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Those responsible for what is to be found herein Mary Alyce Devine, editor Barbara Briney, assistant editor Miss Blanche McManus, advisor Staff Evelyn Brandel Ann Sandstrom Mary Drabbs Susan Osborn Don Heuscher Nancy Rutten Mike Rea Mary Ann Tower Micheal Sheehan Craig Williams Advertising Crew Ann Sandstrom, business manager Craig Williams Mary Drabbs Elaine Totten Janet Sanders Lyla Baldridge Cindy Smith Kathy larken Paul Udall Photographers Denny Gemmell Dillon Portrait Studio Bridenstine PhotographyThe Beginning...................................4 The Involved...................................14 The Social.....................................40 The Die-hards..................................G6 The Registered ................................82 The Active....................................136 The Supporters................................164 The End.......................................184 3 Each man's life represents a road toward himself, an attempt at such a road, the intimation of a path. No man has ever been entirely and completely himself. Yet each one strives to become that — one in an awkward, the other in an intelligent way, each as best he can.6Each man carries the vestiges of his birth — the slime and eggshells of his primeval past — with him to the end of his days. 7■ 8Some never become human, remaining frog, lizard and ant. Some are human above the waist, fish below. Each represents a gamble on the part of nature in creation of the human. 9 ,» - .jWS i - zs r '+ %» 2n.« • £ • ’ ' 3a jHppj j?it' ? cV $tV St ?3 ’ 4 PU 1 « yr ?Tfj - . t_• •, 't |y 4MWe all share the same origin, our mothers; all of us come in at the same door. But each of us — experiments of the depths — strives toward his own destiny. n12 We can understand one another; but each of us is able to interpret himself. To himself alone. Hermann Hesse Demian 13uWork consists of whatever a body is obliged to do, and play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do. 15 Mark TwainWestern Places Nineteen An elementary major from Dillon, Joellen Johnson was the director of the 1971 Miss Western Scholarship Pageant. She has been a member of Spurs, KZN, and Art Club. Joellen has also been the recipient of Advanced Honor Scholarships. An excellent athlete, Dan Gilman of Missoula has been active in student government as well as in sports. Dan, a transfer student from Montana Tech, has served as student body president, been a member of Western's football team for two years and a member of the track team for one year. He has received the honor of All-Conference Football Player for four straight years including the year and a half he spent at Tech, and All-American honors for two years. Dan an industrial arts major and physical education minor, has received a football scholarship and is a member of "M" Club. Jennie Henry, a physical education major, takes an active part in Western. She is a member of KZN, WRA, AWS, PEMM Club and has been a member of Spurs. Jennie also served as vice-president of the Women's Recreation Association. Cathy Kuglin of Dillon is an elementary major with an art and English minor. She has been involved in AWS, PEMM Club and KZN, as well as being a member of the Westerners drill team. Cathy has been the recipient of the Booster Club Scholarship and two Advanced Honor Scholarships. Lynda Childers, of Galata, has spent much of her time working with the Student Education Association. During the 1970 SEA Convention she served as alternate vice-president. Lynda, an English major, has also worked as a reporter for the "Wesco-lite" and has been a member of the "Chinook" staff. 16Seniors In Who's Who Cynde Harlsell of Anaconda has been involved in various activities here at Western. She has taken an active part in intramurals, been a member of AWS and PEMM Club. Cynde also reigned as Western's 1970 Homecoming Queen. JoAnn Gygax, recipient of three Advanced Honor Scholarships, the Jane Buttery Memorial Scholarship and the Yokohama Officers' Wives Scholarship, has been very active during her college career. She served as student body president when a junior and as secretary to the student body president her senior year. )oAnn, a mathematics major, and a Spanish minor, is a member of AWS, SEA, WRA, Newman Club, Gargoyles and KZN. She has also been president and junior advisor of Spurs. Margaret Sietsema, an art major and music minor, served as the 1970-71 Pep Band director. She is a member of Art Club and Music Club. Margaret has received the 1971 Music Award and been the recipient of Advanced Honor Scholarships. Louise Schlegel, with a plan to complete college in a three-year period, has taken part in many campus activities. She has served as ICC representative for SEA, worked as a secretary in the Industrial Arts Department, and printed Miss Western Programs. Louise has been a member of Folk Club, AWS, Intramurals, SEA, Chanticleers and Music Club. She also was the recipient of the Booster Club Scholarship. Craig Williams is an English major from Helena. He has worked with the Chinook staff for three years, been a member of Central Board and worked as Business Manager. Craig is a member of SEA and has served as president of this organization. 17An outstanding scholar, Agnes Drake of Dillon is an English and business major. She is a member of SEA and Gargoyles. She played a part in the play "Everyman" and worked on the backstage crew for "The Glass Menagerie." Agnes has received three Advanced Honor Scholarships and the Genevieve Albertson English Award. Glen Larum, of Charlo, is the editor of the "Wescolite." An accomplished journalist, he has also been the editor of an underground newspaper called the "Redeye." Glen has represented the "Wescolite" at the Rocky Mountain Press Association Conventions and is an announcer for the local radio station, KDBM. He has also played baseball for Western. The recipient of two Advanced Honor Scholarships, Marcy Pendleton of Dillon is an elementary and social science major. Marcy, having a minor in art, has become involved in Art Club and is a member of SEA. NO PICTURE AVAILABLE Patti Rambo, an art major, is an excellent rodeoer. She is a member of AWS, Art Club and Rodeo Club. Patti has also served as president of the Rodeo Club. A former cheerleader for Western, Terri Hulet has been active behind the scenes of Homecoming activities as well as being the director of the 1972 Miss Western Pageant. A physical education major from Dillon, she is a member of WRA, PEMM Club and the gymnastics team. Terri was also a member of Spurs. 18 Kathy Donnelly, an elementary major and music minor, has been involved in organizations on campus as well as off campus. She has been a member of KZN and the gymnastic team and also a member of the LDS Institute and a teacher of ballet and gymnastics in Dillon. Kathy was a fourth runner-up for the title of Miss Western and third runner-up for the Beaverhead County Rodeo Queen. loan Delger of Townsend has been active in various clubs on campus. She has been a member of Ski Club. Folk Club, and Speech Club. She is presently a member of SEA, AWS, Gargoyles and Chanticleers, as well as being a charter member of Kappa Delta Pi Honorary, loan, and English major and art minor, has received the Advanced Honor Scholarship and AAUW Scholarship. She has reported for the "Wescolite," played minor parts in several plays and been a Miss Western candidate. Chuck Lucero, a physical education major and art minor from Great Falls, has been very active in sports. He has received the honor of All-Conference Football Player for three years, served as defensive co-captain of Western's team and been the recipient of football scholarships. He is a member of "M" Club and the Handball Club. Chuck also served as vice-president of his class during his junior and senior years and has been a member of Central Board. Recipient of the Miss Congeniality Trophy and third runner-up to Miss Western 1971, Kathy Brown has been an active member of many organizations on campus. She has been a member of Spurs and Ski Club and is in WRA, SEA, KZN and PEMM Club. Kathy, a Dillon native, has been working towards a double major in biological science and physical education. 19W'f ,AW8 22HAC AWS (Associated Women Students) is comprised of all women students on VVMC's Campus Pictured in the top picture opposite (starling at the front jnrl going right) are first Row: Kathy Larkin, Ann Geh-ring, Bov Malone, Pam Strupp, Jennie Henry, Laurie Schroeder, Kan Olson, .Mary Drat L s Second Row Ann Sandstrom, Rochelle Malloy, Barb Buker, Bonnie Patrick, Kathy langel. Sue Seeley, Cindy Smith, Linda Kjos, Karen Weber. Third Row: Sharon Field, Linda lidell, Jamelle Schmidt, Ausra Rudvalis, Myna Johnson, lulie Dagnall, Cindy Hart sell, JoAnn Gygax. Char lelinck, lois Bradshaw, Mary Nelson, fourth Row: Nadine Zaruba. Mrs. Carmody, Sue Osborn, Gail Ivans, Cary tn sveiler, Mary Carol laPalm, Yvonne Conko, Pam lepley, Colette King, lois Johnson, Karen Peterson, fifth Row: Amelia Rodhorn, Nancy lley, Lori Frey, Shirley Idleman (president), Patty Gilham, Kathy Fclsman, Donna Memdcnhall, Trudy Meyer, Max Hankins, Carol Dunbar, Joan MacDonald, Kathy Van Den Bos, Kristy Judd, Carol Kautzman and Linda Willoughby. AWS officers are Bev Malone (vice-president), Shirley Idleman (president), Pam Strupp (ICC and Dear lohn editor), Vicki Rraughton — not pictured— (secretary), at the MIAWS convention, which was held m Havre m Novemlier, Shirley was elected president and Pam was chosen secretary. len other girls attended the convention. House Affairs Committee (HAC) governs the girls' dorm. Members of HAC are Sheri Horsfall — president; lois Bradshaw, Cindy Smith, Mrs Carmody, Mary Carol laPalm. Standing: lois Johnson, Sandy Hergitt, Max Hankins, Trudy Meyer, Cindy Sheldon. 8ev Malone — secretary; and Linda Ducie.SEA SEA may be small but it is an active organization on our campus. Or. Zetler is the sponsor with Lucinda Sheldon serving as the groups president. Members pictured are: Darrell Omsburg, Theresa Corey, Kathy Branaugh, Sandy Gerleman, lX rothy McConnell, Teresa Heidt, Lucinda Sheldcn, and Debbie Pier. KZN Membership into Kappa eta Nu is based on scholastic achievement and campus involvement Members pictured above are: Back Row: Rayleen Pike, Susan Miller, Mary Curtis, Carole Homan, Maxine Hankins, Dana Pendleton, Bev .Malone, Linda Willoughby, Nancy Rutten, Charlene Ford, Susan Mackie. and Mary Lou Egan. From Row: Arlene Bremer, Connie Use, Barb Buker, Linda Ducie, Maureen Sullivan, Gail Evans, and Mary Nelson. 24Kappa Delta Pi Pictured above, are the charter members of Kappa Delta Pi, an Education Honorary for students with a J 00 or higher average. This is Kappa Delta Pi's first year on WMC's campus. Starting in the back row from the left the members are — Don Richardson. Rick Borden, Dr. Nebeker, Marlene Stonelake, Linda Reichle, Gail lames, Candace Estill, Addrion Leonard, Donna Fouts, Jennie Henry, Linda Liddell, Mary Bohna, and Dr Newlon. Seated: Joan Delger, Teresa Heidt, Mike Heaphy, and Martin Marshall Other members include Standing: Terrence Swanson, Lucinda Sheldon, Fred Searle, Lynn Realph, Cheryl Urick, Chris Taylor, Larry Mougey, Karen O'Farrell, Darrell Vallance, Susan Olsen, Rayleen Pike, Gary Rankin Seated, Back Row: Maxine Hankins, Dorothy Hogan, Rochelle Kenison, Alice Knorr, Carol McLaren. Second Row: Jennifer Cuddy, Julie Dagnall, Kathy Dcsi, Agnes Drake, Eva Graves, loAnn Gygax, Shirlee Hagerman first Row: Vicky Blunn, Alta Burrell, Larry Busch and Theresa Corey.Rodeo 26Club The WMC Rodeo Club is a very active group. Mr. Don Walters, known as "coach" to the group, is the sponsor. This year's officers are Pete Burwcll, president; Kelly Barrett, vice-president; Donna Fouts, secretary; and Brent Johnson, treasurer. Opposite Page Top Pictures: After Dillon's labor Day Rodeo, the Rodeo Club turned out in lull force to clean up the grounds. On the truck are Kelly Barrett, Pete Burwcll, Yvonne Conko. Donna Fouts, and Bonnie Could (below) Donn Short, lohn Pfister, Patty Short and Ruth Sprout. Members of Rodeo Club include: Standing: Pete Burwcll, Debbie Barrett, Ray Stocks, Brent Johnson, John Bauman, Ann Cehrmg. Doug Milliron, Molly Jakovac, lola Anglin, |ohn Pfister, Bonnie GoukJ. Seated- Patti Short, "Coach" Walters, Sam Short, Wayne fisc, Donn Short, Donna Fouts, Kelly Barrett, and Cmdy Doering ■ » JQtudent Wives, Art Club, And I.A. STUDENT WIVES (left to right) Mrs. Baker (from the Hobbio Shop), Mrs. Kelt (sponsor), Patti Ordish. Arlene McEnanev, and Patti Nau. Student Wives is an informal organization for all wives of students. In the picture, the members were getting a few tips from Mrs. Baker on making Easter egg trees and other Easter dec orations. ART CLUB (left to right) Mr. Brein a (sponsor), Ken Masterson (president). Keven Heaney, Carolyn Elliot, Alice Knorr, and Dana Pendleton. I.A. ClUB (left to right) Keven Heaney, |im Hartwick, Harold Clark, Mike Pickett, Mike Heaphy. Boyd Oster, Gene Posivio, |im Backstrom, and Mr. Scott (sponsor). 28Qpurs And Circle K Under the supervision of Miss Dona Wallace, and Mary Carol laPalm and Maxine Hankins as Junior Advisors, this years SPURS were (Halting at top of "5") Janice Stout, Susan Mackie, Gail Evans, Charlene Ford, Jane Pokornoski, Barb Buker, Cheryl Thompson, Susan Miller, Mary Carol LaPalm (Junior Advisor), Barb Briney, Patrice Whaley, Connie f Ise, Mary Curtis, Dana Pendleton and Evelyn Brandel. Mr. Leith was the Circle K sponsor this year with Terry Lindgren in the president's seat. Pictured members of Circle K. are: Standing: Mr. Leith, Chuck Poland, Bill Forrester, Richard Mathison, Terry Lindgren, Jim Cox, Chuck Evans, Jay .Meyer, Mike Sluagia, Mike Rae, and Wally Feldt. Seated: Brian Etchart, Mike Miller, Gary Geoble, Mike Simonson, Dave Cypher and Dale Chamberlain. 29Ski Club, Handball Club, "M" Club Ski Club members include: Wayne Allen, Ray Barnes, |eri Bleich, Bruce Brown, Ron Carden;ana, Paul Eblem, Norman Flamm, George Gemmcll, Harold Gemmell, Alan Gransburg, Sieve Kuffner, Margo lee, Haskell lobb, Dennis loveless, Jerry Meine, Jeff Michels, Bob Rase, Cathy Rebish, Polly Reinhardt, Don Richardson, Nancy Rutten, Dave Searle, Ruth Sproul, Mary lou Stish, Bill Walker, Robin Walker, Cheryl Urick, Jim Williams, .Mark Williams, and Cathy Wilson. Dr. Gober and Mr. Alme were the sponsors. Handball is one of the new sports found on our campus. The Handball Club is open to all who are interested in the game. This picture features a handball player in action on one of the handball courts. "M" Club Members from left to right are: Harlan Johnson, Dan Gilman, Jim Cox, Dennis Patton, Ty Cotton, Kent Paulson, Hoot Ziegler (Vice-Pres.), Ron Nau, Lyn Gallick, Chuck Evans, Gary Rankin and Bob Young "M" Club members are chosen through participation in athletic competition.PEMM Club, WRA PfMM stands for Physical Education Majors and Minors. Members pictured above are Back Row — Lett to Right: Trudy Meyer. Kneeling: Donna Milton, Janet Stout, Maxine Hankins, Sherrie Horsfall. Colleen Daly, Kathy Desy. Pat Davis, Charlene Ford, Connie Else, Ten Lee, and Gail Evans. Front Row: Bonnie Patrick. Amelia Redhorn, Jennie Henry, Kathy Felsman, Cindy Smith, Patty Wohler, Helen Hannon, Billi Heigh, and Mary Curtis. WRA (Women's Recreation Association) sponsors all of the girls intermural sports such as the volleyball, basketball and softball games. To belong to WRA each girl must participate in at least two intramural sports a year. WRA helps to provide a release for your pent-up energy. 31MEDICINE SHOW — (left to right) Jim Cox, Bob Young, Dr. Andersen, Terry Magerman, and Mr. Dillingham. 32Gargoyles (top to bottom) John Musgrovc — president, Rick Holton, Craig Williams. Chris Taylor, Agnes Drake, Mike Rea, Bobbea Prod, Zelda Holton, Vicki Blunn, lean Tarbet, and Mr. Ryburn — director. WMC BAND MEMBERS: Annette Bechtold, Terry Hagerman, Colleen Johnson, David LeVeque, Patricia lange, Kathleen langel. Mary Nelson. Merle Nelson, Karen Nielson, Raylecn Pike, Amelia Red horn, Michael Sbragia, Susan Seelye, .Margaret Sielsema, Cindy Smith, Becky-|o Thompson, Jerry Vanderpan, Terry Vanderpan, Carla Wood, Robert Young. WMC CHORALE MEMBERS: Vicki Bowman, Sharon Field, Carol Kautrman, Rochelle Malloy, Penny Pilgrim, Jean Tarbet, Mary Nelson, Rayleen Pike, Patty Wchler, Linda Willoughby, Jim Cox, Chuck Poland, Mike Sbragia, Jerry Vanderpan, Bob Young. Dale Chamberlain, Terry Hagerman, Mike Miller, Bill O'Connor, Terry Rosin. WMC CHORUS MEMBERS: Ron Banks, Carry Blaseg. Vicki Bowman, Evelyn 8randel, Cary Braughten. Judy Carlson, Dale Chamberlain. Theresa Corey, Jim Cox. Jim Dickinsen, Chuck Evans, Sharon Field, Terry Hagerman, Pat Haynes, Jan Hewitt, Darlene Jurcich, Carol Kaut man, Patty lange, Kathleen langel, David LeVeque, Tina LeVeque, Jackie lytton, Sandy lytton, Rochelle Malloy, Laurie McGhee, Mike Miller, Donna Mitton, lark Morris, Nanette Morton, Barry Naylor, Mary Nelson, Merle Nelson, Bill O'Connor, Susan Osborn, Bonnie Patrick, Karen Peterson, Rayleen Pike, Penny Pilgrim, Chuck Poland, Terry Rosin. Mike Sbragia, Denise Smith, Mike Strickling, Jean Tarbet, Trudy Trudgeon, Jerry Vanderpan, Patty Wehler. Karen Wet steon, Linda Willoughby, Chris Witschey, Bob Young 33Wescolite Spring quarter members of the Wescolite included: |ohn Mus-X'ove, luAnne Me Craw, Rochelle Kenison, Agnes Drake, Mary lou Egan, Peter Arnol, Glen larum, Margaret Stahl, Mary Bennetts, Mrs. Brown (sponsor), Susan Osborn, |an Hewitt, Don Hill, Dan Hanley, and Craig Williams. Glen and lohn, the Editor and Assistant Editor, are admiring the third-place trophy the Wescolite received for General Excellence in a Division III category at the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Press Association convention. Muse Gail lames, Mr. Gosnell, and Anita Burch reviewing the Muse. The Muse is compiled from works done by Western students. The Muse is Western's annual literary publication. 34Chinook This year's Chinook staff was headed by three eager beaver editors. Heading the ten-member staff were Mary Alyce Devine, Barbara Briney, and Evelyn Brandel. In the top picture the editors are deciding on the opening section pictures. The staff pictured (left to right) Mary Ann Tower, Dick Heuscher, Mike Rae, Ann Sandstrom, Miss McManus (sponsor), Mary Drabbs, Susan Osborn, Evelyn Brandel, Mary Alyce Devine, and Barb Briney. Mot Pictured: Michael Sheehan and Nancy Rutten. 35Publications Dinner At this year's Publication Dinner, Mr. Ralph McFadden was presented with the 1971 Chinook. The Chinook was dedicated to Mr. McFadden. Mary Alyce Devine, this year's editor and Mistress of Ceremonies, made the presentation. 36Christ Lives Within WMC Newman Club On Stairs (left to right) father O'Neill, lola Anglin, Carol Dunbar, Mrs. Hill. Don Hill. Back Row (left to right) Scott Whaley, Jane McGimpsey, Pat lynch, Dave Charlton. Harold Clark, and Rick Borden. Intervarsity Front Row (left to right) lanellc Schmidt, Carolyn Doten, Richard Mathison, "Butch" Hankins, lay Meyer. Second Row (lelt to right) Ann Gchring, Donna Milton, lark Morris, Colleen Fmmgan, Karen Rampy, .Mark Hansen. Third Row (left to right) Glen larum, Don Bartok, Ray Rannev and Mrs. (Mom) Bridenstein. 37Central Board Central Board is the main governing body of Western Montana College. It is comprised of fourteen members. Except for the four class officers, the members are chosen by the student body in two general elections — one in the spring and one in the fall. Serving on the board are the president, vice-president, secretary, nine represontatives-at-large, a business manager, and a social chairman. Central Board serves as the go-between for the students and the faculty. The 1971-72 officers were Dan Gilman — president; Tom Willis — vice-president; and JoAnn Gygax — secretary. Winter Quarter Joan McDonald served as secretary. Other members of the board were lola Anglin, Mary Lou Egan, Chuck Evans, Mark Shafer, Vicky Willis, Mike Miller, Jim Cox, Rick Borden, and Karin Rustvold. Craig Williams served as business manager and Dale Sprout was the social chairman. Dean Stish and Mr. Hickethier served as faculty advisors to the group. 38ICC The Inter Club Council consists of elected representatives from all campus organizations. The main objective of this council is to develop better communications among the numerous campus groups. ICC is headed by Central Board's vice-president. This year the office was held by Tom Willis. Members of ICC were Ann Geh-ring, Janet Hewitt, lane McGimpsey, Linda Liddell, Pam Strupp, Susan Miller, He-leen Hildreth, Kelly Barrett, Gene Posivio, Mary Nelson, Patti Wehler, and Chuck Poland.40The extra calories needed for one hour of intense physical activity would be completely met by eating one oyster cracker or one half of a salted peanut. 41 F. G. BenedictHomecoming DrawsEnthusiastic Crowds Saturday's events began with the parade in which creativity was apparent in the various floats. The day was cold but the Bulldogs still fought as hard as they could to win the football game that day. Unfortunately the opponent, Montana Tech, fought a little harder. 43Eleven charming young ladies vied for the position of reigning over Homecoming activities. Receiving the honor was lola Anglin with Sandi Felton as runner-up. The eleven were: lola Anglin, Circle K; Sandi Felton, Music Club; Sue Mackie, AWS; Bonnie Gould, Rodeo Club; Connie Else, I.A. Club; Elaine Totten, Freshman Class; Carol Dunbar, Newman Club; Karin Rustvold, Junior Class; Connie Huf-field. Sophomore Class; Polly Reinhart, Senior Class; and Eileen Jeller, "M" Club. lola Reigns As 441971 Homecoming QueenEntertainment Scene At Western Entertainment came to Western in various forms this year. A few are presented here, including: Punch, Mason Proffitt, The People Tree, and Daddy Cool. 46Wide And VariedDuring the summer the Gargoyle Club presented the play "Late Love." The action of this comedy takes place in the living room of the Colby home in Connecticut. It was a Sunday afternoon early in September when the group came together in the Colby home. CAST Billy Gordon....... Matthew Anderson .. Sarah.............. Graham Colby....... Mrs. Colby......... Constance Warburton Janet Colby........ .. .Gerald Parson .. .Dave Bennetts ---Bobbea Proff .. John Musgrove ....Betty Barnes Bertha Gay Court ... .Zelda Holton 48Tennessee Williams, the author of the "Glass Menagerie" is well known for his use of the hard-luck tale. This play is no exception. Amanda, trying to raise her children after her husband has deserted them, feels that the time has come for Laura to have gentlemen callers. Laura is a cripple who is completely obsessed with her glass animals and has come to accept the way of life she is living. Tom, after much nagging brings a friend home from the factory. But this friend is engaged to be married. The play ends where it began, in an alley in St. Louis. Now only Laura and her mother live in this run-down hotel; Tom is gone. CAST The Mother (Amanda)...........................Betty Barnes Her Son (Tom)..................................Mike Miller Her Daughter (Laura)..........................lorna Gabel The Gentleman Caller (Jim)............John Musgrove 49MacBeth, the ill-fated noble, finds that his destiny is foreseen by the three Weird Sisters. Prophecy leads him to become the Thane of Clamis, Thane of Cawdor and finally the King of Scotland. With the prompting of his wife, MacBeth succeeds in securing his final title through murder. King Duncan and MacBeth's true friend Banquo must be eliminated. Murder does not end here but continues with the merciless killing of Lady MacDuff and her daughter. Malcolm, the rightful heir to the throne, has fled, as well as his brother Donalbain, in fear of being accused of the murder of their father. Madness finally takes the life of Lady MacBeth as MacDuff, who has come to avenge the death of Duncan, takes the life of MacBeth. 50CAST Duncan, King of Scotland.......................... Malcolm, His son.................................. Donalbain, His son................................ MacBeth, General of the king's army............... Banquo, General of the king's army ............... MacDuff, Nobleman of Scotland .................... Lennox, Nobleman of Scotland ..:.................. Ross, Nobleman of Scotland........................ Menteith, Nobleman of Scotland.................... Angus, Nobleman of Scotland....................... Caithness, Nobleman of Scotland................... Fleance, son to Banquo............................ Siward, Earl of Northumberland General of the English forces................... Young Siward, His son............................. Seyton, an officer attending on MacBeth .......... Girl, Daughter to MacDuff......................... A Sergeant........................................ A Porter.......................................... An Old Man ....................................... Messenger ........................................ A Scotch Doctor................................... Gentlewoman Attending on Lady MacBeth............. The Weird Sisters................................. Hecate............................................ Ladies of the Court............................... Lady MacBeth ..................................... Lady MacDuff...................................... ...................DON WALTERS ....................GLEN LARUM ...................HEIDI GOBER ...........RICHARD HOLTON .................DENNY GEMMELL ................JOHN MUSGROVE ........... WILLIAM C. FERGUSON ................. PETER ARNOT .................WAYNE MEUCHEL .....................MICHEAL REA ..............NORM CASAGRANDA ..................HEIDI WALTERS .......................DON EKERT ...............MONTY HANKINSON .................KEN MASTERSON ...:.................RUTH DAVIS ......................PAT SEYLER ...............MONTY HANKINSON ......................PAT SEYLER ................HAROLD GEMMELL .................WALLACE GOBER ................POLLY BRAMLETTE .......BETTY BARNES, VICKY BLUNN, CHRIS TAYLOR ................POLLY BRAMLETTE . LYNDA CHILDERS, POLLY BRAMLETTE, MARY ALYCE DEVINE, JENNIFER CUDDY .....................JEAN TARBET .................MARY LOU EGAN"Everyman" is a 15th century morality play which centers around Everyman, who is called to his final reckoning before he has time to prepare himself. In trying to persuade his many friends such as fellowship, kindred and cousin, goods, knowledge, five wits, strength, discretion and beauty to journey to death with him he fails. The only one who can redeem him is his good deeds. After this play was presented on stage at Western, Mr. Ryburn and the cast went on tour to various churches in neighboring cities, where the play was received with much acclaim and praise.CAST Messenger...........................................................Wallace Gober God..................................................................Edward Cebull Death........................................................John Musgrove Everyman .......................................................Rick Holten Fellowship............................................................Denny Gemmell Kindred...................................................... Chris Taylor Cousin.............................................................Jennifer Cuddy Maid...................................................................Fran Gardner Goods.................................................................Betty Barnes Good Deeds......................................................Agnes Drake Knowledge..............................................................Jean Tarbet Confession............................................................Craig Williams Discretion ...............................................Mary Carol LaPalm Strength..........................................................Mike Rea Five Wits.............................................................Vicky Blunn Beauty...................................................Darling Belle Nokes Angel..................................................................Anne McCoy 53Classes Are A DailyRoutine At Western mmm i f 55Blood-drawing, M Day And Spurs-M-Club GameContinue To Show Spirit Of Western 57The big circus begins with the parade of contestants. Moving along in the circus the contestants present themselves in evening gown competition. Leading the parade is Elaine Totten, followed in order by Judy Denny Maureen Sullivan, Sandy Felton, Donna Touts, Cindy Smith and Maxine Hankins. Talent competition is followed by swimsuit competition. And finally, the results. Pausing for a moment before the announcement of the results, the contestants take the time to present Sue Hardaway, co-chairman of the pageant with a red rose from each of them. Announcement of the winner of the Talent Trophy comes in the form of the name Maureen Sullivan. Miss Congeniality, as chosen by her fellow contestants is awarded to Cindy Smith. Finally the tenseness of the audience is felt as ring-leader, Glen larum announces the final results. Third runner-up: Maxine Hankins. Second runner-up: Elaine Totten. First runner-up: Sandy Felton. And finally drawing the big circus to a climax and a close. Miss Western 1972: Maureen Sullivan. 5859The talent portion of the Miss Western Pageant is an important factor in deciding who will become the new Miss Western. This competition is worth 50% of the total evaluation of the contestants. In portraying the ever-loved character of Huck from the American classic Huckleberry Finn by Mark I wain, Judy Denny relates some of Huck's feelings before running away. The accordian, an instrument well known in the old time beer parlors is brought to life again as Cindy Smith plays "The Village Tavern Polka." An artist in many ways, Maxine Hankins presents one of her talents in the form of painting and sculpture. People make up the bulk of the subject matter brought forth in her work. Maureen Sullivan portrays the growing insanity of a woman confined to her dark, empty cell in prison. Emotion-packed is one description of "The Button." Performing to the rhythm of "Iron Butterfly" Elaine Totten exhibits her gymnastic skills on the uneven parallel bars. Sandy Felton, combining her acting and singing skills brings forth some of the stamina which dwells within the soul of Molly Brown as she says "I Ain't Down Yet." Donna Fouts presents the dramatic soliloquy of the ill-fated lover, Juliet, from the Shakespearean tragedy Romeo and Juliet. 6061Agnes Drake Zella K. Flores Cup Maxine Hankins Cobb Foundation Scholarship Mary Baker Emerick Art Award 62 Awards Presented To Outstanding Students Marshall Martin Rush Jordon Cup Theresa Corey AAUW Scholarship Jane Buttrey Memorial Trust AwardAnita Burch Genevieve Albertson English Award Maureen Sullivan WMC Faculty Women's Scholarship Sandy Felton Montana PTA Scholarship Dave Cypher PDK Man of the Year Award Charlene Ford Montana Federation of Women's Clubs Scholarship 63First Liberal Arts Degrees 64 Presented At Seventy-fifth Commencement The seventy-fifth annual commencement at Western Montana College was the scene of the first awarding of the liberal arts degree. The first ones to receive this new addition to the curriculum were Gary Corkins and Jeanette Nicholos. Commencement speaker was a former graduate of Western, "Knute" Knudsen. Following the ceremonies the induction of two Western girls took place. Being inducted into the Women's Army Corps are Jennie Henry and Cheryl Ur-ick.The question is not, can they reason? Nor, can they talk? But, can they suffer? Jeremy BenthamDr. James E. Qhort President Of Western Montana CollegeDr. Stanley A. Grout Professor, Education Dean of Education Mr. Henry W. Stish Dean of Students Assoc. Prof., Science Dr. Dale R. Tash Academic Dean Professor, Sot. Science Mrs. Marie Carmody Dean of Women Mr. William T. Straugh Professor P.E. and Soc. Sci. Director of AthleticsMr. Virgil F. Alme Asst. Prof. Education Dir., Admns. and Placement Dr. Lawrence B. Anderson Asst. Prof. Music Mr. Daniel G. Block Assoc. Prof., Biol. Sci. Mr. Barney P. Brienza Instructor, Art Mr. C. R. Anderson Professor of Education Mr. Gordon E. Bennett Asst. Prof., Mathematics Mrs. Almeda Brown Asst. Prof., English Mr. Clayborn J. Anders Assoc. Prof., Ind. Arts Dr. Kenneth J. Bandelier Assoc. Prof., Biol. Sci. 70Mr. Frank J. Busch Assoc. Prof., Soc. Science Mr. Terrance R. Cypher Assoc. Prof., Math Mr. O. Leon Dillingham Asst. Prof., Music Mr. Edward A. Cebull Assoc. Prof., English Dr. Samuel E. Davis Assoc. Prof., Music Mr. David A. Gallagher Asst. Prof., P.E. and Soc. Sci. Mr. James D. Corr Asst. Prof., Art Dr. Stanley R. Davison Professor, Soc. Science Dr. John C. Garry Professor, Business 71Dr. Wallace G. Gober Asst. Prof., English Mr. Larry W. Hickethier Asst. Prof., Math Mr. Donald F. Keltz Instructor, P.E. Mr. Donald K. Gosnell Asst. Prof., English Miss Irene Leingang Instructor, Business Mr. Arthur W. Hedge Asst. Prof., Education Mr. Lawrence Leith Asst. Prof., English Mr. Jerold Hilton Asst. Prof., Soc. Sci. Dr. Kenneth R. Hunter Asst. Prof., Education 72Mr. George Marinkovich Instructor, P.E. Mr. Eugene R. McKeever Asst. Prof., P.E. Dr. W. Denton Nebeker Assoc. Prof., Education Dr. Robert E. Newlon Assoc. Prof., Education Mr. Joe C. Ryburn Asst. Prof., English Mr. Daniel C. Scott Asst. Prof., Ind. Arts Miss Blanche McManus Assoc. Prof., English Mrs. Patricia Ori Instructor (PT) Music Miss Bonnie ). Sheriff Instructor, P.E. 73Mr. Howard Smith Dr. Richard W. Stedtfeld Assoc. Prof., Phys. Sci. Assoc. Prof., Education Mr. joseph B. Streepcr Asst. Prof., Phys. Sci. Mrs. Helen M. Struckman Asst. Prof., Education Dr. Richard L. Timken Asst. Prof., Biol. Sci. 74 IN II ifMiss Dona J. Wallace Asst. Prof., P.E. Mrs. Clarice Walters Instructor (PT) Business Mr. Donald L. Walters Asst. Prof., Art Mr. Ronald L. Wirtz Asst. Prof., P.E. Dr. Alan G. Zeller Asst. Prof., Education 7 5Faculty Members Take Time 76To Enjoy Dinners 77Mrs. Carlynne Blum Clerk, Library Mr. Kenneth Cory Librarian Mr. Harding Hanson Business Manager Mrs. Patricia Bristol Secretary, Placement Mrs. Leora Kapphan Clerk-Typist Reg. Office Mrs. Carol Contway Clerk, Reg. Office Miss Louise Farris Secretary, Registrar Mrs. Essie Later Sec., Financial Aid Mrs. Barbara Edgar Secretary, Education 78Mrs. Patsy Matoon Clerk, Bus. Office Mr. Don Nicholson Manager Food Service Mr. Paul O. Picton Registrar Miss Marlene Hunt Clerk, Bus. Office Mr. Larry Link Director, Financial Aid Mrs. Patti Nau Clerk-Typist, Education Mrs. Elaine Peterson Clerk, Business Office Mrs. Frances Richardson Clerk, Business Office Mr. Rodney N. Parker Assistant to Librarian 79 Mrs. Donna Rouse Secretary, Dean's Office Mrs. Virginia Straugh Secretary, President Mrs. Betty Shafer Asst, to Dean of Women Mr. Charles A. Stauffer Director of Information Mrs. Mabel Williss Clerk-Typist Reg. Office Mrs. Betty Spehar Clerk-Typist, Reg. Office Mr. Ray Worthington Asst. Business Manager 80WHAT IS A PROFESSOR? He's a rare breed of animal, vegetable, and mineral, that's got something about sacrifice. He could probably be making more money elsewhere and could be lots happier. Yet for some reason, he's here now making you miserable. Oh sure, some of them are sad, too — some of them are real sad. But most of them are okay — real pals. Every now and then you get one that gives out blanket A's and goes drinking with the guys. But more often than not, you end up with a guy that walks into the class the first day and says, "For tomorrow, read the first twenty chapters and be prepared for a test." 8182r You are not an author, as you are not an artist, unless from your own heart you add to the treasures of art something which would not have existed if you had not been born. Alphonse Karr 1 8364Master's Degree 85 Daniel Trcgier Denver, Colorado Chuck tucero. Vice-President Bill Donahue, President Barb Miller, Secretary (Not Pictured) Toni Abbas Dillon Ethel Bacus Dillon Kathleen Basolo Dillon Dave Bennetts Butte Mary Bennetts Butte David Blake Baker Evelyn Blaskovich Butte Ray Boksich Butte Michael G. Bowman Butte Kathy Brown Dillon 87 _____■ John Burwell Dillon Hiram Williams Mary Ann Carter Butte Harold J. Clark Denton John Clawson Billings Joan Delger Townsend Ray De Long Somers Gail K. Cramer Melrose Mary Kathleen Davis St. Regis 88William A. Donahue Anaconda Victoria Donich Deer Lodge Kathy Donnelly Dillon Kathleen Dorr Great Falls Brenda Dorrington Anaconda Randy Dorrington Libby Robert Doyle Dillon Agnes Drake Dillon 89 Doreen Ellis Deer LodgePaul Schwisow Al Frazier Buite Edward Gill Libby Daniel Rex Gilman Missoula Linda Lee Godfrey Dillon Michael Gordon Dillon Eva Louise Graves Butte 90Jo Ann Gygax El Cajon, California I Charles Hall Dillon Anna Marie Harney Butte Cinde Hartsell Anaconda Carole Harvey Dillon Marjorie Ann Haynes Fairfield Jennie Henry Ronan Diane Brandy Howe Dillon 91■a Cary Howe Dillon Donald R. Heuscher Browning Terri Hulet Dillon Gail Keltz, Marie Anderson, and Sandra Jimi-son Cynde Jacobsen Dillon Gary Jacobsen Dillon Elaine Jennison Butte Sandra Jimison Shelby 92 Joellen Johnson DillonDiane Johnson Jackson Terry J. Kivela Butte David A. Kicckbusch Conrad Shirley Swartz Kieckbusch Dillon Vicki Kieckbusch Great Falls Chris Kroft Dillon Kathy Kuglin Dillon L 93Addrien LaPalm Butte Chuck Lucero Great Falls Garry Larson Dillon Glen Larum Charlo Dale N. Lawson Whitehall Terrese Lee Stevensville Gary Addington 94mm Tom Leonard Butte Lloyd Magnuson Butte Barbara Marincovich Butte Marshall Martin Florence Susan McEldery Dillon 95 IMaurice McEnaney Dillon Luanne McGraw Sand Coulee Carol McLaren Dillon Barb Miller Anaconda Bea Mitchell Dillon John Molendyke Anaconda Sherry Morrison Dillon Rosalie Morrison Butte Larry Mougey Bozeman 96Trudy Meyer Stevensville Jeanette Nicholas Dillon Roberta Nicholas Anaconda Ron Nicholas Anaconda Bill Nokes Dillon Karen O'Farrcll Butte Rick Olsen Fort Shaw Ron Olsen Dillon Terry Olson Dutton 97 ___________________________Gene Posivio St. Ignatius Bev Malone, Colette King, and David leVeque. Bobbea Proff Dutton Karen Rampey Dillon Linda Reichle Dillon Polly Reinhardt Great Falls Don Richard Dillon Irene Ryan Butte Doug Sabo Choteau Victor Sample Townsend 98Louise Schlegel Peerless Constance Schlothauer Dillon w ;'.‘§ A1: : Pi'UK'. s"'.i! Li • • ' ■•••! ■ Dillon John Stenson Butte John Stratton Butte Carolyn Teegarden Dillon Gene Teegarden Dillon 99Rick Holton Trudy Tomazich Walkerville Cheryl Urick Melrose James Backstrom Helena Marilyn Byers Rexford Barbara Thomas St. Ignatius101 I102 Maureen Sullivan, Secretary Mel Rice, Vice-President Dave Crenshaw, PresidentOf. SiedfeW and Marvin Furnandi David Adkin Dillon Kandi Alden Suite lola Anglin Tcndoy, Idaho Lyla Baldridge Missoula Kelly Barrett Grant Paul Battaiola Butte Myra Bauer Charlo )ohn Bauman Victor John Blackburn Hot Springs 103Sian Bid Anaconda Raymond Blize Dillon Vicky Blunn Great falls Rick Borden Charlo Vicki Bowman Great falls Arlene Bremer Fairfield Mary Bokma Dillon Anita Burch Roundup Larry Busch Poison Bette Butler Dillon Steve Cascade Glendive Bob Clucus lima David Charlton Roundup Sherry Chouinard Butte John Cornish Dillon 104Jim Cox Deer Park. Wash. George Christensen Helena Theresa Corey Choteau Jennifer Cuddy Thompson falls Julie Dagnall Townsend John Dedman Drummond Donna Delaney Dillon Mary Alyce Devine 8utte Craig Dubois Dillon ■Mary lou Egan Great falls Mary Alyee Devine and Judy DennyThomas M. Estill Anaconda Robert Estill Anaconda Mark Elser Sheridan Roy Evans Butte Wally Feldt Dillon Sandra Felton Missoula Donna Fouts Whitehall Marvin Furnandiz lackson 106Fran Gardner Great Falls SFiirley Grande Helena Bonnie Gould Missouls Gordon Guns Fhermopolis, Wyo. Maxine Hankins Fort Benton Helen Hannon Darby Susan Hardaway Great Falls Kay Harris St. Ignatius Roseann Hartford Alder Michael Heaphy Anaconda Teresa Heidt Butte Erin Herman Dillon 107Don Hill Butte Dorothy Hogan Dillon Carole Homan Dillon Sheri Horsfall Anaconda Molly lakovac Salmon Idaho Gail lames Dillon Brent Johnson Jackson Charlotte Johnson Deer Ledge John Kapi ynski Dillon Louis M. Kimlxell Kalispoll Colette King Missoula Karen Knight Avon 08laDonna Knocpfle Deer lodge r Margie Kofoed Dillon Teresa Thomas langen Deer lodge Karen leTempt Three Forks Linda Liddell Anaconda Terry lindgren Joliet H. Haskell lobb Butte Tom laughlin Anaconda Lori Mace Seeley lake Jim Mackedon Fallon, Nev. Kathy Madden Butte Steve Makott Choteau Kenneth Mastcrson Hamilton 109I Arthur McLean Anaconda Mary Ellen Miller Fort Shaw Charles E. Myers Conrad Ron Nau Kalispell Don Olsen Fort Shaw |ohn Plister Roundup Rayleen Pike Fairfield Gary Rankin Marmarth, N. Dak. Ray Ranney Alberton Michael Rea Geraldine Lynn Realph Dillon 110Dan Ricci Anaconda Ruth Robinson Jackson Ellen Rosenleaf Anaconda Paul Roush Charlo Sharon Rowe Great Palls Karin Rustvold Great Falls Nancy Rutten Great Falls Pete Salle Anaconda Ann Sandstrom Bozeman Janelle Schmidt leadore, Idaho Barbara Scott Stevcnsville Kathy Scott Fairfield Wesley Scott Fort Benton Fred Searle Butte )ohn Sestrich Anaconda loan Scyler Twin Bridges Mark Shafer Hungry Horse Lucinda Sheldon Helena Jan Silve Sheridan Freddy Simonson Victor IIIJean Tarbet Missoula Maureen Sullivan Butte Wilma E. Sudan Helena Pam Strupp leadore, Idaho Mike Strickling Gilchrist, Ore. Dan Steiner Butte Denise Smith Dillon Mike Simonsen Sheridan 112Chris Taylor Great Falls Mary Ann Tower Auburn, Calif. Mary Ann Tower Auburn, Calif. Dixie Tyler Leadore, Idaho Dave Uggctti Butte Michelle Vincent Butte Darla Walton Kalispell Doug Watson Deer Park, Wash. Pat Wehler Dillon Hiram Williams Fallon, Nev. 113114 Uy Meyer, President Barb Br.ney, Secretary Mike Miller, Vice-PresidentSharon Ahbury Missoula Marie Anderson Choteau Sharon Anderson Dillon Samuel Ballard Dillon Laurie law Barrett Great Falls fd Benninger Helena Mary Pat Borden Charlo Rich Bourassa Dillon Kathryn Branaugh Helena Evelyn Brandel Geraldine ludy Brown Dillon Barb Bukcr Hamilton 115Vicki Campbell Anaconda Marian Christensen Dillon lynda Clemens Missoula Vickie Cornish Dillon Mary Curtis Dillon Paul Cutler Butte Colleen Daly Helena Patricia Davis Belgrade Kandy Davis Florence Barb Briney 116ludy Denny Corvallis Debra Droge Belgrade Linda Ducie Butte Don Eayrs Kalispell Connie Else Dillon Bob Evans Geyser Chuck Evans Charlo Gail Evans Charlo Charlene Ford Boulder Mary Francisco Anaconda Steve Frost Eureka Lorna Gabel Seattle, Wash. 117Fmify Ann Gohring Helena Sandra Gcrleman Helena Gloria Grande Helena Lester Hankins Fort Benton Mildred Hayden Dillon Chcrie Harris Bountiful, Utah Dave Hartman Hamilton Sandra Hergett Laurel Heleen Hildreth Dillon Connie Huffield White Sulphur Springs Colleen Kellogg Missoula Arnold Kimmerle Great Falls Steve Kuffner Anaconda Gary love Dillon Ron Lucero Great Falls 118Susan Mackie Seeley Lake Michael Mansfield Geyser Rochelle Malloy Great Falls Beverly Malone Arlee lames McCauley Bulls Ann McCoy Thompson Falls Charlene McCrossm Hamilton Helen McDermott Anaconda Laurie McGhee Deer Lodge Jane McGimpsey Denton Donna Mendenhall Hamilton Jay Meyer Stevensville 119 Gary MendenhallBruce Miller Missoula Mike Miller Plains Susan Miller Butle Donna Milton Kali spell lark Morris Corvallis Sue Musgrove While Sulphur Spr. Mary Nelson Fort Benton Phyllis Netlik Twin Bridges Carolyn Niland Anaconda Lyle Noonan St. Regis Thomas Noonan St. Regis Terry Olsen Ft. Shaw Nancy Owen Olson lolo lloyd Omsberg Cut Bank Karen Peterson laurel Chuck Poland Anaconda Mick Rcnnakcr Darby Gerald Ricks Dillon Bill Rouillier St. Ignatius Juc i Salovich Dillon 120Mike Sbragia Anaconda Marjorie Schell Arlec Brenda Sims Whitehall Richard Sipe Kalispell Dan Smith Florence Terry Souhrada Columbia Falls Ruth Sproul Whitefish Janet Stout lake Blaine Janice Stout lake Blaine Kelly Taylor Fairview Kathy Walker Cut Bank linda Willoughby Butte Patrice Whaley Missoula Bob Yakawich Butte Gerald Zarr Anaconda 121122 Vicki Willis, Secretary Kathy I angel, Vice-President Bill Miller, President (Not Pictured)Marilyn Allen Anaconda John Andrcoli Anaconda Cary Archer Dillon Ron Banks Helena Michelle Barrington Stevensville Annette Bechtold Butte Karen Bellon Dillon Dick Benner St. Regis Norman Benson Helena Fred 8eyer Punzsutawncy, Pa. |im Blush St. Ignatius Debra Boyer Anaconda lois Bradshaw Philpsburg Caryn Brand Deer Lodge Robert Bristol Dillon 123Bruce Brown Stevensville Joyce Caldwell Sheridan Judy Carlson Ennis Dale Chamberlain Helena Fred Chouinard Butte Steven Cleveidcnce Stevensville Yvonne Conko Ronan Kathie Dalporto Butte James Darby Sheridan Jay Davison Geraldine 124Pal Davison Great Falls Anita DePrist Chinook Mary Drabbs Hinsdale Carol Dunbar Billings Brian Ctchart Glasgow Nancy Floy Ravalli Kathy Felsman Arlee Sharon Field Great Falls Norman Flamm Sheridan lulie Francisco Anaconda Laurie Frey St. Ignatius 125 Dan GilmanBill Forrester Dillon Harold Gemmell Great Falls Patti Gilham Browning Jim Spehar, Steve Kuffner, and Sharon Alsbury Alan Gransberg Dillon Kathy Gresham Troy Kim Anderson Stevensville Patty Hale Ft. Shaw Mark Hansen Dillon Patricia Haynes Fairfield 126Clifford Heuschor Browning Paula Higgins Conoga Park, Calif. Susan Hjorl Medicine lake John Hopwood Darby Robert Iverson Dell Charlene Jelinek Denton Eileen Jellar Roundup Colleen lohnson Hamilton Lois lohnson Philipsburg Steven lones Clyde Park Susan Jones Butte Kristy Judd Butte 127Darlene Jurcich Anaconda Mary Beth Kastelitz Livingston Mardi Kelly Twin Bridges |im Kester Stevensville Mohammad Reza Kiakan Tehran, Iran Rusty Kinsey Great Falls Linda Kjos Helena Kim Koenig Dillon Cindy Krudde Plains Dan laden Dillon 128Patricia Lange Dillon Cary lanncrs Great Falls Kathryn Larkin St. Ignatius Cindy lattin Fort Benton Margo lee Dillon Pam Lepley Fort Benton Wayne Loeffler Conrad Kathleen langel Chester Dennis Loveless Libby James lynch Roundup Jackie lytton Poison O. Leon Dillingham 129Ann Me Bel I 8o eman Nancy McKenzie Rexford Dave Mcccage Baker Al Minder Ennis Doug Milliron Stevensville Vanessa Montrueil Missoula Karen Morrison Dillon Steve Morton St. Ignatius 130 Char Ford and lame McGimpseyCharles Nau Kalispell Merle Nelson Fort Benton Karen Nielsen White Sul. Sprs. Bob Nolte Twin Bridges Bill O'Connor Livingston Kathy Olson Fort Benton Steven Opheim Sun River Bonnie Patrick Hingham Roger Pelletier Kevin Vicki Petruska Anaconda Michael Pickett Anaconda Penny Pilgrim Dillon Gregg Pusey Helena Dede Quane Dillon Casey Ranklin Troy 131Cathy Rebish Dillon KM Amelia Redhorn Browning Regina Risavich Canterbury, Conn. Jennie Robison Ennis Mari Jean Rustad Anaconda Jim Sacry Cardwell Jan Sanders Shelby William Schlepp Conrad 132 Randy Dorrington and Jim Williams Morry Schutt Florence Susan Seelye Kalispell Susan Seyler Twin Bridges Janet Shafer Dillon C. Bradley Smith Conoga Park, Calif. Cindy Smith Helena Lucy J. Smith Anaconda Scott Smith Anaconda Keith Stansberry St. Helena, Calif. Susan Stefalo Deer lodge Mary lou Stish Dillon Ed Stru;nik Butte Guy Swanson Anaconda Kym Taylor fairview 133Linda Tcllcsch Cu« Bank Wanda Thumma Dillon Cindy Thomas Anaconda Pele Thomas Deer lodge Becky Jo Thompson Ennis Patli Thompson Great Falls Dave Tingle Stevensville Jeffery Tommerup West by 134Trudy Trudgeon Bullc Tom Tucker Stevensville Paula Udall Si. Ignatius Kathy Van Den Bos Great Falls Jerry Vanderpan Baker Clifford Voorhees Eureka Rosella Wallace Dillon Edsvard Warren Great falls Karen Weber Deer lodge Karen Wetzsleon Sula Ken Whitlow Darby Vicki Willis Kalispell Mark Williams Butte Greg Yeager Choteau Nadine Zaruba Springville, lovsa 13 135I 136Vague desire is the fire in their eyes Sickness is in their game The masquerade is played Death is all that remains of their pains.Football Season Brings Both Wins And Losses Below: Keith Stansberry. after gaining a few yards is grabbed by an opposing team member. Below, Right: The crowd is expressing a tense moment by the expressions on their faces. Members of the 1971 football team are: Sitting: Wayne leoffler. Bill Forrester, td Warren, Bill Miller, Doug Patton, Steve Arts, Scott Cornell, Chuck Lucero, Doug Sabo, Dennis Renmng, Cary Ordish, Dave Crenshaw, Ty Cotton, Stan Svenvud, Kevin fagerland, Blake Sevalstad. Kneeling Dan Dysmger. Cary lanners, Keith Stansberry, Dan Corr, Bill Forrester, Dan Fide, Bill Schlepp, Grant Dunning, Bob Black. Al Cutler. Ron Lehner , Dennis Patton, Mike Pickett, Ron Banks, Hiram Williams, |im Davidson. Stjndmg George Hucke, Mike Battiola, lack Rhodes, Darrel Snowden, Bob Clucas, Dennis Wethern, Wayne leoffler, Dick Knowles. Mike Garrity, Dave Bennetts, .Mark Brehm, Bill Donahue, Ron Nau, Dan Gilman. £d Bennmger, Tom Willis. 138139Right: Keith Stansberry tries to take the ball over the goal line (or a T.D. against Northern. Below: Chuck Lucero scrambles on the ground for more inches while an opposing team member tries to hold him back. Below Right: Quarterback Dan Corr practices in the arena before a game with his teammates. Bottom: Ron Nau moves in on an Eastern player with a bone-crushing tackle. UOWESTERN 34 SNOW 12 I WESTERN 14 TREASURE VALLEY 15 WESTfRN 14 EASTERN 19 Top: Connie Use gives a resounding cheer at one of the football games. Bottom: Coach Wirtz gives Bill Miller some last-minute advice during a game. 141Hardcourt Action Invades W.M.C. For The Season. Top Right: Godfrey Saunders grabs a rebound. Top Lett: The coaches and the rest of the team watch the game during a tense moment. Bottom: Team members from left to right are Roy Alexander, Clint Rouse, .Mel Rice, Godfrey Saunders, lames Allen, Butch McEnaney, Kim Andersen, John Weeks, Al Shoats, .Mark Winans, Charley Hall, Doug Watson, Dave DeBoer, Ed Moffatt, kneeling coach Casey Kelt , assistant John Marks. Not pictured: Kent Paulsen and Larry Busch. left: Charley Hall leaps above everybody else to put in two points for Western. Bottom Left: James Allen also leaps in the air for an easy two-point lay-up. Bottom Right: Mark Winans gets on the scoreboard against Montana Tech. 143Top Loft: Godfrey Saunders goes in for an easy two points against Carroll. Top Right: Godfrey again goes up to arid two more for Western. Bottom loft: Dillon's high school drill team performs at one of Western's games. Bottom Right: Butch Met nancy also makes some points for Western against Montana Tech.WMC 84 O WMC 98 1 WMC 88 d WMC 77 $ WMC 75 WMC 108 MC WMC 104 WMC 76 WMC 84 WMC 117 WMC 90 WMC 66 WMC 103 WMC 78 'eTTmTrister 'estmirfstor WMC 104 WMC 93-WMC lll j won 17 losr«— Frontier Conference 7-3 (tied for second with Rocky) Bottom Left: Charley Hall again out reaches his opponent for an easy two-point lay-up. Bottom Right: Mark Winans and a Carroll player jump for the ball during the game.Wrestling Is A Growing Sport At W.M.C. Top left: larry Bowman tries to break away from his opponent during a match. Top Right: Ron Banks prepares to pin his man. Bottom left: Here's Ron being declared the winner by the referee. Bottom Right: Kelly Barrett pinned his man from Northern with case. 146Top left: The winner Pal Hurley. Top Right: The learn showing a deep inieresi in (he match lhat is going on at the moment. Bottom: Team members from left to right are Coach Dennis Fisher. Larry Bowman, Dave Hartman, Ron Banks, Dennis Patton, Art Hartman, assistant coach Harry Egan. Kneeling: Gary Archer, Pat Hurley, Kelly Barrett, Dan Anderson, Chuck Evans, missing is Lloyd Omsburg. 147Spirit Spurred Through Western's Sixconnie ElseTop Right: Western's cheerleaders doing a practice jump before a big game. Middle Right: Ihe cheerleaders yelling for a pin at a wrestling meet. Bottom Left: Charlene ford puts up some signs of spirit in the boys' locker room. Bottom Right: Western Montana cheerleaders (from left to right) Charlene ford. Darla Walton, Karen Neilson. Maureen Sullivan, and Connie Else. Missing. Colleen lohnson.Left: The cheerleaders yell (or more pep during a basketball game. Bottom It'll Patti Nau, director and sponsor of the cheerleaders, doubles as secretary in the Education Department. Bottom Kight: The regular cheerleaders turned over their job to Terry Rosin, Terry Souhrada and Tom Tucker during the Spur-"M" Club basketball game. 151Girls Also Play The Game OF Basketball W.M.C. — 29 W.M.C, — 44 W.M.C. — 49 M.S.U. — 35 U.M — 41 U.M. — 45 W.M.C. — 51 Rocky — 19 left: An unidentified Western player makes an easy two points. Bot- a i r cq c r r jo lom from lo Kathy Oesy, Mary Curtis, Shiela franey, Trudy W.M.C,. .V? r.C,.C_. 5) Meyer, Dixie Tyler, Diane Franklin, Teri Lee, and Bonnie Morrow. Mist- ing: Sheri Horsfall. W.M.C. — 46 U.M. — 47 W.M.C. — 82 W.M.C. — 54 W.M.C. — 52 Rocky —17 Carroll — 42 M.S.U. — 40Girl Tracksters Qurge Forward CIRLS' TRACK TEAM: Top Row: Kaihy Felsman, Dixie Tyler, Diane Franklin, lanel Stout, Sheri Horsfall, Pat Davis. Bottom Row: Pam lepley, Mary Curtis, Mary lou Stish, Amelia Redhorn, and Cathy Rebish.Gymnasts Display Quality As Well As Grace Below left: Mary lou Slish jumps in a graceful turn while practicing for a big meet. Below Right: Mary Nelson scores some points for Western on the balance beam. I5iTop Left: Janice Sout practices her form of balance before a coming meet. Top Right: Mary lou Stish shows grace and style during a meet. Left: Sandy Lytton does a graceful somersault on the balance beam during the meet with Eastern. 155Top Right: Gymnastics team includes Donna Mendenhall, Maxine Hankins, Mary Lou Stish, Terri Hulet, Sandy lytton. Bottom Row: Carolyn Doten, Cathy Rebish, Elaine Totten, Mary Nelson. Missing: Janice Stout. Above left: Mary Nelson makes some points for Western's team during a gymnastics meet. Above Right: Terri Hulet also gets some points for Western at a gymnastics meet. 154Western's Ironclads Take First In The Frontier Conference Top Ron: Kent Paulsen, John Fred, Dan Fide, Larry Busch, Terry Souhrada. Lynn Galick. Mel Rice, Cary Rankin, Steve frost, Algie Knutson, Dennis Loveless, Stan Svensrud, Eugene Teegarden, Coach Casey Kelt . Bottom Row: Doug Sabo, Chuck Evans, |im Cox, Dale Krigger, Harlen Johnson, Al Roy, Hiriam Williams, Paul Braut, Doug Shew, and Terry Vanderpan. Western Rodeo 158 Rodeo action is always fast and furious and Western's 1972 Rodeo was no different. Rodeo action (moving in a clockwise direction) began with the crowning of Miss WMC Rodeo Queen, Donna Fouts. Bull riding is the most popular rodeo riding event and the most dangerous, but Brent Johnson is willing to do his best. Wayne Else takes on one of the most exciting events as he competes in the steer wrestling event. Debbie Barrett quickly moves around the clover-leaf pattern of barrels during the barrel racing event. The man behind the scenes is the rodeo team coach, Don Walters.A Success 159Kelly Barrett competes in one of the riding events which has the least competition of all. John Pfister is trying his best to stay on top during the same event which Kelly is competing in — saddle bronc riding. Brent Johnson and Kelly take some time between events. Pete Burwell joins the other members of Western's team as he too takes part in the saddle bronc event. Donna Fouts, one of the three girls representing Western in the rodeo shows her skills in the goat tying event. 161Bonnie Gould lakes part in the breakaway roping event. This event is basically the same as the boys' calf roping event. Team members take time to discuss the day's acitivities. Tracy Grigg tries his skill at the calf roping event. Donna Fouts received a distinction during the year which was a first for any girl from Western. Donna was awarded the honor of All 'round Cowgirl at the EMC Rodeo. 163164The whole trade in the luxuries of life is brought into existence and supported by the requirements of the consumer. Leo TolstoyA SPECIAL MESSAGE TO HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS INTERESTED IN TEACHING CAREERS . .. WESTERN OFFERS THESE DEGREES: • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education This degree qualifies you to instruct kindergarten through ninth grades • Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education This degree qualifies you to teach grades seven through twelve • Master of Science in Education • A Fifth Year Program for the Professional Certificate • Bachelor of Arts in English and History OR, IF YOU ARE INTEREST INTERESTED IN OTHER CAREERS, WESTERN OFFERS: • A two-year curriculum in Business Education • A two-year General College Course • One and two-year Pre-Professional courses preparing for entrance into professional schools ACCREDITATION Western Montana College is a member of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and the Association of State Colleges and Universities. It is accredited by the Montana State Board of Education, ex-officio Regents of the Montana University System, the Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools, and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education for the preparation of elementary and secondary teachers through the Bachelor's Degree. For Information, Write to the Admissions Officer WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE Dillon, Montana 59725ACCOMMODATIONS INCLUDE— Modern Dormitories for Men Attractive and Convenient Residence Hall for Women Sixteen Modern Apartments for Married Students Dining Room Facilities for Men and Women Make Reservations Now By Writing Admissions Officer WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE 167 DILLON, MONTANA 59725WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE BOOSTER CLUB THE WMC Booster Club, founded in 1958, has contributed over $60,000 to the college. Through the help of the Booster Club and other such organizations over this period, Western's enrollment has more than doubled. During the Booster Club's eleven years it has provided over 300 freshman scholarships to Western Montana College. Thirty-eight such scholarships ($7,600) were granted for the 1971-1972 academic year. Recipients are selected primarily on their academic excellence and their professed desire to enter the teaching profession. Each recipient receives $200, divided over the three quarters, but high grade-point averages must be maintained to secure this aid. Officers for the current year are: Max Nield, president; Dr. R. D. Romers, vice-president; Joe Lane, treasurer; Charles Stauffer, secretary. As of December, 1971, the Booster Club had a membership of I 10 which include: A W. Drive Inn Miss Geneviene Albertson Clay Anders Dr. Kenneth Bandolier Norm Banks Jack Basolo Art Bay Bryon Bayers Beaverhead Bar Supply Beaverhead Truck Arnold Benson Dr. Robert Boyce Mr. and Mrs. Byron Brown Walter Brundage Edward Cebull Club BarTom Clemow Club Royal Coast-to-Coast College Motors Co-op Supply, Inc. Credit Bureau of Dillon Darigold Sam Davis Dillon Cable TV Dillon Disposal Stanley Davison Dillon Tribune Dillon Office Supply Dillon Portrait Studio Don's Office Supply Dilmart Elliott Ford Sales Eliel's Dr. Robert English Edgar "Bud" Ferris First National Bank Miss Dorothy Gelhaus W. G. Gilbert, Jr. Murray Grant Harold Grogan Stan Grout Harding Hanson Ed Harding Harvey Bros. Construction Carl F. Hollensteiner Isabella's Dress Shop Harry Jensen John's Bargain Barn Dr. A. L. Juergens KDBM Radio Kentucky Cash Market Ralph Kneeland Lion's Den Bun Lodge Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lorengo George Losleben George Lots Georgia Mathews Dr. John McCollum Ralph McFadden Gene McKeever Miss Blanche McManus Gile Mitchell Mitchell Drug Mont. Ins. Educ. Found. Montana Motor Supply Montana PowerFrancis Mooney Trucking John Morse, Jr. Dick Motta Mountain Bell Charles (Chick) Murray Dr. Denton Nebeker Karen Nield O S (Ori and Smith) Ins. Parisian Cleaners Paul's Chevrolet, Inc. J.C. Penney Peterson Drug Tom Pierce Roberts Food Dr. Bob Romers Rowland-Thomas Joe C. Ryburn Dan Scott Safeway Stores Sears Store Dr. John Seidensticker Dr. James E. Short Jerry Sloan Harry Smart Sneed's Sporting Goods Stamm Jewelers Standard Lumber State Bank Trust Co. State Bar Dining Room Charles Stauffer Stephens Greenhouse Henry Stish William Straugh Mrs. Helen Struckman Sundowner Motel Town Pump Ron Wagner Warner Foods Ray Webster WMC Faculty Women Valley Motor Supply Veterinary Hospital Vigilante Electric Cleroyman Our Most Valuable Resource We take this opportunity to congratulate all the young men and women who proudly receive their treasured sheepskins this spring. Whatever career you choose to follow, may success and satisfaction be yours. AnacondA inm H Jr T 171 THE ANACONDA COMPANYSNEEDS SPORTING GOODS fishing, hunting, golfing, boating, baseball, football, basketball, skiing, tennis, archery, reloading SNEEDS HONDA SALES honda sales and service Dillon, Montana THROCKMORTON’S For things past And things present And things yet to come. We thank you. Good Luck Seniors! Dillon, Montana "WHERE YOU ALWAYS BUY THE BEST FOR LESS ” Dillon, Montano 77TRIBUNE-EXAMINER Dillon, Montana Dillon's hometown newspaper — tuned to the WMC scene Good luck to all of you! TOWN PUMP GAS FOR LESS WE PLEASE THE HARD TO PLEASE BEAVERHEAD LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS FIRST IN PERSONAL SERVICE Phone 683-5522 173 Dillon, Montano Dillon, MontanaROBERT’S FOOD, INC We encourage all people to support our college as . . . We believe—industry—commerce—government—art—the sciences—and all other professions, including our whole way of life, depend upon the quality of your education. Dillon, Montana J74 SUNDOWNER MOTEL BEAVERHEAD BAR SUPPLY Dillon Bottling Works Complete Supplies Bud — Oly — Schlitz — Great Falls All the Best Phone 683-2375 500 N. Montana St. Dillon, Montana Queen Size Beds Direct Dial Phones Courtesy Coffee Air Conditioning Spacious Cable T.V. AAA Approved In Dillon it's the "Sundowner" — Comfort at its best. Glenn and Mary Crampton, ownersPhone: 683-4955 Dillon, Montana SKEET'S CAFE Dillon, Montana "Eat our (Take Me With You!) SAGA FOOD SERVICE Takes this opportunity to thank the students of Western Montana College for the chance to serve them and for their cooperation throughout the year. Dillon, Montana Western Montana College Don Nicholson, Food Service Director 175ANTHONY'S The store for students STAMM JEWELERS W. F. Koeneke Helen Koeneke 4 S. Idaho Street Dillon, Montana Andrus Hotel Corner Dillon, Montana AMlWllA Montana's Finest Department Store Butte and Helena, Montana Hennessy's is FIRST with fashion for the home and family. 176Compliments of OSSELLO'S Congratulating the Class of 1972 CO-OP SUPPLY INC. 926 So. Atlantic Butte, Montana DILLON OFFICE SUPPLY Dealers in Dillon Petroleum Products Tires — Batteries Hardware Dillon, Montana Phone 683-5642 24 So. Idaho Dillon, Montana 177D. I. DILLON IMPLEMENT CO Dillon, Montana Established 1886 DILLON PORTRAIT STUDIO ELI EL’S QUALITY PHOTOS Phone 683-2741 4 N. Washington St. Dillon, Montana 2-14 North Idaho Dillon, Montana Phone 683-2305 178THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Serving Dillon and Southwestern Montana Since 1880 Affiliated with Northwest Bancorporation Member FDIC Dillon, Montana CRESTON MOTEL HARRY AND MARY ANNE SMART, OWNERS COURTESY COFFEE IN YOUR ROOM INDIVIDUAL HEATING ROOM PHONES 335 So. Atlantic Dillon, Montana COMPLIMENTS OF PETERSON DRUG C Pmd§ntial Dillon, Montano (Hecleral Savings WHERE WE BELIEVE "Service to humanity is the best work of life" BROADWAY AT MAIN Butte, Montana CLUB BAR I 34 North Montana Dillon, Montana ROY AND MARGIE CRAWFORD Live Music Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday Phone 683-2171 180CHINOOK BOOSTERS Beaverhead Lumber Company Leather Knit Shop 2 East Reeder Dillon, Montana Dillon, Montana "Dillon Rotary Club" Cable TV Rotary International 16 N. Washington Dillon, Montana State Bar Dining Room 26 So. Montana Dee’s Fabrics Dillon, Montana Dillon, Montana Hale's College Enco Warner Food 646 S. Atlantic Dillon, Montana Dillon, Montana Western Auto Catalog Isabella's Dress Shop Order Center 26 No. Idaho 20 E. Glendale Dillon, Montana Dillon, Montana PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY Dr. R. D. Romers Dentist Phone 683-2671 Dillon, Montana Dr. R. J. English Optometrist Phone 683-2611 Dillon, Montana Dr. John McCollum Dentist Phone 683-5312 Dillon, Montana Dr. J. C. Linduslca Dentist Phone 683-2861 Dillon, Montana Dr. E. D. Evans Dentist Phone 683-4491 181You're Worth It The $5,600,000 and more we pay in Montana each year would finance about 6,500 public school students. We help education in others ways, too, like scholarships, 4-H courses, and grants. We think you're worth it. MONTANA POWER we care 182THE DILMART MITCHELL DRUG STATE-! BAN K TRUST CO. STATE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Your Friendly Home-Owned Bank of Dillon Member of F.D.I.C. Dillon, Montana 83CAMPUS BOOKSTORE Western Montana College Dillon, Montana Toni Sward, Manager THE HOMESTEAD HOUSE Constantly Improving to Serve You Better Music — Records — Old Time Candle Shop Dillon, Montana CLUB ROYAL dance to the "National Road" Wednesday, Friday and Saturday Set your books aside, get the gang together and head on out to the Royal — where the action is! Dillon, Montana 184It was the best of times; It was the worst of times; It was the age of wisdom; It was the age of foolishness. 18518 188189190It was the spring of hope; It was the winter of despair. Charles Dickens 191 

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