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t temembe going uponthe beach and being chatmeduM thecolots andfotms ofa the shells. picked up many and put them In my pocket. When 1 got hone f could frnd nothing ihott had gotheted — nothing but someday, ugly shells, thence! learned that composition tuas mote impottant than the beauty ofr individual fatms to (fleet GmetSOn i2DfrMi b twttMtd'QMdsqueaMtsUab OtM fyptolH db. lk t e pe li d$ yow hrti tkb better. . . Wliab yow do (jOil, ot L $eb (fiuljy oh hrfc ? Up again yow shM neu be s ofroid of tutmUOk E e 6o 6 kk t kam hu.iM 's k oiJ6clg6 co pt6ke d class of topics, 0 6 01 of stetues. bi frhu} uJu 'h6e to see 0 (i 6 bat as uMos 6 goodhagedy. Ehi SO 78A book umA ii bwk . .EDITORIAL BOARD Barbara Briney, editor Miss Blanche McManus, advisor STAFF Evelyn Brandel Mary Alyce Devine Mary Drabbs Kim Nelson Sandy Hergett Dave Charlton Mary Ann Tower Sue Osborn Ann Sandstrom Rochelle Malloy Vicki Willis Lark Morris Judy Bandelier PHOTOGRAPHERS Dillon Portrait Studio Bridenstine Photography Mike Smith Bob Rase Pete Arnot 10PAIZrONE-: Byfmiences Activities: 1 tgaouS o en igetic actions: Liveliness.WALK EG MANKIND u UQOY 15With Friday night's Pep Rally, Western’s 1972 Homecoming was off to a fine start. The parade Saturday had a great turnout with the many colorful and imaginative floats designed by various clubs. The day was cold and gray, but our boys and the audience put up an enthusiastic battle against the rival. Carroll. 17HOMECOWN queen Eleven gracious coeds participated in the 1972 Homecoming Queen Activities. Delighted, smiling Arlene Bremer received top honors. The first runner-up title went to Lois Bradshaw. The candidates were: Arlene Bremer. Senior Class: Lois Bradshaw. Sophomore Class; Bonnie Patrick. Pemm Club; Char Ford. AWS; Judy Denny, Junior Class; Sandy Tash, Rodeo Club; Mary Nelson. Music Club; Rochelle Malloy. I.A. Club; Carolyn Crosser, "M" Club; Elaine Totten. Circle K; and Donna Burwell. Freshman Class. 18 I  DRAMA Tk GvJl Uv ikb Pteudtiuf Clip During the summer of 1972, the Gargoyle Club presented "The Girl in the Freudian Slip" by William F. Brown. It was also presented Autumn quarter with a change in cast. Vicky (Blunn) Gemmell was replaced by Mary Drabbs, and Craig Williams was replaced by Monty Hankinson. The action in this play represents the "insane" situation which results when a psychiatrist attempts to rid himself of an emotional attraction to a female patient through psycho-drama. Cast Dr. Dewey Maugham, a psychiatrist.......................John Musgrove Paula Maugham, his wife..................................Betty Barnes Leslie Maugham, their daughter...........................Vicky Blunn Mr. Wellman, a psychiatric patient.......................Craig Williams Dr. Alec Rice, another psychiatrist .........................John Ries Barbara Leonard, a former patient of Dr. Maugham .........Jean TarbetBetty Barnes, a local resident who has acted in several plays at WMC, was selected to participate in the Irene Rand Scholarship division of the Regional Festival of the American College Theatre at Ogden. Utah. She was one of six from the entire Rocky Mountain Region. 7fi Gta s Uenag u Tennessee Williams' "The Glass Menagerie" was again produced on Western’s stage for autumn entertainment. This production was in competition with several other productions throughout this region. Amanda. ex-Southern belle and deserted wife, nags her son. Tom, into inviting home a gentleman caller (Jim) for her shy. crippled daughter. Laura. After Amanda discovers that Jim is engaged, she argues with Tom. Tom leaves Amanda and Laura, who is unable to function except in the protection of her fragile world of glass, in St. Louis. Cost Amanda (the mother)......................................Betty Barnes Tom (her son)..................................... Mike Miller Laura (her daughter) .....................................Mary Drabbs Jim (the gentleman caller).....................John Musgrove Mike Millerou town The final endeavor of the year by the Gargoyles was the fine production of the play "Our Town.” A varied amount of talent and skills are needed to produce a play of outstanding portrayal. As such is seen in these pictures.23WANm RBGNS What better way is there to express the patriotic splendor of a nation than by the 1973 Miss Western Pageant under the theme of "Patriotic Fantasty." The celebration began with the evening gown competition. Leading the girls on the stage was Mary Rolandson. Following her were Amelia Redhorn. Patti Hale, Wanda Thumma, Dixie Tyler, Pam Lepley, Kristy Judd, Gail Evans, and Rochelle Malloy. Talent competition followed. Then, finally, the results. The Talent Trophy winner was Wanda Thumma. Miss Congeniality. as voted by the contestants, was Gail Evans. Tenseness blanketed the auditorium while the queen and her court were revealed. Third runner-up: Dixie Tyler. Second runner-up: Patti Hale. First runner-up: Rochelle Malloy. Beaming with surprise, Miss Wanda Thumma was crowned as the Miss Western choice for this patriotic fantasy. 4 2425BI AWE BM ZpINMBNr The 1972-1973 concert season introduced an exciting repertory of entertainment to WMC including chamber music, ballet, and opera. 27TUB GRASS ROOTS Local young people '7001" for the Grass Roots, a part of Western's "Big Name Entertainment" at the 1972 Homecoming. 28WMC Intercollegiate Rodeo 29The AJew Is But the Odd Ccmpj Tuu , Bach QumiSb Cm New Qumv Bcmv. OnjQy Night plOti v Odd fo New, Owtg COeep Put Night fo U uv, 30 3233os ufusUFB 35FOOTBALL Won 3 Lost 5 WMC OPP 3 Ricks College 6 7 Treasure Vally 26 16 Montana Tech 30 28 Eastern Montana 14 54 Rocky Mountain 15 7 Montana State JV 38 13 Carroll College 30 28 Snow College 7 38 WRESTLING BASKETBALL Won 16 Lost 12 WMC 55Westminster 69 E. Washington 77 Lewis-Clark 95Lewis-Clark 80 Westminister 71 Southern Utah 82Vaughn Realty 95 Vaughn Realty OPP. 77 75 71 77 99 99 75 75 WMC OPP. 39 U. of Montana 7 0 Utah State 47 21 Eastern 27 12 Montana 32 12 Mesa College 26 30 Snow College 26 30 Eastern Utah 18 18 Ricks 33 42 Rocky 13 9 Eastern 30 16 NWCC Powell 29 6 Ricks 40 39 Northern 15 15 Eastern 33 36 Northern 12 30 Rocky 24 95 College of Idaho 67 53 College of Idaho 60 96 Rocky 77 BASKETBALL 70Tech 75 Won 7 Lost 2 77 Carroll 65 63Rocky Mountain 70 WMC OPP. 70Rocky Mountain 79 90 Northern Montana 68 66 Flathead 44 77 Northern Montana 70 31 U. of Montana 33 80Tech 68 65 Carroll 26 92 Eastern Montana 100 27 Montana "A" 39 75 Northern Montana 86 80 Northern 31 78 Tech 70 62 Carroll 11 93 Carroll College 87 56 Rocky Mountain 20 111 Eastern Montana 87 52 Montana ‘‘B" 18 91 Eastern Montana 89 53 Dawson C.C. 33 77 Carroll College 70 NAIA Playoffs 91 Eastern Montana 89 83 Eastern Montana 91 76 Eastern Montana 77 39Front row. L. to Ft.: Tom Willis. Bill Hannah, Don Schumacher. Joe Markovich. Dennis Patton. Mike Sward, Keith Clawson. Terry Graham. Bil Schlepp. John Gonser. Kevin Fagerland. Keith Stansberry. Tony Ciapusci. Jon Konen. Sieve Skinner. Doug Miller. Coach Gene McKcever. Second row. Ed Warren. Dennis Penning, Blake Sevaistad. Dave Crenshaw. Brad Vming, Shayne Morns. A1 Cutler. Stan Svensrud. Harry Egan. Scott Cornell. Ty Cotton. Jin Davidson. Mike Battaida. Dan Eide. Ron Nau. Mike Dryden, Jerry Jette. Jim Corr Third row Lonnie Oakland. Dean Marquardt. Pat Washburn. Jack Rhodes. Mike Garrity. Ray Killian. LaVarr Ziegler. Richard Hucke. Ron Banks. Wayne Loeffler. Ted Richards. Al Hansen. George Hucke. John Van8urger. Bob Gonzales, Dennis Fisher. 4041Bosmmi- 42Left: Godfrey aims one for a score. Middle: Clint Rouse adds another point for Western. Right: Leroy Armstrong also adds a point on the scoreboard. Bottom: Mark Winans gets an easy one.WRESIUN Back ro-w. L to ft. Jeff Teague. Steve Rossberg, Tim Bailweber. Ron Banks. Mark Hansen, Dave Hartman. Dennis Decker. Front row. L. to ft: Dale Sumner. Chuck Evans. Coach Dennis Fisher. Miko Davis. Dennis Johnson. 444546Front row: Dan EkJe. Chuck Evans. Date Kreiger. Rick rtnand. Skip Butler. Loren Loo. Bill Muhraney. KeBy Anglin. Jim Cox. Back row:Julian Brinson III. Lyn Gallick. Grog Frost. Stove Ffost. Brian Webber. Terry Souhrada. Kelty Flynn. Jim Maghee. Terry Vanderpan. Algie Knutson. Gary Rankin. Mark Rice. Kent Paulson. George Lots. A7 48VOU mLL L. to R: Shelia Franey. Mary Curtis. Janet Stout. Bonnie Morrow. Diane Franklin. Jackie Taylor. Jody Jacobsen. Sberi Horstall. Dixie Tyter. WMC 15 15 MSU '•B" 8 7 WMC 10 12 MSU "A" 15 15 WMC 15 16 Carrol 8 14 WMC 15 15 Carrol 6 4 WMC 8 15 MSU "A" 15 13 WMC 15 15 MSU “A" 3 2 WMC 15 15 MSU ••B” 0 5 49 vmasncs 50Left: Sheri Horsfall trying to block a shot Right Dixie Tyler checks out an opponent. BAQKEmLL Top row: Janet Stout. Mary Curtis. Shelia Franey. Dixie Tyler. Pat Davis. Sheri Horsfall. Diane Franklin. Bottom row: Bonnie Morrow. Karen Nelson. Judy Jacobsen. Donna Seymore. 5152 53RjODGO t m 54ALL CONFERENCE. 56 GODFREY SAUNDERS First Team MARK W1NANS First Team JAMES ALLEN Honorable Mention LEROY ARMSTRONG Honorable Mention WA UOLLOFFAtfE William StraughJACK RHODES First Team BLAKE SELVALSTAD First Team RONNAU First Team TY COTTON Second Team KEITH STANSBERRY First Team AL CUTLER First Team BRADVINING First Team BOB GONZALEZ Second Team GEORGE HUCKE Second Team TONY CIAPUSCI Second Team JOE MARKOVICH Second Team 575859The intramural program this year was a great success. The program ranged from football to horse shoes. This year’s program had more students participating to make the program a very enjoyable one for everybody. 606163 IMBRfiAURALQWESCOUJB Standing. L. to R. Mrs. Brown (Advisor). Marian L oh man, Bonnie Morrow. Bdlle Heigh, Mary Curtis. Donna Mendenhall Behind table: Susie Osborn. Vicki Gemmeti. Mary Wehler Ragsdale. Citf Hoopes In forefront: Barb Briney. Sandy Hergett. Vicki Bowman. 66 Advisor (Mrs. Brown) and Editor (Marian L oh man) consult.WRA The Women's Recreation Association is open to all women students. Volleyball is one of many sports, which offers fun and competition. 67ART CLUB Viowing student art work Is President Kathy Madden and advisor Mr. Brienza. MEMBERS INCLUDE. From tett to right Oarling Belle Nokes. Kevin Haney. Mr. Brienza. Annette Blaskovich. Julie Eighorn. Kathy Madden, and Gary ClarkAll the women on the campus belong to this club The Members in the Picture are at Random: Lynn Enos. Betty Gonzales. Judy Paul. Barb Olson. Sue Seelye. Paulette Eccieston, Cindy Smith. Patti Haynes. Margaret Lattin. Mary Orabbs, Lark Morris. Mary Francisco. Karen Weber. Connie Juden. Loretta Lindsey. Linda Hale. Carey Corem. Patty Hale. Kathy Olson. Elaine Totten. Sharon Field. Laurie Schroeder. Gad Evans. Laurie Frey. Pat Lange. Rochelle Malloy. Ann Gehring. Lois Johnson. 8onnie Patrick. Mary Ann Oeltwo. JuUo Eighorn. Anette Blaskovich. Kelly Caliantine. Pam Lepley. Dorothy Rice. Char Jelinck. Linda Tellesch, Lois Bradshaw, Colette King. Sane Horgett. Shirley Tomaskie. Kathy Eder. Kathy Nietche. Patti Biggs. Janet Kochis. Judy Bandeiier. Amelia Red horn. Linda Osborne. Candi Lazzari. Linda Liddell. Ja nolle Schmidt, and Cassy McCurry ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS Dean ot Women and Advisor: Mrs. Carmody Officers of AWS are: T. to B: President — Gail Evans. Vice President — Patty Haynes. Secretary — Elaine Totten. Treasurer — Sharon Field. ICC Representative — Lois Johnson. Dear John Editors — Bonnie Patrick and Cindy Smith. 69Handing out annuals is a busy affair and here Ann Sandstrom keeps busy. CHINOOK SPIFF Miss McManus, our advisor, is willing to work along with the editor Barb Briney. 70 THE ANNUAL STAFF CONSISTS OF: From left to right, starting with the front row: Lark Morris. Evelyn Brandel. Rochelle Malloy. Mary Drabbs. Sand. Hergett. Judy Bandolier. Vicki Willis. Mary Ann Tower. Mike Smith. Denny Gemmell. Pote Arnot, Bob Rase. Tom Marino. Kim Nelson. Dave Charlton. Barb 8rmey. Pat Campbell (from publishing co.). and Miss McManus.Sealed. L. to R. Gary Rankin, Joan McDonald. Mike Miller. Mel Rice. Cliff Heuscber, lola Anglin. Jim Cox. Clint Rouse. Standing, L. lo R Carol Willis, Mr. Stisb, Wally Feldt. Dale Chamberlain. Karon Peierson. 71Front. L. to R.: Brian Webber, Bill Schlepp. Wally Fektt, Dale Krieger. Jim Cox, Dale Chamberlain Standing. L. to R Mike Miller, Terry lindgren, Gary Geobet, Terry Rosin, Chuck Evans. Tom Tucker. Elaine Totten. Kelly Anglin. Donald Myers. Steve Ophiem. Mike Sbragia, Bert Johnson. On stairs: Rusty Kmsoy. Guy Swanson. Steve Jones. Roger Pelletier.L. to R Jennifer Cuddy. Betty Barnes. John Musgrove. Chris Taylor. Denny Gemme«. Vicki Gemme WESTERN CHORALE Front row. L. to R Mr Leon Dillingham (director). Vicki Bowman. John Herr. Bil O'Connor. Rayleen Pike. Mary Nelson. Jess Cooksey. Mike Storage Socorro row. Rochelle Ma oy. Penny Pllgnm, Mike Miller. Terry Rosin. Linda Rosin. Carol Homan Mogey. Marvin Gebhardt Sack row: Debbie Duchscherer. Carol Sevaistad. Terry Hager man. Dale Chamberlain. Brenda Waklemar. Barry Naylor. Chuck Evans. Linda Osborne (accompanist)Room inspection. me mND UJ- civb Back row. L. to ft: Mrs Carmody. Sandi Hergett. Mary Ann Logan. Janet Koch s. Margaret Lattm, Dixie Tyler. Sharon. Dorothy Rice. Cathy Olson. Sitting. L. to ft: Lois Johnson. Elaine Totten. Linda Tollesch. Gail Evans. Colette King. Lark Morris Mr. Marinkovich is the advisor for the popular Handball Club on campus. 74IMDUSIRLAL ARjq CLUB IDS GROUP Stated. L. to R Joel Junt. Janet King. Walt Zumbrennan. Brother Lundgren (Director). Judy Tower. Beth Mike Striding. Elder Smith. Kathy Walker. Lots Bradshaw. Joyce Caldwell, and Sbrag.a Starring. L to R.: Linda Osborne. Sharon Sbragia. Sheryl Keller. Lemar Keiier. Wesley Scott, and Elder Thorntonfrom Lto R: Rtck Borden (Pros ). Pat Heaphy (Vice Pres ). Fred Searle (Historian). Gary Rankin. Chuck Evans. Gail Evans. 8arb Hartman Sfand'ng. front row: Sandy Felton Linda Lkfell. Anetto Blaskovich. Sandi Hergett. Rayleen Pike. Second row: Theresa Corey. Lucinda Sheldon. Linda Cotton Mary Curtis. Evelyn Brandei. Mary Ann Tower. Third row: Wesley Scott. Jennifer Cuddy (Sec.), Linda Rosin. Vk . Gemmell. Jut Eighorn, Heleen Omsburg Back row: Mel R ce. Dr Newton (Advisor), Teresa Heidi, Barb Briney. Chris Taytor. Standing from L to R Mike Cosby. Shayne Morns. Mark Hansen. Don Bartok. Jay Meyer. Chuck Evans. Herb Cooke. Ron White. Dave Cypher Sealed Janeiie Schmtot. Lark Morns. Mary Rymes, Carey Corum. Linda Jo HaJe. Mary Gebhardt. Char Jelinek. Bonnie PatrickKneeling from left lo right: Char Ford. Elaine Totten. Merle Nelson. Mary Drabbs. Judy Denny. Caryn Brand. Lois Bradshaw. Barb Hartman. Rochelle Malloy. Gail Evans, Cindy Smith, and Barb Briney. Second row, left to right: Mary Nelson. Sue Seelye. Helene Omsberg. Connie Else. Dana Pendleton. Lark Morris. Ann Gehring, Lucy Zarr. Mary Lou Stish. Back row from left to right: Bonnie Patrick. Sand Hergett, Patty Lange. Linda Rosin. Julie Eighorn. Sue Seyter. Joan Seyter and Wanda Thuma. kZN Officers from left to right: Char Ford — President Linda Rosin — President Linda Rosin— Treasurer Mary Nelson — Vice President Gail Evans — Secretary 77MUCtC CLUB T. to B.: Barry Naylor. Dr. Anderson. Dr. Davis. Rayteen Pike. Linda Osborne. Mike Sbragia. Bruce Brown. Bill O’Connor. Carla Knox. Nora Frank, Sharon Sbragia. Anette Blaskovich. Penny Pilgrim. Linda Rosin. Mike McGuire. Patty Haynes. Jim Cox. Chuck Evans. Judy Bandelier, Mary Ann Delwo, Mary Nelson. Mr. Dillingham. OUTSTANDING MUSIC STUDENTS: Rayleen Pike and Bob Young. MUSICAL GROUP — Camden: John L Dr. Anderson. Terry Hagerman. and CoxCHORUS Artv owerJSac):v,,La"ne McGheTkl00 Fk,kl PennV PilQrim. Card Sevaistad. Lorene Love«. Eileen Jellar. Candi Lazzart. Patti Hulet. r yfrinr, Mark R.r« Thirri mu! Rir !r,nn MArri -.r.' Kafen psterson. il O’Connor. Oxle Tyler. 8ert Johnson. Date Chamberlain. Molly Jakovac, Ann Gehnng. Mark Rice. Ttvrd row: Mel Rica. Jonn Nordhagen. Barry Naylor. Linda Rosin. Patty Haynes. Marv Gobhardt. Jess Cooksey. Mr DiHingham (direc- Front. L. to R.: Rayleen Pike ( rector president). Mary Rolandson. Pat Lange. Second row: Brenda Waidemar. Karla Know. Bruce Brown. Linda Osborne. Nora Frank. Third row: Jim Cox. Jerry Vanderpan. Judy Pauli. Mike Sbragia. Back row: Mary Nelson. Larry Busch. Mary Rymes. John Love. Mike McGuire. Terry Hagerman. Carla Wood.L. to Ft.: Gary Lanners. Wayne Leofller. Ed Benninger. Gary Rankin. AJ Cutter. Aigie Knutsen. Dale Kreiger. Brfl Schlepp. Kevin Fagerland. Tony Capucci. Scott Cornell. Ty Cotton. Dennis Patton. Dan Eide. Keith Stansberry. Jim Cox. Chuck Evans. Rick Evans. Rick Borden. Lynn Gallick. Kent Paulsen, George Hucke. UCLUB NEWMAN CLUB L toR. David Ugetti. Father Sullivan. Char Ford. Bill O'Connor. Connie Else. Charlie Nau. Carol Willis. Joan McDonald. Standing. Mke Manslield. 80Standing. L to R.: Sheri Horsfall. Pam Strupp. Colleen Daly. Bonnie PatncK. Cindy Smrth. Donna Mendenhall, Karen Nielsen. Pal Davis. Char Ford. Dixie Tyler Kneeling Jody Jacobsen. Janet Stool. Donna Seymour. Mary Curtis. Connie Else. Sandra Felton. Seated Pam Lepley. Donna Burweli. Gail Evans. Kathy Nietsche. Cindy SevaistadA cotortui bulletin board in the Mam Hall is the Rodeo Club bulletin board First row. from L. to R.: John Plister (President). Pat Peterson. Sandy Tash (Sec ). Georoe Hucke (Treasurer). Mr, Walters (Advisor). Emily Gehhng Tracy GrtoQ Rochelle MaHoy. Second row: Rob Iverson. John Bowman. Tom Bramiette, Sharon Tash, Patti Else. Peggy Hogan, and Mike Srrcth Third row. Casey Stout Kelty Barrett (Vice President), Gene Bohleen. Arnold Kimmerte, Jim McGraw, and Terry Duttey. 82Standing, L to R.: Shag Bostwck, Waller Harvey. Garth Block. Jim Lynch, Mr. Alme (Sponsor). John Walk . Pete Arnot. Steven Kuftner. Bob Rase. Bruce Brown. Ray Barnes. Rick Olson. Seated. Karon LeTempt. Cathy Wilson. Susan Cameron. Cindy Ulven, Robyn Walker. Ruth Barnes. Margo Walker, Jean Tarbet. John Cornish. Buying needed equipment Back row. L. to R.: Dr Zetler. Julie Eighorn. Judy Bandolier. Anette Blaskovich. Evelyn Brandel. Gail Evans. Terry Hetticfc. Darryl Omsberg Second row: Rochelle Malloy. Ann Gehring. Kathy Branaugh, Sandy Gerleman. Front: Teresa Heidt. Linda Liddell, Teresa Corey. Lucinda Sheldon. Janello SchrrwJt. 83 tn (5 (rsSpur Meeting with Sue Seetye (inset). SPURS Spur calendar ot campus activities in the sub. Seated. L to R Mary Drabbs, Lois Bradshaw. Lucy Zarr. Vicki Willis, Cathy Konen. Kathy Larkin. Caro) Willis. Bonnie Patrick. Joan McDonald. Standing. L. to R: Caryn Brand, Laurie Schroeder. Eileen Jellar. Mary Curtis — Jr. Adv., Sharon Field. Kathy 0)sen. Wanda Thumma. Cindy Smith. Lou Stish. Sue Seelye — Pres.. Barb Bnney — Jr. Adv. 8iVicky Gemmelt — Editor Mr Gosnell — Advisor SlUDENTMlEC Lett to right are: Janet Lokensgard. Gail Nelson. Jane Rhoades. Kathy Ray. Donna Egan. Kay Dunham. Marsha Fisher, Mary Ragsdale. Patty Ordish (President). Marlene Naylor. Kann Kimtxell. Tana Ctucas. Judy Levandoske. and Barb Hartman. 85PAR71W0: ike, Stages tkb Utkok nrt acted oAjjCUjS, kou pou ifrd' utoJd beWbujact o d eytey u d-WMii v, koupmuch d ! ; otfi l (jOUiS' tu% UlStecui off t Ids OWU 9394ike difficulty is that ifr not t ake, u U M ofr out ow s, but (pH Ud institutions Cbfaestdy t de , cwlkfaje to'0 ouASe ues t the 6v b useful ot M. . . 9596979899I I 102 D lJA UEC B. Cf-fORT Pte idetd ofr Wes£wi Ao dcui ' CoOfage,Dr. Stanley A. Grout Professor, Education Dean of EducationART Mr. Donald L. Walters Asst. Prof., Art Mr. James D. Corr Asst. Prof., Art Mr. Barney P. Brienza Instructor, Art 104 Dr. John C. Garry Professor, BusinessMr. C. R. Anderson Professor of Education EDUCATION Mr. Virgil F. Alme Asst. Prof., Education Dir., Admns. and Placement Mr. Arthur W. Hedge Asst. Prof., Education Dr. Kenneth R. Hunter Asst. Prof., Education 105EDUCATION Mrs. Helen M. Struckman Asst. Prof., Education Dr. Robert E. Newlon Asst. Prof.. Education Dr. Denton Nebeker Assoc. Prof., Education Dr. Alan G. Zetler Asst. Prof.. EducationMr. Lawrence Leith Asst. Prof., English Mr. Donald K. Gosnell Asst. Prof., English Mrs. Almeda Brown Asst. Prof., English Mr. Edward A. Cebull Assoc. Prof., English enough Mr. Joe C. Ryburn Asst. Prof., English 107VICTORY AND COOAL COBNCB Mr. Jerold Hilton Asst. Prof., Soc Sci. Mr. Daniel C. Scott Asst. Prof.. Ind. Arts tFJCVSraOLARJS 108 a Mr. Clayborn J. Anders Assoc. Prof., Ind. ArtsMr. Terrance R. Cypher Assoc. Prof., Math Mr. Gordon E. Bennett Asst. Prof., Mathematics mu Mr. Larry M. Hickethier Asst. Prof.. Math Mr. O. Leon Dillingham Asst. Prof., Music Dr. Lawerence Anderson Asst. Prof. Music Dr. Samuel E. Davis Assoc. Prof., Music 109Mr. George Marinkovich Instructor, P.E. Mr. David A. Gallagher Asst. Prof., P.E. and Soc. Sci. Miss Bonnie J. Sheriff Instructor. P.E. Mr. Dennis Fisher Instructor, P.E. maau- EDUOtrtON L. Miss Dona Wallace Asst. Prof., P.E. Mr. Donald F. Keltz Instructor. P.E. L. Mrs. Terry Stanisich Graduate Asst., P.E. Mr. Eugene R. McKeever Asst. Prof., P.E. inMr. Howard Smith Assoc. Prof.. Phys. Sci. 112 Dr. Daniel G. Block Assoc. Prof., Biol. Sci.Mrs. Betty Barnes Textbook Lib. Manager Mrs. Carlynne Blum Clerk. Library Mrs. Patricia Bristol Secretary. Placement Mrs. Carol Contway Clerk. Reg. Office Mr. Kenneth Cory Librarian Mrs. Barbara Edgar Secretary. Education Miss Louise Farris Secretary. Registrar Miss Virginia Gall Clerk. Business Office Mr. Harding Hanson Business Manager Mrs. Essie Later Sec., Financial Aid Mr. Larry Link Director, Financial Aid fl Mrs. Pat Matoon Clerk, Bus. Office Mrs. Marlene Hunt Clerk. Bus. Office Mrs. Patti Nau Clerk-Typist, Education Mr. Rodney Parker Assistant to Librarian Mrs. Elaine Peterson Clerk, Bus. Office Mr. Paul O. Picton Registrar Mrs. Frances Richardson Clerk, Bus. Office 114Mr. William Ridgeway Manager Food Service Mrs. Betty Spehar Clerk-Typist Reg. Oflice Mrs. Toni Sward Manager Campus Bookstore Mrs. Donna Rouse Secretary. Dean’s Office Mrs. Betty Shafer Asst, to Dean of Women Mr. Charles Stauffer Director of Information Mrs. Virginia Straugh Secretary. President Mrs. Mabel Williss Clerk-Typist Reg. Office Mr. Ray Worthington Asst. Business Manager 115jUp, great hope, ofy society is the individual! cliOAOcte . Changing Qtudent: One who studies: An attentive and systematic ohse ivet.LPaul Edwards Butte Walter Hansen Anaconda Amonette Herman Salmon. Idaho Ada Holt Deer Lodge 118 Joseph Johnson Baker ty4£7SE £ D SREB Bill Link Glendive 119 ITerry LincJgren. Vice President Sandy Fetlon. Secretary Mike Simonsen. President (Not Pictured) 120Don Bartak Chicago. Illinois Anetle Blaskovich Anaconda Evelyn Brandel Geraldine Barb Bnnoy Donton Bob Bristol Dillon Judy Brown Dillon Scott Cornell Augusta Mary Curtis Dillon AJ Cutler Butte Paul Culler Butte Colleen Daly Helena 137 39Pat Fitzpatrick Butte Char Ford 8oulder Mary Francisco Anaconda Oiano Franklm Lonepine Steve Frost Eureka Emily Gchnng Helena Sandra Gerleman Helena Grass Roots Concert 138Jim Harris Butte Dave Hartman Hamilton Barb Hartman Hamilton SandKS Hergett Laurel Molly Jakovac Salmon. Idaho Kim Kimmerte Great Falls Colette King Missoula Algie Knutson Roundup Mike Miller 140Mike longacre Townsend Gary Loeve Dillon Rochelle Malloy Black Eagle Jay Meyer Stovensvillo Jim McCauley Butte Art McLean Anaconda Donna Mendenhall Hamilton Bruce Millor Dillon 141Mike Miller Rains Lark Moms Corvallis Kim Nelson Worden . Mary Nelson Fort Benton Terry CXson Fort Shaw Heleen Omsberg Ollon Lloyd Omsborg Dillon Dennis Patton Salmon. Idaho Dana Pendteton Dillon 142 College Teachers of English ConventionBill Rouilber Si Ignatius Polo Sallo Anaconda Mike Sbragia Anaconda Janeile Schmidt Leadore. Idaho Don Schwegman DiBon Janet Stout Lake Blaine Kelly Taylor Fairview Dave Uggetti Butte Kathy Walker Cut Bank Mark Walker Dillon Sieve Wolstem Butte Carla Wood Galata Gerry Zarr Anaconda 143Bill Schlepp, Vice President Roger Pettier. President Kristi Judd. Secretary 144Don Abbey Oarby Annette Bechtok) Butte Fred Beyer Punxsulawney. Pennsylvania Patli Piggs Anaconda Lots Bradshaw Philipsburg Caryn Brand Deer Lodge Bruce Brown Stevensvilie Joyce Caldwell Sheridan Judy Carlson EnntsDate Chamberlain Helena Yvonne Conko Ronan Cathy Konen Mary Drabbs H.nsdale Carolyn Enzwerfer Choteau Sharon Field Groat Falls Norman Flamm Sheridan Laurie Frey St Ignatius Greg Frost Eureka Marvin Gebhardt Savage Denny Gommell Rayneslord Harold Gemmetl Raynesford John Gonser Great Falls U6Mr. Hilton Mark Hansen Dillon Patty Haynes Fairfield Clifford Heuschcr Browning Susan Hjort Medicine Lake Don Hunt Dillon Char Jehnek Coffee Creek Brian Johnson Victor Lois Johnson Philipsburg Patti Hale Fort Shaw 147Patricia Lange Stevensvilie Kathy Larkin Livingston Cindy Lattin Fort Benton Pam Leptey Fort Benton Wayne Loelfter Conrad Mike McGuire Cascade Karen Morrison Butte U9Steve Morton St. Ignatius Barry Naytor Baker Merle Nelson Fort Benton Karen Nielson White Sulphur Springs Bill O'Connor Livingston The Winning Side? Kathy Olson Fort Benton Steve Opheim Sun River 150Bonnie Patrick Gilford Penny Pilgrim Dillon Amelia Redhorn Browning Doug Ray Dillon Jim Sacry Whithaii Nancy Sacry Rexford Jan Sanders Shelby Bill Schelpp Conrad Laurie Schroeder Missoula Susan Seelye Kalispoil Susan Seyler Twin Bridges 151Keith Stansborry St. Helena. California Ed Struznik Butte Jacqueline Taylor Malta Linda Totiesch Cut Bank Cynthia Thomas Anaconda Beckyjo Thompson Ennis 152David Adkins Bonners Ferry. Idaho Andrew Andersen Dillon lola Anglin Tendoy, Idaho Ken Bailey White Sulphur Springs Lyla Baldridge Missoula John Bauman Victor Jack Beach Fallon. Nevada Ardis Bissell Fairtield Ray Blize Dillon Dennis Boehler Dillon Sharon Bond Butte Viki Bowman Great Falls 121Arlene Bremer Fairfield Anita Burch Dillon Alta Burrell Butte Larry Busch Poison Charles Camel Ronan David Charlton Roundup Sherry Chouinard Butte Bob Clucas Lima Theresa Corey Choteau John Cornish Dillon 22Vickie Cornish Dillon Floyd Darlington Ronan Donna Delaney Dillon Kathy Desy Great Falls Mary Alyce Devine Butte Dave Charlton Ty Cotton Harlowton Jim Cox Deer Park. Washington Dave Crenshaw St. Regis Jennifer Cuddy Thompson Falls Julie Dagnall Townsend 123Paulette Drozda Butte Craig Dubois Stanford Alyce Duncan Butte Craig Dunnam Terry Harry Egan Great Falls Mary Lou Gilman Great Falls Bob Patton, Jen Dodd, and Doug Patton 124 Thomas Estill AnacondaRoy Evans Butte Wally Feldt Dillon Don Felton Missoula Ron Felton Missoula Sandy Felton Missoula William Ferguson Edison, Georgia Colleen Finnegan Helena Donna Fouts Whitehall Karol Foyle Leadore. Idaho Marvin Furnandiz Jackson Fran Gardner Great Falls Vicki Gemmell Great Falls 125Marcia Gibson Twin Bridges William Gibson Twin Bridges Walter Glase Butte Bonita Gould Missoula Kathy Hamill Anaconda Maxine Hankins Fort Benton Susan Hardaway Great Falls Kay Harris St. Ignatius Roseann Hartford Anaconda Art Hartman Hamilton James Hartwick Butte Mildred Hayden Dillon i I t i 126Michael Heaphy Anaconda Teresa Heidt Butte Terry Hettick Butte Ellen Holton Dell Clifford Hoopes Butte Sheri Horsfall Anaconda Pat Hurley Helena Gail James Dillon Helenjean Jones Butte Sieve Jones. Bob Jacobi. Darling Nokes. Mary Moienda 127Louis Kimbrell Kahspell Lora Lee King Wise River Karen Knight Avon Ladonna Knoepfle Deer Lodge Alice Knor Dillon Kerry Koenig Dillon Jim Lane Helena Kathy Lane Fairfield Mary LaPalm Butte Max Lapham Jackson Tom Laughlin Anaconda Coleen Lazzari Butte t '1 i A 1 128  Linda Liddell Anaconda • Lyle Lilienthal Dillon Terry Joliet Lindgren Vicky Lodge Hamilton r Jim Mackedon Fallon, Nevada Tom Maurer Great Falls David Marsh Dillon 129Ken Masterson Hamilton William Mattioli Butte Jean McCormick Butte Brenda Morstein Dillon Carole Mougey Dillon Joseph Murphy Butte Helen Murray Anaconda Charles Myers Conrad Ron Nau Kalispell Cara Nelson Dillon Susan Olson Three Forks 130I i Bill Osborne Butte Lloyd Oster Victor Rayleen Pike Fairfield Vincent Quinlan Burke Mr. Gosned Lynn Realph Dillon Fred Rebish Dillon Rose Reilly Butte Mel Rice Missoula Eugene Richardson Medford, Massachusetts Ken Rickert Conrad 131Elizabeth Robinson Saint Mary Ruth Ann Robinson Jackson Nancy Rutten Fort Shaw Colleen Ryan Dillon Ann Sandstrom Bozeman Fred Searle Butte Sandra Sedaris Butte Blake Sevalstad Dillon Lucinda Shelden Helena Jan Silve Sheridan Dan Steiner Dillon Pam Strupp Leadore. Idaho 132Maureen Sullivan Butte Michael Sullivan Butte Robert Sward Kalispell Scott Sward Kalispell Chris Taylor Great Falls Pierre Tesson Dillon Terrill Todd Sheridan Judy Tower Auburn. California Mary Ann Tower Auburn, California Dixie Tyler Leadore, Idaho 133 1Michelle Vincent Butte Darla Walton Kalispell Karen Waters Manhattan Walter Waters Manhattan Doug Watson Deer Park, Washington Scott Whaley Townsend Nancy Williams Dillon Cathy Wilson Deer Lodge Helen Wooley Helena Bob Young Nampa, Idaho LaVarr Ziegler Salmon. Idaho 134 -ASSOCIATE 0FAR7S Donna Egan Great Falls Eileen Jellar Roundup Helen McDermott Anaconda Jane McGimpsey Denton Charles Nau Kalispell Harvey Peterson Poison Rosella Wallace Dillon Vicki Willis Kalispell Lucy Zarr Anaconda 35136 Jerry Zarr. President Rochelle Malloy. Secretary Denny Patton. Vice ProskJentA Machine Wanda Thumma Dillon Elaine Totten Salt Lake City. Utah Tom Tucker Stevensville Stan Wallace Drain. Oregon Ed Warren Great Falls Brian Weber Corvallis Karen Weber Deer Lodge Mark Williams Butte Greg Yeager Choteau Nadme Zaruba SprmgvWe. Iowa 153154 Jett Teague. President Cathy Nitsche. Secretary Rich Hinand. Vice PresidentKim Kimmerle and Rochelle Malloy Kelly Anglm Tendoy. Idaho Judy BandeliOf Dillon Ritchie Bowman Idaho Fails. Idaho Nate Ekumley White Bird, Idaho Donna Burnell Dillon Gary Clark Superior Keith Clawson Plentywood Carolyn Crosser Dillon Mike Davis WalkervWle 155 Mary Ann Dellwo Choteau Jerri Dodd DiBon Dettae Duchschoror Tukwila, Washington Paulette Eccleston Anaconda Patti Else Dillon Lynne Enos Kilgore. Idaho Gwyn Evans Browning Van Ewing Boulder Bill Fairweather Anaconda Kelty Flynn Townsend IKevin Flynn Townsend Nora Frank Kalispeii Karen Peterson. Gary Ftankin. Clint Rouse. Jim Cox. and Mel Rice Linda Halo Fort Shaw Bruce Hamma Brady Dee Ann Hawkins Dillon Joe Heaphy Anaconda Rick Hinand Hartowton Clarice Hethenngton Anaconda Peggy Hogan Dillon Gene Honey Darby Pattie Hulet Dillon 157Judy Jacobsen Shelby Bert Johnson Dillon Dennis Johnson St. Ignatius Connie Juden Cascade Frank Jury Conrad Susan Klemencic Great Falls Karla Knox Dell Janet Kochis Hamilton Kris Larson Portland. Oregon 158 Atlas UnknownMargaret Lattin Hetona Candi Lazzari Butte Leslie Listro Butte Mary Ann Logan Anaconda Ron White Tocoma Renee Maurer Great Falls Tom Marino Brooklyn, New York James McGraw Sand Coulee Marianna Molenda Hamilton Shayne Morris Corvallis Bill Muh aney Boulder Lorraine N»col Great Falls Mary Niland Anaconda Pat Nord Oeor Lodge John Nordhagen Choteau 159Glon Larum 160Don Schumacher Post Falls. Idaho Donna Seymour Shelby Mike Smith Great Falls Larry Stene Columbus Casey Stout Kahspell Jett Teague Baker Lyail Tosch Chotoau r- Luke Thompson Anaconda Shirley Tomaskie Helena Robert Vining Hamilton Brenda Watdemar Dillon Loren Wichman Moore 161Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Anglin, Tendoy, Idaho, are the parents of lola Anglin. With majors in English and history and a minor in physical education, lola has been active in Spurs, PEMM, WRA, AWS, and KZN. She has served on Central Board and is involved in the Rodeo Club. Charlo is the hometown of Rick Borden and his wife. Mary Pat. Rick has been active in baseball and is a member of M Club. He has served as president of Newman Club and Kappa Delta Pi. Rick has also received the Advanced Honor Scholarship. Jenifer Cuddy, from Thompson Falls, has been active in Spurs, KZN. Gargoyles, and Kappa Delta Pi. She has been a member of the Wescolite staff and has received the Advanced Honor Scholarship and the Elks Club Scholarship. Teresa Cory has majors in music and elementary education. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Chester Cory. Choteau. She is a member of Music Club, Kappa Delta Pi. KZN, and SEA. Theresa has also received the AAUW Scholarship, the Jane Buttrey Memorial, and the Trust Award. 164Mary Curtis has a double major in art and physical education and a minor in biology. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Curtis of Dillon. Mary is a member of WAR, KZN, Kappa Delta Pi, intercollegiate sports. PEMM club and Spurs. She is on the Wescolite staff and has received the Booster Club and Advanced Honor Scholarships. Mary Alyce Devine has a major in English and a minor in mathematics. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Jack Devine. Butte. Mary Alyce's activities include Wescolite staff member and Chinook editor. She has received the WMC Booster Scholarship and the journalism letter award. Mary Lou Gilman, from Great Falls, has majors in English and biology. She has been involved in Spurs. Biology Club. Central Board. KZN. and has been on the staffs of the Wescolite and the Chinook. Her awards include National Merit. PTA Scholarship, AAUW. and Advanced Honor Scholarships. Mr. and Mrs. Don Pouts, Whitehall. are the parents of Donna Fouts. Donna has been in Rodeo Club. KZN and AWS. Donna was the 1972 WMC Rodeo Queen. She has received the Advanced Honor Scholarships throughout her college years at Western. 165Terry Hagerman and his wife. Shirlee. are Helena natives. Terry has a music major and a business minor. He has recieved the Advanced Honor Scholarship for two years. Theresa Heidt is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Heidt. Butte. She is a member of Biology Club. SEA. AWS. and Kappa Delta Pi. Theresa has received the Biology Club Award. Freshman Chemistry Award. Booster Club Scholarship. and the University Honor Scholarships for four years. With majors in art and physical education, Maxine Hankins, from Fort Benton, is active in PEMM. KZN, WRA. Kappa Delta Pi. Spurs, and gymnastics. Maxine has been awarded the Cobb Foundation Scholarship and the Mary Baker Emerick Art Award. With a major in English and a minor in history, Marion Loh-man has completed four years of college credit in two years. She has served as the 1972 Wescolite editor and is a member of WRA. Kappa Delta Pi. and AWS. She has received the Advanced Honor Scholarship for two years. John Musgrove and his wife. Sue, are from White Sulphur Springs. He has an English major and an I.A. minor. He has been active in Gargoyles and the Wescolite staff and has received the Advanced Honor Scholarship. 166Rayleen Pike, from Fairfield, has majors in music and elementary education. She has been involved in Spurs. KZN, Kappa Delta Pi and Music Club. Rayleen is the recipient of Booster Club and Advanced Honor Scholarships, and the Outstanding Music Student Award. The current student body president, Mel Rice, from Missoula. has an I.A. major and a physical education minor. Mel is in I.A. Club and is also a member of Western’s basketball and track teams. A music major and business minor, Bob Young is from Deer Park, Washington. He has participated in Music Club. M Club and is a member of the track team. Bob is also the music director at Lima, Montana. Maureen Sullivan is the 1972 Miss Western Montana College. She has been in Spurs. WRA, KZN, PEMM, AWS, and has been a WMC cheerleader. Her majors are elementary education and physical education. Maureen is the recipient of the Faculty Women’s Scholarship. 167LYNN GALICK Conference Track Meet High Point Man DONNA FOUTS AND BONNIE GOULD Rodeo Awards 168 BARB BRINEY Journalism Award169 MARKWINANS Basketball AwardBARB BRINEY AAUW Scholarship Genevieve Albertson English Award TERRY TODD Rush Jordon Cup CAROLE MOUGEY Zella K. Flores Cup 170 LLOYD OSTER Golden Hammer Award STEVE FROST PDK Man of the Year AwardCINDY SMITH WMC Faculty Women's Scholarship KEVIN FLYNN Rotary Club Awardill!! Ado dtSUg: Th act ofy ccMUtg $o etku g t ike, xbt HjtiOib tkb pubfac.A SPECIAL MESSAGE TO HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS INTERESTED IN TEACHING CAREERS . .. WESTERN OFFERS THESE DEGREES: • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education This degree qualifies you to instruct kindergarten through ninth grades • Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education This degree qualifies you to teach grades seven through twelve • Master of Science in Education • A Fifth Year Program for the Professional Certificate • Bachelor of Arts in English and History OR, IF YOU ARE INTEREST INTERESTED IN OTHER CAREERS, WESTERN OFFERS: • A two-year curriculum in Business Education • A two-year General College Course • One and two-year Pre-Professional courses preparing for entrance into professional schools ACCREDITATION Western Montana College is a member of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and the Association of State Colleges and Universities. It is accredited by the Montana State Board of Education, ex-officio Regents of the Montana University System, the Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools, For Information, Write to the Admissions Officer WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE Dillon, Montana 59725vsr ACCOMMODATIONS INCLUDE Attractive and Convenient Residence Halls Sixteen Modern Apartments for Married Students Dining Room Facilities Make Reservations Now By Writing Admissions Officer WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE DILLON, MONTANA 59725WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE BOOSTER CLUB During the past 15 years, the WMC Booster Club has been synonomous with the college's growth and progress. The club's contributions include over 350 freshman scholarships, valued in excess of $70,000. During the 1972-73 academic term, Boosters awarded 40 grants in the amount of $200 each. Recipients, selected on the basis of leadership and scholastic excellence, are required to maintain above-average grades throughout their scholarship year. The organization's membership roster, which includes citizens from all walks of life, now totals over 120, each of whom contributes financially to the annual scholarship program. Current club officers are: Max Nield, president; Dr. R. D. Romers, vice-president; Joe Lane, treasurer; and Charles Stauffer, secretary. Serving on the board of directors are Bob Gerringa, Henry Stish, Walter Albertson, Don Crosser, Cliff Henningsen, Norm Stubbs, Bun Lodge, Dr. A. L. Juergens, Jim Wilson, John Morse, Don Peterson, Jim Corr, Bob Harrison, J. Lester Jones and Frank Hull. The membership roll, as of January I, 1973, follows: A W Drive Inn Beaverhead Bar Genevieve Albertson Beaverhead Printers Clay Anders Arnold Benson Ken Bandolier Dr. Robert Boyce Norm Banks Blacktail Wasteland Corp. Cliff Bay Bramsman Radio-TVWalter Brundage Tom Clemow Club Bar Coast-to-Coast College Motors Edward Cebull Chuck Cook Credit Bureau Crestpn Motel Club Royal Co-Op Supply Darigold Dillon Cable TV Dillon Disposal Dillon Portrait Dillon Tribune Samuel Davis Stanley Davison Lloyd Dougherty Dilmart Don's Office Mach. Hank Egan Eliel's Elliot Ford Dr. Robert English Bud Ferris First National Insurance First National Bank Saga Foods John Garry Dorothy Gelhaus W. G. Gilbert Stan Grout Harold Grogan Hale's Exxon Bob Harrison Harding Hanson Ed Harding Larry Hickethier Frank Hull Harvey Bros. Carl Hollensteiner Homestead House J. Lester Jones Lester T. Jones Dr. Juergens Kentucky Cash Ralph Kneeland Lion's Den Bun Lodge George Lots George Losleben Gene McKeever Dr. John McCollum Blanche McManus Georgia MathewsMont. Motor Supply Gile Mitchell Louie Molen Montana Power Mooney Trucking Mitchell Drug Dick Motta Mountain Bell John Morse Jr. Charles Murray Denton Nebeker Ned-Eva Lanes OK Tire Store Parisian Cleaners Paul's Chevrolet J. C. Penney Peterson Drug Peavey Company Tom Pierce Paris Robert Roberts Food Dr. Bob Romers Rowland-Thomas Robo Car Wash Joe C. Ryburn Royal Inn Cafe Schulz Davis Dan Scott Sears Store Safeway Store Dr. James Short Chris Small Dr. Seidensticker Howard Smith Sneed's Sporting Goods Standard Lumber State Bank Stamm Jewelers Charles Stauffer State Bar Henry Stish William Straugh Stephens Greenhouse Sundowner Motel Helen Struckman Keith Taylor Towne Inn Town Pump Valley Motor Veterinary Hospital Vigilante Electric Ron Wagner Warner Foods Williams Feed WMC Faculty Women Dr. A. J. Wehler 178Butte's Famous Meaderville Chicken Dinners Live Entertainment and Dancing Nitely KENTUCKY CASH MARKET . College people are always welcome here. 440 Kentucky Avenue Dillon, Montana Phone: 683-4955 Dillon, Montana (Take Me With You!) Steaks Seafood Dining Receptions Catering Sandy Keith — Host THE ACOMA SUPPER CLUB Broadway and Wyoming Uptown JCPenney We know what you’re looking for. Shop Penney's in Dillon for Greatest Selections For More Great Buys Shop the JCPenney Catalog Take out orders and Delivery Service Phone 792 8011TOWN PUMP PARISIAN CLEANERS GAS FOR LESS • V Sanitone Certified MasterDn cleaner - ------------- Dillon, Montano 14 No. Washington Free Pick-Up and Delivery Phone 683-2801 Home of Dillon's Coin-Op Drycleaning Center SKEET'S CAFE Dillon, Montana THROCKMORTON'S “Eat our For things past And things present And things yet to come. We thank you. Good Luck Seniors! Dillon, Montana 180SNEED'S fishing, hunting, golfing, boating, baseball, football, basketball, skiing, tennis, archery, reloading, ten speed bikes, honda, arctic cat, kawasaki sales and service Dillon, MontanaMontana's Finest Department Store Butte and Helena, Montana Call 723-5441 collect and order by phone from anywhere in Montana Monday thru Saturday MITCHELL DRUG Dillon, Montana SNAPPY SERVICE Open daily 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. delicatessen items; lunchmeat; pop; beer; hot sandwiches; sundries; fresh fruits and vegetables; locker service; magazine rack; full line of groceries 163 Atlantic Dillon, MontanaMUTT HUT CRESTON MOTEL Campus Bookstore Western Montana College TONI SWARD Manager Harry and Mary Anne Smart Owners 335 South Atlantic Dillon, Montana Congratulations Class of 73 "Your patronage is always appreciated" At THE DILMART Dillon, Montana STAMM JEWELERS W. F. Koeneke Helen Koeneke Andrus Hotel Corner Dillon, Montana 183ANTHONY'S The store for students 4 S. Idaho Street Dillon, Montana ELI EL'S 2-14 North Idaho Dillon, Montana Phone 683-2305 Compliments of OSSELLO'S Congratulating the Class of 1973 DILLON IMPLEMENT OK HARDWARE 926 So. Atlantic Butte, Montana HARDWARE 36 North Idaho Dillon, Montana 184PETERSON DRUG Dillon, Montana WHERE WE BELIEVE "Service to humanity i$ the best work of life" THE HOMESTEAD HOUSE Constantly Improving to Serve You Better Music — Records — Old Time Candle Shop Dillon, Montana ROBERT’S FOOD, INC. We encourage all people to support our college as . , . We believe—industry—commerce—government—art—the sciences—and all other professions, including our whole way of life, depend upon the quality of your education. 185 Dillon, MontanaWE PLEASE THE HARD TO PLEASE DILLON PORTRAIT BEAVERHEAD STUDIO LAUNDRY AND QUALITY PHOTOS DRY CLEANERS FIRST IN PERSONAL SERVICE Phone 683-5522 Phone 683-2741 4 N. Washington St. Dillon, Montano Dillon, Montana SAGA FOOD SERVICE Saga food service fakes this opportunity to thank Western's Food Service employees for their dedication WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE Bill Ridgway Food Service Director 184CO-OP SUPPLY INC. Dealers in Dillon Petroleum Products Propane Tires Batteries Hardware Dillon, Montana DILLON OFFICE SUPPLY Beaverhead Printers 224 South Montana Dillon, Montana TRIBUNE-EXAMINER Dillon's hometown newspaper — tuned to the WMC scene Good Luck to all of you! 187STATE BANK TRUST CO. uncv nc THURSDAY 0 ’ i in___ STATE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Your Friendly Home-Owned Bank of Dillon Member of F.D.I.C. Dillon, Montana BEAVERHEAD A W DRIVE-IN BAR SUPPLY Dillon Bottling Works AND DINE-IN ROOM Complete Supplies Steaks Bud — Oly — Schlitz — Chicken Great Falls Pizza All the Best Shrimp Call in orders welcome 683-5751 188 SUNDOWNER MOTEL STEPHENS GREENHOUSE FLORAL Teleflorist Corsages a Specialty Phone 683-2375 500 N. Montana Street Dillon, Montana Queen Size Beds Courtesy Coffee Spacious Direct Dial Phones Air Conditioning Color T.V. AAA Approved Phone 683-2694 In Dillon It's the "Sundowner" — Comfort at Its Best Glenn and Mary Crampton — owners 508 Kentucky Avenue ROYAL INN AND COFFEE SHOP Best Western Motel 35 rooms swimming pool color cable TV AAA approved Open daily 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Menu includes Peanut Butter Sandwich to Prime Rib 189 OWEN ALLEN, manager Banquet RoomCHINOOK BOOSTERS i LION'S DEN Dillon, Montana HALE'S COLLEGE EXXON 646 So. Atlantic Dillon, Montana DEE'S FABRICS 24 So. Idaho Dillon, Montana WESTERN AUTO CATALOG Order Center 20 E. Glendale Dillon, Montana WARNER'S FOOD STORE Dillon, Montana STANDARD LUMBER COAL CO. 302 N. Montana Dillon, Montana DILLON CREAMERY Dillon, Montana FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP Dillon, Montana "DILLON ROTARY CLUB" Rotary International STATE BAR DINING ROOM 26 So. Montana Dillon, Montana MEGQUIER HARDWARE 120 N. Montana Dillon, Montana McCRACKEN BROS. The Men's Store 22 N. Montana Dillon, Montana HAZEL'S Dillon, Montana 190THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Serving Dillon and Southwestern Montana Since 1880 Affiliated with Northwest Bancorporation Member FDIC Dillon, Montana PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY DR. R. D. ROMERS Dentist Phone 683-2671 Dillon, Montana DR. R. J. ENGLISH Optometrist Phone 683-2611 Dillon, Montana DR. E. D. EVANS Dentist Phone 683-4491 Dillon, Montana 191 DR. JOHN McCOLLUM Dentist Phone 683-5312 Dillon, Montana DR. J. C. LINDUSKA Dentist Phone 683-2861 Dillon, MontanaStraight Shootin' Sound records, tapes, stereos at discount prices How to gel the most out of your utility dollar Inflation is increasing the cost of supplying electricity and natural gas to consumers. But you can conserve these vital energy sources by following the useful suggestions found in a free booklet available at your local Montana'Power office. Montana Power Vat—A” Dillon, Montana CLUB ROYAL Your favorite mixed drinks, tap beer, game room, dancing and Friendly Atmosphere 192 IDEDICATION MISS GENEVIEVE ALBERTSON (1891-1973) This gracious lady devoted her life to teaching the youth of Montana. Beginning her teaching career in 1912. Miss Albertson taught on the elementary, secondary, and college levels until 1966, the last five years as Emeritus Professor of English. Language and literature combined to be her major interest and love, and she inspired hundreds — nay, thousands of students with her analyses and interpretations of life as depicted in her readings and based upon her own wide experience. She knew human nature; she respected and appreciated every human experience with humility and quiet understanding. She made the lives of her students richer and more meaningful because she shared her wealth with them all. Miss Genevieve Albertson truly embraced the world, and those who had been influenced by her teachings can now look forward to less rewarding days. It is to Miss Albertson's memory that this 1973 Chinook is dedicated.Tayj U'l r«. L • - nfs, -. np 4j'fyriO| ?rf» «r» r, t o T -T» •'» » » » ► Jt4 if »'» » »■ •i r jf tv » • |1 , f i L’ j- »r 11

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