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 i seek acquaintance with nature,— to know her moods mi manners, primitive nature is the most interesting to me. i take infinite pains to know alt the phenomena of spring, for instance, thinking that i have here the entire poem, and then, to my chagrin. Hearn that it is but an imperfect copy that i possess and have read, that my ancestors have torn out many of the first leaves and grandest passages, and mutilated it in many places, i should not like to think that some demigod had come before me and picked out some of the best stars, i wish to know an entire heaven and an entire earth. 34( I J want to go soon and live away by the pond, where J shall hear only the wind whispering among the reeds. Jt will be suceess if J shall have left myself behind. Hut my friends ask what J will do when J get there. Will it not be employment enough to watch the progress of the seasons? I 6editor staff (Jlynis Dwell nancy fields karat yoldcr business manager atarilyn painter DeAnne Jenkins da lee elser diatte mat hern photographers nancy ayers Den Qrayson lorna gabel dillon portrait studio l’eon Dillingham advisor bridenstine photo studio elltel Itawkins 8 contents classes........................................17 faculty........................................51 activities.....................................65 organizations..................................95 sports........................................115 ads...........................................143 i jievery part of nature teaches that the passing away of one life is the making room for another, the oak dies down to the ground, leaving within its rind a rich virgin mould, which will impart a vigorous life to an infant forest. 101112... Zhe world has visibly beat recreated in the night. Mornings of creation. J call them. Jn the midst of these marks of a creative energy recently active, while the sun is rising with more than usual splendor. J look back... for the era of this creation, not into the night, but to a dawn for which no man ever rose early enough. J morning which carries us back beyond the Mosaic creation, where crystallizations are fresh and unmet ted. Jt is the poet s hour. Mornings when men are new born, men who have the seeds of life in them. 13we can never have enough of nature, we must be refreshed by the sight of inexhaustible vigor. vast and titanic features, the sea-coast with its wrecks, the wilderness with its living and its decayed trees, the thunder cloud, and the rain which lasts three weeks and produces freshets, we need to witness our own limits transgressed, and some life pasturing freely where we never wander.Every day a new picture is painted and framed. held up for half an hour, in such lights as the Great Artist chooses, and then withdrawn and the curtain falls. And then the sun goes down, and long the afterglow gives light. And then the damask curtains glow along the western window. And now the first star is lit. and J go home. selections from Zltoreau 16©(MISS®®GRADUATE STUDENT SENIORS 18bonnie bremer dillon linda brewer coffee creek george brown butte edith Carlisle baker mary bollcs antelope 19lairy chambers albany, oregon johnny d. Christensen dillon janet dark butte milo coladonato dillon dalee elser sheridan 20 mike foster townsendloma gabel Seattle, Washington tres genger fairfield 1. brodie brinson, cole pierce, and tolk 2. terry cairtpillo 3. maggie dryden 21erich grosse dillon daren gunlock st. ignatius darrell holland drummond glcnn johnson superior frank jury conrad 22 colcttc king missouladwight lee dillon thomas little butte brian maki great falls diane mathern ronan 23tcrcsa mclenchek dillon sherry miller plains margaret nelson Whitehall linda osier dillon billie marie calcaterra 24I watchara pimprapaiporn dillon mary ann posivio st. ignatius billie rcynolds grcgson dale rice dillon ( terry rossmillcr dillon deb seaman fairfield 25hal spackman drum mond shircly tomaskie Helena brenda waldcmar dillon patty westfall salmon, idaho 261. larry rilcy 2. coors bottle 3. Ionia, glynis, and terry 4. marilyn mason 5. nancy fields 6. bonnic rempel 27 2829JUNIORS ronald 1. alien choteau terry skogen bnrt Whitehall billie marie calcaterra divide dave cloud whitefish 30randy corn well spokane, Washington 3132jamcs massa dillon gary milam big fork rose ann minnehan anaconda barbara mogren anaconda miriam moo re dillon evan lenz ashton, idaho glynis love 11 dillon bcverly massa dillonmarllyn palmer bridger robcn palmer jolict bruce peterson dillon beverly rchm dillon 34bonnie reishus 151 Ion rikie rewcrts cut bank kathy robcl helena jerry scidcnsticker dillon peggy seidensticker dillon Judy smith Whitehall 35 deborah stark butte ron thompson butte phyllis warhank rudyard lcslic williams bote man 36 SOPHOMORES tom anderson darby linda beck twin bridges karen branae big timber 38r dcbbie brooks philipsburg richard brown ennis Rail bumgarner divide mclanie bumgarner belt rey busoh terry Steve Christiansen charlo william dark charlo Julie deschamps albcrton suzy foster townsend 39warren gehrke seeley lake jill gray st. marics, idaho kathy jo greer simms susan hawkins alder paulcttc held Whitehall mildrcd hight melrose wini hildreth dell dick hoehn seeley lake Sharon holland dillon 40shirlcy Hudson secley lake beth iliff poison leanne jenkins dillon debbie keyser florence kathy klick simms laureen link dillon pat lynch dillon wes mealphin poison fawn mckcnzie eureka 41lorena maxwell coal ova, alaska richaal miller denton jim orict bozeman jane peterson fairficld randy piper dillon faith porter tliompson falls clianc quinn dillon elizabeth rebish dillon tim reishus dillon 42annctte sbragia anaconda mcl sc hock st. ignatius susan simpson fiorcnce debbic talcott twin bridges betty tash dillon Jenelle thomas salmon, idahoFRESHMEN kcnt amen winnemucca, nevada mark bissell fairfield gary brandt rudyaid janicc buie cardwell sandy Campbell anaconda jim carroll dillon kama carroll rcno, nevada kathy cassidy dillon jane Christ hamilton 44jacki clouncr great falls kini Conover dillon snsic dailcy great falls mike t. dellwo seeley lake bryan duvall geraldine joe elhard corvallis sucann erickson dillon connie in. flamm sheridan shayne flinders corvallisgeorge fox Columbus bruce funk big fork nicki gilmorc town send brcnda heramb conrad laura hincklcy Clinton debbie hogan dillon keith jcnsen arlec mari kafents hclena dusty kline rudyard 46Jim kropp great falls gary krumheuer huntley anita lathrop great falls penny mccomb alberton lindy inccord cast hclcna thomas mclarcn dillon kevin mcwilllams fairficld marty marchcsscau dillon kcrrencc c. mocn eureka 47zalc olscn fairficld jayne pantalonc Wilmington, dclaware john powell babb bob puhek spokanc, wash. carol redficld twin bridges davc riblctt Wilmington, dclaware 48patrice scott victor art skinner dutton tony smith gcraldine 4950FACULTY 52.. .there is a realm where the rainbow never fades; where the stars will be spread out before us like islands that slumber in the ocean, and where the beautiful beings which now pass before us like shadows will stay in our presence forever. -george w. prentice 53ENGLISH AND FOREIGN LANGUAGE mr. edward a. ccbull 5. mr. lawrcnce leith assoc, prof., english asst. prof., english dr. Wallace g. gobcr 6. mr. cliodoro rodoni asst, professor, english t.a. foreign language mr. donald k. gosnell 7. miss beatricc stcinmann asst. prof. , english g.a. foreign language 54 4. mrs. ethcl hawkins asst. prof., englishHISTORY, S.S. AND INDUSTRIAL ARTS 1. mr, claybom j. ancle rs assoc, prof., ind. arts 2. dr. frank j. busch professor, soc. science 3. dr. Stanley r. davison professor, soc. science 4. mr. jcrold hilton asst, prof., soc. science 5. dr. william c. o'connor asst, prof., soc. science 55 6. mr. daniclc. scott asst, prof., ind. artsART AND BUSINESS 1. mr. barney p. brienza asst. prof., art 2. mr. James d. corr asst. prof., art 3. mr. donald 1. waiters asst. prof., art 4. dr. john c. garry professor, business 5. miss ethcl f. whitmer instructor, business 56EDUCATION 1. mr. arthurw. hedge asst. prof., education 2. dr. kenneth r. hunter assoc, prof., education 3. dr. bailey molineux instructor, education 4. dr. robertc. newlon professor of education 5. dr. a. eloise snavcly assoc, prof., education 57SCIENCE 1. dr. kenncth bandelier professor, biol. sci. mr. larry hannc graduate teaching asst. 2. dr. danicl g. block professor, biol. sci. 3. mr. howard m. smitli assoc, prof., phys. sci. 4. mr. josephb. strccpcr asst, prof., phys. sci.DEANS AND DIRECTORS 1. mrs. marie carmody dean of women 2. dr. cdward a. fisk asst, professor, education director, student teaching 3. mr. henry w. stish dean of students assoc, prof., science 4. dr. dale r. tash professor soc. science academic dean 5. dr. alan g. zctler professor, education dean of education S9MATH AND MUSIC 1. mr. gordon c. bcnnett asst. prof., mathematics 2. mr. terrancc r. cypher assoc, prof., mathematics 3. mr. larryw. hickethicr asst. prof., mathematics 4. mr. o. Icon dillingham asst, prof., music 5. mr. dcnnisc. widen instructor, music 601. mr. charlcy w. frey t.a. physical educ. mr. norm an I. hartvigson graduate teaching asst. 2. dr. nyles r. humphrey asst, professor, p.e. 3. mr. donald f. keltz instructor, p.e. 4. mr. george marinkovich asst, professor, p.e. 5. mr. george h. nelson asst, professor, p.e. 6. miss bonnic j. sheriff asst, professor, p.e. 7. miss dona j. Wallace asst, professor, p.e. 61 PHYSICAL EDUCATIONSTAFF 1. be tty barnes textbook library 2. mr. kenneth cory librarian 3. mrs. gayle gransbery nurse 4. mrs. karylc contway secretary, placement 5. miss louise farris mrs. wanda sigman adm. aide registrar 6. mrs. essie later secretary, financial aide 7. mr. larry link director, financial aid 8. mr. peter marshall asst, to librarian 9. mr. paul o. pic ton registrar 621. hclcn hunt, dinner; arlene musgravc, salads; chuck litts, saga manager; alicc henri, breakfast and lunch; ruby brown, baker 2. francis fields, clainc peterson, ora lee stark, patsy m a toon, ora lee stark, patsy matoon business office 3. mrs. francos richardson business office 4. mrs. donna rouse secretary, dean's office 5. mrs. betty spehar adm. aide, registrar 6. mr. Charles a. Stauffer director of information 7. mrs. Virginia stxaugh secretary, president 8. mr. harding hanson business manager mr. ray Worthington asst, business manager 63f 4HOMECOMING PARADE AND RALLY 66 1. governor judge at western day 2. debbic brooks, homecoming queen 3. mr. waiters at work 4. the good old days 5. spirit of 76 67Something new is happening WMC's second annual folk rock concert was held in the PE Complex, June 2. The talented participants this year were the rock band " Rosewood, ” John Love, Rick Young, and John Grywusiewic, Hal Amundson's bluegrass band, Leon Dillingham, Lorna Gabel and the Chorale. The concert was brought to Western through the joint efforts of Steve Abramavage and Lorna Gabel. It was dedicated to Professor Leon Dillingham, as this is his last year at WMC. A Rural Artmobile, the brainchild of Mr. Don Walters, Head of the Art Department toured rural schools, serving the dual purpose of giving college art students experience in teaching art and enriching the rural schools' art programs. This outstanding and popular project received a $500 grant from the national American Association of University Women. The grant was awarded upon application of the local AAUW branch for assistance to a worthy educational project. Local AAUW members will assist the college staff and students in continuing this project next year. This year the WMC Art Club acquired a new room for a student art gallery. Student works will be displayed in the gallery. This small, but interesting room is located on the second floor of Old Main. 68WOMEN DOMINATE AT WESTERN Women dominated their male counterparts at least twice this year. The first female-dominated activity was the annual "girl ask boy" Sadie Hawkins dance. Dr. Hunter portrayed "Marryin Sam" and had a busy evening performing wedding ceremonies for all who were willing. Kelly Flynn, Western track star, challenged these four girls to a 440 race. Kelly ran alone, while the girls ran in relay style. Kelly was defeated in this MCP contest and was awarded a pie in the face. 69M. DAY M-Day broke with tradition this year and, instead of being a surprise, was announced for April 20. Otherwise it was the same as usual, beginning with the campus clean-up. 70Then, of course, came the traditional kegger, held at the rest stop past Barrett's Rock. 717273AGAMEMNON Over 2400 years after its first production in the open air theater of Dionysus at Athens, AGAMEMNON was produced at WMC during fall quarter. The Greek tragedy was under the direction of Dr. Wallace Gober. Cast Watchman Agamemnon Clytemnestra Cassandra Herald Aegisthus Eliodoro Rodoni Kelly Flynn Val Hanks Lorna Gabel Steve Gratzer S. Abramavage Chorus George Brown Amy Cooksey Tom Davidson Kathy Kuglin Ron Thompson Queen's G. Lovell Maids T. Fritsch Soldiers Bill Clark Mike Dell wo Warren Gehrke 74CAST BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Hodge, a wizard-George Brown A new version of an old story made BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, under the direction of Dr. Wallace Gober, a pleasure for young and old alike. Mikey, a dragon-Valerie Hanks Cocky-Oily, a rooster-Vicki Sietsema A naughty prince, Steve Abramavagc Mr. Clement, a merchant-Tom Davidson Jessemine Jonquiline-Amy Cooksey Beauty's sisters - Susanne Shannon Jane, called Beauty-Susie Simpson Extras: Steve Christianson, Laura Hinckley, Brenda Waldemar, Cole Pierce, Glynis Lovell, Faith Porter, Vicki Sietsma 75You Can Make It Spring is the time for the birth of things, and Western audiences were treated to the birth of a new musical during spring quarter. "You Can Make It." Dialogue and lyrics were written by Betty Barnes, who directed the show. Dennis Widen composed the music and conducted the pit orchestra. 76Behind the Scenes Anyone can see a play production, but not everyone lias a chance to see "behind the scenes." Mere are a few glimpses, from make-up time in the rooms below the stage to the costume racks in the attic. 77WOODSTICK Woodstick, sponsored by WMC's Music Club, is an annual amateur talent night. It provides the students with a refreshing look at what talent lies in their midst. Solos, comedy routines, the Eaglettes, and a fiddler with his band highlighted the light and airy entertainment that was presented at Woodstick V. Woodstick is a fundraising activity for a scholarship that will be offered to incoming freshmen to Western. Though the audience and the participants of Woodstick must pay, it all goes to a worthy cause. Thanks, Music Club. 787980 ICC Carnival 1. Dixie 2. Mr. Bennett and friend 3. "Wrong Way Hawkins" 4. Roger Willhite, Jim Traverso, Charlie Fry 5. The Famous Weinrich Legs 6. Marinkovich and the boys 81And for culture, we had. . . In past years Western students have witnessed excellent entertainment through Community Concerts and other artists. The 1977 Community Concerts featured the Swedish Chamber Orchestra; the Richard Thomas Ballet; the Cosmopolitans; and Whittemore and Lowe, duo pianists. Also on campus were a concert from U of M's Jazz Band, playing music from the Big Band Era; a U of M drama group in THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF BENVENUTO CELLINI, directed by David Dannenbaum; and a modern dance group from U of M in THE 5 WISDOMS. College audiences are grateful to Central Board for supporting these activities. 82Festival of the Arts Western's annual Festival of the Arts was held May 25th in the old gym. This year's festival included displays by student artists, demonstrations of various art techniques, booths by various clubs, and performances by Gargoyles, Chorale, and John Love and Rick Young. The day ended with a masquerade ball sponsored by the Gargoyles. 8485I OUTSTANDING STUDENTS AWARDED AT WESTERN 86The following awards were given: 1. PEMM Kappa Delta Pi-Tom Anderson 2. Rotary-Jerry Seidensticker 3. Timken Science Dufresne-Teri Burt 4. Ralph McFadden Cup-Diane Rewerts 5. Music Club-Carol Redfield and Steve Christiansen 6. Genevieve Albertson English Cobb Foundation-Glynis Lovell 7. AAUW-Melodee Adsit and Reene Hamer 8. Outstanding organizations awarded 9. PDK Man of the Year Award-David Cloud Mary B. Emerick Art A ward-Margaret Dryden. Jane Buttrey Memorial Trust-Laura Briney. Maier Miller Memorial-Don K ieckbusch. Joe C. Ryburn Memorial Drama-Amy Cooksey. Tracy Co. Western Women's Club-Lois Perry. Zella K. Flores Cup-Mary L. Bolles. Rush Jordon Cup-Marion L. Mitchell 87WHO'S WHO Mary Bolles is an English and Biology major from Westby. Mary participated in the Western chorale and was a member of a vocal ensemble. She has received numerous honorary scholarships and awards, including the Zella K. Flores cup for attaining the highest scholastic record among women. Bonnie Bremer of Choteau is a Physical Education major. She was president of Spurs and junior advisor to Spurs. She has been a treasurer of WIA and secretary-treasurer of PE MM. Bonnie was a member of KDP and AWS. Among her awards, are Honor Scholarships for three years and the Dufresne Scholarship her junior year. Janet Clark of Butte received her degree in Elementary Education. Janet was an active member of Central Board, serving as a student advisor to the Certification Board of Montana and as student representative on WMC'S Curriculum Committee. She has also been Business Manager of ASWMC, vice-president of KZN, historian for AWS and Judges' Chairman for the Miss Western Pageant. She was a member of KDP and the Pep Band and a recipient of Honor Scholarships for two years. Larry Chambers, a Physical Education major from Albany, Oregon, has been active in student government. Larry served two terms as representative on Central Board. He was president of Western’s Circle K Chapter and was Montana's "Circle K'er of the Year" in 1975. Competing in both varsity football and wrestling, he was a Frontier Conference mat champ for three consecutive years and was voted to the All-Frontier football team as a halfback. 88Mike Foster is an English and History major from Townsend. At Western Mike was president of the student body in 1976-77, a former Circle K vice-president and Sophomore class president. He was a member of both the CHINOOK and WESCOLITE staffs. Mike was a student member on the WMC-U of M Joint Planning Committee, dealing with the integration of the two units. He has received numerous honorary scholarships. Philip Knapp is an Industrial Arts major from Asheville, N.C. Phil has been a scholarship winner and was a member of KDP. He was a runner-up for the 1977 Golden Hammer award. He was active in the IA Club and was instrumental in reinstating the Student Education Assoc., an affiliate of the National Education Association, which had been inactive at WMC. Lorna Gabel, an English major and Art minor from Burien, Wash., is the recipient of numerous scholarships. Lorna was president of Chanticleer Club for two years. She was secretary-treasurer of the Art Club and editor of the 1977 MUSE. She has been active in campus dramatic productions and placed first in Western’s poetry contest in 1977. Sherry Miller is a Physical Education and Business major from Plains. Sherry has served as vice-president and representative on Central Board; president and secretary of WIA; president of PEMM and treasurer of KDP. Sherry captained the women's basketball and volleyball teams and was a track star. She has also received scholarships for academic excellence. Not Pictured. Marion Mitchell is a Social Science and Biology major from Hamilton. Mitchell's Western career is distinguished by a straight 4.00. He received the Rush Jordan Cup for academic excellence. 89Shayne Morris, a Social Science and Physical Education major from Corvallis, was an honor student at WMC. He acted as treasurer of KDP and was a delegate to the national convention of that group in Orlando, Fla. in 1976. He played tight end for the Bulldog football team for two years and was a member of M Club. Mark Neill of Belt received his degree in Biology and Physical Education. Mark was student body president in 1976-77, having served previously as a representative to Central Board. He is a member of KDP and was tight end and pass receiver on the WMC football team. He won four varsity football letters. Deborah Seaman is an Elementary Education major with minors in both Art and History. She was president of KZN sorority and vice-president of KDP. Jeanne Seidenstickcr is an Elementary Education major from Dillon. Jeanne has been editor of Spurs and secretary of AS WMC. She has been a leading participant in WIA, KZN and KDP. She has received numerous scholarships and awards. Susanne Shannon of Fair-field completed majors in English and Music. She was a Central Board representative and a recipient of the Cobb Foundation Award. She was a member of Music Club and has participated in many campus dramatic productions. 90Lori Simon, a graduate of Bloom Township High School in Chicago Heights, 111., majored in Elementary Education with a library endorsement. Lori has been active in campus politics, serving as president of the junior class, vice president of Spurs and of the sophomore class. She was also secretary of KZN. Lori was a two-time candidate for Homecoming Queen. She also sang in the Western Chorale. Hal Spackman is an English and History major from Drummon. Hal was editor of both the WESCOL1TE and the CHINOOK during his junior year. He was honored by the Daughters of American Colonists of Dillon as the outstanding history student and was voted "Man of the Year" by Kappa Delta Pi, education honorary. Hal is the recipient of an Advanced Honor Scholarship, the Journalism Award, and the Genevieve Albertson English Scholarship. Jim Valach completed double majors in Industrial Arts and History. He has received many scholarships and awards. He has an outstanding record in Circle K Club. He is a past president and treasurer of the WMC chapter. Jim was 1975-76 governor of the Montana district of Circle K, which during his tenure earned acclaim as one of the three outstanding districts in the United States and Canada. Kim Wilcox received her degree in Elementary Education and Music. Kim has been a member of Western Chorale, WIA and MAC. She was secretary for AS WMC. She lias received Advanced Honor Scholarships. 91GRADUATION: A NEW BEGINNING94LAURIE BRINEY OUR 1977-78 STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT % New Central Board members: Tom Anderson, Steve Christiansen, Ron Walker, Rcy Busch, Lou Anne Hamack, Gail Bumgarner, Dave Cloud, Laurie BrineyCENTRAL BOARD Left to Right: Susanne Shannon, Brenda W aide mar, Daw Iliff, Dave Grout, Mr. Hickethier, Mark Neill, Mr. Stish, Kim Wilcox, Tom Anderson, Reene Hamer, Randy Cash, Glen Johnson, Jerry Seidcnsticker, Brian Maki Our student government: Concerned with what concerns the student body and our school. 97SPURS Back Row: Kathy Klick, Susan Hawkins, Debbie Brooks, Becky Wcinrich, Amy Cooksey, Michele Ryan, Melody Schock, Paulette Held, Mel Bumgarner. Front Row: Luann Harnack, Betty Tash, Linda Beck, Debbie Keyser, Jackie Kegel, Dixie Anderson, Laurecn Link AWS Back Row: Anita Lathrop, Laurie Briney, Susie Simpson, Faith Porter, Jenelle Thomas, Collette King. 2nd Row: Patrice Scott, Susan Foster, Paulette Held, Jill Cray, Jean Blunn. 3rd Row: Michele Ryan, Mrs. Carmody, Linda Beck, Ida Wunderlich, Annette Sbragia. Front Row: Gail Bumgarner, Debbie Talcott, Karen Branae, Dixie AndersonBack Row: Bruce Peterson, Steve Christianson, Deborah Hogan, Julie Anders, Sucann Erickson, Larry Chambers, Jim Valach, Barbara Mogrcn, Mr. Hilton, Joe Elhard. Front Row: Sandy Campbell, Dave Grout, Laurcen Link, Sam McCormick, Lynn Simon, The Masked Marauder, Lorenc Maxwell, Marty Huddleston, Carol Rcdficld, Steve Abramavagc. KDP Back Row: Glynis Lovell, Dale Meyer, Mark Neill, Irene Carver, Laurie Brincy, Bonnie Bremer, Dr. Ncwlon, Scott Paisley, Phil Knapp. Front Row: Mary Bolles, Renee Hamer, Sherry Miller, Jean Poff, Billie Reynolds, Kim Wilcox. Not Pictured: Nancy Ayers, Dalce Elser, Linda Brewer, Linda Osier. 99MUSIC CLUB Back: Patrice Scott, Steve Christianson, Carol Rcdfield, Debbie Keyser, Susanne Shannon, Beverly Massa, Jill Cray. Front: Jim Massa, Rohen Palmer, Kim Wilcox, Steve Abramavagc. PEP BAND Back: T. Moir, P. Scott, D. Hall, C. Rcdfield, S. Christianson, S. Paisley. Middle: B. Waldemar, J. Poff, S. Kibbee, K. Greer, J. Thornburg. Front: D. Pfaff, S. Shannon, Mr. Widen, Director, T. Gcnger, D. lliff. 100CHORUS AND CHORALE SOPRANO: Violet Cicerone, Jackie Clouner, Susie Foster, Susan Hawkins, Beth Riff, Jean Poff, Patrice Scott, Jo Ward, Kim Wilcox. ALTO: Dixie Anderson, Karen Branac, Jill Cray, Kathy Greer, Louanne Hamack, Mildred Hight, Kim IIiff, Marty lliff, Debbie Keyser, Faith Porter, Carol Rcdfield, Bonnie Rempel, Karen Robinson, Michele Ryan, Susanne Shannon, Candace Smith, Debbie Talcott, Brenda Waldemar. TENOR: Steve Abramavage, Steve Christiansen, Leon Culbro, Steve Mackett, Ken Kivela, Tom Thompson, Roger Willhite. RASS: Mark Eblcn, Joe Flhard, Dave lliff, Keith Jensen, Don Kelt , Don Kline, Jay Krantz, Brian Maki, Ken McCormick, Sam McCormick, Roben Palmer, Don Ramondelli, Rich Ramondelli, Mark Rice, Tony Smith, Jeff Strickland, Jack Traverso, Bill Woodford. SOPRANO: Violet Cicerone, Susie Foster, Susan Hawkins, Beth lliff, Patrice Scott, Pam Thompson, Kim Wilcox. ALTO: Jill Gray, Louanne Hamack, Kim lliff, Marty lliff, Debbie Keyser, Carol Redficld, Brenda Waldemar. TENOR: Steve Abramavage, Steve Christiansen, Dave Cloud, Trcs Gcngcr, Ron Thompson, Tom Thompson. RASS: Dave lliff, Don Kline, Jay Krantz, Sam McCormick, Roben Palmer, Tony Smith, Mark Rice.Left to Right: Don Grayson, Mike Pickett, Dwight Lee, Phil Knapp, Art Skinner, Mr. Dan Scott. Left to Right: Standing: Jack Cook, Mary Bolles, Eliane Quinn, Brian Dailey, Terry Burt, Sandra Meyers, Watchara Pimprapaiporn. Seated: Milo Colonado, Marilyn Palmer. 102 CD Cl r— DRODEO CLUB L. to R. Back Row: Tom Bramlette, Judy Smith, Jcncllc Thomas, April and Kathy Gocttlc, Tom Ligget, Martin Dickerson, Dennis Wertz. Front Row: Tim Barrett, Laurie Thiefault, Kathy Scott, Mr. Walters and Cowpic, Bill Hanley, Tim Biggs. ART CLUB L. to R. Back Row: Don Grayson, Glynis Lovell, Bill Clark. Front Row: Mr. Brienza, Maggie Dryden, Debbie Stark Lcannc Jenkins.PEMM L. to R. Back Row: Kama Carroll, Mcl Schock, Bonnie Bremer, Rona McOmber, Brenda Heramb, Julie Thornburg. Front Row: Susan Daily, Debbie Brooks, Reene Hamer, Sherry Miller, Janice Buie. KZN L. to R. Back Row: Sharon Holland, Nancy Ayers, Dalec Elscr, Ida Wunderlich, Linda Brewer. Front Row: Vicki Pierce, Peggy Sciden-sticker, Diane Rewerts and Shelly 104Linda Beck Leslie Williams Susie Morton Jana Geer Susan Hofferber M-CLUB Front Row: Mike Pickett, Dan O'Fallon, Glen Johnson, Shane Westfall, Elmer Musgrave. Second Row: Larry Chambers, Gary Milam, Wayde Davis, Skip Archibald. Third Row: Rick Rewerts, Roger Willhite, Brian Nlaki, Robcn Palmer. Fourth Row: Jim Oriet, Dave Iliff, Mike Hawkins. Fifth Row: Jim Graham, Jack Traverso, Mark Rueda. 105GARGOYLES L. to R. Front Row: Bill Clark, Loma Gabel, Faith Porter, Susie Simpson, Amy Cooksey, Tom Rogers, Tom Davidson. Standing Behind: Valerie Hanks, Susanne Shannon, Ron Thompson, Dr. Gober, Steve Abramavagc. CHINOOK STAFF 106 L. to R. Marilyn Palmer, Loma Gabel, Karen Colder, Mrs. Hawkins, Martin Dickerson, Clynis Lovell, LeAnne Jenkins and Dulcie, Nancy Fields.107 Terry Mattfeldt, Dalec Elscr, Lorna Cabel, Glynis Love!!, Larry Riley, Nancy Fields.108zu113114L. to R. Row 1: Krantz. Milam, Craham, Strickland, Trcnary, Neill, Rewerts, Cun lock, Cornwell, O'Fallon, Westfall, Chambers. Row 2: Willhite, Evans, Rueda, Woodford, Maki, Ramondclli, Cengcr, Oriet, Kegal, Bennett, Lenz. Row 3: McCormick, Cuillory, M. McCormick, Kline, W. Davis, Brown, Brindley, Coyle, Huddleston, Scally, Puhek. Row 4: Benedict, Lowney, White, C. Davis, Hearon, Lowe, Hillard, Bissell, McKibben, Hackett, Peterson. Row 5: Fox, Funk, Catti, Kirby, Tiensvold, Jensen, Clark, S. McCormick, Smith, McWilliams, K. McCormick, McCinn. Back Row: Moir, Skinner, Cerst, Banks, Tallent, McKnight, Cutler, Palmer, Riblett, Armstrong, Borden, Kays, Starke, Barry, Lee, Dc-Bree, Krumheucr, Artien, Maddux.FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD Ricks College 20 College of Idaho 17 Chico State 51 Carroll College 27 Montana Tech 10 Eastern Montana 6 Rocky Mountain 23 Simon Fraser 17 East. Washington 17 WMC WMC WMC WMC WMC WMC WMC WMC WMC 0 20 10 14 6 31 40 3 13 WMC Season Record: 3-6 Frontier Conference: 2-2 117BULLDOG BASKETBALL L. to R. Mike Pitman, Paul Bryant, Don Kicckbusch, Dave Cloud, Ron Williams, Terry Campillo, Bruce Cushing, Julian Brinson, Jim Crigg, Shawn Ward, Steve Clausen, Barry Wilson, Don Kcltz Coach Kelt Coach Corr i 118Basketball Scores WMC 87 Lcwis-Clark 89 WMC 79 Westminster 78 (OT) WMC 64 Westminster 77 WMC 67 C arroll 66 WMC 60 Portland State 124 WMC 64 Seattle Pacific 80 WMC 68 NW Nazarene 75 WMC 74 NW Nazarene 78 WMC 64 Eastern Washington 97 WMC 55 NW Christian 57 WMC 90 Northern Montana 115 WMC 56 Carroll 66 WMC 62 Eastern Montana 70 WMC 71 Montana Tech 93 WMC 72 Carroll 82 WMC SM Northern Montana 98 WMC 75 College of Great Fall 89 WMC 87 Montana Tech 72 WMC 63 Lewis-Clark 77 WMC 84 Rocky Mountain 82 (OT) WMC 67 College of Great Falls 74 WMC 93 Northern Montana 10S WMC 64 Eastern Montana 67 WMC 81 Rocky Mountain 90 Season Record: 4-20 Frontier Conference: 2-10 119BULLDOG WRESTLING Back Row: Coach Charley Frey, John Donovan, Tim Biggs. Bruce Lee,Mike Hawkins, Larry Chambers, Jay Kranta, Leon Hartvigson Front Row: Vince Lundi, Ron Walker, J 01 Carroll, Keith Jensen, Mike Dcllwo, Warren Cehrke Six WMC wrestling standouts participated in the NAIA National Finals. A good representation of an outstanding team. 120121BULLDOG TRACKSTERS We took it for "granite" there would be a picture of the men's track team here. WMC's Bulldogs won the Frontier Conference Title in track. Led by Flynn and Flynn (no kin), the Bulldogs were 50 points ahead of their nearest competitor. Rocky Mountain College. Senior Kelly Flynn won the distance races, 880, mile and three-mile, while junior Bob Flynn was victorious in die sprint races, the 100 and 220. This is the third consecutive Conference championship for Coach Casey Keltz and the sixth title in the past seven seasons. RACQUET BALL Standing: Tim Anderson, Pat Lynch, Victor Yadao, Rich Hawe, George Marinkovich. Kneeling: Randy Cornwell, Tom Anderson, Steve Weston. 122MEN'S INTRAMURAL SOFTBALLRODEO ACTION AT WESTERN 1. Bull Riding Spud Pfister 2. Barrel Racing Lynn Vanderiet 3. Bull Dogging Bill Hanley 4. Break-away Roping Kathy Klick 5. Bull Dogging Tim Barrett 124This page is sponsored by R. D. Boyce. 1. Kathy Goettle Won Girls' All Around U.M. Rodeo 2. Judy Smith WMC Rodeo 3. Spurs Goat Dressing 4. Bill Hanley With bad luck 5. Kathy Klick Goat tying 125Sports Wrap-up 126VOLLEYBALL Women started to compete in intercollegiate volleyball after a lapse of three years. There was no Frontier competition, but three conference schools had teams. In the fall of 'll a competitive schedule will be played a-mong the schools in the Frontier Conference. L. to R. Standing: Lorenia Maxwell; Margaret Dryden; Betty Tash; Brenda Waldcmar; Birdie Swan; Kama Carroll; Lynne Stubbs; Brenda Heramb. Front Row: Sherry Miller; Kathy Corr; Debbie Hogan; Katie FechtBack: Kama Carroll, Rona McOmbcr, Kathy Klick, Linda McCord, Fay Espinoza, Bridget Swan Front: Janice Buie, Katie Fecht, Sandy Campbell, Debbie Brooks, Brenda Heramb, Mel Schock Girls' Basketball High Scorer: McOmber All Conf. 1st Team: McOmber All Conf. 2nd Team: Klick 129130132Girl Track stars Regional Qualifiers: Debra Brooks, Diane Mile Relay 4:15.2 Mathern, Sherry Miller, Becky Weinrich Becky Weinrich 440 55. 9 220 25.93 Kama Carroll-Javelin 132’2" Third in Conference New WMC Records: Mile Relay-4:15.2 880 Medley - 2:00 440 - 55.9 220 - 25.93 2 mile run - 13:00 133 L. to R. Standing: Susan Kibbee, Sandy Campbell, Becky Weinrich, Bonnie Bremer, Kama Carroll, Brenda Heramb Kneeling: Debbie Brooks, Carol Ford, Diane Mathern, Betty Tash, Sherry Miller.134 u135136W A o n s m t s e r o n a c ' m i s u a r t a i I o n L. to R. Peggy Seidensticker, Mclodcc Adsit, Lois Perry, Becky Wcinrich, Betty Tash Standing: Faye Espino a, Susie Dailey, Lois Perry, Birdi Swan, Mel Adsit, Bonnie Bremar, Nancy Ayers, Dalcc Elser, Linda Brewer, Bev LeProwsc, Sherry Miller, Peggy Seidensticker Kneeling: Nicki Gilmore, Jackie Clouner, Laura Hinckley, Leslie Williams, Sandy Campbell, Paula Espinoza, Brenda Heramb, Kama Carroll, Diane Mathern, Gail Arnold, Karen Branae Sitting: Mel Bumgarner, Michele Ryan, Betty Tash, Beth Iliff, Paulette Held, Debbie Brooks, Dixie Andersen, Becky Weinrich, Laureen Link 137138139And then there was. . . 140141142ACCOMMODATIONS INCLUDE Attractive and Convenient Residence Halls Sixteen Modern Apartments for Married Students Dining Room Facilities A SPECIAL MESSAGE TO HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR INTERESTED IN TEACHING CAREERS... Western Montana College offers the following degrees: Associate of Arts (2 year) Associate of Science (2 year) 3achelor of Arts in English Bachelor of Arts in History Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (teach K-9) Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (teach 7-12) Master of Science in Education A fifth-year program for the professional teaching certificate OR, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN OTHER CAREERS, WESTERN OFFERS: A two-year curriculum in Business Education A two-year General College Course One and two-year Pre-Professional courses preparing for entrance into professional schools •INTEGRATION WITH THE UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA With the on-going integration studies with the University of Montana, students may begin their college career at the smaller institution. Western Montana College and transfer to the larger University of Montana after one or two years. Please note that while transfer to other institutions is entirely feasible, articulation with the University of Montana makes transfer to that institution smoother and easier. Programs presently articulated are shown below. Other program articulations are being worked out. Anthropology Botany English Foreign Languages Geology Mathematics Medical Technology Political Science Zoology Pre-Medical Science Pre-Natural Science (Forestry, Wildlife, Biology and Recreation) Biology Computer Science Geography Home Economics Microbiology Military Science Sociology Journalism Pre-Pharmacy ACCREDITATION Western Montana College is a member of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and the Association of State Colleges and Universities. Western Montana College is accredited by the Regents of the Montana University System and the Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools. For Information, Write to the Admissions Officer WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE Dillon, Montana 59725WMC BOOSTER CLUB During the past 19 years, the WMC Booster Club has proven synonymous with the college's growth, progress, and well-being. Its contributions include over 500 freshman scholarships, valued in excess of $90,000. During the 1976-77 academic term. Boosters awarded 65 grants in the amount of $200 each. Recipients, selected on the basis of leadership and scholastic excellence, are required to maintain above-average grades throughout their scholarship year. The organization's membership roster, which includes citizens from all walks of life, now totals over 140, each of whom contributes financially to the annual scholarship and recruiting funds. Current club officers are: Jim Wilson, president; Joe Morstein, vice president; Joe Lane, treasurer, and Charles Stauffer, secretary. Serving on the board of directors are Bob Harrison, Bob Romers, Bob Gerringa, Max Nield, Henry Stish, Walt Albertson, Don Crosser, Cliff Henningsen, Don Peterson, B. W. Lodge, Dr. R. J. English, Tom Delaney, Spence Hegstad, Chuck Cook, Hal Leonhardt, George Nelson, Dick Jonasen, Ray Curtis, Larry Chaffin, Jack Lovell, Ron Johnson, John McCollum, and Dick Rannus. The membership roll, as of April 1, 1977, follows: A W Drive-Inn American Legion Post 20 Clay Anders C. R. Anderson Kenneth Bandelier Dr. George Bandy Norm Banks Bob Barnes Cliff Bay Beaverhead Bar Supply Beaverhead Printers Beaverhead Trophy Arnold Benson Bill Bierrum, Jr. Big Sky Cinema Blum's Floral-Nursery Dr. Robert Boyce Almeda M. Brown Walter Brundage Ed Cardwell Edward Cebull Tom Clemow Club Bar Coast-to-Coast Coburn-Mooney Real Estate Chuck Cook Karyle Contway Co-op Supply Credit Bureau of Dillon Terry Cypher Darigold (Norm Stubbs) Stan Davison Tom DelaneyPaul’s Chevrolet Dillon Cable TV Dillon Disposal Dillon Tribune Dillon Portrait Studio Dilmart Lloyd Dougherty filleTs Dr. Robert English First National Bank Edward A. Fisk John Garry W. G. Gilbert, Jr. Murray Grant Gordon Freightlines Hale's College Exxon Harding Hanson Ed Harding Bob Harrison Harvey Bros. Constr. Bill Hawkins Hazelbaker Agency Larry Hickethier Richard Hilton Homestead House Dick Jonasen Dr. A. L. Juergens A1 Kajin KDBM Radio Bill Kearns Ralph Kneeland Leonhardt Ranchwear Larry Link Lion's Den Rev. Keith Lokensgard George Lots Linda Lucero Dr. John McCollum Ralph McFadden Jim Me Isaac Gene McDee Gene McKeever Blanche McManus Georgia Mathews Midi Mart Mitchell Drug Montana Motor Supply Montana Power John Morse, Jr. Mountain Bell George Nelson Robert E. Newlon Max Nield Dom Ori Evelyn Orr Parisian Cleaners Peterson Drug Petrolane Steelgas Paul Picton Pioneer Federal S L Ted Renfro Roberts Foods Robo Car Wash Dr. Bob Romers Rowland-Thomas Royal Inn Safeway Stores Saga Food Schulz, Davis, Warren Dan Scott Sears Store Dr. John Seidensticker Dr. James Short Skeets Cafe Chris Small Howard Smith Eloise Snavely Sneed's Cycle Sales Southmont Tractor Stamm Jewelers Standard Lumber State Bank Trust Co. State Bar Dining Room Charles Stauffer Henry Stish Bill Straugh Keith Taylor Throckmorton's T. V. Valley Motor Supply Veterinary Hospital Vigilante Electric Ron Wagner Dona Wallace Don Walters Dr. A. J. Wehler Williams Feed Mrs. Sam Wilkinson WMC Faculty WomenCHINOOK BOOSTERS THE CLOTH SHOPPE 24 South Idaho Dillon, Montana COAST TO COAST Dillon, Montana STANDARD LUMBER COAL CO. 302 North Montana Dillon, Montana THE ESTABLISHMENT 31 South Idaho Dillon, Montana SEARS Dillon, Montana ROBERTS FOODS Dillon, Montana GR AC IE'S NEW AND USED STORE 140 West Bannack Dillon, Montana STATE BAR DINING ROOM 26 South Montana Dillon, Montana HAZEL’S Andrus Hotel Building "DILLON ROTARY CLUB" Rotary International Dillon, Montana ROLANDSON EQUIPMENT North of Dillon THE HEALTHY i 25 South Idaho Dillon, Montana MOOSE BAR 6 N. Montana Street Dillon, Montana VALLEY MOTOR SUPPLY CO 204 N. Montana Dillon, Montana STEPHENS' GREENHOUSE FLORAL 508 Kentucky Avenue Dillon, Montana LION’S DEN Dillon, Montana HALE'S COLLEGE EXXON 646 South Atlantic Dillon, MontanaYE OLE TOWNE INN PIZZAS GALORE! Phone 683-4955 Dillon, Montana COMMUNITY PLAYSCHOOL (Take me with you!) 710 S. Atlantic 683-4935 FIRST NORTHWESTERN BANK Serving Dillon and Southwestern Montana Since 1880 Affiliated with Northwest Bancorporation Member F. D.I.C. 149 Dillon, MontanaCompliments of THE ANACONDA COMPANY Anaconda Reduction Department Anaconda, MontanaSNEEDS SPORTING GOODS CYCLE SALES Fishing, Hunting, Golfing, Boating, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Skiing, Tennis, Archery, Reloading, Ten Speed Bikes, Honda, Arctic Cat, Kawasaki Sales and Service Dillon, Montana PARISIAN CLEANERS Free pickup and delivery F. H. STOLTZE Home of Dillon's Coin-op Dry Cleaning Center LAND AND LUMBER CO. Surfaced Lumber White Wood Douglas Fir South of Dillon Phone 683-2801 14 North Washington Dillon, MontanaPROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY DR. R. D. ROMERS Dentist Phone 683-2671 Dillon, Montana DR. E. D. EVANS Dentist Phone 683-4491 Dillon, Montana DR. W. E. MONGER Osteopathic Physician Phone 683-4421 Dillon, Montana DR. JOHN McCOLLUM Dentist Phone 683-5312 Dillon, Montana DR. R. J. ENGLISH Optometrist Phone 683-2611 Dillon, Montana DR. J. C. LINDUSKA Dentist Phone 683-2861 Dillon, Montana DR. PAUL E. OKAMOTO Chiropractor Phone 683-4749 Dillon, MontanaSNAPPY SERVICE Open Daily 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. ELI EL'S The Store of Your Choice 2-14 North Idaho Dillon, Montana Phone 683-2305 MITCHELL DRUG Dillon, Montana THE DILMART Complete Home Furnishings G. E. Zenith Dillon, Montana STATE BANK TRUST COMPANY Member of F.D.I.C. igOvWj [0002 sobb; iOCOB; obbb; ioaooi ,o bob: iDODO; aaaO' O000 aooo onuo Dillon, Montana SUNDOWNER MOTEL 683-2375 500 N. Montana Street Dillon, Montana Queen Size Beds Air Conditioning Courtesy Coffee Direct Dial Phones Spacious Color T.V. AAA Approved In Dillon it's the "Sundowner" - Comfort at its Best Art and Kara Oliver-Owners PETERSON DRUG Dillon, Montana Where We Believe Service to Humanity Is the Best Work of LifeROYAL INN MOTEL COFFEE SHOP AND JOKER LOUNGE 49 Rooma, Bridal Suite, Executive Suite, Swimming Pool, Individual air conditioning and heating Owen Allen, Manager Shop Penney's in Dillon for Greatest Selections for More Great Buys Shop the J.C. Penney Catalog Phone 683-4371 20 East Glendale Dillon, Montana Gail Samarra Restaurant Manager ). C. PENNEY We Know What You're Looking for BEAVERHEAD PRINTING AND SUPPLYT» II VIGILANTE ELECTRIC CO-OP, INC. UNION 76 All Union 76 Products SERVING SOUTHWESTERN Including Tires and Batteries LOREN SIGMAN 683-2767 MONTANA BECOME AN ENERGY EFFICIENCY EXPERT Don't let those electric appliances goof off on the job and waste valuable energy Remember, it's more efficient for most appliances to operate at full capacity Use full loads in washer, dryer, dishwasher. Keep your freezer full Avoid oven and refrigerator peeping. Any efficiency expert will tell you conserving energy saves money, too! MO TANA POWER COMPVVY KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN Dillon, Montana "It’s Finger Lickin' Good” Also Serving Sandwiches Fish and Chips Colonel Sanders' Recipe for Fast Takeout or Sit-in ServiceD HARDWARE Your Complete Hardware Store HARDWARE v______ j LEONHARDT RANCHWEAR Featuring Jr. Misses Styles 36 North Idaho By Fritzi, You Babes, Wendy, Jessica Dillon, Montana 33 E. Helena Street Dillon, Montana CAMPUS BOOKSTORE SACAJAWEA MOTEL Betty Barnes, Manager . Air conditioned . Commercial rates . Cable TV . Room Phones . Individual Hot Water Heat Highway 41 North of Dillon 683-2381 157SAGA FOOD SERVICE CHARLES C. LITTS - FOOD SERVICE DIREC. SAGA FOOD SERVICE SAGA FOOD SERVICE takes this opportunity to thank Western's food service employees and boarding students for all your loyal support. Thanks! BEAVERHEAD BAR SUPPLY Bud — Oly - Great Falls All the Best 120 tt. montana billon 683-2651 j t). Montana 158DILLON PORTRAIT STUDIO THE SSCRETARy Zb U IMHO • OILLON PROMPT SEM CE! At OKS THAN JUST A PKtMTEZ., WE ASSIST VCU M OBH2DPTN6 YDOR D£ i. POINTED PRODUCT. CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY Phone 683-2741 4 N. Washington St. Dillon, Montana PIONEER FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN Specializing In High Rate Savings Plans and Home Loans Deposits Insured to $40, 000 159If you don’t smoke... you’re a safer driver Ask about Farmers money-saving Non-Smoker Auto Package Jib- FARMERS' INSURANCE GROUP 33 N. Idaho — Phone 683-4522 STAMM JEWELERS W. F. KOENEKE HELEN KOENEKE Andrus Hotel Center Dillon, Montana MINI CO-OP CO-OP SUPPLY INC. Gas, Groceries, Beer, Pop Petroleum, Products, Tires Propane, Batteries, Hardware 160 683-4939 Dillon, Montana 683-2308

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