57. 65, 82. 90. 147 184 Lassiter. Deborah - 48, 147 Lavender, Mary Beth -- 44, 49, 57, 61, 65 143, 147 Lawrence, Beverly - 132 Lawrence, Nancy - 81, 82, 153 Lazenby, Sherry- 43, 50, 57. 60, 65, 97, 147 Leaptrott, Benji - 37, 43, 49, 60, 63, 109 111, 164. 173 Leaptrott, Tim - 15, 17, 41. 61, 92, 147 Lee, Pam-44, 62, 132 Lee, Robert- 60, 132 Lewis, Cathy- 147 Lewis. Mickey- 34. 37, 61, 64. 71, 147. 175 1 Lowery, Paul - Lowery. Scott - 165 Lowery, Sylvia- 137 Lowry, Robert- 132 Lowry. William -165 Luckey, Robert- 71. 86. 147 Lundy. Brent- 53, 148 Lyons, Debbie - 53, 148 Lyons, Theresa - 132 Lytton, David - 65. 86, 165 Mailman, D. - 54 Marshall, Eugenia- 132 Martin, Louise- 61, 148, 153 Martin, Karen- 165 Martin, Mrs. Bobbie- 11,31, 137 Mathews, Joy- 34, 43, 62, 63, 65, 113, 132 Matlock, Albert- 165 Mattox, Priscilla - 34, 42, 43, 44, 47, 61, 67. 148 Mayberry, Wayne- 132 McClelland, Sharon - 148 McCollough, Janice - 48, 165 McConnell, Bill- 88 Mills. Sandy -- 148 Millsaps, Annette - 129. 132 Millsaps, George- 148 Milstead. Joel- 64, 71. 88. 148 Minor. Roy- 148 Minor. Kenneth -- 148 Misenheimer. Tim - 133 Misher, Faye- 133 Mitcham. Kim - 40, 43, 51. 166 Mitchell, Mike-- 148 Montgomery, Paul f-44, 61. 133 Mooe, Mike- 133 Moore, Donald - 55, 86, 133 Moore, Kaye -- 23. 166 Moore, R -- 54 Moore, Tony - 133 Moose, Cindy --- 53, 99, 166 Moose, Mr. David -- 22, 31 Moose, James - 133 R d -44,62,100,133 Morgan, an y Morrison illy -- 20, 87. 166 Morrison utch - 58, 60, 61. 64, 89. 91, 148 Morrison, Clyde - 148 Morrison, Horace - 79, 133 Morrison, Mark - 87 Morrison oy- 54, 166 Overman Morrison. Theresa - 166 Mullis, Susan - 43, 44, 62. 133 Mundhenke, Louanne - 42. 43, 48, 50. 51. 57. 60, 63, 166 Mundhenke, Dean - 133 Murdock, C, - 75 Murdock, Steve- 17. 42, 43. 44, 58. 61. 148 Murphy, Michael- 133 Myers, Mary - 81. 149 Myers, Clint- 61. 64. 86. 89.148, 153 Linder, Gary - 132 Linney, Edward - 55, 132 Lippard, David- 132 Lippard, Stanley - 164 Lippard, Tami- 132 Litaker, Mr. Carl- ll Little. Lisa-44. 47, 61, 67, 147 Lloyd, Lisa- 61, 147 Lloyd, James- 44, 50, 61. 63. 96, 165 Lockman, Mark - 65, 164 Loftis, Tina- 54, 165 Long, Pressly- 50, 58, 61, 64, 71, 147 Long, Laura- 132, 137 Long, Muffy - 34. 35.43, 65, 107. 124, Long, Stanley- 74, 75, 132, 138 Loudermilt, Keith-44, 55, 132 Lowery, Doug- 147 -..- McConnell, Lynn- 165 McCurdy, Penny - 44. 133 Mc Dade, Jeff- 56 McDanie1s, Paul -64, 71, 148 McDanie1s,Vickey- 133 MCGeachy, Mr. Neil- 105 McHargue, Debbie - 29, 133 Mclntyre. Loring- 44. 48, 165 McJunkin, Jim - 41, 63, 165 Messick, Keith -44, 61, 65, 92, 93, 165 Messick, Kent-44, 61, 65, 165 Messick, Leslie-61. 148 Middleton, David- 44, 49, 58, 100, 165 Miller, Keith -148 Miller, Susan- 57, 61, 67, 165 Mills. Hope- 61,133 Mills. Phil -44. 133 Mills, G. - 88 Myers, Allen - 148 Myers, Johnny - 76, 77, 78. 166 Myers, Patricia- 133 Myers, Susan - 166 Neely, Bill- 133 Neils, Janet- 166 Nesbit, Audrey - 166 Nesbit, Keith - 64, 86, 166, 173 Nesbit, Vaughn - 66, 166 Nesbitt, Sherry - 133 Netterwald, Craig - 149 Netterwald, Rick - 88, 166 Nicholson, Lorie-40, 43, 133 Nicholson, Parker - 71, 149 Nicholson, Robin - 39, 166 Norman, Chris -- 61,141,149 Norris, Cathy - 34, 65, 149 Norris, Johnny - 58, 64, 70. 71, 72, 73, 92. 102, 106. 107, 167 Oakley, Robert- 134 Ogburn, Ginger - 34. 50, 57, 61. 65. 67, 97. 149 Onsrud, Billy - 149 Onsrud, Johnny - 48. 149 Orbison, Jane - 83. 134 Overby, Barbara- 107. 167 Overcash, Judy - 54, 167 Overman, Cindy - 27. 149 Overman, Harriet- 134 , Steve- 50, 58.71, 97. 149 Owen, Bill- 58, 64, 70, 71. 73, 88. 167 Owens, Steve - 86 Palmer, Jim - 134 Palmes, Bob- 12, 74, 134 Park, Becky- 57. 61, 66, 167 Parks, Jo - 167 Parlier, Betty Jo-97, 107, 140, 149 Index-213 Parsons, Gus1 25. 74, 75. 79, 134 Paschal. Dick -1 44. 60.87. 167 Pate. Lydia 1 66. 134 Patterson. Kevin 1 79. 134 Payne. David ---23, 34. 58, 61. 76. 149 Pearce. M rs. Janie -1 12. 31 Peet. Rusty 1- 71, 149 Pendergrass. Toniaf1 128, 134 Pennell. Karen -1 66. 149 Pennell, R0g61'f 54, 167 Pennington. Chris 1 -86, 134 Pero, .John -1 48, 60, 65. 89. 167 Perrin. Karen -1 134 Pettit. Jef1'1 149 Pharr. Mr. Glenn 1 14.31. 60. 104 Pharr. 'liim 134 Phelps, Laura 1' 34. 37. 41. 50.51. 52.57. 60 65. 102. 167 Phillips. Stephen -1134 Pickens. Alexis 1' 26. 84. 106. 167 Pickens. Angela -1 85. 134 Pipkin. Julie - -134 Plott. Bob 167 Polk, Barbara 37, 39. 44. 46. 49, 51. 57 102, 109. 167 Poole. Donnie 1- 92 Poole. Terri' ff 40. 57. 65. 168. 184 Poplin. Mr. Gerald -- 10, 25. 31 Poplin. Harriet f -- 134 Poston. David 7 134 Potter. David - 1 64. 70.86. 88. 149 Pou. Reggie' 79. 134 Powers. Sheena 1 44. 134 Powers. Stephanie 1 34. 35. 44. 47. 48. 66. 67. 168 Pritchard. Mrs, Leslie -1 12. 31. 39. 51 Pritchard. Roger 1 44. 134 Raiford. Claude -- 58. 64. 65. 92. 93. 168 Raiford. Phil -58. 59.61, 64.65. 135 Rafals, John f- - 86, 149 Rafals. George ff 86 -54. 149 - 29. 135 Ramsey. Mary f f 29. 43. 50. 57. 60.96. 168 54. 149 Ramseur, Vikki Ramsey. Frances Rankin. Bessie' Rankin. Kevin '55. 76. 77. 78. 168 Rankin. Michael -1 135 Rankins. Celia - 149 , . 1 , 1 s 'K t Robertson, Kenneth 1- 15 Robinson. Doug 1 86. 150 Robinson. l.ynne1 43.52. 150 Robinson. Sharon 1 168 Robinson. Susan 1 57. 61. 66. 168 Robinson. Tommy 1 44. 47.86. 135 Rodgers. John 1- 150 Rogers. Margaret 1 135 Rosby. Grace 1 43. 44, 47.48. 52. 67, 168 Roseboro, Billy1 55. 67. 70.71. 73. 76. 101 Rosenbalm. Carolyn 1 66. 150 Ross. Elizabeth 1- 44, 60. 150 Rosser, Susan 1 34, 37. 40. 61, 135 Rowe. Doug-1 60, 65. 86. 143. 150 Rowe. John 1 42. 43, 44. 49. 60, 97. Roweland. Connie 1 134. 135 Rucker. Gilbert 144. 45. 135 Rucker. James 1 54, 135 Rucker. Marilyn1 135 Rucker. Terri 1 48. 52. 66. 150 Ray. Avis 150 Raymer. Mindy -- 40.63. 65. 135 Reaves. Steve f- 54. 135 Reavis. Gary 1' 135 Redmond. Cheryl -1 50. 61, 82.96. 168 Redmond, Kenneth' -79, 135 Reid an 1 135 Reid. l'lob1- 87 Reid. Jeff- 135 Reid. Jim - 53. 150 Reid, Randy 64. 70.71. 73. 168 Renwick. Danny -1 70.71. 76. 92 Revier. Steve- f 63 Rudd. 18111188111 28. 31. 45. 47. 49 Rufty. Julia1 131. 135 Sainpsel. Mr. Herb 1 24. 31.54. 81 Sampsel. Mrs. Deeny 1- 31 Sampsel. Mark 11 44, 92. 150 Sanders. Mrs. Jackie 1 31 Satterfield. Alfonzo1 135 Satterfield, Jo Ann 1 34. 83. 135 Scott, Bessie1 135 Scott. Mr. Jessie 1 31 Scott, Ronnie1 136 Scudder. Jackie 1 170 Seagle. Miss Mary Jane1 18. 31. 39 Rhea. Tammy -1 150 Ridenhour. Mrs. Pat f-12.31. 43. 51. 57. 100 RlQlCl1l10L11'.iliC1'l'lf1 29. 61. 135 Riera. Gus - - 34. 35. 36. 43. 50. 52. 58. 61. 63. 64. 65. 91. 97. 101. 150. 153 Rimmer. Keith f 135 Rinehardt. Alton f1 135 Roberts. Boyd ff ff 149, 168 Roberts. Carroll f1 53. 150 Roberts. Rena '61, 66. 135 Robertson, Ken 43. 60. 92, 93. 150 2141lndex Sells. Kelly - 136 Sequino. Mrs, Cynthia1 28. 31 Shafer. Georgia 1 60. 150 Shaner. l.aine113.43. 168 Sharpe. Carolyn 1 136 Sharpe. Danita 1 168 Sharpe. Eartha1 48. 54. 168 Shawver. Randa 1 48. 169 Shelton. Denise165. 136 Shepherd. Robert142. 43. 150 Sherrill. Agnes -1 150 100, 150 Sherrill. Kim16l. 140. 151. 171 Sherrill. Mary 1 --'- 40. 50. 57. 63. 65 96 98 169 Shoemaker. Debbie167. 169 Shoemaker. Tim --Y 151 Shuford, Allen 1 54. 136 Shuford. Cl'lF1Sf 136 Shuford. Gayle -1 19. 34. 38. 52. 66. 67 07 151 Shuford. Ricky -1 92 Shulord. Rita1136 Sigmon.Billy1136 Sigmon, Pam -1 83. 136 Sipes,Becky1151 Sisk. Nathan 1 43, 44, 61.63. 151 Sloan. Janice1 34.44. 46, 57.60. 61 Sloan. Julie144. 46. 57. 61.66. 100. 151 Sloan. Kim 1 34. 35. 37. 44. 67. 169, S1'1'llill,PHI-136 Smith. David1 135. 151 Smith. Keith 1 54. 136 Smith. Mike 1 53 Smith. Robin 1- 43. 50. 52. 57. 65 107, 151 Smith. Sheila1 57. 66, 169 Smith. Teresa1 136 Smith. Tracey 1- 136 Snoddy. Kyle 1 64.70. 71. 72. 76. 88 Snow, Carol 1 31.48. 65. 151 Snow, Mr. Mel 1 20 Snyder. Davie1 136 Sparks. Curtis 1 44. 88. 169 Sparks. Darrell 1 54. 169 Sparks. Rita1 62. 136 Sparks. Steve1 55. 169 Speaks. Debby 1 136. 151 Spratt. Sandra1 34.65. 136 Sprinkle. Randall 1 136 Sprinkle. Bradley 1 136 Stanley. LHUFH1 17. 43. 44. 57. 60. 63 Starnes. Eric1 136 Starnes, M ark 1 169 Steelman, Sarah 1 136 Stevens. Julia 1 53. 169 Stevenson, Alvin 1 71 Stevenson, Mr. Harvey1 25. 31. 55 Stevenson, Mrs. Mary Lou1 31 Stevenson, Robert 1 136 Tucker, Reggie1 137 Tucker, Ronald 1 170 Turner, Allen 1 54. 137 Turner, Brenda 1 53. I70 Stevenson, Robin 1 32, 36, 38, 51, 84, 102, 105,106,111, 169 Stevenson, William 1 54 Stewart, Mrs. Pat1 14, 31, 61, 104 Stikeleather. Robin 1 52. 57, 61, 65, 84. 169 Stinnette, Kathy1 151 Stokes, Sherrie 1 85, 137 Storie, Mrs. Elizabeth 1 29, 31 Stroud, John 1 28, 44, 61, 63, 169 Stroud. Mr. Cecil 1 10, 31, 113 Stroud, Steve 1 44. 137 Sturghill, Robin 1 53. 169 Sullivan. Amy1 34, 37, 66, 137 Summerford, Marla- 135 Summers, Anna1 131, 135 Summers, Crystal 1 66, 137 Sweeney. Steve 1 64. 86. 137 Tate. Mr. 013111111 10, 31, 74. 79, 175 Taylor, Dewey1 169 Taylor, Gaynell1 61, 151 Taylor, Mark 1 61, 137 Teague, Kathy 1 61, 66.99, 169 Teasley. Linda1 151 Templeton, Kevin -1 137 Templeton, Tom 1 36, 58, 86. 100. 102. 170 Tevepaugh, A1isa1 151 Tevepaugh, Robin 1 17, 57.61, 66, 170 Threatte, Jennie 1 137 Thompson, Brett '44. 137 Thompson. Mike1 71,151 Thompson, Roger Thompson, Skip 1 61 Tomlin, Jon 1 39, 76, 151 Triplette, Marie1 137 Tsumas, Harry 1 34. 64, 74, 75, 86. 137 Tucker, Donald 1 43. 50. 60. 96. 170 r Turner, Turner, Deborah 1 54, 152 Mike1 53,137 Weeks, William -1 138 Weisner. Mr. Ricky 1 91 Wells. Judy1 61.65. 85. 138 Wells, Kay 1 - 20. 40, 43, 57. 170 West, Lynn 1- 29. 138 White. Beth 1- 57. 61. 143,152 Turner, Steve 1 54, 137 Turner, Watson 1 54. 152. 175 Turnipseed, Donna 11 43. 44. 48, 49. 50. 52. 60. 96, 170 Turnipseed, Sammy-1 34, 35, 62. 74, 75, 137, 139 Umberger, Janis 1-1 65. 83. 137 Virtue, Rob1 137 Walker. B01 34, 37. 64. 86. 88, 170. 174 Walker, Greg1 55. 170 Walker, Keith 1 18. 44, 76. 137 Walker, Mrs. Lois1 11, 31. 34 Walker, Tonia1- 138 Wall, Mrs. Helen -1 16, 31, 50 Walsh. Melanie 1 39. 57. 60. 63. 65. 107 113, 152 Wardo, Don 1 138 Warlick, Miss Peggy 1 51 Warner, Willie 1 44. 138 Wasson, 1V12i1'gZl1'CIf 34, 37, 50. 60. 97. 153 Waters, Sharon -161. 67. 152 Watkins. John 1 88 Watts, Darrell 120. 34. 35. 75. 128. 138 Watts. Richard1 170 Watts. Terry1 53, 76, 170 White, Debbie ---- 44. 62, 138 White. Lou Anne -144. 62. 83. 138 White. Robert -154. 152 White . Steve 1- 44. 138 Whiteside. 1-661 58, 64, 170 Whiting, Janet -1- 130, 138 Whiting, Ricky 1164. 86. 170 Whiting. Russell 1161. 171. 175 Whittenburg, Martha 1 54. 152 Wieland. Joe1 61.152 Wilkes. Marie 1- 30 Wilkinson, Vicki- -138 Williams, Charles 1- 50. 61, 86. 89. 150. 152 Williams. Gerhea -1 29. 31. 51. 57. 171 Williams. Jane 11 29. 37. 38. 50. 51. 57. 60 96. 102. 171 Williams, Jimmy 1- 54. 152 Williams, Ronnie 1- 27. 152 Wilson, Sandy 1- 61, 96, 171 Winecoff, Barbara 11 171 Witherington. Mary 11 29. 43. 57.61. 65. 152 Wittington. William - - 138 Wood. David ---- 55. 152 Woods, Franklin -- - 71. 76. 152 Woods, Mike- -55. 79, 138 Wooten, EriC1-- 171. 175 Waugh, Barry 1 53. 138 Waugh. Dale164. 138 Waugh, Eddie 1 39.44. 152 Waugh. Wesley 1 34, 58. 61. 89. 91, 152 Waugh, Tina1 44, 61, 67 Webb, Kenny1 138 Webster, Christina1 106, 107. 170 Webster. Mrs. Vera 1- 22, 31 Worley. William 11 86. 88. 138 Wyatt. Kenneth ---- 127. 138 Wyatt. Mark 1- 50. 58. 61. 64. 97. 152 Yocum. Nancy ----- 57, 66. 152, 153 York, Sarah 1-- 29. 57, 63. 171 York, Sharon 1-- 43. 48. 138 Young, Bradley -- -64. 70. 71. 73. 171 Young. Debbie 11 57. 60. 67. 171 H ,ya . f v 'nf 'an-... 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M4 ' T 02170 Algfyfki Bdpygqfiwgyiy 'fjjap-6, 979 ef 7Lf120f'l4 7Sfy!0!799"7 fl Rfk -L QM ,QW aw fp wma 'fwwf ff' +4 H, f-PV Swv ww'2fw! V-JL ww W f wwfpf mv 2 If ffm 'M W? WW WW 1 if nv j .. ,... fl - A A .V A . V .A . , ,. N L A x , ' Q 3 Q 2 -fm' wav +127 11,1-ffp an ww, ff fp LOYAL AND TRUE Loyal and true, We pledge allegiance to you. This is our motto: We are all for one and all For alma mater. Herels to our school, Forever more may she rule, Forever more you will find us Always loyal and true! KBSVI J wOY4z 'Q' H AND my lfRXlY'l SC ALMA MATER Hail, to dear old Statesville High, Alma Mater til we die. Hail to every grad and friend, We salute you to the end. Students with their heads held high Are proud to claim thee, always nigh. Here's the toast we gave before, We will love you evermore!

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