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 CHINOOK 1965 WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE DILLON, MONTANA Published by The Junior Class Volume Fifty-sevenForeword This 1964-65 Chinook is your guide to the friends you have made and the many memories you have gathered throughout this past school year at Western Montana College. We, the Chinook staff of 1965, have endeavored, through picture and word, to preserve these memories for you so that in the future you may look upon these years as some of the best of your lives. We sincerely hope that you will use this yearbook and enjoy it. THE CHINOOK STAFF 2 Contents 13 25 45 63 83 109 152 172 179Dedication DR. SHELDON E. DAVIS 1919 President 1946 1946 President Emeritus 1964 With the passing of Dr. Sheldon E. Davis on December 21, 1964, Western Montana College lost a true friend, a public-spirited citizen, author, teacher, and educator. Gone is a man who believer! in learning and in the values of the mind. His task had been hard, but a long life of service to education permitted the completion of the task he had set for himself and for the good of others. Truly, Dr. Davis was a man of large gifts, a man who in his position knew the price of failure as well as the incomparable reward of success. Being long the leader of our College, he strove to combine spiritual belief with the broadest possible personal development of the individual student. His wit was known to all who knew him, as were his view of the future and his kindliness. Through depression and war he provided the inspiration many will not soon forget; he commanded respect by the example he set; he furnished a goal toward which we can strive. We who are confronted with the problems of education miss him, and we shall continue to miss him. “Those having torches will pass them on to others.” —Plato— 4In Memoriam We. the Chinook Staff of 1965, dedicate this page to the memory of a friend and fellow student, Larry Patrick, who lost his life in a motorcycle accident during the winter of 1965. Although he had attended Western for only a short time, Larry was known and respected by many of Western’s students and faculty members. But such a tide as moving seems asleep, Too full for sound and foam, When that which drew from out the boundless deep Tunis again home. 5 —Tennyson—Western Montana College Seal The new school seal was adopted by the Associated Students of Western Montana College during the 1963-64 school year. The seal design was created by Duane Simon; the art work was done by Robert Sherman; and the school motto, “Education—Key to the Future,” was translated into correct classical Latin by Father Bernard J. Sullivan. 6President James E. Short President’s Message This book provides a link with the past year that extends into the future for so long as it physically remains and there are minds to interpret printing and pictures. For each of you it is an agency of stimulation to help you recall with varying clarity some of the things that were important to you in 1964-65. You cannot now know which memory will become sharper and which will fade; only the perspective that time provides will answer this for you. May this book always be one of your treasures. State Board of Education Mr. John I). French, Ronan; Mrs. Marjorie W. King, Winnett; Mr. John E. O’Neill, Butte; Mr. M. E. Richard, Miles City; Miss Harriet Miller, State Superintendent; Governor Tim Babcock; Attorney General Forrest H. Anderson; Mr. A. A. Arras, Jr., Cut Bank; Mr. Gordon Mullondorc, Glendive; Dr. Gordon Doering, Helena; Mr. Boyton G. Paige, Philipsburg. Local Board of Education Mr. W. G. Gilbert, Mr. 0. A. Bergeson, Dr. James E. Short, Mrs. Amy GilbertStudent Council Dave Arnot, Gary Davis, Bill Flcchscnhar, Garry Pace, Keith McClurg, Mr. Stish, Myrna Burroughs, Mr. Ccbull, Dick Silbcrman. Student Affairs 9 Front row: Miss Wallace, Miss Mathews, Myrna Burroughs. Connie Croomes, Tom Carter Back row: Paul Kuecks, Bill Flechsenhar, Dick Silbcrman, Mr. Garry, Mr. Cypher, Mr. Stish. Rich Fruhwirth1965 Chinook Staff Standing: I mise Morrow, Kevin Gregicr, Rich Fruhwirth, Roy Inbody, Judy Nagengast, Rill Flechsenhar Seated: Fayne Roth, Dan Rude, Betty Hamilton, Maryellen Johnson, Linda Sundcll, Miss McManus. BILL FLECHSENHAR Editor MISS McMANUS AdvisorLOUISE MORROW Picture Editor ROY INBODY Picture Editor RICH FRUHWIRTH Sports Editor KEVIN CREGIER Sports Editor FAYNE ROTH JILL BRUER DAN RUDE eBusiness Manager Advertising Advertising The deadline is when?English EDWARD CEBULL Associate Prof, of English B.E., Western Montana College of Education M.A., Montana State Univ. Graduate Study, Univ. of California, Univ. of the Pacific BLANCHE McMANUS Assistant Prof, of English B.E., Western Montana College of Education M.A., Univ. of Washington JAMES T. MAY Assistant Prof, of English M.A., Montana State University MARY MARJERRISON Assistant Prof, of English B.A., Indiana Central College M.A., Indiana Univ. Graduate Study, Univ. of Washington, and Univ. of Montana JOE C. RYBURN Assistant Prof, of English B.E., Western Montana College of Education M.A., Univ. of Denver Graduate Study, Univ. of Denver, Univ. of Washington 14Education WILLIAM BRUER Associate Prof, of Ed. Director of Correspondence Study and Placement B.S., Nebraska State Teachers College. M.A., Colorado State College of Ed. Graduate Study, MSC. WESLEY CASPERS B.S.. State Teachers College, Superior, Wis. M.S., Calif. Institute of Technology. M.A., Ph.D., Univ. of Washington JOHN R. CUMMING Associate Prof, of Ed. B.B.A., Univ. of Minnesota M.Ed., Ph.D., Univ. of Washington JOSEPH FEATHERS Associate Prof, of Education B.A., Willamette Univ. M.S., Ph.D., Univ. of Washington RALPH KNEELAND Associate Prof, of Education B.S. Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College Graduate Study, Oregon State College RODNEY PETTY HELEN STRUCKMAN Associate Prof, of Education Ph.D. Ed., Univ. of Oregon Assistant Prof, of Education B.A., M.Ed., Montana State Univ. 15Math and Science GORDON BENNETT Instructor in Mathematics B.A., Hiram College M.A., Bowling Green State University TERRANCE R. CYPHER Assistant Prof, of Mathematics B.S., M.S., Montana State College Graduate Study, Univ. of Kansas HOWARD SMITH Associate Prof, of Physical Science B.S., M.S. Graduate Study, Montana State College 16 DANIEL BLOCK Instructor in Biological Science B.S., M.S., Montana State Univ. LINDSAY L. HESS Instructor in Physical Science B.S., M.S., Montana State College Graduate Work, Univ. of Illinois HENRY STISH Dean of Men Assistant Prof, of Physical Science B.S., Bcmidji State College M.Ed., Univ. of North DakotaSocial Science FRANK BUSCH Instructor in Social .Science B.A., M.A., Montana State Univ. Graduate Study, Univ. of Calif. STANLEY DAVISON Assoc. Prof, of Social Science B.A., M.A., Montana State Univ. Ph.l)., Univ. of California German MAX FEUERSTACK Instructor in German University of Gottingen, Prussia B.D., Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary DALE TASH Awde. Prof, of Social Science B.S., Western Montana College of Education M.A., Montana State Univ. Graduate Study, Univ. of Colorado, Montana State College. 17Physical Education FRANK HOEY Instructor in Physical Education B.S., Montana State College Graduate Study, Montana State College WILLIAM STRAUGH Prof, of Physical Education Athletic Director I3.E., Western Montana College of Education M.E., Montana State Univ. Graduate Study, Univ. of Calif., Montana State Univ. KERSTIN TRONNBERG Instructor in Physical Education Graduate of Danish University College of Gymnastics CECIL KENT Instructor in Physical Education B.S., Montana State College M.S. Ed., Western Montana College of Education a n DONA WALLACE Instructor in Physical Education B.S., Montana State College 18Library DOROTHY GELHAUS Assistant Prof, of Education, Librarian B.A., B.S., Univ. of Washington Industrial Arts CLAY ANDERS Assistant Prof, of Industrial Arts B.S., M.S., Montana State College Graduate Study, Montana State College Univ. of Missouri IVA LEA ORR Assistant to the Librarian B.S., Western Montana College of Education Business JOHN C. GARRY Assistant Prof, of Business Education B.B.A., B.S., M.A., Univ. of Minnesota Graduate Study, Univ. of N. D.Art MARY B. EMERICK Prof, of Fine Art B.A., Univ. of Washington M.A., Columbia Univ. Graduate Study. Chouinard Institute of Art, Univ. of California, Univ. of Southern California ROSCO WRIGHT Instructor in Art B.S., M.S., Univ. of Oregon Music BRINTON JACKSON Assistant Prof, of Music B.M.E.. Montana State Univ. M.A., Columbia Univ. RALPH McFADDEN Prof, of Music A.A.M., Dana Music Inst. Graduate of Institute of Musical Art of Julliard School M.M., American Conservatory of Music 20Business Office Staff WILLIAM MALLINSON Business Manager Liverpool Institute, Skeery’s College, Liverpool, England HARDING HANSON Assistant Business Manager VIOLA HOLTER Bookkeeper Registrar and Staff PAUL PICTON Registrar B.A., State Teachers’ College, Dickinson, S. D. M.A., Montana State Univ. LOUISE FARRIS Secretary to the Registrar BETTY SPEHAR Registrar-Clerk 21Staff GEORGIA MATHEWS Dean of Women CLARABEL BOGUT College Nurse DORIS CLEMANS Secretary to the Dean of Education 22 JOHN SHERON Manager of SAGA Foods HELEN GALLAGHER Secretary to the PresidentMaster’s Degree MARGARET PYEATT Dillon MARGUERITE BRISBIN Anaconda LAURENCE OURSLAND Somers ROBERT SINGLETON Hamilton Working on Master’s EVERETT MIZE BozemanSenior Class Officers 26 DENNIS FISHER Vice President SHARON ANDERSON Secretary GARRY PACE PresidentMARY B. ANDERSON Deer Lodge SHARON ANDERSON Missoula WAYNE T. ANDERSON Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho RON BENNETT Missoula JAMES BENNETTS Dillon ROBERT BROCKMAN Anaconda GLEN BROOKHART Bozeman MARY JO ZILLA BROWN Butte 27LARRY BUCKLEY Butte WAYNE BULL Butte CHARLOTTE BURCH Great Falls JAMES BURGESS Dillon MYRNA BURROUGHS Broadview JAMES BURTON PoisonVERDA CLAWSON Deer Lodge DARREL COOMBS Three Forks LE ROY COOK Potomac KENNETH COPE Great Falls DAN CORCORAN Ronan JOHN CROSSMAN Butte LOUISE DAVIS Twin Falls, Idaho SANDRA DAVIS DillonRICHARD DOYLE North Bond, Oregon ALAN EUASON Dillon MERRIE JO ESTES Missoula JOHN FADNESS Dillon JERRY DELANEY St. Ignatius MICHAEL DELANEY Butte VIRGIL DIXON Virginia City WILLIAM DONOVAN Butte DENNIS FISHER Great Falls ROBERT FRANK Whitefish DAN FRENCH Dillon EILEEN FRENCH Dillon DOROTHY GARVIN Kalispell JANICE GAVIN Dillon WAYNE FREDRICKSEN Anaconda DON FREESTONE Dillon MIKE GERDES Spokane, Washington EDITH GRANT Kalispell CAROL GRIFFITH Butte ELEANOR GUSTAFSON Deer Lodge 32 VERONICA GROOMES Phillipsburg DONALD HAMPA Dillon MARY HANCOCK Dillon ARLENE HARVEY DillonHERBERT HAYWORTH Geraldine ADA REED HOLT Deer Ix dge HOWARD HUNT Whitehall LESLIE JACKSON Elliston LOUISE JAMES Butte REX JENSEN Boise, Idaho SALLY JO JESSEN Butte FAYE ELLEN JOHANSON Missoula 33CHARLES JOHNS North Bond, Oregon ALICE JOHNSON Dutton MARIAN JOHNSON Deer Ixxlge FRANK JOHNSTON Butte JOAN JONASEN St. Ignatius MARGARET KELLY Butte RON KENDALL Anaconda RONALD LANE Three ForksJOHN LYNDES Helena JEANNETTE MACDONALD Butte AMBER LAPHAM Jackson JEFF LAUDERDALE Whitehall DANIEL LEAN Butte CHRISTIE LENARZ Eureka MARIAN MAHONEY Salmon, Idaho KAREN SOYLAND MALESICH Dillon 35MARGARET McENANEY Helena JOHN McHUGH Butte RICHARD MARONEY Reno, Nevada LARRY McCLUNG Wilsall WINIFRED McDERMID Avon fred McDonald Anaconda GARY McMORRIS Sidney JACK McMURCHY DillonVELMA McNEIL Leadore, Idaho JAMES MEE Butte JERRY MELTON Playa Del Ray, California NANCY MIELKE Harlowtown JUDY MIKOLICH Corwin Spring HELEN MITTENDORF Lake Oswego, Oregon SHIRLEE MORRIS Wibaux JOHN MUNIS Phillipsburg MARLENE NUTTER Yuba City, California JOAN O’HALLURAN Clyde Park ANNIE WALKER OMDAHL Fori Peck MARY OWENS Las Vegas WALT MUSGROVE White Sulphur Springs JAMES MYERS Big Timber CLIFFORD NEIGHBORS Harlowton LAURIE NELSON Valier CARMEN PAISLEY Dillon DOROTHY POM ROY Butte CORAL POWELL Cardwell DOROTHY QUANE Anaconda DOROTHY RANNEY Hamilton JUDY RAY Burlingame, California FRANKLIN RAZE Ronan ALENATH RICH RexfordJOSEPH RICH Butte TED RICHARDSON Plains MYRNA SALVAS Kansas City, Mo. DOREEN SCAMMON St. Ignatius JIM SIGHTING Libby RICHARD SILBERMAN Great Falls FLORENCE SMITH West Glacier FRANCES LEE SMITH ConradKENNETH SPEVACEK Dillon DEAN STATON Anaconda WILLIAM STEVENS Eureka VERNA STONEBERG Helena RUTH SUTTON Kalis pell JOANNE TALCOTT Twin Bridges ROBERT J. SULLIVAN Anaconda TIM SULLIVAN ButteDON TAMIETTI Butte CLARA YOUNG Avon NORMA YOUNGMAN Butte JUDY VEDOVATTI Butte JAMES WALSH Anaconda HOWARD WHITE Townsend MARYELLEN WILKERSON Dillon VIRGINIA WOOD Dillon 42Delicious!mam pjpSPB jmwwbim • mWmra f!BMM IBBM j rrt »t.-,V Kfti fli HJunior Class Officers 46 JOHN CONNOLE Vice President JILL BRUER Treasurer BETTY HAMILTON Secretary GARY DAVIS PresidentEUGENA ANDRADE Butte JERRY ASAY Choteau LYNN BLAIR Conrad JILL BRUER Dillon ROBERT BURKE Butte TOM CARTER Butte 47GARY DAVIS Great Falls JANET DECKER Dillon IRENE DUNCAN Dillon DONNA DUPEA White Sulphur Springs BONNIE CHITTIM Helena DALE COMBS Anaconda JAMES S. CONNOLE Choteau JOHN CONNOLE Choteau RICH FRUHWIRTH Chicago, Illinois BILL GARDNER Dillon JOHN GEE Anaconda MARCIA GIEM Twin Bridges ROBERT DUPEA White Sulphur Springs WAYNE DUROCHER Cut Bank MARVIN ENDERLIN Butte BILL FLECHSENHAR CascadeKEVIN GREGIER Butte BETTY HAMILTON Plains DAVID HAMMER Conrad BILL HERBOLICH Anaconda IRENE GORDON Helena GARY COVER DillonBOBBY JO HARRINGTON Butte MARION HEWITT Victor CHARLOTTE HOWARD Plains PAT HOWARD Butte LARRY HULL Dillon ROY INBODY Choteau DENNIS HOCHHALTER Dillon JACK HOGART ButteBRUCE KRON Malta PAUL KUECKS Butte GARY JEWETT Somers MARYELLEN JOHNSON Browning NORMAN JONES White Sulphur Springs JOHN KRATOFIL Butte JACK LADEN Dillon WAYNE LERSBACK Glasgow ItPAUL LIENEMANN Butte WILLARD LOVELL Butte JOHN McCALLOM Anaconda sue McKinley Anaconda MERRILEE MILLER Radersberg PAUL MILLER Butte BILL MASELLA Anaconda BILL McANALLY Bigfork PAULETTE MISCHKOT Butte ANDREA MORETTO Butte LOUISE MORROW Conrad JODY MORSE Anaconda BARRY NUTTER Yuba City, California RAY NYE Dillon PHYLLIS NIELD Townsend JUDY NAGENGAST Fort BentonJEANNIE OLSON Kalispell ROBERT PARSONS Browning RUTH PATTON Wellington, Ohio MIKE PECK Libby FRED PERNA Anaconda JON POZEGA Butte JAN PROVIS Butte ED PUCCINELLI AnacondaSID RICHARDSON Idaho Falls, Idaho FAYNE ROTH Anaconda BOB ROWLING Butte DAN RUDE Butte KATHY QUANE Anaconda KAREN SUE REEVES Whitefish JUDY REX NEI.SON Dillon ROBERT RICHARDS ButteLINDA SAHINEN Deer Lodge NANCY SALSTROM Dillon DIETRA SELLS Butte SISSEL SELVIG Big Timber CAROL SHAFER Dillon JIM SHEA Butte JUDY SIVERTSON Deer Lodge BARBETH SMITH ButteJOHN P. SULLIVAN Butte JIM SUMNER Livingston LINDA SUNDELL Boise, Idaho ROGER SWANSON Fairview 58MARY KAY TRACY Anaconda DICK TREBESCH Dutton MARGARET VANDEGRIEF Dillon AL VOYTOSKI Great Falls 59TOM WHITE Anaconda JOHN WILKERSON Dillon DAVE WILSON Wilsall LEROY YEAGER Choteau 60LORN A YULE Great Falls Western’s own Willa, the can can dancer Guess what. Mommy Only her hairdresser Irma LaDouce knows for sure If I’m a good girl, do I get a lollipop? New dribble. Trace? He’s not bad, not bad at all 6163____________________________ , Sophomore Class Officers 64 KEITH McCLURG President CANDI CAPEHART Treasurer LEE CHAMBERS Vice President SHERRY BRADLEY SecretaryLARRY ANTONIDES Kendallville, Indiana RICHIE BAIN Kalispell LARRY BALDWIN Great Falls RITA BENNETTS Dillon JOYCE BERRY Butte JANICE BOYLE Butte JERRY BRAACH Sheridan MARGARET BAUER Livingston CAROL BREUER Geraldine JIM BUCK Dillon CANDI CAPEHART Azusa, California JANET CARR Dillon 66 SHERRY BRADLEY Calgary, Alberta, Canada SUSAN BRADLEY Missoula SHIRLEY BRANAE Big Timber JOHN BRAS Lone PineELDON CHAPMAN White Sulphur Springs LOVA CHERRY Lima KATHY CHRISTENSEN Great Falls JIM CLAIRMONT Dixon WADE CLARK Lima ROGER CLEVERLY Dillon LEE CHAMBERS Cascade CHARLES G. CASE SuperiorALVIN COBELL Browning CHARLES COOK Dillon VIRGINIA COULTER Charlo CHUCK COUTURE Arlee 68 ROBERT CUMMINGS Troy ETHEL DAVIES Dillon FRED DAVIES Dillon DAVID DAYTON HamiltonDONALD DRIVDAHL Dillon ROSS EBEL Dixon DEAN EDSTROM Butte CHRIS FINNLAND Libby SID FREDRICKSON Dillon FRED HAALAND Troy BONNIE HAMILTON Plains RON HAMILTON StevensvilleBILL MINER Harlowtown MARY HOLT Dillon DON HOWARD Helena GENE GIESE Bain’villc WALTER HANSEN Anaconda MARGARET HAUGEN Anaconda SHARON HEWITT Opportunity CAROL HILLARDWILLIAM GILLESPIE Dillon JIM GIVEN Dillon LYNETTE GNIDIC Butte DON GORDON Kalispell JEANNIE GREAVES Toeton MICHELE GRIFFING Missoula GEORGE GROESBECK Butte BILL GULDSETH Thompson FallsBARBARA JACQUOT Idaho Falls SIGRID JENSEN Ronan JEANNIE JOHNSON Butte JOANN JOHNSON Browning I 72 STEVE JOHNSON Dillon FRANK KEEN Richmond, Indiana CAROL KOCHEVAR Butte DEAN KOISTINEN TroyCATHY LARSEN Shelby STEVE LIVERGOOD Stevensville JOHN LOUCKS Helena NEL LOWMAN Darby STEPHANIE KORE Butte GORDON KRON Malta CHRIS LAIRD Monida PAUL KUEFFER MissoulaNEIL MacKENZIE Missoula DAVID MANNING Anaconda ART MAUTZ Dillon KEITH McCLURG Big ForkSHARON MITCHELL Butte ULA MOODY Big Fork LARRY MOORE Belgrade MIKE NELSON Milltown MICHAEL ODDEN Dutton ANN PARADIS Boulder MITCH PARKER Power SHEILA PARKER Willow Creek 75RANDALL PARSONS Cascade JIM PETERSON Dillon JOHN PIATT Butte PAUL PILGRIM Dillon HARRY PIPER Anaconda JOY PLETON Deer Lodge CHARLES POWERS Whitehall MARY LEE ROARK HamiltonLINDA RICHARDS Stevensville LYNDA ROWSWELL Edmonton, Alberta, Canada LARRY RUEGSEGGER Dillon BEVERLY SAMPLE Butte VICTOR SAMPLE Butte EDWIN SANDERS Philipsburg DAREL SCOTT Dillon RODGER SETSER Santa Ana, California WAYNE SMITH Schenectady, N. Y. JOHANNES SOYLAND Dillon CONNIE SPROUT Townsend SHERYL STOKES Dillon ANN SHEA Butte JIM SMITH Ronan LANA SMITH Dillon VERNA SMITH ConnerRAE CILLE STRASSER Dillon GERRY STUBBLEFIELD Clancy TERRY THEISEN Belgrade DARREL TORGRIMSON Thompson Falls PAT ULLERY Deer Lodge LINDA VAN DEN BOS Great Falls SHARON VOSS Corvallis DAVE WALKS DillonED WILSON Dillon ELLEN ZANTO H igh wood KEN WALT Fort Shaw MEL WATOJLA Butte JOANN WHITE Victor DICK WIEGAND Wolf Point 80Next year it’ll be knitting Surfer’s first “lee Cream Social” at Western 81Freshman Class Officers 84 NEAL SCHAI Vice President LOREEN SHORT Secretary DAVE ARNOT PresidentPATRICIA ACUFF Stevensville STEVE ANDREWS Lone Pine ARTHUR ANDERSON Choteau ALICE ARMITAGE Ennis PETE ARNOT Hamilton DAVE ARNOT Hamilton GEORGE ARNOT Hamilton PEGGY ATCHISON GeraldineJOHN BABISH Denver, Colorado RETA BACH Helena SANDY BARKER Helena BOB BARNES Dillon ELBIE BELLON Ronan GARY BENNETT Missoula WALTER BENNETT Lone Pine KAREN BENSON Plains PAM BERG Helena PATRICIA BICK Ronan DON BOGUT Dillon MARY KAYE BRADSTOCK Norfolk, VirginiaJACK BRAMSMAN Dillon MIRIAM BRAMSMAN Dillon ROY BRAY Wilsall MARY JO BRENEMAN Monita NANCY BREWINGTON Aberdeen, Idaho SUSAN BROMAN Dillon JUDY BROWN Troy NANCY BROWN RonanSUSAN BROWN Dillon JAN BRUER Dillon ROBERTA BURGESS Dillon BOB CALCATERRA Butte CHARLES CAMEL Ronan ELIZABETH CAPEHART Azusa, California ANN CARTER Dillon KATHY CASEY Anaconda 89KEN GAYKO Fairview KEN CEIDLER Butter CLYDE A. CHAFFIN Hamilton MIKE CHARLTON Roundup LINDA COONEY Butte BILL COVEY Willow Creek MARJORIE COX Butte LINDA CRONK Kalis pellDAVID CROW White Sulphur Springs MARIANNA CUTONE Anaconda MARY DE MOTT Darby OTTO DILL Anaconda JERRY DONOVAN Dillon RUSSEL DOUGLAS Browning DAN DRISCOLL Charlo JUDY DUEDE Townsend 91KATHY DUNLAP Helena JANET ELWOOD Missoula 92 JUDY FINNEGAN Butte ORVILLE FOGEL Hamilton DALE FOSSEN Joplin BOB FOSTER Givens, AlbertaJOHN GOLAY Hamilton DON GOODSELL Whitehall VONNIE GREGG Ronan DON GRIFFIN North Walpole, New Hampshire JOE GELDRICH Ronan ROGER GIULIO Boulder KEN GROSE Melrose RONALD J. GUSE HamiltonKAREN GUSTAFSON Deer Lodge EMILY HALL Sun River ROY HANSEN Arlee MIKE HAYWORTH Geraldine KENNETH HELGESON Dodson CARL HENDERSON Anaconda CALVIN HERRERA St. Xavier LINDA HOPKINS LibbyJIM HOWARD Philipsburg SANDI HUMMEL Anaconda SHIRLEY HUNT Dillon GARY IMELLI Fallon, Nevada JANICE JALLINGS Kevin PAT JAMES Cascade BILL JOHNSON Basin VICKY JONES Dillon 95BILL KAJIN Grant GARY KAUL Townsend KATHY KRIEWALD Belgrade MARILYN LAMACH Three Forks FAT LAN DON Dillon SALLY LARSON Thompson Falls JANIS KOCHEL Dillon WAYNE KRAHE New York Gty, New YorkMARGARET LAU Townsend NANCY LEE Butte LINDA LEET Valier JIM LOTS Townsend SUSAN MARTINSON Butte DON MATHERN Billings EDITH MATT Arlee Charles McCarter ShelbyKENNETH McCLURE Dixon MARGENE McCLURE Dixon KAY McCLURG Bigfork BETHYL McDOWELL McAllister GERALDINE McGAFFICK Helena JOHN MECKLER Dixon CLARENCE MESKIMEN Willow Creek FRANCIE MONAHAN ButteBOB MURRAY Great Falls EDWINA NIELD Townsend TOM MONACO Anaconda MIKE MATTESON Darby BARBARA MOUDREE Townsend DONNA MOYER Shelley, Idaho JIM NELSON Valier PAULA NELSON KalispellHELENA NOLDAN Dillon JEAN NOLTE Twin Bridges SHERRY NYHART Twin Bridges TERJE OKSENHOLT Larvik, Norway DOUGLAS OLSON Great Falls RON OPITZ Helena LORETTA NOLAND Helena ERNEST NOBLE HarrisonMARSHA OTTHOUSE Valier DAN PALIN Drummond LARRY PATRICK Whitehall KEREL PETERS Dillon DAN PINKERTON Bozeman DON POPHAM Corvallis MARY POTTER Stevcnsville JOHN PUSCHMANN Emmett, Idaho 101GARY REED Ennis DAN REYNER Las Vegas, Nevada HARVEY REYNOLDS Norris ROBERT RICHARDS Glen BENJAMIN J. ROTH Anaconda ROBERT L. RUNDELL Butte JAY RUSSELL Butte SANDRA SAVAGE West YellowstoneNEAL SCHAi Whitehall RICH SENDEN Conrad LOREEN SHORT White Sulphur Springs JANICE S1MONSEN Poison JERRY SMITH Anaconda RICK SMITH Great Falls JEFF SMITH Butte DAVID SMITH Ennis RARRARA SNORTLAND Conrad JORUNN SOYLAND Dillon DAN STEINMETZ Park City JEAN STEPHENSON Roundup DONALD STEWART Hungry Horse MARIAN STINSON Dell JIM SPEHAR Dillon KARLA STURM AnacondaBEVERLY STOCKTON Avon HEATHER SULLIVAN Butte EVELYN TABER Ronan LYN TASKILLA Butte RYAN I). TAYLOR Fairview WILLIAM TEBAY Whitehall SUE THIEL Billings NANCY THOMAS ButteJIM WARD Willow Creek BETTY THOMPSON Helena R. J. TREVITHICK Butte ROY TROYER Anaconda VICTORIA VICHOREK Dillon JOSEPH VON STEIN Cascade SUE WANGERIN Deer Lodge JOHN WAREHIME CascadeWALT WAREHIME Cascade DAVE WARNEKE Choteau DWIGHT WARNKEN Superior TIM WARNER Butte JESS WARRICK Springfield, Missouri ELWOOD WEBB Ronan DENNIS WEBSTER Ronan ERNIE WEGNER BridgerBARRY WILCOX, Three Forks JACK WINNINGHOFF, Phillipsburg HELEN WILUAMS, Whitehall ROBERTA WINTERS, Helena IRENE WNUCZEK, Butte SAM WINDY BOY, Box ElderHomecoming ’64 Drum Corps no WesternettesFirst Place Winner Sophomore Class EXECUTEaVILTDRY! Second Place Winner: Freshman Class S n.U R 5 H E n Third Place Winner: Senior ClassOur MissGo Western Day Wcstcmcttcs stepping out. Best-dressed cowboys: Jim Connole, Jim Nelson, on the rebound. Alamandc left your old left KWho’s Who Myra Burroughs Larry McClung Dick Maroney The selection of twelve seniors to represent Western in the 1965 edition of Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities was announced by Professor Joe Ryburn. Chairman of the Scholarships and Awards Committee. The selections were made on the basis of demonstrated ability and leadership. Myrna came to Western from Rroadview in the fall of 1961. Myrna received an AAUW Scholarship last year. A member of PF.MM Club and the Westernettes, she was secretary of the WRA Executive Board her sophomore year. As a junior, she served as treasurer of KZN. She was elected Student Body Secretary in the spring of 1961. John’s greatest contribution to WMCE has been his ability as an actor. John received the Cobb Foundation Scholarship his senior year. He has been active in Gargoyles and Forensics, and his junior year he received an Advanced Honor Scholarship. Larry has become well-known for his ability on the cinders. He won three firsts in the conference meet of 1961; the 880, mile and two-mile runs. He also placed seventh in the NA1A national three-mile run. Coming to Western in the fall of 1961 from North Bend, Oregon, Chuck has contributed much to the success of the basketball team. He has also maintained a high scholastic average. Chuck earned an honorable mention on the All-Conference selections of the 1962-63 season. Chuck has also starred on the baseball team. Dick came to WMC from Flathead County High School in the fall of 1961. He has become the epitome of success for the Bulldogs football teams. He was selected as All-Conference offensive end as a junior and earned All-Conference honors as a defensive linebacker his senior year. Dick has also been a member of the Industrial Arts Club and plays baritone in the band. Gary, a graduate of Sidney High School, has distinguished himself in many activities. As an athlete, he excels in football as well as basketball. He was selected as All-Conference defensive end in the 1963 campaign. An M-Club member for four years, he has also been active in Chanticleers. John Fadnew Chuck Johns 116 Gary McMorrisRichard Silberman Amber Lapham Gayle Ranney Rich transferred to Western from MSC for Spring Quarter of 1962. He was selected to the All-Conference basketball team as a sophomore during the 1962-63 season. More recently he has been the star of two musicals, “My Fair Lady” and “Stop the World—I Want to Get Off.” Last spring Rich was elected Student Body President. Alice attended Dutton High School and enrolled at Western in the fall of 1962. She performed in “My Fair Lady,” was a finalist in the Miss Western Pageant of 1964, and was a member of the Women’s House Council and the WRA Executive Board. Alice has received two Advanced Honor Scholarships. This year she is president of KZN. Amber attended Beaverhead County High School and came to Western in the fall of 1961. She has achieved a very high scholastic standing at Western. Active in Chanticleers and a member of KZN. she served as secretary of KZN last year. She was a finalist in the 1961 Miss Western pageant as the candidate of the Forensics Club. I urie’s activities have encompassed many fields. He has been editor of the Wescolite the past two years. He earned baseball letters in 1962 and 1963 and was a leading figure in Chanticleers and Wesley. Last year he served as Student Body Vice President. Some of his awards include a journalism letter, the Elks Scholarship, Phi Delta Kappa Junior Man of the Year Award, and the Genevieve Albertson Award. Gayle received a two-year diploma from WMCE in 1960. During that time she was active in chorus, band, Gargoyles, Wesley, and Inter-Varsity, and she also served on the Wescolite staff. Gayle returned Winter Quarter of 1964 to complete work on her degree. She received a Cobb Foundation Scholarship last spring. Nancy has achieved an outstanding scholastic record at Western. A member of KZN and Inter-Varsity, she has also been active in other social functions. She has been awarded two Advanced Honor Scholarships. She was also awarded the Wayne Montgomery Sr., Memorial Scholarship. Nancy came to W.VIC from Harlowton. Alice Johnson I .auric Nelson 117 Nancy MielkcSocial and Dance Committee Seated: Francic Monahan, Heather Sullivan, Paula Nelson, Linda Cooney Standing: Steve Livcrgood, Ron Hamilton, Kevin Cregicr, Rich Fruhwirth Cultural Committee Standing: Gene Giesc, Louise Davis Seated: Faye Ellen Johansen, Jeanette MacDonald, Connie Groomes. Not Pictured: Roger Guilio, Marilyn La mach, Catharine Miller, and Leo McDermott House and Hospitality Committee Seated: R. J. Trcvithic, Susan Martinson, Sharon Anderson, Joan Jonasen, John Connole Standing: Margie Cox, Paul Kuccks, Paula Nelson Recreation Committee Standing: John Sullivan, Dave Wilson, Dan Rude Seated: Judy Sivertson, Janet Carr, Linda Sahinen, Tom Carter. 118Young Democrats Sealed: Dr. Camming, Ann Paradis, Myma Salvas, Danny Rude Mr. Garry Standing: Roberta Winter, Kathy Casey, Margaret Lau, John Sullivan, Ernie Wagner, Dave Magee, Louise Morrow. Young Republicans Seated: Faye Ellen Johansen, Dorcnc Dover, Dorothy Ranney Standing: Jack McMurchy, John Piatt, Mr. Cebull, Liewemann, Bob Tysdal. This being an election year, the Young College Republicans were especially active. Besides taking part in an enthusiastic mock election, sponsoring a float in the Homecoming parade, and working with local Republicans during the election, the members learned a great deal about politics and government. Perhaps the high point of the year was the Dillon Republican rally at which our ...embers personally met all the Republican state candidates. 119Industrial Arts Dan French, Mr. Anders, Ron Kendall, Ken Spcvacck, Fred McDonald, Bill Gillespie, Leroy Owens Western’s Industrial Arts Club is open to all students who are seeking a major or minor in Industrial Arts and who desire a more fully-rounded knowledge of that field. The club is independently financed by completing and selling various articles. The money is used for field trips to industrial sites, both in and out of the state. Examples of this year’s co-operative efforts by club members included a turkey raffle, a cedar chest raffle, and several club-sponsored dances. Mr. Clay Anders, the club sponsor, often lends a guiding hand whenever needed. The club officers are Fred McDonald, president; Skip Gillespie, vice president; Dan French, treasurer; and Ron Kendall, secretary. Fencing Club Knetling: Linettc Cncidic, Donna Moyer, Sheryl Stokes. Andrea Moretto, Rita Bennetts Standing: Otto Dill, Art Mautz. Sid Frederickson, Terry Montgomery, Greg Gendall 120Gargoyles Stated: Arlene White, Dorothy Ranncy, Rhonda Feuerstark. Virginia Coulter. Ruth Patton, Steve Johnson Stand-inf:: Ernest Wegner, Wayne Chambers, John Fadness, Bill Masefla, Sid Richardson, Mr. Ryhum The Gargoyles Club, organized in 1923, is Western’s own dramatic club. Members who show exceptional ability are eligible for membership in the Order of the Jeweled Masque, an honorary dramatist's club. Papa Is All PAPA IS ALL, a three-act comedy by Patterson Greene, was presented the first of spring quarter, 1964. This play was under the direction of Mr. Joe Ryburn. CAST Mama ............................. Pat Juergens Emma .... Jake.............................Dwain Lavinder Mrs. Yoder State Trooper .................... Tom Sheehy Papa ...... ... Janice Gavin Virginia Coulter Clinton Warner 121John Brown’s Body Hamlet The LarkPlays JOHN BROWN’S BODY, a two-act drama by Stephen Vincent Benet, was presented at the end of summer quarter, 1961. Prof. Ryburn directed this play, and the Principal Readers were I awrence Nipgen, Gayle Ranney, and John Fadness. HAMLET, by Shakespeare, was presented at the end of fall quarter, 1964. John Fadness played the role of Hamlet, and the play was under the direction of Mr. Ryburn. THE LARK, a play about Joan Of Arc by Jean Anouith. was presented during winter quarter. 1965. Joan was played by Gayle Ranney, and the play was directed by Mr. Ryburn. Stop the World-I Want to Get Off STOP THF. WORLD—I WANT TO GET OFF, a musical by Anthony Newley and I eslie Bricusse, was presented fall quarter, 1961, and was directed by Prof. Jackson. During the summer session the musical travelled to Billings; Cody, Wyoming; Anaconda; and Bozeman. It also toured for the U.S.O. to Spokane; Great Falls; Glasgow; and Grand Forks, N.D. The cast has applied for travel abroad with the U.S.O. during fall quarter. 1965. CAST Little Chap......................... Dick Silberman Evie, Anya, Use, Jenny.............. Evelyn Jackson Little Chap's son...................Jack Bramsman Little Chap's daughters-Jorunn Soyland, Cheryl Stokes 123My Fair Lady MY FAIR LADY, a three-act musical based on George Bernard Shaw’s PYGMALION, was presented spring quarter, 1964. The musical played three nights on Western’s campus, and then travelled to Anaconda for a one night’s stand and to Butte for two nights. The play was directed by Mr. Brinton Jackson. CAST Henry Higgins ............... Eliza Doolittle ............. Alfred Doolittle............. Zoltan Kar xithy............. Col. Hugh Pickering.......... Freddy Einsford-Hill......... Mrs. Higgins ................ Dick Silberman .. Carol Braun .. Ron Kuecks .. Paul Kuecks ... Tom Jones ... Rick Baird Cathy CarneyMatrix I aurie Nelson, Jack McMurchy, Bill FlfchM-nhar Matrix is an exclusive organization within the Chanticleer Club for students who have distinguished themselves in journalism. Chanticleers Front row: Jeannie Creaves, Muriel Spchar, Louise James, I Rae Koepke, Peggy McEnaney, Jeanette MacDonald, Mary-rllen Wilkerson, Miss McManus Back row: Carol Hillard, I aurie Nelson, Bill Flechsenhar, Jack McMurchy, Mary-ellen Johnson. Chanticleers, an honorary organization for journalistically inclined students of Western, assists with the publication of the Chinook and the Wescolile. To become a member one must be on either the Chinook staff or the Wescolite staff for one quarter. This year’s officers are Laurie Nelson, president; Bill Flechsenhar, vice-president; Jack McMurchy, treasurer; Maryellen Johnson, secretary, and Maryellen Wilkerson, ICC delegate.Drum and Bugle Corps First row: Betty Belcourt, Michele Griffing, Mary Lee Roark, Fayne Roth, Paty Paige, Sharon Voss, Louise Davis, Sheryl Stokes, Ula Moody, Eugenia Andrade Second row: Joe Rich, Betty Bacon, Paul Keucks, Charlotte Howard, Arthur M utz,' Kevin Gregier, Rich Fruhwirth, John Soyland, Lynn Blair Third row: John Sullivan, George Groes-bcck, Otis Thompson, David Wilson, Tom Carter, Dan Rude Officers Paul Keucks Vice-President Tom Carter President David Wilson Sheryl Stokes Michele Griffing Rich Fruhwirth Trustees Joe Rich Drum Major 126Gary Gorkins Drill Master ‘Color Guard’ The Western Montana College Drum and Bugle Corps was organized in 1962. They have been the backbone of college spirit by taking part in the Homecoming Parade, pep rallys', and football and basketball games. Also to their credit they have won the Special Award in the Butte Fourth of July Parade, both in 1963 and again in 1964. The Drum .and Bugle Corps already has invitations to march in parades for the 1965-66 season. Homecoming Float for 1%4 127 The ‘Hit Parade’ performers who entertained Western. MC—Tom Carter“Hit Parade” Talent Show ‘The Italians’ ‘Rich’ ‘Al Jolson’ ‘The Little Brown Shack’ 128 ‘Tadpole Artie’RITA BENNETTS MARION HEWITT SHARON ANDERSON Cheer Queen KATHY QUANE GERRY STUBBLEFIELD CANDI CAPEHARTWomen’s House Council Seated: Nancy Brewington, Marian Hewitt, Betty Hamilton, Mary Jo Estes, Jeanette MacDonald, Miss Mathews, Joan Jonascn, Linda Cooney, Virginia Coulter, Jan Provis Standing: Pat Acuff, Heather Sullivan, Edith Matt, Sherry Bradley, Candi Capehart, Ann Paradis, Peggy Atchison, Sheila Parker, Alice Johnson, Linda Sahinen, Carol Hillard, Linda Hopkins. Band 130 Seated: Rich Grayson, Jim Mee, Sheila Parker, George Groesbeck, Sue McKinley, Rick Haaland, Donna Moyer Standing: John Meckler, Robert Gordon, William Covey, Jack Bramsman, Dick Maroney, Mr. McFadden.Pep Club Front row: Marion Hewitt, Kathy Quane, Gerry Stubblefield, Candi Capebart, Carol Kelly, Judy Vedovatti, Andrea Moretto, Pat Acuff, Judy Sivertson, Lova Cherry Second row: Anne Tracy, Marian Stinson, Elizabeth Capehart, Sue Wangerin, Alice Armitage, Cherri Evans, Mary Ann Cutonc, Janet Carr, Jan Provis, Alice Johnson Third row: Louise Morrow, Beverly Stockton, Janet Elwood, Linda Hopkins, Kathy Dunlap, Karen Benson, Rcta Bach, Dictra Sells, Rita Bennetts Fourth row: Mary Kay Tracy, Barbara Snortland, Sandy Barker, Nancy Thomas, Pamela Berg, Sharon Anderson, Coral Powell, Joan O’Halloran, Sue Thiel, Vonnic Gregg Fifth row: Joan Jonasen, Mcrric Jo Estes, Stephanie Kore, Joy PIcton, Ann Paradis, Sharon Voss, Mary Lee Roark, Sharon Hewitt, Cass McNclis. Pemm Club First row: Carol Kelly, Judy Vedovatti, Andrea Moretto, Cathy Miller Second row: Carol Shafer, Betty Hamilton, Myma Burroughs, Judy Nagengast, Judy Rex, Chris Finnland, Marion Hewitt, Joan Jonasen, Louise Morrow, Anne Tracy, Faye Ellen Johansen Third row: Rcta Bach, Dictra Sells, Mary Kay Tracy, Janet Carr, Judy Sivertson, Stephanie Kore, Joy Pleton, Rita Bennetts, Sharon Hewitt, Jan Provis Fourth row: Coral Powell, Joan O’Halloran, Sue Thiel, Vonnic Gregg. Mcrric Jo Estes, Sharon Voss, Mary Lee Roark, Lova Cherry, Alice Johnson. 131WRA Executive Board Front row: Miss Wallace, Marion Hewitt, Joy Piet on, Merrie Jo Estes, Judy Rex Rack row: Janet Carr, Judy Sivertson, Stephanie Kore, Louise Morrow. The Woman’s Recreation Association Executive Board acts as a governing group for women’s activities on campus. The members of this Executive Board are the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer of W. R. A., the President of the Pep Club, the President.of PEMM Club, the Captain of Westernettes, a representative from the Gymnastics Club, and a representative from W. R. A. Sports Club. WRA First row: Louise Morrow, Myrna Burroughs, Faye Ellen Johansen. Kathy Quanc, Gerry Stubblefield, Candi Capehart, Carol Kelley, Judy Vcdovatti, Andrea Moretto, Pat Acuff, Merrie Jo Estes, Lova Cherry, Judy Rex Second row: Carol Shafer, Anne Tracy, Marian Stinson, Elizabeth Capehart, Sue Wangerin, Alice Armitage, Cherri Evans, Mary Ann Cutonc, Janet Carr, Jan Provis, Alice Johnson, Judy Nagengast Third row: Betty Hamilton, Marion Hewitt, Beverly Stockton, Janet Elwood, Linda Hopkins, Kathy Dunlap, Karen Benson, Rcta Bach. Dietra Sells, Rita Bennetts, Chris Finnland Fourth row: Cathy Miller, Mary Kay Tracy, Barbara Snortland, Sandy Barker, Nancy Thomas, Pamela Berg, Sharon Anderson. Coral Powell, Joan O’Halloran, Sue Thiel, Vonnie Gregg First row: Joan Jona-sen, Judy Sivertson, Stephanie Kore, Joy Pleton, Ann Paradis, Sharon Voss, Mary Lee Roark, Sharon Hewitt, Cass McNelis.BEST COSTUMES—Paula Nelson and Dick Silberman QUEEN—Elizabeth Capehart KING-Dick Maroncy DAISY MAE—Sharon Anderson LITTLE ABNER—Larry Antonides Linda Sahinen. .Alice Johnson, and Nancy Mielke 133 Sadie HawkinsInter-Varsity Seated: Faye Ellen Johansen, I.inda Sahincn, Nancy Mielke, Dorcnc Dover, Margaret Hauer Standing: Sue Wan-gcrin, Beverly Stockton, Paul Liencmann, Gone Giese, Larry Hodgson, Hetty Hamilton. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (I. V.) is a nondenominational Christian youth group on campus. Its goal is to make God more relevant in the life of the college student. Sources of fun and fellowship include such things as sledding parties and caroling. Mock Election A mock election, held on our campus October 27, 1961, brought to light the opinion of the entire student body concerning the presidential representation of our country, as well as for the politicians who were best suited to run the government of the state of Montana. The results of this election showed a very lopsided victory for the Democratic party, which ran parallel with the actual election results on November 3Canterbury Club Seated L to R: Kathy Miller, Ann Mitchell, Sue McKinley Standing: Pastor Hay, Edwin Wilson Western’s Canterbury Club is an Episcopal youth group that tries, through study and discussion, to understand Christ as he relates to the modern 20th century. The Canterbury Club officers are Susan McKinley, chairman; Cathy Miller, secretary; and Edwin Wilson, Inter-club Council representative. Newman Club Seated: Jeannie Johnson, John Connole, Janet Carr, Cathey McNelis, Kevin Gregier, Dr. Cumming Second row: Susan Brown, Janice Boyle, Carol Kelley, Willard Lovell, Pat Acuff, Marianna Cutone, Rita -Bennetts, Otto Del, Jim Corrigan, Art Mautz Third row: Dave Wameke, Pat Landon, Rich Fruhwirth, Linda Cooney, Kathy Dunlap, Judy Vcdovatti, Nancy Thomas, Marian Stinson, Pat Rogers.Lutheran Students' Association Stated: Charlotte Howard, Barbara Snortland, Sue Wangerin, Lorcen Short, Virginia Stubbert Fcucntack, Rhonda Fcucrstack, Duane Simon, Gene Giese. Standing: Pastor Wesley Seated: Ruth Sutton, Janet EUwood, Janice Jollings Sally I ur$on, Cathy Larson, Sally Jo Jeasen, Janice Gavin Slanding: Peggy Atchison, Richard Grayson, Sam Windy Roy, Darrell Scott, Jack McMurrhy, George Arnot, Doug Olson, Bob Tysdal. The Wesley Foundation of the Methodist Church is a national organization of Christian fellowship. The group meets every Sunday evening at the home of the pastor for religious discussions, expresso nights, and home-cooked meals. Tuesday evenings are reserved for seminar discussions. On-campus activities for this year included several functions sponsored by the group, including Western’s first in-136 tercollegiate hootenanny, which has been termed a total success.Art Club Seated: Jim Given, Eleanor Gustafson, Willy Lovell, Carol Shafer Standing: Elizabeth Capehart, George Bauer, Rae Cille Strasser, Jan Bruer, Sally Jo Jesscn, RarRcth Smith, Connie Groomcs, Janice Kochcl, Sue Reeves. Kappa Pi Seated: Lana Smith, Jim Given, Mrs. Orr, Carol Shafer Standing: Eleanor Gustafson, Mrs. Emerick, Sally Jo Jesscn. 137Art Exhibits 138M-Club First row: Larry Vcis, Dick Trcbesch, Dale Combs, Dick Maroney, Bob Sullivan, Jim Bennetts, Mick Delaney, Dick Doyle Second row: Rich Frubwirtb, Joe Holt, Kevin Cregier, Ron Hamilton, Bill Hincr, Lee Chambers, Larry Baldwin, Jerry Seobba, Mick Oddcn, Bob Rowling, Jim Meyers Third row: Wayne Christiansen, Dick Silberman, Bill Berg. Ted Anderson, Charles Johns, Bill Flcchsenhar. Ken Walt, Jim Clairmont, Wayne Lersbak. The M-Club is a men’s service club on campus made up of men who have been awarded a letter in a major sport at Western. M-Club is the traditional sponsor of Western’s annual Homecoming, and the club is active in several other phases of campus life. Officers of M-Club arc Bob Sullivan, president: Dick Maroney, vice president; Jim Bennetts, secretary-treasurer; and Dale Combs, sergeant-at-arms. L 139 Bulldogs close in on Yellow-jacket!Aho Indian Club Seated: Betty Beleourt, Ronald Matt Standing: Don Howard. Ken McClure, Sam Raymond, Bob Howard, Sid Richard son, I)r. Feathers. The Indian Club was set up as a social unit to aid the Indian student in orientation. The club is open to all students and faculty interested in Indian affairs and the contributing cultures of Indians to the total America. The officers for this year are Ron Matt, chairman; Betty Beleourt, Vice-Chairman, and Margene McClure, Secretary-Treasurer. Clifford Raymond has served as consultant from last year’s club. Rodeo Team Seated: Darrell Scott, Dr. Feathers, Jim Myers Standing: Mike Hayworth, Dan Corcoran, Ronald Matt, Herb Hayworth. 'Fite W.M.C. Rodeo Team is associated with the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association of which Dr. Feathers is the national faculty president. Seven intercollegiate rodeos have been sponsored by Western. One team regional championship and three individual collegiate world championships have been won by 140 Western’s team. The team has gone to the National finals four times and placed third in the nation twice.Gymnastics Club First row: Gary Davis, Jeannic Stevenson, Melva Bell, Judy Nagengast, Sheila Straugh—kneeling, Faye Johanson, Judy Nelson, Candy Wells, Kay McClurg, Miss Tronnberg Second row: John Horton, Terry Thieson, Ken Mc- Clure, Bill Bray, George Arnot, Ron McLaughlin, John Bras Executive Board Judy Nagengast, Gary Davis, Miss Tronnberg, John Bras, Judy Nelson.Westernettes First row: Elizabeth Capchart, Melva Bell, Candice Wells, Geraldine McGaffick, Pamela Berg, Judy Sivertson, Evelyn Tabor, Karen Gustafson, Sue Wangcrin, Dictra Sells Second row: Jan Provis, Phyllis Neild, Jeanni Stevenson, Kay McClurg, Edith Matt, Kay McClure, Cathy Miller, Janet Carr, Vonnic Gregg, Jan Bruer, Nancy Thomas, Sandy Barker, Janet Elwood, Louise Morrow Third row: Carol Hillard, Jill Bruer, Beverly Stockton, Barbara Snortland, Linda Hopkins, Cathy Larson, Cherri Evans, Marian Stinson. Kathy Christiansen, Susan Brown, Edwina Neild. Westernette Officers Jan Provis, First Lieutenant Janet Carr, Captain Louise Morrow, Second LieutenantMontana Student Presidents’ Association Front Rote: Dan Johnson, Northern; Wes Ditchlcr, MSC; Ed Robins, Carroll; Dave Treuelyan, Rocky; Rich Silbcrman, Western Back Row: Bob Littering, MSU; Steve Weber, College of Creat Falls; Larry Harman, Eastern; Larry Jochim, Northern. Western Montana College was selected for the Fall Quarter meeting of the Montana Student Presidents’ Association. Western’s Student Council gratefully played host to what was labeled “one of the most successful meetings ever”. Montana Student Presidents’ Association is devoted to maintaining academic freedom, stimulating and improving democratic student government, developing better educational standards and fostering the recognition of rights and responsibilities of students to the school. 143Inter-Club Council Scaled: Ann Tracy, Pep Club; Sally Larson, Wesley; Carol Griffith, Democrats; Coral Powell, PEMM Club; Susan Brown, Drill Team; Helen Williams, Forensics Standing: Dick Trcbisch, M Club; John Connole, Newman; Gene Giese, Inter Varsity; Gcrri Stubblefield, Cheerleaders; Judy Nagengast, Gymnastics; Betty Hamilton, KZN; Ron Kuecks, SEA; Paul Kuecks, Chairman; Dan Rude, Drum Corps. Ski Club T'rt ; O'Cmnor, JanJe,sCarrJ' Beverly Stockton, BarBcth Smitfi, Emily Hall, Don Bognt, Tom Webster,nLloydtRundell, Sf B'" »■ “ndoaka,, 144Student Education Association First row: Dan Rude, Ann Paradis, Myma Salvas, Nancy Miclke, Louise Morrow, Reta Bach, Jcannic Olson Second row: Judy Mikolich, Kathy Casey, Margaret Iju, Janet Carr, Cathy Larson, Roberta Carlin, Loretta Noland Third row: Roberta Winter, John Sullivan, Ernie Wegner, John Connole, Roy Inbody, Karen Connors. Peggy McEnancy President Ron Kuecks, Vice-President Jeannette MacDonald, Secretary 145Alice Johnson President Marycllen Wilkerson Vice President Candi Capehart Secretary Carol Kochevar Treasurer Advisors: Miss Tronnbcrg (honorary). Miss Mathews, Mrs. Block. Kappa Zeta Nu Jeannie Judy Sissel Susan Louise Betty Greaves Rex Selvig McKinley Morrow Bacon Sally Jo Eileen Lynn Shirley Lana Nancy Jessen French Blair Branae Smith Mielke 146Karen Rac Cille Carol Joy Linda Jill Malcsich Strasscr Hillard Plcton Sohinen Bruer Merrie Jo Velma Catherine Ann Verna Dorothy Estes McNeill Miller Shea Smith Quanc Betty Janet Marcia Margaret Judith Christine Hamilton Carr Giem Haugen Nagengast Finnland Charlotte Connie Judy Howard Sprout Sivertson KZN is the oldest and one of the most respected organizations on campus. Our goal is to further social relationships here on campus. Our colors are pink and grey, and our flower is the American beauty rose. The main function of the year is the KZN formal. This year our theme was “Young at Heart.” Another annual occurrence is a service project either for the organization itself or for some other worthy cause. To become eligible for membership a girl must have been enrolled at Western for two successive quarters and must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.65. 147Back Row: Bill Masella, Cliff Neighbors, Bonnie Hamilton, Paul KucUer, Jim Sicl in , Nel Lovrman, Margaret Bauer, Ruth Patton, Bill Flechscnhar, Laurie Nelson Seated: Harry Piper, ChatloUe Burch, Don Dtivdahl, Jc m Piatt, Bichie Bain, Miss McManus. Bill Flechscnhar, Associate Editor JacVMeN urc , XuForensics Seated: Helen Williams, Ruth Patton, Charlotte Burch Standing: Rex Jensen, David Wilson, John Piatt, Tom Carter, Mr. Cebull. Members of the Forensic Association confined their activities of the year to the campus, but they strove to emphasize the importance of effective public speaking to those who are planning to make their mark in a highly competitive society. The activities of the group centered around debate, oratory, extemporaneous speaking, and oral interpretation. In the spring quarter, members sponsored Amber Lapham as a candidate for Miss Western and Miss Montana Centennial. Amber reached the finals in the very rigorous competition. Again this year Forensic members will be sponsoring Catherine Miller in a similar contest for Miss Western. During the latter part of March of this year the Forensic group will be the unofficial hosts when Western entertains students from Bozeman, Butte, Anaconda, and surrounding communities in the Annual High School District Speech Meet on the Western campus. Western will join with the Beaverhead County High School in this activity. The intercollegiate debate topic of 1964-65 is Resolved: That the Federal Government Should Establish a National Program of Public Work for the Unemployed. Student Wives Seated: Margaret Schmautz, Mrs. Frank Hoey, Patsy Delaney, Jeanine Hockhalter, Evelyn Brockman, Bonnie Gee, Sue Combs, Mrs. William Straugh Standing: Leslie Voytoski, Kathy Odden, Paula Dyer, Linda Walt, Penny Torgimson, Chris Pintar, Nanette Bull, Jolcnc Griffn, Paula Doyle, Kelly Sullivan, Lois Peck, Karen Richardson, Marilyn Likes, Sidsel Oksenholt, Margaret Hodgson, Peggy Gillespie.Hootenanny ’64 150Chorus First row: John Meckler, Norman Jones, Robert Dupca, Peggy Atcheson, Donna Moyer, Helen Williams, Sandra Hummel, Louise Morrow, John Connole, Dick Silbcrman, George Groesbeck Second row: Mr. McFaddcn, Tom Carter, William Tcbay, Betty Hamilton, Evelyn Jackson, Loreen Short, Mariam Bramsman, Alice Johnson, Janet Carr, Joe Rich, Dan Rude, Mr. JacksonSPORTS 152Bulldogs Season Record WI STERN 33 WESTERN 13 WESTERN. 19 WESTERN 9 WESTERN 20 WESTERN 13 WESTERN... 0 RICKS 19 CHADRON 0 NORTHERN 0 CARROLL . 13 EASTERN 6 CARROLL 14 EASTERN 7 153 ‘Isn’t This Victory'156 Western’s BulldogsThe Bulldogs of Western fought hard and furiously this year in an attempt to bring the school its fourth unprecedented MCC conference championship in as many years. Because of a great deal of injuries, and quite a few unlucky breaks, the team took a well respected 3rd place. The team battled desperately down to the last week of the season, and brought a great deal of excitement and honor to our school; a yearly tradition. Congratulations to the Bulldogs of 1961! 157  WAYNE CHRISTENSEN End DICK M A RONEY End DICK DOYLE Tackle DALE COMBS Guard 158LARRY VEIS Center Conference 159 KEN WALT BackLYNN TASK I LA Bark LARRY BALDWIN Guard JERRY SCOBBA Back "Clear Sailing” BOB NIELSEN Back BOB SULLIVAN Back JIM BENNETTS End 160"OOF” PRENTICE WOFFORD Back ROCER SETSER L.B. BOB FOSTER Back DAVE ARNOT Guard GARRY PACE Back GARY IMELLI BackMIKE MINARD Tackle MIKE CHARLTON End FRED COBELL TackleRON MATHKRN Tackle JIM MYERS Back JIM NELSON Bark MIKE NCR RE Guard P t ' i JACK NIELSEN Back BILL STEINMETZ BackDAVF. CROW End JIM WOMACK Back BILL BERG Guard JOHN PUSCHMANN Center RICK SMITH Back RON ZIMMER Guard1964-65 Basketball Team Lcs Pintar, Jerry Smith, Larry Schmautz, Chuck Johns, Bob Bradley, Ted Anderson, Jan Ophus, Mike Griffin, Bob Sullivan, (not pictured) Jim Lots. Season’s Record Won 11—Lost 14 Western. . . . ....78 Westminster 93 Western.. . . ....68 Westminster 95 Western.. . . ....77 St. Martins 91 W'estern.. . . ....66 St. Martins 79 Western ...101 Oregon T.C. 82 W'estern. . . . ....77 E. Washington 59 Western.... ....96 Malmstrom 61 W'estern. . . . ....72 E. Washington 68 Western.... ....77 Whitman 69 Western ....57 E. Washington 81 Western ....71 Westminster 80 Western... . ....72 Westminster 69 Western.. . . ....78 Northern 65 Western. . . . ....82 Northern 61 Western.... ....68 Carroll 77 Western ....96 Mines 49 Western.... ....81 Nazarene 84 W'estern. . . . ....74 Nazarene 82 Western. ... ....90 Rocky 68 Western ....70 Rocky 88 Western. ... ....43 Eastern 82 W'cstern.. . . ....55 Weber Western.... ....51 Eastern 59 Western.. .. ....75 Mines 60 Western.... ....75 Carroll 165Two more for Smitty! Bulldogs in Action Bradley dunks another pair! 166TED ANDERSON CHUCK JOHNSMIKE GRIFFIN JERRY SMITH 168Charlie Hooks! 169Track MCC Champs 1964 Kneeling: Bob Nielsen, Dave Magee, Larry Lewis, Bill Hiner, Lee Chambers, Jim Clairmont, Jack Nielsen, Cliff Neighbors, Jerry Asay. Standing: Larry McClung, Terry Wilkinson, Mike Oddcn, Wayne Lersbak, Ken Walt, Bud Talbott, Dave Lueck, Wayne Allen, Walt Musgrove The Western Montana College Track Team, under the direction of Coach Frank Hoey, completed another successful season by winning the conference title. Along with this accomplishment, Western sent Cliff Neighbors, Larry McClung, and Jim Clairmont to Kansas City, Missouri, to compete in the N.A.I.A. National Track Meet. 170Baseball Team 1964 Front row L-R: Ron Hamilton, Kevin Grcgier, Jerry Scobba, Dave Bond, Howie Jackson, Larry Vcis Second row L-R: Jerry Melton, Pat Rogers, Wayne Christensen, Ted Anderson, Larry Schmautz, Cary Galahan, Rich Fruh-wirth. The Western Bulldogs of the baseball world last year were not the top team in the MCC conference, but they provided the loyal WMC students with plenty to yell about with their spirit and determination. The team could have taken the championship easily, but their ability to hit with men on base was lacking. The past season’s record was 6 wins and 11 losses. However, with a year’s experience behind them, this young team shows great promise of bringing Western a championship, and another trophy to adorn our already crowded trophy case.172Student Teachers Classes 173On Campus Dr. Cumming conferring with student. Award’s Day The joys of registration day. Rick plans a long wait. 174 Looks like a serious discussion.Going to “subology” class. JoAnn poses for art class. Break between classes. At work in the book store. Look it over, Jim. That should have been a strike!Campus cuties: Tell us your secret, Jill. 176177 Our family portrait.178 Western’s own bus. V Does it bother you that much. Hita?ADVERTISEMENTS 179HAVE YOU THOUGHT OF BECOMING A TEACHER? WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION offers you a four-year program leading to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education and qualification for Montana's standard certificate to teach in the elementary school. a four-year program leading to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Secondary Education and qualification for Montana's standard certificate, a fifth year program leading to a Master of Science Degree in Education and qualification for Montana's professional certificate for elementary or secondary teaching. . . . OR, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN OTHER CAREERS a two-year curriculum in Business Education, a two-year General College course. Freshman and Sophomore courses preparing for entrance into professional schools of Agriculture, Art, Architecture, Biological Science, Business Administration, Dentistry, Engineering, Forestry, Home Economics, Journalism, Law, Medicine, Veterinary Science. Western Montana College of Education is a member of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and the Association of State Colleges and Universities. It is accredited by the Montana State Board of Education, ex-officio Regents of the University of Montana, the Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools, and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education for the preparation of elementary and secondary teachers through the Bachelor's degree. ADDRESS INQUIRIES TO THE REGISTRAR WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION DILLON, MONTANALiving Accommodations at WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION INCLUDE Sixteen Modern, Attractive Apartments for Married Students Modern Dormitory Accommodations for Men Women's Residence Hall, Attractive and Convenient Dining Room Service for Men and Women Plan Now to Make Reservations for Your Room Write to Business Office WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION DILLON, MONTANAFIRST NATIONAL BANK DILLON, MONTANA We carefully guard the interests of our customers in every possible way. All business transactions in this bank are regarded as strictly confidential. DILLON’S PIONEER BANK SERVING THIS COMMUNITY SINCE 1880 AFFILIATED WITH NORTHWEST BANCORPORATION MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION STANDARD LUMBER AND COAL COMPANY Fuller Paints and Varnishes Shop Materials and Specialties Phone 683-5521 Dillon, MontanaSAGA FOODS SERVICE Takes this opportunity to thank the students and the administration of Western Montana College for the chance to serve them and for their cooperation throughout the year. JOHN SHERON ManagerDILLON CREAMERY Beaverhead—GOLD and CHALLENGE Dairy Products 42 NORTH MAIN STREET BUTTE. MONTANA ISABELLA'S DRESS SHOP "Everything for the Campus Cutie!" Dillon, Montana Dillon, Montana STATE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Established 1899 Your Friendly Home-Owned Bank of DILLON, MONTANA Member Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationYou Hear It Everywhere VIGILANTE ELECTRIC "It Pays to Shop at" COOPERATIVE, INC. Penney’s ALWAYS FIRS! QUALITY! Serving Rural Southwestern Montana Live Better Farm Better Electrically DILLON DILLON BEAVERHEAD BAR SUPPLY CO. Great Falls Select Montana's Own Fine Beer Dillon, Montana Don't FallFor All Your Pharmaceutical Needs Go to GOSMAN DRUG The Rexall Store DillonDILLON PORTRAIT STUDIO Keep Your Treasury of Golden Memories in Professional Portraits, Color Prints, Enlargements. Phone 683-2741 Dillon, MontanaFor the Best in Bakery Goods and Coffee Go to . . . SHAFFERS BAKERY Phone 683-5671 Dillon -D. 1.— DILLON IMPLEMENT CO. DILLON, MONTANA MIDGE'S GIFT SHOP WMCE Campus Store Hardware Fencing Ranch Supplies Paints Complete Stock of Greeting Cards—Gift Items—Candies, Paperbacks, Classics, Magazines, Drug Items, Barnes and Noble College Outline Series MAC'S BARBER SHOP "Finest in Hair-Cutting" Any Style Dillon DILLON, MONTANAMITCHELL DRUG Montana's Most Modern Department Store Dillon Superior Prescription Service WILLIAM MITCHELL, Proprietor We Extend a Hearty Welcome to All WMCE Students Phone 683-2316 Dillon We Please the Hard to Please BEAVERHEAD LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS Phone 683-5522 First in Personal Service Dillon, MontanaCOST TO EDUCATE. $5,520 The cost of educating one Montana child has doubled in the last 15 years. Today it costs $5,520 to send one child from the first grade through public high school. Where does the money come from to educate our children, build our schools and pay our teachers? From taxes — both individual and business. Last year, for example, nearly 3 million dollars of the taxes Montana Power paid went directly into education. That's enough money to educate 6,500 for a full school year. Or it would build 150 new classrooms, buy 750,000 textbooks or pay the salaries of 611 teachers for a full year. None of our tax money was more wisely invested. For it helps to stimulate and enlighten the minds of our young people. In their hands rests the future of our state. .ML CrmiClTY Montana Power COMPANY SERVING YOU IS OUR BUSINESSCompliments of LEE'S STEAK HOUSE CAFE AND DINNER ROOM McCRACKEN BROS. "Enjoy Your Favorite Cocktail With Your Dinners" The Men's Store "We Cater to Private Banquets" Dillon, Montana DILLON, MONTANA Compliments of CLUB BAR SPORTING GOODS HEADQUARTERS Sneed and Bay DillonLEN WATERS MUSIC SUPPLY 119 North Main Street Butte, Montana ENDERLIN'S S L Fresh Homemade Pie BIG DIPPER ICE CREAM STORE Quality—Cleanliness—Friendliness Ice Cream Pies, Cakes, Molds and Special Orders Open 11 -11 W. Broadway 793-1066 Butte, Montana Yummy Chicken in a Basket DILLON To Take Out or Eat Here WHEELER INN BREAKFAST—LUNCH DINNER—FOUNTAIN ELECTRIC VARIETY Electrical Contracting Westinghouse Appliances Dillon, Montana North of Dillon Open All Night Congratulations to Class of '65 Award Sweaters and Jackets Athletic Goods Outdoor Equipment Trophies and Medals Fishing Tackle Hunting Supplies TREASURE STATE SPORTING GOODS 22 East Park Street Butte, Montana__ ROBERT SPARKS Business 723-6120 Largest and Friend- liest Savings As- sociation in Montana Dillon, Montana Prbdential (Federal S Vings VIVIAN'S YARN SHOP INSURED SAVINGS .Save Money—"Knit it Yourself" HOME LOANS Free Lesson With Purchases of Yarn 41 2% "1 Also Specialize in Canadian, Mohair, Germantown Yarns, etc." Broadway at Main Dillon, Montana Butte, Montana ROBERT'S FOOD, INC. We encourage all people to support our college as . . . We believe — industry — commerce — government — art — the sciences — and all other professions, including our whole way of life, depend upon the quality of your education. DILLON, MONTANAHAZEL'S STYLE SHOP ROBERTA DILLON Campus Missoula, Montana If It's New, You'll Find it erf Hazel's Andrus Hotel Building Dillon WARREN THEATRES INC. DORTHEA'S BEAUTY SHOP WARNER'S FOODS Dillon, Montana Complete One-Stop Service DILLONVALUE YOUR EDUCATION The Student, who early learns through the influence of his home-life to place scholastic achievement and knowledge high in life's ambition, is indeed fortunate. He will not be among those drop-outs you hear so much about these days as presenting a serious national, social, and economic problem. Students who do not finish high school are asking for the least out of life. Those who drop out of college may severely handicap themselves. Technological progress, while creating many new jobs, requires more education and more skill. The simple fact is that better jobs await the schooled. If students realize this, then that knowledge alone contributes to their education. That knowledge will beget knowledge which is the process of education and the end result is an enriched life. THE ANACONDA COMPANY A Major Contributor to Montana EducationCongratulations, Graduates Keep in Touch by Joining Your WMC ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Support Western ANDRUS HOTEL 60 Units With or Without Bath Cafe Adjoining Ph. 683-2344 Dillon ANTHONY'S Fashion Store for Students Dillon, MontanaPROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY DR. R. D. CURRY DENTIST Phone 683-2132 Dillon DR. J. C. LINDUSKA DENTIST Ph ne 683-2861 Morse and Idaho Street Dillon W. G. GILBERT, JR. ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR Hazelbalcer Building Dillon, Montana DR. R. J. ENGLISH OPTOMETRIST Phone 683-2611 Dillon DR. E. D. EVANS DENTIST Phone 683-4491 Dillon DR. R. E. BISSON DENTIST Office Phone 683-5585 DR. W. E. MONGER OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Phone 683-4421 Dillon FRANK DAVIS ATTORNEY AT LAW Dillon, Montana THE DILMART CO-OP SUPPLY, INC. "Dillon's Home Mart" Dillon's Only Complete Home Furnishings Store Dealers in Petroleum Products Tires—Batteries Individual Room Phones Heat TV Simmons Beds All New "For Restin' . . . Try Creston" Hardware Fencing Supplies AAA THE CRESTON MOTEL Dillon, Montana City Center — Phone 683-2341 Dillon, Montana Gifts MR. and MRS. Souvenirs FRED T. BONNEAU BILL'S MEN'S SHOP LAVERNE'S FASHION CENTER Complete Selection of Nationally Advertised Brands for Men and Boys TED TRINIMAN AND WILL TIDDY BUTTE 29 W. Parle Phone 792-3203 BUTTE THE DILLON DAILY TRIBUNE-EXAMINER THE YARN SHOP Yarn, Patterns, Instructions Best Wishes Class of ’65 Knit King Knitter 113 W. Parle St. Ph. 792-6841 BUTTETAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 'The World i Best Yearbook Are Taylor-made"

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