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  Published by THE JUNIOR CLASS VOLUME FIFTY - TWO WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION DILLON, MONTANAFOREWORD With satellites, atomic-powered cities, and world unrest, the teachers of America play an important role in the modern world. Without the knowledge transmitted to the students by teachers, the future would hold many insecurities. Democracy would fade and intellectual awakening would be non-existent. The future depends upon us, the teachers who pass on to the younger generation the Torch of Knowledge which will expand the horizons of the world. The twentieth century has accepted the slogan "Education Like Freedom is Everyone's Job." May you who are entering teaching find this slogan a challenge in your profession. In the years to come you will find in the 1960 Chinook a record of the activities which helped you to prepare for that profession.DEDICATION DALE R. TASH Those of us who have attended Western will remember studying under him. We will remember his high standards, his jokes, his understanding and cooperation, his friendly smile, and above all his sincere interest in the students. All who enter the field of education will realize they have greatly benefited by association with him. In recognition of his contribution to the students of Western Montana College of Education and with the wish that his future years be filled with continued success and all of the joys of life, we dedicate the 1960 Chinook to Professor Dale R. Tash. (5)STUDENT UNION Center of Campus Life MEN'S DORMITORIES Davis Hall (left) Jordan HallPRESIDENT'S MESSAGE As the todays become yesterdays and the tomorrows in succession become today and then yesterday, this Chinook will provide an anchor-point, a benchmark of an important formative year. As the years go by and you look back on the events as recorded, you will come to realize that these times and these events were not as hectic as they once seemed. You will be amazed at how calm and well-ordered these events were in contrast with events, current as you read and reminisce. (7) JAMES E. SHORTSTUDENT COUNCIL Loft to right, sitting: Ron Pfau, Horman Tushaus, Dr. Short, Lou Underwood, Cal Wearley—Standing: Larry Varland, Jack Gillospio. The Student Council is the nucleus of student-sponsored activity at Western, for this organization, composed of the four class presidents, the student body secretary-treasurer, the student body president, and the college president, ex-officio. is solely concerned with the well-being of all students on campus. Perhaps the most important activities sponsored by the Council this year were Homecoming, special dances, weekend movies, and Vodvil. STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE: STUDENT UNION BOARD Loft to right, sitting: Horman Tushaus. Mr. Cyphor, Miss Mathews, Lou Underwood, Cal Wearloy. Dr. Foathors—Standing: Mr. McCormick. Larry Varland. Ron Pfau—Not pictured: Jim Scalf. The Student Affairs Committee and the Student Union Board are unique in both purpose and composition, for no other committee or organization on campus combines faculty and student members on a basis of equal representation in working with the affairs of the students. These two committees provide, through disbursement of the student fund, entertainment and enrichment for the student body. Also, four subsidiary committees are employed for the purpose of furthering the above objectives. These committees are as follows: House and Hospitality. Social and Dance, Games and Recreation, Cultural. (8)CHINOOK STAFF Left lo right, silting, Mary Jo Zilla, Diane Wolfe, Myrle Enman, Lou Underwood, Marianne Lalondo, Bill Gillin, and Tushaus Standing: Miss Albertson, Carol Martin, and Pete Scott. 1960 CHINOOK PRESENTED BY: CO-EDITORS..... Myrle Enman, Lou Underwood ASSOCIATE EDITORS Bill Gillin, Carol Martin, Marianne Lalonde ASSISTANT EDITORS ... Diane Wolfe, Jo Zilla ART EDITORS...... Marlene Carbis, Herman Tushaus, Lou Underwood BUSINESS MANAGERS ..................... Agnes Rebish, Janice Ruegsegger, Louis Vicevich ORGANIZATION EDITOR...... Georgeann Sullivan ATHLETIC EDITORS............... James Albro, Pete Scott, Dean Whitesitt PRESIDENT OF JUNIOR CLASS ..Herman Tushaus SPONSORS Genevieve Albertson Blanche McManus Left to right, sitting: Jim Albro, Dean V hitesitt, Marlene Carbis, Agnes Pebish, and Janice Ruogsegger— Standing: Georgeann Sullivan, Miss McManus, and Louis Vicovich. (9)STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Left to right: Mrs. F. H. Petro, Claronco Popham, George Lund, Monsignor Emmet J. Riley, Governor J. Hugo Aronson, Miss Harriet Miller. Dr. Earl Hall, Mrs. George Chambers, and Boynton G. Paige. Mr. Merritt Warden and Attorney General Forrest H. Anderson were not prosont at the time the picture was taken. Mr. E. A. Dye, appointed by Governor Aronson at the expiration of Mr. Popham's term, is not pictured. LOCAL BOARD MEETS WITH DR. SHORT (10)Gonoviovo Albortson Professor of English B.A.. Montana State Univorsity; M.A., Columbia University; Graduate Study. University of Washington, University of London. Stella G. Biorrum Clay Anders Assistant Professor in Industrial Arts B.S., M.S., Montana State Collogo. Clarabel Bogut Wosloy Caspers John R. Cumming Assoc. Profossor of Education B.B.A., Univorsity of Minnesota; M. Ed., Ph. D., University of Washington. William Bruor Edward A. Cobull Assoc. Profossor of English B.E., Western Montana College of Education; M.A., Montana State Univorsity; Graduate Study, Univorsity of California. Gonoviovo Albertson Clay Anders Stella G. Biorrum Instructor in Fino Arts B.S., University of Minnesota; Graduate Study, University of Minnesota. Art Institute of Chicago, Art Institute of St. Paul. Clarabel Bogut College Nurse R.N., Montana Deaconess Hospital. FACULTY William Bruer Assoc. Profossor Education, Diroctor of Correspondence Study and Placement B.S.. Nebraska State Toach-ers College; M.A., Colorado State College of Education; Graduate Study, Montana State College. Wesley Caspers Doan of Education, Director of Summer School B.S., State Teachers Collogo, Superior, Wisconsin; M.S., California Institute of Technology; M.A., Ph. D., Univorsity of Minnesota. Edward A. Cobull John R. Cumming (12)Torrance R. Cypher Gert L. Daniels Stanley R. Davison Assistant Professor in Social Studies B.A., M.A., Montana State University; Ph.D., University of California, BorkoJoy. Mary B. Emerick Professor of Fine Art B.A., University of Washington; M.A., Columbia University; Graduate Study, Chouinard Institute of Art, University of California at Los Angeles, University of Southorn California. FACULTY Josoph Foathors Assistant Professor of Education B.A., Willamotte Univor sity; M.S., Ph.D., Univorsily of Washington. Holon Gallagher Secretary to the President Terrance R. Cypher Instructor in Mathematics B.S., M.S., Montana State College. Gert L. Daniels Associate Profossor of Biological Science B.A., M.A., Univorsily of Texas; Ed.D., Columbia University. Stanley R. Davison Mary B. Emerick Joseph Feathers Melon Gallagher John C. Garry Dorothy Gelhaus John C. Garry Assistant Professor of Business Education B.B.A., B.S., M.A., University of Minnesota; Graduate Study, University of North Dakota. Dorothy Gelhaus Librarian B.A., B.S. in Library Science. University of Washington. (13)FACULTY Brinton ]ack on Assistant Professor of Music Montana State University; Graduate Study, Northwestern Univ., Columbia Univeisity. Ashford B. Kelloy Mary Louiso Louis Viola Holter Asst, to Business Manager Ashford B. Kelley Assistant Professor of Music B.F.A., Nebraska State Toachors College; M.M., Northwestern Univ.; Graduate Study, University of No-vada, Chico Stato Toachors College. Frank Hoey Instructor in Physical Education B.S., Montana Stato College. Frank Hoey Winifred Greenwood Winifred Greenwood Assistant Professor in Homo Economics B.A., Bronau College; M.A., Colorado Stato College of Education; Graduato Study, Traphagon School of Dross and Design. Viola Holter Ralph Kneeland Associato Professor of Education B.S. Ed., Kirksville State Teachers College; M.Ed., Montana Stato Univorsity; Graduate Study, Oregon State College. Ralph Knooland Mary Louise Louis Instructor in Education B.S., B.A., Southeast Missouri Stato College; M.A., George Peabody College. (14)FACULTY Helen Luebben Instructor in English, Foroign Languaqe B.A., Graduato Study, University of California; Middle bury School of Languages. Helen Luebben Ralph McFadden Prolossor of Music A.A.M., Dana Musical In-stituto; Giaduato, Institute of Musical Art of the Jutl hard School, New York; M.M., Amorican Conservatory of Music, Chicago. Ralph McFadden L George McCormick George McCormick Dean of Men; Instructor in Physical Education. Football Coach 3.A., M.E.. Montana State College. William Mallinson William Mallinson Assistant Business Manager Liverpool Institute; Skorry's College, Liverpool, England. Blanche McManus Blanche McManus B.E., Westorn Montana College of Education; M.A., University of Washington. Georgia Mathews Bertio Mathows Secretary. Placement and Correspondence Servicos Bertie Mathews Georgia Mathews Business Manager, Doan of Women (15)Ira Lea Orr Assistant to tho Librarian Paul O. Picton Howard Smith Dale Tash Associate Professor of Social Studies B.S., Western Montana Col lege of Education; M.A., Montana State University; Graduate Study, University of Colorado, Montana Stato College. Genevieve Parrott Instructor in Women's Physical Education B.A., Montana State University; Graduate Study. Baruch School of Physical Therapy. Medical College of Vu-ginta. loo C. Ryburn Iva Lea Orr Paul O. Picton Registrar B.A., Stale Teachers College, Dickinson, North Dakota; M.A., Montana State University. Genevieve Parrett Joo C. Ryburn Asst. Profossor of English B.E., Western Montana College of Education; Graduato Study, University of Washington, University of Denver. FACULTY William Straugh Howard Smith Associate Professor of Physical Scienco B.S., M.S.. Graduato, Study Montana State Collego. William Straugh Prof, of Physical Education Athletic Director B.E., Western Montana Col lege of Education; M.A.. Montana State University.-Graduate Study, University of California, University of Montana. Dale Tash Lauronco Walkor Laurence Walker Assoc. Professor of Education B.A., Intormountain Union College; M.A., Columbia University; Graduate Study, University of Montana, Colorado State College. ( 16)SENl KGRADUATE DIVISION Mildred C. Cummings Tucson. Arizona Thomas William Miller Albert Gideon Oursland Corvallis. Montana Libby, Montana MASTER'S DEGREE I960 WORKING ON THE MASTER'S DEGREE Earl James Holman Butte. Montana Elixabelh McFadden Dillon. Montana Janet Selway Dillon. Montana (18)CLASS OF 1960 Dillon Majors: Elementary Education Social Science Minors: English General Science Dennis Bymastor Dietrich. Idaho Major: Physical Education Minor: English James Flynn Anaconda Major: Social Scienco Minor: Mathematics Colloen Belanger Butte Major: Elementary Education Minor: Social Studies Jack Dunlap Livingston Major: Industrial Arts Minors: Physical Education Social Science Charles K. Fox Dillon Major: English Minors: General Science Special Education John Bolton Santa Monica. California Major: Mathematics Minor: Physical Education Pauline Flagel Linton, North Dakota Major: Elemontary Education Minors: English. Music Sharon Fulbright Helena Major: Elementary Education Minor: Art (19)CLASS OF 1960 Ron Fuller Anaconda Major: Business Minor: Social Science Grace Haborstroh Livingston Major: Elementary Education Minor: Social Science Lura Nolle Hankins Whitefish Major: Elementary Education Minor: English (20) Peto Glennie Harlowton Major: Social Science Minor: Physical Education Gladys Furman Drummond Four Minors: Elementary Education. Social Science, English, Business Russoll Hartford Lewistown Major: Mathematics Minor: Physical Scionce Dan Harrington Butte Major: Social Science Minor: English Lowell Hayes Hamilton Majors: English Social Science Matilda Hayden Darby Major: Elementary Education Minors: English Social ScienceAnita Hopcus Bridger Major: Elementary Education Minor: Physical Education Mary Jane Kerlee Darby Major: Elementary Education Minor: Social Science Louis Lubick Butte Major: Social Science Minors: English Physical Education Ed House Darby Majors: Elementary Education General Science Ina Larson Wolf Point Major: Elementary Education Minor: Social Science Bert Luco Deer Lodge Major: English Minor: Physical Education CLASS OF 1960 Larry Kalafatich Butte Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Business Evelyn Lowman Darby Major: Elemontary Education Minor: Social Scionco Fraser MacDonald Butte Major: Social Science Minor: Physical Education (21)CLASS OF 1960 Gene McKeover Fort Benton Major: Physical Education Minors: General Science Social Science Don Murray Anaconda Major: Social Science Minor: Physical Education Norma Nye Victor Major: Elementary Education Minor: Art Jeanne Merica Ennis Major: Elomontary Education Minor: English Kevin Murphy Roundup Major: Mathematics Minors: Industrial Arts Physical Education Violet Olivor Sunburst Major: Elementary Education Minors: Social Science. Art John Geary Moran Anaconda Major: English Minor: Physical Education George Nelson Livingston Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Science Roy Parrott Butte Major: Industrial Arts Minors: Art, Gonoral Scionce (22)Margaret Phipps Reed Point Major: Elemontary Education Minor: Social Science Kim Rottlg Fort Benton Major: Mathematics Minor: General Science James Scalf Stevensvillo Majors: Physical Education Social Science Tom Pomroy Butte Major: English Minor: Spanish CLASS OF 1960 Donna Robertson Helena Major: Elementary Education Minors: English Social Science Vera Schulr Butte Major: Elementary Education Minor: Social Science James Sheehan Butte Major: Business Minor: General Science Jerry Pugh Fort Benton Major: Physical Education Minors: Business Social Science Donald Rosencrans Butte Major: Art Minor: Physical Education (23)CLASS OF I960 Larry Staton Corvallis Majors: Physical Education Social Science Harriet Stephens Dillon Major: Elementary Education Minors: Art. Social Science Larry Varland Harlowton Major: Social Science Minors: Physical Education General Scienco Margarot Stoner Conrad Major: Elementary Education Minor: English Louise Wardell Rexburg Major: Elementary Education Minor: English William Sullivan Butte Majors: English Social Science Minor: Physical Education Dillon Major: English Minors: Business Social Science Reginald Wearley Augusta Major: General Science Minor: Mathematics (24)CLASS OF 1961 Ethel H. Adkins Libby Theodore L. Boyd Butte Philip G. Chriswell Dillon James L. Albro Willow Creek Marlene M. Carbis Helena Gerald E. Claussen Drummond James A. Barber Ronan Harry M. Casey Bannack Bob A. Cleverly Dillon Patricia A. Blaisdoll Townsend Merlo D. Casey Bannack Myrle M. Enman Drummond (26)CLASS OF 1961 Charles K. Fox Darby Ben Goldie Deer Lodge James W. Kimball Dillon Russell J. Fisk Dillon LaVern N. Frantzich Dillon Glenn W. GUlin Dillon Bonnie M. Hampton Noxon Dan C. Kinq Butte Glen D. Harper Roundup Dianne P. Fuller Dillon Gary C. Hannon Darby John J. Kolesar Butte (27) CLASS OF 19B1 James L. Koof Butte Janot L. Jones Dillon Marianne Lalonde Anaconda Marlene A. Lundell Butte John J. Malmo Butte John F. Lyons Butte Carol E. Martin Dillon (28) Brii Lai Kotkapura. India Donald McDaniel Dillon Riyad Matuk Jerusalem. JordanCLASS OF 1981 James E. Miller Dillon I J Ray Phillips Pocatello, Idaho Darrell G. Moskimen Darby Harry Mular Butte John R. Powers Butte Margarot C. Reeves Dillon Darold G. Rollman Anaconda Agnes A. Rebish Dillon Pete Scott Plains Phyllis M. Robinson Columbia Falls (29)Walter R. Searcy Independence. Iowa Harold Silzly Anaconda Mitzi M. Stroup Butte Jerry H. Selvig Thompson Falls Florence B. Stine Sheridan Goorgeann Sullivan Butte CLASS Sam C. Sharp Los Molinos, California Walter F. Smith Three Forks Donald R. Sutherland Kalispoll OF 19B1 Larry J. Shimmin Butte June K. Stromberg Ovando Ryan Swan Livingston (30)CLASS OF 1961 Lou Underwood Seeley Lake Diane Wolle Plains Charles J. Topley Dillon Betty L. Thiel Livingston Cal Woarloy Augusta Harold D. Whitesitt Stovensville Margaret Ann Wolle Dillon I Louis C.'Vlcevich Butte Herman J. Tushaus Libby Mary Jo Zilla Darby (31)"A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever" —Keats 32 )Karen Anderson Poison Keith Armstrong Verla Bauer Great Falls Missoula Jerry Bennett Poison Jolene Bilant Whitefish Russell Black Dodson CLASS OF 1962 Judy Bohac Hamilton Mary Ellon Bouma Choteau Vivian Bradshaw Grantsdale Sandy Broadbent Livingston Fern B. Brooks Dillon Stanley D. Campbell Butte Lavon Childs Dillon (34)Janet Christensen Whitehall Plains Butte Whitehall Gwendolyn Crum Anaconda CLASS OF 1962 L f ■ V m Bert Deglow Kalispoll John I. Donnohy Butte Merlo F. DeVoe Moiese Louise M. Downing Hamilton Larry L. Dunlap Livingston Pat Duval Liberty, Missouri Brenda Eccleston Anaconda Pat Egan Great Falls John D. Egeland Livingston (35)JoAnn Feeney Butte Beverly Hanson Melville Betty L. Hinton Cardwell Brian Holgren Eureka lo C. Garrison Thompson Falls Mary M. Hancock Twin Bridges Richard Hanby Butte CLASS OF 1962 Mick Harrington Butte Marvin Hash Butte Sharon Holman Butte John A. Holtet Darby Allan M. Hopper Three Forks Margie Holland Butte (36)Virginia A. Hopper Three Forks Richard L. Hull Deer Lcdqe Rosie V. Hunt Joplin Fern Hunter Butte CLASS OF 1962 Donalda Jacobsen Sun River Beatrice Lawson Butte Collette Layton Anaconda Judith A. Larson Deer Ledge Robert C. Larson Clancy Gary E. Ivins Alberta, Canada cWL m Wanda Klawittor Newport. Washington Fred Laird Ruth. Nevada Donna R. Lehman Whitehall (37)Alice M. Lehner Dillon Ruth LeRoux Helena Carol Long Malta Mary C. Maricich Anaconda Sandy Martinson Butte Kenneth L. McLoan Augusta Catherine M. Mihclic Anaconda CLASS OF 1962 Lois Micholotti Butte Maier Miller Big Timber Russell Morrison Butte Joe Morstein Butte Gayle Munson Hamilton Roy Niowoehner White Sulphur Springs (38)Gladys Norris Fort Shaw Belty Nulliner Hamilton Rena E. Offutt Butte James E. Opie Anaconda Caryl A. Nordquist Anaconda CLASS OF 1962 Ena V. Palacios Managua, Nicaragua Ron Pfau Stevensville Eloanor Pilon Missoula Connie Plutt Dillon Madolyno Powers Drummond Don Puyear Dillon Cecil J. Ranney Alberton Shirloy R. Rasmussen Hamilton (39)Warren B. Richwine Poison Daniel J. Rosa Butte Sharon E. Roso Twin Bridges Earl Sager Anaconda Lloyd Shuman Wolf Point Richard I. Stoadman Butte Mary Kay Straugh Dillon Dean Stroh Townsend Shirley A. Sahinen Deer Lodge Susan Schuchman Stevensvilio Joan Sturdevant Anaconda (40)Bill Taylor Great Falls Bonnie Treriso Anaconda loan H. Trott Portland, Oregon Darrell Vallance Stevensville CLASS OF 1962 Cecil Warren Liberty, Missouri WM Mary Ellen West Darby Charlotte N. Williams Townsend Kenneth R. Williams Townsend Margo Ward Fairfield Marlcno Weist Choteau John J. Whitman West Yollowstono (41)Davis Hall has the ever-popular TV. Yes. you guessed it! These boys in Davis Hall are watching TV. (42)Bill Anderson Rodney Andersen Dick Applegate Jeri Lou Armstrong Sandra Armstrong Livingston Livingston Dillon Pendroy Darby C L A S S 0 F Nathalie Atkins Dillon 1 9 6 Sharon Batani Butte Junclla R. Becker Conrad Edna A. Bell Drummond Robert E. Bennett Deer Lodge Karen A. Bcrgum Helena Ann E. Bieri Anaconda (44)LcRoy W. Blixt Larry L. Boag Patrick C. Boyd Clair D. Bradshaw Dawn L. Brandbo Hot Springs Three Forks Butte Drummond Hamilton Howard M. Carbis Helena Sydna J. Cherry Helen Jean Chinn Keith Christman Lima Willow Creek Butte Connie Clark Lima (45)Albert Comer Twin Bridges Eileen Connelly Butte John C. Connelly Butte Richard Correa Stevensvillo Judy G. Cowdry Whitehall Clarence Dahl Anaconda C L A S 5 0 F 1 9 6 3 Pat C. Delger Willard D. Duko Jane Duncan Patricia F. Dunn Raymond Egedahl Townsend White Sulphur Springs Dillon Los Angeles, California Butte (46) 5 i Jay Erchul Perma John J. Erdio Ennis Armand Fangsrud Ronan ■■ James L. Favero Bulte William Fiold Roundup Jim Giles Jack C. Gillespie Linda G. Gravely Sharon K. Grimos Robert E. Green Dillon Helena Townsend Helena 3utte (47)Judy F. Groenheck Philipsburg Dick Gregory Livingston Georgia A. Harris Harlowton Duane D. Hartman Whitefish Edward Heard Butte Sharon L. Herzog Sheridan Rita K. Holm Valier Francos E. Horner Ronan Marlene R. Hodgo Deer Lodge C L A S 5 0 F 1 9 6 3 1 Ronald Hughes Lauretta S. Hutchens Judith A. Huth Anaconda Whitefish Townsend Connie Ihnot Butte Duane J. Irwin Darby (48)Diann J. Jones Whitefish Stephen Johnson Dillon Donald Johnston White Sulphur Springs Richard Jonasen St. Ignatius Bernard L. Jones Ennis David A. Lake James G. Larson Joan M. Lindquist La"Y I» Love AIa« D- Lundborg Helena Stevensville Poplar Ennis Townsend (49)loe Mallotta Shelby Sam Marsillo Deor Lodge Carol L. Marlineau Butte Dorothy M. McBride Sappington Charles F. McCarthy Anaconda Michael McQuirk Great Falls C L A S 5 0 F 1 9 6 3 Dick Menti Sharon F. Michael Don Milos Martha Miller Donna C. Mooro Great Falls Kirby Butte Dillon Sheridan (SO)JoAnn L. Mooro Choteau Peggy Moore Whitehall Harold Mugaas Dillon Sheila M. Mulvihlll Anaconda Don Nau Kalispell Gloria J. Nelson Anaconda Duane E. Paige Twin Bridges Peggy Palmer Charlo Jean Park Dillon Linda L. Park Corvallis Marilyn J. Parsons Cascade (51)John C. Passmore Lima Mary C. Paullin St. Regis Arne Pedersen St. Ignatius Roberta R. Perusich Jerry D. Petersen Butte Kalispoll C L A S S 0 F 1 9 Jack Reinwand Boulder Stephen F. Richards Dillon Jeanette S. Rogers Helena Alvin Ronneberg Big Timber Phyllis C. Rothe Deer Lodge Beverly J. Saunders Ennis (52)Arlio A. Schwartz Ward L. Scofiicld Fairfield Townsend Larry A. Scovel Kalispell Janet M. Skelly Eureka Wesley Skcrritt White Sulphur Springs George W. Stephens Libby Joan M. Sullivan Butte (53) Tym M. Stocks Jackson Gone Stone Dillon John E. Sullivan Buttec L A S 5 0 Ray Sundling Marvin R. Taber Joanne E. Talcott Joyce M. Terry Ellis O. Thompson F Livingston Ronan Twin Bridges Big Sandy Ennis 1 9 6 3 Joye E. Van Gilder Clyde Park Norma J. Vaughn Anaconda Georgiana Vucasovich Anaconda Gabriel Wada Gary A- Wenzel Frank J. Wenzel Richard E. West Sandra L. White Throo Forks Butte Valier Livingston Darby (54)Janet L. Wolfgang Punxsutav noy, Penn. Verna L. Yost Baldwin Park. Cahf. Ron Zeller Lovoll, Wyoming Dale Zink Dillon (55)WHO'S WHO GENE McKEEVER JEANNE MERICA ROY PARRETT LARRY VARLAND Six Wostorn seniors wore olectod to "Who's V ho Among Students in Amor icon Universities and Colleges." They wore chosen on the basis of scholarship, personality, extra-curricular participation, and promise of future success. Jack Dunlap, a four-year lottermcn in football, had tho distinction of being chosen as first string guard on tho Montana Collegiate Conforonco All-Conference team of 1958. He was also co-captain of tho 1959-60 football team. This is Jack's fourth yoar as a guard for tho V ostorn Bulldogs basketball team. Ho also participates in shot put and discus ovonts during track season, is president of the "M" Club this year, and was a member of the 1959 Chinook staff. If Jack letters again in baskotball and track, ho will bo the first one in several years to roceivo 12 athletic letters at Western. Ed House has been consistently an honor roll student, whilo being active in school activities. Ed received the "Honor Scholarship" from the Gamma Zota Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa, and also received the Elks Scholarship his freshman yoar. Ho is president of Intervarsity, and has boon a member for throo yoars, participated in chorus and men's quartette, and was president of Music Club in 1958. Ed placod second in tho Montana Collegiate Conference Tonnis Tournament in 1959, making his debut In sports. This year ho is vice president of SEA and will bo trying for first placo in tho tonnis tournamont in tho spring of 1960. Geno McKoovor has a major in physical education and minors in science and social studies. Gone, a transfer from Montana State College, has earned honors on tho football field as well as in tho classroom. He is a member of the “M" Club and has beon on the honor roll ovory quarter. He has worked as a lab assistant for Dr. Gort Daniols and plans to teach science and coach athletics in a secondary school. Jeanne Merica, who has a major in Elomontary Education and a minor in English, has actively participated in several of the clubs and functions hero at Western. Her freshman and sophomoro yoars sho was activo in KZN, SEA, and Rodeo Club, and in her sophomore year she was prosidont of KZN. During her junior year sho was troasurer of SEA, associate editor of the Chinook, member of Women's House Council and of tho Studont Union Board, and this year is secretary-treasurer of tho senior class. In addition to an outstanding scholastic record, Roy Parrott is active in extra-curricular activities. A mombor of Gargoyles, he has played important rolos in several plays. Thi3 year he was prosidont of tho Gargoyle Club, vice prosidont of the Industrial Arts Club, and treasurer of tho Art Club. Last year he was president of the Art Club. Larry Varland is a campus leader, a fino athloto, and a good studont. Ho lottorod 4 years in football, participated in basketball his froshman year, and has lettered 3 yoars in track, establishing 2 fino records and helping Western' rolay team break many records. In hi3 sophomoro yoar he participated in tho NAIA track moot in San Diogo. Ho has boen a membor of tho "M" Club for four years. Larry was sophomoro class vice prosidont, junior and senior class prosidont, member of the Studont Council for the past 2 years, a membor of the 1959 Chinook staff and of the Student Affairs Committee. (58)WOMEN'S HOUSE COUNCIL First row. Jolt to tight, seated: Joleno Bilant; Pat Blaisdell; Miss Mathews, sponsor; Sally Webb; Ena Palacios; Jeanne Merica, Ronda Brown; Sharon Rose. Socond row, loft to right, standing: Carol Long; Collette Lay-ton; Edna Bell; Martha Miller; Jeri Lou Armstrong. The Women's House Council organizes social activities to be held during tho year in the Residence Hall. New members are selected each year to work with members returning from the previous year. The House Council members serve as representatives of all Residence Hall women. The annual Christmas activities. Pixie Week, Halloween activities, and other house parties are planned by the group. KAPPA ZETA NU Seated, loft to right: Bronda Ec-closton, Collotto Layton, Mari-anno Lalondo, and Phyllis Robinson. Socond row: Lorna Wearley. Sandy Martinson, Jolono Bilant. Jeanno Morica, Diano Wolf©, Donalda Jacobson. Mary Ellon West, and Lou Underwood. Last row: Donna Robertson, Donna Lehman, Karon Anderson. Gladys Norris. Lois Woist, Myrle Enman, Ena Palacios, Janot Jonos, Mrs. Greenwood, Miss Georgia Mathews, and Mrs. Parrett. Kappa Zeta Nu. Western's only sorority and the oldost organization on campus, was founded in the year 1907. The annual activities sponsored by KZN include initiation of sophomore girls, tho winter formal, and the initiation of freshmen girls in the spring, including a spring banquet. The theme for this year's formal, which was held in February, v as Moonlight and Roses. Alternating business and social meetings are held twice a month. This year's officers are Phyllis Robinson, president; Marianne Lalonde, vice president; Collette Layton, secretary; Brenda Ecclostcn. treasurer; and Miss Mathews, Mrs. Grconwood, and Mrs. Parrett, sponsors. (59)ART CLUB Left Jo riqht: Norma Nye, Russell Morrison, Don Rosencrcns, Larry Shimmin, Marlene Carbis, Harry Casey, Harriot Slovens, Roy Parrett, Arlene Bajovich, Jean Sturdevant. Colorful Yule Legs for Wostorn's students. (60)THE ART CLUB The Art Club is a creative organization on the campus. The primary aims of the club are to give artistic students of the school an opportunity to work together and use their talents for the advantage of the whole group. A gift shop, maintained by the members, is the primary means of obtaining the funds for operation of the club. This year members made yule logs and wreaths and sold stationery, Bulldog pins, and cards. Outstanding events of the year included the fortune telling booth at the winter carnival; the snow sculpture; and the mosaic project. Miss Blanche McManus was guest speaker at the meeting at Mrs. Emerick's home in February. The Art Club is under the sponsorship of Mrs. Emerick. Officers for the 1959-60 year were Norma Nye, president; Harry Casey, vice president; Jean Sturdevant, secretary; and Bud Parrett, treasurer. Loft fo right: A. Bajovich, R. Morrison, D. Rosoncrans, H. Casoy, N. Nye. PENGUINS VISIT WESTERN A large crowd gathered near the “M” of the Western Montana College campus . . . motorists stopped along the highway . . . what was all the commotion at Western? Could this actually be Dillon, Montana? ... for there sat three unexcited penguins! Penguins? Penguins! Penguins are short-legged, aquatic birds of the Southern Hemisphere. As anyone knows, this geographical description does not describe the location of Western Montana College of Education. Of course, you saw these strange birds and wondered: "Where did they come from?” "How did they get to Montana?” These lifelike birds were snow-sculptured by Western’s creative organization, the Art Club. The original design and idea for the snow-sculpture was brought to the group by Norma Nye as a result of suggestions from some of the other members. Members working on the figures were Russell Morrison. Norma Nye, Don Rosencrans. Harry Casey, and Arlene Bajovich. (61)KAPPA PI Kappa Pi. a national fin© arts honorary fraternity, was organized in 1911. Tho main purpose of the club is to promote an active and deep interest in art work, by both practice and study. Omicron Chapter was organized at Western in June. 1937, and is yet the only charter chapter in Montana. Officors of Omicron Chapter for 1959-60 are Vera Schulz, president; Jane Jumper, vice president; Roy Parrett, secretary; and Norma Nyo, treasurer. Loft to right: Rayburn Thompson, Donna Wudol, Kolloy Christensen, Mrs. Emerick, Bud Parrott, Norma Nyo. Jano jumpor, Vora Schultz. ART CLUB UNVEILS THE FUTURE (62) Lelt to right: Norma Nyo, Harriot Stophons, Jean Sturdovant, Arlene Bajovich, Don Rosoncrans, Harry Casoy, Bud Parrott, Russell Morrison. CHORUS Front row, loft to right: Anna Belle Friend. Mary Hancock, Gloria Nelson. Diann Jones, Joyce McKenzie, Sharon Nankorvis, Eileen Connelly, Catherine Mihollc, Sandy Broadbent, Gaylo Munson, Verla Bauer, Donna Moore. Alice Cury, Vorlo Boetticher, ar.d Shirley Sahmen, Mr. McFaddon, accompanist. Second row: Sariann Crowloy. Jean Lindquist, Carol Martin, Rita Holm. Mary Maricich, Louiso Downing, Ann Foreman, Peg Roovos, Suo Schrador, Judy Green-heck, Mary Bouma, JoAnn Feeney, Sharon Grimes, Lois Micholotti, Karen Borgum, Joanne Talcott, Jean Sturdovant, and Mr. Jackson, director. Last row: Fred Laird, Keith Christman. Horman Tushaus, Don Rcsencrans, Konneth McLean, Don Nau, Gary Lacey, Walter Poregoy, Russell Morrison, Ray Phillips, and Wally Soarcy. The chorus appeared at Baccalaureate, Commencement, and a spring concert. Sections from Mozart's Roquiem Mass; a group of Negro spirituals; "Go Forward, Ye Nations" by Jean Sibelius; and "Como. Christians. Join to Sing Alleluia." done v ith tho band, wero works presented spring quarter. Selections from "The Music Man." "No Man Is an Island." and "Know Do Lord," a Negro spiritual, were presented for tho Faculty Women's Club in January. Mr. Jackson directed the group. Mr. McFadden was the accompanist, and Russell Morrison was librarian. WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE CONCERT BAND Loft to right: Clarinots: Carol Martin. Joan Lindquist, Mary Paullin, Koith Christman, Shirloy Rasmussen. Flute: Lois Smith. Saxophones: Jolene Bilant, Fred Laird, Joyce Terry, Judy Greenheck, Helen Chinn. Chuck Connelly. Trumpets: Russell Morrison, Ed Gleason. Kenneth McLean, Vic Wostorgard, Gary Lacey. Trombones: Gaylo Munson. Alice Curdy, Ray Phillips, Wally Searcy. Horns: Gladys Norris. Walter Poregoy. Baritone: Carol Long. Basses: Jim Opie, Gary McLees. String Bass: Connie Clark. Percussion: Lavon Childs, Ann Foreman. Western’s concert band completed a successful second year in 1959-60. Two assembly programs, one for the college and the other for Beaverhead County High School, were presented during the winter quarter. The programs consisted of light and popular music. Vic Westergard was trumpet soloist in Leroy Anderson's "Trumpeter's Lullaby." A spring concert of various types of music was presented in May. This year's band was under the direction of Mr. Ashford Kelley. Ray Phillips, student director, assisted him. Fred Laird was manager of the band and Carol Martin. Librarian. Director: Ashford Kolley. Absent when picture was taken wore Cliff Ayers, Eleanor Pilon, Arne Pedersen, Joe Hughes. (63)MELODETTES Loft to right: Mary Hancock. Mary Dion Bouma. Carol Long. Gwen Crum. Gaylo Munson, and Sue Schrador. Tho Molodottos sang at various church services in Dillon during the school year. They also provided special vocal music for other organizations and functions, including Intervarsity and the Dillon Shakespeare Club. This group has added much in bringing Western to the front. FRESHMAN GIRLS' ENSEMBLE Loft to right: Ann Foroman, Jean Lindquist. Joyce McKenzie, Diann Jonos, Gloria Nelson, Sharon Grimos, Karon Borgum, and Judy Groonhock, accompamst. The Freshman Girls' Ensemble performed for many campus organizations during spring quarter. RECITAL SOLOIST Loft to right: Gary Lacey, Carol Marlin, and Ray Phillips. (64)MEN'S QUARTETS This group performed many times during the year. Performances have included music for the Dillon Kiwanis, Rotary, Ski Club, and Western's Faculty Women's Club. Most of their selections havo been taken from Sigmund Romberg's operettas. Russell Morrison, Waltor Percgoy. Kennoth McLean, Frod Laird, and Gary Lacey, accompanist. This group was active during tho spring quarter, singing for many church services in Dillon. (65) Left to right: Don Nau, Ray Phillips, Don Rosencrans, Wally Soarcy, and Gary Lacey, accompanist.GARGOYLES Le.« .O "....—»" ---------- owning, cua Harrett. tfonna RoboiSson, Georgeann Sullivan Russel! Morrison. Standing: Mr. Ryburn. Kevin Murphy. Larry Boag. Bill Grllln. Gary Lacey. Ann Foreman, Sharon Rose Verna Yost. SCENE FROM "HOWIE"—FALL QUARTER I960 "NYMPH HAIR SPRAY PRESENTS 'DOLLARS FOR SCHOLARS' " (66)GARGOYLES PRESENT "Teahouse of the August Moon ARTISTIC SETS DELIGHT THE AUDIENCE THE COLONEL, BILL GILLIN, REPRIMANDS THE PSYCHOLOGIST, BUD PARRETT (67)"THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES" PRESENTED BY THE CHILDREN'S THEATER THE GARGOYLES Tho Gargoyle Club of Western was founded to stimulate participation in all phases of dramatics. Plays of high caliber are produced to give a challenge to tho collogo student. Members of the Gargoyles establish the honor society. Order of the Jowolod Masque, as their goal. Joyce Fresoman and Dale Dean were initiated into the socioty last year. Tho Gargoyle production last summer v as "The Toahouso of the August Moon." This throe-act comedy was one of the best productions soon on Western's campus. A light comedy, "Howie," was the production for fall quarter. The cast included Helen Wheat, Bill Gillin, Verna Yost, Sharon Rose, Larry Bcag, Dan Alley, Steve Shugrue, Ann Foreman, Gary Lacoy, Marshall Thompson, Joyce McKenzie, Ray Phillips, Russell Morrison, Bud Parrett, Georgiana Vucasovich, and Arne Pedersen. (68)LIBRARY COMMITTEE Seated, loft to right: Marianne Lalonde, Miss Dorothy Golhaus, Mary Ellen Wash and Lois Smith. Standing, left to right: Dr. Stanley Davison, Mr. Edward Cebull, and Dr. John Cumming. SEA Largest Student Organization on Campus. SEA Student Education Association, Western's professional organization, is called the Sheldon E. Davis Chapter in honor of Dr. Davis, President Emeritus. SEA gives prospective teachers the opportunity to participate in MEA and NEA activities. Each member receives the MEA and NEA magazines and has an opportunity to become a studont member of the state and national organizations. Officers of the organization for the 1959-60 term includo Bill Tarrant, president; Edwin House, vice president; Sandra Martinsen, secretary; and Joleno Bilant, treasurer. Sponsors for the group are Mr. Kneeland and Mr. Walker. Among SEA activities carried on this year have been panel discussions, lectures by guest speakors. Homecoming float, radio publicity of school activities, and formation of an executive committee branching into the Future Teachers of Amerca. This year active members in SEA receive a credit in education. A point system has boon worked out with points given for attending and participating in SEA. A letter is now earned in SEA when an individual recoives the required number of points. (69)NEWMAN CLUB First row: Angie Wolio, Kathryn Duncan, Ruth LoRoux, Gladys Norris, Cathorino Miholic, Shoila Mulvihill, Margo Ward, Dorothy Gatos, Sharon Batani, Joyce Mc-Konzio, Margio Wolfe, Agnes Roblsh; second row: Don Nau, Wally Peregoy, Louie Vicovich, Bob Lynch, Carroll Cowan, Jim Opie, Rita Holm, Joan Sullivan. Linda Gravoly, JoAnn Grans-borry; third row: Ron Pfau. Jack Donnchy, Pat O'Noill, Jack Powers, Joe McManamon, Ed Hoard, Larry Shlmmin, Kevin Murphy, Bornio Jones. Tho Newman Club is an organization for Catholic students. It is affiliated with the National Council of Newman Clubs. Its purpose is to foster the intellectual, spiritual, and social needs of Western's Catholic Students. The club meots twice a month for discussion and talks. A talk on communism was well-received by towns people and students this fall quartor. A Newman Club bulletin beard in the administration building carries spiritual pictures and tells of coming events. Officers of the Newman Club for tho past year were Jack Dennohy, president; Ron Pfau. vice president; Mary Ellen West, secretary-treasurer. Club chaplain is tho Reverend Father Sullivan. Dr. Cumming is sponsor. WESLEY SOCIETY Organized in tho fall of 1956. the Wesley Foundation is an organization for collego students sponscrod by tho Methodist Church. Meetings, which consist of a dinner, program, and Bible study, are held every Sunday evening at the Methodist parsonage. Included in tho future plans of this group is a Wesley Foundation Building located near the college. This building will provide living quarters, a recreation room, and a chapel for the use of students attending Western. Loft to right: Dorothy McBride, Harvoy Burns, Gaylo Munson. Jolono Bilant, Wanda Klawitter. Karon Andorson. (70)INTERVARSITY Loft to right, first row: Edwin House, Carol Long, Barbara Worring. Sandra White, Edna Boll, Donna Robertson, Shirloy Sahinen, Verla Bauor; second row: Joyco Torry. Lois Smith, Marlono Lundoll, Georgia Harris, Suo Schrador, Janot Christonsen, Gayle Munson. Mary Ellon Bouma; third row: Francis Gordon, Wally Searcy, Sharon Grimes, Karen Bergum, Mrs. Larry Staton, Larry Staton. Intervarsity, an active group, has one main purpose which is to maintain Christian standards here on campus. This is done through Bible study, panol discussions, films, and guest speakers. Among their activities. Intervarsity has two weekend retreats a! Elliston where thoy mako uso of the YMCA camp. Hero they havo Bible Study, discussions, and many recroational activities. This year tho officers are Ed House, president; Barbara Worring, vico president; Carol Long, secretary; Shirley Rasmussen, treasurer; and thoir adviser. Mr. Ashford Kolloy. LUTHERAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION The Luthoran Students Association is on its first year at Western. The main objective of LSA is to confront the academic world with Christian views. Officers are president, Judy Larson; vice president, Phyllis Rothe; secretary-treasurer, Karen Bergum; Rev. Arthur Solem is adviser. Loft to right: Phyllis Rotho, lanot Christonsen, Karen Borgum, Judy Larson. (71)THE CHANTICLEER CLUB Left to right, sitting: Stephen Shugruo, Karen Anderson, Marlono Lundell, Marianne Lalonde, Carol Martin, Jerry Bennett; standing: Russoll Morrison, Dennis Bymaster, James Scalf, Bill Gillin, James Albro, Miss Albortson. The chief function of the Chanticleer Club is to promote an interest in journalism on the campus and to assist v ith the publication of the Wescolite. Eligibility requirements for the journalism letter are working on the Wescolite or the Chinook, taking journalism for one quarter, and initiation into the club by the present members. The officers this year are lim Scalf, president; Russell Morrison, vice president; Karen Anderson, secretary-treasurer; and Miss Albertson, sponsor. DENNIS BYMASTER JIM SCALF (72)No. 9 voi. xxxvtit THE WESCOLITE Published by the JOURNALISM CLUB WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Dillon. Montana Wednesday, December 9. 1959 Subscription Rates — S1.00 a Year S T A F F EDITOR DENNIS BYMASTER ASSOCIATE EDITOR JIM SCALF BUSINESS MANAGER RUSSELL MORRISON ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER ....MICK HARRINGTON SPORTS EDITORS ........ JIM SCALF. JERRY BENNETT REPORTERS: JAMES ALBRO KAREN ANDERSON GERALD BENNETT BILL GILLIN MICK HARRINGTON RICHARD HULL MARIANNE LALONDE MARLENE LUNDELL SHARON ROSE JIM SCALF STEVE SHUGRUE SPRING QUARTER THE WESCOLITE WELCOMES SIGNEO CONTRIBUTIONS THOSE PRINTED DO NOT NECESSARILY REFLECT THE OPINIONS OF THE STAFF. 5 -vS - Left to right: Russoll Morrison. Bill Gillin, Richard Steadman, Marlene Carbis, Mari-anno Lalonde, loan Trott, Gayle Munson, Mitzl Stroup. WINTER QUARTER Initiates talk over Wesco-lite with editors. voi. xxxviii THE WESCOLITE No 14 Published by the JOURNALISM CLUB WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Dillon. Montana Wednesday, February 10, 1960 Subscription Rates — $1.00 a Year S T A F F EDITOR ................................MARIANNE LALONDE ASSOCIATE EDITOR BILL GILLIN BUSINESS MANAGER ...................... RUSSELL MORRISON ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER ....MICK HARRINGTON SPORTS EDITORS .. JERRY BENNETT. RICHARD STEADMAN REPORTERS: JAMES ALBRO KAREN ANDERSON DENNIS BYMASTER MARLENE CARBIS DARRELL COWAN JOE HUGHES MARLENE LUNDELL GAYLE MUNSON RICH POZEGA JIM SCALF STEVE SHUGRUE RICHARD STEADMAN JOAN TROTT THE WESCOLITE WELCOMES SIGNED CONTRIBUTIONS THOSE PRINTED 00 NOT urrWiBiiv REFLECT THE OPINIONS OF THE STAFF. 5 -Q THE INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Loft to right: Mr. Andors, Bud Parrott, John Mahno, lorry Pugh, John Lyons, Gone McNoil, Dan Scott, Don McDaniol, Lariy Kalafatich, Kovin Murphy. The Industrial Arts Club has for its primary purpose the familiarization of the Industrial Arts major and minor with the role of the industrial artist in contemporary life, with emphasis placed on his role in society. As a project the Industrial Arts Club built and raffled a playhouse this year. The proceeds financed an out-of-state field trip to various industrial centers. The club's sponsor is Clay Anders and its officers for 1960 are Dan Scott, president; John Malmo, vice president; Don McDaniel, secretary; Jim Kimball. treasurer. (74)WESTERN FORENSIC ASSOCIATION Loft to right, seated: Don Rosencrans, Joo Hughos, Lowoll Hayos, John Paasmore, Morlo DoVoo, and Jim Albro; standing: Mr. Cebull, Goorgiana Vucasovich, Ronda Brown, Gary Lacoy, Ann Foreman. Joyce Torry, and Diann Jones. Off to McMinville, Oregon—a trip never to be forgotten. Loft to right: Mr. Cebull, John Passmore, Merle DeVoe, Gary Lacey, Joe Hughes. Lowoll Hayes. THE FORENSIC ASSOCIATION Lowell Hayes, named lo lead the Forensic Association as its president for 1959-60. had reason to bo justly proud of his position in the organization; membership was at an all-timo high. Other officers were Joseph Hughes, vice president; Diann Jonos. secretary; Merle DeVoe. treasurer; Rcnda Brown, historian. The firist intercollegiate speech tournament this year was the First Treasure State Speech Tournament, held on the campus of Montana State College in January. Lowell Hayes was a finalist in oratory; Gary Lacey and Joyce Terry were finalists in oral interpretation. In March, debaters Lowell Hayes, Joe Hughes. Merle DeVce. John Passmore, and Gary Lacey competed in the 30th annual Tournamont of Champions on tho Linfield Collogo campus, McMinnvlllo, Oregon. Merle DeVce was named one of four finalists in men's oratory.Forensic members also presented programs for numerous service and civic organizations in Dillon and in the surrounding communities during the year. As tho Chinook goes to press, members are preparing for the Montana Intercollegiate Forensic Tournament in Billings on April 1 and 2 and tho annual Northwest TKA Tournament in Missoula on April 28, 29. and 30. Merle DeVoo will represent Western in Oratory at Billings. The Association picnic and banquet are scheduled to bo held sometimo in May. Under tho sponsorship of Mr. Edward A. Cebull. many Association plans are materializing. Members will continue to welcome interested speech students who will be able to contribute their talents to the added emphasis boir.g placed upon speech activities on all levels. The spring quarter, 1959. was also a most successful one for the forensic group. At the Montana State Tournament hold at Carroll Colioge in mid-April, Western took third-place honors. Tho debate team of Russell Jennings and Lowell Nelson tied for third-place honors. Rose Marie Scott, last year's winner of the state oratory trophy, placed third in oratory and third in oral interpretation. At the Tau Kappa Alpha Tourney held at the Montana State University April 30 and May 1 and 2. Rose Mario Scott and Marsha Peterson tied for third place with Utah State and tho University of Washington. Russell and Lowell tied for third with Kansas State. University of Utah, and tho Univorsity of Washington teams. Rose Marie get third in oratory. Marsha was also a finalist in oratory, and Lowell Nelson was a semi-finalist in extemporaneous speaking. Marsha Peterson was first-place winner in the Annual Founder's Day Oratorical Contest held on tho campus in May. Rose Mario Scott was second. Merle DeVoe placed third. Tho first annual Forensic Sponsor's Gold Modal was presented to Rose Marie Scott who through her offorts in speech activities brought tho most recognition to the Forensic Association and to Western. STUDENT WIVES CLUB Seated: Karen Dunlap, Joan Gatti, Marion Bonson, Jackie Glennie. Marlene Adams. Pat Rowe, Sherreal Flynn, Margaret Wearley. Anna Mae McKeever, Mrs. Wm. Straugh, sponsor, Mrs. Geo. McCormick, sponsor; standing: Laura Deglow, Betty Bennett, Virginia Franzich, Charlene Hedrick. Sylvia Roberts. Gono Paulini. Nellie Boyd, Sandy Hartman, Ellon Robinson, Doloros Scally. Ethel Casey. Charlotte McDonald, Carolyn Phillips. Judy Hartford. Caroloo Adams, Lynda Rettig. Not present when picture was taken: Donna Teegardon, Sharon Selzy, Gwen Meskimon, Lenoro Shively, Dianne Fuller, Virginia Hopper, Barbara Kimball, Maryann Mular, Yvonne McNeil, Kay Peterson, Sonya Robachor, Shirley Boyd. Leah Bull, Marlene Carbis. Mrs. Charles Fox, Mrs. Earl Holman, Louiso Koef, Thelma Laird, Mrs. John Malmo, Connie Plutt, Carol Young. Officers are prosidont, Marlono Adams: vice president. Margaret Woarley; social correspondent, Joan Fisk; secretary, Jackio Glennie; treasurer. Shorral Flynn; historian, Pat Rowe. (76)STUDENT WIVES Degree granted: PHT (Putting Hubby Through) is awarded to wives of men who receive their degree at Western. The degree, signed by Mrs. James Short and Mrs. Hugo Aronson, is presented at a banquet the girls give for their husbands. Student wives helped with the Dillon Mother's March for polio contributions and mcdo a pink organdy tablecloth for use in the Home Ec. Room. Meeting date—3rd Thursday of each month. These girls are preparing to enter the "Make it Yourself with Wool" contest. CHRISTMAS TEA The Home Economics girls help Mrs. Greenwood with the Christmas Tea. Mrs. Short and Miss Mathews preside at the tea table. (77)SHARON FULBRIGHT IS CROWNED "MISS WESTERN Loft to right: Carolyn Piorco. Lorna Wo a--loy, Joan Sturdovant, Erma Desjardins, Sharon Fulbright, Miss Wostom, Mickey Downing, Marcia Hanson, Mary Kay Fris-bio, Colleon Belanger. Bort Luce, Russell Jonnings as Mastors of Ceremony kept tho show going. VODVIL With summer vacation and tests just around the comer, we turn to a lighter side of school. There we meet Vodvil and its comical skits and satirical plays, presented by the students, with prizes being given for the three best skits. The highlight of the evening is the choosing and crowning of Miss Western. (78)HE WAA WINS FIRST PLACE FOR BEST STUNT Lofl to right: Lois Dooms, Agnes Robish, Voloon Johnson, Toby Shrauger, Sandy Martinson, Myrle Enman, Donnio Jacobsen, Ruth LoRoux. (79) Loft to right: Allan Hopper, Larry Varland, Pete Glennie, Bill Taylor, Dick Cosgriffo, Bud Shuman, Don Moro, Jim Miller.HOMECOMING Kicking off the events of the year was the annual Homecoming. The highlights of this event were as follows: the game with Carroll, in which we defeated them 40-0; the Homecoming parade, consisting of floats, in which the Sophomore Class took first place; picnicing by the students and alumni on campus; and closing the festivities was the Homecoming dance at which this year's Homecoming Queen, Miss Marianne Lalonde, reigned. QUEEN MARIANNE LALONDE PRINCESSES Erma Desjardins, Mary Ellen West, and Lorna Wearley—appear on the field at the half time. Don Puyear is the escort. (80)SEA SHOWS EXTENT OF WESTERN'S INFLUENCE SOPHOMORES CARRY OFF FIRST PLACE NEWMAN CLUB GIVEN MUCH FAVORABLE COMMENT GARGOYLES JOIN IN THE WELCOME TO ALUMS"AT DAY-CAMPUS CLEAN-UP (83)RODEO CLUB First row: Roy Fostor, Shawn Davis, Don Puyoar, Marlono Weist, Gladys Norris. F’.-st row, stops: Donnio Jacobson, Lorna Woarloy, Dr. Foathors, sponsor. Second row, steps: Jim Carpontor, Arlle Schwartz. Third row, stops: Botty Hinton, Marilyn Parsons, "Doc" Kicckbusch. Fourth row, steps: Wanda Klawittor, JoAnr. Moore. Back row: Wos Stoos, Rog Woarloy. Cal Woarloy, Diano Wolfo, Juno Stromborg, Jori Lou Armstrong, Roxio Colo, Buzz Cowdry. Alan Londborg. RODEO CLUB Rodeo Club is four years old and one of the most active organizations on campus. Rodeos give one a chance to re-live a part of the "Old West" that has never died. The club is open to anyone who wishes to compete in rodeo events, who enjoys rodeos, or who has a love for western culture and affairs. In previous years the club was a member of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association, but numerous problems took place under this direction which ultimately led to the formation of the new American Collegiate Rodeo Association. This organization was formed December 18 at Casper, Wyoming. There are two leagues or regions: the Rocky Mountain and Great Plains. The Rodeo Club held its second annual intercollegiate rodeo last spring. Over a hundred contestants participated, entering from many Western institutions. Other activities sponsored by the club were a chuckwagon supper, several dances, and "Go Western Day," one of the most anticipated events on campus when western attire and a western attitude are both on hand. The Western Montana Rodeo Club stands as a symbol of this western region of culture and attempts to stimulate atmosphere and spirit into our educational institution and student body.’ ike Murphy. Best-chessed cowboy Xorty Miller. Best-drossod cowgirl ■eginald Woarloy, 3ushiest beard iJJ Taylor. B«! attempt at a beard Don Sutherland, The longost beard Dfck V ickland, The most unique beard Winners of "Go Western Day" Contests, GO WESTERN DAY One of the annual winter quarter activities is the "Go Western—Beat Eastern Day." Everyone always looks forward to it. This year was no exception. As usual, Western beat Eastern but it was a tough battle. Western won 78-71. Following the game v as the annual "Go Western" dance. The music was furnished by The Renegades, recording artists from Butte.President Shorts crowns Jo Garrison and Rich Correa carnival queen and king as Herman Tushaus, carnival manager, looks on. A large group watches the coronation. Left to right: Pat Delger, Jack Gillespie, Marilyn Parsons, JoAnn Moore, "Doc' Kieckbusch, Ken Williams, Frances Horner keep the roulette wheel turning.WINTER CARNIVAL The Winter Carnival, which was sponsored by the junior class, is a new activity that has been added to those on campus this year. Features of the Winter Carnival were the following: ice hockey—minus skates plus brooms substituting for hockey sticks, tobogganing, and volleyball—in the snow. Winding up the events of the day was a carnival held in the Student Union with concessions, sponsored by the various organizations on campus and followed by a dance. The Winter Carnival could prove to be one of the more popular events of the year. GERMAN BAND Loft to right: Jo© Hughes. Vic Wostergaard. Carol Martin. Keith Christman. Jim Opie, Ray Phillips. (87)Who brought the©? Like, fifteen cheers . . .or somethin' We give Gold Bond Stamps Like. Fat City One in every port Howdy, Pardner Wright Brothers' Fan Club Before After Right there! Contemplating teaching I Slumber party—Boys' Dorm Rodeo hopefuls Western's Chow Line (88)1959 FOOTBALL SQUAD Front row. loft to right: Goldie. Richards. Mallotta, Barbor, Crinor. Conoa, Wallace. Dunlap, Shuman. Scally. Second row, left to right: Wada. Meissner, Wenzel. Deglow, Moro, Cosgriffo, Monti, Gillospio, Porno roy. Miller. Thud row, loft to right: Furshong, Campbell, Delger. Morstein, McNeil. Scovol. Scott, Harper. Varland. Nau, Sutherland. Fourth row, loft to right: Podorson. Taylor, V iklund, Whito, Grogory, Krempasky. Murphy, V right. Standing: Asst. Coach Frank Hoey. Hoad Coach George McCormick. THE 1959 GRIDIRON SEASON Lino play was the mainstay of Wostern's team which gave a very good account of itself this year. Tho lino hold the opponents scoreless for tho first 3 games before losing to speedy Rocky and later to Eastern. The Bulldogs hold their opponents to a total of 47 points while scoring 201 themselves. They ranked sixth in tho nation rushing, nineteenth in team total offonse, and twenty-first in passing defense. Tho backfield made many improssive and long gains through ground attacks for which Western was famous. These gains wero implemented by the lino players who opened holos big enough to "drive a truck (Murphy) through." Both losses were by narrow margins which proved that Western was a team all opponents learned to respect. Tho end of the season saw tho Bulldogs tied for third place with Carroll with an 8 won 2 loss record. ALL-CONFERENCE SELECTIONS Glen Harper, Jack Dunlap, and Mike Murphy were namod to the first team All-Conference selections. This was the second year Harper and Dunlap were chosen on the first team. Harper was outstanding at tho tackle position and Dunlap at tho corner position. Mike Murphy moved up from last year's second team selection at halfback. Jim Miller was a repeat on the second team as quarterback. Other now members were Gene McNeil and Larry Varland. NOMINATED FOR NAIA ALL-AMERICAN Mike Murphy was nominated for the NAIA All-American team. He rated eleventh in the nation for his offensive ability and ground rushing. He had cn average of 102 yards per game rushing. (90)ALL-CONFERENCE FIRST TEAM GLEN HARPER TACKLE ALL-CONFERENCE SECOND TEAM JIM MILLER QUARTERBACK LARRY VARLAND HALFBACK GENE McNEIL END 1959 GRIDDERS JIM BARBER . HALFBACK DON SUTHERLAND END KEN SCALLY GUARD CO-CAPTAINS LARRY VARLAND JACK DUNLAP GAMES c«ni 19—Ricks Western zo Opponents 0 1 1 V , Sept.'26—Westminster - Oct. 3---MSC Bobklttens 0 0 14 d (Vi 10—Rorkv 19 • 27 Vvli • •• ••• • Oct. 17—Carroll (Homecoming) . Ort ?««—Mines , - 40 • 0 46 6 t 31—Eastern 7 13 Vs Vm 11 V i LAiJlWi II • a • ■ •• •••■• m«v 7—Northern 55. 6 11 ( t » lltV 1 »• — — • STAN CAMPBELL TACKLE BUD SHUMAN CENTER BEN GOLDIE CENTER PETE SCOTT HALFBACK BARRY WHITE QUARTERBACK BERT DEGLOW GUARD DAVE MEISSNER HALFBACK BILL TAYLOR END |lij(jgi||||||||i DON MERO FULLBACK LARRY SCOVEL TACKLE TED FURSHONG TACKLE JOE HALFBACK PAT DELGER GUARD DICK COSGRIFFE END (92)  Ak DICK GREGORY END JERRY CRINER GUARD JACK GILLESPIE END ARNE PEDERSEN GUARD JOE MALETTA QUARTERBACK DICK MENU HALFBACK FRANK WENZEL TACKLE Gabriel wada FULLBACK STEVE RICHARDS GUARD n 3)SCORES Theirs Ours Ricks 0 20 Westminster 0 0 M.S.C. Bobkittens 0 14 Rocky 28 19 Carroll 0 40 Mines 6 46 Eastern 13 7 Northern 6 55 CONFERENCE STANDINGS Wins Losses Eastern 4 1 Rocky 4 1 Western 3 2 Carroll 3 2 Northern 1 4 Mines 0 5 Western Has Hopes; Beats Carroll 40-0 Football Wind-up Western Montana College Bulldogs finished the ’59 season with a 55 to 6 win over Northern, which gave them a tie with Carroll (whom they whitewashed 40-0) for third place in the Montana Collegiate Conference. Each of these teams concluded the season with a 3-2 record. They finished behind Rocky and Eastern, each 4-1, who tied for first. Western Hands Northern 55-6 Shellacking Western Defeats Bobkittens 14-0 ( 94 )CONFERENCE CO-CHAMPS Left to right: Rodnoy Andor-son, Frank Cabbage, Ken Jenkins, Jerry Solvig, Allan Hopper, Maior Miller, Miko McOuirk. Coctl Warren, Tom Teegarden, Jack Dunlap,-center: George Nelson. 1959-60 BASKETBALL SEASON Captain George Nelson paced his team to another one of its great year3. In winning 21 out of 28 games the Bulldog cagors set an offensivodefonsive mark of 79.9 to 65.7 points. The 8-2 conference record was good enough for a co-championship with Rocky Mountain. Great non-conference performances marked wins over Eastern Washington, Northwost Nazarene (twice). College of Idaho (twice), Westminster and a successful defense of the Christmas tournament title at Havre. In NAIA tournament play at Caldwell the 3ulldogs lost to C. of I. In their opening gamo in an attempt to defend their District 5 title earned in 1958 and repeated in 1959. Tho consolation gamo matched conference co-champions. Western and Rocky—Western 84. Rocky 76. THE PLAYERS Seniors Nelson and Dunlap closed out great careers, earning their fourth basketball letter and helping their team to a four-year conference record of 32-8. Their three gold basketballs represent cno conference championship and two co-champicnships. Other lettermen are sophomores: Jenkins, Selvig. Miller, Warren, Hopper. Teegarden; froshmon: Cabbage, Anderson and McQuirk. Add to these eight lettermen, transfers Gerald and Dallas Jones: result, a most interesting and successful team for 1961. ALL-CONFERENCE SELECTIONS George Nelson was rated the number one man in the Montana Collegiate Conference. Ken Jenkins also made tho first five. Jerry Selvig rated a second team spot, and Cecil Warren and M:ke McOuirk were accorded honorable mention. (95)Mike McQuirk. Center Frank Cabbage, Guard Jack Dunlap. Guard Maior Miller, Forward Tom Toogarden, Forward ftodneY Guard Andcrsen. (97)(86) fjM ymm-rr- - MO ! MU Drubs R°cky Title « lerf o? C oofercnCC HoP F° Stuffin' Skinner Guess Whc (99)SCHEDULE Western—Eastern........... Western—Northwest Wyoming Western—Westminster ...... Western—Westminster ...... Western—Ricks ............ Western—College of Idaho ... Western—College of Idaho ... Wostorn—Whitworth ........ Western—Eastern Washington Western—Eastern........... Western—Northern’ ________ Wostorn—Westminster? ..... Wostorn—Westminster —..... Wostorn—Ricks ....„....... Western—Mines’ ........... Western—Carroll ......... Western—Northern’ —......... Western—Carroll ......... Western—NWN ............... Western—Rocky’ ........... Western—Rocky ........... Western—Eastern ......... Western—Eastern ......... Western—Mines ........... Western—Northern ........ Western C. of I.?......... Western—Rocky? Conference—? NAIA Western Opponents 78 65 99 48 58 76 60 62 84 83 79 62 71 63 78 91 79 74 63 58 85 51 58 65 76 71 109 77 81 52 106 65 83 40 71 59 72 61 106 66 84 88 65 66 78 71 85 63 96 58 68 75 84 76 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS fg it M A M A «P gp Nelson 160—394 SI—120 411 28 Jonkins 197—402 65—106 459 28 Warron 121—247 49—101 291 28 Selvig 120—283 101—158 341 28 McQuirk 131—272 49—103 311 27 Miller 55—117 35— 58 145 28 Dunlap 11— 39 18— 26 40 28 Anderson 22— 76 17— 22 61 20 Teegarden 12— 33 13— 16 37 18 Hopper 45— 76 19— 40 109 28 Cabbage 15— 31 2— 6 32 7 Others 0— 3 1— 4 1 Totals 889—1982 460—742 2238 Opponents 704—1679 431—693 1839 (100)CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Brenda Eccloston, Sandra Armstrong, Sharon Hor2og, Erma Dosjardins, Lorna Wearloy. Cheerleaders lead Pop Club at Homecoming Festivities. The cheerleaders for Western have contributed greatly to the spirit and zeal of the Western Pep Club. There are live cheerleaders this year—3 sophomores and 2 freshmen.PEP BAND Front row: Koith Christman Kenneth McLean, Gary Lacey, Vic Wostorgard, Mr. Kelley, Gayle Munson, Ray Phillips, and Alice Curdy. Second row: Shirley Rasmusson, Maiy Paullin, Carol Martin. Jo-leno Bilant, Holcn Chinn, and Chuck Connelly. Last row: Joyce Terry, Lavon Childs, Gladys Norris, Jim Opie. Carol Long, Joe Hughes, and Fred Laird. PEP BAND Under the direction of Mr. Kelley and Ray Phillips, the Pep Band played at all the home football and basketball games. It strongly supported the ball teams by adding school spirit and enthusiasm to the games. During the "Go Western, Beat Eastern” basketball game, it provided the music for the half-time show, presented by the local high school twirlers, the Beaver-ettes. PEP CLUB Under the leadership of Lois Michelotti, president; Janice Hart, vice president; Sue Schuchman, secretary; and Mrs. Bud Parrett, sponsor, the club has greatly improved school spirit at the football and basketball games. During Homecoming the club sold pop and mums. The group attended in a body the Western-Mines basketball game in Butte. ( 102)"M"CLUB Fiist row, sitting, left to right: Russ Fisk. Jerry Bennett. Larry Dunlap, Don Mero, Jack Dunlap, Dick Monti, Joe Morstein, Jim Miller. Second row, standing, left to right: Darrell Vallance, Dick Cosgriffe. Pat Delger, Dario Gatti, Cecil Warren, Jerry Selvig, Bud Shuman, Bill Taylor, Pete Glennie. WESTERN'S "M" CLUB Western's "M" Club is an active organization of athletes on campus. To belong an athlete must letter in a major sport and participate in a rigid initiation, held in the spring. Then being an active member, he may wear an "M" jacket. The "M" Club selects candidates for Homecoming queen, sponsors the big Homecoming dance, sponsors a float, sells pop at basketball games, and each spring comes up with an outstanding act for Vodvil. "Go Western Day" has proved to be an annual success due to the joint efforts of the Rodeo and "M" Clubs. The officers for 1959-60 are Jack Dunlap, president; Jim Barber, vice president; Pete Glennie, secretary; and sponsors Bill Straugh and George McCormick. (103)STRAPS Left to right, first row: Larry Adams, Ken Scally, Bill Row©, Gary McLees; Second row: Ron Adams, Gene McNeil, Jack Gibbons, Fraser MacDonald. ROUNDTOWN ROUNDBALLERS Left to right, first row: "Doc" Kiock-busch, Dick Jonasen, Dick Wicklund, Gerald Jones; Second row: Bill Fields, Pat Delger, Ward Scoffield, Sam Sharp, Glen Harper. RENEGADES Left to right, first row: Dick Applegate, Ben Goldie, Jerry Claussen; Second row: Dick Gregory, Doug Egeland, Pete Glennie. Ryan Swan, Ken Fickler. (104)BULLPUPS Loft to right, first row: Larry Var-land. Pete Scott, Joe Malletta, Don Moro; Second row: Bill Vogas, Jack Gillespie, Russell Thompson, Dick Cosgriffe. BLACK DIVISION Bombers 6-1 Bull duds 6-1 Renegades Freshmen Midgets . 6-1 4-3 3-4 WASC 2-5 Fatmen 1-6 Flubs ...0-7 INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL By Richard Steadman Intramural basketball is a great event on the campus of Western. Often the crowds gathered to see one of the encounters are just as large and enthusiastic as will be found at any game of the Bulldogs. This year's intramural program was even bigger and better than in years past. A total of 16 teams participated in 2 leagues which played games every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings for most of the season. The intramural season was divided up into 3 parts. The first was the pre-season tournament in the latter part of autumn quarter. The second was the regular season chase during winter quarter which ended with the following results: (105)( 106) ORANGE DIVISION Six Packs.... 6-1 Round Town Roundballers ...... 5-2 Straps .............. 5-2 Whips ...5-2 Teepee Creepers 4-3 District 15........... 2-5 Chads 1-6 Jewels 0-7 Following the regular season, the top four teams in each league were taken, and a double elimination tournament was begun. This tournament was won by the scrappy Straps over the Round Town Roundballers. Third place was taken by the Renegades and fourth by the Bullpups. A great deal of credit should be given to members of the Basketball Officiating Class who worked each game and made it possible to have a wonderful year.TRACK Left to right, front row: Wallace Rennie, Dick Cosgriffo, Wes Wag-enaar, Dennis Bymaster, Pete Glennie, Jack Dunlap, Doug Hen-ninger. Middle row: Jim Barber, Jerry Bennett, Way no Barney, Larry Varland, Larry Dunlap, Cecil Ranney. Back row: Coach McCormick, Darrell Vallance, Glen Harper, Jorry Solvig, Maier M:ller, Bob Butorovich, Allan Hopper, Bill Taylor. WESTERN TAKES MCC TITLE The Bulldogs were victorious against the other five members of MCC with eleven firsts and a total of 79 points. Larry Varland broke two records in the broad jump and the 220-dash. Western added another trophy to its collection by winning their own invitational meet with teams from Montana and Idaho participating. The Bulldogs journeyed to MSC to win a first in an NAIA test. They v ere outpointed only by MSC. Early in the season Western was defeated by the College of Idaho, but won second place in the meet. Western also lost a dual meet to MSC on the Western cinders. The coach and his thin-clads had a very successful season, bringing much praise and glory to Western's campus. Western's relay team won the conference for the eleventh time in twelve years for a fine record.bulldogs capture third STRAIGHT TRACK TITLE Stern’s Butovs Western Wins in Snow -shortened Meet Saturday Snow halted the tional track meet Vast Saturd, not until seven events had survivec e early part ot the storm. The Bulldogs were well on their svav to repeating last year's victory with At points. Rocky Mountain ot BiBVngs hud »V,. Sorthutn ol VUvtc g»fc Eastern ot Billing A, Carrol ot Helena 3. and Montana Mine? Western Wins 11th Meet in 12 Years Coach George McCormick’s track ■quad scored points in every event ast Saturday to run away with the annual Montana Collegiate Conference track meet for the 11th time in 12 years. RELAY TROPHIESBASEBALL % v; 7 M .r acts 31 Hopefuls Thirty-owe candidates turned out lor tVvo initial baseball practice under the new liead coach, Frank Hoey. Coach Hoey says that the team looks as g,ood as can he ex pccted this early in the season. "We had an exceptionally targe turnout ol prospective pitchers. Three 'Icily s' and lour right handers turned out this season which is encouraging to the team.” Also, there are nine returning hasehall lettermen hack this season. Western Wins MCC Baseball Crown Western won the Montana Collegiate Conference championship last Friday. May 15. by posting a 13-8 victory over the Montana School of Mines. This was Western's second straight baseball championship. Left to right, first row: Bort Doqlow, Don Murray. Bill Jack son. "Sonny" Lubick, Bill Conners. Mick Harrington. Ed Nicholson. Socond row: Frank Hooy coach, Jim Graham, Hal Wetzsteon, Cecil Warron. Ron Adams. Geary Moran. Fraser MacDonald, Russ Thompson. Western Defeats Mines, 13-2 Western’s baseball team won its third straight baseball game last Sunday afternoon by defeating the Montana Mines baseball team 13-3. Western Wins Butte Invitational, Splits With Ricks Western ran its win-loss record to R-l as they split a double header with Ricks College of Rexburg, Idaho, and then went on to win the Butte Invitational baseball meet at Butte last Sunday. May 10. with wins over Carroll and Northern. BASEBALL CHAMPS Frank Hoey's first year as baseball coach was very successful. His fine team won ten of their eleven games. Western's only defeat was handed to them by Ricks College of Idaho. But Ricks' victory was by a narrow margin. Western batted down Eastern, Carroll, Butte Mines, and Norihem to win the conference. The team and coach are to be commended for bringing to Western another fine trophy. (109)COACHES Left to right: Coach Frank Hooy; Bill Straugh, Diroctor of Athlotics; Coach Goorgo McCormick. OUR COACHES By Pete Glennie Coach Bill Straugh has chalked up a very impressive record at Western since taking over the coaching duties at his Alma Mater. Straugh will bo reaching for the select group next basketball season in looking for his 300th win. His leadership has captured eight conference championships on the hardwoods as well as sending four teams to the National tourney in Kansas City. Coach George McCormick, football coach, came to Western via Harlowtcn where he coached two undefeated teams. He has developed the Bulldogs into powerhouses the past four years. Although they have never won the championship under his leadership, they have finished 2nd and always have given an outstanding showing on the gridiron. The past two years they have compiled a 10 win—5 loss—1 tie record. Mr. McCormick also coaches track and has a streak of throe straight conference crowns. Coach Frank Hoey is a graduate of Montana State College where he excelled in sports. Under his guidance the baseball team developed into championship material the first year and ran up a 10 and 1 record. Coach Hoey also assists McCormick with the football squad. ED HOUSE SECOND PLACE WINNERS Second place went to Ed House and Jerry Selvig in the Montana Collegiate Conference tennis meet at Dillon in 1959. They lost to a fine team, representing the Mines. Ed House, a three-year veteran, represented Western in the singles play. He took a close third in the competition. These two will be returning to represent Western in the tennis tournament at Butte late in May. (110) JERRY SELVIGWOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Women's Athletic Association, one of Ihe most active organizations on campus, promotes interest in sports among the women, and provides clean, healthful recreation, WAA initiations occur winter and spring quarters with a day of initiation concluded by an impressive candlelight ceremony. Membership is open to all women who have participated in eight hours of recreational activity. By competing in various sports and individual activities, and by being an active member of the club for five quarters, the members are entitled to a winged "M" letter. Every Monday evening is WAA sports night. A variety of activities, including volleyball, basketball, badminton, swimming, and softball is offered. The WAA sponsors the sale of the omblom sweatshirts to the entire student body. During the year they sponsor the annual Sadie Hawkins dance. Other activities include the production of floats in the Homecoming, vodvil, and rodeo parades. The highlight of the year is an annual spring recreational day and an awards banquet given by the club. This was held at Jackson. Officers for the year are Myrle Enman, president; Sandi Martinsen, vice president; and Agnes Robish, secretary-treasurer. Mrs. Genoviovo Parrett is the women's athletic director. Volleyball—Sports Night (ni)SPORTS BOARD (112) Left to right: Lynda Powell, Edna Bell, Donna Robertson, Myrle Enman, Mary K. Straugh, Botty Hinton, Agnes Rebish, Sharon Herzog, Martha Millor, Tym Stocks, Janico Ruegsegger, Margarot Ann Wolfe, Ruth LoRoux, Donnio Jacobsen, Junella Beckor, Sandi Martinson, Botty Thiel, Gladys Norris, Mrs. Parrott, sponsor.On Your Toes (113) Up and over WAA SPORTS NIGHT Whose Ball? A Pause to Refresh O-V-E-R Social Hour CAMPUS GLIMPSESOn the fence REMEMBER The Carnival Dance ALWAYS Big Snow (1M) Mr. Dillon(115) Enjoying the Junior PromAMONG MY SOUVENIRSAdvertising Directory BUTTE Anaconda Company 135 Bill's Men's Shop................................................ 126 W. P. 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OR, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN OTHER CAREERS a two-year curriculum in Business Education a two-year General College course Freshman and Sophomore courses preparing for entrance into professional schools of Agriculture, Art, Architecture, Biological Science, Business Administration, Dentistry, Engineering, Forestry, Home Economics, Journalism, Law, Medicine, Veterinary Science Western Montana College of Education is fully accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and the Northwest Association for Secondary and Higher Schools. The Registrar Western Montana College of Education Dillon, Montana (119)Living Accommodations at Western Montana College of Education Include Sixteen Modern, Attractive Apartments for Married Students ★ New, Modern Dormitory Accommodations for Men ★ Women's Residence Hall, Attractive and Convenient ★ Dining Room Service for Men and Women Plan Now to Make Reservations for Your Room ★ Write to Business Office Western Montana College of Education Dillon, Montana (120)Professional Directory DR. E. D. EVANS DENTIST Phone MU 3-4491 DR. W. E. MONGER OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Phone MU 3-4421 STEWART BURWELL SPECIAL AGENT THE EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES Phone MU 3-2721 DR. W. J. ROMERS DENTIST Phono MU 3-2671 DR. R. J. ENGLISH OPTOMETRIST Phone MU 3-2321 Beaverhead Clinic Building DR. R. D. CURRY DENTIST Office Phono MU 3-2132 DR. J. C. LINDUSKA DENTIST Phone MU 3-2861 Morse and Idaho Street SCHULZ AND DAVIS ATTORNEYS AT LAW Dillon. Montana DR. J. W. 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Charles Ronald Adams. Larry .......... 104. 109 ......104 9, 26. 72, 79 66. 68 Andersen, Dorothy 19 44. 95. 96. 100 Anderson, Bill 44 Anderson, Karen 34, 59. 70. 72 44. 104 Armstrong, Jeri 44. 59. 84 34 44. 101 44 44. 63 60. 61, 62 26. 90. 91. 103, 107 107 44. 70 34. 63. 71 Becker. Junella 44. 112 Belanger, Colleen 19. 78 44. 59. 71. 112 34. 72. 103. 107 44 44. 63. 64. 71 Bieri, Ann . 34. 59. 63. 69. 70. 102 26, 59 45 45. 66. 68 63 19 34. 63, 64. 71 45 26 45 34 . . 45 34, 63 34 45, 59. 75 Bull. Fred 45 70 107 19. 72. 107 . 45, 95. 96. 100 45 34. 90. 92 45 9, 26. 60. 73 26, 60. 62. 61 26 Cherry, Sydna — 45 34. 63. 102 45. 63. 102 Christensen, Kelley 62 35. 71 45. 63. 87. 102 26 45. 63 26. 104 26 35. 84 46 46. 63 46. 63. 102 109 Coombe. Gary 35 Correa. Rich ..... Cosgriffo. Dick Cowan, Darrel! Cowdry. Judy ..... Cowdry, Marvin .... Criner, Jerry..... Crowley, Sariann Crum, Gwen ...... Cummings, Mildred Cury. Alice....... Daems, Lois ........ 79. 90. 92. 103, 105. 107 ................................70 35. 84 .....46. 90. 93 ............... 46. 63 35. 64 46. 63. 102 Dahl. Clarence 46 Davenoort. Richard 84 68 35. 90. 92. 109 46. 86. 90. 92 103. 104 35. 70 Desjardins. Erma 35. 78. 80. 101 DoVoe. Merle 35. 75 Downing, Louise 35. 63 66 Downing. Mickey 78 Duke, Willard 46 Duncan, Jane 46. 70 Dunlap. Jack 19, 58, 90. 91. 95. 96. 103, 107, 108 Dunlap, Larry 35. 103. 107 Dunn. Patti 46 Duval, Pat 35. 42 Eccleston, Brenda 35, 59. 101 Egan, Pat 35 Egedahl, Raymond 46 EgoJand, John 35. 104 Enman, Myrlo 9. 26. 59. 79 112 Erchul, Jay 47 Erdio, John 47 Fangsrud, Armand 47 Favoro, James 47 Feeney, JoAnn 36 63 Fickler. Ken 104 Field. Bill 47 104 Fisk, Russell 22 103 Flagel. Pauline ( 141 }1960 CHINOOK INDEX Flynn, James.......... Foreman, Ann.......... Foster, Roy .......... Fox, Charles M........ Fox, Charles K........ Frantzich, Laverno .... Fredericksen, Mario Freebourn, Harrison Freseman, Joyce------- Friend, Anna Belle .. . Frisbie, Mary Kay .... Fulbright, Sharon----- Fuller. Dianne........ Fuller, Ron........... Furman, Gladys ....... Furshong, Theodore Garrison, Jo.......... Gates, Dorothy........ Gatti, Dario.......... Gibbons, John .......— Giles, James ......... Gillespie, Jack....... Gillin. Bill.......... .................. 19 .47. 63, 64, 66, 68. 75 ............. 36. 84 .................. 27 _ 19 ...27 47 68 47, 63 ....78 .19, 78 27 ....20 ....20 90, 92 36. 86 47. 70 103 ___104 ...47 ................... 8, 47. 86. 90, 93. 105 9, 27, 66. 67, 68. 72. 73 Gleason, Ed........_.....—............................ 63 Glennie. Pete........................ 20, 79, 103, 104, 107 Goldie. Bon_____________________________ 27, 90, 92. 104 Gordon, Francis ...................................... 71 Graham, Jim ........................................ 109 Gransbery, JoAnn .................. -...................70 Gravely, Linda.................................... 47, 70 Green, Robert ........................................ 47 Groonhock, Judy .... Gregory, Richard ... Grimes, Sharon....... Haborstroh, Grace . Hampton, Bonnie ... Hanby, Richard Hancock, Mary Hankins, Lura Nelle Hannon, Gary........ Hanson, Bev ......... Hanson. Marcia Ann Harper, Glen........ Harrington, Dan ....... Harrington, Mick ... Harris, Georgia Ann Hart, Janice------ Hartford, Russell .. Hartman, Duane Hash, Marvin .. Hayden, Matilda Hayes, Lowell .......... 48, 63, 64 ... 48. 90. 93. 104 47. 63. 64, 71 ...................20 ... 27 ............36 ____36. 63. 64 ............20 ............. 27 ____________36 ......— 36, 78 27. 90. 91, 104, 107 .....................20 ........... 36. 109 .... 48, 71 .102 Heard, Edward ...... Henninger, Doug Herzog, Sharon Hinton. Betty Hodge, Marlene Holgren, Brian Holland, Margie .... Holm, Rita ......... Holman, Earl........ Holman, Sharon ..... Holtet, John ....... Hopcus, Anita....... Hopper, A1.......... Hopper, Virginia Horner, Frances . House, Ed.......... Hughes, Joe Hughes, Ronald Hull. Richard (Toad) Hunt, Rosie Hunter, Fern Hutchens, Lauretta Huth, Judy Ihnot, Constance .. Irwin, Duane Ivins, Gary ....... Jackson. Bill...... ............................36 48. 63. 70 ............................36 36, 79. 95. 96, 100. 107 ........................... 37 ....48. 86 Jacobson, Donalda Jenkins, Ken —.... Jennings, Russell ... Johnson, Stophen „ Johnson, Verla .. Johnson, Donald . Jonasen, Richard .. Jones, Bernio . Jones, Diann . Jones, Gerald Jones, Janet...... Jones, Karen ..... Jones. Tom........ Jumper, Jane 37.59,79,84,112 ............. 95. 96. 100 ____________________ 78 ............. 49 Kalafatich, Lawrence Koef, James Korlee, Mary Jane Kieckbusch, John .. Kimball, Jim King. Dan ........ Klawitter. Wanda Kolosar, John....... Krompasky, Tom Kristovich, John .... Lacey, Gary....... Laird, Fred....... Lake, Dave ....... Lai, Brij ________ 49. 63, 65. 66. 64. 68, 75. 102 37, 63, 65. 102 Lalondo, Marianne Larson, Ina .. Larson, Judy . Larson, James Larson, Robert ... Lawson, Beatrice Layton. Collette . Lehman, Donna Lehner, Alice t 142)1960 CHINOOK INDEX 38, 70. 79. 112 Nankorvis. Sharon 63 49, 63, 64 51, 63. 65. 70. 90. 93 38. 59. 63. 64. 71. 102 51. 63. 64 49 Nelson, George 22, 95. 96. 100 21. 109 Nicholson, Ed . 109 21 38 21, 78 39 49. 84 Norris. Gladys 39. 59. 63. 70. 84. 102. 112 28. 71. 72 Norlh, Steve .. 51 70 Nulliner, Betty 39 28. 74 Nye, Norma 22, 60. 61. 62 21. 104 109 39 50 90, 93. 105 Oliver, Violet 22 28. 74 Olson, Lance 51 38 63 O'Neill, Pat 51. 70 ... 50 Opio, James 39. 63. 70. 87, 102 9 28 63 64 72 87 102 Oursland. Albert 18 50 Paige, Duane 51 38 59 69 79 112 Palacios. Ena 39, 59 28 Palmor, Margaret . 51 50. 70 Park, Linda 51 50 Park, Jean 51 50 Parrett, Roy 22. 53. 60. 61. 62. 66. 67. 68. 74 28 Parsons, Marilyn 57. 84. 86 18 Passmore, John 52. 75 22 58 Paullin, Mary 52. 63. 102 50 63 64 66 68 70 Pedersen. Arne 52. 63. 66. 68. 90. 93 38 63. 65, 102 Perogoy, Walter 39. 63. 65. 70 50. 63 104 Perusich, Roberta 52 28, 70 Petersen, Jerry 74 90 91 104 Petersen, William 39 50 95 96 100 Pfau, Ron 8. 39. 70 38 90 92 Phillips. Ray 29. 63. 64. 65. 66. 68. 87. 102 50 90 93. 103 Phipps, Margaret 22, 58. 59 Pierce. Carolyn 78 38 79 90 92 103 Pilon, Eleanor 39. 63 . 29 Plutt, Martin 50 Plutt. Connie 30 38. 63. 102 Pomeroy. Phil 52. 90. 93 38 63 70 Pomeroy, Tom 50 Powell, Lynda 52. 112 29 42 79 90 91 103 Pov ors, John 29. 70 38 95. 97, 100. 107 Powers, Madelyno 50 59 85 112 Pugh. Jerry 23. 74 18 Puyoar, Donald 39. 80. 84 50 63 Ranney, Cecil 39. 107 . 51. 84, 86 Rasmussen, Shirley 39. 63. 71. 102 51 Bebish. Agnes 9. 29. 70. 79. 112 22. 109 Reinwar.d, Jack .. Morrison, Russell . 38. 60. 61. 62. 63. 65. 66. 68. 72. 73 38 90 92 103 Rennie. Wallace 107 Rettig, Kim 51 Reeves, Peg 29 29 Richards, Stephen ...... 52. 90. 93 51 70 Richwino, Warren 98 89 84 88 70 71 79 107 Robertson. Donna 23. 59. 66. 71. 112 22 66 70 74 Robinson, Phyllis 90 91 85 Rogers. Jeanette 52 Murray, Don 22. 109 Rollman, Darold 29 ( 143)1960 CHINOOK INDEX 52 54 40 Talcott, Joanne 54. 63 40, 59, 66. 68 69 23, 60, 61. 62. 63. 65, 75 Taylor, John ... 52, 71 41, 79, 85. 90. 92. 103, 107 95. 96. 100 9, 29. 112 54. 63, 71, 75, 102 40. 63. 71 Thiel. Betty 31. 112 40 Thompson, Ellis 54 52 Thompson, Marshall 66. 68 23. 62 18 62 40 105. 109 90, 91, 104 Topley, Charles Schulz, Vera 23. 62. 72 Townsend, Cody 51 Schrader, Sue..............................40, 63, 64, 71 Troriso, Bonnie 41 Schuchman, Sue ............................... 40, 102 Trott, Jean.........—.......................... 41, 73 . 53. 84 8. 9. 31. 59 86 53. 104 Underwood, Lou 8. 9. 31. 59 74 Vallanco, Darrell 41, 103, 107 9. 29. 90. 92. 105 Van Gildor, Joye .._ 54 53. 90. 92 Varland, Larry . 8. 24. 58. 79. 90. 91, 105. 107 30. 63, 65. 71 Vaughn, Norma Selvig, Jerry 30, 95. 96, 100, 103, 107 Vicevich, Louis 9. 31 18 Vegas, William 105 „ 30. 104 Vucasovich, Georgiana 54. 66, 68, 70, 75 23 54. 90. 93 30, 60. 70 V agenaar, Wes 107 79 Wallace, Robert 90. 93 . 66. 68. 72 Ward, Margo 41, 70 40, 79. 90. 92. 103 Wardoll, Louise 24 30 Warren. Cecil 41. 95, 96. 100, 103. 109 53 Wearley, Calvin 8. 84 53 Wearley, Lcrna 41, 59, 78. 80. 84. 101 Wearley. Reginald 24, 84. 85 53. 63. 69. 71 Webb, Sally 41, 59 53 Woist, Lois 41, 59. 84 24. 71 Wendel, Gary 54 40. 73 Wenzel, Frank 54. 90. 93 53 West. Mary Ellon 41. 59, 69. 80 West, Richard 54 Stephens, Harriet 24. 60, 62 Westergard, Vic 63, 87, 102 109 30 Wheat, Helen 24, 66, 68 53 112 White, Barry 90, 92 53 White. Sandra 54, 71 Stoner. Margaret .... 24 Whitesitt, Dean — 9, 31 40. 112 Wiklund, Richard ...55,85.90,93 104 40 Williams, Charlotte 41 30, 84 Williams, Ken 41,86 Stoos, Wes Wilson, Lois — 55 30, 73 Wolfe, Mary 55 70 40. 60 61 62 63 78 Wolfe, Margaret 31, 70. 112 Sullivan, Georgeann 9. 30. 66 Wudel, Donna Sullivan, Joan 53, 70 Wolfgang, Janet 53 Wright, Ed 55 90 24 Yost, Verna 55, 66. 68 Sundling, Ray Young. Floyd Zeller, Ron Zilla, Jo .. Sutherland, Don 30. 85. 90. 91 9 31 Swan, Ryan 30. 104 Zink, Dale AUTOGRAPHSAUTOGRAPHS

Suggestions in the University of Montana Western - Chinook Yearbook (Dillon, MT) collection:

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