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gkiiwok Western Montana College“Pick up the stones!" the angel said. “And in a brighter, elearer light l ou’ll have both joy and sorrow." Zlte trailer in the dark, with dread. Obeyed—and gathered front his way Some rocks. And on the morrow. Jn dawning’s glow, saw they were gold. And knowing he could not recall drom whence they came, he laughed—and cried. (glad that he'd done as he was told. Sad that he had not gathered all Zlte treasures at his feet that night. — o - May this Chinook preserve for you Zlte 'ventures of your college days. Zlte mem’ries of your profs and peers. And may its pages oft renew Zlte riches from your Western ways. Some plucked—some left behind—with tears. Hot Zhe Chinook 1981 K.M. Zho mas PresidentZke Energy Symposium Qovernor Bruce Babbitt of Arizona Dr. Kobert Zlwmas and honored guests 5King Md Queen Candidates 3rom left to right-. Carol Zatarka and Paul Zasln Crickie Kebish and Steve Vezina; Christine Sitzsimmons and Hugh 3oster; Caurie Sckman and Dudley ChilcoH, Susie Arthur (Craig Devlin, missing from picture), Orlen Zempel and Slaina JWckol, K. Z. Snyder and Debbie Colueci, Say Sslick and Zita drisbie, Carry Hicks and Missy Menard, Stan Suck and Marilyn Hilton, Dinny Sennett and Karen Peterson.Mrs. Sally Mortier A V Education Mrs. Vicki fanes Women's Head Resident Mr. faint 3red Men's Head Resident Sergeant Robert Zaytor ROZC Mr. Herman Heuser 3oed Service Manager Mrs. ‘Jeannette Rector Administrative Aid Registrar's OfficeMr. William Stea berg Director of Admissions Mrs. Clarice Watters bookstore Manager Mrs. Ceota 3red Seeretarg. Development Offiee Miss ‘Judith Paul Music Department Dr. Sylvester Cahren Education Department Mr. Charles fiacliman Human Resource ManagementCommonplace-KookZhe Many Cooks Of Western 12■ r-How impossible it is to make Nature change her bias, and that if we shut her out of the door, she'll come in at the window. JC’EstrangeOur Sincere 'Dedication Miss Hlanche M- McManus devoted sixteen years to Western Montana College as a professor of literature and language courses. During that time site served as an advisor to the Chinook and the Wescolite. Jn June of 1975 the Regents of the Montana University System conferred upon Miss McManus the rank of Associate Professor Emeritus of English. Zhouglt retired. Miss McManus is still with us. acting as English professor. kZJ) advisor, and treasurer of the Western Montana College Alumni Association. A 1971 graduate of Western Montana College. Mrs. Hetty ff. Harnes managed Western's textbook library and bookstore for nine years. With a strong enthusiasm for drama, she wrote and directed the play. “ fou Can Make Jt." Jn addition, she served as drama instructor at WMC and lighting technician for the Miss Western Pageant as well as various community concerts. Jn September of 19SO Airs. Harnes moved to Washington. D.C., to join her husband. We sincerely appreciate her dedication and loyal service to our college. 15Js it time to go trick or treatin', yet? Say that again, Ump Jialloween Hits • Zlie games people play Western 16 Kermit the ?rog and MuddiesFACULTYI)r. Kenneth J. Bandolier Professor, Biological Science Chairman. Division of Mathematics and Science Mr. Claybom J. Anders Associate Professor Industrial Arts Dr. Robert II. Thomas President Mr. Barney P. Bricn a Assistant Professor Art Dr. Daniel G. Block Professor Natural Heritage Ms. Joan V. Clary Assistant Professor l-.ducation and Psychology Mr. l-'dward A. C'cbull Professor, Fnglish Chairman, Fnglish Department President. WMC Alumni Association Dr. I rank J. Busch Professor History and Social Science Mr S Thomas Briggs Director Fiscal AffairsMrs. karylc Comwuv Secretary Fducation and Psychology Mr. James D. Corr Associate Professor Art Head Coach. Women’s Basketball Mr. Kenneth Cory Librarian l)r. Terrance R. Cypher Professor Mathematics Mr. Brian Dailey Facilities Coordinator Mr. Tom Davidson Assistant l ibrarian Miss Frances Fields Accountant Business Office Mr. John Fred Men's Head Resident Mrs. Lcota Fred Secretary Development Office Dr. John O. Carry Professor Business F.ducation 19Mr. Donald k. Gosncll Assistant Professor English Mrs. Gayle Gransbery Nurse Student Health Scrviecs Mrs. Patricia A. Hally Guidance and Counseling Education and Psychology Mrs. Betty Hanson Administrative Aide Registrar's Office Mrs. lithcl A. Hawkins Assistant Professor. English Chiruxtk Advisor Mr. Norman Hcuscr Director Dining System Mr. Larry Hickethicr Registrar Mr. Jcrold A. 11 ilton Assistant Professor History and Social Science Mr. John A. Hammond. Jr. Director Computer Center Dr. Nylcs R. Humphrey Associate Professor. Health and P.E. Chairman. P.E. Department Athletic Director Men’s and Women's Track Coach 20Dr. Sylvester I I ahren Associate Professor. Lducalion and Psychology Applied Anthropologist Mrs. I:.ssie later Mr. Lawrence Leith Mr. Lawrence B. Link Secretary Assistant Professor, linglish Director f inancial Aid Wcscoiitc Advisor I manual Aid Mr. Donald F. Kelt? Instructor Health and P.H. Mrs. Normadine D. Kennedy Assistant Professor. Business Lducation Advisor. Phi Beta Lambda Advisor. C heerleaders Mr. David I Kendall Assistant Professor. Health and P.H. Head Athletic Trainer Dr. Joseph L. Kennedy Associate Professor Director. Natural Heritage Program Advisor. Natural Heritage Club Assistant Coach. Women's Basketball Mrs. Cheryl Knickerbocker Secretary Biological Science Mr. Ralph Kroon I ield Service Coordinator Northwest FoundationMrs. Sue Lynch Administrative Aid Dean of Continuing Education Vlrs. Linda Lucero Secretary Education and Psychology Vlrs. Cal hi Love Secretary Dean of Students Vliss Blanche McManus Associate Professor English VIr. George T. Marinkovich Assistant Professor Health and P.E. VIr. Richard Mandcvillc Program Coordinator Vlrs. Sally Morticr Instructor. Audio-Visual Education and Psychology Dr Thomas E. Morticr Dean of Students Dr. Rex C. VIvers Assistant Professor. History and Social Science Advisor. Circle K VI r. Charles Nachman Assistant Professor Human Resource Management 22Mr. George H. Nelson Acting Director, Alumni Dr. Robert I- Newlon Professor. Education and Psychology Advisor. Kappa Delta Pi Dr. William C. O'Connor Associate Professor. History and Social Science Director. Economics Center Miss Judith Paul Assistant Professor. Music Director. Pep Band Mrs. Frances Richardson Cashier Business Office Miss Karen Robinson Account Clerk Business Office Mr. Daniel C. Scott Associate Professor. Industrial Arts Advisor. Industrial Arts Club Mrs. Dorothy Seymour Secretary Business Office Mrs. Belly Shafer Head Housekeeper Women's Residence Hall 23Miss Bonnie J. Sheriff Assistant Professor Health and P.F.. Mr. Richard T. Sictscma Assistant Professor Music Mr. Steven P. Sikes Controller l)r. Lee Spuhler Professor Dean of Continuing education Dr. Floise A. Snavcly Associate Professor Education and Psychology Mr. Howard M. Smith Associate Professor Physical Science Mr. Charles A. Stauffer Mr. William Stenberg Mr. Henry W. Stish Mrs. Virginia F.. Straugh Director . Associate Director. _ Associate Professor Secretary Information Office Admissions Physical Science President's Office Assistant BAskclball Coach 24I)r. Dale R. Tash Professor. llistor and Social Science Academic Dean Mr. Robert Taylor Sergeant Major Military Science Mr. E. Otis Thompson Assistant Professor Mathematics Dr. I rank I). Tikalskv Professor Human Resource Management Mrs. Clarice Walters Textbook Library Campus Bookstore Miss Dona J. Wallace Assistant Professor. Health and P.E. Advisor, Spurs Volleyball Coach Mr. Donald I . Walters Assistant Professor Art Mrs. Linda Ward Accounting Clerk Business Office Mr. Mark Young Development Director Dr. Alan G. Zeller Dean of Education Chairman. Division of Education and Industry Director. Rural EducationCarolyn Dahl provides entertain mcnt. Dick Mandcvillc and Sally Morlier George Nelson. George Slraugli. and l)r Jim Short Georgia Mathews. Bev Humphrey, and Chuck Stauffer lid Ccbull and Ellen Nelson Clay and Dorolh) Anders, and Marlene and I arry Link Ethel Hawkins and Dan BlockFRESHMENCraig Bender Debbie Best Sandra Blizt Margaret Bowman Helena Butte Kenan Pablo Jane Briney Kick Cady Katie Campbell Kltenda Campbell Denton Came Deer Butte Denton Key A dam sen Dillon Key A vvessak Home. AK Elizabeth Ashcraft Zwin Bridges Kelli Barrauglt HelenaBlake Chartier Helena John Charette Busby Jennifer Connor Jaekson. Wy Connie Collingsworth ;'Deer Codye Bene Cloninyer HelenaDave Dean White Sulphur Springs Dynda Decree Helena Kandu Dickey Dillon Karyn Duke Helena Steve Singe Dee Sslick Sheila Sthcredgt Bonnie Jiseher Dillon Big fork Deer Dodge Kalis pell 30 Kanwna Jisher Conrad Chris ditzsimmons Sidney Gary Jlesch Sunburst Denise Jossen JoplinMonica duller Great Jails Richard Green Anaconda Rivers Gelogergan Nome. JR JCori Gross Helena Bryan Motion Baraga. JIJ Doug Mayes Stocked Carry Mibbert kalispell Cheryl Hardesty kalispellMonica Howard Butte kelly Holtz Sunburst Denise Hill Deer Dodge Karen Jacobsen Kalispell Erie Hubbell Plover. JJ 32 Zoni James Butte Cinda Jenewein Helena James Jermyn Plains Doug Johnson j ome. AkZint Johnson Paul Johnston Karla Kalis la JCorie Kelly Chinook Vail, CO Chateau Dillon Hruce Knutson Helena Karroll Key Helena Warren Kimmel Win nett Denise Kvapil Cibby Anita £ a Ronde Stoeketl Clark Caeoek Hinsdale jCaurie JCaura Dillon 33t Pete Cecil Zim Cucas Mike Cijens Kenald Cyyski Dutton Mew Kensington. PA Butte Butte Brenda J tasseij Ceri Jlattisen (given Mae well jeanne jMeDorman Anaconda Dillon 3a irfield Kenan 34 jerry A ice Cibby Chris Atelaney Wolf Creek Cant my Melton data janet Merkel Darbyyet tic flauman Columbia Jails Vincent jWorley Phoenix. JZ Wareia Ours land Somers Carol Onsager 'Dillon Pud O'Print Jlorence Zee Pelletier Sandra ParrettCatherine Popp Harlowtown Criekie Kebish Dillon Dale Kaisl Qlendive Him Putnam Whitefish Mary Puceinelli Anaconda jCaurie Kessler Great Jails Koss Keynolds Hamilton Shelly Kewerts Cut bank Barbara Kedfield Zwin Bridges jCittda Shade kalis pell lJan Richards ‘Dillon Jeanne Smith Great Sails Patti Simms Jr lee Debbie Sijnnc Helena Daniel Saha Alexander. VJ AV 7 Snyder ClwteauZane Zams Brian Zaylor Sheila Zentple Denise Ztimer Great Sails Geraldine Anaeonda Dillon Jackie Vuekovich Anaconda Jerry Jo Waldemar Dillon Zodd Waterman Helena Dale Weavt Wisdom Judy Wertz Clyde Dark Dave Welch HelenaKatherine IViedel Butte c a me M ike Williams King of Prussia. PJ Zanting William. Whitefish Zheresa Winden Dillon 39 George Witsehen Dillon Brenda l ork Gallatin GatewaySOPHOMORESZeri A utter son Belgrade Angie Harnett Ennis Susan Arthur Deer Codge Harry Hrooks Qale Hissell Harry Clark Zownsend Amy Corum KonanDinah Daniel Butte Slum non c Itristiauseu Charlo (Jail Coeltran Helena Brian Drin title Brian Demon Dora DriseollJCuauH dikaui Belgrade Rose Svaih Browning Zita drisbie White Sulphur Spring Slizabeth Qosntan Candy (JarbarinoKill Herrin Harlowtom Susan Qrayson Dillon Mike Qosney Seattle. WA Kay Holms White Sulphur Springs ;Jackie Higgins Helena Harry johnsonConnie ‘Johnston Dillon Corn Kire Inter Hamilton Karin Karns dlorenec Dan Cearij Harlow town Cla ire Koelnnan Conrad Hill Ceittinger Kalispelt Shawn Cennon Belle Qlade. 3C 5Andrew Cong Cancaster. CA Maureen Covely Helena 'Dan Marshall Mary Maplties Seott Miller Helena Missy Menard Zownsend Karen Martinez KutteMargaret Shannon Butte Vicki Sietsema Dillon Zina Simpson Jeff Snyder Theresa Squ ires St. Jgnatius Carolyn Steryar AnacondaPaul cash 'Dillon Zcrri Zhompson Paul ZikalskyZimothy Harnett ‘Deer Dodge Cart Henson ;‘Dillon Paula Hell Caurei MJ Sam Haerlocher Srenehtown Marie Amundson 'Dillon‘Daniel Callaghan Butte Stan Buck Othello. WA Barbara Cadwallader (great Sails Deborah Colueei An aeon da Brenda Chilean Dillon Hike Crockett Sverett. IVASteven 'Donaldson Santa Kosa. CJ Dauric Sekman Dillon Kimberley Duke Dyne tie Jikani 'Jeffrey derderer Great Sails Xancy Stanch HelenaJoseph Happ Qalloway, OH Kathleen doley Hutte Kenneth duller An aeonda Comte Hoernhuj 'Dillon Deborah Huestis Havre Michael Hilton Hamiltondrank Korn arek Anchorage. A K Corrine Kit log Butte juuc Matthews Big fork Melanie Michels (great -tails Wary JCoekyer JCintaMona Molenda Hamilton Robert Miekelson ,A it aeon da Aubrey M iller Harlowton Kebeeea Parker Moulder (jina Peterson Mari bet It Olson ■■■■Craig Katins Dillon Richard Powell West yellowstone Randall Reishus Uarbara Simon Jiaoughtou. CA Russell RichardsonDavid Spehar Dillon Scott Smith Dillon Wargarct Sturtz Dillon Deborah Zay lor Sort Kenton Raymond Stock Geraldinetimothy Worth Rochester. MJ Slielleat Zriplett Ralston. W J Steven Vezina Kristi Ho White Cittleton. CO Keith Wilson Kathryn WhitePeggy Ad mu sen DUlou William Allen Anaconda Dinmj Bennett Deer DodgeJennifer tirown jeri Hunter Gregory Chilcott Stevensville James Carroll :Dillon -—JCinda Jlynn Columbus. JjV Connie 3la mm Sheridan Keith Qebhardt Simms Virginia Hatcher AnacondaRobert Henderson Marilyn Hilton St. Jgnatius Kathleen Muffield Hon Hoerniny DillonPatricia Johnson (}reat Jails Barbara Kedeij Judge Hamilton Cinda KletteDemis Cat inter Silts, JD (Jury Kruntlteuer Huntley Jo Anne Ceary Butte William Cong Butte Kathleen Ceighton Dillon 67Melinda Cymes Patricia Mecklenburg Butte f 68 4Elizabeth Rebislt Anthony Kebich .'Doug Richards Butte Regina Kickwartz Das Vegas. JW Michael Scott ‘DillonPatrice Scott Xomt johu Strickland Deer jCodne Janet Steele Hamilton Paul Zatarka Hillings JCauric Sullivanif red rick Zrafelet 'Dillon Rosaline Zltoni c inner c ornincSteven IV. Cloud. lJr. Moscow. JD Kathleen (J- Caijne ‘Dillon Darlene J. Stoltz Sheridan 3Who’s Who Spotlight Kathryn l.ynn Brincy, majoring in elementary education and music, is from Charlo. She has been active in S. Music Club, WMC Chorale, Cantabiliers, Chan-tcurs. and Chorus, providing piano accompaniment for the singing groups. Kathy has participated in several college musical productions, including “Best of Broadway.” “Oliver,” and “A Tunny Thing Happened on the Way to the lorum.” In 1978 she received the Ralph Me Tad den Cup. the award given to the most outstanding music student. Kelley Beasley, a physical education major and history minor from Bo eman. served three years as a repre-scnlative-al-large with Central Board. Before transferring to Western, he was the treasurer of the Montana State University Circle K Club. He served as Circle K secretary-treasurer of the Montana District for two years, and he was chairman of the District convention when it was held in Dillon. He has been assistant chairman of Demolay Conclave and holds the degree of Chevalier of that organization. Co-director of freshmen orientation in 1980, he participated in Inter-Varsity, played the clarinet in the pep band, and lettered in cross-country and track. Mike Cory is a broadficld industrial arts major and art minor from Great Falls. He participated in Kappa Della Pi. M. Club, and intramural sports. In addition, he was the president of the IA Club, and he served as an AAU wrestling coach. Mike was the recipient of the Great Tails Business and Professional Women's Club Scholarship, the Western Montana College Academic Scholarship, and the Booster Club Scholarship. 74Elaina Nickol, an elementary education major and math minor from Conrad, served as a resident assistant for two years. She has been actively involved with Spurs. Kappa Della Pi, and Kappa Zcla Nu. She participated in women's intramurals, and she received an AAUW scholarship as well as a KDP award. Al Onsager is a history and English major from Ronan. A member of Kappa Delta Pi, Al also held the office of business manager of Central Board. He was nominated to Who's Who or Amcriam Casualty Insurance Agents, and he received the Certificate of General Principles of Insurance from the National Insurance Institute of America. Al was the account executive for Corroon Black Dawson Co. in Anchorage. Alaska. « Brian Patrick, a history major and foreign language minor from llingham, has participated in basketball for four years, lie was involved with Central Board for three years and served as student body president. Brian served as Nigh School Day chairman, co-chairman of freshmen orientation, member of the Student Advisory Council for the University System, and member of the college recruiting committee. In addition, he was a resident assistant and a member of Kappa Delta Pi. t Elizabeth Ann Rebish is a braodfield art major from Butte. She enrolled at Western in 1964. and after her first year of college, she married a local rancher. Ten years later Elizabeth resumed her studies, serving as a member of the Beaverhead County Cowbcllcs and Kappa Delta Pi. She provides art services for various community clubs and constructs large signs for private businesses. Also, Elizabeth leaches lolc painting lessons, and she has illustrated a Dillon centennial book with pen-and-ink drawings. 75Carolyn Dahl is an elementary education and music major as well as an art minor from I Iclcna. A member of KDP, she is also involved with the Music Club. She is on the Dean’s l ist and is the recipient of the music scholarship and outstanding scholar award. Carolyn served as the local president of SMI- A. the state vice-president, and the state president, traveling to I.os Angeles. California, and Nashville, Tennessee. Maureen A. I lford is an elementary education major and an art minor from Helena. She has been active in Circle K. Spurs. KDP. and WMC Cheerleading. Maureen was the 1979 I lomccoming Queen and is the recipient of the WMC Booster Club Scholarship, W MC Honor Scholarship. Soroptimisl Scholarship, and the AAUW Scholarship. Teresa llcpola, an elementary education major, is from Butte. Serving as a representative-al-large in Central Board, she was a member of Kappa Delta Pi as well. Teresa received a Stale Student Incentive Cirant in lieu of a National Honor Scholarship, and she made the Dean’s I ist. She was assistant swimming instructor. WMC cheerleader, and a member of the track team. Barbara Bedcy Judge is an elementary education major from Hamilton. She has been actively involved with AWS. Kappa eta u. Kappa Delta Pi. SMI'A. Spurs. Women’s Intramural Association, and she has worked as a WMC Admissions Counselor. Also. Bar by served as the historian as well as the secretary for Circle K. 76K;ilhr n VI. I ogan is an elementary education major from Anaconda. She has been actively involved with KDP. inlramurals. and college iraek. basketball, and volleyball. Kitts served as the historian for Spurs, president of k N. and assistant editor of the ( hi-nook. I.inda J. Klette is an elementary education major from Conrad. She has participated in drama. K N. intramurals, and the Chintwk. President and junior advisor of Spurs, she was also president of KI)P. a member of the ASWMC budget committee, and a resident assistant. I.inda is the recipient of the WMC Booster Club scholarship, advanced honor scholarship, and the Montana State Delta Kappa (ianima award. Patricia Mecklenburg, an elementary education major and music minor, is from Beaverton. Oregon Patty has participated in volleyball, track, choir. Inter-Varsity. and SV1I A. In addition, she was the vice-president of Spurs. Mien Nash is a physical education major from Darby She has been active in basketball. ( ircle K. Spurs, inlramurals. ll-Conference, and ( antabiliers I Men served as a representative on ( Board as well as secretary for the student government Mso. she was listed on the Dean's I rst for four sears 77Scholars And Donors A. Music Club -Richard Sictscma, Carolyn Dahl. Warren Kimmcll. Judith Paul B. Rodeo Club -Chris Mclancy Cobb Foundation—Andrcc Gaspar Beaverhead Bar Supply—Nettie Nauman C. Mary Baker Kmcrick Art Award; Art Service Award l.cannc Jenkins D. Booster Club—Bruce Knutson, Jane Brincy, Charles Stauffer, Lee Eslick, Karla Kalista, Syrena Cole E. Joe C. Ryburn Memorial—David Spehar F. Dr. Thomas recognizes scholars and donors. G. American Legion—Maybcllc Arthur. Dick Rannus, Kathy Plutt H. Greg Stewart Memorial Jean Stewart. Lcs Saari I. Foundation—Kelly Holtz. Christine Rc-bish. Dr. Robert Thomas. Mary Puccin-clli, Vicki Jones J. First Northwestern Bank—Jill Anderson. Joe Lane K. Booster Club—Pamela Ripley. Linda Shade. Jerry Mce. Tom W'cleh. Leslie Pa-gett. Dale Poison L. Alumni Association - Marcia Oursland. Marycllcn Wilkerson. Jacquelyn Vucko-vich. Elizabeth Ashcraft. Ed Ccbull. Clint Rouse. Gary Love M. William C. Bierrum—Jeff Hibbert, Taw-nee Brooks Hibbert N. Rotary Club—Margaret Stepan, Dr. Bob Romers O. Maicr Miller Memorial—Dinny Bennett P. Foundation—Jeff Fcrdcrcr. Bonnie Fischer. Karen Jacobson. Tom Briggs Q. Foundation—Donna Allen. Paul Anders, Margaret Bowman, Lee Spuhlcr. Renee Cloningcr R. Soroptimist Susie Arthur. Loretta Cash-morc S. AAUW—Mary Frances Hagedorn. Jeri Burner, Mary Jane Williams T. Booster Club—Judy W'ertz. Foundation—Jerry Jo Waldcmar. Janet Merkel. Larry Hickcthicr. Larry Link U. Western W'omcn's Club -Melanie Michels. Trinda Myers V. darkness Rural Education—Mr. and Mrs. Bernard darkness. Teresa Linscott W. Kappa Delta Pi—Tori Lucicr. Robert Newlon X. EIks; Dufresne —Mark Young, Dale Weaver Y. Jim Spehar Memorial—Mrs. Muriel Spehar. Dane Nobis Z. Beaverhead County Cowbcllcs—Dorothea Hildreth. Theresa Winden 78V 4ORGANIZATIONSChinook Left to right: Margaret Stepan. Maureen Lovely. Carol Thumma. Advisor Mrs. Hawkins. Judy Wertz. I.orcnc Hoerning, Dave Spehar, Dan Haft. Leslie Hansen. Staff not pictured: Marjorie Irvine Peter Loch Rich Powell Karyn Duke The Chinook of Western Montana College has been in continuous publication since 1906. The staff is composed entirely of students, both volunteers and members taking the practicum for credit, who put many hours into the production of the annual. Co-Editors David Spehar Lorenc Hoerning Assistant Editors Maureen Lovely Margaret Stepan Business Manager Margaret Stepan Photographers Tim Lucas Leslie Hansen Brian PetroThe Cantabiliers is one of Western’s finest singing groups, traveling throughout the state as well as providing the entertainment for many important campus events. Cantabiliers Left to right: Judy Paul. Richard Sietsema. Brian Petro, Ruth l.ofthus. Mike Scott. Debbie Hucstis. Susie Arthur. Gary Trcglown, Jeanne MeDorman. Patrice Scott, Don Davies. Dave Begin. Vicki Sietsema. Jacqueline Colland. Neil Bjornstad. Members of the Chorus belong to the Music Company, providing opportunities for students to assist in furthering the cause of music at the college, in the schools, and in the community. Front row. left to right: Barb Cadwalladcr. Ruth Lofthus. Tammy Melton. Jeanne MeDorman. Jacqueline Holland. Sylvia Tyrrel, Amy Corum. Middle row: Sandy Blixt. Brenda Massey. Debbie Best, Sheila Ethridge. Terry Schmidt. Ann Swanson. Margie Smith. Auc Gordon. Back row: Brian Petro. Don Davies. Shane Shaw. Barry Smith. Neil Bjornstad. Dave Begin. Director Richard Sietsema. Chorus 82M Club is an organization of WMC men who have participated in and have been awarded a letter in the various intercollegiate athletic sports. M Club t rom bottom left up: Craig Palmer. Jim Janosko; Brent Miller, Craig Rowan, John Strickland. Mike Scally, Dennis Latimer. Cary Krumheuer, Mike Maroncy. Dinny Bennett, Frank Komarck. Kevin Murphy. Scott Kerr, Grant Killoy. Circle K is a campus service club open to all students. The purpose of the club is to be of service to the college and the community. Sponsored by the local Kiwanis organization, WMC Circle K is one of the largest Circle K groups in the university system. Front row, left to right: Robin Bogue, Kay Holmes, Claire Kochman, Zita Frisbie, Belinda Rider, Advisor Rex Meyers, Dave Garry. Middle row: Kathy Plutt, Scott Smith. Fred Trafelet. Back row: Gail Bisscll, Jim Richardson, Carl Benson, Aubrey Miller, Russ Richardson. Barry Smith. Kelly Beasley. Circle K 83The purpose of the Industrial Arts Club is to familiarize the student specializing in industrial arts with the role and scope of his subject in our society. The club, with its advisors, undertakes a major project which assists in raising funds for its activities. Seated, left to right: Randy Rcishus. Dave Wilson. Doug Richards. Standing: Advisor Clay Anders. Jim Bjornemo. Bob Mickclson. Dudley Chilcott, John Konen. Mike Cory, Advisor Dan Scott. Missing: Dane Nobles. Seated, left to right: Margaret Stepan. Paul Roberts. Dan Leary. Chris Fitzsimmons. Mark Oursland. I-V Staff Susan l.cckronc. Standing: Marcia Oursland. Jean Fox. Barb Cadwalladcr. Bonnie Fisher. Jeff Snyder. Patty Mecklenburg. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship is a nondcnominational organization which gives students the opportunity to fellowship in Bible studies, dorm talks, conferences, and many fun social activities. Membership is not required. The purpose of l-V is to encourage Christians to share Christ with others and to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 84Kappa Delta Pi is a national educational honorary which has a local chapter at Western Montana College. Its purpose is to recognize outstanding students in education. The local chapter at WMC offers a $100 scholarship each year to an outstanding sophomore who intends to continue in teacher education during the following academic year. K.D.V. Seated, left to right: Judy Kimmel. Sharyl Allen, Marjorie Irvine, Linda Flynn, Tory Lucier. Melanie Michels, Maureen Klford. Brian Patrick, Debbie Taylor. Dale Thom. Standing: Elton Kirtley. Jo Anne Leary, Kathy Leighton. Jennifer Brown. Advisor Dr. Ncwlon. Advisor Ms. Clary, Elaina Nickol. Mike Cory. Linda Dyer. Kappa Zcta Nu, the oldest campus organization, is a social sorority. It is the only organization officially identified with the Greek System. Eront row, left to right: Karen Martinez, June Matthews. Marilyn Hilton. Patty Johnson. Jo Anne Leary. Janice Dallascrra. Amy Corum. Middle row: Jackie Higgins, Susie Arthur. Nancy Nell, Maureen Lovely. Elaina Nickol. Kay Holmes, Gail Cochran. Michelle Gcrringa. Back row: Debbie Taylor. Zina Simpson. Maribeth Olson. Debbie Hucstis, Gail Bisscll, Karin Karns. Terry Tcnncson. Lorri Kirchncr. Zita Frisbcc. Claire Kochman. 85The Rodeo Club sponsors an intercollegiate rodeo team which participates in N1RA approved rodeos, an annual intercollegiate rodeo, social activities, service projects, and other riding activities. First row. left to right: Martin Dickerson. Kolcnc Brown. Tcri Ambcrson. Darcy Pate, Dale Dicdc. Second row: Advisor John Seymour. Missy Menard, Renee Cloningcr. Chris Melancy, Ray Stoos. John Charctlc. Rodeo Spurs is a national service honorary for outstanding sophomore women. The local chapter’s purpose is to serve the college and community, support the activities in which the student body participates, to foster among students a spirit of loyalty and helpfulness, and to uphold the traditions of the college. Front, left to right: Terry Tcnncson, Kay Holmes. Maureen Lovely. Lorri Kirchncr. Back: Sandra Neel, Karin Karns, Shannon Christianson, l.isa Peterson. Michelle Gcrringa. Wendy Eck. Claire Kochman. 86Bottom, left to right: Marilyn Hilton, Debbie Taylor. Barb Cadwalladcr. Klaina Nickol, Women's Head Resident Vicki Jones. Top: Nancy Nell, Zina Simpson. Resident Assistants Seated, left to right: Dinny Bennett. Dudley Chil-cott. Brian Patrick. Standing: Craig Palmer. Harold Silzly. John Strickland. Todd Larson. Men's Head Resident John Fred. 87Student Montana Education Association is the student branch of the MEA and the NEA. The purpose of the organization is to provide prospective teachers with an understanding of the teaching profession. Benefits of membership include liability insurance while student teaching, educational publications, and training through educational workshops and conventions. S.M.B.A. t roni row. left to right: Bill Clark. Elaina Nickol. Margaret Stepan. Carolyn Dahl. Terry fenneson. Patty Mecklenburg. Back row: Denise Kvapil. Karin Karns, l.orri Kirchner. Gargoyles is the WMC drama club, providing students an opportunity to study and produce a number of long and short plays for at presentation before the college and community. Membership is open to any student who successfully participates in the various phases of the drama productions. Seated, left to right: Polly Knox, Patrice Scott. Vicki Sietsema. Mary Lockycr. Sue Gordon, Sylvia Tyrrcl. Standing: Brian Petro. Dane Nobles. Andy Sine. Bill Clark. Gary Treglown. Gargoyles 88Women’s Residence Mall Association This newly established organization provides activities for members of the Women’s Residence Hall and assists with campus-wide functions as well. Front row. left to right: Linda Shade. Tammy Williams, Margaret Stepan. Middle row: Vicki Jones. Nettie Nauman, Anita LaRondc. Back row: Laurie Rcsslcr, Marti Crawford. Terri Schmidt. Not pictured: Maureen Lovely. Kelly Holtz. Front row. left to right: Mary Lockycr. Vicki Sictscma. Carolyn Dahl. Barb Redficld. Sue Gordon. Middle row: Tim Harmon. Mike Scott. Director Mr. Sictscma. Don Davies. Warren Kimmcl. Back row: Brian Petro. Gary Treglown. Patrice Scott. Pam Ripley. Amy Corum. Director Judy Paul. The Pep Band performs for home football and basketball games during fall and winter quarters. During the spring, the group concentrates on concert music. Pep Maud 89Central Board is governed by officers elected sping quarter and consisting of a president, vice-president, and representatives at large. Appointed officers include a business manager, social activities director, and secretary. The board is charged with the responsibility of directing the student government. Seated, left to right: Shannon Christiansen Melanie Michels, Amy Corum, Terri Walsh, Paul Tash, Greg Chilcott, Dane Nobles. Bill Clark. Standing: Aubrey Miller. Dudley Chilcott. Kelly Beasley. Shane Shaw. Advisor Dr. Morticr. Board Program Council is an organization established to provide entertainment for the students of WMC. Activities include concerts, movies, dances, guest speaker presentations, and other social events. Program Council Seated, left to right: Frank Komarck. Director Dick Mandcvillc. Standing: Mike Williams. Fred Trafclct. Aubrey Miller. Gail Bisscll. Kim Hulse. Gail Cochran. Arlene Hull. 90The cheerleaders represent WMC as athletic boosters and lead the student body in cheering for WMC teams. Cheerleaders Lcfl to right: Terri Walsh. Kim Hulsc, Karen Martinez. Teresa Vandaclc. and Susie Arthur. Natural Heritage Club The Natural Heritage members enjoy field studies emphasizing the use of forest, park and wilderness areas as outdoor classrooms. Sitting, left to right: Bruce Knutson and Mark Sweeney. Standing: Tim Lucas. Vince Morley. Jackie Murray. Jack Eddy, and Joe Matthys. 91 Champions! 3 Cady basketball Zop to bottom: Zerry Oonttelly. Corn KireInter. Karin Karns Jntramurals Zeri shoots for two! Marilyn and Shelly fiyht for the ball. 95Men's basketball Champions kneeling, left to right: 'Dan Cueier. Jeff Marshall. Iforg Ciron er. Standing: Seott Nachman. Kevin Murphy, bob Dedeluk, Scott Kerr. Waiting for a Kebound Time goes up for two. Men's Jntmmurals %Man tags Doug at second. Home safe! Seymour takes a break. 97 Murphy takes a swing at it.kneeling, left to right: Head Coach fiat Corr. Zheresa Whalen, khonda Campbell. Zerry Zhompson. Mary Puce nielli. Ceslie Paget t. Cori Cross. Assistant Coach foe kennedy. Standing, left to right. Student Zrainer feri Hunter. 'Diane Drake. Mary Cheek, fane Hriney. Ellen Maslt. kristi White. Sandra Meet. Patti Simms, foanne Slifka. Deb Strickland. Student Manager Corinne Wicks. All-Conference Picks Ellen Mash foanne Slifka MCWSA—Ellen Mash99Men’s basketball 1980-$ Kneeling, left to right: Z.J. Mc'Donaht. Head Coach Casey Keltz, Graduate Assistant ‘John Joane. Standing, left to right: Kip jWotta, Sant McCormick. Kag Wanty. Hugh Jester. ‘Jerry Blade, Kielt Green. Joe Burg tin. Craig Kenius. Jamie Kilcy. Zim IVerth. Brian Patrick. Jim Stott. Jeff Hibbert. Alike Pitman, and Sam Bearloeker. All Conference Selections Mf Hibbert Craig Kenius101frontier Conference Co-Champs dirst Row. left to right: Stan Ruck, Neil Snyder, Sonny Zamora. Neil Rjornstad. Dale Me Quarry. John Dunlap. Mike Cyotts. Mike Maroney. Rob Dedloek. Steve Vezina. John St. Clair. Dennis Catinter. Ken VanSiekel. Jeff Marshall, drank Ko narek. Second Row.- Pete Noviek. John Henry. Kon Reach, Steve Donaldson. Zorn Kostroba. Dan Rorhanson. Sd Anderson, Kevin Marplty. Craig Palmer. Zodd Car sen. Joe Happ. Zreut Carson. Mike Qosney, Z.J. Northeott. Scott Roekman. Dave Hill. John Strickland. third Koiv: Jim Janosko, Dinny Rennett. Sid on Christman. Rrent Miller. Rryan Holland. Zint Rennett. Craig Rowan. Steve Pinsenault. Paul Svernson. Robbie Dotson. James Jerminc, Carry Hicks. Mark Williams. Dave Mil pert. Dion Cassidy. Scott Kerr. Kip Ryan. Shane Shaw. dourtlt Row• Sonny Zravingcr. Mgr.; Coach Stan Rrooks. Coach Sinter Alusgrave. Coach Qreg Zrenary. Head Coach (Jcorge Nelson. Zodd Waterman. Dan Cueier. Andy Sherry. Kick Miller, l org Cromer. Russ Raker, ( rant Killoy. Mark Chalieh. Head trainer Dave Kendall. Asst. Zrainer Harold Silzly. Asst, trainer Alary Cheek. Asst. Zrainer Deb Strickland. Asst. Zrainer Jeri Burner. All Conference Selections Offense—dirst Zeant Defense—Second Zeam Defense—dirst team Rrent Miller Dennis Catinter Zorn Kostroba Carry Hicks Zodd Carson Steve Vezina Dinny Rennett Scott Roekman Scott Kerr Alike Alaroney 102103a; elda Host wick v gt Zakiat Jt Easy Snowplowing Me. Jitzgcrald tries it again. Suds Best Sidet Jim and Phil take care of skiis. 105Sllen flash and Karen PetersonZop left: (finny Davis. {Jennifer Connor, (fail Bissell, Marilyn Hilton. Shelleen tripled. Patty Mecklenburg. Susie Watters. Ml right! keep your eye on the ball. (fail. (five me dive! J9S0 Volleyball Zearn 107Wrestling 1981 Jront Kow. left to right: Erie Hamilton and Nike Williams. Middle row: (glen Clark. Nike Webster. Nark Sweeney, Jim Ouren. Qary Hager man. Jerry Siehert. Shane Shaw. Hill Woody. Hack row.- Kandy Dickey. Keith Wilson. Hrent Miller. Jrank Komarek. Steve Donaldson. Sonny Zamora. Kick Miller. Kusty Hoff. 3red Zrafelet. Nike Wet her bee.WJ4(? Kodeo 7987 noffl tlAlumni footballCOOKS Intramural festival 115ACTIVITIESZhe Qong Show Sing in' the Blues flay Ssliek, Brian Patrick, and SaekheadSail Awards Assembly (jreg swears in Central Hoard members: Paul, Shane, 'Dudley, and Amy. 118 Rodeo Club award winners: Kay Stoos and Zina Simpson. Cross Country letter winnersK. Z., Paul, Kelly, and Zim. Ellen receives Cross Country letter.Serendipity Singers Harvey Pit tel, Savopliist Mae Moratlt The Ragtime years Edmond Karlsrud 119Pippin ZH£ CASZ, Qanj Zreglown, Craig Devlin. Jeff JCockyer, Mike Seott. Neil Bjorns tad. Patrice Scott. Vicki Sietsema, Jacqueline .Holland. Dane Nobles. Brian Petro. Dave Begin. Jeanne Me Dorm an, Susie Arthur. Debbie Mueslis. Built Cofthus. Polly Knote. Zammie Melton. Steve Mullen M USJCJAMS: Judy Paul, piano; Bicltard Sietsema. Bass; Andrew Sine. Drums DJBSCZOB: Bicltard Sietsema121Winter Concert CONCERT CHOIR: Debbie Best, Tanya Butkay, Carol Mulct, Polly Knox, Mary Lockycr, Gwen Maxwell, Jeanne MeDorman, Tammic Melton. Terri Schmidt, Tami Shiplct, Vicki Sietsema, Ruth Lofthus, Andy Sine, Rosie Thom. Craig Devlin, Elizabeth Ashcraft, Carolyn Dahl, Zita Frisbie. Susan Gordon, Jacqueline Holland, Patty Mecklenberg, Lesley Pagett, Rebecca Parker. Barbara Redfield, Sylvia Tyrrcl, Debbie Huestis, Wendy Eck, Chris Parini, Margie Smith. Hal Ammundson, Dave Begin, Lee Stigen, Steve Mullen, Gary Treglown, Accompanist Kathy Briney. CHANTEURS: Barbara Cadwallader, Wendy Eck, Sylvia Tyrrel, Tammie Melton, Gail Cochran, Polly Knox, Carol Mulct, Accompanist Kathy Briney. CONCERT BAND: Warren Kimmel, Mike Webster, Sylvia Tyrrcl, Vicki Sietsema, Dick Sietsema, Gary Hagerman, Claire Kochman. Carolyn Dahl, Polly Knox, Kelly Beasley, Carol Hulet, Ruth Lofthus, Margie Sietsema, Sue Gordon, Andy Sine. Gary Treglown. CANTABILIERS: Jeanne MeDorman. Vicki Sietsema, Karen Stubbs. Craig Devlin, Andy Sine, Mike Scott, Ruth Lofthus, Susie Arthur, Deb Huestis. Gary Treglown. Dave Begin, Judy Paul, Gary Hagerman, Dick Sietsema 122 123M-Club SmokerSpoon Kiver Zhe Mattie Of Zhe Village zms zowmspsopds Carry Ccith Blanche McManus Martha Zhomas Sd Cebull Keith Qosnell Sylvia Zyrrel Kobin Hogue Vikk i Smith lJane Cooper Zammy Miller JCee Sslick Director: Pruce Martinet Pruce Hurl but Chris Kennedy Steve Vezina Mi ark ZY Deary Shane Shaw Petty Plewitt Kathy (fosnell M l arcy Dister Ila net Steele Cathe Popp Perky ParkerToe got to change my brand of cigars; these are awful. Director Bruce Hurlbut 127George, $une. Harry Vicki makes a deal. Below-. Slterry and Vicki Blah! Margaret and Marcia Alumni PhonathonWMC Pays Zribute Zo £d Cebull Professor Cebull completed the evening with a toast: Herds to the future! And a sigh to the past. We can love and remember And hope to the last. Jor all the base lines Zltat the almanacs hold While there's love in the heart. We can never grow old! 129Cub in if ever ZMS CASZ-. Many JCistcr. Carrie Ann Wicks. Reeky Parker. Steven D. Vezina. Paul Zika ski. Sylvia Zyrrel. Zerry Jones. Sandie RUM. Cathe Popp. Mark OCeary. Chris Kennedy WJZM (JUSSZ AWSAKAMCSS B : Hoe Abramavage AMD MSMfiSKS 03 ZMS VJKtJJMJA CJZ J VC A VSRS1 John Masking, Kathie Marris. Kltonda Smith. Mary Zhielen ZMS Ml(SJCJAMS: Hruee Murlbut (Keyboard and Synthesizer), Jodie Megstad (Drums and Percussion) musjc amd cynics uy KKiies hukchuz 130131132133Spring Awards Assembly 9acuity members are honored. 1 4L 135West Of Broadway STAGE BAND: Amy Corum, Don Davies, Sue Gordon, Warren Kimmel, Claire Kochman, Mary Lockyer, Brian Petro, Barbara Redficld, Patrice Scott, Mike Scott, Vicki Sietsema, Andrew Sine, Gary Treglown, Mike Webster CHORUS: Debbie Best, Neil Bjornstad, Barbara Cadwallader, Amy Corum, Don Davies, Sheila Ethridge, Susan Gordon, Jacqueline Holland, Mary Lockyer, Brenda Massey, Jeanne McDorman, Tammy Melton, Steve Mullen, Leslie Pagett, Terry Schmidt, Patrice Scott, Shane Shaw, Barry Smith, Margie Smith, Ann Swanson BAND: Jerry Coopmans, Yvonne Coopmans, Amy Corum, Kathy Fonk, Warren Kimmcll, Polly Knox, Brian Petro, Patrice Scott, Ann Swanson, John Tracy, Gary Treglown CANTABILIERS: Susie Arthur, Dave Begin, Neil Bjornstad, Don Davies, Debbie Huestis, Jacqueline Holland, Ruth Lofthus, Jeanne McDorman, Mike Scott, Vicki Sietsema, Andrew Sine, Gary Treglown CHANTEURS: Tammy Melton, Barbara Cadwallader, Polly Knox HONORED PERFORMERS: Dr. Mortier and Joe Abramavage 136137Professor Howard Smith, who taught at Western for more than twenty-eight years, will be missed and long remembered by those of us who had the privilege of knowing him.Paul Marvey Visits Western 139140 graduating Class of 19S1 Guest Speaker Dr. Janies Zunney Graduation .Hug Hooding of G™dsZrudy accepts diploma. Browns enjoy the brunch. 141 graduates await final moments.Spring formal Spring formal. May 22, 19SI Dick and Judy Mnndevillc Aubrey. Claire, Jred, and Judy 142I I ADVERTISING £ iu erddire to ™ f I r 75 'X £ rL'TURA I la n.r w.g till 18 93 ID 3 ' ACCOMMODATIONS INCLUDE Modern Health and Recreation Facilities Attractive and Convenient Residence Halls Sixteen Apartments for Married Students Dining Room Facilities A SPECIAL MESSAGE TO HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS... Western Montana College offers the following degrees: Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management Bachelor of Arts in Natural Heritage Bachelor of Science in Natural Heritage Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (teach k-9) Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (teach 7-12) Master of Science in Education A fifth year program for the professional teaching certificate Associate of Arts (2 year) Associate of Science (2 year) A two-year curriculum in Business Education A two-year General College Course One and two-year Pre-Professional courses preparing for entrance into professional schools ACCREDITATION Western Montana College is a member of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and the Association of Stale Colleges and Universities. Western Montana College is accredited by the Regents of the Montana University System and the Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools. For information, write to the Admissions Officer WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE 144 DILLON, MONTANA 59725■mm Chinook boosters County Scat Kadio Shack Zlte Healthy J 435 S.: Atlantic 29 £. Helena 25 S. Jdaho Dillon. Montana Dillon. At on tana Dillon. Aiontana Zlte Carden Zhontas A • Dooling Zlte Secretary 28 S. Jdaho 32 y. Washington 2d y. Jdaho Dillon. Montana Dillon. At on tana Dillon. Aiontana Zlte Knock-About Safeway Stores. Jne. Coast to Coast M in i Mall 100 £. Helena 12 y. Jdaho Dillon. Montana Dillon. At on tana Dillon. Aiontana Marly yew Sr Heady Stephen’s Creenhouse Zorn Jones Insurance for ou S Jloral Agency SIS £. Cornell 50$ Kentucky 112 S. Washington Dillon. Montana Dillon. Montana Dillon. Aiontana jyj (Jroup Craeie’s yew S Used Sears 232 £. Clcndalc 140 W. Bannaek 39 y. Jdaho Dillon. Montana Dillon. Aiontana Dillon. Aiontana Hazel's Style Shop Parisian Cleaners Stamm Jewelers. Jne. 41 £. Qlendale 14 y. Washington 37 S. Jdaho Dillon. At on tana Dillon. Aiontana Dillon. Aiontana Sd's Barber Shop Standard Cumber DJ-OK Hardware 30 S. Jdaho 302 A1. A iontana 36 y. Jdaho Dillon. Montana Dillon. Aiontana Dillon. Aiontana Williams Seed. Jne. Zlte Crosswinds Southmont Zraetor Co. 235 A1. Jdaho 100$ S. Atlantic 520 y. Aiontana Dillon. Montana Dillon. Aiontana Dillon. Aiontana Blue Mote Piano Sr Cry an Beaverhead County Dr. Scott W. Bentley Sales S Service trader 310 £. Sebree 505 S. Atlantic 21 £ Sebree Dillon. Aiontana Dillon. At on tan a Dillon. Aiontana Dillon Kotary Club Jlo's Janey Shop S Petrolane Steelgas "Service Above Self' Zetlers Kings S Service Citings 590 A1. Aiontana 21 S. Jdaho Dillon. At on tana Dillon. Aiontana Professional 'Directory Kobert D. Boyce. O.D. Optometrist 312 South Pacific, Dillon Phone 683-2020 R.f. English, O.D. Optometrist 234 East (fiemi ale, Dillon Phone 683-26 U George R. Johnston. D.D.S. Dentist 112 South Washington. Dillon Phone 683-5121 J. C. Cinduska. D.D.S. Dentist 330 South Jdaho. Dillon Phone 683-286J K. D. Renters, D.D.S. Dentist 108 South Washington. Dillon Phone 683-2671 Richard J. Wieber. C.P.J. Certified Public Accountant 312 South Pacific. Dillon Phone 683-4254 drank j i. Davis Attorney at Caw Qleed Building, Dillon Phone 683-5861 146ZM W6SZ8KJ0 MONZAM eocace ajcummj ASSOCJAZJOM Congratulations to the graduates of 19S1 and Welcome to the Association! BEAVERHEAD BAR SUPPLY Distributors Olympic v BEER ' Zhe Bamtaek Mouse Dillon. Montana Zlie Campus Bookstore Western Montana College We have All of your needs. 747SPECIALIZING IN: • Farms- Ranches • RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL FARM RANCH LOANS IF NO ANSWER: KEITH P TAYLOR R« 683 4474 PHIL TAYLOR RM. 683 4759 DIAL DILLON 683-4065 109 SO. PACIFIC (GLENDALE A PACIFIC) Ned-Sva Enterprises 580 JV. Montana ;Dillon. Ml-683-5551 EC Penney Jne. 28 Sou lit Montana 'Dillon. Montana 683-2992Kentucky dried Chicken Scarlet Kibbon Beauty Salon 4 Wiggery 530 y. Montana Dillon ML 59725 122 j Montana 6S3-47 1 Johnson Saddlery Che Cion’s Den 125 IV. Bannack Dillon. Montana 683-4452 725 y. Montana Dillon. Montana 683-9960Crest on Motel Quccn-Sizc Beds 335 South Atlantic Phone 683-2341 Direct Dial Phones Courtesy Coffee Dillon’s Complete Family Clothing Store 214 North Idaho Dillon. Montana Phone 683-2305 frontier Anglers 427 South Atlantic Dillon. Montana 683-5276 150Zhe Midi Mart Zhe Mini 536 South Atlantic 683-9913 502 North Montana 683-5405 JCeonhardt Kanehwear Sundowner Motel 683-2375 500 N. Montana, Dillon Queen Size Beds Air Conditioning Courtesy Coffee Direct Dial Phones Free Continental Breakfast Color T.V. AAA Approved In Dillon its the Sundowner Comfort at its best Your host Roy and Ella Nelson Featuring Jr. Misses Styles By Fritzi, You Babes Wrangler 33 E. Helena St. Dillon. Mt. 151Zown 4 Country Gallery BOOKS - FINE ARTS - ART SUPPLIES 1 09 S. WASHINGTON DILLON. MT 59725 'Dillon Auto Douters Association Paul’s Chevrolet College A t o tor Sales Slliott lord Sales KAREN HICKETHIER 683-5525 Kentucky Cash Grocery 440 Kentucky Ave. Dillon, Montana 683-5572 We Sell Groceries, Hot Sandwiches, Cold Pop, Ice, And Many Other Items Open 7 Days Larry Laknar - George Laknar "the auto parts store” Good parts, good prices, good advice and so much more. 31 Store Buying Power- Montano. Wyoming South Dakota VALLEY MOTOR SUPPLY PETERSON DRUG Dillon, Montana Where We Believe Service to Humanity Is the Best Work of Life Dillon, Montana DILLON GLASS SUPPLIES Glass Plastics of All Types Bennetts Colorizer Paints Venetian Blinds Storm Windows Broken Glass Quickly Replaced 216 South Montana Dillon, Montana Your Business Recommended By" Stan Shafer. Owner Phone (406) 683-2223 Mike’s Service Center Dillon, Montana 153Vigilante Electric Co-op, Inc. 225 East Bannack Dillon, Montana Phone 683-2327 l.cts All Set Our Spurs In Order To Conserve “Energy” Snappy Service Wc sell Beer, Pop. Wine and Sundries Custom Meat Cutting Open Daily 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Pioneer federal Savings And JCoan Specializing Jn High Kate Savings Plans And Home Doans 'Deposits Insured Zo $100000 154Dillon Portrait Studio Zhe D ilmart 44 East Bannack Dillon, Montana 683-4321 Crcativc Photography Phone 683-2741 4 N. Washington St. Dillon, Montana Robert's Foods 201 South Idaho Dillon. Montana 683-2357 Delivery Every Tucs., Thurs.. Saturday Store Hours Mon.-Sat. 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Dillon. MontanaCrack Jnn Cafe Dillon, Montana Tires, Gas, Batteries, Propane All Your Hardware Needs 683-2308 Zown Jim Pizza Parlor Piz a. Sandwiches, and Beer One Place Disco 683-4955first Northwestern Bank Serving Southwestern Montana dor Over OO years Member fi'DJC 20 North Montana Dillon. Montana Zrockntorton Club Bar 116 South Montana 134 North Montana Dillon. MontanaZaco flolui’s Marti’s OK Zire Go To Taco John's It's Tacoriffic Montana Scbrcc Phone 683-2911 22 South Montana Dillon, Montana 683-2331State Hank Ji Zrust We do Everything a good Batik should Glendale Idaho Dillon, Montana A BURST OF ENERGY. . . THE KEY TO WINNING! Athletes learn quickly how to conserve energy so they have it in reserve, when it counts! We've been talking energy conservation for nearly a decade. Because saving energy at home really counts, too! We’ll help save energy with a free home energy audit. We'll show you how to weatherize your home with free pamphlets and brochures. We’ll help you finance qualified weatherization projects with an interest-free loan. Just ask . . . mm ■ 1U MfimM J 2 ofo. Q lonlana CZ't on, )llonlana 59725 burner 1. CDccleslon d . ©. diox 1314 406 683.6334 159psora Am macmjms To do a big job right, it takes big machines. And people to operate them, service them, design them. And people behind these people. At the hugh Berkeley Pit in Butte, teamwork is essential to get the job done ANACONDA Copper Company 4 Division of The ANACONDA Company 160 - v V,

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