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WAITING FOR THE CHINOOK BYC.M. RUSSELL 1976 THE CHINOOK 234567ADVISOR Ethel Hawkins EDITOR Hal Spackman ASSISTANT EDITOR Glynnis Lovell PHOTOGRAPHY Dillon Portrait Studio Leon Dillingham Bridenstine Photo Studio John Hasenclever ACTIVITIES Betty Sporich ADS Glynnis Lovell CLASSES Dalee Elser Nancy Fields Glynnis Lovell Betty Sporich FACULTY Glynnis Lovell Nancy Fields Betty Sporich ORGANIZATIONS 8 Nancy Fields9DR. JAMES E. SHORT PRESIDENT WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE Those of us associated with WMC would like to dedicate this bicentennial annual to a longtime friend of Western. Dr. James E. Short. Dr. Short has stood by Western through both thick and thin. This is our way of saying "Thanks." 10 II FACULTYART AND BUSINESS 12EDUCATION 1. Dr. Robert E. Newlon Assoc. Prof.. Education 2. Mrs. Helen M. Struckman Assoc. Prof., Education 3. Mr. Arthur W. Hedge Asst. Prof., Education 4. Dr. Bailey Molineux Instructor. Education 5. Dr. Kenneth R. Hunter Assoc. Prof., Education 13 ENGLISH 1. Mrs. Almeda Brown Asst. PTof., English 2. Mr . Edward A. Cebull Assoc. Prof., English 3. Mr. Donald K. Gosnell Asst. Prof., English 4. Mrs. Ethel A. Hawkins Instructor, English 5. Mr. Lawrence Leith Asst. Prof., English 6. Dr. Wallace Gober Instructor, English uHISTORY AND INDUSTRIAL ARTS 1. Dr. Stanley Davison Professor, Soc. Sci. 2. Mr. Clayborn Anders Assoc. Prof., Ind. Arts 3. Dr. Frank Busch Assoc. Prof., Soc. Sci. 4. Mr. Dan C. Scott Asst. Prof., Ind. Arts 5. Mr. Jerold Hilton Asst. Prof., Soc. Sci. 1516 MATHEMATICS AND MUSIC 1. Mr. Terrance R. Cypher Assoc. Prof., Math. 2. Mr. Gordon E. Bennett Asst. Prof., Math. 3. Mr. Larry W. Hicketheir Asst. Prof.. Math. 4. Mr. O. Leon Dillingham Asst. Prof., Music 5. Mr. Dennis C. Widen Instructor, MusicPHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. George Marinkovich Instructor, P.E. 2. Miss Bonnie J. Sheriff Asst. Prof., P.E. 3. Miss Dona Wallace Asst. Prof., P.E. 4. Mr. George H. Nelson Asst. Prof., P.E. 5. Mr. Donald F. Keltz Instructor, P.E. 1718DEANS AND DIRECTORS 1. Mrs. Marie Carmody Dean of Women 2. Mr. Henry W. Stish Assoc. Prof., Science Dean of Students 3. Dr. AlanG. Zetler Prof., Education Dean of Education 4. Dr. Dale R. Tash Professor, Soc. Sci. Academic Dean 5. Dr. Edward A. Fisk Asst. Prof., Education Dir. of Student Teaching Dir. of Placement 6. Mr. William T. Straugh Professor, P.E. and Soc. Sci. Dir. of Athletics 19STAFF 1. Mr. Norman Banks Sup't. Buildings and Grounds 2. Betty Barnes Textbook Library 3. Mrs. Karyle Coni way Secretary, Placement 4. Mr. Kenneth Cory Librarian 5. Bob Dean Mgr., Saga Food Service 201. Miss Louise Fanis Secretary, Registrar 2. Mrs. Gayle Gransberry Nurse 3. Mr. Harding Hanson Business Manager 4. Mrs. Essie Later Secretary, Financial Aid 5. Mr. Larry Link Director, Financial Aid 211. Mrs. Linda Lucero Secretary, Education 2. Mr. Peter Marshall Ass't. Librarian 3. Mrs. Patsy Matoon Clerk, Business Office 4. Mrs. Elaine Peterson Clerk, Business Office 5. Mr. Paul Picton Registrar 6. Mrs. Frances Richardson Cashier, Business Office 221. Mrs. Donna Rouse Secretary, Deans' Office 2. Mrs. Betty Shacffer Housekeeper, WRH 3. Mrs. Wanda Sigman Adm. Aide, Registrar 4. Mrs. Betty Spehar Clerk-Typist, Registrar 5. Mr. Charles A. Stauffer Director, Information 6. Mrs. Virginia Straugh Secretary, President 7. Mr. Ray Worthington Assistant Business Manager 23MR. JOE C. RYBURN Assoc. Professor of English With ihe gentle grace of one who knew life from different points of view, he dared touch our lives with wisdom and fantasy and then withdrew . . . 2425 ORGANIZATIONSCENTRAL BOARDS AND STUDENT GOVERNMENT Standing, left to right: Larry Chambers. Mr. Hlckcthicr. Mr. Stlah. Kelly Flynn. Sherry Miller. Sitting: Colleen Wartiank. Randy Cash. Janet Clark. Sutannc Shannon. Mike Foster. Margaret Lattln. Mark Neill. Jerry Sldenstlcker. Central Board is the students' voice in campus government. These dedicated students coordinate many of the campus activities and regulate the allocation of student funds. MIKE FOSTER 75-76 PRESIDENTMARK NEILL OUR NEW LEADER 76-77 27SPURS Spurs Is a sophomore women’s honorary organization. This year these girls worked many hours at football and basketball games, on money making projects, and at having fun. One of their major projects was to raise money for the Mick Corr family. A busy bunch! 28 Teri Bun. Vickie Lowell. Nancy Hufflne. Reene Hamer. Mary Lee. Melodce Adtlr. Berry Sportch. Loll Pcny. Fiane Perrovlch. Colleen Warhank. Glynls Lovell.Standing: Mona Molcnda. Unda Brewer. Deborah Seaman. Clarice Hetherington. Laurie Brincy. Sitting: Becky Watson. Deb Brooks. Annette Sbragla. Michele Ryan. Sheny Miller. Mn. Carmody. Front: Joan Me Ke then. Dixie Anderson. Terry Weber. Back row. left to right: Carole Strupp. Jancllc Thomas. Nanette Kicckbusch. Jill Cray, Linda Beck, Michele Ryan. Susan Foster. Susan Allhands. Lou Anne Hamack. Paulette Held. Fawn McKenzie. Linda Smith. Miki Ueda. Row 2. standing: Colette King. Patty Boylan, Lois Perry. Shirley Bartels. Janet Clark. Dalee Elser. Annette Sbcagia. Diane Petrovich. Mary Bolles. Third row: Joan McKcUten. Julie Cuzrcgan, Beth Nobles. Diane Hamilton. Barb Mogrcn. Carla Tanner. Rose Arnold, Trade Zeller. Mona Molenda. Front row: Debbie Keyser, Dixie Anderson. Linda Brewer. Vickie Lowell. Ida Wunderlich. Donna Grant. Becky Watson. HACANDAWS WOMEN INVOLVED IN CAMPUS LIFE30Back row. 1 to r: Judy Smith. Kriste Cota. Kathy Na»h. Third row: Karla Knox, Patti EUc. Jenelle Thomas. Second row: David Nash. Sarah Withers. From row: Hobart Blcglcr. Tim Barrett. Brad Thain. Bill Workman. 3132 I A AND ART CLUBStanding, left to right: Sherry Miller. Deb Brooks, Melody Shock. Juice Thornburg. Loren la Maxwell. Deb Seymour. Lynne VanDcRelt. Kim lllff. Renee Hamer. Sitting: Carey Co rum. Donna Seymour. Bonnie Bremer. Nancy Huffinc. Judy Jacobsen. Back row, I to r: Sherry Miller. Colleen Warhank, Julec Thornburg, Bonnie Bremer. Annette Sbragia. Kathy Robel. Carla Omsberg. Mary Lou Stish. Michelle Ryan. Lynne VanDeRIet. Paulette Held. Donna Grant. Dalce Elser. Barb Mogren. Suzanne Foster. Linda Beck. Lou Anne Hamack. Jill Gray. Diane Hamilton. Second row: Diane Petrovich. Kristi Jacobsen. Rose Arnold. Carolyn Monroe. Lois Perry. Betty Tash. Corrinne Welbom. Karla Knox. Kathy Klick. Judy Smith. Jenclle Thomas. Mclodcc Adslt. Kim lllff. Sherry Sonnenberg. Loren la Maxwell. Front row: Vickie Lowell. Dawn Baker, Miki Ueda. Anne Vcrbance. Margaret Dryden. Kim Wilcox, Brenda Waldcmar. Recne Hamer. Julie Dcschampi. Debbie Brooks. Beth Nobles. Debbie Talcott. PEMM AND WIA 33MUSIC CLUB, PEP BAND, Back. 1 to r: Pam Brown, Tom Thompiin, Steve Abramavage. Second row: Ron Thompjon. Diane Reweru. Debbie Keyset. Kathy Briney. Mildred Might. Front row: Mciodce Ovem. Susannc Shannon, Sandy Hale. Beth Noble . Back. 1 to r: Scott Paisly. Hal Spackman. Dave Hall. Second row: Debbie Keyser. Jill Gray. Nancy Ayer . Annette Sbragia. Ron Thompion. Third row: Carrie Spackman. Brenda Waldemar. Janet Clark. Front row: Dave lliff. Mike McGuire. Steve Abramavage. Mr. Widen.CHORALE; AND CHORUS Back row, 1 10 r: Diane Revert . Ron Thompton. Roben Palmer. Dave lllff, Mike Fo tcr. Linda Jonc . Brenda Watdemar. Tre Ccngcr. Second row: Laurie Simon. Jim Foster. Kim Wilcox. Suzanne Foticr. Carrie Spackman. Suian Allhand . Steve Abramavage. Debbie Keyset. Front row: Colleen Warhank, Beth Noble . Sandy Hale. Kathy Brlncy. Tom Thompton. Pam Brown. Back row. 1 to r: Jim Traveno. Jay Kraniz. Jim Massa. Ron Thompson. Dave Cloud. Steve Abramavage. Third row: Sandy Hale. Kim Wilcox. Lou Anne Hamack. Paulette Held. Terry Weber. Trade Zctlcr. Second row: Val Hanks. Nancy Grayson. Jean Poll. Elbe Coppln. Linda Jones. Kim lllff. Lois Perry. Debbie Keyter. Mildred Highi. Dixie Anderson. Front row: Mariam Moore. Lorenla Maxwell.GARGOYLES Back: Carole Strupp, Sherri Fox. Jeny Vandcrpan. Betty Bames. Suzanne f Shannon. Dorthy Caines, Mariam Moore. Front: Ron Thompson. David Ban-derlicr. Tom Thompson. 3637H-CLUB Left to right: Richard Hucke. Carry lanncrs. Shane Westfall. Michael Dry-den. Mick Collins. Ron White. Julian Brinson. Brian Weber. Rlkle Rewerts. Randy Cornwell. Glen Johnson. Dave lliff. William Woodford. Kurt Kegal. Brian Makl. Bill Mulvany. Shane Morris. 38KDPANDKZN Back: Sue Henderson. Shane Morris. Dr. Newlon, Loma Gabel. Nancy Fields. Barbara Wither . Steve Henderson. Janet Clark. Tres Genger, Mary Bolles. Kim Wilcox. Mike Foster. Suzanne Shannon. Front: Tim Ballwebcr. Becky Wauon. Patti Else. Judy Bandolier. Sharon Anderson. Eldora Rosling. Bcmle Rosling. Deb Seaman. Back: Jeanne Sidensticker. Miss McManus. Deb Seaman. Dalee Elser. Janet Clark. Mary Bolles. Barb Molgren, Nancy Ayres. Front: Linda Brewer. Mary Lee. Nancy Huffine. JoDel McPhee. Diane Petrovich. Vickie Lowell.CIRCLE K AND COMMUNITY SERVICE Back row, l to r: Tim Ballveber. Maty Ann Poiivlo, Dale Meyet, Dan O'Fallon, Greg Trcnary. Jim Valach. Steve Cottom, Mike Pickett and daughter. Shane Wectfall. Second row: Lynn Simon. Lori Simon, Valerie Pickett. Rochelle Stewart. Janine Kovacich. Mona Molenda. Jo Del McPhce. Laureen Link. Jeanne Ulrich, Tom Anderson. Sitting: Larry Chambers, Barb Mogrcn. Patty Westfall. Lealie William . Sandy Hale. Linda Jones. Vickie Pierce. David Grout.42 Betty Sporlch. Glynlt Lovell. Nancy Field . Mr . Hawkins. Dalec Elser. Hal Spackman.CHANTICLEERS AND WESCOLITE Dorothy Gaines. Mr . Brown. Glynls Lovell. Mitt McManus, Nancy Field . Mariam Moore, Leslie Dillingham. Loma Gabel. Wcscollic Advisor - Mrs. Brown Chinook and Wcscolitc Editor - Hal Spackman.ACTIVITIESA YEAR OF BEAUTY 4546HOMECOMING BEAUTIES 1. 1975 Homecoming Queen Diane Petrovich 2. Who? Me? 3. 1974 Miss Montana Diane Pacini 4. 1975 Runner-up Brenda Waldemar IHOMECOMING PARADE 1. Music Club Queen's Float 2. 1st place float - Freshman Class 3. 2nd place float - An Club 4. 3rd place float - Senior Class 5. KDP float 6. Spur Spirit 4849MISS WESTERN 1976 Miss Western 1976 Michele Loschesky L-r: Susan Monon. Vickie Lovell. MIc Loshcsky. DUnc Hamilton. Miriam Moore. Annette Sbragal.51 LTALENT SHOWCASEKIM GREMAUX RIDES OFF WITH RODEO QUEEN CROWN 1. Kim Gremaux, Miss Rodeo WMC 2. The Queen and her court 53 n FRESHMAN ORIENTATION AND TEAAUTUMN MELODRAMA AND VAUDEVILLE Three one-acts, barber shop quartets, dancing girls, and comedy acts were features of the fall quarter Gargoyle presentation. 1. Dark Doings at the Old Bar Room 2. Love Wilt Win 3. Henry's Mailorder Bride 55ARSENIC AND OLD LACE An old favorite was the Gargoyle's choice for a chilling evening in winter quarter. VERONICA '5 ROOM Murder on stage was convincingly portrayed in the tense, psychological spring quarter play. All 1975-76 theater productions were capably directed by Betty Barnet. 56INTRAMURAL HALLOWEEN PARTY 57THE FIRST CIRCLE K CHRISTMAS BALL5960 - 61WOODSTICK Woodstick Is the Music Club's annual production used to raise money for scholarships. Absolutely anything happens at Woodstick.THE DOWN-HOME ROCK CONCERT Tom Thompson staged a rock concert that provided some down-home entertainment to the large crowd of students who attended. Local musicians provided the music in this first of its kind concert. 64DEDICATED EDUCATORS END CAREERS Saga Foods hosted a retirement dinner in honor of four dedicated educators on the Montana scene. The retirees were Mrs. Almeda Brown, Mr. William Straugh, Mrs. Helen Struckman, and President James Short.Who's Who Timothy C. Ballweber, a Biology major from Hamilton, served as vice-president and representative-at-large for Central Board. Tim was also president of both Ski Club and KDP. He received a number of honorary scholarships during his years at Western and won two varsity wrestling letters. Tim worked as a laboratory assistant to the Biology Dept. Judy Bandclicr, an Elementary Education major from Dillon, is a former assistant editor of the CHINOOK. Judy was second runner-up and "Miss Congeniality" in the 1975 Miss Western Scholarship Pageant. Judy is a past vice-president of MEA and has been active In numerous other campus organizations and has received honorary scholarships. Leslie Dillingham has both Art and Elementary Education majors A graduate of Butte High, Leslie has been president of the WMC An Club and served as director of the Western An Gallery. She also performed with the WMC choir and was active in the Music Club. Mike J. (Mick) David, a Physial Education major from Walkerville, is a past member of Central Board and a two-time Frontier Conference wrestling champion. Mick has been active in a number of campus organizations and was a member of Central Board. He received a number of honorary scholarships and is a qualified AAU free-style referee for mat contests. Don Cooney, an Art major from Butte, has a number of an works on display in the WMC's An Gallery's permanent collection. Don, a U.S. Ari Force veteran, has received Advanced Honor Scholarships and has been active in Western’s Kappa Delta Pi honorary education society.Patti Anne Else, from Dillon, is a Mathematics major who has been active in many campus organizations. Patti was secretary of the Rodeo Club and vice-president of KZN. She earned honorary scholarships during her college years. Kelly Flynn, from Townsend, a Physical Education major, maintained a 4.0 GPA during his years at WMC. He was a recipient of numerous scholarship awards and was secretary for his Senior Class and served on Central Board. Kelly, a letterman in both track and basketball, was voted Frontier Conference Track Man of the Year. Karla Dee Knox, a Music and Physical Education major from Dell, was an outstanding member of the WMC Rodeo Club. Karla was both president and treasurer of Rodeo Club and was active in many other organizations. She was also a member of the women's basketball team and performed with the WMC Chorus and Chorale. Kevin Flynn, from Townsend, was a Mathematics and Physical Education major. Kevin, a honor roll student, received numerous scholarship awards and w s KDP’s "Man of the Year" for 1974 He excelled in track and served as statistician for WMC athletic teams. Debbie Duscherer, an Elementary Education major, with a music minor, from Tukwila, Washington was active in the WMC Music Club. Debbie was also a member of Spurs, AWS, KDP, and KZN.Tres Genger, from Fairfield, a Business and Physical Education major, was Senior Class President, and was voted to the All-Frontier Conference football team. Tres was a member of Western’s 1975 conference championship track squad and sang with both the WMC Chorus and Chorale. He also received the Advanced Honor Scholarship during his time at WMC. Linda Jo Hale Hansen, a Business and History major from Chester was a recipient of the Women of Western scholarship. Linda, an honor roll student, served as secretary for Inter Varsity and historian for Associated Women Students. John Hanson, an Industrial Arts major from White Sulphur Springs, won the 1975 Golden Hammer Award for being the outstanding IA major of the year. John is a past officer of the WMC IA Club and was a member of the team which won a national arc welding honor. Gary Lanners, a Great Falls Physical Education major, was voted to the All-Frontier Conference football team. Gary was also president of M-Club and sports editor of the CHINOOK. Susan Houtchens Henderson, an Elementary Education major from Missoula, served as historian for Western's KDP chapter. Susan has been an honor roll scholar at WMC and received honorary scholarship awards. She has been active in campus and community projects. 68Margaret Lattin, from East Helena Is a Mathematics major and a History minor. She is a former representative-at-large for Central Board. Margaret also played in Intramurals and was an Active member of KZN and AWS. Thomas Marino, an Art major from New York, has earned the appreciation of campus and community organizations for his position as stage lighting coordinator during the 1975-76 school year. Tom also served as staff photographer, art editor, and artist for the Chinook and the Wescolitc. Michael P. McGuire, a Music and Elementary Education major from Cascade. Montana was voted Western’s outstanding music student of 1974-75. Mike has been active in many campus organizations and served as President and Vice-President of the WMC Music Club. Melodee Overn, a Business and Music major from Kalispcll, has been active in music groups, dramatic productions, and intramural sports. Melodee has also been active in Western's KDP chapter and was treasurer of Pep Band. Donna Seymour, a Physical Education major from Shelby, was Western’s student representative to the Montana Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. Donna has earned a number of honorary scholarships and was President of PEMM Club and historian for the Spurs. Betti Christie, English major from Townsend, was Social Dance Director for Central Board for the 1975-76 school year. Betti, an honor roll student, was active in WIA, AWS, and Circle K.AWARDS 1. Business Award Melodee Ovem 2. Soroptomists An Award Dwight Lee 3. Journalism Awards Dalee Elser, Nancy Fields. Hal Spackman 4. Don Carl Memorial Mike Foster 5. Most Improved Club Pep Band (Ron Thompson - President) 6. Dufrcsne Scholarship Bonnie Bremer 7. Cobb Foundation Scholarship Susan Shannon 701. Jane Buttrey Memorial Sherry Miller 2. Zella Flores Cup Judith Bandelier 3. Music Awards 4. Music Award Tom Thompson 5. Honorary Education presentation Blanche McManus 6. Music Awards 71GOV. JUDGE VISITS WESTERN 7274 Dr. Richard Bowers Guest Speaker President. U of M7576 Dr. Bowers. Dr. Bandy, Dr. ShortSPORTS 77FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD WMC OPP WMC OPP 13 Ricks College 33 63 Northwest Nazarene 72 14 Fort Lewis 39 66 Northwest Nazarene 76 19 Carroll College 37 85 College of Great Falls 83 0 Montana Tech 14 90 College of Great Falls 90 6 Eastern Montana 13 75 Rocky Mountain College 60 35 Rocky Mountain College 6 66 Rocky Mountain College 65 8 Simon Fraser 36 59 Westminster College 66 20 Idaho State JV 27 61 Westminster College 72 13 Eastern Washington 33 68 Lewis and Clark State 87 80 Lewis and Clark State 78 57 Carroll College 65 Total offense 62 Eastern Montana 55 Total offense 79 Montana Tech 69 2,690 yds. 73 Lewis and Clark State 84 2.407 yds. 75 Lewis and Clark State 8C 70 Carroll College 61 Total points 68 College of Great Falls 7' Total points 105 Rocky Mountain College 6' 128 235 78 Northern Montana College 7 74 Eastern Montana College 7. TEAM LEADERS 64 Rocky Mountain College 84 Rushing Attempts Average Frontier Tourney: Total Yds. 60 Carroll College 58 Chambers 103 4.27 440 73 Eastern Montana College 84 Passing Attempts Total Yds. Buck 40 Completion Average 50ft 464 Number Receiving Attempts Total Yds Hannah 17 Average 24.3 414WRESTLING,, TRACK SCOREBOARD OVERALL RECORDS CONFERENCE MEET Mike Hawkins - 16- 6 Larry Chambers - 12- 7 Mick Davis - 10- 9 Wanen Gehrke - 7-10 Dave Hanson - 6-13 TEAM LEADERS TAKEDOWNS Mike Hawkins - 34 Charles Hanson - 33 ESCAPES Larry Chambers - 26 REVERSALS Mick Davis - 22 NEAR FALLS Mick Davis - 18 Mike Hawkins - 19 Tim Anderson - 2nd. pole vault Steve Buck - 5th, pole vault Bob Flynn - 1st, 100 yd. dash: 1st, 220 yd. d3sh Kelly Flynn - 1st, mile: 1st, 3-mile: 2nd, 880 Kevin Flynn - 2nd, mile: 3rd, 3-mile Marv Cebhart - 2nd, javelin TrcsGengcr - 4th, discus Mark McCormick - 2nd, discus: 5th, shot put Tim Mumion - 1st, 6-mile: 4th, 3-milc Elmer Musgrave - 1st, 440: 3rd, 330-ini. hurdles Jim Massa - 2nd, 440 Richard Hoehn - 3rd, mile Rick Rewerts - 1st. high jump: 5th, triple jump: 5th, 120-high hurdles Mark Rice - 1st, discus: 2nd. shot put Jim Oriel - 4th, 330-int. hurdles: 5th, long jump: 5th, 220 yd. dash Barry Wilson - 1st, 330-int. hurdles: 2nd, 100 yd. dash: 2nd, 220 yd. dash Roger Willhite - 3rd, 440 PINS Mike Hawkins - 87 975 FIGHTING BULLDOGS L-r. back row: Jay Andrew. Jim Oriel. Sun Coyle. Jim Traveno. Mike Copeland. Bill Brindley. Harv McDonald. Mark Rueda. Ken Canirell, Chris Creighton. Wayde Davis. Jay Krantz. Doug Gunderson. Randy Moan. Danny Lundstrum. Roger Willhite. Second row: Lane Riggs. Chris Sveia. Vince Crow. Mike Hawkins. Scon Hyatt. Scott Lambert. Ron Mahoney. Monte James. Jim Graham. Bob Pearson. Bill Allen. Paul Williams. Gordon Paske. Dan Lundstrom. Bruce Watters. Butch Hertslcy. Dick Tallent. Jim Peterson. Mike Reed. Third row: Dave Hall. Mike Clouner. Randy Cornwell. Rik Rewarts. Larry Chambers. Dave lllff. Bill Mulvaney. Mark Rice. Tres Gengcr. Rich Huckc. Cary Lanners. Mark Neill. Grant Gengcr. Shane Morris. Bill Woodford. Dan Evans. Steve Buck. Glen Johnson. Robin Palmer. Front row: Gary Milam. Dale Johnson. Mark McCormick. Mike Dryden. Daren Gunlock. Blake Larue. Greg Trenary. Shane Westfall. Bill Hannah. Brian Maki. Dan O'Fallon. Elmer Musgravc. Clarence Arnold. Curt Kegal. Jeff Buhmiller. Joe Bennett.BULLDOG HOOPSTERS Record 13-13 Statistics Team Leaders Scoring Ron White - 12.6 ppg Rebounding Ron White -8.7 rpg FG Percentage Ron White - 44.8°w FT Percentage Ernie Moore All- Conference 1st Team Ron White 2nd Team Terry Campillo (Honorable Mention - Ernie Moore 83L-r. standing: Steve Clausen. Dave Cloud. Ron Williams. Jim Grigg. Ron White. Julian Brinson. Mick Collins. Terry Campillo. Ernie Moore. Mike Pitman. Barry Wilson. Kneeling: Kim Anderson. Jim Con. Casey Kcltz, Godfrey Saunders. 8485GRAPPLERS TAKE HOME SECOND IN CONFERENCE L-r. (landing: Charlie Frey. Larry Chambers. Mike Davis. Mike Hawkins. Kneeling: WarTen Gehrke. Dale Johnson. Bruce Warren. Clarence Arnold. Charles Hanson. Dale Sumner. 8687WMC TRACK CHAMPS,. . .AGAIN 899091WILD AND WOOLLY WRANGLERS WMC RODEO 9293FOR THE CHEERLEADERS L-r: Carla Tanner. Paulette Held, Linda Beck. Susan Allhands. Mlkl Ueda. A CHEER95LADY BULLDOGS IN THERE ALL THE WAY L-r. standing: Lynne VandeRiei, Kim lliff. Bonnie Bremer. Kaihy Klick. Sherry Sonnenberg. Melodee Adsit. Miss Wallace. Kneeling: Julie Dcschamps. Lorenia Maxwell. Sherry Miller. Debbie Brooks. Juice Thornburg. Susie Simpson. 96WOMEN SPEEDSTERS WMC rnmn't track team, l-r: Becky We Inrich. Betty Tash. Bonnie Bremer. Debbie Brooks. Beth Nobles. Judy Jacobsen. Rccnc Hamer. Diane Mathem. Michele Ryan. Julie Deschamps. Sherry Miller. Becky Wcinrich, a Dillon 440 freshman sensation. broke the school record In the 440 and narrowly missed first place In the Northwest Collegiate Women's track meet.4 ' 1st team Frontier Conference, l-r: Bill Hannah. Elmer Musgrave. Rich Hucke. Mike Dry den. Mark Rice. 2nd team Frontier Conference, l-r: Gary lan-ners. Tret Gcnger. Daren Gunlock. Dan O'Fallon. 101 Frontier Conference wrestling champs, l-r: Larry Chambers. Coach Frey. Mike Hawkins.A QUICK LOOK A T THE YEAR 102103104105106108109MASTER OF SCIENCE IN EDUCATION GRADUATE STUDENTS Visvanathan Mudely Durbon. South Africa Wynn Stoke Salmon, Idaho Ron Bybee Dillon, Montana no Ill CLASSESSENIORS Sharon Anderson Twin Bridges Tim Ballweber Hamilton Judy Bandelier Dillon Mary Bolles Westby Bruce Brown Stevensville Dale Chamberlain Helena Fred Chouinard Butte Betti Christie Townsend Gary Clark Darby Donald Cooney Butte Cary Corum Ronan Michael J. Davis Walkerville Leslie Dillingham Butte Mary Ann Dingley Choteau 112Debbie Duchscherer Tukwila, Washington Paulette Eccleston Anaconda Patti Else Dillon William Fairweather, Jr. Anaconda Kelly Flynn Townsend Kevin Flynn Townsend Denny Gemmell Great Falls John Gutcheck Anaconda Daniel Haffey Anaconda Linda Jo Hansen Chester Susan Hayes Dillon Ted Hayes Dillon Stephen Henderson Stevensville Sue Henderson Missoula Rich Hucke Fallon, Nevada Judy Jacobsen Shelby 115Dennis Johnson St. Ignatius Shirley Johnson Charlo Michael A. Joronen Anaconda Connie Juden Cascade Colette King Missoula Karla Knox Dell Janet Kochis Hamilton Kathy Laden Dillon Gary Lanners Great Falls Margaret Lattin Helena Tony Laughlin Anaconda Loretta Lindsey Libby James McGraw Centerville Michael McGuire Cascade Thomas Marino Dillon Nancy Ncttik Dillon 116117Patricia L. Nord Deer Lodge Barbara Olson Milwaukee, Wisconsin Capri Orman Darby Melodee Overn Kalispell Sharon Ricks Anaconda Lance Robertson Dillon Bernard Rosling Twin Bridges Eldora Rosling Twin Bridges William Salmonsen Dillon Donna Seymour Shelby Shirley Sharar Butte Rick Skuletich Butte Mary Lou Stish Dillon Shari Thorsen Bemidji, Minn Becky Watson Ketchikan, Alaska Ron White Tacoma, Washington Barbara Withers Dillon Karen Zeni Missoula 119120JUNIORS Bruce Allen Helena Skip Archibald Helena Roger A meson Anaconda Nancy Ayers Fort Benton Linda Brewer Coffee Creek Julian Brinson Washington, D. C. George Brown Butte Larry Chambers Albany, Oregon Janet Clark Butte 121Milo Coladonato Missoula Mike Crosscr Dillon Joan Crowley Butte Pat Day Sheridan Dalee Elser Sheridan Nancy Fields Butte Mike Foster Townsend Loma Gabel Seattle, Washington Tres Gcnger Fairfield Donna Grant Hungry Horse Shirley Hill Butte Darrell Holland Drummond Monte James Albany, Oregon Nanette Kieckbusch Manhattan Phil Knapp Dillon Jaci Law Great Falls 123Dwighi Lee Belgrade Michel Loshesky Anaconda Jay McCurry Ringling Teresa Melenchek Sacramento, California Sherry Miller Plains Miriam Moore Dillon Elmer Musgrave Bend, Oregon Margaret Nelson Whitehall Dan O'Fallon Great Falls Carla Omsberg Cut Bank Watchara Pimprapaipom Los Angeles, California Mike Pitman Deer Lodge Greg Pusey Helena Mark Rice Missoula Deborah Seaman Fairfield Jeanne Seidensticker Dillon Susanne Shannon Fairfield Lori Simon Dillon Harry T. Smart, Jr. Missoula Debbie A. Smith Dillon Hal Spackman Drummond Wes Strasser Dillon James J. Valach Dillon Robert Vining Hamilton Andrea Wehler Dillon Corinne K. Welbom Dell Patty Westfall Salmon, Idaho Shane Westfall Salmon, Idaho Kim Wilcox Missoula 124125SOPHOMORES Kevin Anders Dillon Rose Arnold Boulder Val Balison Superior Shirley Bartel Hamilton Hobart Biegler Eureka Tim Biggs Superior Charles Bomhauser Melrose Kerry Boyd Silver Star Laurie Brincy Denton Steven Buck Choteau Teri Burt Whitehall Larry Caldwell Dillon 126Billie Marie Calcaterra Divide Steve Cayle Donalsonvilie, Georgia Stuart Cebulski Missoula Dave Cloud Whitefish Diane Connors Miles City Randy Cornwell Spokane Bill Drysdale Bozeman Nancy Grayson Dillon Reene Hamer Helena Valerie Hanks Missoula Mike Hawkins Spokane Nancy Huffine Belgrade Glen Johnson Superior Cun Kegel Fon Benton Mary Morris Lee Livingston Glynis Lovell Dillon 127Richard Ramondelli Yonkers, N.Y. Rikie Rewens Cut Bank Annette Sbragia Anaconda Jerry Seidensticker Dillon Vickie Lowell Stevcnsville James J. Massa Shingle Springs, Ca. Diane Mathem Ronan Michael Mickelson Anaconda Cary Milam Bigfork Barbara Mogren Anaconda Susan Morton St. Ignatius Doug Nolle Twin Bridges Marilyn A. Palmer Bridger Roben Palmer Joliet duRene Pcaden Corvallis Vickie Pearce Great Falls Bruce Petersen Dillon Diane Petrovich Anaconda Mike Pickett Anaconda Mary Ann Posivio St. Ignatius 128Peggy Seidcnsticker Dillon Lynn Simon Dillon Judy Smith Whitehall Linda Smith Hamilton Carrie Spackman Drummond Betty Sporich Dillon Deborah Stark Butte Carole Strupp Leodore, Id. Ronald Thompson Butte Miki Ueda Tokyo, Japan Rosy Wehler Dillon Jim Westwang Kalispell Leslie Williams Bozeman Bill Workman Eureka Bonnie Kay Worley Dillon Ida Wunderlich Eureka 129FRESHMEN Bill Allen Dillon Susan Allhands Alder Leroy Alt Roundup Dixie Anderson Arlee Tim Anderson Darby Tom Anderson Darby Jay Andrew Helena Randy Arbour Dillon Ronald Barker Dillon Linda Beck Twin Bridges Bill Brindley Winnett Paul Briney DentonDebbie Brooks Philipsburg Gail Bumgarner Divide Joe Burnett Redding. Calif. Rey Busch Hamilton Ken Bushnell Helena Tran Phu Chan Libby Bill Clark Charlo Amy Cooksey Dillon Mike Copeland Helena Steve Cottom Dillon Julie Deschamps Alberson Karen Engle Butte Jim Foster Townsend Suzan Foster Townsend Mike Gavin Stevensville Jim Graham Big Timber 131Julie Guszregan Sunburst Pete Habel Corvallis Diane Hamilton Poison John Hasenclever Hamilton Paulette Held Whitehall Michael Henthorn Big Timber Jeff Hibbert Kalis pell Sharon Holland Brewster, Wa. Kim Iliff Poison Linda Jones Melrose Laurie Keller Ennis Jackie Kcgal Fort Benton Debbie Keyser Florence Kathy Klick Simms Janine Kovacich Anaconda Satoru Kowada Los Angeles 132Jay Kraniz Ronan Scott Lambert Manhatten Michael Levy Philadelphia, Pa. Laureen Link Dillon Wes McAlphin -Poison Fawn McKenzie Eureka Margaret McNally Dillon Joni McKcthcn Bozeman Carol Martin Superior Laura Martin Dillon Richard Miller Denton Mona Molenda Hamilton Lorenia Maxwell Cordova. Alaska Beth Nobles Poison Karen Pate Robe ns, Idaho Roben Pearso" Absarokee 133Valerie Pickett Anaconda Randy Piper Dillon Faith Porter Thompson Falls Laura Richards Dillon Mark Rueda Fallon, Nevada Michele Ryan Great Falls Susie Simpson Florence Sherry Sonnenbcrg Hobson Rochelle Stewart Dillon Jeff Strickland Dallas, Texas Kathy Sullivan Charlo Khris Svela Sunburst Minaru Tada Tokyo, Japan Debbie Talcott Twin Bridges Richard Tallent Forsyth Carla Tanner Arlee Brad James Thain Three Forks Jcnelc Thomas Salmon, Idaho Julee Thornburg Albcrton Jim Traverso Deer Lodge Jeanne Ulrich Dillon Lynne Van de Rict Fairfield James Wagner Dillon Greg Weast Absarokee135136137139140WESTERN SALUTES THE YEARS; HAPPY BIRTHDA Y AMERICA! EmroKiAi. Staff op Tiik ‘ Klizahrtii M Snook. Marcia E. Thornton. Anna A Sicora. RubV E. Simpson. Vkrbna Likdfors. Mary M V. MaiMahon. Minnik li Bkcsoii.kin.(irgani ! Ai wa Earnest. nsan l S« - Bw Editor in Chief Literature . Athletics •• . Music Art - Ki asts Functions s Manager 141M2ADS 144CHINOOK BOOSTERS THE CLOTH SHOPPE 24 South Idaho Dillon, Montana COAST TO COAST Dillon, Montana STANDARD LUMBER COAL CO. 302 North Montana BEAVERHEAD DRY CLEANERS Dillon, Montana Dillon, Montana STEPHENS' GREENHOUSE FLORAL THE ESTABLISHMENT 31 South Idaho Dillon, Montana 508 Kentucky Avenue Dillon, Montana SEARS ROBERTS FOODS Dillon, Montana Dillon, Montana GRACIE'S NEW USED STORE 140 West Bannack MEGQUIER HARDWARE 120 North Montana Dillon, Montana Dillon, Montana DILLON CREAMERY LION'S DEN Dillon, Montana Dillon, Montana HAZEL'S STATE BAR DINING ROOM 26 South Montana Dillon, Montana Andrus Hotel Building Dillon, Montana HALE'S COLLEGE EXXON "DILLON ROTARY CLUB" Rotary International 646 South Atlantic Dillon, Montana CO-OP SUPPLY, INC. Dillon, Montana E$ER «F. 2 3ithi3n ;J.III j m ACCOMMODATIONS INCLUDE Attractive and Convenient Residence Halls Sixteen Modern Apartments for Married Students Dining Room Facilities Make Reservations Now By Writing Admissions Officer WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE U DILLON, MONTANA 59725A SPECIAL MESSAGE TO HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS INTERESTED IN TEACHING CAREERS . . . Western Montana College offers the following degrees' Associate of Arts (2 year) Associate of Science (2 year) Bachelor of Arts in English Bachelor of Arts in History Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (teach K-9) Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (teach 7-12) Master of Science in Education A Fifth year program for the professional teaching certificate OR, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN OTHER CAREERS, WESTERN OFFERS: • A two-yeor curriculum in Business Educotion • A two-yeor Generol College Course • One ond two-yeor Pre-Professionol courses preporing for entronce into professional schools ACCREDITATION Western Montana College is a member of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and the Association of State Colleges and Universities. Western Montana College is accredited by the Regents of the Montana University System and the Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools. For Information, Write to the Admissions Officer WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE Dillon, Montano 59725YEOLETOWNEINN PIZZAS GALORE! SNAPPY SERVICE Open Daily 7 A.M. to 11 P.M. Phone 683-4955 Dillon, Montana Delicatessen Items; Lunchmeat: Pop; Beer: Hot Sandwiches; Sundries; Fresh Fruits and Vegetables; Magazine Rack; Full Line of Groceries: Custom Meat Cutting and Locker Service. (Take me with you!) 163 Atlantic Dillon, Montana CRESTON MOTEL J.C. PENNEY GLENN and CAROL HEUER Owners AAA Approved Individual Air Conditioning and Heat.aDirect Dial Phones Courtesy Coffee, All Color T. V We Know What You're Looking for Shop Penney's in Dillon for Greatest Selections for More Great Buys Shop the J. C. Penney Catalog Phone 683-4371 Try Restin' at the Creston 335 S. Atlantic - DillonTHE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Serving Dillon and Southwestern Montana Since 1880 Affiliated with Northwest Bancorporation Member F.D.I.C. Dillon, MontanaSTATE BANK TRUST COMPANY Member of F.D.I.C. Dillon, Montana POWER FOR JOBS WHO'S TO PROVIDE IT? Without sufficient power, jobs vanish. That's one of the reasons why we're building generating capacity. Unless plants are on the line in time, the Northwest, including Montana, will be short of power. Future Montanans, like the 144,000 turning age 21 in this decade, will need power. We intend to meet our legal obligation to supply them and you. THE MONTANA POWER COMPANY 50SAFEWAY THE DILMART Since We're Neighbors Let's Be Friends Best of Luck to the Class of 1976 Shop at Safeway in Dillon, Montana GE Zenith RCA Dillon, Montana PETERSON DRUG LEONHARDT RANCH WEAR Home of the Famous Brands Dillon, Montana Where We Believe Service to Humanity Is the Best Work of Life 33 E. Helena Street — Dillon, Mt. 151PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY DR. R.D. ROMERS Dentist Phone 683 2671 Dillon, Montana DR. JOHN McCOLLUM Dentist Phone 683-5312 Dillon, Montana DR. E. D. EVANS Dentist Phone 683 4491 Dillon, Montana DR. R.J. ENGLISH Optometrist Phone 683-2611 Dillon, Montana DR. W. E. MONGER Osteopathic Physician Phone 683 4421 Dillon, Montana DR.J.C. LINDUSKA Dentist Phone 683-2861 Dillon, Montana 132PARISIAN CLEANERS ELIEL'S Free pickup and delivery Home of Dillon's Coin-op Dry Cleaning Center The Store of Your Choice Phone 683-2801 14 North Washington Dillon, Montana 2-14 North Idaho Dillon, Montana Phone 683 2305 MITCHELL DRUG Dillon, Montana DILLON PORTRAIT STUDIO QUALITY PRINTS Phone 683-2741 4 N. Washington St Dillon, Montana 153I HARDWARE "A Good Store In A Good Town" HARDWARE 36 North Idaho Dillon, Montana BEAVERHEAD BAR SUPPLY Bud — Oly- Great Falls All the Best ROYAL INN MOTEL, COFFEE SHOP AND LOUNGE 49 Rooms Bridal Suite Executive Suite OWEN ALLEN Manager GAILSAMARRA Restaurant Manager 154KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN THROCKMORTON'S Colonel Sanders' Recipe for Fast Takeout or Sit-in Service "It's Finger Lickin' Good" Also Serving Sandwiches Dillon, Montana GOOD LUCK SENIORS! Dillon, Montana SNEEDS Fishing, Hunting, Golfing, Boating, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Skiing, Tennis, Archery, Reloading, Ten Speed Bikes, Honda, Arctic Cat, Kawasaki Sales and Service Dillon, Montana 155MUTTHUTT If you don’t smoke... you’re a safer driver Campus Bookstore BETTY BARNES, Manager Ask about Farmers money-saving Non-Smoker Auto Package FARMERS' INSURANCE GROUP 33 N. Idaho — Phone 683 4522 DILLON OFFICE SUPPLY SUNDOWNER MOTEL 683 2375 500 N. Montana Street Dillon, Montana Queen Size Beds Air Conditioning Courtesy Coffee Direct Dial Phones Spacious Color T.V. BEAVERHEAD PRINTERS Free Continental Breakfast AAA Approved In Dillon it's the "Sundowner" — Comfort at its Best — ART and KARA OLIVIER —OwnersWMC BOOSTER CLUB During the past 18 years, the WMC Booster Club has been synonymous with the college's growth and progress. The club's contributions include over 450 freshman scholarships, valued in excess of $85,000. During the 1975-1976 academic term. Boosters awarded 65 grants in the amount of $200 each. Recipients, selected on the basis of leadership and scholastic excellence, are required to maintain above average grades throughout their scholarship year. The organization's membership roster, which includes citizens from all walks of life, now totals over 140, each of whom contributes financially to the annual scholarship and recruiting programs. Current club officers arc: Norm Stubbs, President: Jim Wilson, Vice President: Joe Lane, Treasurer: and Charles Stauffer, Secretary. Serving on the board of directors are Bob Harrison, Bob Romers, Bob Gerringa, Max Nicld, Henry Stish, Walt Albertson, Don Crosser, Cliff Henningsen, Don Peterson, B. W. Lodge, Dr. R. J. English, Rev. Keith Lokens-gard, Tom Delaney, Spence Hcgstad, Chuck Cook, Hal Lconhardt, George Nelson, Dick Jonascn, Ray Curtis, Larry Chaffin, Jack Lovell, and Joe Morstein. The membership roll, as of April 1, 1976, follows: Aitken Ski-doo A W Drive Inn Clay Anders C. R. Anderson Elsie Anderson Kenneth J. Bandelier Norm Banks Cliff Bay Beaverhead Laundry Beaverhead Bar Supply Arnold Benson Bill Bierrum, Jr. Big Sky Cinema Blum's Floral-Nursery Bostwick Truck Lines Dr. Robert Boyce Walter Brundage Almeda M. Brown Ed Cardwell Edward Cebull Tom Clemow Club Bar Coast-to-Coast Chuck Cook College Motors Co-op Supply Jim Corr Credit Bureau of Dillon Terry Cypher Darigold (Norm Stubbs) Stan Davison Tom Delaney Dillon Cable TV Dillon Disposal Dillon Jaycees Dillon Tribune Dillon Portrait Studio Dilmart Elliot Ford Sales Eliel's Edgar ''Bud” Ferris Dr. Robert English Edward A. Fisk First National Bank First National Insurance Franklin Truck Equip. John Garry W. G. Gilbert. Jr. Murray Grant Margaret Hagenbarth Hale's College Exxon Harding Hanson Ed Harding Bob Harrison Harvey Bros. Construction Dr. W. W. Hawkins Hazel's Larry Hickethier Hazelbaker Agency Richard Hilton Homestead House Frank Hull Isabella's Dick Johasen Dr. A. L. Jucrgens A1 Kajin KDBM Radio Bill Kearns M. H. King Co. Kiwanis Club Ralph Kneeland Les Kurtz Leonhardt Ranchwear Larry Link Lion's Den Bun Lodge Rev. Lokcnsgard George Lots Capt. Jim Lots M L Motel Georgia Mathews Dr. John McCollum Annie MacDonald Ralph McFadden Gene McKeever Blanche McManus Midi Mart Mitchell Drug Montana Motor Supply Montana Power John Morse, Jr. Mountain Bell George Nelson Dom Ori Evelyn Orr Cliff Owen Parisian Cleaners Paul's Chevrolet J. C. Penney Bob Peterson Peterson Drug Dale Pettit Petrolane Steclgas Paul Picton Marion Pyeatt Ted Renfro Robo Car Wash Roberts Foods Dr. Bob Romers Rowland-Thomas Royal Inn (Gail Samarac) Sacajawca Motel Safeway Stores Saga Foods 157Schulz, Davis and Warren Dan Scoit Scars Store Dr. John Scidcnsticker Dr. James Short Chris Small Max Nield Howard Smith Sneed's Cycle Sales Southmont Tractor Stamm Jewelers Standard Lumber State Bank Trust Co. State Bar Dining Room Charles Stauffer Henry Stish Stoltze Land Lumber Bill Straugh Keith Taylor Towne Inn Valley Motor Supply Veterinary Hospital Vivilante Electric Ron Wagner Dr. A. J. Wehler Williams Feed Mrs. Sam Wilkinson Ron Wirtz WMC Faculty Women Alan Zetlcr A W DRIVE IN AND DINE IN Snacks - Pizzas - Dinners BIG SKY CINEMA I II TWIN THEATRES Montana's Finest Rocking Chairs - Deluxe Snack Bar Phone 683-5751 for Orders to Go DESIGNED WITH YOU IN MINDCO-OP SUPPLY INC. Dealers in Dillon Petroleum Products Propane Tires Batteries Hardware Dillon, Montana STAMM JEWELERS VIGILANTE ELECTRIC SERVING SOUTHWESTERN MONTANA 225 E. Bannaclc Dillon, Montana W. F. KOENEKE HELEN KOENEKE Andrus Hotel Center Dillon, Montana 159THE ANACONDA COMPANY Anaconda 160 ANACONDA REDUCTION DEPARTMENT ANACONDA MONTANA  REPRINTED WITH PERMISSION OF THE MONTANA STOCKGROWERS ASSOCIATION, INC.WAITING FOR THE CHINOOK BY C.M. RUSSELL

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