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I 0 I 00 sf .1 fff g 1 ,E QQQQ' 4949 4 0 C6 'QDVJ , 0 7 X O 7 X3 QNXOU '4 Ofg 4 '5i'4 41' ifgg Q pi F' 1 H0 I cw Of: X Y -n 5' 015 xxx 9 'N-,O l 9 Quo 4-2 F, O QS, Q10 wx p -Q gl -Om' OL!! " 'ECT-'fm 2 'D .. 5 Om N 'D X uw 1 I rn cw U' O52 O53 O94 X ON 2 1.0 3 as X 'SGS Om : O zt. m , no O A r- O23 N F O2 we O: X., O3 7? iWMWWw1FM lffwq ZF-7 ,MLM A' A JL 5 ,R msn SLAN A J Rf UPERATIUN SUNEC - JUNE-DECEMBER-1954 Contribufi 9 Ed R . A C WSE BOOK STAFF E S nley P. Lee Earl Martin CS2 . I R ll P 11 ' k YN3 R853 EDQTQR EHS. Iames H. M g Lxonel Homann AG A usse Vo pc, 1. l PHOTOGRAPHERS Keith D PH1 Frank 0'Hagaff AGAN Igmgs Srawarky- By D1 PHAAN HISIIIRY The U.S.S. STATEN ISLAND AGB-5 was originally laid down'as a Coast Guard Icebreaker of the "Wind" class at San Pedro, California. Prior to completion, however, the 6,500 ton icebreaker was labelled as lend lease material for the USSR and delivered to the Soviet Union on February 25, 1944. The Russians renamed her HSEVERNY VETERU which means Northwind, and assigned her to the Northern Sea Route Command, where she served until her ul- timate return to the United States. After nearly three years of negotiations the Soviets finally agreed to return the icebreaker, and thus on 19 December 1951 in Bremerhaven, Germany, a crew of six officers and sixty-five men took pos- session from the Red Navy. The vessel showed unmistakable signs of improper maintenance, and the degree of cleanliness was so low that the Crew was dis- gusted as they moved aboard for the first time. On january 31, 1952, the Russian named Northwind was officially commissioned the U.S.S. NORTHWIND AGB-5, thus taking her rightful place in the United States Navy. After two months of hard work by the crew with the aid of the German Shipyard and the U.S. Naval Advanced Base at Bremerhaven, the U.S.S. NDRTH- WIND, in company with the U.S.C.G.WESTWlND,plowed her way through the Atlan- tic and safely arrived in Boston on February 25, 1952. Since .there ,already existed a Coast Guard Icebreaker named the Northwind, -the ship was renamed the U.S.S. STATEN ISLAND on April 15, 1952. The STATEN ISLAND has d . r ma e seven successful ice-breaking operations to northern t " wa ers carrying her standard, The Polar Bear" on a green field to such giitant spots as Alert on Elsmere Island, approximately 435 miles from the North o e. D U , . e ing t e art est nott any Navy ship -and on occasion av h ' ring the trip to Alert, the ship set a record for trav I' h f h h of. ' r B G t e crew visions of wintering in the ArCtiC- Upon her successful I ' ' ' ' d d b C C.0mP 6:1100 of the mission and safe return, she was com- mefl C Y Omruander in Chief of the Atlantic Fleet and received a placque ffvm Commander Service Squadron Four, U.S. Atlantic Fleet ' The prize treasure of the STATEN ISLAND ' ' I . . . , n t 1 ' ' , Ai plCf1l1g its work during tcebreakin ' S an ol pamtmg of the P .p . . 8 Operattons. The painting was A merchant ship S.S. MORMACELM 1 n appreciation for services rendered. latest cruise found the STATEN ISLAND working W ,fffSUPP1Ying two eskimo villages? a burned Royal Mounty. A Wt. F ' 5 '-4,31 ,. 1-4 r- w-fb L Q Sava?-1.y.5 AW 5-'w...,.x ne. 4:1 -.',,:e,-7 .fr . ,AL "-t. . f N"F,, , ' - V' A V J V' -iwlnbf-uAr'bbi+-vf-'Le --M3 . . . - 1"5'M"4'L"5Kmu3'Vi2'k1 Y Q if-3a-M pun: W? N ,du In .v 5 J ' L Y 5- W., Vw ...Q .. ,. .- ,,- -1 ' J 5 ,Mr 'ifig Q., -..M x 4 . "3" ' wt- An' an . V - -.V . "' 1, V K: 4 .M 'Q"""" 4 4. , , U 4... 4' - ..,,-laik U' p . -if -1'-if-'ru' faaf-arf-W" M- '15, ,.. f ,--5. ., ,A ' "' ' ,. , ' -ilu , x, 7 ' "' 'ff' 'N ' J- 5 -fl" U M.-an r-. l-K - ' ' -.Y J W , 40 .x. A vi W. i W.. - ,. 5 0 V' ' kt .1 . 'M -'M ,,.,g- 1-4. , ff"f'f y f A 'S W " 1-""' -fwfr' W" "' .W - ,Ll Q " , V, LA ,. . Q., W M 1 "" -- "' """" 'aff 1, - 51' Q- , "- -- I--6 " 1 ff, i,-if ' V, .f V XM wk Vg, , .Q V fy . V ' ,945 '-.Q V if" h .-1 1 "' V ,QA ' V .- ' .9 -W1 , , ,,.,, W, 1, , Aff 4 f ' ..,. '-f ,, ' A' ' ., A in X AA' f-4 A ' M- " Q "Vi ,., in ' if X 5 QE Q 'fig Eff, :fear 'N ,.. ,fl A.: ii,iEJm he I V .QA-l".' - gy M ,. . ,fha . Rita . i , ' t , an .. ,Q ,,-My 2 , . ,N rf fn ' . if ' ,M three Japanese DE's, one tanker, one medium passenger- cargo ship, and two freighters. After the war, Captain Smith commanded the U.S.S. BECUNA for over two years, was transferred to the Armed Forces Staff College, and later became the COMSERVLANT Staff Gunnery and Training Officer. He was given command of the STATEN ISLAND in May of 1952, and commanded the ship on Operation Sunec, Sunac, and Nanook dur-in which time the AGB-5 resupplied Alert on Elsmere, Islandg hte Northernmost point any Navy vessel has reached undei its own power. Effective in May 1954 Commander Smith became Captain Frank M. Smith, USNQ and after bein relieved as Commanding Officer of the STATEN ISLANDg in july 1954, he went to Ne R War College. WPOIT, .I. to attend the Naval FRANK M. smlm commnmc orncen Captain Frank M. Smith, a native gf gtan, ford Kentucky, was born on February 15 1913. Upon graduation from the Uniteri States Naval Academy in June uf 1935, he was commissioned an Ensign and assigned to the Battleship MARYLAND, where hg stayed for nearly two years as Assistant Gun- nery Officer. During 1938 and 1939 he serv- ed on the Destroyers U.S.S. DORSEY and U.S.S. CLARKE, commanding the torpedo division. In 1940, a year prior to World War Two, LTIG Smith graduated from the Submarine School at New London Connecticut and re- ported aboard the S-27. He served as Tor- pedo Commander, First Lieutenant, and then Executive Officer, making almost con- tinuous war patrols in Pacific waters after the war broke out. Late in 1942 Lt. Smith was transferred to the S-33, and later to the S-55, making Lieutenant Commander early in 1945. ln August of 1944, he had his own command, the SEALg and, in September, his third stripe. From October 1944 to Feb- ruary 1945 Cdr. Smith was PCO of the U.S.S. BERGALL, and then was transferred to the HAMMERHEAD. As CO of this ship he went on three more war patrols, sinking fu October 1946, after attending various HAROLD S. HAMlIN, Jr. COMMANDING OFFICER Commander Harold S. Hamlin, jr. attended Culver Military Academy and the Severn Sthool prior to his appointment to the Naval Academy. He was commissioned an Ensign U5-,on graduation in 1938, and reported aboard gl- U.S.S. IDAHO KBB-425, part of the battle for-ce of the U.S. Fleet then based in the Pacific. ln june of 1939, he joined the l QS.S. MONAGHAN KDD-3543, serving as first Lieutenant until his transfer about a -A -fir later to the U.S.S. HOUSTON CCA-305. v M November of 1940 the HOUSTON became 'li' flagship of the Asiatic Fleet. ln the 1 fly days of World War Two he was Turret Y, .1 wnicer of Turret One during the Battle of the Sea and the Battle of Sunda Strait. ilizrret One was the only turret not lcnocl-:ed by enemy fires, and fired the last heavy an salvos from the ship before it was sunlc. After swimming to land, LTIG Hamlin captured by the lapanese and held wsoner in java, Singapore, Burma and Siam. fi- was promoted to Lieutenant Commander If-'ill release on 29 August 1945, and to Com- ii.uder while still on rehabilitation leave. at-iiools, he joined the U.S.S. TOPEKA -W ,. ak- -. 5 M 'F' .., ., ' - '5"'mtX,. t ':':,,,.. -N 'r 1 .,., fir- . , .... if -L. M E-,ms ':'- 4 ' M.. '11-W... "71"n'.,- ..- a f is fwfr!- ICL-67J as Navigatorg and, after a brief tour, reported to the Bureau of Personnel in August of 1947. Commander Hamlin served as Assistant Officer in Charge of the discipline section and as a member of the Naval Sentence Review and Clemency Board until detached in 1950. He then served as Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. RUSH which engaged in the blockade and bombardment of the East Coast of Korea. From February 1952 until July 1954 he served in the Of- fice of the Chief of Naval Operations in the Strategic Plan- ning Section. ln july Commander Hamlin assumed command of the U.S.S. STATEN ISLAND. HORACE C. l'l0llfY EXECUTIVE OFFICER Lieutenant Horace C. Holley enlisted in the Navy in january of 1939 as an appren- tice Seaman, and advanced through every enlisted rating to commissioned status. After being commissioned as an Ensign on March 15, 1944, Mr. Holley spent his first few months at the Small Craft Training Center in Miami, Florida. During the next four years he was assigned to the U.S.S. OCONTO CAPA-1875 and the U.S.S. COL- ONIAL KLSD-IBJ, where he served as Navi- gator, Communications Officer and Opera- tions Officer. Ji ,ff On june 6, 1948 he entered Officer Train- ing School as an N.R.O.T.C. student at the Alabama Polytechnic Institute in Auburn, Alabama. Upon completion of his studies. he once again entered school, this time as a General Line Student at the limited States Naval School in Montery, California. Graduating from Line Officerls School he reported aboard the U.S.S. BLACKWOOD lDE-2191 on February 5, 1951. where he served as Navigator and Operations Officer. later becoming Executive Officer. He came I0 the U.s.s. STATEN ISLAND in February' Of 1953, serving as Navigator, Operations Of' ficer, Aerial lce Observer, and then EX' cutive Officer. Lf' HONEY was relieved as Executive Ol' ficer early in February, 1955 by Lieutenallf Commander Earl H. Clark, and is nowfm' tioned in Washington, D.C. as Recruiting Officer. P 1 af- , , if pr -4 wi 1,5 fi? .1 T5 if S is UST ROW! L. T0 R. LTJG JACOBS ON, LT RADLOFF, LT HOLLEY, CDR HAMLIN, LT CUR TIS, LT APPLEBACH. CZND ROWJ L. TO R. LTJG HYDE, LTJG NEFF, ELEC GILBROOK, CHBSON MARINOS, MACH WHITSON. C3RD ROW! L. TO R. LTJG MC MINN, ENS MESSING, CUMMISSIDNED UFFICERS l 'TH .1,l,A.V,, V V V , 3 5 - . W . l UST ROWX L. TO R. LTJG HYDE, LTJG DONALDSON, LT APPLEBACH LT RADLOFF EZND ROWJ L. TO R. LT CURTIS, LTJG INMAN, LTJG JACOBSON, LTJG MCMINN DEPARTMENT HEADS 'Q 3.4. fo- " 7 -ff 'L ' it uf si CHIEF PEITY UFFICERS UST ROWD L. T0 R. FORTIN BMC, LORD ENC, COX BMC, f2ND ROWD L. T0 R. MINS CSC ROBERTS QMC, TREBOTCH RMC, KOLOSSEUS HMC ...Z I : A-l"" , FIRST IIIVISIUN IFRONT ROW! L. T0 R. FORESTALL, DODSON, MAILLOUX, SULLIVAN, CHBOSN MARINOS GREEN, WILSON, DAGASTINO CSECOND ROWI L. TO R. FRAZER, LEMAY, HESS, CAMPBELL JEANGER, TRONSDAL, GABRIEL, LOTZ ITHIRD ROWI L. T0 R. POULIN, RASEY, ROTTMAN MAGERS, PRITTS, WILLE, VAUGHN. UST ROW! L. TO R. FUNK, BISBY, YOUNG, POULIN, JONES, SMITH, ENS LEE, LTJG FORL lNG,COX,MEZARDASH, GOULET, BUGDEN CZND ROWJ L. TO R. JONES, AARON, GOFORTH, STAKE, STAKE C. GRABER, SPAIN, SAMPSON, DALY, HENSER, GOOD, DESIMONI, SCALZO KTHIRD ROWJ L.TO R.DROPPS, TELLO, TROUP, WALKER, LILLEY, MEELER, GRUBB, GET- TINGS, BEERS, GUTKOWSKI, FORGUE, LARSON SECOND DIVISIUN N 'rxi 5 x 45 H , , 3 Ji ff' 'T C DIVISIUN UST ROWI L. T0 R. GARDNER, ROBERTS, ENS MESSING, TREBOTICH, HOMANN QZND ROWI L. T0 R. MATSON, GREENSFELDER, BRANSON, IAMES, PARRY, GILBERT, GILCHRIST, LALIBERTY, DAVIS I3RD ROWI L. T0 R. MALCOLM, DORGE, WESTMORELAND, MC ELROY, ZELLER, ALLEN, HOSIER, KRAMP, CASSIDY, MARKETON, f4TH ROWI L. T0 R. VUKAS, ROLLINS, IRVING, MITCHELL, 0'HAGAN, ROUX, MARSHALL, DAVIS, GILLIS UST ROWJ L. T0 R. SIRK, HIOTT, CHELEC, CLOONEY, WORELL, CLAUSEN. l2ND ROWJ L. TO R. ARENA, CLODGO, JACKSON, LOVELACE, FRANKLIN, SPENCER, LEWIS. f3RD ROWQ L. RO R. CARROLL, SYLVIA, AARON, HUNTER, BURKETT, CASEY, GRANT. Mi W EDIVISIUN - X.. I T ,,. , ... .- -1-,. HST ROWJ L. TO R. GOUKER, JOHNSON, ICKLEY, FROST, GILLIS, LORD, MACH WHITSON, FOUTS, MYERS, BRINKLEY l2ND ROWJ L. TO R. FEAMAN, WALSH, WOODHOUSE, VANDEN- BOOM, RHODES, EGAN, NORTHRUP, VAUGHN, HAYES, STOKES 1 M DIVISIUN IST SECTIUN 1,1 If 1 i 4 1 ' M DIVISIUN ZND SECTIUN if fb UST ROW! L. TO R. RIVARD, BESSERT, HOPKINS, BATES, LT APPLEBACH, MACH WHITSON MOFFITT, WYNN, BRAYSON, CROOK QZND ROWJ L. TO R. DEVEAUX, HERSHMAN, WEST SWARMS, FERNANDEZ, PUTMAN, COLLINS, RIBERIO, DOBERT, WESSELING, GIAMPOLO, SLUUS, FORSS, DANIELS, VLCHEK YQ Jglj - V 'Lay I 0 4 11 I IIST ROWI L. TO R. COFFONE, HEYWARD, ROBINSON, MILLER, LTJG NEFF, LT CURTIS, RUIGAMEZ, BUSH, HATHAWAY, SHEEHAN, MILLER. IZND ROWJ L. TIO R. GOURDEAU, BENUM, HOMLES, WILSON, FORGEA, FRAINEY, KINGREY,WASNIEWSKI, WEEMAN, BICKI-IOUS KLEIN, WALTERS, MOORE, SMITH J. ROBINSON J, GREATHOUSE, SMITH E, BROOD, WADDLE S IIIVISIUN 5 "'f 'aka-5 HELICOPTER CREW 2ND CRUISE UST ROW! L. TO R. ZIMMERMANN, FINES, BOGDAN CZND ROWJ Ln T0 R. LTJG PETHERICK, ULERY, STEINARD, LTJG QUINLEVAN CHELEC CLOONEY UST ROW! L. TO R. SECORY, WESTMORELAND, HIOTT, WORRELL, DALMA, SCIUTO CZND ROWJ L. TO R. CHRISTIANSEN, GEDDIE, DRAGUN, WALTERS, BRICKER NEW PERSUNNEL UST ROW! L. TOR. DUNN, HAJDU, HASSER GRIFFIN GAST FATHAUR FRANK HARTZ JOHNSON 2ND ROW 'K y L. TO R. JOLLIFF,lDUDLEY,'EASTNfAN ' K HARRISONi FOLKERTS, HANzAK, Dusose ' GRABOUS " IEISURE HOURS ARE SPENT BY.. WATCHING MOVIES ,AE EXCHANGING SCUTTLEBUTT ,.,,,w4!f READING BOOKS EARLY RACK TIME A HELPING HAND -2.00 QV' vs we cis or -A 'wx o s9"'w oqe ,A lf- BATTER up + PARTY DER BINGLE Iwi . 'x 0 f 4 ,r A-DE S7-,N N 'Q DIPIN K CHUCQA L U 6 HITS AND A MISS 10280N 1 JUNE, 1954 FIRST ICE FIRST SHIP - USNS GENERAL USNS GENERAL HAAN AND USS ASHLAND MAIL CALL! EXIT MR. CURTIS is .f-:W - 1--6.5.4. ,-.v.,.1-, 'Q-yawn-eff ' A. V. -.. Us A vu: "- Q -06 N-nw-guns Lf? Tl ' fl" 57 ' I . x. av 13 ' Y-4 1. xx , , A 121-: - . -fi' A Z , as 7: 4 ig' .Sin ' fr .if 'K x sig ssc:-'-"z':'l'-' V, ff : sg ln", MW-hw" 4 1 my, 1 - wi A V ..... QA --.....-A - 17 an 1 -4.1 ,Mfr M. if , - , V M N., pr 9. 'L Y V 5 x , U,,..,.--f '--W -v- ,Kxf ' " -A ,......., N ff 4 5 MAN ,.e .I-4 3-'Z i.. -AF 4.4, - Iv , 1 NW.. -. -S P q U .- , Ab ,- --W' '-wg 'ggfy Aff? 4 ' .ax AX' , w J rl x. J v 9-,, ' .Eff V' "-" ,J 9 .M ' ax 1, J-.3V:,f":, A X wg. H ' 'Y"'+l'g- 1 ,xafw - , . f.f',.y'Ji"'Q'34 K " -4 f-- ,.,f QIQQF ,, ,if Q , .X ,, X -.ff ' 5 .. - is ,ff V 1 45 5,5 5 . ,Q 'Ffrf " -,, A 'x , ,,, . 5,91 XQLQ, ii, , LQ .K 1-QQ f sw in-.n...a.. ,., W .f iii 'fi 'S ,if 1 1 1! 1 4 I if USN5 VEM EEF ?,.Yi..N:,, ..1AL,, .. .'L-M5--1' .fi w t A ' , ' ' ' ,:ff',Q.X '.F-Q19 J'-F' 5 '15 -ffkisf A-?'gs'f. ' " ul, , ' 11 c ' ' 1 ,4ilfxV,,.,Y in fr -9,4 f ff , Q uk U 'QW -c Eg-4 ' " ' R' 2 ',,z,. ', 'U . A 4 'K 2.33199 '..H'5.'1g? af? kia, ' ' ' Qi Z ravi- ' 5 . iigkigf.. fi-3.1 A. -vm f, : Q5 ? s ff' E44 'Q I . L if if. . X. . Q f lx . gf, f A. WE TOW USNS VELA ,,..:E,.- 'fl are USS ALSEA GOES ALONE Maw!-is . ,I , Tiryi ,walii f ,F -' ii' USS OPPORTUNE TOWS AN ARMY CRANE .sinh " NOT MUCH OF A LANDING FIELD . ,"'M:,gfL 2 ,.4-N -sw-H ' . A . r , 2 4 1 , . . 4.5815 , f - ' ' At , , A I , , X- ,A ., if 'rv hr afwf ' - E' " " f 4' '-' f L1 ,W - f - ,A 'V E. gfiifa, ,-. .4 ' mf, , 1, 1 'M .' f ",?f.s ,ij ' - ff' ' Q' 1 If 1 I ' K -' -1 ' 5,3 A K '. 23, I 5 Q H ' 'f m ' I ' , . 1 'f' 7 0.5" f' 7 ' ' 2 if 2 f 1 , A, 4 . - f 4 1 - ,-. , , 1 , y I , , ,I g, f ,A J , Mlm I 5- r , , rl. J : QU: , YH,wI.9'j" if ,J wk ,- . ' Y. i, . f 1, W 2 5? ,K A .5 f- -Q - ,. '--Q BUT HELICOPTER SETS DOWN .fiozlm A' L.. , f..-vi 'Rx ,., 9 . 5 Y 1' ' ,J AS ALL HANDS wncu ONE-TENTH COVERAGE THREE TENTHS COVERAGE Flve-Tennis covemxce E Q, ' R' -..,,,, V X Q- E Ni'-1,T I f' , adn.- U SECTIONS ONE AND TWO v. .R iw, vm M1 V -my A -, A re , . ,,,.Q . 'rv,,gfw-. T: 1.. ' E' SEVEN-TENTHS COVERAGE ,,,,,.f--'-'M' W A A M XA riflf- " S ui . 14,55 35' Twggiiif 'rw' , xl I , ow LIBERTY commences Fon B v-,' .4 -., 4 ...gym A , . M - . -..M 'Q' 'Aw ' A .' , O71 , 4. S' Ji P THEHARBOR HSTERS "xi-N. LE FIRE IN B-4 CAUSED BY SALT WATER LEAK ak' 'ii W' 4. l .4 Ji- K Vzvxfj S, E ., ,-qw '- P 'V ., Lykbwk A P ai 1? -K '36-A at l. 'gf-:ul ' " 28 .., 'ill 1 NARSAR SUNNY SOUTHERN GREENLAND l'D PADDLE A MILE FOR A CAMEL WQQULDER BOARDS if, ,,,,.nfx UAK ., , '-I Q- ,df , BODY BUILDING DANISH VISITORS SUNDAY OPEN HOUSE Iv 1 O 5,1188 .I CHANGE S . -N-...hh .xv ' I' .,,, A L E' 91 2 2 . I ...As i---QQQL.. ' CUMMAND ' A an Y RUWNBAGGEWS PARADISE fg. fi 1, . i A- 7 SEPTEMBER 1954 IX X Q 2" K A 'XXB-fl gwoxix 1 AAAND AWAY WE G0 kIi "Wi-4. WITH G Q ON THE WAY ICE HOLDS STATEN ISLANU 3.4.4, an ff. 'L-Mug BUT DYNAMITE WILL GET US OFF... T N L M BANG! ...LL NN BIG, BIG DEAL! Q .AL 49' -f.S2"" I" X NE Wk ,L 5 I I cn '41, ,f..,e Y-.11 ,gn ,Z BEER UN ICE " H ...J Qu psf M K NDRTHERN PANURAMA fg.,-, , , .,., , ,A ,,5,, fx As- I M, , Q. 4A V 4 A JM, ig 5 ww V!! V if .RQ '55, .r y A ,,,i 1 . . 1 1 , gs' f 'ff ,A . E 3 E.. ' K , 31' '. fl' I .,4 lx 'aff f- ,ffl ' p 53' r ,, .:i?3"' U ,gs-, DEPENDENT'S MEDICAL CARE F3 fi s' A-Z"iL-. wi . FRIENDS TEA TIME FAMILY ESKIMO P.X. AQ 4 A ! K ' x 4' I X L x MX N 4 21 f.. Q ff SPECIAL CONSTABLE KUDLO0 'T 3 Q '4 ', I - S 1 E 1 f--W .f 1,115 Q 5 , ff -- I I E E I I I i I Q E ? Qi 5 y Y kwa xx LAST SHIP ESCORTED OUT OF THULE .,, ,gh lid' CAUSES H EAVY DAMAGE " If ' " ' THE CRUEL SEA Q- IS THIS WATERTIGHT INTEGRITY? UST ROWJ L. TO R. RIBERIO, DALMA, WALTERS, GOURDEAU, GRANT, VUKAS, PARRY CZND ROWJ L. T0 R. FEEMAN, GOOD, GREATHOUSE, LTJG INMAN, JOLIFF, POLLOCK SMITH, WILE BASKETBALL TEAM MU SH F f . 4 Sf J E 45,--,-gag?-.3 - K .V f,-5,42 , A ,, .4, i w iS,x J 5.x - .n f , J- Q' .V+ -8 S ,-1 " i -1- '--. . .-'L' s --.-nz 1' - - - 114 47' '?x':'l-1115 tg uv, "1 2f.'0'?.'4 au -A .01 as uifisx x'v-1' Q. ' an S W x . u. V ,ru 1 -- ","1 u.,,..s,,3-A 4'5" -L . 'W' 0 .uwswsv , 'ss. ,qua- A. -O,g 4' 1' .?'1' 4 1 . 59.1 :aiu 1-3 is ' 1 w X xjkx xx GX. FIRST CLASS COFFEE BREAK W 1 1' 2 iii? YOU'RE NOT FAST ENOUGH, CHlN0" 'W iz Au 5 :W 1 F I - I IAE' -Vx "i 0.-WA, ,,, . gi , ...., "E+ pri? , -Q- .-I I -une, ih.a.,.1.:1L Q. ., -+,.......4.... ..- . . .- . k 4 A N, ,jg ' 'QL uf . - lk' Q, f ls ! wg Q N !---.,,,,,m i 0 'TEQSCK I-8 I uNcovER Two 9' I 3-:J Mu.-,I 14,-L ' 'J 'H' I - .4 ' XM 4. e Q 41 bf'I SEWAGE PIPE IN C DIVISION BREAKS AGAIN EEUU!! NMA '-It-1 , 1 ' A I Y A J I I 1R AARON, SN bbins St , Cambridge, Maryland ABERCROMBIE, BM1 chtree St., South Clinton, S.C. E ALEXANDER, CS1 alhoun Ave., St Andrew, Fla. d E ALLEN, QM2 St Lynn, Massachusetts l AMANTEA, EM3 IO 2 Pitcairn, Pa. in J ANTOINE, JR.. QM2 land Ave., So.Bra1ntree, Mass. ARENA EM3 Ve B" New York City, NY L ASI-IMORE, BMC acon St Boston, Mass. ood P BATES, MEW1 .urath St Laconia, N.H. M. Smith, USN , Brenton Village Rhode Island cps. Harold s. Hamlin, Jr., USN 24 Wedge Pond Road Winchester, Massachusetts LCDR Earl H. Clark, USN 1410 South Street Portsmouth, N.H. LT. H.C. Holley, USN Juliette, Georgia LT J.R. Curtis, SC USN Little's Point Swampscott, Massachusetts LT Fred H. Radloff, USN 107 Brucemont Circle Asheville, North Carolina LT Richard O. Applebach, USN 16 Sherman Road Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts LTJG Jacob H. Jacobson, Jr., USN 1624 Carolina Avenue Kingsport, Tennessee LTJG Robert M. Donaldson, MC USNR 55 Park Drive Boston, Massachusetts LTJG Philip L. Hyde DC USNR 116 Marbleridge Road North Andover, Massachusetts LTJG Robert C. Frohling, 1 A 1218 Plane Street V Union, New Jersey , . LTJG Richard P. Inman, USN 213 Watts Street Durham. North Carolina LTJG William R. Neff, SC USNR Box 1105 Port Arthur, Texas ENS James H. Messing, USNR 101 Central Park West New York City, New York ENS Stanley P. Lee, USNR 1 Beachtree Drive Larchmont, New York ENS John Tuck, USN 6 Bancroft Street Auburn, Massachusetts CHELEC William T. Clooney, USN 520 South Franklin Street Holbrook, Massachusetts CHBOSN Matthew M. Marinos, USN New York City, New York ELEC Ralph W. Gilbrook, USN Peabody, Massachusetts MACH Lyle F. Whitson, USN 17 George Street Portland, Maine ENLISTEIJ PERSUNNEL Edgar A. BEERS, SN 1014V2 So. K. St., Tacoma, Washington Norman R. BICKHAUS, DK2 2002 Madison St., Quincy, Ill. Danney R. BINGAMON, FA Box 43, Kingmont, West Virginia George BISBY, SN Box 57, Athens, Ill. Lowell K. BISSELL, TE2 601 So. Stewart St., Creve Coeur, Ill. John R. BRANSON, RM3 963 N. McClellan Ave., Decatur, Ill. George P. BRAYSON, EN1 PO Box 522, Fort Fairfield, Maine Max H. BROOD, SN Benjamin BRICKEZR, JR., SN Carl M. BENUM, cssN I RFD No. 6, North Windham, Conn. RTE 1, Brlahton. I11. Cecil N. BUGDEN, GM2 Glenn R. BESSERT, EN3' 8715 Ridge st., River Grove, 111. 6 Ridgeway Ct.. Lynn. Mass- Cloyd N. BURKETT. FN RR No.2, Marshall, Illinois William BUSH, JR., TN , 525 Elm St., Columbus, Ohio Charles A. CARROLL, Ill. EM3 10 Buck St., Newburyport. Mass James CASEY. EM2 Francis A. CASSIDY, TE3 ROUTE 1, Box 44, Hermiston 1845 Coney Island Ave., Brooklyn New York 741 Washington Ave., Brooklyn New York Kenneth E. CHRISTIANSEN SN RED No. 2, Cuyler, New York IC1 , . Ave., Warren, Rhode Island J. CLODGO, JR.. EM1 A Cataract St., Vergennes, Vermont Anthony A. COFFONE. csz 290 Franklin St., Worcester, Mass. Richard W. COLLINS. EN3 30 Kipp Ave., New York, New York Ernest L. cox. BMGC I , I ROUTE No.1, Hinton, West Virginia . Bert M. CROOK. DC1 105 Crapo St., Bridgewater, Mass. Franklin P. DAGOSTINO, SN RFD No. 1, Pine Grove, Pa. Byron J. DALMA, PHAAN 1730 Spain St., New Orleans, La. Dennis c. DALY,'GM3 6635 Guyer Ave., Philadelphia Raymond J. DANIELS, EN1 4725 E. Thompson St., Philadelphia, Pa Keith R. DAVIS, PH1 1357 Simpson St.,St. Paul, Minnesota Richard C. DAVIS, PN2 479 North Avenue. Weston, Mass. Thomas G. DESIMONI, SN 2525 Clague Rd., Westlake, Ohio Paul C. DIFRANCO. RM1 201 Arnolds' Neck Drive, Apponaug,R.I. Smith A. DODSON, JR., BM3 Hillcrest Ave., Columbia, Tenn. Louis F. DORBERT, FN 4211 Parkmont Ave., Baltimore, Md. William H. DORGE, QM3 58 7th St., Woodlawn, New' York William J. DRAGUN. EN2 82 Phillips St., Hebrenville, Mass. Donald J. DROPPS, SN Route No. 1, Swanville, Minnesota John R. DUBOSE, SA 1032 Lane "K", Spencer Park,Hastings Loren I-I. DUIJLEY, SA Box 208, Gowrie, Iowa Harry A. DUNN, SA 330 Charles St..Grand Rapids, Michigan ,Neb. nonaid D. F'EAMA1f1. EN3 226 Liberty St.,Qu1ncy. MQSS- Joseph N. FERNANDEZ. RJ .. EN3 Trevor, Wisconsin John J. FORESTALL, .BM3 RR No. 1, Caddilac, Michigan Michael A. FOLKERTS. SA . l 9205 Peters Rd., Algonac. Mrchlean Joseph A. FORGEA. SK2 98 Ave., ucv, Port Washington, I-,,1,, N,Y, 1919 Spring St., Fort Waynemdiana' Vincent L. FORGUE, SA 7 Blackwood Street, Boston, Mass. Obert L. FORSS, FN Cannon Falls, Minnesota Herve R. FORTIN, BMC 936 Warren Ave.,Brockton, Mass. Darius C. FOUTS, ENC 3212 Harrison Street, Milwaukee, Oregon John E. FOX, EN3 20006 Scottsdale BLVD., Cleveland,Ohio Patrick J. FRAINEY, SK3 5724 S. Justine St.,Chicago,Ill. Harold W. FRANK, SA 1005 Selby Ave.,St.Paul,Minnesota Robert O. FRANKLIN, FN Box 800, McGill Ave.,Dawson, Pa. Donald T. FRASCONE, JR., RMSN 822 Burr St.,St.Paul,Mir1nesota John K. FRAZIER, SN 956 Waden Rd.,WiCk1iffe, Ohio Willie W. FROST, MR2 1 Romer Rd., Dongan Hills S.I.,N.Y, Anthony G. GALLO, EN1 867 N. Francisco Ave.,Chicago, Ill, Wayne D. GARDNER, YN1 862 Charles St.,Fall River, Mass, Donald W. GAST, SA RR No. 1, Stevensville, Michigan John F. GEDDIE, BT3 BOX 70. Howard City. Michigan Louis J. GIAMPOLO, Ja., FN 47 Boundary St.,Pittsburgh, Pa, Jairus C. GILBERT, RM2 Plumtrees District. Bethel, Conn. Eugene Arnold, Missouri , , Ernest C. GOFORTB. SN ,J .,', ",, I Foute 3. Farmvil1e,Virgini5, Frederico GONZALES. S132 ' , 3013 Mountain Drive Donald J. GOOD, SN ' 41 E. Eamus St., Middletowmpag Larry D. GOUKER, ENB Robert J. GOURDEAU, SN 29 School St.,Danvers,Mass. A . Edward GRABER, SN 2 ' 319 Southern Ave.,Reading, Ohig . Gerald C. GRABOWSKI, SA 219 7th St., Manistee, Michigan Roland GRANT, FN . 4412 Ellis Avenue, Chicago, Illinois Jack R. GREATHOUSE, SK2 408 Crescent St.,Parkersburg, W.Va. Oliver E. GREEN, BM1 200 Victory Blvd., Portsmouth, Va. Howard W. GREENSFELDER, RD3 2504 Albion Ave.,Baltimore, Md. Jack W. GRIFFIN, SA 3126 Lincoln Ave.,Ashtabula, Ohio Alexander M. GUSMAN, SK1 2 Bernon St., Providence, R.I. Bernard R. GUTKOWSKI, SA 57 Welsh Way, Pittsburgh, Pa. John A. HA1JDU, SA 1 RR 1, Milwaukee, Wisconsin William C. HARMON, EM3 21252 Manchester Blvd., Harper Woods, Mich. Patrick T. HANZAK, SA Q 278 Button Ave., Plainsville, OY110 Gordon R. HARRISON, sn ' ' A 26181 Mallard Ave.,EuC1id. 01110 Gerald L. HARTZ, SA s A 5 RR4g Rochester, Minnesota J F' Francis L. HASSER, SA ' ' RI, Stanchfield, Minnesota V Ronsel D. HATHAWAY. SH3 . EASTMAN, sn ,EN1 ' t Greene Cove Fla. John H. GILCHRIST, DT2 3933 W. Broadway. Robbinsdale, Miss. Edgar A. GILLIS, EN3 Route No.5, Kingsport, Tennessee Raymond A. sinus, EIT1 A '78 French, St..I-East Palestine,Ohio .A , . Elwood L. GITTINGS,'SN , A ??"9 Freeynensburs Ave..Eascon,nPa. -i Five Forks, West virginia Richard 1. HAYES., star Rt., cnuoqnin. Alfred C. RFD No. 31 North- K2 Groves, Mo. u.riouANN.AG1 ghgmpaign Ave., Mattoon, Ill. J, HOPKINS. EN2 No. 1, Baxter Springs, Kansas ' R, HOSIER. SN glgnggerge St., Medford, Mass. Raymond J. HOWARD. SN 15 Lex. St.. Mass. Harold D. HOWARD. ME3 26 Leydon St., East Boston, Mass. ose h M HUNTER JR EM3 J p . -r 573 Bennington Street, E.Boston, M1 ss, Edward T. IAMES, RD3 2360 Butte Ave., Cincinatti, Ohio James W. ICKLEY, EN3 668 State St., Baden, Pa. Arthur IRVING, RMSN 11 Longview Drive, Beverly, Mass. Ernest M. JACKSON, EM3 2296 Andrews Ave., Bronx, New York Louis R. JOHNSON, SA 710 East Water St., Elmira, New York Larry M. JOLLIFF, FA RR. 4, Bellefontaine, Ohio Eugene C. JONES, FR., SR 530 9th Avenue, NW, Roanoke, Va. Kenneth D. JUHOLA, FN 1450 West 6th Street., Ashtabula, Ohio Richard A. KINGREY, SK2 228 Walnut St., Southport, Indiana Richard A. KIRK, FA 166 Briarwood Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa. Anthony KLEIN, SN 47 Ave.. A, Port Washington, L.I.,N.Y. Gerald C. KNORR, QM3 Shaker Road, West Albany, Albany,N.Y. LOlliS KOLOSSEUS, HMC 15 Gates St., Portsmouth, N.H. Charles W. KRAMP, SN RF'D No. 2, Gasport, New York. Andrew KRIVOSH, EN3 HPD NO- 1. Sharon, Pa. George w. LALIBERTY HM1 '14 Exchange Street, Lawrence, Mass. Lester c. L.ARsoN, SN feileseo. Illinois J. LEMAY, SN . Kenneth c. LEN'rz, ETS 1 4 1884 Pl'0SDect. Melvindalg Michigan William J . LEWIS, IC3 2333 Boxwood Drive, San Jose, Calif, Raymond LEWIS, FA 716 I St.. Sparrows Pt., Md, William H. LILLEY, BM3 Garden Ave.. Toms River, 'New Jersey Louis D. LOIACONO, FA 42 Robinson Ave., Boston, Mass, Edward J. LORD, ENC 42 Jefferson Ave., New London, Conn. Adam LOTZ, JR., SN 243 Metropolitan Ave..Roslindale, Mass. John D. LOVELACE, EM3 RT. No. 4, Bessemer, Alabama Raymond A. MAILLOUX, BM2 57 Water St.,Danielson, Conn. William H. MALCOLM, RD3 2903 Scranton Rd., Cleveland, Ohio Kenneth J. MAGERS, SA 5 Park Drive, Livingston, New Jersey Reuben O. MARKETON, QM2 Henning, Minnesota MARSHALL TN Elbert M. . 2212 Sakowitz St.,Apt.A.,Houston,Texas Marion F. MARSHALL, QMSN Clinton, Missouri Murray J. MARTIN, JR., ME3 2708 Corunna Rd., Glint,Mich. Milton T. MATSON, SN Wittenberg, Wisconsin Herbert L. MCELROY, RM3 313 S. Kelly St.,Chattanooga, Tenn. Douglas C. MCINTYRE, SN Rochester, Minnesota James C. MEELER, GM1 Springdale, Arkansas George MEZARDASH, SN 1207 Leeds Terrace, Baltimore, Md. Joseph J. MICKLE, EM3 4304 Sheffield Ave., Philadelphia,Pa. Marvin L. MILLER, CSSN Route No. 1, Outlook Washington Richard D. MILLER. SK1 29 Carey St., Newport, R.I. James J. Mnvrs, csc I Quarters A7A, San Turce. Puerto R100 Charles K. MITCHELL, RD3 414 Alliston St.,West Newton, Pa. Melvin MOORE. TN 630 Jeanette St., Beaumont. TENS N.rNoble st., Chicago, 111, 1 i G1en Ez. 7118 wen' -st., N31 Gilbert NICHOLS: A . I Q Q Q. V3 V' 211 Main St.. Clayton, New Jersey Donald G. NORTHRUP, EN2. 6 . North Adams, Mass. Frank W. O'I-IAGAN, AGAN 400 E. 145th St., Bronx, New York Robert E. PARRY, AGAN 30 Pleasant View Ave., Braintree, Mass Russel L. POLLOCK, YN3 840 Montrose, Chicago, Illinois Amos A. POULIN, JR., SN 161 Bailey St.,S.Lawrence, Mass. Ray H. POULIN,SN 320 Summer St.,Weymouth, Mass. Rudolph POZZO, FP2 6 Glen St.,Dorchester, Mass. Jimmie F. PRITTS, SN 40 Calumet Rd.,Methuen, Mass. Theodore L. PUTNAM, EN3 Gilson, Illinois William R. RASEY, SN 1040 10th St., Hermosa Beach, Calif. John J. RHODES, FP1 25 Bayberry Lane, Cohasset, Mass. George RIBERIO, EN2 17 Ceder St., Hastings On Hudson,N.Y Owen L. RIGGS, RM 2300 S. 15th St., Lincoln, Nebraska Eldred L. ROBERTS. QMC 612 Padden Ave., Austin,Minnesota James B. ROBINSON, SD1 144 Gruber St., Walterboro, S.C. Leon H. ROBINSON, SD2 101 Dale St., Roxbury. Mass. Wilmore L. ROLLINS, RM3 700 5th St., NE, Washington, D.C Conrad R. ROUX, ET2 14 Tampa St., Lewiston, Maine Frederick J. SAMPSON, BM2 Box 632, Gary, West Virginia Louis SCALZO, GM3 u 180-18-145 Road, Springfield, N.Y. Salvatore V. SCIUTO, SN Lawrence, Mass. William J. SHEEHAN, SN 144 Edinboro St., Newtonville, Mass. John P. s1L.vANI. FN Lindenhurst. New Yvrk Gisern. smx, JR. Romney, West Virginia Albert J. SLUUS. BTI 35 Essex St.. Cambridge, Mass. James, SMITH, Jn., TN 307 S. Lee St., Orlando, Florida Richard C. SPENCER. EMFN 2638 Forest St., Port Huron, Mich. Charles K. STAKE, SN 423 N. Drake St., Mt. Un ion, Pa. Edgar H. STAKE, JR., GM3 29 Milford St. Mt. Union, Pa. James E. STAWARKY, RM3 95 Alpine Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Howard H. STOKES, DC3 50 Augusta Ave., Danville, Va. Oscar D. SUMMERS, EN3 252 Raeburn St., Pontiac, Mich. Charles O. SWARMS, EN3 RR No. 1, Box 58, Loogootee, Illinois Donald C. SYLVIA, EM3 84 Adams St.. Fairhaven, Mass. Kenard J. SYLVIA, SN 82 Adams St., Fairhaven, Mass. William T. TAYLOR, JR., SH1 581 Summer St., Arlington, Mass. Bernie C. TELLO, YNSN 817 E. Yanonali Street, Santa Barbara, Calif. Joseph M. TREBOTICH, RMC 1714 E. Howard Ave., Biloxi, Mississippi Neal W. TRONSDAL, SN 2136 N. 61 St., Seattle, Washington William C. TROUP. SN 94 Second St.. E. Cambridge, Mass. Robert F. TRUDEAU. RM3 Ware, Massachusetts Clement M. VANDENBOOM. ENB. 4811 Springle Ave., Detroit, Michigan Sylvester A. VANDENBOOM, EN2 4811 Springle Ave., Detroit, Michigan Donald J. VAUGHAN, SN 666 Central Avenue, Highland Park, Ill. James F. VAUGHAN, EN3 ' . Route No.3, Beaver Dam, Virginia Bernard C. VIRTUE, FA 334 S. Lake Erie St.,Steubenville,Ohio Raymond VIDAL, FA 2 Ashton Place, Buffalo, N.Y. William A. VLCHECK, FN 4518 Lester Ave., Cleveland, Ohio Miles, VUKAS, RDSN 537 Penn Ave., Midland, Pa. Joseph WADDLE, SH2 112 S. Penn. Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Thomas J. WALKER, GM3 721 Dragoon, Detroit, Michigan James WALSH, EN3 277 Chelsea St., E. Boston, Mass. John R. WALTERS, YN3 119 West South St., Barnesville, Ohio Charles L. WALTER, SH2 2753 Lockburn St., Indianapolis, Ind. Harold WASNIEWSKI, DK3 64-08 56th Ave., Maspeth, L.I., N.Y. John c. WEAR, DT2 8 Fairview Place, Lewiston, Pa, A Richard A. WEEMAN. BK2 , 127 Cumberland St., Westbrook, Maine John R. WELFORD, PN3 19 Louis Ave., Waukegan. Illinois Herbert WESSELING, FN Route No. 1 Box 212, Bloomingdale, Mich Donald E. WEST, EN3 223 Tenth Ave., Council Bluffs, Iowa Robert E. WESTMORELAND, PN3 Kingston, Tennessee Neil N. WILL, SN 30 Vets Avenue. Newburyport, Mass. Donald E. WILLIS. RMSN 81 West Rutland Square, Boston, Mass Andrew M. WILSON, BM3 1934 Webster Ave., Bronx, N.Y. Earl WILSON, TN 724 Mozart Ave., Salem, New Jersey Stanford J. WORRELL, EM1 34 Figurehead Lane, Quincy, Mass. Harry WOODHOUSE, JR., ENFN 130 Stevens St., Nokomis, Illinois Robert S. WYNN ENl General Delivery, Grandin, Missouri David R. YOUNG, SA 1918 7th St., S. Minneapolis, Minn. Lawrence S. ZELLER, RD3 40 Ridge St.. Ecorse, Michigan 5 :Q :F ff Q "., fr Hg ffl H J . 5 Q. I T 31 Lf Q22 ., 5 .156 Arg: 'ff , si' .XF ,gr my ' af ,V A if 5 5- L .. .-Q Y . 'E ,- A 1- , "' "fi His .Q ' me .,' 4 Ae ,- N 4:-, -.rf 'xig' .' :ai a GG 905 69 SIO ise STAT 1954 X .1 :- U HT! X 90 QQ If Q S QQ QQ .-'C' y' N.

Suggestions in the Staten Island (AGB 5) - Naval Cruise Book collection:

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