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The 1980 Chinook Is Dedicated To Dr. Stanley R. Davison And Mr. Arthur Hedge Retired in ‘77, but he's still with us at Western Retired in ‘79 after ten years of service to WesternDr. Robert Thomas Brings New Hope To Western Dr. Thomas at work The Thomas Team Dr. Thomas and familyInauguration Dr. Thomas talks to MTN Dr. Thomas and Commissioner Richardson 3 Distinguished Inaugural Party4 Check your shoes, men.Dr. Tom Morlicr Dean of Students Brian Patrick Student Body President J0)RUipJ003 S3l)l|jDBJ XO|IBQ UBUfl Dick and Judy Mandcvillc Head Resident Advisors « Standing: Maureen Lovely, Russ Richardson, Mike Cory, Dennis Latimer, Scott Kerr, Mark Bisscll, Doug Richards, Marty Palmer, Vicki Sietsema, Bryan Devlin; Sitting; Joanne Slifka, Patrice Scott, Maureen Elford, Kim Hulse, Brenda Heramb. Corinnc Welborn, Tammy CherryCheerleaders - Maureen Elford, Teresa Hepola, Laurie Eckman, Karen Slubbs 71979 Homecoming King Queen Scott Kerr And Maureen El fordFreshman Orientation Can you lend me a hundred? Sorry, Paul. They don't offer a domino course. Poor bus bit the dust! 9Old Main 10 i The grass is greener on the other side I'd give him a tenSomething in the way she moves HALLOWEEN 11 Kisses for sale I distinctly told her no starchFreshmen Get Together At President’s Home 12 And that is my philosophy of education I hope it's spiked A couple of dolls 13A Touch Of Beauty. . . 1415Western DaysCANTABALIERS Front row: Craig Devlin; Debra Keyser; Kathy Briney; Bryan Devlin; Ellen Nash; Mike Scott. Back row: Mr. Sictscma. Director; Andy Sine; Patrice Scott; Brian Petro; Karen Stubbs; Gary Trcglown; Joyce Hull; Steve Christiansen; Vicki Sictscma. Directing: Patrice Scott. Front: Mary Lockyer, Barb Cadwalladcr; Dolores Hecht; Kelly Beasley; Mike Hanson; Faith Porter; Sylvia Tyrrcl; Becky Parker; Ann Swanson. Second row: Sondra Olsen; Lois Swanson; Polly Knox; Roger Giulio; Mr. Sictscma. Director; Dan Haft; Aline Drabbs; Linda Yarnott; Cathy Cooper. Third row: Vicki Sietsema: Wendy Eck; Dave Howery; Brian Petro; Gary Trcglown; Dave Begin; Mike Scott; Andy Sine; Darci Trcglown: Cindy Rhoads.CHINOOK Front: Harvey McDonald; Linda Yarnott; John Coyne; DaveSpehar; Lita Clark; Cathy Cooper; Mrs. Hawkins. Advisor; Leslie Slater. Second row. Lorcnc Hoerning; Cindy King; Patty Corr; Kitty Logan. Third row: Aline Drabbs; Cindy Kostrba; Sharyl Allen; Corincc Wicks. 1979-80 Chinook Staff F.ditor: Cindy King Assistant Editor: Kitty Logan Business Managers: Rosemarie Moreland. Corinne Wicks. David Spe-har Head Photographer: Brian Petro Advisor: Mrs. Ethel Hawkins Fall Quarter Staff Lorcnc Hoerning. Patricia Johnson. Winton Lytle. Leslie Slater, Deborah Taylor. John Ugetti. Aline Drabbs. Bobbi Jo Fowlic Winter Quarter Staff Sharyl Allen. Lita Clark. Cathy Cooper. Patty Corr. John Coyne. Aline Drabbs. Lorcnc Hoerning. Cynthia Kostrba. Linda Yarnott Spring Quarter Staff Cathy Cooper. Kathy Fonk, Lorcnc Hoerning. Linda Klcttc. Penny Steele, Janet Steele, Deb Stark. Virginia Wooly. Claudette Blackburn 0 fa Front: Laura Calhoun; Lita Clark; Debbie Taylor. Back: June Matthews; Barb Colton; Marjorie Irvine; Debra Winter; Bobbi Hibbert. Front: Ms. Clary; Barb Bedey; Karen Colder; Parry Corr; Cindy King; Karen Stubbs; Elaina Nickol; Jo Anne Leary. Second row: Linda Klcttc; Virginia Woolcy; Jocn Fleming; Kathy Leighton; Ebic Rebish; Roberta McKay; Teresa Hcpola; Evelyn Thompson; Terry Watters. Third row: Linda Dyer; Jenny Brown; Joe Crnich; Dr. Newlon. Advisor; l.cannc Jenkins; Kitty Logan. 20 bo? N I Elaina Nickol; Jo Anne l.cary; Janice Dallascrra; June Matthews; Marilyn Hilton; Kitty Logan; Jean Blunn; Miss McManus. Advisor. Back row: Meg Windsor; Terry Donnelly; Cindy King; Jenny Brown; Nancy Nell; Patty Corr; Patty Johnson; Gay Farghcr; Linda Klcttc; Barb Bedey. 21 Front: Paul Roberts; Elaina Nickol; Terry Tenneson; Barb Cadwalladcr; Meg Windsor; Mark Oursland. Back: June Matthews; Karin Karns; l.orri Kirchncr; Debbie Taylor; Debra Winter; Kathy O'Connor; Margaret Steppan; Amy Corum.Wescolite Front row: Jean Blunn; Marilynn Berryman. Back row: Mrs. Williams. Advisor: Terry Walters: Garv Krumheuer; Dan Haft: Kathy Hufrield. Rodeo Club Front row: Dan English; Polly Knox; Nancy Nell; Bobbi Jo Fowlic; Tammy English. Back row: Missy Menard; Maureen Lovely: Joni Weston: Zina Simpson. 22Circle K Front: Zita Frisbic; Kay Holmes; Nancy Francis; Deb Colucci; Dane Nobles; Carl Benson; Debbie Strickland; Fred Trafelct; Russ Richardson; Carol Tatarka; Angie Barnett; Becky Parker; Marilyn Hilton; Claire Kochman; Linda Mavros. Back: Jenny Brown; Bobbi Jo Fowlic; Gary Krumheuer; Deb Huestis; Zina Simpson; Nancy Nell; Penny Steele; Belinda Rider; Aubrey Miller; June Matthews; Kelly Beasley. P e P B a n Directing: Patrice Scott. Front: Jane Cooper; Brian Petro; Mr. Sietsema. Advisor. Back: Vicki Sictscma; Cathy Cooper; Debra Winter; Ruth Lofthus. Side: Claire Kochman; Gary Trcglown; Andy Sine; Dan Haft.Front: Debbie Taylor: Patty Mecklenburg; Joanne Slifka; Debra Winter. Back: Robyn Phillips; Gina Peterson; Lori Tangen; Lita Clark; Melanie Michels; Linda Mavros; Barb Cadwalladcr; Nancy Cox; Nancy Francis; Debbie Strickland. R A Front: Meg Windsor; Dick Mandcville; Judy Mandcville: Elaina Nickol; Craig Palmer; Cindy King; Marilyn Hilton. Back: Dudley Chilcott; John Strickland; Greg Bauska; Stanley Johnston; Dinny Bennett. 24Central Board Front: Terry Watters; Patty Corr; Brian Patrick; Teresa Hcpola; Jim Richardson. Back: Kelly Beasley; Keith Gebhart; Bill Clark; A1 Onsager; Randy Booth. M-Club From left bottom on up: Roger Willhite; Doug Mulvancy; Mike Maroncy; Brent Miller; John Strickland; Jay Krantz; Dinny Bennett; Marty Palmer; Mark Bisscll; Dennis Latimer; Mike Scally; Scott Kerr; Ed Anderson; Scott Bockman; Kevin Murphy; Dave Hergesheimer; Gary Krumheuer; Tony Smith; Dick Brown. H Seated: Randy Booth; Anthony Rebish; Dudley Chilcott. Standing: Martin Dickerson; John Konen; Randy Reishus; Mike Cory; Mr. Scott, Advisor. 26 Front row: Terry Tenneson; Carolyn Dahl. Back row: Nancy Nell; Mrs. Margcrct Vandergrift. Advisor; Bill Clark. HHAdmissions Counselors Candy Garbarino, Lynettc Fikani, I.auric Hamer, and Barb Bedey. We support people of all ages!ake time to work— it is the price of success. Take time to think— it is the source of power. Take time to play— it is the secret of perpetual youth. Take time to read— it is the foundation of wisdom. Take time to be friendly— it is the road to happiness. Take time to dream— it is hitching your wagon to a star. Take time to love and be loved — it is the privilege of the Gods. Take time to look around— the day is too short to be selfish. Take time to laugh— it is the music of the soul.Mary Baker Emerick. . . “Western has always been my life, both as a student and teacher. I am deeply pleased to now be able to help the college in this manner.” A gift of S50.000. through an annuity trust, has been presented to the Western Montana College Foundation by Mary Baker Emerick. professor of art emeritus, who retired in 1968 after 43 years with the WMC art department. Following notification of her gift, the WMC Foundation board recommended that the college honor Mrs. Emerick by establishing “The Mary Baker Emerick Chair” for an art professor at Western.President Dr. Robert Thomas AS YOU CONSIDER WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN. AND THOSE WITH WHOM YOU HAVE COMMUNED, MAY THE WINDS OF THIS CHINOOK - WARMING. MELTING. REFRESHING - EVELOPE YOU AS YOU TRAVERSE THE SLOPES OF YOUR DESTINY BOB THOMAS PRESIDENT FOR THE 1980 CHINOOKAlcshirc. Charles Sgt. I si Class Military Science Anders. Mr. Clayborn J. Assoc. Professor. I.A. Industrial Arts Club Bandclier. Dr. Kenneth. J. Prof. Biol. Science 31 Banks. Mr. Norman C. Director of Physical Plant Barnes. Mrs. Betty Textbook Library. Bookstore32 Briggs. Mr. S. Thomas Controller Busch, Dr. Frank J. Prof, of History. Social Science Cebull. Mr. Edward Assoc. Prof, of EnglishCorr, Mr. James Asst. Prof, of Art Woman's Basketball Coach Art Gallery Director Cory. Mr. Kenneth Cypher. Dr. Terrance R. Librarian Prof, of Mathematics 33Davidson. Mr. Tom Asst, to Librarian Dailey. Mr. Brian Facilities Coordinator Doney. Mr. David Asst. Professor Education Fields. Miss Frances Flynn. Miss Jamie Gary. Dr. John C. Accountant Adm. Aide. Registrar Prof. of Business J4Gosnell. Mr. Donald K. Asst. Professor of English Gransbery. Mrs. Gayle Nurse Hally. Mrs. Patricia A. Gen. Psych, and Guidance Hammond. Mr. John A. Computer Center Director Hanson. Mrs. Betty Administrative Aide. Registrar 35Hawkins. Mrs. Ethel A. Asst. Prof, of English Chinook Advisor Hickcthicr. Mr. Larry Registrar Hilton. Mr. Jcrold A. Asst. Prof. History. Social Science 36 Kcltz, Mr. Donald F. Asst. Prof, of Physical EducationKendall. Mr. David L. Asst. Professor P.E. Kennedy, Dr. Joseph L. Asst. Prof. Biological Science Kennedy, Mrs. Normadinc D. Instructor in Business Advisor Phi-Beta Lambda Sponsor - Cheerleaders Knickerbocker, Mrs. Cheryl Secretary - Nat’l. Heritage 37 Later. Mrs. Essie Secretary-Financial Aid Office Link. Mr. Lawrence B. Director of Financial AidLucero, Mrs. Linda Secretary, Education Dept. Lots. Mr. George Maintenance Supervisor. P.E. Complex Lynch. Mrs. Sue Adm. Aide. Continuing Educ. i8 Marinkovich. Mr. George Asst. Prof. Physical Educ. McManus. Miss Blanche Assoc. Prof. Emeritus KZN Advisor Morticr. Dr. Thomas E. Dean of StudentsMyers. Betty Administrative Aide. Registrar's Office Myers. Dr. Rex C. Asst. Prof. History and Social Science Circle K Sponsor Newlon. Dr. Robert Professor of Education Mu Phi Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi. Faculty Counselor O'Connor. Dr. William Asst. Prof. History and Social Science Richardson. Mrs. Frances Cashier )9Robinson. Miss Karen Account Clerk Rouse, Mrs. Donna Secretary • Dean’s Office Scott. Mr. Daniel C. Asst. Prof. Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club Sponsor Seymour. Mrs. Dorothy Accounting Clerk 40 Shafer. Mrs. Betty Housekeeper. WRHSheriff, Miss Bonnie Asst. Prof. P.E. Sikes, Mr. Steven Controller Snavely, Dr. A. Eloisc Assoc. Professor Education Sictscma. Mr. Richard T. Asst. Professor Music Smith. Mr. Howard M. Assoc. Prof. Physical Science 41Spuhlcr, Dr. Lee Dean of Continuing Educ. Off-Campus Services Prof, of Education Stauffer, Mr. Charles Director of Information Stish, Mr. Henry Assoc. Prof, of Science Straugh, Mrs. Virginia E. Secretary of the President Streeper, Mr. Joe Asst. Prof. Physical Science 42 Tash, Dr. Dale Academic Dean Professor History and Social ScienceTaylor. Robert Set. Major Military Science Tikalsky, Dr. Frank D. Assoc. Professor Education Thompson. Mr. E. Otis Asst. Professor Mathematics Tipton. Pat Capitol Foods Wallace. Miss Donna Asst. Professor P.E. Coordinator of Women’s Athletics Spurs Advisor WIA Advisor Volleyball coach 43 Walters. Mr. Don Assoc. Professor of ArtWard. Mrs. Linda Accounting Clerk Widen. Mr. Dennis C. Instructor in Music Williams. Mary Jane Wcscolitc Advisor Young. Dr. Mark Young Chief Development Officer Zeller. Dr. Alan G. Dean of Education Profevvx of Education Teacher Cert i Oca lion Officer Director of Graduate Studies 44Faculty Christmas Party 45 This page is sponsored by Kentucky Cash461980 here are nine requisites for contented living: Health enough to make work a pleasure. Wealth enough to support your needs. Strength to battle with difficulties and overcome them. Grace enough to confess your sins and forsake them. Patience enough to toil until some good is accomplished. Charity enough to see some good in your neighbor. Love enough to move you to be useful and helpful to others. Faith enough to make real the things of God. Hope enough to remove all anxious fears concerning the future. —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe FRESHMENTantcc Brodock Taw nee Brooks Dclila Bruce Tammy Cherry Fort Benton Helena Dillon l.inta Bruce Barone Sidney Angie Barnett Ennis Ciail Biv.cll Fairfield Scott Bowersox F.nnis Susie Arthur Deer fudge Teri Amberson BelgradeMurcia Coon Buiic Gail Cochran Last Helena Shannon Christiansen Charlo Jeff Corcoran Cascade Jane Cooper Onheim Dinah Daniels Laura Driscoll David CroftTeresa l airhurst Three Forks l.u Arm Fikani Belgrade Rose Evans Browning Kathy I'onk Mark Ford Bobbi Jo Fowlic Manhattan Dillon While Sulphur Springs 51 Zita Irisbic White Sulphur Springs Candy Garbarino Butte Michelle Gerringa Dillon Susan Grayson DillonGayla Hill Florence Alan I leikkila Dillon Cheryl Hanlon Twin Bridges Wayne Hale Dillon Laurie Huffman Nampa, Idaho Don Holyk Scobcy Kay Holmes While Sulphur Springs Arlene Hull Dillon Kim llulsc Helena 52Maureen Lovely Helena Monte Lynnes Dillon Mary Maphis Fairfield Karen Martinez Butte Missy Menard Helena Sandra Neel Stcvcnsvillc Dca Nef ger Vida Mark Oursland Kalispcll Bud Pederson F.nnis Lisa Peterson WisdomCindy Rebish Margie Ramirez Belinda Rider l.orina Saunders Florence Cathy Schafer Dubois. Wyoming Susanna Ruby Dillon Vicki Sictscma Barbeth Shea Margaret ShannonTheresa Squires Si. Ignatius Leslie Slater Toledo. Ohio Penny Steele Darby Donna Sorenson Dillon Margaret Stepan Butte Carolyn Stcrgar Anaconda Becky Swan Great Tails Anita Swift Hamilton Sue Tash Dillon 56Teresa Tenneson Carol Talarka Billings Teresa Thompson Denise Turner Kalispell Susan Wallers Shern West by Theresa Walsh Teresa Vandaelemn w hite Dillon Joni WeMon Deer l odge Kay While Dillon David Wilson Bulte Clarene Whitworth Dillon Karen Williams Quiney. California Hrin Young Twin Bridges l.ixa Winters Sun River (iregory Zamora l a I Ion. Nevada1980 e need to feel more to understand others. We need to love more to be loved back. We need to cry more to cleanse ourselves. We need to laugh more to enjoy ourselves. We need to see more other than our own little fantasies. We need to hear more and listen to the needs of others. We need to give more and take less. We need to share more and own less. We need to look more and realize that we are not so different from one another. We need to create a world where all can peacefully live the life they choose. —Susan Polis Schutz SOPHOMORESCarl Benson Dillon Jill Bayers Twin Bridges Juliann Bonde Fallon. Nevada Claudette Blackburn Conrad Jaime Bilcy Baltimore. Maryland Barbara C'adwallader Great Falls Colleen Brown Dillon Barry Brooks MoieseLila Clark Townsend Brenda Chilcotl Mniese Debbie Colucci Anaconda Aline Drabbs Hinsdale Barbara Colton Dillon Lyncitc Fikani Jay Eslick l.aurie LekmanNancy Francis Nancy Grayson Dan Haft Butte Virginia Hatcher Anaconda David Harasymc .uk Miles CityDave Hcrgcshcimcr Havre John Jenkins Ennis Lorcnc Hoerning Dillon Mike Hilton Hamilton David lloucry Dillon Frank Komarck nehorage. Alaska Mary Lockycr LimaPatricia Mac Diarmid Fallon. Nevada Ken Me Arthur Dillon Tori l.ueicr Frenehtown June Matthews Big Fork Linda Mavros Hamilton Mike Maroncy Butte Kathy O'Connor Baker Melanie Michels Great FallsSondra Olsen Maribeth Olson Craig Palmer Lima Geyser Mexico. Missouri Karen Peterson Butte Becky Parker Boulder Gina Peterson Wisdom Barbara Poor Fairfield Robyn Phillips St. Ignatius 5Paul Roberts Kcllog. Idaho Russ Richardson Dillon Rick Powell Dillon ina Simpson David Spehar Dillon Kevin Smith GeraldineDebbie Taylor Geraldine Darci Trcglown Bulle Ray Stoos Geraldine Michael Sullivan Darby Margaret Vandchcy Stcvcnsvillc Debi Strickland Deer Lodge Kristin Walters DillonCorinnc Wicks Anaconda Trudy Whitlock Hamilton Debra Winter Denton Tli abcth Windsor Sula l.inda Yarnott Great Tailsf we love love, if we love friendliness, if we love helpfulness, if we love beauty, if we love health, if we love to create joy, if we love usefulness and are not self-seekers, the spirit which expresses itself in love and helpfulness and beauty will enter into us and abide there. We become what we love. —AnonymousSharyl Allen Fairfield Barbara Bedey Hamilton Dinny Bennett Deer I.odgc Debbie Beyers Dillon Tina Brown Jeri BurnerCircg Chilcott Stcvcnsvillc Laura Calhoun Livingston Mike Cory Great Falls Cathy Cooper Onheim Sandi Eby Dillon Terry Donnelly Miles City DillonMaureen l:lford Tammy linglishJohn Koncn Butte Linda Klcttc Conrad Cindy King Anaconda Tom Kostrba Troutdalc. Oregon Cindy Kostrba Baker Jo Anne Leary Butte Dennis Latimer Challis. IdahoPatty Mecklenburg Beaverton. Oregon David Neeley Kitl Logan Anaconda Kathleen Leighton Dillon Melanie Miller Deer l odge Ellen Nash Darby Nancy NellI.auric Sullivan l-'rcd Trafclcl Doug Turner Sieve Vc ina Peggy Weinrichf I had my life to live over, I would relax more. 1 wouldn’t take so many things so seriously. I would take more chances. 1 would climb more mountains, and swim more rivers . . . Next time I’d start barefooted earlier in the spring and stay that way later in the fall. I wouldn’t make such good grades unless I enjoyed working for them. I’d go to more dances. I’d ride on more merry-go-rounds. I’d pick more daisies. — Frank DickeyJohn Berg Wisdom Kelly Beasley Bozeman Roger Giulio. Graduate Student Boulder Mark Bisscll Fairfield Darlene Billingsley MissoulaSally Blevins Darby Jean Blunn Great Falls Randy Booth Missoula Patty Boylan Bo cman Debbie Brooks PhilipsburgGail Bumgarner Divide Dale Burgman Butte Kama Carroll Reno. Nevada Steve Christiansen Charlo Bill ClarkDeborah Craven Twin Bridges Pally Corr Dillon Joe Crnich Butte Carolyn Dahl Jana Davis Gay FarghcrBcrnic Gatti Grove City. Ohio Jocn Fleming Anaconda Nicholcllc Gilmore Townsend Debby Grant Hungry Horse l.ou Anne Harnack Great FallsDebbie Keyser Florence Jay Krant Gary Krumheuer Huntley Project Greta l.cnz Ashton. IdahoRosemarie Moreland Anaconda Ted Ori Dillon Marly Palmer Greal Palls Melody Palmer Si. Ignatius Jayne Pantalonc Wilmington. Delaware Faith Porter Thompson FallsAnthony Rcbish Butte Dave Ribletl Wilmington. Delaware Mike Solly Hariowton Patrice Scott Carl Sommers Jcrclynn StaleyKaren Stubbs Lois Swanson Dillon Betty Tash Dillon Corinne Wclborn Dell Evelyn Thompson Dillon Roger Willhitc Thompson FallsM-Day 90 Kelly Beascly and Dane Nobles enjoy raking leaves.April 30, 1980 Gary Krumhcucr and Clair Kochman at the gossip fence. Mr. Ccbull tells Janet Steele to start raking.Winter Queen - Nancy Francis We caught Nancy kissing Santa Claus.Formal Queen Candidates and their escorts: left to right: Don Keltz, Elaina Nickol; Joni Weston, Guy Peterson; Jim Kcltz, gina Peterson; Nancy Francis (Queen), Rich Powell; and Santa Claus. 93 More than dancing at the Winter Formal. AHEM!94Unknown comic. Five foot two? Eyes of Blue! 95Fall Awards Assembly A' Football Award Winners % Girls’ Volleyball Award WinnersSwearing in of New Central Board MembersSpring Award Assembly Swearing in of Central Board Swearing in of Student Body President Greg ChilcottJournalism Awards Track Awards 99WMCSmoker Right: Oh my, they're hitting each other! 101Christmas Concert Presents Cantabaliers And Chorus Mistress of Ceremonies Joan Clary 102Would you believe they’re in college?Winter Concert Dr. Monicr: Master of Ceremonies Vicki Sietsema sings “Foggy Night in Lon- don Town.” 1041979 Left to right: Karen Stubbs, Patrice Scott, Debbie Kcyscr, Vickie Sietsema, Joyce Hull. Brian Petro and Friends. Left to right: Bryan Devlin, David Begin, Mike Scott, Gary Treglown, Brian Petro, Craig Devlin.Above: Can you believe it? The IA House! Below: Ouch ... I think I got a sliver in my tongue. Above: I think I got my finger too close to the heat. 106 Right: I wonder how I can get that coat from her?Around Campus. . . Winter Wonderland. • ■ or make you twice as miserable! Cheating becomes difficult when the person across from you doesn't show up. . . . 1979-1980 Cast for “A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM Prologus.................................................................................................Joe Abramavage Scncx..................................................................................................Craig Devlin Domina ..................................................................................Patrice Scott Hero ........................................................................................Bryan Devlin Hysterium...................................................................................Michael Scott Pseudolus................................................................................................Joe Abramavage Erronius...............................................................................................Steve Christiansen Miles Gloriosus..............................................................................Gary Treglown Lycus .......................................................................................Dave Begin Philia ................................................................................................Vicki Sietsema Tintinabula ................................................................................ Susie Arthur Panacea ....................................................................................Carolyn Dahl The Gcminae ................................................................................Sylvia Tyrrel and Barbara Cadwalladcr Vibrata .....................................................................................Carol Barnes Gymnasia ............................................................................................Suzanne Shannon The Proteans........................................................Tracy Henderson, Bill Clark, Dan Haft Soldiers ........................................Brian Petro, Chris Kennedy, Dane Nobles, Joe Womack Women of Rome.......................................Ruth Lofthus. Polly Knox, Becky Parker, Joyce Hull Directed by: Betty Barnes and Richard Sietsema 108A love potion for Joe at his age? Love those legs! 109Tom between two lovers. 1 didn’t do it! I didn’t do it! Mike dressed in white?Always Late And Never Sorry! in Brenda K. Heramb ’“The Harem” Bridget M. Swan “Good old no. 10.'Steven R. Abramavage is a General and Physical Science major with a Chemistry minor. He has participated in Pep Band, Chorus, Chorale, Kappa Delta Pi, Circle K, was President and Vice President of Gargoyles, Music Club Vice President, Social Activities Director of Central Board and Folk-Rock Concert Chairman. He is also the recipient of the Advanced Honor Scholarship. Mark S. Bissell is a Physical Education major from Fairfield. He has participated in football for four years, track and was the President of M Club during his senior year. Who’s Who Jean P. Blunn is a Broadficld English major with a Library endorsement. She participated in Spurs, Wescolite and drama. She was Vice-President of KZN, Editor of the Chinook, and served as an RA. She is the recipient of the AAUW Scholarship, the Genevieve Albertson Scholarship, and appears on the Dean's Academic List. Gail M. Bumgarner is an Elementary Education major with a History minor from Divide. Gail has been a Homecoming chairman. High School Day Chairman, 1977 Homecoming Queen, Rc-prcscntative-at-large, Vice-President and Acting President of the student body, WMC Student Representative to the Board of Regents, Admissions Counselor and student on the Integration Committee, member of SMEA and Women’s Intramurals. 112Jacqueline R. Clouncr is an Elementary Education major with a Physical Education minor. She has participated in Spurs, varsity volleyball, women’s intramurals, and was President of KDP. Jacqueline is the recipient of the Booster Club Scholarship, Advanced Honor Scholarship, and the Western Women’s Club Scholarship. Nicholcttc K. Gilmore is an Elementary Education major with an endorsement in Library Science. She was Secretary for Spurs, Vice-President of KDP, and active in intramural sports. Steve Christiansen is a Music Education major and a Business Education minor from Charlo. He has participated in Cantabeliers, Circle K, KDP. was a Student Ambassador, Secretary of the Music Club, Vice-President of Pep Band, Representative-at-large, 1977 Homecoming Parade Chairman, 1979-80 Spring Music Festival Chairman. Steve is the recipient of the Booster Club Scholarship, Music Club Scholarship and Commissioner’s Scholarship. Patricia A. Corr is an Elementary Education major and an Art minor from Dillon. She was active in KDP, KZN, Circle K, Spurs, Newman Club, was Representative-at-large and a member of the Curriculum Committee. Patty is the recipient of the WMC Alumni Scholarship, WMC Booster Club Scholarship, and the AAUW Scholarship.Leanne Jenkins, Dillon, is a double major in Art and Industrial Arts. She has participated in Art Club, journalism, Chinook, KDP, and was Chairperson of Art Festival and Director of the Student Art Gallery. Melody Schock Palmer is a Physical Education and Business major with a History minor. She has participated in Spurs, KDP, PEMM Club, basketball and was Director of Intramurals. She is also a recipient of the Advanced Honor Scholarship. James W. Kropp is a Natural Heritage major and a Biological Science minor from Great Falls. He has participated in Circle K as Vice- President, Central Board as a Representative and was active in track. He is the recipient of the Defense Scholarship, Scholastic Honor Award and the Rush Jordan Cup. Jayne M. Pantalonc is a Broadfield Art major. She has participated in KZN, Chinook, KDP. and was a Homecoming Queen candidate. Jayne is the recipient of the Dillon So-roptimist Art Scholarship, Honor Scholarship, Mary Baker Emcrick Award, and the Art award. Albert Thomas Rogers is a History major with an Industrial Arts minor. He has participated in IA club. Gargoyles, and SMEA. He also was a Central Board Business Manager, and recipient of the Jane Buttrey Scholarship. 114Patrice S. Scott is a Music Elementary Education major from Victor. She has participated in Spurs, KZN, intramurals, AWA, Student Recruiting Program, Student Ambassador Program, drama, Cantabiliers, Pep Band, Chorus, and Music Company. She is the recipient of Advanced Honor Scholarship, Booster Club Scholarship, the Barncs-Widcn Music Drama Scholarship, the KDP Scholarship, the Cobb Foundation Scholarship and the Ralph MeFadden Cup. Kathy Kay Tash is a Broadficld Physical Education major with a Biology minor from Simms. She has participated in Spurs, Rodeo Club, KDP, women's basketball, PEMM Club and intramurals. She was chosen All Conference First Team Basketball in 1979. Karen Stubbs is a.Mathematics major with a double minor in History and English. From Dillon, Karen was a transfer from Carroll College. She was active in Chorale, Cantabiliers. KDP, intramural sports, KZN and chcerlcading. She is the recipient of the Jay-ceen Scholarship and WMC Booster Club Scholarship. Terence Watters is an English and History and Social Science major from Dillon. He was Vice President of the Student Body. He served one year as the President of Circle K and one year as Lieutenant Governor for the state Circle K. He was a Legislative Intern for WMC in 1979. He is also a member of KDP. He was the recipient of the Rotary Club, Central Board, Key Club State, and Booster Club Scholarships. Ronald E. Williams is a Business major and a Physical Education and History minor from Ft. Pierce, Florida. He received a basketball scholarship and was voted to the All Conference and All District basketball teams for three years. He also participated in track. He was a Counselor for the GED students and a member of Phi Beta Lambda Club. 115Graduation 1980 116SPORTSBulldog Football (79) Row 1: left to right: Student trainer Russ Richardson, Dale McQucary, Greg Ballew, Craig Palmer. Scott Poor. Dan l.ucier. Dennis l.atimcr. John Jenkins, Ernest Lees, Andy Long. Mike Doty. Sonny Traxinger. Coach David Uggetti. Row 2: Student trainer Stan Johnston. Dinny Bennett, John Strickland. Dan Martin, Marty Palmer. Rick Brown. Harvey McDonald, Sam McCormick. Tony Smith. Mike Scally, Mark Bisscll, Frank Komarck, Don Cooper. Head Coach George Nelson. Row 3: Student trainer Jeri Burner. Steve Vezina. Mike Maroney, Scott Kerr. Kevin Smith. Kevin Murphy, Dave Hergesheimer. Doug Mulvancy, Tom Tabor, Tom Harrison. Tom Northcott, Reese Lapka, Scott Bockman. Coach Gary Lanners Row 4: Head trainer Dave Kendall, Student trainer Ellen Nash. Jeff Marshall, Jeff Goings, Mike Gilmore. Jim Janosko. Kevin Hill. Grant Killoy. Jerry Unruh. Matt Bondc. Sonny Zamora. Jay Nesper, Mark Sccord, Shawn Lennon, Rick Walsh. Coach Elmer Musgrave. Coach Stan Brooks. Assistant Coaches: Elmer Musgrave, and Stan Brooks. Head Coach: George Nelson 120 This page is sponsored by Bridenstine Photo and Picture Framing.0. 1211979 Volleyball Team Front Row: left to right: Cathy Doric, Kilene Brown, Margaret Vandchey, Kitty Logan, Sharyl Allen. Back Row; left to right: Jackie Clouner, Bridget Swan, Kama Carroll, Backy Swan, Patty Varty, Patty Mecklenberg. Coach: Donna Wallace Seniors; left to right: Kama Carroll, Jackie Clouner, Good Ole’ Number 10—Bridget Swan.Row 1 - L. to R.: Manager Dale Dicdc. Ted Ori, John Ioane, Kip Motta, Rocky Shock, Ray Wanty, Assistant Coach Jerry Vanderpan, Row 2 - L. to R.: Eric Carithers, Brian DeMars, Ron Williams, Greg Bauska, Jaime Bily, Craig Rcnius, Joe DcBraga, Brian Patrick, Jeff Hibbert, Paul Tatarka, Coach Casey Keltz. M e n Basketball 79-80 124Ballet or Basketball? Up, up and away!Row 1-L. to R.: Assistant Coach Joe Kennedy, Manager Corrine Wicks, Terri Thompson, Melody Palmer, Sandy Campbell, Jeri Burner, Coach Jimm Corr. Row 2-L. to R.: Gayla Hill, Diane Drake, Deb Strickland, Belinda Rider, Ellen Nash, Sandra Neel. Joanne Slifka, Robin Phillips. Women’s B a s k e t b a 1 79-80 1 Coaches: Joe Kennedy, and Jim Corr. This page is sponsored by Ed's Barber Shop.127 A few kind words from Coach Corr.Wrestling Representing Western in Intercollegiate competition were: James Ouren - 126 pound class Tim Strozzi - 134 pound class Mike Wilhelm - 142 pound class Chris Kennedy - 150 pound class Brent Miller - Heavyweight Steve Cook - 190 pound class They were coached by Lynn Taylor. “Arc you ticklish?” The bigger they arc the harder they fall. Brent MillerWhere did he go? What were those steps again?Western Montana Spit your chew in the can. CollegeRodeo - igg0 mm ir.w iwi5Mi mmnn Caught between a rope and a hard spot. This page is personally sponsored by Barbara Mally.Men’s Track Track team receives awards: Ron Williams, Mark Oursland, Jim Kropp, Kevin Murphy, Mark Bissell, Kelly Beasley 132 Coach: Dr. Nyles HumphreyWomen’s Track L-R Front Row: Teri Amberson, Ruth Lofthus, Janinc Saunders, Corinne Wicks; 2nd row; Kim Hulse, Jeri Burner, Gail Bissell, Laurie Hamer, Gayla Hill, Patti Mecklenburg 133 Coach: Miss Bonnie SheriffWestern Intramurals 1979-1980 Laurie gracefully glides past the defense. Craig refuses to give up the ball!Barby, would you please stop spiking the ball Up goes the block for a deadly spike! in my face. I'm getting a headache and we're losing! 135 Are you sure there's a bomb planted in that basketball?Western Intramurals Carl shoots for two. 136 Spring softball gets under way!r .r;; Women take time out for a break!! 137 Hey chickie!! Back off!! Am I suppose to hit that??A 1 u m n • 1 A referee gets in the action. Touchdown is good. Scrambling for that extra yard. 136Ah ha! I'm in the clear. The game gets a little rough. 139All Conference Volleyball Football FIRST TEAM: FIRST TEAM: Kama Carroll Mark Bissell Mary Check Craig Palmer ROOKIE TEAM: Harvey McDonald Margaret Vandchcy Scott Bockman Women’s Basketball FIRST TEAM: Dan Lucicr SECOND TEAM: John Strickland Joanne Slifka Rick Brown Men’s Basketball Tom Tabor Dennis Latimer Scott Kerr FIRST TEAM: Ron Williams Marty Palmer Mike Maroncy John loanc ALL DISTRICT: Ron Williams NAIA ALL-AMERICAN HONORABLE MENTION Harvey McDonaldAbove: 500 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to go. Right: Ugh, it looked so easy on TV. Below: Do you always watch demonstrations from the floor?I IT I 142ACCOMMODATIONS INCLUDE Modern Health and Recreation Facilities Attractive and Convenient Residence Halls Sixteen Apartments for Married Students Dining Room Facilities A SPECIAL MESSAGE TO HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS... Western Montana College offers the following degrees: Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management Bachelor of Arts in Natural Heritage Bachelor of Science in Natural Heritage Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (teach k-9) Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (teach 7-12) Master of Science in Education A fifth year program for the professional teaching certificate Associate of Arts (2 year) Associate of Science (2 year) A two-year curriculum in Business Education A two-year General College Course One and two-year Pre-Professional courses preparing for entrance into professional schools 144INTEGRATION WITH THE UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA Students may begin their college careers at the smaller institution. Western Montana College, and transfer to the larger University of Montana after one or two years. Please note that while transfer to other institutions is is entirely feasible, articulation with the University of Montana makes transfer to that institution especially smooth. Programs presently articulated arc shown below. Anthropology Botany English Foreign Languages Geology Mathematics Medical Technology Political Science Zoology Pre-Medical Science Pre-Natural Science (Forestry, Wildlife, Biology, and Recreation) Biology Computer Science Geography Home Economics Microbiology Sociology Journalism Prc-Pharmacy ACCREDITATION Western Montana College is a member of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and the Association of State Colleges and Universities. Western Montana College is accredited by the Regents of the Montana University System and the Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools. For information, write to the Admissions Officer 145 WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE DILLON, MONTANA 59725Chinook Beaverhead Credit Bureau, Inc. Hazeltine Building Dillon, MT 59725 Bo Didlev’s 23 N. Idaho 683-4956 Dillon, MT 59725 Coast to Coast 12 North Idaho Dillon, Montana Country Curl State Bank Building Dillon, Montana Footprints Mini Mall Dillon, Montana Gambles Hardware Furniture Store 428 North Montana Dillon, Montana The Knockabout Mini Mall Dillon, Montana Later’s Jewelry 30 S. Idaho Dillon, Montana The Men’s Room Upstairs in Mini Mall Dillon, Montana Mooney Realty, Inc. 690 N. Montana Dillon, Montana Boosters Nearly New and Ready for You 318 E. Cornell 683-5611 Dillon. Montana Ned - Eva Enterprises 580 North Montana Dillon, Montana Rolandson Equipment Box 1188 Dillon, Montana Sears 39 North Idaho Dillon. Montana The Secretary 26 N. Idaho Dillon, Montana Southmont Tractor Co. 520 N. Montana Dillon, Montana Stamm Jewelers, Inc. 37 South Idaho Dillon, Montana Standard Lumber 302 N. Montana Dillon, Montana Stephen’s Greenhouse Floral 508 Kentucky Ave. Dillon, Montana The Healthy I 25 South Idaho Dillon. MontanaProfessional Directory Dr. Robert D. Boyce, O.D. Optometrist 312 South Pacific, Dillon Phone 683-2020 Dr. R.J. English Optometrist 234 E. Glendale, Dillon Phone 683-2611 Dr. George R. Johnston, D.D.S. Dentist 112 South Washington, Dillon Phone 683-5121 Dr. J.C. Linduska Dentist 330 South Idaho, Dillon Phone 683-2861 Dr. John McCollum Dentist State Bank Building, Dillon Phone 683-5312 Dr. W.E. Monger Osteopathic Physician 15 East Orr, Dillon Phone 683- 4421 Dr. Paul E. Okamoto Chiropractor 310 East Sebrcc Dillon. MT. 683-5116 Dr. R.D. Romcrs Dentist 108 S. Washington, Dillon Phone 683-2671Grade’s Second Hand Store 140 West Bannack Dillon, Montana Skeet’s Cafe Montana Bannack Front End Open 24 hours Dining Room 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. The Garden Delccatcsscn Soda Fountain 28 South Idaho Dillon, Montana DILLON GLASS SUPPLIES Glass Plastics of All Types Bennetts Colorizcr Paints Venetian Blinds Storm Windows Broken Glass Quickly Replaced 216 South Montana Dillon, Montana Stan Shafer, Owner Phone (406) 683-2223 148A WATER RESTRICTOR THE SIZE OF A DIME CAN SAVE YOU DOLLARS AND IT'S FREE The average family can save about $27 a year on its natural gas water heater ($42 if you heat water electrically) by installing a shower head water restrictor. Ask for one for every shower m your home or business. They're free! Snappy Service We Sell Beer, Pop. Wine And Many Other Items Open Daily 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. PIONEER FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN Specializing In High Rate Savings Plans and Home Loans Deposits Insured to S40.000Dairy Queen SUNDOWNER MOTEL 683-2375 500 N. Montana, Dillon Queen Size Beds Air Conditioning Courtesy Coffee Direct Dial Phones Free Continental Breakfast Color T.V. with HBO AAA Approved In Dillon its the “Sundowncr -Comfort at its Best Your host Raymond Ella Nelson Dillon, Montana THE DILMART COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS G.E. Zenith Dillon. Montana Dillon Portrait Studio Creative Photography Phone 683-2741 4 N. Washington St. Dillon. Montana isoHusky Service Station Goodyear Tire Store Dillon. Montana EL I EL S Dillon’s Complete Family Clothing Store 2-14 North Idaho Dillon. Montana Phone 683-2305 HARDWARE I CRESTON MOTEL 36 North Idaho Dillon. Montana Queen-Size Beds 335 South Atlantic Phone 683-2341 Direct Dial Phones Courtesy Coffee 151Royal Inn Motel Coffee Shop And Joker Lounge 65 Rooms, Bridal Suite. Executive Suite, Swimming Pool, Doris Schroeder Restaurant Manager Individual Air Conditioning and Heating Owen and Enid Allen Managers State Bank And Trust Company Member Of F.D.I.C. Serving Southwestern Montana Since 1889 Dillon. MontanaBank Celebrating Our 100th Anniversary Of Service To Southwestern Montana J.C. Penny Inc. Robert's Foods 201 South Idaho Dillon, Montana 683-2357 Delivery Every Tucs., Thurs., Saturday Store Hours Mon.-Sal. 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 28 South Montana Dillon, Montana 683-2992The Tribune Examiner The Lion’s Den 22 South Montana Dillon. Montana 683-2331 725 North Montana Dillon, Montana 683-9960 Sacajawea Motel 775 North Montana Dillon, Montana 683-2381' « ft « A ' A f.AKBAB jOlb--timr t MM1ABE ... - ■ ” c£—? 120 n. montana 683-2651 pj). '? i Billon iflontana 58725 ?y V i » Larry Laknar - George Laknar SCARLET RIBBON BEA UTY SALON WIGGERY 683 4711 122 N. Montana. Dillon Tom's Mobile Home Inc. 940 North Montana Dillon. Montana 683-2974 Vigilante Electric Co-op, Inc. 225 East Bannack Dillon. Montana Phone 683-2327 l.cts All Set Our Spurs In Order To Conserve “Energy 155TACO JOHN’S 205 So. Atlantic Go To Taco John’s It’s Tacoriffic Leonhardt Ranch wear Featuring Jr. Misses Styles By Fritzi, You Babes Jessica 33 E. Helena St. Dillon, Mt. Mitchell Drug Wholesale- R etui I DAIR Y PRODUCTS Norm Stubbs-Distributor Dillon, Montana DARIGOLD ® Dillon 448 S. Bozeman 683-4405The Midi Mart The Mini 536 South Atlantic Dillon. Montan 683-9913 Self Service Gas Groceries 502 North Montana Dillon, Montana 683-5405 Towne Inn Pizza Parlor Pizza, Sandwiches, and Beer One Place Disco Rick Rolandson, Owner 6 4 9 5 5 157HI NEIGHBOR! We’ve been in the Anaconda area for nearly a century. It was in the fall of 1882 that Anaconda’s founder, Marcus Daly, decided to build a smelter here. He had been shipping copper ore from his Butte mines to Wales, and it was proving to be slow and cosily. The following spring the construction of the “Anaconda Smelting Works” began, and the townsitc of Anaconda was surveyed, platted and filed. In 1902 a new reduction works, across the valley from the original site, was about completed. We’ve been here ever since. In the spring of 1980 we’ll open our new visitor's center, an early day replica of a railroad depot. It will contain an historic collection of smelting, refining, and B. A. P. Railway equipment, which has been serving us over the years. Stop by and sec us ... We’re open for visitors from June 5 through Labor Day. Melvin A. Stokkc Manager ANACONDA Copper Company A Division of The ANACONDA CompanyEverything you want from a store ...and a little bit more! PETERSON DRUG Dillon. Montana Where We Believe Service to Humanity Is the Best Work of Life Featuring everything from Sandwiches to Prime Rib. Special team rates at the Motel Restaurant, plus fast, good food at our convenient drive up window BEAVERHEAD BAR SUPPLY Distributors Olympic T BEER ' 159MAR VS OK TIRE Complete Tire Service Montana Sebree Phone 683-2911 Johnson Saddlery 125 West Bannack Dillon, Montana Custom made saddles, chaps, tack and repairing PA RISIA N CLEA NERS 14 North Washington Dillon, Montan Visit Our Book Stand And Browse 683-2767 Gas. Diesel. All Lubricating Products SIGMA N OIL 622 South WashingtonTHROCKMORTONS 116 South Montana “the auto parts store” Good parts, good prices, good advice and so much more. 31 Store Buying Power- Montano. Wyoming. South Dakota VALLEY MOTOR SUPPLY Dillon, Montana “Your Business Recommended By” MIKE'S SER VICE CENTER Fred Backus Owner Atlantic Glendale Dillon. Montana Phone 683-2072 The Homestead House Dillon, Montana 683-4376 161162

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