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' uCHINOOK 1968 WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE I Published by THE JUNIOR CLASS VOLUME SIXTYfoy Emorick designed Western's 5th Anniversary seal. (Below) or pen with which Governor signed WMC into existence is a keepsake. (Bottom) Or. James t, Dr. Da e Tash, and Governor bcock ed Western's 75th Anniver ogram. c 4 f' J. February 23, 1968, marked the 75th Anniversary of the signing of the charter of Western Montana Col- ege. Western was signed into existence as a State Normal School when Governor John E. Rickards signed House Bill No. 75 on February 23, 1893. The people of Dillon had to campaign very hard to have the school located in their community. After much vigorous campaigning, Dillon was chosen over her chief rival, Twin Bridges, to be the home of the teacher's college. 2Western has continually progressed since the first day of school on September 7, 1897. This official opening day was preceded by a "Summer Normal" which opened July 26, 1897. The advanced sessions were held in the high school in Dillon, since the college facilities were not yet available. From the beginning, Western stressed the idea that students of education should have actual practice in classroom situations. A model school for this purpose was established for the first summer session. For many years student teaching was done in cooperation with the Dillon public schools. Today many other Montana cities are involved in the program. (Right) The First Administration Building after it was completed in 1897. (Below) The original building and the 1902 addition.(Right) Students pose on the steps in 1897. (Below) In 1898 students produced Mrs. Jar-ley's Waxworks. (Bottom) The first library occupied a space that now houses the art department. The faculty at Western has expanded from the first five in 1897 to the present forty-three full-time and two part-time members. Western's faculty members have always been noted for their skill and dedication to the advancement of education. In 1898 three students received diplomas for completion of the one-year professional course then offered. In 1967, 166 candidates received certificates and degrees. Like the faculty, the students have been enthusiastic about their training in education. They have proved themselves in schools throughout the United States. 4The early administration at WMC realized that one of the foremost requirements of any sound educational institution is its reference materials. From the beginning a sizeable portion of the school's funds were set aside to supply library materials. The 180-volume library of 1897 has been expanded to the present 45,000-volume facility. This expansion reflects the interest that the administrators at Western have always taken in the improvement of facilities for future use. (Top) The first auditorium is now the site of the art gall and the music room. (Center) The first dormitory was c ploted in 1902. (Left) Students enjoyed th© home-like roc in the early dorms. (Below) in 1906 a new addition added to the first dormitory.Since the placing of the cornerstone of the first building on April 7, 1895, Western has tried to expand campus facilities to meet the needs of an increasing enrollment. Building has taken place whenever funds have been made available. When students arrived in Dillon in September of 1897, they found no spacious dormitories to accommodate them. The people of Dillon had to take them into their homes. The need for on-campus living quarters was soon realized and a dormitory for seventy women students was provided in 1902. The first housing for men came in 1903-1904 with the partitioning off of part of the women's dormitory. The addition of housing has been a constant goal at WMC. (Top) Students enjoyed the parlor in the first dormitory. (Center loft) In 1937 the present Women's Residence Halls were built. (Center right) Campus- Hall was added in 1919. (Right) Styles and interior decorations changed in the dining room and recreation hall which was built in 1921.The changing pace of today's world is impressively evident throughout the WMC campus as yesterdays make way for tomorrows in a myriad of cultural and technological evolutions. Geared to the challenge is a $3,200,-000 building program, now under way at Western and due for completion by 1969. Initiating the program was the construction of Clark Hall, a dormitory designed for 150 men. Clark Hall brings the total facilities for men to over 400. (Top) Home economics used to be an offered course. (Left) Laboratory work has always been an important part of much of Western's curriculum. (Below) The library was completed in 1925. (Bottom) In 1952 the new auditorium was completed. 7Construction is now under way on a $950,000 Physical Education Complex. It is scheduled to be ready for use fall quarter of this year. Funds in amount of $540,000 were approved for construction of a new Library Complex. Construction should begin on this building in the near future. Financing has also been made available for a new Classroom-Faculty Office Building that should be built in the current biennium. As the world-wide population continues on a mounting scale, the demand for qualified teachers is expected to approach a critical stage. Western Montana College, having achieved respected stature in the field of teachertraining, has developed a program designed to continue serving education with the finest men and women in this professional field. (Top) Students occupied Clark Hall for the first time fall quarter of 1967. fCen-ter) Centennial was opened for use in 196-1. (Above) The attractive Western Apartments provide sixteen units for married students. (Left) Problems were on-countered when the stack was added to the heating plant in 1953. 8(Loft) Construction of the new P.E. Complex should be completed for fall of 968. (Below) Jordan and Davis Halls were built in 1958 and 1959. (Center) 1958 saw the rise of the Student Union Building. (Bottom) Physical education was expanded with the gymnasium in 1924 and the swimming pool in 1925. The past decade at Western has been one of tremendous change and, although the future cannot be planned or predicted, the promise of continued progress has never been greater. Based on its accomplishments of recent years. Western Montana College will become increasingly involved in the wave of growth currently sweeping the Northwest and the Nation. 9For many years Western has been blessed with a beautiful campus. The Gothic architecture of the Administration Building blends with the many large trees on campus to form an inspiring educational atmosphere. Because Dillon is located in the land of the chinooks, the winters are usually mild. The weather and the na-ural beauty of the campus make Western a fine place to pursue an education. (Top) The Administration Building is impressive in the spring. (Above) The president's residence is an attractive structure. (Right) A beautiful lane of trees used to be a favorite attraction. (Below) The northwest corner was once the most scenic spot of all. 10Milestones in the History of Western Montana College Created in 1893 by act of legislature as Montana State Normal School. First classes Held in September, 1897, with two classrooms and five teachers. Eighty-two students registered the first year. First graduating class of three members, June, 1898. 1902— First dormitory built. 1903— Name changed to Montana State Normal College. 1906—First Chinook. 1906—Faculty and students at Sheep Creek for first "Go." 1922— First basketball team. 1923— First Montanomal, now the Wescolite. 1924— First inter-collegiate football. 1921-1925—New buildings added to campus: Dining Room, Recreation Hall, Gymnasium, Swimming Pool. 1931 -Four-year course established. 1937—New Residence Halls for women. 1946-1947—First campus living quarters for men. 1949—Name changed to Western Montana College of Education. 1952—New Auditorium. 1954— First Masters' Degrees awarded. 1955— Graduate Division and Secondary Education added to curriculum. 1958— Student Union Building, Western Apartments, Jordan Hall. 1959— Davis Hall. 1964— Centennial Hall. 1965— Name changed to Western Montana College. 1967— Bobby Clark Hall. 1968— February 23, Western 75 years old. PRESIDENTS: Delaney E. Sanders, 1897-1900; George McAndrew, 1900-1901; Dr. Henry H. Swain, 1901-1912; Joseph Eaton Monroe, 1912-1918; Esek Ray Mosher, 1919; Dr. Sheldon E. Davis, 1919-1946; Rush Jordan, 1946-1956; Dr. H. L. Steele, 1956— 1957; Dr. James E. Short, 1957—. IIIMPORTANT STATE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION ILLUSTRA1 AND BRIEFLY DESCRIBED. Inilding Now In Process of Erection That Will Mark the Beginninj a New Era in the History of Dillon A Building in Which Every Citizen Takes Pride. Contents History.....................................2 Organizations.............................1 3 Activities................................ 43 Sports.................................... 77 Around Campus............................ 107 Faculty.................................1 1 7 Classes.................................. 133 Advertisements............................209 12Organizations K. Z. N. in 1921 13 First Chinook Staff 1906Central Board CENTRAL BOARD, Seated, left to right: Mr. Stish, Ron Nierstheimer, Joyce Anderson, Dave Arnot, John Krics, Fred Snook, Glen larum, Dave Etzwiler; Standing: Bob Bonnet, Mr. Cypher, Dave Wilcox, Ken Taylor, and Patty Poston. Executive Officers Dave Arnot, President; Joyce Anderson, Secretary; and Ron Nierstheimer, Vice-President. ASWMC PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE Another year has passed. Western has again turned out many fine teachers to instruct our future leaders and citizens. Western takes pride in its fine record of producing teachers that are not only educated mentally, but physically and socially as well. The friendly atmosphere of its classes, and teaching methods of the professors, combine to give the public the most well-rounded individual any college can provide. We are fortunate at Western in respect to the administration, curriculum, and social aspects. Make the best of your educational endeavors here with the idea in mind that someday you, too, will be graduating and will be expected to carry the burden of our educational programs. Have a goal and let nothing stand in your way of acquiring it. If your first plan fails, try another to reach your coveted goal. 14 Dave ArnotSocial-Dance Committee SOCIAL-DANCE COMMITTEE: R. J. Trevithick end Ray Poston. Each year a Social-Dance Committee is appointed by Central Board. This committee is responsible for school sponsored dances and entertainment. This year, R. J. Trevithick and Ray Poston were selected. Even with a very limited budget, these boys have done a very fine job. Inter-Club Council Inter-Club Council is composed of representatives from campus organizations. During the past year, I.C.C. sponsored a student ambassador program in an effort to promote Western on the high school level. Many of the members went to their home high schools and talked to the students about the college. INTER-CLUB COUNCIL, Left to right: Ron Nicrsthcimer, Marilyn Vanina, Nancy Sasser, Pat Rosenloaf, Tina Mori, Ken Eichler, laurel Walker, Fred Snook, Steve Finck, and John Kreis. 15Chanticleers CHANTICLEERS, Standing, left to right: Mary Kay Pipinich, Jane Annala, Laurel Walker, Wesley Johnson, Ron Nierstheimer, Barry Williams, Rich Jones, Paul Stahl; Seated: Cheri Smith, Mary Beth Miller, Judi Wade, Colleen Dougherty, Cathie Cox, Advisor Miss McManus, Leslie Walker, Cathy Larsen, and Jan Arnot. Advisor Miss McManus watches Jan Jallings Arnot, 1967 CHINOOK editor, present Miss Dorothy Gelhaus with a complimentary copy. The 1967 CHINOOK was dedicated to Miss Gelhaus for her many years of outstanding service to Western. Western's journalistic club. Chanticleers, is open to those students who successfully complete a year's work on the CHINOOK staff or one quarter's work on the WESCOLITE staff. Matrix is an honorary group within Chanticleers. Its members are chosen for their exceptional ability in the journalism field. Matrix members on campus this year are Ron Nierstheimer, Bruce McMorris, and Mr. Cebull. 1967 Chanticleer Initiates Standing, left to right: Paul Stahl, John Kreis, Rich Jones, Terry Edwards, Marshall Thompson, Ron Riley, Wesley Johnson; Seated: Judi Wade, Cheri Smith, Jane Annala, Leslie Walker, Cathy Larsen, Laurel Walker, Mary Beth Miller, Jeannie Notti, Linda Hopkins, and Jan Arnot. 16Wescolite Ron Nierstheimer, Editor. The WESCOLITE, WMC's school paper, is published weekly by the members of the journalism class. Criticism and praise are not spared Editor, Ron Nierstheimer and Advisor, Mrs. Mann, who coordinate the efforts that go into each issue. 17 WESCOLITE STAFF, left to right: Jeannette Nichola , Betty Barnes, Melody Walker, Mary Beth Miller, Steve Calkin , Advisor Mr . Mann, Tony Buralll, Ron Nierstheimer, Mike Childs, Dave Wernckc, Jack Hutchison, Wayne Anderson, and Orval Hagerman.Vl Chinook CHINOOK STAFF, Seated, left to right: Joan Miller, Cheri Smith, Jane Annala, Erin Lewis, Rich Jones, Advisor Miss McManus, Howard Holmes, Leslie Walker, Laurel Walker, Nancy McDonald, Mary Kay Pipinich; Standing: Tim Pilgrim, Larry Bjorndal, Barry Williams, and Jerry Dye. 18 Editor Barry Williams confers with Miss Blanche McManus, Advisor.The CHINOOK, Western Montana College's yearbook, is an annual publication sponsored by the Junior Class. Miss Blanche McManus is the advisor and Barry Williams is the editor of the 1968 CHINOOK. The staff worked to get pictures, copy, and advertising to help make this 75th Anniversary CHINOOK one of the best annuals ever produced. Keith Leonard helps Barry Williams scale pictures to their proper sizes. CHINOOK staff at work.Spurs and Ik’s SPURS, Standing, left to right: Ruby Huseby, Doris Frank, Maureen Twomey, Junior Advisor Evelyn Tabor, Helen Dakin, Jeanne Horsfall, Barbara Beck, Kathy Kennedy; Seated: Mary Purcell, Valeri Hanson, Kathy lakncr, Toni Schciffle, Nancy Sasser, Patty Poston, Barbara Nash, and Betty Willis. Western's Sophomore honorary service organizations, SPURS and INTERCOLLEGIATE KNIGHTS, have been an asset to the campus by ushering, selling tickets, and promoting school spirit. Just begun this year, both groups have been very active, assuring their future success. INTERCOLLEGIATE KNIGHTS, Back row, left to right: Stuart Arnot, Gary Loving, Clark Schlegel, Dave Wilcox, Wayne Stanford, Byron Courser, Bob Thomas; Second row: Advisor Mr. Hickethier, Steve Valentine, Bob McChesney, Gary Scott, Larry Bjorndal, Bob Hanson, John Harold, Terry Sullivan, Mike Childs; First row: Jim Lodge, Paul Stahl III, Fred Snook, John Kreis, and Marcus Nichols. Not pictured, Howard Holmes. 20Forensics Les Cruise Greg Durheim Howard Holmes FORENSICS, Left to right: Howard Holmes, les Cruise, Advisor Mr. Barthell, Greg Durheim, Tim Harlan, and Jerry Dye. This year the Speech Team travelled to the Idaho State Meet at Pocatello, Idaho and to the Tournament of Champions at Lin-field College, McMinville, Oregon. The Debate Team tied first place MSU in the early rounds at Idaho State; and the Oral In-terpers defeated top rank speakers at the Tournament of Champions. Tim Harlan Jerry Dye 21Judiciary Board As a representative body of the girls in the Women's Residence Hall, the Judiciary Board's responsibility is to make and carry out rules. JUDICIARY BOARD, Back row, left to right: Judi Howard, Mary Kay Pipinich, Karin Nielson, Evelyn Taber, Patt Strobbe, Penne Forris, Kay Wilson, Louann Larson, Jonnifcr Craig; Front row: Jean Berberet, Connie Rancourt, Jolene McLean, Keith Ann Hart, Dannetto Harrington, Karin Webb, and Mrs. Carmody. Westernettes Westernettes, directed by Miss Boyd, is WMCs precision drill team. These girls have done an outstanding job this year marching in the Homecoming parade and performing at games. WESTERNETTES, From top left: Diane Markovich, Linda May, Karen Strandberg, Nancy Bergeson, Pat Haugen, Carol Burrington, Linda Walker, Connie Flechsenhar, Diana Rowling, Barbara Angove, Nancy Sasser, Candy Davis, Judy Dodd, Colleen Dougherty, Toni Scheiffle, Judy Scidensticker, Cyrene Buxton, and Cathie Cox.PEMM The Women's Recreation Association involves all girls who are interested in playing intramural sports. Many teams vie each season in basketball, volleyball, and baseball. PEMM CLUB, Front row, left to right: Susan Ovift, Alma Hill, Ruth Myers, Suo Cox, Louanna Jefferson, Karen Mooney; Second row: Mary Agnes Carrahcr, Advisor Miss Wallace, Clara Ueland, Vicky Lusk, Betty Connolo, Patty Priddy, Sharon Stcttler, Patt Strobbe, Cherry Baldridge, Carla Wilhelm, Diana Rowling, Lin McGovern; Third row: Donna Smith, Tcri Hulef, Kay Wilson, Nancy Bergeson, Linda May, Phylis Sakahara, Betty Jo Dellwo, Carol Maloney, Connie Flechsenhar, Betty Carol King, Jeanne Domagala, Cheryl Ticknor, and Advisor Miss Boyd. WRA Physical Education Majors and Minors Club for women on Western's campus is a special organization for those girls who plan to teach physical education activities. EXECUTIVE BOARD INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL“M” Club Each year, M-Club sponsors the M-Day activities on campus and the annual Homecoming. M-Club is proud of its aim of promoting friendly campus relationships, while striving to create well-rounded athletes with character and personality. Officer , left to right: Dave Dayton, Vice President; Mike Charlton, Treasurer; Fred Snook, President; Carl Henderson, Sergeant-at-Arms; and Gary Warhank, Secretary. Back row, loft to right: Jim Harding, Leon Hartvigson, Dave Arnot, Bob Hanson, Jim Clairmont, Bob Crawford, Dave Nielson, Barry Huof, Steve Poole; Third row: Gary Imeli, Bob Bennett, Dan Chiddix, Bill McClesky, Jim Clotfelter, Dan Wooley, John Puschman, Bob Anderson, Jim lots, Jack Filcher; Second row: Louis Hull, Steve Valentine, Mike Charlton, Stan Chaltch, Carl Henderson, Dave Dayton, Gary Warhank; Front row: Tony Coller, Gary Youngquist, Darrell Torgrimson, Jim Nelson, Bob McChesney, Jon Yeager. 24Ski Club SKI CLUB, Fourth row, left to right: John Clark, Ron Hopkins, Ken Taylor, Rich Jones, Rick Olsen, Gayle Engholm; Third row: Pam Fisher, Cyrene Buxfon, Janice Ek, Linda Norris, Kay Wilson, Patty Poston, Honey Rae Lokken, Ilona Freeman, Diane Lynn; Second row: Carol Burrington, Bob Bennett, Linda Hopkins, Ron Riley, Kathy Verlanic; Front row: Ben Barone, Sue Holsten, and Ken Eichler. Rodeo Club RODEO CLU8, Third row: Jerry Nyhart, Henry Real Bird, Ben Ryan, Jack Horner, Advisor Mr. Anderson; Second row: Mary Agnes Carrahcr, Donna Smith, Wes Hayworth, Jim Davis; Front row: Donn Short, Terry Fosbcrry, Mike Campbell, Robin Pettyjohn. SKI CLUB Ski Club, an organization of avid snow enthusiasts, is an active club on campus. Members of the club officiated in ski meets at Rainy Mountain and twenty-two went to Sun Valley, Idaho for a weekend. RODEO CLUB Since Western is located in the heart of the cowboy country, it is fitting that the students have a rodeo club. The club sponsors a rodeo for Western and competes in a four-state rodeo circuit. 25Who’s Who Dave Arnot, a graduate of Hamilton High School, has placed particular emphasis on campus leadership and athletics. As president of his freshman and sophomore classes, Dave showed the leadership qualities that won him two years as Student Body President. During his four years at Western Dave earned varsity letters in football where he played anchor man for the Bulldog's offensive and defensive lines. Janice Jallings Arnot, a native of Kevin, has been a member of KZN and the Wesley Foundation. She also served as a very capable editor of the "Chinook." Nathalie A. Atkins, an Idaho native, has two Honor Scholarships and the Genevieve Albertson Scholarship to make her academic record unquestionable. As a member of Gargoyles and Jeweled Masque Honorary, she has had a leading parts in three plays. Being associate editor of the "Wescolite," a member of both Chanticleers and Matrix have kept her quite busy. Mrs. Atkins has also been president of both WRA and the Women's Sports Board. James Robert Clairmont, a graduate of Dixon County High School, has been a constant performer for the Bulldog's Thinclads and has won four varsity letters. He has qualified for the NAIA four times. Jim also played first string defensive tackle. Susan Margaret Feeney, another outstanding scholastic leader, hails from Butte. She has taken an active part in KZN, Newman Club, Westernettes and SEA. She displayed her talents and charm while vying for the 1967 Miss Western Title. Dennis Michael Griffin, a native of New Hampshire, has displayed his talents, not only in the classroom, but also on the basketball court and the baseball diamond; he holds letters in both sports. Mike is a member of both SEA and the "Wescolite" sports staff. Melva Ann Bell Gutzman, a former resident of Salmon, Idaho, has been active in both KZN and SEA. Melva is a member of Westernettes, officer of the Gymnastics Club and a past Miss Western Candidate. David John Hutchinson has compiled an enviable scholastic record while here at Western. He has also been active in baseball. He is a graduate of Lima High School. Dave Arnot Susan M. Feeney Dennis M. Griffin Melva Bell Gutzman David J. Hutchinson Nathalie A. Atkins James R. Clairmont Janice J. ArnotWho’s Who James Vernon Lots, a graduate of Broadwater County High School, has won fame for Western on the basketball court and the baseball diamond, as well as in the classroom. Also active in M-Club, Jim has been secretary of that organization. He has also been sports editor of the "Wescolite." Susan Lynn Martinsen, a resident of Butte, has been active in WRA, WRA Executive Board, PEMM Club, president of KZN and cheerleading. She is a former Miss Western Candidate and member at large to the Central Board. William Baxter McClesky, a graduate of Sidney High School, has won his greatest share of fame on the athletic field. With letters in football, basketball, and track, 4 he is a genuine triple-threat man. Bill has been awarded the NAIA Outstanding Back Award. He hails from Missoula Bruce Rand McMorris, former president of both Chanticleers and the junior class and business manager of the "Wescolite" has been in the forefront of campus life. He has received the Jane Buttrey Memorial Scholarship as well as other Advanced Honor Scholarships. Mary Elizabeth Miller, a Beaverhead County High School graduate, has shown extremely competent scholastic ability. High on her list of activities in the Gargoyle Club, to which she devotes most of her energies. Sue Ann Wangerin, a Deer Lodge native, has been a member of WRA, KZN and Inter-Varsity. She has been both president and vice president of SEA, junior class secretary and a member of the dorm judiciary board. She has also received two Honor Scholarships. Thomas William Straugh, returning to Western via Weber State and Columbia Basin College, has proven to be a valuable asset to Western. He had balanced his abilities in science and math with his interest in sports, specifically basketball. James V. Lots Susan Lynn Martinson William B. McClesky Bruce R. McMorris Mary Elizabeth Miller Sue Ann Wangerin Thomas W. Straugh 27INTER-VARSITY, left to right: Nancy McDonald, Mary Ellen Wall, Dorothy Hart, Dick Hcuschcr, Darrel Williams, Dwaine Wall, Carl Stubbert, linda Cline, Mr. Block, Jim Mclsaac, Mrs. Block. Western students find the opportunity to quench their spiritual yearnings as well as their knowledge yearnings by joining and participating in the various college youth groups sponsored by local churches. The Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, the Koinonia Fellowship of Presbyterian, Episcopal, and Methodist students, the Newman Club, The Lutheran Students' Association, and the L.D.S. Institute are the groups that are offered to the students. INTER-VARSITY OFFICERS, left to right: Mary Ellen Wall, Treasurer; Dwaine Wall, Vice-President; Dorothy Hart, Song Leader; Carl Stubbert, President; linda Cline, Secretary. 28 KOINONIA, Seated: Reverend Roger Green, Kathy Larsen, Advisor Mrs. Gavin, Sharon Clawson, Vicki Burch, Pat Dodge, Emily Mae Evans, Earline Atchley; Standing: Marilyn Vanina, Laurel Walker, Reverend Don Simmonds, Dennis Stanford, Lee Graves, Martha Jeffrey, Mary Beth Miller, Doug Olson.NEWMAN CLUB, Back row, left to right: Linda Kramer, Betty King, Jean Bcrberet, Barbara Nash, Father James Gannon, Sherry Badgley, Mary Beth Flanagan, Jim Whcalon, Jim Mdsaac, Gary Warhank; Front row: Mary Wohler, Rich Jones, Erin lewis, Eileen McKiffrick, John lewis. Juice Leyden, Pat Froelich, Clara Ucland, Dannettc Harrington, and Kathy Lakner. Bill Moore of the Knights of Columbus presented an award to Newman Club President John Lewis. The award was used to finance club functions. LUTHERAN STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION, Seated, left to right: Dorothy Hart, David Hart, Wesley Johnson, Mary Ellen Wall; Standing: Louann Larson and Judy Scidensticker. L.D.S. INSTITUTE, Seated: Avon Holmes, Marcia Hohnson, Carol Ricks, Alice Hulet, Mr. Nebckcr; Standing: John Van Dyke, Dan Harmon, Lee Holmes, Jim Johnson, Bob Swartz, John Echell, Mike Ballard. 29Music Club First row, left to right: Linda Smith, Dixie Lasich, Emily Evans, money McDonald, Clairo James, Pattie Emmett; Second row: Gail Dawson, June Lemrick, Paula Mannix, Linda McGhee, Carla Siphers, Pat Dodge, Tina Mori, Adele Hinchcliffe; Third row: Mr. Davis, Chris Christensen, Ted Hartford, George Groesbeck, Jim Rex, Chester Monson, Gary Wallace, Mr. McFadden. Reorganized this year. Music Club hopes to further the enjoyment of music at Western. Although primarily for music majors and minors, the Music Club is open to anyone who has a talent for music appreciation. The Vocal Ensemble, a select group of singers, is made up of those students chosen from the chorus who show special ability in vocal music. VOCAL ENSEMBLE 30 PEP BAND PERFORMS AT GAMES RECORDER ENSEMBLEChorus CHORUS, Back row, left to right: Conductor Mr. Davis, John Christenson, les Cruise, Jim Rex, Steve Quilling, Steve Finck, Titus Gall, George Grocsbeck, Mike McFerrin, Chris Christenson, Dave Hanson, Accompanist Mr. McFadden; Third row: Dannette Harrington, Claire James, June lemrick, Dixie lasich, Gail Dawson, Paula Mannix, Margaret Murphy, Mary Beth Miller, Earline Atch-ley, Nancy McDonald, Tina Mori, Eva Paigo, Joan Miller, Linda McGhee, Pat Dodge, Linda Smith, Laurel Walker; Seated: Emily Evans, Janis Smith, Leona Pcnncr, Pat Haugen, Melody Walker, Pattie Emmett, Leslie Walker; Front: Chester Monson, Ted Hartford, Dale Hunt, and Gary Wallace. Band BAND, Back row: Conductor Mr. Davis, Jim Rex, Vincent Crowe, John Van C'.evc, Titus Gall, George Grocsbeck, Chris Christenson, Chester Monson, Allen Kohler; Second row: Carla Siphcrs, Paula Mannix, Tina Mori, Linda Smith; Front row: Emily Evans, Mary Wehler, Melody Walker, Pat Dodge, and Nancy McDonald.Kappa Zeta Nu Janey Annala PRESIDENT Karen Mooney VICfPRESIDENT Darlene Van Setten SECRETARY Cheri Smith TREASURER KZN is the oldest organization on campus. The main goal of the organization is to further social relationships here at Western. To become eligible for membership a girl must have been enrolled at Western for two successive quarters and must- maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.65. The main activity for the year is the KZN formal. This year's theme was "The Days of Wine and Roses." KZN also sponsors a service project each year for a worthy cause. Joyce Anderson Janice Arnot Barbara Boyd Mary Agnes Carraher Cathie Cox Helen Dakin Juanita De Leon Julie Dickinson Diane Duncan Sue Feeney 32Doris Frank Sue Hammond Jeanne Horsfall Kathy Lakner louann Larson 33 Marilyn Vanina Judi Wade Kay WilsonDrum Corps Western Drum Corps standing in marching formation. 34 Left to right: Chris Christensen, Leslie Walker, Linda Smith, Chester Monson, Paula Mannix, Mary Ellen Wehler, Drum Major Jim Rex, Tina Mori, Laurel Walker, Karin Webb, Emily Mae Evans, Melody Walker, and Fred Ranney.The Western Montana College Drum and Bugle Corps is an organization open to all students who want to actively show their school spirit. The Drum Corps marches at the Homecoming Parade and travels with the team when possible. Selected members of the Drum Corps also play cadences for the Westernettes. The annual Drum Corps Talent Show is a much looked-for feature every Spring quarter. The 1967 Talent Show said "Hello America" with music, comedy, and stunts portraying many varied aspects of our American heritage. Chester Monson, President; Leslie Walker, Secretary; Tina Mori, Vice President. 1967 Talent Show Hello America" 35Student Wives STUDENT WIVES, Standing, left to right: Candy Brown, Janie Peterten, Susan Ovitr, Annette Nau, Linda Osier, Marjorie Sager, Sharon Yanzick, Marlene McClosky, Penny Torgrimson, Sue Eaton, Judy McCrossin; Seated: Advisor Mrs. Straugh, laurice Warneke, Paulette Popham, Peggy Johnson, Mary Bro, Sandy Johnston, and Kathy Verboncouer. Circle K CIRCLE K Officers: Barry Williams, Vice-President; Jim Wheaton, Treasurer; Nick Knaff, Governor of Montana District Circle K; John Kreis, President of WMC Circle K; Vince Kerovac, Governor of Montana District; Jerry Hawkins, Dillon Kiwanis President; Edgar Schwartz, lieutenant Governor of District 3; Robert Stewart, District Chairman of Circle K; and Larry Mires, lieutenant Governor of Montana District Circle K. On February 23, 1968, Western's 75th Anniversary, a Circle K Club was chartered by Kiwanis International. Circle K is an honorary service organization, designed to serve the college campus in a way similar to that in which the Kiwanis Club serves the community. The group is sponsored by the Dillon Kiwanis Club and should help to improve the relationships between the college and the community. 36 Circle K President, John Kreis, accepts Western's charter from Vince Kerovac and Jerry Hawkins.Flying Club FLYING CLUB, Left to right: Instructor Tom Wcstall, Ken Heberling, Ron Morgan, Gary Youngquist, Bob Pemberton, Arlyn Sundsted, Mike Burton, and Dan Reilly. Flying Club is a new organization on Western's campus this year. It is designed especially for those students interested in flying. I.A. Club INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB, Left to right: Darrell Williams, Charley Frey, Mike McFerrin, Ron Krantz, Advisor Mr. Anders, and Jim Johnson. The Industrial Arts Club has as its members students with a talent for working with wood and metal. Each year, before Christmas, this club makes toys for children. 37Young Republicans Seated, left to right: Jim Mdsoac, Lee Graves, Duane Lutko, Nick Glassey, Janice Wroble, Mickey Bates, Dee Deo Lewis, Joan Bcrbcret, Mike Riley, Jim Clotfelter, and Howard Holmes. 1968 is going to be a busy year for the Young Republicans, as the members of Western's GOP have been making extensive preparations for the November election. Among these activities will be a mock election to coincide with the November election. The YR's have also sponsored controversial speakers on campus. 38 Dee Dee LewisYoung Democrats Standing, left to right: Bob Thomas, Advisor Miss McManus, Ilona Freeman, Doris Frank, Dannette Harrington, Juice Leyden, Clara Ueland; Seated: Kathy Lakner, Terry Sullivan, Lynn Sorenson, and Maureen Twomey. The Young Democrats successfully organized this year after a period of dormancy. Western Montana College and the YD's were honored when Dannette Harrington was elected Vice President of the Montana Young Democrats. Western's Young Democrats have also sponsored speakers on campus, including prominent Dillon attorneys. 39 Bob ThomasGargoyles Pattie Emmett and Fred Ranney participate in a stage make-up demonstration. Working back-stage at the light control are Doug Olson and Mary Beth Miller. The Gargoyle Club is an honorary dramatics organization whose members have shown proficiency and interest in the aspects of theatre work. Jewelled Masque is an honor group within the Gargoyle Club. To obtain this rank, one must excel in the various phases of theatre art. 40 GARGOYLE CLUB, Standing, left to right: Monty Hankinson, Bob Bennett, Dave Warnekc, Emily Evans, Karin Ncilson, Steve Finck, Fred Ranney, Marshall Thompson; Seated: Advisor Mr. Ryburn, Steve Calkins, Leslie Walker, Carla Siphers, Mary Beth Miller, Doug Olson, Betty Barnes, laurel Walker, and Pattie Emmett.SEA STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION, Standing, left to right: Sharon Clawson, Martha Jeffery, Bevcrlce Beck, Carol Enger, Lindai Clme, Stan Chalich, Sue Eaton, Sue Martinsen, Evelyn Taber, louann Larson, Randy Herrmann, Jeff Smith; Seated: Advisor Mr. Anderson, Sherry Badgley, Mary Wall, Marilyn Vanina, Barbara Boyd, and Advisor Mr. Nebeker. 41 Officers, left to right: Marilyn Vanina, Jane Annala, Barbara Boyd, and Sue Martinsen.Art Club KAPPA PI, Left to right: Mrs. Emerick, Pat Rosenleaf, Kathleen Tayne, Wayne Anderson, and Larry Heaphy. Art Club is a very active organization on campus. Pledges are initiated by performing an artistic entertainment for the members. One, two, and three—brush awards are given. Each award is based on points obtained by members exhibiting their work. Kappa Pi, a national fine arts honorary, is open to students who excel in art. 42 ART CLUB, Standing, left to right: Roberta Chism, Ruth Ann Hildreth, Pat Rosenleaf, Nedra Pilgrim, John Clark, Louann Larson, Susan Hammond, Linda Mecklenburg, Melody Walker; Seated: Holiday Johnson, Larry Heaphy, Advisor Mrs. Emcrick, Kathleen Tayne, and Wayne Anderson. Not pictured are Pattic Emmett and Steve Finck, Fall Quarter initiates.The May Festival of 1918 Activities 43 The "Go" of 1922Freshman Orientation Freshmen began a long week of standing in lines when they arrived on campus for orientation. Beanies were issued to 317 members of the new class. The eager "beanie hoppers" participated in the usual battles with the always victorious upperclassmen. 44 J- - wThe freshmen survived the registration lines but could not escape the clutches of the upperclassmen. After liberal applications of shaving cream, raw eggs, etc., the freshmen decorated the streets of Dillon in an impressive snake dance. Halftime entertainment for the game was provided by these enthusiastic warriors. The two opposing forces clashed in a pushball contest. The freshmen were ruthlessly defeated by the superior upperclassmen.Homecoming Western's campus was transformed into a Casino Royale during the Homecoming festivities. All organizations contributed to the atmosphere of a "Gamblers' Paradise" with their contributions to the parade and all other events. The highlight of the weekend was the coronation. Miss Evelyn Taber was chosen Homecoming Queen and reigned over all events. Miss Mary Kay Pipinich became first runner-up. The special guest at the coronation was adorable—four-year-old Paul Carter Hawkins, National Muscular Dystrophy Poster Boy. 46Left to right: Cissy Mattson, Maureen Twomey, Evelyn Taber, Mary Kay Pipinich, Diana Rowling, Betty King. Six vivacious queen candidates were escorted by the Intercollegiate Knights. An enlightening talent show was a special attraction at the coronation, and Miss Jamie Black, 1966 Homecoming Queen, was introduced. Ron Nierstheimer served as emcee for the evening and had the pleasure of interviewing Paul. He also introduced Miss Lynda Marengo, chairman of Homecoming, and presented her with a dozen roses from the student body. 47Following the coronation, the Intercollegiate Knights led a large, enthusiastic crowd to the bonfire. School spirit was high during homecoming and this spirit was extended to the football team. The enthusiasm paid off well for the hustling Western Bulldogs when they defeated the Eastern Yellowjackets by an impressive score of 32-6. prc tented lo Beaverhead Co Vi h DILLON JAYCEE5 48Homecoming also brought alumni and parents to our campus. Teas, registration, and open house were among the activities in which the special guests participated. Slot machines, dice, cards, and gamblers appeared on campus and paraded through Dillon to the site of the game. The Sophomore Class received the prize for the most attractive float. 49The grand finale of the weekend was the Homecoming Dance. The SUB ballroom was transformed into a Western saloon. The dance was interrupted by a gunfight. The startled crowd backed away when the guns began to fire but relaxed when they realized that it was only a prank. This event was the climax to a successful and entertaining Homecoming weekend. 50Freshman Stunt Night The freshman class captivated the upperclassmen when they put on their talent show. Our cultural horizons were broadened when the talented group presented their version of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum." The freshman class president, Ken Taylor, was master of ceremonies. The entire affair was very entertaining and enjoyable as it came to a "smashing" finish.Sadie Hawkins The campus of Western Montana College assumed the "Hillbilly" spirit of Dog-patch, U.S.A. for the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance. Mr. Daniel Block with his blushing bride was Marryin' Sam for the evening.(Extreme upper left) Ron Riley and Linda Hopkins, (Upper left) Rick Zilla, (Bottom left from left to right) Lil' Abner, Miko Bashor; Daisy Mae, Anne Jean Tracy; King, Wally Zimmer; Queen, Jeane Notti; and Funniest Couple, Linda Smith and Bill Posivio. (Bottom right) King and Queen of Dogpatch, U.S.A. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of the King and Queen of Dog-patch. Trophies were also given to the couple who most resembled Daisy Mae and Lil' Abner and to the funniest couple. High "spirits" prevailed at the dance. 53The Blithe Spirit The fall quarter play. The Blithe Spirit, was presented by the Gargoyle Club. The cast included Melody Walker, Betty Barnes, Nathalie Atkins, Mary Beth Miller, Paul Stahl III, Fred Ranney, and Carla Siphers. 54Faculty Christmas Dinner The faculty gathered in the Women's Residence Hall for their annual Christmas party. Hors d'oeuvres and "cocktails" were served in the parlor. Dinner was catered by Saga Foods in the cafeteria. A festive spirit prevailed as the group exchanged gifts. 55Christmas Formal The sophomore class presented "Our Winter Love" as the theme for the Christmas Formal. Bob McChesney and Susan Boyd were chosen to reign as king and queen of the winter wonderland. From loft to right: Senior class candidates, Jim Nelson and Linda Murray; junior class, Harold Tussler and Judi Wade; sophomore class, Susan Boyd and Bob McChesney; and freshman class, Cyrene Buxton and Don Prinkki. 56Queen - Susan Boyd tr °yd K'"9 Bob McCh esney Go Western The spirit of the Bulldog supporters was especially high during the "Go Western" weekend. This enthusiasm helped spur the Bulldogs to a victory over Eastern Yellowjack-ets. 58Cowboys, Indians, and some other "unknown" characters appeared on campus during the day. After being released from classes, everyone "fortified" themselves for the coming game. Left to right: Karin Neilson, tightest pants; Robin Pettyjohn, best dressed cowboy; Betty Connole, best dressed cowgirl; Mike Charlton, best beard; and Dave Dayton, worst beard. 59KZN Formal "Days of Wine and Roses," the theme for the KZN formal, had an appropriate setting with paper wine glasses decorating the walls, wax-dipped bottles for candle holders, a fountain, and a large, eight foot tall, imitation wine bottle for decorations. Darlene Van Setten and Cliff Caldwell were chosen King and Queen of Hearts. 60Student Wives’ Carnival The annual Student Wives' carnival was a huge success this year. In celebrating Western's 75th anniversary, the booths were decorated in a Western theme. Dart throwing, penny ' pitching, bingo, cake walks, and dough throwing entertained a large crowd of students and faculty. A special attraction was the cotton candy. 61Plays Spring 1 967 The Crucible Winter 1968 Romeo and Juliet 62 Mr. Ryburn, play director, works very hard to make each play a success.Miss Western Talent 63Miss Western Contestants F icfi to right: Arleo Tucker, Kathy Kennedy, Felicity Dagnall, Susan Boyd, Joyce Anderson, Marcia Lots, Barbara Nash, Diane I can, Vicky Lusk, Linda McGhee, Karla Wilhelm, and Danotte Hawkins. The Miss Western Pageant is a preliminary competition for the Miss America Pageant. The twelve girls were judged on personality, intellect, talent, and beauty. Miss Vicky Lusk will be Western's representative at the State Finals. Special guests at this year's pageant were Nancy MeLeon, Miss Montana 1966; Miss Linda Murray, Miss Congeniality 1967; Miss Diane Rowlings, Miss Talent, 1967; and Miss Evelyn Taber, 1967 Homecoming Queen. 64 n left to right: Nancy McLeod, Vicky Lusk, and Kay ■on. Miss Western 1967.Evening gown competition is an important part of the pageant. The girls are not only judged on talent, but also on beauty and poise. Excitement reached a peak as the five finalists were finally chosen. Miss Vicky Lusk was given the honor of Miss Talent. Vicky did a dramatic reading, "Third on the Docket." Miss Susan Boyd was chosen Miss Congeniality. This is a much coveted title, as the recipient is chosen by the girls. The climax of the evening was the crowning of the 1968 Miss Western. From left to right: Barbara Nash, second runner-up; Susan Boyd, first runner-up and Miss Congeniality; Danette Hawkins, fourth runner-up; and Linda McGhee, third runner-up. 65Miss Vicky Lynn Lusk had to fight back tears of happiness when she was crowned by Miss Kay Wilson, Miss Western 1967. The thrill and pride that .Vicky felt captivated the audience as she tearfully walked down the ramp. Miss Western 1967, Miss Kay Wilson, relinquished her crown to Miss Vicky Lusk, Miss Western 1968. Kay Wilson was truly a queen during the past year. She represented Western Montana College well as she toured and entertained many crowds with her beautiful voice.Appreciation Dinner The Western Montana College faculty were guests of the Dillon business and professional men at a "WMC Appreciation Dinner." The banquet was an early start in the planned celebrations for the 75th anniversary of the college. Western's Booster Club, Kiwanis, Rotary and Beaverhead Chamber of Commerce were the co-sponsors of the event. Attorney W. G. Gilbert served as master of ceremonies. Mr. Larry Link explained the scholarship program at WMC and Mr. Henry Stish explained the present building program. Because Western is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee. Dr. James Short traced the progress of Western. Welcoming addresses stressing need for college-community cooperation were delivered by Red Kamp, president of the Chamber of Commerce, Bob Hawkins for the Rotary, and Jerry Hawkins for Kiwanis. 68Blood Drawing Students and professors of Western gathered in the SUB to donate their blood to the Red Cross. Northern Montana College and Western compete every year. Western won last year and contributed 87 pints to this year's blood drawing. 69Studying is the biggest extracurricular activity on campus. After a Western student has visited the SUB, participated in intramural sports or any of the other campus and off-campus events, he finally relents to studying. 70Western Montana College was honored to have Governor Tim Babcock as guest speaker on the observance of the school's 75th Anniversary. Under the direction of Dr. Dale Tash, a special assembly was held in the auditorium. Governor Babcock was presented with a college seal in commemoration of this event. 72Other invited guests were the State Board of Regents, the Local Executive Board, and the Executive Secretary of the Montana University System. Following the assembly, Governor Babcock and the other special guests had lunch with the students in the food service. The lunch period was a busy one for the Governor as many eager faculty members and students rushed to get his autograph. The Governor's visit helped to complete this memorable event in Western's history. The theme of the Diamond Jubilee Anniversary will be carried out all year long—at graduation, homecoming, in dedication of new buildings, and other special events. 73Graduation 1 967 The climax to an enjoyable stay at Western Montana College is the spring commencement exercise. The 1968 graduation will be one to be remembered for a long time. The Diamond Jubilee year has been an important one to this college, and this theme has been extended to all of the important college events including graduation. 74These are familiar scenes on campus every spring. A long line forms in front of the Student Union Building where the Chinook is issued. After receiving their annuals the students gather in the SUB to examine and discuss their new yearbook. Finally, safely at home in the dormitories, each student more carefully examines the book in his own way. 75M-Day is a favorite spring quarter event. Classes are dismissed and everyone eagerly begins the campus clean-up while the M-Club whitewashes the "M." When the campus is spotless, all of the students depart to participate in their favorite "activity." They do not reappear until the picnic on the SUB lawn. What is the Western student's reaction? "I wish everyday were M-Day." 761929 Football Squad Sports 77 Girls' Junior Basketball Team of 1918Member of the winning Bulldog team: Front row—Head Coach Casey Keltz, Mike Charlton, Lynn Stonelake, Tom Hoover, Hanne Boundy, Jack Filcher, Dave Dcarcorn, Merrill Tester, Dale Sprout, Dave Nelson, Tom Prinkki, Jerome Tu s, and Dick Wiegand; Second row—Dick Ferri , Ed Ferris, Dave Arnof, Fred Snook, Gary Imelli, Stan Chalich, Carl Henderson, Jim Clair- 78 Frontier Conferencemont, Ron Rebish, Leon Hartvigson, John Puschmann, John Chor, graduate assistants, Dan Chiddix, and Bob Peters; Bock row— Assistant Coach George Marinkovich, Louie Molen, Gene Paul, Jim Lodge, Wayne McEwan, Steve Poole, Archie Arntson, Jim Harding, Dave Nielsen, Steve Quilling, Bob Crawford, Dan Wooley, Bob Hanson, Bill Posivio, Bob Bennett, and Terry Schultz. 79 ChampionsWestern Montana's Bulldogs, compiling a perfect 5-0 conference record and outscoring league opponents by a 215-38 margin, garnered the Frontier League's first championship with a 55-6 rout of Rocky Mountain College in the season's finale. Overall the Bulldogs posted a 6-1 season and, following a campaign opening 41-0 loss to Ricks College, rolled to six straight successes.Western, Frontier Conference Champion , did well in their games this year. Lynn Stonelakc (No. 72) scores a point after touchdown against Westminister (top left). Against Montana Tech, the Bulldogs recovered a fumble (below). Ed Ferris (No. 12) makes the corner and heads for long yardage (bottom right). Jim Abbas warms up with coffee during a point of intense action (bottom left).Coach Casey Keltz's Western Bulldogs, after a non-conference preseason opener loss to Rick's College, went on to capture the Frontier Conference Crown with an unblemished 5-0 record. The BuHdogs started out their conference season with a 27-13 victory over Northern Montana College. Western followed up this victory by humiliating the Montana Tech Orediggers. The "Big Red" went on to polish their style by defeating the highly talented Westminster Parsons of Salt Lake City 16-7. With three victories under their belts, the Bulldogs had the incentive needed to spoil Carroll's Homecoming and wash out any hopes for a title by the Saints with a 24-13 victory. Jack Filchcr (No. 24) runs for the score (above). Against Westminister, the Big Red Defense is tops (below).Next, Western had its most successful homecoming in years as the Bulldogs overpowered the highly rated Eastern Montana College Yellowjackets with a mortifying 32-6 victory. The win left Western a cinch for at least a conference tie. However, "Big Red", sensing a conference title, invaded the Mid- land Empire and completely overwhelmed the Bears of Rocky Mountain College with a decisive score of 55-6 to wrap up the Frontier Conference. This was the first time since 1963 that the title was bestowed upon the Bulldogs; it broke a three year domination held by the Yellowjackets of E.M.C., who had overpowered the conference and paralyzed it with fear. So it was; "Big Red" was Number 1. Pictured: Coach George Marin-kovich in conference with the team (upper left). Against Car-roll, Tom Hoover (No. 30) runs for big pickup yards (upper right). Ed Ferris just misses the TD (lower left). The victorious coach Is carried off (below). 83Bill Posivio Casey Keltz Ed Ferris Jim Clairmont Bob Crawford Jack Filcher Mike Charlton As a result of the effort put forth by the Bulldogs, other honors came to the team and its members. Casey Keltz was named "Coach of the Year" by his fellow coaches. Members of his team honored as All Conference for the offensive team: Mike Charlton, tight end; Leon Hartvigson, guard; Ed Ferris, wingback; and Steve Poole, running back. Those on the defensive team: Jim Clairmont, tackle; Bill Posivio, guard; Bob Crawford, linebacker; and Jack Filcher, back. Western placed a total of eight men and their coach in the circle of honor. Leon Hartvigson Steve Poole 84Pictured left to right: John Harold, Jim Lots, Mike Griffin, Louio Hull, Tom Straugh, Clay Robinson, Wendell Griffin, Gary Warhank, Don Campbell, Gory Jacobson, Frank Merchant. Basketball Frosh Team Pictured left to right: Tom Hoover, Greg Durheim, Alan Bradley, Barry Grace, Frank Merchant, Earl Doege, Jack Lane, Steve Valentine, Bill Grubich, Pete Waytett.It was a winning season for the Western Montana College Bulldogs in 1967-1968 as they finished with a creditable 13-12 record that included several close games. After losing their opening game to the powerful Northwest Trappers by a score of 100-97, the Bulldogs came on strong to win six out of their next eight ballgames before going into a Christmas time slump. The "Big Red" came out of the slump in time to provide stiff conference opposition for EMC, NMC and Carroll College. After dropping the conference lid-lifter by a narrow 83-79 outcome in favor of Carroll College, the Bulldogs pulled the upset of the year by defeating the Eastern Montana College Yellow Jackets 88-78 at Western. (Right) Mike Griffin soars high above the opposition for a smooth basket. (Lower right) A determined Gary War-hank puts the "Big Red" on the move. (Lower left) Vicki Lusk demonstrates the "go get 'em" attitude common to fans all season.(Top left) Things get very tough under the bosket whon the Bulldogs clash with arch-rival Eastern Montana College. (Top right) The Wcstcrnettcs start the game off right with a presen tation of the colors. (Above left) Louie Hull stretches for a rebound against the Northern lights. (Above center) Mike Griffin muscles his way up for two against the Saints. (Above right) "Mr. Consistent," Gary Warhank adds two with his popular side shot. (Right) Clay Robinson drills one as Gary Jacobsen looks on.A one-point loss to Northern Montana College and a six-point defeat at the hands of Eastern were to be the only conference losses the Bulldogs were to sustain for the remainder of the season. Western's 7-3 conference record was good enough to give them second place and insure them of an NAIA playoff against the Frontier Conference Champion Eastern Yellow Jackets. The 1967-68 version of the Western Montana College Bulldogs was characterized by hustle, desire and the ability to get the big win when it was needed. (Right) Clay tips for two against tha Yellow|ackets. (Below) Jake pulls off a beautiful jump shot against Rocky Mountain. SEASON RECORD WMC . .. . 97 Northwest Community College . , .100 WMC .... 80 Lewis and Clark . 68 WMC .... 86 Lewis and Clark . 80 WMC. . . . .... 69 Whitman . . 67 WMC .... 88 Whitman . . 68 WMC .... 78 Westminster . .100 WMC .... 93 Westminster . . 82 WMC .... 93 Northwest Nazarene . . 76 WMC .... 86 Northwest Nazarene WMC 58 Eastern Washington . . 75 WMC .... 66 Northwest Nazarene . . 76 WMC . .. . 69 Boise College . . 89 WMC . .. . 67 Boise College . . 87 WMC . .. . 78 Carroll College . . 83 WMC .... 73 Mohtana Tech . . 56 WMC .... 88 Eastern Montana . . 78 WMC . . . . 70 Northern Montana . . 71 WMC .... 71 Eastern Montana . . 78 WMC .... 82 Rocky Mountain . . 80 WMC . . . . 79 Carroll . . 72 WMC . ...109 Rocky Mountain . . 92 WMC .... 83 Montana- Tech . . 56 WMC .... 88 Northern Montana . . 77 WMC .... 87 Westminster . . 91 WMC ....107 Westminster . .109(Right) Jim Lot demonstrate the smooth form that helped keep Western in the running throughout the season. (Below) Northern' Ken Larson and Western's Clay Robin-son start the exciting game in which Western clinched second placo in the Frontier Conference. Big Clay Robinson finished regular season play with 479 points, followed closely by Western's stylish lefthander Gary Warhawk, who netted 445 points. These two mainstays are certain to be All-Conference nominees. Further evidence of the Bulldogs balanced scoring attack is exhibited in Mike Griffin's 280 points, Gary Jacobsen's 269 points and Jim Lot's 211 points. Good bench strength is the mark of a great ball team and the Bulldog team had Wendell Griffin, the 6' 4" center from Corvallis who filled in with clutch plays time and again during the season. John Harold, a hustling sophomore from Anaconda, also strengthened the team. This year is the last year the Bulldogs will play in the old WMC gymnasium. With a veteran team returning to initiate the new physical education complex, 1968-69 should be a banner year for the Bulldogs. 89(Above left) Robinson scores two against two. (Above right) Honey Rae likes the action. (Below) Western's Intramural teams worked hard to raise school spirit. (Right) Earl Doege pounds in two for the Freshmen. o Upp of un o in Sup of 8 u! it (Me UjK (Me Lum(Above left) Wendell Griffin gets the business, but will not yield the ball to Eastern. (Above left) Mr. Sfish congratulates Coach Straugh after a close Western victory. (Left) The Bulldogs are everywhere. (Bottom left) "They sure get up there, don't they?" (Bottom right) The Hawks scores again. This time from the charity line. 91BASEBALL: NAIA District 5 Champions Left fo right: Front row: Don Poole, Darrell Torgrirmon, Glen larum, Dave Dayton, Dave Bro, Bob Thoma , Terry Schultz, Bob Mc-Chctney, Jim Lodge. Second row: Coach Bob Jesse, Larry Moore, Steve Valentine, Jim lots, Don Campbell, Mike Griffin, Carl Ryan, Jerry Smith, Mick Hanley, Hugh Sager and Coach George Neilson. Although the Bulldogs dropped 4 early non-conference games to rival Ricks College, they found the pace in the conference play as they dumped Northern Montana College 6-4 before losing 4-0 to even their conference record. Western then took to the winning trail by tromping Montana Tech 7-4 and 6-5. A pair of wins by 10-2 and 6-5 scored over Carroll College was followed by 6-5 and 5-1 wins over Eastern Montana College. Western wrapped up season play with a 9-8 victory over Rocky Mountain College. After breezing through the 8-1 Frontier Conference season, the Bulldogs dumped Black Hills College and Minot College, both North Dakota teams, in three straight games to win the NAIA District 5 championship and advance to the national finals. Kearney State College from Kearney, Nebraska, defeated the Bulldogs at the finals in Omaha, Nebraska, but Western brought much recognition to its considerable baseball ability. 92 Some of the key event of the baseball season are shown in the pictures here, left, the team starts out, led by Bob McChcsney. Below, the infield makes a key play. On the opposite page, bottom. Bob McChcsney gets ready to hit at a crucial point of the game. Leading the Bulldogs to their 11-7 season record was Mike Griffin, who batted .370 for the season. Bob Thomas and Don Campbell, both WMC freshmen, carried the hurling load for the Bulldogs as they picked up 7 wins between them. 93TRACK Frontier Conference Champions Member of the championship team are from left to right, front row: Ken Glaus, John Clawson, Ron lowney, Jim Clotfelfer, Tony Coller, Bill Miner, Charlie Frey, Coach Cecil Kent. Second row: Fred Snook, John Yeager, Randy McQuay, Bob Anderson, Bill Berg, Jim Clair-mont, Wayne Me Ewcn, and Wayne Fink. The Bulldogs swept to their fourth straight Frontier Conference championship in track by outdistancing rival conference colleges at the annual meet held in Billings. Leading the Bulldogs to another outstanding season were WMC cindermen Jack Filcher, Jim Clairmont, Wayne McEwen, Bill Hiner, Ken Walt and Fred Snook. The Bulldogs dominated the conference meet and ran up 9 firsts while smashing 3 conference records. Western had double winners in Bill Hiner and Jack Filcher. McEwen heaved the shot 49' 9! 2" for a new record, and Snook trimmed the mark in the intermediate hurdles to 40.5 seconds. Ken Walt threw the discus 156' 4V2" to pick the third conference record. Altogether the Bulldogs racked up 114 points, far ahead of second place Eastern's 90Vi. Bill Hiner, Jack Filcher, Ken Walt, Jim Clairmont and Wayne McEwen qualified for the NAIA national track and field meet as a result of their superb performances in the season's meets. McEwen, Filcher, Hiner and Walt made the trip to Sioux Falls, N.D., but Clairmont couldn't attend. Walt captured sixth place in the discus. 94Above, Bill Hiner is out in the lead at the Western Invitational. Left, Fred Snook is in the air as he heads for the win in the intermediate high hurdles. Below, members of the mile relay team pose after their victorious season. They arc Ken Glaus, Wayne Fink, Fred Snook and Bill Hiner. Opposite page bottom, Wayne McEwen throws the shotput 49' 9Vi" for a conference record. 95Shortly after school started. Miss Boyd, cheerleader director, called for tryouts. Fifteen girls and one boy tried for positions. The five girls who were selected were Terri Hulet, Honey Rae Lokken, Susan Boyd, Pat Froeh-lich, and Vicki Lusk. Robin Pettyjohn was also selected and was the first male to win such a position in many years. After many hours of practice, the cheerleaders represented Western at all home games and also at many out-of-town games. They stimulated school spirit and aided many Bulldog victories in football and basketball. In addition to leading cheers, two of the cheerleaders participated in the Miss Western Pageant. Vicki Lusk won the coveted crown of Miss Western, while Susan Boyd placed second and won the title of Miss Congeniality. (Above) Many girls tried out for position as cheerleaders in the fall. (Middle) The cheerleaders rode their homecoming float to the stadium to watch the Big Red beat Eastern. (Bottom) Western's cheerleaders and students cheered their team on to victory at Carroll College's Homecoming. 3 Jvr 9697W.M.C. Rodeo Among the rougher extracurricular activities at Western is the sport enjoyed by members of the Rodeo Club. Riding a bull or roping a calf in competition for WMC is commonplace with many Western students. Led by Mary Agnes Carraher and her flashy mare, Miss Big Horn, the Rodeo team participated in several college rodeos and hosted a spectacular rodeo of their own at the rodeo grounds in Deer Lodge. After school ends, many of these same college riders enter other rodeos. This is the case with Mary Agnes. She grabbed top honors by winning the state barrel racing title for the second year in a row. Thus, she brought honor to herself, the rodeo team, and WMC. Here Mary Agnes shows the makings of a champion as she rounds the barrels in college rodeos. Above, she has the last barrel made and is starting for the finish. Left, Miss Big Horn and Mary Agnes head for the next barrel. 98In this series of pictures, the daring cowboys and cowgirls show how they get their thrills. Above, Jim Nelson draws a mean bronc and meets the ground as a result. Right, Donna Smith is determined to win tho barrel racing title. Below, Pierce Rouse fights to win the bulldogging event at the WMC Rodeo.Western Montana College organized for the cross-country meets of the Frontier Conference this year. Members placed in each of the three meets in which Western was a participant. Henry Real Bird grabbed a sixth place while Bob Anderson took ninth at the conference meet in which Western took second place. Members of the team are Bob Anderson, Barry Grace, Ron Hunt, Henry Real Bird, John Yeager, and Gary Youngquist. The team is coached by Western senior Tom Stage. Besides the conference meet with Carroll, Northern, Rocky and Montana Tech., Western also grabbed a second and a third at meets with other schools. Weather proved to be a factor as much cold and snow was present throughout the entire season.Pictured: (Above) Jay Rydell is the director of the intramural program and the person responsible for most of the activities of the Intramural Board. (Middle right) Mike Crum is shown with his trophy for being the "Most Valuable Softball Player." (Right) The members of the Saga Food Team pose. They had the honor of winning the league. 101 ■ ••102 Western's intramural sports play a big part in the lives of the students. A wide program for the girls is offered by WMC instructors Jeanette Boyd and Dona Wallace. Many nights are spent by these two P.E. instructors to see that volleyball, basketball, soft-ball, and track are enjoyed by as many girls as possible. Pictured: (Top, right) Bill Martin waits for a hand off to complete another score of the Rams. (Top, right) Big Mike Bashor breaks through to stop the play. (Above) The Thompson brothers ready for the next play as 3rd Floor Clark goes for another victory. (Right) The girls get into the act of playing football on the lawn in front of the dorm. (Below) The Grateful Dead, champions of the season, await the presentation of their trophies.(Top, left) Dennis Day and Titus Gall fight for the opportunity to score the point. (Top, right) The team is ready for the play in which they obtained the point. (Right) With team effort the point is scored and the team advances to the finals against the Ungowas who won the tournament. (Bottom, right) Jon Yeager leaps high for the save and a good spike to again score a point. Western offers one of the finest intramural programs in the nation, as Jay Rydell, Western's Intramural Director, has combined every possible sport in his program. Making up the list are flag football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, swimming and diving, softball, track, golf, tennis, horseshoes, ping-pong and chess. Recreational swimming is offered to all.(Top) The girl make an exchange in a relay. (Right) John Eaton clears the bar in the high jump. (Lower left) Bill Posivio ha the lead in the 880 relay. (Below, center) Gene Teagarden win his fourth event as he finishes ahead in the broad jump. (Lower right) All the winners of the meet have a final bit of glory as the record book is closed. TrackHelping Jay with his program were Terry Cochran, Paul Lienemann and others. Basketball officials were all M.O.A. affiliated. Trophies were given to the winners of most of the sports, and the refereeing was excellent. Pictured: (Top, left) Jerry Smith goes up for the layup and the score. (Top, center) The perfect shot and the perfect score, no interference and no trouble. (Top, right) All hands went up for the ball who got it, only the referee can tell. fCenterJ There is a close race going in the backstroke relay. (Bottom, left) The members of the winning Club Bar team pose before going to the Club Bar. (Bottom, right) The start of the medley is shown with the Clark-Sharks getting the lead.Intramural Wrestling Pictured: (Top, left) The muscle is used in the take down, (Top, right) Louie Molen and Jim Street start the match in which Jim Street won. (Middle, right) The pin and the victory for the winning Butte Rats. (Bottom, left) The end of the match is near and the wrestlers are tired. (Bottom, right) The winners of the individual matches await their trophies. The winner of the meet was the butte Rats. 106Around Campus The Campus in 1927 UesTeRW WortT ma "] Cqllpgg qp f ■ Education i DILLONStudent Union Building Students are constantly "burning the path" to the Student Union Building, hub of campus activity. Favorite activities of the SUB-ites are to discuss the latest in campus gossip, to sit and enjoy five minutes of solitude, to buy a coke, or to chat with Skippy, the book store manager. The SUB also offers an atmosphere where the students may release frustrations. SUB Sound-Off, a project of the Intercollegiate Knights, has proved ideal for many of the populace to state their opinions. Dances are held weekly to enable the students to "let down their hair", "kick up their heels", and have a good time. Marshall Thompson enjoys a coffee-break between classes (upper right). Campus book store offers many items for students (below). Sometimes even the student workers get a break (upper right).fc 109Men’s Residence Halls The men's residence halls provide.more than just living quarters for the many students housed within them. Dormitories are the scene of study, fun, comedy, tragedy, joy, sorrow, and finally of success and failure. In the dormitories students encounter an aspect of life entirely different from any they have experienced before. Dormitory life provides an opportunity for students to meet other people, to learn to understand them, and to learn to get along with them. The raucous wail of false fire alarms, the strident blare of record players and radios, the gentle clatter of poker chips at three in the morning, the dull thunder of friendly feuds resounding through halls—these, too, are part of dormitory life. All, however, is not fun and games. Long hours of toil and study take up a substantial portion of everyday college life. Dormitory life is an invaluable experience no college student should be without. 4 (]) Clark Hall is the newest of the men's dormitories. (2) Lynn Stonelake utilizes his razor. (3) Charlie Frey after a hectic day. (4) Dale Sprout, not the victor, but the vanquished. (5) Dave gives Wayne a trim. (6) Students get together for a serious moment now and then. 6 NO (1) Centennial, Dalis, and Jordan Halls.- (2) The big game. (3) "Hey Earl, your mother maybe?" (4) Jim prepares for the big weekend. (5) The old grind. (6) Herb Slack, an indispensable asset to Western. (7) A frequently visited spot. (8) Students rush to change sheets on Wednesday night. (9) Bob relaxes with a little ping-pong. (10) Darrel says, "cotton candy anyone?" (11) Steve "celebrates" laundry night. 11The heart of Western Montana College beats inside the magnificent stone walls that make up the Administration Building. The outside perfectly symbolizes intellectual eminence while the inside provides a functional environment conductive to academic excellence. Administration offices, classrooms, laboratories, and the library are housed inside this efficient complex. (Top) The library is the scene of intensive study. (Above right) The library's card catalog is a valuable store of information in itself. (Above left) Western's pretty co-eds gossip before class. (Right) Business classes provide valuable training. 112(Left) Hard at work in IA claw. (Below left) A skeleton in the closet is found at WMC. (Below) On the move between classes. (Bottom left) The lecture, a familiar sight at Western. (Bottom right) Audio-visual lab provides tools for tomorrow's teachers.Women’s Residence Halls The Women's Residence Hall is one of the most popular buildings on the campus. The biggest attraction of this building is the cafeteria. Students may skip classes for several days, but the attendance record for the cafeteria is almost perfect. The main entrance of the dorm is the focal point for everyone from the bewildered frosh to the assured senior. The girls nightly race through this door in order to beat the curfew bell. After winning this race, the girls engage in a free-for-all activity known as "signing in." (Lower right) At certain time of day the cafeteria becomes a popular gathering spot for students. (Middle) The entrance to the ‘girls' dorm is' a location known to everyone. (Lower left) The girls literally race against time before curfew sounds. (Upper right) The switchboard sees a lot of action at times.The girls' dorm supplies all the comforts of home and some extras besides. Mrs. Carmody, Dean of Women, and Mrs. Munson, Housemother, are always willing to help the girls with their problems, and John Male-sich and Mrs. Walter Albertson are constantly on the job to keep the dorm comfortably clean. For the little extras the dorm supplies pop machines in the TV room and a cigarette machine in the basement. Laundry rooms are also provided. The television is probably the most popular machine in the dorm. The girls' TV room is seldom empty. Here girls can let down their hair, or else put it up. Despite the many activities, education is still the main concern of the co-eds of WMC. (Upper left) The pop machines are often visited by thirsty students. (Upper right) The laundry room sees a lot of traffic. (Middle) The girls mjoy a little recreation. (Lower left) Linda "Santa" Smith is finding out what Betty Willis wants for Christmas as the helpers listen. (Lower right) Study still takes up a lot of time, in the dorm. 115 I- ' WMC is to say "good bye" to her gymnasium as the main PE center by fall quarter of 1968. The gym has provided many years of good service, but it has become too small to accommodate Western's rising enrollment. Students have enjoyed intramurals, PE classes, and varsity sports in the gym since 1924. The gym will continue tq see action even though the new complex will take on much of its previous load.i11 n Faculty And Administration Robert Clark Rush Jordan Pictured above are noted faculty members of the past after whom the men's residence halls are named. Robert Clark was a very popular professor at Western for many years. Dr. Davis was president from 1919 to 1946. Rush Jordan served as president from 1946 to 1956. 117President Dr. James E. Short This is a memorable year in the history of Western Montana College. Seventy-five years ago on February 23, 1 893, the Montana Legislative Assembly enacted a law providing: "that there be and is hereby established within two miles of the corporate limits of the city of Dillon, Beaverhead County, Montana, a state normal school, which shall be called the Montana State Normal School ' and that "The object of said Normal School shall be the instruction and training of teachers for the public schools of the state of Montana, inclusive of all grades and departments." Those of us who were fortunate enough to share with Western her 75th Anniversary have an additional bond that must be denied all other people. We are appreciative of the privilege and honor of sharing this event with Western.Local Board of Education Mr. O. A. Bergeson, Mr . Amy Gilbert, Dr. Jamc E. Short, Mr. W. G. Gilbert. State Board of Education 119 Left to right: Mr. M. E. Richard, Mrs. Margorie W. King, Mr. John E. O'Neill, Mr. John D. French, Superintendent Harriet Miller, Governor Tim Babcock, Attorney General Forrest H. Anderson, Mr. A. A. Arras, Mr. C. P. Moore, Mr. Gordon Mullen-dore, Mr. Boynton G. Paige.Education C. R. ANDERSON Associate Professor of Education B.A., Gusfovus Adolphus College M.A., Univ. of Montana VIRGIL F. AIME Assistant Professor of Education B.S., Minot State College M.Ed., North Dakota State Univ. CHARLES R. CURTIS Assistant Professor of Education B.S., Utah State Univ. M.Ed., Oregon State Univ. LUCY HICKENBOTTOM Assistant Professor of Education A.B., Nebraska State Teachers College A.M., Colorado State College ED.D., Colorado State College MARY KELSO Assistant Professor of Education B.A., North Texas State Univ. M.Ed., East Texas State Univ. 120Education RALPH KNEELAND Professor of Education B.S.Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College M.E., Univ. of Montana W. DENTON NEBEKER Assistant Professor of Education B.A., Brigham Young Univ. HELEN STRUCKMAN Assistant Professor of Education B.A., Univ. of Montana M.Ed., Univ. of Montana MAX FEUERSTACK Instructor in Foreign Languages B.D., Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary Univ. of Gottingen, Prussia 121English ROBERT J. BARTHELL Instructor in English B.A., Univ. of Denver M.A., Colorado State College THERESE BRYCHTA Assistant Professor of English B.A., Univ. of California M.A., San Francisco State College On Leave of Absence DONALD K. GOSNELL Assistant Professor of English A.B., Sacramento State College M.A., Uiaiv. of the Pacific ALMEDA MANN Instructor in English B.A., Intermountain Union College 122 M- English MARY MARJERRISON Assistant Professor of English B.A., Indiana Central College M.A., Indiana Univ. BLANCHE McMANUS Assistant Professor of English B.E., Western Montana College M.A., Univ. of Washington JOE RYBURN Assistant Professor of English B.E., Western Montana College M.A., Univ. of Denver MARY EMERICK Professor of Art B.A., Univ. of Washington M.A., Columbia DONNA F. GARBER Instructor in Art B.S., Montana State Univ. 123Business JOHN GARRY Associate Professor of Business B.B.A., B.S., M.A., Univ. of Minnesota Ed.D., Univ. of North Dakota SAMUEL DAVIS Assistant Professor of Music B.M., Univ. of Montana M.M., Manhattan School of Music ERNESTINE NEAL Instructor in Business B.A., Univ. of Montana Music PATRICIA McFADDEN ORI Instructor in Music B.M., Northwestern Univ. 124Industrial Arts ClAYBORN ANDERS Associate Professor of Industrial Arts B.S., M.S., Montana State Univ. Math DANIEL C. SCOTT Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts B.S., Wejtern Montana College M.S., Indiana State Univ. GORDON BENNETT Assistant Professor of Mathematics B.A., Hiram College M.A., Bowling Green State Univ. LARRY M. HICKETHIER Instructor in Mathematics B.A., Univ. of Montana M.S., Univ. of Wyoming TERRANCE CYPHER Assistant Professor of Mathematics B.S., M.S., Montana State Univ. 125Science JOHN O. ATKINS Instructor in Physical Science B.A., St. John's Univ. KENNETH BANDELIER Assistant Professor of Biological Science B.S., M.S.E., Purdue Univ. M.S.T., Ed.D., Univ. of Montana DANIEL BLOCK Assistant Professor of Biological Science B.S., M.S., Univ. of Montana HENRY STICH Associate Professor of Science B.S., Bcmidji State College M.Ed., Univ. of North Dakota 126Social Science FRANK BUSCH Assistant Professor of Social Science B.A., M.A., Univ. of Montana STANLEY DAVISON Professor of Social Science B.A., M.A., Univ. of Montana Ph.D., Univ. of California DAVID GALLAGHER Instructor in Social Science and Physical Education B.S., Univ. of Minnesota M.P.H., Univ. of California JEROLD HILTON Assistant Professor of Social Science B.S., M.A., Brigham Young Univ. DALE TASH Associate Professor of Social Science B.S., Western Montana College M.A., Univ. of Montana 127 1Physical Education JEANETTE BOYD Instructor in Physics! Education B.S., Montana State Univ. DONALD KELTZ Instructor in Physical Education B.S., Western Montana College FRANK JESSE Assistant Professor of Physical Education B.S., Chadron State College M.S., Univ. of Washington WILLIAM STRAUGH Professor of Physical Education B.E., Western Montana College M.E., Univ. of Montana GEORGE MARINKOVICH Instructor in Physical Education B.S., Montana State Univ. DONA WALLACE Instructor in Physical Education B.S., Montana State Univ. 128Registrar’s Office PAUL o. PICTON Registrar BA., Dickinson State College M.A., Univ. of Montana LOUISE FARRIS BETTY SPEHAR MABEL WILLISS HELEN SIMONSEN Secretary to Registrar Clerk-Typist Clerk-Typist Clerk-Typist ROBERT HAMILL Librarian B.A., St. Ambroje College 129Women’s Residence Hall MARIE CARMODY Dean of Women LEONA MUNSON Housemother Secretaries 130 HELEN GALLAGHER Secretary to the PresidentBusiness Office HARDING HANSON Business Manager DOLLY ROTTWEILER Clerk FRANCES RICHARDSON Bookkeeper 131 LARRY LINK Financial Aids Officer DENNIS DEVITT Saga Foods ManagerPerhaps the most valuable asset to Western Montana College is its dynamic, friendly faculty. The burdens of student life are many, but it is comforting to know that a student can get a helping hand if he needs it. If a sleepy student falls asleep in class the teacher will patiently let him sleep, figuring he needs the rest. A student can always find a favorite instructor in the SUB. A professor at WMC will almost always be found with a smile, even when handing out an F. Where else can one be so comforted? (Top) Triumphant football coach, Casey Keltz, is congratulated by athletic director, William Straugh. (Above) Mr. Gosnell, English department instructor, relaxes between Comp classes. (Above right) Mrs. Clemens helps student cut red tape of the education department. (Right) Are you collecting tests, again, Mr. Hicken-bottom? 132(Top left) Mr. Hilton, are you really busy? (Top right) Miss Wallace and Miss Boyd cheer the team toward victory. (Center left) "What's that? Why, Mr. Stish, it's your celestial sphere!" (Above) "Now what do I do, Mr. Alme?" Joyce Drake ponders another serious question. (Left) Faculty members discuss current topics over a cup of coffee in the Student Union Building. 133(Top left) Mr. Block and Mr. Smith chat before class. (Top right) Herb Slack, manager of the men's residence, is an indispensable man on campus. (Above) Marion Pyeatt, the campus carpenter, is off to repair another broken fixture on campus. (Center) Mr. Picton off to a secret meeting? (Above right) With cheerful smiles Mr. Cypher and Mr. Bennett await Fall Quarter registration. (Right) Mrs. Struckman catches up on some work. 134Classes LEILA EMMELINE KIRBY Graduated January 24, 1901Masters’ Degrees GARY BENNETTS Dillon TOM JENKINS Butte VERLA BOETTICHER Dillon STELLA CURRIE Anaconda JOYCE WEBBER Antioch, III. Graduate Student CATHY LARSEN ShelbyClass of 1 968 The Seniors Senior Class of 1906 137Senior Class Officers 138 DAVE ETZWILER President EVELYN TABER Secretary MARCUS NICHOLS Vice-PresidentGEORGE ARNOT Dillon JAN ARNOT Kevin RETA BACH Helena MICHAEL BASHOR Kevin BEVERLEE BECK Deer Lodge ELBIE BELLON Pablo GARY BENNETT Missoula MARIAN BENNETTS Dillon 139KAREN BENSON Plains BEATRICE BIER Helena BONNYJEAN BOWERS Valleyview, Ala. DAVID BRO Dillon CLYDE CHAFFIN Hamilton STAN CHALICH Spokane, Washington CLAUDIA CHIDDIX Dillon DAN CHIDDIX DillonJAMES CLAIRMONT Dixon VERNA SMITH CLEVERLEY Dillon MARY PAT CONVERSE Anaconda WILLIAM COVEY MARGARETTE BERRYMAN DAHL Whitehall Butte DAVID DAYTON Kalispell ROBERT DE BUHR Dillon JASON DEVEREAUX Browning 141RUTH DOCKINS Butte JULIE DICKINSON Three Forks OTTO DILL Anaconda DONALD DRIVDAHL Dillon JERRY DYE Hamilton 142 JACOLYN ERFLE Dillon DAVID ELMORE Hamilton GLADYS EDMISTEN SheridanDAVID ETZWILER Helena CHUCK EYERLY SUSAN FEENEY Carson City, Iowa Butte JACK FILCHER Corvallis CHRISTINE FINNLAND Libby PAMELA FISHER St. Ignatius ORVILLE FOGEL Corvallis ANNETTE FRASER Butte 143PAULETTE GESSELE JOHN GIOP JOHN GIACOMINO Anaconda Walkerville Butte MICHAEL GRIFFIN Dillon MELVA ANN GUTZAAAN Salmon, Idaho ROY HANSON Arlee FRANCIE HAMILTON Butte LYLE HANDLEY Corvallis 144DOROTHY ANN HARKNESS Dillon JAMES HARPER Lima NEOLA HATCH Browning MIKE HAYWORTH Geraldine SUSAN HOLSTEN Evanston, Illinois LINDA HOPKINS Libby JACK HUTCHISON Dillon GARY IMELLI Fallon, Nevada 145 JOHN JAKSHA BETTY JENKINS LINDA JESSEN Butte Clancy Anaconda RICHARD JONES Butte MARYELLEN JOHNSON Browning 146 JIM KONEN Butte RUTH ANN KORTUM Kalispell PAT KRAMARICH ButteJACK LADEN Dillon LINDA LANGTON Victor JOHN LEWIS Butte JAMES LOTS Townsend JOHN LOUCKS Helena WENDELL MAGEE Libby DAVE MANNING Anaconda SUE MARTINSEN Butte 147BILL McCLESKEY Anaconda MARGENE McCLURE Dixon PATRICIA MATTIX Great Falls JOHN MECKLER Dillon JACQUELINE MELTON Mosby LYOLUSMIKKELSON Anaconda MARY ELIZABETH MILLER Dillon SHARON MORRISON Butte 148JIM NELSON Valier VALAREE NEWCOMBE I LA KAYE NEWTON Yerington, Nevada Dillon MARCUS NICHOLS Geraldine DOUG OLSON Great Falls LINDA O'NEIL Butte SELMA PAHRMAN Helena BERNICE PAISLEY Sunburst 149CAROL PALMER Victor FERN PATRICK Helena DAVID PEABODY Houlton, Maine GLADYS PEARSON Fairfield JIM PERUSICH Butte DON POPHAM Corvallis JOHN PUSCHMANN Emmett, Idaho BETTY RADA FairfieldCONNIE RANCOURT Alberton RON REBICH Dillon LEE RICHARDSON Antelope LLOYD RUNDELL Butte DON SCHRIOCK ButteEMERY SMITH Dillon JERRY SMITH WAYNE SMITH Anaconda Schenectady, N. Y. FRED SNOOK DORIS SONSTEUE Salmon, Idaho Salt Lake City, Utah CONNIE SULLIVAN Anaconda JERRY STONE Dillon TOM STRAUGH Dillon 152EVELYN TABER Ronan LARRY THOMAS MARSHALL THOMPSON Deer Lodge Dillon KENNETH TINTINGER Fort Benton DARRELL TORGRIMSON Dillon R. J. TREVITHICK Butte JOHN TROYER SUE ANN WANGERIN Anaconda Deer Lodge 153WALTER WAREHIME Cascade DAVID WARNEKE Choteau ELWOOD WEBB Cascade BARRY WILCOX Dillon PEGGY WILCOX Dillon IRENE WNUCZEK Butte GARY YOUNGQUIST Missoula 154Class of 1 969 The Juniors 155Junior Class Officers 156 JUDY WADE Secretary JOHN KREIS Vice-President RAY POSTON PresidentJoyce Anderson Barbara Angove Jane Annala Fairfield Butte Great Falls Cheri Antoine Ben Barone Bob Bennett Poison Anaconda Deer Lodge Barbara Boyd Libby Patricia Bradway Park City Jim Brown Dillon 157Harry Buckingham Connie Burwell Mary Agnes Carraher Townsend Dillon Anaconda Judith Cernik Ronan Chris Christensen Twin Bridges Robert Casagrande Walkerville Sharon Clawson Missoula Linda Cline Bozeman James Clotfelter DuttonCathie Cox Felicity Dagnall Floyd Darlington Cascade Townsend Ronan Dennis Day Juanita DeLeon Anke Dhane Stevensville Melrose Choteau 159Jeanne Doney Colleen Dougherty Alice Duncan Boulder Dillon Butte Terry Edwards Carol Enger Emily Mae Evans Florence Helena ButteLee Graves Dan Gregier Dillon Butte Robert Haab Harry Hall Helen Hall Clancy Stevensville Stevensville Keith Ann Hart Pat Haugen Randolph Herrmann Butte Anaconda Red Lodge 161Ron Hopkins Judi Howard John Hoyt Libby Anaconda Choteau James Johnson Alberton James Johnson Charlo Diane Johnston Dillon 162Wesley Johnson Shelby Lynn Karr Dillon John Kieckbusch Allen L. Kohler Townsend Butte Ed Kovich Helena Ron Krantz St. Ignatius John Kreis Stevensville Louann Larson Helena 163Dixie Lasich Robert Liva James Lodge Twin Bridges Walkerville Dillon Marcia Lots J. D. Lynch Townsend Butte Leonard Mackling Jim Mclsaac Lynda Marengo Manitoba, Canada Anaconda Poison 164William Martin Florence Cissy Mattson Butte Robert Meredith Anaconda Joan Miller Helena Chester Monson Deer Lodge Karen Mooney Dillon 165Tina Mori Edith Morigeau Robert Nau Deer Lodge St. Ignatius Kalispell Tom Nau Helen Ness Blanche Nichols Kalispell Glendive Di,,on 166 Ron Nierstheimer Columbus Ed Osborn Alder Lou Parrett ButteJanie Petersen Mary Kay Pipinich Steve Poole Dillon Anaconda Lima Ray Poston Ron Riley Carl Rosenleaf Kalispell Libby Anaconda Pat Rosenleaf Anaconda Hugh Sager Ronan Marjorie Sager Ronan 167Robert Sager Loren Sasser Jim Seidensticker Anaconda Choteau Dillon Bob Schwend Randy Scott Dan Shadoan Melstone Dillon .. Dillon Cheri Smith Hilma Smith Anaconda Butte 168Janis Smith Jorunn Soyland Dillon Dillon Paul Stahl Pat Strobbe Carl Stubbert Dillon Bridger Galata 169 Arlyn Sundsted Antelope William Thompson Ennis Marilyn Vanina ButteDarlene Van Setten Judi Wade Laurel Walker Fairfield Dillon Moccasin Leslie Walker Melody Walker Mary Ellen Wall Moccasin Dillon Laurel Gary Warhank Rudyard Jim Whealon Poison 170Barry Williams Helena Eldon Chapman White Sulphur Springs Ted Hartford Lewistown Jimmy Howard Philipsburg Mary Pat McNellis Anaconda Class of 1970 The Sophomores The Sophomore Cle$ in 1907 172Sophomore Class Officers DAVE WILCOX President LINDA QUAINTANCE Secretary STUART ARNOT Vice-PresidentDavid Adkins Bob Anderson Wayn? .Anderson Brad Arfman Missoula Gilchrist, Ore. Whitefish Helena Judith Arthun Sherry Badgley Cherry Baldridge Mike Ballard Absarokee Missoula Missoula Dillon 174Jim Beattie Barb Beck Nancy Bcrgeson Larry Bjorndal Anaconda Deer Lodge Kalispell Willow Creek C,ia.rk Elizabeth Brammcr Divide Sandra Brammer Divide Terry Brostcn Kalispell Candace Brown Dillon 175Byron Courser Victor John Christensen Twin Bridges 176 Helen Dakin Stevensvillc Gail Dawson Hebcr, Utah Diane Duncan Melrose Rod Delaney LibbyKen Eichler Red Lodge Gary Elmore Hamilton Linda Fairwcather Rosemarie Faltermeyer Anaconda Helena Pt Penne Ferris Helena Robert Fournier Butte Doris Frank Kalispcll Charley Frey St. Ignatius Pat Frochlich Helena 177Glenn Gerry Butte Diane Giop Walkerville Judy Ginsberg Anaconda Orval Hagcrman Plains Jean Gresham Linda Griffith Troy Butte Gene Halsey Manhattan Susie Hammond David Hansen Robert Hanson St. Ignatius Dillon White Sulphur Springs 178Valeri Hanson Tim Harlan Dillon Kalispell John Harold Dannotto Harrington Anaconda Butte 179Donnette Laden Dillon Kathy lakner Glen larum Butte Charlo June lemrick Whitehall 180Keith Leonard Great Falls Bill Lester Somers Erin Lewis Julee Leyden Butte Butte Raclcnc Lynch Dillon Gary Loving Hamilton 181 Karl Matson Butte Carla Mattson Manhattan Linda May Divide Bill McAndrews DillonGloria McAndrews Dillon Bob McChesney Sidney Wayne McEwcn Linda McGhee Havre Deer Lodge Jolene McLean Anaconda Eileen McKittrick Anaconda 182 Ron Morgan Deer Lodge Margaret Murphy Geraldine Charles Myers Conrad Barbara Nash DarbyPaul O'Leary Veronica Paradis Anaconda Boulder Jack Pipinich Bill Posivio Audrey Poston Patty Poston Anaconda St. Ignatius Anaconda Kalispell 183Susan Reavley Rosie Reiter Great Falls West Yellowstone 184 Jim Rex Philadelphia, Pa. David Reynolds Norris Bill Richards Butte David Red Fox Harrisburg, Ore.Diana Rowling Butte Bob Rust Phyllis Sakahara Nancy Sasser Great Falls Whitefish Chotcau Toni Scheiffele Phillipsburg I John Schell Stevensville Clark Schlegel Gary Scoff Bob Sestrich Betty Shadoan Sunburst Fort Benton Anaconda Dillon lA 1V Lajrr B|© r 4o»l 185Dave Shepherd Jackson Linda Smith Anaconda Wayne Stanford Hamilton Terry Sullivan Butte Kathleen Tayne Dillon Robert Thomas Sue Tobol Butte Helena Maureen Twomey Steve Valentine Butte Helena John Van Clevc Butte Gary Verboncouer Anaconda 186Gary Wallace Judy Wallace Great Fall Cardwell Karin Webb Cascade Bob Webber Sidney Mary Wchler Dillon Dave Wilcox HamiltorfBetty Willi Belfry A. Charles Wills Butte Kay Wilson Charlo Jennie Wolfe Dillon Arlene Woods Boulder Walter Zimmer Sidney 188Gene Ordahl Outlook Susan Ovitf Melrose Jeffery Smith Butte Kathy Kennedy Dillon Fred Tapia DixonClass of 1971 The Freshmen The Freshman Class in 1908 190 Freshman Class Officers 191 RICHARD MIRABELLA Secretary MIKE SULLIVAN Vice-President KEN TAYLOR PresidentLon Baertsch Mike Bates Dave Beatty Jean Bcrberet Poison Anaconda Anaconda Toston Marilyn Broman Dillon Judy Brown Glasgow Claris Bolick Alan Bradley Dillon Missoula Warren Bucy Anaconda Vicky 8urch Carol Burrington Mike Burton Dell Hamilton Missoula 192Glenda Campbell John Clark Townsend Libby Cyrene Buxton Helen Camel Anaconda Ronan Ross Cornell Sue Cox Jennifer Craig Deer Lodge Cascade Helena Betty Connote Choteau Sheila Crothcrs Leslie Cruise Helena Helena Candy Davis Townsend Tom Davis Helena David Dcarcorn Powell, Wyo. 193Judy Dodd Patricia Dodge Earl Docgc Jeanne Domagala Dillon Charlo Fallon, Nev. Hu son Cyndra Drescher Terry Duffey Greg Durheim Randy Eberline Anaconda Reygate Oroville, Wash. Dillon 194 Rick Eberline Dillon John Edwards Florence Chris Eichler Red Lodge Janice Ek AnacondaGayle Engholm Anita Engstrom Great Falls Helena Steve Erhart Missoula Kathy Etzwiler Helena Richard Forcella Scott Fox Butte Conrad Richard Frick Terry Fosbcrg Lee Foss Butte Kalispell Hamilton John Fred Helena Ilona Freeman Ray Gadd Anaconda Libby Titus Gall Crowley, La. James Gorman MissoulaBerry Grace Marilynn Guay Kalispcll Butte Gerry Habel Rita Hannon Dutton Anaconda Henry Hanson Gary Harmon Missoula Shelby Danette Hawkins Regina Haxby Terry Hazelbaker Ken Heberling Dillon Whitehall Dillon Dillon Joanne Heggclund Wisdom 196 Dick Heuscher Browning Alma Hill Lodge Grass Evelyn Hilton St. IgnatiusAdelc Hinchcliffe Tom Hoover Terri Hulet Joanne Ivesoo Butte Conrad Dillon Dillon Gary Jacobsen David James Marc Janey Livingston Kalispell Helena luanna Jefferson Lodge Grass Barbara Johnston David Kieckbusch Betty King Karen Kinney Helena Conrad Anaconda Missoula 197Ed Kombol Linda Kramer Garry Larson Roundup Wibaux Libby ■ Detfe Lewis Phoenix, Ariz. Honey Rae Lokken Vicki Lusk Hamilton Hamilton Glen Lcvandoskc Corvallis Dianne Lynn Poison Paula Mannix Diane Markovich Bill McCrea Nancy McDonald Avon Dillon Sheridan frenchtown 198Mike McFerrin Bill McGraw Maureen McNelis Linda Mecklenburg Great Falls Sand Coulee Anaconda Wagner Donna Mercer Richard Mirabella Dillon Hamilton Ruth Myers Great Falls Carol Newby Dillon 199 Martha Nudd Dillon Rich Olsen Fort ShawKerry Petronek Anaconda Robin Petty John Tim Prater Pat Priddy Kalispcll Cutbank Dixon Don Prinkki Beverly Rada Mary Richards Ken Richert Red Lodge Fairfield Glen Conrad Michael Riley Dillon 200 Dan Rock Alberton Melvin Sattler Sidney Doris Salstrom ConradDominic Schenderline Charlotte Scofield Dave Scott Lodge Grass Dillon Townsend Judy Seidcnsticker Dillon Teresa Selway Donn Short Linda Sipes Carla Siphers Dillon White Sulphur Springs Stevensville Stevcnsville Sammi Skubitz Dillon Susan Smith Alan Sorenson Dale Sprout Dillon Dillon Townsend Dennis Stanford Hamilton Anne Stephens Ronan 201Sharon Steller Lynn Stonclake Karen Sfrandberg Mike Sullivan Valier Florence, Ore. Helena Butte Ken Taylor Mary Ten Bear Merrill Tester Hamilton Hardin Powell, Wyo. Teresa Thomas Deer LodgeKathy Vcrlanlc Steve Vieth Anaconda Hamilton Dale Waylett Joe Wester Theresa Whalen Patsy Wheeler Libby Harlowton St. Ignatius Dillon Randy Wiedmoier Leigh Wildey Karla Wilhelm Darrel Williams Kalispel! Darby Butte Helena Dennis Williams Ennis Catherine Wilson Dillon Steve Wilson San Lorenzo, Cal. Geraldine Windy Boy Havre 203John Bcrkheimer Michael Campbell Libby Dodson Steve Dunigan Jacob Hart Manhattan Butte John Henderson Sidney Leon Kessingor Dillon James Marvos Dave Mero John Morgan Hamilton Kallspell Helena Ron Pcaso Lodge Grass 204 Henry Real Bird Ga rryowen Dan Riley Anaconda Alice Stratton Butte John Stratton ButteAnn Willaims Janice Wroble Bu»fe Anaconda 205Timothy Quane In Memoriam We, the Chinook staff of 1968, dedicate this page to two friends and fellow classmates who lost their lives in automobile accidents during the year of 1967. James Waylett The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul; he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever. Psalm: 23Com mCm°'u"09d Th,CC-Qu°"« of „ d" « T«« Training Century as a208Advertisements II you want a pot ol tea on a hot day. why not make it this way? See the Union Electric Company and get the stand and cup lor 4 bits and save heating up the house 1908 U- WHKN IX DILLON STOP AT OUR STORE AND HKAK KIMSO.VS LATEST ACCOMPLISHMENTS Double-faced, unbreakable records. You never have lo change tho needle, as the reproducer Is fitted with a diamond point. A real musical instrument that gives a real musical treat. Hugh es McCaleb EXCLt'SIVE AGENTS 1920 DILLON BAKERY A. KLWT .i;, Proprietor A LONG STEP UPWARD In the making and dispensing of soda water loaded down with fine flavor and sugary sweetness, lightened by cleanly made effervescent gas. was made by us when we set our fountain going. Pure materials. | erfect methods, unexcelled soda. Ail orders promptly filled and delivered Telephone 45X 1909 209A Special Message to High School Seniors IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN TEACHING, WESTERN OFFERS THESE DEGREES . • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education This degree entitles one to teach grades kindergarten through the ninth • Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education This degree entitles one to teach grades seven through twelve • Master of Science in Education • The Fifth Year Program for the Professional Certificate OR, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN OTHER CAREERS, WESTERN OFFERS . . . • A two-year curriculum in Business Education • A two-year General College course • One and two year Pre-Professional courses preparing for en- trance into professional schools ACCREDITATION Western Montana College is a member of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and the Association of State Colleges and Universities. It is accredited by the Montana State Board of Education, ex officio Regents of the Montana University System, the Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools, and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education for the preparation of elementary and secondary teachers through the Bachelor's degree. For Information, Write to the Admissions Officer WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE Dillon, Montana 59725WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE LIVING ACCOMMODATIONS INCLUDE Sixteen Modern Attractive Apartments for Married Students Modern Dormitory Accommodations for Men Women's Residence Hall, Attractive and Convenient Dining Room Service for Men and Women Plan Now to Make Reservations for Your Room Write Now to Business Office WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE DILLON, MONTANA 59725DILLON PORTRAIT STUDIO Keep Your Treasury of Golden Memories in Professional Portraits, Color Prints, Enlargements. Phone 683-2741 Dillon, MontanaSAGA FOODS SERVICE Takes this opportunity to thank the students of Western Montana College for the chance to serve them and for their cooperation throughout the year. DENNIS DEVITT Food Service DirectorIBEY CONSTRUCTION INC. General Building Contractors As construction is important to our growing America, so is education. We support Western Montana College and urge its students to continue their education and keep our country growing. Phone 683-5541 Dillon, Montana STANDARD LUMBER AND COAL COMPANY Fuller Paints and Varnishes Shop Materials and Specialties Phone 683-5521 Dillon, MontanaSTAMM JEWELERS 1892 Our 76th Year 1968 Serving Southwestern Montana Jewelry, Watches, Diamonds, Silverware, and Related Lines as Well as Dependable Repair Service Teleflora No. 37-0508 STEPHENS' GREENHOUSE FLORAL Box 984 Area Code 406 S08 Kentucky Avenue Phone 683-2694 You Hear It Everywhere It Pays to Shop at Penney's ft enmnif ALWAYS FIRST QUAUTY m Cash, Charge, or Layaway DILLON Dillon ERNIE PEWE DISTRIBUTING COMPANY Your Coke and Seven-Up Dealer in Dillon Wishes to Congratulate THE CLASS OF 1968In Dillon l+'s the PARISIAN CLEANERS 14 North Washington Sanitone Certified MasterDn cleaner Free Pickup Delivery Home of Dillon's Coin-Op Dry Cleaning, Too 42 North Main Street Butte, Montana Complete Selection of Nationally Advertised Brands for Men and Boys Phon 792-3203 BUTTE. MONTANA WILL TEDDY TED TRINIMAN CO-OP SUPPLY, INC DEALERS IN DILLON Petroleum Products Tires—Batteries Hardware Fencing Supplies Bulk Fertilizer Dillon, MontanaCongratulations, Graduates Keep in Touch by Joining Your WMC ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Support Western it y MITCHELL DRUG Compliments of McCracken bros. We Extend a Hearty Welcome to All WMC Students The Men's Store Phone 683-2316 DILLON Dillon, MontanaKDBM IMN ABC MUTUAL FULL TIME ON 1496 KC Montana's Most Modern Most Complete Sports Coverage Department Store Dillon A Community Booster Dillon, Montana ROBERT'S FOOD, INC. We encourage all people to support our college as . . . We believe — industry — commerce — government — art — the sciences — and all other professions, including our whole way of life, depend upon the quality of your education. DILLON, MONTANA Compliments of Compliments of CLUB BAR —-x "Your Friendly Tavern" QPmdential ( ederal Headquarters ( Savings For Sportsmen and Ranchers Broadway at Main STATE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY ESTABLISHED 1899 Your Friendly Home-Owned Bank of Dillon, Montana MEMBER FEDERAL INSURANCE CORPORATIONCongratulations From EAST PARK PLAZA 'The street of the wishing wells'' Butte Friendly Merchants Serving Your Needs Courteously With Quality Products WEIN'S, MAGGI-ANN'S, KEENE'S SHOE STORE, THE HUB, TRETHEWAY'S MUSIC BOX, STANDARD FURNITURE, WHITEHEAD'S SHINERS, PHIL JUDD'S, NEWMAN'S BOOTERY, TOM KIRBY APPLIANCE.We Please the Hard to Please BEAVERHEAD LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS Phone 683-5522 First in Personal Service Dillon, Montana E M GIFTS NOVELTY Hallmark Greeting Cards, Toys and Gifts for All Occasions 16 South Montana, Dillon ELLIS OFFICE SUPPLY 129 North Main Street Butte, Montana Your Complete Store Supplier—Machines Furniture—Equipment VIGILANTE ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC. Serving Rural Southwestern Montana Live Better Farm Better Electrically Dillon Kee te' SHOES PETERSON DRUG Where We Believe "Service to humanity is the best work of Life.” "Butte's Friendly Shoe Store" 43-45 East Parle Plaza Butte, Montana GENE'S Furs . . . Feminine Fashions 48 West Park Butte, Mont. Phone 723-3881 TOWN PUMP "Gas 4 Less" Dillon E. CROOKSHANKS Thirtv-one North Main CROOKSHANKS Butte, MontanaDILLON'S FULL SERVICE BANK THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Congratulates the Graduating Class of 1968 Contact Us For All Your Banking Needs Affiliated With Northwest Bancorporation F. D. I. C. DILLON JACK'S MARKET CREAMERY Quality Foods Dillon Beaverhead—GOLD and CHALLENGE Dairy Products Dillon, Montana BEAVERHEAD BAR SUPPLY CO. ANTHONY'S DRINK GREAT FALLS SELECT Montana's Own Finest Beer Fashion Store tor Students Dillon, Montana Dillon, MontanaWARNER'S FOODS Complete One-Stop Service FRANCIS MOONEY TRUCKING Dillon General Trucking Dillon, Montana WHEELER-INN MAC’S BARBER SHOP "Finest in Hair Cutting" Any Style Dillon BREAKFAST—LUNCH DINNER—FOUNTAIN For the best food any time of day or night North of Dillon ANDRUS HOTEL 60 Units With or Without Baths VENTURE ROOM coast-to-coast the store where your dollar will do the most Ph. 683-2344 Dillon Locally Owned Nationally Organized BOB AND LOIS DODD Phone 683-4412SPECIALIZED FARMING EQUIPMENT New Holland—Hesston Swathers Meyer Ditchers Farm Hand and Kirshmer Allis Chalmers HAZEL'S STYLE SHOP If It's New, You'll Find it at Hazel's Andrus Hotel Building DILLON SOUTHMONT TRACTOR CO. Box 1032 Phone 683-2781 Dillon, Montana THE DILMART "Dillon's Home Mart" Dillon's Only Complete Home Furnishings Store PROULX'S UNION 76 Finest Products U-Haul Dealer 410 North Montana Dillon THE YARN SHOP Yarn, Patterns, Instructions Knit King Knitter 113 W. Park St. Ph. 792-6841 BUTTEPROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY FRANK DAVIS Attorney at Law DILLON, MONTANA DR. R. J. ENGLISH Optometrist Phone 683-2611 DILLON DR. E. D. EVANS Dentist Phone 683-4491 DILLON DR. J. C. LINDUSKA Dentist Phone 683-2861 DILLON DR. JOHN B. McCOLLUM Dentist Phone 683-5312 DILLON DR. W. E. MONGER Osteopathic Physician Phone 683-4421 DILLON DR. R. D. ROMERS Dentist Phone 683-2671 DILLONHelping Them . . . and YOU This year we're paying close to $4,000,000 in taxes on property, earmarked for education. We know Montana's most valuable asset is its young people. We are happy to have a hand in helping educate these same young people. . Licr cirr Montana Power COMPANY A, I SERVING YOU IS OUR BUSINESSMAY SUCCESS BE YOURS In America, under the free enterprise system, you make the decision as to the career you wish to follow. The choice of how you want to spend your time, talent, and effort is yours. The important thing is that in our nation there is the opportunity to work for almost any goal you may set for yourself. Whatever course you choose to follow, whatever the challenges you face, you can contribute to a growing and better America. May success and satisfaction be yours. THE ANACONDA COMPANY "A Partner in Montana's Progress"ACKNOWLEDGMENT AL'S PHOTO SHOP— Butte BRIDENSTINE'S PHOTO- FRED BRIDENSTINE DILLON PORTRAIT— MRS. A. SAITO WESTERN PHOTOGRAPHERS: JERRY DYE RICHARD JONES KEITH LEONARD RON NIERSTHEIMER BARRY WILLIAMS DARREL WILLIAMSTAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World'i Be»» Yearbook! Are Taylor-made” 

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