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noi' ,LY Q 53.1 5' v Y av L x . t L I , b an if - 'F 1 .- .,.. vu' mawuwgm 1---n.auuwmu eff.-:1 ,su ith: and-Yiill , 1- sr"-m rw'--Q' 1' 1. K-,' ,, - 'G 5 4. I sz-W, 1 I A IL,.:...,,f.jfl1.-:1.,, ,l fl ,..t1,.,,.,,ITQfQf'T'. I 'TLT f 1 l Q, , Q - Q K I h . V. rf .5 - " G I 9 5 A , v f - -, fw nw -if--ng! z 1 .- 'S in I n - 3 .,.,g?f LV: fki H . vi' 'x K I S Q35 A L9 ' ' UN ,ff 1' fi ' 1 Y,,I ' I .74 5: ,K ue H - N, V31 if If -. ' . fi? .. t.b. 15 1 f r., WV A h x A Q :tx .Q W ' :L in I.. - Ll . be :F " ' ",' - Y, Y J N , 6 V ,mu my-X V p x . :Xt 3, ,X AA., X mf ffaf- -H f ff U A' "' fi ' - N- D' ' '1,,f"i L. ' gtg h- f , ' i I H 5 1 . Q yy' 1 u L! x Ll I A 1 'l 'tip I E4 1. A 4 . W JM mb 65650393 Off g 9 I. Q 7. 'N 2A F ' 'X 1 f N f QD an wif D 1' f vi Q l 1 2 E V I X 1 "Tm Y X I x wzlvfgg 4 iQ ' if 4, V. .! , fx W J Jg, lefghmnl. P. .,,o'. .n9.v.9w"" .ay . o QA. '90?SF5?a?n0 0':Po!,.p,,p,.s,.o-.. , ',..':'0f,lO.pWl,a0ao .ap,p,',':"-'0.qo,.o.o op,,, .-'Ja .,'., . .1-:G .0 ..,. ' Cl 0 lgrg. . - :,ql. . ' oo,,. a chool rg1a A 95 .2 .A ,, ' iw , 5 g,y A... .f1:':.e imfnxvm Astrologically speaking, we are entering the "Aquarian Age, " an age of peace and love. We hope that patriotism to our country and support of our nation 's schools will truly make this an outstanding "Age of Aquarius." SIGNS of Administration .... . . . 11 of Faculty ......... . . . 16 of Organizations. . . . . . 25 of Activties ..... . . . 35 of Athletics . . . . . 53 of Classes ..... . . . 65 of Advertisers . . . 115 Virginia Ann Franklin's science project shows the twelve signs of the Zodiac. These signs have a meaning for astrolngem, and many people believe the Zodiac has great influence over their lives. Students like to take an active part in . .. politics and voting . . . Ogeechee Fair Parades . . . F.H.A, car washes . . . General Motors Assembly program .. . "Randy, why can 't you swing the suitcase?" .. . "Robbie, where are the wheels?" bw , ,,,,g r ,I J rwf 3 i WY1.: .c .lr- K s A 'ff f W W V ,.-1 , Fi-1 X Halloween ... then Thanksgiving . . . and it looks as if Brian, Mark, and Charles are getting ready for Thanksgiving Dinner . .. i?,m -0. Chrlscmas arrives .. . Cam, Nancy Io, Pamela, and Margaret prepare baskets of fruit for the nursing home patients . . . Denise, Maria, Danny, and Jimmy work on a bulletin board. Reading skills improve with SRA lals . . . Science students learn to use telescopes and sextants . . . in colonial times, these Southem ladies - Deryl, Virginia Ann, Me lissa, and Dancy - performed house- hold tasks . . . modem girls - Susie, Tami, Brownie, and Nancy study ways to stop water pollution. Service to school- Vicky Connell, Tommy Claxton, and Marie Deal operate the "Little Store" . . . Reading achievement - Miss Isabel Sorrier, Director of Statesboro Regional Library presents Vacation Reading Club certi- ficates ro Sharon West, Angie Skinner, Char- les Gay, Teresa Richardson, Patsy Akins, Al lord, and Anne Johnston. .Iii-F is!-I Good essay writers! Virginia Ann Franklin is presented a medal by Mrs. W. G. Neville for being the first place winner in the American history essay contest sponsored by the DAR . . . Sherri Bowen and Frances Lewis receive certificates of recognition for participating in the essay contest. Karen Bowen is the sixth grade winner of the D.A.R. American hir rory essay contest. , -If W, N , W ,. , 'I IWII1 I I 1 yvwy I JIIII If 'Nil I If !,!!1l",I!"! Ui 6 X Q35-if 'm?ff!Iml,'1,l ! ,' IA! Uxffvvyimfl 'I ,xlwx Al' 'V 'QI nl. . I ff , QIIW 'WA ' I I s 1 !"IG1" W0 Im Mr 1 I ,. ,wwf f' ,Qu "II 'flu M yfWWV'I" -iq I IM I mf Q If 1 W,"'Il,If1"A', IMn'41!If L W M1 m f, I K J I 4 Q A W ww 'A W!M,mI I fl I Xxf xx fit - 4 I' l I! ' I 'IMI 'Will' A Q, f Q 7 ,W 1? I I-is I 0 I .I y I Al,. N I I I f I is A ,IIJMNSLI 'X X fxXX'1YXf'? XXIII I I Q P , :X ,R 'xi' A: - X , A k X, :QX E ,Xxx AIX Xi. ' X 'Wi I, 7555: Y " X R. III 'I X I 'A. x I I- Iss x X X' ,", fi' ,ff JI f I aI Q-:Fx Y WI, 'T' 'X X . -a5jQ:b Xijikxx XX AYQL X X1 IIAN if rf: I f X"A" I 1 -L "'x V I 5 . X f ' " ' ffr- ' 'I."? I WV ff i I .ref f f . iffy. Q Q!-gf3iQfi5fIr I Q 'E xx A RES xx ,iw .IIA . K , X. .Q .ZW .uf l 1 X . I ' W I ' If ' Ig ADMINISTRATION Mr. louis N. Woodrtun, Mr. Julian I. Deal, Mr. W. R. CBobbyy Smith, Mr. Denver Lanier, Mr. Edwin E Akins, Mrs. Virginia Lee Tillman, Mr. I. P. Forehand, and Mr. Thomas D. Anderson. Bulloch County Board of Education On December 29, 1970, history was made in Bulloch County as the members of the first elected Board of Education took the oath of office. Previously, the board members were appointed by the Grand Jury. The new board officially assumed their duties on January 4, 1971. The Bulloch County Board of Education is the administrative head of the Bulloch County School System. The county school superintendent serves as the executive secretary of the board and provides leadership in the execution of board policies. The board works tirelessly and continously to improve the educational opportunities of all children in Bulloch County. MR. W. R. fBobbyj MR. LOUIS N- SMITH WOODRUM School Board Superintendent Chairman County Administration MR, LEFFLER H, AKINS MR. JAMES L. SHARPE MRS. R. MAYO CAMPBELL Assistant Superintendent Assistant Superintendent Curriculum Director . 2 ' ' - '4?Z-'EEZ QW ' 'I:2s4?f'E ' .Q T M ua. ' 'Ks 'v 27 .1 ,:', . 'f?r5:-5" g S MRS. LAURA BELL MARTIN Visiting Teacher ..- K MRS. MAUDE WHITE Visiting Teacher COUNTY OFFICE PERSONNEL Mrs. Faye Tanner, Bookkeeper for the Superintendent: Mrs. Glenda Reddick, Secretary for E.S.E.A. Title I: Mrs. Rachel Parrish, Secretary to the Superintendent. 3 F in 3 ,W 5-4 N J J R '4 ...QM J fi 4172 A 2 X " Q Eg '.. . ,V K, '41 Y, U ,..:M:5 ,, v slit ix. -" " , " . . 4 Assistant Principal Mr. Dan Drawdy ll Guidance Counselor Mrs. Ieanette D. Brinson MRS. GERALDYNE M. CAMPBELL Reading MRS. ELEANOR B. DeLOACH Sixth Grade MRS. JANE M. DeLOACH Science MRS, GLORIA B. DRAWDY Sixth Grade MRS. LAURA MARGARET B. GODBEE Mathematics, Science MRS. DOSI-IIA C. HITCHCOCK English MRS. GLENDA C. HUGHES Social Studies MRS. RUBBEANUION Y. JACKSON Social Studies MRS. CONSTANCE M, JONES Science, Social Studies MR. ROBERT L. LAMBERT Industrial Arts MRS. HAZEL J. LANIER Sixth Grade MR. WENDELLC. LEWIS Band Faculty MRS. ANNIE MAE T. AKINS Sixth Grade MR. EMBREE ANDERSON Science MISS TRUDY ASKEW Sixth Grade w MRS. FRANCES W. BIRD ' Mathematics, Social Studies MISS C AROLYN BLITCH English, Social Studies MRS. HELEN I. BOWEN Librarian MR. WILLIAM H. BRANNEN Boys' Physical Education MRS. WYNELLE M. BROWN English, Social Studies Ax X- xx: 1 ' 'MW Q K 'X' 'fx' i Si " :-:' ,I " 'S . Q g i s-'l"f f' A A ff 1 ,L f E 'sift s H' im 5 ,, I . Q, A 31' 4+ X z + . .V ELEM" 'tw fx . Vi at QQ? I 2'1- . . - i Q I - ig, '- . K Q Q K g a ' S ff! f 1,51 ' ' N V ' ii. MRS. PAT L. LONG Science MRS. CARENE D. MALLARD English MR. TROY MALLARD Mathematics MRS. EDWINA P. MORRIS Typing fSecond Semestery MRS. ALLENE S. NELSON Sixth Grade fSecond Semesterj MRS. NATALIE P. NEVILLE Home Economics MRS. MARTHA H. PAYNE Sixth Grade Q MRS. JUNE L. POOL English IIW NXAX' -U YI Faculty Y -f . X? 3' ff' .1 H MRS. SUSANNE S RUNYAN Mathematics Pre- vocational 3 MR. JOHN PAUL si-IUMANS f Band, Chorus ,V ms. MYRAJ. SMITH Science, Social Studies Mathematics MRS. EVA A. WALLER V 55 'P P English MRS. JUNE S. 'WEAVER Speech Therapist MISS LAURETHA WESTON Girls' Physical Education MRS. JEMMEBETH B. WINSKIE Sixth Grade Not Pictured: MRS. WANDA P. BROWN Sixth Grade fFirst Semesterj . I xf Mas. JENNY F. snsmurr MRS. NORA N. STONE Special Education MRS. ROSALYN A THOMAS Typing 1First Semestery MRS. MELINDA S TOMBERLIN Secretarial Staff MRS. ELEANOR W. FRAZIER Secretary to Mr. Adams MRS. WANDA N. GILLIAM Secretary to Mr. Drawdy MRS. MYRTLE H. JAMES Special Education Aide MRS. ANITA C. MASTERS Accountant ,i 1 , , Av :E I ' 'X E ' lf fi - ' ' 1' E , ff? R T ' f .1 f 'N .. 'nf r xx Student Teachers 'S-.5 I C7 f , t FALL QUARTER Mr. John Bridges Mr. James Meeks Mrs. Anita C. Pike WINTER QUARTER Mr. Robert Stewart, Miss Jacqueline Yawn, Mrs. Teresa Sapp, Mrs. Beth Hartley, Miss Gail Junot, and Mis' Shamnfones' Lunchroom Personnel , . J 1 ' 1 W A Q F 'V K' ' " A 1 if - ., I .4 " .-5 V ' U V V E. Ap' I 5 Y X J . f- y 1 ' rx . 3 - , f 7 X , Q M A A .. f' in-'K qffggffffgifig- A , "i'f'7.l J . fifgz g f fr, z . ' 'H' , 1-I Mas. LOUISE c. BROWN Q T' ' ' MRS. GENEVA DENMARK Lunchroom Managers Q. 'i - P Y ' ,Q I 1 , A 3 ' L - . x '-f coorcs ' -3 'A I' Q Katie Mae Davis, Annie Pittman, Mary Martin, 1. ' 1 5' Elizabeth Davis, Frankie smnn, Rosa Lee Davis, R A ' Edna Lemon. J it - 1 ' CUSTODIANS - , LuAnn Coleman, Elijah Childers, Freeman Walker. Parent-Teacher Association ' ' ' ' MR. WILLIE E. JONES A Q . President M-,-Q. 2 A MR,FREnw.HoDcEs v ' ., Vice-President '7' ' , . A MRS. GORDON FRANKLIN A irf ' " f Secretary x Vs? " MRS. PAUL HUMPHREY A Treasurer The PTA cares about the well-being of the Statesboro Junior High students. lt wants quality living and quality leaming for them. lt strives to promote the welfare of youth in home, school church, and community and to bring into closer relationship the home and school. ff ,gf ., y - COMMITTEECHAIRMEN ' Fi, MRS. JOE JOHNSTON 1 f. V Program mfg-' UQ T Q" MRS. J. E. ERANNEN , 'I+' "I iii ' Membership ,gg . ' S, ' ' MR. FRED B. DARLEY " 'V ' uf' Bud r k ,rs - Y me Q1 it ge . K MRS. WALTER MALLARD 31 A l -' - . 1. XJ' . 44 - M 4-,. ,Ax if ,A HOSPIIB ity xvms. TOM HOWARD p . Yearbook -1 A ' MRS. K. R, HERRING ,E " ' Publicity ,X W MRS. HUNTER ROBERTSON 'I' 'Z' I "5 " 1 141, ti Family Supper X ' I ' Y Parents and teachers enjoy refreshments and fellowship after a PTA program. r N l ORGANIZATIONS if I, , IW. W + fkf 77I f ! 1 X I. 7511 ff" X I ff WW 1 1' V, m mVM7:I V C Lia yd V W, 49 1 'W' QQ A W gg? 1 Q if J , fm W ff 70 f Jiri! 5 ff, W, Q4 Tri-Hi-Y FIRST ROW: Mis. Hughes, Julie Cook, LaRue Laircey, Cynda Mathis, Cassie Young, Senator Lovett, Marie Deal. SECOND ROW: LaRita Phillips, Tracy Robbins, Kathy Brown, Dawn Dixon, Ann Campbell, Vicky Connell. THIRD ROW: Nancy Bitter, Misy Mallard, Deborah Nesmith, Melanie Sparks, Cheryl Ashe, Jane Neely. FOURTH ROW: Lynn Robertson, Janice Parker, Kim Deal, Karen Harrell, Beth Mikell, Candy Edwards. FIFTH ROW: Brenda Baker, Cam Rushing, Patti Morris, Diane Dickey, Teresa Richard- son, Nancy Olson. SIXTH ROW: Beth Waters, Becky Herring, Kathy Duncan, Billie Kay Smith. Officers in this club are: President --------- Missy Mallard Vice-President ------ - Kathy Brown Secretary - - ' " ' ' Julie Cook Treasurer - - - - - - Kim Deal Chaplain ----- - - Lynn Robertson Chairmen School Projects 7 - - - - Patti Morris World Service ---- Carol Woodard Community - - - - Cam Rushing Publicity - - - - LaRue Laircey Scrapbook - - - - - Adviser ----- - -Kathy Duncan - MIS. Hughes OFFICERS Missy, Kathy, Julie, Kim, Lynn, Patti, Cam, LaRue, Kathy. Hi-Y Through 'tlean speech, clean sportsmanship, clean scholarship, and clean living" the l-Ii-Y strives to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and the community high standards of Christian Living. Leaders in this group are: President --------- - - Mike Mullis Vice-President - - - ---- Bob SmiLh Secretary ------- - - George Fuentes Publicity Chairman - - - ---- Neal Suber Chaplain ------- - - - Tommy Claxton Adviser - - - - - - Mrs. Morris George Fuentes, Bob Smith, Neal Suber, Tommy Claxton, Konrad Godfrey, Mike Mullis. ' ll--F' 'I 'E 'K is 'K ,, SEVENTH GRADE MEMBERS 4-H .Qlubi Students interested in 4-H Club work are invited no join this organi- zation. These students plan and construct projects, give demonstrations, keep record books, and participate in community, county, and district eliminations. PRESIDENT Nancy Hendrix VICE-PRESIDENTS Virginia Ann Franklin Francis Allen SECRETARY Elise Holland SONG LEADERS Sherri Bowen David Williams REPORTER Lisa Bland PARLIAMENTARIAN James Tenner SPONSORS Mrs. Myrtis Akins Mr. Kennerh McClure SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS Sherri Bowen, David Williams, Lim Bland, Virginia Ann Franklin Nancy Hendrix, Elise Holland, Francis Allen, James Tenner. T 1- ll nk.-II'-'lf mourn GRADE Msmsnzs -I 4-H Club 4-H Club meets once a month under the leadership of Mrs. Myrlis Akins, Assistant Cctmty Extension Home Economist, and Mr. Kenneth McClure, Assistant County Agent. N l EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS John Emory Brannen, Ben Alston, Cindy Mitchell, Leon Moses, De- borah Nesmith, Doy Johnson, Jerri Sprague. PRESIDENT Deborah Nesmith VICE-PRESIDENTS Jerri Sprague Ben Alston SHIRETARY Cindy Mitchell SONG LEADERS Lu.Ann Brigdon Doy Johnson REPORTER John Emory Brannen PARLIAMENTARIAN Leon Moses SPONSORS Mrs. Myrtis Akins Mr. Kenneth McClure Iunior High-Light Staff mxarn :E n ,y .HM ,x rel uni 5? 5. it is SEATED: Missy Mallard, Julie Cook, Kathy Duncan, Pamela Fowler. STANDING: Billie Kay Smith Becky Herring, Bcth Mikell, Neal Suber, Melodie Stanoff, Bob Smith. The 1971 JUNIOR HIGH-LIGHT Staff is composed of ten outstanding eighth grade students. The wish of the staff is that this edition will bring back mem- ories and afford some pleasure to the students and friends of Statesboio lunior High School. We are ' indebted to Mr. Adams, our Principal, for the many excellent pictures which he made and devel- oped for this yearbook. Beth Mikel! - - ------ Editor Becky Herring - - - - - Assistant Editor Mrs. Bowen - - ----- Sponsor Editor - BETH MIKELL Future Homemakers of America "Toward New Horizons," the F.H.A. motto, is a challenge. It reminds members that their contributions to home life today will influence the kinds of homes they will have tomorrow: that the family life of members will influence the community and the world. Leaders in this group are: ,,,... Secretary ---- - Treasurer ---- Parliamentarian - - Historian ----- Chaimrenz Public Reladons - - - Degree ------ Honor Roll ---- Recreation - - - Adviser - ---- President---------- Nancy Jo Johnson Vice- President -------- Pamela Murphy Deborah Nesmith Terri Fincher Margaret Hicks - - Elise Holland - - Cam Rushing Cindy Mitchell - Donna Deloach - Cindy Brannen - - MIS. Neville OFFICERS Cindy, Donna, Terri, Deborah, Pamela, Nancy Jo, Margaret, Elise, Cam, and Cindy B. XT' FIRST ROW: Mrs. Neville, Joyce Kinard, Marcia Jones, Pam Knight, Ryn Robbins, Margaret Hicks, Cindy Brannen. SECOND ROW: Jayne Neely, Jerri Sprague, Deborah Nesmith, Cindy Mitchell, Pam Fowler, Donna Deloach. THIRD ROW: Pamela Murphy, Tracy Robbins, Cam Rushing, Nancy Jo Johnson, Virginia Ann Franklin, Elise Holland. FOURTH ROW: Sandy Brannen, Ranee Knight, Marie Deal, Melanie Sparks, Terri Fincher, Sherri Bowen. FIFTH ROW: Sherice Blanchette, Melodic Stanoff, Kathie Riggs, Barbara Jean Jones. Library Assistants EIGHTH GRADE ASSISTANTS FIRST ROW: Stanley Williams, LaRue Laircey, Julie Cook, 'Tracy Robbins, LuAnn Brig- don, Diane Harthcock. SECOND ROW: Diane Dicke , Pamela Murphy, Missy Mallard, Deborah Brogdon, Mary McBride, Shirley Wells. TI-IHID ROW: Melodre Stanoff, Diane Cannady, Annette Wells, Sue Frost, Mary Thomas, Connie Huff. FOURTH ROW: Randy Freeman, Timothy Ivey. SEVENTH GRADE ASSISTANTS FIRST ROW: Patricia Collins, Ricky Morris, Mitch Spivey, Alan Hart, Mary Lewis, Steve Devine. SECOND ROW: Lee Mah-array, Virgnia Franklin, Cathy 0'Conner, Kaye Harts- field, Kathy Metts, Kim Oglesby. T IRDR W: Wanda Minick, Sherice Blanchette, Barbara Howard, Barbara Jones, Jo ce Smith, Mattie Busby. FOURTH ROW: Paul Marrette Mike Curlin, Elizabeth Burke, Wigina Donaldson. Office Assistants FIRST ROW: Tina Francis, Ruby Hendrix, Cindy Denmark, Patsy Aldns, Lorrie Pugliano, Brenda Fountain. SECOND ROW: Ricky Morris, Kathy Breckenridge, Cathy Lanier, Bonnie Bowman, Tina Conley, Theresa Bradley. THIRD ROW: Elise Holland, Deborah NeSmlLh, Cindy Mitchell, Missy Mallard, Connie Hart, Leigh Adams. FOURTH ROW: Billy Martin, Ray Beasley, Ben Alston, Terry Bohler, Wanda Heath, Cindy Chester. FIFTH ROW: Pearl McClary, Mrs. Frazier, Candy Edwards. ' I I Audio-Visual Aides ,, l, . '84 Safety Patrol The Safety Patrol is organized to assure the safety of the students and to stress the importance of safety in everyday school life. Bob Curry Kenny Brinson Ben Alston Glenn Irvin Terry Bohler Kenny Hodges Max Donaldson Wayne Brinson Ray Beasley Wayne Miller Raising the flag. , l W' H IN 'I' if I .,,u.,,,..m1WW l III? V ACTIVITIES ,1 I I M I y I Ia w Hx' . , I 'I will 'u X wmxyIIpJ,j,V7Kf m I - i Iggy 'X fi ff!! I f5w' WY, I IMI. I f 1 I Mathematics and Science . Mm. Winslde's homeroom students work during math class. o l l Q-. Deborah Howard, Jane Kelly, laura Ramsey, and Faith Peed an putting up a new bulletin board. . Are Challenging to the Sixth Graders BECOME BEWITGHED . SCIENCE s-rn.. II ' ! , f 1 5 ' I Bill Thompson and Debra Head complete the 'P A -L5 ' ' Halloween bulletin board for Mrs. Drawdy. N J. - - . .. - 1, ' n 'fb my ' .' f ' -' W YF" 'IRQ -fpg5:"'6 X -ix 4 Qin X4 er ' , f' Q - 4 r 'anakillrs Q, 'W , ' ' , I l "1 I' Studying the universe in Mrs. Drawdy's science class. Mn. Drawdy's science clas busily at work. Sixth Graders Make Projects and Reports in Students visit the Middle East and North African countries through reports and pmjects. Jimmy Mitchell dressed in costume to give his report. Na' Karen Bowen shows the clas a television program on Libya. . . . World History and English 'Q VJ David Collins, Danny Rushing, Laura Ramsey. Joni Stepme, and Faith Peea are in- specting a 1914 edition of the Atlanta Constitution. Papers from the far comexs of the earth were collected, studied, and used no generate interest in newspaper writing. Jeffrey Akin: is broadcasting from w, W. N.S. Westside. Studenm wrote and broadcast their own Stories. Sixth Graders Take Active Part in . . 4-H activities are Important to these sixth grade students. The large membership makes it necesary to have three 4-H organizations. Election of officers is an interesting time. PRESIDENTS Paul Webb 6A Dan Blanchard 6B John Herring 6C GIRLS' VICE-PRI-ZSIDENTS Teresa Brown 6A Ioni Martin 6B Lulie Dodd 6C BOYS' VICE-PRESIDENTS Dennis Akins 6A Victor Dickey GB Steve Tanner 6C SECRETARIES Teddi Burgoon 6A Chris Richards 68 Ellen Lanier GC SONG LEADERS Marian Smith 6B Keith Bradley GB Vickie Lee 6C Wayne Hand 6C REPORTERS Anthony Waters 6A Robyn Kennedy 6B Meg McDouga1d 6C PARLIAMENTARIANS Danny Eckles 6B Pat C lirlin GC SPONSORS Mis. Myrtis Akins Asistant County Extension Home Economist Mr. Kenneth Mcillure Assistant County Agent . . . Club and Lunchroom Programs -V .L 1 The lunchroom is a busy place as students eat and talk over happenings of the day in pleasant surroundings -r I' Mr. Drawdy looks on as Mrs. Denmark, lunchroom manager, and her staff serve a nourishing and delicious meal. Seventh Graders Share Information in . . . . . entertaining life uf the southemezs .. . . . . type punisnments used in New England such as the pillory . . . plays depicting life in the south - this is a final cunain call... ' fi A f a , a 1. .W li, ' ., we ' ' : .- 4, , 1, , ., . .s . .. X FH' xv . 'IQ -1 X , if 1?-fr ' , x if. A 512-1 . .H in ' '41 ' ef va I ' , W' mq e A. Q A , , .. " M .. ... ... home life and eating habirs in the the work ofthe slaves onaplanradon... colonies . . . American History Classes I This group shared information about Colonial life in the south. Facts on religions and customs of our ancestors wexe revealed in this play. David Hood inspects the fort he constructed. Individual and Group Work Is Interesting in . . . Wade Monroe shares his pictures of constellations with his group while developing a project. Wayne Pleas, George Sabb, and Kenneth Webb work on a project in science. . Seventh Grade Science Classes iqggmui-mm. -"an:-wks Dancy Dodd illustrates the steps in water purification. Paul Andrews and Don Coleman demonstrate differences in density within liquids. Virginia Ann Franklin, Lynn Mikell Bob Curry, and Dean Hendrix ob- serve convection currenvs in water. A Problem in Seventh Grade Mathematics UNE INCII ll EASIIB EIENTS Wanda Minick, Hugh Darley, Jimmy Hill, and Willie Olliff review mathematical measurements illustrated on the bulletin board prepared by a GSC student aide. Mark Hooley, B. L. Prosser, Mark Hutchinson, and Douglas Peoples ask the GSC student aide questions about the bulletin board she pre- pared. Girls Enjoy Cooking and Decorating Miss Jennifer Landry, home economist with the Georgia Power Com- pany, explains cooking techniques to a home economics class. The Future Homemaker of America and their mothers learn to make Christmas decorations as they watch a demonstration by Mrs. Kemp and Mr. Robert Smith, florists. Eighth Graders Campaign Vigorously . . . Several eighth grade social studies classes campaigned for the gubemauorlal candidate of their choice Here, Brenda Spivey speaks on behalf of her candidate. During Fall, 1970, the social studies' classrooms looked like this! . Dramatize Enthusiastically my rms x .KA This group is enjoying a square dance while Denny Clark plays a hoedown. This English Class is enjoying Sue Frost's delightful I.n their study of American frontier heroes the English report on the genius of Carl Sandburg. students enjoy the mirr-owing of pioneer life. Ray Beasley explains how he made a chair. Glenn McDonald "ties the'knot" for Lee Eckles and Carol Woodard, while Cindy Mitchell, Deborah Ne- smith, and Denny Clark look on. Everyone Enjoys Parade-s . . . Pep Rallies ir ' The Junior High Band marches in the Ogeechee Fair Parade. Eighth Grade Cheerleaders cheer the Midget Varsity to victory. -us White Chrismias gifts to needy families were placed under the tree in the main hall. The Band and Chorus under the direction of Mr. Shumas presented a program of Christmas music. and Christmas f ' fffif. . ,, 1546 L if t V. - v 1 2.312 1 .N V- .f f rH0!erg'a:g- 2 --KY : 45--H. Q. ' -. 5 -. -'1 4' ' , wi 9' ' 1 - H93-fee 53556 1: :. 4-',:'p:' " ilu, x .TH .- - u , mf ra.: r - i W ' N T :iii r 513 p ' -Q 1:-,egg r ,LL A V E ,ji jjai I, ' , 13, :'- At . ALF!! . Q 4 :nh if p H 31 in 5. . 5-.egg 351.1 2 f n iff' Students and teachers decorated their classrooms for Christmas. "The "Y" Clubs decorated three beautiful trees that were enjoyed by the entire student body. The students joined in the singing of Christmas carols. f I ,f yr, . . I Q qw ' f , H iimmwf fg M MN ,gg NQ, W f 61 ! ".4"w 'WZ ww- f , 'L 6 A WV WW W 1 " V04 wwiw, . VYW1 ,MX X I '1 W' m WWW J f 'RQ 1 bf? lg-N x"' f I , M hx M I 'Y f xg.-lf 4'!a lf, X ,w , I QxlW9ffW-?y,Qg . " M W. W 222' X I ' ' W N V M' ffl! X Q, f I I I 1 Q ml W' fl rl N xx, ATHLETICS ' I ff , , ' 'il 1:2557 1 I 6 'WV W N31 my 1,9 'ww QMM4, IR, W Jv W Iunior All-Stars gr 3. If 3 lm!! :V 'll' 'ZX' Sr' ,f' ' 1 ii -7 Il ark X ll t r W 1' fl fl," 5 5 1' My 'pr ' '-J' FIRST ROW: Bryan Darley, Arthur Grant, Joe Tillman, Manager Leon Moses, Manager Trey Lee. SECOND ROW: Carl lohnson, Johnny Parrish, Jim Hagin, Dight Olllff, Coach Bill Brannen. THIRD ROW: Albert Robbins, Randy Allen, Leamon Huff, Sammy Natson. junior All-Stars FIRST ROW: LaRue Laircey, Julie Cook, Kim Deal. SECOND ROW: Manager Cynda Mathis, Renae Knight, Tracy Robbins, Kathy Brown, Cindy Franklin, Statistician Becky Herring. THIRD ROW: Nancy Johnson, Cam Rushing, Missy Mallard, Kathy Duncan. FOURTH ROW: Latrease Tremble, Barbara Jean Jones, Beth Waters, Beth Mikell. The Statesboro Junior High School and the Statesboro Recreation Department had their fifth successful basketball season with emphasis on intramural games. Any seventh or eighth grade student who was interested in this sport was given the opportunity to participate on an intramural basketball team. The intramural teams competed at reg- ularly scheduled times in the aftemoon during the basketball season. The Junior All-Stars were selected toward the latter part of the season and competed in the First Dlstrlct G.R.P.S. toumament. Coach B111 Brannen of the junior high school and Coaches Roslyn Hall, Cora Kay Home, and Frank Hook of the recreation department worked with these teams. 56 x A R RANDY ALLEN BRYAN DARLEY ARTHUR GRANT COACH FRANK HOOK .COACH BILL BRANNEN JIM HAGIN LEAMON HUFF A CARL JOHNSON SAMMY NATSON DIGHT OLLIFF X JOHNNY PARRISH MANAGER LEON MOSES MANAGER TREY LEE ALBERT ROBBINS JOE TILLMAN I 6 mf I MISSY MALLARD BETH MIKELL TRACY ROBBINS STATISTICIAN BECKY HERRING MANAGER CYNDA MATHIS STATISTICIAN LYNN ROBERTSON CAM RUSHING LATREASE TREMBLE BETH WATERS N 59 60 Twelve Year Old All-Stars FIRST ROW: Manager Anne Johnston, Pam Deal, Wanda Minick, Joyce Baldwin, Carol Reddick, Manager Sheila Drummer. SEIZOND ROW: Brownie Childs, Joyce Smith, Sherice Blanchette, Dancy Dodd, Lynn Lee. THIRD ROW: Lynn Mikell, Susan Deal, Coach Roslyn Hall, Beth Cummings, Bonnie Eighth Grade Cheerleaders FIRST'ROW: Hud Allison, Randy Prosser, Brian Sikes, Manager Bruce Jones. SECOND ROW: Willie Olliff, Jimmy Hill, Manager Don Cooper. THIRD ROW: Craig Deal, Mike Hendrix, Mike Wiggins. BOWIIIBI1. Cynda Mathis, Kathy Brown, Nancy Johnson, Patti Morris, Julie Cook, Carol Woodard, Nancy Bitter, Lynn Robertson. Seventh Grade Cheerleaders Honey Lockwood, Virginia Ann Franklin, Brownie Childs, Peggy Rockett, Dancy Dodd, Nancy Hendrix, Carol Reddick. BLUE ANGELS Cindy Brannen, lol-Illen McConnell, Pamela Murphy, Coach Roslyn Hall, Beth Waters, Diane Cannady, Nancy Olson. DIXIE DEMONS Renae Knight, Kathy Duncan, Kathy Brown, Coach Roslyn Hall, Sherry Jones, Lynn Robertson, Brenda Spivey. Intramural Teams BOUNCING BELLES Cindy Franklin, Kim Deal, Lauease Tremble, Coach Roslyn Hall, Becky Herring, Julie Cook, Billie Kay Smith. DRIBBLING DAMES Margaret Hicks, Beth Mikell, Cindy Collins, Wanda Wallace, Coach Roslyn Hall, Deloris Deloach, Nancy Io Johnson, Misy Mallard. LADY BUGS Jane Neely, Lillian Donaldson, Tracy Robbins, Barbara Jean Jones, Coach Roslyn Hall, Patti Morris, Vicky Connell, LaRue Laircey. EAGLES Billie Jean Moore, Sheila Drummer, Sherice Blanchette, Bonnie Bowman, Coach Roslyn Hall, Peggy Rockett, Dancy Dodd, Pam Deal, Anne Johnston. GALLOPING GALS Cynda Mathis, Janet Skinner, Cam Rushing, Coach Roslyn Hall, Carol Woodard, Terri Fincher, Senator Lovett. CHIEFS Wanda Minick, Lynn Mikell, Joyce Smith, Beth Cummings, Coach Roslyn Hall, Lynn Lee, Brownie Childs, cami Reddick. i HAWKS Joyce Baldwin, Lisa Bland, Susan Deal, Coach Roslyn Hall, Honey lockwood, Cindy Denmark, Lea Akins. BOMBERS Mike Curlin, Charles Mates, Sammy Natson, David Tucker, Denny Clark, James Tanner, Bryan Darley, Joe Tillman, Mike Kemp. RANGERS Leon Moses, Albert Robbins, Carl Johnson, John Emory Brannen, Randy Cassedy, George Fuentes, B. L. Prosser, James Bums, Walter Campbell. BUCKS Bob Lovett, Mike Wiggins, Robbie Humphrey, Craig Deal, Qulncey Wilkerson. Intramural Teams hm, lh-Y JETS Stanley Williams, Bob Smith, Jeffrey Joyner, Jim Hagin, Roy Rich, Charles Weaver, Jim Hayes James Marshall, Dight Olliff. ZIPS Clayton Davis, Trey Lee, Robert Hodges, Randy Allen, Bobby Mallard, Johnny Parrish, Curtis Perkins. Intramural Teams COUGARS Marc Fordham, Perry Lee, Paul Marrette, Leo- nard Masters, Brian Sikes, Lewie Stewart. STARS Mark Hooley, Millege Oglesby, Timmy Brannen, Mark Hutchinson. Randy Prosser, BULLS Richard Borowsky, Mike Hendrix, Gary Miller, Bruce Jones, Don Conper. FLYERS Ronnie Brogdon, Hud Allison, Eugene Martin, Richard Henry, Carl Hagan, Clifford Ward. SUPERSONICS Charles Dunbar, Robert Shroyer, Bruce Rowand Jimmy Hill, Willie Olliff, Lee Bames, Francis Allen. l 1 fl A I xx JM: wif 5 1KNW!kf.lW4f,,,ff,pgQl,,fPMH mwnansvu.. I X RW 9' M f ff X114 NW W'ixwS M'W . 'W W ' J M WM f -1. ff fffvf' X ' W I 1 AW ! W ' i Wx 2 5 5" If Xt--' W, Ly I IM 1,4 Wg' fl W ' , S H ff' mm M WV W f I I 4' , 1 f WK: I I W W CLASSES nuXl2Z!fWA x W Q i jj!! NM ' lily M 11 ' W U fx XX W 'I ff n- f . : 1 z. QQ ,QXZQE I-D J :gi I il n gh!! 5-H-l 111 - u I n H n I Q A' WH Sixth Grade aI ieffl ff be . 11 Horneroom Representatives RUSTY TILLNLAN Mrs. Lanier's Homeroom CHERYL C QOK Mxs. Aldn's Homeroom JONE MARTIN Mrs. Payne's Homeroom ROBIN KENNEDY Mrs. E. Deloach's Homeroom STEVE RUSHING Mrs. Drawdy's Homeroom EDWARD DOTSON MIS. Winskie's Hbmexoom HAROLD LANIER Mxs. Ne.lson's Homeroom Mrs. Wanda Brown's Sixth Grade -of K . ,X 1 w Homeroom 'o 'iv WL ' X ' 'Q f 'I 1 xi N' . Dennis Akins Diane Barber Gary Bland Teresa Brown Nathan Cartee Jenny Marie Coleman Tammy Crosby Mary Anne Donaldson Jeffrey Flake Nancy Gray Joey Hart Wanda Hendrix Vanessa Holland Panricia Hood Mike Howard r 5z+t'2-x gk? wa.. . -3 1:-5. -9-as-r. 9.,.. 5'-FS? David Jones Hamid Lanier John Lee Gary McCubbins Ricky Miller David Monroe Suzanne Morris Nick Pascullis Tyran Proctor flhcgg ' Q 4 - o x I Q x p Y NX r, 5 nm HN Q m ' ' if Jim Radcliffe , I . 'X f X f K or 2 1 . V' N , X K gl Sandra Ruffo If' L . Eddie Stephens AW, fr M L ' E ,, ,A .A Jane Thackston 'K ,, I ,fx W wr 5 x Bobby Velez-Rivera I' Q ful, , 'N 1 " Paul Webb 3 A , N, b . ' N r Q Q N . . e 0 I I . Mrs. W1nsk1e's Slxth Grade Homeroom ww'-s.x Jeff Aldns I J-Al Karen Bowen K Lanier Cate David Collins Pat Curlin L ff Edward Domscn x Pennie Fennell +""f- X Robin Fordham L Nan Gerrald L I Sandra Hart ' ix. in 2 --N :M . 5 -, rf? A - ,W fa' 's-'-sivvcfr-cs':11n-v.,5,.,, .W .xxxtv ' AU I' Q . Y' ix SX. X 'f m "3 fe 9 , A x I Ae t .-1 5 ivvi my ,Y - K I 4 If Q 'lg' U N Nh A .J w- , wk ' Q s i x 4' f fW""7f51t' . 3 '- yrfggft' 2.:'sfgt Q r"r ' 2 Q K ' 'K 4 JT" !'ig'5Z:f' Q . . ,, ., ..,. B ,A imwm 1 ,-fr 4 rn. Q. s . 3 .,. . x ix X ,H 4, ' 1 X U Y sig X 1, - , ' N x K . ,tx Iohn Herting Deborah Howe Hill Ivey Jane Kelly Mike Lastinger Carol Lewis Ricky Lively Sharon McDonald Meg McDouga1d Mercile Mikell Bob Miller Jimmy Mitchell Kevin Murphy Joey Nessmirh Faith Peed 'X .nm . Laura Ramsey I -I - Danny Rushing rt YL. 3 Mark Simmons ' 3 ' ' 9 rf Mathew Simon QI- K I3 My ksgxnil k r , ' " , , -- ,,-,g '1r3+ ..fX Q M X . as if 1 .1 'Xml '59 Joni Steptoe Charles Thigpen 'W -. gm ' 4 Lucia Wallace 'f' ' I 'ff 5 Stephen Wheeler ' Q di f' ' A ' X : J 3 . Ibn Nu X . Mrs. Drawdy's Slxth Grade Homeroom Wayne Aldns Deborah Bradley x -4 t -I-5 Ag Mollye Brannen r 15, , . , , Teddi Burgoon X , x A V! Van Champion X - 4 sl - A , 5 .. fl N . f ef- .rw- X f X N ,.,. h Dianna Conley x Ricky Cooper ""- , f Mike Darley y Q X Donna Davis Ellen Dotson - .. ' N "I it -.. ,l .V -w e 1 Phillip Fountain X Teresa Gillespie 'W -1- -' 1 f Beverly Grimes '- Jeffery l-Iauron r Rhonda Howard ' Q " A' N F f' - Bobby Ivey V r.r-M' Kim Keel 4 ' if Q Q - HLMJ Pat Kelly 'fi 4 E ' Q V ,113 Barbara Lee ' v , V Ja w Jim Lewis , ' ' lx ,I 1t,f',X . it . x-if le 'i3n.i 1 . l 1' r X r Q W - ' ' Q, 43- K ,gf 127' pf. ,yy Richard Mclieehan Pam Miller Susan Neel , 1 HH 7 t ,ft . Jie s - " n if v -af 'wr I Janet Reddick LeeMore Rich Steve Rushing Debbie Smith Vic Steptoe Hunter Thomas Anthony Watens Linda White Mrs. E. De1oach's Sixth Grade Home-:room Debra Alderman David Allen Louise Autry Jimmy Bishop Danny Braswell Steven Burton Maria Chodnicki Pam Connell Jimmy Deal Ricky Dickey Danny Ecldes Tim Fowler mx f ' Q Sig: I gk x I ,. X w wx x L r r F-., 5 1 , 1 1 6' U1 2 I I S E lx l rm sg .4 wr f in xrxxl IX 9 f , N .ag A f ' ki 'I 4 -"b:L'K' ejr .1 x . WY XV XX X'-9' , N V il' 5' Q r R l 112QW"zf' 'MEL' xi J " lla -r F31 I eff Glisson A'1 Groover 'Ianet Hight Harold Jackson D0l1g Jones Robin Kennedy Tim Lee Deborah McMichen Gerald Malloy Jimmy Newman Virginia Peterson Chrls Richards Rene Rorhenbuhler Denise Sandlin Charlotte Slaughter Debbie Smith Connie Stewart Dewayne Thompson Gale Waters Chris Wiggins Mrs. Payne's Sixth Grade Homeroom l" '. X -5 5 1..- iff lf, K -'gy gt - Q xw fl xx .s Yxg, ls , fy U, ' 'ri' 'X 1 Qi 95, -. ps x .4 , 0 NX .P Y MN , LI' " ', V-' ' , W 1 , - e W 5 f CIW F 3.3 F nz XX! j T. I xl 1 I - l 1' Iohnny Allen Scott Allen Greg Anderson Suzanne Blackbum Dawn Breckenridge Bobby Cail Jerry Clark FISH C0l1l'lel Terri Darby Robert Franklin I 14 ff Pam Gunter gig ,,, J ,' d Debra Head 'x M JL Dianne Hinely 5 'V Larry Howell xv ' . . 'A 8 " , A f Y ,- , x x - Q x ,EN Q Mu g? ,1 ' L Q 4 , - n,2,Xf,',,...':t..1-9.K3ixf::a'Q 9 Chery1'I1er . J - Corinne Jenkins N x an I l -a Ellen Kinard ' '--fax Y ' A Deborah Lirtles ' 3 ' al A ' 'Wat 1, Wanda Lowery 1 K ,A I5 A A 9 Jane Marcin A 2,417.9 WX Q. ,M Ralph Moore K ' . J 'fi' ' -6' Steve Newton ' X-, W ,Y L f he U , ts Q' a QE t XX, wg t d . :aiu Scotty 'A' Q 4' .. Lisa Robbins E. S' ' W, W Linda Schmidt ' , 1 L 1? ,M 4 Marian Smith x if . vi , f N r- x xx .. X 5 K oe . o. C ., .M ' A 4 wmv'-' -' ' ,,f,.,.x" 1 'Ay 'as 'x' ff if Q X, 'P' - W , T-ar ' , . . . 13 X U if Dean Sward Bill Thompson Mike williams Dawn Wilson Deborah Wilson ' Mrs. Akin's Sixth Grade I-Iomeroom el-.... F w L A 4' P' Cz' '45 s Q., Q -S ln f N, . , lwnzxixx i ,big rl N 2. Q 'Sr I F' 'X -. ..'L4f" , 'S efyfi' he A T 1' W ,- .xx M i' .C ,,- - -yy .121 'Y '4'-if'-f.,. John Ashe Dan Blanchard Keith Bradley Barron Broadus Pat Campbell Frank Classens Cheryl Cook Patty Darby Victor Dickey Eddie Frazier Chris Goodson Wayne Hall John Handley Ronnie Hodges Gary Iler Janet I ohnston Ashley Lee Becky Lowery -.ff David McConnell Jeffery Moore Sherry Oglesby Bruce Presson I Patricia Roberts I5 Mary Ann Sconyers K Z. . K x , Ronnie Smith A ' WY X Shelly Sparks :W ' Mike Tillman Jane Weaver Vivian williams ' NOT PICTURED- 32f?x'?1"1 3' Q W' ' XMI, , 4 in n uf' Monty Wilson A '1- Johnny Mixon v ,S 1 1 Mrs. Lanier s S1Xth Grade Homeroorn Al Bland Pamela Brown James Canty Marcia Claxton Andy Cook Lulie Dodd Steve Finch Sylvia Frost Sheila Gould Wayne Hand Linnie Hendrix Dennis Hollingsworth 4 X-A! 1 lx ' L ,W .. will N 49' . .iw- .- f,,.. ff J,,,..v . mme' ' - If Waldo Starling Steve T anner Russell Tillman Marvin Williams Sandra Iler Cynthia Jones Ellen Lanier Vicky Lee Levy Lowery Pamela McDonald Emerson Melton Gerald Mitchell Greg Parsons Cheryl Powell John Quick Phillip Roesel Wanda Rogers Donna Shaw Wanda Smith Seventh Grade Homeroom Representatives SHARON WEST Mrs. Morris' Homeroom ANGIE SKINNER Mrs. Wa11er's Homeroom PEGGY RCIIKETT Mrs. Campbell 's Homeroom CAROL REDDICK Mrs. Long's Homeroom SHERIE NUNNALLY Mrs. Jackson 's Homeroom LYNN MIKELL Mrs. Runyan's Homeroom FRANCES LEWIS Mrs. Jonas' Homeroom ELISE HOLLAND Mrs. Brown's Horneroom VIRGINIA ANN 'FRANKLLN Mn. Hitchcock's Homeroom PAM DEAL Mr. Ma1lard's Homeroom MARK CHODNICKI Mrs. Bird's Homeroom LISA BLAND Mrs. Godbee's I-Iomemom 'SJ' Mrs. Godbee's Seventh Grade Homeroom iq,-af Mi rv v .O ' 1 ffl 'S ex 1 , vb 9' if FN 411 .QLA In ,QV At' A ' 5 .iff X -X ., . A, X ' K. fl ju X Q 1 E X '11:imi1mrw:.: iff? ?'iig,.1Z". :: -,W ' ,..f R ' twist, f nj X ' V N x ill .Am M -S? J N 1 3 13 1 ,I lg Q ba J X A 'I Leigh Adams Eddie Aegan Lea Akins Eugene Allen Francis Allen Iacqueline Allen Shirley Allen Tami Allen Hud Allison Maxsha Anderson Sharon Anderson Paul Andrews Susie Averitt Wanda Bailey Joyce Baldwin S Laura Barker . Lee Barnes ' Mac Beauchar .' ' Ella Frances Bell . - 'T I k 51.1 V . Ai r r Wanda Bennett Myra Bishop Kendall Blackburn , Dobert Blackbum Sherice Blanchette Lisa Bland Scott Blazer Johnny Boggs Leatha Bostic Sherie Bowen Bonnie Bowman Patti Boyd Daniel Brack Tereia Bradley Mrs. Roy Bradshaw Carey Branch Dennis Brannez. Sandy Brannen Ronnie Brogdon Linda Brooks Bobby Brown Danny Brown will Brown Ronnie Branson Q 3 'Q .v x r '1 -. M B xv ...qw r rg j X ? P: an -' , , LX 'sl' X v X 'l K ' U , an , rf J 5 I' be- A P ani H Y I Sl 'F' ,, fi' 9 ' B 'v K of L - A ' ' ll 1 " 5 b Bird's Seventn Grade Homeroom :sin ll ,. - M, , -r B ' N K Xa Tw' W' R5 ,X Lqyvzh M 5 X ' A yXP.'sNXl!rb ,: .RTM TK. if, .y B El ' 2'1" 'q 5 1 A f l fw -' K ' ', ' I I X, MN: , B' L B xv' 2 -H 3 ig it 7 in .N K, r , X 2-'xi 'gpg l !t,y Lk, 1 ar 'rf rx Emory Burke Vera Elizabeth Burke Mae Agnes Bums " , 'fwf- sq. h J V 'xv' Mattie Busby Renee Callas Ivory Joe Campbell Mary Campbell Pam Campbell Cindy Carruthers Cindy Chester Samuel Childers Brownie Childs Mark Chodnicki Cathy Clark Anne Classens Louis Clifton Mae Frances Clifton Don Ashley Coleman Sammy Cone Tina Conley Don Cooper Linda Cowan Beth Cummings .T ' 0 L -qi Q F, Q' ur ,X y, - xi r, 'C Ns, I ax Mr. Ma11ard's Seventh Grade Homeroom Mike Curlin Bob Curry Hugh Darley Cherry Davis Deloris Davis Joyce Davis Julie Davis Lesley Davis Craig Deal Michael Deal Pam Deal Susan Deal Bonnie Deloach Larry Dcloach Ray Deloach Cindy Denmark J'oeAnn Devine Steve Devine Randy Dickerson Thomas Dickerson wiv x ,P lb 4 B if L lx N Wg. I,-7 A4"""Q fum' 4, Ik - , x yn 4 px 15 ,R r-Q, Xdl w. I V. LJ f ' V94 - 'Jw' wszf , 94 V 1 f f .L S. :P V , I-.245 Q, z. 3,151 'iw 4 . 5 A ix' . swf '04 x -E he Wanda Donaldson Wilma Donaldson Walstein Doughtry Sheila Drummer Jerry Eason Rosa Ann Eason Clifford Fail Billy Ann Finch Kim Fordham Marc Fordham Tina Francis Mrs. Hitchcock's Seventh Grade Homeroom Gordon Franklin Virginia Ann Franklin Donald Garewood Gary Gatewood Charles Gay David Grant Ronald Green Genette Greene Stevie Groover Carl Hagan Wayne Hagan Debra Harbeson Andrew Harley Ronald Harley Alan Hart N. , une X 'hr M411 ki. far f yr "? Q55 X .Q lf' we x X Beverly Hart Kay Hartsfield David Heath Jimmy Heath Wanda Heath Cynthia Hendley Dean Hendrix Dennis Hendrix 'Q M X X RN - r ' l I A PM Kathy Hendrix K QQ Melissa Hendrix ..... Mike Hendrik - A Nancy Hendrix K L 'V 1 s N Richard Henry Sally Henry Lillie Herrington Alexander Hill Jimmy Hill Amos Hodge v' 1 r - . nl if Mrs Wynelle Brown s Seventh Grade Homeroom N x Q . b Bettie Hodges " jx., 5 Y Damell Hodges Us-33" A ,V Donnie Lee Hodges O Eddie Hodges ' ' f Janis Hodges 1 lf ' li V ' WP il' lg ll X Ava Holland Elise Holland Joanna Holland Erma Jean Holloway Janis Holt David Hood I erry Hood Melvin Hooks Mark Hooley Daniel Houston Diane Houston Barbara Howard Gloria Howard Greg Howard Nick Howard James Huff Joseph Hughes Robbie Humphrey Marc Hutchinson Pam Hutto , . - Q whiny: a 9 .. , fm q z 3.154-E 5. A- fi 53 VT' 1 , 0 -fa 'fi 5 0 4 r A K Q: " fr- .-oze' rf- r pm iv" X no 'f. Y? if 3' Q v'?5:TT Z . Q5 P Q y T r X 1 I ' R ,R wma :fi 1 Q .,,,-r A Ni ,QA 4 rr 4 ' 75 F' ' 5, ,Q 4 " X H, . 1 A' i. S ax, qi 5 agg' i. Y X., r ' xfg r " jiwff f K ,, X J' 'Y fs..Am'r ' rf ' ' 'lf ' if ,L Li fi f ,Qs I fr Bobby Lee I ackson Carolyn Jackson Evette Jackson Roy Lee Jackson O 1 ef . Booker T. Johnson Anne I ohnston Thornton Johnston Barbara Jones Bruce Jones Mrs. jones' Seventh Grade I-Iomeroom A X' Q' V NX., X , 1: f K W L :Q 'Z 2 ' L ,v - H A 4 I , .Liv 'B 1 Q V ' r ' W i? f ix 'i I P E . ' M - 'r 4 X .ly L I 1 N' . . g xt , 2 N EI, .. ,. 4 rs-x 1 5.1-Em 1 x L I iJ ' , P ivy' 'L , .1 QQ 4 ru , Vi ' iii . 1 is 1 if 33 ,MW J Deryl Jones Eddie Jones Ida Mae Jones Jerry Jones ' Kathy Jones Lynette Jones Marcia Jones Modestine Jones Ronnie Jones Ronnie Lee J ones Patricia Kent Austin Key Larry Key Diane Kirkland Pam Knight Melvin Lanier David Law Gene Lee Lynn Lee Perry Lee Robert E. Lee Emxa Iean Lemon Alberta Lester Reather Mae Lester Carolyn Lewis David Lewis wr Frances Lewis A Mary Lewis -7 Ralph Lewis A A .2 X Vormie Littles Honey Lockwood A1 Lord L if QY Laura Love "'f Patricia Love X . Q . fx ' 3 gg A lf ' L H gig, 1,2 ,-. 1j,?,,., F1 wr 'A r 'Ji 1 V 'L N X iw' '71, "4 gl ,k 4 X. " ,A hi 'Q Nik-pf., 4 , A L Mrs. Runyan's Seventh Grade I-Iomeroom ' Q! 92- ' 'J' 'Q x L, - N in 1' wr' ' Au, .A Y., , W -a .Y ' X F-. Y M J 5 xy X x 'TL AH -6 J' . i 'F u . . x Q4 I M1 Bob Lovett Iames Lundy Johnny Lundy Martha McBride Susan McBride Herman McC1ouder Oreather McCo11or Darnell McCrae Josie McCullough Brenda McKeehan Darlene McMillan Larry McMillan Lee Maharrey Hollis Maine! Kay Mallard Manay Maness Q Paul Marrettc James Marshall , Carson Martin 1. A Tracy Martin Z "be ' :W 5 ' I: r X ' ,urlil 1 Leonard Masters A Chuck Mayfield M ' 'T' , , F10 d M 3 Y ' f y ercer . ta if -5 K A Cafhy Mens 1-K , N f V T 'Q Lynn Mlkell I Y , ' E tj I . J 1 - - rv ,, 4 ., 1 JL Mrs. Iackson's Seventh Grade Homeroom 3 Nathaniel Mikell . . J , ,Q Gary Miller ,fir 5 4 ' 'if - .1 .9 - +35 Wanda Miller ' , N 4,-Ex X 'Z' George Mincey ,U 'V' 1 MX l ' 51 James Mincey I ix Y- ,QQ - H ii 'A X 1' 1 'I uri, 5 R my W Shelia Mincey , -' 1 'T ' I Wanda Miniclr , ' 7 ' my wa Q ' . r - gb M t Karen Mobley , , ' W , - C4 Frank Molloy he , L 'H , v Wade Monroe .. ti - T 5 L-' A ' ' N - ' ., f .v . + V V A f ' ' 5 21535 ' , " , ' I Billie Jean Moore V Larry Moore - ' , N 1 ' Catherine Morris ' 2 X - I" A 1 1 'G' ' -, "' Ricky Morris 'S rx 5' A nude 'fm 1 Tammy Morris . 5. ' I. .,-7 N v x f- f bring, " 'X-l 1 1 Z 1X '21 1 Y' r Lee Ander Mosely . A -X Tim Murray ' .M ine Q .L . O. r "' , Sammy Natson 4kQ":'i' .' .- Sharie Nunnally W , xl . Cathy O'Conner K ' r L Y ' ,QQ , Q Y, .1 . . 5 Q I . U ., 1 ,' Q '. R .H , .-1, , 3' sv.. " Kim Oglesby QQMR N331 Lillie Oglesby V Millege. Oglesby -- r , i A s r M, lin 3 ' if f - Mrs. Long's Seventh Grade Homeroom ' ' V - ,Till Oliver " gl " ' i', Willie Olliff V 5. A . ' ' Lisa Overlander 1 , . .' W A' , N sf ' Clarence Parker . 5 x VG 1 ,J -i .ss Q A, 4 s 2, 1 V. Q E 1- D 3- Q. i dig? xx 0 5 J .av r . Emmie Parrish V 7 fa' qs? ' ,V Kim Paul Gary Pearsall fx Angie Pelorc N X I" 'N l 1,1 I , ,W . , W Cecilia Park ,K I mx ' A Gi . Douglas Peoples fir? 3 i ii" Q fi! Velma Perkins Vincent Peterson Mary Pinkston Wayne Pless Rufus Polk Ruth Polk Tommy Pope Mike Price Joe Prince B. L. Prosser Randy Prosser Nancy Quick Charlie Rawls Debbie Ray Danny Raymond x u , Q - ra I xr , ik " B S, A .. N" -r ? 4- 56' ?' v VL, 'Q fe Jgi, .1 Q A f 'Ng fy" A, L N ,. r ',l'L ,' 'V 5. .Amy a x ' A A Bei 1 ,ef 11+ kj, 94 Bn' "lf a f M v 'HPI - 1 an xg' XR 9 ,gr I 1 . P- f gf ' 'x ,sy xx- l 4 45:3 X ' Z.Z' --if 1, -1 f' 4 1 sf 2 21 1 f r Mamette Raymond Patricia Rich :Q 1 gy., Carol Riddick Alisa Riggs ,-1" 'A A . Yi? R R Phiuip Riggs Q 0-F 9 R ' F, Randy Rivers , V 2" W --53. g Ryn Robbins l ' , Evone Roberts 'Ny vs ,z , N , U' ' x N V B K XL H... -an Mrs. Carnpbe11's Seventh Grade Homeroorn Q Q Larry Robins .,. , - . . -- V f - 4 , fi Jackie Robmson ti iff ,ag Sadie Robinson I W' is Peggy Rockett iff 'wh ? ' X Arthur Rosier - .J ,K A A, , , ,L a A sz-3,-.:,,ggm 1133 'ga W Vk V H V r W 3,311-.':.,'.i'."'i 1 fx' Til' Bruce Rowand 73, .T Rosetta Rozier ' Chuck Rushing M Eddie Rushing Glenn Rushing I r'n'..,s.,... .71 Howard Rushing I . , U Jeannie Rushing 4 George Sabb Julia. Sampson , Kristin Schwab if h ' V ' I' Herman Scott Kathleen Screws Maria Sculley Kenny Sheppard Allen Sherrod J, gg, K .' ,S ky ' ii , 1 sg Y l M i R 5 8 Richard Shmyer Robert Shmyer Brian Sikes Frank Simmons Mrs. Wal1er's Kenneth Simmons Ricky Simmons Angie Skinner Soloman Smart Carl Smith .P . ' L as . 65 .'.' 3 r Y M N if vylx Seventh Grade Homeroom 5? ii-rv-'vi ,, R ' if g .15-.QS--rr'd!sM we fwh., 1- 1. fx r Q' It 5' y Q iv: v --'W . N, 1 '4"f 3i1 .J 1 y - -'U . 13 l uv in - F. V gg , J 8 .fri A -1 ' A X ' X N x R' 1 I . S ki: 1 Q i . , L Ed Smith Denise Smith Derry Smith Georgia Smith Joyce Smith Liza Smith Phyllis Smith Shirley Smith Kyle Sorrell Ruby Spells Mitch Spivey Rina Stanbuck Lewie Stewart William Stewart Grace Stidem Kathy Strickland Buddy Sward Pelem Sykes Tommy Taylor james Tenner Julia Timmons Curtis Trembie Roal Veteto Bryan Walden K Juan Walker .- , . V N Reggie Walker ' . Tammy Walker - 3, f. Robert Wallace J N. :Qin ,Z s F if eb, 'lr y N, fi W, Q, x N 'R f x A XRA4' -. W W '1'y,aT' it X , JK XD! .- .4411 ., Q Y 1 3, . ,ai 12 N wif? 4 - 'fx -48' A. X J A 9 if' .R W 1 W, I H - - ,L li.. J Mrs. Thomas' Seventh Grade Homeroorn Clifford Ward Donna Ward. Otis Ward Barbara Ware Larry washington Kenneth Webb Sharon West Bobby White Linda Whitfield Gus Wiggins Mike Wiggins Cecelia Wilder . if A5 'W 1 li, 51,1 ' ' - 2-lb' if 2 I by 'Sf' oi ' ' A , '35-as-it V, tl NTVZT VZA A. xl .M Nz f ff' W "M 'l ,nik if fr L ' ' ' r?i'ft'i5:',E'S it ,, Q A 6 si ,K ,4 si 1 3.11.1 fi. ' C , I . q I Shafter Wilkerson David williams Elvera Wilhams Quincy wilkexson A, , . "I 'N X - 9 - - 1 f , - x X M A f Q A 1 .. x X ., . z- , 1 , 2? -X 'Q 21 if K X J N Hip xv y f Gertrude williams Hosea Williams Randy Williams Rebecca williams Sandra williams Solly Wilson Judy Wooden Joyce Woods Linda Sue Wright Elvis Young Eighth Grade Homeroom Representatives RANDY DRIGGERS Mrs. She1nutt's Homexoom JOE TILLMAN Mrs. I. Deloach's Homemom BOB SMITH Mrs. Nevil1e's Homemom JOHNNY PARRISH Mrs. Smith's Homeroom MISSY MALLARD Mn. Andexson's Homeroqm NADUY JOHNSON Mn. Pool's Hqmeroom JAY emmoas Mn. Hughes' Homexoom KIM DEAL Mrs. Mal.lard's Homeroom NANCY BITTER Mis. Tomberlin 's Homercom 1 ,Q ' ' W Q lv f EF "' 3 .. I 1 4.x 1 ff: J., ,. V 5 lr V lx i' f A .5 " ?'j"7' fb- , . 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L M ix Ala Mrs. Hughes' Eighth Grade Homeroom Kathy Duncan Buelah Eason Jimmy Eason Lee Eckles Candy Edwards Danny Ellington Pam Ellison Anthony Fagin Archie Farley Ronnie Fennell f fi' Lilian '35 V," In 1, 4' 'f X-V M :. ' 1 jr- 'Q , , 1 "M A l C in l ainie li i l .f A F. 1 Q' 'T' F "QW FP' 'W , gl- 1' F' 3 ' is I re ,x l 1 . .iii as K If-, A 4f..:. E.: -' . ' S?75f!y3 xx ' r 'f ' fx A ' 5w1e'Q.4rini,zi. . ' ' L V ,I V Egg, Q ' ' 15, il 1.37 4'N' 7 - in ' if Katie ki ""L I r if N V 1 N. ' 1 x . N Bernice Fields Charlene Finch Terri Fincher Morgan Fleenor Brenda Fountain Pam Fowler Cindy Franklin Randy Freeman Ricky Freeman Sue Frost George Fuentes Susie Gamer Sherral Garvin Jay Gilmore Konrad Godfrey James Hayes Priscilla Helmurh J 37' do 'F 'fx 4 , L Q Woody Hendley Carl Hendrix Ruby Hendrix Becky Herring Linda Faye Herrington Paul Hibbs Margaret Hicks Johnny Hill Robert Hodge Kenneth Hodges Saint Clair Holt Connie Huff Gertrude Huff Annie Dell Gordon 515 U sg? Y Arthur Gran: Israel Gray X X Q' r I 1 Margaret Hacker H T ,fi Jim Hagin , ' , 4, 4,3 Elton Hall W jg, if Georgia Mae Hamilton Vu, X v, U' ' 4 N -ve. 2 " 's yu J. g H 11 Fred Harbeson i Karen Harrell Connie Hart Dianne Harrhcock Mrs. Poo1's Eighth,Grade Homeroom ' . , :pw gg L , . ,Q lrxy A dl A Q, B wx. V- 'ak' 1: " X if F' rr X E ' g" ri 3. , , . We I 'i 'Vw' x 1 X ' , 7 fi 5 91,1221 .Q lit ,Rv A J Y ,gag ' ' X X.i:i eg, 5 y y - Q i w 1 ' 4 'fl x , ' mane- .laik 59 J " I if i'f' . k ' " 14 I XX i x . P' 4. I 1 sf' NJ Leamon Huff Bobby Humphries David Hunnicutt Glenn Irvin Ricky Ivey Timothy Ivey Gallard Jackson Carl Johnson Doy Johnson Nancy Io Johnson Lloyd Jones Robert I ones Sherry I ones Jeffrey Joyner Donnie Keel Virerha Keel Mike Kemp Rufus Key Joyce Kinard Renae Knight Nor PICTURED: Perry Lee Spivey X en ? we .pg t . . . fa' 1 ,ir '94 fn' fav Mr. Anderson's Eighth Grade Horneroom Lame Laircey Michael Lamb Kathy Lanier Rocky Lanier Claudette Lastinger Clay Vera Lee Jerry Lee Larry Lee Ronnie Lee Tr'ey'Lee Paul LeFebvre Joe LeGree Larry Littles I cel Lord Henry Lovett Senator Lovett Calvin Lowe Brenda Lowery Gary McBride Mary McBride ew . Xkx nr. H4 Nrr' W-,. N' r SA-'4 Yr 42 w X , . 1 V' t Q 223 8 39, if 1553, - 3 Wi, CA W' Cr , I VB' , -.5 Cr .ilr vfi Xxx ' Vw V Q ' A Q 'A -V gn- .. I l an 1 M .fy , A A V I - X U Sw 'Sa wk 1' , ' f '35 4 ' ' l X Levi Q - VV?" A rl N - W -3 491 ' x IH sz-ff -J'-rfna ' - 4 i z - X - SlSsEf?ff ' . , !"Q'!W." ' , , , , ' - 4 ' 'F . .01 4 'Q ' " 6' v is Q 55 : xx I I 1, W. Wendell McBride Pearl McClary William McCo11ar Io Ellen McConnell Vicki McCray Glenn McDonald Linda McDonald Bobby Mallard Missy Mallard Cynda Mathis Beth Mikell Wayne Miller Ricky Milton Cindy Mitchell Charles Moore Patricia Moore Norman Morris P Q ' Mrs. Smith's Eighth Grade Homeroom Patti Morris Leon Moses Charles Motes Mike Mullis Pamela Murphy jimmy Murray Johnny Murray Glynis Neel Iayne Neely Deborah Nesmirh Ben O'Conner Larry Odum Dight Olliff Nancy Olson Janice Parker David Parrish Jimmy P arrish Johnny Parrish John P ascullis Debbie Peoples Curtis Perkins Lakita Phillips Celenrria Prince Phillip Proctor Lorrie Pugliano 25' - fi? sg' av 'fi' 5334 r ,ff r xe. r -al. . P' Sn 'lit .fu Q, X Q 1 ' V ' ' ' "fP'3.?I':7?. ' ' 'i -aff? h' ,i ia? at f .1 1, , Q , Xb b m 4 K pl xxk M51 u , T? ' ,fd , ' :rf V 3- " Q5 1 X ' yin. K . 'fx , P ' A -T P" uit' g Q,"- l:wAif I RP,"'f5'?x l ' I' N' ",.'.4' ' l if 1-zfzff .:" ' ' W A ' 8 Tony Pugliano - 'g ' .- - I 'Iii -J -5 .354 IeffRams 2 we my Q 'Y wi! f ' far' charlweiinew D if Q 3' Q - v M' Elsie Rich f X - x N X A , 1 w Roy Rich M 21 We r 1 , N! ' lee' ' .I " o, Aix ay., A ,' - . Teresa Richardson r , Q A ,gr V . . 6, 5' . N .gps f' X 3 ,. un jg, ' I Kathie Riggs ' 5 1' 5 H7 Tracy Robbins ' kgs' xg' ' ' ' K . 'fm' Lynn Robertson f 5 L X X . L 'K . I Albert Robins ,jf ', 'A -' ' L ' I , S ' L in A, R4 zip r-1 1 fx' 1' x '- I AZ Mrs. Nevi11e's Eighth Grade Homeroom I V ' I 'A ,, l I Q Y g Ursula Rozier V .V "A r ' Q 5 1 - 'J' V Cam Rushing A A' 6 if ' 'f Andre Sabb V -.V ' " C 12 5 4 7 Helen Saunders , ' i" XX " W ' A R Ronnie Saxton ' ' 2 -4 -A ' x . 'x J' W I Y A 109 Janet Skinner Billie Kay Smith Bob Smith Elaine Smith Marilyn Smith Myra Smith Ocea Smith Robert Smith Joey Sparks Melanie Sparks Willie Spell Brenda Spivey Donna Spivey Jerri Sprague Melodie Stanoff 4-232 8 1 Q' .W AX Mrs. I. De1oach's Eighth Grade Homeroom T I x'U1'z . 'fs' . X X ,ff , y 'Q HE. 'Fi azz" Wg, 'Q' N C X y Catherine Stidem Joey Stone Tony Strickland Neal Suber Debbie Swim Steve Thigpen. Mary Thomas DeAqu1n.ita Thompson Joe Tillman Willie Bell Timmons Latrease Tremble Maurice Tremble David Tucker Gary Wallace Larry Wallace Linda Wallace Wanda Wallace Mitchell Ward Linda Ware Beth Waters Annette Wells Shirley Wells Donell Wilkerson Ronnie Wilkerson X K! I. . Darlene Williams K Q Joanne williams Margie williams I f- ul 3. if Patricia Williams . . A I Willie I oe Williams Mark wilrnoth Lisa Wilson Carol Woodard Teresa Wooten Cassie Young Leon Young Lehman Zeigler ai A 'iii' sf ,X 3 ,M l i A no 1 Nl Mrs. She1nutt's Homeroom is, r ,S i w Tai gi ff' , ff' v 'f' r -- 5 'ml we Q 'ff r w X Ik XXX 32 Nfl 16' , K -. rvi.,W. ., ,IX , ,al i U . " n H131 Ronnie Burke Patricia Collins Arlene Curry Randy Driggars Roy Frost Dewayne Kitchens Tony Nadder Randy NeSmith , l .L Jlx l . '- 7 All L- - - 'r S vii, f. R f Nf' :E "i 'Q-V24 f b J K x. vi' ii lfi' - l Ronald Nesmith Mary Frances Sheffield Charlene Wells Ronnie White Stanley Williams 4 Parting Thoughts h AGE 0F MIUABIUS y 9959 i I -L.. As we approach the final page, it is our hope that in the coming years this hook will help you recall momenns at Statesbom Junior High School of . . . Harmony and understanding . . . Sympathy and trust-abounding. . . . No more false-hoods or derisions, . . . Golden living dreams of visions, . . . Mystic crystal revelation, . . . And the mind's true liberation . . . TTT - -- GR fgX f Q QQWN ffxzlfwx f N SAM if xm N WX N X f x N , ADVERTISERS v: J X W " V XX X A , J Q qg ,r N Y f I X -XX X x fic-Dt :will .i1','lt'3lf-if ll Jhmmiaglo 40-La!f,.J..2f' 'Limp ii sg W' - i . A ' ig 3, ALL MEAT Pvvfikfac FRANKS H ox Cook 'em quick on a stick . . . Robbins hickory-smoked, all-meat Franks are fun. Enjoy 'em fresh from the Flavor-Saver Vac-Pak! i ik weach 13r"WOBBIN9 ' W W ul leading meal counlers almost evrrywhere L xv Q..-Dafa?-enesncgn-ive-g It's the A real thing. Cgjge? En U, l I l sTATEsBoRo BoTTuNG COMPANY if . . . you get if all in Uhr i-'vtatezhnrn I-Imrlh E p.L 009 L N Ass :Nos A Xfne AND L THE LA TEST LCCAL NEWS DAILY Monday fhru Friday ...coll the HERALD office and iusf tell us where you wan ur d I' dl Saudi Supply 'HOUJARD , Division of fmwsxeecnem E.A. SMITH GRAIN COMPANY - 20 East Vine Street mesggggnt' Statesbo ro, Georgia "Land Mark for Hungry Americans" "For the Finest In Good Food" 9-9, 41 J mm, "THE LAMPLIGHTER Room" V0 ozozft f oo ' ' 109 North Main Street B 'ld' S 1' - H d - ul mg upp les ar ware Statesboro, Georgia Paints - Electrical Supplies Serving and Satisfying the Statesboro Trading Area for 50 Years ii "For Your Shopping Pleasure" 35-3.7 South Main Street Statesboro Georgia The North View . . the South View . . . in the Beautiful New Downtown . . TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS - Downtown and Southside Drive-In - SJHS students visit un. t ?fiY'Qiij Hr to, n , ff" linqq - - LAW N - Q ' - I ' y 1. .. W.. h , Mr. Herman Bray, Cashier - Bookkeeping - Community meeting room - tim f' l while waiting to see - Mr. Everett Williams, President. Then, they go to nga,-imtwnnunsnm G - m.9-mf. see the South- side Branch. 1 120 isTATEsBoRo TELEPHONE coMPANY Xxx., b . Q -Q Y Students observe the automatic dialing system . . . the IBM Department , , , , ,. . V Y ,, n E Y 11 ' - 'I H : J 5 +2 x 'N I K 'H in . -f ' - .N , A Ns Y gi blifgi . QI X I t ' - -Q Q .V +1 - - YQ! ' X, 5, , 2 V X :Lf .4 7' - ' Y ' . . . the new carrier lines . . . the new addition which QU V-' between Statesbgro and will h0LlS.e direct dialing hh' M fi 'i Register . . . equipment ' ll and long distance switchboard operation RADIO STATIONS WWNS - 1240 AM WMCD - 100.1 FM STEREO Growing With Southeast Georgia in Statesboro SSH Data Processing Division Progress towards CATV Statesboro's Cable Television. CAMPBELl.'S MEAT mc. ciialuitmfiars wmm .WWNG , rf., Cuttmg :Ryu-4'eAdn mum Wm in ' ffm squvmmf- mn, ww: A pp g 'sbdohnsan Moran: Jimi. Nun. . sm. von l L mo - s LM, 'Z' c"'::,,L? on ' Denmark Street zo s. mm mms mm, srnzsnono. GA Statesboro Geoxigia 122 YO U R IIIIPPFIIIAVII l Il.YIll'IIlll'l' AG E NT "5ElVES YOU HRS!" QM... DARLEY INSURANCE AGENCY DONA LDSON INSURANCE AGENCY HILL AND OLLIFF INSURANCE AND REALTY CO. JOHNSTON INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE SORRIER INSURANCE AGENCY STATESBOROTNSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Statesboro Georgia '1 4i BULLOCH COUNTY BANK Hzffzfere Zanfzhy fs 7 7jkdJlI!'9,, Statesboro, Georgia Member F D I C -..X - Students are welcomed by Mr. O. B. Bell, President . . . and by Mr. Tom Howard, Cashier . . . then, the students tour the bank. , 1 fy " V ' ' 4 ,. , W P x M75 V IJ , , smressoko Dlscoumen The Owner's in the Store At "We Rea11'y Care" NORTHSIDE MINIT - MART Statesboro's Prestige Convenience Store North Main Street Statesboro, Georg1a DONALDSON-RAMSEY , x Store For Men - snfeseono, GEORGIA 30458 - OXFORQ fav 1 UNIVERSHY PLAZA DOWNTOWN-7 s. MAIN 51. smrsseowo. GEORGIA smesaono. esonem 126 ..o4 .Mr. D. 'I-I. Averitt, Executive Vice-President, welcomes junior high students to First Federal glial swwcs a. nom nssocruvow ' g, . ,I - :' ,s NX 5 ,x 1':- J 1- ' 1h,1TfQw ' , vm H5 non! ww Slnlu HU Savings and Loan Association. utr ,Q 3' i INSURED 4 " ,::.::u J etyknsxf f ER Your Happy Shopping Store Statesboro Mall J M 'wi X7 . 5 'Z Q XM' -f' 51 Y Q2J'5fu 4 A! V 7 , V 1 QP, L! V 7 xffwwf? ,nb 3 QE-lfifos cvs-Nez? Tb Ox UQCS BMS X Q5wQ5.lf 6b',0,,j 2 QCQQWK. amwss X VWWQ MM wma ur- + bvgyf pbgm KYNDLJQV ff 551223 STM Y ww X ' OK o- In iw il-fe 5 MX 3 Q2bif'Ql9:52'2X5'? Q09 240i gb' N , 69' 3 Y 05 9 W maya , U0-Nj 5 LOJ-Nl ' A ' 3 MQ i J'iJIW5Lf'U1w0"Uv QQJWV I 3, dag I 1 T' QVC-Q JL UCB JQWWV7 . b 66 I , VNGXQ 3E SUS O' Powcps 57112 ' Ei-3 Wmewgf FBSRQQG go wwwj- ? SQWXQM wifnikjmwgubt O3 am 350' UmMx ' . cm, I 351422 Bonbviwmguwmy A MW ,, X HJ ,P MW wfwwfjbdw W' 031 lpflfyjz jfjmw OQ 5L jl I gjgggggglkijvgjj3ZQM,wf77 f-N. Qywg asm mj555gs,5!w Kfxib koi , MY x L Dum LLLUL Q95 Xgixbuh' Q Mggmx CJK A K . H x X VMYX M OCLLQ JL QLQ LL, '55 Quo . 1 M mf W , Q 1 QL QDCL,-U3 ax uk, A sbkux qt 7L , X M, , JEZXQQ A ,WMM GW QGLQGFD-w ml, 'fx ,hav gy Qiif Qmmwfmm , ,o,,.5, K! If . U , 3 , Ling f' Qveffegrf x' '+x,,, Mqrnfgg Q- 4-,que ' +w'3YJ don'-P Dome, 4? ma 'por SWFQ4- D' - 03- Y fnjbu oi-Y QQQX H5 .-- P. SMH 1 1 Q!! 5?UQH'j27LQ-576 IWCESA W Q1 MP4 JU IIN QQ fooynf f7QfYf WQCYX F by lx 4. ofje, QMJQ9-7? OWU! M Q bwf f'f'f3f1Q5 5 ' CU QLUQJ fyggyf Qfkjfl NXMMXQQ, Pw2 'Q,w, QcfM QM ' Wm 3005 fm 5, X Q P x WQ fr jj x JJ x I ffmpy WML for fl 5 7104 J3fC S A 5' GMI rum ff 7:9 ' M HHS !PGr'sf3 Cjkafl CMI-LQ LLWLD ix fda X lyOt2r ,,fp0Uf,vj'ZWWIH . f'1 f "5 5 you :mfg fn He. f jO0cf,jQQ ggmr WYQQ 1 QZJWJM My W, WV'Mjifz JAi K fy X cw 5 gig NO . W QMJ-Ui'O-f"dL' K Jowfvwb' MMD ,JW,m'Q4l - Www, 1 XL A N We . ' MMM X ABQ v . gBVWQ1?D??i?5?5Q W ' UL W N , 0 5 L mg GQ ffLiQQ.g3iQf, WM 'W QVXQQQQE . Www 1. W ,fini w1,4,L,,,f my ATV ww 2 V ' f ,I fi V 3 i QM 15667, U NL? 4 dx DQ? Q49 JV Eff- Wfgiw' 6 'Zu O u ' Awww E49 JWQM WMM. , 1 LQGNMQJ I. -N A Sxigpf. v 'bww 'KQQSN7 RSNDU-5 wil . EQQ? 'SHN gms. Qmbmblb . JNWOK Tfm ugly? Qvb wfxiez BQQQ-AXQKNQT ,xo-Cf QSQWW Hai--Kgxbu exe GU? Ro QLLNWWS Q05 DAX X kdxbhfv wevtx. BQ3 Cwfhsusosl is-45+ Lnoxn'YQ.:5 Nb XQRX Aw, qfvuy QM QR Q may QS XQCKQQA 'ilu IXNW55 KQLA -5 EDB UXQ Ltgbgx XBBUSXO-Qff K UXSQABB XQQQIKLLRX Bbw, Qfbmbbwbai, QDQSX BQ XUQXK OJUQQEXSX. QLLLPYKHUQ-Q , To XXAQ. QAHPX 43- wexmv- 5QQm5Qx.QxmQx XuQa'WN Que Yvxfvuvm. SOFVW xfqgxwpg mwlmw LQ-Gig Q,Qx.-JCM-7k in vemembev you olWQy5 " WWW fl 415 9 Mme L -f - lf.. Q f f . 1 -x 1 Q 2 Tn G- Y' " , 'IM-ff f' 'I' 1 a. wf 5 -9,2 f' 1. 2 v H v ' , ' 1 1, Y 4 ta ' M x g.- .5 .g - - Q IE ,, r X 4 ,."'I I 5 . . X , u 5 , V ,. . 1 v ' 4 K ' . k v 'X Q, 4 Q5 4 xv. ' H 4 n . Q-, 115' ,, Q' ggii if ' 1 ,f JL! 4 - , A f +55 H, A 4 X ' ., ' , 0 . '7' if QV ,..f: x . -- Y my .WU 12' ' , A i "1i?' qui Fl V '.m 2f 3 I 1 in 1 QAV, , i ' I , X, .JM .wif 1 A .. gi, fi , MfLl ff x , V ws- b N I 'S ' Y. 1 A 'X f vs- '- 13 1 V,-1 ,N pf V f f 3' X U nt, ' X x -o in , A ' an Y .F 6 X' ! lr C 'Ni 5. 'H L , 4 A . , 5 - A , ' 5 sa 5 I ' 1 X 4 U' 1 i -Q 6 Y ' u :-. A k if 'A 1-'- 1. lar . V! lu' .Sn V. 1 . W 1 'P i 4 UW, , ., . , "' ' "" N l. Q , N V U Q . , x - ' '." ?f, ,A 4. I fr, L, v ' sG-ns- .I ef A Q :- H ' ' 'gg ' ll ' U :L- f if ' , 5 S l .11 - ...,' 5 , if' gm, 'Q' X ww-2 -Wf 5 W-H-AT-mvA--...,1.. 4 Q , . a,99 r wr - -HJ . ,, 1M ,A , - y L.....V'- ,.,xj. g.:g.5:f.---1,gfj:?p Lg ? if'fiaii1f1r' ':2f?T'P5ffi 1 'a-i,-1 Q.. 1 ,V . :HLA ' ' X, . w i N , 3 ,Q ' 5 fi X Nw, w 12 LS 'B ', 115. X 2431. fx ..- n E-J u-1, .,- E J I ,1- .XL 3 PQ ' 5 L Iv . , I . .:' , 5 .' 3 1 WJ 1 I 'fQ ' H ,F ,I - .., K ,NK I f , ' .5 'i - yi-'i1: " A ' bf A .1 v F P g -Q"uB5"-'A'-". ..' ?g , . I , - X: ."'- ' 5 -Ls.: 1 N 'iii ,. ' My ' 1 Q iff ' 1 5 " " ' "2 ' a b , Af ,y r . X r,' f 41, .sl , m 'vw ,-U, 4, L...,......4.... .-. mi. k -1 I+' . ,.., ., -- ---'

Suggestions in the Statesboro Junior High School - Junior High Light Yearbook (Statesboro, GA) collection:

Statesboro Junior High School - Junior High Light Yearbook (Statesboro, GA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 142

1971, pg 142

Statesboro Junior High School - Junior High Light Yearbook (Statesboro, GA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 9

1971, pg 9

Statesboro Junior High School - Junior High Light Yearbook (Statesboro, GA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 111

1971, pg 111

Statesboro Junior High School - Junior High Light Yearbook (Statesboro, GA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 15

1971, pg 15

Statesboro Junior High School - Junior High Light Yearbook (Statesboro, GA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 111

1971, pg 111

Statesboro Junior High School - Junior High Light Yearbook (Statesboro, GA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 81

1971, pg 81

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