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CHINOOK 1964 WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE DILLON, MONTANA I Published by The Junior Class Volume Fifty-sixTable of Contents Faculty.............17 Administration......26 Graduate Students. . .30 Seniors.............31 Juniors.............43 Sophomores..........63 Freshmen............85 Activities.........107 Sports.............157 Campus.............183 Advertisements. . . .195Over our vast prairies and majestic mountains came men, women, and children who courageously faced hardships, starvation, and death so that our state was able to grow and prosper as a part of a great nation. With these early pioneers came deep fears and numerous disappointments, but high hopes and a strong abiding faith in the future of this unique land. Foresight, courage, strength, love, and aspiration were characteristics of these early settlers who created what we have today from the stubborn wilderness. As citizens and teachers we must accept the responsibilities and obligations which are our heritage, bequeathed to us by the Montana Pioneers of yesteryear. We dedicate ourselves and our efforts to the work begun by these first Montanans. It is indeed fitting that during this Centennial Year of 1964, this Chinook be a tribute to these brave individuals who made Montana the Treasure State. We must never forget that the trail of destiny demands such gifts of the present if men are to build for tomorrow as those of yesterday built for today. 4The PASSAGE OF ONE HUNDRED YEARS HAS NOT ERASED The Symbol Of WESTERN GLAMOUR—The MONTANA COWBOY 5Dedication PROFESSOR LAURENCE A. WALKER We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-four, respectfully dedicate the 1964 Chinook to the memory of a fine friend and teacher, Mr. Laurence A. Walker, Associate Professor of Education, who died December 22, 1963, while he was a member of the Western Montana College Faculty. Professor Walker’s contributions to Montana education—as a public school teacher, administrator, and educator—were both numerous and immeasurable. He generously gave of himself so that the individual and the community were better for his having been among us. Though he will sadly be missed, Mr. Walker long will be remembered by his many appreciative students, colleagues, and friends on the Western campus and throughout the state. 6In Memoriam The Chinook staff dedicates this page in memory of Norman Heath, an outstanding 1963 graduate of Western, who lost his life in a car accident in the winter of 1964. Norm added much to Western’s progress during his attendance here, particularly as editor of the Wescolite. NORMAN EDWARD HEATH Honorable age is not that which standeth In length of day or number of years; Having fulfilled his course in short time He fulfilled long years. —Solomon— 7In Memoriam "ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU . . . ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY.” PRESIDENT JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY 1917-1963 During his short tenure John Fitzgerald Kennedy, our thirty-fifth President, led the people of this country to the threshold of a New Frontier in national and international affairs, in space and in labor-management relations, and most assuredly in education and in numerous cultural undertakings. His idealism provided incentive for all Americans to attain new vistas in human understanding and accomplishment. In this brief period he helped shape a part of the future of our nation, a future in a troubled world marked by prejudice, bigotry, and hatred. All people admired his dynamism and efforts for the preservation of peace on this earth. President Kennedy, a staunch advocate of intellectual achievement, once eloquently stated: "The future of any country ... is damaged . . . whenever any of its children are not educated to the full extent of their talent, from grade school through graduate school." The improvement of the quality of education in the United States was foremost among his concerns, and some of his last words comprised the significant statement: "In a world full of frustrations and irritations, America's leadership must be guided by the lights of learning and reason.” The death of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was an immeasurable loss to the United States and to the world. He will remain in the minds and hearts of his countrymen as a hero and true friend of the masses, a leader of great vision, and a great American citizen to be remembered and emulated. 8President’s Message As the years go by, you will look upon this "Chinook” as your continuing bond between the then present and the current now—which will then be the past. By means of its pages and pictures you can fit names with memories of faces and faces of those you chance to meet with names—names that elude you when you most need them. IIJohn O'Neill, Mrs. F. N. Petro, John D. French, George N. Lund, Miss Harriet Miller—Supt. of Public Instruction, Tim Babcock- Governor, Forrest H. Anderson—Attorney General, A. A. Arras, Jr., Dr. Gordon Doering, Gordon Mullendore, Boynton G. Paige. State Board of Education Local Board of Education 12 Mr. W. G. Gilbert, Mr. O. A. Bergeson, Dr. James E. Short, Mrs. Amy Gilbert.Student Council Mr. John Garry, Cliff Neighbors, Jack Anderson. Pat Rogers. Dr. James E. Short, Mr. Henry Stish, Mr. Edward Cebu 11, Laurie Nelson—Vice President, Ed Zink—President, Judy Ray—Secretary-Treasurer. Student Affairs 13 Anton Barone, Mr. John Garry, Judy Rex. Mr. T. R. Cypher. Miss Patricia Warcup, Paul Kuccks, Miss Georgia Mathews, Cliff Neighbors, Judy Ray, Mr. Henry Stish, Ed Zink, Laurie Nelson.MISS BLANCHE McMANUS Sponsor CAROL GRIFFITH Editor Your 1964 Chinook Staff 14 Dwain Lavinder, Miss Blanche McManus, Carol Griffith, and Doreen ScammonDWAIN LAVINDER Associate Editor DOREEN SCAM MON Secretary PEGGY McENANEY JEANETTE MacDONALD Business Manager Picture Editor CAROL FRENCH Picture Editor EUGENIA ANDRADE Art Editor CONNIE GROOMES Art Editor GARRY PACE Sports Editor LEROY COOK Photographer LA RAE FOSTER Advertising GINNY WOOD Advertising RUTH SUTTON Advertising LOUISE JAMES Advertising BILL FLECHSENHAR NANCY MIELKEw 17 FACULTYEducation Department WESLEY CASPERS B.S., State Teachers College, Superior, Wis. M.S., California Institute of Technology M.A., Ph.D., Univ. of Minnesota Dean of Education Director of Summer Session WILLIAM BRUER Associate Prof, of Education Director of Correspondence Study and Placement B.S., Nebraska State Teachers College M.A., Colorado State College of Ed. Graduate Study, M.S.C. JOHN R. CUMMING Associate Prof, of Education B.B.A., Univ. of Minnesota M.Ed., Ph D., Univ. of Washington 18JOSEPH FEATHERS Associate Prof, of Education B.A., Willamette Univ. M S., Pn.D., Univ. of Washington RALPH KNEELAND Associate Prof, of Education B.S.Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College M E., Montana State Univ. Graduate Study, Oregon State College HELEN STRUCKMAN Assistant Prof, of Education B.A., M.Ed., Montana State Univ. LAURENCE WALKER As ciatc Prof, of Education B.A., Intermountain Union College M.A., Gjlumbia Univ. Graduate Study, Montana State Univ., Colorado State College 19English Department EDWARD CF.BULL Associate Prof, of English B E.. Western Montana College of Education M.A.. Montana Stjite Univ. Graduate Study. Univ. of California. Univ. of the Pacific DUANE J. HOYNES Assistant Prof, of English B.A.. Montana State Univ. M.A.. Montana State Univ. BLANCHE McMANUS Assistant Prof, of English B E., Western Montana College of Education M.A.. Univ. of Washington MARY MARJERRISON Assistant Prof, of English B.A., Indiana Central College M.A.. Indiana Univ. Graduate Study, Univ. of Washington, and Univ. of Montana JOE C. RYBURN Assistant Prof, of English B E.. Western Montana College of Education M.A.. Univ. of Denver Graduate Study. Univ. of Denver, Univ. of Washington 22Physical Education DORIAN HARRIS Instructor in Physical Education B.S., Univ. of Washington M.S., Univ. of Oregon FRANK HOEY Instructor in Physical Education B.S.. Montana State College Graduate Study, Montana State College CECIL KENT Instructor in Physical Education B.S., Monona State College PATRICIA WARCUP Assistant Prof, of Physical Education B.S., M.A., Univ. of North Dakota Graduate Study, Univ. of North Dakota WILLIAM STRAUGH Prof, of Physical Education Athletic Director B E.. Western Montana College of Education M.E., Montana State Univ. Graduate Study, Univ. of California. Montana State Univ. 21Art MARY B. EMF.RICK Prof, of Fine Art B.A., Univ. of Washington M.A., Columbia Univ. Graduate Study. Chouinard Institute of Art. Univ. of California, Univ. of Southern California ROSCO WRIGHT Instructor in Art B.S., M.S., Univ. of Oregon BRINTON JACKSON Assistant Prof, of Music Montana State Univ. M.A.. Columbia Univ. Music RALPH McFADDEN Prof, of Music A.A.M., Dana Music Inst. Graduate of Institute of Musical Art of Juilliard School M.M., American Conservatory of Music DAVID WILSON Instructor in Music A.B., Jamestown College, Jamestown, N.D. 22Industrial Arts CLAY ANDERS Assistant Prof, of Industrial Arts B.S.. M S., Montana State College Graduate Study. Montana State College Univ. of Missouri DANIEL SCOTT Instructor in Industrial Arts B.S.. Western Montana College of Education FRANK BUSCH Instructor in Social Science B.A., M.A., Montana State Univ. Graduate Study, Univ. of California Social Science DALE TASH Associate Prof, of Social Science B.S., Western Montana College of Education M.A.. Montana State Univ. Graduate Study. Univ. of Colorado. Montana State College STANLEY R. DAVISON Associate Prof, of Social Science B.A., M.A., Montana State Univ. Ph D., Univ. of California 23Science and Mathematics HENRY STISH B.S., Bcmidji State College M.Ed., Univ. of North Dakota Dean of Men Assistant Prof, of Physical Science DANIEI. BLOCK Instructor in Biological Science B.S., M S., Montana State Univ. LINDSAY L. HESS Instructor in Physical Science B.S.. Montana State College TERRANCE R. CYPHER Assistant Prof, of Mathematics B.S., M.S., Montana State College Graduate Study, Univ. of Kansas 24German and Business MAX FEUERSTAC.K Instructor in German University of Gottingen, Prussia B.A., Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary’ JOHN C. GARRY Assistant Prof, of Business Education B.B.A., B.S., M.A., Univ. of Minnesota Graduate Study. Univ. of N. D. Librarians DOROTHY GELHAUS Assistant Prof, of Education, Librarian B.A., B.S., Univ. of Washington IVA LEA ORR Assistant to the Librarian 25Administration GEORGIA MATHEWS Dean of Women 26 DORIS CLEMANS Secretary to the Dean of EducationBusiness Manager WILLIAM MALLINSON Liverpool Institute, Skerry’s College, Liverpool, England 27 VIOLA HOLTER BookkeeperRegistrar PAUL O. PICTON B.A., State Teachers College, Dickinson, N.D. M.A., Montana State Univ. 28 LOUISE FARRIS Secretary to the Registrar I'EMLA MAY OVITT Registrar-Clerk ROBERT L. BENNETT Hardin THOMAS E. HOYER Gildford Master’s Degree Working on Master’s GARY CRUSON Townsend ETHELYNE MIDDAUGH Casper, Wyoming 3031 SENIORSSenior Officers 32 JACK ANDERSON President KAREN McINTIRE Setretary T reasurer TOM HENDERSON Vice PresidentJACK ANDERSON Power MARVIN ANDERSON Wilsall EUGENE ARDISSON Butte MARY BACON Wise River ANTON BARONE Savage LOREN BENETT Dillon JOLENE BILANT Dillon BONITE BOWDEN ButteCAROL BRAUN Helena BILL BROWN Whitehall RICK CADIEUX Missoula DELVAN CARROLL Dillon TOM CONNORS Butte CLARK CONROW Sheridan CLARENCE DAHL Anaconda FLOYD DAHLMAN Forsyth 34PAT DELGER TownsendBEVERLY HANSEN Big Timber BENARD HARTMAM Seattle, Washington TOM HENDERSON Butte FRANCES HORNER Ronan THOMAS JENKIN Dillon BERNARD JONES Dillon JOHN JOSE Butte JUDE KELLY St. Ignatius 6BOB KOVACICH Butte RON KOVICK Dillon RONALD KUECKS Butte GARY LACEY Roundup JANET LALONDE Anaconcla FRANK LAVINDER Townsend PATTI LEE Deer Lodge CAROL LEMON Three ForksBEVERLY LOVELL Butte WALTER LUCERO Augusta ALAN LUNDBORG Townsend HELEN MacDONALD Dillon 38 JOHN MacDONALD Dillon MARY MARICICH Anaconda SAUNDRA MATTSON Butte KAREN MeINTIRE PoisonBONNIE McMORRIS Anaconda LOWELL NELSON Dillon SUSAN NELSON Cut Bank LARRY PAISLEY Twin Bridges JOHN W. PEARSON Philipsburg EARL PETERSON Lima GENESSE PETERSON Dillon PAT POLLARD Butte 39PATRICIA RAYMOND Dillon FRED SALMONSON Sheridan BETTY SCOFIELD Dillon TOM SHEEHY Butte GLEN SHERON Butte BERNICE SKILLMAN Wilsall DONNA MAE SPONHEIM Joplin BETTY STRENIERI Anaconda 40ROGER TALBOTT Dillon JACK THIEL Jackson SVEN VOLL Anaconda DICK WALKER Cut Bank SALLY WEBB Butte SHIRLEY WEBBER Plains RODNEY CHURCHWELL Livingston ED ZINK Dillon 41UCSTCRN WoNTANA CoLLCGC OP (j Education lf®9Sti 0 DILLONJUNIORSJunior Officers 44 GARRY PACE Vice President GINNY WOOD Secretary-T reasurer CLIFF NEIGHBORS PresidentSHARON ANDERSON Missoula LEONARD BENJAMIN Jackson JIM BENNETTS Whitehall RON BENNETT Alberton ROBERT BROCKMAN Anaconda GLEN BROOKHART Bozeman LARRY BUCKLEY Butte WAYNE BULL Butte 45JIM BURGESS Dillon BOB BURK Stryker MYRNA BURROUGHS Broadview JIM BURTON Poison ROBERTA CARLIN Butte CATHY CARNEY Boise, Idaho JIM CARPITA Dillon LE ROY COOK Potomac KENNEITH A. COPE Great Palls DARRELL R. COWAN Dillon ALICE CRIST Glasgow JERRY DELANEY St. Ignatius VIRGIL DIXON Virginia City DOREEN DOVER Buffalo DICK DOYLE North Bend, Oregon GARRY DREIKOSON Augusta 47DONNA DUROCHER Dillon DONNA EDEN Bozeman ALAN ELIASON Dillon MARY JO ESTES Alberton RICHARD FERRIS Dillon DENNIS FISHER Great Falls LA RAE FOSTER Dillon WALTER FOSTER Laurel 48ROBERT FRANK Whitefish PAULETTE FRAZER Anaconda WAYNE FREDRICKSON Anaconda MARY JANE FREEBORN Butte CAROL FRENCH Plains DAN FRENCH Dillon WILLIAM FOWLER Libby JANICE GAVIN Dillon 49JACK GEHRING Libby MIKE GERDES Spokane, Washington GARY COVER Townsend CAROL GRIFFITH Butte 50 CONNIE GROOMES Philipsburg DAVE HAMMER Conrad DON HAMPA Dillon MARY M. HANCOCK DillonMARION HASH Butte HERB HAYWORTH Geraldine LARRY HODGSON Dillon MARGARET HODGSON Dillon HOWARD HUNT Whitehall REX JENSEN Dillon SALLY JO JESSEN Butte FAY ELLEN JOHANSON Missoula 51CHUCK JOHNS North Bend, Oregon JOAN JONASEN St. Ignatius CAROL KELLY Butte GLENDA KENDALL Thompson Falls 52 RON KENDALL Anaconda JACK LADEN Dillon RONALD LANE Three Forks AMBER LAPHAM JacksonDWAIN LAVINDER Townsend CHRIS LENARZ Eureka PAUL LIENEMANN Butte JOHN LONG Thompson Falls JOHN LYNDES Helena JEANETTE MacDONALD Butte MARTIN MAI.ESICH Dillon RICHARD M A RONEY Kalispcll 53WILLIAM MASELLA Anaconda LARRY McCLUNG Dillon Leo McDermott Anaconda fred McDonald Anaconda 54 PEGGY McENANEY Helena JOHN McHUGH Butte larry McKinney Dillon thea McKinney DillonGARRY McMORRIS Sidney JACK McMURCHY Dillon JUDITH ANN MIKOLICH Corbin Springs BETTY MOEN Butte DAVID MONTGOMERY Anaconda JOHN MUNIS Philipsburg JIM MYERS Big Timber CLIFF NEIGHBORS Harlowton 55LAURIE NELSON Valier JOAN O’HALLORAN Clyde Park JUNE OLIVER Thompson Falls HUGH OUELLETTE Butte GARRY PACE Shelby PATSY PAIGE Twin Bridges FRED PERNA Anaconda DOTTIE QUANE Anaconda 56TED RICHARDSON Plains JOHN ROGERS Butte BOB ROWLING Butte DANNY RUDE Butte 57MYRNA SALVAS Butte DOREEN SCAMMON St. Ignatius ROSALIE SEAMAN Chinook JIM SHEA Butte JIM SICHTING Libby KEN SPEVAC Dillon DEAN STATTON Anaconda ELIZABETH STEVENS DillonMARYELLEN STEPHENS Wisdom WILLIAM STEVENS Eureka DIANA STONER Corvallis BOB SULLIVAN Anaconda JIM SULLIVAN Anaconda JOHN E. SULLIVAN Butte JOHN P. SULLIVAN Butte JAMES SUMNER Livingston 59RUTH SUTTOtf Kalispcll ROBERT TYSDALE Dillon JUDY VEDOVATTI Butte SALVADOR VERGA Garfield, New Jersey VELMA WALLACE Leadore, Idaho JIM WALSH Dillon HOWARD WHITE Townsend LANELL WORTMAN StcvcnsvilleSteppin High Centennial Hall The Marble Stairs” Cookie, you're gonna be crumbs. Scat. Ot 614 ASOPHOMORES 63Sophomore Officers DICK TREBESCH WALLEYNE MURPHY PAT ROGERS Vice President Secretary-Treasurer President 64WAYNE ALLEN Whitehall MARCIA ANDERSON Missoula EUGENIA ANDRADE Butte EDNA ARMSTRONG Great Falls JERRY ASAY Chotcau BETTY BACON Wise River KAY BARKER Helena GEORGE BAUER Libby 65 artsLYNN BLAIR Conrad GLORIA BOLOG Deer Lodge JUDY BORST Cut Bank ' LEANNE BRAUN Helena TOM CARTER Butte MARGARET COLLEARY Quince)', Washington DALE COMBS Dillon DARREL COOMBS Three Forks 66JIM CONNOLE Choteau JOHN CONNOLE Choteau KAREN CONNORS Anaconda GARY CORKINS Hardin RAY CYR Butte GARY DAVIS Great Falls JANET DECKER Armstead IRENE DUNCAN Dillon 67KAREN HOFELDT Lloyd CARLENE HOLT Ennis CHARLOTTE HOWARD Plains LARRY HULL Dillon 70 AMIL HERSEIM Clinton BILL HETTRICK HamiltonROY INBODY Choteau LOUISE JAMES Butte GARY JEWETT Somers ALICE JOHNSON Dutton ■■ DIANE JOHNSON Missoula JUDY JOHNSON Hamilton MARYELLEN JOHNSON Browning NORMAN JONES White Sulphur Springs 71TOM JONES Kali spell PEGGY KRANTZ St. Ignatius BRUCE KRON Malta ROBERT KUECKS Butte CAROLE LANGDON Whitehall WAYNE LERSBAK Glasgow BONNIE LEW ISON Dillon WILLARD LOVELL ButteKAREN MATHEWS Helena WILLIAM McANALLY Poplar JOHN McCOLLUM Anaconda CLARENCE McCONNELL Ronan michael McKinney Darby susan McKinley Anaconda ROBERT McLAREN Dillon JOHN W. McNEILL DillonNANCY MIELKE Harlowton MERRILEE MILLER Radersburg ANDREA MORETTO Butte LOUISE MORROW Conrad WALLEYNE MURPHY Deer Lodge JUDY NAGENGAST Fort Benton JANICE McCALLUM NEIGHBORS Dillon PHYLLIS NEILD TownsendETHEL NICHOLS Whitehall JACK NEILSON Anaconda RAY NYE Dillon DOROTHY OLSON Dillon JEANNIE OLSON Kalispell LEROY OWEN Philipsburg RUTH PATTON Wellington, Ohio DOROTHY PETERSON DillonGLEN PETTY Shelby JAN PROVIS Butte ED PUCCINELLI Anaconda WILLIAM RYAN Butte KAREN REEVES Whitefish DONNA REILLY Deer Lodge JUDY REX Dillon JULIE REX DillonSID RICHARDSON Idaho Falls, Idaho PAT ROGERS Whitefish JERALD ROSENBERGER Browning FAYNE ROTH Anaconda LINDA SAHINEN Dccr Lodge DALE SALMEN Lincoln NANCY SALSTROM Dillon EDWIN SANDERS Philipsburg 77HUGH SHEEHAN Butte JACK SILLIKER Whitefish JANET SILZLY Anaconda GARY SIMON Butte 78 DIETRA SELLS Butte CAROL SHAFER Dillon CLAIR SCHREIBER Dillon JUDY SCHALL ArleeJUDY SIVERTSON Deer Lodge LORETTA STACY Missoula LESLIE STAEEORD Great Falls LINDA STOCKS Jackson VIRGINIA STUBBERT Galata TIM SULLIVAN Butte LINDA SUNDELL Orem, Utah NANCY SUYDAM Butte 79ROGER SWANSON Fairview KAREN THOMPSON Whitefish LORRAINE THOMPSON Deer Lodge OTIS THOMPSON Ennis MARY KAY TRACY Anaconda RICHARD TRF.BESCH Dutton WILLIAM TWOGOOD Sula LARRY VEIS Scobcy 80ALLEN VOYTOSKI Great Falls ELAINE WAKEFIELD Butte MARGE WALES Deer Lodge FLORENCE WALKER Dillon ARLENE WHITE Hamilton TOM WHITE Anaconda JOHN WILKERSON Hamilton LLOYD WILLEY Deer Lodge 8182 Mr. Stish helps desperate freshman!Here they come Keep those lines straight Dennis Fisher Lennon Jerry (Ringo) Asay 85Freshman Officers RAE STRASSER Secretary DWIGHT WARNKEN Vice President LINDA VAN DEN BOS T reasurer STEVE SELWAY President - - r.'‘ EUGENE ALBRIGHT Butte WILLIAM ARMITAGE Redlands, California RICHIE KAY BAIN Kalispcll RICHARD BAIRD Big ForkROSE BENSON Blackfoot JOYCE BERRY Butte ARLENE BIEBER Townsend GERALD BOSTWICK Dillon 88 VIRGIL BOSTWICK Dillon JANICE BOYLE Butte SHERRY BRADLEY Calgary, Alberta SUSAN BRADLEY MissoulaJOHN BRAMSMAN Dillon SHIRLEY BRANAE Big Timber JOHN BRAS Lonepine CAROL BREUER Geraldine JERRY BROACH Sheridan AMBER BUTALA Dillon CANDI CAPEHART Azusa, California JANET CARR Dillon 89LEE CHAMBERS Cascade LOVA CHERRY Lima MILDRED CHILDS Dillon JAMES CLA1RMONT Dixon 90 WADE CLARK Lima WILLIAM CLEVERLY Dillon VIRGINIA COULTER Charlo CHARLES COUTURE Arlec JAMES COX St. Regis DAVID DAYTON Hamilton CHARLES DOLEZAL Ronan JOHN DOUGLAS Superior PHILIP DRISCOLL Charlo DONALD DRIVDAHL Drillon ROSS EBEL Dixon LOREN EBERLINE Dillon 91DEAN EDSTROM Butte IRIS EDSTROM Butte DAVE ELMORE Hamilton MARVIN ENDERLIN Butte LEE FASSO Butte CHRISTINE FINNLAND Libby SID FREDRICKSON Dillon SEAN I'REEBOURN ButteRICHARD FRUHWIRTH Chicago, Illinois JERALD GALLINGER Butte GEORGE GARNETT Corvallis GEORGE GROESBECK Butte EUGENE GIESE Bainville JAMES GIVEN Dillon ANNE LYNNETTE GNIDIC Butte MICHEAL GODBOUT Butte 93DONALD GORDON Kalispell BONNIE GRAHAM Livingston GAIL GRAVES Dillon MICHLE GRIFFING Rawlings, Wyoming WILLIAM GULDSETH Thompson Falls TERRY GUSTAFSON Butte ROY HALL Dillon BONNIE HAMILTON Plains 94RONALD HAMILTON Stevensville MARGARET HAUGEN Anaconda DONNA HEWITT Victor SHARON HEWITT Anaconda CAROL HILLARD Livingston WILLIAM HINER Harlowton LENNY HINMAN Victor JANICE HUNT Whitehall 95HOWARD JACKSON Elliston SIGRID JENSEN Ronan JEANIE JOHNSON Butte ERANK KEEN Richmond, Indiana 96 GREG KNEEDLER Livingston CAROL KOCHEVAR Butte STEPHANIE KORE Butte GORDON KRON MaltaERNIE LA ERANIER Butte ADELE LE KANDER Manassas, Virginia KAREN LENHART Dillon JOHN LOUCKS Helena NEL LOWMAN Hamilton NEIL MacKENZIE Ronan DAVID MANNING Anaconda ROBERT MASON Superior 97RONALD MATT Arlee ARTHUR MAUTZ Dillon rodney McClellan Lewistown KEITH McCLURG Big Fork antony McDermott Fort Benton laurene McMahon Butte BRUCE McMORRIS Sidney KATHLEEN McNELIS AnacondaSUZANNE MEIER Helena DAVE MENDENHALL Hamilton CATHERINE MILLER Dillon ULA MOODY Big Fork DORIS NELSON Livingston JUANITA NELSON Dell LILLIAN NOLAN Dillon SHERRY NYHART Twin Bridges 99MITCHEL PARKER Power SHEILA PARKER Willow Creek ROBERT PARSONS Browning JAMES PETERSON Dillon 100JOHN PIATT Butte PAUL PILGRIM Dillon HARRY PIPER Anaconda JOY PLETON Dccr Lodge BILL RAFTER Lewi stow n LINDA RICHARDS Dccr Lodge MARY LEE ROARK Hamilton PIERCE ROUSE Dillon 101LYNDA ROWSWELL Edmonton, Alberta DEANNA MAE RUDE Dillon BEVERLY SAMPLE Butte VICTOR SAMPLE Butte 102 ADELE SAWYER Dillon JERRY SCOBBA Camas, Washington STEPHEN SELWAY Dillon ANN SHEA WalkcrvilleLANA SMITH Dillon VERNA SMITH Conner JOHN SOYLAND Dillon CONNIE SPROUT Townsend MARCUS STAUDUHAR Dillon SHERYL STOKES Dillon RAE CILLE STRASSER Dillon GERRY STUBBLEFIELD Clancy 103THOMAS VAN AKEN Whitefish LINDA VAN DEN BOS Great Falls SHARON VOSS Corvallis CLARENCE WAGNER Babb 104 TERRY THRISEN Belgrade KENNETH THORMAHLEN Anaconda PAULA TRENTMAN Livingston PAT ULLERY Deer LodgeDWIGHT WARNKEN Superior MEL WATTULA Butte THOMAS WEBSTER Dillon JACKIE WELLS Hotsprings JOANN WHITE Victor DICK WEIGAND Wolf Point WILLIAM WIKSTROM Big Fork CHRISTINE WILHELM Elmo 105A TERRY WILKINSON Anaconda JACK WILLIAMS Conrad MARIEA WILLIAMS Boise, Idaho ED WILSON Dillon VIRGINIA WINTERMOTE Pleva ELLEN ZANTO Highwood 106107 ACTIVITIESHomecoming Western's 1963 Homecoming proved to be one of the best in the history of Western. Events of the weekend included a snake dance, pep rally, parade, Homecoming Queen, dinner, and M-Club Dance. In spite of the rain, the "bulldogs gave a very successful and impressive win over the Eastern Yellowjackets by a score of 12-6. With the win the Bulldogs clinched the title for the MCC upper bracket. During half-time Mcrrilee Miller was crowned Homecoming Queen; her attendants were Janice Provis, Janet Silzly, and Margaret Colleary. 108Margaret Colieary, Mcrrilee Miller—Queen. Janice Provis, Janet Silzly Princesses 109 JANICE PROVISMaryellcn Stephens, Jeanette MacDonald, Carol Griffith, Janet Carr, Louise Marrow, Alice Johnson, Myrna Burroughs, Sharon Anderson, Merrilcc Miller. Amber Lapham. Janice Boyle, Carol Braun, Linda Sahinen, Gerry Stubblefield. Miss Western Pageant 112 Alice Johnson. Myrna Burroughs, Merrilcc Miller—Miss Western, Amber Lapham.MARYELLEN STEPHENS Miss Chanticleers LOUISE MORROW Miss Wcsternettcs M ♦ GERRY STUBBLEFIELD | Miss Congeniality S s LINDA SAHINEN Miss KZN JANICE BOYLE Miss Freshman Class 113Miss Dillon Centennial Carol Griffith I ,4 MISS FIRST NATIONAL BANK Jeanette MacDonald MISS KDBM Alice Johnson MISS DILLON ALTO DEALERS Merrilee Miller—QUEEN-MISS WESTERN Mvrna Burroughs MISS WESTERN MICRO-WAVEGo-Western Day Queen Judy Schall King Eldon Borders 115Professor Mr. Block with his loving cup. This contest was sponsored by the SEA winter quarter. Three trophies were given to the professors receiving the most votes. A vote cost a penny. Mr. Tash Mr. Hess 116Ssa A s Silly JoJcsscn—Secretary, Eleanor Gustafson—President, Florence Walker—Treasurer. Standing: Karen Reeves, Rae CH e Strasser, Caro! Shafer. Bill Lovell, Pat Raymond—Vice President, Gordon Kron, Lorraine Thompson, Connie Groomes. The aims of the Art Club arc to give students an opportunity to work together and use their talents for the advantage of the group and the school. New members are initiated into the Art Club at the beginning of each quarter in an impressive candlelight ceremony in the Club Studio. The highlight of the year is the club banquet in the spring. The Art Club is supported by funds obtained through its shop sales and the items sold at these sales are made by members of the dub. Art Iva Orr—President, Eleanor Gustafson—Treasurer, Wanda Bean, Mrs. Emerick—Sponsor. Absent: Sally Jessen—Vice President, Pat Raymond—Secretary. Kappa Pi, a national honorat}' art fraternity, was organized in 1911. The Ami-cron Chapter at Western Montana College was started in 19)7. This year the members judyed the Tuberculosis Coloring Contest and made suyycstions for improvement in the contest.Who’s Who Richard Cadieux Marvin Anderson It was announced by Professor Joe Ryburn, Chairman of the Scholarship and Awards Committee, that Western will be represented by eleven seniors in the 1964 edition of Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. These eleven seniors have contributed a great deal to the school life at Western through the various organizations in which they have participated. The eleven were nominated on the basis of demonstrated ability and leadership. Rick’s contribution to WMC can be measured by the many activities he has been in. He was sophomore class vice-president, M-Club secretary-treasurer, and is the Newman Club president. Rick has worked hard for Western publications by being sports editor of the WESCOLITE and the 1963 CHINOOK. He is also a member of the Chanticleers. Frances’ abilities vary from scholastic to athletic. She has been a member of KZN all four years and was vice-president her junior year. She has been a member of the Girls' House Council for four years. In her sophomore year, Frances received a Cobb Foundation scholarship, and she also earned the outstanding girls' softball award. At the close of her junior year, Frances signed a contract at Choteau, where she taught kindergarten for one year. This fall she re-enrolled at WMC and plans to graduate in March. Marvin was president of In ter-Varsity his sophomore and junior years, and he also belonged to the Lutheran Student Association. At ball games Marv can be seen playing the baritone in the pep band. This year he is a member of the cultural committee. Besides these extracurricular activities, Marv has worked two years as hcadwaiter for Saga Foods. Linda has been a member of Rodeo Club, Chanticleers, KXN, and House Council. This year she is a head proctor. She was junior class secretary-treasurer, and she was the associate editor of the '63 CHINOOK. Linda is always on the honor roll, for which she was awarded the Cobb Foundation Scholarship her junior year. Pat has become very active around campus, but his biggest contribution is in football. Playing for the Bulldogs all four years, Pat’s gridiron feats gained him a berth on the All-Conference team his senior year and honorable mention his junior year. This year Pat continued in sports as assistant football coach and as the junior varsity basketball coach. With these responsibilities, Pat has undertaken the important job of being superintendent of the boys’ dormitories. Pat has been secretary and vice-president of the M-Club, and he was in the musical. "Li’l Abner.” Frances Horner Linda Foote Patrick DclgcrCarol Lemon Tony Barone Carol has been secretary of WRA, regional director of SEA, a member of the girl’s house council and a member of KZN. In her junior year Carol was elected Student Body Secretary. Carol’s abilities extend from these organizations to her success in Westernettes and in the musical put on each spring. Last year she was a homecoming princess. Last year Ed gained his greatest achievement when he was elected Student Body President. Ed has accepted the responsibilities of this office and can be seen working diligently for the betterment of Western. Ed also is a member of Forensics and Chanticleers. In his junior year, Ed received a Montana PTA Scholarship. Tony’s past experience was recognized this fall as the students elected him to Student Affairs, where he was placed on the Cultural Committee. Since assuming this responsibility, Tony has worked hard to bring entertainment to Western. Tony had very prominent roles in four major plays, but he now wishes to help Gargoyles as stage manager. During his sophomore and junior years, Tony was president of Gargoyles. Bonnie’s tremendous ability has gained her a lead in three musicals—“The King and I,” "Li’l Abner,” and "Bye Bye Birdie.” Her talent on the stage also wfon Bonnie a lead in the spring play her freshman year. Bonnie also has been captain of the Westernettes for two years, a member of WRA sports board, Music Club vice-president, CHINOOK editor in ’63, and a member of Chanticleers. Her freshman year, Bonnie was a Miss Western candidate, and she was a homecoming princess her sophomore year. A member of Gargoyles, Eugene has taken part in every play that has been presented, which earned him the Dramatics M last spring. Besides acting, he has been active in chorus. In addition, Gene is a consistent honor roll member. During his junior and senior years, Jim was chosen for the All-Conference team for the talent he showed on the football field. In his four years of ball, Jim has ranked high in the National Association Intercollegiate Athletics passing standings. By chalking up huge chunks of yardage, Jim has shown that he is not just a good passer but also a good runner. Jim is now the vice-president of the M club. Eugene Ardisson Ed Zink Bonnie McMorris Jim Netz 119Young Democrats Seated, left to right: Eugenia Andrade, Gerry Stubblefield, Myrna Salvas, Ann Paradis, Patsy Paige, Kathy Quane, Sherry Nyhart. Standing: Carol Griffith, Dr. Cumming, Sponsor, Miss Pat Warcup, Sponsor, Jim Shea, Tom Connors, Bob Burk, Garry Pace. Absent when picture was taken, Mr. Garry, Sponsor. The Western Montana College Young Democrats is a newly organized club on campus. Its purpose is to stimulate in young people an active interest in government affairs, to increase the efficiency of popular government, and to help acquaint voters with the issues and candidates. During the course of the year the organization obtained speakers on vital issues in order to familiarize members with national problems. The club also sponsored the St. Patricks Day dance and the Spring Quarter Registration Pay dance. PRESIDENT Carol Griffith SECRETARY Myrna SalvasYoung Republicans Front row: Joann White, Don McConnell, Cecil Ranney. Second row: Faye Ellen Johanson, Doreen Scammon, Jack McMurchy, Gail Ranney, (guest speaker) Rep. Hazelbakcr, Rosemary Hamilton. College Young Republicans was formed on Western campus during Winter Quarter to provide the student body means for getting practical political education and developing student Republicans on the campus into an intelligent, aggressive, and cooperative Republican group. The organization presents speakers, discussions, and printed material designed to promote the platform and candidates of the Republican Part)-. 121Young Americans for Freedom Seated, left to tight: Toni Jcnkin, Bill Flcchscnhar, Rae Cillo Strasscr. Faye Ellen Johanson, Lloyd Willey. Standing, left to right: Don McConnell. Duke Gilbert, Jack McMurchy. Rex Jensen, Dale Tash- Sponsor. Not pictured: Carol Shafer, Ron Kovick, Sid Richardson. Y.A.F. is a conservative, political organization designed to educate its members in today's political affairs. Its members arc young Americans who care about the future of their country . . . who arc concerned over increasing federal control of all facets of our economic and social life . . . who arc troubled over the seeming weakness of our government before the onslaught of international Communism . . . who believe that youth has the right and the responsibility to actively participate in the social and political life of the nation; and . . . who are ready to take an active part in the national Conservative youth movement with the primary objective of stemming apathy on the part of America’s young people and stimulating and mobilizing sincere Conservative political action. BILL FLECHSENHAR Vice PresidentIndustrial Arts Mr. Dan Scott—Sponsor, Dan French, Ron Kendall, Fred Dale Carpenter—Vice President. Ron Bennett—Secretary. What are you welding, boys! McDonald—Treasurer, Jim Sichting, I.cRoy Cook—President, Western’s Industrial Arts Club consists of interested students who are majoring or minoring in Industrial Arts. The club has always financed itself and has used the money acquired for field trips in and out of state. This year the club went to Eureka, California, to visit the redwood forest processing mills. The money for this venture was gained by remodeling and selling a winch for a truck, building and raffling a cedar chest, and building and selling picnic tables. The club also sponsored school dances, a booth at the Student Wives Carnival, and a second-place winning float in the homecoming parade. The cedar chest Ron and Dan hard at work 123Forensics Seated: Judith Johnson, Carol Griffith, Ruth Patton. Standing: Mr. Ccbull—Sponsor, Tom Henderson, Ed Zink, Clinton Warner, John Fadness. Effective public speaking is logical, practical communication which has as its aims to add through the appropriate language of speech and gesture to the information and knowledge of listeners or to influence their attitudes and conduct. To be able to communicate well is increasingly essential in today’s highly complex society. Future teachers must concern themselves with aspects of forensic activities, which on the Western campus include debate, oratory, extemporaneous speaking, and interpretative reading. During the Spring Quarter, 1963, Western's Association members attended the Montana State Speech Tournament on the campus of Rocky Mountain College in Billings. Association members also spoke at various functions of civic groups in and around Dillon. On two occasions students participated in the Montana Student Forums on the campus on Montana State College. These discussions were taped and then played on various radio station programs throughout the state. The intercollegiate debate topic for the 1963-64 year is Resolved: That the federal government should guarantee a higher education for all qualified high school graduates. Rex addresses student body at Founder's Day Assembly 124Student Education Association Dr. John Cumming—Sponsor, Ron Kuccks—Vice President. Paul Kuecks, Jeanette MacDonald. Tom Henderson—President. Jack McMurchy—Treasurer, Peggy McEnancy, Carol French, Linda Van Den Bos, Jack Graves. Absent: Christy Worring and Susan McKinley—Secretary. The Student Education Association is Western’s on-campus professional organization for prospective teachers. S.E.A. gives students an opportunity to participate in the M.E.A. and N.E.A. This year was highlighted by the Hush dance in which Mr. Irresistible was picked and the Betty- "Co-Ed" and Joe "College’’ contest. Jeanette MacDonald was S.E.A.’s candidate in the Miss Western Pageant. PEGGY McENANEY State Secretary-Treasurer CHRISTY WORRING State DirectorGargoyles Front row: Connie Groomes, Sally Jo Jessen, Janice Gavin, Virginia Coulter. Second row: Mr. Joe Ryburn, Bob Brockman Carol Braun, Gene Ardisson, and Tony Barone. The Gargoyle Club is the dramatics organization on the campus. Its members have thrilled college and Dillon audiences during the past years with the finest of plays. This organization was formed in 1923. Students belonging to the Gargoyle Club who show exceptional ability are eligible for membership in the Order of the Jeweled Masque, an honorary dramatics club. THE SOLID GOLD CADILLAC was produced by the Gargoyles during Summer Quarter. This comedy was written by Howard Keickman and George S. Kaufman. THE LADY'S NOT FOR BURNING, a moving English comedy by Christopher Fry, was presented by the students Fall Quarter. PAPA IS ALL, thrcc-act comedy about the Pennsylvania Dutch by Patterson Greene, was presented during Winter Quarter. 126Solid Gold mam mKm -rsfc3cg=4-. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST a d ♦ I I I a c NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A WOMAN CAST mm MARK JENKINS NARRATOR .... NEWSBOYS FOUR UGLIES .... Tom Henderson A1 Taylor Bob Brockman Jeff Sattcrly .. Frank Hayes Chancy Bingham Tom Sheehy Ron Kovick MRS. PARTRIDGE Lrma Hord MR. McKEEVOR ..... Lowell Nelson AMELIV SHOTGRAVIN ................................ Lorraine Foss MODEL ........ Gail Howes REPORTERS Wanda Bean A1 Lundborg Jack Graves John Fadness Tom Everett Gene Ardisson Bcv Lovell Janice Gavin SECRETARIES 127128 "Typical” teenagers are captured at their favorite pastime as they share the latest "Going Steady” news.The domestic situation becomes tense in the MacAfcc home as Conrad Birdie arrives and makes himself at home. Bye Bye Birdie was the musical comedy produced—Spring Quarter. DIRECTOR . ......... Brinton Jackson CHOREOGRAPHER Patricia Warcup PIANIST-CONDUCTOR Ralph MeFadden PRODUCTION MANAGER ...... Joe Ryburn Judy Ray as Rose Alverez displays her first-class ability as a dancer. 129RICHARD THOMAS . ALIZON NICHOLAS SKIPPS CHAPLIN JUDGE MAYOR... CAST .............................. Laurie Nelson .............................. John Fadness ............................ Sally Jo Jesscn ............................ Ernest La Franier ............................ Armand Fangsrud ............................ Armand Fangsrud .............................John L. Sullivan ................................. Mr. Hoynes 130American Indian Club Row 1: Jack McMurchy—Treasurer, Patti Lee—Secretary, Miss McManus—Sponsor. Row 2: Ron Kovick—President, Bonnie McMorris, Betty Scofield, Marycllen Stephens, Amber Lapham. Row 3: Ed Zink, Gary McMorris, Laurie Nelson— Vice President. The Chanticleer Club is responsible for promoting interest in journalism at Western and assisting with publication of the Wcscolite. Any person who desires to become a member of this club must work on the Wcscolite or Chinook, or take journalism one quarter. Seated: Ann Paradis, Lancll Wortman, Sharon Anderson, Donna Hewitt, Carlcnc Holt. Standing: Bob Parsons, Garry Douglas, Ron Matt. Sid Richardson, Walt Foster, and Dr. Feathers—Sponsor. The American Indian Club is open to all students and faculty who are interested in Indian culture, regardless of nationality and background. This organization provides an opportunity for the building of insight and enlightenment in others as to the rich contributions of American Indian culture to the overall culture of man. The club tries to gain appreciation for the Indian’s part in a lasting contribution to American heritage, as well as for future life patterns as Americans. ChanticleersDrum 132 Let's Twist Again Talent ShowKneeling: Bill Masella—Trustee, David Montgomery—Trustee, Tom Carter, Bob Tysdtl, John Soyland, Kevin G regie r, Howard Jackson, Chuck Dolezal, Dave Wilson. Standing: Joe Rich—President and Drum Major, Carol Griffith—Head Majorette, Patsy Paige, Betty Bacon, Fayne Roth, Louise Davis—Treasurer, Alice Johnson, Michele Griffing, Mary Lee Roark, Linda Stocks, Marcia Giem, Lynn Blair, Karen Lenhart, Sheryl Lynn Stokes, Ula Moody. Back row: Bill Guldseth. Otis Thompson, John Jose—Vice President, Paul Lienemann, Terry Gustafson, Alan Lundbo rg, Rich Fruhwirth. Absent: Ron Kuecks—Sergeant at Arms, Paul Kuecks—Trustee, Larry Hull—Trustee, Cathy Carney—Secretary, Bill Lovell, Ruth Patton. Janet Decker. Paulette Frazer. Gloria Bolog, Karen Me In tire, Garyr Corkins. Gary Cruson. Western’s Drum Corps was organized September 26, 1962, on this campus. Since that time they have participated in the Virginia City Centennial parade and the Butte Fourth of July parade where they received a special award. They traveled to Billings in 1962 and to Helena for Carroll College’s Homecoming in 1963. Through the year they have sponsored dances and fall quarter presented a talent and variety show. To highlight the year’s activities the past Governor of Montana, J. Hugo Aronson, presented the Drum Corps with a Montana State Flag. The future looks promising for Western’s Marching Drum Corps. Joe, who is a junior this year, organized the Drum Corps. Much of the group's success can be attributed to his leadership. 133 J. J. RICH—Drum MajorWesternettes Bonnie McMorris, captain Row 1 (bottom to top): Alice Johnson. Janet Carr. Ann Paradis, Maryellcn Johnson, Verna Smith, Loretta Stacy, Judy Nagengast. Row 2: Linda Stocks, Janice Provis, Frances Horner. Susan McKinley, Carol Henderson, Judy Rex. Nel Lowman. Row 3: Michele Griffing, Patricia Ullery, Myrna Burroughs. Louise Marrow, Donna Hewitt, Margaret Haugen. Karen Hofeldt. Row 4: Lynn Blair. Linda Van Den Bos, Carol Lemon. Patti Lee, Phyllis Neild. Karen Mathews, Leanne Braun. Row 3: Mary Roark, Joann White, Carol Braun, Judy Sivertson, Virginia Wood, Kathryn Barker, Linda Sahinen. Rou 6: Marcia Giem, Tonya Gustafson, Shirley Webber, Julie Rex, Land! Wortman, Donna Reilly. 134The ever-spirited school cheerleaders help to boost the school spirit at all the basketball and football games whether rain or shine; warm or cold. Cheerleaders 135 Marian Hewitt, Janet Silzly, Mary Kay Tracy', Mcrilcc Miller, Sharon Anderson, and Wallcyne Murphy.Band From row: Carol Martin, Jackie Wells, Dorcnc Dover, Susan McKinley, Art Mautz, Karen Hofeldt, Jack Bramsman. Row 2: David Wilson, Joe Rich, Patsy Paige, Mr. Wilson, Don Gordon, George Groesbcck. The band plays at the pep rallies and games to help boost school spirit. The picture was taken at the Go Western Day Assembly where the)' were enjoyed by all. WMCE TAKE YOUR BOW EOR VICTORY SHALE BE YOUR VOW; WE PLEDGE TO YOU OUR HEART AND HAND DEFYING THOSE IN ANY LAND. UNFURL YOUR FLAG, LET IT GLEAM, RS 1.0 HERE’S TO THE BULLDOGS, LET US CHEER. WHO ARE TO US SO DEAR. THOSE COLORS LOVED BY ALL YOL K TEA: HO ARE TO US SO DEAR W E S T E R N v3Pep Club Front row: I-oretta Stacy—President, Caroline Henderson, Judy Rex. Mcrrilce Miller, Betty Hamilton. Andrea Moretto, Linda Sahinen, Julie Rex. Second row: Pat Pollard, Sue Bradley, Judy Nagengast, Lynn Blair, Louise Morrow, Judy Borst, Verna Smith, Pat UUery. Third row: Mary Jo Estes—Secretary, Ann Shea, Dictra Sells, Walleyne Murphy. Janet Provis, Judy Sivertson, Joy Pletan, and Rita Bennetts. School spirit is the objective of Western’s Pep Club. This organization supervises all elections and tryouts for the cheerleaders. The Pep Club provides the main body of support behind the cheerleaders in yells and chants for Western s teams at home and away. PEMM Club Front row: Merrilec Miller, Alice Johnson. Louise Morrow, Judy Nagengast, Judy Rex. Betty Hamilton. Second row: Carolyn Henderson, Mary Jo Estes, Andrea Moretto, Arlene Bieber. Sharon Voss, Tonya Fowler. Third row: Pat Pollard. Dietra Sells, Janice Provis, Judy Sivertson, Stephanie Korc. Joy Pletan. PEMM Club is an organization for all girls majoring or minoring in Physical Education. Much of the group’s activities are concerned with learning more about some of the problems of P.E. instruction. 137WRA Executive Board Front row: Alice Johnson. Mary Jo Estes. Tonya Fowler. Bonnie McMorris. Back row: Sharon Voss. Louise Morrow. Judy Nagengast, Loretta Stacy. The Woman's Recreation Association Executive Board acts as a governing group for women’s activities on campus. WRA directs and supports many activities throughout the year. For the second consecutive year WRA captured first place with its prize-winning float in the homecoming parade. An A wards-Banquet is held each year and awards are given to the Outstanding Senior, Outstanding Sophomore, Outstanding Basketball player, and Outstanding baseball player. WRA Front row: Merrilee Miller, Alice Johnson. Bonnie McMorris, Louise Morrow, Judy Nagengast, Judy Rex, Julie Rex, Linda Sahinen, Betty Hamilton. Row 2: Pat Pollard. Betty Bacon. Sue Bradley. Verna Smith. Arlene Bieber, Ginny Wood, Toni Fowler, Rita Bennetts. Row 3: Andrea Moretto, Lynda Rowswell, Jan Provis, Sharon Voss, Stephanie Kore, Joy Pletan. Row 4: Carolyn Henderson, Mary Jo Estes, Loretta Stacy, Ann Shea, Dietra Sells. Judy Sivertson, Lynn Blair, Walleyne Murphy, Judy Borst. 138Sadie Hawkins Dance The Sadie Hawkins dance, an annual event on Campus and sponsored by the WRA, was held January 25, 1964. ROYALTY: Gary and Bonnie McMorris. Funniest Couple; Dave Magee, King of Dogpatch; Sherry Bradley, Queen of Dogpatch; Jack Laden, Li'l Abner; Candi Capehart, Daisy Mae. 139Kneeling: Karen Lenhart, Deanne Rude. Sheryl Stokes. Rae Cille Strasser. Standing: Sid Fredrickson. Don Gordon. Arthur Mautz. The Fencing Club became a reality Fall Quarter when it was organized under the sponsorship of the Women's Recreation Association and Miss Warcup. Deanna Rude and Arthur Mautz wron first place honors in the Fencing Tournament finals Winter Quarter. The club is open to all students who arc interested in learning the art of fencing. College Flying Club Seated: LeRoy Cook—Secretary-Treasurer, Hank Elliot—President. Standing: Bill Morris, Bill Hettcrick, Jack Graves, Rick Boctticher, Mr. Frank Busch—Sponsor. Absent: Dr. Wesley Caspers—Sponsor. The College Flying Club, a newly organized club on campus, has as it main objectives the furtherance of interest in aviation and low-cost flying. Semi-weekly meetings arc held to discuss aviation and its problems. Mr. Tom Westall, operator of the Dillon Flying Service, acted as technical advisor and flight instructor for the group. 140 Fencing ClubTumbeleers Row 1: Lee Fasso, Rick Baird, Terry Theiscn. Row 2: John Bras, Julie Rex, Judy Nagcngast, Judy Rex, Mcrrilcc Miller, Gary Davis. Row 3: Greg Kneedler, and Keith McClung. Western’s Gymnastics team is in its second year under the leadership of Gar)’ Davis. The team performs at various half-times for the home basketball games. The team meets every Monday and Wednesday nights. wjf Tumbeleers entertain Western fansM-Club Row I: Bob Rowling, Dick Silberman, Dick Maroncy, Bob Nielson—President. Jim Netz—Vice President, Bob Burk—Secretary-Treasurer, Butch Donovan. Laurie Nelson, Jerry Melton. Row 2: Dick Trebesch, Cliff Neighbors, Jim Bennetts, Dick Doyle, Bill Fowler, Wayne Christensen, Wayne Allen, Mick Delaney. Row 3: Gar)- McMorris, Jack Nielson, Wayne Lersbak, Bill Flechsenhar, Chuck Johns, Larry Schmautz, Bob Sullivan, Garry Pace. The M-Club, made up of men who have been awarded a letter in a major sport at Western, is one of the most active groups on campus. In the fall, Homecoming is sponsored by the M-Club and various other activities throughout the year such as the Hootenanny. This year the M-Club held an intramural raft race for the first time. Initiation of the new members is considered the major event of this organization and is held spring quarter. 142 Dclger briefs team!M-Club M-Club Cheerleaders generate school spirit! Before the Showers! 143Women’s House Council Standing: Ann Shea, Jeanette MacDonald, Carol Lemon, Carol Braun. Peggy McEnaney, Frances Horner, Betty Hamilton, Connie Groomes, Linda Sahinen. Alice Johnson. Ann Paradis. Seated: Linda Foote—Secretary, Janice Provis, Peggy Krantz, Sheila Parker, Miss Georgia Matthews—Dean of Women, Arlene Bieber, Virginia Coulter, Candy Capchart. The Women’s House Council organizes social activities held in the Residence Hall. The House Council members serve as representatives of all Residence Hall women and once a girl has been elected to the Council, she is a member for life and may return to her duty whenever she lives in the Residence Hall. Student Wives Seated: Mrs. Frank Hoey—Sponsor. Thca McKinney, Bonnie Talbott, Marcy Carroll, Jeanine Hockhalter, Elaine Barone, Margaret Hodgson. Standing: Helen Fredrickson, Bonnie Gee, Joyce Ouellette, Liz Stevens, Karen Richardson. JoAnn Kovick, Patsy Delaney, Sue Combs, Judy Churchwcll. Janice Walsh, Evelyn Brockman, Gail Graves, Carol Gcrdes. Mary Kay Peterson, Shirley Elliot. Not present: Bobbie Lavindar, Linda Miller, Carol Salmonson. Marcia Anderson. Peggy Munis. Mrs. William Straugh—Sponsor, Lois Myers—President. "P.H.T.” (Putting Hubby Through) is the familiar motto of the Student Wives. The Student Wives is an off-campus organization composed of the women whose husbands arc attending Western. The regular meeting date is the third Wednesday of each month, and the members take turns as hostesses. Winter quarter the club sponsored the carnival. 144Cultural Committee Antonc Barone—Chairman, Connie Groomcs. Mary Kay Maricich, Marvin Anderson. Other members: Carol Griffith, Myrna Salvaas, Louise Davis, and Leroy Cook. At the beginning of the 1963-64 school year a new committee was established by Student Affairs and became known on campus as the Cultural Committee. The purpose of this committee was to bring to the campus a number of entertaining and educational programs which would add to the background of any student graduating from Western. For the first two programs, Mr. Hoynes and Dr. Davison lectured and showed slides of Denmark and Japan. Shortly before Christmas Mr. Jackson and Mr. Mcfadden cooperated to present a Christmas sing. The big show of the year was the Miss Western Pageant at which Montana's representative to the Cherry Blossom Festival was chosen. Miss Sharon Anderson was chosen for this honor and Miss Mcrilcc Miller was named Miss Western. Other activities included presentations of Shakespeare, sponsoring of the Carroll and Rocky Mountain College choirs, and participation with other groups to present the Canadian Ballet. Canadian Ballet Presentation 145Kappa Zeta Nu In 1904, Kappa Zeta Nu, the only sorority on campus, was organized. The girls eligible for membership must have a 2.65 grade point average the quarter previous to initiation. Initiation is held for the upperclassmen in the fall and for the freshmen in the spring. Activities to uphold the goal to further social relationships on campus include the following: a Christmas party for the freshmen, an annual formal dance, and a yearly service project. Left to right, seated: Christy Worring, Shirley Webber. Myma Burroughs, Mrs. William Bruer, Miss Georgia Mathews, Mrs. Daniel Block, Amber Lapham, Patti Lee, Judy Nagengast. Left to right, standing: Nancy Mielkc, Julie Rex, Linda Foote, Judy Borst, Gloria Bolog, Loretta Stacy. Sue McKinley, Judy Ray, Merrilee Miller, Tony Gustafson, Velma Wallace, Judy Schall, Louise Marrow, Carol Lemon, Frances Horner, Judy Rex. Lynn Blair, Bonnie McMorris. The sponsors for this year are Mrs. William Bruer, Miss Georgia Mathews, Mrs. Daniel Block. SHIRLEY WEBBER President MYRNA BURROUGHS Treasurer PATTI LEE Vice-President AMBER LAPHAM SecretaryK LINDA SAHIXEX KZN's candidate for Miss Western New Initiates Seated: Linda Sahinen. Alice Johnson. Leannt- Braun. Maryellcn Stephens. Standing: Betty Hamilton. Judy Johnson, Marcia Giem, Judy Sivertson, Chris Lenarz, Mary Jo Estes. 147Rodeo Team Seated: Doug Brown, Orlene Holt, Carol Brcucr, Sharon Voss, Rae Cillc Strasscr, Greg Knccdler. Standing: Dr. Joe Feathers—Coach, Ronald Matt, Eldon Borders, Gary Douglas, Steve Selway, Dick Wiegand, Jerry Roscnbcrgcr, Judy Schall. Boh Eva. The rodeo team is made up of those individuals who wish to compete in the intercollegiate sport of rodeo, which is a fully sanctioned and approved college activity. The sport is one of individual points and a team total. The boys’ and girls’ teams are figured separately. There arc six regions in the United States and the top two teams from each region (boys and girls), and the three high in each event go to the national finals which will be held this year at Douglas, Wyoming, in June. Rodeo as a sport emphasizes the range skills of the West which are basic learnings of good westerners. These skills are matters of pride among those living in the contemporary culture of the rangeland states. Last season, 1963, Western won the Rocky Mountain Regional Championship. Shawn Davis was awarded the distinction of Collegiate World Champion as all-A round Cowboy, and Bareback Bronc rider. Joe Feathers is currently National President of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association. Corral Club Row 1: Judy Schall, Carol Breuer. Ken Spevac—President, Jackie Fells—Vice-President. Orlene Holt—Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. Joe Feathers—Sponsor. Row 2: Garry Douglas, Lannell Wortman. Chris Wilhelm. Gerry Stubblefield, Sharon Voss. Eugenia Andrade, Maria Williams, Bonnie Hamilton. Orol Griffith. Rae Cillc Strasscr. Row 3: Eldon Borders, Bob Eva, Bob Parsons. Gordon Kron, Greg Knccdler. Row 4: Jerry Roscnbcrgcr, Doug Brown, Dick Wiegand, Sid Richardson. Ronald Matt. The Corral Club is composed of all students and faculty on the campus interested in the affairs and contributions of the contemporary culture of the American West. Any individual is welcome, be it range riding, showmanship, rodeo, or other. The Corral Club endeavors to stimulate pride in and spirit for western culture, which is the envy of those less fortunate and not living in this area. Special activities include intensive meetings, films, parades, riding exhibitions and competitions, dances, picnics. Go Western Day, swimming, and putting on the annual rodeo. The Corral Club emphasizes recreation and the promotion of school spirit.Go Western Day Lancll Wortman, Carlcne Holt, Judy Schall—Queen, Bub Borders—King, Bob Eva, Larry Paisley. Absent: Steve Solway. Historical Costumes Len Mack ling and Sheryl Stokes Unique Costume Carol Brcucr Modern Costumes Jeanette MacDonald and Bob Eva Westernettes The annual Go-Western Day was celebrated in high style at WMC this Year. The thought behind the activity is to Go-Western, Beat Eastern. The day was highlighted by the crowning of the Go-Westem Day King and Queen, the judging of all contestants in the various contests, and the half-time entertainment presented by the Westernettes. The day dosed with a student dance featuring the music of the Misfits. 149Wesley Standing.: Laurie Nelson—President, Gary Holthaus, LcRoy Cook, Jack McMurchy, Bob Tysdal—Vice President, Elder Black—Speaker. Sitting: Paulett Frazer—Secretary, Velma Wallace—Treasurer, Ruth Sutton, Janice Gavin, Elder Wheeler —Speaker. The Wesley Foundation is the Methodist student group on campus. Meetings, including homecooked meals, discussions, and devotions, are held ever)- Sunday afternoon at the home of the Rev. and Mrs. Marcus West. Activities throughout the year included having ministers and representatives from other churches explain their faiths and partial sponsorship of a student from Costa Rica. Inter-Varsity Seated: Arlene White. Margaret Hodgson, Doreen Scammon—Treasurer, Virginia Stubbcrt, Carol Gustafson, Nancy Mielkc, Rosemary Hamilton, Julie Rex, Linda Sahincn, Betty Hamilton—Secretary, Connie Groomes. Standing: Larry Hodgson— President, Paul I.ienemann, Larry White, Charlie Clark, Sid Fredrickson, Ruth Patton, Carol Goodsell, Judy Johnson, Susie Nelson. Doris Nelson. Margaret Bauer, Dorene Dover, Marvin Anderson. Missing from picture, Jim Burton—Vice President. iVCF has grown up as a student initiated, on-campus, interdenominational Christian fellowship group on a majority of American campuses. Believing that faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, growth in knowledge of the Bible, at l a concern for God's will in individual's lives is relevant and essential for the college student, as for the professional person, they present a chapter program of speakers, study groups, prayer groups, socials, movies, workshops, and weekend retreats geared to meet these ideas. 150Newman Club Row 1: Ann Gnidic, Dick Menti, Sharon Menti, Rick Cadicux—President, Dick Walker—Vice President, Sharon Andersen—Treasurer, Marge Wales—Secretary, Janet Lalonde, Betty Stranicri. Row 2: Carol Breuer, Cathy Carney, Rita Beaudry, Eugenia Andrade, Ann Shea, Dianna Frey, Ann Paradis, Jeanette MacDonald, Carol Kochevar, Jeanninc Olson, Andrea Morctto, Kathy Morton, Dr. John Cummfhg—Sponsor. Row 3: Father Bernard Sullivan, Willard Lovell, Gerry Stubblefield, Kathleen McNclis. Mary Maricich, Mary Kay Tracy, Pat Pollard, Janice Boyle, Janet Carr. Row 4: John Connole. Nevin Stephenson, Herb Hayworth, Kevin Gregier, Dave Wilson, Tom Connors, Phil Driscoll. Leo McDermott. Pat Rogers. The Newman Club, the Catholic organization on campus, gives spiritual aid to the Catholic students. The Mardi Gras, which was sponsored by the Club, was held in the SUB the week previous to Lent. Insert shows the president receiving a check of $75.00 from the Butte and Anaconda Knights of Columbus. Lutheran Students’ Association Row 1: Carol Gustafson, Linda Sahincn, Judy Johnson, Rosemary Hamilton. Virginia Stubbcrt, Connie Groomes, Row 2: Rev. Max Fcucrstack, Gene Giese, Charles Clark. Ronda Fcuerstack. Doreen Scammon. Peg McEnancy, Rich Fruhwirth, Marvin Anderson. The Lutheran Students Association is a campus-wide organization for Lutheran students. Every Sunday evening they have suppers at the church followed by Bible study and discussion. In the spring the)' have a chance to attend a spring retreat with other LSA's in Montana. 151Mardi Gras Colorful streamers, bright balloons, and gay masks set the scene for an exciting Mardi Gras dance in the ballroom of the SUB. Many of those attending were dressed in a variety of costumes, including everything from the Roaring 20‘s to the modern beatnik. Prizes were given for the two best costumes and the prizes went to Pat Rogers and his date, Leannc Braun, who were dressed as two little children. As the dance neared an end the balloons were pulled down by souvenir seekers. One could easily tell by the smiling faces that everyone had a very good time. 152Sour Lemons Richie and Frank Hootenanny Western's Beatles 153Let s cat Taking it easy Chow time Go Day is a traditional day held during fall quarter each year when school is dismissed and the students have an opportunity to become better acquainted.vamer, C Faculty ne an Associate Pro-tern teaching educa-etic, and graduate he Federal Government r The right every person who is not son of the United States art his address to the gover it each January. The gover it has printed cards whi--citizens use to report the I roopne TV a on e nr« il b Wescolite staff for Fall Quarter of 1963 includes left to ratj, : Marycllen Johnson. Dorothy Quanc. Carol Hillard, Louise James, Genese Peterson. Susan Nelson, Jack McMurchy, Laurie , Nelson, Bill Flechsenhar, Jack Thiel, Lowell Nelson, Bonita • v Bowden, Paul Lienemann, John Fadness, Judy Nagengast, Miss ” McManus, John Soyland, Clinton Warner, Marvin Anderson. u w ut assisuug me government ai any of your friends who are n United States citizens if you r mind them of the address repc rgoyles Joulter, Ula Moody, ! owell Nelson and The crownin£ of Sharon Anderson as Montana’s Cherrv Blossom i were initiated in- The Journalism class of Western under the able tutclegc of Miss McManus is respon- Vednesday, Januai sjbic for t|ie Wcscolite which comes out each Thursday. In this way the Journalism le economics room, j learns how to write a newspaper article, how to make a headline, how to proofread to tradition, the 11 . , , , . , ided the entertaii ‘h« article, and how to make a front page. , iia Coulter read “ The Chanticleers, whose members are past and present journalism students, aid the Yukon," and Lowe staff when the need arises, ented ‘‘Chicago D - 1 Braun will present lr next meeting, aus was honored at for all the work she previous plays. ships udents •mu wm tie entered by the Student Affairs board in the local Miss Centennial contest. She will alxn rnmnete ■ in the Miss Montana contest and the New College Contest. •--------- bodice v styled to Matching r runner-up I pleted her The sec (Cor. Myrna Burroughs, the second runner-up; Alice Johnson, the third runner-up; and Amber Lapham, the fourth will also be contestants in the local Miss Centennial program. The sequence of events on Sat- ----- urday kept the contestants busv — lications will then be all during the day as th WURIE NELSON jj tended morning, afternoor.........J. evening judgings, plus a luncheon i provided by Saga Foods. Fourteen girls were entered in I this contest by different campus Association . Cebul 1 English De- organizations. They were judged evening to om 302. for addition- i as they aPPcared in Western at- ning for fu tire and evening gowns, and on tercollcgiat , .... —Western vs Car- roll in Helena. Sal Ian 1R—Western vs vre. sley, 5 p.m., nage. Movie in audi-7 p.m. inual Mcet-’ublicat ion’s the State Committee competition for fur- For Ft ho are interested in competition are ask- Members n and fnrmc for necessary All annlinn y I “ v T - |-------a— _ l the performance of their differ- , which wil LIENS MUST EGISTER BIS MONTH : was active in pro-mizations. as well as anizations. He was t of MEA. past presi-Jontana Coaches and isor for SEA. and a PDX, a professional Vol. XLII, No. 11 Western Montana College of Education Wednesday, Jan. 15, 10C miller is miss western Sharon Anderson Becomes Montana': For 196'Montana Intercollegiate Association of Women Students DELEGATES TO CONVENTION: Carol Griffith, Peg McEnancy, Connie Groomes, and Linda Sahinen. The Montana Intercollegiate Association of Women Students is an organization composed of all the various A.W.S. groups in the university system. This organization was formed in order to allow women students of Montana to assume individual and community reponsibility and to supplement educational experiences through student government. Each college in Montana sends delegates to the State convention ever)- winter quarter in order to adopt policies and elect officers for the year. This year the place for the state convention was Rocky Mountain College in Billings. 156157 SPORTSCoaches Planning Strategy Frank Hoey Cecil Kent 160Bulldogs Winning Record Opponent WMC WESTERN vs. IDAHO STATE J.V.’s 0 19 WESTERN vs. CARROLL COLLEGE 7 42 WESTERN vs. EASTERN 19 27 WESTERN vs. ROCKY MOUNTAIN 7 34 WESTERN vs. EASTERN 6 12 WESTERN vs. CARROLL COLLEGE 19 33 WESTERN vs. MONTANA MINES 0 31 WESTERN vs. DICKINSON STATE 18 33 161 Pat Delgcr adds much to winning Bulldog teamUndefeated Front row, left to right: Floyd Dahlman, Bobby Sullivan. Bob Burk. Cliff Neighbors, Rick Cadieux, Dick Maroncv, Fred Salmonscn. Dale Combs. Walt Musgrovc. and Pat Dclger, Assistant Line Coach. Second row: Larry Vcis. Bud Talbott. Garry Pace, Jim Netz, Wayne Christensen. Dick Doyle, Bill Donovan, Jerry Fitzsimmons. Gary NlcMorris, Mick Delaney, Wayne Allen, Rod McClellan, Ray 162Untied Cyr and Line Coach Cecil Kent. Back row: Head Coach Frank Hoey, Jerry Melton. Ken Walt, Len Madding, Mel Wattula, Gary Douglas, Fred Cobell, Joe Holt, Jim Bennetts. Jim Sumner. Bill Kuka. Gene Albright, and Jack Nielsen. 163Offense BUD TAI.BOT—-186 lb. fullback from Great Falls. Montana. Bud did an outstanding job for the Bulldogs at punting. place-kicking, and rushing. He received the NAIA award for the outstanding back at Western. Offense DICK DOYLE—212 lb. tackle from North Bend. Oregon. Dick not only excelled in offense, he also did a fine job for the Bulldogs on defense. He received the NAIA award for the outstanding lineman at Western. All-Conference Defense GARY McMORRIS—170 lb. center from Sidney, Montana. Gary earned his recognition as defensive end. He is noted for his excellent blocking and fine defensive play. Offense DICK MARONEY—180 lb. end from Kalispcll. Montana. Dick excelled at both offense and defense and is noted for his fine blocking ability. IDefense BOB BURK—172 lb. fullback from Stryker, Montana. Bob as defensive linebacker spearheaded the Bulldog defensive unit. Defense FI.OYD DALHMAN—185 lb. guard from Miles City, Montana. Being with the Bulldogs for only one season, Floyd proved his worth by being named All-Conference defensive guard. Offense FRED COBELL—215 lb. tackle from Browning, Montana. Fred, playing both offense and defense, displayed fine blocking and tackling. Offense JIM NETZ—185 lb. quarterback from Hardin, Montana. With his fine passing and rushing. Jim led the Bulldogs to an undefeated season. Defense DALE COMBS—215 lb. guard from An-aconda, Montana. Dale did an exceptional job for the Bulldogs this year as guard. 165BILL DONOVAN Butte Center FRED SAI.MONSON Sheridan Guard WALT MUSGROVE White Sulphur Center CLIFF NEIGHBORS Harlowtown End WAYNE CHRISTENSEN Spokane. Washington End RAY CYR Butte Guard A MICK DELANEY Butte End JIM BENNETTS Dillon EndMEL WATTULA Butte Tackle ROD McCLELLEN Lewis town End BILL KUKA Valier End JIM SUMNER Livingston Guard GARY DOUGLAS Browning Tackle WAYNE ALLEN Whitehall Tackle JERRY MELTON Play-Del-Ray, Calif. Guard LEN MACKI.ING Winnipeg, Ontario CenterJERRY FITZSIMMONS Dillon Wingback RICK CADIEUX Anaconda Halfback JOE HOLT Dillon Tackle JACK NIELSEN Anaconda Halfback GARRY PACE Shelby Wingback BOB SULLIVAN Anaconda Quarterback GENE ALBRIGHT Butte Halfback KEN WALT Simms FullbackCoach Straugh — Bob Bradley 170 Bob Bradley Bill Straugh 64 Points in ’64 Sets RecordBasketball Team Kneeling, left to right: Bobby Jo Sullivan, Dick Silbcrman, Bob Bradley, Murry Harwood, and Larry Schmautz. Standing, left to right: Wayn. Lcrsbak, Chuck Johns, Ted Anderson, Jack Sillikcr, and Gary Dreikosen. 171 Wins Record 25 Games 14 LossesBOB BRADLEY Co-Captain Bob is 6-6 in height and very well equipped in the big three requirement— agility, mobility, and versatility. Bob's effective play earned him honors as The Most Valuable Player at the Car-roll Invitational in Anaconda. DICK SILBERMAN Co-Captain Dick rated All-Conference honors at Western his sophomore year. His fine outside shooting and dribbling ability provided much assistance to this year’s team. LARRY SCHMAUTZ Larry is the best "outside” defensive man on the squad. At forward position, Larry’s confidence seems to be his greatest asset. He displayed fine outside shooting from the corner. CHUCK JOHNS Chuck, being one of the taller members of the Bulldogs, proved to be effective in rebounding and shooting. His aggressive play resulted in a very fine year.BOB SULLIVAN Bob is playing his second year of varsity ball. His hustle and fine defensive play should prove to be of great value to next year’s team as it was to this year’s Bulldogs. WAYNE LERSBAK This is Wayne's second year on the Bul-dog squad. Much hustle and hard work garnered him a place on this year’s team. His performance indicates a lot of offensive skill. JACK SILLIKER Jack is highly effective at close range. His ability as a reboundcr enabled Jack to see much action during this season. TED ANDERSON Ted is the team's number two big man. His fine jumping enabled him to bring down many rebounds. He has done a fine job this year at forward. GARY DREIKOSEN Gary is a draftee from intramural when he displayed outstanding shooting an good floor play. These two qualitic will make him a threat on next year’ team.Basketball Summary 1963-1964 G A M Bob Bradley 25 537 256 48 Dick Silberman 23 290 120 41 Larry Schmautz 25 310 119 38 Bob Sullivan 25 237 105 44 Chuck Johns 23 101 38 38 Ted Anderson 23 80 33 41 Jack Si Hiker 24 78 30 39 Others 25 225 84 37 Team Totals 25 1781 756 42 Carroll College Westminister College Westminister College Central Washington Pacific Lutheran University St. Martin's College St. Martin's College St. Martin's College Weber State Weber State Idaho State Westminister College Westminister College ♦Carroll College ♦Carroll College ♦Northern Montana College ♦School of Mines Northwest Nazarene Northwest Nazarene ♦Rocky Mountain College ♦Eastern Montana College ♦Rocky Mountain College ♦School of Mines ♦Northern Montana College ♦Eastern Montana College ♦Conference Games A M RB RBA TP GA 195 148 76 333 13.3 660 26.4 112 79 70 123 5.4 319 13.9 45 29 64 108 4.3 267 10.7 33 19 58 81 3.2 229 9.2 33 20 61 98 4.3 96 4.2 40 19 48 90 3.9 53 2.3 41 24 59 60 2.5 84 3.5 78 44 56 70 2.8 212 8.5 558 362 65 — — 1884 75.4 Western Opponent 59 74 88 95 92 104 85 67 39 92 64 71 96 63 85 62 71 105 81 101 67 77 77 83 100 77 60 85 55 74 77 67 85 64 81 80 90 81 65 72 68 78 77 58 105 56 124 75 63 71 I u Bradley Scores AgainTrack Team Kneeling, left to right: Bill Hettrick, Bud Talbott, David Lucck, Dick Trebesch, Larry Lewis, Jack Filchcr, Dan French, Bruce Kron, Wayne Allen, Jack Neilson, and Jack Gillespie. Standing: Andy Goasch, Larry McClung, Bill Flechscnhar, Cliff Neighbors, Ed Wright, Walt Musgrove, Jim Sumner, Wayne Lersbak, Jerry Fitzsimmons. WESTERNS RELAY TEAM Left to right: Cliff Neighbors. Jack Neilson. Dick Trebcsch, and Larry Lewis. 175Standing, left to tight: Jim Walsh, Lindsey Hess, Earl Peterson, Bill Guidseth, Otis Thompson. Kneeling: Forrest Dyer, Bill Hcrbo-lich, Tom Jones, and Bill Masella. Standing, left to tight: David Lueck, Gary Galahan, Norm Jones. Jim Sichting. Kneeling: John Zavalney, Wayne Allen, and Bill Hiner. Intramural Standing, left to tight: Dennis Barnes. Bill Fowler, Walt Currie. Front Row: Jerry Delaney. John Douglas. Standing, left to right: Jim Bennetts, Gene Allen, Wayne Christensen, Bud Talbott, Dick Trebesch, and Mick Delaney.Standing, left to right: Charles Couture, Boh Mason, Dave Hammer, Rich Baird, Roy Inbody. Kneeling: Ross F.bcl, Dennis Fisher, Jim Clairmont, and Ron Bennett. Standing, left to right: Bob Burk. Russ Black, Garry Pace. Kneeling: Jim Netz, and Jack Nielsen. Basketball Standing, left to right: Jack Anderson, Mitch Parker, AI Voytoski. Kneeling: Wayne Durocher, Dick Walker, Sonny Lucero, and Martin Malesich. Standing, left to right: Larry Veis, Roger Swanson, Lloyd Willey. Kneeling: Don Sears, and Jerry Scobba.Baseball Team Kneeling, left to right: Ken Young, Mick McKinney, Pat Rogers, Jack Gehring. Laurie Nelson, Bob Sullivan. Standing, left to right: Goach Davison, Jerry Smith, Wayne Christensen, Chuck Johns. Bill Fowler, George Bauer, and Coach Straugh. 176 Bulldogs in Action!Hustlers Row 1: Lynda Rowswell, Sharon Voss, Ann Shea. Row 2: Pat Ullcry, Joy Plctan, Stephanie Kore, Rita Bennetts. W.R.A. at Play The Women’s Recreation Association at Western sponsored an intramural girls basketball tournament. There are five teams competing and the tournament is being played on a regular round-robin basis. The games are played on Monday nights from 7:00 to 9:30. The girls organized their own teams, elected a captain, and gave themselves a name. Night Caps, Pink Elephants, Old Ladies, Hustlers, and Student Wives are the names of the five teams now competing. Several of the girls themselves officiate at the games. 179 Night Caps and Old Ladies in actionOld Ladies Row 1: Myrna Burroughs, Janice Provis, Toni Fowler, Shirley Webber. Row 2: Judy Ray, Mary Jo Estes, Joan Jonasen, Frances Horner. Go, Old Ladies, Fight, Old Ladies, Win, Old Ladies! 180 "Get that jump, Frances!”Who has the ball? Pink Elephants 181Officials Kneeling: Sharon Voss, Mary Jo Estes. Standing: Judy Ray, Sandy Conover. Capable! Reliable! Honest! "Ready, gang. Here she comes!' 182 Over the net, O.K.183 CAMPUSWomen’s Residence Hall The office of the Women's Residence Hall has a switchboard operator and receptionist throughout the day for your convenience. The recreation hall is equipped with a T.V. set, piano, stereo, and comfortable chairs and couches for your viewing and listening pleasure. The hall has a spacious floor area, and the dorm parties are held here. This is a glimpse of a typical campus room which is equipped for easy studying and pleasant living. 184Davis Hall and Jordan Hall The two boys’ dormitories arc spacious and modern. Davis Hall and Jordan Hall arc very close to all the other campus buildings. The personal items are the things that seem to- make a room homey.Centennial Hall WESTERN MONTAKA COLLEGE Of EDWTON MENS RESIDENCE HAIL howo nt xm rma « x ct «ar u a ELDRED F. MOYLE 4ASSOCIATES IUTTE. MONTANA ABCillTlCT — AIA IX P. IBEY OIU0N GtMtrx co rt»CTM MURPHY PLUMBING IHEATING tunt MtemttCM C TVCTC DAVIS ELECTRIC auo nerrttA . This new boys' dormitory should be completed by fall quarter 1964. The dormitory will consist of three floors of student rooms with a study room for each floor. In the basement will be a TV room and storage space. This dormitory will be connected to Davis Hall, and the front will face the parking area.Married Students’ Apartments Exterior View of Married Students' Quarters The married students' apartments arc unfurnished except for a range, sink, and refrigerator which arc built in. Some apartments have one and others have two bedrooms. The rent is moderate and the apartments arc within walking distance of all campus buildings. 187 KitchenAuditorium Plays, movies, and other occasions for group gatherings are here in the auditorium. That’s me in the front row!Student Union Building Since 1958, the Student Union Building of WMC has been the center of many activities, meetings, and classes. The SUB consists of a snack bar, dance floor and lounge, textbook library, television room, ping-pong room, publication room, and other meeting rooms. What’ll You Have?The gym has recently been remodeled and now has accommodations for swimming, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, and other indoor sports. Girls, don't fight Splash Stretch Library Western’s library contains 27,737 books and this year it has already added 1,308. On the open shelves students can find current and bound periodicals, reference books, encyclopedias and dictionaries, fiction, children’s books and school textbooks. The closed shelves contain all other non-fiction books. The library has books of all classes, and government documents.Mrs. Croslcy, Mrs. Shaffer, Mrs. Erdic Manager—John Sheron Western's efficient cooks and the competent manager of Saga Foods serve approximately 250 students per meal. John has made many improvements in the cafeteria which have added to its convenience. The year was highlighted with holiday dinners served in buffet style. Christmas Dinner Cafeteria A Corner of Our Dining Room 193Well, it’s finished! The last page of the 1964 Chinook has been sent to the publisher. All the worry, work, and frustration is over at last and I must confess that it has been well worthwhile. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Miss Blanche McManus, our sponsor, for her co-operation. Her never-ending faith and patience gave each of us confidence and new means of expression. My sincere thanks go also to my devoted staff without which this edition of the Chinook would have been totally impossible. Each and everyone of you deserves the utmost praise for a job extremely well done. Others who deserve a vote of thanks from the entire staff for making our annual a success are Mrs. Fred Woodside, Miss Georgia Mathews, R. E. Lyons, Lester Jones, Mr. Joe Ryburn, Gile Mitchell, Mrs. Theodore Hazel-baker, Father Kerrigan, Beaverhead County Museum, the Methodist Church, and Mr. Roscoc Wright. A very special thank you goes to our photographers, Mr. and Mrs. Saito, whose diligent work and co-operation were very much appreciated. This school year has held many memories for all of us—new friends, experiences and goals. The book you hold in your hands now is a product of these memories and I hope it is everything you had anticipated and meets with your utmost approval. The memories of this year will be cherished forever by each of you, and I am hoping that as you travel the road of life you remember that "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.” 194 Sincerely,195 SPONSORSLiving Accommodations at WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION INCLUDE Sixteen Modem, Attractive Apartments for Married Students Modern Dormitory Accommodations for Men Women's Residence Hall, Attractive and Convenient Dining Room Service for Men and Women Plan Now to Make Reservations for Your Room Write to Business Office WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION DILLON, MONTANAHAVE YOU THOUGHT OF BECOMING A TEACHER? WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION offers you a four-year program leading to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education and qualification for Montana's standard certificate to teach in the elementary school. a four-year program leading to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Secondary Education and qualification for Montana's standard certificate, a fifth year program leading to a Master of Science Degree in Education and qualification for Montana's professional certificate for elementary or secondary teaching. . . . OR, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN OTHER CAREERS a two-year curriculum in Business Education, a two-year General College course. Freshman and Sophomore courses preparing for entrance into professional schools of Agriculture, Art, Architecture, Biological Science, Business Administration, Dentistry, Engineering, Forestry, Home Economics, Journalism, Law, Medicine, Veterinary Science. Western Montana College of Education is a member of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and the Association of State Colleges and Universities. It is accredited by the Montana State Board of Education, ex-officio Regents of the University of Montana, the Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools, and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education for the preparation of elementary and secondary teachers through the Bachelor's degree. ADDRESS INQUIRIES TO THE REGISTRAR WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION DILLON, MONTANACOST TO EDUCATE. $5,520 The cost of educating one Montana child has doubled in the last 15 years. Today it costs $5,520 to send one child from the first grade through public high school. Where does the money come from to educate our children, build our schools and pay our teachers? From taxes — both individual and business. Last year, for example, nearly 3 million dollars of the taxes Montana Power paid went directly into education. That's enough money to educate 6,500 for a full school year. Or it would build 150 new classrooms, buy 750,000 textbooks or pay the salaries of 611 teachers for a full year. None of our tax money was more wisely invested. For it helps to stimulate and enlighten the minds of our young people. In their hands rests the future of our state. . tLicrmiciTv Mfc ntana Power COMPANY SERVING YOU IS OUR BUSINESSKeep Your Treasury of Golden Memories in Professional Portraits, Color Prints, Enlargements DILLON PORTRAIT STUDIO Phone 683-2741 Dillon, MontanaCHEVRON SUPREME OAtOUKf McNEILL CHEVRON Dillon Montana Roberta Dillon Campus Missoula, Montana Skyline H 2 Mile South Dillon Compliments of WARREN THEATRES, INC. to Class of '64 STANDARD LUMBER AND COAL COMPANY Fuller Paints and Varnishes Shop Materials and Specialties Phone 683-5521 Dillon, Montana DAIRY QUEEN Famous for the cone with the curl on the top Tasty Sandwiches and Fountain Drinks Dillon, MontanaROBERT'S FOOD, INC. We encourage all people to support our college as . . . We believe — industry — commerce — government — art — the sciences — and all other professions, including our whole way of life, depend upon the quality of our education. DILLON, MONTANA We Please the Hard to Please BEAVERHEAD LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS Phone 683-5522 First in Personal Service Dillon, MontanaBLANCHE'S YARN WARNER'S FOODS GIFT SHOP Complete One Stop Service 30 So. Idaho DILLON Dillon For the Best in . . . Bakery Goods and Coffee Go to . . . SHAFFERS BAKERY Phone 683-5671 Dillon Compliments of PADDOCK TEXACO BEAVERHEAD Washington and Glendale Phone 683-2921 PRINTERS Dillon, Montana Printer of WESCOLITE DillonCompliments of CLUB BAR SPORTING GOODS HEADQUARTERS Sneed and Bay Dillon For All Your Pharmaceutical Needs Go to GOSMAN DRUG The Rexall Store DillonSAGA FOODS SERVICE Takes this opportunity to thank the students and the administration of Western Montana College for the chance to serve them and for their cooperation throughout the year. JOHN SHERON Manager JIM SCOFIELD Building Contractor Best Wishes to Class of '64 Dillon WHEELER INN BREAKFAST — LUNCH DINNER — FOUNTAIN Congratulations to the Graduates of 1964 North of Dillon Open All Night Congratulations to Class of ‘64 from your DILLON TELEPHONE MOUNTJOY FLOWERS EMPLOYEES AND GIFTS Mountain States Telephone Co. MEMBER OF FTD Phone 683 5622 Dillon, Montana LATER'S JEWELRY LARSEN'S For Fine Diamonds and Watches Dillon Complete Stock of Greeting Cards Gift Items — School Supplies Barnes and Noble College Outline Series Dillon, MontanaFIRST NATIONAL BANK DILLON, MONTANA We carefully guard the interests of our customers in every possible way. All business transactions in this bank are regarded as strictly confidential. DILLON'S PIONEER BANK SERVING THIS COMMUNITY SINCE 1880 AFFILIATED WITH NORTHWEST BANCORPORATION MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION WHITE CAFE Quick and Courteous Service Dillon Compiments of McCracken bros. The Men's Store Dillon, Montana -D. 1.- DILLON IMPLEMENT CO. Dillon, Montana Hardware Fencing Ranch Supplies Paints You Hear It Everywhere "It Pays to Shop At" Penney is ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY! Dillon Award Sweaters and Jackets Athletic Goods Outdoor Equipment Trophies and Medals Fishing Tackle Hunting Supplies TREASURE STATE SPORTING GOODS 22 East Park Street Butte, Montana ROBERT SPARKS Owner Business 723-6120 Residence 792-1909 YOU BUY FOR LESS AT Locally Owned ($Tto .STORES Nationally Organized BECAUSE WE BUY FOR LESS Dillon Individual Room Phones Heat TV Simmons Beds All New "For Restin' ... Try Creston" AAA THE CRESTON MOTEL City Center — Phone 683-2341 Dillon, Montana Gifts MR. and MRS. Souvenirs FRED T. BONNEAU WEIN'S CLOTHING STORE 35 East Park Avenue Butte, Montana Stetson Hats Arrow Shirts Levi's Lee Riders Montana's Largest Men's Store Home of Hart Schaffner Marx Clothes DR. and MRS. JAMES E. SHORTTHE DILLON DAILY TRIBUNE-EXAMINER Best Wishes Class of '64 HAZEL'S STYLE SHOP If It’s New, You'll Find It at HAZEL'S Andrus Hotel Building Dillon Compliments of MAC'S DILLON CREAMERY BARBER SHOP Dillon Beaverhead — Gold and Challenge Dairy Products BEAVERHEAD BAR SUPPLY CO. • Great Falls Select Montana's Own Fine Beer Dillon, Montana Compliments of EAGLE BAR Sporting Goods BUD and LORETTA Dillon STATE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY ESTABLISHED 1899 Your Friendly Home-Owned Bank of DILLON, MONTANA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation THE DILMART "Dillon's Home Mart" ANDRUS HOTEL Dillon's Only Complete Home Furnishings Store 60 Units With or Without Bath Cafe Adjoining Reasonable Rates FARNUM B. SCHUYLER, Mgr. MITCHELL DRUG Superior Prescription Service WILLIAM MITCHELL, Proprietor Phone 683-2344 Dillon, Montana We Extend a Hearty Welcome to All WMCE Students Phone 683-2316 Dillon DILLON AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION Devoted to the Interests of Safe Driving ★ SALES — SERVICE NEW AND USED CARS E H Ford Sales, Inc. (Ford and Mercury — Falcon and Comet) Montana Auto Sales (International Scout) College Motor Sales and Service (Buick-GMC Trucks) Davis Motor Co. (Willys and Studebaker) Paul's Chevrolet Co. (Cadillac, Olds, Chevrolet and Corvair) DILLONVAUGHN-RAGSDALE CO. "The Store for Young Families" Dillon, Montana Montana's Most Modern Department Store Dillon PUYEAR'S INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance of All Kinds FIRE — AUTO LIFE — CASUALTY For the Best in Personalized Service Phone 683-41 I I 25 S. Idaho Dillon, MontanaPROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY DR. J. C. LINDUSKA DENTIST Phone 683-2861 Morse and Idaho Street Dillon DR. R. D. CURRY COLLINS BURNS DENTIST ATTORNEYS Phone 683-2132 Dillon, Montana Dillon W. G. GILBERT, JR. DR. R. J. ENGLISH ATTORNEY and COUNSELOR OPTOMETRIST Hazelbalcer Building Phone 683-2611 Dillon, Montana Dillon DR. E. D. EVANS DENTIST Phone 683-4491 Dillon DR. R. E. BISSON DENTIST Office Phone 683-5585 Dillon DR. W. E. MONGER FRANK DAVIS OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN ATTORNEY AT LAW Phone 683-4421 Dillon Dillon MontanaBEAVERHEAD LUMBER COMPANY VIGILANTE ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC. Serving Rural Southwestern Montana Live Belter Farm Better ELECTRICALLY Dillon Dillon's Finest TEXACO SERVICE Delco Batteries Firestone Tires Auto Accessories Shop Supplies Seidlitz Paints Tools Lumber CO-OP SUPPLY, INC. Dealers in Complete, Competent Service MIKE METESH, Owner and Operator 105 S. Atlantic 683-2072 Petroleum Products Tires — Batteries Hardware Fencing Supplies Pheasant Bar Dillon, Montana BROWNIE FLYING SERVICE CONGER E. BROWN, Owner Phone 683-2805 Dillon, MontanaBILL'S MEN'S SHOP Complete Selection of Nationally Advertised Brands for Men and Boys TED TRINIMAN and WILL TIDDY 29 W. Park Phone 792-3203 Butte JACK'S MARKET •'BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '64" MAYOR VERN GRIFFITH Butte, Montana Quality Foods Dillon ROTARY CLUB of K D B M Dillon, Montana O O oo "He Profits Most on Your Dial § Dillon, Who Serves Best" Montana Meets Each Monday at 6:30 P.M. in Lee's Steak HouseFREE ENTERPRISE America's free enterprise system, with its twin stimulants of incentive and competition, has produced an abundant and satisfying life for its citizens. So, it becomes the responsibility of every American to understand the workings of a system which has resulted in the greatest good for the greatest number. There are those who for one reason or another want to alter this way of life. To successfully defend this dynamic American economic system and its dependence upon free competition and private initiative requires the best thinking of an informed citizenry. Intelligent defense, the most effective, begins with the education received in our schools. It is in the schools that the understanding of our American heritage, of which free enterprise is a part, is formed. THE ANACONDA COMPANY Which contributes through scholarship, research and other means to educationTHE FABRIC SHOP Everything for the Woman Who Sews” Bridal Fabrics—Silks Cotton—W oolens Trims—Buttons—Notions Personal Sewing Consultation 77 W. Park 792-7850 BUTTE THE YARN SHOP Yarn, Patterns, Instructions Knit King Knitter M3 W. Park St. Ph. 792-6841 BUTTE Best Wishes to "STUDENTS AT WESTERN" We Are the Bank to Use for All It's Worth You can satisfy all your banking needs under one roof. THE FRIENDLY METALS BANK TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation BUTTE, MONTANA TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY

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University of Montana Western - Chinook Yearbook (Dillon, MT) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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