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CHINOOK 1958 Published by THE JUNIOR CLASS Western Montana College of Education Dillon, Montana to VOLUME FIFTY85721 FOREWORD In every college class, in every extra-curricular activity, and in every part of a college career, to torch of knowledge—of experience—burns and becomes increasingly brighter. After four years of college education, the light from the torch of the Seniors shines so illustriously that they are able, as teachers, to spark the growing candles of young students. It is the privilege of all graduates from an education school to transfer a portion of the light from their torches of knowledge to the students they teach. The torches of the students at Western grow brighter as each year passes. The light of knowledge and experience becomes more powerful with each additional year. Richard de Bury said, "You, O Books, are the golden vessels of the temple . .. burning lamps to be held ever in the hand." A college student becomes acquainted with many books: school-books, recreational books and, even more important, the Book of Life. It is from these books, these burning lamps, that the light illuminating from the student's torch of knowledge is increased. May the years at Western have opened an intellectual light that will burn brightly throughout all the years to come. (2)m ever ao still k as win stood1 geor9e O’fJeiU THE PRESIDENTS RESIDENCE (3)DEDICATION The year 1957-58 has brought many improvements to Westerern Montana College. The building program has been completed. Activities which promise to become traditions have been introduced. Even more important, there has been an increased friendliness among students and faculty. Not one of these would have been possible without the encouragement, help, and approval of Western's hard-working President. With sincere gratitude for the work he has done this year for Western, the 1958 Chinook staff proudly dedicates this book to Dr. James E. Short, our President. We earnestly hope that under his leadership and guidance, Western will continue to grow in the future as it has this year.A Message From the President In the future as you look back over the years you will have a wide choice of memories. Some of these might be a trip to Los Angeles, a trip to Kansas City, the new buildings on the campus, your grade in Humanities. You cannot now know which of your experiences here at Western will be important to your future. Therefore, let us not minimize any of them. We should rightfully assume that you are a better person for having been here—we hope Western is a better place because you were here. Ranted £. Short PRESIDENT JAMES E. SHORT (5)CAMPUS COMMUNITY CENTER From now on Western's new College Union will be the center of extra-curricular, recreational, and social life on the campus. For many years students will enjoy the spacious lounge with its beautiful fireplace. The large ballroom will be the scene of many dances sponsored by campus organizations. The snack bar will always be a congregating place for students and faculty. The book store, recreation, music and reading rooms, student and faculty organization meeting rooms, and other fine facilities make Western's College Union truly a college ''living room.'' (6)A Cozy Corner in the Lounge (7)New Home for Forty-five Western Men The New Apart meMS ,OT Mar«9d Students O °Pened in March. '58 (8)Gene, Noreen, and Danny Vucko-vich are first to move into the new apartments. The Harry Mulars enjoy one of their first meals in their new apartment.CHINOOK STAFF Hi t Rose Marie Scott Editor Dennis Winters Associate Editor Dick Evans Assistant Editor George Parrett Junior Class President Elizabeth Orr Business Mgr., Dillon Bill Meagor Business Mgr., Butte Marian Richter Picture Editor Russ Jennings Picture Editor Joyce Freseman Gene Vuckovich Organization Editor Athletic Editor Betty Frank Art Editor Genevieve Albertson Sponsor (ii)IN MEMORIAM Mrs. Zella K. Flores “3 Uttifkt« candt. of understanding, in tliine heart, u hich sha Knot L put out. ” £jrai 33, 20 February 21 was a day of sadness at Western, and throughout Montana, because of the death of Mrs. Zella K. Flores, well known Western teacher. Those who knew or worked with Mrs. Flores realize that her torch of knowledge that shone so illustriously and brightly sparked the candle of many students during her career. Her vivacious personality will long be remembered by her friends and students. Mrs. Flores was always cheerful and brave. In fact, it was usual for her friends to comment on her "wonderful spirit" even at the time of great physical suffering. It is conceded that her willingness to help others, when not well herself, and her ability to be cheerful have left for all a fine example of courageous living. ( 12)FACULTY Genevieve Albertson M. A. Professor of English Clay Anders M. S. Instructor in Industrial Arts Bill Bruer M. A. Associate Professor of Education, Placement Bureau and Dean of Men Wesley Caspers Mrs. Viola Cook Ph. D. Assistant to the Business Professor of Education, Dean of School of Manager Education and Director of Summer Session (13)FACULTY John R. Cumming Ph. D. Associate Professor of Education, Graduate Division Gert Daniels M. A. Associate Professor of Biological Science Mrs. Mary B. Emerick M. A. Professor of Fine Art Joseph Feathers Ph. D. Assistant Professor of Secondary Education Stanley R. Davison Ph. D. Instructor in Social Studies Mrs. Helen Gallagher Secretary to the President John C. Garry M. A. Assistant Professor of Business Education Dorothy Gelhaus Mrs. Winifred Groenwood B. S. in L. S. M. A. Registrar Instructor in Home Economics ( M)FACULTY Brinton Jackson M. A. Assistant Professor of Music Ashford B. Kelley M. M. Assistant Professor of Music Mrs. Helen D. Luebben B. A. Instructor in Foreign Languages and English George McCormick B. S. Instructor, Men's Physical Education and Football Coach A. Kont Marler M. A. Instructor in English and Forensics Bertie Mathews Secretary, Correspondence Study and Residence Hall CS Ralph Kneoland M. E. Assistant Professor of Education Ralph McFadden M. M. Acting Executive Dean and Professor of Music Georgia Mathews Business Manager and Acting Dean of Women (15)FACULTY Mrs. Iva Loa Orr Acting Librarian Joe C. Ryburn B. E. Assistant Professor of English. Dramatics William T. Straugh M. E. Professor and Director of Physical Education and Mathematics Mrs. Evelyn Stauffer M. A. Director of Placement Howard Smith Bureau. Assistant Business M. S. Manager Assistant Professor of Physical Science (Absent on leave 1957-58) George W. Svetich B. S. Instructor in Physical Science Dalo Tash M. A. Associate Professor of Social Studies Genevieve Welch B. S. Instructor in Women's Physical Education (16)- •' • GRADUATE DIVISION Charlene Moss. Miles City Master's Degree August, 1957 Lestor Roynolds, Twin Bridges Master's Degree August, 1957 Charloy Roll, Wyola Master's Degree August. 1957 James Mountjoy, Dillon Master's Degree August, 1958 WORKING ON THE MASTER’S DEGREE Jack Mattingly. Dillon Emory Rouse, Dillon Gary Williams. Dillon ( 18)CLASS OF 1958 Don Shanklin. Drummond Senior Class Vice President "He speakoth not; and yet there lies A conversation in his eyes." Major: Scionco Minor: Mathematics Activities: Gargoyles 1. 2, 3, 4— President 4 Larry Andorson, Missoula "Thouah most be spectators, some be players." Majors: Social Studies Physical Education Minor: English Activities: Football 1, 2, 3. 4; Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4: Baseball 1. 2; Track 1. 2; "M" Club 1. 2, 3, 4; All Conference Baskotball 3, 4; Freshman Class Vice President 1; Men's Houso Council 3; Student Activities Committoo 2, 3. 4; "Mister Top Hat" 3 A1 Bond, Deer Lodge "They that govern the most make the least noise." Major: Social Studios Minors: Industrial Arts, Physical Education Activities: Football 1, 2, 3; "M" Club 1, 2, 3, 4 James Miller, Butte Senior Class President "The more he works, the more willing he is to work." Major: Social Studios Minor: Physical Education Activities: Newman Club 1. 2, 3. 4— President 2, 3, 4; International Relations Club 2, 3--Prosidont 3; Delegate to International Rolatlons Club Conferences 2, 3; Track 1, 2; Boxing 2; Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4 Lynn Curley, Anaconda Senior Class Secrotary-Treasuror "Music is well said to be the speech of angels." Major: English Minors: Music, Social Studies Activities: Transfer from MSU 2; KZN 2, 3. 4—President 3; Chorus Accompanist 3: Music Club 3, 4— President 3; Newman Club 2. 3, 4; Bernie Bissell. Dillon "Every sincoro man is right." Major: Social Studies Minor: Physical Education Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; "M" Club 1, 2. 3, 4—Secretary 4; "Lo and Bohold" 1 Clarice Christenson, Anchorage, Alaska "Mind cannot follow it, nor words oxpross her infinito sweotness." Minors: English, Art, Social Studies Activities: Chorus 3; Intervarsity 3, 4: Art Club 4; Kappa Pi 4 Bob DeMarois, Anaconda "In quietness and confidence shall be your strongth." Major: Scionco Minors: Mathematics and Physical Education Activities: Football 1, 2. 3. 4—Team Captain 4; All Conference Football 4; Basketball 2; Track 3; "M" Club 1. 2, 3, 4—Secretary-Treasurer 2, 3- Vice President 4; Who's Who 4CLASS OF 1958 Ronald Dooley, Anaconda "Ho is your friond forever." Majors: Social Studies, English Activities: Chanticleers 4 Elizaboth Frank, Lander, Wyoming "In framing an artist, art hath thus decreed, to make some good, but others to exceed." Major: Art Minors: English, Social Studies Activities: Chorus 1; WAA 1; Art Club 1, 2. 3. 4—President 4; Kappa Pi 3, 4; Chinook 4 Jim Jenkins, Belgrade "He rewards his deeds with doing them. Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Studies Activities: Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Class Vice President Ken Jensen, Anaconda "The mirror of all courtesy." Major: English Minor: Social Studios Frank Hull. Dillon "Humor has justly been regarded a the finest perfection of poetic genius." Major: Social Studies Minors: English, Physical Education Activities: Football 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4; "M" Club 1, 2, 3. 4—President 4; Vodvil MC 3; "The Male Animal" 1; "The Madwoman of Chaillot" 3; "Twilight Walk" 4 Edwin Kaushagen, Dillon "Your wit ambles well; it goes easily." Major: Social Studies Minor: English Activities: "Stage Door" 3; "Madwoman of Chaillot" 3; "Twilight Walk" 4; Gargoyle Club 3, 4 Ron Kenlson, Dillon "A light heart lives Iona." Majors: Industrial Arts, Physical Education „ Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4—Captain 3, 4; Industrial Arts Club 4; "M" Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Lawrence King, Butte "And gladly woldo ho lerne, and gladly teche." Major: Social Studios Minor: Mathematics Activities: Transfer from Montana School of Mines 3; Track 3, 4; Intramural Baskotball 4; "M" Club 4 (20)CLASS OF 1958 Dorothy Knooland, Dillon "She's a most exquisite lady." Major: Art Minors: English, Social Studies Activities: Freshman Class Secretary; Winter Formal Princess 2; Art Club 1, 2, 4—Shop Troasuror 2; Gar-goylos 1. 2, 4; KZN 1, 2, 4; SEA 2. 4; Kappa Dolta Pi; Intervarsity 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 1. 2. 4; Who's Who 4; Music Club 1, 2 John Lee, Butte "He finds the joys of heaven here on earth." Major: English Minor: Social Studies Activities: Gargoyle Club 1, 2, 3, 4— Vice President 3; Bowling 3. 4; Football 1 Robert Kohn, Butte "So much one man can do, that does both act and know." Majors: English, Social Studies Activities: Football 1; International Relations Club 2, 3; Gargoyle Club 3, 4; Chorus 4; Phi Dolta Kappa; Junior Class President; Junior Prom Manager; "The Wizard of Oz" 4 Michael Lacey. Dillon "Quietness is best." Major: Social Studies Minor: English Activities: Baseball 2, 3. 4; President of Bowling League 3; Band 4; "The Wizard of Oz" 4 ’ Dougan Luebben, Dillon "His friends his truth proclaim.' Major: Scionco Minor: Mathematics Activities: Intervarsity 4 Marvin Lundberg, Hamilton "What’er he did was done with so much ease; in him alone, 'twas natural to ploaso." Major: Social Studies Minor: Physiccl Education Clifford May, Dillon "He seemed to me evor by his work one of the greatest men. and most worthy of admiration." Major: Industrial Arts Minors: English, Social Studies Charles Merrifield, Butte "He is wealthy in his friends." Major: Mathematics Minors: Physical Education, English Activities: Football 3; Track 2, 3; "M" Club 2, 3. 4; Newman Club 2, 3 (21)CLASS OF 1958 Max Nield, Dillon "Evory man will bo thy friend." Major: Physical Education Minors: Social Studies, English Activities: Basketball 3. 4; Baseball 3. 4; "M" Club 3, 4 Mrs. Francos Paddock "Her voice was over soft, gontle, and low; an excellent thing in woman." Major: English Minors: Art, Social Studios A1 Puccinolli, Anaconda "He'll play a small game rathor than stand out." Major: Social Studies Minor: Physical Education Activities: "M" Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Rodeo Club 3 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Baskotball 1. 2, 3 Lois O'Koolo, Butte " Twas hor thinking of others that made you think of hor." Major: English Minors: Social Studies. Music Activities: Transfer from College of Great Falls 2; Chinook Editor 3; Wescolite Staff 2, 3—Editor 4; Junior Class Secretary-Treasurer; Senior Library Representative; Student Affairs Committee 4; Homecoming Quoon Candidate 4; KZN 2. 3. 4; Newman Club 2. 3; House Council 4; Chanticleer Club 2, 3. 4—Treasurer 3; Matrix 3. 4; International Relations Club 2; Chorus 3; Who's Who 4; DAR American History Award 4 Henry Richardson, Dillon "Ho is a worthy gentleman." Major: Social Studies Minor: English Ray Scott, Plains "He is advertisod by his loving friends." Major: Social Studies Minor: Physical Education Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1. 2, 3. 4; "M" Club 2, 3, 4; Most Valuable Baskotball Player of the Year 3; V ho's Who 4 Owon Shields, Butte "He is proud in humility; proud in that ho is not proud." Major: English Minor: Social Studies Activities: Newman Club 4 Charles Stack, Butte "The host of luck is always waiting on you." Major: Social Studios Minors: English, Physical Education (22)CLASS OF 1958 Norm Stubba. Great Falls "Wit and wisdom are born with this man." Major: Social Studios Minor: Physical Education Activities: Freshman Class Vice President; Football 1. 2; Baseball 1, 2; Sophomore Class President; Intramural Basketball 2, 3; "M" Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Wescolite 3, 4 Tod Tall, Cut Bank "He is very great in knowledge and accordingly valiant." Major: Art Minor: Music Activities: Men's Quartette 3; Art Club 2, 3 Lyonald Thompson, Ennis "He has read much, but his contemplation was much more than his reading." Major: Science Minor: English Activities: Rodeo Club 4: Intramural Basketball 4; Who's Who 4 Elsie Anderson. Thompson Falls Major: Art Minor: English, Social Studies DEGREE GRADUATES AUGUST 1957 Ruby Bledsoe, Dillon Major: Social Studies Minors: English, Music Beulah Brenneman, Salmon. Idaho Major: English Minors: Music, Social Studies Rosemary Colvin. Butte Majors: English, Social Studies Florence Van Dyke Cook. Living ston Major: English Minors: Music. Social Studies (23)DEGREE GRADUATES-AUG. 1957 Lila Johnson, Conrad Majors: English. Social Studies Jane Lester, Butte Major: English Minors: Physical Education. Social Studios David Oursland, Somers Major: English Minors: Social Studies. Music Ivah Knowlton, Butte Major: English Minors: Science, Social Studies Rodger McCormick, Three Forks Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Studies Jeannette Valentine, Anaconda Major: Social Studies Minors: English, Foreign Language Ed Laird, Butto Major: Social Studios Minor: English Leslie McNeil. Columbia Falls Majors: Industrial Arts. Social Studies i Lucille Yost, Baldwin Park. Cali Majors: English, Social Studies (24)CLASS OF 1959 Nancy Osborne, Ennis Junior Class Vico Presidont Activities: SEA 1. 2, 3—Prosidont 3; KZN 1. 2. 3; Debato 2, 3; House Council 1, 2, 3; Finalist for Miss Wostern 1. 2; Homecoming Queen 3; Gargoyle Club 3; "Stage Door and "Madwoman of Chaillot" 2; "The Wizard of Oz” 3; Student Af-lairs Committee 3 Dick Barber, Ronan Activities: Track 1, 2; Baskotball 1; Football 2, 3; "M" Club 1. 2, 3 George Parrett, Butte Junior Class President Activities: Second Placo in Founders Day Oratory Contest 1; Elks Scholarship 1; Music Club 1; Sophomore Class President; Wescolite 3; Chinook Staff 3; Student Council 2, 3; Chorus 1; "The Wizard of Oz" 3 Wayne Barney, Rexburg, Idaho Activities: Track 3 Elizabeth Orr, Dillon Junior Class Secretary-Treasurer Activities: SEA 1, 2, 3; MEA Delegate Assembly 1. 2, 3; State SEA Secretary 3; NEA Convention 3; Intervarsity 1; KZN 1, 2, 3; Chinook Staff 3 Mrs. Mildred Benson, Dillon Activities: "The Wizard of Oz" 3 Bill Connors. Butte Activities: Baseball 1. 2; "M" Club 1, 2, 3; Newman Club 1, 2 Dale Dean, Valior Activities: Gargoyle Club 2, 3; "Staqe Door” 2; "Madwoman of Chaillot" 2; "Twilight Walk" 3; "The Wizard of Oz" 3 Charles Delano Jr., Somers Activities: Junior Class President-Fall Quarter: Debate 1, 2 (26)CLASS OF 1959 Dob Donovan. Dillon Activities: Basketball 1, 3; Track 1 Richard Evans, Butte Activities: Transfer from MSU 2; Men's Sextette 2. 3; Chorus 2; Chinook Staff 3; Industrial Arts Club President 3; Bowling League Vice President 3 Douglas Honningor, St. Anthony, Idaho Gordon Galloway, Tacoma. V ash. Activities: Intervarsity 1, 2, 3; Men's Quartette 2, 3 Joyce Frosoman, Butte Activities: Chanticleer Club 1, 2, 3; Wescolite 1, 2. 3; KZN 1, 2, 3; Music Club Secretary 2; "Stago Door" 2; "Twilight Walk" 3; Gargoyle Club 2, 3; Matrix 2, 3; Elks Scholarship 2; AAUW Scholarship 3: Montana PTA Scholarship 1; Chinook Staff 3; Debate 2; "The Wizard of Oz" 3 Tom Hoyer, Havre Activities: Transfer from Northern Montana College 2; Football 2 Russell Jennings, Deer Lodge Activities: Wescolite Staff 2: Chinook Staff 3; Dobato 3; Bowling 3 Ronald Kimmel, Seeley Lake Activities: Football 1, 2; Baskotball 1; Track 1, 2; Baseball 1; "M" Club 1. 2 Ella Laden, Dillon (27)CLASS OF 1959 Mary Clare McVey. Butte Activities: Transfer lrom Tho College of St. Catherine 3; Debate 3: Newman Club 3; Homocoming Queen Candidate 3; Music Club 3: SEA 3; Pep Club 3 Bill Meagor, Butte Activities: Freshman Class Vice President; Bowling League Prosidont 1; Chinook Business Manager 3 Larry Palagi, Butte Activities: Baseball 1, 2; 'M" Club 1, 2, 3 Les Paro. Hot Springs Activities: Track I. 2; "M" Club 1. 2; Rodeo Club President 2. 3 Shirley Perusich. Butto Activities: Music Club 2; SEA Chorus 2; Girls' Soxtotto 2 I; Garry Ratter. Ophoim Activities: Baseball 1. 2; Track 2; Football 2 Marian Richter, Stevensville Activities: Usher 1; Newman Club Secretary-Treasurer 2; Chorus 1; Chinook Staff 3; “The Wizard of Oz - 3 Robert Robinson. 3utte Activities: Transfer from Carroll College 3; Intramural Basketball 3; Newman Club 3; Bowling 3 Alan Robocker, Dillon Don Rosencrans, Butto Activities: Intramural Basketball 2, 3; Football 1; Operettas 1, • Boys' Sextette 2; Newman Club • 2; Chorus 1. 2, 3; Music Club 1 2, 3 (28)CLASS OF 1959 Elizabeth Rott, Dillon Dick Tuttlo, Anaconda Activities: Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1. 2; Baseball 1, 2. 3; "M" Matt Telin. Twin Bridges Club 1 Activities: Football 2. 3; "M" Club 2. 3; Rodeo Club 2; Chinook Stall 2 Rose Marie Scott. Butte Activities: Transler from School of Mines 2; Chinook Editor 3; Wosco-lito Staff 3; KZN 2. 3; Student Council Secretary 3; First Place in Founders Day Oratory Contest 2; First Place in Oral Interpretation; Third Place in Oratory at Stato Intercollegiate Tournament 2; First Place in Oratory at Gem State Jambotoo 3; Third Place in Oral Interpretation at Western Speech Association Tournament 3; ''Stago Door" 2; Montana PTA Scholarship 3 Lila Sinclair. Dillon Gene Vuckovich. Anaconda Activities: Football 1 2; "M" Club 1, 2. 3; Dobato 3; Wescolito Staff 3; Chinook Sports Editor 3; Intramural Basketball 1. 2. 3 Wesley Wagenaar. Lodge John Wedum. Dillon Grass Activities: Track 1. 2, 3; Sophomore Class Vice President; Student Affairs Committee 3; Student Body President 3; Student Council 3; Intramural Basketball 3 Betty Whelan. Butto Activities: Transler from Montana School of Mines 3; Newman Club 3; Rodeo Club 3; Gargoyle Club 3; "Twihght Walk" 3 Dennis Winters. Butto Activities: Wescolite Staff— Associate Editor 1. Editor 2; Chanticleer Club 1. 2. 3 —Vice President 2. 3; Newman Club 1. 2, 3—Vice President 3; Library Committee 1; 3rd Place Founders Day Oratory Contest 1; Debate 1. 2. 3; Chinook Staff 3Winter quarter scene: Mrs. Cook — always willing and ready to take your money. Taking Advantage of the Book Exhibit A Fall Quarter Practice For efficiency and dispatch call on Mrs. Helen Gallagher. Science department moved into its remodeled rooms winter quarter. (30)CLASS OF 1960 Polo Glonnio, Harlowton Sophomore Class President Activities: Football 1; Track 1, 2; Freshman Class President; Student Council 1, 2; Rodeo Club; "M” Club 1, 2; Chanticleer Club 2 Larry Varland. Harlowton Sophomoro Class Vico President Activities: Football 1, 2; Basketball 1; Track 1, 2; "M" Club 1, 2; Intramural Basketball 1. 2 Colleen Belanger, Butte Activities: House Council 1, 2; WAA 1. 2—President 2; KZN 1, 2; Newman Club Treasurer 1, 2; Music Club 1; Cheorloador 2; Sadie Hawkins Queon 2 Gary Cooper, Thompson Falls Activities: Basketball 1, 2; "M" Club 1, 2 Dick Bujok, Roundup Joyce Cummings, Plains Activities: KZN 1, 2; Pep Club 2; Rodeo Club 2; Chorus 1 Bob Cleverly, Dillon Joan Ryan, Butte Sophomoro Class Secretary-Treasurer Activities: WAA I, 2 — Vico President 2; KZN 1. 2 — Treasurer 2; House Council 1. 2; Newman Club 1, 2; Chanticleer Club 2; Elks Scholarship 1, 2; "Stage Door" 1; Pep Club 2; Wes-colite Staff 2; Chanticleer Club 2 Rosemary Dolan, Butto Activities: Transfer from MSU 1; SEA 2; Chorus 2; Newman Club 1, 2; Pep Club 2 Carolee Kamblch, Glon Sophomore Class Library Committee Activities: Chanticleer Club 1, 2—President 2; Wescolite Editor 1; KZN 1. 2; New-man Club 2 Lauretta Colvin, Charlo Activities: Rodeo Club 1, 2; Intervarsity 1, 2; WAA 1, 2 Janet Dooling. Jackson (32)CLASS OF 1960 Carolyn Droppers, Manhattan Activities: Intervarsity I, 2— Secretary-Treasurer 2; Pep Band 2; WAA 1. 2-Secretary-Treasurer 2; KZN 2; SEA 2; Usher 1. 2 Dale Fisher, Fort Benton John Giles, Dillon lack Dunlap, Livingston Activities: Football 1. 2; Bas-ketball 1, 2; Track 1. 2; "M- Club 1, 2 Lyle Eliason, Dillon William Fairhurst, Threo Forks Activities: Football 1; Intramural Basketball I Sheryll Flynn. Anaconda lerry Fox, Butte Activities: Football 1; "M" Club 1, 2; Intramural Basketball 1 Ron Fuller. Anaconda Gail Gray. Dillon Activities: Art Club 1. 2; Kappa Pi 2; KZN 2 )l l loanne Hall. Kalispell Bonnie Hampton. Noxon (33)CLASS OF 1960 Dan Harrington, Butte Activities: Chanticleer Club Treasurer 2; Intramural Basketball 2 Anita Hopcus, Deer Lodgo Activities: KZN 2 Anna Mae Jeakins, Missoula Leona Kaushagen, Dillon Activities: Student Wives 1, 2 Verna Marie lenkins, Dillon Activities: Art Club 1, 2— Treasurer 1, Secretary 2; V AA 1. 2; Music Club 1; SEA 1, 2—Delogato Assembly 1, Secretary 2; Intor-varsity 1, 2; Chorus 1; KZN 1, 2 Bob Kovacich, Butte Edwin House, Darby Activities: Music Club 1, 2— President 2; Intervarsity 1, 2; Chorus 1; Men's Quar-tetto 1. 2 Nellie Jennings, Deer Lodge Activities: Bowling 1, 2 Jean Lalonde, Anaconda Activities: Cheerleader 2; Homocoming Queen 1; KZN 1. 2; SEA Treasurer 2; Newman Club 1. 2; Pep Club 2 Joyce Housel, Lowistown Activities: WAA 1, 2; Girls' Sextotte 1; Operetta "Cumberland Fair” 1; SEA 2; KZN 1, 2: House Council 1, 2; Rodeo Club 1. 2—Treasurer 2 Larry Kalafatich. Butte Activities: Transfer from Montana State Collego 2; Industrial Arts Club Vice President 2 Gary Logains, Butte Activities: Newman Club 1, 2; Intramural Baskotball 1, 2 (34)CLASS OP 1960 Bert Luce, Deer Lodqe Activities: Chanticleer Club 1, 2; Wescolite Business Manager 1, 2; Matrix 2; Intramural Basketball 1, 2 Jules Marchesseault, Dillon Activities: Rodeo Club 1, 2 Bill Mitchell. Dillon Joellyn McAdam, Cut Bank Activities: SEA 2; WAA 1, 2; KZN 1, 2 Secretary 2; Usher 1, 2 Gene McKeever, Fort Benton Activities: Pep Band 2; Intramural Baskotball 2 « Gay McMannis. Dillon Activities: Chorus 1, 2; Music Club 1 Annabelle Mecham, Libby Activities: Transfer from Car-roll College 2; SEA 2; New-man Club 2; House Council 2; Pep Club 2 Jeanne Merica. Ennis Activities: KZN 1, 2 — President 2; SEA 2; Pep Club 2; Rodeo Club 1 Angela Micheletti, Butte i . f Lois Moran, St. Ignatius Activities: Transfer from Car-roll College 2; Newman Club 2 Kevin Murphy. Roundup Activities: Football 1; Newman Club 1. 2; "M" Club 1. 2; Chorus 1; Gargoyle Club 1. 2—Vice President 2; "Madwoman of Chaillot" 1; "Twilight Walk" 2; Industrial Arts Club 2; "The Wizard of Oz" 2 Don Murray, Anaconda (35)CLASS OF 1960 Ruth Nolle, Silver Star Activities: Podoo Club 1, 2: WAA 1, 2; Chorus 1. 2; KZN 2; SEA 2 Lars Olson, Deer Lodgo i Charlotte Olson, Anaconda Activities: Newman Club 1, 2; Chorus 1; SEA 2; KZN 1. 2; Forensics 1; House Council 2; Candidate for Miss Western 1; Candidate lor Homecoming Oueen 2 Liz Pilling. Divide Activities: Art Club 2; Intervarsity 1; Rodeo Club 1, 2; Homecoming Queen Candidate 1; Chanticleer Club 2; Matrix 2; Chorus 1; SEA 2: Wescolite Business Man- Miko Richards, Dillon Sylvia Portoon, Walkerville Activities: V AA 1, 2; Music Club 1; KZN 1, 2 -Vico President 2; House Council 1, 2; SEA 2 Blair Ricks, Dillon Jerry Pugh, Fort Benton Norma Beth Ricks, Helena Activities: WAA 1, 2; Chan-ticleor Club 1; KZN I. 2; SEA 2 Carolyn Pierce, Whitehall Activities: Cheerleader 1, 2; Rodeo Club Secretary 1, 2; KZN 1, 2: SEA 2 Kim Rettig, Fort Benton Donna Robertson, Helena Activities: V AA 1, 2; Gargoyle Club 1. 2: SEA 2; Intervarsity 2; KZN 2 (36)CLASS OF 1960 Margie Rosa, Butto Activities: Transfer from MSU 2; Newman Club 2; Pop Club 2: SEA 2 Jcmos Roth, Corvallis Activities: Chorus 1; Art Club: Music Club 1, 2 Jim Scalf, Stevensville Activities: Track 1 June Stromborg, Ovando Activities: WAA 1, 2; Rodoo Club 1. 2 Loren Sullendor, Twin Bridges Activities: Track 1, 2; Intramural Basketball 1, 2; "M” Club 1. 2 Bill Sullivan, Butto Janot Thibodoau, Missoula Activities: SEA 2: KZN I, 2; Newman Club 1, 2 Larry Staton, Corvallis Activities: Intorvarsity 1. 2: Rodeo Club 1, 2; SEA 1, 2 Carol Taylor, Anaconda Activities: KZN 2: SEA 2; Pep Club 2; V.'escolito Staff 2 Isobol Wolch, Poison Activities: Transfor from MSU 2; Bowling 2 (37)CLASS OF 1960 Herald Wetzstoon. Sula Activities: Baseball 1; "M" Club 1. 2 Norman Wight, Dillon Diane Wolfe. Plains Activities: KZN 1,2; Pep Club 2; Rodeo Club 1, 2; Chorus 1 Margaret Ann Wolfe, Dell Activities: Transfer from MSU 2: Nowman Club 2; Pop Club 2; SEA 2: WAA 2 Betty Wood, Corvallis Activities: Rodeo Club 1, 2: WAA 1, 2; Intervarsity 1, 2 Roberta Wright, Dillon Activities: Transfer from Car-roll College 1; WAA 2; Newman Club 1, 2; Band 2 DIPLOMA GRADUATES-AUG. 1957 Edith Grant Clara Hankinson Kalispell Tarkio Joanne Putnam Missoula Marian Tabor Ronan (38)CLASS OF 1961 Madolino Mogus, Butte Freshman Class Secretary-Troasurer Ron Straugh, White Sulphur Springs Freshman Class President Janet Oliverson, Alder Freshman Class Vice President Karen Tolin, Twin Bridges Freshman Class Library Committee V Norris Anderson Anaconda ill Mrs. Mildrod Ayers Lewislown Jim Barbor Ronan Mary Bocklon Red l.odgo Alton Bonton Deer Lodge Russ Black Pat Blaisdoll Dodson Townsend (40)CLASS OF 1961 Fern Brooks Dillon Harvey Burns Throe Forks Helen Carson Townsend Marguerite Brisbin Butte Charles Carver Fort Benton Philip Chriswell Dillon Gerald Claussen Drummond Virginia Crowley I.oqan Stolla Currie Anaconda Yvonne Delano Somers (41 ) Bevorly Dawson Townsend Marie Doan PhilipsburgCLASS OF 1961 Dianne Dinius Helena Sandra Dowon Havre Florence Dyer Drummond Myrle Enman Drummond Manus Farren Butte Diana Frodlund Dillon Mary K. Frisbie McAllister Sharon Fulbright Helena Theresa Funk Sheridan Ellen Gately Walkerville Dario Gatti Shadyside, Ohio Anna Mae Good Fort Benton (42)CLASS OF 1961 Myrlis Grogg Whitelish Dick Hardin Superior Glen Harper Roundup 1 i Joann® Har! Dillon Helen Hauck Philipsburg Denise Healy Butte Judy Howland Anaconda Ruth Irish Dillon Carol Hughes Butte Leslie Jackson Sheridan Bonnye Jacobs Anaconda (43)CLASS OF 1961 Carla Jensen Dillon Rodger Johnson Dillon Veloon Johnson Alborton Neil Kent Ennis Mary Mae Kester Stevensvllle Don Kimmel Seeloy Lake Janet Jones Dillon Dan King Butte Marianne Lalondo Anaconda Carolyn LePiane Missoula Dianne Luchetti Dillon George Lundstrom Butte (44)CLASS OF 1961 John Lyons Butte Don McDaniol White Sulphur Springs Edith McDonald Dillon Cathy McGoohan Butt© Lawrenco McManaman Butte Gene McNeil Columbia Falls John Malmo Butte Gay Lee Martin Dillon Sharon Martin Plains Hazel Martinell Dillon (45)CLASS OF 1961 Miko Murphy Harlowton Pal O'Neill Butt© Dick Palagyi Roundup Roy Parrel! Butt© (46)CLASS OF 1961 Barbara Rasmussen Wisdom Frankie Reardon Butt© Sharon Rose Twin Bridges lanico Ruogsoggor Dillon Donna Sammons Butte Robert Sawyer Lima Dorothy Schanil Shelby Dan Scott Armstead f Agnes Robish Dillon Phyllis Robinson Columbia Falls Darold Rollman Anaconda Mary Ellen Sawyer Lima (47)CLASS OF 1961 Pete Scolt Plains Duane Simon Dillon Dorothy Smith Ravalli Toby Shrauger Anaconda Shirley Singleton New Port, Washington Bonnie Sollars Charlo Bud Shuman Wolf Point Jean Skillman Wilsall Mitsi Stroup Butte Harold Silzly Anaconda Ellen Slator Butte Ryan Swan Livingston (48)CLASS OF 1961 1 Ellen Talbott Anaconda Deanna Thornton Butto Kenneth Tintinqer Helona Lou Underwood Seeley Lako Vi L 11 John Ward Victor Ron Warner Butte Don Warren White Sulphur Sprinqs Cal Wearley Augusta COLLEGE OF EDUCATION r LIBRARY 0 V, MO 1 D Lee Wodum Dillon Karolyn Whitworth Dillon George Young Brooklyn. New York (49)Go-go-go Wostorn! Western Pete Freshmen "Flibberjibbits" Wos, Don, and Kevin talk it ovor. Bud and Cal- -"The James Brothers." "Gerry, get your gun!" Dorm Dudes The Three Musketeers Working his way through colleae! Which twin has the toni? "In the spring . . One sprinq day. Berlin gets tho Burma Shavo! We stayed for "The Go.' Something struck their eye. Gerry and Larry Getting tho "Yul Brynnor Onceover." "Bury mo not on tho lone prairio." What'll you have? (50)STUDENT COUNCIL Left to right: Pete Glennie. George Parrett, Wes Wagonaar, Jim Miller. Rose Marie Scott. Absent, Ron Straugh. The student government at Western is administered by the Student Council which is composed of the student body president, a student secretary from the Women's Residence Hall, and the four class presidents. This year the Council consisted of the following: Wes Wagenaar, Council president; Rose Marie Scott, secretary; Jim Miller, senior; George Parrett, junior; Pete Glennie, sophomore; and Ron Straugh, freshman. The Council meets at a regularly scheduled time with President Short to discuss and act on matters of student welfare. During the year the Council took part in the homecoming activities, sponsored dances and roller skating parties, and supervised Vodvil and student elections. The main project of this group was to write and adopt a constitution governing the Student Council. (52)STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE Lois O'Keefe Nancy Osborne Miss V elch Mr. McCormick Miss Mathews Mr. McFadden Mr. Bruor V esley V aqenaar Larry Andorson Tho Student Affairs Committee budgets the student activity fund to provide ontortainmont. Tho committoo is composod of four students elected by the student body and five faculty members appointed by the President. During the year the committee sponsored the Community Concert series and several plays. WOMEN’S HOUSE COUNCIL Joyce Housel Nancy Osborno Lois O'Keete Miss Mathews Sponsor Lynn Curley Miss V elch Sponsor Colleen Belanger Sylvia Porteen Joan Ryan Sharon Fulbright Annabelle Mocham Jodel Masolo Kathy McGoohan Madoline Mogus Charlotto Olson The Women's House Council plans a program of social activities for tho Rosidonco Hall. Houso Council mombers sorve as representatives of all Residence Hall women and strive to achieve harmony in dormitory living. Activities this year included house parties and Pixio V eek. Various members of the House Council served as hostesses for social functions hold in the Residence Hall. Rotuining members are Colleen Bolangor, Joyce Housel, Charlotto Olson, Nancy Osbotno, Sylvia Porteon and Joan Ryan. First year mombors are Mary Becklen. Stella Curno, Sharon Fulbright, Karen Tolm, Jodol Masolo, Annabelle Mecham, and Madeline Mogus. Honorary senior members are Lynn Curloy and Lois O'Keefe. Miss Georgia Mathews and Miss Wolch are sponsors. They aro assisted by Nancy Osborne and Joyce Freseman, studont proctors. (S3) WHO’S WHO On© of the most distinctive honors for a student on any college campus is being elected to Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Six Western students were elected by a special faculty committee to this honor. These students, all seniors, were Lois O'Keefe, Lynn Curley, Dorothy Kneeland, Lyonald Thompson, Ray Scott, and Bob DeMarois. These six students wore very active in different phases of the activities offered at Western. Their varied interests give a complete picture of both the social and scholastic life that may be developed at Western. Lois O'Keefe Lois O'Keefe, an English major minoring in music and social studios, received her degree in Elomentary Education in March. Sho was a transfer from tho Collogo of Education in Groat Falls her sophomore year. She was the 1957 Chinook editor and sorvod as oditor of the Wescolite during the fall and winter quarters of her senior year. Sho was a member of Chanticloors, and Matrix, and served as treasurer of the Chanticleer Club. Sho was a member of the Studont Affairs Committee in hor senior year, and a member of tho Women's House Council. Sho was a candidate for Homecoming Queen and has been very active in KZN. She received the distinct honor of being olocted by the DAR as tho Outstanding Student in American History at Western. Ray Scott Ray Scott, who roceived the honor of bo-ing elected western’s Most Valuablo Playor on the basketball team in 1957, graduated in June with a degree in Secondary Education with a social studies major and minors in physical education and English. He was a member of the basketball and track teams for four yoars. In his junior and senior years ho was manager of the football team. Ho was captain of the basketball team in his senior year and had the honor of being one of the high-point men on Western's team for four years. Ho was one of the active mombois of tho "M" Club. Lynn Curley Lynn Curloy was noted on Western's campus and in many Montana localities for her fine accompanying and piano solos. She camo to Wostorn in her sophomore year from MSU whore she was a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Lynn was president of KZN and Music Club in her junior year. She was the associate editor of the 1957 Chinook. Lynn was the senior class secretary-treasurer. a member of Houso Council, SEA, and Gargoyles. Sho graduated in June with an English major and minors in music and social studios. Her degree was in Elementary Education. Lyonald Thompson Lyonald Thompson received his diploma from Wostern in 1950. Ho then taugnt for thro© years in a rural school in tho Big Holo. After that he taught grades five through eight in Teton county, and for tho last two yoars he taught seventh and eighth graders in Throe Forks. Lyonald graduated in Juno with a degree in Secondary Education with a major in science and a minor in English. He was a member of Western's Rodeo Club. Dorothy Kneeland Dorothy Kneeland, an art major and an English minor, received her degree in Ele-montary Education in June. After receiving her two year diploma in 1954, she taught third and fourth grades for two years in St. Ignatius. She later attended Arizona State College and Oregon Stato College. While attending Oregon State College, she taught kindergarten in tho afternoon. Whtlo at Western she was active in Music Club. Art Club. KZN, Intervarsity and Gargoyles. She is a member of Kappa Delta Pi, a National Education Honorary. Bob DoMarols Bob DeMarois was active in sports at Westorn, lettering in football, basketball, and track. Ho was football captain in his senior year and was picked for the all-conference team. Bob attended MSC for two quarters before coming to Wostorn. He was a member of tho "M" Club and served as its secretary-treasurer for two years, and was its vice prosidont in his sonior year. Ho received his degree in Secondary Education in June with science as his major and physical education and mathematics as his minors. (54)Acclaimed Singer To Perform In Concert Camilla Williams, a leading American soprano, will star in the second Communr' i Con ■ rf r the season wh »v»1 Fef’iua WESTERS MONTANA COIJ.KGK OF EDUCATIOS nn.I.OS. MONTANA WESCOLI te xxxvi Wed.. Feb. 12. 1958 No. 14 lola O'Keefe Editor. Fall and V inter Quarters irst “Go Western” I Beards, boots, chaps, spurs, over• I , hats, everything but the hors f featured as Western studer faculty enthusiastically coop | ' last Friday in making the ' al “Go Western” day a fre . success, T ie day was j i ored by the Rodeo ? 5 ; 7A'.v Chaps” Feat hen i of the college ass time "Calamity” ace” Brown an " Davison, decidr the beard gro cf the winnir ,pt secret unt the game. a field of "Hap id Fi» •my” Butorov" lers. Glennie ongest beard c most warded with jig cream. tents F mbly Bosi ness Mand ?er . • ' 41 ■ ''■’■L i Ul“ll ■ ‘conitea with Go,. were used Gi.i • f con ccessful _Thiel and Get R lUilh help ) ■ ti Vork C !. . .o 1 jtandi : Vstras poized ili, now f ii com .'daily J i her maji i 1 Jstrial Ai I ’ »s held Thu , ■ which time t •.'ere elected: Di Larry Kalafatii hn Lyons, see: Galloway, tret •iiufion was drawn up .wtlnucd on page 4) 1551A group of Chanticleers working on the Woscolite. Left to right: Miss Albertson, Caroloo Kambich, George Parrett, Joyce Freseman, Rose Marie Scott. Dennis Winters, Joan Ryan, Lois O'Keefe. Liz Pilling tells a few Chanticloors about the business proceedings of the Wescolite. Loft to right, front row: Liz Pilling. Carol Taylor. Mrs. May Bolton, Anne Jumper. Standing: Dan Harrington, Larry Staton, Pete Glennie. Bill Sullivan. MATRIX Lois O'Keefe Dennis Winters Joyce Freseman (56)THE CHANTICLEER CLUB The chief function of the Chanticleer Club, Western's journalistic society, is to assist with the publication of the Wescolite, the college weekly newspaper. In order to be eligible for membership one must have shown interest in the field of journalism by working on either one or both of the publications. This year the Chanticleer Club made possible the increase of the Wescolite from a three column to a four column weekly. Chanticleer Club officers this year were Carolee Kambich, president; Dennis Winters, vice president; Dan Harrington, secretary-treasurer. Miss Albertson is sponsor for the club. MATRIX Matrix is an honorary journalistic society for those who have done outstanding work on either the Wescolite or the Chinook. The 1957 members of Matrix are Dennis Winters, Lois O'Keefe, and Joyce Freseman. In 1958 Carolee Kambich and Bert Luce were initiated into the society. (57)ART CLUB The Art Club is organized on the campus to encourage the appreciation of art and to give interested persons an opportunity for art expression. Throughout the year the Art Club members work on projects for the gift shop, from which sales are held three times a year. Proceeds from the gift shop sales are used to finance club projects. This year Yule logs, Christmas decorations, bulldog pins, stationery, and copper enameled jewelry were sold. Regular meetings take place the first and third Tuesdays of each month. Art workshops are also held regularly. New members are initiated into the club at the beginning of each quarter in a lovely candlelight ceremony, which takes place in the club studio. The club studio has been remodeled and decorated by Art Club members through the years. The Art Club year culminates in the spring of each year with a banquet, which takes the form of an art project. Table decorations—centerpiece, place-cards and favors—are planned in keeping with the speaker's theme. This year the theme was Norwegian art. Kelly Christenson, who returned this past fall from a trip to Europe, was the speaker. Officers for the year were Betty Frank, president; Anne Jumper, vice president; Verna Marie Jenkins, secretary; James Roth, treasurer; and Elizabeth Pilling, shop treasurer. KAPPA PI Kappa Pi is a National Fine Arts Honorary with chapters throughout the United States. Its purpose is to foster interest in art by practice and precept. The WMCE chapter is Omicron. This year the members of Omicron sponsored an exhibit of art reproductions collected by Dr. Prothmann of Baldwin, Long Island, New York, who is director of art history color slides and reproductions of paintings through the ages. The exhibit included colored reproductions from the old masters to our modem art leaders. Art Club members assisted the Kappa Pi's in meeting the public during open hours in the gallery. The exhibit was well received and well attended. Members on the WMCE campus are Kelly Christenson, president; and Betty Frank, secretary-treasurer. Gail Gray was this year's initiate. Mrs. Emerick, who sponsors the Omicron chapter, is also a member of Kappa Pi. (58)ART CLUB Loft to right, sitting: Roy Parrott, Jim Roth, Betty Frank, Verna Marie Jenkins. Elizabeth Pilling, Don McDaniel. Standing: Stella Currie. Elizabeth Rott, Gail Gray. Sharon Ful-bright, Vlasta Atkins, Mrs. Emerick—sponsor. Pat O'Neill, Marguerite Brisbin, Kelly Christenson. KAPPA PI Left to right: Betty Frank, Gail Gray, Kelly Christenson ARTISTS AT WORK IN THE CERAMICS ROOM Left to right: Anne Jumper, Kolly Christenson, Dick Barnhart, Eetty Frank, Dotty Kneeland. (59)SEA Left to right, standing: Liz Pilling, Donna Robertson, Carolyn Droppers, Verna Marie Jenkins. Sylvia Porteen, Teddy Dolan, Carol Taylor, Jean Lalonde, Janet Thibodeau, Joyce Housel. Sitting: Nancy Osborne, Margaret Wolfe, Norma Ricks, Mary Clare McVey, Jeanne Merica, Joellyn McAdam, Charlotte Olson, Ruth Nolte, Annabelle Mecham. LIBRARY COMMITTEE (60) Left to right: Carolee Kambich. Lois O'Keefe, Gordon Galloway, Mrs. Luebben, Mrs. Orr.SEA Until last summer the SEA was known as The Future Teachers of America. At that time, however, the name was officially changed to Student Education Association. Western's Chapter, in honor of President Emeritus, Dr. Davis, is called the Sheldon E. Davis Chapter. The SEA is the professional organization on campus and affords prospective teachers the opportunity to participate in typical MEA and NEA activities. Each SEA member is also a student member of both the state and national organizations. Officers of the organization for 1957-58 are Nancy Osborne, president; Larry Staton, vice president; Verna Marie Jenkins, secretary; and Jean Lalonde, treasurer. This year, Western's SEA group has had the honor of having one of its members, Elizabeth Orr, in a state office. Elizabeth has served as the 1957-58 secretary of the state SEA. Some of the activities this year have included discussions and reviews, outside speakers, NEA delegate assembly, Homecoming float, and Vodvil. During the past year the Education department has sponsored SEA. Only because of the very special help and interest of Mrs. Flores, sponsor of FTA-SEA for the last nine years, has the organization had such success. Outstanding in all her endeavors, Mrs. Flores was the backbone of the SEA group each year; she worked ceaselessly and without complaint or expectation of reward, to see Western's unit an active one. LIBRARY COMMITTEE The purpose of the Library Committee is to discuss problems that arise in connection with the administration of the library. Any ideas or suggestions the faculty or students may have are welcomed by the members of the committee. The committee this year is composed of three faculty members appointed by Dr. Short and one representative from each class. Faculty members include Mrs. Luebben, Miss Gelhaus, and the chairman, Mrs. Orr. Class representatives are Karen Telin, Carolee Kambich, Gordon Galloway, and Lois O'Keefe. (61 )THE NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club is an organization for Catholic students on campus and is affiliated with the National Council of Newman Clubs. Meetings are held twice each month. A record membership has participated in many spiritual and social activities of the year. The club activities this year were highlighted by monthly Communion breakfasts, supervised spiritual discussions, a retreat and several school dances. Club officers are Jim Miller, president; Dennis Winters, vice president; and Colleen Belanger, secretary. The spiritual life of the club was under the direction of the club chaplain, Rev. Father Sullivan, and the sponsors, Miss Gelhaus and Dr. Cumming. INTERVARSITY Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is an inter-denominational organization for students of all faiths. It is a completely student led group, and it has a national and international affiliation. Intervarsity provides an opportunity for the students to grow in their knowledge of the Bible and its Christian teachings. Each year two retreats are held at Elliston, Montana. This year an all-state conference was held for the boys at Missoula, and for the girls in Dillon. This year members of Intervarsity sponsored two projects which included making scarfs for hospital bedside tables and setting up a library shelf of books, including several modern translations of the Bible and biographies of outstanding Christian leaders. Parties and informal gatherings were enjoyed throughout the year at the Bridenstine home. Officers for Intervarsity were as follows: president, Gordon Galloway; vice president, Larry Staton; secretary-treasurer, Carolyn Droppers; Bible-study chairman, Dorothy Kneeland; prayer co-ordinator, Rosa Skillman; book chairman, Dorothy Schanil; and bulletin board chairman, Sharon Rose. Sponsor of Intervarsity was Mr. Kelley. (62)NEWMAN CLUB Left to right, sitting: Colleen Belangor, Charlotto Olson, Miss Gelhaus sponsor, Lynn Curley, Jim Miller, Mary Clare McVey, Betty Whelan, Donnis Winters, Joan Ryan, Gerry Mihelich, Cathy McGeehan. Standing: Doniso Healy, Ellon Slator, Dick Palagyi, Carolee Kambich, Bud Shuman, Agnes Robish, Roberta Wright, Bill Sullivan, Mary K. Frisbio, Dick Bujok, Dan Harrington, Owen Shields, Marianne Lalondo, Kevin Murphy, Carol Hughes. INTERVARSITY Left to right, sitting: Mr. Kelley—sponsor, Larry Staton, Gordon Galloway, Sharon Rose, Dorothy Kneeland, Carolyn Droppers. Standing: Carol Martin, Ellen Talbott, Mary Ellen Sawyor, Frankie Reardon. Dorothy Smith, Dorothy Schanil, Toby Shraugor, Jean Skillman, Lois Daems, Donna Robertson, Ed House. (63)MEN’S QUARTETTE Left to right: Dick Evens, first tenor; Ray Phillips, second tenor; Ed House, baritone; Gordon Galloway, bass. The 'Quartette, known last year as the Jones Boys, has sung for assemblies and many outside activities during the 1957-58 school year. Mr. Jackson is the sponsor. THE MUSIC CLUB Activities of the Music department during 1957-58 included the faculty recital given in February by Mr. McFadden, Mr. Kelley, and Mr. Jackson. The Music Club sponsored a reception after the recital. The officers of the Music Club are Ed House, president; Gordon Galloway, vice president; Marlon McDonald, treasurer; Janice Ruegsegger. secretary; Bud Parrett, point chairman. THE BRIDGE CLUB A weekly winter quarter meeting of the Bridge Club. (64)GO WESTERN DAY Cowboys Study, Too! I'm Hankerin' ior a Good Book! Rag time Cowboy Joe Going Wo»t? True Western Love Counsellor The Cowgirl Conterence "Raunchy" The Bearded (?) OnesGO WESTERN DAY Sundown Serenade in the Corral Well, iellows. it's like this An Eastern Dude The Awe of a Freshman The Kneelands THE INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Left to riqht: John Malmo, Dick Evans, Gordon Galloway, John Lyons, Jack Zink, Kovin Murphy, Larry Kala-fatich, Mr. Andors sponsor. (66)GO WESTERN DAY "Go Western, beat Eastern!" was the cry of Western students and faculty members during the first celebration of a new tradition on Western's campus. The idea of Go Western Day was originated by Professor Ralph Kneeland and carried out by the Rodeo Club and "M" Club in an effort to stimulate school spirit for the express purpose of defeating Eastern at the Western-Eastern basketball game. The theme "Go Western!" was carried out in true Western spirit as students and faculty members donned authentic western costumes and mannerisms for the entire celebration. A beard growing contest for Western's male students was one of the major events of the day. Prizes were awarded for the most unique and for the longest beard. Pete Glennie won the award for the longest beard, and Bob Butorovich received the prize for the most unique beard. Western won its game, 84-81. At half-time a western "mellowdrama" was presented by the "M" Club and Rodeo Club. The skit, which further carried out the "Beat Eastern" theme, was written and narrated by Frank Hull. In the cast were Betty Whalen, Bud Shuman, and Larry Staton. Led by the Pep Band and the cheerleaders, the fans showed enthusiasm and spirit at the game. Following the game and concluding the day's activities, a western dance, attended by approximately 175 people, was held in the Rec Hall. "Real live" western music was provided. The spirit and enthusiasm shown for Go Western Day successfully established it as a new tradition on Western's campus. It is anticipated that this tradition will be one of the most outstanding on campus in the years to come. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB One of the newest clubs to be organized on the campus is the Industrial Arts Club under the able direction of Clay Anders. The main purpose of the club is to give Industrial Arts majors and minors a better understanding of the Industrial Arts curriculum. The club gets its financial backing from carpentry work contributed by local business firms and by anyone wishing the services of the Industrial Arts Club. The money earned is used for field trips to various industrial centers. The officers of the Industrial Arts Club for 1958 are Dick Evans, president; Larry Kalafatich, vice president; John Lyons, secretary; Gordon Galloway, treasurer. (67)THE GARGOYLES The masques of comedy and tragedy are the symbols for Western's dramatic society, the Gargoyle Club. The purpose of the club is to seek out and develop dramatic ability. Those with outstanding ability are eligible for membership in the national honor society, Order of the Jeweled Masque. Gargoyle officers this year are Don Shanklin, president; Kevin Murphy, vice president; and Donna Robertson, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Ryburn is sponsor. Fall quarter several members of the Gargoyle Club attended the Butte Theatre Guild production, Come Back Little Sheba. A preview of the Beaverhead County High School production, The Solid Gold Cadillac, was attended by Gargoyle members winter quarter. DRAMA Twilight Walk, a story of love, hate, and murder, was the Gargoyle's fall production. Leading roles were played by Duane Simon and Betty Whalen. Dale Dean, William Mular, Mitzi Stroup, Robert Kohn, and Janet Jones also played important parts. The play was directed by Mr. Ryburn, assisted by Lynn Curley and Mary Becklen. John Lee was stage manager. Winter quarter, The Children's Theatre class, under the supervision of Mr. Ryburn, and assisted by the Gargoyle Club, presented a children's fantasy, The Wizard of Oz. Nancy Osborne, as Dorothy, had the leading role in the play. Other members of the cast were Dale Dean, Robert Kohn, Olive Kohn, Mildred Benson, George Parrett, Mike 1-acey, and Marian Richter. The play was presented to the children of the Dillon schools, the Western student body, and to the people of Dillon at an evening performance. Sabrina Fair, a comedy in four acts by Samuel Taylor, was presented as the Gargoyle's spring quarter dramatic production. Taking part were Dorothy Kneeland, Joyce Freseman, Dale Dean, Roy Parrett, Sharon Martin, Duane Simon, Janet Jones, Olive Kohn, Mary Becklen, Bob Kohn, Sharon Fulbright, Neil Kent, and Dick Bujok. (68)THE GARGOYLES Left to right, sitting: Liz Pilling, Nancy Osborne, Kevin Murphy, Don Shanklin, Donna Robertson, Mary Bocklen, Betty Whalen. Standing: Mr. Ryburn—sponsor, Dale Dean, Dottie Kneeland, Ed Kaus-hagon. Bob Kohn, Duane Simon, Lynn Curley, Janet Jones, Joyce Freseman, Mitzi Stroup. Olive Kohn. "But you've got to let mo help you find him! Tho "Twilight Walk" cast. (69) The "Wizard of Oz" presented by the Children's Theater Class. 4KAPPA ZETA NU Loft to rlaht, front row: Anita Hopcus, Ruth Nolto, Charlotte Olson, Lois O'Keefe, Lynn Curley, Carol Taylor. Carolyn Droppers. Second row: Rose Mane Scott, Bonnie Hampton. Joan Ryan. Jeanne Monca, Sylvia Por-toon, Joellyn McAdam, Joyce Freseman, Carolee Kambich. Third row: Gail Gray, Anne Jumper, Nancy Osborno, Colleen Belanger, Carolyn Pierce, Joan Lalonde, Donna Robertson, Joyce Housel. Janet Thibodeau. Diano Wolfe, Norma Ricks, Joyco Cumming, Vorna Marie Jenkins. Fourth row: Miss Welch, Mrs. Bruor, and Miss Mathows—sponsors. STUDENT WIVES Left to right, sitting: Susie Stubbs, Bertha Bond, Wynette Barber, Sherall Rafter, Yvonne Hull, Leona Kaus-hagen, Cassio Mular, Jonet Vandert an. Standing: Virginia Straugh—sponsor, Margaret Thompson. Pat Petrino, Mary Luebben, Ardis Bissell, Roberta King. Barbara Kenison, Rose Pease. Joan Fisk, Yvonne McNeil, Barbara Nield, Pat James, JoAnn Gatti, Gerta Mular, Burkie McCormick. (70)KAPPA ZETA NU Kappa Zeta Nu, the oldest organization on campus, was founded in 1907. An honorary association, it is Western's only sorority. The 1957-58 officers are Jeanne Merica, president; Sylvia Porteen, vice president; Joellyn McAdam, secretary; and Joan Ryan, treasurer. The sponsors are Miss Welch, Miss Mathews, and Mrs. Bruer. KZN's fall quarter activities included an initiation of Sophomore girls. The annual KZN Top Hat Formal with a nightclub theme was held early in April. In the spring, initiation of Freshman girls and the annual spring banquet were held. STUDENT WIVES The Student Wives, an off-campus organization, held its meetings on the first Thursday of every month this year. The members of the club took turns entertaining. Activities for the year included a successful white elephant sale, cake raffles, educational talks and card parties. The year was concluded with a dinner in honor of the graduating husbands. Mrs. Straugh and Mrs. McCormick are sponsors of the club. The officers are Sherall Rafter, president; Yvonne Hull, vice president; and Wynette Barber, secretary-treasurer. (71)FORENSIC ACTIVITIES The Forensics this year, under the direction of A. Kent Marler, have been most successful. An unprecedented interest in debate and public speaking has resulted in record participation in all competitive speaking events. For the first time Western's Forensics team attended the Western Speech Association Tournament held in Los Angeles, California. Other successful meets attended were the Gem State Jamboree, Idaho State College, Pocatello; the Tau Kappa Alpha Tournament, Missoula; and several practice debate contests. Western was host this year for the Montana Intercollegiate Forensics Tournament. Success of the team was highlighted by a first place in oratory in the Gem State Jamboree and a third place in the Western Speech Association Tournament taken by Rose Marie Scott. Members of the Forensics Club are Rose Marie Scott, Nancy Osborne, Mary Clare McVey, Marsha Peterson, Karolyn Whitworth, Sharon Rose, Lowell Hayes, Russ Jennings, Lowell Nelson, Don Kimmel, and Dennis Winters. Western's second annual Founders Day Oratorical Contest was an outstanding success. Marsha Peterson's oration "Teaching Is Dangerous" placed first and Rose Marie Scott's "The Cancerous Disease of the Mind" placed second. The other participants were Linda Andreason and Dennis Winters. Their orations were entitled "Be a Real Citizen" and "God and Caesar" respectively. (72)Lowell Hayes Don Ktmmel Russ Jennings Lowell Nelson Dennis Wlnlors Karolyn Whitworth Sharon Rose Nancy Csborno Marsha Peterson Rose Marie Scott Mary Clare McVey Mr. A. Kent Marier Director ot Forensics THE FORENSIC TEAM Leaving for Los Angeles. Marsha Peterson First place winner of the Founders Day Oratorical Contest. Rose Marie Scott Second place winner of the Founders Day Oratorical Contest.1957 VODVIL Vodvil 1957 was highlighted by the second "Miss Western" contest. Marcia Hooper was picked from a group of four pretty coeds as the choice for Miss Western. A colorful parade was staged and the Freshman class captured first prize with the Newman Club running a close second. Sparking tho excellent show which was given that evening for the students, faculty and townspeople, was the wonderful Master of Ceremonies job done by Frank Hull and Jim Fitzpatrick. In the close contest for tho best skits, the Gargoyles took first place with the "M" Club and the Chanticleers running second and third, respectively. Gargoyles win first place with oriental pantomime. A satire on the Wescolite staff gave the Chanticleer Club third place. (74)1957 MISS WESTERN AND CANDIDATES Left to right: Nancy Osborne, Elaine Michelotti, Marcia Fairhurst—Miss Western, Charlotte Olson.The cats that swallowed the canaries. Gordon contemplates. Oh, Susanna! Liz and nightly beauty treatment. The fellers "chow down." Now blow, Carolyn. Stood up? Just goofing around. Practicing for the tight rope? "When it's springtime in the Chef George Rockies . . . Bud and Mike bring home the bacon. A gathering at "The Go." Lumberjack Larry Rattlesnake Bert Stranded? Lauretta burns the midnight oil. (76)M CLUB Left to right, first row: A1 Puccinelli, Frank Hull. Larry King, Max Nield, Bob DoMarois, A1 Bond, Bill Connors, Charlie Merrifiold. Second row: LOron Sullondor, Larry Varland, Phil Robinson, Jack Dunlap. Gene Vuckovich, Glen Harper, Bud Shuman. Third row: Jim Barber, Dick Barber, Herald Wetzsteon. Jim Scalf, Mike Murphy, Larry Palagi, Louis Lubick. Fourth row: Pete Scott, Garry Rafter, Kevin Murphy, Bob Potrino. BULLDOG CO-CAPTAINS Bob DeMarois Ron Kenison WESTERNS COACHING STAFF Bill Straugh Director of Athletics, Basketball Coach George McCormick Football Ccach Charles Stack Football Line Ccach, Trainer and Manager of Basketball Team (78)WESTERN’S “M” CLUB The 1957-58 year proved to be a banner one for the campus lettermen's organization. A new group of men was initiated and co-operation between the members was at an all-time high. The colorful signs in the gymnasium netted a large profit for the club. Several deserving seniors received lettermen's jackets in recognition of their outstanding participation and because of their worthiness in assisting with the business of the "M" Club. A new and more effective constitution was drafted, and one of the most successful Homecoming dances was held. A delightful melodrama was staged on "Go Western" day, and the "M" Club skit placed second in the 1957 Vodvil. The Big "M" is in splendid condition—thanks to the efforts of every member. The sponsors, Mr. Straugh and Mr. McCormick, have worked diligently for the activities of the "M" Club. The officers for the 1957-58 year are Frank Hull, president; Bob DeMarois, vice president; Bernie Bissell, secretary-treasurer. ALL-CONFERENCE Bob DeMarois, senior, was the only Bulldog to be selected for a berth on the All-Conference team. Bob, playing his fourth year at an end position for Western, hails from Anaconda, Montana. This year he was leading scorer and pass receiver for the Bulldogs with 22 points. Congratulations, Bob, for a job well done! (79)FOOTBALL Forty gridiron prospects greeted Coach George McCormick in his second year as head mentor of the Bulldogs. Although the prospects were larger both in size and number, they were very green. This fact alone accounts for the Bulldogs not finishing higher in the Conference than third place. Western dropped their opener at Rexburg, Idaho, to the Ricks College Vikings 22-7. The Bulldogs led throughout the first half, but a fired-up Ricks team came back in the second half with a safety and two fourth period touchdowns for the final score of 22-7. Westminster Parsons handed the Bulldogs their second loss in Vigilante Field by scoring touchdowns in the first, second and third periods and dominating the game throughout. Final score was 26-0. Western's Homecoming game was marred by the spirited Carroll Saints team who edged the Bulldogs 14-6. With the game only three minutes old Carroll scored the first touchdown of the game and after the conversion led 7-0. The Bulldogs were stopped on the Saints' 11 yard line and Carroll followed up with a 30 yard pass and their second score of the game. Carroll led 14-0 at the half. Although the Bulldogs dominated play in the last half, they were only able to score once. Western traveled to Billings where they unleashed a thundering ground attack to thump the Rocky Mountain Bears 19-6. This was Western's first win in three starts. The power-laden Yellow jackets of Eastern rolled up an impressive 38-14 win over the Bulldogs in Western's last home game. The Yellowjackets capitalized on scoring opportunities in all four periods of play. Western scored once in the third and once again in the final period. Freshmen backs Jim Barber and Mike Murphy each tallied two touchdowns to lead Western to a 39-7 victory over Northern Montana College Lights at Havre. Seniors Larry Anderson and Bob DeMarois each scored once to complete Western's touchdown parade. Western completed its Montana Collegiate play with a 44-6 romp over the Montana School of Mines Orediggers in Naranche Stadium in Butte. Seven Bulldog gridders figured in Western's scoring. The Bulldog gridders closed their 1957 season in a 12-12 stalemate with Malmstrom Air Force Flyers at Harlowton. Five Seniors made their last football appearance for Western in the game: Co-captains Ron Kenison and Bob DeMarois, Larry Anderson, Bernie Bissell. and Bob Singleton. DeMarois and Bissell have earned four football letters, Kenison and Anderson three, and Singleton one. (80) FOOTBALL TEAM Left to right, sitting: Bob DeMarois, Ralph Hocking, Lou Pochervina, Jim Miller, Bernie Bissell, Mike Murphy. Kneeling: Coach McCormick, Jim Barber, Russ Fisk. Pete Scott, Larry Anderson, Ron Kentson, Phil Robinson, Gary Douglas. Bob Clevorly, Pete Glennie, Bob Petrino, Larry Varland. Charlie Stack, Assistant Coach. Standing: Allan Crum. Bud Shuman, Tom Hoyer. Bob Butorovich, Ed Thompson, Glon Harpor, Bill Jackson, I.yle Eltason, Bob Singloton, Gene McNeil, Matt Telin, Jack Dunlap, Dick Barber, Brian Holgren. THE TEAM IN ACTION Varland Pushes Ahead Western Gets Ready to Roll Against Carroll Western's Big Red Line Digs In (81)Relatives! Relatives! Everywhere Relatives! Shuman, Coach McCormick, Hoyer. The Dillon Duo: Kenison, Thompson. The Harlowton Roundup: M. Murphy, Fisk, Harper, Varland, Glennie. (82)THE 1957-58 BASKETBALL SEASON Facing one of their toughest schedules ever, the Bulldogs opened their 29-game regular basketball season with a 102-74 victory over Ricks College on November 26. Ricks won the following meeting, in their only victory over Western in a four-game series. Other losses during the season were administered by Malmstrom Air Force Base, Westminster College (three times), Northwest Nazarene College and Rocky Mountain College. A highlight of preconference play was a decisive victory over favored Eastern Washington College at Libby on December 30. In the regular conference season, Western handed Rocky Mountain College their only defeat at their first meeting January 10, by a score of 101-91. In turnabout fashion. Western's only conference loss was received at the hands of Rocky Mountain, 76-67, on February 15. The fast-breaking Bulldogs swept the balance of the conference season, tying Rocky for first place and an invitation to the District No. 5 playoff tournament of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. Held in Nampa, Idaho, the tourney matched Western against a highly-rated College of Idaho team in the first round. Beating C. of I. 70-61, the Bulldog cagers had a much-hoped-for opportunity of again meeting Rocky Mountain College in the championship game. Western proved superior from the opening whistle, leading all the way to a final score of 83-62, and gaining in their own minds a moral right to the conference championship. On the Kansas City with a night train send-off by the band and student body, and the N.A.I.A. national tourney with 31 of the best small college teams in the United States, where the Western quintet set another precedent by defeating their first foe, Assumption College of Worcester, Massachusetts, 86-73. Their next opponent, Coe College, had registered one of the upsets of the tournament by chastising highly-rated Portland University, and went on to defeat the Bulldogs soundly, 103-69. The Players This year's squad members were as fine a group, personally and athletically, as any coach could hope for. Mentor Bill Straugh brought them to championship form during the season. Seniors Ray Scott, Jim Jenkins, and Max Nield each had "moments to remember." Ray, particularly, had field days in each of the four post-season N.A.I.A. games, scoring and playing remarkably well. Gary Cooper was high-point man for the season, netting 636 points in 33 games, with 210 of them in the 10 conference meetings. Sophomores George Nelson, Don Donovan and Jack Dunlap developed wonderfully during the season, giving a bright outlook to the 1958-59 season. Freshmen of real varsity caliber include George Young, Kim Rettig, and Russ Black, and these three added to the sophomores form the larger portion of another championship squad next winter. All-Conference Selections Western placed three men of the five named to the All-Conference basketball team this spring, when the coaches of the six M.C.C. colleges selected an all-star group. Ray Scott, Gary Cooper, and Jim Jenkins were named conference standouts, along with Jim Peterson and Don Steele of Rocky Mountain College, loop cochampions with Western. On the second team, Western's George Nelson led the listing, while Don Donovan received honorable mention in the balloting. (83)THE 1957-1958 BASKETBALL SEASON STATISTICS No. of Re- F.G. F.G. F.G. F.T. F.T. F.T. Total Total Pts. Gaines bounds Att. Made Pet. Att. Made Pet. Points Conf. Gaines Ray Scott . 33 201 365 178 50.0 120 94 78.3 450 169 (10 games) Don Donovan .. 31 190 196 79 40.3 66 39 59.0 197 72 (10 games) Gary Cooper .. 33 225 452 250 55.3 241 136 56.4 636 212 (10 games) lim Jenkins .. 33 39 254 124 49.0 147 107 72.7 355 59 (10 games) George Nelson .. 33 59 256 119 46.4 94 63 67.0 301 108 (10 games) Max Nield .. 33 43 276 106 38.4 58 39 67.2 251 71 (10 games) George Young .. 33 63 208 86 41.3 52 31 60.0 203 45 (10 games) Jack Dunlap .. 18 9 46 18 39.1 29 16 55.1 46 21 (6 games) Russ Black . 11 7 19 7 36.8 10 4 40.0 18 13 (5 games) Kim Rettig .. 14 20 42 13 30.9 15 6 40.0 42 22 (6 games) TEAM TOTALS .. 33 874 2184 1004 46.0 866 561 64.8 2569 792 Opponents' Totals. . 33 882 748 474 63.3 2238 642 (84)DISTRICT 5 NAIA CHAMPIONS Coach Bill Straugh's Bulldogs made an outstanding 24-7 record dunna the 1958 season's play. Left to right: !:m Jenkins. Max Nield, George Young, Gary Cooper. Ray Scott, Don Donovan, Kim Rettig, Russ Black, Jack Dunlap, George Nelson. LOST TO WESTERN BY GRADUATION Max Nlold. Sonior guard from Dillon, ono of the loaguo's finest set shot artists. Ray Scott, Senior forward from Plains, voted most valuable player in his junior year. Jim Jenkins, guard from Belgrade, leads Western's offense with a 56.5 per cent field goal average which also rankod him in the top twenty of the nation. (85)WESTERN’SCHAMPS Cooper hits for two. IN ACTION ♦ . Nield gets tip. Northern scores, but not enough. A good crowd cheers Western to victory over Mines. (88) Western Nabs District 5 NAIA CrownWESTERN’S GYM HOME OF THE BULLDOGS nt rruAirvUui NAIA DISTRICT NO. 5 CHAMPS ARRIVE FROM KANSAS CITY (89)THE PEP BAND Sitting, left to right: Janet Olivorson, Dorothy Smith, Jean Skillman, Dottie Kneeland, Sharon Rose. Standing: Don Warren, Phil Robinson, Mr. Kelley—diroctor, Jim Childs, Gene McKeover, Mr. McFaddon, Lew Brundago. Tho Western band got off to a wonderful start this year with its able director, Mr. Ashford Kelley. The band participated at many basketball games, adding enthusiasm to the school spirit. In addition to the home games the band made trips to Helena. Butte, and Billings to contribute support to the basketball team. Along with the pep band Mr. Kelley directed the College Community band. Participating in this band were members of the college and people from the community. WESTERN CHEERS THE THE PEP CLUBTHE CHEER LEADERS Left to right: Ginny Crowley, Colleen Belanger, Cathy McGeehan, Marianne Lalonde, Jean Lalonde, Carolyn Piorco. This year Western had six cheer leaders—three freshmen and three sophomores. Carolyn Pierce was the only hold-over from last year. It is the responsibility of these girls to bring out the school spirit of the students and to help lead the team to victory. They are to introduce new yells to the cheering section and to promote good sportsmanship. TEAM TO VICTORY THE PEP CLUB UMMkfrTRACK TEAM Left to right, kneeling: Coach McCormick. Phil Robinson. Bill Mular. Jim Fitzpatrick. Larry Kina Pete Glennie. Larry Varland. Dale Dean. Garry Rafter. Don Keltz. Standing: Jim Jenkins Jim Scalf Dirt Barber Bob DeMarois. Mike Sullivan. Bob Butorovich. Ray Scott. Jack Dunlap. Wes Wagonaw Loren Sullender. For the first time in the history of the Montana Collegiate Conference, the mile run was won by the same person for the 4th consecutive year in 1957. The winner of this honor was Western's outstanding track star, Joe Doohan. Joe Doohan (92)1957 TRACK Western's thin-clads, in their first year under Coach McCormick, recaptured the conference title which they had lost the previous year. The Bulldogs won the annual Montana Collegiate Conference meet at Helena by gathering a total of 70Vi points to far outdistance its Conference foes. Rocky was second with 45, Carroll had 33, Northern had 5, and Eastern had 1 to complete the standings. The cindermen from Western were once again led by Joe Doohan who registered first in the mile and the 880 yard runs for a total of 10 points. Robinson won a first in the 100 yard dash. Wes Wagenaar captured first spot in the low hurdles as did Dunlap in the discus. Mular and King scored a tie for first place honors in the pole vault. The Relay Team registered first place in the Conference by establishing a new record of 3:32.5. The Helena meet closed out a very successful season for the Bulldogs in which they captured four trophies and a Conference title. Congratulations to Coach McCormick and his men. Everyone is proud of the job they did. 1958 TRACK Coach McCormick will be ix inting for more track laurels in 1958 with the return of a large majority of veterans and many new hopefuls. Western is without the services of its outstanding track man, Joe Doohan, lost to the Bulldogs by graduation. Back to bolster the team will be such veterans as Les Paro, Dick Barber, George Nelson, and Wes Wagenaar. Many others such as Phil Robinson, Bill Fairhurst, Bob Butorovich, Larry Varland, Jack Dunlap, and Loren Sullender, all of whom proved their worth in the 1957 season will bolster the team immeasurably. A tremendous asset to Western's track team this year are the two transfers from Ricks College—Wayne Barney and Doug Henninger. As the Chinook goes to press, Western's cinder men are practicing diligently and are hopeful for a most successful season. (93)1957 BASEBALL By Bob Petrino The 1957 Baseball Bulldogs placed second in the Montana Collegiate Conference play-offs held in Helena last May. They beat Carroll in the opening round and lost the championship game to Rocky Mountain College of Billings. In order to advance to the play-offs Western had to beat the Montana School of Mines of Butte. The Bulldogs did this handily behind the great pitching of Garry Rafter and "Sly” Jim Sullivan. In earlier games Western split 2-2 with Ricks of Idaho, dropped a single encounter with M.S.C.'s Bobcats, and blasted their great rivals, the Carroll Saints, by "besting" them 2 out of a 3-game series. The Bobcats had their hands full for most of their game with the Bulldogs, but costly errors in throwing sent Coach Straugh's boys to defeat in the late innings. Western was paced all season by a few stellar performers: Bill Connors and Max Nield in hitting; "Sly" Jim Sullivan, Garry Rafter, and Geary Moran in pitching; Jerry Fox in catching; Petrino, Connors, Palagi, and Wetzsteon, outstanding in fielding. 1957 BASEBALL SCHEDULE Western 0 Ricks 2 Western 2 Ricks 5 Western 10 Ricks 7 Western 7 Ricks Western 8 Carroll .... _ 2 Western 5 Carroll 7 Western 10 Carroll . 3 Western 11 Mines 0 Western 10 Mines 4 Western 2 M.S.C. .. 8 Western 3 Rocky 12 INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL Over eighty Western men participated in this year's intramural basketball program. The Deer Lodge Dynamos, led with such outstanding players as Bill Jackson, Bert Luce, Matt Telin, Lars Olsen, and Glen Harper, finished the season undefeated and walked off with the league crown. The dark-horse Butte Bombers upset the league-leading Deer Lodge Dynamos and went on to win the intramural tournament championship game from the Liberators 59-58. Third place in the tournament went to the Whips who defeated the Butte Rats 56-49. INTRAMURAL LEAGUE STANDINGS 4 5 3 6 3 6 2 7 0 9 TOP TEN SCORERS IN THE INTRAMURAL LEAGUE Dynamos 9 0 Wildmen Whips 8 1 Bombers Ozzies 6 3 ODT's Liberators 6 3 Polecats Rats 4 5 Pounders Robinson 159 Barber, D. 125 Glennie 110 Harrington 110 Templeman 105 (94) Bissell 104 Harper 103 Rafter 94 Butorovich 92 Torgrimson 881957 BASEBALL TEAM Left to riaht, front row: Frank Hull. Max Nield, Larry Palagi, Bill Connors, Bob Potrino. Back row: Coach Straugh, Herald Wetzstoon, Garry Raftor, Louis Lubick. THE BUTTE BOMBERS, TOURNAMENT CHAMPS Left to right, first row: Gerald Claussen, Manus Farron, John Lyons. Second row: Loron Sullendor, Bob Robinson, Dan Harrington, Bill Sullivan. (95)the deer lodge dynamos, league champions Loft to right, first row: Bort Luce. Jack Powors, Allan Benson. Second row: Jim Miller, Glen Harper, Lars Olson, Matt Tolin. INTEREST IN THE 1958 INTRAMURAL LEAGUE WAS OUTSTANDING (96)THE VARSITY BASKETBALL SEASON 33 Games: 25 Wins, 8 Losses Dale Opponent Western Opponent Nov. 26 Ricks College ................................ 102 74 Dec. 2 Ricks College 76 90 Dec. 3 Carroll College ............................... 83 61 Dec. 4 Carroll College 77 58 Dec. 7 Malmstrom AFB 52 67 Dec. 10 Malmstrom AFB 87 75 Dec. 12 School of Mines 87 45 Dec. 14 School of Mines 61 43 Dec. 20 Ricks College 86 71 Dec. 21 Ricks College................................... 89 81 Dec. 27 N. Wyoming Community 84 68 Dec. 28 Northern Montana College 91 73 Dec. 30 Eastern Washington 74 56 Jan. 3 Westminster 72 88 Jan. 4 Westminster .................................... 69 60 Jan. 10 Rocky Mountain 101 91 Jan. 17 Carroll College 96 71 Jan. 18 Northern 56 48 Jan. 22 School of Mines 89 51 Jan. 24 Westminster 58 64 Jan. 25 Westminster 67 84 Jan. 28 Northwest Nazarene 76 79 Jan. 29 Northwest Nazarene 76 59 Jan. 31 Carroll College 87 46 Feb. 7 Eastern 84 81 Feb. 14 Eastern ........................................ 74 68 Feb. 15 Rocky Mountain 67 76 Feb. 22 Northern 62 50 Feb. 28 School of Mines 76 60 Mar. 3 College of Idaho (N.A.I.A. District Tourney) ... 70 61 Mar. 4 Rocky Mountain (Championship).................. 83 62 Mar. 11 Assumption College (N.A.I.A. National Tourney) 86 73 Mar. 12 Coe College 69 103 Conference Games MONTANA COLLEGIATE CONFERENCE STANDINGS College Won Lost Western Montana College 9 1 Rocky Mountain College 9 1 Northern Montana College 5 5 Eastern Montana College 3 7 Carroll College 2 8 School of Mines 2 8 (97)BOWLING Providing excitement and good times for both participants and spectators, intramural bowling entered into its second year at Western. The league this year was boosted to eight teams, and over fifty students participated, bowling on Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each week. A post-season tournament was held at the end of the winter quarter in three events—team, doubles, and singles. The Blue team captured the league title, whereas the White team was the tournament leader. Bill Mular took men's singles honors; Madeline Mogus took women's singles honors, and Larry Kala-fatich along with Madeline Mogus captured the doubles honors. The league this year presented trophies to all first place winners—the league championship team and tournament champions—team, doubles, and singles. The sponsor this year was Mr. Dale Tash and the officers of the club were as follows: president, Bill Meagor; secretary-vice president, Dick Evans; and treasurer, Donna Sammons. (98)BOWLING LEAGUE Left to right, front row: T. Contway, F. Reardon. M. McVoy, D. Evans. E. Kaushagen. J. Ohverson. T. Shrau-ger, L. Pilling, D. Sammons. Back row: L. Kalafatich, G. Hughes. L. Palaqi, J. Pugh. W. Contway, J. Leo. B. Robertson. B. Meagor, J. Sauli, L. Paro, G. Lundstrom, D. Hosencrans. B. Mular, C. Merrifiold. H. Mular, R. V arnor. BOWLING LEAGUE CHAMPIONS BLUE TEAM Left to right: John Lee. Madeline Mcgus. Bob Robinson. Marianne Lalonde. Bill Meagor. TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS WHITE TEAM Left to right: Gorry Mihelich. Chuck Carvor. Larry Kalafatich. Jerry Pugh. Jodel Masolo. (99) Loft to right: Larry Kalafatich and Madeline Mogus--doubles champions; Madeline Mogus women's singles champion; Bill Mular—men's singles champion.WAA CLUB Left to right, sitting: Colleen Belanger. Lois Daems. Donna Robertson. Sylvia Porteen, Verna Marie Jenkins, Bonnie Sollars. Standing: June Stromberg Toby Shraugor. Mary K. Frisbie. Janet Oliverson. Joellyn Me-Adam, Miss Welch sponsor. Joan Ryan, Diana Frodlur.d, Lauretta Colvin, Betty Wood. Carolyn Droppers. WAA SPORTS BOARD (100) Left to right: Miss Welch—sponsor. Colleen Belangor, Carolyn Droppers. Joan Ryan.The bird gets batted. Anticipation on the volleyball court. (101)SADIE HAWKINS Sitting: Kon Jon ©n. King of Dogpatch; Colleen Belanger. Queen of Dogpatch. Left to right. Wotzsteon. Matt Tolin, Anita Hopcus, Larry Varland. Gerry Mihohch. Lou Underwood. George Parrott—Dogpatch Court. ( 102) Makin Whoop®© Qt 'ho Pafch DanceWAA The Women's Athletic Association promotes interest in sports among the women and provides clean, healthful recreation. To be eligible to join WAA, a girl must have at least eight hours of sports participation. By competing in the various sports and individual activities such as ice skating and bowling, and by being a member of the club for five quarters, the members earn points which entitle them to a winged "M" letter. Officers for the year are Colleen Belanger, president; Joan Ryan, vice president; Carolyn Droppers, secretary-treasurer. The WAA year opened with a party for all freshman girls. Volleyball, games and food provided an opportunity for fun and new friends. The Sadie Hawkins dance was sponsored next. Guys and gals decked out in full Dogpatch costume enjoyed a gala evening. Colleen Belanger and Ken Jensen were crowned king and queen of Dogpatch. WAA sponsored the sale of sweatshirts stamped with WMCE and the bulldog emblem during winter quarter. Candlelight initiations were held twice during the year and many new members joined. Every Monday evening is WAA sports night. A program of volleyball, basketball, swimming, badminton, and softball provides fun for all. Games were played against and with mixed teams of the Beaverhead County High School girls. During spring quarter a group of ten girls and two sponsors attend the annual playday, which is sponsored by the WAA organizations in the various units of the University system. This year it was held at Montana State University at Missoula. A full and active schedule provided the club with a busy, successful year. ( 103)THE RODEO CLUB Western's Rodeo Club, which is affiliated with the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association, was organized in January, 1957, and is one of the newest but most active organizations on campus. The purpose of the club is to provide an appreciation of western culture—an alive, expressive culture based on the heritage of the past. In the spring of 1957 the Rodeo Club went into action by participating in two Rocky Mountain District N.I.R.A. rodeos. In competition with 13 Rocky Mountain College teams, Western's team took fifth place honors in the rodeo at Montana State College and seventh place in the Idaho State College rodeo. Individual WMCE members who starred at these rodeos were Bob "Bulldog" Davis who tied for second place in bulldogging and who also excelled in bareback riding and saddle bronc riding, and Les Paro who competed in bare-back riding. At Idaho State College these two men again made an excellent showing along with Liz Pilling, who tied for fourth place in calf tying in the women's division. In conjunction with the "M" Club, the Rodeo Club sponsored "Go Western Day" held February 7, 1958, marking the birth of a new WMCE tradition. The big event on the 1958 agenda was the district N.I.R.A. rodeo held in Dillon, May 3 and 4. Rodeo competition was open to any member of Western's student body. Events for men were held in bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, calf roping, bulldogging, and steer riding. For women the two chief events were calf tying and barrel racing. Prizes were awarded to the first five places in each event. A major prize for the best "all around" cowboy and cowgirl was also awarded. Among the events of the two-day rodeo were a Rodeo Queen contest, a Rodeo Club parade, and an all-school dance. There were prizes awarded for floats and the best mounted individuals in the parade. The winner of the Rodeo Queen contest will be able to participate in the national N.I.R.A. Queen contest. Entertainment at the rodeo was provided by Western's Pep Band and Paul Coffman's Beaverhead County Master Sheriff's Posse who presented an exhibition at the fairgrounds; Western campus organizations operated concessions during the rodeo events. Officers of the club are Les Paro, president; Cal Wearley, vice president; Carolyn Pierce, secretary; and Joyce Housel, treasurer. The sponsor is Dr. Feathers assisted by Mr. George Svetich. ( 104)RODEO CLUB Loft to right, standing: Dr. Feathers sponsor, Ruth Nolle, Lyonald Thompson, Joyce Cummings, Bud Shuman, Judy Howland. Bob Singleton, Joyce Housel. Beity Wood. Juno Stromberg, Lauretta Colvin, Diane Wolfe. Sitting: Pete Glennie, Liz Pilling. Carolyn Pierce. Les Paro. ( 10S) You can tell a Rodeo Club member anywhere!Homocoming Queen Nancy Osborne 1957 HOMECOMING Queen Nancy—Princesses Charlotte, Mary Clare, and Lois. ( 106) Newman Club digs graves lor Saints.President and Mrs. Short with Dr. Sheldon E. Davis, President Emeritus, and Mrs. Davis at the Homocoming Banquet. Queen Nancy, Ennis Princess Mary Clare McVey, Butte Princess Charlotte Olson, Anaconda Princess Lois O'Keefe. Butte (107)This book will be a lasting record of your 1957-58 school year. You will refer to it often in the years to come to refresh your memory of your college days. The Chinook Staff sincerely hopes that you have enjoyed this book. Please do not stop here; read on. The advertisers of the Chinook have a sincere interest in Western and all of the campus activities. Support them! The Chinook Staff ( 108)Advertising Directory BUTTE Anaconda Company............. Bill's Men's Shop Burr's ................. ...................... Butte Brewing Company ............. W. P. Fuller Gamer's Shoe Store Hennessy's Interstate Lumber Company.... 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MISSOURI 116 124 116 114 117 117 119 115 120 114 115 114 115 118 127 116 115 119 121 113 124 122 116 126 132 115 118 111 112 117 115 115 123 (110) Becktold Company 114WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Offers A Four-Year Course Leading to the Degree Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, or Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education and A Fifth Year Leading to the Master's Degree in Education A Two-Year Course in Business Education A Two-Year Diploma Course in Teacher Education Pre-professional courses in forestry, journalism, law, social work, agriculture, engineering, nursing education, health and physical education, home economics, premedical, pre-dental. The Western Montana College of Education is fully accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and the Northwest Association of Secondary and High Schools. New Student Union Completed This Spring For Further Information Write to THE REGISTRAR WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Dillon, Montana ( m)Living Accommodations at Western Montana College of Education Have Been Greatly Increased With the Addition of Sixteen Modern Attractive Apartments for Married Students One New Dormitory and One Dormitory Completely Remodeled for Men ★ Women's Residence Hall, Attractive and Convenient, Remains One of the Best of Its Kind ★ Dining Room Service for Men and Women Plan Now to Make Reservations for Your Room ★ Write to Business Office Western Montana College of Education DILLON, MONTANA ( 112)Professional Directory R. W. POUNDSTONE, M.D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Morse and Idaho Street Dillon. Montana SCHULTZ AND DAVIS ATTORNEYS AT LAW Dillon, Montana DR. G. W. SMITH DENTIST Office Phone 71-W DR. E. D. EVANS DENTIST Phone 927 DR. W. E. MONGER OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Phone 131-R DR. J. C. LINDUSKA DENTIST Phone 81-J Morse and Idaho Street A. L. JUERGENS, M.D. Phone 680 DR. R. D. CURRY DENTIST Office Phone 335 DR. R. J. ENGLISH OPTOMETRIST Phone 466 Beaverhead Clinic Building DR. W. J. ROMERS DENTIST Phone 114 McFADDEN AND DAVIS ATTORNEYS AT LAW Telephone Building Dillon, Montana DR. J. W. HILTBRAND CHIROPRACTOR Phene 575 116 South Idaho Street Dillon. Montana (113)McCracken bros. MEN'S STORE DILLON, MONTANA Where the Well-Dressed College Man Shops HELENANN BEAUTY SHOP Permanent Waves and Manicuring Phone 325 Dillon, Montana ELECTRIC VARIETY STORE Complete Electrical and Repair Services Major Appliances School Supplies u I CLUB LOUNGE ED HORGAN 136 W. Park St. Phone 9847 BUTTE, MONTANA COVERS FOR THE 1958 CHINOOK By Becklold Company ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI Montana's FASHION Store for Your Home and Family BUTTE and LIVINGSTON LYONS DEN The Place to Meet the Gang After a College Dance (114)- D. I. -DILLON IMPLEMENT COMPANY NORM'S CASH MARKET Phone 68 DILLON, MONTANA One-Half Block From Campus SUCCESSFUL JOURNEY GRADUATES Congratulations on the progress you have just made, and may your future be as successful as your relationship has been with us. Success to the Graduates of 1958 Perseverance to the Class of 1959 The Friendly Eating Place 4 VAUGHN-RAGSDALE THE WHITE CAFE MAC'S BARBER SHOP FINEST HAIRCUTS 21 South Idaho DILLON, MONTANA LARSEN'S Complete Stock of Greeting Cards Gift Items—School Supplies Barnes and Noble College Outline Series Purina Chows Custom Pelleting, Rolling Grinding and Mixing WILLIAMS FEED AND MACHINERY DILLON, MONTANA MELTON'S TEXACO SERVICE Washington and Glendale Complete Automotive Service Sporting Goods Phone 62 ( US)College Servicenter GAMBLES Carter Products Authorized Dealer Homelite Saws The Friendly Store Hotpoint Appliances CLARK D'EVELYN, Owner BURR'S DILLON FEED SEED CO. Butte's Friendly Department Store DILLON, MONTANA The Examiner Printing HAZEL'S STYLE SHOP Co. Opposite Depot Phone 55 If You Like It, We Have It For Printing That Pleases at Particular People Publishers of HAZEL'S THE DILLON EXAMINER Beaverhead County's Leading Newspaper DILLON, MONTANA Mounljoy Flowers Jackets, Sport Shirts, Slacks and Sweaters For the College Man and Gifts Joe Smith's Phone 137-W THE TOGGERY DILLON, MONTANA Headquarters for Award Sweaters and Jackets ( 116)Congratulations to the Outgoing Gamer's Shoe Co. Montana's Largest Shoe Store BUTTE HELENA Phone 2-4646 Students WHEELER INN THE DILMART "Dillon's Home Marl" Dillon's Only Complete Home Furnishings Store MONOGRAM BAR 119 West Park Street BUTTE, MONTANA Compliments of M. H. KING CO. Your 5 and 10 Store Headquarters It's a Pleasure to Serve You College Visitors Always Welcome at the ANDRUS HOTEL Centrally Located F. B. SCHUYLER, Manager "Serving Southwest Montana Effectively" KDBM ''800 on Your Dial" P. O. Box 950 Phone 703 DILLON, MONTANA { 117)Wiring and Repairing Small Appliances DAVIS ELECTRIC 21 E. Sebree Phone 41-W Lighting Fixtures Residential and Commercial Congratulations to WMCE Graduates THE BIG DIPPER A Tasty Spot to Stop Bill's Men's Shop "For Men of Good Taste" Will Tiddy Ted Triniman, Mgr. 29-31 W. Park BUTTE, MONTANA FULLER PAINTS PAINTS GLASS They Last Established in 1849 W. P. FULLER CO. 131 W. Park Street BUTTE, MONTANA Warner's Food Quality Groceries—Meats Sea Food—Products Frozen Foods We Give United Trading Stamps Phone 246 Free Delivery Service MITCHELL'S CITY DRUG STORE Superior Prescription Service Phone 113 WILLIAM MITCHELL, Proprietor We Extend a Hearty Welcome to All WMCE Students ( U8)Welcome, Sludenis ARCADE Good Food Fountain HOWARD ELVERETTA RUNDLE BEAVERHEAD BAR SUPPLY CO. GLEED CARPITA Wholesale Dealers Carbonated Beverages Tobacco and Candies Schlitz and Great Falls Beer Phone 108 DILLON, MONTANA Compliments of NED-EVA LANES Bowling Center of Dillon For Furniture Go to SHINERS BUTTE It Pays to Play RAWLINGS ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT TREASURE STATE SPORTING GOODS 22 East Park Street Butte You Hear It Everywhere! It Pays to Shop at Piwfy’s ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY! ( 119)Dillon Creamery Beaverhead-Gold and Challenge Dairy Products Good Food Served Right! We Cater to Parties and Special Occasion Banquets Served in Our Dining Room Special Rates for College Students With Meal Tickets BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER Lee's Steak House and Dining Room Andrus Hotel DILLON, MONTANA Compliments of Club Bar Sporting Goods Headquarters SNEED AND BAY BEAVERHEAD LABORATORY FOUNDATION Dedicated to the Service of Humanity Since 1954 Technical Work Soil and Feed Analysis JAMES V. SHANNON Laboratory Supervisor (120) THE OASIS CAFE Compliments of Welcomes College Students BUTTE BEER Breakfast Lunch Dinner Fountain Butte Brewing Company LEAH RIFE and tom McGovern BUTTE, MONTANA Beaverhead Laundry If It Is Building Material Lumber and Coal oee Laundry-Dry Cleaning "We Cater to College Students" Phone 135 Beaverhead Lumber Co. Free Pickup and Better Materials Cheaper Delivery l non© oo DILLON, MONTANA (121 )PRUDENTIAL FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 3i% Paid on Insured Savings Accounts 49 North Main, Butte Insured by an Agency of the Federal Government Up to $10,000.00 For A Good Dinner Come to . . . Skeets (122) D L JEWELRY Diamonds and Watches Keepsake Bulova Columbia Hamilton Feature Lock Elgin If It Doesn't Tick— See Dick DILLONComplete . . . PRINTING LITHOGRAPHING RULING BINDING RUBBER STAMP SERVICE ★ Office Furniture and Supplies ★ Tribune Printing and Office Supply GREAT FALLS, MONTANA (123)Roberts Food, Inc. We encourage all people to support our college as— We believe—industry—commerce—government—art —the sciences—and all other professions, including our whole way of life depend heavily upon the quality of our education. DILLON, MONTANA Quality First- Service Always Geo. M. Gosman DRUGGIST The Rexall Store ( 124)Montana's Most Modern Department Store First National Bank DILLON, MONTANA We carefully guard the interests of our customers in every possible way. All business transactions in this bank are regarded as strictly confidential. SERVING THIS COMMUNITY SINCE 1880 Affiliated With Northwest Bancorporation Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ( 125)Standard Lumber and Coal Company Fuller Paints Aberdeen and Casllegale Coal Phone 276 DILLON, MONTANA Greetings, “Bulldogs'' . . . —And best wishes for the future from that friendly bank atop Butte's glittering hill. Metals Bank Trust Company BUTTE, MONTANA ( 126)Today's Projects Mean Tomorrow's Progress Montana Power is building today to satisfy your needs tomorrow. In just the past year. The Montana Power Company has completed many projects to bring Montanans all the power they need, when they need it and where they need it. Here are some of them: Cochrane Dam near Great Falls has been completed, adding 60.000 kilowatts of power to the Montana Power system capability. A 161,000-volt transmission line was built from Kerr Dam at Poison to Missoula. Electric and natural gas facilities in many local areas have been modernized or extended to improve service. A microwave communications system to improve electric and natural gas dispatching is nearly complete. The Montana Power Company and its predecessors have been serving Montana since the 1880's. THE MONTANA POWER COMPANY ( 127)Don't Hesitate to Ask Questions They Bring Knowledge If It Is a Question About Building, Repair or Remodeling Why Not Ask Our Competent Staff The Interstate Lumber Company- Education and Business Education's Aim Is to Develop Thought Our Aim Is to Develop Satisfied Customers and Trade Growth The Montana Hardware Company Butte (Wholesale Only) Great Falls ( 128)Know Montana . . . History-Minded Montana Montana became history-minded at an early period of its existence. The Territory of Montana was created under Act of Congress which was approved May 26, 1864. Only 21 months later Col. Wilbur F. Sanders of Virginia City fame and his associates had brought about the passage of a measure creating an historical society. The first meeting of the organization was held in the office of Dance and Stuart, Virginia City, on Feb. 25, 1865. The first president, temporary and permanent, was Granville Stuart. He also was the first treasurer. H. L. Hosmer was the first historian. The first board of directors was composed of Hosmer, Sanders, Malcolm Clark, Chris P. Higgins and Walter W. DeLacey. F. M. Thompson was chairman of the committee which nominated these officers. Stuart, Thompson and Hosmer were the members of the committee that selected the society's seal. The society was created as exciting history was being made. There wasn't much historical material to work on, except the recollections of the trail blazers themselves. However, the society did take a firm foothold in those early days and has maintained an existence without interruption. For eight years the society depended upon individual effort in the collection of both material and funds. The first legislative appropriation was signed May 7, 1873, and provided for an annual payment of $150 for the purchase of manuscripts and books relating to the territory and for other expenses. The Anaconda Company ( 129)Dillon Automobile Dealers Association Devoted lo the Interest of Safe Driving Sales—Service NEW AND USED CARS Cochrane Motors Mockel's (Ford and Mercury) (International and Nash) College Motor Co. Davis Motor Co. (Buick—GMC Trucks) (Willys, Packard and Studebaker) Paul's Chevrolet Co. Montana Auto Sales (Cadillac, Olds, Chevrolet) (Chrysler—Plymouth) ( 130)Your Happiest College Memories Stay Fresh in Distinctive Portraits, Quality Candid Prints and Enlargements ★ For Appoinlments Call 196 ★ Dillon Portrait Studio DILLON, MONTANA (131)State Bank and Trust Company ESTABLISHED 1899 DILLON, MONTANA ★ Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ( 132)

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