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 ; . .Published by THE JUNIOR CLASS Western Montana College of Education Dillon, Montana VOLUME FORTY-NINE.5oreword I, the "M," overlook the campus of Western Montana College of Education. Although unnoticed by many, I have viewed the academic, sports, and social activities of Western for many years. During these years I have seen Western excel in each of these three phases. I have watched Western grow from a college offering the two-year diploma to a school conferring the master's degree. This year, 1957, I will view students working on majors in mathematics and physical education for the first time. I am proud to be a part of this expanding educational system. Each year I anxiously await the registration of the new students and look forward to the return of those who enrolled during the preceding years. As each year passes I watch these students grow intellectually as their interests increase under the leadership of Western's faculty. When these students receive their diplomas and degrees, they stand on the mountain peak overlooking me because they have earned a most precious reward—their education. This year I have watched many changes take place at Western. The new President was very successful in his program of expansion for a greater Western. Campus improvements began with the enlargement of the parking lot. The ground was broken and construction has begun on the new student union, the men's dormitory, and the housing units. During the year the heating plant was repaired and a new business office and a new office for the President were completed. I can see that with each change that takes place on the campus Western will continue to educate even better teachers for all schools. In this 1957 Chinook I, the "M," am endeavoring to show the campus as I see it. I hope in the future I may view a larger enrollment, more campus improvements, and an even greater Western. Let's make every year at Western a great year. (2) 4L„ WaU (4) Fostering each year for sixty years those who would dedicate their careers to teaching others . . . those who would contribute just a bit more to the world. 2)eclicati on President Herbert L. Steele In recognition of a most successful year at Western we, the staff, gratefully dedicate this 1957 Chinook to our President, Dr. Herbert L. Steele. We hope that Dr. Steele will be on the campus for many years to come and that each ensuing year will be as successful for him and for Western, as this one has been. (5)Any evening after dinner in the Residence Hall (6) Relaxing before the library openslAJe tern 3 cjCib vary Preparing for tomorrow's work The College Library (7)(8) Autumn's the Mellow time, AllinghamLois O'Keefe Editor 1957 ( hinooh Jim Miller Business Manager. Dillon Lynn Curley Associate Editor Jeanne Nankervis Jackie Sampson Ann Larabec Business Manager, Butte Business Manager, Butte Art Editor Martha Martineson Pat McDonald Assistant Art Editor WAA Editor Matt Telin Men's Athletics Genevieve Albertson Sponsor (9)I ( 10) There's a certain slant of light on Winter's afternoon. Emily Dickinson.In the Spring a young man's fancy . . . Tennyson. (inAlbcrt n ‘'•■ '£n 3lish profcs»°r Mrs. Helen Andrus B. A. Instructor in Home Economics Bogut College Nurse George C. Brown, Jr. Director of Public Relations m A. Coop 1 M. E. j , in Education and Guidance John R. Cumming Ph. D. Asst. Professor of Education, Graduate Division (12)' - faculty Mrs. Ruth Dillavou M A. . Associate Professor of Mathematics Flore Mrs. Mary B. Emerick M. A. Professor of Art Gladys A. Forester M. A. Instructor in Training Dorothy Goihaus B. S. m L. S. Registrar (13)Ruth Groenlicld B. A. Instructor in Physical Education Horald lonos M. A. Instructor in Music Leslie Lawrence M. A. Instructor in English Mrs. Winifred Groenwood M A. Instructor in Homo Economics (Absent on leave autumn and winter quarters) Ralph Kneeland M. Ed. Assistant Professor of Education (Absent on leave 1956-57) Howard V. Leslie M. S. Ed. Associate Professor of Social Studies Brinton Jackson B. M. Ed. Assistant Professor of Music (Absent on leave 1956-57) Mrs. Jsabell Lasich B. S. in EJom. Ed. Instructor in Training Mrs. Helen D. Luebben B. A. Instructor in Foreign Languages and EnglishGcotqc McCormicV B.S. instructor in Men's Physical Education. and Football Coach Ralph MeFadden M. M. Professor ol Piano and Music Waller McGuire M. A. Librarian and Asst. Professor of Social Studies Bertie Mathews Rccretary. Correspondence Study and Residence Hall Georqla Mathews Business Manager and Acting Dean ol Women Mrs. Margaret Mashlno B. A. Instructor in Training Rv elyn MiVWeiseu B. R. Instructor in Business Rducation Mrs. Martha Nelson B. A. Instructor in Training Mrs. Margaret Orr B. S. Instructor in TrainingB. s. Instructor in Training Joo C. Ryburn B. E. Assistant Professor of English. Dramatics Elizabeth Sailer M. A. Instructor in Training N ( 16) Howard Smith M. S. Assistant Processor of Physical Science William T. Slraugh M. E. Profosscr of Physical Education and Malhemafics I Date Tash M. A. Assistant Professor of Social Studios Laurence Walker M. A. Associate Professor of Education Director of Training James Womack B. E. Instructor in Trainingm emoriam O. Kay Moe Faculty and students were greatly saddened July 5, 1956, when they learned of the death of O. K. Moe, vice president and professor of Social Studies and Industrial Arts. Deep was the loss felt by those of us who had known and worked with Mr. Moe. His warm friendship and his willingness to be of help at all times will be held dear in the memory of all. (17)(graduate ,2) wiSion The Graduate Division at Western Montana College of Education is in its second year. In June, 1956, two Master's degrees were awarded. Dr. John R. Cumming is the Director of the Graduate Division. Arlie Albeck. Dillon Bachelor of Scienco in Elementary Educaton, Western Montana College of Education Mable Holst, Dillon Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Western Montana Collego of Education B. W. Lodge Bachelor of Arts, Chadron State Teachers College, Chadron, Nebrcska Anton Schoonen, Twin Bridges Bachelor of Science, Montana State College Donald Wheat. Dillon Bachelor of Education, Western Montana College of Education James Womack. Dillon Bachelor of Education, Western Montana College of Education (18)SENIORSJean Ann Carlson, Avon Senior Class Secretary-Treas. Major: English Minors: Ait. Home Economics Activities: FT A 1, 2, 3; House Council 2, 3, 4; Student Affairs Committee 4; Junior Clcss Vice Prosldont 3; Nowman Club 1, 2, 3; KZN 1, 2, 3—Vice President 4; Art Club 3; Chinook Staff 3; WAA 2 Larry Anderson, Missoula Major: Social Studies Minor: Physical Education Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Affairs Committee 4; "M” Club 2, 3, 4; Football 3 Robort Banks, Dillon Major: Industrial Art Minors: Mathematics, Social Studies James Fitzpatrick, Hot Springs Senior Class President Major: Social Studies Minor: Physical Education Activities: Student Body President 3; Student Affairs Committee 4; Who's Who 3; Track 2; "M" Club 2, 3; Library Committee 3 Terry Lindquist, Elliston Senior Class Vice Presidont Major: Social Studies Minors: Physical Education, English Activities: "M" Club 2, 3, 4; Football 1. 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1 Laurllie Burns, Milan, Minnesota Major: English Minor: Social Studies Activities: Chinook Assistant Editor 3; WAA 3; Junior Class Secretary - Treasurer; Chanti -clcers 3; Debate 3; Wescolite Assistant Business Manager 3 Robert L. Davis, Dillon Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Mathematics Activities: Football 1, 3; "M‘ Club Robert DeMarois, Anaconda Major: Science Minor: Mathematics Activities: Football 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; "M" Club Secretary-Treasurer 1, 2, 3; Senior Men's Houso Council 4 (20)Robert Facincani, Butte Major: Social Studies Minors: English and German Activities: Gargoyles 1, 2, 3; Chinook Editor 3; Who's Who; Library Committco Edwin Holst, Dillon Major: English Minor: Social Studios Mrs. Verna Jenkins, Dillon Major: Art Minors: English, Homo Economics Activities: Art Club — Shop Treasurer 3, 4; Kappa Pi 3. 4—President 4; FTA 4 Jo© Doohan, Anaconda Major: Social Studies Minors: English, Physical Education Activities: Football 1. 3. 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Debate 3, 4; Newman Club 2, 3, 4; IRC Prosldont 3; Wescolito 3. 4; Student Activities Committee 3: Student Body President 4; Who's Who 4; Chanticleers 3, 4: Tonnis 3, 4; Public Relations Committee 4 Fay© Ivorson. Holona Major: English Minors: Art, Science Activities: Transfer from Seattle Pacific College 2; Intorvarsity Prosidont 4; Art Club 3, 4; KZN 4; Music Club 4; Chorus 4; Wescolito 3 Don Kelts. Dillon Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Studios Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Basketball Manager 4 Ann Laraboo, Earlvillo, Illinois Major: Art Minors: English, Social Studios Activities: KZN 1, 2; Kappa Pi 2, 3; Art Club Prosidont 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2; Band 1; Chinook Staff 3, 4 Mrs. Jane Lester, Dillon Major: English Minors: Physical Education, Social Studios Bill Leybold. Butte Major: Social Studios Minor: Physical Education Activities: Bowling Club 4; Intramural Basketball 3, 4; Chinook 3; Baseball 3, 4 (21)Rodger McCormick. Dillon Major: Physical Education Minors: Social Studies, Science Activities: Basketball 1; Baseball 1; Football 1. 2. 4; "M" Club 1. 2. 4 Tom Miller, Corvallis Major: Music Minors: English, Social Studies Activities: Music Club 3, 4; "Cradle Song" 3 John McDonald, Dillon Major: Social Studies Gile Mitchell. Lima Major: Science Minor: Mathematics David McFerran, Hammond Major: English Minors: Scienco, Social Studies Joan Nankorvis, Butte Major: English Minors: Art, Social Studies Activities: Gargoylos 1, 2, .3, 4—President 2, 4; Order oi the Jowelod Masque 4; Chinook 4; Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Chanticleers 1, 2, 3, 4; Matrix 2. 3, 4; Who's Who 4; IRC 4; Wos-colite Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; College Plays 1, 2, 3, 4 Max Nield, Dillon Major: Physical Education Minor: English Activities: Transfer from Rick3 College; Basketball 4; "M" Club 4 Tom O'Brien, Butte Major: English Minors: Social Studios, Physical Education Activities: Debate 3. 4; Baseball 3, 4; "M" Club 2, 3. 4; Nowman Club 1 James O'Keefe, Butto Major: Social Studios Minors: English, Mathematics, General Science Activities: Newman Club 1; Intramural Basketball 3 (22)Bob Roborts, Butto Major: Social Studies Minor: English Activities: Newman Club 1; FT A 2; Chinook 2, 3; Elks' Scholarship 2; Who's Who 4 Jackie Sampson, Butte Major: Social Studies Minors: Art. English Activities: Gargoyles 2, 3, 4— Secretary-Treasurer 4; Order of the Jeweled Masque 4: Chinook 4; Art Club 2, 3, 4; IRC 4; Intorvarsity 4; C o 11 o g e Plays 2, 3, 4 Duano Savall, Poison Major: English Minors: Art, Social Studios Activities: Ski Club 1, 2: Band 2; Art Club 2. 3, 4; IRC 3. 4; Mon's House Council 4 Marleno Savich, Butte Major: Social Studios Minors: English, Home Economics Activities: WAA 1, 2, 3, 4; FTA 2; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; KZN 3, 4; Library Committeo 4; Who's Who 4 Genovievo N. Thompson Major: English Minors: Art, Social Studios Activities: "Stage Door" 4 Don Shroovo. Fronchtown Major: Social Studios Minors: English, Physical Education Activities: Library Committoo 2: Chinook 3; Elks' Scholarship 2 Marjorio Tripp, Butte Major: Music Minors: English, Social Studies Activities: Gargoyle Club 3; “Dear Brutus" 3; Chorus 3, 4; ''Stage Door" 4; Art Club 4 Clarko Williams, Butte Major: Social Studies Minor: English Activities: Sophomore Vice Prosidont; Chinook Business Manager 3; Who's Who 4 Gary Williams, Dillon Major: Social Studies Minor: English (23)Versatile Pat Bill and Bob listening attentively The Three Graces You're slippin' Jim Miller at Dogpatch COURT Senator Tom O'Brien Our King Pooch The Littlest Angel Agont for the Automart Our Friend Larry Go ahead;laugh 're ready, Lynn (24)JUNIORS (25)Robert Kohn, Butte Junior Class President Activities: Gargoylos 3: "Stage Door" 3; Student Council 3 Lois O'Keefe, Butte Junior Class Secy.-Treas. Activities: Transfer from College of Great Falls 2; KZN 2. 3; Newman Club 2, 3; IRC 2; Chanticleers 2, 3—Treasurer 3; Chinook Editor 3; Wescolito Staff 2, 3 Mrs. Doris Albeck, Dillon Darlono Allan. Columbia Falls Activities: IRC 3; Delegate to IRC Convention 3; WAA 3: FTA 3; Intervarsity 3; "Stage Door" 3 Evelyn Batten, Virginia City Bornie Bissell, Big Sandy Activities: Football 1, 2, 3; "Lo and Behold" I; "M" Club 1, 2, 3; Intramural Basketball 3 Lynn Curley, Anaconda Activities: Transfer from Montana State University 2; KZN President 3; Chorus Accompanist 3; Music Club President 3; Newman Club 2, 3; Boys' Sextette Accompanist 3; Chinook Associ-ato Editor 3 Loraine Evenson, Cut Bank Activities: WAA 1, 2. 3; KZN 2, 3; FTA 3; Inter- varsity 1, 2. 3 Frank Hull, Jr„ Deer Lodge Activities: Baseball 1, 2; Baskotball 1; Football 1, 2; "M" Club 1. 2. 3; Sophomore Assembly Mastor of Coromonios 2; Kampus Ka-dots 2 Konnoth Jenson, Anaconda Ed Kaushagon, Hamilton Activities: "Stago Door" 3; "The Mad Woman of Chail-lot" 3 (26)John Lee, Butte Activities: Gargoyles Martha Martinoson, Butte Activities: Chinook 3; Art Club 3; "Stage Door” 3; Chorus 3 Pat McDonald, Butto Activities: Cheerleader 1, 2, 3; Studont Activity Committee 3; Studont Affairs Committee 3; V AA President 2; House Council 1, 2, 3; KZN 1, 2, 3; Butte Jay-coons Scholarship 1; Newman Club 1, 2, 3; "Messiah" 1; Chinook 3 Norma Moretto, Dillon A1 Puccinelli, Anaconda Activities: "M" Club 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; New-man Club 1, 2, 3 Henry Richardson, Dillon Norm Stubbs, Great Falls Activities: Football 1, 2; "M" Club 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2; Class President 2; Class Vice President 1; Wescolito 3 Maxino Vicho. Missoula Activities: Art Club 1, 2, 3 (27)Butte or bust! (Cool Cot!) Relaxing Ipana smilo Timo for a coke How to be Very, Very Popular” lust frionds! Hard at it 'Don't Fence Me In' Tho ''gang” roady for Sadie Hawkins A aood day at Western Off for tho day Caught in action Give us a great big T Waiting for a call? 'Pocahantas" Osborne Doesn't it fit? (28)C -iaAA of ’59 Goorgo Parrett, Butto Sophomoro Class President Activities: Music Club 1; Oratorical Contest 1; Dillon Elks' Scholarship 1 Wes Wagonaar, Lodao Grass Sophomoro Class Vico Pros-idont Activities: Track 1. 2; "M" Club 1, 2 Olive Kohn, Butto Sophomoro Class Socrotnry Activities: House Council 1, 2; KZN 1, 2; IRC 2; Gargoyles 2; "Stag© Door" and "Tho Mad Woman of Chaillot" 2 Ardis Bissoll, Hamilton Sophomore Class Treasurer Activities: KZN 2; FTA 2; Student Wives 2; Home-coming Quoon Candidate 2 Dennis Winters, Butto Sophomoro Class Library Committee Activities: Wescolite Editor 2; Debate 1, 2; Chanticleer Vice President 2; Newman Club 2 Frank C. Actis, Jr., Dillon Shirley Bacon. Wisdom Activities: Transfor from Montana State Colloge 2; FTA 2; Intervarsity 2; "Stago Door" 2 Barbara Bechtold, Butte Activities: KZN 2; FTA 2; Intervarsity 1, 2 Mary Buckman, Butto Activities: Transfer from School of Mines; WAA 2 Bill Connors, Butte Activities: Baseball 1; "M" Club 2; Track 1; Newman Club 1, 2 Mrs. Pauline Decker, Dillon Activities: Intorvarslty 1 % (30)A Charles Delano, Somors Activities: Debato 1, 2 Evelyn Eddy, Door Lodgo Activities: FTA 1. 2; KZN 1, 2; Ruddigore 1 Roborta Elder, St. Rogis Richard Evans, Butte Activities: Transfer from MSU 2; Men's Sextette 2; Chorus 2 Rosalee Ewing, Kittitas, Wn. Lorraine Foss, Butte Activities: FTA 2; Chorus 1, 2; KZN 1, 2; Intorvarsity 1, 2; House Council 1, 2 Donna George, Butte Activities: Music Club Troasuror 1; KZN 1. 2; Art Club 2; FTA 2; Debate 1; Chorus 1; Intervarsity 1, 2 Mary Lou Fink, Anaconda I Joyce Fresoman, Butto Activities: Chanticleers Secretary 2; Woscolite 1, 2; Debate 2; KZN 1, 2; Music Club Secretary 2; "Stage Door" and "Mad Woman of Chaillot" 2; Montana PTA Scholarship 1 Gordon Galloway, Tacoma Activities: Intorvarsity 1, 2 Otilia Gandara, Hamilton Activities: Newman Club 1, 2; Art Club 1. 2; KZN 1, 2; Choorloader 1, 2 (31)Gladys Goldsworthy, Door Lodge Activities: KZN I, 2; FTA 1, 2—Troasuror 2 Nancy Hammond, Bolknap Activities: Intorvarsity 1, 2 Dolmay Hash, Butte Activities: Transfor from Montana School of Minos 2; FTA 2 Marcia Hooper, Hamilton Activitios: KZN 1, 2; Intervarsity 1 Tom Hoyor, Havre Activitios: Transfer from Northern Montana College of Education 2; Football 2 Robert Johnston, Dillon Activitios: Prosidont of Freshman Class 1; Student Council 1 Correne Jonasen, St. Ignatius Activities: FTA 1, 2—Prosidont; KZN 1. 2—Secretary; Freshman Treasurer Is Homocoming Quoon Candidate 2 Marlene Larock, Helena Activitios: Art Club 1, 2 Ingrid Kaushaaen, Hamilton Activities: "Stage Door" 2; FTA 2 Harlow Leger, Holena Helen McDonald, Dillon (32)Joan McMannis, Dillon Activitios: Music Club 2; Intorvarsity 2; Chorus 2 m Doanna Mack. Butlo Activities: Music Club Vice President 1; Newman Club 1, 2; KZN 1. 2; IRC 2; Chorus 1; Ruddigoro 1 Ena Mann, Philipsburg Activities: Art Club 1, 2; FTA 2; Chorus 2; Intorvarsity 1 Janice Martin, Bozeman Activitios: FTA 2; KZN 2; "Stage Door" 2 Bossie Martin. Dillon Elalno Mlchelotti, Butte Activities: Chorus 1; Ruddigoro 1; KZN 1. 2; Now-man Club 1, 2; FTA 2 Kathy Miller, Butte Activities: Houso Council 1; KZN 1; Music Club 1. 2; Studont Wives 2 Frankie Morse, Drummond Activitios: Intorvarsity 1; Cheerleader 1, 2 Donna Neubauor, Door Lodgo Activitios: FTA 1. 2; MEA Delegate 1; KZN Troasuror 2; Froshman Class Secretary 1; House Council 1, 2 Joyco Nowkirk, Harrison Activitios: KZN 1. 2; Newman Club 2 (33)Dan Newman, Elliston Activities: "M" Club 1. 2; Football 1, 2 Nicholls, Butte FTA 1, 2; MEA Intorvarsity 1, Pat Noel. Poison Activiites: KZN 1 2; FTA 2; Homecoming Candidate 1; Cheerleader 2; House Council 1, 2 Audrey Oberst. Plains Activities: Newman Club 1, 2; KZN 1, 2; FTA 1, 2— Secretary Elizabeth Orr, Dillon Activities: FTA 1, 2; MEA Delegate 1, 2; KZN 2; Intorvarsity 1 Nancy Lee Osborne, Ennis Activities: FTA 1. 2; KZN 1, 2; Debate 2; House Council 1, 2; "Stage Door" and "Mad Woman of Chaillot" 2; Finalist for Miss Western 1 Larry Palagi, Butte Activities: Basoball 1; "M1 Club 2 Les Paro, Hot Springs Activities: Track 1, 2; "M” Club 1. 2; Rodeo Club President 2 Charles Peterson, Dillon (34) Joan Putnam, Bonner, Iowa Garry Rafter, Three Forks Activities: Basoball 1, 2; "M" Club 1. 2; "Tho Mad Woman of Chaillot" 2 Sherall Rafter, Tridont Activities: WAA 1,2—President; KZN 1. 2; FTA 2; Student Wives 2; Finalist for Miss Western 1 Lester Sage, Jackson Don Rosencrans, Butto Activities: Music Club 1, 2; Boys' Sextotto 2 Carla Salmonsen, Sheridan Activities: Chorus 1, 2 Gayloene Sampson, Poison Activities: KZN 1, 2; Chorus 2 Carole Schuchman, Stevensville Activities: KZN 2; Chorus 2; FTA 2 Ros© Mario Scott, Butte Activities: Transfer from Montana School of Mines 2; "Stage Door" 2; Forensics 2 Jamos Shively, Bozeman Lonoro Shively, Bozeman (35)C faiS of? ’59 Virginia Snow, Hamilton Activities: FTA 2; KZN 1. 2; Chorus 2 Yvonne Sommer, Butte Activities: Transfer from Valparaiso University 2; Intervarsity 2; FTA 2; WAA 2 Floral Mae Stillings, Butte Activities: Intervarsity 1, 2 —Secretary-Treasurer; Music Club 2; Art Club Vice Prosidont 2; FTA 2; KZN 1, 2; Chorus 1, 2; Ruddigore 1; Sextette 2 Doris Strobbe, Bridger Connie Sullivan, Anaconda Activities: Newman Club 1, 2; KZN 2; FTA 1, 2 Marian Taber, Ronan Ann Varner, Corvallis Activities: WAA 2; FTA 2; Chorus 1. 2; "Stage Door" 2; Girls Sextette 2; Intervarsity 2 Patti Wickham, Stevensville Activities: Chorus 2; KZN 2; Homecoming Queen Candidate 2; Student Council Socrotary-Troasuror 2 Norma Williamson, Victor John Zink, Dillon Activities: Football 2 (36)FRESHMEN (37)daS6 op ’GO Poto Glonnio, Harlowton Freshman Class President Darleen Armstrong Helena Dolores Breneman Monida Hazel Thompson. Missoula Freshman Class Vice President Elizabeth Pilling. Divide Freshman Class Socrotary-Treasurer Jerry Fox, Butte Freshman Class Library Committoo Lauretta Colvin Charlo (38)Norma Connor Helena Joyce Cummings Plains Dalo Dean Valier Shoryll Eccloston Anaconda Marvin Ehret Plevna Roy Evans Butte Marlono Fasching Wibaux C daSA op ’60 Carolyn Droppers Manhattan William Fairhurst Three Forks Wayno Hamel Dixon (39)dHa s oj? ’60 Donald Hampa Whitehall Bonnie Hampton Noxon Daniel Harrington Butte Otis Harris Darby Velma Harvey Dillon Lowell Hayos Hamilton Edwin House Darby Colleen J. House! Lewistown (40) Verna Jenkins Dillon Aria Klang Seattle, WashingtonJoan Lalonde Anaconda Gary Loggins Butte Carol Losing Plovna Joollyn McAdam Cut Bank Gay McMannis Dillon Bill Madlena Butte John Moo Butte Gordon Moro Kalispoll Mrs. Katherine MorotJo Dillon Joan Morica Ennis Rita Mozer Dupuyer (41 )op ’60 Kevin Murphy Roundup Ruth Nolle Silver Star Muriel Ogden Dillon Charlotte Olson Anaconda Clarico Raymond Holena Jimmy Richardson Dillon Donna Robertson Helena 42 )Myrna Rosdahl Dillon Yolanda Rossi Dillon Jamos Rolh Corvallis C iaAA of ’60 Joan Ryan Butto Curtis Sauber Livingston Jamos Seal! Stovensvillo Shirley Schopp Plevna Bill Scott Osbum, Idaho Larry Staton Corvallis Juno Stromborg Ovando Loren Sullender Dillon Bill Sullivan Butte (43)Calais ojf ’60 Carol Taylor Anaconda Larry Varland Harlowton Mollle Wilhelm Swan Lake (44) Marian Vardalis Bozeman Richard Wongor Dillon(45)Our Queen, Jeanne Look out, Evelyn! Three Musketeers, New recruits for the football team All set for a good time Chow time Western coeds All alone, Joyce? It can't bo that bad Elvis! Working hard? Waiting for a "Hoy Mr.? Banjo" The gang at rest "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" "Gonna Get Along Without You Now" New coat (46)Student (Council Left to right: Bob Kohn, Joe Doohan, Pat Wickham, George Parrett, Pete Glennie. Absent, Jim Fitzpatrick. STUDENT COUNCIL The student government at Western rests in the hands of the Student Council which is composed of the four class presidents, a student secretary, and the student body president. This year the Council took an active part in homecoming, dance arrangements, Vodvil and other school-sponsored activities such as a ping-pong tournament and the campus elections. The Council consisted of Pete Glennie, freshman; George Parrett, sophomore; Bob Kohn, junior; Jim Fitzpatrick, senior; Pat Wickham, sophomore secretary; Joe Doohan, Council president. President Steele is the Council sponsor and approves of action taken by the Council concerning school affairs. (47) Student Sl aird (Committee l ft to right: Joan Carlson, Jim Fitzpatrick, Mr. Jones, Mr. McCormick, Larry Anderson, Mrs. Greonfiold, Pat McDonald, Miss Mathows. STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE The function of this committee is to consider and approve or disapprove petitions for charters by groups of students seeking to form organizations or seeking to reorganize any existing group or seeking to affiliate with any national organization; to supervise activities of student groups in general; to recommend appropriate action in all cases of infractions; to review the program of student activities and organizations in fulfilling their purposes at the College. The Student Affairs Committee also exists for the purpose of providing entertainment for the student body and helping with the activity fund. The committee consists of four student members who are elected by the students and five faculty members who are appointed by the President. The members this year are Miss Mathews, Mrs. Greenfield, Mr. McCormick, Mr. Smith, Mr. Jones, Jim Fitzpatrick, Larry Anderson, Jean Carlson, and Pat McDonald.WL’s WL Five students were selected this yoar to represent Western in "Who's Who Among College Students in American Universities and Colleges." These students proved themselves to be outstanding in scholastic achievement, leadership, and participation in campus activities, dependability, personality, and in promise of future usefulness to society. Joo Doohan is a senior from Anaconda who is majoring in Social Studies. Joe, this year's student body prosidont, is known for nis friendliness and his willingness to lend a helping hand wherever it is needed. Ho has aono an oxtromoly fine job as this yoar's student body leader. Activo in football, basketball, and track, Joe participated last spring in the National Association in Jntorcollogiato Athlotics Moot hold at San Diego, California, whore ho placed fifth among a large group of participants. He is an active member of the Student Activity Committoo, Dobato Team, Sports Editor of the Wescolite, and IRC. Ho attended a round tablo mooting at Rood Collogo in Portland, Oregon. Joanno Nankervis is a sonior from Butte who is majoring in English. Joanno has boon especially activo in dramatics and journalism. Sho has taken part in a number of plays and is a member of the Order of the Jowolod Masauo, tho honorary society within tne Gargoyles. She is Business Managor of tho 1957 Chinook and is also a mombor of tho Matrix, honorary society in tho Chanticleer Club, Journalism organization. Sho is also activo in Art Club and KZN. Marlene Savich, a senior from Butto, is a Social Studios major. Marlene is active on tho student staff of librarians. She was a Chinook staff member in 1956, Sho is also activo in WAA and the FTA. Marlene was selected by tho Dillon branch of Amor-ican Association of University Women to rocoivo its scholarship in 1956-1957. Bob Roborts, Butto Is a sonior who has a major in Social Studios. Bob, who has a high acadomlc ranking, is an active member of the FTA and served as dologato one yoar to tho Stato FTA meeting. He was Business Managor for tho Chinook In 1955 and 1956. Clarko Williams, Butte, is a senior who is majoring in Social Studies. Clarko is consistently on tho honor roll. Ho was vico prosidont of his class during his sophomore yoar. Clarke has boon activo in tho FTA and was Chinook Busfnoss Managor in 1956. (49)M CL I Left to right, first row: Margie Tripp, Tillie Gandara, Ena Mann. Anne Jumper, Hazel Thompson, Donna George, Jackie Sampson, Marlene Larock, Joann© Nankervis, Gail Gray. Second row: Faye Iverson. Floral Mae Stillings, Ann Larabee, Duane Savall, Verna Marie Jenkins, Mrs. Verna Jenkins. (50) Left to right: Verna Jenkins, Hazel Thompson, Ann Larabee.M CU The purpose of the Art Club is to make a place in the school for people who desire to work together in art projects and to take advantage of any and all good art opportunities. The group works constantly toward its goal, the gift shop. The gift shop is maintained primarily to bear the expenses of the club, including materials for gifts, speakers for special occasions, and trips to nearby points of interest. It is the effort of the club to have at least one shop sale a quarter, and this year gifts sold were yule logs, corsages, gift toppers, felt mittens, copper enameled jewelry, and stationery. Each year the club has an annual get-together near graduation time in the spring. Last year the club banquet was held in the Episcopal Church Guild Hall. Mr. Rush Jordan, retiring president, was the principal speaker at the banquet, and in his talk he gave a brief history of the Art Club and its contributions to the College, making special mention of the WMCE campus sign that was made and installed by the Art Club. Guard pins representing one hundred hours of club participation were presented by Mrs. Emerick to Joyce Boehm, Juanita Sweeny, Shirley Kalland, and Ann Larabee. The banquet always presents an art project for the club members; placecards, center-piece, and favors are worked out as a unit by the group. The banquet, just mentioned, used as its theme "Hank and Gert" which won first place in the Vodvil during spring quarter. During July of 1956, the Art Club went on a field trip to the Archie Bray Foundation and the Montana Historical Museum in Helena. At the Archie Bray Foundation (Western Clay Company) much of the ceramic work for the state is being done. During this year the three-brush emblem was earned by Verna Jenkins and Ann Larabee. Guard pins were earned by Verna Jenkins and Verna Marie Jenkins. The Art Club is under the sponsorship of Mrs. Emerick. Officers during the year were president, Ann Larabee; vice president, fall quarter Betty Stevenson; winter and spring quarters, Floral Mae Stillings; secretary, Faye Iverson; treasurer, Verna Marie Jenkins; shop treasurer, Verna Jenkins. Kappa Pi is a National Fine Arts Honorary with chapters found throughout the United States. The purpose of Kappa Pi is to foster interest in art by practice and precept. The chapter on the WMCE campus is Omicron. The members of Omicron have always pledged themselves to help with art exhibits at any or all times. Members here on the V MCE campus are Verna Jenkins, president; Ann Larabee, secretary; and Hazel Thompson, treasurer. Mrs. Emerick not only sponsors the Omicron Chapter on our campus but is also a member of Kappa Pi. (51)The purpose of the Music Club is to promote an interest in musical affairs on the campus. As a result there has been an increased interest in college music, high school music, and community concerts. A hayride, caroling, and chili party were sponsored by the club during fall quarter. Club officers for the year were Lynn Curley, president; Sue Trbovich, vice president; Donna George, treasurer; Joyce Freseman, secretary; Joan McMannis, librarian; Shirley Perusich, attendance officer; Floral Mae Stillings, point officer. Mr. McFadden and Mr. Jones were sponsors. Another musical organization this year has been the Girls' Sextette. It was organized fall quarter under the direction of Mr. H. A. Jones. The girls have sung for many school affairs. This group and the Jones Boys have combined talent on various appearances. Members are Dolores Breneman, Shirley Perusich, Anne Varner, Faye Iverson, Floral Mae Stillings, and Joyce Housel. Lynn Curley is the accompanist. The Boys' Sextette which has added so much to school affairs was started fall quarter of 1956 under the able direction of Mr. H. A. Jones. Now known as the Jones Boys, this group has sung for many school and town functions. Members are Dick Evans, first tenor; Fred McNellis and Don Rosencrans, second tenors; Ed House and Ted Taft, baritones; and Gordon Galloway, bass; Lynn Curley, accompanist. (52)Seated, left to right: Mr. McFadden, Donna George, Floral Mae Stillings, Lynn Curley, Sue Trbovich, Joyce Freseman. Standing: Ed House, Dick Evans, Colleon Belanger, Mr. Jonos, Anno Varner, Gordon Galloway, Fayo Iverson, Don Rosoncrans, Sylvia Portoon, Shirley Perusich, Fred McNellis, Joan McMannis, Verna Marie Jenkins, Gay McMannis. CjirHs 9 Sextette Left to right: Joyce Housel, Shirley Perusich, Floral Mae Stillings, Anno Varner, Dolores Breneman, Faye Ivorson. Lynn Curley, accompanist. Sextette Loft to right: Dick Evans, Fred McNellis, Don Rosoncrans. Ted Taft. Gordon Galloway, Ed House. Lynn Curley, accompanist. (53)C liridtmuS Uedper Se er —jeruice Chorus Observes Christmas Season'Uedper eruice The choir of Western Montana College of Education presented a Christmas Vesper Service on Sunday afternoon, December 16. A program of Christmas numbers, a candlelight processional, and the Camille Saint-Saens "Christmas Oratorio" made up the formal program. Soloists were Richard Evans, Dolores Breneman, Hazel Thompson, Fred McNellis, Marjorie Tripp, Charlotte Olson, Gordon Galloway and Martha Martineson. Lynn Curley was at the piano and Professor Ralph McFadden, head of the music department, played the organ. The program was arranged by Herald A. Jones, vocal instructor. The Mikado group received recognition not only in Dillon but also in Sheridan and Deer Lodge when they presented excerpts from Gilbert and Sullivan's comic opera, "Mikado." The excerpts from this were given also at the Dillon Rotary Club and at the Winter Concert at the college. Members of the group are Marjorie Tripp, Hazel Thompson, Martha Martineson, Dick Evans, Bob Johnson, Fred McNellis, and Sue Trbovich, accompanist. (55)Prospective teachers at Western may join the professional organization on campus, the Future Teachers of America. In honor of the President Emeritus of the college the organization has been named the Sheldon E. Davis Chapter. Miss Genevieve Squires and Dr. John Cumming have been the sponsors of the group. Miss Squires replaced Mrs. Zella Flores who was confined to her home most of the year. The officers of FTA for 1956-57 were Correne Jonasen, president; Elizabeth Orr, vice president; Audrey Oberst, secretary; Gladys Goldsworthy, treasurer; and Blair Ricks, historian. Among the activities carried on by the chapter this year have been panel discussions, lectures by guest speakers, reviews on current legislative bills, and a visit to the Training School for Open House. This year Blair Ricks, Correne Jonasen, Elizabeth Orr, and Verna Marie Jenkins were sent to the Montana Education Association Delegate Assembly in Helena The local chapter was honored by having Elizabeth Orr elected state secretary. The name of the Future Teachers of America was officially changed at this meeting and next year will be known as the National Student Educational Association of Montana. WMCE is once more engaged in full competition in debate and other forensic activity, having reorganized the activities last year under the direction of Mr. Lawrence. In addition to the debate activity a full program was planned in oratory, extemporaneous speaking, and oral interpretation. A number of students indicated an interest in competing in one or more of these events. For the first time Western debaters attended the Rocky Mountain Speech Conference held in February at the University of Denver. According to Mr. Ixrwrence, "The aim of the entire Forensic program is to offer a new and continually expanding opportunity for participation to the students at Western." Future plans for the Forensic program promise to add interest for the college, the community, and the state. One instance of this is the proposed debate to be held on the campus of Western next year between a team from the University of London, England, and a team from Western. Rose Marie Scott and Kathy Miller won first and second place, respectively, in the founders Day Oratorical Contest. Other contestants were Dennis Winters, George Parrett, and Charlotte Olson. The title of the winning oration was "The Individual Versus Society," and Kathy Miller's title was "Corporal Punishment—Yes or No?" (56)Left to right, first row: Miss Squiros- r.ponsor, Yvonne Sommer, Gladys Goldsworthy, Elizabeth Orr, Verna Mane Jonkins, Beatrice -Lawson. Second row: Dr. Cumming— sponsor, Darlene Allan, Virginia Snow, Ardis Bissoll, Joy Kaushagon, Anno Varner, Donna George, Fayo Ivorson, Ena Mann, and Betty Rao Nicholls. Rose Marie Scott Kathy Miller (57)fjea” Seated, left to right: Mr . Dillavou—sponsor. Jim Miller, Colleen Belanger, Bill Connors, Father Florian— chaplain. Second row: Marlone Savicn, Lynn Curley Gandara, Janet Thibodoau, Joyco Nowkirk, Ryan. Parkor Tato, Kovin Murphy. Elam Fourth row: Bob Schiopon, Charlotto Olson. rnn Curley. Deanna Mack. Lois O'Koefo, Connio Sullivan, Tillie Mianon ManUy Jean Lalonde, Dame Berness. Third row: Joan e Micholotti. Roberta Elder, June Stromberg, Dennis Winters. LoU o Wx% tonr. Eve yn Uikk« Mtv—sponsor, Gordon GaWovtay, o Vf UlcYwoWs. Fav© Ivotson. T oxo Mao SttW n mond. LauroUa vowm. vruta tow: uitown Dioppots, Dot v» a ors, Ena Mann, Anno Varnot. K aVcaVno Gtoorv. n ewmun cu The Newman Club is an organization for all Catholic students on the campus. The purpose of the club is to promote the spiritual needs of the students. The club takes an active part in Vodvil and Homecoming. Members of the club see movies and take part in discussions on important spiritual matters. Mrs. Dillavou is the club sponsor and Father Florian is the club chaplain. Officers of the club this year are Jim Miller, president; Bill Connors, vice president; Colleen Belanger, secretary-treasurer. Intervarsity is the campus Christian Fellowship organization. Students of all faiths may participate in its activities and fellowship. Activities this year have included off-campus speakers, films, Bible study classes, and caroling with the Music and Newman Clubs. The club members have enjoyed several picnics, skating parties and informal social gatherings at Mrs. Bridenstine's home; including a full day Bible study and discussion this winter. Several members attended a fall and spring quarter weekend retreat in Elliston. The club is sponsored by Miss Mikkelsen and the officers are Faye Iverson, president; Betty Rae Nicholls, vice president; Floral Mae Stillings, secretary-treasurer; Gordon Galloway, song leader; and Donna George, devotional leader. (59)'u Kappa Zeta Nu, the only sorority on campus, is an honorary association and the oldest organization on the campus. During fall quarter the sorority held initiation of Sophomore girls at the home of Mrs. Helen Luebben, a chapter sponsor. The sorority sponsored the "Sweetheart Ball" and a Valentine tea during winter quaiter. Initiation of Freshman girls was held spring quarter. Officers are Lynn Curley, president; Jean Carlson, vice president; Correne Jonasen, secretary; and Donna Neubauer, treasurer. Mrs. Luebben, Miss Mik-kelsen, and Miss Mathews are the sponsors. This club is composed of the students interested in foreign relations throughout the world. Activities were numerous and interesting. A delegation of five represented Western at Portland, Oregon, for the Northwest Regional Conference. The major issues of the world made up the topics for the monthly meetings. The club also takes an active part in Homecoming and Vodvil. The officers are Jim Miller, president; Duane Savall, vice president; Mignon Manley, secretary-treasurer; and Mr. Howard Leslie, sponsor. (60)First row. left to ilqht: Elaine Micholottl, Patti V ickham. Elizabeth Orr. Lots OKe«!o, Gladys Goldsworthy. Carol Schuchman. Socond row: Correne lonason. Jean Carlson. Lynn Curley. Donna Neubauor, Pat McDonald. Third row: Nancy Osborne, Ardis Bissoll. Pat Noel. Virginia Snow, Lorraine Foss. Barbara Bechtold, Connie Sullivan. Evelyn Eddy. Joyce Newkirk. Tillio Gandara. Deanna Mack, Marlene Savich, Joyce Froso-man, Floral Mae Stillings. Fourth row: Miss Mikkolsen. Miss Mathews, Mrs. Luebben. sponsors; Janlco Martin, Marcia Hooper, Shorall Raitor, Faye Iverson, Gayleno Sampson, Betty Rae Nicholls, Gooraono tvenson, Donna Georgo. 3UC Lett to Tiqht. UtsI row. Deanna Mack, Miqnon Manley, Darlono Allan. Norma V illlam-son. Second row. Olivo Kohn, loo Doohan. llm Miller, Bob Kohn. Third row. Georqe Brown, Mr. Leslio—sponsor, David McFerran. (61)The Cradle Song Tom Miller, Narrator Showgirls taking the night off—"Stage Door" Bidding goodbye to Louise—"Stage Doer' The "Mad Woman of Chaillot'OLC, aryoy The Gargoyle Club is Western's dramatic society. The club strives to seek out and develop dramatic ability. Those with outstanding ability are eligible for membership in a national honor society. Order of the Jeweled Masque. This year the Masque was presented to Jeanne Nankervis and Jackie Sampson. "The Cradle Song," a two-act comedy, was presented in the summer of 1956. The play was directed by Joe C. Rybum, and had the following cast: Jackie Sampson, Stuart Burwell, Leslie Neilson, Jeanne Nankervis, Ruth Roys, Joyce Koontz, Bernice Benson, Ida E. Schmidt, Margaret Batten, Beverly Wallen, Irene Gray, Myrtle Watts, John Lee, and Tom Miller. Patty Craine was assistant director and John Lee, stage manager. In the fall quarter of 1956, Mr. Rybum and the Gargoyles presented a three-act comedy, "Stagedoor," by Edna Ferber and George F. Kaufman. Lorraine Foss was student director and the cast included Joan Putnam, Darlene Allan, Klairaine Green, Rose Marie Scott, Ann Varner, Mollie Wilhelm, Jeanne Nankervis, Joyce Freseman, Olive Kohn, Jackie Sampson, Colleen Belanger, Nancy Osborne, Anne Jumper, Donna Robertson, Joan Ryan, Martha Martineson, Marjorie Tripp, Mignon Manley, Shirley Bacon, Genevieve Thompson, Joy Kaushagen, Dale Dean, Jim Fitzpatrick, Chuck Delano, John Lee, Bob Kohn, Don Shanklin, Walter McGuire, Ed Kaushagen, and Jim Roth. (63)The Gargoyles and Mr. Ryburn chose for the winter quarter play the two-act comedy, "The Mad Woman of Chaillot," by Jean Giraudoux. Those taking part were Garry Rafter, Ed Kaushagen, Walter McGuire, Don Shanklin, Jack Carriger, Jackie Sampson, Chuck Delano, Mike Richards, Dennis Winters, John Lee, Jeanne Nankervis, Bob Kohn, Dale Dean, Donna Robertson, Joyce Frese-man, Nancy Osborne, Elaine Michelotti, Kevin Murphy, Bob Kovacich, and Jim Roth. Elizabeth Pilling was student director. Joe Ryburn is sponsor of the club and the officers are Jeanne Nankervis, president; John Lee, vice president; Jackie Sampson, secretary-treasurer; and Bob Kohn, stage manager. Left to right, sitting: Marjorie Tripp. Olive Kohn, Klairaine Green, Jeanne Nankervis, Liz Pilling. Jackie Sampson. Standing: Mr. Ryburn, Don Shanklin. John Leo, Bob Kohn, Jack Carriger, Dale Dean. (64) •I DL CL an tide eerd Lofl to right, sitting: Lois 0'Ke©f©, Su© Trbovich, Joyco Freseman. Standing: Lowoll Hayes, Joe Doohan. Miss Albertson sponsor, Dennis Winters, Mollie Wilhelm, Caroloo Kambich, Norma Connor, Laurilie Burns. (66) Dennis WintersThe Chanticleer Club is a journalistic organization which publishes the college newspaper, the Wescolite. Every member of the club strives to keep the paper in the highest of journalistic standards. This club enables students to earn letters after certain requirements have been fulfilled. Students can join the club after they have contributed to the publishing of the Wescolite or Chinook. Initiations are held every quarter for eligible members. The officers of the club this year are Sue Trbovich, president; Dennis Winters, vice president; Joyce Freseman, secretary; and Lois O'Keefe, treasurer. Miss Albertson is the sponsor of the club. WlatrU Matrix is an honorary society for students who have done outstanding work in journalism either on the Wescolite or Chinook. Matrix members this year are Sue Trbovich, Lois O'Keefe, Joe Doohan, Dennis Winters, and Joyce Freseman. (67)Student liii ived The Student Wives held their meetings on the first Thursday of every month this year. The members of the club took turns entertaining. Activities for the year included demonstrations, movies, and a baked food wife parties, and concluded the year with a dinner in honor of the graduating husbands. Mrs. Straugh is sponsor of the club, and the officers were Mary Laird, president; Suzanne Stubbs, vice president; and Elizabeth Lee, secretary. The Library Committee of WMCE is composed of the Librarian plus four other faculty members appointed by the President. The student body is represented by one student elected from each class and by the student body president. thus making a total membership on the Library Committee of ten members. The function of the committee is to discuss problems that arise in connection with the administration of the library, and to make decisions relative to library service to the student body. In this way both students and faculty members have recourse to the committee for any problems that may arise in student-library and faculty-library relationships. The faculty members appointed by Dr. Steele are Mrs. Luebben, Mr. Cooper, Miss Mikkelsen, Mr. Smith and Mr. McGuire. Student members this year are Ron Kenison, Dennis Winters, Joe Doohan, Marlene Savich, and Jerry Fox. sale held in January. In addition, the members enjoyed several husband and (68)Left to right, first row: Rose Hayos, Gorta Mular. Middle row: Elaino Peforson, Shorall Rafter, Myrna Smith, Sandra Robockor, Punky McCormick Virginia Straugh—sponsor. Siie Stubbs, Doe Scully. Third row; Deloros Moran, Joyce fColts, Paulino Deckor, Ardis Wonetfo Barber, Mary Laird, Darler.o Scott. Dodio O'Brien, Elizabeth Leo. Sally 0 Koofo, Sylvia McCormick, Leona Kaushagen, Barbara Niold, Mary Lacoy jCilo-arp Committee ( 69 ) Lett to right, front row: Mrs. Luebbon. Miss Mikkelsen, Marlono Savich. Second tow: Mr. McGuire, Mr. Smith, Joe Doohan. Dennis Winters.First row, left to right: Joyco Housel, Colloon Bolanger, Nancy Osbomo. Second row: Joan Ryan, Pat Noel, Jean Carlson, Miss Mathews spon--• ------------Portoen. Third row: Hazel Thompson, I.orrai— l Fjen A JJ-ouAe (Council Marois, Anders°n, n,._______ (70)The purpose of the Women's House Council is to discuss and arrange the program of social activities to be presented during the year at the Residence Hall. Activities of the year included house parties, entertainment during weekends, and the annual Christmas activities. Members of the House council are selected to represent each of the four classes. New members are chosen in the autumn to work with the members returning from the previous year. Members of the House Council include Colleen Belanger, Jean Carlson, Marlene Fasching, Lorraine Foss, Joyce Housel, Pat McDonald, Donna Neu-bauer, Pat Noel, Nancy Osborne, Sylvia Porteen, Joan Ryan, Olive Kohn, and Hazel Thompson. Miss Georgia Mathews, Acting Dean of Women, is sponsor. She is assisted by Student Proctors, Jean Carlson, Pat McDonald, and Pat Noel. The Senior House Council, comprised of senior boys residing at the men's residence hall, was put into effect fall quarter, 1956. The purpose of this group is to help the new students adjust to dormitory life, enforce the rules set by the administration at Western, and take care of any other situations which may arise in regard to the residence hall. This is the first year the Council has been organized, and it has been a great success. (71 ) Jlie (J3uildinc f- ro ram at 'Western The year 1956-57 has been one of great activity on the campus of Western Montana College of Education. Early in the autumn quarter, Dr. Herbert L. Steele, newly elected president, began making plans for an expanded building program—plans which necessitated conferences, blueprints, and out-of-state trips. As a result three new buildings, one with apartments for married students, a men's dormitory, and a Student Union Center, are under construction. Those who have not been on campus during the current year will see many other changes. An attractive new Business Office, located across the hall from the former office, has been added to WMCE. This new office with its added space makes is very convenient for students and staff. Located in the rear of the Business Office is another room which is to be used by Miss Mathews, the business manager, for conferences and consultations. The President's office was the next to be completed. It is just across the hall from the office formerly used by the other presidents. With the new office is a waiting room for those who wish to see President Steele; there is also an office for his private secretary. What was the combined president's and registrar's office has become two offices: one for the registrar, and the other for the receptionist. Partitions in Room 214 have made it possible for the Director of Public Relations to have an office there—this in addition to the Placement Office and a conference room for superintendents who come great distances to offer contracts to Western graduates. (72)Superintendents Want Teachers From Western Dr. Steele Attending Meeting in Portland Western Graduates Offered Positions tie's®® , oK w r cc WESTERN MONTANA COLI.EOK OF EDUCATION DILLON. MONTANA «,eco d ' ctt V s¥ Ne r gJ W :Yd 7 °°®oooooooor WESCOLITE Str • j tsVo'i.® - ’ “ 2 8 ___j £ • « Wc nTT" WH °e 0 mmS£!n,n9te All Conference Team l|[ ssSfiSdS w«“TwS i M wi Men's House Council Formed V V o-v 11 Western_Drges All Alumni to Come Back for Or. Cumming Is Homecoming Elects st te Chairman of A Delegates Voice of Democracy '0{ -,r—v . To Helena Meeting X S V. p o O 1 f OTmP b l)F,Xr[ni, S ATTEND t,TA hAPPA GAMMA I 73) ( 74 ) KZN Minstrel Show places third- 956 Joclvil Miss Western Contest Sparks 1956 Vodvil Master of Ceremonies 1956 Vodvil Jim Fitzpatrick Vodvil-1956 was spearheaded by the first Miss Western contest in Western's history. The contest was narrowed to four young co-eds. of whom Patricia Chausse was chosen winner. Vodvil was marked by a glorious parade, considered by many as Western's finest. It consisted of many humorous and smaTtly decorated floats. The "M" club won first prize, with WAA second in close competition. The evening program was well attended; many students participated and the competition was keen. Art club won first place; "M" club was second; KZN placed third. The highlight came when Jim Fitzpatrick, student body president, crowned Miss Western. This was one of the finest shows to date with every year seeming to surpass the last. A dance at the snack bar completed the day. Dixie Martin Stewart (75)The Homocoming Quoon, Joan Lalondo, and Joe Doohcm are quostn of the Alumni at their annual Homocoming banquot. vjTUO Gargoyle floatJ4, omecomincj Many Alumni Return For ’56 Homecoming The Homecoming alumni dinner was held in the Presbyterian church basement Saturday evening at 6:30. A large crowd was in attendance. More had come than was anticipated and several members of Western’s faculty gave up their places so that out-of-town alumni could all be seated. It is hoped that the alumni will continue to come each year and that others will trek back to Western for future homecomings. The dinner was delicious. The room was artistically decorated in an autumn motif with fall leaves and berries on the tables. A very interesting program was directed by Carl M. Davis, county attorney, who served as master of ceremonies. He asked the alumni to introduce themselves, after which he introduced the principal speakers and other participants in the program. Dr. Sheldon E. Davis asked the blessing and later, when he spoke priefly, wished all alumni success. Rush Jordan, who was Western’s president from 1946-56, said his thoughts would go with the alumni at all times wherever they may be. Dr. Herbert Steele, president of Western, expressed the hope that an Alumni Council would be appointed and a state alumni association organized. The Alumni Council had its beginning in the appointment of Dan Sweeney, Butte, and Ed Mattix, Great Falls, to serve in their respective communities. Miss Genevieve Squires, deputy state superintendent, Helena, spoke of the high rating teachers from Western receive throughout the state. Mr. Straugh, chairman of 1956 Homecoming activities, named the members of the football squad of 1940. Then as now the Bulldogs won. Joe Doohan, president of the student body, introduced Jean La londe, Homecoming queen, and spoke briefly of the interest of the students in the alumni. Mrs. Marjorie Tripp and Mrs. Hazel Thompson, soloists, sang two songs each accompanied by Eyvonne Trbovich. Before adjourning there was group singing led by Mr. Jones. Mr. McFadden was the accompanist. The M Club dance closed Homecoming festivities for 1956. Carl Davis, master of ceromonios Western is justly proud of its alumni. Western alumni are regularly making their high mark in our world—in a host of various fields of endeavor. Their loyalty is one of the highly-prized rewards enjoyed by Western's staff and students. The alumni remember their college days in many ways ... by sending students to Western, by contributing time and money in our behalf. . . and by their continuing interest in alumni affairs. One might say they are "returning the favor" . . . helping new students even as they were helped. Western joins the Alumni Association in cordially inviting you to join and to participate in alumni activities. For information, see or write Mrs. Walter A. Stamm (Frances Hiscock, '28), membership chairman, Dillon. (78)wau Loft to riqht, first row: Los Paro. Norman Stubbs, Bob DoMarois, Bill Loybold, Bob Potrino. A1 Puccinolli. Jim Fitzpatrick. Second row: Bornie Bicsoll, Garry Rafter, Roger McCormick, Tom O'Brien, Larry Palaqi, Bill Connors, Dan Nowman, Bob McLeod, Larry Anderson. Third row: Jack Dunlap, Matt Tolin, Bill Fairhurst, Terry Lindquist, Jerry Fox, Gone Vuckov’ich, Ned Laird, Dick Barbor. y petn yon SW wwm rrf°p! Mrt rn, The Squad at PracticeVucVovlch, DoMarois, Doohan had itom Anaconda Livingston sont Phil Robinson and Jack Dunlap Jackson. Newman, Hull. Lindquist, (81 )Garry Raftor, Bill Fairhurst, Rodger McCormick—Three Forks Jack Zink, Ron Konison—Dillon 3ootU( Larry Varland, Pete Glennie, Ken Scally, Russell Fisk—from Harlowton Varland gains yardage for Westorn (82) Tom Hoyor. Havre Louis Biltz, Illinois Bernie Bissoll, Bolt 4 11 V Bu o Contributes to Western's Team—Bill Malar. Ned Laird. Carl Hater. Bob Petrino. Jerry Fox Y est ern Score Touchdown (83)Jootba The Bulldogs, Western's football team, took to the gridiron last season under the direction of their new mentor, George McCormick. With nine lettermen returning from last year's squad and twenty other hopefuls, Coach McCormick had the prospects of a winning team. Although the season could not be termed a rousing success percentagewise, the inspiration, eagerness, and morale to play football was high among the players. At times the Bulldogs played the brand of football a championship team would play, but were only able to gain one victory while experiencing four losses. Western's first game was held on the home field where they played the more experienced Bobkittens from Montana State College. Although the Bulldogs played hard and showed the determination to win, they ended up on the short end, being defeated 37 to 14. The second game was played with Rocky Mountain, last year's conference champs. Western started fast and furious, scoring the first touchdown. Rocky struck back to tie the score at 6 to 6. The Bulldogs on a series of plays scored again to take the lead 12 to 6. With only minutes to go Rocky pulled a stunting end run which ended up for eighty yards and a touchdown. Their try for the extra point was good and proved to be the winning score, making Rocky victorious, 13 to 12. The Bulldogs then journeyed to the Anaconda Memorial Field where they played their long-time rivals, the Carroll College Saints. The first half was very close and hard fought. After stopping Western on the one-foot line, Carroll led at halftime 14 to 0. The Carroll Saints with terrific spirit came back the second half scoring two more touchdowns, thus winning 26 to 0. (85) •Jootba Western's Homecoming proved victorious for them, as they defeated the Montana School of Mines Orediggers. Under the enthusiastic homecoming cheers, the Bulldogs started fast by scoring two quick touchdowns. The first half left the Bulldogs leading by the score of 26 to 6. The Orediggers struck back the second half scoring almost immediately. The remainder of the game was played to a standstill, making Western victorious 26 to 13. The final game of the year saw the Bulldogs traveling to Billings where they played the Eastern Yellowjackets. Eastern, not to have their homecoming spoiled, started fast and scored throughout the game, while the Bulldogs could only score once. Eastern proved to be the stronger, winning 38 to 7. The Bulldogs were fortunate in placing two members on the "All-Conference" team. Russel Fisk, Western's heady quarterback, was chosen the pilot of the first team. Ken Scally, a versatile tackle and one of the most consistent players on the team, was chosen for the second team. SEASON'S RECORD Western 14 Western 12 Western 0 Western 26 Western 7 MSC Bobkittens___________37 Rocky Mountain ..........13 Carroll 26 Montana Mines............12 Eastern .................38 CONFERENCE FINAL STANDINGS Won Lost Tied Carroll 4 0 0 Eastern . 2 1 1 Rocky 2 2 0 Western 1 3 0 Mines 0 3 1 (86) Frankie Morso. Pat Noel, Pat McDonald, Tillio Gan aara, Carolyn Piorco spur the Bulldogs on to victory. Loft to rlaht. sitting: Gary Coopor, Larry Anderson, Ray Scott, Jim Jenkin3, Bob Me-Lood, Dick Pitman, Max Niold. Standing: Pat Casoy, Larry Varland, Bill Scott, Al Puccinelli, Mike Sullivan, Jack Dunlap, Pete Glennie.BJLdJK McLood makos it look atrotcVios All eyes on Nelson (89)Scott drivos in for a left-handed shot Jenkins fires again Cooper goes high against Mines (90)By JIM JENKINS Western's Bulldogs proved to be one of the strongest teams in the Montana Collegiate Conference. After a slow start in which they lost to Eastern's Yellow-jackets and the Rocky Mountain Bears, they climbed the conference ladder, but could do no better than second place. They revenged their losses to the Billings teams by dumping Rocky Mountain in a conference game and later the Yellowjackets in the N.A.I.A. Tournament held in Billings. Western lost the championship and a right to the Kansas City tourney to a highly talented Nazarene College team of Nampa, Idaho. Western finished the season with a commendable 18 won and 14 lost record, winning eleven of the last fourteen games. Coach Bill Straugh and the Western Bulldogs are to be congratulated on a fine showing. Our school is proud of you. Ray Scott, six-foot two-inch junior from Plains, was voted the team's most valuable player. Ray led the team in every department. Besides scoring, rebounding, making free throws, he was a very capable defensive player. Congratulations, Ray, on a fine job. Five of Western's men earned all-conference honors. Scott and Cooper were named to the first team, Anderson made the second five and Jenkins and Pitman were accorded honorable mention. INDIVIDUAL SEASON RECORD Name— Field Goals % Free Throws % Total Points Av. Anderson ... 257 105 .41 133 91 .68 301 9.7 McLeod 201 81 .40 57 42 .73 204 6.5 Scott . ...311 140 .44 145 116 .80 396 12.3 Pitman 324 134 .41 190 118 .62 386 12.8 Cooper 326 131 .40 216 122 .56 384 12.8 Nield . 256 99 .39 52 32 .62 230 7.6 Jenkins 261 104 .40 119 68 .57 276 9.0 Puccinelli . 30 9 .30 19 9 .47 27 1.5 Nelson 78 23 .30 25 14 .56 60 2.6 Dunlap 47 16 .34 25 18 .72 50 3.3 CONFERENCE RECORD Anderson ... ....106 40 .37 52 36 .69 116 10.6 McLeod 56 25 .44 12 9 .75 59 5.9 Scott 104 48 .46 41 33 .80 129 12.9 Pitman 89 37 .41 54 30 .55 104 10.4 Cooper .. ... 114 50 .42 79 44 .55 144 14.4 Nield 82 33 .40 11 8 .72 74 7.4 Jenkins 90 41 .45 35 24 .69 106 10.6 Puccinelli ... 3 2 .67 0 0 4 0.8 Nelson 31 13 .42 13 7 .53 33 3.6 Dunlap 13 4 .30 6 4 .67 12 2.4 Conference Record: 7-3 Season Record: 18-14 Average: 73.7 Points against: 2193 (91 ) Points for: 2361 Average: 68.5TEAM SEASON RECORD Our Score Their Score 1. Ricks .............................. 69 76 2. Ricks ...... 73 59 3. Carroll .................................. 83 65 4. Carroll . .................... 68 67 5. B. J. C............................ ..... 59 72 6. College of Idaho 54 60 7. College of Idaho_____________________________ 47 55 8. E. Washington 69 81 9. Ricks ............................ 86 62 10. Ricks ...................................... 59 61 11. Westminster 60 73 12. Westminster 81 73 13. Westminster .. ...................... 74 87 14. Westminster 80 60 15. Eastern Montana ;- ... 70 74 16. Great Falls A. F. __ 99 80 17. Rocky Mountainf .............. .............. 55 57 18. Eastern Montana!............................. 65 68 19. Powell . _........... 84 76 20. Bozeman Independents......................... 77 80 21. School of Mines ;- ...................... 79 64 22. Great Falls A. F.... 70 64 23. Great Falls A. F. 71 75 24. Carroll f .............-..................... 91 77 25. Rocky Mountain ! ............................ 90 78 26. Carrollv ......................... 87 80 27. Northern-;- 70 47 28. Northern! ... 92 59 29. Bozeman Independents .................._.... 79 62 30. School of Mines 90 60 31. Eastern Montana.............................. 67 64 32. N. W. Nazarene........ ... 64 77 f Conference games. Home games.Left to right, first row: Joo Doohan, George Nolson, Wes Wagenaar, Bill Mular. Les Paro, Dick Barber. Second row: Garry Rafter, Gary Cooper. Jack Dunlap, Jim Jenkins, Larry Varland, Pete Glennie, Bob McLeod. Joe Doohan represented Western at San Diego Track Meet. Dick Barber, letlerman from 1956 track team, dcstinod to lead Conference hurdlers. Wes Wagenaar, returning letterman, excels in hurdles and sprints. (93)Fitz leads woight contenders in tho shotput. Ray Scott, conference javelin champion for the last two years. Left to right, first row: Dean Stewart, Mike Lacey, Geary Moran, Tom O'Brien. Norman Stubbs, Larry Palagi, Bob Petnno. Second row: Bill Leybold, Jack Easola, Garry Rafter, Jim Deony, Don Shanklin, Jim Sullivan, Torry Lindquist, Bill Connors, Roverena Kinlaw—coach. (94) JrcicL 1956 The 1956 track team, although placing second to Rocky Mountain in the Montana Collegiate Conference in Billings last spring, turned in a remarkable performance for the limited number of contestants Western entered. In this meet the Bulldogs failed to gain a single point in the 100-yard and 220-yard dashes, discus, pole vault and broad jump. These points were solely missed when the final tabulation of points came about. As usual, bad weather hampered the team in dual meets at Rexburg, Billings, and Dillon prior to the finals at Billings and counted heavily towards Western's defeat. The win by Rocky also ended our domination of track and field in this College Conference. For the past five years Coach Straugh had led the cinder-men to five consecutive conference wins. To add to this, our relay team also came up second, thus ending Western's domination which had extended over seven consecutive years. Joe Doohan with firsts in the 880, mile and third in the 440 led our scoring. Dick Barber placed first in the 120 and 220-yard hurdles. Ray Scott took first in the javelin, and Les Paro and Don Donavon tied for first in the high jump. The 1956 season brought to an end Bill Straugh's reign as Western's track coach. He will now devote most of his time to basketball, baseball and to the work he does as Director of Athletics. Congratulations, Bill, for a splendid record! JracL 1957 Under their new coach, George McCormick, the track candidates hope to add new laurels to the school's outstanding records in track and field events. With the aid of competent veterans and a sprinkling of new material, the Bulldogs should be able to accomplish this. Again they will be led by Joe Doohan, Western's representative to the N.A.I.A. meet at San Diego, California. Along with him there are Les Paro, Dick Barber, Jim Fitzpatrick, Ray Scott, George Nelson, and Wes Wagenaar—injured last year—who were all point makers for Straugh's cindermen. To bolster this strong line of veterans, we will have numerous candidates for team berths. Of these, Phil Robinson, Livingston; Bill Fairhurst, Three Forks; Bill Mular, transfer from the School of Mines; Bob Butorovich, transfer from M. S. U.; Jim Jenkins. Belgrade; Jim Scalf, Stevensville; Larry Varland, Harlow-ton; Jack Dunlap, Livingston; and Loren Sullender, Twin Bridges. CONFERENCE SCORING Rocky Mountain............ 63 5 6 Western .................... 47 Mines ...................... 17 1 3 Eastern ................... .16 5 6 Carroll ..................... 3 Northern 0 THIS YEAR’S TRACK SCHEDULE Rexburg April 25 Bozeman May 3 Here May 11 Helena Conference Meet... May 17 Bozeman N.A.I.A. Meet.... May 25 (95)1956 J udeLuii The Bulldog baseball team of 1956 completed one of its most successful seasons in several years, as it won 7 and lost only 3 games. Western finished second in Montana Collegiate Conference behind Eastern. Outstanding in this successful season were the following: Jim Sullivan, who led the pitchers with three wins and no losses; Geary Moran, who had the lowest E.R.A. with .49; Larry Palagi, who made 5 home runs. Among players who batted over .300 were Bill Leybold, catcher; Mike Lacey, third baseman; Bill Connors, center fielder; and Jim Sullivan, pitcher-first baseman. The Reverend Dennis Kinlaw, now in the United States Navy, was the 1956 coach. As the Chinook goes to press the 1957 baseball team is pointing toward a banner year under Bill Straugh. The team will be helped by a star-studded array of fine veterans from last year's successful team and several freshmen, including such stars as Bob Kovacich, Max Nield and Jerry Fox. RECORDS FOR 1956 Bulldogs 10 Carroll 4 Bulldogs 13 Ricks 6 Bulldogs 10 Ricks _ 8 Bulldogs 9 Carroll 12 Bulldogs 2 Ricks 4 Bulldogs 5 Ricks Bulldogs 13 Mines 2 Bulldogs Mines 0 MONTANA COLLEGIATE CONFERENCE Bulldogs 2 Rocky 1 CHAMPIONSHIP 1 Eastern ............... 4 (96) Bulldogsintramural Ozzlo's Engineers, Winners of tho Intramural League Loft to right, front row: N. Stubbs, B. Pet-rino, F. Hull. P. Glennie. Second row: B. Jackson, B. Luce, J. Miller. B. DeMarois. Tho Whips, Runners-up Left to right, front row: B. Fairhurst, R. McCormick, B. Bissell, G. Rcfter. Second row: L. Varland. D. Barber, G. Murphy. Tip for tho f:nal game (97) 3ntramura( $a hetba(f Will it count? Barber breaks through to score A basket for the Liborators DcMarois makes cn attemptJ ntramuraf Sports A banner year in the Intramural sports program was witnessed on the Western campus during the 1956-57 school year. This extensive program consisted of basketball, ping-pong, tennis, golf, softball, and mixed volleyball. An unusually large number of students participated, which was a major factor in determining the success of each event. The basketball league was the highlight of the Intramural winter activities. The program started in late December and extended until late February. Eight teams made up the members of the league, and close competitive games were held throughout the season. The schedule consisted of a two-game elimination in which Ozzies Engineers were the victors. A post-season tournament was held and the Butte Rats, dark horse of the tournament, upset the Engineers in a final overtime battle. The league was sponsored by the "M” club and was ably directed by Coach George McCormick. PING-PONG Another winter sport of no less significance but with much less participation was ping-pong. Eighteen men competed in a single elimination tournament with Pat Casey of Kalispell the victor and Ted Taft of Cut Bank placing second. Close competition earmarked all games, thus making close scores the deciding factor. The tournament was sponsored by the Student Council and was directed by Pete Glennie. SPRING SPORTS For spring sports in the Intramural field a mixed volleyball tournament was held. This was under the auspices of the Recreation Leadership class and was directed by Bill Mular, Tom Hoyer, and Sherall Rafter. A softball league for men students added a great deal of interest for the outdoor type student. This league was on the same basis as basketball. Coach McCormick also directed this activity. In addition the sunshine enthusiasts also enjoyed an extensive program in golf and tennis. Bill Straugh, Athletic Director, directed these two sports. All those interested in sports extend congratulations to the directors, sponsors, and participants. (99)The Intramuial program at Western expanded its field this past year with the addition of bowling to its activities. Under the direction of Mrs. Ruth Greenfield the league enjoyed a successful season. The keglers rolled three games every Tuesday afternoon at the local Ned-Eva Lanes throughout the fall and winter quarters. The league consisted of four teams with more than thirty students participating. A post-season tourney in three events, team, doubles, and singles was held at the end of winter quarter. The team of Bill Meagor—captain, Barbara Bechtold, Myma Rosdahl, Phil Vedovatti, and Chuck Delano took honors in the team events, while the combination of Barbara Bechtold and Bob Sheehan won the doubles and Les Paro was tops in the singles. Western's Men's team of Bob Sheehan, Bill Meagor, Mike Lacey, Bill Ley-bold, and Dick Evans placed second to the University of Washington in an Air Mail Tournament for all colleges and universities in the Western United States. ( 100)ABC bowling form by Bowling Club Air.atours and pros competo (101)U 4_4 Loft to right: Mrs. Greonfiold. Georgono Evonson, Carolyn Droppors, Shorall Rafter. Marlone Larock. Norma Confior, Hazel Thompson. WAA CLUB Loft to riaht, first row: Goorgene Evonson. Carolyn Droppors. Marlone Larock. Shorall Rafter. Norma Connor, Hazol Thompson. Second row: Juno Stromberg, Ruth Nolle. Eathal Waters, Darlono Allan, Joellyn McAdam, Pat McDonald, Joan Ryan. Colleen Bolangor. Third row: Myrna Rosdahl. Rita Mozor, Donna Robortson, Yvonne Sommer, Mrs. Greonfiold—sponsor, Marlone Savich, Anno Varner, Gail Gray, Sylvia Portoon, and Joyco Housel. ( 102) A) Ictivities Badminton Tennis Badminton Volleyball Basketball (103)( 104)W 4 4 The Women's Athletic Association is organized to promote interest in sports among the women and to provide for clean, healthful recreation. This year the club had a full schedule and a very successful year. WAA opened the year with a party for all the freshman girls. This party gave the new girls an opportunity to become acquainted with each other. It was a gala evening of new friends, fun, and food. Next came the traditional Sadie Hawkins dance, which proved to be a great success. The guys and gals all turned out in full costume to represent some character from fictional Dogpatch. Roberta Elder and A1 Puccinelli were crowned queen and king of Dogpatch. During the winter quarter, WAA sponsored the sale of sweat shirts stamped with the bulldog and WMCE emblem. Every Monday evening is WAA sports night. A program of volleyball, basketball, and softball contributes to the enjoyment of the members. Tournaments were held in the various sports throughout the year with a student director for each activity. This year, games were played with the Beaverhead High School girls. Candlelight initiations were held twice during the year at which time many new members joined the club. By competing in the various sports, and individual activities such as ice skating, swimming, and bowling, and by being a member of the club for five quarters, the members earn points which entitle them to a winged "M" letter. During the spring quarter a group of ten girls and two sponsors attend the annual playday. This is an event sponsored by the WAA organizations in the units of the greater University of Montana. This year Bozeman was hostess. Officers for the year are Sherall Rafter, president; Marlene Larock, vice president; Hazel Thompson, secretary-treasurer. ( 105)WWC£l?Jeo This club is the most newly organized activity on Western's campus. Only to build into one of the leading campus organizations in years to come. The small but energetic membership is headed and sponsored by Mr. Joe S. Feathers. Les Paro was the first elected president and Bob Davis the vice president. Carolyn Pierce is secretary; Joyce Housel, treasurer; Shirley Bacon, reporter; and Pete Glennie is Student Activities Committee representative. Western's Rodeo club is affiliated with the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association in the Rocky Mountain district. The news of the campus can now be broadcast over Dillon's new radio station KDBM, which was completed last December. The first program was held on January 6. Each Sunday afternoon since then, Western has presented a program consisting of college news and entertainment. This station has enabled Western to inform the people of Dillon and nearby vicinities of the activities that are taking place, bringing them into closer contact with these affairs. KDBM has been a great asset to Western's program of expansion. George Brown, Public Relations Director, is in charge of the radio programs, and students from the college conduct the programs. this year has anything of this nature taken place here. The Rodeo club hopes ( 106)Left to right, first row: Don Marchesseault, Larry Staton. Second row: Mollio Wilhelm, Elizaboth Pilling, Dolores Bronoman, Ruth Nolte, June Stromborg, Joyce Housel, Pat Peschel, Carolyn Pierce. Third row: Terry Lindquist, Matt Teltn, Bob DeMarois, Los Paro, Larry Lloyd, Bob Davis, Pete Glonnio, Mr. Feathers—sponsor. (107)( 108)Advertising Directory BUTTE Anaconda Company ........... Bill's Men's Shop........... Burr's .............. Butte Brewing Company Cahill-Mooney W. P. Fuller Gamer's Shoe Store.......... Hogle Co. ..................... Interstate Lumber Co.......... Metals Bank and Trust Company............... Monogram Bar Montana Hardware........... Montana Power Company Pioneer Lumber Company.................. Prudential Federal Savings and Loan Association Shiners Terminal Food Drug................ Toggery ______________________________________ Treasure State Sporting Goods............... U I .............. .......... 129 114 ......... 126 124 ......... 122 ......... 126 ......... 122 114 128 ......... 120 115 .......... 128 .......... 127 ......... 126 .......... 125 ......... 122 ......... 126 .......... 113 119 114 DILLON Actis Carter Service 122 Andrus Hotel 126 Arcade ......... 122 Beaverhead Bar Supply....... 121 Beaverhead Laundry and Cleaners 121 Beaverhead Lumber 121 Club Bar 119 Coast to Coast................................................... 117 College Snack Bar.................................................. 115 College Clubs 126 D L Jewelry Company 124 Dillon Automobile Dealers Association 130 Dillon Creamery...... 124 Dillon Feed and Seed .................................... 115 Dillon Implement Company 122 Dillon Portrait Studio 131 Dillon Daily Tribune 117 (109)Advertising Directory Eliel's .................... Electric and Variety ... ... Examiner Printing Company..... First National Bank......... Gambles..................... Gosman's.................... Harrison's Chevron Service Hazel's Style and Beauty Shop KDBM ....................... King's ..................... J. C. Penney Company........ Larsen's ............„...... Lee's Steak House........... Lyons Den................... Mac's Barber Shop........... McCrackens Melton Texaco Service Mitchell's City Drug Mountjoy Flowers and Gifts Norm's Cash Market ......... Ned-Eva Lanes_______________ Oasis....................... Professional Directory........ Roberta Theater Roberts Food Market ........ Skeets Cafe Joe Smith's Toggery ........ Stamm Jewelers Standard Lumber and Coal Company....... State Bank and Trust Company Vaughn and Ragsdale____________________ Warner's Food Western Montana College of Education Western Montana College of Education Residence Halls__ White Cafe Williams Feed and Machinery 118 114 119 118 116 115 113 119 114 114 119 116 124 116 117 116 117 119 119 116 114 116 112 115 120 117 126 117 125 132 122 119 111 113 126 114 GREAT FALLS Tribune Printing and Supply 123 ST. LOUIS. MISSOURI Becktold Company .............................................. 113 (HO)The Alumni Association of Western Montana College of Education Cordially Invites YOU, the 1957 Graduate to Join Your Alumni Association Join at the Business Office before you leave Western. Your first year's membership is free. For other information write to: Mrs. Walter Stamm, Membership Chairman 44 E. Orr Street, Dillon, Montana Homecoming Game, Alumni Reunion and Banquet October 5 (ill)Professional Directory DR. R. D. CURRY DENTIST Office Phone 335 DR. J. C. LINDUSKA DENTIST Phone 81-1 Morse and Idaho Street SCHULZ AND DAVIS ATTORNEYS AT LAW Dillon, Montana R. W. POUNDSTONE, M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Morse and Idaho Street Dillon, Montana DR. G. W. SMITH DENTIST Office Phone 71-W DR. J. W. HILTBRAND CHIROPRACTOR Phone 575 24 South Idaho S'.reet Dillon, Montana DR. R. J. ENGLISH OPTOMETRIST Phone 466 Abovo Vaughn-Ragsdale DR. W. J. ROMERS DENTIST Phono 114 GEO. L. ROUTLEDGE, M. D. Residence Phone 352 and r. h. McLaren, m. D. Residence Phone 561 PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS Idaho and Sobroe (112)New Residence Hall for Men Aparimenis for Married Students Student Union Activities All these, it is hoped, will be ready for occupancy at the beginning of the Winter Quarter, January 1, 1958. These facilities will be in addition to the modern, well-equipped Residence Hall for Women. at Western Montana College of Education ( 113) COVERS for the 1957 CHINOOK By BECKTOLD COMPANY ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI Compliments of THE TOGGERY Men's and Boys' Shop 117 N. Main Dan O'Neill BUTTE, MONTANA HARRISON'S Chevron Service DILLON, MONTANACompliments of Compliments of M. H. KING CO. Your 5 and 10 Store NED-EVA LANES Headquarters Bowling Center of Dillon It's a Pleasure to Serve You Purina Chows u I Custom Pelleting Farm Equipment CLUB LOUNGE WILLIAMS FEED AND Ed Horgan MACHINERY CO. 136 W. Park St. Phone 9847 DILLON. MONTANA BUTTE, MONTANA BILL'S MEN'S SHOP Compliments "For Men of Good Taste" J. A. Hogle Co. Will Tiddy Ted Triniman, Mgr. 29-31 W. Park Hotel Finlen Building BUTTE. MONTANA BUTTE, MONTANA ELECTRIC "Serving Southwest Montana Effectively" VARIETY STORE KDBM Major Appliances "800 on Your Dial" School Supplies P. O. Box 950 Phone 703 DILLON. MONTANA { 114)QUALITY FIRST- SERVICE ALWAYS Geo. M. Gosman DRUGGIST The Rexall Store MONOGRAM BAR 119 West Park Street BUTTE, MONTANA DILLON FEED SEED CO. DILLON. MONTANA Roberta Theater Cinemascope and Wide Screen Equipped BEST IN MOVIES THE SNACK BAR "Good Coffee Our Specialty" Good Luck From JIM FITZPATRICK CASEY KELTZ ( 115)THE DILMART THE OASIS "Dillon's Home Mart" CAFE Dillon's Only Complete Home Welcomes College Furnishings Store Students Breakfast Lunch LYONS DEN Dinner Fountain The Place to Meet the Gang Leah Rife and After a College Dance Tom McGovern LARSEN'S McCRACKEN BROS. MEN'S STORE Complete Stock of Greeting Cards Gift Items—School Supplies DILLON. MONTANA Barnes and Noble College Outline Where the Well-Dressed College Series Man Shops GAMBLES NORM'S Authorized Dealer The Friendly Store CASH MARKET One-Half Block From CLARK D'EVELYN, Owner Campus ( 116)For A Good Dinner Come to . . . SKEETS CAFE BUTTE—DILLON MELTON'S TEXACO SERVICE Washington and Glendale Complete Automotive Service Sporting Goods PHONE 62 ( 117 STAMM JEWELERS MAC'S BARBER SHOP Finest Haircuts 21 South Idaho DILLON, MONTANA DILLON DAILY TRIBUNE Stalionery—School Supplies for the College StudentMontana's Most Modern Department Store FIRST NATIONAL BANK DILLON, MONTANA We carefully guard the interests of our customers in every possible way. All business transactions in this bank are regarded as strictly confidential. SERVING THIS COMMUNITY SINCE 1880 Affiliated With Northwest Bancorporation Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (118)It Pays to Play RAWLINGS Athletic Equipment You Hear It Everywhere! TREASURE STATE It Pays to Shop at Sporting Goods 22 East Park Street Butte tfEMEX THE EXAMINER PRINTING CO. Opposite Depot Phone 55 MOUNTJOY FLOWERS and GIFTS FOR PRINTING THAT PLEASES PARTICULAR PEOPLE Publishers of Phone 137-W THE DILLON EXAMINER Beaverhead County's Leading Newspaper DILLON, MONTANA WARNER'S FOOD MITCHELL'S Quality Groceries—Meats CITY DRUG STORE Sea Food—Produce—Frozen Foods Superior Prescription Service We Give United Trading Stamps Phone 113 We Extend a Hearty Welcome to All WMCE Students Phone 246 Free Delivery Service WILLIAM MITCHELL, Proprietor Compliments of HAZEL'S CLUB BAR Style and Beauty Shop Sporting Goods Headquarters Fishing and Hunting Licenses HOBART SNEED, Proprietor ( 119)GREETINGS, “BULLDOGS" . . . —And best wishes for the future from that friendly bank atop Butte's glittering hill. Metals Bank Trust Company BUTTE, MONTANA ROBERTS FOOD, INC. We encourage all people to support our college as— We believe—industry—commerce—government—art— the sciences—and all other professions, including our whole way of life depend heavily upon the quality of our education. DILLON, MONTANA ( 120)BEAVERHEAD BAR SUPPLY CO. Gleed Carpita BEAVERHEAD LAUNDRY Laundry—Dry Cleaning Wholesale Dealers Carbonated Beverages "Employs College Students" Tobacco Schlitz and Great Falls Beer Phone 135 Phone 108 Free Pickup and Delivery DILLON, MONTANA If It Is Building Material Congratulations to Lumber and Coal -SEE- WMCE GRADUATES BEAVERHEAD LUMBER CO. THE Better Materials Cheaper BIG DIPPER Phone 85 DILLON, MONTANA A Tasty Spot to Stop ( 121 )Welcome, Students ARCADE Good Eats Good Fun HOWARD 6c ELVERETTA RUNDLE -D. I.— DILLON IMPLEMENT COMPANY Phone 68 DILLON, MONTANA Compliments of CAHILL-MOONEY CONSTRUCTION CO. 1220 East Front Street Phone 4368 BUTTE. MONTANA "The Sign ol Good Footwear" DIAL 2-4646 GAMER'S SHOE CO. 54 West Park Street Established 1849 Successful Journey Graduates Congratulations on the progress you have just made, and may your future be as successful as your relationship has been with us. VAUGHN-RAGSDALE COLLEGE SERVICENTER "Carter Products" Across From the College Phone 833 For Furnilure Go lo SHINERS BUTTE ( 122)Complete PRINTING LITHOGRAPHING RULING BINDING RUBBER STAMP SERVICE Office Furniture and Supplies Tribune Printing Supply Co. GREAT FALLS, MONTANA ( 123)Good Food Served Right! Compliments of We Cater to Parties and Special Occasion Banquets Served in Our Dining Room. BUTTE BEER Special Rates for College Students With Meal Tickets. BREAKFAST, LUNCH and DINNER BUTTE BREWING LEE'S STEAK HOUSE and DINING ROOM COMPANY Andrus Hotel BUTTE. MONTANA DILLON. MONTANA Beaverhead-Gold D L JEWELRY Diamonds and Watches DILLON CREAMERY Keepsake Bulova Columbia Hamilton Feature Lock Elgin Challenge Dairy Products If It Doesn't Tick— See Dick ( 124)Standard Lumber and Coal Company Fuller Paints Aberdeen and Castlegaie Coal Phone 276 DILLON, MONTANA PRUDENTIAL FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION 31% Paid on Insured Savings Accounts 49 North Main, Butte Insured by an Agency of the Federal Government up to $10,000.00 ( 125)BURR'S Butte's Friendly-Department Store Compliments of PIONEER LUMBER COMPANY 216 E. Front Street BUTTE, MONTANA We Look Forward to the 1957 College Visitors Always Welcome CHINOOK at the Gargoyles Music Club ANDRUS HOTEL Newman Club "M" Club Intervarsity Art Club Centrally Located International Relations F. B. SCHUYLER, Manager KZN Chanticleers FULLER PAINTS Success to the Graduates of 1957 PAINTS GLASS Perseverance to the Class of 1958 They Last The Friendly Eating Place Established in 1849 W. P. FULLER CO. THE WHITE CAFE 131 W. Park Street BUTTE, MONTANA Jackets, Sport Shirts, Slacks Compliments of and Sweaters For the College Man! The TERMINAL FOOD JOE SMITH'S DRUG CENTER THE TOGGERY 100 W. Park Phone 6548 Headquarters for Award Sweaters BUTTE, MONTANA and Jackets ( 126)» We’re Building Today to Supply Your Power Needs Today . . . and Tomorrow . . . Since we were organized in 1912, we always have stayed ahead of the needs of our customers. That still is our policy. An example: Work now is being pushed on Cochrane Project near Great Falls, where ground was broken October 6, 1956, for our 13th hydroelectric plant. We also have a steam-electric generating plant at Billings. All of this means that every time you flick your wall switch you are tapping 611,000 kilowatts of power—nearly twice as much as was available on our system at the end of World War II. That's why it is no idle boast when we say we are HELPING THE STATE GROW THE MONTANA POWER COMPANY 127)The sum total of Knowledge Is increased by the Inquisitive Mind. That applies in both School and home. If you have a question about home Fixtures or appliances Your hardware man can probably answer it. TRY HIM The Montana Hardware Company Wholesale Only BUTTE GREAT FALLS Good Grades Come from Proper Application to Studies As good students know And Good Customers Come from satisfying Service As good business knows The Interstate Lumber Company (128)KNOW MONTANA . . . First Law Providing For Public Schools When the Territory of Montana was established, the Organic Act made the following provision for education: "And be it further enacted, that when the lands in said territory shall be surveyed under the direction of the government of the United States, preparatory to bringing the same into market, sections numbered 16 and 36 in each township in said territory shall be. and the same are hereby reserved, and in the states and territories hereafter erected out of the same.'' In his address to the Legislative Assembly, Sidney K. Edgerton, first territorial governor, pointed out that the endowment would provide a rich fund for education but that its benefits would not be immediately available. He urged an adequate tax levy to provide school funds in the meantime. The legislature was prompt to act on the Governor's suggestion and provided for the establishment of a "Common School System for the Territory of Montana." The act became a law with the Governor's signature on February 7, 1865. The first 12 sections of the act were concerned with school revenues. It was provided that the principal of all monies accruing to the territory from the sale of lands granted by Congress shall constitute an irreducible fund, the interest from which to be annually divided among the school districts. THE ANACONDA COMPANY ( 129)DILLON AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION Devoled to the Interest of Safe Driving Sales—Service NEW AND USED CARS ★ Cochrane Motors Mockel's (Ford and Mercury) (International and Nash) College Motor Co. Davis Motor Co. (Buick—GMC Trucks) (Willys, Packard and Studebaker) Paul's Chevrolet Co. Montana Auto Sales (Cadillac, Olds, Chevrolet) (Chrysler—Plymouth) ( 130)PRECIOUS MILESTONES BELONG IN PORTRAITS ★ Keep a Memory of Your Great Days Fresh for Years in Pictures And Be Sure the Portrait Is Worthy the Occasion. Entrust Its Making to the Skill and Conscientious Care of Our Studio. ★ Dillon Portrait Studio 4 North Washington Phone 196 DILLON, MONTANA (131)State Bank and Trust Company Established 1899 DILLON, MONTANA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ( 132) ♦ 4.____________r r • ' , '•T7"1 - , V' te. - ' •• ■ ... • -i,;; - - V . y i . • ' . v. • v s v - m —e?£ 0 kA

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