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 ?£ $ CHINOOKFOREWORD The resemblance of life to a book became evident to the Chinook staff as they worked on a theme for the 1959 annual. A book goes on page by page, chapter by chapter; so life at Western goes on quarter by quarter, year by year. This annual represents a chapter which each one of us has helped to write. In future years we hope it will recall to mind many happy memories. Another year, another chapter in Western's history has been written with the 1958-59 chapter practically completed. We cannot return and change the contents for, as the poet said. (2) "The Moving Finger writes; and having writ, Moves on . . ." ,35722DEDICATION COACH WILLIAM STRAUGH The 62nd of 107 "Winningest Coaches" in the Nation Under the leadership of our present athletic director, Western has captured more than just a share of conference championships — seven out of fifteen. The Bulldogs have participated in four National Tournaments, sponsored by the NAIA. A graduate of Western in the class of 1935, he returned to his Alma Mater five years later as coach and instructor in mathematics. We sincerely hope that under his guidance Western will win many more conference championships and send more top competitive teams to the NAIA tournaments. With sincere gratitude we proudly dedicate this annual to William "Bill" Straugh, our athletic director and coach.NEW WING OF IORDAN HALL TO BE COMPLETED THIS SPRING Sketch of Proposed New Men's Residence Hall Drawn by Art Club COMPLETED PART OF IORDAN HALL A Proud New Room in Jordan Hall (6)A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT For each of you there is something special, individual, and personal about this Chinook of 1959. As you review these pages in 1979, your perspective will have changed — your evaluation of the contributions of the year 1959 to your life pattern will not be the same. Let us hope that this book will preserve for you much of the atmosphere you enjoyed — and that time will remove for you all that you did not enjoy. To paraphrase Whittier: Ah, well for us all some sweet memory lies deeply buried from human eyes . . . JAMES E. SHORT PRESIDENT (7)STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Loft to right: Mr. E. A. Dye, Helena: Mrs. F. H. Petro, Miles City; Mr. George Lund. Reserve; Monsignor Emmett J. Riley, Butte; Miss Harriet Miller. State Superintendent of Schools; Governor J. Hugo Aronson; Mrs. George Chambers, Cut Bank; Mr. Merritt Warden, Kalispell; Mr. Boynton G. Paige. Phillipsburg. Absont at the time of the picture were Dr. Earl L. Hall, Great Falls, and Mr. Forrest H. Anderson. Attorney General. The Local Board meets with President Short. Left to right: Mr. O. A. Bergeson, Mr. W. G. Gilbert Jr., Mrs. Amy Gilbert, and Dr. James Short. Waldron Boger, a member of the local board who served for two years before moving away from Dillon early this year. (8)Left to right: Lars Olsen, Dennis Bymaster, Carolyn Pierce, Ron Warner, Kevin Murphy, Lois Moran, Jack Dunlap, Colleen Belanger, Jeanne Merica, Miss Albertson, and Jim Scalf. 1959 CHINOOK PRESENTED BY: Jim Scalf.......... Editor Ed House, Jeanne Merica .... ................ Associate Editors Colleen Belanger, Lois Moran.................. . Assistant Editors Dennis Bymaster, Bob Robinson...............Business Managers Bill Sullivan, Jack Dunlap, Lars Olsen Hal Wetzsteon .......................... Organization Editors Kevin Murphy, Kim Rettig..................... Athletic Editors Carolyn Pierce..................................... Art Director Ron Warner Publicity Manager Larry Varland......................President of the Junior Class Genevieve Albertson..................................... Sponsor Left to right: Herald Wetzsteon, Kim Rettig, Bob Robinson, Edwin House, Bill Sullivan and Larry Varland. (9)EVERY SEASON BRINGS ITS OWN SPECIAL BEAUTY TO WESTERN. ( 10)STUDENT COUNCIL Loft to right: sitting: Pete Glennie—Student Body President, Dr. Short, Madeline Mogus. Gordon Vanderpan. Standing: Larry Varland, Cal Wearly, Joe Morstein. The Student Council, which has been active on campus for eleven years, is composed of a student body president, Secretary-Treasurer, and the four class presidents. It regulates and improves all matters of general student concern. The major project undertaken by the Student Council this year was the processing of the council constitution. Mr. George Brown helped the members in carrying out this all-important project. Other projects, which were planned and organized, were Homecoming, several dances, roller skating parties, and other college-sponsored activities. The members of the Student Council were the following: Student Body President, Pete Glennie; Secretary-Treasurer, Madeline Mogus; freshman class president, Joe Morstein; sophomore class president, Cal Wearly; junior class president, Larry Varland; and senior class president, Gordon Vanderpan. (inFACULTY ww % Stella G. Bicrrum Instructor in Fine Art B.S., University of Minnesota; Graduate Study, University of Minnesota, Art Institute of Chicago. St. Paul School of Art. Clarabel Bogut College Nurse R.N., Montana Deaconess Hospital. George Brown Jr. Director of Public Relations Wesley Caspers Dean of Education, Director of Summer School. B.S., State Teachers College, Superior, Wisconsin; M.S., California Institute of Technology; M.A., Ph.D., University of Minnesota. Genevieve Albertson Professor of English B.A., Montana State University; M.A., Columbia University; G r a d u at e Study, University of Washington, University of London. Clay Anders Instructor in Industrial Arts B.S., M.S., Montana State College. William Bruer Associate Professor Education, Dean of Men. Director of Placement and Teachers Service. B.S., Nebraska State Teachers College; M.A., Colorado State College of Education. ( 12)FACULTY Terrance Cypher Instructor in Mathematics B.S., M.S., Montana State College. Mary B. Emerick Profossor of Fine Art B.A., Univorsity of Washington; M.A., Columbia University; Graduate Study, Chouinard Institute of Art, University of California at Los Angolos, University of Southern California. John R. Cumming Associate Professor of Education B.B.A., University of Minnesota; M.Ed., Ph.D., University of Washington. Josoph Feathers Assistant Professor of Education B.A., Williamette University; M.S., Ph.D., University of Washington. Edward A. Cobull Associate Profossor of English B.E., Western Montana College of Education; M.A., Montana State University; Graduate Study, University of California. Gert L. Daniels Associate Professor of Biological Science B.A., M.A., University of Texas; Graduate Study, University of California, Columbia University. (Absent on Leave 1958-59) Stanley R. Davidson Assistant Professor in Social Studies B.A., M.A., Montana State University; Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley. ( 13)Helen Gallaqher Secretary to the President Dorothy Gelhaus Librarian B.A., B.S. in Library Science, University of Washington. Mrs. Viola Holler Assistant to Business Manager FACULTY John C. Garry Assistant Professor of Businoss Education B.B.A., B.S., M.A., University of Minnesota; Gradu ate Study. University of North Dakota. Winifred Greonwood Assistant Professor in Home Economics B.A., Brenau College; M.A., Colorado State College of Education; Graduate Study, Traphagen School of Dress and Design. Ashford B. Kelley Assistant Professor of Music B.F.A., Nebraska State Teachers College; M.M., Northwestern University; Graduate Study. University of Nevada. Chico State Teachers College. Ralph Kneeland Associate Professor of Education B.S. Ed., Kirksville State Teachers College; M.Ed., Montana State University; Graduate Study, Oregon State College. Brinton Jackson Assistant Professor of Music B.M.E., Montana State University; Graduate Study, Northwestern University, Columbia University. (14) FACULTY Helen Luebben Instructor in English, Foreign Language B.A., Graduate Study, University of California; Mid-dlebury School of Languages. Ralph McFadden Professor of Music A.A.M., Dana Musical Institute: Graduate, Institute of Musical Art of the Jul-liard School, New York; N.M., American Conservatory of Music, Chicago. George McCormick Instructor in Physical Education, Football Coach B.A., Graduate Study, Montana State College. Bertie Mathews Secretary Placement and Teachers Service Division Georgia Mathews Business Manager, Acting Dean of Women Iva Lea Orr Assistant to the Librarian ( 15)FACULTY Joe C. Ryburn Assistant Professor of English B.E.. Western Montana College of Education; Graduate Study, University of Washington, University of Denver. Evelyn Stauffer Assistant Registrar and Instructor in English B.E.. Western Montana College of Education; Graduate Study, University of Washington, University of Montana. William Straugh Professor of Physical Education Athletic Director B.E., V estern Montana College of Education; M.A., Montana State University; Graduate Study, University ol California, University of Montana. Howard Smith Assisant Professor of Physical Science B.S., M.S., Graduate Study. Montana State College. Dale Tash Associate Professor of Social Studies B.S.. Western Montana College of Education; M.A., Montana State University; Graduate Study. University of Colorado. Genevieve F. Welch Instructor in Women's Physical Education B.A., Montana State University; Graduate Study. Baruch School of Physical Therapy — Medical College of Virginia.GRADUATE DIVISION WORKING ON MASTER'S DEGREE Jack Mattingly ( 18) Janice SelwayDoris Albcck Dillon Major: English Minors: Art, Social Studios, Education Rirchard Barber Ronan Majors: Social Studies. Physical Education Activities: Basketball 1. 2; Football 2. 3: Track 1, 2. 3: "M" Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Secretary-Treasurer 4 CLASS Mildred Benson Dillon Major: Elementary Education Minors: English, Social Studies Activities: "The Wizard of Oz" 3 Anita Blood Avon Major: Elementary Education Minor: Social Studies Activities: KZN 1. 2, — Vice-President 2; WAA 1. 2, — Secretary-Treasurer; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; SEA 1, 2. 3, 4; Homecoming Queen Candidate 1 Robert Butorovich Butte Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Studios Activities: Football 1. 2. 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3. 4; "M" Club 1. 2. 3. 4 1959 William Connors Butte Major: Mathematics Minor: Social Studies Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; "M" Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2,—Vice-President 2 Wayne Barney Rexburg, Idaho Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Art Activities: Transfer from Ricks College 3; Track 3, 4: "M" Club 3. 4; Who's Who 4 Fern Bonncll Elliston Major: English Minors: Social Studios, Art Activities: Transfer from Eastern Montana College of Education and Montana State University Howard Cooper Dillon Major: General Scionce Minor: Mathematics ( 19}Dale Dean Valier Major: Social Studies Minor: Physical Education Activities: Gargoyle Club 2, 3. 4.—President 4; "Stage Door" 2; "Mad Woman of Chaillot" 2; "Twilight Walk" 3; "The Wizard of Oz" 3; Track 3 CLASS Richard Evans Butte Majors: Music, Industrial Arts Activities: Transfer from Montana State University 2; Men's Sextette 2, 3; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Chinook Staff 3; Industrial Arts Club 2, 3. 4, —President 3; Bowling League Vice-President 3 Dola Fitzpatrick Dupuyer Major: Art Minors: English, Science Emma Dawson Bridger Major: English Minor: Social Studies Joyce Freshman Butte Major: English Minor: Speech—Drama Activities: Chanticleer Club 1, 2, 3; Wescolite 1. 2, 3; KZN 1, 2, 3. 4; Music Club 1, 2, — Secretary - Treasurer 2; Dramatic productions 1, 2, 3, 4; Gargoyle Club 2, 3, 4; Matrix 2, 3, 4; Elk's Scholarship 2; AAUW Scholarship 3; Montana PTA Scholarship 1; Chinook Staff 3; Debate 2; Who's Who 4 Evelyn Eddy Deer Lodge Major: Elementary Educatic Minor: Art Activities: KZN 1, 2. 3, SEA 1, 2; Senior Class Se retary-Treasurer; Homecoi ing Queen 4 William Fairhurst Three Forks Majors: Physical Educatior Science Minor: Social Studies Activities: Football 2; Trad 2; "M" Club 3, 4 Leona Harrington West Glacier Major: English Minors: Social Studies. Art (20)Douglas Honninger St. Anthony, Idaho Majors: Industrial Arts, Physical Education Activities: Transfer from Ricks College 3; Track 3, 4; "M" Club 3, 4 Barbara Huckaba Whitehall Major: English Minor: Music Activities: Transfer from Rocky Mountain College 4; Art Club 4; Wesley Foundation 4,—Secretary-Treasurer 4; Chorus 4 CLASS Russell Jennings Deer Lodge Major: English Minor: Speech—Drama Activities: Wescolite 2; Chinook staff 3; Debate 3, 4; Bowling 3 Anne Jumper Dillon Major: English Minor: Art Activities: Transfer from the University of Mississippi and Millsaps College 2; Art Club 2, 3. 4,—Secretary-Treasurer 3; Chanticleer Club 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 4; KZN 2, 3 Ella Laden Dillon Major: Elementary Education Miners: Social Studios, Language Evelyn McLaughlin Malta Major: English Minors: Music, Social Studies 1959 Mary Clare McVey Butte Major: Elementary Education Minor: Science Activities: Transfer from the College of St. Catherine 3; Debate 3; SEA 3, 4; KZN 3. 4; Homocoming Queen Candidate 3, 4; Newman Club 3, 4, — Secrotary-Troasurer 4; Student Affairs Committee 4; Student Union Committee 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Forensic Club 3—Vice-President 3; State Speech Meet, Third Place in Debate (21)CLASS William Meagor Butt© Major: Social Studios Minor: English Activities: Freshman Class Vice-President: Bowling League 3—President 3; Chinook staff 3 Delmer Morgan Dillon Major: Science Minors: English, German Activities: SEA 4; Band 4 Elmer Olson Baker Major: Social Studies Minor: English Elizabeth Orr Dillon Major: Mathematics Minors: Science, English Activities: SEA 1, 2, 3, 4; Delegate to State Assemblies 1, 2, 3; Delegate to NEA Convention 3; Junior Class Secretary - Treasurer; Chinook Staff 3; KZN 1, 2, 3. 4 1959 Larry Palagi Butte Major: Social Studies Minor: Physical Education Activities: Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4; "M" Club 2, 3, 4 Nancy Osborne Ennis Majors: Elementary Education, Social Studies Minor: English Activities: KZN 1. 2, 3. 4; SEA 1. 2, 3, 4,—President 3; Gargoyle Club 3, 4; Junior Class Vice-President; Homocoming Queen 3; Miss Western Candidate 1. 2; House Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Debate 2, 3; Student Affairs Committee 3; Western Academic Scholarship 4; "Stage Door" 2; "Mad Woman of Chaillot" 2; "Wizard of Oz" 3; Who's Who 4 George Parrott Butte Major: English Minor: Social Studies Activities: Second Place in Founders Day Oratory Contest 1; Elks Scholarship 1, Music Club 1; Sophomore Class President; Chanticleers 2, 3. 4; Wescolite Editor 3, 4; Student Council 2. 3; Phi Delta Kappa Award 3; 'Wizard of Oz" 3; "Diary of Anne Frank" 4; Junior Class President; Student Union Board 4; Who's Who 4 Vincent Petrino Butte Majors: Physical Education Social Studies Activities: Football 1, 2; "M" Club 1. 2. 3, 4; Baseball 1. 2. 3, 4 (22)CLASS Garry Rafter Opheim Majors: Social Studies. Physical Education Minor: Biological Science Activities: Football 2, 4; Baseball 2. 3. 4; Track 2. 3. 4; "M" Club 2. 3. 4 Raymond Simms Butte Major: Music Minor: English Robort Robinson Butte Major: Science Minor: Mathematics Activities: Transfer from Carroll Collego 3: Newman Club 3; Chinook Staff 3: Intramural Basketball 3. 4: Bov ling 3. 4.—Secretary-Treasurer 4 Rose Marie Scott Butte Major: English Minor: Social Studies Activities: 1st in State Oral Interp 1. 2, 3; 3rd and 1st in State Oratory 2, 3; 3rd in Oral Interp at Western Speech Assoc. Tournament 3—Semi-finalist 4; 2nd in Oral Interp. Tau Kappa Alpha Tournament. 3: 1st in Oratory at Gem State Jamboree 3; Chinook Editor 3; Assoc. Editor—Wescolite 4: Forensic Assoc. 2, 3. 4 — Vice-President 4; KZN 2. 3. 4; PTA Scholarship 3: Student Council Sec. 3: 1st and 2nd in Founders Day Oratory 2, 3; Matrix 4; Who’s Who 4 Vivian Smith Lewistcwn Major: Art Minors: Social Studies. English 1959 Donald Rosoncrans Butte Major: Art Minor: Physical Education Activities: Football 1; Chorus 1, 2. 3. 4; Boxing 1; Library Committee 4: Newman Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Music Club 1. 2. 3; Band 4; Men's Sextette 3; Intramural Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Bowling 2. 3. 4 Eleanor Simonsen Hamilton Major: Elementary Education Minor: Homo Economics Margaret Stephens Elko, Nevada Major: Elementary Education Minors: English, Social Studies (23)CLASS Loren Sullender Twin Bridges Major: Business Minor: Physical Education Activities: Track 1, 2; Intramural Basketball 1. 2; "M” Club 1. 2. 3. 4 Gordon Vanderpan Scofcey Major: Elementary Education Minor: Guidance Activities: Band 3. 4; Senior Class President 1959 Ura Stroeder Dillon Major: Social Studies Minors: Fine Arts. English Matt Telin Twin Bridges Major: Science Minors: Mathematics. Physical Education Activities: Chinook Staff 3; Football 2, 3. 4; "M" Club 2, 3. 4; Rodeo Club 2; Intramural Basketball 3, 4 Gary Winston Butte Majors: Science, Mathematics Wesley Wagenaar Lodge Grass Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Social Studies Activities: Student Body Pres dent 3; Track 1,2, 3. 4; Si Club 2; Sophomore Clas Vice-President; Studen Council 3; MCC High Hurdk Record Holder 3; MCC Rec ord Holding Relay Team 2 3, 4; National NAIA Trad Meet 3; Student Affairs 3 4; Who's Who 4 (24)(25)CLASS OF 1960 Colloon Belanger Butte Activities: Cheerleader 2; Newman Club 1, 2. 3 — Treasurer 1. 2—Vice-President 3; WAA 1.2, 3—President 2; Sadie Hawkin's Queen 2; KZN 1. 2. 3; Music Club 1; Chorus 3: House Council 1. 2. 3; Chinook Staff 3; Dramatics Productions 1, 3; Library Committee 3 Charles Delano Dillon Activities: Junior Class President; Debate 2, 3 Manus Farren Butte Activities: Transfer from School of Mines 2; Baseball 2; Newman Club 2. 3; "M” Club 2, 3; Chinook staff 3 John Bolten Santa Monica. California Activities: Transfer from Shasta and Santa Monica Stato College 3 Martha Grcono Dillon Activities: Gargoyle Club 3; Chorus 3; Band 3 Dennis Bymaster Dietrich. Idaho Activities: Transfer from Ricki College 3; Football 3; Chi nook Staff 3; Wescoliti Staff 3; Chanticleer Club 3: Intramural Sports 3 Jack Dunlap Livingston Activities: Football 1. 2, 3; All-Conference First Team 3; Track 1, 2. 3: Basketball 1. 2, 3; "M” Club 1. 2. 3; Chinook staff 3 Bonnie Hampton Noxon Activities: KZN 1, 2, 3; Junioi Class Secretary-Treasurer, Chinook Staff 3 (26)Lowell Hayes Dillon Activities: Debate 3. A: Forensic Club 2, 3 CLASS OF 1960 Anita Hopcus Bridgor Activities: KZN 1, 2. 3 Edwin House Darby Activities: Intorvarsity 1. 2. 3; Music Club 1, 2—President 2; SEA 3; Men's Quartette 1. 2; Chorus 1; Elk's Scholarship 1; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3; Tennis 2, 3; Chinook Staff 3 Anna Mao Hughes Dillon Carolee Kambich Glen Activities: Library Committee 2; Chanticleer Club 1, 2, 3— President 2. 3; Wescolite Editor 1: KZN 1. 2. 3; Newman Club 2. 3; 4-H National Congress Scholarship 3 Vorna Jenkins Deer Lodge Activities: KZN 1. 2. 3; Art Club 1, 2, 3—Treasurer 2; WAA 1. 2. 3; Music Club 1; SEA 1, 2; Delegate Assembly 1; Intorvarsity 1. 2: Chorus 1 Fraser MacDonald Butte Activities: Transfer from MSU 2; Baseball 2. 3; ''M' Club 2. 3 (27)Jeanne Merica Ennis Activities: KZN 1, 2, 3—President 2; SEA 2. 3—Treasurer 3; Student Affairs 3; Chinook Staff 3; House Council 3 Lars Olsen Deer Lodge Activities: Transfer from Graceland College 2; Chinook Staff 3; Intramural Basketball 2. 3; Wescolite 2. 3; Chanticleer Club 2, 3 Jerry Pugh Fort Benton Activities: Football 1; Indus trial Art's Club 3; Bowling League 2, 3; Intramural Basketball 1, 2 CLASS OF 1960 Lois Moran St. Ignatius Activities: Transfer from Carrol College 2; Newman Club 2. 3; KZN 3; SEA 3; Chinook Staff 3: Wescolite 3 Kim Rettig Fort Benton Activities: "M" Club 2. 3; Chinook Staff 3; Intramural Basketball 3; Bowling 2. 3 Kevin Murphy Roundup Activities: Chinook Staff 3; Newman Club 1, 2. 3 — President 3; "M" Club 1, 2 3; Football 1; Gargoyle Club 1, 2. 3; Industrial Art's Club 2. 3—Treasurer 3; Chorus 1 Carolyn Pierce Whitehall Activities: SEA 2; Rodeo Club Secretary 1, 2, 3; KZN 1, 2, 3; Pep Club President 3; Cheerleader 1, 2; Chinook Staff 3; Junior Class Secretary-Treasurer Donna Robertson Helena Activities: KZN 1. 2. 3; WAA 1, 2. 3; Gargoyle Club 1, 2. 3—Secretary 3; SEA 1, 2, 3—Vice-President 3; Inter-varsity 1, 2. 3; Dramatics Productions 1, 2. 3 (28)Jim Scalf Stevensville Activities: "M” Club 1, 2, 3; Track 1. 2. 3; SEA 3; Chi-nook Editor 3; King of Dog-patch 3; Intramural Basketball 1. 2. 3 CLASS OF 1960 Larry Staton Corvallis Activities: Intervarsity 1. 2. 3 —President 3: Rodeo Club 1. 2. 3; SEA 1, 2 Larry Varland Harlowton Activities: Junior Class President; Sophomore Class Vice-President; Football 1. 2. 3; Basketball 1; Track 1, 2. 3; "M" Club 1. 2. 3; Chinook Staff 3; Bowling Leaguo 3; Student Council 3; NAIA National Finals at San Diego; MCC Relay Record Holder 1. 2 Holon Wheat Dillon Activities: Gargoyle Club 3; Wescolito Staff 3 ' ' William Sullivan Butte Activities: Newman Club 1. 2. 3; Bowling League 2, 3; Chinook Staff 3; Wescolite 2, 3; Chanticleer Club 2, 3; Intramural Basketball 1. 2. 3 Herald Wotzsteon Darby Activities: "M” Club 1, 2. 3; Baseball 1, 2. 3; Chinook Staff 3; Bowling League 3 Jack Zink Dillon Activities: Football 1; "M" Club 1, 2. 3; Industrial Art's Club 2 (29)THE LEISURE LIFE OF THE STUDENT TV LOOKS GOOD AS TV SHOULD . . Loft to right, back row: M. Lalonde, E. Slater, B. Dawson, M. Murphy. Front row: J. Scalf, J. Feidc! J. Holtet, H. Carson, D. Smith, G. Hopper. YE OLE BARGAIN BASEMENT THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHESo p H O M O R 3Mildred Ayers Denton Russell Black Dodson Harvey Burns Three Forks CLASS OF 1961 James Barber Ronan Allen Benson Deer Lodge Mary Becklen Red Lodge Patricia Blaisdoll Townsend Holcn Carson Townsend Ted Boyd Butte Harry Casey Anaconda Marlene Boysun Wolf Point Activities: Transfer from East ern Montana College 2 Merle Casey Anaconda (32)Pat Casey Kalispell CLASS OF 1961 Philip Chriswell Dillon Gerald Claussen Drummond Lois Daems Ennis Activities: SEA 2; WAA 1, 2: KZN 1, 2; Band 2; Intervarsity 1 Florence Dyer Drummond Activities: KZN 2; Newman Club 1. 2; Pep Club 2; SEA 2 Bert Deglow Columbia Falls Carla Ellis Dillon Bonita Elser Sheridan Thomas Connors Butte lames Duval Liberty, Missouri Myrle Enman Drummond Activities: SEA 1, 2; KZN 1. 2; WAA 1, 2—Secretary Treasurer 2 (33)Russell Fisk Harlowton Sharon Fulbright Helena Glen Harper Roundup CLASS OF 1961 Mary Kay Frisbie Ennis Activities: SEA 2; WAA 1. J KZN 1, 2; Newman Club 2; Band 2 Sheryll Flynn Anaconda James Flynn Anaconda I Ellen Gately Butte Activities: Newman Club 1, 2; SEA 1, 2; Bowling League 1 2 Dario Gatti Shadyside, Ohio Damie Jo Hart Dillon Ben Goldie Deer Lodge Russell Hartford Lewistown (34)Linda Hasson Jackson George Hughes Dillon CLASS OF 1961 Ada Holt Deer Lodge Leslie Jackson Sheridan Judy Howland Anaconda Activities: Rodeo Club 1, 2 SEA 2; Newman Club 1, 2 Pep Club 2 Bonnye Jacobs Anaconda Janet Jones Dillon Activities: SEA 2. KZN 1, 2; Pep Club 1. 2; Gargoyle Club 1, 2; Dramatics Productions 1, 2 4 Carol Hughes Butte Veleen Johnson Alberton Activities: SEA 2; KZN 2; WAA 1. 2; Pep Club 2 James Koof Whitehall (35)Donald McDaniel Dillon Cathy McGoohan Butte Activities: Cheerleader 1, 2; Newman Club 1, 2; Homecoming Candidate 2; SEA 2; KZN 1, 2—Vice-President 2; House Council 1, 2; Pep Club 1. 2 Mildred McGregor Drummond CLASS OF 1961 Francos Lau Pony Marlono Lundell Butte Nell Kont Ennis Activities: Gargoyle Club 1, 2; Intramural Basketball 1, 2; Rodeo Club 1; "Sabrina Fair" 1 Carolyn LePiano Missoula Activities: Bowling League 2; Newman Club 2; Bridge Club 2 Mary Mao Kester Stevensville Activities: SEA 2; KZN 2; WAA 1, 2—Vice-President 2; Rodeo Club 1, 2; Wes-colite 2 John Lyons Butte Activities: Industrial Arts Club 1, 2; Newman Club 1. 2; Rodeo Club 1; Intramural Basketball 1, 2 James Kimball Rollins (36)CLASS OF 1961 Anna Ma© McKeover Fort Benton Activities: KZN 1, 2; Student Wives 2; Wescolite Staff 2 Lawrence McManamon Butte Sharon Martin Plains Jodol Masolo Butte Activities: KZN 1. 2; SEA 1. 2; House Council 1. 2; Intervarsity 1, 2; Bowling Murnell Mikkolson Anaconda Activities: Transfer from Montana State College Gay McMannis Dillon Jim Miller Dillon Ray Mills Augusta Activities: Rodeo Club 2; Intramural Basketball 2 Madeline Mogus Butte Activities: Freshman Class Officer; Student Body Secretary-Treasurer; KZN 1, 2; House Council 1, 2; SEA 1, 2; Newman Club 1, 2; Homecoming Quoen Candidate 2; Pep Club 1. 2; Bowling League 1. 2 A If ' Carol Martin Wise River Activities: Intervarsity 1, 2; Band 1, 2; Chorus 1, 2; Wescolite Staff 2 Gerry Miholich Butt© Activities: KZN 1, 2; SEA 2; Newman Club 1, 2; Pop Club 1, 2—Vice-President 2; House Council 1, 2 John Moriarity Butte (37)Harry Mular Butte CLASS OF 1961 Mike Murphy Harlowton Lowell Nelson Whitehall Patricia O'Neill Butt© Roy Parrett Butt© Marsha Peterson Dillon Ann Oslar Lewistown Jack Powers Butt© Activities: Nowman Club 1, 2; Bowling 1. 2; Intramural Basketball 1, 2 (38) Warren Richwine Poison CLASS OF 1961 Phyllis Robinson Columbia Falls Darold Rollman Anaconda Janice Ruegsegger Dillon Activities: Music Club 1—Secretary 1; SEA 2; Bowling 2 ■ Donna Sammons Butte Activities: Newman Club 1, 2 Poto Scott Plains Activities: Football 1. 2; Intramural Basketball 1. 2; Track 1, "M" Club 1, 2 Mary Ellen Sawyer Lima Activities: Intervarsity 1. 2 Toby Shraugor Anaconda Activities: SEA 1. 2; KZN 2; WAA 1, 2; Pep Club 1. 2; Intervarsity 1. 2 Richard Ross Ronan Dorothy Schantl Shelby Activities: Intervarsity 1, 2— Vice-President 2; Art Club 1. 2—Secretary 2; SEA 2 Harold Silzly Anaconda (39)Jean Skillman Wilsall Activities: Intervarsity 1, 2 Secretary 2; Band 1. 2 Mitzl Stroup Butte Ryan Swan Livingston CLASS OF 1961 Ellen Slater Butte Dorothy Smith Ravalli Marie Stuclcy Gallatin Gateway Ellen Talbott Anaconda Activities: Intorvarsity 1, 2; Pep Club 1; Chorus 1. 2 Kenneth Tlntinger Jefferson City Activities: SEA 1. 2 Georgeann Sullivan Butte Activities: Transfer from School of Mines 2; Newman Club 2; Bowling 2 Bonnie Sollars Deer Lodge Activities: KZN 1. 2; WAA 1 2—President 2; Intervarsity 1; Montana PTA Scholarship 2 Don Sutherland Kalispell Activities: Football 2; Intra mural Basketball 2 Darrel Torgrlmson Thompson Falls (40) Herman Tushaus Libby Activities: Intramural Basketball 2; Chorus 2 CLASS Lou Underwood Seeley Lake OF 1961 John Ward Hamilton Activities: Gargoyle Club 1. 2; Rodeo Club 1, 2 Ron Warner Butte Activities: Chanticleer Club 1, 2—Vice-President 2; Chinook Staff 2; Art Club 2; Dramatics Productions 1, 2; Bowling 1, 2—Secretary 2; Chorus 1, 2; Gargoyle Club 2 Cal Wearley Augusta Activities: Rodeo Club 1,2 — President 2; Sophomore Class President Reg Wearley Augusta Activities: SEA 2; Rodeo Club 2; Intramural Basketball 2 Harold Whitesitt Stevensville Gay Lee Zink DillonWe must have a meeting here three times a day Students, faculty "helping" with the Christmas dinner A Christmas toast Waiting for Santa Claus (42)Gerald Bennett Ronan Pete Aguilar Karen Anderson Fred Backus lackson Poison Dillon CLASS OF 1962 David Bostwick Dillon Jolene Bilant Marilyn Bogut Judy Hohac Whitefish Dillon Hamilton Pat Boyd Clair Bradshaw Vivian Bradshaw Butt© Drummond Grantsdal© Milbert Berreth Artas, South Dakota Mary Ellen Bouma Choteau (44)Richard Carlyle Pablo Bob Clark Butte CLASS OF 1962 Mona Carpita Townsend Lavon Childs Janet Christensen Brian Christie Dillon Whitehall Anaconda Marvin Cowdrey A1 Crum Gwen Crum Whitehall Liberty. Missouri Anaconda (45)Mode DeVoe Moiese Art Davis Thompson Falls Jack Dennehy Butte Erma Joan Desiardlns Butte CLASS OF 1962 Louise M. Downing M. Louise Downing Larry Dunlap Hamilton Galen Livingston Joseph Erchol Roy Estes Jo Ann Feeney Hot Springs Ennis Butte (45)Connio Finnegan Butte Roy Foster Gallatin Gateway Charles Fox Darby CLASS OF 1962 Jo Garrison Drummond Madolyno Gough Drummond Don Hampa Richard Hanby Barbara Hanno Whitehall Butto Bozeman Ernest Harrison Mary Lou Hayes Lynda Hetherington Roscoe Red Lodge Anaconda (47)John Holtot Darby Marcia Isaacson Choteau Allan Hopper Three Forks Gary Ivins Boazor, Alberta, Canada Betty Hinton Margie Holland Sharon Holman Cardwell Butte Butte CLASS OF 1962 Richard Hull Deer Lodge Rosalie Hunt Joplin Fern Hunter Butte Donalda Jacobsen Ken Jenkins Clara Jensen Sun River Belgrade Dillon (48)William Johnson Ronan Kenneth Kastelitx Livingston Eugene Johnston Missoula Lorotta Johnston Butt© Phoebe Johnson White Sulphur Springs CLASS OF 1962 Karen Jones Beach, North Dakota Mary Kaatz Nanci Kallostad Judy Karstens Twin Bridges Phillipsburg Hamilton Wanda Klawltter Holly Krloger Robert Larson Newport, Washington Lodge Grass Clancy (49)Donna Lehman Whitehall Alice Lehner Fishtail Collette Layton Anaconda Ruth LeRoux Helena CLASS OF 1962 Kenneth McLean Augusta John Malmo Butte Mary Maricich Sandra Martinsen Anaconda Butte Donald Mero Lois Michelottl Catherine Mihelic Kalispell Butte Anaconda Carol Long Malta David Meissner Brockway (50)Gaylo Munson Hamilton Caryle Nordqulst Waltor Nordstrom Gladys Norris Anaconda Red Lodge Fort Shaw Richard Owings Duano Paige Ena Palacios Butte Twin Bridges Managua. Nicaragua George Niewoehner White Sulphur Springs i } Rena Oifutt Butte (51 )Eleanor Pilon Missoula William Rebich Dillon Waltor Peregoy Butt© William Petersen Dillon Ron Pfau Stevensvill© CLASS OF 1962 Don Puyear Dillon Cecil Ranney Alberton Shirley Rasmussen Hamilton Wallace Rennie White Sulphur Spring A1 Ricker Boulder Karen Ricks Dillon Mary Portillo Butte David Red Fox Poplar (52)Chuck Rude Helena Susan Schuchman Stevensville Ellen Robinson Palsy Roe Marilyn Ross Livingston Anaconda Thompson Falls CLASS OF 1962 Shirley Sahinen Fred Sargeson Susan Schrader Stevensville Dillon Augusta Dixie Shaw Donna Shea Lloyd Shuman Cardwell Butte Wolf Point Earl Sager Anaconda Ward Scoifield Townsend (53)JoAnn Shuman Wolf Point Bob Smith Dillon Fumi Smith Dillon CLASS OF 1962 Thomas Smith Conner Richard Steadman Butte Jean Sturdovant Anaconda William Taylor Charles Topley Bonnie Trerise , Great Falls Dillon Anaconda Betty Swanson Superior (54)Darrell Vallance Sharon Vaughn George Venable Stevensville Butte Livingston CLASS OF 1962 Nellie Trueax Thompson Falls Robert Wallace Dillon Cecil Warren Liberty, Missouri Merle Warren White Sulphur Springs Lorna Wearley Augusta Sally Webb Butte Mary Ellen West Barry White John Whitman Darby Townsend West Yellowstone (55)A PEEP INTO LIFE AT THE MEN'S DORM Left to riqht: Russ Black, Herman Tushaus, Jim Morse, Walter Peregoy, Ron Pfau An Afternoon Activity- Talking It Over How Hard We Work Time Off From the Job (56)(57)STUDENT UNION BOARD—STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE Seated: Mr. Bruer, J. Merica, Miss Mathews, Dr. Feathers. The Student Union Board is a new organization formed to regulate activities that are concerned with the Student Union and other affairs of the students which are brought to the board's attention. This year the board established four new committees. A chairman was chosen for each of these committees to keep the activities in good order. The chairmen and their committees are Marsha Peterson, Home and Hospitality; Sharon Fulbright, Social and Dance; Dennis Bymaster, Games and Recreation; and Bud Par-rett, Cultural. The members of the board are Dr. Feathers— chairman, Miss Mathews, Mr. Bruer, Mr. Cypher, Mr. Brown, Pete Glennie, Wes Wagenaar, George Parrett, Cal Wearley, Mary Clare Mc-Vey, and Jeanne Merica—winter quarter alternate for Mary Clare. (58)Wayne Barney Nancy Osborne Rose Marie Scott WHO'S WHO Six students wore selected by a faculty committee to represent Western in "Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges." This is one of the most distinctive honors that can come to a student on any college campus. The students selected for "Who's Who" are leaders on campus in scholarship and in extracurricular activities. These students, all seniors, are Wayne Barney, Joyce Frese-man. Nancy Osborne. George Parrett. Rose Marie Scott, and Wes Wagenaar. Wayne Barney, Rexburg, Idaho, has a major in Industrial Arts and a minor in Physical Education. He transferred to Western from Ricks College in his junior year and has made an outstanding contribution athletically and scholastically. Wayne's specialty is running the mile in track. In 1958 he entered the NAIA track meet in San Francisco. Wayne is interested in teaching in Montana or Oregon and is anticipating further college work toward a Master's degree in Education. Joyce Freseman, Butte, is majoring in English and minor-ing in Speech-Drama. She has been active at Western in many dramatics productions presented by the Gargoyle Club. By working on the Wescolite and Chinook, Joyce earned membership in Matrix, an honorary journalistic society. In addition to this she has been recognized for her academic ability by being given several scholarships. Joyce anticipates teaching in western Montana or California. Nancy Osborne from Minneapolis, Minnesota, has majored in Elementary Education and Social Studios with a minor in English. Nancy's campus honors include SEA president. Gargoyles. KZN, and Women's House Council membership. Nancy reigned as queen at the 1957 Homecoming festivities and has been a Miss Western candidate. Plans for the future point toward a teaching position, in Arizona or Alaska. George Parrett. an English major and Social Studies minor, is from Butte. He has been editor of the Wescolite for the past two years and was also a member of the Chinook staff. George has been active in dramatics and speech activities on campus and was president of his sophomore and junior class. During his senior year he served as a student council member. George plans on teaching at the secondary level in western Montana. Roso Marie Scott from Butte majored in English and minored in Social Studies. She has won recognition throughout the state in oral interpretation and debate. Rose Marie is a member of the Forensic Association. Matrix, and KZN. The 1958 Chinook was edited by Miss Scott; in addition she has made many contributions to the Wescolite. She hopes to continue her education by means of an assistant-ship in Speech in one of the larger universities. Wes Wagenaar. Lodge Grass, will graduate with a major in Industrial Arts and a minor in Social Studies. He war 1957-58 Student Body president and has been a member of the Student Affairs Committee for the past two years Wes has been active in track and set the high hurdle record at the Montana Intercollegiate track meet last year He plans on returning to Western next year to work tower’ a Master's degree in Education. Joyce Freseman George Parrett Wes Wagonaar (59)WOMEN'S HOUSE COUNCIL Left to right, first row: Mary Becklen, Gerry Mihelich, Joyce Freseman, Colleen Belanger, Carol Long, Sally Webb. Carolyn Pierce. Second row: Cathy McGeehan, Jodel Masolo. Madeline Mogus, Sharon Fulbright, Jeanne Merica, Dixie Shaw. Collette Layton, Holly Krieger, Ena Palacios. Third row: Miss Mathews and Miss Welch, sponsors. KAPPA ZETA NU Loft to right, first row: R. M. Scott. M. Lelonde, G. Mihelich, M. Enman, M. Kester, C. Belanger. Second row: J. Masolo. D. Sammons, G. Welch, C. McGeehan, H. Carson, L. Underwood, G. Mathews. L. Moran. A. Hopcus, D. Robertson. Third row: D. Shea, F. Dyer, B. Dawson, P. Robinson, M. Frisbie, L. Daems. C. Kambich. V. Johnson, J. Merica, C. Pierce. S. Fulbright, B. Sollars, C. Hughes, T. Shrauger, E. Slater, A. M. McKeever, M. Becklen, J. Freseman, M. Sawyer, N. Osborne, J. Jones. (60)WOMEN'S HOUSE COUNCIL The Women's House Council plans and arranges social activities to be presented during the year at the Residence Hall. Members of the House Council serve as representatives of all Residence Hall women. New members are elected in the fall to work with the members returning from the previuos year. Activities of the year include house parties, the annual Christmas activities, and Pixie Week. Members of the House Council are Mary Becklen, Colleen Belanger, Sharon Fulbright, Holly Krieger, Collette Layton, Carol Long, Cathy McGeehan, Jodel Masolo, Gerry Mihelich, Madeline Mogus, Nancy Osborne, Ena Palacios, Dixie Shaw, and Sally Webb. Miss Georgia Mathews and Miss Genevieve Welch are sponsors. KAPPA ZETA NU Kappa Zeta Nu, Western's only sorority, founded in 1907, is an honorary society. The KZN winter formal with a theme of Hearts and Flowers was held in February. Other activities were a fall and spring initiation and a spring banquet. Alternating business and social meetings are held twice monthly. The 1958-59 officers are Helen Carson, president; Cathy McGeehan, Vice-President; Sharon Martin, Secretary; Lou Underwood, Treasurer. Sponsors are Miss Mathews, Miss Welch, and Mrs. Luebben. (61)ART CLUB The Art Club is a group of hustling art enthusiasts dedicated to the fostering of the interests of art, developing appreciation in the study and exhibition of art, and providing opportunities for individual expression in the field of art. The Club is self-supporting due to the efforts of the members in gift shop projects. The gift shop features two major annual sales of articles designed and constructed by Art Club members. These sales involve such items as the Yule logs and Christmas mobiles, which were featured in the winter sale this year. Projects, other than gift shop, undertaken by the club this year, were numerous. The group revised and modernized the club constitution. A large picture of the men's dorm was drawn for Homecoming by Dick Barnhart and Don McDaniel. Jackets for Art Club members were obtained, and a colorful and original Art Club emblem for the jacket was designed by George Venable. This spring, activities will come to a grand climax with the annual Art Club banquet which always brings forth the most creative talents of the members in furthering the art theme. Of course, the club participates in all of the various campus activities and shows well in all campus competitions. Records of the activities are kept and preserved in the yearly Art Club scrapbook. The Art Club has established a Loan Fund and a Scholarship Fund for needy Western students. New members are initiated in a formal candlelight ceremony, followed by a skit given by the initiates; the refreshments, too, follow an art theme. Officers this year were Dick Barnhart and Bud Parrett, president, autumn and winter quarter, respectively; Marguerite Brisbin, Vice-President; Dorthoy Schanil, Secretary; Stella Currie, acting secretary, spring quarter; Pat O'Neill, treasurer; and Mrs. Emerick, sponsor. KAPPI PI Kappi Pi, the oldest national art honorary fraternity in today's colleges, dates back to the year 1911. Its purpose is to form a representative body of students who by their artistic interests uphold the highest ideals of liberal education. It provides a reward for conscientious effort by election of the individuals to membership in the fraternity. Western's Omicron chapter is the only one in Montana; it was organized in 1937. One of last year's members, Gail Gray, was honored this year with publications of a picture of her "Double Ugly" in the Kappa Pi yearbook. No one became eligible for election to Kappa Pi during fall and winter quarters this year. Mrs. Emerick, a lifetime Kappa Pi, sponsors the Western chapter. rQy TK y Book - .v!8 »onai r.'r!0 anr Fln° Arts Art Club, loft to right: S. Currie. J. Slurdevant. C. Ellis. G. Venable. N. Williamson. P. O’Neill. M. Brisbin. R. Parretf. D. Schamb A. Jumper. B. Huckaba. V. Jenkins. M. Ayers. E. Eddy. R. V arner. n--- . momaei"___ Art Club Banquet at Diamond Bar Inn. Centerpiece is a Norwegian boat with club names attached. Lett to right: Betty Frank McMahon, the president, with her gitt. "William the little Egyptian li'ance hippo: Mrs. Emenck. sponsor: Kelly Christensen with a gift of the club— a water color by Betty Frank McMahon.THE WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE BAND MR. KELLEY, DIRECTOR CONCERT BAND This year a milestone was laid in music history at Western. For the first time a band concert was presented by a thirty-piece mixed group under the direction of Mr. Ashford Kelley. Western's band has taken great steps forward in the past year advancing from a small pep band to this year's concert band. Fall quarter's concert included marches by Fillmore, Alford and Klohr, an overture by J. S. Zamesnik. Mary Kaatz was the vocal soloist in Vincent Youman's Fantasy and Robert Smith was featured as trombone soloist in Otto Helbig's Prelude and Beguine. Spring quarter another concert of variable compositions was presented with Robert Smith and George Brown featured as student conductors. Throughout the year the band appeared at pep rallies, all football and basketball games, including a trip to the football championship game against Eastern in Billings. They marched for the first time in the Homecoming Parade. With the addition of the band, school spirit has been vastly improved on the campus. Also, music majors and minors now are in a position to receive more experience and training in instrumentation. It is the hope of the department to establish a marching band in the near future. The band was under the direction of Mr. Ashford Kelley who v as aided by Ray Phillips, general manager of the band, and Robert Smith, official attendance recorder. (64)THE CHORUS MR. JACKSON, DIRECTOR CHORUS This year under the direction of Professor Brinton Jackson a well-organized group of male and female voices established a chorus. The group was composed of students who enjoyed singing enough to devote two free noon periods a week in practice. A Christmas program with the group in full choral attire, presented a program with numbers varying from Bizet's Agnus Dei to Christmas Day, a choral fantasy of old carols by Holst. Judy Karstens was the soloist. Spring quarter the year's achievements were climaxed by a program which included the Neu Liebeslieder Walzer by Johannes Brahms, Fred Waring's Arrangements of Rodger's and Hammerstein's immortal You'll Never Walk Alone, and Robert Shaw's negro spiritual. Set Down. Servant. Mr. Ralph McFadden and Marion Kaiser were accompanists for the group. (65)George Parrett Matrix Editor 19S8-S9 CHANTICLEER CLUB The Chanticleer Club is an organization dedicated to the promotion of interest in journalism on the Western campus. The club edits the Wescolite and rewards club members for unusually meritous work. Members this year helped to make possible a larger Wescolite, designed a new head for the paper, and compiled and published a style sheet for use in the journalism class. Distinctive service in journalism is rewarded by election into the honorary journalistic society, Matrix. However, the highest award to be obtained at Western is the school letter for journalistic accomplishments. To become eligible for membership in Chanticleers, one must work on the Wescolite or the Chinook, be enrolled in journalism, or successfully pass a tryout period determined by the club. Officers this year include Carolee Kambich, president; Dennis Winters and Ron Warner, vice-president,—first and second quarter, respectively; Joyce Freseman, secretary-treasurer; and Miss Albertson, sponsor. MATRIX Matrix is the honorary journalism society designed to recognize those who have provided faithful and distinctive service in the field of journalism at Western. The 1958 members are Dennis Winters, Joyce Freseman, and Carolee Kambich. New members this year include Lars Olsen, Rose Marie Scott, Bill Sullivan and George Parrett. Joyce Freseman Matrix t Carolee Kambich Matrix Rose Marie Scott Matrix Associate Editor Lars Olson Matrix Business Manager Bill Sullivan Matrix Assistant Business Manager (67)NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club is the Catholic students' orginization on the WMCE campus. It is affiliated with the National Newman Club Federation. Its purpose is to foster the intellectual, spiritual, and social needs of Western's Catholic students. The club meets twice a month for discussions and talks. This year it sponsored a series of movies on marriage at the college as well as one downtown, "The Song of Bernadette." Monthly Communion breakfasts, hayride parties, and a Mardi Gras, which they hope to make an annual event, were some of the informal gatherings which were enjoyed throughout the year. A day of recollection in March was one of the highlights of the year's activities. A Newman Club bulletin board in the administration building carries spiritual pictures and tells of coming events. Officers of the Newman Club for the past year v ere Dennis Winters and Kevin Murphy, president; Coleen Belanger, vice-president; Mary Clare McVey and Donna Sammons, treasurer. Club chaplain is the Reverend Father Sullivan. Dr. Cummings and Miss Gelhaus are sponsors for the organization. Lofl lo right, first row: L. Moran, G. Miholich, Miss Golhaus, C. Belanger, K. Murphy, D. Sammons, Dr. Cumming. J. Howland, J. Joseph. Second row: E. Gately, A. Vega, C. McGeehan, F. Dyer, J. Harrington. R. LeRoux. B. Sullivan, C. Kambich, G. Norris, D. Shea. J. Karstens, P. O'Noill, K. Mihelic. M. Fnsbie, M. Maricich. A. Rebish, G. Sullivan, E. Palacios, C. Layton. E. Slater, A. Blood. C. LePiane. Third row: J. Albro, R. Pfau, K. McLean, W. Peregoy, J. Ward, J. Lyons, T. Connors, J. Powers. M. Hogan. J. Moriarity, J. Dennehy. (68)INTERVARSITY Left to right, seated: S. Rasmussen, M. Downing, J. Skiilman, D. Schanil. M. Campbell. C. Long, E. House. Standing: M. Bouma, G. Crum. P. Blaisdell, D. Smith. M. Kaatz, J. Malmo, B. Swanson. E. Talbott. B. Sollais. S. Schrader, S. Sahinen. B. Nullmer, A. Holt. B. Hanno, D. Robertson. S. Webb. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is an inter-denominational orginization for all students of all faiths. Students lead the group and they plan all meetings and social activities. The membership also includes a national and an international group. This year members of Intervarsity were particularly active in panel discussions which dealt with the problems of what a Christian really is. As in past years two retreats were held at Elliston, Montana. Staff members from the national orginization led these retreats. Other activities which Intervarsity sponsored were parties and informal discussions at the Bridenstine home. Special speakers from the Northwest Intervarsity staff were present at several meetings. The officers were as follows: president, Larry Staton; vice-president, Dorothy Schanil; secretary, lean Skiilman; and treasurer, Shirly Rasmussen. (69)SEA STUDENT WIVES Loft to right, first row: M. Frisbie, S. Martinson, D. Sammons. S. Schrader, J. Jones. B. Swanson. S. Fulbright, A. Rebish. J. Merica. J. Ruegsegger, D. Robertson, R. LeRoux, M. K ester. L. Daems. N. Osborne. L. Wearley, V. Johnson. Second row: J. Trott, M. Bouma, F. Dyer, J. Christensen. M. Mikkelsen, B. Nulliner, T. Shrauger, C. Long, A. Holt. M. Campbell, M. Kaatz, S. Webb, P. O'Neill, J. Bilant. M. Enman, G. Norris. S. Sahmen. E. Gately. Third row: K. Tintinger, E. House, J. Bolten. R. Wearley, B. Tarrant, D. Jacobsen. C. Layton. L. Moran, M. Mogus. LIBRARY COMMITTEE Left to right, first row: M. Brown, J. Sullender, P. Rowe, S. Flynn, J. Berreth. Second row: M. Corcoran, G. Mular, P. Petrino, V . Barber, V. Straugh, B. Kimball. I. Mills. Third row: V. Hopper, N. Vuckcvich, J. Glennie. M. Mular. E. Graham, M. 'Wearley. Y. Hull, B. Smith, E. Robinson. Fourth row: M. Fairhurst, J. Fisk, G. Fabert, J. Gatti, S. Rafter, S. Boyd. (70) Left to right, seated: C. Belanger, Mrs. Luebben, Miss Gelhaus, Miss Albertson. J. Masclo. Standing: Dr. Davison, J. Whitman. Dr. Caspers. Absent, Don Rcsencrans. Pete Glennie.SEA The professional organization on campus for prospective teachers is the Student Education Association. The Western Chapter has been named the Sheldon E. Davis Chapter in honor of Dr. Davis, President Emeritus. SEA gives prospective teachers an opportunity to participate in MEA and NEA activities. The members of SEA are also student members of both the state and national organizations and receive the MEA and NEA magazines. Officers of the organization for 1958-59 are Sharon Fulbright, president; Donna Robertson, vice president; Liz Orr, secretary; and Jeanne Merica, treasurer. Among the activities carried on by SEA this year have been panel discussions, lectures by guest speakers, reviews on current education legislative bills, and a tea for student teachers. This year plans have been made for active members in SEA to receive a credit in education. A point system has been worked out with points given for attending and participating in SEA activities. STUDENT WIVES Student wives, mainly a social club, was organized by the wives of Western students. Meetings are held once a month and a variety of programs includes card parties, home demonstrations, and movies. The evening is concluded with the serving of refreshments by the committee appointed for that particular month. During the past year the club has been working on the revision of the constitution and has sponsored parcel post and white elephant sales. The year's activities are climaxed by the annual "Put Hubby Through" banquet for all members and their husbands. At this affair the wives receive "Put Hubby Through" degrees signed by Mrs. Hugo Aronson, Montana's first lady and Mrs. James Short, Western's first lady. Officers for the club this year are Patsy Petrino, president; Wynette Barber, vice president; and Gerta Mular, secretary-treasurer. The sponsors are Mrs. William Straugh and Mrs. George McCormick. LIBRARY COMMITTEE The Library Committee of WMCE is composed of the Librarian and four other faculty members appointed by the President. The student body is represented by one student elected from each class and by the Student Body president, thus making a total membership on the Library Committee of ten members. The function of the committee is to discuss problems that arise in connection with the administration of the library, and to make decisions relative to library service to the student body. In this way both students and faculty members have recourse to the committee for any problems that may arise in student-library and faculty-library relationships. The faculty members are Mrs. Luebben, Dr. Caspers, Miss Albertson, Dr. Davison and the librarian, Miss Gelhaus. Student members are John Whitman, Colleen Belanger, Don Rosencrans, Jodel Masolo and the Student Body president, Pete Glennie. (71)1957-58 FORENSIC ACTIVITIES The highlight of the spring activities of the Western Forensic Association was the winning of the Montana Intercollegiate Speech Tournament held on the Western campus April 25 and 26. The Western speech team defeated the Montana State University team by Vi point to claim first place honors. Western accumulated a total of 2 Vi points during the tournament by winning two first places, one second, and two third places. Rose Marie Scott won first place in oratory, and for the third consecutive year won first place in oral interpretation. The team of Dennis Winters and Russell Jennings won second in debate. The team of Mary Clare McVey and Marsha Peterson and the team of Lowell Nelson and Don Kimmel tied for third place honors. In extemporaneous speaking Dennis Winters tied for third place. The Western speech team participated in the annual Tau Kappa Alpha Speech Tournament at the University of Montana, held this year on May 1, 2, and 3. At this tournament Rose Marie Scott won second place in oral interpretation. 1958-59 FORENSIC ACTIVITIES The Western Forensic Association opened its 1958-59 year with the election of the following officers: president, Marsha Peterson; vice president, Lowell Hayes; secretary, Charlotte Williams; treasurer, Russell Jennings; historian, Linda Andreasen. To fill the vacancy left by Lowell Hayes at the end of fall quarter, Rose Marie Scott was elected to the office of vice president. The Western Speech Association Forensic Tournament was the first big tournament for the Western debaters this year. This tournament was held at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City on November 24, 25, and 26. Participating were the teams of Dennis Winters and Lowell Hayes, Charles Delano and Russell Jennings, Marsha Peterson and Rose Marie Scott and Linda Andreasen and Jim Grant. Russell Jennings, Rose Marie Scott and Linda Andreasen also participated in oral interpretation, Dennis Winters and Charles Delano participated in extemporaneous speaking, and Jim Grant and Marsha Peterson were in original oratory. Charlotte Williams and Gayle Munson also participated in oratory and oral interpretation. Rose Marie Scott was in the semi-finals in oral interpretation. Other than several practice meets, the next major tournament was the Lin-field College Tournament of Champions which was held on the Linfield College campus on March 5, 6, and 7. Participating were Russell Jennings, Lowell Nelson, Rose Marie Scott, and Marsha Peterson. Besides being entered in debate Russell was entered in oratory and oral interpretation. Marsha Peterson was in the finals in oratory and received an Award of Merit for outstanding achievement. Marsha and Rose Marie also tied for third in debate. As the Chinook goes to press, the Western speech team is industriously preparing for the state meet to be held on the Carroll College campus and for the annual Tau Kappa Alpha tournament. Preparations are also underway for the second annual Forensic banquet and picnic which are held spring quarter. This year the team has been ably coached and directed by the new Director of Forensics, Edward A. Cebull. He has been an inspiration and a help to the Forensic squad, as well as being a very good friend. Perhaps years in the future the Western debaters will be able to look back on this 1958-59 year of debate activities and realize the significance of the question they debated all year: Resolved: That the further development of nuclear weapons should be prohibited by international agreement. (72)Rose Marie Scott Displays Trophies Debate Team Off to Linfield Tournament Left to right: Mr. Cebull, L. Nelson, R. Scott, M. Peterson, and R. Jennings. 3ft to right, seated: Mickey Downing, larsha Peterson, Rose Marie Scott, harlotto V illiams. Standing: Lowell elson. Merle DeVoe. Mr. Cebull. Jack — M T_______ (73)RODEO CLUB Left to right, kneeling: M. Murphy. L. Wearley, D. Shaw, C. Pierce. C. Wearley. Sitting: D. ]acobsen. A. Oslar. B. Hinton. W. Klawitter. R. Cole. J. Trott, G. Norris, M. Weist. C. Layton. K. Anderson, S. Schrader. Standing: M. Kester, C. Williams. C. Jonsen. J. Christensen. R. Wearley. L. Staton. Dr. Jce Feathers, E. Nicholsen. E. Harrison. M. Cowdrey. Back row: D. Whitesitt, F. Backus. D. Puyear. G. Ivins. R. Foster. E. Sager, J. Erchol. D. Vallance. J. Ward, R. Mills. THE INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB JL£Puqh fMrh'Ando's0" ' Y°Ung' K‘ Murphy' 1 Kimba11- L Kalalatich. B. ParteH, G. Galloway. H)RODEO CLUB Western Colleges and Universities, being outgrowths of their regions, have recently enjoyed participation in rodeo activity which is natural to them, and also a basic part of their background life. The majority of the institutions of higher learning in the Western states are now fielding teams and the movement is spreading throughout the South and even to the Eastern sections of the country. Rodeo was endorsed on Western's campus by President Herbert Steele during the school year of 1956-57. Western is an official member of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association with an authorized faculty advisor. The teams of the past have placed well in intercollegiate competition. Last season, 1958, one rodeo championship was won in saddle bronc riding, one championship in bull dogging, and one tie for all-around cowgirl. The competition is always against some of the best in the nation on the college level. The Rodeo club is open to all students who love and appreciate contemporary Western culture and affairs. There are more than forty members in the local organization at present. The program at Western is basically intellectual and presents a course of deep thinking and study on the better things of the West, an appreciation of a great heritage, and a conservation'of a Western life which is worthwhile, and which makes a contribution to the American way of life. The Rodeo club believes that great thoughts, achievement, and creative inspiration in every facet of life come best from the free spirit of the true West which has become the heart pulse of American democracy. THE INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB The main purpose of the Industrial Arts Club is to give Industrial Arts majors and minors a better understanding of the Industrial Arts field. The club gets its financial backing from carpentry work done for local business firms or for anyone else wishing the services of the club. The money earned is used for field trips to various industrial centers. The officers of the Industrial Arts Club for 1959 are Larry Kalafatich, president; Bud Parrett, vice president; John Malmo, secretary; Kevin Murphy, treasurer; and Clay Anders, club sponsor. (75)GARGOYLE STORY Founded thirty-six years ago, in 1923, the Gargoyle Club exists to stimulate and develop dramatic interest and activity on the Western campus. Members with exceptional interest and ability establish as their goal the honor society, Order of the Jeweled Masque. Initiated into the society last year were Bob Kohn and Olive Kohn. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Joe Rybum the Gargoyles this year supported the production of the plays, The Diary of Anne Frank, The Emperor's New Clothes, and the spring quarter play. The Diary of Anne Frank, hailed by many as the most successful production ever undertaken at Western, was enacted during winter quarter. The cast included Mary Becklen, Bud Parrett, Helen Wheat, Gayle Munson, Bill Gillin, Louise Downing, George Parrett, Janet Jones, Jim Grant, and Ron Warner. The Emperor's New Clothes, presented spring quarter with the aid of the Children's Theater class, was a robust three-act children's play. Those taking part in the play were Erma Jean Desjardins, Carolyn Pierce, Russell Morrison, Donna Robertson, Bill Gillin, Ray Phillips, Jeanne Merica, Lois Moran, Anita Hop-cus, Dick Bujok, John Ward, and Ron Warner. (76) The spring quarter production had not been decided upon as the Chinook went to press.GARGOYLES Left to right, sitting: N. Osborne, M. Green, H. Wheat, J. Freseman, V. Bradshaw, G. Munson, J. Jones, D. Robertson, M. Becklen. Standing: G. Venable, N. Kent, M. Stroup. G. Parrett. G. Sullivan, R. Parrett, M. Downing, B. Gillin, R. Morrison, R. Warner, R. Phillips. J. Ryburn, Sponsor. Absent: D. Dean, J. Ward. K. Murphy. (77)Art Club wins first Freshmen on parade KZN Rodeo band Loretta Colvin Roll out the barrel Renfro in the rodeo (78)1958 RODEO Liz Pilling, Queen The Queen candidates The clown takes a ride Watch that barrel, Carolyn The Chiei Bites the Dust Ride 'em. Bulldog (79)(08) U0 AVQ wCAMPUS FACE LIFTING (81)WESTERN'S HOMECOMING IS BETTER THAN EVER (82)HALF TIME ENTERTAINMENT Queen and Princesses Madeline Mogus, Mary Clare McVey, and Cathy McGeehan arrive. Chauffeur, Dennis Winters. Freshmen ready for push ball contest. Frosh overpower upper classmen and will not v oar beanies next week. Captain Bill Jackson crowns Queen Evelyn. (83)Western's Annual Go CANDIDATES FOR MISS WESTERN—1958 VODVIL Loft to right: Sharon Fulbright, Betty McMahon, Marsha Peterson, Charlotte Olson—Miss Western, Dotty Kneeland, Liz Pilling. Two Vodvil MCs—Pet© Glennie and "Frog" Hull ANNUAL VODVILIntel-varsity Spring Camp Summer school dramatics Summor school fiesta One of Wostom's good dances Art Club banquet Soloist Bob Smith Tho dignified Prof and his wife Stago scene from "Anne Frank" George Parrett alias Peter KZN Formal The Mardl Gras Pete Glennie and Dr. Feath-ors admire tho trophies Off to San Diego Sunday at Skoots Barney and Robinson Marryin' Sam at Work King Jim and Queen Linda Hearts and Flowors Formal Fortune tollor—Mitzi Little Joe, the Wrangler (85)NtD EVA IANES -I Mike "Maverick" Murphy Go Western Day Winners The All-Western Chorus (86)STORY OF ACTIVITIES AT WESTERN Homecoming—Early in the fall quarter the annual Homecoming day arrived. Things began with a bang by the Newman Club winning the float contest in the parade. Later, as many smiling alumni looked on, the Bulldog football team whipped the Mines 50 0. That evening the famous alumni banquet took place and was declared a success. Many alumni will never be the same after the witty puns of Professor Cebull. "Go" Day—The students are gone on the word "go" on this particular day—a day on which the teachers let down their hair instead of pulling it out. Everyone enjoys the refreshing trip to the near mountains. Many activities are enjoyed, especially the serving of the picnic lunch by the faculty. One thing can always be said for this famous day—Everyone is ready to go! Sadie Hawkins Dance—Look outl She's after ya'! A familiar cry, but more so during Twirp Week when the demure girls turn into wolves with a hunting look in their oyos. This moans that many males are found attired in their worst as they attend the famous Sadie Hawkins Dance. Look out, boys! Marryin' Sam is around! This also is hoard as the dance progresses. However, Sam manages to marry many lucky couples during the night. A dance long to bo romomberod, this one is always a great success and brings a ripple of excitement through the college as it approaches. Christmas Formal—Every year the Sophomore class presents the Christmas Formal. This dance is the last big fling before Christmas vacationXThis year the theme was "Silver Bell Ball." Only those who attend can appreciate the hard work and planning which are necessary in organizing a dance as nice as this one. Pop Club—Three cheers for the Pep Club! After doing such a fine job of cheering the Bulldogs on to a fine year in sports, the Pep Club can be said to be a great asset to the school. Enthusiasm and excellent school spirit were shown by the fine attendance and support of the teams. Many laughs and cheers were given by the Kampus Kadets in their early campaign. One thing can be said for the Pep Club this year-it certainly was "peppy." Go Western—As the school year progressed, the basketball season went into full swing. By the middle of winter quarter, our annual Go Western—Beat Eastern day arrived. As was to be expected, the rough and tough Westerners trounced the Easterners and sent them back home. Many new western styles came to light as one ingenious collegian assumed that his issued bedspread would make an excellent Indian blanket. One of the main events of the day was a beard contest. The winners wore Ken Tintinger, longest beard; Bob "Bonner" Butorovich, bushiest beard; Cecil Ranney, best attempt; and Cal Wearley, most unique beard. In the evening, following the game, the Go Western dance was held. Here many new talents were uncovered. However, as there were so many, it can be said, "They certainly were western!" (87)STORY OF ACTIVITIES AT WESTERN KZN Formal—As could be expected, the KZN dance was a highly enjoyable evening of formal dancing sponsored by the only sorority on campus. The theme "Hearts and Flowers" carried out a perfect Valentine atmosphere in a ballroom, beautifully decorated. The dance was very well attended, and all those attending enjoyed themselves to the fullest extent. Vodvil—As the school year nears the end. different organizations and classes present their annual vodvil. Many comical and satirical plays are produced and presented before the student body. Prizes are given for the three best skits. All contend that this is the funniest night ever. Junior Prom—One of the highlights of the spring quarter is the Junior Prom. This dance is beautifully planned, organized, and carried out by the junior class. The word excellent certainly fits this annual affair. "M" Day—"M" Day is ono of our oldest traditional days at the college. It is a day in which everyone does his fair share in cleaning up the campus. The M Club at the same time is doing the job of refacing our big "M" on the hill. Although it is the "M" which is to be white-washed, many people are surprised to find that the "M" Club members have become white too. When the complete refacing of the campus and the "M" is done, a picnic with tho faculty serving is in order. Hero tho friendly atmosphere of Western is reflected in the mixing of the students, faculty, and their families. "M" Day comes to a climax with the students participating in a dance or roller skating party, which takes place in the evening. Aside from the many blisters, backaches, sore muscles, and other minor ailments "M" Day is ono of the best traditions that we have. Distribution of Chinook-------Finally, just before the graduating class can get away from our beloved college, thfe Chinook staff does the all-important task of distributing the college yearbook. This is the fitting climax in which all students participating can obtain a record of all tho important evonts of the year. With this last important activity, the students at Western complete a full, rich year of unforgettable experiences. IN APPRECIATION The Chinook staff wish to express their appreciation for the co-operation of the students and faculty in having their pictures taken and in granting interviews. We especially want to thank Mrs. Bierrum and Mrs. Emerick for the suggestions they gave Carolyn Pierce while she was drawing the division sheets. We also thank Bud Parrett who did the lettering on those pages.Coach McCormick lead his team to a 5 and 3 record. Frank Hoey Assistant Football Coach and Trainer. 1958 FOOTBALL SQUAD—RUNNERSUP CONFERENCE CROWN Sitting; Assistant Coach, Frank Hoey—Da Gatti, R. Fisk, B. Holgren, P. Robinson, G. Rafter, J. Miller, T. Smith. Head Coach George McCormick. Second row; D. Cosgriffe. J. Morstein, D. Paige, L. Varland, D. Bymaster, W. Smith, A. Davis. G. McKeever, J. Dunlap, B. White, D. Sutherland. Third row; D. Meissner, J. Barber, D. Mero, C. Wearley, B. Deglow, B. Wallace, M. Murphy, E. Harrison, P. Scott. Fourth row; B. Taylor, B. Goldie, M. Tolin, G. McNeil, A. Crum, G. Harper, B. Butorovich, J. Albert, B. Jackson. (90)All-Conference First Team Captain Bill Jacluon End ABOUT THE 1958 GRIDDERS Just one week before their first game, the Bulldog gridders commenced streaming back to their domain at Western. Almost immediately the dust began to fly on Vigilante Field three times a day. The training schedule was fast and furious but spirit was tremendous as Head Coach George (Sam) McCormick and Assistant Frank Hoey molded one of Western's finest teams. The team roared through conference' play to meet Eastern Montana College for the Montana Collegiate Conference championship in Billings. The Bulldogs lost this one 14-0 but took second to none all season in sportsmanship and character. Glen Harper Tackle Jack Dunlap Guard Ben Goldie Center Honorary 1958 Co-captains All-Conference Second Team Jackson, Rafter, Butorovich, Telin Mike Murphy Fullback ■ i• ft Jim Barber Halfback Bob Butororlch Tackle Jim Miller Quarterback SCORES Western ' ‘Western 28. Western . 12 : -(Homecoming) Western 54 Western 12 Western 26 Western 7 (M.C.C. Championship) Western 0 Ricks 6 Northern . ... ... 7 Westminster .. ... 19 Mines - ... 0 Carroll ,_j_ 0 Rocky .. 6 Bobkittens ... 39 Eastern . 14Gone McKeever Guard Larry Varland Halfback Guard Garry Rafter Quarterback Russell Fisk Quarterback Don Sutherland End Dennis Bymasler Fullback Pete Scott Halfback A1 Crum End Joe Albert End Gene McNeil End Bert Doglow Guard (92)Don Mero Fullback Bob Wallace Center Cal Wearley Center Dare Meissner Hallback Emie Harrison Guard Art Davis Center i Wally Nordstrom Quarterback (93)WESTERN TO PLAY By C «rk Delano The Wotern Mon tan Collect BuHdoev by virtu of their victory over Northern llonliM Co! leer In a gune played in Dillon Saturday afternoon, will overt lb Yellow jKketa of Eastern Montana Collec in Bltlinci. November x. in a earn that will decide the Montana Col leeiate Conference CJiarr.j ior.«h;p. The Bulkftoc kept their conference record intact Saturday a« they downed the Northern Llfhti from Havre by a wore of 21 to 7. Mike Murphy cot the wring underway early in the firil period a went over from the 2 to climax a 5? yard We.trrn «onr| drive. Jim Milk pawed for the extra point and the Bolldoc led 7-d. In Ok aecond petrod J.m Miller hit Murphy w.lli a pan that wat rood fee U yard, and the TD Rafte, _________I extra point ar d We. tern led at half-time l«-0 la the ucund half, the BulMop EASTERN FOR TITLE were unable to arore until the fourth period when VarUrwf arored a TD from the J and Wallace intercepted Northern pat. and went dll the way for another We.tern acoee. Gary Rafter converted .uccea.fully for two more point , nvakm the final more 2B-7. Northern' only acoee came in the fourth period when Warren Karat •rent over from the 2d and booted hi own extra point Eastern Montana College jUat £ re.y Cot by Uc inapired Rooky Mountain Bear 21 to 20 in their f Saturday. Both ££2 £ Wr"'m have MentKal " PUy. each YiESTERH REEEATS CARMEL, 1 10 0 ‘Nr»t tri‘ wreond touchdown The Wealeen Montana Co le e KuUdo®. k«pt rolUnj .Von Satux day in Helena k« they .topped the Carroll CoU.ce Saint, on the mound and In the aw and came out on the Kmc end of a 2V to 0 mcae The UMtp broke into the war-in column u the wvood a tR-yaid punt mutw by Jim come in the fourth twnod cm a lb yard tun by lany Vailand Tull back Mike Murphy wd the la.t with two wconda retnainutc in the Xante on a drive front the 20 CarttATa doped pcnetiwtioo vi in the wcwYd period when they were it. Ik Thi. n the aec-defe.t fo. +% sS8 ? v w w _WESTERN'S CONFERENCE CHAMPS Left to right, back row: R. Adams, A. Hopper, M. Miller. MCC CHAMPIONS K. Fickler, J. Dunlap. Front row, kneeling: G. Cooper, G. Nelson, C. Warren, K. Jenkins, B. Jackson, Coach Bill Straugh. TIME OUT Coach Bill Straugh. K. Jenkins. B. Jackson, C. Warren, G. Cooper, G. Nelson. (95) (97)nil miMi (98)THE BULLDOGS' 1958-59 BASKETBALL SEASON After facing one of their toughest schedules ever, the Bulldogs closed the season with a very impressive record of 24 wins and 8 losses. The fast-breaking Bulldogs swept the conference season with a 9-1 record and an invitation to the District No. 5 playoff tournament of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. The only loss was to Eastern. Held in Western's gym, the NAIA tourney matched Western against Northern, and Rocky Mountain College against the College of Idaho in the first round. Beating Northern 92-65, the next night Western met the College of Idaho and won the championship game by a 64-50 score. For the second year in a row the team went to the NAIA National Tourney at Kansas City competing with 31 of the best small college teams in the United States. There the Western quintet lost their game to the Pacific Lutheran College by 60-78. Pacific Lutheran College lost the championship game to Tennessee A I. THE PLAYERS This year's squad members were as fine a group, personally and athletically, as any coach could hope for. Mentor Bill Straugh brought them to championship form during the season. Senior Gary Cooper earned himself a place on the national NAIA second all-star team, plus all-conference, and District No. 5 all-star team. Bill Jackson is another outstanding ball player to be lost through graduation. George Nelson and Jack Dunlap developed into two of the best guards that the conference has ever had. For a bright outlook to the 1959-60 season the underclassmen that show real varsity caliber include Ken Jenkins, Cecil Warren, Ron Adams, Ken Fickler, A1 Hopper, and Maier Miller. With these boys Western is looking for another championship squad next year. ALL-CONFERENCE SELECTIONS Western placed two men of the five named to the all-conference basketball team this spring, when the coaches of the six M.C.C. colleges selected an all-star group. Gary Cooper and George Nelson were named to all-conference standouts and on the second team Ken Jenkins led the listing, while Bill Jackson and Cecil Warren received honorable mention in the balloting. (99)THE 1958-59 WESTERN BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Date Nov. 22.............. Granite Stars .......... Nov. 24 .................Carroll College..... Nov. 25 Ricks College Dec. 3....................Boise Jr. College... Dec. 4 ...College of Idaho ... Dec. 5 ...................Northwest Nazarene Dec. 6....................Northwest Nazarene Dec. 11 MSC Bobkittens Dec. 15 ........ MSC Bobkittens Jan. 23 Jan. 24 3 Ricks (tournament) 7 . Carroll (tournament) 3 Northern (tournament) ) . Eastern Washington Carroll College , • Northern Montana 4• ...School of Mines • Rocky Mountain • Eastern Montana Westminster . Westminster School of Mines Eastern Montana t Westminster f Westminster Northern Montana r ... Carroll College ’ Rocky Mountain Western . 66 76 78 . 71 67 64 60 . 83 . 65 84 74 77 67 89 83 100 92 78 54 80 76 95 83 71 58 78 Opponents 56 54 70 65 79 73 68 52 61 59 57 45 56 54 79 53 54 77 83 85 86 67 82 76 75 42 72 76 NAIA DISTRICT 5 TOURNAMENT - DILLON Northern Montana College . ... .... Western—92 They—65 College of Idaho (championship) Western—64 They—50 NAIA NATIONAL TOURNAMENT - KANSAS CITY They—78 (100) Pacific Lutheran College Western—60CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Cathy McGeehan, Erma Jean Desjardins, Jo Garrison, Brenda Eccleston. These girls contributed a great deal to Western's success this year and have been a great help in the improvement of Western's spirit. PEP CLUB This club has made great progress under President Lou Underwood and Sponsor Genevieve Welch. The main purpose of the club is to boost the team by building up more student spirit, and this first year showed great premise for the future. 101) WESTERN'S ATHLETIC "M" CLUB Sitting: G. McNeil, G. Vuckovich—President, B. Deglow, D. Mero, J. Dunlap, L. Palagi. Standing: H. Wetzsteon, G. Moran, F. MacDonald, D. Bymaster. L. Lubick, D. Murray, P. Glennie, J. Scalf. Lettermen not pictured: J. Barber. W. Barney, R. Black, B. Butorovich, P. Casey, B. Connors, A. Crum, A. Davis, B. Fairhurst. K. Fickler, R. Fisk, D. Gatti, G. Goldie, E. Harrison, D. Henninger, A. Hopper, F. Hull, B. Jackson, K. Jenkins, G. McKeever, J. Miller, M. Miller, J. Morstein, K. Murphy, M. Murphy, B. Petrino, G. Rafter, K. Rottig, P. Robinson, P. Scott, B. Shuman, W. Smith, D. Sutherland, W. Taylor. M. Telin, D. Torgrimson, L. Varland. W. Wagenaar, R. Wallace, C. Warren, B. White, J. Zink. WESTERN'S "M" CLUB Western's "M" Club is an active organization of athletes on campus. To belong, an athlete must letter in a major sport and participate in a rigid initiation, held in the spring. Then being an active member, he may wear an "M" jacket. Upon lettering four years, deserving seniors are awarded an "M" jacket by the Club. The 1958 spring Vodvil act, with which the Club stole first place, presented a south-of-the-border rendition satirizing the college faculty. The boys sang a Calypso beat into the witty verses written by the "M" Club president, "Frog" Hull. Gene Vuckovich was the 1958-59 "M" Club president. Go Western Day is proving to be an annual success due to the joint efforts of the Rodeo and "M" Clubs. Enthusiasm rises high as Western meets Eastern on the basketball court in a background of true Western flavor. "Frog" Hull composed a delightful melodrama depicting Western's football loss to Eastern. (102)PEP BAND The pep band was well organized this year and under the direction of Mr. Kelley it has more than doubled in size over last year's band. The band played at football and basketball games at home and on the road, adding much in the way of enthusiasm and school spirit and contributing its support to the ball teams. THE PEP BAND Left to right, first row: Ed Peshel, Dick Kaiser, Director—Ashford Kolloy. Bob Smith, Ray Phillips. Second row: Marion Kaiser, Mary Kay Straugh. Karon Ricks, Carol Martin. Carol Long. Third row: Dick Carlyle, Jolono 3ilant, Mary Kaatz, Walter Peregoy, Dick Evans, Low Brundage. Back row: Gladys Norris. Mickey Downing, Delmer Morgan. ( 103)1958-59 INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL The 1958-59 intramural basketball program v as of a caliber to coincide with the proud "varsity Bulldog champions." This season's program was expanded to an all-time high of 14 teams involving nearly 140 men. Two leagues were formed of 7 teams each for pre-tournament play. The 4 top teams of each league surviving the seasonal wars were matched in a post-season tournament of numerous "dark horses." This was definitely a supreme finale to an exciting season of round-ball. Intramural teams are made up of men enrolled at Western who wish to participate. Many of the players are stars of previous high school Dribble Derbies from all corners of Montana. Thus the setting is staged for unmatched rivalry and most frequently hilarious enjoyment for everyone. Games were worked efficiently by students of Coach Straugh's officiating class. INTRAMURAL TOURNAMENT League Standings Orange Division Won Lost 1. Six Packs . 6 0 2. Bullpups 4 2 3. Fatmen 4 2 4. Butte Rats 3 3 Bullpups won flip over Fatmen to be awarded second place. Butte Rats won flip over Puppies to land fourth place in League and a berth in the tournament. Eliminated from Post Season Tourney 5. Puppies 6. Flubs 3 3 5 7. Big Boppers 0 6 Black Division Won Lost 1. Whips . 0 0 2. Renegades 5 1 3. Pistons 4 2 4. Buzzies 3 Eliminated from Post Season Tourney 5, 6,7. District 15................................ 1 5 5.6.7. Outcasts ................................... 1 5 5.6.7. Travelers....... . 1 5 The Six Packs were champions in an overtime struggle over the determined Bullpups. The Fatmen and Pistons were to fight for consolation honors. (104)(105) Intramural Tournament Runners-upSILVER TEAM—LEAGUE CHAMPS—FALL QUARTER Jim Scalf, Ward Scoffield, Erma Desjardins, Dick Ross and Ron Warner. TIGER TEAM—LEAGUE CHAMPS WINTER QUARTER Dick Carlyle, Gerald Bennett, Sharon Martin, Barry V hite and John Sauli. (107)BILL "DEADWOOD" SULLIVAN Singles Champ Fall Quarter BOWLING This year saw Western's bowling activities once again on the upward trend. The league expanded, and the more enthusiastic bowlers brought into realization the long-awaited Bowling Club. This club promises to see Western's bowlers participating in a variety of intercollegiate tournaments over the coming years. Team shirts have been furnished by the club's sponsor, Ned-Eva Lanes. Officers this year included Bill Meagor and Jim Kimball, presidents; Donna Sammons and Jack Dennehy, treasurers; Dick Evans and Bob Robinson, secretaries; Darrel Torgrimson and Ron Warner, league secretaries; and Dale Tash, sponsor. TROPHY WINNERS FALL TOURNAMENT Bob Robinson and Bill Sullivan. Absent, Larry Palagi. DOUBLES CHAMPS WINTER QUARTER Barry White and Marlene Lun-dell. ( 108)BOWLING Fall quarter trophies went to the Silver team, league champs; Larry Palagi and Bob Robinson, doubles champs; and Bill Sullivan, singles champ. Winter quarter saw the trophies go to the Tiger team, league champs; Marlene Lundell and Barry White, doubles champs; and John Moriarity and Ellen Gately, singles champs. For the first time, Western bowlers during the winter quarter were also bowling for trophies for men's and girls' high series and singles games. Girls' high series trophy was taken by Donna Sammons, girls' high singles by Madeline Mogus, men's high series by Jim Kimball, and men's high singles by Pat Casey. Gorgeous form SINGLES CHAMPS WINTER QUARTER ''Iskey'' Moriarity and Ellen Gately. Suspense ( 109)1958 BASEBALL Left to right, kneeling: Don Murray, Manus Farron. Bill Connors, Bob Petrino, Larry Palagi. Standing: Coach Straugh, Dick Burrill, Russ Black. Herald Wotzsteon, Fraser MacDonald, George Nelson. For the first time since 1940 the Western baseball team became the champs of the Montana Collegiate Conference. The team defeated Carroll and Mines in order to participate in a conference tournament. The men then settled down to a day's work. They played Northern in the morning and won, 6 to 3 behind the strong and steady pitching of George Nelson. Torgrimson helped the cause with a 3-run homer. In the second and championship game, Western's Hal Wetz-steon went all the way and defeated Rocky 6 to 5 by holding them to only six hits. Connors and Petrino hit the ball well for the Bulldogs in this game. This team worked hard and showed much improvement throughout the season. Congratulations to Coach Straugh for turning out another group of champions. (110)1958 TRACK The thinclads of Western under the worthy leadership of Coach George McCormick captured the Conference championship for the third year in a row. Among the other honors this group of athletes brought back were first place wins in the Ricks invitational, Western invitational and NAIA meet, and second in the MSC invitational. They contributed a number of trophies which are proudly displayed in the new trophy case in the Student Union. Among the top competitors and most talented track men were Wes Wagenaar, Doug Henninger, Wayne Barney, Phil Robinson, and Larry Varland who participated in the San Diego National of the NAIA. Wes Wagenaar set a new MCC record of 15:8 in the high hurdles. Wayne Barney established a new mile record of 4:39.4. The Mile Relay team of Wagenaar, Varland, Robinson and Pease set a new mark of 3:27.4. The Western team gained 10 firsts in the Conference meet, and due to outstanding depth in nearly all events the Bulldogs garnered more points than all opponents put together. Left to right, kneeling: Larry Varland. Wayne Barney. Jim Barber, Pete Scott. Dale Dean. Manus Farren. Standing: George Young, Phil Robinson, Jim Scalf. Bob Butorovich, Doug Henninger, Loren Sullender, Jack Dunlap. Not shown: Glen Harper, Wes Wagenaar. Jim Jonkins, Myron Pease. (ill)TENNIS Ed House represented Western at the conference tennis playoff in Helena. He won the right to represent Western by topping the college tennis ladder. In conference play, Ed defeated a representative from Carroll 6-2 and 6-1, and a Mines player 6-2, 6-3, and 6-4 for the right to enter the playoff. Ed was defeated for the tennis championship by a Rocky player 6-1 and 10-8. REPRESENTING WESTERN AT SPORT'S CARNIVAL Ed House, Runner-up (112)GOLF The 1958 season found a new sport started at Western. The team consisted of Russ Fisk and Pat Casey. These two represented Western very well at the conference playoffs in Helena. Pat Casey came through handily by sweeping everyone in sight. Russ Fisk gave a fine performance by taking third place in the final standings. For a first year in golf, Western certainly came through in fine style. Let's hope that a precedent has been set that can be maintained for years to come. ( 113) GOLFERS Russell Fisk—Third Place Pat Casey—ChampionWOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Women's Athletic Association is one of the most active organizations on campus and provides healthful recreation for the women students attending WMCE. The main goal of this organization is to develop the well-rounded individual through recreational activities. Every Monday night a variety of activities, including volleyball, basketball, badminton, and softball are enjoyed by all participants. These activities are followed by business meetings. These are held twice a month. WAA initiations occur winter and spring quarters with a day of initiation concluded by an impressive candlelight ceremony. Membership is open to all girls who have participated in eight hours of recreational activity at regular meetings, plus an additional four hours of sports activities. Awards for participation in these activities are given each year at the Awards Assembly. The WAA sponsors the sale of the emblem sweatshirts to the entire student body, and they plan and sponsor the Sadie Hawkins dance. This dance is the one at which all those attending do what is natural for them to do. This can be easily seen when Dr. Feathers becomes Marryin' Sam, as he did this year. Other WAA sponsored activities are the production of floats in the Homecoming, Vodvil, and Rodeo parades. Officers were Bonnie Sollars, president; Mary Mae Kester, vice president; and Myrle Enman, secretary-treasurer. Miss Genevieve Welch was the women's athletic director. ( 114)WAA SPORTS BOARD Left to right: M. Kestor, B. Sollars, M. Enman, Chairman G. Welch. Left to right: M. Enman, V. Johnson. T. Shraugor. A. Robish, B. Hinton, M. Kester, S. Martinsen, L. Daems, D. Jacobson. R. LeRoux, D. Shaw, K. Ricks. M. Frisbie, C. Belanger, B. Sollars, D. Robertson, G. Norris, G. Welch.( 116)Advertising Directory BUTTE Anaconda Company.................................................... 133 Bill's Men's Shop............................................... 127 W. P. Fuller________________________________________________________ 127 Gordon's Jewelry____________________________________________________ 128 Interstate Lumber Company__________________________________________ 132 Metals Bank and Trust Company....................................... 125 Montana Hardware................................................. 132 Shanty Bar and Cafe.............................................. 126 Shiners............................................................. 127 Treasure State Sporting Goods 128 Vegas Night Club................................................. 129 DILLON Beaverhead Bar Supply ............................................ 123 Beaverhead Laundry and Cleaners........ 129 Beaverhead Lumber . —........... 129 Big Dipper...................................................... 124 Club Bar........................................................ 124 Coast to Coast ................................................ 125 College Snack Bar............................................... 122 D L Jewelry Company............................................. 123 Davis Electric ................................................... 124 Deluxe Donut Shop 126 Dillon Automobile Dealers Association . 134 Dillon Creamery..................................................... 122 Dillon Implement Company 126 Dillon Portrait Studio............................................ 137 Dilmart 123 Electric and Variety 126 ( 117)Advertising Directory Examiner Printing Company 126 First National Bank .... 123 Gambles ---------------------------------------------------------- 128 Gosman's ________________________________________________________ 131 Hazel's Style Shop---------------------------------------------- 122 King's__________________________________________________________ 128 J. C. Penney Company______________________________________________ 122 Larsen's ..................................................... 128 Mac's Barber Shop 125 McCrackens 125 Mitchell's City Drug 126 Montana Power Company_____________________________________________ 135 Mount joy Flowers and Gifts--------------------------------------- 127 Ned-Eva Lanes ____________________________________________________ 122 Oasis 129 Professional Directory. 121 Roberta Theater................................................... 126 Roberts Food Market 130 Shaffer's Bakery 128 Skeets Cafe .................................................... 127 Standard Lumber and Coal Company . 131 State Bank and Trust Company...................................... 138 Vaughn and Ragsdale--------------------------------------------- 126 Warner's Food 127 Western Montana College of Education ............................ 119 Western Montana College of Education Residence Halls ........... 120 Williams Feed Inc---------------------------------------------- 123 GREAT FALLS Tribune Printing and Supply Company 136 ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI Becktold Company-------------------------------------------------- 122 ( 118)WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Offers A Four-Year Course Leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education or Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education and A Fifth Year Leading to the Master of Science Degree in Education A Two-Year Course in Business Education A Two-Year Course in Teacher Education Pre-Professional courses in forestry, journalism, law, social work, agriculture, engineering, nursing education, home economics, pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-veterinary. The Western Montana College of Education is fully accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and the Northwest Association for Secondary and Higher Schools. For Further Information Write to THE REGISTRAR WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Dillon, Montana (119)Living Accommodations at Western Montana College of Education Have Been Greatly Increased With the Addition of Sixteen Modern Attractive Apartments tor Married Students New Modern Dormitory Accommodations for Men ★ Women's Residence Hall, Attractive and Convenient, Remains One of the Best of Its Kind ★ Dining Room Service for Men and Women Plan Now to Make Reservations for Your Room ★ Write to Business Office Western Montana College of Education DILLON. MONTANA (120)Professional Directory DR. E. D. EVANS DENTIST Phone 927 McFADDEN AND DAVIS ATTORNEYS AT LAW Telephone Building. Dillon, Montana W. G. GILBERT, JR. ATTORNEY 19 South Idaho DR. R. J. ENGLISH OPTOMETRIST Phone 466 Beaverhead Clinic Building DR. J. C. LINDUSKA DENTIST Phone 81-J Morse and Idaho Street DR. I. W. HILTBRAND CHIROPRACTOR Phone 575 116 South Idaho Street Dillon, Montana DR. W. E. MONGER OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Phone 131 -R DR. W. J. ROMERS DENTIST Phone 114 DR. R. D. CURRY DENTIST Office Phone 335 SCHULTZ AND DAVIS ATTORNEYS AT LAW Dillon, Montana DR. G. W. SMITH DENTIST Office Phone 71-W (121)COVERS For The 1959 CHINOOK By Becklold Company ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI Dillon Creamery Beaverhead-Gold and Challenge Dairy Products You Hear it Everywhere! It Pays to Shop at Pewfy's ALWAYS MUST QUALITY! Compliments of NED-EVA-LANES "Automatic Pin Setters" Bowling Center of Dillon HAZEL'S STYLE SHOP If It's New You'll Find It at HAZEL'S DILLON, MONTANA The College Snack Bar In The Student Union Where Western Students Loaf Over a Cup of Coffee (122)First National Bank DILLON, MONTANA We carefully guard the interests of our customers in every possible way. All business transactions in this bank are regarded as strictly confidential. SERVING THIS COMMUNITY SINCE 1880 Affiliated with Northwest Bancorporation Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation PURINA CHOWS Custom Pelleting, Rolling Grinding and Mixing WILLIAMS FEED INC. DILLON, MONTANA D L JEWELRY DIAMONDS WATCHES Columbia • Bulova Hamilton • Feature Lock If It Doesn't Tick — See Dick BEAVERHEAD BAR SUPPLY CO. GLEED 6 CARPITA Wholesale Dealers Carbonated Beverages Tobacco and Candies Schlitz and Great Falls Beer Phone 108 DILLON, MONTANACompliments ol CLUB BAR Sporting Goods Headquarters SNEED AND BAY Congratulations to WMCE Wiring and Repairing Small Appliances Graduates DAVIS ELECTRIC THE BIG DIPPER 21 E. Sebree Phone 41-W Lighting Fixtures Residential and A Tasty Spot to Stop Commercial (124)MAC'S BARBER SHOP FINEST HAIRCUTS 21 South Idaho DILLON, MONTANA McCracken Bros. MEN'S STORE DILLON, MONTANA Where the Well-Dressed College Man Shops LIONS DEN The Place to Meet the Gang After a College Dance You Buy for Less at Because We Buy for Less Locally Nationally Owned Organized Greetings, "Bulldogs" For a sound, friendly banking connection in Butte remember the Metals Bank. We Are Always Eager to Serve You Metals Bank Trust Company BUTTE, MONTANA (125)SUCCESSFUL JOURNEY GRADUATES Congratulation on the progress you have just made, and may your future be as successful as your relationship has been with us. VAUGHN-RAGSDALE ELECTRIC VARIETY STORE Complete Electrical and Repair Services Major Appliances School Supplies For Your COFFEE BREAK Come to The Deluxe Donut Shop Roberta Theater Cinemascope and Wide Screen Equipped BEST IN MOVIES D-I Dillon Implement Company Hardware Sporting Goods Plumbing Phone 68 Dillon Compliments of Shanty Bar and Cafe DOLPH BUGNI 20 S. Montana St. BUTTE, MONTANA The Examiner Printing Co. Opposite Depot Phone 55 For Printing That Pleases Particular People Publishers of THE DILLON EXAMINER Beaverhead County's Leading Newspaper MITCHELL'S CITY DRUG STORE Superior Prescription Service WILLIAM MITCHELL, Proprietor We Extend a Hearty Welcome to All WMCE Students Phone 113 (126)Bill's Men's Shop "For Men of Good Taste" For A Will Tiddy Ted Triniman, Mgr. Good Dinner 29-31 W. Park BUTTE, MONTANA Come to . . . For Furniture Skeets Go to Cafe SHINERS BUTTE DILLON Warner's Food Mounljoy Flowers Quality Groceries — Meats — and Gifts Sea Food —Products — Frozen Foods We Give United Trading Stamps We Give United Trading Stamps Member of FTD Phone 246 Free Delivery Service Phone 137-W DILLON, MONTANA U I FULLER PAINTS PAINTS GLASS CLUB LOUNGE They Last FD HORC AN Established in 1849 136 W. Park St. Phone 9847 W. P. FULLER Co. BUTTE, MONTANA 131 W. Park Street BUTTE, MONTANA ( 127)Montana's FASHION Store for Your Home and Family BUTTE and LIVINGSTON LARSEN'S Complete Stock of Greeting Cards Gift Items — School Supplies Barnes and Noble College Outline Series Gordon's Jewelry Keepsake and Starfire Diamonds Nationally Advertised Watches GAMBLES Authorized Dealer 12 N. Main, Butte Easy Credit plus S H Green Stamps The Friendly Store CLARK D'EVELYN, Owner For the BEST in Bakery Goods THE DILMART "Dillon's Home Mart" Go to Shaffer's Bakery Dillon's Only Complete Home Furnishings Store It Pays to Play RAWLINGS ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT TBEASURE STATE SPORTING GOODS 22 East Park Street Butte Compliments of M. H. KING CO. Your 5 and 10 Store Headquarters It's a Pleasure to Serve You (128)If It Is THE OASIS CAFE Building Material Lumber and Coal Welcomes College Students — See — Breakfast Beaverhead Lunch Lumber Co. Dinner Fountain Better Materials Cheaper LEAH RIFE Phone 85 and TOM McGOVERN DILLON, MONTANA "Designed for Your BEAVERHEAD Pleasure" LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS The Vegas "We Cater to College Club Students" Phone 135 ''Butte's Smartest Night Club'' Free Pickup and MEADERVILLE, MONTANA Delivery 45-47 Main Street George Nevin "Pee Wee" Nevin (129)Roberts Food, Inc. We encourage all people to support our college as — We believe—industry—commerce—government—art— the sciences—and all other professions, including our whole way of life, depend heavily upon the quality of our education. DILLON, MONTANA (130)Standard Lumber and Coal Company Fuller Paints Aberdeen and Castlegate Coal Phone 276 DILLON, MONTANA QUALITY FIRST - SERVICE ALWAYS Geo. M. Gosman DRUGGIST The Rexall Store (131 )Education Should be gradual A step by step process— For its true worth is the end result. It is not unlike Business Where all effort— Step by step—has one goal, The satisfied customer. Interstate Lumber Company Education Would be made difficult Without proper books. So it is at home. Some improvements would be almost Impossible without the proper tools. Consult Your hardware dealer. He can readily help you. The Montana Hardware Company Butte (Wholesale Only) Great Falls (132)star a ior REACHING The siudenl of loday may be doing just ihat tomorrow. As education presses upon fascinating frontiers in the race into space, Adjusting to an era made scientific by missile and satellite; So industry adjusts, particularly in metals. The Anaconda Company- step by step - year by year Advances this frontier. ( 133)Dillon Automobile Dealers Association Devoted lo the Interest of Safe Driving Sales - Service NEW AND USED CARS Gleed Motors Paul's Chevrolet Co. (Ford and Mercury) (Cadillac, Olds, Chevrolet) College Motor Co. (Buick — GMC Trucks) Davis Motor Co. (Willys, Packard and Studebaker) Montana Auto Sales (Chrysler — Plymouth) { 134)Today's Projects Mean Tomorrow's Progress Montana Power is building today to satisfy your needs tomorrow. In just the past year, The Montana Power Company has completed many projects to bring Montanans all the power they need, when they need it and where they need it. Here are some of them: Cochrane Dam near Great Falls has been completed, adding 60,000 kilowatts of power to the Montana Power system capability. A 161,000-volt transmission line was built from Kerr Dam at Poison to Missoula. Electric and natural gas facilities in many local areas have been modernized or extended to improve service. A microwave communications system to improve electric and natural gas dispatching is nearly complete. The Montana Power Company and its predecessors have been serving Montana since the 1880's. THE MONTANA POWER COMPANY (135)Complete ... PRINTING LITHOGRAPHING RULING RINDING RUBBER STAMP SERVICE TRIBUNE PRINTING AND OFFICE SUPPLY GREAT FALLS, MONTANA (136)Your Happiest College Memories Stay Fresh in Distinctive Portraits, Quality Candid Prints and Enlargements ★ For Appointments Call 196 ★ Dillon Portrait Studio Dillon, Montana ( 137)State Bank and Trust Company ESTABLISHED 1899 DILLON, MONTANA ★ Member Federal Deposit Isurance Corporation (138)AUTOGRAPHSAUTOGRAPHS f • I

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